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#bts fanfction
bloomsuga · 5 months ago
little red || namjoon (m)
Tumblr media
you were lost in the woods. he was the kind of monster everyone said you should be afraid of. but what if the big bad wolf. . . wasn’t so bad?
:: a oneshot inspired by the classic fairytale “little red riding hood” by charles perrault ::
· ───────── ·𖥸· ───────── ·
🧣 pairing: werewolf!namjoon x reader
🧣 genre: fluff, smut, angst
🧣 word count: 23k
🧣 warnings: mentions of blood, mild violence, unprotected sex, thigh riding, fingering, oral (f), rough sex, biting/marking, lowkey impreg kink, knotting (?!), but also plenty of fluffy fluff!! :’)
🧣 a/n: the next part of twisted tales is here at last!! this one is a little darker and a little more modern vibe so i hope you guys enjoy it!! :) x (banner made by the lovely @syinisuga​!! <3)
· ───────── ·𖥸· ───────── ·
You tapped your fingers on the steering wheel, humming along absentmindedly to the nostalgic 70’s jam that was filtering through your car radio. The uneven road before you stretched on into the pitch black night, the worn-out headlights of your affectionately dubbed “P.O.S.” car barely illuminating more than a few feet in front of you, and you squinted at the faded lane markings. Where the hell were you? Visibility was low on these old heavily wooded back roads without any street lights, and you sat forward in your seat, your eyes straining to see through the darkness.
You were tired, having set off for your business trip straight after a stressful day of work, and you still had a long drive ahead of you. Letting your heavy eyes wander for just a moment, you glanced at the time on the dashboard; 12:43 AM. Returning your exhausted stare to the road ahead, you tried to stifle the yawn that rose up in your throat, a slight wetness pricking at the corners of your eyes urging you to sleep. No—you needed to stay awake. You shook your head vigorously.
Your boss had insisted last minute that you attend this out-of-town meeting, and desperate for any foothold to aid in your ascent of the corporate ladder, you found yourself promising you’d be there before you even considered what that entailed for you. Now it was late into the night and your destination was still hours away, but despite your tiredness, you knew you had to keep on going and that you definitely couldn’t afford to pull over or check into a motel to sleep if you wanted to arrive before morning. Though you supposed that all of this would be fruitless anyways if you were to fall asleep at the wheel and end up dying in a violent car crash, but you chose not to dwell on that thought.
Willing your weary eyes not to fall shut, you forced them to focus on the dim abyss of road that meandered into the twisted woods ahead. Your GPS had elected to take you on an alleged “shortcut” through these hilly, densely wooded roads, claiming it would shave a good chunk of time off your trip, but If you didn’t know better, you’d think you were in the start of a horror movie. You’d heard crazy things about these woods—the Bleakwoods, as they were aptly named—stories of mysterious deaths and men who turned into monsters, but you weren’t the type to believe in any of that occult nonsense.
You glanced at the clock again, staring blankly into the screen of the radio; 12:51 AM. Dammit. Time felt like it was dragging on in slow motion tonight, with nothing but the darkness and span of empty road stretching on before you.
You let out a heavy breath, snuggling tighter into your oversized red scarf for comfort. It was your favorite—one your grandmother had knit for you—and you held it all the more dear now that you rarely saw her. Ever the fearless broad even in her old age, she lived in a little cottage deep in these very woods, but you were so busy with your job these days that you hardly had time to visit her, and you missed her dearly. You blinked, willing away these wistful thoughts.
When you returned your eyes to the road this time, you were shocked to find something had appeared in the middle of your path, just feet ahead of your car. Was that… a dog?
No, this creature was far too large, occupying nearly the entire center of the road with its imposing size. Unfortunately, you didn’t have the time to make out exactly what it was, as you quickly realized that you were barreling straight towards the animal, and you frantically yanked your steering wheel to one side in an attempt to avoid hitting it, sending your vehicle careening off the side of the road and into the thick trees.
You felt the impact before your brain could even process that you had hit something, the jarring collision knocking you forward so roughly that your head slammed into the dashboard, your vision suddenly going dark as unconsciousness slipped over you like a heavy shroud. The last thing you could sense before fading out was the shadow of a figure falling over your frame.
· ───────── ·𖥸· ───────── ·
You awoke to a sharp stinging sensation searing across your forehead. 
Your heavy eyelids cracked open, registering immediately that you were not where you last remembered, but instead in an unfamiliar room. One by one your senses began to come back to you; you could smell the acrid scent of rubbing alcohol in the air, feel the intense throbbing of your head, and squinting up at the walls, you could just barely make out the faded, peeling ivy-print wallpaper that had seen better days. 
A loud, rhythmic whack immediately caught your attention—the sound of the slightly ajar window across the small room—as the rickety shudders outside battered against the siding of the house in concert with the lonely howl of the wind. When your eyes began to adjust at last, your blurry vision came to focus on the sight of a man leaning over you from your bedside, his large hands reaching up to touch the very sight where your sharp head pain stemmed from. 
With messy, silver hair pushed back off of his forehead, his complexion smooth and tanned, and his eyes a deep, piercing amber, he was ruggedly handsome—that much was clear to you—and his thick brows were deeply furrowed in concentration as he hunched over you. He seemed to be dabbing some kind of cold liquid across your temple with something soft, but he froze in his movements when he noticed your wide doe eyes staring up at him in shock.
“Look who’s awake,” he quietly murmured, his dark eyebrows lifting in realization. His voice, you noted, was surprisingly deep and soothing to your ears—it made you want to relax—but as you became increasingly aware that there was a strange man looming over you, you knew that you couldn’t allow yourself to do that. With the fraughtness of your situation suddenly dawning on your drowsy mind, panic quickly began to set in, and you struggled to sit upright.
“Easy there, Little Red. Don’t try getting up just yet,” the man chastised you, firmly but gently pushing at your shoulders to get you to lay back down against the pillows. Reluctantly, you gave into his strength. “You... hit your head pretty hard,” he commented, scratching at the back of his neck in thought, “you lost a lot of blood.”
Normally if a man you didn’t know had put his hands on you like that, he’d get a swift slap in the face, but seeing as you felt so weak at the moment, you chose to temporarily ignore the part of you that wanted to argue with him, and heeded the unknown man’s advice. Settling yourself back into the bed, you gazed up at the stranger with a probing, scrutinizing stare.
“Who are you?” you interrogated him. You tried (unsuccessfully) to give an intimidating edge to your tone in case your would-be rescuer turned out to have some kind of hidden agenda.
