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MONEY: As the month comes to a close, it’s time to end business, projects, plans and ideas  that really have run their course and no longer serve a viable financial purpose.    Even though you’ve tried to hang on, deep down you know a change of course and direction is the only positive solution.    Once you make the break, the Universe will open a new door of opportunity.

SEX: Try not to bring stresses of your daily life into love, keep it separate.  In fact personal love relationships could be a source of happiness and relief this week.

POWER: Use the power of Aries to contemplate and beigin to plan new beginnings with new ideas.    This is what you do best and currently what’s needed for future success.


MONEY: The way you’ve been making money needs a new focus and broader outlook.    At the moment you feel safe  in your financial comfort zone, that isn’t really providing  growth or monetary increase.    Therefore look at new ways to communicate what you’re offering, at the same time making things easier and simpler to present to others.  Anything too over the top will fail.

SEX: Find a way to reach your partner on deeper levels.  If you keep the relationship on a superficial basis alone the foundation of the relationship will get weaker and eventually collapse.

POWER: Taurus is the sign of material wealth and  personal resources.  However, it also represents self-worth, which means you have to have enough self-confidence to empower you beyond your comfort zone.


MONEY: How you’ve been communicating your ideas, projects and business to the world will experience a change of direction as a result of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini  on the 30th.   At the same time, if a situation  or challenging crisis evolves, quick action maybe needed to fix it, or at least adapt.  Ultimately this is the beginning of the end, concerning a way of thinking/ communicating  that hasn’t and doesn’t work.  

SEX: Blending thoughts and words with your heart and feelings will go a long way in bringing you and your partner closer together this week.

POWER: With the power of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your sign this week, you’re now on the precipice of old cycles ending.  If you can open your mind to see the potential of  new possibilities/solutions to problems in and around your life, the transit from old to new will be seamless.


MONEY: Difficulties you’re experiencing, especially from the negativity of  “frenemies” and the rest, because you’re often your own worst enemy, will begin to fall away  because of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on the 30th.    Although the last few years haven’t been easy, this year being no exception,  you can slowly begin to look forward to brighter days ahead and opportunities to expand horizons in new positive directions.

SEX: Try to be sensitive to the needs of your partner, listening instead of  selective hearing.  Remember they’re just as sensitive as you.

POWER: Let your instincts guide you this week, and help you look forwards not backwards. Empower yourself to let go of “baggage” you don’t need to carry.


MONEY: The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini could bring an end to hopes and wishes long sought after. At the same time causing separation in groups and friendships you’re connected to.  The solution is to avoid blurting things out without thinking things through, which serves no purpose other than to aggravate others and lose their support for future prosperity.

SEX: Beware of allowing ego to take control of love relationships this week. Remember it takes two for love to work out successfully.

POWER: It’s not only what you say but how you say it that will determine the positive outcome of events this week.  If you take the time to stop, look and listen, you’ll be able to solve crisis and dilemmas easily.


MONEY: Certain difficulties and misunderstandings that have affected career, goals, ambitions and involve people in authority/power, will show definite signs of the end being in clear sight this week, courtesy of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini.   At the same time, it will be obvious, that all the patience, perseverance and focus you’ve demonstrated will start to pay off.

SEX: Complete honesty with Self and your partner over current scenarios, past and present,  will bring relief and a weight off your mind, realizing your significant other understand more than you realize.

POWER: Deep introspection and meditation is needed this week before taking action, enabling you to come to new thoughts/perspectives  on situations in and around your life.


MONEY: Whatever direction and path you’ve been following up to this point is about to change because of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on the 30th.  Now it’s time to meet new people and map out a new plan of action, surrounding yourself  with individuals of integrity, who really have your best interests at heart.

SEX: Make sure you and your partner are on the same page individually and together,  so that miscommunication and misunderstandings can be avoided later.

