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#miraculous ladybug
miraculousfanworks · 3 minutes ago
Hawk Moth, I've Come to Bargain!
“Who are you? How’d you find me?”
“That doesn’t really matter does it,” the heroine responded, just barely about to keep the rage out of her voice as she glides across the room like a spectre. “Hawk Moth, I’ve come to bargain.”
Marinette fully blamed Nino for this, after movie night gave her an idea…
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stcrmwxrning · 6 minutes ago
I know I don’t post a lot on here and my page is kind of a mess right now, but I will be working on fixing that... soon? In the meantime, I’m trying to keep my queue filled.
But friendly reminder to go read my stories and to follow if you want to see more in the future. I’ve got all kinds of things planned.
Some of the stories I’m working on currently are: Mr. Love Queen’s Choice (still have a few ideas in mind, but trying to finish the one shot series first), My Hero Academia, and Miraculous Ladybug.
in the meantime, maybe i should probably start tagging better so people can actually find my stuff in search?
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lovesquarebebonkers · 9 minutes ago
*in court*
Chat Noir: [whispers to lawyer]
Lawyer: That has nothing to do with the case.
Chat Noir: Just ask.
Lawyer: [sighs and looks at Ladybug who’s on the stand] Do you think he’s cute? Be honest.
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miraculous-of-course · 10 minutes ago
y'all know that "line without a hook" song by Ricky montgomery?
she's a
Tumblr media
she's a lady
Tumblr media
and I am just a boy
Tumblr media
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luuunie · 23 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir S1 E1 - The Bubbler
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sassyduckqueen · 24 minutes ago
Miraculous: Rise of Anatis 54
And here's Startrain. Sorry it took a while to get it done. Hopefully the next chapter won't take so long but I will be back at work now so things might be slow. Also the next chapter I have planned is Frozer. Yep, I'm finally doing it. Anyway I hope you guys like this chapter :D
Chapter Fifty-Four: Startrain
~At Master Fu's~
 "Good work tonight, Luka," He stated as Luka handed him the fox miraculous and he put it back into the box. Luka yawned before stretching. "You have time for a little lesson yes?"
 "I do, Master," He replied, looking at him. "I'm just a little tired from the recent akumas,"
 "Understandable," He replied as he opened one of the compartments of the miracle box. He took out a pair of glasses, causing Luka to raise an eyebrow.
 "The Horse miraculous?" He asked, causing Master Fu to nod.
 "Yes, today you will be learning about it and it's powers," He stated as Luka listened. "But we will be doing this lesson slightly different,"
 "How so?" Luka asked, frowning a little as Fu placed the glasses down and closed the rest of the box, putting it back. Luka frowned as usually Master Fu have him recite what the kwami represented, what their miraculous was, what they power did and what their favorite food was and then he would allow Luka to wear the miraculous for an hour to talk with the kwami itself. "Am I not wearing the miraculous?"
 "You can wear the miraculous but I think we should try a new method with learning about the kwamis," He replied, making Luka frown a little before Master Fu held up his hands. "Not that I don't think you're learning. Quite the contrary, you are a very fast learner and an hour just doesn't seem to be enough..."
 He picked the glasses and placed them into Luka's hands, causing him to look at him in surprise.
 "Plus given recent circumstances... I think it would be best for you to hold on to the horse miraculous for a little bit,"
 "Wait you want me to look after it?!" He gasped, surprised before sighing as he looked down at the miraculous. If he recalled correctly, the horse miraculous gave the power of teleportation, which would be very useful if he needed to make a quick escape plus he has that school trip coming up. He had informed Master Fu about it but he figured he wouldn't be able to go but while he had a feeling that Master Fu was trying to help him, he also suspected it was also to help him if Issac came back into his life. "This is because of Issac isn't it?"
 "Partially, yes," Master Fu admitted, making Luka sigh and push his hand through his hair. "But I am also giving you a chance to go on this school trip. It might help with the stress of the situation..."
 "I'm not stressed," Luka stated before sighing. He knew he was lying. He sighed again before looking up at Master Fu. "Look, Issac hasn't come after me again and he probably won't..."
 Master Fu frowned and looked to the side, making Luka frown as well.
"You think he might try to kidnap me again,"
 "We don't know what he wants and just because he was chased away doesn't mean he won't come back," Master Fu replied, making Luka sigh. He knew Master Fu was right. He knew Issac wasn't one to quit no matter what happened. He knew that if he wanted to kidnap him, he will try again. No, it would be better for him not to have two miraculous on him and he probably should stay home from the school trip as well. Issac might try and use it to his advantage.
 "All the more reason for me not to have two miraculous on me!" He gasped but Master Fu shook his head.
 "Just imagine he tried to kidnap you again and succeed," He stated, making Luka frown. He didn't want to imagine that. "You could use the horse miraculous to escape and protect yourself if necessary. We both know you wouldn't transform into Anatis, meaning he could seriously hurt you,"
 Luka sighed and frowned as he knew Master Fu was also right about his point. If Issac did try to kidnap him again and succeed, he wouldn't necessarily have a way out but if he had the horse miraculous, he could transform and use it plus it was a chance to learn how to wield a second miraculous. 
 "Alright..." He sighed. "It has the power of teleportation right?"
 "Yes, you can use it to teleport back to Paris if there is an akuma," He explained, making Luka look at the glasses. It does mean he can go on the school trip. His class and Marinette's class are suppose to be doing a day trip to London in a couple of days time. He wanted to go but at the same time, he was unsure because of akumas. However, the horse miraculous would allow him to go since he could just teleport back. 
 "So... I can go?," He asked, causing Master Fu to nod. "Are you sure you're ok with it?"
"Luka, if I wasn't ok with it, I wouldn't suggest it," He replied, making Luka nod. "Besides, Anatis deserves to have a bit of fun just like all young people his age,"
 "Thank you, Master," Luka smiled before he put them on. A silver ball of light fluttered around him before turning into a small horse like kwami as they transformed into silver framed glasses that were oval in shape. She looked at him with an unimpressed look. "Um.. hi..."
 "You must be Master Luka," She stated, making him nod. "I am Kaalki, the kwami of teleportation,"
 "It's nice to meet you," He smiled, making her smile a little before she realized and huffed. "You'll be staying with me and Tikki for a couple of days so I can get use to your powers in case I ever need them,"
 "Well, of course, you would need them," She gasped as he stood up. "How else would you travel?"
 "Walking?" He asked, making her huff before he turned to Master Fu. "Master, should I transform now or wait until I actually need it?"
 "I would recommend transforming now then you can get a feel for the miraculous since it is different to what you usually use," Master Fu suggested, getting a nod of Luka before he turned to Kaalki.
 "What are your transformation words, please?" He asked, making her sigh a little before facing him.
