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heart of the flame | kth. final (m)
Tumblr media
➵ summary : when fate leads to you to meet sweet and charming firefighter, kim taehyung, you don’t expect him to become the irrevocable love of your life. spending your days with him become just as easy as breathing, and you begin to believe your love is unbreakable. but when fundamental issues begin to tear your relationship apart, you learn that despite heartfelt memories and irreplaceable history, sometimes love that burns too brightly only blazes out faster. you’re both willing to fight tooth and nail to make your love long-lasting however, and discover that maybe, just maybe, love is enough.
OR, stranded and alone, kim taehyung offers the help you exactly need. rooming with him in his apartment seems harmless at first, but as history resurfaces and tensions rise, harmless turns into hazardous, and ensues an intense relationship that plays with the very thing he fights—fire.”
↳ part of the ‘warm this winter’ collaboration!
➵ pairing: firefighter!taehyung x f. librarian!reader
➵ genre: roommates!au, friends absolute idiots to lovers!au, romance, fluff, smut, angst
➵ rating: 18+
➵ word count: 44k
➵ warnings: swearing, alcohol consumption (both parties able to consent), lots of argument/conflict!!, angsty back and forth, exes ://, tae is a very sad boi, reader goes through a lot <3, mentions of throwing up, mentions of injury + blood, mentions of cheating/emotional cheating (but nobody does), mentions of grief, loss and death of a character (please read with caution if this is triggering), mentions of unsolicited touching/minor harassment (NOT done by tae or reader, please read with caution if this is triggering), vaping, making out, multiple sex scenes, soft dom!tae, sub/switch!reader, big dicc!tae, unprotected sex (wrap before you tap pls), public sex (nobody sees them), thigh-riding, marking, praising, breast play/fondling, riding, hitting it from the back, restraint, cmnf!!, cum tasting, oral (m. + f. receiving), choking, biting, aftercare <3, gagging, face-fucking, deep-throating, degradation (use of slut), dirty talk, reverse-cowgirl, fingering, clothing play? you’ll see what i mean, missionary, foot fetish!!, use of a sex toy (vibrator!), overstimulation, forced orgasm, multiple orgasms, creampie 
➵ a/n: i have no words for this, i really don’t </3 here’s the final part of my taehyung birthday fic!! thank you @opaljm​ for beta-ing over the scene that you did 💓 leave ‘anyone’ by jb for the last scene, it hits so hard 🥺 as always, your feedback means the world to me <3
➵ playlist: been like this by doja cat, what if i told you that i love you by ali gatie, anyone by justin bieber 
Tumblr media
act I. || act II. || act III. (final)
Tumblr media
Taehyung’s head is pounding so excruciatingly, he can’t think. 
He inhales an entire half a glass of Whiskey, pinning it down on his coffee table as he frantically paces, loosening his constricting tie.
He fucked up, he knows it. He fucked up big time and he can’t even see anything through the tears in his eyes
Where did you go? Should he chase after you? Does he even deserve a second chance? His head is swarming with terrifying thoughts, ringing so loudly his sanity was two more self-deprecating questions away from crumbling. 
It’s just so painful, he whips out his phone at light speed, clicking your contact name and clacking over the keyboard. 
11:40 PM: i’m sorry 
He knows it’s not much, but he can’t think straight. He doesn’t know if you’ll respond, doesn’t know if you’ll even see it, but he needs you to know that he truly is sorry. 
His hand shakes as he holds his phone, and suddenly a call lights up his screen. He sees his brother’s name, and puts it through right away. “Seoyun, fuck... I’m so stupid.” Taehyung sobs. “Seo.. I fucked up, I fucked up so badly I fucking hate myself.” 
“Hyung, slow down. What happened? Why did you leave the wedding all of a sudden?” His younger brother queries. “What happened with Y/N?” 
“Fuck, fuck me.” Taehyung curses with a shaky voice. “I-I... we got into a fight and she just.. she left Seo. I don’t know where she went. I came back to our place thinking she was here but she fucking isn’t.” 
“Alright, hyung. Take a deep breath. You sound like you can’t even breathe.” Seoyun advises. Taehyung listens and tries to exhale deeper, more evenly.
“Seo, I really fucked up. I yelled at her and I said... I said terrible things and I know I’m stupid for it. She said-she said she never wants to see me again.” Taehyung’s voice is caught in his throat, tears spilling from his lash line. 
“Hyung, I’m pretty sure she didn’t mean that no matter what happened. I don’t know where she is either but I can have Mi call her-” 
“No, no.” Taehyung sniffles, running a hand through his hair. “It’s your wedding, Seoyun. You and Miso should be celebrating your marriage, I don’t want to put this on you two. Please just enjoy the rest of your night.” 
Seoyun attempts to capture his brother’s attention, but Taehyung ends the call, left to his tempestuous lonesome. 
Taehyung’s chest feels like it’ll erupt into flames, his heart aching so agonizingly he can’t see, can’t hear a thing. All he can see is the look of sheer horror on your face, those tears streaming down your face, the anger in your eyes when you told him to never come near you again. 
It all burns him so badly he can’t help but fall onto his knees in the living room, hand clutching his chest. He becomes so infuriatingly angry with himself, he grasps his Whiskey glass and throws it across the room, watching it shatter onto the floor. He clutches his head in his hands in anguish, mind a mess of thoughts.
He didn’t mean those God awful things he said, he really didn’t. Taehyung just couldn’t handle the fact that you were right; he was scared of confronting his trauma with his parents. His hatred for marriage stems from a place of fear; it comes from the desire to avoid all that hurt, anger and the horrifying reality of love he witnessed with his parents’ toxic marriage. 
He was once a believer, too. He used to believe in love and marriage as these whimsical goals in life that tie people together through unbreakable bonds, happiness and promises. 
He couldn’t handle the agony when he realized that wasn’t true.
 He’ll never forget the first time he heard his parents arguing; the screams, the shit-talking, the constant bad blood. He’ll never forget the aggrieved divorce because of the initial cheating, the messy battle for custody, his father’s marriage to another woman Taehyung attended. He watched his father promise to love, cherish, and respect his new bride for a lifetime; only to find him and his real mother together that same night.
He vowed to not believe in marriage or love ever again. 
Taehyung wipes his tears; he can’t stand doing this. There’s no time for a trip down memory lane when you’re nowhere to be found. He wants to search high and low for you; he wants to call you, but those six words you gritted through your teeth rang as loud as a school bell in his head. 
‘Don’t you ever come near me again.’ 
It can’t be over, Taehyung doesn’t want it to be over. He loves you, he really does, he just wants to protect you. He doesn’t want you to fly high up in the clouds only to end up falling, he never wants to see you hurt after you figure out how cruel the world really is, that the romanticized version of love you adore can’t always be real.
He exhales deeply, tears brimming his eyes. He unlocks his phone and quickly texts the group chat of his friends in a frenzy, thumbs frantically tapping over the screen. 
11:48 PM: is anyone here? Please tell me someone is 
11:49 PM: i fucked up guys, i fucked up so badly
11:49 PM: i hate myself
Akio: what’s up, bro? 
Akio: are you okay? 
Jungkook: what’s wrong, hyung? 
Kate: what happened, tae? 
11:52 PM: guys, i’m so serious i fucked up so badly
11:52 PM: i don’t know what to do 
11:52 PM: i can’t fucking do this
Taehyung can barely see his screen through his tears, clicking on Jimin’s contact and messaging him privately. 
11:53 PM: Minnie, I fucked up 
11:54 PM: please tell me you’re there, i need to talk to somebody 
Jimin: shit tae, what happened? I just saw the groupchat 
11:55 PM: it’s y/n, jimin, i fucked up 
11:56 PM: we got into this huge fight and i yelled at her
11:56 PM: i said mean shit and she left, she told me to never come near her again 
Jimin: wait, aren’t you guys at your brother’s wedding right now? You fought there? 
11:57 PM: yes, we fought about marriage and i said stupid shit and i hurt her and idk what to do
11:57 PM: please help me, jimin, i don’t know where she went, she’s not home 
Jimin: fuck man, i wish i could help but i’m just so swamped with school rn 
Jimin: i can try texting her and see if she responds 
11:59 PM: no no, it’s okay jimin, i’m sorry i bothered you 
Taehyung feels guilty once he remembers Jimin’s pursuit for his master’s degree, swallowing down his raging emotions. 
12:00 AM: i’m gonna find her myself 
Jimin: whatever it is, tae, just remember that y/n loves you, alright? Even if you guys fought, it doesn’t mean this can’t be fixed 
Taehyung equips himself with some assurance, but it’s not enough to quell the storm in his heart. He can’t handle the hurt of knowing he was the cause of your tears, that he inflicted such pain upon you when he was meant to protect you. 
Sniffling and self-loathing, Taehyung wallows in his own sorrow until he feels his phone buzzing in his hand. Excited that it could be you, he checks in a flash. His shoulders sag when he sees the contact name. 
Reluctantly, Taehyung decides to swipe across his screen, pressing the phone to his ear. “Hello?” 
“Tae, holy shit. How can you text the groupchat that you fucked up and not text again? Are you okay?” 
Taehyung sighs. He wants to lie, put up this entire farce that he’s okay, but he isn’t. All he can feel is the excruciating pain of thinking you’re both done for, that he’ll never be able to earn your forgiveness. “I’m honestly not, Kate. I really fucked up and I don’t know what to do.” 
“What do you mean you fucked up, Tae? What happened?” 
“With Y/N, I fucked up with her!” He raises his voice, because he doesn’t know how many times he can say that without crumbling. “We fought and she’s gone. I don’t know what to do, she told me to never come near her again.” 
Taehyung runs his hand over his forehead, sifting through your fight again and again, regretting everything he ever uttered. He doesn’t know what overcame him, and now all he can do is be haunted by the sadness in your eyes. 
He never wanted to hurt you. 
“With Y/N? Your girlfriend?” 
“Yes! I don’t-I don’t know what to do, fuck me.” Taehyung coughs, trying to breathe, the implosion of his chest so awful he can’t inhale right. “She’s gone and I just can’t do this anymore, I fucking can’t. It hurts like a bitch and it’s all my fault.” Incessant tears spill from Taehyung's eyes, his heart fragmenting. 
“Listen, Tae, are you at your place?” 
He sniffles. “Yeah, why?” 
“I’m coming over. I can’t sit here and listen to you like this.” Kate suddenly determines. 
“No, Kate, it’s okay. This is my fuck up, I don’t even deserve help.” 
“Tae, you can’t say that. If it’s a fight then that doesn’t mean everything’s your fault. You both must’ve said fucked up stuff.” 
Taehyung shakes his head. “It doesn’t matter if she did, I went too far and hurt her. I hurt her and she’s-she’s gone. She’s fucking gone.” Fresh tears prick Taehyung’s lash line, leaning his elbow against the coffee table as he sobs, palm over his sad eyes. 
“I’m not letting you choose, Tae. I won’t let you say you don’t deserve help.” And before Taehyung can reply, the phone call ends, and he has nothing left to do but stare at it through tears. 
Tumblr media
“Why do you have hickeys on your neck?” Taehyung asks, holding his front door open, his eyes puffy and blood-shot.
Kate becomes timid. She touches her neck in an attempt to hide them. “I-I was out with someone.” 
Taehyung cocks a brow, sniffling, his head pounding as he tries to subdue the typhoon in his heart. “If you were out, you didn’t have to come. I told you I didn’t need help.”
“Tae, you can’t say that to me when we’re friends, okay? I can help you out, just talk to me.” Kate pleads, and Taehyung merely stares at her, blankly and utterly empty. 
He takes a deep sigh. Taehyung has a hunch this is a bad idea; Kate’s never exactly been quiet about her affections towards him ever since his… history with her. But he really did need to hear someone’s advice, and what better person than a woman for woman troubles? They are friends, after all. 
Moving aside, he lets Kate come in. She ventures into the apartment and peeks around, Taehyung listening to her suddenly exclaim. “Oh my God, Tae, why is there broken glass?” She asks. “Did she throw something at you?” 
Taehyung pulls a face at the accusation, shutting the door. “No, I broke it.” 
Kate’s surprised once she hears Taehyung’s curt tone, hugging her winter jacket around her. “Did your fight really get that heated?” 
“No, I didn’t-we didn’t fight here, we fought at my brother’s wedding.” Taehyung elaborates, vision fixating on the floor, running through his rampant memories. “I came here thinking she came home when she left, but she’s not here. I don’t know where she is.” 
Kate’s lips pout with sympathy, finding a seat on the couch. She taps the spot next to her. “Come here, Tae, talk to me.” 
Taehyung sighs. He trudges over and takes a seat at the end of the couch, plenty of space between himself and his friend. His elbows lean onto his knees as he attempts to collect himself, his heart cinching with regret in his chest. Kate rests a hand on the couch’s cushion, leaning over. 
“Tae, you gotta talk to me. What happened?” She inquires softly, and Taehyung with a deep, deep sigh, relives the horrible fight. He details that it all began when he first mentioned his grievances with marriage, how much it hurt him to know you wanted something more, but his own trauma won’t let him give it to you. The things you shouted to one another, the horrified look in your eyes, the words you gritted before you disappeared.
“I really want to try… to try and be more for her. I want her dreams to come true, I want her to be happy, to give her everything she deserves. I love her so much that that’s all I want for her.” Taehyung beseeches. He misses the way Kate scooches closer to him. 
“I just can’t do anything because her dream is the one thing that I hate the most. I can’t get married, Kate, I really can’t. It’s a part of me that I can’t change.” 
“Then maybe you don’t have to change, Tae. Maybe Y/N needs to be more understanding.” Kate offers, slowly decreasing the distance. 
“No, no. I’m the one with the unconventional view, I can’t make her be understanding or change just for me. She doesn’t deserve that.” Taehyung sniffles, leaning back to peer up at the ceiling, agony in his eyes. “But that’s not the point… I hurt her. I said awful things to her, and I can’t-I can’t get the image of her terrified face out of my head after I yelled at her.” 
Taehyung’s head falls into his hands as he tries to ground himself from the sheer anguish. Kate despises seeing Taehyung like this, and her hand comes out to cradle his shoulder. “Tae, but you’re hurt, too. The blame isn’t all on you.” 
“It doesn’t matter.” Taehyung argues. “I lost her. I fucking lost her and it’s all my fault. She’s gone because of me, and all I want is for her to forgive me. I want to find her and just talk to her. I want to see her, I just want to see her again.” Small sobs break out of Taehyung, practically pleading with anyone who could hear him to provide any sort of help. 
Head in his hands, all he feels is a presence next to him, soon Kate’s arm stretching over his shoulders. 
“It’s okay, Tae. It’s okay.” She pats him, her other hand falling against Taehyung’s thigh. He twitches at the gesture, lifting his face. 
“What are you doing?” He asks harshly. 
“I’m trying to comfort you, Tae. It’s not right for you to feel like everything’s your fault.” Kate coos. 
“But it is,” Taehyung stands his ground. “I’m the one that took things too far and yelled at her. I always do. I just hate seeing her get so optimistic; I don’t want her to get hurt by the reality of things when she’s too precious for that.” 
“But didn’t she yell at you too, Tae? Didn’t she say awful things? Attack you?” Kate goads Taehyung, and he recalls the fight. He remembers the words you shouted, the venom you spat. His heart sinks when he revisits the way you compared him to Seoyun.
How was that fair at all? Taehyung knew he confided in you everything about his parents and his traumatic past. You were knowledgeable in Taehyung being a human shield for his younger brother, taking nasty arrows in the back to protect Seoyun and ensure he grew up well. 
Taehyung sacrificed so much; his own money, his well-being, his sanity just to guarantee Seoyun could be a normal, happy kid. So it hurts when Taehyung recalls you so unfairly juxtaposing him and his brother, because he’s spent years trying to protect Seoyun, to be an older brother that takes care of his younger sibling. And yet, instead of being understanding, you took that fact and weaponized it, even threw it back in his face. 
“She-she did.” Taehyung admits, eyes lost in the scenes of the fight. 
“Then are you to blame for it all? How can you be blamed when you were provoked? Attacked and had terrible things said to you too, Tae?” Kate suggests, and Taehyung’s mind swirls so much, he feels like he can’t even think. 
“I-I guess.” He admits, but shakes his head. “But what I said was worse, she didn’t deserve any of that. What matters is that now I can’t find her, she’s gone and it hurts. I don’t know what I’ll do if something bad happens to her.” Taehyung complains in agony, his voice cracking as he breaks. “I just want to love her the way I can, the only way I know how. And I know it’s not enough, but I can’t give her more. I just can’t.” 
Taehyung’s weak, quavering voice switches something inside Kate, who suddenly sheds off her winter jacket. She’s dressed in a nightclub outfit; something skimpy and skin-tight. She moves closer to Taehyung, and her hand over his shoulders massages the nape of his neck, her hand on his thigh caressing him. 
Taehyung can register her touches, but he can’t think about them. All he can think about is the sweet sound of your voice, the endearing way you smile, the way you tilt your head when you’re confused or cutely whimper for him when you want him. The way you appear in his clothes, the way you giggle, the way you pack his lunches in this adorable way. 
He doesn’t want to lose any of that; he doesn’t want to lose you. 
His mind is storming, drowning in his sorrows until he feels Kate cupping his cheek. She turns his head in her direction and all of a sudden, her lips are just before Taehyung’s. She’s seconds from connecting her mouth with his, but Taehyung instantly panics, pushing her back. 
“What the fuck are you doing, Kate?” He chastises. “I have a girlfriend.” 
“Are you sure you still do, Tae? Are you sure you’re both still together? I can make you feel better.” She purrs, and Taehyung’s practically speechless. 
“Yes, of course we are. I-I don’t think things are over.” 
“But you said it yourself, didn’t you, Tae? She’s gone, and she hurt you.” 
“I hurt her more, and it doesn’t matter. She’s still my girl and I love her.” Taehyung stands his ground, expression irritated. 
“Are you sure she feels the same way? How are you so sure she hasn’t gone off to somebody else? So sure she’ll even come back after everything that happened?” Kate’s saccharine, hypnotizing tone makes Taehyung fall into thought, genuinely contemplating whether or not he’ll earn you back. 
You love him, don’t you? Even if he said those awful things, even if you two fought, surely you wouldn’t have gone to another. And you do have it in you to forgive him, to just listen to him and work things out. You’re intelligent like that, and he knows it’s possible. 
But… after tonight? After the God awful way he not only yelled at you, but attacked your character? Even grabbed you? He can’t erase that look; the sheer horror in your eyes when you saw him for who he really was. Could you have truly run off to somebody else? Somebody that could give you marriage like he never could? 
No, that’s wrong, and you would never do that. You would work this out with him. 
But even if you did, and you choose to forgive him, did Taehyung deserve you after that? Did he deserve to be forgiven? 
You deserved so much better. 
In all his thinking, Kate lowers herself, and she kisses the corner of his mouth. Taehyung flinches away from her, deep in his head, but she kisses again; once, twice, trying to gain his response. Taehyung becomes agitated and lifts a hand, stopping her. 
“Kate, stop, what the fuck?”
“But you’re hurting, Tae. And I just want to help you… help you like old times.” She purrs, and springs up onto her knees to gain leverage on Taehyung. She boldly plants her lips on his, and Taehyung can’t think. 
He can’t even feel anything with the sheer amount of regret, guilt and sorrow storming in his heart considering you’re better off without him. His lips remain unmoving as Kate kisses him, until he feels her hand sliding up his thigh, getting higher, and he grows agitated. 
“There are no old times anymore, Kate, fucking stop.” Taehyung tries moving away, but Kate’s determined. Her mouth descends to his neck and she begins laying wet kisses, Taehyung twitching yet again. 
It feels wrong, feels slimy and abhorring and Taehyung tries to force space between himself and Kate without being too rough. “Get off, Kate.” 
But she doesn’t stop, only increases her movements, and whispers against his neck. “You deserve better, Tae. So much fucking better.” 
Taehyung grapples onto her hands to shove her off, but stops once she deepens her kisses, suckling a little harder on his certain sweet spot. He breathes out, unable to decipher how he feels right now. 
He feels appalled, he knows this is wrong, completely wrong. But suddenly, it makes the gaping hole in his heart… manageable. It eases the pain just a little, and it shifts his mind off the soul-crushing regret in his chest. The strength in Taehyung’s resistance falters, and Kate takes it as her cue to mouth harsher. 
Taehyung groans ever so lightly, the pain momentarily dissipating in his chest, but his mind begins to shift gears. 
No, this is wrong.
Taehyung winces, hating the fact that his body isn’t doing what his mind's telling him. Stop, stop, stop, this is cheating! Don’t be like your fucking parents! But he feels stuck, utterly trapped in his own mind. Kate’s feeling up his chest and muscles, slowly moving her hand downwards, her lips unrelenting. She sinks her teeth into Taehyung’s neck, nipping his skin, and he immediately wakes up. 
He realizes with horror what’s happening and in a split second, shoves Kate so hard she tumbles off the couch. His eyes burn with enraging anger as he rises from his seat. 
“What the fuck, Tae?!” Kate shouts. 
“Get the fuck out of my apartment.” Taehyung practically spits, grinding down on his jaw so hard he could have broken a tooth. 
“I said get out!” He yells so scarily, even Kate flinches. “How could you fucking come onto me knowing I have a girlfriend? When I’m literally heartbroken over her?!” 
“And that’s exactly it, Tae!” Kate retaliates. “She broke your heart, do you think I’ll just sit here and listen to you blame yourself when I’ve fucking had feelings for you for years? And you’re fucking oblivious to them?” 
Taehyung laughs. “Oblivious? I knew all along, but I never had it in me to turn you down. I thought you’d get the fucking message after the amount of times I rejected you, or at least have some fucking respect for my girlfriend.” 
Kate’s expression fills with immediate embarrassment. “She did you wrong, Tae. I wasn’t gonna let you believe she’s this fucking angel when she isn’t, as your friend.” 
Taehyung scoffs darkly. “A friend would’ve never done what you just did, you fucking homewrecker.” Taehyung shakes his head, unbelieving of this. “Get it in your head that I’ll only ever love one person, and it’ll always be her. Fucking leave my apartment.” 
Kate averts her eyes from Taehyung and clutches her knees to her chest, unmoving. 
Taehyung grits through his teeth. “Now!” 
“I can’t!” She retorts, uncomfortably avoiding his furious eyes. “The storm’s really fucking bad outside and I… I don’t have my car. I used an Uber to get here… I thought I’d end up staying the night” 
Taehyung scoffs derisively. “The fuck were you doing out without your car, anyway?” 
“I told you,” Kate grits. “I was with someone, he was my ride.” 
Taehyung takes the largest, deepest sigh he has in his entire life. He smothers his face in his hands, groaning with sheer frustration trying to register how fucked up this all is. 
“God, fuck!” He curses loudly. “The storm’s bad and my baby… my baby’s out there all by herself.” Taehyung agonizes, resisting the urge to punch a wall, only left to pace around his apartment as he weaves his hands through his hair. All he can think about is you, how royally fucked up this is, how terrible he feels for even letting another woman touch him. 
He composes himself, taking a deep breath as he refocuses on Kate, maintaining his rage. “Fine,” he grits. “Stay here for the night, take my room. A shirt if you need it. But you better be gone in the morning.” 
Kate swallows as he cowers under Taehyung’s harsh stare, her eyes on the carpet. She nods, and Taehyung huffs. “So much for a fucking friend.” He stalks towards your old room, ready to shut himself in for the rest of the night. 
“Tae, wait.” Kate calls out, and he turns around with a frustrated sigh. 
“Can you-can you please… not tell everyone about this?” Kate sounds like she’s on the verge of tears, and maybe in an alternate reality, Taehyung would care. But he really can’t right now, he cannot believe a single thing that just happened. So all that leaves his mouth as he clutches the door knob to your room, is a simple, rigid sentence. 
“I won’t make any promises if you’re not gone by tomorrow morning.” 
Tumblr media
Taehyung turns over in bed; groggy, disheveled. He can tell he looks like hell; he feels it. 
Sleeping in your old room did him nothing but harm. All he could smell in the sheets was the faint trace of your rose perfume. He was constantly privy to your belongings littered across your vanity. Your makeup, your skincare products, your cute, framed photo booth film strips of the two of you from the movie theaters. 
It caused him to drown in complete agony. 
He drowned until his heart was suffocated, until his head pounded terribly, and his eyes shut before he could even acknowledge every fucked up thing that happened yesterday. He awakens now, almost in a haze. He questions for a second why he’s in your room, until he finds himself in his wedding suit. Tie undone, buttons loose and his boutonniere quite literally dying. 
Then he’s reminded of the horrid fight last night.
Guilt washed over him all over again. One, for entirely ruining his brother’s wedding; Taehyung should’ve been there to send his little brother off and congratulate him, but he instead caused unnecessary drama. Second, the way he completely shattered your heart. 
Reminded of your devastated face again, Taehyung’s chest tightens. He checks his phone to see if you at least read his message, if it was delivered or not. Clicking on your conversation, his eyes widen. 
Read 9:37 AM 
Holy fuck, you read the message. You read it. Taehyung quickly regards the current time. You read it about two hours ago? Maybe you’re not so entirely pissed, maybe this is a chance. 
Without thinking, Taehyung clicks your contact number and presses his phone to his ear, listening to your end of the line ring. It continues ringing, and Taehyung feels triumph blossom in his chest. You aren’t denying his call, you’re actually letting it go through. 
But the ringing repeats, it repeats and repeats until it cuts to your voicemail, and Taehyung exclaims in complaint. “Fuck!” He sits unmoving in your bed, unsure of what to do. Perhaps you saw the call, maybe you didn’t; he knows it’s most likely you ignored it.
 Nonetheless, he’ll employ whatever efforts are necessary until you pick up. He’ll do anything to talk to you again. 
Taehyung surveys which of his contacts to call next, possibly his brother or Miso, hoping to see if they heard from you. But when Taehyung scrolls through the app, he shockingly finds Kate in his recent calls. 
Leaping out of bed, Taehyung bursts out of your room and immediately stumbles before his own. He tries turning the doorknob, but it’s locked, and Taehyung grows angry, cursing everything in the universe. 
“Kate, Kate!” He knocks on the door urgently. “If you’re still in there, you better get the fuck out. I told you to be gone by morning!” 
Taehyung listens to her shuffling inside, becoming frustrated. “Kate, answer me!” 
He listens to her groaning, soon her tired voice. “It’s not even morning, Tae. Shut the fuck up.” 
“Hello? It’s almost 12 in the afternoon, you have to get out!” 
“Okay, okay!” She hollers from inside, and Taehyung regroups. His head’s still pounding from last night, and his stomach is grumbling. He doesn’t even bother changing before quickly washing up in the bathroom, knowing Kate will eventually use it. 
He quickly meanders into the kitchen afterwards and grabs all but a cup of yogurt, spooning it down at light speed to swallow some Ibuprofen for his headache. He finds the time to calm down then, applying Occam’s razor for his next move. There’s no need for him to jump to conclusions, he only needs to veer down the simplest path to redemption. 
He knows he owes his brother and Miso a lengthy apology, but he’ll get to that later. He determines he’ll contact every living and breathing human that knows you for your whereabouts; he’ll go insane without knowing where you are, without fixing things. 
He figures he’ll start by trying to call you again. Just when he clasps his phone, however, he hears a knock to his apartment door. Cocking a brow, he steps towards it with curiosity. 
He didn’t know what was coming when he opened the door. 
Tumblr media
“You lying, cheating, repulsive ASSHOLE!” You shriek and cry loudly as you pick up cushions and hurl them at Taehyung, your vision blurred with fat tears. 
“Y/N, please. I didn’t cheat on you, listen to me!” Taehyung tries to stop you, but you can’t even look at him without feeling immense anger. 
“You’re gonna say that to me when I can see the hickey on your fucking neck?! And she’s wearing your SHIRT!” 
“Just let me explain, Y/N, PLEASE!” Taehyung begs, but you're hurting beyond comprehension. Every cell in your body is overwhelmed with such indescribable pain, you stop throwing. 
You merely stare at him with tears flooding your eyes, chest so stifled with betrayal, you couldn’t breathe. While you sobbed yourself to sleep last night, hating yourself for that horrendous fight, he was here fucking another person. 
You almost broke watching Kate scurry into the bathroom and lock herself inside before your screaming match began. 
With ash in your lungs, you drop the cushions and simply leave the apartment, storming down the corridor with nothing but rage and misery. You listen to him tail behind, shouting all sorts of things. 
“Y/N, it’s a misunderstanding, listen to me!” 
“Baby, please stop. Let’s talk about this!” 
“Please just let me speak!” 
When you reach your car and unlock it, Taehyung suddenly shouts so loudly you swear even neighbourhood animals turn their heads. “Y/N Y/L/N, stop right now and let me FUCKING EXPLAIN!” 
You swivel around with anguished, crying eyes. You swallow down your turbulent emotions, finding the strength to ask. “What happened?” 
Taehyung scrambles to reply, his mind frantic. “Y/N, I swear we didn’t sleep together, okay? She-she came over on her own accord and she had to stay the night because of the storm and I swear that’s it. We didn’t even stay in the same room!” 
“She came over, and you’re seriously going to tell me nothing happened when she has hickeys all over her neck!” You screech. 
“They’re not from me! I didn’t do that to her, they were already there when she came!” 
“Why the fuck did she come in the first place?!” You holler. 
“She came to help me when I texted my groupchat, I didn’t fucking invite her over! I would never do that to you!” Taehyung passionately argues, and you can’t stand any of this, mind a mess of daunting thoughts.
“Tell me nothing happened.” You demand, eyes glossy. 
Taehyung hesitates, wanting to fess up, but he can’t. His pause causes immediate tears to manifest in your eyes, and it’s like he was lodging that sword in your chest again. Taehyung sees your lips quiver, and he completely crumbles. 
“Baby, I swear. I love you-” 
“You hesitated.” You whisper brokenly, Taehyung falling apart even more. 
“Gorgeous, please-” 
“Why did you hesitate?!” 
“Okay, okay!” His voice cracks. “I swear I-I didn’t do anything. We were talking about our fight on the phone and I was so, so heartbroken because I thought I lost you. I even fucking broke a glass because I was so angry with myself. Then she just showed up at my apartment and before I knew it she-she kissed me and she…” Taehyung grimaces, and your entire being breaks into two. 
“She what..?” Tears are streaming down your face, your voice trembling.
Taehyung shatters, his eyes glistening with tears. “She… she was touching me.” 
“Touching you how?” 
“Y/N, you don’t-” 
“Touching you how?!” 
“She was feeling up my body and my thigh, okay!” Taehyung shouts. “And she started kissing my neck. But I didn’t want it, I didn’t want any of it and I-I wasn’t thinking straight and all I could think about was you.” 
Your heart aches; there are numerous things wrong with that explanation. The unsolicited touching and kissing, the sense you’re getting that Kate came onto Taehyung when he was vulnerable. You gaze up at the sky for even a fraction of strength. 
“I’m sorry she did that to you, you didn’t deserve that.” You manage, body wracked with sorrowful, gut-wrenching pain. “But you let her into our apartment, Taehyung. You let her stay overnight, let her wear your clothes, let her kiss you enough that she gave you a hickey?” 
Taehyung grits his teeth, trying to cope with the faults in his actions. “I… I wasn’t thinking straight. I tried getting her off of me but… she didn’t stop. My head was everywhere and it-it eased the pain for a while…” You watch as his voice fades, his vacant eyes falling to the ground. 
You feel sick, you feel bile bubbling up your esophagus. You back up against your car, trying to breathe, trying to understand this. She slept in a t-shirt of his you wear all the time, slept in the same bed you and him share, was in the apartment you and him live in together. 
She kissed your boyfriend and touched him. 
Every inch of your soul breaks into miserable fragments. Taehyung watches you fall apart, and he quickly panics. 
“Y/N, please. I shoved her off before it went too far, I swear I did. You have to believe me, please.” Taehyung entreats, approaching you. “Please understand I could never do that to you. You’re my one and only girl. I would never cheat on you, baby. That’s all my parents ever fucking do and I despise them for it. I wouldn’t do the thing I hate most to the person I love.” 
You can only stare emptily at nothing. Tears incessantly roll down your cheeks, and once the reality of it all sets in, your heart collapses in on your chest. 
He may not have fucked her, but he let another woman, a woman he has a sexual past with into your apartment, confided in her and let her kiss him. Even if it wasn't of his own accord, he admitted it helped him feel better. 
You clutch a palm to your mouth and try not to scream in agony, sobbing quietly to yourself. Taehyung breaks, tears manifesting in his eyes. 
“Baby, please.” Taehyung carefully places his hands on your shoulders, stepping closer. A single tear rolls down his cheek, hating every second that you cry. “Y/N… please, please.” 
His voice hurts you; that pleading tone absolutely ripping you to shreds, but nothing compares to the utter betrayal you feel. “The entire time… I cried myself to sleep; hating myself for what I said to you… you were with her… confiding in her. Out of all people… her.” 
Taehyung’s lips quiver, crumbling himself. “I… I thought you didn’t want to see me anymore. I thought… I thought I lost you.” His emotional voice manages. “I thought you were leaving me, I thought it was over.” 
You peer up at Taehyung, agitation flooding you. “So that gives you the right to let another woman into our apartment? A woman you have a past with and clearly has feelings for you? A woman that never liked me from the beginning?” 
Taehyung’s eyes brim with fresh tears. “I swear I didn’t do anything with her, Y/N. I didn’t want anything from her.” 
“And you still fucking let her!” You scream, becoming enraged all over again. “You fucking let her in knowing how she feels about you, you asshole!” You immediately shove him off your shoulders. Your hands land on his chest to force him back, and Taehyung doesn’t even resist. Tears roll down his cheeks as he lets you angrily shove him; once, twice, a third time through sobs. 
“Fuck you!” You screech after watching him stumble back for the last time. Taehyung regards you with nothing but hurt, hating himself.
“Y/N, please…” He tries beseeching.
“No!” You deny him, fixing your purse on your shoulder. This is all fucking stupid, ridiculous. You’re done, you’re so far gone your heart’s been exhumed into ashes. “You didn’t want this to be over, you didn’t want things to be done..” 
Taehyung’s eyes open wide, and it hurts to see those puppy eyes so sad, terrified. “Y/N, no, don’t.” 
“You wanted me to get my head out the clouds and see love for what it really is, right? You wanted me to stop romanticizing it, to stop being so naive. To believe that you’d never hurt me the way your parents hurt you, didn’t want to lose me…” Your words cut him deep, and sheer horror flashes through his eyes. 
“No, don’t do this, Y/N. Don’t do this!” 
“Well, news-fucking-flash. Kim Taehyung.” You grit. “You just lost me, and you’ll never get me back.” 
You turn around and unlock your car, listening to Taehyung yell and shout and cry for you, telling you to stay, asking you to never leave him, to hear him out one last time, but none of that ever affects you. You simply climb into your car, start the ignition, and back out of the parking lot, disappearing.
Tumblr media
January 29th 
IGNORE ❌: y/n, please let me explain myself. I know that i hurt you and i fucked up terribly. I’m so, so sorry. I know there are things i should’ve done better, actions i should’ve taken and wrongs i’ve committed, but please understand that you mean the world to me. I….
January 30th
IGNORE ❌: my gorgeous girl, please know that you’re always in my heart and i can’t be without you. I can’t live with myself knowing that i hurt you. please don’t shut me out and let’s talk. We can fix things… 
February 2nd
IGNORE ❌: y/n, i won’t stop messaging you everyday because i’m not going to let you go that easily. I love you more than anything, you’re everything to me and i can’t just sit back and let things end like this. I…
February 5th
IGNORE ❌: baby, i can’t even sleep without thinking about how awfully i hurt you. I’m so sorry, gorgeous. I’m so sorry i’m an idiot and i did what i did, but i can’t lose you. I can’t… 
February 11th
IGNORE ❌: y/n y/l/n, i can see that you’re reading these, and i want you to know you’re the most wonderful thing that’s ever happened to me. you’re the most precious and sweetest girl i’ve ever gotten to know, and I’ll never forget our amazing time together, so i can’t just let you go without putting up a fight…
Nearly three weeks later, and nothing’s changed. Dozens of missed calls, dozens of long, lengthy text messages, and you never respond to a single one. Shortly after the messages and calls, you started even receiving mail from Taehyung; physical letters of him professing his undying love and incessantly apologizing. 
How Taehyung came to know that you’re currently stranded at Miso and Seoyun’s place is beyond you; it had to have been either of them telling him out of sympathy. 
You wouldn’t blame them; you learned from his brother that he’s apparently an emotional wreck. He continually blames himself, barely holding himself together, but he’s determined in trying for you, even if you don’t offer him a second chance. 
He apparently will love you whether you give him one or not. 
And yes, your heart aches knowing he’s in pain, that he’s suffering like you are, that he’s saying the sweetest of things that sometimes make you want to respond, that sometimes sway your heart and make you contemplate going back. 
His letters make everything so much more agonizing. 
Dear Y/N, 
I’m not sure if you’re going to see the address on these letters and simply throw them away, but even if you do, I hope seeing them will at least show you that I’ll do absolutely anything to earn you back. I know you love books. I know you love classical literature and romantic, timeless things, so I decided to start sending you letters. 
I know I said I don’t believe in love, but there wasn’t a single moment with you where love felt hard. It was easy with you, everything was. And I’ll use every fiber of my being to try and get you back, because it hurts to be without you. Because I miss the way your face lights up when you see me, I miss the way you cup my cheeks when I’m upset and the way we cuddle in bed on Sunday mornings because neither of us want to leave. I miss… 
Fresh tears would prick your eyes everytime you read a letter, adoring his beautiful hand-writing, feeling your heart cinch when you see the little mistakes he scratched out. His endearing hearts at the end, the way his writing isn’t exactly straight-lined, and especially, what he always signs off as. 
Always yours, 
Superman ♡
You try swallowing down the pain, fitting your head into your hands to sob. You can’t count on hand anymore how many times Miso or Seoyun have found you like this without a way to really help. 
They were stuck between a rock and a hard place; Miso was your best friend and Seoyun was Taehyung’s brother, meddling in your relationship was simply marked taboo for them.
All you could do was wallow alone in regret and guilt, loss. Perhaps you shouldn’t have left him, but you’ll never forget the way your heart shattered when Kate walked out of his room, or the way he hesitated in detailing what happened. 
If he really loved you, he wouldn’t have let her into your apartment in the first place, a woman he’s fooled around with before. He wouldn’t have let her stay no matter the circumstances, and he would’ve been more assertive in stopping her advances; it’s what you would’ve done. 
Your head begins to ache once you think hard enough about everything; the fighting, the emotional cheating, the yelling. As beautiful as your relationship was, how could it so easily combust? Practically explode into fiery flames? You presume this is what Friar Lawrence spoke of when he advised Romeo about his love for Juliet. 
“These violent delights have violent ends.” 
You laugh to yourself considering you’re taking advice from a fictional character. He’s correct, love that burns too brightly will only blaze out faster, and leave behind nothing but ashes. 
It’s uncanny to see how similar the comparison is. 
You’re glad Taehyung hasn’t taken it upon himself to visit you at Miso and Seoyun’s place or at work, seeing his face may just destroy you. You would remember everything; the look of adoration in his eyes when he would gaze at you, the way he held you when he made love to you, the way his soft lips would press against yours. 
Old memories begin racking your brain, until you snap out of it.
You were currently in Miso and Seoyun’s apartment alone, the happy couple out for Valentine’s Day. It crushed your heart to even consider that; you once believed you’d be spending V-day with the love of your life. His sweet letter for today didn’t make anything better, nor did his three phone calls and text messages. Blocking him was always on your mind, but no matter how much you persuaded yourself, you could never click the damn button. 
Downing a bottle of wine by yourself on the dinner table, eyes tired, dressed in your pj’s with absolutely no life in you, you slowly read through Taehyung’s letters again. You notice that he’s becoming more eloquent and poignant, and he doesn’t make any more mistakes. His heart’s are a little neater, his lines a little more straight, and you’re left reeling when you consider that it’s all because he’s genuinely applying effort to each letter, ensuring it’s better than the last. 
‘Dear Y/N, I wrote a long, long letter to the moon; it would never be brighter than you.’
‘Sometimes I feel like you’re still on my skin; it helps me find ease on sleepless nights.’
‘I finally know how Darcy felt when he lost Elizabeth, but nothing can compare to the hole in my heart losing you.’
Crumbling at the image of him cutely scribbling away, you lay your forehead against the dinner table to cry. It all just hurts, and not even your falling out because of Kate, but because deep down, you know you two will never make sense. 
Fundamentally you desire different things, like two ends of a spectrum without a middle ground, two parallel lines that travel together but never meet. It hurts because you love him, because you want to be with him more than anything in the world.
But you’re better off without each other. 
You reach over for the wine bottle for another sad swig, tears collecting at your lash line, until you suddenly hear a loud bass outside the window. You check the time, midnight? What the fuck is someone doing outside blasting music at midnight?
Rolling your eyes, you take it as your cue to finally get some shut-eye, but your ears begin to focus on the song. Your eyes widen when you decipher the lyrics. 
At last 
My love has come 
My lonely days are over 
And life is like a song 
Subsequently, you hear little ticks at your window, whizzing around to find pebbles being thrown at Miso and Seoyun’s fourth floor apartment. Rapidly peeking outside, you find the most astonishing thing ever. 
Taehyung’s outside on the street holding a boombox over his head, blasting Etta James’ ‘At Last’. He’s just about launching another pebble until you pull up the window, and his face entirely lights up. You regard him with the most bizarre look in the world, perplexed as all hell.
“Taehyung?! What the fuck are you doing?!” You whisper-yell at him. 
“Y/N, oh my God. You really opened the window, you opened it!” He pumps a fist and celebrates, and it’s now you see that he’s in his turnout gear, some dirt smeared on his forehead, nose and cheek. He appears tired and worn out, but the smile on his face is the most beautiful thing in the world. 
“What the fuck do you want?!” 
“God, I can’t believe I’m seeing your gorgeous face again. I missed you so much.” Taehyung practically melts, his heart eyes glistening with tears as he still holds the boombox. 
“Taehyung! Why the fuck are holding a boombox out in the streets? It’s midnight!!” 
“Shit, sorry. I-” 
“Aye, man, can you keep it down?” 
“Stop playing music so late!” 
“Dude, people are trying to sleep!” 
“I’m sorry. I’m trying to win the girl of my dreams back, give me a minute!” Taehyung hollers back at other residents telling him to shut up.
Taehyung refocuses on you and yells from below, your eyes only angry. “Y/N! I know I fucked up and we have a lot of things to work out, but I just want to talk to you. It’s Valentine’s Day, and all I could do was think about you, think about the dozens of ways I wanted to show you I love you. I’ll do anything to earn even a fraction of your time because you mean the world to me!” 
You sigh looking at him, feeling a mix of emotions. “You’re not getting any of my time, I’ll never talk to you!” 
“I came here because I can’t stand being without you! And I know I deserve to feel like shit but you deserve the most sincere apology in the world, and I can only do that in person!” 
You smack your forehead, head spinning. “Why the fuck do you have a boombox? Are you insane?!” 
“Because I remember you thought it was adorable when Llyod held the boombox outside for Diane!” Taehyung elaborates. “You’re my Diane!” 
Your heart skips a beat when he says that, remembering the night you two watched Say Anything and fell asleep on your couch. You awoke the next morning snuggled in his strong, warm arms, feeling the soft rise and fall of his chest; it felt like a dream. 
Snapping out of it, Taehyung hollers from below again. “And I know you love romantic gestures like this and you’re the most precious person in the world that deserves better than what I did to you!”
He almost grips you, almost does. But when you see his face, and even consider the idea of talking to him alone, you feel pain pierce through your chest. 
“I can’t invite you up, Tae.” Your voice is thick with emotion. 
Taehyung softens for you. “No, baby. It’s okay. Just come down and we’ll talk in my car, I promise all I want to do is talk.” He speaks over Etta James serenading the whole street.
“I’m not coming down, Tae. Things are over.” 
“But we don’t have to be, please!” 
“I’m not fucking forgiving you!” You argue, fed up with this already.
“You don’t have to. I just want to talk to you, that’s all I fucking want, please!” Taehyung begs. 
“We’re not gonna fucking talk! Go home!”
“I’m not leaving here until you come outside and talk to me!” 
“Then you’re gonna stay out there all night!” You proclaim one last time, and immediately shut your window and draw your curtains. You can hear Taehyung still calling for you outside, but you can’t grant him any more hope that this is going to work out. You need to avoid each other, that’s all you’re both destined for. Two people who are so different at their roots should’ve never been together in the first place.
You wish you could’ve found that out earlier. 
Switching off the lights and sequestering yourself in your designated guest room, you fall asleep that night with a pillow smashed over your ears, trying to ignore the song outside. 
Tumblr media
Your eyes flutter open the next morning; groggy, head aching. After washing up, you meander into the main area to find Miso and Seoyun’s clothes from last night sprawled everywhere, even their shoes haphazardly thrown. 
Glad to know some people are happy. 
Knowing they’re both snoozing away together in their bedroom, you figure you’ll make breakfast. You unintentionally recall last night in the midst of frying some eggs, and bite your lip once the guilt sets in. Did Taehyung eventually go home? Is he okay? 
Curious, you set the eggs aside and peek through Miso and Seoyun’s curtains, glancing around the street. 
Your jaw falls to the ground. 
You find Taehyung’s Civic still outside by the curb. Your palm smacks over your mouth, gasping. He actually stayed out there all night? On a snowy February night? And judging by his turnout gear, didn’t he come from a fire scene? A long sigh escapes you, holding your temple as you contemplate what the fuck kind of cards life has dealt you. 
Right then, Seoyun rubs his eye as he stalks out of his room, fixing his glasses. He finds you with a friendly smile and wave. “Morning, Y/N.” 
“Morning, you sleep well?” 
Seoyun mischievously smiles to himself. “Very well.” 
You glimpse at the clothes littering the floor, then back at him. “I can tell.” 
Seoyun then notices the clothes, and laughs nervously before sweeping them up, while you brood by the window. Taehyung clearly still isn’t awake yet, and now immense guilt washes over you like a tidal wave. Once it begins consuming you, you turn around to his younger brother swaddling clothes. You quickly make a decision and step back into the kitchen. 
After a good fifteen minutes, you hand Seoyun a few containers, shoving them into his chest. “Go give this to your stupid brother. He’s in his Civic outside.” 
Seoyun furrows his brows. “What? What happened, did he come over?” You roll your eyes with a huff, tossing Seoyun his jacket and hauling him out the door. 
“I’ll explain later, Seo, just go give it to him and come back.”
“Why are there so many containers? You do know these are our containers and food, right?” Seoyun tries questioning through your shoves. 
“He likes side dishes. Just hurry up and go!” You give him one last push and shut the door. You resist the urge to peek outside the window. You don’t want to catch a glimpse of Seoyun’s interaction with Taehyung to keep yourself strong, focusing on finishing up breakfast for Miso, she likes her eggs scrambled in a certain way. 
Warily, you asked Seoyun about his older brother when he returned, and Seoyun sighed with the response that he looked like hell, and after a small talk, Taehyung finally decided to drive back home. He apparently almost teared up when Seoyun handed him the food you made. 
You found out he really did sleep there in the freezing cold the entire night. You attempt to neglect the black hole of guilt growing bigger inside your heart, but the unforgiving pain is too powerful a burn. 
You really, really wish things could be different, but they just can’t. 
And they never will be. 
Tumblr media
April is always peaceful in Chicago. It’s not too cold nor too hot; fairly cool in the morning but grows warmer as the day progresses. Snow melts and gives way for some flowers and greenery to blossom, enough that it feels rejuvenating, almost like starting anew. 
Breathing in the fresh air, you remain seated outside a cafe, occupying the cozy patio. Coffee in hand and phone in the other, you enjoy your lunch break, on your daily scroll through Instagram. 
It’s been a couple months since you’ve last seen Taehyung. Not that you’re counting, or maybe you are, you hate to admit either. He unfortunately remains a constant dweller in your mind, not just of your own wallowing, but because you persistently see him pop up on your Instagram feed. 
The block or unfollow button never found the end of your finger on social media platforms all for the sake of niceties. Sure, you’re both separated and do not speak besides the text messages and letters Taehyung still sends, but you at least wanted to be respectable with him considering your linkage between Seoyun and Miso. 
Speaking of his messages and letters, the more time that went by you never answered anything, Taehyung’s effort began to fade, too. 
Anticipating his letters became a sad reality once they stopped coming. His text messages were scarce, even his phone calls had ceased altogether. Now, you rather saw more of him through his admittedly quirky Instagram aesthetic, and his usually active stories. 
Taehyung always had a great eye for photography, his photos of you were always top-notch. It was an odd feeling to see his captions dissipate from yearning, ambiguous and yet befitting lyrics or phrases about your relationship, now into more self-motivating or completely vague ones. 
Sometimes emojis were all. 
What caught your eye the most however, was the woman he started posting photos of. 
The first sting to your heart was so painful, you could barely breathe. One day when you refreshed your stories and clicked his name, you found a thin, tall, blonde woman in an intimate mirror selfie with him, clearly out shopping together. His caption nearly tore you apart. 
‘New beginnings.’ 
The second time, it was a photo of her feet with Taehyung’s in matching socks. You could recognize the mantle of the fireplace and TV from anywhere; she was over at his apartment watching Netflix. You couldn’t go two minutes without feeling tears prick your eyes, until you eventually broke down. 
The third time, your lungs lost air. It was a photo Taehyung took from his point of view; the woman’s naked back to the camera as she gazes off to the side, hugging a blanket to her front. There was no mistake again, you recognized Taehyung’s sheets and jazz cd’s in the background. A ray of light was breaking through Taehyung’s window to illuminate the woman’s green eyes, her hair practically glowing honey in the sunlight. 
You nearly threw up in a painful fit of sobbing. 
Now, the pain has become more manageable, almost like a dull ache you could bear. Pieces of information began to make sense to you once you thought hard enough. Taehyung’s efforts with you had ceased only a few days before he began posting this mysterious girl. He always tagged her, and after one snoop, despite your wanting to despise her, she seemed like a perfectly decent girl you couldn’t even ridicule. 
She was his age, on the road to earning a PHD in History, seemed like the adventurous type with all the hiking photos she posted. Someone big and bold, had everything going for her. 
Someone that wasn’t you. 
You exhaled harshly as a few tears escaped your eyes, wiping them away once you realized there’s no use in crying anymore. Things ended because of you, and you have no right to feel upset over Taehyung moving on after shutting down so many of his attempts to win you back. 
No matter how much you could feel your soul cracking open, and bleeding you dry of the will to carry on, you had to. 
You returned to the library to finish off your shift, feeling numb these days, but it keeps you alive. You were surprised to find Smith also in attendance. His eyes light up once he lands on you. 
“Y/N, hey.” 
“Smith, hey. I didn’t know you’d be in today.” You reply with a surprised smile, moving towards the front to clean up some messy sheets. 
“Ah, I had some time off and decided to drop by. I can’t always leave this place in your hands.” Smith smiles, placing some returns on the shelf. You send him a genuine thank you, and work hard throughout the remainder of your shift; ensuring the library was absolutely spotless with Smith present today. 
You listen to him shut the door as the last customer leaves, the pair of you left inside. You’ve never exactly been alone with Smith, and it felt nerve-wracking; what employee wouldn’t feel nervous when they're with their boss?
You work silently at the front desk in an effort to calm down, noting down inventory and tracking return dates. You’re startled when Smith’s suddenly in front of the counter, gasping a little. “Gosh, Smith, you scared me.” 
“I apologize, you’re quite the skittish girl.” You politely chuckle with him, before returning to your work. Smith leans his elbows against the counter, watching you scribble away. You only acknowledge him with a glance and a smile. 
Now that you consider it, Smith was a vague character to you. You surely didn’t see him enough to know loads of information about him; he only mentions his wife and daughter for explanations regarding his absences. You think he has a dog, you’re not sure, you were always more invested in ensuring the library stayed in tip-top shape. He’s fairly attractive, medium height, decent build, glasses, but not your type at all. 
He had to have been over 40. 
“Say, Y/N, would you hear me out about my offer for that dinner we never attended?” Smith suddenly brings up. “I can never let a favour go forgotten.” 
You freeze. His word’s suddenly ring a bell, an old, old bell. You recall the very first time he asked you; it was right here in this library over the phone, and now your mind flashes through disheartening memories. 
Scenes of your fight with Taehyung about agreeing to the dinner, the angry shouting in the rain, whacking him with your purse, the first time he ever yelled to you that he loved you. 
The first time you let a man inside you, the first time your bodies passionately become one. 
Hot visions of steamy water sweep over you, remembering the sweltering heat of your skin against Taehyung’s in the shower, streams of water forming to his every muscle, and gliding down his skin. His lips on your neck, his hands on your body, his tongue between your legs, your loud, lewd moans. 
A snap of fingers suddenly fishes you out of your thoughts. “Y/N?” 
You blink. You refocus on Smith, your wide eyes regarding him. “Oh God, Smith, I’m so sorry. I just spaced out, what were you saying?” 
“It’s alright, Y/N.” He chuckles a little. “I must say, you look quite flushed.” 
You touch your cheeks and realize you’re unusually warm, instantly clearing your throat and your dirty thoughts. That’s something to solve with a vibrator at home and shamelessly imagining it’s Taehyung’s fingers, right now you should be focusing on your boss. 
“Oh, yeah.” You laugh. “So, what were you saying before?” 
“I was saying that I think we should go out to dinner after this, Y/N. I truly want to repay you for all your hard work.” 
You consider the offer, trying to ignore the memories plastering themselves everywhere, but Taehyung’s words come up anyway.
‘Be wary of him.’ 
‘What if it’s not just work to him?’ 
‘His behaviour with you worries me.’ 
You nearly huff, chastising yourself for even thinking of Taehyung right now. You two are done for, and he shouldn’t be influencing your actions now. He’s probably shoving his dick inside that blonde right now for all you know, so why the fuck are you thinking about him? 
“Ah, I would love to, Smith, but I’m not exactly feeling the best today.” You smile, scribbling a little faster to complete your work. You’re not sure why it strikes you now Smith’s stopped working altogether. 
“But I insist, Y/N. You deserve to be treated well.” Smith persists, and your smile becomes a little more forced. 
“I would feel awful if you spent money on me, Smith. It’s okay.” 
“Ah c’mon, Y/N, one meal wouldn’t hurt.” 
“I’m really just looking for an early night, Smith. I’m sorry-” 
“Y/N.” Smith all of a sudden grips your wrist, and you stop writing. You peer at his hand on you, then at him, lightly cocking a brow. “Smith?” 
“It’s my treat for all your hard work, Y/N. I wouldn't let the opportunity to pay you back go to waste.” His tone suddenly seems more serious, his eyes gently glimmering with a hint of something that made you uncomfortable. You swallow, fighting off your panic mode and merely taking your hand back from him, cupping the wrist he touched. 
“I believe we have some logs to input into the computer, don’t we?” Now your tone becomes serious, eyes a little sharper, and Smith drags his tongue against the back of his teeth, before scoffing out a laugh. He returns to you with a smile, but anyone could tell it was forced. 
The rest of the night you closed with him, you made sure to keep your distance, and your phone as close as possible. 
Tumblr media
You unlock your car as you scurry towards it, feeling relief nothing else happened between you and Smith. He did try to stand closer with you here and there, even navigate the computer mouse by placing his hand over yours, but you clearly stood your ground. 
You nearly threw up with all the internal shaking wracking your body. 
Clutching your car door open, a call suddenly lights up your phone screen. You take a seat inside and shut your door, eyebrows furrowed; you’ve never seen this number in your life. 
Identifying the Chicago area code, you pick up. “Hello?” 
“Hello? Is this Y/N Y/L/N?” Immediate agitation burns within you, you recognize that cat-like voice anywhere.
“Kate, what the fuck are doing calling me-” 
“Y/N, listen. I know I’m the last person you want to hear from but this is seriously important.” You roll your eyes, starting your car. 
“What the fuck could be so important you needed to call me of all people? How’d you even get my number?”
“I got it from fucking Jimin, okay? Just listen to me. Tae is wasted out of his dumbass mind outside some random bar right now.” 
Your heart stops. You blink one, twice, again because your brain is quite literally processing like a CPU. “Wh-what? What do you mean?” 
“He went out drinking by himself at this bar and he got roughed up by some guys. He’s too drunk to even function and nobody can get to him right now.” Kate urgently tells you, and your heart rate picks up unimaginable speeds. 
“He’s-he’s hurt?” 
“Yes! And right now none of us can help him. Nobody’s in town and I’m-I’m not in the position to be helping him. We don’t trust him alone so please tell me you can get him?” She worriedly asks. “I know you guys are broken up but you were the only other person I could think of to at least bring him home.” 
All sorts of things run through your head as you think, panic overflowing inside you. “Doesn’t he have a girlfriend? Isn’t it wrong for me to help him as his ex?” 
“Girlfriend? Y/N, that shit doesn’t matter right now. Just please tell me you’re able to drive to him if I give you the location.” 
There’s no time to even rationally think; if Taehyung’s really hurt and drunk out of his mind on a random street in Chicago, then it’s a matter of his safety. 
And that will always matter to you more than anything. 
With a deep breath, you answer Kate. “I am, Kate. Text me the bar’s address and I’ll find him.” 
Tumblr media
Taehyung, Taehyung, Taehyung. That’s all your mind plays on loop as you slowly drive down the street in search of anyone looking like Taehyung. The bar was supposed to be his location, but after enough asking around and searching, you came up empty. 
Parking along the curb side, you worriedly trekked down the street. Your heart was thudding in your chest, your mind running wild considering all the possibilities in the world that could’ve happened to him on a late, chilly night in the city. 
Just when your thoughts become grim, you spot a familiar beige overcoat swaddling a man. His head was down, seated against the side of a building.. The fluffy dark hair you could recognize anywhere, even if it appeared longer and shaggier. 
Your feet carry you before you can even think, crouching down next to him and shaking his shoulder. “Hey, hey. Are you okay? Is this Taehyung?” 
Groggily, the man lifts his head, and it’s as though a tsunami of relief washes over you. Taehyung can barely wedge an eye open, but it’s him. It’s him with a bruised cheek, a ripped lip and a bloody wound on the side of his temple. 
He scurtinizes you as though he’s peering at an oasis. 
“Y…Y/N?” His deep, gravelly voice stuns you, the pain of hearing him again is heart-wrenching. “Holy fuck… am I dreaming? How can I see you?” 
“Because I’m here, Taehyung. I’m going to take you home-” All of a sudden, Taehyung’s large, frigid hands cup your cheeks, leaning closer to glance at you better. He observed every feature, and his expression melted into one of devastated glee. 
“Oh my God, it’s you. It’s really you.” His voice sounds seconds from crumbling. “Are you real? Am I dead and this is-this is what I’m seeing at the gates of hea-heaven?” He hiccups, and you’re hit with the strong smell of Whiskey on his breath.
“Sadly, I cannot pass judgement on whether you’re going to heaven or hell.” You quickly adjust your purse on your shoulder and glimpse at his cuts. They don’t look too horrible, but God, is he cold. “What the fuck happened, Tae? Why are you hurt? Why did you come here by yourself?” 
Taehyung chuckles then, drunkenly leaning back as he shoots you a smug grin. “These fuckers picked a-fight with me.” He hiccups again, his lip bloody. “You should see their faces.” 
You sigh, needing to get him warm. “Alright, big guy, we’re getting you out of here.” You proclaim, quickly nabbing a tissue from your purse and pressing it to his temple wound. He winces, and you grimace at his evident pain. 
“Hold this, hold this.” You quietly instruct him, directing his hand to the tissue. You then wind an arm around him and ready yourself to hoist him. It was necessary considering the weight and height difference between you two is insane, not to mention he has firefighter muscle on him. 
“Okay, Tae. You have to help me, try getting on your feet for me.” You encourage him, and he grumbles a yes. With a count of three, you haul him up from the ground and think you've got him, but Taehyung’s far too drunk to keep his balance. His weight sends you crashing against the brick wall with him. 
Your hand gets crushed between him and the brick, wincing in pain. You muster up more strength and lean his weight onto you, telling him to help you out with small steps. He listens with intoxicated ramblings, and you’re able to stalk back with him in tow, his head snug against yours. 
“You should’ve seen me, Y/N. I went an flocked-clocked him in his noseandhebleeded with his buddy and I went ‘bam!’ but then my coat-grabbed me and I…” You nod along and listen to him cutely mumble, stopping your heart from hopelessly falling. 
Reaching your car, you heave the door open and just barely fit his large body inside. You lean down and adjust his coat on him, dusting off the trash from the streets. You pat down his pockets and feel relief that he’s still got his belongings.
 In the midst of you clicking on his seatbelt, you miss the way Taehyung stares at you like a lovestruck fool.
“You’re so pretty.” He breathes with a giddy grin, reaching out and touching your face. You flinch away at first, but the second you feel his familiar warmth; the usual callouses, his long fingers, your eyes find him. 
You remain trapped in a gaze, and every second you breathe, old memories rush in. It’s now you really get to look at him; two months apart sincerely made him appear different. 
He has a light stubble, something you rarely ever saw when living with him. His eyes are fatigued, but rather tainted with sadness more than exhaustion. His hair is longer and much curlier, nearly blanketing his coffee irises.
He’s still as beautiful as ever.
You snap out of whatever trance overcomes you, sending him a straight-lined smile and buckling him in. Quickly shutting yourself inside into the driver’s seat, you make him apply more pressure to his bleeding temple before stepping on the gas. 
You veer towards a very, very familiar route. 
Tumblr media
Nearly falling against the corridor, you fish inside Taehyung’s pocket for his keys. He mutters drunken nothings as you struggle to unlock his apartment door, finally gaining access. 
Meandering inside, you shut the door and lug Taehyung to the main area, setting him down on the couch. You remove his shoes and with honest to God difficulty, barely get his arms through his coat. 
“Taehyung, you need to let me take off your coat, c’mon.” 
“No, I don’t wanna.” He’s uncooperative and you sigh, crouching down before him. His glistening eyes fall on you, his lips in a pout when you speak. “Fine, you can keep your jacket on. But I do need to dress your wounds, okay?” 
Completely out of it, he gives an unstable nod that ends up hurting his head. You let him lean back and fetch him some water along with painkillers. You even nab his ice bag, tossing some in and bringing it over.
“Did you eat anything, Tae? Please don’t tell me you drank without eating.” He nods his head as he carefully sips, and tells you through a hiccup that he ate at the bar before drinking. You exhale with relief. Placing his glass on the table, you press the ice bag to his cheek, and Taehyung groans a little, before you curl his hand around the bad. 
“Keep it there, I’ll be back.” You quickly shed off your own coat and purse, looking into his bathroom cupboard for the first aid kit. 
Stepping back out, you find him with his coat half-off, loosely clutching the ice bag to his face, nearly knocked out against the couch. You smack your forehead, setting down the first aid and helping him up. You finally remove his jacket and he awakens, regarding you with those puppy eyes. 
“Are you really real?” He asks; your heart aches at his adorable pout. 
You nod. “Yes, Taehyung. I am.” Springing up onto your knees, you prepare the supplies to nurse him. He hiccups before quietly speaking to himself. 
“How are you prettier…” 
Something pierces your chest, swallowing down the pain. You carefully approach him with an alcohol swab. “This will hurt, Tae.” 
You press it to his temple wound and he hisses, your own nose scrunching at his pain. You precariously clean the cut, but your heart races being so… close to him. Having gone two months without seeing his face and now, suddenly only inches away feels like whiplash 
You can smell his usual cologne, and it rips your heart to shreds; remembering his scent on your skin, in his sheets, his clothes he always let you wear. You gulp down your emotions before you begin recalling any more memories in this apartment.
Taehyung doesn’t say anything; but he gazes at you. He carefully looks at how your cheeks appear supple, can’t help but notice the hue of your eyes, count the eyelashes that sweep them. He can catch a whiff of your breath, sweet with mint and vanilla; maybe you had a cafe drink before picking his pathetic ass up. 
Your glossy lips are shiny; he wonders if you’re wearing that strawberry one he loves. Your cute earrings complement your hair, and your outfit was nothing short of adorable. 
He could feel his heart beating again. 
You try to ignore the heat of his stare, but it gets to you enough that you pull away, swallowing. You focus solely on dressing his wounds, finishing up quickly despite the impending black hole in your chest. 
You tidy up the first aid kit, just about to leave until Taehyung suddenly grips your tweed skirt. You whirl around, eyes wide. “Tae?” 
“Where-where are you going?” He asks almost like a child, and you hate the way it melts your cold act. 
“I’m coming back, I’m just putting this away.” 
“Okay, because… I don’t think I feel so good.” Taehyung manages, watching him swallow hard and his skin lose its colour. Panic floods your system, eyes widening. 
“Oh shit, do you feel sick, Tae?” 
“I-I think I-” Taehyung clamps a hand over his mouth, and he forgets his ice bag. He hauls ass to the bathroom and immediately throws up into the toilet bowl. You wince watching him painfully hack up his lungs, joining his side and soothing his back. 
“Shh, shh, Tae. It’s okay.” You assure him, easing him with calming strokes before he throws up yet again, heaving in pain. 
“Fuck me… you shouldn’t see me like this.” Taehyung rasps, cupping his bicep and rubbing him before he empties out his stomach yet again. He eventually stops and Taehyung loses all forms of strength, becoming so weak he can barely lift himself off the ground. 
The pain of seeing him so lifeless fills you with gut-wrenching emotion. You tidy him up and lug him into his room, his back soon hitting his mattress. In the midst of removing his socks, Taehyung becomes befuddled, groaning and rambling. 
“Fuck, Y/N. Why are you helping me, I don’t deserve help.” He hiccups, and you shush him as you fix his blanket. 
“Shh, Tae. What you need is sleep.” You advise. But then came his drunken emotions, his voice unsteady. 
“No, please. I don’t want to sleep when you’re right here.” You find his sad eyes watering, even sniffling. “I don’t wanna wake up and see you gone. I don’t… I don’t want you to be just a dream.” 
Your heart aches, feeling your soul crack into multiple pieces. You can’t stay with him, you just can’t. “Taehyung, just go to sleep, okay? You need rest.” 
“No, I won’t sleep. Not until I know you’ll still be here. I don’t want you to disappear. Don’t disappear again, please, it’s been so… hard without you.” He looks so devastated, and his begging does you in, watching him grip onto your hand as he practically shakes. 
“Okay, Tae, okay. I’ll stay for you, I will, okay? Only if you promise you’ll sleep for me.” You tell him quietly as you soothe his hair, and Taehyung finally settles down, his breathing more calm as he leans back. He nods, and you raise the blanket over him, watching his eyelids grow heavy. 
“I don’t… I don’t want to lose you… again.” Taehyung mumbles, his eyes almost shut, weary and exhausted. 
“You’re the only girl… I’ve ever loved.” He breathes, fading out. “I don’t think… I’ll stop loving you. I don’t want anybody else… but you. I do anything… to make the pain go away.” You try to rip yourself away from him for your own good, but you’re incapable of it. 
“Even if I don’t want to get married… I want to spend the rest… of my life with you. I want you to be… the mother of my children… and live in a house with you.” His eyes are closed, seeming dazed and out of it, but his lips still slowly slur. “You’re my one and only girl, gorgeous. My one… and only… girl.” 
And before tears spill out of your eyes, Taehyung falls into a quiet slumber. Swallowing down your emotions, you hold your heart together and simply secure the blanket on him, resisting the urge to entirely break down. 
You avoid going into your old room, not wanting to see it devoid of your things after Miso and Seoyun emptied it all out. So with sniffles and a few tears, you settle onto the couch, trying to drown out every memory that slips into your mind as you try to sleep. 
It was impossible when the couch smelled like him, too. 
Tumblr media
“Shit, she ended up sleeping on the couch?” 
“Fuck, she picked me up, I remember now.” 
“She took care of me.” 
You hear someone faintly talking in the background, able to register the usual bass of Taehyung’s voice, but you’re too deep in sleep to stir awake. It’s only when you feel arms cup your body, and the feeling of being hoisted up that brings you to life. 
Cracking your eyes open, your bleary vision focuses above you, and you find Taehyung’s handsome face staring back. You instantly panic, flailing about until you nearly fall out of his arms. 
“Woah, woah.” Taehyung’s grip on you loosens and he lets you down. Your feet touch the ground and you immediately put space between you two. Taehyung holds up his hands in surrender. “I swear, I was only moving you to a bed. I promise.” 
You stare at him in shock, the surprise of him so near making you skittish. You regard him wearily, clearing your throat. The air between you two becomes awkward. He’s dressed himself in more comfortable clothing; loose army green pants and a white t-shirt, and he redressed his wounds himself thankfully. Both of you avoid eye contact, Taehyung breaking the ice. 
“Um, you should probably wash up. I have an extra toothbrush in the cupboard.” Taehyung offers, and you carefully nod. Without a word, you scurry towards the bathroom and avoid looking him in the eye, so much as he does you. 
There’s just too much heartbreak looking at each other, and you’ll use every ounce of your being to leave this apartment as fast as you can. 
Tumblr media
Meandering back out, you find Taehyung meticulously preparing some breakfast, almost burning his finger when he pulls a bagel out of the toaster. His eyes light up when he sees you. 
“Hey, Y/N. Sorry it’s all I could do, but you should have breakfast before you go.” He sounds so utterly friendly, it takes yourself and an army to fight back the urge to stay. You reply curtly. 
“No, it’s okay. I should be heading out.” You make your way towards your things on the coffee table, Taehyung quickly setting down his plate. 
“Woah, wait. You must be hungry, you should at least eat something.” Taehyung advises, and you’re suddenly reminded of every time he ever told you to eat because you were such a menace about it. Hating the invasion of another memory and subsequently, his heartfelt words from last night, your heart cinches in your chest. 
You only become angrier. 
“I’m fine, Taehyung. You’re the one that should eat, you probably have a hangover.” You blankly tell him, trudging on your coat. 
“I’m okay, Y/N. But you shouldn’t leave so soon. Just stay to eat.” 
“I said I’m leaving-ah.” You feel a sting in your hand when trying to loop your arm through, hissing. Taehyung immediately rounds the table with concern, watching you peer at your hand. 
He carefully cradles it in his huge one when he reaches you. “Oh shit, Y/N, what happened to your hand?” 
He inspects it to find a huge scrape on the back, his eyes worried. Your chest tightens at hsi soft touch, averting your vision. You snatch your hand out of his. “It’s fine.” 
Taehyung purses his lips in a scolding, gently grabbing it again. “It’s not fine, Y/N. Did you get this last night?” 
Swallowing, you plainly answer. “It was just a brick wall. I was trying to lift you up… you were a little heavy for me.” 
Taehyung kisses his teeth as he examines your wound, thumb softly stroking your skin. “Shit, I’m sorry. I'll be back with the first aid kit. Sit here.” He guides you to the couch, and before you can protest, Taehyung’s already gone. 
He returns hastily, crouching down on the floor. He peers up at you with a tight-lipped smile before he carefully holds out his hand. You place yours in his, and swallow feeling his ever-so tender touch. He disinfects the now scarring cuts, and you hiss. 
His thumb soothes you, and he applies ointment next, the moment utterly silent. 
“You’re not bad, you know.” 
