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awholelotofladybug · 11 minutes ago
(Stammering AU) I wonder how Gina embarrassed Marinette , Nora embarrassed Alya , Gorilla embarrassed Adrien and Jalil embarrassed Alix?
Marinette and Adrien
Gina: So, Adrien, have you seen pictures of Marinette back when she was just a baby? *shows him*
Adrien: Awwww.
Marinette: *turns bright red* Nonna!
Gorilla: *taps Marinette's shoulder*
Marinette: Hm?
Gorilla: *shows Marinette Adrien's baby pictures*
Marinette: *GASP* Oh, how cute! Look at his widdle face! *gasp* And the widdle sailor suit!
Adrien: *hides blushing, smiling face* Gorilla! N-N-Not the sailor suit photo again!
Alya: *bushed from a long babysitting night*
Nora: Long night?
Alya: Yeah The girls sure love that "magical unicorn" game.
Nora: Just like you when you were little. In fact... *takes Alya's unicorn PJs from the laundry* I don't think you ever grew out of that phase.
Alya: *blushes while covering her eyes and pushing the PJs towards Nora* Would you put those away?!
Jalil: Alix, look what I found for you! *pulls out a tiara* Isn't it cute? I thought would wear it when you play "Princess Dressup."
Chloe: Oh, how cute!
Zoe: So sweet!
Alix: *turns bright pink* Jalil! You couldn't wait until I got home?! *pouts and take the tiara* Thanks though...
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bag-chip · 32 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Runaway AU [Part 4]
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Sorry for the wait for this one! I have lots to do, and I want to make sure I don't overwork myself too much :P
Just a reminder, I'm also posting this on my Instagram, and I also have a form for the tag list. If you have noticed that you aren't being tagged or your username is not underlined, please try submitting it again in case it was typed in incorrectly (because I just copy/paste the username)
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alysandiee · 51 minutes ago
At this point, I just want to know/watch how Marinette managed to convince Gabriel to watch their movie.
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buggoutt · an hour ago
Gabriel: Adrien, you’re not going to play with that band. That’s not even real music.
Marinette: *designs costumes and blushes at Luka*
Luka: Marinette,  you're the music that's been playing inside my head since the first day we met.
Gabriel: akjhlafadfafsdfs you messing with MY SHIP?
Gabriel: Adrien, you’re going to play with the Kitty Section right now, and keep an eye on that blue haired guy. He wants to steal your girlfriend.
Adrien: What? 
Gabriel: What?
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Gabriel: Alright so obviously we all want to die
Nathalie & Adrien: [mutters of agreement]
Gabriel: But we’re gonna have to get through this
Nathalie & Adrien: [groans of disagreement]
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Hawkmoth: For the last time, Mayura and I are just friends
Chat Noir: *sneezes*
Chat Noir: Excuse me, I'm allergic to bullshit
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Adrien: so i heard you and father are together
Nathalie: yeah we are
Nathalie: it only took 1 life or death situation -
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ariadsishereagain · 2 hours ago
Forget me not
A/N: Soooo, this is my first fanfiction after a very long time I mean years and I am jumping on the memory loss bandwagon. I’ve had this idea for quite some time and I needed to get it out of my system. I still haven’t figured out how many chapters it’s going to be or how long I am going to be invested in it but let me know what you think.
Marinette is forced to give up being the Guardian of the Miracle Box and forgets all about her life as Ladybug. Adrien decides to unofficially become the new Guardian and leaves Marinette out of everything Miraculous related. He follows in his father’s footsteps and stays hidden never making public appearances afraid he would run into Marinette. After living for 5 years in Milan Marinette returns to Paris to continue her work as a fashion designer but she feels like something is missing.
Chapter One – Welcome bug (Words: 2040)
“So Marinette is coming back today”.
Adrien shifted awkwardly in his comfortable office chair. He raised his glass and then took a sip.
“I know”.
Alya studied his face for any expression, searching for any kind of reaction to the news but she found none. Only the same calm, cold business-like face he had always.
“What are you going to do about it?” she asked.
“What do you want me to do?” He asked again emphasising every word.
“Come on, Adrien it’s been so long. We all know you miss her and she needs to know that for some time you used to be a large part of her life.”
“There you said it yourself.” He said calmly.  “Used to be, not anymore.  And besides: Do you want to bring her back to that? We all agreed to it. Even you Alya. We said we would leave her out of it. And we did. It was for the best. She is happy with her life, isn’t she?”
He left the question hanging. He knew she was healthy and thriving. She became a world-renowned fashion designer, her name was everywhere in magazines and social media, in fashion shows. She managed to make her own brand and soon the world fell to her feet.
Adrien was happy for her. He really was. But it hurt that he couldn’t be part of her happiness or one of the reasons she was happy.