“Relax, I’m not going to hurt you,” he gently replied as if sensing the true fear behind your bravado. “I found you passed out in your car when I was walking along the road. Seems like you had quite the fender bender there, Little Red—wrapped your car around a tree.” He grimaced. Little Red? The nonchalant way he spoke to you struck you as unusual, and you didn’t hesitate to question him further about it.
“Why do you keep calling me that?” you sharply quizzed, your brows creased in mild annoyance. You weren’t the biggest fan of nicknames to begin with, so the fact that some stranger you had known less than five minutes had already saddled you with one deeply irritated you.
“Your scarf.” He gestured to a chair in the corner where the crumpled scarlet garment was draped. “It was covered in blood so I had to take it off of you,” he explained, and only then did you realize you were practically half-naked, only wearing a large cotton shirt which you assumed belonged to the man, and your undergarments. Noticing your displeased expression at this fact, the stranger simply rolled his eyes, saying; “Don’t flatter yourself, sweetheart—I didn’t look at anything.”
“Whatever,” you pointedly grumbled back, hoping your sour expression would hide the unmistakable heat creeping up on your cheeks.
“Anyways, I didn’t know your name and I had to call you something these last few days you’ve been here,” he shrugged, “so Little Red it was.”
“I’ve been here for days?” you questioned. Your eyes widened at the realization. You hadn't even registered the passage of that much time while you’d been out, and hearing that you’d lost entire days came as a huge shock to you.
“Yeah, a few now,” he nodded, a casual nature to his tone as he spoke. “You’ve been in and out of consciousness, but you seemed disoriented. This is the most lucid that I’ve seen you.”
You now briefly recalled hazy memories of this man from the last few days; standing over your bedside, bringing you food and water, and wiping your brow as you feverishly sweat and shivered. This man—this stranger you didn’t even know—had been caring for you tirelessly for days on end. But who was he?
“I’m Namjoon.” The man finally introduced himself as if reading your thoughts. “This is my house. I would have taken you to a hospital, but the closest one is thirty miles from here, and with how much blood you’d lost by the time I found you, I wasn’t sure if you would make it that far,” he bluntly admitted.
“Are you a doctor?” you guessed. The man looked amused by your question, shaking his head with a snort. 
“No… just a guy who’s had to patch himself back up more than a few times,” he said with a wry laugh, folding his arms over his firm chest.
It was then you noticed the patchwork of scars across his skin; faded, healed over marks from numerous cuts and scrapes over the years. This guy must have been in an intensely physical line of work—either that, or he was just plain bad news, and you were hoping it wasn’t the latter.
“What brings you way out here in the woods?” he asked, studying your face as if he could read your story in the lines on your skin. You wished he could—because you were drawing a blank.
“I… can’t remember. I can’t seem to remember anything about myself, actually… not even my name.” You furrowed your brow as you came to the startling conclusion that your past was a complete mystery to you. Any detail you tried to focus on in regards to who you were or where you came from seemed blurry and far away, as if hidden behind a curtain, and you couldn’t come up with any answers. Hitting your head in the crash must have jostled something loose in your mind, and you weren’t sure how to put it back. The realization filled you with deep worry.
“Then I guess we’ll stick with Little Red for now,” Namjoon spoke up, noting your troubled expression as you struggled to recall. “For as long as you’re here, anyway,” he commented.
“Where exactly is here?” you questioned, glancing out the window for some kind of identifying landmark but seeing only miles and miles of frost-dusted evergreens and pines.
“We’re deep in the Bleakwoods,” he informed you, causing you to freeze dead in your tracks. Your head instantly snapped back around to face the man, your eyes growing wide at the shocking revelation. You may not have been able to remember anything about your past, but you sure as hell remembered the horrid things you’d learned about these very woods.
“I-in the Bleakwoods?” you nervously repeated.
“From the look on your face, I’m guessing you’ve heard the stories.” He chuckled, his blithe attitude seeming unfitting for the horrific tales you’d heard of the place he resided in.
“People go into the Bleakwoods and they don’t come out.” You swallowed hard. “They say… monsters live out here. Not that I believe in any of that supernatural crap, I mean.” You shook your head to clear it of such childish thoughts.
“Maybe you should,” Namjoon drawled, his tone no longer sounding quite as jovial as before, and his dark eyes pierced menacingly into yours for a moment that felt too long.
“Huh?” you quipped back in confusion.
“It’s nothing,” He complacently smiled, quickly changing the subject back to more mundane matters. “You must be hungry,” he said, rising to his feet, “I’ll bring you up something to eat.”
“Why are you taking care of me? You don’t even know me,” you called to him as he was heading toward the door, stopping him in his tracks.
He turned over his shoulder, staring at you from the doorway with a wry smile. “Like you said, people disappear in these woods… it’d be a shame if that happened to you.” And with that he turned and left the room, leaving you alone.
Something about this man wasn’t quite right. He was polite and well-mannered, but there was a darkness behind his kindness that seemed ever-present, and you wondered how thin the line was that separated the two. Either way, he didn’t appear to intend you harm, so you decided that for now, you would trust him.
Namjoon returned a few minutes later with a bowl of something steaming on a small tray. He set the tray down on your lap and you looked over it; it was a simple soup, some bread, and a cool glass of water, but to your crash-weakened body it looked delicious, and you quickly dug in.
“You can stay here as long as you need to.” Namjoon spoke as you ate, drawing your eyes up from your bowl to where he lingered, leaning against the doorframe of the room. “Until your memory comes back, I mean,” he offered with a shrug. “In the meantime I’ll keep an ear out and let you know if I hear of any missing person reports that fit your description, all right?”
You nodded, reaching out for the glass of water and taking a sip. You set it, along with the tray, down at your bedside and involuntarily let out a yawn, only realizing now how tired you were.
“You should try to get some sleep… it’s late,” Namjoon said, studying you with a sympathetic expression from the doorway. “Goodnight,” he bid you before turning to head down the hall.
“Namjoon,” you quickly called out to stop him, and he paused at the sound of your small voice, glancing back to look at you. “Thank you,” you said, not exactly sure what you were thanking him for—there were countless things on the list including saving your life, letting you stay here, etc—but you’d hoped he’d get the message.
He simply nodded in response with a subtle smile and slowly pulled the bedroom door shut behind him, disappearing from your sight.
