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🌸min “i am pink because i wanted to be” yoongi🌸
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Tumblr media
220524 J-Hope’s Instagram Story
Ticket translation:
Hyundai Card Super Concert 17
Date: August 19, 2012 (Sun) Venue: Jamsil Auxiliary Stadium
Reservation no: Name: (Mr. Phone number:
Standing R seats Section A Entrance number #2599
Price: Hyundai Card 20%(105,600 won) Payment method: Credit card Date of reservation:
In the case of misplaced tickets, please note no reprints will be issued.
Trans cr; Faith @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS
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220525 - yoongi on instagram: 😀
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To celebrate #ThatThat5thWin and the upcoming ones!
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15 Minutes
Jung Hoseok x Reader
Synopsis: Whilst scrolling through his YouTube feed in the early hours of the morning, Hoseok comes across a video made by a fan titled "Y/n L/n and Jung Hoseok Being in Love With Each Other for 15 Minutes Straight."
Warnings: Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Hoseok sighed, rolling over on his side. He was swaddled in the comforter on his bed, his shoulders and head peeking out over the edge of the large blanket. He struggled to fall asleep that night, which resulted in him mindlessly scrolling through his YouTube recommendation page. He was a little embarrassed at the number of fan edits of you were on there.
You were the only female member of BTS, one of the main vocalists alongside Jimin. Your dancing skills were on par with Hoseok's, which helped kindle your friendship after your initial meeting. After the group was put together in 2010, the eight of you were fast friends. Your presence in the group brought about instant joy. You were funny, charismatic, and respectful. You were always sure to check on your fellow members, hoping to brighten their day if they were in a sour mood.
Those were some of the many reasons that your best friend, Jung Hoseok, had been crushing on you for a painfully long time.
Hoseok paused his scrolling after noticing a video titled "Y/n L/n and Jung Hoseok Being in Love With Each Other for 15 Minutes Straight." He chuckled quietly to himself, in doubt that you actually returned his feelings. He clicked on the video out of pure curiosity, wanting to see what signals from you the fans picked up on that he managed to remain oblivious to.
After the short intro, a title screen popped up with the first form of "evidence,"
"They are always sitting next to each other in interviews." Said the first slide. The video proceeded to show small snippets of interviews that the group had done together, starting with their WIRED interview, BTS Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED. You and Hoseok sat in the back row along with Suga, Jimin, and Jungkook. You sat between Jimin and Hoseok, a pretty smile on your face as you introduced yourself to the camera. The video then cut to one of their many segments on the James Corden show.
You all stood bunched up as James introduced you all to the crowd and the many cameras. You just so happened to be standing beside Hoseok, both hands placed on his shoulders while you bounced excitedly behind him. The man also had a blinding smile on his face, only dimming slightly when you took your hands off of him to stand to his side. James explained the rules of the game, you just had to stand behind a wall of plexiglass as the fruit was thrown at you at high speeds without flinching.
"Alright! First up, Y/n and J-Hope!" The group of boys and the crowd cheered as you danced your way behind the glass. Hoseok stood to your right. You ruffled his fiery red hair, laughing as he swatted your hand away. Namjoon smiled at the two of you cheekily before speaking in English for the crowd to understand, "J-Hope is going to hide behind Y/n for protection because she's the hero." James turned back around after putting the fruit in the machine. "You think he'll flinch?" Namjoon smiled teasingly as he looked at Hoseok, "He's the coward of the group."
Hoseok didn't take lightly to that, staring dead at Namjoon, "I'm never afraid." He was quickly proven wrong as the fruit was launched at the plexiglass. Hoseok yelled and fell back behind you in shock, grabbing your arm. You, however, did not move an inch, eerily staring into Jimin's soul. Jimin didn't do anything to you, he was just the first member your eyes locked onto.
The crowd burst into laughter along with James and the other members. You laughed shortly after, helping Hoseok up. You stepped out behind the wall, the rapper only able to repeat "wow" as you walked back to the group.
Hoseok smiled to himself fondly. He remembered that day well due to your incessant teasing afterward.
