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#taehyung x reader
eternally-writing · 49 minutes ago
Two’s a Crowd | kth.
genre: angst, fluff
rating: G (no swearing or sexual content)
pairing: Taehyung x reader
prompt: Bed sharing trope
word count: 390
warnings: none
banner by me! Part of the Drabble challenge for BTS Ghostie Writers
“You’re hogging the blankets again.”
It had been 2 weeks since the heater had busted in your apartment in the dead of winter. To your chagrin, your roommate Taehyung’s seemingly useless purchase of a heated blanket (that you had teased him endlessly about) was probably the only thing stopping your toes from freezing at the moment. But of course, you couldn’t share the blanket without also sharing Taehyung’s bed too.
“I wouldn’t have had to share my blankets if you would’ve just called the repairman a month ago when I asked and got the heater looked at.”
You groaned and couldn’t help the eye roll that followed - after 14 days of sharing a bed you should’ve known how Taehyung gets when you complain about being cold, but who could blame you for it? Your toes were freezing. You and Taehyung were like Tom and Jerry - full of jokes and playful arguments, but that the end of the day you couldn’t exist without one another.
Taehyung gripped the blanket closer to him like a child and confidently said “I’m not giving you any more of my blanket, Y/N, you can come cuddle with me if you’re cold.”
The scoff that you let out at his statement definitely reached Taehyung’s ears.
“Why would I cuddle with you? We’re just roommates.”
You could see Taehyung’s frame visibly stiffen at the statement. Thinking that you weren’t going to hear any more from him, you started to turn away from him, until Taehyung abruptly brought you back to face him.
“Are you seriously asking me that right now Y/N? Do “just roomates” sleep in the same bed? Or memorize your takeout order from all of your favorite restaurants? Or chase off your stupid exes who were never good enough for you? After everything we’ve been through, are we just roommates?”
The silence hung heavy between you both. For a girl with a 4.0, you felt absolutely stupid for not picking up on any of this.
“Just think about it for me. We’ll talk about it in the morning.”
And boy, did you have a lot of thinking to do.
Thanks for reading - Emily <3
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writemywaytoyourheart · an hour ago
Aim For The Heart | Chapter 9: A Long Awaited Arrival
Tumblr media
Pairing: hitman!jungkook x female reader
Genre: romance, angst, drama, fluff
WC: 5.7k
Warnings for this chapter: language, feelings of anxiety, I think that’s it...
Tag list; @hopekookies @moonchild1 @barbellastyles98 @teresaisla @mwitsmejk @ggukkieland @scuzmunkie @jaebeomsblackgf @sugaslittlekookies @moon-asia @bangtannie7 @yoonchrisgull @njkbangtan @higashikatasgf @jksbbyfacebunny @kookiesxbananamilk @voidswan @sadxaries @bts-junseagull @jinfused @taehyungiev13 @jadethd @kimnamjoonluvbot @jungkooook @mutterseelenalleinn @surilirani @patpus @crypticsabbat @yukiehyukie
summary; Jeon Jungkook is an infamous hitman, known for his inability to fail at whatever job is thrown his way. At least, up until now. Y/n, a kind-hearted and full of life teacher, is his newest target. Jeon isn’t sure who would put a hit on this seemingly innocent girl, but fortunately, that isn’t his problem. All he has to do is pull the trigger.
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"M-Mina!" You scream happily when you see your best friend's beautiful face. 
Then you lunge forward and wrap your arms around her, making her stumble back as she laughs, wrapping her arms around you. 
"I missed you, girlie," She mumbles into the crook of your neck. 
"I m-missed you t-too," You sniffle in her shoulder. 
Mina finally pulls away, a smirk on her face, "You couldn't have missed me that bad. You're too busy dating this Jungkook guy!" 
Your face turns red as a tomato as Mina laughs at your embarrassment. 
"Mina, it isn't l-like th-that," You sputter in humiliation as her smirk just gets bigger. 
"Mmhm, sure it isn't. Do you have a picture of him? I'm dying to see how hot he is."
"I'm kidding!" Then she winks, "Unless I'm not."
You shake your head and move so that she can come inside, "W-Well, too b-bad for you, I d-don't have a picture."
"Drat the luck."
When you both walk in and you're shutting the door, Mina looks at the picnic things on the floor, "You having a picnic by yourself in here and so early in the morning?" 
You giggle, "N-No, silly. Jungkook a-and I had a picnic y-yesterday."
"In here?"
"No! O-Outside. I just f-forgot to put the th-things away." 
"You forgot?" Mina asks, something like doubt flashing in her eyes. 
"Well, I m-might have had an e-episode last night..." You mumble hesitantly. Mina takes your chin and lifts your face to look her in the eyes, "You had an episode? Did you call Dr. Choi?" 
"N-No...I just- it was th-the first time in a w-while..." You hate being scolded by Mina, but you know it's going to happen. It always does when you fail to take care of yourself. 
Mina looks extremely displeased and you find yourself pouting at her with puppy dog eyes, "I'm s-sorry. P-Please don't be mad at- at me." 
She sighs and ruffles your hair, "Don't give me those puppy eyes. I'm not mad at you, I'm worried. Hold on," Then she's pulling her phone out of her purse and dialing a number before holding it up to her ear. 
You watch her in confusion until you hear her speak into the phone, "Hello, may I please be transferred to Dr. Choi? Thank you." 
Your eyes widen and you shake your head frantically, "N-No, Mina! No!"
She puts a hand out to quiet you, her face set in determination. 
You pout again and cross your arms, but she ignores you. 
"Hello? Hi, Dr. Choi, it's Mina Kim. Yes, ___'s friend."
You bite your lip and start cleaning up the picnic stuff on the floor. 
"I'm doing well, thank you. I called about ____, actually...Yes," Mina looks back at you and you stick your tongue out at her. She sticks hers out back at you, "Yeah, she just told me that she had one of her episodes again last night."
"M-Mina..." You grumble. 
"Hold on a second," She covers the phone with her hand and looks pointedly at you, "How long ago was the last one?" 
You think for a second, then you say quietly, "Three y-years ago."
She nods and uncovers the phone again, "She said it was three years ago...Yes, that's what I thought...Today?" She looks at her watch, "Yes, that works...Alright, thank you, Dr. Choi, see you soon."
When she hangs up, you bombard her at once. 
"W-Why would you call h-him? I t-told you not to. I'm f-fine!"
"____, calm down. I want to make sure you're alright." She says calmly. 
You glare at her fiercely, but you only end up making her smile at how cute you are. 
"I w-won't go see him."
"You will."
"I- I won't!"
"Don't argue with me, ____! You have no say in this."
"I have e-every say!" You shoot back grumpily. 
"Not right now, you don't," Mina growls. 
You fold your arms over your chest again and stomp your little yellow socked foot, making Mina bite back a laugh at how childish you look. 
Your mouth twists in anger but you don't say another word. 
Mina puts a hand on your shoulder, "We're going to see him at noon, okay? I'll be right there with you."
"I'm f-fine," You seethe. 
"Then he'll tell us that and you can tell me you told me so," She reasons with you gently. 
Your brows are furrowed and you stomp again, "I w-wanted to hang out with y-you today." 
"We can still hang out!" Mina laughs, "We'll get breakfast, go shopping, get lunch, then go to the doctors."
You look away, trying not to give in. 
"We can go to the pet store~" Mina singsongs.
That makes your face light up and you finally smile at her again, "O-Ok!" 
Then you scurry back to your room, calling over your shoulder that you'll only be a minute. 
When you come out a few minutes later dressed in a big yellow t-shirt with white overall shorts and pale yellow frilly socks, Mina smiles. 
"I'm r-ready," You say, standing in front of Mina, who's almost a head taller than you with her heels on. 
She gestures at your head, "You forgot something."
You reach up to feel your knotted hair. 
"Oh...I d-don't want to b-brush it. It h-hurts." You pout again. 
Mina shakes her head, "I'll do it. Go get me the brush."
A minute later, Mina is seated on your couch and you're kneeling in between her legs as she gently brushes through the knots in your hair. Then she takes the scrunchie that was on your wrist and pulls your hair into a high ponytail. 
"All done," Mina declares soon enough. 
You smile shyly and turn to look at her, "Th-Thanks, Mina."
"Anything for you. Now let's go, I'm starving!"
You two get breakfast at your favorite cafe, then you head right to the pet shop. 
The sight of puppies and kittens playing with each other and yipping happily makes your heart burst. You run over to a pen and point at a tiny black dog that's wagging its tail excitedly at your arrival, "M-Mina! Mina! L-Look at him!"
Mina laughs at the huge grin on your face. 
"He's adorable, you should get him!" She says enthusiastically. 
You look at her with wide eyes, "Sh-Should I?"
Mina shrugs, "If you want to." 
You look back at the puppy, your mind racing. 
Then you frown and look at Mina again, "I d-don't think I h-have enough money to c-care for a doggy right n-now." 
Mina smiles sadly at you as she nods, "That's a very responsible decision ___." 
You nod sadly, then Mina taps you on the shoulder, "Hey, you can still play with him!" 
You ask the worker there to get the puppy out for you and you and Mina end up sitting in an empty pen with the pup. You both giggle and play with the little black fluff ball until he gets sleepy. He's asleep in your lap a few minutes later, much to your delight. 
Your body is practically humming with excitement and Mina can see it in the way you bounce slightly and try your best not to touch the dog as you stare at it lovingly. 
You two only leave when the worker comes by and says it's time for the dogs to eat. 
You reluctantly hand the little one over and try your best not to tear up as you two make your way out. 
Mina nudges you in the side with her elbow once you leave, "Aye, why the long face? Just remember the good. Only the happy memories. Okay, ____? Can you promise me that you'll only remember the good times?"
There's something in the way she says it and looks at you that makes you furrow your brows. But you shrug it off and nod with a smile, "I always d-do that anyway."
"I know you do," Mina says softly before looking away. 
You clear your throat to mask the tension in the air and then point at a tteokbokki stand. 
"I'm h-hungry."
Mina laughs, "It isn't even lunchtime yet. Let's shop around a bit and then we can grab a bite to eat."
"O-Okay," You sigh dramatically. 
You go into several different stores until Mina has four bags on her arms and you have two. Mina has always been more of a shopper than you, you never really know what to get. Her fashion sense is extremely classy and beautiful. Yours is more colorful and childish, but you don't realize it. 
The last stop you make is at a make-up store. 
You hold the door open for Mina seeing as she has her arms full of bags. She smiles and thanks you as she slips in. 
The girl at the front offers to let you two set your bags behind the counter as you shop so you don't have to lug them around. 
You gratefully accept. 
Then you two browse the store, looking at all the different shades and testing them on your wrists. 
Mina grabs a tube of lip gloss and holds it up for you to see, "This would look amazing on your pretty little lips."
You blush at the comment, then shake your head. 
"I d-don't have pretty l-lips." 
"Lies. They're so adorable and some boy is gonna wanna kiss those lips someday."
"M-Mina!" You look at her in shock, then glance around to make sure no one heard her. 
"Maybe it'll be Jungkook~" She teases, poking at your side playfully. 
You try to scowl but you're blushing so bad that it doesn't have the same effect. 
"H-He won't." You say seriously, once your embarrassment has gone down. 
Then, you turn and walk to a different aisle. Mina frowns in confusion, then follows you to where you're looking at mascara. 
Neither of you says anything for a minute, then Mina nudges you gently, "You should try this mascara," She points at one in a shiny pink container. 
You shake your head, "N-Nah."
"Why not?" She drawls, grabbing at your arm. 
"I d-don't like m-make-up." 
Mina frowns, her pretty lips turning upside down in a pout. 
"You should wear it. Just try."
"I d-don't want to. I a-already t-tried it. It's t-too much work."
"Come on, ____," Mina tugs on your sleeve, "Jungkook would fall head over heels for you if you did."
That makes your heart pinch as you look at her, offended. 
"Y-You think that I n-need make-up?" You ask, hurt. 
"No, I didn't mean it like that. But boys like it when girls try to get fancy for them." Mina assures you. 
You shake your head, "I don't c-care what s-stupid boys think."
"What about Jungkook? Is he just a stupid boy?"
You purse your lips and glower at Mina, "I t-told you it isn't l-like that."
"But it could be if you just try-"
You turn and walk away before she can finish. 
Mina frowns, not having meant to upset you.
You grab your bags from the front, thanking the girl before taking your leave. A second later, Mina comes out of the store and walks over to you as you're sitting on a bench outside. 
"I'm sorry, ____. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, I just wanted to help you."
You look up at her, squinting because of the bright sun in your eyes, then you sigh. 
"It's o-okay. I forgive y-you."
"Thanks, bestie," She grins. 
You give her a half-smile, then rub your tummy, "I'm r-really hungry n-now."
Mina laughs, "Okay, let's get some food. We'll have enough time to grab a bite before we see Dr. Choi."
You scowl at that, but follow Mina to a food stand anyway. 
Mina offers to pay since she hurt your feelings in the make-up store and since she's dragging you to the doctors. 
You accept her offer happily, then stuff your face when you two get your food. 
Mina laughs at the sauce all over the corners of your mouth, wiping them for you with a napkin that you got at the food stand. 
You couldn't care less, as long as the food is delicious (which it most definitely is).
"Ok, girl. We have to go now," Mina says as she cleans up her food trash and gets up to throw it in the trash can nearby. 
You make a face but quickly finish your food and throw your stuff away, your cheeks stuffed with rice cakes as you pout at your best friend. 
She laughs and grabs her bags, gesturing for you to do the same. 
You grab your own bags and follow Mina to her car. 
By the time you two pull up to the hospital, your stomach is in knots. Mina can sense your anxiety, so she touches your knee gently after pulling the brake on the car. 
"We're only here for a quick check-up, ____." 
"He's g-gonna want to p-put me in that m-machine again," You say anxiously, fiddling with your fingers. 
Mina sighs, "____, I know it can be scary, but that machine won't hurt you. It's just taking a picture of your brain," She taps your head with her finger, "You can ask them to play music for you too if you want."
You nod, "I w-want that."
"Okay, now put that brave face on and let's go," Mina encourages you, smiling when you finally nod and unbuckle. 
You make your way in, letting Mina check you in and only speaking a little when you have to. You sign the consent for them to see you, then you finally get to sit down.
The smell of the hospital is bringing back flashes of images you don't want to remember, then you feel Mina grasp your hand. 
"It's okay, ___."
You nod again, squeezing her hand back. 
A few minutes later, a nurse comes out with a clipboard. 
"_____?" She calls out your name, much to your dismay. 
You stand up reluctantly, keeping a hold on Mina's hand as she follows you. You walk with the nurse to the back where she takes your weight and temperature and measures your height. Then, she leads you to a sparkling clean room. 
Mina sits in one of the chairs as you clamber onto the exam table, biting your lip nervously. 
"Dr. Choi will be in to see you shortly," The nurse says kindly after taking your vitals, then she leaves. 
Mina tries to make conversation with you, but you're so anxious you might throw up, so she stops trying to make you talk. 
"It s-smells bad in h-here," You whisper at one point. 
Mina sniffs the air, "It smells like disinfectant to me."
"E-Exactly," You say quietly. 
Mina knows you're thinking about when you were in the hospital four years ago, and she bites her lip, not knowing how to comfort you. 
A few minutes later, Dr. Choi comes in with a clipboard just like the nurse. 
"Hello, Miss ____! Miss Kim! It's been a while since I've seen you two." He smiles brightly and pushes up his glasses. 
You force a smile and nod. 
He notices your discomfort as he takes a seat. 
'You know, ____. I won't admit you into the hospital tonight if it isn't something serious," He glances between you and Mina, "And I have a good feeling it isn't too serious." 
That makes you breathe a sigh of relief and relax, knowing that you will be able to go home tonight. 
You never disliked Dr. Choi, he's always been a kind soul, you just hate the hospital in general. 
Dr. Choi claps his hands, "Shall we?"
You nod slowly. 
"Alright then," Dr. Choi stands up and washes his hands before pulling on a pair of gloves. He takes his stethoscope and gently presses it to your heart. After checking your heartbeat and your breathing, he puts it back around his neck. 
"So, what happened last night, ___?" He asks kindly. 
You shrug, "I j-just passed out, I th-think. When I w-woke up, I was dizzy and sh-shaking. My h-head got a sharp p-pain...I fell a-asleep on the f-floor again until morning." 
He nods, a look of concentration on his face, "Alright, and how long were you unconscious for? Do you have a guess?" 
You shake your head. 
He looks at Mina, "And you weren't there?"
She shakes her head too, "No, I just got home from a business trip this morning."
Dr. Choi nods again, then takes out a little flashlight from his coat pocket. 
"Ok, ___. I'm going to have you look straight at my nose okay? Don't follow the light."
You nod and he flashes the light over each eye, checking the dilation of the pupils. 
"Good," He smiles. 
After he checks your tongue, throat, and knees, he steps back to sit on his stool again. 
"Alright, everything looks okay on the outside. Would you mind if we do a CT scan today, ____?" 
You shake your head solemnly, knowing it needs to be done. 
"I'll send the nurse in with the gown you can put on, and then we'll get this over with, hm?" He sends you an encouraging smile and you smile back anxiously. 
You hate hospital gowns. 
The nurse comes in soon after with the gown. 
After you change into it, Mina helps you tie it in the back so that no one can see your panties from behind. You smile at her gratefully, then wave goodbye as the nurse leads you to the room to get the scan done. 
You ask them shyly if they could play some music for you, and they readily agree, putting on your favorite song at the moment. You then lay on the table and breathe deeply as the bed moves into the little ring so they can get an image of your brain. 
A few minutes later, it's all done.
Easy peasy. 
You stand up from the bed and walk with the nurse back to your room, missing the two young men behind you, one of their eyes trained on you, narrowing in confusion. 
Back in the room, you change into your normal clothes. 
You both sit for a while, chatting. 
Then the doctor comes in with your checkout papers. 
"Well, ____. They didn't see anything major as of this moment, but the radiologists will keep reviewing them to look for any abnormalities. All I can assure you of right now is that it isn't anything dire." He hands you your appointment summary papers with a smile, "I'll call you in a few days if I get any more news."
"Th-Thank you, Dr. Choi."
"Yes, thank you, doctor," Mina chimes in.
He nods at you both kindly, "Anytime. ____, for now, make sure you're staying hydrated and do your best to keep your stress down. This episode could have been a result of anxiety. Please call me right away if it happens again, alright?"
You nod, looking down at your papers to scan over them. 
He leaves you two to gather your belongings. 
Once you and Mina are all ready to go, you walk out and down the hall, following the EXIT signs. 
That's when two men step out from an exam room, one of them grumbling as he holds his nose gingerly while the other one blatantly ignores his moans with a look of exhausted annoyance on his face. 
You stop in your tracks when you recognize the one not holding his nose.
"J-Jungkook?" You say breathlessly. 
Jungkook groans loudly as the sun filters through the blinds and right into his eyes. 
"Shut the hell up," Taehyung growls in exhaustion. 
"You shut up," Jungkook mumbles, stuffing his face back into his covers. 
"You are literally the one breaking my eardrums at the ass crack of dawn, bitch." 
"Mm," Jungkook smiles sleepily in satisfaction at being able to irk the older boy. 
"My nose hurts."
"What?" Jungkook lifts his head out of the blanket to hear better. 
"I said my nose hurts. All thanks to you, no less," Tae spits bitterly. 
"Yeah well my left eye is still blurry, so fuck you too," Jungkook says before yawning tiredly.
They lay there for a couple more minutes, then Jungkook hears Tae getting up.
That's when he shoots up and throws the covers off. 
"Oh no you don't, you shit!" Tae shouts as Jungkook runs for the bathroom and slams the door shut.
Haha, got 'em.
Tae grinds his teeth in frustration, then he goes back to the couch and lies down with a soft grunt. 
Might as well get a little more sleep while the twerp is washing up- 
Taehyung flinches when he hears Jungkook scream, then he shoots off the couch and runs to the bathroom just in time to see Jungkook coming out, covering his left eye with his hand. 
"I'm going to kill you," Jungkook seethes quietly. 
"What did I do?" Tae exclaims, "You got the shower first!"
Jungkook takes his hand away from his face and Tae holds back his laughter at the sight of a nasty black eye. 
"Shit dude, oops." 
Then Jungkook's frown slowly turns into a smirk as he actually looks at Tae. 
The older boy frowns and touches his face, "What?" 
"Your nose."
Tae touches his nose, "What about my no-shit, ouch, fuck!" Tae hollers at the sharp pain that flares from his nose when he touches it. 
Then he runs to the bathroom, horror seeping its way onto his face at the sight of a big bruise around his nose. 
He turns to look at Jungkook, his gaze filled with sorrow and fury, "You- you've broken my nose! You fucking asshole!"
"You gave me a black eye!!"
"You started it!"
"Your nose isn't broken, drama queen!" Jungkook throws his hands in the air in exasperation. 
"I hate you, Jeon."
They have an angry stare down for a minute before Tae moves back to the couch with a permanent scowl etched onto his face as Jungkook goes into the bathroom to shower. 
Almost half an hour later, Jungkook comes out of the bathroom, drying his hair with a towel, another wrapped around his waist. 
Tae looks over at him and squints in annoyance, "You took a thousand years."
"Yeah, yeah. There's still hot water."
Tae gets up, pretending to dust himself off as he tilts his chin up and struts past Jungkook, "You're a whore," He says simply, then closes the door to the bathroom. 
Jungkook chuckles, then he gets dressed quickly.
By the time Taehyung has come out of the bathroom, Jungkook is beyond hangry. 
"Why did you take so long? I'm starving."
"I took way less time than you, shit." 
Jungkook rolls his eyes, "Let's just make breakfast." 
Taehyung chuckles dryly, "You couldn't make breakfast all by yourself? You're that much of a baby?" 
Jungkook glares at him, "You know, I wanted to ask you what you wanted for breakfast but I guess I'll just make my own and you can fuck off."
Tae smirks and shakes his head, "You're too nice to me, JK."
"Eat shit."
Almost an hour later, they're finally sitting at the table and ready to eat, Jungkook having made the pancakes and Tae grumpily doing the eggs. 
They eat in silence, both of them still trying their best to wake up and to not kill the other for tainting their most prized possessions.
Tae looks up, chewing on a bite of pancake as Jungkook takes a drink of milk.
They glare at each other for a minute before looking back down at their food and continuing to eat.
After they're finished, Jungkook walks over to lay on his bed, grabbing a book and flipping it open to a random page. 
Tae glares at him childishly, until Jungkook has no choice but to acknowledge him. 
"What do you want?" He grunts, glancing at Tae. 
"I think my nose really is broken." 
Jungkook sighs and sets the book open on his chest, "Are you sure, or are you just being dramatic?"
"It's been kind of hard to breathe through it since yesterday and it hurts like a bitch." 
At that, Jungkook reluctantly sits up, moving the book to his bed and walking over to get his shoes on. 
"What are you doing?" Tae asks in confusion. 
"We're going to the hospital," Jungkook says simply, "To see if your nose is actually broken or not."
"Fucking hell," Taehyung mutters angrily as he stomps over to pull his shoes on too. 
When they arrive at the hospital, the lady at the check-in gives them a weird look. Jungkook knows they must look comical, one of them sporting a black eye as the other gingerly holds his bruised nose.
He tells her that his friend thinks his nose is broken and the lady nods slowly as she takes Taehyung's name and has him sign a consent to treat. 
While they sit in the waiting room, Taehyung doesn't fail to give Jungkook an earful of how he'll kick his ass worse than the other night if his beautiful nose is broken. 
Jungkook just rolls his eyes and grabs a magazine, flipping through it while trying to simultaneously ignore Tae's rants and the other people in the waiting room watching them and snooping. 
The nurse finally calls Tae's name and he gets up to follow her. 
Jungkook stays seated, and when Tae notices this, he nudges him, "Come on."
Jungkook gives him a look, "Hell no, I am not going back there with you. I'm not your mother."
"Get your ass out of that chair and come, you're going to witness exactly what you did to me," Tae spits. 
Jungkook gets up if only to escape the prying eyes of the people in the waiting room. Sitting in the back can't be worse than them. 
He reluctantly follows Tae and the nurse down a long hallway. 
At one point he looks up and sees a girl in a hospital gown, her hair in a high ponytail. She follows a nurse, turning the corner before he can get a good look.
She looked familiar.
Jungkook shakes his head and continues to follow the two in front of him. 
They turn down the same hallway that the girl did, but he can't see her anywhere. 
The third exam room down the hall is empty, and the nurse leads them into it, telling them they can have a seat while she gets Taehyung's vitals. 
After she leaves to get the doctor, Tae immediately trains his glare on Jungkook. 
Jungkook just crosses his arms and relaxes into his chair, manspreading so that he's comfortable. 
It isn't too long before the doctor comes in. 
She looks to be in about her early-forties, and she's absolutely gorgeous. 
Her long black hair and almond-shaped eyes make Taehyung blush instantly.
Jungkook resists the urge to laugh at his friend as he clearly struggles to stay in his seat and not bolt out of there faster than lightning.
"Hello, you must be Taehyung. I'm Dr. Park," She holds out her hand and Tae takes it before shaking it quickly and letting go as if she burned him. 
Then she turns to Jungkook, "And you must be his...?"
"Friend," Jungkook finishes with a smile, reaching his hand out to shake hers firmly, "I'm Jungkook."
"Pleasure to meet you both," She smiles brightly, then it's all business from there. She immediately begins to examine Tae's nose, commenting on how it looked quite painful. 
After her examination, she pulls off her gloves, washes her hands, and takes a seat. 
"Alright, well it isn't broken."
Tae sighs deeply in relief. 
She smiles at that, "Yes, you can relax now. It is clearly badly bruised and it's swollen, that's why it feels hard to breathe. You should ice it a few times a day and that will help the swelling go down. I'm afraid the bruising will go away when it chooses to, for now, you can cover it with a concealer so you feel better." Tae nods solemnly, trying his hardest not to death glare Jungkook again. 
Then Dr. Kim looks over at the younger boy, her brow raised. 
"You can also use concealer to cover up your eye. I understand that you're both young men with testosterone, but please try not to fistfight your friends because of it," She gives them each a look of disapproval. 
Both men turn red as tomatoes as she bids them goodbye and takes her leave. 
"I'm kill you...Jeon," Taehyung hisses lowly, his humiliation at a peak. Jungkook bites his lip and touches his sore eye, his embarrassment from being called out by the pretty doctor almost unbearable. 
"Let's just go," He mumbles, standing up and making his way to the door. 
They step out into the hall, Tae still babying his nose as he moans about how much it hurts and Jungkook trying his best to ignore him. 
That's when an unfamiliar voice calls his name. 
"Jungkook! Jungkook over here!" 
He looks up in confusion to see a girl with short black hair waving at him. He has no idea who she is, but she seems a bit familiar. 
When he sees the girl next to her, hiding her face in embarrassment, he knows exactly who the pair is. 
His heart leaps to his throat at the sight of you peeking through your fingers at him.
Your hair is in a high ponytail. 
So, it was you in the hall earlier. 
What were you doing here?
And with Mina, too?
At least, he assumes this must be Mina, seeing as she looks a lot like the girl in the photos. 
Taehyung touches his shoulder and Jungkook looks back at him, "Who is that hot girl calling you over?" He asks in confusion. 
Jungkook shrugs, "I don't know her, lets go."
Tae stops him, "She obviously knows you. Fuck dude, I didn't take you for a heartbreaker, you really have grown up," He smirks at Jungkook annoyingly. 
"I told you I don't know her-"
Jungkook grabs Tae's arm, trying to pull him the other way, but Taehyung resists him as he waves back and starts making his way over to the two girls. 
Jungkook tries to control his breathing as he walks over, and stops a little in front of you. He fights the urge to cover his ridiculous black eye, feeling a bit foolish now.  
Tae puts on his best smolder, and it kind of works, even with his bruised nose. 
"Hey," He says, looking the tall girl with short black hair up and down. 
She gives him a tiny smile before turning to Jungkook, "So, you're the famous Jungkook?"
Jungkook raises an eyebrow and looks at you, who's still hiding in your hands, then he looks back at Mina, "And you are?"
"I'm Mina! _____ has told me so much about you, I'm glad we can finally meet!" She sticks her hand out. 
If possible, you shrink back even more, not daring to face him. 
Jungkook on the other hand is too shocked hearing that you talk about him to Mina, he shakes her hand, but his eyes stay trained on your figure. 
That's when Tae speaks up.
"____? You're ____?" 
Jungkook's stomach drops to his feet at the realization of this situation. 
"Ok, well it was nice to meet you, Mina. Good to see you, _____," Then he grabs his friend's arm and yanks him away, "We need to get going."
"Wait!" Mina calls out to Jungkook's annoyance. 
He turns back, his only comfort in knowing Tae hasn't seen your face yet, seeing as you're still hidden. 
"We should all hang out sometime," She says brightly, "What do you think, _____?"
To your and Jungkook's horror, she pulls your hands away from your red face, giving Tae a clear view of your face. 
You pull away from Mina and run past the two young men, trying to get to the exit as fast as you can. 
Mina frowns, "I'll talk her into it. Well, see you boys later!" Then she walks past them, the strong smell of her perfume wafting in the air. 
Jungkook feels like he's going to throw up and he doesn't know why. 
Taehyung smiles brightly, "She was fucking hot."
Jungkook looks at him like he's crazy, then he turns to walk towards the exit. 
Taehyung jogs to catch up with him, "____, on the other hand. Shit, I don't think I've ever seen a more plain and boring bitch. I don't understand what you find so hard about getting it done."
Jungkook grits his teeth, resisting the temptation to punch Taehyung in the fucking nose again, making sure to break it for real this time. 
You're standing by Mina's car, trying to catch your breath after running all the way here. 
You're so mad at Mina you don't even know what to do. You told her not to call him over after she heard you say his name, but she didn't listen. 
You were humiliated and it seemed like she didn't even care.
You couldn’t even bring yourself to look at Jungkook.  
You look down at your outfit, trying not to cry at how embarrassed you are. You feel like an idiot after that, and Jungkook must see you as one too. 
The doors unlock as Mina walks up to the car and you get in immediately. You buckle up, ignoring the way she looks at you when she climbs in the car. 
It's silent for the first five minutes of the ride, then Mina speaks up tentatively, "I'm sorry, ____. I thought you'd be happy to see him and for me to finally meet him-"
"I t-told you not to c-call to him."
She looks over at you, uneasy at the tone of your voice. 
You've never been actually mad at her before. 
"I don't understand why-"
"I m-made him promise n-not to fall in l-love with me," You whisper tearfully as you stare out the car window. 
"What do you mean? He actually promised you that? Why would you say that?" Mina bombards you suddenly, not aware of the tears threatening to spill out of your eyes. 
"I d-don't know! Because I w-was scared!" 
"Scared of what, ____?"
"Scared o-of someone c-caring about me," A single tear slips out and Mina looks over to see it roll down your cheek. 
She's never seen you so vulnerable. 
"I m-made a fool out of m-myself. Of course, h-he wouldn't fall for me, and I m-made it seem like I th-thought he would. He h-hates me, Mina." 
"He doesn't hate you."
"He d-does," Another tear sneaks out and down your soft cheek. 
Mina pulls the car over and turns in her seat to look at you, "_____, I saw the way he looked at you."
"W-What do you m-mean?" 
"He was so blatantly obvious, it looked like he wanted to hug you right then and there."
You look at her tearfully, your eyes wide. 
“I don’t think he even knows it himself, but he likes you, _____.”
a/n: and I oop-
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royallyjoon · 7 hours ago
nephilim (six)
Tumblr media
you know where the cred goes 💙
cult au, supernatural creature au
yandere! bts x f! reader
warnings: yandere themes, violence, manipulation, death/murder, mentions of torture
a month has passed since you first encountered the Kims, and “deja vu” has never felt quite so fitting a term for your situation. one day you were going through the motions, experiencing daily life, but somewhere along the way, the rhythm changed, and you found yourself dancing to the tune of a different drum. the atmosphere is tumultuous and ichabod is out for blood--no matter whether it’s yours or someone else’s. as the beat pounds faster and faster, you can’t help but wonder; will you conquer the dance, or will you find yourself lost in the movements?
a/n: (casually returns from the dead) hello, all of you beautiful peoples! i just wanted to pop in and thank you all so, so much for all of the love and enthusiasm nephilim has received! i’m so happy y’all are just as excited about the story as i am! every time i get a notification from one of you lovely folks, i am overcome with gratitude. y’all are really sweet and creative, and i absolutely adore reading your messages and reactions! i can’t thank you enough! <3<3
i apologize if the story feel rushed, and i hope that you all enjoy this latest chapter! without further ado, happy reading~ love, ati
It had been raining all morning.
The only source of light in the living room came from the floor to ceiling windows, the dreary weather casting a grey shadow on everything. The overcast clouds, as a result, gave the space a very dim appearance.
One which seemed to perfectly suit the current atmosphere of the household.
Taehyung sat on the long, gray couch in the downstairs living room, absentmindedly blowing hair out of his face as he watched water slide down the glass.
He and his brothers had been terribly disheartened after the past week. 
So much so, that Moonsik and Eunbyul took extra care to stay out of their way in fear of getting caught and inadvertently facing their wrath. 
In addition to visiting (Y/N) to ensure her well-being, they needed time for themselves to cope with the sight of her laying on her hospital bed, covered in bandages and hooked up to machines.
They needed time to cope with the fact that they almost lost her.
To an Augustus dog, no less.
Even after seeing her and how well she was faring in person, their mood had not changed. Each of them were stuck thinking the exact same thing:
How could I have let others harm her to that extent?
Ever since, they had been stuck in various states. 
They experienced periods of numbness, bouts of overwhelming anger, or misery so suffocating it left some of them unable to speak.
Jimin slumped down the stairs, side-eyeing Taehyung before joining him on the couch. 
The younger brother wordlessly draped himself over Jimin’s lap. The elder lifted his arms to make room for him, then rested his hands on his back. 
He held his phone in one hand, distractedly swiping through some form of social media that could hardly hold his attention, the other busy playing with Taehyung’s hair.
Jungkook came downstairs next, a handheld gaming device in his hand. He spotted the two and situated himself on the other side of Jimin, making himself comfortable on the couch.
And so it went for the next several minutes; one by one, the brothers, previously scattered in several different locations in the house, started to drift to one another.
Hoseok and Yoongi padded downstairs, dejected frowns prominent on their face. They seated themselves on one of the settees across from their younger siblings, distracting themselves with their phones.
Seokjin came downstairs next, his brows furrowed in silent annoyance. He glanced at the living room, then the kitchen, then back to the living room. 
With his shoulders hunched, he ignored his original path and joined them. He picked up a book next to the armchair, probably something discarded by one of his younger siblings, and flipped through the pages with a sigh.
Namjoon descended last, his jaw clenched in frustration, and glanced toward the living room with an icy stare. This look softened, however, when he saw his brothers.
They all looked up at him as he entered. 
Any and all animosity they may have had toward him for his actions, or lack thereof, disappeared after he had healed from Seokjin’s punishment. 
As such, when he joined the eldest on the other settee, the other felt no need to exchange words. He simply wrapped an arm around Namjoon and pulled the younger into his shoulder.
Why they were feeling so despondent, they weren’t sure. They had achieved every thing they aimed to. 
They kept you safe. 
They were days away from reprimanding the Augustuses. 
They had finally captured your attention in the way they aspired to, as well as received your genuine thanks and appreciation.
They had accomplished so much.
Yet they still did not have you or your love.
When the truth of that fact hit them, they could only seek comfort from the people who understood their longing the most.
The silence wasn’t uncomfortable. They had the whistling wind outside, the soft pitter patter of the rain against the window, and the sound of each other’s breathing.
Nevertheless, as with all good things, the peace came to an end.
“I miss her.”
It was Jungkook who broke the quiet. 
He slowly lowered his gaming console, revealing his weary, brown doe eyes. “I really, really miss her.”
“Come now, Jungkook ah.” Seokjin started, using his practiced, light-hearted tone. “It’s only been a couple of days since we last saw her.”
Namjoon looked up at the eldest through his eyelashes, knowing just how skilled he was with comforting his siblings. For despite his playful tone, Seokjin’s hand trembled a bit where it rested on his shoulder.
“A couple of days too long.” Taehyung grumbled into Jimin’s lap. He lifted his head and turned it to the side, looking at the four sitting across from them. 
“I know we’ve asked this question too often, but how long are we going to have to wait until we have her by our side?” Jungkook continued, moving a piece of hair away from his eyes. 
Not for the first time, the room silenced at this question. 
Usually, Namjoon would be able to use his knowledge and confidence in the plan, his plan, to answer Jungkook’s question. 
That same confidence, however, had been thoroughly shattered after recent events. 
He’d learned his lesson well. 
“You’re impatient. That will only set us further back.” Yoongi answered for him, stating this in a calm, irrefutable tone. 
Namjoon had spent the past couple of hours wracking his brain to try and see where he went wrong.
All he’d wanted was for (Y/N) to choose them willingly. 
Forcing her into their arms would amount to nothing but pain. He could already picture both Jimin and Jungkook’s tears as they clung to each other while she endured her own form of punishment for speaking out against them.
As cruel as he knew he was, he wouldn’t wish that on their angel.
Not unless it was absolutely necessary.
Where did his options leave him, then? Leave them?
The seven sat in their melancholic state for a long while. It was rare moment whenever they were openly vulnerable with one another; still, they couldn’t help but blame themselves for the trials (Y/N) had been through.
They may as well have pushed her off Lorne’s Ledge themselves, and that tore at a piece of each of them.
Consoling one another with their presence, they fell into a contemplative stillness, ears tuned into the drumming of the rain against the window.
A violent chill ran through each of them, however, as their tranquility was shattered by the aggravated screams of a certain teenager, her voice ringing out from several floors below the main building of the Kim family estate.
You sighed as you sat in your mother’s car, blearily looking at the trees whooshing by.
Your wrists and arms were free of their bandages, but your head and chest still needed to be covered and properly cared for. Your head would be healed in a couple more days, but your ribs needed weeks to heal, at most.
Your doctor and nurses were strangely protective of you, wanting to keep you for more time, but you insisted you felt well enough to leave--you had missed enough school and didn’t want to prolong the pure shit storm that would be your return to classes. 
Thus, the hospital discharged you.
When you handed in your papers, the people at the front desk surprised both you and your mother when they informed you that the bill was completely covered by the Kims.
After you left the hospital, she dropped Mana off at home, and the two of you entered for a short while to greet and catch up with their father.
You almost fell asleep at their house, but they gently shook you awake, claiming your mother had called for you and that it was time to leave.
Now, as you sat in the front seat, the heater was on low and blowing directly in your face, making you incredibly sleepy.
Considering how outside of having people come visit you, all you did was watch TV or sleep, your inner clock needed time to regulate itself on properly functioning in the day time once more.
Unfortunately, no one around you wanted to give you the time you needed.
“We could have come any other day, Mom.” You spoke softly, your voice a little raspy, eyes trailing a water droplet as it made its way down the windows and collected more of its friends. “They would absolutely understand if I wanted to take a day or two off to rest.”
Your mother had decided that a proper visit to the Kim mansion was in order to thank them.
Her fists were white as she clenched onto the steering wheel, and you weren’t sure whether it was due to fear or her own resolve. “And risk them calling us impertinent? Or claim that we took the small liberties and praise they gave us and ran with it? You don’t understand how these people work, (Y/N). I’m not taking any chances. I spoke with Mrs. Kim on the phone, and we’re fine to come over.”
