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jungkook x 'left and right' mv
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he is so hot
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the prettiest smile 😭
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way too adorable
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my dear friend | jeon jungkook
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summary | just friends? keep telling yourself that, you and Jungkook have always danced on the line of friendship and something more but lately you’ve struggled being able to tell where you guys stand.
warnings | friends to lovers, pining, vague term of friends, SMUT, jealousy, drinking, skinny dipping, both fall around the same time, Jk doesn’t feel good enough, jk is a fuckboy, experienced reader, oral (f and m), riding, missionary, mirror sex, heavy petting, protected sex, aftercare, name calling (teasing), college au, everyone is very open talking about sex
[ lighthearted not really angsty]
Cold. Cold. Cold. Just like Cage the Elephant said but in the most literal sense of the phrase. Fucking freezing to be exact and it was all thanks to stupid Jeon Jungkook.
You pushed through the water surface gasping as a puff of cloud appeared in the cold air. You hissed at the cold water, teeth chattering as you swam to the shore all while shouting, “This is the worst fucking idea you’ve ever had!”
“I know!” He has the nerve to laugh as he followed close behind, “But you’re the dumbass who did it with me.”
Fair enough. You ignored him trembling with shivers down your spine as you dragged yourself onto the grassy shore, one hand to your chest and the other concealing your lower privates. Hopefully Jungkook was more occupied by his own slippery run through the grass to check out your completely exposed butt. One can only hope. He sprinted past you covering his own junk as he reached the piles of clothes first.
With your back turned toward him you picked up your undergarments shimmying them on looking for your shorts. You walked further down the grassy lawn in search for your t-shirt still shivering when cold water droplets fell onto your bare back and bra from your hair. Your teeth once again shattering hugging yourself. Jungkook came by next to you, “Where’d you throw it?”
You looked up, more toward the block of trees as something black ran past you. Your jaw dropped as he followed your gaze mimicking you now. A fucking raccoon… it just ran away with your t-shirt. Without another word a shirt was flung at your frozen state and you whipped your head around to your friend.
He was picking up his shoes and socks not bothering to put them on—nor bothering to zip up his jeans that hung loosely on his hipbone exposing the fine hem of Calvin Klein briefs. Alright Mark Wahlburg pack it up.
Still, you slipped his oversized t-shirt on pulling your wet hair through the hole and trying to wring water out as you both began walking back to the deck filled with party goers cheering you both on.
“You guys are fucking crazy!” Jimin laughed loudly pulling you both in for a hug, “It was cold, wasn’t it?”
“Freezing,” you trembled walking past him toward the table of alcohol hoping to find something that’ll burn your throat enough to warm you up.
“Holy shit it’s Dumb and Dumber with you two. I didn’t think you’d actually do it,” Taehyung came to you pouring the drink for you himself, “How’d he even convince you?”
“Homemade dinner every night for a week,” you told him simply making him laugh. “You drive a hard bargain.”
It really was that easy. You had already been slightly drunk and Jungkook was too. So when he started standing on a table claiming he had the best idea in the entire world that’d be so damn fun and exciting. He really did manage to have everyone’s attention until the words skinny dipping left his stupid lips. Everyone told him off saying the water was too cold but no, apparently a hoe never gets cold so he wouldn’t feel shit. Then everyone was yelling at him to do it by himself then but in pure stage fright he immediately looked to you begging you to do it with him even as you shielded your face away acting like you didn’t know him.
But he made the ultimate offer, making you dinner for a week straight, home cooked meals, and well you simply couldn’t refuse. Living off ramen had certainly been exhausting and who were you to turn down your friend’s offer to make you something worthwhile? So for obvious reasons, you succumbed to it and followed him across the lawn shredding articles of clothing running straight toward the freezing lake.
“Hey, you can crash here if you want just don’t tell everyone. I don’t want randoms asking to sleep here,” Jimin said to you later on once the buzz died down a bit. You only nodded continuing your one man game or jenga hidden away in the living room while everyone else was outside. You’re currently ending your wonderful spring break at Jimin’s lake house—or well his parent’s lake house. They let him use it this weekend and in pure college boy fashion, he threw a rager. Thankfully for you, you were close enough friends with Jimin that you wouldn’t be one of the ones kicked out at the end of the night back to the forty minute drive to Seoul. You’d just go home tomorrow morning with one of the guys or girls you knew.
Jimin let you have one of the guest bedrooms, it also gave you a good escape when the party was still going but you were tired. The plunge into cold lake water really tires a bitch out. So, you did what a sensible person would do, and immediately plopped down on the Queen sized bed going on your phone to start your pre-bedtime routine.
Of course you just had to fall asleep like that, completely slumped, phone still in hand and definitely not connected to your charger. But the constant replay of some tiktok wasn’t enough to wake up, the constant smacking on your shoulder and whisper of your name was by far enough. It even jolted your ‘fight or flight’ instincts, a hand immediately sticking out to swipe at the monster your mind conjured up.
“Ow, you bitch!” Jungkook hissed hand on his thigh feeling the burn of the smack that almost knocked him down. Your eyes propped open, no monster, just Jungkook. You groaned pulling the blanket off your face, “What the fuck is wrong with you? You don’t sneak on a bitch while she’s sleeping.”
“You left the door unlocked dumbass,” Jungkook huffed still leaning over you in the dark, “And I’m trying to sleep here so scoot over.”
You didn’t budge, refusing to move for him, hell if anything you just spread yourself out even more. You buried your face back into your pillow proving your point even further but it went over his head. He didn’t care, if not just felt challenged. So, he did what any sensible person would do, and pushed your leg over to your other one and rolled you onto one side so he could shimmy himself under the covers. “What the fuck! Go sleep on the couch or something, you move too much in your sleep!” You whined, half asleep and definitely delirious as you began to shove him but the boy did not budge.
“Fuck no, I got stuck with the couch and hoes won’t leave. Now go to sleep before I puke on you.”
“I don’t know I’m drunk, go to sleep.”
Jeon Jungkook, your dear old friend.
It was your third bowl of food, Jungkook really did serve up some good ass food. Take it from you and Jimin who were both currently eating it all up while Jungkook glared at you two. Jimin just smiled between mouthfuls, “I’m gonna come over all week.”
That made Jungkook grumble, “No you’re not. I didn’t agree to make you any food.”
You rolled your eyes deciding to poke the bear some more as you turned to Jimin, “Ignore my chef, you can come over.”
Jungkook opened his mouth to argue when his phone buzzed. You reached for it as he rounded the kitchen to where you sat at the counter, “New message from peach emoji, original.”
He snagged his phone back, “I forgot her name, let me see.” His brows lifted, ooo an ass pic with a simple ‘come over’ attached to well. Well shucks, don’t mind if he does. He smirked looking around for his hoodie and keys, “Gotta go, business calls.”
“More like ass calls,” Jimin said more to you making you laugh as Jungkook picked up his things looking back to you, “You know how to clean, right?”
With a roll of your eyes you shook your head, “No. Why don’t you show me how to wash the dishes?” You pointed to the filled sink and he pursed his lips rolling his own eyes in clear lack of amusement before throwing up a piece sign, “Deuces.”
“Speaking of dicks…” Jimin trailed off completely ignoring your confused face, what the fuck? He went on, “When’s the last time you caught some?”
“I’ve sworn celibacy,” you told him lifting a hand in tribute, “I will wait until a worthy opponent comes along.”
“Right…” he side eyed you, “So you’re in a dry spell? That’s no good, we gotta fix that
“When you introduce me to a guy who can last more than three minutes and actually makes me cum then we can talk about lifting it, till then I’m not having sex,” you told him.
“Don’t challenge me because I will take the bait,” he teased, “But okay, so you’ve had some lousy fucks and you’ve sworn off sex?”
“Not really, just put a pause on it. It’s been like two weeks now,” you shrugged finishing up the last of your food carrying your plate over to the sink pile, still ignoring it. “These college dudes aren’t anything but shit in bed and I’m tired of it.”
“I can introduce you to someone,” Jimin shrugged, “Now I wouldn’t know personally, but from what I’ve heard he’s pretty great in bed.”
“Right…” it was your turn to side eye him with narrowed eyes, “I don’t judge your tastes but I also don’t pass around between friends.”
“Bitch! I said it’s what I’ve heard,” Jimin rolled his eyes, “He’s a coworker of mine, hopeless romantic, but if what my friend Mina says, he’s good in bed too. Want me to introduce him to you?”
“Eh,” you shrugged, “I’m not really stressed on finding someone to hook up with but thanks for the offer.”
The conversation drifted away to some other shit as Jimin hung around your places scrolling to Netflix movie choices. You see, you met Jimin first from the group. You met at a party when he accidentally tripped over you when you were bent down petting the host’s dog and he apologized for it a gajillion times. He also took you under his wing introducing you to other people and refusing to let you go back to the Husky you’d been petting after finding out your friends ditched you.
Through him you met Taehyung and Hoseok too, even Jungkook. And funny enough, you ended up closest with Jungkook. Of course there’s still some things you’d feel more comfortable telling Jimin something or vise versa where you’d prefer talking to Jungkook instead, but they were up there on your friends list. Considering they both had obnoxious roommates they spent most of their time at your place when they weren’t busy with something else. You didn’t mind though, except for the times you had to quite literally send them home.
With neither of them could you say you were just friends. Jimin was a die hard flirt and Jungkook a fuckboy so there’s definitely been a round of drunk make outs here and there, hell, sometimes with Taehyung too. What can you say? You’re a drunk kisser. You all met in college and considering you were all from out of town with no friends in the city it was pretty easy to gang up. You wouldn’t change that for the world. You trusted the boys and a few girls with all your heart and they kept their word as true friends no matter how annoying they were.
So on Monday when spring break was over and class started again you could only hope someone you knew was hanging around in one of your classes—unlikely since you had different majors—but hopeful.
“Scoot over,” Jungkook told you once in the lecture hall. You looked up at him with relief but shook your head no, “I want the end seat. Easy escape.” You pointed down the clear path to the door and he grumbled. He lifted the end of your chair picking it up to push you in as he walked behind you to the empty seat next to you.
“I didn’t know you needed this extra credit too,” he referred to your psych class you were currently in, an extra credit indeed. You just shrugged in response scrolling away on Instagram mindlessly filling in with conversation, “How was Princess Peach?”
