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#taehyung x reader
krazykento · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
# ABOUT :: yn, a mere college student who is struggling to finish (along with her two idiotic bestfriends) one day gets noticed by THE kim namjoon, on a random day, at a random time. she thinks nothing of it until she receives a random dm from him . . .
# UPDATES ;; STARTING 10/25/2021 @ 12 PM PST
# AN: hello! so excited to start this, this is kind of my motivation to actually get up and complete something. totally not like my other works, where i write for anime characters, but recently i fell in love with kpop and wanted to give this a try! i LOVE social media aus, so why not! i'm in uni rn so the updates will be on a schedule, but trust me, whenever i have time i'll try and post more! please let me know via ask if you would like to be added to the taglist.
000 ;; yn & her two giant babies !
000 ;; rm & his annoyingly talented cousins ! ( & jungkook . . .)
all rights reserved to krazykento. do not modify, repost, or share without permission. there is some content on our blog that is suggested to people eighteen years and older.
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koriibang · 2 days ago
Their love language…
Tumblr media
[ pairing ] : bangtan x reader
[ genre ] : Fluff
[ warnings ] : maybe some light swearing
[ note ] : this may not be accurately correct but these are honestly just my opinion please don’t come for me lmao.
Tumblr media
Kim Seokjin
Tumblr media
𝗪𝗢𝗥𝗗𝗦 𝗢𝗙 𝗔𝗙𝗙𝗜𝗥𝗠𝗔𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡 .Compliments are a huge confident booster for Jin, especially when they’re coming from you. He’s get all smiley and cute if you comment on how handsome he is, but it’s different If he’s having trouble on a dance or with his singing and than you suddenly say how well he’s doing, he’ll probably get all flustered and happy if he hears this. Jin himself can lack in self confidence due to his other members or even hate comments towards him, but just a simple words from you can get him out of that mindset and know that there are people who appreciate and love him, like you.
𝗣𝗛𝗬𝗦𝗜𝗖𝗔𝗟 𝗧𝗢𝗨𝗖𝗛. I can honestly see him really loving to hold hands or even hug in any way, it simply brings some kind of comfort to be in your precense and be able to touch you. He also really loves to peck kisses all over your face, he doesn’t know what it is about it but seeing you smile and laugh while he does this makes him more happy than the kisses themselves
𝗔𝗖𝗧 𝗢𝗙 𝗦𝗘𝗥𝗩𝗜𝗖𝗘𝗦. Expect to have days where he will cook for you. Sometimes he doesn’t even tell you he just straights up gets up and does it and when you come home he’s so excited and happy and all like “I cooked your favorite meal.” Like I know for a fact that this man gets soo fucking happy watching you eat his food. He just loves doing stuff that he knows you would like. He would also just do laundry and clean the house if you’re not home just so he can make things easier for you. Husband Material 100%
Min Yoongi
Tumblr media
𝗤𝗨𝗔𝗟𝗜𝗧𝗬 𝗧𝗜𝗠𝗘. There will be times when even if it’s just the two of you, there won’t be any talking and it’s not as uncomfortable as you may think, honestly it’s nice to just be in each other’s presence and doing your own thing, wether he’s in the studio producing a new song while you’re sitting on his couch catching up on work can be relaxing. Also be prepared that you two will be taking naps together whenever you guys are at home together, he would do it all day if he could. Although you’ll drag him out of bed once in a while to go do something, wether it’s strawberry picking or even going to just visit some music stores, just know he treasures those moments
𝗪𝗢𝗥𝗗𝗦 𝗢𝗙 𝗔𝗙𝗙𝗜𝗥𝗠𝗔𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡. Although he cringes every time his members say something affectionate to him, it will probably be the same with you too even though you’re his girlfriend. Like, you’re the one who probably says I love you first and even than he’s so quiet to say it back that you’re like huh ?? Honestly you will probably think at one points that he hates it when it’s actually the complete opposite, he just gets so flustered if you ever say something along the lines of “I’m so proud of you.” Or “You’re so cute Yoongi.” And than cue him smiling and getting all red by it, just know he rather show his affection more on his action than his words.
𝗔𝗖𝗧 𝗢𝗙 𝗦𝗘𝗥𝗩𝗜𝗖𝗘𝗦. Unlike Jin, this man will try to be so low key about it. He’ll probably bring home food if he knows you haven’t ate yet and just leave it on the counter or next to you are and just go to his room and not come out. I feel like he’s a busy person himself but once in a while you’ll come home to see him with dinner cooked or even drive you anywhere you need to go even if he complains about it but we all know he can’t say no to you
Jung Hoseok
Tumblr media
𝗣𝗛𝗬𝗦𝗜𝗖𝗔𝗟 𝗧𝗢𝗨𝗖𝗛. This man would cling to you all day if he could, expect to wake up in the morning with arms around your body and practically bring stuffed against his chest. Honestly, you will have to learn and get used to his touches at some point in the relationship. Hoseok thrives on human touch, to him it gives him comfort at just being able to touch you. He’ll get super flustered though if you’re the one who initiates it, and probably tease you if you missed him or something but pull you right back into him if you try and pull away. Any physical touch from you wether it’s a kiss, hug, or even hand holding is enough to turn this man from 0 to 100 real quick and a boost of energy, your bangtans secret weapon during concerts.
𝗪𝗢𝗥𝗗𝗦 𝗢𝗙 𝗔𝗙𝗙𝗜𝗥𝗠𝗔𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡. He’s the first one to say I love you in the relationship, and honestly knowing him it wasn’t even like an a romantic setting, you were probably just dropping off his lunch or something and he said it to you. It’s not like he says this to anyone, but if you’re a relationship with him just know you’ve conquered everything part of this man’s heart and your probably don’t even realize how much he actually truly loves you. I think he also shows it through his actions but mostly through words, like saying thank you, you’re beautiful, I love you are all the things he says because he wants you to know how much he truly appreciates having someone like you by his side. I know he gets embarrassed if he says this in front of the members but he still does it even though they tease him and everything because he wants to prove that it doesn’t matter who’s there because he wants you to know his true feelings.
Kim Namjoon
Tumblr media
𝗪𝗢𝗥𝗗𝗦 𝗢𝗙 𝗔𝗙𝗙𝗜𝗥𝗠𝗔𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡. Have you seen this man’s fucking lyrics. He about to write a whole album with songs about you. God, this man is the absolute definition being written by a women. He always seems to know what to say and is sure to make sure doing okay and how much he loves you and asjdjdj. You’re heart won’t be able to take it when you visit him at the studio and he smiles with those dimples of his. Please compliment this man, let him know how loved and appreciated he really is, he would get so blushy if you pamper him with praises. He to loves to compliment you, wether it’s on what you’re wearing, how you did your hair, or even just saying how beautiful you are, he wants you to know how equally loved you are and if you can’t seem to take it anymore, he always goes for the winning blow. “There’s my pretty girl.”
𝗤𝗨𝗔𝗟𝗜𝗧𝗬 𝗧𝗜𝗠𝗘. Namjoon is so the type of boyfriend to when you’re getting ready for a date, he’ll text you and say. “What are you going to wear today ? I wanna match.” Like ughhh as if this man couldn’t get any more cuter. Obviously there’s going to be a lot of bike rides together, and of course you two are going to visit some museums. To Namjoon, spending time with his partner is important. He wants to get to know things about you that he hasn’t found yet, even if it’s something so small and not important he wants to know. There will be days where you will probably just want to stay home and that’s fine with him, being in your company is enough and you feel the exact same way.
Park Jimin
Tumblr media
𝗣𝗛𝗬𝗦𝗜𝗖𝗔𝗟 𝗧𝗢𝗨𝗖𝗛. Back hugs. So many back hugs in this relationship. If you’re cooking boom, cleaning up well he’s there, sitting on the couch, there’s his chance. The both of you know is that he gets shy if he does it in front of you no matter how bold he may seem. It also makes him feel like more dominant since he can often be seen as cute but to you he wants to seem manly and cool. Like you haven’t seen all his blood sweat and tear performances like boo — I see a lot of cheek kisses with him, he would want to make it his routine to do this before he goes to company or practice, but he gets super embarrassed if you start to do it back to him. Like he thinks you can’t get any cuter but you always manage to surprise him
𝗪𝗢𝗥𝗗𝗦 𝗢𝗙 𝗔𝗙𝗙𝗜𝗥𝗠𝗔𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡. When he does something, he wants to be praised for it and often looks towards the members for that validation, but now he’ll mostly be looking towards you for it as well. It can be just a small sentence you say to him that gets him all happy, and honestly you’re the one who will comfort him if he keeps messing up a note or dance. He always puts a lot of stress on himself to be as perfect as possible, but it’s you who always pushes through him that mistakes happen from time to time. When you do compliment him he will get so cocky about it and every time he does something he’s just gonna stop and look at you to like praise him, so best to know that you will also have to humble me this man from time to time or else he’ll have a huge ego boost about it.
Kim Taehyung
Tumblr media
𝗚𝗜𝗙𝗧𝗦. Okay. V’s was kinda hard just because i can honestly see this man doing any one of these, but You can literally get this man just a pack of candy and he would get so excited over it, He loves receiving gifts from you, so when you go out to shop or even when you go on a trip and come back he’ll get all giddy when you say you got something for him .He’s honestly jumping around you trying to see the gift before you give it to him. If it’s clothes, expect him to wear it like the very next day and take pictures and get all happy if someone compliments the clothing piece, knowing him he’ll even try to wear it for a MV. If you got him something small like maybe a keychain, he’ll probably put it on his backpack or any sort of thing he can keep with him. Oh and just know ever time you get him something, this man gets you something like 10x nicer. It gets to the point where you have an entire room filled with gifts from home because half the stuff you don’t even need or use.
𝗤𝗨𝗔𝗟𝗜𝗧𝗬 𝗧𝗜𝗠𝗘. Sooo many photos when you go places together, he wants to make sure he has every last memory that you two together so when you’re both old he can simply pull it out and show it all to you. You’re his muse after all. He doesn’t care where he goes with you, he’s content with just being able to be by your side, to Taehyung it never really mattered the place, only the memories you made there. I can see him as someone who also loves to just stay home on some days, there’s nothing better than to be able to relax with you and just play games or simply talk.
𝗪𝗢𝗥𝗗𝗦 𝗢𝗙 𝗔𝗙𝗙𝗜𝗥𝗠𝗔𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡. Greedy af. You though Jimin was needy for your words ? Taehyung is really about to show you, but the thing is he’s so low key and sly about it that you can’t even call him out on it, like I know for a fact he post selfies of himself sometimes so he can get a reaction from you, and when he doesn’t he’s just like ??? and you can’t say nothing about because if you do he’ll just be like “I was doing it for army, are you jealous ??” Like boy — but he’s the type the grow from compliments and will honestly try harder if you’re around just to hear this from you. But just know he’s you’re best hype man. If you post a picture he’ll be showing all the members and saying how pretty you are. Probably sings songs for you that he knows you like just so he can see you smile.
Jeon Jungkook
Tumblr media
𝗣𝗛𝗬𝗦𝗜𝗖𝗔𝗟 𝗧𝗢𝗨𝗖𝗛. I was going back and forth wether I should add this one on here just because I was a bit skeptical about it, but I honestly think Taehyung likes to be interacted with more than he interacts. He honestly seems like the type of guy who at times just wants to be held, it’s a need for him and a source of validation to be able to just be in your arms. As he grows up from his teen years, he can be moee mature but that doesn’t stop him from being a huge baby when it comes to your touch. It fine though, you wouldn’t trade it for the world.
𝗪𝗢𝗥𝗗𝗦 𝗢𝗙 𝗔𝗙𝗙𝗜𝗥𝗠𝗔𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡. Getting into a relationship with him, you’ll know that they don’t call him the golden maknae for nothing. He’s competitive especially towards his Hyungs and will always have the self drive to win, and honestly if you’re on the sidelines cheering him on just know he’s trying 100x harder to win. Not only does it make him happy to hear your praises and cheers but it gives him a huge confident boost to keep doing his best. He’s the one who says I love you first, but he’s so quiet when he says it that you probably don’t hear it so you think you’re the one who says it first. You two are probably the type to always say affection words to each other playfully rather than romantically just because it makes you two laughs and both are afraid it’ll make the atmosphere awkward. Don’t worry though, Jungkook knows one day he’ll be able to say I love you.
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to koriibang. do not modify, or redistribute. I will allow repost but please ask
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jeonygi · 2 days ago
mother knows best ; (2)
Tumblr media
drabble 2 ; of quail eggs and perms
pairing ; ot7 x female reader (platonic), ot7 moms & female reader
summary ; being the only woman in a friend group with seven men automatically makes you the love interest in seven mothers’ wistful romantic stories. though your relationship with the guys remains completely platonic, the marriage fantasy their moms frequently project onto you and their sons has them coming up with all sorts of shenanigans to make you their daughter-in-law. mother knows best, you suppose.
warnings ; overbearing moms, attempts at humor, platonic
part of the mother knows best au
Tumblr media
“And you know he was voted ‘Worldwide Handsome’ when he was in school, right?”
“Yes, Mrs. Kim,” you giggle in response. “He reminds me everyday.”
“Oh, honey, he was such a looker even back then,” Jin’s mom says as she stares at you with a pointed look. Too bad you miss her point. “My boy is one of a kind, isn’t he, darling?”
“He really is, Mrs. Kim,” you agree wholeheartedly, but for a completely different reason. While she envisions her son being beautiful and doing chivalrous deeds, you see him being childish and cracking lame dad jokes. One of a kind, indeed.
To be fair, his weird sense of humor and let-nature-run-its-course mindset were what drew you to him in the first place, and are undoubtedly the foundations of your years-long friendship.
“Can you please stop talking about me as if I’m not right here with you?” Jin huffs as he peels his thirty-seventh quail egg.
Why exactly the three of you were perched on the kitchen island peeling a hundred quail eggs in the Kim household is beyond you. All you know is that Mrs. Kim suddenly called you over, stating she needs to talk to you about something. That something turns out to be fond and embarrassing stories of her own son from his childhood.
The reason behind peeling the quail eggs, however, remains to be seen.
“Don’t be such a baby,” you scold him, hitting his broad shoulder playfully much to his mother’s delight. “You don’t have anything else to do, anyway.”
“Oh, I’m the baby?” he retorts, appalled. “Says the one who’s still on her ninth egg! Hurry up, you toddler.”
(“Ooh, perfect! They’re getting ahead of me with the baby talk,” Mrs. Kim quietly hums. “Better tick that off my binder.”)
“Toddler?! Says the one who can’t sleep without his alpaca plushie!”
“It was a gift! How dare you? Don’t you dare drag RJ into this!”
“Don’t you drag my quail eggs into this!”
(“Goodness, their kids are gonna be so loud,” Mrs. Kim silently muses. “Better soundproof the house, just in case.”)
Your bickering goes back and forth for a few minutes, with you and Jin getting more and more passionate with each argument, while his mom shakes her head in delight and amusement. She’s only half-listening, her mind already filled with plump-lipped grandchildren running around this very kitchen in the fictitious future. It’s only when you say something truly threatening does she snap at attention.
“Oh yeah? Well, Taehyung-ah already concedes that I’m just as handsome as him,” Jin announces smugly. “Take that, woman!”
You scoff. “Oh, please? You don’t stand a chance against Taehyungie and his cute curls!”
Mrs. Kim’s eyes widen in panic.
She decides to intervene before you could list more good things about the younger man, and before you could — God forbid — come to the potential realization that maybe Kim Taehyung is cuter than her Seokjin.
She shudders.
“Alright, break it up, break it up,” she claps once, then twice when you and Jin continue glaring at each other. “That’s enough peeling, for now.”
She puts away the bowl of freshly-peeled eggs, hoping the two of you will stop sticking your tongues out childishly to each other. Luckily for her, yours and her son’s friendship has seen a good amount of fights in the past couple of years; and after some much needed eye rolls, both of you are ready to make amends as routined.
“Here,” he says, holding out his palm where three and a half hard-boiled quail egg yolks are sitting. “I saved you some dragon balls.”
“Thanks,” you say, popping one into your mouth and nodding appreciatively. “They taste good.”
Mrs. Kim just about sighs in relief.
And much, much later, when she’s seeing you out the door and Seokjin helps you into your coat, she tucks your hair behind your ear and kisses you goodbye.
Heading back to the kitchen, Jin feels a pair of glaring eyes trained right at him. He sighs, turning to face the culprit.
“What is it now, Eomma?”
“Hmm,” Mrs. Kim hums, stepping closer and inspecting his face pensively. “She’s right, Taehyungie does look cute with curls."
Oh no. He knows exactly where this is going.
“Why don’t you get a perm, Seokjin?”
Tumblr media
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blushedarmybunny · a day ago
On the Same Page (1) | KTH
Tumblr media
✧ masterlist of chapters
✧Pairing: kim Taehyung x fem reader
✧ Word count: 2.5k
✧ Genre: Angst (m) this chapter contains adult themes, don't read if you are a minor.
“What have you done!” you exclaimed getting off Taehyung lap quickly running to the bathroom, the flustered man made his way behind you.
you open the shower faucet while your core is still warm and palpitating wanting to find some relief, but you couldn’t deal with that right now, meanwhile Taehyung stands beside the frame of the bathroom door.
“You didn’t finish” he said in a low tone,sounding almost hurt.
not orgasming with Taehyung was unheard off, luckily your husband knows your body very well, he satisfied you in everyway possible and the times that you did not finish with him were almost zero.
“Oh but you did, right?” you replied sarcastically.
Jumping in the the shower you quickly started to clean your legs of the dripping cum that’s coming out of your still aching pussy, the warm water wet your body and you immediately relax when you suddenly felt the strong arms of your husband embracing you, that made you calm your anger and it reminded you that you should not let your temper say thing that you’ll regret.
“I told you specifically not to do it” you say more calm, your husband left a soft kiss in your back.
“I know, my darling, it’s just that I could not control myself,” he admitted. “I was so desperate that I forgot that you are not on the pill anymore,” he looked at you in his eyes you could see that he was being honest, so you let it go.
“My appointment for my IUD is literally in two days , though, ugh now I’m have to get the morning after pill,” you said a little anoyed, Taehyung just watched you carefully while you washed yourself, not really wanting to process the little hurt that you left with your words, something about that didn’t sit right with him but he didn´t wanted to admit it to himself.
“Do you still wanna cum?,” he asked you, but you declained his offer.
“There is no point now that I'm stressed,” you turn around to find his puppy eyes looking at you dissapointed at your responce “Let's wash ourselves so we can go to bed”.
You and Taehyung had five years of marriage going strong, you felt loved, content and fulfilled with your marriage, things are going great, sex is good, the communication is perfect and the times that your schedules let you spend together were always special and incredible, you were on the same page or that is what you thought.
Being married to one of the most famous idols has come with a certain luggage that you had learn to carry with time. The criticism, the constant harassment, the pressure and the gossip got to you more than one time, but the love that you and Taehyung share was strong enough to go through all of that, also the fact that you could share all this same problems with the other wives of the members makes you a little more sane and thankfull that you made significant friendships with them.
After your shower, both went to bed, as you wrap your arms around your husband he started to caress your back softly, your eyes met.
“Remember Yuna’s Baby shower tomorrow” you said to him with tired voice, he hummed and then both fell asleep in each other arms.
At noon you both went to Namjoon’s place, the whole thing was decorated in light shades of pink, they were having a girl, the whole bts clan was going to be there, the wives, the kids, everybody, you felt fortunate to getting along quite well with the members and their families, together you had created fond memories and the wives help you cope with the fame that came along with being married to a top korean celebrity.
You picked a couple of cute clothes for Yuna and Namjoon´s baby girl, they already had two more kids, its not surprise that Namjoon turn out to be an excellent father, just seeing the family interactions was so wholesome.
Even though everyone expected Jin to be the first one to have a child since he was the first one to get married, the first dad of bts was actually Jimin, he surprised everyone with the news, but also it was very chaotic because he wasn’t even in a relationship with the mother of his child, unfortunelly you don´t know much details because you were only started dating Taehyung two moths prior, the boy is now six and can steal everybody’s heart with the charms inherited from his father.
Jimin´s love life is a mess but he is an incredibly stable and responsible parent, the next in line were Jin, Namjoon and Hoseok at the same time, you remember how excited were everybody specially Tae at the time you were one year into the relationship.
Actually, Taehyung wanted to propose in the first anniversary since he knew short after the five month mark that you were the one, he also knew in his heart that you would say yes, but the triple pregnancy announcement made him wait for a bit more he didn’t wanted to steal the shine from his hyungs so he waited for another year to pop the question that resulted in you two getting married five months later.
After your wedding one by one the bangtan boys stated families of their own, letting you and Taehyung as the only child free couple, it was funny to you how you were known as the godmother and godfather of many children but remained childless, but no for Tae, his heart was dying to become a dad, it was his dream, but he felt like he was stuck on the last level of a videogame frustrated because all his friends had won already.
Taehyung was fighting inside on how to express to you his big desire to become a father but something always come up and he kept keeping silence about his feelings, he also wasn’t dumb, he figured out a while ago that you didn’t seem enthusiastic about the idea, but deep down he knew that it was a silly fear that he could scare away assuring you that you would be the best mother in the world for your children.
He wanted so badly having one of his own, he desired with all his heart star a family.
The afternoon passed and somehow now the theme of the conversation was you and Taehyung.
“Look I’m not gonna lie, I always thought that Jin and Taehyung were going to be the founders of the the dad line,” Hoseok joked in his arms his five year old daughter was sleeping “How come, he is last one without kids, he were always talking about his dream of becoming a father but hell I think I will be having a second kid before that happens” he said making everybody laugh but Taehyung remained silence, actually you notice how he tensed up immediately.
“Hey let them be,” said Soomi his wife “believe me you don’t need to rush into anything I’m kinda miss how my life was so simple.”
You smile at her knowing exactly what she means, all the wives of the group like to vent a lot whenever there is a brunch or a girl’s night meanwhile the boys are away at work. Those same passionate rants about mom life just enforce you more the idea of waiting a little bit longer for kids, you were overwhelmed by the amount of work maternity is.
“I know, that´s why we like to wait at least another year” you said without thinking much of it, everybody nodded and the subject changed quickly,you couldn't help to noticing the tight grip of Taehyung in your hand, you look at him and his gaze shook you a little bit, something broken inside his eyes was glaring back at you, sadness, deception, perhaps both, you were taken back by it, you never saw him like that.
“Tae, is something wrong?” you whispered at him, you really didn’t need an answer since you could feel that he was going through something.
“I wanna go home now” you could barely hear his answer but you nodded.
That was the most painfully quiet ride home you two ever had, he didn’t made a sound, his jaw was clench, his knuckles white to the hard gripping of the wheel, something was really wrong.
As soon as you stepped in your house, you look back at with pleading eyes waiting for him to speak, but instead he hugged you…tight, and then he broke down in your arms his sobbing was quiet, you put your arms around him without any idea of what was going on but at the same time so worried about his sudden state.
“baby what’s wrong you are worrying me!” you exclaimed without letting him go but he breaks the contact to look at you almost broken
“why you don´t want a family with me huh?! You think I’m not good enough? Why you freak out so much at the possibility of having my baby? huh? It would be that horrible? Don’t you stop and think what if we have a child together? No! you are too busy finding ways to eliminate the smallest possibility and quickly shut down anybody that suggest the idea, even me your husband! Your five year husband!”he spated with rage and sadness.
This was something nobody could ever prepare you for, after his speech you could feel both shaking slightly, how could you not see the giant wall between you both, you felt guilty even though you did nothing wrong, didn’t you?, suddenly everything hits you at once, and things that didn’t made sense months ago now have new meaning.
The casual mentions about how his friends told him how cute you two look holding a baby in your arms, the awe that Taehyung had whenever he saw children playing in the park, when he tag you in cute baby videos, the way his eyes shine every time he was asked if he wanted to hold a baby and his proud smile after the baby fell asleep with ease.
You fuck up big time.
“Taehyung, I’m sorry I didn’t realize this was such a big deal for you, I completely disregard you, never got the hints…oh my god I’m sorry” you manage to say taking your hands to your head in later realization, you were without words, the simply idea of hurting his feelings give you a big sorrow, he look at you now his eyes were pleading.
You needed to be cautious, now that both were in very emotional states.
“Listen, you right, I’m a monster I didn’t realize how badly you wanted this, but baby why you didn’t tell me before more directly?” you asked him softly, he look at the ground when he heard the question
“It was because of you, kind of, ” he said in a low tone “ you were always religiously taking your birth control, your rants about the stories of the other wives, how you react whenever I try to bring the subject, for the first three years of our marriage you and me was the only thing I needed but the last two years becoming a father was my longest desire, when I saw at your reactions and I knew you weren’t ready so I waited and shut up, but y/n I’m tired, I’m really fucking tired of putting aside what I want without feeling guilty for trying in some way to pressure you”.
The cards are all now in the table, it was time to be real, you are now facing one of your biggest fears…not being able to give him what he wants.
Because you got to admit to yourself that even if it is Taehyung’s most burning desire that didn’t change the bitter fact that it wasn’t yours.
And it hit you, it hit you hard, because if there is something that Taehyung and his future child deserve its someone that would want them with every fiber of their being, that could fulfill that role and do the best they can and more.
And you couldn’t, you knew that you were not ready, in fact, you weren’t even sure if you would want children at all, not even Taehyung´s.
That fact infuriates you because you are letting down the person you love the most.
Your salty tears wetted your cheeks, but in no time two pairs of warm hands were already cleaning you face.
You wanted to scream.
“Taehyung, ,my love…”you sobbed.
“Shh listen to me,” he silenced you softly “now that everything has been said, and we are now on the same page we can start all over again right?” he tried to look at you but you wouldn’t look up “Let´s start a family together, let´s be happy, I can not go on being like this with you, it kills me” he said kissing your forehead.
“Taehyung…”you exhale “I can´t give you a baby”you said dragging the last sentence.
He lifts your chin so you could see him in the eye.
“its that what you worry about my love? That you can´t give me children? We haven’t even try for real, and if that didn’t work we can…”
“Tae I don’t want to be a mother” you said, with every word slashing your throat before coming out of your mouth, his sight quickly turned watery again.
“Taehyung I can´t give you what you most desire, because it´s something that I’m not willing to do, not even all this love that consumes me is enough to want to be the mother of your children, I’m sorry so much” a couple of tears roll down your cheeks again preparing yourself for the next sentence.
“I will not continue this marriage to still deprive you of your desire, I will not forgive myself if that happens, I want you to be a father and if is not with me…I’m willing to sacrifice myself for the sake of your happiness” that´s it you said it, words never had been so painful, Taehyung grabs your face.
“What the fuck are you saying y/n? Have you lost your fucking mind?” he asks you in desperation “Babe you are overreacting it´s clear we are in a crisis, we need help, we need to solve this problem together, you and me, don´t ever think of that, you hear me? Huh? you don’t fucking run from your problems you are supposed to face them” he said to you desperate, he was so broken, so fragile and so were you.
Taehyung hold you again in his arms, every second just tightening his grip, you wanted to enjoy one more time his arms, his strong arms.
“Taehyung I’m divorcing you, it´s for your own good” you said to him, breaking your heart in the process, he gasped.
“What do you fucking know about whats good for me? Im begging you, do you want me on my knees y/n ?” he said between his tears, dropping himself to the floor and grabbing your waist with his arms “my love look at me, please! I’m begging you, I love you” he pleaded you knew you have to go right now if you keep hearing him you would give in.
it is for his sake, you repeted yourself.
“Taehyung let me go” you firmly said pushing him away but he didn’t even flinch “Jesus Tae don’t make this difficult!” you pleaded to him
“I won’t let you abandon me” he manage to say, you could not stay there any longer.
“Taehyung it´s over!” you scream at him “…it´s over” you repeat and with all your force you broke free from his grip and run towards the door grabbing your purse that was near the door because the abrupt entrance you two had moments prior, you don´t look back in fear of his broken state would be enough to break your soul into a million pieces.
Who´s you are trying to fool? You already are a shell of a human.
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(tae)bear hug.
Tumblr media
summary:  a conversation about taehyung’s fear of heights turns into something much deeper. pairing: kim taehyung x reader genre: pure fluff rating: g word count: 1.3k tags/warnings: playful possessiveness (lol)
a/n: for @softbobamilktae​, extra fluffy for youuu. zee, i hope you like this and sweet honey tae 🥰 also side note, didn’t realize we have 11 days left in this month and i have 10 requests left. i’ve been mad enjoying writing these on a whim, so we’re getting back to back updates~
the request
october drabble event mlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Be careful,” Taehyung says closely behind you, concern in his voice. His eyes watch your feet to make sure you have a secure footing on the uneven terrain, one hand holding yours while the other rests against your hip to help you balance. You chuckle, allowing your foot to slide down the slippery rock before the other follows. You land with a confident bounce, looking up less than a foot at your boyfriend whose long legs allow him a much easier climb over. Still, you hold your hands out for him to grab.
“See, this is fun isn't it?” You chirp, noting how he slides his fingers between yours when you continue the trail, rocks, and twigs breaking beneath your hiking boots.
“Mhm,” he mutters, squeezing around your hand, “anything with you is fun, even with the prospect of falling off this mountain.”
You roll your eyes, laughing out loud. Taehyung doesn’t try to hide his fear of heights, even in the act of conquering that fear. Recalling the story, you look at him with a cute smile that makes him giggle, prompting him to ask what you’re thinking about before he’s sighing, “never mind, I know what it is.”
You proceed to re-tell your favorite story he’s ever told you about the time he and his friends went bungee jumping. How it took him an hour or more to do it, crawling on all fours, going back and forth to calculate the drop though his racing mind couldn’t actually do that. The sun was down by the time he did it. But he did it, and that’s what you always praised him on. He blushes beneath your gaze when you stop to remind him that if he could do that, he could brave a hike that was hardly on a mountain.
Hearing that, he slips into an eased state. Taking in more of the woodsy area, keeping his hand in yours as much as possible. Holding your hand was never enough, but you loved the feeling of his fingers fitting between yours. How his fingertips touched your palm, sometimes tracing the fine lines that stretch across your skin.
After walking for a little while more, the two of you share in quiet conversation all the while listening to chirping birds and critters scatter across the floor until you find a perfect spot to set up for a picnic. You help Taehyung out of the backpack you packed that morning, laying out a blanket on the smoothest part of the rock you could find. He helped you take the containers out, opening each lid and spreading them out before the two of you.
You sit back on your hands, taking in the view, a fair distance between you and Taehyung to where the cliff dropped off. The morning was now early afternoon but there was still a thin layer of fog off in the distance. Trees sitting atop the mountains far, far away while the tall ones around you were dusted with various rich colors. Fall was almost here.
Taehyung takes you out of your trans by pressing a kimbap roll against your lips, motioning you to take the first bite of food. You gladly accepted, thanking him by rubbing his cheek.
After a few more bites of food, Taehyung’s eyes fall on you when you stand up to stretch. Like a hawk, his dark orbs follow you as you stoke closer to the edge; “babe,” he whines. You expected it, turning back to show him your cheeky grin, “come on,” you stretch your hand forward and wiggle your fingers. He drops his head, knowing he can’t deny you.
With a much more careful stride, he meets you, leaning forward to grab your hand in hopes he can pull you back.
You shake your head teasingly, “come to me,” you tug on his hand, “two big steps, that’s all.”
He exhales, doing just that before his clammy hands find your waist, shaking eyes looking towards the edge, “honey, this is too close-”
You look at the good ten feet of clearing, twisting your neck to give him a flattened expression, “Tae.”
“Ok, ok,” he chuckles.
You grab his hands and peel them from your waist, when he starts to grumble you wrap his arms around you completely, placing his left hand to lay flat against your tummy while putting his right to rest on top of it, “hold onto me,” you say simply.
He warms under your action, dropping his chin to rest on your shoulder and smiling. His arms tighten around you, “you know why I get nervous with things like this, right?”
Not paying much mind to his question while rubbing his arms, you nod, “we’ve established that you’re afraid of heights, babe.”
He snorts, reaching up to touch your chin, “I’m talking about when we do things like this together, you brat.”
You chuckle, making more of an effort to concentrate on Taehyung. The playfulness in his tone alerts you that he has something more meaningful to say and it requires all of your attention.
Blinking innocently, you start, “what,” a breathy chuckle falls out of you, “what about a hike on a mountain-with me-makes you nervous?”
His eyebrow twitches upward, eyes falling with certain mischief yet they hold the innocence of a child, boxy smirk hiding his pretty teeth, “you,” he answers and the silence that follows him makes you wonder if that’s it; “I get nervous because I need to make sure you’re safe, right? Bouncing all over the place-” he’s cut off by your bubbling laughter that catches him.
“-I can’t have the love of my life falling off the mountain,” he turns your head and gives you a sarcastic expression, “I’d be devastated.”
The chilly breeze is no match for the fire raging around you when he says that, how intently he looks at you, and even if he is joking, you know how serious his words mean to him. And how much more they need to matter to you. The moment makes you want to laugh because the thought of falling off the mountain is comical, but you feel his heart and how tender it is. Given his fear of heights, you understand that this could even be a real fear of his.
“Tae,” you breathe softly, smiling enough for him to know you want to giggle at this made-up scenario, “you’re the sweetest man I’ve ever known,” you surprise him by saying that, turning in his arms, “and you take such good care of me.”
He looks proud, securing you in his arms once more after you’ve wrapped your hands around his neck, “I’ll take care of you forever,” he breathes, leaning down to kiss your forehead. You giggle, pulling his face down so his lips meet your awaiting kiss.
“Wait,” he stops all too soon, pouting, “I better be the only man you ever know.”
Your head falls against his chest, “you’re ridiculous.”
He waits until you’re looking at him again, a resting smile pushing his cheeks out, deep stare fanning over you.
“Baby,” you reach up to brush his hair back, “you will be the only sweetest man I ever want to know.”
Satisfied, he hugs you as tightly as he can, dropping his face into your neck and teasing you there with his lips.
“And sexy,” he says, lips pecking your skin, “and smart,” another kiss, “and strong, brilliant, most irresistible man you’ll ever know.”
You giggle and try to pry his arms from around you while he walks the two of you backward to safety-according to him. It’s a fight you are willing to lose against Taehyung, sinking into his protective hold and bearlike hug.
Finally, his face appears before you again, his hair sticking out in every direction, “right?”
You roll your eyes, lips matching his smirk, “all of the above, Tae.”
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moonlightkook · 2 days ago
better off | kth
Tumblr media
pairing: taehyung x reader - exes!au, idol!au 
summary: It’s been months since you two broke up and after one too many drinks, taehyung finds himself pouring his heart out to you
words: 1.6k
contents & warnings: alcohol consumption, drunk & sad tae, mentions of sex that taehyung thinks about, solo rapper!namjoon, jimin throws up but it’s only mentioned, angst (sorry tae, ilysm), based off the lyrics to the song “nothing” by the script
a/n: this is my first ever fic for bts and i’m super nervous about it :))))) feedback is always welcome!
Tumblr media
Taehyung’s face hurt from how hard he was smiling, laughing at something Seokjin was saying. His windshield wiper laugh filling the younger boy’s ears. He kept his eyes trained on the sidewalk ahead of him, making sure he didn’t lose his footing on a small rock or crack.
He really should have stopped drinking once Yoongi suggested the idea of going down to the bar that was a couple of blocks from Taehyung’s apartment. Jimin, Yoongi, and Jin had showed up with a bottle of whiskey, saying a few drinks would help him forget her for the night long enough to enjoy himself for once.
Though as Taehyung and his friends stumbled into the dimly lit bar, he realized he would never forget her. How could he forget four years with you in just nine months? If anything the alcohol coursing through his veins amplified his thoughts of you, until they were consuming his entire being. 
He could still hear your sweet laugh filling his ears as the two of you laid in your shared bed with Yeontan attacking your face with his overexcited kisses. Smell your Gucci perfume that he bought for you as a birthday gift all those years ago when you first started dating. Feel your nails scratching down his back as his cock dragged through your walls, repeatedly hitting that deep spot that only he was ever able to reach.
“You’re better without her.”
Jimin’s soft, slightly slurred voice pulled Taehyung from his thoughts of you.
“Y/n, you’re better without her.”
The pink haired boy said with a shrug, bringing the glass up to his lips and taking a sip. He blinked owlishly at his friend.
“What do you mean by that?”
Jimin turned towards him, “I mean it wasn’t healthy what the two of you had. It’s never easy being an idol and being in a relationship. She just doesn’t belong in our world, this is real life not some fairy tale.” 
Taehyung’s eyebrows furrowed at his friend’s words, none of them making sense in his fuzzy brain. Yoongi hummed in approval sipping from the straw in his drink.
“It wasn’t fair for the both of you. Not fair for her to be left alone for months and you feeling guilty for having to leave her. It would have ended anyways, it just happened a lot sooner than you expected.”
Seokjin saw the way his younger friend deflated, sadness creeping into his heart. He threw an arm over Taehyung’s shoulder and pulled him in for a side hug.
“It’ll be okay, Tae. It won’t hurt forever.”
“Another round of shots!” 
Yoongi yelled, already signaling for the bartender to fill up your empty glasses.
“C’mon kid, let’s just be in the moment.” The older boy handed him a shot glass filled with amber liquid, clinking it together with his own. 
Soon they were downing shot after shot and Taehyung started to feel warm and fuzzy all around. A goofy smile playing on his lips as he listened to his friends sing along horribly to the song the bar stereo was blaring. 
The upbeat song slowed down into an r&b one that he realized you used to play all the time. A memory of you humming to this song while you got ready for a date night with him played in his mind. 
You were standing in front of the floor length mirror that sat in your shared walk in closet. Taehyung looked at the black dress you were wearing it hugged you in all the right places that he let his eyes roam over you shamelessly.
Your eyes caught him in the act through the mirror and a small smirk made its way across your face. You stopped humming and cleared your throat.
“Like what you see, Kim?”
Taehyung’s eyes widened knowing he got caught and a sheepish smile took over his features. “You look gorgeous.” You turned around and sent him a blinding smile, “Thank you, tae. You look very handsome.” 
Your hands traveled around his neck to play with the ends of his hair, quietly singing along to the song that was playing from your phone somewhere in the room. His large hands sat on your waist and he pressed a kiss to your forehead, letting your voice float throughout his head.
A loud groan caught Taehyung’s attention as he looked to his left to see Jimin clutching his stomach. 
“Oh, fuck me I’m going to be sick.”
Seokjin grabbed Jimin gently by the arm to help tug him out of the bar, the other two boys following them. While the small pink haired man emptied out the contents of his stomach all over the pavement, Taehyung let his mind drift back to you. 
I love her. I love her so much. He kept repeating to himself in his head. I should call her and tell her. 
“No you shouldn’t. That’s a terrible idea.” Yoongi scoffed at him. 
Taehyung didn’t know he had spoke those words aloud due to his inebriated state. Ignoring the cat like man, he pulled out his phone to find the one contact that he found himself wanting to call every single day. 
He took a deep breath and clicked the call button, the sound of ringing filling his body with excitement at the thought of hearing your voice again. He thought you wouldn’t pick up until he heard a clicking sound and, 
Shocked, Taehyung didn’t say anything.
The sound of his name falling from your lips snapped him back into reality.
“Y/n, h- hi.”
“Are you okay? Is there something wrong?” Your worried voice was music to his ears making hope bloom in his chest that he might still have a chance. He shook his head though you couldn’t see it, “No, everything’s perfect, baby.”
He heard you take in a sharp breath, “Taehyung..” You said in a warning tone. “Are you drunk? Why are you callin-”
“I love you.” He cut you off. “I love you so fucking much. I think about you every second of everyday and I want you back. I want us back, all of it. You, me, tannie.” The words coming out slurred together but you still heard them loud and clear. “I love you, Y/n.”
Seconds passed by with no response from you before three beeps went off, signaling you hung on him. With furrowed brows he pulled the device from his ear, his hand hanging limp by his side. 
“What did she say?” Yoongi asked.
“Nothing. She didn’t say anything… she just hung up on me.” Yoongi sent him a sad smile, “Hey, it’s getting late why don’t we get you home?” 
“Home? That’s it!” Taehyung exclaimed, swaying from his outburst and almost falling on his ass. 
“What’s what?”
“Y/n!” He said as if it was the most obvious answer in the world. “I have to tell her in person, she’ll see how much I love her!” 
“Tae, I don’t think that’s such a good idea,” Jin said with an arm wrapped around Jimin’s shoulder. But his words fell on deaf ears as Taehyung started stumbling in the direction of your flat. 
“Y/n… I love you! I’m coming!” He shouted out causing bystanders to send him weird looks. Seokjin’s ears turned red at the attention as the three men followed their best friend in hopes of calming him down and getting him back to his apartment.
Finally, Taehyung started to see your neighborhood come into view and he stumbled down the sidewalk, holding on to fences and railings to keep him standing upright. Just a few more steps, Tae. A few more steps and she’s yours.
As his feet made contact with the soft grass of your front yard, a smile made its way across his face. He made it, now all he has to do is knock on your door and confess how he’s still in love with you. How it’s always going to be you, no matter how far he travels away or who he meets. You are who he wants. Who his heart desires with every fiber in his body. The only person who he will love forever and ever and who has his soul, mind, and heart. 
But, Taehyung never gets the chance to tell you as a sleek, black car pulls up. A tall man kills the engine before getting out and making his way to the passenger side, opening up the door. He sees you step out and he’s breathless. There you were in all your beauty, all dressed up and makeup accentuating your already perfect features. 
You place your hand in the man’s and allow him to walk you up the steps to your front door. The two of you step into the light and Taehyung finally gets to see who you’re with and his heart sinks. Kim Namjoon, or RM, was how he was known in the idol world, a very successful solo rapper. 
Namjoon says something to you that has you giggling and leaning closer to his chest, “I love you, Joon.” The rapper sends you a dimpled smile and leans down to press a soft kiss to your lips and responding, “I love you.” 
Fortunately for Taehyung, the two of you decide to go inside and shut the door behind you before you could break his heart even more with your displays of affection. He feels a hand touch his shoulder softly, and he meets Jimin’s soft eyes. “Hey, let’s head back. It’s getting late.” 
Taehyung nods, and the three men turn around heading back in the direction of his apartment. He looks back up to your door and whispers out into the air, “I’m still in love with you. I love you, Y/n.” 
He never gets a response, all he hears is nothing.
Tumblr media
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yoonia · 8 hours ago
white lies ● chapters viii
Tumblr media
➬ Subtitle | The truth about us
➬ Pairings | Kim Taehyung x reader (feat. Seokjin & female original character)
➬ Genre | Childhood/Best Friends!AU, Angst
➬ Summary | Growing up together, you had always thought that he would always be a part of your life forever, until he suddenly chose a different path, leaving you altogether in the shadows of your past. What happens when you finally decide to move on, to walk down your new path in life without him, while completely unaware of how it had been him who had been standing in the shadows, drowning in his own little secrets?
➥ Ratings & Warnings | PG-13
➥ Word count | 4,5k words
➥ Author’s Note | And it happens again...after a long process of finishing this series, I’ve decided to split the final chapter (before the epilogue) into not two, but three chapters :))) I’m sorry for the wait. I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of Taehyung and OC’s journey. Hold on, this is going to be a ride!
➥ ⤎ Previous Chapter | Chapter List | Next Chapter ⇢
Tumblr media
chapter viii. healing
Tumblr media
It was hard to put into words the emotions that you felt or the thoughts that came through your head after the tumultuous night where Taehyung finally exposed the truth that he had kept to himself.
There was grief over everything that you had lost—including all the lost time, your old friendship, and the bond that had long been broken. There was anger and despair over the treachery, the manipulation that was done to both of you, and the way people simply used you and Taehyung as pawns in their wicked games.
But among all of those conflicted feelings, there was also a feeling of relief that came over you the moment you had time to let everything sink in. Relief from knowing that there were no more secrets hidden between you. Relief for knowing that there was still a piece of thread in your bond left, even though small, and it was showing you that the possibility to mend what had been broken still existed and it gave you a new reason to hope.
