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Unforgettable Present || JJK ft. KTH (m)
Tumblr media
┉┈ Pairing: Jungkook x oc x Taehyung
┉┈ Genre/au: smut, slight fluff, sugar daddy au
┉┈ Ratings: M (18+)
┉┈ Warnings: Volleyball player!oc, sugar daddy! Jungkook, CEO!Jungkook, fashion designer!Taehyung, slight teasing in public, fingering, handjob, blowjob, face riding, spanking, boob play, slight gagging, biting/marking, dirty talking, hair pulling, multiple orgasm, cum swallowing, use of ‘slut’, rough and unprotected sex, aftercare
┉┈ Summary: Your sugar daddy promise yourself to give you the best day of your life. Doing you with his best friend
┉┈ Word count: 3k+
Tumblr media
You let out the longest sigh once you sit in your Lamborghini.
You feel worn out due to the continuous practice for the upcoming volleyball match in your University. You haven't even had the time to talk or meet with your friends or Jungkook. Your sugar daddy.
Few months ago, you were practically crying over the increased apartment rent, and your best friend Ji-Ah had told you about the sugar daddy website that she had heard about from some students.
That website was like Tinder, where basically you have to pick the one you like, and if the other person approves then you'll finally be able to chat.
Jungkook's profile picture was the one with his veiny, tattooed hand on his thick thighs with 'JJK' as his name. You definitely selected him because of his profile picture but not sure why he had approved you though.
After a few weeks of talking, you both decided to meet in a park. You got to know him more. He has his own company. Later, after a month he'd offered you to live with him in his penthouse but you'd kindly refused and in return he gifted you this car. Not to mention he has been taking care of you like you're one of his family members.
Taking you out on a fancy restaurant, going out to have fun on weekends.
It's been three days since you haven't seen him, mostly because of the practice and your classes which made you worn out, and like a good and understanding guy Jungkook is, he didn't say anything about it but never forgot to text you, asking about your day, telling you to relax, and cheering for your upcoming match.
When you reached your apartment, you went straight to the bathroom to take a nice warm shower.
Just one more week. You thought.
After that you can relax as much as you want and of course you'll go to Jungkook's place.
After doing your night routine, the first thing you notice is the message. It's from Jungkook.
[Jungkook: I have a little surprise for your birthday, pretty. Can't wait to show you ;) ⟩
You grin, knowing it's not something 'little', otherwise he wouldn't have mentioned about it at all. Not wanting to make him wait any longer, you typed quickly.
[You: Ah, right! Something little. Can't wait to see it too ⟩
Tumblr media
-8 days later-
10 a.m
As you sip on your matcha latte, heading to Jungkook's, you can't help but feel extra excited. It's been a while since you saw him. He'd congratulated you for winning at the volleyball match but he refused to tell you anything about the little 'gift'.
You've packed your bag, ready to stay a week with Jungkook.
Parking your car in the parking lot, you head towards the elevator. You'd already told Jungkook that you'll come in the morning, and he replied with some memes that you couldn't stop yourself from laughing out loud at midnight.
When you enter the penthouse, you see Jungkook with a sheepish grin on his face and a piece of bread hanging from his mouth. He speaks, cheeks puffed, making him look ten times cuter, "Why didn't you call me before parking? I should have done that for you..."
You chuckle as you go towards him and hug his waist, "I thought you're sleeping." He hugs your shoulder, chewing the bread he makes you sit on the couch, hand on your thighs as he speaks, "Had your breakfast? Or do you want me to make it for you?"
You quickly shake your head, telling him that you already had your breakfast on your way to his penthouse.
The whole day you both spend cuddling and watching movies. However, Jungkook still hasn't said anything about your birthday or the present he's going to give you, and you decided to ask him now.
"Jungkook" you say and he hums from behind you. Focused on the big screen in front of him. You lightly pinch his arm and he hisses, arms tightening around your waist and he kisses the shell of your ear. "What happened?" he asked.
You turn to face him, hands on his head, massaging his scalp and you begin, "You know it's my birthday tomorrow, right? Like just a few hours left." Jungkook nods his head with a low hum. "So what are you going to give me?" You ask him, wiggling your eyebrows.
He chuckles and shakes his, "If I tell you right now, it won't be a surprise then." You huff, showing you're annoyed, "Come on, it's been so many days. I'm curious, please."
He stays quiet for few seconds and then says, "It's Taehyung"
You open your mouth to say something but nothing comes out. What does he mean by Taehyung? You thought.
"Taehyung?" You ask and he replies with a hum and asks, "Aren't you the one who wanted to try threesome?"
You look at him with wide eyes, shockness visible on your whole face. You never thought that he'd take it seriously.
"Tell me __, what would you like to try? Are there any specific things you like?" Jungkook asked. You think for a while, not sure how he'd find you. Will he think you're weird?
You bite your lower lip, thinking clearly before telling him, "Can we umm-how about threesome?"
Jungkook snaps his head towards you, looking at you with mouth and eyes wide open. Clearing his throat he says, "I guess we can do that?" "I didn't make you feel weird right?" you ask him, just to make sure. You really don't want to make him uncomfortable, at any cost.
"No, not at all. Let me think for a while" he says and brings you closer towards him, covering both of your bodies with the blanket.
