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confession in the rain from Just (More Than) Friends by marichatinettes

“And yet,” she continued, “you’re selfless, expecting nothing from other people when you’ve never gotten anything yourself. Sure, you may have material possessions, but I can see that you’re sad, Adrien. You’re sad a lot, and you still make it your mission to make everyone else happy before you. You plaster on smiles to satisfy other people. You give so much, you’re kind, you care, you’re strong, you’re absolutely amazing. And… I love you.”

He was on the verge of tears, unable to fathom how Marinette could realize all of this about him. He thought he was good at hiding his sadness, his hurt. But, she spoke as if she could see through every fake grin he’d ever given. How was it possible for someone to so clearly see him? She seemed to read him even better than Ladybug, she seemed to care more than Ladybug. Oh, how he wanted so badly to have met her first. To have fallen in love with Marinette instead, to spare him heartbreak and find solace in someone who truly loved him.

But, he hadn’t met her first.

i loveeeeeee this fanfic so much. i literally cried when i read this part… plus i was coincidentally playing ariana’s pov and the part “you know me better than i do can’t seem to keep nothing from you how you touch my soul from the outside” made me cried even harder whaaaaaa T_T

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The Group Chat Reveal
by TheWeirdOnes

Alya organises a texting game, Marinette confesses her love for Adrien and they quickly work out the other’s secret identity. And all over text!


Words: 328, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Tumblr: @activechataclysme

AO3: AnxiousCupcake

What I write: humourous shenanigan-y type stuff, with the occasional dramangst! 

Favorite thing about Miraculous Ladybug: the love square, literally no doubts. it’s such a genius idea, honestly. 

Fun fact about me: i too am as oblivious as adrien agreste ( i woke up one night with the realisation that my friend in college was flirting with me and wasn’t just being a “good friend”; its been 3 years since i graduated :P )

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by Chatspunsaregold52

Marinette comes to school the day after the fight with Sandboy and discovers that she’s not nearly as over it as she thought she was. And she’s not the only one with emotional scars; Adrien finds that he has some residual trust issues as well.

Words: 1376, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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“You’re burning up.” written by @bugchat


Marinette plopped down on her bed with a great sigh of relief. After being repeatedly soaked with water as Ladybug fighting the latest Akuma, and then still having to take a test at school, she was too exhausted to do anything else for the rest of the day. She ate dinner, took a shower, and was now wriggling her way under her blanket. Where it was warm. And soft. And comfy…

A series of quick raps on her skylight made her body tense all the way over and eyes open to look straight into another set of eyes. Marinette yelled, flailed to get out from under her blanket again –she was mourning already– and nearly fell off her bed in the process. Finding her balance by putting her knees under her and her hands on the mattress, she looked back up. 

“Hi, Princess…”

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