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#jungkook x reader
mercurygguk · a day ago
ridng jk for the first time as he praises you and uses lots of use of pet names
thirst night #4
pairing; jungkook x f. reader
it’s crazy how easy you give in to his teasing and flirting – all he has to do is say your name in a certain tone and you’re a goner, completely and utterly whipped and simping for him on the spot. sometimes it even feels like you’re melting into a big puddle when his voice reaches a specific level of deepness, when he shoots that soft, soft smile at you and kissing you like you’re the only two people in the room. it’s always a dream when you’re with jungkook, a hazy dream that feels like it’ll end soon but thankfully it never does.
however, in this very moment, those sweet moments of love and care are long forgotten and replaced by heavy breaths and moans, whimpers and whines of pleasure, the slick sound of his cock sliding in and out of you as you bounce on his lap.
“ohhh- fuck,” you cry out, losing yourself on top of him, the feeling too good to bear.
jungkook’s lips are brushing over the skin on your chest and breasts, your nipples receiving small kisses once in a while as he slides his hands up and down your back, down to your ass to grip a tight handful of flesh in them, guiding you on his cock.
“shit, look at you, baby,” jungkook groans as you begin to grind on his cock, hips rocking back and forth in a pace so slow that jungkook needs to hold himself back from pinning you against the mattress and fuck into you hard and fast.
the sight of you letting your head drop back, eyes closed tightly and lips parted in silent moans, one hand gripping his wrist tightly, the other gripping his shoulder, your nails digging into his skin. you look absolutely beautiful as you ride yourself towards your orgasm, using jungkook’s body for your own release.
“look at you riding me so well,” he rasps, lips brushing over your collarbones. “you look so fucking sexy right now, can’t believe you’re mine-“
the words leaving his mouth causes your stomach to tighten in excitement, your walls clenching around him as he calls you his. a low moan falls from his lips as he feels you tighten around him, your walls making it almost torturous for him to be inside of you.
“mhm- kook,” you whimper. jungkook hums in response, meeting you halfway as you pull him in by the nape of his neck, your lips searching for his desperately. “fuck, you feel so g-good.”
“so do you, princess-“ he gasps as your clench hard around him, your hips stuttering in their grinding. jungkook feels himself reaching his high faster than ever before, the feeling of you tightly wrapped around him makes him lose his mind slowly. “you’re doing so good, riding my cock like fucking a pro.”
“oh my god,” you gasp, feeling yourself falling over the edge, tensing in his embrace. the feeling of you cumming around him is enough to make him cum hard inside of you. your pussy keeps clenching, milking him for every single drop of white, sticky cum. “fuckfuckfuck-“
“yes, fucking take it, baby girl,” jungkook hisses, lifting his hips to fuck into you just a bit more until his orgasm has died down, “you gonna milk me for everything, huh?”
“mhm,” you hum, teeth digging into your bottom lip, “give it to me.”
a low guttural moan escapes from jungkook’s throat as he pulls you in for another kiss, cock still tightly nested between your wet folds, cum still leaking as he slowly guides you to grind against him again. you’ll end up ending him if you keep up with riding him like you just did, but to be totally honest, jungkook doesn’t really care – as long as it’s you who’s riding his dick, he’ll gladly accept to die.
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seokjinish · 2 days ago
never lose ➔ jeon jungkook
Tumblr media
f1 driver!jeon jungkook x journalist!reader romance + smut warnings: jungkook being a sore loser + bit of f1 talk + teasing + unprotected sex + quite literally no foreplay because let's be honest. wc: 6.7k
➔ although the season hadn't been good to jungkook, he had finally a chance to shine, and he wasn't going to waste it.
a/n: hello everyone! although the username is new, i used to be moononthejoon! consider me back! in the time i was gone, i developed other interests, and in those, i became obsessed with formula one. so yeah, this is my poor excuse of a comeback lol. hope y'all enjoy this. this is just me gushing about f1, so yeah lol
If you hadn’t been as stubborn as you were when debating your father about studying journalism, you definitely wouldn’t be standing where you were today. Press side at one of the biggest sporting events, and one of your favourite sports, Formula One. You didn’t even know what Formula One was until your father was called up by one of his old classmates. You knew your father worked in environmentalism, so you had no clue as to why a mechanic was calling him on a weekend.
You had moved with your father to Austria when you were in your teen years, and it was there that a couple of years later you were headed to Spielberg on a Thursday morning. You hadn’t even known what it was for, but all you knew was that it was doing something on a very boring week in July. So, when your father had asked if you wanted to tag along, you said yes.
The Red Bull Ring was already buzzing with people in preparation for the event, which you still weren’t so sure was. You were given a pass thanks to your dad’s involvement. It was only then that you saw the cars that it dawned on you that it was racing. You even recalled that your father said that his Masters dissertation had been on engines for F1 cars. You had no idea what an F1 car was, for all you cared, it was like Nascar - and all you knew about Nascar was because of the Disney film Cars, or Herbie.
You were lost in the garage, not knowing what to do or where to stand. Your dad was greeting who you’d guessed was his friend, who was speaking in a British accent. It all checked out so far. Your dad had studied in Manchester. You had never taken your dad’s word for anything, but it seemed that it held some truth.
‘Y/N, dear! Come say hi to an old friend of mine.’ Your dad called out, so you awkwardly made your way to him. ‘Christian, this is Y/N, my eldest.’
‘Very nice to meet you, Y/N. Don’t be afraid to look around, most things are safe.’
You offered him a smile and nodded your head lightly, acknowledging what he said.
It was like that that your father got a job with Red Bull Racing. It felt like you didn’t see your father much, but you didn’t resent it too much. At first, you would only tune in for the races to see if you could catch a glimpse of your father in the background, but you slowly started being one of your favourite sports.
As your dad was part of the team, you also got to sport some of the merch. You also got to go to some of the Grand Prix, if you weren’t in school, that is. Watching the races from the paddock was even more nerve wracking than watching them from your living room.
It only seemed obvious that your favourite driver was from the Red Bull Team. It had initially been Sebastian Vettel, who was a favourite in the garage as well. Then, the lovable Daniel Ricciardo joined the team, and when Seb had left, he was your absolute favourite. It seemed as if he could put a smile on your face no matter what. Max Verstappen then joined, and as he was around your age, the two of you got along even better.
Then, another young driver joined. When the heartbreak of Daniel leaving had dissipated just a bit, you took notice of him. He was born just a month before Max, which unfortunately didn’t make him the youngest person signed for a team, but he did have the fact that he was the first South Korean driver for Formula One.
Jeon Jungkook was a force to be reckoned with. He had been in the likes of George Russell, Lando Norris, and Charles Leclerc - who were considered to have one of the best F2 careers. Every rookie season had seen Jungkook make the track completely his. People argued that the car made most of the driver, but Jungkook had skill. A little too much skill, more than some other people would like to admit.
Anyone could have guessed where Jungkook would be signed in Formula One. Most people thought that he would have joined Mercedes, a team that had won World Championship after World Championship. Mercedes had signed Russell instead, so people thought that Jungkook would end up in Williams, never thinking that Red Bull would step up.
But there he was. Jeon Jungkook was now Max Verstappen’s teammate, making them the youngest team, and probably the one team that could now step up to Mercedes. It was also quite a good looking team too. You had thought that Lando Norris and Daniel Riccardo were probably the best looking team at McLaren, but there you were, corrected.
Convincing your father to let you study journalism took some time. How could the daughter of a F1 engineer want to be a journalist out of all professions? Maybe he’d hoped that one day you were going to be working next to him in the paddock, but that was never going to happen.
During your years in university, you couldn’t join as many Grand Prix as you could in high school. For one, you were drowning in work, and you couldn’t seem to make some time in the weekend to take planes or trains. So, you had to watch the races on your iPad; you also used the races as a wind down.
Of course, after every race, you would write a piece for your blog - which you had started when you were in your last year of high school. It wasn’t well received at first, as girls being into F1 was a sensitive topic for some fans; some would even make fun of you on Twitter. You didn’t quite care, all you wanted was the chance to be part of the press in those Grand Prix. It was the combination of two of the things that you loved the most: writing and Formula One.
Although you had the chance to talk to the press already inside the Grand Prix, you decided to go the usual way. From the summer before university that started, you had been applying for internships with different reporting companies like Sky Sports and Ziggo. You’d been lucky enough to be in some of the races as part of the press.
It was Jungkook and Lando who found your blog at first. Max was the one who kept commenting on posts with cringy stuff that a seventh grader could come up with, like “Max Verstappen is better than Jeon Jungkook. MV33 <3”. It made you laugh, but it was also kind of embarrassing that the drivers themselves would see your writing and opinions about them.
‘Saw your piece from the Belgian GP.’ Jungkook said when he saw you in the paddock.
It was the Dutch GP, and you were now officially part of Sky Sports. It had been overwhelming to be hired and reading the email was a rollercoaster of emotions. Your first assignment was going to be in Italy however, so you were there as your father’s daughter. Your blog was due to stay up, but you’d be conducting interviews as the drivers came off the track after the race.
‘Did you like it?’ Jungkook scoffed.
‘Please, you’re so far up Max’s ass, you should be paying rent.’
‘I’m sorry?!’ You laughed. ‘If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re jealous, Kook.’
‘Please. I’m just saying that as press, you shouldn’t be biased.’
Max walked up to his teammate then. ‘It’s okay that she has a favourite, Jeon.’
‘As long as it’s you, right?’ You teased Max. Jungkook turned to see you with his eyes narrowed. ‘Now, what?’
‘You won’t even deny that you like Max the best.’
You rolled your eyes. ‘If you knew anything about me, you’d know that I don’t like Max the best. My favourite is, in fact, Danny.’
Jungkook groaned, leaving you and Max alone. You laughed at his behaviour. Jungkook liked winning, and he was third in the championship, just behind Lewis Hamilton. Max had been dominating, and there was no way to say the contrary. Jungkook was in his own battle for third with Lewis’s own teammate, Bottas, and Lando.
His rookie year had been amazing, ending second in the World Championship, beating Max. He’d held up so far, but this year had not been too good to him, and it was obviously stomping on his self esteem.
‘He one thousand percent has a crush on you, you know that, right?’ Max said. You were still staring at Jungkook, who was now getting ready to get in his car.
‘No, he doesn’t. You and Lando need to cut that out. I’m going to start believing it, otherwise.’
Max laughed. ‘Lando is saying the same thing?’ You nodded, looking at the Dutch man. ‘Oh, I didn’t know.’
‘Dan has also said some things.’
‘That’s because anyone with two working eyes can see it. You could even ask Kimi, and he’d say yes.’ You could only imagine asking Kimi, one of the less expressive people in the grid. ‘Say something nice about him every now and then. Sometimes you don’t mention him at all.’
‘I don’t?’ He shook his head. ‘That’s bad reporting from my side then, sorry.’
‘What? Are you scared you’re going to end up professing your love if you write about him?’ He joked, but it was a joke that hit too close to home. ‘Haha, there’s no way. I gotta tell the McLaren boys.’
‘Tell them what?’
‘That you and Jungkook are sitting in a tree, K - I - S!’ He started spelling out loud, way too loud so that people were looking at you. Immediately, you punched him. ‘Ha! See you after the race.’
‘I hope you lose!’
Max Verstappen never lost. Jungkook hated that. It was not that Jungkook didn’t want to see his teammate thrive, but it did hurt him a little that he was struggling to hold onto third place in the championship. He didn’t know how Max had taken over so easily. He would help him win the championship, definitely, but it was definitely a stab in the ego.
It didn’t help that your pieces seemed to glorify Max too much and there was not enough mention of him. He always liked talking to you. From the first time that he’d seen you on the paddock, he’d been drawn to you, and he held your opinions very high. So, now that he had no idea what you thought about his driving, he felt a little defeated.
He’d been able to give Red Bull a double podium, but he’d still gotten third place. After the podium celebration, both drivers headed back to the garage. Jungkook walked in a couple of minutes behind Max as Lando had stopped him to congratulate him on getting podium.
When he had walked in the room, he’d seen you congratulating Max. You were just finishing a hug and now you were holding onto his arms as you shook him excitedly. He knew that the two of you were really good friends, having known each other a year longer, but it still made him feel all weird to see the two of you close like that.
‘Jungkook! Congratulations on P3!’ You held up your hand for a high-five, which he did give you. Not that he wanted a hug, or something. ‘Great driving! Amazing how you kept Bottas off for so long. Not to mention how you have Lewis a run for his money.’
‘Ah, thank you. I’m expecting good things about me on your blog, then?’
You laughed, nodding. ‘I’ll make a whole post only about you, Kook.’
‘You flatter me, Y/N.’
You rolled your eyes and excused yourself when you saw your dad waving for you. The two boys were then off to change off their racing suits into their own clothes. Jungkook just wanted to go to the hotel and get in the shower, but every other driver wanted to do something different. Max definitely wanted to do something more upbeat, after all, he’d just won his home race.
‘Come on! We’re just going to go clubbing for a bit.’ Lando tried convincing Jungkook, who seemed not to budge. ‘It’s good to wind down after a race like that.’
‘I want to have a shower. I stink so bad.’
‘You’ve been worse.’ He heard you say; blood immediately rushing to his cheeks.
‘Are you going too?’ You nodded. Jungkook looked at Danny, who was cocking an eyebrow. Everyone knew that if anyone was going to get Jungkook to go out with them, it was you.
You nodded. ‘Aren’t you?’ He shook his head.
Everyone wanted to see what you were going to do next. It was not unusual for you to flirt with Jungkook a little bit, and when they boys had mentioned that he probably wouldn’t want to come, you seemed disappointed. Everyone in the grid knew that if you wanted something, you’d get it. It just happened that today you wanted Jungkook to tag along to the club with you.
Immediately, your demeanor changed. You pouted, tilting your head at Jungkook while you put on your puppy eyes. Max and Lando stared at each other as they watched Jungkook melt under your gaze. Danny knew that you had Jungkook eating out of your hand, so he was wondering when you were going to turn on your charm.
‘Come on… for a little bit?’ You nudged him a little. Jungkook looked past you to his friends, who were waiting for his answer as much as you were.
‘Alright, just for a while. I’m super tired.’
Going clubbing with your driver friends was always even better than clubbing with your university friends. For one, you didn’t get to do it quite often, but they were definitely even more unhinged. The press knew who you were, having seen you through your awkward teenage years into being one of their own, so there were never any rumours surrounding your appearance with the boys.
Sadly, it didn’t last long. Because Max had won the race, a lot of fans had gone out to celebrate, and when word got out that Max was out and about, it became dangerous for them. It probably would have been safer for them to go to the private after party, but they wanted to change the atmosphere for a bit.
They were escorted back to the hotel and said their goodbyes. You were staying somewhere else, but they had made sure that someone was getting you to where you needed to be.
‘So, we’ll see you in Monza?’ Dan asked, nearing the car, and you nodded. ‘So excited to see you there.’
‘I am too! I’m finally going to be doing what I’ve been waiting for.’
‘You’ll be great! We’re all so proud.’ Lando said, giving you a thumbs up.
‘Text one of us when you get to your place!’ Jungkook yelled before disappearing into the hotel.
Monza was buzzing with excitement too. You were in Sky Sports uniform as you showed up on Friday, ready for the practice rounds and start doing your job. You waved at your dad from your spot, and he even took a photo of you on your first day on the job. It was endearing to see him struggle with his own phone.
He’d also excitedly pointed at you for other people in the paddock. He was very proud of you, and it showed. Your father had also pointed you out for the boys, who cheered for you and you waved at them excitedly.
On Sunday, the day of the actual race, was exhilarating. Monza was eventful. Lewis and Max were out of the race because they had crashed with each other, so that made the race even more exciting in your opinion. Sure, it was nice seeing the battle for first place in the championship, but seeing other people on the podium was exciting too.
This is where Jungkook could shine. When he had heard on the radio that Max and Hamilton were out, he knew that winning this race could solidify his stance on third place for the championship. So, he gave it everything. After Max and Lewis were out, Daniel and Lando were standing between him and first place with Bottas a few seconds behind him, so this is where he needed to shine.
Only when you were nervous would you bite your nails, and seeing three of your friends battle for first place made you want to rip your hair off. You had interviewed Max after his DNF (did not finish); he was beyond pissed because he had now missed out on points for the championship. Of record, he told you that even if he was out, he was glad that Hamilton was too.
Now, the race was tight. You could see Jungkook’s car go closer and closer to Lando and Danny. You’d be happy no matter the outcome, but you also wanted Jungkook to get first place. There was also nagging at the back of your brain that made you want your other friends to win too. Danny hadn’t had a win in so long, and this would even be Lando’s first win in Formula One.
With twenty laps of the race remaining, Jungkook had already taken over Lando, putting him right after Danny in second place. Red Bull had always had a faster car than McLaren, and everyone knew that. Daniel was also very good at defending, which is why Jungkook seemed to be struggling a little when it came to overtaking - no one could win against Danny and his late brakes.
With five laps to go, Jungkook was less than half a second behind Danny in the main straight, which allowed him to easily overtake him. On the track, the friends you knew were rivals - you could never be able to do that; the grudge would stay with you for too long. Danny out of all people would never even think about holding anything against Jungkook.
Danny kind of understood what was going on. Jungkook was thirsty for praise and success, and now that you were on the sidelines, he wanted your eyes on him. Still sucked that he was not going to win the GP, but second place was better than not even being in the points at all. With Lando behind him, he was happy with the outcome.
Jungkook crossed the line and the crowd went wild. You, who had been expectantly waiting for the first car to cross, jumped in the spot when you saw car #97 cross the line first. The cameraman that had been assigned to you, Seokjin, looked at you weird - he would have to get used to it though.
Once he was out of the car and parked behind the big number one, he ran straight into the Red Bull people, who immediately started yelling and jumping. He got a few pats on his helmet before he had to go. As the other drivers crossed the line and put their own cars in their designated spot, they came down the press line.
Lando came your way first, lightly jogging towards you before George Russell could get to you. He, as all other drivers did, walked with his own PR person. The McLaren boys seemed to need them more than anyone.
‘P3, Lando! How are you feeling?’
‘It’s great! Always so good to get a podium, you know?’
‘Podium 5, is it?’ Lando nodded.
‘You have my podiums memorised, Y/N? Should I feel special?’
You laughed. ‘You are special, Lando. Starting this weekend, did you think you’d be able to get podium?’
‘It is certainly nice to get podium, but no, I didn’t think that we’d have a 2-3 starting this weekend. I’m so happy that Danny got P2, and congratulations to Jungkook for getting P1. I think the three of us have been working really hard, so it was only a matter of time before it paid off.’
‘Thank you, Lando! Enjoy the champagne.’ He gave you a pat in the arm before he moved on.
From the distance, you saw Jungkook coming your way with Namjoon, his own PR person, who you had grown to know over the years in the paddock. Jungkook ignored the other reporters yelling out his name. Everyone wanted to talk to this weekend’s winner, but he only wanted to talk to one person.
‘I’m expecting big praise on your blog this week.’ Jungkook said to you when he finally neared you. You scoffed.
‘Great driving! Congratulations on P1.’ You said, ignoring him. ‘You were right behind Max and Lewis when the crash happened, can you comment a little bit on that?’
Jungkook scratched the back on his neck. ‘Well, it is a shame that Max was out of the race, it would have been nice to have a double podium today. The crash certainly changed the outcome of this weekend and allowed the McLaren boys and I to fight for P1.’
‘You were P3 for most of the race, when did you realise you could actually get P1?’
‘I was a little worried about my tires, but after the second pit spot, I thought wow, i have nothing to lose, so I decided to go for it. We had a pretty good pace, and when I caught up to Daniel on the main straight, I realised that P1 was more of a reality.’
Behind Jungkook, you saw a couple of drivers waiting for a reporter to be free.
‘Jungkook, don’t take up all of Y/N’s time!’ Sebastian said from behind him. ‘Leave a piece for the rest of us.’
Thankfully, you were behind the camera because if not, you would have been caught blushing. You rolled your eyes and dismissed Jungkook. Sebastian finally took the spot in front of you and had his interview.
After the podium celebration and finishing up your tasks for the day, you went looking for your father in the Red Bull garage. You saw Max in his normal clothes, possibly already begging to go home. He didn’t take DNFs very well. Your father was nowhere to be found, so you guessed that he would be with Christian in his office.
‘Maxie, you good?’
He shrugged. ‘I’m just going to have to perform better next week.’
‘You did well. The crash was a bit eh, but it was a great race.’
‘No, yeah, of course. I’m also glad Jungkook got P1, he deserves it.’ You nodded. ‘Have you seen him?’
‘Yeah, I managed to interview him.’
‘Managed?’ Max laughed. ‘He was probably thinking Y/N, Y/N, Y/N until he got to you.’
Once again, you rolled your eyes. ‘That stopped behind funny like seven GPs ago. Let it go.’
Max laughed. ‘Anyways, I’m going to try to get to the hotel. I guess I’ll see you at the after party?’ You nodded.
When you finally found your father, the two of you headed to the hotel. Now that you were going to be traveling around with Sky Sports, you didn’t know when you were going to have the chance to go back home, so everything that you needed was with you. Thankfully, over the weekends, you had a uniform to wear.
The after party was nothing too fancy, and you knew that your father was going to be there, so you couldn’t go with your boobs or ass hanging out. However, it was the perfect opportunity to tease Jungkook just a little. You hadn’t done that in so long, and you kind of wanted to do it again.
Last time you tried to tease Jungkook was after the Monaco GP. That’s also when your other friend had figured out that Jungkook had a crush on you.
The night had started innocently. Sure, you had dressed to kill, but it was Monaco, you couldn’t not do that. The way Jungkook’s eyes would never leave your figure made it extremely obvious that he was at least attracted to you. The boys couldn’t deny that you looked good, but neither of them were as interested as Jungkook was - you were like a sister to them.
As the night went on and you drank more, you started being a little careless. You were talking to Jungkook, who was still taller than you even if you had heels on. Sometimes you underestimated how tall he was. While you were exchanging words with Jungkook, you leaned in just a little bit, which allowed him to look down your shirt.
When Jungkook realised, his eyes shot up. He met gaze with Max, who was wondering why Jungkook looked so alarmed. Realising that you had lost Jungkook’s attention, you put a hand on his arm. He looked at your hand resting against his bicep, and then up at your eyes. He had heard of the so-called fuck me eyes, but he had never seen them in person.
Not until then, anyways. He wanted to, and he would. He couldn’t though. It was taking him every bit of his being to not take you with him and then do unspeakable things to you. You easily realised that it was easy to tease him, and maybe it was the liquid courage, but you pushed his buttons even further.
The party was full, so it was easy to push your body against him. You felt him tense against you. It was widely known that F1 drivers were athletic - you couldn’t run away from the occasional thirst trap on your timeline. Sometimes you liked screenshotting them and sending them to the group chat you had with some of them, with the weary face and the three little sweat droplets. Carlos Sainz hated it, but he also loved it at the same time.
Lando had ripped you away from Jungkook though. Jungkook didn’t know if he was grateful or not. He saw Lando say a few things to you before you pouted and rolled your eyes. He always wondered what he said to you.
‘You need to stop. You’re going to kill him.’ You pouted, wanting to go back to Jungkook, but Lando had a firm grip of your arm. ‘Danny is going to take you home.’
Jungkook saw Danny escort you somewhere. He didn’t see you for the rest of the night, so he just guessed that he’d taken you home. Innocently, he hoped.
That was the beginning of the year though. There was this newly found confidence that Jungkook seemed to have, and if the opportunity presented itself, he might not back out. Neither of the boys had mentioned Monaco, but they didn’t need to.
‘Holy smokes.’ Lando said when he saw you. ‘Didn’t know you owned something like… that.’
Max and Danny were with Lando. Jungkook had left a little earlier with some of the other drivers.
‘Are you slutshaming me, Norris?’ You asked him, poking him in the chest.
He laughed. ‘No, you do you.’
‘You know who is going to die though?’ You looked at Danny, frowning. ‘JK is going to lose his shit when he sees you.’
‘Shut up.’
‘Why do you think she’s wearing this, then?’ Max asked. You narrowed your eyes, to then roll them. ‘What? I’m just saying, and I know you better than you know yourself, Y/N. It’s embarrassing.’
‘Do I at least look good?’ You asked, looking down at your clothes.
Danny put his arm around you. ‘If Jungkook wasn’t deeply in love with you, I would definitely try to flirt with you.’
‘Yeah. You never realise when people are flirting with you.’
That night it was noticeable that Jungkook was laying it down thick. From the moment he saw you walk in, he was a man on a mission. Christian had seen Jungkook’s intention, and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to see one of the drivers piss off one of his best engineers, but he really wasn’t one to get in between personal matters. He did try to make it so that your dad didn’t see you and Jungkook.
‘Wow, look at you.’
You turned around to see Jungkook with a drink already in his hand.
‘What do you mean?’
‘You look good.’
You laughed. ‘If that’s you flirting, then you definitely rely on being a F1 driver to get girls.’
‘Who said I was flirting?’ Jungkook cocked an eyebrow. ‘Do you want me to flirt with you, Y/N?’
You bit your lip. ‘Oh, please do, as if I don’t have enough drivers flirting with me.’
‘There’s a difference though.’ Jungkook said, nearing you even more.
‘How come?’
‘You don’t want them to flirt with you.’ You raised your eyebrows. ‘But, you want me to flirt with you.’
‘Is that right?’
Jungkook nodded; his warm hand was now brushing against yours. You looked down to see it, and your eyebrows knitted together. It was usually you who made Jungkook nervous, but this was new and it made you shake with excitement. You had no idea what brought this, but you were glad that one of you was making a move. Finally,
Your friends looked at you two in a mix of disgust and pride. Jungkook’s hand wrapped around your wrist and made you follow him to the dancefloor. Some song in Spanish was blasting through the speakers, and all of your attention was focused on Jungkook. He’d grabbed your hand and put it on his shoulder as he grabbed your waist so you were closer to him.
It was easy to forget that the two of you were in public when you were moving like that. Sure, it was the way that it was supposed to be danced, but Jungkook thought that it would be dangerous. Your bodies moved to the music. Jungkook was now pressing his body to yours; he had his chest pressed against your back as you swayed. You turned around to lock eyes with Jungkook, and there they were. Those eyes, he thought.
Maybe it should have taken longer, or it had been long enough, but Jungkook finally leaned in for a kiss. It was long overdue, the two of you thought. Max and Lando high fived, and Danny hollered. Ki ki ay. You could barely hear them though, not only over the loud music but because you were so focused on Jungkook’s lips on yours.
There wasn’t much to say when the kiss finished. You were dizzy, maybe it was the lights or maybe it was Jungkook’s intoxicating cologne. Although you had been at the party for less than half an hour, the two of you were ready to leave. Sure, there was a tint of desperation in the air but there was no way that you were going to hook up in the bathroom. The boys made sure to make a mental note to ask you all about it when they saw Jungkook leading you out of the crowd.
Although Jungkook was a master behind the wheel, he was never much behind the wheel outside of the track. He saw his driver and waved at him to bring the car around. The parking lot was underground, thankfully, because otherwise the paparazzi would have a field day with Jungkook grabbing you by the waist and giving you another kiss.
There was still some respect left, so when you and Jungkook got inside the car, neither of you made an advance on each other. It was awkward to be kissing in such a small car, and having someone else right there with you was even worse. Jungkook did instruct the chauffeur to go to the underground parking lot just in case. Sure, there had never been rumours with you, but he didn’t want them to start either. Plus, it was what it looked like.
Not many words were exchanged. In fact, none were. The two of you were too scared to say anything; scared that the other one would snap out of it and then your relationship would be absolutely ruined.
Once the lift doors were closed, the two of you were on each other. Jungkook had pushed you against the wall, one of his hands now on your leg, putting it around his waist. You had your hands on his hair, as your lips moved in sync. The lift soon dinged, indicating that you were on your floor, so he grabbed your hand and guided you through the corridor until he got to his room.
Everything was about to change and you knew that. Now that the door was closed behind you, Jungkook kissed you like he’d never kissed you before. The kiss was passionate. Never had you been kissed with so much fervor. Nobody was watching now, so Jungkook could finally do whatever he wanted with you - as long as you were down for it, of course.
He grabbed your face, walking until you were pressed against the door. You tugged on his shirt, kissing him back. It took him less than a second to pull his shirt over his head and go back to your lips. He was addicted. He never wanted this to end. Your hands were now tangled in his hair, trying to get him closer to you, if it was even possible. His hands were under your shirt, which he then took off you quickly. Jungkook grabbed your thighs and made you jump up so he could carry you to the bed.
Once on the bed, he laid you down. His hands were on your skirt and his kisses were now trailing down to your chest. When he took off your shirt, he saw that you were not wearing anything underneath, and something sparked within him. He liked to believe that you were dressed like that for him and him only, and the thought of someone else taking you home made him boil with jealousy. He had to ground himself because you were in his bed.
Jungkook trapped one of your nipples between his teeth. That brought out the first moan he heard from you, and he wanted to hear as many as he could. His hands quickly slid off your skirt and underwear in one swift move, and then used his now-free hand to pay attention to your other nipple.
Having Jungkook do all of that to you was a dream come true, and you never wanted to wake up. He came back up with a kiss, and your hands roamed his chest before going to undo his jeans. Jungkook also did that quite quickly, not wanting to waste much time. It was not long until he was on top of you again.
The room fell in silence for a second, only your shaky breaths being heard. The two of you looked into each other’s eyes for a few seconds.
‘You’re not drunk, are you?’ Jungkook laughed at your question.
‘Not at all. Had a sip of apple juice, for courage.’
‘You’re a clown.’ You looked at him with stars in your eyes.
‘Maybe.’ He said leaning in for another kiss.
You wrapped your arms around his neck, kissing him back. You felt Jungkook’s hardened dick against your naked core. You whined at the contact, looking up at Jungkook, who immediately understood what you wanted. You reached between the two of you, pumping it for a second before you lined it up with your already slick entrance.
The two of you let out a light moan, stopping for a second once Jungkook was buried to the hilt inside of you. Jungkook’s finger hooked under your chin so you looked into his eyes as he started thrusting into you. You bit your lip, eyes still on his, as you cupped his cheeks. The feeling of him inside of you was something unparalleled; never had it felt this good.
It felt like the two of you were in a daze. Your bodies were moving together, his hips never relenting. Your nails dug into his arms as your back arched off the bed under you. Jungkook’s hands were on your ass, groping them as he kept fucking into you. The drag of his cock inside of you was delicious.
You’d heard your friends about amazing sexual encounters; they would even use the term dick dumb sometimes. Sure, you had your little rendezvous but they were nowhere near close to what you were feeling at that moment. You finally understood what they were talking about.
Jungkook pulled himself up; he wanted to see his dick going in and out of you. When he saw his length disappearing inside of you, he wanted to combust. It was taking everything inside of him to not just come right there and then. When he looked up to you and saw you also looking at the same thing while you bit your lip, he wanted to never stop.
The little whines coming from the back of your throat were music to his ears. His heart was pumping loudly inside of his chest. It was much more than just the sex; it was finally having you in his arms after longing you for so long. After thinking that you would never look at him that way. That Sunday had definitely been the best day of his life.
‘Been waiting so long for this.’ Jungkook admitted. He grabbed your hips as he sat back on his thighs, never separating your centres. ‘You feel like heaven.’
‘Feels good?’ He didn’t know if you were doing it on purpose, but the way you were looking at him while you bit your nail was pornographic.
‘So fucking good. I never want to stop.’
‘Never do.’
You were confused for a second when Jungkook got off the bed, but when he turned you on your stomach, you knew what he was about to do. He placed himself behind you, teasing your entrance with the head of his cock for a few seconds before he slowly entered you again. You reached out for the sheets, as he felt even deeper then.
Jungkook reached out for one of the pillows, placing it under you as he kept going at an unforgiving pace. Your moans choked on your throat, and you yelped in surprise when you felt Jungkook’s hand tangle in your hair, pulling you back for a kiss. Jungkook’s deep moans made you clench your insides, and in response, he let one of his hands spank you.
‘Fuck, I want to see your face.’
So, he turned you on your back. You brought him in for another kiss before he grabbed your legs and pressed them against his chest. You whined in pleasure as he hit deep within you, reaching places that had never been before. Your nails dug into his thighs this time. You also had a nice view of his clenching abs now. It was not every day that Jungkook would show his bare torso, but right now, drenched in sex sweat was the hottest he’d ever been.
‘Let me come inside of you, please.’ Jungkook begged you as he felt his high come closer.
You nodded, yours nearing too. That’s when you felt Jungkook’s thumb against your sensitive bud, you tried closing your legs to stop the overstimulation, but Jungkook kept them open by closing the distance between your chests. He put his free hand at the side of your face so he could stay looking into your eyes as he filled you up.
His high came as yours did, clenching around his cock and milking every single drop of his cum. You wrapped your legs around him, keeping him as deep as you could.
You expected Jungkook to roll off you to help you clean up as you felt his cum leak out of you, but he stayed there. He laid his head against your shoulder, and you ran your fingers through his sweat-soaked hair.
‘You good?’
He chuckled. ‘I think it’s all downhill from here.’
You scoffed. ‘What do you mean?’
‘I got P1 and I got to sleep with the girl of my dreams. It doesn’t get any better.’
You rolled your eyes. ‘Come on, Kook, I thought you were a little more ambitious than that. Don’t you want a championship win?’
Jungkook turned his face, still laying against you. You looked at him, still running your fingers through his hair. ‘As long as you’re with me.’
‘I’ll be on the track. I promise you that.’
‘That’s not what I meant.’ Jungkook was now hovering over you. ‘I want to be with you, as your boyfriend.’
‘You do?’
He narrowed his eyes. ‘Yes. More than I want the championship.’
He shrugged. ‘What’s an empty trophy good for when I can have you in my arms instead?’
‘You’re so cheesy.’
‘You don’t even know the half of it.’
‘Hmm, but as long as you’re only cheesy with me, though. Right? It’s only normal for you to be cheesy with your girlfriend.’
‘Damn, right.’
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h0neypjm · 2 days ago
Confident 04 | jjk
Tumblr media
↳ Summary: After giving Jungkook the best suck of his life he’s left wondering if what you said was true. Was it really your first time? ‘Cause Jungkook thinks you might’ve lied.
↳ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
↳ Genre: Smut, fluff, angst, college au, fuckboy! jk
↳ Rating: 18+
↳ Word count: 5.6k
↳ Warnings: profanity, manipulation, verbal and physical assault, slut shaming, sum pining and yearning here and there, some slight jealous kook, also this is kind of unedited? I read through like the first few paragraphs then posted it cos i just couldnt wait !
↳ a/n: finally !!! here she is ahhh thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and patient for this series <3 I hope you enjoy this chapter and of course feel free to leave any comments. Also, i know i alluded to our oc being a total girlboss but i had to rewrite some of those scenes as i felt it wasn't very realistic in terms of her relationship with jk. anyways i hope you guys have a splendid time reading and once again thank you ! <3
↳ Series: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04
Tumblr media
He doesn’t do anything else but stare at you impatiently. You think there is a hint of annoyance there too.
