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malachiitte · 51 minutes ago
Tumblr media
when a pearl's hologram becomes sentient after the "host" pearl is poofed and can't reform Because the pearl's hologram is out and about, and a (golden) rutile finds her and wants to rescue her and give her her own life to live (and over the course of time they fall in love of course)
so then the rutile finds a gem willing to perform a very experimental operation that transfers the hologram's data into a synthetic pearl gem and it WORKS and THEY CAN HOLD EACH OTHER AND NOT PHASE THROUGH ONE ANOTHER AND ITS REALLY FUCKING SWEET AND AHHHH
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Pearl, what's it like between your cheeks?
"Uhhh, warm? Probably dark and like... Squishy? Idk I've never been in there"
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xelivve · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
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yourfaveisafearavatar · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Pearl Fey from the Ace Attorney franchise is an Avatar of the Lonely.
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mystacoceti · 3 hours ago
Once upon a time there was an IBM executive whose job involved frequent airplane trips. The time that this was once upon was the middle Nineteen sixties, when there happened to have been a rash of commercial-airliner bombings by crazy-desperate people who insured themselves heavily and then blew up themselves and their fellow passengers with homemade bombs concealed in their attaché cases. No baggage inspection in those days. The IBM executive’s wife was alarmed: Suppose her husband had the bad luck to board a flight with one of those crazies?
The IBM executive tried to jolly his wife out of her fears by telling her the joke about the rabbi and the priest who both survived the same airplane crash, but she’d heard that joke already. Therefore, more seriously, he had his office run a computer program to calculate the odds against there being, on any given scheduled domestic airline flight, one of those lunatics with a bomb in his attaché case. The odds were gratifying: Let’s say about a quarter-million to one.
But the IBM executive’s wife was not consoled. The odds against any given human spermatazoon’s fertilizing an ovum, she pointed out, are tens of millions to one, and yet most people who want to get pregnant get pregnant, along with plenty who don’t want to.
Sorry. Who’s to say, said the IBM executive’s wife, that you won’t just happen to board that one flight in a quarter-million on which there is a lunatic with a bomb in his attaché case?
Well, the IBM executive sympathized with his wife’s alarm, but really he couldn’t not take his business trips. So after giving the matter further executive thought, he ran a program to calculate the odds against there being, on any given scheduled domestic airline flight, two people with bombs concealed in their attaché cases. The results were consoling indeed: hundreds of millions, maybe billions to one. In fact, unlike human conception, which happens all the time, or the finding of two Alert-and-Locate canisters with playscripts in them, which has happened at least once, the two-bomb coincidence had never happened in the history of aviation, so far as anyone knew.
Thereafter, therefore, in order to be perfectly safe, the IBM executive never boarded an airplane without carrying a bomb in his attaché case.
from The Tidewater Tales, John Barth
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myp3arl · 3 hours ago
in “we need to talk” when garnet, pearl, and amethyst are watching greg and rose talk, and pearl is like “why are they still dancing? it didn’t work” and garnet responds with “it. worked”. the way she said it makes me think that maybe possibly garnet was tired of pearl hating greg ?! like there was just like. a sound of finality ?! and pearl relents bc she knows if garnet is saying it, then it’s true bc lol future vision .
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literateleah · 3 hours ago
intelligence, wcth and ur sister lol (also making me cry w reblogs of dance academy and backstage <)
all wonderful things 🥰🥰🥰
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xoolti · 4 hours ago
“How would you describe Agent 3?”
Marie: “actually quiet”
Callie: “REALLY laidback and very strong!!”
Agent 8: “Very sweet and warm!”
Cap’n Cuttlefish: “The backbone of this society!”
Pearl: “Kind of a dick but her bluntness can be funny as HELL”
Marina: “One of the most determined squids I’ve ever met, she’s one of my inspirations personally!”
Agent 4: “no-bitch-mcgee”
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fashionstars · 5 hours ago
Pearls that Really Aren’t: The Conch and the Melo Melo
Pearls that Really Aren’t: The Conch and the Melo Melo
Pearls that Really Aren’t: The Conch and the Melo Melo “Pearl” Things are not always as they seem. This is especially true for the conch pearl and the melo melo pearl, two types of gemstones that arent really pearls at all. Confusing? Yes, as these pearls resemble true pearls in more ways than one. Both the melo melo and the conch pearl are rare natural gems produced in marine animals; are…
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yagodichjagodic · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Jennifer Check, pearl necklace 💔
I finally created something with the clay Jennifer I made ages ago! I’ve had this piece pictured in my mind forever, it was just a matter of sitting down to do it 😅
Featuring: - Clay pendant, hand-painted, & sealed in UV resin - Freshwater pearls - Handmade, black glass, lily of the valley beads - cut glass garnet beads - Dyed shell hearts
This is a personal piece & NFS.
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