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#steven universe
purechaoticfandomenergy · 11 hours ago
I am depressed, gay, and impulsive so please take this hot mess that I spent way too much time on. The quality is very poor but I have given up, I am sorry
I call it: Bechtel-Test-Approved Gays in Animation
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d3mon-puppy · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mirror Gem / Ocean Gem
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weedle-testaburger · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the only music that matters is enbies and the women who love them making songs together
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dontquestionmycat · 19 hours ago
it's always "hey do you wanna watch a movie together" and never "hey do you wanna obsess over gay children's tv shows for hours together" 😔
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bluest-skies-above-me · 20 hours ago
Pearl: I’m back-
Rose Quartz: Cool, Amethyst cracked her gem, Garnet broke the warp pad, my fountain is clogged and Greg’s van is stuck in the entrance of the temple.
Pearl: I was gone for 5 minutes??
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mandareeboo · 22 hours ago
Blursed Steven Universe idea: A Gem who's stone is a Crystal Skull, but when they form a body the skull goes inside their head like an actual skull And it is seethrough so you can see the skull move while they talk.
Blursed implies any of this idea is cursed and not cOOL AS HELL
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sw-artss · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some sea glass adopts I did for a gem species me and @goldenleafvasiliev created! They have a bit of lore to them located on their own Toyhouse world
Since Sea Glasses are a closed gem species, please don’t MYO; we’re still messing around with design rules and whatnot
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dontquestionmycat · 19 hours ago
it's always "hey do you wanna watch a movie together" and never "hey do you wanna obsess over gay children's tv shows for hours together" 😔
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starscheme · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
A midnight stroll along the boardwalk. (Since not many people are around, it’s a great time for Sodalite.)
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funnyfany · 18 hours ago
Steven Universe one-liners I still think about:
Howdy. Bang.
Amethyst, no more roughhousing, you'll exarcebate your crack!
Burn! Burn people!
Go to Earth, they said. It'll be easy, they said.
Who wants to watch a show about people crying?
No, you weren't a mistake! You were just a byproduct of... a big mistake.
Just go into the ocean, bro. Pshhhhh... like a feesh.
Blink if this means you love me.
Eugh, Marty; women are people.
Gotta gank that youth vote, boiiii!
One day, I'll make you scream, Steven.
Good night, happy bear! Good night, sad bunny. Good night, ominous triangle at the foot of my bed.
We should work out! [To Sadie] You get to beat up Lars, and [to Lars] you don't have to starve to death if Sadie divorces you!
Well, that was poorly edited.
And lastly,
Well... I think you're pretty great.
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yaboy-robin · 17 hours ago
I’m rewatching Reunited and I noticed something.
Tumblr media
Sapphire startles and hides her eye to prevent herself looking at Ruby-
Tumblr media
before Ruby walks in.
Meaning she knew Ruby was about to walk in, by using her future vision.
She saw Ruby.
Now, in (American) popular culture, it is bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.  We see later that Ruby is considered the bride by her wearing the wedding dress and walking down the aisle like a traditional (American) bride (sorta):
Tumblr media
Now, what bad luck could this have brought? What misfortune happened later that Sapphire did not foresee because she was so distracted by Ruby and the wedding?
Tumblr media
The Diamonds arrive. 
That’s bad luck if I’ve ever heard it.
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mymaydaymelody · 14 hours ago
The last thing I drew before my drawing tablet broke 😔
Tumblr media
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stephenstilwell · 13 hours ago
Don’t be afraid when I ask you to take a chance with me. When you see the uncertainty of never ending darkness, hold your hopes & keep going with me until we reach the brightest star.
s.s. (stephenstilwell)
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melodythefab · 14 hours ago
Hey, Summer AU fans (AU in which Steven Universe gets a summer job at the Mystery Shack), I see your ‘Steven protects the Mystery Twins if/when Bill comes back’ take, but consider-
Steven looked at the little yellow triangle man, who was honestly looking extraordinarily dapper. It was certainly an odd form to take. Was it a gem he knew? Some sort of Topaz, maybe? Whoever he was, the twins were about as scared of him as Steven had once been of White.
Steven put his hands on his hips, “Okay, I don’t know who you are, but you obviously work for Yellow. Did you just not receive the transmission? You were supposed to report back to Homeworld for any further orders.”
“Work for Yellow,” the dapper triangle man scoffed, then floated up close to Steven, changing his form to red hues, his eye getting wider and right in front of Steven’s face, “I don’t know who you think you are, Starlight, but I don’t work for anyone.”
Steven fought off a wince at the nickname, but continued, “You know, this is cute and all, but you need to report back to your Diamond, even if you only work for Yellow. Actually, especially if you work for Yellow.”
Steven felt a tug on his shirt, and Mabel said, “Steven, this isn’t anyone you know. Bill is really dangerous-“
The triangle floated back to where he’d originally been, a few feet away from Steven and reverted back to his yellow form. “Yeah, Starlight. Listen to Shooting Star,” he then froze, his eye getting wide, “Wait, did you say Diamond? How does a kid like you know the Diamonds?”
Steven laughed. He figured if this being was as dangerous as Mabel said, Gem or not, he should be taken care of. Steven quickly formed a bubble around the little yellow being. “No no no, you misunderstand, I don’t know the Diamonds.” He shut his eyes, took a breathe, and let the pink aura he was so familiar with in, just a bit. He opened his eyes and knew they were the bright pink diamond slits he’d once feared (to be super honest, he still did, but if it helped, he wouldn’t complain). “I’m related to them.”
Bill’s eye somehow got even wider. “Wa-wait, my Diamond, let’s not be hasty,” he stammered, “Maybe we can make a deal-“
Steven felt Dipper tense up behind him at that last word. He gave the little dapper triangle a big, beaming smile and said, “Say hi to them for me!” before sending the bubble away. Whether or not the little triangle had ever worked for Yellow, Steven was sure she could put him in his place. Should he feel bad? Maybe. But as the twins wrapped him in the biggest, strongest huh he’d ever received, thanking his and crying, he thought it might have just been worth it.
Just… Steven thinking Bill works for Yellow. To be fair, can you blame him? Maybe he’s some sort of black tourmaline! That little black bow tie could totally be a gem. Rutilated Quartz, maybe? No no no! Tourmaline Quartz! Tourmaline Quartz for sure!
(Is this OOC? Yeah, probably, but I’ve never written for any of these characters before, sue me)
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artsycooky13 · 16 hours ago
peppa pig steven universe AU
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