POWER: Take care to act and not just get caught up talking about what you want to do.   Now is the time to relinquish old ways of thought and action that haven’t helped you move forward.  A deeper understanding of your true life purpose, will help you make better decisions.


MONEY: Now is the time,  if you’ve been moving forward with the Universe,  to  let go of old karma and joint financial partnerships that have blocked you from really being true to who you are.    If you have also grown mentally and spiritually, The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse  will help release  your from people and negative scenarios, especially those in positions of power, or who have a lot of power karma,  that have had a debilitating affect on your life. The “light at the end of the tunnel” is now easier to see.

SEX: Even though you and your partner have opposing views on certain subjects, unity through diversity is really one of the main keys to a successful love-relationship.

POWER: Regardless of events that occur this week avoid being caught up in dialogues/gossip that is hurtful and negative towards others.   This is an opportunity to renew your mind, letting go and removing old out-dated molds of thought and broaden/deepen your outlook.    Remember the symbol of your sign, the Phoenix arising from the ashes.


MONEY: How you’ve interacted on a public level and in certain contractual agreements obviously must change.  Presentation at this point is everything.  You must therefore be more up-to-date with your methods of communication, social media etc., if you want finances to increase.  The key is to not fear stepping out of your comfort zone into unfamiliar territory.  

SEX: Reach out to help your partner wherever needed the most.  It’s the little things that count, even if it seems like nothing at the time.    Ongoing love-relationships need work.

POWER: The more energy and time you spend revitalizing projects and ideas that have been ongoing, your chances of success will incrase in the months ahead.


MONEY: Work that involves constant communication needs an overhaul.  With the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on the 30th,  affecting this area of life, how you serve Self and others is definitely up for change. Expansion of horizons, especially connected to projects of a visual nature, as well as , how and what you communicate to others, are really the areas to focus on now.   If you’re able to think outside-of-the-box,  you’ll see and know the potential for prosperity at your disposal.

SEX: Sincerity, compassion and a sincere willingness to be more supportive will  help to bring you and your partner closer and create a deep mutual understanding of each other’s needs.

POWER: Capricorn is an Earth sign and has tendency to be slow to move forward in new directions.  With the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurring this week, you must recognize that certain doors need to close in order for new ones to open.


MONEY: The creative ideas you’ve been working on but have yet to implement, may have to be let go as a result of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on the 30th.    Now you have a chance to be a greater powerhouse in sharing ideas and not hold back.  If you’ve been working  hard to move forward and kept a journal of what you want to do,  you’re on the verge of tremendous success coming your way.

SEX: Harmonious thoughts and words when communicating to your partner will help to maintain a deep understanding between you.

POWER: As  change “knocks on your door”,  be ready  to adapt with new ways of action to move forward without vacillation or procrastination. Doors previously closed will now begin to open.    Events that occur will be the catalyst for change in your life.


MONEY: Your foundation of life and what you want will go through a “shake-up” because of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini.   If you’ve been listening and been aware of Universal cycles, you’ll know your current format of life is about to crumble.    Hopefully, you have new ideas to replace the old, so you’re able to move forward in a new more powerful format.

SEX: You and your partner need to synthesize  feelings with thought, intellect with reason, so that communication is a lot easier.  Agree to disagree.

POWER: Any changes you’re faced with this week, will actually provide and be the precursor to finding alternative answers that solve  existing problems and difficulties you’ve been dealing with.

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Aries: let them keep their independence. make it known how much you adore how strong they are. don’t smother them, let them remain free and to do what they want. boost their ego with compliments about their body.

Taurus: give them space when they need it, but never let them go a long period of time without telling them something you love about them. give them the time they need to process their emotions when they are upset.

Gemini: leave them wild, let them wander. don’t make them water themselves down, love them for how loud and out of this world they may be. admire them for the dominant personality traits that they possess.

Cancer: always remain soft and consistent. don’t let them go to bed upset. make it known that you will always be there when they are sad or need you. lend a helping hand when it is needed, take holding their heart seriously.

