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I think i passed out 🆘🆘🆘🆘

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AN: As I’ve said before, if slowburn BTS werewolf AUs that have springlings of angst, smut, and fluff, this is the story for you! Other than that, please leave a like or comment so I know you’re enjoying the story!! The sections should start getting longer as I keep updating :)

Also! Let me know if you want to be on a tag list for this story!

Word Count: 8k

Warnings: General angst; mental health issues; soulmate themes if you squint: seriously if you aren’t into angst don’t read this bc :)))) it’s angsty

Posted: 16 Jan 2021

Tag List: @happynightmareprincess


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When YN woke up, swaddled in the softness of Jimin’s sweater, with Yoongi’s hoodie balled up in her arms, the teddy that Hobi got her resting next to her head, the light was streaming through the curtains. The scents of the three boys swirled around her in a way that was so familiar, so calming, that she almost forgot that she wasn’t still with them.

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Taehyung – He’s a typical romantic who loves to spoil you with gestures. He tends to enjoy putting a personal touch on everything he does, writing songs, designing his own gifts, Taehyung loves to get creative. Most days he’ll surprise you with a little something, even if he’s far away, just to let you know that he’s thinking of you.

Namjoon – Just like Tae, Joon likes to make sure you know you’re often in his thoughts with nice gestures. He’s a little less creative (it saves a lot of chaos for everyone) but he always dedicates a lot of time to the things he buys for you. He loves to buy you things you can keep hold of and treasure, just like him and his collectibles.

Jimin – Gestures from Jimin don’t come quite as often, but when they do, they’re big. He loves to spoil you and buy plenty of things that you love. His big gestures are his way of showing you how much he loves you. A lot of planning goes into the things he buys for you, he won’t buy the first thing he sees, he’ll give it all a great deal of thought.

Seokjin – A little more spontaneous than the other members, if Seokjin sees something for you, he’ll get it. He’s known for just popping to the garage and coming back with a box of chocolates because he knows it has your favourites inside. He likes to keep you happy by spoiling you with lots of little things often to add to the surprise.

Jungkook – He’s a little more reserved when it comes to being romantic, he doubts himself a lot over what to get and what you’d like. He’ll turn to the elder members a lot for help in choosing what to get for you, even if their judgement can’t always be trusted. But if he finds that you’re not too keen on what he’s bought, at least he has someone to blame.

Yoongi – The idea of being a huge romantic never really appealed to Yoongi, he’s not one for spoiling you every day, he much prefers to save romantic gestures for when they’re needed. That’s not to say he won’t surprise you with a gesture from time to time, but if you want to be whisked off your feet every night, perhaps Yoongi isn’t the best guy for you.

Hoseok – Most of the romance usually falls away from Hobi’s gestures as he always lets it slip before the surprise. He gets far too excited whenever he sees something for you, and even though he tries his best, he can’t help but tell you about what he’s got or what he’s got planned. Whilst the gestures are still amazing, most of the time you end up seeing them coming.



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When I get sick/don’t feel to well I sometimes shake and get chills so I wanted to write about how the Haikyuu fam would react (cause Haikyuu mood recently) I’m not doing all of them, but I might do a part 2 if the people want it~

post time skip [Daichi, Sugawara, Nishinoya]

Gender neutral


  • When he comes home and sees you laying on the bed with no blanks and shivering like the room was 10 degrees (F) he knew something was wrong
  • At first he would ask if you were cold
  • But when you replied no and would turn over with your hand on your stomach
  • Or you would lightly shake your head
  • Then he would know that you weren’t feeling well and that your body was trying to get better… by making you miserable in the current moment
  • Honestly he would tell you to cover yourself up
  • But if you are feeling hot and cold then you would have to compromise some how
  • Maybe a leg out or arm uncovered, or just being stubborn and not cover up and somewhat suffer
  • But he would try to comfort you, even if there isn’t much that he can’t do


  • He had to deal with Tanaka, Noya, Hinata, Kageyama, and Tsukishima- you can’t get away from his bearing nature
  • He would also probably discover you laying somewhere in the house in a ball when he comes home from work ready to tell you about everything that the kids did
  • But seeing you like that- he instantly knew you weren’t feeling good
  • Would offer to make you some food
  • Of course tell you to cover up
  • But if you weren’t up for food, he would still make sure you had something once you were feeling better
  • And making sure you’re staying hydrated which you should be to, person reading this!
  • He would stay by your side until your feeling better
  • And even after he would still stay and cuddle with you


  • MY BABY (I’m also a simp for his va so)
  • He would definitely be overbearing-
  • Comes home and sees you
  • INSTANTLY asking what’s wrong, can he help, what do you need, etc.
  • He asking so much that you can’t get a word in XD
  • But of course he means well and will back off a bit if you ask, he just wants the best for you
  • Honestly, I’ve seen others say that Noya would be bad at cooking because of how rambunctious he is. But I see him as being an average cook. 
  • Like he knows how to cook basic things and not burn it or the house down. Anyway he would probably make you some soup.
  • and despite you telling him to stay away from you so he doesn’t get sick- 
  • like he would listen and not get cuddles- so he would basically turn into a koala.
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2021 Reading for BTS and the collective!!

Wow wow wow! I didn’t disappear or get dragged away by a demon. No no, I just got thrust into unexpected shadow work and I now have an unhealthy obsession with sea shanties and a love of pasta.

I had this idea planned to be early in January but that didn’t pan out so I’m doing it now. I have another yoongi reading in the works and another fun thing coming soon as well!!

I promise I won’t bore you to death any longer but I hope you’ve all been doing well!!

Disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes only and not to be taken as fact.

If this message doesn’t apply, let it fly!

Cool cool cool.

Let’s get it.


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90s Shoto Todoroki!

Based off Suga!

Tell me if I should draw more 90s MHA characters!

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