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Sweater vest propaganda
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nyanms 17 hours ago
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I'd like to see Chatnoir watching over little Marinette馃挄
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saytr 12 hours ago
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marichat may 2022 day 22 - partners
he got stuck on a hard level 馃ズ never mind that this is the stupidest way to play a video game; it is them, and therefore appropriate 馃槍
this started out as a thumbnail for @thelibraryloser but I liked it so much I wanted to colour it 馃憠馃憟
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gretchenzellerbarnes 2 days ago
Chat Noir *sees Marinette*: Bestiieee!! I just needed to let you know that I need attention!
Chat Noir: I need you to tell me that I'm pretty!!!
Chat Noir: And tell me that you're proud of mee!! PLEASE!!!
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varfolomeewa 3 days ago
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Miraculous Dance Au!!
Link: https://vk.com/wall-11766866_11234
I鈥檓 screaming 馃げ鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍they are soooo cool
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gale-gentlepenguin 2 days ago
Marinette: Not gonna lie, Adrien's cousin looks off. His eyes are unsettling and he kind of looks like a gremlin
Alya: Marinette, Adrien and Felix look Identical.
Marinette: On Adrien it works!
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littleinkling64 a day ago
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let鈥檚 just say the final battle against hawkmoth left some...lasting marks
(psst check out this cool boxing lady whose pose I referenced!)
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sunsketch 2 days ago
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鈥淐hat... why... why do you have that?鈥
Lucky charm drops out of Chat Noir鈥檚 pocket. Chaos ensues.
This is for @marichatmay聽 Day 20聽鈥淟ucky Charm Bracelet鈥
This is also the sketch for day 19 of my #sunnydrawschallenge. For the rest of the month of May I鈥檓 trying to post a miraculous ladybug sketch everyday 馃帹 You鈥檙e welcome to join and use the hashtag if you鈥檇 like :)
Check out my other sketches from the challenge here 馃尭
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officialfanbug a day ago
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The fact I never posted the full team together is blasphemy! Especially considering I鈥檓 doing their powered-up forms at the moment.
To clarify, they are all permanent users. Everyone who wields a Miraculous from the Core 5 + The Ladybug and Black Cat can receive boons and a power-up from using their Miraculous frequently. So this includes Felix and Lila aka Feafowl and Harlequin/Farfalla who get redeemed and join the heroes in the fight for the greater good. Yes I know they look quite evil here, but they are uwu baby just trust me. They鈥檙e gonna look much friendlier when I do their powered up forms.
So voila, Les H茅ros de Paris from my Miraculous Rewrite/Reboot! Taa-daa!
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immaturityofthomasastruc a day ago
This show has one of the worst cases of Protagonist Centred Morality I've ever seen. Thomas wasn't kidding when he said Marinette and Adrien are made for each other, because they're both awful. She's a hypocritical, gas-lighting stalker, and he's a sanctimonious, self-centred man-child. The only reason none of that is called out in-universe is because they're the main characters. I never thought a show could be both misogynistic and misandristic at the same time, but this show accomplished it.
I still like to believe that when Kagami said they were made for each other, she was saying it out of spite because she was annoyed with them both.
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nyamiou a day ago
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I redisigned the akumatized ladybug I drew a long time ago! Thank you everyone for coming up with creative names! so far I really like the name Lady Genesis.聽<(锟o付锟)> ~I鈥檒l be posting way more of her so stay tuned ~
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saytr 5 hours ago
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More doodles
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gameguy20100 2 days ago
While I don't personally ship Lukanette I can at least understand it.
As unhealthy as it was, Luka is a genuinely good bloke. He's sweet, kind, a bit of a snarker at times. I get the appeal.
I can't say the same for Felinette.
Like honestly where is the appeal?
He s*xually assaulted her.
Used and abused the man she loves.
Gaslighted all her friends for no reason besides making Adrien upset.
Betrayed her, and gave Gabriel the Miraculous with no second thoughts or regrets.
What is there to like about this guy? I just don't get it!
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cat-saturn an hour ago
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iwasbored777 a day ago
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Submitted by anon who deserves a raise.
This is EVERY conversation I ever had with Marinette antis.
