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Featured Writer: @noirewrites

Title: It Was the Cat’s Fault!

Summary: The cat had no plans of losing his Mama’s appreciation to that colourful punk man! There had to be some way to salvage his reputation back! Amber eyes looked around the balcony, before fixating themselves on the open washing machine door.Ah, poor Luka Couffaine. He was so going down.

Relationships: Luka Couffaine/Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug

Tags: Humor // Crack // Marinette’s Done With Couffaines // Married Luka Couffaine/Marinette Dupain Cheng // LBSC Sprint Fic Challenge // cat shenanigans // Mr. Whiskers competes with Luka // poor luka // Roger is so done // Luka’s enemy is a cat // Prompt Based // Boat Cat Chaos? // Married Lukanette // Endgame Luka Couffaine/Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug // Aged-Up Character(s) // Someone save Luka from Marinette // and Mr. Whiskers

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it’s finally time!! the zine has been sold out, the money donated to ao3 so we got permission by @mlwriterzine to publish our finished piece! thank you to everyone who worked on the zine - the mods, writers and artists - and thank you to everyone who bought our zine, we’re so honoured!! this couldn’t be possible without all of you <333

i hope you guys enjoy this story and don’t forget to check out everyone else’s work, as well!!


When Adrien opens his eyes, he thinks he sees Ladybug there in the silhouette of the inky blue sky and the streetlights blinking back at him like a low-hung moon. He sighs when he blinks a few more times and she’s gone, a whisper in the night that never existed.                      

Hair falling back against his pillow, he closes his eyes and throws his arm over his face. Plagg’s soft snores tickle his ears. “Another dream,” he murmurs and cracks open an eye. The ceiling stares back down at him. He can’t tear his eyes off the long, shadowy crack he’s mapped during sleepless nights so many times he can draw it by memory. It reminds him of the route Ladybug and he took all those weeks ago, when she graced him with the snake miraculous and his dreams have never been the same ever since. Duck behind the trash can, run a straight line from there to the other side of the square and then zap — she was gone like the promise she had whispered to him, assuring him that she’s never going anywhere.

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Day 3: Legend

oop day 3 being commital, sitting in study hall listening to songs that can summon a fandom just vibing…

Daminette December: Master List

The Master: Master List


The twins were laying in their beds looking at the ceiling were their mother had left on their star projector. Their mom had just tucked them in.

“Hey, Alexa?”

“What?” she asks, flipping to look at Emmett.

“Do you think that story about Ladybug and Chat Noir was true?” he asks, trying to make out his sister in the dark.

“Of course not, people would’ve heard of her,” Alexa sighs. “Come on Emmett, we’re seven! We know when stories are true or not.”

“I guess,” Emmett says with a yawn. He turns over in his bed so his back is now facing his sister. “It’s just nice to think that some stories like that are true.”

“And they can just look at Batman, Nightingale, Red Hood, Red Robin, and Nightwing, they can be. But and superhero named Ladybug, that’s just a story.”

Little did they know, their mother, Marinette, heard them and was crying in the next room over. After all, her legacy is just a story to her kids. When all the miraculous had been put back in their places of the miracle box, the world, outside of Marinette, Adrien, her team, and they batfam. All the people who helped or held a miraculous, except Gabriel and Natalie, remembered what happened to Paris. Everyone else probably thought it of as a dream or a legend.


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Why of course

Okay so museum sleepovers are common here for schools and such so imagine- the class sleeping over at the Louvre (+ guest Luka because why not)

They arrive and have the standard tour and stuff, but then the museum closes for the night and they break out the PJs and the flashlights

Jalil and Alim and Ms Bustier are trying to get them to do the scheduled activities but it ends up with flashlight tag in the Louvre

Nathaniel probably tries to look at the art and gets dragged into Alix and Juleka’s DaVinci Code conspiracy shit, running around the museum looking for clues to something cryptic that they won’t tell him about

Mylene and Ivan staying in the area with a movie playing so she doesn’t get jumped by Kim in the dark again and get scared