The video showed a few more clips of the two of you sitting next to one another before moving on.
The next form of evidence slid onto the screen. "When Hoseok laughs, he always leans toward Y/n" Everyone in ARMY knew of Hoseok's habit to fall over or lean on the nearest member when he finds something particularly funny. He never really noticed that he did it to you though.
The video showed clips from one of the Run BTS episodes. It was Episode 33, the one where BTS played Manito and Games. Hoseok remembered laughing quite a bit while filming that episode. In the clip, it showed every time Hoseok leaned on you when laughing or when the two of you would collapse to the floor together in a fit of hilarity. A small counter was on the corner of the screen counting how many times this happened. In total, Hoseok managed to come in contact with you an impressive 23 times. It seems small in retrospect, but that was nearly every time he laughed.
It showed more clips from the sleepover episode, the zombie house episode, and the cooking episode. Each noting the multiple times Hoseok collapsed onto you in a fit of laughter.
"They're always hyping the other up" Was the next form of evidence. It cut to the behind-the-scenes of the group filming the music video for Permission to Dance. You were dressed in westernized clothing. You had a baggy silk button-up tucked into your dark-wash jeans, unfortunately, you also had to wear cowboy boots. Hoseok remembers you laughing at him as he walked out of the dressing room with black chaps on, the smile on your face instantly putting him in a good mood.
The video showed the eight of you filming a dance sequence in the desert. The director yelled cut, to which you immediately ran over to Hoseok. The mic barely picked up on the words you spoke to him, "I always forget how good of a dancer you are, Hobi." The cameras definitely didn't miss on the way Hoseok's smile brightened. It then showed the two of you exchanging a conversation of basically just complimenting each other.
Hoseok felt his heartbeat pick up steadily in his chest, a smile stretching onto his face. He vividly remembers how flustered he would get every time you went to compliment him after filming or after doing well in practice. Hell, you even complimented him between songs at concerts. Hoseok feels the familiar warmth rise to his cheeks and ears as he thinks back to all the times you have made him feel good about himself. You never did it out of pity, you genuinely saw the talent that Hoseok held and you made sure that he and the rest of the world saw it too.
Hoseok watched the rest of the video giddily. Other forms of evidence are listed.
"They are more touchy with each other than anyone else in the group"
"They do a lot of V Lives together"
"They are constantly put side by side in photoshoots and in performances"
After fan edits of you and Hoseok being shipped together began to emerge on the internet, your management took full advantage of it. They purposely had the two of you do shoots together, not that either of you minded, they paired you up a lot in Run BTS episodes, they even had you dance side by side in music videos and live performances. ARMY loved the two of you together, which meant positive publicity.
Hoseok shut his phone off after watching the video a second time. He set it on his bedside table and stared at his ceiling, completely lost in thought. Before, he didn't think you could ever return his feelings, assuming you saw him solely as a best friend. And even though he was still unsure, the video did point some things out to him that he hadn't noticed before.
You would always seek out his approval subconsciously after completing a routine. One clip showed you knelt down, completing your solo dance. It was at a concert, he couldn't remember which. Your eyes immediately moved in Hoseok's direction, only relaxing after he gave you a dazzling smile and a cheesy thumbs up. There were more clips similar to that, whether it was practice, behind-the-scenes, or a Run BTS episode.
He also noticed the ways your eyes would light up when he would turn to conversate with you or how you stared down at him with a gentle smile every time he would collapse onto you in a fit of laughter. He also noticed that you were the first by his side anytime he would get hurt while filming an episode or performing live. Your concerned gaze was ingrained into his mind.
Hoseok felt the drowsiness finally kicking in. He rolled over and pulled the blankets up to his chin, shutting his eyes.
Maybe he would finally confess to you.
