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jung-koook · 9 hours ago
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I wanna pinch his cheeks
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gimbapchefs · 13 hours ago
not all of bts making fun of jimin’s part in save me 😂cr. lsirikul
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jung-koook · 10 hours ago
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why so cute
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taee · 11 hours ago
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BTS’s hearts are always with ARMY. 💜B T S = C U T E?💜 See you again tomorrow, ARMY!
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poshtae · 12 hours ago
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taee · 20 hours ago
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taehyung’s habit of chewing a non-existing gum (for @itsallaboutzayn ☆) | (6: cr. namuspromised)
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mercurygguk · 20 hours ago
ridng jk for the first time as he praises you and uses lots of use of pet names
thirst night #4
pairing; jungkook x f. reader
it’s crazy how easy you give in to his teasing and flirting – all he has to do is say your name in a certain tone and you’re a goner, completely and utterly whipped and simping for him on the spot. sometimes it even feels like you’re melting into a big puddle when his voice reaches a specific level of deepness, when he shoots that soft, soft smile at you and kissing you like you’re the only two people in the room. it’s always a dream when you’re with jungkook, a hazy dream that feels like it’ll end soon but thankfully it never does.
however, in this very moment, those sweet moments of love and care are long forgotten and replaced by heavy breaths and moans, whimpers and whines of pleasure, the slick sound of his cock sliding in and out of you as you bounce on his lap.
“ohhh- fuck,” you cry out, losing yourself on top of him, the feeling too good to bear.
jungkook’s lips are brushing over the skin on your chest and breasts, your nipples receiving small kisses once in a while as he slides his hands up and down your back, down to your ass to grip a tight handful of flesh in them, guiding you on his cock.
“shit, look at you, baby,” jungkook groans as you begin to grind on his cock, hips rocking back and forth in a pace so slow that jungkook needs to hold himself back from pinning you against the mattress and fuck into you hard and fast.
the sight of you letting your head drop back, eyes closed tightly and lips parted in silent moans, one hand gripping his wrist tightly, the other gripping his shoulder, your nails digging into his skin. you look absolutely beautiful as you ride yourself towards your orgasm, using jungkook’s body for your own release.
“look at you riding me so well,” he rasps, lips brushing over your collarbones. “you look so fucking sexy right now, can’t believe you’re mine-“
the words leaving his mouth causes your stomach to tighten in excitement, your walls clenching around him as he calls you his. a low moan falls from his lips as he feels you tighten around him, your walls making it almost torturous for him to be inside of you.
“mhm- kook,” you whimper. jungkook hums in response, meeting you halfway as you pull him in by the nape of his neck, your lips searching for his desperately. “fuck, you feel so g-good.”
“so do you, princess-“ he gasps as your clench hard around him, your hips stuttering in their grinding. jungkook feels himself reaching his high faster than ever before, the feeling of you tightly wrapped around him makes him lose his mind slowly. “you’re doing so good, riding my cock like fucking a pro.”
“oh my god,” you gasp, feeling yourself falling over the edge, tensing in his embrace. the feeling of you cumming around him is enough to make him cum hard inside of you. your pussy keeps clenching, milking him for every single drop of white, sticky cum. “fuckfuckfuck-“
“yes, fucking take it, baby girl,” jungkook hisses, lifting his hips to fuck into you just a bit more until his orgasm has died down, “you gonna milk me for everything, huh?”
“mhm,” you hum, teeth digging into your bottom lip, “give it to me.”
a low guttural moan falls from jungkook’s throat as he pulls you in for another kiss, cock still tightly nested between your wet folds, cum still leaking as he slowly guides you to grind against him again. you’ll end up ending him if you keep up with riding him like you just did, but to be totally honest, jungkook doesn’t really care – as long as it’s you who’s riding his dick, he’ll gladly accept to die.
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taeunwoo · 5 hours ago
the micro said i'm leaving now 😤
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taee · 12 hours ago
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211202 Jin's Tweet:
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blu-joons · 17 hours ago
When He Falls Asleep Whilst You Play With His Hair ~ BTS Reaction
You couldn’t help but chuckle as Jin continued to try and force himself awake whilst enjoying the feeling of you playing with your hair. “You’re doing yourself more harm by trying to stay awake you know Jin.”
“I’m fine,” he argued, determined not to fall asleep on you, “I’ve barely spent anytime with you recently, I should stay awake.”
Your head shook as he offered you one of his signature charming smiles. “You and I both know that it’s only a matter of time if I keep doing this until you fall asleep, you’re barely able to string a sentence together right now.”
Jin continued to argue against what you said, determined, if not a little bit desperate, to try and stay awake. “Trust me, you’ll be bored of playing with my hair quicker than I’ll fall asleep, I’m going to stay awake.”
“Jin, there’s nothing wrong with sleeping,” you assured, “I won’t be mad if you fall asleep on me, you’ve been so busy.”
His head shook back at you, “just talk to me about anything, conversation is what I need right now to try and keep me awake, say absolutely anything.”
“Alright, I bet that you’ll be asleep in ten minutes.”
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Your head shook as the figure resting in your lap began to fidget, watching on as Yoongi’s eyes opened, smiling shyly up at you. “You sounded pretty confident earlier that you wouldn’t sleep if I played with your hair.”
“I made a mistake,” Yoongi confessed with a chuckle, “I really was trying my best to stay awake, but it just felt so comfortable.”