Kim loses light tag to the power team of Max and Rose who combine forces to take him down

The square is off being goofs in the dark, Luka having them pretend to be doing a heist so the rich kids can feel free and have fun

Chloe getting dragged into the DaVinci thing halfway through as Sabrina gets tagged to be Kim’s light tag partner

Alya and Nino trying to find hero clues in all the exhibits but getting distracted by the movie and watching it with Mylene and Ivan

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In Which Gabriel and Plagg Argue

“I’ll solve all your problems,” Plagg had said. “You just have to agree to it.” A fixed relationship with his father, Lila to stop bothering him, and Ladybug to fall in love with him? Who wouldn’t agree to that?

Except Plagg was the God of Destruction and Chaos and had a more…hands-on approach. Adrien just wants his body back.

Ao3 |

After the shopping trip, the teens walked back to the school together, and then separated. 

“Ugh, walking is exhausting.” Plagg groaned. 

“You’re using my muscles, you know.” Adrien spoke, poking out of the pocket. “I don’t usually walk this much, since my bodyguard drives me everywhere.” 

“Well, then I’m sure this is good for you.” Plagg stomped in big steps. “But I haven’t used legs since the last time I switched with a wielder, so I get to complain.” 

“I think by that logic, you don’t get to complain, because you usually get to float. And not going to lie…it’s pretty sweet.” 

“Just wait until you start floating in your sleep, and then you phase through the ceiling and then keep going and end up in space.” 

Adrien froze, staring up at his own face from the pocket. “That can happen?” 

“Oh yes. Good luck sleeping tonight!”

Not too much longer, Plagg arrived back at the Agreste manor. 

He could feel Adrien shaking in his pocket. “What’s up, Bub?” 

“My father is going to be waiting for you. I just know it. He’s going to yell and threaten to pull you out of school—“ 

“What, like he did this morning? Relax. There’s plenty of windows in the mansion.” 

But Adrien came spiraling out of the shirt to look Plagg in the eyes. “But I don’t want you to break anymore windows! I don’t want you to make my father angry anymore! You’re hurting him!” 

Plagg gave him a hard look. “Is that what you think, Adrien? That your disobedience hurts him?” 

“Why else would he be mean? He loves me…” 

Plagg reached up and scratched his ears. “Of course he does, kid. But…sometimes, in people like your dad, love isn’t the strongest motivator. I know it is with you. Love is about the only thing that controls you. Your love for your friends, for your family, your city, for Ladybug…that all drives your decisions.” 

Adrien was quiet as he agreed. 

“But for people like your father, they’re driven by power. They base decisions on what will make them look good and get more respect. He does love you, Adrien, but he wants your unconditional loyalty. He doesn’t want you to question him, or to disagree with him, because you’re his son. He made you, and you’re half of him. So if anyone is to be completely submitted to his will, it’s you.” 

Adrien frowned. “I don’t believe that. I think…I think he’s just scared. Of losing me, that is. Like we lost mom. So he keeps me restricted.” 

“But he’s always treated you like this, even before you lost your mom.” 

Adrien had no argument to that, and just slowly lowered himself into Plagg’s hands. 

“Just think about it. I’ll do all the talking, you just listen and see.” 


Plagg tucked him back into the pocket, before approaching the gate and ringing the doorbell. 

The camera didn’t even come out, the gate just opened. 

It felt like walking into a hell mouth. 

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Marinette: Is Tikki asleep?

Adrien: Nah, she’s munching on her cookie with Plagg by her side

Marinette: Sigh, I was going to FaceTime her

Adrien: You can FaceTime me ;3

Marinette: I’ll pass

Adrien: ;(

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Featured Writer: @theladyfae

Title: your hand in mine (and all of paradise by my side)

Summary: Adrien wakes up to Ladybug asleep next to him, still holding his hand, and takes a moment to admire the view.