But to say that you were able to savour those feelings and turn your life around right the next day would be too much too soon. Even with the truth finally coming to the surface, it had never been able to stop you from always staying on guard, constantly preparing yourself and anticipating for the shoe to finally drop and to see things suddenly falling apart once again.
It took a while, and it took a lot of effort before you finally managed to continue on living and moving forward without constantly looking over your shoulders, no longer living in worries as if there was still more obstacles for you to deal with and there would be someone else that might try to take away your second chance of happiness. Though you had to admit that you wouldn’t have done it without Taehyung. Just like how you had promised to wait for him and be patient until the moment he could reach the point where he would be ready to take a step further, he had been just as tenacious in allowing you to grow and heal alongside him.
As time continued to pass, as the seasons changed from one to another, and both of you carried on with life, you soon realised that both of you continued to grow, changing together with time while the friendship bond between you that had once been fragile continued to strengthen itself as you were both healing from the remaining wounds of the past.
Once the truth was revealed and you began to understand the situation he was in, you also began to understand Taehyung a bit more. You learned to understand his reasons, and while you could never truly comprehend some of his actions in the past, you were far from putting all the blame on Taehyung for everything that had happened then. Meanwhile, ever since the night Taehyung confided in you and opened up to you, he began to open his eyes and admit to himself that it had been nothing but his fear and insecurities to blame for all the terrible decisions that he had once made, and he began to slowly forgive himself for everything that he had caused, all while earning your own forgiveness to allow both of you to heal at the same time.
Little by little, the invisible weight that you had almost always seen Taehyung carry with him began to chip apart and his confidence bloomed so beautifully that you almost believed you could see light coming from him whenever he was near. At the same time, you also felt the constricting pain inside your chest disappearing with time. It felt numb at first whenever you thought of the past, until the moment you realised that you felt nothing at all when you tried to look back, nothing but the longing for the good things to return and the hope for a chance to create new memories with him in the future.
You realised that the ghosts of the past would remain there, haunting in the shadows to remind either of you of the dark times when you had once lost each other. But you were taking all the baby steps needed to walk away from it with your head high, no longer giving them a chance to come in your way. And you were willing to try and look forward into the future, for as long as he would be there to do it together with you.
Tumblr media
You had no idea how quickly time could come flashing by. It almost felt as if you merely blinked your eyes and here you were, sitting in the local pub with the small group of friends that you had managed to gain over the years you started living in London. Everyone raised their drinks—a mixture between large glasses of beer, a few glasses of cocktails, and one with a glass of wine—as they cheered to celebrate the event of the day.
Graduation day.
You had managed to graduate together with the rest of your class, and for some miracle that would only happen to a lucky person in the name of Kim Taehyung, he managed to catch up and was graduating on the same week, with his own graduation ceremony coming only a few days later after yours.
“Here we are, finally ready to tackle the world after spending too many years with textbooks, overnight assignments, long essays, and overly boring classes,” your friend Gracie said as she sipped on her cocktail while you had placed yours down. You were on your second glass of the sugary cocktail that she had chosen for you, yet it had already felt too much for you to take for one night.
“Are you guys leaving back to your home country soon?” another friend of yours, Frankie, turned to look between you and Taehyung, who had joined the small party tonight and was sitting by your side with his glass of wine—the damn fancy pants.  
“No, not exactly,” you answered him as you turned to Taehyung to see him nodding his head and smiling, silently agreeing with you. “We might be staying for another year. We have a few plans and I still have that internship going on too. We haven’t really been enjoying London to the fullest either while we were at school, so might as well take our time to relax and travel around before going home.”
Everyone at the table started nodding collectively before they started questioning each other about their own plans, sharing where they were off to now that graduate school was over.
“Speaking of plans—” Gracie started as the talk about their future endeavours came to halt. “Do you guys have any plans this next weekend? I’m heading out to Brighton with my sister to see this art festival. Anyone is welcome to join if you’re free. The more the merrier.”
While a few people sitting at the table shared their interest to come and enjoy the fun, you exchanged looks with Taehyung who was quick to refuse the offer. “Sorry, you guys go and have fun. ______ and I already made our own plans this weekend to celebrate.”
“Oh, I forgot about that. The lovebirds have planned to go on a weekend getaway, being all romantic and all that,” Frankie teased from across the table, making your face burn. Taehyung had told you that he had asked a few of his friends to find any interesting places out of town where he could take you, but to no avail. In the end, it was Frankie, the adventurous one out of your group, who had given him the perfect idea for the getaway, even if the two of them had yet to spoil you about the plans, stating that Taehyung had some surprises for you as a celebration gift.
You didn’t fail to notice how your friends had regarded you as ‘the lovebirds’, as most of the people who had come to know you and Taehyung since you moved here had always seen you as a couple and neither of you had ever considered to correct them. Even his friends had thought the same, hence why you would also join him whenever he was out with his friends the same way he had joined you and your gang tonight. To be honest, you couldn’t say that you had minded it at all, since there really was no way for you to put a title in the relationship that you had with Taehyung.
“Oh, I’m so jealous. But you kids can have a lot of fun together,” Gracie kept teasing you before the conversation continued to another topic, moving on to talk about anything else in general while your mind remained stuck in the cryptic plan Taehyung may have prepared for you.
“Are you still not telling me where we are off to?” you whispered to Taehyung sometime during the night while everyone else was busy pairing up, either to continue to talk as they finished their drinks or to leave the table and join the dancing crowd in the middle of the small pub.
Raising his glass of wine, Taehyung hid his grin but kept his eyes on you. There was a suspicious spark in his gaze, showing you how much he was enjoying himself for teasing and putting you on the edge. “I told you,” he said, leaning closer to you once he placed his empty glass away. “This will be the only secret that I’m keeping from you for a long time, but I’m going to make sure that you won’t regret it.”
You hated to admit it, but you loved the way he said those words and how you could truly take in every single promise he made for you, when the assurance in his words was clear. There was not even a single doubt in mind as you listened to his promise, knowing well that he would always make sure to make it all come true. Pressing against his side, you couldn’t resist looking up into his eyes, making him all flustered and nervous as you leaned up to act as if you were kissing his cheek as you whispered,
“Fine, I believe you. As long as you can give me the best weekend I could ever have.”
With a grin, Taehyung pulled you to his side and chuckled. “Challenge accepted.”  
Tumblr media
Later that weekend, Taehyung picked you up in the small city car that he had bought during the final year of his study and started driving far away from the city. More than two hours had passed and he still refused to tell you where he was taking you, though you had stopped asking him the moment you noticed how the air around you had seemed to change, how the temperature slowly dropped, and the sky above seemed to be getting clearer. You should have known that he would take you somewhere in the countryside when he mentioned something about this becoming a ‘relaxing weekend’, promising to make you feel completely at ease even before you reached the destination.
You must have fallen asleep at some point during the trip. Because the moment you woke up, the sight of the city was no more and all you kept seeing was a vast land of green and dense trees standing on either side of the road where the car was passing through.
Not too long after, the car strolled into a parking lot of an inn, located right between green valleys where vineyards and gardens of exotic flowers could be seen, along with nothing but a spread of greeneries surrounding the area.
A nice middle-aged lady at the receptionist welcomed you with a friendly smile when you arrived, and you felt at ease in her presence. As Taehyung gave her the information needed to check-in to the room that he had rented, your gaze drifted over to the open glass double doors overlooking the valleys located right behind the inn. The gorgeous view of the lush greenery left a certain calmness to your chest while the sight of the hills appearing in the distance reminded you of home.
It made you feel somewhat amused as you remembered just how far you were from home, and yet you never once felt out of place ever since Taehyung had come to join you. The sky today was cloudless blue, a wonderful change from the city where the sky almost looked like it was permanently painted in shades of grey, and you wondered if you would be able to see the stars in the night sky later.
You turned back to the receptionist to join Taehyung’s conversation with the kind receptionist lady just as she introduced the inn and explained all the facilities and scheduled activities that had all been provided for the guests.
“…our restaurant and bakery are open at all times, but breakfast is served at seven in the morning, though we always prepare our tea and coffee as early as six in the am. We have fresh-baked croissants ready for you every morning, and our dinner menu will be sent to your rooms an hour before they are served.”
You could have sworn that your stomach began to grumble in protest the moment croissants and snacks were mentioned, and you could use a glass of coffee at the moment with your body feeling a bit lethargic after the long drive. But then your attention perked up a little when she added—
“There is a hiking trail nearby where our guests usually go to Sunday morning which is open for visitors. No pets are allowed, however. And there are a few places nearby if you are looking for our local attractions. The art gallery is only five minutes walk from here and there is also the tour to the nearest cheese factory and our famous local brewery…”
A knowing smile came to your face just as you sneaked a glance at Taehyung, suddenly understanding the reason why he had chosen to take you to this place. You continued to talk with the kind receptionist lady until she handed you the key to the bedroom, and both you and Taehyung finally walked away while giving her words of gratitude.
“You can go straight to the room, I can get our bags.”
You shook your head at him and stubbornly stood at his side before he walked out the front door. “Let me help you. My bag alone can weigh a ton.”
Taehyung only chuckled as he let you follow him. Together, you systematically pulled out the bags that you had carried with you and he expertly set them together to make it easier for the two of you to carry them all together without making too many trips back and forth.
And when he suddenly pulled out an easel and a few pieces of empty canvases of all sizes from the trunk of the car, your heartbeat started racing uncontrollably inside your chest.
Taehyung grinned at you softly when he noticed you watching him set up his equipment and tools once you were back in the room, and then said, “I had plans of arranging this at my studio so I could do this properly, but I figured it would be best to paint you in a more comfortable space rather than the constricting room we have at my studio.”
Over the times that you had shared with Taehyung after you encouraged him to draw you, he had taken you to the small studio he had set up in his apartment, where he showed you his art and the drafts of his works that had left you in complete awe. You had spent a lot of time with him there ever since, where he had mostly done sketches of you, made rough drawings of your face in various poses and expressions, but never once had he tried to make a full painting of you as he kept telling you that he wanted it to be something special.
As you sat back on the edge of the bed, watching him put everything aside while looking both nervous and excited at the same time, you finally realised that there was something more behind this weekend getaway than a simple celebration given by your best friend. And whatever that was about to happen this weekend may as well determine the course of your lives together and that nothing between you would remain the same once this weekend ended.
Tumblr media
“It looks a bit more challenging than the one we have at home, doesn’t it?”
With your hands on your hips, you looked up at the hiking trail not too far from the inn. It had been far too long since the last time you had gone out hiking properly the way you used to, and there was no doubt that the same could be said about Taehyung. But neither of you could resist it when the owner of the inn had let you know about this trail when the other guests had inquired it for this morning’s outdoor activity. After the slow and lazy day you spent since you arrived, the thought of getting active and moving seemed too enticing to resist.
You had spent your first afternoon at the inn lounging at the pool after you were done freshening up, then Taehyung took you to have a walk around the inn, enjoying the beautiful garden before you sat down with him in the inn’s cafe for dinner and the late nightcap. The rest of the evening had been so relaxing that you had ended up having the best sleep of your life, and the fact that you had to share the bed with Taehyung didn’t even bother you for a second.
When you woke up this morning feeling completely energized, you had instantly agreed to come with Taehyung to find the hiking trail that had become the talk during breakfast. But as you were standing right at the starting point of the trail, you were beginning to question yourself if this was a good idea.
“It sure looks like it,” Taehyung said, huffing slow breath after doing all the necessary warm-ups he needed before he could get started to hike up the hill. For someone who was out of practice, he somehow seemed eager to get on to it, and his energy was starting to rub on you to make you feel the same. “What? Are you worried if I’m going to beat you to the top? Or are you just nervous to find out that I’ve become faster?”
You rolled your eyes and scoffed. “As if,” you responded, refusing to admit that you were feeling slightly apprehensive about this, while he merely chuckled. “Ready? How about I race you to the nearest peak and show you that I’m still good at this.”
The sight of his amusement and a hint of mirth came dancing in his eyes for a moment before he finally gave out his hand for you to shake and said, “Oh, it’s on.”
Moments later, you found yourself racing against him up the trails. It had started easy for the first few meters off the landed ground before the slopes started to become a bit more tricky. The fresh air had given you the advantage of adding the extra boost of energy coming through your body in each inhale of breath, while the trickle of the nearest waterfall drew you in to help you to stay focused until you could find the trail leading to the peak. But you still couldn’t deny the fact that you were beginning to slow down as you were reaching higher grounds.
You slowly came to a halt right when you reached a steep point in the trail, suddenly feeling the exhaustion weighing you down that you had to take a moment to breathe. With your body folded and your hands reaching down to your knees, you looked up only to catch the sight of Taehyung disappearing right ahead of you on the next turn. It was clear that he still had more energy and vigour that you no longer have as he kept pacing up the trail, leaving you behind to continue the race.
Silently admitting defeat, you couldn’t help but smile as your mind wandered off to the past, back to the moment when both of you were still nothing but curious children and you were small enough to sneak away from the hiking trail to find an easier path up the hills behind your home so you could always beat him in the race. Seeing his disappearing back only showed you just how different everything was, though it didn’t stop you from feeling petty when you realised that Taehyung, after many years had passed, was finally able to defeat you.
Just like he had promised you he would.
With slow, ragged breaths, you kept going, following the trail to catch up with Taehyung while keeping your pace as steady as you could so you wouldn’t pass out where nobody would find you. You had expected to find him standing gloriously at the peak, celebrating his victory and gloating before he would start demanding his prize.
You were still wondering what he might be demanding from you for winning the bet when you walked past the next turn and immediately stopped on your tracks. Because right at that spot, still further away from the top that you had both determined to be your finish line, stood Taehyung, leaning against a tree as he waited for you to appear on the trail. He looked up as you came closer, smiling softly as he reached out to you, offering his hand to take.
Everything felt a bit fuzzy right then. You were almost in a dreamlike state as you took his hand, still reeling in shock at finding him waiting for you in the trail instead of having him rushing to claim his win—which he would have rightfully deserved, by the way. But any question that you were about to give him simply died on your tongue as he held your hand in a gentle grip and pushed against the tree. He said nothing to you as he smiled and turned away, still holding your hand as he continued to walk up the hiking trail. He kept his pace slow and steady the entire time as he took you with him, making his way to reach the finish line with you.
Tumblr media
It took you to have a few hours of nap and a long soak in a hot bath before you could feel like a new person again after the challenging hike. Your muscles were still sore when you stepped out of the bathroom, but you were filled with new energy and anticipation when you found Taehyung in the room with his painting tools, getting ready to finally eternalise you through his painting.
For some reason, he had decided that it would be a good idea if you would keep things natural. No makeup or fancy clothes—even if you had packed a few choices of your favourite dresses for this special occasion. And yet he wanted none of that. Instead, he wanted this moment to be just between you and him, and the natural light coming from the afternoon sun that was coming through the window. And for some odd reason, not only had you decided to agree and follow along with his instruction, but you had also decided to pose in the silky robe that you had put on after coming out of the bath.
Your decision had surprised Taehyung for a moment, but he remained calm as he guided you to take a seat on the settee placed right in front of the window. He helped you find the most comfortable position that you could muster as you would need to pose for a long time. He had you lying on your side and facing him, with your hand laid over a cushion and the other laid resting on your hip. He studied your position for a moment, looking as if he was projecting the image he was seeing into his canvas, before he finally stepped back and returned to take his place on the other side of the easel.
Pulling out his phone, Taehyung played a soothing tune of music to fill the silence that was bound to build up once he got to work, while he figured it would help make you feel a bit more relaxed throughout the whole thing. “I hope this can help you loosen up a little. Hopefully it can also help you focus and not change your position when you’re bored,” he said, placing the phone not too far away from you.  
“What if I fall asleep?” you asked him once the soft tune of the music began to fill the room, and he simply smiled at you.
“I don’t mind, just as long as you don’t fall off your seat,” he said, making you laugh.
The exchange of jokes helped lighten things up and you could see the tension on his shoulders slowly easing down. Though the moment he began to move his brush across the canvas and silence fell between you, the tension in the room seemed to pick up a notch and his furrowed brow gradually deepened.
“Are you still nervous around me, Taehyung?” you gently asked him when you caught him sighing deeply for the umpteenth time. “Does it make you nervous for doing this with me?”
Taehyung looked at you and gave you a wry smile. “Only for this. I just—it’s just the fact that I don’t want to fuck things up. I just want everything to be—”
“Perfect?” you teased him, already used to hearing him saying the exact same word whenever he would claim that he could be a perfectionist when it came to anything involving you and his art, making it even worse when he had to put the two together.
“Yeah—” he said, chuckling nervously and fidgeting in his seat for a moment before admitting, “I’ve waited a long time for this moment.”
“Really?” Your breath was almost caught in your throat by his admission. But it was the flutter inside your chest that troubled you the most, and how your skin flushed under his eyes when he looked at you with his heated gaze. As he continued to move his brush, transferring every part of you that he had caught through his vision into his canvas, you couldn’t stop yourself from wondering, “Was it different with—”
Taehyung instantly froze, and you almost regretted ever letting those words slip out of your mouth. You knew that it would be a terrible idea to bring up the past right when you were sharing something so important. And the regret grew deeper when you saw the same emotion reflected through his eyes when he looked at you. With a sigh, Taehyung spoke up while looking straight into your eyes, “It’s completely different. It always has.”
The intensity in his gaze made you feel uncomfortable, but it helped you realise how much he meant every word. At the same time, you felt your own humility coming forward, the shame for not only bringing up a painful past that you had vowed to move on from and also for comparing yourself to her.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to—”
“It’s okay, really. I would have been curious too,” he said, smiling wryly. With a nod of his head as if he was convincing himself or perhaps giving himself a pep talk before he looked at you with more confidence in his eyes and said, “Let’s try and see if I can control my heartbeat enough to stop my hands from shaking.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❥ Commissioned by @hanuzylan​​​
Tumblr media
— © 2021 Yoonia, all rights reserved. reposting/modifying of any kind is not allowed. translations are not allowed.
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kookieswan · 2 days ago
Sweet Blood - Part I
Poly!Demon!Taekook x OccultStudent!Reader (f)
Word Count: 1.1k
Tags/Warnings: Fluff, Some humor. Jungkook is a mischievous little shit, Reader is a clueless occult student. 
Summary: Summoning a cute little nature spirit to fix one of your plants is a good idea… right?
Notes: Hehehehehehe I can’t wait to flesh out this series! It’s going to be heaps of fun 🩸
Series Masterlist here!
Tags: @jookiemonie @parkdatjimin Dedicated to you two lol ❤️ (If anyone else wants to be added just let me know!)
Setting all the candles up around the pentagram, you smile a bit as you gaze at the scene. Everything is set up perfectly to summon the spirit now. It did take forever to find the perfect matching red candles, but it would be worth it in the end. Getting involved in witchcraft had been an interesting venture so far, but everything will pay off in the end. Grabbing a longer lighter, you leisurely light all the candles before pulling back to take in the scene. It looks absolutely perfect.
Sitting down in front of the pentagram, you grab the bowl you set up earlier and dip your finger into it quickly. It’s mostly sweetened strawberry puree, but there’s a decent amount of your blood from a needle you pricked into your finger earlier. It should work fine; there’s no way you’re going to slice your whole hand open to get a bunch of blood. You memorized the sigil for the spirit early on, so you draw it exactly as it should be, nodding your head in satisfaction as you finish.
With that, you sit back and start to chant the Latin you also had to memorize quietly. The wind picks up behind you, wind gusting through the windows and causing the candles to flicker. As your chanting gets louder, your close your eyes to try and draw in more energy to call out to the spirt. Hopefully he would hear your prayers and answer to your call.
There’s an unexpected poof, and as you open your eyes the lights are suddenly out. Smoke quickly fills up the room, making it hard to see anything even with the moonlight streaming through your windows. You cough and sputter, trying to fan the smoke away from you. If the fire detectors go off, your fucked. There’s no way you can reach them.
As quickly as the smoke appeared, its gone, and the lights flicker back on. You blink a few times to try and adjust to the new lighting, only to let out a screech. There’s a man standing in the pentagram, hand on his hip, head cocked to the side. The candles burn brighter, flames flickering a deep red color as he cracks a few fingers before flickering out completely.
“Well, hello there sweetheart.” Scrambling backwards, your back hits the loveseat (which is insanely cute) that you bought last weekend. The man chuckles deeply, gaze unwavering as he looks at you with his black orbs. There’s no whites to his eyes, they’re just deep pits of nothingness. Looking closer, you notice the horns on top of his head, black and curved upward. His smirk widens, sauntering closer until he’s standing over you.
“So, you decided to summon a demon. What a smart human you are to do so, I can grant any wish you may think of.” The smirk remains on his face as he crouches downy, eyes level with yours now. He reaches out to touch you, but you slap his hand away, unsure of what his intentions are you. You notice vaguely that the tips of his fingers are tinged black, nails long and sharp as the just barely linger across your cheek. Either way, the smile remains on his face. He’s amused by you, slapping his hand away was quite the decision.
“No, I didn’t decide to summon a demon! You just popped out of nowhere like a creep.” A loud snort leaves him as he stands back up, slowly walking around the room. He picks up some of your things, looking at them with some sordid form of interest. You notice that he’s wearing all black, button-up shirt and slacks along with dress shoes. Apparently, the demon man takes his work quite seriously. He looks around a bit more before he settles in the kitchen and addresses you again.
“Oh yeah? So, what were you planning to summon then girl? Hmmm?” He grabs one of the cookies you made for the spirit and takes a bite. You don’t blame the demon; your chocolate chip cookies are to die for. Chewing thoughtfully, he waves the cookie around in the air and gestures for you to answer the question. Letting out a frustrated sigh, your cross your arms over your chest and huff out an answer.
“A spirit of nature! I wanted to cure my bonsai… It’s sick I think.” The man (demon?) stops mid-chew, slowly looking over to you again. He laughs once, twice, before he’s full-on cackling at the situation. You yell at him to stop, but he continues before making his way back to the pentagram in the middle of your living room. Wiping the cookie crumbs from his face, he stares at it quietly before the most sinister smile you’ve ever seen crosses his face.
“You’re aware that’s my sigil, right? I little shoddily drawn, but still mine.”  You gasp in disbelief, standing from your spot before running over to the kitchen island. Grabbing the book you bought off amazon from it, you flip to the tabbed page and bring it over to the pentagram quickly. The demon steps back quickly as you shove past him, raising his arms in surrender jokingly.
He’s right… You messed up a few of the corners, and instead of making them rounded, they’re pointed. How could you have been so stupid. Now instead of a nice friendly nature spirit, there’s a (sexy) demon man standing in your living room, probably getting ready to suck your soul out or something. Putting your face into your hands, you shake your head and attempt to figure out what to do.
“So. What can I do for you girl? You want me to, uh, fix up that tiny tree? It’ll only cost you your soul.” Raising your head from your hands slowly, you glare at him as harshly as you can muster. Your soul… to save a damn bonsai. You love your bonsai Gregory a lot, but not enough to sell your soul. Sorry Greg.
“I don’t believe I will. You can leave now, I won’t be needing your, uh, services.” Making a shooing motion with your hand, you turn around and walk over to poor Greg. How in the world are you going to make sure he’s alright? The man lets out a chuckle, and suddenly he’s behind you, hot breath fanning over your shoulder as he whispers into your ear.
“I don’t think so girl. You made a contract by summoning me, and I won’t be leaving till its closed. To close it, I’ll be needing your soul.”
“Well then, I guess you’ll be sleeping on the cute pink couch demon boy.”
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❛crisantemi❜ kth
Tumblr media
banner credits: x, x 
pairing: Taehyung x gender neutral!reader 
genre: oneshot, angst, hanahaki disease au, flatmates au, slight whump 
word count: 2k
warnings: TW family instability, graphic description of first aid (heimlich maneuver), major character death, nonlinear narrative, swear words, grieving, unhealthy coping mechanisms (studyholism), student!taehyung, kuudere!taehyung, a doctor appointment, implied half-orphan!reader, choking on flowers, composed character losing their composure trope, self-blaming, sad ending
song rec: Giacomo Puccini’s Crisantemi 
summary: there is one type of love you care about and you’re too determined not to lose it 
a/n: the hanahaki disease concept has been modified in this fic. it was partly inspired by this post and partly based on my own idea 
taglist: @mickmoon​, @say-something-nice-missy​ 
Tumblr media
This is fiction. Many organizations/countries in real life have different approaches to doing first aid. Hence, the description of performing it below is not educational in any way. Here is a link for a British guide on how to behave in choking emergency, and here is an article about calling the emergency number.
Tumblr media
Mourning was something Taehyung got to experience in the past. Up to that time he had no idea how to endure such things. He used to run away from his pain, regardless of what was really the source of it.
That’s why Tae never seriously mourned. There was no talking about his feelings, no processing or accepting them. He preferred to drown his agony in various routines. All of sudden his university classes gained his full attention, energy and time.
The man’s introverted nature intensified. He spoke less. He expressed himself less. Apathy like an unwanted guest stayed inside his mind.
Apparently you have thought you could help him. Was it naive? Very possibly.
He looked around your home. No, not his home, it was yours, it was shared. Again, it wasn’t a mere flat, it was a home—your home. He was searching and failing. Failing with finding. Failing with getting better because everything was gone.
Tumblr media
Dr Park squinted at you unsurely. It was her old habit. Holding your check-up documents, she said, “I am aware this is a tough decision. I shall say that keeping your hanahaki is not worth it. It applies to every patient, regardless of why they fell ill.” You nodded to make it seem you’ll give it a thought.
The gabinet you were in resembled any other place of this sort. It had light-coloured walls and overall minimalist decor. Your doctor sat on a leather chair behind a desk. She gestured at the papers, “sad to say, anti-growth pills would be of help if you took them one, two months ago. The flowers in your respiratory system are blooming, so surgery is the last chance to remove them.”
“Yes, I understand.”
“You’re nodding along and yet you don’t do what is recommended.” Dr Park tapped the folder with her pen.
“I got psychological treatment.” These words turned into your best excuse over the last weeks.
“y/n-ssi, you were told that therapy will not be effective in your case.” It was clear from the beginning. “According to the x-ray, your flowers are a part of the Asteraceae family. Their exact species is going to be revealed with the first vomiting fit.” She paused for a second, “unless you’ll agree to the surgical removal.”
The doctor’s chair screeched awkwardly. You truly loathed the stiff conversations about your disease. The hanahaki patients’ bodies didn’t suffer as much as their minds. Nonetheless people treated the surgery like the ultimate cure.
Utter bullshit.
Hanahaki existed because of unrequited love in the first place. This is what kept the illness going. The flowers grew inside the host’s body to make the feelings last. Through developing roots there were released chemicals—dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine—in order to increase the already high levels of ‘love hormones’.
Thus, the surgery did not eliminate the unrequited love completely. That being said, if the feelings didn’t disappear, flowers returned. No matter that the previous removal has taken place.
A horrifying self-repeating torture.
Predictably, Dr Park didn’t change your mind. Instead of agreeing to the treatment, you left the clinic without hesitation.
Tumblr media
Your conversation on the phone could be heard through the thin walls. Taehyung got used to it soon after moving in. Normally he wouldn’t mind, however the talks made you noticeably more stressed out. As your elder he felt the responsibility of helping you, just wasn’t sure how.
You coughed loudly. He wished he could go straight to your room and give you medicine to relieve your pain. The single reason keeping him from doing it was your privacy.
Preparing for you to come, he poured cocoa into your favourite mug. The muffled sentences stopped. Tae put the mug on a table and sat down. Firstly, he heard a few footsteps, then your surprised voice,
“sunbae, you didn’t have to.” Though your hoarse tone said otherwise.
Taehyung didn’t say anything back. You met his dark eyes and smiled, knowing fully well he didn’t accept rejection. You sat next to him, saying, “thanks.”
The hot drink was delicious, “woah. I don’t taste the pollen anymore. I’m lucky I haven’t thrown up yet. The coughing fits became so random, right?” your question was rhetorical. You knew he wouldn’t answer. “I’m really thankful, by the way. It must be hard to live with a sick person. I’m sorry.”
He shook his head.
Despite your flatmate’s relatively warm response, his face stayed passive. You were glad you’ve lived together for a long time. At first, his facial expressions made you uncomfortable. Or rather the lack of them. Now, you grew used to the unreadable behaviour.
You appreciated that he actually did something.
Going through any form of hanahaki treatment was terrifying. You felt absolutely helpless. Everything in your life was unstable, including the relationship between you and your only relative (which in the end resulted with you slowly dying). And so, the doctors tried to save your life at the cost of your ability to experience parental love.
You glanced away, “my hanahaki has progressed... I’ve never explained much about it. The person I talked to is connected to my disease. That’s why I go to my room every time they call.”
Your friend pressed his pink lips into a thin line.
“We haven’t got on well since forever. In the past I was convinced I shouldn’t trust anyone but them. Then I attempted to move on and they didn’t tolerate it one bit. It pains me I was dependent on them my whole childhood.” You took a sip of the cocoa, “I guess it could always be worse. Many have bigger unsolvable problems. My life isn’t that bad. I’m simply petty right now.”
Taehyung didn’t share your opinion.
The guilt in your eyes wasn’t hard to miss and he wished you didn’t feel that way. It wasn’t the first time you explained this, hence Taehyung suspected you wanted to repay for the help you’ve received. You shouldn’t feel obligated to do such things.
On the other hand, it wasn’t his business to pry into your personal matters. He could not ask if you were having the surgery or not. He wasn’t entitled to do that. That was what he thought back then.
In reality, he was listening to you unconsciously making self-degrading comments and didn’t react. He empathized with you and still proceeded to do nothing.
Taehyung ignored your desperate pleas for help—serious help. Because no matter what he did, it was close to nothing. Let’s be honest, a couple of cocoas wouldn’t cure anyone.
Tumblr media
Life with your mother wasn’t easy. She had an unrealistic philosophy of you becoming perfect. You weren’t allowed to make mistakes anywhere. She made you afraid of losing and not controlling anything in your life.
She was a perfectionist.
She guilt tripped you for not trusting her, not agreeing with her thinking. You were accused of being ungrateful and it was simply too much for a teenager. The only way for you to stop hurting was shutting her out.
And this is what you did. You didn’t consider her as your family, she was just a person in your life that happened to be related to you. Even though it sounded cruel, it worked. Her awful actions stopped affecting your behaviour, at least.
You’re selfish, she would say. You didn’t believe that. You wished to prove it wrong, therefore you decided to do Taehyung a favour. You wanted to spare him the pain which was to come.
You removed the things from your apartment, slowly, so he could get used to it. The absence.
Tumblr media
The speakers started playing another classical piece from Tae’s playlist. You clicked your pen, frustrated. It was impossible to concentrate. You were so exhausted you weren’t sure if the music helped with focusing. Probably it didn’t. Either way you wouldn’t have the heart to ask to turn it off.
You spent time together in a living room. Taehyung sat on an armchair while scrolling on his phone. He manspreaded. It was nice that keeping you company made him visibly relaxed. You interrupted the comfortable silence.
“Sunbae?” you caught his attention, “is it okay if I turn the volume down? Only a bit,” you standed up. He nodded. “Thank you. I’ve been quite fatigued lately. As soon as I end the project my body will probably shut down against my will.”
He gave you the ‘don’t be ridiculous’ look. “I’m serious, my uni professors are crazy with the assignments,” you prompted.
Putting his phone into his back pocket, Tae walked over to you. “Ok, I’ll get back to work. Don’t frown, sunbae,” you pouted, “I don’t want you to get wrinkles—”
You gagged. Some unbearable pain spread inside your neck like fire in a dry forest. Your vision blurred. A flower bud made its way through your trachea to the throat. You bent down from the panic.
“y/n-n?” to Taehyung’s horror there was blood trickling out of your mouth. Your curled up posture aggravated the internal damage. He rushed to your side.
The man got you up and grabbed your body from behind. He placed his hands above your navel. Your reddish cheeks were losing their colour. You convulsed. He thrusted his fist into your abdomen.
There was a waterfall running down your face.
He forcefully thrusted again.
Your grunts mixed with your cries.
A violin played in the background.
Taehyung was shitless scared of hurting you, but repeated in his head, it would be worse if I didn’t do it.
Your stomach muscles resisted,
nextly, you spit out the entire flower. With blood, saliva and all.
The adrenaline didn’t come down before you realised what had happened. Taehyung caught you when your weak legs gave out. You saw his features and instantly understood what was going inside his head. He became a book that had been opened for the first time. His hands squeezed your back. He took your appearance in, your chapped lips, eyebags, your wet cheeks.
“Are you seeing this?” he referred to the plant, “it is the size of your hand. It might kill you. It is killing you. I should’ve said something earlier, good lord, you don’t deserve it-” Tae’s voice cracked- “who did this to you? Who made you think they are more important than you? Who fucked up your life so bad?”
“Chrysanthemum.” Taehyung followed your eyes to the floor where it was lying.
Chrysanthemum morifolium were a part of the Asteraceae family. People used them in gardening and gastronomy. The yellow mums symbolised slighted love. Tae didn't stare at it for long, “y/n-ah, you should be hospitalised,” then he reached into his pocket. You opted it was a phone, yet wasn’t sure due to your blurry vision.
You said, “sunbae,” which came out as a squeak rather than a normal word. Your flatmate gulped loudly,
“heyheyhey, we’re going to be alright, i’m—hello? uh,—hang in there, y/nie—t-the emergency is...”
Tumblr media
He had no idea where your things were left. They couldn’t be at your family house for obvious reasons, thus Taehyung asked your friends, getting nothing out of it. The realisation that he didn’t acknowledge your disappearing belongings softly crushed his insides. Besides your room, he should've picked up on what was occuring in the kitchen, bathroom… anywhere. They were flawlessly removed,
‘cause you were a perfectionist.
If there was something done by you, it was an epitome of absolute perfection. He knew it by looking at your books sorted alphabetically. Or when he misplaced a flower pot it was immediately put in its usual spot. When Taehyung forgot to wash the dishes, he always had to shoo you away from doing them.
The man finished styling his hair. He turned away from the mirror to take his black lounge jacket. It was next to a couple of empty hangers in the wardrobe. He set aside his house slippers to put on a pair of leather shoes. What flowers are bought for funerals, again?
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himbonamjoonstan · 9 hours ago
So there's a scene in the hybrid!bts x mafia!reader (the one that lives in my head that I have yet to write, yeah that one) where the boys see the reader at their weakest for the first time.
It would be only a couple months after they've been adopted by the reader, when everything is still so new and the boys are skeptical of the reader's intentions.
The reader will still be trying to keep their job under wraps and away from the boys, as they figure it would probably be safest for them.
This is (probably) correct, but it also places a lot of confusion and mistrust with the boys, even though they're fairly certain you would not hurt them.
Even Jin had no choice but to come to that conclusion after months of leaving them to their own devices, letting them do as they please, and not dragging them to events in order to show them off.
Namjoon had already pointed it out when they noticed you had assigned bodyguards to them the first night they arrived.
Still, they didn't know you. And you didn't know them, even though they were living right down the hall from you, in your own home. Even though you would occasionally be around to have breakfast with them, though it would admittedly often be cut short and end with you rushing off yet again.
You do this quite often and are usually gone during the day, doing things that you would never disclose to them (though they would sometimes get snippets of your day through your conversations thanks to their inhuman ears).
So I'm sure you can imagine their surprise when, a couple days before they see you at your weakest, you come home early.
They'd hear your voice through the front door before you even stepped in the house, and their ears would perk up at the distress in your voice.
By the time you'd burst through the back entrance, they would already be standing in the hallway trying to see the commotion.
Namjoon and Yoongi would be standing in the front, forever the protectors of their little pack, though Jin wouldn't be too far behind. The rest of the boys would be peeking over their shoulders and around their arms.
Yoongi would hiss the second he meets your eyes, though it wouldn't be because of you. It would be because of the blood that now tinges the usually sterile smell of your home. It would replace the slight hint of vanilla that normally floats from your room.
You would pay him no mind, directing your "assistants" to help with injured people and the back of your brain trying to come up with an excuse for the boys to keep them away from your work just a little while longer.
The scent of blood would be so strong that Jimin would flinch, covering his nose with Hoseok doing the same soon after.
Jin would offer to help, taking a step forward only to stop when you tell them to stay away. You'd tell them you don't want them getting dirty, but offer them a smile that leaves doubt in their minds.
You wouldn't stay to talk with them about this either. You'd figure out an excuse later, some stupid reason as to why they're witnessing you and your assistants drag a handful of injured men (men they've seen around the house, men they've chatted with before, some they might even label friendly) down to the east wing.
The wing you told them to stay out of, the same one their bodyguards would direct them away from each time they got nosy (or Yoongi "forgot").
The boys would watch you sling your arm around one of these men's waist, helping them walk down to that wing and not even offering so much as a goodbye.
Taehyung would scoff and turn around, heading back to his comfortable spot in the living room. The rest of the boys would soon follow.
None of them would talk about that night again, not until a couple days later.
They would talk about how the scent of blood hasn't faded, though. Even days after that night the scent of blood would linger in the air.
Jungkook would joke about you hiding dead bodies in the cellar and the boys would laugh, but it would always feel slightly off.
They'd see the injured men walking around with bandages and casts, seemingly taking it slow for a few days.
And yet, somehow, the scent of blood would linger, stronger at times and weaker at others.
Jin would mention how it always seemed to follow you, how his nose would scrunch up when you'd pass him on your way to sit down after getting your morning coffee.
Like right now, when all the boys are lingering in different parts of the kitchen, pretending not to watch you scuttle over to the coffee machine.
You wouldn't notice them looking at you, wrapped up in a light robe over your work clothes because you've been feeling cold the last few days.
You wouldn't notice a lot of things, in fact. Like when your body starts to sway and your grip on the counter seems nonexistant. Or how the world has begun to tilt, a frown forming on your face.
It would be Jimin that notices you sway and and whites of your knuckles as you grip the counter.
It would be Namjoon that jumps when he hears you fall, but it would be the bodyguards that rush to your body first.
The boys would walk over to your body and try not to crowd you even more as the bodyguards fret over your crumpled form on the ground.
The scent of blood would get strong as someone tries to move you, a sharp intake of breath alerting everyone in the room that something is wrong. One of the guards would run from the room, yelling about needing someone in the kitchen.
Jin, always the mother in the room, would tell everyone to give you space. He would surprise even himself when he crouches down and undoes your robe after he notices something.
When he pulls back the fabric, they'd find your white button down stained with blood just over your hip and more just above your elbow.
You'd feel how frantic his fingers shake as he undoes the buttons on your shirt, and you would cringe as you imagine the look on his face when he sees your shitty wrapping job.
As you lay on the floor, you'd wonder how your doctor would feel if they saw your poor attempt at bandaging yourself up in your room a few nights earlier. Your poor judgment on just how serious your injuries were.
In the end, the in-house doctor would come in to the kitchen and scold you for hiding this from them. You'd laugh softly when he mentions you've bled through all the padding and make a stupid joke about this not being the first time - your attempt at lightening the mood. It wouldn't work.
The boys would watch as the doctor, a random man in their eyes, and a few guards would pick you up and take you to the east wing. One of the boys would make a comment about how you didn't cry.
No. You wouldn't cry. This would be the first time they saw you weak and vulnerable, but they wouldn't see you cry for the first time. That would be much, much later.
It would be months later, and you would be crying at Yoongi's feet. His own blood and Namjoon's tainting your hands and staining your nightgown.
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taegularities · a month ago
soaring high | kth (m)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: A twelve-hour flight passes fast when a scorching hot, single parent is there to entertain you all throughout the day – with his words… as much as with his fingers. 
pairing: dilf / single dad!Taehyung x reader
genre: s2l (?); fluff, smut, some crack?
rating: 18+
warnings: talk about a past divorce & a toxic ex, flirting, teasing, oc’s and my voice kink 😵‍💫, slight age gap, tae’s kid and jimin are the sweetest pair of dorks everrrr; explicit sexual content: (hard) dom!tae, public sex (they do it in the plane restroom), unprotected sex (don’t do it, pls & thank u), handjob, groping, fingering, oral (m. receiving), throat fucking, cum swallowing, rough sex, dirty talk, manhandling, breast play, crying (cos taeconda too good), light choking, slight degrading (he calls her his cumslut grr), mention of some spit, my mirror kink i guess, aftercare (or as much as possible in a plane); literally, tae keeps smirking cockily... that ass, like 1 sweater weather reference, pls spot <3
word count: 8.5k
a/n: i needed to write this to get the idea out of my system, i’m sorry for all the content that’s still coming this week LMAO; thank @kimtaehyunq​​​​ along with single-dad-tae-anon for encouraging me, and again, maggie, CANNOT THANK U ENOUGH FOR THIS HAWT BANNER AND COMING UP WITH THE AMAZING FIC TITLE !!! another thank u to @jimilter​​​​ for hyping me up and making this brainfart SO much better, it was a mess honestly; ily guys T_T hope u guys enjoy !!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You thoroughly dislike flying alone.
The fact that you won’t be able to set foot onto firm cement for the next eleven hours irks you. If you were in someone’s pleasant company, you’d probably stare at the line in front of you less grimly. The tempo in which the staff here operates does nothing to ease your mind, either.
That’s why airports are your least favourite place in the world; yes, you get to travel the world, but at what damn cost? At the cost of going through the infinitely long boarding process, just to sit in a vehicle that might or might not serve cold food and offer horrible movies?
Science needs to take it up a notch. You want teleportation to be a thing already.
You shove the handbag lying to your feet forward by a few inches when the human snake moves in front of you, crossing your arms in front of your chest with a sigh. Maybe you would dwell a little more on how miserable the situation feels, a little more on how much you wish to fast forward by eleven hours to fall on your own bed again.
But instead, your mind shifts elsewhere. From afar, you see the small steps of a little boy holding something in his grip first. His free hand clutches the bigger one of his father, and he looks at you for only a moment before his gaze shifts to his gameboy again. They still produce these things?
You smile a little as you look at his tiny baby cheeks and his jutted lip, his red, open shirt hanging off from one shoulder with its sleeves rolled up. You stare up to the father to shoot him the classic, basic grin that one usually does – the one that lets a parent silently know that, hey, your kid is the sweetest being I’ve ever laid my eyes on.
But when you meet the man’s gaze, you feel your throat constrict in a way that diving underwater usually does. You prepared yourself to find friendly, smiling eyes looking back at you, but instead, his stare seems piercing, almost like a warning. Like he’s about to punish you for a monumental, national crime that you committed on this warm, sunny Friday morning.
When you hear the busy ruffling of handbags and quiet conversations of the passengers in front of you again, you move forward instinctively, still lost in what just shook your insides with a single gape. But when things need to go wrong the least, they most certainly do go wrong, as fast as they can too; and not expecting any less from your awkward personality, you’re not surprised when your knees buckle and you almost trip, catching yourself by pressing your hands against the bag right on time.
You’re not sure how much of your awkwardness the guy with the deadly stare has noticed when you register his presence right behind you, joining the line. Luckily, he seems to be engaged in a conversation already, addressing the man accompanying him that you didn’t even properly see when the menacing gaze of the child’s father captured you in its trap.
“The line isn’t as long as I thought it’d be,” the second man chimes, his voice soft and lovely, the exact opposite of his friend’s eyes, “we’ll be in the plane in a matter of minutes.”
You smirk; you want to turn around and scoff, let him know that his enthusiasm and optimism are great and nice, but that even he will go insane within a few minutes. The other guy seems to know, though.
“Buckle up. I think we’ll be standing here for some time.”
You’re stunned and mesmerised – not only do you want the ground to swallow you whole, now the wish to drown in his baritone voice grows steadily inside you as well. An anchor or lifebuoy won’t keep you afloat anymore, because seemingly, his vocal chords allow him to go deeper than the Mariana Trench. And you’re trapped in the darkness without being able to turn around and look at him.
You don’t even understand what they’re talking about anymore when you hear them converse – too lost in the tone of his voice, listening to it like a poet calculates poetic metres. With the new, welcomed distraction, time suddenly starts running again, the line beginning to proceed.
And when you suddenly find yourself presenting your documents and your passport at the desk, you let out a relieved sigh, trying to put some distance between him and you as you sprint to the gates and to the small bridge that leads to the inside of the plane.