You curled up in the stranger’s bed, pulling the covers up to your chin, and rolling over to face the window. You had no idea where you were or even who you were, but at least for now you seemed to be safe, and you felt thankful for that as you watched the waxing moon glowing in the sky before finally drifting off to sleep.
· ───────── ·𖥸· ───────── ·
The next morning it was early when you awoke. Having been in and out of consciousness for days now, your body was a bit sore, but well-rested, and seemed to rise naturally with the warm rays of sunlight that streamed in through the window and landed across your cheeks. You lazily blinked your eyes open and stretched, sitting up in bed and facing the reality once again that you were in an unfamiliar house. But then again, you weren’t really sure what was familiar and what wasn’t since you couldn’t seem to remember much about yourself at all.
You lightly sniffed at the air, a delightfully sweet scent wafting into the room from the kitchen, and the smell made your stomach grumble. Deciding you would give getting out of bed a shot today, you slowly pulled the heavy quilt back from your bare legs and slung them over the side of the bed, daring to place them on the floor. Your sock-clad feet lightly trembled, unsteady from days of bed rest, but after standing for a moment or two you got your bearings, and made your way toward the door.
You weren’t really sure about the layout of Namjoon’s house—a small and cozy cabin from the looks of it—but you followed the delicious smell all the way to what turned out to be his kitchen. Inside, Namjoon stood at the stove, his broad back to you as he quietly hummed to himself and busied his hands with flipping golden brown pancakes on the griddle.
You hadn’t taken a very good look at him the night before, but seeing him now in the crisp morning light was certainly a sight to see. With his ruffled bed head and light stubble around his chin, you could see from just his profile that he was undeniably attractive, and you couldn’t help but stare at him as he continued to cook. It wasn’t until he turned and noticed you standing there that you finally broke from your trance.
“Oh, I didn’t know that you were up yet,” he commented, his bushy eyebrows lightly lifting in surprise. “Good morning, Little Red.” He subtly smirked at you, clearly enjoying the fact that he had kept your color motif going by giving you a burgundy t-shirt of his to sleep in.
“Good morning,” you cordially greeted him, awkwardly crossing your arms over your shirt when you remembered you weren’t wearing anything underneath it but your underwear.
“Sorry I don’t have any clothes in your size,” he commented, taking in your appearance. “But you can borrow anything of mine that you like. I’m sure it’d look better on you, anyways.” He shot you a teasing wink, and you realized now as he stared at you that the thin shirt barely covered your thighs. Growing shy, you shifted beneath his gaze as heat rose to your cheeks, but Namjoon seemed unfazed. “If you want to shower, the is bathroom down the hall, but you should eat something first,” he said, turning to retrieve a plate of pancakes from the counter behind him before offering it to you. “Here.”
“Thanks.” You bowed your head and gratefully accepted it, your mouth practically watering, and took a seat at the small wooden table.
“Don’t thank me yet.” Namjoon dryly laughed as he pulled up a chair and sat down beside you with his own plate. “I’m not the best cook.”
You dug your fork in and took a bite, assessing the flavor. They weren’t the best pancakes you had ever had, but they were far from the worst, and you offered Namjoon a polite smile.
“They’re good,” you assured him, and he nodded in satisfaction at your answer. As the two of you quietly chewed your food, you took the opportunity to get a look at the kitchen. 
It wasn’t anything fancy by any means; aged wooden floors, appliances that seemed like they were original to the cabin when it had been built which, from the looks of it, was long before either of you were even born. But the place had a cozy, lived-in feel to it. There was a newspaper laid out on the table with a half-finished crossword puzzle open, a coffee stain on the checkered gingham tablecloth, and you could see clear into the living room where soft-looking blankets were piled up on the sofa like someone had been sleeping there. The sudden realization made you instantly pause.
“Did you sleep on the couch last night?” you asked, causing Namjoon to look up and follow your line of sight over to the disarrayed sofa.
“Oh,” he observed, looking back to you with a casual expression. “Uhh, yeah… you’ve been staying in my room ever since I found you. You were a little banged up after the accident and I thought you’d be more comfortable in there, so I’ve been sleeping out here,” he explained with a shrug, taking another bite of his pancakes.
“I see… well that was nice of you,” you replied, moved by how far this man had gone to look after you while you were out. “But you really don’t have to do that,” you insisted, feeling guilty for having imposed on him so much, “I mean, you’ve done so much for me already.”
“Don’t worry about it, Red.” He politely brushed you off, continuing to eat without glancing up at you. Red. You admittedly found the nickname a bit cute. “You can keep staying in my room,” he told you, nonchalantly presenting the offer.
“Are you sure you don’t mind?” you questioned again, puzzled by how he could possibly be so generous to someone that he barely knew.
“Positive,” he assured you without protest. “Not the first time I’ve had a woman in my bed,” he crudely joked, cracking a sly grin, and shoving another bite of food into his mouth.
“Well, all right.” You rolled your eyes with a soft chuckle, grateful for this stranger’s hospitality even despite his teasing. The two of you ate in silence for a few moments, but eventually your mounting curiosity about your host became too much to bear and you knew you had to say something. “So… what do you do for a living?” you ended up asking him. A safe question.
“This and that.” He shrugged, pushing his syrupy pancakes around his plate with his fork. “I’m the handy type, so I do a lot of odd jobs for some of the folks that live around these parts,” he explained, lifting a forkful up to his lips.
“People really live out here?” you questioned somewhat incredulously. The dark rumors you had heard about what went on in these woods were something even you in your amnesiatic state could remember, so you were surprised that anyone would actually brave them.
“Not many, but you’d be surprised.” His reply was cryptic, but he didn’t give you much time to dwell on it before he was speaking again. “I have to go out and get some work done today, actually. Will you be all right here by yourself?” he asked, a genuine look of concern in his stare.
“I’ll be fine,” you quickly reassured him, not wanting to throw off his routine any more than you probably already had. “But aren’t you worried about leaving a strange girl alone in your house all day?” you curiously asked.
“You don’t seem like the criminal type to me,” he chuckled, shooting you a teasing glare. “Am I wrong?” he questioned, raising an eyebrow.
“I guess you’ll find out,” you coquettishly shrugged, reaching out and taking a sip of the warm coffee he’d placed down before you.
“I’ll take the chance,” He crookedly smirked. He rose from the table, taking his dishes over and setting them down in the sink before heading toward the kitchen archway, which led out to the front door from what you could see. “If you need anything just call me,” he told you, his demeanor growing more serious as he said this.