Relationships: Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir / Marinette Dupain Cheng | Ladybug

Tags: Ladrien | Adrien Agreste/Marinette Dupain-Cheng as Ladybug // Marinette Dupain-Cheng Finds Out First // Marinette Dupain-Cheng Knows // Fluff // Adrien Agreste/Ladybug Fluff // ladrien fluff // adrien is stupid in love okay // and it’s adorable // JUST PURE FLUFF Y'ALL // starring one sided reveal ladrien

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[ finally, the fic writer actually writes a fic! this is sort of a combination fic, i was slumped on the next kiss prompt combo and this challenge topic ended up with lukanette in the water! so i’m calling it both hehe. as usual, this fic was written in three 15-minute sprints and about a day of editing/minor additions!  ]

kiss #5: place - in the water; reason: admiration

sprint fic prompt: bike ride

ao3 // sprint not-fic (drawing)  

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Summary: Even though she still gets nervous around him, Marinette has been happily dating Adrien for several weeks. However, after agreeing to a mutual reveal with Chat Noir, Marinette postpones her date night with Adrien. Luckily, he also has plans with a friend that night.

Length: 7,178 words 

Hello, lovely readers! 
This was written for the 2020 JV Art and Fic Trade on Discord. There is accompanying art for this fic by @supergirl9130.  Be on the look-out for it soon! Enjoy! 

(Shout out to my beta for this fic, @miss-congeniality-of-ml



Marinette snuggled further into Adrien’s embrace, relishing in his warmth. In response, he kissed the crown of her head and sighed.

If someone had told her six months ago that she would be in this position, she would have laughed, cried, and then laughed again. Never in a million years did she actually think that Adrien Agreste would ask her out on a date, let alone want to become her boyfriend.

“Are you still feeling cold?” Adrien whispered into her hair. “Do you want me to get you a blanket?”

She shook her head. “I’m okay.”

“You say that now, but you always get cold again when I let go.”

“Then don’t let go.”

“As you wish, my love.” He held her even tighter, sending her heart into a frenzy.

Much to her chagrin, six weeks of dating still hadn’t taken away all of the nervousness that she felt around him. She quickly discovered that Adrien’s love language was all of them; as a result, he constantly showered her with affection, gifts, and attention. While most of the time Marinette didn’t know how much more her heart could take before it exploded, she’d never been happier.

Ever the gentleman, Adrien never showed her anything less than boundless patience whenever she became a blushing, stuttering mess in his presence. If anything, he seemed to enjoy it, and that only made matters worse.

Whenever she had a “Marinette Moment” (as he affectionately called it from time to time), he would simply smile, pull her into an embrace, and whisper reassuring words into her ear. Sometimes, his soothing would work, but other times it sent her heart off to the races, leaving her to slowly melt into a hyperventilating puddle.

“Marinette, breathe.” Adrien’s hand was running up and down her back. “You’re turning redder than you usually do.”

She wanted to kick herself.

It had happened again.

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I’m so honored to have been part of @mlwriterzine , and even more honored to write about my two favorite things: Marinette’s birthday, and Luka 😂 We just got permission to post our pieces, so here was mine.

Anyway, enjoy!

New York.

She was going to New York.

And she was eighteen.

Marinette had heard a lot about both of these things. That because she was eighteen, she could drive—except in New York she could have been driving at least a year ago. (Not that anyone drove in New York anyway, because it was, according to Mrs. Bourgeois, a total nightmare.) And because she was eighteen, she could drink—except in New York she’d have to wait three more years, the reason for which was beyond her, especially considering she wasn’t terribly keen on drinking in the first place. And because she was eighteen, she could play the lottery—and in that respect, at least New York was the same—but it didn’t mean much to her when she felt such a stinging guilt about getting money that she hadn’t really earned.

Somehow, it all already felt like too much, and she was only hours in. Still in the middle of her own birthday party, even. And the one thing that had not, and probably would not change, she noted grimly, was that she still didn’t know what to do when everyone gathered to sing “Happy Birthday.”

Seriously, what was she supposed to do? Sing along? Clap? Dance? Smile and wave, boys, smile and wave?

Did anyone know?

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