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critter-of-habit · a day ago
I wanna thank you for creating the only thing thats been going through my head for the past few weeks BASHDSEK my friends haven't heard the end of it about my silly little OTP who have yet to meet (that What If trailer is playing on repeat in my head). You're such an inspiration and I just adore how stylized your art is! Any tips when it comes to composition, stylization, etc or just helpful parts of your art process? I always find myself stuck midway or having clashing shading + textures when putting everything together
Ahh you are WELCOME. I'm so obsessed with the idea of them, they've been all I can think about recently. (anything to get me through lockdown 6.0 I guess?)
One thing I often do that helps with composition is 'blocking in' the values/tones in a monochrome/sepia. I generally do this after the sketch phase/before I really get into the lines and way before colour. This gives me a good idea for the final mood of the piece - where the light is coming from etc. Zooming out helps because you don't focus on details. Then you can block colours in over that if you like to get an ever better idea of what the final will look like.
Here's some of my process examples, hopefully this will help explain what I mean :P (I really like sepia, can you tell)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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milaswriting · a day ago
The faceclaim looks so much younger that I imagined :0 so how old do the ros look?? (Since i'm guessing A and K are older than they look lol)
Ages of the ROs are mentioned in the FAQs on my pinned post -> here.
Another thing to mention is that the face claims aren’t 100%, they just have a few features that make me think of the ROs. Just because I see the ROs that way doesn’t mean that you all have to; that’s why I haven’t specified ages.
Thank you for your ask!
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nonbinary-adhd · 9 months ago
What Is Stimming?
Stimming is self-stimulatory behavior. Stimming is usually a repetitive sensory action and it's used to help level out the amount of sensory input you're getting, whether it's too much or too little input!
What Counts As Stimming?
There's so many ways to stim that it's impossible to list them all, but the most basic criteria is that it's a repetition of a sensory activity.
I don't have ADHD and I'm not autistic. Am I allowed to use this term?
Everyone stims! Stimming is not exclusive to just ADHD and autism, and even neurotypical people stim whether they realize it or not! I personally think that it's perfectly okay to use the word "stim" for your experiences regardless of if you're autistic/have ADHD or not.
What Are Some Examples Of Stimming?
Tactile (Touching things)
Running hands over a blanket, petting an animal, tracing your fingers along the seams of something, squishing something, picking at things, touching cold/warm things, patting something, pressing buttons, flipping switches.
Auditory (Listening to things)
Listening to the same song over and over, listening to ASMR/things popular in ASMR (like clay cracking, soap crunching, fingernail tapping, etc), listening to a rhythm, listening to a favorite voice, shaking an object around for the noise.
Verbal (Making noises with your mouth)
Singing, repeating words/phrases, speaking in accents repetitively, whistling, beatboxing, mimicking animals/sounds, toungue clicking, making random noises like beeps or pops.
Visual (Watching/Staring at things)
Watching paint mixing videos, watching repetitive color/shape patterns, staring at ceiling fans, blinking repetitively, watching things spin, watching bubbles/water, watching people mix glitter, watching lights.
Smell (Smelling things)
Smelling a candle, smelling a favorite item (like a blanket or toy), smelling pets, etc. Pretty much smelling anything repeatedly!
Taste/Oral (Tasting/Chewing things)
Chewing on things, eating specific foods for the texture, eating specific foods for the flavor, eating spicy/minty foods for the sensory effects, licking certain objects.
Body Stims (Moving body parts)
Hand flapping, cracking knuckles, rocking, leg swinging, pacing, tapping fingers, doing little stomps, general fidgeting, jumping/bouncing, moving certain body parts in specific ways, shifting around in your seat.
This does not encompass every single stim! These are just some examples to help provide a better idea of what they are, and there's still tons and tons of unique ways to stim that weren't listed here, like how I tap my fingertips together, or how I clear my throat repetitively!
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mayakern · 3 months ago
Hi Maya!
I was just wondering if you had recommendations on good shirts to wear with skirts. I never know what to wear with them. Is there any good tricks you know, or any styles you like to go with? (I got some skirts from you and I'm just trying to figure out what to wear with them!)
i have a link to the crop tops i like in my faq! in general, depending on how busy/complex the skirt is i go with solid color tops or very simple patterns (stripes or polka dots) in a color that either matches one of the accent colors in the skirt or compliments a primary color (as in, takes up the most space/attention).
i also did a series of outfit doodles for some of my skirt designs! i’ll include a couple examples below, but you can see more in this twitter thread
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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apricitystudies · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i get a lot of asks on how i edit my photos, so i made this little guide to explain it!! all the settings here are on vsco, which is the main app i edit with for most posts. i do use other apps if the lighting/colours are particularly bad and need more fine tuning.
