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#miraculous tales of ladybug and chat noir
ladyfurtive · 2 days ago
AU where Adrien thinks that Marinette still has feelings for Chat Noir and the reason all the people around her keep getting akumatized is because she wants to see him.
Marinette: Help, Chat Noir! My friends have been akumatized into the Gang of Secrets and they’re looking for me!
Chat Noir: I’ll help you this time, but remember I already told you I have feelings for Ladybug
Ladybug: The Dupain-Cheng family has been akumatized!
Chat Noir: *sighs* listen, Marinette, I get that you’re in love with me but this has to stop
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infinitysgrace · 2 days ago
If the peacock miraculous broke before it was found, it would've been repaired in Feast (the episode). Emilie and Gabriel broke it.
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dame-chat-blanc · 2 days ago
Ladybug: I have something to tell you.
Chat: Oooh~ Are you about to profess your undying love for me?
Ladybug: Yes, I am.
Chat: [brightening] You are!?
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aclaemix · a day ago
There’s so much of “Adrian is a sentimonster” out there, but none about Emilie that I’ve seen??? It seems like she totally could be??????? Thomas Astruc even made that tweet about how sentimonsters can have children.
Maybe they GOT the miraculous because they were looking into EMILIE’s “perfect” origins.
Maybe Adrian and Felix look exactly like their mothers because of the magic, not coincidence
Maybe Adrian’s not a sentimonster, but the child of one…
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infinitysgrace · 2 days ago
I still want to know how tf Emilie and Hawkie boi broke the peacock miraculous.
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Ephemeral English Dub is out!
Here’s a drive link for it, courtesy of Miracle Bug on YouTube :)
Unfortunately though, this means that as of right now, there’s no more premiere dates for anything :(. Gloob has been releasing spoilers though, so hopefully that means we’ll get something soon!
In the meantime, highly suggest visiting @yumiayumu’s mega drive link to watch all the episodes out so far in English if ya get bored! And other than that, pinned post is updated and I’ll make sure to let you guys know about any news, so stay tuned <3
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emdoddles · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The hero line up for @a-chlolix-blog scarabitty and Kitty Claw AU. All the heroes are out to play.
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a-chlolix-blog · a day ago
Prompt Idea: Zoé refuse to take the Bee Miraculous from Ladybug because she knows that Ladybug stop believing in Chloé and Zoé doesn't want to fight with her half-sister.
"I am NOT using that Miraculous & I'm not fighting Chloé!"
Ladybug was honestly quite shocked that someone would turn down a chance to be on her team with such rage.
"You need to understand-"
"No, YOU need to understand! Just because you've given up on Chloé doesn't mean I have to!"
" If you need the Bee Miraculous for this, then count me out."
Ladybug watched with regret as Zoé watched away.
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Mod Analysis
Episode: Ephemeral
since ephemeral first aired (and was followed by gabriel agreste) there’s been a lot of discussion regarding the twin rings, once of which gabriel wears on his left ring finger as a wedding ring.
Tumblr media
however, gabriel hasn’t always worn his ring there
in season 1, he’s depicted with the ring on his middle finger. assuming this isn’t a retcon (ymmv on that, ofc), it’s interesting that he has his wedding ring there, but moves it back to the traditional finger later on. typically, widowers, if they move their ring, move it to the ring finger on their right hand — not the middle finger on their left hand. so why is his ring there?
the middle finger represents, among other things, balance. the fact that gabriel has moved his ring from his middle finger back to his ring finger may represent that he has abandoned any pursuit of balance in his life. no longer is he willing to pause and reflect on what his work as hawkmoth is doing to his remaining family, something we saw him doing as late as mid season 2. without rewatching every episode i can’t say for sure when gabriel switched the finger he put his ring on, but it’s safe to say that by chat blanc, the episode preceding félix, gabriel has given up on the pretense of balance: his priority is getting his wife back — at any cost. there’s no balance left. the middle finger also represents justice, and if gabriel ever cared for justice, he doesn’t by the end of season 3. all he cares for is emilie, and the ring’s placement is adjusted to reflect that.
the middle finger is also known as the finger of saturn, after the roman god. you may know his greek counterpart better: cronus, who was overthrown by his son, zeus. perhaps by moving his ring, gabriel is trying to avoid a similar fate.
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bugaboooooooooo · 2 days ago
Gotta love kagami in frozer cause when adrien and luka immediately go all here lemme help you up to mari and nothing happens our girl kagami just shoves them aside like move you incompetent bitches
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Chat noir: So,who did you pull together to fight hawkmoth?
Ladybug: Well...
Viperion: Present!
Rena rouge: *salutes*
Queen bee: Bonjour...
King monkey: Hiya!
Pegasus: Hello.
Chat noir: Wait, where is carapace?
Ladybug: Well..
Master Fu with turtle miraculous: She brought semi-sane 100 year old man instead.
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