“But I don’t know your number,” you pointed out, staring at him in confusion. You didn’t even have your cellphone with you anymore, having lost it in the crash, which coincidentally, was the last thing you could clearly remember.
“No, I meant just call out my name. I’ll hear you,” he nonchalantly explained to you.
You squinted back at him with a quizzical expression. “But how—?”
“I should get going,” he suddenly said, cutting you off before you could finish. “Be good, Little Red.” He teased you with a mischievous wink.
“I make no promises,” you joked back, and he offered you one last smile before disappearing around the corner, the heavy sound of the front door opening and closing following just after.
Finally alone, you finished eating and placed your dishes in the sink alongside Namjoon’s, deciding to take him up on that offer of a hot shower, which sounded way too good to you right now. Following his vague directions, you headed down the narrow hallway of the cabin until you finally reached the small bathroom at the end of it. You wasted no time stripping off Namjoon’s thin shirt and your undergarments and stepped under the warm stream, reveling in the way it immediately relaxed your muscles.
When you were done, you wrapped yourself in a clean towel from the stack he had on his linen shelf and made your way back to the bedroom you had woken up in. Not really sure what you were looking for, you rummaged around in the sturdy dresser until you settled on a t-shirt of his and a plaid pair of boxer shorts to put on. You admittedly felt kind of weird wearing the clothes of some guy you had only just met, but you didn’t really have any other options at the moment, so you sucked it up and got dressed.
Namjoon’s clothes smelled like him and the rest of his house; strong and warmly spiced like the mountain pines which surrounded his cabin, and you couldn’t help but find the scent a bit comforting. You didn’t know Namjoon very well yet, but something about him felt like you could trust him. He seemed gruff but dependable, like a fierce yet loyal guard dog. Sure, he was a bit rough around the edges, but you could tell he must have a good heart deep down inside. He had saved your life and taken you in, after all.
By the time you were through getting yourself cleaned up and ready for the day, it was nearly noon already. Bored, curious, and desperate for anything to do, you began to wander around Namjoon’s quaint cabin. He had acquired many interesting little knick-knacks and tchotchkes, and you amused yourself for a while with trying to figure out what kind of person he might be based on his eclectic collection of belongings.
You noticed he had quite a few books; spilling off of shelves and overflowing onto chairs and tables, there were almost too many to count, so it was easy to assume that Namjoon must’ve loved to read. Not feeling like you were in the headspace to settle on any one just yet, you passed most of the day flipping through a few of the books that looked the most used, and scanning over pages he had bookmarked or dog-eared. It felt almost like you were looking into a little piece of this near stranger’s mind.
As early evening rolled around, Namjoon still hadn’t returned yet, so you decided that to thank him for the kindness he’d shown you so far, you would clean up around the house a bit and try to prepare some kind of dinner for him. Browsing through his fridge and pantry, you were pleasantly surprised to find he had the makings for pasta, and set to work boiling the water and stewing some tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil in a pan on the stovetop. You couldn’t quite recall how, but you knew you were a good cook, and let those innate instincts guide you.
Everything was just about ready when you heard the front door lurch open at last, followed by a thump of items being deposited by the door, before Namjoon’s broad and lanky frame hobbled into the kitchen to find you leaning over the stove in intense concentration.
“You’re cooking?” he called from behind you, causing you to jump slightly and whip around to face him, nearly dropping the wooden spoon that you’d been stirring your sauce with.
“Oh… yeah,” you sheepishly replied, praying he wouldn’t be too bothered by you rifling through his things while he was gone. “I hope that’s okay?”  you questioned, biting down on your lip.
“It’s more than okay,” he snorted, coming up to stand right beside you at the stove. “It smells amazing.” He contentedly sighed, looking down at the hot, fragrant meal you had simmering.
“I just…” you softly mumbled, searching for the right words to express yourself. “I feel bad that I’m burdening you by staying here, so I wanted to do something for you,” you quietly admitted.
“Hey, you’re not a burden,” he assured you, resting one of his large hands comfortingly against your shoulder. “It’s not like I have that much going on in my life out here anyways.” He cynically chuckled. “And besides, judging by how clean the place is and the looks of this food you made, I’d say you’re far from freeloading.”
You were glad he noticed your efforts. You had been feeling guilty about the whole situation and about imposing on this stranger’s home and life, but seeing how truly grateful he looked at your small offering made you sigh in relief. At least if you were staying here you could help Namjoon out—however long that would be.
“Why don’t you sit down? I’ll fix us both a plate,” Namjoon offered, drawing you out of your thoughts. You shyly nodded, slipping away from the stove and taking a seat at the table.
Moments later, Namjoon joined you with food for you both and the two of you happily dug in, exchanging a few casual words as you filled up on the delicious meal you’d prepared.
After dinner, Namjoon cleared all the dishes and set to washing them while you sat beside him on the counter and dried each one, piling them neatly on the drying rack. He looked kind of cute to you as he worked, his rugged brows lightly scrunched up in focus, and you found yourself once again wanting to know more of the mysterious man who had taken you in.
“So... what did you do today?” you asked him, drawing his eyes briefly away from the sink and up to meet your curious gaze for only a second before he quickly looked back down again.
“Nothing all that interesting,” he vaguely told you, leaving you wanting for details once again. Namjoon seemed to be a pretty private guy, but for someone as naturally nosy as you, that kind of non-answer just wasn’t going to cut it.
“Oh come on... I wanna know,” you begged, your lower lip jutting out in a pout. “Please?”
He looked up from the sink, his eyes studying you intently for a moment before he began to lean in towards you. Your eyes went wide as he placed his wide palms against the countertop on either side of where you sat, standing right between your scarcely covered thighs. “If I told you… I would have to kill you,” he threatened in a low voice, his eyes black as the night sky. You stared back at him, struck totally speechless by his actions, before he finally cracked a sadistic grin. “I’m kidding,” he scoffed, backing away from you and you breathed a sigh of relief.
“Not funny,” you grimaced, dejectedly going back to drying off the dishes on the rack.
“Maybe I can make it up to you,” he suggested before you could mope any further, drawing your gaze to meet the knowing look on his face. “I have something for you.” He cheekily smiled.
“Something for me?” you quizzically asked, watching as he half-dried his hands off with a nearby dish towel before crossing the room to retrieve the canvas tote he’d come in with.