“Ma, I’m tired,” you complained, borderline whining. “The other day, you were ready to sneak me out of town. Now you’re delivering me right to Kim Moonsik’s doorstep.”
“Sleep, then.” She deadpanned, decidedly ignoring the last part of your statement. “I’ll wake you up when we get there.”
“That’s nothing and you know it.” You muttered. “Besides, I don’t feel like making a habit of sleeping there. That’s already happened more than I wanted it to.”
She sighed. “Listen. I’ll handle talking to Mrs. Kim. After you say your thanks, I’ll ask her if you can excuse yourself to rest. She’s a kind woman, I’m sure she’ll have no problem with it. The visit will be over before you know it.”
She paused for a few seconds, then turned her head to look at you before going back to the road. “...What do you mean make a habit of sleeping there?”
You groaned, lightly hitting your head against the window. “Nothing.”
You couldn’t even bat an eye as she drove through the forest path, the ride so familiar to you now.
She approached the gate and pulled down the mirror above her head, re-checking her appearance. 
A few minutes later, Driver Bin appeared from the garage and opened the gate. 
She greeted him with a nod and smile as he did so, then drove into her usual spot.
You sighed again as she shut the car off and pressed your eyes closed before opening them again.
Hopefully, this visit would be a short one.
Just as Namjoon was prepared to share his new thoughts with his brothers, he heard the tell-tale shuffling of a pair of slippers making their way down the stairs.
There was only one other person currently in the house, and she had been strictly ordered not to disturb them. 
Clearly, she wasn’t intent on heeding their words today.
The sight of her out the corner of his eye only made him angrier.
The nude slippers Mrs. Kim wore made them all think of your slippers at the door, discarded and untouched for at least a week and a half. As a result, it only made them feel worse.
Seokjin audibly clicked his tongue and Hoseok rolled his eyes.
Their moodiness combined with the sudden appearance of Mrs. Kim would only result in a vicious lashing out, and Namjoon didn’t have the energy to deal with that today.
There must’ve been a hell of an important issue for Eunbyul to be openly defying their instructions. 
Unfortunately, he couldn’t care enough at the moment.
Without another word, Namjoon rose from the settee and beelined for the hallway. 
When he reached the entrance, he met his brothers’ eyes and tilted his head in the direction of the room.
Jungkook followed him first, then Jimin and Taehyung, with Hoseok, Yoongi, and Seokjin coming last.
They crowded into the room where you had crashed your first visit there. 
The bed hadn’t been touched since, and Jungkook vaulted onto it, pressing his face into the pillow. Your smell was long-gone, but the memory of you being here made him smile.
Jimin and Taehyung immediately pounced on him, tickling him and trying to shove him out the way to get on the bed. He squawked in surprise and retaliated, and before long, the three were a pile of limbs and laughter on the bed.
The others watched them with small smiles, their mood having lightened considerably, just by being reminded of you.
Once they calmed down, the six turned to Namjoon with inquisitive stares.
“What is it that you were trying to tell us?” Hoseok asked, leaning up against the bedpost.
“I’ve been debating our options,” he stated, palms clasped in front of him as if he were giving a huge speech, “and I’ve come to the conclusion that there may need to be some adjustments made to the plan.”
Half of his brothers’ eyes narrowed and their other half rolled. Before they could erupt into arguments, he lifted his hands placatingly. “That’s a strong hypothetical. However, it should not be discarded as an option.”
“The entire reason for making this plan was to find a way for (Y/N) to willingly choose us, yes?” Namjoon asked. They nodded curtly.
“Perhaps that was the mistake.” He said, his jaw clenching once more.
He went on to continue to explain his thought process and watched as realization dawned in each of his brothers’ eyes.
They continued their discussion for a while, but were interrupted when a soft knock sounded on the door.
The room silenced immediately and Namjoon’s frown deepened.
What did she not comprehend about leaving them to their own devices? Surely, this woman was not trying to end her life today? 
Yet, surprisingly, the knock sounded again.
Taehyung sneered at the door and Yoongi scowled in annoyance.
With a few quick steps, Namjoon swung the door open, prepared to end Eunbyul’s life right then and there, deal or no deal.
Imagine his surprise when he saw you, covered in bandages, standing behind the door.
The moment Mrs. Kim opened the door, she cried out in shock.
Although she was very happy to see the both of you, she ushered you inside, barely giving you enough time to remove your shoes and toe on your nude pair of slides.
Finally, you and your mother were situated in the living room, and the both of you bowed to express your sincere thanks.
“The doctors at the hospital told us that you and Mr. Kim took care of (Y/N)’s hospital bill. I genuinely can’t thank you enough.” You and your mother lifted your heads.
As always, Mrs. Kim waved off her thanks with a soft grin of her own. “Absolutely no worries, (M/N). We should do all that we can in order to help each other.” She extended a hand out to you and you accepted it, carefully moving from the couch to join her on the settee.
She cradled your cheek in one hand, gazing down at you with a soft smile. “I’m just so grateful Taehyung found (Y/N) and brought her to you in time.”
You smiled slightly as you nodded in thanks.
There you sat, fiddling with your fingers on the couch as the older women spoke. You tuned in and out of their conversation, listening as your mom went over the list of your injuries and everything the doctors had to say. Mrs. Kim covered her mouth in shock, nodding along to every word. Now and then, she pressed you in her side and gently squeezed you in a sympathetic hug.
While you appreciated her and her concern, you felt just about ready to drop. For a moment, you feared that your mother wasn’t going to make good on her promise.
In that case, you would have no choice but to fall asleep on the couch, next to Mrs. Kim, right then and there, out of sheer spite.
Fortunately, your mother noticed the way you were rocking back and forth in your spot and asked if there was another place where you could get some rest.
Mrs. Kim smiled with a nod, pointing you in the direction of a familiar hallway. “We have a guest room available on the first floor. Please, feel free to recuperate there.”
“Do you want me to go with you, (Y/N)?” Your mother asked worriedly, putting her bag to the side. You shook your hands.
“It’s okay, I know the way. I’ll go. Thank you, I hope you both have a lovely chat.” You bowed slightly, then turned, waiting to succumb into the sweet, sweet arms of sleep.
When you arrived at the door, however, it was closed.
Well then.
You couldn’t go around the Kim mansion opening doors as though you lived there. 
So you knocked.
You waited for a bit and knocked again, eagerly hoping that the room was empty.
Then, just as you went to turn the knob, the door swung open, and you were met with the irate gaze of Kim Namjoon.
He was not the only one, either. For whatever reason, all seven brothers were stationed at different points in the room.
And they all looked furious.
You jerked your hand back away from the door and stepped back, cursing yourself in your head for being so stupid.
Clearly, you nearly walked in on an important, highly personal meeting.
“I’m sorry-”
You should’ve just fallen asleep in the living room.
The moment Namjoon laid eyes on you, however, his gaze softened. “(Y/N)?”
“(Y/N)?” Several rounds of your name sounded out from behind the door and Namjoon stepped back, giving you room to enter.
You peeked inside.
Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook waved at you excitedly from the bed, trapped in an awkward pile of limbs.
Jin and Yoongi grinned from their armchairs, and Hoseok winked at you from his position leaning against the bedpost.
...Where had all of their hostility gone?
“We didn’t know you were coming over, (Y/N)!” Jungkook cheered. “You should have told us in advance, we could have prepared a bunch of fun stuff for you!”
Jimin, on the other hand, de-tangled himself from his siblings. “What are you doing out of bed?” He asked incredulously. “You’re still covered in bandages--come in, come in!”
He took you by the fingers rather than your injured wrist and gently tugged you inside the room. The moment you were across the threshold, Namjoon closed the door once more.
You smiled at all of them, relieved by the fact that they didn’t seem to be mad at you.
Namjoon, Taehyung, and Jungkook swore they felt something inside of them melt at that moment, relieved by the fact that you were still showing them a genuine smile.
Jin, Yoongi, and Hoseok couldn’t seem to take their eyes off you--specifically, off the jewelry that you still wore.
“Yeah, I just got discharged from the hospital,” you said, following Jimin’s lead to perch on the bed. Taehyung and Jungkook scrambled back to comfortably leave you enough room. “After my mom dropped Mana off at home, we headed here to thank you. For finding and saving me, and for footing the bill.”
“I told you, you don’t need to thank us for little things like that, (Y/N).” Taehyung said. “We’d do it again in a heartbeat.”
His words were followed by a chorus of agreements and you ducked your head in a nod. 
Little things? 
You laughed a bit. “Still, I really appreciate it. I really appreciate all of you for everything you’ve done.”
Rather than the angry, intimidating bunch they had appeared as before, the seven beamed in pride.
They were almost childlike. Your lip twitched at the thought.
The room stayed in a comfortable silence after the statement and you wanted to make yourself more comfortable on the bed. You tried to pull yourself up to the headboard in order to lean up against the pillows, but winced when your wrists throbbed in protest.
Jungkook saw your attempt and shook his head. “You shouldn’t be moving your wrists like that, you’ll hurt them further. Excuse me for a second-”
You yelped as he slid a hand under your back, lifting you and dropping you into your desired position.
“Thanks...” you laughed nervously, looking anywhere but at him.
Jin chuckled. “I think you should go back to the hospital and get some more rest, (Y/N). Your eyes have more bags than Yoongi’s.”
The second oldest made no comment as his brothers snickered. He simply crossed his arms, as if not owning up the statement but not outright denying it either.
You gave a chuckle of your own. “I mother wanted to properly thank Mrs. Kim, though. I came in here to take a nap, but I didn’t know you’d all be here, too.”
“Don’t mind us!” Jimin cheered. “Please, sleep if you need to!”
“It’s not like you haven’t before, right?” Jungkook quipped.
Your mouth gaped open as five of them chuckled. Jin raised his eyebrows, looking at his brothers expectantly. 
“Her first time visiting the house, (Y/N) fell asleep in the car.” Namjoon explained before you could stop him.
The eldest two guffawed.
“It wasn’t that funny. I was really tired,” You spoke in your defense, pouting slightly at Jungkook. You teased him with your tone. “I can’t believe you would use that against me! I thought we were friends.”
His eyes widened and he turned to you, fearful that he did something wrong. “Of course we’re friends, (Y/N)! I didn’t mean it, I was just joking.”
You giggled slightly. “I was just joking too, Jungkook, no worries. Though…”
He tilted his head, waiting for the rest of your sentence.
“…If you want to make it up to me, how about we play some of those video games you suggested last time?” You smiled softly.
No sooner than the last part of the sentence left your mouth, Jungkook was up and racing out the room. You blinked, smiling at how excited he was.
Once Jungkook returned, the eight of you enjoyed the rest of your time together, playing video games well into the afternoon. 
You couldn’t get enough of how competitive they were, and you had all of them worried when you bent over in laughter, clutching your midsection from when Yoongi accidentally tipped the TV over, causing it to shut off in the middle of Jin’s game, and his resulting cry.
You hadn’t even realized it, but at some point in the late afternoon, your body gave out and you succumbed, falling asleep right on the bed. 
The boys tucked you under the blanket, endearing looks etched onto their faces.
Jimin’s heart nearly broke when it was time to wake you for dinner; you just didn’t want to get up. 
When you finally did, however, your confused, sleepy face and actions stole a piece of each of their hearts.
Eunbyul urged your mother into the kitchen and walked into the living room, cleaning up the seats a bit. She didn’t question anything when she saw the eight of you walk out from the hallway into the salon. 
For the first time in a week, none of the boys were threatening her with a glare or physical threat. She would relish in the moment as long as possible, even if it was at your expense.
And you were fine. How could you not be, when you had their protection?
You and your mother enjoyed a lovely homemade dinner at the Kim residence that night, one where the atmosphere was even better because Mayor Kim stayed overtime at work and wasn’t going to be able to make it.
By the time you climbed back into the passenger’s seat of your mother’s car, it was considerably late into the night. You tilted your head against the window, a small smile on your face.
Your mother examined your expression and put the car into drive, turning past the gate.
“So? Was it as bad as you thought?” She hummed.
You looked out the window, watching as the trees and their shadows whisked by.
“No, Mom. I actually don’t think it was.”
Never had you started a Monday quite like this one.
The day you had been dreading finally arrived.
After nine days of bedrest, you were heading back into the battlefield, but not as a normal, respected citizen. 
This time, you were coming back as a living example. The latest Chance Pierre, if you will, but with more drastic circumstances.
Inside, you felt horrible. Your head injury had healed over the weekend, but you still had hordes of bandages wrapped around your midsection, hidden by your uniform shirt and a practical school-issued crewneck.
As if your injuries weren’t enough to make you feel sick, today made one month since the last town meeting. This had no doubt felt like the longest month of your life, and the thought of seeing Mayor Kim and those bright, purple flames tonight, again, made you ill.
Nonetheless, that was a problem for later. Right now, you focused all your efforts on mentally preparing yourself for school.
People would look at you and wince, whispering about how lucky you were to have survived crossing paths with Aemilia Augustus herself.
You didn’t want their pity. You didn’t want their understanding. You just wanted to live life as you always had: by being invisible.
The smaller, more cynical part of yourself sneered inside you, chiming in that that would no longer be possible. 
You were determined to make it work all the same.
You waved goodbye to your mother, sighing as she pulled away from the curb. You had convinced her to drive in later than usual so as to avoid the rushing morning crowd. This left you standing all by yourself outside the tall, gray walls of the academy in the early morning.
You turned and looked at the squares of light the fluorescents inside cast onto the ashen concrete. With a heavy sigh, you shouldered your bag, lifted your head, and walked toward the entrance.
Right before you went to pull the door open, another hand grabbed yours and you jumped. You shifted to meet their gaze, only to find Jungkook, with a hesitant bunny smile on his face.
“Oh, Jungkook. You scared me,” You sighed in relief, giving him a small smile in return. “Good morning.”
“Morning, (Y/N).” He said, smile slipping as he took in your appearance. “...Are you alright?”
You nodded, taking your hand back. “I’m okay! I’m all cleared. Got approval from my doctors and everything. Still wearing some bandages, but I’ll be fine.”
“That’s great-”
Jungkook was interrupted by his older brother, running up to the two of you with a boxy grin on his face.
Taehyung looked as though he was going to tackle you in a hug, but then thought better of it and settled for ruffling your hair. “It’s good to see you around school again!”
You smiled. “Thanks.”
“Good morning, (Y/N)!” You heard a familiar voice say as he approached you from behind. You turned and greeted Jimin as well.
“Looks like the whole gang’s here,” you noted, craning your neck and spying Namjoon and Hoseok not too far behind him. “You’re all usually in the building by now—why are you walking in so late? Did something happen?”
“We had to take care of a couple things last minute.” Taehyung said coolly, throwing an arm over Jungkook’s shoulder. “Driver Bin just dropped us off.”
Six heads whipped around at the voice and, in the small space between Hoseok and Namjoon in front of you, you saw Mana skipping up to you all.
They squirmed their way between the barrier the boys had managed to form and gently looped their right arm through your left. “Hey! Thank Wylynne you’re back, this week was so boring without you.”
Praise the moon goddess for your schedule-challenged best friend.
You smiled at them, nuzzling your nose into theirs. “You just didn’t have anyone to copy homework off of anymore, you don’t have to lie.”
They gasped at the accusation. “How could you say such a thing! It’s not my fault my seat mate isn’t as smart as you are.” You burst into laughter.
As they jokingly tore into you, they sent you a knowing look, subtly gesturing to the Kims.
You shared a quick glance with them, assuring Mana that you were fine.
You weren’t, but you would be. It was probably just the nerves.
Yes, you wanted to be a more open person around the Kims in thanks for all they’d done. That did not, however, mean that you or your feelings were suddenly going to change overnight.
It would be a struggle, no doubt, to suddenly open up to those who everyone  actively avoids away from, but you were determined to at least try.
You values are conflicting, the cynical part of you taunted once more. You can’t want to lay low and resume your normal life but simultaneously treat the Kims as friends. Look at where that got you before.
You shuddered, resisting the urge to smack your brain in order to get yourself to shut up.
Interestingly enough, the brothers were too busy sharing glances with one another to focus on the two of you. Their eyes glistened with something volatile, but one sharp look from the eldest and they got themselves under control.
Once your conversation ended, Namjoon opened the door and walked in, Hoseok following behind him. You intended to wait behind them with Mana, but Jimin took the door and held it open with a smile.
“By all means, best friends first.”
What was that faint exploding sound in the back of your head?
Ah, right. 
It was the familiar, devastating sound of the end of your well-earned reputation and Ichabod Academy’s rumor mill detonating, all at once.
Here goes nothing.
“...Thanks.” You smiled at him and steeled your nerves, then entered the building.
Considering how close you were cutting it to class time, the hallways should have been empty. You should have been able to separate from Mana and the boys, make it to your locker, collect your books, and head to class without a problem.
That’s what should have happened.
Instead, a chilling sight greeted you once you stepped into the main corridor.
A crowd of students stood in front of the school bulletin board, looking at yet another missing poster.
What disturbed you, however, was the fact that it had your name and picture on it.
You took this in with a sharp breath.
Someone even went so far as to cross red x’s over your eyes.
You heard Mana mumbling curses under their breath, but you could hardly focus on them when, all of a sudden, hundreds of the student body’s eyes were on you.
You kept your eyes facing forward, even as you heard the start of those cursed whispers. If Mana heard anything especially unpleasant, they made sure to send the person a nasty scowl.
“She came back from the dead-!”
“They’re probably putting her on special watch for the ceremony.”
“How much do you want to bet that there won’t be much left of her after tonight?”
One look from the Kims, however, and the students silenced in a heartbeat.
Jimin stepped up on your right side, shielding you from their line of sight. He leaned toward you and quickly whispered into your ear:
“Don’t let them distract you, (Y/N). Compared to you, they are nothing.”
He gave you what you assumed was meant to be an assuring look.
Having your suspicions of Jimin and his brothers’ opinions of your peers being confirmed, however, did not work to calm you as he’d hoped. 
In fact, it only made you panic more, and rethink all of the decisions you’d made this weekend.
Nonetheless, you kept your expression blank and kept on walking.
Namjoon and Hoseok took the lead and, without missing a beat, you smoothly stepped forward with Jimin and Mana on either side, Jungkook and Taehyung taking up the rear.
All of a sudden, you were brought back to the feeling of walking to lunch with Jimin that day. The underlying power you felt as students rushed out of your way, communing with one another about you with their hands over their mouths. At the time, it’d been uncomfortable. Volatile. 
Now, however, you couldn’t feel anything. You shut down your senses, not wanting to pick up any of the social stressors the current situation was giving you, or anything any outsider would say about you, only for it to hang over your head for the rest of the day.
That small, cynical part of you returned, making you feel as though you’ve seen a formation like this before.
It wasn’t until you accidentally made eye contact with someone near the crowd of students, that you realized.
Brooklyn Hayes stood a little ways apart from the rest of the student body, Constance Pierre by her side. The blonde still looked slightly skittish, but much better now than she had in the weeks prior. Brooklyn raised an eyebrow at you, and you swore you saw the corner of her lip twitch at the irony of it all.
It wasn’t until you turned your head to the side and caught the gaze of Jimin, who smirked at you, that you felt it.
The hierarchy of Ichabod Academy was shifting.
You hated it. 
Everywhere you went, people muttered about the shocking outcome of your grand “battle” with the Augustus princess. The stories being spun about the entire thing could’ve won creative writing contests.
Some of the students figured you took the week off in an attempt to cover up for your convenient disappearance from Ichabod. 
Others said you escaped from the brink of death and fought Aemilia, only returning to school once you were victorious. 
There were even some who said that you managed to summon Wylynne herself and convinced her to give Aemilia her due divine retribution.
By homeroom, students who were “supporting” you in those two weeks prior to your...incident...were exchanging bets with those who were backing Aemilia. 
You were not used to being the center of attention, and definitely not in the way that you were receiving it now.
Someone even stopped you between classes, trying to interview you for an article in the school paper. 
“Small time, little known family girl abolishes small town royalty.”
It was not as though anyone really liked Aemilia, or even felt bad for her. It was simply the way things were. She was one of the people at the top and everyone else, wasn’t.
According to even more rumors, no one had seen her since Friday. 
Brooklyn and Constance hardly knew anything, either, given their huge argument. If they heard any rumors out of Aemilia’s favor, they didn’t defend her, but they didn’t say anything about the rumors that supported you, either. 
The environment was turbulent. 
The queen bee goes missing over the weekend, and you coincidentally return, entering the school with the Kims after receiving an unofficial omen of death. 
It didn’t take long for people to put the puzzle pieces together.
Despite the fact that, to you, they were collecting pieces for a puzzle that didn’t exist.
The lunch bell rang and you couldn’t find the energy in you to move from where you sat, head slumped over onto your folded arms, resting on your desk. 
There was little point in focusing on a Geometry lesson when everyone, yourself included, was busy pondering your chances for survival tonight.
Next to you, Jimin tried to peer into your eyes from under your arms, tilting his head until it was below his desk to meet your gaze. “(Y/N)?”
You met his gaze and looked away but didn’t budge, letting out a heavy sigh.
Mana clapped loudly in front of you. “Alright. Enough of this mopey attitude. You did nothing wrong, (Y/N). It’s not your fault that no one in the school can hang onto their common sense.”
Their snippy tone softened by a multitude and they continued. “I know you skipped breakfast this morning like the nervous wreck you are. Let’s go to lunch so you can get something to eat. Then we can come back here and you do whatever you want. How does that sound?”
You pondered their request.
“They’re right, (Y/N).” Jimin joined in, his voice low and comforting. “I’m familiar with what you’re going through. The rumors will die down eventually but you don’t have to worry, we’ll be with you every step of the way.”
As much as you didn’t want to move, you could hardly refuse such a logical argument. Besides, having them with you would make the entire experience that much easier to deal with.
You slowly sat up, now relieved by how quickly your classmates had left the room, and nodded. 
Before you could reach for your bag, Jimin grinned and took it for you, then walked off toward the door. He waited for Mana to drag you up and out the room and you smiled slightly at him in thanks.
When the three of you reached the cafeteria doors, you found Jungkook leaning casually up against a wall, paying no mind to Taehyung, who paced restlessly in front of him. Jungkook waved at you all with a smile, causing his brother to turn around.
Taehyung grinned. “You guys kept us waiting! I’m starved--let’s go!” 
Before you could say anything, he shimmied himself between you and Jimin, locked arms with you, and pulled you into the cafeteria. 
If the staring was bad the last time the five of you had lunch together, this time was astronomically worse. 
The room fell dead silent and stayed that way, even as you walked to your regular table and took your seats.
You shifted uncomfortably under the weight of everyone’s gazes, wanting to eat without being scrutinized, and hoped that chatter would pick back up again soon.
It did. 
But only because Brooklyn and Constance were heading in your table’s direction.
Mana sucked their teeth as the two approached. 
You noted that the brunette switched places with the blonde, making sure Constance was on the other side of her, closer to you and Mana, than to the boys.
That didn’t seem to make them feel any better about the interaction. You sent a quick glance in the males’ direction and shivered from how cold their gazes were, eyes locked onto Constance and Brooklyn.
You slid your eyes back toward the two and lifted a hand, waving halfheartedly at them. “Hey. Did you have another soda to ‘accidentally’ drop down my back or...?”
Mana snorted as Constance flinched. “No, no. We...we wanted to say we’re sorry about that, and all the other dumb things we did.” She spoke in a clipped tone, as if every other word was caught in her throat, but at least she apologized. 
Your friend scoffed. “You think your apology will suddenly make up for everything? You and you best friend bullied her for weeks. And if you couldn’t do it yourself, you found someone else to do it. But all of a sudden it’s okay?” They rolled their eyes. “If anything, I bet you two were the ones who put that missing poster up in the first place.”
Jimin and Taehyung narrowed their eyes at the accusation.
Constance’s eyes comically popped open and she shook her head and hands. “No, that wasn’t us! I promise!”
“She’s right,” The brunette confidently chimed in, “It was Aemilia. I saw her stay after school last last Friday.”
You stiffened.
“She looked as though she was coming from the roof, and she was walking toward the bulletin board with some papers in her hand. I didn’t try to follow her to see what was going on, though.”
“You could have taken it down.” Mana argued.
“We couldn’t have. You know the policy about removing missing posters from the board.” Brooklyn stated.
Mana was right, though. Knowing how often Brooklyn and Constance got away with anything and everything, they could have taken the poster down and it wouldn’t have made much of a difference to the school faculty. 
They glowered at the girls. 
Brooklyn pursed her lips. “We just wanted to clear the air and tell you that we’re no longer Aemilia’s...friends.” Her expression darkened. “That’s mostly what I wanted to talk to you about, anyway.”
You blinked. “...Really?”
“Yes.” Brooklyn tapped her nail against the back of her phone case, shifting around uncomfortably. “As unexpected as it was, you helped us bring the truth about Aemilia’s feelings and actions about us to light.” You noticed as the brunette curled her lip as she spoke the other girl’s name. 
The strawberry blonde’s regard for them must have been just as bad, if not worse, than you thought. 
“Thanks for telling it to us straight, I guess. If you hadn’t, it would’ve taken way longer for us to have realized. We...” She cast a quick glance to the three glowering brothers at your table and quickly focused back on you.
We might’ve been stuck wherever Aemilia is now, suffering with her. All for nothing.
“...It’s...something else...when someone you’ve treated poorly has your interests in mind more than someone you thought you were close with. And you didn’t have to do that at all. So yeah. Thanks.”
It wasn’t that Brooklyn was being ingenuine. She truly just wasn’t used to apologizing or owning up to her actions. 
Yet another thing she had grown comfortable with in Aemilia’s presence.
You shook your head. “It’s fine. What happened, happened. I wasn’t holding any grudges anyway.” You sent her a small smile.
“I’m glad that you two at least have each other as friends,” You said as you looked out at Mana, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook. “They can make a world of a difference around here.”
The brothers preened at your praise, the irony of just how much of a difference they made on your life not lost on them. 
“...Yeah. They can.” Brooklyn held your gaze for a long while and nodded, before a small smile appeared on her face. “You know, you aren’t so bad, (L/N). Soda soaked or otherwise.”
She then took Constance’s hand and, without sparing a glance to anyone else in the cafeteria, they walked out.
You had been so caught up in this conversation that you hadn’t realized the impact it had on the rest of the student body. The moment the two left, even more puzzle pieces clicked into place in people’s minds.
Aemilia had lost the support of her posse because of some discovered truth. You were the one to help Brooklyn and Constance realize that. 
The Hayes and Pierre children treated you with something akin, something that was, respect.
Indeed, the hierarchy of Ichabod Academy was shifting.
And somehow, (Y/N) (L/N) just found herself placed near the top.
When Jimin came home that afternoon, he felt like he was floating on air.
Ever since lunch, he’d had a huge smile on his face. It hadn’t been washed away by the droll of afternoon classes or by anything his brothers said or did, much to their annoyance.
Any outsider would have assumed that something glorious would have happened in order to induce that cherubic smile. 
In fact, something glorious had happened.
He practically skipped into the living room, causing Seokjin and Yoongi to look up at him in curiosity as he threw his school bag down onto a settee. 
The second oldest scoffed with a small smirk on his face. “What’s got you so excited?”
Jimin sat down with a satisfied plop and informed them of what happened at lunch today, relishing in the memory.
He couldn’t stop replaying it in his mind. 
Aemilia’s lackeys came up to you, unprovoked, and apologized. 
Namjoon and Hoseok shook their heads as Taehyung and Jungkook jumped in with their own details, telling how they struggled to hold in their laughter at the sight of Constance shaking in her boots behind Brooklyn.
Yoongi’s smirk widened into a gummy grin and Seokjin’s eyes lit up with a proud, mischievous light.
Finally, you were starting to receive a glimpse of the respect and treatment that you were well deserving of. 
It was everything they’d wanted. 
Delightful chills went down Jimin’s back as he recalled the uninvolved expression on your face, the way you barely glanced at your peers, and kept your head high as you walked between them.
Rather than having the stench of Aemilia’s putrid perfume drifting around them, or the irritating sound of Brooklyn and Constance’s tittering follow behind them all day, they much preferred being surrounded by your quiet intensity.
Even though all the brats around them couldn’t stop talking today, not one of them dared to cross your path or violate your space like they had in the past weeks.
Couldn’t you see? 
What did it matter that you wanted to remain in hiding?
Things were better this way.
It seemed as though Namjoon’s plan was successful after all.
The boys felt much better in this moment than they had in the entire past week, their anxiety and helplessness curling away like the smoke of a dying flame.
To make matters even better, Moonsik and Eunbyul weren’t there to annoy them with their presence, considering how the two had been away from the house all day to prepare for the ceremony.
What could possibly make their day better?
The seven stilled as the piercing sound of chains rang out, rattling below them, loud and tempting.
Jimin’s eyes practically shone as he grinned.
He stood corrected. 
Your knees couldn’t stop shaking.
You sat at the kitchen table as your mother stood over the stove, fresh out of work. The two of you were still in your respective uniforms and your mother was making dinner, trying to come up with a meal that would be able to sustain you both long enough for around midday tomorrow.
It was necessary to take your fill tonight, as hardly anyone was able to comfortably eat after witnessing the horrors that awaited you in the early morning.
But now, you were caught in quite a dilemma.
Your feet rested on the leg of your chair and it provided enough leverage for you to bounce your metatarsals up and down in worry.
You huffed quietly and dropped your phone on the table, offended by the fact that the device couldn’t properly do its job of distracting you, and leaned your head back against the top of the wooden chair.
The ceiling fan went around and around and around and around. You kept your eye on one particular panel as it circled, the rest of them passing like a blur outside of your vision. 
You tilted your head to the right, watching your mother’s back.
“Hey, Mom?” 
“Yes?” She responded, focusing her efforts on perfecting the meal.
“I love you.”
Your mother didn’t turn around but you could hear the frown in her voice. “Don’t say it like that. That’s so cryptic.”
You snorted at her response, a smile appearing on your face despite your worry. “What do you mean? I can say it how I’d like.”
She hummed disinterestedly and threw her head over her shoulder to reply, but caught the expression on your face. “What’s wrong?”
You met her gaze and shook your head, and she didn’t look like she was buying it. Thankfully, though, she didn’t question you any further.
You wouldn’t have known how to vocalize your concern. 
The fear that currently rested in the pit of your stomach was different than any usual fear you experienced the evening before a ceremony. 
Uncertainty crawled its way from your stomach up your throat and wrapped itself around your vocal chords, making you feel as though you’d choke if you tried to say anything else for the rest of the night.
“I love you too,” She stated after a while. It was quiet, but it was strong, and you smiled as those few words put you more at ease.
Looking back on this month, it was undoubtedly the strangest interval you had ever experienced.
You had suddenly started talking to and associating with people you normally don’t, and it felt like the usual order was thrown out of wack.
And something was going to have to happen to put things back in the proper order--whatever that was going to be, it was what you feared the most.
You’d had a terrible feeling at the pit of your stomach since this morning, and the day’s events only made you feel worse.
Sure, it was all well and good that Brooklyn and Constance apologized and wouldn’t be tormenting you anytime soon. But they didn’t apologize because they felt bad. They only did so because they were grateful to you for getting them away from Aemilia’s antics before they took the fall with her.
Yet who were you to have jurisdiction over their fate like that?
The sound of your mother clanking dishes onto the table broke you out of your thoughts, and even though you didn’t have much of an appetite, you forced yourself to eat.
After dinner, you allowed yourself a slight reprieve from your earlier thoughts. You took a shower, completed some of your missing assignments from the past week, read some books, scrolled through social media, and succeeded in trying to distract yourself from the inevitable.
Then, far too soon, you heard a knock at your door. 
Your mother opened it, already dressed in her ivory gown, and gave you the look.
Without another word, you stood from your bed and removed your pajamas, changing into the white dress that had been hanging on your closet door since earlier this afternoon.
You left your phone charging on your pillow and met up with your mother by the front door. She had already retrieved your cloaks from her closet.
She looked you in the eye as she took your hand in hers, giving it a tight squeeze. You locked eyes with her and nodded.
The door unlocked and swung open.
Then, the two of you were off.
The forest was alive at night.
Wind whistled around tree trunks, causing the branches and leaves to sway to their own rhythm. Every shift made shadows dart in and out of your vision and you hiked your dress up higher. 
Shadows always made you feel like the forest was hunting you.
Your mother’s grip on your hand tightened, bringing you back to reality. She held you tightly as if she could tell you were ready to sprint out the forest at any moment.
For your sake and hers, she would never let you.
The earth squelched beneath your feet, the ground still wet from the bouts of rain over the weekend. 
The monotonous dripping from the leaves and your slow footsteps caused your mind to drift away once more, and you couldn’t help but remember the last time you were here.
The cold press of the gun into your back.
The numbness in your wrists from the ropes.
The ache in your ribs and head from the several hits you’d received.
You winced, pressing your free hand to your forehead. Your mother cast you a worried glance but you ignored her, letting your hand drop back down to your side.
The trees began to separate as their branches sneaked toward the sky, indicating that the two of you were nearing your destination.
Without realizing, your breathing had quickened. You tried gathering as much air into your lungs as possible, and found none there.
Your hands shook.
Your mother pulled you aside and threw her cloak onto the ground before pulling you down to sit on it. You did just that, resting your back against a random tree trunk.
She cradled your cheeks in her hands and carefully kneeled in front of you, making sure you were looking at her. 
She softly spoke.
“(Y/N). You haven’t been feeling well since this afternoon.” She moved her hands, resting them on your shoulder, her grip strong but caring. “But you have nothing to worry about. This is a night just like any other. You are going to come out of this perfectly fine.”
She waited with you until she couldn’t any longer. 
Thankfully, air flowed back into your lungs and your breathing soon returned to normal. You tightly squeezed her hand in silent thanks.
You made your way down the path, pausing as you reached the edge of the clearing.
The moon was bright tonight as well.
Your mother shook both the cloaks, throwing yours over your head and pulled the hood down as far as it would go. Even when you were too overwhelmed to speak, she seemed to know exactly what you needed.
Her cloak was a little muddy from where she’d thrown it, but it didn’t seem to bother her. Besides, the entire town would stand in a circle at the meeting, so no one would be able to catch the stain on her back anyway.
Your mother cast one more look in your direction.
You nodded. 
There was no more time to waste.
The both of you stepped into the clearing, joining the rush of townsfolk making their way to their positions.
From where you stood, you could see Mr. and Mrs. Kim at the forefront of the wooden stage. Their sons stood behind them, their respective masks over their faces.
They stood still as statues as the last of the latecomers joined the circle.
It was only when everyone stopped moving, when the silence in the forest itself was deafening, that he stepped forward.
Kim Moonsik lowered his hood and smiled, then twisted his wrist in a full circle and pointed his hand at the sky, slowly lowering his pinky and middle fingers. “Greetings to the moon from her earthly servants.”
You repeated the gesture and salutation along with everyone else, quietly uttering the phrase. 
You hadn’t seen him since the night where you’d been introduced to Seokjin and Yoongi. You remembered how he casually mentioned Chance Pierre and his “divine” punishment, how his oily voice lamented about the poor, foolish sinners in his midst.
The moonlight made his eyes turn black as night, as empty and soulless as the eyes on his sons’ masks.
“I am overjoyed to be standing here, in Wylynne’s divine presence, with you, my fellow citizens.” He beamed. “We find ourselves at the end of yet another month, graced by the moon’s eminence, as Ichabod stands tall and proud in all her glory.”
You shifted in place as he carried on with usual fervor. He spent the next twenty minutes praising the moon’s appearance on this fine, early morning and waxed poetic about how blessed you all were to be able to bask in her presence.
Just as you reached the point in his speech where you decided to stop listening, his tone darkened.
“Regardless,” he said, the smile slipping off his face, “A word of caution to those who wish to tempt fate.” 
His eyes hadn’t even moved in their direction, but you felt the atmosphere shift as, across the circle, the Pierre family stiffened.
“It will not end in your favor.”
It wasn’t hard to note them, considering the fact that poor Chance was still in a wheelchair. Two figures stood on either side of him, presumably his parents, his sister making the last of the line.
Those standing next to them inched a couple of steps away.
You internally sighed.
Kim Moonsik was always like this.
When you had all had a “good” month, the meeting was considerably short. He would rave on and on, praising Wylynne’s divinity, give out due punishment, then send everyone home.
On the contrary, when you had all had a bad month or, more specifically, “a month of sin,” his speech would warn against vanity and pride, or whatever it was that caused the individual’s downfall. Then he would give out due punishment and send everyone home.
You found it funny how the mayor would claim that Wylynne was treating you all so kindly, but every month someone got punished, regardless of whether they had received capital punishment or not.
“It is Wylynne who grants us favor, who pours prosperity and wealth into this town.” He continued. “It is by her endless grace that we flourish in the society that we are. Only by turning to her can we ease our troubles. Everything you wish for, everything you desire, is reached through her.”
Even freedom? You thought to yourself, even though you highly doubted it.
“For your own sake, refrain from attempting to go out and seek your own glory.” He finished, his voice calm despite the obvious threat his words carried. 
You glanced back toward the Pierres. They looked properly scolded; you couldn’t tell whether the slight movement of their robes was from them trembling from fear or from the cold.
Mr. Kim was silent once more, remnants of his speech echoing over and over again in your head. 
The nervous feeling from earlier returned full force and you shivered, gripping your mother’s hand even tighter. All this time, you clung to her, afraid that you would vanish into nothing the moment you let go.
“On that dreary note,” He finally spoke, clasping his hands together, “I come before you all with a heavy but joyful heart.”
“It is time to relinquish our sinners’ souls into the welcoming arms of the moon goddess.”
The pyre behind the stage was lit, orange flames dancing wildly in the wind. 
You could barely look in the mayor’s direction, frightened that once you met Kim Moonsik’s eyes, the purple flame within them would set you alight.
You wished the silence would swallow you whole so that you wouldn’t have to bear witness to the atrocities.
But without fail, unmistakeable screams pierced the clearing, coming from the side of the circle that was closest to the stage.
You saw two middle-aged people, a man and a woman, fall to the floor, doubled over in pain. Their hoods slipped off but they could hardly care, too busy gripping their heads.
Your mouth parted in shock.
Aloysius and Domitia Augustus were curled up on the ground, their low cries painfully loud in the clearing. 
Aemilia was nowhere to be found.
Soliders, the very same soliders who no less than a week ago took their orders from the Augustuses, dragged the two to the stage, kneeling them before the mayor.
Now that they were labeled as sinners, the middle man had been completely cut out, and the officers immediately responded to the Kims’ direct orders.
Kim Moonsik gazed down at their writhing bodies with little sympathy, raising his voice to be heard over the sounds of their cries. “The sinners of the Augustus family should have been punished years ago with their forefathers, but Wylynne granted them mercy. Our goddess blessed them with another chance, and what did they do? They squandered it.”
“Please!” Domitia Augustus cried out, fighting through the urge to wail out in pain. She yanked her arms out of the officers’ grip and grabbed at Mr. Kim’s robes. “Please spare my daughter-”
“Still, Wylynne is benevolent, and in order to keep their souls pure, she is allowing them into her heavenly army.” He carried on without batting an eye.
“The fault is ours, completely ours! She’s innocent, I beg of you!”
The mayor looked down at her. He gently pried her hands off of his robes and clutched them in his, placing one of his hands beneath hers and the other on top. He smiled at her, the moon causing his eyes to glisten.
