time-slink · 2 days ago
how do you go about picking your colours? your art always has such a soft vibe because of them
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i actually picked one of the worst character for this hfhdhfh i’m much much more comfortable with reds and still learning to be confident with greens, but this was fun :D a little brighter and more saturated than i usually go for, but it should be more visible this way!
this was a joke doodle from my last doc drawing bc of a comment from a friend, and yeah, it totally looks like he’s sticking his tongue out haha. read it however you want
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Store: Vacation Mode
I’m going to be in Ottawa (for vacation w roommate reasons) and then Connecticut (for content creation with my squad of beloved dumbasses reasons) from the 27th to around the 4th so I’ll be putting the store in vacation mode while I’m away from my desk.
You can still contact the store about commissions, as they’re always open but know that there’ll be an auto-message about vacation mode and that I won’t be able to actively work on it until June 5-6
But know that you can’t buy any prints or stickers for a week ror so
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mayakern · 17 hours ago
So I don't want to bombard you with questions about new products but have you ever considered doing children's sizes for the skirts?
we’re actually hoping to add a single child’s size in the midi material that will function as a growing piece targeted for somewhere around ages 7-11. this is in VERY early stages and is not anywhere near ready so i usually wouldn’t bring it up, but you asked so i answered!
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ataleofcrowns · 17 hours ago
Hello!! I just got finished playing the latest chapter and the map for Arsur looks so good!!!! Is it possible to know how you made it?
I used Wonderdraft, which is a map-creating software! It's a one-time buy as well, not like other map creators such as Inkarnate which has a subscription service. Inkarnate does have a free version as well, but I found it very difficult to create a good-looking map just with that as a lot of the better features (such as the parchment skin that I used for Arsur's map) are locked behind a paywall lol. Once I tried out the pro-version I also just... didn't really like the look of it.
So yeah, I'd definitely rec buying Wonderdraft if creating maps is something you want to get into for whatever reason! I can't really walk you through the process of how I created Arsur specifically, I'm pretty sure I just used the tools in the program to freehand draw up the map, place the trees/mountains etc. It's not that hard tbh, I'm horrible at drawing but the tools you get from WD facilitate it as much as possible.
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stinky-sapphicalopods · a day ago
Violation tickets? Care to explain agents of the NSS?
Click On Image(s) for Better Quality
Please Do Not Repost! Reblogs, Comments, and Likes are Appreciated! :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Content Warning: Crude Language, Some Blood, Violence, and Smoking
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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strangegutz · 20 hours ago
your art dolls r so awesome... would you ever do commissions? (shy)
Strong maybe. I'm super susceptible to burnout, and if I'm not making something I'm into I start dreading it. I may do custom orders based on dolls I've already done though
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neopuppy · 2 days ago
do you always write fics on mobile?
yea, can u believe I type everything just with my two thumbs😭
Tumblr media Tumblr media
at least I evolved from notes to google docs tho🥹
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theeretblr · a month ago
Hey eret where do you get the fake boobs my friend has been feeling really dysphoric lately and her birthday is coming up so I wanted to buy them for her so she could hopefully feel a bit better
From my experience, Amazon is the most convenient place to get this sort of thing. Just look up "Breast forms" and go from there. I'll go into more detail below on the different types you can get though (Sorry this post gets long!)
I'm not sure if I can post even censored images of what these look like on tumblr, so I'm gonna play it safe! :)
There are two main types of wearable fake breasts that you can get:
Breast Forms - These are very convenient and can just be slotted into a bra. Generally range in price anywhere from $20 to like $80 (USD) depending on size and brand. If you get these, measure for a bra after you get them because the size the form says it will be and the actual measurement you get in a bra size calculator for your body may be significantly different (generally better to go for a bigger size of bra as bras have adjustable clasps and straps that you can make smaller if needed, but you can't make them bigger.)