“I was doing some work for the elderly lady who lives over the hill, and after I mentioned you to her, she refused to let me leave without all this, so here,” he said, holding the small bag out to you. You hesitantly took it and looked inside, finding various toiletries and clothing items that looked about your size. “She says she keeps this stuff for when her granddaughter comes to visit and she thought maybe you could use it.”
The items in the bag seemed strangely familiar to you in a way you couldn’t quite place, like a hazy, distant memory just out of your reach, but it hurt to think about it too much, so you decided to let it go for now. You looked up from the collection of items in your lap, meeting Namjoon’s gaze with a warm expression. “That was sweet of her.” You smiled at him. “Please tell her I said thank you when you see her next.”
“I will.” He nodded at you. “I don’t really have any family... so she’s kind of like an adoptive grandma to me,” he quietly explained, glancing back at the dishes as if trying to avoid your eye.
“You don’t have any family?” you couldn’t stop yourself from asking him. You knew it was rude to pry into someone’s personal life like that, but you simply couldn’t suppress your curiosity.
“None that I talk to anymore,” he hesitantly replied, seeming to be carefully choosing his words. “We aren’t on good terms these days.”
“Oh… I’m sorry,” you said, immediately feeling bad for prodding. “If it makes you feel better, I can’t even remember my family,” you wistfully sighed, studying your hands in your lap.
“I’m sure you will soon,” he reassured you, reaching out to place a consoling hand on your bare knee. You stared down at the place his hand rested, a foreign but enticing warmth spreading all the way down your leg, and you dared to look up to meet his eyes. You stared at each other like that for a moment, wordlessly transfixed, and neither of you deigned to say a word until finally your nerves got the better of you and you spoke to break the intense silence.
“Speaking of, shouldn’t we try to go to the nearest town and see if anyone knows me?” you asked, voicing the idea that had been on your mind for most of the day. It seemed like the most logical course of action if you were a missing person to canvas the area for leads.
“I would, but the snow’s getting deeper every day,” Namjoon commented, glancing out the kitchen window at the white winter trees, their boughs heavy with sparkling icicles. “The roads out here are bad and you wouldn’t want to get stuck out on them in a blizzard,” he explained apologetically when he saw the disappointment on your face. “Don’t worry though—I promise I’ve been keeping an eye on the news to see if anyone’s looking for you. I’ll let you know if I find out something,” he quickly reassured you.
You simply nodded in response, figuring he knew more about the area since he lived here, and trusting that he was doing everything he could to help you. After all, he had helped you so much already, and you felt bad asking him to do something more that could potentially put him in danger, so you dropped the idea.
Few more words were exchanged between the two of you as you quirky finished up the dishes and departed from the kitchen, heading off to your respective areas to get ready for bed. 
You washed up and brushed your teeth with the new toothbrush Namjoon had given you before crawling under the covers. You admittedly felt a bit guilty now that you knew you were sleeping in Namjoon’s bed while he was out there on the couch, but he had insisted this morning that you continue to stay there, and you couldn’t seem to convince him otherwise. Pushing these thoughts aside, you simply settled yourself in, and slowly slipped away into unconsciousness.
· ───────── ·𖥸· ───────── ·
Days passed much in the same way the first had; Namjoon going out during the day to work or gather firewood and other supplies, and you wandering around the house and trying to find new ways to amuse yourself. Luckily for you, Namjoon seemed to have a taste for literature, so there was no shortage of books to peruse, and you spent many days reading long into the afternoon until the sun began to turn a burnt orange, and Namjoon returned once again.
There was still no word as to your identity, but Namjoon assured you he was doing all he could to find out, and you believed him. The two of you had begun to grow quite close in the weeks you’d been staying with him, and you had even started to consider the two of you to be friends.
Each day he’d come home, shrug off his coat and work boots by the door, and you’d do your best not to run too eagerly to greet him. Things were quiet around here and it was hard not to grow desperate for what little company you did have in Namjoon. You didn’t know what exactly he did all day—it seemed rude to ask since he was already doing so much for you by letting you stay here until your memory came back—but you did know that you were always happy to see him when he came home.
You tried to make yourself useful around the house while he was gone; doing both of your laundry, straightening things up, and getting dinner going so it would be ready for him when he came home. It wasn’t a bad life you had here, and you were happy with it for the time being—you were happy with Namjoon.
But at the same time, there was something undeniably mysterious about him too. What was his past like? Why did he live alone way out here? And why was he so secretive? You couldn’t help but yearn to know more about the man you were unexpectedly cohabitating with.
Today was like any other day around the cabin; you started off your morning by washing up the dishes from breakfast, swept the floors a bit, then picked a book off of the shelf and settled into the couch to read for a few hours. You were reading The Catcher in the Rye, a classic by anyone’s standards, and from the way it was well-worn and well-loved, you could that tell it must have been a favorite of Namjoon’s.
You were so caught up in the enrapturing narrative of Salinger’s words, you didn’t even hear the front door creak open and shut as Namjoon returned for the day. His heavy footfalls grew closer and closer until finally he stopped just feet from where you sat reading, studying you with an amused expression.
“That’s a good one,” he remarked, startling you and causing you to abruptly shut the book. Your eyes instantly shot up to his face, and they were instantly met by his easy smile. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to sneak up on you there, Little Red.” He chuckled, noting your frazzled demeanor.
“That’s all right,” you shook your head, trying to calm yourself. “I was at a good stopping place anyway,” you shrugged. “How was your day?”
“It was fine,” he nonchalantly replied, offering no further details as usual. “What about you?”
“What happened to your head?” you abruptly asked, not bothering to answer his question as you noticed a cut just above his right eyebrow with blood that seemed only just dried. Without thinking, your hand flew up to his face, your thumb lightly brushing over the area.
“Oh, it’s nothing… don’t worry about it,” he insisted, stiffening up under your gentle touch. He tentatively met your concerned gaze, your face now only inches from his own. “Really—I’m all right.” He half-heartedly smiled down at you.
“All right...” you decided to drop it, noting that he didn’t seem like he wanted to talk about it, and retracted your touch, backing up from him. “Well dinner should be just about ready. I made soup, come on,” you ushered him, taking a light grip on his sleeve and pulling him toward the kitchen. You led him over to the stove, carefully removing the lid off the simmering pot you had brewing, and dipping the wooden spoon into it. “Here, try some,” you warmly encouraged him, holding the spoon out towards his face.
You carefully brought the spoon to his mouth and he blew on the steaming liquid before letting you touch it to his lips, eagerly slurping it down. “Mm,” he hummed in approval. “Keep cooking like this and I might just have to keep you around forever, Little Red,” he laughed, wiping at his mouth with the back of his hand.