Leo: be clingy and compliment them a lot. randomly give reassurance even when they don’t ask for it. listen to them when they need to vent, never make them feel like a burden for wanting to be around you all the time.

Virgo: little gestures mean the most. little letters, cleaning the dishes for them, making sure that they are warm, etc. the more actions you use to show love, the better.

Libra: show interest in what they love. they have a lot of knowledge and like to feel like they have someone to share it with. don’t get annoyed when they have random thoughts, show that you want to be around.

Scorpio: love the bad bitch energy and don’t try to tame it. admire their intensity and they will love you intensely. don’t play mind games and be straightforward, otherwise they will leave.

Sagittarius: don’t leave in the heat of an argument. they appreciate people who get it all out on the table. express all that you are feeling and let them into your world.

Capricorn: be understanding when they are distant, the last thing they want is someone who will make them feel bad for how hard they work. be supportive of their endeavors. 

Aquarius: try to break through their walls. show that no matter what they tell you, you will stay. even when they are difficult, give them the time they need to come to you. if you stick around, you will become their favorite person and you won’t ever forget it.

Pisces: show that you want to stick around. talk about the future, talk about your dreams with them included. don’t leave them guessing, give reassurance and show that you love them every chance you get. don’t leave them wondering, listen to them.

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‘Zodiac Stories’ by Michelangelhoe presents…

The Signs as Christmas songs:

Aries: Fairytale of New York

Taurus: Candy cane lane

Gemini: All I want for Christmas is you

Cancer: Baby it’s cold outside

Leo: Last Christmas

Virgo: One more sleep

Libra: Santa Baby

Scorpio: Christmas time (Dont let the bells end)

Sagittarius: Step into Christmas

Capricorn: Drivin home for Christmas

Aquarius: Feliz Navidad

Pisces: Santa tell me

Love, Michelangelhoe 🌝 xxx

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Aries: Plenty of fighting online to engage in

Taurus: At least food stores were never locked down

Gemini: Lots of constant new ideas and multiple perspectives thrown at you

Cancer: More time to work on the things you love

Leo: Time to catch up on that pesky video game back log

VIrgo: The Covid weekly work bonus

Libra:  Endless supply of social justice causes to champion

Scorpio: Its no longer paranoia if its real

Sagittarius: You took a risk moving all your investments to Amazon when it began 

Capricorn: In the modern world you can still work from home

Aquarius:  Politics basically took center stage the entire year

Pisces: The drug supply line didn’t seem to be effected much

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Friend Giving Advice: You can’t just throw people away and act like you don’t know them.

Aquarius ♒️ : Ignores friend and puts music louder.

Libra ♎️ : I just ignore what I don’t want.

Virgo ♍️ : The list goes A-Z

Leo ♌️ : I know what I deserve.

Taurus ♉️ : I know what you mean but I don’t even know who you’re talking about.

Gemini ♊️ : It’s not my fault they can’t handle me in their life.

Cancer ♋️ : I give people too many chances, and I honestly know my limits.

Scorpio ♏️ : Oh really? Than why did they invent a block button.

Pisces ♓️ : I choose who I let into my own world.

Aries ♈️ : I believe it’s trashCAN.

Sagittarius ♐️ : I do that all the time, come and go like seasons. I like time to myself.

Capricorn ♑️ : You always get what you deserve.

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What is Uranus?

The planet Uranus is the 7th planet from the Sun in the universe. Unlike every planet leading up to this point, The function of Uranus does not directly influence an individual’s personality. Uranus is classified as an outer generational planet. Its role differs greatly from the original 7 inner planets inside Saturn’s belt. The nature of Uranus is felt more on a larger scale. Uranus impacts an individual only by house placement and significant planetary aspect in a chart.