Pros: Very convenient, generally cheaper, realistic weight, can wear for a long time without issue Cons: Only look good if worn under clothes, can be very delicate (punctured by sharp things easily, this ruins the form) Brands I've used: Vollence, Feminique, Y-Not
Breast plates - If you see a cosplayer with fake breasts where their chest is showing, they will almost certainly be wearing a breast plate. These are basically silicone vests with breasts. They can be incredibly convincing if done correctly, however they do have downsides. For example, you have to cover the transition between plate and skin otherwise it will look bad. It can also be challenging to match skin colour sometimes. Generally start at $100 USD and only get more expensive from there depending on size and brand.
Pros: Look very realistic, can wear clothing that reveals one's chest if wanted, have realistic weight and feel, very durable, perfect for cosplay Cons: Generally more expensive, have to hide transition lines between skin and plate, hard to match skin tone, cannot wear for long periods of time as it covers your whole upper torso (skin needs to breath), very inconvenient to put on (I need a hair net as it gets stuck on my hair), have to dust on talcum/baby powder before each use to help with getting it on and comfort. Brands I've used: U-Charmmore, Roanyer (they have an entire store for this kind of stuff, even like male muscle suits)
I hope this helps!
Gender stuff is really bizarre, I'm not sure why it feels comforting for me to have breasts at times, but it just does, so I go with it. I'm still working stuff out myself :)
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sreegs · 3 months ago
Read this before sending an ask. I'll update it as frequently as I can. If you're looking to see posts I've made about Tumblr, check my #tumblr tag.
How do you know all this stuff about Tumblr?
I used to work at Tumblr for a non-trivial amount of years. I left in early 2021.
I'm experiencing this weird issue and I can't tell if it's a bug
Visit https://www.tumblr.com/support and submit a ticket. I cannot help you fix it, sorry. Not only do I no longer work at Tumblr, the machine is so large and complicated I'm not even sure how all the parts work.
My friend is banned, why?
Have them visit https://www.tumblr.com/support and log a ticket. I cannot help you with admin decisions, sorry.
When is porn coming back?
Porn is not coming back to Tumblr. This is largely Apple's doing, please read this post for more details. It includes an overview of both the tag ban debacle (which I was not present for) and the porn ban (which I was present for). If that post isn't an adequate answer for you, I have another post that goes into more detail about porn and Tumblr specifically. Long story short, porn is not coming back, and that's confirmed by the current CEO of Tumblr:
Tumblr media
But what if Tumblr stops having an iOS app? Can porn come back?
Tumblr operates at a loss. Tumblr will not get rid of its iOS app, as it's the largest generator of revenue for the platform. This is true for pretty much every website out there that has apps and earns money via advertising. This is also true for apps that earn money by being paid directly by users: Apple users will spend more money on average for apps and app features.
Why should I trust Tumblr with my credit card info?
Tumblr does not handle your credit card info. They don't have a payment processor. Payments for Tumblr services that cost money are handled through Stripe. This is the same as using Paypal, Venmo, etc to pay for anything else.
Why can't Tumblr just operate on donations?
It's scale is too big for user-based donations. Wikipedia's donation drives are largely funded by large investments from investment firms or wealthy individuals. Average user donations do not keep Wikipedia running. AO3's operating costs are much, much lower than Tumblr's, as their scale is smaller, so donations may work for them.
How much does it cost to run Tumblr for a year?
The last comment I had directly from the CEO of Tumblr is more than $50 million united states dollars a year. That's about $20 for 12 seconds of Tumblr. Remember this involves hosting images and video (high-bandwidth, expensive) among all the other features, and their staff is anemic compared to other sites of their scale.
Does shadowbanning exist on Tumblr?
No, it does not. There's no shadowban mechanism. Tumblr's search function is just abysmal, and any posts with inline links not on Tumblr's trusted domain list in their OP will never show up in search. It's an anti-spam measure implemented years ago and as far as I know, they're still using it.
What about me? I'm shadowbanned because I'm a pixelated adult blog.
You're filtered out of search results and activity because you're marked as an adults-only blog. You can contact support to reverse this if you remove adult content from your blog. Keep in mind they will be thorough so just removing it from the front page of your blog won't be enough. But no, you're not shadowbanned in the same way Instagram shadowbanning works.