“Peachy,” this time he shrugged, “How’s the whole ‘nun’ thing working out for you?”
You smiled bitterly. Of course all the horn dog friends of yours would think it’s weird you’re purposely not having sex, “Going great but Jimin keeps trying to get me to hook up with his coworker.”
“Why?” He chuckled taking out his notebook smirking briefly to the girls who filled his other side in their seats.
“Something about his amazing bedroom skills, might just take up the offer,” once again you brushed it off like it was a casual conversation. Jungkook just nodded clearing his throat a little, “Already thinking about giving in?”
“Yeah,” you said shamelessly, “He comes with good recommendations, I simply cannot refuse.”
The class went on like usual, just a brief introduction to the term and then boom, onto the first learning unit. You ignored Jungkook throughout the hour and a half jotting down notes even as he poked your side with the end of his pencil.
He looked back to you, eraser pushing into the soft flesh of your thigh repeatedly and when you didn’t look at him. When that didn’t work he moved in to digging around in your pencil pouch arranging your things out on the table. He looked to you to see if you’d finally given him attention but nope. So, he moved his hand to the back of your neck, a few strands of hair in hold and tugging on it.
Finally, you brought your hand back over his pinching the skin of his knuckles until he winced in pain and withdrew his hand, holding it in his other glaring down at you, “Ow.”
By the end of class you were gathering your things up already ready to head out when you looked over to Jungkook. He was currently flirting with the two girls who sat next to him, asking if they could go to him with any questions in class. As if he could help, it made you laugh, literally.
He turned back to you, “What’s so funny?”
“Your face,” you stick your tongue out at him swinging your bag onto your shoulders and walking away. Jungkook waved goodbye to the two girls as he ran out of the classroom after you, a hand on your waist tugging you back into him, “You’ve got attitude today.”
You just shrugged your shoulders, you didn’t think you did. If anything Jungkook is just annoyed you didn’t give him any attention in class right now. He smiled, “You’re jealous, aren’t you?”
“Huh?” You whipped around to face him, brows scrunched together, “Of what?”
“Of all the chicks around me. You’re jealous, just say it,” Jungkook smirked hitting his arm against yours, “It’s okay honey bunny. You already know you’re first in my heart.”
“Jungkook I don’t care who is around you,” you rolled your eyes. He smiled, “Sure you don’t. Look, say the word and I drop them all.”
“What word?” You asked walking through the court yard to your next class, Jungkook hot on your trail. He smirked knowing he would soon be getting on your nerves, “Fuck. That you wanna fuck me.”
Your jaw dropped as you stopped for a second to stare at him in disbelief, “You’re disgusting. Now leave me alone I gotta get to class.”
He huffed pulling you back into him wrapping his arms around you so you couldn’t escape. He lifted you off the ground making your cheeks flush red in embarrassment as other began to stare at you two. He didn’t care though, hoisting you up over a trash bin, “Say that I’m disgusting again, I dare you.”
“You’re disg-ahh!” You clawed at his neck curling yourself into him as he moved you closer to the bin filled with god know’s what. He laughed at the way you cling to him like a koala, “Say that I’m the hottest, bestest friend you’ve ever had.”
“I have to get to class!” You groaned tightening your legs around him. He smirked mischievously, one arm wrapping around your waist keeping you in place instead of prying you off as he took a step away from the trash bin. You were definitely getting weird stares now but he simply did not care, “You’re cute when you’re mad honey bunny.”
“Uh… is this a bad time?” Hoseok’s brows furrowed as he slowly came to a stop. Jungkook set you down and you sprinted toward Hoseok, “Thank God you’re here. Something is seriously wrong with Jungkook.”
“I bet, what’s your next class?”
You showed him your schedule and he nodded. Jungkook retreated, “I’ve got a tattoo appointment later and then I’ll come over for dinner. Unless you wanna come.”
“I’ll go with you,” you shrugged letting Hoseok’s arm wrap around your shoulders, “I don’t have bus fare anyway.”
“Alright meet me at the gate after your last class.”
So you did, you met up with him again at 3:30 and he walked with you to the parking lot. His appointment was at 4:00 and you two barely made it in time. When you did finally get in he led you over to a couple chairs in the front tucked away from the actual tattooing, “Wait here. It shouldn’t take long he’s just coloring some in.”
You didn’t answer back sitting in the chair he directed you to and immediately slipped on your AirPods tuning him out. He headed over to where his tattoo artist was settled and left you alone. Throughout the time of his tattoos being colored in. Namjoon attempted at small conversation, “That your girl? She’s cute.”
Jungkook had been aimlessly typing away on his phone with his one free hand to even notice Namjoon was talking to him. Obviously he had no girl so he knew for a damn fact that Namjoon wasn’t talking to him. Still, being the nosy type he looked up and around in search for whoever Namjoon was talking, “What? Who?”
Namjoon nodded toward you, “Her. Pretty girl sitting over there. She’s been waiting for a while.” Jungkook finally got a good look at you again, shaking his head, “Nah she’s a friend. Best friend. My dear friend.”
“Alright I get it, she’s a friend,” Namjoon smirked as he went on again.
By the time he got done the Sun had set. He was wrapped up in plastic and sent off after paying to get you. Somehow, you managed to fall asleep, head fallen forward slumped down between your shoulders. Rolling his eyes he flicked your forehead, a jolt shooting through you as your body jumped up. He smiled in triumph in scaring you and motioning toward the door with his head, “Let’s go Stink. I’m hungry.”
“I’m starving,” you yawned stretching your arms out as you stood following him out the door that he held open for you. Once in his car you immediately knocked the seat back not bothering with a seatbelt. Jungkook reached over you tying you in himself letting you flip onto your side and fold your arm under your head as a pillow. He kept the music off, tapping away at the steering wheel to block off the silence. All that was hear was the tapping and light snores. He smiled a little getting his phone out and going to camera. He snapped a picture letting the light adjust switching his gaze from the road to his phone.
Then, Jungkook moved to video pushing the small red circle keeping it up in your face to capture the sound of your snores. He was so gonna make fun of you for this later. When he pulled up to your house he woke you and made dinner, Jimin coming over to feast.
The first week flew past in a rush, and with the first week of second term complete you were in need of a drink. Luckily for you, college kids all share one brain cell when it comes to plans for the weekend so multiple parties were always on tow. Hence why you were currently riding with Taehyung and Jimin to one.
You were already a little tipsy from the pregame at Taehyung’s but you planned on getting more than just buzzed tonight. You don’t know if it’s because of the lack of sex but lately you’ve just felt drained. Or tense, a little moody too? You’re not sure ask Jimin he’s the one who’s been complaining.
So, the second you did finally arrive at the rando’s apartment you went straight for the liquor counter. You checked cups and bottles, smelling some of the sodas and making some concoction for yourself. Jimin and Taehyung were already off doing their own thing but to be fair you practically ran away to the kitchen. A hand came down softly on your back, close enough to whisper in your ear, “Thank God you’re here.”
You looked to your classmate, Soomin, recognizing a face in the crowd of strangers from campus. She sighed, “My friends ditched me, mind if I hang with you for a few?”
You shrugged it off smiling as you shower your drink, “Want some?” “Sure.” Now, you’ve only just met Soomin this week in your Psych class. She was nice and kinda funny so you didn’t mind hanging with her a bit. Sometime you felt like you needed more girl friends anyway, you can’t just rely on the guys.
You mostly sat on one of the only couches around talking about anything that came to mind, the conversation changing every couple minutes when something new catches your interests. You had practically forgotten about the two dudes who brought you knowing they’d be off somewhere flirting or playing some drinking game. That’s what you thought, but loud slamming erupted from outside that hinted at maybe their attention being out there. You and Soomin shared a look, a mutual understanding as you both stood too nosy not go check it out and went out.
Outside you weren’t surprised in the slightest to find Jungkook there, some guy yelling in his face and a beer pong table knocked on its side. Great, Jungkook is going to get in another fight. When did he get here anyway?
“Listen man I didn’t know she had a boyfriend, and it was like a month ago,” Jungkook said holding his hands up in surrender. Jimin and Taehyung were behind him assessing the situation, probably trying to figure out if they needed to step in or not. You stood to the side with Soomin trying to hear their argument.
Their talking was muffled but you can tell Jungkook was trying not to blow off. He probably really didn’t know that whatever girl he slept with had a boyfriend. Jungkook had a tendency to get hot heated when drunk and usually he wouldn’t back down from a fight when someone accused him of something—but tonight he looked genuine. He really was trying to restrain himself for letting his voice raise and his anger deep through. You couldn’t see the clearly, just the motion of the guy’s hand coming toward Jungkook.
Then, a splashing sound followed by some gasps. The guy shoved Jungkook in the pool. This time the crowd did press forward, closer to the scene and you were able to cut through. Taehyung was reaching out his hand to a now drenched Jungkook as he ignored it hauling himself over the ledge. The spring night was chilly and with wet clothes he was shivering, instantly tugging the soaked shirt off so he wouldn’t freeze. You turned to Soomin, “I’m gonna see if he’s okay.”
She just nodded letting you go off toward him. You approached just as he was standing to his feet shaking some water out of his hair as he crumpled his dripping shirt in his hand, ignoring everyone’s concerns. Mmm, maybe you should just give him some space in case he’s mad.
Nah. “Went night swimming without me?” You teased knowing it’d annoy him, which it did. He glared over at you but came to a stop waiting for you to catch up to him, “I didn’t know you were here.”
You ignored him walking with him toward the sliding doors to inside, “You gonna go beat that guy up?”
“Nah, he’s drunk and mad his girl cheated on him,” he shrugged it off cutting through the crowd straight for the front door, “But I for real did not know she was taken. You know I’m not a home wrecker.”
This time you shrugged, not fully believing him but not questioning it either. You looked at the front door, “So you leaving?”
He shook his head, “I’m gonna go change and then come get drunk. Wanna come with?” So you followed him down to the parking lot waiting in his car as he rummaged through his gym bag pulling out a fresh set of clothes and changing outside, not caring if he was hot or not. Your curiousity was eating at you so you couldn’t help but ask, “Was it Peach?”
“No, some chick named Jia,” he said switching his socks now in the backseat and slipping on his work out shoes, some worn out converse. He wore sweats now with a black crew neck sweater.