With concentration carved between your eyebrows, your eyes dart from your ticket to the numbers written over the seats, trying to find your assigned spot with your mouth agape. Even inside, people seem to operate in slow-motion, trying to tame their children or stuffing a never ending amount of handbags into the luggage trunks above their heads.
“Excuse me,” you say timidly, trying to pass an older, struggling man by when you catch sight of your window seat. With a hasty, impatient motion, you place your bag in the trunk before you take a seat with an exasperated sigh, throwing your head back against the headrest with closed eyes.
Your mind begins to drift after you have fastened your seatbelt and prepared for the takeoff, voices shutting down and becoming distant, background noise – except for one. The baritone from earlier suddenly falls onto the seat next to you, your eyes shooting open in shock, entirely stupefied when he exclaims, “Sit down, Jae, we’ll figure it out later.”
You hope the universe is playing some kind of prank on you, and that within a minute, this man will realise that he was holding his ticket upside down or reading a number wrong, or something. But to your misery, he stays seated, talking to his son softly as he tries to calm down the whining boy’s annoyed demeanor.
“I wanted to shit next to Uncle Jimin,” the boy says, shifting in his seat with pouting, heart shaped lips. “Wh– why is he there?”
“Sit, little guy, say sit.”
You laugh in the same moment that he does, giggling about the pronunciation mistake his son called out loud enough for two rows behind and in front of you to hear. Most people look into his direction, shake their heads and turn around with a fond smile again, and you can’t help but find your focus fixate on his brattiness as well.
“Listen, Uncle Jimin is right behind you,” his father assures calmly, pointing his thumb at the man peeking from the side, “and you can go to him when we’re flying, okay? Stay here now.” He turns to his friend, bringing his face closer and saying something loud enough for you to hear, “If the person next to you doesn’t show up and leaves the seat empty, take him later, yeah?”
Jimin answers something that you don’t register well acoustically, instead looking at the boy who’s staring back at you, too. His angry ogling calms a little when you smile with your lips pressed together and wave a bit, his big eyes widening further in his small face before his father leans back and blocks the sight again.
Differently from when you waited for boarding, the man does address your attention this time, merely nodding at you kindly without uttering a single word. He doesn’t ask you to change your seat with Jimin’s; something you’re somewhat thankful for. You don’t think you could handle hearing his deep voice talk to you specifically without fainting.
When he averts his gaze, you look at him for a moment longer. He doesn’t look like he could speak in a voice like this at all – it strongly adds to the intimidating nature he exudes. That is, until he speaks to his son again. Because when he does just that, his lips don’t drop anymore but reach his eyes instead, crinkles around them giving him an everlasting young appearance as he boops his son’s nose caringly, sweetly.
You’re not sure if it’s him melting or you.
And when he notices your stare fixed on his interaction with his flesh and blood yet again, he clears his throat, hopefully not detecting the way you grow all flustered as he says, “He’s really excited.” He nods towards the little bundle that has now turned from complaints into joy, and then adds, “Flying just for the second time.”
You nod in understanding slowly, trying to gather courage and your voice before you answer in a steady tone, “Came here for a visit?”
“Came here for a vacation,” he answers as his sharp cheekbones turn to soft buns. A big, pretty hand with long fingers comes up all of a sudden, and you find yourself admiring it for a moment too long before you take it into your palm and he says, “My name is Taehyung.”
“What brought you here, Y/N?” he asks, leaning back and giving you a smile that looks genuine; like he actually wants to know about you.
“I spent a few months here,” you explain to him, shifting in your seat, “a semester abroad.”
His lips form an O, his head nodding along with your words before he asks, “Oh, a college student?”
You sigh, breathing out a shaky laugh that you hope he doesn’t interpret as your apparent nervousness too much. “Yeah. And a slow one, too, so there’s not much to admire about me being in college, really.”
“Is that why you’re going back?”
You hum, pressing your lips together as you think his question and your following answer through. Is it because of that? Yes, in some way it might be – but then again, the story goes back a little further; and while you’re not one to open up to a stranger this fast, something about his soft smile tells you that he’d understand. Nod and encourage you, maybe even tell you you’re doing the right thing by leaving.
“Well, that’s one reason,” you start, shrugging one shoulder, “being in a new country and taking a course in a new class that discusses philosophers can go wrong pretty fast. Especially when you’re the new one who no one knows anything about, and in a setting like this… you’re just bound to feel like an outcast.”
He clicks his tongue, shaking his head in slight annoyance before he says, “This whole concept of letting someone feel unwelcome is so… hard to grasp for me. Really shouldn’t happen, especially with someone as nice as you.”
You want to reply, but the clump in your throat takes your ability of human speech; but instead, Taehyung speaks up again, much to your pleasure and relief, “I’m so scared of when Jae starts school, too. My son, I mean. Kids are scary.”
“They are. I don’t know, I’ve always found it hard to interact with strangers for some reason.”
He tilts his head, flashing you a boxy grin like you’ve never seen on anyone in your life before, stunning and freezing you for a second too long. To add to your distress, he cocks an eyebrow, telling you casually, “We’re strangers, but you’re making conversation with me just fine.”
You let out a flustered laugh, blinking a few times as you avert your gaze and continue in your good, old, awkward Y/N-fashion, “In all honesty, I’m glad I left. The people and retail prices made me sick, and there weren’t any fun or cute guys either. The one who was dumped me because, quote, I approached him too late.”
“Approached him too late?” Taehyung inquires, pulling his eyebrows together as you nod, rolling your eyes.
“Girlfriend. He meant he had a girlfriend. The occurrence with that guy made me promise myself that I won’t ever hold back from talking to a man again who I’m intrigued by.”
He sees the meaning behind your words as soon as you’ve let them loose; out into the open and floating suggestively between you. You’re not exactly trying to hide what he evokes in your mind and stomach, and when he leans closer, wetting his full lower lip, you feel your brain short circuit, his smooth voice asking, “Do I intrigue you?”
Too much – too close. You can’t think or function like this; if you were a humanoid, you might, but to your chagrin, you’re too painfully human and prone to falling into the eyes of someone as sexy as Taehyung… it’s truly not your fault.
You’ve barely known him a few minutes, and yet he eye-fucks you in the most alluring way possible, some strange kind of desire burgeoning inside you at the sight of his beautifully, ridiculously handsome features as you tug at the hem of your shorts nervously.
He keeps staring at you; most likely testing your reaction with this shit-eating grin that he probably knows burns every woman’s heart to ashes. But then, you both flinch, his son – Jae – squirming in his seat and his short legs bouncing as he rowdily announces, “I’m going to Uncle Jimin!”
Taehyung refocuses his eyes immediately, suddenly hyper aware of his son’s presence before he turns around and places a hand on the small tummy. “Stay here,” he commands, pointing a finger at him in warning, “I’m serious.”
Jae pouts in the classic children-like way, arms folding in front of his chest and drawing Taehyung’s attention to him fully. You’re happy for the slight distraction, taking much needed, deep breaths that – as you later realise – not even the takeoff can make you draw.
Tumblr media
You’re not sure when exactly your mind drifts off and into dreamland, but you do realise that you’re waking up when you hear Taehyung and Jimin’s voices converse quietly. Astounded by the timing your disoriented body chose to shake you awake, you listen closely when you decode that they’re talking about you – undoubtedly.
“Didn’t you want to ask her to switch seats?” Jimin says, and you gulp down the knot of guilt as you remain quiet, unmoving.
“Not anymore,” is what Taehyung, however, responds, followed by a sigh that unquestionably belongs to Jimin, “shut up and lean back. Watch a movie or something.”
“You’ve known her for three hours and me for fifteen years, man.”
You want to chuckle at the whiny yet amused tone of the man sitting behind you, and you’re close to officially waking up and offering to switch yourself before Taehyung says, “She’s cute, though. What kind of a friend would you be, if you didn’t play wingman for me?”
You realised in the hours you stayed awake that you pleased Taehyung in some way or another. He seems to like the way you talk and joke, fascinated by what you have to tell and philosophise about; a tender soul ready to talk about anything and everything. You considered that your personality might be refreshing for him – after all, he told you just that, too.
But you didn’t know he’d fight for you to stay at your spot like this, and it creates a warm, pleasant feeling in your chest that you perceive as entirely new; riveting even.
“Asshole,” Jimin whispers, clicking his tongue before you hear shifting and his voice drift further away, “I’m gonna remember this, Kim.”
You pretend to wiggle in your sleep, pulling your legs closer to you and moving your head to the window before you smile a little, insides fluttering and letting your aversion for flights fade slowly, little by little.
Tumblr media
The second time you wake up, you do so to the busy sounds of passengers and a light shake of your body. Seemingly, you’ve landed, and when you hear Taehyung’s soft voice inform you of this much, you groan, stretching your tense legs once before you stand to prepare yourself for the stop.
You know that you’ll be staying at this airport for three hours, probably scavenging for food and giving your body some movement before you enter the second flight of the day.
But to your surprise, Taehyung and Jimin don’t leave your side, instead encouraging you to accompany them to the nearest Burger King where you introduce yourself to Jimin officially. You soon see the pattern that builds the base of their friendship, and while Jimin seems the exact opposite of Taehyung – loud, dramatic, bratty – they seem to fit like a key to its lock.
In the beginning, you barely say anything, instead listening to their banter until you reach the restaurant and stand in front of the display, waiting for them to place their orders before you can do the same. Taehyung’s laughing about a joke Jimin told Jae when he turns around to you, smiling brightly as he asks, “And for you?”
His finger ghosts over the screen, all orders already showing up at the bottom in an organised row as you blink dumbfoundedly. “Huh?”
“What are you going to eat?” he asks, stepping aside a little so you can take a look at the menu. “It’s on me.”
“Oh, no. Uh-uh, go ahead and pay for your meal.”
You try to pull him back, your hand gesturing to finish the process and your feet ready to carry you to another screen behind him. But with a firm grip settling around your wrist, he drags you back, cocking an eyebrow and stating with a shaking head, “Take the offer. Don’t act like it’s a big deal, c’mon.”
You are feisty and ready to fight, trying to explain to him why you don’t want to let a stranger pay for your lunch; but Taehyung couldn’t care less. With arguments here and annoyed guests waiting there, you finally give in, grumbling in the cutest way Taehyung has ever seen before you find a table at the back of the crowded restaurant.
Eating in peace isn’t an option with two energic best friends and an even more enthusiastic five-year-old. Little arguments of who should feed Jae his fries soon morph to a fit of giggles, and you can’t help but admire the sweet sound that topples off Taehyung’s tongue whenever he throws his head back and laughs about the entertaining situation escalating quickly.
“Y/N’s probably thinking we dragged her into a group of lunatics,” he says when you’ve finished your burger, wiping the remnants of the sauce from the corner of your lips. Your eyes blow wide in confusion at his words. “I assure you, we’re worse on other days. So this is still harmless.”
“I don’t think that’s very helpful,” Jimin claims, eyebrows furrowed in what looks like cute, genuine worry. Then, he turns to you, holding out a palm in reassurance as he adds, “I mean, he’s right, but please don’t desert us just yet.”
You laugh, covering your mouth as you chew the last two pieces of the remaining fries. “Honestly, I can’t imagine spending almost twelve hours with anyone else.” You look at your empty tray, the spiciness and juiciness of the burger settling as your tongue begins to crave something else.
“Come, Jae,” you say, standing and stretching your hand towards him that he takes eagerly, still so excited to meet someone new; someone who gives him any genuine kind of attention. “We’ll get something sweet. With my money this time. And I’m bringing you two a sundae, too.”
You know the men are close to protesting, but before they can speak up, you encourage Jae in hushed whispers, sprinting away with him in small steps that he appreciates with high, elevated giggles. When you reach the display again, he’s still running on the spot, tugging at your arm as he says, “What are we getting?”
“You decide,” you answer, letting his hand go to lift his body, easing him into the process of scrolling through the desserts. “Is there anything you want?”
For a moment, he keeps looking, small chubby fingers working at the touch screen messily until they halt and he points to what, frankly, you would’ve chosen as a full adult, too. “This, please?”
“Is that really what you want?” you ask, raising an eyebrow teasingly as you watch him grow uncertain just a little.
He places a finger in his mouth, looking at you with a cautious gaze as he says, “Yeah…”
“Do we buy your dad an apple as a dessert?”
“No,” he responds, head shaking and another sweet laughter erupting out of him. “Ice cream for Dad. And apple for Uncle Jimin.”
With an amused laugh, you let him onto the ground again, ordering three sundaes and one hot brownie with ice cream on top that gets delivered to you within two brief minutes. You gathered that Jae with his dangling, swaying legs and satisfied hums would enjoy the sweet dish served to him; but you didn’t expect Taehyung and Jimin to feast on their ice cream this eagerly, obviously having a sweet tooth just like you.
Time passes fast when you enjoy your company – especially when it’s at a foreign airport in an entirely foreign country. You wonder how you would’ve killed the minutes and hours if they weren't here by your side, shopping in chocolate and wine shops and entertaining you enough to let the three hours feel like thirty minutes.
When you finally find yourself stepping into the second plane, listening to Jae’s jokes that he caught from friends in kindergarten, you hear the ongoing conversation between the men just subtly. Subtly, and yet enough to register that Taehyung has grown fond of you within hours the same way you have learned to like him as well.
“Oh, hey, look,” Jimin says, pointing at his ticket and then at the seat, “they got the seats right this time. I’m right next to you. And the whole row behind us seems free.”
But Taehyung hesitates, turns around to shoot you a careful look that you don’t reciprocate, looking at Jae to busy yourself before Taehyung catches your stare yet again. And then, he faces Jimin again, stepping closer as you hear him speak, “No, Y/N’s seat is behind us. Can you…” Jimin parts his full lips, confusion written in his eyes. “Let her sit next to me? I promise I’ll make it up to you.”
Something in you almost reckons he’s doing this on purpose – talking loud enough for you to hear, in hopes you might catch his interest and act upon it. And perhaps you should; perhaps you’ve let him look at you the way he does for long enough. At least your body agrees, considering the way your heart’s tingling and stomach twisting; legs wobbling and your pu–
“Is it okay for you if you sit here again?” Taehyung asks when their conversation dies and Jae’s attention shifts elsewhere. “Jimin doesn’t like the window seat. Says it makes him nauseous.”
You flash him your prettiest smile with a tilt of your head, tucking back a few loose strands of your hair that you hope have the same effect on him as his lips and eyes have on you. At least the slight sigh that he lets out seems promising, but you don’t want to dwell on it too long, making your way past him instead and settling in the same setting as before.
The process of getting used to your seat happens easier now than before – maybe it’s because of the conversation with Taehyung that happens so smoothly now, and maybe it’s the jokes that you hear here and there coming from where Jimin fools around with Jae.
“He really does love Jimin, doesn’t he?” you ask, laughing when you see the mentioned man pout at the little guy in faux offence.
“I think he loves him more than he loves me.”
You take a sip of your served tea with a bright smile, enjoying the relationship between your three travel companions before a sudden thought strikes you. You’re not sure if you’re in the position to ask, but you try to tip-toe into the conversation anyway, querying, “Why are you… a single parent, Taehyung?”
For a moment, you think his body will stiffen and show clearly that this is a topic he doesn’t want to address. But to your surprise, he stays calm, collected, nodding a little as he explains, “She left me. Said she’s too young to be a mother and deal with the stress that comes with it.”
“So she left you alone with double the amount of it?” you ask, shocked and surprised, disgust filling you as you let his words sink in.
“Yeah. She didn’t seem to care much,” he says, his voice still neutral and his shoulders shrugging. “She wanted to live her life a bit more. Do some crazy stuff and all. We fought a lot about it all, and when she felt like I was pressuring her into being a mom too much, she bid her goodbyes and left home. She didn’t want her kid or husband to stop her.”
Empathy floods you when you hear his voice drop, something in his voice clearly regretting past decisions but hiding it behind his smile. “I’m so sorry this happened. It must’ve been hard on you both. Especially the whole divorce process...”
“More so on Jae than on me,” he declares, looking over his shoulder and at the sleeping figure of his son. You follow his gaze, endeared by the way Jimin’s arm engulfs the small body in his embrace. “I stopped loving her long ago. But it’s… hard to explain to a child why his mother left before he could even speak, you know?”
Your stomach drops a little when you imagine Jae’s big eyes glancing up at his father, listening carefully and barely questioning what’s happening around him until he grows old enough. It’s admirable that Taehyung has managed to raise him all by himself – a happy and sweet personality, joking around despite the hardships he’s undoubtedly had to endure.
“She was difficult to deal with,” he continues, shrugging his shoulders as he inches closer to you. You wonder if he’s doing it on purpose. Looking from your eyes to your lips and back, shoulders almost touching. “Always got jealous when I merely talked to my female co-workers. Scolded me for little things, too.”
He nudges your shoulder with his before he raises one eyebrow suggestively. His voice becomes quieter, his tone laced with something indescribable as he states, “And if I was still with her, I wouldn’t be talking to you now.”
Taehyung’s habit of constantly smirking at you and undressing you with his eyes has been pushing you to the edge for hours now, and you’re sure that you’ll fall into depths if he keeps his attitude up any longer. Depths that are surely deeper and bigger than the distance between the plane and the ground.
As his tongue darts out to wet his lips, you sigh, a small involuntary moan escaping you that he seems to hear clearly – the way his eyebrows twitch for only a moment indicates this much. He laughs lightly, watching your flustered, nervous state as he asks, “What’s wrong? Did I scare you?”
You want to answer yes instinctively, ask him what he does to women who fear his smile; but then, you refrain, realising that you are, in fact, not exactly scared of him in any way. You just want him – want him thoroughly.
“No,” you say, feeling heat creep into your face as you collect the words on your tongue and blurt, “I’m just… intimidated.”
“Why?” comes the instant answer, accompanied by a gloomy yet seductive chuckle.
You shrug your shoulders, your left one barely moving as you notice the way he’s crowded you against the window, your form pressed against the wall behind you. With a fast beating heart, you start, “I think I’m just not used to a stranger like you talking to me like that.”
“Like what?” he retorts, pulling up the armrest between you. “Like a funny and stunning woman like you deserves to be talked to?”
Your insides turn in anticipation, and by now you reckon that you should be allowed to be just as brave with him as he acts with you. Nothing’s holding you back – least of all his gaze and words, inhabiting a subtle whisper and tempting moan at the end of each sentence.
“You’re doing this on purpose.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he argues, acting like you can’t see that he wants to kiss you right here, right now. He might be a stranger, but you’re neither blind nor inexperienced when it comes to longing and lust written in stares.
“I’m talking about…” You pause for a second, your body flooding with sudden courage when you put your palm on his crossed leg. You wait; observe his reaction, trying to find any hint of hesitation or discomfort. But he doesn’t flinch a bit, lets you shift your palm further up his thigh.
His blanket covers his lap like yours lays on your legs, and slowly, carefully, you reach under the cloth and between his limbs. You admire the way his body stays still, not a single twitch of his fingers showing the inner tumult that you see in his dark gaze immediately. He can fool every passenger around him, but not you.
You’re not surprised in the slightest when your hand palms the heaviest and thickest cock you’ve ever touched; but that doesn’t anyhow suggest that you’re affected any less. Under your touch, you feel the bulge harden, growing fast but steadily until you feel it twitch not once but twice.
“... this,” you finally end your sentence, shooting the shiest smile at him – soft blinking, big eyes, an innocent tilting of your head; the whole package. “You’re aiming for that, aren’t you?”
“So gutsy all of a sudden?” he hisses, teeth gritting and chest heaving before he slides his own hand under your warm blanket.
You feel goosebumps erupt on your skin before he’s even touched you; but when his fingers brush your bare legs and slide up to your shorts, you consider yourself close to losing your mind in a goddamn economy class seat.
Swiftly, his hand wanders under your shorts and to your ass, the position surely not comfortable for the muscles in his arms, but he doesn’t seem to give it much of a thought. He doesn’t do much – in truth, he can’t do much anyway; and yet, the squeeze of your ass sets your chest on fire. And when he closes in, you feel your sanity slip, his outrageously sexy voice asking, “What am I gonna do with you?”
He’s rock hard when you suddenly pull your hand back from where you’re massaging his dick, still asking yourself how his ex ever had the guts to leave him… him. He catches a deep breath as his eyes grow a shade of black darker, mimicking your action when his hand leaves your ass and his fingernails draw a thin line along your inner thigh.
No doubt that giving him a clothed handjob in the middle of a crowd and then pulling back has left him irritated, and he doesn’t hesitate to show you when he inquires, “Your eyes were begging me to fuck you all day. And now they’re asking me to make you cry, too, hm?”
It should be illegal to voice a concern such as the one uttered just now in a sweet and harmless tone like this. It’s baffling to you – the way his personality keeps shifting; the way his words sometimes don’t seem to fit his voice; the way you want to fuck him so bad and hear him growl and grunt filthy orders instead of holding back because of all the guests of the airline around you.
Your breathing stagnates, and a satisfying grin graces his face, his body leaning back. You think for a moment, trying to concentrate on forming the closest possibility as a full sentence before you finally spit, “Taehyung… Are you in the Mile High Club?”
With a content smirk – that fucking smirk – he shakes his head slowly, asking, “No. Why?”
Asshole. He knows exactly why. He just wants you to say it – and you’re not giving him any kind of satisfaction until he’s buried balls deep inside you.
You let your legs drop, pushing away the blanket and yourself off the seat as you inform him, “I’m going to the bathroom.” And you deliberately make sure that you pass him very closely, bending just enough that your pretty ass practically presses into his gorgeous, handsome face.
Passing by half of the sleeping passengers in a blur with a shit-eating grin plastered on your features, you hurry to the cabinet, closing the door hastily as you inhale deeply. You look into the mirror above the small sink, whispering small “oh god”s to yourself when you realise how fucked out your eyes look.
No wonder he saw your wish written clearly in them right away.
Only seconds later, you hear a few firm knocks at the door, your heart accelerating and pussy leaking when his voice tells you, “It’s me.”
You check yourself in the mirror again, tucking your hair behind your ears before you take another deep breath and open carefully. “Did someone see you co-” you start, but soon realise that Taehyung isn’t in the mood to talk around much, but get straight to what he wants. 
The hair you just fixed flies into your face again when he locks the door and presses you against the wall with a semi-hard thump. A hand settling on your neck, he responds, “Who cares?”
He pushes your head up, forcing you to look into his eyes and let his warm breath graze your cheek as he continues in a warningly dangerous tone, “Do you like to blueball your men like that?”
Still not giving in to his stare, you let the adrenaline flow through you, playing the provoking brat as you ask, “So what? You weren’t gonna come on a plane seat.”
“You know what,” he sibilates, sandwiching you further between the thin wall and his body, “you’re fucking right. Gonna come in your mouth instead, what do you think, kitten?”
And then, he presses his wet, hot tongue and plush lips against your neck, holding you in place while his fingers rid you of your shorts impatiently. He’s in a hurry; you see and feel it clearly, but you understand it, too – it’s not exactly like you can occupy the restroom for too long.
Again, you palm his cock and open his belt, pulling down his upsetting pants and underwear to his calves before his length springs out. An angry red and leaking tip awaits you, twitching as it did outside, when he brings his long fingers to your cunt and feels the pooling wetness he’s caused.
“God fucking damn, wish we were in a hotel room,” he comments, bringing his fingers to his mouth to cover them in blobs of his spit. Without any hesitation between you, his digits find their home in and around your pussy again, wetting your sex thoroughly before he starts fingering you in earnest.
You gasp and moan when you feel his endless fingers split your tightness open, reaching knuckles-deep before he starts scissoring and twisting them inside you. With your nails digging into his shoulders, you hold onto him, staring at his parted lips with heavy breaths as he adds, “I would edge you all night. Watch this pretty and unnecessary make-up of yours run down your cheeks, fuck…”
The hand placed around your neck loosens before he brings it to the hem of your shirt, pulling it up along with your bra until your tits bounce freely; fully on display for him to admire. He shivers at the sight – literally shivers as one or two of his dark locks fall into his forehead as he cups your mound.
Your hand wraps around his thick cock, his breathing stopping for a moment – in reality, you want to drop to your knees, bruise them and feel your muscles stiffen. The urge to blow him until he whines grows incessantly, eliciting new and more intense reactions out of him. You want to hear him call you by your name, go crazy under the touch of your lips until he plows his load down your throat.
But when you try to fall, he holds you upright, very clearly following his own mischievous plans.
For the moment, you keep pumping his enticing, mind-blowing cock, collecting the precum on your palm and spreading it along his length. He lets out a quiet, deep groan that reaches the pit of your stomach deeply, and combined with the way his fingers fuck into you with lewd, squelching sounds, you deem his existence as ultimately lethal.
His head drops as his lips meet your nipples, his tongue circling them lightly before he starts sucking on your tits like he’s a man starved. Which, after hours of lusting for you, he actually might be.
“Fuck... your tits,” he breathes against your flesh, pulling at your nipple lightly and admiring the bouncing that releasing it causes, “you’re insanely hot, what the fuck…”
And then, he’s seemingly had enough, his soaked fingers leaving your cunt suddenly before his strong arms pick you up and make you straddle him with a grunt. With the way you’re pressed against the wall and his chest against yours, his hands roam free, one of them reaching down to lead his member to your heat.
Circling your clit with his tip, you feel your sanity slip, his eyes watching your reactions intently as he declares, “I’m barely doing anything. What’s wrong, huh?”
Your pussy clenches around nothing and pulsates at his touch, arousal dripping down onto his length as you suppress your mewls by biting your lip. Brushing your ego aside, you beg like he probably wants you to, salaciously moaning, “Fuck me, Taehyung. Please, I-”
“My pleasure,” he interrupts, slamming his cock into you in one sudden, smooth motion. Pleased and stunned by the way you suck him in so swiftly, he relishes in the way you let loose, your eyes rolling back in their sockets as you breathe out a long sigh.
Without easing you into the thick, big sensation that his dick is, he starts hammering into you hard; so fucking hard that you need to hold onto him tightly to keep your balance. You have a strong clasp on him, your nails digging into his shirt and skin – but he doesn’t mind at all; is ready to let you paint his body in scars and fervid memories.
You love the way his cock ruins your insides rigorously, hips rolling and thrusting into you from below like he’s a beast that crawled out from the hottest pit of hell. The oh-so-sweet guy with impeccable manners who cooed at his son is long gone, his dominant nature on full display as he digs his nails into your ass and pulls it apart, surprisingly reaching even deeper into you.
“Just look at you,” he purrs, kissing your jaw softly, “so needy and hungry for cock. You suck me in like your pussy’s just made… for me–”
And when you moan a little too loudly, he stills for a second, his drilling coming to a halt before he pulls out of you in a sudden motion. The control he has over you amplifies when he lets you down and twirls you around, making you both stand in a way that you face the sink and the mirror while he towers behind you.
His large palm pushes you down, your hands gripping the edges of the sink instinctively as you feel him slide in again, slower this time. You gulp down the knot in your throat, preparing yourself for another round of meticulous fucking when you suddenly hear a knock at the door of the restroom.
You still all sound and movement, looking over your shoulder to the demon holding your waist tightly. His stare shifts from you to the door of the congested space, clearing his throat with sweat running down his temples as he says, “I’m sorry. I-”
He pulls back before his hips slam against yours, your lips pressing together and eyebrows furrowing to stay as quiet as your sanity allows. “I ate something wrong,” he finishes, disguising his moans as stomach-ache-induced groans and starting to fuck into you again slowly.
The person outside grunts a little, but after a few seconds, you register the door of the opposite restroom falling shut and the footsteps calm. And then, all inhibitions gone and his cock aching for your pussy the way you long for him, he jackhammers into you again. Rearranges your guts. Hears the heavenly sounds escape your lips until he realises that you need to quiet down in a vehicle like this plane.
“Take it easy, baby. You should shut up if you don’t want people to hear,” he warns as he leans down to your ear, pushing himself deep into you before dragging his sex back teasingly. You know he doesn’t give a shit about the stares that might await you outside – what he doesn’t know is that you’ve long abandoned all care as well, focusing on his sinful ministrations instead.
But you’re a sucker for his power over you – and in that sense, you nod wildly, watching him flash the most evil grin in the mirror and feeling the coil in your stomach tighten.
He brings the hand whose fingers fucked into you to your mouth, covering your lips as he moans into your ears quietly. God, even his whispered and fucked out sounds echo in your mind deeply and hotly; his voice so low, so intriguing.
“Good little girl,” he praises, loving the way you drool onto his hand messily, “taking me incredibly well. Admirable.”
The force with which he’s fucking you has your face drenched in tears by now that run down your cheeks and onto his fingers. He presses them into your skin, your stifled moans causing chaos and storms inside his chest that he has no intent to calm anytime soon. Not until you come and cover his cock in your sweet juices, at least.
“You love this, kitten, don’t you?” he coos, your breathing so heavy you think you might pass out. “You’re my own little cumslut, aren’t you?”
You find yourself incapable of answering, tears spilling as he stops for a moment, dragging his cock out and fucking right back into you harder; slow but deep, sudden thrusts. And then, he whispers, reprimanding, “I asked you a question.”
Nodding like crazy, you sob into his hand before he removes it, letting you talk and hearing you admit, “Yes… your cumslut, yours… please, let me come.”
And so he does. Adhering to your plea, his free hand finds your bundle of nerves, rubbing slowly and pleasantly, exactly what every woman thrives on while being fucked the way you are. He puts his fingers on your tongue and you love the taste feverishly, sucking on the mixture that reminds you of your juices and of the scent of his skin.
More thrusts follow that leave your pussy clenching, and he lets out a shuddering breath when tell-tale moans escape your mouth, indicating your orgasm stronger than you intended to.
“Fuck… fuck, Taehyung,” you whisper, your words contorted by the fingers that still rest on your tongue. But when he notices the way your eyes close in the mirror, nibbling at your earlobe with sweet, tickling sensations, he pulls out again.
Your pussy feels the ache that his sharp and hefty thrusts caused, leaving you wobbly on your legs and buckling before he catches you in his arms. Slowly, however, he lets you fall to your knees anyway, desire written in his expressions and his dark gaze as he brings his slick-soaked cock to your lips.
There’s no doubt about what he wants, and you look up to his clean-cut jaw with big eyes. He can’t believe that someone with a kitten expression like yours was able to take him this well, no complaints or pleas to stop ever being voiced by you.
“Suck,” he orders, watching your mouth fall open obediently right away before he places his member on your stretched tongue. “Gonna come in your mouth. Okay, sweet baby?”
His fingers tangle in your hair and hold your face in place, and when you nod and take him in willingly, he lets out a content sigh as he throws his head back. You let him slide in as much as you can allow yourself to, your tongue following the veins of his cock and twirling around his smooth skin.
But if you thought he would let you do your thing this time, you were wrong – because it doesn’t take more than thirty measly seconds before he starts thrusting in and out of you again roughly. He stifles his groans and moans by capturing his lower lip between his teeth, but the increasingly uncontrolled heaving of his chest is telling enough for you.
And then, he finally lets go, burying his cock deep inside until it hits the back of your throat, and shoots his white, hot cum down for you to swallow instantly. The salty taste barely registers in your mind as you let him fuck your mouth for a few moments longer before he stills entirely.
Drenched and softening, he backs away, his grip around your hair relaxing before he pulls you up. He doesn’t ask, but you show him your empty mouth anyway, and when he whispers a soft, “what an amazing lady, huh?”, you wallow in his praise and lovely words.
He kisses you – kisses you for the first time today as you notice, even though everything is done and over with – and lets your tongue dance with his, his palm softly cradling your cheek and making you reel in disbelief that this man actually fucked your throat sore just a second ago.
When he pulls back, he grabs a few tissues from the paper dispenser, wetting them and wiping the remnants of your make-up tenderly, almost affectionately. He lets you clean up and dress yourself, combs his fingers through your tangled hair with no better option at hand at the moment.
With a sweet, small kiss, he smiles at you, telling you quietly with his hands on your face, “I would draw you a bath and massage you, if we weren’t here right now.” Your heart flutters just a bit more than it should when hearing this from someone you barely know. “You deserve it.”
But you give in anyway – if only for now.
When you look somewhat presentable and put together, you open the door carefully, walking out with slow steps as you observe the passengers’ reactions. Luckily, half of them are asleep and don’t seem to notice any kind of disturbance in the flight at all.
As you drop into your seat, you start feeling increasingly sleepy, too, pulling the blanket over you again as you check your fellow dorks behind you. Apparently, Jimin and Jae are still drifting in dreamland, safe and sound; and soon, Taehyung joins you next to you, looking behind him the same concerned way you did.
He shoots you a grin that seems so much sweeter than his filthy words whispered in the restroom, but with the exhaustion you feel, you let your body flood with endearment and fondness. Glad that he’s not trying to wreck you any further.
The conversation shifts to a mundane topic fast – your studies, life, family and hobbies. And before you know it, you’re falling asleep, too, eyes drooping and your breathing calming steadily as your head falls onto his bicep eventually. While it looks strongly like a basic, cliché romcom from the outside, Taehyung refuses to let your neck hang uncomfortably like this.
Softly, carefully, he lifts your head, placing his travel pillow between his shoulder and your face, and then lets your cheek rest against it snugly. The standard smile that the protagonist flashes, however, finds its way into his features just the same, one side of his lips twitching upward as he feels you hug his arm with your warm hand.
For the first time at a place like this plane, Taehyung wishes time to stand still.
Tumblr media
The airport at your destination is too loud and too crowded, and you are way too tired to function properly. With the timezone varying and light flooding through the glass ceiling, you squint in annoyance, everything around you too bright – but the presence next to you glowing brighter.
“So,” he starts, trying to let his voice reach you over the excited giggling and screeching of Jimin and Jae behind you.
“So,” you repeat almost shyly, holding onto your bag tightly. “So, here we part.”
“Yeah, seems so.” He hesitates; you see in the way his fingers fiddle with his coat draped over his arm that he wants to say something. And you’re sure that if he doesn’t, you will.
You wait a second longer, letting the slight awkwardness between you prolong before he finally utters, “But we don’t really have to, right? We’ll be here. At our own homes. I can– uhm–”
He fishes his phone out of his pocket, fingers tapping on his screen before he hands it to you and asks, “You can give me your number if you’d like?”
“To meet up for barbecues, dinner dates and game nights? Stuff that old parents do.” You laugh, but take his phone from him anyway, typing in your number and handing the device back to him.
“I’m not that much older than you. Still fit and capable of a lot of things,” he says, winking at you and setting your heart and mind ablaze yet again.
The prospect of him knocking at your door excites you to no end – you wonder if you’ll ever be able to take whatever has bloomed between you up a notch when you meet again, eager to see more of his exciting life and intriguing personality.
For now, it seems that you’ll have to part with a content heart, already anticipating the night when you’ll dream of his lips, eyes, voice on your empty bed – waiting for him to join hopefully sooner than you know.
At least for now, he’s graced you with his presence across countries and high above the skies when you least expected it. When you were semi-ready to enter the plane lonely and in boredom. But with him, the flight itself felt like a pleasant journey and trip itself.
With a memory like this, you probably won’t hate flying alone that much anymore.
Tumblr media
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cry me a river | 01
Tumblr media
— summary: you tried so hard to be enough
— pairing: bts x reader
— genre: angst, mafia!au, arranged marriage!au
— word count: 5.8k
— warnings: ANGST, heartbreak, breaking up, divorce
— a/n: i am sooo sorry, but i was listening to this song and i just...yeah
A shatter of glass hitting the floor, you flinch slightly as you walk into the room and realize Namjoon must be angry at his subordinates.
He isn't one to release his anger out in the open so easily, it isn't like him, but you guess Hoseok getting hurt in the process of a mission due to someone's careless mistake must have been enough to tick him off.
You don't really blame him but a part of you sympathizes with the man who is now at the center of the boss's anger.
"Namjoon." You bravely walk in and almost see the relief spread across the subordinate's expression but ignore him to walk over to your husband. You reach out to touch him on the shoulder but Namjoon quickly holds up a hand.
"Don't," he demands, eyes shut tight with a clenched jaw and you know it'll take him some time to calm down.
So you turn to the man on his knees before him.
"You may go," you tell him in a soft whisper to make sure he knows that any sudden noise will only bring the boss of the mafia more ire.
He leaves the moment you give him the opportunity, although knowing very well that punishment would befall him soon enough. That itself you cannot stop but if he was the reason Hoseok got hurt, you guess he deserves some sort of punishment to make things right again.
Sighing, you turn to the boss who's now at his seat, head down with brows creasing so deep a part of you is almost afraid to approach him. But you know Namjoon wouldn't do anything to hurt you.
"Joon?" He likes it most when you call him that name and so you step up with a careful approach.
Usually, he'll allow you to come, and usually, he'll let you comfort him, but this time Namjoon's too upset to calm down so he shakes his head at you, causing you to stop in your steps.
"Just leave," he says, emotionlessly.
He's usually careful with his tone towards you but you understand his anger. Hoseok got hurt after all.
"I'll come back later, alright?"
"No." He turns his chair so that all you can see is the back of the chair. "Not tonight."
He's too upset and he has reasons to be. Being the mafia boss to one of the most notorious gangs isn't always the easiest and when someone carelessly hurts one of his members, more so his lover, of course he wouldn't be in a good headspace.
You know it wouldn't be good to leave him alone like this but you also understand that Namjoon needs some time to himself. He'll let you come to him when he needs it.
In the meantime, you just need to give him the space he wants.
"Alright." So you say, and begin to walk towards the door. "Hoseok hasn't woken up just yet but, when you need me, I'll always be here. Goodnight Joon."
Your voice is kind against the darkness of the room, and when the door shuts behind you, it feels empty.
Namjoon hates the silence that walks in.
When you walk into another office, you find Seokjin and Yoongi discussing some things in grave tones.
"Can I help in any way?"
They look over to find you and although it should have eased some tensions, it doesn't this time.
"No babygirl, just run along, alright?" Seokjin says, sparing you a smile so transient you hardly believe it was there in the first place, before he returns his conversation with Yoongi, who's too busy to even spare you a second.
The situation with Hoseok definitely has them on their toes, and so you bid them a soft goodbye, one you're sure they never heard, and leave them alone for the time being.
As you're walking down the hall of headquarters, it seems everyone is busy with them running around from place to place and you feel hopeless in that you can't be of any help to them.
You want to be useful, someone they can rely on, but if you were to try anything, you're sure you'd only get in the way. So you leave it to watching from afar despite how disappointed you are in yourself for not being able to help anyone.
Jimin and Jungkook are training underground while Taehyung is busy locking himself up in his computer lab, hacking away.
You're not exactly needed anywhere so you find yourself naturally walking back to where Hoseok is being hospitalized.
Even in sleep he seems to be in pain, so you hold the hands that feel so cold, trembling just a bit, yet it stops seconds after the touch of your hand. Almost as if Hoseok knows it's you, as if he can feel your presence and a touch alone can make it all better even in sleep.
You release a rueful smile as you sit by his bedside, watching the mafia man who has yet to wake.
At least you can be helpful here.
"How long have I been asleep?"
You gasp at the sound of Hoseok's voice, head quick to perk up and slap your book closed. "Hoseok!" He winces slightly at your loud call and you shrink back. "I'm sorry."
"It's alright," he sighs as he touches his head, only to realize he's hooked up to some IVs. "Damn," Hoseok grunts with frustration and goes on to try and rip it off his arm.
"Wait, Hoseok, you're still weak," you quickly intervene by holding his hand back.
When he looks at you, he can see the fear and concern written so well upon your face, and Hoseok sighs at the sight. "Babygirl." A simple call for you and he can see the tears welling up along your waterline. "Come here." When he opens his arms for you, you're quick to let him hold you close after the countless days he's been unable to wake. "You were scared, weren't you?"
You nod against his chest. "No one explained the situation to me so I didn't know what to think. I was so scared, Hoseok. You've been asleep for four days."
"That long, huh?"
"So please don't do anything irrational like ripping your IV off, even if it's irritating."
Hoseok chuckles lightly. "Alright, alright," he concedes. "Wouldn't want to worry my babygirl any more than I already have."
The reunion doesn't last long when you hear Namjoon's voice and look up to find the rest of them walking in.
"You've finally woken."
Hoseok rolls his eyes as you get off him. "Happy to see you too, Namjoon."
"I need you to tell me what you saw that night." He gets straight to the point without any wishes for small talk. You haven't seen Namjoon smile in a while, neither anger nor tears. He's simply just...emotionless.
You know Hoseok noticed it as well when the rest of them has created the atmosphere to be even tenser.
There isn't a glance your way except for when Hoseok's about to speak. "Y/N." You look at Taehyung when he addresses you. "Have you eaten?"
You're not needed here.
Noting at their intention, you stand from your chair and grab your book. "I'll uh...get lunch."
You've gotten so lonely.
But this is a serious time, you can't let your feelings get in the way. After all, you aren't like them.
Still, if only you were more useful.
Later that night, left to a quiet night with Namjoon by your side, you hesitate to yourself, wondering why the room is so silent but also understanding that if you don't make a sound, he'd never be the first to speak to you.
"Hm." He answers you in a heartbeat, letting you know that he had been up with you all this time without saying a word.
You press your lips together and slowly turn over to your side in order to face your husband. "How are you feeling?"
"What do you mean?" As emotionless as ever. He's usually better than this, making the effort to give you a smile, make you comfortable, but all that's left right now is an uncomfortable silence.
You sit up from the bed, not liking this and wanting to talk things out. Namjoon needs this, you know it. When the time is right, he'll return to his normal self where he's still cold and emotionless towards his subordinates but will be a little more expressive towards you and the other six.
"I'm asking you...if you're alright." You say in a soft whisper, eyes following him as he sits up from the bed as well. Though he doesn't meet your gaze, you watch him carefully.
"I'm fine," he says after a moment.
You frown. "I know you aren't."
For some reason that hits a nerve. "Who are you to assume that, Y/N?"
You flinch at the harshness in his tone as well as the glare he sends your way. Despite the room being so dark, you can still make out the expression on his face and it brings chills down your spine.
You take a moment to compose yourself, knowing he's just not in the right headspace with all the stress that has been going on around him. "Namjoon, I'm just saying that you can take a break every once in a while. You're stressed, I understand, but—"
"Do you?"
You blink when he cuts you off. "Huh?"
"Do you truly understand or are you just saying that?"
"W-well," you stutter, taken back by his question. "Of course I'd never truly understand all it is that you're going through but—"
"But what?" Why is he being like this? So...angry? You've never seen him like this before. "Stop trying to pretend that you can magically make things all better just because you've lived a better life than I have."
You frown. "What are you saying?"
"Just give it up, Y/N. Your whole life you've lived under the care of your father and when he passed you down to me to take care of you, things are going so well for you, isn't it? You've never had to live the sort of life I have despite being born in the same field as I. Our lives are completely different, Y/N, and you will never understand that."
"..." You don't know what to say to that, not when he's so upset that he's beginning to take out his anger on you.
Still, it makes you upset hearing those things from his lips.
He's your husband, your lover, so why?
"Look, our lives may not have been the same growing up but that doesn't mean you can place your anger out on me," you tell him, feeling a small ire walking in on you but you know you can't let it get to you. Namjoon's just stressed and you can't add to that. "You know more than anyone how it is to live under a mafia household so why are you making it seem as if my life has been all rainbows and sunshine?"
"Even if it wasn't, you'd never understand the sort of path I have to walk on."
"Okay fine, I would never understand it but that doesn't mean I won't try." You look at him with frustration. "I'm just trying to help you, Namjoon."
"You can do so by getting out of the way. You're useless when you try to help."
Stunned by the words that are coming out of his mouth, you pause to take it all in, and in a way, for him to also hear what he had just said to you. Yet even as the seconds pass by, it seems Namjoon doesn't regret his words and indeed meant it.
Almost as if hearing that unbelievable expression leaving your lips has irritated him even more, Namjoon flips the blanket off him as he begins to storm off. But you aren't going to let him go that easily.
"Namjoon stop, let's talk about this."
He turns around after opening the door to your room, a piercing glare made your way. "Did you not hear what I just said? If you want to be useful, do that by getting out of my way. What use is a daughter of a mafia to me if she can't even follow simple instructions?"
Your anger shoots right up.
"You will not talk to me in that way. As if all I am to you is a pawn made by the exchange between my father and you."