“Yes, she is but you are not.” Alya said interrupting his thoughts.
“Leave me out of it Alya. I am doing this for the best.”
He got up and faced the wall. He didn’t have the courage to face his friend. They had been through a lot together as a team the last few years. At first it was so hard to get used to their new roles. Without Ladybug calling the shots or fighting alongside them. They felt so out of place without her but Paris still needed saving. Not from Hawkmoth because they defeated him years ago but from other minor threats. They also kept their daily patrols to make sure everything was going well.
“But do you ever consider that maybe we made a mistake?” Alya asked again. “What if this is not what Marinette really wanted?”
Adrien sighed. He was conflicted. That scenario played in his head every single night. This is not what Marinette wants. This is not what you want. But it was too late now. Marinette had her life all planned out, figured out. She had her job, her friends, her own brand, a boyfriend so where exactly would he fit?
“No, we didn’t. We made the right choice Alya. This is what she deserves. Need I remind you the constant stress she was in? She is better off knowing that none of these exist.” He showed her the Miracle Box and the Miraculous.
Alya nodded. There was no way to change his mind. It pained her to know that her friend couldn’t move on even after all these years. It’s not that he tried, it was that he didn’t want to. For Adrien it was futile. He would always go back to her. To his lady, to his partner in crime and life, to his everyday Ladybug: Marinette.  How could any other woman ever compare? To her kindness, her creativity, her problem-solving skills, her smile, her jokes, her attitude. No one could ever compare. No one. There was no point in trying to find a substitute. Now he had realised how much like his father he really was. At least in that aspect they were both loyal to the end and perhaps even after that.
“Do you need anything else or?” He asked.
“No, just wanted to check on you.”
“I am fine Alya. Don’t worry about me. Now, go. Don’t keep her waiting. She doesn’t like it.”
“I know, I know. Bye Adrien.”
“Remember, just like we promised. No word about any of this.”
“You don’t have to remind me. I know.”
Alya left the Agreste mansion and headed to the airport. Over the years and due to her work Marinette learnt to be on time. No more needed excuses and no more being late. She no longer had to pretend or try to defend herself whenever she was late. It was her first time back to Paris after almost five years.
Alya had prepared a sign for her to hold while waiting for Marinette in the arrivals section. World’s fashionable best friend. That’s what she wrote. She held the sign up when she spotted her. It wasn’t hard to recognise her. It wasn’t like she had changed significantly after five years. She was a bit taller; her hair was longer but to Alya it made no difference since they kept in touch almost daily. Marinette would comment on her blogs or praise her journalistic skills while Alya would promote Marinette’s brand and designs. Marinette hid her blue bell eyes behind a pair of shades since she was famous now and was surrounded by three bodyguards who were ready to engage if a fan was going too far. That was the only thing Alya found weird. Knowing Marinette she wasn’t the person that needed protection. She could handle herself. Alya sighed. Those days were long gone. She missed that if she was being honest. Fighting alongside Ladybug was always a treat and a dream come true. But also finding out that Ladybug was her best friend made Alya respect and admire Marinette even more.
As soon as Marinette noticed Alya she ditched the bodyguards and fans and run straight to her.
“Hey girl”. She screamed at the top of her lungs. She didn’t care if the whole world was watching. After so long she was finally reunited with her best friend.
“Hey girl.” Alya said and pulled her into a hug. Marinette squished her tightly. “Aww I’ve missed you so much girl. You’ll have to tell me all about Milan.”
“Yeah. I will tell you everything as soon as we get home.”
“So, you came alone as I see.” Alya noted suggestively trying to make her talk on their way to the bakery.
“We will discuss everything I promise. I just need to find something first.”
Alya looked confused. Marinette looked focused on the task at hand that she didn’t say anything else in the car.
When they arrived at the bakery, Marinette unlocked the door and ran straight up to her room. Alya followed suit and saw Marinette going through her old stuff clearly searching for something. After a lot of rummaging, she gave up frustrated.
“Gahh, it’s not here.”
“What are you looking for?” Alya asked full of concern.
“My old diary. You know the one I kept before moving to Milan. It must be here somewhere.”
“Ok girl and why do you need it now?”
“Because…” Marinette sighed deeply. What was she going to say? That she had gaps in her memories? That sometimes she didn’t know if her dreams really happened or they were part of her fantasy? That a certain blond guy with green eyes didn’t let her rest? She had no idea who he was and his face was never clear in her head but his blond hair stood out and those eyes staring at her so intensely.
“Well?” Alya asked again.
“I broke up with Paolo. It wasn’t working. I don’t think it will ever work Alya. I mean with anyone.”
“Why do you say that?”
