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Meet Elite Guard Number 1, Amber!!

He’s the strongest gem among all the ranks in Aqua Diamond’s court. Amber is actually kind hearted and likes helping others. He’s well known by the way he speaks. He usually speaks slowly, calm and pronounced, even when caught off guard or in anger. Amber is also the leader of the “Battlefield Assassins” He’s well respected by everyone, including his diamond.

Here’s the no speeech bubble version of the image:

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Bored here are some random ships I like that are very tiny lol

Willow and Amelia - The Owl House (plant girls plant girls plant girls)

Nice/Freckle Lapis and Volleyball/Pink Pearl - Steven Universe (babeys,,,,)

Cherry Quartz and forehead aquamarine -Steven Universe (big buff gf and tiny babey gf yes)

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Please do not repost. Feel free to reblog though!

Next page to be released 11/2!

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Artist: @asterite100

Author & Letterer: @the-suit




Steven: White? White?! Please put me down!

Blue: White! White, what are you doing?!

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-The Mystic Diamond comics are definitely canceled, I can’t work on it anymore 
-I don’t know if I’ll make any comic from Bi-color Diamond, I’d rather just get asks and draw some gems (for now)
-In those 8 months I really thought about sewing the comics I made but I saw that their plot was broken, I wasn’t very used to drawing comics so it came out somewhat meaningless on my part 
- I’ve really left drawings pending to understand me more, we’re in quarantine and everything is upside down, my drawing tablet has been messing me up a lot with malfunction so it’s hard to produce something cool
- Yes I’m working on something new, lately I haven’t drawn much of Steven Universe content bc of personal problems, but I’m coming back slowly.


If you have any questions about any of the comics or about me please ask

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Primitive shape models of characters from Steven Universe. 


 disclaimer: the story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. I do not own Steven universe or characters affiliated to the franchise. i own my animation and artwork. please do not re-upload/repost the following content without my written permission. thank you. All Rights Reserved. india kim. 2020. No copyright infringement intended.

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