 "It's Kaalki, full gallop to transform," She informed, making him nod. "And to detransform, it's Kaalki, dismount. To use my power, say voyage,"
 "Voyage, got it," He nodded before holding out his hand. "Kaalki! Full Gallop!"
 Kaalki disappeared into the glasses, turning them into sunglasses before a silver light, transforming him. His main suit was a very dark gray with cream patches, resembling the coat of an Appaloosa horse. He had brown leather straps on his legs and a matching belt, along with a zip that had a small horseshoe as the zipper. The belt bucket was also a horse shoe and his boots were dark gray with brown soles. He wore a cropped biker jacket that was a dark blue gray color and he wore sunglasses over his eyes. His hair was dark brown with blonde highlights and he had fingerless gloves on. He glanced down and looked over himself before reaching behind his back and taking the horse shoe off it. He examined it, discovering how to use it as a phone before putting it back. 
 "Is there anything else, Master?" He asked, causing Master Fu to shake his head. "Ok... I'll get going then. Voyage!"
 He held out his hand as he summoned his power, moving it in a circular motion as a glowing ring appeared around his hand before throwing it. It opened up, showing the Liberty on the other side. He stepped through and it closed behind him before he realized he was stood on the roof. He had been aiming for his room but apparently, he needed practice. He climbed down and through the portal, sliding in his room.
 "Kaalki, dismount," He stated, causing the transformation to drop. He caught Kaalki in his hand and smiled a little as she looked around. "This is my room,"
 "It's not too shabby," She replied, floating over to the posters and pictures on his wall. She pointed to one he had of him and Jagged. "Who is that?"
 "That's my father," He explained as Tikki floated over. He handed her a cookie despite not having used her transformation. "And that of my friends. That's Adrien, Kagami, Marinette, Chloe and Marc and that one is of my band. That's my sister Juleka. She plays bass and her girlfriend Rose... that's the small one... she's our lead singer and that big guy is Ivan. He's our drummer. They're also heroes. Juleka is Culpeo, Rose is Abeille and Ivan is Leatherback. Kagami and Adrien are heroes too. Ryuko and Aspik,"
 "And that girl?" She asked, pointing to Chloe. "She looks famous,"
 "I guess she kind of is," He replied, making Kaalki look at him. "She's an heiress and the daughter of Paris' mayor. Do you like fame?"
 "I like my holders to have a certain amount of renown," She explained, making him nod.
 "I get it," He replied, smiling a little. "Do you have a favorite food?"
 "I enjoy apples," She replied, making him nod before he left the room. She floated over to Tikki. "Your holder seems very kind,"
 "He is," She smiled as she nibbled her cookies. "I'm glad you're here with us though,"
 "It is unusual,"
 "Very but Luka has been having a hard time recently," Tikki replied, frowning. "He almost got kidnapped the other day and he's been having bad nightmares because of it. I'm worried that he'll get akumatized or that something bad will happen,"
 "Oh, Tikki, don't worry," Kaalki stated, hugging her. "I will help you protect him,"
 "Thank you, Kaalki," She smiled, hugging as Luka came back in with a small plate of apple slices.
 "It's a green apple if that's ok," He smiled, making Kaalki nod and fly over as he looked for something. He found a small pillow that he had found for Tikki before he got her a small bed. "You can sleep on here as well,"
 "Thank you," She smiled as he yawned. "If you tired you should go to sleep as well,"
 "Yeah, I have school in the morning," He yawned again, stretching before he walked over and turned on a lamp that changed colors. He got changed into his PJs and got into bed, turning out his normal lamp before curling up. "Good night, Tikki. Good night, Kaalki,"
 "Good night, Luka," 
 "Sweet dreams, young master," Kaalki stated, looking up. She couldn't but smile as she saw he had fallen asleep almost instantly. Tikki flew over and curled up next to him as Kaalki finished her apple slices. She decided to fly over and curl up next to him as well, closing her eyes as she did. 
 ~A Couple of Days Later~
 "I can't believe you actually decided to come to London," Juleka mumbled, grinning as they got off the bus and headed to the train station. She was certain that Luka would make an excuse as to why he couldn't go but she was glad he was coming by. Both of their classes were going with both Miss Bustier and Mrs Mendeleiev acting as supervisors for the trip. Luka chuckled and shrugged, making Juleka glare at him a little. "I bet you only came because Marinette would be there,"
 "No, I came along because my class is going and I actually want to see Big Ben," He gasped, going red a little as Juleka sniggered. "Marinette been there is an added bonus,"
 "Sure it is," She grinned, making him glare at her a little. "Bro, your death glare needs work,"
 "You are so mean to me," He gasped, making her laugh as they walked over to Rose, Ivan and Mylene. They began chatting as they waited for the others to turn up. Luka doubted that Adrien and Kagami would be able to come along but it would be nice for them too. He knew Marinette was going as she had been rambling on about it since the day they found it out it was happening. Felix wasn't going. Luka wasn't surprise. As he put it, if he wanted to go see Big Ben, he would have stayed in London. Unfortunately, Lila was going. Luka was annoyed to find out from Adrien that she had been hired by his father as his new model but he hoped that it would also keep her busy. He was pressing charges against her for sexual harassment but her family's lawyer was trying to convince him to go for a settlement. He sighed and shook his head as a white car pulled up. Marinette got out followed by Alya, Max and Markov, making him smile.
 "Luka!" She gasped, rushing over to him and hugging him. "I thought you weren't able to make it,"
 "My luck kicked in," He smiled, making her grin as Max and Alya walked over with Markov floating next to him.
 "Glad you could make it, Luka," Alya grinned. "Marinette's been pouty all morning,"
 "Alya!!" Marinette gasped, going bright red as Juleka smirked.
 "He's only coming because he gets to spend time with Marinette," She grinned, making him go bright red.
 "Jewel!" He gasped as everyone chuckled as a woman in a train conductor's uniform walked over and grinned, causing Luka to notice her. Her song reminded him off a rocket taking off or like a sci-fi film.
 "Young love eh?" She asked, causing both Luka and Marinette to turn an even bright shade of red, making her chuckle before shaking her head. "Ok, who wants a sneak peek at Star-train's operator cab?"
 "Yeah!" Everyone yelled and nodded excitedly including Kaalki, making Luka go a little pale as Mrs Kante chuckled at their excitement. He mentally thanked his luck that everyone had yelled at the same time so no one had heard her.
 "Thanks, Mrs Kante!" Alya grinned as she took out her phone. "This will make an awesome video for my astrology blog,"
 "You made another one?" Luka asked, surprised. Alya chuckled and nodded.
