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Hi there! I had a ok day, not great, but it was good! And yes we can try an rp out!! Do you have a plot right now or are you going with the flow? 💜

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Though they may be little,
they’re very supportive of your things💕

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To be honest, he wasn’t in the mood for cuddles, kisses or anything that had to do with affection, especially when there were rumors going around that her ex was trying to get back together with her. Of course he had the right to be frustrated but he wouldnt really be mad at his girlfriend forever! He knew about this when one of his close friends sent him a news article stating that they were “seen” Together however there was no pictures of them together recently so it was a high chance of him believing in it, well for now, unless proof showed up.

As Jimin opened the door, he didn’t have a care in the world who he talked to, all he wanted to do was lay down, relax, and enjoy the peace and quiet without no one interrupting him. As he walked back to bed, he took his shirt off and crawled to his side of the bed, unlocked his phone and locked on Twitter to see fans reaction of their newest music video he and his brothers just made, not even seeing that his love was coming into the room.


(Credit to gif owner)

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Finally finished phew

Yes, I’m a hoe for blue haired Taehyung leave me alone

Word Count: 8.1k (oof)

Warnings: Light spanking? Oral (giving/recieving), dirty talk, Taehyung


Originally posted by taejoon


The 22nd letter of the alphabet to some, to others he was a powerful man. A man who pulled the strings of his many associates that obeyed every command. He was a mysterious figure, a man whose face hasn’t been seen by many but very few described him.

Some say he’s a foreigner that settled in Seoul, on the run from the international authorities. Some say he was a tall muscular man who used to be a hitman before chasing his ventures. Some say V wasn’t even a man at all, but a woman.

You didn’t know the truth behind V either, opting out of the rumour mill that clouded the name. It wouldn’t help you anyhow as you were a mere gambler, spending parts of your paycheck on roulette and the occasional slot machine. You liked playing against dealers, calculating every move that you could make and the rush when you make a small payout from a simple game.

Gambling can be beautiful; the sweet taste of victory could overwhelm the senses and lead to people scrambling for any cash on them to keep playing. You could watch desperate men begging for a rematch, screaming that they had to be cheating because there was no way they could lose.

Of course, you knew they’re being outplayed by the dealer, but the addiction eroded their ability to see their reality.

You haven’t gone off the deep end yet but tonight, you were feeling lucky.

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part 12 out of ? // prev // ___

A/N: someone please help me not overwhelm myself from starting so many things i can’t finish at once- i have so many ongoing aus from two different accounts on different social media platforms dnjknfdskn,, 

- my requests are open!

- Operation: B.N.D masterlist

[please let me know if you want to be on the Operation: B.N.D taglist!!]

taglist<3: @koochiekoo @taegiluvr @fangirling-gallifreyan @someone-you-dontknow @aviwasabi21 @mipetronella @tanumiki

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