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Still debating if Steven Stevenuniverse is more of a Heart-Bound or a Life-Bound. Guess I’m leaning more toward Heart because Steven’s identity and self-image HAVE remained an important part of his personal conflict even after the whole “am I actually my dead mom” thing was resolved, it just moved to “am I actually a good person anyway?”

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Spinel and an s/o on april fools day, to move away from angst for a bit (I get it tho, angst is epic)

- You knew the moment you told Spinel what April Fools day was you made a mistake. It was the way she smiled, eyes shining with mischief. 

- You woke up that morning with a dawning sense of doom. It was a struggle to get out of bed.

- You left your bedroom cautiously, eyes scanning the living room for a sign of anything out of the ordinary. The longer you looked and found nothing the worse your anxiety got.

- You double checked everything in the kitchen before you made your breakfast. You had no idea what Spinel could do and you didn’t want to be surprised by anything. You didn’t relax when you once again found nothing.

- Spinel showed up sometime after breakfast, looking especially eager and proud of herself. She asked you to hang out. You were, of course, suspicious but you couldn’t say no to that face.

- You helped her pull plenty of pranks on other people and gems, most of which ended up involving water balloons. It was a hot day for Spring.

- Your pranks were met with a mixture of laughter and anger, but mostly laughter. Most seemed to be in good spirits. 

- Still, you made sure to be careful around Spinel. No one was safe on April Fools! You were sure she had something planned!

- It was getting dark and nothing had happened. It was driving you crazy! You couldn’t handle the stress!

- You confronted Spinel about it, asked her if she had anything planned, trying to read her face. She only smiled at you ever so sweetly, giggling.

- “Of course! I’m already doing it!”

- You stared at her confused for a few moments before you realized what she did and you groaned in irritation, making her laugh.

- She hadn’t planned on doing anything because she knew what you were like. She knew you would be on your toes all day and it would drive you crazy if just nothing happened. And you completely fell for it.

- You just shook your head at the laughing gem, a smile on your face. You couldn’t stay mad at her.

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So I decided to start writing fanfiction and this is my first story hope you enjoy it!

May contain some slight N/S/F/W

Also on Ao3

“Hurry up! Hurry up! The storm is getting crazier!”

Yelled a bearded man with short brown hair. He was running to the beach house with two other guys following him, a short man with a long, blonde beard wearing what appears to be something of royalty and the other who was older than the two, almost in his 80s, wearing a woolen hat and a heavy beige coat. The three managed to get to the beach house in the heavy rain all soaking wet.

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So I did an art challenge on tik tok.. Ngl I like the results!

The challenge is to fuse two characters from different universes.

I chose Steven Universe and Steve Rogers

Both star-spangled, compassionate, shield throwing individuals.

Hope y'all like it

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