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Tumblr media
❤️ i find Venus in Scorpions to be quite similar to scorpio moons/moon in the 8th house. Both are possessive and find loyalty and intimacy valuable.
❤️ i have also found many Venus in Scorpions to be interested in astrology. I think it makes sense as Venus can show our interests, what we are attracted to and what appeals to us. Scorpion energy can be pulled towards astrology, tarot, witchcraft, taboo topics and the occult.
❤️ Venus in aries persue people with straight forwardness. I find it a little scary sometimes because it makes my cancer rising a little uncomfortable lol. Wherever Aries sits makes the place more direct and straight forward. Sun is Aries tend to have a straight forward personality, Moon in Aries think really fast, Mercury in Aries speak blunty, Venus in Aries persue people quickly and passionately and Mars in Aries act bluntly.
❤️ Sun/Moon/Venus conjunct/trine/sextile Neptune creates hopeless romantics💞
❤️ Venus in Scorpio/Aries and their appeal😩👌
❤️ Moon/Venus in Libra may have commitment issues🥶
❤️ Venus in Libra scares me like sheesh. They lose their head when they like someone. They're also the type to have many love at first sight encounters.
❤️ Venus square/opposition lilith natives love the idea of having people admire and be jealous of them.
❤️ Venus in Scorpions try to lure people they like with their eyes.
❤️ Venus in Virgo can be very shy. Thus, they aren't always the most direct in love.
❤️ Venus in Taurus are very slow moving in love and consider stability to be very important. They love indulging too and are very sensual creatures. I absolutely love them. Also majorly attracted to beauty like Venus in Libra.
❤️ Venus in Scorpions know they're hot. They also love and are proud to be a Venus in Scorpio.
❤️Venus in Capricorns like powerful speakers who are not afraid to share their opinions.
❤️ Venus square Saturn may make an individual feel awfully lonely :(
❤️Venus square/opposition Jupiter individuals are the type to look at the mirror to check their reflection whenever they pass by one✨
❤️Venus in Pisces are hopeless romantics. They also tend to view their love interest with rose colored glasses and ignore the red flags.
❤️ Venus in Libra is also hopelessly romantic. They may struggle to separate themselves from a relationship. Partnership is just so important to them.
❤️ Venus in Cancerians are so easy to control in love that it's heartbreaking to me ):
But yes, if u keep doing them wrong, they will come to a point where they have had enough and will become completely stone cold towards you.
❤️ Venus conjunct Mars execute a little bit of Venus in Aries energy.
❤️ Some Venus in Scorpio or Venus conjunct/square/opposition Pluto may have the tendency of nurturing the idea of owning and possessing someone. They love the idea of having control over you.
❤️ Venus in Aries are NOT shy. They touch people intimately very very easily. Sometimes, they don't realise that they're being too intimate with random people. They just don't understand that having their hand on someone's thigh for example can be too intimate if you two aren't close😭🖐️
❤️ Venus in Aries/Scorpio/Capricorn are also the types to wear bold clothes without feeling too shy. Love that confidence 🙌 (may not apply for everyone. It's just that every Venus of these signs have been like this in my life. Rising may also count)
❤️ Venus in Leo loves being chased, complimented and worshipped 😋
They are also the type to walk around you and wait for you to put your attention on them lol.
They can however be very warm people with royal heart's.
❤️ Venus in Gemini are boy/girl crazy😵
Like so many of them just lose their minds when they think that one stranger was really hot. They're also the type to have a folder saved for people they thought were cute on social media.
❤️ Venus in Gemini try to persue people by using words. And they are good with it.
❤️ Venus in cancerians are literally so so shyyy.
❤️ Venus in Sagittarius people are literally so generous 😭 way too generous at times :(
❤️ Venus in Sagittarius needs space. They also appreciate honest and fun people.
❤️ Venus in aquarius are fascinated by unique people. No one appeals to a Venus in aquarius as much as people who are different do. They also like people who are smart and intelligent. They're also not just looking for a lover but for a best friend in love.
May be humanitarians too.
That's all for today^^
Hope you all enjoyed and things resonated❤️
Have a lovely day❤️❤️❤️🤗
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Who do the Venus signs fall in love with;
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is an old post that i love so much and had to bring back
It includes all venus signs. Lets go
Tumblr media
“the mind of a five year old imprisoned in a body that’s on fire”
These sunshines like how independent they can be in most situations, even though they come off as selfish. They like their partners to be someone who is as independent as them, having their own beliefs where they stand by with strong and logical justifications. It doesnt matter if both of them have very opposite views, what matters is to see someone that isnt a sheep, but has their own critical thinking. Aries want someone that will believe in them faithfully but most importantly someone that will never judge aries’s own beliefs and opinions! They are reckless and they can acknowledge it on their own, they don’t need someone that will make them drown more in their mistakes and flaws. Physical appearance plays such a big role in this placement. Aries is a progressive sign and they like to move on fast. That doesn’t mean though that they don’t want someone by their side. All they need is a passenger in their life journey, not a burden.
Aries love to be competitive, it’s in their nature to hit up situations and be playful. Most may hide it but the truth is that they really think competing and fighting with their partner is a huge turn on. That’s why they like people with strong beliefs that they can debate, fight without hurting each other’s feelings and make up as if nothing ever happened. They love intensity in their partner. P a s s i o n. Intrigue them oftenly, rage them all you want; they fuckin love it.
Compatible with: Venus in Scorpio, Gemini, Sagittarius / Venus in 1st, 5th or 11th house
”hurt me deeply and believe me, there’s no turning back”
One of the signs that I find so friendly and seriously so calm. Taurus seek comfort, some say that they are afraid of changes and like to do planned things that aren’t beyond their limits. It can be true, but only if you make a Taurus feel insecure with you. They can be playful, funny, competitive but only if they know you well enough to feel like you have accepted them and made them feel like home. They are not as clingy as many say, they are not as homesick as others say and they are not as traditional as another one would say, all these happen only if they deeply don’t trust you. Taurus have it in their nature to be affectionate, easily possessive and jealous, but they rarely express their jealousy due to pride and stubbornness.
