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Stable tanzan quartz

Black pearl/Apatite

The more stable version of tanzan quartz.

She was formed by sunstone after sunstone tried to shatter Apatite and black pearl. But the too accidentally fused into tanzan. Tanzan then poofed sunstone and putted her on homeworld. The two then quickly unfused.


There a lot like opal well somewhat.

Inspired by the art trade with @dailygemsonas

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 I don’t know if many writers do this, but I wanna support this cause in anyway possible. Please message me with proof that you donated more than ten dollars to these causes. Tell me what you generally (description, pairing) want out of the piece and ill try to deliver.

I can write fan-fiction for the following fandoms.

  • Metroid
  • Steven Universe
  • Percy Jackson
  • Gravity Falls
  • Magnus Chase
  • Disney Princesses
  • Captain Marvel (movie)
  • Over the Garden Wall
  • The Simpsons (This is for a good cause, nothing is above me.)
  • If you have any good original characters, give me a description and ill try my best.

Once again, I’m trying to help this cause in anyway I can.

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[SU Spoilers!]

Ok so all I can ever think about is that the Eugene-raps-cass love triangle always reminds me so much of the Greg-rose-pearl love triangle so


And so if Raps = Rose then I think she’d be Yellow Diamond and would disguise as a Sunstone to lead the Crystal Gems

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An AU where the show exists in the My Hero Academia universe. The gems are still aliens, but due to the existence of quirks no one thinks they are.

AfO hears rumors of a boy with multiple quirks and intends to hunt him down and steal his power. So now in addition to dealing with gem problems, Steven must also fend off the League of Villains coming after him.

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