On the screen, Tony Stark’s heart deteriorates.
You don’t know why your own heart feels the same.
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook has definitely had his fair share of angry phone calls.
Majority of them happen to come from the many women Jungkook had slept with. Why you may ask? Well, because Jungkook has a terrible habit of making empty promises. Promising whispers of staying the night and waking up to cuddles and breakfast, only for these women to wake up to an empty bed of lies.
This angry phone call however, was a complete outlier from the rest.
“Hello, Sana?”
There’s a deep sigh followed by a small sniffle that makes Jungkook hold his breath.
“Can you come over please?”
Jungkook stills like a sim waiting for its next instruction before realising he hasn't replied when Sana lets out another sigh. Though this time she’s clearly frustrated.
“Uh, you want me to come over right now?”
Her reply is quick and fierce, “Yes! Why are you busy or something?”
Jungkook slowly leans towards the small opening of his bedroom door to peer out at you lazily blowing stray strands of hair out of your face. It brings a warm grin to his lips.
“Sana, I- I’m sort of in the middle-”
Again, her reply comes quick, “Jungkook, I need you.”
Jeon Jungkook is a weak, weak man, and before he knows it, he’s flying out of his dorm, completely missing the way your whole body drops.
Tumblr media
Sana’s face is flawless, not a single smudge of makeup or hair out of place. It’s definitely not the sight Jungkook expected judging from the muffled sniffles he had heard earlier. It makes Jungkook wonder the true reason as to why he was asked to come over.
Sana doesn’t beat around the bush the second Jungkook steps foot in her apartment. “What are you doing?”
Jungkook scratches his head, “You asked me to come over? Did I do something wrong?”
She scoffs in reply, hands on her hips and a perfectly shaped brow condescendingly raises. “Listen, I know what I said the other day, but I didn’t expect you to go off with her of all people.”
An awkward pause fills the room along with a rising tension that becomes more and more suffocating as the seconds tick by.
“Are you serious right now Jungkook?” Sana rolls her eyes heading towards her desk where her phone lays.
Jungkook remains confused and slightly irritated by the loud clicking of Sana’s pointy acrylic nails against her phone screen. He quickly tries to wrack his brain of any terrible actions he has done recently however, nothing comes up. That is until Sana’s bright screen is pushed towards his face and a grainy picture of you and Jungkook burns his retinas.
Oh, so that’s what she’s mad about.
Jungkook remembers when the photo was taken. He remembers how he so unwittingly grabbed your hand. He remembers how your fingers fit so perfectly in his, your small fingers gripping his tightly. “How did you get that photo?”
Jungkook jumps at the sudden shriek, “Ugh! That’s the first thing you ask? Really!?”
Sana rarely ever irritates Jungkook even when she can be overdramatic and unreasonable. So why has her mere presence suddenly become suffocating?
“Why are you so upset? You’re the one who wanted to stop this...” Jungkook starts, motioning wildly with his hands. “...This complicated friendship.”
She scoffs, breaking the intense eye contact they share because she knows he’s right but is too proud to lose this fight. So she changes tactics, like she usually does because it always works on Jungkook, because she has Jungkook wrapped around her pretty little finger.
“I just didn’t think you’d get over me this easily,” she croaks, voice changing as she begins to fan her face to stop any oncoming tears that may spill out of her misting eyes.
Something feels different, Jungkook can feel it. There is no sudden tug at his heartstrings, no sudden urge to comfort and cuddle her because now Jungkook can finally see right through her act.
How has he let himself become blind to her actions for so long?
“Sana stop, you’re being really immature right now,” Jungkook firmly says as he takes a step back towards her door, and it's that small movement that triggers something red and livid within Sana’s small frame.
She moves with slow and controlled motions, her hands slowly and sensually trailing up Jungkook’s toned chest. She takes one step closer, and then another all while she flutters her wispy lashes innocently in a way she knows will make him crumble. It's her last resort.
Jungkook's eyes widen as he watches his world suddenly move in slow motion. He watches Sana lean onto her tippy toes, her glossy lips puckering up to Jungkook’s stern grimace.
It’s Jungkook’s turn to sigh when he turns his head away from her and gently places his hands on her shoulders as a means to reject her next move.
“Sana,” he breathes out, “what are you doing?”
It's then Sana realises she's lost her very first battle with Jungkook, and she won’t lie, it infuriates her.
Sana keeps her distance while her once dazzling eyes turn into fiery slits. “You’ve changed, you know. Ever since you started hanging out with Jin and the rest of those idiots you never have time for me anymore,” she spits bitterly.
Jungkook’s stomach flips, but not in a way it usually does when he’s around Sana. Jungkook’s stomach flips with anger and alarm. “Don’t say that about my friends.”
Jungkook hates the way she rolls her eyes at him, but he soon finds this hatred growing the second her next sentence hisses out of her venom laced tongue. “I miss the old you, you were so easy. Whatever happened to that Jungkook, hmm?”
Jungkook feels like a fool. The realisation and humiliation hits him at full force, and although he towers over the petite girl in front of him, he is small, powerless.
His next words come out shaky, his throat burns like it's wrapped in barbed wire. “I’m not you’re fucking puppet that you can control Sana.” His vision blurs as his fists clench tightly, “Did you really think of me that way all this time?”
Sana laughs, high pitched and bubbly. It’s sweet as well as sickening. “Newsflash Jungkook! I built you. You would be nothing without me.” She scans his frame menacingly, “did you really think you would become this popular on your own?”
Stupid, stupid, stupid.
“I’m done,” Jungkook states, way too calm for someone who just realised their friendship has been built on manipulation and lies.
“Yeah? Get out then,” she huffs back, a hard scowl set on her face.
Jungkook turns on his heel and does just that.
Tumblr media
Pretty pastel pink icing oozes out of the flimsy piping bag clutched between your hands. The shade is cute, though the swirl you attempted to make was not. You frown.
You won’t lie, you’re still a little sensitive about how Jungkook left you. Granted, your place in his life is non-existent. You’re not his girlfriend, not a close friend. You’re merely an acquaintance that just got too close. So why have you begun yearning for his presence despite the way he treated you so unpleasantly?
“How is my little baker doing- oh God that is ugly.”
A scowl instantly forms onto your face as you stare up at Jin’s disapproving eyes. “Sure, this is your first time decorating cupcakes, but that’s like the fifth one! Surely, you would’ve improved by now.”
Putting down the so-called ‘ugly’ cupcake, you continue to send Jin a deathly stare. “Thanks Jin, you’re really helpful.”
“Ah, I should’ve kept a closer eye on you,” he tsks, “you’ve wasted my precious icing on these hideous-”
Rolling your eyes for the nth time, you pick up a nice, hefty glob of icing onto your finger and rub it into Jin’s expensive Louis Vuitton shirt. You laugh wildly when he yelps, eyes flickering to his shirt and back to you before running to the closest bathroom all while yelling curses your way.
Breaking off a chunk of your cupcake and stuffing it into your mouth, you hear a shuffle behind you followed by two warm hands on your shoulders.
You're surprised by the bright boxy smile and sweet greeting that meets you. “I didn’t know you were here,” Taehyung says, engulfing you in a lung crushing hug which would be entirely uncomfortable if it weren't for the way he sweetly rubs your back and places his chin right on top of your head.
“I didn’t know you were here either,” you reply before further questioning, “wait, why are you here?”
“I was trying to study but my roommate is too loud, and the library is crowded.” He ruffles his fluffy hair slowly like he’s frustrated, and your eyes subtly follow the movement, “plus have you seen Jin’s study room It’s fucking beautiful.”
“Oh my gosh it is! And he never uses it!” you exclaim, turning around to offer Taehyung one of your decorated cupcakes.
Taehyung takes it without hesitation, breaking off a small piece to pop into his mouth. “Mmmm”, he hums, “did you make these?”
“Nah Jin made them obviously, but I did decorate them,” you say proudly, “though Jin said my icing skills are ugly.”
Taehyung studies the swirl you made, shaking his head slightly, “no, they're cute!” he exclaims brightly to which you return with a wide grin. “But, they're definitely not as cute as the person who made them,” Taehyung winks at you, his lips dropping into a smirk.
You look away, embarrassed by his teasing while Taehyung uses your shyness as an opportunity to boop your nose with an icing smothered finger.
Gasping at the sudden interference, you push Taehyung’s shoulder, turning back around to find the piping bag and get your revenge.
Predicting your next move, Taehyung is quick on his feet, running away from your wicked grin. However, Taehyung’s legs are long, so long that it’s quite difficult to catch him. “Taeeee,” you whine out as you attempt to chase after his giggling form.
He stops with a huff and bends down just for you to swipe his nose with sticky icing. “You got me,” he hums lowly, staring intently into your eyes.
Now that Taehyung is leveled with your face, you can’t help but let your eyes flicker down to his lips. He licks them out of habit and you're reminded of the time your own lips had met his.
God, girl get a grip!
“Okay, what the fuck is this,” you jump, gazing at Jin from the corner of your eye as he walks towards the two of you. Taehyung remains smug, throwing an arm around your shoulders, while you keep an awkward smile plastered on your face.
Jin squints at the sight dressed in a new but just as expensive shirt before going back to baking. You’ll never understand why he chooses to bake in such expensive clothes. Damn trust fund babies.
You breathe out looking up to find Taehyung already looking down at you, mouth opening to ask, “do you have any classes today?”
You shake your head, “do you have something planned?”
A cheeky grin spreads across his handsome face when he replies, “there’s a new bar that just opened up and I was wondering if you wanted to check it out with me.”
You just about agree excitedly before a cough interrupts your glee, “don't make plans while i'm right here assholes,” Jin grumbles.
You and Taehyung giggle forgetting that you were in fact inside of Jin’s home. Taehyung dramatically bows, gesturing towards Jin, “well, would you like to come with us?”
Jin hums satisfied, “we should invite the others, I’ll text the group chat.”
A puddle of anxiety begins brewing in the pit of your stomach. “Yeah, that’s a good idea,” Taehyung murmurs, cheeks stuffed with the rest of his cupcake.
“Who are you inviting?” you ask, though deep inside you know what the answer will be.
“Don’t worry I'm sure Jieun will come, which means Yoongi will be invited,” Taehyung voices thinking off the top of his head. “Uhh Jimin will probably come and I think maybe Jungkook?”
You simply nod, the excitement manifesting into something sour as you let your thoughts wonder.
If Sana hadn’t interrupted, what would've happened? Would you have gone all the way, or would you replay that same night you first met?
Your indecisiveness truly frustrates you and it seems like Taehyung has picked up on your change in mood.
Taehyung’s voice is gentle, “what’s got you looking glum all of a sudden hmm?” Taehyung has always been great at picking up when there’s a change in your mood. It’s comforting and is one of your favourite quirks about him.
You shrug, “nothing, just thinking.”
“You wanna talk about it,” he coaxes, stepping closer to create a more comforting atmosphere.
You offer him a smile to cool down his concern, “nah, it’s ok, I’m probably gonna go back to my dorm now and get ready, text me the details?”
He mirrors your smile, “yeah sure, no problem, I’ll see you.”
You give him one more soft glance and shut the door behind you.
Tumblr media
Deep bass rumbles through your body while bright neon lasers point in every direction like some sort of low budget spy movie.
The steamy air around you clings onto your skin and warms you up quick as you search for your group of friends. Drunk strangers bump into with slurred apologies flying your way as you approach the booth your friends sit at.
The wild atmosphere of the club would have made it extremely difficult to spot them if it weren't for Jimin performing a wild lap dance for an unbothered Yoongi who lazily sips on his drink with a giggling Jieun attached to his side.
Jieun immediately spots you, jumping from Yoongi’s embrace to bring you into a tight hug. “Y/N! I missed you soooo much,” she screams drunkenly into your ear as she peppers little kisses around your face.
Her kisses tickle making you throw your head back in laughter before turning into a sharp yelp when she pulls on your hand to lead you to the others.
Taehyung is second to greet you, wrapping his long arms around your shoulders, “long time no see,” he jokes. Rolling your eyes, you playfully push his shoulder before waving at Yoongi and Jimin.
Shuffling towards the round table, you aim to sit next to Taehyung though Jieun sends you a sly wink as she forcefully pushes you down towards the opposite seat.
Jieun’s actions had a purpose and it comes to you when your shoulders collide with Jungkook’s sturdy ones.
His cologne wavers to you and it is a reminder of his warmth, his home, and also the rejection you felt when he kicked you out.
Jungkook pauses in his conversation with Jin, a nervous uneasy smile etched on his face. “Hi?” he croaks, but it comes out like a question more than a greeting.
From the corner of your eye you spot Jieun discreetly smirking at your flustered state. Yes, you were flustered, but not for the reason Jieun seems to be theorising.
“Hi, Jungkook,” you finally mumble.
If anyone can sense the thick tension between you and Jungkook they don’t mention it.
“How are you?” he starts, opening the conversation gently.
Well, you’re hurt, confused, and at the same time you don’t even think you should be feeling this way about Jungkook considering the absurdity of your relationship.
You internally shake those thoughts away, “I’m doing alright, how about you?”
Jungkook nods, “Yeah, I’m okay, uh,” he pauses, breaking eye contact to look down at his fidgeting fingers. “I actually wanted to apologise for-”
“Jungkook! Get your ass over here!” Jimin abruptly yells, motioning to a line of tequila shots.
Jungkook sends a thumbs up as if to tell Jimin, ‘I’ll be there in a minute’ before looking back at you to continue his sentence.
Despite the chaotic stream of neon lights that flicker around the club, you remain a sight for sore eyes.
Your makeup is natural, a dab of blush here and a little line of eyeliner there. Your hair is out and slightly curled at the ends complimenting your pretty collarbones accentuated by thin straps of your dress.
Jungkook is so lost in you that he has failed to pick up on the bored expression on your face. It makes him stumble terribly with his words.
With a slight eye roll you stop him, “Jungkook it’s fine go over there, I’m gonna go get myself some drinks as well.”
You don’t give him enough time to reply, getting up quickly in search of something to drink.
A sigh flutters past Jungkook’s lips and he gets up leaving an awkward tension that disperses between Jin, Jieun, and Yoongi.
Yoongi speaks up for the first time that night, “anyone else notice how weird that was?”
Jieun and Jin simply glare.
You make your way to an empty barstool. One that is far from where Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook down shots like its water.
You also order yourself a few tequila shots in hopes of easing the tension that stiffens your body. The burn stings though it's worth it when you begin to feel more loose and less like someone with a stick up their ass.
You down one more shot before deciding you should head back, the bartender however settles a pretty pink cocktail in front of you.
Confused, you flag down the bartender, “uh sorry, I didn’t order this.”
The bartender points at a lone man who sits four seats away from you, “that man over there bought it for you.”
Scrunching your brows you look towards the man who had supposedly bought you a drink and quietly thank the bartender. The mysterious man meets your gaze and gets up from his seat to make his way over to you.
You still. The man is definitely way older than you, his hair is dark, speckled with grey strands and a glittering Rolex on his wrist.
You crane your neck up towards his gleaming grin, “are you alone, sweetheart?” he says sickly sweet with a soft caress to your hand.
You laugh nervously, pulling your hand away from his hold. He notices, raising a brow and sitting down beside you.
“No, I’m here with my friends, speaking of which I should probably get back to,” you voice hesitantly, an uneasy smile settling on your lips. You slide off your stool nodding your head towards him, “thank you for the drink sir.”
Before you can make your escape, he moves swiftly grabbing your waist harshly. “You know, pretty girls like you should be more thankful. How ‘bout you sit and talk with me for a while?”
You don’t like his tone, the greasy smirk on his face, and the way his hand tightens around you. Twisting in his grip you place your hand on his fingers that continue to hold you with an iron grip.
“With all due respect, just because you bought me a drink doesn’t mean I owe you anything in return,” you proclaim, though it seems he does not like your reply.
“Now, now,” he laughs menacingly, “don’t be a fucking bitch.”
His quick change of tone from sweetness to anger sets alarm bells in your head.
Where was that damn bartender?
You realise you can’t get away from him by being sweet, so you stand your ground, grabbing his wrist just as hard as he holds you.
“Let go of me,” you raise your voice, grabbing the attention of a few other people.
He doesn’t, obviously. He only pulls you closer towards you, whispering into your ear, “hmm? Let go of you? What are you gonna do?”
The husk in his voice is repulsive making you squirm in his hold. Your fear only feeds his desire, his twisted grin staring down at you.
You stare at the people around you, and although some see your situation they are not brave enough to interfere. Or rather they're too drunk to realise what is really going on.
You shut your eyes for a second, a burn of panic rising in your chest. However, the second your eyes blink open, they are not met with an evil face, but a storming Jungkook that has noticed your frazzled state.
You’ll admit, you’re not too pleased with him right now, but as you feel your panic settling, you’re glad Jungkook of all people has noticed the danger you’re in.
With all the strength you could muster you break out of the man’s hold, ready to finally flee. It’s then an unexpected warmth latches onto your waist and pulls you to the side.
The hand is gentle, not at all like how the man treated you, but it isn’t Jungkook that gets to you first. It’s Taehyung who stands tall and protective in front of you.
“Sir, I believe you’re making her uncomfortable, if you could please leave her be we won’t have any issues,” Taehyung presses calmly, not wanting to aggravate the man before you.
“This your little boyfriend sweetheart?” the man sneers, examining Taehyung’s frame. You can tell Taehyung is ready to throw a punch no matter the consequences his actions may cause.
You intertwine your fingers with Taehyung’s, letting him know that you’re okay and that he doesn’t need to result to violence because the man was simply not worth the hassle
Jungkook closely watches the interaction with steady eyes. He can’t help but think he could have been in Taehyung’s position if he was fast enough. But would you even hold him?
Jungkook wasn’t oblivious to the boredom written on your face earlier. He knows it has something to do with how he had left you in such a hurry. He needs to clear it up with you, after all he has become quite fond of you.
The man gets up, puffing out his chest to square up to Taehyung. His attempts to assert dominance are embarrassing as Taehyung towers over him, his fire-filled eyes looking down with disgust.
The man scoffs, sharp eyes locking you down, “next time tell your bitch not to wear such slutty dresses if she doesn't wanna get hit on.”
You swear you see Jungkook’s jaw tick and his hand curl up into a fist. You signal to let the man be while simultaneously tightening your grip on Taehyung’s hand. Let him go, It’ll be better this way, you tell them with your eyes.
The older man takes off in a frustrated manner, pushing people aside. Letting out an anxiety filled breath, Taehyung envelopes you in a safe hug.
You breathe him in, feeling the presence of several other people next to you. Jieun instantly wraps her arms around you and holds your face in her hands, examining your expression. “Oh my God Y/N, are you ok? I should’ve come with you,” she coos, bringing you into another hug.
“Yeah, I’m fine, I’m just glad it didn’t escalate,” you muffle into her skin.
Jieun releases you as Jin hands you your purse and begins to move your group out of the building. It seems the night is over. You’re grateful. You’re tired.
Taehyung pushes Jungkook towards you with a chuckle, “you’re lucky Jungkook noticed you right away, I don't even want to think about what would've happened if we didn’t get there in time.”
Jungkook scratches his ear, shyly looking away from your curious gaze. Taehyung’s right, he was the one who noticed your distress, though he won’t admit it was because he couldn't take his eyes off you. Not even for a second. Your beauty has truly put a spell on him.
You keep a soft gaze on him waiting until his sparkly eyes meet yours again, and once they do you hum out a quiet, “thank you.”
He nods in response as you all continue to walk further and further away from the bar.
“Our Uber is here,” Yoongi announces, sparking the others to discuss their plans to travel home.
Jieun gently grabs your wrist pulling you into another one of her tender hugs. She releases you but continues to hold your hands lovingly, “do you want me to order you an Uber home?”
You shake your head, “No need, the walk here wasn’t too long, I’ll be fine.”
Your answer obviously doesn’t settle Jieun when she fires back protectively, “nope, I’m not letting you walk home alone after what happened tonight, just come with Yoongi and I.”
You reassure her once more that you’ll be fine just for her to whip out her phone to order you an Uber. A protest begins to spill out of your lips when Taehyung places a hand on Jieun's shoulder.
“Don’t worry Jieun, I’ll take Y/N home,” he assures, pointing a grin in your direction.
Wordlessly, you agree, saying your goodbyes to Jieun and Yoongi until Jin interrupts to pull Taehyung aside.
“Taehyung you’ve had way too much to drink, Y/N I’ll walk you home, come on,” Jin vocalises, motioning you over with a shake of his head.
If you’re being honest, you don’t mind who takes you home. Hell, you’re one second away from sprinting off and walking home alone because truly, all you really desired at this moment was to be under your warm blanket, sound asleep.
“What? Jinnnn,” Taehyung whines, causing you to roll your eyes and sigh. “I’ll walk Y/N home, I didn’t drink that much I swear.”
“Taehyung, you can’t even stand straight, in a few minutes you’ll end up like Jimin,” Jin snaps back.
Taehyung huffs looking over to a confused Jimin who stares up into the infinite night sky, his mind completely empty, and body swaying slightly. You too, stare at Jimin, holding in laugh as you watch him point into the abyss with a fretted Jungkook pulling on his sleeve.
It’s like Jimin knows someone is talking about him as his body suddenly snaps in Jin’s direction. “Jin, can I sleep in your bed tonight? I miss those satin sheets,” Jimin pouts, throwing himself onto Jin
Taehyung joins Jimin in their quest to smother Jin while you stifle the laughs that so desperately want to tumble out.
“Oh for crying out loud! Would you two get off me so I can sort everything out” Jimin and Taehyung giggle amongst themselves, and you too would join them if it weren’t for the sudden words that utter out of Jungkook’s mouth.
“I can take Y/N home.”
The sound of crickets and the faint hum of lively music is the only thing filling the unanticipated silence.
All eyes fall onto you, waiting for your answer.
Your answer does not come quick enough according to Jungkook when he backtracks bashfully. “You don’t have to say yes, I didn’t drink much, so I just thought-”
Holding his fidgeting hands lightly, you stop his rambling, “yeah sure you can walk home with me. I don’t mind your company.”
The way Jimin slaps Taehyung’s chest in disbelief makes you want to curl up in embarrassment so you hide it by burying your face into Jin’s chest as you say your goodbyes.
Before releasing you from his grip he leans down to whisper, “text me when you get home ok?” You nod silently, squeezing him to finalise your goodbye before moving on to Taehyung and Jimin.
The two give you the dorkiest smirks, raising their eyebrows suggestively. Rolling your eyes, you hug them goodbye and wait for Jungkook to join your side.
From the corner of your eye you spot Jin whispering into Jungkook’s ear. Jin locks Jungkook down with stern eyes and furrowed brows, Jungkook nods with genuine earnestness before Jin pats his back, sending him off towards you.
There’s a small quirk that raises at the corner of his lips. It’s a quirk that asks if you’re all set to go, and with one final wave to Jin and the two buffoons that hang off his shoulders, you start your walk with Jeon Jungkook.
You don’t really know what to say at first, totally content with listening to the sound of concrete against the soles of your shoes. Unbeknownst to you, Jungkook has a lot on his mind when it comes to you.
He hums softly, grabbing your attention. “I really want to apologise for leaving you so impolitely the other night.”
You only bow your head, waiting for his explanation before you decide if he deserves forgiveness.
“It was Sana that was on the phone,” he sighs, “I’m guessing you know our history and how much she means to me. She has some supernatural pull on me that always has me at her beck and call.”
Jungkook pauses and you let him. He’s a deep thinker, an observer. Although he adores a crowd around him, he’s completely himself when he’s quiet and alone with the space to think.
“I guess it came to bite me back in the ass.” He chuckles, but it's dry, sarcastic, lacking all humour.
You chime in, “what do you mean?”
Jungkook looks straight ahead, closing his eyes for a brief moment that makes you think you have crossed the line. “I didn’t mean to pry or anything, you just seem upset,” you reason.
Jungkook offers a smile. It’s not a happy smile, it’s sad yet warm and you want nothing more than to hug him and shake off that lingering sadness.
“No, no. I would like to talk about my feelings more. Jin always told me that it’s not shameful to talk about my feelings, and you always make me feel welcome too.” Jungkook looks at you with his round doe eyes, his smile shedding small hints of his previous melancholy.
His soft spoken words make your heart sing and your stomach swirl with warmth, “Jin’s absolutely right, whoever told you it was shameful or embarrassing to bottle up your feelings is a loser.”
He laughs at your remark, his nose scrunching up cutely, You inwardly coo at the action while something within your heart soars with adoration.
“Yeah, that person is someone I realised isn’t worth my time anymore, I guess my friendship with her kind of ended today?”
You already know who he’s referring to, and the thought of all the things she has dragged Jungkook through brings new feelings of disgust. “I’m so sorry Jungkook, that must’ve been really difficult for you to go through.”
You stop your walking to hug him. The action doesn’t surprise Jungkook, it only strengthens his fondness for you and the new friendship the two of you seem to be creating.
Jungkook squeezes you like you’re about to leave him all alone, and it's this action that makes you notice something. Hugging each other is something the two of you seem to do a lot. It's almost like your own personal love language. The action is a universal sign that you’ll be ok, because at the end of the day you have each other.
“I feel like the universe brought us together in the most absurd circumstances,” Jungkook mumbles in your hair.
Giggling softly, you look up at him with affection and Jungkook mirrors your grin tenderly. To any outsider the two of you look like a happy couple relishing in their sickening love. For a moment you believe that it's true. What would it be like to date Jeon Jungkook?
He doesn’t have a clean record in the dating scene. That fact alone is enough to scare you, but the way he holds you gives you an insight on what Jeon Jungkook could possibly be like as a boyfriend.
These thoughts are way out of pocket and you release him with a shudder, missing the way he deflates at the lack of your hold. “I live right there in that building,” you point, still trying to shake off the Jeon Jungkook flavoured thoughts running through your mind.
“Oh,” Jungkook didn’t even realise how fast the time flew by. That seems to happen alot with you and maybe that’s a good thing.
You stumble a little, when you say, “goodnight Jungkook, and thank you again for tonight.”
Once again, you are brought into a hug. Jungkook hides his pout while he savours your presence, your smell, you.
Jungkook doesn’t want to let go of you, not right now. Not when he feels so good, so secure, so safe.
He swears it's an accident when he murmurs, “can I kiss you?”
You’re stunned.
Should you? Things are moving too fast and your heart flutters all too violently when you’re around him. But maybe those flutters are a good sign.
You won’t lie, you’re protective of your heart, it can only go through so much before it breaks completely. But maybe Jeon Jungkook is a risk your indecisive heart has space to take.
So, you kiss him.
He gasps cutely into your mouth like he expected you to say no. You hold his face delicately while hands hold you securely around the waist.
His breath is hot when he sneaks his tongue past your lips and you melt, moving your hands to tug on the small curls at the back of his neck.
He kisses you like he has to prove something to you, his soft lips dipping down to meet your hungry ones, his hands holding onto you tighter with want.
Moaning into him, you seperate, leaning your forehead against his to take a breather. Jungkook pants back against you, closing his eyes as you continue to play with his hair.
“Goodnight, Jungkook,” you whisper, looking closely at all the small details of his face.
He shakes his head, holding you more fiercely. “Can I have one more kiss?”
You throw your head back, soft giggles tumbling out, “I'll see you later Jungkook,” you say waving bye as you walk up the stairs to your apartment.
Jungkook lets you go, watching you get into your apartment safely. He waits a couple minutes before looking up into the stars, whispering a quiet “fuck.”
Tumblr media
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hell is empty Ꭵ - JJK, KTH
Tumblr media
↣ life has a tendency to throw things your way when you least expect it, when you’re content, and the ominous presence knows exactly how to steer your existence back into the darkness.
Tumblr media
pairing — drug lord!jungkook x reader, hotel owner!taehyung x reader
genre/rating — R | fluff, angst, smut
word count — 10K
warnings/tags — love triangle au, single parent!reader, pharmacy tech!reader, dad!JK, ex-boyfriend!JK, CEO!taehyung, strong language, one very cute kid, y/n is going through her own shit, body image insecurities, mentions of stalking, a hottae, hand kink, explicit smut — dirty talk, biting/scratching, oral (f), fingering, clit biting, spanking, multiple positions, multiple orgasms, nipple play, praise kink, cum eating, brief handjob, overstimulation, spitting, protected sex, cowgirl
a/n — ahh here’s part 01 !! this is a truncated version. please drop a comment or an ask if you liked this <3
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“When was the last time you got laid?”
The straw pokes into your lip as you keep your eyes on the menu in front of you, refusing to meet her gaze, an attempt at avoiding her question. But you know your best friend better than that. Your silence serves as an answer.
“You’re fucking kidding,” she gasps, and from your periphery, you see her lean back in her chair exasperatedly before she sets her arms on the table to whisper, “you mean five years ago? Before Junho was born?!”
You bristle at her tone, “yeah. Don’t forget the nine months during my pregnancy.”
Finally, you raise your head to look up at her, pity written across her smile. You know she wouldn’t judge you, but the slight part to her lips tells you otherwise.
“I thought you knew this?!”
“We stopped discussing hook-ups a long time ago!”
You scoff, “yeah, when you decided to get married.”
“Hey,” she whisper-shouts, aware of the other customers around you, “all this time I thought you had something going on with that guy next door.”
Mid-sip, the boba almost goes down the wrong pipe when you splutter, scrambling for a tissue to clean up the mess seeping into your blouse. You glare at her as she continues to laugh while handing you another tissue.
“You can’t be serious? He’s not my type at all!”
She narrows her eyes at you, “hmm, I’d think he is. Plus, did you see the way he looks at you? Giving you all the sexy eyes. And smiley loves him!”
“Firstly, I don’t think Seojoon is capable of making sexy eyes and he refuses to make eye contact with me.”
She throws her hands up, attracting the attention of a couple sitting close by, “what that’ll tell you?”
You prop an arm up on the table, shaking your head dismissively, “what’s your point?”
“My point is,” she begins, holding a finger up threateningly, “you need to go out. Take some time off for yourself. If not a couple days, then a night out. Because I know you won’t leave Junho for too long.”
You sigh deeply, nodding to yourself, “maybe. Are you free tonight?”
She laughs, “I am not going anywhere. Who’s gonna take care of Junho while you’re out?”
Nerves begin to creep up at the idea of you going out alone after who knows how long. You know she wouldn’t budge yet you still whine and plead with her.
“Please, I can’t go out on my own!”
“Of course you can!”
It isn’t that much of an issue, but the fact that you haven’t even stepped foot in a club for five years now irks you just a bit. You’ve forgotten what it’s like, the unfamiliarity scares you. You follow her through the sliding doors, adjusting your bag on your shoulder before she spins around to wink at you menacingly.
“But you don’t have to leave by yourself,” she grins, tugging you to the parking lot while you’re regretting ever complaining to her about your qualms.
“Where would I even go? I don’t want to stand in line or any of that shit.”
She pauses near your car, wrapping her arms around your shoulders encouragingly, “you don’t have to go to there. I’ll text you the address of this chill hotel bar Yoongi and I discovered a few months ago.”
“Okay,” you nod, waving her off, “I’ll pack a bag for smiley.”
She shoots you a thumbs up before stepping into her car while you’re doing the same. As you’re idling your way through traffic, you can’t help but think about what life would be like without your friends’ help. You’re grateful that you’re surrounded by generous people like them, who have such big hearts. Yoongi and his wife always offer to take care of Junho whenever you ask. Or if they want to take him out on a Sunday afternoon. They’re good people you can trust. Even Seojoon, your neighbor, he works from home as…you’re yet to find out…and keeps Junho for those four hours until you get home from work.
Your son’s laughter filters through the door, and it never fails to have your heart fluttering. Your smiley boy.
Knocking twice, the laughter quietens down and Seojoon answers the door, his glossy curls falling over his eyes.
“Hey,” he smiles, scratching the back of his neck.
You peek around his shoulder to see Junho fitting his arms into his backpack straps.
“Hey. Thank you for keeping him.”
He shakes his head, “not a problem. Bye buddy!”
You watch your son bounce off the floors as he makes his way to the door, extending his tiny fist to meet Seojoon’s in a fist bump.
Scooping him up into your arms, you dust his cheeks with kisses while unlocking your front door. Coming home after a long, stressful day to the warmth of your son’s smile is one of the few things that keep you going.
“How was your day?”
He shrugs his bag off his shoulders, “good.”
“Good? Just good?” You tease, hanging up your coat.
“Yeah. I’m tired. We did G today.”
Noticing him struggling with the strap of his sneakers, you bend down to help him. Pulling off his socks too.
“G? G for…”
His round eyes lift to the ceiling, “goat!”
You pull his toes lightly, “very good! What else? G for?”
His lips form a pout, chubby cheeks jiggling when he shakes his head, “we only did that one at school.”
“Aw that’s okay. Do you have homework?”
He nods, chin hitting his chest with the movement. You’re still getting over the fact that kids as young as him get homework these days.
“Okay, after supper we’ll get to it, okay? Let me get the bath ready for you.”
On your way down the hall, he grabs your hand and you already know what he’s about to ask you. Because he asks the same question every single day until you reach Saturday and he’s happy with your response.
“Can I have ice-cream today?”
You pull off his shirt, “what day is it today?”
You giggle when he starts to slot his fingers together guiltily, gaze on the tiled floors of the bathroom.
“Come on, I know you know. Yesterday was Thursday.”
His scrunches his eyes shut, “Saturday…”
You tickle his sides, “no it’s not! You naughty. You just want me to give you ice-cream today!”
The crowded space of your bathroom echoes with his breathless giggles, squirming in your hold as you attack his sides.
“Friday! Friday!”
Rising to your full height, you reach up to turn off the faucet, “you know ice-cream is a special treat. Special treats are for weekends only.”
“And birthdays!”
“Yes,” you smile, checking the temperature of the water filled in the tub, “and birthdays. So no ice-cream today.”
“Okay mamma.”
Freshly showered, bellies full, you watch Junho in silence as he finishes up his homework. It’s times like these where the quiet is a little too loud. Where the emptiness returns after being distracted all day from your anxieties of the future and regrets of the past. It’s just you and your son, that’s how it’s always been. But recently, you can’t help but feel like there’s a huge chunk of your life that’s missing. And anyone can tell what that might be.
You know Junho has enough male presence in his life, with Yoongi, Seojoon and his swimming instructor who happens to be his “superhero,” but you can’t help but wonder. What would happen if you made a move and brought someone new into your son’s life? How would he react to it? Is he too accustomed to it being just you and him?
His eyelashes dust across his cheeks, face puffed up in concentration with his tongue poking out of his mouth every now and again as he tries to color in the line. And then, again, times like these, he reminds you of his father. A living reminder of the love that once was.
“All done!”
Snapped back to reality, you clap twice then place the sheet of paper into his flip file, “good boy!”
You watch him hop off the chair to fit his file into his bag clumsily, socked feet sliding across the floor. He looks so cute in his new pajamas.
“Smiley you’re gonna spend the night at hyung’s on Sunday, okay?”
He blinks, “why?”
“Mamma has…to go somewhere.”
His doe eyes are fixed on your face, “can I come?”
