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as we were, ch.5 — JJK [m]
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as we were | jeon jungkook x reader — series masterpost ! ˚₊✩
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⟶ 𝘨𝘦𝘯𝘳𝘦 : divorce au, infidelity au, eventual smut, heavy angst, lots of pining, 
⟶ 𝘳𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘨 : 18+
⟶𝘸𝘰𝘳𝘥 𝘤𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘵 : 13.5k (i got carried away…..um…)
⟶ 𝘴𝘶𝘮𝘮𝘢𝘳𝘺 : Whenever you think you’re starting to heal and move on, the universe kicks you on the gut, making you go back to where you started.
⟶ 𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘴 : lots of swearing, feeling of claustrophobia (kinda?), aww!jk, tae being a sweet bear fr, yoongi the loml, crying as always, talks of pregnancy, oc crying a lot (i’m sorry :/), jimin(kinda?), the chapter i cried most until now…..
⟶ 𝘯𝘰𝘵𝘦 : ik i said this would be a chapter filled with family drama, it does have some i’m not gonna lie, but not much or else the chapter would be too long…..but y’all better buckle up for the family drama on the next chapter *rubs hands*
i don’t think i’ve ever cried so much while writing a chapter, but this was me personally , and i guess you could say this is a ‘chiller’ chapter(?) compared to the others……? anyway, you guys will be the judge of that :>
                    #05: fake it till you make it
You're cuddling with him on his bed, both savouring each other's touch. His strong arms are around you, and yours are around him, your head laying on his muscular chest, using it as a pillow.
His graduation is tomorrow, and you came to his apartment to say how proud and excited you were; you didn't plan on staying the night. Still, the mere thought of his touch is already too hard not to give in, so when he proposed a night of just cuddling, it's needless to say you couldn't resist, especially when he asked you with his bunny smile; your weakness.
"Mmmmm, you wanna know something?" You ask, and he hums, his head on the crook of your neck.
"I told the stars about you." You whisper, and he chuckles, his laughter sending vibrations to your neck.
"Yeah? What did they say, hm?" Jungkook starts caressing your back with his tattooed hand, and you sigh in contentment, goosebumps appearing on your skin.
"They told me you're the one for me." You whisper, and he smiles, "They also told me you're the most beautiful person they ever saw walk the earth."
"I'm sure they were talking about you, baby." He kisses your hair, and you giggle while shaking your head.
"Nope, they were talking about you—who else is called Jungkook and has the most beautiful bunny smile in the world?" You smile, giddy, his cheeks grow red, and you can't help but coo at his adorableness.
"And what else did they say, hm?"
"They told me our future; that we'll end up together, in a beautiful penthouse, just you and me, no one else—and we'll live happily ever after."
"Since when are you this poetic, baby?" He chuckles, and you giggle slightly, hugging him tighter.
"Since you became my inspiration."
"So cheesy." He laughs in your neck, and you smile like an idiot. He kisses your skin, and you close your eyes, humming softly.
"I love you, Jungkook." You whisper, and Jungkook visibly stiffens, but you only caress his body lovingly.
"I know you can't say it; I know you're still not over her." You grab his head, taking it off your head and looking deeply into his brown eyes, the eyes you see your whole universe— your future in . "But I'll wait for you, Jungkook; I promise you, I'm not going anywhere. I'll wait years if that means you'll love me back one day." You smile, a small tear forming in your eyes.
Everyone tells you you're crazy for falling in love with Jungkook, that you're only putting yourself in the position to get hurt—you know you're insane, but you couldn't help your emotions to fall for his bunny smile, even when you close your eyes you know he pretends you are her.
You're helping him over his emotions, and you don't care about anything but the fact that he's yours now—not hers, but yours.
Jungkook looks at you in disbelief—he doesn't know what to say. When he's here with you, looking into your sparkling eyes and under your soft touch, he doesn't care about the world outside or about Eunbi—you're the only one he can think about, and he knows he's already falling for you.
He's lucky to have you in his life, and he knows it's selfish of him to keep you, knowing he's still not over his ex-girlfriend, but Jungkook can't let go of you—even if when he lays at night in his bed, he still wishes to be with her .
"I know I can love you one day, baby." He smiles, and your heart flutters, butterflies flying in your stomach from his words.
"I'll wait for that day; I'll wait forever if I need to." You lean in and kiss him, your hand residing on his cheek and tracing patterns with your thumb.
"I love you, Jungkook."
˚➶ 。˚
You continuously press the second-floor button like a maniac, a silent tear falling from your eye. You know it won't speed up the process, but god, do you hope it will. You can feel their eyes on your frame, but your body can't physically turn around and take a peek at them; it knows how painful it will be to see them, especially up this close.
Last night you were already a fucking wreck while seeing them both, and you weren't even close to them—but now you are, and it takes all of the little strength you have left not to have a mental breakdown right in front of the two people you hoped never to see again, especially together.
To say you're uncomfortable wouldn't even begin to describe it. You want the earth to swallow you whole and never see daylight again. This is the worst possible situation you could have ever imagined, and you want out of this elevator as soon as possible.
You nervously gulp. You hear Jungkook clear his throat and take a deep breath—even when they are in the far back corner of the elevator, you still feel as if they are hovering above you, watching your every move, and you struggle to breathe properly.
The elevator is spacious, but the tension inside you and outside makes you feel as if the walls are slowly compressing, the pressure and lack of space making you struggle to inhale and exhale—the feeling of anxiety crippling you. You bite your trembling lips and stay in your place, facing the elevator door and never turning your head, not even one inch; you can't look at them—one little peek, and you know you'll be hyperventilating and crumbling on the floor.
You need to seem strong in front of him; you cannot show him the control he truly has over you; you can't and won't ever give him that benefit, even if, behind his back, you're a mess with your emotions all over the place.
The elevator door finally opens, revealing an impatient Heejin, crossing her arms and tapping her foot on the ground. She smiles when she sees you, but her expression soon changes to shock when she sees who is behind you. Her mouth hangs open while you get off the elevator and grab her arm, not knowing where the heck you are pulling her to—you just need to get as far away from that elevator as you can.
"Oh shit, are you okay?!" She asks when you pull her into a random door, which makes you both end up in a storage room. Heejin caresses your arm as you pant, trying to calm down your erratic breathing.
You slowly breathe in and out for some minutes, and you're finally back to normal, but your hands and body are still slightly trembling. "Feeling better?" Heejin asks, and you nod with a deep sigh, letting out a last shaky breath before leaning your back on one of the shelves containing hospital equipment.
"Yeah." You whisper and close your eyes. "It's just not fun seeing your husba—ex-husband with his girlfriend." You bitterly chuckle, and Heejin scrunches her eyebrows, trying to process what you just said.
She widens her eyes, connecting the dots. "Holy shit, Doctor Kang is the side chick?!"
"Oh shit, I didn't tell you...." You groan, smacking your forehead with your hand, and Heejin gasps.
"She's my boss.....Holy crap, it was already difficult enough not to punch Jungkook; now I gotta do the same with that bitch." Heejin rolls her eyes, and you sit down on the floor, a deep sigh coming from your mouth as you stare intensely at the ground. "At least now I have a reason to hate her—I never liked her, especially how she treats me."
"What do you mean?" You furrow your eyebrows, lifting your head to look at your friend who's hovering above you and crossing her arms over her chest.
Heejin sits on the floor with you, putting your head on her shoulder while you both hug your knees. "Did I tell you she's his ex?"
"WHAT?!" Heejin shouts, and you close your eyes, your head still lying on her shoulder. "The ex, from like, college?!" She looks at you, and you slowly nod, making her scoff loudly, a low growl-like scold coming out of her. "Oh babe, I-I'm so sorry." Your best friend frowns, putting her head on top of yours, taking her hands off her knees, and wrapping around your body.
"I wanna kill them both so bad." Heejin grits her teeth, "If I end up in jail, will you bail me out?"
You laugh slightly at her question, "Of course, but knowing us, we'll probably get caught in like, an hour." You giggle, and she huffs, rolling her eyes playfully.
"That'll be because of you and your clumsiness; I have no doubt in that."
You take your head off her shoulder and scoff loudly while looking at her, your jaw on the floor from the unnecessary burn, making Heejin snort and laugh loudly. "That was so unnecessary." You shake your head with a playful scowl, and Heejin laughs, even more, her head resting on your shoulder from laughing so much. "Ugh, you never fail to roast me, even when I'm being sweet. Such a fake friend." You roll your eyes, and Heejin snorts.
"I'm sorry, but you make it so easy." She giggles, and your 'serious' face is gone when an unintentional laugh slips out, making you throw your head back.
You both stay laughing for a while until the cackles die down, and Heejin's head is now the one lying on your shoulder while your head is on top of her hair. You exhale deeply, you both trying to get over the sore feeling on your stomach while sitting in comfortable silence. You missed this, the lightness in your body, forgetting all the pain from the outside world; forgetting him—and you missed your best friend too.
"I'm sorry for not answering your call yesterday—I-I was having an argument with Jimin...." Your eyes widen, remembering what you saw the day before with Taehyung, and a knot forms on your stomach.
You try to swallow the lump forming in your throat, but you fail and exhale a shaky breath. You told yourself you wouldn't tell Heejin about what you saw because you didn't want to stress her out anymore—but now that you're here, right beside her, you feel conflicted. You want to tell her what you saw; she has the right to know. If it were you, you would also like to know—but then there's the unnecessary stress it might cause her.
After all, Jimin's already causing her stress by himself—and knowing about him, and Eunbi would only make things worse.
"W-why were you and Jimin arguing?"
Heejin sighs, "He didn't come home after that dinner at the bar. Sure I was mad, I still am, but why didn't he come home? He got me so worried, a-and I was afraid everything would repeat itself like two years ago. Do you remember?"
You nod with a sigh, a frown forming on your face. Two years ago, Jimin and Heejin were going through exactly what happened to you during the five months before your marriage completely broke. Like Jungkook, Jimin acted cold towards her; he always told her he had to be somewhere after work and always came home late.
Heejin came to you while crying her heart out, telling you how she was afraid Jimin was cheating on her and that her marriage was over, and they were only married for a few months at the time. Heejin is the most fierce person you know, and seeing her in that state made your heart break into tiny pieces. You knew how much she loved Jimin, just as much as you loved Jungkook.
You encouraged her to talk to him, and in exactly a month since it happened, Jimin returned to his usual self, loving his wife dearly and saying he was only stressed with work; after all, he was in the middle of his fellowship. It eased Heejin, but the whole ordeal made her wary, and it took her some time to get over it.
You would always wonder what you would do if Jungkook ever cheated on you, but you never went too deep into the thought because, at the time, you were convinced that it would never happen, that he loved you too much ever think of doing the sinful act of infidelity—but oh, how wrong you were.
"I know I may be too much sometimes—too harsh—b-but I can't lose him, you know? I have no idea what I'll do if he leaves me." She whimpers, and a small tear falls from your eyes as you hold her tight.
"It'll be okay; Jimin loves you; I can see it in his eyes. If he were cheating, trust me, I would know....I know the eyes of a cheater." You comfort her, little drops of water trailing the skin of your cheeks as you remember Jungkook's eyes during the most hurtful months of your life—you saw the love he used to look at you with gone.....vanished from his brown eyes.
"Fuck, I'm such a bad friend—here I am sulking on my minor problems of what could happen when you're the one who was actually cheated on."
"No, no, I swear it's okay—" Heejin lifts her head from your shoulder, making you lift your head too, and she engulfs you in a tight hug.
"I'm so sorry for everything, ___. I'm sorry for not being able to be with you more, but I promise you; you don't deserve Jungkook." You whimper when his name comes out of Heejin's mouth; you absolutely hate that just the mention of his name is enough to make you shatter. But this time, you don't wholly crumble down—the events of the night before were so much that you're drained and too tired to sob your heart out. If you do, you might just end up in a hospital bed.
"It's okay." You pull out of her hug, and Heejin stares at you with uncertainty. "I promise you; it's okay. You're a surgical resident, Heejin, I understand."
"Still, I—"
The door gets open, cutting Heejin off, and Taehyung jumps a bit when he sees you and Heejin on the floor, hugging. "Oh, hi, Tae." You giggle, and Taehyung chuckles while Heejin quickly gets up, brushing her light blue scrubs with her hand.
"I'm sorry I didn't get the machine you need, uh, Doctor Kim, I—"
"It's fine, Heejin; now that I know you were with ____, I won't scold you, I promise." He laughs at her slightly nervous frame, and Heejin lets out a sigh of relief.
Taehyung Heejin's boss, and even if you are friends with him, she never really got to know him—she never really got to know any of Jimin's friends, only Jungkook, but that was because he was your husband.
Taehyung is very strict with his residents—he's not rude or cold; he's quite a warm person; he's just tough and a bit of a perfectionist with his work and teaching ways. He intimidates Heejin not only because of that but because Taehyung is always praised for his work and well-respected; his residents always turn out great surgeons.
Heejin always told you how much he scared her when she worked under him, and you couldn't help but always laugh at her. You couldn't grasp the thought of your dear friend, the sweetest and warmest person you ever met, a literal fluffy bear—being strict. It was ridiculous, but then again, you never saw him in action—just Jungkook and the last time you saw him was about a year ago.
It was a Saturday, and Jungkook was paged to the hospital, the pager saying it was an emergency with one of his patients. Weekends for you both were a time to relax from your stressful work and make time for each other by going on dates or just staying at home to relax, cuddle and just each other's presence. He told you how much he was sorry, and you insisted you come with him, and he couldn't say no to his lovely wife.
You saw how cold and strict he was with the residents and how terrified they were of him. It reminded you of your college days when everyone was afraid of him; deja vu hit you like a truck. You also felt a bit aroused with your husband bossing everyone around—needless to say, you both had a very steamy night when you arrived home.
"I'll go now, Doctor Kim." She says, but before going away, she turns to you one last time, "I'll talk to you later, okay?" She hugs you quickly and runs off the storage room, making you and Taehyung chuckle.
You and Taehyung get out of the room and stop before the wooden door, facing each other as he starts talking. "I didn't expect to see you here...."
You sigh, "Yeah, well, I had totally forgotten to come to check on grandma since she's admitted to this hospital. I guess I just didn't wanna see him." You chuckle bitterly, and Taehyung frowns.
"Your grandmother's here?" He asks, and you nod while humming softly.
"Yeah, last time I came here, Eunbi was checking up on her." You let out a breath through your nose, shaking your head at the memory.
"Fuck, I should have known she was working in the hospital. I didn't really see her, the first time I saw her in this hospital was literally today, and I'm so fucking sorry for that. If I knew—"
"It's not your fault, Taehyung; I know you would've told me." You smile at him, and he huffs in frustration.
"Yeah, but what kind of person doesn't see another who's been working under the same hospital as you for months?! Ugh..." He runs his veiny fingers through his smooth brown hair, frustrated, and you can't help but laugh slightly—he's too cute, even when he's looking stressed.
How can this man ever be strict and rough? Heejin's crazy.
Taehyung's eyes go somewhere behind you, and he looks at you again while crossing his arms. "I'm sorry for leaving you like that yesterday...." He sighs while frowning, and you shake your head, wrapping your arms around him. He puts his head on the crook of your neck and deeply inhales your sweet lavender scent, which he adores.
"I told you already that it's okay, Tae." You chuckle.
"I'll make up for it, princess, I promise you." He wraps his arms around your waist, and you unconsciously sigh; his hugs are everything. "How about we go to a museum this weekend? I know how much you love 'em, and I'm sure it'll cheer you up."
"You know what, I accept! Can't be sulking on my bed all day." You giggle, breaking off the hug, and you swear you hear a little whine coming from Taehyung. But then again, you're also sure you're hearing things, especially because of how tired you are.
"I gotta go check on my grandma now—"
"Want me to come with you?"
"Sure, but don't you have surgery?"
He shakes his head and chuckles, "I just got out of one, and my next surgery is in four hours—so I have plenty of time, princess."
You smile and nod at him, and then you ask if he could lead you to room 101. "It's been a while since I saw your grandma." He chuckles.
"Yeah, well, it's honestly good that way—she never fails to embarrass me in front of my friends." You roll your eyes, and Taehyung laughs loudly, and you're unaware of the curious and shocked eyes of the staff as you and Taehyung walk in the corridor.
"Oh please, she's a sweetheart." You scoff in disbelief as if you're offended, and Taehyung can't help but giggle.
"To YOU!" You point to his chest, "She loves you just as much as Jungkook—and ugh, she never fails to tell my embarrassing stories."
"Oh, come on, it's funny—especially that mall one." He laughs, and you groan, throwing your head back in frustration.
"It's not funny; it's embarrassing, and the worst part is you've only met her, like, twice. I'm sure you wouldn't like your grandma telling everyone she sees how you used to be a cringe-fest in high school and college. And don't get me started on the 'I always thought she would end up single' phrase." You make speech marks with your fingers and imitate your grandmother's voice.
Taehyung cackles, putting his hand on his mouth to try and contain his laughs but fails miserably. You both finally reach your grandmother's room, and you wait a bit for Taehyung to get over his fit of laughter, showing his pretty smile you love.
You roll your eyes with a small smile as you enter the room when Taehyung returns to normal, and you don't expect to see Jimin checking up on your grandmother.
"O-oh, Jimin—"
"Honey, you finally came." Your grandmother seethes, pure sarcasm in her voice, and you can't help but sigh loudly. Jimin chuckles at your grandmother's sassiness, and you throw a warning glare at him, which makes him immediately shut his mouth, returning to a straight face.
You shift your gaze back to your grandmother, "Oh, come on, grams, don't be like this. I'm sorry, okay?"
"Hmph." Your grandmother crosses her arms and looks to the wall on the other side, avoiding looking at you. Your grandmother is the pettiest woman you know, and her pettiness makes you chuckle a bit.
Jimin backs away to where Taehyung is, and Tae snickers at him, throwing him a glare just like yours, which takes Jimin aback. Jimin looks at Taehyung with furrowed eyebrows—-he understands why you would be mad at him, but why is Taehyung throwing him ugly stares?
Taehyung rolls his eyes, and Jimin scrunches his face, puzzled about his friend's actions—he'll have to ask him about it later when they both get out of the room.
"Grandma, come on—-what can I do to make you forgive me?"
She turns to you with a smirk, and your heart drops—-you know that smirk and exactly what it means.
"Well....I can forgive you if you tell me you're having grandkids—preferably twins." She smiles mischievously, and you groan, pinching the bridge of your nose.
"Halmeoni, I'm not pregnant." You roll your eyes, and she scoffs. You so badly want to tell her you and Jungkook are over, but you bite your tongue and purse your lips together, stopping you from slipping it out.
"Ugh, then you can go." She waves you off with her hand, closing her eyes and your mouth drops open.
You scoff, "You only want me here if I'm pregnant?!"
"Obviously, sweetie—but now that you don't have any grandkids for me, you can go." She hums in a high pitch, and you roll your eyes, crossing your arms on your chest.
"Grams, I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm not having kids anytime soon."
Your grandmother widens her eyes and looks at the other side before leaning in, "Oh my, is Jungkook's little thing not working?" She asks you, trying to whisper, but fails, "Oh, I know—-is your sex life....not good? Do you not finish?" Your cheeks grow red, and your eyes widen. You hear a few snorts from behind you, making you want to crawl into a ball because of embarrassment; this is precisely what you meant when you said your grandma loves to embarrass you.
"I have a fantastic therapist for you! You know, when your grandpa and I had these problems we—-"
"HALMEONI!" You shout, your whole face a tomato, and she rolls her eyes at you. You sigh; you don't have any choice but to tell her—-you just hope it won't break her heart too much.
"Halmeoni.....J-Jungkook and I, w-we're not—" You stop in the middle of your sentence when your phone beeps, and you grab it from your purse to see who messaged you.
Sorry for not sending this to you earlier; we sent it to Jungkook, but he's an airhead and didn't show you 🤦♀️
Anyways, hope to see you both there <3
Jeon Mirae
Choi Dongsun
8th of March
We expect to see you at our wedding! ♡
"Oh, fuck." You curse under your breath, and your grandmother slaps your arm, making you hiss in pain, immediately caressing your arms with one of your hands. "Ouch, grams." You roll your eyes, and your grandma warns you not to curse, but you don't pay attention as your stare at your phone screen.
You gulp—Jeon Mirae, Jungkook's sister, has invited you to her wedding that's taking place tomorrow; and by the looks of it, she doesn't know about you and Jungkook. Mirae is a sweet girl, one year older than you and three years younger than Jungkook—she's a bit spoiled but a kind person nonetheless. You made friends with her, but you and Mirae stopped talking a bit throughout the past year—there were a few messages here and there, but nothing much.
You squeeze your eyes shut and groan—you feel conflicted. You so badly want to go, but you'll have to see Jungkook without breaking down and announce to everyone you're both getting a divorce. And the worst of all, he'll most likely go with Eunbi—humiliating you to everyone, showing to his family and guests just how easily you were replaced with someone much better than you could ever be.
"You alright?" Taehyung asks from behind you, making you jump slightly and turn around to look at him. He chuckles at your cute action, and you both look at your grandma when she gasps loudly.
"Oh my Godness, Taehyung?!"
Taehyung giggles, "Hi, Ajumma!" He smiles at her, and your grandmother visibly blushes.
"Come give me a hug, dear!" She opens her arms for Taehyung, and your grandmother gestures with her eyes for you to move. You roll your eyes and do what she gestured, and Taehyung wraps his arms around her, and your grandmother giggles. "Ah, I wished I could have seen you more! I missed you, Taehyungie!"
"You know, you're my favourite out of all ____'s friends, even if she doesn't have many." She giggles, and you audibly scoff. Your grandmother looks at you with bored eyes, "Tell me I'm wrong, sweetie."
"Okay, but you didn't have to be so harsh....yeesh." You fight the urge to roll your eyes. Taehyung goes back to where he was, behind you, slim body pressing onto your back.
"Hey, sweetie, what were you going to tell me about you and Jungkook?"
Your eyes widen, and your breath gets stuck in your throat as you struggle to start a sentence. "W-we—" You take a deep, shaky breath, and you suddenly feel a warm hand on your back, caressing it.
You turn your head, and Taehyung nods at you, urging you to continue. The corner of his lip turns up, offering you a kind smile to try and ease your nervousness—and silently telling you he's here for you.
You look back forward to your grandmother and shut your eyes while taking a deep breath before you can drop the bomb. And while you prepare yourself, Taehyung turns his head and motions for Jimin to get out of the room, and saying he has to talk to him.
"We're getting a-a d-divorce...." Your eyes start to sting as the cursed word leaves your mouth, and your grandmother gasps, her hands covering her mouth in shock. "I-I'm sorry—"
"A-are you serious?!" You nod with a deep sigh, and your grandma raises her arms, pushing you into her arms, sobs coming out of her mouth. "Since when?!"
"A month ago....H-he found someone else, grams...." She sobs in your neck, and you pat her back; it's like she's the one who was cheated on.
"I'm sorry for not telling you earlier.....I-I didn't want to worsen your condition."
"Oh, sweetie..." She quivers, and your eyes start to pain from your grandmother's cries on your shoulder—but you don't sob because of the hand behind your back, reassuring you that everything is okay.
Your grandma asks about everything, and you tell her every detail about what happened in these past few months—letting out the fact of the real stage of your sadness. You told her about his cheating, but not about who he cheated with or any details, not because you didn't want your grandmother to know—but because you couldn't; it hurts too much to say it out loud.
Your grandmother looks to the fur blanket on her lap, her lips pursed shut, and you stare at her, waiting for her to say something. Taehyung squeezes your arm with his hand, and you let out a shaky breath, a small drop of water leaving your face to the ground.
"Are you okay, sweetie?" You nod slowly at her question, and your grandmother can't help but frown—she knows the look on your face, the look of lying to keep your emotions buried deep inside. "Sit here." She pats the space beside her, and you sit on it.
Your grandmother sighs and looks at you with soft eyes, making you bite your lower lip. "Please don't lie to me, sweetie—I know that look on your face; I held it too when your grandpa and I broke it off. I may be okay now, but it hurt like a bitch being cheated on after 40 years together." She chuckles, and you widen your eyes.
"Harabeoji cheated?!" She nods her head, and your hand covers your mouth in shock. "I-I didn't know."
"Yeah, well, but I'm grateful because it finally got me rid of that bastard."
You and Taehyung giggle, his hand still in your arm, but you've grown accustomed to it—not to mention it also brought you a slight sense of ease.
"I'm sure it's painful, sweetie—you and Jungkook loved each other so much—but life works in mysterious ways, and it may not seem like it, but it's always for the best in the end, I promise you."
You sniffle, rubbing your blood-shot eyes with your hand, "Why does it have to hurt so much?" You let out a low whimper, but it's enough for your grandmother to hear and for Taehyung to put his hand back to your back, caressing it.
Your eyes stay glued to your grandmother's hospital blankets, and you don't see the quiet interaction between your grandmother and Taehyung. She motions to you with her eyes, and that makes Taehyung furrow his eyebrows, confused about what his Ajumma is suggesting.
She mouths for him to hug you, and he nods, grabbing your shoulders so you can face him. Taehyung hugs you, and you sigh, slowly retrieving the hug by putting your weak hands on his broad shoulders, enjoying the magic of his bear-like hug.
"It'll be okay, princess," Taehyung whispers into your ear and looks ahead at your grandmother. She smiles at him, mouthing a 'thank you' to him and silently hoping that one day you'll realise the gem in front of you.
"You wanna get some water, princess?" You hum at his question, and your grandma bites her lip to prevent her smile when you break the hug.
"I'll be right back, okay, Halmeoni?" She nods at you, and you and Taehyung leave the room, closing the door slowly when you both reach the corridor.
"Taehyung!" A voice shouts, and you both turn your heads to look at Jimin, whose face changes his facial expression to a frightened one when he sees you. "Oh–uh, you're busy, so we'll talk later, okay?" Jimin quickly walks away before you can say anything, and you sigh while shaking your head when he's already at the end of the hallway.
"Guess I'll have to talk to him later." You slightly chuckle. "Are we gonna get that water?"
"Well, uh, I asked about the water 'cause I wanted to talk to you before I have to go prep a patient—I got paged while I was inside, but I didn't want to leave you before I could o talk to you alone."
"I just wanna remind you that I'm here—and to confirm our museum visit this Friday." You nod, and he giggles.
"Oh, and uh—are you going to Mirae's wedding? I couldn't help but peek at your phone, sorry." His lips curve up into an awkward smile, and you sigh, your fingers touching your forehead.
"I-I want to, but....y'know, not only will Jungkook be there, but his family too—and I really don't want to deal with his insufferable mother and father shaming me for our marriage." You groan at the thought, and it's now Taehyung's turn to sigh. "And by Mirae's message, they don't know about us....
Will you go?"
He shakes his head, "Unfortunately, no....She kind of hates me." He laughs, and you look at him, confused.
"What? Why?"
"Ah, you'll have to ask her." He chuckles, leaving you curious and confused.
"Well, there's no way I'm going now....You won't be there, I don't have a dress—it's literally the universe telling me it'll be a bad idea."
"Yoongi will be there, though, and I'm sure he'll stay with you."
"I don't wanna bother him....I already bothered him last night...."
"What happened last night? Are you okay?" He asks in concern, and you exhale a deep breath, hesitant to talk or remember that night.
"Yeah, it's nothing—anyway, I think I'll go then....I mean, I kind of miss free food." You both laugh, and Taehyung gives you one last hug, and you savour every moment of it—utterly unaware of the hooded eyes that watched both your figures.
"Please tell me how it goes, okay?" You nod, and Taehyung places a sweet kiss on the top of your hair, "I'll go now, princess—don't hesitate to call me if you need anything; I may be on call, but I'll make time for you,"
You sigh in contentment on top of his blue scrubs, "You're the best friend someone could as for—Thank you, Tae."
Taehyung flashes you one last warm smile before walking down the corridor and disappearing. You open the door again and enter the room, completely forgetting about your water.
˚➶ 。˚
The elevator opens, and he's still paralysed in his place. He's trying to process everything—from Eunbi's revelation to the shocking event of seeing you. He was flabbergasted when he laid his eyes on you, and throughout the whole ride, he couldn't breathe, and he secretly wished you would look his way so he could see your face again—your beautiful face.
He doesn't even notice Eunbi shaking his sleeve; all he can think about is you right in front of him, even if it's just your back he's seeing. He feels a growing pain inside his chest,
You finally leave, and Jungkook lets out a big breath he was holding the whole twenty-second elevator ride. Jungkook and Eunbi get out slowly, but he ignores her as his eyes stay glued to a machine, his mind still thinking about your figure in front of him.
"Jungkook, did you even hear what I said back there?!" Eunbi finally takes him off his daze, and he hums in confusion.
"I'm pregnant, Junngkook!" She whisper-yells to him, and his eyes widen.
"I-it's mine?" He asks, unable to comprehend anything happening around him, and Eunbi rolls her eyes.
"Obviously, who else did I have sex with?" She scoffs, and Jungkook brings his hand to his head, slightly rubbing it.
"I-I have to g-go—I-I need some time to process t-this...." Eunbi's jaw goes on the floor, and Jungkook walks away without any destination in mind—he just needs to sit down and take his time to process the bomb that has been thrown at him.
Jungkook finds himself outside, sitting on the wooden bench on the hospital balcony, elbows on top of his knees and hands going through his brown-black hair. He squeezes his eyes—Eunbi's pregnant.
He can't breathe or think; he didn't want this, not now when he's still trying to process the ending of his marriage and his secret longing for you, one that not even he can admit to himself.
He should be happy; he did always want a kid—but then why does it hurt? Why is his heart clenching on itself? He now has something he always wished to have with the one he claims to be the one for him—but why does deep down in his heart, inside all the layers he built for himself, why does he think about you?
"What are you doing?" Jungkook lifts his head from his palms and turns his head to look at Jimin, who's sitting beside Jungkook, a sigh coming out of his plump lips.
"I'm just—"
"You saw ____, didn't you?" Jungkook sighs and nods his head. "God, you're so fucking dumb." Jimin rolls his eyes, and Jungkook doesn't reply, his eyes staring at the concrete ground.
"Hyung....Eunbi—she's p-pregnant."
Jimin widens his eyes and gasps while turning his head to look at his dongsaeng in shock. "She's pregnant?! And it's yours?!"
"Obviously." Jungkook scoffs, and Jimin's hand goes to rub his chin.
"Shit, Jungkook...." Jungkook sighs at his hyung's words, "I don't know what to say...."
"I'd prefer if you stayed quiet for now....I gotta fucking process this." Jungkook rubs his face, scrunching his face in distress. "Fuck, not even a year ago me and ____ were trying for a baby....And I-I just—"
Jungkook groans in his palms, his eyes starting to sting at the memories. "I'm such a fucking idiot."
"That, you are." Jimin crosses his arms on his chest, staring at the blue sky above them. "But didn't you say you loved Eunbi? Isn't she your love? Didn't you tell me you were happy with her?"
"I did—but I-I'm starting to—."
"Jimin, where are you—oh, you're with Dr Jeon." Heejin seethes Jungkook's name with bitterness in her voice, making him roll his eyes—but a part of him knows he deserves it; he deserves much worse.
"I was going to ask to talk to you—but I'll go now, seeing you're with a disgusting cheater." The corners of her lips twitch, and Jimin quickly gets up, going after Heejin as she walks back to the hospital.
"Wait, can we please talk?" Jimin begs, and Heejin sighs deeply.
"Fine." Heejin closes her eyes, thinking of how to start the conversation—she was never one to easily pour her feelings on the table, but Jimin always helped her with that.
Heejin startles Jimin when she puts her arms on his neck and starts to cry softly on his shoulder. "I don't w-want us to argue anymore, Jimin....I-I don't want what happened two years ago to repeat." Jimin hugs her back, and his heart squeezes at the mention of two years ago—the reminder of the worst mistake of his life.
"I-I love you, J-Jimin. I may come off as harsh; as too much, but that's because I l-love you so fucking much, a-and I don't know what I'll do if we ever broke up. I'm not good with my emotions—but I love you so much, so please, don't ever l-leave me."
"P-please, promise me."
"I promise, my love." Jimin kisses his wife's head, and she lets out a sigh of relief into his chest—unaware of the pain in his chest, the guilt washing over him.
Jungkook watches the whole scene with eyes filled with pain, tears threatening to slip out of his eye because it makes him remember you.
Jungkook gets up and goes back to the hospital, and he sighs while looking into his phone for when his next consult will be. He's walking through a turn and stops when he sees you and Taehyung talking, followed by a tight hug between the two of you.
His jaw can't help but clench at the sight, a known ugly green emotion in the pit of his stomach as he watches everything with hooded eyes. He squeezes his phone in anger, almost breaking it—Jungkook has never been one to deal well with his anger or jealousy, but he worked on it for you, but it's now coming back.
Jungkook bites the inside of his cheek; anger fills him whole when Taehyung kisses the top of your head—his eyes only see green, his soul drowning in jealousy and anger.
His logical side gets blurred by the intense jealousy—he has no right to feel angry; after all, he's the one who left you for someone else, but now that he sees you with someone else, especially Taehyung, touching you in such an intimate way, makes Jungkook resent the older one even more than he already did.
When Taehyung finally goes away from you, Jungkook acts irrational and follows Taehyung. Jungkook grabs his hyung's shoulder, turns him, and harshly shoves Taehyung, making the older almost fall because of Jungkook's strength.
"What the fuck were you doing?"
Taehyung scoffs, "Are you seriously jealous, Jungkook?" Taehyung laughs and Jungkook lets out a low growl from the deepest part of his throat, making Taehyung roll his eyes.
"She's my wife–"
"Ex-wife, Jungkook, emphasis on the ex," Taehyung growls back at Jungkook, and he bit his lip in anger, not only because of jealousy but because of Taehyung's right.
"Don't act all jealous now, and don't you fucking dare go talk to her or take advantage of her vulnerability—because you and I know she'll come back to you."
"You like her, don't you? You always fucking did." Jungkook says with gritted teeth, making Taehyung scoff loudly; It takes everything inside him not to punch Taehyung in the face.
"And what if I did? What if I do? What are you gonna do about it, huh?"
"You're obviously taking advantage of her!" Taehyung scoffs, taken aback by Jungkook's words.
"Excuse me?" Taehyung seethes, "Do you even hear yourself right now?!"
"Now that she's available, you can't wait to jump in and tap it! But I fucking swear—"
"You're unbelievable." Taehyung chuckles, "You're lucky I'm a good person or else I'd go out there and humiliate you to the whole fucking hospital."
"You're so fucking shameless, Jungkook."
"She's still my wife—"
"You've hurt her over and over, Jungkook! You fucking cheated on her!" Taehyung shouts while pointing his index finger, and luckily, no one is in the hallway to see them both. "You have no right to her; you lost her the minute you decided to fuck Eunbi—your ex at that!"
"You lost a gem, and Yoongi nor I will stop trying to show her she doesn't deserve you."
"What does Yoongi have to do with this?"
"You're so oblivious." Taehyung rolls his eyes and Jungkook's nose flares in anger.
"I wasn't even sober when I had sex with Eunbi, okay?! I don't even fucking remember it!"
"So you don't know shit, Taehyung!" Jungkook seethes, and Taehyung laughs mockingly.
"Oh, yes, I do. I know you chose Eunbi over her, not only now but before too, and I'm pretty sure you weren't drunk when you did all that. ____ deserves someone who she is the first and only fucking choice, but you fail to do that, so now you better live with the fucking consequences." Taehyung flares before walking out of the hallway, and Jungkook clenches his hands in fists.
He knows Taehyung's right, and that's what hurts the most.
˚➶ 。˚
You're back to your hotel room, and you're packing to move into your new house finally. You won't be missing this room at all—yes, it's beautifully decorated and expensive, but the memories of the worst time in your life are painted all over the room; all your darkest thoughts, emotions and actions are tainted within these walls, and you're hoping that once you're in your new home—just one more day, and you can start fresh.
You hear a knock on your door, and you open it, revealing a smiling Yoongi. You smile back at him; after Taehyung left, Yoongi sent a message to you, saying that the events of the night before were nothing, that he'd do it again and that he hoped you stayed and at least had a meal in his house.
I'm sorry for replying only now; I was busy with a meeting.
But, please, sweetheart, don't apologise; I wanted to help you.
I promise you don't bother me.
But what did bother me was hearing from Hayun that you left without your meal.
I'm so so sorry; I was in a hurry to see my grandma :/
It's alright, sweetheart, just don't do it again; it's not good for your health.
Promise I won't :)
I got a call from the hotel that you're leaving tomorrow. Is that true?
Yeah, right after I leave the hospital, I'll start packing my things.
Alright, I'll go straight there after my last meeting so I can help you.
What? No, no.
Yoongi, I have already bothered you too much; you don't have to.
I'm not asking, sweetheart.
I'll be there at 7.
You already learned that Yoongi was stubborn, so you chose not to argue with him further—it would end the same way anyway. Before leaving the hospital, you bid goodbye to Heejin and told her not to stress about Jimin—that everything would be okay.
But you felt a slight sting in your heart, feeling as if you were lying to her by not telling her about what you saw between Jimin and Eunbi. Still, you also knew that before saying anything, you had to dig deeper and find out everything he's hiding before you can think again about telling her about Jimin.
"Hi, sweetheart, how's everything going?" He asks while entering the room, his hands on his pockets, and you sigh.
"It's a bit of a mess because I'm trying to find a good dress for Mirae's wedding...." You chuckle, and Yoongi observes the clothes splattered on the bed and the ground, making your cheeks red, embarrassed.
"Ah, yes, Taehyung told me you're going." Yoongi goes over to your bed and starts eyeing the dresses on your bed, and he grabs a beautiful long silver dress, which is open in the back. He turns it around, examining every part of the dress with awe in his eyes, and you can't help but chuckle.
"I wish I could wear this...." You smile sadly, and Yoongi turns his head at you, his eyes asking the reason why. "It doesn't fit my body proportion—it looks much better in someone else. I honestly thought I sold this dress, but oh well." You shrug.
Yoongi stares at you, almost as if offended by your words, and you tilt your head. "What?"
"You'll look fucking beautiful in this dress—god, just imagining you in it makes me...." He says the last part with a whisper, and you don't hear it.
"I can't—"
"You can—I'm telling you, sweetheart, you'll make jaws hit the floor." You lick your slightly chapped lips, staring at the floor, zoning out.
"I-I don't know." You whisper, and Yoongi goes to you, leaving the dress right where I was before.
"It's your call, sweetheart—but you'll look good in anything you decide to wear." You blush slightly, slapping his shoulder, and he laughs with you.
Yoongi helps you with putting everything back into your suitcase and also helps with organising the room—putting the glass cracks in the trash and putting everything that was splattered on the floor back in its place. Of course, you repeatedly told him how it was okay and that you already bothered him too much—and he repeatedly answered that he didn't care and that he was going to help whether you wanted it or not.
And now, you're both sitting on the floor, leaning your backs on the bed and staring at nothing in comfortable silence.
You let out a deep breath, "Why are you doing this?"
Yoongi turns his head to you, humming in confusion, and you sigh. "Why are you being so nice? We've never really talked before; you owe me nothing.....Then why are you helping me?"
"Do I need to have a reason?"
"I-It's just—"
"Sweetheart, I just want to help you, and the only reason behind that is that I don't want you to go down the same path I did—it's too dark for a beautiful light like you."
"It's hard to go back once you're engulfed by the darkness—fuck, it took me so long to get over it finally, it took me years—I still have the scars from the day where I trashed the bar....and from other things too....And I don't want you to go through what I did; you don't deserve it, especially over someone like Jungkook, who's not even worth a goddamn penny." You look at him, and for the first time, the tears that threaten to fall from your eyes are not tears of sadness but of happiness and gratefulness.
"And I know it's not only me; Taehyung also cares for you—we care for you."
You catch him off guard by jumping into his arms, and he immediately hugs you back. "Thank you, Yoongi, thank you so fucking much."
"I'm here for you, sweetheart, and I won't leave."
And you stay there, wrapped in Yoongi's arms until you fall asleep on his chest, and he puts you in the bed carefully, a slight sense of deja vu filling his senses. He looks at you and caresses your cheeks with his right hand, and the corners of his lips curve when he hears the light snoring from your nose.
"I won't leave you, sweetheart, I promise."
˚➶ 。˚
You're finally here; you're in front of the gates with Yoongi by your side, taking deep breaths, trying to calm yourself down. You're wearing the dress while wearing your usual pretty smoke eyeshadow as your make-up; you feel weird using this dress and a tad insecure, but you also feel accomplished—that, for once, you managed to do something without Jungkook; you were able to get over your insecurity without depending on him, his affirmations—it always starts with baby steps.
"You'll be okay," Yoongi whispers and squeezes your hand. You nod and take one last deep breath before walking up the stairs. "You look fucking stunning, sweetheart." You mouth a quiet 'thank you' to him, and he nods with a pretty gummy smile on his lips that you cannot help but mentally coo to.
"Oh, god, I gotta go to the bathroom." You tell Yoongi, and he encourages you to go—and so you do, hurrying to the nearest door, struggling to run-walk while in your silver heels, and your prayers are heard when you open and see a little bathroom.
You do your deed, and you get out of the bathroom, your heart skipping a beat when you realise you don't know your way back. You grab your phone, and groan in frustration when you see the red battery flashing on your screen; fuck, you should've put it to charge last night—you're so dumb.
You're trying to find your way to the venue, walking by every path you can imagine, and you somehow end up in a corridor, your heels clapping on the marble floor while you try to find your way, but you end up even more lost than you already were.
Curse you, bladder!
You're passing through a white door, but you stop on your track when you hear low sniffles from inside the room. Your curious self opens the door slowly, promising yourself you'll only take a tiny peek, but that promise is soon broken when you see Mirae on top of a white couch while slightly crying.
You widen your eyes and open the door with no second thought, making her look at you with shock written all over her face. You don't waste any time and sit next to her, and she continues to weep, tapping the handkerchief below her eyes to try and wipe the tears off.
"Oh my goddess, Mirae! What happened? Is everything okay?" You ask desperately, and she shakes her head.
Mirae sighs deeply, her shoulders moving up and down in sync with her lungs. "I-I'm pregnant."
"Isn't that....a good thing?" Mirae quickly shakes her head at your question, making you furrow your eyebrows in confusion. "Does he—Does he not want a kid? Is that it?"
"N-no, it's me....He'll be thrilled with the news, but I don't know if I-I can do this." She whimpers, and you look at her with pitiful eyes, clasping her hand in yours and putting it on your lap. "I d-don't know if I'm ready for a kid...."
You sigh, "We're never really ready, not even those people who swear they have everything ready for a baby. I understand, but doesn't Dongsun love you?" She looks at you and shakes her head slowly, her small nose sniffling, "Then you have nothing to fear—as long as you have him beside you, you two will be okay." You smile, and Mirae hiccups.
"Have you and Jungkook.....?"
You nervously gulp at her question, biting your lip, preventing anything from threatening to form in your eyes. "I–" You take a deep breath and squirm a bit under Mirae's intense stare. "We...We were trying for one many months ago; w-we both wanted one so badly, b-but we never really got any result...." You unhumorously chuckle at the memory, "So we just stopped trying and um....Well, h-he—"
You sigh, and she furrows her eyebrows. "W-we're getting a—"
"MIRAE!" A loud voice calls, and you take a deep breath—it's Jungkook's mother; you know that annoying voice anywhere. "Oh, ____, you're here." She says with the familiar venom in her voice, and even if you're avoiding her face, you can feel the deathly stare she's giving you—but you're so used to it, you don't even get shivers on your body anymore.
"Hi, Mrs Jeon." You clear your throat, gulping nervously, preparing yourself for the nasty comments she will throw at you about your failed marriage with her son.
"Can't believe you're still with Jungkook."
You immediately turn her head and stare at her in confusion—Jungkook didn't tell her, which is beyond weird. Jungkook has always had a very close relationship with his mother, even if she never hid her complete distaste for you, always throwing snarky remarks and mean comments, especially about your physical appearance and 'non-rich' background.
But it never phased you; of course, it hurt did a little, but Jungkook was always there to turn her down and deny her comments—and you're afraid of what she'll say and do when she finds out about the ongoing divorce between you two. God, you can't even imagine the shower of insults she will throw at you, and Jungkook most definitely won't be there for you.
"Uh, yeah, w-we're most definitely still married, hahaha." You laugh awkwardly and Mrs Jeon's lips scrunch in disgust towards you, and Mirae looks at you with suspicious eyes.
You clear your throat and get up, "Oh, well, I'll go now, uh—it was n-nice seeing you, Mrs Jeon!" You send her a fake smile and get out of the room as fast as you can, letting out a loud breath when you're finally back in the corridor; you feel suffocated in there, feeling every nasty thing Jungkook's mother thought about you, and you genuinely do not need stress today—especially from the queen of inflicting stress on others.
You mindlessly walk down the corridor, and you internally cheer when you see the venue in front of your eyes. You grab the first seat you see in the front row and sigh in relief when you finally sit down; your feet are killing you; it was a horrible idea coming with such big heels.
Your mind then goes to Yoongi—you feel bad for him, but there's nothing much you can do; you can't even stand up, or else you will fall to the ground because of the physical pain in your now sore feet from walking too much in insanely high-heels. You can only hope he'll find you in the middle of the crowd surrounding you.
You stare at the visibly nervous groom, walking left and right on the altar while whispering to himself, and that makes you chuckle a bit. Everyone's getting seated, and you praise yourself for already sealing your seat right in front of the altar, on the bride's side.
You observe the decorations in awe of how beautiful everything is. Crystal chandeliers hover above everyone, the room shimmering bright white, light pink and white roses fill everything—it's all stunning. The chandelier looks a bit like the Crystal Restaurant's, but these ones are even newer and not at all cracked or shattered.
You don't even bother registering who sits beside you, thinking it's just another random friend of the bride's or, you hope, Yoongi—so you continue to admire every detail of the wedding. "It's beautiful, isn't it?" A person asks from beside you, and you freeze, your lungs stopping to work.
"Kind of reminds me of our wedding....Except everything was purple and white." Jungkook chuckles from beside you, and you can't move, your body starting to tremble. You stare at a bouquet in front of you, your nails digging into your palms, not daring to turn your head.
"What are you doing here?" Your voice comes out as a whisper, slightly quivering. You try to contain it from cracking, and you curse yourself for not trying harder—you sound weak even when it takes everything not to seem fragile, and of course, you fail, despite your best efforts. You always fail.
"We're on the first row—and I don't know if you remember, but the bride is my sister." He chuckles again, making you bite your lips to keep them from letting any sound out, and you lift your head, trying to prevent your now stinging eyes from producing any tears.
You let out a deep breath from your nose and gulp dry, feeling your chest start to form the familiar pain you endured for the past month. You were doing so well, creating a milestone for yourself—why does Jungkook always have to ruin everything?
"Where's Eunbi?" You ask, immediately wanting to slap yourself for slipping out the question; you hate yourself for letting things out without thinking first; it was always one of your greatest weaknesses—and maybe that's why you made such a mistake with Jungkook all those years ago.
"S-she's back at her house...." Jungkook stutters, surprised by your question; his eyes stay glued to the exact same bouquet you're staring at.
You hum, trying to hold yourself from letting out any tears—not only for yourself but to save everyone else from your pathetic sadness; after all, it's a wedding; this day is supposed to be a happy day, especially for the ones getting married.
"I-I've been trying to contact you for so long...."
You laugh through your nose, looking down while a small, bitter smile lies on your cherry red lips. "There's a reason why I never picked up, J-Jungkook."
"I know....But I haven't seen you in over a month—a-and I f-felt guilty about how things ended between us."
You let out a chuckle, staring at your fidgeting fingers, which peeled off the skin of your thumbs. An almost invisible tear comes out of your eyes, but you quickly brush it away, pretending you're scratching your eyes, so it doesn't look so obvious that you're crying before the wedding has even started.
"I-I think you should feel guilty about other things, Jungkook. You were the one who ended things, remember?"
Jungkook's heart clenches every time you use his name and not 'honey' or 'baby'—you would never use his name unless you were angry or upset with him, which was incredibly rare. It feels weird and unfamiliar, but it also hurts him because it makes him feel the growing distance and strangeness between you two.
Jungkook's not yours anymore; he left you and doesn't deserve to be called those pet names ever again—but oh, he would be lying to himself and the whole universe if he didn't admit he misses hearing those pet names for him from your pretty lips. The ones made just for him.
Jungkook bites his lip, "I know....And I am feeling guilty for everything else too."
"I'm not gonna say you don't deserve it because y-you do—that's the least y-you can do."
"I know."
You unintentionally let out a slight sniffle, wiping the tiny tears from your eyes—there's no use pretending you're not wiping the tears from your eyelids and cheeks; it's too far now. You're holding yourself back; it's almost impossible to only let minor reactions out compared to the colossal pain inside your chest from your shattered heart, whose scars are ripping apart even more with enough blood to fill up a river; the cracks from your broken heart squeezing on itself—and you're slowly giving up on picking the pieces up to try and heal it.
Jungkook has never hated himself more than he does now—seeing you crying in public is hurting him, and it's worse when he's aware that it's because of him and that he's betraying everything he promised himself and, most importantly, you.