Namjoon scoffs. "Isn't that what you are?"
You can't believe him.
"I may have been a pawn at first but we found love in this loveless arranged marriage and I will not have you talk to me that way. I'm not your pawn, Namjoon. I am your wife."
"Then be a good little housewife and stop pestering me if you don't want to piss me off even further." With that, he slams the door right at your face, its sound so loud and forceful you feel the wind passing for a split moment.
The loud sound echoes against your ear, ringing even past the silence of the room which had begun to flow in.
You were useless to him, he said, as if all you are to him is a pawn, a chess piece exchanged from the hands of your father and right into his.
It takes a while for you to take those words in but when you do, your cheeks are wet before you even notice it.
And in the silence of the night, your cries echo loudly into the empty room that was meant to be shared between a loving husband and wife.
"Um, Jimin—"
"Hey." You stop when he turns your way abruptly, not aware he would do that when you called for him, and wait for the man to speak. Jimin notes the way you fall silent, obedient, and places a hand on the top of your head. "He didn't mean those words."
Ah, he heard.
Of course he did, they probably all did.
The fight was loud after all. And if it wasn't that then they certainly would have heard the loud slam of the door last night.
You shrink back at Jimin's assurance, unsure of how to take it in and unable to meet his eyes.
"I...I know."
You don't.
And he knows that.
"I have to train for a mission but, feel better, alright?" He pats you lightly on the head and that's all he leaves you with.
If only it was that easy.
You wish he could have given you a kiss.
The effect of your fight with Namjoon not only causes a strain in your relationship with him but with the others as well.
Whenever you want to help, you're reminded of Namjoon's words and almost immediately back away from being a bother to the rest of them. Namjoon's upset at you and you wouldn't want the rest of them to get upset at you too.
You'll only get in the way if you try to help.
And you think they notice it as well, but no one tries to do anything about it and it hurts.
It hurts because they used to be so good at making you feel better, at reassuring you of their love for you.
But things are changing and you aren't sure what to do any longer.
"What's wrong?"
Hoseok, who still needs medical attention and has yet to be updated on...the situation, is left in the blind. So when he looks at you with genuine obliviousness, as well as concern, you know you can't bother him about this mess. He has to focus on recovering after all.
"Nothing, Hoseok."
The fake, overly wide smile you give him leaves a deadpanned frown on his face.
"You think you're so slick, sweetheart, but you can never hide anything from you." He hits you lightly on the head, not enough to hurt, to make sure you understand. "Now come on, tell me what's wrong."
How can you ever hide anything from Hoseok?
Still, it wouldn't be right to bother him when you know all of this is your fault in the first place. If you were stronger, perhaps you'd be less of a burden to them. If you were more confident and had more knowledge of the mafia.
You're a daughter of a mafia boss after all, so why are you so useless?
"I just...I just miss you, Hoseok."
It isn't a lie and he knows that. You do truly miss him because right now Hoseok's the only one that's giving you attention and love. You feel worthless around the rest of them.
"Oh, babygirl..." When he sees the tears falling from your eyes, Hoseok's quick to pull you right into the bed with him and hold you close.
You miss this.
You miss their arms around you and how they used to prioritize your tears over everything.
Things are falling apart and you aren't sure how to make it right again.
"I miss you too, Y/N, but I promise I'll get better in no time, alright?" You don't respond but he holds you still, resting your head on his chest so that you can hear the beat of his heart.
He doesn't know anything at the moment but you don't want to tell him anything. After all, if he finds out, maybe he'll succumb to those thoughts as well.
Just as the others seem to have.
"Mr. Kim and Miss Lee look like such a power couple standing side by side, don't they?"
"But isn't Mr. Kim already married?"
"Who cares, they look great with one another."
The lady laughs, agreeing.
You stare at the champagne in hand, swirling it in the glass cup as you stand towards the corner of the lit-up room, knowing no one really knows the face of Kim Namjoon's wife. You may be your father's daughter, who's also powerful in this world but your face has always been hidden from the media.
It's stayed that way even after your marriage with Namjoon.
A part of you is relieved, after all being the centerpiece between two powerful gangs would be quite the reward for the enemies, but you also know that it means keeping yourself hidden as Namjoon's wife.
He's a handsome man, charismatic despite his intimidating features but that makes him all the more charming and attractive to others.
At parties, you can't stand proudly by his side and at conventions, you're meant to hide as an outcast would.
What's the use of all of this? I'm not even needed here. You look up at where your husband mingles with a few people, Miss Lee by his side and remaining quite close but he does nothing to shake her off despite being a married man.
A sigh leaves your lips.
It seems I'm not needed anywhere.
You pass your glass to a waiter and leave the room to escape to the balcony hidden away by some large curtains. Not many people know there's a balcony here so you take the advantage to be left alone, knowing you'd much rather look at the bright moon than see your husband mingle with some ladies.
He used to hate the presence of women, enough to be openly rude and shake them off but it seems he's better now after getting used to you.
You aren't sure whether to be grateful or jealous.
But either way, it didn't feel good hearing those gossips from the ladies back in that room.
Miss Lee, a beautiful and confident woman.
Would she have been a better choice of marriage for Namjoon? After all, she has better knowledge about the mafia world, rather than you who have been sheltered away from it despite being born into one. Maybe it's because of that, because she's strong enough to join a mafia and stick with it unlike you who was just privileged enough and never even got to be made of use as a mafia's daughter.
A useless child, a useless wife, and a useless lover.
You want to become numb to the pain but you can't. Not when it was Namjoon himself who told you those exact words.
"What are you doing here?"
You don't even have to look to know who it is.
Your husband's voice.
And he's the only other person in this party who knows of this hidden balcony. A few years ago the both of you came here to escape and bumped into one another. It was nice then but right now you just want to be alone.
The disappointment in his tone only makes you hate yourself even more.
"I wanted to get some fresh air."
"It would do you well to mingle."
Can you ever get anything right?
You sigh and turn his way. "Forgive me, but I thought it'd be better for me to escape the scene rather than make a fool out of myself by being a disappointment to the public."
His brows crease at your petty excuse and it hurts. It hurts the way he looks at you with disgust and disdain. "What's the use of coming here if this is all you're going to do?"
It wasn't your choice to come here so why is he putting the blames on you?
Then again, your lack of confidence and worth in yourself has downgraded even more these past few weeks so perhaps he's right.
You're useless.
"I'm sorry," you lower your head with embarrassment. "I'll do better."
Namjoon doesn't say anything else and simply leaves you there all alone once more.
Alone to the thoughts which hurts you even more than he can ever.
"Jungkook, you haven't eaten, have you?"
He jumps slightly at your voice, takes one small glance over his shoulder before returning to his shooting. "I'm a little busy here," he says flatly and shoots two bullets at his target.
"Right, but...please take a break, Jungkook. Don't push yourself too hard."
"I uh...made you a sandwich. It isn't much so you can take like, a quick five minute break or so."
Short answers, without much emotion, and you find yourself shrinking back as you watch the youngest of the seven ignore you for some training.
He used to crave your for your attention but now...things are changing and you hate it.
Are you not enough? They still talk to each other normally, still exchange smiles and greetings so...are you the problem? Is that it?
Knowing that bothering him any longer isn't going to help, you walk yourself out the door despite wanting to talk to the youngest one so badly.
You're losing your mind.
It's been weeks since that angry fight with Namjoon and although you've tried your best to mend your relationship, nothing has changed. You aren't sure what to do anymore and it pains you knowing you're the only one who's trying here.
Why can't you be enough?
Why can't you be useful to them?
The fake smiles in front of Hoseok which upsets him from time to time, the desperate kindness you give towards the others that become wasted just seconds afterward.
You can't do anything right, it seems.
"Y/N, how many times do I tell you to stop frowning? The infirmary room is already depressing as it is."
You know Hoseok means well, you know he isn't saying that to hurt your feelings but after the short responses and flat answers you've received from the others, you just can't seem to do well anymore. But he's right, you shouldn't be coming in here with a sad smile when Hoseok needs your strength more than anything.
At least you're still of use to him.
Through the weeks, Hoseok's the only one who can make you feel better but as the days pass and the longer he has to stay in the infirmary, the harder it is to truly believe in anything anymore. You aren't sure what to do and it hurts to be lost when your thoughts are tearing you apart.
What makes it worse is that no one seems to care.
So you find yourself taking a stroll by yourself one evening. It's late and dangerous going out alone without a bodyguard but you don't want anyone else to be with you. Not when it'll be so easy to break down.
You'd hate for a stranger to have to witness that and then possibly snitch to your lovers — if that's what you even call them anymore.
Either way, it's been quite a while since you've gone out by yourself. Back then the boys used to be so overprotective of you, even when you had first started your arranged marriage with Namjoon. They cared then, even for a stranger whom they barely knew.
You miss those days.
Perhaps they've gotten too used to you and are tired of the constant lack of self-worth you have for yourself.
Because now all they are are memories. Memories left forgotten and for the wind to carry it forward.
How much more can you try only for the results to end up in shame? You're the only one trying at this point and you think, perhaps, their love for you is withering. After all, they can still rely on each other and talk normally.
So why is it so hard for you unless they don't love you anymore?
Your stomach drops and pain shoots through your heart when your thoughts lead to that.
Do they...not love you anymore?
"No...please no..." You hold a hand over your mouth, not wanting to make a sound even though you know you're alone, not wanting even the wind to hear you. Because it hurts and if you cry, it'll only feel more real.
You don't want to accept that. You don't want to admit that.
What changed? What went wrong?
"What's a lady doing out here crying all alone?"
You gasp at the unfamiliar voice and snap your head his way.
He's a tall man, much bigger than you, and goosebumps begin to crawl down your body.
"Hold on, I think I've seen you before." You hold your breath as he examines you, and when he grabs ahold of your wrist to force your hand away from your face, you let out a squeak of fear. Those dangerous eyes of his, twisting even more the longer he takes a look at you, your body begins to tremble with fear. "I see," he chuckles darkly. "You're Namjoon's woman, aren't you?"
Oh no.
Heartbeat beating so loud against your chest.
As your body still trembles.
You hold your wrist, trying to stop the shaking but knowing you can't ease your fear with just simply that. So as you walk towards the room you know that it is filled with them, thinking that perhaps it'll be better if you're in their presence.
They can make it better.
They always have.
You step up in front of the door, wincing slightly at the pain that shoots up along your right leg, and hold back tears. It's okay, you whisper to yourself. You can do this. While trying to steady your shaky hands, you hold them against the doorknob.
You take a deep breath, shaky though it is, and open the door to walk into a room that had once been filled with exchanging words, falling into complete silence.
They look up to find you, wondering why you've just walked in, and although intimidated by the stares, you try your best to keep yourself composed as you walk towards the group, hiding the limp of your leg. It hurts immensely but you don't want to show them.
Normally you'd instantly cry and silently ask for their help but not this time. This time you can't.
"We uh..." You clear your throat, trying your best. "We need to talk."
Namjoon sighs as he leans against the armchair and crosses a leg over the other. "About?"
You hate that you even have to explain this.
But you keep yourself controlled. "I think we all understand what I am trying to say," you begin, eyes looking anywhere but them as you hide your arms behind you. They still tremble and you'd hate it for them to have to deal with that.
It's fine.
You're in their presence and that usually takes the pain away.
It'll get better.
It always has so that at least can't change, right?
"I'm concerned about where this will lead to."
So blunt.
Without a care.
But you know you can't be too emotional because Namjoon doesn't like that. He'll see your tears as another burden.
You swallow thickly despite the lump which tries to keep you from speaking freely.
"I want...validation."
You hear him scoff and your heart falls.
Ah, you hate this.
You hate this so much.
But for some reason, you haven't shed a tear yet, despite it being so close to falling. Because you're keeping your head down and blinking it back from cascading. Because you know that once a tear falls, the rest will want to follow along and you can't have that.
You can't.
"I'm sorry if I sound needy, I know you're busy but—"
"Exactly." You blink. "We're busy, Y/N."
Why is he so cold? And why aren't the others doing anything to stop him? He may be the boss but they've always openly gone against him if they ever felt he was in the wrong. So why?
Why are you the only one suffering in silence?
"I-I'm sorry." Ah, your voice is shaking, you're starting to sound weak. You take a moment, pause, and clear your throat once again to push the heavy lump away. It's hard, so hard. "Then tell me what's wrong, how I can fix this. Please, communicate with me so I know what to do. It's confusing being left in the dark. Communication is key to a relationship and I want to fix it before it's too late."
Complete, utter silence.
You hate this.
It's almost as if you're in a circus, putting on a show, while the audience watches in silence and has no reaction whatsoever.
You feel so embarrassed and filled with shame but you want to work this out, you do.
The question is, do they?
You're scared, so scared.
Even more scared than when you had to deal with that man mere minutes ago.
This sort of fear can never compare and you're so scared to make things worse.
Almost as if you can't take the silence anymore, you fall to your knees, head lowered, and Namjoon's eyes widen as you place both hands on the floor and your head follows along.
"Please." You're begging, and they can hear the breaking in your voice. "Please, I...I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."
Begging on your knees, apologizing for things you have no idea what for. But you're desperate. If you've done anything wrong, you have to apologize, whatever it was. You feel so embarrassed, so shameful, but no one's doing anything and it feels as if the whole world is crumbling.
Perhaps you're too desperate.
An idiot still hopelessly in love, begging on her hands and knees for ones who seem to have already moved on.
"...So shameful," Namjoon utters and your heart shatters.
This is it.
This is the end.
You raise your head, taking a moment to yourself, and they watch as you wipe your tears away, before you pick yourself up. You try your best to make it seem as if your leg isn't killing you, you try your best to look composed.
Tears still fall from your eyes but this time you don't stop it because you know it's of no use.
Just like you.
Hands still trembling but for another reason, you reach for your finger. And when the ring slides off your finger, you almost feel as if a part of you is released from the pain, the suffering. Yet at the same time, they all come rushing right in as if a storm of emotions and you tremble upon not knowing how to deal with this. It's never been easy but they've always made things better.
Yet this time you only have yourself to rely on.
You only have yourself.
You look up at them, as if wanting to reaffirm their answers, and when no one says anything, you swallow thickly.
"Then..." You place the ring on the coffee table and turn to Namjoon. With one last smile filled with so many tears, you say, "Let's divorce."
"Babygirl! Y/N! Stop!"
You stop upon the familiar voice of Hoseok's and take a moment to think about this. But Hoseok needs an explanation. After all, he wasn't there that night when you declared your marriage was over with Namjoon, along with severing your ties with the rest of them.
So you turn to your butler and hand him your suitcase before greeting Hoseok.
"Hoseok," you smile, "the doctor hasn't released you yet, so why are you running? You'll hurt yourself."
"You..." He can't believe you can act as if all of this was okay, that all of this had been inevitable from the start. Tears are forming in his eyes and it's the first time you've seen him look so broken, so betrayed. "Why didn't you tell me?" He asks. "You should have told me you were hurting. If you were hurting, I could have done something to knock some sense back into their heads but instead, you kept silent. Why...Why..?! Why would you keep silent about all of this?! Did you think I'd react the same way they did?! Do you not trust me?!"
It's the first time he's shouting at you.
He's angry as hot tears fall from his eyes.
"Why couldn't you trust me, Y/N? Why was I the only one left in the dark?!" He takes your hands, holding them tightly and you can see the desperation in his eyes. Just as you were that night. "Stay. Please stay," he begs. "We can work this out. We can talk this through and love like how we used to and—"
"Hoseok." You cut him off and he stops, tears leaving his eyes, and it hurts seeing him like this.
It's the first time he's trying so hard to stop his tears but understands that he can't do anything. And that hurts him even more. "Why..?" His voice cracks. "Why....?"
The hands which hold yours lose their strength and you take that moment to lay a hand on top of his. He's shaking, hurting, but you make him look up at you.
"I'm sorry Hoseok but..." A tight smile, so broken, and Hoseok realizes just how much pain you had to go through while he was left in oblivion. "I'm tired," you say.
A sigh.
With so much pain carrying your voice.
It's the last thing you say before you leave him.
Where did it all go wrong?
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opaljm · 4 months ago
nip it in the bud (m) – kth
Tumblr media
➻ female reader x taehyung
➻ going to get a piercing au/completing bucket list au + my brother’s best friend au + tattoo artist!taehyung
➻ genres: smut, romance
➻ length & status: 10k words; complete
➻ rating & warnings: 18+; taehyung has tattoos and piercings, he and his big hands are illegal, tae's oral fixation is entirely out of control, nipple sucking/breast play, semi-public sex (? idk tbh), the pussy eating he does is sloppy and gross, squirting, nasty/messy sex, unprotected sex (wear a condom and be safe kids OR ELSE), riding, creampie, pussy stuffing cuz tae has a big dick (I don’t think you understand it’s GIGANTIC), multiple orgasms
➻ summary: You're not sure how you ended up here, but maybe a shitty ex and a horrible breakup had a hand in what placed you in front of the tattoo parlor. It was already a nerve-wracking experience, but what you never expected was seeing that the owner and artist giving you nipple piercings was your older brother's best friend you hadn't seen in ages. to make things even worse, he got fucking hotter.
➻ a/n: this was born out of a TikTok where I learned that tattoo artists have to make sure your nipples are hard before piercing them and then I yelled at @jamaisjoons, having an existential crisis about how hot that was. She is the one who told me to write about it 😌 and the reason the fic exists. The last time I got piercings was idk 16 years ago (yes I was 7 🥴). I also have zero tattoos so my knowledge of this is minimal I just wanted to write hot Taehyung sex. Hope y’all enjoy this mess regardless. beta-read by @taegularities @hantaev & @chateautae​ (she helped with the summary too🤩) my favorite tae accounts who have encouraged me so much during this arduous writing process! beta-read and banner made by @softestmuse! You all were there for me for so much during this whole thing and helped so much 🥺
⋆ my masterlist ⋆
Tumblr media
Were you actually going to do this? Was this really happening?
As you stood in front of the tattoo parlor christened “Inked in Blue & Grey,” by the messily arranged jagged font that laid out the cobalt blue neon letters decorating the shopfront, you almost chickened out. 
When you had been scrolling through Yelp late at night two weeks ago, flitting between the stages of depression and bargaining as you made your way through the grief from the breakup between you and your ex, Donghyuk, your eyes had stopped on the highly rated tattoo parlor – 4.9 stars? That was practically unheard of, especially when they had reviews and ratings in the tens of thousands. It hadn’t taken much for you, with eyes hurting from the blue light of your cellphone in the late hours and a head aching from how wine drunk you were, to quickly find the link to their website and sign up for an appointment to get twin nipple piercings. Well, no one ever wanted a singular nipple piercing to your knowledge. But you had no doubt that there were countless people out there who had chickened out from the pain of the first to not follow through with the second one.
You slowly pulled your lower lip with your teeth, softly biting down on the plump flesh as you had your head tilted up towards the intimidatingly bright letters of the parlor’s sign. The last time you had gotten any piercings was in summer camp ten years ago when Yuju had stabbed your ears through with a sewing needle. The needle had been unbearably hot from having been heated by the flame of the fluid lighter she had snuck into camp by tucking it in the black Nike crew socks she had been wearing on drop off day. It had stung you with the quick flashing pain of a burning stab wound. 
Yuju had been your last resort to get additional ear piercings which you had thought were so cool after you saw your brother walk into the house one day with several new helix piercings to go along with his lobe ones. You had begged your mother for another set of piercings, tired of having the boring set of two you had. You wouldn’t get them in the cartilage like Jimin had but wanted to add to your lobe. Your mother had vehemently denied your protests and grounded Jimin for sneaking out and getting piercings with his best friend Taehyung. 
You had complained about it to your cabin mates, who had seen the scores of tween and teen campers swoon over your brother and his friends who seemed edgy and dangerous. Your friends however were immune to their appeal and knew that they weren’t much more than geeky nerds who carefully hid their embarrassing tastes in both anime and porn. Hearing thirteen-year-old Y/N complain about her plight in the late-night whispers covered by the chirping of crickets that kept the night camp counselors from checking in on your cabin, Yuju had jumped down from her bunk into yours and eagerly offered to help you increase your total number of piercings up to four.
Looking back, you had no idea why you had trusted Yuju’s dubious claims of working at the Claire’s in the mall close to her house for three months. Later on, you found out that it had actually been Yuju’s older sister who had had the nice mall gig. The incident had left you with piercings that kept getting infected until one of them finally closed up, and you were still rocking the asymmetrical ear-piercing look, almost a decade later with one dangly earring threaded with stars on your right ear while a cubic zirconium stud and gold bedazzled moon clipped your left ear. You never saw the point of getting them fixed and had avoided piercings and needles to the best of your abilities until now.
You thought you pulled off the mixed jewelry look pretty well, but your face instantly scrunched up with an unhappy frown when you remembered Donghyuk telling you to wear matching earrings when you went out on dates with him. You bit down on the flesh of your bottom lip harder as you recalled how Donghyuk had constantly berated you and put you down for the entire duration of your three-year long relationship. Your face twisted as though a bitter taste had flooded your mouth when you remembered that your mother had been expecting him to propose to you this year. Why had you begged him for another chance when he callously threw your arms off him as he stomped around the apartment gathering up his things, ignoring your pleas and requests for an explanation until he couldn’t take it anymore? Then Donghyuk had turned around to you, glaring at you with the heat of his hard black-brown eyes, staring you down resentfully from his towering height of 6’2.
“I broke up with you because I’m tired of having such mind-numbingly vanilla sex with a woman who never comes. You’re so boring and honestly, I’m just not attracted to you anymore, Y/N. I thought I could change the meek mousy weirdo. But after three years, it looks like I was wrong,” he had said with a caustic bite to the venomous hate he spewed from his mouth.
Yes. You remembered exactly why you had booked that appointment in the fuzzy high you had gotten from too much wine and “Emily in Paris.” You had been so livid. Of all people, Donghyuk thought you were boring? Unadventurous, and vanilla? You were the one who was always holding yourself back from being too enthusiastic during sex because he could only get off when he was doing you doggy style with his hand covering your mouth in what he thought was his attempt at BDSM in the bedroom.
Your eyes lit up with renewed heat and you found yourself marching forward to the door and swinging it towards you with a powerful pull as you made your way in. Your newfound confidence only lasted until you made your way to the receptionist. There, you found yourself fumbling once more.
“Hi, I’m Park Y/N,” you stammered nervously, “I – uh, I made an appointment for… um nipple piercings,” you whispered the last bit, embarrassedly as your neck straightened and you twisted your head around to make sure no one else had overheard you. “Two weeks ago? I made my piercing appointment a while back,” you finished more confidently.
The receptionist stared at you expressionlessly. “What time is your appointment?” she asked, tucking back a vibrant purple lock of hair behind her ear.
“It’s – it’s the one o’ clock,” you mumbled, clearing your throat uneasily. You had never been in an establishment like this before and dressed in your oversized sage colored waffle knit sweater and a pair of charcoal gray Lululemon leggings you felt wildly out of place.
“Alright Y/N, here are the forms you need to fill out before you do this,” she said easily, plucking out the thick stapled document out of a manila folder. “Just a reminder, this is a semi-permanent body modification and this will close up rather quickly if you go without wearing jewelry for too long. There are pages on your medical history and if you have any allergies on the front. Prices and payment information are on the pages following that. The documents explaining the procedure and aftercare are at the end. We’ll send you home with a list of instructions on how to care for your new piercings after your appointment ends as well.”
You blinked, overwhelmed by the staggering amount of information she had just thrown your way. As you sat down at the oatmeal colored sherpa sofa at the reception and read through all the health risks and warnings, making sure you were taking in all of the information, carefully signing all the lines and checking off all the boxes, you wondered if you were in over your head.
Technically, it wasn’t too late for you to turn your back on this. You would lose your deposit, but you could still walk away – pain free. What would Jimin do if he found out that you had gotten your nipples pierced? Probably murder you, based on how he had reamed you and Yuju out after your ears had gotten infected from swimming in the lake the camp had been located next to. But would you really let your overbearing annoying older brother control you even now when you were 23? And how would Jimin even know about you getting these very intimate piercings? 
You only saw him a few times a year. There was no way Jimin would be finding out about this, nipples were more discreet than ears and you couldn’t even remember the last time you had been around your brother in clothing that would even hint that you had boobs, much less nipples. Jimin had only ever seen you in oversized T-shirts, flannel pajama bottoms or baggy sweats, and giant zip-up hoodies when he had the fortune of being in your company. No wonder he sometimes forgot you were a girl. 
Once you finished up the paperwork, you made your way back to the girl at the front desk with the clipboard. Placing it down on the counter, you took out your credit card to pay up front, with your id card beside it as verification on top of the terrazzo surface, but she shook her head, “You pay at the end for the piercings and the jewelry you pick. Personally, I prefer nipple clickers,” she said wryly, twisting her lips into a smirk.
“I’ll keep that in mind,” you mumbled as you watched her stand up and come around to you.
“Follow me, I’ll take you to the private room we have for the more intimate tattoos and piercings. There’s only one artist in today but he should be finishing up with his other client soon. You’ll probably only have to wait 5 to 10 minutes for V,” she threw her words over her shoulder carelessly as she guided you through the narrow hallway.
When she closed the door behind you and left you alone in the room, you felt rather like you were at the doctor’s waiting for your gynecologist to come in and the panic quickly set in once again. Should you have your shirt off and be ready for the piercing? Or would the tattoo artist be freaked out if he was instantly assaulted with the image of your breasts the second he opened the door? Should you sit up on the wide leather covered table or continue to stand while staring awkwardly at the door waiting for the artist to walk in?
As you looked around the small room, your eyes caught on the artwork decorating the walls. They were on white backgrounds that were framed and looked like post-impressionist portraits. The color scheme stuck to black and the primary colors, while the faces had the boldest of expressions painted over them. Extraordinary, you thought, as the door opened behind you.
“Hi, I’m V. I'll be the artist who is piercing you today. I see you’ve signed up for two nipple piercings?” A deep sensual voice flooded into the room, making you shudder involuntarily. 
You turned back and saw a male looking down at the clipboard with the forms you had filled out, his face was half covered by an indigo face mask dotted with silver embroidered stars while the other half was concealed by the soft looking black waves that were flowing forward as his bangs swept over his forehead and obscured his eyes.
“Yes, that’s right,” you nervously tittered, “Should I– should I take off my top?”
“Mmhmm,” he murmured, his eyes quickly sweeping over you, barely looking at you, as he continued on professionally, “Could you also take off your bra and tie back your hair before sitting up on the table?”
V turned around to the cabinets to get out the clamps and needles he would need to pierce you. As he bustled around gathering purple latex gloves and alcohol wipes, he asked in his soothing husky voice, “So what type of jewelry are we thinking? Titanium straight barbells? White gold hoops?”
“Which one is better?” you asked, shuddering in the air-conditioned room as your arms prickled up with goosebumps and you wrapped your arms around your naked upper half.
“Most people get the straight barbells; they find them to be the most comfortable,” V said as he tinkered around with the selection of nipple rings, “Titanium is hypoallergenic so it’s a really good metal choice. If you’re more sensitive to metals I would probably recommend gold but that’s a little more expensive. Any special closures you’re looking for? Star attachments at the end? Moons?”
“Just the basic white gold straight barbells with the star ends,” you muttered quietly. You’d worry about getting more decorative adornments for your nipples when they fully healed from the piercings and you were more accustomed to them. For now, the cute stars at the ends, instead of spherical stoppers, would be enough.
V readied everything on a small table with wheels that he pushed to one side of where you were sitting. As he pulled his gloves on, he said, “I’m going to clean your nipples and then I'll flick them to make sure they are erect enough that I can comfortably clamp them and pierce the needle through them, okay? Let me know if at any moment I am making you feel uncomfortable, sound good?”
You hummed your assent and V finally looked up from his equipment, an alcohol wipe in his hand as he reached forward for your left breast. Before he made contact however, his eyes met yours.
“Y/N?” he yelped in shock, his large gloved fingers brushing against your nipple for the briefest of moments in his shock before he recovered and recoiled from you as though he had been struck.
Your brows furrowed as you confusedly inquired, “Taehyung?”
The two of you stared at each other in shock. The male who was standing in front of you with the Van Gogh-esque vines and branches wrapping their way up his right arm  and covering his throat surely could not be the Kim Taehyung you had grown up with. This could not be your brother Jimin’s childhood best friend. This could not be the former bane of your existence.
“Yes,” breathed Taehyung, still gaping at you with his mouth wide open from behind his mask, not that you could see. You noted that he respectively maintained eye contact with you the entire time, not letting his eyes dip below your gaze. Shrugging on your muted green sweater you glared at him. The second you were covered, Taehyung gazed upwards to the rafters and murmured a not so silent prayer much to your displeasure.
“Y/N why are you getting your– ” Taehyung stopped, obviously struggling with how to word his question while not wanting to talk about his best friend’s younger sister’s nipples. “Why are you getting more piercings?” he said instead with what you thought was highly misplaced affront. “Remember when you almost died because of Yuju in eighth grade?”
Taehyung was so dramatic. You glared at him, crossing your arms over your chest, noting with satisfaction that a red flush was spreading across his golden skin as you held your gaze.
Taehyung had been a junior in high school and the camp counselor assigned to all the cabins in the row yours had been in the same summer Yuju had gone ham with your ears. He had also gotten his ass handed to him when Jimin had found out that instead of making sure the campers were asleep he had been sucking face with Jennie Kim every night.
You scowled, annoyed by how the Taehyung in front of you was a long way away from the gangly nerd with unattractive rectangle framed dad glasses and straight brown hair cut into an unflattering bowl cut that you remembered. Sure, everyone had always talked about how attractive Taehyung had been growing up, but you had never seen it. Taehyung had been a geek who had a penchant for weird outfits with his loose fit/too short culottes, brightly colored oversized crewnecks that were more hole than sweater thanks to his overeager hands when it came to snipping with scissors, and black beat-up converse lows. He had been the furthest thing from what you were into back in the day. However, the man standing in front of you right now? He was almost intimidatingly beautiful. A stunning Adonis, so gorgeous that even Aphrodite had fallen in love.
Taehyung had pulled off his mask and was frowning at you, his petal pink lips pressed thinly together. Your eyes widened when you noticed the glint of silver peeking out between his lips. Taehyung had a piercing on his tongue.
“Are you trying to police my right to have piercings?” you angrily demanded, “You work at a tattoo parlor! You have seven piercings.”
His beautiful dark brows pulled down as his wavy hair swept forward covering one of his eyes again, but he hectically moved his hair away from his face as he looked at you in abrupt alarm, “How could you possibly know that?!”
You froze in confusion, halting your impassioned tirade. Taehyung had seven piercings? You looked at him straight on again, your eyes flitting across his body, scanning him from head to toe. You had known about his five ear piercings. He had gotten them with Jimin when the two of them had still been in high school and you would see Taehyung everyday either at school or your house because of how often he would be over. The only facial piercing he had was his tongue. Where was the seventh? As your gaze drifted down his front, it stopped at his chest. Though you had been thinking about people with only one nipple piercing earlier, you somehow didn’t think Taehyung would be in that crowd. 
Your gaze finally stopped awkwardly at his crotch which was concealed by his black jeans. You stilled at the thought of Taehyung having a piercing on his cock and tried to look away quickly after you came to the realization. 
Unfortunately for you, Taehyung hadn’t planned on making it easy for you. A large veiny hand palmed at his denim covered crotch. “Are you having dirty thoughts about my dick, Y/N?” murmured Taehyung.
“I’m not!” you protested. “I’m just here for my piercing appointment so get on with it, Taehyung! Treat me like one of your usual customers!” 
You grabbed at the bottom of your sweater again and this time, instead of just holding it up above your breasts for Taehyung, you pulled the entire thing off. With your bare chest still heaving, you attempted to straighten your back, meeting Taehyung’s eyes confidently. 
Taehyung held your gaze with heat behind his chocolaty brown eyes for long interminable minutes. A sense of understanding seemed to pass between the two of you before he bit his lips and grated, “Fine, Y/N.”
Taehyung went back to the table where he had been preparing his equipment, making sure that he had gathered everything before pushing it along to stand right next to where you were seated. He sat down on a circular stool with wheels and slid towards you, using his feet to propel him forward.
Sighing once he was in front of you, he squirted hand sanitizer on his purple encased hands to make sure they were still clean, though he hadn’t touched anything other than your jewelry to resterilize them after his panicked realization that you were his client. He slowly and thoroughly rubbed his palms together, working the sanitizer in between his fingers, taking as much time as he could to delay the inevitable and then fanned them to dry. You were mesmerized by the size of his hands. They were so big they could probably cover your boobs with room to spare even though you were a rather busty girl yourself. You whimpered a little as you watched him at work.
Taehyung had heard you making that sound but he tried to ignore it. You were making it hard for him to think straight. He had never once thought that one day his dick would fall for Jimin’s crybaby little sister that he had annoyed at every opportunity he had gotten when he was younger. He had been trying to avoid direct eye contact with your uncovered upper half without much success. Your two voluptuous teardrop breasts seemed to be begging for his attention with their perky upturned nipples, hard due to the cold air drafting into the room. And below your breasts was your tiny waist and heavenly hips. You were shaped like the hourglass filled with black sand that he had for decoration in this room. 
He had already sterilized the white gold bars that you had wanted, and cleaning them a third time would only make you have an angry outburst again he was sure, but now it was time for him to get your nipples ready. He matter-of-factly ripped open an alcohol wipe, unfolding the drenched white sheet within the packet. It was finally time for him to touch you. He didn’t think he had ever been so unnerved in his life. 
Pulling the seat as close to the table that you were on as he comfortably could, he reached out for you. One of his large hands clutched your side, long fingers splayed over your ribs to hold you in place, as his other hand delicately swiped at your nipples with the alcohol wipe. You were frozen like a statue, not even daring to breathe as Taehyung was at work, his face only inches away from your breasts. Too soon, or so you had thought, his hands went away to grab the surgical scrub to further ensure that your nipples were as clean and disinfected as possible before he went to work and actually stabbed your chest to create the piercings. 
You sighed as his hands returned to your chest again. Taehyung had moved on from cleaning your skin to etching them with a marker to indicate where your piercings would be. He cupped the underside of one of your breasts with his left hand while his right hand carefully drew blue dots on either side of your nipples that were parallel to each other. He then switched over to your other breast and drew on the dots to replicate what he had marked before as symmetrically as possible. 
The scratchiness of the pen tip hardened your nipples even more than they had been and wetness pooled in between your pressed thighs. When he was done his palm was flat against your abdomen, pushing you back, “You’ll want to lie down Y/N just to be cautious. Some people get their piercings done sitting but there is the possibility that you’ll faint so I just want everything to be safe for you.”
As you laid back to rest on top of the butcher paper covering the cool leather of the table, you panicked. Taehyung was really going to do this. He was treating you like a paying customer, which you were, but you found yourself wishing that he wasn’t acting so professionally and had tried harder to dissuade you from getting these piercings, especially since you were having second thoughts about this. 
He finally returned to face you again, holding a steel contraption that looked like scissors but the ends were flat with little holes. He had his fingers threaded through the clamps he was going to use to hold your nipple as he pricked through it with a long sterilized needle. 
Taehyung sighed, “I’m going to have to flick and touch your nipples a lot. I’m sure you’re aware of that already but it might take a little more finagling than you thought. It might not be a one and done process where the clamps are perfectly on on the first try. Just, tell me if it’s too much or I’m making you uncomfortable and I’ll immediately back off. Okay, Y/N?”
You nodded mutely. You didn’t trust yourself to speak. What if you threw up all over Taehyung the second you opened your mouth?
Taehyung held your right nipple in between his forefinger and thumb, gauging its firmness before determining that it wasn’t erect enough. He flicked it with his finger, and you had to stifle your reaction, the hardness of his nail bed, even through the latex glove, catching you by surprise. Finally, he was ready to use the clamps.
You breathed through your mouth as the metal clamps pinched your delicate mauve areola to hold the bud of your nipple in place. Leaving the equipment dangling from the edge of your breast, Taehyung turned back around to grab the needle he had prepared. 
While Taehyung had been focused on the next step, you had managed to further your panicked state and were almost hyperventilating. Your lips were pressed tightly together and your hands had furled themselves into clenched fists that had your fingers digging into the thin white butcher paper beneath you, ripping it as your nails dug tiny indentations into the smooth leather underneath. 
Before Taehyung went ahead with the first of your piercings, he glanced at your face, like he did with all his clients to make sure that everything was still going smoothly. What he found had him putting the needle down again. Your face was white with fear and your eyes were filled with liquid. 
“Hey,” murmured Taehyung softly, his gloved hand cupping your cheek. “What’s up Y/N? You wanna tell me what’s going on?”
“No!” you protested fiercely.
“Miss Park Y/N,” teased Taehyung, striving to adopt a lighthearted tone, “Come on, is it just nerves? You can tell me. If I know what’s wrong then I can help you fix it. Do you not wanna get these done today?”
You sighed, “Taehyung, it’s just. I don’t know. Why am I even doing this?”
“Hmm,” hummed Taehyung, steepling his fingers, his warm brown eyes glancing at you comfortingly, “A very good question. Why are you doing this? We don’t want you getting a piercing for the wrong reasons. What is it? Have you been down in the dumps and need some change? Well maybe it’ll help you but maybe it won’t and then you’ll end up with far more piercings than you ever thought you would.”
“Is that what happened with you?” you whispered. Now that Taehyung wasn’t actively working on getting your piercings done, you had covered your chest again with your hands cupping your breasts.
“Not exactly,” admitted Taehyung, “Maybe at first when I was getting the piercings with Jimin, but later on as I got more serious about art and creating, it became a way for me to express myself to the world. A way to solidify my character and what I wanted to be known for and associated with. I really had fun once I started adding the tattoos in,” he laughed huskily. His cheeks came with his boxy wide spread grin. You had missed Taehyung. Though granted, he had been annoying for much of your childhood, you’d had a lot of fun with him. You adored Taehyung, you realized belatedly. Though perhaps realizing it while you were topless was not the best time for your epiphany, you thought as blush took over you, blood rushing to the surface of your skin, painting your cheeks, ears, and chest a muted red.
“Will you tell me where the seventh piercing is?” you asked softly, pushing yourself up. 
Taehyung stared at you, his gaze going in between your face and your uncovered form, its heat was infectious and made your own skin flush even further in its wake.
“Perhaps,” he agreed, “Although, you’ll have to tell me what pulled you into this studio today, first.”
You pouted, “It’s really dumb.”
“This is a safe place,” Taehyung smirked winningly. He repeatedly raised and lowered his thick, impeccably groomed eyebrows mischievously, “I won’t judge you, Y/N.”
“Yes, you will,” you groaned.
“Yes, I will,” admitted Taehyung easily, the ghost of a smile still painting his lips. “But you’ll tell me anyway, won’t you?”
“Donghyuk broke up with me,” you grumbled, “We were supposed to get married.”
Taehyung blinked, he vaguely remembered a baby faced male that was slightly taller than him with a mushroom cap haircut. He scoffed, “The audacity of some people. You were so far out of his league, it’s insulting that you weren’t the one to end things.”
You smiled weakly at Taehyung’s attempt to cheer you up. “It made my mind go all over the place. I don’t know. Maybe he wasn’t wrong. Maybe I am unadventurous and boring. Maybe I am vanilla.”
“What’s wrong with vanilla?” complained Taehyung, throwing his hands up. His outcry of displeasure loud and clear.
You snorted, your gaze focusing on the length of his fluttering fingers for far too long, “Let’s not pretend you’re not one freaky mofo, Taehyung. But I don’t know, I just wanted to live a little.”
“So?” retorted Taehyung mulishly, “I am a man of diverse tastes. I can appreciate both vanilla and some of the more– experimental stuff.”
“Hmm,” you hummed, “I wanted to get nipple piercings, they're adventurous right? And it’s not because I think that if I do this he’ll get back together with me. But maybe he’s the one who kept me trapped and complacent. Maybe he’s the reason I’m not bold. I just wanted to try something new.”
Taehyung scoffed, “You didn’t have to go to such drastic and permanent measures. You can barely handle the nipple clamp. You would’ve cried and complained the entire month that you had to wait for your nipples to heal. You forget that, I know you. Oh Y/N,” Taehyung suddenly recalled, “You can’t do sexy stuff with your nipples while they heal so how exactly would that have helped you during your kinky adventures?”
You narrowed your eyes at him, “You don’t know me that well!”
“I’m gonna lose my deposit,” you griped. “This is the worst day of my life.”
“You are so dramatic Y/N,” Taehyung replied, “How can this be the worst day of your life?!” he demanded, “What about the day Donghyun broke up with you and pushed you head first through the five stages of grief?”
“Donghyuk,” you corrected. Taehyung made a face at you, contorting his handsome visage into something that made you let out a loud laugh, visibly showing he did not give one fuck about what your former boyfriend’s name was.
“It’s not a complete loss, Y/N,” Taehyung murmured. 
“Why do you say that?” you asked. 
Taehyung placed those devilishly sexy and large hands on your waist pulling you closer to the edge of the table to where he was seated besides you. You gasped at how his grasp almost entirely circled your waist until his widespread fingers were millimeters away from meeting each other. “Ever had sex with the owner of a tattoo parlor?” he breathed, his deep voice purposefully gravelly and husky. 
“No,” you murmured, hardly daring to believe that Taehyung returned your affections. The long buried feelings from your secret crush on Taehyung all those years ago, erupting once again in your heart.
“You don’t need to get piercings to make it fun, Y/N,” Taehyung tantalized.
“You’ll tell me about the seventh piercing?” you confirmed.
Taehyung barked out a laugh. “I’ll do you one better,” he murmured, “I’ll show you where it is.” He finished off with a rakish wink.
“Can I kiss you?” you asked, hands already moving forward to cup his chiseled cheeks and jaw within their grasp.
“Hold on one second,” Taehyung chuckled, peering at you playfully as he looked up at you from where his face was in between your palms. “I gotta do one thing first.”
Taehyung went to remove the metal clamps from your poor neglected nipple that had gone slightly numb from being within its confines this entire time. “My poor Y/N,” Taehyung softened his tone as he rubbed your breast to bring back the feeling. “I’m sorry for not doing this earlier.”
He ducked his head, his plush lips wrapping around the abused peak as he soothed it with warm wet licks and light suction. You let out a high pitched sound and then choked when the cool metal ball on his tongue slinked against your sore nipple as he twirled his tongue around the flesh. He was uncharacteristically gentle though he was spitting against your breast and spreading the welcome coolness around the hard peak.
You let your hands go up to his head, fingers raking themselves into silky soft black waves, holding him into place while he worshiped your chest. Soon, Taehyung switched over to the other breast, enveloping it in the warm wet heat of his mouth, as well. He was much rougher this time as he didn’t have to be careful. His teeth grazed the hard bud, nipping the nipple lightly as you found yourself letting out endless keens.
“Fuck,” muttered Taehyung finally pulling himself away, “How are you this sensitive and responsive? You would’ve had such a rough time with the aftercare if you had gone through with this.”
You shook your head, ignoring his question. “Taehyung!” you whined instead, “I need you.”
Taehyung scoffed lightly as a pleased smirk marked his lips. He ripped the purple gloves off, flinging them onto the side table. 
“Will you let me eat you out, Y/N?” he asked. “I’ve been dreaming of it ever since I saw those snaps on your private story for your 21st birthday.”
Your brows furrowed. For your birthday your friends and you had gone down to Cabo since it was close to spring break. You hadn’t even realized Taehyung was on your private story. Your brother Jimin certainly wasn’t. You had posted everything from videos of you skinny dipping with your friends in the hot tub, to full length mirror selfies of every itty bitty neon colored bikini you had worn on the trip. 
“I’ve had fantasies about you too,” you admitted as Taehyung’s hands slid down your waist to hug your hips, fingers digging into your charcoal gray leggings, ready to pull them off. 
He looked at you curiously, “Since when? Was I your sexual awakening?” he teased, his cheeks full in his joy. You wanted to bite those bread cheeks but you controlled the impulse.
“Hardly,” you retorted, “I was dreaming about Min Yoongi before I ever thought of you. But he graduated and went away for university. And you had that wavy silver brown hair. You looked so hot in your old school hiphop outfit you’d worn for Halloween senior year.”