“Let’s go,” he took your hand dragging you upstairs again, and unlike Taehyung and Jimin, he didn’t let you run off on him. You looked around for Soomin unable to find her as Jungkook poured some drinks for you, “Wanna dance?”
She must’ve left or something so you nodded already walking off expecting him to follow. And no, you did not do any grinding or twerking—not at first anyway, if anything it was just fun. Jungkook pretended to be a mime trying to embarrass you as he broke free from a box or the robot, Krumping around you, anything really.
“Stop!” You whined pushing at his chest as he tried to keep a serious face doing vogue hands around your face as he circled around you. He laughed now ignoring the weird states he received, he was Jeon Jungkook after all. One of the most popular guys on campus without a single fuck to give. And a lot of people got bored of it pretty soon and he was able to act stupid with you more freely.
As the upbeat song ended and a slower one came on you actually started to move a little instead of just laughing at Jungkook. It was one of your favorites, the kind that makes you dance in front of your mirror at midnight just to see how you’d look doing it. Jungkook smiled finally getting you moving a little bit and he copied your rhythm reaching for your wrist and pulling you into him. You both stood face to face still laughing a little singing along to the lyrics as the hand that held your wrist lifted turning you around.
With his arm now around you he used it to push you back into his chest and you being lost in the moment melted against him, hips finding position and fitting together like a puzzle. His other hand found purchase on your hip, finding rhythm with you as you practically grinded back against him. Your head leaned back on his shoulder singing along as he closed you in with his arms tracing your sides pushing his face into the curve of your neck singing.
It was getting hot, his warm body practically molding into your backside and his hands caressing you, fingers tugging on the end of your shorts and shirt every now and then making them rise. You didn’t even question it when he dragged you away when the song ended, pulling you into one of the rooms sitting down on the couch by the window instead of the bed.
“Your hair’s still wet,” you slumped back into the couch letting your hand run through his damp hair. He leaned into your touch smiling a little, “Got what I deserved I guess.”
Tumblr media
You laughed swinging your legs onto the couch, Jungkook reached for them setting them down on his lap, fingers tapping on your shins like a drum. You looked at the window behind you, city lights illuminating your view and for a second you were able to blur out the music from the party just outside the room. You sighed, “You gotta be more careful.”
“Hm,” he threw his head back and to the side looking over at you, a hand sliding toward your knee, holding your legs on him, “I swear I didn’t know she had a man. She wasn’t acting like she did.”
“Still,” you shrugged. He sighed, “I don’t purposely go for chicks with boyfriends. If they’re flirting with me and throwing themselves at me I just assume they’re single… or easy.”
“You always have liked your easy ones,” you teased a little but it fell short when he shook his head. “Easy is boring.”
“I mean you’re easy too,” you told him playing with the black ring on his pinky. He nodded, not bothering to argue sliding his hand up your thigh and lifting his finger for you to pull the ring off. It was big, you swirled it around on the tip of your index finger. He leaned closer sliding the ring down until it sat at the hilt, a small gap from the size of it. His hand stayed on yours for a second looking up at you.
Your legs were still over his lap, his other hand on your thigh now as he held your hand. His eyes went down to your lips for a second, a blur of thoughts racing through his head all about how soft you were. So, he did what he did best, and went for it.
You watched Jungkook leaning over you, jaw protruding stretching his neck as he brushed his lips against yours. You flinched back for a second making him halt, but one look at his parted lips and you were leaning back into him. His lips parted against yours, a slight huff of breath escaping as he used the hand holding yours inside it to pull you forward applying more pressure to the kiss.
His head tilted to the side, hand sliding to the back of your neck knotted in your head as he deepened the kiss. Hot breath pushing against yours his tongue trailing your bottom lip, coaxing you as he twirled his finger with the hair on your nape.
Tongues meet, his circles around twice before retreating to allow him to close his lips on your bottom pouty lip. A soft suction followed by graze of teeth causes you to pull back a little. With his other hand still on your thigh he slid it under you until you got the hint and scooted over his lap.The arm now around your waist anchors you against his lap, your slow-rolling hips the only movement allowed. A sharp nip at your bottom lip and you gasp. He seizes the chance to roll his tongue along with yours. The sealed lips holding his groan in when your hips push down particularly hard against his growing member. Your hair falling down around you two blocking you from the outside world as you cupped his cheek.
He shifts his head to the side, noses rubbing against one another. The cold metal of his piercing hitting your lip but it was easy to ignore. Jungkook’s sole focus was on your lips, fingers digging into your waist at his growing desire. He pushes air out his nose before swiping his tongue along your mouth once more, capturing your lips over and over in frenzy trying to turn you on his lap so you straddled him instead but you didn’t budge.
You pull away desperate for breath and a moment to catch your bearings at his unrelenting attention. His lips twitch seeing the soft pink on your lips and around your mouth, lip piercing rubbing your skin. Dipping his head down, he trails kisses along your jaw down your neck sucking flesh, the need to mark you primal. A beep sounded behind your back causing something in the deep recesses of your mind telling you to pay attention. Jungkook ignored it, hand sliding under your chin trying to turn your attention back on him so his lips could kiss yours again. You almost ignored your phone, until it buzzed in your butt pocket drawing you away once again.
You slid off his lap taking the phone and answering, “Hey.”
“Where you at? Jimin’s gone off with some chick and I’m trying to go home,” Taehyung yelled over the loud music, “Am I still dropping you off?”
You were panting slightly looking over to Jungkook as he leaned over you trying to pull you back to him when you lifted a hand to stop him. What were you even doing right now?
“Helloooooooo, you there?” You stood up, clearing your throat letting Jungkook stumble into your side of the couch looking over to you as you pushed your hair behind your ear, “Yes, I’m going. I’ll be right out. Just give me a second.” With that he hung up.
“You’re leaving?” Jungkook asked, confusion evident on his face as he went to stand up, “I’ll take you home.”
“N-no, no that’s okay. I’m riding with Taehyung,” you told him looking around to see if you left anything behind. He looked at you with furrowed brows reaching out for you but moved away, “See you later?”
“Y/n wai—“
He couldn’t even argue with it when you were already out the door, practically flying out. He sat there for a couple minutes, trying to process what just happened. Sure, you and him would kiss every now and then when you were both super drunk and it was always just a tiny peck here or there. It was never anything like the make out you both just had, and to say neither of you were even that drunk is the crazy part.
He’s not even sure what came over him when he leaned in the first time but after having you up close like that leaning back into him he almost melted at the touch. The last thing on his mind was that it was you, his dear friend that he couldn’t get enough of. And if Taehyung hadn’t called he’s not even sure how far you two would’ve taken it considering how turned on he was getting from just a make out. So turned on that he needed release now.
He came out of the room a little after you ran out on him, the party still in full swing completely unaware of how he just made out with his best friend and liked it. Unaware of how you literally ran away from him when you realized what was going on and it made him need a drink. He wasn’t leaving yet, he had too much on his mind and sitting in the car letting his thoughts take over wouldn’t be good for anyone.
“Jungkook!” A hand reached out to the sleeve of his hoodie capturing his attention, “Hi I’m Soomin, we have class together. I was wondering if you knew where Y/n went? I had to get more alcohol and I can’t find her.”
“She left,” he muttered giving her a once over. Cute, he thought. His eyes went to her lips, thin slightly chapped but not too bad. Definitely didn’t look as soft as yours and he doubted they’d feel as plump biting into them the way yours did. Her hair wasn’t the right length either, nothing for him to run his fingers through like yours bu—Jungkook stop. Forget the kiss, Y/n’s your friend. He chugged the rest of his drink down looking over to her, “Wanna dance?”
You spent the weekend at home, trying not to go out with your friends to give yourself some ‘you’ time. Unfortunately, that meant you were spending a lot of time thinking. Thinking wasn’t too bad until you thought about Jungkook and the text he sent you that you ignored because what in the actual fuck?
Wow, you need to set a reminder to never get drunk with Jungkook and sneak off to a room together ever again. Nothing against the guy but whew, that was definitely something. It was good, really fucking good but he was your friend and you knew him too well to even imagine him thinking about it ever again. That’s just how Jungkook is. He likes to have fun, he likes to experiment and doesn’t really care with who. If he can get his hands on a willing participant he will and this time around it just so happened to be you. And you being just a little tipsy allowed it to happen because he’s your friend and neither one of you ever really take anything serious.
You refuse to catch feelings for your friend—even if he takes care of you and makes you feel special when he carries you out of his car because you’re too tired to walk.
Monday afternoon you got to class a little early, listening to music acting busy for when Jungkook came in. You wanted to see how he’d act. If he’d act like it was no big deal or if he was going to ignore you or what. Soomin came in with a smile when she saw you, taking the seat behind you, “You won’t believe what happened Friday.”
“What happened?” You asked turning around to face her. She sighed happily, “Well, after you had gone off with Jungkook my friends dragged me with to get more alcohol and when I came back I was looking everywhere for you.”
You nodded waiting for her to continue her story telling as she smiled, “Well I found Jungkook later on and he told me you had left so I was super bummed out because I didn’t even get your number. Anyway, Jungkook asked me to dance one thing led to another and we hooked up in one of the bedrooms.”
Freeze. Rewind. Pause. They did what now? You you didn’t say anything for a second. Hold on, the same night you and Jungkook had been making out grinding on each other he decided to go fuck Soomin the second you left? You felt stupid for being surprised, as if he wasn’t the type to pull that sort of Shit. Like come on, you’re his friend, you know what kind of guy he was.
Oh God. He just made out with you until someone else came along. Oh God. You fell for it, you were one of the ‘easy’ ones to him. You’re so stupid.
Soomin noted your silence, “You’re not mad are you?” It snapped you out of your thoughts, laughing a little as you shook your head, “God no. I was just trying to remember what happened on Friday.”
“Okay good, I’m not gonna lie I didn’t even think I was his type,” she chuckled nervously brushing her hair back, “You know, I always figured his type was girls like you. The pretty type, the kind that will do fun things with him even if they’re stupid.
“Shut up,” you rolled your eyes, “You’re the pretty type too. I think you’re his type if that’s what you want.” You excused yourself turning back around in your seat just in time to watch Jungkook walk in, he gave you a shy smile coming over to his seat, “Hey.”
“Hey,” you got your laptop and notebook out watching the professor walk in. He looked back to you, not once glancing back to Soomin. He stalled a bit, getting himself situated looking over to you. You didn’t glance at him, he bit his lip nervously clearing his throat, “So the other night.”