You smile, lifting him onto your lap, “it’s at night when it’s sleepy time.”
Ready for his endless questions, you carry him to his room, sitting with him at the edge of his bed while he processes your words with his short arms snug around your neck.
“Where will mamma sleep?”
You flatten his hair against his head, seeing his eyes grow heavy with the action, “here. I’ll fetch you in the morning before school because it’ll be late.”
He mumbles out an okay as you tuck him into the covers. This might be the first time whe—
Swallowing thickly, you reach into his nightstand and pull out his treasured polaroid. A lump forms in your throat every night. No matter how many times you hear him say the words.
“Goodnight dad,” he whispers sleepily, ensuring not to crease the edges of the glossy card, “I love you.”
He hands it back to you and you sneak a glance knowing what would happen later when you’re left with your thoughts.
Jungkook’s arm is around your shoulder, his bunny smile on full display while you’re smiling just as bright. The oblivious you. The unharmed and carefree you. You remember how excited you were for that trip. Your first holiday as a couple, celebrating three years together. Little did you know that it’d be your last.
Tears brimming your eyes, your fingers itch to rip it apart. Burn it to pieces. However, that would hurt your son. Even if he didn’t know that you did it. You could lie and say that it got lost. But you’d be the one making your son cry. Something you hate seeing. It would hurt him because it’s the only memory he has of his father. You don’t know why he doesn’t phone often. As much as he claims that he loves his son. As much as he fakes whenever he decides to check in and speak to Junho.
“Goodnight smiley,” you utter through your clogged nose, pecking his cheek lightly. He’s already fast asleep, clutching the blanket close to his body. You wish sleep came that easily for you.
As you’re making your way to the window, tugging on the curtains, you notice a black SUV parked across the road. Perhaps one of the tenants have a visitor. But no one parks across the road since trucks go in and out of the driveway nearby for late night deliveries. Strange.
Tumblr media
Extra face towels, extra pajamas, swimming trunks, toothbrush.
Mentally ticking off what Junho will need for his stay at Yoongi’s, you ensure to pack two pairs of socks and another blanket because he gets cold easily.
“I packed your swimming trunks in case you take a dip in the pool,” you shout over the noise coming from the lounge.
After receiving no answer, you place both your hands on your hips and make your way to the lounge, huffing as you go.
“Hey! I’m talking to you!”
It takes him a while to find the pause button on the remote, but he makes sure to give you his full attention once you’re standing behind the couch.
“Yes,” he replies, obviously impatient for you to finish what you’re saying so he can get back to the car show he was watching.
“I said I packed your swimming trucks just in case and some snacks in your bag.”
He kneels on the couch, lips stretching into a huge smile, “what snacks?!”
“All your favorites,” you wiggle your brows, booping his nose lightly.
He leans up to kiss your cheek, “I miss you.”
You laugh, “I’m still here.”
The sound of your phone ringing cuts into the air and you rush to the kitchen to answer, pausing when you see ‘UNKNOWN NUMBER’ flashing on the screen. In these past five years, you know better than to decline the call. With a rapid heartbeat, you click the green icon and hold the phone up to your ear.
The clear, sharp voice has a shiver running down the length of your spine when he says your name, and you can almost envision the way his lips curl around each syllable. Yet you still ask the question.
“Who’s this?”
“C’mon, you know who it is. Can I speak to my son, please?”
With a deep breath, you return to the lounge and pat Junho’s shoulder. He takes the phone eagerly, the brightest smile splitting his face.
You lean on the backrest of the couch, straining your ears to hear what Jungkook is saying. But all you hear is the muffled sound of his now high-pitched voice.
Junho glances at you, your eyebrows lift in question.
“Yes, she’s sitting here by me. I was watching the Bugatti just now,” he talks animatedly, the alacrity in his voice reserved for his father.
With furrowed brows, you grab Junho’s hand when he jumps off the couch and makes his way around you to the hallway.
“Where are you going?”
“Umm dad said I should go in my room.”
His attention returns to his father then back to you, “he said it’s a secret.”
Releasing your hold on his hand, you sit on the armrest of the couch and wait patiently. You know Junho will tell you what his dad said when he’s done. But you’re annoyed that Jungkook, years later, still has those shitty ways in him. Does he not know that kids at Junho’s age shouldn’t keep secrets? Even if it’s between parents.
Ten minutes later, Junho hands you your phone back wearing a furtive smile.
“So what did dad say?”
He fiddles with the remote, eyes downcast, “he said I shouldn’t tell you.”
You scoff, “why not? You tell me everything.”
“He said it’s a secret,” he blurts, and when he switches on the TV once again, you know not to pester him further. He’ll come around eventually.
But it’s already the next day and he hasn’t budged. Not one word. As if he forgot all about it. Although, you know that he didn’t. Because he keeps asking you to tell him the stories of when you and Jungkook were young. You satisfy his every whim, no matter how painful it is to revisit the memories you wished to forget of your first love.
And hearing his voice yesterday set you back a few paces. You really need this night off. A couple drinks and relaxation time.
“Noona!” Junho bounces out of the car and into your best friend’s arms.
“I’ve been waiting for you for hours smiley. What took you so long?”
You hand her Junho’s overnight bag while he glances between the two of you.
“Mamma was tired.”
She narrows her eyes at you, and you mirror her action. Signalling that there’s something important you need to tell her.
”Umm smiley, why don’t you take this inside,” he takes the bag from and nods, “hyung’s been waiting for you too.”
Once Junho is out of sight, she gestures for you to sit at the bench near the entrance. You plop down tiredly.
“You look nice,” she compliments, reaching for the silver bracelet you unearthed earlier today.
“Do I really? Didn’t get a wink of sleep last night.”
She clicks her tongue, “what’s going on?”
It’s like you need to prepare yourself to say his name. Which you do with a deep breath.
“Jungkook…called yesterday.”
Her russet brown eyes go wide, “and? What did he say?”
You fit your nail into the wood of the table, “he wanted to speak to his son.”
“How long has it been?”
“A couple of months, and it pisses me off that no matter how long it’s been Junho is still the same,” you grit, running your fingers through your hair, “he doesn’t know how much he misses him. He phones whenever he feels like. When he remembers.”
She mumbles your name, reaching for your hand across the table, “he’s still a kid. And that’s his father. Of course he’s going to be excited to talk to him. No matter how long it’s been.”
“I know that,” you sniffle, lifting your head to look at her, “I just wish he would show more effort. The kid loves him.”
She cocks an eyebrow, “you were the one who told him that you don’t want to see him near you or your child. Are you just mad that he didn’t ask about you?”
You roll your eyes, “I’m past that.”
“Are you?”
Knee bobbing incessantly, you pull your hand out of her hold. Anger heightening because she’s right. Although you wouldn’t say that out loud.
“Alright,” she yells, banging her fists on the table twice, rattling the vase set to the side, “time for you to go. Unwind. Have fun.”
You stand up from the bench and unlock your car, not before she grabs you by the shoulders to warn you one last time.
“No more moping around and feeling sorry for yourself.”
You nod, “okay.”
“You have the address?”
Tumblr media
The bar is a lot…fancier than you anticipated and perhaps you’re underdressed. It didn’t take you long to find your way to Stigma Inn, and you’re slightly intimidated by the fact that you haven’t been here before. Mostly because it’s a luxury hotel and you don’t think you can afford a few hours stay here. But you’ve heard about it once. The entire setup is resplendent, dripping in gold accents with heavy chandeliers lighting up the space to set the tone.
Men outnumber the women and you’re grateful for the vacant spot in a hidden corner. A waiter tails you to the seat and you order something light first. You know if your best friend was here she would be admonishing you for choosing to sit in an isolated nook instead of the front. Where sleazy men could spot you easily. The simple white dress you’re wearing has you feeling a little out of place. You feel as if it doesn’t suit the atmosphere and you’re contemplating whether or not you should leave when a man wearing a grey suit stands across your table.
“Hello,” he slurs, towering over you by placing a hand on the round table. The smell of alcohol thick on his breath, “can I buy you a drink?”
Clearly, a place like this can’t govern the type of customers that’d be filling the space. You scoot up on the velvet seat, readjusting the hem of your dress.
“No, thank you,” you affirm, holding up your drink, “I have one already.”
He examines you for a few minutes while you clear your throat and avert your gaze to your phone screen, pretending he’s not there. From the corner of your eye, you see him smooth a hand over his greying hair and turn on his heel. Your reasoning would be that he’s not your type and he looks to be in his late forties.
For the next thirty-five minutes, you can’t relish in freedom of having some time for yourself when every five minutes a guy approaches your table asking the same question. Were you not clear enough when you tucked yourself away into the cosy corner behind the moderately-sized waterfall? You want to be left alone with your drink and miserable thoughts.
But no. Here comes another guy.
“Would you like a refill?”
You laugh to yourself, at least he worded it differently.
“No,” you respond with a sneer, not lifting your head when you steam out the next bit, “I’m fine thank you.”
You hear him clear his throat, and he’s still hovering about the table.
“You know—” you know you’re just going to be letting out your anger on a stranger, however the words die on your tongue when you take in the sight of the…specimen standing in front of you.
Head cocked to the side with his hands in his pockets, bowtie, glittering cufflinks.
“I know…?”
Maybe if you weren’t grieving over a long-decomposed relationship, you would’ve noticed his deep, baritone voice. Matching his sculpted features perfectly. He pokes his tongue into his cheek, a lock of brown hair falling over his forehead.
You feel the back of your neck prickle with sweat when he continues to stare you down. He is gorgeous. So handsome. You don’t think your wildest dreams could’ve conjured up the image of him. And when he unbuttons his blazer to take the seat opposite you, your gaze is drawn to his slender fingers.
“Haven’t seen you here before,” he begins, then chuckles lightly, the action has more sweat gathering on your upper lip, which you dab not-so-elegantly with a tissue. “My bad if you have been here before and I didn’t notice you.”
He doesn’t break eye contact for a second, which you find unnerving and insanely attractive.
“N-no,” you stammer, taking a breath to pull yourself together, “this is my first time here.”
Your touch-starved thighs clench together when he throws an arm over the backrest and runs his index finger along his bottom lip.
“Knew it. I definitely would’ve noticed you.”
Is it hot in here? Or have you suddenly developed hyperhidrosis?
You jolt when he thrusts his hand in your direction over the short space of the table. He finds your reaction amusing, lips curling over his teeth in a box-like shape.
“Kim Taehyung.”
You gulp, afraid that your hormones might act on its own accord and yank him across the table for you to stick your tongue down his throat. He nods politely when you state your name, his arm returning to its place on the couch.
“How do you like this place? Since it’s your first time here?” He enquires, gaze on the chandeliers and not on your face. Still not enough for you to get your shit together with his cologne wafting over you.
“It’s…nice.” Nice? You can do better. “It’s beautiful. I came here for some…time to myself.”
His mouth forms an ‘o,’ and you panic when he rises from the seat, “I’m sorry for disturbing—”
You wave your hands dismissively, “no! No, you can…stay.”
He nods, tongue sliding across his bottom lip as he sinks into the seat, a very dormant area of yours tingles when he spreads his legs. Hips jutting up to get more comfortable.
You’re fighting with yourself to fill the silence that thickens in the air, but he continues to stare at you with those enigmatic eyes. And you do the same, only because you can’t break the electricity in your gaze. You refuse to. After years, butterflies swarm your stomach when he smirks at you. Which terrifies and excites you at the same time.
“What brought you here for some alone time?”
“A friend recommended this place, I haven’t really stayed at the hotel before though,” you chuckle, “this is a 5-star hotel.”
He hums, “you’ll get the best service here.”
“Have you…are you…do you have a room here?”
The laugh he lets out rumbles through you to sit in your abdomen, the light show of teeth has you feeling lightheaded. And you’ve summed up your sweating problem to his presence.
He leans forward and slots his pretty fingers together, “would you like a tour?”
You laugh, idiotically, “I can’t afford a night here.”
He clicks his tongue, “come on, it’ll be fun.”
You’re obliged to follow him when he keeps turning around to check if you’re following him into the foyer.
One thing you notice is the power he seems to radiate with his walk alone, how the receptionist, or anyone who passes by halts in their step to bow in his direction. His height is another thing that has your palms sweating and you’re struggling to keep up with him in your stilettos and floor-length dress.
You’re clutching onto your purse tightly as you wait for the elevator. Hyperaware of his scrutinizing gaze on you. When your eyes lock with his, you find him looking you up and down multiple times. And he doesn’t seem bothered even the slightest when you catch him do it again.
So you let your gaze sweep across his figure, his shoes you could probably see your reflection in, Rolex, perfectly tailored tuxedo, gelled back hair with the single strand of hair taunting you.
“The tour hasn’t started yet.”
“I like what I’m seeing already,” you blurt out. And a second later you realize that you were a little too loud, cheeks warming when he takes a step closer just as the elevator dings.
“After you,” he winks, a light hand on the small of your back.
The interior of the elevator is something you’re trying to focus on, and not his piercing gaze on the side of your face. It’s supposed to be cool in the metal confines but you’re still hot. So flushed. And once the doors slide to a close, you’re unprepared for his predatory walk in your direction, backing you against the mirror.
He doesn’t say anything, but his flaming gaze says enough. You imagine yours must look the same. You stand there for a while, chests heaving, his minty breath kissing your cheek lightly as he looms over you. The throb between your legs becomes almost unbearable, you’re waiting for him to make a move, but he doesn’t. Sending you in a frenzy when that one strand of hair touches your forehead as he bends down then backs away.
You’re panting, cursing to yourself when the elevator comes to a capsizing stop and the doors open.
“This is the highest floor,” he announces, tugging on the collar of his dress shirt.
“Which room is yours?”
You’re too busy admiring the intricate details on the doors to notice that he had stopped walking, you bump into his chest with a gasp.
He taps a card on the security lock and levels you with a heated stare, “all of them.”
The door flies open with him crashing his lips onto yours, hands working on unzipping your dress while you’re tugging at his bowtie.
“Fuck, you’re so beautiful,” he husks, pressing you into a wall as he kicks the door closed.
You whine when he holds your hands above your head, nosing through your hair to stop at your ear. The room is dark and cool, only the outline of his face is visible when you crack your eyes open to look up at him wantonly, silently asking him to touch you some more.
He licks at the shell of your ear, and you whimper, you haven’t been handled like this in ages. You could almost cry when he presses his full weight onto you, pinning you in place.
“So sensitive,” he whispers, breaths ragged as he tugs on your earlobe and dips his tongue into your ear, hands running up and down your sides greedily.
You moan at the action, dress hanging off your body loosely. But only when he tries to pull down the straps do you realize that your body doesn’t look like it used to. He notices you pulling away, his forehead resting against yours.
“Should I stop?”
Shaking your head meekly, you grip at his shoulders, “I just…I want you but—”
“Shush shush,” he hushes, placing a finger on your lips, “don’t worry about anything.”
He backs you further into the room and you follow him blindly, holding onto his biceps that flex under your grip.
“No buts,” he susurrates against your lips, lowering you onto the mattress that feels like a cloud in this moment, “do you want me to make you feel good?”
He peels your dress down the length of your body and you’re glad that the dull moonlight doesn’t illuminate the stretchmarks across your belly. A fire ignites in the pit of your stomach as he stands at the edge of the bed fully clothed, while you’re almost bare under his lust-filled gaze.
“Then just feel.”
A moan erupts from your chest when he licks at the skin of your ankle, holding your foot to his face before peppering kisses along your calf all the way up to your inner thigh. His eyes remain fixed on yours, swirling with desire just as his tongue licks up your panty-covered clit. You twist the sheets beneath you, wanting nothing more than to have him devour you as he pleases. Take you whichever way he pleases.
Two nimble fingers find their into the band of your panties, slowly dragging it down your legs to snap halfway along your thighs. You gasp, looking down at him with half-lidded eyes.
“So sensitive,” he repeats, finally pulling it all the way down to toss over his shoulder.
“Haven’t been touched like this in a while,” you pant, head falling into the plush pillow with embarrassment. It seems like you have no filter tonight.
He hooks your legs over his shoulders, cunt wide open for him. And even if you wanted to close them out of diffidence, you couldn’t, with his unrelenting grip on your thighs.
“Don’t worry,” he rasps, his hot breath hitting your drenched pussy has a spark running up the length of your spine, “I’ll make it good.”
With the first lick along your folds, your back arches off the bed, nails digging into the cotton sheets as his tongue massages your clit languidly. He takes his time with it, tongue going rigid to poke into your clenching hole then dragging up to your clit, flicking the swollen bud with kittenish licks. After a while, you find yourself begging for more, trying to grind onto his tongue only for him to splay his fingers across your stomach.
You thrash beneath him, crying out when he wiggles his tongue against your clit, humming into you.
“Please, more. So good.”
He lays flat on his stomach between your legs, white dress shirt sticking to his back as he speaks into your cunt.
“More? Greedy little thing.”
A whine tumbles from your lips when he spits onto your already dripping folds, middle and ring finger coming up to spread it around with your slick. You grip onto his hair, pushing his face into your pussy shamelessly. He dives in once again, this time with more precise, rapid strokes of his tongue across your heat.
“Fuck yes,” you mewl, rolling your hips against his face to hear him moan. The sound rumbles through you to have the knot in your stomach tightening. A thought crosses your mind through your haze.
“Keep going,” you slur, shivering when he purses his lips around your clit and suckles on it hard, two fingers encircling your leaking entrance, “so fucking good. Gonna cum, fuck.”
“Ye—” You yell out his name when he sinks in two fingers at once, finding your sweet spot with ease. His teeth graze your clit and you can feel yourself teetering off the edge with each swipe of his tongue.
Your head presses into the pillow as you grind against his tongue, keening as he drags his fingers in and out of your pulsing hole in a ‘come hither’ motion. Lip tucked between your teeth, you feel the knot grow tighter and tighter as his skilled fingers rub against your walls. He flattens out his tongue against your pussy, slurping up your essence to have your thighs trembling around his face, eliciting a string of curses from you until the knot breaks free and you cum on his tongue. Trembling through the euphoria as he helps you ride out your high.
He adjusts his position between your legs and sucks up every last drop, tongue sliding up and down your cunt. You spasm when it becomes to much, yanking him away from you by his hair.
“Stop, stop,” you chuckle breathlessly, bringing him up to your face to slot your lips into his. Tasting your essence on his tongue.
He pulls you even closer, teeth snagging on your lip while you unbutton his shirt and pants, reaching into it to feel his massive erection. He groans into your neck as you run your palm along his shaft. Your pussy clenches at the prospect of having him fill you up. You want to hear more of his sounds, so you split the tip with your thumb, massaging his frenulum zealously.
He growls, kneeling over you to tear off his shirt, kicking away his pants hastily. You bite down on his shoulder when he reaches behind you to unclasp your bra, pretty fingers twisting and tugging at your nipples.
Your bare heat drags across his shaft, he swallows all your moans by covering your mouth with his, rolling you onto your side to smack your ass once. Your pussy clenches while he continues to massage the skin of your ass with his large palm. You reach down to fondle his balls, tugging at the soft skin to hear him grunt. You manage to get him onto his back, legs on either side of his body. His mouth hangs open, pupils blown wide.
He reaches up and runs his thumbs over your nipples, you throw your head back, slick dripping all over his toned stomach.
“Condom?” You ask breathily, chest jutting out into his palm, tingles shooting down your body when his nails catch on the skin of your nipple. You thought your nipples lost its sensitivity after you gave birth. Guess not.
“In my pants.”
Jumping off the bed, you bend down to reach into his pocket. Yelping when he lands another harsh smack to your ass. You look at him over your shoulder with a grin.
“Sit on my cock.”
He doesn’t need to tell you twice. You position yourself over his length as he rolls down the condom, the sight of his thick, veiny cock throbbing sends another shiver from the top of your head to the tips of your toes with anticipation. He lets you grip the base, positioning your sodden pussy over the blunt tip.
You sink down inch by inch, placing your palms flush to his chest once he’s fully sheathed. His hands fly to your waist while your eyes water with the stretch.
“Feel so fucking good,” he whispers, jaw clenching, gripping the back of your neck to connect your lips, tongues clashing sloppily. You moan when he lifts his hips into yours, cock reaching deep inside you then lifting you off his lap.
With strained breaths, you sink back down, sweaty skin meeting his as you set a pace, crying out at the feeling of him stretching you out.
“Ah fuck. Your cock feels so good,” you sigh, boobs bouncing on your chest as you rock against his lap, cock brushing your sweet spot repeatedly to have you screaming out his name.
“Yeah?” He holds you in place and fucks into you, cock dragging along each ridge to have you screaming out his name, the tip hitting deep inside you. Depths your fingers could never reach. “Tell me how good this feels? Do you like it when you’re bouncing on my cock like this, hmm?”
“Yes, yes. Fuck Tae,” you squeal, the sounds of your flesh slapping against his echoes in the room, sweat dripping down your chest.
“Or like this—” the drag of his twitching cock shifting inside you when he flips you onto your back has you blabbering out incoherencies. Even more when starts to pound you into the mattress, keeping your hands in his grip while you’re scratching down his back. Attempting to drag out the pleasure, walls closing around him as his cock disappears into your dripping cunt.
“I like this, so messy for me,” he rasps, sinking his teeth into the flesh above your boobs, “you take my cock so well. Fuck. I could fuck this pussy all day.”
That seems to do it for you, as well as his fingers rubbing your clit swiftly. Your walls quiver around him, and he buries his face in your neck, mouthing down the column of your throat, thrusts becoming shallow. With a drawn-out groan, he spills into the condom, hips flexing into yours. You move onto your side when he flops down next to you. You both catch your breath with silence falling over you.
Feeling sticky and gross, you pad across the tile with trembling legs to clean yourself up. Fatigue overpowers any other feeling, and you find yourself snuggling in next to him. Only because he asked with a groggy smile.
Tumblr media
The sound of your ringtone cuts through your dreamless sleep. You try to reach for your phone but the tight grip around your waist makes it difficult. Reality hits you when you see seven missed calls from Yoongi and a naked man next to you. A very handsome, very real, naked man.
Oh my God. You weren’t drunk. Every bit of last night replays vividly in your mind. But it’s 9AM and you need to go. Right now. Pushing his hand off your body, you scramble for each article of clothing, sitting on the edge of the bed as you adjust your heels.
The feel of soft lips on your shoulder is when you’re suddenly wide awake, turning around to be met with a tired smile and messy brown hair.
“Good morning.”
“Morning,” you rush out, cursing to yourself when your phone rings again.
He peeks over your shoulder, and you lock your phone reflexively. Suddenly afraid that he might see your wallpaper.  A photo of your son.
“What’s going on?”
You tie your hair back, sprinting to the door, “I have to go to work.”
He scratches his head and leans up on the headboard. The smooth expanse of his chest much more beautiful in the morning light.
“Okay,” he mumbles, eyes appearing closed from afar, “will I see you again?”
That’s not how hook-ups work.
“Can you give me your number?”
“Why not?”
Yoongi’s name flashes on your screen and you groan, “because…I won’t see you again. I’ll never see you again! Goodbye.”
Halfway through the ride home, you don’t know why you went off on him like that. But maybe you do know. You’re sad. Sad that the high was short-lived for you and now you’re back to your monotonous routine. Sad that the night is over. In normal circumstances, would someone like Kim Taehyung approach you? No. You’re sure he’s some rich playboy who does this every weekend.
It takes you fifteen minutes to get dressed for work and prepare yourself a small lunchbox. You know that Yoongi probably took Junho to school, so you aren’t too worried about that.
Through your rush, you notice the SUV, which is a black Land Rover without a license plate, parked across the street. Funny, you didn’t notice it following you all the way but as soon as you drive onto the road, trying your best not to break any laws on the way to work, you see the SUV a few cars behind. Maybe you’re just overthinking things. But you vaguely remember it being there at the hotel last night. Then this morning.
After ten minutes of you cursing yourself for being so irresponsible, you make it to the dreary building where most of your time is spent. The elevator takes too long, so you zoom through the reception to the stairwell. A satisfied huff leaving your lips when you push through the glass doors.
Smile being wiped away immediately when you see Yoongi manually counting pills, a permanent crease between his brows.
“Well well well,” he chides, not lifting his head as you make your way to the counter, “you’re only three hours late.”
“Fuck, I’m so sorry Yoongi. I overslept and—”
He raises a brow, feline eyes narrowed in your direction, “overslept? Sounds like someone had too much fun last night.”
You nudge him out of the way and take over, restarting the whole process, “I didn’t even drink that much.”
He laughs emptily, “you’re lucky I know you.”
Finally catching your breath, legs aching slightly, you tighten your ponytail, “how’s smiley? Did he get to school alright?”
“He was a little cranky this morning,” Yoongi informs, slotting his hands into his coat pockets, “I think you told him that you were gonna take him to school, so he kind of woke up expecting you to be there.”
“It’s my fault, now he’s gonna be in a bad mood all day.”
“He came around. I got us donuts for breakfast.”
Your head snaps up, “donuts? Yoongi…no treats on weekdays. Especially breakfast!”
He rolls his eyes, busy scribbling something down on his desk calendar, “relax. It was an emergency.”
You glare at him, then sigh. You can’t be angry. You messed up and you know how Junho gets when things don’t go according to plan. As young as he is.
“Oh, by the way,” Yoongi calls over his shoulder, “his teacher said that she needs to talk to you.”
Following him into the stock room, you click your tongue, “she’s probably gonna complain about him not coloring ‘within the line’. He’s only five! He’s still learning.”
“No,” he emphasizes, hand on the metal handle, “she said it was serious. She almost looked…scared.”
You slap his back and shove him into the room with an eyeroll, “she’s dramatic and so are you.”
iPad in hand, you’re inspecting each shelf in silence with Yoongi’s close observation. In the past three months, after you’ve started handling the ordering and purchases department, you’ve noticed that the inventory turnover rate had increased while maintaining steady inventory days.
“Before I forget, remember what I told you about the lease agreement?”
“Yeah well, the new guys are coming in today. To check out the place.”
You glance at him, “why would they come in here? You’re just renting out the place.”
He leans on a shelf behind you, “yeah but, this space forms part of the building they’re interested in. I’m hoping that they don’t kick us out.”
You laugh, “they can’t kick you out.”
He shrugs, “I don’t know what they have planned.”
Humming, you refocus on the bottles in front of you before he pats your back on his way out.
“Anyway, I’ll leave you to it. You’re doing great.”
“But you arrived three hours late, so you know what that means.”
You screw your eyes shut, gritting out the words, “leave three hours late.”
He jerks his index finger in your direction, “aha.”
One thing you hate more than anything, is leaving work late. Mostly because of your dislike for driving at night. Horrible memories. And you hate going home to find Junho fast asleep on Seojoon’s couch. It’s also an inconvenience for him. As much as he says he doesn’t mind having him around, you shouldn’t take advantage of that.
You give him a quick call to inform him that you would be working late today, and he responds in his usual merry voice.
Throughout the day, you’re trying to block out a large fraction of your mind that’s occupied by the tall, handsome and really sweet guy from last night. His touches, his words, his sleepy face when he asked where you were going. You don’t think a guy like him would want to be involved with someone like you. Someone like you as in a single parent, barely making it through each day. You’re certain that if it wasn’t for the goodwill from the people around you, you would’ve been screwed.
He doesn’t seem like the type of guy who would want to date a woman with a kid. Basically. These are all your assumptions based on your interaction with him last night. Yet you can’t help but let your mind wander. What would it be like if you were to start dating a man like him? How would you introduce him to Junho? Would they get along?
You blink at yourself in the restroom mirror. Smacking the goofy smile off your face. There you go again living in a fantasy world. Far-fetched situations. He was just a one-night stand. You said it yourself. You’re never going to see him again. Ever. And you’re pretty sure he already forgot about last night.
As you’re making your way back to the pharmacy, adjusting your scrubs, you see Yoongi talking to two guys in suits. Must be those bigshots he was talking about.
Yoongi’s face lights up when he sees you, your name echoing in the brightly lit area, “this is my pharmacy tech.”
Wearing a perfunctory smile, you feel your stomach twist in on itself when the man from your thoughts materializes and stands a few feet away from you. Yoongi’s eyes widen in warning when he sees your horrified expression.
The brown-haired man’s voice is just as high-pitched when he shouts your name in question.
“What are you doing here?”
Yoongi cuts him off and charges to your side, mumbling under his breath, “we have to be nice to them.”
You scrunch up your face, whisper-shouting, “I know him.”
His lips part in shock, “how?”
The man next to Taehyung clears his throat and you’re well-aware that they can probably hear you. You take a step forward to accept his handshake.
“Kim Seokjin, this is my younger brother Taehyung,” he looks between you and Taehyung, “I take it you two know each other.”
You and Taehyung speak over each other’s voices.
He chuckles while you fold your arms, shooting him a quizzical look, “I mean…we don’t know each other. We only met last night.”
Taehyung smirks, “yeah we only met last night. But I think we know each other very well.”
You feel your cheeks heat, especially when Seokjin throws a knowing glance in his brother’s direction. Thankful that Yoongi is there to change the subject, you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding when he finally releases you from his hold.
Standing to the side awkwardly, you watch as Yoongi shows them around the place, freezing every now and again when Taehyung throws a smug grin your way. He’s dressed in a dark beige suit, and it complements his tan skin so well. Everything about him screams hunk. It appears that handsome genes run in the family.
Yoongi gives them some privacy while they have a discussion just outside the entrance, but he obviously wants them to leave so he can corner you about earlier.
“Someone’s been busy.”
You grimace, “don’t ask.”
“What’s going on between you two?”
Immediately regretting looking through the glass, you find Taehyung already staring at you, the same smug grin on his face.
“Nothing, nothing at all.”
“Doesn’t seem like nothing,” Yoongi quips, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.
You smack his shoulder then apologize when he glares at you threateningly.
“We hooked up last night. That’s all.”
“Yeah, why? Is it that hard to believe that I can do that?”
He looks up to the ceiling, pretending to think, “yes.”
You groan, “just shut up.”
“I think he likes you.”
“Seriously, Yoongi? A guy like him?” You laugh mirthlessly, “doubt it.”
“If I was you…”
You dip your head to look at him, “if you were me what?”
“He’s super rich. Like filthy rich. Like I can buy you and your son a Lamborghini rich.”
You cover your mouth with your hand as you laugh, tears prickling your eyes at his serious expression, “you’re just saying that because smiley likes Lamborghinis.”
He nods, closing his eyes briefly, “that’s exactly why I’m saying that.”
Yoongi opens his mouth to speak, but you shove his shoulder.
“He’s coming.”
You see his brother waiting near the elevators. Busying yourself with double-triple checking a few prescriptions.
“We’ll keep in touch, Mr. Min,” he smiles, voice all professional and sexy. “Do you mind if I—”
Yoongi backs away from the counter-- “yeah sure sure” – then winks in your direction while you’re covering your face with a sheet of paper.
“Thought you said you’ll never see me again.”
You don’t respond, instead re-reading the patients’ names on the computer. He cranes his neck to get a look at you and you cave. Especially when his boyish laugh blocks out any other thought.
“Guess it was fate.”
You force a smile onto your face, masking your true feelings, “guess so.”
“I’m seeing you again,” he insinuates, placing his arms on the counter.
“Am I?”
He wets his lips with his tongue, and you’re reminded of all its capabilities.
“I have work to do.”
He peers at the computer, as if he’d understand whatever is on the screen.
“Ah, I see,” he remarks, soft eyes flitting to your face, “I’ll leave.”
“If—” he holds up a finger dangerously close to your face “—you agree to go on a date with me.”
You gulp, looking anywhere but his face, “I—”
Goosebumps rise on your skin when he fits his long finger under your chin and tips your head up, forcing you to look at him.
“Go on a date with me, please.”
You chew on your lip, fingers curling around his wrist, “I don’t think I should.”
He tilts his head to the side, “why not?”
“Because I—” I’m a fucked-up mess. I don’t want to become too invested because my heart is weak. But your pleading eyes are making it very difficult for me.
You almost miss the warmth of his touch when he pulls away, adjusting his suit jacket.
“Just this one date, and if you don’t want to see me again. Then I’ll respect that.”
“Just this one?”
He smiles, as if he knows something that you don’t, “yeah.”
“Can I have your number now?”
You snort, reaching for your phone across the counter, “here.”
“Should’ve just given it to me earlier when I asked,” he teases, handing his phone to you.
With a thunderous heartbeat, you wave him off as he makes his way out the doors, giving you one last wink over his shoulder. A small smile creeps onto your face when you see what he saved his contact under.
Tumblr media
Curse Kim Taehyung for being so warm and cuddly that you missed your alarm, that you ended up working till late and now you’re forced to drive in the dark. You miss Junho. This is the longest you’ve been away from him, and you feel guilty. You can only imagine how he must be feeling. He loves his mamma way too much.
You’re trying not to think about your date planned for Friday night. But your insides turn to cotton whenever you think of that handsome smile and pretty eyes. A part of you wants this so bad, to have him. To be with him. Normalcy. But another part of you, a major part, is deathly afraid of what his reaction might be if things go far, and you tell him about your son and your past.
But at the end of the day, Junho comes first. Always.
Too caught up in your thoughts, you miss the SUV following close behind. It’s not until you’re at a red light do you notice the now familiar car. A shiver runs down your spine when you can’t get a look in through the blacked-out windows. You’re frantic, stepping on the gas to get home to safety. Who the fuck is this person? Are they stalking you? Why do you see them everywhere?
It can’t be a coincidence. They’re definitely following you. And when you peek out of Junho’s window that night. It’s there. Black SUV, without a licence plate parked across the street.
You decide to keep Junho in your bed tonight.
Tumblr media
a/n — Junho’s character is based on my 5 & a half y/o brother. if you liked this, please like/reblog/drop a comment or an ask if you’re shy.
DISCLAIMER: this is a work of fiction.
Tumblr media
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Fight for You Epilogue (12)
Tumblr media
​12: Finale part 2: What happens when you learn to give love
Pairing: Jungkook x (f.) Reader
Genre/Tags: established relationship - FFY couple; fluff, smut (18+)
Warnings: Adorable babies and cute family moments 🥺 talks of parenting, mentions of past child neglect, sexual content (making out, breast play, unprotective penetrative sex [please be safe!])
Word count: 5.1k
A/N: Aaaand this wraps up our FFY couple’s fairytale! I know it was a quick one that spanned many years in the story but I had to get these out and I’m really appreciative of all your support for this. It was lovely to write - especially this last one, which is a peek into their family life - and I’ve become so attached to them 😢 Here’s to the healing of all our scars and to being brave to give and accept love. 🥰🥰 Also, thank you to the anon who imagined dad jk in the grocery! Got a bit of that in here 😊
And finally, thank you to Ash @jimilter​​ for this banner and for always being so lovely 🥰
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Jungkook stands helplessly as he watches his 2-year old son run around his bedroom on the hobby horse with his cowboy hat, the stick he’s riding seemingly not bothering him even if Jungkook always felt it was too long. 
“Hee-ya!” He says in his tiny voice, kicking the stick with the side of his foot, and much as Jungkook wants to coo and tell his son how adorable he is, he’s trying to be firm.