“Good thing you’re stuck with me indefinitely.” You jokingly smiled, but the frustration behind your words was honest. You had no idea when you were going to remember who you were or where you came from—if you ever would—and that possibility was deeply frightening to you.
“Hey, your memories will come back,” Namjoon softly murmured to you, as if sensing your fears. “I’m sure of it.” He grinned reassuringly at you. “And until then, you’re welcome to stay here and play house with me,” he teasingly offered.
“You don’t mind me being here?” you meekly asked, gazing up at him in question.
“Nah.” He shook his head. “It’s kinda nice to have someone to come home to, actually,” he admitted, studying you with a fond look. “It almost feels like we’re married or something.” He chuckled lightheartedly to himself.
He had a point; it was a strangely comfortable and domestic routine you had fallen into. You were almost like a husband and wife, minus the physical stuff, which albeit you couldn’t help but think about from time to time too. You knew your living arrangements were only temporary, but in all honesty, after having lived with him for a few weeks, you didn’t think you would have minded actually being Namjoon’s wife.
He was a handsome man—that fact you could not deny. He had striking grey hair, and warm chocolate eyes that peered through you as if they could see every part of you. And besides that, he was charming, and much kinder than you’d ever expected. Not kind in an obvious way, but he’d always make sure that you were taken care of and he didn’t ever make a big deal of doing so. Certainly his personality was a bit rough and tumble, but you figured that was just because he’d been living out here alone and wasn’t used to having another person like you around all the time, so you cut him some slack.
You shook your head to rid yourself of such impractical fantasies, wryly replying, “I think being married involves a little bit more than me making you soup and folding your shirts.”
“I don’t think I’d mind the other parts of it,” he seductively winked at you, catching you off guard with his flirtatious words. Namjoon had joked with you like this a few times before—even the first time you’d met—but what was it about this time that made your heart flutter?
You didn’t have time to mull it over any further as your sweet moment was interrupted by a loud rapping on the door. Someone seemed to be there, and from the way they were pounding on it, they were far from patiently waiting. Joon immediately stilled, his face growing pale, but he tried to school his features into a calm stare when he noticed how startled you were.
“I’ve been expecting some old acquaintances of mine to stop by…” he cryptically explained, seeming uncharacteristically on edge now. “Just stay in here and don’t come out, all right?” he told you, his casual words betraying the serious look in his eyes that warned you these instructions weren’t to be taken lightly.
You wordlessly nodded, sensing from his demeanor that this was not a time to ask questions and he seemed grateful for that, leaving you in the kitchen and disappearing around the corner toward the front door.
You could make out the sound of the door creaking open, then muffled voices as Namjoon met whoever it was on the porch and went outside to talk to them, shutting it behind them. You stood in the kitchen for a few moments, anxiously waiting to find out what was going on, until finally you couldn’t stand the stillness anymore, and you quietly tiptoed over to the window that looked out onto the front porch.
Hesitantly peeking through the curtain, you saw Namjoon on the front steps of the house, his back to you as he seemed to be having a tense conversation with a group of three or four young men about his age who were gathered on the walkway to the house. You couldn’t make out what they were saying, but it didn’t seem like a pleasant conversation, and you wondered what on earth they could be discussing out there. Becoming so wrapped up in watching the scene, you failed to notice that one of the men was looking your way until you accidentally locked eyes with him for a brief moment before you ducked out of view, your heart pounding.
Frightened by the almost encounter, you scurried back to the kitchen and sat down at the table, deciding to wait there until Namjoon came back for you. And minutes later, he did, the door slamming shut behind him as he trudged inside and lumbered into the kitchen.
You immediately looked up, scanning over his blank expression for any clue of what might have just happened, but finding nothing. He simply made his way over to the stove, serving you each a bowl of the soup you made, and setting it down in front of you as he joined you at the table and started eating without a word.
You took a few bites, quietly swallowing, but you were unable to stop staring at Namjoon as the two of you ate in silence. “Who was that?” you finally built up the courage to ask.
“Nobody that you need to worry about,” he dismissively replied without looking up from his dinner, his shortness catching you off guard. “Forget about it.” Namjoon never acted like this to you, and it made you wonder what the men had said to him that had him so stressed.
“I was just wondering because it seemed—”
“I said drop it, Red,” he practically growled at you, sending a chill down your spine. The look in his eyes was strange—cold—and he seemed almost like a completely different person from the Namjoon you were used to. Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, it was a whole other side of him.
You instantly clammed up, regretting having asked so many questions, and averted your eyes down to your soup, deciding to finish the rest of your dinner without another peep, and trying to avoid Namjoon’s stare. You had no idea what had gotten into him, but you hoped that if you just left him alone it would pass, and so after you were done eating, you quietly got ready for bed and slipped into your room.
That night, as the foreboding full moon began its ascent in the night sky, you couldn’t help but feel like something wasn’t right. You tossed and turned in bed, unable to settle yourself, and stared out the window at the ghostly blue-white moonlight that bathed the trees outside your room. It almost seemed to be calling out to you like a siren, and before you could stop yourself, you were climbing out of bed and padding over to the window, gazing out in an almost trance.
The night was still and quiet, with only the misty woods and the low whisper of the wind filling the air, until suddenly the silence was disrupted by a loud, spine-chilling howl. It sounded like some kind of dog—no, bigger: a wolf—and from the volume of the other cries that echoed it, there were a lot of them nearby.
Gazing out to see if you could catch a glimpse of them, you instead noticed Namjoon coming out the back door of the house and standing stiffly in the middle of the yard. Your eyebrows knitted together in confusion as you watched him, planted in place and looking around as if waiting for something. What was he doing out so late? You didn’t even get the chance to call out to him before there was a shift in the air.
Out of nowhere, Namjoon’s body began to contort, his spine arching and reducing him to a hunched position as he cried out in pain. You watched on in horrified disbelief as his muscles rippled and tore through his clothes, his skin replacing itself with thick tufts of grey fur until he was transformed into some kind of inhuman creature right before your eyes. There, standing where Namjoon had been just moments ago, was now a massive, snarling wolf. You stared through your window at the sight in stunned silence, your breath hitching in your throat as you watched the animal throw its head back in a lonely howl before barreling into the dark woods ahead, and disappearing into the night.