“Shh, lesson is about to start.” You didn’t even look at him. You couldn’t. You were embarrassed, not because of Soomin but because of the kiss. Because of how stupid you were for overthinking it and wondering if it meant something to Jungkook. If he actually had a reason for it or if he was just doing it because it’s what he did. Clearly it meant nothing to him so you followed along, acting like nothing ever happened out of the ordinary.
He tried talking to you throughout but you would just ignore him. So when it ended and you sped out the door he was right there behind you trying to get you to talk to him, “So uh I’ve got another appointment later if you wanna come with. Maybe we can catch a movie after?”
“No thanks I was thinking of calling up Yoongi, haven’t see him in a while.” Okay…
“We’re good, right?” He asked bluntly stopping his pace forcing you to stop too. You chuckled turning back to look at him, “What? Why wouldn’t we be? Because you slept with Soomin?”
His mouth parted in surprise and he took a step forward, “Okay look I can explain—“
“No worries, I’m not mad at all Soomin told me,” you said walking away again, “But she’s a great girl so if you don’t want anything serious just let her down easy.”
“Y/n, please just give me a second—“ he followed after you, a sense of ‘been here done that’ except this time around he didn’t threaten to throw you into a trash. “I’ve gotta go, I’m meeting Hobi in the library.”
Fuck. He knew he was a fucking idiot. The biggest fucking doofus to ever exist. He swears he wasn’t thinking when he hooked up with Soomin. He was just trying to blow off some tension that making out with you did to him. It was shit anyway. He couldn’t even get it fully hard because he kept thinking about you. Okay and you do turn him on but considering the person he had sex with wasn’t actually you he just couldn’t enjoy it.
He let you run off on him shaking his head in regret. You were friends, he knew that, it was probably for the best he didn’t bring up the other night, right?
you | so tell me more about this freak in the sheet
jimin | me or my friend??
jimin | finallyyyyyy
jimin | nun y/n is gone and I’ve been waiting to set y’all up
jimin | his names Jin
Maybe you just needed to get under someone else so you wouldn’t think about Jungkook and how he’d the last guy you almost fucked. And no, you weren’t mad at Jungkook. If anything you were mad at yourself for overthinking the kiss. It’s not surprising at all that he hooked up with someone else at the party, you were just surprised by how surprised you were by it. As if it’s not typical Jungkook behavior. You were the one overthinking the kiss so it’s your job to try and forget it like he had by sleeping with Soomin.
So you didn’t ignore him or anything, you still hung out in groups and it was fine. You both went to Jimin’s the next day acting normal and like the hickey on your neck wasn’t done by Jungkook. You sat across from him during a round of cards and there was a little bit of tension but nothing too awkward.
“Should I invite more people?” Jimin asked you Jungkook and Hobi. Hoseok was all for it, the more the merrier and you didn’t have anything against it either so it was no big deal. He ended up inviting Taehyung, some girls and even Jin. He managed to send you a wink when he invited him hoping to finally introduce you two. You still didn’t understand Jimin’s obsession with trying to get you two to meet but you weren’t going to fret about it either.
“Jin hyung, so good to see you man,” Jimin smiled widely opening the door up to the guy. Immediately you stiffened with nerves acting busy looking over your group of cards trying not to look at Jungkook either. It’s not awkward in a group but when it’s just you two it did feel a little funky. You just wish it’d go back to the way it was before.
“Come sit,” Jimin dragged him over, some people had already gotten here but you didn’t know them enough to greet so you stayed with the ones you knew. Hoseok was the loudest greeting Jin but he didn’t stick around when Taehyung came long and he rather hang out with him instead.
“Jin this is Y/n and that’s Jungkook,” Jimin finished off pointing toward you. You smiled trying to hide how shy you felt, “You’re all Jimin ever talks about. I think he’s got a crush on you.”
“I could say the same for you,” Jin chuckled liking your forwardness, “I thought you two were dating at first.”
Jungkook didn’t look up from his cards but the grip he held them was enough to dent the cards a little. His jaw clenched but he didn’t react strangely, “Well don’t leave me left out.”
He laughed dryly, “What has he said about me?” He looked to Jin waiting for an answer that he knew would be a lie. He knows what Jimin has been trying to do. He’s heard him try and push you to meet his friend Jin.
The first time he was around when it happened he just brushed it off as Jimin talking too much. That maybe he was just excited to make a friend from work and was just trying to introduce him. The second time it happened he only heard about it from you. You told him how you thought Jimin was trying to set you up with his friend. That time he did actually get a little annoyed. Or no, not annoyed, anxious maybe?
This time around that anxiety was even higher than before. At first he thought maybe he was just worried as being pushed aside as a close friend of yours. This time he can’t say if that’s the reason or if it was just the thought of you going out with someone.
Thankfully for him, Jin didn’t stay long. He says he only wanted to swing by and meet his friends [though when he said it he’d only been looking at you] but Jungkook was happy he left. He scooted over to the space next to you on the floor close enough for your shoulders to brush against each other’s. Could things just stop being awkward?
He looked at you waiting to see if you’d stay or go, and when you didn’t move he leaned down resting his head on your shoulder. You didn’t push him off, looking down at him with an expression he couldn’t read, he hated that. He liked being able to tell your mood but lately he’s been struggling. He let out a snore, eyes closed, “I’m tired.”
“Mmm, you should go home then,” you said lightly giving him a response at least. He took his phone out checking the time, “Maybe I should. Need a ride?”
You shrugged leaning your head down over his, “If you can.”
“I will, but hey, wanna see something funny?” He asked suddenly scrolling over to his camera roll looking up to you to make sure you were watching. He had to scroll a little but he found the picture pretty quickly showing it to him. You gasped, “Ew what the fuck. I look disgusting.”
“It’s cute,” he chuckled swiping left and pulling up the video. He pushed the play making sure the volume was up and letting you hear yourself snore. This time, your jaw dropped turning to him, hand smacking his shoulder, “Delete it you fucking weirdo.” He pretended to think about it shaking his head.
“When did you take that?” You asked giving up quick as fuck knowing he won’t delete it even if you begged. He bit back a smile liking how you two were just talking right now like normal, like friends.
“The night you made me carry you to your apartment.”
“I didn’t make you, you offered,” your eyes rolled tilting your head away from him, he was still leaning on your shoulders, knees drawn up to his chest practically cuddling. He decided to keep teasing, “I didn’t offer, you made grabby hands at me and said you couldn’t get up so I picked you up.”
You didn’t say anything to that, remembering it perfectly even when he accidentally smacked your head against the door. He looked at you, waiting for anything, any sign on where you stood. He couldn’t stop himself, “I’m sorry for the other night. The Soomin part.”
He didn’t get a verbal response from you. He’s not sure how to take it but you just leaned your head against his shoulder, hand coming up and showing him the black ring you’d been playing with all night. He smiled planting a kiss on your forehead sticking his hand up and letting you slide it onto his pinky again. He’d been wondering where it went.
Jungkook did end up driving you home and you were both able to forget what happened for at least a while. Jungkook struggled a little more than you did mostly because of the guilt over sleeping with Soomin. If he would’ve just kept his dick in his pants for one night he probably could’ve gone to see you instead. He was clear with Soomin that he wasn’t looking for anything serious and that he’s sorry if he led her on.
He’s even decided to take your route of celibacy for the time being. The last girl he slept with he made the mistake of calling her by your name and obviously that didn’t end well. Aside from being kicked out of her place naked he also had to stop and think what the fuck was going on with him and why he kept thinking about his friend. So, he’s chilling out a bit and trying to ignore what ever growing feelings he might be experiencing. He was coming to realize that he kind of likes you, or maybe that he’s always kind of liked you. It would explain why you’re one of the only girls he was close to that he didn’t ever sleep with.
And listen, you swear this was unintentional and that it just happened. It really did just happen and though you didn’t do anything wrong part of you felt guilty. For reasons unknown to you because once again, you did nothing wrong. But you kept thinking about what Jungkook would think? What he think about you hooking up with Jin a few days after you two officially went back to normal and you returned his ring?
Look, it was gonna happen. Everyone knew it was gonna happen. You had too much tension built up from lack of sex and then the whole Jungkook fiasco. And yes, he was good in bed, incredibly good in bed but both of you kind of knew it wasn’t going to become anything. It was fun and you got along well enough to trade numbers but maybe it’d just be a hook up kind of relationship or maybe friends.
It went like this, you and him had exchanged number the night you met him and he messaged you later on when you were in bed. All he said was that he understood why Jimin hyped you up all the time and you began texting. It was obviously flirty and well by the third day of texting you invited him over and you fucked. Long story short.
But to be Frank, you just couldn’t stop thinking about Jungkook. Honestly fuck Jungkook for making you think of him. If he wasn’t so touchy and warm the other night at Jimin’s then you wouldn’t be feeling like this. If he hadn’t been so close that Friedan you didn’t would have never kissed. If you would’ve never kissed then you never would’ve thought about how easy you probably were to him and it wouldn’t have bothered you that he fucked Soomin the second you left. You were better off as friends too apparently. And everything seemed to go back to normal between you so it was never that big of a deal in the first place.
jungkook | wanna ride with me tomorrow?
Okay, maybe he’s been a little extra clingy with you lately. He’s not pushing any boundaries but he also doesn’t want you mad at him. Not that you were, but he still feels like shit for sleeping with Soomin when he did. He knows that bothered you even if you said it didn’t. Hell, if you went and fucked someone else after making out with him the way you did, he’d be pissed. He’d probably try and fight the guy honestly.
He just wasn’t thinking then. The only thing that had been on his mind was you and how turned on he’d been and he took your running off as signs that you regretted—which you obviously did—so he did what he knew best and had sex to forget about it. But it didn’t fucking work. He couldn’t just fuck his feelings for you away, he tried. He tried to but every girl he was with he just struggled—hence why he’s chilled out on hooking up. They weren’t you and then he hated himself for wishing they were. Like why did he have to get these weird feelings toward his friend?
A friend that he was so comfortable around, who didn’t agree with his one night stands but never made him feel small for it. Who else would sit three hours at a tattoo parlor half asleep just waiting for him? Who else would be the type of friend to skinny dip with him in the middle of the night? Not Jimin or Taehyung that’s for sure.