He wants to hug you like that last time in yours and his penthouse; he wants to hold you and tell himself it'll be the last time—he craves the privilege of your embrace, one he knows he doesn't deserve.
But he wants to deserve it; he wants to deserve you for at least one last time.
You bite the inside of your cheek and squeeze your eyes shut—hearing his voice so close, feeling him so close is making you go insane and want to hug him, to forget everything he did for you for just one inch of his touch, but you can't—and it hurts like hell to not give in into the burning urge, it physically pains you, but you have to.
"Hopefully, we can get this d-divorce over soon, huh?"
The two big doors finally open before he can reply, making everyone turn their heads around to look at the bride. You hear loud gasps as everyone stares at Mirae in awe, admiring her stunning looks. She's wearing a shimmering white dress, with sparkles all over it and a veil that reaches the ground—-Mirae looks beyond beautiful; she looks ethereal.
You turn to look at the groom, who looks at his soon-to-be wife with pure love in his eyes, staring at nothing but Mirae as tears fall from his eyes.
She walks down the aisle, everyone's eyes on her, but she can only look at her fiancé, whose tears are stained with the water trailing down from his eyes, and you know by the look on her face that she's trying to contain the tears for her make-up—because you had done the same thing at your wedding. You can see they're both lost in each other's eyes, not caring about anything but each other.
The feeling of nostalgia fills you as you remember yourself being exactly inside the bride's shoes—when everything was perfect. Your wedding, your dress, your love.
You keep biting your lips harshly, your teeth digging in the tissues of your mouth, the bitter taste of blood entering your mouth—it's what it takes for you not to cry like a baby, especially when you're so close to him; but you promised yourself to seem strong even when you're at your weakest.
Everything passes like a blur as you get lost in your memories—the memories of you and him, of looking into his eyes and feeling the love between him and you, of thinking nothing would break your bond together—and most of all, missing your innocent, naive thoughts before your soul and mind were corrupted by the darkest of emotions.
You inhale with a shaky chest, and unwanted tears fall from your eyes when the vows start. You slap your mouth, muffling your whimper because it's just too painful to see other people living what you so badly want to return to.
"I want so badly to be able to explain all the love I have for you. Not the love of butterflies and stomach knots—but more the blurring of self and the entanglement with another soul. It's my wish to grow old with you, to have arguments about the littlest things, to bring you flowers whenever you're down—-our love may not be perfect, but I love you too much ever to realise that." The groom says to Mirae, a big grin on his lips as he stares into her eyes with all the love in his world, and she looks back at him with the same amount of love, a small tear of happiness coming down from her eyes.
You squeeze your eyes shut, drowning in your own tears. Others are crying because of the beauty of the groom's words, but you're crying because of the dread and longing of your broken heart that you so badly want to get healed by the man beside you—the man who is the one who threw the ball in your glass heart in the first place.
"I can't tell you how much I love you—mere words can't describe the infinite flame inside my heart from just looking into your beautiful eyes, the eyes I see everything in.
I'm so proud that today I became your husband, that we finally got our happily ever after—even if it took a long time to realise my undying love for you, it all ended just like I wished when I was a little boy; finally marrying the love of my life.
And you want to know something? I also told the stars about you, and guess what they told me? They said that you're the love of my life, and they made me see just how much I love you; how when I look into the sky and stare at them, I can only think how much your beauty, inside and out, will never compare to their shine because you shine brightest—that you're the light of my life.
I vow always to cheer you up when you're sad, to be there for you at every step of the thunderstorm and to lead you back to the light—to always show you the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow we chase together, no matter how thorny the road is.
I vow to trust and value your opinions.
I vow to travel beside you through all of life's adventures—be it good or bad.
I vow always to keep fighting for us because I know we can overcome any uphill battles we might face.
And lastly, I vow to choose you over anything every day, a million times over, not because I have to, but because I want to.
I love you, my beautiful ____. My Jeon ____.
I'll love forever—you and no one else."
You sob at the memory, the words that one day brought tears to your eyes because of the pure happiness, now bringing you the hurt he vowed to heal you from, to be there for you every step of the way.
You look at it with hurt and anger in your chest—he broke his vows, the ones you so thoroughly believed he would keep for the rest of both your lives....forever.
But who knew forever could last so little in his eyes?
Who knew the flame he claimed to be infinite could disappear so quickly?
You can't contain your cries, but luckily, no one pays attention to it—-it's a wedding after all, and many other people around you are crying too, just not because of the same gloomy reason as you.
You don't stop yourself from turning your pupil to catch a glimpse of him, and you bite your lip when you see the tears in his cheeks. The pain worsens when you see him hurt and crying; you always grew sad when you saw him in a weak state, and this time is no different.
A minuscule and obscure part of you wants him to suffer, for him to go through the same pain as you—but your soul can't take it; it's still entangled with his—you promised forever, and you meant it, so much so that even after he wrecked you until you felt so small, so weak; you still want to stop his pain, always putting it before yours.
Even if his soul is not written with yours anymore, even if it is now someone else's—your soul, your body, and your mind will always belong to him; it will always be permanently stained with his name and hurt whenever it sees him in any kind of pain.
"I'm so sorry, ____", He whispers lowly, his voice trembling slightly, but it's enough for you to hear, and a loud sob erupts from the depths of your throat, making everyone look at you. You cut yourself off by covering your mouth with your arm, praying everyone stops looking at you.
"Do you, Choi Dongsun, take this woman to be your wife, to live together in matrimony, to love her, to honour her, to comfort her, and to keep her in sickness and in health, forsaking all others, for as long as you both shall live?"
"I do."
"Jeon Jungkook, do you take this woman to be your wife, to live together in matrimony, to love her, to honour her, to comfort her, and to keep her in sickness and in health, forsaking, for as long as you both shall live?"
"I do"
"And do you, Jeon Mirae, take this man to be your husband, to live together in matrimony, to love him, to honour him, to comfort him, and to keep him in sickness and in health, forsaking all others, for as long as you both shall live?"
"I do"
"And do you, Kim ____, take this man to be your husband, to live together in matrimony, to love him, to honour him, to comfort him, and to keep him in sickness and in health, forsaking all others, for as long as you both shall live?"
"I do" You smile, and he does too, small tears coming out of Jungkook's eyes, making you slightly giggle.
"Repeat after me." You quiver; your brain is blurring reality from your own memories, the memories you so badly want to be stuck in—making you enter memory lane against your wishes, against your heart. You wish you didn't spoil the bloom of a marriage with the end of yours—it was a total mistake coming here when the pain is still so recent.
"I, Choi Dongsun, take you Jeon Mirae, to be my wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part."
"I, Jeon Jungkook, take you Kim ____, to be my wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part."
"I, Jeon Mirae, take you Choi Dongsun, to be my husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part."
"I, Kim ____, take you Jeon Jungkook, to be my husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part."
"By virtue of the authority vested in me under the laws of South Korea, I now pronounce you husband and wife."
"You may kiss the bride."
Dongsun grabs Mirae's cheeks and kisses her fervently, the whole crowd cheering the newly-wed couple. You see him whisper 'I love you' in her ear, and you step up from your seat, not caring if your feet are sore—you can't stay here; it'll only bring you even more pain.
"You may kiss the bride."
Jungkook wastes no time and presses his lip onto yours, his hand caressing your jawline as his lips move with yours.
You two break the kiss, and he flashes you the bunny smile you love before leaning in to whisper to your ear. "You're now stuck with me, baby." He giggles, and you smile, taking his face into your hand and pecking his lips.
"I love you, Jeon Jungkook."
"And I love you, Jeon ____."
You reach the bathroom and rush to the sink, almost tripping on your heels, and you lean your hands on it and let everything out. You cry your heart out, and you hate every minute of it—today was supposed to be a good day, but he had to ruin it—your memories and emotions just had to ruin everything.
It ruined you, your life, your marriage, and now another one's wedding.
You're tired from crying—you're beyond exhausted; everything reminds you of him, and it makes you want to run away from it all, to take desperate measures so you can make it all end. But then again, you chose to come today, didn't you? Perfectly aware that he would be here, so maybe it's your fault, huh? Everything is.
You just didn't think about how painful it would be to see two people having what you so crave to go back to—and you did not expect him to be near you when you crumble down in the ugly emotion of jealousy and agony.
The door opens harshly, and the man behind your tears stands in front of it, making you widen your eyes when his gaze meets yours.
"What are y-you doing here, Jungkook?!" You shout, slightly hiccuping, "Get out!" You point to the door, but he only steps forward to where you are. You tremble, your hands going up to cover your now red and puffy face, black mascara running down your cheeks.
"I said get out, Jungkook!" He ignores you, and you feel him in front of you, but you don't have the courage to take your hands off your face to look at him—it will make the pain so much worse.
"Why can't you just l-leave me alone?!" You shout into your palms, and tears come down his eyes as he stares at you, pain overcoming his heart.
"We w-were happy, Jungkook—w-why would y-you—" You cry, and he squeezes his eye shut, his tears reaching his chin and falling down, staining the ground with the tears he doesn't have the right to shed.
You promised yourself you wouldn't let him see you like this, in such a weak state, and you feel a growing hatred towards yourself for letting him see you so vulnerable.
You're just a weak human being, aren't you?
"W-why can't you l-let me move on?!" You punch his chest, and Jungkook bites his lip harshly—it takes everything in him not to wrap his hands around you and coo to you until the tears stop.
And he does just that—pretending he deserves you, just for one last time.
"Just let me move on, g-goddamnit!" You punch his chest again and sob in his chest. Why is it that even when he absolutely shattered your heart and soul—you find yourself back to him, to his chest?
You have never felt so pathetic, even after everything you endured—from crying in the middle of the street to sleeping on glass cracks, this takes the win; crying in the chest of your ex-husband who broke you in every way possible. You feel as if you're betraying everything you stood for—but being here, your head in his chest and his muscular arms around you, makes you feel comfortable; makes you feel at home, and you hate yourself for that.
"I hate you." You sob, squeezing the fabric of his suit in your hands, and Jungkook bites his lip, "I h-hate you so much."
But you hate yourself even more for still loving him unconditionally.
Jungkook bites his tongue from the inside of his mouth when he hears those words from your mouth—seeing you like this, so broken because of him, makes him want to go back in time and yell at his past self, but that's not possible. He wishes he wasn't selfish, that he didn't fall in love with another woman, that he was still with you. But it's far too late now.
It's far too late for you to beg him back—because not only is his love gone, but the pieces of your heart are too broken ever to be repaired again by him—because he will never know his way in your heart again; he lost the map of your heart, and you did too, not knowing if someone will ever find it again.
"____, sweetheart, are you here?!" Someone knocks on your door, and you know the person to be Yoongi.
"Please l-leave, J-Jungkook." You whimper, and he stays in the same place.
"Jungkook, I beg you—l-leave!" You shove him, but he doesn't budge—curse him and his muscular self.
Jungkook sighs in defeat and moves his body away from yours with hesitation, and you bite your lip, cursing yourself for missing his closeness. He opens the door and gets out quickly, and Yoongi looks at you with shocked eyes, making you whimper when your eyes meet his.
You run into his arms, and he leads you to a little sofa a bit far away from the bathroom. He sits first and slowly pulls you to sit next to him, and you pour your face into his suit, desperately weeping.
Why must Yoongi be the one to always see you at your weakest? You feel embarrassed, and not to mention guilty for making him feel responsible for you, for making him be the one always to see your ugly crying and cursing Jungkook's name. He may say he wants to help you and to be there for you, but you feel guilty no matter how many times he reassures you—you're always going to be a burden in his life, in everyone's life. It's why Jungkook left you.
"Somehow, I always e-end up crying in your arms." You laugh, coughing and hiccupping with Yoongi caressing your hair, goosebumps trailing your skin from the soft massage.
"Shhh, it's okay, it's okay...."
"I'm so sorry, Y-Yoongi. Fuck, I-I always ruin your night." You mewl into his suit, your voice cracking at the end of the sentence, and Yoongi never stops trailing your hair with his big fingers.
"You never ruin my night, sweetheart."
"I'm sorry, I-I'm just s-so sorry."
Several minutes passed, maybe even hours, and you're not aware of anything but Yoongi's chest and slender fingers running softly through your hair.
You finally calm down, getting your head off Yoongi's chest, and you gasp when you see the black stain on his suit because of your black mascara. Yoongi looks down at his clothes and laughs. "Holy crap, I-I–"
"Hey, don't you dare start apologising, sweetheart."
"I knew your mascara would stain my suit, but I didn't care, and I still don't, so now you better suck up your apologies because I won't accept them. It's my fault and not yours, okay?" You nod your head, and he hums in approval, muttering a low 'good girl' that you don't hear since you're too busy rubbing your sniffling and red nose.
"I'm hungry; wanna go eat?"
"Can't say no to free food." You giggle, and he agrees.
"Wait, can you wait here for a bit? I gotta go wipe this mascara." You chuckle and sit up and head to the bathroom when he nods in approval.
You open the bathroom door but stop when you hear Jungkook's voice from behind a pillar, sounding frustrated, and being your naturally curious self, your feet drag your body before your brain can even register the colossal mistake you're doing.
"I know you're pregnant, but Eunbi, I'm not ready, okay?"
Your jaw drops to the floor, and your heart stops beating.
She's pregnant.....
Could it be Jungkook's?
No....you think to yourself.
Could it be possible.....? Are you hearing things? Are your brain and ears playing trickery on you?
But then again,
how can it be Jungkook's child when he's basically infertile?
˚➶ 。˚
idk why but i'm always nervous after posting a chapter.....both in a good and bad way, it's the overthinker in me hahaha
& this wasn't supposed to be this long.....sorry for that :,) anway, thank you so much for reading i love you all ♡
also this story is on wattpad & ao3 too, the link is in this series masterpost right on the beggining of the chapter !!
reblogs and feedback is greatly appreciated if u like the story 🫶
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soraviii · a day ago
...𝙗𝙚𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙨𝙤𝙪𝙡𝙢𝙖𝙩𝙚𝙨...
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
━ type: bts x gn! reader ━ masterlist
━ about: fluff, angst, crack (tiny smut) - the holy trinity/quartet? ━ pictures taken from Pinterest
━ a/n: soulmates are my favourite trope cause of low self-esteem, I hope it is yours as well. The trope, not the issues.
Tumblr media
NAMJOON: As it stands to reason, Namjoon knew it was an overcapitalized natural phenomenon with an actual success rate of only 52%. Having just a little over half meant that a whole 47% with a margin error of 1% of the entire world nor had, nor wanted any dealings with soulmates. But even so, he couldn't entirely stop the blush of whimsical fancy whenever thinking of them.
He was, for now at least, documented as an "awaiting registry" in the K-SSA (Korean Soulmate System Association) and all that was needed - time. Often, he daydreamed of his perfect partner with their perfect life much like numerous others, not really festering any bloom of hope and yet -!
Yet he couldn't feel like he was profoundly dunked on by the universe itself as 24 seconds ago writing appeared on his forearm when none had touched it. In a thin, illegible font it said one word and one word only.
He looked away, wiped at it absent-mindedly but as it was not ink, it did not stain. Right. Okay.
Deciding to squash all thoughts and sensations related to his soulmate he moved on with his life telling no one of this discovery. But the dam once unleashed did not cease and never, ever did it wield any sign of intelligence. On top of that, his soulmate seemed to be a perpetual cheat - math, language, history. In a terrible shorthand, Namjoon suddenly found himself abhorrently acquainted with someone's educational curriculum. However, the proverbial chariot finally broke when jet-lagged and sleep-deprived Namjoon could only helplessly watch as word by word, with painstaking accuracy, the dreaded sprawl appeared.
"𝒜𝒸𝒸𝑜𝓇𝒹𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝓉𝑜 𝒶𝓁𝓁 𝓀𝓃𝑜𝓌𝓃 𝓁𝒶𝓌𝓈 𝑜𝒻 𝒶𝓋𝒾𝒶𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃, 𝓉𝒽𝑒𝓇𝑒 𝒾𝓈 𝓃𝑜 𝓌𝒶𝓎 𝓉𝒽𝒶𝓉 𝒶 𝒷𝑒𝑒 𝓈𝒽𝑜𝓊𝓁𝒹 𝒷𝑒 𝒶𝒷𝓁𝑒 𝓉𝑜 𝒻𝓁𝓎. 𝐼𝓉𝓈 𝓌𝒾𝓃𝑔𝓈 𝒶𝓇𝑒 𝓉𝑜𝑜 𝓈𝓂𝒶𝓁𝓁 𝓉𝑜 𝑔𝑒𝓉 𝒾𝓉𝓈 𝒻𝒶𝓉 𝓁𝒾𝓉𝓉𝓁𝑒 𝒷𝑜𝒹𝓎 𝑜𝒻𝒻 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝑔𝓇𝑜𝓊𝓃𝒹. 𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒷𝑒𝑒, 𝑜𝒻 𝒸𝑜𝓊𝓇𝓈𝑒, 𝒻𝓁𝒾𝑒𝓈 𝒶𝓃𝓎𝓌𝒶𝓎."
Having had quite enough of this strange dumbass, he grabbed a sharpie and crossed out the stupid words with one bold, black stroke. A profound moment of silence followed suit and inadvertently Namjoon wondered whether they were sitting still, in some corner of the world seized by an unseen fright of the truly terrifying reality that one is not truly alone anymore. But no such thing happened as a cool and collected reply soon followed.
"𝒪𝒽 𝒸𝑜𝑜𝓁! :𝒟"
Possessing no desire to waste any more time, Namjoon leapt straight to the point.
"You're annoying."
"𝒴𝑒𝓈, 𝓈𝑜 𝐼'𝓋𝑒 𝒷𝑒𝑒𝓃 𝓉𝑜𝓁𝒹 :)"
Floundering at what to say further, he sat frozen for a good while his soulmate seized the opportunity in which to continue.
"𝒴𝑒𝒶𝓈𝓉 𝒾𝓃𝒻𝑒𝒸𝓉𝑒𝒹 𝒸𝑜𝒸𝓀𝓇𝑜𝒶𝒸𝒽."
And even faster as if in a hurried panic, they added.
"𝒯𝒽𝒶𝓉'𝓈 𝓃𝑜𝓉 𝓉𝑜 𝓎𝑜𝓊. 𝐼'𝓂 𝓁𝑒𝒶𝓇𝓃𝒾𝓃𝑔."
"Learning curse words?"
If he had a single atom of a gracious painter in his body, he'd draw a heavily disapproving grimace.
"𝒲𝑜𝓊𝓁𝒹𝓃'𝓉 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝓈𝒶𝓎 𝓉𝒽𝒶𝓉'𝓈 𝓋𝒾𝓉𝒶𝓁 𝓀𝓃𝑜𝓌𝓁𝑒𝒹𝑔𝑒?"
Alright. In what was almost deja vu, Namjoon turned off the light and went to sleep. This was a lot to endure.
The scribbling didn't stop and Namjoon ignored the odd question directed at him, though with a peculiarly heavy heart. Sometimes he had only half the presence of mind and attempted to write something back but always caught his own hand mid-stroke. Life with him would not be easy. And also you were still strangers. Despite the riveting romance stories of the airport stalls, it was not that easy to breach the gap. In fact, it was even more difficult. If two people met in ordinary ways in ordinary circumstances, they could head in any direction they wanted, without the knowledge of "what if". But the only thing Namjoon knew for certain was the "what if". What if he never meets you? What if he screws it up? That would fill him with bitter regret for the rest of his life. But it wasn't until a more sombre message to which he woke up, that he couldn't stay away anymore.
"𝐼'𝓂 𝑔𝓇𝒶𝒹𝓊𝒶𝓉𝒾𝓃𝑔. 𝒯𝑜𝒹𝒶𝓎. 𝒟𝒾𝒹𝓃'𝓉 𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓃𝓀 𝐼 𝒸𝑜𝓊𝓁𝒹 𝒷𝓊𝓉 𝐼'𝓂 𝓅𝓇𝑜𝓊𝒹 𝑜𝒻 𝓂𝓎𝓈𝑒𝓁𝒻."
Then after a while.
"𝒩𝑜𝓉 𝓉𝒽𝒶𝓉 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒸𝒶𝓇𝑒."
And despite Namjoon being in the middle of the interview, he dished out the pen from his pocket which he may or may have not been carrying this whole time and hastily traced back.
"I care. I'm proud of you as well."
"Soulmate ;)"
YOONGI: His pulse was drumming against the skin of his neck, choking down the next breath. No matter how many times he skimmed through the small space no sudden stranger or even a ghost appeared nevertheless it didn't change the fact that he was hearing voices.
Yoongi slapped a hand over his own ear as though that was the problem. The conversation persisted.
"No, I don't know, Maeve," the disembodied voice continued in a sigh. "If they wanted to ask, they would have long ago, right?"
Licking his lips, Yoongi croaked a feeble -
The mysterious stranger fell deathly mute and with eardrums straining to the point of pain, he could vaguely gather they were afraid as Yoongi himself was shocked into a similar stupor not a moment ago. They must think he was the ghost. And though Yoongi didn't know for certain, he supposes that he just might have found his soulmate.
He had spent his whole life counting himself into the 47%. Having neither proclivity for, nor signs of a formed bond, he simply ran with the statistics. 47% of the world was a great number of people and Yoongi was quite content with what or whom he had. So in a manner which thousands must have asked along with him today, he thought "shit, what now?"
Days later, clutching the twin "pending" forms of the K-SSA and I-SSA, he decided to speak. Maybe his soulmate won't like him anyway.
"Hello?" he utters into the empty space of his apartment feeling a tad foolish but bulldozing his way through it "Are you there?"
With a bated breath, he waits then at last -
"Yes, hello."
Yoongi coughs and with an orchestrated indifference states the obvious.
"We must be soulmates."
"Yeah," comes a similarly dispassionate reply. "Though I did think you were a demon."
He snorts in a muted amusement.
"What's your name?"
"______________. Yours?"
His brain errors. Even if a soulmate, he couldn't just freely divulge his persona willy-nilly, so to speak. Being a soulmate didn't prohibit anyone from inflicting harm. The morning news was plenty of affirmation.
In the five-second span in which no response followed, he could feel just how much you didn't believe him.
"August?" dryly, you echo.
"Yeah, my parents were hippies."
He goes to sit down on the sofa, sinking into it whilst awkwardly clapping his hands.
"Are you a seal?"
He glances down at his hands.
"You can hear that?"
"Yes. Weird isn't it."
Another pregnant pause followed suit.
"So soulmates," he drawled in deep thought. "You're uh...interested in that?"
If he focused enough he could hear a pen clacking against a thick notebook. You must be studying or in an office space. Or simply sitting and tapping away the pen to alleviate nerves.
"I...I'm not quite sure," you answer truthfully. "I haven't agonized over it and I've been busy and..."
You exhale shakily.
"And to be completely frank...I got into a relationship. Yesterday."
Well, that's just on brand, Yoongi thought sourly.
"I'm sorry, August."
He chuckled. You actually sounded sincere. And something in the apologetic lilt of your tone made his heart soften. At entirely the wrong time.
"Don't worry about it. Not your fault."
"Are...are you in a relationship?"
He licks his dry lips and pushes the forms further away and across the coffee table.
"Yeah," he lies. "So it's all fine."
He once again thinks you're a ghost, blinking blearily at your soft voice shaking the still air of the night. Years have passed and he realized that he sort of has missed the sound of your voice.
"August?" you asked timidly in the middle of the night. "Are you still there?"
He rubs his eyes.
"Yes. Hello."
An awkward tension wavers.
"What are you up to?"
"Can't sleep," he mumbles, rubbing now repeatedly his tired eyes. "Insomnia."
"Oh, sorry to hear that."
"Do you always apologize for everything?" he crosses his arms, resting on the pillow like a normal person would whilst talking next to someone in the bed.
"A little bit," you laugh demurely. "You know, I submitted my form and the I-SSA replied back."
He sobered up at that, the faint migraine from the lack of rest pounding a little harder as his breath caught in his throat.
"Don't worry, they were very strict and revealed to me nothing."
"Sorry about that," he couldn't help but sigh however you didn't seem to mind.
"Do you always apologize for everything?" you laughed and he did too.
"Just about this," now slightly soothed he settled deeper into the covers. "What about your...partner?"
"Oh," immediately your voice became angry. "Dumped them. Cheated on me."
"What a fucking prick," Yoongi scoffed.
"Enough about them. Try to sleep, okay?"
You were nothing but a stranger. A stranger talking into his head which not so long ago would have guaranteed him four walls and complete isolation. Yet still, he listened. Found the request, not an order but a nagging sweet sentiment of taking better care. He didn't mind it, and neither did he mind you talking. In fact, the migraine was peculiarly retreating,
"What are you watching?" he asked curiously. Through the winded gaps in your voice and the rustle of the Seoul traffic outside, he could piece together some fragments of what resembled 90's tv show music. "Sounds like old porn."
Abruptly, you burst into a fit of loud laughter and then just as abruptly fell quiet.
"Sorry...no one has joked with me for a very long time," you quietly admitted and something in his chest began to sting.
"You have a nice laugh," with a faint blush, he praised shyly. "Don't you have friends to joke around with? Maeve?"
If you found it odd, he knew the name of your friend, still remembering it from that faint first bond years ago now, you didn't remark on it and he was better for it. Yoongi really didn't need to feel any more of a creep than he had, always chiding himself for being this obsessive over those few minutes of conversation. It seemed that he was not so indifferent about the soulmate thing after realizing they were real for him.
"Not anymore. Who do you think that garbage cheated on me with?"
Yoongi cringed.
"I'm sorry," he bid earnestly, a wrinkle of a frown etching on his forehead.
"Addition to the list?" you teased and he smiled to himself, persistently shy, despite knowing you could not see it.
"Suppose. Though you never answered."
"What exactly?" you hummed and he heard sheets rustling. You must be sleeping as well. Or perhaps simply sitting on the bed.
"What are you watching?"
"X-Files. Felt in the mood for something spooky."
He thought about it for a second before rushing into action.
"Which episode? What minute?"
You were almost taken aback by the brazen curiosity as it hadn't been previously ever heard.
"Season 1, episode 8. Minute 04:47."
As Yoongi grabbed his laptop, he heard the faint dialogue stop. You stopped it.
"Do you...want to watch with me?"
He frantically searched for the episode, fighting for his life to get the ads off the screen.
"Hey, I know that noise," you remarked. "That's the blacklist notice! Say, August, you wouldn't be streaming illegally, would you?"
"You're going to arrest me?" he smirked, winding to the fourth minute. "Kinky."
He couldn't naturally vouch for it but he thinks you reddened. And he found it cute.
"No. Just concerned that you'll find Anna, 32, much more appealing. She's only 1 kilometre away."
It was his time to laugh.
"Don't worry about her. Not my type. I'm hot for ghostly voices whispering in my ear."
You splutter and, laughing quietly to himself, he interrupts your indignance.
"I'm at the fourth minute. Are you continuing to watch or not?"
"Yeah," you replied huffily. "I'm continuing."
It didn't take long for him to fall asleep that night. Or the next. Or the next. And after a year, his doctor declared his insomnia successfully treated.
"You're not watching at all," you whined into his ear and Yoongi pulled the blanket over his body.
"No, I am," he lied. "I'm watching it through your mind, silly."
You scoffed.
"What a bunch of nonsense. We share glamorized auditory hallucinations, not a mind link."
After a pause, all you hear are the familiar sounds of him already quietly snoring away.
"Good night...August."
JIN: He exhaled once, twice, thrice. It took him about three seconds to fully grasp what he was seeing and then with all the might of his tired legs Jin threw himself into the shower curtain and promptly knocked himself out against the tiled bathroom wall.
"Sir, please, calm down!" the nurse urged him frantically as Jin twitched on the bed.
"No, you don't understand! It was a ghost. A ghost! A ghost is haunting my bathroom!"
"Sir, please, there's no ghost!"
He glimpsed to the left and in the metal railing of the bed, he saw a reflection not of himself but of an entirely different face looking right back at him with the same concern.
Jin politely and very masculine screeched at the top of his lungs and graciously passed out amidst the mass of frightened hospital staff.
So...in the end, as it turns out, he was not haunted. The affirmation came in the form of two stocky SSA workers, coming to stop by his room with a thick wad of papers.
Sign here. Sign here. Sign here.
It appears that three years ago someone had registered in the I-SSA and while there were many different systems out there, all with their variations and complications, it was just Jin's luck, his beam of sunshine amidst the raging storm, to be in a system with the smallest amount of sharers. The abnormal diff-diffusion? He doesn't quite recall as he'd sat there head pounding away and sounds distant, staring at his own name and next to it the person, who according to the science of it all, was his soulmate.
But knowing was different from believing. Or at least, not shitting himself every time they stared at him in his own reflection.
"You got to cool it, man," Namjoon drawled in that pure sarcastic deadpan, patting away the soup that Jin had spilt as he lunged himself away from the spoon reflection in which a different eye was reflected through.
"At least, you can see them," Taehyung muttered bitterly, wiping the table clean and all fell silent.
Jin kept the mirrors covered anyhow. It was simply too freaky to witness an entirely different face in the stead of his, soulmate or not. Life proceeded as normal and while Jin kept himself busy and unthinking of possibilities, the lack or rather denial of his soulmate meant little to him. Until the very eve of winter. The first fresh snow had fallen over Seoul and stayed that way. The air was chill and crisp and the world was ready to slumber. At least this part of it. And on this night, no matter how long Jin stared at the fallen snow, he couldn't sleep. His heart was beating out of his chest and his mind raced.
He...felt it. Or rather you felt it and he sensed the echoes of it. Growing agitated over this sensation, he stomped towards the mirror, ready to...well, he was not quite sure what he was going to do but after yanking the towel onto the floor he forgot all about it. For the first time, you were not googling back at him, either in wonder or aggrievance but you were crying, gripping the sink with crushing strength. Crying like your entire soul was just split apart.
"What's wrong?" Jin aske timidly but you did not react. Visual must not also mean auditory. With shaking fingers he tapped the glass and this time you jumped in a way that was eerily familiar to his own. Landing on your ass, you cursed. Or he thinks you did from the way your lips curled.
He thought about it for a second and rushed away to fetch a lip balm before writing on the surface of the mirror.
You leaned your head to the side before, shivering, rising to stand. He watched intently as you dipped your hand underneath the water current and wrote back.
Jin exhaled, battling the urge to not pass out.
"Why cry?"
You gestured all around yourself and he recognized the sterile, removed environment of the hospital bathroom.
"Sick?" he wrote, feeling a heavy thud in his gut, something akin to missing a step in the dark.
"Yes. Tomorrow is the surgery."
He swallowed.
You swallowed shakily and immediately Jin felt bad for asking.
"Moderate. I can live, I can die. All up to the doctors."
He too reaches to grip the sink and though he can't hear it, he can see you chuckling tearily. He frowns and you write.
"We even look the same. In a way."
Jin can offer only a shaky smile and even more guilt for shoving you away.
He was a horrible soulmate to have.
All day and next night he waits by the mirror and then finally when it's dark again, the snow falls in droves underneath the streetlamps and wind rushes through the alleys down below and finally, just before midnight, you appear in the mirror, shuffling in. You looked tired and worn but at least you're alive. Jin springs up.
You're the first one to write, having brought with you a lip balm as well.
"I lived. Clearly."
"Thank Heavens," Jin writes back feeling a rush of emotions dampen his eyes. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."
Gracious, you throw a hand at his words.
"I didn't want a soulmate before this. Thought I was...above it. Stupid really."
He smiles abashed and nods.
"You okay? Will be?"
"Yes, I will be okay," for a second, you lower your hands, gathering strength and then reach out. "You...do you want to talk more after this?"
"Hey, Jin, we're waiting for you!" Namjoon calls out, sticking a head through the door and he turns around.
"I'll be with you in five minutes."
Namjoon glimpsed at the defaced mirror.
"Hangman, really?"
Jin shrugged.
"We both like it. Scram now."
As he turned round he wrote "y".
j__n_y, stood on the surface and Jin sat deep in thought, then he guessed.
You sighed in defeat and confirmed his answer. Jin read the word again, committing it to memory.
"Text me when your plane lifts off," he wrote and you mimicked his soft smile.
"I will. See you in 16 hours."
Jin kissed his palm and pressed it against the mirror where your forehead stood.
"16 hours," he muttered back.
HOSEOK: "What do you think?" Jimin asked. "This one or this one?"
Hoseok merely arched an eyebrow.
"How would I be able to tell?"
Jimin lowered the hangers, with a guilty frown.
"I'm sorry, I didn't think."
Instantaneously, the despondent eyes made him feel guilty.
"Nevermind. I like the...uh left one."
Jimin twiddled guilty with the coloured fabric. A colour which Hoseok couldn't see.
"You want me to help you pick the outfit?"
Not to make him feel any sadder, Hoseok obliged.
Contrary to popular belief, being in the monochrome system sucked ass. He had nearly two million matches in the K-SSA registry, 32 million in the I-SSA and counting the 1% of margin error that amounted roughly to a 340 000 that could be his soulmate but wouldn't act that way due to genetic mutation. The more he thought of those numbers, the more alone he felt. Yoongi at least could hear his soulmate, Jin had seen them and was by now already moved in with them. Being in the more rare section of the soulmate systems they could at least have their soulmates traced via reading brain waves and other gibberish Hoseok never much understood. But no data could come from the monochrome system as the numbers were simply too overwhelming. False positives and false negatives were too great for a sensible person to take that chance. Which left only one option - the good old-fashioned meet and greet.
But with a planet of 8 billion people that chance was small. Growing ever so smaller with each passing day despite the technological advances. Even so, the airport was of late the favourite place of Hoseok's to be at. No place such as an airport to find someones all over the globe, grumpily and quite often with a foul odour, converging their different ways together. He tried to stay optimistic. As Taehyung bumped into him, sleep-ridden and tired, he indeed felt that there was a need to be optimistic. As much as he bitched, it didn't amount to the pain his friend was in at all times.
"Hey, just a little bit," he brushed Tae's fringe back to reveal two swollen eyes. He must have been crying either just now, or the entire night. Either way, it was an upsetting idea to have. Subtly, Hoseok pushed Taehyung into Jimin's direction who eagerly took care of his friend. But they all trodded along no matter how they felt.
"How was that episode good?" Yoongi asked and Hoseok frowned.
"What episode?" he questioned and Yoongi waved a hand, almost like one would when talking over a phone and someone interrupted.
"Oh, you're talking to...never mind," Hoseok grumbled, pushing his head further down.
The sky above the Atlantic Ocean was grey and uninspiring whilst the flight itself was excruciating. Though everything to him was grey. 14 hours in a box in the sky was not what Hoseok particularly enjoyed. Bored, he prodded at the desert. It was of a lighter hue, meaning a brighter colour. Yellow perhaps. Mango.
He took a spoon to his mouth. Strawberry. After all this time, one would think he'd be better at differentiating things. At least, he could remember colours, he thought wistfully, once again thinking of the positives. Some people were born with their bonds permanently established meaning they never knew colour. But Hoseok could at least remember - the colour of the sky, the sun, the green grass around his school. But it was in a way worse. If he could never have it again, it would ruin him. Strange. Such a simple thing really but he missed it dearly. What a weird way to bond people, by depriving them of the basics of life. Was it even love in the end? Or desperation driving them into some form of sick co-dependence?
Trying to be positive, didn't necessarily mean he was one as Hoseok had found out.
New York was a whirlpool. They had to rush fast to their cars through the halls of the airport, barely breathing and at this very moment, in one singular turn, Hoseok saw the beige of Taehyung's jumper.
The red of Jimin's scarf and the brown of Jungkook's eyes as he stared at him in wonder.
They couldn't stop. The insistent push of the bodyguards affirmed it so but if Hoseok suddenly saw the one thing that only his soulmate could grant then that meant his soulmate was not just near. Their eyes had met.
And he held no recognition.
He whipped to look around, the twin sensations of the flashing camera lights and the sheer amount of colours, of their shades and hues, had his head swimming but he saw no one. No one was looking with the echo of the realization, no one seemed to be interested in him any more than the rest. Interested in him as j-hope, the star, not Hoseok, the soulmate.
"We need to keep going," his bodyguard whispered, trying to professionally haul him away.
"No, I...I just met my soulmate. I need to stay!"
But the man did not listen. The crowd swarmed closer and closer and without much more say in the situation, he found himself sitting numbly in the backseat of the car. The neon signs blinded his eyes and for the first time in his adult and teenage life, Hoseok saw the rainbow cascading off the singular snowflake clinging to the window of the black car.
JIMIN: He pushed back your hair from your sweaty forehead.
"Feels so good," he moaned onto your lips. "You feel so good."
When the familiar knot unwound it felt like a truck, or a high-speed train running him down and into a cliff. But somehow pleasantly. Jimin swears he could see the true meaning of the universe, the very makeup of what created the entire life in moments like these. But even so his favourite, to his heart, was the second after, for the crudeness of it all, bust a nut within you, when he laid, holding your body close and panting together in the warm room. He felt brave tonight for once and nuzzled into the crook of your neck. It was all sweaty and damp but he did not mind. It was the only kind of closeness he could have with you.
Five blissful minutes passed and you roused, pushing him away. Gently but still you did. After rushing to the bathroom, you came back to get dressed. Jimin reached to trace a finger on your back as you dragged a shirt over your head.
"Can't you stay?" he hums. There was a scar right above the curve of your hip and he ghosted over it. You didn't like him focusing on your scars.
"I like my own place," you reply casually. "Paid a lot for it."
That was, of course, only an excuse. Jimin may or may have not met another ex-hookup of yours and you had stayed with them. They made you breakfast.
And Jimin wanted to make you breakfast more than anything else.
"Right," he sinks into himself, wanting to stop but not being capable to do so. "Can you...kiss me...before you go?"
Pathetic. To beg like this. But he wanted you to madness.
Perhaps, you looked slightly unsettled but indulged him nonetheless. The way you kissed was like feeling a new breath in his lungs. He didn't understand what about you was so intoxicating but he wanted you around all the time. Your presence was like a wet cloth on the fevered head, a gulp of fresh air after spending hours in a stuffed room.
It was no exaggeration that he was growing obsessed.
And you thought of him as a hookup.
"See you later," you said, stroking his cheek once and the next was the door falling shut. Jimin sighed, rapidly crashing from the height of happiness to the pit of misery. But if anything could distract him it was the horrible pain suddenly flaring through his shin.
"Oh, for fuck's sake," he cursed, cradling the limb.
He honestly thought his soulmate should be nothing but a mangled piece of flesh by now. Ever since 14 years old, he felt nothing but pain from them. And despite it being the main takeaway from sharing the sensations type of bond, he should also be in technicality receiving happy emotions but no. There was none. Just anxiety and regular pain.
Though, in fairness, Jimin assumed he gave off much of the same. Remembering the long practices, and the muscle cramps, he could only recoil. When the ache finally ceased he lays on top of the sheets again brushing the empty space next to him. Soulmate perhaps, but all he wanted was you. If you'd be next to him, he'd look for no one else ever again. Which was stupid, who falls into love with their fuck..fuck-something.
"Literally every protagonist in a romance story," Jungkook muttered before making a loud gagging noise. Jimin almost had half the intention of lodging a spoon in his throat before he hurriedly explained.
"It's not to you! It's just that dumbass is eating sugar. Pure sugar!" he heaved, face getting read. "Oh, I hope their teeth have so many holes they need to eat nothing but carrots!"
"You want to taste nothing but carrots for the rest of your life?" Jimin snarked and Jungkook paused.
"Guess not."
Suddenly Jimin's elbow flared up.
"Oh, come on!" he exclaimed, wincing and rubbing the spot. "How many times a day can this person be hurt?!"
"Hey, guys, why are there so many people outside?" Taehyung asked in confusion, hooking his headphones off. Sirens soon blared and as they looked on, through the crowd, they could see someone laying in the middle of the street. Unmoving.
"Oh shit, is that blood?" Jungkook gasped.
The police coordinated off the area pushing the mass away and to Jimin's surprise, you stepped out of one of the cars with a camera attached to your neck. To even more of a shock, you began to take pictures and Jimin questioned how was it that he didn't know you were a CSI or whatever they were called when suddenly you tripped and fell down, slamming your chin against the unforgiving ground.
"Oh, that must hurt," Taehyung and Jungkook drawled together but Jimin stayed quiet. His chin was killing him.
And what were the chances of that?
"Sensation-coded systems tend to be of more emotional intensity as they echo the same level of chemical fluctuation between persons on top of their own."
As Jimin had learned it at school, he still had it scrabbled somewhere in the high school notebook, touch equated to chemical changes in the body. Dopamine and serotonin increase and in a sensation-coded system, person A could not only feel their own increase but also person B's and vice versa. This is why perhaps he felt like he was breathing new breath when he kissed you. Because he just might.
He can't stop shaking as he texts you to come over, despite doing it hundred times before. But this was different wasn't it? If he was right, he could lose you, if he was wrong, he could also lose you. Either way, he lost. But he had to know. Otherwise, he would be bitter his entire life.
You hug him the second you step over the threshold but for the first time, Jimin steps away. Immediately you frown.
"Something wrong?" you ask and he swallows hard.
"I...I made dinner," actually he ordered it, not wanting it to be bad. "You want to eat?"
He knows you know it was phrased as a question out of politeness. During dinner which is not at all strained into near incapacitating silence, Jimin may or may not drink. A lot. To cope.
"Please, just tell me what it is," you finally break. "Or I'll combust spontaneously."
"I didn't know you were a CSI," he trailed off and you froze.
"Yeah, well, it's not a pretty job and also CSI," you gestured at yourself then at him. "An idol? Doesn't make much sense."
"Maybe it does," he says, shaking again and at last gathering all the courage left in his bones to pinch his arm, so hard it hurt. You flinch as well.
Another blanket of silence descends over the room.
"I think we need to talk."
TAEHYUNG: All he remembers clearly is the pause of uncertainty, the step taken between the childish innocence and the brutal adult reality. The reality of death which in this case was a red string cut short and fraying at the end of his pinky when it should have been stretching across the seas and dreams, across despair and misery. And it's on this hot summer afternoon, sunny and perfect, that Taehyung learns that love does not conquer all.
The office of the IBSSCI, the International Bureau of Soulmate System Crime Investigation respectively, is by far more shabby than he ever pictured. When Taehyung is brought into this two-story building it doesn't look like anything more than some chic obsessed, eco brutalism wannabe cafe he could honestly trip upon in certain streets of Seoul. The office in whose uncomfortable chairs he's been sat in is the size of the closet and looks like one as well. This person was grody. The half-eaten sandwich and cold cup of coffee were all the proof he needed.
____________ ______________, he reads on the glass plaque, you're a pig.
Someone walks in. A mountain of folders on two legs as far as he can see.
"Sorry about the wait, Mr Kim," they huffed. "The printer jammed and you see these papers," with a heavy thud, they dropped it on the desk, falling into the chair with an exhausted sigh. "Is no joke."
He nodded mutely along feeling like it was appropriate to do so.
"Do you want any coffee or tea?" you offered, pushing the mountain away and casting him a weirdly patronizing smile. Immediately, Taehyung bristled.
"Not if it's made like that," he pointed at the dirty cup.
"Depends on what you answer," the smile on your face didn't even flinch. "You do realize why you're here."
"Being scammed is not a crime," he scoffed.
"It is not," you agreed. "But if you gave nearly half a million to one shady group whose to say you won't do it again?"
He wrenched his eyes shut. He didn't mean to. But one by one the guys kept finding their soulmates, hell, even Hoseok, the actual fucking monochrome-based bond found his love. While Taehyung was happy for his friend he was also happy to have someone to be as miserable as him as selfish as it was.
And what would be the worst, he had thought, he would just lose his money and he had plenty of it. For the chance of finding a soulmate, he would give every single thing he owned. The clothes on his body, the sheets on his bed, all of it.
But the worst of it was actually murder. The scam group promised to find Taehyung a new person claiming the statistical basis of there being another in the case of death had in the end murdered one of the doctors who threatened to take this to the police and suddenly Taehyung found himself right in the heart of a criminal case. And while the scammers ran a high-level operation it didn't change the fact that Taehyung was now fundamentally a person involved in something as heinous as murder and it was his money that had guaranteed some of them to escape to international seas.
"I'm sorry," he whispered. "I never meant for any of this to happen."
"I understand," they spoke and for once they didn't sound mocking. "But Mr Kim, you have money and that is power. You must not give that power out of desperation."
As he opened his eyes, he saw them pushing a paper across the desk, their gloved hand tapping twice at it.
"This is, as you must know, a recovery form in the case of losing a soulmate. The program consists of 18 weeks of mandatory therapy, regular check-ins for a year as well as signing an oath of not partaking in any schemes or offers of finding or rebonding with a new soulmate that if breached can and will be held in court of law. Do you understand?"
He gazed blankly into their eyes, limbs growing stiff.
"Taehyung!" Jimin called out.
"No, you don't get to speak! You don't get to pretend you understand! You have your soulmate! You have a chance! I was robbed of one! You will never understand what that's like!"
As he blinked the memory faded away but still, he felt no one will ever understand what that was like.
"Do you have a soulmate?" he croaked, fiddling with the pen meant to sign the form.
The person blinked and their lips thinned.
"I suppose I did," they said with ease but also with a thin veil of clearly deep inner sadness. "They died when I was an infant."
Taehyung sat straighter.
"So you know what that feels like? To be robbed, cruelly robbed not choosing, not doing wrong but not having anything from the start?"
He grimaced in order not to cry.
"I do but inflicting hurt on others...trying these insane methods and schemes," you trailed off. "It will do no good. No good for you, for anyone. It is evil for the sake of evil and that's it."
You offered him a tissue and he took it gratefully. Perhaps you were not so bad. Despite being grody.
Taehyung signed the form and with weary, tired legs, trailed after you to the main exit.
"As the person assigned to this case, I will be overseeing your check-in period," you explained navigating the cement stairs seemingly spiralling in all logical and illogical directions.
"You're a social worker as well?" Taehyung ironized roughly and you offered him a crooked smile.
"Budget cuts."
As you scanned your ID the doors flashed red.
"Oh, come on," you wiped the chip on the card against your pants but no such luck. Again and again, it flashed red. Finally, with a loud growl of annoyance you yanked the black glove off your left hand to wipe the chip by hand and on it, Taehyung saw a string.
A red string.
Around your pinky.
Cut and frayed in the middle.
Exactly like his.
It unfurled on the ground and dazed Taehyung reached to grasp it. He held the thin yarn like a dying butterfly and pulled at last gently its end. Your hand moved along with it.
JUNGKOOK: He really wants to be happy. And he is. Somewhere underneath the surging wave of anger, he is really happy. And he'll show it to you one day. After he's done scolding you.
Because in the exact moment where he walks through the street, late in the evening, cold rain pouring on his umbrella, he glances through the window of a restaurant and sees a person shoving an entire sugar cube on their tongue.
He feels sugar explode in his mouth.
Pure, unrefined, choking sugar.
And the next thing he knows he's pointing a finger in your unsuspecting face.
"You piece of shit! You actual dumbass!" he yells and people around him are startled. Though none more than you. You, whose sitting in your stupid seat and whose stupid sugar-addicted mouth still chews on that sugar cube like a horse.
"Does dental hygiene means nothing to you? Diabetes?! Health overall?!" he keeps pointing at you at every single word to portray the full scope of what tasting constant sugar every day for consecutive 18 years does to a person.
"How many holes do you have in your teeth right now?! Tell me!"
You blink up at him owlishly and also part terrified. Even the music of the restaurant seems somewhat muted as the crowd looks on at this, the most bizarre of lover's quarrel.
And he shouldn't, he really shouldn't, but he finds it cute.
"Three," you mutter demurely and a pout forms on your lips. Jungkook wonders if they're sweet as well. Should be considering the amount of sugar you consume.
"Just went to a dentist..."
"And you're still swallowing sugar cubes?! WHOLE ASS SUGAR CUBES?!"
And now this one Jungkook shouldn't, he really should not, but he finds you yelling at him hot.
And he wants to know what you taste like.
In the end, they're kicked out. You stand in the rain, pouting and glaring at him in earnest and whilst doing the same he extends the umbrella over your head.
"I don't like you," you scoff and he does the same.
"Neither do I."
"You're a pig of an eater."
"You're a sugar addict."
A pause.
"I'm leaving," you huff, making no indication to leave.
"Then go," Jungkook snaps, actually taking a step closer.
He thinks he tastes anxiety on his tongue. Whether it's his own or yours he can't tell.
"You're overbearing," you mutter while slightly moving forth.
"You're insufferable," Jungkook is not far behind, neither in space nor insults. He wraps a hand around your waist and finds it perfect. The way you press against him is perfect.
"You make me nauseous," you whisper, gaze dropping to his pierced lip.
"I'm absolutely sick of you," he breathes the air you exhale and then closes the small space and learns what you taste like.
When the umbrella falls out of his hands and falls upon the rain-soaked pavement, he tastes rainwater in his mouth. And as expected that too tastes sweet.
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Tumblr media
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Little do You Know | OT7 | Thirty
Tumblr media
Pair: Bangtan (ot7) x f!reader 
Summary: In a world where idols and actors can’t date, whether it be because of contracts, lack of time, or the dangers that involve having your personal life leaked, the market opened up for a new work field. Playmate Agencies emerged to supply the entertainment world with highly trained companions for hire. Bangtan is looking for new playmates. And you just happen to be the one all of them choose. 