Taehyung narrowed his eyes, “I was always hot, Y/N. It’s cute of you to deny it. But wow headbands really do it for you huh? Is that why you ran up to your room when we started watching It? I thought it was because you were scared. Had I known that you were sneaking away to shove your hand in your panties–” he trailed off.
“You would have what?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.
Taehyung hit your hip lightly with his fingers, more tap than slap, making you lift your bottom so that he could drag the dark colored athletic fabric down your legs. 
“Why don’t I show you?” Taehyung said. 
With your leggings down to one of your ankles, completely off of the other, Taehyung took a hold of your thighs, swinging your legs around so they hung over the side of the platform you were seated on. You were facing him now, but he was so tall that even with the small boost your seat offered, you were eye level with him. He slid back the stool he was on, moving it out of the way. Then he sank to his knees so that his head was at the perfect height for the treasure that laid between your slightly parted thighs. 
With his left hand still grasping one of your thighs, he used his other hand to prod at your folds over the drenched fabric of your black seamless panties. His forefinger and middle finger stroked at your opening, hunting for your clit, slipping over the sodden fabric over and over. When you were so wet that his fingers went away, picking up enough evidence of your arousal that a transparent string clung to him before finally breaking off, Taehyung decided to move the panty off to the side, revealing the swollen dripping folds of your cunt to him. 
“You’re so pretty, gorgeous,” he sighed, “I want to feast on you.”
His fingers were curiously spreading you even more, parting the furling petals to your entrance, revealing the pretty wet hole to his hot seeking gaze as it desperately clenched around air, wanting something bigger and more substantial to close around.
“Taehyung please,” you pleaded, your fingers knotting into his unruly hair, as you attempted to move his head closer to your cunt.
Taehyung dipped down, his lips pursed at first, almost like he was kissing you down there, but he soon found his pace, tongue wildly thrusting into the hole and gliding over the folds. As he lapped at your entrance, he hummed in pleasure, rejoicing in the sweet poignant taste of you. 
As his tongue ran over your folds and the engorged bud of your clit, you shuddered and trembled. It had been so long since someone had eaten you out. You had been broken up with Donghyuk for two months, but it had been even longer since the last time he had gone down on you. 
He tongued at you curling the tip of his wet muscle to urge more of your juices into his open mouth. You tasted like heaven, “You’re so fucking sweet,” he furiously growled into you, his baritone sending vibrations through your most sensitive part. “I love your reactions. I could eat you out for hours,” he hissed.
When his teeth nipped at the sensitive bundle of nerves, you cried out his name, babbling senselessly, mad with pleasure. He wrapped his lips around it, sucking tightly at the bud. Your eyes rolled back at the pressure, the stimulation almost unbearable. You felt the prodding of two long fingers invading your entrance even as his lips continued its merciless assault on the swollen bud. 
“Taehyung!” you panted. Your fingers were almost digging into his scalp. “I can’t stand this!!”
Your back arched as he scissored his fingers furiously within you. His teeth and tongue were sloppily pursuing their war on your heated and engorged clit.
“That’s it Y/N,” murmured Taehyung huskily, “Give yourself to me.”
His fingers reached deep within you, dragging against your folds that gripped around it like a vise, clenching and unclenching in stuttered movements. He groaned at the tightness, the vibrations of the sound echoing through your opening, your clit fluttering at the stimulus.
“Another finger,” you susurrated, your words chased by loud keens and moans.
“Yeah?” Taehyung breathed out, “You think you can take that? I can barely even move the two I have in you now. Your pussy is clenching around me so much.”
“Want it Tae. Need it,” you babbled, “Need to prep for that big cock you’re hiding.”
Taehyung exhaled loudly through his nose, the gust of air falling over your oversensitized core. “Yeah, you dirty girl? You wanna prep for my fat cock? You need it,” he admitted. “I’m gonna destroy your tight little cunt,” He growled.
With another nip of your clit, this one harsher and more toothy, he stuffed a third finger in you, frantically pumping them and curling them to drag against the taunt muscles of your inner walls. The appendages were stretching you out gloriously. You closed your eyes as you edged head first towards your orgasm. Taehyung’s tongue danced over your folds, stimulating them even further. 
He breathed through his nose as he ate you out even more enthusiastically; he had been going at this for a long time but it would be worth it. His cock was a hard and heavy weight against the confines of his constricting dark jeans. You whimpered, lightheaded and overheated as the pressure at your core continued to build. You were stuffed to the brim with his nimble slender fingers pushing savagely in you. 
All it took was a swipe of his long tongue over your bud, the metal sphere of his piercing a hard heaviness digging into your clit, as his fingers found your g-spot and hit it brutally, and you let out a shrill scream, immediately gushing like a flooding waterfall. There were black dots in your vision as the edges of your eyes gathered with tears. You panted as you continued to squirt over Taehyung’s trapped fingers, drenching his hand with the evidence of your orgasm then trailing down his wrist. 
“Fuck,” swore Taehyung, “You fucking squirted. That’s so hot, gorgeous.”
He reluctantly moved his hand away from you, licking a wide stripe across his palm, tasting your sweetness, still not tired of your delectable release. What he didn’t consume, he wiped against the butcher paper covering where you were seated. You had your hands splayed besides your thighs, needing help to keep yourself upright. Your gaze drifted down to your crotch where the paper was sopping wet, dark, and translucent from where you had squirted all over it. 
This was why you never had sex in public; you were already getting a headache at the thought of Taehyung having to clean up and sanitize everything before his next appointment.
“Hey what’s wrong?” asked Taehyung, getting up from his knees. His hand went to his belt, unbuckling the black leather and loosening it around his hips. He undid his button and zipped open his fly, finally freeing his aching hard cock from the confines it had been resisting against.
You stared at his erection, pressing against the band of his underwear. “Is this really okay?” you asked.
“Going soft on me so fast?” Taehyung teased, “Thought you were gonna prove to Dongkyung that you were fun and freaky. I bet he’s never had sex outside of the bedroom.”
“No,” you protested, “I still want to. I just– I just wanted to make sure you were still okay with this.”
“Oh,” murmured Taehyung with a ravenous glint in his eyes, “I’m thrilled about this. I want to destroy you in a way that has you limping after. I want your pussy to have PDD, never wanting another cock.”
“PDD?” you asked, repeating the acronym with confusion heavy in your tone.
“Post-Dicking Depression,” Taehyung clarified with a faux condescending tone. You could hear the laughter in his voice that he tried to keep in.
“I don’t know if I want to have sex with a man who refers to it as me getting dicked down,” you scoffed, wiggling your butt backwards to move away from Taehyung who scowled and quickly moved his hands from his pants to your hips, holding you in place.
“But you want a dicking from me,” he sing-sang, “You used to have fantasies about me.”
“I used to have fantasies about Flynn Rider, that means nothing,” you retorted, your hands placed over his.
He narrowed his eyes, “That says less about me and more about you, gorgeous.”
He palmed his heavy cock through the cotton fabric of his briefs. 
“You sure you wanna stop right here, Y/N? Don’t wanna go for another orgasm?”
“I can’t leave you hanging,” you acquiesced easily, “Golden rule of reciprocation and all that.”
“You don’t always have to give back what you get in sex,” Taehyung frowned, “It’s not a business transaction, it’s a group effort. As long as we both enjoy ourselves, you don’t have to worry about me, Y/N.”
“You don’t want to have me?” you asked, suddenly self-conscious, “You seemed really enthusiastic about it earlier.”
“I’m dying to have you, but I only want you if you want me,” Taehyung clarified, his baritone wafting into your ears soothingly.
You smiled up at him, even though you were naked in this room that might have his assistant or coworkers knocking at any moment, even though he was completely dressed while you were not, you still felt comfortable with Taehyung. You put your fingers through the belt loops of his partially opened jeans, dragging it down his hips, over his ass, stopping midway on his thighs. Taehyung watched you, his jaw clenched and his eyes hard with the heat of his lust, thick dark brows furrowed as he bit his lips.
“Please, Tae?” you asked, “I want you. I want the heavy fucking that has me walking side to side afterwards.”
Taehyung snorted, “‘4.5 when I make the bed shake,’ huh.”
“Ariana is a legend,” you gasped, outraged at his little quip, your hands falling from where they had been clutching his ass. 
Taehyung just gave you one of his gorgeous boxy smiles that left you breathless before he went to free his fat cock from the cotton confines of his underwear. His cock bounced once it was free from its bounds, his length even more thick and imposing than you had imagined when you were sixteen, slipping your fingers down your throat and choking on them, pretending they were his dick instead. 
It was impressively girthy and you knew your fingers wouldn’t be able to wrap around it and touch at the ends. The mushroom head was flushed burgundy. The seventh piercing winked at you, a curved steel barbell turned towards you as a part of his king’s crown piercing that was threaded through his head, running along the ridge of his shaft. Your mouth watered - the tip of his cock was glistening with precum and you wanted to whirl your tongue around its bulbous head like it was the tastiest lollipop. 
“Taehyung,” you pleaded, your fingers going towards his crotch. 
Taehyung gently slapped your hands away. 
“Uh uh,” he chastised. “Behave, gorgeous.”
You spread your thighs apart, knees up and feet flat in front of you as you sat up with your hands wrapped around your calves, holding your legs open. Taehyung took hold of the meaty softness of your right thigh and pulled you towards him, settling in between you, his cock bouncing lightly, the tip brushing against your entrance as he used his hands to pull your legs around him. Your hands let go and fell backwards and you splayed your fingers and palms behind you to balance your weight as Taehyung carefully situated your lower half, pulling your hips up to be aligned with his so that he could easily slip in and out of you.
He slapped your flushed and swollen cunt with his cock, the proof of your orgasm mixing with his precum. After a few slaps, he finally began to guide his shaft into you. For a moment there you didn’t think the fat bulbous head would be able to breach your entrance even with how wet you were as your tight glistening hole protested around it, but a firm push later he was sheathed. 
“You like that, gorgeous?” he growled, “You feel that? You’re gonna wring me dry when I cum inside, aren’t you? Gonna creampie this fucking pussy. Have your beat up cunt leaking my cum for hours.”
You whimpered as your mouth sought Taehyung’s lips but couldn’t. Instead you found your tongue licking up a line up the bare expanse of his neck, tracing the lines of his tattoos, your lips following their path, leaving bruising kisses and kittenish bites. He moaned and his head ducked down, moving his throat away from you so that you could finally kiss him. At first your tongues twirled around each other, but Taehyung was a messy kisser. His teeth were soon nipping at your lips and his tongue was thrusting in your mouth, licking the insides of your cheeks, the roof of your mouth, not letting you pull away to breath and leaving you lightheaded. 
Taehyung slowly pushed himself in and out, not going more than an inch or two within you, giving you time to get used to the fullness. He was so thick, your walls were clamping around his girthy length like a vise and he was struggling to move, but the movement he was able to make had you keening and whimpering as the round ends of his piercing jewelry dragged against the ridged muscles of your walls, making them spasm uncontrollably at the feeling. 
As you grew wetter and wetter, your desperation increasing exponentially, Taehyung found himself getting lost at the sensations, thrusting faster and more erratically until his control was so frayed that he could no longer hold himself back. He slammed into you, the thick heaviness of his cock stealing your breath away as he was impaled within you. You tried to catch your breath but he continued to jerk inside you, the piercing hitting your g-spot and making you scream as white spots appeared in your vision. 
His pace then grew progressively more frantic and Taehyung found himself holding you up with his sheer strength which left you breathless at the display of power; you were no longer on the table, he was fucking you standing up. Your legs were wrapped around his hips and your head was at the side of his face, pressing kisses against his jaw and nibbling up to his ear. Your moans were an echoing throaty vocalization in his ears, making them burn as a pool of lust gathered in his gut and made his abdomen tighten. Meanwhile, your hands were flitting across the expanse of his back, under his shirt, leaving long scratch marks in their wake as your nails dug into his skin every time Taehyung thrusted a little too hard, his fingers pinched your clit, or his piercing found that glorious g-spot.
“God, Tae,” you panted. You could feel him so deep inside you that as you glanced down you saw that your tummy was bulging a little bit and you had to wonder if it was because of him. You pressed down on your stomach experimentally and then you both gasped as your walls clenched tightly around him, rhythmically pulsating around the entire length of his shaft, keeping him connected to you. 
Taehyung hadn’t forgotten your tiny clit, although it was swollen and not as little now. He thumbed at the responsive bundle of nerves; the pressure from his finger had you on overdrive, hyper aware and feeling like you might go ballistic at any moment. Your mewls were like music to his ears and propelled him forward, making him plunge into you so violently. You were bouncing on his length, your legs loosening slightly around his hips from the force that came with every time he rammed into you.
For your safety, he lowered you down to the table you had been sitting on earlier, making your back flat against it as he had one hand by your head holding him up, keeping himself from crashing into you, and one hand wrapped around your hip, snapping it up to meet his every thrust. The new angle allowed him to go even deeper and he found himself slowing down to enjoy the feeling of your folds fluttering around his shaft as he dragged it through your walls deliberately, penetrating you acutely. 
He was holding himself back, he didn’t want this moment to end but at your surprised cry when one of those thrusts hit your g-spot particularly hard, you suddenly gushed like a broken faucet around him, and then clenched his cock tighter than you had ever before, even as the stream of cum cascaded all around his shaft. He grunted before following you in your wake, the heat of his own release leaking out of his tip and mixing with yours. 
Somehow Taehyung was still hard around you, you noticed with surprise as your legs fell with no strength left in them, no longer making your body cling to Taehyung’s. You stared at him in confusion, your eyes wordlessly saying, What now?
Taehyung licked his lips, his familiar grin appearing sheepishly. “Ride me, gorgeous,” he dictated.
He hadn’t let you remove his cock from inside your pussy and he picked you up, holding you beneath your thighs, his fingers brushing against the cleft of your ass as he moved you two around so that he was now seated with you on top of him. 
One of your hands fluttered against his chest as you got used to sitting on him, the other was holding onto his shoulder. You inhaled deeply, your hands going up to stop his head from moving so that you could kiss him punishingly, neither of you parting to breath for long interminable moments. His fingers threaded through your hair that had long since fallen out of its bun, holding you in place, so that his lips could chase yours easily every time you tried to break apart from him.
He helped you with the first move, his hands gripping your hips and his long fingers dimpling into your skin as he moved you up, almost entirely off his cock that dragged enticingly along your folds as it slipped away, before slamming you back on his lap with enough force to have your teeth knocking against each other. 
You braced yourself with your palms on his chest, fingers curving over the broad length of his shoulders, slowly lifting yourself away from his dick before quickly and forcefully bringing your ass down, reluctant to let him withdraw completely. Each time you brought yourself back onto his cock, Taehyung snapped his hips up, impaling you with his thick impressive length. His fingers were bruising into your hips with how hard he was holding you in place. 
Your movements were erratic and feverish, following no rhyme or reason, only seeking fullness and release. He had you writhing on top of him wantonly as your hips swiveled to meet each snap of his, until his cock was hitting you again and again vigorously. But it wasn’t enough; he wanted to give you more. So Taehyung found himself squeezing two fingers into you alongside his cock, filling you even more than you had thought was possible, bordering on the side of painful. His palm was positioned up so that it was pressed against your clit. And with every bounce and jerk on top of him that had his cock and fingers moving deeper within you, his palm pressed against your puffy bud stimulating you endlessly. 
You screamed as you sprayed around Taehyung, coming again. As you writhed against Taehyung’s body, his arms kept you wrapped in his embrace, keeping you from injuring yourself, pulling any muscles accidentally. Your cunt was reluctant to release its grip on Taehyung’s cock, holding onto him tightly, and he found himself grabbing your hand, borrowing it for a second to have you squeeze his balls. And then Taehyung felt himself cum for the second time that day. He shuddered into your chest as his balls emptied themselves, getting lighter as streams of his warm cum shot into you, painting your insides with lines of white. 
You mewled at the feeling, wiggling on top of Taehyung in discomfort. He chuckled huskily, an airy yet throaty sound. Carefully, he withdrew from you, using one of his hands to keep the cum from pouring out from between your legs, his palm against your entrance keeping the hot liquid trapped inside you. After a moment he moved his palm away so that his fingers could play around in your folds, pushing the cum into every divot and crevice, the pads of his fingers massaging it in and then his fingers went back inside you, swirling the cum around your hole with his fingers messily. You let him play around, rubbing his mark into you even though it was fucking filthy and gross, but when his fingers brushed too close to your battered clit, your inner thighs spasmed with your muscles jumping, you found your hand frantically pulling at his wrists attempting to pull him away from your exhausted and overworked pussy.
“Taehyung, stop!” you whined. 
He glanced back at you sheepishly. “Sorry,” he murmured, an apologetic tone painting his words, “I got distracted.”
You snorted, “Yeah, you did.”
Taehyung pulled you off his lap and sat you down beside him, from in between your parted thighs, your pussy leaked out the mixture of both of your cum out onto the ripped and mangled butcher paper that looked as though it had gone through the wringer. Taehyung stood up to grab a bundle of paper towels from his work station and came back with them, bending down in front of you and starting to clean you up. Once he was done, he looked back up at you.
“I’ll give you back your deposit, Y/N. Don’t get the piercings today, okay?” he said, “And when you finally feel like you’re ready to modify your body for the right reasons, you can come back here and I’ll do it for free. A piercing, a tattoo, whatever the case. Just– just don’t think you have to change for a man. You are perfect as long as you like who you are.”
Your eyebrows dipped down in confusion as Taehyung stumbled over his words, painstakingly attempting to make sure that you understood him and realized that he liked you and you should like yourself too because you were perfect and no man was worthy enough to make you change. 
“Why for free, Taehyung?” you asked instead, uncomfortable at his sincerity.
Taehyung smiled nervously, “Well if you’re dating the owner, it’s the least I can do. Don’t you think so?”
“Who says we’re dating?” you teased, pulling him closer to you, making him stand between your legs.
Taehyung pouted and then huffily said, “Fine, have it your way. See if anyone in the Tri-State area takes you as a client then. I’m getting you blacklisted from everywhere so Jimin doesn’t kill me when he finds out you want to look like Post Malone.”
“Post Malone?” you questioned, laughing uncontrollably. “Taehyung, why would you offer to help me if Jimin would kill you instead of those other tattoo artists?”
“Girlfriends hold more weight than best friends,” he said mulishly, slumping forward and resting his forehead against your sternum.
“Yeah?” you asked, quilting your fingers through his hair, scratching at his head comfortingly.
“I’m also in love with you,” Taehyung confessed, turning his head so his ear rested against your chest. He could hear your heartbeat, you realized with a panic, and how it stuttered at his reveal. But his arms had slowly wrapped themselves around your form and you couldn’t find it within you to push him away.
“Really?” you asked needily, needing the confirmation.
He hummed, “I would do anything for you.”
“I think I’ve been in love with you too,” you admitted as well. You suddenly shoved against him. “It was you,” you accused.
“Hmm,” muttered Taehyung, instantly knowing what you had meant, “I can’t help it if I’m beautiful and you kept fantasizing about me while dating Dongbyun.”
Tumblr media
This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial - No Derivatives 4.0 International License
©OPALJM 2021
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lavienjin · a month ago
bigger & better | knj & kth
Tumblr media
synopsis: fuck your gigantic roommates. they should have known better than to put your favourite jam on the top most shelf.
Tumblr media
pairing: taehyung x reader & namjoon x reader
wc: 2.9k
rating/genre/au: 18+ | roommates, threesome au | smut
warnings: pwp • threesome • size kink • oral (m. & f. receiving) • face fuck • deep throat • dirty talk • impact play • manhandling • name calling (whore, slut) • hair pulling • spitting • cum swallowing • unprotected sex • creampie • aftercare • these two have big cocks
author's note: well. this drabble grew legs and ran away from me. so, it got turned into a one shot. hope you have fun, anon!
m.list | ao3
Tumblr media
It all started because Taehyung decided it would be funny to place your favourite jam on the very top of the pantry shelf, knowing full well your arms can’t stretch that high up. Both him and Namjoon stand in the kitchen, suppressing their giggles as they watch your sad attempts to reach the elusive glass jar through a series of jumps.
“Will you giraffes come help me already?” you huff impatiently at your two roommates, turning around to cross your arms in front of your chest.
This only erupts a series of laughter from the boys. Taehyung grips the counter tightly to avoid falling to the floor as he clutches his stomach whereas Namjoon’s laughing so hard that there’s tears in his eyes, his mouth hanging open, though no sound comes out.
You scowl at the two clowns, rolling your eyes in exasperation before standing on your tip toes to reach the jam again. Muttering curses under your breath, you glare at the fully stocked wooden pantry, wondering if the shelves will break under your weight should you climb them in order to achieve your goal. Just as your toes touch the bottom shelf, a broad chest presses onto your back. You crank your neck to find Namjoon smirking down at you, his tongue swiping slowly across his plush, bottom lip.
“Let me help you with that, baby,” Namjoon smirks with a voice so low that you can’t suppress the shivers of electricity running down your spine. He stretches his hand and grabs the jar while purposefully grinding his hips on your ass. “There, is that all you need?”
You swallow. Your back is flooded with his warmth. Namjoon blows teasingly on your exposed neck, the cool breath against your blazing skin making you shiver, and the quiet whimper you release does not escape him.
“Are you cold? You’re shivering,” Taehyung murmurs with mock concern as he joins the two of you with a smirk of his own, effectively crowding you between their bodies and the wall.
Turning around to meet their heated gaze, your heart jumps to your throat as their towering figures look down at you, making you feel much smaller than you actually are.
You’re suddenly too aware at the scratchy feeling in your throat and you attempt to alleviate your thirst by swallowing another mouthful of spit. Gingerly, you trail your eyes from Taehyung’s smirk to his thick arms before moving on to Namjoon’s thighs, a strange sensation swirling in your abdomen when you realize that they’re doing the same – hungrily assessing you from where they stand.
Do they notice the hitch in your breathing? Can they hear the rapid thump of your heartbeat?
The air stills as the three statues study each other, breaths gradually getting heavier with each passing second. You wait patiently for someone to snap – for the telltale sign of a knife cutting the blanket of tension into strips.
Thankfully, you didn’t need to wait long. Namjoon wraps his thick arms around your waist and picks you up easily, handing the jar to a bewildered Taehyung, before dropping you on the dining table. He tilts your jaw upwards, his thumb swiping across your bottom lip before he eclipses it with his own. You moan into the kiss, your hands snaking up to tug at the strands of his hair as Namjoon strips you off your shorts and panties, grunting loudly when his fingers find your wet folds.
“No fair!” Taehyung pouts, slamming the jar on a nearby counter before he joins you, his large hands caressing your inner thighs.
Namjoon only chuckles, removing his fingers from your cunt to place it on your lips instead. “Open up, baby.”
You whine, obeying his command, tongue rolling out of your parted lips as you stare into his blown-out pupils. However, instead of stuffing his fingers in your awaiting mouth, Namjoon gathers up some saliva and spits in your mouth. Your eyes roll to the back of your head as he repeats the action, your cunt gushing out streams of arousal onto the table.
Taehyung whistles, his large hands opening your legs wider. “I didn’t know you were such a slut. You love being treated this way, huh?” he muses.
You’re unable to answer Taehyung’s tease, not when Namjoon pins you with such a satisfied gaze. “Let me see you swallow, baby,” he commands in a soft voice, tapping your chin lightly with a finger. With a simpering mewl, you close your mouth and swallow before opening back up to show Namjoon that you’ve obeyed.
“Good girl,” he praises with a smile.
Taehyung takes the opportunity to run his fingers over your folds, grunting softly when your hips jerk upwards to meet his touch. “So fucking sensitive,” he mutters under his breath. “When was the last time you got laid, huh?”
“Taehyu—mmph—” Your groans are cut off when Namjoon pushes his fingers into your mouth, letting you taste the saltiness of your arousal. You suck and lick the digits clean, tearily blinking up at Namjoon’s smirk.
“Oh, I can’t wait to fill this mouth with my cock. You’re a good girl, aren’t you? You can take it, right?” Namjoon takes your hand and drags it across his erection, chuckling quietly when your eyes widen at the feeling of his bulge. You gulp around his fingers, but despite your nervousness, you’re ready for the challenge.
Twisting at the waist, you claw at Namjoon’s sweatpants, pleading silently for him to remove them. “Impatient brat,” he mumbles, but he removes his pants along with his boxers, letting his cock spring free into the air.
Your mouth waters at the sight of his cock. It’s much longer than you’d imagine, with a prominent vein running along the left side.
“God, can this mouth even fit me?” he wonders before removing his digits from your mouth.
“One way to find out,” you rasp, giving him a cheeky smile.
Namjoon returns your grin with his own, pulling you gently towards him until your head slightly hangs from the edge of the table. Crouching slightly, he taps on your parted lips with his cock before inching in slowly.
“Fuuuck—” Namjoon grunts, removing himself from the warmth of your mouth before plunging back in. “I’m gonna train this throat so you can take me.”
Your nails sink into the wooden table below. You’re unable to breathe, not with his balls pressed up against your nose, but you hollow your cheekbones and attempt to relax as Namjoon pushes himself further inside.
“Swallow,” he commands with a hiss when his head brushes the back of your throat. After taking a few gulps of air, you do, relaxing your muscles while trying not to gag and choke around his length. Mercifully, Namjoon sinks in slowly, patiently moving in and out of your mouth until your throat gradually accommodates his size.
You twitch on the table, fingernails raking the wood, as you breathe through your nose.
“Whoa.” You hear Taehyung gasp in awe and the sound fills your chest with inexplicable pride. He spanks the inside of your thigh lightly as he snickers, “You’re really made to be a slut, huh? You look so sexy swallowing Namjoon whole, fuck!”
Taehyung presses circles into your clit, allowing you to relax as Namjoon begins to fuck your throat. Gingerly, Taehyung pushes a finger into your hole, hissing when you clench around his digit. Your walls flutter, already feeling so full when he adds another finger into your cunt. Your muffled moans are loud in the quiet kitchen and your voice only increases in volume as Taehyung alternates between scissoring motions and curling his fingers around the patch of nerves, making you lightheaded and seeing stars.
“Mmh—” you grunt, eyes falling shut.
“She’s so tight,” Namjoon mutters, shuddering slightly as he increases his pace. Finding purchase on your tits, he gropes them firmly, using your mounds as anchors while he ruts into your mouth. “Shit—I can see the outline of my cock when I fuck your throat.” He presses his fingers lightly around your neck, relishing at the bulge that appears every time he buries his dick inside.
From the other end of the table, you hear Taehyung removing his pants. He spits into his palm, coating his cock with his saliva before prodding your entrance with the tip. “Well, let’s see if your body can take two cocks at once,” he chuckles.
Taehyung’s large hands grip your waist to stop you from twitching as he pushes in gradually. Your walls are crowded with Taehyung’s cock and yet there seems to be more. Your screams turn into airy whines as you buck your hips at the stretch, inhaling deeply to force yourself to relax to avoid biting on Namjoon’s dick.
“Fuck, baby, your pussy is so tight. I don’t know if I can fit my whole dick in,” Taehyung hisses, pulling out from your pulsing cunt. He pushes your legs to open wider and tries again, but your tiny cunt only manages to swallow his tip before he pops out again.
“How about changing positions?” Namjoon suggests, removing himself from your throat. There’s a string of saliva connecting the tip of his dick to your lips.
You gasp, taking in large gulps of air as you sit up on the table. The two men wait until you’re no longer sputtering. “That’s a great idea,” you grin, though your voice is hoarse from overuse. “Let’s take it to the bed. My ass is getting sore from lying on this hard table.”
Namjoon helps you down from the table, but as soon as your toes touch the floor, your legs give out and you yelp when you tumble forwards. Thankfully, he’s ready to catch you and you smile gratefully at him.
“Well, since you can’t walk…” Taehyung mumbles as he gets closer.
Without another warning, he scoops you into his arms, slinging you carelessly over his shoulder. He laughs when you yelp, your palms hitting his back as you demand for him to put you down, but your words unfortunately fall on deaf ears.
“Relax,” he rumbles. “I’m not going to let you fall.”
True to his word, Taehyung doesn’t drop you as he covers the short distance to your bedroom with his long legs until he reaches the end of the bed. He drops you on the mattress then – your limbs flailing in the air for a moment before you hit the bed with an ‘oomph’.
“Taehyung!” you yell, glaring at the brunette, but he only chuckles, his strong hands already flipping you so you lay on your stomach.
“Hands and knees, baby, let’s do this right.” Taehyung pushes your ass cheeks apart to lick your folds before switching to broader strokes from your clit to your hole. His tongue laves at the entrance before his fingers take over and you could only moan – surrendering yourself to the feeling of Taehyung fucking you with his digits.
Namjoon appears moments later, claiming your lips once more as he settles on the pillows. When he pulls away, he grins before pushing your head down on his dick. “Make yourself useful, slut,” he chuckles, patting your cheeks with his fingers. You offer him a mischievous smirk before enveloping the tip with your lips.
“Ready for my cock?” Taehyung asks rhetorically, removing his tongue from your cunt to kneel. He glides his shaft along your folds, purposefully missing your entrance and bumping into your clit.
You shiver, trying to focus on sucking Namjoon’s cock, but when Taehyung continues to tease, you throw a glare behind your shoulder to complain. “Taehyung—come on! Don’t tease!” you pout, just before Namjoon growls and grabs a fistful of your hair.
“Sluts like you don’t get to make requests,” Namjoon grunts, shoving your head down as your nails dig into his thighs. “All you’re good for is taking dick.”
“God, you’re such a useless slut,” Taehyung chuckles. “She doesn’t even know how to properly please us.”
He punctuates the final word by driving his cock deep into your cunt. Taehyung wastes no time with languid strokes, immediately slamming into your cunt with a brutal pace. Despite Namjoon shoving his cock into your throat to remind you of your task at hand, you can only moan in pleasure, mouth no longer cooperating as you slobber all over his length. You whine loudly when Namjoon yanks you away from his dick by your hair. You had no time to prepare, barely screwing your eyes shut when you see Namjoon raising his hand in the air.
The sharp smack across your cheek causes you to whip your head to the side, but despite the sob and tears escaping from your eyes, what surprises you most is how much you loved it.
“Namjoon—” you moan, body shivering from the rough treatment.
“Shit—she got tighter—” Taehyung groans, driving his hips faster into your battered walls.
You grip the sheets tighter when Namjoon slaps your other cheek, the stinging pain forcing you to clench your teeth. When you crack your eyes open, Namjoon’s jaw is set; his tongue prodding the inside of his cheek.
“This filthy whore hasn’t learned. She’s too stupid to move her mouth when her cunt is filled with cock.” he smirks. Namjoon forces your mouth open with his thumb before he spits directly inside and you groan as you swallow his saliva down your throat.
“Not—ah—stupid,” you whine, relishing at the displeasure in his eyes. You hear Taehyung curse under his breath as your walls tighten around his cock. “Fuck—ah—Namjoon, please—I can be good. I promise,” you plead; voice sounding higher than usual.
“Well, prove it then. Use that mouth of yours to make me cum.”
Blinking tearily up at him, you pump his length several times before licking the tip, paying close attention to the underside of the head. You try to maintain your breathing as you fill your mouth with Namjoon’s cock, swallowing dutifully when he reaches the back of your throat. There’s a sudden drive to make him proud and you moan wantonly as you bob your head to match the rhythm from Taehyung’s thrusts.
“Fuck—that’s it— There’s my good girl.” Namjoon grunts. His hands maintain a firm grip around your skull and he aids your movements with a thrust of his hips.
You’re rocked back and forth between the two bodies, happily letting your roommates use your holes for their pleasure. The sloppy wet sounds of Taehyung drilling into your cunt and Namjoon fucking your throat causes the orgasm to build rapidly – the familiar string pulling taut in your abdomen. You moan loudly when Taehyung’s fingers find your clit, pressing figure eights onto the swollen bundle of nerves. The vibration from your voice makes Namjoon thrust up faster into your mouth, and before long, you feel the twitch of his cock as his breathing staggers.
“I’m gonna fucking cum—” Namjoon hisses, throwing his head on the pillows. “Make sure you drink it all, yeah?”
“Fuck—me too. I’m going to fill this cunt with my seed,” Taehyung gasps from behind.
You can only moan, tossed between their rapid pace as they seek out their pleasure.
“Shit—fuck—I’m cumming—" Taehyung groans, thick ropes of cum filling your tummy and painting your walls white.
Your head hums pleasantly in your skull when Taehyung lodges his cock deep into your cunt, his orgasm triggering your own as you’re tossed into the waves of pleasure. Taehyung’s grip around your hips tightens as you thrash on the sheets, the toe-curling orgasm making you groan loudly against Namjoon’s cock.
“Fuckfuckfuck—” Namjoon curses, shoving your head down as he cums. “Drink it all, baby, fuck—yes.”
You screw your eyes shut as you focus on swallowing the bitter liquid, occasionally mewling when Namjoon hits the back of your throat with his twitches. When you milk out the rest of his cum, you leave his cock and open your mouth wide, showing him the evidence – or lack thereof.
“Good girl,” Namjoon hums in between breaths. “Did my cum taste good, baby?”
You nod, body still shivering from the aftereffects of the orgasm as Taehyung thrusts languidly inside your cunt, massaging your hips with his large hands until his cock softens and slips out of you.
“Yeah, fuck, that was amazing, baby,” he agrees, kissing your back until he reaches your shoulder. “How are you feeling?”
“Sore,” you grumble, slumping onto the bed. Your body still twitches occasionally as you curl up on the sheets.
You feel a bounce in the mattress and shuffling of feet before a warm cloth is placed between your legs, wiping off the mess that’s surely oozing out of your hole. “Mmh—feels good,” you sigh gratefully.
Namjoon chuckles, leaving momentarily to toss the wet rag into the laundry hamper before kissing your forehead and settling next to you on the sheets.
Taehyung pulls you up and hands you a glass of water. You down the liquid instantly, whispering out a ‘thanks’ as you return the cup to his awaiting hand. He kisses your lips in response.
“So,” you pipe up, breaking the silence by smirking at the two men. “How about round two? I think it’s Joon’s turn to fuck me.”
Namjoon and Taehyung groan in unison.
“Is this your way of comparing our dick size?” the latter snorts while Namjoon drags a palm over his face before smirking.
Instead of answering, you wink.
thanks for joining the taglist (1/2): @thedarkwinterrose @somewhereofftheglobe @typicalgenzworld @nch327 @moonchild1 @kooafraid @syazkook @kookie-vuitton @tenmonthsjay @jimilter @hoseokstrashcan @imcompletelyok @sa1ntsuga @jungkookah-lover @vantxx95 @love2luvya-blog @nochuel @yoontaethings @kookieebangtan @Madamdoue @squeakymeekster @jkbabiey @jikookiekosmos @novilara @btsis7okay @sunflwrxclouds @taecal @fancycollectormoon @Starbrightday @chimmy-licious @outrofenty @codeinebelle @hey-youre-appreciated @sugaslittlekookies @fan-ati--c @bbangtanlove95 @ppeachyttae @taebae19 @ggukkieland @mellygallagher @greezenini @gukkmoans @Jimmeojimin @koolvrr @daggersandicedcoffee @doublebunnykoo @jamlessstars @shrimpmsg @mrcleanheichou @ysltae @etherealyoonkoo @unicornbabylover @majolittlemixgurl18 @Asifihaveaclue @ionasfeelings
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blushedarmybunny · a day ago
On the Same Page (series)| KTH
Tumblr media
✧ Pairing: kim Taehyung x fem reader
✧ Word count: 11.4k
✧ Genre: ANGST! and fluff too
✧ synopsis: y/n is happily married to one of the most famous kpop idols of all time, she has everything she needs and everything she ever wanted, fully content with her marriage she don't want anything to change.
Unfortunately, Taehyung is tired to pretend that he doesn’t want to have children yet. All the bts members had already become proud fathers, which only makes Taehyung longing for children even more strong, till this day he has concealed his true feelings for the woman that he loves with passion.
if he suggested starting a family, would she agree and make his wish come true? Or everything he ever built can crumble down like a house of cards? Could they be on the same page?
✧ a/n: Hello there! this is a completed series that I'm going to be updating pretty soon, it has angst, romance, cute romantic Tae, i hope that you could support my work and share it with friends! if you are going to repost in other site please ask permition and give credit the same goes if you want to adapt it to other fandom. :)
✧ Chapters: One, Two,
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inkedtae · 2 months ago
rotten angelcake ⇾ m.list [M]
Tumblr media
↳ banner/border by @sunshinejunghoseokie​​​
⌁ pairing; ceo!taehyung x curvy!reader (f.)
⌁ genre/rating; s2l, ceo au, sugar daddy au, slow burn-ish, smut, fluff, angst
⌁ summary; she’s as sweet as angelcake; he likes her honeyed rotten. this is a series of drabbles following the complicated relationship between a sugar baby, sugar daddy and his corruption kink.
⌁ warnings; mentions and depictions of vaping, mentions and consumption of alcohol, taehyung has a corruption kink, mullet!taehyung (yes, bestie this is a fucking warning), dom!taehyung, daddy!taehyung, ass enthusiast!taehyung, sub!reader, brat!reader, virgin!reader, unprotected sex... other warnings to be disclosed before each chapter.
⌁ status; ongoing
⌁ le playlist 
Tumblr media
i. art gallery | 13k | 
taehyung’s generosity does not begin and end with money. it is something else entirely when his diamond rings scratch between your legs.
Tumblr media
ii. research and development | 6.6k | 
taehyung never plays around when it comes to business. he just loves playing with you.
Tumblr media
iii. the geraldson residence | 8.8k | 
you run your mouth too much. now your ass gets it. 
Tumblr media
iv. d-d-d-dim sum | 9k | 
you’re not feeling well tonight. but being with taehyung always makes things better.
Tumblr media
v. marco polo | 4.2k | 
you run into someone you no longer belong to. taehyung still thinks you need reminding.
Tumblr media
vi. buzz off | 4.1k | 
taehyung sends you a gift. you call him for help.
Tumblr media
vii. lunch break | 7.6k | 
 unresolved tensions linger. taehyung tears them apart.
Tumblr media
viii. roadtrip | 7.7k |
you keep yourselves entertained on a long car ride to the Kims.
Tumblr media
ix. daegu | 5k | DEFERRED
your first night at the Kims does not go as expected.
Tumblr media
x. thanksgiving | 5k | DEFERRED
Tumblr media
xi. halloween | 5k | DEFERRED
Tumblr media
ও let me ease your curiosities ~ fqa
how long is this series?
your guess is as good as mine. 
when will you update?
whenever i am inspired and have the time. 
how are you going to juggle three series?
no idea. i have decided to follow inspiration rather than a schedule.  
is this an interactive drabble series?
in some ways, yes. you can request what you would like to see from the couple here. If it does not a) go against their character arches or b) go against the story timeline, i will try to write a drabble for it. 
Tumblr media
note; please do not leave hate towards me or any other readers. please do not copy, repost, or translate any of my work without my permission.
Tumblr media
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moonchild1 · 4 months ago
kim taehyung fic rec list (Ⅰ)
Tumblr media
hi guys :) here's a list of all my favourite taehyung fics ♡ a few came from the main list but I thought I'd just add them to this one since this list is dedicated only to taehyung fics and I'm going to be making a navigation page so I figured it would look cleaner if I added them all to one list also part 2 is coming soon I'm just doing my final checks so it should be out within this week... enjoy the fics they are amazing and please show the writers and their blogs love and support ♡ feel free to recommend me some fics as well I would love to hear from you 😊🖤
s- smut a- angst f- fluff ❣- ultimate favourite
Scum’s Wish by @scriptmin s a ft. Jungkook  ❣
The hush series by @suga-kookiemonster s ft. Jungkook  
begin again by @kookiestarlight f s a (dad au exes au) ❣
backstage secrecy by @taegularities s (established relationship au) 
songs about you: rhapsody by @taegularities f s a (friends with benefits au)
A human touch by @snackhobi f s a (android au) ❣
betting on you by @kpoptart216 f a ❣
everythingoes by @jamaisjoons lots of a, s and barely f (fuck boy tae cheating) ft. Jungkook ❣
house of cards by @aiimaginesbts f s a (infidelity) ft. Jungkook ❣
cloud nine by @xpeachesncream f s a (husband au) 
perfectly wrong by @xpeachesncream f s a (college au fuckboy tae) ❣
restart by @xpeachesncream f s a (established relationship au) ❣
Bad word by @personasintro f s (dilf taehyung)
play to win by @jjkthclub s (rivals au) ❣
it's definitely you by @swcetnight f s a (strangers to lovers au) ❣
maybe i do by @chateautae f s a (arranged marriage au strangers to lovers au) ❣
champagne problems by @monvante s a (best friends to lovers au)
fix a heart by @monvante a (medical au single parent au) ft. Ex yoongi
home by @ttttaehyungie f (Dad tae established relationship au)
subway surfers by @beeisaway f s a
Beauty by @jananakookie f s a (single dad strangers to lovers au) ft. Jimin
Are we there yet? by @burberryplaid f (road trip au idol au)
childhood promises by @sweet-writings f a (childhood friends au)
I hate you, I love you by @borathae f s a (arranged marriage au enemies to lovers au) ft. Jungkook ❣
Cheater by @personasintro s a
nip it in the bud by @opaljm s (tattoo artist tae)
good luck charm by @gukyi f a (unrequited love au friends to lovers au roommates au) ❣
on the 6am train by @bangtan-madi f a (unrequited love au pinning au) ❣
you by @full-of-jams a
me by @full-of-jams a
us by @full-of-jams a
caught in the crossfire by @taleasnewastime (18+ assassin au strangers to lovers au)
Love Isn’t a Science by @baepsaesbae s a (enemies to lovers au college au)
stories that never were by @jhsbrat (fuck boy tae)
love me or we both go down by @gukyi f s a (enemies to lovers au arranged marriage au)
four weeks by @gukyi f a (enemies to lovers au roommates au college au)
heart is where the home is by @gukyi f s (airport au)
backseat serenade by @jungkxook s (brother's best friend au band au) ❣
Paper cranes by @aquaminwrites f s a (best friends to lovers au college au) ❣
the bedtime contract by @rosaetae f a (roommate au)
Not her by @scribbling-my-thoughts a
dilf! taehyung by @taesinferno f s  ❣
your eyes tell by @taesinferno f s a (royalty au) ❣
heatwave by @curly-bangtan s a (roommate au friends to lovers au)
shelter by @btssmutgalore f s a
selfish by @jeonsweetpea s a (best friend tae college au) ❣
bittersweet goodbyes by @mercurygguk s a (break up au)
To the moon and back by @yeojaa f s a ft. Jungkook
Dear no one by @yeojaa a (infidelity au)
Change by @junghelioseok f s a ft. Boyfriend Jungkook ❣
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chateautae · 2 months ago
guns & roses | kth. (m)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
banner by my lovely ryen @kithtaehyung 
Tumblr media
“can't see when I'm fallin', losing myself, but then I hear you calling..”
➵ summary : he was cold-blooded, stone-faced and ruthless; a formidable force anyone in the criminal underworld sought to destroy. and he didn’t care, so long as it was never you.. anything but you.
➵ pairing : mafia leader!taehyung x f. reader
➵ genre : mafia!au, established relationship!au, fluff, smut
➵ rating : 18+
➵ word count : 9k
➵ warnings : depictions of blood, injury and violence, use of guns, swearing, use of degrading language (not by tae), heavy making out, petting, marking, breast/nipple play, passionate pussy-eating, biting, big dick!tae, soft dom!tae, praising, unprotected sex (y’all know better), missionary, stomach bulging, slow/emotional sex, brief male masturbation, cum play, cum tasting, multiple orgasms 
➵ a/n : thank you to my lovely @inkedtae bee for helping me with this fic and beta-ing, along with wifey @hantaev for beta-ing 🥰 this fic is a request from an anon that wanted to see a cold, ruthless mafia leader tae that’s only soft for his girl, so heres my take on the idea, I hope it delivers well <3 (as always, save rini for the sex xoxo)
➵ playlist : “there you are” by zayn, “meet me in amsterdam” by rini
Tumblr media
The room is opulent, and remains decorated with the finest of antiques, draping walls and shelves alike. The interior is pristine, classy in its look though screams sophisticated in its value. The desk is organized, impeccably crafted to perfection by craftsmanship possibly raved about for generations. The hardwood floors are a dark mahogany, reflecting the light of the exuberant chandelier that dangles above, crystals spilling into delicate tendrils. 