They don’t get easily in love and most of the times they just have “seasonal” crushes. For someone to grab their attention and for taurus to fall in love, that person has to give them the feeling of anticipation and loyalty. They can be attracted to quiet people that you can see are mysterious. They like to discover people. Taurus is the sign that if they actually like someone, they will never leave them. They feel special when their partner opens up only to them about what is bothering them. They like to feel that their partner is trusting them and it automatically makes them trust their partner too. They like intelligent and serious people that have more of a sarcastic sense of humor. Most taurus have a slow-burn love life.
Compatible with: Venus in capricorn, virgo and cancer / venus in 7th, 8th and 10th house
“i want you firstly to be my friend, my psychologist, my teacher, my companion, my teammate and then be my lover. Just loving each other is boring.”
As one of the three air signs and a mercury ruled sign, we all know that the key about Geminis is communication. If a Gemini finds interest in you but both of you cant actually talk about anything without arguing or keeping a flow, then don’t expect Gemini to be that loyal. They may stay in that relationship cause they find themself attracted to you but if Gemini’s mind isn’t satisfied, the end is coming near. Stimulating their mind is the way for them to get interested in someone. They like weird and strong-headed people that are really loyal to their opinions and are not afraid to be open about them. Their first reaction may show you that your weird opinions made them feel uncomfortable and that things were awkward, but you should know that it did the exactly opposite. They like people that are not feared of embarrassment cause that’s when they will feel free and comfortable with someone.
Geminis can overthink stuff a lot and sometimes they feel insecure. They would never show it to anyone, even if you’re in a relationship together, since they don’t want to provoke their insecurities. They want to heal them with you but without you knowing that you actually helped them. In return, they are very giving and affectionate with you. But they are known about their mood swings. One day they will be all over you but the next day they will just ignore all affection. Air signs in general are more based in logic other than emotions. They can love deeply ofc but many times they think frequently if all they are going through is actually worth it from an unbiased perspective. So the key for a Gemini to who they fall in love with is the mind. Geminis like to grow up with their partner
Compatible with: Venus in Sagittarius, Leo, virgo / venus in 3rd, 9th and 11th
“I never asked for too much, just your whole body and soul belonging only to me”
As one of the three water signs, Cancers are truly carried by their emotions and instincts about a person. They love the idea of a relationship, loving how they can have someone to make them feel special and love them in return. But their expectations get so high. They are too romantic inside their head but their actual approach to someone can be somewhat aggressive. The thing with cancers is that they are very inner people and they feel too much energies and emotions. To the point where they get numb to the feeling. Though this whole defensive appoach towards someone is until they feel safe with you, then they can give you all the love from the whole world. They are not the signs that run for a good chase but they like someone that will show them confidently their liking on cancer venus.
However, if they indeed get interested in the other person, then cancers can deeply love them in the point where their love is kind of ‘obsessive’(?). They will stay with that person, fighting for anything that comes between their way. They don’t like the idea of staying alone. They are known as the “mothers” of the zodiac circle and that they actually take care of everyone but they too need someone to take care of them as they are in the “baby” zodiac sign category. Showing them you are someone they can trust, that is caring, can show them love, be next to them even when they are moody, then the Cancer will surely open up their romantic side totally.
Compatible with: Venus in Pisces, Taurus and Capricorn/ Venus in 4th, 8th and 12th
"Every step i take further in life, i want to know that you will always be by my side throughout it all"
Personally, venus in leo and venus in pisces are like my most fav venus placements. These people know how to speak through touch, emotions and actions. Leos are in nature very independent and strong individuals that stand on their own feet. No one can doubt though that these people also want a companion by their side. They are the people that stand out powerfully in the public and yknow very well that they have a very strong support behind their back, holding them stable while rooting for them.
Leos want a partner that they can experience anything with. A person that will actually make them settle down without trying too hard. Leos will fall for a person that is also as independent as them, a person that will not hesitate to show their love anywhere, a person that is very open that they are in a relationship with them, a person that has very kind manners, a person that isnt above his head, someone that will ground Leos down when they start being big headed. I can say that Leos do have a childish and more outgoing nature so feeling safe and like home around their partner when being themselves, is something they adore. But dont get me wrong, they do want an energetic partner too but someone that is very stable behind closed doors and gives Leo the security they deserve and seek.
Compatible with: Venus in Sagittarius, Aquarius and Taurus/ Venus in 1st, 3rd or 10th
"Understanding and encouraging me is the best way of proving your love for me."
Dare judge virgo's actions.. man you will just see a side of them you wish you would never have opened up. Virgos are a hidden gem in my opinion and thats because they have many sides that they may have hidden. The side that they show to you depends on what you mean to them. But tbh with Virgos its either you have this chemistry with them from the first sec you meet or not (there are ofc exceptions). They can either be so talkative if they feel you are good news or so closed and defensive to people that they sense are not good. For a virgo to fall for you, you should know you are taking a ticket to becoming their best friend and psychologist.
Communication and effort is the way to get to them. They are quite closed about private matters at first as they taste the waters before trusting you totally. They want to have someone around them that will not judge their decisions but rather someone that will be next to them even when they make mistakes. Virgos is a sign that loves to learn from their mistakes and they just love to do whatever comes to their brain without anyone trying to get in their way (even if their decision is wrong, they want to experience it brcause this is how they learn). Physical touch may not be their best love language at first, but you never know which side the other person will bring out of the Virgo. Once you try to interfere in their life, its like breaking the trust they have given you and they will build a wall between you two. For them to fall in love, they want someone that is understanding, encouraging, strong willed, hard working, focused, devoted and a person that goes after their dreams no matter what.
Compatible with: Venus in Aries, Capricorn, Cancer / Venus in 2nd, 8th and 12th house
"I can give you all the love you desire but dont break my heart, because the consequences will hit you hard"
My god with Libras. They can literally be the most giving warm people you will ever meet. Like you would be the luckiest person to have such a person in your life but if you ever break their heart.. my dude you fucked up. Dare to doubt their love for you and you are about to witness a different side of Libra. They are very attracted to individuals that accept their touchy attitude, someone that has kind manners, a very compassionate nature, someone that supports them endlessly and has strong beliefs, a person that is very upfront for their emotions and can have a very decisive mind and thats ofc because Libras can be so in between stuff that they want someone to pull them out of that confusion, and they can like a person that has a soft spot for animals.