You flicker towards him, nibbling your lip. “Hm?” 
He points towards his temple would, smiling. “You’re good at dressing wounds.” 
“I know a thing or two.” You shrug, Taehyung casting a proud look up at you. You try to ignore his breath-taking smile. 
“Firefighters do EMT training before they become an official part of the force. You’d be a natural.” He tells you, and the way your cheeks warm embarasses you. You cough and look away from him, powering through his touches. 
“Th-thank you.” 
You hear him breathe a laugh and snip some gauze. He works delicately with your hand, almost as though you’re precious China he’s afraid of breaking. It makes your heart swell, forcing yourself to forget how sweet he is because otherwise, it leaves you in shambles. 
“Thank you, by the way.” His smooth, caramel voice melts you, looking towards him. “I wasn’t in a good place last night, and you really helped me out.” 
He’s slowly nursing your hand now, avoiding your eyes. You nibble on your lower lip, becoming curious. “What happened last night, Tae?” 
He stops, poking his tongue inside his cheek. He appears to be sifting through something in his head, placing a gauze over your scrape. “I needed to be alone after something happened. I went to the bar and I just got heated with this random guy that made a comment about something. We ended up fighting but… he had friends, I didn’t.” 
You soften, almost compelled to comfort him, but you know it’s not your place. “Are you okay now?” 
“Mm,” he replies, eyes flickering towards yours. “More than okay.” 
He’s smoothed a bandage over the gauze, and he drags his thumb across your skin, holding your hand. You become reeled into a meaningful gaze with him, feeling something within your soul reignite, heat returning to your frigid heart. 
Taehyung softly cups your hand, and despite screaming at yourself to not return the gesture, you do. You cradle his hand back You gently bite your lip as old sensations of touch return to you; feeling the warmth of his chest pressed to your back, being squeezed by his strong arms, your hair being strokes when you fall asleep on his chest as he revised building blueprints. 
You come to after spacing out, tentative eyes meeting Taehyung’s. He scans your every feature, and steadily springs up onto his knees, levelling himself with your height. A small breath escapes you as Taehyung’s face appears before your own; he’s just so beautiful up close. 
His eyes dart between your eyes and lips, and his scent hits you so hard, you become the weakest woman on Earth. His affect clearly never faded away, because being this close filled your chest with butterflies.
With a soft wetting of his lips, Taehyung closes the space between you two, and moves forward, lips hovering just above yours. You close your eyes, and Taehyung presses the softest of kisses to your lips. It feels so familiar, so warm that you reach out a little for another kiss, and he presses one to you again. His hand comes up to softly curl around your jaw, holding you gently as he kisses you. 
You sigh with relief, as though this one connection of your mouths disintegrated all the pain you’ve felt for over two months. Your lips gently smack together as Taehyung tilts his head, and you follow suit. But once you use your brain, you wince before breaking away, immediate regret piling onto you. 
“Oh my God…” You agonize, and Taehyung searches your eyes. 
“Y/N, what?” 
You laugh humourlessly, rampant emotions flooding your system. “We-we shouldn’t have done that.” You cast his hand away. “I can’t believe we just did that.” You rapidly rise from your seat and grab your things, Taehyung faltering out of the way. 
“Y/N, what do you mean?” 
“I mean that we shouldn’t have fucking kissed.” You become frustrated, huffing as you swing your purse over your shoulder and angrily stomp away. “We’re broken up and you have a fucking girlfriend, we shouldn’t be kissing.” 
“What? A girlfriend?” Taehyung stands to his feet and follows you, able to catch your shoulder. “I don’t have a girlfriend, where’d you get that from?” 
You scoff, turning around. “I don’t know, maybe you’re Godforsaken insta stories?!” You express obviously, and realization washes over Taehyung, soon his eyes averting from you. 
“She’s… she’s not my girlfriend.” He admits, before quietly mumbling to himself, his hand rubbing the back of his neck. “Why would I date someone else when you’re the only person I love?” 
You feel a dagger stab itself through your heart, trying to swallow away the pain. Judging by his upset expression and downcast eyes, something clicks in your head. “Did… something happen with her? That made you go to the bar alone?” 
Taehyung’s eyes widen a little, and you know you hit the nail right on the head. You sigh, pinching the bridge of your nose. “Look, Tae. Please avoid drinking alone and take care of yourself, okay? Everyone was worried about you last night.” 
Taehyung shyly nods, finally lifting his head. “I will, but you should too, Y/N. Please stay and have breakfast.” 
“I can’t, Tae.” You softly reject him. 
“Why not?” 
You exhale deeply, meeting his eyes with a longing, meaningful look. “Because we both know what will happen if I do.” 
Taehyung’s rendered unable to respond, and so you send him a tight-lipped smile before slipping on your shoes, and vacating his apartment. 
Tumblr media
A few days later, you were enjoying your Saturday in Miso and Seoyun’s apartment; the happy couple went out shopping together. 
Grabbing your tea to sip, you browse your laptop for new apartments and chat with Miso through your messages on your MAC. 
Mi ♡: I’m just saying, boo, maybe a change of heart towards him is good after the other night, you saw how much you still mean to him
Mi ♡: what’s the harm in giving him another chance? you know he cares a lot about you :((
You quietly contemplate her messages, nibbling on your lip. Miso was privy to your ordeal with Taehyung a few nights ago, and you can’t help but admit that her words were genuinely... resonating with you. 
Another chance... huh? You position your fingertips over your keyboard for your reply, until your phone begins buzzing. Peeking beside you, the contact name raises your brows. 
Okay, maybe it’s rude to keep that as Taehyung’s contact name. 
Meeting him after the flames of your breakup felt… weird, but a good weird. It allowed you to feel more sympathetic towards him, to see that perhaps even with your differences, there’s no need to have such bad blood with Taehyung. 
And after reading Miso’s text messages, maybe she’s right. After all, you still care about him. You two are friends, and you have always been. 
Biting your lip, you answer. “Hello?” 
“Y/N? Hey, holy shit, you actually picked up.” The comment makes you frown, cutting to the chase. 
“Wh-why are you calling me?” 
“Oh, yes. I just wanted to call you to honestly say thank you again for yesterday. A lot of it was a blur to me so I didn’t remember too much, but then I started getting bits and pieces back and I realized how much you did for me. You really didn’t have to and I wanted to sincerely thank you, you’ve always been so kind.” 
You pout a little, he’s seriously the sweetest. Listening to his dulcet voice over the phone again feels comfortingly familiar, too. “It’s no problem, Tae. I just hope you’re better these days, how are your injuries?” 
“Ah, much better, thank you. They’re all healing thanks to your initial response.” He compliments, and you try to calm down your fluttering heart. “I’m only in shambles thinking you saw me throw up.” 
You snicker on the other end, covering your smile. “Please, Tae. You saw me throw up when I got food poisoning from that terrible seafood restaurant we went to on New Year’s Day, don’t you remember?” 
“Shit, I do. It really was awful.” He recalls, and his laugh is just so infectious. 
“Exactly, so we’re even now.” You proclaim haughtily. 
“Fair, fair.” Taehyung contends. “How’s your hand?” 
“It’s better. I’ve been taking care of it.” 
“I do remember saying you’d be great as an EMT.” He makes you laugh again, and you listen to his bright chuckle, reminded of how beautiful it is. 
“Thank you, big guy.” 
“No problem.” He replies. “But I didn’t just call to say thank you, I realized I’ve done absolutely nothing in return for everything that you did for me. I wanted to treat you to a meal to repay you, it’s the least I could do.” 
“Ah, Tae, you really don’t have to.” You softly say. 
“No way, I totally do. Considering I threw up my lungs in front of you and I know you hate throwing up, you definitely deserve something for taking care of me.” He jokes, and you gently laugh. 
You pause, trying to consider his offer. It’s technically not an intelligent idea; you two should be staying away from each other at all costs. But something about helping him out before made you see that maybe you two don’t have to; maybe you can co-exist without feelings getting in the way. 
Maybe you two can just be friends.
It’s best you start now since he’s your best friend’s brother in law, and ignoring him would be next to impossible. 
“I.. um,” you stutter, calming down your nerves.  “Yeah… yeah, sure, Tae. That wouldn’t hurt at all.” 
You listen to Taehyung exclaim in surprise; you don’t blame him, you’re shocked with your own change of heart. “Oh, wow. That’s amazing, are you free right now by any chance?” 
“I am, actually.” 
“Great. Is it alright if I pick you up?” He asks. “You know, carpool and save the planet?” 
You actually snicker, giggling over the phone. “Of course, carpool and save the planet.” 
“Is there a specific place you want me to pick you up from?” He kindly asks, and you contort your lips to hold back a chuckle. 
“I think you already know, Superman.” And it’s Taehyung’s turn to laugh, ending the call with amicable chuckles and a polite ‘see you soon’. 
Tumblr media
You check your hair one last time in the mirror in the lobby of Miso and Seoyun’s apartment building, finally gaining the courage to waltz out. You’re dressed in white converse with a matching pleated skirt and a pastel beige, half-sleeved cropped blouse, a tied ribbon around the neck. A black side bag for contrast, hair done-up in a bun with a clip. 
Stepping out, you glance around in hopes of spotting Taehyung’s usual Civic, but surprisingly find him leaning against a Ford pickup truck. Your eyes round with curiosity. He seems to be whistling a tune to himself, waiting patiently as he toes at the ground, hands tucked into his pockets. 
He looks impeccable in black slacks with a navy blue sweater hugging his broad frame, tucked in. You hate that he’s wearing that colour because it always reminds you of how sexy he looks in his navy blue station uniform. 
And how many times you’ve fucked him in that. 
Shaking off your horniness, Taehyung looks up and straightens himself, his eyes shimmering when they land on you. “Hey.” 
“Hey.” You shyly smile, not missing the way his eyes wander over your figure. He rarely ever caught you without a skirt, and surely this time it’s still got the same effect on him. 
“You look great.” He compliments with a show-stopping side-grin, and you timidly smile. 
“Thank you, you too.” You compliment, before pointing towards the truck. “But what looks the best is that beauty behind you. You got a new car?” 
Taehyung breaks out into a smile, hiding it behind a fist, shrugging his reply. “I figured it was time for something new.” 
You raise your brows, impressed, eyeing the glimmer of the brand new vehicle. 
“Shall we?” Taehyung gestures towards the truck, and you happily nod. 
“We shall.” 
Tumblr media
“You know, I swear it’s somewhere around here.” 
“Are you sure? Cause I’ve been driving down this road for like 20 minutes and I’m seeing nada.” 
You giggle with Taehyung who laughs, one-handing the truck as his other remains snug over the gear stick. You’ve choked three times already at how insanely hot it is. 
It’s after lunch now, both of you having enjoyed a meal at a cozy cafe. Afterwards you’d told Taehyung about this astounding ice cream place you haven’t tried in a while, but that you were sad it was further outside the city. Taehyung didn’t mind at all taking you if you knew where it was; he also claimed he wanted to show off his new car.
Now, you both snicker together as you drive past luscious trees and greenery, finding peace in the countryside, far away from the usually stifling city life. 
“Are you sure you’re not just taking me out in the middle of nowhere to kill me? This is how most horror movies begin, you know.” Taehyung jests, and you snort as you cover your mouth. 
“Please, you know how I feel about those slasher movies.” You point at him to can it. “I swear we already passed a barn that looked haunted as fuck.” 
“Want me to take you there?” Taehyung teases with a spooky tone, and you smack his bicep. 
“Tae, you know I get scared easily!” Taehyung hides his guilty laughs behind a fist, adoring your cute whining. 
“Alright, fine, fine.” He contends. “Speaking of taking you somewhere, I’m officially deeming this ice cream place and us lost, so I’m taking you somewhere else.” 
You snort. “Oh, so now you’re trying to kill me out in the middle of nowhere?” 
Taehyung harmlessly scoffs. “Please, all I have to do is point out a spider to you in the woods and you’ll die of a heart attack.” 
“Taehyung!” You begin whining and calling him a meanie, telling him you’ll genuinely cry if he takes you somewhere with a lot of spiders. He spends the rest of the fun-filled, happy ride promising you that he isn’t. 
Tumblr media
Taehyung drives onto the grass before a calm, quiet lake, surprised that even knows of a little pocket like this. He backs up the truck, positioning it well enough so that the cargo bed faces the water, the area perfectly framed with tall, abundant trees all around. 
You try to ignore the way Taehyung works his truck, growing weak when he has to grip the back of your seat and look over his shoulder, your cunt inadvertently fluttering. You already hated his gorgeous hands turning the steering wheel; he was even wearing those damn super thin rings again. Swoon-worthy.
He finally parks the car and you come to. “What are we doing here, Tae?” 
He unbuckles his seatbelt, and reaches over to undo yours. “You’ll see.” He promises with a bounce of his brows. 
The weather is beautiful when you step out; only a small chill that feels more refreshing than frigid, and the end of April showers have sprouted flowers and wild plants. 
You meet Taehyung in the back, who tugs down the door closing off the cargo bed. Taehyung then lays out a thick, padded blanket, tapping the vehicle. 
“Get in, loser. We’re going shopping.” He gestures with his head leaning his elbow on the car, and you smack his chest as you walk by. 
“Proving my point that you’d play a great Regina George, aren’t you?”
“And you’d play a great Cady.” He retorts with a saccharine grin, and you scrunch your nose. You cast your purse aside to hook a foot onto the pickup truck's ends, but it’s a little too high, and you’re honestly struggling. 
You’re also not forgetting you’re wearing a skirt, and you aren’t exactly in the mood to ungracefully flash your ex. 
Trying to find another way, you suddenly feel large, warm hands cupping your waist, soon Taehyung’s presence behind you. 
“I’ve got you.” His smooth, deep voice is close to your ear, swallowing when you feel his long, slender fingers touch your bare skin underneath your cropped shirt. You ignore the butterflies in your chest when you turn around, and he effortlessly hoists you up onto the cargo bed. You cutely cheer and clap when you’re up, even swinging your legs. 
Taehyung has the poke the inside of his cheek to avoid smiling too wide. 
Taehyung climbs onto the cargo bed with you and relaxes, leaning back on his hands, spreading his legs for comfort. You try to ignore how delicious his lap looks in slacks, he is literally your ex, get a grip!
“So… how’d you find this place?” You ask, more so to distract yourself. 
“My parents used to take Seoyun and I out for drives when we were kids, it was just a family thing we did.” Taehyung explains, his eyes sweeping over the scenic nature. “Seoyun and I would go down by the lake and play while my parents would watch us. I have fond memories here.” 
You soften listening to him. You’re glad that he at least obtained happy memories with his parents, even if now he may only remember the bad ones. “I’m happy you have those memories.” 
Taehyung cracks a small smile, taking a deep breath of the fresh air. He looks over at you, and you don’t miss the way his eyes linger over your legs. “So… how’ve you been?” 
“Good, good. I’ve just been freeloading at Miso and Seoyun’s, and the library, of course. What about you?” You flicker towards him, your eyes betraying your will to remain platonic and glancing at his crotch. 
You really hate that he’s packing, and it shows. 
“Just the station, of course. I feel a lot more comfortable now being lead firefighter and leading rescues.” Taehyung gently swings his legs before a proud smile graces his face, and you try to ignore the beauty of his honey-tinted skin, like he’s truly kissed by the sun. “Jungkook actually had his inauguration and he’s an official firefighter now, and Jimin recently became a lieutenant.” 
It takes you 0.5 seconds to light up, gasping with delight. “Oh my God, that’s amazing for them!” You cheer. “Shit, I’m so proud of them. Jungkook worked so hard and Jimin was always so diligent with school. I’m glad for them.” 
Taehyung chuckles a little, his beautiful eyes upturned into crescents. “I’ll let them know.” He assures. “But yeah, other than that and my new car, not much.” 
You cock a brow. “And what about Miss Blondie on your insta? Damn, Ford F-series makes the list but she doesn’t?” 
Taehyung’s mouth hangs open at your bluntness, before he breaks out into snickers, wetting his lips. You let the beauty of his smile distract you from the pain of mentioning her. 
“Honestly, she’s just this police officer I know. Jimin kinda laid it on me straight about my bitter behaviour recently, and we started seeing each other.” Taehyung elaborates, but immediately turns to you. “She was never my girlfriend or anything, though, it was just physical. She was a rebound and she knew; she didn’t mind.” 
“She was a rebound?” You’re surprised to hear that, but then again, if you saw someone after Taehyung, they’d surely be a placeholder, too. The confirmation that he slept with her hurt, but then again, you're exes, anyway. 
“Yeah. It’s actually why I went drinking by myself that night, we fought over it.” He lets you know, his eyes shifting towards you. They linger once again on your legs and your cleavage. “I broke things off with her, by the way.” 
You absorb his explanation by gently nodding, your eyes falling to the shimmering water before you two. “What did you two exactly fight about? If you don’t mind me asking.” 
“She didn’t want to be just physical anymore. She was upset because she knew there was a reason I could never let us be anything more, and it was true.” Taehyung’s deep, rich voice resonates within you, having missed the soothing comfort of when he speaks. 
“Why not?” 
Taehyung dips his head, his eyes empty before fixating on you, and suddenly, it’s as though they held a world of sincerity. “My heart lies somewhere else.” 
You resist the urge to pout, locked in a hypnotizing gaze with him. You can feel something stirring inside you, whether it was your anxiety knowing you should end this now, or the excitement of the possibility of having Taehyung again. 
You would give anything to have him again. 
“What about you?” Taehyung softly asks.
“Did you see anyone? After..?” You can only bite your lip as you peer at his, so wide and full and dewy, like they were calling for you to kiss. His body appeared bulkier than you last remember, his biceps bulging a little more, his shoulders thicker, his chest so deliciously broad. 
“No… I didn’t.” You answer honestly. 
“Why not?” 
The light breeze kisses Taehyung’s brown locks mesmerizingly; it’s now you noticed he got a trim. You’re both so absorbed in each other, you never even noticed you moved closer to him. 
You shrug, your eyes communicating an unchanging truth. “My heart lies somewhere else.” 
Taehyung stares at you, and you stare at him. The energy between you two is just so palpable, you could feel your intense urge to be close to him. Cunt fluttering, itching to jump him, kiss him, something. It’s like an incessant hunger screaming to be satiated ever since he picked you up. 
Your eyes can’t help but glance at that lap of his again, wondering how divine his dick would feel shoved against your pussy with only a skirt. Taehyung’s vision strays towards your legs again, and you realize he really hasn’t stopped staring at them ever since you walked out in your outfit. 
Was it really the skirt? You’ve only bought this recently, you’ve never once worn it for him. 
Too horny to sit still, you lean in towards him, lifting yourself up a little to reach his height. You press your lips to his, and Taehyung leans down to kiss you back. He shuts his eyes and goes in for more, lightly groaning when you hook a hand onto his bicep for leverage, and kiss him deeper. 
You pull away for air, pussy aching so badly, you could tell your eyes communicated your need. Over two months without him and now, knowing he’s been with another woman, you desire the fuck the memory of her out of him. 
Taehyung’s eyes reflect the same hunger, and within seconds, he grabs your face and crashes his lips onto yours, hungry with his kiss. He’s fiery and passionate, just as horny as you. 
His huge hand holding your face glides down your neck, over your boobs all the way down to your thighs. His expansive palm grasps a handful of your meat and squeezes, causing you to moan into the kiss. Taehyung groans in response, constantly palming your thigh like he’s been dying to do it ever since he saw you. 
You grow tired of this shitty side angle, and spring up onto your knees. You hook a leg over Taehyung’s thighs, and his hands instantly encase your waist like a habit as you seat yourself over his crotch, lips smashing against each other. 
You’re thankful for the padded blanket Taehyung placed on the cargo bed, because the second you’re over his lap, you dig your knees either side of him. Your panty-clad pussy rubs over his bulge, and you shudder in his arms. 
Taehyung’s hands feel over your hips and up your thighs, groaning when he gets to grasp them another time. He gives them a jiggle before sliding up to cup your ass cheeks, dipping his tongue inside your mouth to swirl around yours. 
His fingers get underneath your thin panties and engulfs your cheeks in his huge palms, kneading and feeling and massaging until your panties are soaked, until your kiss is so sloppy and loud and messy that you both need to pull away, huffing and puffing. 
Breathy and lustful, Taehyung speaks close by your lips. “These,” he hooks onto your panties and snaps them back against you. “Come off.” 
He rapidly tugs them down and you lift up to help them off. You whimper when your bare, wet cunt lands over his clothed clock, moaning through a lip bite. Taehyung curses when he feels you too, fitting your panties into his pocket and returning his hands to your ass like a king to his kingdom. 
Now, he caresses all of you down there. Sliding his big, calloused hands over your thighs, your ass, your hips, even gently rocking you over his hardening cock with a hiss. 
“Fuck, you have no clue,” he grits, meeting you for flaming hot kisses in between. “How much I’ve had to fucking control myself ever since you came out in this skirt.” 
You moan into his mouth as your hands run all over his shoulders, his back, his biceps, his chest, touching him for all he’s worth. He’s just so deliciously built, you want to gobble him up like an ice cream cone on a hot summer’s day. 
“And you,” you breathe against his wet lips, popping off. “Have no clue how much I wanna fuck you right now.” 
You connect your lips with his hard and go in deep, all tongue and teeth colliding together. Taehyung moves his mouth against yours like you two were starved, a hand of his reaching behind for the clip in your hair and removing it, letting your hair fall loose. 
You spring up onto your knees and gain leverage on him with a moan, gently pushing him back so he lands flat against the blanket. 
Flipping your hair out of the way, you crawl over him and attach your mouth to his instantly, working tirelessly to share every inch of each other. Your hands lace with his against the blanket and hold him down, supporting yourself on your hands and knees as you devour him. 
Taehyung groans, sometimes fighting your power over him but, he seems to be completely enjoying it. One of his legs suddenly comes up between your thighs, high enough that your bare, dripping pussy gets to rock against his thigh. 
You break away from your kiss to moan, never having experienced something like this. You begin riding his thigh, grinding and rubbing yourself back on him over his slacks because it feels too fucking good. You bury your face into his chest and moan like a madwoman, driven so insane with pleasure, your body was buzzing. 
Taehyung regards you with such pride, he smirks smugly. “Oh fuck,” he curses, watching you with amusement. “Look at my girl go, shit.” 
You ignore the way his “my” makes your heart flutter, too distracted with your swollen pride and clit. You attack his neck and begin sucking unabashedly, wanting to litter him with so many marks he’ll only ever be yours. 
“Holy fuck.” Taehyung moans, more vocal than he usually is when you kiss and lick and suck pulse point, targeting his one sweet spot. Taehyung even lifts his leg higher and lets you ride him better. Moaning into his neck, you feel your nipples harden against your bra. 
You’re too hot and bothered now. You rise into a seated position over his crotch and quickly fumble with his belt, too fucking impatient for his cock. Taehyung’s hands rapidly assist you in unbuckling and helps his cock out, shoving down his bottoms. 
His dick springs free, hard and already leaking at the tip. You waste no time whatsoever and align him with your pulsing entrance, begging for his girthy rod already. You descend on his tip without thinking, slowly sinking down on his meaty length. 
Steadily shoving himself inside your tight pussy, the both of you groan out in sheer ecstasy. 
“Fuckkkk.” Taehyung draws out. 
“Oh shit, still so big, baby.” You whimper, feeling him completely split you open. Now that you consider it, you don’t think you’ve ever been on top of Taehyung like this; him lying down and you able to feel every glorious inch of him. 
Taehyung supports your hips as he watches your pussy swallow his cock, groaning with wonder. Your pelvis finally meets his, and you’re stuffed completely full of him. Your walls palpitate around him, his name the only thing on your mind. 
“Fuck, fuck… Taehyung.” 
“Shit, baby. You’re so fucking tight, holy fuck.” Taehyung tries to keep his breaths levelled, but he’s too far gone now. He feels delectable inside you, fat and thick and throbbing, and when your clit nudges against his pelvis, you crave nothing more than that feeling over and over again. 
Lifting off, you sink back down on his cock and shove him so deep inside, your walls squeeze him like a compactor, and Taehyung grips your hips hard enough he’s bruising you. 
“Baby, if you do that… I’ll fucking cum.” He warns you, stroking your hips. “Ride me like a good girl now, gorgeous. Let me see you bounce.” 
Head in the clouds, your arousal leaks all over Taehyung’s cock once you begin bouncing up and down over him. You take his long dick out and smother him with your walls on the way out, only to shove him back in until you’re already seeing stars. 
“Fuck yes, oh fuck,” Taehyung curses. “Shit, keep going, gorgeous. So fucking sexy when you ride me.” Sighs and moans spill out of you like clockwork as he praises you, glad that this doesn’t seem like a public enough area for someone to see, or else they’d have a show better than any porn. 
Taehyung eagerly watches you fuck yourself on his cock, your breasts jostling with each time you bring yourself up and down. Taehyung grows greedy and unbuttons some of your blouse, digging into your lace beige bra and casting it out the way to start palming a tit. He squeezes and runs his thumb over your sensitive nipple, even pinching it as you lose your mind. 
You become whinier and messier, your essence coating Taehyung’s cock and his pelvis like icing on a cake, and your nails dig into his chest. Heady sighs escape you as his cock fills you up to the brim. You’re so turned on and lost in pleasure, you never even realized your eyes were closed. 
“Baby, look at me. Look at me when my cock’s inside you.” Taehyung’s husky voice draws you out of whatever paradise you’re in, feeling his hands soon slide up your skirt to show him where your bodies are connected. He cups your waist and Taehyung assesses your pace, watching his cock quickly slam in and out of your pussy. 
Once he’s got the speed, he begins drilling you from underneath, and you let out a pornographic moan.
He fucks up into you when you come down, and draws out whenever you lift up. You both work so hard and fast sweat beads on your skin, your mind a mess of Taehyung’s scent and sex and his cock squelching inside your dripping wet pussy. 
Taehyung’s losing it, getting harder with his thrusts, finding yourself grinding your clit over him until he entirely stops. You feel like air is sucked out of your lungs, peering at him through hooded eyes confusingly. “Taehyung…?” 
But you don’t get an answer. All you earn is Taehyung pulling his throbbing, thick cock out of your sex. He moves out from underneath you and quickly perches himself up on his knees behind you. You gasp when you feel his cock poke your entrance from the back, moaning erotically. “Tae..” 
“Fuck, I’ll go insane if I don’t fuck you like this in this skirt.” Before you can reply, Taehyung dips down and you feel his mouth wrap around your pussy, sucking at your juices and lapping them with his flexible tongue. A high-pitched moan so loud escapes you, you’re surprised nobody’s found you two yet. 
Taehyung locks both your hands behind your back and eats you out just like that, your face shoved into the blanket with his face shoved in your cunt, tongue soothing and licking your cum. He stops after a while, and not long after do you feel him pushing his girthy, elongated cock inside your tight hole, cunt aching for him like an addict. 
He bottoms out inside you and it’s like you’re experiencing euphoria, Taehyung groaning behind you like he’s so lost in pleasure, he doesn’t care if he fucks you out here all night, for however many rounds. 
“Fuckkking shit, this angle, oh fuck.” He curses, trapping your wrists with a hand as the other flips up your skirt to get a view of your ass. He groans immediately. “My gorgeous girl all ass up face down for me, fucking heaven.” 
You moan once Taehyung sets a hard and fast pace from the get-go, fucking you from behind like his life depended on it. Your moans were muffled by the blanket, letting yourself be as loud as you wanted because nothing else could express how good you’re being fucked right now. 
Your clit’s on fire and it’s like Taehyung’s dick only grows harder inside you, throbbing so much you knew he was going to blow any second. His hand slides over your ass and he palms at a cheek, smacking it hard enough you gasp. 
“Fuckkk me, you look like a fucking angel in this skirt and now I get to fuck you in it.” Taehyung grunts behind you, imagining sweat beading his skinhis hair sticking to his forehead, wetting his lips incessantly as he shoves his cock inside you. “I won’t last for shit.” 
You’re whimpering and moaning and whining like a needy slut, fucking back onto him because that’s just how much you need him. “My clit… Taehyung… my clit!” 
You say it breathily, but the message gets across to Taehyung. He immediately releases your wrists and leans over your doggy-style-body, a hand snaking down to your shiny pearl while his other wraps around your throat. Taehyung chokes you as he tugs your back flush to his front, his lips meeting your ear, grunting and breathing like an animal as he begins circling your clit. 
“Fuck, my gorgeous slut. Look at you taking it from the back like a good girl… my good girl.” 
You gush like a waterfall. The pressure on your throat and his fingers working magic all feel too good, so good you’re moaning and screaming his name so loud, it has to be a dream. Like a mirage after such a long time in a drought. 
But you know it can’t be a dream, because you can feel every inch of Taehyung’s cock slamming into your pathetic pussy, the slapping sound alone is pornographic. You can feel the pads of his fingers squeezing the side of your throat and his fingertips rubbing your swollen bud. 
And when Taehyung suddenly licks behind your earlobe, and proceeds to bite down on the shell, you rip through an orgasm so overwhelming every bone, joint and muscle in your body gives out. You damn near squirt all over Taehyung’s cock, listening to him grunt like an animal behind you, and curse like it’s his second language. 
“Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!” Taehyung’s seed fills your taxed pussy, giving you slow strokes that milk him dry of each drop of cum, until he’s completely out of the game too. You both collapse onto the blanket, huffing and puffing against each other’s hot bodies. 
Taehyung’s face is buried in your hair, and you know there’s a sticky, white mess between your thighs. You swallow to replenish your dry throat, sparse from moaning like a porn star. Taehyung finally collects enough strength to stop crushing you, gently lifting off your smaller body. 
He takes a peek at your pussy where his dick’s still buried inside, and draws himself out carefully. You wince he does, and his hand meets your back to soothe you. He immediately sees the cum dripping out of you, hissing. 
“Shit, so gorgeous.” He compliments you with a grip on your ass, tapping it to ask a question. “Do you have tissues in your purse, baby?” 
You lazily nod, indicating with two fingers. “Second… pocket.” 
Taehyung tucks himself away inside his boxers but doesn’t bother to buckle up, reaching for your purse. 
You lay lifeless on the blanket, soon hearing Taehyung coo, his hands on your body. “Baby, get on your back for me.” 
You wearily listen, head spinning in post-orgasm bliss. Taehyung helps you settle on your back. He casts your skirt out the way and spreads your legs apart, holding them back. He swipes the tissue around your pussy lips, cleaning you up your folds carefully. He makes sure nothing’s uncomfortable for you and you’re tidied up, feeling a smile play onto your lips when your boyfriend presses a cute kiss to your clit. 
Hold on… boyfriend…. Boyfriend?! 
Holy fuck, what is wrong with you? He isn’t your boyfriend, he’s your fucking ex, and you just fucked him!
In that single moment, reality crashes down on you hard. You audibly gasp, springing up from the blanket and eyes wide with shock. Taehyung looks taken aback, eyebrows furrowed. “Baby, are you okay?” 
Hearing the words leave his mouth makes you feel all the more shocked, pointing at him. “No, no. You just called me baby, I just thought of you as my boyfriend in my head, and we just-we just fucked in the back of your truck.” 
You hold your hands to your forehead as you experience a mental breakdown, Taehyung watching you with complete confusion. “Y/N, what are you-” But before he can finish, you quickly fix your bra and blouse and begin scooching off the blanket, panicking. 
“Y/N, hey, calm down-” 
“Where are my panties? Where’d you put my panties?” You frantically ask before seeing them stick out of his pocket, reaching over and whacking his arm. 
“Give me. My. Damn. Panties!” You hiss as you nab them out of his pocket and Taehyung exclaims in pain. 
“Yah, why are you hitting me? What the fuck happened to you?” Taehyung questions, and you goddamn laugh, quickly tugging on your panties and fixing your shoes, finding your clip somewhere. 
“What happened to me? What happened to me? What about what happened here?!” You question perplexedly, running a hand through your hair as you wiggle off the cargo bed and grab your purse, swinging it over your shoulder. 
“That’s what I’m asking you. What happened?” Taehyung stresses as he hops off the back as well. 
“What happened is that we’re two broken up people for very obvious reasons, goddamn exes that just fucked. We’re not supposed to do that!” You explain harshly. “Get in the car and drive me home, I want to go home.” 
“What? Why? We just had a great time together and you’re gonna think about the complicated shit?” Taehyung argues, fixing his pants and belt. “Why the fuck can’t you ever let something be simple between us?” 
“Because it isn’t, okay! This is wrong, Tae, so wrong. We can’t just fuck or do things like this and not expect ourselves to get caught up in the same shit that broke us up in the first place!” You retort, already moving towards the passenger side, Taehyung following you instinctively. 
“And we don’t have to think about that right now. What’s the point in staying apart or separated when we know we want each other? When things are great between us except for the one goddamn thing you’ll never fucking let anybody forget?” 
“It’s because of that one thing, Tae!” You gesture for emphasis. “There’s no use in talking or being together or being fuck buddies when we both know this only ends one way, in fucking flames.” You turn around to grip the car door’s handle. You tug it open, only for Taehyung’s hand to smack it shut from behind. 
“It only ends that way because you bring it up, because you can’t fucking accept that I just have a different opinion. We can easily be together, take things slow and just enjoy our time as a couple, eventually talk things out. But all you fucking want is to have an answer right now when you can’t just pressure someone into doing that!” 
“I already have your answer, Tae, and it’s a no! I already know you never want to marry me and that makes us not fucking good for each other!” You screech, Taehyung’s angry eyes burning as yours water with agitation. “We don’t fucking belong together no matter what way you try to solve this, Tae. We need to separate for good and never see each other again.” 
Taehyung breathes harshly as he licks his lips, his hand still against the car door. “You’ll just never let us be happy, will you? You’ll never consider the fact that we can be happy together, that we can build our life together in any way we can with cooperation and communication. That with some fucking maturity, we really have the chance to live happily ever after. You truly believe we don’t have that chance?” 
You scoff darkly, crossing your arms and shifting your weight onto one leg. “You’re still an ass for the shit you did with Kate, and you just want to be able to have me and fuck me without the long-term commitment.'' You grit. “You said it yourself, didn’t you? It’s all a 50% chance anyway, and that’s a chance too unconvincing to take.” 
Taehyung looks at the sheer amount of attitude on your face, and he scoffs to himself. “You’re fucking unbelievable.” 
“Wonder where I got it from, they do say soulmates are alike.” You act innocent with your snark, even patting his chest for effect. 
“So you admit we’re soulmates and you’re the stick in the mud keeping us apart? Nice.” Taehyung retorts. 
“Funny, because soulmates implies the idea of forever. And last time I checked, you don’t like ‘dooming yourself to forever’, mister-fucking-cynical.” You spit back, Taehyung shaking his head in sheer disbelief. 
“You use that same tone when I’m touching your pussy, baby? Or you’re too busy moaning my name?” He condescendingly asks, watching you fume. “Get in the fucking car, brat.” He orders, leaning off the door and already making his way towards the driver’s seat. 
“Happily.” You dramatize, swinging the car door open and slamming it shut once you’re in. Neither of you say a single thing to each other the entire ride home, both of you turned away from each other, air dense and crackling with angry energy. 
He finally pulls up in front of Miso and Seoyun’s apartment building. You grab your purse with a huff and leave, slamming his car door shut. You turn back and graciously flash him your middle finger, hollering out
“Fuck you, you asshole!” 
Taehyung scoffs with annoyance as he lowers the window, showing you a middle finger too. “Yeah? Fuck me? Fuck you too, you brat!” 
“Have fun missing this ass while you stay a cynical fucking asshat forever!” You scream back, not even caring for the few nearby people observing, confused as hell. 
“Have fun missing this dick while you stay an unreasonable fucking crybaby forever!” He retaliates, and you become so annoyed you flash your middle finger harder, soon met by his own emphasized one. You huff out of frustration and whirl around, swaying your hips in your skirt as you walk away so he can at least witness the ass he’ll miss. 
You listen to him aggressively drive off once you swing open the building’s door and angrily stomp inside, hopefully away from his infuriating ass for good. 
Tumblr media
“Stupid goddamn air conditioner.” You smack at the thing another time, growing frustrated over it’s fickle performance. 
It was bordering July now, and you absolutely despised the summer heat. Nothing pissed you off more than sticky, sweaty skin and feeling your body heat up without a way to cool it down. And especially with this Godforsaken air conditioner, it made your life quite literally a living hell. 
“Ugh, is the stupid air con not working again?” Your new co-worker Ebony sneaks up on you fiddling with the machine, following an online trouble-shooting manual. 
“Hey, Eb. Yeah, it stopped working again and I swear to God if I stay in this disgusting heat for another minute my head’s coming off.” 
“I hear that.” Ebony giggles, taking your phone and peeking at the instructions. “Do you need any help? It’s been pretty dead today and we’ve got the front all cleaned up.” 
“Ah, don’t worry about it. My new apartment also has an air conditioning problem so I’ve got this.” You assure her, requesting your phone from her and analyzing your next steps. 
“Well, I’m bored, so I’m going to stay with you.” She chirps, and you chuckle as you let her know it’s okay. 
“Hey, you know, I hate being one to gossip since I’m quite new around here, but did you hear about what happened this Monday?” Ebony asks all of a sudden, and you furrow your brows. 
“On Monday? I didn’t work because I was moving into my new apartment.” You absentmindedly reply, twisting a screwdriver. “What happened?” 
“God, it was this awful thing that happened between Lily and Smith. Lily couldn’t stop crying to me about it, I felt terrible for her.”
“Oh gosh, between Lily and Smith?” Lily is around your age; a sweet, quiet girl that adores classical literature and is diligently completing her masters. You can’t imagine her going through anything terrible. 
“Yeah, Smith asked her out to this dinner thing just as a treat. Lily told me she agreed because he said he mentioned making her another manager with you and wanted to discuss it over dinner apparently. She went with him and he started being weird; touching her or making inappropriate comments. He even tried taking her back to his place for drinks and he apparently got super pissed when she refused. She was scared for her life.” 
Your eyes widen, and you completely stop working. Your jaw drops when you face Ebony. “What the fuck? Oh my God, is she okay?” 
“Yeah she is, thank God. I worked with her Monday and I was still here closing after she left. She called me to tell me to get out of the library in case Smith came back. She gladly got her older brother to pick her up, and he was livid.” 
You can barely compute the information. Smith really did that to Lily? The same Smith you’ve been working with for almost a year now? You can’t help but feel like this bark’s up an old tree, mind spiralling into your memories consisting of a certain someone. 
Nothing stops you from remembering Taehyung’s warnings about Smith, telling you that he’ll do exactly what he just did to Lily. Even if you hate the guy now and hope that he steps on Lego’s everyday, you’re in shock that Taehyung was… right about Smith. 
Lily could have easily been you. 
“Oh my God, is Lily doing okay now?” You ask worriedly. 
“She’s managing. She never called you about anything? Or why she’s been away from work?” 
“No, not at all.” You shake your head. 
“I don’t blame her, I wouldn’t want to relive that by explaining it to someone.” Ebony sympathizes, and you do too. 
“Yeah, what the fuck? I hope she’s alright, no wonder I haven’t seen her around this entire week. I figured she was just busy with school.” You deduce, deeming the air conditioner now hopeless and too invested in this new topic. “What happened to Smith after? Did Lily’s brother kick his sorry ass like he deserves?” 
“Unfortunately no, but Lily told me he wants to press charges and already threatened Smith with them. He even went ahead and called his wife to let her know what her creep of a husband did.” Ebony recounts, and you’re blown away by all this. Don’t attend work for a few days and you swear you return to a century worth of news.
“But get this, and you didn’t hear it from me,” Ebony closes in on you and whispers, to which you assure her you’re trustworthy. “Apparently his wife wasn’t surprised because this isn’t the first time he’s done it. She felt really bad about what happened to Lily and didn’t want her to quit just because of her shitty husband. So guess what’s the plot twist?” 
You shrug your shoulders and immediately tune in again, like you’re sipping the hottest tea in town. “Smith’s wife is the one that actually owns the library. Apparently it’s 70/30 split in their prenup and now she’s taking over with their divorce in the works.” 
You gasp with a palm to your lips. “Holy shit, go Mrs. Smith!” 
“Right? Sucks though we can’t have her right away because she’ll be busy fighting for custody of their daughter. Word on the street is her younger brother’s gonna be a temporary boss.” Ebony informs, and you furrow your brows, tucking the tools away into the library’s toolbox. 
“Her younger brother?” 
“Yeah, Lily only got that he’s almost 30 or something? I’m not sure.” 
“Wow, I wasn’t even told any of this at all.” You put away the toolbox behind the counter, Ebony leaning over. 
“I guess there was just so much going on? I’m not sure, but I figured I would at least tell you or talk to you about it.” 
“Thank you, Ebony, I really appreciate it. I seriously had no clue and I’m thankful we’re all reminded that men really ain’t shit.” You preach, and Ebony snickers as she high-fives you. 
“Fuck yeah, they aren’t.” She pumps a fist. “Didn’t you tell me about those crazy fights you had with your ex-dreamy firefighter man? Ever since then I’ve lost faith in men.” 
You scoff, rolling your eyes. “Please, he’s a thing of the past, and I hope both sides of his pillow are hot every night that he sleeps.” You joke, and Ebony joins you in laughing, but it’s really an effort to mask the hurt you still feel even thinking about Taehyung. 
“You know, this new boss of ours could be a jackpot for you.” Ebony nudges you over the counter, and you genuinely guffaw. 
“Please, Ebony. What if he’s dating someone or married?” 
“And what if he isn’t, Y/N? Next thing you know he’s insanely hot and because you’re the manager he’ll be putty in your hands trying to learn everything. I see this as an opportunity, girl.” 
Sending her an unbelieving look, you plop a pile of books into her hands. “Put these returns back before I make you do logs.” You light-heartedly threaten, and Ebony scurries off while you return to your work, glad that conversation’s over. 
Tumblr media
It’s closing time at the library now, and you’re still stunned by the news you heard today. Ebony’s shift ended an hour ago and now you were on your lonesome, earning some time to really reflect. 
It’s still mind-boggling to you that you worked with such a sleaze of a man, even more terrifying to know that he used the same tactic on Lily he was going to use on you. You hate to admit it, but you’re truly thankful that not only did you turn him down back in April, but cancelled on him because of Taehyung. 
Wherever the bastard is now, you salute him. 
Sighing, you open up the second-last box of restocks, carefully placing them on the shelf after making some space. You’re suddenly interrupted by the sound of the front door chiming, confusing you. 
Your eyes shift to the front and find a very gorgeous man you’ve never seen before. The first thing you notice is his wide shoulders, not to mention his plump lips that rival a Bratz Doll. He secures a key in his hand and peeks around, his almond eyes landing on you. 
He greets you with a friendly smile and wave, and God, is his smile stunning. “Hi there, I believe I’m at the correct library, are you Y/N Y/L/N by any chance?” His voice is smooth like honey, and he’s so beautiful, you entirely forget to not only restock, but answer. 
“I’m.. um, yes, yes I am.” 
“Oh, I’m glad.” He sends you a smile that showcases his teeth, and you nearly faint. “I’m not sure if you’ve heard about the managerial changes around here, but I’m Kim Seokjin, and I’ll be taking over for a while.” 
You blink, trying to process. This is Smith’s brother-in-law? Funny that you knew his age, but didn’t know that he would be absolutely gorgeous on top of that. “Wow, I didn’t know I’d be meeting you today, Mr. Kim.” 
“Ah, please, call me Seokjin. The Mister makes me feel a little old.” He flashes you that beautiful smile again, and you almost feel the need to protect your heart from being shot through. 
“Oh, I apologize.” You quickly place the books in your hand in the box and make your way to him, extending your hand. “Nice to meet you, Seokjin.” 
“Nice to meet you too, Y/N. I look forward to working with you.” His jaw-dropping beauty is so much more lethal up close, and now you seriously want to curse Ebony. How could she have claimed he’d be insanely hot? Now here he is; tall, wide, absolutely stunning with impeccable dark hair showing some of his forehead, and you can’t stop staring. 
“Did you specifically drop by for something?” 
“Ah, I just wanted to get a feel for the library and check things out before starting soon. My sister’s really in a pinch right now.” He explains, noticing that he hasn’t let go of your hand yet. 
“Gosh, I’m really sorry to hear about your sister. I hope everything works out for her and little Emily.” You recall the name of Smith’s daughter, realizing that you haven’t let go of Seokjin’s hand, either. 
“Do you need help with that, by the way?” He points towards the box of restocks. “Do you often work like this all by yourself during closing?” 
You guiltily smile. “Yes? Smith is just never around for closing and he never schedules any of the girls late, so I’m always here.” 
“Jesus,” Seokjin holds a hand to his heart. “That’s just cruel. Nice to know he’s a creep and an asshole.” 
Seokjin makes you giggle, hiding your smile behind a hand. “Yeah, he really is.” 
Seokjin smiles ever so widely watching you laugh, his eyes almost shimmering underneath the lights of the library. “Well, why don’t we get started?” He gestures towards the box, and you finally let go of his hand, nodding along. 
“Of course.” 
The rest of closing goes by quicker than you thought, glad to have shared your company with Seokjin. Not only was he respectable and kind, but he was comedic and charismatic. He kept you laughing throughout the hour, and you couldn’t remember the last time you’ve genuinely laughed like this. 
It had to have been when you were with Taehyung. 
Remembering him all of a sudden triggers something inside you, your heart feeling that dull ache again. Even if you were angry with him now, having ended things on a terrible note, nothing will ever erase the wonderful times and memories you shared with him. 
But Taehyung’s gone now. He won’t come back, and you need to accept that. 
Even though you knew you were still in love with him. 
Tumblr media
Okay, maybe Seokjin isn’t just funny and kind, but he’s quite the genius flirter. 
Not the kind where it feels creepy or excessive, but the kind that’s charming, subtle, has your heart fluttering in your chest and cheeks warming more than you’d like to admit. 
He always volunteered to stay back and close with you every night, ensuring that heavy lifting was kept to a bare minimum for you and your tasks were much smaller. He hated seeing you work so hard all by yourself, and appreciated everything that you did. 
Even if his hand found your waist sometimes, his smiles became a little more tempting and his eyes often landed on you during the workday, you didn’t mind at all. Working with such a handsome man had you doing backflips, intrigued by the fact that he was a newbie when it came to books, and he enjoyed listening to you talk about them. 
Bonding with him was easy, and you could feel your heart being swayed, ready to possibly take on something new. But as much as you desired that, you couldn’t shake the feeling of someone. 
You knew it would never be easy to move on from Taehyung. You’ve crushed on him since you were 14, and sharing a relationship with him was the real kicker. No matter how many times you’ll look back at your relationship like a whimsical, dream-like fairytale, the more it hurts, and you miss him terribly. 
It was harder when you and Seokjin spent all your time together at the library; the same place your romance with Taehyung bloomed. It felt suffocating trying to escape all the memories, you never could. 
You found yourself comparing Seokjin to Taehyung, which wasn’t right at all, but clearly your mind likes to operate on its own accord. Even if you possibly did pursue something with Seokin like Ebony told you, it felt impossible to cure the pain, the absolutely fiery passiona you felt with Taehyung.
Seokjin had things Taehyung definitely didn’t have, but Seokjin was missing something that Taehyung, despite everything that’s happened between you two, would always have. 
Your heart. 
And it tears you apart knowing he can never be yours again. 
Turning back to Seokjin, you smile at him. He didn’t notice you spaced out, or maybe he did, but doesn’t pry for your own good. You engage yourself back into his conversation regarding whis enjoyment of fishing, even offering to take you one day. 
You laugh, and just as you respond, your phone rings next to you. You peek at the caller I.D and see your mom, cocking a brow. 
“Ah, sorry, Seokjin, my mom’s calling me.” 
“Ah, go answer it. I feel like I’ve already talked your ear off.” He light-heartedly jokes, and gently giggle. You answer the phone right away with a chirpy tone, but your mother’s isn’t chirpy at all. Her cries are all you hear, soon her broken voice.
“Y/N, it’s your grandfather…” 
And in that moment, your entire world burned to the ground, leaving nothing but ashes behind. 
Tumblr media
You couldn’t survive the service without bawling your eyes out. 
Your poor father had to cradle you and your mother, trying to keep his own emotions subdued, but tears left his eyes nonetheless
Pain pierced your chest so horribly, you couldn’t stand. No matter how many times you wiped your tears away, they constantly spilled, and no matter how much you tried to understand, tried to cope with the bone-crushing hurt, nothing could remedy you. 
Nothing could keep you from falling apart. 
You sobbed in front of your grandfather’s grave, the guests of the funeral mingling and sending your family their condolences. You couldn’t handle a single person talking to you without bursting into tears, because no amount of words could help you now. 
“Why…” Was all you could manage, tears streaming down your face, staring at his name engraved in the tombstone. “Why… why did it have to be you…” Bouts of hyperventilation wrack your body, recalling into every precious memory you had with your grandfather. 
He spent the most time with you as a baby, allowing your parents to attend work and keep your family financed. You’d always remember the endearing way he let you comb his hair the wrong way even if he had just combed it the right way. 
The adorable nickname he gave you because you reminded him of a flower, the walks he’d take you on with your kiddie tricycle when you were just two years old, the snow days he’d spend outside with you despite being sick, and his body too weak to handle the cold. 
Pain shoots through your chest when you remember it all, and you exclaim in agony, clutching your heart because it feels like it’s going to tear open. 
He always made sure you never felt lonely as a child, even if your parents worked hard away from home. He filled your heart with the warmth of his love and his unchanging, tender care for you. He nurtured you wonderfully, and you were thankful to have spent such meaningful time with him. 
But now that he’s gone, only left as a face in photos, a voice in home videos, a name on paper, your throat closed up so tightly with excruciating pain, you felt like you couldn’t breathe. 
You were alone now, so, so alone, and you could feel it completely crushing your soul. You were going to break, the agony of loneliness too painful for you to bear, and shrouded your heart in darkness. You were  alone at his grave, alone in your apartment, alone in life, and you felt like you would always be alone from now on. 
It felt like you were going to crumble as a human being, pain too miniscule a word compared to the gaping hole in your chest, ready to become a numb void.
You freeze, lifting your head from your hands. That voice, that smooth, caramel voice you’d recognize anywhere, and thought you’d never hear again. You slowly turn around, and what meets your eyes is a sight unbelievable. 
Taehyung stands just a few meters away from you, dressed in a clean suit, his beautiful hair kissed by a gentle summer breeze, and a bouquet in his hand. His eyes look watery, his expression pained as he regards you. 
He doesn’t say more, because he doesn’t need to. You take a breath of relief, feel your heart storm just a little less, and without thought, you immediately run to him, swinging your arms around his neck. 
He catches you in his embrace and his familiar warmth unravels you, sobbing into his chest. You didn’t care about anything in the past with Taehyung at that moment. All you could think about was the black hole in your heart, swallowing you from the inside out. 
“Taehyung… Taehyung… he’s gone, he’s gone.” 
Taehyung holds you tightly, the other clutching the back of your head, his lips pressed to your hair. “I know… Y/N. I’m so sorry.” 
“I was gonna see him… this summer. I was gonna see him just next week, I was gonna see him.” You tell him through tears. “And now he’s gone, he’s gone forever, and he’s never coming back.” 
Taehyung squeezes you harder, hating every second he hears you so terribly cry. Tears prick his eyes too, trying to strengthen his own voice. “I’m sorry, gorgeous. I’m so sorry.” 
“It hurts, Taehyung. I can’t… it hurts.” You agonize, your tears staining his shirt, but Taehyung never minds. He hushes you gently, hand caressing your hair. 
“I know, gorgeous. I know.” His rich, comforting voice eases you. “I’m sorry, my love. I’m sorry.” He whispers, and you cry harder into his chest. He feels so familiar, as do his strong arms, like you’ve finally come home. 
So many emotions rage a tempestuous storm inside you, along with questions. Why is he here? How did he know? Did he really drive over an hour just to come back to your hometown? 
The answers don’t matter anymore, because right now, all you want to feel is Taehyung’s warm, warm hug, and never let him go.
Tumblr media
“I’ll drive her out, Mr and Mrs. Y/L/N.” 
“Thank you, Taehyung. It’s been a pleasure having you here.”
Your father pats Taehyung’s shoulder, who smiles kindly before gently encouraging you to come along. He helps on your shoes, even tucks your hair behind your ears to see your face, and waves a goodbye to your parents who lovingly smile. 
Taehyung stayed with you the few days you decided to spend back home. Being the sweetheart that he is, he took care of you and your parents, making sure you were all okay. You found it endearing considering he despised this town so much, and yet he used his off-days from the station to accompany you. 
You both sit at the bleacher’s of your old high school together now, soaking in today’s beautiful weather. A blue sky, clouds and the sun, a delicate breeze to complement. You couldn’t help but think you see every season with Taehyung; a thought that brings you even a small amount of happiness despite the numbness in your heart.
You tuck your knees to your chest, sniffling, with Taehyung leaned back on his palms, enjoying the summer weather. It’s silence between you two, much like your time together has been thus far. It’s always peaceful however, like Taehyung knows that’s what you need right now, and his presence is healing.
“Do you remember when we used to come here everyday after school?” Taehyung asks out of the blue, and you glance over at him. There’s a small, beautiful smile on his face, and you adore the way the sun kisses his skin, how the breeze plays with his luscious locks of his dark hair. 
“I do.” Your hoarse voice manages; it’s raw from often crying. 
“You’d be here with your friends and Miso, always giggling about something. I would be practicing for my next football game.” 
You gently smile, recalling the youthful days. “I liked watching you practice.” 
Taehyung’s eyes smile while fixating on you. “I liked knowing you’d watch me.” 
You sniffle as the clouds hide the sun, the day losing its life and colour. You can’t help but think it’s what you feel inside; too lifeless to feel anything. 
Taehyung sees your eyes become empty, focusing on nothing in particular. He watches the grass sway by a cooler breeze, breathing in the fresh air. He sees you curl into a ball tighter, soon your bare arms in a t-shirt developing goosebumps. 
He removes his waxed trucker jacket on him and straightens it out, draping your smaller frame with it. 
You nearly jolt at the feeling, watching him secure it on your shoulders. The action makes you gaze at him, mind a muddled mess. “Why did you stay?” 
You ask so quietly, Taehyung softly hums. “Hm?” 
“Why did you come here… and stay with me?” He smooths out the jacket, and you watch Taehyung peer at you before taking a breath, his eyes scanning every feature upon your face. He wets his lips, looking off at your school’s yard. 
“I didn’t want you to be alone.” 
He focuses on you again, and the soft melody of his voice, his comforting words make moisture prick your eyes, your lips quivering. You sniffle as tears start streaming down your face, and Taehyung can only smile through his own watery, pained eyes. 
He seems to become so overwhelmed with emotion, he instinctively reaches out to stroke your hair, but stops himself. “Ah, sorry.” He apologizes, clearing his throat. “I shouldn’t have done that.” 
Wiping your tears, you feel too vulnerable now. You take the hand he hesitated with and stretch it out over your head, placing it atop. Taehyung watches you with a raise of his brows, careful with his touch. You scooch closer to him and lean into his side, nuzzling into him. 
You don’t get to see the gentle smile that paints itself onto Taehyung’s lips, soon feeling his warm palm stroke your hair like he planned. Your heart feels a little more protected when you’re close to him, finding comfort in his fingers caressing your locks. 
“I lost my grandmother almost six years ago, old age.” Taehyung suddenly begins. You sniffle as you snuggle into him closer, playing with his fingers in his lap. It’s cute that he lets you. “It’s why I finally left this town. I couldn’t stand being in a place with terrible memories.” 
The bass of his voice through his chest soothes you, melting into his warmth. “I’m sorry, Tae.” 
“Don’t be, it’s just the cards I got dealt.” He muses. “But, it helped me move to Chicago, to be somewhere new, where I wasn’t constantly reminded of her…or my parents.” You attentively listen, Taehyung playing with your fingers in return, his voice calm and quiet.
“Maybe you should come back to Chicago, gorgeous.” Taehyung advises, your hair falling through his fingers that gently brush each strand.
And without question, you agree. You nod your head, and Taehyung encircles your shoulders for a reassuring arm rub. “Come,” he requests quietly, encouraging you. “Let’s go home, Y/N.” 
Tumblr media
“This is the right place, right?” Taehyung gestures towards your new apartment’s door, your suitcase in his hand. You nod, unlocking your door. 
You both enter, and you’re soon met by Taehyung’s surprised expression. “Wow, did you recently move in? There’s not too much here.” 
You nod, not having been able to talk much these days. You lacked the energy to. Taehyung sends you a sympathetic smile before setting your suitcase down. He scans your apartment carefully, almost like he was scouting it. 
“Are you sure you have everything you’ll need here, Y/N?” He asks, and you hug your cardigan around you, nodding. He’s reluctant however, and begins walking towards your fridge, another question leaving him. “Do you have a roommate or anything?” 
You shake your head, and Taehyung latches a hand on the refrigerator. “Do you have enough to eat?” Opening it up, he kisses his teeth. “Shit, you don’t have much here, gorgeous.” 
You ignore the way your heart flutters when he calls you that. You fall into a catatonic state of thought, soon listening to Taehyung’s footsteps approach you, eyes serious. “Y/N, are you really sure you’ll be okay by yourself?” 
Part of you wants him to stay, but you don’t want to inconvenience him any further. You nod really hard, and Taehyung presses his lips together like he knew you were lying, but accepts for you anyway. 
“Okay, Y/N.” He contends, his hands cradling your arms. “But please text or call me if you need anything. It doesn’t matter where I am, I’ll answer right away.” You nod, your vision rather focused on the ground. It’s become a habit now, unable to look up, like you were too vulnerable to function. 
Trying to avoid the idea of moving on with life now, you’re surprised when you feel Taehyung’s lips suddenly press to your forehead. Your peer up with doe eyes. The gesture fills you with immediate warmth, like he breathes life into you. 
Taehyung pulls away and sends you a small smile, rubbing your arms. He releases you to turn around, making his way towards the front. Once he’s by the door, clutching it open to exit, you suddenly feel tears prick your eyes at the idea of being alone, of being left with your harrowing, daunting thoughts. 
Without thought, your feet carry you towards him. Your arms have a mind of their own and wrap around him from behind as he steps out, Taehyung immediately stopping. He peeks over his shoulder worriedly. “Y/N?” 
You swallow, fighting back the urge to cry. “Stay.” 
Taehyung’s heart melts, stepping back into your apartment. You grip him harder, not even realizing you’re shaking as you squeeze him. “Stay, Taehyung. Please…” 
You say the last word so shakily, so weakly, Taehyung’s hands slide over your own. He rubs them affectionately, his voice sweet and soothing. “Of course, gorgeous.”
Tumblr media
Taehyung rolls up his sleeves as he cleans the dishes in your sink, while you lay on your couch, eyelids threatening to close as you watch him.
When you had initially told Taehyung to stay with you, you never placed a timestamp on it, and Taehyung never asked you, either. He’s stayed with you for two weeks now, having cooked, cleaned and taken care of you during your mourning. 
You often ignore meals and sleep longer these days, prompting Taehyung to tend to your every need. It felt comforting knowing he was there, a familiar presence that brought you ease. He never pushed you too far nor neglected your feelings regarding your grandfather; he was attentive to your mental state. He knew you well enough to help you in a healthy way, slowly allowing your heart to mend itself. 
It’s an odd routine you’d found yourselves in, as though you had returned to your days as roommates… dare you say a couple. Taehyung fetched enough of his belongings to live here comfortably, and attended work from your apartment. You hugged him tightly whenever he returned from work, hard enough that it was like you counted down the seconds until he came home.
Taehyung finishes up with the dishes now, drying his hands as he uncuffs his sleeves, rolling them back down his arms. He sauntered over to the main area, leaning over the couch and to find you endearingly asleep. A smile curves his lips, and he rounds the sofa to tuck his hands underneath your body, hoisting you up into his arms. 
Deep in your sleep, you don’t notice you’re being lifted at all. Rather, you’re too busy caught in a nerve-wracking dream. Horrifying images flash through your mind, soon feeling the anxiety of being unable to escape. 
You wriggle around so much you awaken with a gasp for air, unexpectedly finding yourself in bed. You cower, met by a terrified Taehyung retracting his arms from you. 
“Woah, oh my God, Y/N, are you okay?” He asks, a gentle hand of his falling upon your hair. He strokes your strands as you swallow, trying to catch your breath. 
“I-I had a bad dream.” You pull the covers over your body, thankful that what you saw wasn’t real. 
Taehyung pouts a little. “It was just a dream, Y/N. I moved you to your bed so you can sleep, alright?” He tells you, gently laying you back in bed and securing your blanket over you. He adjusts the light on your nightside table before stroking your hair.
“Get some sleep for me, gorgeous.” His deep, dulcet voice graces your ears, shutting your eyes when he leans over and presses a kiss to your nose. He stands to his full height and walks towards your door, almost leaving. 
“Taehyung.” You gently call out. Taehyung pauses just before shutting off your light, his coffee eyes so sweet. 
“Can you please sleep with me? In my bed?” You ask, almost hiding behind the covers. “I don’t-I don’t want to be alone.” 
You see Taehyung’s expression soften, but he hesitates. “Are you sure, gorgeous?” 
Despite the memories you’d feel rush in, perhaps those memories could distract you from the brokenness of your heart. You gently nod for him. 
He smiles supportively. “Of course, Y/N. Just let me change and I’ll be right back.” He says, watching his broad back leave. 
He returns in much comfortable clothing, loose black shorts and a white Celine t-shirt. You scooch over and make room when he removes the covers, fitting himself into your bed. He settles in next to you, laying his head on the same pillow, his hand tucked underneath his cheek. He gazes at you, pulling the covers over your shoulders. 
Your heart smiles having him here, gazing back at him in the darkness of the room, only illuminated by the moonlight. 
With a sniffle, you shuffle closer to him. With a bite of your lip, you wrap your arms around his neck, cuddling into his much larger, warmer body. Without question, Taehyung engulfs you in his arms, too, and he embraces you tightly in return.
His lips find your hair for a kiss, and you breathe in his sandalwood scent, finding ease. You have a million things you could say to him at this moment, but you’re afraid of saying the wrong words, so you remain silent, and simply bask in his warmth.
 He rests his chin atop your head, and for the rest of the night, he cradles you in his arms like a baby, and nothing defeats the feeling of the heat of his skin. 
You sleep better that night than you have in a long, long time. 
Tumblr media
“Are you leaving?” 
Taehyung looks up from slipping into his shoes in front of the door, lips inquisitive. “Hm? I’m just gonna head to the grocery store, we’re missing some things.” He smiles, fitting his shoe onto the back of his heel. 
Your heart flutters a little hearing him say ‘we’, reminded of old times. You twiddle with your thumbs, frowning a little that he’s leaving. “Can… can I come with you?” 
Taehyung raises his brows with surprise, grabbing his keys from his pocket. “You wanna tag along? Are you sure you’re feeling up for it?” 
You nod, and Taehyung cracks a show-stopping side grin at just how cute you are. 
“Alright then, come along.” He invites you, holding his arm out and you gently smile, slipping on your shoes too and fitting into his side. 
Tumblr media
“Yeah, she doesn’t have too many boxes left and I’ll help her out anyway, you won’t need to do much, Mi.” Taehyung clutches his phone to his ear with his shoulder, putting away the groceries. 
It’s hard to focus on your task of unpacking when he looks like the ultimate boyfriend. 
Grey sweatpant shorts with a matching t-shirt, a thin silver chain around his neck, wearing those minimalist rings on his fingers again. It’s hard to not swoon for him, he’s insanely hot. 
He kisses his teeth all of a sudden. “Of course I’m still taking good care of her, Miso, you think I’d live with myself if I didn’t?” Taehyung tucks the cereal box away in a cupboard. “Give the phone to my brother, I swear I lose brain cells talking to you.” 
You can imagine Miso gasping scandalously, a small smile on your lips. 
Taehyung works so effortlessly in the kitchen, watching his biceps flex when he lifts something, his handsome, concentrated face as he organizes things and cleans. 
He’s kind of like a husband, and it’s now you remember he’s a firefighter, too.
“Seoyun-ah, do you have your toolset? Y/N’s air con is acting up and I was wondering if I could borrow your toolbox to fix it…” 
The conversation faded out to you, rather admiring Taehyung. Something sparks inside you watching him be so domestic, something you’ve needed and been without for a long, long time. 
You remember the last time you were together; the feverish, needy sex in the back of his truck. You’ll never forget how earth-shattering it was, how good it felt.
And after sleeping in bed with him last night, your once dormant hormones began firing off when you felt your ass pressed into Taehyung’s hard-on. 
He always did get horny in the morning.
The feeling made your cunt clench, having felt so upset, so depressed and mournful lately, that you yearn to feel good again. 
“It’s okay if you have to cancel tonight, you guys can come over tomorrow. Y/N’s gonna be busy with work anyway…” 
Taehyung begins wiping down the counter from breakfast this morning, your vision focused on him. He cuts the call, casting his phone away. He turns and locks eyes with you, sending you a charming smile that shoots you through the heart. 
“Hey, Tae, can you help me move some boxes?” You ask, lip between your teeth. “They’re a little heavy.” Your leftover boxes from moving were no joke; you have too many books.
“Coming, gorgeous. Give me a second.” Taehyung quickly washes his hands and makes his way over, eager eyes scanning the boxes. “Which one?” 
You tap the one in front of you and Taehyung nods, squatting down and securing his hands underneath. He hoists it up in the air, only to furrow his eyebrows. 
“Y/N, there’s nothing in this box.”
“I know.” 
Suddenly, you rise. You grab the box from Taehyung and cast it aside, clutching his wrists. You swivel him around so that his knees hit the back of the couch, Taehyung the epitome of a confused puppy. 
“Y/N, what-” 
Gently forcing him back, you seat Taehyung on the cushions and join him, straddling his lap. Taehyung regards you with shock, dumb-founded. 
You guide his hands to your lower back, and yours rest against his chest. You cuddle closer to him when he gently holds you, your eyes docile, a little needy. 
Taehyung gulps, searching your eyes. “Y/N?” 
Without warning, you move in and kiss him. It’s a gentle, soft peck that lingers for a while. Your lips perfectly mold with his, and you missed the thrill of kissing him. You pull away, hovering just before his mouth. 
You carefully look at his eyes, and Taehyung’s predominantly unreadable, though he’s definitely confused. 
You gently bite your lip, only hesitating for a second before you kiss him again. You lean forward with your body and coil your arms around his neck, pressing your lips harder. You feel Taehyung’s arms encircling your waist, and he captures your mouth in his. 
Filling with white hot electricity, you swear you feel whole again. The feeling of his mouth against yours and your bodies so close feels akin to home, and the hole in your heart becomes smaller. 
Taehyung pulls away for a bit, his pink lips wet from your kiss. “Wait, Y/N, is this okay?” He asks, deep concern written all over him.
You nod really hard, becoming restless over his lap and diving in for another kiss. Taehyung gently groans, his hands tighter on your waist. He tilts his head to poke your bottom lip with his tongue, requesting access. 
You let him in, and suddenly your kiss becomes so much more fiery. Your clothed crotch presses against his, and you can already feel hints of his hardness. You moan this time, gently grinding against him, and Taehyung slithers his tongue inside your mouth to explore. 
Just when his hands start roaming your body, you break away for air. You begin pressing kisses to the corner of Taehyung’s mouth, trailing them down his jaw until you reach his neck, and Taehyung relaxes with a groan. 
“Fuck…” He breathes, leaning back and letting you suckle on his neck. You lick and devour him like you know he adores, and attack that one sweet spot between his neck and shoulder. He rubs your body as you do, like an encouraging gesture. 
Slowly kissing down his clavicles, you crawl off the couch and your knees find the fuzzy rug on the ground, kneeling before him. Your hands slide up his thighs and Taehyung twitches, eyes in pure shock. 
“Y/N… you don’t mean…” But you don’t back down, you peer at Taehyung with the most docile eyes, even whimpering. 
“I do, Tae.” 
“Are you sure this is okay?” He asks, oh so worried about you and your condition. If it weren’t for your uncontrollable horniness, you would’ve smothered him in kisses. 
“It is, Tae.” You assure him, reaching for his waistband and already tugging at it. Taehyung stops you by grasping your hands. 
“Are you seriously sure? I don’t want to push you, baby.” Baby; you haven’t heard that in ages, and it all the more makes you want to suck him off until he’s milked of cum.
“I’m sure, Tae. Now help me take these off.” You encourage him, and Taehyung’s lips curve into a small, grateful smile. He helps you tug down his shorts and boxers, and you dig inside his goldmine. 
His cock springs free, already semi-hard and slightly glistening at his tip. You don’t know how many times you yearned for his cock while he’s been gone, because Taehyung was right. 
You did end up missing his dick. 
With that sentiment in mind, you press kisses to his shaft, then his tip. Taehyung leans his head back when you focus on his tip, his body already melting; clearly he’s been waiting for this moment longer than you’ll ever know. 
His large palm smooths over your hair, and his legs spread apart when you begin kitten-licking his thick cok. Taehyung hisses when your tongue swirls over his tip, and it swells your pride. You press your tongue against his slit, and practically feel his pre-cum gush out of him. 
“Fuckkk, Y/N, just like that.” He deeply groans.
You obey and put your tongue to work, starting at the base of his shaft. You slowly lick up a certain vein until you reach the tip, slathering your tongue around. Taehyung’s huge hand grips your hair a little, and you know you’re making him weaker than he expected. 
“You’re teasing, baby… I’ll end up fucking your throat if you keep doing it.” He warns, but it’s without malice, rather breathy, and when you look up, his eyes are beyond dilated. 
You smirk a little with pride, and Taehyung’s eyes glow with insatiable lust, eagerly watching you finally wrap your mouth around his tip. You suckle him like a popsicle and Taehyung already bucks his hips into your mouth, unable to keep himself under control. 
The thrust surprises you, and Taehyung quickly shoots a look down, feeling sweat already slick his forehead. “Shit, I’m sorry baby. I can’t… fuck, I can’t hold back.” 
Your eyes shimmer with a feline-like spark, and Taehyung’s practically blown away. You let your mouth descend over him, swallowing an inch of him, until pulling back. Taehyung shudders when you do so, tongue flicking all over him. You push him back into your mouth and this time, add another inch, only to draw him back out. 
Taehyung grips your hair a little harder and peers down at you, his eyes so needy, so desperate, you almost feel bad, and finally shove his cock inside your mouth. 
Taehyung moans beautifully when you swallow all of his shaft, finding a home inside your warm, wet mouth. You hollow out your cheeks and suck him a little, Taehyung hissing when you do. 
“Fuck, this feels like heaven. Shit.” He curses, his head thrown back as he relishes in your tight mouth. You drag him back out and inhale him once again, tasting the pre-cum he leaks and moaning when you do. You begin a gentle bobbing motion over his cock, sloppy noises escaping your throat as you repeatedly shove his goliath of a dick in your mouth. 
Taehyung ascends, his moans and groans so melodic and deep, you could feel it resonating inside your  pussy. He sounds like he’s finally gaining the relief he’s longed for, and sooner rather than later, Taehyung secures his other hand in your hair, addicted to the way you feel. 
He picks up his own pace and gently thrusts into your mouth, pushing your head down over his cock and making you take all of him. His tip nudges the back of your throat and you gag, tears pricking your eyes as you attempt to relax. 