“Ji-hun, come on, it’s time for bed,” Jungkook says, blocking his son’s way as he goes for another round, but the little one goes another direction, having so much space in his own room.
“If you keep running, you’ll sweat and you might get sick, and mommy and daddy don’t like it when you get sick,” Jungkook says, sighing in desperation, as they've been on this for 30 minutes now. 
But it’s what gets Ji-hun to stop, and he looks up at his dad with sad eyes and a pout, sullenly removing his hat and placing the horse stick toy on the side. 
Jungkook picks him up and kisses his forehead. “There you go, my little prince. Let’s get you to sleep.”
As he’s about to place the little one on the bed, Ji-hun raises his arms. “Weee! Daddy, weee!”
Jungkook grumbles as he knows what his son wants, asking this of him every time he’s in his father’s arms. 
“You get so hyper when I do that. You won’t be able to sleep.”
The 2-year old doesn’t really understand, but he knows his father’s unhappy face, so he pouts again.
The two go through this almost every night, and it’s often a cycle of telling Ji-hun to sleep but the latter doing a bunch of other things before he settles in bed, and Jungkook - even if he resists at the start - gives in. He throws the little one up twice, causing Ji-hun to squeal and laugh, and it’s a sound Jungkook will never tire of hearing.
Ji-hun is finally tucked under the covers, smiling now, and Jungkook chuckles. “You’re like your mommy, you know that? Pouting to get away with everything and to get what you want.”
“Is that a complaint?” You ask playfully, prompting Jungkook to turn around to find you leaning on the door, laughing. “If I remember correctly, you’re the one who lets me get away with things and gives me what I want when I pout.”
“It’s because you’re too good at it, and this little prince is getting good at it, too,” Jungkook says.
“It’s because you’re weak for us, babe,” you tease, kneeling beside him.
“Go to sleep now, jellybean. Sweet dreams. I love you,” you kiss your son’s forehead, with Jungkook doing the same after, whispering “I love you” in his son’s ears.
Ji-hun smiles, squeals “I wuv you, mommy and daddy,” then closes his eyes, and it’s one of those moments that Jungkook treasures and thinks about all the time, especially when he’s tired or upset at work. 
You take his hand and walk out quietly.
“Seriously, our son is deceitful. He tricked us by barely crying when he was born and now he won’t keep still,” Jungkook whines. “I don’t know how many rounds of ‘go to bed’ we’ll have every night before he actually goes to bed.”
“Maybe just like his spoiled mom, he likes to annoy you, too,” you cock an eyebrow, stopping in the middle of the hallway to give him a hug.
He wraps his arms around your waist and laughs. “I mean it though, he takes after you so much.”
“He does, it’s pretty amazing. I think it was all the times I cried and whined and pouted and couldn’t keep still when I was pregnant with him,” you say, recalling that whole 9-month period of you going over all the emotions expected of a first-time pregnancy.
It wasn’t easy. Conceiving Ji-hun wasn’t easy to begin with, and the frustration and worry carried over to when he finally came out of you. 
Your mood swings and cravings were pretty intense, but Jungkook, as he promised you during the times you were most scared, held your hand through it all, cradled you to sleep, gave you baths, drove to the convenience store, and cooked up something in the middle of the night to satisfy your needs and wants. He never complained, too, as he’d caress your cheeks and kiss you softly when you cried, reminding you of how strong you are and how beautiful the little human you were carrying was.
“Yup, and now, whining and pouting is all he does,” Jungkook chuckles. “But you’re right. I’m so weak for him. It’s not fair.”
“He’s our child, babe. It’s normal,” you kiss his lips. “Now let’s go to bed, we’ve got a long day tomorrow.”
“Is Hyun-joo asleep?”
“Yeah, cried and sucked me dry before she did, though,” you laugh. “Kinda like you.”
Jungkook scowls, earning him a laugh, but he heads to the nursery and you know, like every night, he wants to look at his daughter one last time.
You swoon at him smiling tenderly at the little girl you gave birth to just 6 months ago. You hadn’t planned on having her so soon, but the news felt different that time when it wasn’t something you were expecting. But she came out perfectly, and Ji-hun was the curious older brother who was so amused at the tiny human you always held. 
“Sleep well, my little princess,” Jungkook whispers, grazing her plump little cheeks with his finger. 
He always enjoys doing this, watching his daughter sleep so peacefully, her tiny body wrapped in a blanket and looking so delicate and perfect.
“Good night, pumpkin. Please sleep until 6AM, at least,” you plead.
Jungkook giggles and leads you out to head to your bedroom. “I wonder what food you’ll crave that you’ll name our next baby after.”
“Muffin? Pudding? Dumpling? Depends on how good you make them. Your pumpkin soup was to die for, babe.”
“I mean, I had to make them everyday for weeks, of course I’d perfect it,” he reminds you, saying he wanted to be the one to do it instead of Mrs. Hwang so he could share in the responsibility of the pregnancy. “But none of what you said is easy to make so let’s go with something similar to jellybean or you know, fruits!” He teases.
You get a laugh in, as what you both need. 
Your evenings really begin once the kids are asleep. Despite having your own home offices, during times like this, you and Jungkook prefer to do your work next to each other either on your bed or your couch. 
“I miss fucking then going straight to bed after a long day,” you sigh as you type away on your laptop. 
“So do I,” Jungkook looks up at you from his. “We could get a round in after?”
You smile in agreement, knowing that his amazing stamina always allows him to have enough energy for it every night; it’s you who gets tired so easily or falls asleep right away, but he never points it out.
It’s 3 hours later when you finally turn off your laptop and lie in bed, next to Jungkook and his bare chest that you just want to snuggle and kiss. But you’re exhausted from the whole week and your body is sore from trying to make a perpetually restless Ji-hun eat his dinner, and from breastfeeding Hyun-joo who still feeds so much off you that it’s draining. You look up at your husband with a pout and he cups your cheek as he laughs.
“It’s okay, angel, come here.” He pulls you close and cuddles you how you want, kissing your forehead and caressing the thigh that’s placed over his. “I’m tired, too. We can always do it another time.”
Jungkook looks up, scouring for the brand of almond flour he needs, parting some of the boxes to check the depths of the shelf in case he missed it.
“Do you need some help?” An unfamiliar yet perky and high-pitched voice calls out.
Jungkook turns to see a young woman wearing gym attire. She’s not a clerk so he’s unsure how she could assist him.
She seems to pick this up from his furrowed eyebrows and confused look, as she continues, “I work at a bakery, I might know what you’re looking for.”
“I’m alright, thanks,” he nods then turns to Hyun-joo who’s currently strapped on the carrier he’s wearing, facing him.
“Okay, princess. They don’t have the brand I like, so I’ll just go with this one,” he says, taking one of the boxes, ready to head out.
“Your baby is beautiful. She’s got such pretty eyes and a cute nose,” the woman giggles.
Jungkook doesn’t miss the way she eyes him as she says it, the lip-biting and hair-tucking giving her away.
“She is, isn’t she? She takes after my wife, actually,” he smiles, patting Hyun-joo’s cute little head.
“Let’s go look for mommy,” he tells his daughter, not bothering to glance at the woman, though he hears her sigh and turn away.
He sees you at the end of the aisle pushing the cart with Mrs. Hwang, giggling to each other as he approaches.
“Are you two gossiping about me?” Jungkook cocks his eyebrow.
“Yes, we are, sweetie,” Mrs. Hwang says. “It’s entertaining to watch strangers approach you and then walk away defeated. Your charms are truly unmatched,” she laughs.
“I can’t believe I snagged you before the rest of the female population did,” you tease. 
“Whatever,” he rolls his eyes. “She looked so young, probably in her early twenties or something.”
“You don’t look that far from that age, babe. But like I’ve told you, it’s the dilf look,” you smirk, and he rolls his eyes in response.
Jungkook’s boyish features have always made him look younger than he really is, but all the changes have added to that youthful vibe, too. Jin told you once that his friend has this glow - Jungkook smiles a lot more, looks less intimidating when he doesn’t, and he just has this relaxed aura, a complete 180 to how he used to be. And you can’t agree more.
He’s still just as handsome, though, or even more, as you seem to rub off on his wardrobe choice, looking less like a man ready to fight anyone and more like a responsible and loving husband and father. The navy blue collarless blazer over his plain tee and sweatpants - and maybe your daughter strapped to his front - definitely help, though, as he looks mature yet youthful. It’s no wonder he gets as much attention as he does.
“Okay, I think we have everything we need for the next 2 weeks,” Mrs. Hwang informs you, and you all proceed to the counter to check out all the groceries.
It’s one of the things you insisted on after Ji-hun started to get older. There are things you want to do as a family, even if you don't really need to, like do the groceries, go to the park, and visit flea markets. Jungkook said that’s more exposure for your family, but you’d said you wanted your kids to experience things beyond your own house, something you got to do very little of when you were younger.
You’re on your way out when Ji-hun, who’s currently comfortably wrapped around your hips, squeals in excitement.
“Star! Mommy, I want star!” 
He points towards a kiosk selling dalgona, with the shapes of the sugar candy out on display. You’re about to head to the vendor, giddy at the thought of eating it, as you only ever did when you were with Hoseok and Yoongi when you were young.
But Jungkook’s “not for you, little prince” stops you.
You turn to your husband with a pout. “Just one? He seems to like the star-shaped piece.”
“___, that’s literally sugar and oil. That’s too sweet for him.”
“What yummy things aren't made of sugar and oil?” You retort. “I’ll give him small pieces, then. I’ll buy it for myself.”
“He’ll try to take it from you and then he’ll flutter his eyelashes and pout and you’ll give it to him!”
You frown but don’t take it too hard; you know your husband’s right.
“Mommy! Star! Pwease I want star!”
You sigh and know you need to let your son down today, but Jungkook repeats his earlier statement and Ji-hun’s lips start to quiver.
Jungkook’s used to this, too, as your son seems to run on an endless supply of sugar, which is why you and Jungkook try to limit his actual intake. Ji-hun is always running around, falling on his butt, hitting things, jumping on tables, and screaming while doing all those. It’s normal for his age, you remind Jungkook, but he tends to be a little too cautious sometimes. It’s the middle of the day and Ji-hun’s already had his butter cookies earlier after breakfast; Jungkook thinks that’s enough sweets for today.
“Come here,” he says, switching kids with you, leaving a now sleepy Hyun-joo in your arms.
He hugs your son as you all enter the van. “We’ll get your star tomorrow, okay?”
Ji-hun just nods, sniffing as he feels he’s been scolded by his father, given the multiple times that Jungkook said “no.”
Jungkook looks stressed as he massages his son’s back, feeling bad at having to keep turning him down.
“He’ll be fine, babe,” you take your husband’s hand. “Don’t think too much about it. We still have that interview with the bodyguard and chauffeur applicants. Let’s focus on that,” you remind him. “Just don’t scare them like you did the last time, okay?”
He frowns at your statement.
“I didn’t scare them. I was assessing them. It's normal. It’s what your father did with me.”
“I know for a fact that my father at least smiled at you that day. You don’t. Ever.”
“They need to know who they’re dealing with if they screw up at the job,” Jungkook says.
“They went through your training academy. I’m sure they’re great. It’s the personality we’re looking at, remember? That’s what you said.”
“Yeah, but…” Jungkook sighs, not knowing what else to say. “Let’s just head home and prepare.”
The applicants were good, as were the last times you did interviews but Jungkook was never satisfied. You’re not quite sure what he’s looking for, but you let him take the lead, as he definitely knows more than you do. 
You both decided to assign Mr. Sim and Namjoon to your kids as the people you trust with your children’s lives, so those applying are for you. Jungkook has been stressing himself about it lately; it seems like a lot of things have.
It’s late in the night, after you’ve put the kids to bed and you had your bath that you find him in his office, reading documents with his serious face on.
“What you doing, babe?” You enter and lean on his desk.
“Going over some more applicants,” he says, pushing aside a stack of papers and looking up at you. “They don’t seem to be a good fit for you.”
“Well, it’s a good thing we’re not in a rush, right?” You smile.
“I’m on a timeline, Ms. Vice President,” he says.
“So that’s why you’re nitpicking? Because my father told you that he’ll be promoting me and that’s gonna make me more vulnerable?”
“I’m not nitpicking,” he furrows his brows. “I just… I just wanna make sure that whoever we’ll get will do their job right and will protect you because I won’t be able to do that as much, especially with your new role.”
“Okay, first of all, that promotion isn’t until at least a year from now, so we’ve got time. And secondly, whoever we’ll get will do their job as instructed and you, my wonderful husband, will do all the loving and caring for me. The protecting aspect is integrated in the whole husband thing, I guess, but it’s not a separate role.”
He laughs, knowing you have a point.
“I really liked the woman from last week,” you say. “She’s smart and such a bad-ass. Scarier than you, actually. Less obvious, too, since she could easily blend in as my friend.”
“Makes sense. I’ll look more into her.”
“Okay, great! But again, no rush. We don’t need to do reassignments yet since Ji-hun isn’t starting school soon. We could work around the schedules easily,” you say, sitting on his lap at his invitation.
“I guess, but speaking of which,” he says excitedly. “I’ve started to look at schools for him and I’ve found some good ones. They’re safe and reported high percentages of the kids moving up to prestigious elementary…”
He trails, curious of your frown. “What’s wrong, angel?”
“Do you think that maybe we could slow down a bit? Ji-hun is just 2 and he’s still enjoying being a child.”
“We could still plan it out early though, right?”
“Yeah but that’ll influence what we make him do or try out and he’s just been trying out everything. I mean, he could be a professional athlete because he never runs out of energy and just chases Hoseok everywhere. He’s been digging up holes in the garden, too, and I can’t figure out if he wants to plant something or find something,” you laugh. “He’s been enjoying listening to Yoongi play the piano, and helping Mrs. Hwang in the kitchen, watching the fish in the pond…”
“He does, doesn’t he? He goes from one thing to another,” Jungkook chuckles.
“It’s so adorable and it’s been fun exploring all his likes and dislikes with him, don’t you think? It’s been fun watching him be a kid, playing around until past his bedtime, eating sweets…” you cock an eyebrow, and Jungkook knows what you mean. 
He’s a stickler for rules ever since, and you knew he’d be laying them down for your kids, too. It’s not much of a surprise, and it’s not that bad - you know he just wants the best for them, but you also wish that Jungkook would enjoy this whole parenting thing as much as you are.
“Am I being too much?” He asks after a while.
“Hmm, maybe just a tiny bit,” you turn to him and giggle.
“Not the fun dad you imagined, huh?” His smile immediately fades. 
“But you are!” You exclaim, shifting on his lap so you could look at him better. “You let Ji-hun put all those clothespins on your hair and face and he doesn’t stop laughing. You let him climb on you like you’re some tower, ride on your back and call you dinosaur…” you remind your husband. “Look, I know it’s a struggle, wanting to make sure he doesn’t get sick, wanting to protect him even from the smallest things, making sure he has everything he needs very early on… I want that, too.”
“I just… I just wanna make sure we’re not lacking in anything,” Jungkook sighs. “I mean, I was running around the market and rundown alleyways unattended, I’d go home with scratches on my arms from falling somewhere, my teacher was the one who noticed they were infected,” he recalls. “I didn’t know drinking coffee as a 10 year old was bad, I hated vegetables… I hated school because I lagged behind… My childhood was reckless because my father didn’t care, didn’t give me anything. And I just want to make sure I do it right with our kids this time.”
“And you are doing it right,” you assure him. “Baby, my parents gave me everything I needed so I never asked for anything anymore. They just gave it all. But they never hugged me to sleep nor laughed with me, cooked me food, or told me they loved me.”
You cup his cheeks and turn him to face you. “We can protect them and help them grow but still let them play, have fun, enjoy things; we can let them learn with us. We’ll still set the rules but they’ll follow out of trust and love for us, not out of fear or a need for approval. Don’t you think that’s how we could get it right?”
He nods, knowing that approach is based on experience - a combination of what you both lacked growing up, and something you want to make sure you give to your children.
“You’re so good at this,” he mumbles, burying his head in your neck.
“So are you, Jungkook. We’re both new to this, we’re figuring it out as we go but we at least know what not to do.”
He nods again. You know deep down, what Jungkook fears the most is his children not loving him, not trusting him, and you know that can’t be further from the truth.
You wrap your arms around him for comfort. “Our son adores you. Our daughter adores you. Ji-hun loves riding his hobby horse because he keeps watching that video of you in Spain riding a real one. He’s always got his doe eyes and he squeals in excitement every time. And Hyun-joo flutters her eyelashes whenever she hears your voice, did you know that? I think that’s her identifying you.”
“Do you mean those? You’re not just saying them so I’ll stop moping?” He peers at you.
“I mean them. You’re doing great, Jungkook, we both are,” you kiss his lips softly. “Grow up with our child, okay babe? Let’s do that with both of them.”
He nods with a smile this time. “I’m still a little sad, though. Can you give me another kiss?”
You give in, pressing into him deeply, then another, and another, until he’s gripping onto your waist and you’re holding onto his neck and you get lost in each other’s lips, as if to remind the other of the love that created your precious prince and princess. It’s that same love that’ll raise them to be happy and kind people, like what you and Jungkook wished for them when they were born.
The light seeps through the blinds and you barely make out the time on the clock. It’s 7AM but you feel like you haven’t gotten proper sleep. Your make-out session with your husband last night only escalated to feeling each other up until you both had to stop because Hyun-joo cried and it took a while for her to get back to sleep. 
She woke up again in the middle of the night, prompting you to do the same, and you feel like you’d finally gotten close to your deep sleep but she starts crying once more. Jungkook gets to it first, whispering that there’s stored milk he could give her in case she’s hungry. 
He returns to bed with his arm wrapped around you and you mindlessly ask what it was. 
“She was hungry but then she pooped right away. It was nasty.”
You snort at this, making you be a bit more awake. 
“Thank you, though. I didn’t have the energy to get up earlier,” you mumble.
“I know, my fingers could do that to you,” he teases. 
You don’t mind the cockiness though, since he says it with that deep, morning voice of his. And well, because he’s also right.
“Oh, I know, babe,” you moan, imagining the feel of his rough hands on you from last night. 
“Yeah?” He whispers in your ear, that grunt turning you on.
You nod, starting to feel his dick poking your back, and your grinding on it turns the switch for him.
His tender kisses on your neck turn heated. His gentle strokes on your waist become desperate - one hand wraps around you to move towards your breast and another to your cunt; the moans get louder and deeper, too. 
He pulls you closer, removes his boxers, and slips inside you from behind. You thrust against each other languidly, as your movements slow down. The pleasure is in the relaxed pace, as making love to him this way - after a restless night, some pillow talk, and another reminder of your love for each other - heightens the sensation. The pressure starts to build and right when you feel yourself reaching your climax, you hear Hyun-joo cry again.
“Fuck,” you whine, and it’s not from the orgasm you didn’t reach.
Jungkook slows down and the responsibility to your child breaks the mood. 
“I’ll get her,” he says, slowly slipping out of you.
“No, it’s okay. She’s probably teething or something, or maybe just hungry again,” you pant, already missing Jungkook, but getting out of bed to put on your robe.
“Go back to sleep, babe. We can continue later.”
You rush to the nursery next door and take your daughter in your arms, who cries a little bit more but calms down after you rock her in the chair. You feed her, thinking she’s hungry again and it’s the tiny hand that rests gently on your chest that tells you that she is and also in need of your touch.
“There you go, my precious jewel,” you smile, the tiredness melting away at the sight of your little girl looking so peaceful so close to you.
You love bonding with her like this, and you can’t wait to grow up with her, too.
The door opens and in comes Jungkook, and you could feel him smiling softly at this sight as well. He likes to do that, you’ve noticed. He loves watching your intimate moments with your children. 
“Everything okay?” He asks.
“Yeah, she just missed me,” you smile.
Jungkook takes the small chair next to you and rubs Hyun-joo’s little arms to help her fall asleep. 
Silence overtakes the room, but then the other baby monitor lights up, signaling that Ji-hun’s awake, too.
Your husband stands up, kisses your forehead, and heads out the door.
It’s a while later when he returns with the little boy clinging on to his torso like a koala.
“He keeps saying I’m the tree from his favorite book,” Jungkook whispers. 
You quietly laugh and greet your son good morning with a kiss.
“Mommy, I’m hungwee,” he says, scratching his sleepy eyes with his tiny hands.
You turn to Jungkook, who knows he’s got some making up to do.
“Do you want some star-shaped pancakes, big boy?”
Ji-hun nods excitedly. “Ice cweam, daddy!”
You laugh at your son testing Jungkook immediately, but you know your husband knows what to do.
“Okay but just a bit, alright? We’ll share a cup.”
You know the little one doesn’t fully understand but he nods happily at the word okay and his father’s smiling face. He kisses Jungkook’s cheeks and your husband’s smile is such a heavenly sight.
“Does my wife have any requests?” He turns to you.
“Fluffy chocolate pancakes for me, please,” you flutter your eyelashes. 
He frowns, knowing that Ji-hun will be begging for the chocolate chips, too, but Jungkook still manages a laugh.
“Okay, angel. I’ll see you downstairs.”
You watch them go and your eyes focus on Hyun-joo, wincing at the slight pain of her sucking.
It’s half an hour later when Mrs. Hwang peeks inside.
“Your boys are going at it again downstairs,” she giggles.
“What now?” You laugh.
“Ji-hun keeps saying he’s hungry but won’t let his father go. Jungkook can’t make the pancakes with your son hanging onto him,” she narrates amusingly. “I’m thinking maybe you could referee the two.”
“That little boy is so clingy. He’s really like me,” you muse, giving Hyun-joo to Mrs. Hwang. 
“So much like you,” she affirms. “I’ll take care of her. Go ahead.”
You rush downstairs and immediately hear Ji-hun squealing and Jungkook panicking. Your son, currently dangling in his high-chair, is attempting to get down while your husband is holding the mixing bowl on one hand and pulling the little one with the other.
“I want daddy!” Ji-hun screams.
“How’re the pancakes going?” You tease Jungkook.
“It’s not going,” he frowns. “Can you please tell him that I can’t carry him while I cook on the stove?”
He looks desperate to get the food done but doesn’t want to let your son down again.
“He just wants to be close to you,” you smile, taking the little one from the high-chair and carrying him in your arms, facing him forward.
“Now go cook and we’ll stay next to you.”
Jungkook follows and heads to pour the batter on the star-shaped cookie cutter while you and your son stand close to your husband, Ji-hun’s eyes wide in amusement.
“Isn’t daddy so good?” You ask the now tempered little one, who squeals like he understands it.
“Okay, now give him a kiss as a thank you,” you instruct the boy in your arms. 
He raises his arms and plants a wet kiss on Jungkook’s cheeks once he gets close, and Jungkook does the same, earning him a happier squeal from the little one this time.
Your husband laughs and turns to you with his soft eyes. 
“You always know what to do,” he says. “I couldn’t keep him still earlier.”
“He loves affection, especially when it’s from you.”
The thought warms Jungkook. Being needed like that by his own child feels different, satisfying, fulfilling. More than anything, he’s happy that he’s able to give that love and affection to your children, something you both didn’t have growing up, and something you promised each other you’ll always provide to them.
He looks at you, cuddling Ji-hun as you both wait for Jungkook to finish the pancakes, and he feels like he’s on top of the world like always. 
You created this home that's safe and nurturing for the two little treasures you both created. And knowing that he gets to have this everyday makes him feel like a superhuman of all sorts, like what you tell him all the time.
He’s not just someone. He’s your pillar of strength and guiding light. He’s Ji-hun and Hyun-joo’s hero, their blanket of warmth, their shield of protection.
Mrs. Hwang comes down with a now-awake Hyun-joo. You take her in your arms while Jungkook takes Ji-hun in his, and you all enjoy the breakfast he made, with all of you smiling and laughing together, as a family. Jungkook thinks there’s absolutely nothing that could be better than this. He has you and your children, all of whom are love personified. He knows he deserves all this, and he’ll give and receive love happily for the rest of his life.
Epilogue Series Masterlist || Previous || End
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aajjks · 22 hours ago
Hello, Neighbour | Teaser.
Tumblr media
Synopsis. Careful! he’s watching you, your ex, or now. new neighbour has his eyes set on you.
pairing: yan!ex!neighbour!jungkook x fem!reader.
note. muhahaha i’m having big brain days ‼️🧠… and this is a teaser of my new jungkook fic, tell me if u like it. Wanna be tagged? REPLY UNDER THIS POST ONLY! And… be careful with this one… you all wanted me to go darker and try horror. So… 👀😌😇.
(The header was made by a friend a long time ago… but then I lost inspo, that’s why my old url (gucieguciekook) is on the header.)
warning: mention of drugs, obsessive ex, mentions of abuse, hitting, abusive and unhealthy relationship!!!
literally if you are in an abusive relationship please please seek help and leave please help yourself!!!
Tumblr media
He couldn’t let you forget him.
Because he couldn’t forget you, his only love. You were jeongguks everything. His first love, first kiss, first time, first everything. You were his beginning. His reason for existing. He loved you so much that it drove him insane, You were his only one.
He didn’t mean to hurt you. Oh no. He couldn’t even dream of hitting you, his precious Y/N, but his jealousy got the best of him. And that resulted in you leaving him.
Or, rather escaping him. It was your own fault, you were the most beautiful, ethereal, charismatic person in his life. Jeongguk was the exact opposite of you. You were the most brightest star in the starry sky and he was the darkness that took over the sky, but you still managed to brighten it up with your sparkly existence.
He was lonely, you were always surrounded with your small circle of friends. You were beloved. He was feared. Jeongguk had thick walls surrounded around him.
But you broke them.
And you changed him. Slowly, but fast. You were like the drug that he never got a taste of before. You were different but fucking addictive, there was not a drug that he hadn’t inhaled.
But you were his favourite one. You made him feel so high, higher than any bird in the blue sky.
And he made you feel like a caged little bird. You made him feel free and alive, he made you feel broken and dead.
So you escaped.
But now, he’s finally found you again, you can run but cannot hide. Not even in the deepest pits of hell. He will always find you.
Because you guys are written in the stars. Destiny can’t be escaped or ignored, you’ll just have to learn the hard way.
But he’s willing, because after all, it’s the least he could do as your new lovely neighbour, the boy next door.
Right, after all, neighbours always come in handy, don’t they?
Tumblr media
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taeshobipop · 2 days ago
“If a dude asks you to hang out, it’s almost 99% guaranteed that he’s into you.”
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: drabble, college!au, best friends!au, angst
Prompt: “If a dude asks you to hang out, it’s almost 99% guaranteed that he’s into you.”
Rating: R
Warnings: pining, frat party flashback (oc is drunk), sad jk 😢, (alleged) unrequited love, grinding!, the ending is the ending but it’s not really the ending?? there could be more if i want, but idrk if i want ;) 
Word Count: 1.4k
a/n ✑ jk and college au’s, i need to stop. also this said boy has been making me go feral?! ptd concert with his popping buttons, mMmm 🤤🤤
Tumblr media
​​“If a dude asks you to hang out, it’s almost 99% guaranteed that he’s into you.”
You frown, brows drawn in as you pick at the loose threads on Jungkook’s loveseat couch. “But you ask to hang out with me all the time.” 
Exactly. He asks you to hang out all the time. So what does that mean? What had he just told you? Think! Take the hint! He’s been pining for you like an idiot — no, like a coward — for as long as he can remember. 
“Ah,” you nod slowly, realization dawning across your features. Jungkook’s eyes widen in anticipation from where he’s sprawled along the other end of the couch, his arm draped over the back, fingers teasing near your shoulder. “But it’s different for us, isn’t it?” The fuck? “Because, ya know, we’ve basically been friends since in the womb,” you shrug, and Jungkook wants to strangle some sense into you and that thick skull of yours. 
“So what I’m hearing is,” you continue, adorable lips pressed in an adorably straight line, the crime documentary playing on the television long forgotten, “Jimin likes me because he asked to hang out?”
“I guess,” Jungkook spits bitterly. Fuck. Jimin likes you. Which honestly doesn’t come as a surprise after the man had taken the courtesy to dote for Jungkook’s permission to ask you out.
“I’m not her dad,” Jungkook had scoffed, irritation leaking in his tone, “you can do whatever you want and Y/n can do whatever the fuck she wants.”
But now he wishes he would’ve just told him, “no, you can’t ask her out because she’s already taken by someone. Me. I’m that someone.” Because now Jimin had gone and fucked up his chances by actually asking you out, and guessing from the elevated look on your face, much to his dismay, tells him that you’re excited about this. 
“Oh my Goodness!” You squeal, bouncing up from the couch. His arm that had found purchase across your shoulder some time in between flings to the side. Jungkook scowls. “Someone’s asked me out on a date! And it’s Jimin — the walking God on Earth himself.”
You twirl on your heel to find Jungkook’s gaze, only to be met with an unimpressed glare. “We go on dates all the time,” he deadpans, rising to your level. 
He’s a fair bit taller than you, so the height that he looks down with would normally be threatening to the average human. Yet this was Jungkook, your automatic friend since birth (as your mothers had also been best friends), who could be enchantingly sweet when happy, and extremely fussy when put in a sour mood. You knew him down to a T.
“We don’t go on ‘dates’,” you roll your eyes, pushing him back onto the couch so you could throw yourself into his lap; your head lays on his chest and arms wrap around his thin waist. In spite of his irrational annoyance, Jungkook’s hands find their way to their usual state of brushing through your hair. “We just eat together sometimes, at a restaurant, and you always pay.”
“Is that not the textbook definition of a date?”
You groan, muffling the sound against his chest. “I said it’s different. Why are you trying to prove me wrong?” Tilting your head, you look up at him, big brown eyes staring back. You take his silence as an open invitation to continue. “Me going out to eat with you is different because Jimin is not you.”
His face screws up, brows creased in a way that tells you he’s getting agitated. “What does that mean?” Jungkook presses, the tugs on your hair getting harder by the second. 
“Ow!” You glower, eyes narrowing into slits. Jungkook doesn’t even apologize, he’s inspecting you, scrutinizing, and you realize that you’ve got him in a sour mood. You don’t know how, but you have. “It means that Jimin isn’t my best friend like you.”
Best friend. Jungkook hates the label. Absolutely despises it. He wishes your mothers were never friends at all, that way he’d have a starting chance of being anything other than your automatic ‘best friend.’ That way, you’d maybe see him as something more. In a different light. In a different context. Anything really other than best friend.
He wonders what you think about the times he had stayed up with you into the ungodly hours of the night, keeping you company as you tried, and succeeded, to finish writing some final essay. Or when he had run to the convenience store amid a rainstorm, just to buy you tampons and a tub of ice cream. He came back soaking wet, changed into some spare clothes he has kept in a drawer in your dorm, and snuggled you close for the rest of night.  
Have you ever noticed how he looks at you? At parities? Across the dance floor, hips swaying with your group of friends, alluring gaze scanning the room, glossy lips inviting him in, and Jungkook’s sure he’s never seen anyone more captivating. 
He walked over to you that night, newfound confidence simmering in his system as he promised himself that this was the night. This was the night he’d confess to you, pour out all his feelings and lay all his cards flat on the table. He’d put the ball in your court, hoping that this was the right choice. 
In the corner of your eye, you had seen Jungkook near; tight black ripped jeans and black dress shirt unbuttoned a few buttons too much. He gasped when you pulled him in, bodies pressed flush against one another. And at first, he didn’t move, hands planted firmly around your hips. Until you pushed your body forward, core brushing against his crotch and he moaned, throwing his head back as his grip tightened on you.
He began to rock forward, following the rhythm of the dulled song. Your eyes fluttered shut when he had thrust into a certain spot, coaxing a low moan from your pretty lips. He’d lost himself in you and the way you were grinding on him. Slow, wanton, needy. Your mouth leaving wet kisses along his neck. Whispering silent supplications of more, want you, need you in me. Jungkook's cock had never hardened that fast in his life.
This wasn’t how best friends acted, right? What did this mean for you two? 
Your movements had become sloppier, Jungkook hastily pushing you against the back wall, lust-driven gaze, when suddenly a hand had yanked you away. Gone in the speed of light. 
He snapped his head up, anger written all over his factions until he saw that it was one of your friends. Eyes blown wide with pure concern as she examined your figure, pinging back to Jungkook who’s expression morphed into something dumbfounded by the look on your friend’s face.
Then he realized, you were drunk. So utterly drunk that you hadn’t even acknowledged it was him who you were about to cross a line with.
Jungkook had begged, he begged and begged for your friend not to tell you — to keep this a secret from you because he was certain that you wouldn’t remember any of this the next morning. Your friend had agreed reluctantly, saying it was only for your sake. Jungkook didn’t know what she meant, but he was grateful nonetheless.
He was right as well. You had absolutely no recollection about the previous night, and Jungkook wasn’t sure if he should’ve celebrated or mourned this fact.
Was he not good enough for you? What did Jimin have that Jungkook didn’t. Jimin doesn't know you like he does, he will never know you like Jungkook does. Not in the same way, at least.
Perhaps that was just the problem.
“Best friend,” Jungkook parrots after a beat, “nothing else?” In the background, the credits of the documentary roll.
“Huh?” You respond, reeling back on his words, “what…do you mean?”
He glances up, and the confounded look tittering at your face has him feeling stupid for even asking.
“Ugh, whatever,” Jungkook groans, flopping face-first into the pillow of his couch like a petulant child, hope dwindling into near nothing, “have fun on your date.”
Your mind blanks. Jungkook misses the frown that gradually chalks on you. He doesn’t know the way your heart beats at an irregular pace, an uncomfortable feeling sitting heavy on your chest. You want to reach out to him again, play with his fingers and squish his cheeks like you always do; console him for whatever plagues his mind. Something is different. 
Tumblr media
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likeastarstar · 2 days ago
7:22 PM- Jungkook
(A/N: this is connected to my 9:20 PM and 6:00 PM couple. Read those before this one if you want, or don't- either way, feedback is appreciated! This is pre-breakup, post 9:20PM, if that makes sense.)
"When you say you like my lips, are you picturing them wrapped around your cock?"
Jungkook's eyes snapped up to yours, holding contact there like you had dared him to a staring contest. You didn't waver, for once. This was new to you, being so forward. His face was neutral for a moment, making you nervous until he raised his eyebrows a fraction and tipped his head to the side, impressed by you. You felt a warm sense of pride blossom in your chest, taking it as an invitation to nestle closer to him.
He made room for you, slotting you against his body like he knew you liked.
"Yeah," He admitted. "I also just like the words that come out of them and how they look when you're smirking at me, kind of like you are now."
He dragged his thumb across your bottom lip, the pad of his finger rubbing soft circles into the supple flesh. He let his eyes lock onto the way your lips looked as he toyed with you, running the edge of his touch along the seams, stopping at the corner and then tracing the edges of your mouth all over again. He hummed in a satisfied sort of way before looking back up to you, his own smirk now settled onto his face, "But yeah. When I say I like your lips, I'm picturing them wrapped around my cock. Must feel nice- they're soft and warm and when you lick them every so often they're wet, shiny."