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postplus · 2 months ago
You Wanna Know How to Support These Blogs? We Got Your Answers Right Here, Pal!
*Clinks fork against glass* Sup! Now that we have your attention, we just wanted to let you know that you can now support some incredible Tumblr blogs. Here’s everything you need to know:
Q: So where do I find these Post+ blogs to support anyway?
A: Great question! Since Post+ is currently in beta mode, the only way you can see Post+ is if you are following a creator who is in our testing group or you see a reblog of some of their content. In the meantime, keep your eyes on this space as we’ll be highlighting some of that amazing content as it rolls out.
Q: Do I need to be a Tumblr user in order to become a paying Post+ supporter?
A: Yes.
Q: I live outside of the United States. Can I become a Post+ supporter?
A: Yes. There are no geographic restrictions for supporters. No passport required.
Q: Will any of my personal information be shared with the owner of the blog I support?
A: No. Your blog name and any information you share publicly on your blog will be available to the owner of the blog you are subscribing to, just like when you follow a blog now, but rest assured, no additional personal information is shared.
Q: Will I be notified of new +Posts?
A: Yes. You’ll be the first to know when one of your favorite creators shares something new. When you become a supporter of a blog, we'll also send you push notifications for posts by that blog (you can turn these off, if you'd like). In addition, we'll send you an email when the blog creates a +Post.
Q: Can I cancel my subscription?
A: Although the creator you’re supporting will miss you terribly, Yes. You must cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the end of your current subscription period in order to avoid being charged for the next subscription period. You'll continue to have access to the premium content for the remainder of the subscription period you paid for.
Q: Can I get a refund?
A: Although you can cancel your subscription at any time, we do not offer refunds for subscriptions you already paid for. If you believe there was a problem with a payment for a subscription you initiated on an Apple device, please contact Apple Support. For issues with a subscription you initiated on Android or the Tumblr website, please contact Tumblr Support.
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pmseymourva · 4 months ago
Long overdue, but FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS is set up~ Please read before asking a question.
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radicallyaligned · 8 months ago
Radical Feminism Beliefs: the basics
“Radical feminism is a perspective within feminism that calls for a radical reordering of society in which male supremacy is eliminated in all social and economic contexts. Radical feminists view society as fundamentally a patriarchy in which men dominate and oppress women.”
Purchased consent is not consent, it’s coercion. Sex work is dehumanizing and traumatizing for women, and fueled by sex trafficking. The commodification of female sexuality is a mix of misogyny and capitalism.
Prostitution on camera. See above for key points. Additionally, female sexuality should not be monetized and sold for male entertainment. The industry is rife with rape, abuse, coercion, trafficked women, drugged women, and CP. It harms not only the women involved in the videos (physically and mentally), but it also harms the viewers in the long run.
Similar to prostitution and pornography in the sense that women’s bodies become acquirable products for sale or rent. A woman's organs should not be for rent, as it creates a perverse incentive. Most surrogacy is outsourced to disadvantaged women in developing nations, where they are made to sign contracts they can't read and undergo poor treatment.
Bodily Autonomy
Understanding that a woman should have complete and utter control of her reproductive system; including abortion, birth, and sterilization. Understanding a woman should have access to informed and accurate medical care. Understanding a woman should have complete control over when and if she engages in sex with a partner. Understanding that PIV is often an unequal act.
Nuclear Family
This allows for the isolation of women, both emotionally and financially. The family unit, ideally, includes a large safety net of family and friends who assist in child rearing. Women should not be financially dependent on men, as this open the potential for abuse and difficulty leaving via power imbalance.
The system that allows the commodification of women and their bodies. Women shouldn’t have to sell or rent out their bodies in order to survive.
Wherein the majority of subs are women and the majority of doms are men. Fetishization of slavery, power imbalances, rape, incest, pedophilia, and abuse. Hurting your partner does not suddenly become healthy if you can orgasm to it. Power imbalances that lead to physical and emotional abuse and trauma.
Patriarchal Religions
All holy books were written by men and serve to maintain and legitimize patriarchal power structures. Patriarchal religions falsely attribute the gift of creation to men when in reality every man on earth was molded from the flesh of women.
Postmodernism/Queer Theory
Radical feminism is based on materialism. Women are oppressed because of their biological reality, which is not subjective, subjectable to changes or personal interpretations. Postmodernism and queer theory are.