Not getting any answer from you, Jungkook decided to speak, "Only if you are okay with that." A reassuring smile on his face as he squeezes your hand, making you blink. "Are you- is Taehyung okay with that?" you ask him, only to get an amusing chuckle. "Will you believe me if I say he's more excited than you?" He said, thumbs rubbing your back.
You've seen Taehyung a few times but you never thought that he'd agree to do this. Whenever he came to meet Jungkook, if you were there, he'd either smile at you without saying anything or he'd make few conversations.
Sometimes you think if Jungkook only chose those guys who are incredibly handsome and hot. Not to mention, they're freaking rich.
It was midnight when you cut this mini cake that Jungkook had brought for you in the evening. Thanking your best friend and a few people on social media, you find Jungkook speaking with someone.
When Jungkook's eyes fell on you, he motions you to go towards him.
"Taehyung" he mouths, making your heart beat faster suddenly.
"Hi" you say, and thank yourself for not shuttering like a dumbass. "Happy birthday" he says with a deep voice and breathes in front of the speaker.
You can almost feel his hot breath against your ear. "Thank you" you reply and hear him hum, as he speaks again, "Can't wait to see you… princess. Goodnight."
It took some time for you to process what just happened. He called you princess. Taehyung just called you princess!! You feel your stomach twist. The way he called you with this low and groggy voice, makes your knees weak. You too, can't wait for tomorrow. The image of him doing you with Jungkook is so sinful that you can't help but think what can actually happen.
Tumblr media
Ji-Ah laughs, throwing her head back when Taehyung said that you're 'innocent'. She knows how much of a dirty girl you are when it comes to sex.
You, Ji-Ah, Jungkook and Taehyung are sitting in a famous restaurant in Seoul to celebrate your birthday.
Before meeting Jungkook, you always spent your birthday with Ji-Ah and some of your friends, outside of your university. You never tried to engage with any of them because it was all about money. People only wanted to be friends with them who are rich and back then you're not. Thus it was always you and your best friend, and if she was busy, you'd spend your time alone.
Jungkook had told you to bring your friends but you told him that most of your friends are with their parents or partners, spending their holidays.
The air between you, Jungkook and Taehyung is thick. He didn't fail to notice how Taehyung has been rubbing your inner thigh from the moment he sat beside you.
He doesn't say anything though, he found it amusing, as you see the smirk appear on his face while he's looking at Taehyung's hand on your inner thighs, going towards your clothed pussy.
You see the visible bulge in Taehyung's pants and you grasp his hand, telling him to stop, and pleading Jungkook, telling him to head home. He nods his head a few times and checks the time on his phone.
He clears his throat, turns his face to look at Ji-Ah. "It's getting late, I think we should head home now"
Ji-Ah grins slowly, nodding her head, "Yeah besides…" she wiggles her eyebrows and hugs you. "Don't forget to tell me about the juicy details" she whispers and giggles.
When you get in the back seat of Jungkook's car with Taehyung beside you, his mouth finds yours. Bringing you on a rough kiss, making you slightly gasp. You hear Jungkook say, "Don't start here, I'm driving the car!" Taehyung chuckles and bites your lower lip before detaching his mouth from yours.
It took approximately twenty minutes to reach Jungkook's penthouse. On the way to the 20th floor both Jungkook and Taehyung's hands were all over your body.
Jungkook is kissing you while Taehyung is biting your neck and groping your ass, firmly. You know it's going to form a red mark by tomorrow but you don't mind.
As soon as the elevator opened, Jungkook went out quickly and Taehyung didn't waste his time dragging you with him. Almost throwing your body on his broad shoulders, he landed a harsh slap making you scream and hold his hair.
Just as the door closes Taehyung makes you sit on the shoe cabinet, and he hastily removes the stiletto. After removing their shoes, both of them make their way to Jungkook's room, dragging you with them.
"Strip" Taehyung commands, eyeing you up and down and you look back at Jungkook just to find Jungkook looking at you while tugging on his belt. "Go on, it's okay" he reassures you.
You turn towards Taehyung, slowly unbutton your shirt, throwing it on the corner. Then peel off your skirt so slowly, and you swear that you heard Taehyung taking a few deep breaths before coming towards you.
Pulling your body towards him, he clashes his lips against yours, swiping his tongue on your lower lip and you dart out your tongue. Your hands make their way towards his hair, tugging on them as he keeps sucking on your tongue.
You feel Jungkook's presence behind you as he kisses your neck to your shoulder. You feel his hand going down to your lower region, as he rips it off, making you gasp in Taehyung's mouth.
Jungkook slowly rubs his fingers on your folds and you squirm in between them, throwing your head against Jungkook's shoulder when he rubs hard against your nub.
Taehyung pulled his head, detaching his lips as he licks the column of your throat. He places his hand on the bra strap, pulling it off from your shoulders and unhooks.
As soon as it fell down from your body, Taehyung didn't waste his time, taking one nipple in his mouth and pinching the other one with his fingers, making you moan in ecstasys. You turn your head to look at Jungkook, and he presses a chest kiss on your lips before taking your lower lip and sucking it roughly.
Taehyung takes your hand and guides you towards the bed, motioning Jungkook to lay down on the sheet and he stands on the end of the bed.