You licked them now, wetting your lips unconsciously because your mouth was wet too, saliva pooling just at the notion of Jungkook wanting this cock in your mouth.
You smiled, leaning into his hand until his rough palm was cupping your hand, "You're really good at turning me on."
"You're really easy to arouse," He countered, grinning teasingly at you, "All it takes is a little honesty and some good communication and boom- you wanna sit on my dick."
You did just that, slinking your leg over his lap and squeezing against his thigh, powering yourself upright until you were straddling his lap, "Honesty and communication aren't my strong suits, remember? I'm turned on by them because I'm jealous it comes so easily to you."
"You wouldn't have admitted that a couple months ago," Jungkook noted, "Progress."
A couple months ago, you couldn't even admit to yourself that you liked Jungkook- let alone that you wanted him this bad. It was new, the status change from reluctant friends to... something more. You hadn't even had the chance to go down in him, which is what caused this whole conversation. Things were still difficult, he still annoyed you endlessly and made you be honest about things you'd normally just lie about. You still preferred it, lying. Even if it meant you were lonely. You didn't really know why you were indulging him so much, why you were trying to hard to let him into your head.
"Progress," You repeated, mumbling against his lips before kissing him. You rocked yourself against him, pushing your chest against him. You wanted him close, so incredibly close. You tried pulling him nearer to you but got frustrated when he did the opposite, leaning back against the couch the two of you had been sprawled out on, whatever movie he had chosen drolling on uselessly in the background.
"Uh, uh- You gotta say it," He reprimanded, looking at you from the corner of his eye. "Tell me what you want."
"I already said you make me horny," You whined, squirming in his lap.
"Okay, so what do you want me to do about that? I make a lot of women horny-"
Jungkook cut himself off, wincing in pain as you dug you hand into his arm instinctively, nails pressing into the flesh of his bicep. You glared at him, raking your hand down a couple centimeters before releasing him, "Don't talk about other girls when I'm on top of you."
"What about when you're underneath me?"
You made a glutteral noise of disgust and shoved him away from you, moving to climb off of him before his large hands gripped your thighs, holding you in place easily.
"Okay, okay- I'll stop," He lamented, laughing despite himself. "Let's go back to you telling me what to do."
"Let's just watch the movie," You pouted, as immature as ever.
Jungkook sent you a reproachful look, wrapping his arms around your waist stubbornly. He shook his head silently, leaning forwards to kiss his way up your neck, sucking on the warm, thin skin there. "I'm sorry, doll. I was just teasing you."
"I don't like the idea of other girls wanting you," You mumbled, letting him bite bruises into your neck despite normally hating the marks left behind the next day. You wanted it now, a sign that he was yours and no one else's.
"I like that you want me all to yourself," Jungkook said against your skin, silvery tone humming in your ear. "You have me, you know. I do belong to you."
You carded your fingers through his hair and tugged his head to the side sharply, exposing his neck to you. You pushed the collar of his threadbare shift down, weathered material rendered almost transparent given how many times Jungkook had worn it. You ran your tongue along his skin before nipping at him, giving him a matching mark barely visible if he wore the right shirt tomorrow.
"Satisfied?" He asked, smirking up at you teasingly.
"Not nearly," You replied, widening your legs so that your center pressed more deeply into his lap, "I want you to fuck me now."
"Yes ma'am," Jungkook grinned, already pushing the waistband of his pants down.
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bts-hyperfixation · 2 days ago
Grocery Buzz
Kinktober Day 30 - Jungkook/Public
Warning: Sex acts in public, toys, car dry humping. This fic fits in with my OT7 universe  (Along with the last 6 kinktobers)
The boys thought they were so funny.
Absolutely hilarious.
They were still laughing when you and JK went out
It was a stupid bet
You two had lost and this was your punishment
The pair of you were to go grocery shopping
With phone-controlled vibrators attached.
The others could control them from home as you walked around collecting this week’s shopping.
You started subtly buzzing before you’d even gotten out of the car.
Jungkook didn’t seem to be fairing much better.
He kept shifting from foot to foot and rearranging his pants.
He spent a lot of the trip walking behind you to hide the tent he was sporting.
A position which to the outside world probably looked like an overly affection couple.
But to you, it was just distracting and not helping your own situation any.
Each time you felt how turned he was and the subtle vibration of him against you, your tummy flipped
If he didn’t back up you were going to have to jump him.
You were just settling into the rhythm when the other idols turned up the intensity.
Jungkook folded in on you for support as you gripped onto the trolley to stop from falling over.
“We need to get out of here, Right Now!” Jungkook grunted through gritted teeth.
“The punishment will be a lot worse if we don’t return with all the shopping on the list…” You reason, not in the mood to be denied your orgasm after this trip.
“How many things are on the list?” He peers at your phone screen and grimaces when he reads all forty items.
There were only six in your cart so far.
“Okay new plan… I’m gonna run to the bathroom and I’ll see you in like 20 minutes?”
You jab him in the ribs and loop a finger into his belt loop forcing him to stay.
The vibrations subside again for a moment, and you breathe out in relief.
“Let's just get as much done as we can when they give us reprieves and take a break for each new wave.”
He pouts but follows you along anyway.
He scoops things into the trolley without checking the dates.
Normally you’d roll your eyes and scold him.
Not today.
Today you do exactly the same.
You make it through about half the list before the vibrator in your pants roars to life once again.
You yelp, attracting the attention of an elderly lady nearby
She frowns at you and Jungkook and you playfully slap his arm to play off the sound you made and the pain on his face.
You hear her audibly tut before moving away from the two of you
Completely alone in the aisle, Jungkook has the bright idea to crowd you against the toilet paper display.
He slides his leg between your thigh allowing you to apply pressure where you need it most.
At the same time, he grinds against your hip for his own relief.
It feels so good.
But so indecent.
Someone could round the corner at any moment.
When that happens he reaches for the 4 pack above your head
Definitely nowhere near enough for a house of 8.
He backs away as if he was never touching you and the toys turn off yet again.
The intruder strolls away and Jungkook replaces the much too small pack.
5 items to go.
So close to the end.
Just the freezer section to go…
And the toys are ramped up to full speed.
If the store's elevator music stopped everyone in the aisle would be able to hear them.
You have to crouch to provide relief, feigning an untied shoe.
Jungkook grabs peas from the freezer, pressing them against himself while pretending to check them at your eye level.
What you wouldn’t give to suck him off right there.
But the others would know you’d removed the toys and you’d be out of luck in cumming tonight.
You whine as you stand again.
Jungkook practically hisses as you take the peas out of his grasp.
The two of you lean into one another.
Perfectly innocent.
Just having a hushed conversation about tonight’s dinner.
Not at all using it as an excuse to press yourself against him while waiting the latest surge out.
Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it’s going to…
The vibrations calm down but never fully subside.
They must’ve worked out that you’d nearly be at the checkout by now…
Those bastards.
You and Jungkook waddle to the tills.
Checkout is awkward as he groans in pain.
The cashier raises an eyebrow and you just shrug, struggling to keep the noises in yourself…
Luckily she is quick and you’re paying in no time.
You’re barely out of the door before Jungkook is pulling you across the car park to the car.
He chucks the bags in the boot and pulls you into the back seat…
“Kookie… we can’t…” You pant not exactly stopping him from pulling you into his lap.
“We can’t take off the toys… No one said shit about getting off with our clothes on.” He smirks like he has unlocked the secret to the universe.
“Grind on me baby. Put your leg in between mine and grind like this was the last orgasm you are ever gonna have, because if I’m wrong it might be.”
He laughs at his own thoughts, but you do as your told.
It’s almost like the boys were watching you two.
The toys made it up to full speed again just as Jungkook came sending him into an almost paralyzing overstimulation.
You held him up as you ground down into his thigh a few more times for good measure.
You kissed his face all over until his consciousness returned and the whimpers died down.
Then you left him in the backseat and drove the pair of you home to whatever torture or love awaited you there…
Kinktober Masterlist 2021
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yoonlattesworld · 2 days ago
Jungkook x reader oneshot
Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
Summary:jungkook cheats on his girlfriend with you. But you both weren't the only one who were at fault.
Jungkook x reader one shot
Genre: angst and fluff
Warning: mentions of cheating
Author's pov
"since when?" Her cold but shaky voice bounced in the wall of there living room where once happy memories were made. He was not looking at her even though she was breaking down in front of him,the girl that he fell in love with was now crying because of him. But did he felt anything for her? No. He wasn't feeling guilty. He didn't regret cheating on her. Even when she was crying in front of him,the only thing that he could think about was you. "Three months" his voice was colder than hers. He didn't looked at her even when a loud sob racked her body. Because he knew that you were also crying silently blaming yourself for everything. "Why?" He finally looked at her hearing her shaky whisper "are you really asking me this? He scoffed as more tears made there way down her cheeks. "How could you do this to me after 3 fucking years?!" She shouted at him but he didn't even flinched. He knew that he lost feelings for his girlfriend months ago. He also knew that it was his fault for not telling her this sooner. But she was at fault too. How could he tell her when she never had time to even have a 5 minute conversation with him? She was never there. She was never there when he needed her the most but you were. You were always there for him. He knows that he loves you.
It all started 6 months ago when he felt that for the first time,he didn't felt the same excitement to see his beloved girlfriend Mia. She was his first love. His dream girl and he was happy. They have been together since 3 years but 6 months ago,he started spending less time with her. Not that she noticed. She was always too busy with her work. She managed to take time out of her schedule for her friends but never him. She had time to hang out with her friends but whenever he arranged a date,she was busy. Than after another 3 months,it was confirmed that he has lost feelings for his girlfriend. He tried. He really tried to save their relationship which was on the verge of falling apart. He tried by picking her up from her work place. But he always had to come home alone because she was working late everyday. He tried by arranging small dates but she came on one date and that time too she had to leave early because of work. He tried. He really did but at one point he gave up. He was tired of being the only one who was making all the efforts. He was tired of her behaviour. He tried to understand too. But he never understood how she got time for her friends but never for him. In the beginning of those six months he met you. He fell in love the moment he saw you. You were Mia's coworker. A kind acquaintance who was liked by everyone because of her sweet nature. You had saw him too. You knew that he was your coworker's boyfriend so you greeted him with a polite smile and got his bunny smile in return. Unknowingly both of your heats started pounding.The second time he met you was at the grocery store when he wanted to make a nice dinner for his girlfriend. He noticed that his heart fluttered When you smiled at him "shouldn't you be at work right now?" He asked you smiling softly and you replied with a same soft smile "yeah i do but i leave early on Wednesdays" he nodded in understanding and you bowed excusing yourself. As he bowed back and watched you disappear from his site.
The next time he met you was when he went to pick Mia up from her work place. It was Wednesday so he was a little surprised to see you exiting the building looking visibly tired. But there was no sign of Mia which was strange as it was almost 9 pm and she leaves at 8:30. He had told her that he will come to pick her up too. You saw him standing there and went to greet him,a little surprised too "Jungkook-sii? What are you doing here?" He looked at you from head to Toe because even in your tired state,you still looking fucking gorgeous. His intense gaze made you blush but you quickly shaked it off."I should ask you the same miss y/n. Didn't you said you leave early on Wednesdays?" You looked surprised that he remembered it even though it has been a week already. "Umm Mia had to go somewhere so she told me cover her shift that's why..." You trailed off seeing the evident confusion on his face "she had to go? Where?" "Didn't she told you? She went out with some of her friends" his jaw clenched when he heard those words. He chuckled bitterly as you looked up at him with your doe eyes. He wasn't even surprised any more but she even made you do her work because she wanted to go out. That night he insisted on dropping you home as it was late and he was also feeling bad because you had to work late because of his girlfriend. You were hesitant but eventually agreed.
That night he expected Mia waiting for him but he was met with nothing but silence. Sighing tiredly he went to there shared bedroom to see her sleeping peacefully. She didn't even waited for him. It seemed it she doesn't even care anymore. The third time he met you was when he was walking in the park where he had his first kiss with Mia. He was really upset that day because it was the 6th time she cancelled there date at the last minute. He wanted to tell her about his feelings. Tell her that he fell out of love but she didn't have time because of 'work'. That night he felt mixed emotions inside him when he saw you sitting on a bench. The light breeze gently kissing your cheek as your hair flowed softly. You were wearing a simple white t shirt with blue jeans and a purple cardigan. Fuck you are so cute.
You looked up hearing footsteps and a warm smile adorned your face when you saw him. "Hello jungkook-shi-" before you could complete your sentence,he growled "i like you so fucking much"and in a second you were on your feet as his hand wrapped around your waist tightly and you bumped into his hard chest. You gasped and looked at him to see him looking at you with his jaw clenched. His gaze was so intense that it caused you to stutter nervously "w-what-" again,he cut you off but this time,he smashed his lips on yours making your eyes widened for the nth time. There was no use in denying it anymore because he knew from the start that he is in love with you. His arms around you tighten and he pushed his tongue inside your mouth causing you to softly moan his name "j-jungkook" he let out a low growl as you melted in his arms and kissed him back. Your hands rested on his chest and his another hand supported your jaw, softly carresing your cheek. Suddenly "meow" a cat passed the both of you while meowing loudly causing you to flinch and pull back hastily. Your eyes widened and you looked horrified realising that you just kissed your coworker's boyfriend. "N-no this is wrong w-we shouldn't" you pushed him gently as tears filled your eyes and you looked down in shame. Jungkook's eyes softened and he immediately pulled you back holding you tightly as you kept on pushing him but he was too strong for you. "Hey hey hey baby look at me" he whispered raspily and made you look at him. You sniffled and whimpered"i-i am sorry...t-this.." "y/n calm down baby" he said and hugged you tightly while you buried your face in his chest. Once you stopped crying,he made you look at him again "do you have feelings for me? And answer honestly sweetheart i promise i will walk away if you don't feel the same" you looked hesitant but than he heard you whisper "i-i do" it was true. You liked him from the moment you saw him but you knew that it was wrong so you tried to forget those feelings.
He smiled a little and leaned his forehead against yours "i like you angel" you looked up at him with your innocent eyes and whispered"b-but Mia...she is your girlfriend jungkook " "i don't love her" your eyes widened a little and he made you sit on the bench and crouched down in front of you taking your small hands in his much bigger ones. He one by one told you everything. You looked at him with sad eyes knowing he had to suffer alone. Sighing heavily he felt you pulling him up so that he sat beside you. Cupping his face in your small hands you whispered"you aren't alone jungkook..i will always be there for you" you started blushing when you realised what you just said and started stuttering nervously"i-i mean only if you want to-" your sentence was cut short again when he placed his lips on your again. Pulling you on his lap he kissed you passionately. His hands wrapped around your waist and your's wrapped around his neck. You both slowly kissed each other. His tongue caressing yours as your fingers tangled in his hair. Pulling back he buried his face in your neck breathing heavily. After so long,he felt happy. He felt the warmth that he craved for so long. And that was the start of your relationship.
One day you both were laying on his bed with your head on his head as he held you delicately. "Koo" he hummed kissing your forehead "do you ever regret this?" His eyebrows furrowed and he looked at you"what do you mean babygirl" "i-i mean this..did you ever wished that you haven't lost feelings for her?" "No" you looked up surprised and he continued"i Don't regret anything. And i am glad that i met you that day babygirl. I am glad that i lost feelings for her. I...i love you baby" it was the first time he said that and you bite your lip trying to hide your shy smile and mumbled"i-i love you too koo" smiling fondly he hugged your petite body tightly "b-but koo i-i feel bad for Mia. She still loves you. Don't you think we should tell her?" Of course you were scared to tell her. What will she think after finding out that her boyfriend was cheating on her with her coworker. You heard him sigh "you know that i tried to tell her multiple times baby. But she never listened... don't worry y/n. I will tell her today" you were about to say something but your eyes widened when you heard the front door opening. Mia was home. You gasped and looked at jungkook to see his face emotionless "j-jungkook she is home w-what should we do?" He cupped your face and looked at you "hey don't be scared baby. You know i won't let anything happen to you. I will handle it yeah? I am going to break up with her right now. You stay here okay?" You nodded shakily and watched him as he stood up and walked towards the door.
Jungkook walked down the stairs and looked at Mia who was looking at your clothes folded on the couch. You like to wear his clothes so every time you come here,you wear his clothes and keep yours neatly folded on the couch. "Jungkook whose clothes are these?" She looked up not hearing any response but her throat dried when she remembered you were wearing the same white shirt with a pencil skirt. Gulping she looked at him to see him looking at her with cold and emotionless eyes "kook i asked you something. Answer me!" She raised her voice and you flinched. "They are my girl's clothes" "w-what? Jungkook I'm your girlfriend what are you s-saying-" "let's break up" her eyes widened and he continued speaking "i fell out of love. I'm sorry but i love someone else"
*present time*
He scoffed and said "you are asking me how? Seriously Mia?" "H-how can you cheat on me jungkook..w-was i not enough?" "You weren't" he said without hesitation and another loud sob escaped her mouth. "You are such an asshole jeon" "stop saying like it's all my fault Mia. Were the fuck were you to call me an asshole when i needed you? Ha let me remind you. You were working or busy hanging out with your friends. You are always working Mia" her eyes widened hearing those words and she snapped back at him "that doesn't fucking give you a reason to cheat on me jeon! You could just told me about it!" His jaw clenched and anger flashed in his eyes "Told you?! When the fuck should i tell you when you are never fucking home! When the fuck should i talk to you when we see each twice a week despite living in the same house?! You know how horrible i felt when i realised i fell out of love?! I hated myself for that because i knew that i will hurt you that's why i fucking tried my best to save this relationship! I tried my best to gain those feelings back! But you weren't any help to it! You cancelled every fucking date at the last minute. You told me you were busy every single time i tried to spend time with you! And you are saying that this is my fault?! Where were YOU when i needed you?! Where were you when i had a bad argument with my manager and needed comfort. Well let me tell you. You were busy hanging out with your friends Mia. You had time for your friends but never for us! But she was there for me! She was there for me every single time when i needed someone! And honestly? I regret being with you. I wish we had never met" his words caused her heart to squeeze painfully as she looked down on shame knowing he was right. She was too busy living her life that she completely forgot about her boyfriend. Of course she loves him with all her heart. But at that time she realised that love isn't the only thing keeping a relationship stable. "Who is she?" She whispered shakily and he replied to her with the same cold tone "you don't need to know" both of there head snapped towards the bedroom door hearing a crashing sound. Mia heard jungkook curse under his breath before he ran towards the bedroom. Knocking the door loudly he was met with nothing but the sound of sobs. His heart clenched and he immediately kicked the door open to find you crouching on the floor while covering your ears. You were shaking and crying "y/n" he whispered and wasted no time in cradling you in his arms. He forgot that you have phonophobia (the fear of loud noises) "hey hey shh it's fine babygirl. Everything is fine. I'm here shh" he whispered in your ear rubbing your back not noticing that Mia was standing at the door watch him with sad eyes. He really does loves you. Sniffling you looked up at him "k-koo" "yeah baby I'm here. It's okay" only then you noticed Mia standing there watching you both with her jaw clenched "so it's really you" she chuckled bitterly as you both stood up and jungkook immediately hide you behind him. Mia looked at jungkook with nothing but pain in her eyes realising she lost him forever "I'm sorry" looking at him one last time,she walked out of his room and his life completely. He sighed and took you in his arms as you gripped his shirt tightly and looked at him with teary eyes "i-i am sorry koo. It all happened b-because of me" you wailed and he cupped your face gently"it's not your fault babygirl. Don't worry about anything. I promise i will never let anything happen to you" he pressed his lips on your. Your lips moulding together perfectly. He picked you up and walked towards the bed not breaking the kiss. Gently placing you on the bed,he hovered on your small form and placed kisses all over your face. You giggled a little making him smile too and he pecked your lips before saying"i love you babygirl" "i love you too koo" maybe many happy moments might be waiting for you in the future even though your start of the relationship was unsual but you know that he will always make you happy and you will do the same.
Ofcourse you felt bad for Mia. But she also got to understand that work is not important than your loved ones. Maybe she will also get her hapoy ending soon.
Author's note: hey guys! It's my first time posting a jungkook one shot so i hope you all like like! Also,some of you may think that kook and y/n are wrong but see it from his side too. What mia did was wrong. Both of them were at fault. It showed that they weren't for eachother.
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shina913 · 2 days ago
Gradation, 3 | JJK
Tumblr media
Gradation, Part 3
gra·​da·​tion | \ grā-ˈdā-shən , grə- \
Definition: 1a: a series forming successive stages 1b: a step or place in an ordered scale 2: an advance by regular degrees 3: a gradual passing from one tint or shade to another
–Source: Merriam-Webster
Pairing: JJK x reader
Genre: AU; mature content; Best friend!JJK; best friends to lovers; fluff; angst; slow burn; NSFW
Word count: 9.7K+ words
Warnings: wedding; marriage; long-term relationships; engagement; OC is left at the altar; feelings of sadness and depression; anxiety; SMUT, SMUT, SMUT; NSFW; lots of crying; excessive cussing; some alcohol consumption; mentions of psychotherapy; lots of angst; lots of pining
Summary: On your wedding day, your fiancé leaves you at the altar. While reeling from the embarrassment and heartbreak, your best friend, Jungkook, wants to do everything that he can to help you heal.
A/N: I was going to wait but...I was getting antsy as I'm simultaneously filling in the next few chapters so I thought, fuck it! Here she is and proceed with caution because she's a dirty one.
Time jump alert! On Part 2, OC hinted at her upcoming vacation…and now it’s here!
It was roughly beta'd so please excuse any errors or inaccuracies. This is an AU after all. As usual, any constructive feedback is welcome. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Two weeks later
“I’m confident that this strategy will work for your brand, Mr. Kim. We have a great team and we’ve done a lot of research on your target market so I have no doubt that it will not only expand your reach but also keep the current market engaged.”
Jungkook was in his element. His new client, venture capitalist, Kim Seokjin has hired Jungkook and his team of experts to rework the brand strategy for his new pet project.
“Hey, I was sold from the beginning,” Seokjin says, clearly pleased with the presentation. “Please thank your team for a phenomenal pitch.” He shakes Jungkook’s hand.
Seokjin was not your typical rich boy. Although he came from money, he didn’t flaunt it unless the situation called for it. He stuck with lowkey-looking basics. Today, he arrived at the meeting in a light gray suit that had a distinct red, white, and blue-striped armband accent and wore white sneakers. If you took a closer look, it was a bespoke Thom Browne ensemble, one of many that he owned--and his "sneakers" were Alexander McQueen low-tops.
“Listen, I’m hosting a party at my house next month. You should stop by and have a few drinks, maybe meet a few more of my friends, maybe network a bit.”
“Yeah, wow. I’d love to! Thanks, Mr. Kim.”
Sure, he flexed some but Jin was still relatively approachable and down-to-earth, despite his jaw-dropping net worth.
“Please, call me ‘Jin.’ Just call my assistant and they can send you the details. You can bring a date, too if you like.”
“Uh, great. Thanks, Jin.”
“Looking forward to seeing you there, Jungkook!” He gives him a pat on the shoulder and exits the conference room. “Amazing work,” he bellows over his shoulder as he makes his way towards the bank of elevators.
“Thank you,” he yells back as Jin rounded the corner.
Jungkook was excited and in the mood to celebrate. He just landed a nice, profitable contract and was sure to get a bonus at the end of the month. He suddenly gets a bright idea and starts to walk towards his boss’ office to clear it—even though he didn’t see a reason why he would get turned down. He couldn’t wait to get home to you to tell you about it.
“Surprise! I’m coming with you!”
“Huh? Where?” You look up from your bowl of takeout ramen that Jungkook brought from one of your favorite restaurants.
“To Hawaii! I just signed a fat contract and asked my boss for a week off and he gave it to me!” He says, then proceeds to stuff his mouth with ramen noodles.
“What?! O-okay, first of all, congratulations on the contract. And secondly, are you sure you want to come with me on this weird, Hawaiian ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ thing? I don’t want to bore you and clearly, you’re already seeing enough of it here. I just don’t want to drive you crazy on a whole other island.”
Your Hawaii trip was fast approaching—3 days to be exact before your flight and you haven’t packed anything. It was really unlike you since you try to keep yourself organized, as much as you could. But…lots of shit happened and your therapist advised you to give yourself time and leeway especially with your old routines.
“Ah, crazy-schmazy. I’m on a high right now and nothing can kill my vibe. Also, I just didn’t want you to be alone. And I’ve never been to Oahu, can you believe it?”
“Are you sure they’re cool with it at work? It seems like you’re scoring a lot of revenue for them.”
“They owe me vacation time anyway. And it’s one week. They need some time to miss me over there…and realize who’s pulling all the weight,” he says confidently with a wink.
“Uhh…okay! Great! What about your ticket?”
“Well, I was thinking that I can just pay you for that airline credit since you technically paid for two seats, right?”
“Ok, great! I’ll call tomorrow or ask my assistant to do it. Can you email me the details?
“Perfect. I’m actually looking forward to it. I think we’ll have a lot of fun!”
You couldn’t help but snort at the thought of going on your supposed surprise honeymoon with your best friend. However, it’s been a while since you went on vacation with Jungkook. The last time was at spring break during your junior year in college along with Jimin and Taehyung. It was one of the best vacations that you had right before you and Derek started dating. Irony aside, it was certainly better than spending a week in paradise alone. You couldn’t help but look forward to it.
On Wednesday afternoon, you wrap up your day slightly early, clearing your desk of any pending work before you took off for the week. It was quite a feat and Yoongi was impressed with how efficient you were. You stopped by his office and gave him a quick rundown of any possible queries that might come up while you were out but that you had already lined up a backup person to address them. Still, you let him know that you were available for quick questions should the need arise.
He waved you off again and highly recommended that you turn off all of your email alerts and have a great time instead. You bid him good-bye and stopped by your desk one last time to turn on your “out-of-office” automatic responses and shut your computer down.
You walk out waving to a couple other colleagues that you pass on your way to the elevator. All of them wishing you well on your vacation.
You pull your phone out as you step into the elevator, shooting a quick text to Hobi that you had just left the office and were on your way to meet him. You managed to fit in a late-day condo tour with Hobi before you had to rage-pack before your flight tomorrow morning.
You park your car across the street from the address and check in with the doorman to let him know that you had an appointment to see a unit. He promptly checks his list and sees your name written down and points you towards the elevators. You get off the 8th floor and see your brother standing by the entrance having a casual conversation with a woman dressed in a pantsuit. You assumed that she was the property’s broker.
“Hey, YN,” Hobi greets you with a smile as you walk over to give him a hug.
“Hi Hobi.”
“So, YN, this is Stella Byeon, the agent. Stella, this is my little sister, YN.”
“Lovely to meet you, YN,” she says as she shakes your hand.
“Thanks so much for agreeing to meet this afternoon,” you say appreciatively.
“Oh, Hoseok and I go way back. When he told me that his sister was looking for a place downtown, I had to ping him right away when this listing came my way. Shall we,” she waves her hand towards the entrance to facilitate the tour.
“Yes, please. After you,” Hobi says.
As soon as you enter the space, Stella starts to describe the general layout. The living room was relatively small but it had a nice, spacious kitchen with quartz countertops. You were already in love.
It was a two-bedroom, one bathroom, and had specific plumbing installed to accommodate your own personal washing machine and dryer. It was a huge plus for you as you weren’t sure about lugging around your laundry to another location. People can go ahead and call you a “princess” for all you care, but you’ve already had to do that during your college years and gave up on the dorm machines, opting to wait til the weekend to do laundry at your parents’ house.
The unit also had a small balcony overlooking the city. The street where the building was located was not a main street so you wouldn’t have to worry too much about noise. She continues on to say that the current owners wanted to move out of the city and back into the suburbs as their grandchildren multiplied and they wanted to have more of their extended family spend more time with them.
After her whole spiel, Stella excuses herself. “Alright, well, I’ll leave you two for a bit and give you a few minutes to think about it. And please, take your time. Feel free to roam around a bit more, okay?”
“Thanks, Stella,” Hobi calls out as she steps into the hallway. As soon as she’s out of earshot, he turns to you right away. “Well? What do you think, YN?”
“I mean... honestly, I love it,” you gush tentatively.
“I feel a ‘but’ coming.”
You snort and Hobi, realizing what he just said, pouts at your immaturity. “Geez, YN. How old are you, seven?”
Turning serious now, you say, “Sorry, sorry. It was right there. Anyway! I really do love it--but it is a few dollars outside of the limit that I set.”
“Agh, I know, I know. Sorry. I was really hoping for a bit of flexibility on their end and truth be told, Stella really came to bat for me here. This place isn’t even available publicly yet--not to put any pressure on you or anything. But...I totally understand your concern. Obviously, it’s your money. You do what you want with it. However, I know that I said Stella was my friend--I mean...there’s history there but I’m not afraid to play some hardball for you to make sure that you can walk away with a good deal.”
You sigh and consider this. You walked through the space and looked around once more. This place did tick all of your boxes and then some. When Derek purchased the home that you previously shared, you weren’t involved in the process so this whole thing is relatively new to you and Hobi didn’t want to bore anyone with the whole topic of real estate transactions but he was very helpful in answering all of your queries. You also felt bad if your brother had to leverage his personal relationship just to give you the upper hand.
You already started picturing the meals you would be cooking for your family when they came over; the weekend sleepovers with your friends; the type of sectional couch that you thought would fit perfectly within this space.
“You know what, I feel like I still have some good wiggle room in the budget so, fuck it. Let’s make an offer!”
“Are you sure, YN?”
“Seriously, bro? Now you’re asking me if I’m sure after your whole speech?”
He laughs, “No, no. I’m sorry--I guarantee you, this is going to be a great investment! And yes, you had a good amount of wiggle room for negotiation so, you’ll be good up to a certain point. And trust me, I’ll pull back if I feel like you’re on the losing end.”
“Okay, fine--go ahead and talk to your friend!”
“You won’t regret this, YN,” he gives you a kiss on the cheek.
He exits the front door to find Stella and they talk business while you stand in the middle of the room. It was completely empty and bare. It was a clean slate...just what you needed.
Thursday morning was a blur. Jungkook got home late last night trying to wrap up the new campaign for Jin’s startup along with a proposal for the City Museum’s new exhibit. He did the best he could, delegating tasks for his team to finish. He barely got all of his packing done before passing out close to 3 in the morning.
Taehyung arrived promptly at 6AM to pick you both up and drop you off at the airport. A grumpy Jungkook did not see a reason why you needed a two hour leeway for a domestic flight. You were always a spazz about giving yourself enough time to arrive at the airport and go through the security line. You assured him that he would thank you later.
Since the flight wasn’t sold out, the airline offered you both free upgrades to first class when you arrived at the counter. It certainly eased his sour mood, which improved even further after you bought him a proper breakfast with copious amounts of coffee by the time you got to your flight’s gate.
After a 5½- hour flight (a 5-hour nap for Jungkook) and a short drive later, you finally arrive at your hotel.
“Hi, I have a reservation under Jung YN,” you greet the front desk staff.
“Aloha! Yes, let me search that reservation for you,” she says as she types on her computer. “Perfect! Can I please have a form of identification and a credit card?”
“Thank you,” she says as she accepts your documents.
“Hi, uhm...Leilani,” Jungkook says as he reads off the staff’s nameplate while giving her that panty-busting smile.
You roll your eyes. You know that tone of voice--it means he’s about to work some magic and you’re not about to stand there and squirm while he does it. You excuse yourself to use the ladies’ room and ask Jungkook to take your card and driver’s license back whenever he was done with his business.
After a few minutes, you return as Jungkook meets you halfway, rolling your suitcases.
“I got us a free upgrade to a beachfront villa and a few drink vouchers for the luau on Saturday night,” he beams, clearly proud of himself while handing you your license and credit card back.
“What? How the heck did you manage that?”
“I just talked to her and asked if there were any upgrades available and she also happened to throw in a couple more freebies,” he shrugs his shoulders innocently.
“Mm-hm,” you roll your eyes and shake your head.
“Ah, YN...Stop being such a buzzkill,” he giggles while pinching your cheeks. “C’mon, I’m sure Tae and Chim are itching for a room tour!”
Tumblr media
The first two days on the island were spent mostly chilling at the beach or driving around to explore local eats. You weren’t on any particular schedule other than a couple of places that Jungkook looked up and wanted to try. He also booked some surfing lessons for the next few days. Yep, just another random hobby that he wanted to pick up and was guaranteed to be good at, for sure.
Your suite had a small, gated backyard that had a sitting area and a hammock--which was Jungkook’s favorite thing. Whenever you were back in the room, he either napped on it or just lounged on it while listening to the ocean.
Although you had a 2-bedroom suite, you had spent your first two evenings falling asleep on the couch. You talked late into the night, snacked on room service, drank, and talked some more until you fell asleep. It was just like old times, pre-Derek.
On Saturday morning, you spent some time at the spa, getting a massage and a facial. Your therapist rescheduled yesterday’s session to the following week on account of your vacation. She gave you the same advice that Yoongi did--unplug and enjoy the moment. You had brought your meds with you and she assured you that she was a phone call away in case of emergency.
You were back in the room, laying on the hammock with a book, finally taking advantage of the fact that Jungkook was not on it since he spent the morning in his first surfing lesson. You wanted to enjoy some quiet time before the luau. You’ve been to Hawaii a handful of times with your family and depending on the crowd, things usually got pretty lit so you wanted to pace yourself.
All of a sudden, you hear whooping coming from the beach. You look up from your book to see Jungkook walking back to your villa, surfboard in hand. You remember him leaving the room dressed in his board shorts with a rash guard on. Now, it seems he’s taken his top off at some point and making his way back to you dripping wet, his hair slicked back, and full sleeve on display.
“Oh man, that--was exhilarating!” He exclaims as he enters through the gate.
“Wow--glad you had a great time.”
“How was your massage?”
“Best thing ever,” you sigh.
“You’re in my spot, you know.”
“Sorry, I didn’t see your name on it. You snooze, you--ahh!” You scream as he starts shaking the excess water off his body on to you then runs off inside giggling.
By 5PM, you were getting ready for dinner. You had on a lightweight wrap maxi dress with a floral print, and strappy, heeled sandals. You wore your hair in a loose bun and finished off your look with a white plumeria tucked in your right ear.
Jungkook on the other hand, had on a red and white Hawaiian shirt with turtles and palm trees printed on it. He wore it unbuttoned over a white tank top, khakis, and red Converse sneakers. He kept his hair slicked back, that forehead exposed. He was going for a relaxed, island boy look.
You step out of the bathroom to check on him to make sure that you didn’t keep him waiting and that you had enough time to get to the courtyard where the hotel was hosting the luau.
You caught sight of him leaning against the couch scrolling through his phone. Damn, did he always look this good, you thought to yourself.
He sees you from his peripheral vision and gets a look at you. “Wow, you look nice!”
Your dress also had a deep neckline in the front and a thigh-high slit. A bit revealing for dinner but it was an impulse buy online and you got it the day before your flight, threw it in the wash quickly and it went straight into your suitcase so you were going to rock it, regardless.
“Thanks,” you mutter. “You don’t look too bad yourself.” He cocks his head to the side mouthing his thanks.