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hangesidekick 2 days ago
Miraculous Characters 鈥 鈥淥nline Dating鈥
request: im gonna do it !! ok please could i request some headcanons for reader who is in a long distance relationship with mlb characters (you know which one specifically) like how would it be/how might you meet idk i love that concept <3
requester: @aviesnapkindoodles
note: yes i do know,, and i know which ones to add as well hehe!
warnings: e-dating lmao,
links: navigation station - masterlist metro - taglist
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Adrien Agreste
this boy never has free time but when he does he鈥檚 usually scrolling through ladybug and chat noir twitter posts bc that鈥檚 his form of escapism
you, a gamer, recently got tons of views for being a mastermind at the new 鈥楲adybug and Chat Noir: Akuma City鈥 game. and ofc what else does adrien do besides piano, modeling, being disappointed by his father, and school? play video games :)
so he started signing on to your streams, subscribing to your youtube, and it was after a massive donation that you dmed him and were like 鈥榮o like, who are you? and where do you work?鈥
adrien found you hilariously funny, but there was nothing more hysteric to you than when he told you, he is, in fact, adrien agreste.
you laughed your ass off, typing, 鈥渓ol yeah and i鈥檓 ladybug鈥
鈥渘o model boy i鈥檓 joking! cos clearly you are! adrien鈥檚 too sophisticated to watch my dumb streams鈥
鈥渙h uh, i wouldn鈥檛 say that馃槄鈥
鈥渨hy because you know him personally馃拃鈥
鈥渘o, well, yeah? because i am him!鈥
鈥測eah sure馃榾鈥
you just kept talking to him regularly, ignoring his 鈥榣ies鈥 about his identity because other than that he was a chill person
one day on one of your streams you asked him if he鈥檇 like to play with you. he turned on his webcam and was a little too chill about the situation
鈥渃an i be ladybug? i just think she鈥檚 really awesome!鈥
鈥測/n? are you there?鈥
鈥渉oly sh*t! you actually are adrien agreste!鈥
鈥測eah, that鈥檚 what i told you!鈥
gabe found out about the stream and took away babie鈥檚 discord and twitch </3
though not before you and adrien agreed to meet up at the park and go to ur house to play ultimate mecha strike: one
Marinette Dupain-Cheng
you followed Marinette on her instagram as she often shares her designs on there and little tutorials
you got to know each other overtime; sharing ideas, sharing finished pieces, random arts and crafts you did, and things you baked
eventually you gave marinette your phone number and she was ecstatic! she was blushing like crazy for a solid four days! you started texting on there and eventually facetimed each other
facetime became your most used app after this, you and mari were always talking on there, she found out your birthday was coming up and so she asked for you address and sent you a cardigan she knitted :3
eventually, you took a trip to france on a whim and you looked into this cute lil bakery and saw your cute lil girlfriend and you screamed
you opened up that door so fast and yelled 鈥淢ARI鈥 she was so terrified that someone yelled her name but when she saw it was u she was like 鈥淥MG UR HERE WHAT鈥
you guys spent the whole day together and she showed you around paris, ofc she took you to the places that are underrated in the tourist opinion and you guys had a picnic in the park
instead of going back to ur hotel room you stayed at her house and cuddled all night! and when you woke up Mr. Dupain had tons of croissants ready
i鈥檓 talking, chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, lemon, matcha, any flavor you could dream of!
Mrs. Cheng was absolutely THRILLED that her daughter had a s/o!! she was like, 鈥榳hy live so far away when you could live with us?鈥
you and her fam had an ultimate mecha strike three tournament.. which marinette won ofc
#proudpartner <3
Luka Couffaine
you guys met at a Jagged Stone concert <3
you got vip tickets so you were in the pit at the very front and luka was there next to you.
as you were waiting for jagged to come on stage you just conversed with luka about all of jagged鈥檚 music and he was super knowledgeable and you were a nerd too so you got along well
you thought luka was super chill so you got his snapchat and he was like
鈥渄o you wanna hang out sometime?鈥
and you got all sad n angsty,
鈥渋 actually don鈥檛 live in paris,,鈥
he was sad but you guys stayed in touch after the concert and became fast friends! and the next jagged concert was only a half a year later and ofc you went to that too
luka and you hung out at that concert and he invited you to dinner after that! you got italian food!
that鈥檚 when luka asked you out, he was like,
鈥渟o are you down for a second date?鈥
and you were like, 鈥渢HIS WAS A DATE??!鈥
and he was like 鈥渘o it was a fig鈥
what a donnie 馃う鈥嶁檧锔
you said yes tho and had a ton of e-dates, facetime calls, blah blah
he鈥檇 often snap you videos of songs he was working on and at one point jagged walked past him in the background of his video and you facetimed him immediately
luka: hey y/n! what鈥檚 u-
luka, looks behind him: 鈥 yeah, that鈥檚 him
you were flabbergasted and jagged had heard you scream so he came over and was like
jagged: woahh is this your rock n roll s/o that i鈥檝e heard so much about?!
you fanned over jagged for like a solid five minutes and luka just stared at his dad like 鈥榯hat鈥檚 my s/o bruh, stop stealing my time away from her鈥
luka: i forgot you were famous.