 "Of course," She grinned as Marinette shook her head, making Alya mock glare at her. "What? Life is so interesting,"
 "That it is," Ivan agreed as they all followed Mrs Kante, heading inside. Luka waved at Aurore and Mireille as he saw them stood by the platform, causing them to smile and wave back at him. He smiled before catching up with the rest of the group. He stopped and whistled lowly as he saw the train. He wasn't much of a fan of trains but he had to admit this one was impressive. It looked very sleek and reminded him of a bullet. He could imagine it would go extremely fast. Mrs Kante walked over to the conductor booth and pressed a button, opening the door and going inside before turning to the group as they followed her.
 "This is where the conductor sits," She explained, gesturing towards it as the children peered inside. She took a seat and placed her hand on a switch as the kids moved closer. "The operator must keep their hand on this switch throughout the whole journey between Paris and London. It's called the dead man's switch,"
 "And what would happen if you took your hand off it?" Mylene asked as Alya filmed the area. 
 "The train would come to a stop," Mrs Kante explained, smiling as she looked at them.
 "Even for a second?" Marinette asked, making her nod.
 "It's a safety switch," She explained, making them nod. "In case the operator feels faint for example,"
 "That's why I've always loved traveling with my mum by train," Max grinned, clearly proud. "Trains get from point A to B within the given time they are programmed and they are safe,"
 "Programming is the best," Markov chimed in, making everyone smile before Alya moved the camera onto Mrs Kante.
 "Have you always wanted to drive a train?" She asked, making her look at the camera. 
 "Well, I've always wanted to be a driver, yes," She explained, making them nod before she looked towards the sky. "But my true dream is to an astronaut!"
 "Well, that explained the rocket," Luka muttered to himself as she smiled up towards the sky. 
 "To drive a rocket around the universe!" She grinned excitedly before she turned to them again. "I decided to operate trains so I could be here while Max grew up. You see a space mission can take several months but I could never be away from my maxypoo that long,"
 She grinned as he hugged before gently pulling away and placing her hands on his shoulders.
 "But now my son is a young man," She grinned as Max turned to the others.
 "My mom has taken the exams to start her astronaut training," Max grinned, making them all nod impressed. Marinette gently clapped her hands together.
 "Oh that is amazing," She grinned as Max smiled.
 "I'm expecting the test results today," Mrs Kante replied, pressing her smart watch. Her face fell when the watch told her that she had no new emails but Max shook his head.
 "It's too early, mum," He stated, making her look at him. "The official documents said 11am! You'll get them during the train ride,"
 "If I pass, this trip will probably be my last," She explained, smiling. "Next time I drive, I'll be manning the controls of a space shuttle, taking the next space crew to the moon,"
 "You have an 89.7 % chance of passing," Max grinned but she looked down a little.
 "That still leaves a 10.3% chance of failing," She replied, frowning but Max shook his head as he smiled up at her.
 "I believe in you," He grinned, hugging her. "You're the best,"
 "I hope you do pass it, Mrs Kante," Luka smiled as Max pulled away from her. The others nodded as well, making her smile.
 "Mind if I take a picture of you for my blog?" Alya asked, causing her to nod and pose as she took it. "Thanks!"
 "No problem," She smiled back before looking at her watch. "You kids should be probably get to your seats though. We've been leaving soon,"
 "Ok," Marinette nodded as they began to leave the area. "Thanks for giving us a tour, Mrs Kante,"
 "Yeah, this will be great for my blog," Alya grinned as she stepped out. Rose shouted a thanks as Juleka mumbled before the group headed to the train car they would be in. They saw Ms Bustier and Mrs Mendeleiev waiting for them as they got closer before they started to head to their seats. Luka smiled and waved as he saw Chloe and Sabrina walking over. Sabrina grinned and waved back as Chloe gave him a soft smile before they walked over to Ms Bustier.
 "My father has paid for an upgrade to first class for me and Sabrina so we will be sat in there," She explained, making Miss Bustier blink but nod before the two girls got on the train and headed to first class. Luka shook his head a little but he was happy that Chloe had gotten Sabrina a first class seat as well. He went to step on the train but saw a woman struggling with a suitcase. She was clearly getting annoyed by it and let out an annoyed growl when she tripped and it fell open, spilling her things. Without a second thought, Luka rushed over to her and helped her put her things back in. 
 "Oh thank you," She gasped, closing the lid and trapping an akuma that had been targeting her in the suitcase. Neither her or Luka had noticed it. She zipped up her suitcase and Luka helped her get it on the train. "Would you mind helping me get it into the luggage area?"
 "Not at all," He smiled as they entered the first class area. Once she found her seat, he hoisted it up into the luggage area. "There,"
 "Oh thank you so much again," She smiled as he nodded before he headed back to the cart. Lila looked up at him as he walked by. She went to say something but apparently thought better and closed her mouth, huffing and crossing her arms. He frowned and headed to his seat next to Aurora, who was reading a book. She looked over at it and grinned a little.
 "Where did you disappear off to?" She asked as he put his rucksack in the luggage area, sitting down. The train began to move, leaving the station.
 "I was just helping a woman with a suitcase," He replied, glancing around. He had never been on a train like this before but what made him nervous was that Kaalki would suddenly float out. He had the glasses in his pocket, next to Tikki but Kaalki insisted on been in his bag where his scarf was. He figured it was because it was warm. He had also left an apple in there for her. He also had a back up plan in case Kaalki did decide to fly about. He was just gonna say that Anatis lent him a miraculous due to what his step father did. Aurora nodded before going back to her book. "What ya reading?"
 "Acting techniques," She replied, looking back at him. "You ok?"
 "Hmm? Oh yeah," He muttered, moving his hands and clicking them. "I just miss my guitar,"
 "Aww and you've been doing so well," She teased, making him frown a little before they both laughed. "So what's on your mind?"
 He rose an eyebrow before sighing. It's not like he could tell her that he was concerned about Kaalki getting over excited about the train. She had gotten excited when she saw cars and tried to fly out in public that morning. He had snatched her up and had to give her a talk about not floating off. Kaalki had been a bit sulky for the rest of the day but she understood. 
 "I'm just nervous about riding this train," He lied, rubbing the back of his neck as he frowned a little. He didn't want to lie ab. "It's not like I'm frightened or anything but I've never been on a train like this before and while it's really cool, I guess I'm just... you know..."
 "Hmm... I think it's more then that," Aurora stated, making him look at her with surprise. "But don't worry. If that asshole tries any funny business, I'll kick his ass,"
 "Asshole?" He asked before realizing. "Oh... him... I don't think he'll try anything on a train full of people but... I guess I didn't think he would try to kidnap me either..."
 "Like I said, I'll kick his butt," Aurora grinned, making him smile a little before her expression went a little serious. "But you know it's ok to be afraid right? I mean I would have been terrified,"
 "I was.." He admitted, frowning as he looked at his hand. "But he hasn't tried again so hopefully I'm safe..."