“You ready?”
“Yes, I am. Let’s go?” You pick up your purse by the strap as Jungkook walks over to the door and holds it open for you.
Tumblr media
You arrive at dinner and are immediately served cocktails after you take your seats. The courtyard was beautifully decorated with flowers—some orchids and birds of paradise. Tiki torches adorned the surrounding area. Up front was a stage for a live band and other performers. In front of the stage was a dance floor, surrounded by several dining tables and chairs that were set up for hotel guests who had reservations.
Dinner was buffet-style and you tucked right in with some island favorites: macaroni salad, grilled mahi-mahi, beef teriyaki, and kalua pork among them.
It wasn’t long before you started dinner that fire dancers took the stage, followed by hula dancers and drummers which you both thoroughly enjoyed.
During a break on the live entertainment, Jungkook excused himself to grab you another cocktail at the bar. As he walks off, you check on your phone for any texts or calls. You sent Jimin a short video that you took of the fire dancers and got an Edvard Munch scream emoji in response. Just then, you glance back up towards the bar where Jungkook was and notice that he was having a conversation with a dark-haired woman.
This scene was not new to you. You’ve been out with Jungkook many times over the years and women naturally flock over to him. He just had that effect. The Jungkook you knew at home was a quirky, fluffy, bunny. But when he stepped out, he brought women to their knees.
You see the woman he’s talking to suddenly grab a pen and napkin and start scribbling on it. Once done, she hands it over to your friend, flutters her lashes, and flashes her biggest come-hither smile as she struts her way back to her table.
Damn, is she thirsty or what? You roll your eyes at the interaction as Jungkook walks back to your table, bringing two more mai tais.
“Hey…saw you got some digits at the bar,” you tease in a singsong voice.
“Oh, that? Yeah, it was kind of awkward,” he says dismissively.
“She looked pretty cute,” you say to him, off-handedly.
He knits his brows in confusion. “Since when did you start pimping me out?”
Defensively, you respond, “I’m not! I’m just saying that she’s cute, you’re on vacation…”
“Nah, c’mon, YN, you know I don’t operate like that.”
Although he looked the part, Jungkook did not sleep around. He casually dated and flirted openly and often but he’s taken very few women to bed. It seemed hard to believe but he was still very much a relationship guy and really particular about what he wanted.
“Yeah,” you concede. “Sorry, I just wanted you to have a good time.”
“Who says I’m not,” he asks quizzically while looking at you.
“I’m in paradise with good food, good music, and my best girl…I don’t need much more,” he shrugs his shoulders. It was then you see the napkin that he just received wrapped around his glass, phone number facing inward as the moisture from the ice already started condensing, making the ink run off.
You smile as he sipped on his drink. Before this trip, you were fully set on just enjoying the beach, going on a hike or two, and maybe going for a drive to enjoy some local eats. You had nothing concrete planned. You mainly just wanted to go with the flow--unplug and enjoy the moment, as Yoongi suggested. But now that you had company, you wanted to maximize the experience.
A local band begins to take the stage and introduces themselves. They start their set with an upbeat song.
The drums and guitar licks get your rhythm going. “Dance with me,” you motion him to follow you to the dance floor and he obliges.
You move your hips to the beat and feel him move behind you. Jungkook was a very good dancer and not to brag but you could hang with him. You moved naturally to the beat, rolling your hips into him. He returns the favor by doing the same and snakes his hand around your waist. Your arm reaches the back of his neck as you lean towards him, getting lost in the rhythm.
Three songs in, your hips continue to undulate at the beat. You turn around to face him and see him staring at you through hooded eyes, his hands now resting on your hips. The band decides to sing a cover of a song familiar to both of you.
'Cause I wanna know How deep we can go 'Cause I feel your energy warming I find inner peace when I'm Sunbathing Bathing in your waters Naked thoughts temptation Baby, come with me Ohh, sunbathing Breathless views and beaches Your body's a vacation I never wanna leave I never wanna leave
You notice him inching closer to you, and you don’t stop him. You were outdoors and a soft breeze was blowing, but you couldn’t tell the difference because it felt like dancing in the middle of a burning room with all the tension building up.
“What are you doing?” You ask innocently.
“Dancing with you,” he answers matter-of-factly, his fingers applying pressure on your hips.
“Why?“ He asks.
“Nothing,” you try to say nonchalantly. “Uhm, do you want to go for a short walk and head back to the room?” You offer, trying to break the tension.
“Okay. Feeling tired?”
A little flustered, maybe but sure, let’s go with ‘tired’. “Yeah, a little.”
Since you had already prepaid for dinner, all you had to do was walk off the courtyard and onto the beach to enjoy the scenery as the band wraps up its song.
'Cause I need your sunshine As soon as the sun sets Something 'bout you in that sundress What rhymes with sundress? I'm just-- Sunbathing
The sun had just set and the evening breeze was blowing, a welcome surprise after a mostly humid day. The feel of soft sand and ocean waves splashing on your bare feet was calming and surprisingly therapeutic. You and Jungkook held your footwear in your hands as you joked around and carried on a casual conversation--breaking down remnants of the tension that you built up on the dance floor.
As you neared the end of the beach, Jungkook pauses to pull his phone out. “Oh, hold on. I wanna take a video real quick and send it to the guys.”
“Okay. Just make sure you don’t drop it into the ocean because I won’t go after it,” you giggle.
As you look away from Jungkook and up towards the end of the beach, you spot a couple walking out from the resort and onto the sand, with a minister. They stand face to face by the rock formation and take each other’s hands. The minister starts his opening remarks that prompts the couple to exchange their vows. The groom wore a Ti leaf lei around his neck while his bride wore a flower crown lei. Both of them beaming with so much love and affection for each other.
Suddenly, you couldn’t help but picture yourself and Derek being in that exact same spot, exchanging your own vows. And yet here you were, on a trip meant for your honeymoon, without your intended husband. The thought crushes you. Although you tried your best to fight it, the urge to crawl back into that dark hole wins.
“I’m sorry, I don’t feel well all of a sudden,” you storm off back to your room, not caring whether Jungkook was right behind you or even heard you.
By the time he looks up from his phone, you were already entering through the beach access gate from your suite. He searches around for what may have caused you to run off and finds the couple exchanging vows from afar.
He sighs and jogs back to the room to check on you.
Not long after you get back to the room, Jungkook enters your suite to see you perched on the sofa, knees pulled up to your chest with your arms resting on them.
“Are you alright?” Jungkook takes a seat next to you.
“I’m--I’ll be fine,” you manage to say as you put your hands over your eyes and apply gentle pressure onto your eyelids. You were surprised that you didn’t completely crumble at the beach but you still were barely holding it together. “I’ll be okay, just leave me alone for a bit.”
But Jungkook wouldn’t let you crawl back into your shell. He gets up and sits on the coffee table, right in front of you and grasps your wrists genty, not intending on removing your hands from your face but mainly to let you hear his voice and make you feel his presence.
“The fuck I will. You know, YN—I’ve told you this over and over again but we didn’t become friends because either of us only wanted to see all of the happy or pretty sides of the other. We became friends because we wanted to be there for each other for—everything…especially when the other is lonely, scared, or feels like shit. I know that I’m not professionally trained. I don’t know what the best meditation method is but I know that I love you and me verbalizing that I hate seeing you sad or hurt does not mean that you need to hide it from me or keep shutting me out.”
Dang, that stung…because he’s right.
“I only say it because I only want to help—so badly—and it hurts me more that you won’t let me. Maybe I can’t take all of the pain away…but please, just let me try. Let me be your friend. Let me in.”
You slowly drop your hands, eyes bloodshot from tears that you were trying to hold in. “I’m just so tired of being this ticking time bomb. One moment, I’m good then the next, I’m all fucked up again. It just makes me want to run and hide all the time.”
“Right. And how’s that going for you?”
You take a deep, shaky breath. “Talking about what happened just opens up this deep well in me again that I had just learned to crawl my way out of. And I am so terrified—time and time again—that the well will get deeper and deeper, and that I’ll be left with nothing but a pinhole to look up at. If or when I get to that point, I’m scared that it would just kill my spirit completely and that I would just have to learn to live in that dark place…forever. I’m trying—trying really hard not to do that,” you sob.
“Then I will be here, each and every single time with a rope, a bucket, grappling hook…maybe even scale that well with you—whatever you need, to help get you back to the surface. I want you to get that in your head. You’ve done the same for me so many times. I am here and I am at your disposal,” he says reassuringly as he cups your face in his hands.
You stare at him for a minute. You weren’t sure if it was the proximity of his face, all of those cocktails that you had at dinner, the way your hips were grinding against each other while you danced...or the way you see him briefly lick his lips that compelled you to close the gap between you and lock your lips with his. It took about a second for your brain to catch up with your body and as soon as it did, you jumped backwards onto the couch. His eyes were wide, mouth hung open, seemingly frozen in position as you stared at each other in shock.
“Oh my god…I didn’t mean--sorry,” you hastily get up from the couch and walk hurriedly to the bedroom. You had already crossed the threshold when you felt him tug at your wrist and turn you around towards him. He grabs you by the base of your neck and searches your face. As you open your mouth to utter another apology, he shuts you up by crashing his lips onto yours.
Ironically, you were now suddenly frozen by the feel of his lips on yours. They were soft yet firm. Strangely familiar and tender. His tongue licked your lower lip and you opened up to him with a low moan and he slid right inside.
“Fuck!” He mutters as he pulls away this time. Both your chests heaving at the sudden burst of passion coursing through your bodies. Surely, this must be wrong? You were best friends! Best friends don’t do this!
He covers his mouth with his fist, pacing around the room while you decide to take a seat at the edge of the bed--neither of you trying to make eye contact.
You blink away your dazed expression. “What just happened,” you stupidly say.
He stops pacing and settles for leaning against the wall, right in front of you. You look up at him slowly, unsure. His eyes were on the floor, shaking his head. You chew at your bottom lip, waiting for him to respond. He pinches his lower lip with his thumb and forefinger and finally looks at you.
“You kissed me first!” His tone sounds accusatory.
You scoff at his response. “That was practically a peck! You stuck your tongue down my throat,” you counter with a frown.
“Shit,” as he squeezes his eyes shut and covers his face with his hands and groans. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to come off like an asshole.”
Realizing how childish this argument was, your face softens. “Listen, I’m sorry, too--for starting this. I was just feeling really raw and--my body got ahead of my brain--” you start babbling.
You knit your brows in confusion. “Uhm, I--I just saw this couple and--”
“No, why did you kiss me,” he cuts you off again.
“I just told you why. I was feeling vulnerable,” you sigh in exasperation.
He takes two strides towards you and sits next to you on the bed. He turns to you and looks you in the eye.
“You’re not answering my question. Why did you kiss me,” he repeats.
You start to get flustered. “Is my answer not to your satisfaction,” you ask defensively.
His expression doesn’t change...he doesn’t budge. “Why,” he asks softly. “And don’t lie.”
You let out a shaky breath as you try to form words in your brain. After a long pause, you look him straight in the eye. “Because I wanted to.”
He raises his eyebrows in surprise. He was not expecting that. Actually, he wasn’t sure what answer he was expecting...but it definitely wasn’t that. He puts his tongue to his cheek and looks back down at the floor.
“Why did you kiss me?”
“Because--” he looks back up at you, “I wanted to.”
“Are you fucking with me right now?” You ask, annoyed at him duplicating your answer.
He cocks his head to the side, keeping eye contact with you. “Nope,” he simply says. You stare at each other for a few seconds, mainly waiting for him to crack--but when he doesn’t, your face starts to heat up and you break contact first.
“Oh,” is all you manage to say.
“So...what should we do now?” He wonders aloud.
You stare back at him again, trying to think of a quick answer but couldn’t. The longer you stared at him, the more your desire started to build up into a fever pitch. Panting softly, you bite your lower lip to try and make a futile attempt at containing it.
Like a shark sensing blood in the water, he reaches over to free your lower lip from your teeth. “Careful. You’ll break the skin if you keep sinking your teeth in any deeper.”
The contact sends a shiver down your spine and you were unable to hold back any longer. You lean in to kiss him again. He kissed you back as if he could eat you alive.
Your arms draped across his shoulders and moved up his neck until your fingers were fisting at his raven hair. He tasted of citrus and pineapple--all traces from the cocktails you’ve been consuming for most of the evening.
With his hands resting on your cheek, he says, “YN, I don’t want you to think that I’m trying to--”
“You’re not,” you cut him off instantly. “I want this, if you do, too?” He gives you a nod.
“Then kiss me again,” you command him.
“You don’t have to ask me twice,” as he goes back in. You sighed as his tongue dipped inside, tasting you in long, slow licks. He kissed you with the right amount of aggression that turned you on to the point of no return.
He slowly lowers you to the bed, keeping your lips locked. He tilts your head to one side to brush the loose strands from your bun and plants soft kisses at the space where your jawline ends and the base of your earlobe begins.
You moan softly at the contact. Needing to feel more of him, you pull his shirt up from behind and rake your nails over his back. He lets out a hiss and continues to move further down your body. He plants kisses between your breasts until he reaches the knot holding your dress together at your waist.
“Can I?”
His question barely registers as you are pulled out of your reverie. “Hm?”
He holds up the knot as you sat up slightly so you could see. He was toying with the knot, ready to rip your dress open but awaited your consent instead.
Is this really happening?
“Yes,” you breathe out.
He smirks and undoes the knot, slowly peeling off the material on either side of you. He drank in your near-naked form--laced bra, and matching panties. He moves back up to kiss you again as his palm reaches over to knead your breast making them unbearably sensitive.
He pulls himself up to unfasten your bra from the front clasp and bends down to take a hardened nipple in his mouth. You cry out at the contact of his tongue circling and gently biting into it.
He moves further down, placing kisses down to your abdomen. You feel his fingers deftly pulling the waistband of your panties lower.
He proceeds to suck on your exposed hip bone. You gasp loudly, bucking your hips at the sensitive skin there as you feel a gush of moisture soak the gusset. You could have sworn that he made you orgasm just by doing that but he was only getting started.
As soon as he rids you of your underwear, he gets on his knees, and picks up your legs that were still hanging off the side of the bed and props them up on his shoulders.
Before he lowers his mouth, he says, “Tell me where it feels good,” as he wraps his plush lips around your cleft.
You all but lost your mind at contact while his tongue made slow, savoring licks to your slit.
“Ohh, right there,” as you circled your hips shamelessly at his mouth. Your hunger, building up with a promise of an orgasm as his tongue continued to flutter at your clit. Your fingers clawed at the sheets.
“Ah…Yeesss, I’m close!” You breathe out as he inserts two fingers in you, curling them and rubbing that bundle of nerves from your insides.
“I’ve got you,” he promised.
You bit back a scream as you tip closer to the edge, your muscles tensing as he pumped his fingers in and out of you while the tip of his tongue continued to decadently tease you. Your fingers now threaded with his hair, tugging at his strands as you continued to roll your hips against his mouth and fingers.
He finishes you off when he closes his lips on to your heat and sucks on the sensitive flesh.
You were done for. The scream you tried to hold back made its way out of your mouth as a deep, guttural groan, your body going rigid as you climaxed, yelling out his name mixed with expletives.
As you come down from your high, you feel him crawl back up next to you to give you a slow, deep kiss. His tongue and lips coated in your arousal, builds up a feeling of want within you. He pulls away and gazes at you as if he had just processed that he just ate you out and made you cum…hard.
“More,” the word tumbles out of your mouth before you could stop it. Did you really want to stop it?
Jungkook’s brows quirk up. Did he hear you right?
“I want more,” you answer, as if he telepathically asked you for clarification. You reach up and pull his neck towards you to kiss him again.
You feel his hands slide down your abdomen, his fingers brushing over your slicked heat once more.
You pull your lips away. “No, not that. I want you,” your hand moves to cup his straining erection, rubbing your palm against it.
“YN, w-we don’t have to—“
You move to sit yourself up then push him down flat on the mattress to straddle his thighs. You start unbuckling his belt and undoing the buttons on his pants.
Realizing what you’re doing he puts his hand on your wrist to stop you. “YN, you don’t have to do that. I just wanted to take care of you.”
“And now I want to take care of you. Will you let me? Please?”
Something about you sitting on top of him in all your glory throws all of his good senses out the window. He sits up to cup your cheek and gives you a short but deep kiss. As he pulls away, he gives you a nod and lays back on the mattress.
He raises his hip slightly to help slide his jeans and boxers off. And what a sight to see…long, thick, veiny, a swollen tip with precum starting to ooze out of it. As you ogle at your best friend’s cock, he chews on his lip ring waiting for your next move.
You start by wrapping your lips around the tip, sucking the moisture from it. He gasps at the contact. Seizing the moment, you drag the flat of your tongue from the base and back up to the tip, barely giving him time to recover or let reality set in.
“Fuuuckk…” was all he managed to drag out as his eyes roll to the back of his head while you continue your oral assault on him.
You bob your head up and down his length, taking him deeper in your throat. “Oh my god…what are you doing,” he chokes out and sits up to watch you do work.
You hollow your cheeks and suck him in further. He feels himself tipping dangerously close to the edge and you see it too judging by how tight his balls were getting. In an instant, his eyes fly wide open. He sits up and holds himself back.
“YN, wait. I don’t want to cum in your—“
“I want to feel you, Kook,” you cut him off as you came up for air.
He stares at you blankly, his cock right in front of your face. “I want you to fuck me.”
Was it the alcohol? You weren’t that drunk. And neither was he. You were both caught up in the moment.
Jungkook’s body takes over and he switches your positions as you now lay on the bed. He gets up off it to kick the rest of his pants off and walks towards the suite’s main entrance, out of sight.
What the hell? Where is he going?
You hear the closet door slide and some rustling. He comes back around the corner and that’s when you notice him ripping a small foil packet in his hand.
“You know, I had these in my bag for the longest time and I have no idea why I never took them out after my last trip...but it never crossed my mind that I’d use them on you,” he says with a smirk.
“Well...don’t keep me waiting any longer then.”
After he puts the condom on, he grabs you by the undersides of your knees and in one swift move, pulls you to the edge of the bed once more. He positions himself between your thighs and bends down to give you another kiss. At the same time, he slowly inserts two, then three fingers in you to stretch you out for him. Pumping in and out of you, making you even wetter for him.
“Please, I need you in me,” you plead with him.
He lines himself up at your entrance and eases in slowly, gauging your reaction as you adjust to his girth. Your jaw slack, eyes rolling to the back of your head, feeling his flesh brush your walls while he fills you to the brim.
“You alright?” You give him a nod and kiss to reassure him.
He starts to move his hips. Slowly pumping in and out of you. He lets out a hiss as he feels you clench around him.
“Yes! Yes!" You breathe out and start meeting his thrusts with your own. Gaining a bit more confidence, he increases his pace.
“Fuck! Yes, don’t stop,” You grab both your breasts and start kneading them to increase stimulation.
“Shit, YN—you’re gonna make me bust out quickly doing that,” as he watches you pleasure yourself.
He pulls out of you to switch positions. “Can you get on top?”
You give him a smirk as he gets into position against the headboard. You straddle his hips and hold him into position as you lower yourself onto his length. He gives your ass a little squeeze and a light slap which takes you by surprise.
He openly told you in the past that he was an ass man. You never thought he’d be grabbing yours while you bounced up and down his dick.
He grinds his hips into yours and you meet his thrusts by rolling your own into his. Feeling your climax building up again, you hold on to the headboard for leverage. He takes a nipple in his mouth and suckles on it while his hand pinches and kneads the other.
“Oh my god, Kook…what the fuck,” you said hoarsely as you rode your way closer into another orgasm. He peppers your sternum and your breasts with soft kisses, bringing you even closer to the brink. He looks up into your eyes, cups your jaw and your neck and pulls you in for a kiss.
You were done for. Your body bows as your second orgasm rips through you. Jungkook swallows every moan and whimper as you ride out your high.
He continues to thrust in and out of you, desperate for his own release. You whine from the feeling of overstimulation but continue to buck your hips onto him wanting to return the favor of the euphoria that he’s granted you.
With one final thrust and a deep groan, he spills his seed into the condom. Fingers digging into your hips and ass, his forehead leaning between your breasts as the final spurts of his climax shoot out of him.
You stay in that position in silence, for a moment. The last few minutes—however long that was—was a blur to you both. Breathing in and out, feeling each other’s heartbeat. The questions linger but they’ll have to wait until tomorrow.
Your alarm goes off at 5:30AM. Not that Jungkook wasn’t already awake before it went off but he still laid there for a bit and watched the rise and fall of your chest as you slept. It was another one of those uninterrupted nights for you. Hours before, you had both fallen asleep on the bed, holding each other.
As soon as he heard the alarm beeping and saw you stirring, he jumped right off the bed and rushed to the bathroom as you rolled over to turn your phone off. You set your alarm yesterday afternoon, for a preplanned hike to watch the sunrise with Jungkook.
You sat up on the bed for a few minutes, allowing yourself to fully adjust to the sunlight peeking through the drapes. You dangle your feet off the edge of the bed before getting up and noticing the aftermath of last night’s activities all over the floor. Your clothes scattered all around and a towel that he used to clean you up afterwards.
You were mid-yawn as your attention then turned towards Jungkook as he returned from the bathroom. He had slipped on a pair of sweats over his boxers--still no shirt on. His hand rubs the back of his neck.
“Uhm, are you still up for hiking?” He murmurs.
“Yeah,” you suddenly perk up. “Are you?”
“Y-yeah, I am. I just wasn’t sure if you were tired or...”
“No, I’m fine--unless--you are? Tired, that is,” you clarify.
“I’m good,” he mutters.
“Okay,” he repeats as he walks off into the second bedroom where he kept his suitcase. The bedroom that he claimed when you arrived and was supposed to sleep in.
“Right--I’ll go and get dressed then,” you mumble to yourself. Just as you reach into the dresser where you unpacked your clothes to retrieve a pair of leggings and a sports bra, you get a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. You had fallen asleep wearing Jungkook’s tank top and just your underwear from the night before.
Yes, you had sex. And God damn it, it was good!
Before last night, conversation flowed freely. However, beginning from the short drive from your hotel, to waiting for the national park gates to open at 6AM, and the first half mile ascent, talking was reduced to one-word answers and occasional mumbling from Jungkook.
You had reached the brink of your irritation at his sudden standoffish demeanor for most of the morning. You decide to tease him to hopefully break the ice. “Come on, Jungkook. Why are you dragging? I was kind of counting on you giving me a piggyback ride on the last leg.”
“Sorry…Look, can we stop for a bit, YN?” You had reached the final leg before reaching the peak, the metal stairs. You moved to one side of the railing to let other people through. It was good that you got there early enough. Otherwise, it would have been too crowded to stop in the middle of the trail.
“What is it?”
“Are we cool?”
Confused, you scrunch your face and cock your head slightly to look at him. With your brows still furrowed, you ask, “Wh-Why wouldn’t we be?”
Jungkook seems to be struggling with his words.
“I just…” he pauses for a beat. He puffs his cheeks out then exhales sharply. “I’m trying to find the right way to say this.” You realize that he wants a debrief of last night.
“Okay, listen. If you are wondering whether I regret any of the events that happened last night, I will tell you now that I do not. I wasn’t impaired when I said, ‘yes.’”
“That’s…true. You did. Multiple times, if memory serves.”
You laugh nervously, “Okay, now you’re embarrassing me here, a little,” you keep your voice down as other hikers pass you.
“No...Shit. I’m sorry, that was not my intention at all. I guess what I’m trying to say is…”
These awkward pauses are not like him at all. You’re both historically not shy about expressing your thoughts to each other even when it comes to the subject of sex. Then again, you’ve never slept with each other before this so this is completely uncharted territory.
“Did we cross a line or something,” he finally asks.
“I mean…I don’t…know…that I would say that,” you say as your thoughts stutter. “If you’re wondering whether what happened changes things between us, I personally don’t think that it should. You’re my best friend and you comforted me when I needed you.”
But for real though—how many people fuck their best friends to provide comfort?
“Sure, the method was a little unconventional…” you continue.
Jungkook swallows, yeah, no shit.
“Regardless, I just want to reiterate that I did give you my consent and I do not regret anything. And I would hope that you’re not feeling any regrets either. Is that why you’ve been so quiet?” you ask apprehensively.
“No. No, I don’t have any regrets,” he swiftly responds. Relief washes over you.
“Okay...I don’t think we should treat each other any differently because of what happened. I still love you and that will never change. And truthfully, after everything that we’ve been through, if that was something that you needed, I would have done the same for you, if I were unattached,” you added.
He raises an eyebrow at your last remark. “Somehow, I highly doubt that,” he scoffs.
“Okay, maybe not the same exact method but what I’m trying to say is that if there’s anything that this whole ordeal taught me, is that when it comes down to it, you find out who truly cares about you. What happened last night...was an understanding between us.”
“So do we pretend that nothing’s happened?”
“No, that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m trying to say is--” Well, what the fuck were you actually trying to say?
“We had sex last night. Can we be adults about it and still carry on with our friendship without having this awkward energy?”
“I guess I was thinking more along the lines of…whether this was just a one-time thing or--”
“Kook, maybe let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We didn’t plan on this happening. It just happened.”
He nods. “So nothing changes?”
“Do you want them to?”
He considers this for a second. “I don’t want things to change. You’ve been my longest friend. I just don’t want to lose you.”
You put your hand on his cheek. “You would never.”
He leans into the warmth of your palm and rests his own hand on yours.
“The only thing that would ruin this friendship would be an act of God.”
He eyes you intently. Then, seemingly content with your answer, he takes the hand cupping his cheek and kisses it. “I love you.”
“Ditto. Now, can we get back to our hike? This mountain won’t climb itself and we’re about to miss the best view ever.”
No, you didn’t want things to change and you wanted this to be nothing but an “isolated incident.” You hoped that reaching the summit would make you more clear-headed...clear-headed enough to believe all of the words that you just uttered.
When you reach the summit, you take in the breathtaking view of the clouds rolling into the valleys below. You and Jungkook sit side by side watching Mother Nature at her finest. You both take a few photos on your phone.
As you look up after taking a panoramic photo of the view, you turn your head to see Jungkook looking at you intently. He had such big, beautiful, expressive eyes. It was those same dark eyes that stared back at the pleasure coming from your eyes as you rode him into your second mind-blowing orgasm last night. The memory gives you that familiar tingle at the base of your stomach which you blink away, snapping you back into reality.
You give him a small smile hoping he didn’t suspect any dirty thoughts crossing your mind just now. He returns your smile, seemingly oblivious, and he puts his arm around you to pull you in close to his chest. You lean into that little nook under his arm…that nook was your prime spot for Netflix nights at his place when you started drifting off. Before you and Derek started getting serious, it was that nook that you soaked with your tears when a date had gone wrong or when you and Derek had a fight and couldn’t deal with his ass.
Jungkook and his nook were always there for you when you needed comfort and warmth. You take in his scent…subtle traces of his cologne from last night mixed with sweat from your hike. It would gross out a normal person but to you, it’s a heady mix that makes you dizzy with want. It was a feeling that you were trying very hard to suppress.
He leans down to place a chaste kiss on the crown of your head and lingers there to smell your hair. It’s a habit that he never really shook as you two grew up together. As you continue to marvel at the view, Jungkook silently prays that nothing changes between you two, even though at the back of his mind, he knew that you’ve already crossed that bridge.
“Jungkooook…” you dragged the “ooh” in his name as you moaned while his cock slid deeply into your wet heat.
After your hike, you grabbed some brunch then headed back to the room to shower. At least it started out that way. You were finishing up with your moisturizer as you notice Jungkook emerging from his shower. You watch his reflection on the mirror at the vanity located right outside the en suite bathroom. With just a towel wrapped around his waist and his hair still soaked with a few strands hanging over his forehead.
“So anything you want to do this afternoon? Tae keeps texting me about chocolate-covered macadamia nuts and cornflake cookies while Jimin is asking if we can bring a Dole whip back. I kept telling him that was impossible.”
As he rattles off your friends’ wish lists, you see some water dripping from his hair down to his bare chest. Suddenly, that tingle from the base of your stomach that you tried so hard to suppress during your hike has now built up into a ball of knots that you desperately need working out. This man will be the end of you.
“Fuck, YN…you’re so wet for me.” You and Jungkook are in a spooning position as he slowly thrusts in and out of you and plants soft kisses on the back of your neck.
Your walls clench around his cock at his naughty complement. You turn your head to look at him. His brows knitted and mouth slack from the pleasure he’s feeling as thrusts in and out you.
You can’t help but tilt your head slightly to kiss him. He catches your lips and with a groan, kisses you deeply. You moan into his mouth as his tongue massages yours. Then slowly, his tattooed hand reaches over the curve of your hip sliding down to your throbbing clit. His fingers heavily but slowly rubbing circles and lightly tugging at the nub repeatedly. You whine into his mouth as you teeter close to the edge of your climax once more.
You break your kiss just to say, “Fuuuuckk, Kook. Don’t stop, don’t stop...” you pant as you grabbed onto his thigh, digging your fingers into it.
“Yeah? Gonna cum all over my cock?” He says as he pulls out then abruptly thrusts back into you, hitting your g-spot and making your body tremble.
“Oohfuckkkhmmygod…” your words start to meld at the height of your pleasure.
“I need to hear you say it, baby.” You’re momentarily distracted with the pet name but yanked back into reality as he pulls his cock out again.
“Are you gonna cum all over my cock, huh?” He asks again as he thrusts once more into your pussy while continuing his assault on your clit.
“Yes, yes,” you snap. “I'm gonna cum all over your cock. Fuck!” It doesn’t take long until your orgasm explodes through you.
“Holy---fuck, YN,” he growled as his own release followed yours.
Welp. That didn’t take long.
Tumblr media
Banner by the lovely@deepseavibez
Taglist: @deepseavibez; @bts-fic-recs-mess; @mwitsmejk; @jamlessstars; @xhazmania [open]
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itsdingdong · a day ago
Love ≠ Limerence ̴ TEASER
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Angst, Fluff
Word Count: 376
Summary: It all started the day when a baby with chubby cheeks and tearful doe eyes stumbled on Y/N and her best friend’s table at the café. It was the day Y/N and the father of the baby’s paths crossed for the first time. Their fates were finally conjoined. As she’s gotten to know him, she thought that he was this sweet, kind, magnificent, gorgeous, sexy- basically the perfect guy. At this rate, they were becoming inseparable. Neither of them expected to get along the way they did. A match made in heaven. Except, little did she know the past of the guy she was slowly and irreversibly falling for, was still haunting him. Whenever he spoke of his ex, she knew he was the partner she’s longed for her entire life. Also how she could never have his heart wholly... Fighting his demons in the meanwhile, will he be able to fall for the girl who’s pretty much made for him or succumb to those demons and lose her altogether?
Tumblr media
"Don’t lie to me Y/N. While I’m still giving you the chance to explain yourself, so do it. Or else…”
“Or else what Jungkook?” You can’t help but challenge this sudden attitude change of his. He wasn’t really asking you anything, he was expecting you to confess but what, you had no clue. The fact that eyes could tell much more than the words has never been truer. He doesn't have to say anything. Hate, sadness, disgust, disappointment…regret. All of them are right in there. Those eyes hurt more than the words leaving his mouth. And worst of all, you had no idea why this was all happening.
“You need to leave.” You feel your body freeze. You can’t fight back. Everything that’s happening at the moment reminds you of something like a poorly written K-Drama. No storyline, no character development…only plot holes and inconsistent characters. You do want to fight for him but you’re hurt and mad, mostly hurt. You know that you didn’t do anything wrong. And if you did, he didn’t tell you what it was. You had nothing to work with and the situation was beyond unfair. How could he accuse you of hurting the kid you’ve come to love like he was your own? Whenever he took a tumble, a part of your heart ached because he was just too precious for you.
“How could you think for one second that I would willingly harm Jihun?” You say hoarsely, barely a whisper, no fight left in you as the tears stream down your pink cheeks. Never once you've imagined how painful this could be but here you were in excruciating pain. How could he accuse you like that?
“Y/N leave.” His voice slightly wavers. His eyes briefly divert away from yours. His unsure and somewhat devastated guise might’ve sparked a tiny fragment of hope yet still not enough for you to stay. So you don’t. Just before you close the door as you leave, you give him one final look and this time he sees the regret in your eyes. The tug on his heart tells him that he messed up but it’s too late to turn back now. So he just watches the door close, biting down on his chapped lips to keep the tears from falling. It was over and this time, unlike how it was with his marriage, he was to blame...
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behind closed doors ➔ jeon jungkook
Tumblr media
church goer!jeon jungkook x p.k.!reader romance + smut warnings: jungkook is a good boy + a bunch of god talk and church stuff + masturbation + use of sex toys + jungkook is big time hjorny + not for the faint hearted !! ig wc: 3.2k
➔ jungkook had his whole life planned out. he had been the model child for all of his life. now, there was a new pastor in town, and never did jungkook expect for the biggest temptation to come in a dress and all smiles.
a/n; yeah, this is so self indulgent it might hurt a little. i started writing it so long ago, back when even moononthejoon was a thing, its an ao3 original, but now that im back, im posting it here :D time to exploit being raised catholic, and going to catholic and then christian school hehe - feedback is always appreciated!
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Tumblr media
Jungkook liked to believe he was a good guy. He was kind, the model kid―the kind of guy you wanted to have as a child or have your kid marry. His family was nothing short from a picture perfect family. Chaeyoung, his younger sister, was a couple of years younger than him. Both his parents had an exemplary relationship, and even if he and Chaeyoung didn’t agree with some things, they had a pretty decent sibling relationship.
Just like pretty much every other family in his neighbourhood, they went to church every Sunday. Jungkook couldn’t remember the last time he’d missed church, or the last time he’d missed youth group for that matter. It was a tightly knit community; everything so warm and welcoming. But now, there was a new pastor in town.
Their old one had decided to step down as his health was not allowing him to go forward, so they had to hire a new one. Jungkook’s mother had encouraged his father to go for the job, but he’d said that was not what he was meant to do; not what God had intended him to do. Which is why now everyone was waiting to say hello to the new pastor and his family.
It had been an early morning, with Jungkook’s mother waking everyone extremely early so they would dress up and look decent for the new pastor. Jungkook didn’t know why it was such a big deal, but he decided to humour her. Chaeyoung had received the most heat, as she had refused to wear a dress. Truth be told, it was harder for her than for Jungkook. He just had to put on his slacks and his long-sleeved dress shirt and his tie.
As soon as his eyes landed on you, he hoped that he’d taken more time to style his hair in the morning. He remembered that Jimin told him that his hair looked better slicked back, and now he was rocking the standard coconut hairstyle. He’d cleared his throat as his family walked up to your family. Chaeyoung picked up how her older brother seemed to hide behind her.
You were standing next to your father, holding your brother so he wouldn’t run off. Your mother was greeting people, hugging them and giving them a kiss on the cheek. Your father had been very excited to be starting his new job, so you’d given more thought to your look today. You’d been glad to do it because there were quite a few good-looking guys here.
‘Sam, stay still.’ You said through gritted teeth as you gripped his arm.