Your hands continued to brush delicately through his hair, “I could tell that you were asleep as soon as you came off the stage tonight, it was only a matter of time until you eventually decided that you needed to sleep.”
Yoongi’s head nodded in agreement with everything that you had to say, “I’m really appreciative that you carried on playing with my hair, it’s exactly what I needed after the long and busy day that I’ve had.”
“I didn’t realise that I was doing it after a while,” you chuckled, “it’s pretty relaxing for me to play with your hair too.”
Yoongi’s smile grew at your reply, “why don’t you try and get some sleep too seeing as we’re both comfortable as we are right now together.”
“You know what, that might not be such a bad idea.”
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Your smile grew as you watched Hobi’s eyes continue to open and close as he tried to make up his mind as to whether he wanted to sleep or not. “You can rest,” you whispered, trying to help him decide what he wanted.
“I don’t want to sleep just yet,” Hobi murmured, despite the feeling of your hands through his hair telling him otherwise.
You admired his perseverance, but you knew Hobi much better than that. “Just get some rest Hobi, you’ve got an hour until your call time, we can stay here until you need to start getting ready for work.”
“Are you sure you don’t mind staying here and playing with my hair until then?” He asked, smiling appreciatively as your head nodded back at him, allowing his eyes to close as soon as he had your approval to rest.
“At least your hair won’t be messy for when the hairstylists get their hands on it,” you teased, bringing a laugh out of Hobi.”
His head soon nodded as he began to make himself comfortable, “I hate the way others play with my hair, you always do it differently, much more nicely.”
“I know exactly what you like, that’s why Hobi.”
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A sigh came from you as you tried your hardest to pull your hand out from underneath Namjoon’s head, unable to feel anything in it anymore. “Sorry,” you murmured as his eyes opened to see what was going on.
“What happened?” Namjoon frowned, immediately feeling the absence of your hand no longer running through his hair.
You held your hand up as you tried to shake it awake again, “I didn’t mean to wake you up, but I was worried if I kept my hand there for much longer that it was going to fall off or something, it feels so dead right now.”
“You should have moved me earlier,” Namjoon scolded, readjusting his position in your lap, “the last thing I want is for you to get a dead hand, you playing with my hair doesn’t mean that much to me that you should hurt.”
“Give me five minutes and I’m sure that my hand will be awake again,” you tried to encourage, shaking your hand quicker.
Namjoon smiled back up at you, “just make sure you wake your hand back up, my hair can wait to be played with again, just as long as you do.”
“I will, but maybe a bit more comfortably this time.”
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Your eyes looked down to your lap as you felt a head rest into it, shaking your head as Jimin smiled up at you. “Let me guess, you want me to play with your hair?” You asked him, knowing what he was like straight away.
“If you don’t mind,” he whispered in reply, making himself more comfortable so that you could reach the strands of his hair.
You slowly began to move your hand through his hair, not giving it long until Jimin’s eyes began to close. “If you’re getting sleepy, rest,” you told him, watching as he tried to fight against his eyes from closing.
His head shook as he tried to his best to stay awake and in your company. “It’s always so calming when you do this,” Jimin whispered, closing his eyes as he finished speaking, unable to fight against it any longer.
“You can sleep,” you assured him with a chuckle, “once I’ve had enough, I’ll move you across to rest against the pillow.”
A soft hum came from Jimin as sleep quickly began to overwhelm him. “I’ll be asleep in no time if you carry on doing what you’re doing right now.”
“You’ve worked hard, you need to get some sleep.”
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You looked down in confusion at the sudden feeling of a hand against yours, guiding your hand away from Taehyung’s hair. “Did I hurt you?” You questioned as he placed your hand away from him and into your own lap.
“I can tell that I’m falling asleep,” he murmured, unable to open his eyes, “it’s unfair to make you keep playing with my hair.”
Your head shook, realising quickly that Taehyung was unaware of your actions, clearing your throat to speak. “I was actually quite enjoying playing with your hair, I don’t mind carrying on whilst you fall asleep you know.”
“If you start to feel uncomfortable, wake me,” Taehyung instructed, allowing you to move your hand back across to run through his hair, “I don’t want you to hurt yourself just because you feel bad for waking me up.”
“Don’t worry about me,” you warned him, untangling the knots in your hair, “worry about catching up on some sleep.”
A soft chuckle came from Taehyung in reply, “I could sleep all day whenever you play with my hair, it always makes me feel so calm and relaxed.”
“If you sleep for a long time, then that’s alright with me.”
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Your eyes rolled as you found yourself talking to nobody with Jungkook fast asleep with his head resting against your chest. “I’ve just spent the past ten minutes talking to myself,” you laughed in complete disbelief.
“I’m awake,” a quiet voice spoke, embracing the feeling of your hands running through their hair, “I promise I am listening to you Y/N.”
Your head shook as Jungkook shuffled so that he was looking up at you. “Your eyes have been closed for ages, I know that you weren’t listening to me, you were too lost in a dream to give me any of your attention.”
He smiled weakly as you read him like a book. “I really was trying,” he defended, “but you know what it’s like when you start playing with my hair, it’s as if you’re singing me a lullaby but with your hands instead.”
“Maybe I’ll save you my story for another day,” you grinned, encouraging Jungkook to settle back down once again.
His head shook back at you, “I want to listen to your story though, you can skip the beginning bit that I was listening to as well and start from the middle.”
“Trust me, you’ll fall asleep again Kook, it’s fine.”
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