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I drew this as a Christmas present for my mom, who is probably more obsessed with Miraculous Ladybug than I am. I didn’t feel like drawing the sewer in the background (from Desperada) so I just went with the bubbles that Miraculous Ladybug likes to put in the back of romantic moments. Hope you guys like it.

Happy thanksgiving to those of you in America and anyone outside of it, this might not be your holiday but I’m grateful for you guys too and I hope today is amazing for you too! Be safe and I hope you guys have a smile wherever you are. <3 :)

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Class reveal
by purpleavocado

Just a one-shot I thought up of what would happen if their class found out about their identities. I wrote this in school in two days, enjoy!

Words: 3209, Chapters: 2, Status: Complete, Language: English

Read Here:

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“The lights… they’re so much more impressive up close!” 

Chat Noir smiled, taking Adrien’s hands in his. “Fifteen years ago today, someone kidnapped the King and Queen’s baby boy, the new light of the kingdom. The perpetrator was never found, but ever since, the kingdom throws a festival to release lanterns into the air in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, he’ll see it. That it would give him some solace, some joy, wherever he is. Whether that’s smiling down from the heavens or whether he’s still here on earth.”

Fifteen years today huh? The prince would be about his age now. Not that Adrien was entirely sure of how old he was - he had to piece it together from off-hand comments Father had made about his age, but he’d narrowed it down to somewhere around now, give or take a couple weeks. “I hope he’s doing well, wherever he is,” Adrien said, staring at the reflected light of the lamps glistening in Chat Noir’s eyes.

Chat Noir smiled at him. “Hopefully he’d be happy to know that this tribute has brought such joy to so many people. I- I always loved watching the lamps be released, growing up. It was one of the activities the entire orphanage pitched in on, everyone making their own lantern, the older kids helping the younger ones. Everyone turned out to watch the lights and wish the prince a happy birthday.”

“Why aren’t you with them now?” Adrien asked curiously. 

Chat Noir winced. “We’ve… we’ve been running low on money at the Orphanage lately. It’s not dire yet, but… well. We’ve been holding fundraisers. Many of the older kids have been taking on what jobs they can, but they don’t have a ton of experience and it’s hard to get something that pays well. And I’m too young to be considered for even those. I’ve babysat in the past, I’m good at it and I like it, but… well, it doesn’t exactly break the bank.”

He closed up his eyes, his face screwing up, afraid to see Adrien’s reaction. “So I- I moved to petty theft. Not from people who couldn’t afford it!” Chat Noir added hastily, seeing Adrien’s eyes widen. “Just from the rich. And that helped, for a bit. But it still wasn’t enough.”

Taking a deep, shuddering breath, he continued. “There was this one man. Everyone quieted down when he entered the room. He- he asked for the prince’s ring. The one that denotes them as being heir to the throne. It’s said that it has magic powers, but only for those with Royal bloodline. I dunno why he wanted it, but… well, he put up a LOT of money, enough to take care of the orphanage for a year.

So I- I stole it.”

Adrien blinked. “You WHAT?!”

Chat refused to meet his eyes. “The palace’s security is surprisingly lax, and between my experience and my staff,” he gestured beside him at the staff, in compressed form currently, “I was able to steal it, but I didn’t manage to get away without discovery. That’s why I was so eager to climb the tower. To escape from them.”

Chat was a thief? For a good cause but-

“If it’s magic… are you sure delivering it to that guy’s a good idea?”

Chat bit his lip. “No, but- but I don’t know what else to do! And- and I already told him I’d get it. He would’ve heard about my heist by now. It wasn’t exactly subtle. So he’ll be onto me as well.”

Adrien frowned. “What were you planning to do after delivering the ring? It doesn’t sound like the palace guards will leave you alone afterwards.”

“I wasn’t planning on sticking around. I’d do some more jobs, get some more money, try to send more back to the Orphanage. Live life on the run.”

“You’re just a kid though. Do you really want to do that to yourself…?” Adrien asked softly.

Chat’s hands clenched. “I’ve already done it. It’s too late now. What, I just go back to both that man and the Palace and say ‘Oops, my bad, hey, could you maybe leave me alone and throw in some money for the Orphanage while you’re at it?”


Chat laughed wryly. “Maybe if you did it.” He gave Adrien a wink. “You have a way of persuading people to change their objectives after all.”

“Do you really think that would work?” Adrien asked. 

At Adrien’s hopeful expression, Chat shook his head vigorously. “No. Oh no. Don’t you try it. I don’t want you getting in trouble for me. This is MY problem, and I’ll be the one to fix it.”


Chat hesitated. “I- I’ll think of something. I’m- I’m a minor. The King and Queen are known for being kind and fair. Maybe- maybe if I could talk to them, could explain, they’d pardon me, at least if I gave the ring back. I’d need to avoid being caught by the Royal Guard though,” Chat grimaced. “They’re not as lenient.”

Adrien blinked. “You have the ring with you?”

He hadn’t seen it in all this time. 

“Yeah. It’s small, thankfully, easy to hide and transport,” Chat explained. 

“Can I see it?”

Chat motioned towards one of his pockets… then hesitated, looking at him suspiciously. “Wait… you’re gonna try to give it back in my place aren’t you?”


He didn’t look convinced. “I stole it. I’ll be the one to return it. I don’t want to drag you into this more than I have already.”

Adrien frowned. “Do you have a plan.”

