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#bts jeon jungkook
1kook · 2 years ago
Jeon Jungkook x (F) Reader
Tumblr media
summary→ Part of you is touched that Jungkook really has been there for every milestone in your life. The other part wishes he hadn’t shown up looking so ridiculously sexy. tags→ American highschool/college universe, brother’s best friend au, grinding, first time, oral (f receiving), unprotected sex (pls use condoms tho), dirty talk, confessions, um graduation sex??? idk lol wc→ 8.2k
did i proofread? hell no lmao. this is my first time writing for bts tho!! enjoy!!
To say Jungkook had changed was an understatement.  
You could safely say this because you knew Jungkook, despite the times you wished you didn’t. You knew him, because he’d been attached to your older brother’s hip for as long as you could remember, present at nearly every milestone event of your childhood. He and Taehyung had become inseparable since the moment you’d first moved next door to Jungkook, their days spent playing video games after school, running around the backyard, and begging your parents to let them build a conjoined ‘Boys Only’ tree house. 
Yours, on the other hand, were spent inside, too shy to go outside and talk to your brother’s friend, even if he was only two years older than you. You were, in every aspect, the shy baby sister who played inside and hid behind her mom’s leg whenever the boys’ tummies called them back inside for snacks. 
It wasn’t that Jungkook was mean or anything. No, he was at least two times better than your own brother. On days your mother had urged you to go out and play, he’d let you play with his scooter around the driveway, because he knew you hated playing football with him and Tae, the both of them too rough. He was a sweet kid, from what you could remember, and you’d never once came to dislike him during those warm, honeyed days of your childhood. 
The bulk of what you knew of Jungkook came mostly from your teenage years, when you’d finally grown out of your shyness. Though he’d had an awkward growth spurt that led him to be the tallest freshman in his class for a short while, he was still the polite boy who everyone’s mother loved. His after school visits were not as often, both him and Tae consumed by their love for football. Their practices were grueling, and sometimes, they wouldn’t return home until well into the evening, their clothes soiled and smelly from all the hours they put in on the field. 
Jungkook was a junior by the time you started your freshman year, his prepubescent body finally working in his favor. He’d suddenly become more firm and defined, and you remembered the way his mother had scolded him when he’d pierced his right ear without permission. He’d become undeniably cute, but you always had kept that thought to yourself, lest you want the wrath of Taehyung’s overprotectiveness brought down on you. 
But he was still as supportive as he’d always been, wishing you good luck when both he and Taehyung had dropped you off for freshman orientation, a sweet smile adorning his face. It was Jungkook who had initially encouraged you to join the dance team, to which Taehyung had then insisted upon. (You’re pretty sure he just wanted you to join so he wouldn’t have to drive you home before the start of his practice everyday.)
You remembered so vividly how he’d driven you and your brother to and from school every day of the first semester, his hands veiny as they’d gripped the wheel of his dad’s car; you’ve never been able to look at a steering wheel the same way again. While your brother had preferred to scroll through his phone, Jungkook had liked conversing with you, head occasionally turning so you could catch glances of his side profile. During winter break, Taehyung finally got a license of his own, and those quiet mornings with Jungkook came to a stop. 
You saw him less after the first semester as you became consumed in your own school life, because, though the football season had ended, the dance team performed all throughout the winter basketball season as well. You came home late, often hitching rides from your older friends back home. They’d always been eager to drop you off, always desperate to catch sight of Jungkook or your brother coming out to receive you. The one day Jungkook did let you into the house, your cheeks had been tainted red from the cold. It masked your own adoration as he’d pulled open the door, his hair fluffy and soft, his usually broad body snuggly enveloped by a soft sweater. 
By the beginning of Taehyung’s senior year, both he and Jungkook had become transfixed with teaching you how to drive. At night, you’d run a few circles in the grocery’s empty parking lot, their instructions overwhelming as they shouted to be heard over each other. It was ultimately Jungkook who’d taken up the sole duty of instructing you, his voice soft and calm against your ear as he leaned in from the backseat, arm occasionally coming into your line of vision.
His and Taehyung’s senior night had been ridiculously teary, both of them grasping onto each other as the final whistle of their last high school football game rang through the crisp October air. Your parents had been preoccupied with taking pictures of Tae to upload onto Facebook, and you’d almost wandered back to the car in boredom, had Jungkook not swept you into a hug and gushed profusely, the adrenaline from the game and his happiness making him stumble over his words. He’d been smelly and sticky, his shoulder pads pressing into you in a mildly uncomfortable way, but you’d be an idiot to pull out of his embrace. 
It was during their graduation that you finally came to terms with your crush on Jungkook, your brother’s best friend in the entire universe. 
As they’d filed out of the auditorium, your eyes had been locked on Jungkook’s broad shoulders, nicely fitted by the gown they all wore, a sharp pang striking your chest. He was eighteen then, so bright and excited for college, and you knew you could never tell him how much he meant to you. You couldn’t tell him, not because it’d make things weird, but because Jungkook was so caring and generous that he would spend all his time worrying about little sixteen year-old you. 
He was such a genuine person, that you knew bestowing such news on him would only hinder his success as he moved onto the next stage of his life; so worried he’d be about you that he might even reconsider going to dorm out of state. You never wanted anything more than for Jungkook to be happy, and if it meant suppressing the feelings you’d felt for more than ten years, so be it. 
They would go away, you were sure, but Jungkook’s troubles for you would not. So you’d brushed them aside in favor of watching him blossom into the professional gentleman you knew he was destined to become. 
Which is what leaves you undoubtedly confused by his appearance at your graduation. 
“I- thanks?” You say, taking the sopping wet bouquet out of his grasp, holding it  as far as possible from your crisp graduation gown. The tassel you’d just turned brushes against your cheek as you level Jungkook with a confused once-over. He’s out of breath, for some reason, the strands of hair he’d brushed backwards slowly curling forwards to brush the tip of his eyebrows. 
He draws to his full height, leveling you with an unusual smirk. “Don’t mention it, kid,” he brushes off, playfully punching your arm. You guess he isn’t aware of his own brutish strength, hiding beneath that tight button-down, because you end up flinching after the hit, not that he notices. You push the flowers off onto your mom, who seems pretty preoccupied making sure the pictures she’d taken of you came out okay. Your dad is nowhere to be found, probably back in the cafeteria scarfing down the snacks that had been set out for people wishing to mingle after the ceremony. 
You’re thrown for another loop when Taehyung’s arm is thrown around your shoulders, knocking your cap off your head. He very narrowly catches it, twirling it in his palm as he beams in your face. “I can’t believe it,” he cries, “my baby sister, finally being released from prison!” He wipes an imaginary tear off his face, and you would have been more invested in his dramatics had you not been so enthralled by the sight of Jungkook. 
Admittedly, it’s been a while since you last saw him. He and Taehyung rarely visited, only on the mandatory holidays, before driving the five hours back to their college to never be seen or heard from until the next holiday. The last time you’d even seen Taehyung was during winter break, because he and Jungkook had decided to travel out of the country for spring break instead of coming home. 
The extended absence is probably why you’re so confused as you stare at Jungkook now, his appearance nothing like the young man that had worn this exact same cap and gown two years ago. You’re not sure if his life has genuinely transformed into a mess, or if he’d just been rushed to come to your graduation. Either way, his appearance is getting quite the attention from those around you. He’d forgone an under shirt, despite the translucence of his formal button-down, and when you squint hard enough, there’s definitely a tattoo on his clavicle, and another one nestled beneath the swell of his pecto–you quickly look away. 
“When did you guys get here?” You ask, scanning over the sea of gowns in an attempt to distract yourself from Jungkook’s godly appearance. Part of you is touched that Jungkook really has been there for every milestone in your life. The other part wishes he hadn’t shown up looking so ridiculously sexy. 
“Tae wanted to get here earlier so we could take pictures, but we had to stop by and get some flowers, and the only ones you liked were in the middle of getting water,” Jungkook supplies, unaware of your attempts to push him to the back of your mind. “And then we got stuck in traffic, and ended up getting dressed in the car,” he sighs, hands shoved into the depths of his wrinkled slacks. 
“Must’ve been quite the show,” you offhandedly reply, and have to will your face to remain as stoic as possible when he raises an eyebrow at you, a teasing smirk adorning his features. “Look, we’re gonna go eat at the nice Italian place downtown,” you say instead, turning your gaze back to Taehyung. “You guys are welcome to come, but I don’t know if we reserved enough seats.”
Taehyung snorts, and you’d pull away had he not currently held a vice grip on your shoulders. “Fuck that plan,” he scoffs, and your mom whacks his arm. “So here’s what we’re really going to do,” he says, pulling Jungkook in so the three of you are awkwardly huddled in the midst of the all graduates and their families. At the sudden movement, Jungkook’s arm brushes up your own, your heads nearly knocking into each other. “Dad said I can take you out to celebrate you finally being an adult, and since it’s officially the beginning of summer, there’s a huge party on the south side of town.” He says, and the fact he knows what’s going on in his hometown, despite only being home for all of two hours, lets you know this was premeditated. 
“I’m sorry, we’re doing what?” You finally gather the balls to look Jungkook in the eye again, and by the shrug he gives you (still with that stupid grin on his face), you at least know this was a Taehyung original scheme. You’re grateful he hadn’t roped Jungkook in yet, because if he’d proposed this idea, you’d agree in a second. 
You forget Jungkook and Taehyung work through a telepathically connected system, and one shared glance between the two has Jungkook immediately taking your brother’s side. “C’mon, that’d be fun wouldn’t it?” His voice is deep and raspy in all the right places, and you purse your lips together as you grapple for some excuse. You can’t say your parents are against it, because, according to Tae, your dad had approved of this plan–sort of. 
“Think of it this way,” Jungkook pulls you out of your thoughts, “it’d be better to go to your first real party with your brother!” You groan, and Taehyung beams at Jungkook’s terrible point. 
“This is a horrible idea,” you whine, snapping out of your childish antics when one of your friends brushes by you, throwing a soft goodbye over your shoulder. Briefly, Taehyung lets a low whistle leave his lips, to which you shove an elbow into his ribs. “Look, I appreciate the offer, but I really just want to eat some food and go to sleep,” you calmly state. 
Taehyung groans so hard and loud, it nearly sounds like a scream. Your huddle breaks at that, and you readjust your gown. You wonder if you’d imagined the way Jungkook’s eyes flickered towards your exposed neck, the off the shoulder dress you’re wearing making it seem as if the graduation gown was the only thing you had on. “You’re so boring, ___!” Taehyung complains. You refrain from rubbing your temples, because the makeup you’d worn tonight had taken quite some time. 
The only thing that calms you down is the way Jungkook slowly wraps his fingers around your wrist, pulling your diploma from your hand. “Oh, right,” he says, eyes glinting, “forgot you were a goody-two-shoes.” 
You can’t really say no then. Not only was your pride at stake now, but the way Jungkook’s eyes had traced around the dainty necklace resting between your collarbones had been too inviting. 
“Have you seen my brother?” You screech into Jungkook’s ear, your voice drowned out by the loud thump of the bass. Jungkook squints, as if that somehow helps him hear better, and motions for you to repeat it. You groan, and try again. You’re not sure if Jungkook shrugs because he hasn’t seen Taehyung, or because he didn’t hear for the second time. 
You’re a real idiot for letting some pretty brown eyes rope you into the craziest night of your life. Through the course of the evening, you’ve managed to see your brother–your own brother, the one who’d cried when Simba’s dad died–jump off the balcony of someone’s house and into a trampoline on the yard below, someone snort a line of crack off a guy’s dick, someone else completely wipe out while dancing on the bar, and Jungkook successfully swindle four hundred dollars out of some drunk billiards players. Suffice to say, you were ready to go home and knock out in the comfort of your bed. 
It didn’t help that Taehyung had been adamant that you drink as much alcohol as you could, occasionally brushing by to thrust another mysterious liquid into your palms. You shouldn’t be as cautious of the drinks considering your brother made them, but then again, your brother made them. 
The fact you’d had to watch Jungkook grind with multiple women on the dance floor for a solid fifteen minutes while Taehyung made you play beer pong with him, was another matter for another day. 
You sighed, glancing around to see if you could catch sight of Taehyung’s ridiculously bright head of hair. Probably the biggest mistake you’d made that night was putting Tae in charge of the car keys. 
You’re pulled out of your worries when Jungkook taps your arm. You raise your brows at him, and he motions for you to lean closer, which you hesitate to.
Truthfully, he looks absolutely godly sitting on that bar stool, legs deliciously spread out for you to slot yourself in between. Somewhere along the line, he’d began unbuttoning his shirt to relieve some of his body’s heat; he was three buttons down now, and the flat part of his chest, right between where his pecs met, glistened with sweat. 