It would’ve been the most beautiful, refined study within a mansion, dazzling with exorbitant luster and shine.
If it weren’t for the spattered blood that littered the Armorial rug. 
Taehyung lands another cruel right hook across the sucker’s face, dirtying his own ripped up knuckles once again. “Spit it out, fucking Serpent.” 
“I ain’t telling you shit, Wolf.” 
Taehyung wets his bottom lip with impatience, brows in a hard line as he pinches the bridge of his nose, before swinging another brutal punch to the man’s bleeding cheek. He harshly grapples onto the man’s hair, forcing him to look him in the eye, his own blanketed with crimson anger. “How about we make a deal, yeah?” Taehyung’s tone is condescending, dripping with saccharine falsity as he sneers. “I’m gonna give you five seconds to tell me who sent you, or I’m kicking your spleen open.” 
 “I said I ain’t-” 
The man’s pained grunt sounds as Taehyung drives his knee into his gut, his trained strength granting him enough power to double the man over, only the tied rope holding him captive to his seat. Taehyung laughs watching the victim writhe. “Shit, my bad. That wasn’t five seconds, huh?” 
The man spits out blood with a cough. “Fucking lunatic.”
 “I’d be less of a lunatic if you told me who sent you, Serpent.” Taehyung clenches his fist as he stretches open his ruined knuckles. With vacant eyes, he peers down at the sorry-assed man in front of him, his glare sharp enough to cut diamonds. 
 “Wonder what’s got your panties in a twist, Wolf.” The man chuckles dryly, reeling from the violent hits he took. “Couldn’t-” a cough, “be the girl, could it?” 
Taehyung stiffens for half a second, lips pursing together minutely before he’s calm, painting his expression over with impenetrable bleakness, and it’s hard to tell he harbours a single emotion. But when the man before him sees the way he swallows at the mention of a girl, a scheming smile frames his bloodied lips. 
“A girl.. a fucking whore has you this worked up, Wolf?” 
Taehyung tries to drown it out, taking a deep, composing breath to control his anger, focusing on the task at hand. “Who the fuck sent you, Serpent.” 
“That don’t matter too much, Wolf. Once I saw how hot the girl was all I could think about was ripping her dress open. Wonder what’d she look like underneath me, screaming on all fours when I-” 
Taehyung pulls out the gun from the back of his belt, leaning over and resting a hand on the chair’s armrest, barrel of his Glock atop the man’s knee snuggly. He twitches at the touch of a gun and the sheer emptiness in Taehyung’s dark eyes, near blackholes without mercy while slowly clicking off the safety. “I asked.. who the fuck sent you, Serpent.” He tone is edged with condescension. “You better answer quickly before there’s a gaping hole in your knee.” 
Another dry laugh spills from the man, hooded eyes peering up at Taehyung. “I ain’t scared of no gun, Wolf, but wanna know what’s funny?” 
Taehyung only clutches the gun in response until his knuckles are splitting open again, jaw locked with permanent anger.
The man scoffs, bloodied smile on full display. “I’m the one that’s got a gun to me, but you’re the one quaking in your boots.”
Taehyung grinds his teeth together, eyes flaring red as he stares with ice cold rage. “Why the fuck would I be quaking in my boots, Serpent?” Taehyung’s finger grazes over the trigger, using every ounce of his being to hold off on shooting the bastard.
The man laughs to himself again, blood and saliva flowing freely from his split mouth. “I don’t know, Wolf, you’re lookin’ a little scared there.” There’s a pause, Taehyung trying to keep his angered breathing leveled. 
Until he’s given a reason not to. 
“Scared we found where you keep your little Red?”
Taehyung’s heart lurches in his chest, biting down fiercely on his jaw. He clenches the armrest, grasping the handle of his Glock with so much force he’s sure he could’ve bent the metal. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 
“Really, Wolf? You’ve forgotten all about your girl, Y/N during this coup?” Taehyung takes a difficult breath before he’s schooling himself, the odd sensation of fear coursing through his veins once he contemplates the terrifying possibility. 
They couldn’t have found her. How does he even know her real name? 
But Taehyung plays it cool, eyes a formidable shade. “Tell me who the fuck sent you after her, or you’re not walking out of this alive.” 
The man tsks, shaking his head with mock disapproval. “You was a lot stronger than this, Wolf. Didn’t know a little whore could have you wrapped around her damn finger instead of the barrel of a gun. Ya losing-” 
Taehyung grows fed up and shoots a 9mm through the man’s knee. His screams of agony fill the study, but it’s a sound Taehyung’s desensitized to, maybe even enjoys. “Either you fucking bleed out or I make your death easy, tell me who the fuck sent you.” 
“Nobody, Wolf. But you better run and check if your little Red’s still alive. Ain’t no telling what they’ll do to her body before she’s a goner.” 
Taehyung laughs dryly, head dipping for the chuckle before he’s pushing the barrel of the gun into the man’s gaping, gushing wound, his incessant writhing and hollers of pain piercing the air, but it only makes the man babble on. 
“Wolf, ya wasting your.. time. You really gonna.. kill me instead of running back to your girl?” The man coughs and pants, attempting to manage the pain Taehyung drives into him. “You don’t know if they’re already inside the house, maybe got her pinned down and beat up while she screams for you-” 
Taehyung pulls the trigger, a single, finalizing headshot released from the Glock. His finger abandons the trigger, slowly lowering the gun as his dark eyes blanket over with an opaque, ominous curtain, desolation in his irises. 
“Get every one of his men.” Taehyung instructed, his tone utterly flat. “My team, to my home, this instant.” 
“Sir, we still have-”
“I don’t care, every one of my personnel goes to my house. The rest sweep the place.” 
“Of course, Sir.” One of Taehyung’s lackey’s he can’t recall the name of salutes him, but he can’t really see it as his empty eyes plot the murders of at least a hundred different people. 
“And if any one of you manage to fuck it up, I’m putting a bullet through your skull.” Taehyung instructs firmly before he’s off, cleaning his bloodied gun, brows drawn together in festering, though controlled anger. The gun is slipped into the hands of one of his guards, similarly the dirtied cloth as he approaches a quite burly man, tone cold and icy. 
“Jungkook, drive me home.” Taehyung directs, middle and index finger swiping  blood from his cheek. 
“Which one, sir?” 
There’s a pause, Taehyung clenching his jaw once he truly wraps his head around the dire situation. 
“To her.” 
Tumblr media
Taehyung’s foot meets the ground, eyes frantically searching the rather barren area as he checks for signs of break-in, struggle, you. 
“Are we sure no one was able to penetrate the security system?” Taehyung absent-mindedly queries someone. 
“No sir, all entry points are still intact.”
But Taehyung feels something’s not right, and it bothers him incessantly. He’s not one to worry at all, in fact, Taehyung never once worried in his life before he met you. But you were indefinitely a part of him now, his one and only weakness.
“Check the perimeters and watch out for Rose, I’m going inside.”
“Yes, sir.”
Taehyung lightly jogs towards his home, sweeping around with his eyes as calmly as he can, though his heart hammers with unusual trepidation.
Where is she?
He busts open the front door, piling in with a gun ready to punish though is only met by a forlorn home. He steps inside mindfully, traversing the first floor and coming up alarmingly cold. Taehyung kisses his teeth with frustration, the mansion neat and tidy but without you in sight, causing him to begin searching the house in a frenzy.
He checks every room desperately, every area his grand manor has to offer; and it’s as though every step he takes, every painful second he spends without spotting you, his heart drops further into the pit of his stomach. Everything is just so intact, perfect and flawless, as though you hadn’t even been living here at all. 
And it’s eerily disturbing. 
It irks Taehyung, leaves the rare feeling of anxiety to bubble in his chest, fester into a wound he didn’t know could make him bleed like this, feel like this. 
He bursts into the room you both share, finding your Alaskan king-sized bed empty, the silk sheets in perfect array with the French, balcony doors only slightly ajar, calling Taehyung’s immediate attention. He rushes out onto the marble platform, the night air cool to his skin though he feels clammy with the heat of his trembling heart.
He whips his keen vision around in every direction for the familiar colour of your hair, the distinct scent of your perfume, the ends of your white robe; anything that would tell him it was you, that you were okay. 
Taehyung lets out an irritated grunt as he scavenges for his phone, considering his distressing options here. He shouldn’t call you, if something possibly harmful did happen to you your phone must’ve been swiped, or you’re in a situation where if your phone rings you could be royally fucked. 
But maybe the perpetrators are waiting for Taehyung to call you, and thus begin a classic rundown of an agonizing hostage situation. Taehyung’s heart beats profusely considering that. 
He doesn’t believe in God, and yet he found himself praying to a higher power for your safety. Boiling acid crawls up his throat once he contemplates if you aren’t, plotting the blood he’ll hunt for if there’s even a scratch on you, any speck of dirt upon your empyrean skin. 
Intaking a deep breath, he collects his frazzled brain, and composedly clicks the contact of his right hand man. 
Though funnily enough, Park Jimin’s name flashes on his phone screen just before he taps, answering right away. “Jimin, hello? What the fuck happened-” 
“We have her, Tae, come outside.”
Taehyung doesn’t utter a word, shutting his phone off and bolting through his home and out the door. He’s welcomed by a myriad of black Escalades pulling up into the front of his manor, turning the usual crescent around the plentiful garden of roses his homefront offers. 
His concerned eyes speedily sweep over the cars, watching his friend Jimin vacate a particular one on the right, to which Taehyung immediately questions him. “Jimin, where is she-” 
But within the smallest frame of time, Taehyung didn’t need to say anything. The same car’s back door is swung open, and it’s as though every second this meek universe has to offer was stopped. Every cell in Taehyung’s body relaxes, his heart feels instantaneously lighter, the abysmal parts of him are illuminated and not a single line of poetry could describe the peace he felt within his tainted soul. 
His eager eyes catch a glimpse of your hair, those luscious strands he adored running his fingers through when you fell asleep against his chest. Then it was your usual night wear, that ivory, silk tank top and shorts with your flowy white robe, appearing to Taehyung as his very own angel. 
Lastly, it was the telltale, endearing red bow you always wore in your hair, Taehyung’s eyes having the extraordinary audacity to become glassy. Your slippered foot meets the cobblestone underneath you, Taehyung watching you turn to Jimin to speak momentarily. All he could do in that grateful second was thank the Heavens—whatever superior power above—to be able to see you and your gorgeous face again. 
He then sees your charming, lovable smile, an image he once didn’t know could bring him such joy, solitude. Then, it’s the cute way you stumble a bit, always a little clumsy when you’re too sweetly excited and Taehyung can’t help but laugh. Then, the way you abandon any and everyone around you, only rushing towards Taehyung with what he could tell are eyes that have cried, but they appear so happy looking at him, as though he’s your everything as much as you are his. 
All Taehyung’s left to do is hold out his arms, big and wide, waiting for you with a hint of a content smile on his face, but his heart pounds ardently in his chest, and his soul feels celestial, destined to be part of this very moment with you. 
You come hurtling into Taehyung, not paying mind to a single surrounding as you leap into his outstretched arms, legs grappling around him as he effortlessly catches and squeezes you tightly. You squeeze him back harder, burying your face into his warm neck with a hand snug in his hair, engulfed by his piney cologne. 
“Taehyung..” You call him breathlessly, feeling the urgent need to make sure he’s real, that he’s right before you and he’s okay. 
Taehyung releases a deep breath, finding a home in your scent, sheer relief in your touch, warmth in your presence. A hand of his cradles the back of your head desperately, his other clutching your waist so tightly Taehyung was afraid you may disappear, as though you were mirage in a lucid dream. 
“There you are,” Taehyung whispers, squeezing his eyes shut as he holds you dearly, unlike anything he’s ever held his entire life, and his voice uncharacteristically breaks. “There you are.” 
“I’m here, Taehyung, I’m here.” You repeated to him, tone thick with emotion as you both cuddled each other indefinitely close. Taehyung puts space between you then, running his injured hand over some wisps of your hair and cheek, worried eyes scanning your every feature. 
“Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?” 
“No, Tae. I’m fine, I’m fine.” Your face falters into his neck again as your tone wavers, winding your arms around him in almost a deadly hold and Taehyung has to chuckle a little. He’s too occupied with embracing you when your small world is interrupted by Jimin approaching. 
“We got her out in time, right before anybody could even make it past the county line.” 
Taehyung releases an assured breath, cradling you like you were his most precious wish come true; not a single doubt in his mind that you really were.
“She wasn’t hurt, and I think this house is still safe for her. We got rid of anyone that even made it close to the boundary.” Taehyung nods to Jimin, stroking your back affectionately as he clutches you with his life, his eyes flitting to his friend. “Thank you, Jimin, seriously.” 
“Never sweat it, Tae. You know how much Rose means to the rest of us, too.” That’s when you shift your head so your cheek rests daintily against Taehyung’s shoulder, glassy eyes finding Jimin with the utmost gratitude. 
“Thank you for getting me out, Jimin.” 
Jimin simply salutes you both, signaling his departure and Taehyung returns a courteous nod, silently bidding each other farewell. You lift off Taehyung’s shoulder and watch his personnel pile back into their cars, confusing you. 
“Tae, what about security inside our house?” 
“Not today, Rose.” He answers, beckoning you to look at him, and you find his eyes an unusually soft, calm colour. “I want you to myself tonight.” 
Your chest fills with warmth, hands resting comfortably on his neck as one glides through his soft, raven tresses of hair, nibbling on your lip. 
It was always the eye contact with Taehyung that left you breathless. Always searing, palpable, tense. Most of your relationship in the beginning was Taehyung’s disappointment in your struggle to meet his gaze. Though how could you when Taehyung didn’t just look? 
He glares, intimidatingly so. There was always a mysterious curtain that blanketed his eyes, those coffee orbs hidden behind dark locks of pitch-black hair. It’s as though Taehyung looks down on you, as would any man who led the most lucrative, notorious syndicate of crime in this city. 
Taehyung was immaculate, undefeated in his position as a notorious mafia leader.
It truly was an initial hurdle that may have caused its unique problems, its tumultuous ups and down; though the warm, irrevocable relationship that bloomed from such a dark, ugly place between you two was beautiful.
And most of all, it had granted the timely opportunity to whisk away that opaque curtain concealing Taehyung’s gorgeous, gorgeous eyes from you.
And what you had seen once you caught a genuine look at him? Peered into his mysterious soul through his gems of chocolate eyes?
You saw a man, simple as that.
Not the vicious Wolf everyone in the criminal underworld had coined him, not the ruthless, cold-blooded killer, not the heartless, emotionless sociopath. You saw a man. A man who lived, breathed and loved just like any other.
Even now, as Taehyung gazes at you, encases you dearly and thumbs a strand of stray hair away from your eyelash, you don’t mind the blood that stains his collar, the callous, beat up condition of his knuckles or the bleak emptiness of his eyes. Because he was Taehyung, a man who was simply trying to make it by, a man that was brave enough to allow you into his reticent heart, let you be his Achilles heel, his kryptonite, the one and only weakness his heart so immensely desired to protect with his entire being.
“Let’s go inside,” Taehyung says, flashing you that signature hint of a smile he always gave you.
You grin back, leaning forward and gently connecting your forehead with his, lightly nodding. “Mm.”
Taehyung shuts the door behind you two softly, soaking in this all-encompassing feeling of having you in his arms. He doesn’t bring you down to the floor, only cradles you to him like you’re his precious baby. Your eyes implore him to kiss you, and he does so without hesitation. 
This definitely isn’t the first time you and Taehyung have kissed, but something about the zealous press of his lips this time, the way his mouth works against yours in a tender, loving rhythm causes your heart to hammer against your ribcage. You breathe in his kiss, a hand curled around his neck as the other delicately holds his cheek, savouring the kiss in all its enchantment as he encloses you tightly. 
He parts from your lips, touching foreheads and shutting his eyes as though his mind is running an agonizing marathon, intaking a deep, worried breath. 
“I thought something happened,” he manages to get out. “I was... so close to getting it out of him and he said your name.. your real name and I-” 
It’s a rare sight, seeing Taehyung unable to speak, squeezing his eyes so firmly closed you knew there must’ve been deep pain, emotion, something tugging at his heart strings so profusely. You instantly brought your lips inches before his, whispering hushes to him as you grasp his jaw, soothing away his worrisome thoughts. “Shh, Tae. I’m okay.. it’s okay.” 
“I don’t know what I’d do..” Taehyung’s voice becomes thick, tone heavy with wistful emotion as his once shut, swirling eyes meet yours. “I don’t know what I’d do if anything happened to you.” 
Your heart does a somersault, feeling an instant wave of love wash over you, and you lunge immediately for his kiss. Taehyung’s arms squeeze you even tighter, feeling his feet carry you both towards your grand staircase without gaining a second off each other’s mouths. 
Kisses that feel infinite, feel fiery and yet soft as snow, revolutionary and yet as quaint as this moment together. That’s what kissing Taehyung feels like. Even if everyone warned you he was an unforgiving murderer, a cold-blooded killer without a heart or a single emotion within his battered soul, it was laughable that when you touched him, all you could ever feel was the immense heat that radiated off his body. 
When you pressed your hand to his heart, you could feel it beating loudly where it was once believed he didn’t possess one at all. And even if you knew the blood on his collar was not his own, but the brutal remnants of whatever damage he’d incurred on a victim, you didn’t allow it to deter you. Because you knew he wasn’t emotionless, nor cold-blooded nor without a heart; he was a man. A man who loves you deeply, and would sacrifice any asset, riches or opportunity in the world to love you for the rest of his life. 
That’s who Taehyung is, a man that guards himself with mighty, iron walls in order to protect his broken heart, though loves ardently when he opens himself up, his devotion as deep as the ocean. 
Taehyung softly places you on your shared bed, seating you like the finest of jewelry against the edge. Your lips finally disconnect, Taehyung trailing his them down your jaw for sweet kisses, skimming over your pulse point that’s so incredibly sensitive, you twitch when he lightly sucks at his searing leisure. 
You moan indulgently when you feel his tongue lick your skin, biting your bottom lip to silence yourself, but his enrapturing effect on you is something you could never deter. “Taehyung..”
He moans against you, quacking your very insides and your hands can’t help but weave into his soft hair. He sucks a dark, plum-coloured hickey onto your neck as you whimper, the only marks he desires to see on your body of his own loving creation. 
He passes over your collarbones and meets the v-line of your nightgown, your chest instinctively jutting forward for his lips, and he flashes you a charming grin as he breathes a puff of hot air against your skin. You lightly keen your head to the side with a sigh, never having known you were this needy for Taehyung. “Tae.. what’re you doing?” 
“I love you.” Is all he says, hands situated on your arms he holds softly as he presses his lips to your bare sternum. Your toes become restless, Taehyung thumbing away your flimsy robe until it’s casted off, abandoning the piece somewhere. 
Taehyung doesn’t bother removing your nightgown at all, so enamoured, mesmerized by your needy little noises, he yearns to tease more out of you. He latches his mouth onto a nipple through your silk gown, igniting the second you feel the tip of his tongue poke your sensitive nub. 
You gasp, hooking a hand onto the sheets below you as the other slithers through his locks, tugging at your expense to manage your arousal. “Fuck.. Tae.”
Your chest can’t help but explode, hearing your real name from his lips is a rare, joyous occasion. He continues licking at your nipple, soaking your garment as his palms curl around your ribcage and knead your breasts, contently suckling your body as his very own temple. 
You attempt to mask a moan, only failing when Taehyung presses kisses down your stomach and abdomen, kneeling on the ground before you as his lust-filled, soul-snatching eyes shoot up at you, maintaining eye contact that delectably churns your insides. Taehyung clasps the ends of your gown, hiking it up your thighs and over your body, raising your arms as he carefully sheds the item off you, face to face once he bares your body. 
His charmed eyes soak you in, wetting his bottom lip as he takes his time admiring you, flashing up to your warm cheeks and flustered eyes. “You’re so beautiful.” 
Taehyung isn’t a man of many words, but when he does speak, it’s always hard-hitting, meaningful, and leaves an impact on whomever he speaks to. Maybe that’s why your heart soars, your chest constricts pleasurably and your stomach floods with butterflies, because Taehyung didn’t need to say much of anything to feel his warm, warm love. 
So when he did in fact say something, you knew he meant it with his beating heart. 
You smile, watching Taehyung watch you intently, with his undivided attention. His lips descend to your bare abdomen this time to press gentle kisses, reeling when he pecks your pelvis and his fingers hook onto the band of your underwear. You peer at him below, legs dangling off the bed as Taehyung seductively, temptingly tugs your underwear down your legs, ensuring his bewitching eyes never leave yours, and drink up every reaction he gets out of you. 
Your underwear pools at your ankles and he removes them carefully, casting them aside as his rough, injured hands slide over your supple thighs, hitching your breath as you squirm. Taehyung’s line of sight remains locked on you, curling his palms underneath your shins, bringing your leg before his mouth and pressing his plush lips against your fiery skin. 
He lays considerate, slow kisses up one leg, transforming into jelly once he invades your inner thighs and has the audacity to jut his tongue out, licking your sensitive skin. You jolt impatiently, feeling him approach your core so closely, before he pulls away to provide the same attention to your other leg. 
He pecks up your opposite leg once again, indulging in the heavenly pleasure his lips supply until he’s dragging his plushy, pink petals over your knee and across your thigh, shivering when he adds tongue. Taehyung suckles for however long—you can’t remember, only recalling the fucked out haze that clouds your mind as you clamp down on your lip to shut yourself up. 
But a harsh suck to your inner thigh pries your mouth wide open. “Tae-ah!” 
“Make noise, Rose. I wanna hear you.” 
Your pussy immediately floods with arousal as you whimper, Taehyung’s dark eyes glancing up at you while your legs and feet uselessly move around. That’s when he hooks his hands around the flesh of your thighs, hovering his mouth right above your sodden, leaking cunt that visibly pulses. He breathes against your folds and you jerk rapidly, the feeling too head-spinning to not keen. “Taehyung..”
He only responds with a side-kiss to your inner thigh, before he finally latches his hot mouth onto your leaking sex, eliciting the lewdest of sighs from you. 
“Fuck.. so gorgeous, Rose. The sweetest pussy.” Taehyung rasps in his deep timbre and you throw your head back, fingers weaving through the dark locks that cover his entrancing eyes as he begins mouthing your dripping cunt. He wraps his wet lips around your core, sucking so teasingly you whimper, shiver, tug at his locks, letting him relish in his deliberate fun as you focus solely on the wet sensations between your legs. “Nngh-Taehyung..” 
“Stay still, Ro,” he breathes against you, licking your pussy lips as you glance down between your thighs, and find the most gorgeous man’s face stuffed in you. “This is just the beginning,” 
Only earning a moment to moan, you’re interrupted when Taehyung props your legs onto his shoulders and tugs you forcefully forwards, pussy flush against his face. He shoves himself deeper into your heat. You moan pathetically as you practically fall back against the bed, landing on your weak elbows. “Tae-” 
But he shuts you right up when his tongue slobbers through your folds, eliciting the most pornographic noise you’ve made all night. Your breaths clip, not knowing what’s washed over Taehyung tonight, but something in his movements specifically scream desperation, need, desire. 
He devours your pussy as though it’s his own, which wasn’t far from the truth at all. His tongue works devilish figure eights and tantalizing patterns as he dares tickle your clit, unable to keep yourself silent nor still anymore. You want to clamp your legs shut around Taehyung’s head, but he only keeps you wide open, suckling on your little needy cunt like it was his favourite hobby. 
Then God, does he go to town on you. He releases you with lewd pop off your cunt only to catch his breath, and returns right away with a new lust-filled hunger that sweeps your veins. He tugs you back into place as he practically makes out with your cunt and eats up so much more of you, swallowing your pussy whole. He snakes the tip of his tongue into your entrance far enough your back collapses onto the bed, writhing as he supplies you deadly pleasure. 
He ruts himself against the edge of the bed, craving that friction he desires as your hips ride up against his face and lips, wetting them indefinitely with your oozing slick.
There were stars crackling behind your eyes, your mind is spiraling and your legs are shaking, orgasm bubbling so profusely at the bottom of your stomach you were going to snap any second. He feels cosmic, heavenly, astronomical as he eats you out till his heart’s content, and you can’t help but nearly scream as he blissfully abuses your pussy with his devil of a tongue.
“Taehyung, oh God- Taehyung.”
“I love you... shit. I love this pussy and you.” 
You're biting down on your hand to stop mewling, but you can’t even silence the loud noises as you bunch the sheets in your fist, the tension in your gut coiling so tightly you can’t take it anymore. 
“I’m gonna come, Tae, baby.” 
“So soon, sweetheart?” 
You’re too fucked out to even counter his jab, instead purposefully grinding against his face with a forceful rut and he laughs between your thighs, fingers fastening in his hair as you tug him closer. “Tae, don’t stop... I’m so close.” 
“Yeah? My petal’s close?” He goads you pleasurably, now sensually maneuvering his tongue over your pussy lips, licking you as though you were his favourite flavour of anything. “Wanna feel you come, Rose,” he coos, his own voice raspy as he moans against you and the sensation shakes your insides. “Cream my tongue with this pretty pussy, baby.” 
And it doesn’t take any further convincing for you to orgasm beautifully, a loud moan escaping you as your body shudders and spasms, Taehyung’s eyes flitting up to watch you release. He gently rocks you against his face to help ride out your high, tasting the sweet essence that coat’s his chin and lips. “So sweet, Y/N. Love tasting your cum.” 
You instinctively move to bat Taehyung away from your pussy, awaiting the oversensitivity from his wet muscle lapping at you, though it never comes. Taehyung instead is licking leisurely, soothingly through your wet pussy folds in a sensual rhythm that eases you, feeling blissful against your devoured cunt. 
Quiet moans escape you as Taehyung doesn’t rush, doesn’t hurry or go exponentially fast; he simply remains on his knees, letting you lie back and continues to eat out your palpitating pussy. Your eyes flash open to try and ground yourself, coming face to face with your balcony doors and never having picked up when it began to rain outside. The streams of water glide down the surface of pristine glass, and the light pitter-patter sounds calm you as you wind your hand into Taehyung’s hair, stroking him lovingly as he licks your cunt, as though he could do it for hours. 
And that’s exactly what Taehyung does. He eats you out for what feels like hours, ignoring every protest you made about how tired he must be from his troublesome day, how his injured hands must hurt and how he needs to breathe. Because instead, Taehyung wants to slowly, steadily lick at your pussy until your guts wind up and release like a toy, until your legs shake and your hips jerk into his face wantonly. Until all you’re left with are multiple orgasms while he hums in satisfaction each time, praising you as though you were his loving queen of a mighty kingdom. 
“Doing so good for me, Y/N.” He pants, lips stained with your essence and your thighs imbued with his bruises. “I love you.. So pretty when you come.” 
Every time he says those three words it ignites your soul, wondering truly, what’s gotten into him tonight. “Tae.. what’s.. Why are you doing this? I-” You squeal when he brings his fingers to play with your sex, his tongue already a lethal weapon. 
“I love you.. I just love you,” 
You fist his hair in your palm desperately as he pries open your thighs again, watching him groan in pleasure as his jaw flexes to swallow more. “I love you too, Tae-ah!” 
You lose your sanity when his tongue dips inside your hole so deeply, you pulsed violently for something to finally fill you up, gripping the sheets and Taehyung’s hair alike for leverage. “Tae.. inside me, please.” 
“Yeah?” He breathes against your core. “You want me inside?” 
“So badly, Tae.. I need you.” 
Taehyung doesn’t waste any time, finally releasing your core from his swollen lips, hands loosening their tight grip on your flesh. He presses a kiss to your abused clit before softly crawling over your fucked out figure, hands either side of your head as he gazes below. 
Sweat slicks your heated face, a strand of hair sticking to your cheek he removes delicately, treating you as though you were a desert rose. 
His desert rose. 
“Rose,” he whispers, catching his breath as his irises unusually swirl with emotion, and you have an inkling what may be causing all this. 
“Taehyung,” you whisper back, soft hands cupping his cheeks as you remain caged underneath him, admiring the glistening of his lips. “What happened, baby?” 
Taehyung intakes a breath, collecting himself as he catches his bottom lip between his teeth. It’s a sigh he releases then, shutting his shaken-up eyes as his forehead falls to yours, and he locks his jaw reminiscing. “Nothing I want to repeat.” 
Your eyes soften. “Tae..” 
“I just,” he swallows thickly, knee pressing into the mattress between your legs as he simply soaks you in, allowing himself a peaceful, reflective moment with you. “I just.. can’t lose you.. ever.”
It’s easy for your eyes to flood with tears, the sincerity, the raw emotion in his plea, something unforeseen to you. “You won’t, Tae.” You tell him, swiping the pad of your thumb over his plushy petals. “You never will, baby.” 
You could feel his heart thudding, feel the sheer worry radiating off his body in waves. It alarms you. Emotion this profound is too rare a sight for Taehyung. He’s the mafia leader of the Kim family; he was described to have been stoic since the day he was born, though it seemed when it came to you, his heart wasn’t so guarded after all. 
Taehyung doesn’t say a word, and merely connects his lips with yours. He kisses you as though he’s etching a promise into you, poking his tongue inside your mouth as you taste yourself on him, humming when you do. 
He disconnects, his eyes having no reason to abandon you. Yours falter to his attire, finding him fully clothed against your naked body. You glide your hands up his forearms and biceps, clasping the lapels of his Valentino suit jacket you fiddle with, eyes flitting up to Taehyung’s. 
He cracks a smile, admiring the way you bite your lips before he seats himself on the bed, and you rise from your position. You remove Taehyung’s coat, too shy to meet his gaze you know never falters from you. He’s always had the habit of staring, those sharp, cunning eyes having softened since you’d met him. 
His jacket hits the floor, and your hands move to his restrictive tie. You loosen the piece, pulling yourself closer to him by the thin, black fabric and unhooking it from around his neck, glancing at him to find an amused grin as he watches. Your breath is stolen from you the second you reach for a button of his, undoing one and unfortunately finding a wound on Taehyung that halts you. 
You swallow, worried eyes flickering to him but he only casts his pointer finger over his lips, hushing you. You challenge him, genuine concern seeping into your bones as you spot that bruise, but he only gently takes your stopped hands in his, and places them back on his shirt, nodding to you that it's okay to continue. 
You reluctantly unbutton them, his shirt opening and revealing to you a few more wounds that upsettingly plague his golden, silky smooth skin. You discard the shirt, allowing your hands to traverse his Statue of David body, to softly glide over his disheartening wounds and hope your gentle touch is enough to heal them. 
Taehyung watches you worry, your eyes threatening to spill the liquid that pools them, but you compose yourself, simply immersed in touching him. 
You finally reach the part of his body you treasured most. You fit your hand into the deep scar on the left side of his broad chest, the three, distinct claw marks of a wolf that always managed to evoke heavy emotion within you. You gently canvas over the scar, imbuing all the love you could in your single touch, even though more of your ardent love goes towards the tattoo that blooms from his sorrowful scar. 
Taehyung is a genius, you thought once you met him. Many things pointed towards him being so, however, it was perhaps this part of him that mesmerized you the most about his mind. Roses bloomed from his scar into majestic cascades of flowers, spangly vines that spread out from his chest and traveled down his one arm, decorating him beautifully. You always adored the few roses that poked up the side of his neck, peeking out from whatever suit or clothes he wore. 
It certainly wasn’t your first time viewing this masterpiece on his body, though each opportunity did in fact feel anew. Taehyung watches you admire like you always did, softly gliding your tender touch over such a dark, dark part of himself, and it felt as though you were the only light in his life. 
That thought alone awakens a sense of need, want inside of him, beckoning his mind, body and soul to love you for eternity, that he would always do so. 
Taehyung then wraps his palms around your wrists, removing your hands to pull you closer by your thighs. You climb over his clothed lap and settle over him, arms encircling his neck as Taehyung connects your lips, kissing you ardently. Your naked breasts fall against Taehyung’s warm chest, his sheltering arms pressing you into his body as he makes out with you shamelessly, swallowing your mouth whole as though he were driven insane.
His large hand splays in between your bare shoulder blades, the other cradling your waist as your tongue works into his mouth, and Taehyung invites you warmly. 
He lifts off the bed with you both then, maneuvering your entangled bodies to the pillows of your mattress. He gently places you down on the sheets, his kisses tender and sweet. Your head’s spinning, Taehyung’s kiss so heated and intoxicating you couldn’t help but get lost in his deep, deep ocean. 
He breaks away, standing by the edge of this bed as you catch the Godly view of him unbuckling his belt, the familiar sound of the metal clicking lighting your needy pussy on fire. Taehyung’s dress pants and boxers are removed, viewing his delicious length that springs free from its confines, and your insides immediately call for his presence inside you. 
He crawls over your body carefully, his gorgeous frame the only thing you can see as he hovers above, gazing into your eyes he didn’t know he could love so much. 
“Rose,” he breathes, his hand coming up to delicately cup your cheek. “My love.” 
“Taehyung.. I want you.” 
“I want you more.” He whispers, and your heart bursts, needing him this very second. The rain outside pitter-patters indefinitely, streams of droplets sounding against the doors as Taehyung dips to kiss you, curling his palm around his shaft that stands tall and proud. 
You immediately jut out your hand to remove his, replacing it with your own as you watch him intently above you, pumping his elongated, girthy cock. Taehyung keens immediately, groaning as you tuck his tip into your folds and wet his slit, using the slick to dampen his rock hard cock. 
His eyes are far from blown out now, breathing harshly as his body covers yours, the sound of the rain washing a calm, relaxing atmosphere over your paradise of a bedroom. Taehyung wraps his hand around yours, lining himself up with your entrance without words, because your connected eyes do all the talking for you. 
He pushes against your weeping hole with you, sheathing his flushed, red tip into your tight walls and he’s already groaning out into your neck as you gasp deeply. 
“Rose.. oh fuck.” 
Your nails dig into Taehyung’s back as your cunt flutters, the sheer size of him inside a large, girthy invasion. The sting begins to hurt more than it should, lightly pushing at Taehyung’s shoulder as you request him softly. “Tae, I-I need a minute..” Taehyung immediately stops moving, holding himself up as he patiently waits, refraining from fucking into you senselessly. 
He senses your warm, drenched walls struggling around him, and he dips down to sweetly kiss your forehead, finding your hands and weaving his fingers through against the sheets. He coos gently as he squeezes you tightly. “Take your time, my love. Relax for me.” 
You level your breathing, releasing the tension within your insides as your walls slowly open up, readying themselves for your seemingly heartless mafia leader boyfriend. His eyes search your features carefully and request permission, granting it to him with an assured nod. 
He works himself into you then, slowly, sensually. Inch by inch he considerably stuffs himself inside your beating cunt, the heat between your bodies flaming, palpable. Taehyung’s dark orbs flit between your face and where your bodies connect, speckling arousal within when he groans through impaling you. 
You throw your head back against the pillow as your back arches, restless while Taehyung’s cock doesn’t even make it to three fourths, and your eyes are squeezing shut too tightly. Taehyung leans down and brings his lips before your swollen petals, brushing them with his own as he searches for your gaze. 
“Rose, baby. Look at me.. eyes on me.” He softly encourages, your once closed eyes falling open and connecting with his, glassy as you attempt to make room for him. 
“That’s it, good girl.” Taehyung praises, squeezing your hands in his against the sheets as he sheaths his cock inside you. “You gotta breathe, baby.” 
You heed his advice and inhale, exhaling when you feel it’s most right. He presses gentle pecks to your lips as his eyes alone speak a million, endearing words, his proximity so heated and comforting, the tight grasp on your hands so intimate, feeling infinite. You focus solely on the shape of his cock inside you, invading your tight pussy so slowly you’re sure this is insanity. 
Taehyung breathes at a leveled pace, replicating it as he lays the smallest of kisses against your lips, whispering sweet nothings. “Doing so well, Ro. I know you can keep going.” 
You nod as your response, soaking him into your weeping walls until he bottoms out inside you. Taehyung lets out a deep grunt against you as you squeal in pleasure, clutching his hands ever-so tightly. He attempts to maintain his laboured breaths, the sheer tightness, the divine squeeze of your walls fluttering around his thick cock the very definition of paradise. 
“Fuck, Y/N.. the tightest pussy ever, shit.”
You moan, the sheer length, the girth of him inside eliciting pleasure to travel through your insides. Your nipples itch to touch his chest and you jolt off the sheets, bucking your hips into him. Taehyung’s mesmerized, trying to embed the feeling of your dripping cunt around him permanently into his brain. “Always so wet and warm, Rose, so fucking wet for me.”
And just when your lust-filled eyes meet his onyx, hungry ones, Taehyung slides your entangled hands above your head, carefully pulling out of your heat. He feels every inch of your walls clench around him so tightly, Taehyung softly fucks back in with an eager thrust. 
Your toes curl against the mattress as you shiver at the feeling, legs squirmy and faltering from Taehyung’s sides but he grows unsatisfied by that, abandoning a hand of yours to hoist your hips back up. They become flush with his, impaling you so, so deeply
“I need you here, baby.” He instructs, and your pussy may have exploded right there. 
His hand returned to yours, and Taehyung doesn’t waste time in setting a slow, deep pace of fucking into your sex. He relishes in each and every needy noise that escapes you. You shut your eyes and allow his dick inside you to become your delicious focal point, every unique feature of his that ensnares you. 
That one distinct vein underneath his shaft that scrapes your innards, the bulbous tip of his leaking cock that kisses your cervix whenever he drives himself deep enough, and every ridge and groove that challenges the spongy confines of your pussy. Taehyung does it all. 
The only thing that makes his thrust intoxicating, ravishing? He keeps it slow, slow and steady. Doesn’t speed up ridiculously and annihilate your pussy, doesn’t beat it up to the point in which you’re sobbing like anybody unfairly assuming his character would believe; Taehyung penetrates you unhurriedly, fucks so gently into you, you could tell now what he was attempting to do. 
“I love you,” he says as though he reads your mind, knowing Taehyung's intentions were to make love, to thrust into you sweetly and tenderly, to love each and every inch of you he gladly earned the privilege to call his. “I love you so much, you know that?” 
“I know, baby. I know.” You coo back, feeling the deep length of Taehyung’s heavenly cock as he rocks his hips into you.
“I can’t lose you, I never want to lose you.. Rose.” 
“You won’t, Tae.” You attempted to soothe him, staring into his eyes meaningfully as he fucked himself into your pulsing, soaking wet pussy
“I’ll do anything for you, Ro. You’re the only thing,” Taehyung takes a moment to grunt, stuffing himself so deep inside you, your hips grind up greedily for more. He groans deeply, and he gently maneuvers his dick inside you to glide against your plushy, engorged g-spot. You shudder, his voice dripping with emotion when he speaks. “You’re the only thing I love most in this world.” 
You tear up, something about the rain outside, the sensual, soft way he fucks you and tells you he loves you that tightly constricts your heart and guts. Your chest feels heated, your stomach full of his cock and your hands are entwined with his, spelling this special, cherishable moment with Taehyung one you’ll never forget. 
“I’d lay down my life, I don’t care.” Taehyung strangles a groan against your lips as he penetrates you particularly deep, eliciting your whiny moans. “Only for you, my Rose. Only you do this to me” 
“I don’t need anything,” his baritone voice whispers. “I just want you,” the low sound tumbles into your ear as Taehyung thrusts into you so deeply, so slowly you could feel every delectable inch of his throbbing length. “I love you more than anything.” 
His voice is so thick with sentiment it elicits your own, needing to see his face, to see the promise in his eyes for yourself. “I wanna see you, Tae.. please.” 
He complies, removing himself from your neck to stare into your shimmering eyes, squeezing his hands so tightly against the bed, Taehyung can only do the same back. “Y/N.. I don’t know what I’d do without you.. I love you.” 
The glassiness of his eyes do you in, your chest so full of love and adoration, it’s almost hard to breathe. Your body shifts up the bed in accordance with his fucks, savouring the pleasurable sting of his cock moving inside you, your chest arching into his each time he thrusts deliciously. “I love you more, Tae.” 
“No, never.” He instantly denies, stuffing you to the very brim of your pussy, you gasped for much needed air. “I’ll always love you more,” he breathes as his eyes implore you to believe him, shakily groaning as he maintains his arousal inside you. 
Taehyung presses his palm to your abdomen then, and softly swivels his cock around inside your fluttering cunt, feeling your soul leave your fucking body. “Tae.. oh, baby.”
“You feel that, Y/N? Can you feel me?” 
You nod incessantly, tears finally streaming down your face as his cock becomes your safe haven, your muse, your dream come true. Taehyung’s throaty sounds escape him beautifully as he dares push down on your stomach, truly, genuinely feeling every glorious inch of him.
He relishes in the tightness of your dripping sex, fucking into you with nothing but zealous love in his movements. “You mean everything to me, you know that?” 
You nod, sniffling as you moan lewdly, maintaining your palpable eye contact with him. “You mean everything to me too, Taehyung. I never want to lose you either.” 
“You won’t, sweetheart. You never will.” 
It rains and rains outside, ceaselessly and without pause, but the same could’ve been said about Taehyung. He continues to fuck you at a slow, delicious pace without stopping. You feel every divine sensation as your insides squeeze around him, feel your guts twist and your mind lose sanity. You’re wetter than the sea by now, your essence having made a mess of your pussy and glistening all over Taehyung’s damp, hard cock. 
“Faster, Taehyung. I can’t take this anymore.” 
“Yeah?” He rasps. “You want it faster?” 
You nod ridiculously, and Taehyung’s loving, sweet moments eventually melt into delirious, faster fucks that hit just the right spots inside you. His thrusts increase in perfect rhythm, finding the motion that rocks your fucking world and sends you to cloud nine. 
Taehyung effortlessly masters the damn coital alignment technique, angling himself upwards and his abdomen rubs against your engorged, weeping clit. You keen immediately, vision flitting between his hungry eyes and his cock sliding in and out of your gushing sex, truly wondering how his beast of a length fits inside you. 
“Oh God—Tae, holy fuck.” 
“Shit shit shit. Rose, Y/N..” Taehyung grunts uncontrollably, his thrusts now so untethered he’s senselessly fucking you out of your mind. “God, I can feel how much you’re squeezing me, holy fuck.” 
“Fuck me harder, Taehyung, on my fucking God—” 
“Jesus Christ, Y/N.. fuck.” He groans lewdly as his sweaty forehead falls against yours, your body rapidly shifting up the sheets with every thrust he pounds into you now, fucking you so deliciously you were seconds from coming undone. 
“Gonna come, Taehyung. I’m gonna—oh shit.”
Taehyung doesn’t waste a second when he collides his lips with yours, kissing you wildly as he hammers into your sweet pussy. “Yeah? My baby’s gonna come?” 
“Yes, Taehyung.. Please, I need you.” 
“Please what, Rose? What do you want from me?” 
You moan out as the pressure in your stomach builds, your guts twisting so tightly you were sure it was the reason you felt insane. Taehyung’s dick just feels so good; so full and delectable and like pure sin, it’s so fucking hard to keep quiet. Your hips buck into his with each monstrous thrust, fucking him back as much as possible, and you only drive Taehyung beyond insane. 
“Wanna come around your cock, Tae. Please.” 
“Then cream my cock, sweetheart.” He coos against your swollen lips, kissing in between his saccharine words. “Wanna feel my little petal come.” 
That’s when Taehyung fucks into you with vigor, with strength so hard your insides are driven to the precipice, feeling him hit your g-spot over and over and over again until you fiercely snap like a twig. You’re practically blinded by the orgasm that rips through your pathetic body, your walls incessantly fluttering around Taehyung’s cock as you trap him inside you. 
Your thighs shake terribly until you feel Taehyung stop inside you, letting go of your hands to soothe your hip and gently rock himself into you, cum adding weight to his balls.
“Wait,” you halt him. “Want you to come on me, Tae.” 