“May your failures be a lesson, victories a reward, and may your soul live on with the moon forever.”
Nowhere in those dark, brown eyes could one find any sort of pity or remorse.
“May your soul live on with the moon forever,” you whispered the prayer of goodwill with the rest of the citizens.
A tear fell down Mrs. Augustus’ eye and she turned to her husband, only to see him alight with bright purple flames. A sob escaped her and she bent over in defeat.
It wasn’t long before that bright flame consumed her as well, and soon, there was nothing left of them.
The clearing fell eerily silent. 
You waited in anticipation for Mr. Kim to say his usual farewells and bid all of you goodnight, prepared to hightail it out of the forest as fast as possible.
It was moments like these that made you want to run away and stay away from the Kims.
The thought of having to see Jimin’s father again while you two were working on your project made you physically ill, especially after that sight.
But as the silence stretched on, deep, deep down in your gut, you knew.
Something was about to go wrong.
Horribly wrong.
Even so, it was already too late.
You heard yet another pair of guttural screams and you turned, barely catching the look of horror on Brooklyn’s face. Her hands shot to her head, fingers unceremoniously pulling on her hair as tears streaked out the corner of her eyes.
Constance was faring no better, the blonde’s screams hiccuped by heaving gasps and sobs. She kept on trying to push herself away from her parents, but her mother couldn’t seem to let go of her. 
Her son was taken not that long ago, and now her daughter? Her firstborn? The woman held on with the strength of a viper.
Why them?
“Why her?!” Mrs. Pierre bawled aloud, as if she had heard your thoughts.
“Wylynne has declared them sinners,” Mr. Kim said as if that served as a proper explanation for everything, “sinners on their way to salvation.”
Brooklyn’s parents pulled her into a hug and her eyes watered, voice raspy from the never ending shrieks.
You felt your own eyes begin to water, disbelief etched into every part of your face.
Some would say it was inevitable. 
Others would call it justice. 
You dubbed it cruelty.
Those same soldiers pried the teenagers away from their families, despite all of their efforts to fight. 
It was only when one solider started dragging Mrs. Pierre up to the podium with her daughter that Mr. Pierre dragged his wife back into the circle.
Her screaming matched the volume of her daughter’s.
Kim Moonsik sent a comforting look to the girls, laying his hand onto their head, and repeated his prayer of goodwill.
You covered your mouth with your hand, too shocked to even repeat the phrase along with everyone else.
Behind Mr. Kim, the entire time, none of his sons had moved. If they spoke or shifted their gaze, you could not see it due to their masks.
Brooklyn weakly reached her hand out to her best friend, shrieking even louder when, instead of her hand meeting skin, she was burned by the flame.
In nothing more than a few seconds, Brooklyn Hayes and Constance Pierre were reduced to ashes. Constance’s mother was still screaming, though the sound was slightly muffled by her husband’s hand. 
She seemed to have lost the strength to stand.
Mr. Kim smiled wistfully, and he watched the place where the two teenagers once kneeled. “To her heavenly grace, the moon, may they travel. To my fellow citizens of Ichabod, I bid goodnight.”
The Kims’ men doused the pyre and you stood frozen, watching the smoke curl upwards into the sky. Your mother had to wrap her arm around you and shove your head down from behind as everyone bowed in farewell to the Kims.
The youngest brother’s cloak disappeared as the family walked off into the trail of the woods specific to their home, and you were free to raise your head.
You lifted your skirts with one hand, grabbed your mother’s hand with the other, and bounded out of the clearing, back down the forest path.
Your mother wasn’t able to keep up with you and she slipped her hand out of yours, allowing you to fully pick up your dress and take off into the night.
You kept running, even when you made it out of the forest.
And you didn’t stop until you were in sight of your own front door.
Little did you know, you were not the only soul running in fear, in uncertainty, for your life that night.
The sound of beating wings and rushing wind behind her only pushed Aemilia to go faster, despite the way her body ached.
The last thing Aemilia had seen was Namjoon’s glare, his hardened eyes resting above a mirthless smile.
The next time she woke, she found herself in some combination of an underground bunker and prison, chained to a bed.
Food would appear once a day, and no matter how much she screamed or rattled the chain, no one would appear.
That was, until today.
When Kim Jimin and his brothers appeared out of nowhere, she’d thought that they’d be able to help her.
Jimin had laid his hand on her chained leg, a sweet smile on his face.
She’d smiled back.
And then, before she could even ask him to unchain her, his grip on her leg tightened until she felt a tight, uncomfortable pinching.
She heard a sharp snap.
And then came the excruciating pain.
It hadn’t stopped there. 
In the past twenty four hours, Aemilia had experienced every form of torture her family’s officers had been trained in, and then some. 
Every time she was brought to the brink, she cried in relief, thinking it was finally over, only for them to yank her back from the edge of oblivion.
She had always known there was something special about the Kims, ever since she was a little girl, watching her parents quake in fear before Kim Moonsik and Kim Eunbyul.
It wasn’t until today that she could understand why.
Aemilia was so lost in her thoughts, she hadn’t seen the tree branch jutting out from the path. Her foot hit it and her body crashed into a muddy puddle.
She wanted to lie there and just wait for the end, but she had an incentive. One that she would never give up.
So she pushed herself up from the ground and kept on running.
“That’s all I have to do? Make it out of the forest?”
She narrowed her eyes at Namjoon, hope dimly glowing in her eyes. The boy smiled.
“Yes. If you’re able to avoid being caught and can make it out of the forest, we’ll set you free.”
“You might even get what it was you were searching for.”
After hearing those words leave his mouth, Aemilia had been filled with a determination unlike anything she had felt before.
This feeling was stronger than her urge to leave her parents, even stronger than her urge to destroy you.
This was her last chance.
She ducked with a scream as black, feathery wings sliced past her, unsettlingly close to her head.
She heard someone cackle at the sheer panic in her voice and the boy disappeared as fast as he’d arrived.
Aemilia wanted to pay more attention to where he was and what he was doing, but she got distracted when she saw moonlight peeking through the branches.
She was near the edge of the forest. She could feel it in her bones.
The trees were sparse and had no leaves, indicative of how far into the autumn season they’d already gotten. The ground slowly began to morph from wet, softened dirt to a hard, slippery concrete, telling her that she was nearing gravel or some type of road.
Several minutes later, just as she felt her chest was about to burst, she broke past the tree line and was greeted with the familiar sight of a cul-de-sac, houses and cars lining the street.
Aemilia’s heart leapt in excitement. 
She’d done it.
Everything you’ve ever wanted is right at your fingertips; just take one step closer.
She ran out into the middle of the road, desperate to reach the other side.
Just wait for the look on that bitch’s face, on everyone’s face, when you claim your rightful spot on your throne.
She was already picturing how she would turn back to the brothers with a victorious smirk, prepared to begin her reign.
Aemilia finally reached the sidewalk and, in her joy, fell backward onto the grass, ready to collapse from exhaustion.
But there was no feel of prickly, damp grass.
The ground disappeared from beneath her.
She shrieked as her heart sunk rapidly in her stomach, the wind stealing her voice and plugging her ears.
She was falling.
But how? Why?
And then, the picture-perfect image of suburban Ichabod steadily melted away.
There were no parked cars or houses. 
There were only foreboding, gray clouds.
A crumbling, decrepit cliff.
And still, icy waters.
Strawberry blonde locks glowed beneath the moonlight, the strands whipping around the Augustus princess’ face like some sort of demonic halo.
“Your parents are dead and gone, little sinner.” A voice close to her spoke and she whipped around, trying to catch them.
Kim Taehyung flew leisurely beside her, making no move to stop her descent. “And soon, you will be as well.”
“Though, there’s no need for you to worry,” Another voice sounded out, and this time she was met with the sickening, saccharine smile of Kim Jimin. His wings beat behind his back and when she tried to grab onto him, he darted out of reach. “I’m sure you’ll still get everything you wanted.”
“Wylynne will grant you all the freedom and royal positions you desire,” he sneered.
The brothers had never intended to spare her.
They’d tricked her.
Up until the very end, she was meant to lose.
Instead of the gratifying taste of victory, she found her mouth bitter with the taste of her own defeat.
After all, she was nothing like you.
With this final thought, Aemilia crashed into the waters. 
“Thus, the grand prestige and heritage of Ichabod’s Augustus family came to an end.”
Kim Jungkook giggled as his feet made contact with the ground, the gravel beneath them shifting slightly. He walked to the edge of Lorne’s Ledge, peering over the cliff at the girl as she fell to her own demise.
He looked up toward Jimin and Taehyung who hovered in the air, watching Aemilia as she fell into the depths. 
Her scream cut off with a large splash the moment she hit the water. They waited for any sign that the rat was still alive and kicking, but she didn’t seem to put up a fight. Long after the last of her air bubbles rose to the surface and the ripples in the water stilled, there was still no sign of her.
Her death was nothing more than a suicide, and even if it was investigated, which it wouldn’t be, her entire family were declared sinners and burnt to a crisp. 
No one in Ichabod would welcome her with open arms, much less feel any remorse for her loss.
Taehyung grinned at the sight, swooping around. “Ding dong, the witch is dead!” He cheered in excitement.
Jungkook laughed and leapt into the air, repeating the phrase with him.
Jimin hushed them, but even he couldn’t suppress the smile on his face.
“Come on,” he called out. “Let’s go tell our hyungs the good news.”
With three great flaps, the brothers quickly flew off, made it through and over the forest, and descended into town. 
The elder Kim brothers were perched on the roof of a (house/apartment building) that was remotely close to yours.
Seokjin and Yoongi flew overhead, far away enough to have a private conversation but close enough that they could still hear any conversations being held below. Hoseok sat near the edge of the roof, one leg pulled into his chest and the other leg dangling over the side, while Namjoon stood behind him, jaw clenched in deep thought.
They had perched here after separating with the other three, waiting to see you enter your house safe and sound.
What they saw instead surprised and amused them as much as it concerned them.
From where they were, they saw your form, hoisting up your white dress in your arms and tearing down the avenue as if your life was in danger.
For a moment, they thought something had gone horribly wrong. That Aemilia had somehow escaped, and actually found you.
But it was nothing of the sort.
You simply ran from the woods, and you didn’t stop running until you reached your front steps.
Minutes later, your mother arrived and you dropped yourself into her arms in a hug. She kept her arm wrapped around you, supporting you until you were properly changed and back in bed, dead to the world for the night.
From their perch, they were able to peer inside of your room, and spent the rest of the time watching you as you slept.
Regrettably, you didn’t seem as though you were having a restful sleep. 
Every so often you twisted and turned, and your face would scrunch up in confusion.
They were distracted from your visage by the sound of wings flapping, and the youngest brothers joined the rest of their siblings.
Jimin landed first, wrapping his arms around Hoseok and hugging him from the back. 
“I trust that business was taken care of?” Hoseok asked as he turned to face Jimin, a relaxed, heart shaped grin on his face.
“Perfectly, hyung.” Jimin beamed back. “Taehyungie’s illusion worked wonders.”
The second youngest beamed with pride at having played a significant role in Aemilia’s downfall.
“In the end, you were right, hyung.” Jungkook said as he landed next to Namjoon. “She believed anything, just for the sake of her own pride and selfish desires.”
Overhead, Yoongi scoffed. “Are any of us surprised at that?”
“No,” Namjoon huffed out a laugh through his nose. “That’s exactly what we were counting on.”
“It’s funny, how pride works.” Seokjin stated, casting a pointed glance toward Namjoon.
The younger was silent, knowing better than to speak out at this moment.
“You know what they say,” Taehyung said as he lay down on his back, bringing his arms to rest underneath his head. “The meek shall inherit.”
For a moment, they breathed in the calm and quiet of the early morning, basking in their victory, enjoying the fact that they were one step closer to claiming their angel.
Unfortunately, the stillness of the early morning was rudely interrupted by yet another scream.
Rather than irritating them, however, this scream caused their blood to run cold.
For that harsh, awful wail, was yours.
Every time you dream, you think that the vague, cursed images you lay subject to at night could not possibly get any worse.
And every time you dream, you prove yourself wrong.
There were several words you could have used to describe the being before you. Ephemeral. Hauntingly beautiful. Monstrously ethereal.
Yet when faced with said being, not one word came out of your mouth.
The figure’s skin was dark as night, a deep contrast to the blindingly white robe they wore, as well as the circle of rings that hovered above their head. 
As if the rings were not off putting enough, each ring had several eyes on it with flames streaking out the corners, and the figure had three pairs of wings extended from either side of them.
You peered up at them in frightened fascination.
Even without the circle of rings or the three pairs of wings, you could tell that the being before you was otherworldly.
They tilted their head at you, almost curious at your lack of recognition. 
You followed their gaze and peered down at yourself, where you sat on a large, throne-like wooden chair, downed in a white, ceremonial gown not unlike the one you wore in your last dream.
Though this time, it was free of any suspicious, red substances.
The figure righted their head, still and silent as ever. They extended a large hand to you, holding it out, flat, right before your seat.
You looked at the hand then back up at them as if asking permission.
They simply blinked.
You did as they wanted, carefully hopping down from your wooden seat into the palm of their hand.
You stumbled as you landed and sat in their palm, pulling your legs into your side.
Then, to your amazement, they lifted their free hand and waved it, and the air wrinkled as your surroundings proceeded to change.
The room around you shifted from that of the attic of a solitary, wooden cabin to a grand, golden hall.
Despite the dilapidated interior, the room shone. Columns lined with streaking arcs of gold and ivory decorated the halls, and the walls were made of sandstone. There were seats in the room, and it appeared as though they were carved out of stone as well.
It was shaped similarly to a courtroom, the panel of seats occupied by multiple figures.
Each figure varied in terms of skin color and height, but they all had two or more pairs of wings.
A figure sat upon an wooden chair erected in the middle of the grand hall, relatively small compared to those around them, with two pairs of white wings softly beating behind their back.
The tallest figure stood at the front of the room, a reflection of the one currently holding you.
If this was a courtroom, that must have been the defendant, and your figure was the judge.
No, this was not a courtroom.
It was a council.
You looked up at them, but they remained facing forward, eyes glued to the scene.
This must have been some sort of memory of theirs, you thought to yourself.
The figure on the chair was calm and relaxed, despite the fact that, as the conversation went on, the beings surrounding them seemed furious.
Their facial expressions morphed into those of anger and they would roughly beat their wings in varying levels of agreement or disapproval depending on what the council leader would say.
Still, the figure remained calm, a serene smile on their face, the feathers on their white wings rustled by the wind caused by those around them.
“You’re very powerful you know, and you possess a great wisdom beyond your years,” You jumped as a voice sounded out from above you.
When you looked up, the figure carrying you was looking back down at you again, but this time their mouth was pressed into a hard line.
You noted their words, feeling as though you’d heard them before.
Before you could reply, they continued, lifting their head to observe the scene before them once more. “It is because you possess that great wisdom, that one would think you’d know better than to let history repeat itself.”
You followed their gaze. 
The angry, beating, and rustling wings had lessened by a multitude. 
It appeared as though the council had come to a decision.
The council leader moved from their place at the front of the room, approaching the figure on the chair.
They smiled up at the figure, the way an innocent child would smile up at a stranger.
But for some reason, you felt as though the two were anything but. 
The council leader reached a large hand out to the smaller figure, wrapping it around their back. They smiled back at them.
Their hand gripped the base of their wings and tugged.
And this is the part of the dream where you were convinced you were experiencing a nightmare.
For the moment the figure starting tugging on the smaller person’s wings, the breath was knocked out of you and a searing pain burned through your shoulders, all the way down to your lower back.
They tugged harder, but the wings would not move.
And your pain would not go away.
It was only when you heard the sound of tearing flesh that you felt it.
Your skin was being ripped apart.
And you howled in agony.
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taesinferno · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
summary: Kim Taehyung knew every single peron that knew him was in the palm of his hand. He had his pick of the world, and all he had to do was crook a finger. Unabashedly handsome, with the enigmatic personality to match. And he gave you a taste. How lucky!
rate: 18+
pairing: kth x reader (ft slight hoseok)
warnings: age gap (40/24), mentions of eiffel towering (cheesy as hell bye), exhibitionist tendencies, fucking in a hot tub, unprotected penetrative sex, hickies, fingering, face shot, crying (*sigh* in a good way), taehyung has a huge ego (rightfully so...), lowkey predatory shit (but like.. thats the whole series)
wc: 2.5k
a/n: actually tried to stick to my self-proclaimed word limit this time 😶 let me know if you liked it! + if you want to be tagged click here!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You had skipped dinner that evening, thinking a full night's rest is what you needed after the way Namjoon kept you until his next meeting to beat your pussy red yesterday, the way he'd fucked you until you cried, cumming all over ass during his phone call, just to flip you over and shove his dick back into your mouth until you sucked him dry. Bitch, you needed a lozenge and an advil.
You were fast asleep by the time Hoseok came back. But the next morning, though your legs were still sore as fuck, you didn't hesitate to send him off to work with a blowjob, smile lighting up your face as he tapped your cheek with his cock.
"Open up, baby," he commanded, guiding his dick into your mouth as you kneeled in front of the vanity. You sucked him off as he chose out his jewelry for the day, lazily rutting into your mouth while trying on different watches and rings.
"Good girl," he praised after you'd swallowed his seed, tapping your cheek affectionately before leaving the room for what you assumed to be a business meeting. Otherwise known as him, Yoongi, and Seokjin traipsing around the island.
You'd bumped into Jimin and the mysterious maknae of the group, Jungkook, in the lounge, seemingly hungover from the night they'd had, but still looking like models straight out of a magazine.
"Hey baby, how have you been?" Jimin greeted as you curled into his side, shying away from the smile Jungkook sent you. His eyebrow piercing gleamed in the sunlight, contrasting with his starkly-dyed purple hair. And yet, it all looked just right, like he was doing everything right, and people who couldn't pull it off were just wrong.
"You remember Jungkook right? Say hi," Jimin instructed, one hand around you as he spoke softly. You eyed Jungkook's intimidating figure, dressed in all black, hair tied back, tattoos on display as he pressed his tongue into his cheek, waiting for you. You squeaked out a "hi" at Jimin's command, which awarded you a wink and a cheeky grin in your direction from the heart-melting tattooed man in front you.
You didn't chime in much as they continued their conversation, playing with the hem of your dress and half-heartedly listening. You didn't notice the clandestine looks they threw your way, silently communicating with each other, before Jimin wrapped his arm back around your waist, making you snap your head up.
"Have you ever been to Paris, yn?" Jungkook asked innocently. At least you thought, missing the smirk Jimin threw his way.
You shook your head no. "Do you wanna go? Jimin and I can take you. I think you'd love it," he smiled, showing his canines. The way he leaned back in his chair casually, making your spine tingle without even touching you. Something tipped you off to the double meaning of his words, not exactly sure what you were nodding to when you shook your head hesitantly. But the way Jungkook's eyes crinkled when he chuckled and looked at Jimin at your response, and Jimin's hand rubbing your back comfortingly as he laughed with him made you think that it was the right answer.
Jungkook lowered his voice, leaning in close like he was telling you a secret. The smell of his cologne engulfed you, made your mind hazy, as your heart threatened to beat right out of your chest. He was an inch away from your face, so close you could see the shadow of his piercing on his brow. "You wanna go now?" he proposed, like he was asking you to run away with him. Like he was asking you to leave everything and everyone you knew behind, and follow him to the ends of the earth.
And you were ready to pack them bags. "N-now?" Did he really mean right this second, though? I mean, Paris was only a short plane ride from Malta, but nonetheless. Is that really how rich these guys were?
"Leave the poor girl alone, Kook," Jimin's laughter broke the tension between you, playfully shoving his younger counterpart. You let out a breath you didn't know you were holding when Jungkook settled back into his chair, a comfortable distance away.
Tumblr media
You followed Taehyung down to the pool, tiny hand in his large one as he raved about the hot tub. Despite the fact that, when you'd bumped into him earlier and he excitedly decided to finish your tour, you were indeed not in the bathing suit you had packed, and in your regular clothes.
"Don't worry. We can skinny dip."
Not really sure about how appropriate that was, considering you were being pulled to the ship's hot tub, and not the one in his room. Didn't seem like it mattered much to Taehyung, though, completely ignoring your concerns about someone else walking in.
"It'll be fine."
He helped you strip down into your undergarments, leaving those up to you as he pulled his clothes over his head.
"I mean, regular clothes clinging to me in water is extremely uncomfortable," he explained, pulling off his boxers. Setting the precedent.
You didn't have time to marvel at his beautiful cock; just noticed that it was long, like he'd be deep in your guts without much effort. Not as girthy as Namjoon’s, but the quick glimpse was enough to prove to you that Kim Taehyung talked big shit for a reason.
"Aren't you getting in?" He asks, settling into the tub, throwing his head back with a sigh. Closing his eyes as he lets the jets massage him.
You drop your hands from where they were shielding your body from his stare, taking the quick moment that his eyes were closed to shed off the rest of your clothing and waddle in to the other side of the hot tub.
Taehyung opens his eyes at the sound of you splashing in, chuckling at the distance you've created. "You really love running to the corners in small places, huh?" He laughed, referring to the elevator you were both stuck in before.
Your cheeks burned, and not just from the hot water you were situated in. You didn't think Taehyung remembered much about your time in the elevator, seeing as he didn't acknowledge it at all the entire time he was leading you down here, chatting about different aspects of the boat, explaining the east and west elevators, and talking about different places in Malta you had to check out. Not a word out of his mouth indicated anything else happened in that tiny space you were crammed in.
Which made sense. I mean, he was Kim Taehyung. You probably weren't his only kiss of the day. And besides, he wouldn't remember something like that. With you. He was just being friendly to you, that's all. Which was very much appreciated on your end, sure. But it didn't stop the throb in between your legs every time he so much as looked at you.
"Why don't you move over here? The jets on your end aren't as powerful as these."
You didn't see it as an excuse as you waded over to him, settling next to him with your back against the massaging bubbles.
"You been enjoying Malta so far?" He asked, soft voice like a lullaby in your ear with the gentle gurgle of the hot tub. It was so warm, so peaceful. His breathy voice fit right in.
"I haven't really had a chance to explore it yet, but I'm having a good vacation."
He hummed in response as his hand found your thigh, tracing circles casually. You froze in your spot, but tried to act natural. It wasn't lost on you the way his fingers were trailing up your thigh, inching closer and closer to your most vulnerable spot. Where there wasn't a single cloth barrier between him and you.
You tried not to think about it as you fell into a comfortable silence, but it was becoming really difficult with the way he inched closer to you. You could feel the thick tension hanging in the air, holding you down, not moving a single muscle.
"You're almost drowning. Why don't you come sit here?" Taehyung offered with a smile, gesturing at his lap.
Another excuse, but he had a good point. The seat inside the hot tub was a bit low for you to be sitting comfortably in the water without having to somewhat keep yourself up. You were sliding a bit too, struggling to keep your head above water properly.
So you hesitantly moved into his lap, trying to avoid a glance at his member. Though you could feel it just looking at you, daring you to give it any bit of attention. You perched yourself in his lap, hands tucked away neatly in yours, as you glanced up at him.
His eyes were piercing, holding your gaze and keeping you from looking away as he ran his hand up and down your sides lazily. The silence hung in the air, just the quiet bubbling of the pool and the relaxed haze you were both engulfed in.
Your eyes broke out of his gaze, tracing his face instead. Following the slope of his nose to his perfect cheekbones. The way his long eyelashes fluttered to the way his lips were formed into a pout. Fuck, this guy didn't have a single flaw!
You knew he remembered the events of the elevator, now. The way he watched you hungrily, like a beast eying his next meal. The way his eyes lingered on the trail of fading marks up your neck, a hint of a cocky grin on his face. There was no way.
So when he was bending down to connect your lips again, you let him. With no hesitation, instantly falling back into the groove you had going on in the elevator.
He swallowed your moans with his mouth as his tongue forced its way into your mouth. His hands were on your waist, but slowly migrated to your breasts, squeezing and flicking your nipples to stimulate them.
"The hickies are already disappearing. Should I give you more?"
Didn't give you a chance to answer before he was latching onto your neck again. His hand slowly slid down your body, for the first time acknowledging the lack of barrier between him and your cunt. You felt a shiver down your spine, slightly jumping, at the feeling of his long fingers finding your core. He could cup your entire heat in his big ass hand, which was a fact that made you automatically grind into his fingers, mewls falling from your lips. Like a virgin trying to get herself off for the first time.
Taehyung chuckles at your neediness, your tiny figure grinding into his big hand. It was a sight that had his dick standing up ostentatiously below you. He let you play for a few moments longer before grabbing you harshly, making you cry out, and rubbing fast, rough circles into your clit. You weren't prepared for the way he pushed one slender finger into your hole, falling forward onto his shoulder with a whimper as he fucked his fingers into you. Showing you how it was done.
You were tight like it was your first time, even though he knew it wasnt. Had to stretch you a bit before you were ready to take his cock. Otherwise you'd be crying the second he bottomed out. Learned from the past.
"How badly do you want this, angel?" His low, raspy voice sounded in your ear, his mouth trailing kisses down from where he just tugged at your earlobe with his teeth.
Kim Taehyung barely had to say a thing to have you falling apart on him, his aura did enough. But when he did, you were on cloud 9, wrapping yourself in his husky voice and stuttering out the ego-stroking response he wanted from you. Over and over, he had you affirm you were wrapped around his finger, that you were putty in his hands. All while pulling the sweetest moans of his name from your lips as he used four fingers he was able to fit in (tightly, and it brought you to the brink of tears, but you took it). Not because he was any kind of insecure, or he needed the praise. He just knew what kind of power he had. And so he used it.
When he deemed you stretched enough, tears running down your face as he pulled almost his whole hand from you, he didn't hesitate to line his cock up with your entrance, pushing you down to sink all the way until he was bottomed out. He let you wail and bite his shoulder as you adjusted, holding you close before feeling the tight clench of your pussy.
"Cmon, angel. Open up." He spoke softly while rubbing your clit, lulling you into a false sense of security. Your body relaxed at his touch, releasing the death grip you had on him so he was free to move.
And move he did.
As soon as he felt you let go, he gripped your hips and moved you on his dick unrelentingly. The water splashed with your movements, splashing over the edge to where you were supposed to walk. But Taehyung paid no attention, busy growling filthy things in your ear as you whined out for him.
"Dirty girl, can't even take my dick without help." He wraps his arms around you, pulling you close as he gets sick of the pace you were going at, deciding to ruthlessly thrust into you instead. "You're so lucky you're cute. My little angel, can't even get herself off on my cock by herself if she tried. Even when I give it to you so generously."
Your powers of speech aren't past babbling right now, stuttered moans as he bounced you both in the water. You felt him move around in the water, but you didn't realize what was happening until he placed you on the stairs, next to the railing, of the hot tub.
"Hold on," he suggested with a wink. His pace found no bounds, jostling your body with the way he was mercilessly pounding into you. All you could do was sob into his shoulder as he fucked you viciously. So good...
His phone rang the second after he came on your face, perfect timing just as he grunted with the last few spurts he emptied onto you.
He left you in the hot tub to retrieve his discarded pants, finding his phone and picking up on the last ring.
"hello?... hey baby, I was just about to call you... of course,... everything's fine here, how are you..."
You had just finished wiping your face clean with a towel when he was off the phone. Though you knew you had no jurisdiction over him, and it really wasn't your place to ask, you couldn't help yourself. "Who was that?
"No one," came Taehyung's immediate response. Not defensively, not angrily. Just stating a fact, as if he was well-versed in receiving that question.
You pushed it to the back of your mind, letting him walk you back up to the deck before disappearing again. Gone just as quick as he'd appeared.
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StarStruck 💫
Ot7 x Reader
Work count : 1.3k
Hi lovelies it's been forever since I wrote anything wanted to bless you guys with a lil something while I find my groove again. Hope you enjoy 💞
“Hyung there's something wrong with the Tv!” Jungkook's face turned up in a scold as he stood in front of the 32 inch plasma screen.
He didn't appreciate the screen going blank in the most crucial moments of his game of overwatch just when he was about to clear level 75. How rude. They were currently on a three day break from their jam pack schedule of being the biggest band on the planet and he was passing his time catching up on his favorite game.
He pressed the power button again on the remote control waiting for it to power back on…….. Nothing.
Another pressed furiously this time thumb clicking the springy object rapidly as he pushed the control closer to the TV.
Jungkook, annoyed with whatever had caused the TV to stop working, fling the remote on one of the six seater sofas watching as it bounced on the soft maroon colored covering then make its final resting place face up between the creases.
“Did you break it jungkook-ah?” Seokjin called from somewhere he couldn't be seen as jungkook just about knelt in front the massive glass space saver intent on checking the wiring and switches hoping to find the source of his problem.
“That's Namjoon hyung specialty” Jungkook called back as he sucked his bottom lip into his mouth as he came up empty handed with the switches.
The sudden sound of static through the surround sound speakers in which he played his game at maxed volume filled the otherwise silent room almost making him fall over.
“Fuck” Jungkook swore as he shot to his feet frantically grabbing the remote of the chair and pressing on the the lower volume key only it wasn't working.
Panic filled his blood as he pressed the nob furiously as the black and white bubbled across the screen, the sound projecting through the speakers making his ears hurt from the high pitch.
“What the fuck are you doing? “ Yoongi asked a dangerous tone to his voice as he entered the living room satin eye mask settled on his forehead he must have been asleep when the noise sound off he entered the room rubbing the remnants of sleep from his eyes as he walked over to where Jungkook stood in front of the television.
“It's not working” Jungkook whined as he pressed again.
“Give me that,” Yoongi said as he grabbed the remote from Jungkook.” Did you break it? “ he asked brows drawn together in a frown as he pressed a combination of buttons which did nothing to stop the noise that was irritating his nerves.
Jungkook scratched the back of his neck”of course not it just trip of and came back on of its own accord”
Now that he thinks about it, that's exactly what happened. It was off and then it came back on of its own accord now it wouldn't come off.
“What's this horrendous noise about?” Hoseok appeared hands covering his ears to block out the sound.
“Jesus kook why do you play that shit so loud for anyways? “ Yoongi was still fighting with the remote just as Hoseok made his way to stand beside Yoongi to see what all the ratchet was about.
Jungkook's hand came up in defense. “ I swear it wasn't that loud when I was playing”. Eyes going big in defense. Another thing he didn't do but had happened anyways was an uneasy feeling settling in his stomach as Hoseok took his turn at the remote. Maybe he had some hidden power they didn't possess.
“So what, we live with ghosts now” was Yoongi's sarcastic remark as the screen continued to flash and the sounds filled the room.
“Did any of you idiots try unplugging it?” Seokjin emerged from the kitchen hands on his hips as he scolded the three others in the room.
“Uhhh” Jungkook in the middle of the chaos forgot about the most obvious thing to do, they all glanced at each other in embarrassment. Hoseok, the enthusiastic one walked over to the switch pulling the plug from the wall and just as he did silence once again filled the living room.
“Well this is embarrassing” Yoongi said as he plopped down on the sofa drawing his foot up then spreading his body out in a relaxing position giving a little sound of satisfaction when he found the right spot.
“Jungkook-ah I told you about playing games this loud” Seokjin scolded him, fingers pointing in a warning gesture. Jungkook's face turned red in embarrassment. “I swear I didn't! It just went up by itself”
Seokjin opened his mouth to say something but before he could get the words out his attention was pulled to the plasma screen of the television which was blaring static once more.
“What the fuck!? “ Yoongi shot up off the couch in alarm eyes blazing ready to fight jungkook for being a brat only to find everyone frozen in place and looking at the television.
“I told you something weird was going on” Jungkook said nervously as the unexplained unplugged TV continued to be static.
“You guys, what the hell do you think it's a ghost?” Hoseok asked in alarm, inching closer to Jungkook.
“Don't be ridiculous it's probably some power surge” Seokjin scolded but even he didn't look convinced.
“Guys there is some weird shit going on upstairs I swear I saw something materialise in the middle of my bedroom” Namjoon said as he made his way into the living room brows furrowed.
“My phone is acting weird. I can't even get a signal” Taehyung said as he entered the room from an adjacent door holding the cursed object up for the room to see.
Jungkook looked at the phone and saw the same static across the screen like the television. He pulled out his own phone out of his pocket pressing the power button only it wouldn't come on.
“What do you mean something materializes?” Yoongi asked.
“ I don't know. It happened quickly. The light started to blink. I looked up and I swear I saw -” Namjoon pause uncertain how to explain the unexplainable.
“Saw what? “ Seokjin coaxed.
“A portal”
Yoongi glared at Namjoon. “ A portal? Are you drunk?”
“I know what I saw!” Namjoon exclaimed, hand slapping the air knowing how ridiculous the whole thing sounded when he said it out loud but it was what he saw.
Jungkook was only half listening as they bickered back and forth, his attention drawn to the middle of the room as an electric under current filled the room.
“Guys are you feeling this?”Jungkook asked just as the overhead light began to flicker.
Jungkook couldn't explain what was happening. It was like all the air had been sucked out of the room,goosebumps broke out on his skin, all the fine hair standing at attention as the sight unfolded before him.
Jungkook could only stare as what can only describe as a magical portal begin to open up in the middle of the living room. Specks of light filled the room along with a buzzing sound erupted all along them.
"Jungkook get away from there!" Seokjin's panicked voice called from behind him only then did he realize that he had taken several steps towards the light and away from the boys who had all piled behind the sofa several different looks of fear and wonder on their faces.
Jungkook had no time to react as Yoongi screamed his name, at that precise moment a burst of energy blast right through him sending him flying across the room and landing with a heavy thud.
Jungkook groaned in pain as he came too, his head pounding and his body aching as he hands grip the sofa to pull himself into a sitting position only to realize the couch had saved him hitting ground but it had suffered tremendously as the four legs holding it upright had broken down.
"Jungkook are you ok? '' a voice whispered as a hand gripped his shoulders helping him to stand. Jungkook nodded as his feet wobbled beneath him, whatever had hit him did a number on him.
"Everybody ok?"
"What was that?"
Jungkook couldn't answer as his eyes were drawn to the vision laid out before him. Jungkook stepped forward blinking to make sure the blow wasn't affecting his vision.
"Hyungs please tell me you're seeing this".
Jungkook inched closer to the body curled into a ball on the floor as the light over head began to flicker.
"Is that a girl?".
Sorry my PC isn't working I'm posting from my phone so I can't add the read more tag.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You Broke Me First | social media au
{jimin x y/n x jungkook au; fakedating!au}
you feel safe
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The Drop Of A Tear - 14
BTS V x Y/N (Reader)
Summary: Tae meets a woman who is very manipulative. Before he even notices anything, she got him around her finger. He decides to leave his wife Y/N and his four kids to start a new life with the new woman. This perfect house of cards that he had just started to build, starts to unfold as she starts to show her true face. Piece by piece it makes him feel sick. Tae notices his wrong doing as his house of cards starts to fall apart. Regret and hate towards himself makes him wish to turn things around. Will he be able to safe his house of cards and to get back what he once threw away?
It’s been minutes since Y/N keeps starring at the ceiling. The words Jungkook said, felt like medicine to her soul. Even if he might have not meant it one hundred percent the way he said it, it still feels good to hear that she would still be looking good for a mother of four. A smile escapes her lips the longer she thinks about his words. It has been a long time since any compliment was directed to her looks positively. The insecurities about her looks are coming back into her mind as she sits up. Her eyes fall immediately towards the mirror. She tilts her head slightly as she brushes her right hand through her hair. As she steps out the bed, she sighs softly. Y/N puts on her slippers and steps towards the light switch to turn on the light. Her eyes immediately look into the mirror once again as she sits down on the corner of the bed.
“Where exactly, am I still beautiful?”, she asks herself as she looks up and down her mirror image. It might be a short question but it felt like a minute until she noticed that she did not care about her looks for a long time. Her hair is long, but the ends are damaged. Her nails are slightly broken and her nail polish is barely left on her nails. “I am surprised I even got the job...”, she says as she takes a closer look on her nails. Y/N’s eyes move from her knees, to the floor and back to the mirror. “I look so much older than back then...”, she sighs. “My eyes are still swollen. Even as a mother, I got those stupid pimples on my cheek. Why would Jungkook even say I am too beautiful to be an insect? He obviously did not look...” As her hand slides over her thigh, she gets up to step closer to the mirror. The eyes of her keep going up and down her legs. The shape, the stretch marks. Every inch of her body, she keeps looking closer at. “Those legs had better days.”, she comments as the memory of her honeymoon reminds her on how beautiful her legs looked like when they were crossed with Tae. The sunset above the sea, the only thing she heard was Tae’s heartbeat whilst she hugged him. All the memories come back at once like a wave rushing over her. In realization to where her head is heading, she shakes her head to stop  herself up from dreaming away.
It does not take long until she finds another spot on her body that she so deeply dislikes. “Stupid tummy. Why do I not get rid of you? Stupid fat roll...” Her hands find their way to her stomach and starts to squish it. “I was toned. I used to work out before I had a family of my own... I will have to start working out again. Next goal after everything has been taken care of, I will be getting fit again.”, she says confidently as she lets go of her stomach. “It would have been nice, if I went through with the surgeries that the surgeon suggested... I could look so much better today.” She keeps turning in front of the mirror as she stares at her butt. “The only good thing about my body change after becoming a mother. I finally have a nice butt but my breasts... God, I hate the way they look!” Upset of her current look, she takes the closest jacket next to her and covers up the mirror. “So much better.”
“Are you done?”, Jungkook asks as he makes himself being noticeable.
“Huh?”, she says surprised as she turns to look at the door, unaware that anybody had opened the door whilst she was in front of the mirror.
“I actually forgot one of my USB sticks over there.”, he explains slowly as he points at the USB stick next to her on top of the earlier washed clothes. “I brought it to the bedroom but forgot to return it to the studio.”
“Oh.”, Y/N comments as the redness in her face starts to show. Slowly, she picks it up and walks to Jungkook who just closed the door behind him. “Here you are.”
“Thanks.”, Jungkook says as he takes the USB stick from her. “Uhm, Y/N. Can I ask you something?”
“Why did you say those things about yourself?”, he asks carefully as he looks into her eyes intense.
“Sorry, but I do not know what you are talking about...”
“Why are you so judgmental with yourself? You were never vocally this judgmental to anybody around you. What’s wrong?”
“I don’t know what you are talking about.”, she lies again with a fake smile on her face.
“I think I already told you, do not use a fake smile on me. I can see that something is wrong and I think I even heard what it is about. Just tell me, why did you say that? You always courage your daughters to love themselves. You also tell them how perfect they are, why are you not saying the same thing about yourself to yourself?” Stunned by Jungkook’s words, Y/N clears her throat whilst she plays with her fingers.
“I don’t think that is any of your business.” Her voice sounds quiet and guilty. As Jungkook wonders what else he could say, Y/N looks away to sit down on the bed whilst looking almost everywhere but into his face.
“I think it is though.. I am here for you, which makes it my business.”
“But it is not your business. So, forget what you heard. It was just a ‘i-cannot-sleep-let's-talk-about-something-else-conversation with myself to get sleepy.”
“If I should forget what I heard, you need to listen to what I have to say. I can see on your face that you do not feel happy that I heard you...”
“Jungkook, my thoughts are my thoughts. You understand that, right?”
“Yeah. Yes, of course. Just as I understand that becoming older, looking older is a normal thing. Look at me and at the photos when I debuted. I am not the same person either. Not physically not mentally. That your eyes are swollen is normal due to the situation you are in. Not just that it is almost midnight as well and you are standing here hating your body.”