‘But I wanna go play!’ He whined.
‘Give it five more minutes, I’ll be over soon.’
‘But you said that ten minutes ago! I wanna go.’
‘Y/N, Sam, meet the Jeons.’ You turned to give yet another family your signature smile. Your heart wanted to jump out of your chest when you saw the man standing in front of you.
Please, give me strength.  You gripped your brother’s arm tighter, and as expected, he whined again as he tried to shrug you off. He had to be a figment of your imagination. No one could look that good on a Sunday morning in church clothes.
‘Very nice to meet you.’ Mrs Jeon greeted you. ‘You know, I think you and Jungkook might be the same age.’
Jungkook. You liked that name. ‘Our Y/N has just started university.’ Mrs Jeon tilted her head as she looked at you.
‘Yes, I am in my first year for Theology.’
‘Theology! How great. Following your father’s steps?’ You laughed politely at her joke. ‘Our Jungkookie has been studying Computer Science and Theology for a year now.’
‘I just couldn’t choose.’  Oh, his voice .
‘Mom! Can I go?’ Sam interrupted and your mom nodded along, already annoyed with him. He immediately dashed off to go and try to socialise with kids his age.
Chaeyoung then stood in front of you. ‘So, theology?’
She then started asking you all sorts of questions. You had started university just a few weeks ago so you couldn’t answer a lot of her questions. Chaeyoung was starting to work on her profile for university applications, and those questions you could actually answer. She pulled you to take a seat next to her and you complied with her before the service started.
Jungkook was sitting next to his sister as he’d walked behind you. Your mother and his mother were already making plans for dinner some time this week as you had moved in just a couple of houses down the street. His mother wanted to have a good relationship with your family now that your father was the pastor.
As your father made his way to the middle of the stage, Jungkook nudged his sister.
‘Chae, stop talking her ear off and let her go to her family. We’re about to start.’
Chaeyoung pouted. ‘You should give me your phone number or your Instagram so we can keep contact.’ You nodded, slightly chuckling as you took her phone.
You, then, stood up and before you left, you gave Jungkook a sweet smile. He watched you go, running his eyes up and down your body. The way your dress moved as your hips swayed was almost hypnotic. He felt a pair of hands on his shoulders, startling him and snapping him out of his lewd thoughts. Wow, it felt as if he was going through puberty all over again.
Jimin was standing behind him, leaning in so his parents wouldn’t hear. ‘Isn’t she cute?’
He chuckled. ‘I forget your virgin ears cannot take that.’
‘Being a virgin is not bad.’
‘I never said that. Just… you can acknowledge when someone makes your blood pressure go haywire.’ Jimin didn’t need to be face to face with Jungkook to know he was rolling his eyes.
Jungkook was not going to lie, he had no expectations when it came to your father. He was still hung up on his previous pastor and even missed him, but your father had done a really good job and Jungkook was even very engaged with what he was saying. Jungkook had just lost focus for one second and turned his head to see the people sitting at the front, where he found you already staring at him. Another smile creeped up your lips, holding eye contact for a second before you turned your eyes back to your father. Jungkook swallowed thick―he was not going to make it out alive.
After the sermons, people would stay to talk to one another, as if they didn’t see each other in the week. Jungkook usually hated this as it would mean Jimin talking all the time while Jungkook just sat there waiting for his family; he would never dare to leave without them. His mother and father were in a very deep conversation with your father, probably about how  great  his sermon had been.
Jimin was already sitting down next to Jungkook as he told him what he’d been up to in the week. His parents had allowed him to move out for university, and Jimin had gone wild―not that his parents knew about it. As you walked out of the church, Jimin put his eyes on you, halting his story. Jungkook knew that look, and he hated it.  Fresh meat .
‘Don’t.’ The younger one warned. Jimin turned to see him offended. ‘Don’t even try. She’s the pastor’s daughter.’
‘Please, I just want to be friendly.’
‘Friendly is not in your vocabulary.’
You neared them as you were in conversation with Chaeyoung. ‘Quick, what’s her name?’
‘Why do you wanna know?’
‘I said quick!’
Swiftly, Jimin stood up in front of you and Chaeyoung. Both Jeons knew every card in the Park Jimin deck, so neither of them were amused. You, on the other hand, spared him a confused glance. You knew he was the son of the Parks, but you hadn’t really talked to him. He was very handsome too, but he was a different type of handsome to Jungkook, his features seemed a lot finer.
‘Is there anything I can help you with?’ You asked in your customer service voice.
‘Just wanted to properly introduce myself and welcome you.’ You nodded, taking his hand. ‘I see Chaeyoung is already keeping you busy.’
‘Don’t mind Jimin, he’s just… well, you know.’ She raised one of her eyebrows. It seemed as if you two had already a secret language that left both of the boys confused. You seemed to understand perfectly. ‘Anyways, Jungkook, they’re coming over tomorrow for dinner!’
‘Oh? That’s fun.’
Your eyes travelled up Jungkook’s figure, and you wondered if he did sports. He had to at least work out; his shirt was barely keeping it together around his biceps.  Fun . That was going to be one way to put it. It was harmless for you to develop a crush on Jungkook, it was only natural for it to happen. You didn’t even have to act on it. Nor where you expected to. He’d probably pass out if you did if any of your interactions had been pointers.
As he got home, Jungkook undid his tie and decided to take out one of the books he’d been assigned for class. He already had an assignment due in a few days, and he hadn’t started just yet. Still, his mind couldn’t get off you. The way your dress fitted you had to be illegal. Jungkook had mentally slapped himself when he’d found his eyes staying on your boobs longer than needed―not that it was needed at all.
He thought a cold shower should do it, but he knew it wasn’t going to. He knew that masturbation was a big no, but there were some things that one needed to do every once in a while. He was a man after all. So, he pulled out his computer from his bag and laid on his bed, scrolling through a myriad of videos of every kind possible.
Maybe that wasn’t what he needed. It felt wrong to watch these people have sex, so he looked for something different. He scrolled through a couple of videos before he saw one of the things to the side.  Livestreams  with a blinking red dot next to them. He thought that watching one never hurt nobody, so he clicked on a random one.
The girl on the screen was only showing the bottom half of her face as she sat on her bed wearing an oversized t-shirt. From what he could see, she wasn’t wearing a bra, her nipples already prominent under the fabric. Jungkook never thought it was so hot to see that. Her lips were slightly apart as she set everything up for the livestream; it was only starting.
There was a shift in the screen as the camera revealed her whole face. Jungkook’s mouth hung open. It couldn’t be. It just simply couldn’t. He knew his mind was playing him a trick, that couldn’t be you on his screen.
Jungkook knew that he needed to close the browser and forget it happened after he’d prayed for you. Still, his cock stirred inside his pants. He pulled his trousers, trying to fix himself. His cursor hovered over the x to close his browser window, but he heard your voice. His eyes fixed on your face, that was adored by the same polite smile he’d seen earlier in the day.
Your voice was soothing, saying hi to your viewers and already thanking people for the tips they were giving you. Everything inside of Jungkook was yelling to close the browser and go take shower, go read some non-fiction, pray for you―but he couldn’t. He didn’t want to. God, it felt wrong, definitely, but no one knew what was going on inside his room.
The sound of your chuckle brought him out of his thoughts. ‘Thank you, everyone, for your very generous tips, but if you have liked what you see so far, you’ll love what’s coming later.’
You were sin. Jungkook was convinced. You didn’t change much from how he’d perceived you before; you still had that same calm energy around you.
After a few more minutes of chatting as you waited for more people to join, once the number stabilised you decided to start. You were sitting on your bed, your camera in front of you, showing how you were sitting on your thighs. Jungkook thought you looked so fucking cute yet so sinful. You tilted your head as you kept reading the comments.
‘You know, if you keep rushing me, I’ll just do things slowly.’ You teased and Jungkook felt the heat come up his neck into his face.
You leaned back against the pillows behind you. Jungkook focused on the pillows a little bit too much, seeing how they dipped under your body. He watched your hands pull on your shirt, covering your centre from the camera. One of your hands travelled up on top of the shirt and groped one of your boobs.
Jungkook licked his bottom lip, wondering how your breasts would feel in his hands. There was an urge growing inside of him to bury his face between your tits. He’d never wanted to do something like that before. The soft moan coming out of your mouth made Jungkook’s cock twitch. Your hand kneaded your breasts as you grinded against the other hand.  Fuck , he wanted that shirt gone.
‘Just take it off.’ Jungkook begged at the screen. He knew you couldn’t hear him, but he was used to talking and not getting any feedback.
As if you heard him, you spread your legs showing that you weren’t wearing any underwear. He almost choked on his own saliva, coughing as he fixed the laptop on his lap. You taunted your audience as you started playing with your slit, biting your bottom lip to keep the small whimpers from being too loud.
Jungkook wondered if your parents were home. What would the pastor think of his perfect little daughter showing all of herself on the internet? He seemed so proud of you earlier in the day. Jungkook didn’t even want to remember who your father was because it just made him feel guiltier about watching you pleasure yourself. They couldn’t have been home, you probably knew their schedule perfectly, finding a window of time for you to do this.
With your moans becoming more frequent, Jungkook’s cock was rigid inside his underwear. He reached inside them, pulling his dick out.  It’s wrong . He shouldn’t have been doing this, but there he was, stroking his cock to the sweet sound of your moans and whimpers as you finally pushed your fingers inside of you.
You pulled at your shirt when you started moving your fingers inside of you. Jungkook still wanted that shirt gone. He wanted to see your tits in full display on his screen, see how they moved when your breathing was ragged. He wanted to touch you, more than anything. He knew that it was  wrong , he couldn’t because of various reasons, but the urge to slip his fingers inside of you and see if you were as warm as he thought you were.
Jungkook could see your arousal dripping into your sheets. He never liked swearing, trying to stay as far away from it as he could, but  fuck , he wanted to see it for himself. He wanted to have you in front of him, fucking yourself on your fingers. You stopped abruptly, finally taking off your shirt and letting everyone see your bare figure.
A smile spread on your lips as you brought your arms together, squishing your breasts, and then you proceeded to shimmy, making them jiggle. Jungkook suddenly felt light headed, his cock twitching in his hands. You licked your lips as you read the comments and thanked the people who were continuously giving your tips.
‘Do you guys think it’s time for a toy?’
He was positive you were going to kill him. One, he had assumed that you were a virgin, that you obeyed the scripture. It could just be something else, right? It could definitely be one of those vibrator things that girls liked.  Two,  a toy ―he was going to die right there and then and people were going to find him with his dick out as he saw you.
‘Don’t do this to me.’ He begged again, as if you could hear him.
This time, you went against his wishes, taking out a deep purple dildo, confirming all of his suspicions. Jungkook blinked repeatedly, thinking that his brain was playing games with him and you weren’t holding that up. He didn’t even have time to wonder who’d had the privilege of having sex with you before. You backed up on the bed, but you turned around, giving your back to your camera. He stayed still, watching every one of your movements carefully.
You set the dildo under you and lined it up with your entrance. You hissed when you felt the cold temperature against your heat, but still, you started to lower down on your toy. Jungkook thought he was going to pass out, he really did. You stayed still a few seconds, but then you grabbed one of the pillows in front of you for leverage as you spread your legs a little wider and started bouncing on the dildo.
Jungkook started pumping his dick at the same rhythm you were going. He pictured you on top of him, imagining that it was  his  cock the one that was making you moan like that.
You changed position, now on your back against your pillows as you pumped the dildo in and out of your pussy. The sound of your arousal was loud on Jungkook’s ears. He saw how you glistened the toy with your juices, and Jungkook wondered if he would ever get a chance so he  could be the reason for that.
One of your fingers as between your teeth as you bit it to hold back your moans. Jungkook would have never allowed you to do that. If he was the cause of your pleasure, he would want to hear every little sound that could come out of you. You whined under your own pace, but you never slowed down, keeping the same pace.
As your orgasm came closer and closer, you left the dildo inside of you as your fingers focused on your clit. Swears spilled out of your mouth as you finally reached the tipping point and came down off it with a loud moan that resonated through Jungkook. He saw the dildo jerk as your head aftershocks of pleasure. Jungkook felt his cock twitch in his hands as he finally reached his own orgasm. 
You reached for the t-shirt you had been wearing at the beginning of the livestream and put it on. You scooted over, reading the comments that were still flowing in. Jungkook’s chest rose and fell with his breathing and he saw your lips part as you concentrated on the comments.
‘Thank you for joining, all. I’ll see you soon!’
As you waved goodbye with your signature smile already on your lips, Jungkook knew he was fucked.
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blank-et-noir · 2 days ago
The Great Pretender (3)
Tumblr media
chapter: three ( 2k ) genre: fluff | angst | romance | hurt/comfort tags: bts x reader | ot7 x reader | abo au | poly warnings: sexual harassment, overthinking? summary: Lately, the mask you’ve worn since childhood is slowly getting more suffocating by the day. It doesn’t help that along with this, you’re also trying to find your place in your newfound pack. With their insistent attempt to get closer to you, will you still be able to prevent yourself from slipping? beta: @destructiveasparagus (thank you for the comments they are sooo detailed and everything, it really helped and all. It took me pretty long to finish this and I really tried fixing this chapter with the comments you gave me huhu thank you so much 🥰)
Tumblr media
The office was a little too quiet, a little too dark, and a little too empty. But it doesn’t matter since you don’t notice it anyway with how stuck you still are in the thoughts that you’ve had this morning - or dawn to be precise.
Pacing back and forth in the little space you have just beside your work cubicle, you think of ways to cover up your mistake last night. You still remember how Hoseok and Yoongi’s arms wrapped around you, tightly, from each side. Feeling lonely, you hug yourself.
Despite the sweat running down from your temples, it’s strangely cold, So you run your hands up and down your upper arms, in an attempt to simulate the warmth you felt last night, but it barely makes a difference.
Self-disgust starts creeping in when you realize just how much you crave feeling oh-so-small in the middle of them. Actually, wanting the affection you received that night and feeling so soft. Your nails start to dig deeper on the upper arm, leaving nail marks. Alphas are not supposed to feel that way. You’re not raised to feel that way.
You know that you’re overthinking it, that you were able to escape the nest without anyone noticing. You probably have nothing to worry about. But a part of your brain says that your escape is just temporary - it’s just you delaying things.
So you try to rationalize, in order to stop yourself from spiraling.
Okay. Best case scenario is they haven’t noticed at all. They haven’t noticed when your unconscious self sleepwalked to their nest and slotted herself in the middle of their intimate pack cuddle - more specifically, inserted herself in between the warm hugs of Hobi and Yoongi. They also didn’t notice you fleeing before they even woke up. So it appears as if nothing has happened and you slept all night alone in your own room, just like how you should’ve been.
Worst case scenario - which is, by the way, unlikely than the one prior but, nevertheless, is still a probability to consider - is that someone woke up last night when you sleepwalked to the nest. And they were forced to sleep uncomfortably because you just invaded an intimate space that you were clearly uninvited in. They witnessed how soft you were of an alpha and are annoyed that they have to deal with their needy and clingy ass. They’ll soon realize how you were faking it all along and you’re not the strong and independent alpha that you pretended to be. The alphas would be disappointed, the betas weirded out, and the omegas disgusted. You failed them as an alpha and they’ll want to kick you out of the pack.
Now, weighing both scenarios, one is more likely than the other because had it been the second one then it wouldn’t make sense for Yoongi and Hoseok to willingly cuddle you. If they were dead asleep, it is more natural that they’d hug you close, thinking that your body is just one of their other pack mates and not you.
That makes sense. Okay. Obviously there is no need to panic anymore.
All you have to worry about is how you’ll act when you go home and face them. If you act like everything’s normal and mask the guilt you feel then you’ll be fine. If it gets too hard you can just pretend you have another business trip and spend the night in your unit until the guilt fades away.
Okay, maybe that last option is too severe. But you’d like to believe you’re a decent actress, so you got this in the bag. The last option is just a big “what if.”
With a solution now in mind, you move forward and try to brainstorm for the prevention part of the plan.
You’re too scared to imagine just how much bigger your slip-ups could get. Sure, you’ve had them frequently these days - like how you almost cuddled Lisa openly in public last week or how you accidentally let out a whine in your phone call with Yoongi - but those were just small, minor mistakes that are easy to cover up.
Last night was too risky. This week was supposed to be your heat. Sure, the suppressants were able to stop them from actually happening but the doctor warned you that it could still be triggered by strong scenting of mates or intimate contact with partners. In short, you were in a very sensitive and vulnerable spot right now. You couldn’t afford to have anoth -
Before you can even finish your train of thought, you heard a loud crashing sound in one of the closed offices.
Startled by the loud sound, it takes you a minute before you move to check where the sound came from. And as you walk closer to where you thought you heard the sound, you slowly sink in dread when you realize that you are heading towards your boss’s office.
It should be fine right? You have to check just in case someone was hurt.
Surely, he hasn’t arrived in the office yet - it’s too early. It could just be the janitor slipping on the floor?
Deep inside you knew that you were only holding onto false hope. Your boss was particularly known to arrive even before office hours. The reason - you’re not sure. You can only suspect that that’s the time he actually gets his job done. That would explain how he’s able to spend the rest of the office hours frolicking around and terrorizing his subordinates without falling behind his workload. It’s one of the reasons the higher ups can’t just kick him out. He’s an efficient worker. Although he was never one to work well with others, no one could deny that he actually is able to get things done.
You try to approach the door as quietly as you can. The silence of the office makes the sound of your heartbeat much louder to your ears.
The door creaks a little even as you open it the slowest that you can. And as you catch a brief glimpse of your boss from the small gap you created by the door, you try your best to retreat swiftly. Except it doesn’t work because in your hurry you accidentally slam the door shut.
You were about to bolt when your boss’s voice halts your every movement.
“Whoever is out there, come back in before I call security and fire you. There are surveillance cameras just outside my office, I can easily know your identity by checking them later.”
He’s eerily calm for someone who just caught someone sneaking to his office. Isn’t he afraid it might be an actual robber. How is he so sure it’s an employee? Plus it’s like 5 am in the morning, isn’t he scared that I might be like a ghost or something?
“Quickly, before I lose my patience.” With that threat, all your other thoughts vanish and you enter the room with your head lowered.
“If it isn’t my favorite girl? Y/N, I knew you’d one day fold.”
You momentarily cringe at the endearment before confusion starts to seep in. It must have been evident in your facial expression because before the pregnant silence envelops you any longer, he expounds further.
“You’re starting to regret choosing your pack. You’re here to beg me to take you.”
At his confident statement, you flinch. For the first time, you raise your head and attempt to throw him a look of disgust and distaste only for it to morph into shock.
His eyes were bloodshot red. Hair and suit, a mess. Papers and pens are scattered everywhere. There are some pieces of ceramic and glass on the floor. His table is cleared. Now, that must be the cause of the sound. He threw all of the items on his desk to the floor, including his pristine glass nameplate.
God, did just trash his office? This early? On a Monday? That’s fucked up.
He takes a step closer to you, and oddly he takes a huge sniff.
And if you weren’t peeved enough by the mess he had in his office, that obviously perverted action definitely set you off.
“Fucking hell. Baby, you don’t even have to beg anymore. You offering me to take you on your heat is definitely enough to make up for ditching me over that stupid pack of yours.”
The fuck?!?
Then it hits you. In your rush to leave home, you forgot to take your suppressants and apply some scent mask, just like how your doctor advised you.
You take a step back, clearly heading for the door in the most subtlest of ways. And your boss, still drunk on the scent of you, doesn't seem to notice your obvious attempt to escape - that you don’t want this, that it was not your intention to ask him to help you on your heat. Instead, he creeps even closer, slowly, as if approaching prey - which was ironic at this point since you were the alpha.
He’s not any bigger than usual betas but you were smaller than a normal alpha - if it weren’t for your scent, many could mistake you as an omega because of your physique. Still, size wasn’t the issue- you can beat him in a fight any day - it’s the evident power gap.
The old man had vast connections ranging from different industries. Shitty attitude aside, many actually respect him for his output and works. He’s an asset to the company, one they wouldn’t want to lose. If a harassment case were ever to blossom from this, you know that it’d be you that the company would lay off. You were pretty sure that wasn’t legal but they have their ways. The thing is, you’re just not important to the company as this man is. And if they have to, you’re an expense they’re willing to pay just to make the man stay.
You’re extremely close to the door now. Witnessing your threatened state doesn’t seem to bother or agitate the beta. He just leans close to sniff again just near your neck. You freeze then shudder. Disgusted but unable to move, scared that your sudden movement might trigger him to bite your flesh.
Only after he leans back and shows you a demeaning smirk did you finally push him hard and rush out the door, heading to the nearest comfort room to wash away his claim on you. As you run, you hear him shout from the room.
“I’ll wait for your heat to peak, baby! I’ll take you!”
You felt pretty much numb after the encounter, so you just stayed in your cubicle.
It’s not sexual harassment right? Sure, you felt uncomfortable but he technically didn’t touch you. Maybe you’re just overreacting. Plus even if it is, will anyone believe you? An alpha getting harassed by a beta - is that even possible. It’s probably your fault. You’re an alpha for god’s sake, you could’ve just used your physical strength or alpha voice. Why can’t you defend yourself?
One by one, other employees start filling the office and heading to their respective work cubicles. It hits you that you probably have to leave. Because of the open area design of the office, your pheromones can easily be detected by others and they’ll know you’re on your pre-heat - which is kind of embarrassing since it’s seen as taboo and rude to continue going to office once one knows they’re in their pre-heat or pre-rut stage. It’s a customary gesture to just take a leave and stay at home in order to not disturb or distract other employees with your pheromones or even stimulate arousal from your co-workers.
You make a quick email to your ass-of-a-boss, requesting an emergency leave. It was probably more appropriate to ask him directly as he’s literally in the same floor, but you’d rather not encounter him again. With that, you pack your things and leave.
Tumblr media
A/N: Hey! It's been a while but I hope this chapter made up for my absence. Sorry for being inactive lately. It's just... life's been pretty busy ig :>> please don’t feel shy to send in feedback, hearing your thoughts serve as motivation....I'll try replying to your messages hehe... I don't reply much but promise I read through all of them <3 tag list: @aliceoracleollormusic @c-olbybrock @nyamnomnamujoon @bt21chim@fangirl125reader @tinyoonsblog @lexus-stanley @ratherbefangirling@shani-8617 @secretwellwisher @mariana-mmtz @b-e-t-x-s-o@sonderinwanderin @ifyouareme @momoriki @spiderlilyserendipity @yoongi-bear @lvpersona @bigcelebritiesnaturellama@aliceoracleollormusic @duhitzronalyn @purelyecstacy@basicgukk@marslena @missseoulite @sehun096rainbow @hoebii @plutoneu@ignixte@angryperfectionpersona @utterlynuts @yeboi-0418 @thequeen-kat @yessii-i @tenderfrailty @uwu-i-purple-you @childfmoonn@sonnensplitter @mayla548 @jiminie-08 @xyahrinx @ah2002 @tsukispic @xamastraea @mydailylifesstuff @aliceluckycharm @calling-dips-on-j-hope
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november reads
🌹 = favorite
heavy smut
Doxology 🌹
"church goer"!jjk x "church goer"!reader
Sneaky link
bodyguard!jjk x boss!reader
Pay Attention
ceo!pjm x employee!reader
pilot!jhs x flight attendant!reader x flight attendant!kth
Rich People Shit 🌹
virgin!jjk x virgin!reader
jjk drabbles/imagines
be with me
jungkook planned a dinner but you forgot
slippery concoction
making out in the shower but you slip lol
soft nights
kook had a long day so you comfort him
he comforts you
halloween special🎃
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spdwrman · a day ago
Tumblr media
some people say luck can knock on your door... but that's not the case.
you find yourself having the biggest crush on jung hoseok but he doesn't even know that you exist. after a fraternity party and some alcohol in your system, you find yourself with some dumb ideas with someone you didn't even know since yesterday, which is jeon jungkook. then you find yourself trapped in a stupid deal, which is — make hoseok fall in love with you.
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x reader
rating: 18+
content: smut, angst, strangers to friends to lovers, college au, fluff
warnings: swearing, alcohol, mature themes and sexual content.
counting: 4.5k
Tumblr media
chapter one playlist: slow down — chase atlantic | die for you — the weeknd | little white lies — one direction
Tumblr media
"for the last time, i swear." your best friend turned around, showing the baby blue dress that arranged perfectly on her body. you stand up and quickly take your eyes off the image of henry cavill in that white wig, printed on tv, only to see your friend and that worried look on her face.
it makes you roll your eyes.
“yeji, i swear to god. you look gorgeous. like, absurdly beautiful, so don't worry. jimin won't take his eyes off you.”
a hopeful smile spreads across her face. yeji bites her lip, confident that the dress was the right choice for her third date with jimin, one of the popular guys on campus who was totally obsessed with her.
you sometimes found it ironic how guys just almost slipped on their own drool when it came to yeji. no wonder she had caught the eye of park jimin, one of the prettiest boys on campus. they matched more than any other couple together, it physically hurts looking at both of them, it was like looking at two models at vogue at the same time.
"don't worry. he adores you.” you laugh to yourself. “you could be dressed in a bag of potatoes and yet he would say you are the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. you know how him."
yeji stared at herself in the mirror, straightening her eyeliner for the third time in less than ten minutes. you were glad she was going to this date, partly because the day had been totally stressful and all you wanted was to idolize henry cavill’s figure as you watched the latest episodes of the witcher.
"okay, so… i’m leaving." she turns once more only to pick up her coat and her bag. “don't wait for me. don't sleep too late and eat something, okay?”
"okay." you smile wryly. "mom."
yeji rolls her eyes as she leaves the room with a sigh.
"bye, have fun and use protection!" you scream only to hear yeji's exasperated grunt and then the door slams shut.
great, now the apartment was entirely yours.
you were relieved because you needed some alone time, so you dropped the show and decided to take a long shower after ordering a large pizza with extra cheese. your body was begging for a hot bath and delicious food and most importantly, a good night's sleep.
after showering, you went back to the television in order to finish the episode, when the doorbell rang.
your stomach growled just imagining the aroma of pizza and… not the delivery man, but a boy. a boy without any pizza.
you look at him confused, eyebrows arched. he opens a sympathetic smile.
"hi. is hana there?"
"hana." he curls his lips, looking anxious.
"i don't know any hana." you squint, looking right into the slightly doe-eyed guy in front of you, wondering why he looks so familiar.
"what? no. i’m sure she lives here.” he takes his phone out of his pocket and seems to be looking again for the right address. "where’s it? fuck." he mutters.
"sorry to disappoint you, but we don't have any hana here." you shrug.
he rolls his eyes and sighs.
“what a bitch. she gave me the wrong address?”
you scowl, a little indignant at what you've just heard.
“sorry, but… you shouldn't call her a bitch. you might as well have the wrong address. there are dozens of identical buildings in this block.”
"i’m not that dumb."
it’s not what it looks like…
"whatever, it's still a little jerk of you to talk about her like that." you fold your arms down and stare at him grimly. he opens his lips, ready to confess something, but ends up sighing again.
he digs his fingers into the hairline and pulls them back. "sorry. but she made a fool out of me. we met through this app and she said she wanted to meet me, fuck, she even sent me—” he glares at you when he realizes he was talking too much. "nevermind."
you just agreed nonchalantly, afterall, you didn't know him and he was standing in front of your door with that pitying look of a puppy that has just been abandoned.
so that was the first time that jungkook looked at you. in the heat of the deadly silence that lingered between you, he took a minute, totally forgetting about hana as he laid eyes on you. he took a while to shape your lips and how sexy you looked with that oversized shirt and little sleep shorts.
you fake a cough only to have him look at your face again. "so, is that all?"
“hm, i—”
jungkook was silenced when the pizza delivery boy appeared. the satisfying smile on your lips gave away just how hungry you were, just waiting to devour that pizza box. after contacting the delivery man, he left and you closed the door behind you, but jungkook stepped forward, making your way impossible.
"what do you want?" you rolled your eyes.
"is there any chance of you wanting to go to a party?"
you squint your eyes at him.
"nope." again you try to close the door, but jungkook insists. "do it again and i’ll call the police."
"sorry." he pulls away and a small smile materializes on his lips. “but it's a nice one. at the bangtan fraternity.”
so that's where you knew him from.
"you’re one of them?"
"you don’t know me?" he sounds a little offended.
"should i?" you arch your brow, amused by the incredulous expression on jungkook’s face. it was extraordinary how easy it was to hurt a man's ego.
“jungkook. soccer team?"
you widen your eyes, getting into character. you snap your fingers and point at him, surprised. “of course, yes. now i recognized you.”
because when you thought of bangtan, you also thought of jung hoseok. which was an almost illegal subject inside your mind.
the thing is, you could have a small — massive — crush on hoseok. which might be plausible and cute if he wasn't the most amazing guy you've ever met. being in his presence made you breathless, your words barely came out coherently and you looked more like a teenager trying to maintain your posture in front of him.
it all got worse because he was two years older and nearly a senior in college. that made it difficult for some things, like for example, him just noticing you. hoseok is an extremely smart and popular guy. he's always hanging out with jimin and the bangtan boys, who together make up the best-known fraternity on campus.
this was a great chance to be close to him, maybe try to talk to him or even something more. jungkook pouted as he waited for an answer. you looked at him one more time, only then noticing the glittering metal at the corner of his lips and the side of his eyebrow.
that’s totally insane, you thought. give up your plans to binge-watch the witcher and stuff yourself with pizza to go to a bangtan fraternity party.
"give me ten minutes."
fifteen minutes after having the door closed in his face, jungkook jumped at the noise of the door opening. it was like he was seeing another version of you, only sexier. he didn't want to look too hard, as it might even be a little awkward given the situation you were in, but he couldn't help but think about how great you looked in your long-sleeved cropped, jeans and boots. the eyeliner in your eyes made you fierce, sensual.
jungkook for a second thanked that hana had bailed out on him.
"can we go?" you expect after tucking your phone into your jacket.
"o–of course." jungkook clears his throat after realizing he was staring again. "what's your name?"
you were already heading down to campus street, where the wind lay hard and made him reach inside his sweatshirt.
"it's ____," you answer it with a grin on your face. so you decide to bring it up, not trying to sound too obvious. "hmm, will your friends be there?"
"i think so." he looks at you for a moment, eyes naturally wide, watching the small frown on your forehead. "why? they're really cool.”
"oh, yeah, sure." your comment sounds a bit sarcastic, but he doesn't notice. "by the way, sorry that this hana had bailed on you."
jungkook snorted between a laugh, his eyes squinting as his lips expanded into a crooked smile.
"it's fine."
"are you going to talk to her?"
"probably." he sighs and the air condenses in front of him from the cold. "why?" he looks at you.
"just curious." you shrug, after all, you were just trying to bring up some subject with jungkook until you guys got to the frat.
the house wasn't that far away, so after a few minutes of walking, you could hear the music and the shouts of some boozer people.
the interior was chaotic, but right away you saw taehyung, jimin’s best friend, and namjoon talking. jimin wasn't there, so it was a little odd being where he lived without him being here.
taehyung turned around the moment he saw jungkook coming in, pushing a dozen people before he managed to get close to his friends. you followed, trying not to get pushed around by drunk freshmen.
"jungkook and ___?" taehyung looks at you confused but in a good way. "this is new."
"wait, do you know each other?" jungkook announces as if he already knows you, which is not quite true.
you just shrug and smile sympathetically.
"mi casa, su casa. we have beer in the kitchen.” you just notice that there's a soju bottle entwined in taehyung's fingers when he beckons to the kitchen path.
"okay. thanks.”
jungkook still stares at the two of you a little uncertain, but then something catches his attention and he widens his eyes, lips parted in shock.
"you gotta be fucking kidding me."
you try to follow up to the point where he's staring, but all you see is a red-haired girl with her back turned. her silky hair runs down her back so gracefully you feel a little envious.
"whats going on?"
"it's her." he locks his jaw. "that's hana."
you look at him perplexed, but deep down you have an enormous urge to laugh. poor jungkook. you barely have time to react as he disappears among the people and soon you realize that taehyung is gone too and you're standing in the middle of a living room surrounded by people you don't know.
you snort, thinking that maybe this was a mistake and that yeji will be disappointed to hear you're not asleep at this time.
you make your way to a corner of the house where there are few people, near the stairs. from there you can see almost everyone and the air smells less of alcohol and vomit.
"you look like you need this." a voice unexpectedly rises. you turn around, slightly startled and your heart erupts inside your chest.
"oh hi. yes, thank you.” you shake your head slightly, taking the can from his hands.
you're genuinely surprised that he noticed you. for him to come to talk to you so suddenly.
“sorry, but did we know each other? i’m sure i’d remember you,” he says in such an alluring way that makes your heart melt.
"it's ___." you smile shyly when you meet his eyes. "but i don't think we know each other."
that was one of the details you most adored about him, besides the heart-shaped smile that always took your breath away. hoseok had an intense gleam in his eyes, it made anyone fall in love with him in a matter of seconds, he had that kind of power. it was impressive how he could change the entire mood just by his presence. tireless times you witnessed him cracking up with his group of friends and the way they all seemed to idolize him, it seemed that he was midas.
so you had your reasons for being a little anxious.
“i saw you with jungkook. are you guys friends?"
"not exactly. but i know jimin and taehyung.” you contemplate his eyes traveling over your lips as you speak. it could be that simple, he'd pull you and devour your lips, the way you always dreamed of.
"and what course are you in?" he takes a quick sip of beer and when you're ready to respond, a vibration takes all your attention.
not now.
“‘i’m sorry…” you pull your phone out of your pocket and snort impatiently when you see yeji’s name on the screen. “i need to take this."
hoseok nods quietly as you climb a few steps and cover your ear to keep the noise from getting in your way.
"i’m freaking out!" yeji screams louder than the music.
"what happened yeji?"
"it just so happened that jimin and i are going to… you know."
wow you are going to get laid. congrats yeji, for telling me your big secret while i try to do the same — not really successfully — with hoseok.
“that’s great, isn't it? wasn't that what you wanted?”
yeji sighs. “of course, but i’m nervous! it's jimin!”
"jimin’s a gentleman, maybe the kindest and most loving guy i know, so everything will be fine." you laugh and yeji seems to calm down a little bit.
"thanks ____. he's coming now. need to go.”
"okay…be safe?"
"see you tomorrow," she growls in annoyance.
and so, she hangs up.
you chuckle to yourself because only yeji would call you in the middle of a fit just to tell that she's going to have sex with her boyfriend. which is kind of funny since you always share everything, every useless detail of your life.