As if sensing your hesitation, he hits you with another one of those sweet smiles he’d been dropping all night, though with the more alcohol he consumes, the more they start to look like those devious little smirks now. You acquiesce, leaning forward so that his lips hover dangerously close to your ear. 
What you’re not expecting is the palm that spreads itself on the small of your back, pulling you closer between his legs. Your breath catches in your throat, your arms automatically shooting out to rest on his shoulders. “You okay?” He huffs, hot breath fanning over your ear and neck. He pulls away, brown eyes wide as he inspects your appearance. You nod, distantly aware of the trembling of your hands. Jungkook smiles. 
“Don’t be so scared,” he laughs, and all you can do is nod again. His hand shifts, gliding around until it rests on your waist. “Don’t be so uptight,” he teases, fingers gently pressing into your skin in an effort to loosen you up. If anything, it makes you even more tense. 
He leans away, ducking down to catch your gaze as you struggle to contain the warmth on your face. When you finally meet his eyes, he seems almost devilish as his eyes trace over your face, briefly flickering somewhere behind you. “Don’t be such a fucking prude,” he cackles, and points over your shoulder. 
You turn your body, only to catch sight of girls falling over each other on the dance floor as they shake every body part possible. Truthfully, you wish you had the balls to move like that, be as open as them. In another life, you’re as fun and as wild as them, but in this one you’re still a reserved little girl, a trait you’re certain Jungkook has picked up on by now. 
“I don’t know how to dance like that,” you awkwardly admit, looking away from him the second the words leave your mouth. You don’t let this vulnerable moment last long, quickly screwing your lips up to spit out another excuse that will somehow redeem your image. “And, Taehyung gets too overprotective if I dance with guys anyway!”
It’s only a half lie. Though Taehyung is in every sense the protective older brother, he knows you’re smart enough to make your own decisions. 
Jungkook knows this as well as you do.
“Bullshit,” he smirks, and sets his cup somewhere behind him. You bite your lip, brain racking for any other lie you can throw at him to protect your ego. 
Jungkook doesn’t let you dwell on it for long, abruptly standing up. You don’t move away fast enough, and end up pressed against the hard plains of his body. “C’mon,” he says, gesturing towards the dance floor with a nod of his head. “I’ll teach you.”
You don’t get your protest in on time before Jungkook’s tugging you towards where the majority of the party is concentrated. You stumble between dancing friends and couples, and for a moment you think you’ve spotted Taehyung to save you, but it’s just another person with annoyingly bright red hair. Your options are cut short when you bump into Jungkook’s shoulder, and he turns to face you. 
He looks disgustingly handsome here, the obnoxious strobe lights casting colorful shapes across his features. “Follow my lead,” he mouths (or you presume he does), moving to knot your arms around his neck. 
His hips move, and for a moment, your feet become ice blocks, struggling to move with him. You’re too entranced by the roll of his hips, the way his narrow waist moves back and forth. His hands find their home on your hips, gently encouraging you to move with the beat. 
After you’ve regained your wits, you begin following Jungkook’s lead, letting your hips swing from side to side until they’ve synced with his. You chance a glance up at his face, before snapping it back to his body. It’s a thousand times easier to watch the rolls of his body than meet the heated gaze he’s leveling you with. 
A few songs pass, your bodies moving in the same beat, until suddenly, the DJ hits you with the annoying air horns, transitioning into an even raunchier, slow song, if that’s possible. Immediately, everyone around you changes their pace, and you struggle to do the same, body awkwardly knocking into the people around you. 
Somehow, Jungkook both saves and endangers you. 
The easiest way to get you to sync up with him while also pulling you out of harm’s way is, apparently, whirling you around to press your back against his chest. A gasp catches in your throat at the sudden physical contact, the hair at the nape of your neck sticking to your skin. 
“Relax,” he laughs against your ear, hips slowly rocking back and forth, encouraging you to pick up the same pace. You do, your face finally taking on all the emotions you couldn’t when you were facing him. His hands rest on your hips still, though this time they pull you closer with each beat of the music. 
His hand slowly curls around your body, resting over your belly button, his pinky dangerously brushing lower to where an unusual ball of heat has begun to form inside of you. You jolt, pushing back onto him. A soft puff of air brushes against your ear at the movement, Jungkook’s hands twitching on your body. 
You’re suddenly aware of a particular nudge against the curve of your ass. 
“Oh,” you breathe, your voice too loud for the soft RnB tune drifting through the speakers. 
“Oh?” Jungkook repeats, voice husky, and you can imagine the smirk that tugs at his lips. He pulls you closer, and you feel it again: the soft brush of his dick, slowly hardening because of you. He nudges your head aside, pressing his mouth to your ear. “You like that?”
You’re paralyzed, hips unconsciously swaying with the music as the intense heat begins curling between your legs. You must’ve nodded, because Jungkook chuckles as he continues the motions, slowly grinding into you the same way you’d watched him do to other girls that same night. 
After a particularly nice move, your hand grapples for his hair, tugging him closer as your head lolls backwards to rest against his shoulder. He presses a kiss to your neck, and you nearly ascend into another plane, the sensation so heavenly. 
“Look at you,” Jungkook purrs, rocking you back and forth between all the other grinding bodies. “Miss Goody-Two-Shoes does know how to dance,” he teases, pressing kisses along your jawline, a gasp escaping your throat. Your legs wobble, and you would have fallen if Jungkook’s arms hadn’t been wrapped around you. 
“K-Kookie,” you whine, quivering with every press of his lips against your hot skin. 
He quietly scoffs at the name, shushing you with more kisses. “Fuck,” he groans when you rock back into him again. “Tae always said you were off limits but,” he pauses, his hands briefly sliding over your pelvis, relishing in the moan that slips past your lips. “He didn’t tell me you’d gotten so pretty.”
Your cheeks burn even hotter at the compliment, head hanging in a sudden stroke of embarrassment. Jungkook presses a smile against the side of your neck. “Don’t get shy on me now, angel,” he croons as he stops swaying the two of you back and forth. 
His hands glide off your body to enclose your palms with his, raising them up to catch your attention. You’re met with that playboy smirk of his as he leans down to kiss your cheek. He raises an eyebrow, gesturing towards the stairs you’d seen countless couples go up throughout the night. 
You’ve barely stumbled off the dancing area when you’re suddenly attacked by a fiery drunkard, who immediately nestles his way between the two of you. “I was looking all over for you guys!” Taehyung slurs, hanging off your side. 
“That’s nice, Tae,” Jungkook grunts, trying to peel him away from the two of you in the subtlest way possible. Despite his obvious tipsy state, his hawk-like instincts kick in anyway, eyeing the way Jungkook tries to move towards you. 
There’s a heavy pause then, the both of them staring each other down. They’re probably having another one of those telepathic conversations right now, and you’re static between the two of them. Eventually, Taehyung backs down, though his jaw twitches as he spares you one last glance, before sauntering off to enjoy himself once more. 
You can more or less guess what it’s about. 
Jungkook doesn’t waste any time, tugging you up the stairs and into a dark hallway with doors on both sides. You vaguely recognize the door Taehyung had stumbled through earlier in the night before he’d performed his balcony stunt, but you don't dwell on in too much before Jungkook’s pushing you through another open door. 
It’s someone’s bedroom, obviously, and you feel some sort of guilt for all the people that have probably run through this person’s belongings during the course of the night. Apparently, Jungkook’s hidden talent is distracting you in a moment’s notice, his mouth suddenly sealed to yours, not even bothering to flick the lights on. The stranger’s bedroom slips to the back of your mind.
In all the fantasies you’ve had of Jungkook, none of them went quite like this. They were always more romantic, filled with tearful confessions and lingering gazes, the Jungkook in your head so soft and shy, too hesitant to touch you, let alone kiss you. 
You’re not sure where the younger you got these ideas from, because the real Jungkook is nothing alike. His mouth is hot when he slots it against yours, harshly biting down on your lip until you’re crying out. He doesn’t feel (or at least show) an ounce of sympathy before he’s shoving his tongue down your throat. 
You choke, momentarily flinching away in surprise. You catch sight of the hungry glare of his gaze, before he’s diving in again. You’re more prepared the second time around, fingers hesitantly wrapping around his neck as he licks into your mouth. He’s cornered you against the desk in the room, your ass pressing against the edge, and he uses it to his advantage, lifting you to rest on top. 
He glances at your swollen lips, beaming at the sight. “Gonna fuck you so good, angel,” he says, nudging your legs open to squeeze between them. You tremble at his words. 
He’s kissing down your neck, tongue laving over the skin only to bite you, when things take a turn. “You clean?” He murmurs, a little preoccupied with his work on your neck. 
You pause. “I- Yes?”
Jungkook stills immediately, pressing one final chaste kiss to your skin before leveling you with a confused furrow of his brows. “You sure?” You flounder, totally unsure. Jungkook’s lips twist into a frown. His hands are still wrapped around the sides of your thighs, but you don’t miss the way he subtly shifts away from you. You nod, but you suspect Jungkook doesn’t believe you. 
He sighs. “Look, I didn't bring a condom, and if you’re not clean, then I don’t really want to...” he trails off, awkwardly glancing out the window to his left, people crowding the backyard. You’re not entirely sure why, but the mood feels wrong all of a sudden. 
“I-” you start, and cut off when he levels you with that intense stare of his. “I’m not sure... what you mean,” you admit, so incredibly nervous as you watch him work his lower lip between his teeth. 
“What?” He says in disbelief, and your eyes widen at the disappointment in his voice. “You clean or not?” Your mouth opens and closes for a few minutes, before you ultimately settle on a one-shouldered shrug. 
Jungkook’s eyes roll into the back of his head, his jaw twitching. “How do you not know?” He interrogates, and your cheeks flush in shame. “Have you fucked someone that might’ve been,” he waves a hand around, gesturing about something, “y’know?”
You shake your head. “I... I’ve never had sex,” you admit.
The air seems to be sucked out of the room at your confession, Jungkook’s annoyed expression slowly melting away. Stuck in a vacuum, you can hear the hard thumps your heart gives from its position lodged inside your throat.
You hear the party downstairs and outside continue in full swing, and, when you focus your ears enough, can hear the muffled moans coming from the room next door. Your ears burn, and you hastily begin apologizing to Jungkook, ready to brush him away, when he surges forward to connect your mouths for the third time that night. 
He bites your lower lip hard, your cry swallowed by his lips as he begins kissing you with a passion you’ve never felt from any other kisses before. When he pulls away with a lewd smack of your lips, you’re panting for breath, chest rising and falling with every movement. His eyes momentarily flicker to the swell of your breasts. 
He ducks down, one hand gliding up the center of your body to urge you to lean back, your arms barely catching the edge of the desk in time. “Holy fuck,” he breathes against your chest, pressing one brief kiss to the top of your breast. “You really are a little angel, aren’t you?”
You gasp when a hand tugs your legs open as much as your dress allows, slipping between your spread thighs to run a finger up your throbbing core. Your thighs tremble at the sudden touch, a moan ripping itself out of your throat. “So pretty,” Jungkook praises, slowly sinking to the floor between your legs. 
The sight of his black tuft of hair between your legs makes your toes curl. 
“What’s a good girl like you wearing these panties for?” Jungkook murmurs, his hands pushing the hem of your dress as far up as it’ll go to expose the little number you’d pulled out of your closet that day. It was the only seamless underwear you could wear with this dress, and had picked it carelessly because you’d been planning on going home right after your graduation anyway. But, y’know. 
“I needed it for the dress,” you answer, your voice uncharacteristically dainty as you stare him down. 
Jungkook loops his fingers around the sides, eyes meeting yours as he slowly pulls it down your legs, fingers trailing over your calf muscles. Once he’s tugged your feet out of it, he doesn’t hesitate to bring it up to where you can both see it, inspecting the crotch area. You’re mortified to see the way it glistens. 
You hadn’t been aware how wet you’d become until then, Jungkook’s head tilting to the side as he stared down the offending article. Your humiliation only increases when he brings it to his nose, and takes one long whiff of it. 
His eyes flutter shut, and he moans on the exhale. “You smell delicious,” he sighs, and takes one more glance at your panties before carelessly tossing the pair over his shoulder. Your mouth is agape, unsure of how to feel at such an action. Jungkook doesn’t seem to notice, turning his attention back to your exposed pussy. “I bet you taste even better.”
You don’t get to properly process his statement before he’s burying his mouth between your thighs, sucking your clit between his lips. You cry out in pleasure right away, back arching as he swirls your bud around his tongue, eyes watching your every expression. Your hands wildly search for something to hold onto, before settling on the edge of the desk and his hair. 
“J-Jungkook,” you moan, biting your bottom lip as you try to suppress any more embarrassing sounds. He hums, the sound sending vibrations through your clit and up your spine. 