 Aurora nodded as small little boxes appeared out of the seats and moved over to people. Luka rose an eyebrow as he looked at them.
 "Would you like a beverage?" It asked in a female voice, making Aurora smile.
 "I'll take an orange juice please," She stated before looking at him. "Want a drink, Luka?"
 "Um... sure," He muttered, looking towards the bot. "I'll have an orange juice as well please,"
 "Enjoy," The bot stated as two cups appeared out of it. Luka grabbed them and passed one to Aurora before they took a drink. He glanced around, noticing how everyone was. Marc was sat next to Nathaniel, who was drawing him. Rose and Juleka were sat next to each. Rose had her head in Juleka's lap as she napped. Same with Mylene and Ivan. Marinette was sat with Alya while Adrien, who manages to get on the trip, was sat playing a game with Nino. Mireille was sat in front of them, talking to Kagami who had also gotten on the trip. Jean was curled up next to Lila, who was frowning to herself. Mrs Mendeleiev was sat next to Miss Buster. Both were reading. Luka yawned as he looked around, causing Aurora to laugh. 
 "Tired huh?" She asked as he stretched.
 "Just a little," He replied, sipping his drink as Alya got up and walked over to them. "Hey,"
 "Sorry, Luka but could we swap seats? I want Aurora's opinion on my blog," She grinned, making him nod. He got up and grabbed his bag before moving over to Alya's seat. Marinette was leaning against the seat. He looked up at the luggage area and frowned a little as he saw there was no room for his bag on it. He sighed before carefully moving past Marinette and sitting down, placing his bag on his lap as he unzipped it. Kaalki looked up at him as he reached in to grab his iPod. He nodded his head, hinting for Kaalki to move out of the bag. She phased through it and hid herself in his jacket as he zipped up his bag and put it on the floor. He put his earphones in and pressed play, listening to Jagged's latest demo. Marinette shifted and moved her head, causing it to lean against his shoulder. He blinked and looked down at her before smiling to himself and resting his head against hers, closing his eyes as he did. Alya grinned as she saw them before tapping Mylene, causing her to look.
 "Aww," She whispered before turning to Rose. "Rose,"
 Rose looked up before noticing them and had to hold back a squeal of delight. 
 "Juleka, look," She gasped, causing the goth girl to look up from her book. She smiled as she looked over at them.
 "Awesome," She grinned as Alya leaned over and tilted Alix's head so she could see them. Mireille smiled softly as Kagami also gave a small smile. Aurora grinned and turned to Alya as Marc smiled towards them.
 "You moved on purpose, didn't you?" She asked, making Alya grin before she nodded. "Good call,"
 "They are adorable together," Alya grinned, making almost everyone nod. However, Lila glared towards them. She got up and walked over, going to wake them up but before she could, Alya moved over. "Need something, Lila?"
 "Oh, I get motion sickness and I know Marinette and Luka always seem to have a solution so-" She gasped, noticing Juleka glaring at her. Her nose ached, despite the injury been healed. She subconsciously touched it as the phantom pain began to disappear.
 "I get it but they're both asleep right now," Alya stared, giving her a look that dared her to do something. Lila frowned a little before sighing.
 "I guess I'll just have to suffer then," She stated, hoping to guilt-trip her. Alya frowned a little, making Lila mentally smirk as it began to work. However, it didn't last long.
 "Then suffer quietly and away from my brother," Juleka hissed, surprising her. She really would have to tear her down and make her wish she hadn't gotten in her way at some point. Instead, she just gave her a fake smile and returned to her seat, scowling when she thought no one was looking. She would win against Marinette at some point. It might be a bit hard with Juleka now on her side but she would destroy Marinette and Luka will be hers. 
 ~Meanwhile in First Class~
 "Oh, this is so nice, Chloe," Sabrina gasped as they rested in reclined seats. "Thank you for letting me join you,"
 "Don't mention it, Sabrina," Chloe sighed, shaking her head but she had a small smile on her lips. Sabrina smiled back before looking around as Mrs Kante announced that they would be going under the channel in the next few minutes. She noticed the woman who Luka had helped struggling to get her suitcase down so she got up and walked over to her. 
 "Would you like a hand, Madam?" She asked, making the woman look at her.
 "Oh, yes please," She smiled before the two of them got the suitcase down. "Thank you so much. I've been having such a tough day today but you and that nice young man have been really helpful and cheered me up. It's good to know that there are people who help others,"
 "It's ok, Madam," She smiled as the woman opened up her suitcase. As soon as she did, the akuma flew out, causing her and Sabrina to jump back and yell out in surprise, causing the rest of the passengers to panic. Chloe instantly jumped up as it fluttered around, unsure of who to go to.
 "Calm down, everyone!" She declared, getting their attention. "Ok, whatever you do, don't panic. Now, t"here is an akuma and it will be attracted to anyone is panicky, scared, hurt or upset so take a deep breathe and keep calm,"
 The akuma began to flutter towards one of the other passenger, causing Chloe to grab an empty cup and slam it over it.
 "I don't think so!" She declared before looking up. "Everyone, get out of this car right now!"
 As soon as she said that, everyone ran out and she followed, pressing the button on the door to lock it inside. She knew it would be best not to hold the cup she had trapped in it as it might possess her and she did not want Hawkmoth in her head again but she also knew that the cup wouldn't hold it so trapping it inside that car should help keep it away from people until Anatis somehow got here. She took out her phone and went onto the akuma app, posting their location on it before logging onto the ladyblog and doing the same. 
 "Are you sure it's really an akuma?" One of the passengers answered as his girlfriend held onto his jacket. Chloe rolled her eyes a little. "It looks like a harmless butterfly,"
 "That's what makes them so dangerous!" Sabrina gasped, making them look at her. "And it's definitely an akuma... trust me,"
 The door to the bathroom suddenly opened, causing Kim to step out in his swimming outfit. Chloe and Sabrina looked at him in surprise as he grinned at them.
 "Hey, Chloe. Hey Sabrina," He grinned as they looked at him.
 "What are you doing in your swimming trunks?" Chloe asked, unsure if she wanted to know.
 "Well, we're about to go under the sea," He stated, making Chloe shake her head and Sabrina giggle. "I thought you two were in first class anyway. What are you doing out here?"
 "Oh, there's an akuma," Chloe stated, making Kim gasp. "I trapped it in the first class car and alerted the akuma app and Ladyblog. Anyway, let's move back into the other car. We need to make room for Anatis and Lady Noir,"
 Everyone nodded and moved into the second class cart, causing the class to look up in surprise as Chloe walked in with Kim and Sabrina.
 "I'm scared, Jean-Pierre," A woman gasped as she held onto him. She was stood next to Marinette and Luka's seat. Jean-Pierre frowned and moved his arm around her in a protective manner.