The Beauty Industry
Fills up the pockets of men who make money by ever-changing standards of female beauty. Keeps women insecure, low self-esteem, their value and self-worth forever dependent on their physical appeal (to men). Demands women change how they appear (makeup, shaving, dieting, cosmetic surgeries) to appear prepubescent (lithe, hair free, firm not soft) which is a part of what we identify as 'pedophilia culture'.
Marriage would be described by some as the wheels on which patriarchy is carried onwards. Historically, marriage has been nothing but a transaction: a daughter, who belonged to her father, now belongs to her husband. Her reproductive labor, domestic labor, emotional labor, and physical labor all at his disposal. This is how marriage continues to work and act culturally in a majority of societies
As opposed to class analysis. Arguably the most overlooked and hardest ‘’issue’’ to overcome. It’s understandable that most women gravitate towards liberal feminism because they don’t have to analyze the reasons behind their actions, they don’t have to come to difficult and unappealing conclusions, they don’t have to feel the need to take action and stop engaging in whatever they are doing that’s harming women as a class. Known as 'choice feminism', which affirms any choice as a personal one, despite what influenced that choice or how it may affect the female class at large (see: plastic surgery, "makeup makes me feel confident!", "I like being hurt during sex!")
Gender Critical/Gender Abolitionist
Gender is a social class applied to biology. Each individuals sex is innate, and gender is the series of roles, expectations, socialization, cultural practices, and personality traits applied to that sex. Sex is "this baby has a vulva" and gender is "so give that baby a pink blanket and a dolly". Therefore, radical feminists understand that gender is a means of oppressing women. They wish to abolish gender. This creates clashes with pieces of trans rights activism, which upholds ones gender as innate. Read more here on this topic.
The main clashing beliefs are as follows:
-Being dysphoric doesn’t automatically means trans, since transitioning is only a way of treating dysphoria, and there are many reasons someone might be dysphoric.
-Instead of “identifying as a man/woman/nonbinary”, we should abolish gender altogether.
- Males remain male and females remain female, even if they’re dysphoric/gnc. Biology is innate. Therefore, for example, a transwoman that rapes someone, is an male abuser. It is male violence.
- Males have male privilege, regardless of how they identify, because society is built upon upholding and amplifying males.
- Females will be opressed, regardless of how they identify, because society is built upon the females-as-a-resource model that holds us as sexual and reproductive resources for male pleasure and male heirs.
Radical Feminist Goals
Women's liberation via the dismantling of male power structures, and the rejection of a woman's "role" within society as a lesser class.
Ways to Achieve This
Separatism/Male Exclusion - simply deciding to center one’s life and actions around females in all possible aspects. The keeping and protecting of female only spaces. Ultimately, this might look like a female-only society that any girl or woman could enter or leave at will.
Introspection - analyzing one’s actions and maybe asking oneself: why do I want these things? What's drives this action? Is this the healthiest option for me, physically and mentally? Am I hurting a woman or girl if I partake in this option?
Raising Awareness - of all the issues mentioned above. Talking to women and girls about radical feminism. This is not a solution but a step towards finding or creating more solutions as a community.
Being Politically Active - political agency and action is essential for female liberation; especially concerning topics such as reproductive rights, legislation of prostitution, electing representatives ETC.
Male Reform - investing time and effort into making men aware of the issues, in the hopes that they’ll do their part for the liberation of women and do the same with their fellow men.
Childrearing - Focus on advocacy and action around raising girls and boys the same way, to begin to treat the class divide at the root. This is very difficult without full societal support.
Radical feminism is for female people, by female people. It's ideology goes beyond these tenets, but the ideas presented above should allow you to derive answers as to what that might be. Radical feminism is also referred to as second wave feminism, and is compatible with Marxist feminism and the original principles of intersectional feminism. Thank you for reading.
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prof-peach · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
the blog is run based more on the manga than games, as the game mechanics don't suit real life. The principal here is to rationalise and use logic and sometimes real life facts to make the pokemon world seem very real and even more amazing than it already is!
Our work centralises on grass pokemon, their care, their health, and the general relationships we share with them. many are responsible for the health of the ecosystem, and provide valuable nutrition and support to not only the plants but pokemon they live near.
Though we focus the study aspects of our work on grass types, each of the staff have different areas of expertise, and we often handle very difficult, or "last chance" pokemon that are far too aggressive, damaged, or difficult for the average handler.