While you’re distracted by the ministrations of his tongue, he trails his fingers down your slit, grinning when you finally register the touch with a sharp gasp. He pulls off your bud with a pop, leaning back to stare at your virgin hole as he swirls his fingers around it. 
“You touch yourself, angel?” He questions, pressing a soft kiss to your thigh, finger gently probing against your opening. When you don’t answer, he bites the soft inside of your thigh, the way you tremble a sight for his eyes. “Answer me.”
Your eyes feel heavy, lips quivering as you watch him become entranced with your cunt. “Sometimes,” you admit, shame building in your chest at the wicked grin he sends your way. 
Jungkook pushes the tip of his finger in, pausing as your body spasms to adjust. “You’ve touched this pretty little pussy?” He asks, accepting the hurried nod you give him as an answer. “What do you think about, angel?”
He pushes his finger in halfway, and you moan, your body clenching around the unusual feeling. While you might’ve had your own fingers stuffed inside of you before, they were nothing like Jungkook’s thick and long digit, testing out how much he could curl it so far. “Y-You,” you confess, raising your fist to your mouth to bite down on it. 
“Oh?” Jungkook murmurs, eyebrows raising at the confession. He leans down, pressing a tender kiss to your clit again. If he’s surprised, he doesn’t let it show. “Do you think of me fucking you? Bending you over your bed while our parents are talking in the driveway outside?” He proposes, tongue slipping out to tease at your clit as he slowly pushes his finger the rest of the way in. “Or do you think of sitting on my cock during one of my and Tae’s sleepovers, angel? You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Getting yourself off while everyone else is asleep,” he croons, and you yelp when he shoves the second finger in, not even bothering to go slowly. “Sounds nice, doesn’t it, angel?”
You whimper, mind clouded by all the possibilities he’d stuffed into your head. Until then, they’d all been fantasies, little snippets that would drift into your consciousness every now and then, ones you’d push away in a haste, never letting them rile you up for too long. 
It seemed impossible to apply that same mentality now, with Jungkook’s tongue flicking over your clit lazily, mocha irises drifting up to meet yours. You nibble your bottom lip, nails digging into the grainy underside of the desk as you watch that disgustingly arrogant smirk cross his features again. 
His fingers twist and bend inside of you. Immediately, your mouth drops open, whole body tingling as his shoves his two fingers deeper inside, until his knuckles are brushing the delicate lips of your pussy. Instinctively, your legs try to clamp around him, to which he halts you by pressing his hand down on your hip. 
You cry out after a particularly brutal scissor of his fingers, which Jungkook apparently deems as a sign of you being fully prepared, slipping his fingers out of you. He presses one final kiss to your hip bone and rises to his feet again. His ares are fixed on your exposed pussy for a second, before he glances back at you. 
“So you really are a virgin, huh?” He murmurs, rubbing one palm soothingly over your hip. He brings the hand that had been buried inside of you up to his mouth, sucking your juices off his fingers with a pleasured groan. “Fuck, you taste good,” he sighs, cheeks hollowed around his fingers. 
You seem to be caught in a trance as you watch him, plush pink lips wrapped around the long expanse of his fingers. They’re glistening, both from your own wetness and his saliva. He pulls his fingers out, the sound lewd in every sense of the word, and brings them up to your mouth instead. “Taste,” he urges, leaning in close, “you’re so sweet, angel,” he purrs, pushing his digits into your mouth until your tongue is forced to lick around them. 
It’s an odd feeling to taste yourself, but you can’t really complain, not when Jungkook seems hypnotized by the sight of you. So you make the best out of it, twirling your tongue around his fingers until he’s deemed it enough, and yanks them out of your mouth with a ragged breath. 
“Gonna fuck you now,” he tells you, unbuckling his belt. You’ve been vaguely aware of the erection straining inside his pants since you first walked into the room, but it’d honestly slipped to the back of your mind, overshadowed by other matters. 
Now, you’ve seen your fair share of dicks, the majority, if not all, in the form of unsolicited snapchats from fuckboys at your school. But Jungkook was older than them, and thus probably had more experience and expertise with how to present his dick in a way that didn’t make girls go ewww. 
He doesn’t make it much of a show, doesn’t even bother taking his pants or briefs off. Instead, he tugs his hard cock out of its confines, and a moan catches in your throat despite the simplicity of the big reveal. His dick is thick, and long, longer than your entire hand at least. After giving it a few harsh pulls, he gets impossibly bigger. 
He must’ve sensed your fascination with it, because he doesn’t hesitate to bring your significantly smaller palm closer to him. “C’mon,” he teases, closing your fingers with his own, “don’t be scared.”
You play with him a little bit, shaky fingers tracing over the vein that decorates the side of his cock. You run the tip of your index finger down the slit at the head of his cock, and watch as a little white pearl of pre-cum slowly dribbles out onto your fingers, Jungkook groaning softly into your ear. He watches you spread his own self-made lube around his member, and groans, “I’m gonna fucking ruin you, my little angel.”
After you’re done examining your first ever dick, Jungkook wraps one arm around your waist, pulling you impossibly closer. Your legs dangle off the side of the desk still, the blood flow barely reaching your toes now. Jungkook grasps the base of his cock in one hand, tracing the rosy head around the tight ring of muscle leading into your soaking cunt. 
You cry out, wrapping one hand around him. The positioning feels all wrong; you feel too far away, the desk stiff underneath you. You whine, trying to tug him closer but your entire body still feels weak from the way his tongue had caressed you earlier, and you end up a huffy, pouty mess in his arms. 
Jungkook chuckles, pressing a kiss to the corner of your lips. He slides his hands beneath your thighs, before fully sheathing himself inside of you. You scream, your back arching in pain that slowly melts away into the beginnings of pleasure. “J-Jungk-”
“Shh,” he says, pressing kisses all along your jawline. In an ultimate display of strength, he hauls you off the desk, cock still fully inside of you, as he walks you over to the window, satisfying the part of you that was desperate to be closer to him. You feel the cold press of the glass against your shoulders before you can protest, and for a moment, the idea of everyone below you watching Jungkook defile you sparks a growing sense of shame in your chest, even though the room is dark and there’s no way they could possibly see you–right?
Jungkook doesn’t let you dwell in these dark thoughts for long, before he’s slowly moving his hips, pulling his cock out and slamming back into you. “All these people,” he huffs, setting the pace for the fucking you’re about to get right then and there. His hips slowly gain speed, transitioning from slow and shallow thrusts to rapid ones that almost hurt, had his dick not been rubbing against your swollen clit with each movement. “They’re all gonna watch you, angel,” he purrs, laving his tongue over the side of your neck, before biting down. 
“P-Please,” you whimper, fingers digging into his shoulders as your body becomes used to the feeling of Jungkook inside of you. You’re still embarrassed, but the more Jungkook talks, the more excited you get about someone actually seeing you. It’s a kink you never thought you’d have, getting off on others watching you, yet here you are. “Faster, Kookie,” you beg, his childhood nickname absentmindedly rolling off your lips. 
Jungkook jolts at the name, his hips stilling mid thrust. For a moment, you’re scared he came to his senses, realizing how absolutely wrong it was for him to be fucking you, his best friend’s little sister, against a window where everyone could see. But the thought seems to be only in your mind, as Jungkook suddenly resumes his actions. 
“Fuck, angel,” he grunts, snapping his hips with even more fervor. “You’re gonna be the death of me,” he laughs, though it’s choked and raspy, unlike the laughter that you’d been hearing all night. His hands, which had both been firmly clamped onto your hips to hold you against the window sill, leave. One slams down on the glass beside your head, while the other moves to grab the back of your thigh, hitching your leg up higher. 
The adjustment has him hitting an entirely new angle within you, and you nearly sob when the tip of his dick brushes your cervix. “K-Kookie!” you cry, every nerve in your body tingling. 
Jungkook presses a bruising kiss to your lips, swallowing every little noise you make. “You’re still gonna–fuck,” he curses, after a particularly harsh thrust that leaves him slowly grinding his hips against you for a second. “Still gonna call me that– stupid fucking name?” He chokes out, rutting into you with an inhumane pace, teeth clenching as he watches his own cock plunge into the depths of your achingly warm hole. 
You moan, fingers digging into his shoulders as he continues his thrusts, never stopping to let you watch your breath. The heat building inside your core is brimming, so close to exploding already that you become desperate for more. “More,” you beg, “pl-please.”
“Say it,” he spits, letting go of the window to grasp your hip again, his grip so tight it’ll probably leave bruises tomorrow morning. “Say it again,” he taunts, finally bottoming out inside of you, holding your hips as he slowly grinds his hips into you. 
“I-I don’t underst–”
“Bullshit,” he growls, pressing his forehead against yours. Your chest heaves, desperate for air as he continues slamming into you with a ridiculous strength. “Just do it, ___,” he demands. “Call me that childish name while my cock’s stuffed so deep inside you, you can barely breathe,” he huffs, and the strings of your arousal slowly begin pulling undone, your body so close to it’s breaking point as he continues thrusting. “Does that get you going? Thinking about all the times we could’ve done this before.”
You whine, your body beginning to feel like gelatin, as you shake your head. “Did you think about me fucking you when I was your math tutor? Or how I could’ve bent you over the backseat of my dad’s old car? Or maybe you fantasized about how it’d feel after one of my games?” You wail, and a cocky smirk crosses his features. “Ohhh, so you got off on that one, huh? Did you imagine riding me inside the locker rooms while poor Taehyung waited for us in the parking lot? I always knew you weren’t really a good little girl, ___. Maybe you aren’t an angel after all, hm?” You shake your head no, tears and moans escaping your lips, your body finally giving out on you, your thighs quivering around him as your body spasms, overcome with your orgasm. 
You feel your own cum slowly drip down the back of your thighs, body slumping back against the window as Jungkook continues fucking into you like an animal in heat. Dazedly, you trace a hand over the side of his face, murmuring a soft, “Kookie.”
Jungkook moans as your sensitive pussy throbs around him, unintentionally clenching around him. The drag must feel nice, because his thrusts become wild and off tempo, until he’s ramming into you sporadically, desperate for his own release. 
It comes a few moments later, with a few soft caresses to his face, and sweet pecks to lips. He busts inside of you, his hips meeting yours one last time, before his mouth goes slack against yours, and you feel his semen paint your walls. You whine at the feeling, body jolting. 
Jungkook doesn’t hesitate to haul you off the window sill, carefully dropping you down the perfectly untouched mattress, before falling down after you. All is calm for a few moments, the only sounds registering in your brain the harsh breathing of both you and Jungkook, and the slowing beat of your heart. 
After a while, everything else begins filtering in; the loud thumping of the bass downstairs, the hoots and hollers of the partygoers (Taehyung’s are probably mixed in), and the general ruckus that comes from having so many youths gathered in one place. 
It hits you then, and you’re quick to tug your dress back down over your ass, despite the cum dripping out of your pussy. Jungkook startles at your sudden movement, moving at the pace of a literal sloth as he tries to calm your nerves and persuade you to lay back down. His dick is limp and shiny with cum now, which not only makes it less sexy, but also is a stark reminder of what you just did with your older brother’s best friend. 
“Hey, hey, it’s alright,” he soothes, tucking his penis back into his pants as if sensing your growing anxiety. He seems nothing like the Jungkook who’d just fucked your brains out, but more like the Jungkook from your childhood. You’re not sure which one is worse. 
“Taehyung’s gonna hate us,” you cry, hopelessly trying to reign in the tears that threaten to spill over your waterline. Jungkook pulls you into his chest, your hands immediately flying to ball his shirt beneath your palms. 
Jungkook presses a kiss to the crown of your head, and you’re not sure if your heart skips because of that or because you’re crying. “Calm down, angel,” he murmurs, running his fingers down your spine. Before you can get in a protest about how you can’t possibly be calm in this situation, Jungkook beats you to it. “Tae already knew I was gonna make a move on you tonight, there’s nothing to worry about,” he hums, and your body stills. 
You pull out of his embrace to fix him with a confused, wide-eyed stare. “What do you mean Taehyung already knew?!” He’d been trying to ease your nerves, but if anything, made them worse. 
Jungkook sighs, “for a smart girl, you’re pretty stupid sometimes.”
Your watery eyes narrow dangerously at him, and Jungkook is quick to come to his own defense. “I’m sorry! It’s just,” he worries his bottom lip between his teeth, and even though the room is still shrouded in darkness, you get the feeling he’s blushing. When he finally glances back, his eyes are big and innocent, and you have a hard time connecting this Jungkook to the one from ten minutes ago who folded you like a chair against the window. 