Taehyung’s eyebrows shoot up in surprise, panting as he manages his breath and a sheen of sweat adds a pretty glow to his dewy skin. “You want that, sweetheart? Like when I come all over and dirty my little flower?” 
You nod as a response, free hands now squirming against the sheets, restless as you wiggle your body to beckon him to your abdomen. Taehyung adores the needy sight, tonguing the inside of his cheek. “Such a dirty girl, aren’t you?” 
You bring your index finger to your mouth and bite down with a small grin, your angel-like innocence one of the many things Taehyung loves about you. He leans over to press a kiss to your pouty lips, shifting onto his knees and pulling out of your gushing sex, securing his cock in his fist. He begins pumping himself as you await him, the tempting sight before you too hot to remain still.
The image of Taehyung fucking into his hand above funnily causes arousal to spark within your stomach despite coming multiple times tonight, biting your finger as you eye him delectably. You watch his features scrunch up, sexily wetting his lips as deep sounds of grunting escape him, hissing when he finds a speed he likes enough, your pussy juices having left his cock slick and wet.
His dark, dark eyes peer down at your panting figure and it drives him high, all while you admire his beautiful tattoo and scar. His slacked jaw and tongue that pokes out the side of his mouth as he meets your gaze, hungry and starving when he rasps. “Tongue out for me, dirty girl.” 
You present your tongue to him, sticking it out as Taehyung finally fucks into his fist fast enough he spurts white strips of cum all over your body, painting you like his very own canvas. You jut your tongue out to catch his cum and you gladly earn some, licking it pleasurably as you hum lewdly. 
Taehyung groans satisfyingly as he releases his load over your glowy, sweaty skin, admiring the trails of his filthy cum decorating your pure, graceful body. “Fuck, Rose.. this is so fucking hot, my fucking angel.” 
You swipe some more cum off your body and into your mouth. The taste of Taehyung is so utterly divine, you have to refrain from rolling your weary eyes back. 
“You love my cum, baby?” Taehyung coos, and you answer with an eager nod. Taehyung smiles at that, having milked himself of every drop as his breathing relaxes, coming back down to Earth. He sees you still suckling on your fingers, dipping down and gently removing them to press a soft, sensual kiss. You feed into the languid motion immediately, relishing in his perfect, tasteful mouth. Taehyung breaks away to breathe as his forehead fits snug against yours, soaking you in as abundantly as he can. 
His chest rises and falls, your own breath matching his with your legs still wide open around him, cunt a gushing mess as his cock nestles against your folds. “I love you,” you utter breathlessly, tasting his sweet breath as your chest swells with unadulterated love. 
“I love you so much more, Rose.” He whispers back just as meaningfully, eyes squeezed shut to manage the sheer affection he felt vibrating in his bones, to remain forever in this paradise. “I will for eternity.. for the rest of my life.” 
Tumblr media
tags : @monvante​ @hantaev @blvckbarnes @pootaetoo @jimve @complexmolecule @vaekth @ppeachyttae @chogiching @siredsong @veronawrites @thelilbutifulthings @rjsmochii @vintageroses10 @svftbaby (sorry aly had to tag you 🥰) @taebabie11 (you too babes <3) @marcoazz2 @creamcheesesodapop @notlivingsstuff @namkook @taestrwbrry @koobunno @jungkooksbroski @walkedhomealone @haniiii @pallavirkapoor @aomi-nabi @sunflwrxclouds @kianam @sugaslittlekookies @hakko-bby @favouritesblog @btsis7okay @lovingandenjoying @enchantingbrowneyedgirl @vantezza @bangtanhome @jiimiinsii @bunnybearrj​ @pixiejjk​
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fuck me better (m) | jjk, kth
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x reader ft. taehyung x reader
summary: jungkook isn't happy when he finds out he's eating someone else's cum out of you // taehyung is tired of seeing you fall for jungkook's games
genre: smut, pwp, oneshot, slight angst, fwb!au, f2l!au, fuckboy!jungkook, bestfriend!jungkook,  fuckbuddy!taehyung college!au
wordcount: 3.1k
warnings: explicit smut, unprotected sex, coercion, manipulation, jealous!jungkook, possessive themes, sloppy seconds, jungkook eats you out but taehyung came inside you first so idk is that cum play, rough sex, major degradation, spanking, choking, jungkook spits on you, breast play, oral, toxic relationship!!!, hate sex kinda, needy!jungkook, dom!jungkook, sweet!taehyung, bigdick!taehyung, praise, taehyungs HANDS. sorry. ehm. sex while intoxicated, mentions of alcohol 
a/n: this is a ~drabble~ from the fuck me forever au. it can be read as a standalone, but makes more sense if you read that so you can understand this jungkook. he's...something. s/o to this anon for the idea, hope you like it ;)
Tumblr media
“Baby…ohh fuck” Tilting your head back, you watched Taehyung’s beautiful, slender hands travel over your trembling chest. His touch was scalding, delicately wrapping his fingers around your throat. Thumbs pressing against your jaw as he looked at you, eyes dark with desire. Sweat painted his forehead as he flipped his hair back, before lowering back to you. Eyelashes brushing against your forehead as his nose nudged against yours.
The room was filled with surreal sighs, desperate moans and the intoxicating scent of sex. The roll of his hips, slow and deep. Your legs snug around his torso, hands combing through his hair, letting him know how much you adored every move he made. 
"You like that?" He growled, baritone voice vibrating against you as he gave a tight thrust, causing the bed beneath you to creak. You loved the feeling of him inside you, his large size was painful but stretched you out so good. You wanted to feel him deeper—wanted him to tear you apart.
“Y-you’re so big” You gasped, words flying out of your mouth before you could stop them. Your mind was numb. Hounded by the pleasure that overwhelmed your every nerve. Taehyung nuzzled into your neck, chuckling slightly at your comment.
“Yeah baby?” The hint of cockiness in his voice made you surge with wetness. He pressed his lips behind your shoulder, a sweet spot for you, causing you to sigh loudly in bliss. He was so incredibly close, but still wanted to feel you even closer. He wanted to be consumed by you—your scent, your body, your everything. 
"You can take it can't you? So good for me" He sighed, moving his lips behind your ear, kissing you softly as he picked up his pace, chasing a high he was trying so badly to suppress. "You're gorgeous. So fucking beautiful”
He meant every word, and you could tell. You pursed your lips, holding back the desperate scream you wanted to let out, suffocated by his praise as he fucked into you hard. Your breath hitching every time he pushed you closer and closer to the head of your bed. Making sure you could feel every inch he had to give as he came inside you, filling you to the brim.
Your lips found one another, eyes falling shut as you shared an intimate kiss. Taehyung stilled, pulling away to admire your face “Y/n” He whispered, a small smile on his face. It was still unreal to him. The fact you of all people were beneath him like this. His friends would kill to be in his situation—a fact he was well aware of. Even so, he had no intention to kiss & tell, content with wrapping his arms around you and holding you close.
You had been straight with him, you had no intention of starting a relationship. And Taehyung knew exactly why—because you were hung up on a certain good for nothing, insecure fuckboy who you claimed to be your best friend. Jeon Jungkook. He hoped over time he could show you that you deserved so much more. It’s for this reason he fucked you like a lover, despite knowing deep down that to you, he would never be one.
“I-I just can’t even fucking believe that you’re—“
Taehyung’s confession was interrupted by a loud BANG on the door. “Y/n!” Taehyung hissed, rolling his eyes at the sound of Jungkook’s whiny voice cutting clean through the beautiful tension that had formed between the two of you. “Y/n please open up!”
Taehyung could see the guilt in your eyes as you pushed him off of you, pressing a finger to your lips “Shit. Taehyung, I’m so sorry. Do you mind hiding for a bit? I’ll get him to leave but if he sees you here…” Taehyung wanted to scowl. If he sees me here then what?
“Y/nnn pleaseeee” The banging persisted, and the slur in Jungkook’s voice confirmed Taehyung’s suspicions. The boy was drunk. Of course. “I’m so sorry. You know I am. Please let me in…I love you baby please” Quickly you guided Taehyung into your closet, where he grabbed your wrist, yanking you into his chest so he could leave you with a chaste kiss.
“Don’t” He urged you, hoping—wishing you would just give up on him. “Don’t answer” 
But he knew his request was in vain. “I can’t just leave him there” You threw on an oversized shirt, barely covering your ass before sliding the closet door shut. Your legs trembled, sore still as you made your way to let Jungkook in.
Jungkook didn't miss a beat the second his eyes landed on you. He threw himself into your arms, lifting you slightly as he pressed you back into the wall. "Mmm" He sighed deeply, relishing your touch. "God I missed you" He pulled away, stroking your jaw as he gazed into your eyes. The bitter stench of alcohol evident on his hot breath “Oh baby I'm so sorry”
“Jungkook, seriously, you need to leave. Go home" You said sternly, drawing an annoyed groan from his drunken lips. He tapped his foot impatiently, gripping your waist against his. He was like a child having a tantrum as he pressed up against you, fondling your ass—unaware of the cum dripping down your thighs.
"I n..need you right now baby" He circled his thumbs into your skin, caressing you lightly "I just...feel like shit and..I don't" He inhaled sharply, blinking at you with pleading eyes. His words stuttering with need and urgency "I just need you. Okay. one else but”
You groaned internally as the larger boy pressed his mouth against yours, lips molding together seamlessly. Your taste was so familiar to him. So sweet and addicting. He could feel your hesitance, but knew if just fought long enough, you would give in to him. You always did. You couldn’t resist him. 
"I love you" He hummed, knowing how weak those words always made you "I love you so much it hurts” You pushed back against him, feeling him scowl as you broke the kiss. He began shaking you slightly. Hands sliding under your shirt to feel the expanse of your naked figure. Finding your supple breasts and pinching at the sensitive skin. He gripped them hard, pushing them together as he kissed the bulging tops through your shirt, looking up at you—blinking cutely.
“Please baby” He continued to kiss your chest before planting his mouth on them—wet over the soft fabric, not caring at how filthy he was being as he lapped away at you. Tongue circling your clothed nipple with warmth.
“Jungkook” You sighed in defeat as he bit down. You couldn’t deny you wanted him, and he knew that you did too. His hands trailed down your stomach, finding your thighs as teasing you. Spreading them wide so he could press up his pulsing bulge against your bare cunt.
Noticing this, Jungkook grinned “No panties baby?” He taunted you, lips latching onto your jaw “You want me. Don't even fucking deny it Y/n. You were waiting for me, sitting all pretty just for me weren't you?”
The thought alone thrilled him. If he asked you to wait, naked and tied up in a skimpy silk rope on his bed while he went about his day, letting him shove his cock into you—your mouth, your ass, your pretty pussy, whenever he wanted, however he wanted. Would you? Aroused at the prospect, he dropped to his knees, pushing your shirt up so he could admire your pussy—the pussy that belonged to him and no one else. He licked his lips in excitement.
“Tell me baby” He began to kiss your knee, gliding his lips up your smooth skin, higher and higher, closer to your trembling heat. His eyes glued on you, a hint of amusement at your undeniable willingness for him. He had you right where he wanted. “You really don’t want this? You want me to stop?”
Your breath hitched, at a sudden loss for words as you watched the boy let out slight moans and an exaggerated smack of his lips as he kissed all the way up to where you craved him most.
“That’s what I thought” He gripped your thighs, yanking your hips forwards so he could shoved his face into your drenched cunt. You squealed at the sensation, looking down at the mess of hair between your legs— who was now licking feverishly at your clit.
His tongue assaulted you like there was no tomorrow. Drinking you for all you were worth. He knew exactly what made your knees weak, all your favorite spots, the one’s that would have you screaming for him in a matter of no time. Flattening his tongue, he messily slid the muscle into your entrance, cock twitching at how blatantly soaked you were. He sucked on you hard, using his tongue to dig through your sweet juices.
Jungkook scrunched his nose as he tasted you. Something He couldn't quite place it. You tasted different.
His mind assured him it must be a result of the shots of vodka he had practically inhaled only minutes before arriving at your place. But he had fucked you drunk before. He pulled away, lips smothered in a glossy white as he gasped for air. Rolling his tongue inside his cheek as a thought occurred to him.
You didn’t. No. You couldn’t have. 
Shooting you a nasty glare, he suddenly shoved four fingers into your cunt. You yelped, caught off guard by the intrusion. You looked down at him as he pulled his fingers out, and with it a stream of Taehyung's cum. He bit his lip, jaw clenched to try to suppress his urge to scream at you. To slap you across the face once he realized what it was.
"Who" Jungkook growled, standing up as he grabbed your shoulders, harshly banging you against the wall. "Who's fucking cum is this Y/n?” He shoved those same fingers into your mouth, watching as you gagged on them. He no longer cared as you squirmed for air. Slapping at his wrists, desperate for his release. His other hand found your neck, squeezing it until your eyes were bulging.
You could barely speak, choking out before Jungkook loosened his hold, only to yank down his sweats—not even bothering to remove them fully before grabbing his hard cock and fisting it rapidly.
“You slut” He spat at you, causing you to flinch. “You really are just a dumb fucking slut aren’t you Y/n?” Spitting on you one last time, he ignored the way your face flushed with embarrassment as he turned you onto your chest, smacking his cock against your ass. His other hand tight on the back of your head, shoving your face up against the wall. “All the rumors are true aren’t they? You disgust me”
Releasing his cock, he smacked your ass with the palm of his hand, and when you let out a soft squeal. "You're a fucking bitch. Worthless cum dump. Let just about anyone cum right inside you, God”—he smacked you again, leaving a handprint on your tender flesh. “Filthy. Just filthy”
Gulping you called his name, voice soft, trembling—afraid. You had never seen him like this. He never spoke this way to you ever. And you hated yourself more because of the way it make your heart pound faster—in excitement.
"How could you?" Jungkook's tone shifted, hands sliding to cup your breasts as he rolled his erection into the nook of your ass. "How could you do this to me? I thought...I thought we were in love”
He pinched down on your nipples. "You're a fucking whore. You have no self worth what-so-ever. Here I am, on my knees for you every fucking night. And you deny me? How dare you. How dare you say no to me.”
You whimpered as Jungkook dug his nails into your chest, rutting onto you hard. "You feel this baby? Feel how hard I am for you, all for you. You don't care do you huh? You're just a fucking sell out. Letting anyone touch you. Don't you see that I can give you everything baby? Why, Y/n, why would you let anyone else have you?”
"I can do whatever I fucking want Jungkook" You hissed, voice muffled by the wall. Jungkook snapped. He yanked your hair, pulling your head back until he could look in your eyes. 
"When will you get it through your dumb, fucking, head, that you belong to me?" With that, he shoved his cock into you, ignoring your pained cries as he began to pound you furiously.
"Jungkook" You sobbed. He kissed your cheek, not slowing down as he continued to yell filth into your ears. 
"I've had enough. Stop playing games with me Y/n. You want me. I want you. You do, don't you? You love me don't you?”
"Yes...of course I do”
"Then shut up and fucking take it." He snapped, cock violently pushing through your walls, filling you with a burning stretch over and over again. "God you're so tight, how are you so fucking tight even after you let the entire campus fuck you silly hm? Useless slut.” He was ruthless, fucked you like a dog, not giving a shit whether it hurt you. If it did, you deserved it. 
"You're tryna make me jealous hm? Is that it? You like when I'm rough with you baby?" He smacked you again "You do. Don’t you. I can feel your pussy dripping all over me. Such a dirty girl. You need me. Only I can give it to you good. Tell me baby. Tell me how much you love it. Did the other guy fuck you as good hm?" He tilted your face, catching your lips in a deep kiss. 
Your eyes widened, as you recalled that Taehyung was still waiting in the other room. And here you were, getting fucked hard by your best friend.
"Say it!" Jungkook screamed "Answer me”
You couldn't. Because you would be lying if you did. "No" You kept your voice low, praying that Taehyung couldn't hear.
"Don't you see how hard this is for me baby? I don't want to be rough with you" Smack "But you leave me no choice. I mean," He scoffed, "What the fuck do you expect me to do huh? How can I be okay with this?" His cock impaled you, filling every crevice of you as he pulled your ass back, pushing in deeper. "I'm trying to protect you, why can't you just be grateful?"
He hissed, thinking about another man's hands on your body. The body that belonged to him. "You're mine. These tits" He squeezed them, "Mine. This ass" He smacked it, "Mine. This cunt" He slapped your pussy before thrusting especially hard "MINE." He twisted your jaw forcing you to look at him as he pounded into you roughly with every word "You. Are. Fucking. Mine.”
Jungkook's hips stuttered as he came. You gasped for air, feeling his hot seed bleed out of you, draining out onto the floor. You felt dizzy, with lust, confusion and heartache all spiraling through your head. Jungkook sighed, lips pressed on your nape as he held you still.
There was silence. Until finally you felt Jungkook's arms around you, hugging you tight. Like a child holding onto their toy. You could feel his heavy breathing, the pounding in his chest echoing yours. 
Jungkook’s mind began to clear. A pain surged deep within him at the reality he now had to face. He wished he didn’t, but he simply had to know. ”Y/n…w-who…who was it? Who fucked you?" His voice was timid. He looked like he could fall apart. "J-just tell me.”
Jungkook's heart dropped. He blinked at you, searching for a sign that would assure him this was some sick joke. He stumbled back, allowing you to turn around, fixing your shirt before you crossed your arms over your chest.
"I fucked Taehyung. In fact, I've been fucking Taehyung. Because I am a single woman and I can. You are not my boyfriend. And until you are, I can choose to fuck, and not fuck, whoever I want" You snapped, chuckling bitterly "You were right though, he didn't fuck me as good as you" 
"He fucked me better.” 
Jungkook gaped at you, words lost to him as you opened the door, "Get the fuck out. You and I are done Jungkook. I mean it”
Gulping, Jungkook carefully stepped towards you reaching for your hand. "Y/n...b-baby come on. L..let's just talk about this. You know I need you. You know I love you. Don't..." He inhaled sharply "Stop doing this to me. I can't take it”
"She fucking said get out" Your shoulders relaxed as you heard Taehyung's booming voice. The two of you turned to see the man, fists clenched as he came to your side, pulling Jungkook's hand off of yours. "That means, get out"
With ease, he slid his arm around you, ensuring Jungkook could see the way his hand landed at your hip, hugging you close. Jungkook looked at you one last time, pleading for a sign to stay. You wouldn't look at him. You couldn’t. 
“FUCK" He screamed, kicking the wall next to you “I love you Y/n. You know I love you. You know how I am and I know how you are. I’m the only one who could ever love you, don’t you get that? How could you?” 
Reluctantly you met his eyes, and what you saw in his absolutely crushed you—pure, utter, disappointment. Hurt. It made you stumble back into Taehyung’s hold as Jungkook stormed out, slamming the door behind him.
Taehyung gently cupped your cheeks, turning you to face him. Your eyes trembled with pain. "Aw baby..." He pulled you into his chest, hugging you tight. "Sssh...he's not worth it Y/n”
You shamelessly sobbed into his chest. At this point you no longer knew what to think. Your mind running a mile a minute as you tried to process the look in Jungkook’s eyes. You betrayed him. ”Oh God…I-I love him. I hate him. I hate him. So much. B-but I love him Taehyung…”
"I know" Taehyung kissed the top of your head. "I know you do" He tilted your face back up. "Come on princess. Let me get that bastard's cum out of you”
You sniffled, blinking up at him curiously “Huh?"
Taehyung captured your lips in a deep kiss, allowing you to explore his mouth with yours, revel in the sparks that the two of you shared, strengthened by the emotion of the night. Pressing his cheek against yours, you could feel his hot breath as he smiled.
"Baby. I'm gonna eat you out until you can't even remember that asshole's name."
Tumblr media
a/n: she finally got a happy ending! i guess! lol thank you for reading, i hope you enjoyed this subpar mess of a drabble. lmk what you think & have a great day ;) | masterlist
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jungkxook · 8 months ago
—pour up. (m)
Tumblr media
⟶ pairing: jungkook x reader x taehyung
⟶ genre: fuckboy!jungkook / fuckboy!taehyung + smut  
⟶ words: 14,048 (idk how it’s literally just smut)
⟶ rating: 18+
⟶ summary: sleeping with both notorious frat boys kim taehyung and jeon jungkook doesn’t sound so bad ━ especially when you’re drunk and faded.
⟶ warnings: mentions of drug/alcohol use, essentially pwp lol, threesome, double penetration, voyeurism, messy rough sex, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, dry humping, manhandling, doggy style, riding (sort of?), fingering, oral sex (f and m receiving), face riding, face fucking, deepthroating, breast play, slight begging (mostly oc making jungkook beg hehe), brief name calling, dirty talking, unprotected sex, creampie
⟶ note: this is a repost of a fic from my old blog! also shout out to miss jlin @bratkook​ for being the sweetest and for liking this trashy fic of mine, and a happy early birthday present to @onherwings​ miss juno, the resident taekook lover!! 💛
also the accompanying song to this fic is pour up by dean!
Tumblr media
There were times when you were sober where you were persistent about never being in a five foot radius of a frat boy, much less strip yourself of your dignity long enough to sleep with one.
Your appalling disgust and immense irritation of the male species that were frat boys kept you well in tune to your rule ━ until you’re far past the point of drunk and faded. Only then, when your bloodstream is laced with alcohol and your mind is nothing but a hazy cloud of smoke, you shrink into a shameless hypocrite and favour the appeal of a simple hook up. But you have needs too; it isn’t entirely your fault. Kim Taehyung offers you exactly that, with the promise to then act as if nothing happens the very next day so that the two of you can revert to despising one another out in public.
You act as if no one knows about your flings with ultimate frat boy Taehyung almost every weekend, as if they’re just as oblivious as you, but damn near the whole school knows and most certainly the rest of the boys in Beta Tau Sigma, or as Taehyung puts it, his brothers. It’s a useless cycle of bicker, avoid, drink, sex, and repeat, ever since you joined the school as a freshman and the sophomore boy took an interest in you. He’s charming in all the right ways and good looking but his smooth appeal was almost too good to be true and, past his “kind” smiles, you could make him out to be arrogant, vain, and cocky. Maybe you would have given him an actual chance had it not been for his snarkiness but all your brain could truly handle was his dick for a few hours a week.
Unsurprisingly, you always end up crashing at Beta Tau Sigma after one of their raging parties that results in your hook ups with Taehyung; surprisingly, Taehyung is miraculously into pillow talk post-sex and so he doesn’t entirely mind if you stay the night. But, by morning, when the alcohol has all but turned into a terrible hangover, he can hardly care less if you stay or not.
Usually, you wake up on your own, courtesy of past sober you setting an alarm on your phone to make sure you wake up earlier than all the other walkers of shame and anyone else in Beta Tau Sigma. Ideally, it was to help guarantee that no one would ever see you or judge you for stooping low enough to sleep with a fuckboy but you don’t know how well that’s working out for you anymore, if you’re being honest.
That’s why, early one fateful Sunday morning after a night of fun with Taehyung, you awaken with a start to the shrill Marimba tone that rips through the silence of the room and causes you to literally jump out of bed and crash onto the floor. You groan at the sharp pain that shoots up your spine and accompanies your groggy mind as your eyes flicker open only to be greeted with a blinding light that is the sun as it filters through the shut curtains. Littered on the ground are clothes, your clothes, beer bottles, red solo cups, discarded bed sheets, a singular condom wrapper (you thank your past selves for at least being sober enough to remember to use one), and your cell phone.
“Turn that shit off, for fuck sakes,” he grovels.
His hangover, and the early morning, makes his already deep voice even rougher, huskier, and you blame your disoriented mind for thinking he sounds even remotely sexy. He doesn’t bother to lift his head from his pillow or to find where you are in the room, the messy longer-than-usual curls of his hair flopping into his lashes as he flips onto his back. Other bodily remnants remain from the night before, from the mellowing ache between your legs left in the wake of his dick sufficiently railing you to the bite marks on his neck that you had so graciously bestowed him.
Now, you roll your eyes at him instead but dive for your phone nearby and tap the snooze button before it wakes the entire house and rouses the army of fuckboys from the dead.
“Good morning to you too,” You remark. “Is that better, princess?”
You push yourself to your feet and stretch, the stiff joints in your body popping and cracking, before searching for your clothes. You’re certain Taehyung has fallen back asleep as you dig around through the clutter to find your belongings but what else is new? It’s a routine the two of you have come to know well, and one that neither of you mind. You spot some sort of lacy material hidden underneath a few of Taehyung’s dirty laundry laying on the floor and reach for it thinking it’s yours. You’re only mildly disturbed to find that it isn’t yours at all ━ though you’re more concerned about the hygienic purposes of touching some other girl’s thong than you are about the blatant fact Taehyung sleeps with more girls than just you (a fact you swear you could care less for).
“Jesus Christ, your room is a disaster,” You scoff now.
“You could clean it,” Taehyung suggests sluggishly. Now, he’s awake, pretty and hooded eyes fluttering open to find you nearby. He props his hand behind his head to lift his gaze a little higher.
You snort, tossing the underwear away. “You never cease to━”
“Amaze you?”
“Repel me more than when I see the collection of thongs you have hidden in your room,” You correct. Fortunately, you spot your own underwear nearby and scoop it up, quickly slipping into them.
“Aw, baby, is that a bit of jealousy I hear?” Taehyung asks. He runs a hand through his dishevelled dark locks and shoots you a drowsy smirk. “You know you’re my one and only. I can always count on you when I want good head.”
“Please, flatter me some more, Tae,” You quip dryly.
As you hastily slide into your stiff shirt and jeans next and turn to face him, combing your fingers through your hair, Taehyung seems to take your words to heart and tries again. “You look like shit.”
You feign a voluntarily loud and overly dramatic moan. “Ugh, you really do know how to treat a girl━” Your cut off by a shameless snort from Taehyung before you continue on, “You know, you don’t exactly look the hottest right now either.”
“I beg to differ,” he replies nonchalantly. Technically, he isn’t lying, but you refuse to feed his ego any more.
“As if.”
“Funny,” he hums. “Could’ve sworn last night you were calling me hot when you were begging for my dick.”
You don’t bother to reply. Instead, you shake your head as you rub your tired face, uttering, “I need a coffee.”
“You could stay,” he offers. “I can make you one.”
“You don’t even know how to boil water,” You retort. “But thanks for the gesture. Try not to throw up on yourself today, okay?”
Taehyung mumbles something in response but then he’s already flipping over onto his side to fall back asleep again. You grab your bag from the floor and slip into your shoes before tiptoeing out of the room.
The Beta house is just as much a disaster as Taehyung’s room is and you find yourself stepping over more bottles, cups, empty pizza boxes, and hungover passed out people with phallic images doodled on their faces. The sun filters into the ever grand mansion and only illuminates the chaos the frat boys put it through. Everyone is thankfully still asleep as you head downstairs but, as you sneak past the kitchen, you notice two figures rummaging about, boisterous unabashed laughter filling the house that somehow hasn’t woken the others yet.
Jeon Jungkook stands before you with Park Jimin, both fellow Beta brothers, though Jungkook is in the same year as you. They, like most other Beta boys (and especially Taehyung), are well known on campus but Jungkook is perhaps even worse than Taehyung. Now, he’s adorned in only low hanging gray sweatpants that show off the ripples of his toned chest and the happy trail that threatens for your eyes to follow it. He holds a bowl of cereal close to him with the same arm decorated on every inch with tattoos, a snapback pushing his messy hair up and away from his forehead. The best part (and you mean that not at all) ━ or the worst ━ is the fact that he stands on a hoverboard, as if walking is too much for him to handle at nine in the morning. Jimin isn’t far off wearing the same attire, only his look is paired with the fuckboy-essential-starter-pack of socks and Adidas slides, and he’s at least actually using his legs to walk.
“Morning,” Jungkook smirks. “Time for the walk of shame?”
You have to retain a sigh. “I’m surprised you’re up, Jeon. I was sure you were gone past the point of saving last night.”
“A couple of shots do nothing for me,” Jungkook replies, shovelling a spoonful of cereal into his mouth. “I was pretty much sober.”
At this, you sit back on your heels and look him once over skeptically. “You kept trying to hook up with me, called your dick Jungcock, threw up in one of the vases, and then passed out in the bathtub. I wouldn’t have exactly called you sober.”
The smirk remains on Jungkook’s face. If anything, he seems more so amused and it pisses you off. Jimin bursts into a fit of laughter and shakes his head.
“Always a pleasure seeing you, Y/N,” he greets. “Hey, are you coming to the party going down at Lambdas house after exams? It’s pretty exclusive but you and your friends are all invited by courtesy of us.”
“Ugh, I can’t even think about going to another party right now. How do you Beta whores do it?” You grovel. “Besides, why would we come if we know you’re going to be there?”
“‘Cause Tae’s going and you’re probably gonna wanna suck his dick,” Jungkook suggests snidely.
“I was gonna say the free booze,” Jimin offers instead. “Man, you know the Lambdas. They’re all rich pretentious sons of country club owners. They hardly throw parties but, when they do, you know it’s going to be wild. I wouldn’t miss it if I were you.”
“Well,” You say, “thanks for the invitation but we’ll see. Maybe if we have a pre-game where I can get drunk enough to handle your faces and the Lambda boys together.”
“I’ve always said you’re more fun when you’re drunk,” Jungkook hums pensively. Your eyes narrow into a glare and you’re fortunate Jimin is there to block your path from tackling Jungkook.
“Okay, whatever,” You grumble. “I’m out of here. I think if I stay here any longer, I’ll lose all my brain cells.”
Jimin chuckles but hardly seems bothered by your comment. He waves you off as he slips out of the kitchen to retreat into another room, leaving you alone with Jungkook.
“Can I get you anything before you go?” he asks. There’s a cheeky tone laced in his words that makes you blatantly aware he’s trying to suggest something more, like his dick.
“Absolutely not,” You wave him off. “See you around, Jungidiot.”
He grins and shoves another spoonful into his mouth. “Hey, maybe next Saturday you can think about blowing me instead of Tae, yeah?”
He’s met with you jamming your middle finger in his face and it only seems to entertain him further. As you march out of their home, slamming the door behind you, you have one discernable thought amongst your hangover and that is that you’ll definitely need to have that pre-game before you have the audacity to even see Jungkook, or any of the Beta boys for that matter, at the Lambdas.
Tumblr media
That Saturday, you find yourself at the Lambdas house party.
So maybe you had sort of been lying when you said you weren’t so sure of going to it, but the thought was tempting enough and you aren’t one to pass up on a good party, especially when it’s after weeks of headaches and stressing over studying and exams.
Mid-terms come and go and when you finally finish writing your last paper, all you want to do is let loose and party and get dicked down by Taehyung. The Lambdas, despite their pretentious behaviour, looks to be very promising ━ but only after you down a few shots beforehand and have a beer while you’re getting ready. You’re not exactly as drunk or as tipsy as you would have prefered but it still gives you a nice enough buzz that makes you warm and lets the adrenaline pump in your veins and excites you even more for the party. The house you rent is off campus but it’s close to Beta’s and Taehyung offers to give you guys a lift to the Lambdas who are a fifteen minute walk away (but you know Taehyung will do anything to not walk anywhere his penny board can’t take him ━ and it’s not even Taehyung who is driving but his friend, Jin).
You can hear the party at Lambdas before you’re even there. The thump of bass coming from the house isn’t hard to miss, especially not with the way it seems to rattle the ground the closer you get. The house is crammed full to capacity and people have already begun to spill onto the lawn by the time you have arrived. A potent waft of alcohol and weed fill your senses and it is all you could really make out in the rambunctious party. You can hardly hear yourself think, let alone what others are saying to you. Yet, you still found a way to have fun almost instantly, drifting away from the guys to party with your friends.
Most of the night is a blur and a haze of confusion but you can remember drinking and drinking some more until you’re sufficiently smashed. You can’t quite recall where you had lost your friends, though you suspect it was after the intense game of beer pong you were suckered into in which you were certain there were no winners or losers as it was just an excuse to drink even more. It’s nearing 1 a.m. when you finally bump into a familiar face, pulling you back from the unruly party and the adrenaline rush coursing through your veins.
You’ve just slipped outside for some fresh air, perched on the front porch, when you notice Jimin is passed out on the lawn below. The other stragglers gathered outside barely take note of him but maybe that’s because he had chosen to faceplant in the shadows under the porch, tucked safely away from the rest of the party. Just before you can even think to walk over to him and make sure he’s still alive, the front door of the house swings wide open and a frenzied Taehyung bursts outside, shortly followed by an equally dumbfounded Jungkook.
“Where the fuck is he?” Taehyung hisses.
“I don’t know,” Jungkook sighs, disgruntled, “but leave it to him to run off and disappear.”
“Looking for someone?”
The two boys startle at your voice. They whirl around to find you taking a sip of the drink in your hand, as if only just noticing your presence. You hadn’t seen them since you parted ways a handful of hours ago in the party, though you’re fairly certain they’re just as smashed as you.
“Ah, babe!” Taehyung beams wolfishly. “What a pleasure seeing you out here. Uh, you wouldn’t happen to have seen where Jimin went, would you?”
You nod in the direction of the sleeping boy down below. “He’s there. He’s passed out cold, though. What the hell did you do to him?”
“Nothing,” Jungkook says. He grimaces as he hastily follows Taehyung down onto the lawn to stand near Jimin, and you in tow. “Jimin just likes to get out of hand. What should we do, Tae? We can’t just leave him here and Luna’s going to be pissed if she sees him like this.”
Taehyung stares down at Jimin miserably, thinking momentarily. “Well, Luna’s looking for him so we might as well drop him off at her dorm. He can deal with her when he’s sober.”
There’s a brief moment where you spot Jungkook seriously considering this though, as if leaving Jimin on the lawn of a frat house is a safer option than returning him to his girlfriend. Ultimately, he caves and you watch as Taehyung nudges Jimin awake (and by nudge, you mean he slaps the boy across the face) before pulling a very disoriented Jimin to his feet and slinging one of his arms over Taehyung’s neck.
“Fuck, he’s heavy,” Taehyung huffs. “Give me a hand, Jungkook.”
Jungkook nods, stepping forward to take Jimin’s other arm and hook it around his own neck. The two boys seem to be struggling carrying most of Jimin’s body weight, though they’re carrying mostly dead weight as Jimin continues to drift in and out of consciousness.
Before they can leave you offer to help though you don’t know what you can really do so you suspect your inebriated mind just wanted to go with them for the hell of it. Luna’s place isn’t far. It’s a ten minute walk from Lambda’s, but in that ten minutes, none of you talk about anything of real importance except for chuckle and laugh about things that happened at the party.
Eventually you make it to Luna’s, who answers the door angrily after you knock on it as if you’ve disrupted her slumber and frowns when she sees Jimin’s current state. At least she has the decency to thank the three of you. When she shuts the door behind her, the three of you turn to look at one another, almost clueless.
“So, what now?” Taehyung asks. “Head back to the party?”
The thought of making the ten minute walk back to the party in your drunken mind seems like an eternity. That, mixed with the way your feet scream in agony from the heels you’re wearing, you begin to pout and shake your head.
“I can’t walk anymore,” You whine, words drunkenly slurring together. “I’d be fine just sitting here.”
Jungkook’s nose scrunches as he looks at you once over. “How drunk are you?”
“I don’t know.”
“Well, how about we just go back to our place?” Taehyung asks. His arm slides around your waist then, tugging you close to his side. If one thing is for certain, the boy tends to get more handsy the more drunk he is, and you never seem to mind. “I’ve got a fresh bowl we can hit and we can drink there and just chill?”
You and Jungkook consider Taehyung’s offer fleetingly and, to you, it seems much more appealing.
“Sign me up,” You say. “The Lambdas were a bit too over the top for my liking. There’s only so much I can handle.”
Jungkook shrugs and nods in agreement. “Then I guess I’m going with you guys.”
The five minute walk to Beta is short and soon you’re inside the eerily empty house and climbing the steps to Taehyung’s room but not before the three of you raid their cabinets for any type of liquor. Eventually, you’re all lounging in Taehyung’s room, some type of music playing in the background as the three of you pass around a bottle of whisky and the bong Taehyung had promised he had, giggling at each other.
By 2 a.m., you are smashed and faded but blissfully so.
Taehyung and Jungkook are not too far off. It’s Taehyung who comes up with the idea to play strip poker, though with a twist. His version of the game includes: taking a shot anytime one of you loses a round along with either stripping an article of clothing or being allowed to pass it and get dared to do something else, though each person only has three passes.
Jungkook loses the first round, shedding only his jacket. Taehyung and you lose the second round; you decide to strip out of your own cardigan while Taehyung flicks off his hat. Jungkook and Taehyung lose the third round and both kick off their shoes. The game progresses slowly, with the three of you coming up with “clever” loopholes out of the rules, like stripping one sock one round and then another sock the next and all of you are too drunk to really protest. Eventually, the game winds up with Taehyung and Jungkook both in their pants and you still wearing both your shirt and jeans. Both the boys have used one of their passes and are still losing which, you will admit, boosts your confidence ever so slightly especially when you have such a nice view in front of you.
Both boys are toned, with certified gym rat Jungkook’s abs a bit more chiseled, and you know that sober you would cringe at how hard you seem to be drooling over them. Jungkook must notice because he shoots you a wink that has you squirming in your seat.
“Like what you see?” he asks.
“N-No,” You say shortly. “Shut up and go. It’s your turn.”
You end up losing that round, unfortunately, but you have no qualms with stripping out of your jeans and kicking them to the side. The next round, you lose again, except you decide to use one of your passes which has both boys groaning in defeat.
“Remember,” You coo, “play nice boys.”
The two exchange a look and you wait patiently, taking your shot of whisky in the meantime as Taehyung chides you on encouragingly with a cheeky, “Pour up, baby girl.”
You down the shot in one gulp, wincing as it burns down your throat, then chase it quickly with the drink you had stolen from their kitchen. A drowsy smirk tugs at Taehyung’s lips as he takes another rip from the bong, breathing out a cloud of smoke as he hums insouciantly, “I’ve got your dare.”
There’s a split moment where he makes eye contact with you and pushes his hair out of his eyes.
“Come here and kiss me.”
Had you been sober, you might have rolled your eyes at his simple yet assertive dare but, instead, you can’t help but snicker as you lean across to him from your seat on the floor and pull him down for a not so graceful kiss. His whisky coated tongue instantly collides with yours in an open mouthed frenzy that’s full of teeth clashing and wet sounds but it’s hot, too hot, even as Taehyung pulls you closer to him with his hand grasping at your chin. You instinctively react, teeth nipping at his lower lip as you suck hard, momentarily forgetting about Jungkook sitting in the room.
A moan emits from you as your fingers thread through his hair. Jungkook is left to watch but his eyes stay locked on your figure and the way you cave so easily to Taehyung, the way your mouth moves against his. He can’t seem to tear his eyes away from your position on your hands and knees, or the way you arch your back in an attempt to get closer to Taehyung, and he certainly can’t seem to look away from the tempting curve of your ass jutting in his direction. All Jungkook suddenly wants is for you to be kissing him the same way you’re kissing Taehyung.
You’re only interrupted when he finds the nerve to clear his throat after a few moments. “Nah, it’s alright, I’ll just sit here. Do you guys want me to leave?”
He’s being sarcastic, of course, and when you and Taehyung part to look at the boy, he’s scowling. The two of you chuckle lightly but don’t respond, though you remember the game you’re still playing. Taehyung kisses you one last time before you settle back onto the floor, a sheepish giggle bubbling in your chest. Taehyung loses the next round and he decides to strip down into his underwear though he hasn’t lost yet (the goal is nudity and neither of your drunk selves have enough dignity left to give up before then).
The round after that, you lose again. You decide, once more, to use another one of your passes and the two boys pause, thinking of a dare for you as you take a shot (which, you have realized, only get harder to take as time passes).
“I have one,” Taehyung says at long last.
“Bro,” Jungkook groans, “if you just wanna fuck, let me know. I’ll leave. I don’t think I can sit here and watch you dare her to suck your face again.”
Taehyung laughs and shakes his head. “Easy there. I was just gonna suggest that you━” he points at you before nodding toward Jungkook, “give him a lap dance.”
“A what?” Jungkook’s jaw drops open, his eyes widening. “M-Me?”
You glance up at Taehyung, quirking an eyebrow. “Him?”
Taehyung erupts into another fit of laughter but he’s the only one who finds the situation hilarious because you and Jungkook continue to sit there, dumbfounded. When Taehyung calms himself down, he wipes his eyes and shakes his head.
“Are you seriously telling me you haven’t been noticing?” he asks.
“Noticing what?”
“The way Jungkook keeps eye-fucking you,” Taehyung says simply.
Jungkook gaps. “The fuck? I haven’t.”
“Jungkook, you’re not exactly sly,” Taehyung says. “He’s been doing it the whole night, babe. It’s not the first time he’s done it, too. I just figured we could do him a little favour.”
Your turn to look up at Jungkook and purse your lips. He’s seated in Taehyung’s desk chair and has a frown painted on his face. It’s not like it comes as a surprise to you because he’s constantly trying to flirt with you even when you’re sober but his sudden flustered appearance puzzles you slightly. You’ll admit the idea is ludicrous, but Jungkook is undeniably hot, and grinding on his dick sounds more than wonderful to you in your current state. Either way, you stand to your feet.
“I’ll do it,” You say. “Why not?”
“Wh-What?” Jungkook yelps. “You will?”
“Yeah,” You flash him a pearly smirk. “What? Is confident Jungkookie finally shy?”
At the mention of the taunting nickname, he straightens up in his seat and scowls. “No. I’m just surprised you gave in so easily. You must really like me, huh?”
“Keep dreaming, Jeon,” You retort.
The music is still playing in the background as you slink towards Jungkook’s seated figure. Meanwhile, Taehyung is watching with an amused look on his face and sits back, clearly enjoying the view as he tells you that you have three minutes. As you approach Jungkook, he leans back in his seat and watches you with dark eyes. Jungkook’s eyes sweep over your figure, from the way you muse your hands through your messy hair, your tight tank top with one strap falling down your shoulder, your lacy and scantily clad underwear, and your smooth legs. He gulps at the sight and shifts in his seat.
As soon as you’re standing in front of him, you whirl around so that your back is to him and jutt your butt out just enough to catch his attention as you sway your hips to the music. Your hands ghost up your sides just faintly enough so that chills run down your spine and you lock eyes with Taehyung for a split second to see him grinning. You sit back on Jungkook’s lap and his breath hitches in his throat suddenly. He hates to admit how easily you’re driving him crazy and as soon as you are but he takes the time to enjoy the dance anyway, eyes staying trained on your ass as you grind against him in agonizingly slow circles and right against his dick nestled against his thigh. He can’t help it when a moan emits from him.
“Fucking hell,” he grunts, raking his hands through his hair. You snicker at his reaction, craning your neck to look behind at him.
“Enjoying yourself, Kookie?”
“N-No,” he rasps. This is a lie, of course. “Turn around.”
His command only humours you but you don’t disobey. You get up for a second to spin around and face him before climbing back onto his lap, swinging one leg over his. Before you drop your hips completely on him, you’re rocking them back and forth against the thin air, your hands snaking around his neck. His hands suddenly find purchase on your waist and he yanks you down onto him with a sudden neediness that surprises you, though you don’t complain. You continue to grind against his lap and you can’t help your greedy self when your hands reach out to run up and down his toned chest. He shivers at your slightest touch, his jaw clenched, but he keeps his gaze focused on your eyes, as if challenging you for more. Behind you, Taehyung is taking another hit from the bong and laughs lightly at Jungkook’s reactions.
“Let him touch you,” Taehyung says.
You expect Jungkook to listen to Taehyung and reach out to grab onto you but he hesitates, his hands remaining at your hips. So, instead, you take his hands in yours and begin pulling them up, sliding them along your midriff and up to your chest. You don’t even flinch as you let him cup your boobs over your clothes and you watch him slyly as he gulps.
“Is this the first time you’ve actually touched a girl, Jungkook?” You quip. “You’re gawking at my boobs like it is. Not gonna wet yourself, hm?”
“Fuck off,” he growls, though there’s no malice in his voice.