Completely in shock and denial of what you had seen, you convinced yourself that you must have fallen asleep already and were dreaming. You stumbled backwards and burrowed into the bed, pulling the covers up over your head and trying to calm your erratic breathing. You had just witnessed Namjoon be transfigured into a monster right before your eyes—into a wolf—and you couldn’t even begin to understand what you had seen. Willing yourself to wake up from this horrid nightmare, you squeezed your eyes shut, fisting the blankets and holding on for dear life until your grip on reality began to slip, and darkness enclosed upon your mind.
· ───────── ·𖥸· ───────── ·
You woke up the next morning curled in the same childlike position you’d passed out in; your knees pulled up to your chest, and your body carefully concealed beneath the blankets as if they could protect you from whatever evil lurked outside. Or whoever, you supposed. Your mind instantly went to Namjoon.
You were desperate for last night to not have been true, but your memories of the scene were so vivid, so real, that it was hard for you to deny that it happened. You had heard the stories of bloodthirsty, animal-like monsters that roamed these cursed woods, but never had you once imagined them to be real. Well, until now. 
Eager to find Namjoon for yourself and put your worries to rest, you leapt out of bed and made for the door, practically running down the hall to the living room and finding his usual sleeping place on the couch empty. Had he left for work already? It seemed far too early for him to have gone and on top of that, it was Saturday, a day he usually took off to stay at home with you. As you pondered his strange absence, the front door across the room creaked open, revealing just the man you were looking for; Namjoon.
He looked worse for the wear; his face bruised and battered, his arms littered with fresh cuts and scrapes, and the clothes he had worn last night were now in tatters, hanging loosely off his frame. You stared in shock at his haggard state, still frozen in place when Namjoon finally lifted his head and found you standing there.
“Oh… hey, Little Red,” he casually greeted you as if he hadn’t just walked in looking like hell. He studied you from the entryway, the two of you locked in a tentative standoff with neither of you daring to make a move toward the other.
“Where the hell have you been?” you couldn’t help but blurt out at last, breaking your silence. You knew you probably should be afraid of him given what you’d witnessed, but your concern had gotten the better of your sense the second you caught sight of his countless new injuries.
“Out?” His response was more like a question than an answer, which only served to frustrate you more. You watched as he reached up to rub the back of his neck, but winced at the pain he met there, and you anxiously began to wonder what he had been up to that left him so torn up.
“Just out?” you repeated, eyeing him with an expression full of skepticism. From the looks of his disheveled appearance, it was clear he had been more than just out and you both knew it.
“Yes.” He stepped further into the room, closer to you, and you instinctively recoiled, your back meeting the wall as you fled from him. You had been staying here with Namjoon for weeks now, living in his cabin, sleeping in his bed, and in all that time he had never truly frightened you. But after what you’d seen under the full moon last night, you weren’t sure what to think anymore.
“Why are you so jumpy?” he asked. He seemed concerned by your sudden aversion to him, and his gaze softened. “Are you still upset at me for last night?” He offered a guess, regret over his angry outburst at the dinner table the previous evening clear on his face. “I’m sorry I snapped at you like that, Red—really.” He made another  move at you, reaching his hand out toward your face, but you shied away from his touch. “Hey, don’t be like that...” He grimaced. “What is it?”
“I saw you last night... under the full moon,” you cautiously stated, unable to keep the terrifying images of his gruesome transformation from permeating into your thoughts when you stared at the man himself. He was not all he seemed.
“You did?” he questioned, his caring expression turning to stone. His whole demeanor seemed to change with your admission; he straightened his spine, his body rigid, and he leaned into you dangerously close. “What exactly did you see?” he prodded you, his sharp eyes piercing yours.
“Y-you went out into the woods, and you turned into a… into a…” You stumbled over your words, your mind refusing to admit aloud what you had glimpsed through that foggy bedroom window. It didn’t feel real to you—it couldn’t have been.
“A wolf?” Namjoon cut in to finish for you as if he was expecting it. “You can say it,” he bluntly goaded you, his demeanor surprisingly cool and collected despite the way he practically had you pinned against the living room wall right now.
“I always thought that the stories about these woods were just stories, but…” You swallowed hard as you looked up at Namjoon—his burly, imposing figure closing in on you in the tight space of the hallway, and waiting for you to say the word he knew you inevitably would. “You’re really one of them, aren’t you? A… a werewolf?”
“Yes,” he stoically replied, his voice devoid of the warmth you’d glimpsed before. “Every full moon I turn into a monster out of your worst nightmares.” He humorlessly chuckled, moving in close enough to take your breath away. “Are you afraid of me now?” he huskily whispered, his lips hovering just centimeters from yours.
“No,” you firmly responded, willing your voice to sound strong even though you weren’t feeling it. But you were telling the truth; you weren’t sacred—not of Namjoon. You just couldn’t be.
“You should be,” he harshly chastised you, as if reading your mind, your response angering him. But there was something more in his eyes too—a desperate anguish—like he wanted you to fear him because it was easier than the alternative.
“You don’t scare me,” you confidently repeated, bolstering your confidence even in the face of the very man who’s brute strength you’d seen first hand only hours earlier. You knew that he could easily do anything he wanted to you right now and you wouldn’t be able to stop him, but you also knew that he wouldn’t do any of that.
“Why not?” he murmured, his breathing heavy. You could feel his warm breath on your cheeks, his predator-like eyes honed in on you, and his stocky frame entrapping you—but you didn’t care. You wouldn’t let any of that bother you because you knew the truth of the situation.
“Because if you were going to hurt me then you would have done it already,” you defiantly told him, looking him dead in the eyes without an ounce of fear. You weren’t afraid of the big bad wolf, no matter how badly he wanted you to be.
Namjoon stared at you hard, as if he were trying to understand how you could be so impossibly brave, or rather, so impossibly stupid, but after a moment his expression softened, and he let out a heavy sigh. He stepped away from you, flopping down onto the couch, and you finally exhaled the breath you’d unintentionally been holding. Moving off the wall, you took a few steps forward until you were standing just feet from Namjoon, and sank down to the floor.
“Those guys I saw you talking to outside the house yesterday… are they... like you?” you hesitantly questioned him, crossing your arms tightly over your chest to hold yourself steady.
“Yeah.” He solemnly nodded at you. “They were part of my pack—before I left, I mean. I was the Alpha… their leader.” He grimaced at the word.
“Why did you leave?” you asked him without holding back, dying to understand more about Namjoon’s strange and mystifying world.