And while on the topic of discussion, yes, he did in fact check you out the time you went skinny dipping and it fucking sucked having to hide his growing boner from you because he liked everything he saw that night. He’s seen you a handful of times in bathing suits and revealing clothing but that night was a fucking struggle. Not even just you being naked part. But it was the whole thing. The jumping in the cold lake hand in hand laughing and drunk out of your minds.
It was an experience that he went through with you, a core memory that possibly had been the change in the way he looked at you.
Then the night at the party after being beyond fucking embarrassed for being shoved in a pool you found a way to comfort him and make a joke. He had been so pissed off he really had been in search for the guy to beat his ass but when he asked you about it he realized he didn’t even want to. He knew you’d disagree and so he lied, saying he was just gonna get changed—which of course he invited you to go with him. He thought maybe he just wasn’t in the mood to go outside by himself but he thinks now that he really just wanted to spend time with you. He knew you’d be the only one to make the most of his night and you did. He’s the one who fucked up, once again.
you | tae already asked :/
jungkook | but :(
you | :P
you | come over if you’re not busy
jungkook | goingggggg
He was there in a jiffy, smile on his face the whole way over all the way to your doorstep. He knocked before entering, still not waiting for you to answer. He kicked off his shoes waving over to you from where you sat in the living room, “Movie choice?”
“Something scary,” he said going over to your kitchen, “Ice cream or popcorn?”
“Ice cream,” you both said at the same time.
You see, back to normal.
Him sitting next to you on the couch [always a fucking couch], hands on your face, eyes closed [this is not how you watch a movie], lips pressed against each other. His hands slid down to your neck, then to your spine wrapping around your sides lifting your shirt only a little. He was then picking you up, placing you on his lap this time making sure you were straddling him. He exhaled roughly through his nose trying not to pull away as you tongue slipped into his mouth massaging against his.
His eyes were glazed over licking his dry lips panting when you pulled away kissing the corner of his mouth, fingers against his neck as you kissed lower toward his jaw. He bit his lip letting his hands come around to your butt, groping softly, squeezing on accident when you nipped at the skin of his earlobe before sucking love bites into the underside of his jaw. He was turned on, so fucking turned on.
And when you arched your back, chest pushing against his and butt pushing out into his hands he knew it had to stop. He had to stop. He was not going to do this again. “Wait,” he mumbled through the brush of your lips against his own, head slightly following yours when you leaned back. He licked his lips, “I just… what are we?”
Oh. Ohhhhh. You looked down at where your bodies touched. You shook your head mostly to yourself than at him finally snapping out of your ‘Kookland’ trance and realizing what the fuck you were doing again. Kissing your best friend, again. Again proving to him that you were easy. Again probably going to go through him sleeping with someone else right after—or would it be you doing that this time? Maybe call up Jin?
He didn’t fight you when you slid yourself off him tucking your hair behind your ears looking forward. Holy fuck he blew it, again. “I don’t know,” you said truthfully.
“Okay,” he nodded, answer enough, right? He felt the same, so that’s why he felt so fuck stupid for asking, but he had to. He didn’t want to sleep with you. No, no! He did. He really did, but not like this. Not without knowing how you felt, how he felt. He didn’t want you thinking you’d be another one of his hook ups. He wanted you for more than that. He looked over at you taking your hand in his, this time, instead of taking his ring and handing it to you he took his leather bracelet off, sliding it onto your much tighter wrist.
You smiled, not fully understanding what he was doing but it didn’t matter. You let him kiss your wrist and snuggle into your side, driving off to the state of in between. Not yet lovers. Not just friends.
“Jin! You’re here!” You wrapped your arms around the guy surprised to see him here. Once again, you were at Jimin’s lake house. He was throwing a party there again and like last time, you were going to be sleeping over.
“Yeah, only cause Jimin’s letting me crash here,” he smiled, “What about you?”
“Same, I rode with Taehyung and he’s probably staying so I’ll be staying too,” you told him eyes looking around for Jungkook. He stood across the large space with a drink in hand glancing over to you. Shyly, you turned back to Jin, “So what are you drinking?”
He lifted his cup to your lips tilting it enough for you to take a small sip, humming at the taste. He spoke, “Want me to get you some?” You nodded him off, unaware of the presence looming behind you.
A hand came to your hip, “Hey,” the voice whispered into your ear causing you to turn. Jungkook stood there leaning down to be eye level with you, “When did you get here?”
You shied away from him a little, “Just now actually.”
“And the first person you greet is Jin?” He was smiling but it didn’t reach his eyes. Obviously he wasn’t happy that you chose to say hi to Jin first instead of him but maybe he was just being greedy. In your bubble together it was easy to forget you were friends, but outside of it that’s the only way people saw you two. Friends. Good ole’ friends who definitely aren’t making out every chance they get when alone because they just can’t help it.
“He’s the first one I saw,” you tried shrugging it off but it was hard. You haven’t spoken all day and the last time you did talk it was with his lips on yours and a very intimate cuddle seat afterwards. Just friends though.
“Hey Jungkook,” Jin smiled greeting him as he handed you a drink that you immediately began to chug. Jungkook forced a smile, “Hey, what’s up man?”
He didn’t like the guy. Okay, nothing against him and it’s just Jungkook being a sourpuss but nope, he didn’t like the guy. He was too eager to get close to you. 
“Nothing much, we were just talking about where we’d be staying tonight.”
“You’re staying here too?” Jungkook asked looking down at you. Jin nodded, “Maybe Y/n and I can share a room.”
He meant it as a joke. You can tell he meant it as a joke. He had a mischievous smile and everything but it obviously hinted at something. Maybe he could sense something was between you and Jungkook and wanted to rile him up. Or maybe he thought it really wasn’t a big deal since you both got over with it and assumed you would’ve told your friends? Whatever it was, it didn’t sit well with Jungkook. He laughed dryly looking down at you, but you didn’t say anything, hiding behind your cup, “Cozy.”
He didn’t say anything, glaring down at you walking away. Awkward. Jin shrugged, “What’s his deal?”
“No clue.”
He was annoyed. Annoyed. Annoyed. Annoyed. He squeeze his red cup feeling it crumple under his hold. Alright Jungkook, relax, it’s whatever. Actually, it’s karma for the whole Soomin thing, right?
He didn’t approach you at all from then on. He let you chat it up with Seokjin, watching you lean into him when you laughed or partner with him in some drinking game. He watched you two dance and didn’t care who saw him staring.
“What’s up with you?” Jimin nudged him hard after a round of King’s Cup. Jungkook had been boring holes into the back of Jin’s neck. He pointed with his finger toward you two, still holding a cup in that hand, “Is there something going on there?”
Jimin followed his finger, a smile spreading across his face, “Probably some sexual tension. They’re probably dying to get out of here to fuck again.”
Hold on. Freeze. What?
“Again?” Jungkook looked over to him, “When?”
“Like a week ago?” Jimin shrugged it off, “Hey, you crashing here?”
“I don’t know,” he mumbled looking back over to you. It made sense now why you and Jin seemed close, or why you were hanging out with him so much right now. At first Jungkook thought you might’ve been avoiding him since the kiss last night but now he doubts that. It was jealousy that he felt. Big fearful jealousy and matched with his sexual frustration he was ready to pop. He stormed off in your direction, chugging back what little was left in his drink and went to separate you from Jin.
“Kook!” You pulled on his arm just as he cut in between of you and Jin in the middle of your conversation, “Hey?“
“Is there something going on between you and Jin?” He didn’t bother easing into it. He needed to know now. He needed to know if he really never had a chance with you, that he’d always just be a friend and nothing more.
“What?” Your brows furrowed. You had no clue what was up with him. You and Jin shared a look but Jungkook didn’t look at him once, acting like he wasn’t there.
You looked around, his voice was too high someone might hear and bring unnecessary attention, “How much did you drink?”
“Just answer my question ” He said pointing to Jin, “Are you seeing him?
“What do you mean?” You furrowed your brows opening trying to pull him away to hopefully somewhere more private. He followed like a puppy as you excused yourself from Jin and led him toward the room you slept in the last time you were here.
“Did you sleep with him?”
You didn’t say anything but your silence was so loud. He scoffed, “You like him?”
“What? No, no.” You shook your head, “Not like that. We’re friends.”
“Is it so wrong?” This time he did look over at you, eyes narrowed, jaw tight. How does he even respond to that? Yes he’s mad, because he’s jealous. So fucking jealous of Jin. He huffed, “You don’t get it.”
“What don’t I get?” You rolled your eyes, “It happened once and that was it. We’re just friends.”
“Like us?” he questioned you. He wanted to know but yes, you say you’re friends but you both know you and Jungkook have never been just friends.
“Are you actually mad about that?” You asked watching him slump down on the guest bed, the lights still off and the party music blurred into the background, “Yes, Jin and I had sex. Yes, we’re friends, I didn’t know it was a crime.”
He scoffed, “So what are we then? Friends too?“
“What? I—I don’t know, “ “Think!” He pressed, “Huh? How do you explain what we are?”
“We’re friends,” you said shaking your head, looking up at him as he groaned. He ran his fingers through his hair, letting his voice rasp when he laughed, “Friends…”
He m threw himself back, hand coming over his face to hide the look of hurt he carried falling onto the bed, “Friends. Best fucking friends, right?”
“Please, you know I didn’t mean it like that,” you reached for him making him turn to face you again, now in the darkness of his room.
He let out another scoff, “Tell me then. Tell me we aren’t just friends.”
You were quiet. What were you two anyway? What were you doing together? What were you actually doing?
“What the hell are we?” His voice rose a little, “Why have you been avoiding me all night?”
Your brows furrowed pushing your knees into the edge of the bed, “Jungkook, I haven’t been… I’m sorry.”
“You have,” he looked at you, “All night you’ve spent attached to Jin like I haven’t been here. Why? Was it because of last night? Do you regret it?
“No Jungkook, it’s not that. I’m just confused,” you sighed leaning into the bed sitting on the edge, “You keep asking me what are we and I want to give you an answer and I don’t know. We kiss, you go sleep with Soomin. We kiss again, you tell me to wait and basically don’t want to have sex with me.”
His jaw dropped. That’s what you thought. You thought that because he asked you to wait last night it meant he didn’t want to have sex with you. You couldn’t be more wrong. “You seriously think that?”
You shrugged looking away from him making him sigh, “Y/n, I didn’t want to have sex with you because I didn’t want you to think that’s all I wanted from you.”