Love is a very important matter in their life since Libra is placed in its ruler's planet. They know how to love deeply and thats why in exchange they want someone that will accept all the love they have in them. I will point out again to NEVER DOUBT THEIR LOVE. If you do that, libra will put on a mask, hidding their true emotions from you and you will finally start realising how they try to move on and distance from you as they have stopped showing you their raw emotions. Another advice is to not deny or push away their touch in an annoyed manner, this will hurt them deeply as you are building up a very strong insecurity in them, limiting their self expression. Love for Libras is best expressed though touch so denying the thing that makes them feel loved and special, you cut out their wings.
Compatible with: Venus in Leo, Aries, Capricorn/ Venus in 4th, 5th, 6th
"If i had the chance to know what you think of, i would check your mind everyday just to see how much you love me"
When will you ever finally decide to trust someone? Istg if someone does make you trust them, i will go and give an award to that person myself.
Scorpio Venus are such a hard person to open up but they hide such treasures inside of them. They gave all the love they had for someone straight away with no limits but from the continuous heartbreaks that these people would cause them, they learned to keep everything within their soul. The hurt, betrayal and fear people have created in them made them so defensive in love. They have builded up expectations that are almost rare to be met and that’s because they dont want to get hurt again. At the earliest steps of their love life, they believed that they were attracted to intense people as their mindset in love was so underdeveloped. Without realising, they were hurting themselves even more by choosing the wrongest and most toxic people to love. Who they truly need in their life is a person that will be by their side continuously, someone that will be very open about struggles and harships they go through, someone that will show scorpio endless trust and that will finally make the scorpio start trusting them, a person that will be caring, loving, giving, affectionate, touchy and has an addictive aura to grab scorpio's attention. Scorpios are emotional sponges and they tend to pile up themselves with negative emotions but when they find a person that will naturally make them feel at home, you will see a scorpio that you never believed you would get to see. And believe me, it will be a blessing for you.
Compatible with: Venus in Virgo, Pisces, Libra/ Venus in 1st, 7th, 10th
"If our love could be explained in two words, it would be us and a luggage cause we both know that we are actually each other's companion"
We are going to get deep on this one cause your girl here has this venus placement and honestly i love it too much (if we get the venus 8th house out of the way OFC because that shit makes me very needy, greedy and jealous out of nowhere SO PLEASE). My sag venus babies, ik very well that most of us dont just want a relationship but rather a companionship, where we will grow together with the person we are with. We have a very childlike personality sometimes. We like the fun and we sure like to experience new stuff with our lover. Someone that will make a sag venus fall for them is a person who is confident in themselves. It is one of the biggest turn ons. We want someone that knows who they are and have totally embraced their image and personality. A sag venus loves when they see the person around them believing in themselves, when the person is very optimistic by nature but also very hopeful for the future. I know very well that when we start having feelings for someone, we may sometimes start building plans for the future. In my opinion, many times i feel that venus in gemini with venus in sagittarius is very similar because these two just hate it when things get less entertaining. Both of them want a partner in crime, a best friend, a teacher, a psychologist and then a lover. With no mind stimulation, there will never be fun and believe me sex for sag venus should always come with the fun, cause that’s when we bond with our partner. Dare to challenge a sag venus oftenly and you have their freakin heart. These individuals love the teasing as they are very playful
Compatible with: Venus in Gemini, Aquarius and Libra/ Venus in 5th, 9th, 11th
"Complaining about the way i show my love to you, instead of appreciating what i actually do is making it easier for me to leave you and find someone worthy of my time"
Oh dont you dare make a capricorn venus feel that their actions and time are not appreciated nor worthy. You will see a side of them that you would regret unleashing. To attract a capricorn venus, the feeling of safety, trust and mutual devotion needs to be visible. They like to receive back what they give. If they feel like they give more than what they take, doubts and insecurities will arise towards the emotions their lover has for them. A sharp mind is so important to attract a cap venus, they like feeling that they can ask their lover for advice and receive a thoughtful and logical response. I know most cap venus are prideful in anything that has to do with admiting their emotions but if you ever see them actually word an apology, boi arent you a special one? I will personally give you an award for making a cap admit to their mistakes openly, as most of the times, they can realise when they are wrong but dont ever admit it to others HAHAHAHAH.
As out of nowhere as it will sound, i have met quite cap venus where each one of them told me that something that made them like me was my imagination and optimism. So i have a conclusion that cap venus really like people with a brain that is very different from theirs. A mind that will make them get out of their pessimistic thoughts and travel to a whole other world where it will refresh them, it will get them motivated that they can be hopeful. Capricorn venus love people that encourage them, but not the encouragement at a situation that has no hope. They appreciate honesty above all, rather than delusion. You should not bring them down even further when they are in a moment of weakness. They are already too hard on themselves, they dont need your harsh words in their head as well.
Compatible with: Venus in Aquarius, Aries, Virgo/ Venus in 2nd, 9th, 12th house
"I demand my privacy but that doesnt mean i neglect or forget about you. Its actually the exactly opposite; i need my time to process how more i can love you"
Caring and affection is expressed quite differently with you guys. Its very hard to explain because you can change the way you express your affection BUT ALSO YOU STRAIGHT UP DONT HAVE ONE TYPE. You see each person as an individual so it really depends on a specific trait that oustands on each person that will make you feel attracted to them. Aqua Venus fall in love with people that have their own identity, as different and unique as that identity will be, they just have an instant liking in people that embrace their own self and are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. An Aqua venus never understands when you send them hints that you like them. You need to be upfront with your emotions to them as it is quite hard for them to process what they feel. Aqua venus are quite questionable as they are the type of people that one day will make the other person feel so sure that they feel something for them and then next day they can disappear out of this world, leaving the other person empty handed right when they got sure of your emotions. The people that get involved with you need to understand that many times you need time to reflect and regain all your energy back on your own. Aqua venus are surprisingly so straightfoward and blunt with their love language. They can be very affectionate when they feel like it but also very helpful in other ways. They are the people that can show all kinds of love language to their partner, it depends on their mood and the person they like. As i said, there is not a specific way to attract an Aqua venus. They just like original people, people that are not trying to be sth other than themselves.