Our lab handles all sorts, and offers a multitude of events for the public to partake in. The care facilities here match any pokecentre you may come across, with available rooms for short stay rental, along with rental tents for those who want to camp out in the grounds at designated locations.
We also rehabilitate and rehome many species, should both parties be interested in the partnership, with many open days to come visit, and flexible personal visits should the open days be inconvenient.
All public locations are signposted, pokemon guides frequent most locations should you become lost, and you're free to wander the grounds in your own time, so long as you don't go to the north side.
Our location is closest to Johto, You can ferry across from Cianwood or Olivine city should you not have travel pokemon, or of course surf/fly over at your own leisure. We advise guests to check the weather before hand, travelling to us can land you in some stormy waters if not too careful.
Tumblr media
SPRING Foraging for Beginners - Helpful plants when you're in a pinch. Blossom walk - An opportunity to enjoy the spring blooms. Flower show - The latest in fashion for your garden spaces. Egg hunt - Search for as many as you can! Passing of the Finneon -Watch many shoals illuminate the sea. Garden Tours - Varying times, ask at front desk. Adoption fair - Repeated each season.
SUMMER Beach Cook-Out - Time for a tasty break in the sunshine. Annual Battle Contest - Your Chance to walk away with a trophy. Yard Sale - local business and crafty folks come to sell their wares. Surfing Contest - See how far around the race track you can get. Movie Showing - Open air movies on display, get comfy! Jumpluff Migration - Watch thousands float by, date varying. Garden Tours - Varying times, ask at front desk. Adoption Fair - Repeated each season.
AUTUMN Fungi Foraging 101 - Learn how to find helpful fungi. Bonfire Night - A chance to enjoy fire light and stars. Annual Costume contest - Show off your style and moves! Stantler Rutting - A display of strength and stamina, thrilling. Garden Tours - Varying times, ask at front desk. Adoption Fair - Repeated each season.
WINTER Capture the Flag - Play along side Island pokemon teams. Comedy Club - shows for people and pokemon. Chilli contest - Cook up a delicious treat to try and win. Open Slopes - bookings required, great for sledding or skiing ect. Garden Tours - Varying times, ask at front desk. Adoption Fair - Repeated each season.
GREENHOUSES - Offering several different climate zones, hosting many pokemon and plants, tended to by dedicated staff, volunteers and various species.
MAIN LAB - The heart of our operation, it serves as a surgery, housing for travellers above the labs, research facility, and pokecentre. Should you have questions, this is a good place to go.
GREY'S LAB - Full of equipment and items, where the crafting goes on. Those who need prostetics or adjustments to items come here for work and care.
CONTAINMENT - Areas used to keep and calm aggressive species, mostly off limits to the general public.
MOUNTAINS - A Beautiful trail for visitors to walk, safe and signposted, with guide pokemon dotted around to help those in need. One mountain summit overlooks the other, where you can observe many unusual pokemon that frequent the north side at a safe distance
DAYCARE - A place to leave your partners should you like to have a break, giving them time to relax and rest.
DOCKS - Souvenir shops, food and drink on sale, areas to tie up boats, a small lighthouse, and plenty of seating areas for visitors to relax at. There is also a groomers with cater-to-all facilities.
FORMAL GARDENS - A number of tended locations, decorative floral displays, topiaries, and the best colour each season has to offer. Ornate fountains sit centrally, and floral scent wafts heavy here.
PLAYGROUND - A great place to go for kids and pokemon alike, plenty of areas to climb, run, play, a shallow pond, trees to climb, swings and other equipment, both suiting people and pokemon. A great place for lunch.
SOUTH LAKE - Clear fresh waters, isolated islands inside the large lake, if you're lucky you'll spot a very friendly Gyarados that rules these waters with a gentle touch. A Campsite sits to one side of this lake, for visitors to utilise.
GRAVEYARD - A place of quiet contemplation, occupied by a number of ghost pokemon. Access is across a large bridge, technically its situated off the main island.
ADOPTION ZONE - The only area on the island where catching a pokemon is allowed. If a pokemon goes to this location and stays there, it is looking for a new partner. This space has many toys, we hold open sporting activities, and theres a multitude of activities to take part in, to get to know each other well before adopting.
WATER TREATMENT PLANT - Not only the Islands water stores, but a place for Grey and others to handle water types within a secure internal space, great when a storm comes, to house small water pokemon who would get washed away easily.