Genre: Fluff, angst, smut, playmate au, idol au. 
Chapter warnings: Liiiiil angst if you squint.
WC: 2.4k
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Tumblr media
You could have stayed in Daegu a bit more, but you missed the boys, and technically you weren’t officially on vacation, so there was a job to do. You left home the day after Christmas, bringing with you a few boxes of homemade gingerbread cookies you had baked with Minsuk. The little girl wanted you to bring some to Mr. Yoonbi, so you told her you had six other friends who would also really love her treats.
The next day after your arrival, you checked in with the boys to see how everyone was doing, not wanting to impose in case none of them needed or wanted your company. Namjoon was still in Ilsan, and Yoongi was staying at his brother’s apartment with Holly for a couple of days. Hoseok was also still in Gwangju, but would be back the next day. Seokjin was already in Seoul, and he had told you he wanted to see you, but the youngest one had texted you first. So, to keep up with your own unspoken rule, you promised your oppa you would see him soon.
You rang the bell on the gate of Jungkook’s house, being buzzed in so quickly you were sure the boy was watching you from the security cameras. Halfway through the yard the loud barks of Bam and his hyungs were welcoming you. 
"Hi, tokki." Jungkook opened the door for you, and his arms, so you went in for his chest. 
"I missed you." you grumbled against his pecs. "You're all forbidden from leaving me ever again."
"Sounds good to me." 
The younger man sniffed the top of your head and let go of you so you could see the very impatient dogs that were already trying to jump on you. You were on your knees in a second, letting the three pups sniff and lick your face. 
"Yes, yes, I've missed you too!" you petted and kissed Bam, Paeng and Song repeatedly, while Jungkook watched you fondly. 
"Come upstairs, we're playing video games at the cave." he waved at you from the stairs. 
You took off your shoes and heavy winter coat, rushing after Jungkook alongside the dogs. 
"Who's we?" you asked. 
"Hyung is here too." 
You'd need a little more than that, since Jungkook had at least six other hyungs, not to mention his actual brother. But as soon as you arrived at the third floor, a beautiful laugh told you Jimin was the one actually there. 
"Jiminie!" you chirped and let yourself fall to the mattress on the floor he was sitting on so you could hug him from the back. “I should have known you’d be here!”
“Hi, doll.” Jimin looked up so he could see you and you kissed his forehead. “How was Daegu?”
“Cold, and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t going to fit on my clothes anymore if I stayed any longer.” you told him. “How was Jeju?”
“So good!”
While Jungkook set up the next game the boys wanted to play, Jimin told you all about this little beach he found, how he stayed on a campervan and met this really cute old lady who was deaf and mute, but absolutely adorable, and that cooked the best japchae he’d ever had in his life. 
“You would love to just sit at the beach and watch the stars, Ynie.” Jimin said at last. 
“Maybe you can bring me there sometime?” you smiled and Paeng marched up your legs to sit on your lap. “How did it go in Busan, Kook?”
“Was good.” the boy smiled all bunny-like. “The kids loved the beach.”
“All three?” you found that a little hard to believe. 
“Okay, Bam loved the beach.” he corrected with a laugh. 
Jungkook passed the console to Jimin so they could play FIFA as you watched. He knew by now you absolutely sucked at it, so he didn’t even ask if you wanted to play. As always, you were just laying on the mattress next to them playing with the three pups. But after a while it got boring, and you were hungry. 
“You guys want me to make a snack?” you offered.
“Please, noona.” Jungkook nodded enthusiastically. 
“Do you need me to feed the pups?” you got up from the mattress and the three dogs followed you. 
“You can give them a treat if you want, but they already had lunch.”
The two boys watched you leave the room, the pups on your heels. Each of the men had a fond smile on their faces; both disappeared when they noticed similar smiles on each other. Jimin pressed play on the game again, it was better if they focused on that. 
Jimin was about to score a goal when Jungkook’s phone started ringing between them. The older boy recognized the ringtone and the picture that popped up on the screen, pausing the game again.
“Why is Jia calling you?” Jimin asked the maknae, not able to mask his accusatory tone. “Are you still talking to her, Kook?”
The younger declined the call and shoved the phone back into his pocket. “No! But she sent me a christmas present and I texted her to say thank you. And she’s been calling, but I haven’t answered!”
“You’re not thinking about hiring her as your playmate again, are you?” 
On the one hand, if Jungkook did have a playmate for himself, he’d leave you alone and that would mean more of you for him. But on the other side, Jimin knew you’d be deeply hurt if that happened. Not to mention how much Jia being back would complicate things for everyone. The girl was very difficult, and she had a way of getting what she wanted, especially if his dongsaeng was involved. 
"I'm really not, hyung, I promise!"
"Did you know she came to HYBE before we left for LA?" Jimin watched Jungkook’s face, he would be able to tell if he was lying. "She came looking for you, and to tell Sejin she has a new agency now. She's working for the same agency as Yn."
"Oh, I didn't know that!" Jungkook shook his head. "But that makes sense, maybe they are friends? Jia noona was asking about tokki."
"What was she asking?" 
Jungkook tried remembering, but he didn't pay much attention last time he spoke with the girl; you were about to FaceTime him from New York and he didn't want to be held up. 
"She wanted to know when Yn would be back to Seoul, I guess." 
"Kook, did she want to know when she'd be back or when she'd arrive?" Jimin pressed.
"Does it make a difference?"
Yes, of course it made all the difference in the world! It's what Jimin would have said if you hadn't walked into the room, a little breathless, and with a plate stocked with sandwiches. 
"You didn't have much in your fridge, Kookie. Are you living out of takeout?" you asked the boy as soon as you walked into the game room. 
“Huh? Yeah, sorry.” 
You hoped you weren’t interrupting the boys, since it looked like they were having a conversation before you walked in. You placed the snacks in front of the boys, sitting next to them while making sure you weren’t covering the screen in case they wanted to keep playing. 
“So, who’s winning?” you asked after a bite of a ham and cheese sandwich.
“We don’t want to play anymore.” Jimin shrugged, giving the console back to Jungkook. “Thank you for making us food, doll. You’re very sweet.”
“It’s okay.” you smiled at the boy. “Did you forget I have a baby bird to feed? I’m used to it.”
The three of you ate as the dogs tried stealing some bites here and there. Bam was surprisingly behaved, while his two smaller hyungs were a little more desperate. Crying to their dad whenever either of you denied them food. 
A little while later, when you were done eating, and you had lost a couple times at Mario Kart -you were getting better, though- you looked out the window to see soft snow covering the backyard.
“It’s snowing!” you pointed out with an excited gasp. “Can we go outside?”
“Let’s go, pretty doll.” Jimin giggled at your thrill, getting up with a jump and offering his hand to you. 
You took one of his hands and offered your other hand for Jungkook to join you. The younger boy waved you off, saying he needed to dress the smaller dogs for the snow first. Jimin pulled you away and you let him, even if part of your heart stayed with the younger boy. At least a smaller piece of it came with you as Bam followed you and Jimin down the flights of stairs and out to the backyard. 
Jimin insisted you put your shoes back on, as well as your coats, before venturing out. The snow was still falling, really light, but enough to catch your hair and clothes. If it kept falling like that overnight, maybe you could make a snowman. 
“I wish Minsukie was here right now.” you thought out loud. 
“Ah. I still can’t believe hyung got to meet her before I did.” Jimin pouted, shaking his head to make the snow fall off from his locks. 
“Did Yoon tell you about it?” you turned to him, curious. 
“He texted the group chat after you went to the zoo.” he came closer to you, hiding his small hands on the pockets of your coat. “Hyung said she’s the only little kid he likes.” 
“She really melted him.” you giggled, sticking your hands into the pockets of his coat. “I hope you’ll get to meet her one day too, but I’m afraid of what you might teach her.”
Jimin laughed, head falling back as he found amusement in your worries. When he looked at you again, his eyes were little crescent moons from smiling so big. 
“What could you possibly be scared of? I’m cutie and lovely.” 
“Exactly that!” you mused. “She doesn’t need to learn your charms.”
“Well, that’s true.” he shrugged, forehead touching yours. “No one can resist Park Jimin.”
You looked up slightly, just so the tip of your nose could touch the tip of his. Jimin didn’t push for more, as much as he wanted to, and as much as you wanted him to. 
Tumblr media
The snow got a lot heavier pretty fast, which meant you couldn’t get a taxi to come to that area, and walking back to the dorm, even if it was relatively close, was also a big no no. Jimin was already staying the night at Jungkook’s house anyway, so the two boys asked you to stay too. 
You cooked pasta for everybody, after finding the few ingredients in the pantry, and you watched half of an anime series Jungkook liked, before all three of you got too sleepy to actually pay any attention. The house had plenty of rooms, so Jimin took one guest bedroom and you got another one. Not that you would mind sharing with either of them, but it was nice that they worried about keeping you comfortable. 
But as you rolled in bed, something seemed to be bothering you. 
Jungkook had stayed with you and Jimin the whole day, but he wasn’t all over you like the clingy bun you were used to. It reminded you of how he behaved when you first met, and you wouldn't be able to sleep if you didn’t make sure you hadn’t done anything to upset him. 
Getting out of the guest bedroom, you padded silently to the master bedroom in the end of the hallway, trying your hardest not to wake up the sleeping dogs on the first floor. You gently knocked on Jungkook’s door, not really planning on waking him up in case he was sleeping. 
“What is it now, hyung?” came his muffled and sleepy voice from the other side.
“It’s me… Can I come in?” you whispered back.
“Of course, noona.”
You gently pushed the door open, closing it even more softly after you were inside. Jungkook was laying in the middle of his bed, shirtless, but covered up to his waist by the duvet. 
“Do you need anything, noona? Are you cold?”
“I’m fine, Kookie.” you assured him. “Mind if I join you?”
The man shook his head, which was a good sign that he wasn't actually mad at you. You jumped on his bed when he lifted the covers so you could join him under it. You pulled the duvet under your chin, getting comfortable as if you planned on falling asleep there. 
"Are you sure you're not cold?" he laughed. 
"Shush." your nose scrunched. 
You were only wearing one of his shirts to sleep, but they were so oversized on the already big man that it looked like a dress on you. 
"We're okay, right?" you asked, voice quiet. "You're not upset with me?"
"Why would I be upset with you, tokki?" Jungkook softened at your wide eyes and pouty lips. "You're perfect."
You covered your face with the duvet, mumbling a 'no I'm not' so sleepy and shy Jungkook wished he could see your face so he could kiss it. 
Of course Jungkook knew what you were talking about, he did avoid you a little bit today. But it wasn't because of you, but because of Jimin. His hyung was very protective of you, so he was rightfully upset when he found out that Jia noona was still after him. So Jungkook prefered to keep his distance until he could talk to Jimin hyung and make sure he understood Jungkook had no intention of hurting you, or getting closer to Jia again. 
He didn't need her anymore, not when he had you. 
"You would tell me if you were upset, right?" your eyes poked out from the covers. 
"I promise." Jungkook was laying on his side now, one arm bent under his head as he stared at you. 
"Okay, I guess I can go then." you made no move to get up. 
"Or you could stay here." he asked after realizing you were waiting for an invitation.
“Oh, I wouldn’t want to impose.” 
You started getting up, legs moving to the side of the bed. So Jungkook giggled and pulled you down to the mattress, hugging your back to his chest. 
“You’re not going anywhere.” Jungkook threw his leg on top of yours for good measure, caging you in. 
“I guess I have no choice but to stay forever.” you grinned. 
Tumblr media
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here2bbtstrash · 3 days ago
this is my current obsession. 😭💜 any member, whatever comes to mind for you, bb! 😘
TAAAASTE, CLARE. also - the way i actually managed a proper drabble 😩 look at me GO
send me a song to turn into a drabble! specify the member you want OR let me choose~
pairing: taehyung x reader wordcount: a lil under 500 contains: exes hooking up, infidelity (reader is cheatingggg 🤐), bathroom hookup lol, cunnilingus, hair pulling, dom/sub and brat tamer mentions, tae says noona oops, dacryphilia if you squint oopsoops, tae is subby yet bratty yet maybe in love ?? 🤪
“That’s the thing,” Taehyung huffs a laugh as he sinks to his knees. “It’s never gonna work out with him.”
You roll your eyes as you hook a leg over his shoulder. When the point of your high heel drags over the bare skin of his back, it’s only a little on purpose.
“You need someone you can be mean to.” He blinks wide puppy dog eyes up at you, and you hate that you just proved his point. The diamond on your ring finger catches the bathroom fluorescents as you wind a hand through his dark hair.
You wiggle forward slightly on the sink countertop, other hand fisting the pulled-up fabric of your dress to expose your pussy for him, your panties dangling off the ankle that isn’t hiked up over his back. You can already feel the way you’re dripping with anticipation.
“When I said use your mouth, this isn’t what I meant, Tae.”
At this, he complies wordlessly, and you breathe a sigh that’s equal parts relieved and appeased. It’s fucking good, the steady and familiar flick of his tongue over your clit. And it feels even better to be able to give orders to someone who can follow them again. You’d forgotten the little thrill that shoots up your spine at the feeling of telling a man what to do.
“Tastes good, noona.” Taehyung barely pulls off of your slick folds to speak, and his voice comes out wrecked. You wonder if he might cry. “Wish we had more time. I don’t wanna rush.”
You tighten the hand in his hair until he gives a soft hiss at the pain. “Well, we don’t have time, Tae. And you’re wasting it.”
Despite your hand pulling him so taught that his head tilts back slightly, Taehyung smiles, eyes glinting. “You like it.”
Damn him. You don’t have time for a brat taming, and you know he knows it. It’s exactly why he’s doing this shit. “Make me come, TaeTae.” You spit the nickname out at him, paired with a harsh tug on your handful of his hair, and he outright moans.
“T-t,” he has to swallow down the first attempt at the word, take a second to gasp an inhale. “Take your ring off.”
“Taehyung, I—”
The waver in his voice makes you cave. Wordlessly, you unwind your hand from his hair to slip your engagement ring off, setting it gently on the counter next to you.
“Thank you,” Taehyung murmurs, ever the polite gentleman. “Now pull my hair again.”
When you do as he says, he lets out another little whimper. The warmth of his breath teases over your center as he leans back towards you, as he stops just shy of making contact.
His eyes flicker up to meet yours. “Missed you.”
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allthelovefromstylesxx · 2 days ago
tropes with each bts member (sad version)
pairing: bts x reader; angst, break-ups, tears
wc: 1k+ (i got carried away whoops)
a/n: like i promised, here’s the sad version to this post 💀 these are the tropes i think i would have with each bts member but the sad girl version. as always, it’s written as bts x reader, so i hope you enjoy. sorry girlies, i just have to create angst! if you stumble across it, hope you enjoy and take care <3
Seokjin: college sweethearts to married to divorced
“I just- I don’t understand why we aren’t working anymore.”
You let out a sigh as you throw your hands up in the air, feeling defeated.
Jin sighs as he looks at you tenderly, something that hasn’t changed over the years of knowing him. His hands come up to cradle your face, thumbs rubbing back and forth under your eyes, already expecting to catch the tears that are bound to fall.
“Me too. Look, I’ll always love you y/n, and I know that you’ll always love me, but I think we both agree and feel that we aren’t in love anymore.”
Jungkook: right person, not enough time
“Why didn’t you tell me Jungkook.”
your eyes are shimmery, tears on the precipice of trailing down your cheeks. And you have such a pained expression on your face, that Jungkook almost feels guilty for not telling you until now. You’re grasping at straws, at reality, hoping it won’t shift on its axis to the point in which you topple.
“Because, y/n, I wanted some sense of normality in my life, and I wanted that with you, the woman in love.”
You weren’t prepared for the limited amount of time with him.
He died three weeks after he told you about the tumor in his brain.
Yoongi: famous pop star, too bright for you
“Yoongi, I just don’t think I can compete with your extraordinary life anymore. Your life is so different from mine, and I’m finding it hard balancing the two different extremes.”
“But there’s nothing to balance, y/n. I love you, shouldn’t that be enough?”
you slowly back away from Yoongi, getting closer and closer to his door. Farther and farther away from him.
“I’m sorry Yoongi, I just always feel like I’m in your shadow, always one step behind, bathed in the shadow of your light. Cliché as that sounds, I can’t do this anymore. Goodbye, Yoongi.”
Jimin: long distance
“Baby, I miss you so much it’s becoming increasingly intolerable.”
“I know, Jimin, I miss you too, so much. More than you know.”
You hear Jimin let out a sigh on the other side of the phone, but are unaware of the pained expression that crosses his face. It’s now or never, he thinks.
“Y/n.” He says your name slowly, as if he’s already regretting what he’s about to say.
“I think we should take a break, a breather. The long distance is clearly affecting us in more areas of our life than just our relationship, and I think we should spend time apart and decide if this is what we really both want.”
you can’t argue with him, because you know he’s right and you saw this coming from a mile away. But the mile approached much quicker than anticipated.
“I agree, Jimin. We’ll talk later?”
he lets out a hum.* “Of course, baby.”
he didn’t mean for the term of endearment to slip out of his mouth, but alas it did.
You both went on with your lives, never reaching back out to each other. The break becoming a permanent fixture in your hearts.
Taehyung: you weren’t enough for him
“I don’t know why you’re making such a big deal out of this y/n. I didn’t even do anything. I was just texting her about the class we have together.”
“But that’s just it, taehyung. you aren’t just texting her. You constantly see her, hang out with her, hell you flirt with her right in front of me. How do you think that makes me feel?”
taehyung lets out a scoff, rolling his eyes, before he looks down at you condescendingly. There’s a slight tilt to his lips that make your stomach churn.
“Why are you being so insecure, y/n?”
“How could you possibly find this amusing, tae?”
Hurt coats your voice, and he sees your eyes well up, slowly getting red by the second.
“I don’t. See you later, y/n.”
Now it’s your turn to scoff, trying to suppress the tears from falling. Taehyung ghosts you after today. The next time you see him, he’s with the girl from his class, laughing and smiling at each other, holding hands.
Hoseok: his parents don’t approve of you
Maybe it was all in your head, but you had a feeling that Hoseok’s parents didn’t particularly like you. Yeah, they were nice to you when they saw you, but you could tell it was fake, only surface level politeness.
“Hoseok, I need you to be honest with me. Why don’t your parents like me? What have I ever done to disrespect them?”
He can tell you’re tired, frustrated and upset that his parents still have taken a liking to you even though you’ve been dating for 3 years.
“They’re just, old fashioned, and you’re a little more different than I think they were expecting.”
“Will they ever accept me?”
He doesn’t reply right away, and that’s all the answer you need.
“I don’t think we can date anymore, if I’m never going to be accepted by your family. Good bye, Hobi.”
He doesn’t even chase after you, making your heart shatter into even more pieces, knowing that you’ll never find all the parts to repair it back to normal.
Namjoon: Slight age gap (like 3-5 years he’s older), he thought you had some self-growth to do
“Y/n, you know I really like you, but I think you still have some growing to do, and I think you need to do it alone.”
You’re taken aback, not expecting Namjoon to be so straight forward with you. You know you have some baggage, and are still trying to figure your life out, hell isn’t everyone? But you can’t erase the shame that fills you when Namjoon basically says that you’re too much for him, too broken, too young, not adult enough. This is his way of letting you down gently.
“I can’t believe this. Did you have your life figured out at 23? I don’t think so.”
Namjoon lets out a sigh and takes a step towards you, reaching out a hand to console you, but you step away, not wanting to feel his touch, something that you never thought you would feel.
“Don’t.” you sternly say.
You gather your things, and just as quicky as you entered his life, he watches you leave just as swiftly.
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wonyuknow · a day ago
Downpour, 01
Tumblr media
pairing: eventual poly!bts x female!reader, idol!bts
summary: He fell for her from a distance. She fell for him up close. Despite their different lives, they’d found each other. And somehow, the two had found more love in 6 other souls.
word count: 7.1K
warnings: implications of derealization, the tiniest bit of horny!jimin, me guessing stuff about being an idol, barely edited writing, that’s pretty much it
a/n: yay! my first post! my first series! saying that, please go easy on me. I’m writing this purely for some fun and because I love idol!au’s. And coffee shop!au’s. Also, this chapter may seem a little slow, but it’s just cus I’m trying to get stuff set up😭 it’ll get good eventually I promise.
Tumblr media
     The first time he saw her, it had been raining outside. 
     A steady rain, nothing that would’ve flooded the streets or blurred your vision while driving, but the kind of rainstorm that you knew would last all day just by looking up at the sky. The dark clouds would pull a person into their arms just so they could get to know the rain. 
     Not necessarily a downpour, but a kind of rainfall that was suitable for late August. Warm rain showers were common these days, now that the month was beginning to wind down to an end. Not as common as the storms that would arrive during July, a time where it would rain almost every day, but still consistent enough where it was most likely you’d wake up in the morning to a gray sky and promising droplets of water on your windows. 
     That was how this day had started. Jungkook had woken up only to be greeted by the sight of Seoul’s buildings painted against the heather backdrop that was the sky. The skyscrapers seemed to be wilting, lowering the skyline of the city, and Jungkook’s mood along with it. His room felt much smaller than it usually did. The lulling taps rattled his windows, notifying the 23-year-old that the rain was aching to come inside.
     The language of water. One that made him feel heavy.
     Jungkook liked to think that he was a pretty productive person. One that would start a task only to finish it a few days later with it being done flawlessly. And recently, he’d been on one hell of a creative streak. Completing projects he’d started, and suggesting some of the best ideas he’d ever had when it came to his music. 
     He was checking off every single checkbox on his list of things to do only to have his inspiration ripped away from him and broken in two like some kind of delicate glass. All because of one stupid rainy day.
     The weather had never been a problem for him before. If anything, it was the time of day that affected his work ethic the most - yet here he was: laying in bed when it was just shy of eight in the morning, the pestering weight of exhaustion clinging to his limbs and the fog of boredom clouding his brain. There wasn’t necessarily anything he had to do today, other than the usual lessons and practice, which weren’t mandatory, considering how the group was on a miniature break. And considering how long they’d been in the industry. 
     Jungkook knew there was no point in attending them, though. His head wasn’t in the right place for improvement, and despite what his members would say, Jungkook knew that his mood would bring the rest of them down. 
     Sighing softly, he reached for his phone again, checking the time and desperately trying to piece together what he should do about the practices that were occurring that day. Jungkook knew that he needed to get at least some kind of work done. Like marking through a few routines and making sure he remembered the moves. Or rehearsing his vocals before they had another recording day. A cage of unproductiveness had captured his mind though, and fighting to open the metal bars was a voice in the back of his head reminding Jungkook of how the other boys would prefer him to be there.
     Jungkook quickly concluded that it was best if he showed up at the dance practice they had that morning and ditched the other things on his optional schedule.
     But then again, Jungkook knew that he had such a lack of patience when he was running low on motivation, and if he were to upset one of the other members there would be an argument. Which would lead to Namjoon trying to resolve it, only for Jungkook to get upset at Namjoon and the situation would spiral into one bigger mess. 
     Jungkook raised his hand to run it over his still half-asleep eyes, sitting up in his bed as he blinked harshly, drawing moisture back to his tear ducts and taking in the dreary atmosphere surrounding him like a blanket. A blanket that he wished was as easy to throw off of himself as the one that was currently draped over his legs. 
     He could hear the voices conversing outside of his bedroom door, who were most likely Jin and Tae. Jungkook could recognize the deep baritone that belonged to Taehyung, and considering that Yoongi and Hoseok seldom stayed over at the dorms anymore (screw them and their lovey-dovey relationship), that Jimin had gone over to his hookup’s place last night, and that Namjoon preferred his cozy apartment to the rather large dorm, it wasn’t hard to deduct that Jin was the other person. 
     It felt like he was in a daze as Jungkook stood up. The ceiling fan was stirring the air above him, causing a cold whirlpool of a draft to wash over his bare skin as he picked up a t-shirt from the floor of his room. The white rug under his feet prevented the stinging cold that belonged to the wooden floor from shooting through his nerves as Jungkook crossed his bedroom to the door. Slipping on the black article of clothing as he moved.
     “Ahhh, there he is,” Jin’s greeting was too cheerful for Jungkook’s liking, to say the least. Jungkook blinked heavily once again as he shut his bedroom door behind him, adjusting to the bright lights shining throughout the kitchen and dining room. As expected, Jin was standing behind the kitchen counter, keeping Taehyung company as he worked on their breakfast. Jungkook eyed the mug of coffee sitting in Jin’s hands. “How’d you sleep, Kookie? I figured with how late you stayed up last night, playing that music you’d sleep like a rock.”
     “Something like that, sure,” Jungkook murmured in response, walking over to glance over Taehyung’s shoulder at what he was making. “Egg breakfast sandwiches? Really, Tae?”
     “I thought you liked these? Why are you upset that I’m making something you like?”
     “Yah, Jungkook you’d eat pretty much anything, brat. Be grateful.”
     “I never said that I was ungrateful, I just thought that you guys were making something else,” Jungkook’s laugh sounded insincere as he patted Taehyung on the shoulder. “Do you guys mind if I go get something else? I’m in the mood for sweet food, that’s all.” 
     Taehyung shook his head, “That’s fine, just try and be back soon so we can all eat together before we have that dance practice.”
     “Everyone’s going to be there right? Jin, have you texted Jimin this morning yet?”
     “I did but he hasn’t responded yet.”
     Jungkook snuck a glance at Taehyung. His face was completely blank, and at first look, he simply looked like he was concentrating on not burning the eggs. Jungkook sighed. 
     “Well, have Namjoon text him if you need to. You know how if he’s in a mood he’ll ignore almost all of us.”
     “I’m sure Namjoon will eventually get around to it. Knowing him he’s been up since 5 this morning.” Jungkook shrugged in agreement, walking towards the front door after grabbing the jacket that he had thrown over one of the chairs in the dining room the previous night. 
     “Okay, well, I’ll be back soon. Do you guys want anything?” 
     “Where are you going?” Taehyung asked, turning away from the stove and heading over to the counter where Jin was still standing. 
     “I heard that they opened up a new coffee shop a couple of blocks away from here, I was just planning on going there.” Jungkook slipped his shoes on, grabbing one of the umbrellas placed next to the door.
     “I’ll take an iced americano if they have one,” Taehyung shouted back. “Be careful and don’t get kidnapped, Kookie,” he yelled again.
     “I’ll do my best.” Jungkook laughed loudly in response. “Hopefully I’ll make it back with your drink.” The three exchanged their swift goodbyes and Jungkook walked out the door, slamming it shut behind him.
Tumblr media
   She had always loved rainy days.
     They were just relaxing. They made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside. They allowed her brain to finally shut down and stop worrying for once. To let herself rest and think as she would sip on some sort of hot drink at her desk as she read. To let her breathe and listen as the rain sang the chorus of its song as she ate some kind of warm dessert in her bed and watched some show on her computer. She felt safe when it rained like everything was right in the world as she would gaze at the Seoul skyline and watch the people taking shelter under the clear roofs of the bus stops or walking with umbrellas to get to their next location. 
     She loved rain on Monday mornings. She loved rain when it was 7 p.m. She loved it even when the weather gave her a runny nose and shriveled fingers because she would still end up with a warm heart. She loved rain when she was sitting outside at some restaurant and the little droplets somehow found their way into her coffee or tea (whichever she was swearing by that day). The freshwater always made her drink colder and somehow tastier. (Y/N) sometimes felt like she knew rain better than she knew herself. That she liked it more than she liked herself.
     The only time she didn’t like rain was when she had to wake up at 5 in the morning and go walk in it. 
     Sometimes (Y/N) wondered why she took the earliest and latest shifts at her newest job, but then she would remember the 10 a.m. classes she had on Tuesday and Thursday. And the classes she had at noon 4 out of the 5 weekdays. And how she would help out at Danbi’s family’s sushi shop from 4 to 6:30 at night. Add studying, taking care of Jelly, and spending time with her friends, and she had a full schedule with no other time to fit in her café shifts except for 5 in the morning and 7 at night. 
     Ideally, though, standing at stoplights with the wind blowing water under her umbrella and in her face wasn’t her perfect morning. The wind whipped around her ears, whispering its secrets into the vicinage as she endured the 10-minute walk to Rainy Day Espresso. The name of the café, she had to admit, was kind of cheesy, but as soon as she stepped into the little coffee shop her heart was stolen. The vibe of the place was unbeatable and the building quickly became one of her most valued safe places. 
     From the wide windows that consumed the wall of the café’s entrance, to the brick fireplace that was placed in the back right-hand corner of the space, it was (Y/N)’s dream study room. The comfy fawn-colored chairs surrounded the few oak wood tables throughout the room. The endless shelves of plants and the cute countertop - which had been designated as strictly a workplace area by the customers - filled the rest of the space on the back wall. Not to mention the beautiful equipment that she used to bake and create new drinks and such.
     The best part, though, was the free coffee and food item that she got with each shift.
     Her right hand tucked itself back into the pocket of her jacket as her left one pulled the handle of the umbrella closer to her body, desperately trying to shield herself from the weather that she dearly loved. The light across from her flashed the walking symbol and she waited for just a moment as the cars approaching the light came to a complete stop before she rushed across the white stripes making up the crosswalk. 
     The sidewalk she was now strolling along would lead her down to the café and thank goodness that she wouldn’t be the first one there this morning. She already had to deal with being the last one to leave so it didn’t seem fair that she was the first one there. (Y/N) took her hand out of her pocket to glance at her watch. No new messages from her work group chat, which was good, they only really needed three people for this early in the morning. Especially since the slight publicity that had occurred during their opening week was practically dead at this point. She was just glad that it was Minnie and Choon-hee that would be opening with her.
     Minnie was more on the brighter side. With her bleached blonde hair that fell past her bust, round face, and her short height, she was one of the least intimidating people (Y/N) had ever met. And Minnie had remained that way, until the 5 girls that worked at the café had gone out for drinks and a guy had hit on Minnie, earning himself a bitch-slap from her. Still, she was one of the most perfect people to see at the beginning of the day. After all, she practically lit up any room she was in, and she would do the same to any grumpy customer’s heart at any time of the day. 
     Choon-hee on the other hand (or Chewie as the rest of them affectionately referred to her as), was just a few inches taller than Minnie, with straight chocolate brown hair that ended just beneath her ears and a few strands of fluffy bangs that would fall in her eyes. She had the prettiest, poutiest lips that (Y/N) had seen in her entire life, with the cutest little mole on the left corner of her mouth. Chewie was the human equivalent of freshly baked bread: soft, comforting, and a little dense at times. But overall, she was one of the sweetest people (Y/N) had ever met and someone that was damn good at comforting her friends. 
     There was no awning adorning the side of the coffee shop, just a sign sticking out from the brick that displayed the company’s logo and the name of the place in a pretty cursive font. Usually, on days when the weather was a bit nicer, Minnie or Hae-Won (another worker), would draw and design things on a blackboard sign that would be displayed in front of the café. And usually, it would draw in a few more customers. Like the pastry of the day or a new drink recommendation. Not today, though. The rain ruined those chances. 
     (Y/N) approached the coffee shop, pulling the door open and entering hastily, only to turn back towards the still-open door. She positioned herself so her umbrella remained outside as she shook the rainwater off and snapped the tool shut, causing a harsh spray of water to lash back at her. Grumbling to herself, she finally fully entered the building, a series of “Hello’s” and “Hi’s” following her entrance. 
     “Look who finally decided to show up,” the artificial blonde called from her spot next to the counter. In her hands was a cup that was missing the lid, steam rising from the carefully-made drink inside and up into the skin of its owner. 
     (Y/N) scoffed at Minnie’s words.
     “Oh please, I’m not even late.” In response, Minnie simply raised her eyebrows as she took a loud slurp from her cup. “I’m not!”
     “I didn’t say anything!”
     “Yeah, but you’re giving me judgy eyes,” (Y/N) pouted as she walked behind the counter, heading towards the small staff room in the back. 
     “Don’t pout, (Y/N)-unni it’s not attractive when you still look half-dead.”
     “Minnie-ah, I’m not in the mood to be teased by you right now.” A loud whine resounded from the younger girl in response. 
     “Why does everyone always think I’m teasing them?! I’m just trying to be helpful.” (Y/N) gave a passing smile at Chewie - who was taking some croissants out of the oven - as she headed over to her cubby in the staff room.
     “Unnie! Can you believe that she can’t deal with being teased even though she never leaves me alone?” (Y/N) laughed as she yelled, the older girl’s sigh and another shriek from the blonde accompanying her words. (Y/N) grabbed her light brown apron off its hook as she re-entered the kitchen: her coat, umbrella, and scarf were safely tucked away in her cubby.
     “Can you two please stop? It’s still five in the morning,” Chewie muttered, carrying the tray of French pastries in one hand as she walked past (Y/N), smacking her in the head with an oven mitt as she went. 
     “Yah! What was that for?! I’m not the one who started this,” she giggled at her own words, running behind the brunette only to spin past her and grab one of the croissants, shoving it in her mouth before Chewie could grab it back. 
     “Are you gonna pay for that (Y/N)-ah? I didn’t expect you to be wasting your one free food item this early.”
     “I haven’t had breakfast yet,” (Y/N) clarified after swallowing her bite, putting the croissant back in her mouth as she reached behind her waist to tie the strings of the apron behind her. “I’m also stuck with the closing shift tonight, so…” Chewie chuckled at that.
     “I’ll try and come to visit you if I can. I’m supposed to be meeting up with Jungwon-ssi later tonight, but I’ll skip if you want me to.” (Y/N) frowned, watching the brunette turn around to face her. Chewie gave her a soft smile in return, reaching over to brush off some crumbs that had stuck around (Y/N)’s mouth. “I know you’re scared of the dark.”
     “I am not!” (Y/N) whined in a child-like manner. She promptly turned around to exit the kitchen and to re-join Minnie at the counter. After all, opening time was in just a few minutes. “I’m scared of getting robbed or kidnapped!”
     “All the more reason to have me stay with you!”
     “If you don’t want to hang out with your stupid boyfriend then just say so!”
     “Woah. Not cool, (Y/N),” Minnie giggled as the other girl walked in the direction of the blonde. (Y/N) bumped shoulders with the younger girl as they both laughed. A few moments passed as Minnie finished her coffee and (Y/N) finished eating, leisurely conversation and complaints about the times of their shifts passing between the two girls as the rain continued to pour outside. 
     “I can’t believe the weather we’ve been having recently,” Chewie commented as she crossed over into the main area of the café, interrupting the other two girls’ conversation as she did so. (Y/N) and Minnie glanced over at the water-soaked windows at their unnie’s words – sure enough, the rain was coming down in heavier sheets now. In the light of the cars and streetlights and glowing store signs, the street looked like it was shining. (Y/N) let out a deep breath, turning back towards the espresso machine to continue prepping. 
     “Seriously, Chewie-unni you’re going to talk to us about the weather?” Minnie sassed. The short girl’s hands were empty now, having just tossed her empty coffee cup away. 
     “I should complain to Choi Taemu-nim about workplace harassment with how mean you two are to me.”
     “I didn’t say anything!” (Y/N) shouted despite the short-haired girl being just a few feet away from her. 
     “Yah, but you didn’t defend me.”
     “Well, what do you want me to do then?” (Y/N) gave Chewie her equivalent of puppy dog eyes. “Do you want me to hug you? Maybe tackle Minnie-ah?”
     Chewie grimaced. 
     “Just don’t ever make that face at me again.” A few laughs broke out from Minnie as (Y/N) smiled at her co-worker’s words, amused. “And you! Stop laughing and come help me finish up these yakgwa.” Chewie extended her hand to Minnie, the younger taking it with a slight grumble as she shifted her weight to her heels.
     “(Y/N)-ie don’t make me go with her please!”
     “(Y/N), you’ll be okay by yourself for a few minutes, yes?” Minnie was still crying out for help as Chewie began to usher her back inside the kitchen. The other girl looked around the café briefly.
     “Considering the number of customers we have right now, I think I should be fine,” she chuckled. Chewie nodded, moving to place both of her hands on Minnie’s shoulders to push her fully into the kitchen. 
     The door shut swiftly behind the pair, leaving (Y/N) alone for the first time that morning. The air in the café felt heavy for some reason – thick and suffocating. Her hands ran through her hair and she removed the hair tie from her wrist so she could twist her hair into a low ponytail, removing a few strands in the front and pulling at the hair next to her ears to give the hairstyle a bit more volume. 
     She felt tired. More tired than usual, but it was yet to the point where she was unable to do anything without her body and mind screaming at her in protest. It must’ve been stress that was fogging her brain and the rest of Rainy Day Espresso that morning. After all, classes were beginning to gain some speed and Jelly had been more of a handful lately and–
     “Hello?” Her feet were moving faster than her mind at this point, twirling around so she could face the first customer of the day.
     “Hi,” her words lulled for a moment, still zoning out in the slightest. The person spoke another greeting, finally snapping her out of the space her mind had entered. “Sorry about that,” a smile forced its way onto (Y/N)’s face, the movement of the muscles under her skin feeling uncomfortable as she approached the ordering portion of the counter. “Thank you for choosing Rainy Day Espresso, what can I get for you this morning?” The introductory speech was second-nature for her at this point, the tone of her voice may have sounded a bit stand-offish, but it was still very early in (Y/N)’s defense. That, and she had just been interrupted while trying to recollect herself and figure out what was causing her this morning headache.
     The guy standing on the other side of the counter was taller than her, that much she could tell. Not very much taller but enough to the point where it was noticeable. Blond tufts of hair were sticking out from underneath his bucket hat, almost covering his eyes while a black face mask concealed the lower half of his face. (Y/N) could also tell that his shirt was on backwards. 
     “What kinds of coffee do you guys have?”
     Can he not read the menu?
     “Um… We just released our fall coffees, including a cinnamon maple latte, red velvet latte, and a pumpkin spiced latte to name a few. We have cappuccinos and espressos and americanos if you’re looking for something a bit more classic…”
     “A small iced cappuccino sounds fine.”
     “Anything else?”
     “No, that should be all,” he muttered pulling out his wallet and handing over ₩8000. “You can keep the rest.” (Y/N) gave him a small smile.
     “Your shirt is backwards,” she mumbled back over to the man, his head tipping up slightly as she spoke.
     “I’m sorry?”
     “Your shirt,” she said a bit more loudly. He looked down briefly, mouth opening into a small ‘o’ shape as he realized what she was speaking about. “There’s a bathroom down that hallway over there and to the left.” She smiled softly as she spoke.
     “Ah, thank you,” he tilted his head down in a small bow and she quickly followed suit. With that, the man turned around and proceeded towards the bathroom. 
     It was quiet for a few moments, with nothing but the gentle whirring of the coffee machine to keep (Y/N) company. The soft noise quieted her mind for a few moments, allowing her to shut her eyes and breathe in the gentle scents that accompanied the café. Coffee, nutmeg, cinnamon. Peppermint essential oils were gradually filling the building as well, the diffuser sitting in one of the corners of the main space spewing out the scented clouds, helping (Y/N) to sharpen her mind and wake up with the strong mint smell. 
     One thing (Y/N) had noticed about herself during her first month away from her parents was how easily she got caught up in her own head. How it was a regular occurrence for her thoughts to overpower her consciousness. She wasn’t really sure how it happened, how it started, after all it was just zoning out. Zoning out isn’t that big of a deal, after all, it just happened more than she would’ve liked. Leading to the point where there were some happenings during classes where (Y/N) would miss a majority of the lesson due to the feeling of being detached. Like she was in a dream. Like time had slowed down and she- 
     The beeping from the espresso machine was what pulled her back into reality. Her soul being sucked back into her body due to the repetitive, high pitched noise. This had to be the hundredth time she’d shook her head this morning.
     Moving sluggishly, she removed the cup from underneath the portafilter and placed it on the faux marble of the countertop. A mixing cup had found its way into her hand and she promptly filled it with a few ice cubes, pouring the golden brown drink in afterwards. As she stirred, cooling the drink down, (Y/N) heard the door open once again. 
     “I’ll be with you in a moment!” she called out. Backward-Shirt-Guy’s drink was strained and had milk and micro-foam added in three minutes time. A lid was placed on as well, the drink being dropped off on the counter as (Y/N) walked back over to where the other guy was waiting on his phone. 
     “What can I get started for you today?”
     The first thing she noticed was that this man was dressed almost exactly like Backwards-Shirt-Guy. Black bucket hat, black face mask… Well, except for the fact that the entirety of his outfit was the same color. Not that she could judge, her black top with long-ish sleeves and plain beige pants weren’t exactly the most stylish thing she’d ever worn. (Y/N) had worn all black before - and she had looked good, great even, in her opinion - but this man made the color enticing. As it was made solely for him, as stupid as it sounded.
     Silver jewelry hung from his ears, earrings that only accentuated and added to his stunning appearance. (Y/N) could tell he was gorgeous, and she could only see a slit of his face. Maybe it was the height difference, the way the top of her head only came up to his eye level. Or the way his entire body was probably made out of muscle considering how large his biceps appeared to be and how wide his shoulders were. And- can you please calm down?
     “Can I have a small mocha and a medium iced americano? Also do you guys have bukkumi here…” He finally looked up as he spoke, finding her to be looking down and tapping through the touchscreen of some kind of cash register. 
     “Um… We usually do, but unfortunately we don’t have any made this morning,” she grimaced slightly as she spoke. Silently cursing Hae-Won in her head for not making any the previous night, wondering who hadn’t done their job by putting the food item up on the ‘Needs To Be Made’ list that was hung up in the kitchen. She made eye contact with the man again, this time, not letting his obvious beauty get to her words. “Could I offer you a croissant instead?”
     He didn’t respond, eyes wide and pupils blown. His grip looked loose on his phone as he froze. She sighed softly before repeating her words a bit louder. 
     “A croissant?” She blinked perhaps a bit too hard at his words. 
     On second thought, maybe she should stop picking up morning shifts. If these were the customers she was going to get with how easily she was irritated, then the money obviously wasn’t worth her already low social battery draining faster than necessary. (Y/N)’s eyes shifted towards the kitchen door, picturing how Minnie and Chewie were giggling and glancing out as she struggled. 
     “Su- Um, sure… that sounds fine.” 
     “Do you want it warmed?” He seemed like he was trying to avoid eye contact with her now, looking up at the ceiling and the artwork on the walls. At her words his eyes snapped back to her face.
     “Do I want it what?”
     “Warmed,” She chuckled.
     “Yeah, sure.”
     “Okay… Your total is ₩20,000.” He handed over the money hastily, almost dropping it in the process in order to avoid touching her hand.
     “Sorry,” he muttered shyly, smiling softly as she backed away from the counter to work on his order. 
     “It’s okay,” she glanced over her shoulder as she was making the drinks. “Just sit tight, okay? It’ll be a minute.”
     And he did just that. Running off to one of the farther corners of the room, huddling up next to the lit fireplace in the far right hand corner in one of the burgundy armchairs. One of her personal favorites, in fact.
     (Y/N) was finally waking up by now, hands and feet moving faster - her brain working to keep up as she poured and measured and mixed. As she closed the croissant up in the oven, only to open it at 30 seconds and close it again for the remaining 30 after a moment had passed. (Because the food would’ve gotten too hot if she’d let it warm without a break.) She finally felt in the moment as she locked the lids on the drinks and used a cute little pair of wooden tongs to transport the pastry into a paper bag. 
     “Your order’s ready!” 
     The guy sprung up out of the chair swiftly, running over and taking the drinks from her.
     “Hold on, let me get you a drink carrier.” (Y/N) walked over to wear they kept the cups and lid stoppers and such to grab the cardboard before bringing it back over to her customer. She dropped the drinks into the holders, placing the croissant in as well before holding it out for the man to take. “Here you go…” She trailed off, hoping he got the hint of telling her his name.
     “My friends call me JK.” His eyes crinkled at the corners letting her know he was smiling under his mask. “Thank you…” JK repeated in a similar fashion as to how she asked for his name. 
     “Have a good day, (Y/N).”
     “Yeah, you too.” And with that JK bowed slightly, turning and walking to the door only to open his umbrella when he was outside. She watched as he began to head down the street, rain falling around him and the shine of the gray clouds outlining his figure despite the crowd that began to surround the man. He was going on with his day. Probably not giving her a second thought.
     God, did she hope that their coffee was good enough to make him want to come back.
     “Hey, is my drink done?!”
     Backward-Shirt-Guy. (Y/N) had honestly almost forgotten he was still here. 
     “Hi! Yeah… I hope it’s still cold.” The cappuccino was in his hands in a matter of seconds. “Your shirt looks good by the way.”
     “Thank you,” he looked down at the plain black tee before a dinging noise resounded from where (Y/N) assumed to be his pant’s pocket. He rolled his eyes slightly as he removed the electronic from his jeans, switching his coffee into his left hand so he could open his phone with the other. 
     After a few moments of silence, a loud grumble left him, incoherent words of something about how “They never wait for me,” and “It’s supposed to be my day off,” left him. (Y/N) frowned at the few phrases that she did catch.
     “You okay?” The guy gave what she presumed to be a soft smile. 
     “Oh yeah, I’m fine. My friends are just on my ass about our plans for this morning.”
     “Really?” She laughed slightly, hand shooting to cover her mouth after - embarrassed that she was making fun of a customer’s plans. She could feel the heat spreading up her neck, her cheeks beginning to sprout blooms of color. It was only when Backward-Shirt-Guy laughed at her expression and reaction did her hand leave her face. “I’m sorry, it’s just what are you even planning on doing when the weather outside is like that? And this early in the morning too?” 
     The guy was just a couple of steps away from the door, walking backwards with his drink in hand.
     “Oh just… you know, we have practice.”
Tumblr media
     Jungkook’s head was reeling. 
     Her face was plastered in his mind, voice still ringing in his ears as he sat on the hardwood floor in the practice room. The drink he’d purchased from the coffee shop was halfway gone at this point, and considering that Jungkook hadn’t even taken one sip between leaving Rainy Day Espresso and getting into the car for the three minute car ride to BigHit’s building, meant that the mocha was pretty good. And Jungkook honestly didn’t even really like anything coffee related in the first place. The croissant was still in its bag, on the ground next to Jungkook. 
     “This coffee isn’t actually half bad,” Taehyung mused, setting the americano on one of the shelves that had been pushed into the corner of the room. 
     “Obviously Jungkook agrees,” Jin laughed. “His is already pretty much gone.” The eldest member was standing in the center of the floor with Namjoon and Yoongi, Hoseok was over by the speakers - hooking his phone up to the sound system. Jungkook and Taehyung were sitting in front of the mirrors, finishing their breakfast. 
     “That kid eats everything, though. Has the biggest mouth ever,” Yoongi mentioned. 
     “Yah, we were just talking about that this morning,” Jin’s laugh made Jungkook jokingly frown, Taehyung noticing the expression, joining in with hyung’s laughter because of it. 
     “Jimin said he’s on his way,” Hoseok announced from his spot by the speakers, putting his phone down as a soft R&B hip hop playlist began to echo through the sound system - the few songs being their warm-up music before their short practice. 
     “Took him long enough,” Yoongi was now attempting some kind of thigh stretch, bending his leg in half and pulling his foot towards his butt. A noticeable grimace broke across his face as he worked through the tightness of the muscles. “I can’t believe he’s beginning to sleep around again. It’s like he’s a kid.”
     “Being 26 is still a kid in my books,” Jin mused from his spot on the floor.
     Jungkook took another long swig of the mocha, the chocolate-y and bitter taste erupting through his taste buds as he licked his lips. If he was being honest, Jungkook couldn’t remember the last time he had a one-night stand. Sure there had been one point when the group had first blown up where he was spending the night with a different person as often as he could - ego inflamed and hormones high. 
     It wasn’t like that anymore though. 
     He liked to think that he’d matured greatly. Gaining so much knowledge from his hyungs and just a little wisdom on his own. The wisdom he’d gathered by himself being that there was no way he could spend the night with someone without feeling something for them first. If he wasn’t harboring any romantic emotions for the person he’d let into his bed he would either: A. Become emotionally drained and blow-up on them before they could even get his pants off. Or, B. Become emotionally attached, and therefore heartbroken when the person would claim that things wouldn’t work out between them.
     Would she have tried to work things out with him if the chance eventually turned up?
     Jungkook shook his head again at the thought of the absolutely gorgeous barista from this morning. 
     It’d been so long since a girl had caught his attention like this, he honestly felt out of practice. 
     “It’s been the same girl every time though,” Namjoon revealed, voice deepening as if someone who wasn’t supposed to be listening was. “I think her name is Ha-rin, or something like that.”
     A strangled noise escaped Tae’s throat as he pointed a finger at their leader, arm moving up and down in some motion of agreement. Quickly, he swallowed the mouthful of coffee.
     “I saw her leaving our dorm a week ago, I think.”
     Noises of protest resounded throughout the room as the rest of the members heard about what Jimin had been doing with his lady friend. 