“Isn’t it?”
“No!” He sat on his elbows, “No, no. I don’t just want to hook up and drop it. I want to…” he took a deep breath, “I want to be so much more than friends.”
“Then why couldn’t you say that?” You asked scooting you the bed a little, the bracelet catching his eye. He shook his head, “Because let’s face it Y/n. I’m not good enough for you and that pisses me off.”
“What do you mean by that?” You pressed and you swear you could almost see Jungkook’s walls visibly cracking. He looked away toward the window, “I think part of me has always liked you but I wouldn’t let myself see you that way because, well, I just think you deserve someone better than me, yknow?”
“Like, someone who doesn’t force you to go skinny dipping or get into fights because he slept with girls who had boyfriends,” he shrugged trying to brush off his self deprecation, “And I can’t fucking stand Jin because he’s exactly who I always pictured you with and it pisses me off because it’s not me.”
“You’re stupid,” you mumbled shaking your head, “Jungkook, I don’t care about him like that. I like doing things with you even if they’re fucking crazy, you’re the main reason why I have fun anyway. Obviously there’s things you need to work on but that’s everyone.”
He didn’t say anything but his hand reached out to yours playing with the bracelet he put on you last night. It even said his name and everything that’s why he switched it with the ring. You smiled a little moving closer till your knees touched his hip, “And who else is gonna carry me all the way to my apartment when I’m super tired?”
He smiled, he really did feel special hauling your cute ass out of the car up the stairs to your door. He liked having you with your arms and legs wrapped around him like a baby bear snoring lightly into his neck. He may or may not have snapped a picture with you clinging off him in your mirror.
“Just so we’re clear Kook,” you sat straighter looking down at him. He was still sprawled on the bed leaning on his elbows for support making his collarbone dip even more and his abdomen tense. “I’m crazy into you.”
His eyes fell to yours, breathing getting heavier. You smile, breathless, heart thudding dully in your chest, he sits up fully now, eyes wide and adoring, stroking a hand on the duvet feeling it wrinkle under his hold. Out of the corner of your eye, you catch the large mirror in the guest room reflecting you, and reflecting his hands easing up the backs of your thighs and coming to rest right beneath where the skirt you wore tonight. His hands are hot, damp, and rough when they cup and hold your bottom playing with the thin fabric of your underwear, his eyes locked on yours, “You mean it?”
When you nod he smiles releasing a tight breath as his free hand comes to your chin tilting your face toward him, lips brushing against yours with need, “I like you Y/n, so fucking much.” He leans in, mouth against mouth letting himself fall back against the sheets forcing you to fall over him. He grabbed your thigh swinging it over his lap to straddle him as he held your face in his hands keeping your from pulling away.
You caught him by surprise when you used force to push him back sitting up and holding the ends of your shirt. He watched in a trance the way you tugged the shirt over your head stretching your back a little and flinging it onto the floor sitting over him in the skirt and bra. His hands on your thighs squeezing a little when you pulled on the collar of his shirt. He quickly yanked it off struggling for a moment before throwing it down next to yours. You didn’t lean down to kiss him again and it made him impatient. You kept looking away from him and he felt greedy. He wanted your eyes on him and just him, but when he found the source of your curiosity he practically melted underneath you.
There, just a few feet away was the full body mirror at a perfect angle to face the bed. He could see his long body in nothing but jeans with you over him in your cute skirt sitting on top. You looked at each other through the mirror, one of your hands raising over the ridges of his muscles and pecs. His muscular, tatted, arm holding you in place looking huge against you.
Finally, you pulled away from the mirror looking over at each other. Jungkook’s eyes were darker, gazed over with built up sexual tension and yours looked the same. His hand was back on your thigh feeling the curve of skin from where you sat. Before he was even able to say anything, you leaned in on his collarbone, leaving pepper kisses and soft touches drawing his eyes closed as he squirmed. It felt good. You nipped under his jaw again at the spot that had made him weak last time whispering in his ear, “Watch.”
So he did. He turned toward the mirror again watching the way you moved onto his neck, nibbling on it here and there, earning a soft whimper in return. His hips were bucking slightly seeking friction from this small act but he couldn’t help it. He’d been holding off on sex after he realized he only wanted to sleep with you. And here he was half naked in a guest room with the door locked and a party happening right outside. That made him feel even more on edge knowing anyone could go around asking where you were and they’d find you in bed with him. You began to shimmy down, kissing between his pecs, nails grazing over his nipples and he had to pull his lip between his teeth to bite back a moan.
In the mirror he watched the way your back arched making your butt stick out from under your skirt and he liked it. He liked seeing you like this over him, hands finding the button to his jeans yanking the zipper down. And he lifted his hips enough for you to pull them off, taking his briefs off too. He was fully naked while you still had on everything but a shirt. He’s never been in this situation before.
You had fallen to sit between his patted legs once his jeans were on the floor and he looked away from the mirror to look at you. Your hands went behind your back, as if reading his mind, and shedding off another article of clothing, your bra. He groaned quietly licking his lips at the sight of your exposed chest, hands reaching out to sit up and touch but you shook your head. He watched your hands cup your own breasts, holding the weight teasing him almost to go ahead and touch but when he tried you stopped. He can see what game you’re playing at but he didn’t mind, he’d keep his hands to himself if you wanted him to. He fell back into the sheets when you leaned down, eyes wandering over his growing member that gave a little twitch under your stare.
His breath hitched at the sight in the mirror again, ass up and face so close to his pelvis that he could just imagine what would come next. You turned to his left thigh, kissing on the inner part close to where his aching member waited pointing up to his trimmed happy trail. His chest caving a little when your teeth sank into the sensitive flesh giving his cock another twitch. He felt the slight sucking feeling of your mouth on his thigh and it made him squirm, “Fuck, Y/n,” his head fell into the pillows unsure if he should look in the mirror or down below, “Do something.”
You never expected him to react this way in bed, full of need and want. His muffled sounds, his twitches, and the way he would lean in on the touch it made you jealous to think of the other girls seeing him like this—but they never did. Jungkook never gave up control to anyone and right now that he’s being the pillow princess for once and all because of you, he really fucking liked it.
Jungkook’s hips quivered as you kissed closer toward his member, just at the base and his hand came up to your hair, your eyes shooting him a glare that had him shrinking back. You closed your eyes maneuvering his dick between your plump, soft lips. A palpable, slow throbbing began to envelop his penis as you slid your puffy lips back and forth. His breath hitches looking back to the mirror at the side profile of your head bobbing over him drawing out small gasps for air from him. Then he’d look down again at the sight of his hardened, thick, cock sinking down your throat watching drool and pre-cum dribble down the side.
The veins on his dick feel as hard as stone as you work whatever didn’t fit in your mouth with a hand each stroke making blood rush to his dick increasing the pleasure. You focused on the tip, licking around the thick head licking up what ever slick leaked from the slit and kissing it like it was his lips on yours. It was a sight, his eyes fluttering closed only to snap open scared he’d wake up from a dream and you’d be out there grinding on Jin. When your hand snuck below his erect member toward his aching balls his mouth drew open releasing a gasp, massaging them in your warm hands kissing where they hung before trailing up his length again. He felt heavy and thick but god you could just imagine all the things he’d do to you when you were done with him. “I’m gonna…fuck,” he panted letting his eyes screw shut when you finally decided to let his tip hit the back of your throat feeling it tighten around him. His warning only made you speed up, forcing more inside ignoring the squelching sound of his dick in your throat, one hand jerking whatever didn’t fit and the other fondling his balls. It took him less than a minute to tighten, grip the bed sheets tightly and release a large load into your mouth that you eagerly licked up.
“Fuck!” He whined staring down at the amount, holding himself back lately really put a strain on him if he went by how much he released and how much you swallowed back.
This time he doesn’t stop and wait for you to tell him not to touch you, sitting up and pressing his lips against yours. His hand under your chin and another moving up to cup an exposed breast. His large hand covering more flesh than your own, kneading teasingly as you moved over his thigh again. You looked toward the mirror when he trailed down toward your neck sucking hickies into your skin while his hands groped at your chest making you melt into him. Your skirt was up so high now but he didn’t seem to mind until he was shaking his hands under trying to pull your soaked panties off.
You squealed in surprised at the sudden jerk of movement, freezing in place as the tearing sound continued. He didn’t stop his assault on your neck throwing the now town panties onto the floor. You glared down at him, “Hey! Why’d you do th—ngh.”
His middle finger was sliding over your heat, gathering your wetness as he touched your folds and circled your clit still hidden under the hood. You looked to the mirror, his hand hidden under your skirt as his lips trailed toward your tits catching a taut nipple in his mouth as a distraction for when his middle finger began to push into your entrance, your lips parting in pleasure feeling his palm press against your clit. His finger pushed in deep, hooking at the end as he slid it in and out of your pussy all while his palm massaged into your clit, a second finger joining the first, his ring finger.
A hiss slipped from your lips feeling a light nibble on the softness of your breast, a suckling feeling on the skin looking down and finding his eyes locked on your as he left love bites on your boobs.
It didn’t take long for him to have you on the brink of release, the tightness of your walls around his fingers making his eyes roll in anticipation over what they’d feel against his cock. He brought you to the edge, on hand on your thigh keeping your legs spread for him, the other in your wet pussy, mouth on your tits. The mirror captured perfectly the animalistic curve of his back as he hunched over toward your body, the muscles protruding with every flick of his wrist up his arm. Your eyes rolled, nails sinking into his shoulders for support, his name on the tip of you tongue. “Cum for me bunny,” he whispered groggily against your skin and you immediately folded.
In the urgency of post orgasm he held onto you leaning over to pick up his jeans off the floor finding his wallet. He pulled out a condom looking over to you trying to tear it open quickly. He snipped his finger in the process, “Ow.”
“Slow your roll eager beaver,” you laughed taking it from him tearing into easily. You pulled it out looking over to him as he watched you closely, but the second your eyes met he couldn’t contain his smile. The smile then led to a giggle from you both, your current situation and all the seriousness draining from you both. You’d never been the serious type when together so this whole thing made you laugh. He brushed your hair out of your face, “You sure you want to do this?”
“I already opened it,” you said lightly, pointing to the wrapper ignoring the way his eyes rolled, “Jungkook.”