Compatible with: Venus in Scorpio, Gemini, Capricorn/ Venus in 3rd, 5th, 7th
"Love is a drug i CANT quit. No doctor could help when im love sick" yeah i just did that- JZHWKASH
You are from my favorite venus sign and i know even more people adore tf out of you. If a person looks for unconditional love, affection, passion, imagination and creativity, you are the venus sign they have to aim for. Most pisces venus i have met love to have people around them that accept their touch. Pushing them away when they are about to show you a warmer side of their personality, will make them so insecure and uncomfortable around you. Weirdly enough, i have noticed that most of you prefer partners that are not as clingy as you but rather just accept your touch and dont give that much love back. Pisces in general is just a giving sign, very selfless and they dont wait to receive back the affection they give, it just comes out naturally to give as much as possible to others. As much as i dont want to bring you guys down, i will because you are one of the signs that could get easily in love with the wrongest of people. Whatever red flags you see in someone, you just jump in the opportunity of breaking your heart by getting involved with them-ZJENWK. Nonetheless, when you mature, people with a kind heart, that like to help others with their actions and have a sensitive side that will be expressed only to you, is one of the ideal type of a pisces venus. They dont fall in love slowly, they know right away if the emotions they feel for someone are romantic or not. They love and they love hard. They just have to feel and see that they will be accepted by you. Thats what pisces venus looks from others, acceptance.
Compatible with: Venus in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio/ Venus in 4th, 6th, 8th
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Scorpio stellium public figures usually have many instagram posts that are quite random. It's not always their face but anything that they want to post, whether injustices or their feelings. Example of this is Chloe Sevigny, Penn Badgley, and Snoop Dogg
You may like singers for long time who have their planets fall in your 5th house, their placement has the same sign with your 5th house, their Neptune aspecting your Mercury. This is type of singer where you enjoy almost all of their album for long time
Fire and air sign men esp Aries and Aquarius men are somehow proud of being playboy as if that boost their masculinity ego. Almost no remorse at all
Leo men secretly wish women compete to get their attention. It's also support their fragile ego of always needing validations
The sign of Saturn is where you will get the karma after abandoning or misusing the things associated to the sign. For ex, Saturn in Libra natives may receive karmas after they are being player in romance. Saturn in Taurus may have skin issues after they fail to take care of themselves
Gemini/3rd house placements are really affected with their sibling's life choice. Esp Gemini/3rd house younger sibling to older siblings. They even go as far as copying their older sibling's life theme. For ex, they go to law school cuz their older sibling also go to law school. They also like to ask a lot of questions and observe what their older siblings do
It's quite different with Aquarius IC or other inner placements. They can take a really different career path than the rest of family. For ex, Aqua IC is the only art student in family who has engineering and medicine background
Venusian (Taurus or Libra) inner placements combined with Cancer placements with no Venus-Saturn aspect are the natives who marry early. They can be married even when they are still in their undergraduate program
Sagittarius placements a lot of times have degree of openness that are way too much in the eyes of society. They can make a live video that basically tell in graphic as to what their first kiss was like and allow questions from the inexperience ones when things like that most of the time would be kept private by most people
Sagittarius and Gemini DC may like people who always make them being able to be funny especially in romantic situation. Stoic people may bore them so much so is people who see the importance of laughing
Uranus aspecting DC tho may mean that a lot of times you find that people close to you have unique skill. For ex Uranus trine DC native may find that people around them can move ears with only ear muscles, play with eyebrows, and do flower shape with their tongue
Venusian placements (Libra and Taurus) combined with fire placements like Sagittarius and Aries women may result in women not dressing in model like. They tend to dress in comfortable way but they tend to be really naturally beautiful. It's the type of people who thrive with minimum or no makeup at all. They are also type of women who can't do makeup. But they do pay attention at skincare. Venus bless them with physical attributes even when they seem quite tomboyish and adventure type.
Libra placements really type of people who have friends everywhere. Their sister sign, Aries placements, may exhibit this trait. A lot of times too Libra or even Aries placements may have friends that somehow makeup the lack of family presence. They can be type of people who run to friends first anytime important decision or moment need to be made or attended. For ex, attending new school registration with their friends where other students attend that with family
4th house placements may hate to be away from family, whether they realize or not. Malefic planets (Mars, Saturn, Chiron, Pluto) may have conflicted aka love and hate relationship with their family but along the way they realize they can't live without their family. They may learn to seek for middle path aka keep the contact with family even if they also keep a lot from family
4th house placements are also type of people who can't live in different cities or countries with their family for long time. Especially when they need to live alone without knowing anybody
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cancerfairy · a day ago
hello :) how are uuu <3
can I ask you what your favourite synastry overlay/aspects are please? :) only if you want to answer it :))
hiiii omg i've been waiting for the day when someone asks me this, thank you 🛐
Tumblr media
𝙼𝚢 𝙵𝚊𝚟𝚘𝚛𝚒𝚝𝚎 𝚂𝚢𝚗𝚊𝚜𝚝𝚛𝚢 𝙾𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚕𝚊𝚢𝚜/𝙰𝚜𝚙𝚎𝚌𝚝𝚜:
Tumblr media
᯽ moon trine venus: with this aspect you and the other person likely have similar interests and similar tastes.. especially music taste. the connection feels so smooth and the venus person understands exactly what brings the moon person comfort. there's also an endless amount of forgiveness which could be dangerous since the moon person would continue to forgive the venus person. this aspect could make it hard to establish boundaries with the other.
᯽ moon trine moon: you two just get each other. although you may have slightly different ways of expressing love, you still understand each other's love language to make this connection feel safe and warm. it's easy to share your feelings with each other and open up when you have this aspect and it's also so calming to be in this persons presence. they're the type of person that helps you sleep at night.
᯽ moon opposite mercury: okay hear me out... although there are times when the mercury person doesn't understand a thing you're feeling or saying, there are also other times when they know exactly how you're feeling without you having to say a thing. there may be miscommunication at first but eventually you two kinda just "get" where the other is coming from. you can share your hobbies with this person and they'll receive it well.