jagged: i never forget!
luka, blushing insanely: oh, uh, yeah, i guess having jagged as a dad is cool 馃槄
for the first sixteen years? no it wasn鈥檛
Tumblr media
taglist: @yoriichili @tchatso @just-your-local-fanart-weirdo @the-corner-redacted @lerivaleriano @itszero16 @putting-the-fun-in-dysfunctional @oyasumimosura @tbehartoo @storm-xv @aviesnapkindoodles @lumpywolf @sunniewrites @jannine00742 @vincentwrites @the-lecturn-lizard @eu-ayk @luminemoon @urmywaifuu @cxflawlessornahxd @its-romani-bitch @maycat-19-142 @chariottie @blushfairyx @imallinaandireallyluvphysics @straydestiny
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outfatuating 15 hours ago
there鈥檚 a trend on the show (especially in the 4th season) where ladybug will disregard chat noir鈥檚 emotions and continue to push him away even though he鈥檚 told her before that it makes him feel bad.
she can acknowledge his hurt and apologize and try to make him feel better, but eventually, the same problem of chat noir feeling as if he鈥檚 not really a trusted and equal partner of ladybug repeats again. and while it鈥檚 understandable why ladybug still has an insistence to rely solely on herself or to rely less on chat noir, it鈥檚 also important to see WHY it keeps happening on chat鈥檚 side.
adrien comes from a household where he has to continually forgive his father over and over again whenever his father disappoints and disregards him. it鈥檚 to the point where adrien doesn鈥檛 feel like he can stand up to his father about what he wants. BUT! it鈥檚 adrien鈥檚 complicated relationship with his dad which explains why he keeps forgiving ladybug again and again (even when there鈥檚 no change in ladybug鈥檚 actions). on one hand, he completely adores her so he can overlook a few grievances. but on the other, he鈥檚 just been raised to forgive without really addressing the extent of his pain. so it鈥檚 this cycle of being hurt, forgiving, hoping that ladybug/his dad will change (disclaimer: which is not to say that the way ladybug treats him is the equivalent to the abuse he experiences from his dad), and being hurt again.
again, i need to STRESS that ladybug is completely valid in her fears and the way she treats chat noir makes sense. in NO way does ladybug abuse chat noir. but it鈥檚 just interesting to note how adrien鈥檚 relationship with his dad has shaped how he deals with conflict. i feel like season 4鈥檚 finale is a culmination of ladybug鈥檚 fears coming true, and hopefully it鈥檚 in season 5 that we see some character growth for both ladybug and chat noir. it鈥檚 when ladybug finally lets chat noir in about chat blanc and allows him to share her burdens that the duo can grow stronger. and it鈥檚 when chat noir can effectively hold ladybug accountable that he can also find the courage to stand up to his father as well.
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steloivx 2 days ago
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forgotfulseven 10 hours ago
Bottoms up!
Back from the dead with a new story
TW: death
Marinette hated them.
Rich, poor, entitled, spoiled, all of them were brats in the girl's eyes. All they were good for was to brag and show off. All talk no action.聽
They can't take "no" as an answer and are just so irritating.
Ever since she was a child, the opposite sex did nothing but make her regret living and did everything to make her despise them more.
Her father was a loving man, he gave her everything she needed. Until she was 6, she saw his true colours in an argument with her mother.
"SEE SHU? SHE'S NOTHING LIKE ME, SHE'S A CLONE OF YOU! I DONT WANT TWO OF YOU ANYMORE! I WANT A CHILD THAT'S MINE, NOT YOURS." Her father yelled at the smaller woman who couldn't even speak, she was just covering poor Marinette's ears and his screaming got louder and louder.
You could tell he wasn't sober, he smelled horribly and had lipstick marks all over his shirt and neck
"You two faced liar. I did everything for you and all you could say is that this daughter isn't yours? You were there when I gave birth to her, when we found out I was pregnant. How could you say such things you." Her mother spoke calmly, not trying to fight fire with fire
"Ooh, now I'm the bad guy? Listen you ungreatful bitch, I took you in when you had nothing! I took care of this failure of a child because I'm sure as hell she's not mine! You're such a fool to ever have belived I was in love with you! All I ever felt was pity" he started to lose his balance, he raises the bottle of alcohol that he had in his hand and hit- not sure what,聽
Little Marinette closed her eyes in horror and heard the impact.
She felt drops of something wet hit her head
The girl opened her eyes and she could believe her eyes...聽
Shu's face was bloody, the bottle being stuck in her head. She fell backwards hitting the table聽
All Marinette could do is stare, stare in horror, stare in disbelief.