“so what were you saying—” the phrase dies halfway on your lips because hoseok is no longer there.
you look around, but it seems to have disappeared. with that, your head falls back and a long growl of discontentment escapes your lips.
almost an hour later, you're miserably draining your second bottle of beer and your thoughts start to get hazy.
hoseok has disappeared for the past hour, so have jungkook and his friends. the music still goes on and people never seem to get tired of shrieking or drinking alcohol.
after the second bottle, you decide you prefer to leave. with your phone in hand, you cross the fraternity and look for an uber through the app. although it's not too late, there's some trepidation about walking alone for ten minutes to the buildings around campus.
your eyes then overtake an ironic scene. the redhead, the girl who had so devilishly fooled jungkook, was kissing someone near the entrance. first, a frown of disgust took over your face, then fury. because it wasn't just any guy, it was hoseok.
he had his hands on her face, on her neck, on every place of that girl's body, and you felt everything tremble and succumb to hatred. first, because it was ridiculous, he’d never look at you when people like hana are walking around like that.
the feeling of nausea hits you like a bump and everything seems a little dazed, but still, your mind traces an outrageous thought. taking a deep breath, eyes brimming with wrath, you turn and turn off your phone. just across the room, you see jungkook talking to a couple of friends you've never seen before.
without anticipation, you pull his arm and lead him towards the stairs.
"are you okay?" he looks at you, totally confused.
"if i ask you something, would you be honest?"
jungkook stops to think for a moment and nods his head.
"okay?" he hesitates, frowning a little bit.
your chest rises and falls, adrenaline coursing through your veins, the taste of beer intoxicates your palate, but all you can focus on are jungkook’s sparkling-wide eyes.
"do you think i’m hot?"
jungkook almost chokes with his own saliva but blinks a couple of times before answering.
“is that even a question?"
something twirls in your stomach.
"do you wanna fuck?" your words escape as if you are barely saying ‘good morning’ to someone.
jungkook freezes for a moment, but then a lopsided smile arises on his face.
"is this some kind of joke?"
“jungkook! yes or no?"
"oh." he pouts, feeling everything stop for a moment. for that moment he knew you're deadly serious. jungkook lets his eyes travel through your hair, then your red lips and how you somehow look hot in this haze of lust. "sure." he replies casually.
a smile on his face is all you need to know.
jungkook closed the door while you noticed some details of the now lit room. it was simple, nothing too fancy for a frat house. there were some medals and trophies, but you expected that from his performance in football games.
"so...?" jungkook’s voice haunts you a bit. now, a little soberer than a few minutes ago, it all seems to start to make more sense.
were you even suggesting having sex with jungkook because you were mad at hoseok? what nonsense. would it be too late to give up?
but the most contradictory part was that you didn't want to. jungkook’s confused and yet predatory gaze falls on you.
in a quick movement he removes his sweatshirt and you are surprised to see dozens of tattoos on his arm. several random drawings extend into his hand. and somehow, it seemed to make you flush even more with anger and desire.
"why are you looking at me like that?" your voice comes out between a laugh.
"i’m still a little confused." he scratches the side of his head. “not that i don't want to do this. like, i want one hundred percent. but why are we doing this anyway?” he slurs over his own words and you roll your eyes as you walk over to him.
suddenly the anger seems to turn into something else and you just need to relieve that tension with something and jungkook is there, looking like the best person to do it for you.
you hold his face in both hands, eyes still clouded by all that adrenaline. he stares directly at your full lips and his heart seems to flutter faster as you approach, your alcohol-streaked breath musky with its sweet scent. "please, just shut up and fuck me."
your body’s propelled back when jungkook's lips meet yours. his hands are lengthy and tough when they grip your waist precisely. your kiss turns into something sloppy and slippery, full of frustration and desire on both sides.
jungkook leans against the wall, creating a small space between his body and you. without further ado, your jacket is tossed to another corner of the room as he removes his pants and shoes, without even unlocking his lips from yours. eventually, this ends up happening when you remove your pants and the cropped covering your breasts — no bra — a detail that makes jungkook gasp in delight. your bodies are hot and a mixture of confusion and lust. you help him remove his black shirt that was still hanging from his body, and when he wrapped you in his arms, he turned you so that you have your back to him.
your body burns with pure fever, jungkook's firm hands grip your flesh, and you feel the touch of his lips with his deviant tongue snaking down your neck. your head automatically drops to the side, giving his reckless and rosy lips free access.
it's only a matter of time before jungkook's erection makes its presence, rubbing it against your ass, which quickly rears up for more contact with his hardened cock.
you moan weakly as jungkook descends in a trail of kisses down your back, hot tongue still crawling, teeth scraping your skin, making you burn with craving. his lips only stop when they reach your ass, where he bites your skin and slowly lowers the sides of your panties. it's almost painful for you to feel his fingers brush your skin so deliciously. it just makes you want him more and more.
in an unexpected movement, jungkook turns your body, eyes searching yours, and he's fascinated by the view below. your breasts fill his hand so perfectly it startles him. you gasp when he squeezes one of them as he draws one more line of kisses between your navel and then, he moves down.
"leg up, babe." his voice sounds sensual and erotic at the same time, a combination that makes you almost erupt.
then you obey, putting one of your legs around his shoulder and you swear you can hear him saying something like ‘you’re so fucking wet’. in the first instance, he just stares at you in wonder, admiring your body and your panting breath each time he moves an inch closer to where you needed him the most. it's cruel how he moves, his hot breath against your skin makes you boil even more as if it were possible.
there's a devilish smile on jungkook's lips, which makes you confused for a few seconds, but that smile fades when he brings his lips closer to your cunt. the first contact makes you tremble because he does it well, too well.
“holy sh—” the sentence dies on your lips, turning into a noiseless moan. jungkook uses his tongue wonderfully, circling your clit and sucking your folds in precise motions. you roll your eyes, feeling pleasure intoxicate your body, and swivel all your organs at once. as if it were possible, jungkook comes even closer when you hold onto his brown hair, trying to maintain that luscious connection that keeps you on edge. he mumbles something, moaning as he eats you out. “just like that…” you don’t even recognize your own words at this point.
out of the blue, he slides a finger inside you. the sensation is maddening, feeling filled up as he eats up your pussy. it's almost vicious to look at jungkook, you almost can't, because he keeps his eyes glued to you every second as he explores every part of your body.
“jungkook...” your moans come out incoherent and louder as he speeds up his movements, adding one more, moving them quickly. “fuck, fuck, this is so—” you can barely finish. you feel an orgasm coming too soon, rippling through your body from inside out.
"will you come for me?" his voice pops into your mind like the devil himself. you never thought you'd be adept at being more vocal in sex, but jungkook's erotic voice saying so many dirty things felt right somehow. "or are you gonna be a good girl and come when i fill you up with my cock, hm?"
it was too much for you. the dirty talk, lips circling your most sensitive spot, and the nimble fingers working like your personal hell. your body then convulses, jungkook doesn't remove his lips right away, preferring to watch the way your body snakes deliciously under his touch.
“oh fuck...” you pull your hair back, trying to get back into focus, trying to figure out how an orgasm could have come so hard and fast this time. then jungkook gets up, out of the blue, sinking his lips into yours and somehow you have your own taste in your mouth.
without breaking the kiss, you aggressively make him sit on the bed, then position yourself on his lap. jungkook lets you stay on top, moving your hips slowly while he continues in his boxer, which is now damp with pre-cum. when lying down, you lean over to kiss him and jungkook seems to search for something on the dresser beside the bed until he finds the condom. it doesn't take long for him to get rid of the one piece of clothing that keeps him from bringing the two of you together at once.
when you slide over it, everything feels right. his eyes roll back and he lets out a high-pitched moan. it was painful for him, feeling your walls squeeze him so tightly as you moved so slowly. "faster, babe." he sucks in air through his teeth as you go up and down once more, sliding over his cock. "holy fu—"
his reckless hands try to reach your body, but you move faster and grab his wrists, pinning him to the side of his head. from above, you can see his lips parted aslittle moans escaped each time you moved faster. jungkook didn't object to that, but he wanted to have a piece of you right there, squeeze your waist and guide the pace, maybe grab your tits and clit just to see you squirm on his cock.
the movements were quick and agile, the sound of clashing bodies filled the entire room and for a second you closed your eyes, feeling that heated sensation invade your body for the thousandth time in th night.
"let me touch you," jungkook asked under unsteady breathing. you were still leaning over his body, letting him have a view of your tits bouncing as your body was riding him.
"no." your fingers tightened around his wrist.
jungkook seemed almost to whine, begging to touch your skin once more. his hips moved in sync with yours and quickly your most sensitive spot was hit.
“babe, babe…please. fuck. let me—” jungkook rolled his eyes tightly, feeling a strong numbness wash over his body. within moments you released him long enough for him to use his hands to rub your clit as you reached your apex. he rose, sat up, and took your neck, kissing your slippery, swollen lips once more.
your sweaty, slippery bodies tumbled onto the soccer player bed. you could barely control your frantic heartbeat. a lump formed in the center of your throat, and still trying to control your breathing, you turned to jungkook, who lay beside you.
"that was so fucking wild." he chuckled as he looked up at the ceiling still in that afterglow feeling.
then he turned to you.
"yeah." you gulped, trying to adjust your thoughts.
then suddenly you get up and start collecting your clothes scattered on the floor. jungkook doesn't say anything at first but he's confused when he sees you putting on the wrinkled clothes and then smoothing your chaotic hair in front of the mirror.
"where are you going?"
“home. it's late." the nonchalant tone in your voice takes him by surprise. of all things, this was not what he was expecting.
“uh, is everything alright? i did–"
"no, seriously. it's okay, i just need to go home.” you grab your jacket last and turn to him. the sight of jungkook's strong and bare chest covered only by a thin sheet makes you feel a ton of things once again. “thanks for the nighy tho, see you around."
and with that, you leave his dorm and go downstairs promptly. you even forget to call an uber, because a walk in the windy night seemed like the right thing to do. as you squeezed your own body and headed towards the small building where you shared with yeji, you could only think: what the fuck did i just do?
Tumblr media
notes: SO???? what do you guys think? idk i’m begging for feedbacks!
if anyone wants to be tagged, just tell me.
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bangtanficsforyou · a day ago
Early Morning Confessions
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jungkook x OC (reader)
Genre: fluff.
Au: established relationship au.
Warning: too much fluff, kissing, they do not do anything sexual but Jungkook kinda suggests, Jungkook swears like once.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: You let the three words slip on a fine, lazy, Sunday morning.
Word Count: 1.2K
A/N: To be honest, I was just in the mood of writing some fluff and my exams are going on so something short and sweet. Please let me know if you like it, it would mean the world to me.
Tumblr media
"Get up."
"Shhh, five more minutes." You mumble sleepily.
"You have been saying that for half an hour now, you sleepyhead."
Groaning in faux annoyance you open one eye. "So what? It's Sunday aka the sleep-as-long-as-you-can-day."
Jungkook's big doe eyes stare at you in amusement. "And how long exactly are you planning on sleeping?"
"As long as I can." You reply, closing your eye. "Now shut up, and cuddle with me."
"What else do you think we have been doing for so long?" He asks with a teasing tilt to his voice.
"Don't pretend as if you are not enjoying it." You huff.
The hand that was resting on your waist comes up to remove the few strands of hair that had fallen on your face. "Trust me, I wouldn't be anywhere else." He mumbles softly.
A small, sleepy smile forms on your lips and you pucker your lips to place a small kiss on the crook of his neck. A small shiver goes down his spine at the contact, which prompts him to pull you closer.
"Same." You mumble sheepishly into his neck.
He hums, as if deep in thought and then begins in a teasing manner. "Is that why you don't want to get out of bed? Is your whole Sunday-sleep day, an excuse to cuddle with me?"
You playfully nip the smooth skin of his neck. "Yes, it is. Happy?"
He looks down at you and brings his hand under your chin to tilt your head towards him, and places a peck on your lips. "Very."
You however seem displeased. Opening your eyes you let out out a whine. "Don't kiss me, what if I have morning breath?"
Jungkook has the audacity to roll his eyes. "Firstly, that was just a small peck. Secondly and most importantly, you don't have morning breath."
"Still," you grumble. "No kisses until I have brushed my teeth."
"No, *a peck* can *a peck* do *a peck*"
You whine again, this time to stop the smile that's threatening to break your pretence.
Jungkook sees right through you. "Don't pretend as if you are not enjoying it." He throws back, mimicking you.
"That's such a terrible mimicry." You grumble and hide your face in his neck, which causes him to chuckle. "You're lucky, I love you."
His hands that were playing with your hair abruptly pauses and so does your breathing.
You were not supposed to say that.
It has only been three months that you both have started dating. Isn't it too soon to say the words?
God knows you have been running away from yourself in your mind, to stop yourself from having the realisation that you are indeed, madly in love with Jeon Jungkook. But when you couldn't run anymore, you accepted the fact that you have fallen in love with him but you also made a deal to not confess anytime soon.
You told yourself that you'd tell him, after some time, when it feels right and you cannot count the number of times it had almost slipped from your tongue. And you remember at some point you were frustrated at him because he just makes it so difficult to not let him know, how loveable he is.
But every time you held yourself back.
Your sleepy self, however, just drowned all your plans.
Jungkook pulls back slightly to look into your eyes, which you adamantly refuse to do. "Do you mean it?" He whispers.
You close your eyes shut in panic. "I am sorry–shit."
He places a hand under your chin and gently angles your head so that you look at him, similar to how he did minutes ago. "Do you mean it?" He repeats slowly.
You open your eyes to look into his. If you are going to admit it, you want him to know that your feelings are genuine. "I do."
The biggest grin, you've ever seen on him, breaks out on his face and his eyes swirl with emotions.
"Thank god," he sighs in relief before placing a kiss on your forehead. "I don't how long I could have gone without telling you."
Seeing your slightly panicked expression mixed with a bit of confusion, he coos. "I love you. So much."
You blink at him before your expression turns into that of disbelief and then slowly a giddy smile appears on your face as his words sink in. "You do?" You look like an excited small child.
Jungkook observes your face tenderly as the various emotions play out on your features. "I do. How can someone not fall in love with you?"
You open and close your mouth like a fool, trying to form coherent sentences. "Shit, I can't believe this. I thought I would scare you. I thought it was too soon–"
"It's never too soon with the right person." He interjects with a soft smile playing on his lips. "If anything, I feel so honoured to be loved by someone as amazing as you and to be honest, I was a goner from the very moment you let me love you."
Feeling overwhelmed, you do the only thing that comes to your mind. Kiss him.
You kiss him to convey all the emotions that you're feeling. Joy, relief, gratitude, excitement and most important of all, love.
His soft lips slot perfectly against yours and move at a feverish speed. His hands come to rest on your waist and he pulls you towards him to have you as close to him as he can. One of your hands slowly messages the expanse of his naked chest, feeling his toned muscles while the other plays with his hair.
You wish you could lay next to him like this forever, feeling the warmth of his body with tangled limbs and just oozing love.
Feeling his tongue ask for entrance you moan but pull back. "I haven't brushed my teeth."
In the blink of an eye, Jungkook is on top of you. And it's a sight to behold.
His hair is messy from the way you have played with them while kissing, his eyes are slightly swollen being freshly awakened from sleep, his skin glows radiantly. However, if there is something that you can never get tired of, it would be looking into his eyes. It never fails to amaze you how they seem to have galaxies in them.
Now that you look into his eyes, you can see the emotions that so freely dance in them, and can't help but relish thinking, that you are the star causing the storm of emotions inside him.
He kisses your neck before grumbling into your skin. "You cruel human. Why won't you let me kiss the person I love?"
You shriek at the tingling sensation and break into a fit of giggles. "You have kissed her enough."
"No, I haven't." He denies as he slowly leaves a trail of wet kisses. "No number of kisses are enough."
"Aww, you are such a sap." You coo at him.
He comes up to plant a kiss on your cheek. "Only for you. You are the fucking best and I am so lucky to have you. Can never get tired of kissing you." He murmurs softly as he places kisses all over your face in between his words.
You feel yourself getting all weak and wrap your arms around him tightly. "I love you too, baby. I consider myself lucky too, to have someone like you." You say looking into his eyes.
"You should get original, instead of copying lines, though." He says, placing a kiss on top of your nose.
Your hand comes up to slap his clothed ass playfully. "I do not appreciate you making fun of me."
He looks at you with a cheeky expression. "Slapping my ass? Is that your way of telling me you want to do the dirty?"
"That's not what I meant, you dirty-minded person." You scold him, with a smile.
"Your dirty minded person." He reminds you, finally, finally kissing you on the lips.
You sigh against his lips. "I love you."
"I love you too." He mumbles back.
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cinnaminyoons · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ミ☆ it’s your anniversary, but work gets in the way. 
⤷ PAIRING jjk x m!reader
⤷ TAGS torture/interrogation, murder, gore, gun use, swearing, suggested anniversary sex
A mafia kook with male reader? fluff, and thriller ? ty!! <3
Tumblr media
italian leather shoes, polished to a perfect, glistening sheen, tap deliberately against the grey concrete. one foot in front of the other. click, clack. unhurried, unafraid. click, clack.
closer and closer, they slice through black, icy water, the white glaze of the back-alley lights rippling over the surface. the torrential downpour clatters on the corrugated iron roofs, crashing into them with all the rage and roar of a fighting bull.
the man’s hands, relaxed and open, are covered in black ink. it swirls around his slender fingers, around his wrists, and disappears into the crisp white cuffs beneath his black suit jacket. a shadow falls over his face, a sharp line cutting over his features from the edge of the umbrella over his head.
the warehouse door opens with a creaky whine. it is not his hand that opens it.
click, clack.
the door swings shut with an echoing bang. someone new joins his side – shorter than him, but with heavier, deeper footsteps that denote a brutish physicality.
a garbled scream rings out in front of them, surging over the uneven walls from a point somewhere in front of them. nobody who cares will hear.
he comes to a slow stop near the centre. a thick, transparent sheet of plastic crackles under his feet and he sidesteps a deep crimson spray, dark eyes concentrated on the scene in front of him.
two men, tied up and beaten black and blue, writhe like fish in a net. one sits on the ground, corpse-like, and his hair is thick with congealed blood. it drips down his face, down his neck.
he whistles slowly. “a little excessive, don’t you think?”
you raise your eyes and incline your head in greeting. in your hand, a silver blade with a brown handle glints under the harsh artificial lights pinning the tarpaulin to the floor. “not at all. you’ve come early – i’ll be quick.”
jeongguk crosses his arms. “that’s alright. i enjoy watching you work.”
you swipe a map off of the white table and turn towards the man in the centre, his arms and legs roped to a wooden chair. compared to his friend, he’s relatively untouched, still able to struggle.
the other man, zip-tied to a cement column holding up the lifted walkway, has his shoulders slumped, chest expanding and contracting shallowly. his head lolls forward.
“fuck you, man,” the one in the chair stammers, voice pitched high. his breathing quickens and he squirms madly as the all-too-familiar sound of your boots hitting the tarp nears him. “w-we aren’t saying shit!”
in one smooth motion, you flip the blade in your hand and drive it deep into his leg. flesh parts easily, like the red sea, and the man screams. his dark blue jeans turn black.
“eyes up. eyes up here.” you pat his slack jaw carelessly, like an old pal after telling a good joke. your knuckles are smeared with their blood. “tell me where he is.”
maybe it’s the pain, maybe it’s defiance, but the man shakes his head, whimpering. the knife jerks abruptly, twisting, and your face stays easily neutral even as the man wails like an infant, half-sobbing.
“answer me,” you say softly, “or i’ll pop your goddamn knee off.”
he nods frantically, fingers turning white as bone as he clutches the armrests. you tug the blade out carelessly and shove the handle between his blood-smeared teeth, lifting the fold-creased map. “mark it. and it will be the same place your buddy gives me.”
his wild eyes flick around the map erratically until he lands on a southwestern point. shakily, the knife inches towards the paper and scratches a mark.
his stare darts from you to jeongguk and back to you. you straighten up and retrieve the blade with surprising gentleness. you step past him, just in his blind spot, and reach into the lining of your jacket.
the cloth pulls at your shoulders with each shift of muscle. unabashedly, jeongguk’s eyes roam your figure, lingering hungrily on the centre of your chest where the buttons meet. his gaze follows the line down, and down...
the tip of the black barrel presses against the man’s temple. he opens his mouth, eyes widening in the beginnings of realisation. you pull the trigger.
the resounding bang is deafening in the empty chamber. the dulled, constant clatter of rain swells louder, as if to blanket your crimes for you. the dead man sits limply in his chair, head hanging low at an angle.
the other one shouts out as you step towards him. the gun is still warm from its last kill. he scrabbles at his binds, scratching and pulling until his nails tear, pressing as close to the concrete as physically possible.
“he f-fuckin’ told you w-what you wanted!” his chest heaves rapidly. “you fucking m-monster – i’m not givin’ you jack!”
you pause. for a second, his body sags in relief at your inaction.
“that’s alright. i believe him.”
you turn away from the bodies, walking briskly towards jeongguk. his mouth softens in amusement – so business-like. it’s difficult to get you to relax.
the map extends towards him. in a thin red pigment, still shiny and wet, is a scratched mark on the corner of two streets. jeongguk takes it and the paper crunches quietly as he smooths out its creases with the flat of his thumb. he scans the map.
he folds it back up into a neat rectangle and holds it out with a small, pleased smile. you take it.
“well done,” he says, his voice soft. a glimmer of pride shines in his eyes, and if you didn’t know better, you would’ve thought him just another gentle lover.
he turns. “no use in waiting any longer. care to join me, sweetheart?”
despite the raise at the end of his words, it is an order. on any other man, it would have weakened him, made him seem pliable and feeble. not on jeongguk.
“of course. but before things might get... messy,” you begin, glancing at the pooling, sticky red in distaste, “i have something you might like.”
he arches an eyebrow. “oh?”
he’s a hard man to impress. his stare dares a challenge, unwavering, but you’ve become accustomed to it. you lament the nature of your jobs – there is no separation between work and life. it’s all the same.
stepping forward, you retrieve an unassuming square box from a backpack leaning against the table leg. you hold it out silently, face impassive and unreasonably, he thinks, handsome. he knows you well enough, though, to notice how your eyes don’t meet his as long as usual.
how cute – you’re shy.
jeongguk accepts it and, with a final glance up at you, opens it a crack. he pauses, then opens it completely, letting the top lid hang by the discreet hinges. a silver watch sits nestled between the black foam cushions, and its white-tipped hands contrast nicely against the dark blue face.
it even has three chronographs. he really is spoilt by you.
“is this for me?” he asks, allowing himself a small, coy smile as he lifts his gaze. “you shouldn’t have.”
you watch him gently pry it free from its resting place. the metal wrist strap sways loosely over his fingers, flashing in the light.
he passes the box off to his lackey without looking. when he pulls his sleeve up, you are greeted by the sight of gorgeous black ink swirling over his skin. if you see it out of the corner of your eye, the lines almost seem to move on their own.
“happy anniversary, jeongguk,” you murmur. you extend a hand, palm-up. “shall we?”
he takes your hand. the light flares off his new watch. “we shall.”
the city’s red-light district is in full swing – though, it's not like it’s visible. the occasional lone figure, often dressed in slacks and carrying an umbrella or wearing a low-angled hat to hide their identity, scurry between lit buildings, slipping behind doors and yanking them shut.
low buildings press up close to one another as if for warmth, their cobbled alleyways so narrow that if you stretch out your arms, you can press the flats of your palms against the brick walls. after some consideration, jeongguk chooses the biggest one. their lights smudge and blur in the street’s dark puddles, splashing with each droplet of rain.
the door jingles cheerfully to signify your entrance. jeongguk steps inside and moves up to the desk. he peers around with a muted curiosity. you shake off the umbrella at the single concrete step and twist the strap around the black material.
hushed whispers trickle out from a crack in the door behind the receptionist’s desk. this building is quite luxurious, compared to the look of the others. they have a proper foyer, rather than simply an entrance leading immediately up a set of stairs that branches out to long hallways. they even went to the trouble of setting up a fake plant on the edge of the counter.
at last, a woman slips out from behind the door. a single long leg comes out first, and then a slim hand painted with red. the rest of her follows, and she leaves her face to last. her lips match her nails.
“good evening,” she purrs, probably the most experienced one here. someone hushes the others in the room behind. “would you like a room? our services extend all night, if you wish.”
jeongguk smiles politely. “yes. how would you rate your morning cleaning?”
her eyes widen slightly and she straightens, rather than leaning over the desk as if propositioning him. “a-ah… our girls are quick and efficient, should that be what you like. we maintain discretion and ensure that there are absolutely no strings attached.”
“perfect. one night, then.”
she doesn’t enter anything into the computer behind the desk, and keeps her eyes carefully off of jeongguk. “any particular requests?”
“no disturbances until i leave. oh – do you keep names?”
she gulps. “well—”
“do you, or not?” he leans back and consciously softens his voice into something more easygoing. “looking for a friend, is all. i worry he’ll buy himself into a bit of a debt.”
“y-yes, we do. you are welcome to take a look.”
the book is thick, but not many of the pages have been filled. there are only just enough names to keep the business afloat, and most of them are cheap, recurring clients. those who can afford it become as good as dust once they leave the establishment, slipping fat wads of cash under the table to buy their anonymity.
jeongguk closes the book and steps back. a neat stack of money sits next to it in payment for the night – it’s the going rate and then some, for any... difficulties. he inclines his head. “thank you. that is all.”
“of course, sir.”
you follow jeongguk up the stairs, shifting the duffel bag on your shoulder. he seems strangely at ease – a stark contrast to two days ago, during which he took his anger out on a mole and left spattered in blood, with split knuckles.
you glance down. his knuckles are healing nicely. a silver band is settled neatly on his ring finger.
jeongguk makes his way down the narrow hall. each room is numbered with a letter, denoting the floor, and then two numbers. stamped on a small wooden plaque, it is overly ornate, if a little dirty, and hides the nature of the activities that go on behind it.
he comes to a stop in front of room b14, situated at the very end of the hallway. a small cabinet sits with a dusty fake plant under the square window.
a pronounced grunt followed by moaning behind the wall indicates its occupancy.
raising his lightly-curled hand, jeongguk raps the hollow door smartly. it’s the sound of a businessman – or a particularly-dedicated door-to-door salesman.
nobody answers. he tries again. nothing. the moaning continues, unabated. jeongguk stands back silently.
you drive the sole of your boot into it near the handle. the crack of splintering wood echoes down the hall, and someone in another room swears.
the door swings in on its hinges with a violent screech. shards of wood scatter across the floor in a dusty arc. jeongguk steps in, the click of his shoes against the hard flooring a whispered warning.
you always knew that a man caught with his pants down becomes weaker than usual and that is, thus, the best time to catch him. now, the pants pooling around his ankles are less metaphorical.
the woman shrieks and hurries to cover herself with her clothes, strewn across the floor. she takes one look at jeongguk and dashes out of the room without a glance back – a clever choice.
“hello, mr hwang,” greets jeongguk. “long time no see.”
the man’s pouchy stomach and thin limbs resemble an insect. he has narrowly-set black eyes, like a grasshopper, and the sound of jeongguk’s lilting voice sends him into a frenzy of fear.
he tries to make a break for it past jeongguk – he watches him go. you step out of the shadows, the darkness melting away, and swing the umbrella sharply into his knee. something cracks and he cries out as he collapses, clutching his leg.
he scrambles backwards, cuffed by his trousers, until he hits the wall. jeongguk doesn’t need to move forward for the man to press back into it, as if hoping he’ll become part of it.
“we had an agreement, mr hwang. you and i have been in this line of work for a long while,” he says mildly. “so, you understand the consequences of breaking a deal so rudely, yes?”
a radiator on the left side of the room, opposite the bed, is clamped to the wall with two metal poles. they don’t seem to be attached well. you toss the ruined umbrella aside and move towards it.
jeongguk sighs, glancing out the window. the rain has yet to ease – he won’t be surprised if there are flood warnings in the country tomorrow. he turns, and his face is bathed in blue shadows. his figure is silhouetted in the street’s bright led signs.
the man lets out a strangled noise.
“do you need a reminder?” he taps his new watch absently, hands clasped behind him. “you thought you could do much better than me. there are gangs all over the city that would line your pockets fatter. you’re a bigwig in our circles, so trading with you is a no-brainer, no matter your price.”
you grab one of the metal poles. after a good tug, it rips out from the wall, leaving a wide, dark hole in the off-white plaster. you flip the pole in your hand – it has a good weight to it and is the perfect size to grip.
he goes to speak, wide mouth opening beneath wider eyes.
“did i say you could look at me?”
his eyes snap down to jeongguk’s spotless shoes.
moving into the dim light, you place the end of the pole against the back of hwang’s head. you push his head down until he’s leaning on his injured knee in a shaky bow. his hands are pressed flat on a cinder block that had once been used as a decoration’s platform.
jeongguk clicks his tongue and unfastens the single button of his suit jacket. the corner of your lips turns up – you will not be needed for this next part.
“if you’d come to me to negotiate, i might have been in a kinder mood. but taking my things...” he steps forward. “without my permission...” he snatches the pole from you. “makes me very, very angry.”
he raises the rod above his head and slams it into the man’s fingers. the hollow metal rings with each strike, and each strike pulls screams from the poor sod who, like a fool, underestimated jeongguk.
he keeps going, and going, until the man’s right hand is a mangled mess. his bones are certainly shattered. his fingers don’t sit right. he doesn’t bleed, which may not be the kindness it seems to be; his skin turns a strange shade of purple.
at last, when the man becomes a choking, blubbering, pitiful thing, jeongguk tosses the pole away. it clatters melodiously, humming quietly as it disappears into the shadows.
he rolls his shoulders and fixes his suit with a sharp flourish of his wrists, buttoning his jacket back up. he kicks the cinder block aside.
hwang grovels at jeongguk’s feet, cradling his ruined hand. sweat drips down the sides of his face – it stains his white collar grey.
“a man steals my goods and buys himself a girl or five,” jeongguk spits. “a man steals my goods and throws himself in the river.”
he turns away, watching the raindrops, each with their own silver crescent, race each other daintily down the misty glass pane. “or, at least that’s what it’ll look like. some sad little river-rat tries to claw his way up, makes a mistake, gets caught, and rather than facing his consequences…”
he raises his index and middle finger to his temple. he smirks. “uh-oh.”
“p-please, please,” hwang snivels, shaking his head, “have m-mercy…”
jeongguk meets your eyes over the man between you, bent double in utter servility. this is what we were meant for, his dark eyes whisper. together, we can do anything.
“where are the guns, mr hwang?” jeongguk asks gently. “answer carefully. this is your easy way out.”
for all his greed and traitorous nature, kneeling before death seems to grow him a spine. “a-and the other way out?”
ah, no. he doesn’t grow a spine. he is simply a greasy snake until the end, trying his best to worm his way into a better deal.
jeongguk meets your steady gaze and curls his finger. you step forward, dropping the empty duffel bag to the floor. the gaping bore of the shotgun, cleaned to a stunning shine, winks in the light. you press it lightly to hwang’s left hand, touching it on each of his joints as it moves up his fingers. it is uninjured – for now.
the threat doesn’t have to be said to make him howl apologies.
something twisted glints in jeongguk’s eyes. his long lashes flutter over his cheeks. “so, mr hwang? what’ll it be?”
you press the shotgun harder against his fat fingers. he squeals out a name, then another, and another – all are people you’ve had trouble with in the past. battles for territory, mostly. jeongguk has control over the nearest ports, which makes your job significantly easier, but also turns him into a nice, shiny target for would-be killers.
they’re ‘would-be’ because of you. what they can do, you can do better.
“good.” jeongguk checks his watch and moves off towards the hall. “get rid of him, sweetheart. neatly, if you can – give these girls a smooth clean-up job.”
reluctantly and with a huff, you pull the shotgun off his hand. the moment you do, he raises his head.
“wait, wait! i have connections. if you don’t, i-i’ll get you everything you desire, a-and more! i’ll make it worth your while.”
your lip curls. you lift your revolver. “jeongguk is everything i desire.”
later, you join jeongguk in the foyer, standing near the entrance and courteously ignoring the muffled giggling and whispering of those passing by, ignorant to the blood that stains his hands.
to them, he is a young, pretty face and nothing more. someone like him, all kind eyes and pouty lips, could never do anything bad. this feature is equally likely to help him as it is to hinder him.
his eyes crinkle as you approach, as stolid and calm as ever. you offer your arm. he takes it gratefully; his body is so warm you can feel it through your clothes.
on the way out of room b14, you snatched a black umbrella from near the door. its previous owner would have no use for it. you open it now, holding it aloft over your heads as you step out into the street.
rain patters the cloth rhythmically. jeongguk glances up at you. “work is over,” he says softly. “we can rest now.”
“what about those names he gave us?”
“not tonight.” he asks playfully, “why? eager to exact revenge, love?”
“they took what belonged to us – to you. revenge is only the tip of the iceberg.”
he shakes his head. “to us. anyway, we know who they are. half the job’s already done – all that’s left is the legwork. besides… i want to give you something nice in return for such a wonderful gift.” he lifts his hand to admire his watch.
his eyes flicker back up to you. something coy sneaks out in his pretty smile. “hm… we’re here right now. i’m sure there’s a place that can hold us for tonight, my little guard dog.”
you click your tongue, but the corners of your mouth quirk up. “you know i hate that name. it’s debasing.”
“but true,” jeongguk says. he hooks his thumb into your belt loop, playing at shyness. “i love it when you get like that. so…” his hand slides up your chest, coming to a rest on your shoulder.
he flashes you another smile, bright in the glittering rain. when he moves, for the barest moment, his teeth seem a little too sharp. “will you let me?”
there’s a trace of something agonisingly irresistible in his words, spoken with a soft purr into your ear. puffs of his breath warm your neck, sending a shiver down your spine.
the puddles at your feet glimmer with streaks of neon light. his eyes, heavy with desire, reflect the wavering red of the sign above you. for the first time, you almost fear the raw power emanating from his deceptively lean frame – his tattooed fingers, now linking with yours ever so gently and pulling you along, can just as easily pull the trigger when the barrel’s pressed into your skull.
he tastes like honey, sweet and thick. he smiles against your lips. the light haloes him – your very own angel. “happy anniversary, my love.”
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The Advent Calendar(Drabble Series)
Tumblr media
pairing: boyfriend Hoseok x reader
genre: smut, bit of domesticated fluff
Rating: +18
estimated wc: around 1k+ each drabble 
summary: A drabble series in which Y/N is gifted an advent calendar. Each day a new treat and with a kinky twist. 
notes: Send an ask or message if you would like to be added to the taglist. Also, feel free to send an ask if you have a theme you want for one of the days of the drabble. This is essentially like Kinktober but Christmasfied :p
Day #4: Somnophilia   ⇢ Here
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minyfic · 21 hours ago
hell is empty Ꭵ - JJK, KTH
Tumblr media
❝It’s just you and your son, that’s how it’s always been. But recently, you can’t help but feel like there’s a huge chunk of your life that’s missing. And anyone can tell what that might be.❞
᯽ part 01
Tumblr media
↣ life has a tendency to throw things your way when you least expect it, when you’re content, and the ominous presence knows exactly how to steer your existence back into the darkness.
pairing(s) — drug lord!jungkook x reader, hotel owner!taehyung x reader
genre/rating — R | fluff, smut, heavy angst
tags— love triangle au, dad!jk, pharmacy tech!reader, CEO!tae, ex-boyfriend!jk
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⤺series masterlist
Tumblr media
© minyfic 2021 do not copy/repost/translate
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