“Hm,” he sighed feeling your hands begin to ease the condom over his member slowly bringing it to its full hardness. “Do you want to do this?” You asked, his eyes finding yours again lip pulled between his teeth nodding his head, “So fucking bad. But I don’t want it to be a one time thing.”
You planted a soft kiss against his lips hovering over him. He grinds his cock against your coated pussy, shaft swollen out of desperation. Everything has led up to the point, and now he finally has it: the full permission to truly have sex with you, and if it were up to him this wouldn’t be the only time he gets to do it. He puts his hand over yours, grabbing his member with his own. Now teasing his head against your entrance, heat burns inside of his chest, body and mind stimulated and ready to pleasure you. Moaning out your name, he finally slides himself inside of you, embracing your tight cunt.
“Oh fuck,” you sighed out taking him all in, hands flat on his chest even as he sat up sitting you on his cock. Letting out a grunt, he adjusts himself to kiss your sweet lips. Your walls tighten around him in response to his thickness. His hands travel down to yours, holding them both tightly, “That’s right baby, I want to be the only one making you feel good.”
He looked over to the mirror, where your eyes had been glued and it made his hips buck arms tightening around your waist at the sight. There was the proof of it, what he’d always known. The way your bodies fit together like a finished puzzle. Your legs wrapped around him, your ass sitting so pretty on his cock, hips bouncing, chest pressed against chest, his head in the crook of your neck. His large hands sliding down the expanse of his back. It made him growl against your soft skin quickening his pace.
The wet sounds of your sopping cunt are audible with each harsh press of his cock, bliss to Jungkook’s ears. He groaned, “..T-Tight…” he uttered, plunging his cock in and out, picking up his pace hearing the bed squeak. Neither one of you cared, with the loud music from the party you doubted anyone could hear anyway.
Motivated by your noises, the tempo in his thrusts quickens, as well as the power of each pound. The slapping of his hips and thighs against your own echoes in the room. You could feel his weight on you growing heavy, leaning into you and brushing against your cervix. Your hands in his hair, pulling his head back looking at his parted lips and round eyes, “Kiss me.”
Jungkook felt himself getting closer, your cunt practically milking his cock, as his hand slid up your back to the back of your neck forcing your head down for his lips to meet yours in a heated kiss that left you both panting. He couldn’t take it. He felt restricted under you despite the pleasure coursing through his bodies so without wasting another second he was flipping you over, falling over you onto the bed, knees pressing into the mattress keeping you trapped under him. In the mirror you could see the harsh thrusts of his hips, the muscles in his ass and thighs flexing with each buck.
Your legs cross around his waist, holding him in place as if it were a plea for him to not leave. He thrusts desperately into you, grip on your hands tightening and panting heavily. “Please bunny, tell me you’re close!” He was loud falling into the expanse of your neck, his hand still holding you now trapped under the bed. He felt your nails dig into his scalp drawing out a hiss and you whimpered, “I—I’m cu—“
With one final thrust, he allows himself to cum into the condom when your walls squeeze the soul out of his dick with your release. All that was hear was heavy panting, your skirt now on sideways with the zipper all fucked and his knees pressing bruisingly my into the bed.
It took a moment to come down from your highs but he was careful sliding out of you, the spent condom filled with cum that felt warm and sticky against his softening member. He bit back a hiss in sensitivity as he tugged it off, tying the end of it and throwing it on the wooden floor—a mess he’ll clean tomorrow. He looked down at you, chest heaving in pants as you let your high come down. He looked down at your skirt, all twisted in the wrong places and with gentle hands he tugged the zipper down lifting your hips and sliding it off you. He went toward the closet opening the door finding a towel and he emptied a water bottle onto it wetting it before bringing it to you.
Softly, he pressed it into the space between your legs wiping away your release as you smiled lazily at him. He leaned down placing his lips on yours with a smile, “Was that okay?”
“Mmm,” you hummed letting him spoil you with aftercare as he finished cleaning himself off. He didn’t bother putting clothes back on lifting the ruined bed sheets and tucking you underneath with him next to you. Neither one of you cared about the party outside, you snuggled into his chest, his arms wrapping around you as he looked to his phone.
jimin | oh u little shits
jimin | where r u guys
jungkook | sleeping
jimin | my ass
jungkook | :P
The next morning you woke up a little sore, Jungkook was still asleep but with the sun blaring in your face like that you couldn’t stay asleep. You assessed the damage in the mirror, lovebites on your chest, and neck. You looked around the floor all your stuff scattered everywhere and you sighed looking at your ruined underwear. Thanks a lot Kook.
Not wanting to wake him up you dig into your overnight bag for the clothes you had planned to wear today, Jimin had given you the heads up to spend the day at the lake after the party. You slipped on your bathing suit and a t-shirt and shorts over it and left the room letting him sleep in.
“You little freaks!” Was the first thing Jimin had said when he saw you coming to the glass sliding door where everyone who had slept over was having breakfast. You just smiled in greeting as Jin passed you a plate. Jimin kept going, “So what? You’re seeing each other now? You know as the third musketeer I am so fucking offended.”
Taehyung laughed, “Three musketeers? More like three blind rats.”
“It’s mice.”
“Yeah but you’re more of a rat.” You ignored him taking a seat next to Jimin thanking Jin for serving you breakfast, “I thought we were quiet.”
“No, not at all,” Jimin shook his head, “That bed squeaks like a motherfucker.”
Shrugging you ate with one hand as the other blocked the Sun out of your eyes. Shortly after two hands came over your head, a warm presence behind you as they leaned down planting a kiss in your hair, “You should’ve woken me up.”
“Pussy put his ass to sle—“ “It did,” Jungkook didn’t even argue stretching his arms out shooing Jimin over so he could sit next to you, “Best sleep I’ve had in a while.”
“Lame,” Hoseok groaned, “While I’m throwing up in the bathroom those two are getting freaky in the sheets. I hate everyone.”
“Nobody told you to chug a bottle of Patron.”
Under the table Jungkook swung your leg over his lap reaching over you to steal some toast off your plate. He looked to Jin who was smiling down at his phone then back to you. You pursed your lips and he leaned into you giving them a soft peck ignoring all the fake gagging noises that rose around you.
Jungkook, your dear boyfriend?
okay yalll pls let this not flop like my last fic lolll
also ignore the name calling it’s normal. friends are rude to each other so Jk calling Y/n a bitch in the beginning is lighthearted
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silent treatment
Tumblr media
jungkook x f!reader
Genre: angst to fluff, hurt/comfort
WC: 3.0k
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taglist: @awinkies @wedarkacademia @yiyi4657 @astralandcosmos @scuzmunkie @mooonlitstars @manchuria @mistyaphelion @ygimsgw @kookiwu @yoongititss @hopestastic
Tumblr media
Balancing a tray of food in one hand, Jungkook knocks on the door to your home office door with his other, twisting the door handle when he receives a muffled, “come in.” As you turn around in your office chair to face him, Jungkook flashes you his cute bunny smile as he walks over to you, placing the tray on your desk.
You let out a groan as you rub your temples, closing your eyes to try and dispel the pain. “What’s wrong?” Jungkook asks, concerned as he leans on your desk. “I have a headache,” you mumble with a slight pout on your lips. Jungkook chuckles at your adorable expression, cooing at you as he leans down to place a kiss on your forehead.
“Maybe that’s because you haven’t taken a break in hours,” he suggests as he nudges the tray closer to you. Rubbing at your eyes that have become irritated from staring at your bright computer screen, you blink rapidly to clear your vision before scanning over the contents of the tray Jungkook brought, finding an array of your favourite snacks, some fruit that has been cut up into hearts and a glass of water. 
Picking up a piece of fruit, you pop it into your mouth, smiling as you imagine Jungkook cutting fruits into hearts in your kitchen. Picking up another piece of fruit, you hold it up for Jungkook. He bends down, gladly eating it from your hand before standing back up. “Come to bed soon, alright?” he reminds you of the time since he knows you tend to get caught up in your work.
You nod, eyes already back on your screen as you get back to work. You thank Jungkook for the snacks as he places one last kiss on your head before exiting your office, softly closing the door behind him. Content knowing you would at least eat the snacks he brought you, Jungkook enters your shared bedroom, flopping on the bed and going on his phone as he waits for you to come to bed.
It had been a long and hard few weeks at work but you finally had a day off tomorrow and for once, Jungkook’s day off lined up with yours. You two planned to go out together and just enjoy a day to yourselves. You didn’t want to have to worry about work at all while you were with Jungkook so you wanted to finish everything the night before.
Yawning for the seventh time in the past hour, Jungkook closes the app he was scrolling through, glancing at the time displayed at the top of his phone. Reading 12:01 am, Jungkook puts his phone down on the nightstand before letting out a sigh as he stands from the bed, making his way back to your office thinking you must’ve fallen asleep at your desk again.
But when he reenters your office, you’re still awake sitting in front of your desk, typing away on your computer. “Y/n?” Jungkook calls out to you, “Aren’t you coming to bed soon?” You simply hum in acknowledgement, not giving him an answer as your eyes remain glued to your screen. Slightly irked by your ignorant behaviour and the fact that he’s been waiting nearly two hours for you to come to bed, Jungkook pinches the bridge of his nose as he lets out a sigh. 
“Y/n,” he calls again, his patience quickly thinning out, “It’s past midnight. You’ve worked enough for today.” But you continue to ignore him, acting as if he’s not even there. “Are you even listening to me?” Jungkook asks, the irritation now clear in his voice. Frustratedly slamming a hand on your desk, you snap coldly, “What do you want?”
“Well if you’ve been listening to anything I’ve been saying you would know that it’s already past midnight and you should come to bed!” he raises his voice slightly. With the pounding of your head more intense due to lack of sleep, you’re equally as irritated, if not more. “Well maybe now you see how it feels when you don’t listen to me when you’re overworking yourself,” the words fall out of your mouth before you can think, regret immediately washing over you.
Memories of all you’re fights and arguments about Jungkook overworking himself flood your mind. It was inevitable with his career and although you two always worked through it, the guilt never left Jungkook. He had opened up to you about his fears and insecurities: that it would all become too much for you and he wouldn’t be able to give you what you deserved. But you always reassured him that he was enough, that you would always support and take care of him and you two could work through anything together.