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♡︎ — bts island
𝗹𝗶𝗸𝗲 𝗼𝗿 𝗿𝗲𝗯𝗹𝗼𝗴 𝗶𝗳 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝘀𝗮𝘃𝗲𝗱 ♡
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i love you☆○o 🍨˚。⋆୨୧˚ 🦷✧༺🥟
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Pretty Little Baby - Min Yoongi
Words - 3.9k
Genre - smut/fluff
warning/s - virgin!reader, slight dom!yoongi, fingering, penetrative sex, cum eating, Yoongi is whipped, cursing, female genitalia is used (if there are any more, please let me know)
A/N: requests are open again :D
Tumblr media
“What?” Yoongi looked at you with eyes as wide as saucers, his mouth positioned into an ‘O’. “But you’re so hot.”
“Oh wow, thank you Yoongi.” Your voice was thick with sarcasm. You were certain that it was the right time to tell Yoongi, but apparently not. You leaned back against the headboard, crossing your arms in annoyance.
“No, I just meant-” 
“Just because I’m ‘hot’,” You put air quotes around that word, finding your usually poetic boyfriend’s choice of words amusing, “That doesn't mean I have to have sex with anyone who offers.” Yoongi blushed, feeling bad about his sudden outburst.
The fact that you were a virgin just came as a surprise to him, that's all. He really didn't mean to make you feel bad about anything, but it appears it was too late for that, the frown on your face letting him know that he’d said something wrong.
“That’s not what I meant, baby,” His hand shot forwards to grab yours, trying his hardest to comfort you. He hated making you sad. “It just came as a surprise, that's all. I didn't think you’d still be a…” The frown on your face became bigger as he approached the word ‘virgin’. It seemed as though he was just digging a deeper and deeper hole for himself.
“We’ve been dating for over a year, now, and I’ve never once had sex with you,” The laugh that came out of your mouth was a way of trying to mask your sadness at the whole situation. In a strange way, you felt a little guilty, like you should’ve been more willing to give yourself to your boyfriend, but you just weren't ready. Until now, that is. “How did you not realise?”
“I just assumed you weren't ready to have it with me.” You weren’t ready to have it with anyone, not just your boyfriend. For a while, you just assumed you were asexual, something else that you felt guilty for not telling Yoongi about. 
Then things changed. Your relationship with Yoongi was moving quicker than any other relationship, your trust and love for him growing at an exponential rate. It wasn’t until you’d fallen head over heels for him that you realised just how much you wanted him. You didn't understand what the feeling was at first, never having felt it before. It came and went, getting especially strong when you were in close proximity to your boyfriend. It was a dull ache in the pit of your stomach, going down into your core. It felt warm, a little wet too, and your clitoris would throb, desperately begging you for something. 
Usually, you’d just spend the evening at your own home with your hand between your legs, crying out your boyfriend’s name into your otherwise silent room. Your mind would be full of images of him working out, or stepping out of the shower, but sometimes it just wasn't enough. The real thing would’ve been so much better, his slender fingers working away at your cunt in a way that you simply couldn't yourself. His smooth voice would tease you, spitting nasty words into your ear as he drew you closer and closer to the edge.
Everything got harder to manage when he asked you to move in with him. You’d be lying if you said you weren't absolutely thrilled at his proposition, excited for your growing relationship, but there was just something in the back of your mind that you couldn't escape. How were you going to deal with your little problem if you’d no longer be alone at night? You could no longer spend hours at a time pleasuring yourself to the thought of him; not when he was sleeping right next to you. 
Soon it became too much. You hadn’t touched yourself in weeks and the dull throbbing between your legs just wouldn't go away. And now you were living with Yoongi, there was no escape from him. Everything he did turned you on, somehow, no matter how small. The way his fingers held his coffee mug in the morning, fiddling with the handle so gently, the tendons in the back of his hand shifting with each finger movement. The way his tongue darted out of his mouth to soothe his dry lips leaving a trail of saliva in its wake. You couldn’t take it anymore; you needed a solution.
“Well I wasn’t, but…” You fumbled over your words, feeling a little embarrassed about what you were about to tell him. His hand squeezed yours, urging you to carry on. You absolutely loved how understanding he was. “I want you to fuck me.” 