Chat grinned, but Adrien could see the nervousness in his eyes. “What would be the fun in that?”

As Adrien continued staring at him, Chat elaborated. “I’m best at improvisation. I do have SOME idea how I can break into see them - I managed to break in to steal the ring after all. I’ll adjust on the fly.”

He smirked at Adrien. “I could use a kiss for good luck though.”

Adrien laughed, happily obliging.

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Based on this AU

Adrien is going to London with Kagami and their mothers for a week. As expected, Marinette is there to wish them Bon Voyage.

Marinette: You haven’t even left yet, and I already miss you like crazy.

Adrien: *holding her hands* I know, I’ll m-m-m-miss you too, but I’ll be back. It’s… It’s only a week. *sudden realization* Oh, I almost forgot! *reaches into his bag, and takes out his scarf and beret and put them on* Voila! How d-d-do I look?

Marinette: *gasps and gets misty-eyed* You’re going to wear the presents I gave you in London?

Adrien: Of course. Why wouldn’t I wear something made by my smart, beautiful, talented girlfriend?

Marinette: *blushes and giggles* Okay, you made your point. Just be careful, okay? *takes his hands again* Be safe.

Kagami: *teasingly* Hey, what am I, chopped liver?

Marinette: *hugs her* I’ll miss you too, Kagami. Be safe in London, okay?

Kagami: *hugs back, then looks at her* Don’t worry about it. Adrien and I will keep each other safe, and we’ll be back before you know it. 

Marinette: Okay. *sighs* 

Adrien: *takes Marinette in his arms* A kiss for the road?

Marinette: *giggles* Certainly.

*Adrienette Kiss*

Kagami: *smiles and sighs*

Wayhem’s voice: Kagami!

Kagami: Huh? *looks towards the voice*

Wayhem: *wheeling furiously towards* Don’t leave yet! *panting* I have something to tell you!

Kagami: Wayhem? *runs towards him* What is it?

Wayhem: *panting* Look, I know you’re leaving for London, *panting* and I know this is sudden, but I couldn’t let you leave without asking you…

Kagami: Asking me what?

Wayhem: Kagami, will you go out with me?

Kagami: *blushes* Wayhem…

Wayhem: I know, I know.  It wouldn’t work out. You’re a champion athlete, and I can’t even walk, but I…

Kagami: *grabs Wayhem and kisses him full on the mouth*

Wayhem: *shocked but eventually melts into the kiss*

Adrienette: Awwwww!

Kagami: I’ll be back for you, Wayhem-chan.

Wayhem:*dreamy look in his eyes* I’ll wait for you, Ma Cherie.~

Emilie: *from the train* Adrien! Kagami! Hurry! The train’s leaving soon!

Adrien: Oh! We gotta go. Je t'aime, ma princesse. *kisses her cheek and leaves*

Marinette: *waves goodbye* Je t’aime, mon prince! Bon Voyage!

Kagami: *kisses Wayhem’s cheek* Wait for me.

Wayhem: *kisses her hand* I will. Bon Voyage, Ma Cherie.

Kagami: *smiles then leaves*

*The train departs*

Wayhem: *smiles with tears in his eyes*

Marinette: Wayhem, are you okay?

Wayhem: Never better. *wipes his tears away* I have a girlfriend.

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I don’t know who else has posted about this but I hope those who have watched united heroez remembers this guy. During his introduction he said that he was from Armstrong Heights in Queens, and this is actually an Easter egg to Spider-Man because Peter Parker lives in Queens and the reason that this is important is because Ladybug and CatNoir was based off of Spider-Man and CatWoman.

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I want Adrien nd Mari to be together with all my heart, but I also hope their relationship isn’t all sunflowers nd rainbows.

Have Adrien call Marinette out on her jealousy, and have his set boundaries with her occasionally creepy behaviours. Have him call out the way she often talks down to him as Chat, not trusting him with important information like she always should.

Have Marinette call Adrien out for being oblivious to her emotions, and the ignorance he can occasionally show to her and their friends. Have her call out his constant flirting as chat that isn’t appreciated or warranted and mostly serves as a distraction.

I know I’m expecting too much, but I think the imperfections of both characters would be a really important thing to explore when they get together.

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Chat Noir has arrived! Or nearly, he needs some more edits to get that bell shiny, add the shadows and lighting for his mask, and turn the zipper three-dimensional. Don’t worry, he has a tail, it’s just hidden at this angle..

He’s pseudo-canon with a flair, since he’s a lot trickier to paint than LB’s spots. I also wanted to get more depth to his suit so it’s a combo of two outfits with… a lot of background shenanigans. I’ll be tweaking it a bit further to get it more integrated.

He has, uh, leg pockets now! The model for the belt thinks it’s being cute by making me turn on ALL of the buckles at once. So. The leg harness is on along with the triple belt. I may turn them off later for a closer-to-canon look, but it’ll take some repainting work to teach the program what to hide instead of a simple switch. I’ll probably add a pawprint while I’m in there though because I’m extra like that…

- @enberlight (26 November, 2020)
(just after 2 am this time! An hour sooner than usual.)

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Apparently the character type I latch onto most is “boy who is very empathetic and kind, but has been manipulated and abused by outside forces in ways that have attempted to stifle that, only to have that kindness shine through anyway.” Especially having to build or rebuild their sense of self, their personality, in the face of that adversity, refusing to be manipulated or controlled anymore, and being who they truly are.

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