“Jungkook. You can stop as-”
“I am not done, so listen.”, Jungkook interrupts. Annoyed by Jungkook's words, she crosses her arms in front of her chest. “You might have pimples, but here is some news for you. Even I still get them. Your legs, they might not look like they did in your twenties, but trust me, they still look amazing. Your tummy? Oh, come on. It looks more than fine. When you sit down, there is barely a, how did you call it? Oh yeah, fat roll. You were toned, okay, it might have looked different back then. We can work out together if you want your toned body back. I have some weights here and trust me, the couch is great for training.”, he jokes. “But there is no fat that I can find on you.”
“What are you trying to say?”
“Don’t you get it? You are very beautiful. I noticed that people turn their heads when you pass them. Did you not notice that? Y/N, you are so attractive. Do you know what makes you look unpretty?”
“Jungkook, I appreciate what you are trying to do here but-”
“Answer. Just answer me. Do you know what makes your body look unpretty?”
“I don’t know. I seriously don’t know, Jungkook.”, she sighs as she wishes Jungkook would finally be quiet and just leave the room.
“Then let me tell you. You are feeding this poison to yourself.”
“Hey, I watch my diet!”
“I am not talking about your diet. I am talking about what you just did.”, Jungkook explains as he walks to the mirror to uncover it. “You cover up the mirror to not look at yourself. What does it tell your mind once it is covered? That is your poison, Y/N. The more you say those bad things, the more you feed yourself with this negativity, the more you will believe every single letter of those negative words. Stop asking yourself why anyone says something good or bad about your body. You are the one within it. Embrace it.”
“I am not telling you how to do anything else, because you got that figured out. But I am telling you, as somebody who cares for you, stop poisoning yourself with those thoughts. Do you have any ideas how pretty you actual are? Trust me when I say, that there are women who are adoring other women for their looks. You have no clue how many of them would like to have a killer smile like you. Do you know that there could be someone who would like to walk into a room and get everyone’s attention just by appearing? You do that get this attention!”
“Jungkook, thanks but if I do not see it this way... Thank you, thank you for your kind words but I do not see any meaning in what you are saying.”
“Maybe you should spend time thinking about my words instead of what you do not like about yourself.”, he says in a tone which sounds like a father who is talking to his daughter in a strict tone.
“Why are you talking to me like that? You are behaving like I am a kid. I am an adult like you and a friend of yours. Who do you think you are to talk to me in this tone?”
“I talk to you like that because it drives me crazy!” Jungkook takes a long breath before he steps back to her. “How can someone, who looks like you, not see how damn pretty you are.”
“I am sorry! That is just how I feel...”
“Don’t apologize to me. Apologize to yourself!”
“Why are we even having this conversation...?”
“God damn, Y/N. If I could just simply confess to you and show you how pretty-” As soon as Jungkook notices what he just said, he stops himself from talking.Y/N watches as Jungkook’s eyes get bigger as he freezes on the spot. Confused, about what he said, she steps closer to him to have barely any distance to him.
“Confess what? What did you just mean by that?”, Y/N asks puzzled as she looks at him with widen eyes.
“Good night, Y/N.”, Jungkook says quickly as he walks outside the room and closes the door behind him quickly. “I am an idiot!”, he curses himself. “Why, why did I say that?” As he leans his head against the door, he hears some steps coming from around the corner towards him.
“Jungkook, why were you in mom’s room in the middle of the night?”, Y/N’s oldest daughter asks.
“How much did you hear?”, he questions concerned with one eye brow up.
“Nothing. I just came out of the bathroom and saw you walking out of mom’s bedroom.”
“Good. Time for bed. Let's go!”, he says in a fast pace as he puts his hand on her back to lead her back to the bedroom.
“Are you okay? Jungkook, why were you in mom’s bedroom?”
“None of your business, princess.”
“Did you confess?” Shocked, he stands still and looks at her. “You did? Finally!”
“Shh. Keep it down. Princess, listen closely. I did not confess to your mom and if you remember our conversation, I told you that now is not the right time. If you say it out loud like that, your siblings will hear you and tell your mother and if that happens, your mother will not believe a single word I would say. You understand that, right?”
“Absolutely. But when will you finally...?”, she asks innocently.
“When the time is right, I will do it but until then, get some rest.”
“Why are you not asleep yet?”
“I have to work on this one song.”
“Maybe you could read a good night story?”
“I do not want to wake up your siblings.”
“We are all awake.”
“What? You all should be already be sleeping since at least last two hours.” Y/N’s daughter walks fast towards the kids’ bedroom door to open it.
“We could not sleep and stayed up to talk about a few things.” Still surprised by the girl’s honesty, Jungkook walks into the room and closes it behind him as soon as the girl is sitting next to her sister.
“That still does not explain why nobody is sleeping.”
“We could not sleep and our little brother wants to hear a good night story.”, the older girl explains.
“I will not even ask why your little brother is not in his own bed. Your mother won’t be happy about it.”
“She does not need to know.”
“Princess!”, he calls with a warning tone.
“Okay, I will not do it again...”
“Good. Why did no one tell us that you need a good night story?”
“Because he wants this book.”, the older boy says as he hands the book to Jungkook. “I am not in the mood for reading such a long book nor are the girls. Mom wouldn't have read this one as this one is for the afternoon reading and I thought you were too busy.”
“Okay.”, Jungkook sighs as he looks at the book. “Fine, I will do it but then you must sleep. Even you, Champ.”
“Wait!”, the younger girl whispers. “You have to lie down with us.”
“But then I can’t leave for the work that is waiting for me without waking you up.”
“That is not my problem, uncle Jungkook.”
“You are very friendly tonight.”, he comments with a smile as he turns off the light. “Alright. Here we go.” Jungkook turns on the flashlight of his phone as he walks towards them.
“Where are you?”, Y/N wonders as she checks the toddler’s room once again. “How can a toddler just disappear? Okay, I got this. It must have been princess who brought him to their room.” Nervously, she leaves the toddler’s room. Once she opened the kids’ bedroom door, she found her four children sleeping peacefully with Jungkook lying in the middle with a big book on his chest. “Good morning everyone.”, Y/N says softly as she walks closer to them. “Good morning, good morning.” As soon she holds her son to her chest, he hugs her and it feels to her as he would continue his sleep in her arms soon. “So sleepy, young man?”
“Morning, Y/N.”, Jungkook says in a deep voice. “I must have fallen asleep after reading them a story.”
“You read them a story?”
“Well, to my surprise they were all awake after our conversation.” Just as he finishes his sentence, Flashbacks of the end of their conversation pops up in his mind. Quickly, he jumps up and runs pass her. All the eyes within the room, seem to follow Jungkook.
“Is uncle Jungkook alright?”, her younger daughter wonders. “He never ran in the morning. I think I never saw him running except when we played soccer.”
“He probably must use the bathroom urgently.”, her older son jokes. Whilst everyone laughed for a moment, Y/N fakes a smile as she turns back to her kids. “Who wants pancakes?”
“You made pancakes?”
“I was about to make some.”
“I’ll help!”, her girls say in unison.
“Alright.”, Y/N laughs. “I guess we three will make it together. Clean your teeth first and wash your face. I will be waiting in the kitchen.” Y/N announces as she leaves the room.  As she sees that Jungkook is almost out the door of his apartment, she steps closer to him. “Jungkook, do you have a minute?”, she asks as soon as she stands in front of him.
“Uhm, no. Sorry. I have to, you know, with... With someone and I cannot be late. They are waiting and I... You know... So, I got to go.”
“We can talk later. No big deal.” Jungkook nods as he storms out the door. “Your uncle did not even clean himself before leaving... You know what we call that?”
“Dirty.”, the toddler answers.
“Yes, that is right. That is dirty.”, Y/N laughs as she pets his head.
Jungkook quickly runs into the building of Big Hit once he gets out of his car. He tries to greet as friendly as he can whilst he tries to get to the practice room. Once he is inside the practice room, he looks around.
“Who are you trying to escape from?”, Jin asks as he sees how out of breath Jungkook is.
“Are you the only one here?”
“No, Jimin has arrived too. The others might come in later.” Jin watches curiously how fast Jungkook finishes his water bottle. “Are you alright?”
“No. No, I am not. I am actually not alright.”
“Does it have anything to do with Tae?”
“Somehow it does.”
“Yep.” As the door opens behind Jungkook, both turn to the door.
“Uh, Jungkook is practicing with us.”, Jimin says happily. “What happened? You are so out of breath.”
“I tried to figure it out.”, Jin explains.
“The answer I got it has somehow to do with Tae.” Jungkook steps closer to Jimin with a glare that makes Jin and Jimin a little nervous. “Why are you looking at him like you want to tear him apart?”
“You will help because of you I am in the situation!”, Jungkook tells Jimin in a warning voice.
“Did something happen between you and Y/N?”, Jimin wonders.
“You confessed and kissed?”
“Just confessed and she told you she does not feel the same?”
“Worse.” Confused, Jimin looks to Jin.
“Worse? What did you do?”
“If I would have not have let her stay at my place, I would have not heard her and I wouldn't be in this stress.”
“Tell me slowly. What happened?”
“I heard her speaking badly about her body and it annoyed the hell out of me and I found an excuse to walk inside.”
“Sounds alright…”
“Yeah, but somehow between telling her to stop thinking like that I said that if I could confess…”
“Congratulations! You finally told her.”
“Not exactly...”
“What do you mean?”, Jin wonders. “Did you or did you not confess to her?”
“I think I did… I am not sure.”
“Hold on.”, Jimin says as he scratches his forehead. “What happened afterwards?"
"I said good night and stormed out.” Jungkook watches his friends who keep exchanging facial expression before they start to laugh.
“Okay, that was funny. But honestly, what happened?”, Jin asks as he holds his stomach.
“Guys, I keep trying to stay away from her.”
“Are you for real? You needed so long to finally tell her and now you try to stay away from her?”, Jimin questions as his facial expression changes into a focused one.
“Yes. The horrible thing is she wants to talk with me about it tonight...”
“What is horrible about it? Don't you want to know how she feels for you or if there could be more?”
“Not anymore.”
“Damn, you are starting to sweat again.”, Jin says as he discovers how sweaty Jungkook’s face is becoming. “She really means something to you! Sorry Jimin. I truly thought you might be wrong.”
“It’s fine. At least I am not the only one who heard it from him right now.”, Jimin says as he touches Jin’s shoulders.
“Guys, help!”, Jungkook begs. “I feel like I am dying.”
“Listen, we will practice a little bit and during the break we talk about this, okay?”, Jimin suggests.
“Maybe I can help you with something ahead of your upcoming conversation.”, Jin suggests. “I still remember talking with Namjoon and Yoongi, before I confessed to my wife. I felt similar to you. Trust me, if it does not horrify you to hear a ‘sorry, i do not feel like you’, then she ain't the one for you. I bet she feels something for you, I can sense those stuff trust me.”
“You only try to relax me, aren't you?”
“I sometimes hate you for doing that.”
“It worked, didn’t it?”
“Only until you came up with the sense thing.”
Y/N puts the fork down after taking a last bite from her pancake and continues to feed her toddler. As she hears how the conversation of the kids become louder, she clears her throat to get her kids attention. “So, now that you all have eaten. I got some news.”, Y/N announces happily.
“News?”, her older daughter asks carefully. “What kind of news?”
“I will start my new job this Monday.”
“You got a job, mom?”, her younger daughter questions cheerfully.
“Yes. I will work together with Uncle Jimin’s wife. Which is why I needed you all at the table. Because of my new job, me or her will bring you to school or bring you home from school. Depending on who has to work in the afternoon, you will always be at the house of the person who picks you up after school.”
“That’s cool. That means we can go to their house after school?”, her son wonders.
“Probably. That brings me to the next point; you will all behave, okay? It can happen that your little brother will be picked up from her as well. I do not want you to cause any troubles, got me?”
“Yes.”, her kids answer in unison.
“As usual.”, her older daughter says confidently.
“Mom, I know it is something we do not like to talk about, but dad texted me yesterday.”, her son mentions nervously. The eye roll of her older daughter was the biggest one she ever did. Whilst ignoring her, Y/N tries to make an eye contact with her son.
“Oh really? What did he say?”
“That he will not make it to the game... He meant they got a recording on the day and if we could film it for him.”, he explains sadly. “I told him no, because he will not watch it anyway.”
“He would watch it. Your dad loves to see you play.”
“I think dad only tried to tell me that he does not want to come at all. He probably has nothing to do on that day.” As a tear rolls down her son’s face, his mother gets up to hug him tightly.
“I understand why you think like that but I do think that he wants to see his boy shooting a goal after the other. He always talked about how proud he is that you are the number two of best players in your team.”
“Why can he not just come? He just has to be there. I do not even expect him to cheer anymore.” Hearing her son’s disappointment makes her feel bad as she did not know what to say to cheer him back up. Carefully, she wipes his tears off his face.
“I have to bring the divorce papers to your father next week. I will ask him if he sees any chance of coming even if he is just coming for twenty minutes.”
“Even if just for ten minutes...”
“Text him that you want to see him there for a minimum of ten minutes and I will talk to him when I see him if he has not answered you by then, okay?”
“Okay.” Y/N presses a strong kiss on her son’s cheek.
“I will give you a new plate. Your tears landed on your plate.” As soon as she was far away from her kids, she tries to take a deep breath as she takes a new plate from the shelf. If Tae would miss this game as well, she knows that there is no chance that her son will forgive his father for it. There are only two games left for this season. Tae never missed the most important games, which were the last two. “Here we go.”
“Thanks, mom.”, he thanks her as he takes another pancake.
“You are welcome. Eat up kids. There is still some left even though I am sure that uncle Jungkook would not mind to eat them.”, Y/N plays with her toddler.
Nine o’clock. It has been twelve hours since Jungkook has not shown himself in his own apartment. As Y/N leaves the bathroom in her pajamas, she thinks about how to speak to him without him running away from her. Y/N follows the sound that seems to come from the kitchen. The closer she comes, the surer she is that it must be Jungkook.
“Hi.”, Jungkook greets whilst he takes a pancake.
“Hi.”, Y/N says as she walks closer.
“I have to take a shower.”, Jungkook says as he puts the pancake back into the fridge to walk away from her.
“Jungkook, will you keep on running from me?” Just as he thought, he stopped in his track and turns back to her.
“What are you talking about?”
“You are avoiding me since last night.”
“I am not.”
“You are. Can we please talk this out like adults?”
“Let’s sit down on the couch.”, Jungkook suggests as he grabs two small water bottles. He places both water bottles on the coffee table before he sits down. He waits until Y/N has sat down before he turns his body towards her. Nervously, he plays with his fingers as he can feel the anxiety building up within him.
“So, let’s talk about it. Why are you acting so strange?”
“Look, I am supporting you as much as I can, I know you know that. If the kids need me, I am here for them, you know that as well.”
“Yeah, I am aware of that and I am super thankful about that.”
“The last months, were hard on you, but they were not easy for me either. Not because I was helping you, but with all the emotions.”
“I thought we might talk about that...”
“You know what I am trying to say?”
“I guess you want to talk about the pressure that I had put on you...”
“That is not what I want to talk about.”
“No? Sorry, I thought that might be the reason why.”
“No, that isn’t it... Please, answer me honestly about what I am going to ask you next.”
“How do you feel about Tae?”
“Tae? Why you are asking me about him?”
“Please. Just tell me.”, Jungkook begs. His face shows how emotionally he feels on the inside to Y/N’s surprise.
“I have a lot of anger towards him. I hate him for what he had put us through but on the other side, he is their father and I want them to have a father in their live. I know how hard it is to be without a father...”
“Do you still love him?”
“I don’t think so. Look, there has been moments in which I felt like I am becoming weak but then I remember what he did and I cannot forgive those things. But there are also moments which remind me on his old personality.”
“Do you want him back?”
“No.” A sigh leaves his lips as his hands wipe over his own lips. “Why are you asking me those questions?”
“Because I would have just died if you would have said that you still have feelings for him and that you think about going back to him.”
“I don't think that I could ever try to have what I had with him again. That train left months ago. Feelings might still be there but they do not mean a thing.”, she explains slowly as she notices the nervous and insecure facial expressions of Jungkook. “Are you alright?”
“Yeah, I am just in disbelief that you think you might be still in love with someone who treated you like that.”
“I cannot help it. Maybe it is me trying to forget what happened to move on that I get these damn flashbacks of beautiful moments we shared. I mean, it has been twelve years. Jungkook, thirteen years is not something that I can just forget.”
“Isn’t the pain killing you?”
“You have no idea how much it hurts. Especially when I look at my little boy, knowing that there could be a little brother next to him. You have no clue how much it hurts that I send my daughter to spend time with her father even though she doesn’t want. When I think about my son this morning, when he talked about Tae missing his game, I thought I die with him. When my little girl asks me why kids in school are so mean to her lately whilst she cries and I try to cheer her back up. It all hurts.”
“You never showed how much in pain you still are...”
“I couldn’t do it. The kids saw way too much of things they should not be involved in. Hold on, is that why you thought I would go back to him?”
“The option was always there, but I kept hoping that you would not do it.”
“Trust me. I am done with him.”
“You do look like there is something else... What’s wrong?”
“Y/N, I will tell you one thing and I do not want to make things weird between us but I need to get it off my chest. Not saying a thing is killing me even though I do not know how it will affect us.”
“Okay. I promise you. Nothing will change between you and me-”
“As I said, nothing will change no matter how you feel about what I am about to tell you.” Y/N nods as she leans forward to make sure to catch every facial expression to the fullest. “Y/N, the reason why I am asking you about Tae is because I do not want to push myself between you and Tae.”
“Your worries are unneeded. Tae and I are past. Promise.”
“Good. I do not think you got what I tried to say though... Okay, I will try it like that. The last few months, I do not know why but my feelings for you have changed. You are not just a sister to me; you became so important to me. Look, I... God, it is harder than I thought.”, Jungkook comments as he takes a deep breath. “Y/N, I fell in love with you.”
“You fell in love with me?”
“Oh wow. Since when are you in love with me?”
“Honestly, since Tae introduced you to us. That is why I was so distant until I had my feelings under control.”
“But the two girls you introduced as your girlfriends... Did you not love them?”
“I did not. But I needed to get over you as you were getting closer and closer to marry Tae. The feeling I have for you, it is stronger than what I ever felt for anybody else. The feeling I hid so well inside me, is coming back stronger and stronger by day.”
“I do not know what to say.”
“Don’t say anything. I am not expecting you to give me your answer to what I just told you right away. If you excuse me, I need to calm myself down. I feel like I am about to fade.” He adds before he leaves the room.
“Hyung, you know I will not appear this late if it is not necessary.”, Tae says. “Can I not do that all on another day?”
“Why did you not mention it earlier on? All the production has been set for those three days. Everything is organized by now. I talked with my son that I will not be able to watch the game as I have work to do.”, Namjoon answers. “I cannot cancel anything anymore for you. Sorry, but it is simply too late.”
“But this is the second last game for this school year! As you just said, your son is playing too, you must know that it is very important for our sons for us to be there. I missed the last two games. This is one of the important ones. Namjoon, please. Talk with our manager once again.”
“What makes you think that I can change our manager’s mind? He said no to you and even contacted me already about your request. I cannot believe that you complained all afternoon to him that you must see your son play.”
“I had no other choice... You were not able to do anything?”
“No. Not even that you could leave for watching him from the car for a few minutes. Absolutely no chance.”
“What about your son? Will you not watch him either?”
“My wife will call me and I will watch it via FaceTime.”
“That is a great idea! I will watch it with you.”
“Will your son believe you when you say you watched it without anyone proofing that you did? He wanted you there. Tae, this game has been fixed for at least six weeks… This shooting was settled four weeks ago.”
“I will try to get someone to FaceTime me during the game.”, he comments as he picks up his jacket.
“Where are you going? You have just arrived…”
“Shopping. Y/N said she will come over this week. I got to prepare some stuff before she comes.”
“She comes over to your place?”
“Yes. I do not know the reason but I do not want to miss a chance to make things alright between us. I got to go!”, Tae says as he winks at Namjoon as he leaves.
“He truly believes that he can get her back, huh?”, Namjoon’s wife asks when she notices that Tae left.
“You were listening again?”
“Could not help myself. I do not like him being at our house, Namjoon.”
“He is my friend and band mate. What do you think I am supposed to do? Plus, he did not even say anything about him coming over.”
“I know. But right now, it might be better to keep him away. I said to Y/N that she could come over anytime, any day. She will not do that when she sees his car in front of the house.”
“I get that. But if I tell him that that is the reason why, he will camp outside.”
“He still does not know where they are at?”
“He doesn't. I want to keep things like that at least until after the next comeback.”
“I understand.”, she says as a long breath leaves her lips. With a little smirk on his face, he hugs his wife. “He is such an asshole.”
“I know your friendship with her hasn't been the same since.”
“I feel like she only talks with Jimin’s or Yoongi’s wife. I have no clue what happened the last two days.”
“Oh come on. You could call her, what do you think?” Smilingly, she pushes him away.
“Hey, I got a degree in psychology. I am licensed and you think I did not think about calling her?”
“Just saying.” The silence might lasted a half minute as Namjoon’s phone starts to ring.
“Tae again?”
“No, it is Hoseok.”
“Pick up and I will get the kids to bed. I see you in the shower?” With a big grin on his face, he nods as his eyes follow her body. “Don't forget to pick up!” Reminded by his wife, Namjoon picks up the phone.
“Hey. Make it short.”, Namjoon says as he walks towards the window to look outside.
“Nice greeting. Am I calling at the wrong time?”
“Kinda. Listen, I finally got some alone time with my wife without us being super exhausted.”
“Ooh.”, Hoseok says as he laughs for a moment. “Okay, I’ll make it short. Why is Tae asking me about Y/N living with Jungkook?”
“He asked you what?”
“He called me a minute ago.”
“He was at my house like five minutes ago but he only mentioned that he will meet up with her this week.”
“Well, Jungkook is totally through the wind, I was barely able to talk with him normally and Tae is mad at Jungkook for telling him to stay away from Jungkook's apartment.”
“What else did Tae say?”
“Nothing but that he does not understand why Jungkook is taking Y/N’s side… the typical things.”
“You did not say a thing about her living with him?”
“No. I said that the wives know where she is at but they won't tell us.”
“Do the others know about your excuse?”
“No, not yet.”
“Text them to let them know.”, Namjoon tells him.
“Honey, the kids are in bed and I am about to hit the shower. I thought you might want to know.”, Namjoon’s wife whispers as she places a kiss on his neck.
“I am coming.”, Namjoon confirms. “Hoseok, please text the others. Thanks for letting me know but I got to go.”
“Yeah, I heard her… Another Bangtan Baby?”
“No, my kids are enough.”
“Yeah, especially Mini-Me Namjoon.”, Hoseok jokes.
“Okay. I really got to go. We will talk tomorrow. Bye!”
“Bye. Have fun!”, Hoseok says laughing.
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wwilloww · 16 hours ago
sh. | ot7 | chapter six
Tumblr media
PAIRING ot7 x reader
RATING Explicit.
GENRE smut. fluff. angst. nonidol au. wildnerness au. roommates au. friends to lovers.
SUMMARY Six months of quarantine have kept you apart. Somehow the distance sparks something new in each of you: questions, unfinished conversations, threads once chased now left cold. So when your roommate invites you to come with him to a mysterious house in the mountains with your friends, how could you even think of saying no?
WC 3.8k
WARNINGS AND TAGS themes of exhibitionism. fingering. unprotected sex. creampie. sensitivity during sex. dirty talk.
AN: I have been stuck at this impasse of what's going to happen next for literal mONTHS and somehow in the span of one week I got the ball rolling again. Thank you to the incredible support you all have shown. I am so grateful for each of you. You bring a light to my writing.
Thanks to @lcksndkys and Calix for helping me waddle through my thoughts and to reach the finish line on this chapter. Much love to @jinpanman and @thatlongspringnight too, just for being incredible.
← || series m.list || →
©️ wwilloww do not repost, translate, or use my stories without my permission.
Tumblr media
Chapter Six
Present day.
“Something like this doesn’t need to be so extraneously complicated.”
Yoongi’s words spiral in your mind as Taehyung graciously picks up your breakfast dishes from your hand and you smile absently.
The images whirl in your mind. Seven friends, fucking. Unacceptable, some snotty voice in your head chides you, a voice you quickly shove aside. After all, it’s the 21st century. Emotional intelligence on the rise. Sexual education at its height. Self control… at it’s very lowest.
Back in January you would have run screaming for the hills. And that impulse, well, it’s definitely still there. But all there is to do is recognize it, take a deep breath, and instead of letting the panic take over, try to act from the place in your chest that feels safe and secure. The place in your chest that wants this.
The place that wants this: Your friends. Fucking. But a fluttering in your chest reminds you: it’s not just the sex. Well, it is. Undeniably so. But it’s also something more — you trip over the unspoken words in your mind — it's something about wanting them all closer. What is the word?
“You and Jungkook are on kitchen duty this morning,” Taehyung says as he fills up one of the huge kitchen sinks with warm soapy water, and you snap out of the forest of your thoughts.
You scoff. “I was on kitchen duty like, two days ago!”
“You might be surprised to know that two days later, it is again your turn.”
You huff. “Fine.” Dish duty was always your least favorite of all housework. But the reason things worked so smoothly around here in the first place was that you had all sorted out responsibilities, roles, and communication. The only way it worked was by sticking to that. With a grimace, you roll up your sleeves and prepare to dive into the soapy lukewarm water.
“I can do that,” Jungkook says from behind you, and before you can respond, he gently hip checks you to the side and snatches the sudsy sponge away.
“You sure?”
“I wouldn’t offer if I didn’t mean it.” He nods at the drying rack. “You can dry. I know you like it better anyway.”
This morning’s feast has produced an abundance of dishes - but even with that, you’re sure that Jimin and Jin used every single bowl in the very large kitchen to measure out each ingredient individually. It takes a bit of time before the kitchen is sparkling clean once more.
“Thanks for your help,” Jungkook smiles, some kind of shyness playing in his gaze. You stare a moment too long, trying to catch the elusive thought dancing behind his eyes. As you’re reaching up to put a mug on a counter, he bends down to wipe a comically large sudsy bubble off of the floor and looks up and he freezes.
“You-you’re not wearing…?”
You laugh. “I’m not.” He stands slowly.
“Why—?” Curiosity sings in those doe eyes.
“Jimin asked me not to. It’s a little game we’re playing.”
Jungkook’s eyes widen. “You’ll do anything he says, huh.”
“Not anything,” you say, running a finger up his chest. “But a good amount of it, yes. Wouldn’t you? Didn’t you?”
Even as he speaks, his ears redden and he tugs at one, eliciting a bubbling laugh from you. “I did.” He leans close as if he’s going to tell you a secret. “And I loved it.” He grins and then pauses, taking a moment to gage your expression. Your cheeks are already warm from his prying gaze and the mention of last night’s activities. He leans in close. “You like being told what to do.”
“I do.”
His breath catches in his throat. He hesitates and you let him. Let him take his time.
“Will you let me tell you what to do?”
You love his duality. It might seem surprising or even incongruous at first, but the more you think about it, the more it makes sense. There is something about his desire to simultaneously be cared for as the object of someone else’s desire and to indulge his own drive to play the game and be the spark that ignites your falling apart, to be the thing that drives you towards the edge again and again. You nod.
“Then turn around.” His voice has dropped lower. “Before anyone catches us.”
You do as he says, turning, arching your back just enough, and presenting your ass to him. Your hands rest firm on the counter. He bends down behind you, and before you know it you’re gasping as he licks a broad stripe up your pussy.
“Are you already this wet or are you still leaking all the cum Jimin stuffed you with?” The double edged sword of his meaning strikes straight through you.
“Why don’t you find out?”
You love the boldness that rises confidently to the surface under Jungkook’s careful but greedy hand. The untethered desire that slips from your tongue like water. How, despite everything spinning in your head, your friend finds a way to dive beneath it and serve delight. Jungkook too, seems to love it, as his eyes darken and drift over your body.
“I haven’t swallowed enough of Jimin’s cum to be able to tell quite yet,” he says casually.
“We’ll have to rectify that then.”
“We will.”
Jungkook slowly works a finger into you. Then two, the long digits stretching you. You do your best to keep your sounds of pleasure to the level of a contained whisper, but you can’t help the gasp that slips from you as he presses against your g-spot and a deep ache of bliss spreads through your abdomen.
“Shit,” you hiss, clenching your teeth and letting your nails dig into your palm.
“Such a needy little brat,” Jungkook says as he begins to draw circles around your clit. “Jimin lets you orgasm once and now all of a sudden you can’t get enough.”
He adds more pressure to his movements and suddenly the biting retort that had sprung to mind dies on your tongue.
“What? Nothing to say?” You can hear the smirk in his words, even as you squeeze your eyes shut, hissing in pleasure, trying to get your footing again. “I’m starting to think you’ve had enough. How much can you take, really? I wouldn’t want to push you too far.” He pulls his fingers from you and you gasp.
You spin around, your shirt falling back down around you again. Jungkook stands back, his eyes dark and hungry. You reach for him, grabbing his shirt to pull him against you.
You press your lips against his and he stills in surprise. His surprise stings through you like ice, slowing your motions, adding a question, a doubt, a — but then he’s kissing you back, kissing you with the fullness of resounding and final punctuation. There’s no room for question in the way his hands twine into your hair, teeth nipping, tongues wrestling. Within a minute, you’re out of breath.
“I can take you, I promise,” you murmur against his lips. “Please, Jungkook.”
“How could I deny you?” he whispers back. There’s a softness to his voice that you don’t quite recognize. A softness that leaves you thirsty for more.
He motions for you to hop up on the counter and with a skilled movement, helps you up. The bare and heated flesh of your bottom hits the cool granite, but the shock is quickly forgotten though as he slides between your legs, a large tattooed hand pressing your thighs wider for him. Bare for him.
“You really want this?”
You wrap your arms around his shoulders, pulling him as tight to you as you can.
“I really want this — you.”
With a swift movement, he pulls himself from his pajama pants and slots his cock against your sopping entrance. As you wiggle against him and try to pull him into you, he raises an eyebrow.
“One of these days I’m going to make you beg for it, you know that, right?”
“Another day?” You grimace at the whine that slips into your voice, but he chuckles at it.
“I like when you’re needy.”
And then he slams into you, his cockhead spearing through your wet folds in one go.
“Ah!” Your head falls back and a cry of pleasure spills from your lips before you can bite it back.
“Feel good?” He begins thrusting in and out of you and you have to grit your teeth to answer.
He grins.
Your previous two encounters with Jungkook had been fast. Needy. It was a race though, the two of you sprinting neck and neck towards the same end goal: release.
But today, the race is long over and you find yourself on a different trail. One where you can simply sink into your own pleasure. You relish in the sensation of his cockhead dragging against your walls. You let your breath move quickly and heavily, brushing against his shoulder as you pant. There’s not necessarily anything particularly graceful about this fuck, but it’s easier.
Delight fogs through your body as he hits all the right spots, his hips rolling against yours. You glide your hand beneath the collar of his t-shirt, fingers splaying against his warming skin. You love the way his breath catches in his throat when you squeeze around him and before you know it, both of you are edging your orgasms.
“Just,” Jungkook breathes heavily, “Slow. For a minute. We don’t have to rush.”
“Good—” you say, a kiss fluttering against his lips. “Yes—ah—” He chuckles at your inability to pull together a sentence.
His hand comes down to grip your hip and he moves you to his will, setting a slower, deeper pace. You find his pace and push against it, against him, your breaths tangling. This close, his pelvic bone presses against your clit and you grind yourself slowly against it.
A different kind of pleasure builds in your abdomen. One stoked slowly, carefully, tenderly. It builds to a height that quickness could not reach, it teases you at the edge of its altitude.
“Jungkook—” you gasp. “So close.”
“Good. Keep going.” His grip on you loosens enough to allow you to move freely against him, but stays firm enough to feel like you are so wrapped up in him you wouldn’t know where to begin to untangle yourself.
Your orgasm washes over you with a kind of warmth that is entirely foreign to you. Your breath stills in your throat as it seizes you, freezing you in its hold. Jungkook coos at you, pretty words falling from his lips and drifting somewhere towards your subconscious as you ride it out and finally collapse into his arms, your arms pulling him into a hug as you pant against him.
“Well fuck — that was ho—”
The last syllable is choked out of him as you grind your hips against him again.
“Want you to cum,” you say, your movements sloppy but determined in your post-orgasm bliss.
“Oh?” Jungkook thrusts once into you. Still sensitive, you wince at the overwhelm. “And I thought you needed a minute to recover.”
“So good for me.” You can hear the smile in his voice and the tension that you draw from him too, the way it laces through his voice with urgency. He’s barely holding himself together as you grind against him.
You can tell he’s getting close. His pace picks up, his forehead pressing in concentration, his face tightening in focused pleasure. “You know…I still haven’t cum in this pretty pussy.”
“Well, technically—” you begin to say, thinking of Jimin’s fingers last night scooping up Jungkook’s still-hot cum and filling your cunt with it. The way it had spilled down your leg as you walked back to your bedroom.
“Sh, just—”
“Yes. Do it. Cum inside me.”
That’s all he needed to hear. With a shuddering gasp, he presses himself tightly against you, a hand coming to cradle your head, the other pressing firmly against your back. He presses himself as far into you as he can possibly manage and cums, his cock twitching within you as he groans.
“Fuck,” Jungkook curses, his voice graveled.
“You sound rough,” you laugh breathily, tucking a piece of long, dark hair behind his ear as he recovers. He looks up at you, those large, round eyes too pretty for the deed he just committed.
He lets loose a long, shaky breath, one that turns to a laugh as he watches the smile bloom on your face. “What the fuck did we just do?” he says.
“We just fucked in the kitchen.”
“A second time.”
“A second time indeed.”
“What, you got a kitchen kink or something?” he smiles.
“If anything it’s a communal kink. A communal kink for communal spaces.”
“Really, if anything you’ve got a bit of an exhibitionist streak. Undeniably so.”
The heat that pours into your face doesn’t make sense when paired with your unabashed attitude about the act you and Jungkook just accomplished on the kitchen counter. “Maybe,” you say, tucking your head beneath his chin, pressing your lips to the little dip beneath his adam’s apple. “And so what if I do?”
“Then I would want to take every opportunity to explore just how far that specific interest of yours is able to take you,” he says. “How far it would push you, uh, us.” You can only imagine what he’s thinking of. “You know, as this keeps—” He pauses for a moment. Searching for the word. “Moving forward.”
Forward? Something in your chest stills and freezes. Whispers, run.
Your breath, too, turns to ice in your throat. Jungkook notices the shift in your countenance and brings his hand up to your arm, kneading the flesh softly.
But you’re quick. You know what to do when this happens. Even as the song of old fear sings in your veins, you know it has very little — if anything at all — to do with the man standing in front of you, the way he makes you feel, and the things that the two of you are — deliciously — doing together. So you look at it. Look at the fear that won’t quit. Know that it’s old, a visitor from the past, and take a deep breath.
Then another.
Then you press a kiss to the hard shell of his collarbone, just as you wanted to do, feeling the warmth of his body sink through your skin into yours, warming the freezing bits into something human, something present again.
“Forward?” you manage to say, breathe in, breathe out.
“Forward, yeah,” Jungkook says, letting his short nails skate up your skin and tangle into the back of your hair, raising goosebumps to your skin. “Forward. With us. This.”
“Jungkook,” you murmur as you kiss up his neck. “I don’t know what this is.”
“Do you need to?”
The answer comes automatically. “Yes.”
“I’m not sure you do.”
“I don’t know what you mean by that.”
“Well. Then, tell me. Do you want this to stop?"
In, out. It’s easier to breathe with his hands running over your body. With his presence so close to yours, his strange, calming individuality singing even in the silence. You know this. You want this.
"Well, that’s good to hear,” he chuckles, his hands still roving in lazy patterns over your body. “So then, whatever this is, does it need a name?"
You flounder. That's not what he's supposed to say. He’s supposed to push you. To ask more of you. Right? That’s how this kind of thing always goes. DTR: define the relationship. Give it a name. Put it in a box, like every other one of your previous relationships. Act by the script, because with each label there is a preordained script that everyone is supposed to follow. But without the name, what is left? The gap left by the question swallows you up. But it also promises something else: freedom. A loosened chain around your heart.
"What—" you shake your head. "What do you mean?"
"If you don't know what this is, that’s okay. If you don’t know exactly what you want, that's okay. You don't NEED to know what you want, especially not a month, six months, a year from now. You just need to know if you want this — me — right now."
You do want him. That’s undeniable. Looking at him, it’s almost impossible to manage all the different ways you want him. His softness, wrapped around you. His compassion, leading you forward. His unrivaled energy, like some furious and kind beast, always waiting around the corner with a new adventure. And not just all of the little pieces, but the whole too. You want Jungkook.
“I do, I do, Jungkook,” you say. And then you press in, letting yourself kiss him, a frown of confusion tugging at your lips. He can feel it. “I just… I don’t understand.”
“That’s okay,” he whispers. “I can explain what I mean. If I am what you want right now, if Jimin is what you want, hell, whoever — then take it. It’s okay for you to want like this. And when that want stops or it changes or it grows into something else, that’s okay too. Just… tell us.”
You swallow. Why is it that his kindness, his understanding feels like it’s ripping you open? It’s not as if what he’s saying is particularly new to you. It’s just that your history has held such rigidness, such control, that the airy taste of flexibility before you feels an awful lot like fear. But with Jungkook’s earnest eyes shining down on you, you know it can’t be fear. It has to be you, standing on the precipice of the unknown, knowing nothing before you but the next step: your own desire. And you’ve been doing it, letting yourself open up to it.
But when was the last time the world opened up to you too?
“What I’m saying is,” Jungkook continues, “I don’t need a name for this. I just know I like you and I really like cumming in that pretty pussy of yours and — if you’ll let me — I’d like to keep doing that.”
“Cumming in my pretty pussy?”
“Yeah. And maybe your ass sometime. Or down your throat. Or on your face. Or—”
“Okay, okay,” you laugh. “I get the picture.”
He takes a long look at you.
“What’s going through your head? You seem… concerned.”
You smile softly. “Am I that easy to read?” He nods, laughing, then lets you continue. “Well, then. I should… I should talk to Hobi. About, um,” you gesture between the two of you. “This.”
“Why?” He leans in close. “You wanna fuck him too?”
The question strikes something in your chest and you feel the blood rush to your face. For a split second, you let yourself imagine it: fucking Hoseok. How would he look, fucked-out? Would he be gentle? Intentional? Furious and fast and full of desire? But no. No, you have to stop yourself there, before thinking of these things turns to wanting them (although a small voice in the back of your mind warns you that you’re already there). Hoseok had already made his interest — or lack thereof — clear to you.
Jungkook notices your gaze shift and nudges you.
“It’s okay if you do. I guess, this is exactly what Yoongi meant when he said think about it. Right? But also—” Jungkook runs a hand through his dark hair, pressing his lips together as he thinks of the right words to say. “I know you two are close, but you don’t owe him any explanation of your sex life—” He chuckles, “Now that you have a sex life.”
You shove him lightly. “That’s not it.”
“Then what is it?”
You shake your head.
“I don’t know. It just feels… right. Like I’ve been keeping a secret from him.”