     It was sort of an established, unspoken rule that lovers weren’t allowed to enter BTS’ dorm. Not only was it extremely risky for the entire group to have some random girl stay in the place with their awards, miniature recording studios, and preferred offices. But their dorms were a sacred place to the boys. A place they could all escape to and pretend like they were back in the time when they’d all lived together. A time where Jin’s parents weren’t pushing an unwanted relationship on him and Namjoon wasn’t desperately looking for a partner in fear that he was getting older without a family to witness it. 
     A time where while things were hard, they were also much simpler. 
     “I would never do that if I was seeing someone!” Jungkook suddenly announced to the rest of his members. Yoongi’s eyebrows pulled together as his eyes squinted and mouth opened slightly. 
     “But you’re not seeing someone.”
     “I know, I just thought you guys should know.” Hobi’s laugh filled the empty space as he clapped his hands and leaned over slightly. 
     “That’s funny, Kookie. I don’t remember the last time you had a relationship of any kind.” Jungkook gave a half-smile at Hoseok’s musing. 
     “Yeah, me neither.”
     How sad. 
     The sound of the dance studio’s door opening caused everyone’s eyes to snap to the figure that was entering. The said person adorning a wide and cheeky smile on his face with an unmarked plastic cup of coffee in one of his hands.
     “It’s about time…” Taehyung muttered, finishing his own drink only to walk over to the trash can that was near the shelves and throw it away. Jimin laughed at his soulmate’s words, throwing his head back and shutting the door behind him. 
     “Aish, was she that good last night?” Jin questioned, the man now standing as he glared at the bleached-blonde that had just entered. Jimin said nothing as he approached Jungkook, handing the younger member his cup as he removed his bucket hat and dropped the jacket that’d been tucked away in his other arm. 
     “You mean Seo-yeon?” Jungkook watched as Taehyung shot Namjoon a confused glance, considering the name that his hyung had brought up was different from the one that Jimin had just spoken. “She was fine…” he trailed off, giggling to himself again. 
     “What’s got you so giddy then?” Jungkook asked, handing the cold drink back over. The singer took a long sip before answering. 
     “The girl at the coffee place where I got this from,” he shook the plastic cup, ice rattling around on the inside. “Was the prettiest little thing I’ve seen in such a long-time.” Yoongi groaned loudly at his words.
     “Jimin-ah, please try and stick to one girl. NDAs are such a pain in the ass to have put together.” 
     “Relax, hyung. She doesn’t know who I am… I had on a mask and my hat, and she didn’t suspect a thing.” The blond’s voiced-thoughts made Jungkook’s mind race back off to his own barista that he’d met.
     He didn’t even realize that he was smiling.
     “God, her lips were just so pouty and cute and she had the softest looking hands, Yoongi-hyung -”
     “Okay, that’s enough, Jimin-ah,” Namjoon cut Jimin off, the other boys in the room sending a silent thank you to their leader. Most of them were definitely not in the mood to hear Jimin be horny when it was early in the morning on their supposed semi-day off.
     “Ok, fine.” He smirked. “But no promises about not needing another NDA.”
     Yoongi sighed, shoulders slumping before he reached his hands out towards Jimin.
     “Come help me up, you brat.” 
     That girl’s - (Y/N)’s - face just wouldn’t leave his head, and if he kept thinking about her he was positive he would end up smiling just like Jimin was. She was just so sweet despite the few words they had exchanged. And her patience was out of this world. Jungkook wasn’t exactly proud of how he’d frozen up once he’d laid eyes on the pretty barista, stuttering out answers after she’d repeated herself a couple of times. But she’d spoken to him softly, and asked her questions politely with a gentle smile on her lips. 
     Jungkook had been able to process the initial attraction towards (Y/N) when he was sitting by the fireplace. Thankfully, he’d been able to pull himself together enough to ask for her name.
     “Okay, I was just thinking that we could go over the choreography from the chorus and stop just an eight-count before the bridge.” Hoseok motioned for everyone else to stand up and sluggishly, they all did.  “Does that sound fine?”
     “That sounds fine, hyung,” Taehyung assured. The starting formation for the chorus of Permission to Dance had Jungkook in the center, and despite the fact that the group was planning on not actually doing the choreography during the concerts in December, Hobi insisted that they go over the dance at least once and make sure it was in decent shape. 
     Jungkook was exhausted. The caffeine hadn’t quite begun to kick in and his limbs still felt heavy from the gloomy mood he’d woken up in. He’d presumed that this practice was going to be half-assed in his own case, that his mind would be on the thought of getting back to his own apartment and crashing on one of the many mattresses on the floor.
     And so far, Jungkook was right about his own predictions. 
     Well, half right. 
     Because now all Jungkook could think about was how not only did he want this practice over, but he wanted the rest of the day to be over as well. Partly because of the rain, but mostly because of how much he couldn’t wait to go get coffee again the next morning. 
     “Okay, Jungkook-ah, let’s go.”
Tumblr media
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40 days — that’s just how long it takes to prepare a human soul for death, undoing the threads of a life second by second, until it meets its final fate. but you wish for more than 3,456,000 seconds when kim taehyung’s pulse lies in your death-bound hands.
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chapter one.   the most human color.
Tumblr media
⊱    pairing: human!kth x angel of death!reader (f. nicknamed.) ⊱    genre: grim reaper(ish) au |  heavy angst  |  fluff. ⊱    rating: 16+ (teen and up audiences). ⊱    word count: 5,5k. ⊱   content warnings: religious discourse, mentions of death, grief, depression, minor character death, somewhat undeveloped lore, eventual heavy angst, lucid dreaming, nothing else i can think of.
•    important note: this work does not contain a masterlist. you may track new chapters through the #orion’s belt: update tag.
Tumblr media
It was the color of the sky when the Heavens above gave the first breath of life to man, beautiful and bold and so, so blue. The color of the water when the oceans overtook the Earth, washing all of its sins away. The color of pale lips and veins when the once god-given breath of life returns to its Creator.
Blue, blue, blue. The color of hurt. A baby’s walls painted blue, in between the comfort and calm.
Blue — the most human color.
And if anyone asked you — the harbinger of death — it’s the color of a human soul when it fades. Nothing but a thin trail of blue smoke left behind when all is said and done.
You have never understood what it feels like.
It’s daring to think of God as generous once you see the cruelty of mortality, the brevity of life. It’s a fleeting second — blink and it’s gone. You never know which fate they’ll meet, which stories will be left to count. After all, angels serve no purpose but to submit to their Creator’s will, and if the Creator’s will is to take the same life that He once claimed to love, then who are you in the grand scheme of things to question it?
But you remember in the beginning of time, when one of your brothers' himself fell from Heaven, far from the graces of a loving God. It was never your place to ask, and so you didn’t. Countless were the damnations the same fallen brother brought upon Earth when man came to life.
It is a heartbreaking memory, once God had realized His own creation had turned against Him. Thunder struck the ground, mountains and lakes trembling in fear. Even the birds did not sing that morning, casting a shadow of darkness amongst His most treasured beings.
Lonely, isn’t it? You never wanted to be God. If He persists through death and life, you don’t know how — bound to an eternity of punishing the beings crafted by His hands, His own pure hands. All the holiness turned into centuries of war, deadly diseases, permeated by a lack of faith.
“They don’t love me anymore”, He told you once. You had never seen God cry before.
But you don’t know what love feels like, because angels have no heart. You wanted to ask Him if He ever loved them back, but looking down at that faithless, blue little orb, you fear the consequences of your words.
Another leaf falls from the tree beneath God’s throne, always golden, bearing the name of the soul to be taken.
It’s time now.
As it is your duty, you collect it into your hands and read the letters embroidered onto it. This moment is met with silence once the leaf eventually fades into nothingness, leaving you with forty days to part the human soul from the physical realm for then to be met with its fate.
This ritual doesn’t mean much to you, as you have never understood the inner workings of the human world. You weren’t one to pry — although fellow brothers and sisters often whispered of their beautiful songs and their frail, physical forms. Most importantly, humans’ fear and hatred towards their Creator.
They were corrupted and volatile, angry, passionate, raging with love and fury. You wonder what it’s like to have so much freedom and yet, be chained by a feeble existence. 
You always remembered their names once they were gone. It was the only way you could, perhaps, honor them. Even if you were the one partly responsible for their end.
As the leaf turns into dust, blown by a gentle breeze, you know you’ll remember the letters spelling out another life to be taken. Another name to the history of hearts you carry.
Kim Taehyung.
Tumblr media
They always sleep soundly, peacefully.
It is known that when humans sleep, the lines between the physical and spiritual realms blur into one another under the canvas of the night. Evil spirits have always used this vulnerability to their advantage, exploiting and feeding off of the human’s fears through nightmares and sleep paralysis.
On the other hand, it also makes it much easier for you to disconnect their souls from their bodies, so carefully as for them not to feel a thing. Sadly, even in the silence of your words, they meet you in dreams, often perceiving your presence in the form of their worst fears, like an omen to their ill fate.
A black raven. A wilted flower. A dog with sharp teeth.
It doesn’t matter: the way in which a human sees you is never yours to choose.
Each and every life knows death as the fatal flaw to their existence — meant to disturb, to disarrange and distort. It wasn’t rare for a human’s heart to race and shiver at the touch of your hands. You wish there was something warm about your fingers, but you weren’t given the blessing of other fellow archangels, with their golden wings and embracing arms, the softness of their smiles shining brighter than a thousand suns.
When He created you, you don’t think He had any warmth in mind.
So if they were startled by the ugliness of your figure, there was nothing you could do to make it more digestible. There was no way to sugarcoat it; humans feared you, and you had to fulfill your duties just the same.
Even then, you made sure not to disturb their sleep. It’d make it much harder for the both of you: interrupting their peace and consequently, your carefully crafted work.
Sometimes upon touching a human’s heart, you could see flashes of their best memories, those fleeting seconds of golden joy, a faint remembrance of childhood or a mother’s arms. Tiny, meaningless specks of light would shine around you when you could catch a glimpse of that ordinary little mortal life that could never comprehend God’s plans.
It was always your favorite moment.
That same ordinary little life you never had — misty mornings waking up to a lover’s arms,  evenings singing lullabies to their babies. Stories that were passed generation through generation, pictures, paintings. They created books, drawings and paintings. They called them art. The blood that coursed through their veins and that human, beating heart surviving through all its breaking, be it from stubbornness or love.
Humans were so powerless, greedy. Heaven spoke of their selfishness, their unwillingness to sacrifice, to submit. But century after damned century, something about them refused to quit. And even in the brink of their own destruction, even in the face of hatred and prejudice, there was so much hope. 
What did humanity hope so much for? How did they hold so much love in these short-lived moments?
Wild and tenacious, hurting even in tenderness. 
They were so free. You thought to yourself.
Maybe that’s why God loved them so much. Maybe He never gave up the hope they’d come back to Him.
You couldn’t grasp the concept of love, even if time after time you told yourself it was just a state of deep affection, you couldn’t understand why humans always hurt the ones they loved the most, pouring salt on the same wounds they promised to heal. But humanity had always been far beyond your immortal comprehension, and the closest you’d ever get to it were those vivid memories of their lives, their deepest sighs and flickering shadows dancing along to a melody you had never heard of.
The sight of the human in question is pleasant. You can’t quite make much of his face in such darkness, but even if you did, you’d fear disturbing him in his sleep.
Taehyung. Twenty six years old.
There are unfinished paintings of landscapes all over his bedroom, several cameras placed on top of a wooden shelf and polaroid pictures of all sorts of people. It looks like he’s seen the world, as you recognize the Eiffel tower in the background of a photograph. His eyes sparkle when he smiles at the camera, but not in a way you’ve seen before. 
You feel a hint of nostalgia and tragedy, yet not enough to overpower the soothing aura of his room. It’s almost like taking a glimpse into his entire life, but it makes you want to know more, sparking a curiosity you haven’t ever witnessed. You have always kept yourself detached from the wonders of human life, because you’re a creature and not the Creator Himself.
There’s something simple about him, pure; ethereal almost. You remind yourself this is simply another human soul you’re touching, a soul who was tainted by the original sin just as much as Eve. You’re just as vulnerable to fall prey to the same temptation, but your fear of God is much greater than any curious desire you could have.
He sleeps covered in what it looks to be a soft, fluffy white blanket, in a weird position. Although he’s quite the grown man — he’s got broad shoulders and a tall figure — you can’t help but find something boyish in the way his eyes are closed, perhaps the most peaceful expression you’ve ever seen in your years of unbinding these human souls. Much like a lost kid or a stray puppy who’s found shelter in his sleep.
He barely moves once your hands ghost faintly on his chest, and even if you know this isn’t a painful process for humans, you hope not to hurt him whatsoever. There’s a flash of pity in your eyes, and even when you know you can’t feel anything, you’d cry if you could. 
Ah, yes. Angels have no tears.
When your fingers rest gently right above his ribcage, careful not to awaken him, the corners of his mouth turn upwards, a hint of a smile threatening to adorn his face. Eventually, his consciousness melts into yours, so slowly that you’re enveloped in a tender darkness, shades of the rainbow shadowing your vision. 
Taehyung’s soul has absorbed you into his own dream — in a shiny lavender field where he stands near the edge of a cliff.
It’s not unusual for it to happen. You’ve been a witness to these dreams before, although they’ve always been nightmares to the humans you encounter. And there’s nothing much to do about it, as you prepare for the horror on this boy’s face when he sees you as some kind of monster.
Because what is the angel of death, if not one?]
Yet, there is light, so much light. You’re not sure if you’re falling, or if you’ve been floating all along. Something inside you burns, burns so much you hear the faint beating of a small, small thing. 
Your vision begins to clear in fractures, as the beating gets louder. You can hear the thumping of it, how it comes closer and closer until it’s the only thing you know.
A heartbeat and the breeze on your face.
Your body, barefeet and wild-eyed.
As each second passes you by, you look to see your soft skin, your long hair that falls to your shoulders, gently blown by the wind all around you.
This time, instead of sharp claws and pointy teeth, you have hands and human limbs. You have legs, arms and a human face. You can touch the grass beneath you with your fingers, run around if you want to. Dance. See. Hear. Laugh.
You can feel. You can hurt.
You can breathe through your lungs and smell the grassy fragrance of the fields you’re standing in. You can see the golden sunlight, you can indulge in the colors of rich fields covered in flowers, trees and birds chirping in the distance.
Though it’s an experience of a fraction of a minute, this is not your world.
This is Taehyung’s. And here, by the uneven odds of a miracle, you are human. 
It’s an anomaly.
In his vivid dream, he wears white. You can’t see his face, but you know that he’s smiling. You hope he hasn’t seen you yet, as you wonder if you should leave him by himself. Heavens have been adamant on keeping angels from interacting with the human world, but a tinge of selfishness has you taking a step forward.
And another, and another, and another.
Well— he’s speaking to you, out of all things. 
You shiver in your painfully human form, relishing in the glory of the golden rays blinding your vision for a second or two. Your feet tingle with the feel of the ground beneath you and the wind blows gently on your cheeks again, reminding you of all the possibilities, giving you the privilege of life and mortality in its fullest. 
You taste the luxury of being alive.
But as you thread carefully in this world, you remember your sole purpose here, struggling to brush away the selfishness that tugs at your core, begging you to indulge in all of the sensations you’re feeling. Once you reach a spot beside him, the sun’s setting on the horizon, behind mountains and mountains of wonder.
“Beautiful, no?” He asks, not taking his eyes off the sky.
“Yeah,” you simply nod in response. “Pretty colors, too,” a faint smile threatens to shine on your face. “Never seen them like this.”
Stunning, in fact. The shades of gold melt into orange, surrounded by a pink glow. The sunset is still defiant, but fading in each second. You’ve never had the opportunity to see it up close. No matter how beautiful Heaven is, it couldn’t compare to the liveliness of another soul, just right there beside you, in a silence that was not deafening, but familiar.
It was impossible. His dream was lively and impossible.
Maybe these brief moments of humanity would be the first and last to your existence, as you force the words out of your throat. Hesitantly, you can feel the slightest hint of ache again in that thumping little thing in your chest — this new heart of yours. 
“Do you know who I am, Taehyung?” Your words sound dry, devoid of feeling.
In such silence, it’s hard to anticipate which words will drop out of his mouth. Maybe this is what humans mean when they’re sad. You notice an unpleasant feeling bubbling to the pit of your stomach, like someone has dropped the weight of the world on you.
He hums in response, no tension in his features.
“I don’t,” he glances quickly at your features. “But you look like an angel, so you must be one, right?”
“Kind of,” you nod furiously. Is this what fear feels like?
“It’s okay,” he kindly smiles at you. “My father told me about them once,” he chuckled, but something about it looked sad, so sad that you had to resist the urge to touch his shoulder, his hand, anything to make it less lonely.
“Angels?” You mutter, in softness.
Taehyung simply doesn’t speak more of it and you’re unsure if you’ve said something hurtful, because now your chest aches once more, the beating stubborn thing called a heart causing discomfort to your physical body and you look down at your feet, unable to stare at the boy for much longer. It’s not fear, it’s pain.
“Do you think it’s pretty up there?” You can feel his eyes on you. “I hope he’s there.”
Your eyes meet Taehyung’s and something in you shivers.
“You mean.. Paradise?”
It’s like this temporary heartbeat of yours starts to malfunction and you don’t know what to do with it. It skips its own beat once or twice before Taehyung nods in response.
“Yeah.” He glances down, at this feet. “He’s- he’s there. My dad’s there, right?”
“I think so,” you reply. “I have no means of knowing,” you mutter, the discomfort in your chest growing heavier. This experience starts to feel terrifying, like any word or feeling could reach you and make you hostage to every unnamed emotion in your body.
“It’s okay,” Taehyung chuckles, shoulders shrugging lightly. He’s sincere in his words, putting his hands on his pockets to look at the sunset just one last time. “None of us can escape our fate.”
Silence falls upon you, but not for long. But curiosity tingles on the tip of your tongue, getting the best out of you again.
“Is this how you see me?” You inquire, gesturing towards your appearance.
“Yeah.. why?” He turns to you, puzzled by your words. “Long hair, wide eyes. You look like an angel,” he beams a little.
“I- I don’t look like this,” you confess in defeat. “I’m not powerful enough to take a human form of my own.”
“What do you look like, then?” He leans forward, but there’s no fear in his eyes, only an inviting kindness — like something about you is deeply interesting to his human nature.
But your shoulders slump and something in your eyes prickles. It feels weird, like the lump in your throat is intensifying and all you want is to spill every emotion running through your feeble, temporary body. You don’t want to tell him what you look like, because truth be told, you look like fear and loathing. There’s always darkness all around you, because there’s never been anything lovable in the way humans see you. 
You’re Death itself, but he can’t figure it out. It’s against Heaven’s wishes.
But all of these moments are happening outside of God’s will. Maybe they’ll fade once he wakes up, long and forgotten. You can only hope there’s no evidence of you in his mind, worried it’ll bring greater consequences than the unpleasant sensations in your body.
For now, it’d be best to keep it as much of a secret as possible, betting on the unlikely odds of thunder striking twice — this will hardly happen again.
“I can’t tell you,” you confess, half a whisper. If you could name this emotion, it’d be something close to despair, nearly suffocating in the way your words fall with the slightest bit of despair. “I’m not supposed to tell you.”
You turn on your heel, mustering up every courage in you to disconnect from this dreamy, hazy reality Taehyung’s soul has trapped you in.
But you can’t leave and you blame the selfishness of your being when you look at his melting eyes. His hand reaches out to your body.
You flinch in surprise when his fingers linger on you. What frightens you isn’t the physical touch, but the feel of it in every atom of your body, a wave of electricity down your body. He looks at you curiously, but makes sure to stay at a relative distance as he walks beside you, unphased by anything that’s happening. 
Taehyung’s hand pulls away from your shoulder, the feeling of humanity fading off into the distance.
Maybe he won’t remember it, but for once, you make a wish - for him to remember you. Because this is the first and last contact you’ll ever have with the human world. 
“Can I ask you something else?” He gently cuts through the silence.
You hum in consent.
“Do soulmates exist?” His head falls a little to the side, like a kid who wants to discover the secret of his existence, filled with questions you don’t have the answer yourself.
“Sometimes, yes,” you nod. “God has His own way of.. defining them,” your chuckle is brief, but something in your chest almost lights up, warmer like the fireplaces you’ve seen in winter, inside cozy little homes. “But yes, theoretically, they do.”
Both of you walk at a slow pace, so slow you barely realize this isn’t something you’ve ever done before. You make feeble attempts to ignore the way his shoulders bump against yours every now and then, how his honey skin beams under the darkening hours of the sunset. 
Every detail in this dreamy world burns with life.
“So everyone has a soulmate, then? Even you?” His brows furrow, head nodding at your figure.
“Oh, no- no. Angels. Well, we don’t really have soulmates.” You turn to him, slowing down in your steps, almost stopping in your tracks entirely.
“So you’re.. alone?” He looks worried for you, but there’s something deeper about it which he doesn’t speak of, like a secret. “That’s very heartbreaking.”
“Angels don’t have hearts, actually. We can’t love,” you correct him, a hint of disappointment in your voice because how dare anyone imply your existence is lonely? What does he know of loneliness? 
He’s human, he can love. He can hurt.
“Oh,” his mouth drops slightly, noticing the way your features have become sour. “I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay,” you turn to his soft eyes, but the boy looks troubled by your words. “I’m only here to fulfill God’s purpose,” you reassure him, a tight-lipped smile on your face.
He tries to recompose himself by beaming at you again, flashing his pearly whites in a boxy smile.
“Do you have a name?”
“Well, not really.” You stare blankly at him.
“What do I call you, then?” He shrugs. “You must have a name.”
The concept of names has always been far-fetched to you, but you couldn’t argue against him, something about the richness of his eyes making you weaker by the minute. His questions make you foggy, like you’ve always been filled with doubt more so than certainty. 
Maybe he’s right about it, maybe it is heartbreaking and lonely. Maybe you need a name, a body, a home and a heart.
You make a pause for a second, taking in a breath of fresh hair. Gazing at the sky above you, which turns into several shades of dark - from the deepest of blues to black. There are twinkles in the canvas of the blossoming night, stars you could name even with your eyes closed.
The sight of a constellation has you smiling wide. Those three stars remain feisty as always in the darkness of everything. You point at them and his eyes follow your movement quietly, landing on the constellation right above you.
“That’s Orion’s belt,” you mutter quietly. “It’s my favorite,” your smile widens without notice.
He looks at you in wonder, but you don’t notice the way he smiles at the stars, too.
“I don’t have a name, Taehyung,” you turn back to him eventually, shifting back into the subject of the matter. Your voice is but a quiet confession, and you hope to be met with indifference, but he looks even more worried than before.
The breath that leaves your mouth is heavy, melting into the air in a wisp of smoke. It’s cold now.
“Well then,” Taehyung sighs, falling into contemplation as he takes a last glance at the constellation you were pointing to. His brows furrow a little and he’s deep in his thoughts, until he smirks at you in a matter of seconds.
“You have one now, Birdie.” He giggles, proud of his own mischief. “You have wings.. Like a bird, right?”
You nod, but the words take you aback and you can’t grant him a proper answer. Not only thanks to the courage behind them, but because of the fondness in his eyes. You hadn’t known such a peculiar human before. In fact, you knew nothing about humans at all, apart from the fact they were said to be rotten and greedy, passionate and volatile.
You wonder if it’s true.
His boyish grin steals an unwilling smile out of you, a near laugh that makes your heart all fluttery and funny, but you can’t pinpoint what kind of emotion this must be. It feels like the opposite of the heaviness you experienced just moments later. 
“Thank you, Taehyung,” you notice the amusement in his face. “Nobody’s given me a name before.”
“You’re welcome, Birdie.”
He bows just slightly in a playful manner, resuming to walk right beside you as the skies darken. The moon’s threatening to appear somewhere out in the sky, as there are few traces left of the sun. But in these seconds — or days, you’re not sure — you spend by his side, glancing into the vivid nature that surrounds you, with tall trees that almost reach the skies and the dim rays of moonlight shining through gathering clouds, you must remind yourself you’ve crossed the line for far greater lengths than you realize.
He was never supposed to know of your existence. Most importantly, he’s not supposed to know why you exist. Why you met.
“Am I going to remember you?” Taehyung inquires, eyes facing the miles and miles of grassy fields ahead of you. 
Once again, your faint, brand new heart skips a beat, but you’re still not sure what to think of it. It’s not bad, but it’s not good either. Your body’s becoming alive by the second; more lucid as it settles in its human form.
“I don’t know,” you shrug in ignorance, although you know the odds of him ever remembering you past these walls of his dream is unlikely.
Your strides are slower now and they begin to feel heavier, harder to fight against.
He looks like he wants to say something, but he hesitates.
“My father,” Taehyung begins, taking a moment to collect his thoughts. “He always told me that angels were real, but I didn’t believe him,” he lets out a sad chuckle. “I didn’t want to admit it, but I guess he’s always been right…”
“What did he say?” You smile at the thought of his father, and though his name comes to you as the glimpse of a fading soul, you stay silent about it. The weight of names have always been greater to human souls, you realize, as you’ve been given your own.
The pathway begins to become somber, the ground of stones and rocks feeling unstable below your feet. You reckon this is all his mind’s doing, because he looks troubled enough for the foundations of this dream to become shaky.
“He told me not to be scared when the time would come,” he raises his brows, biting his lower lip as his gaze meets the ground. Taehyung’s pace seems to fasten, something unsettling radiates off of him, but once more, you’re much too new to emotions to name them right now. “He said I’d feel it. I’d feel it when it was about to end,” he adds. 
So he knows.
“How do you—” You search for the answers in his features, but he gives you none.
“I’m not sure,” he replies, stealing a glance from you, but he looks as if he’s keeping a secret from himself. “I just knew it, I did. You looked familiar, but I know I’ve never seen you before.”
Something in your eyes must’ve denounced the concern of your being, how he nods at you reassuringly.
“It’s okay,” he smiles.
It hits you like a ton of bricks. He’s not supposed to know. He’s not supposed to see you as a unique being, but he does. And now, in his dream, you’re not bound to the duties between Heaven and Hell; you’re intricately like himself.
But it must all come to an end. You hope with your every being that something in this scattered galaxy allows you to see him like this again. When you glance at Taehyung, he’s looking at you with a different kind of gleam in his eyes and everything has stopped, everything has faded.
“Thank you, little bird.” Taehyung’s lips curve into the tiniest smile, but it doesn’t resemble joy at all.
There’s still the softness you’ve met him with, but you find something akin to sadness, an aching for something you’re too afraid to ask about. And you want to speak, you want to be here in this wasteland to witness everything that a human soul has to offer, but you know it’s time to go and you can’t do anything about it, blurring the lines between what’s real and just a dream.
You’ve never said goodbye to anything. As the angel of death, you’ve always been the reason why goodbyes are so bitter, but if this is what partings feel like, they leave you in a longing you’ll never satisfy, a void carved into your being. 
Taehyung is just a tiny teardrop in the wide ocean of souls, but for a second, it was enough to give you a taste of living. This same teardrop of a soul leaves a mark in you; a mark that’s small enough for you to not see, but great enough for you to long for its taste again.
This is the original sin you’ve fallen for — the appeal of forbidden things. The aching for seeing, for feeling more. The same aching that lured Eve into the fire.
But you stare at him, so speechless in your figure, taking in the rich details of his skin and the moles scattered across his features.  Now you understand the cruelty of God’s so-called free will — there’s always a price to pay. A price much greater than the Holiness you have to offer Him.
At last, Taehyung’s mouth parts, but the words don’t come out. There’s a deafening silence before his eyes widen in confusion. The realization he’s slowly losing sight of you and you’re not sure what makes him want to hold onto you — Death — so much, but his arms reach out to your silhouette, fighting against thin air. A shadow is all you’ve become in his dream.
He grasps onto nothing with his hands, losing you to the reality of everything. The last thing you see is him mouthing something you don’t understand.
Even when you slip away from each other’s grasp and everything darkens, you can’t fight it. The pull of his heartstrings struggle to tie you back into his dream, but you can’t go back. It’s late, it’s too late, and if Heaven only suspected of your encounter with a human soul, you might be banished for Eternity and forever more.
Tumblr media
He jolts awake from a troubled sleep, heavy breathing and sheets drenched in his sweat. It’s been hard to sleep lately, surrounded by so much silence that it becomes louder than his heartbeat at night.
5:02 AM.
Taehyung’s memory is foggy, fighting to remember whatever nightmare he’s witnessed, but his mind fails him. Every single thing in his bedroom looks the same and feels the same, but the more he looks around, the more he knows something is misplaced. Missing.
The shelves are a bit dusty and all of his awards as a photographer are still there, those trophies and pictures that mean absolutely nothing now. 
Maybe it’s himself, after all. His loneliness has become unbearable since the passing of his father and each and every painting becomes gloomier.
Glancing at the unfinished works by the window, he notices the heavy rain hitting against the window, but it’s not comforting enough to lull him back into sleep. So he lifts himself off the mattress, with a body that’s heavier than the weight of his heart. No matter the happy polaroids hanging on the walls and the memories of old friends, it’s not like he can feel the same joy.
And death is a thief, stealing everything he loves from his grasp.
But the empty, blank canvas is inviting enough for Taehyung to turn his bedroom lights on, tempted to sketch a beautiful face he’s likely seen on a magazine or a poster across the city.
And death is a thief, stealing everything he loves from his grasp.
But the empty, blank canvas is inviting enough for him to turn his bedroom lights on, tempted to sketch a beautiful face he’s likely seen on a magazine or a poster across the city. There are always thousands of them, traces and traces of people he’s been tempted to draw before. Usually he prefers the safety of landscapes, the stillness of inanimate objects and lifeless things.
The swift movements of his hands bring something to life. In the dead of the night, it makes Taehyung forget about everything else all around him, the rain outside and the waking of the world in the morning.
He can’t help but rush for the features that come to his mind. Those deep eyes and locks of long hair, with a face that’s not familiar and yet it still feels so. Behind her figure, there’s a constellation of stars with a name he doesn’t know, but the brightness of the stars pale in comparison to her eyes.
As the lines of her features become clearer through the fast movements of the pencil in his hands, the words of his father echo in his mind, taking him back to when he was just a boy lost in the great fields on a far away land. Taehyung’s not the same now, far more bitter and skeptical than he’d like to admit.
He wonders how much of it is fantasy or reality, but the thought of hope is enough for him to believe in something akin to God, angels and Heaven alike. For the shortest second, something awakens in his chest and it makes Taehyung question if there’s such a thing as a greater Divine being. And if there is, how cruel of God to withhold the love He speaks of, punishing the same creatures He promised to love.
The yearning doesn’t have a name, but if something’s missing, maybe it’s a touch of life into his canvas.
Tumblr media
•    author’s note: oh dearest! i did some major storyline and pov changes to this series. the editing took far longer than i intended, but i hope chapter one wasn’t too slow moving. i wanted to properly introduce the characters without rushing! there’s still some lore i’d like to approach in the next few chapters, but you can look forward to some more fast-paced scenes. thank you so much if you’ve gotten to the end of chapter one! let me know what you think. constructive feedback is always welcome. ♡
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nabiolive · 22 hours ago
Boy Blue | Epilogue
Tumblr media
Taehyung x Reader word count: 3.1k + image of a text conversation college au, strangers to lovers, yandere, smut, fluff, angst, slow burn, slash, nsfw, 18+ warnings: reliving the events of being very, very high on mdma; mention of gore and minor character death, talking to cops (gross), anxiety attacks, hearing from an old friend
Tumblr media
You sit in a cold metal chair in front of an equally cold metal table and glance around, taking in the cream-colored wall and shitty grey, stain-smeared carpet. This is your fifth visit to an interrogation room since you had fled Seoul, and you'd like it to be your last, especially considering the first several times were more or less a waste.
"We got our hands on a tape that we would like for you to watch," the detective states plainly as the sounds of heels clomping down the hallway are muffled by the carpeting, and a woman sets a laptop in front of you. 
Watching black and white surveillance footage on a laptop brings back memories in a flash, and you anxiously grip your knees, digging your nails into denim. Try as you might to convince yourself that this video won't be like the others, you know it will be because you recognize the scene before you and know exactly how this will play out. Your heart pounds heavily in your chest.
The detective says your name gently, and you nod to signify that you're ready, despite not being ready at all. Then he reaches forward and taps the space bar, playing the video before you. 
Immediately, you're surprised by the music that plays through the speakers—sultry and downtempo. You didn't expect this recording to have sound. The angle is above the bed, looking straight down, from where you assume Taehyung had hidden the camera in the light fixture. You're in frame, standing at the foot of the bed, shoving the cellphone under the mattress while Yoongi—in silk pajamas—straddles Taehyung, who only wears black briefs. 
You watch yourself react to Namjoon's presence, straightening out nervously both on camera, and in your chair. He isn't visible at first, but you can hear him ask, "Not joining in on the fun, noona?" 
Yoongi turns to look back at you while Taehyung says, "Come here, kitten." 
"I'm good," you hear yourself respond hazily. "I'm j—I'm just overwhelmed."
Namjoon comes into frame and leans on the end of the bed. "Why don't you come keep me some company downstairs, noona," he suggests. 
You take a deep breath, remembering the look in his eyes and the apprehension you felt going with him. You still can't believe this is just before he—
"Go with Joonie," you hear Taehyung suggest. 
You appear to look between Taehyung and Namjoon, but before you can respond, Namjoon scoops you over his shoulder and turns to leave the room. You're heard yelping as you're carried out of frame, and Yoongi leans forward, hanging his head low.
A shiver runs through you, and the detective pauses the video. You look up to find him leaning against the table beside you with his arms folded over his ugly rust-colored button-up. In one hand, he holds a manila folder.
"Does this scene look familiar to you?" he asks. 
"Yeah," you respond, though it's more of a grunt than a sound.
"That man who carried you away is the Kim Namjoon fellow whose throat was slit," he says matter-of-factly.
"Says here in your file that this man here," the officer points to the screen, "a mister Kim Taehyung was responsible for drugging you and keeping you hostage with this man right here, a mister Min Yoongi."
"And that this Min Yoongi then stabbed Kim Taehyung and slit Kim Namjoon's throat out of self-defense, before the two of you fled the scene."
You don't say anything, swallowing a thick lump of bile and anxiety as the detective stares you down. After a pause, he continues.
"Do you know where Kim Taehyung and Min Yoongi are now?"
You had done your best to hold it together until this point, but now that the question settles in your mind, you feel a surge of emotion. Despite how many months have passed since Yoongi disappeared and Taehyung promised to find you again, you can't shake the deep, intense feelings you had for Yoongi. Nor the overwhelming fear that a terrible fate has befallen him.
Tears threaten to spill, and you bite back the overwhelming urge to vomit. Your voice is barely over a whisper when you mutter, "No."
"I'm going to need you to see this," the detective says as he reaches for the space button and resumes the video. 
The audio is distorted as if someone has lowered the music and turned up the volume of their voices. The sound of Taehyung asking, "Are you ready?" sends an icy shiver down your spine. 
Yoongi shakes his head and mutters something you can't hear, then Taehyung responds, "You can do this, baby. Don't be scared."
The urge to vomit rises, but you swallow it back and ball your fists above your knees. Taehyung calling Yoongi an affectionate name isn’t exactly surprising, especially considering you were all on drugs at the time, but that doesn't stop your palms from beginning to sweat. 
Yoongi shakes his head and rests both hands on Taehyung's bare chest. "I ca—"
"Yoongi," Taehyung says softly as he reaches his hands to cup Yoongi's face, "I know you can do this. I trust you with my life."
"But what if something goes wrong? What about Namjoon?"
"What about Namjoon?" Taehyung parrots softly as he shakes his head, smiling sweetly. "Namjoon is disposable. And I swapped the magazine; that gun is shooting blanks." Yoongi seems unconvinced, letting his head droop. 
"Yoongi, trust me," Taehyung purrs, pulling him gently by the head until their lips connect. Yoongi relaxes in Taehyung's hold and lets his hands slide from Taehyung's chest to his neck as they deepen the kiss and groan so sweetly, you almost don't hear it.
Your ears begin to ring, and you reach forward and slam the tips of your fingers into the space key, then turn in your chair and look away, down at the carpet. The detective says something, but all you can make out are jumbled intonations that only vaguely resemble words, and you pinch yourself on the arm, hoping against hope to wake up from this nightmare.
"This isn't real," you mutter, feeling shards of your sanity fall away as you attempt to piece together what you just saw. "This can't be real; he wouldn't—he didn't do that."
"The video isn't over, miss."
Every nerve is jittery, thrust into overdrive—hands trembling, head shaking, eyelashes fluttering. On top of being put back into that room, on that day, witnessing that exchange is too much. This cannot be happening.
"I can't—" you mutter, staring at the splotches of dried who-knows-what kinds of fluids on the floor. "I'm sorry, I can't—"
"Miss," the detective snaps, standing up straight. "It is of the utmost importance that you watch this video and tell us more about these men."
Your hands fly to your ears, nails scratching at your hairline. Try as you might to slow your breathing, your heartbeat is dizzying, and you squeeze your eyes shut. You picture Yoongi straddling Taehyung—who holds him so gently—and both of your voices mingle in your head as you stammer, "I c—I can't. I can't do this." 
The woman who supplied the laptop squats before you, resting her hands on her knees. You attempt to focus on her manicured red nails and the tan fabric below them in an effort to ground yourself as tears spill from your eyes. 
"Would you like to talk about how you're feeling?" she asks. It's an innocuous enough question, perhaps, but it makes your blood boil. 
"No," you bite back, refusing to meet her eyes.
She says your name softly. "We're just trying to make the stories line up because presently, there's a hole in yours that this video fills. They also seem to diverge after this point." 
"Diverge?" you ask weakly, wiping the backs of your hands against your wet cheeks and lifting your gaze in an attempt to look the woman in the eye. You stare at her pearl earring instead. 
The woman hums. "There's only about three minutes left in the video. Are you sure you can't watch it?"
You shake your head. Three minutes isn't that long, but they're three minutes of confusion and anguish, and regardless of intent, you do not want to watch Yoongi drive the knife through Taehyung's body—if that is what really happened that day.
"The sooner we get through this video, we can get your statement one last time and have you out of here and on your way," the woman says, voice insistent. They want to get you out of here; this much is clear. It's fine; you don't want to be here, either.
You nod, clear your throat, and turn back toward the laptop. With a shaky hand, you hit the spacebar and bring your balled fist, which grasps onto the sleeve of your hoodie, to your mouth. Your breath comes out ragged as you press your knuckle against your lips. 
On screen, the video speeds up. How kind of the cops to spare you from watching your ex-captor, who you once had feelings for, and the man you have residual feelings for making out in real-time, you think as you roll your eyes. 
When the video slows, Taehyung can be seen reaching for the table beside his bed and pulling open the small drawer on the front. Black rectangles that you assume are your cellphones sit next to the familiar hunting knife, and your breath hitches as Taehyung's hand wraps around the handle. 
Yoongi doesn't so much as flinch as the knife is brought before him. The realization hangs over you like a storm cloud: Yoongi is afraid, but not for his own safety after everything Taehyung put him through. Yoongi is only afraid to seriously hurt Taehyung. 
When Yoongi doesn't accept the knife, Taehyung takes his hand, places the knife into it for him, then closes his hands around Yoongi's fingers and the handle. Then Taehyung angles the tip of the blade and presses it into his skin, just enough to dimple it and says, "Right here. You don't need to push hard, just deep enough to make it appear as if I've been stabbed."
There's an utterance that can't be heard, and Yoongi shakes in Taehyung's grasp. You think you hear him whisper, "Please."
"I'll see the family physician as soon as you leave. He's very discreet, Yoongi; he won't ask questions. And then I'll contact you tonight. You'll see that I'm alright and that you performed beautifully. Please, baby; we're running out of time."
You squeeze your eyes shut as Yoongi's arm presses forward, but you can hear the hissing and grunting sounds signifying the blade breaking Taehyung's skin. Nausea creeps through you, oozing from every pore, and you hug an arm around yourself and press your fist against your mouth, fighting back the urge to cry once more. 
Then you hear it. It's soft and rough and barely above a whisper. "You did great, my love."
A sob falls between your lips as hot tears glide down your cheeks. How could this have happened? How could any of this have been real? 
You open your eyes to find Yoongi standing beside Taehyung, who stands up straight, though visibly pained, and motions to his new wound as if it's a work of art that Yoongi has just created. Taehyung pulls Yoongi into a chaste kiss, and then Yoongi scrambles to grab your cellphones and the bloody hunting knife. As he begins to exit the room, Taehyung walks to the end of the bed and then drops dramatically to his knees and very slowly begins to crawl toward the door. 
The detective hits pause and closes the laptop. Your breath is hot on your hand, creating a sticky layer of condensation and sweat beneath the fabric, and you drop your hands to your knees. Although tears continue to fall, you feel numb save for the occasional breath that rattles through your lungs. 
How much has been a lie? When did the lies begin?
"According to your file, Kim Taehyung held you and Min Yoongi both against your will," the detective states once more. "But as we can see from this video, that is clearly not the case."
You hum and nod your head in shallow, non-committal movements.
"We also have text records that show they were in communication months earlier," the detective continues, plopping a stack of papers onto the shut laptop. They're typed up, black ink on white paper with nothing but names, time stamps and messages, and you only give it a cursory glance and look away.
"The department is issuing a warrant for both of their arrests for the murder of Kim Namjoon. When was the last time you saw or heard from either of these men?"
"July," you mutter. "I last saw Yoongi and heard from Taehyung in July."
"And you last saw Kim Taehyung when?"
You shrug, uncertain of the date. "March, I think." With a nod of your chin toward the laptop, you say, "Whenever that video was."
It doesn't take long to rehash the events leading up to the last text message you ever got from Taehyung. You had crumpled the photo up, packed a bag and left the apartment, then waited at a nearby convenience store for Hoseok to finally call you back. There's a report with the police station that details the last message you received from Taehyung, which the detective finds after digging through the file, but it doesn't seem like they were able to find Taehyung, despite him contacting you from the same number he had before.
"Cell Phone towers are unreliable," the detective says with a shrug, at which you shrug in return. You know this because you've heard it several times before, from officers of this very police station who have worked on this very case. 
"Why did Hoseok leave your apartment the night that you found that photograph?" The detective asks. 
You shake your head, recapping the conversation and how none of it seemed to make sense at the time. According to Hoseok, Yoongi appeared out of the blue, frantic about some message he had gotten from Jimin, telling Hoseok that they needed to rush back home and that he would bring Jimin's vehicle to pick you up later—that it was too much of an emergency to wait for you to gather your things and that he had already messaged you to let you know. And after they returned to the house, Yoongi left again. And that was it; Hoseok said he never came back.
"But didn't Jimin drive Yoongi home from the bar that night?" the detective asks. 
You nod, then cock your head to the side, realizing you have no idea. You didn't watch Jimin or Yoongi leave that night; you simply left with Hoseok and promised to join them again after packing an overnight bag. 
By the time the detective runs out of questions to ask, you leave the room in a daze, shuffling down the brightly lit hallway, squinting from the fluorescents, before turning a corner and making your way through the station. You pull your hood over your head and snuggle into your sweater, and when you reach the waiting area, Hoseok stands from his seat with an expectant look.
The detective gives you some generic spiel about contacting him should you remember anything else, and then you leave, shoving his business card into your pants pocket and leaning into Hoseok, who hugs you close.
"Let's get you home," he says sweetly, kissing the hoodie atop your head and guiding you to his car. For the two and a half hour drive home, Hoseok banters lightly and sings to the radio, but he never asks you what happened in the interrogation room. He knows you'll talk about it when you're ready; he's always kind like that. 
Tumblr media
"I'll see you tonight," Hoseok says as he leans over the back of the couch and plants a kiss on the top of your head. You bend and angle your lips toward his for a proper kiss, chaste as it may be, and smile against him. 
As soon as the door clicks behind him, you hug your left leg to your chest and continue searching for something to watch on one of the many streaming services, mindlessly scrolling through list after disappointing list. 
It's not long before you choose the comfort show that you've played through so many times you hardly watch anymore, and start from the first episode, nuzzling yourself into the corner of the couch. You have assignments you could be working on but decide you'd rather spend your precious free time dissociating, at least for a little while. 
Beside you, your cell phone buzzes. 
You smile to yourself and nibble on your bottom lip, anticipating having to leave your faux leather throne to find whatever Hoseok must have left behind, as he is wont to do, but when you pick up your phone and see that there's a message from an unknown number, your heart sinks. 
The urge to drop everything, pack a bag and flee the country hits you like a pile of bricks, and you squeeze your eyes closed and breathe deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth.
"It's okay," you mutter to yourself, stretching open your hands which have reflexively balled into fists. "It's just a solicitation. It's fine. I'm safe. Don't panic. He doesn't know where I live. He doesn't have my phone number. Relax."
Calls and texts from unknown numbers come all the time. It's been four months since you last heard from Taehyung, and you've since changed your number. The chance of it being him is so slim, you feel stupid for letting yourself get so worked up. After a moment of talking yourself out of spiraling, you scoff and let out a deep, shaky exhale, then stand and shake your limbs out and allow yourself to feel silly for panicking. 
Then you bend, reach for your phone and unlock the screen. The message that greets you sends you to your knees so fast, you're retching on your soft, yellow rug before your brain has a chance to catch up with your body, and just like that, your world is, once again, flipped. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
To be continued, in the sequel.
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Tumblr media
written parts beta read by @neoneunnajimin​ 💙 banner by @eerieedits
Boy Blue is copyright 2021 Nabi Olive, all rights reserved. let’s be friends on twitter!
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cypherroblivion · a day ago
i kinda wanna make a ot7 smut where the reader was invited to in the soop by the group since she is their best friend and of course they always wanted to go on a vacation with her, but it happens after hours? idk i’m still thinking
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purplewhalewrites · 11 hours ago
Hi! I bring you part two to my little overstimulation ot7 thing? This is my first time writing maknae line and it was a little daunting. I may have gone easy on myself. I would really, REALLY appreciate feedback on this please and thank you. Anyway, enjoy.
Rating: 18+
pairing: Taehyung X reader
genre: smut
warnings: overstimulation, use of remote control toy, edging.
word count: 1.4k
Summary: Taehyung buys a new toy for you and he’s curious about your limits.
Tumblr media
The room around you is blurry, the familiar surroundings becoming almost foreign to you in the haze of your mind. Your body is impossibly tense, every nerve ending on fire, your muscles feeling like glass under a flame that’s slowly cracking them apart. For the fourth time tonight, your orgasm threatens to snap violently through you as it zig zags its way up from your toes through your core in a buzz that consumes you. 
Your mouth falls open, a moan caught in your throat from the visceral pull that taunts you just out of reach. You’re on this ledge just wanting to leap off into the abyss of sweet release that continues to tease and loom over you, your hips lifting off the bed in an effort to finally, finally find the light at the end of the tunnel. Just as your body is about to burst from the pressure, the toy attached to you shuts off. 
A sob escapes from your chest, tears sting behind your squeezed shut eyes. Your body writhes on the bed, the soft sheets providing no comfort in your predicament. Your hands curl into fists around them, needing to grab a hold of something real. You’re beyond tired, your body giving out from being pushed to the edge and yanked back like a rubber band before you’re able to let go. 
“Tae…please let me…I can’t…” You whisper, voice gone hoarse from pleading earlier. You lift your head from the pillow to look up at him, as if that would help plead your case. Across the room, Taehyung sits cross legged in a chair, phone balanced on his knee. He’s leaning on his arm, fingers grazing his sharp jaw as his dark eyes study you. You feel exposed, pathetic, under his gaze. He smirks and it makes you shudder. Nothing about his demeanor betrays him. He could be watching a tv show or listening to music for all he gave away. 
“You can’t? Hmm...I think you can, sweet thing. I think you most definitely can for a little longer.” He purrs, smirk transforming into a Cheshire cat smile. Defeated, you lay your head back down on the pillow. It feels like it’s been hours, you’re covered in sweat and your body keeps shivering from the shift between hot and cold. The pillow smells like him, the scent somehow manages to shoot a pulse of pleasure through your core. 
Without warning, the toy inside you begins buzzing again, simultaneously stimulating your clit and g-spot. The shape allows for hands free use, something you’d been excited about at first but now that you get no relief from the constant barrage both inside and outside, you feel resentment towards. You glance up to see Taehyung is back on his phone, possibly looking for more settings to try out. 
He’d brought it up a few nights ago, presenting it to you with such enthusiasm it was contagious. He’d shown you the site where he had found it and how it connected to an app. The midnight blue shade he had picked out felt very him. Not that the color mattered much to you that it was abusing you. The toy begins a pattern that makes your eyes roll back in your head. A loud moan bursts from you, the vibrations increasing along with the ache on your swollen clit. 
You find yourself wrestling against the onslaught that has become an insufferable mix of pain and pleasure. The sheets tangle around your legs as you twist them to try and somehow get the toy away from you but it remains in place, torturing every single last one of your senses. You feel your orgasm building again, the all too familiar ache transforming itself into that torturous thrumming that overtakes you entirely. The room begins spinning around you, forcing you to shut your eyes to keep yourself from spiraling along with it. You’re sure that this time your body will just give out, your heart beats wildly in your chest and your limbs are useless jelly, you feel almost inhuman. 