What about me? I'm shadowbanned because...
Tumblr media
You're not shadowbanned. There's no shadowbanning on Tumblr. If you can tell something is obviously wrong, then it's a bug. The practice of shadowbanning only works if the user cannot tell if something is wrong. To the shadowbanned user, the website functions as expected, and they can post all they want, but other users can't see their posts or activity. So, if someone can't message you, or you see error messages, or some of your posts appear in search but not others, or replies suddenly stop working for you, that's a bug.
Common occurrences that are mistaken for shadowbanning:
- Group blogs can't send or receive direct messages. This is on purpose.
- You set yourself to not appear in searches. Yes, that's a setting, and yes people write in asking to be un-shadowbanned while that setting is on for their account
- Adding inline links to your post will prevent the post from showing up on tag pages and search. It's a crude anti-spam measure to prevent tag spam.
- Your tags are shit and so is Tumblr's search function. Here's tips for making posts appear in search
- Blogs can disable replies on posts.
- People can block you.
- The website is broken.
Why doesn't Tumblr do something about the Nazis/TERFs/hate speech?
A while back they launched an initiative to crack down on hate speech and instituted a more strict, points-based system leading to bans. Infractions like hate speech turned into immediate permabans. However, there are three fundamental problems with the situation:
1. Tumblr's support staff is understaffed, and overwhelmed
2. After being banned, you can just easily register another account with another username and password. IP bans are reserved for spam and hackers, but even those can be circumvented by determined parties
3. Nazis like to hide and mingle, or skirt the rules to avoid being banned
Tumblr cannot get rid of the Nazis. Twitter and Facebook cannot get rid of the Nazis. In fact, we killed millions of Nazis between 1939 and 1945 and for some reason they're still here. They're the perpetual dog shit stuck on humanity's boot, and no amount of scraping on the sidewalk will get them off, unfortunately.
Despite all this, please report hate speech when you see it. Tap the meatballs on the post (three dots in the top right corner) and proceed to report it for Hate Speech. Be kind and to the point. A human being will eventually read your report and take action. Sometimes it takes a while, I'm sorry, but again, Tumblr's support staff is anemic compared to other social networks. And they love banning Nazis and TERFs.
Does Tumblr ever free up names of blogs that are inactive?
Yes, they do. It’s known internally as “blogname jubilee” or simply “jubilee”. When the process is run, it finds blogs that have been inactive for >1 year and emails them to say “hey, if you don’t show activity we’re gonna rename your blog”. Then they send a followup email one last time before finally doing so. The thing is, these blogs need to be completely inactive. If they’re logged in and reading Tumblr without posting, or they’re the name of a secondary blog that belongs to an active account, they won’t be freed up because those blogs are considered active.
The jubilee process is also manually run, it’s not automated, so Tumblr has to kick off the process. It’s not scheduled to run every day or week or anything. That may have changed, though.
Lastly, Tumblr reserves jubilee’d blog names that are common dictionary words or brand names, because they want to hold those for potential advertisers. So if you see a blog URL that 404′s but you cannot register that blog name, it’s probably on that reserve list. I really wish they’d stop doing that but the jubilee system is one of those things that was built, like, years ago, but never updated or changed. In fact it might be broken and never run anymore.
What's the deal with the No Notes Ghost or posts that have no notes even though people have liked and reblogged them?
I wrote this up ages ago. tl;dr the OP is hard deleted from the database. Since you need the OP to get the starting note count to add notes, the value is always nil (or essentially zero).
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the-stove-is-on-fire · 4 months ago
I have been experimenting with transparency art (thank you so much for your tutorial!), but my biggest question is: how on earth do you get it to overlay on other colors? Its absolutely mind bending
With much patience and frustration 😫 (>>>The previous tutorial<<)
The key to making transparency work with colours, is getting the colour saturation and opacity levels to visually match. 