“Well, you’re not.”
“I know,” you say, even as the words feel like a lie on your tongue. “Do you know where he might be? At this pace I’ll find him by dinner time.”
“I’m pretty sure I saw him heading with Namjoon towards the library. Namjoon said he wanted to show him some new collection he discovered.”
“There’s a library?” Jungkook nods. “Of course there’s a library.”
“Not surprised you didn’t notice. You been spending too much time fucking me — or eyefucking one of our other friends. But I really shouldn’t complain about that.”
You scoff. Shove him a little. Brush your hair out of your face and stand.
“Well — thanks, dickhead.”
“You’re welcome, love bird.”
You startle a little at the softness of the nickname and look at Jungkook. His ears are reddened.
“That’s a new one. Usually it’s asshole or—”
He recovers quickly. “Well until you let me fuck your asshole or we find a strap-on for you to fuck mine, we’ll leave it at love bird.”
“Hmm. I like it,” you say, smile spreading across your features and you reach out to pinch his cheek. “I guess I’ll have to think of something sweeter for you than dickhead, huh?”
“Dickhead is fine. At least it means you’re thinking about something important.”
“Oh my god, I can’t with you!” you laugh. “Well, thanks. Really.” You reach out for him, a hand lingering perhaps a moment too long on his arm before turning towards the dark hallway where Jungkook pointed you, and you trip over nothing, giggling as you catch your step.
“You’re blind, you know!” Jungkook calls after you, laughing.
“Shut up! Stop saying that!”
Jungkook watches you as you leave. You’re always too quick to leave, aren’t you? he thinks, the taste of something like bitterness flickering in his mind. As he watches you round the corner, all he can imagine is the image of running after you, pulling you back into his arms, and fucking you silly until the sound of you screaming his name finally slips through the impossibly thick walls of the mansion.. Until everyone in the house knows exactly what you’ve been doing almost every day of the past week. Who you’ve been doing. The thought almost makes him laugh at the ridiculousness.
He shakes his head, a failed attempt to clear the build up of words, of things he’s not quite sure how to say to you, burning at the tip of his tongue. “Get your shit together, man.”
Tumblr media
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writersrealmbts · 16 hours ago
Description: Part of the summer #btswritingbingo, hosted by @bangtanwritingbingo! For the Boating prompt.  A summer cruise as a translator for world-famous band BTS: what could go wrong? WELL, the zombie apocalypse. In the middle of the ocean, are you safe? Or is there danger lurking in the deep?
Warnings: Mentions of death, violence (especially after the third content break), mild language? (I can’t remember if there’s language or not but I’ll tag it)
Posted: 06/11/2021
Tags: Zombie apocalypse au, Yoongi x reader
Angst?: 8,342 words
A/N: Oh look, another zombie au. 
Tumblr media
The engine was idling.
The radio was on, and everyone was listening to the broadcast in silence. The horror was slowly growing in your stomach.
“The country is overrun, we’re broadcasting from a locked room, and we aren’t certain how much longer we can hold out…how much longer we’ll be safe. We’ve had news from several other countries reporting the same conditions. They’re mindless, react to movement…don’t like bright lights…most active starting at dusk all the way through dawn. Don’t let them injure you. They hid the mutagen in vitamins and supplements. Whatever you do…don’t ingest anything from Biogene International.”
You swallowed hard, hugging yourself as background sounds of other voices and banging echoed through the radio
“Oh God, they’ve found us,” The radio announcer murmured. “I guess this is it. If you’re isolated from infestations, I suggest you stay isolated. Cut off the heads. And enjoy this last song by Andy Lange. God save us all.”
The radio started playing ‘Not Sure Yet’, and you just listened to it as your heart broke.
They finally ruined the world.
And you weren’t with your friends and family when it happened.
You were with your stupid ex-boyfriend that you’d just broken up with, the staff of the ship that hired you as an extra translator for the last group—a kpop group and their staff that were filming a vacation show of some sort.
And you’d have to be born under a mountain of rocks to not know that the kpop group was BTS, and in any other situation you’d be excited about helping them as a semi-casual fan of theirs.
But right now you really hated them, and their choice of this ship that employed your ex-boyfriend—even if you’d been the one to get him that job.
“So,” The spoken-of devil murmured, coming to stand next to you. “Sounds like the world is actually ending.”
You took a deep breath, because everyone could hear, and were subtly watching.
“Changes a lot of things doesn’t it?”
“Except one.”
You turned to him. “I still would rather die alone than live my life with you.”
He sputtered, but you didn’t stay to listen to him try to argue with you, turning off the radio since it had turned to static and going to the other translator.
“Do they know?”
He nodded gravely. “They’re trying to check on their families.”
“Let me know if there’s anything I can do,” You told him, bowing slightly to the other staff and the boys before going over to some of the other crew. “How much food do we have?”
“Maybe enough for a week,” The cook, Lori, answered. “If I ration.”
“Do it. Same with water?”
“We should have two weeks, more if we cut back on showers, mopping, other excess water usage,” The first mate said, staring out at the horizon. “Hopefully by then we’ll know if there’s a safe port. The captain went to try and radio as many other ships as possible.”
“We should make sure none of that Biogene stuff is on the ship,” One of the engineers said.
The first mate nodded, quickly moving. “Everyone! We need to make sure that there are no Biogene products on this vessel. Please go check all of your pills and supplements, anything that could be pharmaceutical or…just check everything!”
You translated quickly, then went to check your own things. You didn’t have much that could be from that company, but you checked absolutely everything just to be sure.
Then you went to help the staff and band just in case.
They weren’t coming up with anything, so you headed for the captain’s cabin just to see if there were any more plans at that point.
Captain Cobden Alby was an elder man, who tended to become an Uncle, Brother, or Grandfather figure for anyone who’d let him look out for them. You knew him relatively well, because he’d looked out for you when you started working with his tourism company, helping foreigners book trips with him and accompanying them on trips to help out. You’d worked with him for the past three years, and he’d been kind enough to hire your then boyfriend when he needed a job—though you now understood his reluctance. You wished he’d been more reluctant.
“Well, y/n,” Cob sighed. “Guess this is a new chapter. Any ideas?”
“Islands will gain control more quickly, I think, and there are a couple uninhabited islands we might be able to land at if we get desperate. We have nets, so we can fish if we have to. And if we start getting stills set up now, we can provide ourselves with more water. Revert to basic survival, I think.” You chewed your lip. “But if we’re going to use an uninhabited island, I think we should find one and stick around it, because people are going to try and escape by boat and they might bring it with them. The likelihood of the messages and warnings reaching everyone is slim.”
He sighed and nodded. “Our passengers?”
“Scared. But everyone is checking for the products to dispose of them, as you know, and they’re trying to contact their families back in Korea.”
“Have you tried your family?”
You stared out at the water. “I’m afraid to.”
He nodded again, looking grim. “I’ve heard from a couple other ships. We’re going to have issues with food at some point, so the island idea might be good. Maybe we can work with the other ships as long as they stay uninfected to build a sort of safe-haven?”
“Maybe,” You agreed. “We’ll be breaking laws if we land on some of the islands though. Or fish near them. They are wildlife refuges right now.”
“Hon, I don’t think that’s as big of an issue as of yesterday,” Lori said, shutting the door. “We can respect the wildlife. It would only be temporary, right? I mean, things have to stabilize sometime, and I think the islands should stabilize more quickly.”
You didn’t have very high hopes for the islands stabilizing, unless they were able to quickly regulate who came in and out of the populace of Hawaii. But people were creative and there were thousands of boats and planes in existence.
“Alright, so we’re going to go near the closest uninhabited, and weigh anchor, just for safety. But we’re not going to do anything on the island or any fishing until absolutely necessary. We’ll get some water stills set up, and start rationing the food. Try to preserve some fruits, Lori.”
She nodded. “You got it, Captain. But you better get someone else on those stills. Not my division, you know.”
“I’ll get our engineer on it. Dobby will need to be distracted anyway. Y/n, you should go tell our passengers the plan for now.”
“Right. First, I want a thank you.”
“Convincing you to invest in some backup solar power for the ship to run things like the radios.” You paused at the door. “How long can the engines run?”
“I made sure we had enough to last us a couple of months, and I’ve got us going slow to reduce consumption. But we’ll have to start thinking about how to move once we run out, which is why I think your idea for the islands is a good one. The ship would be a safety point, and we could use the life-boats to get back and forth. At least until we have some sort of relief. And we might be able to go somewhere before we run out of gas. You never know. This might blow over quickly.”
“Yeah. Maybe.” You went out to check on the idols and their staff again.
They had gathered in the dining lounge, and everyone was double checking each other to make sure that there weren’t any Biogene products.
“Everyone, I’ve just finished talking to our captain, and he’s asked me to tell you our current course of action,” You started, gathering the idols and staff’s attention to explain things. “We’ve communicated with some other ships, but our current course is to head for an uninhabited island and keep to the coast of that. We have the supplies to fish, and our cook is currently working on preparing the food for rationing. Our top engineer is going to work on making sure we have a constant source of drinkable water, but for now we’re reducing our water usage. We’re scanning the radio frequencies to try and find another source of information for what’s going on out in the world, but right now it’s very quiet. We ask for your cooperation as we continue to approach these problems calmly and rationally, and your patience as we try to figure things out.”
“Is food an issue?” Seokjin asked.
You shook your head. “Not at the moment, we’re just trying to make sure it lasts as long as possible, especially our fruits and vegetables. Anything in the kitchen that we can regrow here on the ship, we will attempt to do so. The ship was stocked for at least a hundred passengers, plus the crew, and since we don’t even reach sixty with the passengers and crew combined, we should be able to hold out for a while, we’re just trying to make our food last as long as possible, which is why we will likely be utilizing the fishing nets, so we can eat and still prepare for the future. Because we have had warning, we have time to prepare for the worst, but we are still hoping for the best. We are not giving way to fear. At the moment, all we’re asking is that you remain calm and patient with us.”
That seemed to be agreeable for everyone, so you bowed a bit and then went to check in with the other translator and manager to find out what you could do to help.
Yoongi intercepted you. “Hey, sorry, I know you’re busy.”
“It’s fine, how can I help you?”
“Um, actually, I was going to ask if there was anything we could do to help? It’d be…hard to just ignore the situation.”
“I understand, unfortunately, at this moment, we’re not even certain what we need to get done. When we do, I will let you know if there is any way for you to help. For now, we have solar power that you can continue to use for charging your phones, just in case you get a call from your families, and we can power the lights. Any extra batteries, try to save them.”
He nodded. “Okay. Shouldn’t they turn of the air conditioning then?”
You shook your head. “That would be inviting trouble. People get less rational when they overly warm or cool. Turning it off would reduce morale.”
He considered it, then nodded. “Okay.”
You nodded as well, then moved on to talk to their managers.
You didn’t sleep that night, helping in the kitchen and mulling over different ideas to try for powering the boat. In theory, with the engineers’ help, you might be able to convert the engines to wind power, or at least move the boat using wind power, if you were careful enough. But where would you get the parts?
And theoretically, some of the fruits and veggies and other things could be regrown.
But what would you grow them in?
Lori had some sitting in a shallow tray of water to start sprouting, and some would continue to grow in just water, but others would need soil.
“Wake up, hon,” Lori said gently, patting your back. “Cap’n wants you. Something on the radio he wants you to hear.”
You rubbed your eyes as you forced yourself up. “How long was I…?”
“An hour,” She said in a scolding tone, giving you a look of disapproval. “A young thing like you needs regular sleep. I could have done that in the morning.”
You shrugged. “My mind wouldn’t shut off. You were awake. Like you said, I’m younger.”
“You tried calling your family?”
You shook your head. If they hadn’t tried to contact you, then there would be no point in trying to contact them. Either the call wouldn’t go through, or there was no one to make the call. Or they just weren’t able to call because they had no means or it was too dangerous. Any way you looked at it, it was safer to allow them to try and contact you. They knew you were on a ship, and your father studied epidemiology, so he would know that the ship would either go down quickly or not at all, barring a few statistical outliers.
Your father always called you a statistical outlier.
“Here, take this up with you, find a spot where it won’t get knocked over that gets some sun and some shade. Okay?”
You nodded, taking the tray up with you.
“Y/n,” Yoongi called, waving.
You nodded your greeting to him and the others, trying to pinpoint a good spot for it, finally finding it on a table that was bolted to the wall.
“Is this what we’re regrowing?”
You jumped a bit, turning to the boys with a hand over your heart. “Um, yes. One of the trays, anyway. We’ve got more down there, but they aren’t full yet so…this is the first one to come up for sunlight.”
“Cool,” Taehyung whispered.
Yoongi looked it over. “It…doesn’t look like much.”
You sighed. “I know. But like I said, if all goes well, these should regrow and we’ll just start the process over again. But I’ve been summoned.”
“Y/N to the Bridge, Y/N, please report to the bridge.”
You pointed up at the speakers.
“Oh, and maybe bring one of the representatives with you.”
You sighed. “Um, know where your managers are?”
They all shook their heads.
“I could come,” Yoongi offered.
You considered for a moment, then nodded. “Okay, only to save time though, I’m not going to be the one to get in trouble—got it?”
He nodded, gesturing for you to lead the way.
Cob glanced up when you came in. “You’ll love this. Hey, Johnny, I got my person here, mind repeating that now?”
As Johnny started retelling his tale, you slowly processed and translated for Yoongi.
“They were near one of the islands of Hawaii, and sometime in the night they started hearing noises against the hull of the ship…” You paused, horrified. “The creatures…they can survive in the water, and swim. He lost three people when some of the creatures managed to climb aboard.”
Yoongi looked just as grim. “So we’re not safe, even on a ship away from shore?”
You didn’t know the answer to that. “He says he’s going to see how far away from shore they’re able to follow him. That will help us determine how safe we may or may not be.”
Cob thanked Johnny, then turned to the two of you. “Well, what do you think? Do we tell the others of this possibility, or keep it quiet?”
You weren’t sure how to answer that either. There were pros and cons for both sides. But there were more cons for—
“We don’t tell them,” Yoongi said firmly.
You met his gaze and nodded, translating. “It would just incite panic. We don’t tell them until we know that it is a possibility, and even then, we wait until we’ve calculated when they could reach us.”
Yoongi nodded his agreement.
Cob sighed. “Right. You’re right. I just….”
“Take a break. That’s what Jones is for, so you can take breaks. They’re most active between dusk and dawn, right? Then for now, we just slowly make our way to the proximity of an island, Jones can do that.”
He slowly nodded. “Yeah, he’s on his way, just wanted to try his brother one more time.”
You nodded, then signaled for Yoongi to head for the door. “I’m checking back in half an hour and if you’re still here, I’m kicking heads.”
Cob snorted, but didn’t respond further.
Yoongi sighed outside, leaning against the railing. “This is really bad.”
“Really, really bad,” You agreed, leaning next to him. “You okay to keep this from your bandmates?”
He nodded. “I’ll just say that he asked for a representative agreement from our party that he should head for the nearest uninhabited island, as a formality, obviously.”
“Sounds good. And I was there as a translator.”
“What name would you give these creatures?”
“Based on description? The only word I can think of is in English.”
“Zombies,” You offered, giving him an apologetic look.
But he nodded. “That’s what we were saying last night. Jungkook said it first, I think we were all afraid of saying it, but he likes watching those kinds of movies, so it wasn’t surprising that he named it first.”
“But watching movies about it isn’t exactly preparation for the real thing,” You whispered, staring out at the ocean. You usually loved going out on trips like this, even if you were just a translator. This time, though….
“Part of me wishes we’d never come on this trip, but part of me is glad that we did.”
“I understand that,” You whispered. “There are a lot of things that I wish. There are a lot of regrets I could have about this.”
You closed your eyes. “Speaking of regrets.”
Your ex came over, half-glaring at Yoongi. “This guy bugging you?”
“No, but you are,” You replied, rolling your eyes and pushing away from the railing, walking toward the stairs. “Don’t you have a job to do?”
“I just wanted to make sure you were holding up okay—”
“Well, I am. There’s no need for you to check on me. I’m doing just fine. Please, don’t check on me again. You do your job and I will do mine,” You snapped, turning to glare at him. “I told you, I have no regrets breaking up with you, and even if I knew the future, I would do it again, and probably sooner.”
“Whoa, no need to be so hostile babe!”
“‘Babe’?” You sneered, resisting the urge to shove him over your shoulder and down the flight of stairs. “You never have, and never will be allowed to call me ‘Babe’.”
“Chill out!”
Yoongi pushed past him and grabbed your wrist, pulling you down the stairs after him while rambling in rapid korean about it being dangerous to fight on stairs and ‘that’s how people get murdered’ and ‘unless that was your plan, which I would vouch for you, but I’m not sure who would believe it’ with an added ‘besides, there are a few witnesses’.
Damn was that hot.
No. No, no. No, no, no.
He was someone you were working for, he wasn’t allowed to be hot.
And his hand definitely didn’t feel strong and sinewy and attractive.
“Don’t walk away when we’re talking!”
Your hold on Yoongi’s hand tightened.
“Ignore him, come with me. Our security team will block him,” Yoongi said, not looking back. “We have a head start, unless he starts running after us. Why did you break up with him? I mean, I get it, but what was the main reason?”
“Cheating, threatening, trying to emotionally manipulate me,” You listed, doing your best not to look back.
You could see that the heading of the boat was changing, even as you and Yoongi made your way down to where the other boys and their staff were waiting.
“Block the guy following us,” Yoongi called to the security team as both of you passed by them. “He’s letting the panic get to him.”
The security team easily blocked your ex, and Yoongi led you straight to the poolside.
Namjoon came over quickly. “Any news?”
“Nothing new. Just needed a formal agreement to their plan from someone in our party.”
Jungkook dropped onto a seat nearby. “Any new information about the zombies?”
Yoongi shook his head. “Same as before, I think.”
Jungkook tilted his head. “And what is it that we do know?”
“The mutagen makes people into crazed killers, who don’t like bright lights and can only be stopped by cutting off their heads. Strong mutants that can only be stopped by cutting off their heads, and appear to be decaying. I think the mutagen might stimulate muscle growth while suppressing the nervous system. If I’m understanding things correctly, anyway.” You hesitantly sat down, wondering if that would be okay.
“I don’t know exactly what that means,” Jungkook replied, looking a little lost but curious.
“Well, we know that they’re significantly stronger, but their response to injuries is non-existent. Our nervous system is responsible for sending signals to the brain,” You explained, still thinking it through yourself. “Because it isn’t functioning the way it’s supposed to, maybe the pupils aren’t contracting, or something which makes them more sensitive to light.” But that still didn’t explain how they could survive in the water like they did.
“That makes sense,” Yoongi agreed. “I mean, for me, not knowing that much about the human body.”
“Same, but I remember some things, enough to try and puzzle it out, I guess,” You replied, shrugging a bit and looking around. “I should see if there’s anything I can do.”
“Sleep,” Yoongi said. “You should sleep. You look exhausted. I’ll walk you to your cabin so that jerk can’t ambush you.”
“I don’t want you to go out of your way—”
“It’s fine. You’re our designated liaison between the crew and us. It’s important that you’re safe so that we can continue knowing what is going on without pestering the crew.”
That reasoning was fair, and you appreciated it.
But also, you could see it causing issues.
“Come on, I want to make sure you at least go into your room. You should sleep, you look exhausted, and we know that the zombies aren’t going to attack while it’s this sunny out.”
You squeaked slightly as he pulled you up and after him.
But you didn’t fight him on it.
“Which way is your room?”
You quietly gave him directions, following until he reached your door and then tugging lightly on his hand to get his attention before he kept going. “This is it.”
He glanced over the door and nodded. “Right. Okay. Try to sleep, okay? We’re pretty far away from any major population so it should take a while for any zombies in the water to reach us, if they even can. We know they can go some distance, but not how far that distance is. So, rest. We’re going to have to be more alert at night anyway.”
You nodded. “You try to rest too. It’s easier to lie when you’re well-rested.”
He looked a bit grim at that. “Right. Good point. Good thing I’ve always been one to rest when possible.”
You unlocked your door and started in, stopping when he gently caught your upper arm.
“Hey, thank you, again, for everything you’re doing. I know you probably feel guilty because you sold us this package and now we’re all here, but you have no idea how grateful we were to have a ship like this essentially to ourselves.”
You shrugged. “You were booking in the off-season. We were lucky anyone was looking for a ship to commandeer.”
He smiled. “Whatever you say. Sleep well, y/n.”
You watched him walk away for a while, then slowly closed the door, once more pushing down thoughts of how attractive your client was.
The first zombie crawled onto the ship during a storm.
You had been eating with all of the guests, looked out the window and did a double-take. “Dobby! Come here.”
Dobby, the head engineer, politely excused himself and came over to join you at the window. “What is it?”
You pointed. “Stern, crawling over the railing.”
He squinted as he tried to see, flinching as lightning flashed—but gasping a bit as he spotted the zombie.
“Everyone is accounted for, right?”
“Right. Okay. Show-time, I guess. Bernie! Clyde! Time to get the lights on and try and decapitate a creature!”
You kept scanning the ship to check for anything else. “Someone tell the captain!”
“Yes, miss,” Clyde called.
Yoongi joined you, looking out. “Guess we know how long it takes for a zombie to swim to us.”
“Yup. Seven days. But it looks weaker than I expected. Maybe it is physically tiring?” You folded your arms, wincing as the floodlights turned on.
It was hideous. It looked like a human, but the skin looked like it had been boiling, and the eyes were strange—the irises almost black, and far too large, to easily noticeable from the distance. It’s jaw seemed unhinged, the mouth hanging open and not moving at all as a guttural screech emanated from it.
“No wonder people are so terrified,” Yoongi whispered.
“I’d like to wake up now,” Hoseok whispered behind you.
“Let’s get to safety, everyone,” You said softly. “Head down into the hallway. Just like we practiced.”
The soft noises of activity soon followed, everyone hearing you in their horrified silence, and moving to act as you had all practiced in the evacuation drills that had started four days ago. There were about eight different contingencies and several ranks of command.
Yoongi’s hand slid around yours, fingers locking around your fingers, and he squeezed your hand slightly. “Assuming it’s contagious. How long do you think we can hold out against the majority of the population of the world being zombified?”
“I think we’re lucky if we last a month like this,” You replied quietly. “We have little fortification, a few sporadic ships that may or may not be able to provide us with help, and no signs of any government being able to assist those who have survived. We’re in a warmer climate, which probably isn’t helping, and we have no idea if this contagion can spread to or through animals.”
“And no way of finding out except through evidence.”
“Essentially,” You whispered, looking around the deck and checking the positions of the crew as they carefully surrounded the zombie to try and dispatch it—the storm not exactly helping matters. “Come on, Dobby.”
You both fell quiet as you watched the crew carefully, and successfully, dispatch the zombie, both breathing sighs of relief.
“The storm should let up soon,” Yoongi murmured.
You nodded, still watching the crew members to make sure they made it to safety.
A few minutes later the all-clear signal sounded over the P.A. system.
Yoongi tugged your hand lightly. “Come on. I need a break from everyone.”
“Then, go, I’ll cover for you.”
“Nah, I want you to come with me. You need a break from everyone’s expectations.” He squeezed your hand, and gently tugged you along.
“But, why do you want me with you?” You asked.
He huffed. “Because I do.”
“Okay,” You replied, still confused.
He led you to his cabin (which was one of the best) and locked the door. “So they don’t come barging in. They do that sometimes.”
You nodded, looking around the cabin casually, even though you knew what they looked like and had cleaned these rooms on more than one occasion.
“We were actually worried at first, because Hoseok gets seasick, but he’s being doing well. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that we’re on a ship.”
“And then a storm hits and you remember all of those movies and true stories about shipwrecks?”
He chuckled lightly. “Yeah. I don’t think I could face them all right now, especially since they’ll be figuring out that zombies can reach us out here. Let them think what they want about us not being around. Our video crew has been filming for posterity, and it’s exhausting. Who’s going to care about how we spent our days on this ship?”
“Well, if we survive, meaning the human race as a whole, I imagine one day they may use it to make a film about you,” You joked, watching the rain pelt the windows.
“You too.”
“Why would they care about an extra translator? No, I’d be cut out and replaced with a super-secret girlfriend love interest, who obviously is terrified and you would save her from the zombies, because the truth and accuracy are inconsequential, and what’s important is the story.”
“Not that you care,” He teased.
“No, never, why would I care. Like I said, I make for a boring story,” You waved it away. “Besides, their movie would probably have a better ending than what reality will give us.”
“Maybe not,” He whispered, also looking outside. “You’re looking at the worse situation, right?”
“So, best situation is we’re able to survive. We get through this. We set up defenses and we help other people to defend themselves and join us in fighting against these zombies, and…yes, the world will be different, but it will still be here. I mean, there are people in all sorts of remote places in the world, and we hope they’ve been warned, but most of all, they’re there. They may be safe. And maybe some of the defenses of the different countries are still standing. Military bases, forts, bunkers…we have to believe that there is still hope out there. We just…don’t know how to gauge how much hope there is.”
You pulled out your phone, noticing that you still had a signal. Noticing that you had a notification. “We need to get you back to the other boys.”
“Come on. We’re going to talk to your staff and get you set up for a live on YouTube.”
“You don’t really think that’s still—”
“I do.”
“Wait,” He pulled you to a stop and turned you toward him. “Explain.”
“You have over 50 million subscribers, and are one of the top boybands in the world. You go live, you might be able to help us figure out how many people are still out there. It might connect you guys back to your family. To the family of the staff. We might be able to get help with making our boat defensible, or we might be able to meet up with a naval vessel that has been unaffected. It’s a long shot, but any sort of chance is a chance we should take, right?”
His eyes widened, and he looked troubled, but he nodded. “Okay. Alright. But you should join us in the video as a proper translator.”
“No, you’ll be fine, we can write out a message for Namjoon to read or something. We can plan things out, what you guys say and all of that. If there are other people out there, members of army, maybe they could use a familiar face.”
He still held you in place. “Okay. Let me change.”
You nodded. “I’ll wait outside.”
He nodded, but didn’t let go. “Hey, y/n?”
He smiled softly. “If we were destined to get stuck on this cruise ship, I’m glad destiny chose you to be here too.”
Your heart was pounding in your ears, and you felt too warm all over and you spluttered something out and darted out the door as your brain went into a complete meltdown.
“Playboy!” You mind screamed.
“Honeyboy!” Your fangirl screamed.
“BREATHE!” Your lungs shouted as you wheezed and slid down the wall of the hallway.
He came out a few minutes later, and looked at you slightly confused. “Um, why are you sitting on the floor? Did I take that long?”
“Nah, I’m just, you know, meditating,” You refused to meet his eyes because if you did you would start your freakout all over again. Stupid fangirl. It was the zombie apocalypse and all your brain was telling you was that he was glad you were there and he was looking at you and that he kept getting you alone and talking with you and….
And oh no. Oh no no.
Did he like you?
Zombies. Focus on the zombies.
He was holding your hand again.
Apparently, he’d messaged the other boys and they were already gathered and the staff were there setting things up, and you guessed the translator or Namjoon had told some of the crew what they were doing, because they were helping set up. And they were doing V-Live and YouTube at the same time.
You stayed behind the cameras with a small whiteboard to help when they got stuck and to give them further things to say in English to try and help.
You considered them having at least half a million views encouraging, but you could tell that even the BTS staff were disconcerted at the small number.
Eventually the boys were mostly just talking to continue it and reassure anyone that may be watching that for the moment they were safe, and that they hoped that everyone else was safe as well. That they hoped this would pass soon.
They talked about the food, Jungkook and Taehyung belted out a few bars of different songs at intervals, Hoseok did his best to be bright and hopeful, Seokjin and Jimin jokingly flirted with the camera, Namjoon made faces and cracked a joke or two, and Yoongi talked about the future. Yoongi talked about someday looking back on this, just as we look back, and being able to think of it as a historical event that the world conquered.
They had over four million viewers when they ran out of things to say and decided to end it.
“So, again, these videos are going to be posted as soon as possible, and we hope we can meet up with and help those who may be in similar situations, or maybe those who are trapped can get help through this. Even if we just brought a moment of happiness, we will find fulfillment in that. We love you, and hope to see you all again.”
Jungkook and Jimin were crying shortly after the cameras were off.
Hoseok hugged onto them, which prompted Taehyung to hug them as well.
Seokjin tugged the other two into their impromptu group hug.
You set aside the whiteboard and headed outside, the rain finally gone. It was lighter than before, and the sun was trying to peek through again. Not quite successful yet, but every here and there you could spot a beam of sunlight breaking through.
The waves were still pretty intense, but not as bad as they could have been given the storm.
And there were gulls.
Which meant the boat was close enough to a land mass that the birds could fly out.
You hurried up to the bridge, not bothering to ask permission. “How far are we from land?”
“Well, we’ve slowed down and drifted slightly off course, which may be a good thing, since that creature crawled aboard, but,” Cob gestured to the maps he was using. “According to radar and such, we should be able to see the island in about half an hour.”
“But if the zombie came from there, we could be in trouble.”
He grunted.
You sighed, staring out at the turbulent waters. “The island could only be so big, though, which means that if they did come from there, there couldn’t have been too many people there to begin with. Right?”
“Unless it came from one of the ships we were going to be meeting up with.”
“Are we going to die?”
“Not if I have any say in it.”
“Okay. Then we’ll circle around, do our best to fortify and defend the ship, and hope for the best.” You bit your lip. “Right?”
Cob placed an arm around your shoulders. “Take heart, lass. Do something fun, would you? It’s not the end of the world yet, and there’s plenty of daylight to be had. Why don’t you see if that cat-boy wants to go to the bush-whacked deck and splash some paint around. You can take the others there some other time, but he seems to help you lighten up.”
You were a little busy trying not to die from Cob calling Yoongi a cat-boy. “Yoongi. His name is Yoongi.”
“Right. Couldn’t recall. Lots of names to remember. But he reminded me of a cat. Not in a bad way—”
“I’m going to go paint in the bushwhack deck. Don’t expect anything pretty.”
“I don’t,” He laughed happily.
You weren’t sure you wanted to try and find Yoongi, so you resolved to go change into clothes you could paint in first.
You jumped, squeaked, and lashed out—nearly missing Yoongi.
He looked at you with wide eyes, just sort of blinking while you processed everything that just happened.
“Hi. Sorry. Hi.” You covered your heart to make sure it was still inside of you.
“Where you off to?”
“Um, you know the deck that’s off-limits?”
He nodded, looking a little wary.
“That’s because it’s under renovation. So, the crew goes there to vent and get away from everyone else. So, I’m going to change into clothes that I don’t mind getting paint on, and I’m going to go have fun splashing paint on everything.”
“Would you like to come with me?”
He glanced over to where the others were still gathered, contemplating it. “Just me.”
“You can tell them to sneak down at a later time.”
He nodded slowly, then more vigorously. “Okay. I’ll meet you down there in ten, and tell them to come down in an hour or something?”
“That works.” You smiled a bit. “See you there.”
He nodded again, leaned in and kissed your cheek, and then walked back toward the others.
Your brain short-circuited as you hurried to your room to change and go down to the deck to pull out the paint and brushes.
Yoongi didn’t say anything as he joined you, simply helped move the paints into the room you wanted to paint in. It was one of the rooms with windows, so it had some natural light. But it also still had a bed in it, so you had to cover that with the plastic tarps.
But Yoongi stopped you. “You rushed up to talk to the captain. What scared you?”
You shrugged slightly. “The seagulls.”
His eyebrows drew together. “Birds scare you?”
“The fact that they can only go so far from land without dying does,” You elaborated. “I just wanted to see if it was a fluke from a storm.”
“We’re nearing the island. It will be visible in about an hour at the speed we’re going, which is the slowest speed possible.”
He nodded. “So the zombie may have come from there.”
“Possibly,” You whispered.
He swore, closing his eyes as he pulled you into a hug.
You froze for a moment, then relaxed into the hug, wrapping your arms around him as well.
“You wouldn’t be some insignificant side character, y/n,” He whispered. “You’d be the main character.”
“Yeah right,” You choked out.
He held you tighter. “You would. You definitely would. That would be the only way the movie would have any plot.”
He drew back, resting a hand on your cheek. “I would love to be your romantic interest in the movie too.”
“We’re facing the end of humanity.”
“Which is why it’s important,” He answered easily. “Which is why I want to tell you that I was interested in you from the day we met you on the docks. You’re intelligent, beautiful, and strong. Stronger than me, stronger than most people on this ship. Do you object to me being interested in you? The world has gone to hell, people won’t need a boyband when this is over. They’ll need farmers, builders, engineers, and families.”
“Families,” You repeated quietly.
He nodded, taking your hands. “Families. I can never leave the other boys, they’re my family, especially if my actual relatives….”
“I understand.”
“But…maybe we can live somewhere together. Near each other, but separated.”
“You understand I used to be an Army?” You double-checked.
He grinned, laughing. “Yeah. I knew it when you laughed at one of the jokes. Usually only army’s understand it. I think it’s sort of fitting.”
“I’ve got a concussion and I’m having a weird dream,” You said, closing your eyes because that was the only logical explanation.
Except he kissed you.
And dang was he a good kisser.
You jumped, turning toward your fuming ex-boyfriend. “Oh my God, go away!”
“Take your hands off of my girl!” He bellowed at Yoongi.
YOongi frowned and pulled you closer. “What is he holding?”
You glanced down and realized it was some sort of pill bottle. “Oh my God…tell me those aren’t from—”
“It’s all a hoax, you’re doing this to try and torment me, right? I’ll prove my love for you is stronger than anything.”
“Don’t! Please don’t!” You started toward him, but it was too late.
You watched in horror as he downed several pills.
“There, see! I’m fine! It’s all a hoax so that these terrorists can take over!”
You choked a little. “You need to get those out of your system—now! Even if they don’t turn you, that’s enough to overdose!”
“I told you! I’m fine!” He yelled, but his voice had already started changing.
“We need to get out of here before he changes,” Yoongi whispered. “Windows?”
“Only if you want to go swimming,” You replied. “Grab the chair and throw it at him.”
“Do it!” You ordered, hurrying to a paint can.
Your ex made an ungodly noise as the chair hit him and you were quick to follow, swinging the full paint can at his head with as much velocity as you could muster.
Yoongi grabbed your hand and both of you started sprinting away. “What do we do? If he goes up, he could run into any number of people?”
“We have to take care of it before he can fully change. We need a way to cut off his head.”
“I don’t suppose he’d hold still while we used a saw?”
“Probably not,” You answered, looking around as the two of you ran. Finally you spotted something useful. “Break in case of emergencies, right?”
Your ex made that ungodly screeching noise again, and his footsteps were unnaturally fast as they beat the ground behind you and Yoongi.
Yoongi hurried ahead and broke open the case with something he must have picked up, grabbing the ax.
You stopped to throw a piece of furniture in the zombie’s path, hoping it would slow him down or trip him up or anything that might give you the advantage.
The two of you darted upstairs after doing your best to block the door.
Then you took the ax. “Sound the alarm.”
He grabbed the handle of the ax. “What do you think you’re doing?”
“Leading him away from the crowd. We don’t have time to debate—”
He took it and started running. “Sound the alarm. He’s focused on me.”
You looked after him in horror, then quickly started running toward the nearest place you could trigger an alarm, ducking into a room so that the zombie wouldn’t see you, holding your breath.
Finally, you could hear it going after Yoongi.
You signaled the bridge then hurried after them, looking for anything that would help along the way.
Only to see Yoongi barely holding the zombie off, even in the bright sunlight.
You went barreling into it, all while your mind screamed at you and tried to tell you to stop.
Or maybe that was Yoongi.
But it gave Yoongi the space and time to swing the ax, catching the zombie’s neck and knocking it back.
You grabbed a lifebuoy and pushed it over his head, trapping his arms. “Finish him!”
And Yoongi did, though you both stared in horror at the by-product of your battle.
You met his gaze, swallowing hard. “Is this a dream?”
He reached out and pulled you away from the body. “We need to wash the blood off. Come on.”
You were shaking all over, so it was a miracle you managed to walk without tripping.
Dobby and the others hosed both of you down, making sure the water sprayed straight off the deck, then went to clean things while the Bangtan staff brought both of you towels.
“How did that get onto the ship in broad daylight?” Cob asked, hurrying up.
You looked up at him. “It was Charlie.”
“Charlie let it get on the ship?”
“No,” You answered, confused. “That thing…was Charlie. He had pills. Pills from Biogene.”
“You should have let me throw him overboard,” He muttered, petting your head, and then physically maneuvering Yoongi to check him over. “Good. You look unhurt. Wouldn’t want to cut your head off too.”
Yoongi was just a little stunned.
“Get them out of this wind!” Lori huffed, glaring at everyone and then ushering the two of you inside and out of the wind. “You need to get into dry clothing, come on. You, you’re one of his brothers?”
The boys all froze.
She gently shoved Yoongi toward them. “Make sure he gets changed and tuck him in. Marta! Get soup to both rooms.”
You didn’t object to her manhandling, just accepting it because Lori could take you if she put her mind to it, and she was right there ready to take you.
She bundled you in blankets after helping you change into dry clothing, scolded Marta for taking so long bringing the soup, and she force-fed you the soup.
When she had done that, you knew it was time to push a bit.
“I need to go talk to him,” You whispered, ignoring the trembling of your hands and the comforting call of your bed.
Lori looked you in the eye, evaluating you, then nodded. “Let me fix your hair.”
You nodded and let her work, not even checking her work before you and your blanket wrap were heading to Yoongi’s room.
His door was open, and the others were there, but he saw you, and he pushed himself up.
The others glanced over to see what had caught his attention, then seemed to all find an excuse to leave the two of you alone.
You wandered over to the bed as the boys left.
Yoongi looked up at you, eyes sad. “Are you okay?”
You shrugged, slowly sitting on the edge of the bed. “I now know that my instincts to survive are strong enough to kill someone that I know once they’ve turned. So…I’m dealing with that.”
He shuddered and reached out, pulling you down into his arms. “We did what was necessary for the survival of everyone else on this ship.”
“How many friends are we going to lose because of all of this?”
He shook his head. “Let’s not go there.”
You turned your head into his shoulder, fighting back the tears. You had to separate moments out by mere seconds: him kissing you, a moment, and then your ex turning into a zombie. There was a moment in there, that you wished you could imagine was longer.
His fingers stroked your hair lightly, then rested on your back. “But you know…I think we’re going to be just fine. We definitely need more weapons, but I think we’ll make it.”
“You know something I don’t?”
He nodded. “While we were downstairs, a naval vessel contacted the captain. They’re about a day away from us.”
“They know the zombies can swim?”
“They do. And they’ve checked all quarters and removed all Biogene products. They had a small issue at the beginning, but they’ve got it under control now. They’re going to meet with us, and we’re going to work together. They had some civilians that they rescued, and not enough beds, so we’ll take some of their civilians, and perhaps some of their soldiers.”
“And the government?”
“It’s…sort of functioning. Multiple ones are functioning on a…mild capacity. Enough to try and organize their military to reclaim lands.”
“So, where are we being escorted?”
“I don’t know. That’s about all the information that was received, I guess. I’m sure we’ll find out more when we meet up. But…it’s good, right? That we’re able to meet up with a naval vessel?”
You nodded. “As long as we don’t get overrun by zombies tonight.”
“What a bright side,” He chuckled, lightly stroking your back. “Y/n.”
You relaxed at the gentle tone in which he said your name.