“You were right about what you said downstairs, Taehyung has always been overprotective about you being with guys,” he mumbles. “He was mad when I told him I liked you during my senior year, but he knew I would never go after you, because I was becoming an adult or whatever, and then I guess he thought I was gonna get over it when we went to college. But then, like, I never did, so that’s why he was mad when he saw me bringing you upstairs, but you just looked so good tonight when you were dancing, and I’ve been sort of in love with you since we were kids, that I couldn’t help myself, and I just– Are you crying?!” His rambling is cut short.
“No!” You shout, except you definitely are. You sniffle, wiping away the makeup that has long since been ruined as you try to hide your face from Jungkook. Said boy is staring at you like a deer caught in headlights, unsure if he should console you or let you cry it out. He settles on the former, ducking his head down until you’re forced to meet his imploring gaze. 
You whine, pushing his head away as you scramble to gather your thoughts. “You’re so annoying,” you huff, getting the last of the tears wiped away as you level him with an irritated glare. “Instead of telling me you liked me, you basically stole my virginity, which you apparently asked my brother for–my brother! Of all people,” you scold, tweaking his nipple between your fingers, before trying to ignore the heated gaze he gives you from such an action. 
You let one irritated groan tear its way out of your throat before you’re burying your way back into Jungkook’s arms. “You’re not mad, right?” He murmurs, soft and caring, and you’re totally mad, because it feels like you’ve somehow been conned out of your own virginity. 
Except you tell him, “no, I’m not, because I’m kind of in love with you too,” and get to hear the giddy whoop that leaves Jungkook’s lips. 
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jeonpoesie · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— 𝐣𝐮𝐧𝐠𝐤𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝖻𝗅𝖺𝖼𝗄 + 𝗌𝗉𝖺𝗋𝗄𝗅𝖾𝗌 𝐦𝐨𝐨𝐝𝐛𝐨𝐚𝐫𝐝
⤷ ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴏʀ ʀᴇʙʟᴏɢ. ♡ don’t repost and don’t remove watermark
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lysjeon · a year ago
Tumblr media
➝ jungkook x reader
➝ genre: fluff, angst | single dad au
➝ summary: for almost four years it had been just him and sarang, and he had no plans on changing the life they had become accustomed to any time soon, but of course y/n has to come and shake his world.
main masterlist
Tumblr media
0.0. intros
0.1. tricks
0.2. blind date
0.3. disappointing
0.4. mid twenties
0.5. confidence boost
0.6. childhood crush
0.7. we're a family
0.8. fashion prodigy
0.9. dumpling
1.0. back in seoul?
1.1. businesswoman
1.2. sweet angel
1.3. lucky
1.4. let’s talk
1.5. L word
1.6. busan junk food
1.7. coolest kid
1.8. high quality boyfriend
1.9. family
2.0. rainbow cake
2.1. birthday traditions
2.2. my kinda girls
2.3. again
2.4. break
2.5. sugary treats
2.6. my little lovie
2.7. girls on a mission
2.8. positive
2.9. make it right
3.0. my angel
3.1. breakfast time
3.2. soft on main
3.3. the one
3.4. sarang 2.0
3.5. not a party
3.6. daddy’s cuddles
3.7. epilogue I
3.8. epilogue II
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jjungkookislife · 2 years ago
Jeon Jungkook Masterlist
Tumblr media
Vacation In Ruins (M) Ch. 2  Ch.3  ✓
Summary: You’re on vacation with your best friend, only to find out your ex-boyfriend Jungkook is also on vacation in Malta.
Rejection (M)
Summary: Going out with your friends from BTS wasn’t supposed to end up with you admitting your feelings for Jungkook.
A Night Out (M) Ft. Jimin and Namjoon
Summary: The boys are celebrating being back home in a nightclub.  Namjoon is excited to see his best friend/baby girl Y/N, only for Jimin and Jungkook to get their hands on her first.
Under the Mistletoe
Summary: Jungkook surprises you with a Christmas tree for you two to decorate, which leads him to kiss you under the mistletoe and surprise you with a gift.
Caught! (M)
Summary: Your Idol boyfriend catches you in the act.
Mr. Jeon (M) Ch. 2  ✓
Summary: Just a CEO and her chauffeur.
↳  Drabble
Two Beautiful Baby Buns (Hybrid!Jungkook)
Summary: Jungkook celebrates Easter with his daughter.
↳  Drabble
↳  Flashback Drabble (M)
Let Me Hold Them (M) Ft. Namjoon
Summary: Jungkook is interested in seeing your nudes.
Between Us (M): Ft. Jimin
Summary:  Jungkook gets caught being naughty at practice, which leads to Jimin joining in on the fun.
Morning Games (M) Ch. 2  Ch. 3 ✓
Summary: Jungkook spends his morning playing video games until you join him, in which he then turns all his attention to you... his loving girlfriend.
Fear Is Not a Factor
Summary: Jungkook goes to Fear Factor.  (bullet written)
Everything In You (M) Ch. 2  ✓
Summary: You want a baby, Jungkook is willing to help.
EIY Drabble 
EIY Drabble #2
EIY Drabble #3
Just a Veil 
Summary: It’s your wedding day!
Happy Birthday (M)
Summary:  Jungkook celebrates your birthday with you in bed. He’s got some very special words he’d like to say, but will you beat him to the punch?
Buttons (M) Ch. 2 Ch.3
Summary: You tell Jungkook it’s the last time.
Mini Him (A)
Summary: Jungkook is upset over something his coworkers said about his daughter.
The Wedding Date (M)
Summary: Jungkook offers to be your (fake) boyfriend as he accompanies you to your father’s wedding.
The Roommate (M) Ch. 2 ✓
Summary: Y/n moves in with Jimin’s friend after needing a place to stay.
You Up? (M)
Summary: Jungkook doesn’t want to be anything more than FWB...until he realizes how he truly feels about you.
“Ah, Mr. Kim.” (M)
Summary:  Mr. Kim in HR is always on your case about breaking the dress code but there's something he doesn't know.
Love Shop (M)
Summary:  You wanted the boyfriend experience at the Love Shop... you didn't think it would turn into more.
Come (M)
Summary: You can’t resist Jungkook and his tattoos.
↳ Come Again (M)
Summary: This time, you can’t resist Jungkook’s tattoos... or his blue hair.
↳ Come Again and Again (M)
Summary: Jungkook is completely irresistible in silver hair.
↳ Come Again and Again and Again (M)
Summary: Maybe purple is your new favorite color...
Pillow (M)
Summary: Jungkook loves the pillow you gifted him.
Curiosity (M) Ft. Namjoon (LMHT)
Summary: Jungkook is curious about your new toy.
Little Mouse (M) Ch. 2 Ch. 3 Ch. 4 Ch. 5 Ch. 6 Ch. 7 Ch. 8
Summary: Jungkook, you, and his adventures in the frat.
↳  Little Mouse: Xmas (M)
↳  Little Mouse: Valentine’s Day! (M) Pt. 2
↳  Little Mouse: Spin the Bottle (M)
Little Mouse: Lace (M) 
Bound (M)
Summary: There's nothing quite as sweet as your boyfriends bound together.
Tidal Wave (M)
Summary: Working at the gas station beside the car wash has its perks: half off snacks, a perfect view of the car wash employees who are sin incarnate, and most importantly, Jeon Jungkook.
Tumblr media
© jjungkookislife - I do not allow reposts or translations of my work on any platforms, this includes Youtube.
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zoalicious · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ㅤㅤㅤㅤ ★ 𖠵 — goo details !
ㅤㅤㅤ(っ⸝⸝ •ㅅ• ⸝⸝ ) # 𝙻𝙾𝚅𝙴! 𝚉𝙾𝙽𝙴!
ㅤㅤㅤㅤ ﹫ 𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐆𝐓𝐀𝐍 𓂃 ♡
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itzfool · a year ago
salacious ink | oneshot
Tumblr media
genre | smut, fluff
pairing | bts’ idol!jungkook & doctor!reader
synopsis | jeon jungkook’s efforts to conceal his inked arms worked for the most part, but as his girlfriend, fortunately you saw every raw image.
word count | 3.3k
warnings | d/s relationship, pet names, dirty talk, dry humping, oral fixation, cunnilingus, unprotected sex, slight size kink, breeding kink, cum play, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, bit of manhandling, spanking, cockwarming, he likes hearing you beg, his tattoos
Tumblr media
Last week, traveling to NYC with Jungkook and the rest of his team had seemed like a really good idea, despite the disruption it would cause back at the hospital. You had reminded yourself that it was just this once, and that you’d work double when you got back to Korea. Besides, the new year would be coming soon, and though you wouldn't be with Jungkook during the actual countdown, at least you would be there with him after it.
It seemed like a good idea last week. But as you sat in you and Jungkook’s shared hotel room, you began to wonder if it really was. Sicheng had texted you minutes after it had turned 12, telling you that they needed your assistance for a patient’s upcoming surgery. All the other capable doctors were out of the country, just like you, but they’d all declined.
You breathed in and out deeply, and placed yourself in a ruminative train of thought. You had passion for your job, and you doubted you would ever lose it. But it required much effort to keep up, and on days that you weren’t on duty, you had to study. Sometimes you spent holidays in the hospital taking care of your patients. And on days that you were supposed to spend with Jungkook, you were sleeping your exhaustion away. That was the most heart–wrenching thing. You barely had enough time for each other, and that was why flying to NYC with him for their performance seemed like the perfect escapade slash vacation. But now it was like a failed attempt at running from your job.
You doubted you would be able to fly back to Korea the next morning. Flights would be hard to book at this time of year. But you’d find a way eventually, so you texted Sicheng back and told him you’d try to get back as soon as possible. You sighed as you swung the crimson liquid around your wineglass. 
Happy new year, you guessed.
Tumblr media
When Jungkook arrived at the hotel, it was already way past midnight, and you were sound asleep under the covers. He looked around the room as he changed into more comfortable clothes, shrugging off his blazer and his finger-less gloves. He chuckled lightheartedly as his eyes landed on the half-empty bottle of wine, and then to your phone that lit up with a text message. 
Jungkook couldn’t help but peek. The text was from Sicheng, and it said — Hey, doc! Sorry for the late reply. If you do manage to book a flight, please inform me so we can arrange the sched for the surgery. Thank you so much. Happy new year! 
He’d be lying if he said his heart didn’t break at the thought of you leaving early. He admired you silently from where he stood. You were always so selfless when it came to your job. He remembered that you had been fussing on the plane on whether flying to NYC on such short notice was a good idea or not, considering your responsibilities at the hospital. He hadn’t pushed you at all into going with him, and that’s why he was surprised when you had agreed to come. But he felt a little guilty that you had gone through all the trouble of clearing your schedules and appointments, and he couldn’t even be with you when the clock struck twelve. 
Jungkook hesitantly brushed all those thoughts away, and he made a plan to make it up to you. Not now, but soon. As soon as possible, at that, since you were leaving. He slowly crawled under the covers beside you. His arms snaked around your waist from behind, and he kissed your neck fondly. 
“Happy new year, kitten.” He whispered, tickling your sides slightly. You squirmed, and your eyes slowly opened. “I’m sorry I’m hours late.”
You gained full consciousness and turned to face him, taking one of his hands and interlacing your fingers. You smiled, and answered in a sleepy voice. “Why are you apologizing? You had a show to perform at.”
“I know. That’s why I’m apologizing. Cause of it, I couldn’t be here with you. You spent the first few hours alone.” He rubbed circles with his thumb onto your hand.
“That doesn’t matter at all. You’re here now.” You beamed happily. “Besides, I didn’t spend the countdown alone. You guys were on live, remember? It made me relieved that you started your new year with a hug from your members. You looked really happy. That makes me happy.”
Jungkook blinked back the tears in his eyes. He strived everyday to be the man you deserved, and now, with you in his arms, he could confidently say that he deserved you. “I love you.” 
Before you could reply, Jungkook sat up abruptly, as if he just remembered something.
“What? You don’t love me anymore?” You laughed as you sat up too, facing him. He looked pretty worried. It took you a few moments to piece it together. “Oh. You know?”
“Yeah. I do. Sicheng texted you back when I arrived. He said to tell him if you managed to book a flight so he could arrange the surgery.” He gnawed worriedly on his bottom lip. “You didn’t tell me you had a surgery to perform.”
Your heart sunk. “I didn’t know too. I postponed everything to next week. I guess this one’s a major exception. I’m sorry I didn’t text you, I figured you wouldn’t enjoy the rest of the show if I bombarded you with the news.”
“How do I make it up to you?” He held your hand, feeling guilt pool at the pit of his stomach. Your head spinned in perplexity as the words left his lips.
“M–Make it up to me? Why, Kookie? You don’t—”
“I dragged you here... You went through all the trouble, and now you have to get back.” He looked down shamefully at your interlaced fingers, and you followed suit. You stared a second too long at his inked skin, and you gulped. You really shouldn’t be turned on, not at a time like this.
