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What kinda dye do you use for your blue hair it's beautiful

hi thanks so much!!!!! here is a post where i explain what products I use on my hair, but its the Ferria Tropical Teal and sometimes ill touch it up with Overtones Extreme Blue deep conditioning treatment :) 

here are other asks about my hair if anyoenes curious about more hair tings (x) (x) (x

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Hello friend, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but could you say a bit about what makes you feel like a non-binary person? I myself am questioning whether I might be nb or agender and would just like to hear an “insider’s perspective” :)

hey friend! I had a similar question a while back, here is a link to that response (its a video reply)!

TLDR: gender always felt like a confusing concept to me and I never understood why I wasnt naturally “feminine” enough, when I found out (primarily in an academic setting in university) that gender was a social construct upheld to keep people “in their place” essentially and that I didn’t have to claim to be somethign I didnt feel like (a girl) I was like Fuck Yes and it really freed me up to feel like i could express myself and not feel weird gender pressures all the time  :) hope that helps!!!

Also heres some judith butler shes wonderful ! wishing u love and comfort in exploring ur gender <3 

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in my app, if i were to write the biography in 1st person pov, would it also double as an in character sample? i normally enjoy writing my bios in 1st person because i like really putting my character through their histories as a way for me to really connect with it, but if it's not preferred because of the ic sample, that's perfectly fine!

Hi there! Unfortunately, I think it’s best to stay away from first person biographies. Absolutely nothing wrong with them, but a preference here!

As for the writing sample itself it is best if done in the third person because most of the writing during the roleplay will be done that way. This also gives us more of an example of your writing style since writing bios can be sort of stuffy/limiting in that sense. We would like you to have an opportunity to write in your character’s voice. Please feel free to incorporate some aspects of first person (i.e. thoughts, dialogue), but adhere to the third person. 

And keep in mind that down the road there will be character building/development that will allow you to write in first person if you’d like!

- Admin A. 

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Can we ask you questions?

Hello, friend!

Yes! My inbox is always open to questions! I just ask that people check my posts tagged #FAQ before sending in a new ask.

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o look fem do evento seria vestido longo de gala?

Tradicionalmente sim, vestido longo e salto alto. Mas não vou impedir nenhuma garota de usar um vestido curto mais chique ou até mesmo terno. Use o que for mais coerente ao seu personagem! O importante é estar elegante.

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what if we don't have any other fcs for our character?

That’s no problem! You can just put your first choice down, but the admin team does reserve the right to deny certain face claims. This likely won’t happen, but it’s just a risk you run! 

In that case we would just ask you to reconsider, and if you decided you didn’t want to, we would be sad to see you go, but understand fully. 

- Admin A. 

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Dumb question but when we're making a stat page for a character app, do all their skills have to start at E rank?

All skills start at E rank, yes! And you get 4 skill points to start off the bat to allot wherever you want.

Feel free to refer to the demonstration for more detailed guidance!

- Mod Rai

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would your members rather see katherine or elena from tvd?

˖ ✧ — i’d personally love to see the baddest bitch of all miss katherine pierce!! members, reply with which petrova doppelganger you’d like to see!!

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i'm a little confused on the label parts. is it greek gods?


      hi anon! i’m not entirely sure what you mean with this question, so imma try to answer and you let me know if you have any follow up questions… so basically the labels are just that: labels. they’re using greek works / personifications, but they’re just there as traits to base your characters off of. for example, nike (victory) might just be a character that loves to win, is competitive, etc. it’s really that simple! my muse is ananke meaning ‘necessity, force’ and i picked this because he’s very adamant about what he does, and will ‘force’ things his way to get what he wants!!

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Have you seen The Untamed or Mo Dao Zu Shi? I have just started getting into it after seeing so many posts and fan art about Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji.

Looked them up, and they seem… somewhat familiar? I only have netlix, and we all know it’s not universal with its library due to location.

I do know I’ve seen a lot of fanart posts about them. Never really managed to connect the two until you mentioned it. So I guess I’ll have to take a look if it’s available for me.

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O que é esse sistema appless?

Appless literalmente é “sem ficha”, mas na realidade significa que nossa aplicação não é longa, não usa bio ou headcannons. É só preencher as informações daqui, mandar por submit ou chat e pronto, você fez sua ficha!

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Do your have to pay for a request? I’m interested in requesting one but I’m really broke right now. I’m just curious

Originally posted by graveyard-whistler

It is Free to make a request! 🖤

It only costs money if you would like the finished Chibi drawing mailed to you. 💜

❤️ Also for those who are asking how long before I post their request, please be patient.

🖤 I try to do requests in the order I receive them so it could be a few hours, a few days or a few weeks before I get to your request depending on how many requests are ahead of you. Plus how busy I am in real life with work and life in general.

(As much as I wish I could draw Chibi’s all day for a living, it doesn’t pay the bills so I can’t. 🧡)

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deixa eu perguntar, eu tive uma ideia de fazer gêmeos híbridos, mas eu queria saber se teria como um ser, por exemplo um bruxo e o outro um fae? seria como os pais e cada um puxasse um poder. no caso eu queria um lobisomem e um bruxo, teria como?

Eu não sou uma mestra da biologia nem nada, mas geneticamente falando acho que daria certo só se fossem filhos de dois híbridos iguais? Aí um gêmeo acaba pegando os dois “genes bruxos” e o outro pega os dois “genes lupinos” ao invés de ficarem com um de cada. Adorei a ideia, aliás.

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pode fazer um vampiro recém "nascido"?

Pode sim! A única coisa que muda é que ele seria monitorado mais de perto, porque recém nascidos sentem mais sede e não tem tanto autocontrole.

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faes dominam todos os elementos da natureza como poder?

Sim! Fogo, água, terra, ar e derivados (como o clima, que envolve todos esses).

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Is there a glitch on the etsy pricing? The zine looks amazing and I wanted to order a physical copy, but $31.43 to ship from the US to Canada seems really high.

It costs about $20 USD to ship the zine from the US to Canada, so that should be about $28.29 CAD for just the shipping, according to Google’s currency converter.

-Mod Rel

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8, 13 and 18 for Arya?

[Apprentice April Asks #1]
(all of these will eventually be cross-posted across the blogs!)

8. Romance.  What is something that your character and their LI love to do together?  How do they show affection?

This is more an Arya question because Tyrza IS a Love Interest so…

Arya & Asra: Travelling and shopping are things they probably do together most but also they’re just overall domestic? Like… sure exploring is fun but so is just quiet moments doing dishes together in the shop. They probably do eventually start a garden together at Nopal.
Arya & Muriel: Both are very domestic. Arya likely is the one that will travel but just cuddling in silence while one or the other works on something. Arya’s favorite thing is to play with Muriel’s hair. 
Arya & Portia: Gardening. Together. Oh. My Gods. I would just… These two would absolutely have the most AMAZING Garden together. And the best tea and cookies. 

Arya mostly shows their affection by spending time with people. If they’re seeking you out and spending time with you? They love you or appreciate you at least.

13. Overcompensation.  Is there something that your character just HAS to do better than anyone else?  Or are they just that dang good without trying?  If they see someone else showing off, what is their kneejerk reaction?

18. Embarrassment.  What is something really embarrassing that your character has done/said?

Lords… Arya does A LOT of embarrassing things. They’re clumsy as heck to start with. But then there’s also like… if you wanna get into NSFW territory? Asra would probably have scores of stories. Between Arya concussing themselves when they bumped their head on the wall or the time they farted at an inopportune moment… But most embarrassing? Probably the uh… number of times they’ve fallen into the canal. 

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