Tumblr media
᯽ ascendant sextile ascendant: you see the other in a positive light and you both see each other for who you are. this aspect makes it incredibly easy to become friends or have a quick bond because you two just automatically feel drawn to the other. from the first time you speak, you two just click :)
᯽ mars in 2nd house overlay: the way you'll just be in love with each other's voices and at the same time turned on.. i'm telling you this overlay is great. you or this person could also want to spoil the other a lot. one downside is that both could get very possessive of each other but neither says a thing about it.. it's just silent possessiveness. one good thing tho is that they'll boost your self esteem and likely give you a lot of compliments.
᯽ moon in the house of the sign it's in overlay: what i mean by this is if you have your moon in taurus in the 3rd and it overlays in another persons 2nd house (bc taurus rules the 2nd house). it's gonna feel very comfortable and natural to talk and express things to them. the same thing applies if that said person had a gemini moon (bc you have moon in the 3rd), it'd have a similar affect. for me, this placement is great because i tend to show my authentic side to people like this.
Tumblr media
᯽ moon in 5h overlay: ugh this overlay is soo nice because you two will share the same hobbies and have much more fun doing them together than you would apart. it's like when the other person isn't there you've lost your joy. you're likely to both listen to a ton of music or make playlists for each other.
᯽ 6h synastry but specifically saturn in 6h overlay: these are the people who'll constantly ask how you are, how you slept, if you took a shower, if you drank enough water for the day. this is the most underrated synastry but this indicates a stable relationship where two people are always taking care of each other. this is great to have for marriage but it's so caring and nurturing in a silent way. this is a relationship where the other person will always check up on you and probably cook for you. this could also indicate talking everyday since the 6h rules routines.
᯽ i know what you're gonna say but yes... i'm a victim of liking 8h synastry (kinda): this synastry is ofc intense but it allows the other to open up and be understood in a way they never have before. at first it might feel uncomfortable to be vulnerable and share certain things with the other but they'll be the one to fully understand your struggles. when you have this synastry with someone you're most likely going to become obsessed with them. if you're not usually an obsessive person.. well too bad cause now you are. as much as i like the sexual tension and the attraction, it can become pretty dangerous as the other person will know exactly what to say to either bring you up (opposite of 2nd house of self worth) or take you right down to hell. it's even worse if you have 12h synastry but we'll get to that..
Tumblr media
᯽ 12h synastry: as much as i like this synastry too it's just all too much for me sometimes. i do like the fact that i can dream about this person but they fill up my subconscious and idk how i feel about that. the amount of times you'll be thinking about this person is simply too much to count. the dreams can be prophetic and also reveal things about the person you wouldn't know unless they told you. moon & venus in this house makes you feel as though you'll never truly grasp the other persons true feelings for you.. you'll feel like they don't like you, even when they do and that's bc everything is hidden in this house. it's so easy to just romanticize the other person and that could be dangerous. for me, the worst planets in this overlay are mercury, sun & mars. with mercury, their words way a ton on my conscious and I'll over analyze everything they say. their words are easily misunderstood and communication is so hard. it could also lead to ghosting. with sun in this house it's hard to understand their true nature and true personality.. you feel like you're constantly being deceived. you can't tell which version is them. with mars in this house you'll have a lot of sexual dreams but you may also assume they're angry at you when they're not.. i've had this happen recently tbh. boundaries are very hard to enforce with these overlays. on the bright side, this overlay allows you two to have a sort of telepathic connection. you'll just understand exactly how the other person is feeling or thinking. you can easily feel like the other person is your soulmate. if it's a relationship, this overlay could have you two stuck in this little bubble of love and delusions.
᯽ sun trine uranus: honestly this placement is so fun and unpredictable like you could have really random and deep conversations with the other person. it's likely that you two change topics in a conversation a lot and you could learn so much from the other.
᯽ mars in 3rd house overlay: i love the friendly banter that comes with this aspect. it's literally so funny and you two fight like you're siblings sometimes so if you already have 3rd house placements in your natal chart this aspect with someone may feel sort of comforting. the downside is that one or both of you may offend the other a lot through jokes that the other took too seriously. otherwise, you might really enjoy the other persons voice or the way they talk.
Tumblr media
᯽ 9h synastry: the amount of times you'll debate with this person could be fun and they'll teach you a lot but sometimes their views could be too much for you to handle. otherwise, it's really interesting to learn the other persons pov and have deep and insightful conversations especially if that's your kinda thing. if mercury is overlaying this house the other person becomes like a mentor and someone who can expand your interests and knowledge.
᯽ 10h synastry: so most people i have this with are on my mc and 10h synastry lowkey intimidates me. i like it because the person encourages and opens me up to new opportunities but they also kinda act as a mentor or authority figure to me. nevertheless, i love the support i get from the other person and they also often boost by reputation. i have this synastry with one of my friends on here who encouraged me to start making content on this account so this post is pretty much bc of her.
᯽ sun conjunct saturn: idk i kinda like it bc the saturn person brings the sun person back to reality and reminds them of their responsibilities. especially if the sun & saturn are in water signs. it just kinda helps ground the sun person even if the saturn person may be critical at times. a little criticism can go a long way to help the sun person grow.
Tumblr media
᯽ neptune conjunct ascendant: i hate it and i love it. okay maybe i'm kinda sick of it but i'm used to it now since i've recognized that almost everyone of this generation is gonna have their neptune conjunct my ascendant. i love it bc it feels like i'm in a disney movie with the other person but i hate it because they idealize and romanticize me to the point where idek who theyre talking to anymore. to them, they'll never know the real me because there are too many versions in their head of me especially since i have neptune conjunct ascendant natally. the neptune person starts to make up and believe things in their head about the ascendant person which often times may not be true. they could see the absolute best in the ascendant person view them as someone who can do no harm.
᯽ mercury conjunct saturn: okay hear me out again... i have this natally so when i have this aspect with other people i just feel more comfortable speaking my truth and being myself like there is absolutely no filter with this aspect. the mercury person probably speaks very bluntly to the saturn person or vice versa. at times, saturn can be a bit mean and say unnecessary things but saturn means well, ok?
᯽ mercury-mercury (positive aspects): this is gonna be short but it's extremely easy to talk to the other person and they'll pretty much finish your sentences. you likely always think the same thing or atleast you think very similarly and that's great for communication ofc. the jokes here are always well received and you'll both speak and listen to each other often.