“Whatever happens, let’s make it through this together? I don’t have too many skills that are usable outside of music, but I’ll do whatever it takes to take care of you?”
You peeked up at him. “Are you sure?”
He nodded. “Yeah. I’m sure. I might be relying on you, though.”
You wrapped your arms around him. “That’s fine. I can handle that. If you’re okay with me falling apart now and than.”
“I’ll try and hold you together,” He replied, squeezing you. “We’ve got a couple hours of daylight. Want to nap?”
You pushed yourself fully onto the bed and let him help you under the covers. “Yeah, okay. I could sleep.”
He smiled, taking your hand as you both lay on your sides, facing one another. “Sweet dreams, y/n.”
“Sweet dreams,” You whispered back, still studying him with your eyes half-closed.
If you could make it to safety, then spending your life with him would be great. Better than great.
“Don’t let the zombies bite,” He murmured, smiling slightly at the teasing, and the way you swatted him.
Then you let the subtle sway of the ship rock you into sleep next to the man you just might love.
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koosbabygrl · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
↠ summary: lured in by the sights and sounds of the most famous circus in town, events take a strange turn once you become part of the show.
↠ pairing: jin x reader
↠ genre: explicit, smut, DARK yandere
↠ warnings: non-con sexual intercourse, kidnapping, manipulation, drugging, bondage, sadistic jin, tickling kink, subtle urophilia, agalmatophilia, perversion, vomit, explicit sexual content, choking, unprotected sex, disassociation, DARK YANDERE, use of needle/drugs, controlling jin, non-con use of sex toy, non-con touching, non-con roleplay, obsessive jin, physical fight, mentions of trauma and mental health struggles. 
↠ words: 10.2 k
author’s note : this fic is very dark and disturbing. if you don’t read the warnings and don’t understand what half the warnings mean, then don’t read it. 18 plus readers ONLY
Tumblr media
The air smelled of stale popcorn, the sights and sounds bringing back a nostalgia you vaguely recollect from when you were younger. You can’t think back on the last time you went to such an event, as deluded as it was. Everything was designed to draw you in, trick you, manipulate and deceive you--yet the ambience of the grounds still drew people in. The main event was up ahead and you felt silly getting excited over something you’ve seen countless times through personal experience and television. As juvenile as it was, you couldn’t help but turn back to your friend with an excited smile.
“So they say this ringmaster is hot. He can be my ringmaster any day,” she comments smugly.
“Oh, shut up!” you tease, smacking your coworker on the arm. She made the offer to bring you to the circus after having received free tickets from a raffle she won at work. “We are here to see the ‘freak show’, not make eyes at the ringmaster.”
“Whatever. You know there is no such thing as a ‘freak’ anyway. Most of these people wear makeup and prosthetics to make them look unique. If you ask me, it’s quite offensive.”
“Yeah, I guess you’re right. It’s just funny how I get so excited just from the lights and the music. Does that make me weird?”
Your friend simply smiles and shoves you lightly into the tent. There were more people present than you expected and finding a seat was proving to be a problem. By some miraculous chance you spot exactly two seats right near the front row.
“Look, there’s some. Let’s hurry.”
Finally sitting, you take a moment to absorb your surroundings. Children and adults alike are eagerly waiting, the brilliant joy on their faces making you feel less like an oddball. It made sense to feel this way. Though not many people enjoyed the circus, something about the whole style of it incited curiosity. Before you could remove your jacket, the lights began to dim and the music faded. The spotlights dangling from the tent began their infamous swirling as the drums announcing the introduction of the ringmaster began their furious beat. With a sharp tug, the curtains on the left side of the ring opened swiftly, revealing a brightly colored podium with nothing but a black top hat neatly set on top of it.
The audience gasps when the main director is nowhere to be seen, joined by the floodlights that chaotically search around revealing nothing but an empty ring. “That wasn’t expected,” mocks your coworker, but you were way too caught up in the search wondering where the man of the hour had disappeared to.
“Stop ruining this. You’re such a party pooper.”
As your skeptical friend chuckles, your eyes return to the darkness surrounding the stage doing your best to adjust from the bright lights that rove around. And then, without a warning, a soft brush over the shell of your ear makes you turn in suspense.
“Shhh,” comes the sound over the mic, the owner of it still unknown. The audience stills and listens, already intoxicated by the entire show. “If you look a little closer, you’ll see I’m...right...over…here,” As he harshly whispers his last word, you jolt in response, totally confused and unsure about what was happening. Within seconds, the voice near you disappears leaving you a quivering mess.
“What the hell was…”
A sudden click of the lights brings darkness over the ring once again and for a few seconds all that could be heard were the whispers of wonder from the crowd. Then suddenly every single light comes back on revealing the entire ring floor and the mysterious master everyone was looking for.
“Come one! Come all to the greatest, most unique, highly coveted and amazing grand circus you’ll ever see. My name is Jin and I’ll be your ringmaster this evening.”
With a bow, he hops off his podium and swings back behind the curtains effectively triggering the next event to follow.
You watched him the entire night wondering how he managed to get so close to you without you even realizing. He was obviously very good at his job, and from the looks of it, your friend wasn’t lying about his attractiveness. The way he carried himself as he introduced each show, light on his feet, broad shoulders and a smile that could swoon the strongest heart, was quite astounding. You were a bit embarrassed to admit it, but you wouldn’t mind him cracking his whip over your…
“Earth to, y/n. Did you hear anything I said?”
“I told you he was hot. I’ll be back, just gonna grab a drink. Want anything?”
“No thank you.”
As soon as she walks off, you continue to focus on the man commanding the stage. He had an amazingly gorgeous purple jacket that shimmered in the light. It was obvious that every bead and stone sewn into it was done with great care. His black high boots compliment his long legs that are covered by black tights leaving nothing to the imagination. You wonder if maybe he was wearing a cup, the size definitely above average, but this certainly wasn’t a sports game.
Somewhere along the line he exchanges the whip in favor of a cane, and once again your mind begins to wander into dangerous territory. The show was amazing to say the least and when it was all set and done, you were a little disappointed. Not wanting to end the night just yet, you find yourself staying behind as the crowd begins to leave.
“Hey, you coming? The bus should be here in twenty minutes.”
“No, you go ahead. I’m just gonna sit here for a minute and take it all in.”
“Oh really? You’ve got money for a cab? You’re a big baller now?”
She was being silly you knew, but it wasn’t a lie. You both chose to take the bus since you didn’t want to park downtown where everyone and their mother would be. Not to mention the ridiculous prices for parking in one of the event lots. As for the money, you weren’t exactly making what you were hoping, and still recovering from paying your mother’s medical expenses, you were trying to be as conservative as possible. Tonight, however, you needed a moment for yourself, and a few extra bucks wasn’t going to matter in the long run.
“Very funny. It’s fine. I’ll be fine. You go on. I’m not looking forward to going over my report tonight, so let me have this.” You gesture a plea and she gives in easily.
“Yeah, yeah. Just watch your back. They might just recruit you to be a part of the freak show.”
“Ha, ha...very funny.” You mock her and wave your hand dismissively. She walks off leaving you alone, the sudden silence filling the room making you feel uncomfortable. It took you a few minutes, but you managed to stand up with a sigh. It was time for you to go. Hoping to catch the fried dough stand before it closes, you pick up your pace a little, your exit just a few feet away.
“Leaving so soon?”
A familiar voice stops you, though now it was less amplified without the microphone. You turn hoping to catch him this time, happy that you were quicker than before.
“Yeah. I’m not exactly a part of the show, though, I think I might fit in with the clowns.”
“Cute and witty. I was right.”
His compliment successfully catches your attention. “You were right?”
“Yes. When I saw you earlier tonight I knew you were unique...special.”
If it were any other man talking to you this way you would have turned and walked away, but the glimmer in his eyes and his flirting tone intrigue you. His looks were also quite captivating. Up close like this, you could see his pretty lips and perfect face. He had broader shoulders than what you remember, but the padding in his jacket made him look even wider.
“Ha, thanks. I’m hardly special. I really enjoyed your show tonight. If anything was special, it was that. I’d forgotten how much I love being captured by the wonder of it all.”
“It’s my pleasure. I’ve dedicated much time to perfecting it all. I’m very particular about how things should look and sound. It’s a hobby.”
“Well, I admire it. Anyway, I should get going if I’m going to finish looking over my report. Once again, thank you.”
You stand still as Jin walks forward and stands before you. He eyes you quietly and then removes his jacket carefully placing it down on one of the seats. “Please don’t go. I rarely get to speak with one of my guests, and you are particularly beautiful if I do say so myself. Pardon my boldness but, would you like to come again tomorrow night? I can guarantee you the perfect seat with no distractions from the audience. Perhaps you could be part of the show?”
Never before had you been seduced by a man with such polite manners, and even less so, a man that was in charge of a circus. It was quite comical, but the look on his face meant he was very serious about his proposal. It was a strange way to ask someone on a date, but you felt flattered nonetheless. It’s not like you’ve been approached by a ringmaster before.
“Oh, wow. You really don’t have to. I mean...what would I even do? I’ve never done anything in front of an audience before.”
“You don’t have to do much of anything. You can sit in my private booth. It has plenty of curtains to conceal you and then when I call you out, you simply walk down the ramp over there and hold my top hat while I perform a magic trick.”
His explanation seemed easy enough and even though you felt nervous, it was a little hard to say no when he was smiling so beautifully at you.
“Yeah, sure--why not. This would certainly be a stress reliever. Okay, yeah. I’ll be here.”
The next night came quicker than you expected and not wanting to seem like a weirdo, you didn't mention to your coworker that you were going to go back to the very place you both mocked the day before. You didn’t want to admit it, but you felt shy, and knowing that the sexiest man you’ve ever seen was waiting for you made it even more difficult to control your excitement.
The crowd was already building, the atmosphere reminding you of the night before, except this time you would be a willing participant. A little bit confused about where exactly you should be going, your worries were quickly put to rest when a circus member came up to you.
“Hello, you must be our guest for tonight. Jin asked me to take you to his personal seating. Please follow me.”
As the member led you toward the location, you realized you hadn’t even told Jin your name the night before. You found it weird of him not to ask, but then again, the circumstances had been a little weird.
As soon as you arrive you know it. The tent is beautiful, ornately designed with pretty gems and rhinestones--satin ribbons that were colored completely different than what a circus would be. The curtains were thick and behind them you could vaguely hear Jin’s voice booming during the show. Apparently it already begun and you start to worry you may have arrived too late.
“Where do I go? What should I do?”
“Just enter here. Jin will do the rest.”
As vague as it sounded, you simply did as you were asked. Opening the curtains, you walk into a small room noticing the lovely chandelier hanging from the center, and the pink roses in vases on almost every surface. It was like a dreamland. Curious, you walk toward the curtain where you hear Jin’s voice the loudest. Though you want to take a longer look around the pretty space that surrounds you, the temptation to carefully pull back the fabric is too great. The first thing you see is the back of Jin’s form. You are drawn in by his voice and the way he commands the show. With a wave of his wrist, the lights go off and gasps are heard all around.
“Come to me, now.”
You know the command is for you, so you quickly make your way to him as best as you can. The only light guiding you were the tiny string lights on the floor. His hand finds you first and pulls you close enough for only you to hear his words.
“Take off your clothes and put this on.”
Your eyes open wide in shock and for a moment you weren’t sure if you’d heard him correctly. “Take off my clothes?”
“Yes, quickly now. The lights will be on shortly.”
Not wanting the entire whole of the audience to see you naked, and knowing that it was already dark so there was no possibility of him seeing you in your underwear, you do as he says. The fabric he hands you feels slightly heavy but soft. It was clearly a cloak of some kind. Wrapping it around your shoulders, you work to tie the ribbon at your neck, but the feel of a pair of hands at your waist is not something you were expecting.
“Hush. I’m just helping you be quicker. We have five seconds.”
You could feel his fingers buttoning the front with practiced skill, and just as the lights came on, you slid your arms out of the side openings and stood in awe when the audience came back into view. It was a strange feeling standing there, the shadows cast by the floodlights making it hard for you to distinguish their faces. You feet the vomit begin to build in your throat, but Jin’s hand comes to settle on your back, soft circular motions helping ease the sensation.
“Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Tonight I have a lovely assistant to help me with my next trick. Please help me welcome…”
He turns then to glance at you and you blank. What in the hell was he getting at? Suddenly it hits you. Your name...he needed your name. “Y/n, my name is y/n.”
“There you have it folks. Let’s give her a round of applause. Now, please pay close attention because I’m about to do what has never been attempted before. I will make this lovely lady disappear before your very eyes.”
You blink suddenly, panicking and unsure of what was taking place. He never told you about this part. He only mentioned a hat trick. What exactly were you supposed to do in front of all these people? You knew about magic tricks and how a lot of optical illusion was used, but you never practiced anything like this before. You swallow back your fears and try to go along with it. He was the greatest showman you’ve seen, so you simply put your trust in the fact that he knew what he was doing. His movements were hypnotizing, the audience’s attention drowning in the lights and sounds all around. You feel dizzy and it becomes hard to focus on anything he says. Your nerves are on edge and then without warning, a blanket of darkness surrounds you. Your feet lose stability, you feel yourself fall down and then land on a soft surface. What sounds like a trap door shuts above you and then there is silence. Without waiting, you remove the cloth sack that had somehow fallen on you and blow the hair out of your face.
Wherever you were, it was scary. There was barely any visual, just a low glow of light emitting from the corner. You crawl forward attempting to situate yourself and figure out where exactly you were, but metal bars are the first thing your fingers meet. It’s almost impossible to stand, so you hunch over walking the perimeter you were in realizing you were not in just any room. You were inside of a cage and it was no bigger than the size of a small bathroom. You can't make out much, so you use your hands as a guide to touch along every surface hoping that maybe there was a door you were supposed to exit from, but when you finally find it, a padlock prevents such a thing.
You didn’t want to jump to any conclusions or even panic because this must be part of the show and you were sure Jin or someone would come any minute to let you out. As you wait seated in the corner with your knees pulled up to your chest, the sounds above ring on and you can’t help getting more and more tired as you sit in the darkness waiting. It was the only thing you could do since you’d already convinced yourself that maybe they needed to end the show before they could come to you--they all had to be busy doing some part of the show, right?
It was way later, how long you weren’t sure, that a noise at the cage jolts you awake. “Hello! Oh thank God. I’ve been waiting for so lon--”
Jin was at the door, his presence looming due to the shadows that cast off his body and face. “Hey, you did so good, y/n. Your name is really pretty. Come.”
He gestures with his hand and for some reason you hesitate a little. This had all gotten to be a bit too much and you had a bone to pick with him for leaving you in that cage for so long. When you reach the door, he puts out his hand and you grab it even though your anger was starting to build by the obvious lack of remorse from him.
“Jin, I don’t appreciate what you did. You changed the whole show and didn’t even warn me. And left me alone in this cage for what seemed like hours. I want to go home.”
While you rant and walk ahead of Jin, you come to the realization that you don’t even know where you are going. This lower level is so dark and Jin’s presence behind you isn’t exactly comforting. He hasn’t said much and you start to feel incredibly uncomfortable by this whole situation.
“But you already are home.”
You didn’t get the chance to spin around and look at him. The next thing you knew you were struggling in his grip, a cloth over your mouth, and then darkness.
Tumblr media
With a dry mouth and sore neck, you rouse to consciousness slowly. As your body begins to awaken, you start to move around, unconsciously stretching your limbs, only to come to the realization that you can’t move your hands. “Wha--”
It doesn’t take long for you to realize you are tied down by your hands and feet. Your head is killing you and you feel like your throat is on fire, but none of that matters--you need to get out of wherever you are.
You begin to scream hoping that someone will hear you. Even though it hurts, you scream and scream, your tears suddenly making themselves present. In a moment of exhaustion, you bow your head to rest when the sound of a door opening sets your nerves on edge.
“My, my...what a loud, pretty mouth you have. I was hoping you’d make this easier. I didn’t use the needle this time. Your pretty skin is too precious to puncture, but I can see you’re not very grateful for my mercy.”
For a second you think you’re hallucinating. The words that are coming out of his mouth seem unreal, and if he weren’t standing right in front of you in his physical form, you would indeed believe you were dreaming. “What do you mean needle--w-what are you saying? What is this?”
“Hush, darling. You’re only going to make your headache worse and strain your throat. I rather like your voice. I was hoping to make you a talking doll, but with all this blabbing I’m sorta changing my mind. You wouldn’t want me to sew your lips together would you?”
That shut you right up. If there was ever a level of crazy in your opinion, Jin had surpassed it. Suddenly it all made sense, the robe, the blanket, the cage...this had all been planned. You instantly regret ever coming to the show and even thinking you could trust him. You can’t believe that he actually kidnapped you in front of an entire crowd and yet no one was the wiser.
“Good. See how good you are? I actually knew it the moment I saw you sitting up front at my show. I had to go see you right away. You did feel me, didn’t you? I was so close. God, you smelled like heaven. You have the perfect skin and hair...and when you smile...your teeth...ugh...I just love when I don’t have to do reconstruction on teeth. It’s always messier than it needs to be. OH! Before I forget, I have a dress for you.”
“What the fuck! Let me go...please...please let me go!” Whatever he was planning, you didn’t want to be a part of it. The more he spoke, the more you felt your skin crawl. You’ve only ever heard of fucked up shit like this in movies and to be honest you preferred to die instead of doing whatever the fuck it was he wanted to do.
“Hey...I asked you to be quiet.” He comes close when he speaks the word, the remaining rush of air coming from his lips blowing over your face. You want to gag, his nearness making you nauseous. You turn your head away not wanting to look at him- but you can’t keep from crying. This whole thing felt like some sort of twisted joke. Biting your lip, you nod in agreement and it was enough for him to move away from you.
“Good girl. You may want to know that I like to dress up my dolls. It’s my favorite hobby. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. I will need to remove your bra and panties and that will cause me to see your...privates. That’s okay, right? I mean, I would never touch you unless you wanted. I always leave it up to my dolls. After all, I need you to be smiley and happy. It’s been a long while since I’ve found another to be mine. My last doll...well...she wasn’t very good to me. After all I did for her--she was so ungrateful. It doesn’t matter now. She’s not around anymore. You have all my attention. So...where should we start?”
He walks forward and you flinch. You couldn’t help it. It was futile to try and hide it knowing that you were already as good as dead. Your chest heaves with the cries you can’t subdue, and there was nothing you could do to stop him since your arms and legs were bound.
“I usually use a knife to start--it helps me get the clothes off faster, but I’ve been a little sloppy at times and ended up ruining my perfect baby’s skin. I’m going to use these scissors instead. You ready?”
As he began to cut away at your clothes, you shut your mind down and pretended none of this was happening, that you weren’t really tied down in some lunatic's basement being stripped of your clothes and dignity. The faster you breathe, the more lightheaded you become. It didn’t take long for you to pass out.
“Aww, what a pity. I would have liked for you to see how pretty your clothes are. Oh well.”
As you lay unconscious, Jin cut away at your clothes. He took his time, eyes roaming over your body as if it were art in a museum. His fingers itch to touch, but he was too much of a gentleman to indulge. He swiftly removes your boring clothes and then begins dressing you with the hand made clothes he had pre-made for you. It only took him one look to know exactly what would fit you. The baby pink cloth he chose was perfect against your skin. He knew it would be. There was no need for underwear, not when he could see the peak of your nipples showing through the transparent cloth so perfectly. You really were something to behold. Satisfied with his work, he pulls out his makeup kit and goes to work. This was his favorite part. Everything about you was more than he could ask for. The more he stares at you, and the more makeup he applies, the harder it is for him not to sneak a taste. Tenderly he bends down to kiss your lips and when you sigh he feels his heart constrict.
“So fucking perfect, darling. I’m so sorry, but I couldn’t resist.”
When everything is done, he gets up with a satisfied smile and leaves the room. He knew you’d need to rest before you put on his best show.
Tumblr media
Once again you awoke to unfamiliar surroundings and your limbs bound. You were thirstier than you remember and the darkness all around you made you want to sleep more, but you couldn’t. There had to be a way to get out. You begin to struggle against the binds praying that maybe Jin wasn’t so good at tying, but a bright light suddenly pops on beaming right on you. You could barely see anything, the power of the bulb making your headache come back full force. The sound of clapping makes its way to you, and it was obvious it was a recording. What was definitely not a recording was the sound of Jin’s voice over the speakers in the room.
“Gentleman and gentleman!” he giggles. “Tonight we have a special show for you, yes only you because there’s only one of me!” Again he laughs. “Let’s give it up for y/n, the prettiest doll you ever did see.”
Again the recorded clapping sounds all around you along with cheers, yet you know there was only one person in the room. Suddenly your arms start to get pulled up, along with your legs. You were being lifted up against your will and though you wanted to fight it, the height you were being taken to was pretty far from the floor.
From somewhere in the darkness, Jin’s clapping and jeering has you searching. At this point you were beyond exhausted and you weren’t even sure how many hours you’d been trapped. You also felt so unlike yourself. Your body felt heavy and your head was spinning.
“Lovely! Look how pretty you are. Why don’t you give us a turn.”
The ropes holding you rotate your body and then drop your arms a bit forward so that you are bent forward with your hips elevated higher. They begin to tug your limps back and forth making it seem like you are dancing and every tug and pull only makes you feel sicker. Unable to hold back, you vomit all over the floor below you.
“Oh no! OH NO! This won’t do. My darling.”
You feel yourself getting lowered down softly until you’re settled in the pool of your own vomit. The next thing you feel are Jin’s hands lifting you up and carrying you off somewhere. Water droplets fall over your head and you realize you’ve been carried to a shower. It feels amazing and even though Jin removed your clothes, you didn’t care. Even when he begins cleaning your body and shampooing your hair, you just sit on the tiled floor letting him do it. You had no control over your body. You don’t register how he too was naked and that he was sporting an erection.
He carries you out of the bathroom all wrapped in a towel and sits you on a vanity chair. He brushes your hair and puts lotion over your skin, not once uttering a single word. When he’s all finished, he carries you to his bed and tucks you in. He knew the injection he gave you while you were passed out was too much, but he didn’t want you to wake up while he was still styling you for his show. He should’ve known when it took you much longer than the others to wake up. It was stupid of him to put you through it when you were such a fragile and soft baby. He caresses your face and hair as he lay next to you naked. You were both naked because let’s face it, he was greedy like that. He watches your eyelashes flutter and wonders what in the world you might be dreaming. Hopefully by the morning everything would be better.
Tumblr media
Feeling like you’d been hit by a brick wall, you could barely move your arms, the soreness running from your neck down to the tips of your fingers. Your legs hurt as well and your stomach made an unpleasant sound. What the hell was happening? You try to turn but a vice-like grip over your waist keeps you in place. Slowly you turn your head to find that Jin is asleep and is holding you tight. As quietly as you can, you start to remove his hand and slide out of his grip. You make it a few steps before Jin’s voice startles you.
“Where do you think you’re going?”
He spoke sleepily, not even making a move to grab you. It was like he knew you couldn’t go anywhere. That didn’t stop you from trying. Not looking back at him, you scan the room for anything that could help you make an escape. You spot the brush from last night and grab it quickly turning to fight him and then realize how stupid you were being. What could you possibly do with a brush?
This gets Jin’s attention. He sits up, the blanket laying over his hips revealing his upper body and abs. His hair was a shaggy mess and lips swollen from sleep. Were it another time or another Jin, you might say he looked good enough to eat, but this was not a normal man. He was a killer, with weird kinks you didn’t even want to think about. Whatever it was he was doing with you had made him your number one enemy, and there was no way you could see him in any sexual way.
“Come here, darling. What do you plan to do with that brush, hm? Why don’t you come back to bed. You must be so hungry after that wonderful display you put on last night. I must say, the floodlights left little to the imagination with the way your sheer clothes revealed….everything. It’s too bad you got sick. That was my fault. Come to bed, silly. Breakfast should be here any minute.”
His words remind you of the hunger you had suppressed and suddenly your belly starts to rumble. Even though it was tempting, you don’t move. Who knows what else he has up his sleeve.
When Jin senses your hesitance, his annoyance wells up. “I said come here, darling. Don’t make me come get you.”
Your body begins to shake, out of fear or hunger--you’re not sure. When he moves a leg off the bed, you quickly scurry to your side and sit down slowly eyeing him the entire time with the brush in your hand as your defense.
“Good girl. Now, give me the brush. You’ll need your hands for eating.”
“I don’t wan--”
“Brush. Now.”
You hand it hesitantly and then watch as he gets up off the bed and walks to the vanity, placing it down gently. It was so disgusting to see that somehow this little game he was playing was turning him on. He was partially aroused, and remembering your nakedness, you cover up quickly feeling sick to your stomach.
“Darling. I hate to have to do this but, you haven’t proven to me that you’re trustworthy. I already told you about the others and yet you want to test me. I really like you a lot. In fact, probably more than the others. I’ve never laid next to my other girls. You’re the first. That’s why it hurts me to have to tie you up again.”
“NO! Please. I-- I promise you don’t have to. I won’t--I mean...Please...don’t do that I won’t be bad again…”
Opening the drawer in front of him Jin grabs the ropes he used for his extracurricular activities and walks over to you. He hated that his body was making it obvious how much he liked you when he wanted to hold the power over you, but you had control over him--strangely. When he gets to your side of the bed, you are clearly ready to put up a fight and he wasn’t in the mood for it. His hand shoots out to your neck and tightens leaving you in shock.
“Don’t make me hurt you, y/n. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. And after last night, with you getting sick from the injection, I wouldn’t want to force you another way. Remember, I’m a gentleman. Now be a good darling and give me your hands. If you’re worried about eating. I’ll feed you.”
You feel his thumb squeeze tighter and though your own hands grip against his in an attempt to escape, he is much stronger. Feeling yourself grow weak, you let your hands fall and give in to his will. Placing them in front of you, Jin quickly ties you up and locks you in place.
“There. You always look so lovely with ropes. This is why I consider you my prettiest doll. I’ve never seen anyone look as good as you do in the clothes I’ve made. It’s like you were made for them. With the ropes on and the makeup...the outfit...gahh…”
His hand slams against the headboard beside your head and he squeezes his thighs together, his free hand pressing down against the erection that’s been annoying him for hours. “Fuck! Do you see what you do to me? You’re my perfect doll. Can’t you see that? You were made for me. I can’t wait to put you in the next outfit I have for you. It comes with ribbons for your pigtails and---”
A knock at the door stops his discourse. He grabs a nearby robe and answers the door. When the food enters the room you almost want to cry. The smell is amazing and for a moment you forget everything else.
“Hungry, darling?”
This time you don’t hold back, nodding desperately wanting him to bring you the food immediately. You’re not sure how many days have gone by with the lack of windows and clocks in this prison you were in. You've been in and out of consciousness so many times, and honestly, your hunger was starting to be the most important thing right now.
“I didn’t know what you would like so I took the liberty of ordering everything. I have a wonderful staff here. They’re paid for their work and their silence. It’s quite amazing actually. I can focus on my career and my hobbies. So, how about some fruit?”
Whatever Jin was saying was not registering. Your eyes were focused on the food and nothing else. When Jin brought up a piece of fruit to your mouth, you took it eagerly, not caring if the juices dripped over your chin. He continued to feed you more and more, occasionally slipping a finger into your mouth hoping your tongue would lick over it. The more he fed you, the harder he got, the robe now rubbing over the tip of his length as he fidgeted in his seat.
“There, what a good darling you are. Feeling better?”
“Water please.”
Jin did not linger, quickly grabbing the glass of water and bringing it to your lips. When you begin to chug he tries to keep up with your demand, but his hand slips and he wets your entire neck and chest. “Shit, I’m sorry, doll. Let me.”
He removes the wet blanket that shields you and you jerk forward not wanting for him to see you, but it was too late. You were exposed once again, and this time, Jin makes no attempt to hide the lust in his eyes.
“I don’t think I can wait any longer. I have your new outfit this closet. I won’t put you in my stage room for this because I want this to be...for me...between us--intimate.”
You couldn’t help but to cry again, the sick and twisted games he was playing too much for you to handle. “No...please don’t make me do that. Jin, please let me go. I’ve done everything you’ve asked. I won’t tell anyone I promise. I’ll do anything...I--”
His hand over your mouth silences you. “Y/n. You really like to run your mouth too much’s driving me crazy. Your begging is so pretty, but please shut up. I know what’ll change your mind. Wait here.”
He seems way too happy when he runs to search in the drawer. You start tugging harshly against the ropes not caring that it was pulling against your skin and making it bleed. You’re so focused on it that when Jin comes up and tugs your legs down, you yelp in shock.
“DARLING! Stop or else it’s going to hurt.”
When you look down you see him holding a small object unfamiliar to you. He puts it into his mouth and pulls it out with a smile, satisfied with how his spit coats the surface. Another item calls your attention--lube? While he holds your legs down with one arm and half his body, his other hand works to lube the object and then he spreads your legs. You begin to fidget unsure of what he intends to do.
His booming voice makes you stop instantly, the viciousness behind it making it clear you should give him your full attention.
“Okay good. Keep your legs don't want that again do you?” He gestures to the needle on the dresser and you freeze.
“I see we speak the same language. Now, because I would never touch a lady without her permission, I’m going to need you to do something for me. Push this inside of you.”
Your mouth drops open the moment you realize what he is asking you to do. He is holding some sort of toy and for whatever sick reason he wants you to put it inside of yourself. Not wanting him to drug you again and even less for him to do it himself, you grab it and slide it in, your tears trailing over your cheeks the entire time.
Jin sits back and watches you, amazed at how much more compliant you’ve become. He was glad because he really did favor you above the others. As soon as it disappears inside of you, he grabs his phone and turns the dial to the lowest setting. Immediately you buck up and he smirks. “Good. Now let’s get you dressed.”
His outfit for you is sweet and simple. It wasn’t a typical doll outfit since it was more lace than cotton. He manages to include ribbons tied at your elbow and knees. The material is so revealing it looks like it belongs in a stripclub. There is an opening at your cunt allowing access to anyone wanting it--mainly him. He manages to tie your hair into pigtails and paint marionette markings on all your joints. The entire process takes him a few hours. While he works on you he plays with the controls on his phone increasing the vibrations inside of you slowly. As much as you try to hold back, a few orgasms rack your body.
When he finishes getting you ready, he stands back admiring his work. Out of all his previous babies, you were the most gorgeous. “You’re perfect, y/n. This outfit was made for you. I am confident you’re going to put on an amazing show. This time we will be in here so there is no need to feel nervous. My eyes will be on you and nowhere else. Let’s set you up.”
He somehow manages to tie you to the high posts on the frame of his bed effectively getting you to stand. Everything happens so fast and with the distraction of the looming needle sitting on the dresser and the vibrating toy inside of you, Jin was able to get you to do exactly as he wished. You were splayed out, arms and legs open like a starfish, looking like a lamb ready for the slaughter. His low chuckle made you nauseous, but after your previous display, you didn’t want his hands on you anymore. The way he stood off in the corner of the room sitting back on his velvet chaise brewed a hatred within you that you never experienced before. If this fucker wanted a show, that’s exactly what you would do, but…
Another vibration forces your body to shudder. You can’t close your legs to stave off the stimulation nor can you pull it out. You can see part of your reflection to the right of you in the mirror on the dresser and it’s beyond degrading. The tiny pink string hanging out of you nauseates you, the foreign and unwelcome object making your head spin. If only you could pull it out and focus on that damned needle.
“Look at you. It’s cute--the way you act like you don’t want this. Your body tells me differently, baby. Look at your pretty nipples…so hard and sensitive. Does it hurt you when the lace rubs over them? You want to cum again, don’t you?”
When he goes to turn up the vibrator once again, you scream out. You can’t help it, the overstimulation is too much to bear and if he continues on like this you might pass out from exhaustion. “NO! NO...please no more. I c-can do--I can do it without the toy. P-please take it out. Let me s-show you.”
Your request captures Jin’s interest. Could it be that you were going to do a show for him all on your own? All his other disobedient girls needed motivation and never offered such a gift. He was tempted.
“Is that so? I kind of like you like this all whimpery and messy. Your thighs are so shiny from all the arousal you’re leaking, baby. Don’t you like how good I am to you?”
“I doo, I dooo, b-but...I can be better. I can be a good girl. Let me try. Please.” You hope he takes the bait because frankly, you had no other option. This was going to be the only opportunity as far as you could tell. There was no guarantee he’d let you be with him alone like this again, nor that he’d have a needle full of god knows what so close by. You wait and watch the decision playing over his features until another buzz shocks you into another orgasm.
Jin snickers as he watches your body convulse and then fall forward. The only thing sustaining you are the ropes he tied like a professional. It’s pretty amazing how good he’s gotten. The first few girls had successfully gotten free, but they never made it past the main hall. Pathetic little bitches. You, however, were tied up like a perfect little treat, unable to escape and drooling from the amount of orgasms he’s gifted your body. For a moment he enjoys the show, until a drop of blood lands on his rug.
“Princess!” His voice shocks him, the worry laced within it unlike anything he’s ever felt before. He hops up and over to you, checking every inch of your body. When he finally reaches your face, he sees you’ve bitten your bottom lip hard--probably to keep from screaming out your pleasure. You were such a spirited and stubborn little thing.
“Okay, fine. I never do this, so consider yourself lucky. I’ll let you show me what you can do. You need to hydrate first.”
Jin unties you and sets you on the bed where you sit in agony. The temptation to pull out the toy is still there, but now that you were free, you didn’t want to push your luck. He comes back with water and lets you drink. You’re thirstier than you realize, and almost want to sigh in pleasure at the feeling of it flowing down your throat.
“There’s a good girl. So, tell me, did you still want this toy inside or not?”’
You almost spit out the water with how fast you answer him, “NO!”
“Have it your way,” Jin chuckles.
You hope he’s giving you the chance to remove it, but you should have known better. Kneeling before you, he opens your legs, letting his fingers slide softly up your thighs. When he reaches your center, he spreads your lips open and wraps the cord over his middle finger and pulls slowly.
The action causes your legs to shake, but you suppress it by pressing down on your knees with your palms. Jins stares up at you taking his sweet time removing the distressing device.
“There.” The popping sound it makes as he pulls it out is embarrassing, and as soon as he’s clear of your legs, you snap them closed and exhale.
Jin stands back and admires your flushed skin, the sweat on your brow, and the wetness coating the vibrator purchased especially for you. It was a pity you didn’t want to play with it anymore. He had so many wonderful plans for it, but at the moment he was more intrigued by whatever show you promised him. He stands back and leans against the dresser, the very same holding the syringe you so desperately want to reach.
Not wasting anymore time, and battling against complete and utter exhaustion, you stand to your feet and put on your best face. Using the frilly attire to your advantage, you run your hand up your thighs, over your belly and over your breasts. You sway your hips side to side slowly, a seductive dance you hope will ensnare him. His eyes are glued to you already, the attention making you feel strangely powerful. Sliding your hands back behind your neck, you feather your hair over your arms and bring one back over your face and onto your lips. Making sure to lock eyes with him, you notice his flicker to your lips where your fingers are currently playing with your tongue, fingertips running gently over it and slowly entering your mouth.
“Enough!” Jin growls, his patience having run its course.
Before you can walk over to pin him, he storms towards you. A hand comes to your throat and the force of it forces your feet backward. The edge of the bed meets your calves and now completely out of control, Jin takes over and lifts you onto the bed. There is nothing you can do, not when his hands are rushing to remove every inch of your clothing. He rips at the frilly material as if it were paper and pins your hands above your head with one of his own. He doesn’t bother to take off his robe, his cock already peeking through the opening on the front.
At this point you’re beyond exhausted, the idea of even escaping slowly slipping away. He drags one of his hands up your body, fingernails slowly trailing over your skin and belly. He moves them around lightly, the pads brushing over your flesh in featherlight strokes creating a tickling sensation you can barely endure. You want to cry out, beg him to stop, but your voice is completely gone. You almost start giggling, the soft strokes over your skin assaulting your most sensitive parts. You squeeze your thighs together, the tickling beginning to stir your bladder.
“You think you can go on teasing me like this, princess? I think I’ve been patient enough, don’t you think? How dare you be so fucking sexy? None of my other girls were as perfect as you. I’m sorry for what I’m about to do, but I can’t wait any longer. You do want me, right?”
You close your eyes already knowing what’s coming. His warm breath over your face steals your breath away and you just lay there defeated. You’d fought him all day and there was no fight left in you. He takes your lack of response as permission, and the moment he enters you, he almost cries out in euphoria.
There is no doubt about his size. He’s big and thick. He doesn’t push in aggressively, but takes his time, almost like he wants to enjoy every single second. He kisses over your neck and chin as if the tenderness would make this situation any better. The truth was, you didn’t want him and you didn’t want this. At first you were attracted to him, but now knowing what a crazy animal he is, the entire experience is a living nightmare.
With his own hands, he adjusts your body and hips, securing your legs over his waist in order to press himself deeper. Slowly he rolls his hips and settles himself to the hilt. The feeling overwhelms him, the sensation of finally filling you making him dizzy. He doesn’t take advantage of you, no, that wasn’t his style. You obviously wanted him, otherwise why would you have cum so many times, why would you be soaked and dripping just for him right now? You showed him as much when you did your dirty little dance for him. He had to let you know that your little display was unacceptable and that none of his dolls were allowed to be filthy sluts. This was just his way of teaching you that no one else was allowed to enjoy or even delight in the temptation that is you. You’d learn really quickly what it meant to be his, or else.
Though you try to fight the feeling of pleasure slowly rising, it’s next to near impossible. Your body is already extremely sensitive and he knows this, using your momentarily vulnerability to his advantage. He knows exactly what he’s doing. His fingers tug at your nipples, teeth nip over your skin, and fingers stroke over your clit perfectly. Surprisingly he’s more gentle than you expect. Your traitorous body begins to accept the touch, your skin already prickling and orgasm on the verge of assaulting you.
“That’s it my pretty darling. I always knew you’d give yourself to me like this. Are you going to cum all over my dick--make me the happiest man on this earth? I’ve been waiting for so long. Show me how sorry you are for being such a dirty whore.”
His words press upon your neck leaving a permanent mark on you, solidifying his possession. You want to say no--scream at him to get off of you and die, but his fingers work faster, and before you know it, you’re screaming out your orgasm instead. It’s incredibly potent, the last few hours of edging and teasing only serving to shatter you entirely. Before you can come back down to earth, his thrusts become sloppy and desperate, and within seconds, he emptying himself completely, and dropping down to the side of you heaving and huffing.
“Fuck!” He doesn’t remember the last time he came so hard, and the other girls most certainly never got him so worked up. You were more than he ever dreamed he’d have. There was no way he would let you go.
It only takes you a moment to catch your breath before the realization of time slowing down hits you. If not now, then when? While Jin lays back catching his breath, you jolt up off the bed running to the dresser. As soon as the needle is in your hand, you turn to attack and find that he’s already made it halfway off the mattress--one leg on the bed and the other on the floor.
“Y/n, my love. What do you think you’re doing?”
The sound of his voice is like nails on a chalkboard and the fear coursing through you makes you feel slightly weak. You fight the desire to fall to the ground in a pathetic heap, now focused on the adrenaline driving you.
“Fuck you! I won’t be your little puppet anymore you sick fuck!”
You pace carefully, keeping your back close to the exit hoping the door isn’t locked. Jin continues moving off the bed, careful not to make any sudden movements. Your body is on high alert, anything he does or says your complete focus.