“Fuckkk, been waiting for the day… you choke on my dick, gorgeous girl.” He rasps, slowly driving into your mouth and you happily take him, vacuuming your cheeks for him. He groans when you do, and he’s soon driven mad.
He shudders whenever his tip grazes the back of your throat, and Taehyung crafts a fast pace that sheaths his dick deeper inside your throat.
You gag once again, swallowing around him and he lets out a broken moan. “Ohh fuck, baby, do that again.” 
You follow his request and muster the strength to swallow, tears streaming down your face and sniffling,  Taehyung face-fucking you to his desire. His fingers weave through your locks and he smashes himself inside your mouth so deep, you choke on him, an abundance of tears escaping your eyes. 
Taehyung’s wild ones focus on you, watching you cry with your mouth stretched open around his cock, and he’s never felt more in love with anyone else before. “Fuck, you look so fucking pretty right now, gorgeous.” 
You moan, and Taehyung hisses, feeling his cock throb against your tongue and you only suck him harder, knowing he’s going to blow. Taehyung can’t handle the velvety walls of your mouth, indulging in your every suck as your head repeatedly comes down on him. His patience runs thin. 
Cum aches his balls and strength isn’t an option anymore, not when he’s missed you like hell, and he’s madly in love with you.
“Fuck, baby… ah.” Taehyung sighs, Adam’s apple bobbing as he thrusts into you faster. Your throat feels raw, but it doesn’t matter when Taehyung loses himself, and begins pummeling your throat. 
He moans and hisses and rasps as he no doubt nears his high, obsessed with you taking him like a champ. He melts when he flickers to you, sweat collecting on his skin, his breaths rampant. 
“Fuck, so good when you take me. Fucking love your pretty mouth, baby.” He coos, getting lost in a feverish high, fucksing and thrusting and shoving his cock into your tight mouth so much, his resolve dismantles. Taehyung pushes himself so deep inside your mouth, you feel his hot seed shoot inside the back of your throat, choking. 
The taste of his cum hits you as Taehyung slowly fucks your mouth, riding out his orgasm as he comes down. He loses all strength and peers at you, his expression completely fucked out. Eyes hooded, his lips hung open and hair sticking to his forehead; he was truly a sight to behold. 
His eyes are on you, gazing, and you immediately swallow his cum, gulping all of him down. Taehyung cracks a lazy grin, capturing your face between his pointer finger and thumb, squishing your cheeks. 
“How the fuck are you such a good girl and a slut at the same time, huh?” He asks rhetorically, and you can only smile with pride, wide and lovely. Taehyung dips down and kisses your lips he makes into a pout, smiling giddily. “My pretty slut.” 
He draws back to cradle your hands, pulling you up.
“Come here, gorgeous. Let me get you off.” He curls his finger in a come hither motion. He turns you around when you stand, and fits his fingers into your shorts and panties. He removes them, and seats you over him, your back flush to his front. 
His huge hand curls around his shaft and pumps himself a little, using some of his cum to slick himself up. You hover over his cock, and Taehyung guides your hips down. 
He spears you on his cock, slowly, but surely, and you sigh pornographically as he fills up your empty hole. You seat yourself on him and his cock’s lodged deep inside, your walls pulsating around him. Taehyung grips the hem of your shirt and strips it off your body, revealing only your bra-cladded chest. He unclasps it and frees your breasts, tossed with your other clothes. 
Now you sit completely naked on him, Taehyung winding his big, strong arms around your stomach and pulling you closer to him, his nose and lips skimming your neck. His thick cock moves inside you, and you shudder. He presses gentle kisses to your bare shoulder, and you moan gently, listening to his deep voice so near your ear. 
“You like when I’m clothed and you’re naked, don’t you?” You bite your lip, your hand winding over his own on your stomach. You nod, and he breathes a smile against you. Taehyung unclasps one of his hands to slowly snake down your abdomen, until his fingers press to your swollen clit. 
You sigh loudly, and he hisses. “Shit, so wet, baby. What are you doing dripping like honey without me?” 
You shudder, leaning your head back against his shoulder as his fingers begin working your sticky pearl. You twitch immediately, gasping, walls squeezing his cock inside you.
“God, so swollen. Just need me to touch you, huh?” He goads you, nibbling on your ear as you sigh in pleasure. “Sucking my cock got you wet and horny, baby? Do you want me to touch you?” 
You nod with a whimper, head in the clouds as Taehyung dares circles your buzzing clit, and you’re putty in his arms. Taehyung then gently pulls out and thrusts into your slippery cunt, squelching inside you, and starts rubbing your bud. 
His fingers work harder, faster, over you until you’re writhing and gasping for more. He drives up into you again and you dig your nails into the back of his hand, his hot breath kissing your skin as you moan.
“Fuck, baby’s so gorgeous when she wants to cum.” He rasps, and his deep voice ignites your core, grinding your hips down on his meaty cock. You feel Taehyung smirk against you, three of his fingers nestled over your clit, and rubbing it back and forth harsher.
You twitch, moaning like a madwoman as your hand reaches up to grip his t-shirt sleeve, holding onto him for dear life. You watch him play with you between your legs, his cock squelching inside you too, and your legs shake with arousal. “Taehyung…” 
His unoccupied hand grabs a handful of your breast, groping and kneading as you lose yourself even. He pinches and runs his fingers over you sensitive nipples, his other fingers gathering up your slippery essence and gliding over your pussy, flicking and torturing your clit. 
“Tae… fuck, keep going. Just like that.” You breathe, chest rising and falling hard as your orgasm coils in your stomach, Taehyung finding your one sweet, sweet pace and pattern and begins going to town on you. 
He quickens his fingers and softly fucks you from underneath, filling up your empty pussy until you’re loud. You’re gasping, crying out, screaming his name, sweating and losing your head. 
“Fuck, Taehyung, Taehyung! I’m gonna cum, fuck, I’m gonna cum-!” 
“Yeah? My baby’s gonna cum?” 
“Yes, Tae, yes!” 
You let out shallow, high-pitched moans as he fucks and fondles you faster; faster and faster until your gut twists, until your pussy’s practically buzzing and you snap in his arms. 
You gush your orgasm all over Taehyung’s cock, your body convulsing in his arms. He slows down his pace and massages your clit, slowly feeling you out until you whine with sensitivity. He stops, and you lean back on his chest in bliss, legs spread apart over him. 
You turn your head to nuzzle into his neck, your hand sliding up to the ends of his hair. Taehyung entangles your other hand with his, pressing kisses to your pulse point as you breathe harshly, sweating, slowly coming down to Earth. 
“Good thing… Miso and Seoyun didn’t come over.” Taehyung breathes, and you break out into giggles with him. 
He cradles your naked, sweaty body close; so close you could feel his heart beating against your back. Taehyung peers down at you, and you meet his eyes, gazing. He dips down and kisses you, and you smile when he does, returning the smooch tenfold.
You pull back, biting your lip as your hand weaves through his hair, lightly scratching his scalp. He always loves when you do that. “Hey… big guy, can I ask you something?” 
“Shoot, gorgeous.” 
“I… go back to work next week. And I was just wondering, my new boss is holding a fundraiser at the library. I wanted to ask if you…” You hesitate, feeling as though what you’re gonna say is stupid. 
“Go on, babe.” He assures you, thumbing away some hair that stuck to your forehead. 
“Would you like to come? I promise it won’t be boring and it’s… it’s the first time we’ve ever held an event. I worked hard from home this week setting up the theme and… I really want you to see it.” 
Taehyung could never resist the glimmer in your eyes when you talk about the things that you love, and he has to ask, how could he ever say no? “Is that what you’ve been working on from home, gorgeous?” 
“Yes, I’ve put it together myself and I’d love it if you could come and see.” 
Taehyung adores you whole-heartedly, snuggling you tighter in his arms. He cutely boops your nose when his own. “Of course I’ll come, gorgeous. I’d support you through anything.” Your entire face lights up, happily clapping. 
“Oh my God, really?!” 
He gently laughs. “So long as you’re okay with going back to work, of course, gorgeous.” 
“I feel… a little better these days.” You tell him, smiling genuinely. “It’s mainly thanks to a certain someone, though.” 
His grin never leaves his mouth as your eyes sparkle, adoring every feature that graces your face. He cups your cheeks in his palms and squishes them, before pressing a soft kiss to your nose, then your lips, and you feel your once lifeless, cold heart begin to pump blood again. 
Tumblr media
“Hello, I’m Kim Taehyung.” 
“Nice to meet you, Taehyung. I’m Kim Seokjin.” Seokjin meets Taehyung in the middle for a handshake, both of them amicably smiling. You try not to faint, both men are so insanely good-looking, you feel like the ugly duckling. 
“So you’re the new boss around here, huh?” Taehyung asks, tucking his hands into his pockets. 
“Yup, something happened with the old boss so here I am as a temp.” Seokjin explains, holding a novel in his hand. “And you are…?” 
“Ah, I’m…” Taehyung starts, but pauses. He flickers towards you, lips between his teeth as he points a finger barrel at you. You swoop in, clutching his arm. 
“A friend. He’s my friend.” You clear your throat, plastering on a wide smile. You miss the way Taehyung bounces his brows and purses his lips.
Seokjin looks a little displaced, but acquiesces. “I see. Well, enjoy the event to your heart’s content, and I hope you can make some contributions.” Seokjin smiles beautifully at Taehyung, before curling his hand around your arm gently. 
“Y/N, I’m gonna need your help managing the donations in a bit. I’ll let you show your friend around before you get to work, but I’ll need you quick.” Seokjin informs, and you immediately light up, grabbing his hand and holding it like you’d won a trophy.
Taehyung cocks a brow at that. 
“Thank you thank you, Seokjin! I swear I’ll be there soon to help.” He gives you a small, adorable smile with a suave wink, before waving to Taehyung and leaving. Taehyung blinks twice at that, too. You face your companion with a radiant smile, practically buzzing to show him around. 
“That’s your new boss?” Taehyung gestures, pointing a thumb towards him. “You didn’t mention he’s a looker.” 
You snicker, hiding your smile behind a hand. “He’s good-looking, yes.” 
“Not better looking than me, though.” Taehyung confidently smirks. 
You roll your eyes. “Yes yes, you’re very handsome.” 
Taehyung has to bite away his smile, focusing on something else. “Why’s he here? What happened with Smith?” 
You pause, not wanting to reveal that Taehyung was correct about him for your pride. You clear your throat. “He’s going through a divorce with his wife so Seokjin took over, Smith’s brother-in-law.” 
Taehyung nods with small, pouty lips before he glimpses around the library. “I see. Well, you’ve got a tour to give me, don’t you, Ms. Bennett?” Taehyung bounces his brows as he scans over your 19th century dress, and your cheeks warm. 
“I do, don’t I, Mr. Darcy?” Taehyung bites his lip a little, unable to tear his eyes away from the small cleavage your dress shows. He looks impeccable in his 19th century outfit; a long black coat paired with matching trousers, a dark brown waistcoat with a puff tie tucked inside, white dress shirt underneath to complement. 
You couldn’t believe it when Taehyung waltzed out in this. You’d told him your event was a Pride & Prejudice themed fundraiser, meant to be a fun-filled recreation of the 19th century. Visitors were encouraged to dress according to the time period, and you couldn’t miss the chance to wear a cream coloured dress with blush pink floral designs at the ends. Your neckline was in a ‘V’ shape that spread out into off-the-shoulder sleeves. 
There wasn’t a single moment Taehyung kept his eyes off your neck and collar bones; and frankly, you enjoyed it. 
Nonetheless, the effort he put into finding an appropriate costume was beyond you. You attacked him with kisses and hugs when he showed you the outfit, even shoved him back on your bed and rode his dick.
“Well, I’m looking forward to seeing what my gorgeous girl has planned.” Taehyung charmingly smiles, and your heart somersaults in your chest. “Shall we?” 
With a sheepish grin, you nod. “Of course, big guy, I’ll lead the way.” 
Tumblr media
The event had successfully concluded, and you were glad to report that it went extremely well. Turns out many people adored the 19th century theme, and made ample donations considering your library was much more traditional and classic than the others. It made your heart glow to see it’s accomplishment. 
Taehyung showered you with compliments and praises all day, practically marvelling at you like a genius, even showing you off to visitors. 
“Isn’t my friend so smart and pretty?”
Your chest had fluttery butterflies whenever he lovingly touched you; appreciative head pats, comforting rubs to your lower back, tucking your hair behind your ear. 
He was a gentleman for sure, and his outfit today only exemplified that fact, making your cheeks warm like a shy highschooler. 
Seokjin had to leave once the library closed for personal reasons and apologized profusely for it, but you assured him you and the girls would be just fine. Taehyung even volunteered to stay back and help out with any heavy lifting considering his trained firefighter strength; your co-workers did not object at all. 
“Y/N, who is that hunk?” 
“You’re telling me you’ve had a friend like that and you never introduced us?!” 
“Please tell me he’s taken so I don’t dream about him when I go home.” 
You snickered at all of their comments, having told them that he’s a close friend. When they called you out for your dreamy heart eyes and your smiling cheeks, you admitted that things are just complicated, and they sympathized. 
Their shifts ended half an hour after closing, and you bid them a farewell. You were left with the finishing details, and of course, a Taehyung who refused to go home until he helped you complete every last detail. 
You were both taking a break now, huddled together in the cozy reading lounge over some cushions on the floor. Taehyung leaned against the wall sans his coat and waistcoat, only in his 19th century white undershirt; he looked like a prince. You removed all the uncomfortable things you wore throughout the day like your petticoat and heels, utterly relaxed. 
Taehyung holds a P & P book in his hand as you lay against his chest, his free hand gently sweeping through your hair. 
He was reading to you. 
“If, in the explanation of them, which is due to myself, I am under the necessity of relating feelings which may be offensive to yours, I can only say that I am sorry. The necessity must be obeyed, and further apology would be absurd.” His rich, soothing voice sounded like music to your ears. With your ear pressed to his chest, following the lines he reads, you feel the vibrations of when he speaks. He holds you like a mother would her baby, and it felt like the safest place in the world. 
“... Perhaps this concealment, this disguise was beneath me; it is done, however, and it was done for the best.- On this subject I have nothing more to say, no other apology to offer. If I have wounded your sister's feelings, it was unknowingly done; and though the motives which governed me may to you very naturally appear insufficient, I have not yet learnt to condemn them.” You can’t help but feel something stir inside your heart as Taehyung reads Darcy’s apology letter to Elizabeth; it felt as though Taehyung was speaking the apology to you, and you nuzzled into his chest more, his sandalwood scent distracting you from your thoughts. 
“... For the truth of everything here related, I can appeal more particularly to the testimony of Colonel Fitzwilliam, who, from our near relationship and constant intimacy, and, still more, as one of the executors of my father's will, has been unavoidably acquainted with every particular of these transactions.” Taehyung read eloquently in his deep voice, and you can feel his every breath against your chest. His fingertips lightly massage your hair, and snuggle even closer to him, avoiding tears from spilling from your eyes. 
You haven’t felt this safe or loved in a long, long time. 
“If your abhorrence of me should make my assertions valueless, you cannot be prevented by the same cause from confiding in my cousin; and that there may be the possibility of consulting him, I shall endeavor to find some opportunity of putting this letter in your hands in the course of the morning.” Taehyung reaches the end, and you breathe in peacefully. “I will only add, God bless you.” 
Taehyung gently closes the book, placing it against the carpet. His arm encases your frame and he hugs you close, lips pressed to your hair. You both remain silent, a comfortable one. You’ve missed his warmth, the feeling of him and his skin, his strong arms. 
You’ve missed him so much. 
You sniffle a little, swallowing down your emotions before they surface. The limbo you’re stuck in with Taehyung, you know it’s temporary. You know you’re not together, you know you’re exes, and you’ve simply tried to ignore that fact without addressing its depth. 
But referring to him as your friend all day only dented your resolve, shattered the false reality you’ve been attempting to build. You and Taehyung do not belong together, it’s a simple, universal fact. 
And yet, you can’t find a reason to leave his arms, to leave him. You’d always be entirely, and irrevocably in love with him. 
Taehyung draws back and cradles your cheek, finding your expression sad. You avoid his eyes; you feel as though doing so would dismantle the lie you tell yourself. 
“Hey, you okay?” he gently asks, and you pout your lips.
He smiles sympathetically, leaning down to press a kiss to your nose, then your lips. He does so once, twice, a third time that’s a little longer, a little deeper, before he pulls away, forehead pressed against yours. “What’s wrong, gorgeous girl?” 
You still avoid his eyes, playing with the collar of his shirt. “Nothing.” You pout. 
His lips curve gently, understanding you. “Do you want to know something?” 
You furrow your brows a little, nodding. 
“You have bewitched me in body and soul,” He quietly says, and your heart glows. You meet his eyes, and Taehyung smiles brightly. “I love you, Y/N, most ardently.” 
Tears prick your eyes at his recitation of Darcy’s confession, feeling so much emotion pile itself into your throat, you can’t stand being without him. You throw your arms around his neck and engulf him in a kiss, feeling your lips mold to his. 
Taehyung instantly kisses back, pressing your front against his just to feel you closer. Your breasts squish up against his chest, and your nipples hardened, incredibly horny now. He’s looked dashing all day, and especially when he’s roleplaying a 19th century male lead? 
Consider your cunt conquered. 
Taehyung disconnects to kiss your neck, laying soft kisses against your pulse point. He suckles and licks, moaning as his hands feel up your body, even cup your breasts. He breaks away to work with the ribbons tying your dress together in the back, and your heart beats rapidly. 
He unravels each one, and your dress falls loose in the front. Taehyung finds your collar bones and he kisses you delicately, loving every inch of you he reveals as he slowly slides off your dress, and you sigh in pleasure. 
He reveals your boobs, and he wastes no time in latching his mouth on a nipple, suckling when you’re already breathless. You sigh harder as a hand of yours slithers into his hair, gently massaging and tugging his locks. 
His tongue flicks out for licks before he serves the same attention to your other nipple, driving you insane. He pops off and gives you a look so tender and yet, so frenzied, you know exactly what’s going through his mind. 
And you want it more than anything, too. 
You lean forward and kiss him, kiss him so passionately, so deeply you want to commit every inch of him to your memory. Taehyung slowly leans you backwards until your bareback meets the soft rug, Taehyung supporting his weight on top of you. 
His lips connect with yours, hungry for you. His hands get to work tugging off your dress.He casts it away, and all you’re left in is your pantyhose and underwear. Your legs instinctively hook around Taehyung’s torso, and you have no clue just how mad it drives Taehyung. 
He groans into your mouth, and you both lose all concept of time and space.
Taehyung pulls away, face flushed and his lips dewy. Your hands lift towards the buttons of his shirt, biting your lip as you begin undoing them carefully. You peer up at him as if asking if you could continue, and Taehyung grins at how cute you are, gently nodding. 
He watches your smaller hands undo his shirt, revealing his honey-coloured skin underneath.
You were right when you met him 2 months ago; he definitely was bulkier. His muscles were more toned, his skin unblemished and so silky smooth, he could’ve been a statue. You admired his happy trail that eventually hid behind his pants, eager for his lower half. 
Smiling wide as you marvel, Taehyung dips down to kiss you again, addicted to the feeling of your mouth. His hands trail down your naked top, feeling over your nipple until he reaches your pussy. You’re soaked through your panties and pantyhose already, squirming when his fingers touch you through the wet cloth. 
“So wet, baby.” He whispers, kissing you ardently. He hooks onto your pantyhose and tugs them off, casting them aside. He tucks your panties aside and swipes his fingers through your wet lips, feeling how slick and sticky you are. He hisses, playing around until he slowly inserts his forefinger inside your pulsing hole, and you gasp. 
“Baby...” His low voice hypnotizes you, Taehyung gently pumping your entrance. “You’re so tight, gorgeous.” 
You whimper, eyes docile as they meet his, and you latch into the lapels of his shirt as your support, legs squirming. You attempt to close them around his hand but Taehyung clicks his tongue, spreading you open, his lips by your ear. “Let me feel you, gorgeous.” 
He starts kissing underneath your ear, sensing you ease up to his one finger before plunging in a second, fingering you slowly as you moan louder, bunching his shirt in your fists. 
“Can you take two, baby?” He coos so softly, you shudder, vibrating with arousal. You nod with a lip bite, feeling your clit throb and your walls cling to his fingers like he’s your lifeline. “Tae..”
“Mm?” He hums against your skin, and your every sense is overridden by his presence; his voice, his scent, his touch. You crave him more than anything. 
“Please… fuck me.” You beg, nails digging into his chest. “I want you.” 
Taehyung shoves his fingers deep inside you, and your gasp gets caught in your throat. He gently thrusts his a few more times, lifting his face so his lips brush against yours. 
“Beg a little more for me, gorgeous.” He rasps, his deep voice casting a spell on you. “You know I love when you beg.” 
“Please, Taehyung, please fuck me. I want you… I want you more than anything.” Taehyung sees your eyes water a little, and he feels as though it’s not just his cock you’re talking about; it’s a request from deep inside your heart. 
Taehyung complies, and he rests himself on his knees, perched tall and proud between your legs. First, he hooks onto your panties and shuffles them off, and just when you think he’ll toss them aside, he puts them between his teeth, holding them in his mouth.  
He peels his shirt off each shoulder then, and you lick your lips at just how delicious he is. He unclasps his trousers, and his boxers are removed as well, all while your pink, lacey panties dangle between his teeth. 
You want to ask what he’s doing, but just when you open your mouth, Taehyung crawls back over your body, and he drags the fabric down the middle of your midriff. The sensation feels ticklish, and you gasp. Then he drags it over your clavicles, until he reaches a breast. The cloth touches your nipples and you ignite, the small touch so electrifying. 
He does so with your other nipple, dragging your panties over the sensitive nub and you arch, never having felt something so teasing, riveting. Just when you inhale a deep breath to sustain your pleasure, suddenly Taehyung’s cock prods your pussy folds, and the air’s knocked out of you. 
He slides his cock through your slippery folds and taps your clit a little, teasing you, and your body lights on fire. 
“Tae…” you breathe, and Taehyung casts aside your panties with the rest of your clothes. You meet his eyes; they’re lust-filled and wild, and yours are watery, vulnerable, needy. 
When Taehyung pushes inside your pussy, you moan out so lewdly, it resounds in the room. Taehyung groans, breathing hard as he inches himself inside, relishing in the heat of your cunt. 
“Fuck, gorgeous, I’ll never… get tired of this.” He rasps, and spears himself inside you deep enough your walls pulsate, squeezing him indefinitely. 
He lets out a broken moan at your velvety sex, wondering if this is truly heaven. He entangles his fingers with yours and holds them down against the rug, maintaining eye contact. 
You bite your lip as Taehyung draws out, and fucks back into you. You both moan in unison when you feel the other throb, breaths uneven. Taehyung begins softly thrusting into your sex, each movement so slow, so tender, your soul entirely unraveled underneath him. 
You melt, and your body feels relaxation overcome every limb, basking in bliss. Taehyung’s forehead falls to yours as he brings your hands up above your head, fucking into you slow and steady; like he was making love. 
He pecks your lips, voice breathy. “I swiped… something from your apartment.” 
You scrunch your eyebrows together, soft moans escaping as he thrusts. Taehyung reaches over for his trousers, digging into the pocket. He pulls out something you’d never even think of. 
Your pink bullet vibrator. 
“Why did you…” Your words get lost, shuddering when his cock slides in and out of you, filling you up with his girthy, thick meat that feels like being whole again. 
Taehyung doesn’t answer with words, but his actions. He clicks the small vibrator on and presses the buzzing toy atop your breast, You immediately shiver, arching into him. Taehyung dips down to capture you for a kiss before he slowly glides the vibrator down your breast, until he reaches a nipple. 
You instantly twitch, gasping loudly. The buzzing to your sensitive nipple was otherworldly. Paired with him burying his cock inside you, you lost all forms of control. 
“Taehyung… baby… nngh.” You’re cut off by your own moan when he transfers to the other nipple, and you convulse. 
“Does it feel good, gorgeous?” He asks, kissing you in between your moans. 
“So-so good, Taehyung, don’t stop.” 
Taehyung smirks against your lips, and he leans back onto the heels of his feet. He hooks a hand underneath your thigh and holds your legs open, watching his cock enter your pussy. 
How your cute cunt swallows his massive dick? He’ll never know, but it makes him all the more obsessed with you. 
Taehyung circles the vibrator around your nipple now, constantly teasing, watching your body jerk and bounce with lewd moans. “Taehyung… ah!” 
“So pretty… so fucking pretty,” He praises, trailing the vibrating toy down your midriff, over your abdomen until he reaches your clit, and your mind explodes. You entirely lose it when Taehyung curls his hand around your ankle, and brings his foot towards his mouth. Watching with completely flushed cheeks and wonder, Taehyung wraps his lips around your toes, suckling lightly on them. 
His tongue tickles the digits, and you feel your body shaken to the core, arousal coursing through every vein. 
“Wanna see you cum, baby. Love when you cream my cock.” Taehyung rasps, increasing the power of his thrusts and your foot falters from his mouth. He fucks you a little faster, harder, his cock squelching inside you. You moan with a high-pitched tone as he holds your legs open, and you absorb all the sweet, sweet pleasure he provides you.
The buzzing vibrator pressed to your clit, your wet, pulsing entrance Taehyung constantly fills up, his hand clutching your leg, the sensations are phenomenal. Taehyung continues pumping you with his delicious dick, slamming into your tight little pussy until you squeeze him harder, losing yourself. 
“Fuck, you’re gonna cum, aren’t you, baby?” Taehyung asks, but all you can feel is the vibrator torturing your clit, Taehyung’s hips smashing into you faster. 
“Taehyung, oh God… oh my God-!” 
“Cum for me, Y/N. Cream me like a good girl, let me see it!”  Taehyung encourages, and he begins circling your clit with the vibrator, sending you to cloud nine. He fucks you deeper, harder as you moan and groan and cry out his name until you’re spent. 
An orgasm rips through you, feeling your essence gush all over his cock. Your body jerks, and your gut unravels, but Taehyung doesn’t stop. He only slows down the pace of his thrusts as you orgasm, and in fact, increases the speed of the vibrator, pressing it through your pussy folds harder. 
“Tae… what are you-” 
“You’re cumming one more time for me, baby. Want another one.” Taehyung coos, slowly picking up his pace again. You burn with oversensitivity, whining and squirming. 
“I can’t… Taehyung, I can’t.” 
“You can, gorgeous. I know you can.” Taehyung’s deep voice resonates within your body. You cry out as he overstimulates you, and he never tires with his movements. His lips hang open as he concentrates on fucking you, enjoying your velvet walls smothering him, Taehyung’s skin feverish. 
“Taehyung, please…” You beg, but you don’t know what you’re begging him for; your own hips were bucking into him, requesting more of his cock. Taehyung leans over your figure and kisses you, speaking between pecks. 
“Do it for me, baby. Cum for me again, just one more time.” He asks softly, and your pussy reignites feeling his skin against yours, his heat so close. He ruts into you at full speed now, harder than the last. He must be close to his own release, but he works the vibrator over your clit tirelessly, the onslaught almost unmanageable. 
But the burn sizzles out into a pain you like, a feeling that melts into another approaching orgasm, your walls fluttering once again. He breathes hard against your mouth, fucking you zealously as he circles the vibrator over your sticky, swollen bud, pining for your next release. 
He kisses you feverishly, sweat beading his forehead just as much as it does yours. Your skin sticks to each other, your nipples rub against his chest, and his free hand finds you again, lacing your fingers against the rug. 
“Y/N…” He breathes harshly, but so do you, your hot bodies rutting against each other on the floor, his cock pushing into you. “You know I love you, right?” 
Your heart cinches, your throat clogs up, and you can’t even think straight. His voice falters in strength, like he’s overwhelmed by emotion too, and his thrusts lose precision, rather run on passion. “You know I’ll… always love you…. always.” 
Tears flood your eyes, and you can’t bear to not touch him. You coil your arms around his neck and hold him close, feeling his hot breath fan you as he fucks you like there’s no tomorrow, the vibrator buzzing hard over your clit. 
“I love you too, Tae. And I won’t… I won’t ever stop. I missed you, I missed you so much.” You speak the truth through a shaky voice, emotion catching your throat. It catches him too, and his eyes glisten with an abundance of feelings. 
“I missed you too, baby. I can’t… I can’t bear being without you.” He chokes, and he completely melts your heart. “I’m half a fucking heart without you, I’m fucking nothing.” 
“No you’re not, Tae. You aren’t.” You coo, breaking your heart to hear him like this. 
“It’s true. The only time I knew happiness was with you. It was always you… it’ll always be you.” He manages, repeatedly burying himself inside you, your bodies connected like they should’ve always been. 
It felt infinite with him. 
“It was always you too, Tae. It’ll always be you… I love you. I thought if I told you I needed you... you wouldn’t say it back. I was scared you didn’t need me, or want me back.” A single tear escapes you, and Taehyung’s breaking down, both emotionally and physically. 
“Baby... of course I need you. you’re my one and only girl, Y/N. You’re it for me, it’s only you.” Taehyung almost agonizes, and when he delivers a deep thrust that floods your pussy with his seed, the vibrator makes you orgasm again, the kind that releases from the bottom of your stomach. 
He moans against your mouth and you his, heated and loose-limbed. Taehyung casts the vibrator away and he falls on top of you, his forearms keeping him from crushing you. Your sweaty bodies radiate sweltering heat, put it feels right to have Taehyung here, to have him so close and in your arms, so that he won’t disappear. 
That’s what terrified you the most; you couldn’t lose him, you really can’t. Even if it means needing to work everyday to make your relationship work, to talk through your differences, even if it means compromising, you’ll do it all for Taehyung. 
Because he’s the love of your life, and you can’t let him go now that you have him. 
Taehyung lifts himself off you, and his post-orgasm, fucked out expression is glorious. His glowing skin, his fluffy hair you messed up, his lazy side grin. He dips down and kisses you passionately, and you soak all of him up, winding your arms around his neck tighter. 
“I love you, Tae.” 
“I love you, gorgeous.”
Tumblr media
The sun filtering into your apartment wakes you up, stretching out your sore muscles. 
You recognize the heat of Taehyung’s skin, having slept on his bare chest, your legs entangled together. His arm was still loosely clutching you, his other laid out on the bed. He was still deep in sleep, and it was honestly granted. 
He worked extra hard during the second round you both went at last night back at your apartment. Remembering the way he gave it to you from the back, you happily grin. 
Perching off his chest, you find his angelic face asleep. He looks gorgeous like this; the hint of a stubble growing on him, his pouty lips, his mussed hair, his pretty eyelashes graced by the sunlight. You lean over and kiss his cheek, casting the blanket off your naked body and carefully unwinding his arm from you, escaping into the bathroom. 
Taehyung doesn’t wake up for a while, but he stirs once he reaches out in bed and doesn’t feel you. His eyes flutter open, rubbing one. He becomes confused at your absence, but hears the shower running in the bathroom. 
He nods to himself, glancing over at your night table. He grabs his phone for the time. 12 in the afternoon, not terrible. He reaches over to place his phone back down, but he sees a message light up your screen. 
Taehyung quirks his brow, your new boss, huh? The guy really was a looker, and even though Taehyung’s confident enough about his own looks, he remembers the way he touched your arm, winked at you, even held your hand. 
When Taehyung thinks about it, you’ve always been the super sweet and touchy type; it’s what he liked about you. But he’d rather you only do that to him, not another man, especially your goddamn boss.
Curious, Taehyung swipes your phone and sneaks a peek. His face I.D automatically shows him the messages; he’s shocked you never removed his face from your phone. 
Looking at the beginning of the messages, he furrows his brows. His curiosity takes him further, unlocking your phone and reading the messages in full, but it’s Taehyung’s most regretful, biggest mistake. 
He learns then why curiosity killed the cat. 
Tumblr media
Humming to yourself, you dry your hair as you make your way towards your bedroom, ready to smother and kiss Taehyung awake. 
But when you enter your room, he’s not asleep. 
You find Taehyung with a pair of shorts on without a shirt, and he’s rapidly packing his things into his duffle bag. Your heart drops to the bottom of your stomach. 
“Taehyung, what are you doing?” You ask, carefully approaching him. “Are you late for something?” 
Taehyung doesn’t even spare you a look, only continues shoving his clothes inside, his tone rigid. “I’m leaving.” 
“What?” You ask, laughing a little. “Why are you leaving? Do you need to be home for something?” 
Taehyung’s jaw flexes with frustration, shooting an angry look at you, and his eyes are intimidating, almost unrecognizable. “I’m leaving you.” 
The edge in his tone hits you hard, taken aback. “You… you’re what?” 
“I said,” Taehyung repeats, his eyes even sharper. “I’m leaving you.” 
You feel like you’ve just been slapped in the face, tears manifesting in your eyes. You approach him again, holding onto his bicep. 
“Taehyung, what do you mean? Why… why are you leaving?” Your voice breaks, and Taehyung actually laughs, disconnecting your hands from him. His expressions disbelieving, tonguing the inside of his cheek. 
“Really? You wanna ask me why?” Taehyung’s hands are on his hips, pissed as hell. “What’s going on with you and your new boss?” 
You blink. “Huh?” 
Taehyung shakes his head, trying to keep his anger in check. “Your new boss, what the fuck is going on between you two?” 
“Seokjin? At the library?” 
“Yes, what the fuck is going on between you two?!” Taehyung yells, and you’re completely speechless. 
“Baby,” you start softly, slowly stepping towards him again. You reach out for his arms, eyes shimmering with sincerity. “There’s nothing going on between us, Taehyung. I promise, I promise there isn’t.” 
“Oh really?” Taehyung loses all patience, and you watch his eyes water as he speaks. “So he didn’t text you about taking you back to his place after drinks next week?” 
Your heart stops, your eyes open wide, and you swear time slows down. “I.. where… did you fucking look through my phone?” 
Taehyung laughs dryly, tears pooling his eyes as he covers his face with his hands, using all his strength to believe this. “You’ve been sexting, no, involved with your boss behind my back this entire time? While I’ve been… I’ve been taking care of you?” 
You scoff, sniffling back your tears. “Why the fuck did you even look through my phone? How could you do that?” 
“I don’t give a fuck about your fucking phone!” Taehyung shouts, eyes furious. “What the fuck have you been doing with him, huh? Have you been fucking him behind my back? Have you been… have you been fucking two-timing us?” 
“No, no! I would never do that!” 
“Then why did he send you that message?!” Taehyung yells, and he’s not just angry, he’s not just upset, he looks betrayed. 
“He just… we got close when he first started together. We closed the library together everyday and obviously… we exchanged numbers and we’ve just… we’ve been talking, that’s all.” Taehyung exhales in disbelief, running his hands through his hair. 
“So the entire time I’ve been taking care of you, making sure you’re okay, spending all this time with you thinking that maybe we’ll get back together, telling you you’re the only girl I’ll ever love, you were talking to another guy? You were gonna go on a fucking date with him and go back to his fucking place?!” 
When you see the hurt on his face, the sting to your heart feels poisonous. “No, that’s not true! After my… my grandfather passed away obviously I stopped. I didn’t text him for a while but he asked about what happened and I had to tell him about everything. We texted a bit after that and sometimes the messages got flirty but they never meant anything to me, I never did anything with him!” 
Taehyung’s eyes instantly fill with tears, his face utterly devastating. You’re crying yourself, afraid of hos devastated and angry he looks.
“If it meant nothing to you, why did you hide it from me, and why did you agree to go out with him?” 
You become speechless, looking towards the ground. Your feet shuffle. Taehyung locks his jaw harder, tears shaking in his eyes. “Why did you hide it from me?” 
“I didn’t mean to! I didn’t tell you because it meant nothing to me, Tae. Because I didn’t-I didn’t know if we would last this time and I couldn’t turn him down. He’s-he’s the safe option.” 
You see Taehyung exhale deeply, tears flooding his eyes as he peers at with sheer betrayal. Your own fill with moisture, breaking apart. “Please, Taehyung. Please understand that I want you, I only want you.” 
Taehyung scoffs, turning around and finding a shirt for himself. He speaks angrily as he puts it on. “Don’t give me that bullshit when I clearly saw your suggestive replies to him every time after we fucked.” 
Taehyung fixes his shirt on him and fits the last of his stuff inside, hauling his bag over his shoulder. You stop him from leaving. “What is wrong with you, Tae? You and I aren’t even together, we’re not even dating and you’re getting pissed? I replied because we’re never guaranteed, because we’re always a fucking on-or-off thing!” 
“Who gives a fuck if we aren’t together, Y/N! We were clearly involved with each other, we were having sex and living together, confiding in each other. We’ve been together this entire time and it’s felt like we would actually work, and I can’t believe you’ve been fucking texting another guy. Your boss at that.”
“You’re gonna say that to me when you’re the same man that started fucking some blonde bimbo after we broke up?!” 
“After you fucking left me out in the freezing cold in my car and I got your message that you didn’t give a single fuck about me!”
Taehyung marches out of your room and you follow him, catching his elbow. “You’re really gonna use that logic when you voluntarily chose to let another woman into our apartment? When we were actually together? And I still fucking chose to let it go?” 
Taehyung swivels around, and scoffs so darkly, he has to laugh to cut the edge. “Wow, you’re really gonna bring that up again?” His tone is cold. “That’s the lowest fucking blow you could make, we’re not even friends anymore.” 
“And why is it a low blow? Because it’s the truth?” 
“Because you’re using it so fucking deflect!” Taehyung retaliates, his voice wounded, but angry. “You’ve been texting this fucker while I’ve been here considering marrying you? Silently working on myself so that I can actually accept the idea of marriage for you? Trying so fucking hard to be there for you because I’m madly in love with you and here you are fucking two-timing?!” 
“I wasn’t two-timing! I was never gonna go out with him after last night, Tae, because I don’t want or need anybody else but you. You have to believe me.” You beg, latching onto his arm desperately, so that he can see the truth in your eyes. 
Taehyung regards you with a pained expression, shaking his head. “Did you even mean anything you said to me last night?” His voice shakes, tears filling his eyes. “Have you just been… using me?” 
Your heart breaks, and fresh tears escape you, your throat clogging up. “I did mean them, Tae. I did, I love you, I do. I promise those messages don’t mean anything, and I wasn’t going to pursue anything with him. I promise I don’t feel anything for him.” 
Taehyung sniffles, trying to level his voice. “If it meant nothing to you, you would’ve stopped messaging him, or at least told him you don’t want to be intimate anymore. You should’ve fucking said something, but no, all I see is that you don’t love or care about me at all to do that, that you didn’t consider anything serious with me.” 
Taehyung starts walking towards the door, and you crumble, absolutely losing yourself. “Kim Taehyung, don’t you fucking dare walk away from me!” You screech. “You can’t fucking leave after everything we’re been through, after everything I just fucking went through. You can’t… you can’t leave… we’re not-we’re not even together yet… and I want to be together with you. I want-I want to fix this and make us work, so don’t fucking go!” 
Your screaming and crying cause him to turn around, his challenging eyes furious. “Now you want to fix shit? After I stop serving a fucking purpose to you? I have the right to leave because clearly whatever’s going on between us isn’t that serious to you and I’m just for you to use. In your fucking words, we don’t belong together, anyway. So what’s the fucking point in us being together?” 
You break. You don’t want him to go, you don't want to lose him, not when you want more with him, want everything with him. Your head and heart are pounding, lungs losing air. “Stop fucking saying you don’t mean anything to me! You did and you always will, Taehyung. I sent those messages at the time but you’ll always fucking have my heart. Because I will always want you and nobody else, because you’re the only person I see a future with, because I love you!” 
“Fucking save it, Y/N.” Taehyung shuts you down. “I’m not allowed to accuse you of something I clearly saw through your messages but you were completely allowed to make accusations about me with Kate? Just fucking admit that you only want me when I can do something for you but don’t want me for who I am at all!” 
“But I do, Tae, I do! What the fuck is it gonna take for you to see that?!” You ask with agony. 
Taehyung just rolls his tongue on the inside of his cheek, eyes anguished. “Nothing, Y/N. We’re fucking over. You said it yourself, we’re not good for each other, there’s no use in us being together or talking or doing this friends with benefits shit when it’ll only lead us towards the same shit that broke us up in the first place, right?” 
He’s nearing your door, tugging on his shoes, and you can’t do this anymore. Your heart is aching, you feel like he’s driving that same sword through you again and you can’t breathe. “You can’t… you can’t do this, Tae. I can’t… see you go. You can’t leave, we can talk this out. We can, just listen to me!” 
Taehyung shakes his head, dryly laughing. “When I didn’t want you to leave, you left. When I begged you to hear me out again, you never did. When I tried to apologize for months for something that wasn’t even my fault, you never responded. Now that you’ve actually gone and done something practically equivalent to cheating, I can’t go?” He asks through tears, his voice weakening. “You of all people should know the betrayal I feel, but I feel it worse.” 
Taehyung watches as you simply stand there and cry, like your soul was being broken, and as much as it hurt him to say these things, he needed to. “I was ready to dedicate my life to you. I was ready to completely change my values just so that I could have you, so that I could love you for an eternity, so I could love you the way you deserve.” Taehyung swallows, tying his last knot and standing to his feet. 
“But clearly, I was the only one thinking like that.” 
You’re collapsing, your chest so congested it feels hard to breathe. “Taehyung, don’t… don’t go. That’s not true, that’s not true!” 
Taehyung shakes his head, a tear rolling down his cheek as he avoids looking at you; he can’t stand it when you cry. “I think I should,” his voice cracks, sniffling. “I wouldn’t wanna get in the way of whatever’s happening between you and your ‘safe option’.” 
You shake your head, tears streaming down your face, lips quivering. “No…no…” 
“Thanks for showing me what I mean to you.” Taehyung grits, struggling to even speak. “But this is the last time for us, Y/N. Goodbye.” He proclaims, and before you can even reach out for him, he slips out the door. 
Tumblr media
You can’t think, you’re pacing your apartment without a single idea of what to do. You already chased Taehyung through your building until his car, but he didn’t even spare you the time of day. He merely shut himself in and left without a word, not even a look back at you. 
Your world’s collapsing in on itself, you’ve lost so much, so much in your life and you can’t believe the one person you thought you’d always have just left you. 
The messages with Seokjin meant nothing, you were just trying to keep something stable. You couldn’t tell him about Taehyung, because things with Taehyung are always so ambiguous. You two are always a ticking time bomb waiting to explode, with no amount of logic or reasoning that can predict whether or not you two can actually work out. 
Remembering Taehyung’s face of betrayal leaves your heart cinching, even more so his words that he was working on himself for you, that he was determined in creating a future with you in the way you wanted, that he was going to dedicate his life to you. 
You fucking despise yourself for hurting him.
Reeling after the phone calls and text messages of your he’s ignored, you’re one more thought away from collapsing onto the ground, until your phone rings. You eagerly check it and see Seokjin’s name. Rolling your teary eyes, you pick up in a haze.
“Hello? Seokjin? What do you want?” 
“Woah, Y/N. I’m sorry, am I bothering you?” 
You can’t even form cohesive thoughts, a stressful hand to your forehead. “No, just-why are you calling?” 
“It’s past 1PM, Y/N. Your shift started half an hour ago.” 
You pause, looking at the time, and you feel everything’s against you today. You instantly start sobbing, taking a seat on your bed, barely able to function. “ Oh my God, Seokjin. I’m so sorry… I’m so sorry.” 
“Woah, hey, Y/N, is everything alright? Are you okay?” 
You want to lie, but you really can’t. “I’m not, Seokjin. I’m not at all.” 
“Do you need help? Did something happen?” 
“I just… I can’t come to work. Something happened.. With my friend, Taehyung. He’s not my friend, Seokjin, he’s my ex. We fought and I… I can’t do this, I can’t do anything anymore.” You explain through agony, your chest burning. 
“Oh gosh, Y/N. Take a deep breath, alright? Why don’t we meet somewhere and we can talk, alright?” Seokjin soothingly offers, and you sniffle. 
“No, I can’t… I can’t just make you leave the library.” 
“It’s alright, Y/N. Lily’s here and you know she’s great on her own, you sound like you can’t be alone right now.” When Seokjin says that, for some reason it strikes a chord inside you, sniffling as you wipe away your tears. 
“Okay… okay. I’ll meet you outside my building. I’ll text the address.” 
Seokjin agrees, and through teary, sad eyes, you text him your address. You eventually meet him in the front where grows upset with your crying eyes, offering to talk in his car. 
And you did, you spoke to him for hours, detailing from the very beginning all the way to the end your relationship with Taehyung. All the ups and downs, the trials, the fighting, the constant back and forth. Seokjin was polite as ever, even apologising for his suggestive texts that started the whole thing
You told him it wasn’t his fault, he never knew Taehyung was your ex in the first place. 
You hate to admit that you sobbed so terribly, Seokjin handed you multiple tissues and assured you that you’re not a horrible human being. And that’s what shocked you the most. Seokjin never shied away from anything, he spoke to you like a mature, kind gentleman and made you feel validated, made you feel okay.
He even admitted to being a romantic himself, absolutely in love with the idea of marriage. 
You felt your heart become lighter that day. 
Tumblr media
Taehyung lays in bed, arms crossed, persuading himself that he can do it. It’s simple anyway, isn’t it? What’s so hard about it? 
He only has to delete every photo he ever took with you. 
Thumb hovering over the trashcan icon, Taehyung tries mustering the courage, but he never can. Instead, his heart melts at the adorable selfie of you hugging a plushie, and him kissing your cheek. 
His heart cinches as he turns over in bed, still wearing his station sweatpants. He absentmindedly begins surfing through his photo album with you. He tries holding tears back when he finds the one photo of you he always cherished most: your cute self dressed up in his coat and firefighter hat, laughing as he smothers you in kisses. 
You both chose this photo as each other’s contact name. 
Just when Taehyung’s going to lose it, suddenly his door bursts open.
“Hey, Tae, I need you to review these blueprint layouts-” Jimin stops, finding his friend wallowing in bed. His expression becomes one of annoyance as his lips form into a pout, bitterly nagging.
“Dude, are you seriously looking at photos of her right now?” 
Taehyung scowls at Jimin and shuts his phone, hiding underneath his blanket. “No I’m not, fuck off.” 
Jimin sighs, “Tae, I told you; you have no right to be fucking sad when you’re the one who ended shit with her three days ago.” Taehyung’s best friend speaks seriously. “You literally had Y/N in the palms of your hands and you walked away from her.” 
Taehyung rips off his covers and narrows his eyes at Jimin. “Fuck you, Jimin. You didn’t even see her text messages with him; you don’t know how much it hurts. She was sorry after I found out, but not sorry when she did it and hid it from me.” He vexedly recounts, and Jimin exhales deeply. 
He decides to shut the door to his best friend’s dorm room, and ventures inside, steps careful. He sets the blueprints on Taehyung’s desk, taking a seat on the edge of his bed. Taehyung remains confused, eyeing him. “What are you doing?” 
“Tae, listen to me,” Jimin begins, his cadence softer, but more pressing. “I know what Y/N did hurt you, but you two gotta talk things out, communicate. You had a good thing going, but now you don’t anymore because you walked away when you could've stayed and worked things out.” 
Taehyung only remains silent, unable to even respond. He already knows he could’ve, and the guilt’s been eating him up from the inside. 
“I can’t even get my girl to answer my fucking texts right now, man, and you perfectly had Y/N. You two were in a good place and you threw it all away? Over some texts?” 
Taehyung continues wallowing, averting his eyes from Jimin. “I don’t mean to undermine your feelings, man. They’re valid, but please realize that this girl… if she truly is your one and only girl like you always say, then how could you so easily let her go?” 
Taehyung sighs, clutching his knees to his chest. “Because we’re not good for each other, Jimin. We’re two different people who’ll always stay that way. There’s no compromise, there’s no future for us where it’s ever easy.” 
“Who says it’s easy?” Jimin asks earnestly, and Taehyung’s vulnerable eyes find him. “How long have you kept those pictures of her without deleting a single one?” 
Taehyung's reluctant, but he still answers Jimin, a whisper leaving his lips from where they hide behind his folded arms on his knees. "Since forever."
“How many times do you think about her in a day? How many times do you smell something even close to her scent and think of her? See coffee and think of her? Hell, I even see you avoid the jacket she wore to the station when she dropped by almost a year ago. How often does it make you think of her?” 
Taehyung swallows. “All the time, Jimin, all the fucking time.” 
“Exactly, Tae. Even if it’s not going to be easy, love never fucking is. You have to fight for this girl because clearly, you’re in love with her and I don’t think… I don’t think you’ll be able to love somebody else the way you love her.” 
Taehyung lightly scoffs, eyes watery. “I’ll never love anyone that isn’t her, anyway.” 
“So, see my point, Tae? Look, love is hard work, it’s trial and error, and maybe it’s not enough to make two people stay together, maybe it’s not enough to overcome all your hardships and demons, but love makes people want to fight for each other.” Jimin passionately tells Taehyung, who carefully listens. 
“Because that’s what it’s about, don’t you think? You love this girl, and you’d do anything for her? Move a fucking mountain or run into open flames just to save her?” 
Taehyung seriously nods, and Jimin sympathetically smiles. “Then friend, what the fuck are you doing? Never give up on her, and even if things seem hopeless, never stop fighting for her. Because I promise, love like this that’s so passionate and intense is all worth it in the end, because your heart won’t want anyone else but her, won’t it?” 
Taehyung nods again, but a single tear escapes his eye, quickly wiping it away. He continues nodding, as if seeing Jimin’s point, but once he recalls your last encounter together, and thinks of the way he shattered your heart, abandoned you, his tears don’t stop. 
He swallows, but only more come, and sooner rather than later, his eyes sting with enough tears that he’s crying. Jimin pulls a gentle, understanding smile for his friend, scooching over to him. He tugs Taehyung against him, and lets him cry on his shoulder. 
“It’ll be okay, Tae.” Jimin pats his back, reassuring him. “It’ll all be okay one day, I promise.” 
Tumblr media
5 months later. 
“A large coffee with almond milk and extra base, please.” 
“Wow, look at you ordering my drink? I knew I’d get you addicted.” 
You giggle with Seokjin, a hand patting his chest. He smiles with you, playfully rolling his eyes. “Please, I’m just having a taste. You know me and my hatred for almond milk.” 
“Or is this you just being in denial? Don’t think I didn’t see you bring home almond milk the other day and suddenly claim it was for me.” You retaliate, and Seokjin hmphs. 
“Whatever.” You chuckle again with him. The order goes through and once you’re both asked to pay, thus ensues your usual fight over who gets to pay. 
“Seokjin, remember I’m the one on coffee money this month? You wanted to be on coffee duty next month because of the holidays!” 
“You’re hilarious if you think I’ll let my girlfriend pay!” 
Once Seokjin taps his card, you pout as he leads you towards the side to collect your drinks. You stand with your arms crossed and angry, puffing your cheeks. Seokjin playfully pokes one. 
“Jagiyag, don’t be upset.” 
“I am!” You squeak. “What’s the point of us making a coffee of the month person if you don’t follow it?” 
Seokjin finds you too endearing, pinching your cheek. “You know I can’t let you pay, Jagi. It’s like a crime to me.” 
You soften a little, but still narrow your eyes. “Watch me shower you with gifts on Christmas, I swear I’ll spend all my money on you. Even the coffee money.” 
Seokjin snorts, and you both hear your order number called, picking it up. With your arms around each other, you excitedly talk about the library’s holiday event soon upcoming. You’re so absorbed in the conversation that you bump into someone. 
“Oh I’m so sorry-” You apologize, but freeze once the person turns around. You find Taehyung of all people with a drink in his hand, eyes just as shocked as you. 
“How… how are you?” He musters, and he sees you nervously shifting. He wishes he could make you feel more comfortable, 
“I’m good, how are you?” Your voice is still as sweet as ever, Taehyung thinks. You look adorable in your overcoat and earmuffs. He remembers when he gifted you an overcoat for last year’s Christmas; he wonders if you still have it. 
“Good.” Is all he can say, his eyes landing on Seokjin next. He seems standoffish, but still patient. Taehyung extends a hand nonetheless. “Good to see you again, not sure if you remember me, but we met a few months ago at the library.” 
“Yes, good to see you.” Seokjin rigidly smiles, and he clasps Taehyung’s. “And don’t worry, I definitely remember you, Taehyung.” 
Taehyung tries to ignore the hint of dig there, laughing through it. “Funny, your name was again…?” 
“Seokjin.” He reminds him, and Taehyung sucks in a breath through his teeth. 
“Right, right. That name definitely rings a bell.” Taehyung smiles, though it’s saccharine. 
“If you’re done, we’ll be going now.” Seokjin announces, but Taehyung’s really not. Even if it’s crushing him on the inside to see you with Seokjin, he can’t let you go just yet. 
You watch as Seokjin eyes Taehyung down a little, but Taehyung’s eyes focus on you. You feel flushed when he does, how could you have forgotten how strikingly beautiful he is? His hair slightly wet with snowflakes appeared like it was permed a little, fluffy. His honey skin was tinted red from the cold, and his overcoat looked impeccable. 
He looked impeccable. 
You’re reeled back in when he speaks. “I wanted to actually ask, Y/N. Do you know the dress code for Miso and Seoyun’s engagement anniversary party next month? I can’t seem to find anything appropriate.” 
Your eyes widen a little. You had been incessantly ignoring the fact that you’d see him again in December, and now hearing the mention directly from him felt terminating. 
You hadn’t told Seokjin about it. 
“Your best friend and his brother’s engagement party, Jagiya?” Seokjin inquires, and you’re trying to handle the situation. 
Taehyung smiles a little to himself. “Jagiya… cute.” 
You look at him as if to ask if that was necessary, and he simply smiles. Clearing your throat, you answer your boyfriend. “I was going to tell you, Jinnie. I just didn’t get to because of the holiday event at the library.” You admit honestly, before turning towards your ex, or at least, friend. 
“I was thinking semi-formal, Taehyung.” Answering both men, and they seem to relax. Now all you want is to put this conversation to an end. So, squaring your shoulders, you hold onto Seokjin’s arm, and address Taehyung politely. 
“It was good seeing you again, Taehyung. I’m glad you’re doing well, and I’ll see you next month.” You smile kindly. You watch him wet his lips before managing a smile, but his eyes don’t really follow it up. 
“It was great seeing you too, Y/N. I’m glad you’re taking care, see you next month.” He says, and with a small farewell, you walk Seokjin towards the door. You only earn a moment to consider looking back at Taehyung, fighting the urge to do it or not. 
You cave, and turn around for just a brief glance. You find Taehyung already gazing, and you share a poignant look that holds a century of feelings. Taehyung simply sends you a two-finger salute, and all you can do is watch him disappear as you walk away with Seokjin. 
Tumblr media
“Cheers!” Everyone shouts after Miso and Seoyun’s heartfelt speeches, toasting to a year Seoyun got down on one knee and professed his love for Miso. 
Or as Miso likes to explain; Seoyun misplacing the ring box and the both of them spending 15 minutes searching for it, only to find it lodged behind their entertainment unit. 
Everyone shifts off into mingling, Miso and Seoyun announcing dessert at a wonderful cafe/restaurant located on the 10th floor of a snazzy building. The rustic look was aesthetic and pleasing, warm lights and browns as far as the eye could see. 
What you could also constantly see, was a sight for sore eyes; Kim Taehyung. 
You only exchanged pleasantries with him when you arrived; he was already here. He was amicable and sweet as always, but that deep look in his irises, the feeling of him side-hugging you like an old friend… it felt like your heart was going to burst. 
Even now, meeting his eyes from across the room as he sips champagne causes you to gulp. You hold his gaze, watching him tip over his glass as his look remains adamant, alluring. You can’t do it anymore, you finish your glass of champagne, grab another, and deem this entire thing too overwhelming for your sanity. 
You already feel guilty for leaving Seokjin in the dark about attending a party that requires you see your ex, but worst, that he heard it from your ex. 
Seokjin knows the insides and outsides of your relationship with him, he witnessed the way you sobbed over him for months, helped you through nights you couldn’t sleep, always calmed you down when anxiety attacks got the best of you, and he picked up the pieces of your broken heart. 
Seokjin was a little hurt that you didn’t tell him, but he understood. He trusted you to go to a party with Taehyung, he always trusted you, and was just so sweetly understanding. He wished he could tag along but his sister needed help with some necessary court documents and her moving situation after the divorce. 
You couldn’t sleep much last night when he cradled you so closely to his chest, like he wanted to keep you in bed forever, and prevent you from attending. But Seokjin let you go, because he’s a mature gentleman that respects how you feel, and trusts you.
You take a deep breath outside, having found yourself on the balcony. It was quite cold in November, swaddled by your overcoat as you observed the city at night; the lights were always your favourite. You sigh again, too much on your mind. You fish inside your pocket for your vape pen, taking an icy mango and peach drag.
It helps you calm down. 
You hear the door open behind you, peeking over your shoulder. Of course it was him; you’d recognize those pretty pink lips and broad frame anywhere. You remain unphased, focusing on the buildings again. 
“It’s cold outside.” He says, settling by the edge of the railing, a good six feet away from you. He observes the city as well.
“Yeah, surprised it hasn’t snowed.” 
He remains silent for a while, and you do too. 
“You’re vaping,” he comments, eyes falling to the device, “you only do that when you’re stressed.” 
“I’ve been stressed lately.” You respond, eyes still avoiding him. You’re not exactly sure how you feel about him now. There’s still resentment in your heart for when he abandoned you, completely broke you in a time of need; but part of you knows that resentment can never last. 
You know deep down, you’re still in love with him. 
“What has you stressed?” He leans his forearms against the railing, hands clasped together. 
You take a long, sweet drag, blowing out the smoke. “Life.” 
The air falls silent between you two. It’s awkward, and yet peaceful at the same time. He doesn’t say anything, and neither do you. You don’t feel like kicking him, but at the same time you do. You don’t harbour the energy to yell or argue with him, so all you do is think. 
Think about your life, where it’s heading, contemplate your lingering feelings for the man next to you. It's all a hot mess in your head. 
“So he calls you Jagiya, huh?” Taehyung asks out of the blue, and you cock a brow, in the middle of taking a puff. 
His face is unreadable, but he’s rolling his tongue inside his cheek, eyes on the cityscape. You hate how beautiful his side profile looks in the moonlight. 
“Yeah… he does.” You answer, blowing out.
Taehyung nods with a tight-lipped smile, rubbing his hands together. You watch a puff of cold air escape him as he breathes out. “When… did you two start dating?
“A couple months ago.” You stated blankly. 
“Because of the library?” 
You nod, and Taehyung takes the answer. A beat of silence passes again, only the sounds of cars and the city life filling your ears.  
“I remember when we first met at the library.” He resurfaces an old, old memory that feels like ages ago. “I recognized you right away.” 
That makes you quirk your brows, remembering how unfamiliar and formal he acted with you. “Now did you?” 
“I did, I just wanted to see you get shy.” That makes your cheeks warm up, hiding your face from him. 
“I wasn’t shy.” 
“You very much were. You could barely make eye contact with me, it was cute.” He tells you, and it makes you smile a little. 
“The library… I would’ve visited to support your holiday event but… that place,” he pauses, before peering up at the sky. “It has too many memories.” 
You’re suddenly reminded of the passionate night you spent with him in the reading lounge; the sound of his groans, his skin against yours, his sincere words as he made love to you. You physically shake your head to rid yourself of the heart-wrenching memory. 
“Yeah, it does…” 
His eyes never shift towards you, but perhaps he’s in the same boat as you. Looking at each other hurts too much. 
“Do you remember when I read Pride & Prejudice to you? Darcy’s apology letter to Elizabeth?” He recalls, and you swallow, revisiting the wholesome feeling that bloomed inside your chest with him. 
“I do.” 
“That apology… it’s where I got inspired to write you letters.” Taehyung’s smooth, rich voice is like music to your ears, but his words shock you. “You probably ripped them up or threw them out, though, so I guess I’m stupid for telling you that.”
“I never threw them away.” 
This time, Taehyung peers at you shocked, eyebrows slightly raised. “What?” 
“I never ripped them up or threw them away. I kept every letter.” You tell him, vape pen dormant in your hand now.
“I… didn’t know that.” Taehyung sounds surprised, but he schools his tone. “You know, I meant everything in those letters… I still do.” He whispers, and you try to ignore him, try to ignore how absolutely sweet he is, how terribly you miss him, how much you wish you could be with him. But things are different now; he shattered your heart months ago, and doesn’t have the right to walk back into your life. 
“I still mean every word, even to this day.” He continues, until he tugs on your last thread. “You’re still my one and only girl-” 
“Taehyung.” You turn towards him, voice stern. “You can’t do this shit anymore, you really can’t.” 
Taehyung appears shocked at the tears in your eyes, and honestly, you’re shocked, too. “You can’t do this when you're the one who walked away from me, and especially when I’m dating someone else.” 
Taehyung purses his lips together with shame, trying to form words. “I’m sorry, Y/N, I really am.” 
You sigh deeply, strengthening your voice. “I’ll be staying with him, too. So no matter what, no matter if we still see each other because of Miso and Seoyun, understand that we can’t happen again.” Taehyung’s eyes become sad, and you hate that they do, but he needs to hear this. 
“We’ll each support Miso and Seoyun respectively, but we,” you gesture between each other, “should go our separate ways for good. I’m sorry for all the terrible things I ever said or did to you, but things are over. It’s the only way we can heal and move on.” 
Taehyung wets his lips, his vision faltering to the ground, before he gazes at the city. He nods with a smile, but it’s forced, and not happy at all. “I’m sorry, too, I really am, for everything.” He sincerely apologizes. “I hope you stay happy with him, Y/N. I really do.” Taehyung finally looks at you, his eyes glossy, and your resolve is close to crumbling. 
“Happiness is all I ever wanted for you.” 
Swallowing your tears back, you square your shoulders, and strengthen your voice. “Goodbye, Taehyung. Be easy on yourself, and take care.” 
You watch Taehyung swallow hard, the cityscape casting a beautiful luminescence across his honey skin, and his eyes glisten with tears, before they fall upon you again. “Goodbye, Y/N. Be happy, and never settle for less.” 
With that, you both give each other a teary-eyed, heavy look, before your heels clack against the floor. You open the balcony door, and bid Miso and Seoyun a farewell before leaving the event, and Taehyung for good. 
This time, you didn’t look back at him. 
Tumblr media
1 year later. 
“Y/N, c’mon, tell me which lingerie you want!” Miso squeaks happily as he shoves her phone in your face, scrolling through an online store. 
“Misooo, I’m literally on my break, don’t waste my time!” 
“Oh please, you’re telling me you’re not gonna buy some sexy lingerie for your trip with Seokjin?” Miso asks with a scandalized tone, and you groan, pushing her off you as you attempt to fork your salad. 
“It’s not a trip like that, Miso. It’s just his friend’s wedding.” You correct her.
“Whatever, you know Seokjin’s excited to take you. And…” She draws out, nudging your arm with a scheming smile. “Seems like he’s gonna pop the question.” 
You become shy at that, cheeks becoming warm. “Stop, Miso. You’ll make me nervous about this trip!” 
“Oh please, just admit you’re dying for him to propose to you so you can live happily ever after.” She smacks your arm, and you giggle with her. Her words invoke something inside you, something you haven’t considered in a long… long time. 
Would you really have your happily ever after? Especially when something still lingers in your heart… 
Miso snaps her fingers in front of you. “Hello? We’re asking serious questions here, Y/N. White or black? Why do I feel like you’d own white cause you’d look like a sexy angel wrapped in sin?” 
You can’t hold back laughing with Miso, settling in close with her and excitedly scrolling through lingerie sets. 
“Is he a tit or ass guy? We gotta know what to play up.” Miso asks, very thorough with her work.
“Definitely a tit guy, it has to be boobs.” You confirm, watching Miso become interested in the push-up bra section. 
“Speaking of Seokjin’s preferences,” Miso starts, careful with her questions. “Have you thought about his idea?” 
You sigh, feeling your chest fill with anxiety even considering it. “His idea to move all the way to L.A? I don’t know, Miso, I really don’t fucking know.” 
“Maybe it could be good for you, Y/N. You’ve spent little time in Chicago but, you’ve had so much happen to you.” When Miso says that, your heart cinches, reminded of why you can’t say yes to Seokjin yet. You don’t want to leave everything in Illinois behind. 
You don’t want to leave certain people behind, either. 
“I know he wants me to go on this trip to L.A to convince me, but my heart… Miso,” you pause, a hand over your chest. “I have a feeling… it’ll always lie in Chicago.” 
You know there’s a double meaning in what you’re saying, and Miso, as your long-term, wise best friend, understands you without explanation. “I get that, boo. You’ll never be able to just forget Chicago and the memories you have, but maybe it’s best to move on to L.A.” 
Miso strokes your hair, playing with some strands. You both know she’s not just speaking of American cities, and you deeply sigh, your heart heavy with your decision. 
“I’ll think about it.” Is all you can manage, Miso pouting her lips in sympathy. “Seokjin’s done so much for me, it’s finally time I do something for him.” 
With a proud nod, Miso ruffles your hair and you hit her for it, giggling together when she feigns a stake to her heart. You’re so busy laughing, you’re startled by the sounds of some books suddenly falling from the shelf behind you.
By the time you can swivel around, you swear you see a person quickly leave the library from the corner of your eye. Confused, you merely pay it no mind, returning to a rambling Miso.
Tumblr media
You take a deep breath, trying to compose yourself today. Encountering all of Seokjin’s friends was a lot, especially considering the lavish scene of this L.A wedding. You felt slightly nervous meeting people much older than you, constantly watching your every move and word.
Nerves also wracked you considering what Seokjin has in store for you later tonight. He’s been giving you the eyes, and the more intimate gestures than usual never went unnoticed by you. His affectionate hand on your thigh as his friend gave a toast to his bride, the extra kisses behind your ear, even the promiscuous grabbing of your ass or nibbling your ear that made you giggle and become timid. 
He was just too sweet tonight, and you could tell the wedding had him in a mood. He mentioned taking you out to the Santa Monica Pier after the event concluded, and judging by the shimmering look in his irises, you were sharp enough to put the pieces together. 
He was going to propose to you. 
You didn’t miss the way he patted his left jacket pocket often, almost as though he were keeping something safe. He seemed hesitant about it, though. Just as much as a wedding only left you contemplating what’s still lingering in your heart for a certain someone, you found Seokjin often brooding, too. Like he’s second-guessing himself. 
It filled you with a myriad of intricate, unresolved emotions. 
Marriage with Seokjin... Your time with him has been perfect, practically blissful. But as much as you spent this year absolutely happy, safe with him, you often questioned yourself many times throughout your relationship. 
Is this truly what you wanted? 
Revisiting Miso's questions regarding Chicago and L.A, did you really want to move on to L.A, or did your heart feel too attached to Chicago? 
Or rather, a person?
Deeming this too stressful for you, you realize you’re zoning out often during conversations. You inform him you’ll be using the bathroom when you leave his side. 
In reality, you needed some fresh air. 
Taking a deep breath as you meander out, your feet begin aching, and soon your head. Your floor-length chiffon dress in a desert rose colour with a V-neckline was gorgeous, but Jesus, was it clinging to your skin too much and irritating you. 
Heels clacking against the granite-tiled floor, you make your way towards the bathroom, but when you lift your head, you instantly stop all movement. 
Your eyes open wide, and you’re unable to function. Your breath is caught in your throat, and every part of you is frozen. “Taehyung?” 
There he stands before you in real time, in the flesh. You knew you weren’t dreaming or hallucinating, right? This is Taehyung... he was real… and he was actually here in L.A? 
He’s dressed in a dashing black suit that hugs his every masculine curve right. He looks as beautiful as the day you last saw him. 
“Taehyung, how are you-” 
“Please listen, Y/N. I know you have a million questions but I’m here because I don’t want you to marry him.” He declares, and your heart feels like it’ll beat out of your chest. You haven’t heard that caramel voice in a year, a whole year. 
“Taehyung, I-” 
“I know, I know, it’s not my place anymore. It really isn’t, and you’re probably thinking what the fuck I’m doing all the way out here in L.A.” Taehyung begins nervously, but finds his ground. “I know we said our goodbyes, I know we apologized to each other and agreed to end things. But I can’t stand the thought of you marrying someone else, I just can’t.” 
He appears and sounds so determined, you’re left speechless, trying to assess this situation. “Taehyung, I don’t…” 
Taehyung steps closer to you, his eyes serious. He clutches a single rose in his hand, holding it for dear life. “I know it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other, but there hasn’t been a second that I didn’t think about you. I’ve tried every fucking way to forget about you, to get you out of my head, to erase you from my heart, but it was fucking useless. It was useless because you, Y/N, are the girl I love, and will always love.” 
You can’t believe this, not a single second of it, and yet your heart rejoices hearing his words, feels a shiny, revitalizing glimmer of hope. “A wise friend once told me that love, even if it can’t keep people together or guarantee lifelong happiness, it’s still something worth fighting for. And you, Y/N, are someone worth fighting for, someone I will always fight for.” 
Taehyung approaches you and curls his hands around yours, bringing them together between you two, his eyes glistening with meaning. “I can’t let you marry someone else, Y/N, because I am so stupidly and insanely in love with you even to this day, and knowing that you’d be with someone else… it leaves me so broken that I don’t think… I don’t think I could survive that.” He speaks through a vulnerable tone. “Y/N, I know we’ve had our differences, I know our history and memories are full of so much. So much pain, suffering and anger. But what I felt most was regret, regret that I didn’t do this earlier.” 
Suddenly, Taehyung lets your hands go, and he drops down to one knee before you. Tears freely fall from your eyes as he reveals a velvet ring box from his jacket pocket, presenting it to you. 
“I love you, Y/N, more than you’ll ever know. And I do love you enough to marry you. I’ve realized that even though I believed a life with marriage would only be dark, I learned through all the time I’ve spent without you, that a life without you is so much more dark. And I don’t care anymore, I’ll take you away from here and run to the nearest marriage court and marry you right this instant. Because you’re my one and only girl, and you always will be. Because I can’t stand a life without you, gorgeous… my Lois Lane.” 
You tear up immediately, unbelieving that this is even happening, And your heart feels content, feels whole again seeing Taehyung, because you’ve missed him so dearly, and he still lingers deep inside your heart. 
But you’ve built a life with someone now, a love that's flourished into a healthy relationship that will eventually blossom into more. And that’s what you need, you need to be with someone safe and healthy, someone you don’t have all this terrible history with, someone that doesn’t bring you pain, suffering and anger. 
Shaking your head, you utter through sobs. “I can’t, Taehyung… I can’t.” 
Taehyung’s expression falls. “Y/N…” he searches your eyes, holding out the ring box. “Please, I know this is sudden and uncalled for and you’re in a relationship with someone. But I can’t.. I can’t let you go without a fight. I just can’t.” 
“And I can’t come back to you, Tae. Seokjin… he was there for me when you broke my heart, when I lost the two most important people in my life, and he loves me unconditionally.” 
Taehyung softens, shutting the ring box and holding it in his hand, standing to his feet. “Y/N, I know. I know I hurt you by abandoning you and I’m sorry, I always will be. There’s a mountain of things I need to say sorry for, and I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to make up for it, but if only I can get that chance… if you give me that chance” He speaks earnestly, his teary eyes boring into your vulnerable ones.