“Ta-Taehyung fuck, please baby. It-it’s j-just too much.” You cry out, your hands tangling in your own hair in an attempt to distract yourself from the painful jolts the toy inflicts on your battered clit. Tears are streaming down the sides of your face, pooling in your ears and wetting your hairline but you can’t be bothered to care. You just need the world to stop, everything is turned up past the point of comfort. A short, low hum permeates the room, it confuses you until you realize that it’s Taehyung. 
The toy’s speed increases, your vision goes white and you’re back in that place again. The ledge looming before you, the cord wrapped around your belly and you brace for it to yank you away from that precipice. You trap your bottom lip between your teeth and bite down so hard you swear you taste blood. Instinctively, your hips buck up into the air, wanting to throw yourself from that ledge to finally let go of everything that’s been torturing you. High pitched whines and moans permeate the room and in a moment of clarity you’re embarrassed to find it’s you making those noises. 
The bed dips slightly and Taehyung’s scent swirls around you, you assume he’s sitting at the bed now instead of the chair. His presence so close to you sends you further down your spiral, the room spinning now even with your eyes squeezed tight. You cry out again as the toy speeds up once more and it really feels like this time you’re going to actually disintegrate. You’re panting in between pathetic whines, your hands clutching at the sheets again to try and hold on to reality. 
“It’s okay, you can come.” His low vibrato breaks through your chorus of cries. His words push you right off that ledge and the world disappears. Your orgasm rolls and ondulates through you in a way you had never experienced before. Your hips shoot off the mattress, your legs are shaking and you feel like you’ve forgotten how to breathe. 
You’re flying off that ledge into the white hot blinding light, the cord that threatened to pull you back snapping. Your walls are pulsing violently around the toy that pulses back at you, prolonging the intensity of everything. You realize that you’re sobbing, hot tears flowing from your eyes and you try to cover your face in humiliation. Everything is on fire, your body rushes between heat and shivers and you feel powerless to the sensations that overtake you. 
The bed dips again and you feel more warmth wrapping around your sweat covered body. His musk fills your nostrils and you cry out again, softer this time. His hands on your belly and cheek bring your hot skin relief. He kisses down your cheek and jaw, little butterfly kisses that leave fireworks in their wake as he moves to nuzzle into your neck. He’s soft against you, his hair feels like feathers on your overstimulated skin. 
“You did so good, what a good girl you are.” He murmurs against your neck, his warm breath cooling the sweat that coated you. Coming down from your high, the world seems to rectify itself: the room stops spinning and the sheets no longer feel like vines that wrap around your legs to trap you. With relief you realize the toy is no longer inside you, the emptiness a respite for once. Your clit still throbs occasionally, the ghost of the vibrations making you inhale sharply in shock. 
You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding, the tail end becoming a small sob. Taehyung strokes your belly with light touches, as if you’re made of glass after all. The weight of your body paralyzes you against the mattress, you’re not capable of movement even if you wanted to. His hand cups your face to bring it towards his, he places a gentle kiss on your lips that you don’t have the energy to return, it only makes you want to cry more. 
“I’m going to run you a bath, my angel. You stay here and I’ll come get you when it’s ready. You did so good, my love. You were such a good girl for me.” He hums against your lips before kissing you once more. You nod weakly in acknowledgement and close your eyes, the effort draining the last of your energy as you feel yourself drifting into a space between consciousness and sleep. 
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horanghaejamjam · 2 days ago
Playful Rivalry
Tumblr media
Summary: You’ve known Tae and Jimin for years, so naturally they get a bit jealous when Jungkook makes his way into your friend circle.
Pairing: Platonic Vmin x female reader. Platonic Jungkook x female reader
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff, Angst? depending on how you look at it
Word Count: 4.7k
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: This is a repost from my original blog, this is my own original work and not copied. Images are not mine.
BTS Masterlist
Tumblr media
You met both Jimin and Taehyung in school. Jimin was in the same class as you, and you ended up being partnered together for a project. Not long after did he introduce you to Taehyung and the three of you became an almost inseparable trio. The three of you always did everything together; whether it be going out for lunch or curling up on the couch for an impulse movie night. Even when they debuted and grew big with Bangtan, you were always there supporting them. Of course, you weren’t able to see your boys as often because of their busy schedule, but, on the other hand, you got to meet the rest of the members. You all got along fairly well, but you never bonded with any of them the way you did with Taehyung and Jimin. That was, at least, until you started spending more time with Jungkook.
You had been sitting on the couch in the dorms one evening, waiting for the boys to get home from practice so that you could have a movie night. They had let you know earlier that they would have to stay a bit late but you didn’t mind, opting to play on your phone while you waited. They had given you a spare key so that you could let yourself in whenever you needed to, the boys all knew who you were anyways. You had just beaten the newest level in your game when the door opened and caught your attention. Turning around, you saw not your best friends, but actually Jungkook.
“Oh, hello Noona,” Jungkook greeted with a small smile, you returning the gesture.
“Hey Kookie,” you greeted back, glancing behind him, “are the others not back yet?”
“They should be back soon,” he said as he moved to take off his shoes, placing them by the door, “Most of the hyungs are staying at the studio to work on a new song. Jimin also wanted to stay back to try and perfect this one move and Taehyung decided to stay with him. They both looked pretty tired though so they shouldn’t be much longer.” You nodded and returned your attention back to your phone as the group’s maknae walked over to sit beside you, “What are you doing?”
“Just playing a random game I found,” you replied, “I promised Tae and Jiminie we would have a movie night so I’m just waiting for them to get back.” Jungkook hummed and peeked over your shoulder so he could see your screen since he had nothing better to do. Neither of you said anything for a moment, just him watching you play with feigned interest until eventually he leaned back and sighed.
“That game looks boring,” he commented out of nowhere, making you laugh. Truth be told it kind of was, but it served its purpose in distracting you for the time being. When you didn’t say anything in response though, he sighed again before glancing at his own phone. “Do you want to hang out in my room for a bit? I have a new game we can play while you wait for the others to return? You know, a game that is actually fun.” You set down your phone and thought about it for a moment. You didn’t know Jungkook too well, but this would be a great way to fix that and make a new friend. It would also give you something to do while you waited for the other two to get back.
“Sure,” you agreed after a minute. Jungkook smiled and jumped up from his seat, grabbing your hand and practically dragging you down the hall to his room. While it startled you a bit, you also couldn’t help but laugh wondering what exactly you just got yourself dragged into.
It was about 20 minutes later when Jimin and Taehyung found themselves stumbling inside of the dorm, practically tripping over each other as they got their shoes off. Their mini practice session had gone on way longer than it should have and the two had practically rushed home to try and greet you. Jimin had tried texting you to let you know they were on their way but you never answered him, making the boys worry that you had gotten bored and left. None of you had ever missed a movie night unless it was due to the boys being away on tour. Hopefully, tonight wouldn’t be any different.
“Y/N?” Taehyung called out as he walked into the living room, Jimin not far behind. They didn’t want to be too loud in case you fell asleep, but clearly, that wasn’t the case as they found the living room empty.
“It’s not that late,” Jimin said as he checked the time on his phone, “maybe she just went to the bathroom?”
“Should we wait for her?” Taehyung asked, before the older could answer they heard what sounded like a shout come from down the hall, followed by a very familiar laugh. It was one they would recognize anywhere, and not just because you were the only female that ever came over to the dorms. Glancing over at each other with a questioning look, they both made their way down the hall, pausing when they reached Jungkook’s room. The distinct sound of your laughter now sounded much more loudly, accompanied by the maknaes and the soft sounds that came from whatever game you were playing. Now the boys were very confused since when had you become friends with Jungkook? Only a week ago you were shying away in a corner as the male in question tried to drag you to practice one of their dances with them.
Jimin and Taehyung gave each other what must have been the hundredth confused look within the hour, not quite sure what to do. Of course, they were happy that you were getting along well with their members, and from the sound of it, you were having a lot of fun. However, this was supposed to be your guys’ movie night and they were really looking forward to it. Something about you canceling on them to spend time with Jungkook just didn’t sit right with them. With that in mind, Jimin knocked on the door twice to get your attention before pretty much storming into the room, Taehyung following not too far behind. Everything went silent as you jumped and paused the game out of instinct, turning to see your two best friends. The silence gave them a moment to analyze the situation. You were sat cross-legged on the bed, Jungkook sitting behind you and looking over your shoulder at the game. From glancing at the pause screen, it seemed you two had been playing for a good minute.
“Hey guys!” you exclaimed happily, clearly not feeling the steadily rising tension. If Jungkook had noticed, he didn’t say anything about it, nodding at his hyungs instead.
“How was practice?” he asked.
“It was alright,” Taehyung replied before turning his attention back to you, “sorry we’re late Y/N, ready for our movie night?”
“Oh right!” you said, having completely forgotten about your original plans in your excitement. The knowledge of that had both males slumping a bit, an unreadable expression crossing their features. Still, you were blissfully unaware as you glanced at the time on your phone and then back at the screen, “We should be done with this level shortly, why don’t you go get everything set up and I’ll join you when I finish?” Once again their expressions dropped but they didn’t argue as they nodded and silently left the room. The fact that the sounds of the game resumed as soon as the door closed hurt way more than it should. Still, they told themselves that you were just excited about spending time with a new friend so they tried not to think about it too much.
By the time you had actually finished the level, it was a bit later than you had thought. The boys already had everything prepared. The movie was up and paused, snacks and various drinks lined the coffee table, and Tae and Jimin were resting in a pile of blankets and pillows on the couch. No one said anything as you took your usual spot between them, curling up and finally enjoying your long-awaited movie nights. In your excitement, you never did catch on to the sudden change in atmosphere between your usually cheerful best friends, easily masked by exhaustion as you all fell asleep on the couch.
Tumblr media
Unfortunately for Taehyung and Jimin, ignoring them to spend time with Jungkook gradually became a more common occurrence after that night. You came over a lot more to play games, or Jungkook would go over to your apartment as well. You guys would text and call each other all the time, make plans when you knew the boys were free, and you even started going out for lunch together. Taehyung and Jimin tried not to mind it too much at first. It was natural that you would want to spend time with your other friends after all and they didn’t want to ruin that by potentially overreacting. It was only when you started canceling your plans with them did they start to have a problem. Your fun text conversations became nonexistent, movie nights stopped, and you barely even acknowledged them whenever you came over. No more fun hugs, now you just nodded in their direction with a quick “Hey,” before running off to spend time with Jungkook.
Meanwhile, you were none the wiser to your friend’s new jealousy. Jungkook turned out to be really fun to spend time with and it turned out you had a lot in common. You found yourself bonding over your favorite games, as well as occasionally talking about school. It became a habit to come over during the evening so you could play games together and you hadn’t seen anything wrong with that. Sure, you had canceled on Taehyung and Jimin a few times but you assumed they would understand. After all, you guys planned a lot together so what was the harm in spending time with someone else? You were also under the impression that you guys could all hang out as a group once you got used to being around Jungkook. Clearly, though, you had failed to realize just how wrong you were.
The boys knew that they should probably talk to you about all of this, but you still didn’t seem to realize anything was wrong. You even asked Taehyung what was wrong one day when you saw him sulking and all he could do was stare at you in shock because how could you not realize? Did you just suddenly forget about them entirely? They were your best friends, and yet now they felt more like acquaintances that you used to be close to. It was after the fifth canceled movie night that month that the boys finally decided to do something about this.
“We have to find a way to get her attention away from Jungkook,” Tae muttered as he fell back on the couch. They had just gotten home from practice and, sure enough, the sound of your and Jungkooks laughter echoed through the dorm.
“Easier said than done,” Jimin replied, “she barely talks to us anymore. Even when we try to start a conversation or plan something she always gets distracted and ignores us.” Both boys were silent for a moment before a thought suddenly came to Taehyung, causing him to jump up from his spot.
“What if we start forcing her to pay attention to us so that she can’t ignore us for Jungkook?” he suggested. The confused look he got from the older showed that they weren’t on the same page which made him sigh a bit, “You know, like every time she comes over we do something to distract her so that way she spends time with us and not him. That way she is reminded of who her true best friends are.” It seemed a lightbulb flashed in Jimins mind as he suddenly perked up as well.
“That could work,” he said, “but how do we do it without making it obvious we’re trying to steal her attention?”
“Easy, we act cute enough and we get what we want!” Jimin scoffed and rolled his eyes at the absurdity of the statement. Still, Taehyung didn’t hear any objections so he considered it a win. “Come on!” he suddenly exclaimed, grabbing Jimin by the wrist and pulling him until they were both standing. Before the smaller could process what exactly was going on, he was being dragged down the hall towards Jungkook’s room.
“Wait! We’re doing this now?” he exclaimed, slightly panicked as they came to a stop.
“Well yeah,” Taehyung said as if it was the most obvious thing ever, “she owes us a movie night!” As soon as Jimin opened his mouth to protest, Taehyung opened the door and dragged him inside. The scene itself was very familiar to how they found you and Jungkook the first time. However, now he was sitting next to you on the bed rather than behind you. Both of you turned your heads to look at the intruders with a mix of shock and confusion. “Y/N!” Tae whined before either of you could speak, “you were supposed to have another movie night with us!” Now you were thoroughly confused, yes you knew about the movie night but you had told them earlier that you had planned to help Jungkook pass this new level in his game.
“I know guys, I’m sorry but-” you were cut off as Tae rushed into the room and gently pulled you away from the bed.
“Come on! We haven’t hung out in forever!” You stayed quiet and allowed him to pull you to the door, the sound of someone clearing their throat reminding you of the fourth person in the room.
“You guys can’t just take her,” Jungkook complained, “we were in the middle of a game.”
“You’ve been hanging out with her all week Kook, it’s our turn,” Jimin finally spoke up again. With that you found yourself being dragged to the living room, leaving behind a confused and slightly annoyed Jungkook.
“Um guys,” you called out softly, “that was kind of rude don’t you think?” You understood that you cancelled on your plans, but they didn’t have to barge in like that. They both froze and turned to you, their expressions reminding you of lost puppies.
“We miss you,” Jimin whined, “just one movie and then you can go back to hanging out with Jungkook okay?” You sighed a bit, pulling out your phone to glance at the time before nodding. It was still fairly early, what harm could one movie do? One movie quickly turned into two and then an entire marathon as you ended up getting engrossed into the stories. The boys having chosen a series they knew you hadn’t seen so that you would be forced to stay and watch the whole thing. It also helped that Jungkook stayed locked in his room the entire time, likely just going back to his game without you. By the time the final credits rolled, it was nearly midnight and you were half asleep.
“Oh boy, that late already?” you muttered with a yawn. Grabbing your phone, you checked the time again and groaned as you forced yourself to stand up. You had work in the morning and if you didn’t leave now you would likely end up passing out at the dorms. “I’m going to head out,” you said, “tell Jungkook I said goodbye please?” Taehyung nodded and stood up as well to walk you to the door, Jimin staying on the couch as he switched the tv to some random reality show.
“Will do,” Tae replied, “goodnight Y/N.” He waited until you got into your car before closing the door and returning to the couch with Jimin. Jungkook ended up confronting his hyungs a few minutes later. Leaning against the wall and waiting until you left the dorm to make his presence known. “What was that all about?” he asked as he stepped into the room and took a seat in one of the armchairs. The two older members paled a bit but kept a blank expression as they acknowledged the other.
“What was what?” Jimin asked, feigning indifference. Now Jungkook was getting even more annoyed. First, they interrupted your time together and now they want to act like they didn’t do anything wrong?
“You know what,” he groaned, “you knew Y/N and I had plans already. Why did you burst in and drag her away like that?” Neither one really knew how to answer that, not wanting to admit their jealousy, but also knowing that lying would get them nowhere. Their silence was definitely not helping their case either.
“To be fair,” Taehyung finally spoke up after a moment, “we had plans with her first.” Jungkook looked confused for a moment before realization finally hit him.
“You’re telling me you dragged her away because you got jealous that she canceled your plans to hang out with me instead?” Neither one responded, but their sudden guilty expressions gave Jungkook his answer. Groaning, he threw his head back and took a deep breath, “That has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard.”
“This isn’t the first time it’s happened, you two have been together practically every day for the past three weeks while we’ve been here alone,” Jimin defended.
“So? Maybe Y/N enjoys being able to spend time with someone else. It’s not always about you two, I’m her friend as well!” Jungkook bit his lip to keep from raising his voice, though his tense posture made it very clear that he was frustrated.
“It’s not always about you either,” Taehyung argued, “we’re her best friends, have been since high school. It’s not fair that we get pushed aside while you get all of the attention.” This whole argument was childish and all three of them knew it. You were a grown woman and you had the right to chose who you did and did not want to spend time with. Still, they were stubborn and it was clear that neither side was willing to back down. What followed for the next five minutes was an awkwardly silent staring contest until finally, Jungkook gave in.
“Fine, but you’re not the only one who can play that game,” with that he stood up and went back to his room. Taehyung and Jimin glanced at the door briefly before looking back at each other and smirking. Indeed, three could play at that game.
Tumblr media
To say you were confused would be quite an understatement. One minute everything was going great and the next everyone was acting strange. Well, stranger than usual considering your best friends. You hadn’t seen any of the boys in about a week due to an upcoming work project, but the boys had still spammed you with texts any chance they were free. It seemed that whenever one would message you, the others would as well. They kept asking when you were free and you kept responding that you had to finish your work before you could hang out, then the cycle continued again the next day. On top of that, they were constantly stopping by your apartment for one reason or another. Usually, they would only pop in for a minute or two just to check-in, but there was one evening where Jungkook ended up staying over for dinner. Only for Taehyung and Jimin to appear the next morning and not leave until you had to physically kick them out to allow you to work. As strange as it was, you figured it was just the guys being bored since it was their off-season and didn’t think too much of it. You were sitting at your dining room table working on your laptop when you heard a knock at your door. Confused, since you weren’t expecting anyone at this hour, you decided to just ignore it. Maybe they had the wrong apartment, that or it was your neighbor and you honestly didn’t feel like talking to them right now. Unfortunately, the knocking continued and even got louder the more you ignored it. Eventually, you gave up and hesitantly got up from your spot. Your back ached in protest from being hunched over as you walked over to the door, opening it to see none other than Taehyung and Jimin. They were carrying bags of takeout and smiling widely as they let themselves in.
“What are you guys doing here?” you asked as you closed the door. The boys smiled as they set the bags on the table.
“We know you’ve been working all day,” Jimin said, “so we thought we’d bring you dinner!” Taehyung nodded as he grabbed one of the boxes and took a seat across from where your stuff was, it was clear that they weren’t planning on leaving.
“Um thanks, guys,” you said hesitantly, “but I really need to get this done and I can’t really afford any distractions.” Both boys looked visibly disappointed which made you feel a bit bad about rejecting them, but you held your ground.
“We’ll only be here a minute,” Taehyung argued.
“At least have dinner with us and then we’ll leave you alone!” Jimin added. You wanted to argue, but you were much too tired so you eventually just gave in.
“Fine,” you agreed, “but only for a bit.” The boys smiled as you took your seat and grabbed the last box and took your seat, nudging your laptop out of the way so you didn’t accidentally ruin everything. It was silent for all of two seconds before the boys were bombarding you with questions.
“So, Y/N, how was your day?”
“How is work going?”
“Are you going to be free this weekend?”
“We were thinking of planning a game night if you are.” It took everything in your power not to groan and throw them out. You loved these two, you really did, but you didn’t know how much more clinging you could take.
“I need to have this done by Friday, so I really can’t afford to take any more time off,” you hinted. Friday was only two days away and you still had so much to do. Having the boys on top of you 24/7 didn’t help much either. It seemed the boys only heard you saying you would be done by Friday though, as they practically jumped up from their seats.
“Perfect!” Jimin exclaimed, “we can plan our game night for Saturday then since you won’t be busy!” If your eyes could roll any harder you were sure you’d be able to see the back of your head. Still, you agreed, partially to get them to leave and also because a game night did sound kind of fun.
“Fine, I’ll be over Saturday night okay? I’ll even bring food to pay you guys back for this,” you bargained. The boys thought it over for a moment before nodding. You were beyond thankful that they hadn’t found anything to argue with you about.
As promised, they left a few minutes after you all finished eating, reminding you about Saturday before closing the door. You let out a tired sigh as you fell back into your chair, quickly turning your laptop back on so you could continue where you left off. Even though you were annoyed by the sudden interruption, you also had to admit that having food in your system made it much easier to concentrate. It only lasted for maybe an hour though before the sound of your phone vibrating snapped your attention away from the screen yet again. “What now?” you muttered as you flipped the mobile device over. Seeing a text from Jungkook asking if you were free to hang out this weekend, you sighed for what had to be the millionth time that night.
‘Tae and Jiminie invited me to a game night on Saturday.’ you texted back, getting a reply almost immediately.
‘Oh :( I was hoping we could play games.’
‘Why can’t we all just play games?’ It took him longer to text back this time which was odd, but you tried not to dwell on it as you went back to work. Another 15 minutes passed before you heard your phone go off again.
‘I guess so…see you Saturday.’ Odd, but at least you could rest easy knowing that you had two days of silence to finally get your work done. You could deal with your friends strange behavior when you went to hang out.
Tumblr media
Saturday came a lot quicker than expected and you were actually very excited. You submitted your finished project with a few hours to spare and you had spent the rest of the day relaxing so you could have all your energy for spending time with your best friends. They also stopped messaging and randomly popping over after your text conversation, you assumed so you could focus better. You stepped out of your car and made your way up to the dorm, knocking a few times before using your key to let yourself in. Immediately you were greeted with all three boys sitting in the living room, various games and snacks scattered all over the coffee table. Whatever they were talking about was quickly forgotten as they all turned to face you.
“Y/N!” they all exclaimed, jumping up to greet you. You laughed a bit as you hugged all three of them individually. Each hug seemed to last longer than the last but you didn’t seem to notice.
“Come on!” Tae urged, pulling you so you were sitting between him and Jimin, much to Jungkooks dismay. “We couldn’t decide on what game to play first so maybe you could choose for us?” Tae pointed at one game while Jungkook pointed at another. It was becoming increasingly obvious to you now that there was tension between the three, but you didn’t know why.
“Umm why don’t we start with this one?” you suggested as you pointed to the game Jungkook was suggesting. Seeing the hurt look on the other two you quickly added, “I mean, it’s shorter so we can start  with that and finish with your guys’ choice right?” That didn’t come off as very convincing, but you didn’t hear any objections as you set the game up. If anything, your explanation only seemed to upset Jungkook as well.
This silent competition between the boys only grew as you guys played. From offering you snacks to having you argue who broke the rules, to even letting you cheat to upset the other. Eventually, you had enough of this and threw down the bag of chips you were holding, immediately catching everyone’s attention. “Alright enough!” you exclaimed, “what is going on with you three?” They all looked scared and a little confused as they glanced at you, but no one said anything. Taking a deep breath to calm yourself, you spoke again, “You guys have been like this all week. Whenever one of you does something the other will copy, and now you’re fighting over a game. Is there something I missed?” It was Jungkook who finally spoke up after what felt like an eternity of awkward silence.
“Who do you enjoy spending time with more?” he asked, catching you completely off guard. Jimin noticed your confusion and immediately stepped in to explain.
“You started canceling on us to spend time with Jungkook.”
“But then you started canceling on me to hang out with them,” Jungkook quickly added, ignoring the glare he got.
“So who do you like more?” Taehyung asked. You were honestly speechless, all the past incidents from the last week or so starting to make sense. The boys were jealous because you weren’t distributing your time evenly between them. You didn’t know whether to laugh or yell at the realization.
“Let me get this straight,” you started, “this whole mess was done because you guys were jealous?” Before any of them could speak up to defend themselves, your laughter cut them off, “That has to be the most immature thing I’ve ever heard. Why didn’t you guys just talk to me about it?”
“In our defense, you were pretty clueless,” Taehyung defended. Realizing how serious they were, you sighed and shook your head.
“Look guys, I’m sorry that I didn’t manage my time better. It was wrong of me to cancel plans to hang out with another member. You should have told me instead of whatever this rivalry was. You guys are friends too and I don’t see why we can’t all hang out as a group.” They didn’t look completely convinced so you continued, “not all the time of course. There will be days I want to spend time with Jimin and Tae and there will be times when I want to spend time with Jungkook. That doesn’t make me any less of a friend.” Hesitantly they all nodded, glancing at each other with a guilty look.
“We’re sorry Noona,” Jungkook apologized, causing you to smile.
“Come on! Now that we’re all friends again, let’s finish the game!”
Tumblr media
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Any and all interaction and feedback is greatly appreciated!
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chateautae · a month ago
maybe i do: “one week without sex”
Tumblr media
➵ summary: when a small, petty argument spirals out of control, you and your husband settle on one solution to the problem; betting who can last the longest without sex. it won’t be easy, but you and taehyung are equally determined to win, and you’ll both stop at nothing to secure your victories—even if it means playing dirty. 
↳ part of the maybe i do series!
this drabble can be read as a stand alone, but it is highly recommended to read the series!
➵ pairing: ceo!taehyung x wife!reader
➵ genre: arranged marriage!au, established relationship!au, smut, minor angst, fluff
➵ rating: 18+
➵ word count: 20k
➵ warnings: swearing, alcohol consumption (both parties are able to consent), constant sexual teasing, high-class gang cameo!!, getting caught in the act 👀, explicit sexual content, dirty talk, D/s relationship, dom!tae, sub!reader, big dicc!tae, heavy making out, breast fondling, choking, finger sucking, male and female masturbation, sexting/phone sex, use of a sex toy (vibrator), exhibitionism + voyeurism (with each other), drunk sex, rough, needy sex, riding, hitting it from the back, impregnation kink, creampie <3
➵ a/n: and here it is!! again please excuse the ridiculous word count, i’m attempting to work through writing a sequel for the maybe i do series, so these “drabbles” are just me experimenting with the content! i’ll provide more details when I can heheh <33 thank you endlessly to my wife @amourtae​ for beta-ing!!! i hope you enjoy and your feedback is always appreciated!
Tumblr media
“You’re gonna be late, honey, be quick.” 
“Who cares? I am not leaving you.” 
Taehyung’s hips bang against yours as he delivers precise, quick thrusts. The slapping sound of skin resounds erotically inside his office, even more so your laboured, hot breaths. 
“You need… to go faster, baby.” You manage to pant, fingers weaving through his thick, fluffy locks, rutting your perky breasts against his dress shirt. Taehyung’s desparate digits dig into your thighs as he plunges his cock inside you, each time burrowing further into your velvety, pulsing sex.
Deep, satisfied grunts leave Taehyung’s mouth just by yours, obsessed with your little breaths. He dips down and kisses you, long and deep. Your ass practically bounces backwards across his office desk when he accelerates the speed of his thrusts, propelling into your pussy as he devours your mouth. 
“Tae... the meeting...” 
“I’m trying to make a baby with my wife,” Taehyung ruggedly breathes, lips hot on yours. “A meeting can wait.” 
“You’re already-ngh, fifteen minutes late, ba-by.” You warn him, clutching around his neck for dear life as his cock slams inside you, ceaselessly throbbing. 
How you ended up in this erotic situation? You didn’t expect what Taehyung labelled a quickie to morph into a scene straight out of porn—your outfit for today apparently tempted your husband beyond his control. 
His salacious eyes told you a carnal tale once you visited him for a minor report check, and now your boobs lasciviously jostle against him, spilling out of your top he stripped open, your panties carelessly flung across his chair. 
Taehyung spent his precious, limited window of time before his meeting happily licking and sucking your nipples, dirty-talking you about the hot milf you’ll become once you’re carrying your child; and now his thick length is lodged inside you, fucking into your stomach. 
“Tae...” you sigh, nails scratching down the back of his strong neck. His pillowy lips envelope your neck, leaving addicting kisses down your throat—your pussy violently pulses. 
“Fuck, you make me so hard.” He growls against your heated skin, his hands spreading your thighs to clutch them tighter, something feral possessing him. He leans back to his full height, prying you wide open to suddenly hammer into your tight cunt.
High-pitched moans ceaselessly tumble out of you, soon met by Taehyung’s animalistic groans, praising you and your goddess-like pussy. “Shit, Princess, I swear I’m addicted to you.” He breathes, licking the bite marks he leaves along your pulse point. “Fucking best pussy in the world.” 
Your hand haphazardly reaches behind you, crumpling some of his paperwork as your sex devours his mighty thrusts, bracing for impact. Your lewd noises are endless, watching the way his dick disappears inside you, soon met by Taehyung’s fiery kiss. 
You reciprocate it, moving your mouth in sync with his until you scrounge up a semblance of common sense. “Baby... your meeting...ah!” 
“Fuck them, fuck the meeting.” Taehyung tosses aside all care to plough into your dripping sex. Your pussy juices incessantly flow out of you, fucked to your absolute limit as he feeds your impending orgasm. 
His lips are hot and heavy, only disconnecting to lean against your forehead, his breaths utterly delirious. “Come for me, Y/N.” He pants, pushing your legs back to plunge himself deeper. “Wanna hear my pretty wife come.” He grunts, burrowing his thick, spasming flesh so deep inside you, he caresses your cervix—you instantly cry out. 
“Fuck, Tae!” 
“C’mon, Princess,” Taehyung encourages by your lips. “Soak my dick, baby; let me feel it.” 
He only drives you towards the edge faster, crashing his lips against yours for a heated makeout session. You feel a tight knot bundling inside the bottom of your stomach, begging for release. 
“Fuck me, oh my god!”
“Fuck, fuck!” He curses loudly, biting your bottom lip as he’s forced to slow down. “I’m gonna fucking explode, I can’t last.” 
“Me neither.” You whimper like a pathetic whore, sighing with paradisiacal relief—he just hit every spot inside you. 
Relishing in your spongy walls, Taehyung renews his rhymically fast pace that harmonizes your pornographic moans, growing louder, and louder, and louder as your orgasm unravels—
“Mr. Ki–oh dear God!” 
Taehyung comes to an abrupt stop that sucks the soul out of you, his eyes widening in horror. You glance back to share his line of sight—your jaw simultaneously drops to the center of the Earth.
“Oh my fuck—Mrs. Lee!!” You screech, finding her shielding her eyes as she hides behind Taehyung’s office door. Irreversible embarrassment colours your system, Taehyung protectively concealing your naked front against his chest. 
“Mrs. Lee, shit, why didn’t you call me?” He harshly questions.
“I-I tried to Mr. Kim, but you didn’t pick up.” The secretary nervously responds. “The board members are becoming impatient, sir, they instructed me to come find you.” 
Taehyung lets out the most irritated sigh in his life. He reluctantly draws out of your sex once he glimpses at the door, ensuring Mrs. Lee was out of sight. Locating your blazer, he hands it to you, sympathy riddling his features once he sees the shame on your face, helping you shield your exposed boobs. 
“Can’t you at least knock? Didn’t that goddamn occur to you?” Taehyung reprimands her, his tone laced with frustration as you remain mortified, near tears because of the embarrassment. 
“I tried, Mr. Kim, though I don’t—” she hesitates behind the door. “I don’t believe you heard me.” 
Grinding his teeth, Taehyung works himself back into his boxers, tugging up his pants to re-clasp his belt. “Jesus Christ, Mrs. Lee, tell the members I’ll be there in five. And don’t ever breathe a word of this to anyone—you didn’t see anything.” He rigidly demands, soon listening to his secretary’s incessant apologies. 
“I sincerely apologize, Mr. Kim. I’ll let them know immediately and I won’t tell a soul.” The poor lady sounds as though she’s on the verge of sobbing, shutting the door quickly before she vanishes. 
Taehyung huffs out angrily, shrugging his coat back on. His soft hand cradles your face, incredibly attentive. “Are you alright, Princess?” 
“God, Taehyung, that was so embarrassing!” You screech, shoving your blazer against your naked front before hopping off his desk. “You really couldn’t fucking wait until your meeting was over?” 
Taehyung’s eyebrows draw together in confusion, a playful smile tugging his lips. “Princess, it’s alright. It’s actually kind of funny that she caught us.” 
Disgusted, you narrow your eyes at him. “Fuck off, Tae, this isn’t funny! That was utterly embarrassing.”
“Baby, this is going to be something we’ll laugh about together, don’t worry.” Taehyung attempts to lighten your mood, chuckling as he fixes his tie.
You’re filled with crippling humiliation, however, storming away from him. You’re unable to share his light-heartedness—you told Taehyung he was going to be late for his meeting, and yet he didn’t listen to you. “Don’t tell me not to worry, asshole, I told you you were late for this meeting and you just didn’t listen.” You begin searching for your panties he’d slung somewhere, utterly annoyed.  “Now I’ve just been completely humiliated. I don’t think I can look Mrs. Lee in the eye again!” 
Sighing, Taehyung perches his hands on his hips. “Baby, it’s fine. It was just Mrs. Lee—I’m sure she hears us all the time whenever we have sex in my office.” He waves off. “I’m just glad it wasn’t a man; I would’ve had to kill him, otherwise.” 
Mortified, you snap an irritated look at him, tightly clutching your bare chest. “That is not the same as her finding you balls deep inside me, it doesn’t matter who found us. Why couldn’t you just listen to me when I said we could have sex after your meeting? We could’ve entirely avoided that.” 
Taehyung softens at your anger, gesturing for you to be at ease. “Princess, people have sex all the time, and people walk in on people having sex all the time. It’s normal, you’ll be fine.” 
Fed up with him, you exhale a scoff. Locating your panties on his chair, you shimmy them on. “God, you’re so irritating sometimes. I don’t want anyone walking in on us having sex, Taehyung. I don’t want anybody fucking seeing that, especially me.” 
Rubbing his temple, Taehyung notices the frailty of your vulnerable tone paired with your glistening eyes, searching for a solution. He lets out a long, deep sigh, watching you tug your bra back over your breasts. “Baby, I’m sure Mrs. Lee knows what sex is and how much of it we have—pretty much everyone does. Not to mention everyone also knows we’re trying to get pregnant, and it’s normal for conceiving couples to constantly have sex, what’s your deal?”
You can’t believe his audacity right now, shaking your head. He doesn’t understand that you feel uncomfortable being seen like that, irrevocable shame spreading across your entire system—you tightly clutch your body to hide it. “You just can’t go a goddamn day without getting your dick wet, isn’t that it? You really couldn’t wait the half an hour your meeting would’ve taken before you blew your load inside me? Was it really that difficult?” 
Taehyung’s face immediately twists with disgust. “What the fuck? Don’t make it sound like that;  I just wanted to make love to my gorgeous wife so we can start a family, why are you getting mad at me?” 
“Because you really can’t fucking keep it in your pants!” You blow up, tugging your dress pants back up your legs, soon buttoning your blouse. “And now I’m left with an uncomfortable, mortifying memory because of you!” 
“What? You literally went along with it, you can’t keep it in your pants, either!” Taehyung argues back, accusingly pointing a finger. 
“God, you know what? I bet you can’t even go a day without us having sex.” You challenge him, your husband scoffing behind his desk.
“You’re talking to me as if I don’t know self-control?” He barks. “You’re horny all the time! I bet you can’t go two days without my dick.” 
Agitated by his boyish attitude, you childishly counter him. “Oh yeah? I bet you can’t go three days without my pussy!” 
“I bet you can’t go four days!”
“Five days!” 
“Six days!” 
“Ugh!” You frustratingly grunt, tucking your blazer over your arm. 
You shove your husband aside to retrieve the work you originally came with. Your eyes bore into his, ploughing your finger into his broad chest. “A week, I bet you can’t go an entire week without sex, you sex beast!” 
“Oh yeah? Let’s see how long you last before you’re craving our sex again—you wouldn’t last three days with your libido, woman!” Taehyung dramatically gesticulates, clearly as wound up as you. 
 “Says my idiot husband who comes in me at least twice a day, your libido won’t last either!” You challenge him before vexedly stomping away, grabbing his office door’s handle.
“Are you challenging me, Mrs. Kim?” Taehyung leans his delectable hands on the surface of his desk, narrowing his eyes from across the room. If you weren’t so used to your husband’s fierce, sexy eyes, you would’ve folded right then. “Because I assure you, I haven’t lost a day in my life, and I don’t plan on starting now.” 
Scoffing at his use of his CEO voice, you strengthen your own. “Wrong, you’re getting taken down, Mr. Kim, and it’ll be by your dear wife.” You condescendingly smile. 
He huffs, folding his arms over his chest as you pry open his door, calling out to you. “Then my dear wife doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into, she’s going to lose!” 
Not giving a fuck anymore, you power-walk out of his office. “You’re late for your meeting, Kim!” You holler, sending him a gracious middle finger before pointedly slamming the door shut. 
Tumblr media
“Yes, I need you to authorize the transaction, Jimin.” Taehyung fixes his Gucci glasses on his face, scribbling away on his Surface. “He’s an important associate of mine, he came all the way from Hong Kong. I want him in a nice room for the weekend.” 
Later that evening, you attempt to drown out Taehyung’s business talk. You were currently occupying your swing on your backyard’s porch, indulging in some light reading to at least keep your distance from your infuriating husband. 
But alas, you live in the same house as him, so ignoring him was a lost cause.
You’re seriously unsure why Taehyung decided to conduct his business after hours downstairs, even that, in the entertainment area. His constant chatter was distracting you from reading, having already sent him death glares from outside on multiple occasions, only for him to shoot a mocking look back. 
He usually used the library or his study for work, though it seems he didn’t intend to exactly work, either. He’s dressed in his home clothes; a loose white, Celine t-shirt with baggy, black shorts. He only ever used his glasses whenever he was diligently reading—perhaps he originally intended on scrolling through some news on his Surface.
“Huh? I don’t know, I’m a little stressed, I guess.” He suddenly replies; Jimin being the sweetheart he is most likely asked him how he’s doing. 
“Yeah, he’s a fucking tycoon in Hong Kong, I’m seriously hoping he takes up my proposal.” Taehyung complains. “It’s stressing me out; I need to be able to distribute in Hong Kong and I’ve heard he’s not big on involving himself with the Korean market.” 
Taehyung continues humming in acknowledgement or nodding, before his eyes suddenly shift in your direction. You scramble once he catches you watching him—his face suddenly scrunches into one of scrutiny. “I don’t know, Jimin, usually my wonderful wife helps me out with my stress, but she’s being an annoying brat right now.” 
Scoffing, you shake your head with disbelief, staring daggers at him through the ajar doors. 
“Fighting? Pft, no way. We totally aren’t fighting, not when she uselessly yells at me in my own office when I did nothing wrong.”
Done with his crap, you slam your book shut, stomping inside the house. “You liar! You fucking deserved it, Kim!” 
“I didn’t deserve shit!” Taehyung barks back, not even minding that he’s on call. “How’d you feel after that denied orgasm today, huh? Sure you’re not going to rub one out without me right now?” 
Exclaiming with disbelief, you threaten to throw your book at him. “You-! Have fun coming into some fucking tissues instead of my cunt, asshole!” 
That’s the last thing you get out before thrashing your feet up the stairs, listening to Taehyung yell a ‘whatever!’ as you whack your bedroom door shut.
Tumblr media
The next morning, you groggily awake in bed, despising the AM. You were glad you’d fallen asleep before Taehyung crawled into bed last night; he must’ve stayed up late. Craning your neck over your shoulder, you find him fast asleep next to you. 
He’s laying on his side; his left hand tucked underneath his bread-like cheek, his right loosely cradling your bare waist. It seems he got hot during the night—the blanket was completely kicked off his feet. 
Remembering that you’re pissed at him, you remove his arm—it didn’t matter how cute he looked when he slept, or that he cuddled you to fall asleep, or that he was right; your denied orgasm yesterday left the sight of his bare body igniting heat between your legs. 
Clearing your throat, you make your way towards your bathroom to start your day, forcing yourself to ignore the invasive memory of sucking Taehyung off in the shower two days ago.
Finishing up, you carelessly waltz out to find your sleepy husband half-awake in bed, scrolling through his phone. Your gazes meet when he glances up—you dab your damp face with a towel. 
“You’re up early.” He flatly notes, returning to his phone.
“I fell asleep early last night, genius.” 
He sighs upon hearing your attitude, raking a hand through his beautiful head of hair. “Are you coming to work with me today? Or should I call Mr. Kang to drive you?” 
Lightly scoffing, you toss your towel in your hamper. “I can drive myself. It’s the 21st century, Taehyung.” 
He decides it’s too early for your snarky comebacks, waving you off. “Yeah, yeah.” He casts the duvet off himself, rubbing his sleep-laden eyes. 
You haughtily step towards your walk-in closet, determined to ignore his presence for the rest of the day, before Taehyung suddenly stops by the bathroom. He scratches the back of his neck, awkwardly shuffling his feet—he seems to be contemplating something. “Um… Princess, listen.” 
He’s still willingly calling you princess? He usually doesn’t when he’s pissed at you. That puts a small smile on your face, schooling it when you tip your chin in his direction. “What?” 
“I did some thinking about… yesterday.” He begins with a wince, choosing his words carefully. “I realized I was insensitive to laugh about what happened, or suggest that you should laugh too. I should've acknowledged that you felt uncomfortable being seen intimately or naked like that, regardless of who saw us.” He admits. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to undermine your feelings.” 
Surprised by his apology, you stare at him wide-eyed, speechless. Taehyung merely stands with puffed cheeks, incredibly displaced. He awkwardly blows out air once he discerns you won’t say anything. “Right, I’m gonna wash up.” 
He begins stepping towards the bathroom until you stop him. “Taehyung, wait.” 
He swivels around, his sweet, coffee brown eyes meeting yours. 
“Th-thank you.” You swallow, awkward about this too. Taehyung has always been an aware, accountable man able to read between the lines, a trait of his you thanked the heavens for. He never apologizes in the midst of a fight, however. He always adored proving you wrong, currently leaving your jaw figuratively attached to the floor.
“No problem.” He nods, before disappearing into your shared bathroom. 
You’re left extremely conflicted. On one hand, maybe you should end whatever childish war you both started; he’s already acknowledged his mistake and was genine about it. One the other, you’re curious as to how Taehyung would fare without your sex; would he be able to last like he says? 
Curious, you decide on ruffling his feathers today, nibbling on a mischievous smile. You spin around to skip towards your walk-in closet, only cunningness in mind. 
Your fingers coquettishly graze the ‘scandalous’ section of your wardrobe. 
Tumblr media
You knock against Taehyung’s office door before propping it open, peeking inside. Taehyung hasn’t noticed your presence yet, too absorbed in his work. You find him standing as he diligently reads papers, grazing his perfect, slender fingers across the sheets. He appears strikingly handsome, thin glasses adorning his face, his rolled up dress shirt sleeves deliciously showcasing his biceps. 
“If you’re someone that isn’t my wife, please leave and speak to my secretary.” His caramel-smooth, though commanding voice sparks something inside you, swallowing it away. A smirk soon forms on your face, shutting the door. 
“Thankfully it is your wife, Mr. Kim.” 
He lifts his gaze to acknowledge you, though upon doing so, his eyes widen in shock. He observes you in your entirety, blinking multiple times before he finds your line of sight—his irises harden with seriousness. “What are you wearing?” 
Tipping your chin, you fold your arms over your breasts, shifting your weight onto one leg. “What do you mean?” 
Your condescending tone causes Taehyung’s eyes to narrow, scrutinizing you. “I asked; what the fuck are you wearing?” 
Scoffing at his tone, you tilt your head, attitude laced in your comeback. “Maybe you should ask me nicely, Mr. Kim.” 
Taehyung swallows, watching his Adam’s apple bob before he wets his lips. He lifts one of his gorgeous hands to fix his glasses, clearing his throat. “I’m sorry. What are you wearing, Jagiya?” He voices much more politely, and you send him an accomplished smile. 
“I’m just wearing one of my regular office outfits.” 
“But why are you wearing one entirely in ruby red?” He challenges, watching his eyes intending to be reprimanding, but they have the slightest hint of lust. He’s not going to survive this one, at all. 
“What’s the matter with me wearing an all-red outfit?” You mount a hand on your hip, keeping his eyes hostage.
Your husband scoffs. His digits clutch his mouth, tracing the outline of his luscious lips until he cradles his masculine, impeccably-carved chin. “You know what the matter is.” 
Feeling playful, you decide to push his buttons. Your walk is alluring as you make your way towards Taehyung’s desk, your each step slow, purposeful. You challenge his fierce eyes with your tempting ones, inviting him into your trap. Reaching his desk, you confidently strut in front of him, allowing him to catch a view of your shapely curves in your form-fitting outfit. 
All you were really wearing was a tight pencil skirt with a short peplum top. The neckline only cut low enough that the cleavage was tasteful. What had to be ruining Taehyung was the colour; he adores red on you, and can never keep his hands to himself whenever you wear it—not to mention when you pair it with a skirt so tight your ass looks biteable, and ruby-coloured lips to match.
You lean a hand on his desk as you peer up at him; you swear it was like you were facing the devil. 
“Actually, I don’t know, Mr. Kim.” You play dumb, your innocent eyes and sweet tone causing Taehyung to flex his jaw, but he remains stoic, arms folded with a schooled face. 
Taehyung tongues the inside of his cheek, examining you up and down. “Are those the red diamond earrings I gave you in Rome?” 
Tilting your head, you step closer to him. “Yes.” 
“You do know red diamonds cost a million dollars per carat, right?” Taehyung reminds you—you take another step closer.
“And the earrings I gave you have 6 carats worth of red diamonds?” 
“So you’re wearing my $6 million earrings to work?” He cocks a brow, scrutinizing you. “Why in god’s name are you wearing them?” 
Nibbling your velvety, red lip, you nonchalantly shrug, adopting his sense of unbotheredness. “No reason.” 
Taehyung merely sighs; he knows you’re doing this to fuck with him. He stalks towards his office chair and plops down, tucking both his hands behind his head as he kicks his feet up on his desk, eyeing you with his sexy, dark eyes. “Well, is our business done here?” He condescendingly questions. “Or do you need to stand there and prove your point longer?” 
Shocked by his audacity, you laugh through your scoff. You swat his feet off the desk, his legs collapsing to the floor as you promiscuously seat yourself where they were. You lean your hands back, crossing your legs to seductively present yourself—your husband angrily glares at you. 
“Actually, our business isn’t done.” You snark. “I still need to prove you’re a sex-hungry beast, which shouldn’t take more than…” You purposefully peek at the watch on your wrist. “What? 3 minutes? Before you need to get your dick wet?” 
Taehyung dips his head with a sigh, leaning his elbows on his manspread knees. “Are you really still on about that?” 
“Yes, I am.” You bite back. “Especially after you decided to wage a war you knew you’d never win, and accuse me of being the loser.” 
Taehyung shakes his head, bitterly chuckling. “You’re really fucking funny if you think I’m the one who started this; it was literally you, babe.” 
“Awh, can Taehyungie not step up to the challenege?” You overly pout. “Is he afraid of being a sore loser?” 
Taehyung massages his temple, puffing air through his lips. “My god, this woman of mine is impossible.” 
Without warning, you suddenly advance towards him, hands shackling onto the armrests of his chair. He lets out a soft exhale when you bring your lips just before his, piercing his eyes with a carnal look of lust. “And you’re incredibly sexy, Mr. Kim.” 
Taehyung shifts his hips in his seat, the column of his throat bobbing as he stares you down, but his eyes reveal his failing composure. “This has to be against the rules.” 
Your hands slide over Taehyung’s delicious thighs, slowly stroking him. His lap twitches in response, subduing the sound he almost lets out. 
“What rules?” You coo. 
Taehyung squeezes his eyes shut when you move an inch towards his crotch, laughing through his struggle. “This is unfair, baby. You’re evil.” 
“Me? Evil? Never.” You purr with a saccharine sweet tone, letting your hands skim closer to his cock. Taehyung exhales harshly as he challenges you with his eyes, flaring with anger. But, you only draw closer, enough that your lips are separated by a mere hair’s length. “I’m just making sure you know who's going to win, loverboy.” 
You quickly peck his lips, trailing a finger along the side of his jaw, your voice seductive as ever. “And by the way, I’m wearing your favourite red set underneath.” 
Taehyung nearly chokes as you draw away from him, swaying your hips as you take your leave. Your husband storms behind his desk, hearing him rapidly rise from his chair with his comedic accusations. “You’re evil, you’re evil I tell you!” 
Maniacally giggling, you continue your walk out, listening to your husband throw a fit. “How can you wear those lace garters knowing I can’t rip them off? You witch!” 
You hide your innocent chuckle behind your hand, daring to turn and provide him with a small tease of what you’re wearing underneath. Once the said lace garters meet your husband’s gaze, his jaw drops—he’s even livelier than before.
“Wait until you’re home, Kim Y/N!” He valiantly shouts. “You’re not going to win!” 
Tumblr media
“Ah fuck,” you curse, nearly knocking into the wall. You lazily remove your shoes in the foyer, your system a bit wonky after some drinks with your co-workers tonight. You toss the contraptions aside, wearily checking your bag for your phone. 
“Honey, I’m home!!” You call out, not certain when Taehyung arrived home. You’d decided to indulge in a night out to avoid coming home to him today; you knew you’d ruffled his feathers a little too much, and you were unsure how your husband would retaliate. 
Hearing silence, you groan, contemplating that he’s either not home, or most likely asleep. You welcome that possibility, tuckered out yourself. Sluggishly stalking up the stairs, you paddle towards your bedroom door with a yawn, seriously awaiting some well-needed shut-eye. 