He didn't say a word, too in shock to say anything. Usually, you were so innocent with your words, blushing whenever Yoongi even dared to curse in front of you. He wasn’t even sure if he’d ever heard your pretty little mouth say ‘damn’ before, let alone ‘fuck’. He couldn't lie, though, it turned him on, the feeling of his dick now pressing against the fabric of his pants making him hold back a groan.
“You want me to fuck you?” You nodded slowly, feeling nervous under his gaze. He let out a snort, laughing at your shyness despite your previous choice of words, “You want me to take your virginity? Make you feel good?” The way you looked down, avoiding his eyes made him want to let out a laugh. God, you were so cute, so innocent, and you wanted him to take it all away. You wanted him to ruin you… 
“Talk, baby,” He let go of your hand, using it to grab your chin instead. He positioned your head, making sure that you were looking him right in the eyes. He wanted to watch the innocence drain from your eyes as he teased you. He wanted to see you grow nervous under his glare. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and Yoongi wanted to peek at yours. “Tell me what you want from me.”
The whimper that left your mouth was nothing short of pathetic. It was music to Yoongi’s ears, drawing him in. He wanted to hear more, wanted to know what you sounded like when you were in an unbearable amount of pleasure. To make those sounds come out of you would be a dream come true.
“I-I want,” He hummed in response, the shyness in your tone going straight to his member. The look on his face urged you to continue, his eyes burrowing into yours, begging you to let him have you. “I want you to make me feel good, Yoongi.” That was his cue.
He burst forward, closing the gap between the two of you. The kiss was rushed, animalistic almost, not that you minded. This was exactly what you had in mind when you imagined him all those times. Teeth against teeth, tongues pushing against one another as Yoongi forces you to submit to him. You wanted to be used by him.
You felt messy as he groaned into your mouth, a mixture of your two salivas collecting at the corner of your mouth, ready to drip down your chin at any second. His hand had your hair in a tight hold, keeping you pressed up against him. There was no escape, not that you wanted there to be. 
“God, I love you,” He whispered as he pulled away. He didn't go far, leaning his forehead against yours, staring down at your abused lips. The sight made him want to know how they’d look around his dick. That was for another day, though. Tonight was all about you. “Do you know just how long I’ve wanted this for, baby?” You shook your head against his, not trusting yourself to open your mouth. “Come here, baby. Feel how hard I am.”
You ran your hand down his clothed torso, taking all the time in the world to feel the muscles that sat behind the thin material of his t-shirt. You’d felt it before, but never in this context, and never had it made you this aroused. You could feel just how wet you were, your juices lubricating your thighs as you rubbed them together, desperate for the tiniest bit of stimulation. 
Finally, you reached your destination, your hand resting lightly over Yoongi’s bulge. The feeling of it resting against your hand made you let out a whine. It was big, thick. Honestly, you weren’t sure how it was meant to fit inside of you, your hole only having experience with your two fingers. 
“You don't have to be so gentle.” He spoke with a chuckle, watching as you tried to conceal yet another moan. You looked so small sitting there, despite the fact that you almost matched him in height. It made him feel like you were under his control, listening to his every command and following them with ease. The thought alone made his dick twitch, causing a small gasp to come from your mouth as you felt it under your hand.
You still refused to put any more pressure on his bulge, scared that you may hurt him if you held him too tightly. The last thing you wanted to do was ruin the atmosphere. Yoongi had other ideas though. He let his hand rest on your shoulder, trailing his fingers down your arm slowly. The sensation sent tingles through your body. You shuddered at the feeling. 
Once Yoongi’s hand was where he wanted it to be, right on top of yours, he squeezed. Your smaller hand tightened around him, making him let out a groan. Involuntarily, he bucked his hips up, forcing his member up into your hand even more. He could’ve cum right there, the feeling of something other than his own hand being almost too much for him to handle. It took him a moment to remember it was your night, pulling your hand off of himself and stopping his impending orgasm from happening.