“You’re it for me, Y/N. Maybe it’s not the way you feel about me, but if I can’t have you, then I don’t want anybody else.” His tone quavers with emotion. “If it’s not you, then it’s not fucking anyone to me. When I look back at my life, you’re the only happiness I’ve ever felt. And maybe… maybe forever isn’t enough time for me to love you the way that I want, the way you deserve, to make up for every terrible thing I’ve done to you. But as long as it’s you, then it’s okay. Because… because you’re the only one I’ve ever loved, and always will.” 
You can’t even describe the emotion in your chest; a strike of lightning, the crush of a boulder, a cut so deep you feel the wound in your arteries. But nothing can compare, because Taehyung’s saying the exact words you’ve always wanted to hear. Because he’s offering you everything you’ve ever wanted with him; and you feel the same, you do. 
But Taehyung isn’t safe, he’s the intense, passionate gust of an inferno, one that sets your soul on fire, but burns you all the same. Seokjin’s a warm candlelight, the kind that keeps you warm and softly tends to you. 
You can’t throw what you have with Seokjin away, and you can't leave him after everything he’s done for you. Even if your heart was screaming to take Taehyung’s hand and run off into the night with him, it wasn’t right by Seokjin. 
“I can’t… Taehyung. I can’t leave him.” You clutch your hands to your chest, tears running down your cheeks as you try to handle the bone-crushing pain. 
“Y/N…” Moisture escapes Taehyung’s sorrowful eyes, swallowing down his emotions. “Tell me, Y/N. Is this what you want? Is this truly how you want to live the rest of your life?” 
He asks softly, but you can’t give him an answer. All you can do is shake and quietly sob, your chest feeling as though it’s on fire. 
“If you tell me you’re happy with him, if he truly makes you happy, then I’ll leave you alone forever, Y/N.” He expresses earnestly, and your teary eyes find his, painted with shock. He only returns you a pained look of resolve, meaning every word he says. “I promise I’ll move on. I’ll never bother you again, never pursue anything again. If you tell me you’re truly, and ardently happy with him, then… then I’ll let you live the way you’ve always wanted to.” 
Taehyung’s broken, broken eyes grip you, watching him fight back tears, fight off a tornado of emotions inside him, but he remains strong for you. With a shaky, weak voice, even if you didn’t mean it, you say your answer, your body trembling through tears. 
“I am, Taehyung. I’m… I’m happy.” 
The words hit Taehyung so hard, he steps back in disbelief. He looks towards the ground, and he tries to contain his tears. His attempts fail, and he lifts his head with moisture clouding his eyes, clutching the ring box in his hand. 
When he finally speaks, his voice cracks. 
“Okay, Y/N, okay.” He says, nodding to himself. His lips curve into his signature show-stopping grin, but it’s so incredibly sad, tears falling from his eyes. “I hope you get everything you’ve ever wanted out of life, it’s what you’ve always deserved.” 
Your heart crumbles, watching him slowly step back from you, the most devastating look on his face, but he tries smiling through it. “Live happily and most ardently, Y/N,” he adds, before telling you his last and final words. 
“Goodbye, my Lois Lane.” 
With that, Taehyung clutches his palm over his mouth and swivels around, immediately walking towards the entrance of the banquet hall, and disappearing into the night. 
You could feel yourself panic the second that he does, because you realize it doesn’t feel right, it feels incredibly wrong. It feels wrong to see him go, to bid him such a damning farewell, and you spiral. You would never hear his voice again, or feel his skin against yours, or smell his sandalwood scent or lay in his arms or spend a lifetime with him. 
A life without that… a life without him isn’t happy. It’s dull and lifeless, it’s pointless. You realize that the prospect of losing him only makes you consider having him all the more, and that would be… absolutely beautiful. 
There’s no need to lie to yourself, you know you’ll always love him. Even if you two burn too brightly sometimes, it’s not all terrible, because even after a Phoenix bursts into flames, it will always be reborn from the ashes, and that’s what you and Taehyung could do. 
If you love each other so passionately, you can make it work and come back stronger, because love is enough. You would make it work at all costs, because he’s worth fighting for. You’re not happy if you’re not with Taehyung, and you realize that loving him, being by his side, being able to call you his, is the only true happiness you’ve ever felt in your life, too.
Picking up your skirt, you dart towards the wedding hall in search of Seokjin. He already saunters out, worry written all over his face. “Jagiya, you took so long, what’s-” 
“I’m sorry, Seokjin. But I can’t, I can’t be with you anymore.” You quickly ramble, and Seokjin appears dumb-founded. 
“W-wait, what?” 
“I’ll explain later Seokjin but… I have to end things between us. I’m so incredibly sorry, I truly am.” Before he can even object, you dash towards the entrance, only stopped when Seokjin calls out. 
“It’s him, isn’t it?” He doesn’t ask with malice or contempt, but he asks softly, sadly. 
You turn around, your eyes glistening with tears as they meet his despaired ones. You slowly nod, unable to give him anything more. 
But Seokjin doesn’t need anymore. He smiles, pained and absolutely dejected, but he swallows it down, speaking kindly. “Go, Y/N... go to him.” 
You break, feeling so terribly guilty. “Seokjin...” 
“Go before he disappears, Y/N.” Seokjin encourages, his smile crumbling. “I always knew, Jagiya. I always knew.” 
With your heart cinching for him, you can’t help but feel a multitude of gratefulness, clutching your chest. “Thank you, Seokjin... thank you. I’m so sorry.” 
“Don’t say sorry, Y/N. You deserve to be happy... even if it isn’t with me.” Despite the tears that flood Seokjin’s eyes, he flashes you that comforting, adorable smile of his. “Go.” 
You smile back through the moisture in your eyes, nodding before swinging the door open. You’re met by the  December chill outside, shivering when it pricks your bare skin. But you couldn’t care, not when your eyes frantically search for Taehyung. 
You can’t lose him right now, you just can’t.
Glancing down the banquet’s hall right side, you find a lonely man’s back, his shoulders sagged as he slowly walks away. You spot the single rose in his hand, and instantly run towards him, screaming at the top of your lungs. 
“Taehyung, Taehyung!” 
Snow invades your heels and freezes your toes, but you’ll do anything to make him hear you, use every ounce of strength to get him back this instant. 
“Taehyung, Kim FUCKING TAEHYUNG!” You screech like a banshee, and suddenly, he swivels around, completely stunned. Just when he does, you finally cut the distance between you two enough that you throw your arms around him immediately.
Taehyung catches you effortlessly, breathing like he’s just seen a dead character come back to life. He pulls you away to cup your cheeks in his palms, eyes searching you frantically. Your breaths are rampant, your eyes watering in the cold as he panics.
“Y/N? What are you-” 
“I’m not… I’m not happy.” You swallow, emotion clogging your throat. “If it’s not you, it’s not anyone else either, Tae. And I’m… I’m so idiotically and madly in love with you that I’d give anything to spend a lifetime with you. So yes, I’ll marry you. I’ll marry you today, tomorrow, even five years from now or not fucking at all. I just want to be with you, because nothing… absolutely nothing would make me happier.” 
Taehyung’s emotional expression brightens into one of glee, his teary eyes glistening as he hoists you up in his arms and spins you. You both happily chuckle together before he jovially presses his lips to yours, and kisses you like you’re his world and more. With his arm encasing your lower back, and the other cradling the back of your hair, your arms wind around his neck even tighter, kissing each other deeply and tenderly, like you’re both all you’ll ever need. 
Taehyung separates from you, but connects your foreheads together, and even if both your teeth chatter in the winter air, nothing feels warmer than being in each other's arms, heart to heart, soul to soul, indefinitely intertwined. 
“Y/N Y/L/N, where the hell have you been all my life?” 
With your small laugh and Taehyung’s wide grin, you reply to him with a bewitched body and soul, and most ardently. 
“I told you, Superman,” you giggle. “Waiting for you.” 
Tumblr media
a/n: thank you for reading ♡
↳ a submission for @thebtswritersclub​ monthly project for january, using the prompt word ‘new’. 
Tumblr media
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triviafics · 2 days ago
Paper Kisses (KTH x Reader)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: kim taehyung x reader
genre(s): strangers to lovers
au(s): slice of life au
word count: 1.5k
warnings: none… just fluffy fluff
rating: g
summary: the promise of finding you again rests in Taehyung’s palms, contained within a single folded airplane.
a/n: i recently rewatched the absolutely adorable disney short Paperman, and couldn’t stop thinking about it (love stories wish they could be this cute). I decided to do a little exercise with Tae as the main character, i hope you enjoy!
Taehyung clutches the stack of papers in his hand, looking down at them listlessly as he prepares for another day at the office. Behind him, his ears ring with the thundering of the oncoming train.
This one rattles through the platform, ruthless and ceaseless, not even bothering to stop. The force from the oncoming moment creates a furious gust, blowing Taehyung’s perfectly coiffed hair out of its style, and nearly causing him to lose the stack of papers. He lets out a deep sigh, looking down at his watch. 7:32. Not time for his train yet.
Not even a moment later, he’s met with another gust, lighter this time. He hears a light smack! and looks down to see a piece of paper has blown right into his arm. Panicking, he looks down at the stack in his hand, wondering if he’s lost one, but as soon as he looks back up, the paper is lost to the wind, floating on the breeze.
“Excuse me!” he hears a voice call out as a desperate figure rushes past him in pursuit of the page, nearly knocking him over. Looking down the platform, he watches the figure jump up and down, hands outstretched, before they finally grab on and tuck it into their file. As they turn, Taehyung catches a glimpse of their face, flushed from the cold, and blushes himself. oh. You’re very pretty.
The click-clack of your shoes can be heard against the platform as you make your way back, pausing right next to a very flustered Taehyung. Glancing over at the shy man, you give him a timid smile, remorse embedded in your gaze for knocking into him. Taehyung looks away sheepishly, grip loosening on his stack of papers when suddenly, another puff of wind blows one right out of his hands and into your shocked face.
He freezes, apology caught in his throat as he snatches the paper off of your face. You give him another coy smile, a small chuckle escaping you before your mouth parts into a tiny “o” when you look at the page. Confused, Taehyung looks around, his gaze finally resting on the paper, which has now been imprinted with a delicate smudge of your red lipstick. He closes his eyes and lets out a hearty laugh, pointing to the paper.
When he opens them, you’re gone. The brief flash of your retreating figure smiling at him through the smudged, streaky windows of the train is all he gets before he’s left alone once again.
Thoughts consumed by a whirlwind, Taehyung barely registers the click-clacking of the typewriters and the stamps behind him, reflecting dreamily on what happened that morning. A loud thud! resounds through the office looking up to see the sinister face of Mr. Bang, his boss, as he throws another stack of papers onto his desk.
Looking gloomily at the pile, he shifts his gaze over to the lone paper on his desk, the imprint of your lips as clear as day. And lets out a deep sigh. A draft comes in through the open window, bringing a light breeze with it, and Taehyung panics as the paper is lifted, scrambling to catch it before it’s blown out the window. Looking through the glass, his jaw drops. It’s you. Right there in the building across from him. File in hand as you shake hands with a man in a suit before sitting down in a chair.
Taehyung can’t believe it. His heart jumps with glee at the sight of you, and he rolls up his sleeves, lifting open the window and waving his arms to catch your attention. He’s interrupted by a grumble, looking over to see Mr. Bang shoot him a disapproving glare from his office.
Sitting down, he grumbles, briefly looking over at the pile of work that’s keeping him from you, when suddenly, his mind lights up with an idea. Grabbing one from the top of the stack, he gets to work, hands diligently and delicate folding the creases and seams. A paper airplane.
Readying himself, he launches the plane out the window, eyes sparkling with excitement for a brief moment before a strong gust of wind knocks it off course and he watches it tumble to the ground, many stories below. His face falls. Determined, he tries again.
The next one hits the side of the window next to where you are. The one after that sails into the office below, the worker’s eyebrows furrowing at the object on his desk. Taehyung gives him a guilty grin before the worker grumbles, crumpling up the page and slamming his window shut. One is interrupted by a flock of oncoming birds. Another one sails directly through the window, his heart thumping in anticipation… only to land in the trash can behind you. You never notice once.
Taehyung hears a loud clang and whips around, realizing he’s now knocked the empty paper holder off his desk. He finds the shocked faces of the other office workers, raising their brows and whispering to each other. Alarmed, he turns his focus back to the window, only to see you shaking the man’s hand again and getting up to leave. Panting, Taehyung feels his heart throb as he desperately looks around for something else. The only thing left is the paper with your lipstick on it. Fueled by the fire of determination, Taehyung snatches the piece, folding it delicately into one final plane. As he readies himself, another waft knocks the plane out of his hand, his heart falling in his chest as he watches it flit away.
He looks back up, and you’re gone. Spinning, he knocks directly into a solid chest, looking up to see Mr. Bang glaring down at him.
Eyes wide, Taehyung is caught. Trapped between the grey, colorless expanse of his life thus far, and the bright vibrancy of a red smudge of lipstick, now floating away on a zephyr.
With all eyes on him, Taehyung turns on his heels and runs. Stumbling out of the revolving doors into the cool fall air, he does a 360, eyes frantically searching for any sign of your parting figure.
Yet, all he finds is the crumpled sight of the last paper airplane he’d thrown, grey and muddy from resting next to the sewer. Clenching his jaw, Taehyung picks it up, throwing it with all his might as he stalks away.
The sweet smell of the blooms hits your nose as you take a deep inhale. The soft, delicate petals, the bright vibrant colors… you will yourself not to spend money on ridiculous things. After all, it wasn’t like you had the money for it.
Another day, another failed job interview. You’d been trying so hard to pick yourself after everything had come crashing down a few months ago. The weight of the breakup never eased, and every passing experience ever since had only served to remind you of those three dreaded words.
“You’re not enough.”
Suddenly, a foreign object zooms past, breaking you out of your trance. Landing amongst the piles of flowers, both you and the seller look at each other in shock. Your face blanches even more when you see the prominent smudge of red lipstick on the paper airplane that had fallen in front of you.
Could it be…
You don’t have time to think before another gust lifts the paper airplane up, up, and away. Looking back at the flower lady, she gives you an encouraging glance.
Waving goodbye, you break out into a run, your shoes clacking along the sidewalk in your chase for the plane that’s lost on the wings of the wind.
Scowling, Taehyung grumbles to himself, plopping onto the hard leather seats of the train carriage.
The little boy next to him looks over with a curious glance, but he can’t be bothered to give him a smile today. The boy’s mother yanks him away, perplexed and a little frightened by the man who’s covered in hundreds of paper airplanes.
Taehyung doesn’t know how they’d found him, gliding along in the breeze like birds, before sticking onto him. Despite all his furious efforts to rip them off and shake them away, they’d refused to budge. And now, here he was, heading home like a crazy person.
The train comes to a screeching halt, and Taehyung grimaces as he makes his way out onto the platform, stopping when he sees a lone figure standing there, paper airplane in hand.
“Excuse me?” you inch closer to him, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. “I think this is yours.”
Offering it to him, Taehyung’s eyes widen in shock as he sees you, the pretty one from this morning, holding out the airplane with your paper kiss.
“I’m ___,” you breathe, cheeks flushing under the man from this morning’s intense gaze. You can’t believe you found him again.
Taehyung reaches over, your fingers brushing against his as he takes the paper airplane from your grasp, launching it back into the wind.
“Nice to meet you, ___. My name’s Taehyung.”
A/N pt. 2: Thanks for reading! As always, any feedback or comments are much appreciated, but I appreciate you all anyway. Lots of love, Isi 💜
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chaeinyourlane · a day ago
could you do #9.) and #13.) with taehyung please 💜
precious (k.taehyung x reader)
Tumblr media
warnings/tags: shyboy!college!taehyung x popular!female!reader, tae heard rumors and he's insecure :( reader wants to beat up whoever put bs in her bby's head, they're very much in love dw
genre: slight angst, fluff
words: 654 words
a/n: hello there anonie! hope this turns out the way you wanted~ the prompts are "look, I'm wearing your clothes. I'm living with you. I've left everything behind to be with you." and "after everything we've been through, you still think I don't trust you?" and it's from this list!
You're having some quiet time with your boyfriend in the library, him helping you with your essay and you giving him new book recommendations. The thing is, it's too quiet. You know you're in a library but you're alone and it's Taehyung's favourite place. Said man is pages deep in Dan Brown's Inferno and is purposely avoiding your eyes. You close your books and put your stationary meticulously into their designated place and get up. "you're leaving already?" Taehyung follows you and picks his bag up and closes the book, his soft gaze on you. "oh, so now you speak?" Taehyung's confused face irritates you, "it's a library, baby? are we not supposed to keep quiet?" Taehyung chuckles at his retort but finds no trace of humour on your face. You shake your head and walk out, clearly not interested. He runs after you, "wait, baby hold up!" You stop and look at him, "let's go back to our place, come on, we'll talk there" Taehyung takes your hand and stands infront of you, "please?" You sigh internally, anyone who would refuse those soft and puppy-like eyes clearly didn't have a heart.
You've never raised at your voice at Taehyung and he hasn't done the same to you. You thought you both would never do that, that being too much for the both of you, preferring to talk it out in hushed tones. Contrary to your belief, you feel rather exhilarated, shouting out your frustrations of the week and how Taehyung's behaviour was just adding into it. He was equally enraged, finding it ridiculous that you were putting your bad week's reason on him and that you didn't have to go through daily taunts of being teased as the popular girl's plaything and had blurted out that he even contemplated breaking up with you, not able withstand the cruel words and wondered if you were even putting in efforts for your relationship. You were shocked to say the least, "well, clearly you didn't know that I gotten a really good exchange program overseas and I left that excellent opportunity just to be with you!"
Taehyung's wide-eyed gaze pierces you, regretting spitting it out of the blue. "you were supposed to leave?" he whispers out. You sigh and get up from the couch, "wait, talk to me, please y/n" he gets up and follows you, pulling you back by your arm. "talk more? we talked and look where we are now" you say sourly, looking at him with regret. Taehyung's sorry gaze bores into you. You look at him, straight into his eyes, "look, I'm wearing your clothes. I'm living with you. I've left everything behind to be with you." Taehyung takes your hand quietly and intertwines your fingers and lifts it slightly, fiddling with the promise ring on your finger. "i didn't say that to make you feel guilty, tae" you lift his head so he's looking at you, "after everything we've been through, you still think I don't trust you?" Taehyung shakes his head instantly and leans his forehead on yours, his fluffy hair tickling your forehead, "it's nothing like that. if anything, i love you more after this, for some unknown reason." You know the reason. Taehyung's never had someone sacrifice something so precious to them just for him. You untangle your hand gently and hold his cheeks, "I love you too, I don't know who fed you that bullshit but I chose to be with you. I love you and I'm never leaving, no matter the circumstances." you say firmly. Taehyung finds place on your shoulder, hugging you tightly, "I'm sorry, baby-" "none of that. all you have to tell me was who I gotta beat up" you say playfully but actually meaning the words. "none of that," Taehyung copies you, "you being here is more than enough for me." "anything for my precious baby," feeling Taehyung smile into your neck.
m.list. if you'd like!
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blu-joons · 2 hours ago
When He Has A Nightmare Involving You ~ Kim Taehyung
Tumblr media
Panic hit him like a tonne of bricks as Taehyung shot up from his position on the bed, eyes scanning around the room as he tried to control his breath. He was sweaty, flustered, and worst of all, he was alone in the room.
Taehyung didn’t quite know what to do as he felt along the other side of the bed, hoping to find a trace of you, only for it to be to no avail. Whilst he was meant to be calming himself down, he only found himself even more anxious, desperately trying to figure out where you were.
He tried his best to call out your name, but his voice faltered as he did so, terrified of who, or what, was around him as he tried his best t push his nightmare to the back of his mind.
You had no idea what was happening on the other side of the door as you made your way back across the landing once you were finished in the bathroom. It was only when you walked back in, could you see Taehyung sat in the middle of the bed, wiping his brow with the duvet.
“What’s going on?” You questioned, confused by what had happened so suddenly.
The sound of your voice was enough to make Taehyung jump, glancing across in relief when he noticed you approaching. His hands extended out, desperate for the chance to hold onto you as soon as possible and make sure that you were still there with him.
As soon as you made first contact with Taehyung, your eyebrows furrowed at the feeling of how clammy his hold was. You could tell from the nervy look in Taehyung’s eyes that something bad happened, let alone the tight grip that he had around your hand, much tighter than he had ever held you before.
“Where were you?” He asked as you sat down beside him on the bed, pushing the slightly damp duvet out of the way. “I thought that you had left me, I thought it was just in my dreams when some guy took you, but then I thought that it was in real life too.”
“I’m not leaving you,” you assured him with a gentle chuckle, moving your free hand to rest against the top of his leg, “I’m right here, there’s no one around to take me away too.”
His head nodded, needing a few moments to make sure that he really was awake, that his mind wasn’t playing tricks on him again and making him think that you were there when you weren’t.
“There was this guy, he was much taller than me, his arms were about three times the size of mine, and he had silky smooth hair too, just about any other guys’ worst nightmare,” Taehyung stuttered in his explanation, “I tried to put up a fight, but I was hopeless Y/N.”
“There’s no one around that you need to fight, it’s just me here Tae.”
His nightmare was unlike anything that he had experienced before, gave him more of a fright than anything else ever had done too. The thought of you going anyway never crossed his mind once before, but now that it had, the realisation of what life could be like without you there with him hit Taehyung hard.
“I promise that everything was just a dream, I only went to the toilet,” you assured, squeezing his hand, “I was gone for two minutes, I promise, although this wasn’t quite what I had planned on happening when I came back.”
“I told you not to drink the rest of the wine bottle.”
Your hip nudged gently into Taehyung’s as the corners of his mouth turned up into a weak smile in an attempt to reassure himself alongside your efforts too.
“You were the one that poured it into the glass,” you reminded him, refusing to let him put the blame on you, “I couldn’t say no after you binned the bottle.”
“You weren’t even tipsy in my dream,” Taehyung scoffed, as his heart began to settle again, “I’d be even more scared if someone came and got you in real life, I know exactly how gullible you are with a drink inside of you.”
Slowly, Taehyung began to settle once again. It wasn’t quite how you imagined your night going, sitting up in the early hours as you tried your best to comfort Taehyung, but the panic in his eyes was something that you just couldn’t ignore, never intending for his nightmare to come to fruition without you there.
“Do you think you can head back to sleep at some point tonight?” You asked Taehyung as the conversation between the two of you began to die down.
“That depends, do you plan on leaving me and the room alone again at some point tonight?”
Your head shook as you reached down and brought the still slightly damp duvet up to rest over both of your legs. Taehyung was quick to oblige as he noticed you moving with him, making sure that you settled with him too.
“Can you hold onto my hand or something whilst I sleep Y/N? I just want to make sure that you’re still right beside me, I don’t want a repeat of earlier.”
“I’ll hold your hand if it means that you sleep peacefully.”
As soon as you agreed, you felt Taehyung’s hand intertwine in with yours, refusing to let go whilst you tried to make yourself comfortable. You understood why, after the nightmare that he had had, but trying to get yourself ready to head back to sleep with one hand was far from easy.
“I’m scared,” a quiet voice whispered just before you went to do the last step, reach across and turn your lamp off again, “I don’t want another nightmare.”
Your heart broke as you listened to Taehyung beside you, “I promise that you’re not going to have another nightmare, I’ll be right here beside you.”
“I’ve just never been as scared as that to lose someone before, not even the boys.”
You could only lay and listen as Taehyung began to open up more in an attempt to stall going back to sleep. He thought he was fine, that sleep was something that he could face, but as it began to come around, sleep was something that terrified him again.
“Do you want to do something else? Maybe watching a film or a drama will make you sleepy?” You proposed, knowing that if Taehyung didn’t sleep, then neither would you.
He felt guilty though, especially when he saw your tired eyes. “You sleep, I’ll just lay here and think of something to do to distract myself for a while.”
“You must be crazy if you think I’m going to leave you awake alone after having a nightmare,” you laughed, “I don’t ever want to see you so terrified again.”
Taehyung’s head nodded as you moved your hand away from the lamp, reaching down to pick up your laptop instead. The sleep was something that you could make up, but leaving Taehyung terrified and alone wasn’t quite so easy for you.
“Are you sure you don’t mind staying awake?” Taehyung pushed.
As you nodded in reply, he allowed himself to settle once again. He still felt bad for keeping you awake, but the little voice in his head just wouldn’t allow him to sleep, no matter how much he wanted to try.
“Let’s stay awake, prove that that nightmare was just a dream.”
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purplepoppy108 · 2 days ago
Long Nights |Oneshot
Part of an upcoming series featuring our baby bear and my OC Haru 
Tumblr media
- slight smut,fluff,oneshot
-Taehyung x OC Haru ,established relationship au
-writing this made me realize how single I am 
OC can’t sleep and her boyfriend Taehyung decides to make it worth her while .
Maybe it is was stress from work or the fact that I couldn't find my favourite pen ...which I usually keep in my bag, but I wasn't able to fall asleep, I turn around in the sheets and find my boyfriend Taehyung with a laptop on his tummy, he told me he was gonna watch a Ghibli movie or two, till he falls asleep. I remain under the covers while bringing out a hand to touch the smooth expanse of his stomach that was exposed to me, thanks to his riled up shirt. "Yah, that was cold." He says rubbing the spot I touched. "Sorry," I say getting up as he moves his laptop further down and onto his legs so that I can lay my head down on him. "Why aren't you asleep yet? "He asks as I look up at him with a pout. He kisses my pout, shuts his laptop down, places it on the bedside table, before pulling me onto him. I trace my finger down his chest mindlessly, the way I do whenever I can't seem to fall asleep. Tae has been hitting the gym a lot lately, and as much as I loved Tae with his baby fat, he hit different now and I couldn't help but admire all the muscle he comes home with -Tae wasn't even surprised when I told him that, his muscles are probably my new kink, he just fucked me on the kitchen counter for that. I kiss the little mole on the tip of his nose, as he rubs the skin under my nightshirt, I mewl to let him know that I was loving the feel of his big warm hands on my cold skin. Just as I was getting ready to roll off him and try getting some shut-eye, he held me tighter, while lifting my chin so that I meet his gaze. "Can we fuck? "He asks with a completely serious face. "Tae.." I trail off as he pulls me up to such that I was straddling his waist. "Please?" He says and I could hear the desperation in his voice. His voice is another kink of mine, so deep and sexy.. and right now it was so breathy and rugged from the lack of sleep, it was enough to have me dripping from between the thighs. He didn't wait for me to respond. He laid me down on the pillows while trailing kisses down my shirt as he cups the back of my thigh with one hand and rubs my ear with the thumb of his other hand. It wasn't a particularly hot night, but I decided on wearing nothing but an old shirt along with some pink cotton panties to sleep, and I couldn't regret anything more than that. He is probably gonna tease me about not wearing a bra or shorts. He licks a long strip on my clothed cunt and smiles. "You are so wet, I can literally taste you through the cloth darling ." "Taehyung ..." I say again cause that was the only coherent thing my brain could come up with at the moment. "Let me take care of you baby, you had a tiring day ."
Tumblr media
"Taehyung when did you realize that you were in love with me? "I ask curiously a few moments after he rolls off me. "If you can form a full sentence, then I probably haven't fucked you thoroughly ."He says jokingly while turning on his side to cup my cheek. "Tae...just answer the question, "I whine as he spreads one of his arms for me to use as a pillow. "Remember when your sister gave birth and we went to visit her, you were crying while looking at the baby, and then you ranted to me about how you would love to have a baby too...and then I fucked you in the back of my car in the parking lot ." "Oh yeah, I remember that, best car sex ."I muse while kissing his lips as he looks at me with thoughtful eyes. "What about you? "He asks as I press myself closer to the vast expanse of his chest. "When you cooked for me one night cause I was sick and then stayed awake and baby talked to me till I fell asleep ." "But the dinner I cooked that night was half burnt babe." He says in all seriousness. "It is the thought that counts Tae." He gives me a sweet kiss on my lips and then on the apple of my cheek, before allowing me to rest my head on his chest. I play with his fingers, whilst kissing each of them with the utmost adoration when he speaks up again. "Let us get married ." I was close to falling asleep so I didn't catch his words properly. "What? "I ask sitting up to face him, not even bothering to cover myself up. "It's nothing, lets go back to sleep ."He says giving me a nervous smile. "No Tae ...I just." "Let us get married ."He says sitting up along with me. "I know I don't have a ring and that I am just saying this in the heat of the moment, but I want you Haru, I want you by my side for the rest of my life, I wanna argue about what flavour our wedding cake should be, what colour we will paint the nursery, I want you to be my baby momma, I wanna tell our kids about how we fought over the smallest of things with you, also you know we are having five kids right? "He says in a single breath. It took me a moment to realize that the love of my life was asking me to marry him. I cried...I cried like the doofus I was. "Yes," I said hugging him as we both fall back onto the bed. "Yes, yes yes ...a hundred times yes." "But Tae five kids is a bit too much, giving birth isn't an easy task you know." "We can adopt ."He offers. "That would be cute." We ended up making love to each other the second time that night.
A/N :
Hey💜 poppies, So I was brainstorming on the Jungkook fanfic I was working on and I got this idea, thought it would suit Tae more ...so here we are .
Anyway this oneshot may or may not be a part of the Taehyung fanfic which will follow the current fanfic I am working on, but it is canon so .
Also all these fics (the ones which will be a part of the OT7 series) are linked to each other ,but you don’t need to read them in an order as  such to be able to enjoy them .
Here is a pic of our sleepy baby bear, in case you are having a bad day
Tumblr media
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littletxt · 20 hours ago
Caregiver taehyun and little reader
Scenario: Arriving home, taehyun overhears y/n speaking with someone. Upon further investigation, taehyun finds y/n talking to their most beloved stuffie, expressing how much they love their caregiver.
Hi @i9802s 😝💕💕
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
5:43 p.m
In the early evening, the door lock clicks as Taehyun unlocks it, coming in and setting his stuff down on the floor of your shared apartment so he can take off his shoes. He takes off his jacket and sets his keys on the counter. He looks around and notices you're not in the living room but he can hear you chatting with someone giddily. He's quite curious and wonders if you're on the phone. He would normally give you privacy but he's missed his baby all day and from the ton of voice he can hear, it sounded to him like you were regressing. His aching Daddy heart couldn't stand to be away from you any longer.
"Baby? I'm home!" he calls out to you but you don't hear so he makes his way through the entryway to your apartment and peeks down the hall trying to hear what you're talking about.
"What is she doing?" Taehyun chuckles and shakes his head hearing your little giggles.
"Baby~" he coos as he makes his way down the hall to your bedroom, "Kitten, who are you talking to?"
You still don't hear him, lost in your own little world. But he hears you as he leans against the door frame taking in the picture of you in your yellow ducky socks and frilly pink skirt, sitting cross-legged on the bed having a serious chat with your most favoritest stuffie. His heart flutters at the sight but absolutely melts when he hears your words.
"Do you love Daddy?", you ask your stuffie who nods in response.
"Not as much as me!!", you insist loudly. It was impossible for anyone to love your Daddy more than you!!
"I have the best Daddy in the whole wide world! Hehe, I bet no other little has a Daddy as good as me", you beam and giggle, pulling your stuffie in for a hug, squeezing it to your chest. You bounce happily in your seat until you feel strong arms wrapping around you tightly and you squeal knowing your daddy is finally home from work!!
"Do you love your Daddy?", he coos and tickles your sides, absolutely ecstatic after hearing little you talk about him as your caregiver with so much love. You giggle and squirm in his arms, turning around to snuggle into his warm chest.
"Yes, Daddy! I love you so much!!", you answer excitedly, eyes big and sparkly and he pets your head with a sigh, happy to have his little one safe in his arms.
"Come, little one. Daddy missed you and wants to spend time with his baby.", He smiles down at you and takes you to the living room to watch your favorite cartoons with your head in his lap so he could watch you enjoy your show and giggle every so often while he pets your hair. He spent the evening contently recharging, his favorite way, from a hard day at work.
🧸End note: sorry it took me forever bb!! I hope you like it 💕 it’s just a little Drabble bc my brain is dumb dumb
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kookskingdom · a month ago
paris in the rain | kth (m)
Tumblr media
summary: you’re stuck in the city of lights, but your mood is anything but romantic. no, you’re stuck here against your will and nothing (you mean absolutely nothing) is going to distract you from your work and the important art auction that’s happening in two weeks’ time. 
...except maybe the artist that takes you in after you’re denied a hotel room. the same artist who takes you out for sightseeing in the city, has you dancing in the streets of paris, and has you slowly feeling whole again as you fall in love with life and, eventually, him. 
Tumblr media
title: paris in the rain pairing: artist taehyung x museum curator f. reader genre: fluff, romance, angst, smut, strangers to lovers au, “stranded in a foreign country and a handsome person helps you” trope word count: 24367 words (eye am ,, so sorry) warnings: oc misses her flight! and she’s super bitter about it!, a misogynistic hotelier!, running from security (it’s not that serious), cursing, fluff, dates that these two insist aren’t dates but are actually dates, taehyung is smooth and suave and this causes oc to short circuit but tbh me too, (mutual) pining, kissing in the rain, marvel references, sadness, crying, smut, slow and sweet and unlike the past two things i’ve posted LMFAO, making out, this has the slightest bit of soft dom! taehyung and sub oc but it’s rlly just sappy sex, grinding (clothed and unclothed), (f. receiving) hickies, breast and nipple play, (f. receiving) body worship, (f. receiving) oral sex, (m. receiving) hair pulling, (f. receiving) fingering but for like on second LMFAO, (f. receiving) orgasm denial, talk of birth control, unprotected sex, this is rlly tender and tbh i got emo over it, big cock taehyung bc of course he is, cockwarming, (m.receiving and f.receiving) orgasm. cumming together, cumming inside, post-sex crying and emotions, the angst happens post sex so prepare for that, angst angst angst, crying, dumb decisions on behalf of the oc but me too, revelations!!, and a happy ending i promise :D rating: 18+ for smut, language, and the amount of angst i put in here lmfao songs to listen to: playlist linked here! a/n: this fic is ,,,, extremely late ,,,,,, and i wish i could explain myself but the only thing i can really say was that this story has been living in my head for two years and i was so dissatisfied with the first draft and i added so much more and i ended up being so frustrated i took a break from it :’)) i looked back and edited it and while i’m still not completely happy, i can say i’m satisfied :’)) this was my first ever wip (back when i was a tiny reader blog and a beta-reader) and this taehyung has lived in my head rent free since october 2019 so seeing him written? and out in the world is kind of crazy? all i can really say is thank you for sticking around <3 happy holidays from me and this taehyung (as well as his baguette), hoping you stay warm and happy <33 AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TAEHYUNG <33 thanks to: LITERALLY THE TWO BEST PEOPLE AND FRENCH TRANSLATORS I KNOW ISI @triviafics and FI @taesinferno i have THE MOST TALENTED FRIENDS EVER PEOPLE!!!!! isi and fi put up with me helped me with all french translations in this fic and isi gave me so many beautiful descriptions of paris, i really could not have done this fic without them. they are pure magic and i am forever indebted to them <33 AND!!!! MISS BELLS @hobisuniverse​ FOR CREATING THIS AMAZING FUCKING BANNER I AM CRYING OVER IT!!! she captures this fic so magnificently and i’m in tears over it. i love you hobi’s wife aka bells <33 and i cannot thank you enough <33 disclaimer: i am not a museum curator!! nor do i live in paris!! some details may be messy or do not make sense, i highly apologize if you find this as such :(( also!! this work is mine, please do not plagiarize. also highly unedited and not beta-read bc i am a clown, will edit soon <33
Tumblr media
Everyone who knows you knows that you’re shrewd, able to conjure up calculations in your head with the blink of an eye.
You pride yourself in being able to analyze situations and predicting all of the possible outcomes that could come out of said situations, creating mental lists that go from best case scenario to worst case scenario.
For example: this trip to London. You’ve created your best and worst scenarios for it, and ninety-nine point nine percent of the time it ends up completely being the best case scenario.
Your best case scenario includes getting there a couple of days early in order to get over your jet lag. You would stay in your hotel room, poring over your notes and making sure you knew which pieces of art you were going to be bidding on- it’s not everyday that you’re going to be bidding for some of the best art the 21st century has seen. This best case scenario ends with you and a bottle of wine in your hotel bedroom, having secured the deal with minimal effort.
You’re so confident in your best case scenario that you don’t even begin to think about what happens in your worst case scenario. And why would you, anyways? Things never go wrong with you- everything always goes perfectly.
Except now, it seems.
You don’t know where it went wrong. You were perfect. One minute you were an hour early to your gate, and the next thing you know you’re standing in front of a very frazzled looking flight attendant who has just called you to the help desk.
“I’m so sorry ma’am, but this flight is overbooked and we can’t seem to find your ticket in the system. As a result, your ticket has been voided. You won’t be able to fly to London-”
You had tuned her voice out after the words “voided” and “won’t be able to fly to London,” because you had heard all you needed to hear.
You may not have thought a lot about the point zero one percent of when everything goes to shit, but you imagine that this is how it goes because this is literally the last situation you want to be in.
“Are you joking?” The words spill out of your mouth, incredulity and frustration tinging your tone as you look at the flight attendant in front of you with disbelief. “What do you mean this flight is overbooked? I have my ticket and receipt right here, executive business class seating-”
“I’m sorry, ma’am.” If the flight attendant didn’t sound so genuinely upset, you would have blown up further in her face. You clench your jaw and fold your arms, though, not wanting to make more of a scene. “There’s been a mistake in the booking and your name doesn’t show up in our system-”
“Well then, put me on the next flight!” Your voice rises harshly at the end of the sentence and the flight attendant flinches back slightly at the loud tone of your voice. You realize now that it’s probably not a good idea to be yelling in public, so you clear your voice and compose yourself. “Please, I need to be on the earliest available flight-”
The flight attendant shakes her head, lips wobbling and filling you with a feeling of dread. “I’m afraid that’s not possible, as all of the flights to London are all filled up due to families returning from holiday and other business executives flying over for the big global business convention there. I can book you for the next flight from Paris to London, but the earliest flight for that will be in about a week and a half’s time-
“-a week and a half?” Your shock colors your voice and you shake your head, laughing in disbelief. “No, you don’t understand, I have an auction and a conference that’s going to be happening by then and I need to be there in advance so what you’re going to do is you’re going to put me on a damn flight-”
“I’m so sorry, ma’am.” The flight attendant cuts you off again and you sigh, closing your eyes and pinching the bridge of your nose in annoyance. “Vacation times are high and there’s really nothing we can do until the next available spot is open. Can we help you find a hotel?”
Tumblr media
You really should start planning for the point zero one percent of when things go to absolute shit.
“-what do you mean all rooms are booked? The airline gave me this address and told me that they would book a room for me here-”
“Mademoiselle, you’ve been mistaken. No one called us and therefore we cannot put you in a room-”
“And I’m telling you I have the voucher and confirmation here-”
“Mademoiselle, that’s enough.” The bickering dies down as an older man comes to stand by the lady at the desk, a mildly perturbed look on his face as he addresses your frazzled self directly. “I have no idea what airline sent you here but it’s some sort of misunderstanding-”
“Look at this!” You reply quickly, shoving the paperwork the airline had given you into his hands. Your eyes look at his nametag, and you breathe out in relief when you see a “Monsieur Toussaint” on the small plate of gold. The man takes your paperwork and you hold your breath as he flicks through the pages, only to feel your heart sink when he looks back at you in disappointment.
“Nope,” Toussaint replies, handing you back your papers. “These are all outdated, we haven’t done a promotion like this since July of 2017.”
“What?!” Your voice is incredulous and incredibly angry as you register his words. So this airline swindled you? What next, will it start raining while you’re in the streets?
Actually, you shouldn’t be saying that. Knowing your current luck and the fact that it’s close to December, it’ll happen when you least expect it.
“There’s nothing much we can do,” Monsieur Toussaint responds, lips turned down in annoyance at the fact you’re still holding up the line. “Move along, missy. This is a busy and distinguished hotel-”
“I- what am I supposed to do now?” You exclaim, tears beginning to brim in your eyes. You really can’t help it- you’re exhausted. This day was supposed to go differently; you were supposed to be in London by now. You never thought your situation could get any worse but here you are, standing at this hotel’s help desk and on the verge of tears from how frustrated you are.
“Have you considered figuring it out yourself?” You don’t miss the sneer in the hotelier's voice and as much as it should have made you angry you’re just more resigned. You’re so tired, you just want to figure this shit out and fast.
“Are you sure you can’t take me in?” You direct your biggest, pleading eyes to Monsieur Toussaint and you watch as his lips curl up slightly, shaking his head mockingly at your distress.
“I’m sorry, Mademoiselle.” If you hadn’t interacted with him earlier, you would have almost assumed he felt sympathy. “We don’t take random women dressed in leggings and a sweater off the street-”
“But what if I’m a museum curator for one of the biggest museums in the world?” You ask, ignoring the slight misogynistic tone in his voice as hope begins to flutter in your chest. You pull out your phone, typing in your name and showing it to the man. Monsieur Toussaint takes one look from it before looking at you up and down, but your hope withers away when he begins to laugh hysterically.
“T-there’s no way this woman is you!” He guffaws, and you feel ire blossom in your bones at his words. Sure, you don’t have a pencil skirt on or a stack of files in your hands, but you’ll be damned before you let a man tell you that you’re not the rightful museum curator for the museum you run and care for back home.
“I assure you, this person is me,” you say, though your voice wavers at the end of your sentence. This sets him off more, and you feel defeat begin to course through your veins as tears burn in your eyes.
“W-would you like me to call your husband, mademoiselle museum curator?” The cruelty in his words doesn’t go unnoticed and you sniffle harshly, trying to will the tears back. You resign yourself to your fate- you’ll be late to this meeting and you’ll lose your hard won position.
Fuck it, you’ll just find your way back to the airport and figure it out. You always do-
You turn around at the new voice and the person behind you has your eyes widening, back straightening up and hands wiping away at your tears as you take in the man that had interrupted you and your current issue at hand.
This man…
This man is a dream.
The first thing you notice is his hair- black and slightly curly, brushing the nape of his neck with messy bangs that fall onto his forehead. The slope of his nose is strong and complements the straight line of his jaw, but these harsh features are juxtaposed by the softness of his cheeks and the delicate slant of his eyelids. His lips are plush pink but you can’t help but shiver as you watch him purse his lips, jawline growing tighter in his annoyance.
Your eyes drift down to what he’s wearing, and it’s clear to you that fashion is important to this man. A brown coat is draped over his arm and he has on a thick, knitted brown sweater and complementary green trousers and black loafers. You can’t help but feel automatically drawn to this man- he just seems so comforting and full of warmth.
“Oui, monsieur?” Toussaint’s voice pulls you out of your stupor, and you find yourself glaring back at the man. Before you can snap at him, however, the stranger behind you sidles up beside you and gently takes your hand in his, lacing your fingers together and making your heart do a flip in your chest.
“I’m hoping you aren’t talking horribly to my dear friend here.” Though the man’s voice has a soft tone, you can hear the undeniable steel edge hidden beneath his words and you watch as Toussaint shivers, immediately standing at attention.
“She was causing trouble, Monsieur-” Toussaint begins, but he’s deftly cut off by the man standing next to you.
“Are you not an esteemed hotelier? Can you not provide this woman a room in your fine establishment?” The man asks patiently, gently rubbing circles into the skin of your hand. Toussaint audibly gulps and you can’t help but laugh internally when you see the sweat begin to form on his brow.
“T-this woman claims she’s-” Toussaint’s words are weak as he begins his excuse and the man scoffs at this, shaking his head in disbelief.
“So not only can you take this trustworthy woman’s word, you clearly don’t have eyes as well.” This time you can’t quite stifle the snicker that escapes your lips. Toussaint whips his head in order to glare at you but the stranger clears his throat, directing the hotelier’s attention back to him. “Well?”
“I- hey, who even are you? I’ll call security on the both of you!” Toussaint tosses the words back at the man next to you and you turn your head over to him, eyes wide with what his next move is. Will he apologize? Grovel at Toussaint’s feet? Redirect the conversation back to the subject matter at hand?
None of those. He instead tightens his grip on your hands, and smirks devilishly at the hotelier that’s fuming behind the help desk.
“T'as pas de couilles.”
Silence settles in between the three of you as you hold your breath, hand tightening on the handle of your luggage as you watch Toussaint’s skin pale. “Sacre bleu.”
You’re not even fluent in French, and you know that those words are never a good sign.
The man leans in close enough to place his lips by your ear, but his words are anything but romantic. “Got a tight grip on your suitcase?”
“Yes.” You squeak back.
“Hold on tight,” he murmurs, his smirk widening with devilish intention as you both observe the hotelier turn an alarming shade of red, eyes slanting in anger.
Oh fuck.
“Sécurité!” Toussaint yells loudly, and you feel yourself begin to sweat as security guards pile out of the doors. Before you can even think, however, the man is pulling on your hand and yanking you away from the help desk.
“Tête de noeud!” The man hollers back, picking up his pace. Your hand tightens its grip on your suitcase as the man pushes various hotel guests out of their way, out into the streets of Paris and underneath the pouring rain.
Fuck, of course it’s raining in this exact moment.
You both hear security yelling and your grip tightens on the man’s hand, squeezing out of pure anxiety. “Trust me!” He calls out to you as he begins tugging you through the thick throng of people at the hotel’s entrance, seamlessly evading various blocks as security continues to chase behind the two of you.
“Where are we going?” You yell as you both continue to break up the crowd of tourists and locals alike. The man doesn’t respond and you purse your lips, deciding to just follow suit. You apologize to any and all people you bump into as the man continues pulling you away. The yells of the security men fade away but you and this mysterious stranger still run as far as you both can manage before stopping at an abandoned street corner and leaning against the wall.
The formerly empty corner is now filled with heavy pants for air as you both fill your greedy lungs, winded from sprinting for as long as the both of you did. “What,” you gasp heavily, leaning onto the wall as you slow your heart rate down. “Did you say to him?”
The man chuckles slightly, pushing his hair back as he looks at you with a small smile. “I may have told him he has no balls.”
“You what?!” Your voice goes higher in pitch and you swallow the panic bubbling into your throat in order to keep your tone level. “Please tell me that telling him he has no balls is the worst thing you said-”
“I called him a dickhead, too.” The man finishes.
“God,” you groan, running your hand over your jaw to rub at it in frustration. “You really go all in, don’t you?”
“Mmm,” the man hums, that infuriatingly handsome smirk still on his lips. “You either piss off the most well known hotelier in all of Paris or not at all.”
The most well known hotelier in all of Paris?
This man did what?
“You pissed off one of the most distinguished hoteliers in the entirety of Paris?” Your voice sounds steady to your ears which pleasantly surprises you, considering you can feel nothing but the pure rage and fear currently ravaging your chest apart.
“Yes.” The man’s voice is amused, and you feel yourself inhale desperately to try and quell the urge to blow up on this man.
“God fuck it,” you mumble under your breath instead, and you reach into your sweater pocket.
Only to panic when you don’t feel your phone in its designated place.
“God, no no no!” You cry out, beginning to pat all over your body as the man watches in slight amusement while you try to find your lifeline in this godforsaken place. You take your backpack off from your shoulders and dump the contents to the ground, breathing in relief when you find your passport and wallet amidst your other possessions but the panic only increases when you can’t find your phone anywhere.
“Empty your pockets!” You demand, looking up at him wildly as you shove everything back into your backpack. “My phone might be with you-”
The man pulls out the lining of his pocket in response to your request, showing you that he is in fact empty handed.
Fucking fuck!
You bite your lip and quell back the tears threatening to spill forth as you try and track back the moment you lost your phone. Running down the streets of Paris with this handsome stranger’s hand in yours as you evade security from the most distinguished hotel in all of Paris…
…oh yeah, you know what’s happened to your phone.
You pout and the man cocks his head at you, giving you a soft look. “Cheer up, mademoiselle. You’re always welcome to room at my apartment while we try to find you a place to sta-”
“Absolutely not,” you interrupt quickly. “I’d rather take my chances trying to find my way back to the airport, thanks though.”
“Are you sure?” He asks, and you nod vehemently in response.
“Positive,” you confirm.
There’s a small part of you that protests against the majority as you deny him, however. He’s a local! He knows his way around! He’s kind! You feel somewhat safe with this man!
Still, you push those thoughts to the back of your head and give him the biggest smile you can muster. “I’ll be on my way now, Sir. Thanks for getting me in hot water with Monsieur Toussaint, though!”
“Mmm.” The man looks at you, a bemused smile on his lips as he gives you a nod in reply. You clutch at your suitcase and take a deep breath, deciding to go down the left street because things just haven’t been going right for you in the last couple hours.
You can feel his eyes on you as you step towards that direction, only to freeze and glare back at him when you hear him chuckle. “What?”
“You’re going the wrong way, mademoiselle.” There’s a slight teasing edge to his tone and you ball your fists so as to not throw a punch at his infuriatingly handsome face.
“Thanks, I knew that.” You grit your teeth as you go towards the opposite direction, only to feel frustration flare when he shakes his head once again. “Can you stop looking infuriatingly handsome and help me?”
“You think I’m handsome?” He replies cheekily, and you groan in frustration.
“That’s besides the point,” you mumble. “I need to be at the airport, can you please just tell me where to go?”
“We’re a little bit of a ways from the international airport,” he says in response, approaching you and attempting to take the handle of your luggage from you. You scowl, pulling your luggage closer to your body.
“So take me to the airport,” you seethe, gripping the handle of your luggage tighter. “Better yet, give me your phone so I can…I don’t know, do something rather than nothing!”
“My phone is at my apartment,” his tone is much more neutral now, though the slight teasing edge returns when he follows with: “And may I remind you that your phone is lost somewhere, probably in a rain puddle.”
“Yeah, no shit,” you snap back, pursing your lips and sighing heavily.
You lean back on the wall behind you as you feel the course of today’s events begin to take a toll on your body and mind, and this time around you can’t even bother to stop the tears that begin to drip down your face. You sniffle pathetically, closing your eyes and rubbing your forehead as you wish desperately that this is a horrible dream and you’re on your flight to London-
“Let me help you, please.”
You open your eyes to take in the man’s soft gaze, eyes holding nothing but sincerity as he approaches you and gently places a hand on your shoulder. The warmth radiating from his palm travels throughout your skin, warming your body which you hadn’t even registered was chilled to the bone.
“You could be an axe murderer for all I know,” you mumble, wiping at the tears that have dripped from your eyes and biting your lip. The man processes your words and laughs when he registers your concern, squeezing your shoulder in comfort.
“Quite the contrary, mademoiselle,” he replies, finally taking hold of your luggage. “I’m just a painter and someone who wants to help a pretty stranger out when she’s in trouble.”
You feel your cheeks warm at the unexpected compliment and he chuckles once again, beginning to pull your luggage along as he beckons you to follow him with a nod of his head.
“Flattery won’t get you anywhere,” you grumble as you follow along, finally accepting the fact that maybe this man can help you out.
And that maybe, just maybe, you can trust him.
“Damn,” he curses slightly, and the sudden word has you giggling at the sheer hilarity in his voice and this entire situation. He looks at you, a puzzled look on his face and your laughter dies down at the intense look in his gaze.
“What?” You ask, feeling bashful under his look. He clears his throat and blinks rapidly, looking back at you with the same blankness as he did before.
You’ll worry about it later.
“What will get me somewhere?” He indulges in your worries once more as you fall in step next to him, allowing you to lead you through the streets of Paris once again.
“Well…I don’t even know your name?” Your voice is feeble as the statement comes out more of a question and the man laughs in response- that same rich, deep sound that has your heart jumping just a little bit.
Though you’ll never admit that to him.
“I’m Kim Taehyung.”
Tumblr media
If he weren’t helping you, you would’ve kicked Kim Taehyung’s tête de noeud by now due to the sheer distance of his place.
And you would’ve just straight up slapped him across the face when he announced that you would have to climb three flights of stairs to make it to the top of his flat.
Scratch that, you definitely would have if he didn’t lug your suitcase up the stairs for you.
You’re both panting from exertion and shivering from the cold by the time you make it to his door, soaked to the bone as he reaches into his pants pocket and pulls out a set of keys. His hands are shaking as he selects a key and pushes it into the keyhole, but before you both can tumble inside the door next door to his is opening, and an older woman is stepping out and regarding Taehyung with concern.
“Mon chère,” she tuts as Taehyung gives her a sheepish grin.
“Madame!” He greets jovially in response, flicking his hair away from his eyes and accidentally spraying water on your face. You scowl and brush the droplets from your face, only for your eyes to widen when Taehyung’s neighbor greets you with a smile.
“And who is this?” She asks brightly, eyes sparkling as if she knows some grand secret.
You and Taehyung stand in silence as you both try to figure out your response- taking far too long to formulate an answer.
“I-” You begin, only to be cut off by Taehyung’s voice.
“She-” he says, only to be interrupted by the Madame’s triumphant response.
“You must be Taehyung’s new lover!” she says, a twinkle of mirth in her eyes. It takes a moment to process the words but when you both do, Taehyung’s cheeks redden and you blink rapidly, shaking your head in response.
“Oh, no!” You try to diffuse the situation before this adds on to your already messy and stressful day. “He’s just helping me out. I’m stranded in Paris, that’s all.”
“Mhm,” you can tell his neighbor isn’t convinced with your response, giving Taehyung a smirk as he looks back at her bashfully. “I like this one.”
And before you can even say anything else she’s waving goodbye, turning around and entering her apartment once again.
Leaving you and Taehyung standing outside of his apartment door, shock apparent within the both of you.
“How many lovers have you had?” The crass question is out into the air before you can fully register you’re asking it, and you feel your body heat in embarrassment as Taehyung looks at you in bewilderment.
“What’s it to you, mademoiselle?” He shoots back, making you squeak in embarrassment.
“Nothing!” You clear your throat, clearing your throat of that high pitched tone before gesturing to his door. “Well?”
“Oh, shit,” he exclaims, giving you a nod before pushing the door to his apartment open. “It’s not much but it’s my home so…make yourself comfortable.”
“I appreciate it,” you respond back, stepping through and taking in the sight of his apartment before you.
And his apartment is…something else.
“Wow,” you murmur to yourself as you take in all of the prints, beautiful scenery and snapshots of nature adorning the walls. There’s a small kitchen right by the door and an open living room just beyond, a closed door to the left and a hallway on your right. Just past the big couches and coffee table is a balcony, and you find yourself gravitating to that spot when Taehyung breaks you out of your stupor.
“Mademoiselle,” he says and his voice has you stopping, turning around and cocking an eyebrow at him. He holds out his hand in response, and you feel your heart skip a beat when you see his beautiful iPhone resting in his palm.
“Holy fuck!” You cry as you reach for it, beginning to take it from him with grateful hands when he unlocks the phone and hands it to you.
“Uh-uh.” He holds the phone high above his head and you pout, crossing your arms and furrowing your brows.
“Unfair!” You grumble. Taehyung cocks an eyebrow at you and you roll your eyes as you say, “May I please have the phone?”
He closes his eyes as he ponders your plea, looking back down at you soon after with a sly smile. “Only if you tell me your name.”
“Did I not tell you my name?” You ask, confusion sparking your chest as you wrack your memories. You could’ve sworn you told him…
“Not once,” he says, lips curling up in that same smirk.
“Sorry,” you mumble. “I’m ____.”
“____.” It’s as if he’s tasting your name, turning the syllables around on his tongue before looking at you and nodding his head. “____.”
He gives you his phone after that oddity, walking away into a different room as you stand in shock in the middle of his living room apartment.
What…was that?
Your shock fades as you register that you have a beautiful phone that works in your hands, so you type up the number of the airline and breathe in deeply, prepared to fight for a flight and emerge victorious.
And you do call, but you don’t emerge the victor you thought you would become.
The only flight that was available for you is two weeks away, and it’s cutting extremely close to when the art auction is. It makes you nervous, because what if your flight gets cancelled again? What if things go wrong with your ticket and you’ll be stuck here in Paris for even longer, unable to secure pieces for the museum? What if-
“Any luck?”
“Nope,” you mutter dejectedly as you watch Taehyung emerge from a room, dressed in a simple white t-shirt and grey sweatpants. Fuck, how does he manage to look good in everything? “The closest flight available is two weeks away, and I don’t have a place to stay-”
“Nonsense.” Taehyung cuts you off as he tuts, settling on the couch and spreading his legs wide in a bid to get comfortable. You swallow thickly, avoiding looking at his lower…body as he continues. “You can stay with me. I have a couch for a reason, and blankets. It can be like a mini vacation for you.”
“I don’t do vacations,” you scoff as you move to stand by the kitchen counter, placing his phone on the smooth marble. “I have too much to do and there’s so much that needs to be completed, so I just need to be on a flight to London-”
“But you’re not on your flight, aren’t you?”
His sentence cuts you off, and your eyes widen as you realize what he says. You open your mouth to begin replying back to him in indignation but he holds his hand up, effectively silencing you.
“The point is,” he begins, gesturing to you. “You’re currently soaking wet without a hotel room in Paris. The airline gave you confirmation that you’re scheduled for a flight and that there’s nothing much you can really do- can you?”
“No.” You grumble reluctantly.
You understand his reasoning, though. It was completely out of your control- you literally couldn’t have predicted this one. You’re just so used to having everything under control that now, when things have gone to absolute shit, you don’t quite know how to cope.
Taehyung doesn’t note your tumultuous thoughts, standing up from his place on the couch. “Right, I’ll get you a towel and some blankets. I can take the couch and you can take the bed-”
Hold on, what?
“Who said I was staying at your apartment?” You swiftly cut him off, pursing your lips. Taehyung cocks an eyebrow at you, smirking at you as he looks your entire body over.
“Remember when I pissed off the most distinguished hotelier in all of Paris just a couple of hours ago, mademoiselle ____?” He replies with an easy grin, making you scowl at him.
Shit. You forgot that happened, especially after everything that’s happened.
“Well, thank you for that,” you begin, crossing your arms and glaring at him.”But if I’m going to stay here, I’ll sleep on the couch. Not in your bedroom, monsieur.”
Taehyung’s eyes bug out a little bit with your words, lips pressed thin as he struggles not to laugh at you. “Say that last word again, mademoiselle?”
You roll your eyes as a chuckle slips out of his mouth unwittingly, Taehyung tossing you a wink. “We’ll work on your French while you’re here, mademoiselle. But if you insist, I’ll get you your blankets and a towel.”
Taehyung begins to walk out of the room, and you stick your tongue out at his broad figure as soon as his back is turned. “Ass,” you mumble under your breath.
Taehyung pauses in his stride, and he doesn’t even need to look back for you to know he’s smiling that infuriatingly handsome smile.. “You want your first lesson already? It’s connard in French.”
You feel yourself heat up, and you can practically hear the smirk in his voice as he says, “Connard, got it? Now let me get your stuff for you.”
And then he’s gone to the other rooms in his apartment, leaving you standing by his kitchen island and muttering “connard” under your breath.
Tumblr media
Your head feels fuzzy when you wake up.
You’re swaddled in thick blankets as you blink blearily, trying to get rid of the groggy fog your sleep has put you in as you listen to the sounds of Parisian streets below you. When you first woke up, you had a horrible moment of believing everything was fine and you were on your flight, only to be sorely disappointed when you realized you were still in Paris.
In a handsome stranger’s apartment, on his couch.
Because you had vehemently refused to take his bed, even when he insisted.
You feel a slight ache on your back and you groan, stretching up and cursing the fact that you took his couch when he offered you his bedroom, but there are many rules you will never break- and sleeping in a stranger’s bed in a foreign country is one of those things.
You haven’t fully grasped the reality of the situation yet- that you’re in Paris because of your flight mix up. Everything was going so well for you, your calculations proving to show that nothing would go wrong.
And then everything went to shit.
What fucking luck you have.
You get up from your cocoon of blankets, rubbing at your eyes as you make your way over to the kitchen. You pull open the refrigerator and grab the first water bottle you see, untwisting the cap and drinking greedily as you look over Taehyung’s apartment.
He certainly lives up to the artistic aesthetic. On every surface there’s a sketchbook and a pencil, random art supplies scattered around. There are folded up easels on the corners by the balcony, and there’s a shelf dedicated to stacks of canvases and paint jars above his desk.
The more and more you look at his home, you get that there’s a sense of chaos- but it’s organized and fills you with a sense of warmth.
You hold your water bottle in your grasp as you make your way over to his walk out balcony, untwisting the lock and holding your hand over the ornate handle as you peer at the flashes of Paris through his window. You take a deep breath and push the door open, stepping through the threshold and taking in the sight before you.
Paris is beautiful.
You can see the sun rising on the horizon, casting a bright glow over the landscape as you sip at your water. You can hear the sounds of the city slowly waking up with the rising sun- cars beginning to go to their desired destinations and people filling the streets with chatter. The cityscape comes alive as lights are flickered on and the activity fills you with a strange sense of comfort- life goes on even when things go to absolute shit.
If only you can actually come to terms with that solid truth.
“Pretty, isn’t it?”
You jolt when you hear a low rumble from behind you, and you turn around to see Taehyung with messy hair and a sleepy look in his eyes. He’s in an oversized white tee with the brand “CELINE” emblazoned across the chest and grey sweatpants as he pads out onto the balcony, standing next to you and taking a deep breath in.
“I understand why you live on the top floor now,” you reply as you turn your attention back to the view. The sun’s fully up by now, though you see some clouds in the distance.
“The speedy Wi-Fi’s an added bonus,” he quips, running his fingers through his thick hair and pushing back his bangs. The two of you return your attention back to the view, a peaceful quiet settling in between the two of you as the city fully begins to bustle.
“Big day ahead of us,” Taehyung says as you both observe a young couple holding hands and carrying a thick stack of books. “I’m gonna take you around for some authentic Parisian food, and then we’ll watch people be scammed into an overly expensive tour of the Eiffel Tower. Afterwards we’re going to get fresh pastries, and-”
“Who said anything about going out?” You cut him off as you look at him in disbelief. “Last I remember, I’m stuck here and it wasn’t by choice. I still have work to do!”
Taehyung gives you a half smirk as he regards you coolly, making you shift uncomfortably. Fuck, why does he still look as handsome as he does even though it’s early in the morning?
“You’re acting like you got stuck in the middle of a field, ____.” He says as he turns around, bracing his elbows and back against the railing of the balcony as he cocks his head at you. “You’re in Paris, and I assume whatever call you had after you called the airline was along the lines of ‘Don’t worry about it, enjoy your impromptu layover.’”
Fuck, how does he even know about that?
It’s as if he reads your mind because he’s quick to add, “I heard you speaking to people as I was getting your blankets. You speak quite loudly.”
Oh…well that one’s on you.
“The point is, ____,” he begins as he continues looking at you with that stare that has you shivering internally. “You’re on a layover in Paris and you’re really going to use this opportunity to work? You have the chance to explore one of the most highly rated travel destinations according to Yelp, and you’re really going to hole yourself up in my apartment?”
“Maybe Yelp’s wrong,” you mumble under your breath, and Taehyung exhales in amusement while rolling his eyes.
“You, my friend, are something.” He doesn’t spare you another glance as he begins to talk back into his apartment, silently beckoning you to follow him with a nod of his head. “No buts, ____! We’re going around Paris.”
“But what if I only have my leggings and sweater?” You combat as you follow him in, closing the door from behind you.
“I have more than enough coats,” he replies easily. “You’ll blend right in.”
And true to Taehyung’s words, you do.
You don’t quite know how you got into this situation, standing by his side in a coat that he generously lent you as he takes you along the streets of Paris, but you have to admit to yourself that this is much more fun than whatever it was you were going to do in his apartment. True to his word, he had given you your first croque monsieur and had gleefully smirked at you as your eyes widened at the delicious sandwich before sitting you down by the Eiffel Tower and watching a group of tourists be scammed by a company. You two had even stopped by the Louvre though you decided against looking at the Mona Lisa, instead choosing to wander the halls and look at the other beautiful pieces.
He’s currently leading you into a building, the lines considerably shorter as he tells you about the history of this particular bakery and how they have the best baguettes in all of Paris. You both approach the counter and you look at all of the mouth watering treats, eyes shining as you spot those whipped almond meringues you’ve always been a sucker for.
You listen to Taehyung as he smoothly orders what looks to be a cream puff, dusted with sugar and giving off a delicate vanilla scent. The baker turns to you with a smile and you respond in kind, telling him “One macaroon, please!”
You watch as the baker’s smile quirks up just a little bit more and Taehyung chuckles just a little bit under his breath, causing you to look at him in confusion. “What?”
“Nothing,” he coughs lamely, though the smile remains. He chats with the baker and you feel your eyebrows raise when the baker adds another box to your order, but Taehyung accepts the boxes and gives the man a charming smile before gesturing to you with a wave of his hand to walk out in front of him.
Taehyung leads you to an empty table in front of the bakery and sets the boxes down on the table, both of you sitting down. It’s approaching late afternoon at this point and the effects of jet lag have you yawning, hands covering your mouth as you watch Taehyung open the first box. He pulls out his cream puff before pushing the box in front of you.
“Here,” he says, though there’s something…funny to his smile. “Your macaroon.”
You gleefully take the box from him with a rushed thanks, pushing the flap open and preparing to behold the majesty of your almond meringue cookies…
…only to freeze when you see a blasted pile of coconut in the box.
What the fuck?
You look up in disbelief at Taehyung, who’s trying his best not to laugh at you as devastation begins to fill your being. “This isn't a macaroon.”
“It is!” He insists as the corners of his lips wiggle in an attempt to suppress his laughter. “One macaroon.”
“No,” you begin, swallowing thickly as you try to quell your tears over something this small and trivial. “What I wanted were those almond meringues with cream. This…this is a fucking pile of coconut!”
You see Taehyung’s eyes widen over your glossy tears and small sniffle, and he’s quick to comfort you. “Hey, I’m sorry-”
“This is a fucking pile of coconut with a chocolate drizzle,” you repeat, not quite understanding why you’re so upset. “Fuck- why am I crying-”
“-____, don’t cry!” He’s quick to grab at your hands, rubbing small circles into the skin in the same manner he did when he first met you in that hotel lobby. “I’m sorry, hey-”
“Fuckin’ coconut,” you grumble under your breath, and despite how you’re breaking down over a pastry Taehyung can’t help but laugh at your small curse over this supposed treat you wanted. And despite being upset, you smile at the sound of his deep laughter and this entire situation.
Taehyung moves the box away from in front of you and instead places the other small box in front of you. “What you ordered was a macaroon. This, however…”
You untangle your hands from his, ignoring the flutter in the pit of your stomach when you lose the warmth his hands provided. You lift open the lid on this box, and look at him in awe when you see those almond meringues you so desperately wanted. “Taehyung-”
He scratches his head bashfully, suddenly interested in the metal lattice of the table. “Those are macarons. And I didn’t have the heart to see you with a ‘pile of fuckin coconut,’ so I told the baker to add in a box of these bad boys.”
“Thank you,” you murmur shyly as you pick up a shiny red one filled with white cream. You bite into the dessert delicately and give a hum of happiness when you taste the sweet tartness of raspberry on your tongue. “I love raspberries.”
“Framboise.” Taehyung translates the fruit for you and you give a small nod, continuing to eat the pastry. A waiter stops by your table as you’re both tucking into your desserts, putting plates of what appear to be hot chocolate before going back into the bakery.
You pick up the cup and take a small sip, eyes widening when you taste the thick and velvety drink on your tongue. “This is so much better than instant hot chocolate.”
“Obviously.” Taehyung’s voice is thick with the drink and you giggle slightly at the gravelly intonation in his voice, causing him to smile back teasingly at you. The two of you sit in silence as you finish your drinks, waiting for a conversation to stir.
Something suddenly pops up in your head and you tell him, “You have a lot of sketchbooks in your apartment.”
Taehyung’s eyes widen at the shift, looking back at you. “Why’re you saying that?”
“You just do,” you reply easily, beginning to gather your plates and placing them in the middle of the table so the server has an easier time picking up the dishes. “I’ve always loved art but I could never do it for myself, so seeing all of those materials in one place was kind of awe inspiring. And those prints? They’re stunning.”
“Those prints?” Taehyung’s smile takes on a wistful quality as he stares off into the distance. “My best friends back home in South Korea did those. Namjoon and Jungkook. They run their own photography art business, though the prints you saw on those walls are Namjoon’s. He’s more into nature, Jungkook’s into scenery.”
“Those names sound awfully familiar,” you muse softly.
“A fan of their work?” He asks, and you nod in response.
“I’ve always wanted to buy some of their work,” you say as you pick up your cup to finish the rest of your drink. It suddenly registers to you where you’ve heard them before, and you’re quick to add, “I also bought some of their pieces for an installation. Some of their work is a part of my museum’s permanent collection.”
Taehyung’s eyes bug out as he chokes on his drink, and you look at him in alarm as he hacks up a storm. You’re quick to jump out of your seat and pat firmly on his back, helping him clear his throat as he sputters, “Museum?!”
“I thought you knew? Did Toussaint not expose me?” You ask in bewilderment as his coughing dies down, though he breathes in deeply.
“I didn’t know you worked in a museum!” His voice is tinted with shock and you feel yourself growing embarrassed, fingers beginning to fiddle with the sleeves of his coat.
“Yeah…I’m a museum curator for one of the biggest museums in the world.” You reveal, and his eyes widen even more.
“You what?!”
“Yeah,” you mumble, biting the inside of your cheek. “That’s why I’m so upset about missing my flight to London. There’s a big art conference and auction happening then, and it’s said that vante is going to be unveiling two new pieces there. I wanted to get one piece for the museum.”
You practically get whiplash as the almost awe-inspired look on Taehyung’s face is replaced with one of careful blankness. “Vante?”
“Yeah, do you know them?” You ask, cocking your head at him in curiosity. “Their impressionistic art is a big deal right now, and their stuff is sought after. I’ve wanted one for the collection for a couple of years now, but they’re always swept up. Their art pieces are worth millions.”
Taehyung suddenly stands up, that look of indifference replaced with something more…negative. “No more talk of money and art.” His words are clipped as he pushes you out in front of him, directing you towards a direction. “And we’re done here. We’re going home.”
“No other words.” His words hold no sense of emotion, though you see his eyes flicker with something sad under his messy hair. “Home.”
The walk home is thick with tension, and you find yourself missing the teasing and sweet side of Taehyung who would always regard you with a soft smirk. It’s only when you both are back at his apartment and he rushes himself into his room do you realize what just happened.
Fuck…what did you do?
Tumblr media
You’re starting to wish that Taehyung wasn’t super nice and left you stranded in a Parisian bakery.
Sure, you would’ve been lost in Paris, but that would’ve been miles better than this thick awkwardness in his apartment.
And for what? You telling him that you’re a museum and art curator? And that you buy paintings for a living? And that you wanted a specific art piece? Is that so wrong of you?
It’s been a day and a half since Taehyung’s been ignoring you and you’re currently sitting and twiddling your thumbs while staring at one of the art prints on his wall, deducing how much it would make in an auction if it was being sold. It’s something you do to pass the time and it’s proven to help you in past auctions, knowing when to cap a piece of art’s worth.