"Sit on his face" Taehyung orders and as Jungkook makes himself comfortable on the bed, facing towards the ceiling he palms his hard cock, groaning he closes his eyes, eyebrows furrowed, lower lip between his teeth.
You don't waste any time and throw your legs around his head, slowly sit and hold Taehyung's hands for support.
Jungkook suddenly holds your thighs, stopping your movements and licks your folds, making you curse loudly and you inch forward towards Taehyung. When you open your eyes, the first thing you see is Taehyung's dick in front of your lips. When you look up, Taehyung says, "Be a good girl and suck my cock, yeah?" Nodding your head, you quickly remove his boxers and again you moan loudly when Jungkook pushes his two fingers inside of your wet cunt and licks your nub.
Gasping when Taehyung pushed his dick inside of your mouth and groans, "Fuck! Your mouth is so warm- fuck"
You start with long, slow licks from top to bottom, then teased a little with your tongue on his slit, making him groan. Stroking the part that doesn't fit and fondling his balls slowly. Taehyung holds your hair in a messy ponytail and bucks his hip into your mouth.
Jungkook licks your folds and sometimes biting on clit, making you moan around Taehyung's dick. Fingers thrusting roughly and he curls them, hitting you g-spot.
You whine and clench around Jungkook's fingers when you feel yourself getting closer towards your high. "Cum on my tongue, princess. You taste so good" Jungkook says with a hum, sending a wave of electricity through your body, and you choke out a moan when you cum all over Jungkook.
Taehyung starts to buck his hip faster to reach his high, hitting the back of your throat and you feel tears brimming, drooling when you again gag around him.
He shoots him cum inside of your mouth with a loud moan. You lick him clean and let go of his dick with a lewd pop.
Thighs are still shaking from the orgasm.
Taehyung lays down with you on top of him. His one hand groping your ass and the other one removing hair strands from your face. You feel his still, hard dick poking against your opening, you moan in front of his face.
Erected nipples rubbing against his body.
"Push my dick inside" he says with a light growl.
You feel the bed again dips behind you. You turn back and see Jungkook coming towards you. His red tip is aching for you to touch, veins prominent on his dick.
Taehyung slaps your tits, making you jolt forward. "Come on push it inside of your little cunt-” he says, tongue poking against his cheek.
You spit on your hand while looking at him, bending a little you rub it all over his dick and your pussy, making Jungkook groan.
Finally you push the tip, moaning as you sink on his entire length. "So-big fuck-" you fell on his body, sucking and biting his neck when Jungkook slowly pushed his finger inside and Taehyung starts to move slowly.
"Can you take both of us princess? Can your little pussy take our big cock? Hm?" Jungkook asked.
You don't reply, you can't even think straight.
Taehyung grips your neck lightly and demands, "Answer him, princess. Can you take our cock?"
Nodding your head against his neck, you say "yes- I can. Please fuck me.. ngh–"
Slowly Jungkook pushed his dick, brushing past Taehyung's. You scream at the burning sensation. Stretching you out, and they wait until you mutter a 'move'.
Jungkook's starts to move slowly, his front against your back. Kissing your neck, sucking and licking roughly.
You hold Taehyung's chest and Jungkook's bicep when Taehyung starts to move with Jungkook.
Skin slapping against each others and the room is filled with moans.
"Faster- please, move faster" you tell them. "Such a good girl, letting us fuck you like a slut. Do you love to get stuffed by two big cocks?"
Jungkook slaps your ass, squeezing it, he moves even faster. You lean down to kiss Taehyung, teeth clashing with each other, as he thrusts his tongue in your mouth, hand holding your back, firmly.
Holding Taehyung's face you move back, moaning when you feel them hitting the g-spot. "I'm gonna cum" you whisper but they have heard you.
Taehyung looks behind you and Jungkook nods his head.
"Fuck- you're creaming our cock- cum on us-" Jungkook says and after few thrusts you cum followed by Jungkook.
Pulling out his dick, he strokes his dick, spurting thick cum on your back.
Taehyung keeps bucking his hip and you move with him, too desperate to make him cum, you're still sensitive from your recent orgasm but you could care less at this moment. He grunts loudly on your face.
Stopping you for a moment, he pulls out his dick and you whine. He stands on the end of the bed and drags you by your feet, tapping your lips with his dick and groans, "Open" he says.
You quickly open your mouth, taking his whole length. He jerks his dick and spurts him cum on your tongue.
"Fucking take my cum-" he growls.
You lick from the base to the tip, licking every bit of his cum and take out with a pop.
You fall back, eyes are getting heavy as you pant loudly.
You feel someone cleaning your entrance and another one wiping your sweat with a wet towel. You're too tired to open your eyes so you let them clean you.
Tumblr media
You wake up due to the sunlight hitting your face. You feel heavy weight on your body. Groaning you open your eyes, rubbing them slowly with the heel of your palm.
You're wearing a loose t-shirt. Jungkook and Taehyung's legs are entangled with yours. Taehyung's face is on your chest and Jungkook is holding you from the back. You hear him snoring lightly, covering your bodies with the duvet, you close your eyes again, massaging Taehyung's head, and Jungkook holds you tightly, pecking your neck.