Uranus in Astrology rules over the future and the process of change that brings the future to the present. The role of Uranus is one of intellectual original thought, specifically extreme thinking that invokes progressive changes. Uranus is assigned the concept of reconstruction of established ideas to make this happen. Uranus’ key function is to use eccentric thought and to reinvent the wheel and progress things forward.

The primary function of Uranus centers on the state of global awareness. This planet impacts large groups of people and society as a whole. Uranus coincides with the direction of major trends and breakthroughs that progress society forward. The concept of social universal brotherhood and people working together are functions of this outer planet. It is a planet of collective effort and the collective work to progress society forward.

Working to create a better world through advancements in social society structure is a key theme of Uranus. Uranus rules over. Working towards concepts like freedom, liberation, and the ability to empower the individual are foundational ways Uranus works to progress social structures. Concepts to achieve this can include humanitarianism and trying to promote equality in social classes. Politics specifically is assigned to Uranus in Astrology due to its nature of broad social influence to promote broad social change.

Themes of Uranus to invoke social changes can include more aggressive tactics to promote individual independence. Rebellious tendencies are key extremist Uranian factors to promote more individual freedom. Concepts that promote chaos such as social protest to raise awareness are tactics of rebellion. Since Uranus is the planet of extremes, chaos and anarchy can also be employed to invoke social changes when required.

Aside from social changes, Uranus works to progress society in another key way. Science and technology advancements are seen from Uranus as backbones of major societal advancements. Together they stimulate growth in society by making life more efficient. Technological advancements allow more time for intellectual thought and the pursuit of individual ideals. This is just another way in which Uranus works to empower the individual by bringing a greater sense of freedom..

While Uranus is a generational planet, it does have impacts on an individual level within a chart. Uranus affects an individual primarily through house placement. In this way, Uranus brings the potential for sudden changes, upheavals, and extremism to the areas of life ruled in the house. Uranus can also be responsible for bringing radical thinking, innovative approaches, and seeking to establish independence in the house it resides. Uranus aspecting planets in a chart are also responsible for affecting the core personality.

On average Uranus takes about 84 years to Orbit the Sun, during which times it spends about 7 and a half years in each sign. The sign Uranus is in is responsible for showing traits of the trends of human society for a time period. The retrograde motion of Uranus in the sky can invoke a period when social unrest slows down or shuts down for a period. It could be a time when society seems more conservative and goes with the flow.  During this time Uranus energies tend to be more internalized, so it’s a time for review and meditation on future change. These changes are more probable to invoke when Uranus goes direct.

Age Uranus Matures: Between ages 20-22 and ages 42-44

Uranus does not Mature in Astrology in the same traditional way as the inner planets. Uranus’ key role in Astrology is sudden changes, upheavals, and change of direction. This said the maturity an individual goes through with Uranus can relate to suddenly waking up and inspiring change in their life. This happens during two key times.  

The first time Uranus matures can be attributed to when Transit Uranus squares the natal transit in a birth chart. This happens between the ages of 20-22. This time of life has key Uranian themes built on rebelling against the upbringing and seeking independence in young adulthood. It can be said this the first taste of desire for individual freedom. This first period of maturity represents putting personal hopes and dreams on a pedestal. Such a period can also rule over detaching from childhood friendships and seeking more prolific groups to involve in society.

The second time Uranus matures is attributed to the transit of Uranus opposing the natal Uranus in a chart. Such a period is also renowned as the midlife crisis and represents a second passing of the quest for freedom. Often times the desire to break free at an early age of 20-22 can be hard due to a lack of resources. For this reason, it’s entirely possible that seeking independence completely was bypassed.

During the Uranus opposition, it’s more or less a second chance of maturity of installing independence and freedom. By age 42-44, there is more social backing and financial resources to open oneself up to change. With more resources, this time period can invoke sudden inspiration to go after dreams. It is as if there are a sudden jolt and realization to wake up and be yourself. This is also a time of life when people’s political positions tend to change or mature versus when they were younger.

