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I am still shaking! 😭

What’s very sad and disappointing about what’s going on is that most of the people who criticized and threw hate at him are army.

All you had to do was trust him!

Yeah, he’s right, ARMY is behind him and some of them just stabbed him in the back.

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sugawara dating asahi’s twin sister (pt.2) 

masterlist | part 1 | sugawara koushi | brother!asahi azumane

  • since the confession, you and suga had obviously begun dating. it was a bit weird for asahi, because well, you’re his sister and you’re dating someone
  • either way he was happy that it was suga, a person he knows and trusts well!
  • though, that doesn’t mean shit when he comes home late and finds you on the couch, cuddled into suga and wtching movies.
  • his face explodes in a bright red- as if he caught you two doing something inexplicit, but that obviously isnt the case as you two laugh at the movie you’re watching- still, he apologizes so quickly and dashes
  • and when asahi actually catches you two kissing? the man nearly faints. “y-you two ar-are kissing now? wow, thats fast.” he has to fan himself.
  • now suga purposely kisses you whenever he notices asahi around and you gotta be like, “koushi stop, you’re going to give my brother a heart attack oh my god-”
  • “but it’s just so fun!” suga would giggle- you had to admit, the flustered look asahi got everytime he caught you and suga do the most innocent, basic displays of affection was pretty funny.
  • its safe to say that after asahi caught you two making out in your bedroom- he was getting you and suga for dinner- that he couldn’t look suga in the eyes for a good week
  • and despite trying not to seem too bothered, suga couldn’t really look asahi in the eyes either
  • though, suga is a little shit, so he’ll say something along the lines of: “your future brother-in-law is going to kiss your sister, i hate to break it to you.” or something like that, just to tease asahi more.
  • “can’t you two at least be, y’know, more private.” asahi will grumble, “i literally caught you two making out on the living room couch.”
  • “well, in our defense, we thought you weren’t going to be home so early.”
  • “koushi,” you say, hitting his arm, before turning to your brother smiling apologetically, “we’ll try to be more respectful, right?”
  • “mmmm i guess.”
  • after having that talk you and koushi try not to be so touchy-feely in front of asahi, but sometimes you can’t help but mess with him and making overly dramatic kissing noises.
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I forgot I took a screenshot of this part of his interview for D 2 abd I don’t remeber why… BUT since I have it might as well use it?

I slightly agree with his last sentence. I used to fully believe what he’s saying but as more and more MAJOR issues come to light (racism, wealth gap, etc.) I think those kind of instances are when those with a platform need to speak up. I feel like he sees “begging the question” as doing this sometimes?

I definitely feel you need to be careful when you have a platform. Don’t spread false information, an opinion that ignores facts, etc. Its always important to not let your bias get in the way and unfortunately, everyone does it naturally – hence we all need to think at least 3x before we put things out there (I forget this sometimes, hence I have a lot of deleted posts on every single social media I have.)

AND he does say “often” – at least according to the translation (korean is contextual yadayada, if i find the post about that again I’ll link bc its actually very important but nit my point rn.) – not “always”.

and, guys, dont follow anyone blindly. the amount of armys that put bts on a pedestal is, well, ridiculous. they’re human. they screw up. look at their debut/first what, 2 years? that stereotypical view of hiphop/rap. a screw up – that they acknowledged, but my point stays.

always look into whatever you want to speak about and form your own opinion. look at all sides and then go “this is what I believe”

*once I find the translator’s post again I’ll put their blog here*

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ok, here is some works inspired by daechwita and hwarang. i broke two pens while i was drawing this, and almost broke scanner, but i really like how it turned out. still, idk if i should color those.

feel free to use for your own needs!

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You guys are disgusting for throwing Yoongi under the bus before he even spoke out about the issue. How can you support someone for that long and just talk shit about them like it ain’t a thing? I’ve been an army since 2015 and I could never.

People make mistakes and yes, you should call them out for it. But people also learn from their mistakes. Don’t tell me you’ve never did anything wrong or one of your friends, but you or them promised to never do it again. It was never Yoongi’s intention to hurt anyone, especially army, and I believe that from the bottom of my heart. He’ll learn from this and be more careful in the future.

This is why I hate Cancel Culture. It doesn’t do anything and it never will. You need to help your favourite artist grow and learn as a person. Not put them in a place where it feels like they can’t learn from their mistakes. They’re human too.

Calling people ‘blind’ for defending their faves is dumb too. BTS has such a huge impact on my life and they helped me through times in my life where I felt so alone. They were the light in my dark and I would never drop them like they were an object. I love them from the bottom of my heart and I want them to grow as an artist and as a person. They learn from their mistakes and I can’t say that for some artists that are around now.

(English is not my first language, so sorry if my grammar is weird.)

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after bighit let a photoshoot with a member wearing a hat with na*i symbols be published and also published a photoshoot with bts members posing at the memorial of murdered jews of europe i’m unfortunately not very surprised they would just let a track like that be published. company apologies mean nothing. they should have already fucking learned and this just shows they haven’t. also yoongi should apologise himself, not hide behind a company apology that means absolutely nothing. he published that track with his own name, he should also apologise

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Originally posted by softjeon

Tonight, Yoongi had taken you to your first ever award show. Your relationship recently went public and now he could finally take you with him without worrying.

You stayed close to Yoongi’s side when you arrived, feeling a little anxious and out of place. Arriving at the red carpet you had to let go of him. He had to walk the red carpet but you weren’t allowed to walk it with him.

You walked along with Yoongi on the side of the red carpet, making sure to stay close enough for eye contact and some small talk.

During the last photo moment, you stood to the side, waiting for Yoongi to join you. Yoongi shortly glanced over to you. You looked beautiful and extremely cute as you shyly waved at him. Yoongi couldn’t stop the little smile from forming on his face. He turned back to the camera for the last few photos.

When he joined you again he kissed the top of your head. He was happy you were there with him.

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Big Hit’s Statement

31 May 2020

Hello. This is Big Hit Entertainment.

We’re delivering a statement regarding BTS member SUGA’s mixtape.

The vocal sample of the introductory address in the track “What do you think?” of BTS member SUGA’S mixtape “D-2” was selected by the producer who worked on the track, on light of the track’s general atmosphere without particular intention and without knowing the speaker.

After the vocal sample in question was selected, the company proceeded to check the appropriateness of the content according to its internal process. However, there was an error in the selection and inspection process, being unable to recognise the inappropriate nature of the sample and including it in the track.

While Big Hit examines its variety of content that targets the entire world through its own process, checking for social, cultural and historical issues, it is experiencing limitations in being able to understand all situations and respond accordingly. In this case, we were not able to recognise the issue in advance, and lacked in understanding of the historical and social context. We apologise to those who were hurt, or felt uncomfortable due to it.

After checking the problem, Big Hit has immediately deleted the relevant part and has rereleased the track.

The artist himself is also feeling flustered by a problem arising from an unexpected area, and is feeling a deep sense of responsibility regarding it.

Big Hit will take this issue as a lesson to inspect all production processes more thoroughly in future.

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