Tumblr media
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note. Family is over today so I’ll just be posting pov type posts until they leave <3
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me enseñaste a amar
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– soft and warm ! it’s the smell of hobi hyung’s bed !
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I have no words for this. *chef kiss*
Also, I been hearing army talking about the shield for each member represent all the hardships they been through and if you guys haven’t notice, jimin shield is the worst damage out of all the members…… 😢 what do you guys think?
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Tumblr media
he can’t be real!!
cr. pic: ig/vishtae.bts
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his smile…
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Chapter 11|He owned me Not anymore
Tumblr media
“Love, I am a free woman now”
“Not until I am alive”
Warning: 18+
Genre: Angst,smut, Mafia AU, Yandere, Obsession, Toxic Relationship
Published: 27.05.2022
Previous (Chapter 10)
The guy nearly lost his balance finding the girl who once used to be his lover right before his eyes. He leaned against the wall close by for support just so that he could continue standing tall on his feet. Indecipherable emotion swirling into his eyes he stood rooted at the spot with his lips parted to speak but only ragged breath tumbled out of them instead of words.
"Jimin" yearn evident in her voice, she took baby steps towards the guy as he continued being baffled, gaping at her with disbelief painted all over his face.
A drop of tear rolled down her cheeks as she skimmed through his features which had grown much sharper than the last time they had seen each other however the softness in his eye had remained the same. Despite the poor lighting in the room, he was glowing appearing absolutely ravishing and that was more than she had asked.
She approached him with an intention of holding him however the guy hastily took a step backwards adding more space between them causing her to freeze on her track. Only then did she notice the tenderness in his gaze no longer existed and his entire demeanour had shifted to being distant and tense.
"What are you doing here?" the gruff in his tone punctured a hole into her heart causing it to sink into the pit of despair.
"I escaped..." she managed to formulate a few words, her heart palpitating because of his stoic behaviour.
"What am I supposed to do about it?" he snapped snipping a chuck of her and her lips quivered not knowing how to respond to him.
"Don't tell you were expecting me to be waiting for you?" Jimin scoffed turning away and when he redirected his orb back to her, she could no longer recognize him.
The man ahead of her only looked like Jimin she had fallen in love with because other than his facial features nothing seemed to be parallel to the boy she once adored with everything she had.
Watching Saya go speechless just like a deer caught in a headlight, he let out a bitter chuckle enabling her to grasp that he wasn't thrilled to be in her presence like she had hoped he would.
"Seriously..." His eyes scrutinized appalled to learn that the girl was delusional enough to believe she could walk into his life out of blue and he would accept her with open arms.
"You thought I would still be loving you like an idiot, while you are fucking my half brother..." his choice of words caused her heart to twist in all possible ways and profound sadness washed over her crashing all of her wishful hope. Of course, she wasn't expecting him to swipe her off her feet claiming his undying love for her however she wasn't anticipating the enmity either.
"Anyways weren't you guys getting married or something" He tittered utterly stunned by her audacity and Saya had to bite her lips to stop them from trembling. She stared at him with tears gushing down her cheeks searching for any form of comfort however received nothing but bitterness in them.
To say his comment pained her would be an understatement because every word he was throwing upon her was making her experience a million deaths. Maybe getting skinned alive or getting her organ torn apart would be less agonizing than witnessing the disgust reflecting in the orbs that once held so much adoration for her.
Suddenly Jimin's presence turned more suffocating than in her previous relationship and the urge to blot out of the room grew stronger so did Jungkook's obnoxious laughs that rang in her ears as if mocking her for believing her love story with Jimin was everlasting and imperishable. Soon enough the words he had spoken to her after her act of infidelity was disclosed replayed in her head hinting what a fool she had always been.
"You know nothing Diva, you have always been so naïve living in your fantasy. You can't even recognize the bitter truth of your affair"
She pondered if he was implying the fact that Jimin's love for her was hardly sincere like she had sought it to be. Maybe Jimin was never truly in love with her because if he was why could she not detect even an ounce of affection in his face. Fuck the affection Jimin had failed to show a mere compassion a stranger would have shown to her even though he was well aware of how hard her life had been.
"Before you make my life a living hell again, Go back" he retorted waving his hands bleakly.
"I am sure your so-called fiance must be going crazy searching for his prized possession" he spat venom at her while Saya gave him a weak smile accepting the grim reality that the man she loved no longer existed.
The guy she lost her heart to was kind and considerate and he would never treat her like she was a pest infecting his life. Perhaps, Jimin she once knew may not be able to give the love as he had vowed to, but he would definitely show her some sort of empathy if not envelop her in his protective arms.
Above all, she wasn't expecting much. Yes she did have a tiny bit of false hope but truth to be told all she wished for was a few kind words and heartfelt goodbye from the person she thought to be her only support
"You know what? fuck it, I am sending you back" he revealed looking away swiftly then fetched his phone to free himself from the baggage that was never his.
Seeing Jimin willing to throw her back to the hades she escaped from she slide down her hands to her side before gripping them as hard as she could to ease the pang bubbling into her system.
"The sight so unbearable, I shut my eyes close
Wish for death to knock on the door, rather live a life of a corpse"
She whispered the words laced with sorrow prompting Jimin to pause and glance at her.