Instead, he focuses his attention on your breasts and the weight of them in his palm. They’re soft and supple and he squeezes them firmly, jiggles the flesh as he fondles at you blatantly. He hates to admit it but he feels as if he’s going to combust at any second, repressing the sudden urge to tear off your shirt and burrow his head in your chest, your boobs in his mouth. He doesn’t know whether the soft moan that slips from your parted pink lips is intentional to mess with him or because you had been getting carried away yourself. Either way, Jungkook’s certain it’s the hottest thing he’s heard in a while, the hottest thing he’s seen in a while, and he hates how his sudden erection forms, how embarrassing it must be. When you feel his hardened length start to poke at your thigh, you look down at him past your lashes and smirk.
“Are you hard already, Kookie?” You giggle.
Taehyung roars with laughter abruptly and the outburst only makes Jungkook redden.
“I━I━” he stammers helplessly.
You shake your head at him and then purposely press your hips a little more firmly against his, gripping at his shoulders now. You’re challenging him now too, and he doesn’t know what you have in mind but you’re wickedly set on making him cum in his pants before Taehyung stops you.
“Time’s up,” he says.
Jungkook almost groans out loud in frustration when you pull away and step off of his lap. He’s embarrassingly hard now but his drunk self doesn’t try very hard to hide it. Taehyung’s stare is settled on Jungkook as you walk back to your seat but, before you can even sit down, Taehyung is beckoning you over.
“Come here, babe,” he hums. You look at him curiously but move in his direction. “What do you say we help Jungkook with his problem, huh?”
“Help? How?” You question.
“Come sit,” Taehyung gestures to his thigh.
Jungkook watches with silent seething jealousy as you take a seat on Taehyung’s thigh and then he’s kissing you, pressing his lips against your neck. You react almost instantly, your head craning to allow him more access and your eyes clamp shut, your mouth hanging open in delight.
“Tae━” You mewl, tugging at his hair, as if to prompt him wordlessly about Jungkook’s presence. But when does it become too much? Every action seems to keep building and building, that you know where the night surely must be heading; that you crave it.
Taehyung’s tongue swirls at your neck, his lips sucking on the sensitive skin, before he peeks one eye open to look at Jungkook.
“Look at him,” Taehyung hums against you. “Look at how jealous he is right now. Look at how bad he wants to be me right now.”
You take a moment to register his words, your head spinning. You struggle to find Jungkook as Taehyung continues to ravish your neck. Jungkook’s stare is hard, his jaw clenched; his hands are balled into tight fists that let you see the bulging veins in his arms. Is he jealous? Angry?
Taehyung suddenly bites down onto your neck and you gasp in surprise, leaning against his chest. His nimble fingers find the hem of your shirt which he lifts and discards on the floor with ease. Next to come off is your bra. You don’t realize your torso is bare until a slight breeze hits your breasts and perks your nipples and Taehyung reaches up to cup the soft tissue in his large hands and Jungkook can’t look away because, fuck, touching you is all he really wants to do.
“Do you see him staring now?” Taehyung asks. “Do you see how desperate he is for you? Look at how bad he wants to touch you right now, baby girl. Will you let him?”
You’re still staring at Jungkook as Taehyung speaks and note how fast Jungkook’s demeanour has changed. He looks helpless, his erection more prominent in his straining jeans which he shamelessly palms at to feel some sort of relief.
“Better yet,” Taehyung hums, averting your attention back to him. He’s sliding one of his hands down your front and in between your legs, pushing your thighs apart. His digits come in contact with your clothed pussy and the sudden touch, light and feathery, makes you jump and gasp. You hadn’t been aware of how wet you had been until he touched you just then and the coil in your stomach only tightens with each passing second. “Will you let him play with you?”
It takes you a second to respond, though that isn’t because you’re struggling to decide. The thought entices you far more than you ever believed it could. Taehyung is suddenly rubbing his fingers against your clothed clit in so very slow circles that it suddenly has you tripping over your own thoughts. You’re biting hard onto your lower lip as you force yourself to nod hastily.
“Do you want him to?” Taehyung asks.
“Fuck, yes,” You whine. “Mmm, Tae━”
Taehyung shifts you in his lap so that your back is pressed against his chest, leaning all your weight against him. It’s hard to focus as one of his hands fondles one of your breasts while his other presses figure eights onto your clit. You’re on full display for Jungkook now, though his eyes fall to the wet spot that forms on your pretty little underwear as your arousal leaks from you.
“How badly do you want him to?” Taehyung asks.
“So badly,” You whimper.
This catches Jungkook’s attention and he leans forward in his seat. Taehyung smirks against you and then he’s moving, withdrawing his hand from between your thighs to hook around the waistband of your underwear. He gives it a quick tug and you fumble to lift your hips so he can pull the useless fabric down your legs. Once it pools at your feet, you kick it off to the side and then Taehyung’s hand returns between your thighs.
“Spread your legs,” he says.
You do as you’re told, pushing your thighs apart but then instinctively squeezing them shut when Taehyung continues to press his fingers against your clit. The sudden stimulation is too much for you and your face begins to heat up so Taehyung uses the chance to push your legs apart for you. He hitches one of your thighs over his own as if to anchor you in place and it works.
“Can you stay like that for me, baby?” Taehyung drawls. “Look at Jungkook for me.”
You nod, your throat dry as you lift your gaze to lock eyes once more with Jungkook. You find the boy gawking at your sex and you moan suddenly. His head snaps up to stare at you with a sudden blazing determination and lust in his eyes before they fall once more to your pussy, admiring the way it pulsates each time Taehyung swipes at your clit or tweaks at your nipples. But the best part? The best part is just how wet you are, your clear juices coating Taehyung’s fingers, spilling onto yours and Taehyung’s thighs with the passing seconds, and suddenly Jungkook is hungry for you. But what he doesn’t know is how you suddenly imagine Jungkook in Taehyung’s place, sat beneath you poised daintily on his lap, his fingers pressing against you.
You twist on top of Taehyung, your own hand reaching up to grasp at your other breast, pinching at the nipple tightly. A delighted moan fumbles from your lips. “Jungkook━ Fuck━”
“It’s nice, yeah?” Taehyung asks aloud to the other boy. “She’s pretty, hm?”
Jungkook nods eagerly and then groans. “She’s dripping. Fuck, it’s so hot.”
Your face burns at his words but you don’t have enough wits to think of a snarky retort like usual.
Taehyung chuckles. “Why don’t you come here then and touch her? Taste her? Is that okay, baby?”
When you realize Taehyung is asking you, you nod eagerly. “Shit, please━ Jungkook, wanna feel you━”
At your request, Jungkook practically tumbles out of his seat. As soon as he’s standing on his feet, the realization seems to hit him and he takes his time, walking to you slowly. His gaze sweeps over your exposed body and he licks his lips, his eyes suddenly darkening. Taehyung doesn’t stop touching you or marking your neck his even as Jungkook walks closer and it hits you in that moment what exactly you’re doing and who you’re with ━ and you fucking love it. Jungkook kneels down in front of you and Taehyung nods in encouragement.
“She’s impatient and feisty,” Taehyung informs. “But that makes her fun to tease.”
“I know how to pleasure a girl,” Jungkook quips.
“But you don’t know how to pleasure Y/N,” Taehyung replies. “You’re too cocky, Jungkookie, and she doesn’t like that. You need to take your time with her and you don’t do that often with girls, do you?”
Jungkook doesn’t respond but, judging by his face, you assume Taehyung is right.
“What do you want me to do?” Jungkook asks. He’s staring at your face now and only your face. His intense stare makes you squirm on Taehyung’s lap, and makes you suck your lower lip between your teeth.
“Touch me,” You rasp. “Touch me, please, Jungkook.”
God, how he loves hearing you moan his name. But the anticipation is killing you. You’ve felt Taehyung’s fingers plenty of time; you’ve never felt Jungkook’s, and the abrupt need seems to grow more intense with each passing second.
“You heard her, Jungkookie,” Taehyung says. He draws his hand away from your heat and kisses your neck softly. “Go on. Touch her. Be gentle, go slow.”
Jungkook is shaking with excitement ━ or maybe it’s just the weed and alcohol in his bloodstream ━ but he eyes you carefully, gnawing down on his lower lip. He reaches out at a tedious pace and hesitates, his fingers hovering over your core. Taehyung is watching with eager eyes whilst planting open mouthed kisses along your shoulders, neck, and jawline. Jungkook finally presses his fingers against your pussy and your reaction is immediate. You toss your head back against Taehyung’s shoulder and jutt your hips forward.
“Nnngh, fuck, Kook━” You whimper. “M-More━ Wanna feel more━”
Jungkook takes that as a good sign and follows after Taehyung, rubbing circles into your clit slowly. He feels just how wet you are, his fingers coating with your cum as they move with ease past your folds, and it’s enough to let the wave of glee wash over him again.
“See? Look how much she loves it already,” Taehyung says. “Keep going.”
Jungkook doesn’t need to be told twice. As he rubs his fingers over your clit, his other hand comes up in a greedy fashion. He can’t stop himself from slipping a finger past your folds and it takes all you can not to moan out loud but you give up on the prospect of remaining quiet when it feels so good to have both boys on you.
“Let him know how you feel, baby,” Taehyung purs. “How he’s making you feel.”
You struggle to find your voice momentarily, too caught up with the lust and desire but then a cry of delight falls from your lips. “Fuck, ah, Jungkook! That feels s-so good━”
Jungkook’s head snaps up to look at you in pure disbelief.
“Holy shit, that’s so fucking hot,” he huffs. “I never thought you’d moan my name and now you’re so wet and tight and for me━”
“And me,” Taehyung admonishes offhandedly.
Jungkook doesn’t reply but that’s mostly because he’s suddenly fixated on curling his finger inside of you and watching your every reaction. Your hips jut forward and you cry out, panting at the blissful feeling but it isn’t enough. You need more, and you need more now. As if Taehyung can read your mind, he chimes in again, disrupting yours and Jungkook’s reverie.
“Why don’t you have a taste of her?” he asks. “You won’t regret it.”
Jungkook’s eyes light up and he watches as you nod eagerly, desperate pleas coming from your mouth. Jungkook lowers himself down between your thighs and you wait with bated breath before he’s licking a clean stripe against your folds with his flattened tongue. The sudden slippery warmth has your body writhing in pleasure.
“Jungkook━” You cry out. “Oh my god━”
Jungkook grins. Then he’s licking at you again, tasting your sweet succulence, and groans into your hot core.
“Shit,” Jungkook huffs. “You taste amazing.”
He nibbles down slightly on your clit without warning and tugs. You instantly jerk into his mouth, a strangled moan ripping from your throat that sounds something like a scold of his name and a desperate plea for more. “Jungkook!”
Taehyung snickers against your neck and you can feel Jungkook’s lips curl into a taunting smirk between your thighs. Jungkook’s finger still curls deep within you as his tongue returns to lapping at your clit and you can feel his nose brushing against you the deeper he burrows into you. Meanwhile, Taehyung is continuing to ravish your neck, his hands tweaking at your nipples. The onslaught of senses is so much for you that you nearly scream when Jungkook’s tongue dips into your heat so suddenly to accompany his finger. He laps at you hungrily and you gasp, your breath stuttering as your hands come down to tug hard in his raven locks, your hips bucking forward and into his mouth. It feels fantastic, too incredible for you to put into words, as you feel the wetness of his tongue lap at your walls and suddenly you’re aware of just how susceptible you are to both of the boys near you.
“Fuck, don’t stop, Jungkook,” You moan.
“Now who’s the needy one?” Jungkook coos against your cunt. “Gonna cum on my tongue?”
“P-Please━ Want it so badly, Kook━”
He smacks his lips against you, taking as much as he can of you into his mouth and sucking hard until all you hear are the lewd wet sounds of his tongue and finger working miracles against you. You’re clutching his hair so tight, pushing him closer into your heat but he doesn’t relent. One of his hands comes up to hold onto your waist, to push you firmly back onto Taehyung’s lap and closer into Jungkook’s mouth. You can feel Taehyung’s budding erection poking against your thigh and it’s enough to make you flustered once more.
In an attempt to help Taehyung, you find yourself grinding not only into Jungkook’s mouth but onto Taehyung’s lap, earning a growl into your neck. Taehyung’s free hand comes up to your chin which he grabs roughly. He forces you to look at him and then he’s smashing his lips onto yours in a heated fashion for an entirely ungraceful kiss. It’s needy and hot, completely open mouthed as your tongues mingle in the air and as Taehyung sucks on your lower lip. Yet you tear your gaze from Taehyung to look down at Jungkook as he buries himself further into your pussy, his nose nuzzling against your clit. You’re dripping by now and you can see your own juices smear onto his lips, dribble down to his chin, and it’s the hottest thing you could ever imagine seeing. He doesn’t seem to care as it spills down his neck and suddenly the mere sight has you squirming again. You part from Taehyung’s mouth with a wet pop that rings in your ears and moan.
“Fuck━ nghn, I━I━ think I’m close,” You whimper.
“Fuuck, yes,” Jungkook growls against you.
“Let it go, baby,” Taehyung hums, nibbling at your ear. “Cum for him, for us.”
Jungkook’s pace quickens, pumping his finger faster in you and sucking at your clit until you have no more strength to hold off. Your hands fumble in his hair, trying desperately to pull him closer, and you hate how badly you want your sweet release already. It doesn’t help when Taehyung twists your body ever so slightly so that he can lean down to your breasts and catch one of your nipples between his teeth. His tongue swishes back and forth against the perked bud and you whimper again, the coil in your stomach tightening and loosening.
You’re so close now and Jungkook can hear it, can feel it, can taste it. You don’t have much longer after that before your orgasm is hitting you hard.
“I’m gonna━” You reach out to grasp at Jungkook’s hair, tugging at the roots. “Fuck, Jungkook━”
You cry out suddenly, the coil in your stomach springing apart. Jungkook moans into your pussy as you cum, pulsating around his tongue and finger and dripping into his mouth. You’re reduced to nothing but a whimpering, writhing mess against Taehyung as you buck back and forth into Jungkook’s mouth to ride out your high. Taehyung pulls apart from you to rub circles into your hips and the seemingly gentle move somehow soothes the intense wave of pleasure into something much sweeter. Fire burns at your core and flicks outward until your whole body is warm and numb and then you collapse against Taehyung’s chest, panting hard. Jungkook drinks up every last bit of you and you begin to cringe at the oversensitivity before you gain some of your wits again. You push his head away hastily and this time he relents.
“Did all your little happy wet dreams finally come true, Jeon?” You snicker languidly.
The boy sits back on his knees and looks up at you, locking gazes with yours. You can finally see his face, his tousled black hair, his swollen red lips, and chin, all of which are covered in your perfect sheen. He licks at his lips and wipes at his chin and neck where his tongue can’t reach and he does all of this without breaking eye contact with you. A small smirk forms on his face and suddenly you’re filled with an intense need for payback.
“Yeah, you act confident now but you seemed to enjoy it when you were riding my face,” Jungkook says. You roll your eyes, about to reply before he adds, “So, you’re welcome.”
“You’re impossible,” You huff, pushing yourself off of Taehyung’s lap.
“Where do you think you’re going, baby?” Taehyung mewls behind you. “We still need you.”
“Oh, I know,” You quip. You reach down to grab onto Jungkook’s chin, forcing him to look up at you. “But it’s my turn, don’t you think, Tae?”
Taehyung chuckles and nods in agreement. Jungkook, however, hardly looks bothered, though he seems a little taken aback by your sudden assertiveness when you begin pulling him up to his feet before pushing him back onto the bed. Taehyung scoots over so that the three of you can fit comfortably on his bed and then you’re moving, crawling over to Jungkook on your hands and knees.
“Are you trying to intimidate me?” Jungkook asks. “Because this is sexier than it is scary.”
You’re hovering over his crotch when he speaks, your greedy hands reaching forward to brush against his hard dick straining in his jeans. He nearly jolts in his seat at the sudden touch and you and Taehyung giggle again.
“Mmm, baby, teach him a lesson,” Taehyung hums. “Suck him off nice and slow but don’t let him cum.”
“Not unless he begs for it,” You say wickedly.
Taehyung stifles a chuckle. “I told you she’s feisty, Jungkookie.”
The younger boy is eyeing you carefully as you busy yourself by undoing the belt buckle on his jeans. He acts unimpressed, unfazed, as you unbutton his jeans and began sliding them off his legs, but you can see the needy and impatient glint in his eyes. Your eyes fall immediately to the ever present straining bulge in his boxers and you gulp in response, licking your lips. You can’t help yourself when you reach out to brush your fingers faintly along his length. He jolts in his seat and grits his teeth, shooting you a hard glare.
“Are you seriously going to tease me?” Jungkook grumbles. “We can skip all of that, y’know━”
“It’s payback, Jeon,” You hum, running your fingers down his dick and then back up again. “Where’s the fun in it if I skip all of the teasing?”
“You know,” Taehyung murmurs from beside you. He’s reclining back, watching you with intense eyes and is completely shameless about his prominent erection contained by his boxers. “I’m surprised the idiot hasn’t referred to his dick yet as Jungcock.”
You giggle, an all too innocent and sweet sound for the way you’re palming at Jungkook’s dick. Jungkook, who is apparently having a rather difficult time keeping up with his surroundings while your fingers continue to work against him, scoffs. His eyebrows knit together as he throws a beady glare at the older boy.
“You’re ruining the mood,” he grunts.
Taehyung clicks his tongue against his teeth, a smirk tugging at his luscious lips. “Of course. I digress.”
You turn your attention back to Jungkook who’s staring down at your hand with parted lips and a crease in his brows. Without warning, you grasp him through his boxers and he groans suddenly, bucking forward. The desperation of his situation only seems to increase in severity when you peel back the elastic band of his boxers and slide them off his legs, finally freeing his dick which springs out from it’s confines. He’s much bigger than you expected, his tip angry and red, leaking with pearly beads that dribble down his length and the bulging veins that line it.
“You’re staring again,” Jungkook hums when he notices you pause, your eyes wide. “Sure you don’t like what you see?”
You shake yourself from your daze and frown. “Shut up.”
The boy starts to chuckle at your flustered expression but yelps when you clasp your fingers around the base of his cock. A beautiful moan falls from his lips and excites you even more. You start pumping him slowly, guiding your hands up and down his length in careful and measured motions, wiping your thumb across his tip each time you reach it. Jungkook shudders in your touch, his teeth coming down to gnaw hard on his lower lip. His eyes are glued to your hands working against him, his face scrunching up in pure euphoria.
“Mmm, fuck,” he grunts, his head lolling back. “Stop teasing me and go faster.”
You don’t listen. If anything, you slow your pace and it has him so frustrated that he lets an involuntary whimper escape him. He bucks into your clenched hand, practically begging for more but remains quiet, safe for his heavy panting.
“You heard her, Kook,” Taehyung says. “Beg for her.”
“There’s no way I’m begging,” Jungkook hisses through gritted teeth. “Never. I never have and never will.”
“Bullshit,” You scoff. You fondle at his balls with your other hand and he moans again. Your hand comes to a complete halt all of a sudden, interrupting Jungkook as he is about to speak. Before he can protest, you lean down and lick at his tip, swirling your tongue around him once to taste his saltiness. His hips rut forward into you but you pull back almost immediately and find Jungkook gaping. You meet his desperate eyes for a steady gaze. “Beg. Just once, Jungkookie.”
Jungkook’s stare wavers as you run your fingers along his tip, squeezing slightly. He tries to compose himself, to remain calm, but when you are relentless, he caves very easily. He only gives in when you kiss the base of his cock. And those eyes ━ fuck, the way your eyes turn so wide and already look so fucked out. How could he resist you?
“Fuck, fuck, okay,” he gasps. “I need more, baby, please. Ah, please━ You feel so fucking good.”
His needy pleas satisfy you and your lips curl into a devious grin. You lower yourself on him suddenly, licking a clean stripe up his length and he moans loudly. You enclose your mouth around his tip and suck, earning a small growl from him as he pushes his hips forward for more. In the next second, you sink your mouth down his length, taking as much of him as you can.
“Fuck!” he moans abruptly. “Ahh, shit, that feels amazing, baby.”
You hollow out your cheeks as you pull your head up and then back down, starting at an even pace that has him moaning and writhing beneath you. He feels much bigger in your mouth but you don’t mind even when he bucks himself into you unexpectedly and hits the back of your throat. The action makes you gag around him and, in return, he curses at the way it feels.
“K-Keep doing that,” he mumbles. “Please, fuck, just like that.”
His fingers thread in your hair and he pulls you down greedily on him but you don’t refuse.
“Can you do it, baby girl?” Taehyung questions. His hand finds his way on your back where he rubs gentle circles into your skin. “Can you take all of him in your mouth?”
You nod carefully around Jungkook’s hardened length.
“Good girl,” Taehyung smirks. “Go slow.”
You follow his orders, sinking gradually onto Jungkook until you feel the tip of him hitting the back of your throat. You gag once more but, instead of pulling back, you shut your eyes and take a few deep breaths in through your nose. In, out, in, out, and then you swallow. Jungkook’s reaction is sudden and intense. He bucks into your mouth unwillingly and moans even louder, his fingers clutching at your roots.
“That’s it, baby,” Taehyung hums and his sudden presence is comforting.
“A-Again,” Jungkook stammers. “Again, please━ holy shit, you feel amazing.”
You swallow again and then a third and each time you can feel yourself sinking lower onto him. Tears prickle at your eyes as your nose is suddenly pressed against his lower abdomen but his reactions are well worth it and so you continue.
“You’re doing so well, baby,” Taehyung says, planting a chaste kiss against your shoulder. “You deserve some more attention, hm?”
His fingers slowly rub circles down your back, his lips following your arch and has you shivering beneath him, before stopping at the dip just above your ass. He’s kneeling behind you now, his fingers massaging into your thighs. You sigh against Jungkook when you feel Taehyung’s fingers continue their trek to your ass, rubbing you carefully. You, in response, push your hips back, waiting for more.
“You’re still so wet, baby,” Taehyung says. “I bet you’d come with one touch of my finger.”
With Jungkook buried hilt deep inside your mouth, you’re hardly prepared for when Taehyung slips his fingers underneath to your folds. It’s embarrassing to admit how right he is. You react instantly, moaning around Jungkook and jutting your hips back for more. The simple vibration has Jungkook groaning, his hips bucking forward. You hadn’t even been aware of just how wet you are before Taehyung pointed it out but then you can feel it, pulsing out of you and dripping down the top of your inner thighs.
“But you need more, don’t you?” Taehyung asks. “How about my cock? Will you let me fuck you, baby girl?”
You nod eagerly, the simple question exciting you even more. Taehyung chuckles and leans down to press a kiss to the arch of your back.
“But you’ll have to be good and keep pleasuring Jungkook too, okay?” Taehyung says.
You hum in response and swallow around Jungkook as if to tell both boys that you have no plans on stopping. Jungkook twitches inside you and scrunches his eyes shut.
“Fuck, Taehyung,” he grumbles. “Hurry up. Any time you touch her, she swallows. It feels so good.”
Taehyung snickers but he takes his time. He runs his fingers up and down your folds until you’re moaning needily against Jungkook. You look over your shoulder to see Taehyung’s fingers wrapped around his own hardened and pulsating erection, pumping himself a few times as he stares at you carefully. He positions himself behind you and takes the chance to run his tip and length along your folds. You whimper suddenly, hoping your desperate noises will spur him on.
“You want more, baby?” Taehyung asks.
You hum again, your voice muffled and hoarse.
“Okay,” he sighs. “Only because you’ve been so good.”
You have no time to brace yourself from the sudden impact of feelings. He doesn’t do much except for push himself into you, past your folds. It’s only just the tip and yet your heart jolts in your chest, the coil in your stomach tightens. It feels so good to finally have something of larger girth in you that you gap, simultaneously sinking down further onto Jungkook. The two boys grunt above you, both of them panting hard.
“You feel so good, baby,” Taehyung mumbles. “Fuck, you’re so wet.”
He leans down to press a kiss against your shoulder, his other hand coming up to rest on the dip of your lower back to guide you. He slowly, so very slowly, pushes himself into you, inch by inch, so you can feel the way he stretches you open, feel the way he buries into you. Your leaking arousal only proves to be of an advantage, letting him easily push into you without any trouble. Your fingers grip the bed sheets beneath you in an ironclad grip and you squeak when he’s finally buried hilt deep within you. You nearly gag around Jungkook again, who’s still panting and writhing above you, but the way Taehyung’s tongue marks patterns into your shoulder comforts you. You whine against Jungkook, pushing your hips back for more and the simplicity of your action has Taehyung’s breath hitching in his throat.
“So warm,” he grunts and then sighs against your back. “You always feel so amazing.”
He still hasn’t moved and you’re beginning to grow impatient, distraught over the feeling of him rock hard inside you but unmoving. You debate pulling apart from Jungkook to yell at Taehyung but you assume he can understand your haste judging by the way your body writhes beneath him, your fingers clench into fists. He pulls out in one languid movement, his breath stuttering, until only his tip is left before he pushes himself back in, equally as slow. He sets at a steady, easy pace that, at the very least, lets you grasp onto some sensible thoughts and pushes you to keep pleasing Jungkook. Jungkook can’t take it anymore; he starts rutting his hips up into your mouth with gritted teeth. It’s a hot, erotic mess of mingled moans and groans but you never want it to stop ━ in fact, you want more.
“You like that, baby?” Taehyung grunts.
You nod hurriedly, humming in response.
“Ah, fuck━” Taehyung groans. “Want it harder?”
You nod once more, this time eagerly. When Taehyung pulls back one more time, he slams himself back into you without any warning and you jerk forward, sinking down onto Jungkook. The younger boy moans, his head lolling back as his fingers twisting in your hair. You don’t expect Taehyung to do the same thing again, pull out slowly and then push himself back in with more force, but he does, and he repeats the action again and again until he abandons it for a whole new pace. Soon, he’s thrusting into you hard and fast but always making sure his hips reconnect with yours before pulling out so you can feel him practically in your throat.
“Like being fucked like this?” Taehyung asks. “You like being used like a little slut?”
His thrusts are relentless suddenly, jerking your body and back and forth until he’s fucking you in a way that has you sucking off Jungkook just right so that you hardly have to put in any effort. Although his hard thrusts feel amazing, each time you’re pushed forward, you sink further down onto Jungkook unwillingly and that, paired with the way Jungkook frantically fucks himself into your mouth, you nearly gag each time as he hits the back of your throat, drool pooling at your lips and dribbling down your chin. Tears prick at your eyes from the feeling and it’s too pleasing to quit, to pull away from Jungkook just yet. Jungkook’s staring down at you when he notices your scrunched up face. You’re surprised when his hand finds your cheek, his thumb brushing reassuringly into your cheekbone.
“You’re doing so━ ah, fuck━ so well, baby,” he rasps.
You can taste the saltiness of precum on the tip of your tongue and you wonder how close he is. You have no qualms in finishing him off then and there but soon the pleasure you’re receiving from Taehyung becomes too much. Soon, he’s hitting you at an angle that shakes something in you. You pull apart from Jungkook with a loud pop, saliva and cum coating his length and your lips, and a gasp wretches from your throat.
“Fuck!” You cry hoarsely. “Ah, T-Taehyung!”
You’re too weak to push yourself up and end up burying your head in Jungkook’s lower abdomen, feeling the heat consume you. You’re near numb, senseless, as you let Taehyung ravish your body, fuck you hard into the mattress and Jungkook. It’s a frantic build up, an intense wave of emotions that you seem to pass through, and you can hardly bring yourself to react. All you can hear is the sound of moaning and skin against skin and the heat seems to make its way up to your head, making you warm and fuzzy. Jungkook gently pulls at your face, lifting you up and bringing you to him so that he can smash his lips onto yours and all you can taste is bitter liquor, you, and him, but that doesn’t stop him from sucking on your lower lip even when you pull apart to moan and gasp.
“T-Tae,” You sob. “Fuck, Tae, I━I’m c━close━”
“Cum for me, baby girl,” he murmurs. “Let me hear you.”
You shake your head frantically at the sensitive sting between your legs still raw from your orgasm from Jungkook, shutting your eyes. Taehyung’s hands find their way onto your hips and he pulls you down his length until you’re balls deep and pauses. He lifts your hips and you can feel him twitch inside you that it even makes your own thighs tremble and shake. You’re sure you’ll collapse on him if he doesn’t hold onto you and he must realize this too because he grips your hips tight to continue thrusting into you. Soon you’re tumbling towards your high. Taehyung’s pumps are frantic, growing sloppy with each passing second, as he pushes you to yours and his high. The coil snaps in your stomach again and you’re in a moment of freefall where you’re stunned by the wave of pleasure. Then, Taehyung is bringing you back down to reality with his hard thrusts, the way he moans, and the lewd wet sounds of him pumping himself into you.
“Ah, T-Tae━” You whimper. “So good, fuck━”
His name falls from your lips in a repeated mantra. You crumble beneath him, collapsing entirely against Jungkook, who’s brushing your hair away from your face. You’re shaking with each touch, your walls pulsing around Taehyung and clenching hard. He moans and curses behind you and you know he must be close to his high because he, too, is fumbling for it. His thrusts are even more hasty and soon he’s reaching his climax. His moans increase in volume and his thrusts become sloppier until he finally pulls his cock from your walls and nearly collapses against your back.
With his hand clenched tightly around his shaft, he jerks himself off until he’s releasing onto your back in white hot spurts. He’s panting hard, sweat coating his forehead, but he takes the time to press chaste kisses along your back and shoulders as the two of you attempt to calm your shrill hearts. It’s silent in the room for a moment despite your panting breaths. Taehyung takes a moment to grab his discarded shirt and wipe at the mess he’s made before he collapses next to you at long last with a huff of air. You moan wearily, rolling off of Jungkook to lay on your back between the two.
“God, you’re amazing,” Taehyung sighs.
You giggle up at the boy and lean towards him to kiss. His fingers rake in your hair and a few silent seconds pass before you’re nearly back to an even breathing pace. That’s when you notice Jungkook, his hand gripped tightly around his still painfully hard dick.
“Jungkook,” You pur his name, catching his attention. “What are you doing?”
“What does it look like?” he quips.
“It’s your turn,” Taehyung points out. Jungkook glances at Taehyung and then down at you, quirking an eyebrow.
“W-Well, I just thought━” Jungkook stammers. “I just thought you’ve had enough. It’s okay, you don’t have to.”
“I call bullshit again,” You scoff.
“Baby girl,” Taehyung hums, “do you want Jungkookie to fuck you?”
You nod eagerly but Jungkook doesn’t seem too convinced, or maybe he’s hesitant. Taehyung’s eyeing him closely, curiously, before he gaps. He bursts out into a fit of chuckles, earning both yours and Jungkook’s attention.
“Shit, of course,” Taehyung grins. “He’s probably gonna let go the minute he’s in you. You’re close, hm?”
“Only because she’s already been down on me,” Jungkook grumbles.
“You know that’s not it,” Taehyung replies. “You’ve been wanting this forever.”
Jungkook’s eyes suddenly darken as he glares at the older boy. “Taehyung.”
“Wait, what?” You ask, turning to gawk at both.
“Jungkook has a little crush on you,” Taehyung smirks. “This is all he’s ever wanted. I bet he’ll bust a nut the second he fucks you and he’s embarrassed.”
You gasp as you turn to face Jungkook who looks entirely disgruntled but you’re more shocked about the fact that Jungkook likes you than anything else. Jungkook, notoriously arrogant fuckboy, who’s seemingly made it his mission to give you a headache every waking moment by trying to flirt with you. And maybe you’ve always sort of known it; maybe you’ve always sort of felt the same.
“That’s not true!” Jungkook protests. “I━I━ Well, Tae hardly finishes when he’s with another girl. He’s jacked off to the thought of you before, too━”
Taehyung starts. “Fuck off━”
You’re stuck between the bickering boys, staring up at both of them with a dumbfounded expression. Before either boy can strangle the other, you’re speaking up and interrupting them.
“I don’t mind,” You say. “I’m just… surprised.”
Both boys are silent now, aggravated probably, and you giggle. You reach up to rake your fingers in Taehyung’s hair and then look up at Jungkook, using your other hand to grab onto his chin once more and force him to face you.
“Come here, you idiot,” You drawl. “I want you to fuck me. Wanna feel your dick.”
Jungkook seems taken aback but then his eyes are sweeping down your body and he writhes in his seat. Before he can protest, you’re pulling him down onto you to kiss. It’s passionate and rough but hot altogether as your lips smack against one anothers. Jungkook’s desperate situation seems to hit him again, especially when you snake one of your hands down to his length and wrap your fingers around him to jerk him off. He pulls apart from you, gulping.
“Fuck, okay, okay,” he gasps. “I need to be in you right now, please.”
You and Taehyung smirk as Jungkook shifts around on the bed to kneel between your legs. He pauses, glancing up at you once more and noting the way you bite your lower lip seductively, before finally pushing himself in. He goes slow, but not as gradual as Taehyung. You can still feel him stretching you open and he groans. He seems to slide the rest of the way in with a lewd squelch sound because of just how wet you are and then he’s buried balls deep, fitting so snug within you.
“Holy shit,” he whines. “You weren’t kidding, Tae. She feels amazing.”
Taehyung hums in agreement. “What does she feel like? Let her know, Kookie.”
Jungkook squeezes his eyes shut momentarily to focus. “Wet,” he hisses through gritted teeth. “Warm, tight ━ fuck, so tight.”
He marvels at the feeling, wonders how you can still clench so tightly around him despite being stretched wide by Taehyung. He bows his head to rest in the crook of your neck and moans. His words are enough to spur on your own reaction and you whimper against him.
“Oh, fuck, Jungkook━”
The sensitivity you feel in your core met with his hard cock makes you cringe but simultaneously pleases you and you’re bucking your hips for more. He groans at the feeling, his hands flying down to grip your hips. He’s big, stretching you wide, but you feel anything but pain except for the sharp burning sensation as the intensity of your past orgasms start to hit you. He rolls his hips back and then thrusts into you so hard that you yelp and jerk back on the bed.
“Go easy on her, Jungkook,” Taehyung admonishes. “She’s not a doll.”
“I’m sorry,” Jungkook sighs, nipping at your throat. “You just feel so good, Y/N.”
“I’m okay,” You reassure. You feel his length twitch within you and your head lolls back. “Fuck, I feel more than okay.”
“Can we try something?” Taehyung asks.
He receives two weak nods in response. Jungkook pauses, shifts the two of you until he’s on his back and you’re straddling his hips, his dick never once slipping from your core. The older boy grabs onto you and yanks you onto his hips.
“What do you say we give Y/N the pleasure she deserves?” he asks. He pushes his length past your folds and is rewarded by the sound of your moans as your jaw unhinges. “Think you can handle both of us, baby?”
“Fuck, yes,” You gasp.
Jungkook seems just as enticed by this. He’s careful as he pushes his cock into you and your reaction is explosive. With Taehyung already stretching you wide, you wonder how Jungkook will fit but it’s snug and perfect. You can feel him stretching you further, inch by glorious inch, and he hasn’t even begun moving when your walls clench around the two of them. Taehyung hisses in your ear and Jungkook pauses at once, sputtering for air, giving you time to adjust. When Jungkook pushes himself further into your cunt, rubbing against Taehyung’s cock and your own walls, you can’t help the delicious moan that falls from your lips.
“Oh my god,” You whimper. “Fuck, fuck, that feels so fucking good━”
It’s such a sticky, hot mess, and all you can hear is the sound of guttural moans and grunts. You jut your hips forward, a silent plea for something more. Jungkook’s hand grasps at your ass and then he’s pulling out. He growls suddenly, thrusting his hips forward and the sensation suddenly overwhelms you. As he picks up a pace that leaves you breathless, Taehyung slowly thrusts into you and the pleasure becomes too much. Your hands reach out to grab at anything, fingers digging eagerly into Jungkook’s chest, Taehyung’s sides.
“Oh, fuck,” Jungkook grunts. His face is scrunched in pleasure and concentration, his mouth hanging open.
“You’re doing so well, baby,” Taehyung growls. “You like being stretched wide like this, huh? Such a good girl too. Fuck━”
He’s sweating, but so are you, and all you can hear is the sound of yours and the boys’ moans, the vulgar wet slap with each thrust Jungkook makes. It’s only amplified with each small leisurely thrust Taehyung makes into your throbbing pussy, his dick rubbing against Jungkook’s with each thrust. Your walls tighten around Jungkook and Taehyung as the seconds pass and you know you’re already close to your third orgasm of the night but you try to hold off despite the room spinning. All you can do is lay there for Jungkook to ravish and control, for Taehyung to enjoy, too caught up in the moment. Your breasts bounce wildly with each thrust Jungkook makes and his gaze seems fixated on your chest before flickering down to watch himself disappear inside you each time. Taehyung is raking his fingers through your hair, soothing you through your next climax and it’s close.
“Fuck,” Jungkook hisses, panting hard. “I’m not gonna last.”
You push your hips forward as if to probe him on and he growls.
“No, shit, let me enjoy this, baby,” he whines. “Ah, so tight━”
He’s grumbling to himself, cursing under his breath and you smirk tiredly. Jungkook leans his head down to kiss at your chest, catching one of your nipples in his warm mouth. His tongue swishes back and forth over the perked bud and your chest arches into his face. Your fingers are clutching tight at his hair even as he obeys and adds more force with each thrust, slowly picking up his pace. His mouth widens and he sinks lower on your breast, humming against you in pleasure. Taehyung’s own pace quickens. It’s not as relentless as Jungkook’s but he makes sure to help aid you to your high, ramming his hips into yours until both their cocks slip into a seamless pattern. All you can focus on is the crude wetness, the way their dicks threaten to slip from your hold at how sloppy and wrecked your cunt becomes.
“Ah, yes,” You hiss. “Fuck, yes, yes━ So good, oh my god━ Right there━”
Your voice is cut off by a loud moan. You feel the familiar wave hit you once more and this time you hardly have any strength to fight it off or welcome it.
“I can’t━” You wail suddenly. “Fuck, I can’t━ I’m gonna cum━”
You’re fumbling for words to warn him that you’re close before you’re cuming around them. Their names wrench from your throat in no discernible pattern, accompanied by vulgar curses. Your body writhes between the two boys, your chest arching into his mouth, your legs tightening around Jungkook’s waist.
“You’re doing so well, baby,” Jungkook coos. “Come on, wanna feel you cream all over us━”
Stars form behind your eyelids and explode into galaxies as they swirl down your spine and to the tip of your toes, making them and your fingers curl in delight. Your vision grows blurry and tears stream down your face at the build up of pressure finally being released for the third time and you can’t help it when your mantra turns into delighted sobs and whimpers. You’re clenched so tight that Jungkook feels as if he hardly has any space to move and the confinement of his length has him gasping. He pulls apart from your breast to watch your scrunched up face with hooded eyes. He moans again, and desperately leans down to suck at your jawline.
You’re too spent to keep up with him or Taehyung as he helps you further to your high but you know Jungkook is close when his thrusts become messy, quick spurts. You gasp each time he thrusts up into you until he’s finally cuming.
“Shit,” he hisses. “Gonna cum━ Gonna let us fill you up, baby?”
“Please, please, wanna feel it,” You mewl.
He slams his hips into yours and stills for a moment as he releases into you in one hot wave and emits a beautiful moan of your name. You’re panting hard even as he rides out both your highs with a few more incredibly sloppy pumps before he finally collapses against your chest. The two of you are struggling to catch your breaths, your heart beating in your ears.
The room is silent, blissful, and it takes you a few moments of basking in it before you’ve regained your breath. Your fingers rake in Jungkook’s soft and sweaty hair and you hum in content. His mouth presses a few open mouthed and hot kisses along your neck and jawline before connecting with your own mouth. This time, the kiss is chaste and you smile against his lips before he’s pulling out of you. You moan at the missing feeling of his warmth and the way his own cum leaks from your core, down Taehyung’s cock, and your own thighs.
But Taehyung isn’t done. He thrusts up into you to ride out his own high, pushing Jungkook’s release back into you. His pace is steady, deep, and all you can both do is moan and gasp for air.
“Fuck, Tae,” You rasp tiredly. “Cum for me, baby.”
The boy gasps for air, nearly fumbling behind you to reach his high. “Gonna make this pussy mine. Fuuck━”
When Taehyung finally reaches his own high, it’s in another sticky stream of hot cum, each fluid mingling with the other in a pitiful mess. He pulls his slackened length from you and you whimper at sudden the loss, core and legs aching. As you slide onto the bed between the two tired and breathless boys, Jungkook wipes at your glistening core with a shirt and you sigh in content.
“Why haven’t we done that before?” You gasp, earning a chuckle from both. Jungkook lets out a boisterous laugh and you flick his arm. “If you say anything dumb, we’re never having a round two.”
“Round two?” he asks, wriggling his brows. “You want this to happen again?”
You nod, though you can already start to feel yourself succumb to sleep as it creeps upon you. “What do you think, Tae?”
“I think,” The older boy hums, “that’s your best idea yet.”
Jungkook seems surprised, excited even, and you smile sleepily. Taehyung throws his arm over your waist and pulls your back to his chest, wrapping you in his arms as he slips off to sleep. 
Before you fall asleep that night, you snake your arm up Jungkook’s chest and let your hand rest against his beating heart which you can still feel beating shrilly even long after your messy night together.
Tumblr media
You awake to the familiar sound of your alarm.
It’s loud, annoying, and jolts you awake only to toss you into a haze of muddled confusion and an incredibly terrible hangover. Your head throbs and your body aches. Sunlight splashes in from the closed blinds and illuminates your face, making you squint.
“Turn that off, Jesus Christ, Y/N,” Taehyung snaps, his voice muffled and aggravated.
Your mind is too groggy to realize he’s sleeping next to you, too groggy to suddenly remember what happened the night before. Until, of course, you feel your limbs tangled with not only Taehyung’s but another’s. When you crane your neck to look, you see Jeon Jungkook splayed out beside you sleeping peacefully and you gasp.
The events of the night before suddenly flood your mind and everything is hazy up until your wild time with the two boys. Your muddled sober mind alerts your heart and suddenly it’s beating hard and fast in your chest as you register the situation. You’re used to waking up with a naked Taehyung by your side but never were you used to waking up next to a naked Taehyung and Jungkook.
Jungkook stirs in his sleep then and you curse silently, diving for your phone on the floor before realizing your drastic mistake. Your core is still tender and your legs feel so delicate, nearly caving in beneath you as you wobble precariously. Somehow, you manage to grab your phone and tap the snooze button hastily. Taehyung’s still half asleep on his side but Jungkook lays on his back and you’re surprised to see him looking up at you with a quirked eyebrow and a tiny smirk.
“Don’t you dare say anything,” You hiss. “Holy shit, that wasn’t a dream?”
You gnaw on your lower lip and reach down blindly to grab the nearest article of clothing on the floor (one of Taehyung’s shirts) to toss over your bare body. To soothe your aching muscles, you resort to kneeling on the edge of the bed.
“It wasn’t,” Taehyung murmurs.
“Nice to know you think our dicks are dream worthy though,” Jungkook snorts. “So when’s our round two?”
Your promise from the night before dawns on you all too suddenly and, though you feign your usual annoyance for both boys, the potential prospect of another night with the two of them thrills you to no end.  
“I━ I━” You stammer.
“Come back here, baby,” Taehyung muses. “It’s too early to be up right now. You can sleep a bit longer before you pretend you hate the both of us.”
Your eyes flicker down to your phone to check the time: 6 a.m. You can barely walk, let alone function this early in the morning, even without the added stress of your hangover, and sleep seems far too appealing to ignore. Maybe you can stay for a few more hours…
“Fine,” You grumble. You crawl back between them and wiggle around until you’re laying back on the bed. “But you’re making me that cup of coffee when I wake up, Taehyung.”
“Anything else, princess?” Taehyung grins.
“Maybe run me a bath too,” You wince as you settle back against the bed. “Everything hurts.”
“Will do,” Jungkook says. “Gotta do the most to make sure we get that second round. Now, come here━”
The boys snicker and, soon, the three of you have slipped back into a peaceful slumber.
You know that when you wake you’ll profusely deny that the night before and the morning after had ever happened; that you’ll never again find yourself in either Jungkook’s or Taehyung’s bed, much less with the both of them at the same time ━ but you find that you never really listen much to rules anyway.
Tumblr media
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