Marinette sat on her sofa and closed her eyes for a second. Being back here in her old room should have brought memories. That’s what she thought anyway. But sitting on that sofa made her feel more like a stranger than welcomed. It was like she was trying to piece together a life that no longer existed.
“So, are you sure that my type has always been artistic guys with dark hair? Because it’s proven to be wrong.”   
“What makes you say that?”
“I think… maybe…” she paused for a second and then continued. “Maybe I am more into blonds with green eyes.”
Alya tried to calm herself as best as she could after this revelation. Did she remember something? Why would she bring that up specifically? She tried to hide any emotion that would give her away and make Marinette suspicious. However, Marinette wasn’t paying attention to Alya and kept talking.
“I mean I tried Alya. Every time I tried to get into a new relationship, I tried to make it work but it only stays on the first base. Just talking, cuddling and some kissing. I wanted to go all the way but none of them felt right you know. I am 25, famous and I have managed to achieve all my goals except finding the right partner. I remember dreaming about getting married and having three kids and a hamster but the more I grow older the more unrealistic it becomes.”
She sighed and looked at her friend. Alya didn’t say anything even though there were so much she wanted to say. She was trying really hard to keep it together. Here, her best friend was spilling her guts to her and she was taken back when Marinette confessed to her she was Ladybug. Alya never thought they would end up like this. Being the one hiding things from her. Watching her suffer silently without being able to help. She was ready to open her mouth and say everything on her mind but Adrien’s words kept her at bay. “You promised Alya. It’s for the best.”
When they devised this plan, Adrien wanted to make sure that Marinette would forget him entirely so he made sure to erase his existence in her life. He took her diary, her pictures of him no matter how well hidden they were, her designs that were related to the Agreste brand and made sure none of their classmates would mention him, or her parents or their friends. He convinced everyone to put on this play for Marinette’s sake. He even told Luka to be there for her and basically gave him his blessing if he ever wanted to pursue her again. Not that it didn’t hurt but Adrien was so used to keeping everything inside and to himself that most of them thought that maybe he didn’t love her that much. All those years wearing different masks finally paid off. Adrien was able to play his part so well that he managed to make everyone believe that he was just cold and distant just like his father was. Only a handful of people realised how much Marinette meant to him, how hard it was to give her up, to make her forget him forever as he would watch her from afar thrive without him by her side.
“I don’t know if I will ever be able to do it you know.” Marinette said interrupting Alya from her thoughts.
“But you already did it girl.” Alya said without thinking letting the words slip without controlling them.  
“What?” Marinette asked in shock as a blush crept on her cheeks. Her mind was running multiple scenarios in her head in a matter of seconds at the newfound information. “With whom? Why didn’t you tell me before?”
Oh no. Alya had just messed up. If she didn’t fix this Adrien would kill her. She had  promised him earlier today to keep her mouth shut. Knowing Marinette her brain was on fire right now going back and forth to figure out what Alya said.
“It happened once with Luka but you were too drunk so you probably don’t remember it.” That was all she could say. Blaming this on Luka wasn’t her brightest idea and it would cause problems but it was better than tell her that in fact the blond guy of her dreams really existed. In this way Marinette would stop trying to search for him or so Alya thought and wished. But if she really knew Marinette which she did this was only the beginning. There was no way to stop her when she put her mind into something. After all, her stubbornness was a quality all of them loved about her.
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percy-the-diet-coke · 2 hours ago
Plagg is Marinette x Adrien biggest fan, you can't convince me otherwise.
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wickedbxtchofthewest · 3 hours ago
Here’s my proposal to how Marinette should be akumatized in either season 4 or 5:
So we all, as a fandom, have agreed that Marinette’s akumatized form is going to be Lady Justice. I think her akuma item should either be the umbrella Adrien gave her in Origins or the lucky charm Adrien gave her on her birthday.
The reason why I think it should be something Adrien gave her is because the scenario I picture in my head when she gets akumatized, Adrien is the tipping point.
It took awhile for me to decide between Kagami or Lila, but I think it would be more fitting to the story for Lila to be the reason Marinette gets akumatized.
Lila will do her usual thing and lie her way to turn Marinette’s friends against her. About Marinette hurting her or doing something bad. It’s obviously a huge plot hole that people believe Lila over Marinette, but we’ll let it roll for now since it helps the storyline.
Whatever Lila lied about makes it so Marinette needs an alibi. However, the lie Lila told included something like “yesterday during the akuma attack” or whatever, and Marinette had to be Ladybug during that time. Which means that Marinette would have to lie about her location/action.
Now Adrien notices the inconsistency in Marinette’s story for whatever reason, maybe he went to go look for Marinette as Chat and couldn’t find her. Because Adrien is a very morally driven person, he can’t help but doubt Marinette and questions her...
Leading Marinette to believe that she’s truly lost all her friends. And boom. Lady Justice.