"Jimmie" a velvety voice of a girl called his name ensuing a panic within him. As if being seen with her would ensure a big catastrophe he cursed under his breath, snapping his head back to the girl who was basically frozen at her spot.
"Don't move," he asserted throwing a burning glare at Saya.
"Jimmie" Saya heard the voice call again and ruffling his hair he promptly replied "Coming babe"
He then walked out of the room shooting another arrow in her already tattered heart.
As the silence welcome her, Saya laughed at the irony of her life had become. It sure hurt like a bitch to learn he was way past their stupid affair while she had been stuck on the same point like a broken tape recorder. The thought of Jimin with another girl churned her stomach and before she would spill her guts out of her mouth, she rushed out of the place as far as her feet could take. Before remaining of her self-respect would be butchered as well she disappeared within the gloomy night releasing Jimin from the shackle of their past.
*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿  ✿✼:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・゚゚
When Jimin returned back, the cabin was vacant just like he had expected it to be, with only the untouched ice cream that was gradually melting and the sweet fragrance lingering in the air, a souvenir that the girl was actually present there.
Sinking his hands inside his pocket, Jimin leisurely ambled towards the spot his old flame was standing just a moment before, and letting out a quivering breath he slumped on the couch that was still warm making him discern seeing her again wasn't just his wild fantasy.
Just like a puff of smoke, she was gone with the wind leaving behind the ache that would never heal but unlike like the last time he didn't just watch the love of his life getting taken away but deliberately push her away with his own hands.
"Did you just call my girlfriend babe?" his friend poked his head and returning him a sorry smile, Jimin lied like the liar he had always been.
"Had a stalker problem" his voice cracked for using such a demeaning word towards the girl he loved and his friend bobbed his head not doubting his words.
"Are you joining us?" he asked noticing someone was off about him but the guy shook his head conveying he would like to pass the offer for now.
"In a while. I want to be alone for now?" Jimin politely told him and heeding to his request the guy left him to repent on the behaviour he had shown to the girl who once idolized him for being the man he never was.
Taking out his phone, he unlocked the lock screen and caressed the bright smile Saya used to adore whenever she was around him. Recalling the way her eyes used to twinkle like it held all the stars in the universe everytime he used to take her name, he huff a pained chuckle for being the one to extinguish the sparks within them.
He was certain after everything he had spat at her he would never get to witness her beaming at him with the same fondness or affection, after all, He had successfully killed every possibility of them being together with his own hand.
How could she not notice the crack in his voice as he uttered those venomous words?
How could she be so blind not to see his figure trembling as he pretended to loathe her?
The agony of watching her breakdown had cut him so deep that he had to turn away to hide the tears trickling down his eyes so why was she always so oblivious to the torture his body had to go through for being so close and yet not being able to hold her.
But then he had always been so good at deceiving her therefore expecting her to notice another of his lie was maybe too far fetched but still he had hoped that this time she would catch him and spare him from causing the death of his own heart.
Obscuring his mouth using the back of his hand, he finally allowed himself to feel the grief that was splitting his existence into half. Saya broken state listening to him lament her flashed into mind increasing his torment and he screamed hunkering down and waling with his entire body.
Her wretched expression and the pain that reflected in her eyes would hunt him till his deathbed. He cursed himself for being so helpless, moreover for being the one to inflict the wounds that would probably leave a deep scar on her.
The incoming call only made the matter worst for him and receiving the phone he yelled at the person responsible for all of his misery.
Jimin threw his phone against the wall destroying it like he destroyed her and falling down to his side he drowned himself in the guilt for subjecting the only person had had truly loved to the worst possible torture.
With his head handing low and leaning his elbow against his thighs, Jungkook cut the call since Jimin's reaction was enough to hint the job was done. He let out a sigh in relief perceiving that he had successfully burned down all of the bridges between them, opening only one path for her that would eventually lead her back to him.
He wasn't a fool not to gear up for the worst-case scenarios however he had truely hoped she wouldn't betray him but just like every other time, Saya had failed him again by abandoning him the first chance she got.
The moment she made a move to leave him, everything had been arranged exactly how he wanted and despite stepping out of his shade, his shadow had never stopped following her. The naive girl never once doubted why the whole thing was so easy for her when in fact everyone was anticipating her arrival in Cascadia while giving her a false sense of freedom. But then he wouldn't blame her for not identifying things that were out of the ordinary given that all of her life she had been sheltered by him.
The schedule, the guards as well as every single person who catered to her request in the club including Jimin himself were prepared as per his instructions.
Jimin loved his mother too much not to fall on his knees when the threat was on her life and like the good son he had always been, he acted exactly the way Jungkook had ordered, reciting the script he had sent to him line by line.
"Noona it must have hurt you so much, I am so sorry" he spoke to himself running his finger through his hair and scrunching it in absolute desolation.
"But the pain you delivered to me..." he choked clutching the gun tightly in his grasp.
"It was unimaginable..." his expression twisted to form a sneer.
A great tremor shook his body as a gut-wrenching aversion overwhelmed his sense recalling all the sweet words Saya had sputtered out just so that she could win his trust and flee when he was least suspecting.
Jungkook wasn't even sure if could feel anything anymore because the emotional torment, Saya had inflicted upon him had officially numbed him.
