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“So if I’m hearing this right, we gotta power Som up with good dreams so that his sweet baby boy energies override everything else. Don’t worry, gang, I’m on it.”

No, Lucy.

“Alright, Som! Listen up. I’m beaming my cool dream powers into your head right now, okay? We’re dreaming of a beach with a bunch of hot babes on it, and all the babes have sick tattoos that look like Mambo posters. Someone is doin’ donuts in the parking lot blasting Hilltop Hoods but ONLY their old shit, not that new crap someone put on the prison radio once. I am eating three pineapple fritters at once and I have a new leg and it’s cool and shiny and Deacon is here too but only so the shine can get in his eyes and piss him off a bit. He CANNOT eat it.”

“In the water is a shark but it’s a cool shark and it’s doing flips. There are NO echidnas but there is a numbat because it’s a fun under-appreciated Aussie animal in my humble opinion. It’s got sunglasses on. Are you getting all this? In my other hand that doesn’t have the pineapple fritters I’ve got a beer but it’s the good Little Creatures shit and not VB. Before you say anything shut the fuck up I know I’m not classy enough to drink Little Creatures but this is a DREAM. Anyway I’m looking good, surrounded by babes, on the beach, Minami can be there too, and also my muscles are looking bigger than ever. Okay!! Use this cool dream energy Som!! Become big and powerful!!!!! I believe in you!!!!”

No, Lucy. No.

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I have to admit I adore cancer risings! I find that I gravitate towards them a lot. The energy they carry is just something different. If you’re a cancer rising you’re automatically one of my soulmates! I’ve learned, connected, and evolved so deeply with each one I’ve encountered. I’ve only ever had problems with one, which is wild, but she doesn’t even exsist to me. Everything in life has their good and bad, so I take the good here and stand by the fact that y’all are my absolute favorite ethereal beings on earth!

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💞🦋🎯: quick thought while i’m doing my chem hw LMFAO 😭

gemini = knowledgeable in 100 different things (think of the quote: “jack of all trades, but master of none.”

sagittarius = devoted to one particular area of study

gemini stelliums need to master the art of devoting themselves to just one area of study while sagittarius stelliums need to expand more outside of the boundaries they put on their learning experiences.


stelliums are a lot of concentrated energy in one house, they tend to bring out the energy of the opposite sign they are in.

it is like eating your favorite food way too much bc its your favorite & youre used to it, but eventually you grow tired of it & need something different.

with stelliums its the same way, that “something different” is the energy of the opposite sign that you need to incorporate more of.

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The signs as questionable things Harry did

aries: stealing Mr Weasley’s car and flying it to Hogwarts

taurus: only ever using Expelliarmus against Voldemort

gemini: waiting until one week before the second task to follow Cedric’s hint

cancer: using Sectumsempra on Malfoy without knowing what that spell would do

leo: insisting on facing the Horcrux hunt all by himself as if the previous 6 years hadn’t shown him that he needed Ron and Hermione’s help

virgo: saying Voldemort’s name while on the run, knowing that the name was taboo and jinxed

libra: dunking his face into the Pensieve in Dumbledore’s office without knowing what it is or what it does

scorpio: forgetting the Invisibility Cloak on top of the tower after sending Norbert, the dragon, off

sagittarius: using Tom Riddle’s diary and believing in the memory it showed him

capricorn: naming his son Albus Severus

aquarius: neglecting his Quidditch captain duties to obsess over Malfoy

pisces: never using the two-way mirror he got from Sirius

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The Signs Saying Random things:

Aries: You have too many teeth. I’m just going to get rid of a couple.

Taurus: Trust me, if I’m threatening you, you’ll have a barrel to look down. Till then, I’m just making a conversation.

Gemini: I’m not good at sit ups, push ups or pull ups. I am pretty good at fuck ups though.

Cancer: At my funeral, take the bouquet off my coffin and throw it into the crowd to see who’s next.

Leo: If karma doesn’t hit you, I fucking will.

Virgo: What doesn’t kill me should run, because now I’m pissed.

Libra: what? I wasn’t listening. my ears reject boring topics.

Scorpio: Hitting the gym to release stress is not nearly as effective as hitting the people that cause the stress to begin with.

Sagittarius: I tried to write (I’m a functional adult) but my phone changed it to ‘fictional adult’ and I feel like that’s more accurate.

Capricorn: I don’t need sex, life fucks me everyday.

Aquarius: Sometimes, I don’t realize an event was traumatic until I tell it as a funny story and notice everyone is staring at me weird.”

Pisces: Honestly, i don’t have much of an active role in my life anymore. Things just happen and I’m like, ‘oh, is this what we’re doing now? ok.

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Ascension Astrology: Natal chart readings from the perspective of the soul’s evolutionary journey (possible to include current transits as well).

The Ascension Wheel / Zodiacal energies point to the past, current and future experiences, potentials and intentions. 

Modern astrological practice has a tendency to keep focus in the lower nature, while Esoteric Astrology views all layers at once, with a focus on our higher nature.

~I use the esoteric archetypes of the signs and planets

~I can see your consciousness/ energetic system and help point to activations

~I can see what mystical journeys have aligned your soul to this now, and explore the highest intention in forming this current incarnation. 

~I look into soul wounds and soul gifts to activate your highest self. 

~I include in-depth content on chart geometries, the deeper meaning of asteroids, connection with the fixed stars, star systems beyond the zodiac, and operate both with traditional astrology as well as using actual locations; with or without the 13th sign Ophiuchus.

Message me if you feel this is for you ❤️️

Much Love 

~ Sasha


Originally posted by the-wolf-and-moon

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Ardra Ketu💧

Albrecht Dürer, Shatabhisha Moon + Mrigasira Venus + Ardra Ketu
Beatrix Potter, Shravana Moon + Purva Phalguni Venus + Ardra Ketu
Wassily Kandinsky, Uttara Bhadrapada Moon + Jyeshta Venus + Ardra Ketu
William Russell Flint, Shravana Moon + Purva Bhadrapada Venus + Ardra Ketu
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Ay astrology bitches tell me why my friend group vibes with each other

We got a Pisces, a Cancer, a Virgo, a Gemini, and a Capricorn (me)

From what I understand some of those are controversial so I wanna know what you assume about the group and why we’re all so sexy and cool

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