NORTH SIDE - Heavily fenced and signposted. We do not allow anyone to enter this area. It is littered with terrifyingly strong pokemon, individuals who aren't comfortable with humans, and those who need a lot of care and routine. These pokemon don't want to know about people, and so we give them the space to be as free as the island can allow. If you enter, despite the signage posted everywhere, you risk your own life. Only go in if one of the professors are present and allowing.
BATTLE ZONES - several regulation sized battle fields have been set up, where friendly battle minded pokemon can go, awaiting trainers to come and challenge them to a friendly match. Test your metal against a huge host of species, and then come on by the lab for some healing up.
GENERAL FACILITIES - We offer transport to anyone who needs it, simply call ahead, theres WC blocks dotted about, camping areas have drinking water and bathrooms, and we do offer a number of pokemon as guides/mounts for those who have mobility issues, so no one misses out on the islands beauty.
Professor Peach Her team
Professor Grey His Team
Do you hand out starters?
Yes, but the individual has to prove they're ready for the responsibility, we only let pokemon go if THEY choose a partner, the human has less say in the matter, but we like it when theres a mutual feeling from both parties. We hand out starters on dedicated days, not just as and when people show up. You can phone ahead to see what we have for rehoming too, and we offer these services no matter your age. Should the adoption days not suit your schedule, phone ahead and we can arrange something that'd better suit your needs.
I caught a legendary.
Nope. Just nope. Release that thing immediately.
I want to start a blog like this, is that ok?
Please go for it! Theres no such thing as too many researchers and specialists!
Can I do fanart of your characters?
Yes but please tag us, love to see what you folks make!
Alolan Adventures
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rat-zuki · 3 months ago
Pffft but no honestly what made you change your mind?
this fic
then this fic
and the final nail in the coffin, this panel:
Tumblr media
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mayakern · 23 days ago
How are These SKIRT pockets so big?!
boy do i have some news for you about how big women’s pockets used to be when a pair of pockets was a separate garment
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lowpolyanimals · 2 months ago
I found a real life statue of a low poly animal, does that count or are you only accepting low poly models?
I think so! I’m interested to know what you guys think though, let me know. 
I’ve also had the cursed low poly cut out pig submitted and the JPEG dog from Ace Combat, would love to hear your thoughts on those too. 
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postplus · a month ago
Hey, 👋 we're here to answer the additional questions you have. If you don’t find what you need, you can always follow along in our Help Center.
Q: Who handles Post+ payments? Does Tumblr retain my credit card information?
A: Tumblr does not store your credit card information. For web and Android transactions, we’ve partnered with Stripe, a widely used payment processor that is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.
Transactions from the iOS app are handled via Apple’s in-app purchase feature.
Q: If you draw fan art or write fan fiction, monetizing your work will forfeit your fair use protection.
A: We fully support Creators sharing their fanfiction and fanart on Tumblr. We encourage sharing creative work of all kinds on the platform.
Fanfiction and fanart are frequently considered fair use and we support our Creators’ fair use rights. Monetizing fan work does not necessarily mean that it isn’t fair use.
Any content posted on Tumblr, both free and monetized, should follow our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, which prohibits infringing the intellectual property rights of others. Whether a piece of fanfiction meets the requirements for fair use varies depending on the work. Intellectual property rights holders are in the best position to decide if they think a fanfiction or fan art violates their rights. If they do, they can use the normal Tumblr DMCA process to identify content for removal. Creators can also take advantage of the normal counter-notification process if they believe the content was misidentified as infringing.
Q: Can you block people who ‘support’ your blog/Post+?
A: Post+ creators will be able to block subscribers in the final Post+ product launching later this fall, and resulting from our beta feedback. At the moment, testers of the Post+ beta will need help from Tumblr Support in order to block a blog that has become a paying supporter.
Q: Who can set up a Post+ subscription plan?
A: We're working with a small number of creators to test with during the initial launch. We’ll keep you updated here, in our Help Center, on our Staff blog, and on the Changes blog as Post+ becomes available to more creators.
Q: What kind of content can I find on a Post+?
A: Creators can share any type of content that can be posted to Tumblr.
Q: Can I use my current blog, or do I need to create a new blog?
A: You can do either. That said, you should consider using an existing blog so that all of your current followers will see your +Posts (but only above the teaser line) and will be encouraged to subscribe. Also, remember that you can only enable Post+ for one blog on your account.
Q: How much of the money that a supporter pays do I receive as the creator? Are there any fees?
A: This will depend on where the subscriber chose to begin their subscription. Tumblr's fee is 5% of the total purchase price. Additional fees are set by our payment processors.