“Don’t you fucking move! Don’t you dare. I’m leaving. Let me the fuck out!”
For some reason Jin knows you mean every word, and not wanting you to hurt yourself, he complies, pressing the button by his bedside table. You hear the bolts unlock, the sound music to your ears. You begin to cry knowing the possibility of escape is so close. Your chest rocks with the heaves you can barely contain. You walk backwards, careful not to trip. When your hand comes in contact with the doorknob, you twist it open, needle still in hand and pointed at Jin.
Temporarily distracted with your freedom, you miss it when Jin runs forward to grab you. You scream and fall to the ground with him. Clawing at whatever you can, you press your fingers into his eyes, skin, and face. You don’t know where the needle has gone, the entire scuffle causing it to fall from your hand. Although Jin is strong, at the moment your will to live is stronger. You can feel him struggling to control you and when he tries to pin you down, you almost break down at the possibility of defeat, but the flash of the drug you need to knock this demon down catches your eyes. You reach out successfully grabbing it. It only takes a moment, but you manage to free a bit of your arms and jab the needle right into his neck. Pressing the plunger down, you inject him full of the drug he used on you not days ago. You hope it’ll have the same effect on him as it did you--leave him sick and so out of it he can’t even move.
Jin feels the moment it penetrates his skin and reaches for it with weak hands. Pulling it out, he works to focus his eyes, the surprise written all over his face. “How could you?”
He freezes and then drops right on top of your body heavily. The weight is too much, but with the little strength you have left, you push him off of you, exhaling feebly. There is no doubt of how much you wish to remain on the floor resting, the entire day’s events rendering you a pathetic excuse of a woman, but there is no time for it. Attempting to right yourself, you stand to your feet, eyes never leaving the lifeless body on the floor. You don’t think he’s dead, or at least you don't know, but there was no time to dwell on any of that. You make it to the door you managed to open earlier and walk out into a dimly lit hall. There is no way of knowing what time it is, but based on the food you got earlier, you would say it had to be mid afternoon.
As quiet as a mouse you tiptoe down the long path and end up at a bend that leads you to a large room. The windows seem to be darkened by thick curtains so it makes it hard for you to see where you are going. It’s not like you remember seeing any of this when the entire time you’ve been his captive he had you drugged. Grabbing a throw you see laying over the couch, you wrap it over your body as best as you can. Using your instincts, you walk toward an area you hope might have an exit, and with luck on your side you find an elevator. You call for it, fear curdling in your belly. If someone were to find you now you’d be unable to fight them off. The ding of it’s arrival stops your heart, and when the doors open, you release the breath you were holding, happy that it’s empty.
You choose the first floor and end up coming upon a large kitchen. The silence is eerie and it feels as if someone will pop out on you at any moment. Walking a little further you find a large door and what appears to be your salvation. You unlock the door and turn the knob not expecting the loud sound of a blaring alarm. You don’t wait to see who will show up now that your absence was announced.
You run out into the light of the day, the brightness from the sun above blinding you. None of this stops you, however. You walk into the yard realizing that this part of the house looked completely normal, like it was just a regular home in a suburban community. Your body gives you one last boost enabling you to run and unlock the wooden fence at the end of the opening. Just as you walk out you hear someone calling your name, but it was too late. You don’t bother turning back, certain that one of Jin’s staff probably realized you escaped. With freedom literally within your grasp, you manage to walk a few steps before hearing several gasps and then children before falling to the ground with a hard thud.
Tumblr media
Sitting at your desk, you watch the cursor mindlessly, your thoughts straying to a memory you’ve been working hard to forget. In a few hours you’d be meeting with your therapist, someone who’s been able to get you through the past four years of life. You can’t help but feel small, especially on a day like today--the anniversary of when it all went down.
“Y/n, you okay?”
You turn to your left to find your friend Taehyung who somehow managed to creep his way into your heart. His sweet demeanor and soft exterior made you think of him as a teddy bear, and that is exactly what he was when he knew you needed a hug.
“Yea. I’m good.” You smile at him to assure him, but the truth is, he had no idea. None of your co-workers did. After everything that happened, it took you a year to even begin a new life. You were so afraid to socialize, and meeting new people had your red flags waving every single time. With time, you slowly learned to let some people in and enter society once again.
The day you escaped, you barely made it a few steps out of Jin’s backyard before collapsing in front of a family who was having a barbecue outside of their garage. They immediately called the police and within hours Jin had been arrested and all of his properties and assets seized. As you lay in the hospital recovering, the district attorney took down the entire circus and interrogated every single person employed by Jin. Most of the workers were clueless, while a handful knew exactly what had been taking place for the last seven years in his godforsaken circus. You were not the first victim, but you had been the last. Although the authorities made it clear to you that your nightmare would be locked up for good, there was always that paranoia deep within--the one that made you look over your shoulder more than normal people, and lock every single door at night. You never opened your windows and you most certainly never went out alone.
“Okay good. Jimin and I were wondering if you wanted to go out with us tonight. He got some tickets to a show.”
It was cute how they always invited you knowing you were a loner, but it always felt like you were always the third wheel. “No, it’s okay. You take your lover to the show without me. I’ll be in the way.”
“Stop that, silly. You’re never in the way. Besides, Jimin got all these free tickets to the traveling circus and we have to get rid of them. Do you know anyone else that might want to come?”
You freeze, chest now constricted and heartbeat racing. It couldn’t be, Jin was put away, his circus was shut down...there was no way he was back…
“What did you s-say…”
Tumblr media
+ all writing is ©koosbabygrl. so do not copy, edit, or steal my writing. do not use on youtube or any other social media.
Tumblr media
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1uckygold · 18 hours ago
Keys to the Magic Door
Summary: The Bangtan boys one night encounter a woman that looks exactly like the animation ARMY from "Magic Door" and "Dream ON." What if it's not a coincidence? What if it's actually the female from the animation video? Except she needs their help... she needs to go back into her universe before it falls apart. BTS agree to do anything to help, but what happens if they all start to fall in love with her? What do they do when... when it's time to say goodbye?
~Pairing: BTS x Human f!Reader
~Genre: Fluff & Humor, Alternate Universe - Bangtan Universe
~Word Count: 1.9K
Tumblr media
“Hyung! Look at what me and Hobi found! It’s a mini us!” Jungkook called out giddy as Taehyung walked into the room to find Hoseok watching a YouTube video of an animation them singing Mic Drop with the youngest of the group on a laptop.
“Yah! The female is said to represent army, isn’t that cool?” Hoseok asked with a huge smile while pointing at the female who was in a bakery watching the mini Bangtan boys.
Taehyung sat down next to the two in awe as they watched the video, it wasn’t until Seokjin called them for dinner did they rush out of the room. The laptop being left open and forgotten on the coffee table as everyone went to the dining room to have dinner together.
“Jin-hyung really out down himself today!” Jimin complicated as everyone hummed in an agreement, Jin smiling and laughing slightly at the comment.
After eating, everyone helped clean up the table and put leftovers away in the fridge. Each member tired and cheering that they have a day off tomorrow, “Finally, I can sleep!” Yoongi yawned out while they all made their way to their respectable rooms.
“You didn’t even do anything today, Yoongs.” Namjoon commented with a chuckle as Yoongi playful glared at the leader. “Yes! Someone had to distract Seokjin-hyung while you hide his broken mirror that you accidently caused.” He said before slapping a hand over his mouth as Seokjin gasped.
“Yah, that was you!! I thought I lost that mirror!” Seokjin shouted at Namjoon who smiled sheepishly as the maknae line laughed at their hyungs. Jimin comforting a sulking Seokjin with a wide smile, like if he wanted to laugh as well.
“It’s okay, Jin-hyung. We’ll get you a new mirror tomorrow.” Jimin said patting the oldest members back in comfort before everyone wished each other goodnight.
After an hour, the house was silent with no one awake, all the members sleeping peacefully. Suddenly the open forgotten laptop that was sitting there with the screen still displaying the music video glowed. The glow was a bright beautiful purple, the light shining throughout the whole room.
It wasn’t until a female shot out from the laptop did the light die down. You had landed on the floor with a thud, groaning at the pain and headache you were feeling. One minute, you were in your room and then the next you’re on the floor.
Looking up, your vision was slightly blurry but as soon as they focused on the fact that nothing around you looked familiar is when your senses started to go into overdrive. Eyes widening, hands and feet immediately scrambled to stand up.
What’s going on? This isn’t my room… or house for that matter, you thought panicking at the idea of maybe someone kidnapped you and they were going to do things that made you shudder in disgust.
Mouth opening to scream, but hands immediately go to your throat as fear creeped up inside. You can’t talk… how are you going to call for help?!
Hesitantly, legs moved quietly on their own to walk around and look for some kind of weapon. Your eyes brightening seeing a freshly clean pan on the dish rack in the kitchen, not even wasting any time to run and grip it in your grasp.
Taking a deep breath, you walked throughout the whole house, purposely ignoring any closed doors in case the kidnappers were sleeping. Soon enough you encountered a room with a keyboard laying around, your eyes could tell that it was well kept.
Biting your lip nervously while looking around the room, you hesitantly sit down in front of the keyboard as a single finger tests out one key. Flinching as the small sound echoed the room, letting out a breath of relief you didn’t know you were holding as no one came.
Deciding maybe they weren’t here is when you put the pan down next to you, hands slowly playing more keys as your eyes closed. A soft smile made its way on your lips as both hands moved more into the music, the comforting melody echoing throughout the room and hallway, the sound alerting the sleeping members.
“AHHHH!” Screams broke throughout the room.
Your eyes immediately snapped open to see seven most beautiful men screaming at the door entrance. You stopped playing on the keyboard as you fell off the chair in shock, only to grab the pan seconds later and run to a corner.
The pan being held into a defensive position as you whimpered, beautiful or not, they could still try something. Soon the screaming died down when they realized the girl was huddled in the corner, cowering in fear with a pan.
The members stared in shock at the strange female in their home, until Hoseok eyes widen in realization as he hit Jungkook’s arm lightly to get his attention. “Doesn’t she look… familiar?” He asked the maknae as Jungkook looked at his hyung in confusion only for Taehyung to gasp at what Hobi was saying.
“She looks like the girl from the video!” Taehyung practically shouted, the loud yell making you even more paranoid since you couldn’t hear their conversation.
“What are you guys talking about?” Namjoon asked seriously, seeing that Jungkook’s light bulb turn on as the three members seemed to know who this girl was. “The girl from that music video of a tiny animation version of us!”
Seokjin rubbed his face to shake sleep out of his eyes as all the members started arguing back and forth that they weren’t making sense. It wasn’t until his eyes landed on you that he saw you hold your head high with the frying pan but shaking with fear.
“Hey! Stop it! Your scaring her even more!” Seokjin sternly yelled at the members who he thought of as family, looking as his brothers as they suddenly shut up. “Sorry, Jin-hyung.” Everyone mumbled out an apology, looking at their hyung like a scolded child.
Seokjin gaze softened at his brothers, their kicked puppy face making it hard for him to be angry. His attention quickly changed however to you, walking slowly with his arms held out as a sign that he didn’t mean any harm.
Eyeing him with a frown, you swung at him anyways when Seokjin got too close making him back up in surprise at barely missing him. “She doesn’t trust us; I can’t tell if that’s a good or bad thing. Maybe Hoseok-ah should go talk to her first, he always has this gentle atmosphere around.” Yoongi stated with a frown at the encounter his hyung had with the strange female.
Hoseok perked up at the comment, smiling shyly at the compliment Yoongi just gave him before giving a nod. Immediately as Hoseok got closer, you narrowed your eyes in suspicion following his movements as he sat down in front of you but not too close.
“Hi!” Hoseok said brightly with a wide smile as you hesitate before giving a nod of acknowledgement making his smile widen if that was possible. The other members watched with interest as you slowly relaxed at the comforting feeling Hoseok was giving off.
“I’m J-Hope, but you can call me Hoseok or Hobi if you want!” Hobi said only to see you perk up at the first thing he said, dropping the pan on the floor slightly making Hoseok jump a little. Your mouth open to speak only for no words to come out, a hand immediately touching your throat with a frown.
Suddenly an idea popped in your head as you crawled to Hoseok who calmly sat there wondering what the girl was going to do. To his and the members surprise, you sat in front of him while grabbing one of his hands before tracing the word “J-Hope?” on his palm.
“Yes! I’m J-Hope!” Hoseok said excitedly as communicating with you.
Your eyes sparkled in recognition at the name, a large smile breaking out. “We should get her to the living room and talk there.” Namjoon suggested, the sudden voice breaking your eye contact with Hoseok making you startled to look up at the rest of the people in the room.
However, a certain member who looked on with sleep in his eyes and a frown caught your attention. Well he didn’t catch your attention but the black bandana headband he was wearing certainly did.
Everyone was suddenly surprised with you got up to run at Yoongi, who stared at you in slight shock with an open mouth. Slowly and hesitantly you reached up to trace the fabric, before doing the same thing you did to Hoseok, tracing “Suga?” on his palm.
“Yoongi-hyung, I think she likes you.” Jimin spoke with a teasing tone, the comment making you blush in embarrassment as you let go of his hand as if it burned.
“I don’t… I don’t think that’s it. That seems the only way she can communicate without paper and a pen.” Yoongi replied as he stared at his hand that you had traced his name on it a few moments ago.
“She even recognizes our names, Jiminie.” Hoseok shouted out with a bright smile jumping on Jungkook’s back who was standing next to Jimin. The youngest eyes lighting up like a child, wanting to know if you knew his name too. All of them completely forgetting that they were idols and famous around the world.
Taehyung looked thoughtful for a moment, “She does look an awful like the army from the video…” He spoke softly to himself while staring at you.
Seokjin smiled politely at you, ignoring the fact you almost hit his beautiful face with a frying pan. “What’s your name?” He asked gently as you looked at him with a head cute pout and head tilt, some members cooing at the action.
You looked at Seokjin, scrunching your face up to remember but only a blank coming up. You couldn’t remember your name for some reason, the idea almost bringing tears to your eyes at not being able to remember a simple thing as that.
“Hey… hey, don’t cry! It’s okay if you can’t remember!” Jimin rushed out saying with soft eyes seeing tears swell up in your eyes.
You nodded, whipping away your tears that started to fall only to look up and see a hesitant Jungkook towering in front of you, Hobi off talking to all the members who were in a group huddle.
He stood there silently before a moment as if he were arguing with himself on whether to do something or not. Suddenly a gentle hand was holding your face as a long sleeve was whipping away the fresh tears, “A pretty girl shouldn’t cry.” Jungkook mumbled out with a slight blush dusting his cheeks.
Suddenly… you didn’t feel so scared of these boys as your heart started to beat faster. The atmosphere they were giving made a warm feeling overcome you, and before you knew it… a cheerful giggle made your way on your face as you slightly hiccup from crying. The members stopping with what they were doing at the beautiful sound they heard, eyes widening before they all smiled at you.
Welcome to the Keys to the Magic Door!
This is only a taste of the story. If you want to read what happens next, you can read more on my Wattpad or A03 (Archive of Our Own).
Wattpad: 1uckygold
A03: 1uckygold
If you have any questions about this story, either ask on my question box, message me, or email me (
Stay Safe! <3
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an-ordinaryghost · 21 hours ago
BTS reaction when you want a divorce
Yandere/mafia au
Extremely possessive relationship! Mention of sex. Read at your own risk
Requests are open (I write only yandere) Members: Jungkook, Yoongi, Taehyung (stray kids members are next)
Jungkook’s fist collided with a table and you almost jumped. You wanted to close your eyes, to pretend you weren’t there shaking with fear because of your own husband. 
“Look at me.” He wasn’t asking. It was a command, and like an obedient pet, you did as you were told. He trained you well. At least he thought so until today when you decided to threaten him with a divorce. 
“Jungkook I…” 
“Did I say you could speak?” His eyes were dark with anger. You silently shook your head too afraid to do anything wrong. “Stupid, stupid, kitten. Have you forgotten the only rule I have tried to teach you?” You shook your head again. “ What is that rule then? Speak up.”
“Always do what you tell me to do.”
“Good” Suddenly his hand was on your throat. He held you like this for a moment, his body was close, so close, that you could hear him breathing. His grip tightened and you tried to pull away only to be pressed back into him.
“Don’t you dare to move even an inch.” He growled into your ear “You are mine and I can do with you anything I want. Do you understand it? “ You barely managed to nod. With his hand still on your throat, you could hardly breathe but you knew better than to ask him to let you go.
“Good, but not good enough. You have made me mad, kitten, and you will have to take responsibility for this.” He stepped back but before you could take a deep breath he said: “Get on all fours and crawl after me. I want my kitten to follow me everywhere I go. I like my pets to be affectionate.” 
Tumblr media
Taehyung was lying on your shared bed in his suit. His gaze was fixed on your naked body. You were tied up and couldn’t move, completely at his mercy.Perfect.
“Isn’t this just what you wanted, doll? “ You couldn’t really answer him with your panties in your mouth, so all you could do was to shake your head fiercely. ”Oh, you don’t like it? But, darling, didn’t you say you wanted to stop being my wife? You see, darling, if you are not my wife, then I don’t have to treat you with respect. Instead, I can treat you like a slut you are.” Suddenly he hit your thigh with his hand and you could do nothing to stop him. It was his way of proving to you just how much power he had over you. 
 “Actually, I think I will be enjoying it.” Taehyung grinned at his own words and hit your thigh again. And again. And again. Until his handprint was visible on your skin.
“What about you, doll? Are you having fun? Ah, poor thing, you can’t talk. That’s the way I like you. Silent and obedient. All mine and nothing will ever change it. You will never get away from me.”
Tumblr media
Yoongi was drinking whisky. He hasn’t said a word since you told him you wanted a divorce and the silence was killing you.
‘Take it back” was all he said when he finished his drink.
“Do you love your family, sweetheart?”
“I….” you stuttered unable to speak. Was he really threatening you? “You wouldn’t dare!”
“I will do anything to keep you with me.” He put his glass on a table and slowly approached you. You desperately wanted to take a step back or better run far away from him, but instead, you tried to be confident and looked him straight in his dark eyes.
“Listen, Yoongi, this marriage isn’t working. I want my old life back. I want my freedom, I want to be able to work again, to have a social life and…”
“And I want you to get on your knees and beg for my forgiveness. You see, the difference between us is that I can actually make you do what I want, while you… Well, you will never win against me. You can try and divorce me, sweetheart, but I can assure you, that as soon as you try to do it, something really bad will happen to your family. In fact, if you don’t get on your knees right now and start apologizing for your terrible behavior, I will get so angry that I can lose my temper and some of your friends may accidentally get hit by a car. So, get on your knees for me, love.”
Tumblr media
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satnin-darling · 21 hours ago
7:48 PM | Kim Taehyung, 6.7k
Pairing(s): Taehyung x Reader
Summary: You were suffering from an unrequited love and Taehyung was suffering from the end of a long-term relationship. But it wasn’t the end of the world. So you guys found yourselves in this arrangement - purely casual. Or was it? You were so sure that things were different but things aren’t so easy. Now that things have come into light, you were both caught in the fall out, and things are bleak.
Warnings/Tags: RATED M (18+); for language; ANGST (😩); idol!AU - friends with benefits, maybe lovers)
"I think we should stop this.” Taehyung said quietly.
You blinked slowly, turning your gaze to look at the floor. You wished that the TV was still on to fill the silence between you. Everything was still. You could no longer feel Taehyung leaning into you as he had moved slightly, putting some space between you on the couch. The memories of the wedding left you, the speech that you had prepared over and over again as the train hurtled towards Seoul, whatever you wanted to tell him escaped you. It was all gone, displaced by the quiet of your apartment and the words he had just said. You tried your best to quell the sudden wave of nausea that overcame you, holding your shoulders very still. As goosebumps erupted on your skin, you pleaded yourself not to cry, clenching your hands into fists, nails digging into your palm.
“Look, I probably should have told you that I was ignoring a lot of what was going on between me and Dami. Not that I was thinking of her when I was with you, I mean - I should have mentioned that to you, that I… was going through a lot more that I let on,” Taehyung rambled.
He was speaking fast but the words were still tentative, as if he was confused. Though it didn’t sound like he was making it up as he went along. You kept quiet, but your chest was tightening, your breathing became shallow. You weren't sure what to say. The assumption was that Dami wanted him back so of course he should go, he still loves her.
“You didn't want this to go further, right? It was just something to pass the time. We liked each other's company…” Taehyung continued, prompting you as if somewhere along the way, you had suggested that being with him was just an afterthought. That you had somehow reconciled the idea that liking each other’s company meant that it was easier to part ways. That you were on the same page, when all that you could feel was that he miles ahead of you, leaving you in the dust.
With your gaze still on the floor, you still hadn’t looked at him. You didn’t think that you could. Something had changed within him that you weren't aware of. You couldn’t comprehend what was going on. Backtracking in the past events, you remembered that you had just come back from your friend’s wedding. It was past midnight. Taehyung had let himself into your apartment and he was telling you these words that were clearly meant to end whatever had transpired between you in the last couple of months.
Even the way he skirted around the word sex, replacing it with ‘this,’ equating it as something to pass the time, made you feel small. Your body felt like static. It was the same feeling you got when you wanted to run away, like the time when you failed your final exams in high school. The moment you had opened your results, it was as if a bucket of ice had been thrown over you, covering your body, making you go numb. Even if you had wanted to run away, you couldn’t. It dawned on you that you were in your apartment and you weren’t the one going to leave after this.
Taehyung said your name, making you flinch. When he wanted to get your attention to face him specifically, he would usually touch you, grasp your hand or pull you towards him. Taehyung did none of that as he waited, saying your name again. Truthfully, you didn't know what to make of the whole situation, this ‘break up’ that was happening in front of you. But then you thought that it was inevitable. You cast your thoughts back to the first time you were together, to when had Taehyung asked you something that you should have paid attention to.
I was gonna ask if you’re sure that you want this.
Thoughtlessly, you had agreed. And suddenly Taehyung was in front of you, taking your word for it. Kissing you, holding you, making you forget that you were hurting inside because Yoongi had rejected you. But you realised that the morning after, when you found him in your bed, was just a blip. You should have known to heed your own feelings of caution. Ignoring it was just as bad as you entertained your own fantasies in its stead. Taehyung was just too tired to leave and he needed someone to hold. You hesitated to think that he was thinking of Dami while his lips were kissing along your neck, holding you even closer towards him. But that would just be cruel and you willed yourself to think that Taehyung wasn’t like that. Still, you weren’t sure.
Then you remembered how excited you were, how there was something in your gut that was telling you that this was unlike your situation with Yoongi. And when you came back from Daegu, you were so sure that fate had something different in store for you. That you somehow deserved it for picking the short end of the stick. For failing to outshine Hye-yeon, you would gain something else, someone else besides Yoongi. Yet here you were, on the way to going back to the way it was. Before Taehyung. Alone. You nearly laughed as you drowned in your thoughts. You found yourself facing him after taking a deep breath.
“Yeah, I didn’t want this,” You echoed, slipping into autopilot mode. And you looked at Taehyung, who visibly relaxed at your answer. Seeing that felt like such a shock that you couldn’t hide your reaction. Your shoulders to tightened, an unpleasant involuntary spasm. His back was towards the lamp, so you assumed that he could see you clearly, the warm light casting over your features. Could he tell what he was doing to you? Could he tell what this meant for you?
Then, Taehyung took your hands, you let him because you didn’t know how much longer you could last, pretending that you were okay. If you had known that this was the last moment that he was going to touch you like this, you would have held onto him tightly that morning, and probably asked him to stay and forgo rehearsals. To remain with you in that bubble, as the rain drummed agains the window. Now, all that’s left was a bitter ending. Lowering your gaze, you looked at your hands in his, those elegant fingers closing over yours, his touch was warm.
“I’m sorry, I feel awful, I should have told you, I should have said something earlier,” He said, and you pulled away. It felt like he was driving a knife through your chest, twisting it further, taking your breath from you. You didn’t reply, you didn’t know what to say. For a while, you stayed silent and you averted your gaze, orienting your body to face the TV again.
“I’m sorry,” He said once more.
“It’s nothing. It’s okay,” You replied robotically.
"I should get going then," He said after a while. You watched as he rose from the couch, jealous at how it was so easy for him. To just get up, leave, and not look back. You didn't care to reply, biting your tongue to anchor yourself. The pain was able to settle your nerves and your urge to cry was suppressed. Briefly, you saw some movements as Taehyung adjusted himself, smoothing over the non-existent wrinkles in his hoodie. When he turned to you, he stuck his hand out. Confused, you looked up at him, his other hand grasped the inside of his arm, a formal gesture.
"Pleasure doing business with you," He said in a light tone, a feeble attempt to alleviate the severity of the situation. His eyes pleaded that you play along for the last time. So you did, standing up to take his hand and squeezing it briefly, forcing a smile that wouldn’t fool anyone. Somehow, you knew that Taehyung felt bad and this was his way of dealing with things, because he was still oblivious to the fact that it was so easy for others to develop a deep affection for him. You noted that even when people flocked to him and he enjoyed the attention, he still didn’t know how to handle it. So he treated serious things lightly, as if it wasn’t a big deal. You wanted to handle this swiftly and maturely and as Taehyung looked down, clearing his throat, you pulled away. When you separate, he saw the marks on your palm where your nails had dug in. He said nothing.
As he turned away, he looked around your living room, the kitchen across it, and the view of the city that your window allowed. He looked around as if he was never going see it again. Reaching into his pocket, he donned a face mask. Finally, he looked back at you. He said your name, sounding somewhat apologetic.
“Don’t.” You said, crossing your arms over your chest. You refused to be apologised to once more.
“It was just sex,” You continued, giving him a half smile. The realisation came to you late but you just had to admit it, to get it out there. You wanted to call it as is, not skirt around the word and say ‘this.’ It was important to you in that moment to claim that what had happened between you and Taehyung was just sex.
“Yeah, just sex.” He affirmed, sounding more confident as his guilt was somewhat alleviated, now that you had said it yourself.
"See you around?" He asked, looking at you, his brown eyes were almost black. It sounded more of an add on. You shrugged, smiling at him with your arms crossed over your chest. It sounded like something friends would say to each other before they part ways to go on a trip. You couldn't speak because if you did, you would ask him to stay and you didn't want that out there.
With that, he left, not once looking back. The door clicked and your knees gave out. Clutching the arm of the couch, you took a deep breath. It was that easy, to start and to end. Your chest ached, and you placed your hand over it, pressing firmly and running across to calm yourself. A sharp pain radiated across your chest and your hand flies to your throat, grasping at nothing.
“Taehyung, wake up, we’re leaving in an hour and you still need to eat and shower.”
Still submerged in the darkness of his room at the dorm, Taehyung groaned. He guessed that it was Jimin who said that. Sleep had been difficult to come by over the past few weeks and he didn’t like to be alone in his apartment. Their schedule was packed, as if it couldn’t get any busier, and he made the decision to set up camp back at the dorm. No one had suspected why since it was usual for the rest of them to use it as a common location, so it was easier to coordinate their schedules.
Taehyung needed the constant flow of work, even if it required him to smile and be happy for the most of it. It was easier to pretend that he was okay than to think about the mess that was evident in his personal life. He had used the excuse of being busy with BTS’ activities as a temporary fix. He hadn’t told anyone about what had happened between him and Dami and he certainly hadn’t told anyone what had happened between you and him. Instead, he threw himself into work, practicing new choreography, working on his mixtape, and interacting with fans. After some time, he began to feel some semblance of normalcy that he was desperately chasing in keeping with the routine of creating content for BTS.
When his eyes had adjusted to the dimness, he found that it was Jimin who had wandered into his room to wake him. He thought that he’d wake up in a better condition but he felt like his chest was heavy. It wasn’t often that he was aware of his own condition, but in that moment, just as Jimin came to sit on his bed to gently prise the duvet off of him, there was an acute realisation that he was miserable and drained. Jimin was gently rubbing circles on his back, like he was aware that Taehyung was dealing with an internal storm.
“Taehyung-ah, c’mon, you’re one of the last ones to wake up, even Jungkook has showered,” Jimin said, his voice was low, careful not to rouse him abruptly. Still, Taehyung didn’t move, the tightening in his chest becoming more and more apparent as time went on. Taehyung wanted Jimin to leave, so he could collect himself. If he was alone, he could work on whatever was overtaking him, to take deeper breaths before it escalated into some sort of hyperventilation. But Jimin stayed where he was, rubbing his back in slow, rhythmic circles. It was Jimin’s habit to be tactile, but it it was soothing.
“We’ll have a couple of free days after today… Oh, which reminds me, did you greet her?”
Then Jimin said your name and Taehyung inhaled sharply.
“It’s her birthday today. Yoongi-hyung reminded me so I wanted to check if you remembered, so that you could greet her too,” Jimin said casually, resorting to hauling Taehyung up so that he could sit. Relenting, he sat up and Jimin laughed softly, fixing his unkempt hair as it stuck out from sleep. Taehyung didn’t know it was your birthday and somehow, that made him feel bad. He blinked at Jimin, still dazed as the panic in his chest continued to swell. He couldn’t seem to shake it off willingly.
After all these weeks apart, he hadn’t messaged you, but he hadn’t really talked to anyone much. He found that despite being busy, there were still moments of being idle that he couldn’t escape. Like when he has to wait for his turn to perform or when he was getting ready for the day, getting his hair and makeup done as he sat in a chair. And in those moments, he realised that he was growing to hate himself. It wasn’t a good feeling and it crept up at the worst of times, like now, when he was meant to have a ten hour day that involved multiple cameras and continuous interactions with people. Taehyung wanted to tell Jimin everything. In fact, he just wanted to tell someone so he could be absolved of all the guilt and confusion at how things had turned out so irretrievably bad.
What had happened between you was inevitable. He knew how he could make it sound to Jimin or to anyone else for that matter, to tell it like it is: You were hurting and so was he. Thinking of the idea himself to soothe those wounds, sex was an option. It was never meant to go beyond that. That’s how it usually worked since it was all meant to be casual. Then Taehyung wanted to stop having sex and you agreed, in fact, it was that straightforward. This was the literal retelling of what had happened between you over the past few months as well as the ending. So why, despite the accuracy of such events, did it feel like Taehyung was being dishonest in narrating what had happened? He knew that there was a missing piece which excluded a part in the chain of events that explains why parting ways upset you both.
Things could just blow over if he waited it out. To let time do what it did best: leave room to forget. To allow you and him to move over whatever you shared in the last months. Taehyung realised that once that happens, you and him would just be nothing to each other, much like how Dami and him were now. Taehyung knew that he could avoid you as your lives didn’t overlap in that way. You were like ships in the night. But he also knew that if he saw you again, even if it was only so much as a glance at each other by chance, that glance could never be reduced to nothing. Taehyung couldn’t see himself wanting to be a stranger to you, to be nothing in your life. He was sincere in that thought.
Jimin had gotten up now, apparently satisfied that Taehyung was in a state where he could get up and get ready for the day. By the door, he could see that Jimin held the handle but didn’t open it yet.
“You know, if something’s bothering you, you could always come to me or any of us to talk it out, I hope you’re not working through things alone,” He said, looking at Taehyung. He cleared his throat and ran his hand through his hair. Some of it got caught, tangling in his fingers and he tugged it firmly so that it would unravel. Jimin smiled, as if he knew that Taehyung understood what he was trying to convey.
“I better see you showered and dressed in the next thirty minutes, okay?”
He then closed the door behind him. Taehyung stayed where he was, listening to the activity outside, the collection of voices, from Namjoon and Jungkook, arguing about who would go with who in the car. After a few minutes, he got up to make the bed.
It had been weeks since you and Taehyung parted ways. He was everywhere. But unlike the giddiness you felt when you couldn't keep your mind off of him before, you just felt bitterness. He was on adverts, television, radio stations. It was endless. The reminders were stark. You knew that it BTS was also his work, but it didn’t make it less painful to see how he was beaming from each frame, seemingly unaffected.
There was nothing but radio silence between you and you worked yourself to the bone as a means to cope. You took in every available opportunity to work, volunteering yourself for even the menial tasks that were reserved for lower-level employees. No one questioned you since you had alleviated them of their mind-numbing tasks. You hardly slept, ate or talked to anyone. If someone were to ask if you were okay, you would smile and wave them off. Staying at home made you restless, so you opted for staying at work for longer, sometimes nearing midnight when you wanted.
Even still, there were moments of emotional pain that came so abruptly that you had to lean against the wall or hold onto something to anchor you but they would eventually pass. You decided that they were meaningless, somewhat unclear. Then a moment of clarity came to you one night, when you had showered and climbed into bed. The window was open and it was raining hard, but you made no moves to close it. Instead, you watched as some of the rain made it into your bedroom, wetting the floor steadily. It made the room colder and filled it with the sounds of howling winds and the repeated clatter of the rain. You were clutching a pillow tightly, waiting for the moment where there was a sharp pain in your chest that made your skin bristle to pass. As the deluge continued to reign is terror on your bedroom floor, you realised that those moments of pain or intense emotions that you just couldn’t suppress were the feelings that you wanted to give to Taehyung. But now they had nowhere to go, so they sat within you, until they festered and turned into something acrid.
Sometimes, after Taehyung had left, you used to think about the possibility of him really liking you, and not just for what you could offer him in your arrangement, like your body. When you were together, it was as if he knew what to do to give you what you wanted. To make you feel good. You wondered if he felt the same, if he could also concede that you were able to give him what he wanted, and whether he liked that. Enough to make that mean that he could like you. Was he able to feel the same way at some point?
Even in the most ordinary events, like when you would eat and drink together or when you would just talk like friend would, he was considerate and patient with your feelings. It was different kind of affection you had felt with Taehyung. With Yoongi, though he listened to you, he always came up with solutions but Taehyung would simply sit with you, and hold your hand. He would say something encouraging and supportive but it was in the silence between you that mattered. He would take care of you, be receptive if you were in a mood, make you laugh when you needed it, even help you clean since he didn’t like cooking. But none of that seemed to matter anymore. Whatever good that you had though happened between you and Taehyung had fizzled out and now, all that was left was discomfort and confusion.
"Any word about the meeting earlier?" Sang-Hoon chimed in, placing a cup of coffee by your desk. Shaking your head, you turned your attention to the documents before you. Taking a sip, you nod at him to signal thanks. He was still by your side, looking at your screen nosily. Holding back a sigh, you glance at him.
"Can I help -"
Your phone buzzed to repeatedly. You had only taken it off silent because you were waiting for another email which you couldn’t access into your work monitor. Lifting it up, you were met by a high number of messages flooding the notification centre. You saw Yoongi’s at the top.
Yoongi [8:52PM]: Happy Birthday! I promise to treat you to a meal when I can get away from work :)
Oh. Right, it was your birthday today. And you were at work, staring at an excel spreadsheet, which was one of many ahead. Swallowing another sip of coffee, the temperature was too hot but instead of stopping, you just let the pain seep into your throat, down till it settled in your stomach. Ignoring his message for the moment, you carried on working, trying to get through the tasks until you could go home and collapse from exhaustion. So you did just that, working well into the night and smiled when required as you waved off your colleagues who would go home. You did that until you were the only person left on the floor, till your eyes stung from tiredness and your mind swam from barely eating anything at all. Only then did you make a move to go back to your apartment, wanting your bed and the comfort of the darkness.
“Happy Birthday!”
The noise was sudden and your heart leapt to your throat. It was nearing 11PM by the time you had arrived, carrying your bag and a bag of instant noodles that you had picked out for yourself from the convenience store. Making your way inside, you found that your parents were in your kitchen. Your father had popped some confetti and your mother had approached you with a small cake, a single candle was alight on top. Thinking about the fire alarm, you quickly blew it out before greeting them. Still in a state of shock, you set down your items and took a deep breath. There was a modest buffet on your kitchen counter - all of them your favourites. Your mother was kissing your cheek now after setting down your cake on the coffee table and your father had given your shoulder a squeeze as he settled on the couch.
You didn’t know what to do. You were exhausted and all you wanted to do was sleep. Yet you knew that they had travelled all this way and prepared this just for you, probably waiting for longer than necessary. Looking around, you noticed that your apartment was noticeably cleaner, the blanket over your couch, which was now covering your father’s legs, was new. Your plants were all grouped together and arranged in a much neater way, despite looking like they were on their last legs. The printed files that you had accumulated by the floor lamp were stacked in manageable piles. Your mother looked at you expectantly as you surveyed the space once more. Even the ornaments on the table were reoriented. The ceramic elephant was in the centre instead of the side.
“You look slimmer than the last time we saw you!” Your mother complained, taking your face in her hands. They were warm against your skin. She looked at you, searching your eyes as you said nothing.
“Aren’t you working too hard these days? You came back so late, we were wondering if we would have to pick you up from the office,” Your father jokingly complained. You smiled at that, always having a soft spot for him since he would never scold you, and even if he did it was not in the way that made you feel bad.
“Sorry, we’re pretty busy at the moment.” You forced yourself to smile, and then your father motioned for you to sit down next to him. The news was on and it was narrating another one of BTS’ achievements. You inhaled sharply, grabbing the remote to turn the volume down. There was suddenly a plate of sliced cake in front of you.
“It might be too late for food, so did you want to start off with something sweet?” You mother chimed in, squeezing herself on the couch so that you were firmly between them. Silence transpired as you picked at the food, not really wanting to succumb to your hunger despite your stomach rumbling to no end.
“Is everything okay?” Your father asked, he wasn’t looking at you but at the TV. He had squeezed you arm affectionately, which usually meant that he was listening. Your mother had excused herself to go to the bathroom and it was just the two of you.
As you found yourself setting the plate down, you began to cry, which was the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to you in your entire adult life. You tried hard not to cry in front of your parents because you didn’t want to make them worry. They already had to live so far away from you so it helped to put up a strong front, but they had ambushed you when you were exhausted and you couldn’t muster enough strength to put up a front. And so your shoulders jerked upwards in an involuntary tremor as you couldn’t contain the flood of emotions that broke your reserve, your vision blurring from the tears. Your father had hugged you by now, cradling your head as you sank into him, enveloping you in his warmth. When your mother had appeared from the bathroom, she was shocked to find you in that state. The couch dipped behind you as your she sat behind you, rubbing your back like when she did when you were younger but that only made you cry harder, your tears finding their way onto your father’s clothes.
Yet, in that state, there was a certain pressure that you were able to relieve and as much as you had wanted to keep it at bay, you just let it out. Your father had replaced your mother’s hands on your back, patting it instead, letting you cry and cry. Clutching at him like when you were younger, when you first found out that he was gravely ill. He let you hold him like that, until you had stopped, and he would hold onto you tightly, even if had struggled when he was weak. He said your name softly , as he cradled your head, cooing it as he smoothed your hair.
“You must have been tired, huh? If it’s too hard, you can take some days off, come and stay with us, it’s okay,” He said, his voice reverberating against your body.
And he said that it was okay until you stopped crying, your hold on his body slipping as you grew tired, but sated. Your mother had come to the other side, wiping your tears and your nose as you settled down. That made you feel better, and it was like that for the rest of the evening, until they settled in the spare room while you were in yours. For the first time in a while, you had a good sleep, dreaming of nothing in particular.
Taehyung had spent the morning of the his day off in the kitchen of the dorm, he hadn’t really slept so he was finding ways to occupy himself to pass the time, until he grew tired enough to nap. Yoongi was making some decaf-coffee in front of him since he couldn’t have the real thing, it made him too sick. They were in a comfortable silence until Yoongi mentioned that it was your birthday the day before. Taehyung looked up from his phone.