You stand up from your shrimp position on the couch, approaching one of the walls and getting a closer look at a photo of a skyline. You recognize the Empire State Building and when you look in the corner, you see Jeon Jungkook’s signature gold star stamped on the print, marking it as authentic.
Despite the gorgeous art in front of you, you feel your mind drift back to your’s and Taehyung’s last conversation as you walk down the hallway and observe the sheer amount of art on his walls. You notice that he has some vantes too, and the impressionistic style has you biting your lip as you feel a sense of dread fill the pit of your stomach.
Fuck…maybe that’s why Taehyung’s so upset? You mentioned you’re buying vante’s art for the museum, and that their price range was expensive but that you’ve been wanting their art for years. Did that make you seem shallow and materialistic?
Your musings are interrupted with the opening of a door, and you barely catch a grip of Taehyung stepping through the steamy bathroom. You note his wet hair, small tendrils sticking to his forehead and curling at the nape of his neck as he rubs at his eyes. It’s clear he’s distracted though- because it’s only when he’s colliding with your body does he realize that you’re standing right in front of him.
“Shit!” You yelp, bracing yourself on the first thing you can reach- which just so happens to be Taehyung’s shoulders. You close your eyes and brace for the fall but it never comes.
Thick arms wrap around your waist and the movement stills, causing you to open your eyes hesitantly.
And the sight has you heating up from an embarrassing mixture of mortification and want.
Taehyung’s wet hair drips onto your forehead and your hands are on his firm shoulders in a bid to steady yourself. You gulp when you feel the muscles ripple underneath your touch, and as your eyes travel further down his body you feel your body heat up much more.
Because this man is only in a white towel, which hangs dangerously low on his hips- oh fuck, is that his bul-
“Your eyes are up there!” You all but blurt to yourself as your gaze snaps up to his sheepish look, practically shoving him away as you look at anywhere but him. “I was, well, I was looking at your art collection because I love art but then you were through a door and next thing I know-”
“You’re fine, ____.”
Taehyung’s smooth, slightly embarrassed voice cuts through your ramblings and you feel your mouth snap shut as you regard him once again. He’s scratching the back of his head, and you feel your mouth dry slightly at the sight of his toned chest and arm muscles flexing slightly.
“I’m sorry.” You feel Taehyung’s surprise as you say it quickly, practically rushing to get away from him. “About everything. Bumping into you just now and what happened at the bakery. What I said was out of hand and rude.”
You can feel the tension dissipate from the room as Taehyung processes your words, taking in the past days’ awkwardness and your reasoning. You bite your lip and prepare to turn back around to begin packing your thing, but his hand on your elbow stops you.
“It’s okay.” He replies, and you can practically feel the stiffness from your shoulders melt away at his acceptance. “And I’m sorry too. I overreacted. H- well, vante’s probably happy that you like their art and that you’re actively supporting them.”
“It’s no problem,” you murmur, turning back to look at him head on and trying your best to ignore his god-like body at the same time.
Silence perseveres before Taehyung speaks again. “Art should be loved and appreciated. I get that it’s your job, believe me. But art holds the artists’ emotions. There’s no price on something like that, it’s invaluable.”
You nod enthusiastically in response. “Absolutely. I totally agree with you, I just…didn’t express it well.”
You watch as Taehyung’s lips lift up in his signature half smirk and you feel your stomach fill with butterflies at the sight. You didn’t realize how much you missed the sight of his smile until you were deprived of it. “We on the same page?”
“Didn’t even go ahead by one word,” you promise, making a move to leave the hallway and preparing to swaddle yourself in your blankets once more.
Taehyung’s voice stops you once again, though. “Get changed. I want to take you somewhere.”
“What does it entail?” You ask back, though you feel your own smile creep up on your face. In the short time you’ve met him, Taehyung’s carved a piece of himself onto your heart- and you know you couldn’t deny him, even if you tried.
You soon get your answer as you’re striding by his side, dressed in another one of his thick coats and holding an umbrella in your hands as he guides you through a thick throng of tourists. You soon get your answer- Taehyung’s pulling out sandwiches and having the both of you settle on a bench in a busy Parisian square. There are gorgeous black street lamps that line the streets and a statue smack dab in the center, a man mounted on a horse being the view as you take in the throng of people posing in front of the statue.
“What are we doing here?” You ask as Taehyung hands you a warm sandwich and unwraps his own. You take a bite and savor the flavours of the tomato and goat cheese as you both observe the crowd of people.
“One of my favorite things to do is people watch.” He replies as he takes a bite of his, chewing thoroughly. “I also like to make up stories about their lives.”
“Is that not invasive?” The question slips out of your tongue as you observe a woman and a man dressed to the nines walking towards the statue. You can tell the man’s nervous as he fiddles with something in his dress pants, and you realize what it is when you see the glimpse of a box in his pocket.
“Not if it's a harmless observation,” he says as you both watch the couple approach the front of the statue. The man hands his phone to another person and the couple begins to pose as Taehyung continues on with his musings. “Life is beautiful and we don’t often see the beauty because we keep our heads down towards the pavement. People watching reminds me that by living truthfully and honestly, everybody’s an artist capable of creating beautiful masterpieces. It makes me appreciate what I do more.”
“That’s beautiful,” you sigh, and you feel your eyes well up at his words. It’s clear this is something Taehyung has thought about a lot and keeps in his heart, so the fact that this is something he’s sharing with you has you melting for him all over again.
Your heads both lift as you hear cheers, taking in the sight of the woman crying as the man pulls out the ring in his pocket and kneels on one knee. You see the woman nod with a happy smile and the man beams, sweeping her up in his arms as the crowd applaud the newly engaged couple.
“You have to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.” You feel his hand brush yours, pinkies hooking slightly before the contact is gone and you gulp, wishing that you had the courage to just reach out and lace your fingers in between his own.
“Look at them,” Taehyung says, nudging your shoulder with his own. You turn your head to his direction and you see a group of teenagers surrounding a flower vendor, thrusting money into the vendor’s face and buying as many bouquets as they can manage. “What are they up to?”
“They’re buying flowers for their mothers,” you reply easily as you take another bite of your sandwich. “It’s ‘Buy Your Mom Flowers Day.’”
“Is it now?” Taehyung looks back at you with a smile. “I should send my mother digital flowers.”
“You should, because it’s ‘Buy Your Mom Flowers Day.’” You both chuckle at your response, finishing your sandwiches and leaning back to observe more people. You both observe a man with his son on his shoulders, spinning the boy around and making him squeal. You both talk about how a group of four girls with their arms linked are probably a part of a secret international spy organization as they pass by your bench, their fashion high-end and serving as a disguise. You barely register that the sun has begun to set over the city because you and Taehyung are in a blissful and warm bubble as you both chat about everything and nothing, and it’s only with an outside interruption do you realize you’re still out in public.
“Pardonnez-moi.” The voice is shy and you see one of the girl’s who bought flowers at the stall holding a single daffodil in her hands. She thrusts the bloom in your direction and murmurs, “Pour le beau couple.”
Your eyes widen as you hear the word couple, feeling yourself heat up. “Oh, we’re not-”
“Merci beaucoup.” Taehyung’s voice is warm and the girl flushes when she hears Taehyung’s deep voice, a giddy smile spreading across her face as he takes the flower. “Elle est belle, non?”
“Oui, monsieur.” You look over at Taehyung curiously as he smiles at the girl, winking at her as he, you presume, thanks her once again before she’s walking away.
“What’d you say?” You ask.
“I called you a grandma,” he replies with ease, laughing when he hears you sputter with indignation.
“Rude,” you mumble, and he chuckles at your pout.
The sky suddenly becomes cloudy and grey, and you look up in alarm as you hear rumbling in the distance. “Tae-”
He’s opening the umbrella in the nick of time, thrusting both the handle of the umbrella and the daffodil in your hands. “Take it,” he says, a soft smile on his face as you look up at him in confusion.
“We can both fit under this umbrella, you dolt.”
“I’m making you hold it while I throw trash away, dummy,” he replies. You roll your eyes teasingly as he gives you a wolfish smirk, picking up your bags and striding over to the nearest trash can.
You stand up too, stretching your limbs and rolling your neck. Your eyes catch sight of the daffodil in your hands and you bend your head down to look at the vivid bloom, standing out against the brown of Taehyung’s coat. You feel a smile spread across your face as you appreciate the flower, relishing in the slight coolness and the sound of the rain underneath the safety of Taehyung’s umbrella.
You tilt your head up and feel yourself heat up under Taehyung’s awe-struck stare, a small smile gracing his lips as he looks at you. There’s something magnetic in this moment- you both can’t look away from each other, even if the both of you tried.
It’s only when you see Taehyung’s wet coat do you snap out of your trance, and you thrust the umbrella up above his head. “What did you say?” You ask bashfully, and he blinks hastily before turning an endearing shade of pink.
“Nothing,” he murmurs softly as he takes the umbrella from your grasp.
And no matter how hard you pester him, he doesn’t bother translating as you both chat and laugh on your way back to his apartment.
And, quite frankly, you’ll take it. You have a feeling your stomach would cause you to float away with the amount of butterflies you get every time you interact with Taehyung.
Tumblr media
“Tell me your dream destination.”
It’s pouring rain once again, but this time it’s so bad that you and Taehyung can’t even go outside. So, you’ve settled on just staying in- eating Korean takeout and asking each other questions in an attempt to get to know each other better and to pass the time.
He learns that you got into art history and museums when you were very young- your parents taking you to as many as they could manage when they could find time off from the hospital. They were supportive of your career, you recount as you both slurped up noodles up from your bowl.
In return, Taehyung tells you how he got into painting. “It was an accident,” he had recounted to you as he introduced you to spicy rice cakes. “My parents wanted me to pursue medicine, but I showed an aptitude for both art and science. And when I stubbornly pursued art, they were supportive in the end.”
“That’s good that they were,” you reply, though the words come out a little choked as you fan your lips. “Fuck, are these rice cakes always this spicy?”
“You’re just weak,” he scoffs, dodging a wrapper that you throw in his direction. “Hey, rude!”
“Said the one who called me weak,” you retort in reply, throwing another wrapper at him. He laughs and allows the wrapper to hit him in penance before lifting the lid. You watch as his eyes widen, making alarm bells ring in your head. “What?”
“I may have given you the extra spicy tteokbokki.” He admits in a quiet, shocked voice.
He gives you a piece of his sweet rice cake and his bottle of strawberry milk though, even adding in a surprise raspberry macaron as an apology. You relish in your small victory, thanking him as he waves you off.
The questions gradually get weirder as you ask him what he would do if he could make a cartoon, to which he describes “Make a heart shaped alien.” The answer is so uniquely Taehyung that you both laugh as you imagine the character, coming up with unique stories and adventures to the cartoon you both dubbed Tata.
“Dream destination?” He asks you again as your stories about Tata die out, both of you itching for a new conversation.
You hum in response to his question, eyes lighting up as you respond, “Italy.”
“Damn, not Paris?” He asks in mock hurt, and you giggle when he clutches the material of his shirt where his heart is.
“Sorry, Tae.” You confirm as you take a sip of strawberry milk. “Italy is the dream.”
“Italy,” he replies, nodding thoughtfully. “It fits you. Art history, architecture, museums-”
“Actually, it’s because of the pasta.” You cut him off and your response has him chuckling.
“The pasta’s good too,” he concedes, biting off another piece of sweet rice cake into his mouth. “Go on, ____. Your turn.”
You sip at your drink as your brain wracks for a potential question, an “a-ha!” flashing behind your eyes when you land on one. “Favorite movie?”
Taehyung’s eyes sparkle as he responds “The entirety of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”
Your brow furrows in response, biting your lip as his smile slowly falters from his lips. “____?”
“Are those…the ones with…Iron Man?” Your question has Taehyung reeling, looking at you with an aghast expression on his face.
“Please tell me you’ve seen these movies, ____.” His voice is tinged in shock and you smile sheepishly in response, tucking the hair that’s fallen into your face behind your ear as he groans.
“No?” Your answer comes out as more of a question, and Taehyung looks at you in disbelief as you scramble to defend yourself. “I’ve always wanted to, though!”
“Well now you need to,” he grumbles, and you nod fervently in response.
“I promise I will.”
“Or…” his voice tapers off as he looks at you. “We could watch it together.”
The atmosphere stills as you take in his proposition, and you look at the man you can’t help but feel a soft fondness for. You smile in his direction, nodding your assent. “I would love that.”
Taehyung beams at you and opens his mouth to say something, but the ringing of his phone stops him in his tracks. He looks down at the caller ID and his eyes widen as his head snaps at your direction. He hands the device to you as he says, “It’s the airline.”
You take his phone and smile at him, standing up and making your way to his balcony. You open the doors and step through, shutting the doors behind you as you answer the call.
And the information given to you during the call has your heart dropping to your stomach.
“Hi, ____. We’ve found an earlier flight to London for you, you’ll be leaving in three days. The flight is at 2pm, please don’t be late.”
Tumblr media
You don’t know how you come to the realization. Maybe it’s the way that Taehyung’s sketching on his easel that captivates you the day after you received the call that your flight’s been moved up, a look of concentration on his face as he finishes a line.
Or maybe it’s the way he looks up at you, standing on his balcony with your notebook in your hands as you observe him- and the way he gives you a big smile that causes you to smile back.
It could have been a lot of things or maybe even just one small thing, but you realize as you reach for a raspberry macaron on a plate beside you that you’ve fallen for Taehyung.
And that revelation is as breathtaking as the man that you’re looking at.
Tumblr media
Your second to last day in Paris, and Taehyung doesn’t even know it.
Not that you would want him to know- you don’t want to hurt him with this depressing fact.
Fuck, why are you even sad? This entire trip has been a detriment to your work career anyways, you should be ecstatic that you’ll be on a plane in 48 hours and that you’ll make it in time for your auction and conference.
But even with that thought keeping you going, you can’t help but feel nothing but dread.
And you have an inkling that it has to do with a certain messy haired painter that’s somehow stolen your heart.
Who’s currently trying to convince you to go out when all you want to do is burrow yourself in the thick blankets he’s provided you.
“C’mon, ____,” he whines as you shake your head, wrapping yourself tighter in the fluffy blankets you’ve been sleeping in these past couple days. “One day out.”
“We’ve been going out a lot and I’m probably draining your money, Kim.” Your voice is a deep grumble, though you can’t help but feel touched at the fact that he wants to spend time with you.
“Money’s not an issue,” he dismisses easily as he settles down next to you, placing a large hand on your knee. “And I want to spend time with you, mon cœur.”
Fuck- that’s another thing that’s thrown you off for a loop. He had just started calling you that…nickname recently, and you have no idea what it even means. When you had asked him he winked slyly in response before shaking his head, declaring it a secret and something only he could know.
How annoying, you muse. It probably means idiot.
“What’ll we even do?” You ask in disbelief as he chuckles at your hesitation.
“Trust me, you’ll have a good time.”
And so you let him swoop you away from your warm cocoon and onto the streets of Paris- and you find that you do have a good time. Taehyung takes you on a walk along the River Seine and treats you to authentic Parisian cuisine before taking you to a bookshop called Shakespeare and Company by the Notre Dame Cathedral. You spend the day surrounded by books, picking up various pieces of French literature and presenting them to Taehyung, who then reads a line to you in his mellifluous voice. At one point, you pick up a copy of Le Petit Prince and direct your biggest puppy dog eyes at him, who concedes with a soft chuckle.
“This is a children’s book, you know,” he says as he takes the hardcover from your hands. Your hands muddle for a second and you shiver at the brief contact, brushing off the shakiness and replying back to him.
“You could read me a grocery list and I would be entertained.” You promise, and his laughter almost gets you kicked out of the store.
You find a pair of armchairs in the corner and you sit and listen as he reads you the story in complete French, his quiet voice filling you with a sense of safety. The atmosphere is so peaceful- it’s almost enough to distract you from the fact you’re flying to London in a day and a half.
It’s well into the evening when the bookshop closes, leaving you and Taehyung to walk back to his apartment. He slides his fingers in between your own as he cracks jokes underneath the canopies you walk, making you snort as he grins at you.
All of a sudden he tugs on your hand, attempting to pull you out onto a close to empty square, save for some stalls packing up for the night. “Come and dance with me.”
At first you think it’s a joke. “Tae!” You’re giggling, actually giggling as he takes your hand in his and tries to pull you into the empty space. It’s only when you see the seriousness in his eyes that you pause, shaking your head fervently at the pleading look in his eyes.
“Come on, ____. One dance?” He pouts at you and you feel your heart begin to melt at his plea but you shake your head firmly, not willing to put yourself in a position where people can see you be vulnerable.
“I...can’t dance.” You say quietly, shaking your head once again. “Can’t we just go home? Or at least make up stories about people’s lives like we did that one day?”
Taehyung stops tugging at your hand in order to look at you incredulously, stepping closer to your own figure that’s huddled underneath the canopy. There’s an odd look in his eyes- a mixture of emotions but the most profound emotion of all has you reeling.
It’s how you stared at yourself in the mirror during mornings before you met him. Tired...sad.
His voice draws you out of your startling realization, and you look up at his eyes again to see that the sadness in there has been replaced with a mix of determination and another emotion you can’t quite pinpoint. He squeezes your entwined fingers and brings your hand up to his mouth, brushing the skin ever so delicately with his lips and leaving you reeling.
“Remember what I said when we were people watching?” He asks quietly, and you nod in response.
“You have to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.” You murmur softly, suddenly unable to look into his eyes. He senses your hesitation and gently tucks his hand underneath your chin, tilting your head up and making you look at him.
“You deserve your extraordinary moment.” He says it so confidently that you’re tempted to fight back; to say that you’re undeserving of it because how could you deserve anything good when all you know is work? He must sense your thoughts though, because he gently kisses the top of your forehead, pulling you out of your thoughts and back to the present.
Back to him.
“One dance, and if you hate it I’ll get you a macaroon.” You know he’s teasing you and you scowl at him, shoving playfully at his chest.
“Deux macarons aux framboises, monsieur,” you correct and he rewards you with his signature boxy smile, your heart beating a little bit faster in response.
“Deal,” he responds, before pulling you out into the empty streets.
It feels as though your steps are amplified as he leads you straight into the center, holding your hands up to his face and kissing your knuckles before he can fully stop himself. “Just trust me, ____. I’ll lead you along.”
“Clearly I trust you, we’re in the middle of this square.” You quip back. He places one of his hands on your waist and your breath hitches slightly when he pulls you closer to his warm body, placing one of your hands on his shoulder and giving you a wink.
“Sassy,” he murmurs as he begins to set a pace, your feet beginning to stumble along while he glides smoothly along the pavement. You feel just a little bit buffoonish- counting the steps in your head and trying to keep track of the tune he hums in an attempt to keep up.
“You’re thinking too much.” His lips are right by your ear and you shiver at the sudden proximity, tilting your head back and looking at him in bewilderment. “Just trust your instincts and follow my lead, mon cœur.”
“I can’t help but be stuck in my head,” you confess as he slows to a stop, looking up at him in embarrassment. “I don’t think I’m cut out for this…extraordinary moment stuff.”
“Nonsense,” he retorts. “Do you trust me?”
You blink up at him when he asks that question, wracking your head as you try to find a reason not to- only to come up empty handed. It would have been a different answer if he had asked you a couple of days earlier, but now…
“Yes, I do.”
“Then follow my lead.”
You nod, letting your eyes close as Taehyung picks up another set of steps, guiding you along the streets of Paris with a steady “one, two, three.” The swaying is gentle and you allow yourself to float, even indulging in his desires to twirl you around. You giggle breathlessly then, looking up at his shining eyes as he begins to gently hum a tune.
And his voice blows you away. That deep, velvety voice captures all of your attention, the way his low timbre sings all of the lyrics drawing you in as he continues to gently sway the two of you in the middle of this empty Parisian square. You’re captivated by him- this beautiful man whose arms you’re extremely lucky to be in right now.
The swaying slows to a stop as the song he sings ends, and you find each other gazing into each other’s eyes. Your hands go slack as he looks at you with a curious look, one that stirs a quiet feeling in your chest and leaves you breathless. You faintly register the feeling of water landing on your head, but you can’t find yourself to look away- not now.
“Tae...I felt a raindrop on my head,” you murmur softly, unable to look away from his intense gaze. You feel him scoff, pressing his forehead against yours and pulling your body flush against his as the gentle swaying stops and you bask in each others’ presence- too scared to make a move, too wrapped up in each other to let go.
“I don’t care,” he whispers back. His nose nudges against your own and you gasp shakily, eyes beginning to slip shut as his head ducks down-
-until you feel another droplet on your head, followed by another, and another, until you and Taehyung are standing in the middle of the empty Parisian square with nothing around you except the misty street lamps that illuminate your vision and the torrential downpour that immediately soaks you and him to the skin. Your eyes open back up at the sensation and you stare at him, too shocked to say anything or even move back into the safety of a canopy.
You watch as Taehyung’s eyes widen and his lips quirk up at the corners before he lets out a loud laugh, causing you to laugh alongside him. Because really, who could predict this? Standing in the middle of Paris during heavy rain, wrapped in the arms of someone you’ve only met a week ago yet have fallen in love with?
Your laughter dies down as you come to this realization- you love Taehyung. You love him- you want to scream it on the rooftops of Paris, say it to any local you pass by, climb the Eiffel Tower just to proclaim it with the entirety of France as your witness.
You love Taehyung.
And as you look back up at the man who’s staring down at you with adoration in his eyes, you feel your heart begin to sink because while you love him, you can’t have him.
But you’re too much of a coward to let go.
“Taehyung-” You begin to say, but before you can even finish your thought he’s placing his hands on your hips and lifting you up, twirling you around in the air and making you forget your thoughts as you shriek happily in the rain. You feel his laughter from the way your hands are placed on his chest, and you giggle breathlessly as he places you back down on your feet and wraps you in his embrace once again, that intense look back in his eyes.
“Tae,” you murmur, but he brushes his lips against your nose and you cannot help but smile, basking in his presence.
“____.” You can hear that boxy grin you’ve grown so fond of in his voice as his lips travel up, kissing your eyelids and all of the places he can reach. Your own smile only grows, and when he places his hand underneath your chin you gasp.
“Tu mets tous les étoiles dans le ciel.”
And it isn’t long before he dips down, pressing his lips against yours.
Tumblr media
As it turns out, dancing in the rain can lead to the sniffles.
You had woken up to your blanket tangled around your body, the smell of tea and toast pulling you out of your sleepy haze. You had sat up, only to smile when you saw Taehyung sitting next to you with a plate and a big smile. You had taken the plate and mug from his hands and instead placed it on the table in front of the couch, shuffling closer and tangling your fingers in between his as your faces met-
-until you sneezed, accidentally knocking your forehead into his chin and making him laugh at you.
After the laughter subsided, he had pulled off the hoodie he was wearing and tugged it over your oversized t-shirt, engulfing you in his warmth. He then proceeded to pick you up from the couch and carry you to his bedroom, declaring that today was meant for warm cuddles and the Marvel movie marathon he had been dead set on doing with you before wrapping his arms around your figure and pulling you close.
And that’s where you’ve been since. Wrapped in his arms and your head on his chest as you try desperately not to tear up at Peggy trying her best to come to terms that Steve’s going down with the aircraft and that they won’t get their dance. There are Chinese food containers on the nightstand from when Taehyung ordered takeout halfway through Thor and you consider making a move to get the orange chicken box and drowning your sorrows in the food, but you before you can grab at the box you feel Taehyung’s hand come up to your head. His fingers idly play at the ends of your hair and you look up at him, cocking your head and sniffling slightly.
His eyes widen at your tear stained cheeks before he chuckles softly, brushing the baby hairs off of your face. “They get their dance, you know.”
“Isn’t that a spoiler?” You croak, reaching up to wipe at your eyes but Taehyung beats you to it, taking your face in his hands before gently running his thumbs under your eyes and along your cheeks. You feel his chest vibrate underneath your own body as he hums, trying to decide whether to confirm that it’s a spoiler before he relents, giving you that big boxy smile that makes you melt.
“It’s not a spoiler if I don’t tell you how they get their dance,” he says cryptically. He leans down and presses a kiss to your forehead, letting his lips linger there and you sigh contentedly, sinking deeply back into his embrace.
You try not to think too much about the fact that your flight is tomorrow and that you’ve yet to tell Taehyung. And to be quite honest, you don’t want to go at all. How could you? You don’t want to break this bubble of happiness- not when you’ve never felt like this.
Taehyung must sense your inner turmoil because he moves his hands to settle on your hips and he wiggles his fingers against your sides, grinning triumphantly when you let out a giggle. “Penny for your thoughts, mon cœur?” He asks, pulling your body closer to his. Your hands find purchase on his chest and you tap your fingers rhythmically against his collarbones, tilting your head in thought.
“Just thinking about how hot Chris Hemsworth was in Thor,” you murmur slyly, and Taehyung scoffs playfully.
“Wrong. Chris Evans as Captain America is the best,” he says in response.
“Sure, he’s hot,” you act as if you’re conceding which causes Taehyung to smirk in victory, but before he can declare his triumph you swiftly cut him off. “But there’s no substance to him. Thor’s on the verge of a character arc.”
“The Thor trilogies are the worst,” Taehyung scoffs. You offer him your best pout but he shakes his head, staying true to his beliefs. “Ragnarok redeems it but the second one is just horrible.”
“I’ll have to watch it,” you muse, thoughts drifting to when you would possibly have the time in your schedule to watch.
“We’ll watch together,” Taehyung replies casually, giving your hips a soft squeeze.
The unspoken promises that lays behind that word, and what it means for the both of you.
But what if you can’t be with him?
Taehyung must sense that you’re not fully paying attention to him because he wiggles his fingers against your waist, making you squirm above him. You hear him groan slightly from underneath you as you wiggle around on his lap and you fight the warmth that begins to flood your tummy, biting your lip as you look down at him seriously.
“My flight to London got moved up.” You barely register the words when they spill out of your mouth but when you do your eyes widen, hastily clamping your mouth shut. It’s too late though- he’s heard the words, and you watch as the corners of his lips turn down.
“Oh.” You feel your heart crack at that one syllable, instantly wanting to quell the pain that’s so present in his voice.
But how can you, when you’re the cause of it?
“When are you leaving?” His voice has all of the hope in the world and you turn away, not ready to see the light die in his eyes.
His hold on your hips slackens slightly as he takes in that single word, and the tears you’ve fought to hold back so hard begin to stream down your face as your bottom lip trembles.
You never wanted to break this bubble.
You want to stay here with him and watch all of the Marvel movies with him while eating soft pastries. You want to watch him paint discreetly- that soft pout on his lips as he’s deep in thought before he goes in with bold strokes, his delicate fingers wiping away a splatter, his smile when you hug him from behind.
You want to listen to the rain on his windowsill while soft Korean ballads drift through his apartment. His deep, husky voice joining in on the melody and pulling you in both figuratively and literally into his body as he drags you around to dance.
You want to love him, you want to love Taehyung.
This is hell.
His fingers finding your own pull you out of your head and you look down to his face. You can feel the pain in his stare even when he lifts your hand up to his lips, gently placing kisses along the tips of your fingers before moving his mouth against your open palm, letting his lips linger along the skin.
His hand then moves your entwined fingers up to your own face and he cups your cheek, gently running his thumb along the skin underneath your eyes as he wipes away the tears that run down your cheeks. Even when you’re the cause of his pain he’s the one comforting you, making you feel all the more shitty as you begin to sob against his chest.
“Hey, it’s okay,” he soothes softly, though you can hear the tremble in his own voice. “We have one more night, mon cœur.”
“One more night,” you whisper back hoarsely, lifting your head up from his chest and looking at his own glossy eyes. “One more night.”
His grip on your face tightens slightly as his long fingers slide into your hair, rubbing at your scalp and making you shiver. His eyes slowly grow darker as he gently pulls you closer and closer, until you bridge the miniscule gap and press your lips against his own.
The first thing you notice is that this kiss tastes like tears, and that in itself makes you sob harder against his mouth.
“It’s okay,” he murmurs, lips pressed against your own. “We’re here now.”
You sniffle in response before pulling him closer to your lips, winding your arms around his neck and tightening your legs around his waist in a bid to get him as close as you can so that you never have to let go of him. He responds in kind, pressing your chests tightly together and hands sliding down your hips before they settle lightly on your behind- but even then it’s so not as to be lewd, but to hold you as close as he can.
The kiss slows down into something languid and easy, you and Taehyung basking in each others’ presence as you clutch at each other. The tears have long dried by now, but there’s still a heavy undercurrent of sadness as you pull away and look down at him.
“I’m sorry,” you murmur. His eyes widen and he shakes his head in disbelief.
“No,” he responds firmly, placing another kiss on your lips. “It’s life.”
You press another soft kiss against his lips, though your bottom lip trembles. “Our time’s been cut short, though.”
“That’s okay,” Taehyung reassures you, and he’s gently moving the both of you so that you’re now laying on your back as he hovers above you. “We just have to cherish the dwindling time we have together.”
The implication behind his words are thick and you swallow in response, feeling fire fill the pit of your tummy as you look up at him with big doe eyes. “And how do you propose we do that?”
Taehyung looks at you with an indescribably soft look, reaching down to brush the hairs off of your forehead before cupping your cheek lightly. “Do you trust me?”
Your own hand cups Taehyung’s, and you move his palm so that you can place a kiss against the flesh. “Yes.”
“Okay,” he exhales, before leaning back down and kissing you once again. You gasp at the contact and wind your arms around his neck, wrapping your legs around his waist in a bid to get him to press his body against yours.
The kiss is filled with heat and longing, his curious hands wandering along the planes of your body as his lips slowly fall to your chin. He begins to kiss along the skin of your jawline, making you whine and slide your fingers into his hair as he moves his lips down to your neck.
“Taehyung,” you gasp. His lips skim along the skin of your throat and you tangle your fingers into his messy locks, tugging lightly and whining when his tongue grazes a sensitive spot that has you seeing stars.
You feel his lips curve up against your neck and before you’re really registering what’s happening, he’s taking the delicate skin of your throat and sucking harshly. You moan breathlessly in response, bucking your hips against his own and making him groan in response.
“Tae, baby-” Your eyelids flutter shut as he continues licking and sucking until your throat is covered in dark splotches, his own version of art on your body as his fingers tug at the sweater and oversized tee you’re wearing.
“Off,” he softly commands. You oblige by lifting your arms above your head and he pulls the pieces of clothing off of you, leaving you in your simple bralette and matching panties, cheeks filling with heat as you squirm under his intense gaze.
“Merveilleuse,” he breathes in wonder, curious hands reaching down to brush along the curves of your body.
“I knew that word doesn’t mean grandma,” you gasp breathlessly, hips bucking when his fingers dance along your ribs. He laughs and shakes his head, having been caught by you.
“It means wonderful,” he admits as his thumbs brush the undersides of your breasts. The warmth of his rough fingertips has you shivering and you look up at him with a pout, tugging on his own shirt.
He chuckles at your silent plea, nodding in response before pulling his own shirt over his head. You bite your lip as you see Taehyung’s naked chest, that needy warmth returning with retribution as you take in his figure.
“Handsome,” you murmur as your eyes rove along his body in awe. You take your time admiring him this time around- not letting nervousness cloud your vision. It’s as if his body was sculpted from the finest clay- the gentle curves of his shoulders contrasting the hard planes of his pecs and the definition of his abs. You note how big his arms look and you feel yourself flutter as you continue to rove your eyes down his body. His grey sweatpants hang low on his hips and you notice the thin trail of hairs that start below his belly button, traveling underneath the waistband of his sweats and bringing your attention to the…bulge between his legs.
You whimper when you see how big he is through his pants, feeling your body squirm as your eyes snap back up to his face. His own curious eyes are examining your body, but at the movement of your hips his eyes meet yours. You bite your lip in response, looking up at him through the thickness of your eyelashes and he groans, settling his body in between your open legs and letting his bulge rub against your wet heat.
“Fuck,” he curses. You whine when he gives one experimental roll of his hips, tossing your head back and making him groan once again. “Don’t look at me like that.”
“Like what?” You gasp when he rolls his hips harder against your heat, voice cutting off in a moan when you feel him hit the spot that has you seeing stars.
“You know exactly how,” he mumbles. His hands move to behind your back and his fingers fiddle with the clasp of your bralette, making you raise your back as he fights to take the scrap of lace off of your body. “Big doe eyes, pretty lips. Makes me go fucking crazy.”
“I’ve no idea what you mean-” You begin, only to gasp once again when Taehyung finally pulls the bralette off of your body. He groans when he sees your breasts move slightly, and his large hands reach down to cover the flesh, making you whine and arch your back.
“Taehyung!” You moan, your hands reaching down to cup his own as he continues to massage and knead the soft flesh beneath his palms. The roughness of his fingertips has you keening, tossing your head back and moaning shamelessly. “Baby, I-”
“You’re so beautiful,” he groans in response as he takes your nipples in his hands, tweaking the buds and making you cry out into the air of his bedroom. “So pretty, mon cœur.”
His rough fingertips feel like heaven against your sensitive nipples, making you mewl and gasp as you buck your hips against his thick bulge. Your body begins to warm under his ministrations and you open your mouth to beg for him to just take off his pants, but the protest dies on your throat when he places his tongue on your sensitive skin and laves at the tip, making you cry out.
“Taehyung!” You cry out as his tongue and fingers work in tandem, tugging and nipping at your breasts until you’re breathing harshly and you can feel your panties beginning to soak through. “Please-”
“Patience, mon cœur,” he murmurs as his lips begin to travel down to your stomach. He leaves kisses everywhere he strays, covering you in his warmth and making you whine- needy and wanting more of him.
“Will you ever tell me what mon cœur means?” You whine, making him pause on his journey of pressing kisses on every inch of your skin. You feel him chuckle against your ribs as he lifts his head in order to shake his head “no” before continuing his journey to press kisses down your body, making you gasp.
“That’s unfair,” you mumble, back arching when he nips at the skin of your hip bone.
“You know what patience is though, don’t you?” He asks rhetorically, gentle fingers running along the fabric of your panties. He smiles when you nod, rubbing a circle onto your mound through the fabric. “So be patient.”
“What if I don’t have any more patience?” You ask breathlessly as his fingers slide around the waistband of your panties, beginning to pull the fabric down your legs. “What if I want to be reckless-”
Your musings are cut short when he pulls off the last piece of fabric that covers you from him, tossing the article of clothing away before spreading your legs to the point where you feel an ache in your thighs. “Taehyung-” you whine, your head tilting back into his pillow as you feel the temperature of his bedroom rise. “Please, baby-”
Your pleas are answered when you feel him press a kiss on your pubic mound, making you squirm. He whispers something in a different language and you vaguely hear the word “areum,” making you pause.
“What did you say, Tae?” You ask curiously, feeling your eyes flutter shut when he nips a small mark onto the skin of your inner thigh, making you whine. The curls of his hair brush up against your sensitive sex and you shiver at the feeling, needing more from him.
“I said ‘beautiful’ in Korean,” Taehyung replies as his lips travel up your thigh, dangerously close to the place where you need him most. “Pronounced ‘areumdaun.’”
“Why?” The word slips out before you even notice it, a feeling of self consciousness fighting your fiery desire as you grapple with the fact that the literal masterpiece in between your legs called you beautiful.
You feel him exhale in amusement against your heat, making you whine. “Because you’re beautiful, and your beauty transcends all of the languages I know.”
“And how many is that?” You ask breathlessly, moaning shamelessly when you feel his tongue finally slide along your pussy, the tip of his tongue gently teasing your clit.
He pulls away slightly and you whine, gripping his thick hair and making him chuckle against your slit. “Just let me please you, baby.”
“Please,” you beg, and he complies with your wishes- sliding his tongue back into your pussy and making you gasp. His hands grip your hips and pin you down as he laves your body in his attention, making you shiver and tremble under his ministrations.
“Tae-” you whine, tugging on his hair and making him groan. You whimper when you feel the vibrations reverberate throughout your entire body and you tug on his thick hair once again, urging him to continue on. “You f-feel so good-”
His tongue speeds up at your approval, laving your clit with kitten licks and making you buck your hips up against his face. The pleasure is dizzying and your body rapidly heats up- signalling the beginning of your end.
You feel the knot in your stomach begin to unravel as his lips continue their movements, body seizing up as you whine “Tae, I’m gonna cum-”
“Are you now?” He murmurs as he gently slides a finger inside of your slick hole, making you cry out. He crooks his finger as he slowly slides out, making you feel every ridge and causing your head to spin with maddening pleasure.
“Yes!” You sob. “Tae, p-please-”
Only for him to rob you of your heaven when he stops.
“No-!” You gasp, tears beginning to fill your eyes as you look down at him pleadingly. He kisses up your body as you whine, wiggling under his touch as you beg. “Taehyung, please-”
“I’ve got you, baby,” he murmurs, leaning down to kiss you on your lips. You whine when you taste yourself, hips bucking up against the bulge in his pants and making him groan. “Gonna make you feel so good- fuck, wait, are you on birth control? Do I need a condom?”
You bite your lip as you look at him, shaking your head and nodding in the direction of your arm. “Implant. In my arm- want to feel you.”
“Are you sure?” he asks as he begins to slide down his sweatpants, bunching up the fabric once it's off his legs and tossing them in a corner of his room. “I want you to be sure-”
“I want to feel you,” you reply confidently. His hips settle against yours and you rut your heat against his cock, twin moans escaping your lips when you feel each other with no barriers. “I want it, I promise.”
“Fuck, baby-” He groans as he places his hands on your hips, pressing a kiss to your forehead as he guides the tip of his cock to your slick hole. “Okay, we’ll go slow.”
With his promises he sinks into your wet heat, strangled gasps filling the air as he fills you up slowly. You dig your fingers into his shoulders, crying out slightly when the head of his cock pops into your aching pussy. “Tae-”
“I’ve got you, mon cœur.” He’s gentle as he thrusts up into you, bottoming you out and leaving you unbelievably full. You hadn’t seen his cock out of his pants but you can feel how big he is now that he’s inside of you, every ridge and vein throbbing deliciously as you both relish in that first contact.
He’s patient as he lets you get used to his size, waiting until the stinging subsides and you’re left with only the feeling of being deliciously full from his thick cock. “Are you okay?” He murmurs, pressing a sweet kiss on your lips. You nod, squeezing his shoulder in response.
“Yeah,” you whisper back. “I just want to feel you. Stay in this moment.”
He chuckles, though you can see the tell-tale gloss of tears in his eyes. “It’s just you and me, mon cœur.”
“Me and you,” you mumble in response. You pull him down for another kiss- lazy and slow as you both relish in the feel of each other, the moment sweet and quiet as you soak each other in.
The need for movement soon overtakes your being, though, and you whine as you squeeze around his cock. You hear him choke as he places a warning hand on your hip, saying “____, be careful-”
“I want you to move,” you whine as you give a small buck of your hip, making the both of you moan.
“Are you sure?” He asks, biting his lip and closing his eyes as his head tilts back. You can tell he’s holding back for you and that warm, loving feeling returns as you press a kiss on his chest- right where his heart beats.
“Yes,” you murmur in confirmation.
“Okay.” He presses a kiss to your forehead and slowly slides out, making you gasp and spasm around his cock. He chokes as he nearly pulls himself all the way out- only to slam himself back into your soaking heat.
“Fuck!” You squeak, back arching. “A-again, Tae-”
“Thank fuck,” he groans as he thrusts up, rolling his hips in a way that has you seeing stars. “You feel so good, baby-”
“Shit!” You cry in response, fingernails beginning to scratch down his back as the feeling of him thrusting in and out of you fills your senses- filling you with a dizzying pleasure as you try to catch your breath. “T-Tae-”
The pace is slow, hips joining together and your wetness soaking his cock as he continues to move in and out of you. Your hips move down to meet his thrusts and he groans out, slowly speeding up as he whispers, “Mon cœur.”
“Please-!” You cry out in response, your mind beginning to go foggy with pleasure as the speed picks up. You both begin to grind against each other- desperately chasing your highs as you both begin to unravel.
Taehyung’s fingers wrap around your wrist and he pulls one of your hands off of his shoulders, entwining around the digits and squeezing your hand. “Come undone with me,” he murmurs, leaning down and kissing the tips of your fingers. His fingers squeezing your own draws your eyes up to his face- noting the way his handsome brow is scrunched in pleasure and the way his eyes shine with something gentle and unknown.
Maybe it’s the way he’s looking at you- you don’t exactly know. But you feel your climax wash over your body as you gasp, a loud whine tearing itself from your throat as your back arches. Taehyung groans when he feels your pussy spasm around his cock, and one last plunge into your wet heat triggers his own end as he cums deep inside of you, bathing your walls white and leaving you content and warm.
He pulls out and flops onto his back, only to look at you in alarm. “Why are you crying, mon cœur?”
Fuck, have you been crying this entire time? You didn’t even realize until he pointed it out.
But now that he’s pointed it out, you know why.
“I don’t want to go.”
Your voice trembles and Taehyung swallows thickly, the post orgasmic haze both of you are under not enough to get rid of the crushing realization that you wouldn’t be here tomorrow.
His hands reach out to your shaky figure and he wraps himself around you, pulling you close so that your sweaty skin is pressed together. He runs his fingers up and down your bare back, shushing you softly though you can feel his chest shake with his own sobs from underneath your body.
“It’s okay,” he whispers shakily as you clutch at his broad shoulders. “You’ll be here tomorrow. I’ll hold you in my arms and all will be well, and we’ll get your raspberry macaroons.”
You let out a watery chuckle at his words and he smiles weakly in response, pulling your forehead against his lips and smothering you with as many kisses as he can.
“My time here felt like a dream,” you whisper brokenly as he pulls away, peering down at you with red rimmed eyes. “Like…I conjured up all of this in my head and that you’re not real.”
“It’s real,” he murmurs back, a tear escaping the corner of one of his eyes as he reaches for your hand, pulling on your wrist so that your palm rests against his chest- directly on the spot where his heart beats steadily. “I’m real. What happened is real- this isn’t a dream.”
Your face crumples as you begin to sob once again, shaking your head. “This is too good to be true, you’re not real-”
“____-” Taehyung’s voice breaks as he chokes on a cry, pulling you close. “Hey, c’mere-”
His arm tightens around your hips, pulling you further into his chest until your bodies are pressed against each other and all you can smell is the sweat and the sex and that warm cologne that makes Taehyung Taehyung. Your hands make their way up to his face and you cup at his cheeks, wiping away at his tears while your own slide along the slope of your nose as the both of you cry in each others’ arms.
“None of this is a dream,” he promises, though his voice shakes. “You’ll be here when I wake up.” He reaches up to push your hair off of your forehead before running his lips along the sweaty skin, peppering soft kisses along the delicate skin of your face as you sob quietly.
“And if it was a dream?” You ask, and Taehyung’s devastated look has your heart collapsing in your chest.
“Je ne veux pas que ce rêve se termine.” The words are shaky and you don’t quite understand, but you can piece together what it means from the shakiness of his hands.
“I’ll be here when I wake up, I promise.” You murmur your vow shakily as his lips finally reach your own, and you reciprocate kiss after kiss until all you can breathe is him.
You don’t know how you fall asleep that night, but the last thing you register is Taehyung’s wobbly voice as he whispers something to you in different languages, each punctuated with a soft kiss to your closed eyelids before one last peck on your nose.
Tumblr media
Your eyes hurt when you wake up.
You groan slightly and rub at your cheeks, slowly sitting up and turning to peer at the alarm clock on Taehyung’s bedside table. You purse your lips when you see that the time is ten am, but your eyes widen when you suddenly register the time.
You have to be at the airport in about two hours.
You bunch up the blankets against your chest and look over at Taehyung’s sleeping figure next to you, eyelashes brushing the apples of his cheeks and brow furrowed in thought as he dreams in his slumber. You reach your hand out hesitantly and gently brush his sweat-matted hair away from his eyes as he mumbles something in his sleep, shuffling closer to your figure.
“____,” he murmurs, a soft smile spreading across his lips.
You don’t know why, but there are sudden alarm bells ringing in your ears and you have the sudden urge to turn and run.
You can’t let him see you leave- it’ll break you.
So you do the only logical thing that comes to your head: you leave the warm bed and the quiet room, picking up your clothes and slowly closing the door before picking out new clothes from your suitcase and making your way to his bathroom.
You drown out all of the voices telling you to stay as you take a scorching hot shower and dry yourself off, swiftly dressing yourself in your change of clothes. You try not to think too deeply, forcing yourself to only take things one step at a time because if you think too far ahead you’ll unravel and all of your plans will be ruined.
The apartment is still quiet as you finish zipping up your suitcase, having used Taehyung’s phone to call a cabbie before deleting said number from his phone. You look over the place you’ve stayed over this unplanned layover, tears beginning to blur your vision as your resolve nearly crumbles from within you.
Fuck, you need to leave and you need to leave now.
So you turn and leave without sparing another glance, closing the door shut from you.
The cab driver is waiting by the entrance when you finish lugging your suitcase down the stairs, panting slightly as he flicks an eyebrow at your figure. “Mademoiselle ____?”
“Oui,” you murmur, handing him a bit of cash. He looks over the amount and nods, packing up your bags as you slide into the backseat and bid goodbye to the apartment you stayed at and the person who holds your heart.
The ride is quiet as the cab speeds down the dull streets of Paris as you look out the window. You frown when you notice this detail- Paris was so vibrant and full of life to you, so this sudden lack of vibrancy has you startling.
Why does it suddenly seem so…empty and grey?
You can’t quite put your finger on it, pursing your lips as you wrack your brain for a possible answer.
It must be because it’s raining- nothing more.
…no, that answer doesn’t feel right. It’s been raining almost the entire time you’ve been here, and even when it rained the streets didn’t look as sad as they do now.
Even when it was raining, you didn’t feel as sad then as you do now.
It’s only when you pass by a familiar shop do you understand.
Not just any shop, however- the shop that he took you to that first day you were in Paris, a box of raspberry macarons in his hand as he teased you over your pronunciation of macaron.
You scramble to straighten your posture as you continue to observe the scenery passing by, and you practically feel the memory of Taehyung taking you around these streets fill you with warmth as moments flash in front of your eyes. The street with small boutiques where you both took a walk. The cafe where he treated you to authentic bouillabaisse.
The bench where you both sat in the rain, observing people and making foolish stories about their lives and laughed until your stomachs hurt.
The square where he convinced you to dance with him, and where you two shared your first kiss.
You suddenly realize that it’s not the streets that have been dull- by denying yourself the presence of the one man who’s made you smile and laugh more ever since you’ve started your job, you’ve robbed yourself of that happy glow.
And you now know what you have to do.
“Arrêtez-vous!” Your voice startles the cab driver and he brakes too fast, throwing you against your seatbelt. You cannot find it in you to care, however- you’re unbuckling the safety device and pushing yourself out of the car, running and pushing past the crowd of people that goes against you.
Your business meeting can wait...scratch that, everything can wait. You’ve just found the love of your life and there’s no way you’re going to let him go when he’s within your fingertips.
You have to go back to him.
It’s the only thing that’s on your mind as you run on the rain-soaked tiles that are oh so familiar to you, racing down the street where Taehyung held you close and kissed you for the first time. You don’t feel the rain soaking your clothes and chilling you to the bone nor the aching of your lungs as you continue to run as fast as you can manage- you can only think of Taehyung’s smile as he wiped crumbs off of your face with a teasing smirk and the warmth in which he says your name.
It’s not long before you’re standing at the door that leads to his apartment and you brace yourself, running up the stairs and ignoring the burning of your calves as you race time in order to get to him as fast as you can manage. You soon make it to the top and you swallow thickly, wrapping one of your arms tightly around your body as you knock loudly on the door.
“Taehyung!” You call, biting your lip when you hear no response. It’s only been about an hour since you’ve left and he didn’t wake up early so he must still be at home...right?
“Taehyung, please.” You hear your voice crack hideously and you clear your throat, blinking away the tears that have begun to form on your waterline. “I...I’m sorry I left before you woke up, even when I promised I wouldn’t.”
You hear nothing from the door and you inhale deeply, raising your fist and knocking on the door once more with a little bit more force.
“Taehyung I…I’m gonna cancel my flight. I can schedule another day and find other flights to London- fuck, even different auctions can happen. I just- I’m gonna stay here. With you. I want to stay here with you, a-and, watch all of the Marvel m-movies-”
Nothing, no response.
“Taehyung.” You can’t hide how your voice is falling apart as the tears you fought so valiantly to hold back begin to drip down your cheeks. “Please- I...I’m here. Please, answer the door.”
Silence. The only thing you can hear is the rush of blood to your ears and your rapidly shattering heart.
“I love you, Taehyung,” you croak as you rest your forehead against the door. “I love you, please please please.”
Your prayers go unanswered, and something within you snaps at this profound silence.
“I’m so sorry, please Taehyung.” You raise your fists and begin to bang on the door, pleading to the high heavens for him to just answer the fucking door. “I’m so sorry I left, p-please-”
You’re fully sobbing now and you collapse on the door in front of you, pressing your forehead against the cool wood as you weep openly. Your fists don’t stop their movements on the door and you feel the rawness on your hands as you continue to beg and plead with the door- hoping that this is just some horrible dream you’ve conjured up in your head and you’ll wake up in his arms.
The pain in your hands is too real, though. You know that despite your foolish wishes, you’re living in a waking nightmare.
“Mademoiselle ____?”
The voice from beside you startles you from your stupor and you look up, only to see Taehyung’s neighbor who lives next door looking at you in pity. She closes the door to her own apartment behind her as she waddles to where you kneel, only to squat beside you and cradle your face gently in her hands.
“Madame,” you whimper. You feel the tiniest bit of hope flare in your chest- maybe she knows where he is?
“Where is Taehyung?”
Madame’s face turns down and she purses her lips, looking away from your face. “You won’t like my answer, mon chère.”
“Please, Madame.” You hear the desperation in your voice but you cannot bring yourself to care. “Where is he?”
You see the pity in her eyes before she says softly, “He left, miss.”
Your heart stops.
Taehyung’s neighbor continues, lips turned down as she tells what she saw, oblivious to how you’ve gone frozen in her arms. “I walked out of my apartment this morning and he was at his door with luggage in his hand. Didn’t tell me anything else, just told me to take care of myself and that he would be away for a little bit. Asked me to collect his mail for him as well.”
You barely register those words, a bitter taste filling your mouth as you fight to keep your last bits of composure.
He left.
Taehyung’s gone.
You should be happy- it makes moving on from him much easier.
So why does it feel like you’re drowning?
You grasp tightly at her arms, looking at her with desperation. “Please tell me that’s not real, Madame. He can’t have gone, he’s just getting baked goods. Right? Please tell me that he’ll be back.”
Her face is pitying, and she gently brushes the tears from your face as she murmurs “Je suis navrée.”
Your face crumples and your breath hitches as you begin to sob once again, but before you can fully break you both hear thundering steps from behind you.
Your heart leaps in your chest with hope, only for it to deflate rapidly.
You turn around to see the cab driver who was driving you to the airport, breathing heavily to catch his breath and red in the face from anger and exertion. “Run and no pay, missy?”
“I’m sorry,” you croak, and the man opens his mouth to retort angrily, only to be stopped by the woman who’s holding you gently.
“Monsieur.” Madame stands up from beside you and approaches the man. “Take her to her destination.”
The man rolls his eyes, shaking his head. “She doesn’t pay, she doesn’t go.”
You watch as Madame pulls a wad of cash out of her coat, slapping the stack against his hand with a firm nod. “Take her to the airport, Monsieur.”
The man scowls, crossing his arms before nodding his assent. “Fine. But if she leaves my cab again I’m not taking her back.”
You don’t register much after that. Not the cabbie escorting you down to the car or the drive over to the airport. Not the cabbie shoving your luggage in front of your still frame, or the walk to your gate. Not even the flight attendants scanning your ticket and getting you on your flight.
It’s only when you’re seated in your premium business class seat does the gravity of the situation hit you, but by then your plane has taken off and is flying you over to London- away from your heart and your love.
So you bow your head down on your mini table and cry, hoping that the thundering of the plane’s engine drowns out your sobs and the shattering of your broken heart.
Tumblr media
The plane attendant gives you a croissant and a cup of hot chocolate, a soft and pitying frown on her face as you turn down the food and look out at the clouds surrounding you.
Airplane food sucks in the first place, but you can’t handle the sight of Parisian food after what’s happened.
Tumblr media
A couple of days later you’re standing in front of a mirror, taking in your appearance.
Here it is, your big conference and auction- what you’ve been working and dreaming about ever since this year has started.
You’re taking in your cleanly pressed dress and fiddling methodically with your earrings, wincing when the earring back stabs your finger. Your new iPhone is on the table by the entryway and your luggage is back in your swanky hotel room at The Ritz, stacks of papers and files waiting for you to be carried on the desk in the middle of the room.
And yet, you feel anything but prepared and whole. Quite the opposite, actually.
If your fellow curators looked closely, they would see the tiredness hidden underneath careful concealer swipes, the redness of your nose artfully blurred away with your foundation. You hold your shoulders back with confidence, but if their eyes darted down to note your hands all they would see is the shakiness from the coffee you’ve downed in an attempt to keep yourself awake.
And you hope that they don’t look too close into your eyes, because if they do they’ll only see the red-rimmed sadness that comes as a result of you crying yourself to sleep these past couple of nights.
You should have stayed in his bed that day, tucked yourself into his side and kissed him awake. You would have lost this opportunity to network and secure new pieces for your upcoming exhibit, but you could have always found a new opportunity.
The love and the time you experienced with Taehyung? That was a once in a lifetime opportunity.
But you let it slip from your hands.
You can’t afford to think about it now, though. You have new art pieces to bid on.
Right as you’re finishing your touch ups, you hear someone knock on the door. A young assistant pokes her head through, and smiles at you cordially. “Ms. ____? The auction is about to start.”
“Right.” You clear your throat and gather your files in your arms, picking up your phone on the way out and nodding to her. “Lead me to the room.”
The walk is relatively boring, though you note some of the pieces hanging on the walls as you pass by. You recognize a Monet and a Van Gogh laying on one of the tables to undergo cleaning, protected by a sheet. You recognize more pieces as you continue on, but they aren’t sparking the same joy in you as they once did, not striking you as beautiful and revered masterpieces.
And you find it odd, to be quite honest. You used to dream of seeing these pieces in person, but now that you are you feel…nothing.
You haven’t felt anything in a good while.
Mainly because nothing looks beautiful to you nowadays.
Focus, ____. Focus.
“Here you are, Ms. ____,” the assistant announces after another minute, holding on to a door handle and pulling it open. “This is the conference room.”
“Thank you,” you reply softly, giving her a smile and making your way into the room.
The conference room is packed, pieces hanging on easels and covered by cloth as they wait to be presented to curators all around the world. You’re among one of the youngest curators in this room, and you feel everyone’s eyes follow you as you find your seat, snide murmurs of your skill and youth following you to your chair as they attempt to make you uncomfortable. You don’t hear anything, however- merely choosing to shut off your brain as you think of nothing and everything.
You settle down on the hard plastic, flipping through your notes with every intent to review your budget but you can’t seem to keep flipping. Your hands stop as you feel your bottom lip tremble, exhaustion and sadness threatening to overtake your entire body but you grit your teeth and examine your final budget, noting the price and nodding your head to yourself.
Everyone perks up when the head auctioneer comes up on the stage, numbers at the ready as he greets the audience and reminds them of the bidding rules. You pull out your notebook and your files as he continues on with his drone, noting down all of the pieces of art that would do well in the permanent exhibit as well as the backup pieces you could buy if things get too competitive.
“Starting with the first piece…”
The going is slow as pieces are introduced one by one, and you’re able to secure some pieces with ease. Others you have to give up and your lips purse as you cross those off of your list, noting that you got your priority pieces and ready to sit in silence for the rest of the auction.
“Now, for one of our final pieces- a set of paintings from one of the most coveted artists of the 21st century. These were shipped to us just yesterday and the artist is currently in London-”
You zone out as the auctioneer drones on and on, barely paying attention to the chatting in the background and the assistants moving up the cloth covered easels hiding the art underneath. You start to feel your mind wander to places where it shouldn’t go and you quickly shut that line of thinking down.
Regret will get you nowhere, the only thing you can do now is suffer in silence.
“As we unveil the pieces, we’ll name each of the pieces and then what the artist has named the set as a whole. These are unique because they seem to be telling a story: rain and street lamps, two figures in a bed, and a woman with what appears to be macaroons.”
Your heart skips a beat as you look up at the art, watching as the masterpieces are slowly unveiled.
“The first piece, titled ‘Rainy Day', translated from a Korean phrase.” You hold your breath as the assistant lifts the cloth from the painting, only to feel your heart stop.
You recognize that view from anywhere.
That’s the street Taehyung took you to after you two started talking once again- the same streetlamps and the bench where you two sat on to watch and make up ridiculous stories of the people traveling by.
Tears begin to blur your vision as the next painting is unveiled- you and him swaddled in his tangled blankets, faces covered by messy hair and his arms around your figure. You barely hear the auctioneer title the piece “Deux Amants” over the beating of your own heart as the assistants pull the cloth covering the final piece.
And the masterpiece that greets you causes your breath to hitch in your throat.
Because it’s you standing outside on Taehyung’s balcony in his sweater from that one day, your plate of raspberry macarons on the table beside you as you observe the Parisian skyline and the rain in front of you.
It’s clear to you what this trio of paintings is- these masterpieces are all by Taehyung, about you and the time you spent together in Paris.
You choke back your tears as you turn back to the auctioneer who’s continuing on with the art Taehyung’s painted. “This piece depicts a woman standing out on a balcony with a plate of macaroons.” You can barely contain the teary chuckle as you hear the announcer pronounce ‘macaron’ wrong.
You hold your breath as the announcer looks over his card, nodding to himself. “This last piece is titled ‘Mon Cœur,’ which is translated as ‘my heart’ in English.”
Mon cœur means…my heart?
Fuck. Never has your heart rate jumped up higher as it simultaneously drops to the pit of your stomach.
Taehyung called you his heart this whole time and you didn’t get to find out the true meaning until your art auction in London.
Is it just you, or is this room suddenly blurry and too hot?
You make a move to stand up and leave the room for some fresh air, but before you can you hear the auctioneer start talking again.
“This trio of pieces is titled ‘Paris in the Rain’ and is painted by world renowned artist Kim Taehyung, commonly known as vante.”
Vante? Fuck, you should have seen this one coming.
Of course he’s vante. How could you not see it? The caution in his eyes when you told him you were an art curator, him hiding his easels and sketchbooks from your prying eyes when you tried to look. He knew what your occupation was, and he was trying to hide his true identity from you so as to not cause bias. You numbly look up as you finish processing this information, returning your attention back to the announcer as he finishes his information before setting a price.
“Oddly enough, he used his real name for these pieces and not his artistic name, but these are still by the famous Korean artist. Bidding starts at five hundred thousand British pounds, do I hear five hundred and one?”
Numbers shoot up as everyone murmurs excitedly amongst themselves, wanting to collect these one of a kind pieces from the world’s most sought after artist. You sit still, however- unable to fully process the information that’s been given to you.
Taehyung’s actually the famous artist vante. He used his real name instead of his artistic name to present the story of your time together in Paris. He changed his impressionistic art style to a more semi-realistic, ethereal style in order to paint you and your time together.
The pet name he so vehemently refused to translate for you meant my heart.
You look up at the stage once again, feeling the care, tenderness, love in each paint stroke you see. The careful details in each of the three paintings have you tearing up, overwhelmed with love and yearning for what happened and what could have been.
You can’t control your sobs anymore as the price rises up to one million British pounds, collectors and curators alike vying for the trio of masterpieces on stage. You don’t know why you’re crying- maybe it’s because you finally realize what Taehyung’s been trying to tell you all this time, or maybe it’s the ridiculous price that his art has gone up to.
One thing is for certain, though- you love Taehyung, and you lost him before he could admit to you that he loves you too.
There’s only one thing you can think to do. Price doesn’t matter to you, and you can’t bear the thought of being separated from the last symbol of Taehyung’s love for you.
So you raise your number high in the air as the announcer drolls out “One million and one- you, Ms. ____?”
“Two million British pounds.”
Tumblr media
These macarons are not as good as the ones you’ve had in Paris, but you’ll make do.
You’re sat inside of a Paris style cafe in London a couple of days after the auction, scrolling through your phone and ignoring your half eaten macaron as you text your boss and let them know that the pieces have been secured and you’ll be home by the upcoming evening to oversee the installation of the masterpieces in their respective galleries. You’ll have to shift some collections around in order to make room for every piece, but you’re confident that you’ll be able to make every piece fit.
The conversation ends and you sigh, flipping your phone over so you don’t see the screen. You pick up your cup of hot chocolate and observe the outside- rain pouring onto the bustling streets of London as people bustle to and fro in order to get their holiday shopping done. You hadn’t even realized that it was the holiday season, too caught up in the past couple of weeks’ events that you have no more time to think about this festive time of the year.
And quite frankly, you don’t care.
You don’t care about a lot of things recently, actually.
You've shut down almost completely- a shell of what you were before…well, your unplanned time in Paris. Because how can you go back to how you used to be once you’ve experienced what you could have been?
How can you go back to a dull, loveless life when you had your grand whirlwind romance with the man who you still love with your whole heart?
There’s no use in dwelling in the “what-ifs” and “could have beens,” though. What happened happened and as much as you would love to fix your shattered heart as it sits in your chest, you have a job to do and a flight to catch.
And you’re not going to miss your flight home.
You stand up from your table, making sure to slide your phone into your pocket before picking up your lukewarm hot chocolate and frowning at the raspberry macaron. You pick up the leftovers and shrug, carefully wrapping the remains in the tissue and shoving the bundle in your pocket for later snacking.
You keep your head down as you make your way out of the cafe, only paying attention to your feet as you attempt to exit the bustling cafe into the even busier streets of London.
Attempt, because you bump into a solid figure.
There’s a sense of deja vu but you shake your head from the memory, the person gasping as their hands reach out to steady you.
“Shoot!” You exclaim as you accidentally grip the person’s arm in order to steady yourself. You begin to tilt your head up as your apology continues: “I am so sorry, I’m in a little bit of a ru-”
Only to freeze, stopping your sentence in your tracks.
Taehyung looks back down at you with the same wide eyes you probably have on, shock and disbelief evident in his stare as you look up at the man who’s haunted your dreams for the past couple of nights now. You gulp thickly and hesitantly squeeze the flesh underneath your fingertips, shivering when you feel the muscles underneath your hand.
A beat passes.
“...because of my flight!” You practically word vomit the phrase as you push yourself away from him, hands shaking and unable to register that he’s so fucking close to you after the sleepless nights and endless tears due to being away from him. “Yes, I have a flight and I need to go because I can’t miss it and I really have to get going and oh, did I mention that I’m in love you? Because I do- fuck, I have to go.”
And before he can say anything else, you’re maneuvering your body past his and practically sprinting out the cafe, into the bustling streets of London.
You’re too much of a coward to face him. Not after how you left him.
You’re panting as you continue to run, not paying attention to the streets or the crowds around you as you let your feet direct you. You somehow make it into the middle of Piccadilly Circus, stopping to gasp in deep lungfuls of air as you process the events that have just transpired.
You ate a shitty raspberry macaron in a French-inspired cafe, and you somehow got to see the love of your life Kim Taehyung again before making a fool of yourself and running away from him…again.
God, you’re such an idiot.
You feel tears burn at your eyes again, ready to curse your nervousness and your stupidity. Really, ___. The universe gave you a second chance at the greatest love you’ll ever have, and this is what you do with it? You’re so fucking-
You turn around and see Taehyung panting behind you with his hands on his knees as he also catches his breath, presumably due to the fact he chased you down.
“What- what are you doing?!” You gasp, eyes widening. “You ran all the way after me-”
“Because I’m not letting you leave me alone again without an explanation, idiot!” The words seemingly burst from his chest and his own stare widens as you huff, crossing your arms.
“I know I’m an idiot, but you didn’t need to say it like that,” you pout.
“I didn’t mean it like that,” he explains lamely, cheeks pinkening as he approaches you. “I just…seeing you again, after everything? I couldn’t let you leave again.”
“Right,” you murmur, kicking your feet.
Silence fills the air between the two of you as people continue to push and shove, trying to get to their destinations as quickly as possible. It’s only after a couple of moments do you gather your thoughts, and you whisper, “I went back, you know.”
Taehyung’s lips open slightly in shock, staring at you in disbelief. “You did?”
“Mhm.” Your eyes begin to brim with tears once again as you recall that painful day. “Stopped the cabbie and ran all the way down those streets, even sprinting up the staircase. I realized that I lo- couldn’t leave you so I went back. You were gone though, so I left.”
“Oh.” This entire situation feels like deja vu, like the night before your flight when he held you close and you both cried. You hate that it feels like you’re reliving it again, so you purse your lips and prepare to leave, but he cuts you off.
“Two point five million British pounds?” It takes you a moment to process what he said before you remember, nodding bashfully under his intense stare.
“When I saw those pieces at the conference…” Your voice wavers hideously as your tears catch up to you but you swallow the lump in your throat thickly and direct your stare to the mole on the tip of Taehyung’s nose, avoiding his eyes directly. “Those beautiful masterpieces…I couldn’t leave without them. No price was too expensive because they’re invaluable to me.”
You hear him exhale shakily and you shake your head at your foolishness in admitting this to him, not stopping your tears as you croak out, “It felt like the only piece of you left so I had to get them.”
You wrap your arms around your figure as the tears begin to shake your body, not able to look up at him. It pains you so much that he’s right in front of you and you can’t even bear to look into his eyes and tell him that you love him- that you never want to go a day without him again, because it would be too painful to see his rejection.
Moments pass as the streets gradually clear but you don’t notice, too wrapped up in staring at your shoes as tears continue to slide down your face. The silence suddenly sounds too loud- you have to leave while you can still keep some semblance of your dignity.
“I should go,” you murmur, sniffling harshly to contain the rest of your tears. “I have a flight home and…if there’s nothing else here, I just want to say thank you. For everything. In Paris and here too.”
You turn to leave, lifting your head and looking at the various street directions Piccadilly Circus has to offer in an attempt to find your way back to The Ritz. You make your way down one street but you feel his gaze on the back of your head, making you squirm slightly in your steps.
“Wrong way.” His voice is clear and you whip your head to look back at him, looking at him quizzically.
“There’s an information booth there,” you point out, but he shakes his head.
“Wrong direction,” he replies, folding his arms and directing his burning stare onto you.
You purse your lips and play his game, wiping your eyes of your tears. You step towards the left and he shakes his head, making you scowl and shift directions to the right.
“This is ridiculous,” you grumble as he shakes his head again, and you stumble slightly in his direction.
“Correct,” he says, and you freeze.
You look up and you see his eyes shining slightly underneath the lights of Piccadilly Circus, making you take another step towards him.
Another nod from him.
You begin to walk over to him, stopping until you’re standing directly in front of him. “What does this mean?”
“You never gave me the chance to talk,” he replies.
“It seemed as though everything that needed to be said was not left unturned.” You say softly.
You see him shake his head again, lips pursing slightly. “Do you know why I named it ‘Paris in the Rain?’”
You wrack your brain, trying to find an answer only to shake your head. “Because it…rained a lot when we were there?”
Taehyung chuckles slightly as he approaches you once more, hesitantly reaching his hands out in question. When you nod your assent he places his palms on your waist, pulling you close to his chest and wrapping your figure in his arms.
In this closer proximity you’re surrounded by him, but in an attempt to not stare directly into his eyes you focus your attention on his scarf. You can feel your heart beating wildly against your chest to be back within his embrace- but if you stopped to feel, you would feel his heart beating in tandem with yours.
“I hated the rain. I used to dread when the weather forecasts would predict rain and storms.” Taehyung begins his explanation as he begins to sway you around in a circle.
“Back when we first met, I was going through a severe art block because of it. Everything was dull, blues and greys not at all what I wanted when I went to paint my canvases,” he continues on. He tucks a hand underneath your chin, making you look up at his soft gaze. “And then I met you.”
“Me?” You ask, feeling that telltale sting in your eyes again.
Taehyung nods and a smile curls onto his lips as he gently places a hand on your cheek, swiping away the moisture that falls onto the skin under your eyes. “You were complaining to Toussaint as I was passing by and you were so…vibrant. And then when we were on that street corner after running away from security, all I could see was the glow you cast on the once dull pavement of Paris.”
Your breath hitches in your throat and you place your hands on Taehyung’s shoulders, squeezing at the flesh as he continues on. “You made everything bright again, ____. The light and the beauty within you…I started to love the rain because I associated rain with the most beautiful person I’d ever met- you. I first saw you when it was raining. I took you around Paris in the torrential downpour. The first time I kissed you was during a storm.”
His grip on your hip tightens as he confesses, “I realized I loved you when I held you after that night together, after you had fallen asleep. It was raining hard but all I could feel was peace as I was holding you in my arms.”
Tears begin to slide down Taehyung’s face and you sniffle, reaching up and brushing the tears away. He chuckles at your movement, taking the opportunity to press his forehead against yours. “That trio is called ‘Paris in the Rain’ because it’s how I saw Paris when I was with you…bright. Beautiful, even with the torrential downpours. I painted what I saw, and suddenly the place that was so grey was filled with so much love. I painted my love for you, ____.”
“Taehyung,” you gasp, shivering when he brushes his nose against yours. His breath washes over your face and you relish in that feeling- eyes slipping shut as you bask in his warmth and presence.
“I took a chance when submitting those pieces,” he admits, voice now a whisper. “I didn’t know if you would even be at that specific auction or if you had even attended at all, but I needed to take that chance. Even if you ended up not seeing it, or if you ended up not being able to buy it. I just needed you to see them.”
“And I did,” you whisper back, a watery smile on your face as you sniffle. “I saw them, Taehyung- I understand.”
“And that’s all I want,” he replies, his own smile on his face. He wraps his arms around your waist tighter and you respond by hugging his neck tighter, allowing him to lift you up as he holds you close with no intention of letting you go.
“It was hell waking up and seeing you gone, ____.” He murmurs in your ear as you cry into his neck. “I thought it was all a dream and you were just a figment of my imagination.”
“I’m sorry,” you sob, and he holds you tighter.
“No apologies,” he shushes you firmly, reaching up to stroke the ends of your hair. “You’re here now, and I’ve never been happier in my life.”
You pull back from his neck and look up at him, brushing your nose against his and closing your eyes when he presses a kiss against your forehead. “Taehyung-”
“____,” he murmurs, and you can feel his lips lightly travel across your face, breath fanning across your cheeks. You hold your breath when you feel his lips brush against yours ever so slightly, bracing yourself for that moment-
-only for a splatter of water to splash onto your noses, making you both look up wildly.
The sky above London is cloudy, and you both look at each other in disbelief. “There’s no way-” you begin, only to be silenced by a rumble in the distance.
You and Taehyung look at each other in shock as rain begins to fall all around you, and the sheer ridiculousness of the situation has you both laughing- clutching tightly at each other as you both relish in the downpour.
“It’s a sign,” he says teasingly, the biggest smile you’ve ever seen on his face making you return a big, goofy smile.
Your heart beats wildly in your chest as you look up at the man who’s stolen your heart ever since he sat you down on a bench underneath his umbrella, making you see beauty in art and the world again. The words are on the tip of your tongue as you both get soaked to the bone with the rain, and you decide then and there that your flight home doesn’t matter, because home is wherever Taehyung is.