“Hey, you okay, kitten?” He asked, concerned. You met his eyes once again and nodded vigorously. He chuckled.
“You didn’t drag me here, it was my choice, remember?” You smiled at him warmly, clutching his hand tight.
“Yeah, but still. I feel bad.” You leaned over and pecked his cheek softly, and told him to forget about it. Splotches of red spread over his cheeks. “We’ve still got so much time left. I haven’t even booked a flight yet.”
Your doe–eyed boyfriend nodded at you. Your eyes somehow traveled to his hands. Why were they so goddamned attractive?
“Really? They are?”
Shit. Had you said that out loud?
“Yeah, kitty. You did.”
It was your turn to blush. You were an idiot. 
Jungkook placed his thumb on your lip and smiled innocently, as if he wasn’t turning you on. Apparently, he was an idiot too. What a perfect match you two were.
You tried not to look at his hands. It was a proven fact that that was impossible, so you shut your eyes instead. You heard your boyfriend let out a soft laugh.
“Open your mouth, kitten.”
“But J–Jungkook,”
“Shh, you want this, don’t you?”
“I... Not now...” At your soft denial, a light bulb lit up inside your boyfriend’s head. “I asked how I’d make it up to you, right? This is how. Please let me.”
You opened your eyes slowly. “Stupid tattoos.” You muttered under your breath, making Jungkook laugh once again. 
“I thought you liked them, hm?” He teased, moving his thumb to caress your lower lip like an evil bunny. You gulped. In bed, Jungkook was a soft dominant, despite his kinks that leaned to the more intense side. But ever since he got his tattoos, he had been acting a little more cocky with the knowledge that they easily turned you on.
“You keep using them against me, it’s not fair.”
“I’m about to make up for lost time, and you tell me it’s not fair?” He cocked his head to the side and pulled his hand away from your face. You immediately protested, which made him smirk.
“I thought it wasn’t fair for you?”
“No! That's n-not what I meant to say...”
“Then what do you want?” Jungkook’s eyes seemed to darken in fervor. You forced yourself to swallow your spit to reply to him.
“Your fingers...”
His hands came back to rest on your waist. You wouldn’t stop staring at them, which made him lift your chin so you’d be forced to meet his blown out pupils.
“Where, baby?”
“In my m–mouth.” He pulled you closer so you sat on his lap. You could feel him harden every second from under you, which made your lower region ache.
“Please, Kookie. Please please.”
“Fuck,” He groaned, feeling himself harden even more at your begging. “Open up for me, kitten.”
You opened your mouth obediently and Jungkook pushed his thumb inside. You closed your lips around his digit and sucked just like how you would on his cock.
“That’s my good girl.” He sighed, watching you take in two more fingers. He reached under you and rubbed your center over your panties, making you whimper around his digits. “Look so small in this sweater... So pliable under my touch.”
“All y–yours.” You pulled away from his hand, and a string of saliva remained for a few seconds. The sight was so obscene that it made you gush even more. He raised an eyebrow.
“What was that, kitten?”
“Yours. Your submissive.”
“Is that so?” He groaned once again and reached behind you to grip your ass. You whimpered and grinded your hips against his, making him throw his head back at the much needed friction. “Keep doing that and I’ll make you clean up the cum in my pants,” he breathed. “Lay back, kitten.”
“Want your cock, Kook. Please.” You begged, so turned on at this point that you were dripping through your panties. You pushed yourself on him, making him hiss.
“Gotta get you nice and wet for me, alright?” He told you softly, pulling down your underwear and ogling at the sight of your dripping center. Your juices made the inside of your thighs glisten, and they trickled down your skin and onto the soft sheets. Jungkook felt his cock twitch furiously. God, how much he wanted to be inside you right now — but your pleasure came first, so he swallowed his own wants and bent down so he was face to face with your sex. He flattened his tongue on you, and slid it upwards, collecting your juices. He stopped at your clit and rubbed the tip of his tongue on the underside of your pretty, glittering pearl.
“So fucking tasty, kitten.” Jungkook groaned from beneath you, and your hand traveled towards his hair and pulled at it for emotional leverage, since you were practically losing your mind. It certainly didn't help that he was so goddamn talented with his tongue. 
“This pussy is all mine, isn’t it?” Jungkook growled at you, making you nod your head eagerly. He touched around your dripping hole, collecting your wetness and taking his index finger to push it all inside. He curled it when he could no longer go any further, and you were surprised at how fast he had found your sweet spot. You arched your back, accompanied with a scream of his name and “right there, Kookie!”. 
“Yeah? Here?” He pulled out and pushed back in with two more fingers, giving your clit a harsh suck and then a kiss. He curled his digits and you screamed once again. He laughed, amused at your reactions. “Kitten seems to like it so much. What's gotten you so worked up, huh, baby?”
You squirmed and whimpered, and he had to reach above your hips to hold you down while continued eating you out like he hadn’t in years, when in reality he had gone down on you only a week ago and gave you three breath–taking orgasms. Your boyfriend was generous like that — he loved licking you up and seeing you squirm after an orgasm.
“Your hands,” You said, sitting back up to look at them working diligently on you, but then falling back down on the pillows with a long, drawn out moan.
“Why, kitten? What’s with them?” Jungkook continued to taunt and increased the pace of his fingers inside of you. He loved seeing you all fucked out for him, especially if he hardly even started.
“Your t–tattoos...”
“Hmm?” Your boyfriend hummed, urging you to continue as he continued his work himself. You were close to the edge, and you were squirming and desperately pushing your hips up to meet the thrusts of his fingers.
“They... m–make your hands look so— ah! S–So hot...” You moaned when he consecutively hit your g–spot with the rough pads of his fingers. 
“Would you like to cum around my fingers, then?”
“Please, please, Jungkook! Need to c–cum... Please.”
“Alright kitten. Cum for me, yeah?”
Jungkook pushed his fingers into you roughly one last time and lowered his mouth onto your neglected bundle of nerves. He sucked at it and nibbled, sending you over the edge. You fell, but you’ve never felt so relieved. Your juices trickled down your hole and Jungkook lapped every last drop like he was a starved man — which in a way, he was. He licked at your lower lips, taunting how far you could go. The feeling of his tongue on your clit was painful, but there was a newfound pleasure at the torture he was giving you.
“Baby... S–Stop, please. Sensitive.” You whined, tugging at his hair softly. Your chest heaved up and down, overwhelmed from the outburst of pleasure even after your orgasm.
“You’re still gushing, kitten... How could that be, huh?”
“Want your cock...” You whined as Jungkook moved away from your center and undressed himself, feverishly tossing the articles of clothing on the floor. He lifted your upper body and placed you on his lap and snaked his hands around your waist to pull you as close as possible.
“Say that again,” 
“Jungkook... Please, I need your cock inside of me. Want you to cum inside.” “Cum inside? Fuck, okay.” Jungkook lifted you up gently and held his length to align it to your hole. “You’re dripping, shit. This all for me, kitty?”
At his question, you nodded your head and braced yourself for his cock. Jungkook put both his hands back on your waist and guided you downwards slowly. You kept your mouth open, moaning and whimpering so loud that your boyfriend could only hope the walls were soundproof. The stretch was so deliciously painful, and yet pleasurable. Jungkook’s hands traveled all around your body, squeezing your breasts in his huge, beautiful hands and sucking at your nipples. So far, he was doing an awfully good job at keeping quiet, but once he bottomed out and you clenched around him greedily, Jungkook growled. 
“If you keep doing that, I’m gonna have to push you down and fuck you with your ass up in the air.” He told you, irritated but aroused. Your pussy seemed to like the idea so much, because it clenched around him again as you grinded your hips in a circle.
“Fuck, Y/N.” He threw his head back, “Behave, will you? I’m doing my best to let you adjust here, but you’re really asking for it.”
“Please, Jungkook. I n–need more... Fuck me into the bed, fuck your cum into me until I–I can’t take any more, just please do any–anything.” Reaching the peak of your sexual frustration and just wanting to have more, you placed your hands around his neck and grinded on his cock with more urgency while pulling at the hairs on the nape of his neck.
All this sent Jungkook into a place he wasn’t quite familiar with. Angry, frustrated, barely even got his cock off, but filled with even more passion for you, he pulled out of you albeit a little slowly, and flipped you gently onto your stomach. You let out a whimper as he lifted your ass up in the air. He aligned his cock to your entrance.
“You gonna take it, huh, kitten?” He bent down to scatter kisses all over your neck and your back, leaving a hickey behind your ear which made you whine impatiently. 
When Jungkook finally pushed back in, you thought you lost your sanity. Cause goddamn, the boy knew how to move his hips and time his thrusts perfectly. He held onto your hips and spanked you maybe once or twice, as he increased his pace. He was stretching you out so good, and you wished you’d be manhandled and fucked like this for the rest of the week. 
“Jungkook... F–Feels so good...”
“Yeah? I know, baby. You’re doing so fucking good for me. Such a pretty kitten.” He groaned as he felt something tug at his stomach. His words made you whimper in need, feeling you clench around his cock multiple times. Your hands were gripping the sheets.
“Can tell you’re close, kitten. Cum for me again?” He asked you as he increased his pace even more, now drilling into your pussy at an animalistic speed. His stamina was so fucking unreal, you briefly wondered if this boy had wolf genes embedded into him. He reached around you and rubbed at your clit, pulling and pincking it between his fingers. You tried to squirm away from him, but his strong, pretty hands held you down. “C’mon, baby. One more, yeah? You can do it for me. Cum for me.”
And with that, you lost your vision. White spots danced behind your eyes and tingles were sent through your spine. You trembled like a leaf, pulling at the sheets as your orgasm hit. Your juices trickled out of you and onto Jungkook’s cock, who slowed his pace so you could savor the feeling. 
“Feel so good creaming around my cock, shit. Can’t believe you still feel so tight around me. You were made for me, weren’t you? This pussy belongs to me, and me only. No one’s gonna get you like this.” You clenched violently around your boyfriend’s cock. He lifted your upper body so your back touched his chest, and he began thrusting into you to chase his own high. He went back to playing with your breasts, and your hands traveled to his hair so you could pull at it. His pace was increasing every second, and he groaned as he pushed into all the way, one last time before cumming.
“That’s it, kitten. Take my cum, take all of it. Make this pussy nice and full, even more wet than it is. ‘M gonna put a baby in you, you’d like that, huh? Breed you like the needy kitten you are.”
You whimpered. Fuck, his stupid, hot mouth. His words were making you clench around him like an only lifeline. His voice was breathy, and somehow steady, even when he was just starting his orgasm. Jungkook gathered all your hair to the side and sucked bruises into your neck. 
Jungkook’s cock twitched inside of you as it continued to spill his cum. It lasted for almost a minute, and then you collapsed face forward on the bed. Luckily your boyfriend caught you and laid you down on your side gently, and he spooned you while his cock was still inside of your pussy.
“Shit, Y/N. Might be the best sex we’ve had.” He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer.
“Every sex with you is the best,” You muttered drowsily, staring at the tattoos inked into his skin.
“Hmm. That’s true.” He laughed as he noticed the exhaustion in your voice. “Close your eyes, kitten. I’ll clean you up when you’re asleep, okay?” 
He kissed the back of your neck. You turned to face him, his cock twisting inside of you. He hissed, but you didn’t notice.
“Okay. Goodnight, Kookie. I love you.” You said as you stared fondly into his big doe eyes. He looked so beautiful, even when he was dishelved. 
“I love you too. More than you could ever imagine.”
Tumblr media
notes, since i am very grateful | so overwhelmed by the support the teaser received !! it makes all the slouching over my laptop screen so so worth it !!! they really motivate me to keep writing and i have you to thank you for that. ♡
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littlemisskookie · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Sated Ship: OT7 | Reader Description: Sin... there’s nothing more. Warning: Serious PWP, Gang Bang, Bukkake, Blowjob, Rough Sex, Free Use Kink, Degradation, Excessive Cumplay, Excessive Creampie, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Dirty Talk, Objectification, Spit Roast, Masturbation, Handjob, Slapping, Fingering, Slut Shaming, Established Relationship, Pimping, Hair Pulling, Pussy Slapping, Edging, Multiple Orgasms, Denied Orgasms, Sloppy Sixths lmao, Intercourse, Cuckholding? Word Count: 4,429 A/N: This... This determines my throne in hell this time.
You stood completely bare, stark naked, vulnerable, and exposed before a group of fully dressed individuals. The man behind you, your boyfriend, Jimin, pressed his clothed erection into your ass, the roughness of the zipper of his jeans giving you a dull pain as it rubbed deeper into the flesh of your ass. His fingers kneaded at your breasts, pulling at the nipples as he groped you before the other six men, having you whimpering under his touch. You whimpered, whining as you let your head fall back on his shoulder, the roughness of his blunt nails digging into your skin having you ache with need.