Your senses are currently haywire, so you’re unable to hear or see much, which makes the next minutes of your life completely unforeseen. When you mindlessly open the door of your bedroom, your jaw drops to the center of the Earth, eyes nearly falling out of their sockets. 
You find your husband openly masturbating in bed. 
Now that you focus, the sound of slapping skin and laboured groans should’ve clued you into his salacious activities, but you’re clearly too dense. “Taehyung, what the fuck?” 
Your voice causes Taehyung to open his eyes, landing on you as he breathes unevenly. Sweat glistened upon his honey-coloured skin, his pillowy lips hung open, chest rapidly inflating and deflating. 
What surprises you the most is Taehyung doesn’t even appear the slightest bit embarrassed, no, your husband has the smuggest smirk plastered on his handsome face. He doesn’t stop his movements, either, rather slowly strokes his cock, almost as though he were teasing you, inviting you to join his raunchy shenanigans. 
And fuck, did the alcohol in your system kill your defence mechanisms, pussy pulsing at the sight of his throbbing, hard, thick flesh in his palm. 
“Welcome home, babe.” Your scheming husband smiles, continuing to beat his goddamn meat, completely unbothered by your presence—you feel like a fuse short-circuiting. “K-Kim Taehyung, I asked you a question!” 
“What am I doing?” He condescendly repeats. “I’m doing what you should be doing.”
You huff when Taehyung dares letting out a deep, mellow groan, fucking into his fist faster, his stomach muscles contracting as he no doubt reaches his high. You wish you could tear your eyes away, but the sight of his cock makes your mouth water, your lady bits tingling. 
How much you want to run over and spear yourself on his dick. 
Snapping out of your trance, you stand your ground. “Taehyung, my loving, kind, dear husband, may you please put your cock away?” 
Infuriated, you grind your teeth. “Because… Because this is unfair! You can’t just have your dick out like this!” 
“Why not? You’re the same person who literally wore the sexiest outfit possible to work and made me want to rail you over my desk.” 
Smacking your hand to your forehead, you attempt to calm down, searching for a solution—funny how he still hasn’t stopped masturbating, weakening your guard. “Taehyung, this is cruel. You can’t be touching yourself in front of me, there has to be rules in this war. Every war has rules!” 
“Says the woman who literally flashed me her underwear and said ‘what rules?’.” Taehyung retorts, returning to his regular program. He suddenly squeezes the head of his meat that elicits a deep, masculine moan from him; the sound literally hardens your nipples, dampening your panties. 
“Ugh! You’re the worst, the worst!” You shout, throwing your hands up in the air. 
Taehyung dips his head back with a laugh, sending you the most shit-eating grin in the world. “All you have to do to end your suffering is come here and sit on this dick, baby. That’s all it takes.” 
His words stir something hot inside you, biting down on your teeth to subdue your horniness—you’re quite literally seconds away from throwing away your pride and straddling him. But, you then realize it’s what he wants; your husband is incredibly clever at gaining his way, and you won’t let him win. 
“Fuck you, if you wanna play dirty, then that’s how we’re playing.” You point a scolding finger at him, met by your husband’s amused expression, tonguing the inside of his cheek. 
“We already play pretty dirty, babe.” 
Wanting to throttle the irritatingly gorgeous man, you huff out with annoyance and flash him a middle finger before disappearing into your bathroom, slamming the door shut. 
“You better not have your cock out by the time I’m out of here, asshole!” 
Tumblr media
You watch Taehyung get ready for the day with your arms folded over your naked breasts, legs kicked up on the bed with an irked expression. You’d washed up for the morning, but after Taehyung’s little stunt last night, you’re too pissed at him to continue your day, watching the infuriating man hum along to a useless tune as he knots his tie in the mirror. 
He steals a glance at you through his reflection; you avert your eyes, incessantly wiggling your foot. 
“Are you not coming to work, Jagiya?” He asks with a purposefully sweet tone.
Smacking your lips, you remove the clip from your hair, letting your strands loose and comfortably reclining in bed. “No.” 
Humming in acknowledgement, Taehyung completes his tie. He tosses on his Louis Vuitton suit jacket next, adjusting the buttons of his sleeves. “Any particular reason for your absence, Mrs. Kim?” 
You pop an eye open, shooting him a scrutinizing look. “My company‘s asshole CEO.” 
Taehyung tongues the inside of his cheek, amusedly smirking. He reaches out for his laptop case, glimpsing at himself one last time in the mirror before he approaches you. 
“Well, your asshole CEO’s off, then.” He jests, landing a warm palm on your shoulder to kiss your cheek. The domestic gesture makes your heart flutter, attempting to remain unphased when his soft lips press against your skin. “Eat a good breakfast and lunch before I’m home, pretty girl.” He reminds you as he smooths your hair. 
When he pulls away to leave, your hand grapples onto his wrist, stopping him. “Wait.” 
He faces you, eyebrows raised in anticipation. You purse your lips together and shuffle over to him, tugging him closer to you. You spring up onto your knees, now levelled with his chest—your hands curl around his tie. 
You silently fix the loose knotting, tidying it up. He observes you with a schooled face, unevenly swallowing. Your smaller hands smooth over his impeccable suit once you’re finished, sliding towards his biceps to hold them. 
You lift your eyes to meet Taehyung’s coffee brown irises, observing him. Taehyung peers back at you, caught in a silent, magnetic gaze with one another. You flit towards his wide, pillowy lips, tempted by their perfect shape, and you lean forward to softly kiss him. 
Taehyung’s eyebrows climb at the gesture, confused when you pull away. You cock a brow in response, tone haughty. “What? I can’t kiss my husband before he goes to work?” 
Suppressing a smile, Taehyung lightly scoffs, wrapping an arm around your naked torso and pressing his lips to yours. You feed into his kiss, an arm clinging to his neck as the other splays across his jaw. You kiss him harder, driven by Taehyung squishing your bare boobs against his tailored suit. 
He lightly groans when your tongue teases the seam on his mouth; he’s quick to open up. His tongue slips inside you, licking exploratively as you unabashedly make out with him, Taehyung’s movements growing hotter by the second. Your husband suddenly breaks away, a smirk plastered on his face. “Feels like we haven’t kissed in ages.” 
You laugh through your nose. “It’s only been two days, Taehyung.” 
“Two days too long.” 
Suddenly, Taehyung tosses aside his laptop case and cradles your figure in his arms, tackling you onto your bed. You yelp hitting the sheets, the sound muffled once Taehyung crashes his lips onto yours. 
He manuevers his mouth languidly but with a sense of roughness—desire. His long fingers slide into a hand of yours as the other curls around your neck, cupping your jaw between his thumb and index finger. He holds your face in place, kissing you hard and deep as he effortlessly takes control of your body—you’ve never felt anything more powerful. 
His hand around your throat slowly sinks past your collarbones, sliding down until your naked breast is within his palm. He squeezes you, slowly kneading the flesh as he simultaneously moves his body in the motion of thrusts—you whimper pathetically throughout the godly pleasure.
Taehyung lets out a deep, shaky groan when his hardening cock nudges your pussy folds, tightening the grasp around your breast. He pinches your nipple all of a sudden, moaning into his mouth. 
You’re seconds from biting his supple lower lip until you both hear a rhythmic buzzing. 
Taehyung pops off your mouth, cursing. “Fuck.” 
He fishes for his phone in the pocket of his dress pants, glimpsing at the caller—he accepts the call with an eye roll. 
“Hello? Yeah, I’m on my way.” He curtly informs, focusing on his conversation while you admire his slightly swollen, wide lips, and his stupidly handsome face. Even if you’re still pissed at him, it doesn’t make him any less stunning. 
“Oh, we got the report this morning? Then yes, I’ll be holding a meeting first thing in the morning. Mhm. Yup, right before the conference.” Taehyung continues for about a minute or so before he ends the call amicably, returning to you. 
“Alright, I have to go.” Taehyung proclaims with a sigh, tucking his phone away as he locates his laptop. Once he nabs it, he sends you a harsh look, lips scornfully pressed together. “And new rule: no kissing.” He tuts with a finger, crawling off your body and soon, your bed. “Only very quick pecks.” 
You bitterly scoff, rising from the mattress. “Not my fault you can’t control yourself, loverboy.” 
Taehyung playfully narrows his eyes at you as he fixes his suit. He approaches you to cradle your shoulder again, but instead kisses your forehead, long and affectionate. He draws away to gaze into your eyes, lifting your chin with a curl of his finger. “I’ll be going.” 
He pecks your plushy petals before stepping away, playfully tapping your underboob. “Wear a shirt of mine if you get cold.” 
You grumpily pout at him when he sends you a show-stopping grin—you can’t stand that he’s so perfect sometimes. You watch him disappear through the door, plopping down into your sheets with a frustrated huff. 
Tumblr media
“Ugh, look at him.” 
You kiss your teeth as you lay flat on your stomach, legs flailing in the air while watching on your laptop. It’s the live stream of Taehyung’s official announcement regarding his new subsidiary for learning centers. You’d completely forgotten that was today, though gladly your presence wasn’t needed for it. 
You dreamily sigh as you watch your husband confidently speak, pouting with your cheeks in your palms. Why did he have to be so good-looking? It’s a genuine question; you can imagine the amount of people currently fawning over him.
You, on the other hand, are semi-pissed. Not only did he have to look jaw-droppingly gorgeous, but being without his touch for two days now has left you squirming more than usual. Your makeout session didn’t help, either—you’d literally gushed buckets of cum by the time he left you laying on your bed. 
Frustrated, you groan grievously before smacking your laptop shut—if you ogle at him any longer, you’ll go insane. Anytime you see Taehyung being the ever-so composed, intimidating, professional CEO at work, your pussy never keeps quiet. 
Any time you watch him type away at his laptop or scribble across papers, your mind shifts towards those same hands shoving his digits inside you. Any time he licks, bites or touches his lips, all you consider is how he drags those same plushy petals along every part of your body, worshiping you. 
The worst is seeing his concentrated, gorgeous face—if only people knew how many times you’ve seen that same handsome face wedged between your legs, lapping at your cunt.
You slap your hands over your flustered face once your hormones begin settling between your legs. The constant ache within your sex is pulsing unavoidably, biting your lip to manage it. It didn’t help that you were still in bed, smelling his intoxicating scent in the sheets. 
You kick at them, feeling incredibly horny. His black Louis Vuitton shirt hugging your frame was exacerbating everything, constantly ruminating about how many times he’s fucked you in this shirt. 
Now you’re even worse off, bunching up the damn fabric in your hands to find some relief, to channel this throbbing within your pussy elsewhere, but it’s no use. You snake a hand down towards your core, pushing past the band of your underwear. When your fingers caress your sex, you instantly gasp. “Shit, I’m so wet.” 
The slick that oozes out of you is shocking; you swear you’ve never once leaked this much essence on your own. How is it possible that Taehyung makes you horny when he’s not even here? He’d have a field day knowing that, especially considering your little squabble at the moment. 
Recalling the very thing, your gears start shifting, contemplating a delicious revenge plot. His behaviour yesterday was utterly cruel, stroking his thick length right in front of you knowing you’re unable to do a thing. 
The second your fingers slightly move across your slick pussy folds, an idea pops into your head. 
Scrambling off your bed, you patter over towards the end of the hall, finding the most entertaining part of your home; your sex room. 
You giggle evilly, ready to place your plan into motion until you ram into a hurdle—Taehyung always locks the room. You curse, remembering that he proclaimed it’s to ensure you never venture in by yourself and either a) plan something sneaky behind his back, or b), use it to play with yourself. 
Funny how your husband knows you so well; you’re going to violate both rules. 
The universe shifts in your favour when you consider your options. You know Mrs. Choi and Seo own a copy of the key since they’re the ones who clean it; sometimes it amazes you how loyal the kind ladies are, they’ve never once judged a damn thing about your kinky sex life. 
You kiss your teeth once you consider they’re currently out, so it’s no use. You contemplate where Taehyung could possibly hide his copy of the key. Surely he’s smart enough to personally keep it on him, though has an extra in case one of the housekeepers loses theirs. Pacing the second floor, you constantly rummage through your mind attempting to figure out exactly where he could’ve stashed the copy. 
It’s only when your eyes land on your bedroom, do you finally have an ‘ah-hah’ moment. 
Your fingers clasp one of the brand new photos Taehyung framed in your bedroom; he’d enlarged your wedding photo to hang above your granite fireplace downstairs, replacing the frame he kept on his night table with a photo of you and him in New Zealand. 
You remember him explaining to you why he chose the distinct photo; he described your emotional New Zealand trip as a key moment he realized he’d love you for an eternity. At the time, the sentiment melted your heart considering the pressing situation then, desiring to have a closer look at the photo, but Taehyung had snatched the frame from your grasp, scolding you. 
He oddly claimed he didn’t want you to break the frame, and ordered you to never touch it. You’d simply let it go then, but something constantly nagged at you about his behaviour. 
Following your hunch, you grasp the frame to carefully open it. Once you lift the back, the smile that graces your face is utterly conniving—he hid the key behind your photo. 
It made perfect sense considering it’s out-of-the-box genius, just like your husband, but also someplace Taehyung could easily access, and one he’d also remember. 
Shuffling down the hall, you unlock the sex room to scour inside it. You faintly remembered the exact drawer Taehyung kept all the vibrators, letting your fingers brush over various sizes, shapes, and colours of the toys. 
Settling on a lilac wand, you snag it with eagerness, quickly shutting the drawer and door before returning to your bedroom. 
Leaping onto your bed, you snatch your phone off your night table, clicking on your conversation with Taehyung. You find his messages from two days ago, telling you to visit his office; if only he knew it would lead him to his downfall today.
[11:07 am]: taehyung 
Usually, Taehyung never took more than a few minutes to respond to you. Only if he’s urgently tending to something would he inform you he’s busy, though you know his conference ended 10 minutes ago; he’s most likely on his phone, anyway. 
You receive a read receipt a minute later, though Taehyung doesn’t text anything. You quirk a brow, tapping over your keyboard again. 
[11:09 am]: taehyung 
[11:09 am]: hello 
Again, the read receipts are there, though his messages remain non-existent. You grow annoyed, wondering if he’s possibly ignoring you—but even if he is, why would he leave the messages open to read? 
[11:10 am]: hello husband 
[11:10 am]:  husbiebun
[11:11 am]: most handsome man in the world
[11:11 am]: man that rocks my world 
[11:12 am]: man that owns my pussy
[11:14 am]: taehyung
[11:14 am]: baby
[11:14 am]: answer me 
[11:15 am]: i’m going to keep texting you until you respond to me 
[11:15 am]: Taehyung
[11:15 am]: Mr. Kim
Husbiebun <3: i was going to message you but had to speak to an executive, I’m back in my office now 
Husbiebun <3: what did you need?? 
Feeling slightly guilty, you shove it away, reclining against your headboard as you toy with your underwear—you feel extremely compelled to tear it off. 
[11:15 am]: i’m sorry, i just wanted to talk to you
Husbiebun <3: it’s okay, what did you want to talk about? 
Husbiebun <3: are you not feeling well? 
Annoyingly endeared by him, you hide your flustered face behind a facade of seriousness. 
[11:15 am]: i wanted to facetime, are you free right now? 
Husbiebun <3: facetime? sure, i’m not exactly free but i can keep you on while i work
Husbiebun <3: i’ll call you in two minutes, love 
Feeling giddy inside, you physically force yourself to school your face—how could he still make you feel butterflies in your stomach when you’re more than a year into your relationship? 
You’re still that whipped for him, huh? 
Suddenly, Taehyung’s contact name with the precious photo you took of him in front of the Eiffel Tower lights up your screen, swiping to accept. 
The call connects, revealing Taehyung in his Gucci glasses, sitting behind his desk as he twiddles with a pen. He waves at you with a kind smile—his gorgeous face brings you instant ease. 
“Hey, Princess.” 
“Hi, Taehyung.” 
He masterfully twirls the pen in his hand as he refocuses on the sheets before him. You can’t exactly see his work—his phone is propped on his desk, though you can tell by the hot furrow in his brow he’s working hard. 
How incredibly sexy. 
“How’s your day been?” He affectionately queries, busy studying lines. 
“Good, I’ve been chilling in our room with my drawing tablet.” 
You see him crack a fond smile. “Have you eaten?” 
“Yes, I have.”
“Good.” He praises, nibbling his luscious bottom lip. “What did you eat?” 
You tap your chin attempting to remember. “I had avocado toast and a mango-pineapple fruit bowl.” You recall, soon having an ‘ah-hah’ moment. “Oh, and Mrs. Choi made me eat grapefruit and oranges this morning; I wonder why.”
“Ah, that’s good.” Taehyung brightens up, swiping his slender fingers over his laptop’s mouse pad, then referring to his sheets. “I asked Mrs. Choi and Seo to start serving you more citrus fruits; vitamin-C is good for getting pregnant.” 
Your cheeks instantly flush, impressed by his innate care and initiative—he’s so charming. “Oh, I didn’t know.” 
“Mm,” the deep hum of his baritone voice is hypnotizing, nearly melting your insides. “Always eat your fruits, Princess; good girls eat their fruits.” 
You fall silent secretly doting on him—sometimes he turns you into a complete pile of mush. Your bashful smile never wipes off your face, unable to contain the fluttering of your heart. By the time Taehyung glimpses at you through the camera, he notices, fondly chuckling. “What did you want to talk about, pretty girl?” 
You shyly pout watching him write, toying with the end of your shirt. “Honestly? Nothing much, I just watched your conference and thought about how…” you trail, speaking through protruded lips. 
“Hmm?” He mellifluously hums. “What did you think about?” 
You twiddle your fingers, stealing glances at his breath-taking side-profile; his beauty was truly carved by the gods. “I thought that you looked really handsome.”
Taehyung’s lips contort with a faint smile, inscribing his impeccable signature on a sheet. “You wanted to call me to tell me I looked handsome?” 
“Well, that; and I also considered how many other people probably thought the same thing, and I wanted you away from ogling eyes.” You haughtily explain, crossing your arms. 
Taehyung warmly chuckles; you adore the smile that graces his lips. “You’re a certified cutie, you know that?” 
Sheepish, you giggle like a schoolgirl, hiding a stupid grin. Taehyung glimpses in your direction at the sound, flipping a page. “I see you decided to wear clothes.” 
Flashing a look at your shirt, you narrow your eyes. “Why? You don’t like when I’m naked?” 
“I love when you’re naked,” he replies. “I just know you get cold.” 
You nearly scoff—Taehyung is sincerely too perfect sometimes. How can he make you feel horny, giddy, and absolutely adored within a matter of mere minutes? All while he’s not even here? It’s as though your anger towards him was dissipating, pissing you off.
Reminded of your original revenge scheme, you lay flat on your stomach, slowly pressing your body into the satin sheets. Kicking your legs up, you carelessly swing them while resting your cheek in your palm, closely watching him through the camera. “What would you have done if I wasn’t wearing clothes…” You voice seductively, biting your lip as you contemplate your next word. “Daddy?” 
Taehyung instantly cocks a brow as he pauses. “What did you just say?” 
“I just asked what my punishment would be for not wearing clothes right now, daddy.” 
Taehyung slowly smacks his lips, lightly laughing before he returns to his work. “I wouldn’t have done anything, honestly.” 
“Really?” You voice lilts with a question mark. “Nothing ruffles your feathers about me being home half-naked without you? What if a board member of yours sees you FaceTiming your wife with her boobs out?” 
Taehyung snorts, tapping his pen on his paper. “First of all, I only FaceTime or video call you in my office, and nobody comes in here without a scheduled appointment; except you.” He matter-of-factly states. “Second, it’s completely fine if your boobs are out at home; I see them all the time. As long as you’re comfortable, I’m good.” 
You ironically pout hearing his answer, heart sinking in your chest. “So you don’t get turned on seeing my boobs anymore?” 
Taehyung’s eyes instantly widen, panicking as he turns towards the screen. “No, no, Princess. I love your boobs, I just know you like being braless at home so they’re normal to me, and I wouldn’t punish you for it.” 
Hmphing, you puff your cheeks. “Well in that case…” Your hands grip the hem of your shirt, stripping it off. Taehyung steals a glimpse at you, completely normal as he views your braless frame—it’s when you hook onto your panties does he say something. 
“Princess, what are you doing?” 
“What? You don’t mind if I’m naked at home, don’t you?” 
He visibly swallows, clearing his throat. “Aren’t Mrs. Choi and Seo home?” 
“They’re grocery-shopping, and they’re women, anyway.” 
Taehyung slowly wets his lips, adjusting his glasses on his face. “Be my guest, then.” 
Smiling proudly, you slowly, seductively strip off your underwear, entertained by Taehyung glancing towards his screen—he’s attempting to act unbothered, but his bobbing Adam’s Apple gives him away. 
You sling your underwear elsewhere, watching Taehyung as he returns to work. Again, you feel yourself gush watching him in his element, driven by your now naked frame. Your hand curls around the purple wand you snatched earlier behind your phone, devising your set-up. 
“So… I guess my dommy husband has let up on his punishments then, huh?” 
Taehyung’s eyebrows furrow. “What makes you say that?” 
“Usually you would've punished me for being naked without you, Mr. Kim.” 
Taehyung tongues the inside of his cheek, diligently scanning his work. “As long as you’re not touching yourself, I’m okay with it.” He explains. “My wife can be naked in her own house.” 
Your lips curve similarly to the Cheshire Cat, mind brewing with deception. “And what if I was touching myself?” 
Taehyung freezes when he flips a page. “Huh?” 
“What if I was touching myself, Mr. Kim?” 
Cocking a brow at your audacity, Taehyung’s tone is authoritative. “Are we not currently in a war abstaining from sex? Think carefully about what you’re saying, Y/N.” 
His harsher timbre makes your body shudder with pleasure, fuelling your neediness. “Well, technically, this isn’t sex, it’s masturbating.” You correct him, finally revealing the vibrator. “And I think I’m gonna do it now.” 
Clicking on the toy, Taehyung’s eyes visibly widen, unable to fathom what he sees. “Y/N, where the fuck did you get that? How did you find my key?!” 
“I know my dear husband too well.” You snark, biting your lips as you press the vibrating toy to your collarbone—your nipples automatically harden. 
Taehyung’s eyes harden watching you, speaking seriously into his screen. “Y/N, you know touching yourself is against one of my rules, stop right the hell now.” 
“Awh, does Taehyungie think I’ll actually listen to him?” You chide, slipping the vibrator towards the top of your breast. You instantly hiss, carnal eyes meeting his angry ones. “Hilarious.” 
“You goddamn—“ Taehyung swipes a troubled hand over his face, huffing out. “Listen, baby, if this is about yesterday, I’m sorry, okay? Maybe I played too dirty, but I sincerely apologize. You can stop now, alright?” 
You scoff, ignoring him and letting your vibrator touch your nipple—you gasp, throwing your head back against the headboard. Taehyung kisses his teeth, his voice more urgent. “Princess, stop this instant—you know my rules about toys and touching yourself. I don’t tolerate it.” 
Neglecting his warning, you slide the vibrator lower, moaning as the buzzing sinks through your skin, stirring delicious arousal inside you. Taehyung kisses his teeth when he listens to your erotic sigh.
“Jagiya, listen to me; let’s put the vibrator away and talk, yeah?” Taehyung attempts to negotiate, his tone much sweeter. “Isn’t this whole argument of ours childish in the first place? We’re both grown adults trying to become parents; let’s handle this in a civilized manner, alright?” 
Sending him the most deadpan expression ever, you purposefully descend the vibrator towards your slit. Soon, the digits of your unoccupied hand slip through your folds, feeling your dripping cum. You lightly gasp, swishing around your essence with fascination. “I hope you know I’m very wet right now, Taehyung. All because I watched you be my sexy CEO husband—I can’t stop thinking about you.” 
You gently moan once you slide through your cunt towards your clit, lightly brushing the pulsing bud. Your husband scoffs on the other end when you shudder, exasperated. “Y/N, listen to me! I swear if you touch yourself right now, I’ll go insane, and your punishment will reflect that.” 
“Good, that’s exactly what I want.” 
And without further ado, you press the vibrstor to your throbbing clit, erupting a sensual sigh from you. Your body jerks alive, head leaning back into your pillow—Taehyung instantly shouts through your screen. 
“Y/N, you brat!” 
You listen to him constantly repeat that you’re a stubborn, disobedient bad girl, and the punishment he’ll deliver for your behaviour will destroy you, but you evilly laugh as a response, sweetening your tone. “I’ll be pausing my video now, by the way, so all you’ll be able to hear is my moans as I touch myself, but you can’t see or do anything about it, Mr. Kim.” 
You watch his eyes glower with anger, fed up with your audacity. “Kim Y/N, I swear if you—” And Taehyung disappears when you pause your video, finally able to unabashedly play with yourself. With neither of your housekeepers home as well, you lay back, indulging in rubbing the vibrating wand against your pussy. 
The moans you let out are pornographic, your skin set alight by the delicious buzzing. It prompts cum to ooze out of you like clockwork, your clit gloriously stimulated as you enjoy the absolute freedom, relishing in yours otherworldly pleasure. 
You’re pulled out of your piece of paradise when you hear Taehyung’s menacing voice, evidently done for. “Y/N, I swear to God, if you moan one more time—” 
“Ngh,” you sigh, rutting your eager hips against the lilac toy. 
“Oh my fucking—Y/N!” 
“Fuck,” you let out a high-pitched cry, melting when the buzzing wand sends shockwaves of arousal through you. You dip it lower, teasing your fluttering hole—you instantly spasm with need, desiring something within the walls of your cave. “Ah! Oh my god…” 
“Y/N,” Taehyung sounds painfully desparate, practically begging you. “You have to stop, baby, I can’t listen to you moan like that but not see you.” 
“Fuck, Taehyung.” You pant, rubbing the wand against your fiery hot cunt. “I get why… you don’t let me use toys.” You swallow harshly, ready to plunge the thick, vibrating toy inside you. “I need this inside me, ugh.” 
“No fucking way.” Taehyung vehemently denies. “Don’t you dare put it inside you, do not.” 
“But it feels so good, baby.” You sigh, head spinning with delirium. You’ve never been able to indulge in the use of a vibrator, now completely enjoying the free reign you own. Playing with yourself is immensely pleasuring, your eyes hooding over, pussy leaking all over your once impeccable bed sheets. “I’m so wet, Taehyung, fuck.” 
“You’re the brattiest little thing I know,” Taehyung grits, before he deeply sighs, quite literally beseeching. “You can’t do this to me, Jagiya. Let me come home, I swear I’ll pleasure you in any way, just wait until I’m home.” 
“No, you can’t… get away with yesterday.” You breathe harshly, feeding off the delicious vibrating. You click the toy to increase its speed, crying out when the stronger vibrations spasm through you. “Oh my god, oh my god!”
“Y/N, you did not just increase the speed of that vibrator!” 
Ignoring him, your mind explodes with colours, floating in paradise as the buzzing wand delivers waves of pleasure. “Ngh, Taehyung, oh my fucking god!”
“That’s it, that’s it!” Your husband hollers. “I’m coming home, I’m coming home this instant!” You listen to Taehyung rummage around on his side, but you’re far too fucked out to even sense his anger. 
“Shit… shit, shit, shit.” You gasp, grinding your teeth to manage the fluttery sensation within your gut. You can feel something deliciously simmering, ready to release. “Fuck, I’m getting close, oh shit, I’m close!” 
You listen to Taehyung order someone on his end, speaking harshly into the receiver. “I swear I won’t forgive you for this, Y/N, less than ten minutes and I’ll be home, just wait.” 
“Awh, I’m so scared–ah!” You moan through your taunt, sighing out with pleasure. 
“Baby, stop moaning, oh my fucking God stop moaning.” Taehyung sounds as though he’s losing his sanity, evidently clenching his jaw. “I’m driving and my phone’s fucking connected to my car, stop moaning!”
“Ngh!” You moan louder, half taunting, half because you’re constantly teasing your spasming hole. 
“Fuck me, I can hear you everywhere, stop moaning!” 
“God, this feels amazing,” you deliriously sigh, erotic noises bouncing off the walls of your room. “Fuck you… Taehyung… for not letting me use vibrators.” 
“This is why, you slut.” Taehyung hisses, his rough tone lighting your squirming body on fire. “You’re the epitome of a disobedient brat; you know exactly what kills me and use it against me!” 
“What? Being able to hear me, but not see me? Or the opposite? You’re such a simple man, Kim Taehyung, so–oh my god.” You erupt with a heady moan when you plunge the tip of the wand inside your pussy hole, unable to contain yourself.
“For fuck’s sake, you’re torturing me, Princess. Either stop or mute yourself, you’re killing me!” 
“You can just… hang up–fuck!” 
“It’ll kill me even more knowing you could orgasm without me,” he reasons. “Five minutes and I’ll be home, five fucking minutes, dammit!” 
“You can just wave the white flag, Tae.” You coo, strangling fucked out groans. “All you need to do… is come home and put your dick inside me, baby, it’s that simple.” You chide him just as he did yesterday, indulging in your sweet revenge.
 “You know I can’t do that!” He shouts. 
“Can’t? Or won’t–ugh.” 
“You’re so–! This is cruel, Y/N, you’re completely violating the rules, this is a crime!” 
“Rules? I don’t remember those–oh god.” 
“I told you to stop moaning!” He angrily directs. “You need to shut your pretty mouth before I do it myself.” 
“Awh, is Mr. Kim gonna punish me? What if I can’t stop—ngh!” 
“Y/N, shut up!” 
“Come home and fuck me, Mr. Kim, fuck me like the whore I am, fuck me like your needy little sub.” You purposefully coo, melding it with your graphic moans. 
“You witch, you’re a witch!” He cries out, sounding as though he’s hanging by his last thread. “What happened to my good girl, huh? When did she get so bad?” 
You smirk, lacing your timbre with seduction. “Your good girl’s gone, Mr. Kim,” you purr. “You need to come home and fuck her into her place.” 
“For fuck’s sake!” Taehyung howls, his voice utterly fed up. “You’re done, you’re done!”
“What?” You retort, swept up in the intense moment. “Didn’t want me to discover vibrators because they’re better than your dick?” 
Now that is what ticks Taehyung off, his voice roaring through the phone. “Oh you little—you’re fucking in for it!” 
All you hear is the FaceTime call cut out, too distracted by your pleasure to pay any real attention. Your orgasm bubbles— swirls around inside you as your toes curl, your eyes roll back and your body operates on sheer pleasure alone. 
The vibrations ripple throughout your sex, curious as to how the wand would feel inside you. You sheath it inside without a care, exploding with a mewl when the spasming toy greets your eager walls. It feels glorious, shuddering with pleasure as you indulge in the gracious vibrations. 
You’re reaching your limit, so sucked up into your own world you crazily speed up the vibrator, needing it to beat inside your pulsing walls until you unravel like a wind up toy. The vibrations ceaselessly ripple through you now, the speed so delicious your hands automatically latch into the headboard behind you. You hang on for dear life as a powerful orgasm sneaks up on you, building, building, and building, your moans unstoppable, your pussy walls throbbing, your legs shaking, body begging for your much-needed release. 
And just when your cries reach a crescendo, your bedroom door suddenly swings open, revealing your winded, cross husband. “Y/N-!” 
He never finishes his sentence, because the most powerful, earth-shattering orgasm erupts within you, your body jerking off the bed as you convulse. Every muscle in your body tenses with immeasurable pleasure, falling into your sheets, skin slickened with sweat, utterly spent of all your energy. 
You pant wildly as you come down your high, barely able to register Taehyung’s glowering eyes and his rageful, reprimanding voice. “You did not just—I can’t believe you!” 
Feeling the weight of your body sink into the mattress, your half-lidded eyes are the only thing able to move, sliding over to an angry Taehyung. “You’re literally evil, a goddamn witch!” He shouts, throwing his arms up in the air. “I swear I’ll only tolerate this shit in our home, you better not pull this revenge crap when we’re in public!” 
You have nothing to counter him, breaking into a fucked-out grin as you send him a thumbs up, elated that you’d successfully gotten back at him. “This is… for yesterday… asshole.” 
“Y/N, I’m serious.” Tahyung presses, pushing his jacket backwards to perch his hands on his hips. “You know we have Hoseok’s dinner this Friday; I swear if you don’t behave by then, I’m going to retaliate far worse than you.” 
You soak in his threat paired with an accusing finger, though it only inflates your ego. His challenge ignites something inside you, gaining enough strength to bite back. “Scared I’m going to win, loverboy?” 
Taehyung scoffs. “You’re not winning, you damn brat.” 
“We’ll see about that.” You retort, staring down Taehyung with scrutinizing eyes as he shoots back a fiery look. He eventually has enough, storming out of your bedroom as a string of complaints leave his mouth. 
You plop back into the sheets, floating on the cloud nine by the time sleep threatens to wash over your blissed-out, exhausted body. 
Tumblr media
The next three days of your life consisted of sheer mayhem.
Taehyung wasn’t kidding when he proclaimed the level of his retaliation. Peace has been a fragile concept in your household ever since, having transformed into a makeshift battlefield where you and your husband snag every opportunity to gain your revenge on each other. 
Tuesday morning when you’d hopped in the shower, Taehyung slipped inside in the middle of your shampooing. You cocked a questioning brow as you faced him—he shot back an unbothered shrug. 
“What? I can’t shower in my own house?” 
Rolling your eyes, you sighed as you returned to lathering up your hair, allowing him to do whatever he must. You both washed up quite normally, pretty distanced from one another until Taehyung began purposefully invading your space. 
He constantly reached over you for his shampoo, body wash, even your loofah with feigned innocence, deliberately brushing up against your naked body each time. Eventually, his hands naturally began roaming your wet skin, and here came your perpetual doom. 
The sensation of his touch felt intensifying, biting your lip to manage your arousal when he skimmed your sensitive spots. When his pillowy lips found their way to your neck, you melted into his strong chest, relishing in the shower water streaming down your entangled figures. 
His fingers traversed your body sensually, stroking you with such purposeful seduction, you nearly moaned. It wasn’t until his flesh caressed your backside did you recognize his sneaky scheme. You swatted him away with a scoff, sneering at him and his cunningness—your husband only flashed you a shit-eating smirk. 
That following day, you decided to be Satan's spawn. You twirled your pen as you eyed your gorgeous husband lead this morning’s meeting, watching him effortlessly carry himself with grace and professionalism—you ignored the arousal he stirred inside you. 
Once the meeting finished, you purposefully stalled on collecting your papers, watching Taehyung bid a farewell to everyone as they exited. Once your unsuspecting husband rose from his seat to vacate the area, you ambushed him, blocking him from opening the door. 
His eyes widened with surprised, though hardened into scrutinizing slits once he figured out your game. You argued for all of five minutes before you walked the delicious man back to his seat, shoving him into his chair. You slid a leg over his lap, seductively toying with his Tom Ford tie.
He watched you do so, his jaw flexing as he tongued the inside of his cheek. “Having fun, Princess?” He  condescended. “You can play with me all you want; we all know at the end of day I’m your boss, and the CEO your pussy.” 
Bitterly laughing, you harshly pulled him towards your face with his tie, eyeing him down. You let a finger glide over his perfect cupid’s bow and down the column of his throat, brushing his lips with your own. “And at the end of the day, we all know you’re an absolute simp for me, so who really owns who?” 
Taehyung remained adamant you’ll break first, challenging you back, though once you leaned over and whispered something scandalous in his ear, he erupted into angry flames, simmering with betrayal. You proudly strutted out the meeting room, an accomplished smile plastering across your face.
Who knew going commando could get your husband’s panties in a twist? Men are sincerely so simple.
But, come the next day, Taehyung decided he’s not fucking around anymore. 
You nearly jumped out of your skin when your office door unexpectedly shut, flitting up to find your Adonis-like husband leaning against it, dressed in an incredibly dapper, three-piece navy blue suit. Taehyung tilted his head, piercing your soul with his playful irises, hands shoved into his pockets. 
You quirked a suspicious brow, questioning him of his arrival. “What the fuck do you want, loverboy?” 
He raised his brows at your tone. “I don’t think that’s how you address your boss, Mrs. Kim.” 
“My bad,” you retorted. “What the fuck do you want, Mr. Kim?” 
Tonguing the inside of his cheek, a smug grin teases Taehyung’s lips at your use of an honorific, his index finger sliding across his bottom lip. “I’m here to speak to you as Mrs. Kim, a talented architect. I wanted to discuss something very important.”
Clearing your throat, you unwillingly welcomed him to sit. “Be my guest then, sir.” 
Taehyung twitched at your use of ‘sir’, suppressing a cough. He unbuttoned his debonair suit as he seated himself across from you. “Thank you, Mrs. Kim. I’ll cut right to the chase, you must be a busy woman.” 
You appreciatively smiled at his politeness. 
“Essentially, what I wanted to discuss is quite personal, though I wanted your opinion as an architect regarding the matter.” He began; you followed his example of professionalism.
“Of course, what’s the matter, Mr. Kim?” 
“Well, as you know, I’m married.” He proudly established, toying with his wedding band. “To this absolutely gorgeous, stellar woman. Love of my life, really, wouldn’t have it any other way.” He casually proclaimed—you attempted to hide your flushed cheeks as he spoke. 
“I see; how lucky you are?” 
“Very lucky indeed.” He gracefully smiles. “However, she has this horrible habit of being an insufferable brat and disobeying me—so I’ve been devising many ways to punish her.” 
Gulping, you nearly choke on your spit, trying to follow whatever act he’s performing. “Pardon me?” 
“Yes, we have a Dom/sub relationship and I’ve been considering ways I can punish her for her attitude.” Taehyung nonchalantly admits. “I was thinking about installing some new things in our sex room to ensure she obeys me.” 
Coughing, you can barely look the man seriously in the eye—he’s surely fucking with you, but his Oscar-worthy perfomance had you following his every step. “W-wow, she sounds like a handful.” You grimace, scrunching your nose—who knew you’d be referring to yourself in third-person today? “Though isn’t this a bit too personal, Mr. Kim? It may be unprofessional to discuss something of this matter with one of your employees.” 
From across your desk, Taehyung gave you a look darker than hell itself, shattering all your confidence. He had single-handedly submitted you with his intimidating eyes, soon rising from his seat. He rounded your desk, settling behind your chair, gulping when you felt his domineering aura permeate your back. 
He leaned over, placing his hands either side of you against your desk to trap you, his lips dangerously close to your ear—he brushed your helix with a hot, deep whisper. “Are you suggesting I don’t know how to be professional at my own company, Mrs. Kim?” 
The sharpest surge of arousal spiked through your cunt, shuddering when his heady Invictus cologne flooded your nostrils. His aftershave was killing you; did he just have to fucking shave this morning? 
Weting your lips, you swallowed harshly, shaking in your heels. “I wouldn’t do such a thing, Mr. Kim.” 
“Mm,” he hums. “That’s what I thought.” His caramel-smooth, baritone voice lights your pussy on fire, squirming when he speaks again. “Now, I still need your professional opinion, Mrs. Kim.” 
“Y-Yes.” Your palms begin sweating, tightly clutching them together to resist shoving your tongue down Taehyung’s throat—how could he intimidate you and turn you on in the same breath? He’s a powerful, powerful man. “What would you like to ask?” 
“I’d like to ask about the architectural science and safety measures of installing something in my sex room.” His unbothered, breezy tone ticks you off, yet arouses you the same; how could he ask something so blatantly scandalous? This man was truly never one to fuck with, especially when he was serious. “It’s for my wife.” 
Holding your breath, you clear your clogged throat. “What-what would you need to know?” 
Embodying the devil himself, Taehyung’s voice dropped an octave, voice deeper than the depths of hell. “I wanted to know the best way I could suspend her from the ceiling.” 
Your eyes widened, face burning so hot your cheeks could’ve melted. You shoveed your hands between your thighs, attempting to manage the wave of cum he gushed out of you. You nearly scream when Taehyung curls your hair behind the ear his lips brushed, his sweet, heated breaths lighting your skin on fire. 
“Tell me, Mrs. Kim.” 
You clutch the fabric of your skirt for dear life, pressing your thighs together. Your breathing was uneven, hitching as Taehyung’s intoxicating presence made your heart roar inside your chest. Your raging hormones screamed at you to simply jump the tempting man—jump him and bounce all over his perfect dick until you release a year’s worth of orgasms, let your sweaty bodies rut against each other until he spills his hot seed inside you. 
But once your pride takes over the conversation, you grow angry, commending him for his clever attack, but never surrendering. You turn towards him with glowering eyes, batting his hand off you. “How’s about I tell you to fuck off, Mr. Kim?” 
Taehyung heartily laughs, entertained by you. “Why, Mrs. Kim? I was simply asking a question, how dare you speak to your superior with that tone?”
“Perhaps you should ask your gorgeous, talented, wonderful wife.” You snark. “She doesn’t even sound like the problem, this all seems like a you-problem.” 
Taehyung leans back to his full height as he rounds your desk, wearing a confident, shit-eating smirk. “We’ll see if it’s a me-problem when she’s the one hanging from my ceiling.” He bites back, leaning his hands on your desk. “Absolutely naked, ready for my taking.” 
His sinful stare grips your very soul. You inhale sharply when you feel his dominant, alpha male energy permeate you, pussy aching to be full of him. When he shot one last bounce of his brows, his suave walk out of your office lit you up like a firecracker, nearly throwing your pen at him. 
The constant battle for a winner continued into Thursday, wildly scandalous shenanigans headlining your useless war. 
Sending each other endless thirst traps on snapchat, cheeky nudes, erotic voice notes, teasing touches, sudden naked appearances in close vicinity to each other—absolutely nothing was left off the table. 
Taehyung even purposefully brought his work out equipment home to exercise in front of you, coaxing essence out of like sap from a tree—you nearly ripped his shorts down to gobble up his cock once you spotted the glistening sweat on his lean muscles, heard his deep, masculine grunts as he lifted, watched him heavily breathe between each set. 
You’d bought the skimpiest lingerie set possible to raid one of his conferences at home. He was seated on your spacious love seat in the entertainment area, eloquently speaking about some transactions with his financial team. He sounded incredibly sexy, even looked it, too—sleeves rolled up, top of his shirt unbuttoned, revealing his delicious chest.
You adored the rageful look in his eyes once you presented yourself, completely unbothered. You made room on his lap as you carelessly sat yourself on his crotch—it was your throne, anyway. He shot you an irritated expression as you courageously tipped your chin, clicking Netflix on your gigantic TV. 
You casted your bare legs over the leather armrest, cozying up your ass over his clothed dick. Taehyung twitched when he felt your pussy—your lace panties were unfairly non-existent. 
He cleared his throat as he continued listening to the others in his meeting, attempting to ignore your nearly naked body casually sitting on him. He snuck glances at your cleavage, two round globes supported by a push-up bra, though attempted to (unsuccessfully) ignore it. His arms caged around you once he began working on his laptop, effortlessly typing away. 
You leaned your head against Taehyung’s warm chest, snuggling into him like a puzzle piece. 
Your revenge plan began when you finally arrived at the perfect scene to start it all, considering the movie you chose, of all films. 
Fifty Shades of Grey. 
You let the sounds of Christian and Anatasia having sex fill the room, even putting up the volume just to hear them better. Taehyung flashed his annoyed eyes at the screen, rolling them when he sees you upping the volume. He remained unbothered until you maneuvered your ass over his crotch for comfort—you rubbed his subtly erect member, feeling it twitch. 
He subdued a groan when you did it again, promiscuously adjusting your position. Your husband remained adamant on ignoring you, containing himself. But when you purposefully gyrated your hips over him, Taehyung instantly grappled you, digging his fingers into your skin.
 “Y/N, I will literally fuck you against our TV.” He hissed, his irises furiously glowing with warning. “Sit still and watch your movie, or the TV won’t be the only thing I break.” 
You swallowed harshly hearing the sternness in his timbre—he was serious about possibly fucking you so hard he breaks your back. You decided to oblige, settling against his chest again to silently watch your movie—you actually liked the Fifty Shades franchise, anyway.
Things remained a little tense after that, but not malicious. Dinner later that day was lukewarm, both of you eating in silence, until somehow, the tension boiled over. 
Taehyung had sent Mrs. Choi and Seo home earlier that day, leaving you and him to clean up. Washing dishes should’ve been perfectly normal, if it weren’t for the many times you both constantly brushed each other, already vibrating with so much sexual tension, Taehyung threw his drying towel away to take your lips. 
He had pressed you into the kitchen counter, hoisting you onto the surface as he ground his hips into your barely dressed pussy, robe flung open. Your perky breasts rubbed against his shirt—you were still wearing your lingerie set, and clearly he’d had enough. His hands constantly roamed your body, brushing your bare thighs up and down, up and down until his fingers instinctively slid towards you center, swiping through your damp panties. 
You gasped into his mouth, eliciting something carnal to ignite his eyes. Before you knew it, a full-on, heated makeout session ensued. 
Clearly the 5 days you’d gone without each other had you craving the other in irrevocable ways. Taehyung’s pants were hot against your lips, biting, sucking, licking them as though he were starved, as though the only meal he craved was you.  
You hissed when he pressed the pads of his fingers into you, incredibly sensitive down there. Your hands naturally aimed for his belt, your hips shamelessly riding his masterful fingers. It wasn’t until you ripped open his pants did reality strike you both like lightning—you pulled away from each other instantly. 
Taehyung accused you of attempting to seduce him, while you spat back that he’s the one who started it. The argument lasted long enough that you both decided to sleep in different rooms—sharing a bed would not only heighten your anger, but the craving to jump each other’s bones. 
Now, Friday had arrived, also known as operation Hoseok’s dinner party, and also day 6 without sex. 
“Hob-ah, how’s your recent club been doing? Wasn’t there an issue with one of the bouncers?” 
“Jimin, c’mon, just choose a goddamn gift for your fiance’s birthday already.” 
“Jungkook, stop playing with your dick and fess up—you’re clearly into your wife.” 
The ridiculous chatter is endless as you and Taehyung’s friends gather at an exclusive restaurant for a night out, Namjoon and Seokjin accompanied by their wives, while the rest indulge in friendly conversation. 
Hoseok was celebrating the stellar news about the progress with his new beau; they’d started officially dating.
Everyone currently bugged the poor girl with nitpicky questions, throwing around harmless jokes and insults at an embarrassed, though elated Hoseok. Taehyung indulge in here and there, though predominantly remained focused on his phone; it seemed he was receiving important emails tonight. 
Your husband examined his screen carefully as he reclined in the restaurant’s booth, which should’ve been okay, if it weren’t for the firm hand he kept clasped on your thigh. It was a habit of his: Taehyung claimed he always needed to be touching your scrumptious thighs. 
Currently, he danced the tips of fingers across your bare skin. It was something harmless and ingrained in him, your husband drawing useless circles and patterns as he scrutinized the lines of a dense email. You ground your teeth trying to manage the constant touch of his hand; you were a pathetic whore for Taehyung’s gorgeous, veiny, gigantic hands caressing you, and you were near exploding. 
His rings looked impeccable, paired with the Patek Phillipe watch you gifted him for Christmas hugging his wrist, his wedding band glimmering under the restaurant’s ambient yellow lights. 
You squirm your toes trying to contain yourself. His fingertips are stroking the inside of your thigh, tirelessly teasing you with lewd ideas. Once he travels a mere inch towards your core, you’ve had enough, suddenly shoving his hand off you. Taehyung sends you a puzzled look, asking what’s wrong through his coffee irises. 
You respond with a mocking look, annoyed. Taehyung shoots a ‘what the fuck’ expression as you cross your arms, ignoring him. It only makes him press you harder, clasping your arm to encourage you to look at him—the tension between you two catches the eyes of a certain someone.
“Oof, trouble in paradise, friends?” Seokjin notes beside you. 
You and Taehyung both turn heads, caught like two deers in headlights. 
“You’ve both barely spoken to each other, is everything alright?” Seokjin considerately asks. “Unless you don’t want to talk about it.” 
Swallowing, you let Taehyung do the talking. “We’re fine, hyung. Thanks for asking.” 
“You sure?” He queries. “You know you both can come to me with anything, I have plenty of experience with my own relationship. I feel a little sad seeing you guys like this.” 
Touched by Seokjin’s concern, your eyes soften. Taehyung light-heartedly laughs, landing a friendly palm on Seokjin’s shoulder. “It’s nothing like that, hyung. Y/N and I are just… having a competition, you could say.” 
“A competition?” He quirks a curious brow. “What kind?” 
Taehyung flashes you a look as though asking your permission to proceed—you send him a confirming nod. Leaning towards Seokjin’s ear, Taehyung whispers the details about your current kerfuffle; Seokjin immediately erupts into hearty laughter.
“No fucking way, you guys are having a competition to see how long you can last without sex?!” 
Seokjin being the ever-so loud, rambunctious member of the group, the entire table is privy to your childish war, erupting into amused cackles.
“What? These two?” Namjoon points between you with a snort. “These two who can barely keep their hands off each other? You can’t even take them out without risking getting booked for indecency.” 
“No goddamn way,” Hoseok comments, stifling his giddy laughter. “Namjoon’s right, I bet there isn’t a single universe where these two fuck bunnies even last two days.” 