 "Don't worry, Nicole," He stated as Marinette's phone vibrated, waking her up. "If there was a real akuma, there would be a super villain on the train already,"
 She frowned as she listened to them before glancing at her phone, seeing an akuma alert but she couldn't move right now as it would reveal to everyone that she was Lady Noir. She frowned again as she heard a little kid ask their father if Anatis would come but his father said no as they was no real akuma. She glanced up and noticed she was leaning against Luka, causing her face to heat up a little. He was asleep and looked really peaceful so she smiled and closed her eyes, resting against him but she didn't go back to sleep. Instead, she kept listening in case it really was an akuma. 
 "It really is an akuma!" One of the other passengers gasped as Chloe frowned. "I saw it! It was dark and purple!"
 "It's definitely an akuma," Simon the magician gasped, causing everyone to look at him. "I should know. I was akumatized once myself,"
 "There's zero risk to anyone now anyway, Sabrina gasped, making people look at her. "Chloe managed to trap it in that car and no one else is in there. As long as we all remain calm, we'll be fine and I'm sure Anatis will be here soon,"
 Alya and Nino got up and went back to the car to glance inside as Rose, Juleka and Ivan looked alert. Kagami and Adrien glanced over at each other before Kagami got up and moved over to Chloe. The rest of the students looked at each other in concern. 
 "You activated the app, didn't you?" She asked, making Chloe nod.
 "I also post it on the Ladyblog," She replied as Alya and Nino came back.
 "Are you sure it was an akuma?" Alya asked, making Chloe frown but she nodded never the less. "Strange. I couldn't see anything in that room,"
 "Maybe it fluttered away?" Adrien suggested, making everyone frown. "Like through the vents?"
 "Then we best all stay calm," Alya replied but the moment the words left her mouth, the signature purple smog spreaded across the seats and car, transforming it. "What the?!"
 "Ladies and gentlemen! I am Startrain!" The voice-over declared, causing Luka and Marinette to jolt awake. "You all get to live my dream with me. Shoot off the rails and fly off in a rocket to explore not just the moon but the whole universe!"
 "Mom?!" Max gasped, feeling panicked as he realized it was her voice.
 "Fasten your seat-belts!" She declared, making everyone look scared as the train began to lift up. "We have lift off!!"
 The passengers suddenly all felt back as the train took off and flew into the sky, causing everyone to feel pressure against them. Luka managed to grab Marinette's hand as it did. Marc gasped and held onto Nathaniel. Adrien pulled Kagami onto his lap as she felt back. Lila looked like she was able to be sick as she actually got motion sickness. Kim caught Chloe and Sabrina before they fell and the other passengers held onto the seat handles. The pressure disappeared as they broke through the atmosphere before zero gravity kicked in, causing everyone to float. Almost instantly, everyone began to panic as they saw the literal darkness of space outside the window. One woman was crying about lack of oxygen and Miss Bustier looked pale. Luka frowned before pushing himself forward as Alya looked around panicked.
 "I don't think Anatis or Lady Noir are going to be able make it up here to save us," She gasped, gripping to her phone.
 "Max, it's your mum right?" Luka asked, making him nod as he looked like he was able to have a panic attack. "Why don't we try and talk to her? We should be able to convince her to land the train,"
 "O-Ok," He gasped as he pushed himself forward, along with Markov. Luka followed him, causing Chloe, Rose, Juleka, Kagami, Marinette, Ivan and Adrien to follow. Max took a deep breathe as he reached a speaker. "Mom!"
 "Max!" She gasped back. "You see this?! I'm Startrain!"
 "Mom, you have to take us back down to earth!" He gasped, sounding more panicked. Luka frowned as his music seemed jumpy and afraid but he could understand why. It had been awful seeing his mother be akumatized so he imagined Max felt the same. He gently placed his hand on his shoulder and gave him an encouraging smile. Max shot a nervous one back before turning back to the speaker. "You can go in space once you've passed the exam!"
 "Why?" She asked, making everyone frown. "Now I have a 100% chance of travelling the universe and I get to bring you with me! Isn't this fantastic?"
 "She isn't listening to me!" He gasped, looking close to tears. "Oh god... what do I do?"
 "Max, take a deep breathe and keep calm," Luka stated, rubbing his back before turning to the others. "We need to get to the operator's cabin to take control of the train. Maybe then we can drive it back home,"
 "You know how to drive a train?" Juleka asked, frowning as Rose tapped her chin.
 "Luka, how do we face Startrain?" Ivan asked, making the others nod. "None of us have any super powers,"
 "Ivan is right," Adrien added in, frowning as Luka thought about it. "We don't stand a chance,"
 "We might not have super powers but we do have some pretty awesome skills," Luka stated, making everyone look at him. "Plus we have two other things on our side,"
 "And what is that?" Kagami asked, crossing her arms.
 "The element of surprise and the fact that there is a lot of us," He stated, getting a nod of them. He pushed himself forward and opened the door, causing the others to follow as Marinette held back. Luka looked down at her before taking out his phone and dropping her a text. Somehow, they still had a signal but he figured it was down to Startrain's powers.
 L: Hey, don't worry if you can't follow. Just look after yourself and try not to be afraid. xx
 M: Thanks, Lu. I'm just gonna stay back here and try to not to freak out. I'm not great with flying. Be careful as well xx
 L: I will and you take care as well. We'll be back on earth before you can say Miraculous Ladybugs ;P
 He put his phone away before moving farther up the car.
 "Oh where do you think you're going?" Startrain suddenly stated, causing Luka to frown as the train suddenly jolted and began to weave, causing them to fall back. "Don't you want to sit back and relax?!"
 He grabbed onto a seat as everyone else fell back through the door and it slammed close. He looked down and frowned, noticing he was the only one left in the car. 
 "I don't want anyone to get hurt," Startrain declared as he pulled himself through the car and out of the other doors. "So sit back and enjoy the view,"
 He frowned as he slipped into the toilet before Kaalki and Tikki flew out.
 "No peace for Anatis huh?" He sighed, going to swipe his ears.
 "Maybe you should transform into Appalo and teleport the train back," Kaalki suggested, making him shake his head. "Why not?"
 "If I teleport the train back, Startrain will just take off again," He explained, making her pout before she nodded. "You're gonna have to go in your miraculous for a little bit as well. We don't know if Startrain is connected to Hawkmoth yet and I don't want him to realize I have more then one miraculous on me straight away,"
 "Very well, Master Luka," Kaalki replied as he took out the glasses. She disappeared back into them, charging them up before he put them back in his pocket and turned to Tikki.
 "Alright, time to stop Startrain," He declared before swiping his ears. "Tikki, spots on!"
 He transformed before exiting out of the bathroom. As soon as he did, he ran straight into Lady Noir, causing him to raise an eyebrow.