Now or never, ____.
“I love you,” you suddenly say, and his eyes widen at your declaration. “I started loving you after you somehow convinced me to dance in the middle of an empty Parisian square and I’ll never stop loving you, so long as it rains every winter in Paris.”
Taehyung’s eyes twinkle with mirth but his smile is wide and giddy as he says, “Be careful there, ____. Sometimes it only snows.”
“The point stands!” You say indignantly and he laughs at your bashful look, tucking the wet strands of your hair that have plastered onto your forehead behind your ear. “I just love you so much, and I need you to know that.”
Taehyung looks at you then, that intense, deep stare boring into your own eyes as he says, “Where’s your flight home? I’ll book a ticket and I’ll meet you there.”
You blink at him, processing his words. “I- I can cancel that and move it around. Home is wherever you are.”
His eyes widen once again, and his bottom lip trembles. “____-”
“Taehyung,” you cut him off, smiling up at him as you both begin to shiver because of the torrential rain. “Work can wait, I want to be with you.”
You watch as his lips spread into a smile that rivals the sun itself, giddy laughter spilling from both of your lips at your declaration.
Life can wait, your love with him starts now.
“I love you,” he repeats back, smiling down at you as the sky thunders from above the both of you. “My heart, my light, my love.”
And it isn’t long before he’s dipping down, finally placing his lips against yours.
Tumblr media
a/n #2: first installment of the “i met you when i was 18″ series done!! pls let me know what you think <3 thank you for sticking around <3
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taegularities · 6 months ago
changes in between | jjk (m)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary: “Does that mean that I can kiss you now?”
Becoming the roommate of Jeon Jungkook is the biggest change you’ve ever gotten thrown into - but little do you know that the addition of another man will bring even further turbulence into your (love) life.
pairing: Jungkook x reader (+ some Taehyung x reader)
rating: 18+
genre: roommate au, s2f2l; some crack, fluff, angst, smut
warnings: pining, swearing, mentions of alcohol consumption, fear of the dark; explicit sexual content: multiple smutty scenes (one’s milder and with tae), slight exhibitionism lol you’ll see, soft dom!jk, big dick!jk, fingering, oral (f. & m receiving), handjob on the side, breast play, jungkook sucks some tiddies, some masturbation, dirty talk, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), voice kink lol, some finger sucking, praising, biting, soft manhandling, soft sex and rough sex, cockwarming at the end?, some aftercare; jealous jk :( ... jealous tae :(, jk calls oc a flower <3
word count: 24.7k (sorry, please do still read lmao)
a/n: hi, there !! credit to nicole who gave me this whole prompt and made the banner, too !! this trope is smth entirely new to me and i’m shaking in my boots here - so please let me know what you guys think !!
betas: @voiceswithoutlips​​​​ @missgeniality​​​​ & @hobiandsprite​​​​, thank you for your suggestions, endless help and for always letting me yell and whine in the dms :’) i love you guys to bits x
uploaded to AO3, too (for those who prefer pdfs or mobile readings!)
Tumblr media
➳ listen to the CIB playlist for the full experience!
Tumblr media
His eyes keep closing.
You know sleep is washing over him slowly, but all you can do is watch him intently - because even after numerous pleas and annoyed shakes of your head, he is still standing here, back leaning against the wall and wobbly legs carrying him god knows how.
You know that you would’ve definitely given in to the tiredness and weakness by now, understanding exactly that you become a victim to gravity anytime you drink too much. And from what you can tell, he is entirely wasted.
“Jungkook, honestly…”
His head shoots up at your words and he looks at you through half lidded eyes, the exhaustion written in them so clearly that you wonder what is giving him the power to still stay this stubborn. Instead of answering, he smirks as he looks past you, rolling his eyes and burying a hand in the pocket of his jeans.
“Y/N, honestly,” he imitates, the mocking in his quiet voice so apparent that your gaze darkens, “You’re just too scared to talk. You always are.”
“I’m not going to talk to you like this.”
Jungkook scoffs, back arching from the wall as he approaches your figure near the couch. With two idle steps, he closes in, fingers slowly coming up to your chin to meet your frustrated stare.
It’s not the first time he’s touching you like this. After weeks and months, you’ve gotten used to his affection, his presence close to one of a best friend - a soulmate even - and comforting to a pleasant extent. But at this moment, his hand on your face feels suffocating.
Not in a bad way. But more in a can-you-hear-my-heart-beating-for-you way.
If you think about your situation carefully, you might be able to pinpoint when you started feeling this way. Maybe it was before Taehyung - or maybe it just began a few minutes ago. Either way, you hate that you’ve let it come this far, and the way his gentle, sparkling eyes smile at you doesn’t help your ability to keep yourself controlled much.
“Tell me I have no effect on you.”
His voice is covered in honey as he gauges your reaction. The thumb stroking your jaw is cause enough for you to exhibit the effect he is talking about - the goosebumps on your arms and the unintentionally escaped gasp are surely enough for him to interpret your heart for what it feels.
This effect has been prominent for quite some while now.
But maybe it’s smartest to rewind to the beginning of your story.
Tumblr media
Everytime you get nervous, your fingers start fiddling with whatever they can grasp the fastest.
Although your right palm is already holding onto your phone for dear life, your left one is clutching your sweater, the fabric a little too warm for spring. The suffocating feeling brings a tight knot into your throat, one that you try hard to swallow as you finally press the dial button on your phone.
The beeps ring endlessly, and you’re close to hanging up again before a friendly female voice answers. “Hi! Jeon speaking, how can I help you?”
Your grip around the blue fabric tightens and you bite your lip for a second before you say, “Uh, hello. Good day. My name’s Y/N Y/L/N and I’m calling because of the online ad of the apartment you put up for rent?”
“Yes!” she chimes immediately, and you hear shuffling in the background and something moving that faintly seems to resemble the uncomfortable squeaking of a chair. Her enthusiasm puts you at ease - at least she’s not grumpy like the past few people you have called; her tone seems promising and instills hope that you might finally end your eternal search for an ideal place to live.
Since you received the bill for your last flat, your nerves were on edge at all times, the fear of being thrown out and landing on the cold, unforgiving streets ever lingering. The woman you’re speaking to now has a promising alternative though - a perfect place for young adults and those who are in desperate need of a cheap, yet livable apartment.
“I was expecting your call! Thank you for your email and time. So uh - jumping right into it! Two bedrooms, a counter that separates the living room and kitchen with the latter being big enough for two people to work in, a tub and washing machine in the bathroom. I know it’s hard to find something that fits all your needs, but I’m positive this might satisfy you.”
She babbles on some more, tells you about promising aspects of the apartment - and you listen, noting down the pros and contras mentally before you finally chuckle and remark, “Yeah, you see, my current flat has broken windows and a barely functioning air conditioner. It’s expensive and fails in so many areas. At this point, I’m happy with anything that just secures a healthy life.”
“Perfect!” she exclaims, her happiness never faltering while even more paper shuffles in the background. In your head, you imagine her fumbling with pictures of the apartment, trying to remind herself of its features while she advertises the place to you further. “Luckily, there’s already a fully working air conditioner and you won’t have to suffer this upcoming summer.”
This deal sounds good enough to you - until now, she hasn’t named a single factor that might shatter your hopes, and the way she’s talking about the apartment nearly sounds like a passion, a promise she could give without disappointing you. So maybe-
“However, there’s something you might be interested in knowing,” she finally tells you, and your heart stills for a split second as your lips part, your mind dropping dozens of possible scenarios on you that might make you reconsider your decision after all.
“Yes?” Your voice nearly trembles and your eyes shake, your heart thumping in your throat as you imagine another failed phone call and anxious thoughts filling your brain.
She doesn’t help with her dramatic pause, sighing slowly before she finds her gentle voice again and explains, “It’s a shared apartment. You’d have a roommate. But before you decline-”
You are very close to declining. You’re one to live alone - a lone soul wandering through the world and then coming home to a silent room, no noise save for your humming and lo-fi music. But then again, this apartment seems perfect - it’s not only close to your college and job at the mall but offers the opportunity of sharing rent, too. If you thought living there was cheap already, then you’d thrive and swim in money if there was a second person to help you out.
“-he works, too! He just finished his studies and is currently a part-timer at a grocery store before starting his actual desired profession. You wouldn’t have to ever fear being alone - he’s reliable and a good person. I’m sure you’d get along well!”
A sigh leaves your lips as you squint, head tilting while your eyes focus on the sink that is neatly placed in the bathroom of your working place. You wet your lips as you consider your options; but you soon realise that there are no counter-arguments other than your selfish demand to stay alone that would sound logical enough for you to say no.
“What’s his name?”
“He’s my son!” she answers, the insecurity in her voice vanishing as she gathers her convincing tone again, “His name is Jeon Jungkook.”
Jeon Jungkook.
A pleasant name. You wonder whether living with him would be just that, too.
Tumblr media
Apparently, Jeon Jungkook hasn’t returned from his vacation with a friend when you arrive at the apartment, the inside of it still fairly undecorated and dull as you inspect every room. Although you already took a look at the flat’s inner life a few days ago, you’re again struck by the smell of fresh paint, euphoria growing inside you as you realise that you have ten whole days to think about the interior design you want your room to bloom in.
It’s a pity that you don’t know about Jungkook’s taste - and you’re still too reluctant to ask. In any other case, you would’ve already come in with various plants and plate sets, flowers and quotes smoothly decorating the dishes in various colours.
In front of a complete stranger, however, you don’t want to appear strange right away, and you know exactly that quite a number of people question your taste in putting meals on heartfelt, deep quotes.
The afternoon passes fast, your busy mind and chores around the apartment keeping you in check. The ten minutes you spend looking for a spider surely contribute to passing the time effectively as well before you finally let your exhausted body fall on your mattress. Now might be the first time in around two hours that you’re gripping your phone again, eyes widening when you see multiple missed calls and texts light up on your lockscreen.
And strangely, they’re all by your soon-to-be flatmate.
Curiosity rises in your chest as you think back to your conversations - never did he bother to call you, both of you comfortable with and sticking to text messages solely. You unlock your phone as you go through the three messages he has sent.
Jeon Jungkook [3:06 PM]: Hi, Y/N!
Jeon Jungkook [3:06 PM]: Call me whenever you’re free! Need to talk about something.
Jeon Jungkook [3:10 PM]: It’s sort of urgent.
Your fingers flutter over your screen as you think about what to do next. You’re sociable on usual occasions, not one to hide behind a shy butterfly personality. But something about calling him makes you nervous - you’re sure the main culprit is the picture his mother sent you not long ago. Although it was fairly blurred and taken from way too far away, you could see right away that he was a handsome man - you wonder whether his voice is just as alluring as his appearance.
You clear your throat for a moment before you press the dial button, taking a deep breath as you put on a smile on your face that he won’t be able to see anyway. And then, he picks up and quite literally knocks the breath out of you.
Not seldom have you heard your friends talk about their fondness of attractive voices; a concept that has been entirely incomprehensible to you until now. For you, a voice sounds annoying or it sounds pleasant - not sexy.
But Jeon Jungkook’s deep, melodious voice proves otherwise, a strange spark igniting in you when you hear him say, “Y/N, hey! Finally!”
He’s laughing, a breathy, soft chuckle that doesn’t indicate annoyance in any way, although he has every right to be pissed, considering the fact that you’re calling him back almost two hours later.
“Yeah, yeah, it’s Jungkook! I’m sorry if I’m disturbing you. I figured you were busy doing stuff at the apartment.” You hear a voice announce a station in the background, and you feel like you recognise the name of the place, the faint familiarity telling you that he isn’t too far away.
“Ah, yes. I just finished. What’s up?”
He hums for a second, lost in thought as you stare at the dust floating in the air; and then, he talks again, the voice of his mother nothing compared to his honey covered one. “I know I told you I was going to arrive in ten days, but the trip was cut short and I’ll be there this evening! I’m switching trains right now and should be there in around three hours.”
Three hours? From ten days to this?
“Oh! Oh okay, uh- do you want me to prepare anything?”
You’re already on your feet, dozens of thoughts floating through your mind as you hear him pant. From what you perceive, he’s running, the bustling chaos and constant announcements around him so loud that you lift your phone away from your ear.
“No, no! Just wanted you to know. I can bring some dinner if you’d like. What’s your favourite food?”
You scramble your mind for your comfort meal, immediately remembering that it has been weeks since you’ve last eaten your dinner for lazy days. “If it’s not too troublesome for you - how about chicken strips with fries today?”
Jungkook chuckles a little, doors closing around him and muffling the noises temporarily as he says, “Sounds good. I’ll bring some on my way.”
And after that, your nerves go haywire for a whole long while. Living with someone isn’t that big of a deal - you know that. But moving in with someone you know nothing about? Downright terrifying.
Pacing through the living room doesn’t help, you notice that sooner than expected. Concentrating on your hair and make-up seems to calm you down; mostly, because your appearance resembles that of a scarecrow. But finding the make-up at all is a menace, every eyeliner and lipstick you own laying in multiple places and nearly impossible to find as the seconds tick by.
By the time Jungkook finally arrives, all you can concentrate on is the beast that growls in your stomach, the hunger so overwhelming that you nearly sprint to the door when you hear three firm knocks. The fact that you were lying upside down on your couch just a minute ago is immediately forgotten when you open the door, your hair sticking out at some parts as if you’ve just woken up.
But who could care about that anyhow if the literal representation of a Greek god is standing at your doorstep, carrying bags full of food and a smile that knocks the air out of your lungs? Whatever pictures you’ve seen of him, they do no justice to the out-of-this-world existence that is now shifting from one leg to another, greeting you with a saccharine sweet grin as he eyes you from top to bottom.
“Y/N!” he finally says, his voice so much smoother and lovelier in reality than it could ever be via call.
“Jungkook,” you answer, swallowing the knot in your throat before you realise that you’re ogling him entirely rudely with your lips turned downwards. Mustering a smile, you continue, “Nice to officially meet you!”
Going good. At least until now.
Of course no good thing can last - because as soon as the words leave you, you lift your palm to give him a handshake, too soon noticing that his hands are fully occupied. Although it has been barely a minute since you opened the door, you render yourself completely useless as an integrated part of society.
Every social skill leaves you before you disguise your faux-pas as a helpful offer, taking the bags from him gently as you step aside to welcome him in.
“Nice to meet you, too,” he answers, oblivious to your awkward action as he takes in the inner state of the apartment. And then, he looks at you again.
God, Jeon Jungkook is a three-course-meal.
Staring at him nearly makes you forget you’re hungry at all, instead craving so much more than just common food as he watches you with these mischievous eyes. Something behind them tells you that he might be thinking the same, because when you place the bags on your counter and let out a shaky breath, he’s closer to you than before.
He puts his palms on the counter next to the dinner, glancing directly into your soul before he says, “You’re... so pretty.”
Your blood flow seems to stop for a moment as you feel your brain short-circuit. For someone you’ve known for only a hot minute, he makes it easy for you to spiral into a near neanderthal stage, suddenly forgetting how words work before you pull yourself together and somehow manage to answer, “It’s the… make-up.”
And then a shrill laugh leaves your lips, one that dies down immediately when the noises of the opening bags overshadow you. Jungkook’s smirk doesn’t falter as he lays the boxes of food in front of you before he brings his arms down and balances his weight on them.
“I mean, I’ll see pretty soon what you look like without make-up, right? Or do you sleep with it on?”
You furrow your eyebrows at him, calmness slowly falling over you as you get rid of the nervosity you felt all evening long. “Of course not.”
“See?” He lifts his body again, tapping the counter a few times before he grabs his portion and approaches the couch. “How do you like it here so far?”
“It’s cozy. I didn’t get to see your room yet, but if it’s anyhow similar to mine, then you’ll love it here,” you explain, plummeting onto the chair in front of him as you eagerly open your box of food. “Oh, I actually experimented a little with the dishwasher and the washing machine. They’re super easy to use and have some great functions.”
Jungkook laughs again, bunny teeth on full display making you join for a moment before he questions, “That’s what gets you going, huh? Laundry stuff.”
You look at him with a playfully offended look as you shove some fries into your mouth. Words die in your throat as you taste the incredibly greasy food, your expression slipping for the tiniest of seconds before you collect yourself again. Telling him now that he chose an entirely wrong place to buy dinner from seems too rude - so you guess, you have to endure whatever stomach ache this might bring.
“Tell me you don’t like clean clothes.” You try to eat when he looks away, but to your chagrin, he never does. Maybe he really does find you pretty.
He shrugs his shoulders nonchalantly, sniffling as he tells you, “If it was up to me, we’d just go back in time and run around naked.”
You tilt your head when you realise that he isn’t joking, biting your lip at the thought of him being entirely bare before you shake the picture away again.
Don’t fucking imagine this stranger naked, Y/N!
“You really don’t seem to have a filter in your brain.”
He shapes his mouth to an O, bringing a hand to his chest. “Me? What gave that away?”
People are usually not difficult to crack. In your case, most of your acquaintances became acquaintances after you flashed a sweet smile in their direction, exchanging some interesting words until they felt comfortable, home. While you always find yourself at the giving end, it feels different to be the receiver of this feeling - because no matter how short the time was that he’s been here, you feel relief wash over you. You’re sure Jungkook knows how to make his conversation partners like and love him.
“Anyway, these strips and fries are horrible,” he suddenly says, and your eyes widen before you let out an uncontrolled laugh. He joins immediately, endeared by the sound of your voice as he tells you again, “I’m serious! Do you like them?”
“No,” you admit truthfully through your giggle, placing your dinner on the table, “Pretty gross, gotta say.”
“You have to tell me that next time!” he exclaims, gleeful sounds filling the room as you throw your head back, loving the irritated expression that creeps up his face. When you look at him again, you see crinkles around his eyes, small dimples forming on his cheeks and crescent eyes sparkling in the warm light of the living room.
“You know,” you begin when your laughter finally stops, “you’re very handsome, too.”
Jungkook scoffs before he picks up his chicken strips again, shaking his head in disbelief. But the blush on his face is clearly visible to you, even with his head hanging low, beautiful and sweet to look at as you decide that you are already fond of your new friend.
Tumblr media
As it turns out, Jungkook is a pleasant flatmate after all. His tired groans and the sound of the dishes wake you up in the morning; in the evenings, you always come home to the sight of him either playing a game or eating something while watching TV. Most of the time, he keeps to himself and leaves some food for you in the kitchen - and you’re more than satisfied with this.
It only occurs to you two weeks after sharing the four walls with him that Jungkook is utterly and incorrigibly lazy. While you’re a diligent student who keeps track of her laundry and makes sure to wash the dishes on days you’re assigned to, he does not. More than once do you catch him drifting off into sleep with the whole washing basin overflowing with dirty plates and pots, and waking him up always seems like an option you shouldn’t give in to, considering that he is still somewhat of a stranger.
Until today.
It’s the middle of the night when you nearly crawl into the kitchen with half opened eyes, your hands searching for your favourite cup to quench your unbearable thirst. Saturdays are for Jungkook to take care of the pile in the sink, but when you attempt to place the cup under the running water, a loud clang shakes you awake as your eyes shoot open in the darkness.
A sigh leaves your lips as you calm down from the noise, frustration growing hot inside you before you place the cup on the counter and march to Jungkook’s closed bedroom door. Your fist already halfway in the air, you prepare for a scolding speech - but then, you lean in, and even through the thick wooden material, you can hear his soft snores.
You might be angry, but you’re not cruel. Despite all his mess, you know that he works hard, bringing in money for half the rent and groceries, and he definitely deserves to rest at least at the weekend.
Maybe it’s smarter to confront him in the morning when you’re relaxed, less irritated and in a friendlier mood.
Tumblr media
But the friendlier mood soon evolves to sheer annoyance when you see him walk out of his room and throw his dirty shirt onto the couch chair - the one that is only inches away from you as you sip on some coffee and eat your beloved toast with jelly. 
Jungkook has a habit of running around half naked; at first, you were baffled by his shamelessness, and the fact that he didn’t care what you saw surprised you each day you woke up. After the initial getting-used-to-your-hot-flatmate process, you can now merely roll your eyes at him as you place your plate on the table and call his name.
“We should talk.”
He halts in his steps, fingers running through his dishevelled hair and eyes squinting as he looks at you through his tiredness. And when he turns to you fully, you nearly choke on your own saliva.
No underwear. You’re sure.
His sweatpants hug his waist smoothly, the fabric accentuating not only his strong thighs but the clearly visible bulge behind them as well. Okay. Maybe you lied. Maybe you aren’t used to his appearance after all.
You try to avert your eyes from the obviously gracious package as quickly as you can, but the slight smirk that creeps up his face speaks volumes. You feel heat rush to your cheeks before you clear your throat and motion him to sit down next to you.
“What’s up? How are we this fine morning?” he asks as he falls back into the couch right next to you, his body way too close to yours and the loose muscle in his pants bouncing way too much at the impact of-
“We’re good. But we could be better.”
Jungkook leans back against the cushions, head tilting as he opens his eyes entirely, slowly getting used to the light of the day. A glance over to the sink shows the still untouched dishes, and you inhale deeply before you explain the situation. He listens carefully, doesn’t even judge you when you seem to complain about numerous things in one single breath - and when you’re done, he places a soft hand on your shoulder, a genuinely apologetic look gracing his features.
“Why didn’t you tell me before?” he inquires, squeezing your shoulder lightly. It feels good - nearly like a massage…
“Because we barely know each other,” you mumble, trying hard to get your mind out of the gutter as you look into his soft, melting eyes. “I didn’t want to come across as if I had a stick up my butt.”
For whatever reason, his eyes shift down to your mentioned body part at your words, settling there for only a moment before he brings his right leg up to place it over his left, the crooked smile so cocky as he says, “Y/N, we live together. We probably will for quite some time. It’s fine to complain when you’re annoyed by something I do.”
“I get that but-”
“I’m serious,” he interrupts, patting your back once before he stands up again, “I know I can be difficult sometimes, so please let me know when you’re bothered. Ever.”
He buries his hands in the pockets of his sweatpants, graciously moving the fabric in a way that you can cleanse your thoughts. Taking idle steps forward, his eyes settle on the mountain of dishes, but before he reaches the kitchen island, he stops in his tracks, turns around and shoots you a rueful look.
“I’m honestly sorry. I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable,” he admits - and for some odd reason, you falter at his following smile immediately, every annoyance fading as you take in his genuine words.
Whatever effect Jeon Jungkook already has on your emotions and your body has you questioning every doubt you ever had about living with someone.
Tumblr media
As exhausting as the thought of doing chores seemed only a few weeks ago, conversing and getting to know Jungkook is a whole new pleasant experience; a process you embrace openly as soon as you start to understand his mind, hobbies and words. 
It turns out that Jungkook is easy to excite, a bundle of happiness that takes what life gives him; talking to him feels adventurous even in the comfort of your walls, and not once has he managed to not make you laugh about one of his dumb jokes.
And as much as you appeared to be the cute, innocent woman Jungkook met for the first time one month and a half ago, the more he gathered that you’re a loud mess that literally never shuts up. Sometimes, he wonders if you have a filter in your brain at all - and each time you prove that you don’t, he can’t help but look at you in the most endearing way.
Your gentle and yet fierce personality definitely makes it hard for him - and he notices way too soon.
“Look,” he mumbles one evening as you both attempt to cook a newly found recipe. He redirects his attention from the pot filled with rice to your pan, taking the spatula from your hand before he skillfully works his way through the chicken pieces. When he does it, his movements seem so elegant, different from everything you tried to do.
While you’re not the best chef you know, you mostly get the minimal effort done, enough to feed your hunger for the day. But when Jungkook lifts the pan and takes care of the sizzling food in the pan, you stare in awe - if a man while cooking isn’t hot, then you don’t know what is.
“If you keep your eye on the whole meal, you can make sure it doesn’t get burnt. Look, this one,” he explains, pointing at one specific piece that already looks way too overcooked, “was at one spot for too long. Don’t forget to flip.”
The fact that he’s explaining the most basic aspects of cooking to you, should be awkward to you. But something about Jungkook’s behaviour and treatment never allows you to dwell on your mistakes for too long; with him, you always feel more human than you ever have, like you’re allowed to be flawed and short on knowledge in specific areas.
He always assures you that it’s alright to not succeed on the first try. In hindsight, you feel guilty for calling him out the way you did; and on top of everything, about something as small as dirty dishes.
“Open your mouth,” he orders, his fork spearing a piece of meat on it before he brings it to your lips.
“Wow, there are other ways to flirt.” You let out a giggle as you accept his offer, hissing as you throw the scalding food around in your mouth.
Oh, there’s that, too.
Since you and Jungkook have become comfortable enough around each other, your flirting skills have shot through the roof, the subtle jokes and lovely words bringing you closer with each day. Your friendship blooms like your plants do, and it’s almost as if you’re seeing your own progress according to how fast your succulents grow.
“Shut up,” he says before shaking his head, nodding to your mouth as he continues, “If I wanted what you’re suggesting, I’d have my ways to get it.”
You almost choke as soon as he mumbles these words, a breathy laugh leaving his chest when he takes in your shocked expression.
“Two can play the game, lovely,” he tells you, wiggling the fork in front of your face before he turns off the stove. Wiping his hands on the apron, he takes out two plates, shooing you away from his workplace before he ends the cooking process.
One thing you must admit is that everything Jungkook does apart from playing games or watching TV, he does well. In that sense, you have caught him singing from the top of his lungs multiple times, his voice remaining angelic no matter how ridiculously he tried to sing.
He also clearly knows how to move his body, dancing skills so apparent that you feel almost bad joining him at times. You don’t know how to move to save your life.
He shovels some rice into a small bowl before he carefully places it upside down on a plate. Slowly lifting it, you see a perfect igloo-shaped mountain of rice that he decorates with a single leaf of coriander before placing the seasoned chicken around it. He repeats the whole thing as you watch in awe, baffled by the effort he’s putting in your dinner while you’re always one to messily pour food onto your plate and get done with your meals in a heartbeat.
“And voilà!” Jungkook says proudly, presenting you your plate with a wide smile as he hands it to you. “Bon appetit!”
As he repeats the process for himself, you make your way to the couch to place your dinner on the table, waiting patiently before he joins you with a smile as if you’ve complimented him. “You can start first, you know?”
“I like to wait,” you tell him, but as soon as he sits down, you start drooling, quick to set the plate on your lap before you dig in.
He chuckles at the sight as he takes the first bite with you. For a moment, you both hum, nodding in a satisfactory manner before you turn to look at each other.
“Amazing,” you admit, gathering some of the leftover sauce from your lip with your fork. Your cheeks are glowing nearly as brightly as your eyes from the relentless heat. Jungkook’s mind drifts off for a second too long as he takes you in - it’s neither the first time he gets lost in you nor the first time of you not noticing.
“You’re amazing,” he answers in a heartbeat as he averts his eyes, focusing on his deliciously crafted chicken again. “And thank you. A very carefully developed hobby of mine.”
He moves his head as if he’s hearing music in his head and his body moves slightly in a way that faintly resembles lazy dance moves. They say that when someone dances while eating, it’s someone to keep - and Jungkook proves that now. He isn’t just handsome - he is an entire package, sassy one day and adorable the next.
“Cooking, you mean?” Jungkook just nods in response to your question, still dancing to the tune of nothing as you continue. “That’s great. It’s important to have at least one hobby.”
He finishes his bite before he looks at you, nodding again as he ventures into an even deeper conversation, “Especially when it’s in some way important to you. Like - do you know these types of hobbies that just feel so sacred and personal to you, though you know half the world is doing it? Like drawing or uh, I don’t know, pottery?”
“Ah. Yeah, I know what you mean. And cooking is just that for you?”
“Mhm,” he makes, your eyes shifting to his already half empty plate while you’ve only eaten three bites, “what about you? Is there something like that for you?”
In some ways, thoughts like these have even crossed your mind on multiple occasions when you chased your little hobby in your leisure time. It’s fascinating for you that Jungkook feels similar, even if it’s about something as mundane as cooking.
“When I was still in elementary school, my teacher would always gift me a little book with simple poems at the end of the school year. They were just a few lines long and super easy to understand, but my little Y/N brain perceived them as incredibly deep and… strong.”
As you tell him your past tale, he listens intently, maintaining eye contact with a constantly interested gaze as you ramble on. “And I guess this hobby grew in teenage years…”
“Oh, were you one of these edgy teens who read short quotes about dead, bleeding roses and faded love?” Jungkook interrupts, laughing heartily before he puts his plate down and leans back on the couch comfortably.
“No,” you deadpan before you click your tongue; but then you join in his laughter, the shake of your head expressing your simultaneous exasperation and adoration, “I liked Poe and Angelou… a lot of basic poets as well as smaller ones. But yeah, this is probably a hobby I cherish just ‘cause…”
You squint, trying to think of the right words as Jungkook waits, and when you finally find a way to explain, he sees a bulb light up above your head. “Yes, because it always felt like it belonged to me. Like the poems were my possessions. Similar to what you said - half of the world reads these things. I’m pretty sure everyone knows Emily Dickinson. But when I crawled into bed and memorised the lines by reading them over and over again? It felt like it wasn’t the world with its poems but me with these small stories.”
Much like every word orbited around you back then, Jungkook feels his thoughts spin around you. The further you decide to speak, the more he realises that you’re more than just an assiduous student - because your mind runs deep, and your intellect as well as your emotions lie on a pedestal that’s way too high up for him to reach.
He knows it’s probably not smart to put anyone up there - after all, egos shoot up in no time, and people only stay humble for so long. But with a sweet creature like you, it’s hard to not see the beauty of the universe and beyond that you as a being capture so effortlessly.
“That’s an amazing way to see things,” he says quietly, the atmosphere in the flat so serene that you feel your whole body relax, “And I bet those poems love you just as much.”
You giggle lightly, sighing as you bring the fork from your lips back to your plate. “Literature knows only love and comfort without an end.”
“But,” he moves closer to you before he nudges your sides, stealing a piece of chicken as he asks, “what if I told you I don’t know about Emily Dickinson?”
“Then I’d say you’re lying.” You look into his stern face, a gasp escaping you as you move back. But then, he starts laughing, crinkles appearing around his crescent eyes again before you slap his shoulder painfully. “Oh, shut up.”
“Maybe I’ll make annoying you my new personal hobby,” he tells you, ducking a little when you throw a soft cushion at him. He stands up a second before you hit his chest with another pillow, playfully groaning as he hurries to protect the tableware from your sudden attacks.
“And that’d actually be something that belongs to me only!” you hear him say from where you sit, your head falling back as you fall into a spiral of laughter again.
Tumblr media
While the world changes around you and gardens bloom even brighter than when you moved in, your apartment seems to go through similar changes as well. The old couch that stood in your living room has long been replaced by a beautiful, white, faux-leather one. Even the rusty TV that barely allowed you to read the subtitles on Netflix has been sold by Jungkook’s efforts, and instead of it, you gather in front of a flatscreen every weekend.
By now, nights like these have become routine to you both: after interacting less than you want to during weekdays, you mostly crawl into your rooms after work, the comfort of your soft mattresses everything your body longs for at the end of the day. But now that your semester is finally done and summer holidays have approached, it’s easier for you to give in to leisury pleasures.
Jungkook? Not so much.
With his job at the grocery store, he’s busy even on weekends, the only relaxation for him being when he settles on the couch with you or meets his best friend Jimin for a drink or two.
In that sense, you were at first all ready to watch a Ghibli movie of his choice tonight before a heavy storm hit your town, forcing you to return to your rooms and watch the seconds tick by. While you suggested moving ahead with your plans, Jungkook declined, the rainy weather and incessant noise of lightning dampening his mood too much to enjoy the night.
You can’t blame him for his decision - the expression he wore when he came home drenched was one of a wet poodle: helpless and annoyed, entirely pissed off that the weather forecast didn’t inform you of obviously heavy rain today.
As if this isn’t enough, the light in your peripheral view starts flickering as you lay on your bed, your brain contemplating whether you saw it actually happen or just blinked for a few seconds too fast. But then, the light shuts down entirely, and you’re stuck in full darkness before you hear a collective “Oooooh!” through your open window.
You sigh before you turn, burying your face in the pillow and readying yourself for sleep, the hopes of a better morning already high. Because at the moment, you can’t do much more anyway - your idiotic self didn’t charge your phone, the battery almost dying and every other device in your apartment turned off now. The fact that you don’t have a generator in case of a blackout doesn’t help with cheering up your mood particularly.
Soon, you hear three knocks at your door, and after a muffled permission, Jungkook steps into your room. Lifting your head, you notice that he’s using the flashlight of his phone, the painful illumination blinding you as you groan.
“Jungkook, fuck. Turn it off!”
“Y/N,” he whispers back, a contrast to your loud complaint as he leans down impossibly close to you, “you’re still awake?”
“Just pretending.” He places his phone upside down on your night table, lighting up the room enough for you to see his forlorn doe eyes staring at you in something that almost looks like… fear?
You sit up instantaneously, placing a hand on his and pulling him down onto the edge of the bed as you ask, “Are you okay? What happened?”
“I- uh,” he starts, rubbing his face in exhaustion. “Is it okay if I stay here for a while? We could talk. Or play a game as long as my battery lasts?”
You’re still holding his hand, and he relaxes under your touch, entirely sure that you’re not even noticing how your thumb is grazing his skin softly. As his heartbeat slows, he looks at the way the worry is so plainly plastered across your features, and before he can find out why this affects him as much as it does, he feels a sting in his chest. When you nod without questioning him in the slightest, his shoulders fall - nearly as if a weight has been lifted that he carried with him for too long.
You don’t have to be the most Einstein-esque genius to realise that Jungkook doesn’t like the darkness - the way a faint light always glows from under his door at night is telling enough.
You lay back down on your pillow as you try to distract him, listening to the sound of the rain before you ask, “Did you eat?”
He nods. He tells you that he’s thankful that you made the lasagna today and left some for him too, soon delving into details about how the meat was cooked perfectly and the lasagna sheets soaked thoroughly, not one bit still raw. You’re happy he’s the one talking - you mostly feel like your attempts to cheer up your friends fail miserably whenever you try.
Thankfully, Jungkook is excessively into cooking and rambles on, your eyes soon falling shut as you listen to his voice as if it’s a lullaby. And when he notices, he squeezes your hand a little, never letting go of it before he whispers, “Do you want me to leave? You must be tired.”
Your eyelids flutter open before you yawn, shaking your head violently as you pull him down, although he isn’t even in the slightest implying that he intends to stand up. He almost falls on you, his shoulder landing right next to your head and eliciting a coughy laugh out of him as you apologise.
“Don’t leave. It’s fine. Tell me how you feel, though!” your half sleepy voice demands. He can’t help but stare at you in awe - somehow, you’re even prettier when you’re drowsy like this.
Teeth worry his lower lip for a moment before he jokes, “I’m fine. But you seem to be in a cuddly mood.”
“Mmmh,” you hum, flashing a grin in his direction as you raise an eyebrow, “What if I say I am?”
Yes - you flirt all the time. Even if it’s just to tease and without real feelings behind it (or so you think). But when he actually brings his legs up with a grunt and lets your hand go to pull you into his chest, you gasp audibly, eyes shooting open in shock entirely.
“Come on. You’re tired. I’ll just stay here until you fall asleep and then leave, okay?” he assures, words so soft and his voice coated in such a tender tone that you feel your heartbeat increase. Slender fingers settle on the small of your back, and you bring your own up to place them on his strong bicep.
You nod against his chest, still wordlessly wondering what confidence overcame Jungkook to find yourself in his arms like this. But maybe, you think, he finds comfort wrapped around you, too - because his heart thumps steadily against your ear, his hands tracing your back up and down soothingly.
“Are you really okay?” you ask him again.
Jungkook sighs; even when he tries to take care of you, you’re worried about him, thinking of every way possible to make him feel better. He noticed this behaviour in you a while ago - especially on days when you paced through all the rooms, calling your family or friends over and over again when they caught something as harmless as a cold.
“I’m alright.”
You feel him bury his mouth in your hair, the phantom touch of a kiss sending shivers down your spine as he whispers, “I promise.”
Silence falls over you shortly, his breathing and the rain serving as pleasant background music as you feel your body relax. His fingers draw circles on your shirt before he pulls you closer by a bit. His chest rumbles when he speaks again, vibrations in your ear so soothing, so lovely.
“Do you have a poem for me?”
The question catches you off guard. No matter what you expected him to say now, it wasn’t this request. You search your brain for lines he might like, but the sheer amount of love, hate, sadness, family, friends and society poems that flash through your mind have you malfunctioning for a second.
“Which one?”
“Any poem. I want you to tell me one.”
The floating images in your head come to a halt as you settle on one of your favourite poetic pieces and zoom into the paragraphs you love the most. You clear your mind and your throat, trying to keep yourself awake and picking out a few lines as you recite, “Thy belt of straw and ivy buds, thy coral clasps and amber studs. All these in me no means can move, to come to thee and be thy love.”
You stop, gauging his reaction as you look up at him. His eyes open when yours meet his face, and he smiles down at you sweetly and with unleashed kindness in his pupils. A small nod encourages you further, and when he asks you to go on, you place your ear back to where it was before.
“But could youth last and love still breed, had joys no date nor age no need,” your words become slower, your voice a mere mumble as you start to drift off into sleep, the last two lines leaving you nearly as if you’re drunk, “Then these delights- my mind might move... to live with thee and be thy…”
And then, you’re gone, dozed off against his firm chest as he sighs again, arms loosening around you before he finishes your sentence.
Tumblr media
To think that Jungkook and you would get even closer after that or take one or two steps further was a foolish thought of you, no doubt. Because even now, you think back to the morning after when you woke up to an empty bed, the mattress beside you cold as you blinked into the too bright morning sun.
“How do you feel?” you’d asked when you saw him,  merely receiving a thumbs up as he smiled with a mouth full of cereal. He never approached you regarding last night, never even talked about the touches you’d shared.
With everything you started thinking about him and your relationship, things felt intimate; almost not as if you had been strangers just two months ago. But with your routine settling in and life going on, it soon became evident that Jungkook was destined to be your best friend. One who understands, lets you live, lets you make mistakes and learn.
Someone who you know you can rely on when days become gloomy and have fun with when you get overzealous to try something specific.
And that’s it. Not more, not less.
You sigh as you stroll through the supermarket, glancing at the prices of fruit as you realise that right now is not the time to overthink anything that relates to your flatmate. Instead, you direct your frustration towards the overpriced strawberries, the number shocking you enough to complain out loud, surrounded by innocent customers.
“This economy won’t even allow me to enjoy fruit in peace.”
As soon as the brain outage happens, you glance around, pressing your lips together apologetically until you hear a deep laugh behind you. You’re ready to pout at the man who’s enjoying your misery so blatantly, but when you turn around, you face the brightest light in the universe personally.
His hair is smooth, dark, beautifully shiny as his full lips curl into a breathtaking smile. With eyes inexplicably deep and intense, he looks at you in delight, and you feel your legs give out before you remember that you’re in no place right now to collapse like the idiot that you are.
Superficial, that’s what you are.
You shut your inner voice up as you listen to the stranger explain, “Don’t buy them in this market. There’s another one around the corner, a way smaller shop with way better strawberries.”
“Ah,” you say, blinking a few times before licking your dry lips, “is that so?”
“I swear! Besides,” he tells you, stepping closer to inspect the package you’re holding, “you never know what they inject in these. Better to stay safe.”
You don’t tell him that bio-fruit is even more expensive than these and that his statement of getting them cheaper and healthier somewhere else might not be as valid as he thinks. But you contain your smartass, locking it somewhere deep inside your brain as you tuck a strand of your hair behind your ear.
“I’m Taehyung, by the way,” he introduces himself, a hand coming up for you to shake which you grip gladly, an inviting smile decorating your features as you tilt your head.
“Pretty name. I’m Y/N.”
“Pretty name back.”
His large palm rubs the nape of his neck, toying with his hair as his tongue darts out to wet his lips. You notice that they are mesmerising, rose-tinted, so full and symmetric - they remind you of strawberries, and something in you already wants to have a sweet taste of them.
“So uh, this might seem super sudden, but if you’re free, I would like to invite you to some dessert? I make some mean strawberry shortcakes,” he continues, a shy undertone in his voice that you can’t help but find endearing as hell.
“Dessert without having dinner?” you ask with a tilted head, moving the small shopping cart back and forth.
“Well, I mean, I can… cook some dinner, too, no problem.”
“What if you’re an axe murderer and I just don’t know it yet?”
He chuckles at your words, a boxy grin leaving you speechless as he shrugs. “Yeah, true, you can’t know. But what better way to go than after tasting the best shortcakes ever?”
The laughter never ends as you finally oblige, paying for the few things you’ve decided to buy until you step out of the shop. Taehyung proves to be the perfect gentleman: not only does he carry your bag, but he keeps eye contact as well, always one to keep the conversation going - even when you feel it coming to an end gradually.
You soon learn that he doesn’t live too far away; you must have only walked for around seven minutes until you reach his apartment, a cozy, little one bedroom place that is filled with aesthetic things that catch your eyes right away. You notice that he likes the colour beige - a hue boring for a lot of people you know, but a soft, lovely comfort for you.
“If you want, you can go look for an axe,” he tells you when you enter shyly, winking at you before he adds, “just to be sure.”
You follow him to where he stands with a grin, gulping down a glass of water he hands you to get rid of the heat before you suddenly find yourself in front of his stove. You tell him firmly that he won’t be working here alone - if he wants to make you some cakes, he will have to taste your semi-horrible Pasta Arrabiata.
Surprisingly, it turns out to be quite decent - but nothing can compare to the melting, wonderful, heavenly taste that the bakery spreads across your tastebuds, and for a moment you forget that he’s here before you hum at him with wide eyes.
“Told you!” he rejoices proudly, chest sticking out as he pats himself on the shoulder.
“You weren’t lying, gotta admit.” As you take another bite, your eyes roll back; and Taehyung looks at you in awe - no girl has ever been this open and giving right away, and seeing all shyness leave the atmosphere between you, is something he finds pleasantly refreshing.
He keeps nodding at you, eyebrows wiggling with confidence until he suddenly says, “Just pretty things for a pretty girl.”
You feel something buzz in the pit of your stomach, and you try to remark something in return - but before you can succeed, he leans forward, a thumb coming up to the corner of your mouth before he backs away again. “You had some…”
Heat creeps up your chest and face, and you shake your head with a scoff, whispering “How cliché, huh?” as you finish the last bite.
You decide to stay just a little longer, intrigued by stories of his travels and favourite songs until you find yourself losing track of time. Dusk overcomes your town and stars sparkle outside, the warmth of his light bulbs dipping his room into an even more beautiful museum. It happens sometime after your retelling of personal tales of broken hearts and past break-ups that he leans in and presses his pillowy lips against yours.
The kiss leads to fervent touches, fervent touches to bare bodies and bare bodies to something you would’ve never imagined a few hours ago. In all that fever, you never notice all the incoming messages and calls from the man who’s waiting for you at home impatiently.
Tumblr media
Jungkook hears the school girl giggles before he knocks at your door, heart dropping a few floors when he realises how often you’ve started spending your time on your phone and without him.
His hands are still floury from kneading the pizza dough, so he opens the door with his foot, finding you lying sideways on your bed as you speak into your phone. You look up at him with a smile, telling the person on the other end to hold on before you cover the speaker.
“Hey, Koo.”
“I wanted to uh, ask if you want to help with the pizza? I’m done with the dough.”
There’s a laziness in his voice that seems new to you, a lifelessness that almost sounds like he’s waiting to let something out; as if he’s eager to hear an explanation about things that might be going on with you.
Your lips form an O, nodding enthusiastically as you tell him, “I’ll be there in two minutes, okay?”
“Sure,” he replies before he leaves, trying to close the door with his elbow on the handle; but as he doesn’t manage to shut it entirely, your voice still seeps through the crack clearly.
“Will you pick me up from work tomorrow?” A short pause, another chuckle. “Always a gentleman. Yeah. See you tomorrow then.”
Jungkook steps away from the door when he hears you move, approaching the kitchen counter and keeping himself busy with the dough as he hears you chime, “Pizza day!”
He wished he could laugh at your ardour, but all that floats in his mind is that you’ll be gone tomorrow - on your weekly Friday game night.
But who is he to control your life anyway?
Tumblr media
You’re sure the mirror shows a prettier self of you.
Because the dress that is hugging your waist so perfectly, accentuating your body and emphasizing your ass is surely an apple for anyone’s eye. You turn and pose in a confidence you haven’t experienced for so long - and maybe it’s all of Taehyung’s words that have you feeling this way. But regardless, you know you won’t let go of this euphoria for as long as it so gracefully decides to stick with your insecure self.
You flinch when Jungkook places his chin on your shoulders out of nowhere, meeting your eyes in your reflection before he says, “Why do we look so gorgeous today?”
With a roll of your eyes and a smug smirk, you ask him if he’s talking about himself, but he only scoffs, lifting his head and placing his hands on your arms tightly. “Honestly. You look like a flower.”
“Specify which flower.”
A soft slap lands on your skin and he shakes his head before flashing you a bunny smile again. “Mmmmh.”
You turn around to face him, hands landing on your hips as you watch him stroke his nonexistent beard. “Yes?”
“Blue dress. Definitely a forget-me-not.”
Jungkook’s smile doesn’t stay as long as you’re used to, and he buries his hands in the pockets of his shorts as he inquires, “Are you going out with your boyfriend?”
With his insides burning, he admits to himself how much he hates the fact that Taehyung gets to see and touch you like this while he has to wait right here, hoping that you still think of him while you’re away. Jealousy is nasty, an absolutely disgusting poison - but there’s no way he can stop it; not when you look and smile like this, not when it’s you in all your glory and beauty, inside and out.
The glow on your face is the only thing that keeps him from despising Taehyung entirely. The way you seem so happy and content fills Jungkook with fondness and pain simultaneously; loving that you feel good but loathing that he’s not the reason for it.
“We’re meeting in an hour, yeah.”
You look into the mirror again, reapplying the lipstick that hasn’t even faded yet before checking if your teeth have become victim to the nude colour.
But before Jungkook can reply, a firm knock startles you, a guest you didn’t expect waiting on the other side as if on cue. You shoot Jungkook an exploring look, the question “Yours?” written on your face to which he only shrugs his shoulders.
In a few steps, he is at the door, looking through the peephole before he backs away and pushes the handle down. To your utter surprise, both your and Jungkook’s eyes meet those of an exciting Taehyung, his large hands wrapped around a bouquet of beautiful purple flowers and his knuckles pale. But when he looks into the face of your flatmate, he steps away slightly, looking over his shoulder to make sure he is standing in front of the correct apartment.
“Uh - is Y/N here?” his baritone voice asks, looking past Jungkook’s shoulder and finding the answer to his own question when he detects you standing in the middle of the small room.
Your fingers clutch the fabric of your dress tightly, teeth gritting in tension when you realise that you never actually told Taehyung that you don’t live alone but with your incredibly beautiful, currently shirtless friend.
“Tae! What are you doing here?” you breathe, panic apparent in your eyes as Taehyung enters, lowering the bouquet in his hands.
Despite dating him for three weeks already, you failed to give him the most basic information about your life - and you can’t resent him from looking the way he does right now: disappointed, curious, confused.
“So you’re the Taehyung she keeps talking about,” Jungkook remarks behind your boyfriend, an eyebrow raised teasingly as he closes the door with a soft thud.
“That’s me,” the man in question replies, not leaving your face as he looks at you with a question mark written on his forehead, “and you are?”
And finally, he turns around, both men glaring at each other as if they are about to attack each other’s throats like wild cats. For a split moment, Jungkook’s gaze meets yours, and when he looks back at Taehyung, his expression relaxes endlessly - but not in the way you’d like. You wonder what he’s thinking - where the melancholy on his face is coming from suddenly.
But you think you know him well enough to understand that something is wrong. He’s not angry, no - not anyhow irritated either. He looks sad and so, so betrayed. You can’t entirely pinpoint why, but you make a mental note in your mind to ask him later.
“He’s my... flatmate, Tae,” you answer eventually, placing a hand on the nape of his neck as you explain, “we’ve been living together for almost three months. But we’re just friends. His- um-”
You walk around his body to face him, both your palms settling on his cheeks to make him look at you. And when he does, you smile at him softly, his face not pained but still a little questioning. “His mom suggested this apartment since it’s cheaper to share and Jungkook was looking for a co-tenant, too.”
“Just a friend?” Taehyung repeats - and although you can’t see Jungkook, you can almost imagine the way he’s shifting from one leg to another, hoping that the awkward situation ends soon, so he can continue playing his games.
That’s just what you think - with your back turned to him, you don’t notice how his face falls and arms drop to his sides. You don’t see his chest deflate; don’t know that his mouth twitches uncomfortably as he watches you caress Taehyung’s cheeks.
“Yeah. I promise.”
“She’s right, man,” Jungkook’s voice agrees, but you still observe Taehyung, looking for signs of disbelief. And when nothing comes, you feel his body relax, the breath he was holding now finally releasing. “Nothing happening here.”
And then, suddenly, Taehyung laughs, a honeysweet chuckle that allows his eyes to twinkle in genuine happiness and relief. One palm brushing your hair from your face, he leans down before his lips land on yours, electricity flowing through your body as you reciprocate the kiss immediately.
It only occurs to you how weird it must be for Jungkook when he’s already gone, the spot where he was standing just a minute ago empty when you turn around.
Tumblr media
“Is Jungkook in love with you?”
Cuddling on the couch at dawn while solving sudoku puzzles does not include questions like these in your mind. For you, it means happy laughter, stupid teasing and bad jokes. Asking you what your flatmate might or might not feel for you is not on your usual menu.
“What?” you ask Taehyung as you look at his sun-drenched features.
“Listen, I’m not jealous or scared of him stealing you. But if he is in love with you, this might not be the healthiest setup between you.”
With this, he means living together, you’re sure. But admittedly, your thoughts never drifted to this possibility extensively. Yes, when you still felt lost in what Jungkook is to you, you often questioned what he might think about you two, but since Taehyung and you became official, you never bothered to stay hung up on this topic for too long.
Especially since Jungkook never acted like he needed you to be more than this. Bold nature, honesty written in his bones, always direct and fearless - that’s what he is. That’s what makes him your best friend.
“I don’t think he is. And if I’m wrong, then I don’t know it,” you let him know, but he only shifts behind you, pressing the pencil into the sudoku book as he clicks his tongue.
Then, he starts doodling hearts on the paper, sighing deeply as he tells you, “I guess I just don’t want to share you.”
“You’re not sharing me, Tae,” you assure, pressing your body back into his as he lets out a small, quiet moan. One of his arms wraps around your torso, the air of the AC grazing your skin pleasantly as you lay under a thin blanket.
Your mother never understood the concept of burying your body under a blanket while having turned on the AC, and you reckoned you were genuinely strange - until Taehyung suggested the same exact thing before you cuddled up in each other’s arms like you are now.
“Can you say that again?” he asks softly, lips ghosting over your earlobe and causing a tremble that takes over your whole torso.
“Not sharing me...”
He pulls you into him after placing the sudoku book on the table, intertwining your fingers with his as his mouth presses gentle kisses on the side of your neck. You hum in content, breathing fastening as you try to concentrate on his words.
“Do you know the fairytale ‘A spoonful of heart’?” he asks you, his voice husky, deep, so inviting.
“Mh, I don’t think I do.” His fingers explore the skin under your shirt carefully, drawing lines and circles onto it as you close your eyes in delight. “You could tell me, though.”
“Well…” He traces your body down, soon reaching the hem of your shorts before he pulls them aside and slips under them to brush his digits against your sensitive bud. It should be strange - talking about fairytales while he pleases you on your couch. But someone like Taehyung can even turn a situation like this into something you welcome.
While his presence and existence proves to be one of an angel on Earth everyday, he never holds back when it comes to physical contact. As adults who are both experienced and deprived when it comes to sex, you didn’t wait for intimacy long, soon noticing that Taehyung liked you enough after just a month and half to take you wherever and whenever he can.
Whether that means to bend you over his desk or push you up against a wall isn’t important - but what you know is that you’re both too hungry to keep your hands off each other for longer than you’re forced to.
“A fairy… almost as pretty as you,” he starts, stopping to moan with you when he circles your clit, “lives in a whole different universe with magical powers. But she’s lonely.”
His lips leave a trail of chaste kisses along your cheek before he bites your jaw gently, continuing as you squirm in his grip, “So she decides to make herself a friend. But anytime she talks to him, he doesn’t answer, no matter how many clothes she brings or how many names she gives him.”
“And then she notices that it’s feelings that her new friend needs. A spoonful of her heart. So what do you think happens in the end?”
He waits for your answer, gripping you tightly to stop your excessive movements, harmless kisses transforming into open mouthed ones that leave your neck wet, marks already blooming.
“Tell me what happens, Tae…” you moan out, hissing when his actions on your swollen bud speed up.
“Her friend comes to life,” he concludes as you turn to look at him, molten gemstones staring back at you fondly before he adds, “you make me feel like you’re the one bringing me to life in our story.”
And with that, your lips lock, no matter how cheesy his confession was. His mouth swallows your mewls as he brings you closer to the edge - but every good thing comes to an end at some point, and so do your adventures. It’s just tiring that with you, the shift always happens in the most awkward way possible.
You hear the cough before you hear the steps, and you both flinch hard enough for your head to hit Taehyung’s nose, his hand immediately shooting out of your shorts to cover his face in pain.
“Can’t you guys find a room for your escapades?” Jungkook questions with an offended look in his eyes, his hair a complete chaos as he steps closer.
You must admit, not only were your actions a moment ago shameless, but most likely downright rude as well. But in your defense…
“I thought you were sleeping. I’m sorry, Koo.”
With his lips pressed together, Taehyung watches the mood change from hot to near agony, and as you look at Jungkook pleadingly, your boyfriend moves from behind you to stand. Fingers run through his fluffy hair, and before you can think twice, he says, “I should leave. But I’ll be back on Saturday to help you with painting.”
He winks at you before he kisses your cheek gently, squeezing your hand once. Before you know it, he’s picked up his keys, nodded goodbye to Jungkook and exited the apartment - and all you’re left with is a glaring best friend who eyes you with utter disappointment that you can’t find the reason for.
You know all that was awkward, stupid even - but is he really mad about that?
“Hey, I’m-”
“What did he mean with painting? Painting what?” Jungkook asks, approaching you further until he’s hovering above you. With your eyes staring up at him, you look like an innocent kitten, and he has to muster nearly every ounce of strength inside him to not falter and grow weak for you.
“The walls. He offered to help out here and in my room,” you explain, seeing Jungkook’s expression fall with every word you utter as he takes a seat on the table. Maybe, you think suddenly, Taehyung was right about his feelings.
But then, it doesn’t seem to be just that. “You promised me we would do that together. I remember calling you and you said we would go buy the paint together and decide-”
“Jungkook, I figured you’re busy. You work all day and then sleep to compensate. I just wanted to give you a break and-”
“Don’t,” he warns, the fest of interruptions continuing between you until you fall back into your couch under his intimidating eyes. “You meet this guy and forget about me entirely. Make plans with him that originally consisted of us. And you know, Y/N…”
He licks his lips and shakes his head, laughing mockingly before he finally admits what he’s been holding in since he first met Taehyung, “I’m not hurt because you’re happy. God knows I wish you the best you can get. But what hurt was that you couldn’t even tell him one word about us living together. Almost as if you’re ashamed of me.”
You want to tell him that’s not true - complete and utter bullshit. But should you let yourself commit to this admission, then you’d have to elaborate on your real reasons for hiding him for so long as well.
Because Jungkook is perfect in your eyes.
The embodiment of a higher being, a gift that entered your life when you needed him - an utter and undoubtedly wonderful person who understands every aspect of your life and every mood you throw at him. Your relationship isn’t common - but if you told him this now, you’d admit that, until not long ago, he meant more to you than he should’ve.
“And now you’re distancing yourself from me while I try to maintain our friendship. But all you know is him.”
You’re baffled by the outburst of emotions. Jungkook isn’t usually one to be affected by feelings this much, and the fact that he genuinely seems hurt right now, shows you just how much you fucked up.
It doesn’t even seem as if he’s here to draw an apology out of you; because the moment he finishes, he stands up, indicating the end of the conversation before he vanishes into the bathroom.
Tumblr media
Finding out that Jungkook isn't easy to pull into your craziness when he’s angry becomes frustrating. 
The worst thing is that he doesn't ever pout at you; never accuses you of anything; doesn't dare to pull you through a guilt trip as you try to make things up to him. But sometimes, you wish he would - because on specific days, the silence tortures you more than his direct anger could.
But the anger never comes and neither does the atmosphere that you both built together. When the weekend finally rolls around and you enter his room with your hands carrying heavy paint, you find him scrolling through his phone, indulged in whatever he's seeing on his screen.
"What are you doing?" you ask, approaching him with slow steps as you try to look at his phone sneakily.
You think you catch a glimpse of some party photos on Instagram, but you soon push the unimportant discovery aside when he tells you, "Nothing much. Was going to go out with Jimin to play some pool. Why?"
Your smile falters at his words, shoulders falling as you ask, "You're going out?"
"I mean, you're busy with our walls today. So I thought I could have some fun, too."
Your initial intentions were always to bring relaxation to Jungkook, knowing fully well how much he deserves a break from work and dealing with rude customers. If his reaction is to let loose in the form of meeting up with his best friend, then you’re okay with it.
"Alright… but!" You place the colours in the corner of his room next to his closet, rubbing your hands in excitement. "We're gonna do this together. Whether you like it or not."
"Y/N, honestly. I don't need pity or anything. It's fine if Taehyung helps you out."
You notice that he doesn't even look at you while talking to you. You wonder how fine things really are then.
"Come on, I told you I'm sorry, Koo. And I'm honestly trying…" You let yourself fall on his bed, and he immediately locks his phone before finally meeting your eyes.
"And I told you we're good. You're apologising for nothing," he tells you with such finality that you contemplate whether any other word born out of guilt is even necessary. He seems to be at peace.
But then, why aren't you?
"When will you come home?" you ask him, rubbing your naked thigh at the spot where the box of paint hit you multiple times.
"I don't know."
"Do you want me to cook?"
"No." He shifts, snaking his body past you until he stands to find clothes to wear for his outing. "I'll eat something with Jimin. Don't worry about me."
You notice that there are no actions or words left to further fuel the conversation, because you realise that it's dead, anything to be addressed already said. All you can do is watch him dress, look away when you need to and listen to his soft whistle before you're suddenly alone.
With nothing left to do, you decide to call Taehyung, exhaling in relief when you find out that he's at home and free before you tell him you'd be over soon.
Even at his place, the mood seems dampened, and not even his adorable, little dog Yeontan can lift it with his gentle licks until you lean back on the bed in confusion. What you're confused about, you still don't know.
"Baby," Taehyung calls you, carrying Yeontan in his arms endearingly before cooing at him.
In all honesty, trying to get over your own insecurities and bad days by consulting Taehyung seems surely unfair when all you clearly need is time to think. With all the words Jungkook assured you this afternoon, you should be at ease - but with your head spinning, you start to realise why you're not.
Figuring out why you're confused is hard - and before you can put your feelings into words properly, Taehyung asks the mind-boggling question.
"What are you thinking about?"
Tumblr media
When you come home, the lights are dimmed, shuffling in the living room indicating that Jungkook arrived before you did and is most likely playing his favourite shooter game with his friends. And as expected, you indeed find him sprawled out on the couch, his eyes wide open and mouth agape as he yells into his headset.
“Fuck, Jin, I told you to split! Stop glueing yourself to me, you’re close enough to kiss my ass!”
His eyes flicker to yours only for a moment and then back to the screen when you enter the room, fleeting greetings leaving him as you nod back. First, you decide to hydrate your body, your throat sore from all the yelling and heart heavy from the whole conversation you endured not even thirty minutes ago. 
Standing at the sink, you still hear Jungkook scold his friend, “If I could, I’d lock your character with all the other villains, so they can take care of you.” A short pause. And then, “No, I’m not fucking joking. You’re pissing me off so much, man.”
Something about his voice soothes the innermost parts of you despite all the profanities. Although he’s just screaming about a stupid game, you ease a little. You step into the living room, close to reaching your door when you wish him a good night in a shaky voice. Jungkook registers the tremble in your words instantly as he turns his head to take a better look at you, freeing one of his ears as worry heats up his face.
“Y/N, all good?”
Lips pressed together, you nod slowly - but even you realise soon that your answer seems faked and unbelievable to a point that even a stranger could tell that you’re lying. You hear a distant voice through the headset, now yelling back at Jungkook to fulfil his duty as a diligent army soldier of the nation whatever-the-name-is. 
But he ignores the cries for help as he asks again, “Y/N… are you okay?”
A phenomenon that most human beings are familiar with is the one of holding back until. Sometimes, it only arrives when you’re locked in your room, surrounded by silent walls; and on other times, it happens when you experience one bad thing too often or too intensely.
For you, the breaking point arrives when you look into his big eyes, so shiny and loving even in the dark of the room. And when he whispers his question with furrowed eyebrows, your until hits so hard that an uncontrolled sob escapes your mouth and causes the waterfall to overflow.
The knot in your chest returns with full power, and you watch through your blurred vision as Jungkook mutters apologies and goodbyes into the headset, ripping it off his head and standing up to reach you with two long steps.
“Oh no. Hey, look at me,” he coos as he cups your face, covering his palm with the sleeve of his shirt to wipe away your tears. “What happened?”
“No-nothing.” You shake your head, confirming yourself to be the biggest idiot as you lie to him while breaking down in the middle of the room. And while you know with a great certainty that Jungkook doesn’t believe you, you’re still thankful when he doesn’t ponder but pulls you to the couch instead.
His arms wrap around you tightly as his hand strokes your hair, and he whispers soft reassurances while you cry into his white shirt, tainting the fabric with what’s left of your light make-up.
Jungkook’s comfort is always something else. Neither your friends nor your exes were to this date able to heal a part of you just by engulfing you in their warmth; in hindsight, not even Taehyung’s arms have ever felt like they bring you the solace you so strongly desire at times.
But Jungkook doesn’t even need to work around carefully crafted words, because the way he touches you and looks at you mostly speaks volumes that sentences never can.
As you cry in his embrace, you feel like you’re actually home, entirely unrelated to the aspect of being in your physical home - but when the tears ebb down and silence overcomes you once again, you strongly feel like you owe him an explanation.
“He said he thinks he’s in love with me.”
The ache that floods Jungkook’s heart makes him flinch. While he was sure to hear this admission from you one day, he didn’t expect it to happen this soon - not while he still feels everything he feels for you and certainly not while you cry into his chest as if your world has crashed over your head.
“You should be with him then, Y/N.”
You shake your head slowly, gulping before you confess, “I didn’t say it back.”
“Hmm.” He hates himself for feeling relieved, hates that he’s basking in the comfort of knowing that Taehyung might not be what you want. “Why didn’t you?”
“Because…” you start, shrugging your shoulders as you rub the material of his shirt between your forefinger and your thumb. “I’m an idiot.”
Is that the reason, though?
“Do you… do you love him?”
That’s the question that has made you beat around the bush for two hours now, the neverending talk with Taehyung and the way home torturing you as these words played in your head in an endless loop.
“I don’t know.”
“What did he say?”
You close your eyes as you let your brain replay the evening, trying to put each memory in a chronological order as you tell him, “He asked what I was thinking about. I told him about the things that happened between you and me. He…”
“Didn’t like that you were talking about someone else?”
“Mmh, no. That’s not it,” you say, starting again as you form the sentences anew, “He comforted me to his best abilities. He saw that I was upset and told me things would be fine - said he’ll be there if I needed him. That’s the least he can do for someone he’s... in love with.”
Jungkook pulls you a little closer, one arm reaching back to grab the thin blanket he’d apparently used while you were gone. “Okay. And then?”
“I hesitated too long. Then I told him, I can't say it back with a clear consciousness yet. I mean…” You stutter slightly, shifting as the blanket covers you, the warmth so overwhelming that you shiver. “Koo, he wasn’t angry, ‘cause - he doesn’t have a reason, right? Love happens at an individual pace.”
You feel him nod, his hand still brushing over your hair soothingly as you continue, “But he was clearly disappointed. Claimed he felt terrible and all. But things sort of escalated when he asked if it’s about you.”
His fingers in your tresses stop suddenly, and he freezes under you in a heartbeat as soon as he registers what you just said. “About me?”
“He thinks you’re in love with me. And vice versa, he’s sure you occupy my thoughts too much for me to fully commit to the relationship between him and me.”
A million dollar question floats on Jungkook’s tongue as he clenches his fist and releases it, his heart picking up on pace enough that he’s sure you can feel it. And while your statement of his brain having no filter has become only partially true since you moved in, it proves to be reality at the moment. Without a second thought, he queries, “Is that true?”
And to his surprise, you don’t answer. It’s not because you know it’s true - but because you don’t entirely consider it wrong. You’re stuck somewhere in a limbo, and you don’t know what you know anymore. Decisions, feelings, friendships - everything becomes too much and every word too insufficient to fit into a proper explanation that you could deliver him.
But again, Jungkook doesn’t question your silence further. Maybe not answering is enough for him. Still, you’re not his - you’re still in the wrong man’s hug, and no matter what or for whom you feel specific emotions, you’re not his to claim.
“Don’t cry, little flower,” he says slowly, and you laugh a little, burying your face in his shirt and inhaling his scent as he massages your scalp. He chuckles with you until you’re calm against him, and when he hears your breaths steady, he speaks up again, “Can I ask you something?”
“That poem you recited on the night of the blackout… What was the writer talking about?”
You faintly remember the words you quoted at that time to calm him down as you try to ignore that it was you who fell asleep instead. As far as you can recall, you’d settled for the last two paragraphs of The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd. From the research you’ve done and analysis you’ve read about the small piece throughout the last years, you can thankfully provide Jungkook with a satisfying answer.
“It’s… it’s a response to another poem. One in which the shepherd promises his love interest all the good things and assures her that he can give her the love she deserves,” you tell him, fan made powerpoints of the poem flashing into your mind. “But the nymph is skeptical about these things.”
Jungkook tries to bring the words you’d muttered back then into his head, the blurred memory slowly resurfacing before you make it easier for him and repeat them again, “But could youth last and love still breed… she thinks love and good things don’t last. Everything great you experience is fleeting, and not giving in to these things might be the healthiest approach to life.”
He was never someone to drown in literature much. Most of the time, he regards books and complicated words as sleep-inducing, not quite understanding why anyone has to read full stories and analyse strange metaphors when summaries and movie adaptations exist.
Whenever your soothingly soft voice chants such lines, however, a little feeling of heaven settles in Jungkook’s chest. He always struggles to entirely decipher the unknown emotion until he realises that it’s best to just indulge in it without questioning it.
But between your lovely tone and your warm touch, your explanation is drenched in painful and colourless hues, and he hates to grasp that he is the shepherd who keeps calling for you. The shepherd who tries to give you what you deserve; but you don’t seem to believe in whatever could bloom between you two.
“What do you think about this approach?” he asks you after a while.
You hum quietly, reiterating what you’ve written in online community chats dozens of times. “I think she’s wrong. You can still let yourself feel good, right? Things, or even happiness, might be fleeting and be replaced by sadness and dread at some point - but for the time it’s there, we should allow ourselves to enjoy it.”
“Yeah,” is all he answers. You’d chosen the poem entirely randomly, but he can’t help but admire how the content still fits subtly. Jungkook knows that he lets himself feel everything the world can offer - he is never one to decline the pleasures of the universe, freely letting his heart thump to whatever beat of a song it decides to settle on.
But while feeling is so easy, suffering is torture, and in this doomed relationship with you, all he can do is just that - suffer. Because when it comes down to facing reality, Jungkook knows he’s fallen in love with you too much.
And you haven’t fallen in love with him enough.
Tumblr media
Love has become such a difficult concept that you wonder how you still function. The triangle you’re caught in throws you in a gigantic loop, no matter how hard you try to smoothen its sharp edges.
You wish it was easier to hold back what has resurfaced after all this time. Anything you used to feel for Jungkook becomes so undeniably palpable now, and quite frankly - you grow to hate it. It’s too poignant and too present; and even when Taehyung apologises after your fight, understanding your point of view, you can’t shake the thoughts of Jungkook and everything that surrounds his existence.
It doesn’t take long until Taehyung’s smile starts haunting you, begins filling you with an unbearable guilt that forces you to lonesomely withdraw to your room and sip on coke until you fall asleep ultimately.
In your misery, you almost don’t notice that the man causing you this distress barely stays home anymore, showering after his work at the office before leaving the apartment again. Right! He has finally found a job that fits his degree, dumping the grocery stuff which only makes matters worse. Because now, he has even more stress on his hands; and yet, sometimes, he returns late despite his working hours on the next day - on other times, he doesn’t come back at all.
When you do start registering his absence, your mind goes berserk on yourself, despising yourself for coming up with the worst possible scenarios as you wait for him to come home, so you can ask your questions. Mostly, he responds vaguely, giving you answers that barely allow you to think of any further inquiries.
Was with Jimin.
Crashed at Jin’s.
We just drank a little and passed out at a friend’s house.
Then, one day arrives when you start to realise what Jungkook might be doing in the time you spend apart. It’s strange how you didn’t notice the crack between you widen since you told him about Taehyung’s and your fight. But tonight, you find out why.
“Shhh!” you hear on a pleasant evening in late August. Your hand spooning some chocolate chip cookie ice cream between your crossed legs halts as naughty noises fill the room along with those of the bad reality show running on the TV.
You crane your neck as you hear the door fall shut, and soon, two shadows become faintly visible in your sight, doing something that shouldn’t hurt you as much as it ultimately does.
He’s definitely kissing someone - no doubt. The subtle moans and shifting of clothes are indicative enough for your heart to drop, and you wonder how long you should wait until you can ask him what’s going on.
Or maybe, it’s best to stand up and crawl into your room slowly. Yes, this might be your best shot right now. But of course, all angels of luck abandon you immediately as always, Jungkook’s hand shooting up to the light switch to expose him pressing a girl you don’t know against the wall. His lips are attached to her neck, an image you want to burn right in this instant - but before you can look away, his gaze meets yours, face freezing at the spot as his breathing stops.
“Jungkook,” the girl repeats after you like a parrot, her hands roaming his clothed chest before she looks at you through thick, dark eyelashes. “Who’s that?”
With furrowed eyebrows, Jungkook backs away as if the girl electrified him, clenching his hands in fists until his knuckles turn pale white. You haven’t done or said anything to him, but the tense look he gives you is full of fright.
Admittedly, you don’t like that he comes home drunk this often, hate that he seems to deliberately avoid sleep and goes to work in a daze. But right now, he has done nothing wrong - technically. Despite all of this, jealousy creeps up your body, threatening to take over your every thought, but you have not one single reason to be mad at him; and yet, his stare is more apologetic than you’ve ever seen.
“Yeona, this is…” Jungkook starts, gulping visibly as he looks between you two in a plea of help, “She’s my room-”
“Cousin!” you interrupt suddenly, flashing your teeth at her in what you hope is a friendly smile. You come closer to shake her hand, the long acrylic nails irritating you the moment they graze your palm. Her expression relaxes, but you know she’s still confused. “I’m his cousin. Just visiting the city.”