"After all the promises you made, you left me again, like I was nothing, you threw me again" he gave out a bitter laugh.
He had crossed his heart praying for her to change her mind and return to him but as he watched the boat sail to the land her lover was, remaining of his sanity had shattered along with all the promises she had made to. The recollection of the moment left bitterness soaking in his mind and he gritted his teeth as the fury built inside of him could be felt by the man kneeling before him.
In the rusted basement under the poor lighting, the man begged for his life with tears streaming down his face, clasping his hands together as Jungkook's vicious eyes looked down upon him.
"I was such a good boy but she still left me..." he tilted his head, dead gaze watching the orange-haired guy squirming pathetically with snot flowing down his nose.
"Please forgive me," he cried beseeching for mercy but leniency was never The Devil's forte.
Jungkook took a sharp intake of breath, his lips twitching hearing the most worthless word to ever exist. Just like how his sincere apology was futile and her asking for forgiveness was nothing but a sham. A sorry wouldn't mend a fucking thing and for sure it would erase the man's bold action of eyeing Jeon Jungkook's woman with lust.
"I didn't know who she was I really didn't...."
Firing the bullet between his eyes, Jungkook shut the man's lies at once causing the limp body to fall to the side.
*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿  ✿✼:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・゚゚
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𖥻 ִ ۫𓂃 he is art. ⭑
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BULLY~K.TH Oneshot
Tumblr media
Warning: Noncon, bullying, violence etc.
I hesitate while stepping inside my school.It's still early. I sighed when I saw no one in the hallway. I quickly went to my class.
I don't want to bump into someone. Eventually class started. I took a seat near the door so I could get out of class as quickly as possible.
I felt a pair of eyes on me. The eyes were waiting for the class to end so I could be his prey. The class ended and I quickly left the class. I successfully hid for almost half of the day.
Suddenly I was pulled into an empty class.
I screamed and someone put a hand on my mouth.I bit his hand.
The people groaned and grip my neck. He started choking. I continuously hit his arm to set me free. He left my neck. I fell on my knee and started coughing.
"T-taehyung!*cough *cough w-hat the hell!?"
"You thought you could hide from me huh?'' He bent his head.
"Bitch look at my eyes." He pulled my hair until I stood and then made me look at his eyes.
I groaned because of the pain. He pushed me against the wall really hard that my whole back ached.
Then he kissed my lips aggressively. Completely destroying my lips. The old wounds on my lips just recovered and here he is giving me new wounds.
I pushed him hard because my lips were bleeding. But I think I made a huge mistake when I looked at him. There was fire in his eyes.
He pushed me and I fell on the floor. Then kicked me a few times. I cried because of the pain.
"Useless bitch. You are good at nothing." He kicked me for the last time and went out. He holds my shoulder, making me kneel down in front of him.
Oh no, I know where it is going. He started unbuckling his pants. He held my face. "Open your mouth."
I kept it shut. But he forced open my mouth and shoved his c0ck in my mouth.
I hide all my bruises with my concealer.
"This one is also finished." I rolled my eyes.
I was sitting on the rooftop of my school, looking up at the sky. Taehyung has been bullying me for years, but now he started forcing me to suck him, or something he even forceful have s*x with me. When he started doing that, I was going to complain but he had taken pictures of me sucking him. No one will know it's forced and everyone would have called me slut. And I still remember when he r*ped me in the backseat of his car, just because he was furious that I didn't pick up his call and went out with a boy.
I felt someone's presence near me. The person standing in front of me.
I look up and it's Taehyung. I was thinking which way I should escape, he kneels down. And put a bandage on my knees.
"Can't you just obey me and don't run away from me? You know I won't hurt if you do what I say." He said.
I just kept on looking away. He sat near me. I was about to leave but he held my hand.
"Don't go." He said and put his head on my lap. Fcking hell, he put his head on my lap.
Few minutes pass and my legs get numb. Why is his head so heavy? I said to myself.
I was walking home and my phone rang. "Hey, how are you doing?" The person said on the phone.
"I am good. But dohyun Oppa, it's been a long time since you called me." I complained.
"Sorry for that. I will be back in the town next week."
"Really?! It's been a long time since we met." I said on the phone.
I talked to him the whole way home about everything except Taehyung. It was fun talking to an old friend.
I opened my room door but I was shocked.
"Y/n, are you still there?" Dohyun asked.
"I will call you again." I hung up the phone.
"Kitty you are back?"
Taehyung was in my room looking at my hamster house continually.
"What are you doing here? My parents are still downstairs." I said and locked the door.
"You left the window open. And I thought you only had a dog but you also have hamsters." He said looking at them.
"How many are they? one..two..." he was about to touch my hamster.
"Don't touch them. You're gonna scare them." I saw a smirk on his face.
Oh no. I think something bad is about to happen. But he stepped away from my hamster cage. I took a deep breath.
He looked at the drawing and painting on the wall.
"Oh this is new you can draw. You are not useless." He started touching my sketchbooks.
"Stop it." I said it with a low voice because I didn't want my parents to hear us.
I took my sketchbook away from his hand and put it properly.
"What is this? 'I have less to say than I thought' " He chuckled while reading a quotation on my wall.
"Such a loser." He chuckled again.
He saw a paper destroying machine. He took a blank paper and put it in.