 "Annie?!" She grinned before frowning. "But... how did you get here?"
 "Teleportation," He explained, making her nod. "Courtesy of the horse miraculous. And you?"
 "Oh... um..." She gasped, pointing her fore fingers together. "I was already onboard..."
 "Hmm... well, we best keep that to ourselves," He smiled, giving her a wink. "We better stop Startrain,"
 "She has a lot of people on the train with her," Lady Noir stated, causing him to nod before heading towards them. She followed. "Should we use the horse miraculous to teleport the train back to earth?"
 "Not yet. Startrain will just take off again if we do it too soon," He replied, making her nod. "We need to defeat the akuma first,"
 "If we do it here in space, we'll all freeze and won't have any air to breathe,"
 "I thought about that too," He replied as they moved closer to the door. "We'll need to teleport at the same time as capturing the akuma but before we can do that, we need to reach her first but let's make sure no one is panicking first. The last thing we need is freaked out passengers,"
 "Ok," Lady Noir replied as they moved through the door and into the car where everyone was. As soon as the passengers saw them, they all let out sighs of relief. "Is everyone ok?"
 "We're alright," Adrien gasped as Rose held Max, who was trying to remain calm. "But it's Max's mother. She got akumatized and he's not taking it well,"
 "Don't worry. We'll save her," Anatis stated before turning to Mrs Mendeleiev and Miss Bustier. "Can you lead everyone to the back of the train so they don't get hurt?"
 "Of course, Anatis," Mrs Mendeleiev stated before clapping her hands. "Students! Follow me!"
 The class followed as Anatis and Lady Noir went to leave the car but the doors slammed shut, locking themselves. Lady Noir moved over and tried to open them but frowned when they didn't budge. She looked over at Anatis as he moved closer.
 "Reinforced plexiglass," She declared, making him frown. "Unbreakable... well apart from my cat-"
 "Not yet!" He gasped, taking her wrist and making her look at him. "Save it for when we face Startrain,"
 "Ok but how do we unlock the doors?" She asked as he looked around before his luck vision highlighted Markov.
 "Markov!" He shouted, getting the little bot's attention. It floated over to him. "Are you able to unlock the door?"
 "Of course, Anatis," He replied as Lady Noir opened the panel next to the door. He connected to it and hacked into it, opening it as Startrain warned them to give up or she fly them close the sun. "There we go,"
 "Good job," Anatis smiled before glancing around. He looked back at Markov. "We're gonna need you to come with us,"
 "Of course, Anatis but Max won't want to leave me,"
 "Max is in no state to face against his mother," Lady Noir stated. "And we need someone to wield the horse miraculous and help protect Markov,"
 Anatis frowned to himself before he took out his yoyo. He knew Lady Noir was right. They did need someone to wear the horse miraculous and while he would love to give it to Markov, he wasn't sure if it would work. He scrolled down til he came across Chloe's number, pressing it to ring. She answered straight away.
 "Chloe, it's Anatis. Come back to the car we're in," He stated, making her gasp before hanging up, causing Lady Noir to raise an eyebrow. "What?"
 "How did you get Chloe's number?"
 "She gave it to me when I had that talk with her," He explained, shrugging as Chloe came back through and floated over to them. "We're gonna need to move through the cars but we need someone to help Markov open the doors as we protect him from Startrain. You in?"
 "I will not let you down!" She grinned, following them through to the next car. Chloe glanced around as she frowned. "This seems to easy,"
 As soon as she said that the doors slammed close, causing Anatis frowned as Lady Noir looked around. 
 "What was that?" She asked, holding her baton ready. Anatis frowned a little more and shook his head.
 "I don't know but we should be prepared for anything," He stated before throwing his yoyo up into the air. "Lucky charm!!"
 The magic ladybugs summoned a hard police man's hat. Anatis grabbed it and glanced around in his luck vision but nothing lit up yet. He frowned to himself and hooked it on his belt before turning to the two girls.
 "I can't find-" He started but he was interrupted by the hot air been blown into the car. It was strong enough to push them back. Lady Noir used her baton to stop them from falling and grabbed Anatis' hand as he wrapped his arm around Chloe's waist to stop her from falling as well. She grabbed hold of Markov as they began to pull themselves across the chairs until they came to the door. Lady Noir pried open the panel, allowing Chloe move from Anatis and place Markov against the inside. He began to work on it as the room continued to heat up.
 "Miss Bourgeois, my circuits are overheating," He gasped as the screen began to turn red and glitch out. Chloe frowned deeply as she looked at Anatis and Lady Noir, who were sweating. 
 "What do I do?!" She gasped, panicking. "He's having a melt down!"
 "He's has to finish the job, Chloe," Anatis gasped as sweat dripped down his brow before he made a face as he thought. "We need to cool him down! Otherwise, we're gonna be toasted inside this car!"
 Chloe frowned at that before she glanced around, along with Lady Noir and Anatis. She noticed a bottle of water and grabbed it before pointing to it. Anatis looked over and gave her a thumbs up. She moved back over to Marvok and unscrewed the bottle, pouring the water over him. He began to cool down and began to work on opening the door.
 "Good thinking, Chloe," Lady Noir smiled, despite the heat. Chloe smiled before the door clicked and opened. The three of them quickly existed the room and took a gulp of cool air. Lady Noir let out a gasp of relief. "Whoa! We almost got cooked in there,"
 "Everyone ok?" Anatis asked, getting a nod of the girls. "Alright, next car,"
 He floated over to the door and peered inside. Nothing seemed to be happening yet, making him frown. Suddenly, ice crept across the doors, making him move back in surprise. He frowned and turned to them as Chloe gently patted Markov on the head.
 "Markov, can you check the oxygen level in the next car please?" He asked, causing Markov to float over to him and press his claw against a computer screen. The oxygen level appeared on his screen but was decreasing.
 "It's decreasing quickly,"
 "Startrain is creating a void," Anatis muttered, making Chloe and Lady Noir frown before he glanced up at them. "The temperature will soon reach absolute zero. We'll be ok since our suits will protect us and we can also hold our breath for much longer than a normal human but..."
 "Chloe won't be able to!" Lady Noir gasped, making Chloe frown. "She won't be able to withstand those temperatures without superpowers,"
 "I guess that means I should head back to the back of the train..." She sighed, looking down as Anatis pulled a face before he pressed open his yoyo and reached inside. Chloe turned around to head back to the back of the train as he did but he stopped her, making her look at him in surprise. Lady Noir looked at him as he took out a small box, making her raise an eyebrow.
 "Are you sure?" She asked, making him nod.
 "We need someone to teleport the train," He replied, glancing at Chloe who looked confused. "Besides, she's proven herself so far..."