Yeona’s lips turn upwards in the next second as you observe the pink lipstick stains under her lips, and again, your stomach turns when you realise that this was most likely Jungkook’s doing. Even his mouth is tainted in the same colour slightly, and you take a deep breath as you watch Yeona shift on her spot uncomfortably.
“Maybe I should leave,” her drunk voice suggests, and when you nod, she pulls down her dress before she approaches the exit - but not without a last message with Jungkook on the receiving end. “My number is in the back pocket of your jeans.”
And with a last wink, she’s gone.
You glance at Jungkook for only two seconds before you grip your box of ice cream tightly, ready to run to your room and cry all night when his warm hand grips your arm and pulls you back.
You free yourself from his grip, taking a few steps back until your legs hit the couch. His figure leans against the wall as he waits for you to speak, and when you detect that he does, you cough.
“You’re being reckless, Jungkook,” you simply state, brushing your hair from your face as you think of better things to say.
While he fully expected for you to lash out on him, you keep your voice steady and calm - and for some weird reason, this seems to give him more confidence than your anger could at the moment. He smirks at you before he says anything, and you raise your eyebrows in confusion as you ask, “What?”
“How am I being reckless?”
“You drink all the time. Stay out of the house every day. Jungkook, how many hours of sleep do you get?” you ask as you place the box in your hand on the table, crossing your arms in front of your chest like you’re scolding him.
“Just enough?”
You sigh in frustration, shaking your head as you press your lips together. You’re not sure how much sense it even makes to confront him about this right now. He’s clearly not in the right mind to bring logical arguments to anything that you’re saying. But when he keeps rolling his eyes in annoyance, you can’t help but feel your blood boil hotly.
“Why are you like this lately?”
“How?” he retorts, shrugging in innocence and ignorance.
You motion at him with your hand in an up and down movement, still not over his deranged state as you answer, “Like this. When did you stop giving a fuck about yourself?”
“Why do you care? Why don’t you concentrate on Taehyung and yourself instead?”
You blink in irritation, the name of your still-boyfriend causing a sickening feeling in your stomach by now - but you try to remain steadfast and poised. “What does that have to do with him?”
By now, your nails are digging marks into your palm, and when you release your skin, you feel a sharp pain course through your hand. With Taehyung’s words still in your mind, you gather your strength, licking your lips before you ask, “Are you jealous of him? What’s going on in your mind, Kook?”
For a moment, he stills, the smirk falling with his head as words fail him. But then, his hazy eyes settle on yours again, the universe twinkling in them so painfully that he gives in at last. “You could do better than him, Y/N.”
“What are you talki-”
“Why do you never consider… I don’t know… us? You’ve been here for four months and it’s not like I’m being subtle with you,” he finally lets out, words tumbling out like the walls you’ve built in your brain tumble down. You know he’s right. “Why and… how did he manage to get you this easily, but you won’t even look at me?”
His eyes keep closing.
While his words are sober enough to numb you, his body suggests otherwise, and yet you can’t do more than just watch his entirely drunken state. It’s a mystery to you how his legs are still carrying him, and when you realise that he’s in no shape or form to talk about an intense topic like this right now, you shake your head.
“Jungkook, honestly…”
With his gaze lazy and tired, he looks up at you, but instead of giving in to the exhaustion and going to bed, he smirks again as he rolls his eyes and buries his hands in the pocket of his jeans. A mocking expression takes over his face, and his next words are similarly laced with a ridiculing undertone.
“Y/N, honestly. You’re just too scared to talk. You always are.”
Always? As soon as you can remember, he barely ever tried to talk about this. But then again, maybe it’s your fault too for never elaborating on his questions when he does ask. Just like the night you cried in his arms over Taehyung.
“I’m not going to talk to you like this.”
A scoff leaves his lips as he abandons his place at the wall, his wasted self approaching you slowly until he closes you in. Fingers settle on your chin as they lift your head, his half lidded eyes meeting your frustrated stare.
While you’re used to his touches, his hand on your face feels suffocating, and you’re sure he could hear your heart hammer against your ribs violently in the silence of the room if he listened closely enough. He seems to know what he’s doing to you - and maybe, if you think about your situation carefully enough, you might be able to tell him when you started to feel like this in his presence.
He looks at you intently, his voice sweet and cautious when he says, “Tell me I have no effect on you.”
As if on cue, your heart picks up on pace, the thumb that’s suddenly stroking your jaw so warm that it touches your innermost muscle as you struggle to find your breath again. The way your body trembles and goosebumps erupt on your arms is probably telling enough for him - he doesn’t need an answer when he can obviously see that he has a massive effect on you indeed.
“Jungkook, please…”
Behind his tipsy eyes, the affection he harbours for you is clear as day, the sad gaze burning into you excessively until you get lost in it. It’s not until your noses touch and he breathes against you that you realise what’s happening - because when you smell the intoxicating scent of alcohol, you suddenly back away in shock, eyes closing as disappointment settles in.
All of this is unfair towards Taehyung - your relationship isn’t like that and you’re not like that. But as you understand that you’ve started seeing too much in Jungkook and too little in Taehyung, your mind wanders into a territory that you didn’t think you’d get locked in just a month ago. When you’re not tired anymore and the mechanics in your brain are working again - that’s when you can execute the decision that is forming in your mind at the moment.
But for now, you have to knock some sense into the man in front of you, and if anger is the way to go, then you’ll gladly resort to that method. “Stop! You’re fucking drunk. I’m not doing that while you’re drunk, Jungkook.”
“You know my feelings won’t just vanish when I wake up sober, right?”
“I have a boyfriend.”
And these words seem to shut him up.
Because the only reaction he gives you to that is an irritated scoff and a shake of his head before he steps away. Jungkook knows as well as you that you won’t kiss anyone while you’re with someone else, and he’s entirely sure he wouldn’t go this far either if his brain wasn’t surrounded by a thick fog as it is now.
Feelings won’t disappear when he wakes up, but his shamelessness might.
The tension is achingly tangible when he removes his hand from your face, whispering a solid, steady and final “Being in love with you is so hard” before he nears his bedroom and leaves you standing in the middle of the living room.
The last thing you hear is the shutting of his door - and then his words finally sink in.
Tumblr media
When Jungkook wakes up the next morning, his head throbbing and the light too blinding, memories come flashing back the moment he sits up. Considering every idiotic decision he has ever taken in his life, his action yesterday might’ve been the worst to date.
Affection and alcohol - he should’ve known that this combination would bring nothing but misery over both of you. Now, only regret washes over him as he rethinks the choices of his words last night, grimacing as he recalls what he said to you out of sheer romantic desperation.
But then again, no one comes out of love unscathed.
An aching body forbids him to stand right away, forcing him to lay back for another hour until the pain subsides slightly. The first destination in his mind is you, wherever you are right now, but when he steps out of his room and finds that he’s alone, his hopes vanish into thin air.
You’re probably with Taehyung again, giving in to the comfort of his arms as he showers you in the love Jungkook can’t give you. But then, he detects a piece of paper on the table at the couch, candy tucked in funny wrapping holding it in place. He approaches the table with heavy eyelids, lifting the paper to bring it up to his face before he begins to read.
As a little pre-birthday-warning: I’ll be out today to get some things done. Don’t ask, because I won’t tell you - know that I’m thinking of you x
God, he’s so in love with you - the intensity is cruel, and despite being your flatmate who gets to spend the most time with you, he hates the current distance that has formed the temporary crack between you two.
Anything with you has become so hard to contain. When did you start to affect him this intensely? Considering every ex he’s ever had, he can’t recall ever feeling a yearning as strong as with you; a feeling that makes him count down moments and seconds and minutes and hours until he can see your face again. And without thinking twice, he gives in to it when he grabs his phone, leaving a text before throwing the device onto the couch again.
He only makes it to the counter that divides the kitchen and living room before a text message comes in, his legs carrying him to the furniture speedily as he unlocks his phone.
Flower 😁🌹 [12:16 pm]: i told you not to ask. can’t surprise you that way, right? ;)
The grin that appears on his features is one he hasn’t felt in ages, and the serotonin flowing through his body is enough to give him hope that he doesn’t know what to do with. But for now, he can just give in to the pleasures, no matter how fleeting they are, right?
Tumblr media
“You don’t understand.”
“I think I do.”
Jungkook lifts the weight in his right hand, working out the frustration he’s been feeling all day due to being apart from you - and despite the fact that he should rest more, he knows no better way to do so than to hit the gym with his best friend and complain until Jimin gets sick of him.
“No,” Jungkook says between the tired grunts, watching his friend roll his eyes in the mirror, “you don’t, man. I fucking want her.”
“JK, I know.”
With another groan, Jungkook’s bicep flexes beautifully before he places the weight on the thin mat, breathing having become heavy as he turns to Jimin. He looks at him in question, still dry as he was an hour ago while sweat glistens on Jungkook’s forehead and temples.
“What do I do?” He points at himself with a shake of his head, big eyes widening. “Honestly, I don’t know what the hell to do.”
His best friend nibbles at his plush lower lip, thinking of ways to help Jungkook win his girl over as he watches the man in question tilt his head up to the ceiling as if he’s praying. “Give her time. You know she likes you. She might dump this Taeyeon guy soon.”
“Who cares? I stick to what I said. Just wait for a while.”
Jungkook rubs his face, the damp hair making him cringe slightly before he questions, “Okay, but what if she doesn’t?”
Jimin shrugs as he lifts the weight Jungkook put down earlier, the same grunt leaving his chest as he openly admits, “Then you’ll have to live with that.”
Jungkook takes a careful look in the mirror as he eyes the boy he once knew to be patient, careless and relaxed about anything that happened in life. All he sees now is a pathetic adult who overthinks every single aspect of his romantic life, waiting desperately for love from a girl who managed to secure his heart in an iron strong grip.
And all that a day before his birthday.
Tumblr media
Taehyung is wearing your favourite purple shirt today, a cozy cotton button up whose sleeves he’s rolled up in a way you love. As you sip on your tea, you wonder if he’s done that for you.
He registered that something was wrong the moment he laid his eyes on you ten minutes ago; your hug was too fleeting and your kiss missing. You aren’t even looking at him as he waits for you to speak your mind - something about your demeanor today hurts him in the best way possible, and somehow, he feels like he knows what’s coming next.
“Tae… I think we need to talk,” you tell him carefully, your chest rising and falling a little faster when you see his face drop.
“I think I know,” he remarks, a slight lopsided smile gracing his face that doesn’t quite reach his beautiful, nearly empty eyes.
Even you felt like he knew that was coming - him looking at you as you shifted in your seat constantly was proof enough that he was scared and only sitting tight until you told him what you yet have to tell.
In the bustling coffee shop, time seems to stand still as you lean forward, grabbing his large hand to wrap it around yours as you admit, “I have to let you go.”
Six words aren’t enough to make up for the ache that is to come, and although you repeated this sentence over and over again before meeting him, it seems so insufficient at the moment that you rush to continue.
“It’s unfair towards you. And I’m not like that. But I can’t hold onto this... onto you… if my mind isn’t with you entirely.”
You realise how horrible all of this sounds, can vividly imagine how much it must pain him. But his face doesn’t entirely show, the only indication of his discomfort being the clench of his jaw as he holds back his emotions.
Taehyung isn’t angry or disappointed - in reality, something about this feels freeing, nearly as if the heartbreak is worth everything if it means that he can delete thoughts of indecisiveness about your feelings. In that sense, this separation might help you both, no matter how long it might take to get used to the change.
“I promise this isn’t the same old it’s-not-you-it’s-me-song,” you tell him with a sigh, your thumb stroking the back of his hand gently, “So I won’t say it to you. But I will for sure let you know that you’re truly amazing, Tae. And you don’t deserve to feel like a second option.”
He nods in agreement, catching his lips between his teeth as he asks you in the softest tone, “Jungkook is your first option... right?”
You close your eyes as you lower your head; everything about this situation is so uncomfortable that you count the seconds until it’s over. “I- I’m sorry, Tae, I-”
“No, I swear I’m not mad. It’s fine.”
You know it’s not. But you know Taehyung is too good to admit it.
“I want you to be happy. I fell for you because I loved seeing you happy, and I tried to keep you that way. But we both know it’s not me who’ll do this effectively; and I think you’ve known for a while, too.” His voice is still steady as he gives you his point of view, and when he squeezes your hand back, you finally look up to see that his stare harbours nothing but fondness that is directed to no one but you.
“I’m so sorry, Tae.”
You feel like you’re about to cry - but then, he laughs a little, bringing your knuckles up and brushing them against his lips. “Honestly. You deserve to feel good. And if it’s with him, then I’m okay with letting you go, Y/N.”
“I hope you’ll find someone who gives you the love you should rightfully receive, Taehyung. And I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve made me feel in this short time,” you confess, trying to somehow ease the goodbye - whether for him or yourself, you don’t know.
“Any guy in his right mind would treat you like this.”
A shaky breath escapes you when he puts some money on the table and stands, hovering above you before he leans down to press a chaste kiss on your cheek. He doesn’t leave right away; instead, he runs the back of his fingers along your cheekbone, asking you quietly, “Do you remember the story about the fairy?”
You smile at him, thinking back to your little living room post-sudoku adventure before you nod. “I do. A spoonful of heart.”
“That one,” he confirms, loving the way you lean into his touch, “I was just thinking that…”
You look up at him expectantly as he pauses, his tongue darting out to wet his lips as he concludes, “Jungkook might have been the fairy to make you feel alive in your story after all.”
And with a last, light pinch of your cheek, he bids you goodbye and buries his hands in his pocket before you find yourself alone surrounded by a crowd.
Tumblr media
You hear an answer in the form of a grunt - a sound that soothes your soul instantly after the break-up you just had to endure. But after you’ve made such a big decision for yourself, it’s time to accept the changes that occur in your life and stride forward to something - or someone - you truly want to be with.
“Where are you?” you ask into the void as you take off your shoes and hang your bag onto the rack.
“Only one or two places where I can be,” he shouts back, and you follow his voice, a small box in your hand as you open the door to his room.
At the sight of you, Jungkook straightens his back, putting a book aside as he takes in your strange smile. You, on the other hand, are too surprised to see Jungkook with a book, making you entirely forget the present you’ve wrapped in pretty, earthy-toned autumn paper.
“What are you reading?” you ask, stepping closer to peek at the cover and title. “Thousand ways to escape your soul. What’s that about?”
“Just a collection of love poems. Stages of affection and all that.”
His gaze never leaves what you carry in your hand, and it only takes him a second before he recognises what these things might be for. He points silently to the flower you’re holding, and you blink a few times before you realise and sit down on his bed.
“You bought me a tiger lily?” he asks softly, taking it from you as you stretch it towards him. He brings it to his face, taking in the scent before he smiles in the sweet way he always does when he thinks you’re not watching. “You remembered?”
Of course you remembered. The moment he’d once blurted drunkenly how he loved this specific flower, you’d immediately noted in your mind that you had to surprise him with it someday. Being his birth month flower, he’s so fond of it that he tells you every now and then how he will definitely get a tattoo of it on his arm one day.
You sigh and nod before you lean in close, pressing your lips gently on his cheek and taking one of his free hands into yours as you say, “Happy Birthday, Kook.”
He looks at you almost shyly, eyes still fixed on the flower as he thanks you quietly. Despite any tension between you, he rubs your skin with his thumb softly. It isn’t until you move your head down to meet his gaze that you see the sadness in his face, the sting in your heart so prominent that you have to resist the urge to throw yourself at him.
“Jungkook,” you try, and then he lifts his face, looking at the wrapped present that you place on his lap, “open it. It’s for you.”
He gulps visibly, his hand leaving yours and placing the flower on the nightstand as he asks, “What is it?”
“Just open it.”
It’s almost as if he’s tearing the paper in slow-motion, and you grow nervous with each moment that the present doesn’t come into view. But when it does, you exhale deeply as you observe his reaction carefully.
A few seconds pass by as he throws the paper to the side, looking at every picture slowly and intently before he takes his lower lip captive. “You didn’t have…”
“Come on, don’t say it. I know I didn’t have to. Not important. Do you like it?” You shift closer, taking a look again at the collage you made of your pictures, still in awe of your own skills of finding a beautiful golden frame that seems to fit his golden personality.
“Of course I do,” he says, glancing into your face with slightly furrowed eyebrows. His eyes glint a little as he stares at you, another gulp following before he adds, “I love it.”
“Hey,” you try yet again, placing a hand on his cheek that makes him flinch slightly. You wonder… when has Jungkook become so powerless in your presence? “Let’s get some dinner somewhere and then hang out at the river.”
He hesitates. Clicks his tongue as he leans into your touch, contemplating what and how to phrase whatever is lingering in his mind. “I don’t know… I don’t really feel like it.”
You let your hand fall into your lap, watching his fingers draw forms on the glass of the frame as he takes a deep breath and admits, “I just… feel bad since that one drunk night. I shouldn’t have said what I said. Or disturbed your peace with Taehyung.”
“Well,” you start with a scoff, thinking back to the man you left behind some hours ago, “There was no real peace between him and me. And it’s nothing we should be worried about now anyway.”
Jungkook’s eyes light up the moment the words leave you, but somewhere behind the happiness, you detect worry, too. The one he always feels for you, no matter if it’s about a bedridden day or a cut on your finger.
You nod, your turn with swallowing the knot in your throat approaching as you stand up and start to back away slowly. “I mean, I was going to tell you that he and I broke up, and then I wanted to take you to dinner somewhere, but if you don’t want to-”
His legs work faster than his mind as he lifts his body in a sudden motion, making you take one more step back when he practically yells into your face, “No! Wait, what? What happened?! I’m so sorry, I didn’t kn-”
“No, no, it’s fine! You said you don’t want to go out, and you should definitely rest and pout on your birthday!” you tell him with a laugh, nearing the door until his steps have closed you in against the wooden material.
“Stop that, Y/N,” he commands, expression stern as he wraps both his hands around your wrists, “what happened? When did it happen? Why?”
You press your lips together, trying to find the shortest summary of today’s events to not elaborate on it further. Frankly, you don’t want to think about it anymore. “Just now. I told him it won’t work between us... because... I can’t possibly be in a relationship when it’s not him who holds my heart.”
The last words you utter fade into thin air, your voice growing quieter with each syllable as your body heats up. Jungkook tries his best to remain calm, but the unsteady breaths that leave him and the thumping heart are hard to ignore, relentless and nearly painful. He thinks he knows what’s happening but asks anyway.
“Who.. does?”
You’re not sure if you want to laugh or cry from the anxiety; the fact that his lips might be on yours soon throws your thoughts and mind into a dumpster fire. He’s close enough for you to hug him, but you contain yourself, look into his bambi eyes as you tell him barely audibly, “You know it.”
Silence returns for a moment and you ponder on just running away as long as you can. But then, he shifts from one leg to another, asking, “What did he say to that?”
“He… nothing much. He understands. Wants us to be happy.”
“Is that okay? Being happy together when you just broke up with him.”
That’s something that has you feeling somewhat ambiguous as well - because even if peace between Taehyung and you had long vanished, you’re unsure. But then, you remember that he pretty much gave you his blessings, and you know he’d want you to be happy - after all, that’s why you parted in the first place.
Leaving him and then not taking the opportunity feels like cheating, too.
“I think it is,” you answer eventually as your eyes drift to his fingers intertwining with yours. You don’t know why everything feels so intense with him - even when Taehyung and you started dating, the breathlessness was missing, this one feeling of bittersweet anticipation that flows through you when you’re in love; truly in love.
“Can you say it?”
You raise your eyebrows in question, blinking twice before you inquire, “Say what?”
“Say what you feel?”
You feel… relief. A new kind of ecstasy that wraps around you like a warm blanket on a late December night; affection that you want to keep inside you until your breaths give out; fleeting thoughts and everlasting promises that you want to hear over and over again. And all of this carries his name.
“I’m in love with you… Jeon Jungkook.”
His hand squeezes yours lightly, the other palm slowly coming up to cup your face as you watch his face glow in the same way as it had weeks ago. You keep thinking it; keep telling him - but his gaze inhabits every star in the world, one exploding after the other until all that floats in his eyes is stardust. Tiny, beautiful particles on a canvas of black - and you don’t think you will ever get enough of staring into the universe.
“Does that mean,” he begins, moving closer, his voice filled with so much sweetness and tenderness, “that I can kiss you now?”
The nervous laugh that escapes you is the same he’d grown so fond of when you first met, and even now, he realises how your effect on him never seems to falter. “Only if you want to.”
He chuckles with you, head shaking as his nose brushes against yours. You shrug, going for another joke, “I’m serious. Maybe you’re asking to tease me and I’ll just-”
“Shut up, Y/N,” he orders, and you go absolutely docile at his words, mouth agape as he presses you against the door. “Seriously. Just for once… shut up.”
The kiss that follows knocks all the available air out of your lungs, forcing you to tilt your head the same time he does. You inhale deeply as your hands wander to his strong bicep, relishing in the warmth of his mouth as he moves his lips slowly, affectionately. You think you feel a hint of desperation in his motions and know that he definitely is when he turns you both around and urges you backward until you fall onto his bed with a gasp.
Any body language that follows from his side from this moment on screams for less conversation and more physical contact; everything you deprived each other of for months catching up within moments.
You notice the urgency in the way he wraps his arm around your waist, placing you in the exact middle of the mattress. You know it when his lips meet your skin again, tracing the goosebumps on your neck, shoulders and clavicles. He gives you ultimate proof of his impatience as his hands roam all of you, lighting up your body wherever he touches you.
As your fingertips meet in zeal, you feel an invisible connection buzz through you like a current. Dopamine induces adrenaline that makes your heart flicker, pleasure and affection lighting up parts of your brain that have you run into overdrive.
There is not enough time to reflect on how your human body reacts to everything he does appropriately, because god - all you want to think about is the fact that he’s in love with you, and that you’re in love with him, that all that matters between you is just that; love, love, nothing else but love.
Swift hands undress you within blinks of your eyes, his shirt and jeans soon following until you’re left panting, writhing, and naked under him while he hovers above you in his underwear. His tongue leaves wet stripes along your sides, nails digging just a bit too hard into your waist; teeth nibbling, biting, marking, tickling…
“Don’t be nervous. Look at me, flower,” he whispers when he sees you clench your hands into tight fists, his chin on your tummy and his fingers opening your palms slowly as he gives you a reassuring smile. He slows down, taking you in and admiring every bare inch you’re presenting so voluntarily to the man that has occupied every waking thought in all those weeks and months.
You don’t know how or when you suddenly got here - to this fever and insanity that threw you into this labyrinth without an exit; but then again, you don’t want to escape anyway.
With time passing, love had become a sick game in your life, and whoever was tossing the dice has apparently gotten bored enough toying with your patience - because now you’re finally where you want to be. After all this time, confusion, fights and heartbreak - you’re finally here.
“Look at you,” Jungkook whispers, pulling you out of your dreaminess and self-reflection as he kisses down your stomach and thighs, “you’re so beautiful, it’s fucking ridiculous.”
He finds himself in a state of utter bliss as he opens your legs slowly to showcase your glistening core to him. A sigh leaves his lips as he takes in the image of your ready cunt, involuntarily making you hiss by breathing directly onto your wetness.
You squirm as he holds your legs steady, waiting in anticipation until you feel your heartbeat slow down. But it doesn’t remain calm for too long before you finally feel his lips wrap around your swollen clit, soft fingertips soon following until he places them at your entrance. He knows he could dip inside easily; he knows you’re already soaked enough to take whatever he gives you.
But instead, he circles your hole as he tries hard to keep you in place, careful to not get your knees into his face or anywhere else that might potentially hurt. And when he finally slides two of his digits into you, you suddenly relax as if he’s pressed down on an acupuncture nerve, your exhale so deep that he wonders if you’re still with him.
“Are you okay?” he asks as he lifts his face, watching the way your breasts rise and fall in awe. You don’t answer, and he’s close to coming up to you and shaking you awake before he sees your slight nod and hears your quiet hum.
“Do you… like that?” he wants to know as he twists, spreads and moves his fingers inside you, having you arch your back before you look down into his eyes.
You nod again, tongue licking your lips in absolute delight as you admit, “I do… but…”
“Tongue, Koo…”
He smirks at you, igniting such an intense fire that you feel your face heat up more than it already has. His eyes never leave yours as he lowers himself again, his tongue accompanying his fingers as it makes its way up in curvy patterns. He circles your clit slowly, making you moan out louder than expected at the warm, wet sensation that runs through your nerves in waves.
Fingers still pumping in and out of you, he continues to draw forms on your sex, alternating between sucking your bud and licking the space between your nether lips. Despite being sexually active for months now, you feel yourself come undone sooner than you would’ve thought, and before you can stop yourself, you utter in a jumble, “Com-ing, I… Jungkook, don’t stop...”
You’re so unbelievably sexy as you beg for more, nearing your orgasm on his first try while he knows how hard it usually is for girls to come at all. The pride that fills his chest threatens his heart to burst, and with it flowing through his veins, he lets out a grunt against your pussy, pushing you off the edge ultimately as you come with clenched hands and a thrown-back head.
“Did you…?” he inquires as you fall back, watching the arousal drip off his fingers and onto his sheets - it might be answer enough, but he still wants to hear it from you.
“Sinfully so. Makes me want you more.”
“Tell me what more you want,” he orders as moves up to you, a clean finger booping your nose affectionately as he awaits your answer.
You hum, playfully thinking as you say, “Want you to pin me down.”
From all the words you’ve ever said to him, he never expected to someday hear this from you, looking down at you like this and fogging your brain enough. Him. Not Taehyung, not any other man, but him, your roommate, best friend, casual guy Jeon Jungkook.
“Fuck,” he voices, head shaking in disbelief, “so hot.”
His glistening lips come back to yours again, but he can only relish in the feeling for a fleeting moment before you pull away and grip his shoulders tightly. “My turn.”
You’re not sure if it’s him who falls onto the mattress by himself or if it’s your strength that turns him around, but soon, it’s your lips trailing down his body in return. You let your palms glide over the strong chest, his bicep flexing when you reach a sensitive spot on his torso and low groans leaving his mouth as you get to the hard bulge that has formed under his boxers.
Your mouth traces the imprint of his cock over the fabric, already eager for the thick muscle that awaits you, standing proud only for you. Your fingers tug at the hem for a few seconds before you pull the clothing down carefully, his cock bouncing out like a spring with a red, leaking tip.
With wide eyes, you stare at the package, standing beautifully like a tower and making you drool uncontrollably; you could guess that Jungkook’s well equipped down there, but this makes your hunger and thirst for him grow tenfold. But despite everything, you can’t contain your laughter as you see it twitch when you place your hand around it.
“What’s so funny?” Jungkook asks, looking at you in confusion and hissing as you start pumping when you see his cock deflate slightly.
“Nothing, I’m just an idiot.”
“Tell me.”
You sigh, licking a strip along his veins before you answer, “I just find dicks funny sometimes. Just hanging there.”
The crooked grin that adorns his face in the next moment leaves you gasping, his head falling back on the pillow with his sharp jawline on full display. “Just suck, baby.”
“Wow. Rude.” But whatever you remark, you can’t ignore that the nickname wets your sex anew, butterflies in your stomach fluttering wild.
But if the name ignited something unknown in you, then you weren’t ready for the sound that escapes him and throws your mind into an abyss when you slide your tongue over the tip of his head and then engulf his cock in your warm, inviting mouth. “Fuck, you’re so good at this. Like that, yes.”
First, you toy around his head, feeling more precum leak onto your wet muscle as he hums quietly and satisfied. He continues to whisper praises and curses under his breath, eyelids gradually closing and fingers coming down to tangle in your already messy hair.
You know combing through it will be hell later, but with the way his cock prods at the back of your throat when you sink deeper, doesn’t allow you to dwell on this thought further. His length throbs inside you as it begs for more, his hand tugging at your tresses to urge you to continue.
And when you start to pick up a steady pace, bobbing your head up and down while your hand moves where your lips can’t reach, he moans out, “Look at you, Y/N… so messy… fucking sexy… mine.”
You bask in his words and enjoy the fucked out state he finds himself in as you start to suck him a little faster, focusing on the pulsating veins along his shaft. Your fingers move down to cup his balls, and he seethes through gritted teeth, abs and chest hardening at your ministrations. Slight squeezes nearly push him into a frenzy, delirious words travelling from his foggy brain to his tongue as you continue to cover his cock in your drool.
“What the actual fuck,” he sibilates before his jaw clenches. With avidity that always resides in his chest when you’re around, the fist in your hair tightens before he suddenly thrusts up into your working mouth.
His movements are uncontrolled, almost harsh, and when the tip of his cock hits your throat extra hard, you gag involuntarily. Your head snaps back to catch your breath, your voice croaky as you call out his name with a cough. His eyes shoot open when he awakens from his haze, suddenly hyper aware of his previous eagerness.
“I’m sorry, baby,” he suddenly apologises as he lifts his body, leaning against the headboard promptly and pulling you up with him. You still cough a little as his hands meet your face, but you catch yourself fast, shaking your head to indicate he doesn’t need to apologise for anything at all. He still does, thumb running over your lips to collect the remaining saliva. “I’m sorry.”
The worried look on his face nearly looks like he’s apologising for more than just that - the agony sits deep, and you’re unable to decipher why until you tell yourself how wrong it is that he’s the one saying sorry. He never did anything wrong, yet faces you with this expression, feeling and shouldering guilt so unnecessarily for both of you.
“It’s okay, Kook,” you tell him, straddling him smoothly. You look into his eyes, somehow trying to amplify your sincerity to negate the guilt trip he’s sending himself into before you continue, “We’re good.”
His eyelids fall shut, breathing calming down and worries vanishing slowly as he asks quietly, “Are we really?”
“I promise,” you assure, trying so hard to convey just through the passion in your eyes that things are fine; that every fight is forgotten and every issue resolved, the world spinning around nothing but you two.
He nods after opening his eyes, brushing his thumbs over your cheekbone once more as he asks, “Condom?”
You shake your head, muttering a simple “IUD” before you grab his wet shaft from underneath, leading the head of it to your dripping pussy and sinking down only a little. Jungkook is thick - big even. You need to adjust before you risk for the slightly painful sting  to settle in.
“Oh shit…” he says, eyes squinting tight as he blows air through his o-shaped mouth, “okay.”
You wince at the same time he moans, his fingers wandering down to your ass and digging into the flesh deeply as he looks at you intently. Your eyebrows are furrowed in concentration, hands holding his shoulders to find a firm grip and mouth agape as you try to take steady breaths.
All this time living together, and yet he affects you in ways a long-time friend shouldn't; and that goes for him too. Your effect on Jungkook has his heart threatening to escape through his chest, every sight of you, every expression you throw at him so radiant, that he can’t imagine going without it a single day.
Every form he’s seen you in has been something new: the shy stranger across the couch table; the endearing literature enthusiast reciting line after poetic line; the glowing angel in front of the mirror, dressed in pretty dresses with an even prettier smile plastering her face.
And even now, you’re so goddamn mesmerising.
He leans forward to place his gentle lips on your neck, kissing in a chaste manner before he lets phantom touches of his mouth drive you crazy. When the pain gives in to pleasure and the stretch becomes bearable, your hips begin their rolling movement, rocking back and forth slowly first as you let him mark the skin of your neck and shoulder.
Everything combined, you moan into the space that carries his scent, throwing your head back as his cock glides in and out of you so easily. Jungkook lets out a frustrating sound, his voice so low and desperate when he cries out, “God, don’t moan like that or I’ll… come right away.”
You shoot a smug grin his way - one that he wants to wipe off your face immediately. And when you whisper “Shut me up then” close to his lips, he takes it as exactly the permission he needed two seconds ago. Not that you would’ve ever said no to his request.
And when your mouths interlock, tongues mingling right away, you begin to move just a little faster. But the feeling of his kiss is so intense and deep that you notice the way your movements falter - and soon, it’s him who’s thrusting up into you, your eyes squinting shut before his fingers tangle in your hair and throw your head back.
More wet kisses on your neck follow, his tongue hitting a spot seconds later that makes you giggle slightly from the tickling feeling Jungkook brings. But laughing while the man of your dreams is trying to please you is awkward, so you go for the next best option and become even more awkward as you ask, “What are you doing?”
But Jungkook isn’t one to get irritated by you fast - the only thing he does is continue his ministrations, answering in between, “Trying to be the sexy dominant guy?”
“Oooh,” you sing-song, just a single vocal draining you off your energy enough to pant as you feel him fuck into you, “yeah… go ahead then…”
His cock wet from your slick soon becomes even more restless than before, the curve of the hard muscle hitting you so perfectly and twitching whenever you let out an extra loud moan. Your mouth hangs open, your tongue wetting your lips as he bites into your neck. Small context-less pleas escape your mouth before he looks back at you, his dark gaze piercing as his pupils shake.
When you place your hands on his chest, forehead leaning against forehead and body trembling, his fingers brush the hair out of your face, thumb running over your mouth until you take it in to suck diligently.
“How is this actually happening, hell…” he says so quietly that it looks like he’s merely mouthing it, “I want to keep fucking you forever, I swear…”
“As… my boyfriend… you can for sure,” you tell him, probably too shaky, probably too soft - but he doesn’t care about the lack of your abilities to form coherent and audibly clear sentences. Because his gaze widens tenfold, lifelines running wild and movements halting for a moment.
“Repeat that… please.”
“My- my boyfrie-”
But before you can finish, he flips you over with a sudden and smooth motion until your back hits his soft mattress, his cock still residing hard and firm inside you before he lifts your legs and places them onto his shoulders.
As his cock hits home, you lose half your mind, arms raising above your head and holding onto the edge of the pillows - and as he watches your tits bounce with his eager movements, he feels his sanity slip just as much.
“Y/N, you be- you belong in a… fucking museum.” By now you can’t even tell what you’re hearing and what not - all sound is pounding and ringing in your ears.
His movements slow, cock coming out almost entirely before hammering into you again - and he watches it all; observes the way you suck him in and loves how he feels you clench around him when he groans. He tilts his head to kiss your leg, relishing in how responsive you are.
And soon, the distance feels too aching, his hands removing your legs from your shoulders and one of his arms wrapping around your torso instead as he leans down to make out with you for the umpteenth time today.
You never get enough of his taste and touch, wondering how much time has already passed and how much he has already wrecked your insides to influence your walking abilities. His free hand moves to your wrists above your head, pinning you against the bed as you previously pleaded.
You know he’s losing control - feel your blood circulation stop as he rams his cock into you and whines against your mouth, the bed shaking with the way he’s fucking you into it. You want to complain about his grip, tell him that your hands are running cold - but before you can say anything, he releases your wrists and intertwines the fingers of one of your hands.
“Beautiful,” he whispers as he kisses down your neck and collarbones, “the sounds you make for me. So pretty.” Your nipples perk up as his lips brush against them, and when he takes one of them captive, your legs wrap around his waist tighter, urging him to thrust harder, deeper, faster.
And he does - fucking you senseless, pounding and putting all his energy into you, teeth biting your nipples just slightly but enough for you to whimper and wince. Your audible desire spurs him on and he sucks harsher, smacking sounds and the vigorous feeling lewd enough for your head to spin insurgently.
When you feel his movements emanate the devotion he harbours for you so excessively, you suddenly feel romcoms start to make sense. Cheesy lines, cheesy smiles and even cheesier descriptions seem logical now, every realisation washing over you with the man’s hands on you who you’re so undoubtedly in love with.
“Touch yourself,” he commands when his lips leave your tits once before coming back again, teeth and mouth pulling and releasing your nipples until you listen. Your forefinger finds your clit in an instant, shaking from the impact of his cock ruining you thoroughly. “Pretty angel…”
He mutters more sweet words and praises, feeling his own movements falter as he watches you come undone with breathy moans and fast breaths, covering his length in the second orgasm of the afternoon.
The arm around you pulls you down on the bed, so your head stops hitting the headboard, your fingers gripping his hair as he kisses you messily, so lost in you and your affection. He holds you tightly, presses you against him, last thrusts following as he cums, too.
Endless, warm ropes shoot through you as his sounds vibrate against your lips, and his fingers in your hair and on your waist are so ruthless that even you let out a surprised yelp. It’s then that his movements drive you into oversensitivity slightly - but his moans and grunts seem to make up for all of it.
“Girlfriend,” he says once he’s empty and has left the kiss, stretching and trying the word as he pants heavily, eyes closed and face sinking in your neck. He doesn’t look at you as he calms down but still cups your face with his hand, fingers tracing your lips without glancing at them.
Without pulling out right away, his head shoots up to meet your gaze, another slow, soft kiss following that differs from your animalistic actions before in its whole entirety. His eyes roam your face and he tilts his head, unspoken worries written in his galaxy pupils that make your own concerns grow and your eyebrows raise in question.
He swallows thickly, a thought obviously weighing heavily on his mind before he mumbles, “Please, tell me if you feel uncomfortable with this, but - I should tell you that… I- I think…”
Fear creeps up your body, and you’re unsure about his next words right after the love-making you two just shared - but his stare is agonising, and all you can do is comfort him in any way, “I know. Say it, it’s - it’s okay.”
Months of pining and weeks of chasing you have affected him rigorously. If he was to count and retell the moments he feared he would lose you because of his own feelings, he would ramble for ages - he’s sure. But with everything you two have endured and fought through, it only seems fair to confess. And yet, he’s sure that you already know.
“I think... I love you.”
Thinking that he does might be the understatement of the decade - if there’s any universal truth in this whole, wide and terrible world, then it’s that he undoubtedly and without a question does just that. But if there is any chance that you don-
“And I think I love you, too,” is what you answer, however, the confession so sudden after the breakdown you had with Taehyung the night you came home after his admission. You see the surprise in Jungkook’s face; think that he might not yet but might know soon that the whole reason for your insecurity with Taehyung birthed from the affection you harboured for the man in front of you.
“You do?”
“I really fucking do,” you confess, laughing as you see his expression change and eyes widen.
An enormous grin appears on his face, relief washing over him in tsunami waves as he answers with pecks on your temple before he finally pulls out with a hiss. He hands you a few tissues quickly before he runs into the bathroom buttnaked, grabbing and bringing you a small towel, so you clean yourself up.
You snort as you watch his bare figure walk towards you, his lips pressed together in a smile as you say, “That’s for our hands.”
“So what?” he says as he throws it at you before slipping into his underwear, “Just use it.”
And with that, he disappears again, almost sprinting into the kitchen before you hear some water run into the basin. Busy with cleaning yourself and the washing-machine-ripe sheets, you notice too late when he comes in with a purple-tinted glass of water. And when you do, you coo in adoration as he puts the tiger lily in the glass carefully, neatly finding a spot for it on the nightstand before he places the framed picture right beside it.
With a pressing urgency, he takes out his favourite thin, blue blanket out of the closet, unfolding it before he joins you on the bed and covers you both. His arm pulls you close, lips kissing your hair softly until he smiles at you, wordlessly gazing into the depths of your eyes without ever drifting away.
“Why are you staring at me like that?” you ask him with a giggle, your fingers running over his chiseled chest in soothing motions.
“Can’t believe just yet that you’re real.”
You raise an eyebrow, looking at him carefully again before you remark, “The prettiest man alive is saying that to me?”
Jungkook laughs at your words, arms leaving your body for a moment as he reaches out to grab the frame behind him, telling you with a groan, “Well- it wasn’t me who Mr-I-can-seduce-your-woman-and-your-man stole you from.”
You give him a pout that he doesn’t see, too lost in the pictures you decided to include in the collage. He holds it up for both of you, pointing at a photo from months ago in which your face is covered in flour - his doing, of course.
“We were baking muffins that day. As a movie night snack,” he tells you, still remembering that it was a Matrix kind of evening. You both had gotten drunk enough to try the dodging-the-bullets-trick yourself, your back consequently hitting the floor and Jungkook having to massage it later as best as he could.
“Can’t believe we didn’t understand how whipped we were for each other.” You point at your smiles on various pictures, the small gazes you both are throwing at each other on every still taking over your heart. “Look at this. It was so obvious.”
Jungkook’s smile widens more and more with each word and glance at the pictures, and you don’t know what overcomes him in the next moment when he suddenly places the frame back to its previous spot and throws himself over you again. He leaves little pecks all over your face, grinning in between as you begin to giggle. Soft fingertips trace your sides until they grab your waist, and then he halts, nose brushing your cheek.
“When you fell asleep at the night of the blackout, you were whispering my name,” he tells you, mouth moving and hovering above yours as his eyes fall shut.
You think back to the night for what feels like the thousandth time, but no such memory comes up - you can’t even remember if it was him you’d dreamed of. “Really?”
“Yeah. I was dozing off, but then I heard my name,” he explains further, stealing a kiss from you before he drops onto his side again. With both your heads placed on the pillow sideways, you watch his tired eyes close here and there. “I don’t know why you were saying it, but it took so much fear from my chest. I was looking at you for a minute or so until I realised that there are worse things to be afraid of than the dark.”
You’re the one with an intense love for poetry. You know words whispered by poets and bards, know them by heart with them engraved in your mind. And still it’s Jungkook you’re in awe of - because the way he twists and crafts his words reaches a core inside you that you didn’t know existed.
“Worse things?” you ask, brushing the hair strands out of his eyes as you watch him nod.
“Like… having to find my new personal flower I can share my rent with.”
You roll your eyes playfully, pinching his arm slightly and making him hiss before you fall into his hug again. Your gaze falls onto the glass filled with water and the tiger lily for a split second before you realise how the simple flower symbolises a new month and new start for you, autumn leaves falling slowly the same way the tension in your heart does.
With Jungkook, you’re ready to experience all the seasons and everything that comes with them - the changes in your apartment, changes in your relationship, changes in the world and all the other changes in between.
Tumblr media
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v-hope · 2 months ago
Pairings: Artist!Kim Taehyung x Heiress!Reader
Genre: Fluff, smut, slight angst, arranged marriage AU, runaway bride AU, make up, established relationship
Word Count: 10.7k
Summary: Running away from your arranged wedding and into the arms of the man you loved seemed like nothing but a beautiful dream. Until you did it.
Warnings: Marking, slight fingering, slight handjob, Taehyung turns out to be really into white stockings, teasing, bickering, penetrative sex, unprotected sex (be safe you guys!), creampie, lotssss and lots of kissing
A/N: She’s here! This is part 47 of my Belong Social Media AU, but it can be read as a stand alone one shot. It took me so long to write and then it just kept longer and longer, to the point i tried my best to edit it but if you find a typo or something no you did not<3. Anyway, this is the last written part for the series, so I hope you guys enjoy!
I’m bolding the first and last sentence of the smut scene so you guys can skip it if you don’t want to read it.
Tumblr media
“We’re here” Jimin said softly, looking at you through his car’s mirror after realising you did not seem to be running towards Taehyung’s doorstep.
You nervously fidgeted with the white fabric of your dress. “I know…”
“So…” he turned around to look at your anxious figure on the backseat. “Why aren’t you moving?”
“I just… am nervous, I guess”.
Taking a deep, shaky breath in, you focused once more in the house on the countryside you had only visited once before, when everything was perfect between you and Taehyung. Back then, you didn’t think you would find yourself being in this situation — coming back to him, after having escaped your parents’ mansion before your arranged wedding with Sungjin could take place.
Oddly enough, physically getting out of there had been easier than the whole odyssey your mind had been through just so you could make that decision.
With your parents conveniently being at the venue where the wedding would take place, Jimin and Jin had escorted you to the garage, where your friend’s Ferrari was parked. Although you had ran into one of your parents’ assistants in the hallway, you had managed to convince them that you were just in desperate need of getting some air.
And then, once on the backseat of Jimin’s car, waiting for your brother to get in the passenger seat, the three of you were caught off guard by his phone ringing — your parents letting him know they were on their way back to the mansion, to make sure everything was ready before you headed out to the venue and went through with the marriage they were forcing you into.
That’s why Seokjin decided to stay behind and face them with Miyoung and Sungjin, keeping your phone with him just in case your parents tried to track it down once they found out you were gone, and giving you a tight hug before you lied down on the backseat —not to be seen by the paps waiting outside the mansion— and Jimin drove off, taking you to the address he had managed to get from Taehyung before he left that morning.
So, here you were now, nearly an hour later — praying that your brother, sister in law and ex fiancé were not getting murdered by your parents as they gave them the news, and a hundred scenarios running through your mind over what Taehyung’s reaction would possibly be the moment he saw you.
Eyes softening at the sight of you and how small you looked right then, Jimin caught your attention by getting out of his car, going around it and opening the door for you. Without another word and giving you a reassuring smile, he held your trembling hands in his and helped you out of it as well — making sure you wouldn’t step on the dress that made you feel like the princess you never wanted to be, and then not letting go of your hand as he walked you over to the front door.
Once in front of it, your hold on his hand tightened, letting him know just how nervous you truly were.
“Do you think he’ll be happy to see me?” you whispered, unconsciously taking a step back — not really second guessing your actions, but being too anxious over his possible reaction.
Catching up on that, Jimin pulled you back towards him, now placing a comforting hand on your upper arm to both keep you in place and help you feel at ease.
“He literally called you last night asking you not to go through with the wedding,” he amusedly pointed out. “Trust me, he’ll be the happiest”.
You nodded your head, once more taking a deep breath as you tried to compose yourself.
And then, after Jimin knocked on the door, it was only a matter of waiting.
Only that said waiting took way longer than you had expected, and with that your anxiety could only grow stronger.
Letting out a sigh, Jimin knocked a few times more, harder, so that there was no way Taehyung would not hear.
“Yah, Kim Taehyung!” he called out. “I know you’re in there”.
“Don’t feel like getting up” your ex boyfriend’s voice was heard from afar.
It sounded deeper than usual, hoarse, and you couldn’t tell if it was because he had been sleeping or crying. You truly hoped it wasn’t the latter.
Jimin let out a tired sigh. He really had to go and befriend the two most dramatic people on Earth, and, on top of that, conveniently get them to date each other.
“I brought you something” he tried to persuade him, receiving an offended nudge from you over being called ‘something’ instead of ‘someone’. But hey, it was supposed to be a surprise after all — at least so he had decided.
“If you didn’t bring Y/N with you, then I truly could not care less”.
Jimin smiled, eyes excitedly going to your face — bliss written all over it, as you had just confirmed that Taehyung did indeed want you there. Unbelievable that you even doubted it.
That was all you needed to earn up enough confidence to finally speak up.
“What are you waiting for to open the door then?”
Jimin was the one to nudge you this time, for you had just ruined the surprise. But you couldn’t care any less — not when the whole place went silent for two or three seconds before a loud thump was heard, being followed by heavy, quick steps coming towards the door.
And then, after over a month, the two of you were face to face.
He looked the same, yet not quite. His hair was longer, and its messiness matched his slightly wrinkled grey t-shirt and black sweatpants, after having been lying down on the couch for so long. His nose was slightly red, matching his puffy eyes, yet they still somehow held that same warmth in them that you loved so much. And his lips… his plump, pink lips, were trembling, letting you know the mess that was going inside his head right then.
“You…” he let out a shaky breath. “You’re really here?”
“Why don’t you give her a hug so you can confirm whether I brought you a hologram or not?”
Jimin’s words earned a breathy laugh from both of you, yet they were the little push Taehyung needed to pull you into his embrace — arms gently going around your body, tightening around you when he felt your arms on his back as well, and hiding his face in the crook of your neck as you did the same on his.
“You’re here…” his voice broke.
You sniffled, voice hardly coming out in a whisper. “I’m here…”
Nothing else needed to be said. You were there. With him.
So, staying there in each other’s arms, the two of you said nothing, and allowed yourselves to finally break down instead.
“Yah, princess,” he sniffled, pulling away and cupping your face in his warm hands so he could wipe the tears that kept rolling down your cheeks. “Don’t cry”.
“You’re crying, too” you laughed lightly, gently wiping his tears as well.
“I know, I just, I can’t believe you’re—fuck, I love you” he breathed out, pulling you into his arms again. “I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you”.
“I love you, too” you managed to choke out as he kept on whispering those three words over and over. “And I missed you so much”.
A blissful laugh escaped his mouth. “I missed you more”.
On the other side, Jimin cleared his throat, in a poor attempt of catching your attention. “Well, my job here is done and you guys clearly have a lot to catch up on, so I’m leaving now”.
Still not letting go of Taehyung, you looked at Jimin, smiling thankfully at him before you held your arm out to him — with that single act of yours, letting him know you wanted him to join the hug.
He didn’t even give it a second thought, joining the both of you and letting you wrap your arm around him. Taehyung chuckled once he realised what was going on, letting go of you with the arm that had ended up stuck between your body and Jimin’s, and using it to fully include your mutual best friend in the hug.
“Thank you” you mumbled.
“Yah, don’t make me cry now” Jimin recriminated, pulling away from the two of you. “Just make me the best man at your wedding and I’m alright”.
“What about Jin-ie?” you teased him, earning a quiet laugh from Taehyung.
“I drove you all the way here” he fought back.
“But he helped me get out of there, too”.
“In that case Sungjin would have to be included, too”.
“Sungjin?” Taehyung asked with furrowed eyebrows.
You nodded. “He helped as well, I’ll explain everything later”.
“Anyway,” Jimin caught your attention. “Jin hyung will probably be the one to walk you down the aisle, don’t make me fight you”.
“You’ll be the best man, don’t worry” Taehyung reassured him, mindlessly tightening his hold on you and resting his chin on the top of your head.
“I knew I could count on you” your friend pretended to wipe a fake tear, causing you to roll your eyes. “I can leave now”.
Taehyung nodded, somehow managing to pull you closer to him. At that, you could only hold him tighter, burying your face in his chest, as you did not seem to get enough of that scent of his you had missed so much.
“I am clearly third wheeling here”.
“You signed up for it the moment you drove me over here” you stuck your tongue out at him.
“Yeah, yeah” he lamented, turning around so he could make his way back to Seoul for once and for all. “I’ll let you know how things go with your parents”.
“Don’t forget that I don’t have my phone with me” you reminded him as he started to make his way back to his car.
“I’m texting Taehyung!” he let you know from afar.
“Don’t expect an instant reply!” Taehyung amusedly warned him, receiving a thumbs up from Jimin as he finally reached his car and got inside.
Watching your friend drive away giving you a last wave of hands, Tae pressed a kiss to the crown of your head, securely holding you in his arms for another minute before he could find enough will to pull slightly away from you.
“Shall we go inside?”
You quietly nodded, accepting the hand he was offering you before the two of you could make your way inside.
Everything looked the same as it did when you had first and last visited — the only difference being the messiness. The bag lying on the hallway let you know he had not made it to his room yet, and the ramyeon packs next to an unattended pot filled with cold water made a good point at showing how he had given up on making lunch for himself hours ago.
Then, your eyes focused on the broken lamp lying on the floor next to the sofa.
Taehyung cleared his throat, knowing all too well what you would say next. “I heard your voice and I just ran, can’t blame me”.
So that was what the loud thump had been.
“Excited much?” you teased him.
Taehyung rolled his eyes, taking a dangerous step towards you and pulling you closer by your waist. “I thought you were getting married to someone else, you have no idea how fucking ecstatic and stunned altogether I was when I heard your voice” a light laugh abandoned his lips. “This is gonna sound so cheesy, but I thought I was dreaming”.
Feeling your cheeks heat up, you made sure to look into his eyes as you spoke. “I told you I didn’t want to go through with it when you called me last night”.
“Doesn’t mean you weren’t still considering it. You are wearing a wedding dress after all” he shook his head, hurt being clear in his voice.
You nervously bit your bottom lip. “I didn’t know how to get out of there…”
“I can imagine,” he understood. “What was that about Sungjin helping, by the way?”
“Oh, yes” you remembered. “He was okay with me leaving, said that he only wanted to marry me because we were supposedly in the same situation, you know, with no one else in our lives back then… but now that I have you, everything changed”.
“So he even helped you get out of there?”
You nodded. “Well, to be fair, Jimin and Jin-ie helped me get out of there. Sungjin and Miyoung-ie helped me by staying there and giving my parents the news. They must be experiencing their rage by now”.
Taehyung nodded, and you couldn’t tell whether he was okay with what you had just told him or not. “I guess I’ll have to thank him, then?”
“If you want to” you chuckled, burying your face in his chest. “Although I’m not sure if we’ll ever see him again, now that I’m no longer a part of the elite”.
That had seemed to snap something inside him. It was only now that he realised the cost you were paying for being there with him right then.
Yes, he knew that you would be disowned if you decided to stay with him, you had told him a long time ago. Nevertheless, having you actually there with him, knowing what would happen next… he didn’t know if he should be happy, or concerned for you.
Regardless of everything your parents had put you through and how much they hurt you, you loved them — that, and the fact that you were scared of them, had been what kept you from cutting ties with them before. Up until then, you had tried your best to please everyone, so you wouldn’t have to completely lose them and never hear from them again.
Seemed like you had given up on that for once and for all. For him.
“Are you okay?” he asked, tenderly cupping your face.
“Mhm…” you nodded with a small smile. “I am”.
“If you want to talk about it or…”
“It’s okay, really” you reassured. “It might hit me hard at night or something, and even then, I don’t regret my decision. I’m happy to be here with you”.
He let out a relieved sigh, pressing his lips to your forehead in a loving kiss. “I’m here to hold you if you want to cry at some point” his words comforted you. “I’m just happy that you are here with me now”.
“Even if I’m in a wedding dress?” you teased.
“Even then” he nodded, resting his forehead on yours. “Can we take it off, though?”
Tilting your head back in surprise, you raised an eyebrow at his bold words.
“No ulterior motives intended, I promise” he was quick to clarify. “You look beautiful as hell, but I don’t want to be reminded of the fact that you were marrying another guy”.
That sounded fair enough.
“I didn’t bring any clothes with me, though” you only then seemed to notice. “I didn’t think this through”.
Taehyung chuckled, giving your hips a little pinch. “Don’t act like you’ve never stolen my clothes before”.
“Borrowed them” you corrected.
He rolled his eyes, not being able to hold back a boxy smile as he grabbed your hand and guided you over to his room. Fuck, did he miss your constant bickering.
Sitting on the edge of his bed once inside his bedroom, you stayed still as he gently wiped the make up from off your face — later watching him throw the used wipes in the small bin by the entrance, before he rummaged through the few clothes he kept on the wardrobe.
You didn’t know if you were amused or sad when, placing a grey t-shirt and black shorts of his on the bed for you to change into, he hesitated. Up until a month ago, he would’ve not missed a second to get rid of the clothes on your body and change you into new ones. However, things had changed now, for you could not overlook the fact that you had broken up for a while.
You were together again, no words were needed for the two of you to know that — you running away from your wedding and going back to him said it all. But were you taking things off where you left them? Were you starting all over again?
Did you have to go slow? Or could you just act like nothing happened and be as comfortable around each other as you used to be?
“You can just… go outside if you want” you let him know, and although almost invisible, you caught on the way his shoulders had seemed to sink down. “Or you can help me change”.
That second proposition of yours, had managed to cheer him up all over again. It was reassuring, how things did not really need to change from the way they were before.
“I can?” he tried to confirm with a smile.
You nodded, and he laughed under his breath. Turning around, you let him comb your hair and place it over your chest, giving him the perfect view of the back of your long dress and the zip he would have to pull down on to take it off — goosebumps showing on your skin when a soft, lingering kiss was placed to the back of your shoulder, right before he started to unzip the white piece of clothing.
Letting it fall down to the floor, you found yourself having to actually take a step out and away from it, kicking off your high heels along the way and finding support in the hand Taehyung was offering you.
“Hopefully, the next time I do that will be at our wedding night”.
Your eyes went up to meet his, both of you laughing blissfully as your foreheads rested together. Feeling him so close to you, hot air hitting your face with every breath he took, you felt safe. You were home. And you wished you could stay like this forever.
Eyelids closing and smile still curved up the corners of your lips, you felt his nose gently bump yours, contentedly taking in his familiar scent before his cloudlike lips were pressing on yours.
It didn’t last long, roughly three seconds — just a taste of your lips being all it took for his mouth to resemble the smile that was plastered on yours.
Placing his hands on your naked waist, he pressed another kiss to your lips. “I love you”.
You let out a shaky breath, being now you the one to plant a small peck to his mouth. “I love you, too”.
Chuckling, feeling like everything in his life made sense again, he kissed you again. And again. Longing lips peppering delicate kisses all the way down to the crook of your neck.
You tilted your head to the side, breathing turning heavier at the way his lips on your skin made you feel. Before you could get too caught up, though, his mouth was back on yours — long fingers entangling in the hair at the back of your head, keeping you steady as he intensified the way his lips danced with yours and his tongue massaged your receptive one.
“I missed you so much” your voice sounded like sweet honey to him.
Pulling away just enough, lips still faintly brushing yours, he lovingly bumped your noses together. “I missed you, too. So, so much”.
The wholehearted giggle that had just abandoned your mouth, had him locking his starving lips with yours once more. When that didn’t seem like enough, he moved his mouth down to your bare shoulder. Although his intention had been to pull the strap of your bra down as his kisses trailed back to your neck, he ended up stopping right after pulling the white strap down your shoulder.
Eyes no longer closed, but staring down at what you had been wearing under your dress all along. That being a white set made out of lace, with a pair of matching stockings that covered all the way from your feet to your thighs.
Even though a lustful smile had curved up his lips at the sight of you, it was soon erased at the realisation of the circumstances you had been wearing those specific clothes under. You were wearing that under a wedding dress — for a wedding that was taking place with a man that wasn’t him.
“What’s wrong?” you wondered at the clear change in his mood.
Taehyung bit his tongue for a moment, considering whether he should ask you what he was dying to or not.
“Can I ask you something?” his voice came out uncertain.
“What is it?” you tilted your head.
“And please don’t be mad,” his request had you cocking an eyebrow. “It’s just… I know it probably doesn’t matter, but it’s been killing me ever since you left and—”
He took a deep breath. “Did you… and Sungjin… you know…”
Your eyebrows knitted together. “Did we… what?”
“Don’t make me say it…” he pleaded.
“I need to know what you mean, though”.
He sighed, running a hand down his face as he tried to compose himself. “Did you and him… sleep together? Like, have sex?”
“No” you shook your head immediately.
As soon as you had answered, he seemed to be able to breathe, mindlessly fidgeting with the strap he had pulled down your shoulder a minute ago.
“Did you kiss him?” his voice was almost inaudible, not being sure he even wanted to know the answer to that.
You bit your bottom lip, and that was all he needed to know you had done one of the things he feared the most.
He most definitely did not want to know the answer to that.
“How many times?”
But he needed to know.
“Two…” you quietly gave him the answer he was seeking.
His head was lowered, not being able to hide the sharp pain he was feeling in his chest. “When?”
“I’m not mad… I know we were not together anymore” he bitterly pointed out.
“It’s clearly hurting you, though…” you reached for his hand, softly rubbing your thumb on it.
“Please, I just,” he sighed. “I need to know”.
You nodded, taking a shaky breath before you went on. “The first time was on the day I saw you in my parents’ office. It was nothing special, we had a photoshoot for the wedding and the photographer told us to kiss”.
He nodded, bracing himself for what was to come. “And the second one?”
You hesitated, lowering your head after he nodded for you to tell him. “Yesterday”.
That hurt. It hurt a lot.
Still, he couldn’t find it in him to stop asking questions.
“When he posted that picture of you straddling his lap in bed?”
You were not able to meet his eyes. The way he had described that picture… It let you know how it had been burned in the back of his head. You had hoped he hadn’t seen it.
Nevertheless, you nodded. “It meant nothing, I promise, and it was obviously before you called me” your words managed to give him some peace of mind. “As far as I knew, we were never getting back together and I was marrying him today, so…” you shrugged. “I needed to get used to it. You know, to move on”.
Moving on. He had heard you say that more than once now, especially last night when he had called you, in hopes of stopping you from getting married to Sungjin.
He knew you would have to move on eventually if things didn’t work out between the two of you. Regardless, he hated it. Call him selfish, but he could not imagine you with anyone who wasn’t him — just like he could not imagine himself with anyone who wasn’t you.
He was thankful you had not actually moved past what the two of you had.
He was thankful you were there with him instead.
“No need to move on,” he smiled, pulling you towards him by your waist.
With your chest colliding with his, he leaned in enough for your lips to brush together, allowing you to feel his hot breath becoming heavier by the tension.
“You’re mine,” he groaned, trapping your bottom lip in his mouth and pulling at it with a seductive bite. “So you better have worn this for me today”.
You smiled, pulling slightly away from the hungry kiss he had just started. “I put it on thinking of you”.
“He could’ve seen it” Taehyung pointed out, not pleased at all.
“But he didn’t,” you argued back, closing the space between your mouths in a lingering kiss. “I came back to you, and you’re the one who got to see it”.
That got a smirk from him, not wasting another second before his lips were back on yours, hungrily savoring every bit of your mouth.
Goosebumps showed up on your skin as his fingers traced their way down on your naked back, teasingly stopping at the top of your panties, before his hands were firmly placed on your ass, feeling you gasp against his lips when he lifted you up — just enough for you to straddle his lap when he sat down on the edge of the bed.
“I thought I heard you say you had no ulterior motives?” you teased him.
“There is no way I see you in lace and stockings and not fuck you like I used to”.
His words had you squeezing your inner thighs. “How did you use to fuck me?” you purred on his lips.
“Do I have to remind you, princess?” he stole another kiss from you. “How loud and needy you used to be for my cock?” his lips grazed their way down to your neck, where they placed a wet kiss as his hands pulled your hips down against his already hardening member. “How you would moan my name over and over when I took you on every corner of our place?”
“Yes…” you managed to breathe out, tilting your body faintly back as his mouth reached the valley of your breasts.
“Yes, what?” he teased, pulling the right cup of your lace bra down, and smirking at the sound of the moan that abandoned your mouth when his own wrapped around your perked up nipple.
“Taehyung…” you pleaded.
“I’m waiting, baby”.
“I want you to remind me,” you begged, breathing hitching when his left hand pulled the remaining cup of your bra down as well and pinched your until then unattended bud. “Please, I want you to fuck me”.
“Is that so?” he smirked, going back up to your mouth.
You nodded, breathlessly reaching down to his sweatpants — internally thanking the fact that you did not have to deal with a zipper right then, as your shaky, desperate hand pulled his hardened member out of them.
“Fuck,” Taehyung breathed out, letting his forehead fall to your shoulder at the familiar feel of your hand tightly wrapped around his cock. “So no love making today?” he chuckled breathily.
You chuckled as well, feeling the heat reach your face when you shook your head no.
You needed him. And you needed him now.
You would have a lifetime together to have slow, loving sex. But, right then, you needed to feel him inside you. Rough, loud, messy, like he would fuck you whenever your bickering went too far and the tension between the two of you was unbearable — feeling every single inch of him inside you, managing to touch and reach all the right places he already knew like the back of his hand.
“I need you,” you confessed the obvious.
Taehyung smiled, panting as he tried to divert his attention from the way your hand moved up and down on his cock. “You have no idea how fucking much I need you”.
A gasp escaped your lips when he palmed your core over your wet panties, having to bite down on your bottom lip to hold back a moan the moment he made them to the side, so he could run a finger through your dripping folds and then push it into your warm walls.
“Don’t,” he warned you, freeing your lip from your teeth with his free hand. “I want to hear your pretty moans. Been deprived of them long enough”.
You shyly looked down, only to have the same hand that had just kept you from biting your lip, now going to your nape and pulling you into an intoxicating kiss. Heavy breathings mixing together and muffled moans filling the room, as two of his fingers were now curling inside your walls, and your hand moving up and down his cock made him as hard as you needed him to.
Tightly wrapping your arms around his neck when his fingers pulled out of you and your hand on his member was replaced with his, you let him align it with your entrance, gripping onto your hip as he looked into your eyes for you to go down whenever you wanted.
Resting your forehead on his, you sunk down on his cock — moans coming out of your mouths as you took him all in. He had always let you take him at your own pace given his size, and you would usually take a good couple of seconds. That was not the case today.
Bottoming out, finding the sudden stretch to feel so damn delicious, you didn’t even need time to adjust before you rolled your hips, stealing a loud moan from him, now both his hands roughly grabbing on your hips.
“Fuck,” you breathed out when he pulled them towards him.
Taehyung smiled. Fuck, he loved it when you cursed. And he loved even more that he was the only one who got to hear it, for the only times you did it were the ones like this, when it was only the two of you and he was making you feel this good.
“Fuck, you feel so good” he whined, swollen lips sucking on your neck as he kept guiding the pace on your hips — just like you had wanted, roughly. “Missed your little pussy taking my cock so well”.
“Mm…” you moaned, tilting your head to the side as you let him mark you. “Missed you… missed you stretching me out so good”.
A smug smile curved up the corners of his mouth, pressing one last kiss to your neck before his lips were back on yours.
Thrusting his hips up to reach deeper into you, he managed to get a whimper out of your mouth — one that was soothed by a sloppy, wet kiss, before his lips travelled down to your breasts, burying his face in them and letting out a frustrated groan when the lace of your bra came in between him and properly cupping them in his needy hands.
“Let’s take this off” his voice came out muffled, hands looking for the hook and easily undoing it before the white piece of lace was aimlessly thrown anywhere in the room.
“I thought you had liked the white lace?” you teased.
“I did,” he replied in a heartbeat, tongue swirling around your bud. “But I enjoy way more the bare sight and touch of my gorgeous girlfriend”.
If it wasn’t for the way he thrusted his cock deeper into you, reaching that sensitive spot where you needed him the most, you were sure you would’ve teared up.
Never would you ever have thought that being called his ‘girlfriend’ would mean this much to you. You found peace over how everything seemed to be in its place again.
“The stockings are staying on, though”.
“Only the stockings?” you grinned.
Taehyung nodded. Letting go of your nipple, he turned you around — your back hitting the mattress as he slipped out of you.
“Taehyung” you whined, hating the sudden emptiness you were left with.
You heard him chuckle, planting a soft kiss to your pouty lips before he pulled his t-shirt over his head, throwing it to the floor as well as the rest of his clothes. And then, when you thought he would slide back into you, he pulled your panties down your legs.
Just like he had claimed, the only piece of clothing left on your body, being the white stockings that were driving him crazy.
“I should wear these more often” you chuckled, letting out a shaky breath when he entered you again in one go.
“I will look like a horny teenager following you around whenever you do” he hovered over you.
You smiled amusedly, reaching up to remove a long strand of hair that had gotten stuck to his sweaty forehead as he thrusted into you. “Just like you did now?”
Taehyung let out a scoff, burying his face in the crook of your neck and pulling one of your thighs down on your chest. “Fuck off”.
You writhed underneath him at this new angle, which allowed him to fuck you deeper with each thrust of his.
“Oh, f-fuck, right there” your back arched.
“Mm?” he hummed. “You like it there?” his cock hit once more that one spot.
“Do you deserve it after being a brat?”
“I wasn’t” you choked out when he pulled out once more, desperately trying to push your hips against his throbbing member.
Taehyung chuckled, pressing a hand down on your ribcage, painfully close to the curve of your breast, so he could lean down to temptingly bite your earlobe. “You just called me a horny teenager”.
“Taehyung, please” you begged him.
He bit his bottom lip, enjoying the sight of your trembling body aching for release. He had missed this, having you at his mercy.
Running his tongue on the spot behind your ear, he slowly ran the head of his cock up and down your folds. “Say you’re sorry”.
“I’m sorry” you choked out embarrassingly fast.
He slapped his hardened length against your core. “Say you’re mine”.
“Taehyung, pl—”
“Say it”.
“I’m yours” you cried.
He smiled, hot mouth pressing on the dark marks that were already showing on your neck. “All mine?”
“All yours” you rasped.
“Only mine?”
“Only yours. I’m yours, only yours”.
“Good girl” his low voice sent shivers down your spine.
“Fuck,” you rolled your eyes out of pleasure when his cock was fully inside you, like you so badly needed it to. “I’m cumming”.
Taehyung smiled, burying his face in your neck once more. “You won’t wait for me?”
“I c-can’t…” you whimpered.
You felt him chuckle against your skin, where he one second later placed a kiss to. “Let go, baby”.
You didn’t need to hear it twice, being all too far gone to even try and hold back anymore. With his name coming out as a moan one last time, you gave in to your high.
“Fu-uck,” a raspy moan escaped his mouth when your walls tightened around him and small whimpers escaped your mouth. “You’re so hot”.
Smiling at his praising, you let your eyes close, enjoying the waves of pleasure running through your body, which were only intensified as Taehyung thrusted into you over and over, using you to get off as well.
Still not feeling like opening your eyes, you ran your hands down his damp back — fingertips causing goosebumps to appear on his skin as they traced, if not scratched, all their way down his spine, until your hands were cupping his ass, pushing him closer to your core.
“Are you sleeping right now?” he rasped.
You chuckled, opening your eyes for once and for all to meet his dark ones. “I wouldn’t be touching you like this if I was”.
“Wouldn’t put it past you”.
Letting your jaw fall in both offense and playfulness, you shoved him to the side, not giving him time to question what you were doing before you were back to straddling his lap and taking his cock inside you.
“Fuck,” his head was thrown back in sheer pleasure. “You can’t just do that”.
His hands on your hips, fingers digging on their hot flesh while they helped you ride him harder, however, let you know he was enjoying it one hell of a lot.
“I think I just did” your teasing tone drove him wild.
Pulling you down into a kiss, you felt your walls squeeze his cock when he let out a raspy moan against your mouth. “Have you got any idea of how you make me feel?”
“I’m guessing quite good?” you purred on his mouth, not being able to hold back a moan of your own when he thrusted his cock into you.
“So fucking good” he growled, swiftly managing to comb your hair in his hand.
“Fuck” you gasped once he pulled at your hair, forcing you to go back to your previous position sitting up on top of him.
Being unable to move given the hold he had on you, you found yourself letting him lead the pace — small whimpers escaping your mouth and raspy moans leaving his, as his other hand held down on your hip and helped you ride him while he enjoyed the view.
“Oh, f—I’m cumming” he rasped.
“Me too” you breathed out.
Feeling him let go of your hair, you were soon slumping back down on the mattress with him grinding on top of you, taking his entire length a couple more times before he stopped.
“Do you want me to…”
You shook your head no before he could finish his sentence, wrapping your legs around his waist for him not to pull out. “You said you’d fuck me like you used to,” your breathy words got a smirk from him. “Cum in me”.
Pushing a few strands of hair from off your face, he leaned down to look for your mouth as he kept thrusting into you. “If that’s what my princess wants”.
All you could do by then was nod, trapping his bottom lip in yours when you felt your second orgasm about to hit. “Cum for me” you begged, intentionally squeezing your walls around his cock to drive him over the edge. “Taehyung…”
“Fuck, Y/N” he gasped, burying his face in your neck. “I’m gon…”
His words vanished in the air, turning into a whiny moan as he finally reached his climax — thrusts becoming sloppy, making sure his warm release filled you up, he managed to make you come undone a second time.
Trying to catch your breath, you wrapped your arms around him when he let his body fall on yours, both of you closing your eyes and enjoying the silence that was now only disturbed by your heavy breathings as you came down from your highs.
A tired smile curved up your lips when Taehyung pressed a few small kisses to your skin.
“You’re amazing,” he mumbled, with a swift movement pulling out of you and hugging you tight, turning you around so now half your body was resting on top of his. “Thank you for coming back to me”.
That, along with the overwhelming ecstasy you were still experiencing, had seemed to move you, for, next thing you new, you were burying your face in his chest as your tears fell on his hot skin and a sniffle reached his ears.