"This actually works." A smirk then again formed on his face. What is he thinking in his evil mind? He removed the lid of the machine. I can clearly see the blades of the machine.
He stepped away from the machine. I sighed again. Thinking he stopped doing something weird. But he moved near my hamster cage again.
"Which one do you like the most?" He asked, pointing towards the hamsters.
"Never mind. I'm gonna choose this grey and white one." He said and took it in his hands.
"Taehyung, put him back." I said.
"What? I am just playing. Isn't it cute." He said and sat on my study table.
"How about we just put him in?" He held my hamster by his arm and put him in the air with a paper destroying machine on the floor.
"Ah, No." I screamed Loudly.
"Honey, are you good there?" My mom asked .
"Yes, mom, no need to come up." I screamed back.
"Taehyung, stopped playing with him. He's gonna get hurt." I whispered.
"No, I wanna see what's gonna happen if we put him in there."
"Taehyung, Please stop."
Taehyung emptied my pencil stand and put my hamster there.
"Ok, then strip.", he said calmly.
"What?" I asked.
"You are doing it or I put him in the machine."
"Okay, okay."
I took off my coat. I looked at Taehyung and his eyes were glued to me.
I undo my shirt button. I took a deep breath and looked at him.
His eyes were still on me. I was already a shy person and now he is making me do this.
I took off my shirt and heard him take a deep breath. My cheeks were burning. I unzipped my pants and removed them. I was left with my boxer.I kept on looking down.
"Why did you stop?" He asked and I looked at him shocked.
"Why are you still shy? I already remember every single part of your body." He laughed and came near me. He kissed my lips.
"Remember this and you belong to me." He chased my body and said.
"Y-You should leave, my parents are home." I said.
"What new I am fck you before when your parents were at home. I think we can do it again."
I was sitting in the corner of the canteen and was calmly eating my lunch. Someone sat in front of my seat.
"Hi, Y/n." The person said.
That's unusual. No one has ever sat with me. The person kept on talking to me about different things. I didn't want to be rude but if I talked to him then Taehyung would get mad.
Taehyung has scared all my friends or told them that I don't want to be friends with them anymore. He doesn't let me be friends or even let me talk to anyone. He doesn't want to tell anyone about him.
"Earth to Y/n." He said.
"Huh, what?" I was giving him short replies.
"I was saying I need help in study and also we could go for coffee later."
I looked and saw Taehyung deadly staring at me.
"I am busy that day." I quickly said.
"Agio, I didn't even tell you which day." He laughed and pulled my cheeks.
Oh god. I need to leave.
I quickly went out of the canteen. I heard him calling me and I kept on walking.
Someone held my wrist and pushed me hard.
"Who was that?" Taehyung asked.
"This isn't your business." Taehyung pushed me again to the locker and twisted my arm.
"Ahh. Leave it."
"Who was he, Y/n?" He asked again.
"It was Mingi from maths class. He was asking for help in studying but I refused." He left my arm.
"Look, that wasn't that hard." He said.
"But stay away from him."
"Ok." I said while looking down, I thought he would leave but he brought me to the bath. He never stops this. He uses me every time he wants.
Finally some time for myself. I thought and rested on my bed and started a movie.
It was the weekend and I had completed mine and Taehyung's homework. Now I can rest.
My phone rang. I saw the id. It's Taehyung. I tried to ignore it but it rang again. I decided to pick up the call before I was in trouble.
"Yes?" I answered.
"You have completed my homework, Right?'' Taehyung asked on the phone. I could hear loud music in the background.
"Okay. Bring it here." He said.
"WHAT? I mean it's late now."
"I am sending you an address. If you didn't reach here in 30 min. You will be in great trouble." He hung up the phone.
I sighed. And got up from bed.
I walked in the house through the crowd. There were so many people here.
Whose house is this? I asked myself.
"Oh, Y/n! You are also here. Well everyone is welcome in my house." Yoongi, who is one of Taehyung's friends, said.
Party is at his house. I said to myself.
"Sorry for coming without invitation." I bowed. He chuckled.
"Whatever. Enjoy the party." He went away.
I sighed again looking at all the people. I hugged the notebook which has Taehyung homework in it.
"Let's just give him this and quickly go home." I looked in the living room but the lights were dimmed.
I couldn't see anything properly.
"Hey, there." The person tapped my shoulder.
I flinched and looked at the person.
"Oh, Mingi."
"I didn't know that you would come to parties like this." He put his arm around my shoulder.
"I need to go." I said and tried to remove his hand but he put his hand back on my shoulder.
"Oh come on. You are here. At least you should drink something." He started dragging me to his friends.
"No, I really need to go." I was afraid of Mingi and also Taehyung if he saw me.
But right now it's mostly mingi that I am scared of.
"Guys, give me a drink." He took a drink from his friend. "Ok, here Y/n."
"No, I don't drink."
"Come on, Y/n." He brought the cup near my lips.
"I said no." The drink spilled on me.
"Oh my god. I am so sorry." Mingi said. I looked down and my plain white shirt became transparent. I quickly went away from there.
I went to the bathroom and put my notebook on the sink. I tried to clean my shirt with tissues.
It wasn't helping because my shirt was becoming more and more transparent.