"Keep those legs spread open, baby. Let the guys see what a proper whore's cunt looks like," Jimin reminded you, moving his feet to shuffle yours further apart, revealing your glistening heat to the men so they could relish is the view, the slick of your wetness shining in the lights.
"Jimin," you whined, breathing heavily as you looked at the men, their lustful gazes trained firmly on you. You looked positively wrecked, and barely anything has happened yet. Your hair was wild and frizzy, and your body was covered from head to toe in sweat. You wondered if that was one of the reasons they were palming themselves through their pants- getting themselves ready for their turn to fuck you into oblivion.
Jimin grabbed your hair with a rough jerk, forcing you to look at the men straight in the eye. "Tell them what they're looking at."
"A slut," you respond immediately, the words falling from your lips with trained grace.
"What kind of slut?" Jimin jerked your head around, his fist shaking the bundle of hair bunched inside.
"A worthless slut who's free to use," you correct yourself. "Who's made to be used and degraded like the proper cum dumpster she is."
Jimin grinned with satisfaction at that, letting go of his tight grip on your hair. "There we go, baby," he cooed in your ear, pressing soft kisses against the nape in reward. "You're gonna let all seven of us use you as we please, aren't you? Because that's all you're good for, and all you'll ever be good for. You can't wait to be filled with cock, can you? You get drunk on it. You can't even be sated with one."
"Yes, please, use me! Fuck," you said, lips trembling. "Jimin, please."
"Someone wants to be touched properly, huh?" Jimin chuckled, smirking cockily at your pleading nod. "Pathetic. You know better than that, baby girl. Whores don't deserve to be touched."
"Please! You don't have to do any of the work- I can touch myself," you whimper, eyes getting watery. "Let me touch my clit, please." You could feel how it throbbed and pulsed with desire, the swollen bud aching for attention.
Jungkook gave you that bunny grin as he leaned back, letting his erection straining against the fabric of his pants. His gaze seemed to devour you whole. "She's so sad and desperate. How cute. She thinks she deserves being touched."
Jimin only tsked in response before quickly swatting at your heat, causing you to jerk and yelp in response at the short, harsh, but overall pleasurable pain. "What did I fucking tell you?! Keep your legs open. Such a bad girl- you can't even do one thing right. Fucking pathetic."
Namjoon gave out a quiet hiss as he jerked himself off. "What a filthy fucking whore," he whispered beneath his breath.
Your eyes watered at Jimin's words, and he jerked your hair roughly again, having your eyes lock with the men before you. "What do you guys think? Does she deserve to be touched?"
"No," Taehyung hissed, gripping the erection in his hand tightly. He was one of the first ones to whip out his cock at the sight of you, and though he had shown lots of self-control, he couldn't help but pleasure himself at the sight of Jimin using you as he pleased. You knew from his gaze that he wished to do the same with you. "Sluts don't deserve to cum. At least not with a cock inside of her."
"I say have pity on her," Yoongi said, palming himself through his sweats. "She'll have to endure much more."
Jimin hummed at both responses. "What do you say, baby? Care to put on a show for us? Sit down and touch yourself? You know none of us want to even touch that filthy pussy of yours. We don't want to get our hands dirty. That cunt is only meant to have cock stuffed inside- why would we bother. I suppose we'll have pity on you though- on one condition: you don't cum."
You knew there would be no point in trying to sneak an orgasm past him- he knew your signs too well. Still, you happily accepted, knowing that edging yourself before the men to entertain them would be worth it in the long run.
Jimin stepped away as you sat down on the table before the expecting men, spreading your legs alluringly. All of them had a full view of your pussy, and it was a sight to behold. You hesitantly trailed your hand down your body before easily slipping two fingers into your wet heat, gliding them up to toy with your aching clit. You tossed your head back, feeling instant relief as pleasure spread itself through your core, giving a tingling and arousing sensation that spread to the tips of your fingertips. You flicked and twirled the little nub with your slicked fingers, alternating between squeezing it through your folds as you pet your folds, and spinning fast circles around it.
There was a deep groan from the back of Jin's throat, who had refrained from touching himself so far. Most likely to demonstrate his maturity and self-control over the others as the eldest. "Finger yourself more- you need to stretch yourself out to prepare yourself for us."
"None of us want to go through the pain of having to prep a toy," Hoseok tsked coldly.
You did as they said, neglecting your clit in favor of fingering yourself, curling your fingers inward to that one spot that had your toes curling. You ground your palm into your clit, letting your index and middle finger stimulate it from the other side.
"Add more, baby. How else will we properly wreck you?" Taehyung chuckled sinisterly, eyes trained on the arousal that spilled out of your hole to slide between your cheeks, pooling on the table.
You added a third finger, the delicious burn as your walls stretched to accommodate your tiny fingers. God, how were you supposed to handle seven cocks? You looked around at the erections that surrounded you, and though some were still clothed, you got a good sense of what their lengths were. Yoongi and Jimin would be easier to take, though Yoongi was a bit girthier than you were used to. The one who truly scared you was Jungkook, his impressive girth having nothing on his length. You knew the moment that he bottomed out inside of you he'd fill every inch of you and every crevice of your being. It'd be impossible for him to avoid any of your sweet spots, and your mouth watered at the thought of cumming at the intimidating challenge.
Upon noticing you checking him out, Jungkook gave you a bunny-like grin, and for a moment it made you feel as though you were the one who was going to corrupt him. What, with such an innocent smile? It wasn't until he pulled out his erection, showing you the veiny and impressive cock that you gulped, knowing that your assumptions were far from the truth. He would most definitely wreck you, and you could already feel the soreness between your legs that would show in the morning.
"That's enough," Jimin said. "You're close. It's time for you to get fucked, baby girl. Why don't you come over here and sit on my lap? Ride me, and if you make me cum, maybe I'll reward you."
You never moved faster in your life, launching yourself at the man as you aggressively kissed him, fiddling with his belt and jeans until you had successfully whipped out his erection. You were glad he was the first one to properly use you, as you were used to having sex with him. It gave you a sense of warm familiarity, and you weren't sure you would've been able to fulfill your fantasy if it weren't for your loving boyfriend's assurance that you'd be held in good hands and perfectly safe.
You sunk down on Jimin, holding onto his shoulders to balance yourself. He bottomed out inside of you, and both of you let out a hiss. The two people beside him- Hoseok and Jin, leaned over to get a better look, having front row seats to the show both you and Jimin were going to give.
You began to bounce on Jimin's cock, eager to please him. He stared up at you, hands reaching up to grope your chest, his favorite activity. You could feel the ravenous eyes trained on the part where you and Jimin were conjoined, his cock disappearing and reappearing through your folds as you bounced on top of him. His cock was glistening with your juices, and you could see the perspiration on his forehead, showing in beads of sweat as he bucked up into you, despite the fact you were supposed to do all the work. He often said it was because your pussy kept sucking him back in, as though it knew that was its purpose.
"What an insatiable whore," Hoseok clucked, his hand ricocheting against your ass. The flesh jiggled in his palm but didn't deter your movements as you moved Jimin closer to his high.
"She doesn't care who's dick she sits on- they're just nameless faces. She just wants to be filled, doesn't matter by who. Isn't that right, Jimin?" Jin inquired.
"Yeah, that's right. If I pimped her out on the streets she'd do so happily. But a true whore doesn't even need money to get someone off- they just need to know their place. Isn't that right, baby?" Jimin questioned, reaching up to grab your jaw. He forced your head to tilt up so that you struggled to look down at him while you bounced up and down vigorously.
"Yes- fuck, Jimin, fill me up, please. I need to feel you cum inside me."
"I'm close, baby girl. So close. Make me cum so that it can be used as lube for the others. Get them ready to fuck you with my cock," he hissed in response.
With a sharp twist of the hips and a few movements that you knew would make him come undone, you felt him fill you up. You stopped your movements, knowing that he'd get irritated if some of it spilled out of you and onto him, so instead, you clenched tightly around him as he continued to cum inside of you. His head had rolled back along with his eyes, and he let out a few more jerks of his hips before he finished inside of you. It felt warm, and already you felt so full. You weren't sure how you'd be able to take six more loads in your tight cunt.
Once Jimin recomposed himself, he slipped out of you. "Such a good cum dump. Namjoon, why don't you use her next? Yoongi, you can use her filthy mouth. It's the least this slut can do."
Both of the men were alert, their eyes glinting with delight. Namjoon snapped his fingers, pointing to the table. "Lay down on the table, bitch. It's time for you to do your job."
You were obedient, laying back down on the surface of the table. You spread your legs to Namjoon, some of Jimin's cum trickling between your cheeks along with your arousal on the table. Namjoon hissed at the sight, slamming his hands down on your sides to lay your legs flatter on the table. He penetrated you easily, Jimin's cum being used as a lubricant.
"Fuck, she's so warm and tight. You filled her up so much, Jimin," Namjoon said, groaning as he roughly thrusted inside of you, enjoying the sight of your tits bouncing along with the action. "She really is a cum dump."
Before long he was pumping himself inside of you, plowing into you thoroughly. You could feel Jimin's cum spill out of you, drenching Namjoon's cock as it shone and glistened with both Jimin's cum and your arousal.
Yoongi, meanwhile, had grabbed your jaw and tilted it back where it hung loosely at the edge of the table. His erection was in hand as he jerked himself off over your face, your tongue wagging out in anticipation. He grunted at the look of raw lust on your face. "You better be ready to take every inch, slut. I'm not going easy on you. This face was meant to be fucked."
Without further ado, he pushed himself past your lips, giving you little time to prepare and relax your throat. You gagged around his cock before he pushed back, plunging himself back into the warmth of your mouth, his grunts emitting from the back of his throat as he felt the walls of your throat contract tightly around his girth.
Namjoon, meanwhile, was being relentless, fucking into you so hard that as you deepthroated Yoongi your nose would bump into the other man, diving into his pubes as you felt his sloppily bump into the back of your throat, as though reaching as far as he could.
You felt yourself being jerked between the two men, sliding on the surface with their jerkish and sloppy thrusts. You struggled to find purchase of a surface, the table too smooth for you to grab onto it properly. You opted for grabbing onto Yoongi's hips, though it was difficult with their rough pace. Yoongi only grunted in response, groaning with a sound similar to a growl as you swallowed around him.
Your eyes blew wide open, practically bulging out of their eyesockets as you felt Namjoon's thumb make direct contact with your clit. Yoongi's cock slipped out of your mouth as you looked down at Namjoon fucking you thoroughly, his thumb twirling around the bud. The edging you endured earlier made it where you could taste the re-rising orgasm already.
"N-Namjoon, I'll come if you do that!" you say, your voice shrill with worry.
"Then don't come," Namjoon said simply with a wicked grin.
You looked to Jimin in worry, but he only gave you an expectant, and nonchalant look. "You heard the man. You aren't allowed to come until we say so, baby."
Before you could protest and whine more, Yoongi grabbed your jaw again, redirecting you to wrap your lips around his neglected dick. You went back to work, trying to focus and deny your approaching orgasm.
You were in luck, however. As you clenched and clamped around Namjoon, your walls convulsing around him, you felt Namjoon abruptly spill inside of you. He muttered and cursed, pushing himself against you to bottom out, the tip of his cock brushing against your cervix as he filled you up to the brim. You felt a rush of relief, swallowing around Yoongi to bring him closer to his edge as Namjoon pulled out of you. You could feel the cum of two men spill out of you, covering your ass and wrecked pussy thoroughly. You knew that you looked like a mess- as a proper whore should.
Yoongi pulled out of your mouth, jerking his cock while using your saliva as lubricant. You closed your eyes and opened your mouth for the infamous money shot, feeling his cum squirt over your face, some of it landing in your mouth and on your cheeks. A few squirts of it even landed on your forehead.
Yoongi heaved, breathing heavily as he slapped the side of your face with his softening cock. "You didn't deserve to have my cum inside of you. You didn't earn it."
You felt a twinge of disappointment, but it didn't last long. Soon enough Jin and Hoseok had replaced Yoongi and Namjoon's spots. Jin flipped you around, propping you up on your hands and knees. He spread your knees further apart so that everyone could see your wrecked pussy. The white cum trickled down your folds, and you felt your face get red as it dropped from your overflowing cunt to the table, making a mess.
Jin hissed, slipping three fingers inside of you, more of the cum spilling outside of you as you whimpered and pressed your cheek against the cold table in shame. "Look how full she is- she can' even hold it like a proper cum dumpster. What a disappointment."