“You’re so good, baby,” His voice was barely above a whisper, but it was deep. Much more than it usually was. The lust that ran through his body seemed to make his voice drop an octave. It didn't help the wetness between your legs, the need to have him touch you only growing as he spoke. “Such a good little baby, all for me.”
His words were making everything so much harder to cope with. You needed him inside of you, now. If you had to wait for much longer, you were sure you’d go insane.
“Yoongi!” You cried out, pushing your chest forward into his. Your pyjamas didn’t offer much of a barrier for you, your hardened nipples rubbing against his chest.
“Yes?” Humour was laced through his voice. No matter how much you wanted him, you couldn't deny that sometimes, he was extremely annoying. He knew what you wanted, and yet he still had the audacity to make you say it.
“Touch me, already.” You grabbed at his hand, desperately trying to manoeuvre it towards your core. He had none of it, though, pulling his hand away harshly.
“I thought you were going to be good for me?” He did his best to sound hurt as if your desperation had offended him in some way. “If you were good, you’d say please.” His tone was harsh, his words almost coming out in a growl. As infuriating as he was being, you could help but let your eyes flicker closed, the arousal becoming too much for you.
“Please.” You sounded as if you were on the verge of tears, and honesty, you were. Your pussy was aching to the point where it was almost painful. At this point, you were one step away from locking yourself in the bathroom and using the showerhead. At least then you wouldn't have to wait.
He didn't say another word, instead, letting his hand fall to where you wanted him most. His touch was gentle at first, barely brushing against your clit above your pyjama bottoms. It didn’t matter though, your body jumping no matter how light or brief the touch was. It was the first stimulation you'd had other than your own hands and it was a blessing. 
There was something that felt so different about someone else touching you and yet it was all so familiar. The shock of electricity that coursed through your body, stopping your brain from thinking for a brief moment, yet you weren't the one in control. You were giving everything up, letting Yoongi hold the reigns for you, tugging on them in ways different to how you would yourself, leading you in a completely different direction.
Finally, he let his hand slip underneath the fabric, guiding it down lower and lower until it came into contact with your bare pussy. His eyes shot up to meet yours, surprise laced through his expression. 
“No underwear?” He smirked, pushing his fingertips against your sensitive bus, rubbing slow circles against it. “Looks like my good little baby isn't so good after all.” You could hear how wet you were, squelching sounds ringing throughout the room. “Fucking nasty.” He grunted, speeding up the movement of his fingers against you.
You cried out, your first orgasm of the night quickly approaching. Your body was twitching, thighs shaking as you let your bodyweight topple into Yoongi. His spare arm wrapped around your waist, keeping you in place as he worked. A mixture of gentle praises and degrading comments were whispered into your ear, working perfectly against each other to bring you closer and closer to your release.
“You look so pretty like that,” He spat into your ear as he pushed one of the fingers into you, shifting his hand so that he could penetrate you, his thumb continuing to work on your clit. “So pretty letting me ruin you like this. I can't believe you’re letting me corrupt you, finally.” He grinned against your neck, gently nipping at your skin with his canines.
His finger moved inside of you, feeling just how tight you were. He wasn’t sure how he’d be able to fit himself inside of you, but he was sure he’d find a way. Especially since you seemed to be so needy for him. 
Suddenly, you tightened around him, a loud moan coming from you as you came. Chants of ‘my good baby,’ left your boyfriend's mouth, praising you. Nothing could've boosted his ego more than this, being the only person, other than yourself, to ever make you cum. He was never going to let you forget that he was your first, and so far, your only.
“What do you want now baby?” He let you catch your breath before asking you. His hand gently brushed your hair out of your face, making sure it couldn't stick to the layer of sweat that sat on your face. You always looked gorgeous to him, but nothing could compare to how you looked now. Besides, it was him that made you look like that. “You want my dick, yeah? Want me to fuck you?” You nodded at him, your body setting alight once more at his words. “Words, baby.” 
“Fuck yes.”
He sprung into action, retrieving his hand from your pyjama pants and lifting his wet fingers to his mouth. He smirked as his tongue darted out and began to kitten lick his fingers. A groan sounded through the air and he began to suckle on it, pushing it further and further into his mouth. Next time, he’d have to drink it straight from the source. Not today though, he needed to be inside of you.