“Two days?” Jungkook chips in, clucking his tongue. “That’s being nice, hyung. They could barely last a day with the amount that they fuck—I literally have trauma with calling them because I know I’ll hear a porno in the making like last time.”
“Taehyung, how could you not tell me this?” Jimin acts scandalized, slamming his hand on the table; he may be a bit drunk. “I’m your best friend!” 
“Woah, okay, calm down, you clowns.” Taehyung gestures at his friends. “Jimin, it’s between Y/N and I, so I didn’t say anything. And you three, for your fucking information, we’ve gone 6 days without sex, so shut the fuck up, will you?” 
“6 days? Holy shit, somebody write this down!” Seokjin hollers, wiping his fake tears. “It’s a historical day for society!” 
“6 days without sex? Oh, these lovebirds aren’t lasting. Someone call the psych ward, they’re gonna go insane soon.” Jimin proclaims. 
“You kidding me? Give them both some alcohol and I bet they’ll fuck like wild animals when they get home.” Jungkook slams his hefty wallet on the table, scouring for bills. “Who wants to bet money on it?” 
Namjoon retaliates. “At home? Please, Jungkook, 70,000 won says they’ll do it in the Mercedes before even getting there.” 
“Who says the restaurant’s bathroom is off limits?” Hoseok chimes in. “130,000 that they’ll fuck in there; even Eunbi’s bathroom wasn’t safe.”
“Please, Hob-ah.” Seokjin grievously laments. “I still have nightmares about that.” 
“Okay! All of you, shut the fuck up!” You derisively sing-song, scolding the rowdy boys. “You guys just love picking at our sex life because of you’re jealous of it.” 
“Exactly; you’re all just bitter you don’t have a relationship like ours.” Taehyung spits at them as he curls an arm around your shoulder; you back him up with vehement nods. 
“Ew, I don’t wanna to be like you two nasty, lovey-dovey losers.” Jungkook retorts. “I’ve already got a crazy sex life of my own, thank you very much, which by the way I gotta tell you all…” 
And Jungkook goes on to explain an insane update on the current fuss with his wife, finally lifting the hot seat you and Taehyung had found yourselves in. The night continued with fun-filled laughter, chatter, and a plentiful amount of food—shit only hit the fan when alcohol was served. 
You and Taehyung both adopted the mindset of drowning your sorrows, inhaling shot after shot. You both became much more free-spirited once liquor entered your systems, finally loosening up enough to have a good time, forgetting all about your petty bet. You laughed into Taehyung’s shoulder as he told you charming jokes and shamelessly flirted with you, he smiled from ear-to-ear watching you cutely giggle—you remained closely entangled together the whole night, lost in the other’s eyes. 
Your drunken giggles were endless as you and Taehyung piled out of the restaurant with the rest of your party, your arms slung around his neck, his snug around your lower back as you fooled around. You’re both busy chuckling at Taehyung trying to kiss you when Namjoon patted your husband’s shoulder. 
“Hey, Taehyung-ah, you two getting home alright?” 
Taehyung shoots Namjoon a narrow-eyed look, slurring his words when he speaks. “Who d’you think I am, hyung? Ovously I wouldn’t dive-drive when I drank alcol.” Your husband hiccups, which causes you to laugh at him. 
Namjoon’s lips curve with a fond, dimply smile, laughing. “Alright, lovebirds. Get home safe.” Namjoon affectionately claps Taehyung’s back. The pair of you send him a drunken thumbs up before Namjoon locates his wife. Taehyung suddenly faces you, cupping your cheeks. 
“Hey, Princess.” He hiccups, his lips pouting as he stares at your plushy ones. “I’m sowry I drank when I’m the diver-driver; I shouldm’ve been more reponsible.” 
Your heart melts as he drunkenly rambles, cupping his cheeks back. “Is okey, Taehyung.” You coo, communicating with him in pout. “You work hard enough; you deserve a bwreak.” 
He brightly grins as he bops your nose, causing you both to stupidly laugh. Mr. Kang ends up finding you two, greeting him as though he were your saviour. He sincerely was, because once he began driving, the alcohol caused you both to disregard your surroundings. Your husband tugged you over his lap and connected your lips for shameless kisses, touches, even temporary stripping of clothes. 
You both incessantly giggled and smiled throughout the steamy session, happily enjoying each other’s company. Mr. Kang even faintly smiled at you two before placing up the partition. 
Arriving home, you burst through the door, liquor having stunted your ability to have a logical conversation. Tossing away your shoes, you run towards Taehyung, hooking your arms around his gorgeously carved neck. 
“Taehyung! Oh my god, we’re home, this is our home!” You drunkenly marvel. 
“Right? Our home, all ours.” Taehyung joins in on your fun, palms encasing your waist, slowly waddling you both inside after shutting the door. “Wouldn’t it be amazing if it wasn’t just us two, though?” 
“Yes, yes!” You excitedly shout. “We need babies, we need so many babies!” 
Taehyung warmly chuckles, his cheeks flushed with alcohol. “I don’t know about so many babies, Princess—it’s gonna hurt you.” 
“But I want your babies!” You angrily pout, leaning your chin on his strong chest. “You don’t want my babies, Taehyung?” 
Taehyung softens at your intoxicated expression, sickeningly in love with you. His palms affectionately encircle your waist, holding you close. “Of course I want your babies, baby. But pregnancy is a lot—I don’t want it to hurt you.” 
“But I need your babies!” You valiantly proclaim, crashing your lips against Taehyung’s so powerfully, the man nearly tumbles backwards. You end up toppling him over your couch, straddling him as he cradles your body over his. 
You both drunkenly make out, sloppy and disarrayed, relishing in each other’s taste before you break away. “I wanna have your babies, Taehyung.” You pout, a sad look dawning on your features. Your soft irises fall to his neck,toying with the top button of his dress shirt. “Why can’t we have a baby?” 
Taehyung’s heart sinks hearing your frail voice, lightly brushing some hair from your face. “We’ll have a baby someday, pretty girl.” He comforts you, stroking his thumb across your cheek. “We’ll keep trying, I promise; I’ll give you all the babies you want.” 
You attempt to blink moisture out of your eyes as depression washes over you; sometimes Vodka really backfired on your emotions. Lately, things have been difficult trying to conceive with Taehyung; you've been trying for 6 months now, and you’ve gained nothing but disappointment. 
“But we keep trying… and no babies.” Your bottom lip slightly trembles, sniffling. “I want a baby, Tae.” 
The brokenness of your tone is what shatters your husband; it sounded like a cry from deep within your soul. Taehyung’s palms immediately encase your cheeks, his heart softening. He hates the sad pout on your lips, even watching your eyes gloss over. Heart-broken, he softly exhales, pressing your mouths together sweetly, so gently, you were certain your insides melted. 
His kiss ignites something inside you, springing up onto your knees to gain some leverage. You use the height advantage to devour him, Taehyung’s hands sensually roaming your body. Your hips grind into Taehyung’s instinctually, deep groans slipping past his lips. 
You shudder into his mouth when he thrusts up into you, your clothed cunt welcomed by his rising member. You take his bottom lip between your teeth to bite him, licking over your teeth marks before plunging your tongue inside his mouth. 
Your husband licks your tongue, sharing your saliva without a regard for anything as ferality overwhelms him—you share the same sentiment. 
“Taehyung,” you breathe, hormones surging through your veins. “Put a baby in me, I want your babies.” 
Your plea is hot against Taehyung’s lips, constant smacking noises filling the room as you nastily makeout. Taehyung groans when you grind down over his crotch, deliciously rubbing against his clothed tip. “I’ll give you anything you want, pretty girl.” 
His uneven breaths light you on fire, driven by sheer lust. Paired with the alcohol and six days with absitinence, your mind is stupidly desparate for sex right now.  
“Wanna have your babies, Tae.” You moan into his mouth, Taehyung’s hands sliding down your back to cup your ass, squeezing the flesh. He lifts up your skirt to roam your bare cheeks, smacking both as he guides your hips over his lap, growling out deep, masculine groans. 
“Oh, I’ll fucking put a baby in you,” he pants, slithering his tongue inside you. You can taste the Whiskey he drank, melting into his strong body as his digits emblazon your ass. 
You run on adrenaline, craving Taehyung with such carnal need, you’re uncontrollable. You hotly whisper against his swollen, wet lips, fingers weaved through his sexy hair. “Taehyung, please… fuck me.” 
Taehyung’s eyes shine with desire, pupils dilating at the request. His body tenses, his cock twitches, his muscles even readying themselves, but he needs to ask. “Baby… are you sure—”
“Please, Tae,” you beg, tugging his luscious locks. “I’m fucking aching for you.” 
Your cunt flutters over his lap, sighing when the shape of him caresses you. You’re so incredibly sensitive, cum gushes out of you like waterworks. You physically shudder, bracing Taehyung’s shoulder as your hips develop a mind of their own, grinding over his crotch. 
Taehyung still hesitates, leaving affectionate pecks along your jaw. “Say it,” he commands, thrusting up into your sex once again. “Say you want me, Princess, say how much you want it.” 
“I–I want it, Tae, so badly.” You strangle out, pussy drowning with your essence, vibrating for his flesh to be lodged inside you. “Want you inside me… want you to fuck me like a bad girl, fuck me like a dirty slut.” 
Taehyung shudders out a sexy, deep groan, his dick twitching inside his pants. “Fuck, Y/N…” 
“I’m so fucking horny, baby. I need you.” You beseech, arm slinging around his neck to bury your hand in his hair, your unoccupied one tugging his tucked dress shirt out of his pants. “Fuck me right here, right now. Fuck me like your pathetic whore.” You drunkenly plead, promiscuously rolling your hips over him, body operating on alcohol and insufferable horniness alone.
Taehyung literally growls, an animalistic need overwhelming him. He snatches your waist and spins you to his side, rapidly pinning you to the couch. He crawls over you and cages you underneath, lips crashing into yours. 
His hands quickly ride up your skirt, tearing off your clothes before his thumbs cling to your underwear, stripping it off with hot finesse. He instinctively unclasps his belt, removing the irritating thing to push down his pants, freeing his incredibly hard, rock-solid length. Your grabby hands demanded his clothes be off, quickly stripping him as well to reveal his deliciously masculine body. 
Everything else that occurred afterwards was a blur to you, only able to remember certain details. You recalled your husband’s gravelly, husky groans, his hands desperately gripping you, the dark, plum-coloured kisses he embellished on your skin. 
You remember his powerful body manuevering over yours, the incessant sounds of his laboured breaths by your ear. You seldom remember the hot things he whispered, but you remember the way you felt, they way he felt, the way your pussy throbbed for more, the way your fingers tugged his hair, eventually scraped down his neck to leave red trails along his sweaty skin, the painful, but pleasurable burn between your legs.
But, next thing you knew, the alcohol intoxicated your head so much, unprecedented exhaustion overwhelmed your body. Taehyung exhibited the same symptoms, his thrusts losing precision, harshness, until suddenly, he lost speed altogether. His hips eventually stilled, barely able to keep his eyes open. 
Yours threaten to fall shut, too, only recalling the mutual look you and Taehyung gave to each other. You faintly remember him pulling out of you before he collapsed over your body, your own succumbing to unavoidable fatigue. 
The only reminder he was even next to you was the soft, familiar beating of his heart, and the sheltering warmth of his skin. 
Tumblr media
Taehyung awakens to the feeling of something on his chest, groaning as his eyes flutter open. He rubs one before peeking down, focusing on the particular weight over his heart—his eyes widen immediately. 
You’re lying completely naked on his chest. 
He curses under his breath, his head finally clear enough to understand his reality. He sees himself naked as well, running a stressed hand over his groggy face with a curse. 
“Fuck… did we have sex?” 
All Taehyung remembers from last night was his poor decision to drown in Whiskey, and the incredible horniness that attacked him as a result. He remembers making out with you, remembers getting handsy, recalls the faint memory of dirty-talk, but scarcely remembers the actual sex. 
He blinks multiple times as he gazes at you, your frame softly rising and falling as you sleep. Once his mind comes up empty of any other excuses, he sighs as he comes to his conclusion. 
“Yeah, we definitely had sex.” 
Groaning, Taehyung curses when he remembers your petty little competition, worsening his already agonizing headache. It should probably be the least of his concerns, but he’s still pissed he can’t remember who initiated things, meaning another future argument with you. 
Kissing his teeth, Taehyung snatches his phone and taps his screen, registering the time. It’s nearly the hour Mrs. Choi and Seo come by the house to begin cooking breakfast. Taehyung’s head falls back against the couch, grievously sighing.
Taehyung carefully maneuvers himself out from under you, affectionate with your slumbering body. He slips on his boxers and pants from last night, next locating a blanket. He drapes a light one over your naked figure, soon hoisting you up in his arms. 
He’s making his way towards the stairs when the door suddenly swings open, making dreaded eye contact with his two housekeepers. The ladies pause upon seeing a shirtless Taehyung carrying you bridal-style, though Taehyung’s quick to defuse the moment.
“Good morning, Mrs. Choi, Mrs. Seo.” 
“Good morning, Mr. Kim,” The two ladies kindly greet him, removing their jackets and shoes. 
“Sorry about the mess,” Taehyung ticks his head in the direction of your sprawled clothes. “We’d drank last night and weren’t exactly in our right minds.” 
“That’s alright, Mr. Kim.” Mrs. Seo politely assures him. “You and Mrs. Kim are young lovers, sir, you should enjoy your youth.” 
“That’s right, Mr. Kim.” Mrs. Choi chimes in. “Young love is precious, never let us old ladies stop you!” 
Taehyung cracks a fond smile, laughing. “Thank you, Mrs. Choi, Mrs. Seo.” 
“Would you like us to cook some hangover soup for yourself and Mrs. Kim?” Mrs. Choi asks as she meanders in with her purse. 
“Yes, please, though only some for me right now, Y/N’s still sleeping.” Taehyung’s eyes shift to you in his arms, silently doting on your angelic, sleeping face. “I would like her food to be served when she’s awake. I want it nice and hot for her, if you don’t mind.” 
“Of course, not at all.” Mrs. Choi benignly reassures, already stepping into the kitchen. 
“Thank you. Prepare some ibuprofen as well, she’s a horrible drunk, as usual.” Taehyung jokes, earning a laugh from the ladies. Mrs. Seo guarantees Taehyung that everything will be in place for you, finally making his way towards the staircase. 
“Oh, and remember to serve her citrus fruits,” Taehyung calls out as he ascends the stairs, protectively carrying you. “Lots of fruits for her, in general. And don’t forget her vitamins, please.” 
The ladies nod affirmatively before returning to their work, leaving Taehyung to vanish upstairs. 
Tumblr media
“Shit, my car’s in the shop.” 
You lightly hit your fist against your palm, kissing your teeth when you recall your lack of transportation today. It’s currently a calm, late Saturday afternoon, having spent the last hour getting ready for your evening out with Hana. 
Thank God your massive headache subsided after your delicious hangover soup, your housekeepers really were the best cooks. They must've been magicians, though, because their food had also granted you the ability to regain your memories from last night. 
You muffled your scream into your pillow when you remembered you and Taehyung having sex; your sore legs were enough to know it was real, too, and not a dream. You whined at the idea that somebody lost the competition, and you’re unsure of exactly who it was, but 70% sure it was you. 
As a result, you decided to subconsciously ignore Taehyung today. Thankfully, he spent his morning out, having gone golfing with some board members before returning home to work quietly in his study. 
Memories of last night’s steamy, sweaty sex entered your mind every now and then throughout the morning, though you forced yourself to pretend it didn’t happen, and that it didn’t count, either. 
Swallowing your pride, you sigh as you patter over to Taehyung’s study, lightly knocking on the door. 
“Come in.” You hear him request, carefully twisting the knob open. You clear your throat as you waddle inside, Taehyung’s gaze lifting from his laptop to observe you. He visibly brightens, as though his body has an innate reaction to your presence, though he schools himself, returning to his work. 
“Good afternoon, Princess.” 
The addressment curves your lips in the slightest, lacing your fingers behind your back. “Good afternoon, Tae.” 
“How’s your headache?” He queries, sifting through paperwork. “Mrs. Seo told me you slept in because of it.” 
“Yeah, I could barely get out of bed, honestly. Though the hangover soup helped, and the ibuprofen, too.” You detail. “They told me you specifically requested both. Thank you.” 
“No need to thank me, love.” He replies, flexing his neck sideways with a grimace before focusing on his work; his shoulder seemed to be bothering him. You hesitate offering him a massage considering the awkward tension from last night, though his voice interrupts your thought. “Why did you come to my study, did you need something?” 
“Oh, yeah.” A figurative lightbulb pops into thin air above you, extending your hand. “Could I have the keys to your Mercedes? My car’s in the shop.” 
He furrows his brows. “My car? Are you going out?” 
You grab the ends of your blush pink baby doll, lightly swaying the thin satin fabric, even puckering your lips to indicate your makeup. “A bit obvious, isn’t it?” 
Taehyung sends you a deadpan expression. “With who?” 
His stoic energy ticks you off, letting your sarcasm loose. “My secret boyfriend.” 
Your husband shoots you a harsh look. “Be serious, Y/N.”
Letting out a long, deep sigh, you confess. “With Hana; she wants to complain about my brother.” 
“Will you be out all night?” 
“Don’t think so, I’m visiting the site of the new headquarters building Sunday morning and I want to sleep well.” You honestly inform him—he amicably nods. 
“Alright, I’ll give you the keys, but do me a quick favour first, please?” He asks, pointing towards one of his shelves on his left. “I need one of those old logs on the 7th shelf, could you grab it for me?” 
Nodding, you follow his instructions indicating which specific log, stepping towards his shelf. You kiss your teeth registering that it’s too high, locating a nearby stepping stool. You almost climb onto it until you suddenly freeze, remembering something vital; you’re wearing nothing underneath your babydoll. 
You face flushes once you consider that if you climb the stool, you’ll be flashing Taehyung your bare pussy. While on another day that wouldn’t have been a problem, the current sticky situation made you feel shy about it—he could potentially believe you’re seducing him. 
Clearing your throat, you timidly clasp your hands together, facing him. “Um… it’s a little high for me, I think you’ll need to grab it.” 
Taehyung tilts his head. “You can use the stepping stool; it’s specifically for you.” 
Rolling your eyes, you decide to admit the truth. “Well, I’m not wearing anything underneath this, and last I remember you think I’m trying to seduce you 24/7, Mr. Kim.” 
Taehyung instantly recognizes your dig, narrowing his eyes at you. He huffs out before drawing back his chair, rising from his seat. His long legs carry him so fast you have limited time to move out of his way, Taehyung simply reaching over your head. 
It’s a minor thing, and yet, it’s the soft hand Taehyung clasps around your hip as he reaches up that lights your skin on fire. His touch through the thin babydoll feels exhilarating, suddenly reminded of his body on yours last night. The sex drought had surely made you insane; how could his domestic touch and mere presence behind you make you squirm? His larger body always made you feel so small, but in a way that ignited your bones. 
You shrug off his touch once the image of his broad frame in comparison to yours ruins you—Taehyung cocks a suspicious brow as he retrieves the log. He returns to his desk without questioning it, plopping down the heavy binder before opening his drawer, unearthing his keys. 
“You know the rules; both about my car and going out.” He reminds you, jangling the keys. “Think you know the car ones, but I think you need a reminder of the going out ones.” 
You tilt your head, curiously contorting your lips. 
Taehyung tongues his cheek, swallowing. “You need to kiss me before you go.” 
Your eyes widen, awkwardly shuffling your feet. “I thought you said no kissing?” 
“I said quick pecks are allowed.” 
Seeing his point, you roll your eyes. You paddle over to him, watching him turn his chair to face you. He nonchalantly leans back, manspreading his expansive legs as he blankly waits for you, holding out the keys.
With slightly flustered cheeks, you swallow, carefully leaning down—his domineering presence is sincerely wounding your resolve. Your hand cradles his bicep as you tenderly press your lips to his, kissing him. You’re surprised when he actually reciprocates it, kissing you back. Feeding into the sweet liplock for all of six seconds, you pull away before his scent hypnotizes you, snatching the keys. 
“Thank you.” You quickly mumble before scurrying away, yearning to be out of his study already. Taehyung doesn’t say anything else, which at first, makes you glad, though on second thought, causes your heart to sink. He didn’t mention last night; would he not have used it to solidify his win? Or is he purposefully ignoring it because he’s pissed?
Did he possibly not even remember last night? There’s no way, you’re certain Taehyung woke up first and tucked you into bed; he surely found you both lying naked together, too. 
Swallowing your pride, you swivel around on your foot. “By the way… um, about last night.” 
He lifts his gaze, paying attention to you. “Yes?” 
“It… it doesn’t count.” You manage to say. “We were both drunk, and it’s hard to remember, anyway.” 
Taehyung furrows an intimidating brow of his. “I understand, but it still completely counts, Y/N. We had sex.” 
“We fell asleep before we could even orgasm, Tae.” You argue. “It doesn’t count, alcohol just makes us really horny.” 
“We were already horny before the alcohol, Y/N.” Taehyung reasons. “It does count; we couldn’t control ourselves and had sex, let’s consider it a draw.” 
You exclaim with confusion, hand finding your hip. “What? A draw? No way some drunk sex ends everything at a draw.” 
Your husband sighs behind his desk. “Yes it does, Y/N. Like you said, neither of us really remember it, so it’s no use analyzing who seduced who first. Let's act like grown ups and call it a fair draw, okay?” 
Scoffing, you fold your arms over your chest. “It was probably you who lost, anyway.” 
“It was you, actually.” Taehyung’s quick to bite back. “I have better tolerance and therefore better memory of last night; I remember you starting things, Y/N.” 
“We can’t be sure of that,” you retort. “We were both wasted and clearly very horny, you just don’t want to admit that you lost.” 
Taehyung crudely laughs. “Win or lose, drunk sex means a draw, end of discussion.” Your husband finalizes. “Even though it was technically you, I’m being nice and letting us end off on a draw; cherish my kindness, sweetie.” 
Indignation immediately floods your system, puffing your cheeks at him. “Shut up, you didn’t win for shit, your tolerance isn’t even that much better than mine.” 
“Yes it is.” 
“No it isn’t.” 
“Yes it is.” 
“No it isn’t.” 
“Yes it is!” 
“No it isn’t!” 
You and Taehyung immaturely fight again, stuck in a constant back and forth of who gave into who first. 
“Actually, it started at the dinner table when you couldn’t even keep your hands off me, you were clearly trying to make me horny!” You screech.
“Actually, it started when you purposefully wore that skirt and those thigh-highs, it wouldn’t be the first time you weaponized your outfits to make me horny!” He retaliates.
Hollering at each other for another five obnoxious minutes, you grow fed up. 
“Ugh! You’re an insufferable sore loser, you can never stand letting me be right with your damn ego!” You irritatedly shout.
“My ego? You never stand for an option where you’re wrong, you’re worse!” He loudly counters.
“Goddamnit, you’re so stubborn!” 
“You’re more stubborn!” 
“Fuck you, Taehyung. You know what? Let’s just never have sex again, yeah?” You condescendingly finalize. 
“Okay, fine, no sex.” Taehyung nonchalantly shrugs. “Suffer without it, you horny brat.” 
Your jaw drops at his audacity, eyes burning with anger. “Fine!” 
“Fine!” Taehyung yells after you, his eyes similarly simmering with frustration. 
“Fine, no sex!” 
“No sex!” He repeats. 
“No sex, ever again, never ever!” You bark.
You stare at him, and he stares at you. Your blood boils with anger underneath your skin, but your cunt vibrates, grinding your teeth to manage the feeling. Taehyung remains unbothered with his folded arms and reprimanding eyes, but his constant swallowing gives him away. 
Nobody says a word, nobody moves a muscle, and yet the tension enlivens whatever frustration is simmering, the energy absolutely palpable. 
Holding your gaze, Taehyung grinds his teeth, biceps tensing underneath his dress shirt as he seriously contemplates something. He lets out a long, deep sigh afterwards, shaking his head. “Godamnit, so what if I lose…” 
Suddenly, Taehyung kicks out his chair, abandoning his desk to walk over to you. He grabs your face faster than the speed of light, and crashes his lips against yours. 
You’re winded, eyes wide with shock at the sheer force of his kiss, but the carnality excites you, wantonly swinging your arms around his neck. His eager  hands glide down your body, feeling all of you in your thin babydoll before clasping the back of your thighs, encouraging you to jump. 
You instantly moan into his mouth when you hop into his arms, having missed the taste of him. He’d just had something sweet; the hint of vanilla cream and strawberries explodes over your taste buds, slithering your tongue further into his mouth.
Taehyung shudders out a deep groan, swirling his tongue around yours when greedy lust overwhelms him. He becomes impatient, effortlessly carrying you towards his long corduroy couch. Taehyung quickly seats himself as he positions you over his lap, his hands greedily wrapping around, hungirly embracing you.
He presses your body into his, encouraging you to grind your hips over him. He pries away for air, breathily speaking against your lips. “Not wearing anything underneath, huh?” 
You lightly chuckle, swiping your tongue over his pillowy lips. “Nothing at all.” 
With mischief gleaming in his eyes, Taehyung attacks your lips, making out with you shamelessly as his hands travel downwards, suddenly cupping your bare ass. He squeezes you, even teases your damp core in a way that makes you jump in his arms, squeaking. 
He heartily laughs before snatching the ends of your babydoll, his timbre husky when he speaks. “I really love this on you; a babydoll for my babydoll,” he pecks you, “but I’m tearing it off.” 
Simultaneously, Taehyung strips off your nightwear in one swift motion, leaving you bare over his clothed figure. Your fingers grapple onto his hair as your pussy earns god-like friction over his dress pants, whimpering like a needy slut. 
The feeling ignites an insatiable hunger inside you, biting down on Taehyung’s bottom lip. You tug on it, watching it bounce back to its place with dilated, ravenous eyes. His look of sheer bliss leaves you craving him like a drug, done with denying yourself your gorgeous husband. 
Grabbing his shirt, you pin Taehyung down on his couch, his eyes excitedly shimmering when his back crashes into the cushions. “Fuck, baby…” 
“I’ll go insane without you.” You unevenly breathe, fingers making quick work of his buttons. “Take this off, now.” 
Taehyung doesn’t need to be told twice, ripping open his shirt as your hands visit his pesky belt, nearly ripping it off him. Your husband eagerly watches as you shove down his pants, smirking as he tucks a casual hand underneath his head. “Seems like someone couldn’t go any longer.” 
Playfully narrowing your eyes at him, you suppress a laugh. “Says you of all people.” 
For your revenge, you clasp Taehyung’s unoccupied hand and tuck it against your soaked, dripping pussy folds. You let out a broken shudder, bracing your hands against his strong, expansive chest. Taehyung curses underneath his breath, fascinated by your wetness. 
“Shit, baby, you’re fucking soaked.” He coos. “Is this for me? Do I make my baby this wet?” 
You obediently nod, lightly grinding your hips into his hand, adoring the way his gigantic palm easily envelopes your cunt. You bite your lip to suppress raunchy moans, Taehyung’s caramel-smooth voice gracing your ears. “Do this over my cock, baby. Put me inside, yeah?” 
You mewl hearing his words, wrapping your palm around his erect member. You free him from the confines of his boxers, gushing brand new arousal when you feel how deliciously hard he is. His thick veins, his impressive girth, the delicious heft of him. Stroking his pulsing shaft, Taehyung melts underneath you; clearly you’re not the only one who’s been dying for sex. 
“Seems like someone couldn’t go any longer.” You mock him. 
“Fuck off.” 
“Fuck me, Taehyung.” 
He lightly laughs at your wittiness, and without further ado, you elevate your hips, aligning him with your entrance before piercing yourself on his dick. 
You gasp when he enters you, surprised by how large Taehyung feels. He’s always been big, but something about your recent promise of abstinence made Taehyung feel foreignly large, falling forward upon his body. 
It’s imperative you stop, digging your nails into his chest when the ache harms you. “Fuck…” 
Taehyung worriedly grips you. “What’s wrong, Princess?” 
“You’re big… you’re so big, Taehyung.”You struggle to speak, breathing through the intrusion of his flesh.
“Shit, I feel too big after a while, don’t I?” He curses, his hands rubbing up and down your sides, soothing you. “Take what you can, Princess, only what you can.” 
His gentle voice nearly waters your eyes, feeling your love for him meld with your incredible horniness. Your walls soak him in thereafter, as though Taehyung were returning home. The pain simmers long enough that pleasure explodes inside you, walls adjusting to his size. They pulse erratically, but adore the familiar insertion, welcoming him with open arms. 
Once you’re entirely speared over Taehyung’s cock, animalistic grunts leave you both. Your body feels as though it’s on white hot fire, and Taehyung’s stomach contracts attempting to hold back his load, hungry eyes beaming up at you from below. 
“Y/N, I swear to God…” He breathes, barely able to speak, throwing his head back to regain himself. “If you ride me right now, I’ll fill you with an entire fucking soccer team.” 
Ligtly chuckling, you elevate your hips, slowly drawing him out of your sex just to slowly sink back over him. You both shudder with pleasure at the electrifying sensation, hormones raging, bodies eager for each other. 
Taehyung’s tight groans drive your tenacity, slowly sliding his cock in and out of you until you become addicted to him, addicted to the feeling of him constantly entering and leaving you, filling the very end of you. His dick is akin to ecstasy, riding him as though nothing else could satiate you’re intense hunger.
You reach your hands back to clasp onto his thighs, letting your body bounce over his cock without shame. The drag of his flesh inside you feels earth-shattering, losing your mind to the explosive friction, the slippery, sloppy sliding. 
Taehyung becomes obsessed with the erotic scene before him, greedy hands worshipping your jostling body, his tender words praising you for the goddess you are. 
“Holy fuck, Y/N.” He groans with blown out eyes, gripping your maneuvering hips. “This so fucking hot, you literally drive me insane.” 
Eating up his words, you are gyrating your hips, serving your clit the attention it deserves. This time you lean forward, fingers digging into Taehyung’s taut stomach as you relish in his perfectly shaped member, feeling his thick veins and throbbing meat serve you heaven on a silver platter. 
Taehyung’s hand snakes up your body, lightly clasping around your neck. He listens to your moans heighten in pitch as he carefully grips your throat, watching your hips roll over his spasming meat. 
“My fucking god,” he swallows, timbre deep and husky—needy. “You’re the most gorgeous woman on Earth.” 
Simultaneously, Taehyung slips his fingers into your adjacent mouth, prompting you to swirl your tongue around his digits. Your moans become muffled as a result, eyes falling to your crazed husband beneath you. He eats up your fucked out expression, tears brimming your eyes as your orgasm deliciously simmers inside you, burning brightly between your thighs. 
You suck his fingers, riding him like a Harley, so close to losing yourself in the throes of your pleasure, it’s hard to maintain your equilibrium. Your head is spinning, your body is aching, blood is rushing so rapidly inside you you can’t even manage to keep up—you’re only able to register your cunt smothering Taehyung’s cock as though it were fostering a symbiotic relationship. 
Light-headedness plagues you before Taehyung suddenly rises from his laid position, drawing his fingers out of your mouth. He cautiously cradles your weak body against his front, protectively enveloping you in his warmth. 
“Stay with me, baby.” Taehyung purrs, softly throbbing inside your sex. “I know it’s good, but don’t let it all rush to your head; you’ll have a sub drop, babygirl.” His loving voice resurfaces you, feeling him guide your chin downwards to find his eyes. “Stay awake for me—I need more of you.” 
He casts some strands from your face as you deliriously nod, mimicking his calmer breaths. Once your breathing is more leveled, Taehyung’s gigantic hands weave around your ass. He grips you hard as he taked the wheel, controlling the tides of your sex, languidly, sensually fucking up into you. 
You whimper, sighing as Taehyung masterfully maneuvers your hips downwards as he thrusts up, burrowing a home inside you. He continuously sheaths himself inside your velvety walls as you gasp against his mouth, suppressing your moans. 
“Why are you being quiet, Princess?” He lightly reprimands, pecking your lips. 
“Mrs. Choi… and Seo,” you moan, hiding your flushed face in his neck. “They’ll hear us.” 
“Let them,” he growls in your ear, nibbling on the lobe. “Let them hear it; let them hear how good I fuck you.” 
Tired of holding yourself back, you relax every limb in your body, letting yourself openly react to your husband’s godly love-making. Your breasts jostle as you bounce up and down his cock, skin slapping against skin, addicted to the heat of his body. 
“God, how was I ever gonna survive without this, huh?” Taehyung groans, holding your body hostage as he jackhammers into you. “You and your perfect pussy? My pretty girl?” 
You gasp for dear life when Taehyung pierces himself so deep inside you, you nearly scream. “Fuck-!” Your body’s vibrating, ecstasy coursing through your veins as you lose all sense of sanity, hands clutching his sturdy shoulder for dear life. “Taehyung, let me reverse cowgirl you, turn me around.” You breathily request. 
Taehyung lets out a proud huff as he maneuvers you over him, positioning your back to face his front. You sigh out pronographically as he guides your hips over his cock this way. The leverage you gain is powerful, your palms grappling his knees to develop a crazy, pornographic pace over his dick. 
You indulge in the angle change, freely bouncing as you please. His flesh constantly scrapes your frontal walls, losing your mind. Taehyung lets out a string of breathy curses, fucking you from underneath in accordance with you. You reach back for support, your husband instantly intertwining your fingers as you incline forward, and he reclines back, both of you fucking each other like horny bunnies. 
Your salacious noises are endless, no doubt echoing throughout the house and reaching the working housekeepers in your home, but neither of you care when the sex was so god-tier, your orgasms feel as though they’ll be cosmic.
“Fuck, fuck fuck fuck, baby, slow down.” Taehyung warns you, hissing with pleasure. “I’m literally gonna cum, holy shit I can’t hold back.” 
“Then don’t,” you coo, swiveling your hips over his perfect cock, toes curling with undeniable pleasure. “Fill me up, Taehyung. I meant what I said last night, I want your babies.” 
“I meant what I said, too.” He suddenly tugs your back flush agains his front, embracing you from behind. He morphs his fast and hard thrusts into slow, deep strokes, moaning into your ear. “I’ll give you all the babies you want.” 
You bite your lip as you whimper, hugging his hands around your stomach as he intimately fucks you, laying affectionate kisses across your naked shoulder. Your hand snakes into his hair behind you, sighing pleasurably as he kisses your pulse point, languidly making love to you. 
“Tae… don’t drag this out.” You beg, gripping his locks. “I need to cum, it’s been too fucking long.” 
“Yeah? Want me to make cum?” He huskily whispers, hands closing around your breasts to fondle them, seductively caressing your nipples. You jolt with white hot electricity, whimpering over him with a nod. 
He suddenly lays a hand on your tit, lightly slapping it. “How many times do I have to tell you about words, Y/N?” 
You shudder as essence oozes out of you, coating his throbbing dick. “Yes, Taehyung, please.” 
You feel him smirk against your skin, suddenly gripping you. “Then you better hold on tight, babe.” 
Swiftly, Taehyung lifts you up from the couch and shoves you against the coffee table in front of you, pinning your front to the frigid, cherry wood surface. It takes you some seconds to realize you’re bent over, ass out for him before he plunges back inside your pulsing pussy, grappling onto your hips. 
Your fingers scratch the table as Taehyung delivers hard, rough thrusts from behind, fucking you with delicious ferality. He pleasures himself to the nines, grunting animalistically as he gives it to you. “God, your ass, Princess, I’m in love.” 
You moan loudly, shoving your face into the table. “Fuck, Taehyung, my clit, please fucking touch my clit.” 
Taehyugn doesn’t need repetition, slithering his hand towards your throbbing pearl and fondling it with tight circles, drawing tantalizing patterns. You practically screech, shivering with pleasure as he fucks you senseless, does you right in every possible way. 
Your husband’s hips slam against yours with each thrust, each precise stroke coiling that wire inside you so, so tight, you’re crying out with unprecedented pleasure. 
“Fuck, I need to see your face,” Taehyung breathes, releasing a throaty groan. “Let me see your pretty face when you moan like that, baby.” 
Taehyung grabs where he must to turn you on your back, effortlessly man-handling you. He hands slam either side of you, now entangled in an incredibly intimate missionary position. Your legs automatically lock around Taehyung's waist, and his hands cradle the back of your thighs, spreading you wider. 
He brokenly groans when he shoves himself deeper inside you, his face mere inches from yours. “Holy fucking shit, fuck…” 
“Such a foul mouth, Mr. Kim.” You tease, voice lilting with a moan when he thrusts into you. 
“Sex this nasty with a gorgeous wife like you can do that to a man.” He snarks, burrowing deeper to reach the end of you. Your eyes physically glimmer with wanton need as he strokes your fluttering sex, feeling your heart glow brighter which each delicious fuck. Taehyung hoists one of your legs up on his shoulder, cradling it to him as he becomes impossibly close, smothering your smaller body underneath. He cleverly rolls his hips, serving both himself and your throbbing clit. 
You moan against his mouth, Taheyung relishing in your breathy little reactions. His other hand slips underneath your head to cushion you, holding you as though you were the most precious thing in the world to him. His beautiful coffee irises pierce yours, ensnaring your heart.
“Princess…” he breathes, grunting as he rocks his hips. “I love you; I love making love to you.” 
Your chest explodes with colours, eyes revealing your emotion as you keep his gaze. 
“That’s why… I like having sex. It’s not about getting my dick wet… or blowing my load in you…” he shudders out a painful moan as he slows down his thrusts, no doubt pulsing with his release. “I love feeling your skin on mine, being intimate with you, feeling our bodies move like they belong together.” 
You swallow back tears; something about the sincerity in his voice softens you, puddy in his hands. 
“I love making you feel good, I love seeing the pleasure in your eyes, the way your body craves me. I love it all, baby, I love you.” He affectionately coos, passionately shoving himself inside you. “And I want us… to have a baby. I want a little me and you running around, I want to have a family with you, to share my life with you.” 
It’s no surprise moisture floods your vision, sniffling it away. “Taehyung…” 
“So please, never think I’m only here for the sex. I’m here for you, I’m in this because I love you, Y/N.” His tone seeps with saccharine sweet truth, watching his coffee orbs softly swirl. “And I wanna show it to you like this, by making love to you—making love for hours and hours until you finally grasp how I feel about you.” 
Emotions clogs your chest with undeniable tears, narrowly able to manage them before a sudden long, deep stroke of his ultimately unravels you—both physically and emotionally. Your hands clutch his bread-like cheeks, eyes glistening with genuity. “I love you more, Tae.” You coo. “I love making love with you, I want to share a family with you, too.” You speak from the heart, feeling every cell in your body vibrate with such intense arousal, you suddenly erupt with an earth-shattering orgasm, nearly blacking out. 
This feels far too powerful compared to a regular orgasm, though, left completely winded, body jelly-like. It’s only when you feel something incredibly wet dribbling down your thighs do you sense what’s really happening. 
“Fuck, oh fucking hell… baby, you just squirted.” You hear your husband enthusiastically voice. “Oh that’s sexy, that’s so fucking sexy.” Taehyung’s voice is rich with fascination, his cock picking up the pace inside you. “Oh shit, I’m coming, I can’t hold it back—” 
“Come, Taehyung, come inside me.” You sweeten your tone, sloppily kissing him. “Come inside my tight pussy, baby.”
And Taehyung paints your walls entirely white with his hot, abundant cum, letting out a feral grunt that indicates the sheer size of his load. He hisses as he slowly fucks you, watching your fluids mix together between your bodies. 
“Shit…” he lightly curses, viewing your chest constantly rise and fall, your legs terribly trembling. He gains enough viable strength to draw out of you, your cunt immediately leaking out his seed, but Taehyung’s quick to swipe it back inside you, tucking his palm against your battered hole. 
“Soak my cum back in, baby.” Taehyung softly requests. “Let me feel you do it.” 
Following alon , you squeeze your walls as firmly as possible, letting him feel your fluttering pussy. 
“Fuck,” he breathes, fascinated as he watches. You’re barely conscious, only able to register his words and movements, but your surroundings are fading, limbs utterly spent. 
You nearly fall over when you attempt to rise, Taehyung catching you in his arms with panic. “Woah, woah, are you okay, Princess?” 
Taehyung seats himself back on his couch, cradling you in his sheltering arms over his lap. He curls your hair behind your ear, analyzing your sleepy, exhausted features. “Was it too much, baby?” 
You can’t even speak, simply shaking your head—only one thing remains fresh on your mind. “Let’s… never… do that again.” 
Fondly chuckling at your weary state, Taehyung presses his lips to your temple, affectionately kissing you. “Never again, babe.” 
Smiling at that, you cozy into his chest, letting sleep drift you away from the real world. You’re almost a happy goner when you hear your husband’s rich, caramel voice, his palm rubbing your back.
“So… wanna go for round two?” 
You pry an eye open, shooting him a puzzled look. “Wh-what? 
Taehyung snorts. “Round two, babe, in our sex dungeon. Did you really think you could make me go sexless for a week and I wouldn’t want to fuck you for hours?” 
Swallowing, your eyes soften with pleading. “Taehyung, you’re insane!” 
“What’s insane is that I didn’t get to make love to you for 6 days,” he counters, grabbing your chin to lift it, his amused eyes meeting yours. “Now I’m going to make up for each day I didn’t get to, starting with a little surprise.” He suddenly leans down towards your ear, letting his lips ever-so-faintly brush you. 
“I’m edging you with the very same vibrator you dared touch yourself with.” He grits, fierce eyes piercing your very soul. “And we’re gonna do it for each and every time you disobeyed me.” 
Choking on air, your eyes widen, begging for Taehyung to grant you mercy, but he only shoots back an evil, devilish grin, spelling your inevitable doom—you’re not surviving this at all.
Your erotic, needy moans resound around your home later that day as Taehyung deliciously punishes you, bouncing off the walls to even reach your silent listeners downstairs.
Mrs. Choi and Seo can’t help but giggle together as they vacuum the first level, their cheeks coloured a bright red. 
“My my, what young love they have.” Mrs. Choi light-heartedly jokes. 
Mrs. Seo snickers in response, knowingly smiling. “I have a feeling they’ll stay young for a long, long time.”
Tumblr media
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joonberriess · 3 months ago
s e x t a l k
Tumblr media
p a i r i n g : jungkook x reader x taehyung
g e n r e : friends w/benefits au
t a g s : roommates!tae and jk, hook-ups, reader’s hot girl summer is here, sneaky link(s), unprotected sex, creampies, oral sex (m & f receiving), fuckboys!tae and jk, dom/sub undertones, possessive!jk, threesomes, degradation, tiny amount of crack+fluff, simps!jk & th, double penetration (two dicks, one hole)
s u m m a r y : you’re seeing two hotties on the down low, getting your back blown out every other night by either one. that is until you find out they’re roommates..
w o r d c o u n t : 6.1 k
Tumblr media
It's officially summertime and you don't plan on doing much unless your friends decide otherwise. You spend your days going out with them to various places such as the beach, clubbing, and house parties of mutual friends alike. It's fun because you meet all sorts of new people and come out with more connections (like a new weed dealer etc).
It's during your nightly escapades that you meet Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook. They're friends of your friend Hoseok and some acquaintances you have seen around campus. You already knew of them before because a friend of your friend talked about Jungkook's dick game and some other girl had exposed a sex tape of Taehyung giving her the best head of her damn life. To say you weren't a little curious about them would be a lie.
As much as your interest is piqued by them you don't make a move or show motivation to look for them. If life so happened to put them your way then so be it. You go on with your life like nothing and occasionally run into the two on separate occasions. Though you're only connected through Hoseok who's your bestfriend since eighth grade.
Hoseok takes you to a kickback a classmate of yours is throwing, the party's pretty chill and you wander around talking to everyone because somehow you know them. Hoseok's probably off getting his dick wet or something but you don't bring yourself to care because you're happy for the man. You choose to sit with a group of people well known for being potheads etc.
"y/nnnnnnnn!" Jackson throws his arm around your shoulder, "Been waiting for you to show out all night where the fuck you been?" He laughs, obviously a little cross faded.
You pat him with a grunt and sit back, "Hoseok wanted to eat before so we went for burgers." You mumble and reach for the joint he's holding in his hand. There's a few people you don't recognize and they're all girls sitting around with the likes of Jooheon and Bobby, even Taehyung's here but you brush his presence off.
To these (most likely freshmen) you're a surprise with how casual you are with them. In fact people knew you as a cool, well "chill" person. You had a reputation as a pothead and was well liked by most people you came across, and if you were feeling more scandalous they'd come to know the guys you hooked up with called you a throat goat. Other than that you were well off in school.
"Heard you was back for the summer," Bobby coughs as he hands his joint off to the person next to him, "where'd you go..?"
You take a long drag from the joint, relishing in the good quality as the smoke fills your lungs. "LA," you curtly reply, "shit's crazier over there." You mumble and let out the smoke after a few minutes.
The boys nod collectively, taking hits alongside you as they leave it at that and turn to give their company attention. You relax into the couch, listening to Jackson's wild rants and ideas about life. Your eyes flicker up occasionally and you see Taehyung staring at you and he pays no mind to the girl kissing up his neck.
You hold the joint in your mouth, sitting up and adjusting your jeans all the while keeping your eyes on him. He's hot and he knows what he's doing. You're unsure whether he's ever heard of you but you know you're a familiar face. Taehyung doesn't move at all and flickers his eyes from your face to your waist, tongue peeking out as he licks his upper lip.
His smug little face and playful smile makes you wanna be the one to sit in his lap, but you aren't no thief. He's a taken man for the night and if he wants you.. well he knows what to do.
You get tired of sitting around and pat Jackson to let him know you're leaving. A chorus of 'byes' echo, and you walk away from the circle with the joint tucked between your lips.
You get a few "hey y/n" as you pass by people dancing and drinking. You wave them off and head to a different area to get yourself a couple shots etc. You join a couple girls who offer some shots to you, and soon enough there's ass being thrown back at you and you're still clinging to the tiny burned out joint between your fingertips.
"Hold on," you mumble and make your way back into the kitchen for some water. A body slides up beside you and you see a familiar fluff of black hair, "Hey.." You mumble to Taehyung.
"Was wondering where you went, Jackson sent me with this for you, said something about it bein' for last week." Taehyung dropped a baggy of pre-rolls next to you on the counter, setting his arm down as he caged you between the fridge and him.
You nod slowly acknowledging the gift and continuing on with your search for some water. It comes as a surprise for you to be interacting with Taehyung. "Thought you were busy, need something?" You mumble out once you feel his chest brush against your back.
His cologne is strong but it suits him and you want to smell some more but in your weed fueled mind you find it weird. "Aren't you friends with Seok? How come he's never introduced us? I'm sure we'd make really good friends.." His voice goes a pitch lower towards the end, raspy from the joint he smoked earlier.
Shivers go down your spine and you lick your dry lips unconsciously. "I am and that makes you only Seok's friend. Not mine." You look up at him feeling nervous cause he's so handsome up close and you wonder how all those girls he fucked could maintain any eye contact at all.
Taehyung chuckles softly at your words, "You're so mean," he hummed, eyes half lidded and smile lazy, "you really don't wanna be my friend? Hm...?" He leaned closer with his face mere inches away from yours.
You stare back, a million of things running through your head all at once. Were his lips as soft as his face looked..? Was he a good kisser? Does he French kiss? You wondered all these things and without hesitating you brought him down for a kiss, smacking your lips against his with your arms around his neck. Damn did it feel good.
Taehyung responded almost immediately, hands going down to grip your waist as his thumbs dug into your hips. You tugged him closer to you with your movements a bit rushed and sloppy from the weed in your system. You're both making out furiously in the kitchen harshly breathing through your noses. He reaches down to cup your ass and give it a squeeze through your jeans, moaning into your mouth because of the fat spilling through his fingers.
He hoists you up onto the counter, pulling back to attack your neck with a flurry of kisses. You pant softly and bury your hands in his soft hair to ground yourself. He pulls you closer, dragging you to the edge of the counter and pressing his crotch against yours. You can feel the thick bulge hidden away in his pants, you whine quietly and reach down to stroke him through his jeans.
"Tae," you breathlessly mutter, "fuck me.."
Taehyung grunts softly and grinds his hips into small circles, "My car's parked out in the front, let's go?" He breathes out against your lips, hands already slipping into your jeans and cupping your soft ass cheeks in his hands, idly squeezing the bubbly flesh.
"No," you pull back and stare into his eyes, "right here. Right now." You purred licking his lip as you watched his face morph into one of surprise and shock. He looked like he didn't believe you, so you showed him exactly what he was asking for when he decided to mess with you.
The whole school that night watched in awe as Taehyung pounded you raw on that very counter in front of everyone. People knew you were bold bold and didn't give a shit about anyone's opinions but not Taehyung. He went home still in shock, refusing to even talk about it with Jungkook (who you learned very much later on was his roommate).
It's all his friends talk about and they even make fun of him for it. They say you slut Taehyung out in front of everyone, out freaking him in what he did best. Fucking. He didn't say anything to argue with them. It was true, and now that he had a taste of you he didn't want to stop.
Shit only gets better from there as you and Taehyung see each other more and more. He's obsessed with you at this rate, you ruined any form of sex he liked and all he could do was hope you were free and down to see each other. He was lucky because you were very much enthusiastic to indulge the man.