The man screamed in horror of his own actions, he backed away slowly, then rushed out the door
"Mommy...? Mommy are you ok? Does it hurt" Marinette got closer to her not moving mother
She touched the glass, cutting her small hand in the process聽
"Ouch..." She yelped, realization hit her hard and tears started going down her face
**hours later**
The police has arrested the man and the medics announced her mother's death
Little Marinette was taken into custody then send to a foster home until she was able to be send to an adoption center.
Years passed and she was adopted by Sabine Cheng, an amazing woman, who owned a small bakery in the city so called Paris.
Marinette was supposed to start a new life, with a new family, new people and a new city.聽
The past couldn't be just erased. The little girl had nightmares for years on end.聽
She was send to therapy, her adoptive mother tried everything to help the little girl, to make her happy.
A couple of smiles per month brighten up the small woman, it meant the world for her to make Mari happy again.
But Marinette's hatred for men grew as when she started school, she was the target of bullying.聽
She was called bad names, made fun of for not having a father. Her (adoptive) mother's name was something common for the kids to say. Insulting them both.
Mari didn't see the point in standing up for herself. She didn't feel anything, so why bother get in more trouble.聽
She let all those things slide, not like if the other kids knew anything about her past would make things better.
So she just sat silently in a corner of the class, until 8th grade, when a new girl has joined her class
The new girl's hair was blonde, and her eyes were a beautiful baby blue colour. It complimented her face quite well as the ponytail flung from side to side as she walked.
Marinette thought she was beautiful.聽
From what she knows, the girl was the mayor's daughter, Chloe Bourgeois.
The blonde seemed to be really talkative, made friends with everyone in the class, besides Mari, as she just nodded when Chloe introduced herself.
Everything was ok, until the second lesson. When the clock rang, two boys jumped on Marinette's desk and started talking
"Yo fatherless, stay out of the new girl's ring, you aren't worth her time nor friendship, got it? Don't get your hopes up, no one would wanna be friends with a freak like you." One of the boys spoke as the other one laughed
"Hey! How dare you say she's not worth my friendship! Who do you think you are to say YOU are worth it?!" the class gasped as Chloe snapped at the two boys.
"why would someone like you wanna be friends with someone like Marinette-no-father-Cheng? You haven't met her yet! She's a freak, she never shows any emotions either!" One of the boys in the class jumped in the other twos defense
"Well from what I see she's better than all of you! You all seem like selfish brats who know nothing about minding their own damn business." Chloe walked up to Marinette who has her headphones in her year and grabbed the girl, dragging her away from the class.
The two of them arrived in the bathroom, Chloe was breathing heavily in anger, as she pinned Marinette to a wall and then backed away.
"Ridiculous! Utterly ridiculous! How dumb are you, why aren't you defending yourself against those assholes?!" Yelled the blonde at the a bit taller girl.
Marinette took a deep breath
"Why would I defend myself when I don't feel hurt by what they're saying, they are nobodies who know nothing about me. So why bother, may I ask?" She finally looked at Chloe
Chloe's jaw dropped a little at Mari's words.
"Well it's really annoying. If you keep being their punching bag, they will see you as weak. Ignorance isn't always the best tactic when it comes to this stuff y'know?" She felt sympathy for Marinette, Chloe herself knew how it was to be more with one parent while the other one was close to never there.
"I guess you're right" Mari chuckled.
Chloe's face felt hot all of a sudden, she was in awe seeing Mari (kinda) smile聽
"Be my friend. I'll protect you." the blonde raised her hand to shake Marinette's
Mari's face could be read as shock, but she shook it.
*Fast forward*
The two girls became best friends, inseparable and feared.聽
Once they moved to Fran莽oise Dupont, they remained the same, but weren't as close (publicly) as Chloe wanted Marinette to make more friends, and people saw Chloe as a spoiled brat, since she was the mayor's daughter.
Mari felt upset that her only friend had to be distant to her only for her to make friends, but she fell back into her old habits of not talking to any guy- or anyone at all.
*Flashback end*
Mari was 17 now, tall and gorgeous girl. Still in class with Chloe, still best friends and going strong.
The classroom bell rang, gathering all the her classmates in the room.
A girl named Lila's tales could be heard in all of the room.聽
Marinette tried exposing her some years back, but no one cared about what she had to say. The class saw her as a jealous person, who was envious of Lila being friends with "everyone".
So she sat down at her desk, looking through her phone, bored, texting Chloe about their plans for later today.
Miss Bustier walked through the door. Late as always. But it finally shut the teens up. Everyone going back to their seats.
"Goood moooorning class! I have announcement to make."聽
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