Tumblr media
Let’s lay down the basics. I've got these two coloured boxes and I want one of them to be transparent. But I also want them to stay the same colour until someone clicks on them, right?
Tumblr media
Of course, the problem is that as soon as we drop the opacity, the colour saturation also drops and we get this:
Tumblr media
So what you have to do is hyper-saturate the colour of the low opacity area until it matches the full saturation one.
Or as close as you can get. If you can't get it exact, colour-pick from the 50% opacity area and recolour the 100% area so they match. This works best with colours that are already muted or pastel.
Tumblr media
That's the basic principle. It gets 10x more complex when you start adding multiple colours and backgrounds... Full tutorial continued under the cut (this is going to be a LONG post) vvv
I'm going to use my Hill King ectober piece because it's a good example of how this transparency trick works on complex pieces.
The first step is to plot out approximately what colours/mood I wanted to end up with in the final piece.
Tumblr media
Next I push my saturation ALL the way up.
Tumblr media
And then drop the whole background opacity to 40% (Keeping all your background layers in a single folder is the easiest way to do this) I fiddled around with the individual colours, pushing their saturation and hues until I was satisfied with this sort of pastel look.
Tumblr media
And here we are with the lineart added in. A few things needed to be retouched to accommodate the lines and that’s normal. If you have to change a few things make sure to pull your colours from the 100% version and not colour-pick from the low opacity.
Tumblr media
Now to make the transparent section. This part may vary depending on your drawing program. I'm using Krita but I'll try my best to make the process applicable to other programs.
This is where it gets complicated:
Save two versions of your image. 
One with lineart and colours at 100% full saturation.
One with the low opacity colours and NO lineart.
Make sure you have a white background under everything so that they are NOT transparent yet. Saving the two versions as flat images is VERY IMPORTANT. Do Not merge all your layers. Just save as a PNG.
Your two versions should look like this:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
On a new layer draw your cut-away shape. This is the area that you want to be transparent at the end. I used an eraser for the stars and crown so they show up as the colours underneath. If you can, make the edges of your shape just a little bit blurry. Hard edges will show up and reveal your trick.
Duplicate this layer so that you have at least two copies.
Tumblr media
You are now going to cut your shape out of the low opacity flat image. In Krita that means setting the cut-away shape layer to ‘Erase’ and merging it down with the low opacity layer. With other programs it might mean selecting your cut-away shape and manually ctrl+x cutting the shape out or using some kind of clipping mask.
If you’ve done it right, you should be able to see your high saturation layer with the lineart underneath.
Tumblr media
By dropping the opacity of your high saturation layer it should blend in seamlessly with your background. In this case, I drop it down to 40% to match. You’re going to get this funky little ghost effect with the lineart from underneath.
Tumblr media
If I had kept my lineart as part of the original low opacity image when I saved it, it would have ended up looking like this:
Tumblr media
Now, remember how I said to make a duplicate of the cut-away shape? That comes back here. The cut-away section of lineart is stuck at 40% opacity. If we simply plop our lineart back on top of everything at it’s current opacity, it stands out too much. (In my opinion, this might be perfect for your piece!)
Tumblr media
But I want it to blend in a bit, more like this:
Tumblr media
So I take my lineart and my cut-away shape and do the exact same thing as before. Except this time I keep my shape at 50%. In Krita, with the Erase layer, this means it only erased 50% of my line’s opacity. I have zero idea how this would work with a clipping mask, sorry :(
Tumblr media
Which gives us this:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Use a black background under the see-through area to show it off)
And that’s it! We now have transparent colours that blend seamlessly with the full opacity sections and lineart that is clear but doesn’t distract from either version!
Turn off all your background layers and save as a .png image (this won’t work with a .jpg!). Upload your pic to tumblr and see if it works. If the transparency doesn’t show up correctly you may have to scale your image down to a smaller size! Tumblr is very picky like that.
This process isn’t perfect and it sure takes a lot of time but the effects can be super cool and totally worth the effort! If you’ve made it all the way to the end of this LOOOONG tutorial you are a BAMF! Put a little ‘yeehaw!’ in the notes for yourself and Happy Arting!