I heard someone enter the bathroom.
"Need some help?" The person said.
'' No. Please leave." I said to the person.
"But it looks like you need help." He stepped closer to me.
"Mingi. Stop right there." I said while stepping back.
"Mingi. Stop right there." I said while stepping back. I kept stepping back until my back was hit by the wall.
He came closer to me and trapped me between his arms. He looked at me and licked his lips. I tried to cover my body with my hands.
"Mingi. Leave now. Or I will scream."
"You will be screaming my name in a few minutes anyway." He smirked. He attacked my neck. Kissing and sucking it hard. I kept on pushing him away.
"MINGI. STOP. HELP ME." I screamed loudly but the music was too loud for anyone to hear me.
"FCKING STOP MINGI." I said hitting him but he didn't even flinch.
He snaked his hand under my shirt , Moving his hand around my body.
I pushed him with all my strength.
I managed to push him away. I quickly tried to run away.
He pulled me back with my hair. And this time he kissed my lips.
I bit his lips hard and screamed.
"SOMEONE, HELP." He kissed me again.
The door was hardly open and I could see an angry Taehyung
I never felt this relief in my time after seeing him.
"Taehyung." He looked at me. Tears were falling down my face. He pulled Mingi away from me. He holds him by his collar.
"Y/n, did he hurt you?" He asked me with burning eyes. I nodded.
And he started punching him hard. He kept on beating him.
I hold Taehyung''s shirt. He looked at me.
"Taehyung, I wanna leave. " I stated with tears in my eyes
"We are not done." He warned Mingi.
He held my arm and brought me away from the party to his car. I was still shocked by what just happened.
Taehyung was driving the car really fast. Of course because he was angry.
I kept on looking at my lap. Tears were falling from my eyes. I was still in trauma.
Suddenly Taehyung the car stopped. I looked up and saw we were in the middle of nowhere. He removed his seatbelt.
He hovered over my seat. I was surprised by this act.He was just staring at me with burning eyes. He scanned me with his eyes.He put a finger under my chin and made me look up.
"How could he touch what's mine?" He punched the seat beside me.
I was already scared and then I started crying.
"Stop crying. Y/n. I am already mad."
I tried to control my tears. He kissed my lips softly for the first time. It really helped me to calm down.
"He fucking also left marks on your skin." He punched again. Taehyung started kissing me on the marks. I escaped Mingi and now this.
Taehyung wanted to remove all the marks that he left with new ones made by him. He would softly bite in the end. Which made me moan.
I don't why but it was still comforting me. I also want him to remove all the marks that jerk gave me.
He stopped after he gave me new hickeys. He sat back on his seat and caressed my cheeks. I didn't think he would stop.
"You okay?" He asked me softly. I nod in reply. He drove me back home.
I stepped out of the car.
"Wait, Y/n." He got out of his seat and put his black denim jacket on my shoulder.
He then back hugged.
"It scares me thinking what would happen if I had arrived late there." He whispers to my ears while softly kissing it.
I chuckled and hit him with my shoulder and pulled him back from me.
"Mingi just did what you had been doing for months now. No he is actually better than you, you are the most disgusting person. " I went inside my house. I don't know from where I got the courage to say that.
Taehyung was laying on bed but he couldn't sleep. He didn't know what was disturbing him more.
Someone touching Y/n or her saying that he was worse as that jerk.
The thoughts completely consumed his mind.
He stood up from his bed. He took his keys from the table. First he needs to get rid of Mingi, he deserves punishment after touching Y/n. Be deserves to die.
After hiding the corpse, Taehyung drove to Y/n's house.He climbed up the window to his room.
' This dumb girl Anyone can climb into her room.' He said to himself. He saw her sleeping while her back was facing him. He slowly started stripping her.
Y/n moved. "Shh. It's me." Taehyung said softly.
He pressed his lips with her shoulder. Kissing her body gently.
"I am better than that jerk, I can do so much for you. I can even kill for you. I care about you and I will prove it. "
"You always do this," she said with tears.
"Because you resist! Stop resisting me! Then I will be gentle and caring. But you make me feel bad then it makes me furious and then I want to fck the shit out of you in anger." He pulled down his pants, taking out his length, he shoved himself in her.
"Be still, if you try to resist again, I will be harsh again. I want to impregnate you so I will be gentle. I will make you pregnant with me baby" He said.
"Ar-e you crazy!" She tried to sit up, he pinned her on the bed. Pounding in her, on the mattress.
"Yes, you fucking made me crazy! All of this is because of you! If you didn't reject me first then we would be a happy couple. But you choose this. "
"Wh-en did I reject you?"
"Back in 8th grade. When I asked you to go out with me but you refused." 8th grade? She doesn't even remember that.
"you are slut! You said you are not ready to date anyone. Then you started dating an asshole, when I killed him you started dating someone else. You are slut! I keep killing while you keep dating other people then I realized you need a wh0re that need a d'ck to stuff your p*ssy." He confessed everything. Y/n was surprised to hear it all.
He said he will be gentle but he did the opposite. He fcked her extremely hard, making her choke on her tears.
He never cares about her, there is never an after care. He uses no lube, no foreplay. He just uses her whatever he pleases.
But this time it was worse than all the time before.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Complemento desse moodboard!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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