“Did you greet her?” Yoongi asked, it was casual, he had no idea what happened between you and Taehyung.
“No,” Taehyung said, feeling the uncomfortable because he didn’t expect to be in front of Yoongi of all people. Besides, this was the second time he was being asked whether he greeted you. Yoongi shrugged his shoulders at his answer, letting it go. They fell into a comfortable silence again, until Taehyung broke it.
Yoongi had sat down in front of him, shoving the metal straw in the plastic cup that housed his iced decaf Americano. Taehyung had placed his phone faced down and Yoongi waited for him to carry on. Taehyung chewed the inside of his cheek, nervous all of the sudden.
“Did Hye-yeon ever complain about dating you?” He asked. Yoongi raised his eyebrows, not expecting such a question, especially so early in the morning. Taehyung fidgeted in his seat, somewhat regretting asking that question. Yoongi was quiet, his eyes looking at the coffee as he bit the inside of his mouth out of habit, making his lips quirk to the side.
“I thought she would more often than she did. I met her when we were already pretty successful. But I wanted more for us.” Taehyung knew he meant BTS, and he nodded, understanding Yoongi’s hunger.
“So when we were dating, I was worried because I didn’t want to give anything less than one-hundred percent into the relationship. I felt pressured in way, to a live up to a perfect standard of love that I wanted for myself, and at the time, I was regretting a lot of my actions,” Yoongi continued. He took a sip of the coffee, wincing at the taste. Taehyung imagined that those words were harder for Yoongi to say at some point, since he knew that he wasn’t someone who took things lightly. He assumed that Yoongi’s regret came from being too busy and stretched too thin. There were only so many hours in the day and Taehyung knew that if he could, Yoongi would forgo sleep if that meant that he had extra time. Yet he was happy that he could have these conversations with Yoongi like this.
“So to compensate for that guilt, I kept telling her that one day, when it’s all over, when the work eases off, I could devote myself to her in the way I wanted. I kept describing our life together, how it would pan out, I kept telling her this and that,” Yoongi reminisced, finding it in himself to laugh at how he was before. Taehyung exhaled a laugh too, detecting parallels with himself.
“Then Hye-yeon sat me down and reassured me. She said that I didn’t have to constantly remind her that I would be there once the activities with Bangtan eased off. She said it was okay to just support me and that I could come to her whenever I was ready. That she’ll always be there,” Yoongi smiled, replaying the memories in his mind.
Taehyung found himself thinking about Dami. About how he did the same thing, narrating this fanciful life that he had planned. Now, he realised that much like Yoongi, he had kept saying it because he was afraid that he would never have that perfect life even after the commitments for BTS have calmed down. Dami was the person he had chosen to anchor those dreams to. But at the same time, he forgot that she was also the person who had to handle that kind of pressure from him.
Though what he wanted may not have seemed much from his perspective, it was for her. Since Dami loved him, it was harder to refuse him, to voice her own opinion. Then he remembered all the things that she would do for him, how more often than not, he was always receiving her love. What’s more, it turned out that she was just really good at hiding her reservations. That was how she loved him; by making sure that he was content so that he wasn’t stressed or anxious, because it affected his work. He felt Yoongi’s stare at him as he was quiet for some time.
“I hurt someone that I cared about. I loved someone so much to the point where they felt suffocated,” He said quietly, not meeting Yoongi’s gaze. What he didn’t tell him was that he was taking about two people, you and Dami. It was a convoluted set of circumstances that had exhausted him. Nothing was really resolved because he had ran away, wanting the silence to drown everything out. But it was unbearable. He had contemplated crying at random times because the pressure was pushing past the point of tolerance.
Yoongi gave him a sympathetic smile, somehow understanding him despite the lack of explanation. He eased himself out of the bench, the cup was nearly empty. Then he turned to Taehyung, who was staring into space again, lost in his thoughts.
“Taehyung-ah, there’s nothing that a sincere apology can’t fix. If not, there’s always time.”
Later that evening, Taehyung had decided to message Dami. He said that wanted to meet her and when she agreed, he grew nervous, as if he didn’t expect to even get a response at all. She agreed to come back to his apartment since it was on the way from a job that she had scheduled. Now, as the clock read 7:48PM, Taehyung was slightly tipsy because he had some leftover wine. Yeontan was with his parents this time and his apartment was quiet. The front door clicked open, and he heard some shuffling. He knew that Dami was putting on the slippers that he had laid out for her. When she appeared from the corridor, Taehyung fidgeted on the bar stool in the kitchen, he noted that her short hair had grown and now brushed her shoulders. She wore green slacks that flowed as she moved, and then a white linen shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows.
“Hey,” He said quietly, waiting for her to situate herself across him. She did so without a word, waiting for him to continue. Taehyung opened his mouth then shut it again because he hadn’t realised that he was crying, the alcohol making it more difficult to control his emotions.
“How are you?” He asked, his voice broke as he tried to smile.
“I’m good,” She replied. Though he could see that she had tears forming in her eyes too. Taehyung inhaled shakily, his body pitching forward to look at her intently, his vision was blurred as the tears continued to fall down his cheeks.
“Really?” He asked, as his nostrils flared to control his breathing, because his chest had tightened. Then, he hung his head in defeat, annoyed with himself because she was still being kind and polite.
“Why does it bother me to hear that you’re doing well?” He asked, his voice changing, sounding congested. Then he leaned back, closing his eyes to laugh at himself. He brought his hand up to his eyes to wipe the tears away, he felt that his face was hot. As soon as he had covered his eyes he felt himself crying harder.
“Taehyung, what was it that you needed to tell me,” Dami said in a quiet voice, he could hear a noticeable tremor in her voice. He looked up, schooling himself, taking a deep breath but he still didn’t meet her in the eye. It was strange that it took him this long to realise, that he had hurt her when he didn’t mean to at all.
“I - I realised what I’ve done to you. To us,” He replied, his voice sounded defeated. When he finally looked up to meet Dami, she began to cry, hiding her face with both of her hands as the tears fell continuously. Her shoulders shook as her hair fell over her face, her breaths coming in shallow gasps. Taehyung reached forward to squeeze her arm and she stopped, inhaling sharply. Then, she closed the distance by cupping his cheek, not caring if it was wet with his tears.
“I’m a horrible person Taehyung,” She said, shaking her head while she affectionately rubbed the tears from his eyes. She was crying again, and her hand shook. Taehyung shook his head, bringing his hand to go over hers, not wanting to let her go.
“Why didn’t you say anything?” He asked, desperate for some sort explanation. Dami pulled her hair away, her face constricting as she tried to collect herself. Her eyes grew puffy as she bit her lip.
“Why?” Taehyung asked again, clutching at the straws.
“Why, when you felt like it was too much, why didn’t you tell me?” He asked, realising that he had stopped crying to search for answers. He hung his head, feeling slightly dizzy. Dami sighed, sniffing. When he looked up, she was shaking her head, trying to control her breath as she drew her hands away and brought it underneath the table. He knew that she hand them clasped together so she wouldn’t fidget. Taehyung groaned when she wasn’t speaking, it was a cry of frustration because even now, she was still holding back. She knew that he was aware, so why?
“I couldn’t,” She gasped, crying again, as her tears slid down from her eyes turning them almost bloodshot. And Taehyung knew that that meant that she loved him too much to change him. And somewhere along their relationship, she gave up wanting to ask him if he would wait for her instead.
Taehyung took a deep breath and motioned for her to sit next to him, on the spare bar stool. Dami followed wordlessly, sitting down as if her body was so heavy. Taehyung hugged her arm, nuzzling himself at the crook of her neck. She smelled different and that made him inexplicably sad. Dami stayed where she was, motionless as Taehyung leaned into her.
“I’m so sorry Dami,” He said quietly. He was apologising for everything. For all the things he missed and how thoughtless he was. He was apologising because he knew that they could never go back to how it was. He was apologising because he knew that everything that had transpired between them was irretrievable because they were going in separate directions.
“I’m sorry,” He said again, exhaling a sigh, still leaning on her. Then he felt her shift so she could lean her head against his shoulder. Taehyung complied, letting her as he rested his head on hers. Dami sighed, her breath sounded shaky and Taehyung took her hand in his, lacing their fingers together. They stared at the dim interior of the home they once shared, feeling exhausted but at peace. This time, Taehyung didn’t feel like the silence was unbearable. He hoped that he had managed to convey his sincerity in his apology because everything he did to Dami was unintentional.
They stayed like that until they weren’t crying anymore and Dami had to leave. He let her go, watching her back as she left him alone. And when he crawled into bed, he had dreamt of nothing, succumbing to the tiredness that seeped into his bones.
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Hello beautiful people!
I'm working on the next chapter of Angels and you will most probably get to read it somewhere around next week 🤭
Just wanted to leave this here 🙃
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wavyyl0sr · a day ago
Tumblr media
pairing: nonidol!taehyung x black non-binary!reader
genre: established relationship, drabble
warnings: heartbreak, brief talk about death in the family (summary), brief talks about rehab and alcohol abuse.
summary: it’s been six years since you and taehyung have been the picture-perfect couple. friends and family always praise how healthy the relationship is. that was until two years ago, your mom had passed away from a heart attack. now isolating yourself frequently, taehyung has seen less of you and you seem to not care. you acknowledge the fact that the relationship is going nowhere but the drain. You also realize you need to focus on your path of life before it’s too late.
a/n: thinking of doing a pt. 2 with more description, (this idea came out of nowhere, took me ten minutes to make).
Tumblr media
Tossing your bag on the couch, you sigh walking to your shared room. You’ve been having withdrawals, trying your best to stay away from alcohol knowing if you went back you would just be placed in rehab relearning the steps you already know. Opening the door, you see your boyfriend already focused on whatever foolishness he’s doing.
Smiling and cursing loudly. Walking past him, you press a soft kiss against his cheek, then walking into the bathroom. Closing the door behind you, you walk to the hidden door next to the sink.
Pulling it slightly open, you pull your luggage and two envelopes of money that would last you for three years or more if you used it just how you planned. Opening one of the envelopes, you pull a train ticket out, placing it in your pocket before reopening your luggage and stuffing the envelopes in there.
Looking in the mirror, you fix your scarf on your braids. Turning the water on, you splash water on your face, dapping the water off with a paper towel and turning the sink off.
Placing your left hand on the bathroom door and gripping your luggage with the right. You sigh heavily, knowing what you were getting yourself into before actually taking the steps. Turning the lights off, you open the door and closing it behind you with your luggage hitting the wooden floor.
Taehyung turns in your direction, brows furrowing in confusion. Pulling his headphones off, you continue to stare at him with pleading eyes. “Where are you going?” He mutters the room becomes a broken glass and every step you take becomes more agonizing with bleeding cuts.
“Going home.” Becoming more confused, “what are you talking about? You’re home.” You shake your head. “No, Taehyung. I’m going back to Chicago. Back home.”
“What?! Why? I mean why didn’t yo-” “Because I need to get myself together, Taehyung. I need to go back home and mend my heart and mind.” Feeling his hand touch the side of your cheek, you jump, moving your face to the side before he fully touches you.
His heart aches in shock, pulling his hand away. He sighs. “Is it something I did? What can-” “There’s nothing you can do, Taehyung.” Your heart cuts in two hearing how harsh you sound. “Well, how long are you going to stay?” You honestly didn’t know. You just knew you needed to get away.
“How long healing takes.” You mutter, walking towards your bedroom door, Taehyung follows behind like a lost puppy.
“Will you come back?” You hear the crack in his voice, knowing he’s already tearing up. Just like you. “Yes.” You don’t know if you're lying either to him or you. “Can I kiss you?” You shake your head, pulling the door open and slamming it. You were selfish for that you think to yourself but it’s better to be selfish then letting him in even more.
Opening the front door, your place your promise ring on the small table. Shutting the door close and getting in your car. You see him staring at you by your bedroom window, seeing tears fall to his chin.
You two knew you wouldn’t be coming back. There was no point in returning anyway.
Not in your eyes anymore. Even when you love him most.
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You Shall Not Fall
Summary: Wars are fought at many places at once – at the war front, at secret quests, within your home and inside your heart. You are one of the four of an elite group of magic wielders being trained for the most highly dangerous missions of your country. But on how many fronts can you fight at once?
Pairing: Namjoon x m/c
Warnings: Slight angst, anxiety, mentions of death
Author’s note: Hello. Having spent most of my life escaping into the most beautiful fantasy worlds created by notable authors, when I wanted to write my first BTS fanfiction, a world of magic, witches, wizards with the usual tropes of angst, fluff and smut was all I could think of. If you are reading this, I request you to leave me a review in my ask, dm, comment or reblog. I know the only way I will improve is with your thoughts and feedback.
Taeyang Wang-gug – Kingdom of the Sun
Mupaeui Ttang – The Undefeated Land
Mabeob-ui Sawon – The Temple of Magic
Acknowledgement LOVE: My deepest thanks and love to Shyn, @sunshyngal , for making this journey with me.
Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3  Chapter 4
Chapter 5
The grass was rough under my arms as I crouched behind a bush observing the horrifying scene in front of me. Taehyung and Jungkook did the same from behind their respective foliage while Jimin had taken position in one of the trees. Ahead of us was a camp of three tents. The soldiers seemed relaxed going about their business while of few of them kept watch deeper into the forest. If any of them were magic-wielders, I could not tell. But what I was most worried about were the two tracking hounds tied to posts. I immediately let my magic flow to the earth in a slow stream and got rid of our traces with the utmost care not to alert the camp.
It is a trap, I thought. They wish to catch the escapees between their pursuers and this contingent waiting for them.
I looked up to Jimin, waiting in the tree with his bow drawn. When you controlled air, you can control exactly where your arrow landed. I made a mental note to ask him to take out the hounds first, if push came to shove. He signalled for us to retreat and we slowly moved away from our hiding points to a secure place about fifty yards away.
We waited for Jimin to arrive not daring to speak. He finally arrived, his bow back on his shoulders. He approached us and extended his arms, pulling up a cocoon of air around us that would not let our words travel beyond it.
“How many?”, Jungkook asked when Jimin nodded.
“More or less thirty with two hounds.”, he answered. “What do we do?”
“They are waiting to ambush. If we take them down, our people can cross over safely.”, said Taehyung.
“If we engage, we have to take out all of them. We cannot leave witnesses. You know the drill. Even if we manage not to die within the first five minutes, something like this will have huge repercussions.”
“How do we stay hidden then? Even if we evade these people?”, asked Taehyung.
“Well,”, I said opening my satchel and giving them a peak at the dirty rags inside. “I stole these from the last village. I did leave coins so do not judge me. I was wondering we could dress us as the escapees, and if we successfully save them, ask for their silence as payment.”
“I cannot come up with anything better at the moment. So, we just sneak past this camp?”, said Jimin.
“This is what we should do. Jimin, keep this shield up and mask any sound of our progress. Rina, keep sensing the Earth for our people or more of theirs. Me and Taehyung will take care of our trace.”, said Jungkook.
“Jimin, you take the lead. Rina, you look out for any attack. Kookie and I will take the back. We move together.”, said Taehyung.
I closed my eyes and let my power extend far beyond I had ever tried. I reached and reached till I could sense the camp. I could feel the strain as my energy drained slowly but steadily. But I was used to practicing magic for extended periods of time. I nodded as they took their position. We moved as a unit, gliding stealthily among the tree trunks, careful to not make any sound.
I forced my mind to dwell on and judge every movement occurring within fifty yards of us. We kept moving and soon arrived at the place where we would be crossing parallelly to the camp. I studied every footstep, every thud making sure we were not detected. I could feel the hum of magic in the air around me knowing that Jimin had further secured the shield around us. Hearts pounding, we kept moving, praying to the Universe to not let this be the end. We kept going till the movements of the camp faded away at the distance.
Finally, satisfied with our position, I signalled them to stop and we all collapsed to the forest floor exhausted. Danger had been averted for now. But we were far too drained than we would have liked so early in the quest.
Hoseok inspected the craftsmanship of the new swords as he waited for his quartet to arrive. He looked up to see Yoongi walk in and smiled in greeting. Seokjin and Namjoon soon arrived and as a habit, they made sure they were out of earshot for any stragglers.
“So, what did you want to talk about?”, asked Yoongi.
“I think there is something we could do about the situation with the escapees in Taeyang Wang-gug.”, Hoseok said. “But we would need Rina’s help with this and it is going to be complicated for her.”
“What are you planning?”, asked Namjoon, surprised. “Though let me tell you she would do anything to help.”
“Her father has been appointed to the privy council. Did you know that? It is said he is one of the few people the King trusts.”
“I did receive the news. He is honourable when it comes to anything other than his daughter.”, said Seokjin with a hint of anger.
“Well, he seemed desperate to mend his relations with her. Do you remember when he came here for the Solstice festival and Rina just ignored him every time, he tried to talk to her. He seemed very persistent.”, said Hoseok.
“And you want Rina to ask her father to get a Royal approval for the quest. As desperate as he is to get in her good graces, he will oblige. Or at least try his best.”, finished Namjoon.
“I do not ‘want’ her to do anything. I am just suggesting this as a possibility. The choice is hers. If it were up to me, she should never have to talk to the ones who hurt her so terribly.”, said Hoseok. Sighing, he continued. “But we cannot deny that this could help our people and we have sworn to protect them. Rina knows this and, as far as I know her, she will agree.”
“It would hurt her to sell her pride to her father. But she will survive.”, said Yoongi.
“She would be too happy to have played a role in the rescue to spare her father any thoughts.”, said Namjoon. “Let us go and ask her.”
“You all go ahead to her room. I will get Taehyung and Jimin. Jungkook should be with her already. It will be easier for her with her quartet there.”, said Hoseok.
Namjoon, Yoongi and Seokjin made their way to their youngest trainees’ rooms and they were surprised to enter and find it empty.
“Where are they?”, Seokjin asked looking around.
Noticing the piece of paper on Rina’s bed, Namjoon picked it up. “What is this? Looks like a letter.”, he said.
Their expressions turned grim as they went through the contents of the paper and having finished, just looked at each other in annoyance and anger.
‘Just when I thought they were finally growing up, they go ahead and do something like this.”, said Seokjin, pinching the bridge of his nose.
Yoongi looked at the letter more closely and frowned. “Does something not sound off to you? This is unlike them. They are not the kind who run away.”, he said. “You don’t think they have gotten themselves in some kind of trouble, do you?”
Namjoon was slightly seething in anger. “I saw Rina last night and I could tell she was worried about something. I did not push it and thought that she would share when she is ready. I surely was not looking forward to her running away in the middle of the night.” Namjoon had felt worried when he had woken up that morning to an empty bed. He was the early riser and would wake her up every morning. Now, he just felt hurt.
Just then, Hoseok walked in. “Tae and Jiminie are not in their room.”, he said. On seeing the three of them standing there, he asked, “What is going on?”
“They are not in their rooms as they have snuck off to Jeon manor.”, said Seokjin handing Hoseok the note.
Hoseok perused it with genuine surprise which turned to strict anger. He had always been the sincerest about his work ethics.
“I thought we taught them better than this. I was wrong, I guess.”, he said shoulders drooping with an exasperated sigh.
“Let us send a fire message to Jeon manor and ask them to get their asses back. I shall mention vaguely about the escapees’ situation. That would bring them back quick.”, said Yoongi. They nodded.
“We need to have a talk with them. The audacity!”, said Seokjin. The rest grunted their agreement, disappointed at their dongsaengs’ actions.
Namjoon went to the window and looked outside. He found it hard to think beyond what could possibly be troubling Rina that she could not share with him. But, Yoongi was right. Rina was not one to run. Neither were his brothers. There was more going on than he knew. What are you all playing at? he thought.
Sneaking around in the dark amongst towering trees was not something new for the four of us. We had spent countless nights exploring the forest outside the temple in the dead of the night, laughing, joking and honing our skills. Darkness had always been a source of comfort for us, allowing us to explore ourselves and the world with no one around to play jury. Trainees had curfew and could not leave the temple after midnight without permission. Our land was very eager about protecting trainees as wielders are rare and they want to preserve the next generation. But the four of us were always eager to break rules because, well… just because they exist.
But tonight, it was different. Tonight, we felt helpless as we had been wandering for hours in the woods in a hostile land with no sign of what or rather who we were looking for. Drawing on my magic for hours without break was starting to take a toll on me. But I knew I still could go on for many hours. My partners did not look great either as I had been continuously borrowing their energy. Reaching into the Earth I had detected so many wild animals, snakes, sleeping badgers and what not, but there was no indication of a group of people.
Jimin looked closely at the map and then, at the sky. “We are moving towards the city of Sohang. That is where the slaves escaped from. We should encounter them in the route.”, he informed us.
“Can we rest for a while?”, I asked.
“Four hours till sunrise, Riri. It would be best if we could keep going.”, Taehyung said.
“Here, share with me.”, said Jungkook. “The faster we get out of here, the better.” I felt him push his power towards me and I pushed back.
“Oh no!”, I said. “Conserve your energy. I won’t be much help in combat. You need to be ready.” Fire wielders were notoriously beneficial in combat.
I steeled myself and we moved along, my magic dispersed around me like a web running through the soil. Taking a deep breath, I pushed further into the distance. I almost blacked out due to the sensory overload but steadied myself. It was in moments like these I realized how much we had yet to learn and why the new quartet always quested with the older one. Learning withing the four walls of Mabeob-ui Sawon could never have prepared me for how I felt myself slowly inching towards insanity every time I tried to sense yards and yards ahead of me. But I would keep fighting. I would be alright as I always have been. It was in this moment of grappling with helplessness did I detected strong vibrations ahead of us.
“Something up ahead north.”, I said. “About 70 yards.”
“If it is another herd of deer, I would lose it. This would be the sixth time.”, said Taehyung.
“We’ll have to go and check. I cannot tell from here.”, I said.
We approached the vibrations cautiously; our footsteps soundless due to Jimin’s shield of air. Up ahead we observed a thick cluster of trees from behind which, the tremors were coming.
Jimin signalled towards a tree big enough to support the four of us. We climbed high and looked beyond the barrier. Huddled behind the trees, were men, women and even children. Relief washed over me. I looked up to see Jungkook and Taehyung seem equally relieved but Jimin’s face was a mask of horror and fury. I looked back at the escapees and this time I truly saw them. They looked exhausted; their bodies sprawled on the ground. A few of them were not moving. Even in the dark, the blood, injuries and stench were hard to miss. My insides revolted at the sight and I forced it back.
“How do we approach them?”, whispered Jungkook.
“We cannot go directly. They might take us as a threat.” Pulling out the pieces of paper and pen I always kept with me, I continued, “Let us write them a note which Jimin can direct towards them. Let us write that we are here to help from Mabeob-ui Sawon and we would approach them in a few minutes and show us our totem as proof.” Our totems were the crest of magic wielders that were tattooed on our stomach when we arrived to train at the temple. It revealed our identities and thus was put in a concealed part of our bodies.
I quickly tore a piece of paper and scribbling down on it, handed it over to Jimin. We held our breaths as the note flew down and landed at the feet of a man who seemed to be on watch. He jumped and hesitated a moment before picking it up. Reading the note, he stood still for a moment before shouting out to his comrades. The little camp became a flurry of action as we watched some of them take up position in the front shielding the rest. They watched out from behind the trees ready for any kind of attack.
The wielders, I thought.
“Let’s go.”, Jungkook whispered. The four of us climbed down carefully. I took of my leather breastplate and approached the barrier slowly.
“Halt!”, we heard a voice ahead of us. “Show us your mark.”
Pulling up my shirt to expose the crest, I summoned the tiniest ball of light and held it under the mark to make it visible for the people up ahead.
“You may approach.”, the voice called out after a while. Quickly donning our gear back, we walked in through the barrier. Twenty pairs of eyes stared at us.
“Your marks are not complete. You are trainees.”, said one of the six wielders.
“We maybe trainees but we are also the next main quartet. Anyway, you asked for help and we are all that you are getting.”, said Jungkook.
“I am Sky. These are Ember, Mirror and River.”, Jimin said pointing to Jungkook, Taehyung and me.
What in the seven hells? I thought. Those fake names could not sound any faker. Tae and Kookie looked equally weirded out.
“We would need a briefing on the situation. But before that let us tell you that you cannot cross at the Jihan. You have an ambush group waiting for you there.”, I said.
I saw their eyes tighten. “We have been running for three days. They sent a group of eight hunters with hounds after us. We have managed to evade for now. But we can’t hold on for much longer.”, said one of them.
I looked at him and shivered a little. He looked battered and weak but his eyes shone with the determination of someone who had nothing to lose.
“Which way are they coming from?”, I asked.
I once again felt the Earth as far I could with the help of my partners and thankfully came up with nothing.
“I cannot feel anyone near us. But we need to move. The four of us will cover our traces. We need to take a different route though. Our best option would be to travel towards the sea. From what I know this forest ends with a small mountain range on the other side of which is the sea. We can escape by ship.”
“Where will we find a ship?”, asked Taehyung.
“Samjichang harbour.”, answered a wielder. She was a lady with brown hair and darting eyes. “It is a small and abandoned harbour mainly used for fishing boats. I have heard that some old ships are tied there, discarded by some lords. We can find one that works.”
“Alright. If we do not get ships, we shall take the fishing boats. But we should get going. I do not like the idea of staying here when we are being hunted.”, said I.
“We will gather our people.”, said one of them. The wielders dispersed and the four of us huddled together.
“I think we should move in a square formation with the four of us taking each corner.”, said Jimin.
“Rina and I will take the back. You two take the front.”, said Jungkook.
“Yes.”, Jimin nodded. “Also, Tae and I will take care of the trace. Rina, you look out for the hunters and share Kookie’s strength.”
“Alright. How long is it to Samjichang?”, I asked.
“We should arrive by nightfall on the morrow.”, said an elderly woman.
After a quick quartet hug and loads of shuffling later, we were moving through the forest as a tight unit. Our progress was agonizingly slow.
“We need to pick up speed.”, I said, my senses stretched wide. Now that I was using mine and Jungkook’s combined strength, it was easier for me to keep a clear head as I projected. We stopped a few times for the injured to rest. The other six wielders formed a protective barrier around the fourteen men, women and children. We shared some of our water with our brethren but kept most of it in case we needed water to wield.
I could hear a steady hum of conversation among the people but no one spoke to us and neither did we. What could we possibly say to them when their lives had been so different from ours? And I could feel that they were not sure what to make of us, four trainees out for a mission of this magnitude. But I could feel a slight change in the mood of the group since we first met them - a change that smelled somewhat of hope.
I was lost in these thoughts when I felt something heavy stir at the edges of my senses. Immediately, I tuned my focus to the tremors and felt my blood chill. I could clearly detect more than eight sets of footfall moving towards us fast.
“Pursuers within 150 yards.”, I shouted. “Way more than eight! Close to fifteen!”
Immediately a panicked hum rose from the travellers. The footfalls were getting dangerously close but I knew from the lack of increase in speed, that we had not been discovered yet.
“They must have sent reinforcements when they lost out trace.”, said Taehyung.
The footfalls were dangerously close now and I felt something stir within me – something I had not felt in a long while – unadulterated fury.
“Listen up!”, I said. “Tae, Jimin and other wielders protect the group and run. Get out of here as fast as you can! Me and Jungkookie will stall them. And do not forget to remove your traces.”
“We cannot leave you behind!”, snapped Taehyung.
“Tae”, I said eerily calm. “Trust me. Just go.”
He looked at me and relented. He knew we had no choice. The wielders got the group in control as I turned to Jungkook. His face was a mask of pure rage.
“I wield, you cover?”, I asked him.
He nodded, drawing his sword.
I felt his power, hot and blinding, mingle with mine and at that moment, instead of calling on to Earth like I always did, I called on to fire. There was something Seokjin and Hoseok had explained to us long back. They had said that no wielder is born powerful than the other. Some may be more tuned to their magic but with the right stimulus or practice or both, there was no magic beyond any warlock’s reach. And anger was a very powerful stimulus.
Two bright flames appeared on my outstretched arm and I was ready to hurl them in the direction of the footsteps. Stories of years and years of war and oppression ran through my mind and I knew that with my rage blended with Jungkook’s, this fire would rage long and strong and destroy everything in its path for miles. It would consume every cursed dweller on this cursed land that came in its way leaving a mark in their hearts as big as they had left years ago.
What are you doing? I heard a voice in my mind say.
I paused for a moment. What was I doing? The very purpose of quests was to get the job done without anyone the better. Setting an inferno and taking away hundreds of lives would not only continue but worsen this poisoned conflict of centuries. I could not hurt innocents who had nothing to do with where they were born – who were suffering just like we were in a pointless war.
Taking deep breaths, I calmed down letting the anger go and thinking instead. What would Joon do? He would be clever. Determined I crouched down and touched the Earth. I let all of my anger, frustrations and fear flow into my magic, as did Jungkook. I concentrated deeply on the ground where the footfalls were coming from and pushed.
I could feel it all as large craters opened up beneath our pursuers’ feet, plunging the humans and canines deep into the earth. Trees uprooted and fell and the Earth rose in a huge barrier in front of us. The tree trunks fell across the craters caging the people in. Even with wielding powers, it would take an incredible amount of power to escape from my earthen prison. It would be enough to buy us time.
I lost my balance and fell to the ground, my consciousness slipping. I could see Jungkook falling beside me. I had drained both of us beyond repair. We need to go, I thought, my mind fuzzy. But I could not move. Jungkook lay beside me, his eyelids drooping down. The last thing I remembered before passing into darkness was being collected into strong unfamiliar arms.
Namjoon sat in his room quietly as he fiddled with a red ribbon in his hands. Rina had a habit of tying her hair with this ribbon when she tried to look good but did not want her long wavy tresses getting in the way of her daily shenanigans. He smiled thinking the way she would collect her hair and tie it up with a determined blaze in her eyes; her tying her hair up indicated that she was going for the kill.
Just come back to me., he thought. Don’t you know there is nothing you could say that I would not help you out with? How much are you suffering that you had to run?
He had been angry for most of the day. But now the anger was gone, replaced by worry and longing.
Suddenly a flame appeared in front of him, burning out to reveal a piece of paper. He picked up the fire message and frowned. It was a message from Jeon manor stating that the four of them were not there. The manor had not received any word about their arrival either.
His worry thickened as he felt his anger return. They had lied about where they were. He was convinced that something was very wrong and he knew nothing about it.
He quickly sent fire messages to the other members of his quartet informing them of the new development and setting up a meeting in his room.
I am going to make sure you are safe. And then I am going to kill you., he thought.
He walked up to his cupboard where Rina kept some of her things to put the ribbon back into place. His eyes fell upon the box that contained her knife – a gift from him, the one she had decided to use in her first quest.
Suddenly the most disturbing thought crossed his mind that sent his heart pounding.
Oh no. They would not be that stupid., he thought. But then with sinking horror he remembered the questions she had asked him the night before – all about quests and mistakes.
Heart thundering in his chest, he took the box. Bracing himself, he opened it to find it empty.
Namjoon felt a wave of nausea hit him as he realized where his lover was, where his brothers were. And he knew from experience that it was most likely that he would never see them again.
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The Light of the Galaxy
Tumblr media
Pairing: Taehyung x reader Genre: Angst, Time Travel AU Rating: PG13 Words: 1.2k Warnings: major character death
Summary: You find a cassette that has a backstory that you’ve forgotten.
Note: unedited because I’m a fool. Inspired by the Japanese live action film, Time Traveller: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.
Written for BGW Drabble Marathon    ⮩ Theme 4: X-inspired
Tumblr media
The sounds from cicadas are the first things you hear when you wake up. The carpet floor you’re lying on feels comfortable but out of place. Like you suddenly appeared there, from a different dimension.
This is your room. Yet, you feel like you haven’t been there for a while.
You try to go through your memories to figure out why you feel so out of place. Figure out why you’ve ended up passed out on the floor, in clothes that you wore yesterday. Yesterday? When was yesterday?
Fumbling around a bit, your hand hits something hard. You turn to where your hand is and see that something has slipped out of your bag. It’s a foreign object, and your memory doesn’t give you any clue as to how it got in your possession.
You’ve seen one of these objects before. Your mum owned a few, some that your estranged father left behind. You don’t know how they work, only know about them simply due to curiosity.
You open the case and the item inside gives you some odd wave of nostalgia and longing. It’s a video cassette. And written on it, is a title to what might be a film.
The Light of the Galaxy
Tumblr media
“If Jin-hyung and Yoongi-hyung got big in their careers, do you think I would’ve become a famous director?” Taehyung asked eyes lit up like a puppy. Your heart skipped a beat at his expression. There was something about his positivity that moved you.
“I guess?” you shrugged, not recognising his face or name from your time at all.
“C’mon, see if you can remember,” Taehyung said with a teasing smile, nudging you with his elbow. “Kim Taehyung, movie director. Does it ring a bell?”
“No,” you said, shaking your head before letting out a laugh as you joke, “maybe you’re just some random old man.”
Taehyung let out an offended gasp, a hint of a smile in his dramatic expression. After a laugh to brush it off, he looked up at the sky with a twinkle in eye, wishful smile resting on his lips. “Well, I hope I’ll at least be a handsome random old man.”
Tumblr media
“What’s the name of the film?”
“The Light of the Galaxy.”
Recognition flashes in Park Jimin’s eyes and his breath hitches. “The director?”
You frown, shaking your head. “It doesn’t say.”
“Oh.” He looks torn, biting his lips,
“Is something wrong?” you ask hesitantly, still not familiar with the person who should be.
“I filmed a short film with a close friend back in the day,” he says with a sombre smile, before sighing. “But it’s a cheesy title. I’m not surprised that there’s other homemade films out there with the same name.”
Something in his expression tells you that there’s a sad back story to the film Park Jimin worked on but unfortunately, you don’t know him well enough to pry. So instead, you awkwardly thank him for the video cassette player, and quietly promise to stay for tea when you return it.
Tumblr media
Sad smile on his face, Taehyung handed you a square box. Your heart had hurt at seeing his expression, imagining the kind of pain he might have been going through in the last 24 hours. But instead of showing your hurt for him, you instead focused on lifting his spirits.
“Wow, this thing’s huge!”
Taehyung let out a laugh and your heart skipped a beat. “I want you to have it.”
Your eyes widened. “Really?”
“Yeah,” he looked at the stars starting to appear above the two of you, that wishful look in his eyes again. “I want to give you something to take with you to the future. To remind me of the time we had, in case my old man brain forgets.”
You hoped that he won’t. You smiled at the video cassette before putting it in your bag. “Thank you. I’ll treasure it.”
Taehyung sighed and then stood up, stretching as he did. “Right, I’m off then. It was really nice meeting you, Y/N.”
“You too,” you whispered back, hand clutching the shape of the cassette in your bag. You were going back to the future tonight. Taehyung was heading back to his home town to mourn with his family. Now was the right time to say goodbye. But you couldn’t help but feel like there were words left unsaid. Words that couldn’t make their way to your lips.
After wishing Taehyung goodbye, you started to head back to Taehyung’s flat — the safest place to disappear into the future. On your way there, you conveniently (or perhaps, inconveniently) bumped into a familiar face.
He looked like he was in a rush, face red and flushed. “Oh, hi Miss Y/N.”
“Where are you going?”
“I’m supposed to go on a bus to Daegu for a dance workshop but I’ve left my ticket at home,” he said with a worried sigh, ready to start running back to his house again.
You laughed a little. “You know you’re not going to be able to make it, right?”
Hoseok looked dejected. “Yeah, but I guess I hoped that I could. I was really excited for that dance workshop, you know.”
Your eyes widened when Hoseok’s words sink in, remembering the story he had told you back in your time. How he had left a ticket home and missed a bus to a dance workshop he was excited for. How the one time he left his ticket must’ve been the best stroke of luck. Or perhaps the work of fate.
How the bus he was supposed to take took a wrong turn and crashed, leaving no survivors.
Your feet started moving on their own, rushing to where the buses are, tears forming at the possibility of being too late. You arrived there just as Taehyung’s about to board the bus. You go to yell at his name —
Only to be held back by Kim Namjoon.
You struggled in his grip, telling him to let you go, to let you get to Taehyung before it’s too late.
“I know you want to save him,” Namjoon said, emotion in his voice that implied that he too was holding himself back. “But a person from the future must never change the past!”
“Then I’ll stay in the past!” you screamed, kicking yourself out of his grip just as Taehyung’s bus turned into the main road. You tried chasing it but it was too late. The bus was gone, never to return again.
You screamed Taehyung’s name until your vocal chords hurt, tears rolling down your cheeks. Namjoon caught up to you and he stood there, letting you mourn the person who weaved their way into your heart.
“You’ll forget everything about your journey to the past,” Namjoon said softly. “I’m sorry. It’s protocol.”
You wished you didn’t have to. But perhaps it was for the best.
And as you lost your consciousness, you whispered the words that were left unsaid.
“I love you.”
Tumblr media
The film is confusing, a short sci-fi film that probably has too many ideas thrown in and a non-linear style of story telling that is hard to follow. Yet, for some odd reason, you find yourself crying during the scene where a young woman is looking at the stars.
When you go to put the cassette away, find a note inside the case.
For you, who sees the stars in the future.
And you don’t know why, but the handwriting and words on the note makes your heart mourn, like you’ve lost something — or someone — important. Forever.
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justasparkwritings · a day ago
Coming Soon!!!
Tumblr media
Summary: Seokjin and you have been seeing each other for a few weeks, but neither have you have crossed the line from casually dating to lust and desire... will tonight finally be that night? 
Rating: PG13
For @ksmutclub​‘s Summer of Kiss! 
Tumblr media
Summary: Jungkook’s always chosen you, and together you’re ready to take the next step, to celebrate a new anniversary together. 
Rating: PG13 
For @btsgoldnetwork​‘s Fateful8 Anniversary event! 
Tumblr media
Summary: It isn't that you're tired of being single, it's that your friends are tired of hearing about  it. In an attempt to force the hand of your Friend with Benefits, you plead with your best friends to set you up with a series of eligible bachelors. Will this summer push you into the arms of the man you've always loved, or send you into the beds of  these eager suitors? This summer in the city is going to be a scorcher, are you ready to find out who is going to Be the One? 
Rating: NC17
For @bangtanwritingbingo​ summer 2K21
Camp Blue Side
Tag Lists: Message Me! 
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toloveyanderebts · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“What!? I’m dating Miss universe? That’s amazing”
Even if you correct him and tell him former Miss universe he won’t listen
“Once miss universe always Miss universe”
He’d be happy yet disappointed he didn’t find this out himself
“I thought I knew everything about you but you stay surprising me my love”
Tumblr media
He already knew but didn’t really care. He waited for you to tell him.
“Wow really? I mean I can see why you’d be the winner baby”
He’d joke about your future daughter following your footsteps
“Baby please, with my looks and yours we’ll obviously have a goddess”
He didn’t care because that tittle, it wasn’t necessary, as cheesy as it sounded to him you were already a universal beauty.
Tumblr media
He had no idea, he was totally clueless
“That’s so cool, did you like it? I’ve heard so many bad things but I guess there just rumors huh?”
He’s listen to your stories and though they weren’t all pleasant he was glad you’d won with your hard work
He’d go and watch all your videos on YouTube only to cheer you on as if he didn’t know you had won already
“Wow I bet I can make you hit that high note again… in the bedroom though” he’d say after watching the talent part of the show
(This was my 7th time trying to post this till tumblr said okay ✅ 😒)
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