Tumblr media
᯽ the infamous sun-moon conjunction: ive never experienced it till now but now i understand what you guys are always talking about.. it's literally great. it's a feeling of someone completely understanding your emotions, thoughts and all that you stand for. you rarely have to explain yourself to this person cause they're just gonna get it. they're your shoulder to cry on, your ear to rant to and your heart to give to.
᯽ mercury & venus in the 7th: if you thought i wasn't gonna talk about 7h synastry you're crazy. this synastry causes the two to feel like soulmates, like each other's missing half. when you have mercury overlaying someone's 7h you'll most likely wanna write love letters to the other or express your love for them endlessly. you might find yourself unable to stop talking about this person to other people too. you'd wanna shout your love for them on a rooftop or something. there's a similar affect for venus in the 7h but instead, you'll wanna spoil this person and you'd probably like being seen with them outside.
᯽ uranus 1st house overlay: yk what? i have this natally too and most people may not like it but i also have this with everyone in this generation so it makes me feel a little comfy cozy ok? this overlay can make the relationship feel really exciting and unpredictable and also a little chaotic at times but who doesn't like a little chaos am i right? it's fun and exuberant and i enjoy the many ups and downs this causes c:
Tumblr media
⑅ general ones i don't wanna go into detail about:
᯽ mc synastry - the ones you have this synastry with can help improve your outward appearance or reputation. they encourage and support you often to go for what you want.
᯽ north node synastry - the north node person is meant to teach/guide you whether they realize it or not and you'll find yourself making great decisions with this person.
᯽ 4th house synastry - ive only had this platonically but it's easy to feel like yourself around people you have this with. many fond memories are made with this overlay and you two will understand each other the best.
Tumblr media
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azraaah177 · a day ago
🌟The beauty, charm and allure of your Rising Sign Pt.2🌟
Sagittarius Rising/Jupiter in 1st
You are someone, that had books written about your beauty and allure. People wondered about you. You were a legend, a fantasy, a story that everyone wanted. Movies were made about you. Your spirit manifests in body as a glowing and youthful appearance. Your beauty is absolutely unique. Your hair is thick and wavy/curly. Your walk is confident and precise. You are absolutely gorgeous. Your eyes speak adventures and overseas trips. Your eyes speak knowledge. They have an unique glow in them that helps find others a path in darkness. Your body is strong and fit. You have a playful energy. You make people fall in love with you. They wish to see you. But they don't know that you are someone that wonders about the unknown. You left. They were only left with a memory of you. And they spoke legends and stories about your beauty...
Tumblr media
Capricorn Rising/Saturn in 1st
You are the epitome of elegance and class. You are royalty. People see you as someone who is number one always. You are extremely intimidating. You love jewelry and high class look. You can never go somewhere without being unnoticed. You look sharp and model like. You are photogenic and you may have modeling agencies run after you. You give off vintagy and retro vibes that remind me of old Hollywood songs. Your bones are defined and face structure is symmetrical and considered a classical beauty. You are someone that is seen on magazines, fashion shows and paintings. Your energy is strong. People turn heads when you walk.
Tumblr media
Aquarius Rising/Uranus in 1st
You are someone that is unique, ethereal, undefined, different, fairy like. You come from another world. Heavens and galaxies celebrated when you were born. You are a literal prophecy. You change the world by your words, actions. You shine kindness and unity. Your eyes are cold, no one can know what is behind them. They are usually blue, grey, or a colder color. They look distant but still look at you with love. You are slim, with defined legs and collar bones. You have long eyelashes and your hair is usually curly or wavy. You love coloring it. Your style changes a lot! You are a person that people will never get to know fully! They feel like they just scrubbed the surface of your persona. Never, ever, will they know what kind of galaxies you hold inside. You can talk about everything. Every theme interests you. You like open minded people. They wonder how you can talk even about taboo themes. You are a balance of feminine and masculine. You can feel anything you want. Everyone notices you because the planet that rules you, is the planet of electricity and rebellion. You energize everyone you come close to. You are full of life. You really are someone from another world.
Tumblr media
Pisces Rising/Neptune in 1st
Aah, here we have a dreamy, ethereal person. Your eyes really do look sleepy and high! You are so gorgeous. Your skin is so smooth, like a mermaid. Your hair looks smooth too! Almost like wet! Your body is voluptuous, your height is on a shorter side. Your lips are plump, and you have a natural blush to you. You are so gracious it is beautiful. You also have an acting talent and you can be anything you wish to because your persona and individual energy is not defined. That's why you should protect your energy please! You are extremely talented at any form of art and you can easily become famous! You are kinda a party person too and many people talk a lot about you! Many are secretly jealous of you. Your beauty is like old actors/actress from 50s and 60s. You are so gorgeous.
Tumblr media
Annd that's it guys. Hope you enjoyed it! Bye bye now!!! Love ya a lot ♥️♥️♥️😍😍
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the-asstrologers · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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astrolocherry · 2 days ago
~ I love to see a Gemini with a controlled, cultivated, and refined mind, whose learned to listen as well as they talk, who speaks with a detailed , non evasive, direct delicacy,
because that’s not a Gemini that’s a Virgo
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seafoamreadings · 2 days ago
week of january 23rd, 2022
aries: your ruler mars enters capricorn this week, where it is exalted. although you and capricorn have many differences, this exaltation makes you kindred spirits in a way. mars is there for a while and this vibe benefits you, so don't let it go to waste!
taurus: venus never *quite exactly* trines uranus in your sign at the end of her retrograde but she definitely gets close enough (within a degree!) to make things weird (in a good way) just before going direct. weird for everyone. especially weird for you.
gemini: your ruler mercury is retrograde and recedes into capricorn. along with that come a few deep transits. the heavy nature of these may put a damper on your typically airy nature. if it leaves you feeling soggy or leaden, try to find ways to embrace it until mercury is direct again.
cancerians: this week is all a bustle of activity in your house of partnerships. your commitments to the people closest to you are tested. this isn't bad - see it instead as clarifying. you know who's really on your side or not after these transits calm down.
leo: you may feel like something that had a good, pleasant momentum suddenly comes to a major slowdown or even full halt. consider the possibility that a delay might favor you, even in ways you could not see or imagine.