Something you loved about Taehyung was the way this man gave head, you could lay there for hours with his head between your thighs. It was an added bonus the things he could do with his tongue that had you creaming and shaking.
It feels like time slows down as the heavy pleasure weighs down on you. Your lips part in a silent 'o' as your shaky hands come down to grip his soft curly locks. He's got one hand gripping the back of your knee, lifting your leg up in the air while the other mindlessly floats in the air to get that angle. Your panties are strewn around your dangling ankle and you're wearing only one of Taehyung's old band t-shirts you found on his bed.
Taehyung makes a loud slurping noises and his saliva coats your plump and swollen clit. You push his side a little to the side and sigh loudly when a new wave of pleasure hits you. "There.." You mumble breathily, holding his head in place as your hips grind in slow small circles against his tongue.
He doubles his efforts and lets out a soft moan as the vibrations make your hips jump. He practically smothers his face in your cunt and moves his head side to side with his lips firmly attached to your clit. You let out a broken cry, back arching forward as you went stiff. You desperately pushed your hips up against his mouth and breathily whined because it felt soo good and he was hitting all the right spots.
Taehyung reached with his free hand to slide at least two fingers into the creamy mess as he pushed them in with a audible squelch. Your eyes flutter shut for a second, chest heaving as you throw your head back and stare up at the ceiling because Taehyung knocks the air out of you. He doesn't start the pace slow, no, he immediately plunges both fingers in and out of you at a fast pace. He's got them curled so he hits that special place inside of you.
You melt against the sheets and moan louder because he's sucking on your clit and pairing it with his perfectly timed strokes. You let go of his hair and grab on to the pillows with breathless moans and whines, "God Tae, fuck keep going," you moan and let your head roll back on to the pillow, "gonna cum.."
He can feel your pussy tightening around his fingers and he grins softly against your wet folds. He pulls back to watch your blissed out face as you squirm on the sheets below him. He doesn't stop jabbing his fingers upward, pace getting faster and faster until he sees the familiar quiver of your thighs. "Cum," he grins as he places a hand on your pelvis and holds you down, "get 'em nice and wet... Bet you won't even need lube cause you got a sloppy little cunt, 's drooling for me, beggin' for me to put my cock in and fuck you stupid."
You let out a long moan at his words and feel your clit throb as your orgasm slowly hits. You're left utterly breathless, heart beating a little too hard in your chest as you try and get his hand to stop. He fucks you through your orgasm and only slows down when he sees that the overstimulation is hitting. "Gonna take my cock like a good little slut?" He asks as he taps the tip against your drenched folds.
"Mmhm." You nod and open your shaky legs even further, "I don't want it slow Tae," you mumble softly though the way your eyes droop tell another story.
Taehyung laughs under his breath and hooks your legs around his hips, he leans over your body and pumps his cock through the mess you made. "Want it hard?" He croons softly, "And how's that? You can barely even stay awake."
You hummed, "Fuck me slow then, gonna relax." You softly say and bring your hand down and join his as you stroke his hard throbbing cock. You take his cock and position it at your messy pussy, biting back a moan as he slowly rolls his hips forward. "Fuck.." You sigh.
Taehyung's in bliss his lips fall open as he moans quietly, the sound that comes from your pussy has his mind reeling. He takes ahold of your hips and holds you nice and steady as he begins to roll his hips forward. You lick your dry lips and set your hands next to your head as you grip the pillow. Your pussy's a little sore from the rough fingering but this slow pace makes up for it.
He pants quietly as he quickens his pace but never fully presses into you. He doesn't quite pound you but the pace is fast enough that it leaves you out of breath. You reach down to gentle rub at your clit in slow small circles, eyes locked on Taehyung's as he fucks you. He's biting his lip, focusing on the way you rub yourself and the way his cock slides in and out.
There's a ring of white cream that comes when Taehyung pulls out, he slows down to watch the way your pussy creams some more. His breath stutters as he reaches down to smear around his cock before he pushes his hips to the hilt and stays there balls deep within you. You softly moan at the feeling of him being all the way inside of you, "Mmm-right there..." You lift your hips up to lazily rut against him, "Shit-"
Taehyung hisses softly, "Hold on baby," he pulls out swiftly and lays down next to you, patting your thigh as a signal, "get on baby, ride me like you mean it."
Your mouth waters at the sight of his cream coated cock, you want to lick it all up but you suppose maybe afterwards. "Lay all the way back," you mumble and throw your leg over his waist as you straddle him, "like that." You grab his cock once more and hover over it as you push down with a long quiet moan.
Taehyung's eyes fall shut and he rolls his head back as he squeezes your ass in appreciation. You bite your lip and pick yourself up only to drop down in his lap with a wet smack. He groans a little louder, clearly not expecting you to do that.
"Fuck..!" He gasps out.
You grin down at him and brace your hands on his chest as you begin to ride him like no tomorrow. You're bouncing in his lap with audible loud slaps as your ass connects with his pelvis. Your pussy's making a loud wet noise and the bed's creaking just a little from the force of your bounces. Taehyung's moaning louder, hands holding on to dear life as you ride the hell out of him.
Your head is thrown back, moans flowing freely and hips moving quickly. Your thighs ache but it isn't too bad because you like to ride and when you have control it's all over for your partner. You prop yourself up with your hands coming behind you to settle on his thighs as you lift your hips and slam down just as hard. You're building up a sweat and you're getting a little louder with your noises of pleasure.
"Fuck y/n," Taehyung pants, he hates and loves when you do this because the pleasure's so damn good but at the same time it always makes him cum faster. "Shit, shit, slow down," He cries out as he feels his cock throb pathetically and his lower stomach coils.
You moan loudly and swirl your hips in a slow circle, "Fuck no, gonna cum," you moan out.
He helplessly cries out as you resume your punishing pace. He grits his teeth and focuses on the wet slide and clapping noises the come from your filthy fucking. Taehyung lets out a long loud moan when he's hit with his orgasm, he feels boneless afterwards and has to slow you down cause the tug on his cock feels too much. You grind against him and reach down to rub you clit quickly to join him in his afterglow.
Moments later you're collapsing next to him on the bed with a breathless huff, "My fuckin' cunt feels numb and my thighs are shaking.."
Taehyung pants, looking at you like he's either in love or he's "mad". "You're insane, my fuckin' dick almost fell off cause you were going crazy." He said as he rolled back to stare up at the ceiling while he tried to catch his breath.
You smirk to yourself, "There's a lot of cum in me," you softly add. Taehyung's cock gives a weak twitch and it has you laughing because he's shameless.
Whenever Taehyung's busy you find yourself meeting with Jungkook instead. You had met the guy when Hoseok brought him along for bbq one night. He tried wooing you like he did to those helpless girls back on campus but you ran the game so shit like that didn't work. You took the chance to speak with him when Hoseok went to the bathroom as you looked at him dead on.
"I'm not looking for a relationship either and if I'm being honest I've been wanting to fuck you for a while now so why don't we just cut to the chase and you can give me your insta or whatever the fuck you feel comfortable with, yeah?" You try to give him a friendly smile but it's kinda dumb so you settle for your resting bitch face.
Jungkook's sitting there looking shocked as hell, "Oh." He didn't realize his intentions towards you were THAT obvious. He shrugs and drops his whole prince charming façade as he smirks playfully, "Well I mean I didn't know you get down like that," he calmly says, "but me and you? We're gonna get along justtttt fine." He grins.
And so you do...
Whenever you so happen to not be busy with Taehyung, Jungkook hits you up and you both meet at your place because he works nearby and usually he tends to ask you whenever he's getting off work. You think you're getting a reasonable and healthy amount of dick, probably why you're so stress free at school and seem in better moods. Hoseok makes fun of you for it too.
Jungkook excelled in all aspects of sex, you thought Taehyung was the only one? Boy were you proved wrong. Somehow, someway Jungkook pushed you to your limits and did things that brought out a whole new side of you. Taehyung made you wet, had you fucking creaming from a fingering session but Jungkook? Jungkook could do the same shit but had you squirting.
Now you aren't much of a squirter, you only come across that whenever you push yourself and keep going after your orgasms. Jungkook didn't even have to try, he'd have you squirting on the first try whether he was using his fingers, tongue, or cock. You almost said "I love you" from a particular fucking that had left you crying softly and shaking.
You compare the both of them. Taehyung's more of a "let me drag this out" type of pleasure as he teases and builds you up. Jungkook gets to it because "there's more where that came from" as he gives you orgasms back to back. Not to mention their heavenly cocks. Taehyung's a little above average, he's got a thick girth and veiny shaft. Jungkook's a little more longer than Taehyung, equally thick yet curved so he's hitting all those right spots.
You wonder which world did you save in your past life to get this lucky with the both of them?
Jungkook likes lingerie, not those over the top sets but maybe a matching set or a pair of raunchy lace panties or one pieces. You indulge him cause you're hot and you think you look fucking delicious in lingerie. What you buy certainly blows his mind.
You end up getting a black lace one piece, it hugs your curves in all the right places and the chest part is lace see-through. You adjust the straps on your shoulders and do a double take on your ass cause you can't stop staring at it. "Fuck it." You mumble and get your phone as you snap a series of pictures. You send them to Taehyung, Jungkook, your friend, and then your other friend cause you want the hype.
Jungkook had sent you a 'i'm here' text right when your picture sent. You grin because shit's about to hit the fan.
Jungkook ended up liking the lingerie too much cause he was overzealous to get his hands on you.
You end up getting fucked on your bed with your legs thrown over his shoulders. You got your tit hanging out of the lingerie as it jiggles in tandem with his thrusts. He had only yanked the piece to the side and stuck his cock in that way. You weren't complaining cause it had cost you a bit too much for you not to end up getting fucked in it.
"Jungkook...!" You huff out, somehow Jungkook always manages to get you to moan louder and step out of your little quiet zone. 
The rhythmic sound of skin slapping against skin fills the room as Jungkook slams his pelvis into yours and watches the way your ass jiggles back at him. He's got his dark eyes set on your bouncing jiggling tits, occasionally reaching up to flick his thumb over your pebbled nipple. You get goosebumps all over and release a soft moan at the tingling sensation that comes from your chest. 
"Gonna let me be the only one to have this pussy doll?" He groans and emphasizes his words with a harsh slap of his hips that jostles you, "Hm? Gonna stop being a slut and letting anyone have it? All they gotta do is mention their dicks and you'll be right there with your legs wide open isn't that right?" He coos and grabs on to your tit hard. 
You garble out a moan and arch your back, he's got your knees shaking weakly as you struggle to keep them from sliding off his shoulders. "Y..es.." You whimper, pussy fluttering like crazy from his little dirty talk. 
Jungkook grins, "Right," he mocks as his hips grind deep into yours, "Bet you don't even know what the hell I just told you. Too cock stupid to even understand huh baby?" He muses out as he lets your tit go in favor of slithering his hand up your throat and holding you in place. "Answer me doll." 
Your tongue peeks out and you slowly lick your lips watching as he goes feral from it, "Only yours," and right when you see his familiar cocky grin overcome his features you add a, "for today." He loses all cool and plows you. 
"Oh yeah baby?" Jungkook growls as he squeezes your throat tight and hammers into your soppy pussy. He's relentless and his stamina comes out into play as he takes you by surprise and slams into you harder and harder. To the point you're squirting bits of slick every few seconds and making a mess on your sheets below. 
Your body moves upwards with each thrust as he sends you to cloud nine. You're crying softly because it's overwhelming you, the pleasure comes in hot punishing spurts as it makes you squirm like crazy. "Shit...! Jungkook..!" You whisper out as your eyes squeeze shut, mouth falling open as moans flow freely. 
"Fucking slut." He growls as he keeps his eyes set on you, "Opening your legs and giving out what's mine. You may be letting others fuck ya baby but just remember," his voice drops an octave as he whispers in your ear, "who makes you squirt? Who makes you cry.." He whispers and lets his tongue run over your ear lobe. 
You come undone from just that, crying out loudly and going stiff when you squirt around the man and get the sheets below drenched. "Fuck! Fuck!" You cry out, head thrown back and body shuddering from his thrusts. 
Jungkook pants into your ear, shuddering from the way you clench tightly around his cock. He rolls his hips forward a few more times until he's coming inside and filling you with his thick gooey cum. It makes you quiver, hands weakly pushing at his hips as you're left unable to speak or do much. 
"Fuck baby," He sighs, content from the rough session of sex, "see you next week." He mumbles out giving your thigh a pat of appreciation. 
You hum, definitely looking forward to next time..
Now, how long did you really think you were going to keep fucking both of the homies without anyone of them finding out? You figured not long because Jungkook was slowly starting to hit you up whenever Taehyung did or whenever you were with one of them vice versa. Up until now they didn't know cause you always fucked Taehyung while Jungkook was out at work, and Jungkook always went over to your place. 
Things were working in harmony until one day when they weren't. 
You're getting your back blown out by Taehyung in his goddamn living room for fucks sake. Broad daylight and you're bent over the arm of the couch whining and panting as he sends you to another dimension. "Fuckkk." You drag out as he sets his hands on your lower back to make you arch even further. 
"Lift your leg a little," Taehyung grunts out as he slows down to a slow grind so that you had time to change your position without him jostling you.
You go to do as he says when you hear the front door opening, you look up lazily with your tongue poking out when suddenly a familiar black bucket hat walks into the room. Taehyung mumbles something about his roommate being early. Holy shit. You're frozen and in shock, how could you not have noticed? 
Taehyung always did describe his roommate to be like Jungkook at times and he even let a few details slip like "oh Kook's probably dropping by for something later" or "Kook's bringing pizza in case you wanna stay". Stupid, stupid. You mentally berate yourself for not piecing the evidence together. You have seen Jungkook's shoes in the front for fucks sake! 
Jungkook tosses his bucket hat to the side and sighs, tossing his keys into a bowl and running a hand through his hair. "Hey Tae." He goes to greet the other when his eyes suddenly land on your bent form, butt naked as the day you were born and hickeys covering your throat (proud work from Taehyung). 
Taehyung hums, "Hey Kook." He greets as if he isn't balls deep in you. 
Jungkook is quiet for a few more seconds before he puts two and two together and he lets out a breath of disbelief, "Hm.. I see what's going on here." He pushes his tongue against his cheek looking pissed off, "You know when I said you let just about anyone have it you sure know how to pick 'em don't you y/n?" He mocks as he steps forward. 
"What?" Taehyung mumbles as he pulls back just a little before it clicks in his head too, "She's fuckin' you too Kook?" He chuckles lazily, "Finally the girl who's got you by your balls has been revealed, Kook over here was going crazy over this little pussy of yours." He croons in your ear and gives your pussy a pat. 
"Oh yeah asshole? Well now I know the girl you fucking simp over and take photos of so you can hang them in your room." Jungkook sneers back as he folds his arms over his chest.
 You're mildly alarmed by Jungkook's words and look back at Taehyung with a unimpressed look, "Really dude? Couldn't have just asked? Just sayin'." You softly say, "Whatever grinds your gears." 
"I'm not a fucking pervert!" Taehyung groans, "Listen you just gonna stand there or you gonna let me go back to what I was doing?" He says to Jungkook in annoyance, "My dick's about to go soft with just the sight of you." 
"Fine, but I want in too." Jungkook grins as he takes his jacket off. 
He what now? 
Surely he isn't serious, at least you think he isn't..
 Then you find yourself in a predicament. You're in Taehyung's lap facing Jungkook as he's sliding his cock through the slippery mess of lube and slick. You're terrified out of your mind to even think of having them both in you at the same time. Taehyung's more relaxed, cock throbbing from inside you as he watches with hazy eyes as Jungkook works his own cock inside alongside his. 
"Holy shit," Jungkook grits his teeth as he digs his nails into your thighs, "still so fucking tight." He mutters and inches in to you slowly. 
You let out a low whine of fear but that's not the point, your cunt's tense and so are you. It feels like pressure and a small twinge of pain from your perineum stretching, like a small stinging/burning sensation. It's not uncomfortable and you can bear with it. It just feels like time is ticking by really slow for you. 
"Almost there," Jungkook says as he eases another inch or two into you. 
Taehyung kisses on your shoulder and neck to distract you from the pain as he reaches down between Jungkook and you to fondle your swollen clit. You softly moan, feeling more wetness get coaxed out of you, "Just move, can't bottom out with Tae inside." You murmur softly, "I'm good, promise." 
Jungkook shares a look with Taehyung and the two give in, "Tap my thigh if it's too much." Taehyung relents as he adjusts his grip on you, "Okay?" 
You nod in affirmation and a tiny gasp leaves you when Jungkook begins to thrust in to the best  of his abilities. Taehyung waits a little and then rolls his hips forwards to join Jungkook's. They create this rhythm, one goes in and the other is barely sliding back out though both cocks stretch you to your limits and your g-spot is being hit dead on by you don't know. 
"Oh god," you whimper and throw your head back on Taehyung's shoulder, "fuck meeee..!" You whined out as your thighs shook a little more than usual, "So fucking deep." You gasped. 
Jungkook grunted quietly as he focused on the tempo he and his friend had set. It felt heavenly, the tight fit around his cock sent tremors down his spine. He could feel the disgusting wet slide of his cock rubbing against Taehyung's shaft whenever he was pushing in and the latter was pulling back out. Taehyung was quietly panting against your shoulder as he holds you tight in his arms. 
You rock between the two of them, low whimpers and cries leaving your lips due to the burning pleasure you feel. Your toes curl and you lift your hips a little seeing stars bursting behind your eyelids, "Oh shit!" You cry, it had made both cocks stroke your sensitive walls and cause more pleasure for you. 
You can't escape them, if you move up you're basically pushing up into Jungkook and feeling Taehyung slide back out. It's equally mind blowing and you just don't want this to stop ever despite feeling full and stretched out. 
"Greedy little slut," Jungkook grunts out of nowhere, "couldn't just have one cock now could you? Had to go and find a way to satisfy this slutty pussy didn't you?" He pants softly as he leans down to suck hickeys on to your skin, "Maybe we shouldn't even let you cum, do you even deserve it after being a bad girl and fucking Taehyung behind my back?" 
Taehyung lets out a little grunt, "Pump and dump," He replies, "I mean how many times we make this greedy little slut cum Jungkook? I think it's only fair we get to cum this time don't you think baby?" He asks you with a soft moan in your ear. 
You tremble a little, panting as your pussy flutters around their cocks and tightens just a tiny bit because the telltale signs of your orgasm is building up. Jungkook slaps your cheek lightly, "Pay attention now baby, we asked you something." 
"Mmmmm.... told you, you weren't the only ones." You softly reply because you're out of it, close to coming and feeling like you'll pass out. 
They smirk at your little snarky reply, deciding to set a unforgiving pace as they rock into you harshly now. It jostles you and weak cries are leaving your mouth, you're so so close and you reach down to rub your clit in slow circles. Taehyung sees this and replaces your hand with his own, playing and slapping your swollen bud. 
"Tae..! Jungkook...!" You call out and without any warning you cum hard, shaking and gasping. 
Jungkook bites his lips and yanks his cock out, "Fuck get her over here, gonna put that mouth to good use." He pants as he holds his lubed up cock. 
Taehyung struggles to get you to bend over just a little in his lap as he pushes you towards Jungkook, "Open wide baby," he purrs softly, "give Kook a treat for treating you so nicely." 
Your lips part and you open your mouth to take in Jungkook's wet cock. It's drenched in the flavored lube and some tangy saltiness from his pre-cum and your slick. He tangles his hand in your hair and bobs your head at the pace he wants to go, sighing and moaning. "Fuckkkk, like that baby you're doing so fucking good for me." He smirks. 
Taehyung grips your hips, rocking you back and forth on his lap as he focuses on his own release. He pants and moans lowly, lips forming a small 'o' as he throws his head back with his eyes closed, "Shit she's so fucking wet Kook can barely fuckin' feel her." 
"Slut's all fucked out, prolly even gaping from two cocks being stuffed into her slutty pussy." Jungkook groans in return as his hips stutter, "Shit, shit, shit," He moans long and loud as he cums down your throat, making you gag and sputter around his cock. 
Taehyung's orgasm hits him cause the sounds of you slobbering all over Jungkook comes straight from a wet dream or something. He slumps into the couch with a low whine because his cock is twitching and spurt after spurt of cum fills you. "Shit that's so fucking sexy." 
"Did so good," Jungkook smirks as he pulls out of your mouth and watches you cough up a little cum and saliva, "so, so good.." He pats you. 
You're fucked out, everything in your body is screaming at you to go and lie down cause you were tired. You fought off a wave of sleepiness as your body slowly cooled down and your body just relaxed after the orgasm they both gave you. "Want a bath... and a nap." You softly say. 
Both men stare down at you with fondness in their eyes, "Yeah? You want some wings too?" Jungkook teases cause he knows you're very tired and probably talking out your ass. 
"Boneless please, ooh and some garlic bread and pizza please." You say looking up at him with a serious gaze, "Better be here when I get out of the shower... Tae give me your shirt-"
There was no way they could ever deny you, their favorite little cumdump <3.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sxtaep · 5 months ago
hii not sure if this is where u submit request or not but can u dooo a yoongi or jk one where the reader is in the same friend group as the guys and he watches her onlyfans without realizing its her bc she doesn’t show her face/hes never seen her room but he recognizes something he gifted her in the background and he starts getting suspicious but she knew he watched her the whole time because she saw herself on his phone sometime ago this is so badly explained but i hope u understand and i hope u pick mine to write!! ty <3
Tumblr media
↬ description: jungkook was an avid supporter of your onlyfans content, except he didn’t know it was you, one of his closest friends, parading her body on the internet for the world to see.
Tumblr media
pairings — jungkook x female reader
genre — smut
word count — 2.1k
warnings/tags — bestfriends!au, dom!jungkook, sub!reader, jungkook gets pissed off, explicit smut, masturbation, mentions of teasing, edging, raw sex, penetrative sex, unprotected sex, dirty talk, degradation, rough sex, light nipple play, angry sex
a/n: this was meant to be a drabble, but i got carried away…
i hope you enjoy this anon <3
Tumblr media
Almost every night, Jungkook would find himself sprawled out against his sheets, phone in one hand and cock in the other. Beads of sweat adorning his forehead, and cheeks flushed due to the palpable heat surrounding him.
“Fuck, fuck—”
The screen displayed a partly naked woman, wearing a cute little pink lace bra, the straps seamlessly falling down her shoulders as she used her free hand to knead the flesh of her tits in her hold, holding the camera up high enough to capture everything.
The signature gold mini butterfly necklace that sat perfectly against her clavicles, shone under the dim light of her room. It looked awfully familiar, yet he assumed anyone could’ve had the exact same necklace. The reflection was playing as some kind of distraction from the real show, and Jungkook refused to cum from a silly ray of light.
This wasn’t out of ordinary. In fact, it was the highlight of his day, watching the beautiful woman flaunt her assets out to the world. Her curves, the subtle, but sexy dip of her spine when she’d be close to finishing.
Of course, it bugged him knowing there were a bunch of other horny old men with eyes on her, but Jungkook would always imagine the videos, the pictures, the live shows she did, were meant for his eyes only.
The video only happened to be 5 minutes long, and it was just the woman teasing and edging herself till the end, and that on its own had him cumming all over his sheets in less than 3 minutes.
Wrapping up tonight’s session, Jungkook let out a heavy sigh, wiping his hand down and ridding himself of his unclean sheets, lying back on his bed with her on his mind.
She was a faceless beauty, but he didn’t know that faceless beauty was you.
Tumblr media
“I say we settle on pizza and just call it day,” Yoongi suggests, shrugging his shoulders as everyone peered into your phone screen, watching you scroll through the list of restaurants.
Yourself and a bunch of your friends, including Jungkook, were now cooped up in his little studio apartment, trying to figure out where to order from for dinner tonight. Multiple suggestions were being thrown left, right and centre, yet the eight of you couldn’t settle on one restaurant.
“Pizza is boring, let’s order a chinese. We’re bound to have leftovers to last at least a week.”
Ah yes, Namjoon with the most efficient suggestion out there.
Whilst everyone was gathered around your phone, you didn’t notice Jungkook sat far away from you, seeming to be in deep thought with his hands clasped together and brows furrowed.
“Jungkook?” You call out to him, seeing him pull out of his trance as his eyes finally met yours. He didn’t say anything, waiting for you to carry on.
“You got any suggestions for where we should order from?”
For a second, Jungkook thought he was seeing things, his eyes landing on the obvious necklace adorning your collarbones, the one he had gifted, and immediately his mind was in a frenzy.
It wasn’t just any necklace. It was custom made, and he could’ve sworn the girl he watched last night was wearing the exact same one.
Jungkook stayed silent for a few moments, trying to gather his thoughts and came to the conclusion that maybe he was being delusional, and brushed it off before making his way over to the group.
Being much taller than everyone, he practically towered over them, resulting in him accidentally getting a view down your white blouse, and his breath hitched.
The bra.
Identical to the one in the video.
Surely not.
Paired with the necklace, it looked like Jungkook was getting a real life view of the video right now.
“Uhm, just order whatever, I don’t mind,” he says absentmindedly, licking over his bottom lip and soon leaving the group to go into his room.
Several hours went by, and the more he stared at the video, the more he was able to slowly give the girl a face, and he could only see yours in his mind, but it seemed impossible for him to believe.
A faint knock on his door was heard and he quickly exited the app, locking his phone and tossing it on the bed before yelling ‘Come in!’
You timidly stepped into his room, closing the door behind you and leaning back on the surface with your hands resting behind you.
Jungkook could only stare with blown out pupils. He was picturing you naked and to say the least, your face was the perfect fit.
God, he was getting hard just thinking about it.
“Wanna tell me what’s going on, or do I have to play the guessing game?” Your question came out as a joke, but you were dead serious to get to the bottom of his zoning out issues today.
Jungkook contemplated on whether he should just flat out tell you what was on his mind and confront you, or just continue as if nothing was wrong.
But he couldn’t let that happen. Not when your body clouded his mind every damn night.
“I could ask you the same thing, Y/N. Anything new going on with you?”
Of course you knew how Jungkook spent his nights. He was your biggest fan, paying big bucks for your content, always commenting on your provocative posts and always being the first person to join your faceless lives. Not to mention, you caught his phone unlocked with a picture of your bare body on his screen.
From then on, all your posts, your videos, your livestreams, we’re directed towards Jungkook. All the things you said, all the things you did, you always had Jungkook in mind.
You were rather taken aback by the question suddenly being flipped, but you shrugged. “Well, work is kind of a drag, and I pretty much have no life outside of it. I guess now and some nights after work, is the only free time I have to myself.”
The man only hummed, seemingly unconvinced as he dragged his eyes up and down your figure, stopping at the little butterfly resting on the crevice between your collarbones.
Eyes still glued to your body, he reached his hand out for his phone, unlocking it and pulling out the video he’d become oh-so-familiar with last night.
Jungkook turned the screen towards you, the screen bright enough to light up his bedroom.
“Tell me this isn’t you.”
You inhale sharply at the sight of your bare tits, thumb and index finger toying at your nipples. The sounds of your subtle whines and moans filled the room and you quickly grabbed the phone out of his hand, pressing pause and tossing it towards him.
“Okay, so you figured me out, so what?”
“What do you mean ‘so what?’ Are you purposely being stupid?”
Jungkook didn’t know why he was getting so mad, but he couldn’t control it, standing up and pacing around the room to collect himself.
“You don’t understand how many fucking nights I spent fucking my fist to you, Y/N.”
You weren’t surprised, but you didn’t expect him to be so angry about it.
A part of him was annoyed at himself for not realising sooner. You could’ve been the one getting him off rather than him doing it on his own.
“You were right under my fucking nose this whole time,” Jungkook stopped pacing, inhaling sharply and pinching the bridge of his nose with his eyes closed, not bothering to hide the obvious boner straining against his basketball shorts.
You hesitate to open your mouth, afraid you’d make matter worse, but he had no right staying mad.
“You can’t be mad at me, Jungkook. It’s not my fault you couldn’t tell. I practically dangled the necklace in your face just so you’d realise it was me.”
Jungkook could’ve sworn his cock throbbed from your words. You wanted him know it was you. Surely that should mean something..
The man doesn’t respond, simply staring at you in awe as you made your way over to him.
“Every little thing I did in those videos, every little thing I said, was directed towards you,” you whisper, arms cautiously wrapping around his neck as you pushed him back towards the bed, forcing him to sit down.
Little remnants of ‘God, need you inside me,’ and ‘Just wanna be stuffed full of your cock’ replays in his mind, your exact words from a couple nights ago.
Now was his time; his time to make both your fantasies become a reality.
Jungkook was quick to pull you towards him with the waist band of your leggings, forcing you to stand between his legs as he pulled the article down your body.
“Last time I checked you liked it raw. I’m sure I can assist with that.”
You were in no place to retaliate, simply letting him do as he pleases; ripping off your panties and almost salivating upon seeing your cunt in the flesh.
He brought one finger up to swipe up and down your folds, collecting your arousal and sucking the digit clean with a content smile on his face.
Jungkook was a fine man. A fine man who was the reason why you’d catch yourself masturbating way more than usual.
“Used to dream about drilling this pussy with my cock, ‘m finally gonna make that happen.”
Jungkook wrapped an arm around your waist, using his free hand to pull his cock out oh shorts and pull your down onto his lap, allowing his cock to seamlessly slip inside of you, causing you to groan.
Just as he had imagined, you were perfect fit. “Look at that, you slipped right in, huh?” His lips parted slightly as he stared down to wear your bodies connected, watching the way you’d drench his cock with your juices.
Considering the lack of prep you had, you were surprised by how easily he fucked into you, but the little hint of pain didn’t go unnoticed by you.
Jungkook was big. Far bigger than you imagined, so you were being stretched beyond your limits.
“You were living this double life and thought no one would find out what kind of shameless slut you are, showing yourself off to the world. So fucking stupid,” he spits, grabbing your face and forcing you to face him.
His words felt so demeaning, but it only left you yearning for more as you bunched your blouse above your chest to show off the infamous pink bra that drove all the men wild.
“Shit— Grab your tits for me, Y/N.”
You don’t hesitate to oblige, letting your hands fall to your chest to grab at your clothed flesh, repeating exactly what you had done in the video as Jungkook kept his hands on your hips, bouncing you up and down on his cock and watching the way your tits would bounce upon impact.
“Please, please, please— faster..”
Your moans were music to his ears, driving him on to thrust into you at a relentless pace, focusing on the sounds you were emitting and the sounds of skin slapping.
Just as hot at he’d imagined.
“Tell me right now, Y/N.. you’re gonna delete that whole page and save yourself for my eyes only. Understood?”
You don’t respond, too busy fucking yourself on top of him to provide an answer, and it just fed his frustration.
Jungkook’s hands dropped to your ass, digging his nails into your skin to force a response out of you, to which you only nodded, sopping walls squeezing tightly around his cock.
“Answer me.”
“Fuck, yes!” you cry out, pulling your bra up to rest above your breasts, giving Jungkook the opportunity to lean in and latch his mouth onto your erect nipples.
Far too much was going on for you to handle. This kind situation was merely just a dream before today, and now it was finally happening, all that pent up sexual frustration was finally getting an output.
Minutes go by and slowly by slow you’re almost reaching your peak. Jungkook looked like he had all the time in the world to fuck you, but you were so wrong.
Without any prior warning, Jungkook was flooding your cunt with his cum, his hips stuttering beneath you as you continued to clench around his throbbing rod.
“Fuck! Go on, Y/N. Milk my cock like you said you would in those videos.”
His blasphemous words were enough to drive you over the edge, legs shaking around him as you fell limp on top of him, wrapping your arms around his neck and burying your face against his jaw.
Jungkook’s hips eventually come to a slow pause, helping you both ride out your orgasms as he held you close to him, quickly pulling away to get a quick look at your state.
Flushed cheeks, glassy eyes, sweaty mess.
Just the way he imagined.
Tumblr media
if you have any requests, send in an ask!
please do not repost my works on any platforms
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dreamescapeswriting · a month ago
BTS Reaction || Sex In The Kitchen [M] [Request]
Tumblr media
⤜Copyright: © DreamEscapesWriting - June2022
There was something you had always found incredibly hot about Jin in the kitchen. You didn't know what it was but just seeing him cook for you always seemed to turn you on more than it should have.
"Baby?" He chuckled when he felt you holding him from behind, your hand slowly making its way down his stomach and toward the briefs he was wearing. The outline of his cock made your mouth water as you palmed him slowly,
"S-Shit, right now?" He chuckled as you pushed the briefs down and dropped to your knees in front of him, smirking up at him as he eyed you up closely. His cock beginning to hurt with how turned on he was seeing you like in front of him.
"Keep cooking," You didn't mean for it to come out as bossy as it did but Jin nodded and whimpered as you took his cock into your hand, giggling a little as you began to rub him slowly. Licking your lips as a bead of arousal leaked from the tip of his dick,
"You have no idea how often I've thought of doing this," You mumbled before licking him from the base of his cock to the tip, tracing your tongue all over the pearly white drop of precum.
"F-Fuck," He mumbled breathlessly as you looked up at him, 
"I've imagined it a lot too," You smirked a little before undoing the strings of your nightgown and letting it drop to the floor so that you were sitting naked in front of him, his cock twitching a little as he watched you.
"Cute," You whispered before taking his cock into your mouth, he grunted at the sudden warmness of your mouth and closed his eyes. Abandoning all thoughts of cooking as you continued to move your mouth around him. Alternating between sucking him off and tracing your tongue around the tip of his cock.
"So good...A-Always so -ugh fuck - good," He mumbled out not being able to form a full sentence as you pushed yourself down to the base of his cock, swallowing around him as hips stuttered a little at the feeling. The taste of him coated your tongue but it was like you could never get enough as you continued to suck on him.
"Who knew you liked sucking cock so much?" He smirked, his words only encouraging you to take him back into your mouth and suck him off faster, taking in long drags of air to prevent your gag reflex. Listening to the way he moaned above you, was now going to be the thing you played on repeat in your head for months to come.
You were never going to get enough of hearing your name fall from his lips over and over again,
"J-Just like that," He moaned out as he rolled his hips,
"You want to cum baby?" You cooed as you pumped him in your hand, making him look down at you with complete lust in his eyes.
"You wanna cum down my throat,"
Y-Yes! F-Fuck fuck yes!" You smirked taking him back into your mouth and sucking harshly, using your hand to cup and play with his balls until e grunted and finished suddenly inside of your mouth. You smirked swallowing every drop before pulling off and looking at the food which was now burning in the pan. 
"We should start over, we kind of burnt breakfast," You reminded him but Jin turned off the oven and grabbed you by the hips, 
"I have a better idea." He smirked before kissing you deeply.
Tumblr media
As soon as you felt your boyfriend behind you, you let out a whine. 
"Yoongi," You trailed off slowly. You'd been needy all morning and he'd been sleeping right up until you decided to start cooking,
"Yes?" He questioned, kissing your shoulder softly, you said nothing else you pushed your hips back against him and let out a whimper to find him hard. 
"You're wearing my shirt," He praised as he ran his hands down your waist and slowly pulled up the shirt to reveal his favourite panties on you.
"I'm really wet and I'm gonna die if you don't do something about it," You told him with a smirk, he didn't even think twice before pulling you over to the kitchen table and sitting you on top of it. 
"I'm starved." He smirked, pulling you to the edge of the table and exposing you to him. Your whole body burnt to be touched by him and you watched as he wasted no time with teasing you. His tongue slid over you, between every fold, lapping up your arousal as if it was the last meal he was ever going to have.
"Oh god," You cried out as he began to swirl his tongue over your clit, sucking harshing as you jerked your hips up involuntarily. Every time you moved his grip on your waist would tighten and he dragged you into him, delving his tongue deeper inside of you as your head rolled back against the wooden table. 
"Don't give him all the credit, it's me that's going to make you cum," He hummed against your clit making your body shake. He once again took your labia in his much and began sucking on it, moving his tongue with precision over every inch of your sensitive flesh. He could never get enough of making you moan out the way that you were.
Your head was starting to feel dizzy with every overwhelming pleasure he was giving to you, you were moaning out mercilessly from every touch of his mouth.
"Taste so fucking good, my good fucking girl." He moaned out causing you to squirm in his grasp, bucking against him as he began to massage your clit with his fingers,
"Look at you, squirming and so close when I've barely done anything to you," His mouth went to work on you again and soon you were wiggling and moaning his name out so loud you were sure your neighbours were going to complain. Again. Your fingers laced into his black hair as you bucked against him,
"Please...Yoongi, Please..." Your words come out in chokes as he continued to rub you faster, his tongue plunging in and out of you mercilessly.
"You wanna come baby?" You nodded eagerly as he chuckled darkly, his fingers on your clit getting faster as he watched your uncontrollable hips bucking.
"Please, please, please!" You begged as the pressure started to feel too much for you to hold back any longer.
"Cum," It was one word and you were undone by it all. Cumming around his tongue as your toes curled against the table, your whole body ached as you cried his name out.
"Good girl," He chuckled as he carefully kissed his way up to your lips, pressing kisses all over your face as you let out small whimpers. 
"Go and get a shower, I'll make us some food," He ordered before kissing you softly.
Tumblr media
"Have I told you how beautiful I find you when you cook?" He asked as he teased you from behind, your legs trembling a little from feeling Hoseok's cock at your entrance. He'd been telling you all morning how he was going to fuck you while you cooked and now he was proving his words to be true. 
"N-No, tell me." You begged as he slowly eased into you, taking his time as you cried out his name. The two of you had sex before but every time was like the first and there was no "getting used" to his size.
"So beautiful, the way your eyebrows knit together when you concentrate on the task," He moaned out as you squirmed beneath him, he kissed you softly as he held you on him, running his hands over your arms as he soothed you gently.
"When you let out little curse words when you accidentally overcook something," He pulled out before thrusting deeper inside of you, your cunt tightening around him as he filled you up completely. 
"Hoseok!" You moaned out as you gripped onto the edge of the kitchen counter, his hand holding onto your hips as he slowly began to move inside of you,
"And you're all mine,2 He whispered as he continued to slowly fuck into you, your whole body burning as he used his free hand to massage your clit.
"All mine," He whispered again, fucking slowly and deeply into you. Each touch of his hand-winding you up tighter as the pleasure made your whole body feel as though it was on fire. You squeezed around him and squeezed your eyes shut, completely forgetting about the pancake that was left to burn inside of the frying pan.
"J-Just like that," You urged as he continued to fuck into the same spot over and over again, your mouth hanging open as you got lost in the feeling of him inside of you.
"S-Shit...Yn," He whimpered as his hips began to turn into desperate bucks to try and fill you up,
"C-Close," You both moaned out at the same time as you turned your head around, kissing him deeply and ignoring the pain in your neck you got from the angle. A few more thrusts and you both came undone, your orgasm exploding around you as you gripped onto him tightly, his thrust turning into needy bucks as he filled you up with his cum. Hoseok moaned as he pulled out of you, smirking as he watched everything drip onto the floor below your feet. 
Tumblr media
Namjoon didn't know what it was but after your first time together he had become addicted to you like you were his own personal brand of coke that he would never be able to stir away from.
"Open your mouth for me, nice and wide." He whispered as he looked down at you, you were on your knees in front of him. He'd walked down to the kitchen to find you had made breakfast for him after spending your first night at his place. 
"Good girl," He moaned out as you opened your mouth wide for his cock, taking as much of him as you could into the back of your throat. You couldn't fit him all in but you were going to do your best to please him. You would never get enough of hearing him come undone because of you. Hearing him moan your name out or call you a "good girl" was too addicting to let go of.
"J-Just nice and slow," He whispered as you began to move your head around him, moving your tongue up and down his length as you kept your eyes on him the entire time. His lips parted as he moaned your name out breathlessly. 
"Taking it so well for me," He praised and that was all it took. Something inside of you flicked and you clenched around nothing. You began to move your head at a faster pace, sucking him off while your gingers rubbed your clit beneath you.
"Look at you, touching yourself just from pleasing - ugh fuck -" You continued to take him to the back of your throat, holding yourself down on him and holding back the tears that were beginning to form in your eyes. 
"Oh shit, t-that's a good fucking girl." He growled out as his cock throbbed against your tongue, his eyes locking with yours as you continued to take him into your mouth. Gagging just a little as he thrust into your mouth your knees shaking as you could feel your own orgasm fast approaching you.
"S-Shit...Shit," He hissed out before spurting his cum into the back of your throat. The taste was hot, salty and sweetly bitter but you swallowed it all. Sucking him clean as you pulled away from him with a small pop. 
"So hot," He moaned out before suddenly grasping you and putting you onto the table where the two of you spent the remainder of the morning.
Tumblr media
"Jimin? What are you doing?" You giggled as you felt your boyfriend grinding against you. It was your first time staying over in his apartment and he'd not left you alone for more than a minute at a time. And had convinced you that the two of you needed to "Christen" every inch of his apartment with your bodies.
"I need you," He mumbled against your shoulder as he pressed kisses against your baked skin,
"I'm trying to cook,"
"I'm needy," He chuckled as you felt just how needy he was as he pressed his cock between your thighs, you moaned out almost dropping the spoon you were using to stir your food.
"F-Fuck, Jimin." You moaned out as he continued to push himself between your thighs, 
"I need you too," You whimpered before he bent you over the kitchen counter and smirked,
"I can feel how much you need me,"
"Just d-do it, please Jimin." You mumbled as he rubbed the head of his cock at your entrance, you were burning with how desperate you were for him so you rolled your hips backwards and moaned out as he slipped into you.
"Oh shit," He grunted as he held your hips tightly, keeping himself pressed deep inside of you as you clenched around him. Even though you'd done this all weekend long you could never, ever get enough of him.
"Move," You begged as you tried to roll your hips, Jimin smirked down at you.
"You're just as needy as me,"
"S-Shut up and move- Oh fuck yes!" You cried out as he began to thrust deeply into you, his thrust at an insatiable pace as he looked down at you moaning your name out.
"Feels so fucking tight for me." He grunted as he moved one of your legs up onto the kitchen counter, hitting you in the deepest parts of you you never knew he could reach. You began moaning out curse words in different languages as his pumped never ceased. Your orgasm built up inside of you as he lent down to rub his thumb across your clit.
"My good fucking girl," He praised as he pressed a kiss to the back of your neck, thrusting roughly as you shattered around him cumming suddenly at the nickname. His cock continued to drive in and out of you like a man possessed, his hands cupping and rubbing your breasts roughly until he grunted. Stilling inside of you as he finished into you, your eyes fluttered shut as you felt him filling you up, slowly pulling out and giggling when you felt the familiar sensation of his cum leaking and dropping onto the floor below.
"You're cleaning that up." You warned him as you pulled your leg down from the counter and headed in the direction of the bathroom.
"We haven't done the shower yet! Wait for me," He smirked as he rushed after you.
Tumblr media
You'd barely had time to register what was happening until you felt Taehyung kissing your neck, collarbones, shoulders and down to your breasts. Sucknig and licking your nipples as you panted and wriggled around beneath him. 
"So fucking beautiful," He told you as he looked up at you, tugging on your nipple with his teeth as he pushed two fingers into you, stretching you out as you cried out his name. The two of you had fantasised about kitchen sex many times before and now he was finally acting out your dreams.
"You're soaking," He groaned, looking at you as you rolled your hips up to meet him, trying to cause some kind of friction between his fingers and your throbbing pussy,
"I need you to make me cum, please," You moaned out as he kissed his way down your stomach until he reached your cunt. He smirked pushing his fingers deeper inside of you before dragging them out only to thrust them roughly back into you again. Your hips bucked uncontrollably as you cried out his name over and over again. Your moans were addictive enough to make him want to edge you all day long. He lowed his head as he gently scraped his teeth over your clit, ducking on it harshly as you cried out his name. You were already dripping down your thighs and he lapped everything up, eating you out as a man starved.
"Holy fuck," You moaned out as your pleading to cum turned into whining that got louder the longer he ate you out at the table. He pressed his thumb against your clit, curling his fingers until they hit the spot that made you cry out in pleasure.
"S-Shit! Shit! Shit!" You screamed before arching away from the table with a sharp cry, cumming around him as he continued to thrust his fingers in and out of you. Smirking as you slowly came down from your high and trembled from the force of your orgasm,
"All good baby?" He asked as you whimpered some kind of reply to him, too lost in your post orgasm to even think straight.
Tumblr media
"They're not awake," Jungkook whispered before biting down on your ear making you moan out and roll your hips backwards to meet him giggling when you found how hard he was beneath the little shorts he was wearing.
"They could wake up," You reminded him. The two of you were staying at the dorms while your new apartment got redecorated and the night before he'd been so horny he wouldn't leave you alone. You'd been ready up until the boys walked in and you knew they'd listen out to you for the rest of the night.
"I'm desperate Yn," You smirked a little at how needy he sounded right now, he was practically one step away from begging to be inside of you and the thought alone was turning you on more and more.
"You wanna be inside me?" You questioned, putting on a soothing voice as you moved your hand back behind you to rub him through the shorts he was wearing. It was risky since the two of you were in the kitchen making breakfast for everybody else,
"Please," He whispered, moaning out as you continued to rub him through the shorts,
"Tell me how much you want me." You whispered before dropping him and getting up onto the counter, slowly spreading your legs in front of him. He licked his lips as he saw just how wet you were for him,
"S-Shit, please...P-lease, I'll just stay still, you don't e-even have to move...F-Fuck," He reached his hand out and stopped before you moved it closer for him, rubbing his thumb along your sensitive clit as you moaned his name out lowly. 
"I-I think you deserve it for being a good boy last night," You whispered. Jungkook had already pushed his shorts down before you finished your sentence and he was settling himself at your entrance.
"T-Thank you," He moaned out before pushing into you, your lips finding his before he would moan out too loudly and wake one of the members up. The last thing you wanted was to have them wake up and find you like this, though the thought alone made you clench tightly around Jungkook.
"M-move," You begged as you bucked against him, moaning louder as he began to pull out of you only to thrust back into you roughly burying himself deep inside of you over and over again. 
"Holy fuck," You cried out a little louder than you wanted but you were past the point of caring as he fucked you slowly but deeply, the pleasuring clenching all of your muscles as you squeezed around him.
"Look at that," He moaned out as he looked down between you, transfixed on the sight of disappearing in and out of you as he grunted loudly. 
"J-Jungkook," You mumbled as you suddenly felt yourself finishing around him. It wasn't an explosion it was a shattering feeling inside of you that had you moaning his name out and dragging your nails down his back as he moaned out. Coming inside of you as he quickly pulled out of you and glanced over at the door when he heard footsteps approaching you. 
"G-Go to my room," This time it was him giving the orders and you practically sprinted in the direction of his room.
Tumblr media
tagline:  @lyoongx @mitzwinchester @rjsmochii​ @taestannie @sw33tnight @sweeneyblue1 @agustdjoon @jin-from-the-block @acciocriativity @mwitsmejk @taeechwitaa​ @justbangtanthingz​ @stillwithlix​ @kookiekuu​ @lolalee24​ @hopeworldd-2​ @totallynoanalien​ @yubinism​ @ethereallino​ @heyjiminnie​ @aerastus​ @tinyoonsblog​ @cherrybubblesandvodka​ @kimahnjung98​ @halesandy​ @snigdha-14
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seokgism · 8 days ago
kinktober 2022 masterlist.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
contains heavy nsfw. interact only if you are comfortable.
masterlist will be updated everyday of october.
mainly jeongguk fics lol (can you tell im jk biased?)
Tumblr media
day 1 — corruption kink with jeon jeongguk
day 2 — voyeurism with jeon jeongguk and kim taehyung
day 3 — possessiveness with min yoongi
day 4 — phone sex with jeon jeongguk
day 5 — virgin kink with jeon jeongguk
day 6 — sex tape with jeon jeongguk
day 7 — cockwarming with jeon jeongguk
day 8 — threesome with jeon jeongguk and park jimin
day 9 — yandere with jeon jeongguk
day 10 — breeding kink with kim seokjin
day 11 — praise kink with park jimin
day 12 — shower sex with jeon jeongguk
day 13 — birthday sex with park jimin
day 14 — dry humping with jeon jeongguk
day 15 — lactation kink with jeon jeongguk
day 16 — massaging kink with kim taehyung
day 17 — mutual masturbation with jeon jeongguk
day 18 — breast play with jeon jeongguk
day 19 — handjob with jeon jeongguk
day 20 — cock riding with kim seokjin
day 21 — doggy style with min yoongi
day 22 — desk sex with jeon jeongguk
day 23 — vibrator use with jeon jeongguk
day 24 — car sex with jeon jeongguk
day 25 — titty fuck with jeon jeongguk
day 26 — public sex with kim taehyung
day 27 — getting caught with min yoongi ft. jung hoseok
day 28 — hate sex with min yoongi
day 29 — good girl/boy kink with kim taehyung
day 30 — panty kink with jeon jeongguk
day 31 — light bondage with jeon jeongguk + (bonus halloween fic)
Tumblr media
comment which day or days you want to be added to in the tag list xx! see you guys in october!
all my love, wren.
Tumblr media
© 𝐒𝐄𝐎𝐊𝐆𝐈𝐒𝐌 2022. all rights reserved.
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