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Textos Que Vendem: Exemplos De Como Criar Uma Copy

Textos Que Vendem: Exemplos De Como Criar Uma Copy

Os 7 conceitos de copywriting, segredos dos textos que vendem de verdade, saiba escrever e persuadir, como criar copys que vendem!

Criar copys em títulos que atraemTextos que vendem, conhecendo o público alvoComo escrever textos que vendem em blogsDemostre autoridade em seu textosRepita a palavra-chave em seu textoTextos que mostre os benefíciosNão enrole em seus textos

Copy Textos Que…


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Gourmet Sea Salts

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Sea salt is very popular among cooks everywhere, including many gourmet chefs, such as Rachael Ray and Gordon Ramsey. This natural salt product is preferred over table salt because of its strong flavoring in foods, its crunchy texture, and its varied coarse texture. Sea salt is created through an evaporation process of extracting it from oceans and saltwater lakes.
When organic sea salt is processed from these water environments, its trace remnants are valuable minerals, like potassium, calcium, magnesium, and others. Sea salt is used in a variety of food products, like snacking chips, popcorn, candies, and more.
There are a vast array of manufactured, gourmet sea salts that are produced in the United States and around the world. All of which, are very flavorful and available in coarse, fine, extra fine grains and grain sizes.

Crystalline Sea Salt

Crystalline sea salt stems from the sea coastlines from Portugal to Maine and the Pacific Rim. It contains both fine and coarse granules. It comes in a variety of colors, due to the minerals that it contains.

Flaked Sea Salt

Flaked sea salt for cooking is best used in steamed vegetables or sea foods. All you need to do is to take just a pinch of its crystals and sprinkle them on cooked foods. This sea salt is harvested from England’s Essex coastline. It is soft to the feel and has sheer, little flakes, which dissolve quickly.

Smoked Sea Salt

Smoked sea salt is America’s favorite gourmet sea salt for cooking.  It can be added to grilled foods, roasting foods, pastas, soups, salads, and sea foods. Smoked sea slat is slow smoked over real wood fires to infuse its salt crystals. Smoked sea salt is available in fine, coarse, and small flaky grain sizes.

External image

Himalayan Pink salt

Himalayan Pink sea salt is not only used for its flavoring in cooking, but for many years, it has been used for its healing properties, in varying health conditions. Due to its rich antioxidants and antibacterial mineral properties, Himalayan Pink sea salt is used as a bathing therapy product for soothing sore muscles, to lower blood pressure, and remove toxins. In using this sea salt for cooking it is nutritious and very flavorful in all food groupings.

 International Sea Salts
There are other types of naturally processed gourmet sea salts  some of which include Fleur De Sel sea salt, Grey sea salt, Alaea Hawaiian sea salt, Australian Murray River sea salt or Pink Flake salt, Hawaiian Black sea salt, Italian sea salt, Spicy Curry sea salt, Szechuan sea salts, Pure Ocean sea salts, and many many more, especially in foreign countries. A lot of people just simply type sea salt buy on search engines to find sea salt.

Sea Salt Sodium Content

A teaspoon of traditional table salt, contains about 2,300 mg of sodium, but a teaspoon of sea salt contains less sodium because less sea salt crystals fit into a spoon. Some varieties of sea salt also have less sodium than table salts.

#Salt #Seasalt
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Decima eCommerce PSD Template

Decima eCommerce PSD Template


Purchase HTML template

Home (two versions)
Product list (clear and selected filters)
Product single (description, additional info, reviews, lightbox gallery, size guide)
Shopping cart (empty, full, calculate shipping)
Checkout (first, second and third steps)
Order received
Account (login, register, dashboard, information, orders, address book,…


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Internet cables under ocean 😱and the map of the cables😊

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The Arts School - March News Letter

The Arts School – March News Letter


Welcome to The Arts School’s March 2021 newsletter.February 21 day challenge was focusing on exploring materials and I really enjoyed working bigger and with new materials. For March we are going to go a step further and explore looking at the subject NOT the drawing, more details below.I am still processing what the new rules mean, and aim to visit galleries when I can, when I have…


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National science day!

As tomorrow is National Science Day in India we will list down all the events that is happening tomorrow in this thread. Follow this thread.

Thanks in advance.

  • Please add any event that we have missed. Advance Happy National Science Day!


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Music producer, Dr Frabz is dead

Music producer, Dr Frabz is dead

Nigerian music producer, Ayorinde Faboro popularly known as Dr Frabz is dead.
According to singer, Nikki Laoye, Dr Frabz, was shot.

”Oh my God persevering face… My dear brother, Dr Frabz @DoktaFrabz… This is such terrible news. Just heard that he was shot… Who did this? I am so pained right now. What kind of news is this ehn?”she wrote on Twitter

Celebrities have taken to social media to…


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Why is Lee Ranaldo so awesome?

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Essence - Creative & Portfolio WordPress Theme

Essence – Creative & Portfolio WordPress Theme


Essence is a Creative and Portfolio WordPress theme which bring you ideas to create your websites. With Essence is suitable for Creative, Portfolio, Personal, Agency, Company.. websites


3 Blog Layouts
Blog standard (default):
No Sidebar
Left Sidebar
Right Sidebar
Blog Grid
No Sidebar
Left Sidebar
Right Sidebar
Blog List
No Sidebar
Left Sidebar
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Musa Creative Portfolio & Blog Template

Musa Creative Portfolio & Blog Template


Musa – Creative Portfolio & Blog HTML5 Bootstrap Template is high-quality Creative Portfolio & Blog Template with the unique style and clean code. You can use Musa for many purposes like creative portfolios from blogs and freelancers to video production and commercial stores. This template build with world’s most popular responsive front-end framework…


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Full Moon


Why is the moon so clouded and polluted now? By means that polluted by the people’s thoughts of what was actually going on about the moon. Conspiracy theories from here and there. The fake moon landing, the basecamps at the moon, alien colonies, unable to land once again on the moon taking them years to be able to achieve when it was achieved before with less resources.

But how is it that the moon is so mysteriously beautiful. When some people would worship the moon, giving offerings and prayers from different places at the same time. Giving it names to symbolize a higher role and representation of gods. But why is it the moon so important? And what does it actually hide in our bare eyes? What are the secrets that goes beneath on this magnificent dull crater? Also, why am I so drawn to it? What lies its beauty that make one so mesmerized and hypnotized. The relationship we have for the constant and instant communication powered by its beautiful glow is relentless. This is the time that I’ve finally written what’s in my head without a single hesitation and started typing. What’s keeping me from doing this? Procrastinated too much. It’s so beautiful tonight. But I’m still curious what actually lies ahead. Are they watching us? Or are we watching them?

The energy from this is intense.

This will be an unforgettable one.

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