So when you use one of his greatest insecurities against him, Jungkook can’t help but feel betrayed. Full of guilt and regret, you remain frozen facing your computer. After a few tense moments, you hear shuffling behind you before you hear the sound of your office door being shut, followed by Jungkook’s retreating footsteps. Letting out a groan, your head falls into your hands as you realize how badly you just fucked up. 
The situation did nothing to aid your pounding headache or your irritable state, only adding to the frustration you feel. You probably should have listened the first time Jungkook told you to take it easy. And you most definitely should not have said what you said to him. But you weren’t thinking straight, your mind only focused on finishing so that you wouldn’t have to worry about work during your break. 
Shutting off your computer, you let out a sigh before turning off the lights and getting ready to turn in for the night. When you enter the bedroom, you find Jungkook already asleep with his back turned to you. And if he is awake, he doesn’t acknowledge you so you decide to give him some space, leaning down to press a kiss to his forehead before going into the bathroom for your nightly routine.
Determined to make it up to him, you set an alarm for early tomorrow morning before shutting your phone off and falling asleep with Jungkook’s back turned to you.
Tumblr media
Waking up the next morning, you let out a quiet groan as you regret making yourself wake up early on a day off. In hindsight, it wasn’t that early. It was around the normal time you both would wake up for work but when you don’t have places to be, it feels pretty damn early. 
But you don’t want this fight to ruin your day together so you force yourself out of bed, padding out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. You want to start cooking so that by the time Jungkook wakes up, it’ll all be ready. Pulling out all the ingredients and equipment you need, you start preparing a big breakfast consisting of all Jungkook’s favourite foods. 
But just as you’re about to crack some eggs into a pan, you hear the bedroom door open, followed by the sound of Jungkook’s approaching footsteps. Your brows furrow in confusion since Jungkook usually sleeps in on days that he doesn’t have work. “Jungkook?” you call out in confusion, looking over your shoulder to find him already dressed for work. 
He ignores you as he crosses the room and even though you know he’s giving you the silent treatment, you ask anyway, “Where are you going?” He glances at you through the corner of his eye when he reaches the front door. And even though he’s still upset with you, he doesn’t want to worry you. “Work,” he answers shortly as he grabs his coat from the coat rack. “But we’re not supposed to work today,” you remind him, hoping that Jungkook just forgot. 
You know that Jungkook heard you but he remains silent as he puts his coat on and it’s then that you realize he didn’t forget but he simply didn’t want to be with you today. Your vision starts to blur with tears as you watch him slip his shoes on but just as he stands back up, you look away so he can’t see your watery eyes or your trembling lips. Jungkook wills himself not to look at you but when he hears you sniffle, his head whips in your direction. He can’t see your face but he can tell you’re crying by the way your shoulders shake. 
He’s aching to pull you into his arms and whisper apologies and comforting words into your ears, but Jungkook ignores the way his heart calls out for you and the way his heart cracks as he walks out the door knowing he’s leaving you alone. 
Absolutely crushed that you would no longer be able to spend your day with Jungkook like you planned, you half-heartedly finish cooking breakfast. Dejectedly sitting alone at the table, you try to eat a few bites but your appetite is lost. Scraping your unfinished food into the bin, you pack the rest into the fridge before spending the rest of the afternoon moping around. Familiar with his usual work hours, you know he won’t be home for lunch, but you hold onto the small flame of hope in your heart that you’ll at least be able to have dinner together. 
But after spending more than three hours preparing dinner and waiting another hour more for Jungkook, you start to get worried. He’s usually home by this time but he hasn’t texted or called to let you know he’ll be out late. And when he doesn’t answer any of your texts or calls, you call one of the other members, hoping they know where he is and if he’s okay.
Scrolling to find Jimin’s number, you press the phone icon. “Hey, what’s up?” he picks up on the second ring. “Hey Jimin, is Jungkook there?” you ask. “Oh yeah, we just started eating dinner. Do you want to talk to him? Here, give me a second,” you hear shuffling as he moves to hand the phone to Jungkook, causing you to start panicking. “No!” you exclaim into the phone a bit too eagerly. 
Clearing your throat, you tell Jimin that it’s not necessary but he’s already suspicious. “Is everything okay? Why didn’t you come tonight?” Jimin asks, finding it strange that you didn’t join them for dinner like you usually would. Your heart cracks a little at Jimin’s question. You didn’t know they were going out for dinner since Jungkook hadn’t told you, let alone invited you to join them. “I just haven’t been feeling well,” you lie, ignoring the tightness in your chest.
“Oh no, do you want Jin or Yoongi Hyung to make you some soup?” Jimin offers, worry and concern lacing his voice. “Oh, no it’s alright,” you politely decline, not wanting them to worry. “Are you sure? Do you need one of us to come over? Jungkook shouldn’t be leaving you alone when you’re sick,” he grumbles into the phone, ready to give the maknae a scolding once he hangs up the phone.
After reassuring Jimin that everything was fine and you were okay on your own, he finally lets you hang up the call only after making you promise to call if you needed anything. Hanging up the phone, you stare at the dining table with a heavy heart. Not even having the energy or motivation to pack it up, you simply lay your head on the table as you let your tears fall freely.
“Who was that?” Hoseok asks once Jimin puts his phone back in his pocket. “Y/n,” Jimin answers, causing Jungkook’s eyes to widen as they flick over to his Hyung. Jimin had a feeling that the reason you didn’t come wasn’t because you were unwell. Jungkook would never have left you alone if he knew you were sick, and the fact that you were calling to ask if Jungkook was there told Jimin that Jungkook must not have told you.
All the members thought it was a bit strange that you didn’t accompany Jungkook today, and the way he stiffens up at the mention of your name is a telltale sign that something is wrong. Narrowing his eyes at the maknae and ready to scold him, Jimin’s gaze softens when he sees the guilt and sadness in Jungkook’s eyes. “Did something happen between you two?” Namjoon asks.
After confessing and receiving a lengthy scolding as well as some advice, Jungkook leaves dinner feeling slightly lighter. It’s nearly midnight by the time he gets home, which is why it surprises him when the lights are still on as he walks through the front door. “Y/n?” he calls out, confused because you’re nowhere in sight. Placing his bag down, he walks further into the house, stopping when he finds you asleep on the dining table.
Guilt washes over him as he realizes he kept you waiting and failed to show up at all. Kneeling next to your chair, Jungkook gently pushes your hair out of your face, tucking it behind your ear. His chest pains with guilt when he sees the tear streaks on your cheeks. Carrying you to bed and tucking you in, Jungkook places a soft kiss on your forehead, wishing you goodnight and promising to make it up to you.
He knows it’s late and a very inconsiderate time to call anyone but he doesn’t let that stop him. Scrolling to find your boss’ number, he presses the call button with no hesitation, bringing the phone up to his ear and waiting patiently. “Hello?” Your boss, Mrs. Kim picks up on the third ring, confused as to why anyone would be calling at this time.
“Hi Mrs. Kim, this is Jungkook, y/n’s boyfriend,” Jungkook speaks into the phone. “How can I help you Jungkook?” Mrs. Kim asks, still not fully understanding why he was calling at this time. After charming his way into your boss’ heart, Jungkook hangs up the call, happy that his plan is coming along.
It was actually much easier than he thought. Mrs. Kim knows how hardworking you are and was more than happy to give you another day off, telling Jungkook to make sure you rest well. Tiptoeing his way back into the bedroom, he finds your phone on the bedside table, turning off your alarm before climbing into bed beside you.
Tumblr media
Groaning at the bright sunlight shining down on your face, you turn away from the sun, burying your face in Jungkook’s pillow. It takes your brain a few moments to realize that the sun is never usually this bright early in the morning. Scrambling for your phone, you start to panic when you realize that you slept in. Had you forgotten to turn your alarm on?
Tangled up in the blankets, you nearly trip and fall as you climb out of bed, stumbling a few steps before you reach the door. Yanking it open, you run face-first into Jungkook’s chest but he places an arm around your shoulders to steady you. Absorbing the impact, Jungkook almost drops the tray he’s holding, barely balancing it in the palm of his other hand.
He lets out a breath of relief as you stare up at him in confusion, as he should be long gone for work by now. Chuckling at your frazzled and confused state, he leads you back into the bedroom. “I’m late Jungkook!” You try to resist him. “I called in for you,” he explains shortly. You’re confused as to why Jungkook called in for you and why he’s still here but you let him guide you back to the bed with no complaints. 
While you situate yourself against the headboard, Jungkook places the tray on the bedside table before settling next to you and pulling you into his lap, your back against his chest. Resting his chin on your shoulder, he mumbles into the crook of your neck, “I’m sorry.” You place your arms over his which are wrapped tightly around your waist, leaning into his embrace. 
“I’m sorry too. You know I didn’t mean it, right? I love taking care of you, it just hurts me to see you overworking yourself,” you tell him as your voice starts to waver and your eyes start to water. “I know, I know,” he gently hushes you as he comfortingly rubs his thumbs over your sides, “It hurts me too when you overwork yourself.” You will your tears not to fall as you apologize for both snapping at him and worrying him. 
Pulling away from your neck, he tells you, “Don’t cry, okay? I forgive you.” You nod  but you can’t help the stray tear that trails down your cheek. Gently wiping it away, Jungkook simply holds you in his arms for a moment. You forgive each other easily as you both understand where the other is coming from and you love each other too much to stay mad for long. Jungkook gives you a comforting smile before he reaches for the tray on the bedside table and places it on your lap. “I was able to get today off and your boss gave you today off as well. We can spend the whole day together like we planned,” he informs you.
“Why didn’t you wake me up? We’ve already lost half the day and we could’ve made breakfast together,” you pout at him. “Let me spoil you sometimes,” he says as he picks up a piece of fruit from the tray and feeds it to you. Even though this was his way of apologizing to you, you felt apologetic and wanted to make it up to him as well.
Frowning at him as you chew, you swallow before stubbornly telling him, “I’m making lunch then.” Playfully rolling his eyes at your stubbornness, he nods in agreement knowing that you won’t take “no” for an answer. “Fine, but we’re making dinner together. I miss cooking with you,” he says as he places a kiss on your temple. 
Even though you two originally planned to go out for your day off together, it was the little moments like cooking together or feeding each other breakfast in bed that you lived for.
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for @usertae ♡ cr. namuspromised
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Jungkook + Left and Right
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the funniest thing about jimin using his cuteness to his advantage is that jungkook is aware of it but is still weak against it lmao
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