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darkwood-sleddog · 6 months ago
Tips for someone who has been obsessed with mushing since a kid, but doesn’t think they will ever mesh well with northern breeds. Can I build a small team (this is just for fun of course) with a non traditional breed? Is there a certain minimum size I should keep in mind?
I have said this before and I'll say it again. ANY breed can mush:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
In several mushing venues, such as Dryland Mushing for example, non-traditional breeds are THE dog (German Shorthaired Pointers & mixes of such are the breed of choice for dryland). Even most long distance winter races such as Iditarod and Yukon Quest feature Alaskan Huskies, a landrace mix breed that can vary widely in its appearance.
And you can absolutely do it with smaller dogs just watch THIS video of dachsunds bikejoring for example. Or follow THIS instagram account that has a Shiba Inu in their malamute team. There are also videos of full spaniels teams on both winter and dryland although I cannot find them right now for the life of me. When you have a smaller dog the only thing I would caution would be to help the dog out with the weight it is pulling, especially over longer distances. This can be pedaling your bike, or having multiple dogs in team to take the brunt of the weight.
In a world where Poodles have run the Iditarod more times than Malamutes breed does not matter.
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theshitpostcalligrapher · 2 months ago
ive mentioned this before but guys.
If you live in toronto,
do not bother with an etsy purchase and envelope fees and stamp fees and all that jazz. Just dm me here or on etsy and we can do the exchange at a timmies or smth.
Every now and again I see an order from someone an 8 minute streetcar ride away and it’s just. Bruh.
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wizardsisananimal · 3 months ago
what is a group of wizards called?
a group, a herd, or a threat are all appropriate. some example sentences:
a small group of wizards crossed the street.
there was a herd of wizards grazing by the parking lot.
there is a threat of wizards outside of my house.
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mayakern · 2 months ago
could you make a post with pictures of the skirts that won the pre order survey
yep! here’s all the designs that will be available during preorders march 14-21. they will be available in both mini and midi length.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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stinky-sapphicalopods · a day ago
How many times did Callie hypnoshade herself?
Tumblr media
Click On Image(s) for Better Quality
Please Do Not Repost! Reblogs, Comments, and Likes are Appreciated! :)
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a-little-revolution · 2 months ago
On writing good dwarf characters
The questions I get most often on this platform usually relate to the inclusion of dwarf characters in media - whether it be in writing, film, or role play games such as Dungeons and Dragons, the question remains: How do I write good dwarf characters? How do I include people with dwarfism in my writing/film in a respectful manner?
First, we need to understand what's already out there when it comes to dwarf representation. Most often when little people are included in stories, the characters fall into one of four categories: side kick, misfit, comic relief or mystical creature. They are not heroes nor main characters, they do not push the plot forward or fall in love. They are usually one dimensional and comical, or fall under the made up race of "dwarves" such as in Tolken or Dragon Age. They are dehumanized, objectified, and made a mockery.
To begin writing dwarf characters well, several things have to happen:
One must reject the culture surrounding fantasy "dwarves" and write based on real people with dwarfism. Do your research on the disability and talk to real little people.
Stray from harmful tropes such as the "small and angry" archetype (ex: mini me in austin powers) and "group of minis" (ex: snow white and the seven dwarfs, wizard of oz, charlie and the chocolate factory).
Humanize and individualize your dwarf character(s) - make them well rounded, serious, thought out characters. Include them in your plot in ways that matter.
And to do so, it's also of the utmost importance that writers and creatures understand dwarf history. Knowing that little people had a long history of enslavement, of being used for entertainment such as in circuses and freak shows, of social and medical discrimination. Knowing that so many of the harmful stereotypes and tropes used in film and media can be traced back to our history of enslavement.
Do not make them the butt of the joke. Do not base your character design off of gnomes, elves, or jolly beings. Don't allow them to exist for comic relief.