 "Alright," Lady Noir nodded, causing Anatis to turn to Chloe and hold out the box. Her eyes widen in shock as she realized what was inside.
 "Chloe Bourgeois, this is the miraculous of the horse that grants the power of teleportation. You will use it for the greater good," He declared, making her blink and stare at him. Slowly, she took the box in her hand. "Once the mission is done, you will return the miraculous to me. Can I trust you?"
 "Y-You trust me to let me use this?" She asked with tears in her eyes. Anatis gave her a soft smile and nodded. "Then you can count on me, Anatis! I won't let you down!!"
 She opened the box, causing a silver light to manifest and move around before Kaalki appeared.
 "And to whom do I have the honor of speaking?" She asked as Chloe stared at her. She looked like she was about to fangirl over her before she shook her head.
 "I'm Chloe Bourgeois," She stated, causing Kaalki to look at Anatis.
 "Who are you talking to?" Markov asked, creating question marks in his eyes. Lady Noir rose an eyebrow as Kaalki sighed.
 "Technology can't see kwamis, meaning your robot friend can't see me," She explained, making them all nod before she looked back at Anatis again. "You took my choice into account,"
 "She's the right choice for the job," He replied, shrugging before turning to the two girls. "We're going to the last car, to the door to the driver's cab. That's where Startrain is. Once we get there, we'll have to deal with Startrain. I'll engage her and keep her distracted. Lady Noir, while I do that, use your cataclysm to destroy the akumatized object. I suspect it will probably be the dead man's switch and then that's where you'll come in, Chloe. Once Lady Noir has released the akuma, you need to use the power Voyage to teleport the train back to earth. Once that is done, I can use the cure to fix everything,"
 "Got it!" Chloe declared, giving Anatis a salute.
 "All you've gotta say is 'Kaalki, Full Gallop!'" Kaalki explained as Chloe took out the glasses and put them on. "To detransform it's Kaalki, Dismount,"
 "Got it.... Kaalki! Full Gallop!" She declared, causing Kaalki to get sucked into the glasses, charging them up. Chloe lifted her head up as they glowed silver before turning into speed goggles. A silver light spreaded up from her feet, creating her base outfit which was a dark gray that faded into a light gray. She had a white patch around her chest and stomach as well. Her gloves were fingerless and her boots just came up to below the knee. Silver wings appeared on the side of her boots and glowing silver bands appeared on her arms and legs, creating leather belts with green spots on them before a brown belt appeared around her waist, creating a horse shoe as a belt buckle. She tilted her head back as her hair glowed silver. It turned a platinum blonde in color and she now sported a braided ponytail. Finally, a horse shoe appeared on her back, completing the look. She glanced over herself, grinning as she did before turning to Anatis and Lady Noir. "Alright! Let's do this!"
 "I have to warn you," Anatis stated, making Chloe look at him. "No one but me and Lady Noir must know your identity this time. If you tell anyone, you lose the right to use a miraculous permanently ok?"
 "Don't worry, Anatis. I've learnt my lesson," She replied modestly, making him nod. "If anyone sees me like this and asks my name, I'll just tell them to call me Valkyrie,"
 "Valkyrie, I like it," He smiled, making her grin back back. "Ok, let's get to Startrain. Deep breathes everyone,"
 The three of them took a deep breath before the door opened and they floated inside of the car as Startrain spoke to them.
 "I was expecting you, my dear super passagers," She declared, making Anatis frown. She sounded like a typical bond villain. The four of them pushed forward as she continued to talk. "You wouldn't stop me my galactic dream! I shall conquer the universe!"
 They ignored her and kept moving until they reached the next door. Lady Noir opened the panel as Anatis gasped around in his luck vision again. Nothing lit up, making him frown as Markov began to work on opening the door. Valkyrie glanced around as Startrain spoke again.
 "My little drones!" She called, causing the little boxes to appear from under the seats and rise into the air. "Attack!"
 They began to shoot lasers at them and Markov, causing Lady Noir and Valkyrie to dive out of the way as Anatis moved in front of Markov. He spun his yoyo as a shield, blocking the lasers as Valkyrie threw her horse shoes, taking out six drones. Lady Noir took out another three as Valkyrie blocked the shoots. As the two of them fought the drones, Markov kept working but the room grew too cold and he began to freeze, causing him to call out to Anatis. He looked behind him and saw Markov was frozen. Frowning to himself, he glanced around in his luck vision, causing some hand warmers to be lit up and then the policeman's hat. He grabbed them and used his mouth to break them before placing them into the hat. Once filled, he grabbed it and placed it around Markov as Valkyrie and Lady Noir continued to fight the drones. Valkyrie jumped onto a seat and used it to push her forward, throwing her horse shoe again and hitting a number of drones as it came towards Lady Noir. She hit it with her baton, causing it to go back and hit more of the drones before Valkyrie caught it. The remaining drones exploded, causing the girls to grin in victory before turning back to Anatis. He gave them a smile as he held the police hat over Markov while inside the hat, Markov began to warm up. His screen came back on and he narrowed his eyes as the ice began to melt. As soon as it was melted around him and the panel, he began to continue to work on opening the door. It opened, causing Anatis to let go of the hat as the girls moved over. He grabbed it and hooked it onto his belt as Valkyrie moved through the door, followed by Markov and Lady Noir. Anatis followed, causing the doors to close behind him. Lady Noir jumped over to Startrain as he threw his yoyo, wrapping it around her and trapping her.
 "Cataclysm!" She yelled as she jumped over her and slammed her hand onto the dead man's switch, causing it to break.
 "Valkyrie! Now!" Anatis shouted, causing Valkyrie to nod.
 "Voyage!" She shouted, moving her a hand in a circle as she created a glowing ring before it wrapped around her wrist. She threw it forward, opening a portal to London as the train continued to flight forward. It went through the portal as Startrain turned back to Mrs Kante and the train went back to normal as the akuma escaped from the damaged switch.
 "Hold onto something!" Anatis shouted as they headed straight for Big Ben. Valkyrie grabbed onto the seat that Mrs Kante was secured in but Anatis and Lady Noir fell forward as the train crashed through Big Ben. Anatis fell against the glass and Lady Noir fell into him, causing her to gasp and grin at him. "Everyone ok?!"
 "I'm good!" Lady Noir grinned as the akuma fluttered around.
 "I'm good as well," Valkyrie stated as Mrs Kante nodded. Though she was speechless from the fact that the paris heroes were literally stood right in front of her. "Though I think I got the location slightly wrong. I was aiming for London train station,"
 "Well, I heard your class were suppose to be visiting Big Ben so I guess this counts," Anatis smiled as he threw the yoyo and caught the akuma before he moved and grabbed the police hat. He toss it up in the air as best he could. "Miraculous ladybugs!"