"She couldn't even do that right," Taehyung mused, his voice strained as he eyed how destroyed your tight cunt was. "I bet she still wants to be filled with cock, though."
"Is that right, baby?" Hoseok chuckled, grabbing a chunk of your hair to force your face off the table to look him in the eye. He slapped you lightly on the cheek, making sure you were alert as he stared you in the eye. "Do you still want to be filled with our cocks? You could barely handle the others."
You nodded. "Please- I need to be wrecked by you now. Please fill me up- I'm free to use as you please."
Jin slipped his fingers past your folds to toy with your clit, earning a gasp as you collapsed on to the table, your legs shaking as you felt your swollen clit throb with relief, the orgasm approaching once again from the edging. "Right answer, slut," Jin cooed. "You're not leaving this room without being destroyed mentally, physically, and spiritually. You'll belong to us, despite how many cocks you get yourself drunk on. Despite how many men you'll be pimped out to, your tight cunt will never be as thoroughly sated."
You knew, despite the fact you hadn't even fucked half of them yet, that his words rang true. You would remain insatiable until you could have them fill you up once again. You could picture it now- you and Jimin would be out and you'd spot one of the guys at a bar or a party. Next thing you know you'll be bent over a dumpster in the back, one of the boys fucking you from behind as your boyfriend squeezed your cheeks and gave you playful slaps, telling you how you ruined your makeup and how pathetic you looked. You felt yourself get even wetter at the thought.
Jin positioned himself behind you as Hoseok squeezed your cheeks, your lips puckering out as Jin pushed himself inside of you. You could hear the wet sounds of the cum falling onto the table, but you didn't care, letting the sticky substances fall, knowing it would soon be replaced with another man's cum.
Hoseok pulled out his cock, and you bent your head down, bobbing your head as best you could as Jin thrust into you, his movements more precise and less sloppy in comparison to Namjoon, but overall not quite precise enough to hit your sweet spots in comparison to Jimin. Jimin had been in a relationship with you for years, however, so it was reasonable that he knew your body better than all of the other boys combined.
Hoseok rolled his neck, giving you a raw, animalistic look as he bucked his hips up into your mouth, his hand curling into your hair tightly. Instead of bucking roughly against you, he let Jin do most of the work, the other man's thrusts ricocheting your body forward to sink further down onto Hoseok's dick, your nose buried into the pubic hair on his pelvis. You stared up at him with puppy-dog eyes, feeling like a lamb before the big bad wolf. He gave a growl as you swallowed, your walls contracting tightly around his cock. He gave an instinctual buck of his hips, making you gag effectively on his cock. Your nose smooshed against his pelvis, and you squeezed your eyes shut, eyes glistening with tears as they watered, some of them slipping out and streaming down your cheeks as you felt your throat get fucked raw.
Jin's thrusts were getting sloppier, and his fingers dug so tightly into your hips that you were sure bruises would form by morning. He was the most vocal out of all of the men so far, groaning and letting out obscene moans as he tilted his head back. Soon enough he leaned over you, his sweaty, clothed chest pressed against your back as he buried himself to the hilt, filling you up.
As soon as Jin slipped out of you, Hoseok pulled you off of his dick with an effective pop, leaving you gasping for air as you felt the oxygen slam back into your lungs. Hoseok rushed behind you, Jin leaving your cheeks spread open in full view for the others to admire, and soon Hoseok was penetrating you, thrusting at a lightning fast pace to get him off as quickly as possible. His cum soon mingled with the rest, the warm addition making your toes curl.
You were left panting and worn out, but your chin was lifted as you faced Jimin, a cocky and pleased smirk on his face. "You're not done yet, babe. The young ones still need to have their turn."
He wiped one of the tears off of your cheeks, and soon you were rolled back on your back onto the table. He petted your hair and cooed, pressing a chaste and gentle kiss on your head, knowing you were getting tired and fucked out. "Tell you what- since you've been such a good slut for us tonight, handling four loads of cum in that tight cunt of yours, we'll let you cum while you take care of Taehyung and Jungkook. How does that sound?"
You nodded eagerly, whining as you were reminded of the throbbing ache between your legs, neglected and begging for attention from the rounds of edging you endured.
"I want those cock sucking lips of hers," Taehyung says, taking Jimin's place behind you. Your lips were swollen and red, shiny with spit. Yoongi's cum had dried on your face by now, marking you like the cum dump you truly were. You were proud to be one.
Taehyung slipped past your awaiting lips, letting out a hiss of relief from having waited so long. Meanwhile, you felt the blunt head of Jungkook's cock circle around your awaiting entrance, coating itself with your arousal and his elders' copious amounts of cum. He slowly pushed inside of you, and you felt the stretch again, the dull burning sensation as your walls tried to accommodate his girth, enveloping him completely. You were thankful he was last, all of the cum acting as a lubricant for him.
You felt your hands being lifted, being wrapped around two separate cocks. Both of your hands pumped Yoongi and Namjoon, who had become hard again, so it seemed, after witnessing another brutal fucking of your pussy and throat. You gave them simultaneous handjobs as Taehyung fucked your mouth at the same pace, and for a moment you believe he's reached all the way to your vocal cords.
Jungkook was finally getting a rhythm and pace, moving inside of you with a delicious stretch. He hit your sweet spot with his impressive length and girth, and you can't recall a moment you felt so full in your life. You weren't sure if it was because of Jungkook's ginormous length or with all of the cum that you had been filled with the point you were overflowing. You were sure your womb was completely filled with their seed, and for a moment you imagine you weren't on birth control and that any of them could be the father and you wouldn't even know.
Hoseok toyed with your breast, slapping the tender flesh and toying with it, tugging and pulling at the nipples. Jin played with the other one, alternating however with rough pulls, his blunt fingernails burning crescents into your skin, and tantalizing circles around your perky nipples. Jimin had taken the honor of scooping up the mixture of cum trickling down your cheeks to play with your clit, making you squirm and quiver under his touch as he continued to please you with his slippery fingers.
Everyone had taken turns toying with your body, using it to get themselves off, and now they were all toying with you at the same time for their own amusement, sharing you the same way little kids would have to share a teddy bear.
You felt your eyes rolling back, your orgasm approaching.
"Not yet, baby. You've got to let the guys come first. A proper cum slut doesn't come until she's sated everyone. Our pleasure before yours, baby," Jimin reminded you.
You jerked off Namjoon and Yoongi more aggressively, both of them bucking into your hands. You squeezed your eyes shut as both aimed to your face, their cum landing on your face, adding to Yoongi's previous orgasm. Upon the sight, Taehyung spilled into your throat, and you swallowed him down with great joy.
Lastly was Jungkook, who was plowing into you. His thrusts were hard, his whole body being used to drill himself into you. You would've been flying off the table and into the wall if it weren't for all the men anchoring you down.
You felt your blinding orgasm approaching quickly, and you clamped down as tightly as you could around Jungkook, trying to draw him nearer to his orgasm.
It wasn't until you felt him spill inside of you with a grunt as he bottomed out that you felt your orgasm blind you, Jimin's fingers continuing to toy with you as you shook before the men, the long-awaited orgasm making you cry outright as your legs gave out, and you were completely limp, convulsing before them with the intensity of the blistering pleasure spreading from your core to your fingertips.
The men grinned down at you with approval, your face smothered with cum and your pussy wrecked, cum spilling out of you in copious amounts. Jimin simply slapped his hand lightly against your cum covered cheek, giving you a grin of approval.
"Good job, cum slut."
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jkeuphoriadreamland · 2 years ago
‘Ours’ -Summer - OT7
Tumblr media
↬ Pairing: Poly!BTS X Idol!BTS X Reader 18+M ↬ Word Count: 4k ONE SHOT ↬ Warnings: explicit, poly relationship, fingering, voyeurism,cream pies, sloppy seconds, unprotected sex, cunnilingus (both), dominate scenarios, hand jobs, smut and filth (all the boys in one room with you, basically.) ↬ Genre: poly!bts, Idol!au, smut, some fluff if you blink ↬ A/N: Thank you for reading.  I would love some feedback. Please don’t hesitate to speak with me or send me asks!  I’d love to hear from you
↝ these will have no specific order-just random moments with OT7. Please look forward to more!
Tumblr media
It has been two years; two years of bliss and pleasure.  If someone had told you that you would be in a relationship with all seven members of BTS, you would have scoffed in their faces.  Now here, sitting on their terrace watching your favorite men play and enjoy life, you wouldn't have it any other way. The way this relationship began was also improbable. 
Somehow you had stumbled upon a photo shoot of theirs while you were sightseeing. Realizing that you were in the wrong place, you tried to run off, but tripped over some wires causing you to fall hard and sprain your ankle.  Three of the members (Jimin, Namjoon, and Jin) had been the first to see and run towards you. The staff had rushed you to the hospital and there one by one they came to visit you, apologizing for what had occurred, when it was your fault.  You were discharged the next day, and somehow Jimin had found out who you were and where you lived.  From that day forward none of them left you alone, and for that you were grateful.
“Noona, come play with us!”, Tae called from the pool.  You glance to the left at Yoongi and then back at Tae.  “No thanks, baby. I’m okay here.” You watch as Tae’s lip curl into a frown before he turns and smiles forgetting what he asked you. Beside you Yoongi chuckles knowing that you and he were the exact same in nature. This was a good thing because it allowed you to get closer; him being the more introverted of the group. You smile in his direction and he brings his hand up to rub your thigh. “Come on  y/n, the poor boy wants to play with you.  Don’t be such a grump.” He slides his hand up higher and your breath hitches in expectation, but he doesn’t move it any higher. “Yoongi, you know how I am, if I get wet, then I have to get dry again, and I really don’t want to go through the hassle.”
“But, I like you wet.” He lifts up his shades and winks at you. At his words you swallow. The way he says things in such a baritone pitch always did things to your insides.  You’re about to get up to get a drink of water when you feel a shadow appear over you. Glancing up you see two huge pairs of eyes and the cutest bunny smile that always stole your breath away. “Hi noona! We miss you,come join ussss!” He whines and suddenly it’s hard to say no.
“Okay, fine! I’m coming.” Before you can stand up, Jungkook dips down and picks you up over his shoulder.
Easily he moves you to the pool of their private apartment complex. The whole way you’re screaming and kicking for him to put you down, but he merely thinks you’re the cutest and smacks you on the ass.  You gasp at the contact and then he’s placing you down in the hot tub that’s attached to the pool. The heat immediately goes through your body settling your anger. As you’re being placed another pair of hands come forward and grab you, making you turn to sit on a lap. 
“Hi, baby.”, came Namjoon’s sultry voice.  Your body instantly melts into his as he places his arm around your waist and his hand on your thigh.  You lay your head back on his shoulder and he whispers into your ear. “You looked so good in that bikini I had to ask the maknae to bring you over here.”
You don’t know if it’s the heat of the hot tub or your blood rushing through you, but you can feel the blush creep up to your face. “You’re so pretty when you blush.”
“Is that so?” With a quick reply you think you’ve hidden the obvious reaction you’re having to his words, that is, until you feel the hand on your thigh slowly slide up and cup your core.
His breath feels hot on your ear as he matter-of-factly hums his agreement. You should know better. Being with these men was always an adventure as each one had different moods and desires at different times which meant no rest for you. Of course, you didn’t complain because each one had their way of satisfying you and they did so with absolute mastery.
His body feels good against your back, and you can feel his length getting harder against your backside.  His hand at your core starts massaging and gently rubbing up and down with the tips of his fingers. Your bikini’s fabric was so thin that you could feel every touch as if it was against your very skin. You crane your neck to the left to give him more access as he had been nudging against it. Immediately he dips down and peppers soft kisses against your most sensitive spots. You loved how they all loved you and paid attention to every detail of your body.
The hand he has around your waist comes up to cup one of your breasts.  He squeezes it lightly and you moan quietly into the air. 
“Look at my pretty baby falling apart.  I’m barely touching you, honey.”  His hand is moving quickly and so is your breathing. Soon his fingers find their way into your bikini bottom and a long finger pushes into you easily. “Always so wet and ready for me.  What a good girl you are.” As he rubs your nipple through your top your peeks are prominent and sensitive.  His assault on your neck and core has you dizzy under his spell. You don’t even realize that the show you are both putting on is being watched by every pair of eyes that was there.
Abruptly, while your eyes were closed, someone grabs your upper body leaning you over their lap and attaches his lips to yours. The tongue in your mouth is deadly and moving seductively against your own.  He’s swallowing you whole while Namjoon has your bottom half on his lap. Fingers inside of you still and a tongue in your mouth, you try to open your eyes and get a grasp on reality. You start to take in a breath.  Hobi allows you to disconnect your mouth from his, and as you flutter them open you see his eyes are half lidded; the look he’s giving you is so fucking sexy. “You okay, princess?” He’s always so sweet to you; treating you like a fragile possession. 