As he sucked your essence off of his finger, he used his other hand to push you back onto the bed. You watched him with hooded eyes as he pulled your pants down, sighing deeply as he saw your pussy, all wet and ready for him. It was perfect. The way it glistened pulled him in. He couldn't take his eye off of your hole that twitched around nothing. It was practically begging for him to fill you up, and he was more than happy to listen. 
His finger was pulled out of his mouth with a ‘pop’, Yoongi having finished devouring every drop of your cum that sat on his finger. Looking at you, it was obvious that you’d need more preparation before he even attempted to fuck you. You were certainly wet enough for him, but you were still a virgin and you were still the love of his life. If he hurt you in any way, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to take it.
“Just need to make sure you can take me, baby.” His voice was softer than it had been all night. It served as assurance that once he was done, you’d get what you wanted from him. All he had to do first was open you up.
Much like before, he started with one finger, slowly pushing it in and out for a few seconds before adding another. You weren't used to the stretch, his fingers being thicker than your own. The whimper you let out was quickly shushed by him, his other hand rubbing gentle circles into the flesh of your thigh.
Your face was screwed up in pleasure, the initial burning soon melting away into pleasure. You’d never experienced such a feeling before, and it was overwhelming. You let out short sharp breaths, trying to hold back the embarrassingly loud sounds that were on the verge of slipping out. Your resolve soon fell apart when Yoongi began to scissor his fingers, pushing against your walls to open them up. You were sensitive and the feeling of his calloused fingertips pressing into the sensitive muscle made you let out a high pitched squeal.
Never before had you been able to cum from your own fingers alone, but Yoongi seemed to be getting the job done fairly well. He watched as you writhed around, your eyes screwed shut as regular cries of pure satisfaction left your body. He felt the signs of your release once more, but before you could topple over the ledge, he removed his hand. A loud laugh left him as you cried out in frustration, kicking your legs like a child having a tantrum. Adorable.
You soon stopped when his hands moved to the bottom of his shirt, swiftly removing it before moving to the waistband of his bottoms. You’d noticed earlier in the night that he’d had no boxers on underneath. It wasn’t hard when all that separated his dick from the world was a thin piece of grey material. You were still surprised when his member was finally released, slapping lightly against his stomach and leaving a droplet of pearlescent pre-cum to run down the soft flesh of his stomach. 
“Like what you see, baby?” Yoongi crawled on top of you. He smiled when he noticed that you couldn't seem to take your eyes off of his dick. He didn't think it was that big, knowing that some of his members were bigger, but the look on your face boosted his ego a little.
“It's bigger than I expected.” You watched as he positioned himself at your entrance, stopping before pushing it in.
“I know, baby,” A kiss was pressed to your temple. “It might hurt a little but that feeling will go, okay?” You nodded your head, needing him inside you. "Still on the pill right?” You hummed in agreement. It was mainly used to regulate your periods but now it had another use, you guessed. 
“Good, baby.” And with that, he slid himself into you. It went slowly, going in inch by inch until finally, he was seated deep inside of you. He was right, it did sting a little, but he waited patiently, holding back his own deep grunts. He watched you carefully waiting for you to unscrew your eyes and the grimace to leave your face. When it finally did, he left a quick kiss to your cheek bone. It made him happy to see your pain slip away. “Can I move?” 
In response, you bucked your hips up into his, shifting his cock inside of you. As it rubbed against your walls you groaned, relishing the delectable feeling of pleasure that shot through your core. He felt like nothing you’d ever experienced before, and you felt nothing but joy in the fact that Yoongi was the person to make you feel this way.
As per your non-verbal instructions, he began to thrust into you, beautiful sounds leaving him each and every time he bottomed out. You were the same, whimpers and cries coming from you as you gripped onto his shoulders. 
