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Here are the figures as we start off the month…

Cases of Covid-19 Worldwide : 858,892

Deaths from Covid-19 Worldwide : 42,158

Cases of Covid-19 in the U.S : 188,578

Deaths from Covid-19 in the U.S : 3,890

It’s gonna be a long 30 days…

Stay safe.

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i did my homework and classwork before noon today.

i have a blister on my toe and a spider in my bed. i wake up with ten new bites each day but im just happy i havent seen it. so maybe its an allergic reaction. or i can keep convincing myself that.

rip my art accounts. i cant get any projects finished for some reason. ive been starting but now finishing a lot. or completing things that im going to turn in. so i should work on some stuff for that. but ive got artists block. kind of. i have ideas, i just dont know which ones to choose.

i watched hill house today. idk how to feel about it. it gives mild umbrella academy vibes but umbrella academy is a lot better. but its alright. i feel like the ideas really good but the execution couldve been better.

i played guitar for the first time in a while. i still suck. i need to practice more.

i woke up early so i guess i have more time. im so tired.

i move in a few days. i need to get packed.

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I decided I didn’t want to add to another post so I’m putting it here. Even though I’m slowly working to make this blog more positive, I still need to vent sometimes. I’ll try to put them evenly throughout my blog so it’s not overwhelming. I hope you understand.


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Hey guys…

So, what I’m about to say is very hard for me to say because I’ve been on here for more than two years now, and I’ve had so much love and support and amazing followers,i never thought I could get this many followers and attention towards my blog and writing, I am forever grateful :)

But these past days have been really tough for me and I don’t know how to deal with things anymore, so I’ve decided to leave tumblr. I have not yet made the decision on whether I will delete my blog or not.. But this is it.

Thank you so much for everything 💜


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let’s psychoanalyze house placement in animal crossing. so, if you placed your home:

by the ocean: you’re a dreamer. you want to stare out at the sea from your bedroom window and daydream. you’re hopeful and adventurous!

by a river: you’re a thinker. you tend to over-analyze. the sound of the rushing water calms your nerves—it also helps you focus on your big ideas and how to make them happen!

central location: you’re generous and thoughtful. you like to be involved with community, friends and family. you make yourself available at a moments notice when people need you!

by a cliff: you are protective of your emotions and the people close to you. deeply caring but with a bit of a dark side. you smile when you’re sad and have a great deal of inner strength!

top of the cliffs: with your house in the highest location, you’re able to keep a watchful eye on those around you. you have a big heart but tend to keep your distance from others.

front of island, by airport: you are hospitable! you like to be the first smiling face for all visitors. you tend to put others needs before your own but you’re happiest that way!

back of the island: you’re shy, probably an introvert. you have a lot of hidden talents. it takes time to get to know you but you’re full of surprises so there’s never a dull moment!

(put your location in comments/tags 💕)

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the weight i’ve lost in my face is giving me so much life 🥺🥺 it’s just great to see how good i look and how healthy i feel by working out and not binge eating and watching what i put in my body. except alcohol cocaine and weed and carts but whatever

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TAGGED BY: @incorrect-galavant said “if you follow me, you’re tagged” so uhhh

INSTRUCTIONS: Tag 10 blogs you’d like to know better

NAME: you all get to call me Morgan :)

GENDER: female, she/her


HEIGHT: tbh i couldn’t tell you :/

SEXUALITY: h e t e r o


FAVORITE ANIMAL: cats, any type of cat. house cat, wildcat, all of them.

AVERAGE SLEEP: it’s too inconsistent to say


DOGS OR CATS: cats, obviously^^^


WHEN I MADE MY BLOG: am i a bad blog owner if i don’t remember….?


WHY I MADE THIS TUMBLR: literally just for fun, working on writing some stuff tho👀

REASON FOR MY URL: it’s a thing from You, one of my favorite shows!

PEOPLE I’D LIKE TO TAG: if you see this and wanna do it, go for it!

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