 It burst into the magical swarm and wrapped around the train, removing it from Big Ben before it carried it across the sea and placed it back in the train station in Paris while fixing any other damage done, including moving the heroes so they weren't stuck against the glasses before disappearing. With everything fixed and the akuma defeated, Anatis, Lady Noir and Valkyrie jumped up, landing onto the roof of the train station before Anatis pressed open his yoyo and let the purified butterfly fly off.
 "Kaalki, Dismount," Valkyrie declared, turning back into Chloe. Without hesitation, she took off the glasses and handed them back to Anatis. He put them back into the little box and placed them back into the yoyo. "Thank you for trusting me, Anatis,"
 "You did a great job today, Chloe," He stated, making a light blush came over her cheeks. "I'm proud of how far you've come and you should be proud of yourself as well. I hope you keep on this path,"
 "I will, Anatis! I swear!" She gasped, suddenly hugging him. He stumbled back a little bit as he didn't expect it but returned the hug never the less before she pulled away. Lady Noir grinned and held out her fist, causing Anatis to add his before Chloe looked up at him in surprise. He smiled and nodded towards their hands, causing her to gasp before adding her fist next to theirs.
 "Pound it!" The three of them declared together before Anatis' miraculous began to beep.
 "Sorry, Ladies, I have to be off," He smiled before he headed to the side of the building. He turned back round and saluted them before diving off the edge of the building and swinging off. Lady Noir let out a sigh before turning to Chloe.
 "Need a lift?" She asked, making her nod. She picked her up and jumped down to a part of the platform where no one was around before jumping away herself. Chloe smiled to herself before running back to the train, just as Miss Bustier clapped her hands to get the student's attention. Mrs Mendeleiev was stood next to her. The two of them told the students to get back on the train to return to London. She cleared her throat as Marinette ran back over as Luka also came running over. Chloe rolled her eyes playfully before hooking her arm with Sabrina.
 "Let's go back to First class," She grinned, making the small girl smile happily. Marinette smiled to herself as Luka came over to her. 
 "She's came really far," He stated, making her look up at him as she nodded before they both noticed Mrs Kante stood by the train, looking ashamed before she looked to the side and pressed her smart watch, just as Max rushed over to her.
 "Mom!" He gasped as she looked at her watch before looking up at him with a shocked expression. "Are you ok?"
 "I passed..." She stated before smiling. "Max! I did it! I passed!"
 "I knew you would!" He declared, hugging her. Luka smiled before Marinette poked him.
 "Want to sit back next to me?" She asked, making him smile. "I'll try not to fall asleep on you this time?"
 "I didn't mind," He admitted, blushing a little as Marinette smiled shyly. "You were tired and I was tired too so it was ok,"
 "Well, you are very comfortable," She smiled, pushing a strand of hair behind her ear before she took his hand. The two of them walked back onto the train and headed to their seats. Luka put his bag, containing Tikki and Kaalki onto the luggage area before sitting down next to Marinette. Alya grinned and gave the two of them a thumbs up as she sat next to Aurora, who was also grinning. Marinette smiled a little before leaning against Luka. He rested his head on top of hers and moved his arm around her shoulder as they both closed their eyes. A small smile came onto his face as the train began to move again, taking to them to London.
Next Chapter: Coming soon
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Happy Mother’s Day Bugaboos, look what we have to show for it!!
Our zines AND our keychains are both here, safe and sound!! <3 They’re also utterly GORGEOUS!
This is very exciting, as we’ll be able to start shipping as soon as our mini notebook stretch goal gets here! <3
Stay tuned Bugaboos, there are surely more updates just around the corner! <3
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heizerux · 37 minutes ago
I was just thinking of how perfect this song would be for an AMV and look at it
It’s perfect 🥺
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Part 36 of my bakery “enemies” au!
First / Prev / Next / All
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darthkvznblogs · 45 minutes ago
What do you think of the latest Ladybug episodes?
I haven’t watched them yet! But from what I see I’m pleasantly surprised so far - ML is way overdue for a change to its status quo. Here’s hoping it sticks! (also I'll answer the Mother's Day ask later haha)
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Marinette: So, what time does the judgmental express arrive?
Kagami: My mother gets here at noon.
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the legacy of emilie agreste
adrien was told today is mother's day in america, by jess who is lucky enough to possess two of them -- even if they don't know their fortitude.
after all, between the two of them, they had the average amount of mothers. but how was he supposed to tell his mother about the celebration of maternity when she was six feet under?
his mother was a great woman. she cared. she showed him sunlight when all his father did was bar the windows.
but as he interacts more and more with the parents of his friends, he realizes.
he should have grown up with light all the time.
he shouldn't have to have been exposed by his mother, dependant on her for even the slightest glimpse.
he looks at the statue, and while he'll always have the memory, it is tainted by childhood naivete. the sunshine of memory is fainter, not as bright as it once was. and she, she is not quite as bright as she once was, not the mother he once sought for guidance.
and when his father tries to make him choose -- his mother or the family he's found since -- it isn't even a choice.
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Simply the best
Up to the test when things go wrong
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Tumblr media
He’s Alix!! Why did I change her name, you may be asking yourself. Her name was cool and probably my favourite out of the canon miraculous holders, but I wanted to give her a name that sounded similar to her akumazised name because I thought that would be cool.
Here she is!! She’s from the future and is a part-time mechanic. Definitely the cool aunt type who gets you Mac Donald’s every time you see her and let’s you ride on her motorcycle.
Her outfit is inspired by steampunk/punk, and while I’m not crazy about the hood and would definitely change it if I drew this again, I like her design.
Tumblr media
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@ao3commentoftheday Six Sentence Sunday challenge version Writers: post (approximately) six sentences from something you’re working on. [Ideally by stealing this baked-goods banner, or another by @purpleyin, and making your own post. 🙂] If you aren’t ready to do that, add six sentences to your WIP.
from Tuesday's Child, a Miraculous Ladybug, which I am now admitting is going to be a chaptered fic:
She might as well stare at the television, she decides. It's ad break time; this looks like a movie trailer; something fanciful enough Adrien might enjoy it, with colorful magic sweeping forth from the violinist's bow and the snap of the crowned woman's fingers. The pianist is almost familiar, but Émilie is certain she'd remember if she'd ever seen this bearded man's distinctive facial scar at a casting call. A dramatic sunrise cuts to fiery gold text on black: Mylène Bruel, the crowned woman holding out a red-gold apple; Lila Rossi, the smirking violinist; Adrien Dupain-Cheng, the pianist clutching a walking stick and staring down someone else's swordpoint. Movie title Inherit the Flame; the violinist dropping into the pianist's lap and leaning in for a kiss; premiering Next Friday. Someone hands the bewildered pianist a piano accordion.
The copyright date on the credits scene—
"Two thousand twenty-six?" shrieks Émilie.
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