Show them as active members of society. Knowing that historically little people were often midwives, seamstresses, tailors and blacksmiths - that today they work in all manner of fields.
Find the beauty in dwarf bodies, how they can be romantic and sexual, fashionable and beautiful. Make your audience fall in love.
Give your character or characters full and happy lives. Fill them with love and sex and family and community.
Provide the positive representation that the dwarf community is hungry for, that we so rarely get to see.
- Elliot (they/them)
This is just the beginning to get you thinking :) follow and send asks for more information on dwarfism! xoxo
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strangegutz · a day ago
do you have any problems with paint chipping off polymer clay without varnish?
Not really. I've never had a problem with normal posing and display, even when I'm letting pieces roll around my desk during assembly and dry fits. Typically pieces do get some kind of sealant for whatever sheen finish i want though, and it probably helps that i prime each piece with a multi-surface white acrylic paint
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lowpolyanimals · 4 months ago
I feel like this has been discussed before, but is therea rough line between low poly and anything else? Is it a ratio based on how tiny the thing is in context? When it's fairly large by the point of view but is actually about 5cm tall, does that still allow for more polygons before it's too much, or does actual height overrule for the ratio? How large is the grey area between low poly and not, if it is even big enough to need to be a concern? When do low poly low?
I don't think it's about the size of the model i.e. in relation to other models, or even file size. It's about whether the model has few or many polygons in relation to itself i.e. how many polygons are within the boundary of the model. I am not sure I am explaining this very well and I'm sure there will be people in the comments who can do a better job but take a look at this bull for example:
Tumblr media
The bull on the left has considerably fewer polygons than the right high poly model. There will of course be a range in between both of those models where several instances will also be considered high and low poly. Many people have asked where is the line between the two, I can't answer that with a specific answer because it's impossible for me to quantify and there's also a degree of personal opinion but my general rule is if it's pretty angular and blocky (polygonal) looking, it should be fine. However, just because a model is potentially huge, that doesn't disqualify it from being posted so long as the polygon count is low in relation to the model itself (i.e. the left bull above still has hundreds of polygons, but hundreds is low compared to the tens/hundreds of thousands of polygons on the right model).
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theeretblr · a month ago
random question... who are you and why are you all over my tumblr recomendations page???
I am Eret.
I am known for being a Twitch Streamer. I stream Minecraft on the Dream SMP.
My community is a safe place for all people LGBTQ+
I think that's probably why I'm being recommended on here lol
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calcium-cat · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
✨One Small Dream FAQ✨
What does “OSD” stand for? 
OSD stands for One Small Dream, which is the title of my current fanfic.
What is the fanfic about?
It’s an Undertale Multiverse story centered on the Dreamtale twins, Nightmare and Dream. Nightmare tries to get revenge on Dream for their past, but his plan backfires, resulting in Dream becoming a kid again. Now Nightmare is stuck looking after him along with the rest of his “Bad Sans” gang in their hideout. Shenagins and brotherly bonding ensue. 
Is there any senstive content I should know about?
Nope! Aside from sparse swearing and slight violence, it’s a pretty light story that’s focused on family fluff (and a bit of angst).
When do you post new chapters?
I don’t have an upload schedule, but I try to write and post chapters in a timely manner.
Can anyone draw fanart for your fic?
Absolutely, it would make my day! You can either submit it to my blog, or you can tag me in your post so I can see and reblog it!
Can anyone write a story for OSD or a story inspired by OSD?
Of course! Just let me know if you post it so I can read it. Even if it’s just inspired by OSD and doesn’t have anything to do with my story specifically, I’d love to see what you’ve written! 
Are there any rules regarding fanart and fanwriting for OSD?
Besides tagging me, I ask that you keep the content family friendly, as anything sexual or romantic related to my story makes me very uncomfortable. 
Can we draw and/or write a Reader Insert or OC within the OSD universe?
Sure, go right ahead! The rules above apply here as well.
 ✨ If you have any other questions, feel free to send me an ask! ✨
Tumblr media
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