For a full breakdown, check out this article.
Q: How will I get paid?
A: Our payment processor will deposit payments directly into your bank account. More information can be found in our Creator Hub.
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yugogeer012 · 4 months ago
On page 43, Gaster says "their soul", then "this child's physical form" in the same sentence, as if the soul and the body (both seemingly owned by Frisk) aren't connected. Was this just a wording error or is something else going on?
Their soul would rather have Frisk's physical form than Gaster's, because it is not completely contained yet. Remember, the reason why he got a body it's because of his followers mixed together into a new vessel and formed into Frisk's body for Gaster to use.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thus G!frisk is born!
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radicallyaligned · 3 months ago
RadicallyAligned's FAQ
The basic beliefs of radical feminism [X]
Master post of sources about prostitution and for the Nordic model [X]
Master post of recs to understand radical feminism [X]
Disproving the frequency of false rape accusations [X]
Complete breakdown of gender and why identifying into an oppressed class is harmful to that class [X]
On brain sex [X]
Argument against makeup [X]
Unconditioning the self from violent fantasies [X]
Why the female body is not inferior to the male body, simply different strengths [X]
Advice on dating men [X]
Advice on quitting porn [X]
Trans women bathroom debate [X]
Why I am anti-BDSM and why you should be, too [X]
Why I'm for late term abortions [X]
Why radical feminists are against surrogacy [X] and altruistic surrogacy [X]
Horror movie recommendations [X]
On feminist anger and rage [X]
Do trans women experience misogyny? [X]
Gender Dysphoria as a mental illness that doesn't just affect trans people [X]
When people ask my "preferred pronouns" [X]
Prison abolition or reform? [X]
Does rejecting certain people from your dating circle make you a bigot? [X]
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nymph-ancy · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🤍 ABDL / little space & backup blog for @doe--lita 🤍 18+
for more content check out my AllMyLinks page for all my social media! pocketstars || JustFor.Fans || Twitter
- wishlist - subscription bundles & sales - custom content
be nice or i will cry and tell your momma
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avamadueno · a month ago
Its tumblr. There are no respectful and polite people on here.
Dumb bitch
Says one to know one. Very mature of you to stoop so low to call me names because I wouldn’t answer your question. I hope one day you can realize you were in the wrong on this.
Please leave me alone now, you aren’t gaining anything of this but being bashed on publicly even though you’re anonymous. Make better life choices next time.
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bodycountgame · 19 days ago
God, did Arthur and nyra really cheat on their partners? Was it while being in a loving, committed relationship? It's just I don't know how to look past that. Is there are any guarantee they are not going to the same to mc in a relationship?
I get this question quite a lot, and I also get asked whether MC will be able to bring it up in game. I don’t think it will come up again in game - mainly because, like, there’s just been a murder and MC kind of has bigger fish to fry!
In Body Count, like in real life, relationships are built upon trust. You have a limited amount of information about different characters, and you have to consider whether your MC will trust them. You might do that based on their past, or you might think that their present is more important - how your MC navigates these decisions is up to you.
Can you ever be guarantee how someone will behave in the future? No, not really - but you can choose to trust them. In Body Count, as in life, there are no guarantees going in about where people’s loyalties lie and how they might behave going forward. You just have to make decisions about whether, with the information available, you think that your character can trust the people around them and go from there – at risk of their pride or their heart or their life.
Don’t think your MC could trust someone who admitted to cheating on a partner? That’s fine! Don’t trust them. But life is rarely as black and white as that, so Body Count isn’t going to be either.
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pinoy-culture · 2 months ago
I’m having trouble remembering a Filipino woman soldier who fought in one of the wars. Sorry if this is too vague, but I’m hoping that maybe you’ve heard of her.
But I distinctly remember hearing that she wore white (maybe a dress but not really) to battle and wore makeup while leading troops
So I think you are actually thinking about 2 different Filipina warriors. The one who wore white into battle was Henerala Agueda Kahabagan, aka the Joan of Arc of the Tagalog. She was the only female general in the Katipunan and fought in the Philippine Revolution and Philippine-American War.
Tumblr media
The other Filipina warrior who was very feminine, wore makeup, especially her signature bright red lipstick, and painted her nails before leading her troops into battle was Remedios Paraiso-Gomez aka Kumander Liwayway, who passed away in 2014. She was one of the highest ranking female commanders in the anti-Japanese army, Hukbong Bayan Laban sa Hapon (or Hukbalahap) and was known for both her fierceness as a leader and her femininity in battle.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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