Hobi is cupping the back of your head, while Namjoon’s hand is on your back and then his fingers comes away from inside of you. Sitting up Hobi grabs you under your arms and brings you to straddle his lap. He’s looking up at you, and you’re looking down. He reaches up and nips at your chin. Bringing your hands around his neck you move down slowly and grind against him looking to relieve  the heat between your thighs. His hands come down to grab your hips and he groans as he helps you make closer and rougher contact against his length.
Gasping into the air you’re ready to come undone, but then Jimin stands at the edge of the hot tub and grabs your hair forcing you to look towards him.
“Who told you you could come, angel? Such a greedy girl.”
Jin comes over to the side also and with his hands motions for you to come to him. Standing up and off of Hobi you walk to the edge and Jin takes your hand to help you out. Standing in front of him, he stares down at you and brings his hand to lift up your chin. Softly he brings his lips to tap a sweet kiss against your own.
“Baby, you look so fucking sexy and ready.  We all need you.” At this he grabs your hand and leads you into the apartment. Although they all had their own rooms, they had one bigger room created for times when you would stay over.  None of them were jealous of the other, but none of them could leave you alone when you were there. In this room was a large bed for them to share with you.
Walking in, you realize that Jungkook, Tae, Yoongi, and Namjoon were already there waiting for you. Each of them was sitting on the bed in different places wearing sweatpants and nothing more. Jin pushes you forward until you are a few feet from the bed. He suddenly stops you with his hand on your neck.  Gently he holds you in place as he uses his other hand to untie the strings of your bikini.  Your top slowly drops own to the floor. You feel him move away leaving you half exposed to the men in the room.
Jimin sneaks in besides you and comes to stand in front of you for a moment taking in the desire in your eyes. You can’t keep the hold of his stare and try to look away.  He chuckles and looks over at you dipping his head to meet your gaze.
“Our shy noona is so beautiful.” He continues dipping his head down until he finds your nipple which he gently takes in his mouth.  You gasp as his wet tongue makes contact with your already sensitive skin. You can feel Jimin smile against your breast and he brings his hand up to cup the other.  He’s slowly torturing your nipples and your hand comes up to grasp his soft hair; helping him to get closer against your skin. He stops after a few moments standing upright to face you once again.  He moves his head down to catch your lips with his and he kisses you deeply. Your eyes are closed and you suddenly reach up to grab him, but he moves away. Missing his presence your eyes spring open, and the site before you has you gasping for air.  The men on the bed now have their cocks in hand and are stroking themselves as they stare are you. Slowly you notice that there are six members there, but Jungkook is missing. Your legs are about to move you forward when you feel a hand grab your hips and press you against a body.
“Jungkook....”, you sigh into the room.
 “Yes noona, I’m here. Tell me what you need....” He whispers these words into your ear as he continues pressing against your body with his. Physically you can’t last through this torture.  You’ve been teased so much and all you want is them inside of you.
“Please, touch me...”, breathless you beg and you feel his lips come to your neck licking up a strip to your ear.  “How do you want me to touch you, noona? Hmmm?”
You move your hand up to take the hand at your hip away and bring it to your center.  Jk chuckles at your desperation, but he wasn’t having you direct this moment. He moves his hand away from yours and up to where Jin had it earlier.  Grasping your neck gently he has his other hand on your stomach, inches from where you need him. “Take off your bottom and show my hyungs how wet you are for them, noona.”
Shaky hands move quickly to remove the article of clothing keeping your last shred of modesty. Slowly sliding it down your legs, you let it drop the rest of the way and kick it off. “Good girl, now spread you legs apart.”, he says these words against your neck where he has made himself busy leaving beautiful marks of his love and adoration for you. You stand there vulnerable as all eyes are on you. Jungkook still had his hand on your throat and you want to sob at one of them to just touch you!
The other men have stopped stroking themselves and have settled to watching you fall apart without any of them doing a thing to you. Namjoon soon speaks up asking for something you had never done before. “Why don’t you bring your pretty fingers up and make yourself come for us, honey?”
Your eyes open wide at the shock. They had always come up with new and interesting ways to have you come undone, but never have you ever had to do it alone.  
“Wh-what?”, you ask completely unsure if you had heard him right.
“He said to use your fingers to fuck yourself, princes.”, comes Yoongi’s voice. You suddenly squeeze your core against nothing. Your juices are dripping slowly down your thigh at their command.
Jungkook is still busy at your neck while he rubs against your stomach.  His hand moves up to slowly cup and massage your breast.  He feels so good against you. You do as they say, slowly bringing your hand up.  You’re nervous and Jk can sense it. “It’ okay, noona. You’re so fucking sexy.  Please do this for us.” He kisses you on the cheek then turns your head back towards him to kiss you deeply.  While you’re being intoxicated by his kiss, he uses his free hand to help you take the first step. Helping you bring your hand up to your center he separates two fingers and guides them into your core, sliding them in easily.  The sounds your pussy is making is enough to make you want to hide in Jungkook’s embrace, but the looks of the men before you drive you forward.
You can hear several of the members take in a quick breath and you can feel the energy in the room change.  Your entire body is covered in red blotches revealing your arousal.  Slowly you push your fingers in and out of your hole. Jungkook is still behind you, but he is no longer helping you. He is merely standing behind you and the heat his body is radiating is transferring onto yours.  His rapid breaths tickle the back of your neck. Your knees are getting weaker as the sensation you feel in your core is taking its toll.
“You’re doing so well, noona. You smell so good. You sound even better.”
 You’re breathing heavily and want to collapse. The men are all staring at you with hunger and desire. Their looks make you all the more weak. “I- I can’t...” You drop to your knees and Jungkook is there right behind you.  His broad chest supports your body as you lean against his frame. Both of you on your knees, you can now feel that Jungkook is naked and hard behind you.
“Jk, our baby needs some help. Be a good boy and help your noona.”, Hobi demands. Jungkook is quick to do so; he’s always been the weakest for you. Not wanting you to suffer any longer, he moves your hand away, and pushes you up on your knees a bit so he can slide you over and onto his cock.  Slowly he glides it into you driving you to insanity. He’s stretching you with his thick length, and all you can do is moan. “Shhh, noona-I’ve got you.” He uses his strong arms to hold your body up and he works his powerful thighs to push up his pelvis into your core. His free hand immediately finds its rightful place between your thighs.  
Jungkook is doing all the work, while the only thing you manage to do is reach your hands above your head to find his and grasp onto his luscious locks. He is grinding into you slowly while everyone watches. Your breasts are bouncing up and down while Jungkook massages your stimulated bud quickly. You begin to clench your walls at the sensation and Jungkook almost loses his load. His face is straining and drops of sweat are falling onto your shoulder. He is gently biting down on your neck and whimpering slightly into your ear. He’s driving into you now and you feel like you could snap at any moment.
The boys are losing their control.  They know Jk is struggling, but they let him take care of you. “Baby, you’re making the maknae lose his mind. You’re such a filthy baby, aren’t you?” Jin’s comment only riles you up further. Igniting the fire in the pit of your stomach, Jungkok rubs your clit in figure eight motions and speeds up his actions causing you to cry out in sobs as you climax. You completely fall into your high and Jungkook isn’t that far away as he grips your body tighter and grinds his teeth down all the while praising you for being so good.
Soon his cock inflates and you feel him explode inside of you. He milks himself completely driving himself in and out of you. Your head drops forward exhausted, but little did you know that you weren’t done yet. Namjoon steps up to you first lifting you up and off of Jk’s softened cock. You can feel the white milky cream slide down your legs, and Namjoon can’t get enough of the sight. Looking up at him, he brings his mouth down to kiss you hard. “Why are you so fucking sexy?”, he demands.
He turns you around and walks you backwards until your legs hit the bed.  You continue to crawl back on it as he is on you, forcing you to move all the way up to the headboard. Your back against it, Namjoon grabs you and turns you so that you face is on the pillows. Lifting up your hips he steadies you by pulling your hips up and back. You move your head up and notice Jin and Yoongi coming to sit on either side of you.
Wasting no time, Namjoon slides his hardened cock against your folds collecting some of the moisture and then he plunges into you. You bite your lip to hold back your moans at the sensitivity. “Good girl. Now why don’t you take Yoongi’s cock into that pretty mouth.” At his words, Yoongi slides over so that his legs are spread. You adjust your hands as best you can so that they are next to his hips, and you bring your head down to take him in. “Our baby girl is doing so well.”, Yoongi praises as he brings his hand down to cradle your face and brush the strands of hair away.
You can’t reply since you’ve got seven inches down your throat and eight in your pussy. Yoongi is a moaning mess above you and Namjoon is slamming his hips into yours at a rapid pace.  You know you’ll bruise, but the way they will care for you takes away your worries. Yoongi pops out of your mouth then grabs at his length and starts pumping it desperately. “Open up, princess.” As Namjoon bounces you back and forth, you try to oblige.  Spurts of Yoongi’s cum fly into your mouth and he then reaches up to close it. 
“Swallow.” With only one word, the look in his eyes tells you he means it.
As you do, you feel Namjoon lose his resolve and release his load inside of you.  Being full of three men was more than you could take. Soon Namjoon, Yoongi, and Jungkook leave the room. Jin quickly comes to your side and offers you water. Jimin is on the other side massaging your body gently. In between your legs you feel Tae crawl up. He smirks at you and winks.  “I promise I’ll be gentle, noona.” While Jimin and Jin take care of you, Tae slowly cleans you up licking into you softly and you feel the overstimulation consume you.
His tongue is slowly bringing a steady heat that travels through your body. Gently he licks and slowly works around your clit. Jin’s hands come down and squeezes one of your breasts. Both of the men next to you are fully erect so you reach over and grab them both.  Helping them to reach their high while Tae takes care of you. Tae suddenly steps back and in comes Hobi.
 “I need you, princess. Can you take one more cock?” You nod because you absolutely love these men and wanted them in every way possible. Hobi makes love to you while Jin and Jimin nip and suck at your breasts. Purple stains decorate your skin from your neck to your stomach. Both men sit up and grab at their cocks while watching your pleasured facial expressions at the rapture Hobi provided. They both then bring themselves to completion. Jimin and Jin also step away and that left Tae who patiently waited and seemed to be hurting the most.  Hobi is working his hips into you gently in a missionary position.  
Tae is sitting by both of you stroking his length. You motion for him to come forward.  Hobi then sits up and brings your knees up to your stomach as he works our pussy with his cock.  You grab Tae’s length and bring it to your mouth. His eyes immediately close in bliss. The more Hobi grinds into you the harder you suck and swallow around Tae. Hobi is soon sweating and warning you he’s about to come.  You clench around him and he brings his hand back up to your nub.
He begins to rub at it quickly and soon you can’t take it and release Tae’s cock from your mouth. You’re now screaming into the room as you cum harder than you had all night.  Tae had begun taking care of himself and seeing you come undone made him explode; all of it going onto your breasts and stomach. “Fuck, baby--shit..” Hobi is absolutely in bliss as you now have a tighter grip on his cock as you milk him completely.  Helping you ride it out, he waits until you settle back down and then he releases into you.
You’re officially done and feel yourself drifting off to sleep.
The next morning you wake up and find that you’ve been completely cleaned and  wearing one of the boys long tees. No one is sleeping next to you. You must have been really tired to sleep in so late. Slowly you make to get up only to be reminded that you had been used thoroughly the night before. Your legs and core ache. Slowly you stand and the smell of food gives you supernatural strength.
Walking into the kitchen you see Yoongi leaning against the counter, coffee in hand.  Jin is still making more food as the younger ones eat it at the same rate he cooks it.  Hobi is helping Jin with the  dishes and Namjoon is nowhere to be found.  At your presence they all turn at once and say good morning at the same time in various ways.  You smile at how precious they were. Immediately they rush to give you a seat and feed you. “How did you sleep, noona?”,  Jungkook is quick to ask.
“I slept very well, baby. Thanks for asking.” You bring your hand up to caress his face.  The smile he gifts you is beyond adorable. Jimin is at your side bringing you coffee and Tae kisses your nose.  The older guys wanted to give you your space as they knew the maknaes would be suffocating enough.
While this chaos is happening, Namjoon walks in with a dozen yellow roses. “Good morning, baby. I hope we weren’t too hard on you.” He kisses you gently and you’re intoxicated by his natural scent. “I’m fine, love.  I promise.” He winks at you handing you the roses and walks off to get food. Jin comes up behind you and kisses the top of your head. Both Yoongi and Hobi smile and wink at you as well.
These very moments are the kind that make you realize just how lucky and loved you were.  These men meant everything to you and vice-versa. Smiling brightly you dare ask, “So, who’s ready for a shower?”
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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