Sign Uranus Naturally Rules Over:


Uranus Traits

Global Awareness
Social Brotherhood
Sudden Changes
Original thought
Intellectual Inspiration
Eccentric Approaches
Reconstruction of Established ideas (Re-Engineering)
Large Organizations

People Ruled By Uranus

Aritifical Intelligence

Places Ruled By Uranus

Global Marketplaces
Corporate Buildings
Science Labs
The Internet

Day Ruled By Uranus


Time Ruled by Uranus

Day (Speculative due to lack of historical data. Uranus is affiliated with the 11th house and Aquarius, which are linked to the day portion of a chart. Uranus is linked with society which operates mostly during the day time, another reason Uranus may be stronger during the day.)

Uranus Temperature

Moderate Cold

Colors Of Uranus:


Body Parts Ruled By Uranus

Ankles, Shins, Calves, Spinal Cord, Nervous System, Nerves in Back, Achillies Heel

Karaka of Houses/Theme: (what the planet signifies and rules over)

11th House / Society, Social Welfare, Politics, Hopes and Dreams, Innovation

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Virgo: If I cut my leg off and swing it at your head am I hitting your or kicking you?

Gemini: You’ll probably end up mentally scaring me more than anything.

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What makes the venus signs fucking amazing:::::::

Aries: yall are always down for a late night adventure, always down for the fun and thrill but also so childlike and sincere in your actions. It goes over looked because you guys want to be seen as tough and independent. yall are the cutest babes.

Taurus: you’re so intresting and captivating, your words are so magnetic. you always show your love through effort and the smaller things. You show us that maybe love dosent have to be so grand and in your face, maybe it’s a warm touch, someone to talk to on a bad day, or a handmade gift. You’re the healer.

Gemini: the biggest jokesters, always keeping things intresting and new. Your word play is so gracious, a little intimidating too if I’m being honest. You are so fun to be around, I always expect a knot in my stomache after hanging out with you because of how much I laughed. You’re so charming, witty, and irresistible. You’re irresistable.

Cancer: babe alert! Yall are kind and giving. Theres nothing not to love. You love like theres no tommorow. Your quirks are so endearing, you’re whimsical and make me feel like I’m exactly where I’m meant to be . I never feel out of place when I’m with you. People never forget you. youre the ultimate lover.

Leo: we see you!! being the fire that lights up everyones heart. You’re warm and hot shit. You’re never afraid to love and give but you never let people fuck with you. You know how to have fun and care for those who deserve it. You are the balance.

Virgo: you’re the first one to give to others and SHOW UP. That’s what we love about you, you’re THERE for everyone. You show up no matter what happens. You stick around. Dont mistaken kindness for weakness though. Yall baddies, so awakward and sweet. you’re humbling.

Libra: the ultimate best friend, it’s never just romantic with you. You bring flares of closeness and friendship. You take love to another level, somehow so magnetic and exciting but at the same time casual and friendly. You bring the best of both worlds together.

Scorpio: yall are committed and will not stop at any challenge, you put in the 60% when your lover is feeling like 40%. You’re not afraid to fight for what you love and go to every length for them. You have a never ending flame within your heart. Keep that flame.

Sagittarius: you make me sit at the edge of my seat and my mind constantly race. I never know what’s next with you, you make me dream of places and people I’ve never been or met. You make me want to live and be free. You inspire me to live.

Capricorn: you’re just the coolest motherfucker arent you? Always there to cheer your lover up and giving them the world without expecting anything in return. I feel like I can always be myself around you and give me the reassurance that I am safe with you. You’re the protector.

Aquarius: never taking things too quick and always leaving me wondering. You’re this big mystery box that no matter how much I think I found the real gift, theres always more to unlock. You make me question everything I considerd the truth. You’re the unsolvable mystery.

Picses: yall are the biggest sweetie pies. So soft and a unique love filled with new experiences and depth that is rare to come across. They will show you what youve been missing all along. You’re the missing puzzle piece.