Grounding yourself was hard, your head beginning to float up into the clouds as he relentlessly thrust into you over and over again with no break. Occasionally, he changed the pace, first speeding up a little before letting himself stop, moving instead at an excruciatingly slow pace. He was close himself. How could he not be? It was heaven for him to be inside of someone again, and even better was the fact that it was you, his baby. 
He wouldn’t come before you though. 
He slipped his hand between the two of you, once again moving his fingers against your pussy. Compared to his smooth circles from before, he was much rougher. His hand moved from side to side, fingers flicking against your clitoris at a speed you could never dream of replicating yourself. Wherever he was doing worked, though. You were being pushed towards the edge much faster than before and you werent sure how much longer you could hold on for.
“I can feel it, baby,” He took his earlobe into your mouth, sucking and biting on it. “Let go for me, yeah?” 
His words were all it took to push you to orgasm. Your back arched, stomach pressing up to meet his as your thighs shook on either side of him. White was all you saw, your vision slipping away from you as well as your touch on reality. Whatever Yoongi had done to you was the best thing that had ever happened to you, and with that final thought, you came.
It didnt take long for Yoongi to follow suit, his hips stuttering as he let go. Ribbons of cum flowed out of him and into you. It felt warm inside of you; sticky too. He stopped thrusting, letting himself push all the way into you once more whilst he released. Long, low groans left his mouth and finally, he collapsed on top of you.
He could’ve fallen asleep right there and then, but first, he needed to make sure you were okay. He pulled himself out of you, flipping himself over so he was instead lay by your side. A hand lifted up, stroking the side of your face to try and bring you back down to reality. It took a few moments, your head fuzzy, but Yoongi was patient with you, grinning as incoherent mumbles fell from your tongue.
“Hey there, pretty,” A soft voice filled your head as Yoongi began to speak. “I’m sorry if I tired you out a little too much. We just need to do a few things and then you can sleep.” You nodded along with his voice, not really taking in what was being said.
“Come on, baby. I’ll run you a nice warm bath.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
© Suga Meow
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i'm devastation
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bts masterlist
Tumblr media
made by me ; miwsowtaes
angst — a , fluff — f , angst & fluff — a&f , smut — s
Tumblr media
easy || jungkook angst/fluff @itsamejin a&f
Warning: cursing, crude humor, fuckboy talk
Summary: Date you, win a bet, get his rent paid off. Sounds promising enough, right? Jungkook should’ve known that his ambitions would end in disaster, but even if he did, that still wouldn’t have stopped him from pursuing you.
please. // JJK @joonsbonsaii s
pairing: sub!jungkook x softdom!reader
Quiet (jjk) @joheunsaram s
Summary- A long week away from you leaves Jungkook needy. A drabble companion to glitter and disquiet.
‧✧̣̇‧ Gym Bunny Masterlist @bebejungkook a&f, future smut
‧✧̣̇‧ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
‧✧̣̇‧ Summary: After being tired of feeling insecure you decided to take your friends advice and hit the gym. The only problem is you don’t know what to do, but luckily the very muscular and scary guy next to you offered to teach you a couple things. He just also happens to be the sweetest man you’ve ever met and not scary at all. You catch yourself falling in love with him on your journey of self love, but old insecurities stop you from doing anything about it.
Tumblr media
to bloom a pretty flower | oneshot @eleventoes f
⟶  pairing: florist!taehyung x assassin!reader
⟶  themes & genres: assassin!au | fluff, slight suspense
Your job took you many places; yet despite being the seasoned assassin you were, you never would have thought you’d find yourself at the entrance of a florist’s, of all things.
don't look 》 @smhtaehyung a&f, s
Pairing 》 taehyung x reader
Genre 》 angst, smut, fluff, romance, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, saxophonist!tae, jazzsinger!reader
Fill You Up @littlemisskookie s
Ship: Taehyung | Pregnant!Reader
Description: Your husband’s been very horny since you got pregnant.