“Are you crying?” he worriedly pushed your chin up with his long fingers, making you look at him.
You sniffled, watching the corners of his mouth begin to curve up. “Don’t laugh”.
“I’m not,” he denied, not finding it in him to stop smiling as he tenderly wiped your tears. “Was I that bad, though?”
“Yah!” you smacked his chest, earning a loud laugh from him, grabbing your hand on his bare skin so you wouldn’t be able to hit him again. “You’re an idiot”.
“So I’ve been told” Taehyung chuckled, pulling you up on the mattress so he could face you — chocolate eyes lovingly staring at you as he caressed your wet cheek. “What is it, then?”
You shrugged, eyes focusing on his naked chest before you could answer. “I just missed this,” you murmured. “I missed you, and I thought I would never be like this with you again, so… I guess I’m a bit emotional, sorry”.
Hearing Taehyung’s giggle as a response was something you were surely not expecting. Nevertheless, the utter sound of it was enough to make you happier than you already were — if that was even possible.
His arms wrapped tightly around you, pulling you towards his body and burying his face in your naked chest. “Are you truly apologizing for crying?” the sound of a chuckle of his resonated through your chest. “Fuck, if I hadn’t cried my eyes out already I would be crying too”.
A light laugh escaped your lips, mindlessly playing with his hair as he looked up to you, puckering his lips for you to close the space between his mouth and yours. When you did, he let out a contented hum, cupping your cheek with one hand so he could press a second kiss to your mouth.
“I missed you so, so much” he kissed you once more. “You have no idea how over the moon I am right now”.
“I’m so happy” you hummed, lips tenderly pressing to his forehead. “I don’t want today to end anymore…”
“Even when it ends, we’ll have a lifetime to go together” he smiled. “It doesn’t matter if time goes by anymore”.
He was right, and you couldn’t help but find it a bit strange… how suddenly you did not have to worry about time passing by anymore.
You had spent the past one year feeling anxious, worrying about time slipping through your fingers and not being able to achieve everything you wanted to achieve, everything you needed to achieve.
You had spent the past one year fearing that you would end up having to go back to your parents’, and that fear did only grow stronger once you got together with Taehyung, for you feared the possibility of the last day of the year arriving and having to leave him.
And then, when you found yourself indeed going back to your parents’ and no longer having Taehyung with you, you feared the day of the wedding. Although you had come to terms with it, it was still something that you were counting and dreading the days for, because the moment you pronounced the words ‘I do’, you would be deprived of all freedom.
Most importantly, you would be deprived of the man you loved, for the rest of your life.
But, right now, none of it mattered anymore.
For once, in what felt like your whole life, you could breathe.
You could breathe, because you had finally found your place, right next to him — no longer having to prove your worth, and no longer having to do what others wanted you to.
You could just be yourself.
You could be happy with him.
Letting out a contented sigh, and kissing your lips one last time, he got off the bed, receiving a whine from you as soon as you missed his touch.
“Where are you going?” you pouted, quietly watching him as he put his sweatpants back on.
“Nowhere” he simply said, throwing his t-shirt on as well and leaning down to pick up the clothes he had chosen for you and placed on the bed earlier, which were now lying on the floor after the mess you made. “I just think we should have a proper talk and I’m still craving you so bad right now that if you don’t cover up I will end up getting distracted all over again”.
You couldn’t help the laugh that came out of your mouth, feeling your face heat up at his bold words.
Following his every move, you smiled when he crawled back next to you — the bed dipping down where his knees were lying, as he fixed in his hands the t-shirt he had chosen for you to wear.
“I want the one you’re wearing” you said before he could pull the hole in the middle of the cotton fabric down your head.
“It’s pretty much the same” Taehyung pointed out, hinting at both tops being a slightly different shade of grey.
“This one doesn’t smell like you” your lower lip stuck out in a pout.
Taehyung rolled his eyes, a small smirk curving up his lips as he leaned down enough for his lips to trap your bottom one in them. “Such a brat”.
You laughed, pulling him to your mouth once more before you let go of him, contentedly watching him give in to your wishes and taking off the t-shirt he was currently wearing. Without putting the new one on just yet, he decided to cover your naked body first.
With the fabric of his thin piece of clothing covering only a little under your thighs after you sat up, he looked around for your panties — the floor not really being the best place for them to be lying on, yet that being the place he had thrown them to in his urge to get rid of them earlier that day. Letting out a sigh, he picked them up, going back to you and sliding them up your legs.
“Okay,” he cleared his throat, thumbs gently rubbing your hips under his top. “We can talk now”.
“After you put on your t-shirt as well” you reminded him, picking up said piece of clothing and helping him put it on. “I can easily get distracted by you, too”.
Taehyung chuckled, fixing the fabric down his torso before he leaned in to steal a lingering kiss from you. Being a distraction to you sounded quite good, if he was honest.
“What did you want to talk about?” you mumbled against his mouth when he was about to press it on yours once more.
“About where we’re going from here”.
Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “What do you mean?”
“You know…” he breathed in, softly playing with your fingers as his back rested against the headboard. “So your parents don’t find us, or even if they do, so they don’t separate us. Not like I’m letting them take you away from me, but…”
“I know…” you smiled weakly, interlocking your fingers with his. “Maybe we could… go abroad for a while?” your words sounded uncertain, remembering what he had proposed last night in a desperate attempt to make you go back to him. “I mean, if it’s still a possibility”.
“Of course,” he was quick to nod his head. “The last position I got offered abroad was at an art gallery in Rome. They said to give them a call if I ever changed my mind, so I’ll do just that and if everything goes well then we can move”.
That sounded so surreal.
Taehyung was quick to catch up on your expression — knowing you all too well to realise you were indeed excited, but a part of you was still hesitant.
“Hey…” he softly called you, sitting up next to you and giving you a small smile when your eyes were on him. “Don’t feel pressured to go away, we can always just stay here and figure something else out”.
“No, it’s okay, I just…” you sighed. “We would come back at some point, right? I would really like us to settle down here…”
“Of course we’d come back” he reassured you. “Our kids would be the happiest growing up here”.
Your heart fluttered. “That’s what I believe, too”.
Taehyung smiled wholeheartedly, taking your hands in his and bringing them up to press his lips on them. He could neither get used to nor grow tired of being reminded that you, too, pictured your future with him.
“So… we’re leaving?”
“Mhm…” you nodded. “I think it’s the best choice, that way we’d make sure my parents left us alone and you wouldn’t have to… you know…”
“I wouldn’t have to… what?” his eyebrows knitted together in confusion.
“Don’t make me say it” you weakly pleaded.
“I have no clue what you’re hinting at, though…”
“You won’t have to marry me anymore” you explained, not meeting his eyes. “Not in a rush, at least”.
“I won’t have to marry you?” he slowly repeated.
Your answer was a small nod, and he was not having it. Pulling you to him, you placed your palms on his chest so as not to fall flat on it, still not bringing yourself to meet his eyes and missing the way they looked at you like you held all the stars in the sky.
“Hey, princess. Look at me” he cupped your face so you had no choice but to do as told. “What did I say over the phone last night?”
You avoided his eyes.
“Y/N, what did I tell you?” he pushed it.
“That you were asking me because you love me…”
“Exactly. I love you” Taehyung reassured. “I fucking love you so much and I want to marry you. We can get married tomorrow for all I care and I will be the happiest man on Earth” he confessed with a shaky, breathy laugh. “I know you don’t have the best of experiences with marriages, but trust me when I say that neither am I being forced into this nor do I feel pressured to do this. I love you and that’s it”.
“You promise?”
“I pinky promise” he stuck out his pinky, earning a laugh from you at how he had picked up on your antics.
“Pinky promise, then” you interlocked your pinky with his.
“Unless you don’t want to marry me, of course” he raised one of his eyebrows.
“Oh, I’m just waiting for the ring” you joked.
“I already have the ring,” his lighthearted words had you jolting up. “It’s the proposal what’s missing”.
After the first sentence, though, you had seemed to stop listening altogether — not at all caring about a proper proposal anymore.
“You… have the ring?” you carefully asked, almost afraid you had misheard it.
“Mhm…” he nodded.
“Is it here? I want to see it”.
“Showing it to you just like that would take all the romance away, though”.
“I don’t care,” you shook your head, gently reaching for his hand. “Taehyung, show it to me”.
Staring at you for a couple of seconds to make sure this was 100% what you wanted, he ended up giving in — your eyes following his every move as he walked over to his wardrobe, watching him push a few clothes aside before he seemed to find what he was looking for.
Next thing you knew, he was walking back to you with a ring in between his fingers. There was no box, only a ring. Yet you could feel just as nervous as if you were getting proposed to right there and then.
Stopping in his tracks right as he reached your side by the bed, he nervously fidgeted with it, not letting you properly see it.
“Okay, so, um…” he cleared his throat. “This is more of a family antique. It last belonged to my grandmother and she passed it down to me, so if it’s not your style or you just don’t like it, please let me know and I—”
“Handsome,” you soothed him, gently holding his free hand. “Show me”.
Biting down on his lip, he took a seat beside you, trying his best to stop his hand from shaking when he finally let you take a look at the ring — a beautiful Victorian one, made out of white gold, with a diamond in its base.
Eyes going up to him, you didn’t even have to speak to let him know how much you loved it, even at first sight. That had seemed to calm his trembling hand a tiny bit.
“Can I try it on?” you hopefully asked.
Taehyung jolted up, as if you had just snapped him out of his running thoughts.
“Uh, y-yeah” he stuttered, struggling to hold your hand and managing to align the ring in front of your index finger, yet stopping before he could slide it on. “I think it’s your size, but I’m not sure, so if you feel it a bit loose or—”
“Yah,” you called him out with a giggle, letting your forehead fall to his shoulder as you tightly wrapped your arms around him. “Why are you so nervous?”
“How are you not?” he bit back.
“I am, trust me” you confessed. “But I guess I’m just way too happy to let it take over”.
“I’m happy, too” he pouted, resting his head on yours. “You’re just not the one proposing”.
“I just asked to try it on, though” your lips pressed lightly to his chest. “Not for you to propose”.
“Still feels the same”.
Because, either way, he wanted it to be perfect. After all you had been through to be with him, he believed you deserved that much.
Before you could keep on bickering, though, and before he could allow his nervousness take over completely, he grabbed your hand, holding it right in front of where your heads rested together, and slid the ring on your index finger like he had tried to do one minute ago — catching his breath the moment he realised it fit perfectly.
You smiled brightly, blissfully.
Sitting up straight, you crossed your legs as you admired the way the ring looked on your hand. You had never thought you would love the way an engagement ring looked on it so much.
For an entire year, you had refused to wear the one Sungjin had given you. You hated the way it looked on you. You hated wearing it, for whenever your eyes laid on it, you were reminded of the fate that you were possibly facing in a matter of months. Wearing it felt like a burden. Therefore, you did not.
Taehyung’s, on the other hand, felt like hope. It felt like pure happiness, and looking at it right then, you could only think of the future that awaited for the two of you. Together.
You felt like never ever taking it off.
“I love it” you confidently confessed, eyes still fixed on the diamond shining in front of you, missing the way Taehyung’s boxy smile had parted his lips. “I love it. It’s so gorgeous, it’s… perfect”.
“You think so?” he whispered.
You nodded, finally meeting his hopeful eyes. “You’re kidding? I feel so honored you chose me to give it to”.
“Who else would I have given it to?” he amusedly tilted his head. “You’re the only person I’ve ever had a relationship with”.
“Still could’ve chosen someone else”.
“Not a chance” he mumbled against your lips, not missing a second to taste them for what could easily be the hundredth time that day. “I only want you”.
“I’ll have you know I am never taking it off” you proudly looked at it on your finger once more, this time noticing the way he smiled at you. “What?”
“I really fucking love you” he breathed out, lightly pecking your lips when he noticed the heat reach your cheeks. “But I’m afraid you will have to take it off now and wait until the actual proposal”.
“I don’t care about a proposal” you let him know with a pout, pulling your hand away from his when he tried to reach for it.
“Y/N, I didn’t even get a box for it”.
“I don’t care”.
“I promised I’d go down on one knee and give one of those cheesy speeches that leaves you crying”.
“I don’t want to cry anymore,” you stated. “I’m the happiest right now. This is all I want”.
“You deserve better than being proposed to in bed right after fucking”.
“Sounds pretty intimate to me” you shrugged, holding back the urge to laugh when he threw you a glare for an answer. “Unless you don’t want to propose to me, of course”.
“Yah,” he tackled you down on the mattress, joining in your laughter as he hovered you. “You don’t get to say that whilst wearing the engagement ring I just gave you”.
You cupped his cheek with one hand, gently caressing his soft skin with your thumb as your confident eyes locked with his. “Ask me then”.
With you lying underneath him, looking at him with those eyes he loved so much and wearing his ring on your finger, there was only so much he could take.
So, leaning in until his lips were faintly touching yours, he gave in.
“Kim Y/N,” he began, eyes travelling from your mouth to your expectant eyes. “Marry me”.
“What?” you played dumb. “I don’t think I could hear you”.
“Marry me,” he repeated, gently pulling the fabric of your t-shirt over your hips for his long fingers to caress your skin. “Let’s get married and never again be away from each other. Let’s go to Europe and forget about everything that hurt us over here. Let’s come back in a few years and settle down in this house. Let’s have a bunch of kids and happily raise them here. Let’s grow old together and bicker until the end of our days” his thumb caught a tear that had just rolled down your eye, even after you had claimed you didn’t want to cry anymore. “Let’s be happy”.
You were at loss of words — teary, elated eyes, along with the way you had just begun to effusively nod your head up and down, being the only form of answer you could give him.
“I’m gonna need actual words here, princess” he softly teased, wiping another tear from your face. “Will you marry me?”
“Of course I will marry you, you idiot” you sniffled, pressing your smiling lips to his matching ones and then pulling him down to your chest. “I was literally begging you to ask me like one minute ago”.
Feeling his chest tremble on top of yours as he hugged you tightly and buried his face in the crook of your neck, you couldn’t tell whether he was crying or laughing. The sniffle that has just been followed by a chuckle of his, however, let you know he was indeed doing both.
“I thought you had no tears left to cry?” you teased him, tangling your fingers in his hair.
“Shut up” he blurted out, nuzzling your neck. “I can’t believe you just called me an idiot after my sweet, oh so sweet proposal”.
You rolled your eyes at his dramatic words. “It was with love, you know that”.
Shaking his head, he let go of his comfortable place on your chest, going back to your eye level. “Say that you’ll marry me again. But this time do it sweetly”.
“Now why would I do that?” you taunted.
“There is no way we’re telling our kids you called me an idiot when I proposed,” he pointed out. “We need to set a good example”.
At that, you couldn’t help but throw your head back — a loud, throaty laugh escaping your mouth. “And what kind of good example would it be telling them that you asked me to marry you in bed right after we f—”
“Don’t” he warned you.
“Am I wrong, though?” you laughed, then letting down a dreamy sigh as you made yourself more comfortable in bed. “God, I never thought I would be proposed to in bed right after having sex, with my neck full of hickeys, hair all messy and wearing only a t-shirt and panties”.
“Yah! You said it was okay” Taehyung called you out, sounding way whinier than he had intended to.
“And it was!” you reassured him with a giggle, resting an arm over his chest and a leg over his bottom body after he had slumped down on his back next to you. “But it’s still not the best of sights”.
“It’s my favourite look on you so far” Taehyung argued, fixing a strand of your hair away from your face. “Hot as hell”.
“Definitely not a story to tell our kids, though” you amusedly shook your head. “Or our friends”.
Laughing along, he leaned in until his lips were temptingly brushing yours. “We can always sugarcoat it”.
“We’ll make up a story for them” you agreed with a chuckle, merrily kissing him back when he closed the painful gap between your mouths.
“That we can” he agreed, hovering your body as he pulled you back down on the mattress. “On the topic of kids, though, we could start practicing for when we try for a baby in the future”
“Eager much?” you teased, allowing him to use his knee to pull your legs apart.
“I’m just thinking about the sake of our family”.
Family. How could that one word go back to meaning the world to you after having it be nothing but a burden for so many years.
“We’ll cross that bridge when we have to” you pecked his lips.
Taehyung pouted. “But practicing a little bit doesn’t hurt”.
“Just say you want to fuck me and go”.
A chuckle abandoned his lips at that, teeth lightly grazing the marks on your neck. “You’re saying I don’t need an excuse?”
“As if you’ve ever needed one” your words got a prideful smile from him, planting a small kiss to the same spot he had been teasing all day. “Stop it with the hickeys”.
“Nope” he simply replied. You weren’t leaving the house anytime soon anyway.
Nevertheless, his mouth pressed one last time to your neck before he pulled away.
“Wait,” you blurted out when he went back to your mouth. “So I have the ring and the hickeys you gave me on me right now…”
He smiled. “So?”
“So… You’ve marked me as yours twice” you pointed out, receiving a rather smug expression from him. “It’s only fair I get to leave a bunch of hickeys on you as well”.
“Come anywhere near my neck and be ready for a round two and maybe even a round three” he threatened you.
You smiled teasingly, pushing him down on the mattress and straddling his lap — hand pressing down on his chest as you nuzzled his neck.
“Y/N, I’m warning you”.
“You’re acting as if I don’t enjoy having you fuck me stupid,” you went back to his eye level, the tone in your voice and determination in your eyes, being enough to turn him on all over again. “Plus, didn’t you want to practice for when we try for a baby in the future?” 
“Fuck, you’re the love of my life” he pulled you to his lips. “Will you marry me?”
“Of course I will marry you, my love” you sweetly answered against his mouth, then letting a smirk take over your face. “Was that the oh so sweet answer you wanted?”
He smiled, satisfied. “Definitely”.
“Good,” you chuckled, lips travelling down to his neck. “Now stay still so I can make sure everyone knows you’re mine, too”.
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amourtae · a month ago
Before Dawn | kth.
Tumblr media
banner by my love @kookiestarlight 🤎
Tumblr media
↠ pairing : Kim Taehyung x Female Reader
↠ summary : Your love for Taehyung was something you often described as as a quiet emotion. He had very quickly become a part of the oxygen you needed to breathe. In his kisses, you found the promises of realness. In his embrace, you discovered your heartbeat, for the echoes of its steady sounds always mended your broken wings. The split second before his touch, every nerve in both your body and brain was electrified. It was the anticipation of being together in a way that was more than words, in a way that was so completely tangible.
OR when Taehyung shows his appreciation for you in the early hours of Sunday and you fall in love with him all over again.
↠ genre : established relationship au, idol au, boyfriend!tae, comfort au, pwp
↠ rating : 18+
↠ warnings : small allusions to sad feelings & anxiety, unprotected sex, female oral, fingering, breast play, making out, reader squirts, pet names, softdom!tae, praise kink, they’re both just hopelessly in love with e/o 🥺
↠ word count : 5K
↠ a/n : hello loves! i’m back :) here is a little something that was written for the “slow motion” couple, although it can be read as a standalone! this was my first smut that i wrote & so please excuse how bad it is (i did edit it, but it’s still quite rubbish 💀) thank you to @chateautae​ & @taegularities​ who beta-read this for me at the time. thank you to @jjksblackgf​ for having a glance over it too 🤎 feedback is always appreciated & happy reading, loves! 🤎
↠ song : i wanna be yours - artic monkeys
Tumblr media
It had to have been 4am.
Less than an hour ago, a comforting quietness fell upon you and Taehyung. The two of you spent all day together in bed, skin-to-skin having a heart-to-heart. You held him tight whilst comforting him and listening to everything he poured out of himself. Whether Taehyung made sense or not, you listened to all he had to say. After being strong for so long, he finally gave permission to his vulnerable and fragile self to come out of hiding. To seek shelter in the sanctuary of your hold. You gave him advice, helped him write down his thoughts, but most importantly you graced him with soft kisses to let him know that he’s okay and that his feelings are valid. That he’s still here and that he’s not alone.
You now lie close to Taehyung, sleep far from your mind. His delicate hand splayed across the small of your back, snuggly clutching you as if he’s scared you would leave him. You’re engulfed by the warmth of his bare chest as you admire the night sky over his shoulder through your sheer curtains.The night is a special kind of darkness to you. The kind of darkness that only wanted to hold up the stars and let them shine brighter. You always describe it to Taehyung as a warm black that hugs you no matter what, and within its safety you always feel your soul all the more clearly, the innocent inborn spark coming to life. “My jagi is so poetic, isn’t she?” He always chuckles at your thoughts.
A soft breeze that carries with it the fragrances of the earth now whispers to you as if it wants to convey a beautiful story you yearn to hear. You intertwine your legs with Taehyung, nuzzling deeper into his neck and pressing a gentle peck to his defined jawline. You carefully watch Taehyung as he escapes away to his dreamland. A sense of relief washes over you, knowing that although temporary, Taehyung’s hurting has stopped whilst he sleeps tranquilly. You had also tried to fall asleep, but the overwhelming thoughts that occupied your mind prevented you from doing so.
You know Taehyung will be returning  to his dorm tomorrow to continue with his hectic schedule. And despite him feeling somewhat better than before, your heart was still reluctant to let him go. You want to keep him tightly clasped in your embrace, ensuring his happiness and safety before he has to wear his facade for his fans. You want to be his umbrella who protects him when it rains too hard, for just a little longer. And yes, you could do so whilst being away from one another, but the comfort of being in his arms, the solitude of being able to listen to his heartbeat as you lie on his broad chest is a feeling nothing can replace.
In his embrace the world stills on its axis. There is no time, no wind, no rain. Your mind, always at peace. His love for you is pure. Unselfish. Undemanding. Free. This is the love you’d waited for, prayed for, yearned for. You inwardly thank God as you hug him all the tighter, nestling deeper into him. A love like this was a love to be cherished for life. Meeting him made you realise that you had finally felt at home.
Tumblr media
You decide to move and sit at your desk, not wanting to disturb your lover's sleep. Scribbling away spontaneous thoughts which come to your own mind as the softness of your favourite playlist spills from your phone. The calmness of the music almost lulls you back to sleep, but you force yourself to stay awake, not wanting to miss out on the serenity your 4am quietude had brought. 
Taehyung’s mellow voice startles you, you didn’t expect your music to have been loud enough to wake him. “I’m sorry, baby, did my music wake you up? I thought I was playing it quietly”, you apologetically call out to him. His head pops up immediately, shaking it no.
Taehyung lifts the warm duvet and signals for you to come back to him, tiredness more than evident on his face. You make your way back to the bed, feeling guilty for having woken him in the first place. Nestling back into his arms, you mutter an apology once again. His arms envelop you closer instinctively, giving you a small peck on your forehead as you rest your face by his collarbone. The feeling of being back in his arms was heavenly, you now regret leaving them in the first place.
“Your warmth disappeared, I didn’t like it.” You can hear the pout he’s wearing on his lips through his groggy voice. You whisper an apology once again as you entwine your legs together. “Why were you awake? Can’t sleep?” You whisper a “hmm” hoping he’ll let it go. But you know Taehyung. You know him well enough to know he will continue to pry. 
“I’m going to miss you”, is all you say before closing your eyes, hoping to fall asleep before he continues. “I’m right here, angel. I’m with you.” He reassures you all whilst wearing a gentle smile that makes you feel at ease. “You won’t be tomorrow.” 
And now it’s your turn to pout and be consoled. Taehyung responds with a relaxed chuckle, tugging the strings in your heart just like the first time you heard him laugh. “Ah Jagi, what matters is that I’m with you right now, hmm? Let’s just focus on that for now, sweetheart.” The term of endearment sets something off in your guts, your heart skipping a beat. “Yeah, I guess so.” Feeling defeated, you sigh as you turn over to your side. 
“What’s wrong, baby?” Taehyung questions as he leans forward to press a kiss to your bare shoulder. You realise that it’s best to embrace the current moments and so you gently turn back to face your handsome boyfriend, telling him nothing as you move back in your former position. “Babe, I have an idea.” Taehyung is a man full of surprises, so predicting what’s to come out of his mouth is a task within itself.
“You’ve always taken care of me so well, and I couldn’t have asked for better company on days where I felt so lonely.” He paused before continuing, “I still need to show you how thankful I am, don’t I?” He lowers his gaze as he smirks at you. “And how do you plan on doing that, Mr. Kim?” Staring back into his skittish eyes, you decide to tease him back. “Later.” is all that leaves his mouth as he shifts to snuggle into your chest, pulling the duvet to cover your bare shoulders, protecting you both from the autumn breeze of dawn.
Tumblr media
You have been playing with Taehyung’s hair for the past few minutes, knowing how comforted he always feels through the simple act. You figure that he is beginning to fall asleep again and so you stop, not wanting to wake him up. “Angel, why did you stop?” he mumbles. You laugh to yourself, in awe of your boyfriend's cute behaviour in such early hours. “I thought you had fallen asleep, Taehyungie, that’s why.” You lean forward to press a kiss to the crown of his head. 
“Come closer.” he pauses.
“I want you as close as possible. I want to feel you.”
You shift to be at eye level with him, staring at his relaxed face and the gentleness gracing it. “I’m here, baby.” Taehyung opens his eyes and the two of you giggled like high school kids confessing their crush to one another for the first time. He cups your cheek and moves forward to rub your noses together as his long, slender thumb caresses your blushed cheek.
In the room that is now twilight and shadow, Taehyung lies close enough for you to breathe in his alluring scent. His arms wrap around your back, and in one gentle pull, he is hovering above you, and your skin touches his. You feel his hand in your hair, how he loves the softness, watching it tumble as he releases it. His hand then moves down from your cheekbones to your lips.
“Kiss me, Y/N.” Taehyung requests with his husky voice and you don’t need to be told twice, reaching upwards to sync your lips together. The two of you move like partners in a dance that is written in your DNA. Your bodies fit together as if you were made just for this, to fall into one another, to feel this natural rhythm. Taehyung’s hands are all over you with a vehement urgency, removing the black vest top you had worn to bed. You pull back to admire him, moving his hair out of the way so you can see his beautiful eyes. With a laugh, he brings his face closer to yours, rubbing your noses together, letting your giggles echo inside his safety cocoon. You lock eyes for just a moment, just enough for you to feel safe with one another. 
“My prettiest angel.” he whispers in your ear.
And then the heated kissing starts again. 
Taehyung showers you with kisses, each one different from the last. He pulls you closer to him by your waist as he lets his hands roam your body freely. Taehyung bends down, brushing his lips gingerly over your cheek. Despite it being a light touch, he still manages to send euphoric sensations through your nerves, making you shiver. The control this man has over you through the subtlest forms of love, is something you still cannot encapsulate.
“If you want us to stop, tell me now.”
You remain silent as he brushes his lips against your temple.
“Or now.” he mutters as he traces the line of your cheekbone with his index finger. 
You reach up to interrupt him, pulling him down to collide your lips together, the rest of his words lost against your mouth. Taehyung kisses you gently, carefully as if you were made of porcelain and would break easily. And that’s exactly what you love about Taehyung.. how tender he is with you. How he always makes sure you’re comfortable enough to proceed.
You knot your fist in his hair, pulling Taehyung against you harder. After waiting for so long, a gentle kiss was not going to satisfy your needs. He groans softly, low in his throat, and his arms circle you, gathering you closer against him all whilst beginning to remove the remaining articles of unnecessary clothing that adorn the two of you.
Taehyung’s tongue licks a long stripe down your neck as his fingertips are whisked away in your hair. He holds the back of your head gently in place as he decorates your skin with deep purple stains of ardent worship, as though you’re his canvas. You hug him close to your throat and your naked breasts rest against his bare chest as you grind yourself up against him. Taehyung cups your face, bringing you to face the deep pink hues of his swollen lips as he presses a searing kiss that  has you groaning into his mouth. Taehyung indulgently hums into the kiss, the sheets becoming messier as he leans forward, moving himself against you. 
You mouth at him sensually as he tightens his grip on your torso, being sure to dote on each part of your skin he roams. He traces his finger down your chest, his lips following shortly after as he cherishes each inch of your skin. He stops at your breasts, breathing deeply on the already hardened nipples. You tug at his soft tresses as he groans against your nipples, before he begins kissing from the valley of your breasts.
“God, I love your tits.” He sighs out as he shifts towards your nipple, taking the hardened peak into his hot mouth. You arch against him, moaning pleasurably as you massage his scalp. It had been so long since you and Taehyung had time to be this close… this intimate.
Hearing you moan so audibly has Taehyung smirking against your soft skin, your reaction spurring him on. The way he was prodding at your nipple with his sinful tongue had you so utterly lost in his ministrations. He was sure to fondle your neglected breast, bringing his hand up to knead it. The pressure of his skillful tongue and the softness of his palm had you sighing out in bliss. Your moans filled the dimly lit room as you writhed underneath the man providing you with utmost pleasure, realising that this is just the beginning of his ministrations. 
You pull Taehyung back against your lips, crashing them together once again. His slightly rough stubble rubbed against your skin in the most delicious way, far from uncomfortable. Taehyung cinched you further into him as he felt the silken strands of your hair. Stopping the soft assault against your mouth, he pulled back. 
“I love you Jagi. I really do.” 
You stared back at him, swollen lips, messy hair and watery eyes. Taehyung looked down at you through heavy lidded eyes, eagerly needing a response.
“I love you more, baby.” You whisper as you reach up to press a kiss between his brows. Your pussy clenches as your eyes are drawn down to his thick erection. The heat in your gut is only gushing more. You hear Taehyung click his tongue as he palms at himself in order to distract you from it. You reach forward to grab, but Taehyung stops you before you can even do so. A simple shake of his head gives you the answer you were certainly not looking for. He can’t help but feel proud knowing that despite you both being together for so long, despite you both being in this position frequently, you still always managed to become amazed by the size of his length and what he could do with it. 
But today? Today the air around you both is filled with a sense of shyness. It most definitely isn’t the first time for you both, but you’re so nervous you’d never know it. There’s something about Taehyung that lights you up from the inside. And something about you which melts all of Taehyung’s confidence to nothing at all. Touching him is like being handed the holy grail. Almost as if your heart is mended each time you are together even though you never knew it was broken. 
Your eyes meet Taehyung’s again and your heartbeat increases. He stares at you with deep respect and adoration, it almost hurts. No one had ever paid this much attention to you before Taehyung. No one had loved you like this. No one had celebrated you in this manner. Taehyung changed that. He stayed with you in your quietness and kissed the scars you hid from others. He is your greatest and rarest treasure. A blessing that brought you inner peace.
Taehyung’s hand that lies on your waist gradually makes its way down to your hip, stopping at the very border of it. 
“If I may?” He reaches forward and whispers before nibbling on your ear.
You nod and that was all the consent Taehyung needed. He has you far too riled up for you to even consider stopping his ministrations. 
“I’m going to show you how much I love you.” He pauses. “Going to show my angel how happy she makes me.” He breathed out.
His actions interrupt you as he leans forward to suck on the sweet spot right behind your ear. You inhale sharply and he uses this opportunity to trail his hand down further. Taehyung himself may have been shy, but his doings were far from it. You felt yourself heat up as his fingers reached your nether lips, caressing the soft and soaked area.
“Always so wet for me, aren’t you, Y/N?”
The use of your name had you clenching your pussy, which wasn’t missed by Taehyung. He smirks against the temple of your head, mentally giving himself a pat on the back. 
“Is my baby feeling shy?” He playfully teases as he faintly  brushes over your clit, refusing any direct contact with the place you need him the most. Taehyung’s other hand grabbed the back of your thigh, bringing it to rest at his waist, granting him the further access he needs. He presses himself closer to you, gently rubbing over your clit. His touch ignites something deep in your senses, you grind into his hand wanting more.
“I don’t want to play too much today.” He simply voices as he pulls his hand away. You whine underneath him, dissatisfied at the loss of his hands. Taehyung’s quick to make that disappear as he lifts your thighs over his shoulders, letting them rest there delicately. You slightly relax, knowing what’s coming next. Taehyung slides to rest on his lean stomach as he begins to kiss from your ankle upwards, his hand always just a little higher than the gentle kisses he presses everywhere. You feel your back arch in anticipation knowing where his sinful mouth will reach soon. Your head rocks back as he inches towards your core, ready to moan his name as he devours you wholly.
Taehyung breathes against your soaked folds making you quiver with arousal. He massages the inside of your thighs, attempting to calm your nerves. “Always so pretty for me.” He praises before reaching forward to press a kiss against your clit, making you shudder with  sensitivity. 
“You’ve missed this, haven’t you my love? Missed having my tongue all over your messy cunt? He asks as you run your fingers through his dark locks, tightening the grip on his scalp. You arch your hips into his eager mouth, striving to gain some form of contact. 
“Please.. Taehyung, please.” You breathlessly moan out, patience being a virtue you can no longer abide by. Taehyung gives in to your pleading, knowing that he too, needs to have a taste. Needs to subdue the longing of being deep within you.
Taehyung uses the tip of his tongue to lightly trace your nether lips. You squirm underneath him, moaning his name needily as you try to chase more of his tongue. Taehyung feels turned on seeing you lost in the clouds of ecstasy despite him doing so little. 
“Tae… please, I need more.” You impatiently whine, trying to provoke further action. And so he does. He finally accepts that he’s perhaps tortured you a little too long now. “If it’s too much, princess, be sure to tell me.” is all he musters as he licks a long stripe from your entrance to your clit. He allows himself to latch onto your quivering cunt, sucking on your labia and making out with it to his heart’s content. 
He buries himself further as he skims with his lips, gathering all your wetness on his tongue as you mewl at the orgasmic sensations he provides. He grants you no mercy as he uses his masterful tongue to eat you up. Taehyung had missed this deeply. Missed seeing you lost in the throes of pleasure with not a single care in the world.
You buck your hips closer to his face, begging for more through your actions. Taehyung flattens his tongue against your cunt, sucking greedily on the pulsing bud, groaning at the sweet flavour he had so dearly missed. 
“Oh god, Taehyung please. I- I need more!” You give up trying to be quiet, chasing your high being your main priority at the moment.
“Baby wants more?” Taehyung smirks against you before he repeatedly licks up your slit, lapping at you shamelessly. Taehyung takes you by surprise as he sinks two of his long fingers into your leaking pussy. He curls them at the right spot and you whimper out loudly, gripping his hair tighter, not even considering the pain it could cause him.
“Taehyung.. Tae.. You can’t just..” You attempt to mutter out, but the excitement of reaching your high overtakes you and you moan his name instead. He pushes them in and out of you fast and hard whilst teasingly slurping at your juices. You know Taehyung is keen to make you come, and he knows he’s reaching his goal by the way your brows furrow and how you haven’t stopped biting your lips.
“Almost there.. aren’t you, angel?”
“Mmm, Tae, please. Please!” You have no clue what you’re begging for, crying out lustily. 
“My baby is so gorgeous. So beautiful for me. My good girl.” Taehyung coos at you, the praises making you need more. Taehyung closes his lips around your clit and sucks it hard as his fingers relentlessly fuck into you. You arch and attempt to push his fingers out. Taehyung understands what you need without words and withdraws them from deep within, instead harshly rubbing at your clit in regular motions, watching you squirt on his tongue and gush all over the sheets.
You mewl distinctly as Taehyung groans at the sight of the mess in front of him. You’re panting hard as he encourages you to continue releasing all your cum. 
“All of this for me, jagi? Come on, show me how much more there is. Show me how good I make you feel.” 
You gasp and twitch from the oversensitivity of Taehyung’s ministrations as he rushes to hover above you, pressing gentle kisses to your face and wiping the tears which had formed.  Taehyung praises you and you don’t fail to blush at his devotion, feeling a sense of pride wash over yourself as he repeatedly refers to you as his good girl. 
“Thank you.” you mutter as you reach to latch your lips onto Taehyung’s, him shaking his head no as he brushes the drenched tendrils of hair from your face. A gentle smile adorns his face as he whispers back an “Always” making you feel flustered all over again. You notice Taehyung looking a little too calm and peer down once again at his painfully hard cock. 
“Let me jus-”
Once again, Taehyung interrupts you as he grabs your hand, stopping it from reaching its desired destination.
“Not today, jagi. I don’t need your hand today.”
“Hmm?” You mutter, confusion written over your face. 
“I just…”
“You just?”
“I just want to make love to my princess.” Taehyung whispers against your lips as he presses his hard length against your soaked core, casting it against your slickness making you whine again. 
Taehyung kisses you so gently, so tenderly, you feel the grand amount of love he has for you through the simple movements of his lips against yours. The two of you continue to make out languidly, the moonlight spilling from your sheer curtains illuminating your surroundings, making it all the more intimate. All the more magical.
He leans forward pressing careful kisses to your bare shoulder up to your ear. 
“I want to make love to you, Y/N. I want to show you how loved you are.”
You bring your dainty hands to rest against his bare chest as he moves to rub your noses together. 
“I want to feel you, Taehyung. I need you.”
And that small whisper is all Taehyung needs as he wraps your legs around his waist and lines himself up against your entrance. Taehyung glances down at where your bodies are soon to connect and smiles as he prods your wet and desperate flesh with his tip. 
“Is this okay, jagi?” He delicately inquires, the warmth in his eyes making it evident that he only wants to provide you with utter comfort and nothing else. “Mhm.” You answer as you move your hands towards the nape of his neck, interlacing them.
Taehyung steadies his hand on your pillow as he pushes himself into your wetness, groaning pleasurably. You arch into him, familiarising yourself with his thickness, the feeling still somehow being foreign. The two of you curse as Taehyung nestles his cock into you, your tightness spurring him on further.
“I’ve missed this.” Taehyung moans out loudly as he softly moves forward to settle into you. “I’ve missed the way your walls clench around me.” You whimper at his words and the delicious stretch, your chest rising as you anticipate his next measure. Taehyung gently pulls out of you, only to penetrate you deeper as he hits your cervix. 
“I want to love you. Softly. Slowly. Take my time and worship you the way you deserve..” He groans as he glides himself out of you once again, your pooling wetness allowing him to drag himself at ease despite the tightness. You are already filled to the brim, the feeling of home apparent to you both.
“I want to kiss every inch of your perfect body. Love you the way you love me, my love.” 
You moan at his confession, tears threatening to spill as the thickness of Taehyung’s cock stretches you out flawlessly. You clench around him tighter which makes Taehyung moan, reaching forward to kiss you harder. 
You whine into his mouth, urging him to move.
And so he does.
Taehyung sets a steady and sensuous pace, pressing his hips into you keenly as he moves in and out of you in a languid manner. He presses sweet kisses to your lips and cheeks, breathing deeply as he softly fucks your dripping pussy. Taehyung looks at you with all the tenderness he could gather, moving his hand to slide at the base of your spine, pulling you further onto his cock. Taehyung presses your foreheads together as he continues his tender thrusts. 
“I love you so much, so much it hurts.”
Taehyung’s precious words shelter you. Protect you. Make you feel whole. They tend to your hidden wounds, caressing over them in the most soft manner. Your heart flutters at his confession, making you wrap your legs around him tighter as you rut against him trying to match the rhythm of his thrusts. The slightly harsh rocking of Taehyung’s hips provided your clit with the relief it needed. Your cum was already pooling beneath you as he kissed the tears of his passion away from your eyes. Taehyung takes your hand, resting it against your head, entwining your nimble fingers with his own. The slight breeze from the air outside and the warmness your room was providing was the perfect mix, making you feel all the more loved. All the more safe with him. 
Your mouths were leaving sloppy kisses wherever they could reach, your sweaty bodies entangled together and your breasts suffused with red from Taehyung’s earlier doings. The both of you felt divine, the wetness all around you being your greatest evidence. The two of you were so lost in one another, so infatuated by each other’s presence, you don’t even realise the mess you had created. You squeezed Taehyung’s hand as he picked up the speed of his thrusts, ensuring to provide you with the ease you needed. 
“I love this.. God, I fucking love the way you make me feel. The way you love me.” You spill, making Taehyung penetrate you deeper. Words were hard to muster and so you refrain from speaking further, simply letting your begging moans inform him how good he makes you feel. How heavenly he makes you feel with every precise thrust.
You don’t need to communicate, Taehyung’s hard and animalistic groans echoing inside your little bedroom are enough on both of your behalf’s. He pulls out lightly, before grinding deeper as he presses his taut body against your smaller self, provoking you towards another orgasm. You claw at his back, wanting him closer and so he tightens his hold against you, kissing at your neck as he whispers sweet nothings and innocent promises into your sensitive ears. His rhythmic hips not halting their pace, sensually drawing you towards your end. 
“You’re doing so well for me baby, such a good girl.” And you know he means each and every encouragement that leaves his lips, a reflection of the pure love he feels for you. You thread your fingers through his hair as he sinks himself into you again, hitting against your g-spot, making your legs quiver and him grunting at the feeling of your wetness pooling on his cock. 
Your moans become louder and Taehyung recognises that you need more friction, bringing his hand down to rub against your clit. The sweet pressure as he perfectly thrusts into you has you curling your toes, the feeling of him stretching you wide and making you more wet was exactly all you needed right now. “Almost done, I promise. My baby is so perfect. isn’t she?” He hummed against the temple of your head. 
“Taehyung.” You moan in utter euphoria as he picks up his pace, slamming into you with  completely new force, ensuring he syncs with the thumbing against your clit. Taehyung begins to move harsher, ramming into you hard, hitting each pleasurable spot whilst holding your body down with his strong yet soft hands. His actions contrast with the softness of his kisses and the integrity of the loving praises he showers you with. His eyes never once leave you, watching you bite your lips, watching your eyes become more watery, watching the sweat begin to form at your baby hairs.
Taehyung swears he has never seen a sight so gorgeous, so breathtaking. You reach to cup his cheek, telling him repeatedly how much you love him and he gently nods at you, a shy smile breaking out on his face while his pace inside you never changes. 
Your hands find Taehyung’s toned back once again, scratching down it as you feel your insides constrict, the coil threatening to break as Taehyung’s pelvis and skin hits against yours repeatedly. You melt into his body as you seek the comfort Taehyung provides you with his sweet, blissful love. You both moan in sync and mirror each other's expressions as you internally thank the heavens above for the love that has been graced upon you. 
A series of ‘I love yous’ and ‘You’re all mine’ are heard from the two of you as Taehyung paints your insides white. You feel his cock pulsing as he fills you to the very brim, eliciting a distinct whimper out of you. You leak your wetness all over yours and Taehyung’s legs as he rests his head against your shoulder, telling you that you’ve done well through kisses on your warm skin. Taehyung pushes into you harder as if he wants you both to be one just a little longer. As if he wants to melt into you completely. You run your fingers through his damp hair as he finally stills.
“You always feel so amazing.” Taehyung chuckles, evoking a giggle out of you. He slips his softening cock out you carefully, being sure not to hurt you. You wince slightly at the loss of close contact, wanting to experience this all again. Taehyung pecks your lips before moving to rest next to you, splaying his hand against your stomach and resting his chin on your shoulder.
He had moved from Daegu to Seoul. Travelled from America to Europe to all around Asia. He had felt safe, secure and content wherever he went. Yet the feeling of home, the feeling of evermore was only ever found with you.
Tumblr media
The room is now silent, the only noise being heard is the deep panting coming from the both of you and the rain that patters against your window. Cleaning your surroundings and yourselves is far from your mind, Taehyung’s presence and warmth being the only aftercare you need. You wrap your arm around him and nuzzle into his neck as he pulls you closer, straightening what he can of your tousled hair. The breeze from the outside world cools you both down, bringing in a sense of balance; the wisdom to move yet at a steady pace. 
You and Taehyung both have your eyes closed, calming down from your highs whilst resting in one another’s embrace. You feel yourself finally drifting away to dreamland in the presence of your safe place. The beginning of this new autumn day was like a love song, one that morphed from a melancholy slowness to a happier and more uplifting tune. The two of you are relaxed as the autumnal breeze brings for you a sense of hope. An awakening magic inhabits the room, a sensation of an old-spirit rekindling and seeking to knit together all that is good. 
Feeling at peace in the arms of your lover, you know you are safe. Taehyung presses you against himself firmly and before you slip away to a more tranquil mindset, you feel a sweet kiss being placed on your forehead and you know that you are in a flower meadow with Taehyung, surrounded by the colour of his love for you. The thousands of petals representing the thoughts he had. Feeling at ease, you settle well into him.  Every muscle’s tension, lost to the calm ripened air. 
You are home. 
You always are, when you’re with him.
Tumblr media
Dear Diary,
And today, I fell in love with him, all over again. My favourite love song is him. Always him. Before dawn and after dusk, it is always Kim Taehyung who heals me. And I hope for it to remain this way.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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heart of the flame | kth. (m)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
banner by the lovely ash @jimilter​ <3​
Tumblr media
➵ summary : when fate leads to you to meet sweet and charming firefighter, kim taehyung, you don’t expect him to become the irrevocable love of your life. spending your days with him become just as easy as breathing, and you begin to believe your love is unbreakable. but when fundamental issues begin to tear your relationship apart, you learn that despite heartfelt memories and irreplaceable history, sometimes love that burns too brightly only blazes out faster. you’re both willing to fight tooth and nail to make your love long-lasting however, and discover that maybe, just maybe, love is enough.
OR, stranded and alone, kim taehyung offers the help you exactly need. rooming with him in his apartment seems harmless at first, but as history resurfaces and tensions rise, harmless turns into hazardous, and ensues an intense relationship that plays with the very thing he fights—fire.”
↳ part of the ‘warm this winter’ collaboration!
➵ pairing: firefighter!taehyung x f. librarian!reader
➵ genre: roommates!au, friends absolute idiots to lovers!au, romance, fluff, smut, angst
➵ rating: 18+
➵ word count: 33k
➵ warnings: swearing, mentions of a fire rescue + smoke inhalation, sexual references, mentions of masturbation, mentions of big dicc!tae, sexual tension, alcohol consumption, kissing, some anxiety, argument/conflict
➵ a/n: here’s the first part of my taehyung birthday special everyone!! gosh this fic has been in the works for so long and it makes me so happy to finally let it come to life, i hope you enjoy 🥺💓 thank you eternally to my loves @inkedtae​ and @amourtae​ for beta-ing and encouraging me!! as always, your feedback means the world to me <3 
hotf!tae visual 
➵ playlist: love me like that by sam kim 
Tumblr media
act I. || act II. || act III. (final) 
Tumblr media
Love is not enough, they say. 
Love is hard; it’s trial and error, it’s trust and vulnerability, it’s opening up your chest to another and praying they won’t crush your heart with one squeeze. But above all, love is warm. 
It’s warm like a flame, whether small and quaint like a candlelight, soft and tender like the blaze of a campfire, or ferociously passionate and powerful like the gusts of an open inferno. 
That’s what you and Taehyung were, passionate and powerful, love that burned brightly and brilliantly. You were magnetic, inseparable, destined for one another. 
Until destiny decided to craft other plans. 
You and Taehyung can only be told through a long, grueling story, one that consumes you and yet leaves you hungry, shatters and yet mends you all the same. 
A story you didn’t know would burn as hot as the heart of a flame. 
It begins on a cold, rainy October afternoon. Working at your local library had not been the headache you believed it to be, and sorting books was not so tedious. It was simple; you minded your own business and nobody bothered you. It grants the perfect time to become lost in your quite entertaining thoughts. 
What should I eat today? 
Okay, maybe not all are entertaining. Though one element of your life you could for sure label as entertaining was your best friend Miso, who quite rambunctiously rambles about her idyllic, crazy life to you over the phone. It was your breaktime, and nothing uplifted you more than busting a gut with her.  
It made the library more bearable. 
“Gosh, I need to fucking ask a sex therapist about this. Am I seriously stupid for not having a foot fetish like Seoyun?” Miso exasperates, causing you to hide your giggle with a hand. 
“Please, you’re totally allowed to not be into the whole foot thing. If Seoyun likes it then that’s a him thing, not a you thing.” You counter. 
“Right? Why am I not allowed to not be into it? If he wants to be a toe guy, he can be a toe guy while I stay a finger gal.” 
“Fucking preach to that.” You lift a hand as a hallelujah, phone squished to your ear by your shoulder as you spoon away at some yogurt. “How did he even get so into feet all of a sudden, anyway? I swear Seoyun’s never been into them for as long as I’ve known him.” 
“I think his goddamn older brother put the idea in his head. Fuck him for that.” You can imagine an angry Miso flipping off said brother on the other end. 
“His older brother…?” That sounds familiar. You knit your eyebrows together trying to comprehend why bells are ringing in your head. 
“Taehyung. Kim Taehyung, remember?” 
Kim Taehyung… fuck. That’s why your bells were going off. 
“Right, right. Tae.” You remember, nodding to yourself. “He um… so he’s into feet?” 
“Yeah, definitely information I did not think I would acquire in life.” 
“Yeah, me neither. It’s only been five fucking years since I’ve seen the guy. Knowing he’s got a foot fetish was not what I needed to know about him.” You pull a face of repulsion, not even knowing how your stand on it. 
“What? Wanted to know how he’s been doing? How much more handsome he is? If he’s dating someone?” Miso asks in a teasing succession. 
“No, Miso! I just meant that it’s been a long time and that’s the first thing I fucking hear about him. Talk about weird.” You play off with a dismissive tone, finishing up your cup of yogurt and tossing it out. 
“Whatever. Do you think I should see a sex therapist?” 
“No! Just because Seoyun’s into something doesn’t mean you need to be into it. And who knows, if you let him try it, maybe you’ll actually end up liking it too.” 
“Is this you trying to tell me you have a foot fetish?” 
“No, oh my fucking God!” You screech, fixing up your office desk and making towards the front. “I’m gonna hang up this phone now. My break is over.” 
“Wait, wait!” Miso suddenly dramatizes. 
“You know, if you wanted to know something real about Tae, he’s actually local to you.” Miso offers, furrowing your brows. 
“Huh? Really?” 
“Yeah, I wanted to give you a head’s up that he actually works in Chicago. Though I’m not going to tell you more, only that who knows, maybe you’ll actually bump into him in the city.” The information leaves you with a myriad of intricate feelings, slowly acknowledging them. 
“I see, maybe I will.” Is all you can answer. “Pretty sure it’ll just be like old times, anyway.” 
“Yeah, probably.” Miso responds plainly, hearing her end fall silent. It’s only until you’ve completely reached the front of the library does she start up again, voice chipper. 
“So, do you think I need to see a sex therapist about being into-” 
“Oh for fuck’s sake, you do not need to see a sex therapist!” After shrieking at her over the phone, you rapidly remove it from your ear and smash down the end call button. Your expression is completely exasperated, tidying your hair and outfit to be presentable. 
Your small vintage library in the city surely wasn’t the most bustling area on the street; there were other libraries, along with the largest one in Chicago, that trumped yours. But the quaint, homey feel to your little setup felt much more intimate, inviting. It wasn’t as modern and innovative as the other libraries, but housed classic literature and even some rare books that granted the space to adopt a much more Victorian, decorous appearance. 
The money was fair, and the library was steady enough that it was never too busy, nor too dead. You searched through a catalog of books for the day, crossing off the carts of returns you finished and indicating which ones were still left. Humming a useless tune, your attention is stolen when the bell at the front door rings, signaling a visitor. 
Flickering towards the sound, your eyes nearly bug out of their sockets. You have just witnessed the most beautiful man to ever exist walk inside the library, and the thing is… you know him. 
Kim Taehyung?
What the fuck what the fuck what the fuck?! Your entire headspace falls into a state of panic, never in your entire life did you think for once, what Miso said was fucking right. Goddamn that wench, she probably manifested and prayed for this. 
Swallowing, you catch yourself gawking at him, and just when he begins turning his head in your direction, you refocus on your catalog as smoothly as possible. At least you think. You clear your throat as well, getting a hold of yourself because this is completely okay. It’s not like you and Taehyung have this vastly complex and complicated history, you can handle this. 
Actually, you and Taehyung have little to no history at all in your opinion, nothing to fret about. You have to backtrack for this. 
Highschool, ninth grade. Miso had grievously begged you to accompany her on this study date with a guy named Kim Seoyun. You obviously rolled your eyes, telling her it’s not a big deal if she goes alone. This Seoyun fella asking her to study with him meant he only signed up for her company, not yours. 
“But it’s at his house, Y/N, his house!!” That’s when your jaw dropped, blinking multiple times just to compute the information. Seoyun was your age and Miso’s so he wouldn’t exactly have any ill intent towards your best friend, right? He’s only inviting her over for a study date… alone… at his house…
“Buy me a caramel macchiato and I’ll meet you behind the school.” You didn’t even hesitate. 
Half an hour later, you found yourself at a quaint, though cozy home, welcomed by a slightly surprised Seoyun, who, to your shock, warmly invited you in along with Miso. You obviously didn’t miss the way he kept his kind eyes and attention on her most of the time. It was evident where his feelings lied, and would for the next nine years until present day. 
Seoyun and yourself became well-acquainted. Better than that; actual best friends. You both had the unchanging intention of taking care of Miso and ensuring she was happy, which seemed enough cause to befriend the, at the time, scrawny, humble kid with glasses who was the epitome of gentlemanly. 
His interest in her however, left you painfully alone that day. Miso had surprisingly warmed up to Seoyun and ended up enjoying her time with him, resulting in your satirical identity as the third wheel. Wanting to gain some fresh air from all the sweet flirting, you excused yourself for a water bottle. Seoyun offered to fetch you one but you insisted he stay. 
You weren’t going to be the thorn in the side of a blooming romance. 
You asked him to inform you of where to look. He provided directions for the refrigerator, and so you disappeared from their lovey dovey ‘studying’. 
Sighing, you grasp a water bottle from the open fridge once you’re downstairs, and contemplate how absolutely obviously you were cock-blocking before. Grimacing at the agitating romance movie taking place upstairs, you close the fridge door with a distracted mind. 
Until you have a reason not to be.
 The second it shut, you spotted a 5’10, silver-haired and full-lipped man right before you, gasping at the sight of him. He was staring down at you, hard. 
And you forgot to mention he was also strikingly handsome. Shit. 
“Who are you?” He furrowed his brows and asked, folding his arms. His hands caught your immediate attention, gulping once you witnessed just how much of a masterpiece they were. Large and veiny, slender and long. Not to mention a sexy web of veins that ran down his forearms, which were on display with the white t-shirt and gray sweatpants combination he wore, complementing his hair. He appeared older than you. 
Why is his hair silver? 
He flipped his hair out of his eyes, calling attention towards the single dangly earring he wore. Your breathing hitched, and suddenly the faint mole on the tip of his nose threw you a curveball. Absolutely stunning. 
He cocked his brow questioningly. You scrambled once you realized you didn’t answer him yet. “I’m..um.. Actually, what do you mean who am I? Who are you?” You interrogated with an attitude, clutching your water bottle to your chest. 
The man scoffed through a dry chuckle. “Me? You’re in my house, gorgeous. Who are you?” 
The pet name nearly doubled you over. Swallowing, you realized your fault, clearing your throat to prevent a squeaky voice. “I’m-I’m Y/N. I’m Miso’s best friend.” 
“Ah, the girl Seoyun’s got a crush on, huh?” 
You lit up with excitement, clasping your hands together and leaping for joy as though you were a child. “Oh my God, so he does like Miso!” 
“Pretty obvious, don’t you think? He invited her to our house,” the man then takes a moment to scan you, really scan you, and suddenly your cheeks feel all too warm detecting the not-so-innocent gleam in his coffee irises. “Though I don’t remember him saying she’d bring a cute friend.” 
You choked. Avoiding the marathon your heart runs, you narrowed your eyes at him, lips falling into a pout. “Hey, old man. I’m 14 for your information. Maybe aim for someone your age.” 
“Relax, miss feisty. I’m only 17.” He held up a hand, his tone provocative. 
“Whatever. I came because I didn’t know Seoyun’s intentions with Miso, and I had to protect her.” 
“Wait, you thought… my little brother?” The man actually takes a moment to laugh, clearly he understands what you meant by ‘accompanying Miso for her protection’. It’s not your fault you were being precautionary, you never knew with boys! 
“Yeah, my little bro doesn’t have a single bone in his body to make a move on a girl like that.” The man dismissed, still cracking up. “Damn, that’s the funniest shit I’ve heard all day.” 
Almost defensive of Seoyun, you felt the urge to counter the silver-haired man. Again, you wonder why in the world he’s silver, such an obscure colour to dye your hair…
“Hey, at least Seoyun’s nice. And for your information, he’s making great progress with Miso. She’s totally into him.” 
“Whatever, he has no clue how to bag a girl at all.” 
“And you do?” You quirked a brow, arms crossed and tone riddled with challenge. Seoyun’s older brother harmlessly chuckled, observing you, and you become instantly weak for the sexy show of his teeth when he smirks. Something hot lights up between your legs, and you internally panic.  
What the fuck is that? 
The man’s laughter stops, and before you could even blink, he suddenly leans forward and rests his forearm against the refrigerator, leveling his height with yours. He bores into your eyes, and your heart picks up unimaginable speeds as time seems to slow, and your surroundings disappear. He’s all you see, and you ungraciously hiccup; staring back at him wide-eyed as he tilted his head. 
“I could have you charmed in two seconds, sweetie.” The man’s deep voice resonates within your ears, stealing your breath away. He watched it hitch, cracking an entertained, smug grin. “Make that one second, I guess.” 
Expression morphing into a scowl, you narrow your eyes into slits and shove him back by his chest, watching him falter. “I just met you, weirdo, don’t call me ‘sweetie’.” You lamely countered, but it’s the best you had. “And I’m not charmed, more like disgusted.” 
Seoyun’s older brother laughed at your huffy face, hiding his chuckle behind a fist. “Shit, you really are cute.” 
Narrowing your eyes yet again and at a loss for words, you scrambled for a response. “Wh-whatever, weirdo. Just.. why don’t you actually try helping your brother with my best friend instead of hating on him? Maybe then it would make you less of an asshole.” 
The man opens his mouth to speak, but you dashed by him before he could. He stumbled out of the way as you marched towards the stairs, cursing him in your head. It’s only when you’ve reached the sixth step do you hear him speak again, much more polite and actually… friendly. 
“Taehyung, by the way. My name’s Taehyung.”
Tumblr media
The memory is still fresh in your mind, needing to physically shake your head to escape it. Back then, you had no clue the rest of your days in highschool would be filled with accompanying Miso to her study dates, or, well, actual dates. Parties, birthdays and nights out, you and Miso were inseparable, and so were her and Seoyun.
They began dating just a month or so later, their connection was too magnetic to deny. You always adored the happy couple, they were simply perfect for one another. Seoyun kept Miso’s erratically quirky personality in check with his calm demeanour, and Miso knew exactly how to bring out the fun in Seoyun. 
Part of you always felt as though Seoyun possibly hated your constant tagging along, but that wasn’t always the case, because almost anytime he hung out with your best friend, you got stuck with his older brother. 
Especially during those pesky study dates where Miso went to the Kim house. 
It always ended up with you and Taehyung slow-rolling a movie, hollering at FPS video games together or bickering over useless things while your best friend and his younger brother spent their alone time as lovebirds. 
Most nights resulted in you and him snarkily challenging each other; Taehyung claiming all your high school subjects were easy while you whined for either his help, or for him to shut the fuck up. Debating over whether the chicken or egg came first, Taehyung trying to convince you pineapple on pizza was delicious rather than an abomination or you posing your detailed arguments concerning why New Year’s Eve is a better holiday than Christmas Eve. 
Miso and Seoyun always found your dynamic entertaining. 
Despite her boisterous personality, Miso was actually quite demure with Seoyun, especially when it came to anything regarding sex. She became wary and antsy about the whole thing, the promiscuous high school life having thrown her for a loop. She kept expecting Seoyun to make a move, to suddenly spring intimacy onto her, but you could tell Seoyun wasn’t the type. You’d always assure her that Seoyun would be kind and gentle about it. 
In the end, he waited for Miso to give the greenlight before he did anything. 
‘My little bro doesn’t have a single bone in his body to make a move on a girl like that.’
Fucking Kim Taehyung. You didn’t hear the end of it every time you, Seoyun and Miso went out, and it was always Taehyung that picked the three of you up. 
“So, heard my brother finally grew some and did a man’s deed. I told you he wouldn’t make a move on Miso for years.” Taehyung smugly commented, hand on the steering wheel of his stalled vehicle as he poked the inside of his cheek, leaning back with nonchalance.
Why the fuck does he have to be so jaw-droppingly sexy when he’s being annoying? 
“So what? Most women appreciate when a man takes his time instead of being forced into something they don’t want.”  
Taehyung hissed. “Are you insinuating I’m the type of man that wouldn’t take his time with a woman, gorgeous?” His mystifying eyes set on you, the look in his irises absolutely tempting. You sucked in a breath to remain calm, staring back at him with nothing but pride and prejudice.
“You seem like the type of man that chooses to play games.” You retorted, crossing your arms. 
Taehyung scoffed, wetting his lips as he looked away, before returning to you. He bored into your very soul, leaning over from his driver’s seat as his deep, captivating voice hypnotized you.
“I only play games when I want to fuck.” 
Your breath hitched. Arousal sparked so badly inside you, you gushed in your panties. The way he casually says such a lewd thing leaves your gut twisting, attempting to mask it with disgust. But the implications of his words already leave their mark on you, squirming in your seat. You swallowed, huffing as you break eye contact, and clearly heard an amused chuckle from Taehyung.  
Being stuck in the car with him was always a grueling amount of time to pass; Taehyung drumming his pretty thumbs on the steering wheel as he puffed his cheeks and bobbed his head to the jazz from his speaker. You always internally scoffed; what classy music for an unclassy guy. 
Sometimes, when he wasn’t looking, you would find yourself unintentionally gazing at him. He was just so ineffably beautiful. The mesmerizing chisel of his jawline, the wide fullness of his pretty lips, his adorable puppy, brown eyes, his silky, though ruffled black hair. You’d seen Taehyung change throughout the years, and yet nothing took away from his unchanging beauty. 
He would sometimes catch you staring, needing to rapidly look away and mask your slip up with a cough or sneeze. 
“I know you were looking at me, sweetie.” 
You rolled your eyes. How in God’s name has he become even more obnoxious in the last 2 years you’ve known him? 
“I was trying to figure out how someone can be so ugly, actually.” 
“Ouu, that hurt, Y/N.” He feigned a shot through the heart with a hiss, instantly turning your head for a counter. 
“Good, that was my inten-”
Right then, Taehyung’s hand suddenly landed underneath your chin, making you lock eyes with him. His thumb gently brushed your skin, sucking you into an irreversible trap. Your 16-year old self couldn’t help but feel nerves rush somewhere they shouldn’t, especially in the presence of such a mesmerizing man. 
“It's a shame you find me ugly,” he said, his voice much, much deeper as he breathes. “I find you gorgeous.” 
His words make your heart flutter, cheeks warm. You were left speechless, utterly blindsided by his simple, and yet loud actions. He didn’t just look at you, he gazed, hard enough that it was impossible to not feel an unresolved, unaddressed tension between you two. 
You open your mouth to speak until you’re both interrupted by Miso and Seoyun’g giggles outside, Taehyung rapidly retracting his hand. He coughed to clear the awkwardness as they both fit into the backseat, and you similarly cleared your throat. 
“Ready to go, guys?” Taehyung asked the couple. 
“Yeah, hyung. We’re good.” His brother answered. 
Hitting the road, you couldn’t help but consider every feeling that attacked you whenever you were with Taehyung. His car smelled like him, and you were already addicted to the fresh scent of sandalwood and pine, wondering what it would feel like to smell that from his very skin. You could feel his gaze on you every so often, trying to distract yourself from watching him drive. 
Most times, you failed, peeking over to find your eyes locking with Taehyung, and this time, unable to look away. 
That’s how it had always been with Taehyung. Palpable, riveting, suffocating. Some days you could manage his presence when he was a safe distance of 12 feet away from you. Any closer, and his alpha male, charming aura always ruled over your entire system, unable to shake the feeling of undeniable attraction to him. 
You contemplated it many times, did he ever feel the same attraction? Perhaps, especially with the way he treated you all those years, with friendliness, openness, always doing something that left room for just a little more. Those cheek caresses, those pet names, those casual compliments. It left Taehyung a big, unlabeled box of mystery to you, and yet made him all the more enthralling, made you desire him. 
But his three more years on you always convinced you he would never pursue you nor feel anything more than friendship. You were merely for his teasing and playing games, and that’s as far as your importance went. Taehyung ended up moving out for school after a couple years in college anyway, leaving him absent from your life for the last five years, and deep in the recesses of your mind. 
So seeing him now, you were left completely floored. His body is much, much more bulky, his shoulders, chest and back are broader as he seems to stand taller. Perhaps it was the black sweater underneath his jacket hugging his masculine curves that sexily accentuated his height and build. His jaw was more defined, his features rugged with a sense of maturity, as though he aged like fine wine. Brown hair set impeccably over his forehead, lips still full as the day you met him. 
And when he turned around to walk towards a shelf? God, that ass. His tan khakis did nothing but restrict the plumpness of his backside and show off the model-like length of his legs. 
This is blasphemous, you think. No way are you currently seeing the same Kim Taehyung you knew back then. No way is he even more painstakingly handsome, or that you still openly drool over him. Smug, overly confident and owned-a-show-stopping-smile-that-could-get-any-woman-on-her-knees Kim Taehyung?
Almost as though reverting to your old habits, you stare at him, wide-eyed and stunned like a deer, until he steals a quick glance towards you.
You instantly cough and turn your back on him, pretending to busy yourself with another catalog. Enough time passes as you tunelessly whistle and chew on your pen. You think the coast is clear. Carefully peeking at him again, you find his long pointer finger perusing the many books in the classic literature section until he finally chooses one, opening up the pages. 
You use The Force to telepathically figure out what he’s reading, until Taehyung flickers his eyes up from his book and looks at you again. He has a small crease to his eyebrows that could indicate he’s possibly… recognizing you? You immediately become startled by the idea and end up spilling over some of your pens, scrambling to embarrassingly clean them up. 
Feeling the urge to jump off a cliff, you swear you catch the remnants of a smile on his lips, possibly laughing at you. Releasing a deep breath, you figure this is bad for your health, he’s bad for your health. You’re quite literally the equivalent of an idiot and you’re not sure if you’re mentally prepared to confront him right now. 
Not just ten minutes ago, you heard from Miso he has a foot fetish, and now you’re seeing him before your eyes? 
Fate is evil, you conclude. Quickly stepping away to instruct another employee to man the front, you nearly choke hearing a very deep, very familiar voice call you. Except now, it’s somehow much more rich, and has a rough, mature cadence to it. God-fucking-dammit.
“Excuse me, sorry. I was wondering if I could check this out.” Your heart stops. Your stomach’s bubbling, your nerves ignite and the hair’s on your arms stand up. Scouring whatever bravery there exists on Earth, you swivel around, assembling the best smile you can. 
“O-of course, sir. I’ll help you out.” You swallow, clearing your throat. You peer up at Taehyung briefly as you reach out for the book, and your heart pounds. 
Holy mother of hell, he’s so much broader and bigger now. He meets your gaze, and you feel his aura immediately permeate you, biting your lip to simply grasp the book from him, and nothing more.
You scan over the cover. “Pride and Prejudice, huh?” 
“It’s a classic.” He offers with a casual shrug, and you reply with a kind smile. You look up at him from your eyelashes every so often as you check out the book, finding that he’s intently watching you. Not your hands, but your face. You can sense him beating over all your features, clearly detecting a sort of… familiarity with you. 
His palms come up to grip the edge of the counter, dipping down to almost level his height with yours. You vehemently ignore it, attempting to slow the beating of your heart because fuck, there’s that scent again. Sandalwood and pine needle. He never changed it, huh? 
You can feel his composed gaze on you, staring hard, and it leaves a searing heat to envelop your body. He surprisingly doesn’t indulge in any further conversation, bringing you relief. You end the transaction, gladly presenting him the book after clearing your throat. 
“There you go, all ready.” You smile. 
“Ah, thank you.” Taehyung says politely, and your mind can’t help but drift into observations of him. Overly confident? No. Smug? Not too much anymore. But after he shows his gratitude, he hits you with a side grin that utterly grips you. 
Show-stopping smile that could make any woman get on her knees? Yeah, the bastard still fucking had it. 
You expected him to say more, especially with the way he clasps the Austen classic, and lingers in taking it from you. His long fingers extend far enough to just brush yours, and your entire system goes into a frenzy. 
His hands were always a masterpiece, and you always wondered what they would feel like in other places…
Okay, not going there. His intrigued eyes never left yours, looking so purposefully you were sure he recognized you, certain that he did. Though instead, Taehyung flashes you another stunning smile, saying thank you once again, and he bids you a farewell. He clutches the book under his arm as he makes towards the front door, and exits the library without any further interaction, the sound of the bell chiming his leave. 
You’re finally granted the luxury of breathing, head spinning. You had no clue whatsoever Taehyung could still have that world-altering effect on you, needing to re-evaluate yourself about it. Though most of all, what bothered you was that Taehyung 100% recognized you, and even worse, made his presence very much known to you. So why didn’t he say anything? 
Whatever, you knew this would possibly be the last time you saw him, or at least wouldn’t see him for months with your library’s lax return policy. So you shrug it off, and mark off a copy of Pride and Prejudice as taken. 
Tumblr media
“You look familiar.” 
You nearly choke on your spit, blinking multiple times to simply focus on the task at hand. Taehyung had returned quite literally an exact hour later to return the Pride and Prejudice book he had taken. You sincerely can’t figure him out, was this a joke? 
Nonetheless, you have no time to configure an answer when Taehyung currently eyes you so scrutinizingly, once again, leaning over the counter to carefully observe you. 
“I feel like I know you.” 
You shoot your nervous eyes up from your work. “You may be mistaken, sir. I don’t believe we’ve met.” You play off. “The book’s returned so you’re all good to go, by the way.” 
“Oh, but I want to check out another book.” 
You blink, another book? Why in God’s name did he check out P & P just for an hour only to check out another book? Why didn’t he just check out both at the same time? 
“Of course, I can do that for you. Though I do suggest opening up a card with us to make things a lot smoother.” 
“Great, I’ll open a card right now.” He amiably hits his palm on the counter and leans his forearm against the wood, other hand fitting into his pocket. You send him a polite smile and get to work once again, mentally rolling your eyes. He seems almost adamant about not leaving, or at least figuring out why he seems to know you. 
Whatever conclusion he would come to, it’s not like it would change the course of your life anyway. He’s simply the older brother of your best friend’s long-term boyfriend, now turned fiance, and nothing more. You’re meant to be acquainted with him and have an amicable relationship, so that’s exactly what you'll do once he puts the pieces together. 
You click open the registration tab on your laptop, quickly nabbing your glasses case to prop on your frames. Your fingertips clack against the keyboard and swipe across the mousepad effortlessly, to which you can feel Taehyung’s amused gaze on you. The hair on your body rises. 
“Alright, we’ll get you registered,” you mindlessly instruct. “May I have your first and last name?” 
You expect a completely normal answer, a simple telling of his name that you always found undoubtedly attractive. But another thing you find undoubtedly attractive, is what Taehyung does next. 
“You already know, gorgeous.” He upturns the corner of his lips, chin resting in his palm. “You’ve known for the last nine years.” 
Utterly shocked, you swear time slows down, peering up at Taehyung with the widest eyes ever, all while he sends you a heart-palpitating smirk. 
Tumblr media