virgo: although it is certainly aquarius season, there's a burst of activity this week in capricorn, and as capricorn is earthy like you, this probably either feels good to you and/or furthers developments in your life that are very much needed!
libra: the first part of the week is intensely cardinal and the latter part is intensely venusian. as a cardinal sign ruled by venus yourself, these are energies you can work with, even in the chaotic shape they take in a week like this. you can bring form from the void.
scorpio: everything this week is your concern, even if indirectly. but mercury on pluto makes your telepathic abilities sharper than you might realize. and just in time for some sort of surprising, perhaps even shocking, partnership-type of development by the end of the week.
sagittarius: all week your focus is money or value(s). it is wise for you to be frugal for this period. and, in the background, lilith square neptune brings a fogginess to your relationships; it is unlikely this feels pleasant but you can work with it by withdrawing slightly yourself if you feel any semblance of mistreatment.
capricorn: this is a week of many major astrological events. and nearly all of them involve your sign. the transit posts this week can therefore be a very useful resource for you. above all, bear in mind that you are enough as you are, and if you wish to make changes you always can. start something new this week.
aquarius: with mercury in retrograde and so much going on in capricorn life may feel a little bit like it's taken a couple steps backward. but you know, of course, that physics decrees that it has to start moving forward again eventually.
pisces: in all the tumult of the week a big lesson for you is simply to get you to notice your own strength. even where you are struggling, the atmosphere is pointing out to you how flexible and resilient you can be.
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elyanangelz · a day ago
My opinion on the different Venus signs
Aries: Fierce. They’re really direct and very passionate and fiery when it comes to art. In your face. Love to be in the spotlight or are at least comfortable being in it. Has intense crushes that fizzle out quickly. However, they all seem to have that one person… I love their straightforward expression of love and beauty, they may not be the most balanced, the most harmonious or steady ones, but you will definitely not forget them. I personally wouldn’t say they’re my ideal partner, however they can be very lovely for the time you guys are together. Always a good flirt. Probably the best irl performers out of all the Venus signs along with Venus in Leo. Very ambitious with their creative visions. Daring.
Taurus: They do love their routines. These people are very good at picking pleasing things. Be it partners, art, furniture and whatnot. When things are unbalanced or too unpredictable they tend to have a bad temper though. Maybe even emotional outbursts. Funnily enough not the most romantic but they appreciate quality time with their partners like no other sign. Take care of you sensually. Love the nicer things in life, but that doesn’t have to mean designer stuff or expensive things. That’s more of a Cap or Leo Venus thing. Taurus Venus likes quality. They would be happy with a cozy bed with cold sheets with soft linen and a good mattress. They love sleep and are probably the best at it too. I’m jealous lol
Gemini: My least favorite Venus sign. And I’m sorry for that cause I’m biased since I haven’t had good experiences with this and I don’t like someone’s Venus being in my 8th house lol. For someone who is so adamant on dating someone “stimulating and interesting” Venus in Gemini often cannot really reciprocate what they expect from others. What they tend to do instead to create an aura of mystery (if undeveloped) is they will exhibit the worst qualities of the sign of Gemini: mixed signals, hot and cold behavior, intense jealousy and complete indifference (both at different times). A lot of mind games. Undefined sense of art and beauty that is very intriguing but can seem fake at times. Idk this placement needs a lot of maturity from the person to develop its positive potential imo.
Cancer: Homebuddies! Love to be babied for some reason. Neeeed to be pampered in love or they will pout. Can be vindictive if they feel like their love isn’t returned to them in the exact same way they love. I think this placement generally has a lot of love for their loved ones but they need to get out of their tunnel vision and accept other people’s ways of showing love as well cause guess what dear Cancer Venuses, everyone loves differently. And the sooner you accept and appreciate that, the less heartbreaks you will experience. I’ve noticed that these people seem to be into darker and macabre art somehow. Into art that demands a certain level of empathy from the viewer.
Leo: THE artists. They define genres and eras. I mean both Madonna and Michael Jackson have this, like come on. Icons. Flamboyant and sooo expressive both in love and art. But honestly, they’re the kind of people whose art will overshadow and surpass their actual personality and character. They tend to constantly try to live up to the ideals other people put on them. Very romantic, almost corny at times. The kind of people to dedicate different things to their partners. Very jealous. They NEED attention or they will wilt. Very colorful and passionate people but can become too aggressive and forceful if they’re not put in place every now and then. I admire and respect them but gosh these divas are a lot. LOVE luxuries, even more than Leo Midheaven. If you’re the kind of person who likes that in someone they’re perfect for you. Love complimenting others.
Virgo: This is my Venus sign. Honestly I’ve never had a crush on someone else with this placements and I think it’s better that way. They are good matches with people who are more emotionally expressive - I almost want to say sappy - and more nostalgic. Because Virgo Venus is veryyy emotional on the inside, but the way they’re showing it is very very practical. They will make your life so much easier and pleasant and lovely but when you realize it was actually because of them you’ve probably already lost them. Very selective and particular with their art and loved ones. Always want to make things “better”. Perfectionists to a T. Many of them tend to have Glow Ups at some point.
Libra: Suave. Very charming and likable, although sometimes maybe fake as well. I do think they mean well, but they have this tendency to play their “role” in life. They will try to live up to the roles and archetypes people impose on them. Not in the Venus in Leo way though because Leo’s don’t try to hide their struggle and it’s ugly but authentic. Libra Venus doesn’t like that, they want to conceal their rough edges, they don’t want people to perceive them as anything other than perfection. I wish they could see that their “ugly” emotions are an important part of themselves too and actually have an inherent beauty to themselves. Like to be admired and desired but is much happier in committed relationships.
Scorpio: They loveeee the drama and hidden things. Love cannot be taboo enough. Not because they want the pain and heartbreak necessarily, but their inner need just guides them towards tumultuous relationships (kinda like harsh Venus-Pluto aspects). They need their primal instincts like jealousy to be stimulated to feel like a relationship means something. If their partner doesn’t make them want to go crazy and rip off their own hair and eat cardboard all while being horny, are they even in love?? Lol. I love them though, I like their intensity in love and how emotional they are and how they just naturally blend sex, art, beauty and emotions. Also into dark and macabre art. I’ve also noticed that these people tend to like movies and directors, especially David Lynch lol
Sagittarius: Love the chase like no other. Love people that are completely different from them. They think being too similar to one another is a very limited way of love. While Venus in Taurus and Cancer seek familiarity and a “home”, Venus in Sag will look for an ideal. A future. A concept of hope that is personified. People tend to describe this Venus sign as a player and cheater but honestly I think they just like to give everyone an equal chance to get to know them. And once they realize you’re not compatible they move on, probably quicker than their partner (which, as a Sag moon, I understand lol). Their artistic visions represent their quest for truth and understanding as well. Yes they’re flirty and very charming, but also very wise. I like them as friends a lot.