The Girl of Your Streams (m) @boulevardk s
- pairing: Taehyung x reader (f) ft. bts
- genre: fuckboy!taehyung / non-idol AU / college AU / cam porn workers + smut
wrath. | sss | kth @whatifyoulivelikethat s
pairing(s): taehyung x reader | kink: dominance
warnings: idol!BTS; PWP; dom/sub; consent (?); Taehyung’s POV
SHELTER @btssmutgalore a&f, s
Taehyung’s always been a best friend, which is why you think he’s the right person to ask for help when it comes to relationships.
genre: angst, smut, fluff
Help Me With My Monster @lonelyhobi s
☆summary: your step brother has a huge problem, literally it’s huge and only his nice step sister can help him take care of it
☆pairing: stepbro!taehyung x reader
overdue | kth. @amourtae f, s
↠ pairing : Kim Taehyung x Female Reader
↠ summary : Wherein Kim Taehyung has many overdue books, and he offers you his sexual services in lieu of the payments.
Forbidden Touch - @jkeuphoriadreamland s 
Pairing: Step!brother Taehyung x f reader
Genre: Stepbrother!au, 21+ SMUT, one shot
GRAVITY (sub tae) - @vantegcfilms f, s
Starring | Taehyung x ReaderAU
Genre | ceo!au, sugarmommy!au, sugarbaby!au, fluff, smut, pwp
Strawberries - @cosmostae s
Pairing: Fem! Reader x Yandere Kim Taehyung
Summary: Your stepbrother, Taehyung, feeds you strawberries to test if they’ll make your pussy taste sweeter.
the cockpile: work of art - @httpjeon s
kim taehyung/reader | smut | pornstar!au, tattooed!tae
― synopsis: when you first meet porn newbie Kim Taehyung, you didn’t expect much. but once the clothes come off, you’re in for a wild ride.
supernova - @whatifyoulivelikethat s
pairing(s): taehyung x reader, mentions of seokjin x reader
summary: Kim Taehyung is your best friend. Considering him as anything more was asking for a collapsed relationship. You two were just two points in the sky, side by side, always shining together. Stars aren’t meant to collide, right? 
Not Her [Taehyung] @scribbling-my-thoughts a
Summary: It didn’t matter how much you tried to catch his attention because he only ever saw her.
Flawless. @wtf-yoongi f
pairing | taehyung x reader
summary | you’ve lost count of how many notes you’ve left in between tae’s textbooks, from the silliest to the most profound, loving ones. and yet, even after all these months, taehyung doesn’t seem to have noticed any of them
Tumblr media
coming soon / nothing as of now
Tumblr media
coming soon / nothing as of now
Tumblr media
coming soon / nothing as of now
Tumblr media
coming soon / nothing as of now
Tumblr media
coming soon / nothing as of now
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Temperature play with ice😮‍💨
u know it >
Tumblr media
・❥・. . . . ╰──╮KINK: temperature play
・❥・. . . . ╰──╮RATE: 20+ (under 20 dni)
Tumblr media
・❥・. . . . ╰──╮WARNINGS: anal play, oral f!receiving
Tumblr media
When you’d slipped into Yoongi’s lap that night, hoping he’d put his mouth on you rather than on his drink, you had no idea that he’d in fact do both.
Writhing under him, you whimpered as he held you down, an ice cube in his mouth from his drink as he bent down between your legs. You cried out as the cold touched your pussy folds, contrasting deeply with the heat of Yoongi’s breaths over you.
He dragged the ice cube upwards, towards your clit, sending sparks up your body. Your legs quivered as he pressed down with his tongue, making damn sure you felt the ice melt onto your sensitive bud.
“You like that?” He rasped, smirking at your panting breaths. His ringed fingers reached back into his cup, fishing another ice cube out. This time, his goal was lower.
You kicked your legs with a gasp as he pressed it to your asshole, but he wouldn’t let up. Holding you down firmly, he had no problem keeping you still as he played with you—his little doll that kept chirping his name like a song.
Tumblr media
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Happy Joon & Yoon Tuesday =)
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﹢﹐❀ 민윤기 🐈 ✷
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spider man spider man spider man spider man
imagine jungkook as a superhero!!!
repost and credit :-)
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