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*all personal observations, all signs are amazing and everything is subjective to the person. You are all awesome and unique <3*

▪︎capricorn and aquarius moons are some of the most emotional people I’ve ever met. They have an amazing ability to console people and offer them sound advice but also not let their emotions get the best of them. Love yall!

▪︎You can detect someone with a lot of 9th house placements from a mile away. They’re usually the ones talking up a storm, informing you about things you’ve never heard of, and charming you away with their curiosity

▪︎jimi Hendrix, janis Joplin, mac miller, kurt cobain all had cancer moons. Extremely creative and all died from substances/ self inflicted harm

▪︎gemini and virgo placements are both a good match, curious and adaptable gemini adds some flare to virgos docile and anxious nature. Meanwhile, virgo adds softness and stability to gemini

▪whatever you lack in your chart you will attract. Find out your least dominant element/ modality and see if you attract people of that sign or with a heavy influence. For example, I have only 2 air placements, my least dominant energy but I ALWAYS attract air signs. All my friends and partners have had air placements

▪︎yall always talking about how sexual and seductive scorpios are BUT have you seen taurus. They ain’t far behind. Taurus yall are so sexual and alluring.

▪︎Aquarius attract some of the weirdest people

▪︎people with cancer/taurus placements tend to be heavier side or store more in their stomach area


▪︎aries have a great go getter energy, even if their not the most driven person, they have this flare to them and a need to live life fully and as fun as possible

▪air mercuries can talk for hours on end…truly

▪︎water mars are the SCARIEST people to see mad. They all express it differently. For example, cancer mars is scary because they BLOW UP, scorpio on the other hand, will let it simmer and make you pay the price, picses mars will pretend that you dont even exist

*honorable mention: taurus mars, CHILLEST people you’ll ever meet but when you hit that specific spot, they will rage

▪︎sagittarius and aquarius men are truly the definition of god complex

▪︎I’ve noticed that people who have their sun in their 12th house/ heavy placements have usually had an absent father and if not have experienced heavy self esteem issues

▪︎despite what you may think, picses are the best manipulators, not scorpio

▪︎sag moons are some of the funniest people you will ever meet

▪︎people with heavy gemini influence are some of the most intellectual people

▪︎libras are more know-it-alls and if not just as ‘critical’ as virgo

▪Sister sign relationships will be the most thrilling but also the biggest learning curve

▪︎people with heavy sag, scorpio, and libra influence have beautiful curves and if not that curvy, they have a great booty

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Aries: go out a bit more, everyone misses you

Taurus: you’re doing so fucking well, I see you putting the effort

Gemini: thank you for being the friend everyone can turn to

Cancer: you’re changing and that’s ok

Leo: remember your power comes from within love

Virgo: you’re a boss ass bitch.

Libra: keep working hard because everyday youre getting closer to your goals

SCORPIO: look around you! Change is everywhere! GO WITH THE FLOW!

SAGITTARIUS: you’re fucking dope.

CAPRICORN: Slow down and smell the Roses, not everything is set in stone

Aquarius: you will find yourself.

Picses: go do that thing you’ve been putting off!

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The land of fire

Intuition is that you? Today must be a special day.. hmm what day is it? Ah it is the first day of Sagittarian season. I can feel the fire inside of me growing. My body and spirit knows I am up next for a birthday. I can feel the flame in my centaur tail growing like the wisdom teeth of a human. I have been hit with lots of new wisdoms and thoughts and I cannot help but be a stereotypical Sagittarian and wonder what the future holds. It feels good to be relaxed in my fire home however as a mutable quality and Pisces moon I used to not help but be a martyr but those days are long gone. It feels wonderful to stay comfortable, independent, and not settle for anything that lowers my vibration. I am not afraid of judgment nor to speak up for myself. I have not and will not take anyone’s bullshit. I am living life as I am suppose to and it feels awesome

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