And now the part I was excited to explain.
I’ve been thinking about it, and it doesn’t really make sense for Marinette’s akumatized power to be like Chat Noir’s in Chat Blanc. It was my original thought for Mari’s power to just be an enhanced version of her miraculous’ power of creation, but HawkMoth obviously knew he was akumatizing Chat so he expanded on that.
HM doesn’t know that Marinette is LB, so I’m pretty sure he’d grant her a new, different power. My next thought was mind control, but direct mind control isn’t a suited power to Marinette’s situation. She doesn’t want to control anyone. She wants justice.
Not revenge. Justice. I don’t think even an akuma can change Mari’s beliefs on justice and revenge (that she talked about in Silencer). She doesn’t want to hurt Lila or her friends that turned their backs on her. All she wants is the truth to be known. Nothing more and nothing less.
HawkMoth’s power comes from negative emotion. So it’s not necessarily anger. Marinette’s desperation for people to know the truth is what sets off her akuma. Similar with Evillustrator/Nathaniel (his true intentions aren’t exactly to cause harm), Marinette doesn’t try to cause damage, which is where I think a lot of people interpretations of Lady Justice go wrong.
We’ve seen that even when akumatized, a person’s heart and emotions aren’t just wiped away. Anytime an akumatized person encounters someone they’re in love with, they usually don’t bring harm to that person. Ivan and Mylène. Luka with Marinette.
So Marinette probably will not use her powers on anyone she cares about. That basically included her entire class (minus Chloe and Lila) and her family. She could possibly only go after Lila, the same way Nathan only went after Chloe during his akumatization.
You see, a very popular power that people suggest when it comes to Marinette’s akumatized form is the ability to make people tell only the truth, but we got that with Truth from the episode Truth in season 4.
My suggestion would be to make her power the ability to show other people memories. She could place her hand on Lila’s head and the memory of her lying would be displayed for everyone to see.
And there you go! That’s my suggestion :)
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bugababe · 5 hours ago
Adrien can correctly identify 17 different types or forks in a fine dining restaurant but Chat Noir sticks is head directly under the parmesan grater that the waiter's holding
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bambicambi · 5 hours ago
Adrien: *hums while tapping his finger to his lips* hmmm... how about no?
Marinette: you need to take a bath.
Adrien: I don't want to.
Marinette: you have to.
Adrien: it's only been 3 days.
Marinette: 3 days of workouts and runs!
Adrien: ... I don't stink.
Marinette: your hair is so greasy.
Adrien: I don't smell.
Marinette: shower.
Adrien: no.
Marinette: Adrien.
Adrien: Marinette.
Marinette: *glares at him* ...if you don't take a shower I'm throwing you into the Seine, and then you will have to take a shower.
Adrien: *scowls*
Marinette: *try me bitch*
Adrien: ....fine.
Marinette: wonderful, the shower is already on and your clothes are in the closet—
Adrien: damn you.
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angiecakes1990 · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
just finish watching the eng dub of Mr Pigeon 72 and literally she is fliritng with him here and look at his face 🥺🥺
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ladysunamireads · 6 hours ago
A Miraculous Collection of Love Square Shenanigans
A Miraculous Collection of Love Square Shenanigans by elfie4306
It's just the introduction, you can skip it. Basically, I'm just explaining what I'm going to write and probably go a little too into detail on my own life. There's information about labels in there though.
Words: 3890, Chapters: 3/?, Language: English
Fandoms: Miraculous Ladybug
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: F/M
Characters: Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir, Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug, Alya Césaire, Nino Lahiffe
Relationships: Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir & Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug
Additional Tags: Fluff, Angst, Adrinette | Adrien Agreste/Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Marichat | Adrien Agreste as Chat Noir/Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Ladrien | Adrien Agreste/Marinette Dupain-Cheng as Ladybug, Mostly Fluff, its all fluff, dear god its only fluff
Read Here:
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bigfatbreak · 7 hours ago
Loving the Lady Clarity doodles! What if the akuma occured b/c of Lila (the whole revealing your true thoughts/feelings powers targetting her for being a fake) and that's how Lila's lies become exposed? Would Feralnette not care at that point or be kinda salty towards the class? Like, what if after getting hit Lila's phantom heart spoke about all the vile things she's done to Feralnette & LB & who HM really is? I can see Gabriel going "Oh sh-" before Mari arrives to kick his ass.
I imagine by that point, Feralnette is off being Ladybug trying to stop Lady Clarity from forcing anyone else to confess their receipts. Adrien by this point hasn't been hit, he's checking up on his friends and making sure everyone's ok!
it doesn't seem like it...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
bonus: Felix trying to make good on that promise with an extremely hesitant Adrien attempting to be the voice of reason
Tumblr media
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