Capricorn: Oh well, the always heartbroken ones. I actually feel very sorry for these people. Despite Venus in Virgo being called the unluckiest placement for Venus I actually think it’s Capricorn. I think it’s because they really love so hard, maybe even harder than Scorpio and Cancer Venus, but they are terrible at expressing it, worse than Virgo Venus. Capricorn Venuses really dedicate their whole life to you, they will change their whole life just to adjust to you. And while they’re busy making all these plans their partner is either distraught by that all or nothing attitude or just doesn’t even acknowledge it. These people are so ambitious and hardworking with their art. Their sense of beauty is completion. Often times it’s the completion of a stable marriage, a stable home life. Desperately need a hug :/ ily
Aquarius: They are so lovely actually. One of the few Venus signs that really likes to befriend someone and get to know them first before they just randomly enter any commitments. They know how much responsibility that takes so they will only ever enter relationships they really seem to be worthy. Which I 100% respect. Probably have the most self respect in love out of all Venus Signs. They have their list of things they require to be in a relationship and they won’t change their morals for anyone else. I really like them staying true to themselves no matter what. They’ve learned their lessons early on in life when it comes to blind devotion and losing yourself in others. And that’s why they tend to mature much faster than the other signs in love. Their sense of beauty is collectivity and amalgamation sprinkled with intellect. I really like this Venus sign.
Pisces: Whew what a sign haha. I’ve had very intense experiences with this one but never negative ones. They become so obsessed (and horny) with their romantic interests yet they remain weirdly casual about it. Like they’ll dedicate their whole art to you, make you their muse and reason of existence but they will also casually flirt with others for fun. It’s so weird cause you also know that those flirts are just that, flirts. You’ll know when they’re serious about you and won’t even have to worry about their flirtatious nature. So hopeful in love, even after all kinds of heartbreaks. Actually very strong and super selfless. I feel like to be with someone of this sign you have to be confident and lose your trust issues because being with someone with this Venus will make you look into yourself and overcome your past issues. A very spiritual and loving sign. Spiritual and melodic art. It’s about the interconnection of everyone and everything.
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blueskysky17 · 4 hours ago
Powers in placements part 2
(Keep in mind these are all my own opinions)
I decided to make a part 2 cause everyone seemed to really like the first one I did. If you want me to include a placement in my next one comment below! Comment if you want me to start doing aspects as well!
- Scorpio Moon: the emotion healer
- Mars in Pisces: the gentle fighter
- Saturn in 5th: The structured creator
- Venus in 4th: The loving homebody
- Aquarius sun: The humanitarian reasoner
- Libra Mercury: The harmonious communicator
- Sun in 6th: the selfless soul
- Mars in Scorpio: the determined transformer
- Jupiter in 11th: the abundance expander
- Virgo moon: the emotional problem solver
- Leo rising: the prideful head turner
- Taurus Mercury: the sensual communicator
- Mercury in 5th: the creative thinker
- Capricorn mars: the assertive initiator
- Mars in 9th: the knowledge seeker
- Sun in 10th: the spellbinding influencer
- Jupiter in cancer: the compassionate intuitive
- Mercury in 1st: the enthusiastic communicator
- Aries rising: the fiery independent
- Pluto in 3rd: the intellectual penetrator
- Capricorn moon: the resilient achiever
- Gemini Mercury: the charismatic talker
- Capricorn Venus: the ambitious visionary
- Aries moon: the spontaneous reactor
I hope you guys enjoyed this part 2 :)
Here’s a preview of I decided to start doing this with aspects as well ;) comment if you want more!
-Rising trine Mercury: the curious charmer (trine means they flow harmoniously)
- Sun opposite Mars: the passionate soul (oppositions are a dynamic/challenging aspect, a push & pull attraction)
- The Gemini Sky ☁️
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secretmellowblog · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
More Zodicats! <3
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karina-af · a day ago
Tumblr media
hi friends. tell me i’m cute please 🥺
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souledouttarot · a day ago
Be aware, not bothered.
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deliberatelydaydreaming · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Gemini mood board.
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amoonalls · 2 days ago
Please tell me more about 8th house stellium in the house of Taurus. I have 6 personal planets in the eighth house - Sun, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn
About Taurus Stellium in 8th House
It's a really great stellium when you start to control your finance including the debts and with that Taurus stellium, let the people pay for you
You know the traditional relationship of a man paying everything for woman and the woman just be there letting the man taking financial responsibility?
That dream financial life can happen to you. Very likely
All you need to do is to get rid the guilt of people spend their finances on you while also carefully choose people who do so that they can't manipulate you once they see they can't gain something from you more than they give
Relationship may be rough at first so is life in general since Sun and other inner planets are in there but when you navigate that right with understanding that some people have more intense life theme but doesn't mean they're doomed and use the financial advices of letting people spoil you financially, life is gonna be a lot easier for you
Now I think about this though this is actually placements where you are challenged to know your worth. And I truly mean it with the Sun in 8th house. You are asked to set standard for yourself as to what you accept and not accept from other people, majorly on financial favors. 8th house is about sharing and Taurus understand about giving and return. Know what you can give to other people and start setting standard that make them realize that they have to give more than what you can give. Especially again in financial favor
Good luck!
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immortalink · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
the Gemini urge to eat shit and die
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daddy-pops · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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astrolocherry · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
what did you think of your air sign mum or dad? (they always made you think right🤪☺️)
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kordei · 2 months ago
rb with your star sign and ranking of the four seasons
e.g. gemini - fall winter spring summer
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star-plasma · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
libra / gemini / taurus / aries ✨
༓☾ twitter ☽༓ | ・゚:* store *:・゚
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