“It’s personal,” he gruffly rebuffed your prying, closing himself off again the way he always did. “Those guys… they’re the real reason that I haven’t been able to take you back into town through the woods—not just the snow,” he continued, changing the subject off of himself.
“How so?” you inquired, your brows weaving together in confusion at this new revelation.
He stared down at you, looking uncomfortable, as if pondering whether he should tell you the truth. “It’s breeding season,” he finally said, getting over his reservations. “You’re young… fertile,” he awkwardly explained, “your scent will attract males like them. You wouldn’t make it a mile in these woods without at least one of them tracking you down and trying to... well, you get the idea.” His expression turned grim.
“This is insane,” you nearly laughed at what he was telling you. It all sounded so absolutely impossible, but after what you had seen last night, you found it hard not to believe him. Namjoon was a werewolf, and there were others like him all around these woods. It was a lot to take in. “But... what about you? You’re one of them too.” You gulped, nervously nibbling on your lip as you gazed up at him from the floor.
“I have way more self control than they ever could.” He scoffed, rolling his eyes. “You don’t need to worry about me, okay?” he sincerely promised you, his tone softening a bit. “If you keep staying here with me, my scent should be strong enough to mask yours—at least until the breeding season ends and it’s safer to try and get you back to the city,” he calmly strategized.
“Wow…” you said, trying to process all of this overwhelming new information. “You must really reek.” You chuckled, trying to lighten the bizarre and heavy conversation with a joke.
“Funny,” he simpered. “But… you’re really… all right with all of this?” he slowly asked, as if still in disbelief of your level-headed reaction to his secret. “With me?” he clarified, growing quieter.
His eyes were locked on yours, and for the first time since you’d met, you caught a glimpse of vulnerability inside them. As much as Namjoon acted like he was always cool, always collected, always calm, there was a part of him too that was unmistakably human—a part of him that didn’t want to be alone, and neither did you.
“Well… it’s quite a shock,” you awkwardly chuckled to break the intense moment, “but as long as you don’t chew up my shoes, I don’t see any reason why we can’t stay as we are.” You couldn’t help but get in one last crack at him.
“I’ll keep that in mind.” He snorted at your cheap dig. “Now, you wanna help me make breakfast? I’m hungry like the wolf.” He cheekily joked back, smiling smugly back at you.
“After you,” you bit back, raising a challenging brow at him as you gestured to the kitchen. 
Namjoon gave you one last look of perplexed amusement before he finally shook his head to himself, and stepped past you toward the kitchen, you following closely behind him.
· ───────── ·𖥸· ───────── ·
Surprisingly, not much changed between you and Namjoon after that night you found out about his secret other world. Well, that was to say the two of you’s daily routine wasn’t much affected—your feelings, however, were another story all together. Even though you still didn’t really know who you were, you were beginning to feel like you and Namjoon had gotten to know each other pretty in just a short time.
As weeks turned to months of the two of you shacking up together, you had discovered that although Namjoon didn’t know your real name, he did seem to know the real you; he knew when you had grown bored of things, and would come up with a “special project” around the house for you, or bring you home a new book for you to read; he knew when you were grumpy, which was mostly just because you were hungry, and would quietly make you something to eat before you even had to ask; and he knew when you were homesick for the life you couldn’t remember. On those days he didn’t say much at all—there was nothing he could say—but he always remained silently by your side, and for that you were grateful. 
Namjoon didn’t know your name, no, but perhaps he had come to know something far more important; your heart. Yes, although you had tried your hardest to deny the way your pulse quickened and your cheeks heated whenever he was near you, you couldn’t help but begin to feel something for Namjoon that was more than just gratitude for saving your life and taking you in. You’d caught feelings for him.
These days you couldn’t seem to wait for him to come home, and when he finally did, you were content to spend hours just listening to him talk, even if it wasn’t about anything exciting. Every comforting touch of his hand on your shoulder when you were having a bad day, or gentle brush of his palm against your lower back when he needed to get past you as you cooked together in his small kitchen, set your very skin on fire, but it was the kind of flame that you were just dying to fan higher.
You found yourself wanting more from him; you wanted to know more about his past, about his dreams, about the things that made him smile, and about each and every one of the many little things that made him him. For as much as you had learned about Namjoon, there was still so much he had withheld from you, and you wished more than anything that you could break down the wall he’d put up around himself and see the real man who lay behind them.
One Saturday, a day which Namjoon always did his best to take off of work and spend some time at home with you, you were helping him sort through some old things of his that were piling up in the storage closet when you came across something pleasantly unexpected.
“You have a guitar?” you asked him in surprise, lifting the hard, dusty case and brushing it off.
“Yeah, before you lived with me, things got pretty quiet around here,” he explained, smiling sentimentally to himself. “I would play a little bit sometimes when I was bored, but I’ve never been very good.” He admitted with a chuckle.
He reached past you and flicked up the delicate metal buckles on the heavy case, revealing the beautiful, solid wood topped nylon string guitar. The sight of it seemed strangely familiar to you, and you couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of nostalgia wash over you as you studied it.
“I used to want to be a musician,” you suddenly said, the words coming out as if on reflex.
“Used to?” Joon questioned, seeming taken aback by your admission. “What happened?”
“My parents talked me out of it… they said I needed to get a ‘real job’ to make some money. So I gave it up and took a boring corporate gig. I haven’t really played since,” you recounted the somewhat sad story, gently tracing your fingers over the delicate guitar strings as you spoke.
“You just talked about your family…” Namjoon pointed out, making you freeze in your tracks. “You must be starting to remember things?” he asked you, studying you with a curious gaze.
“I did remember!” you exclaimed, the shocking realization dawning on you all at once. “And I think I remember my name too!” You thought hard. “It’s… it’s Y/N,”  you confidently declared, not sure where the information had come from, but the name was suddenly clear in your mind. “Joon, I remembered all of that!” you beamed at him, gripping at his arm in excitement.
“Way to go, Little Red.” He proudly grinned back at you, placing his large hand on top of your head and lightly stroking your hair. “Or should I say… Y/N?” he corrected with a smirk.
“I like the sound of that.” You smiled warmly.
“Looks like you have a past after all,” he said, sliding in beside you on the couch. “A family.”
“I guess so.” You nodded, thinking to yourself. “What about you?” you asked, unable to keep your curiosity about him to yourself any longer. “What was your family like? Did you ever have… someone important to you?” you questioned.
“Family is kind of complicated for werewolves,” he guardedly replied, the walls he’d built around himself practically visible as he tried to avoid talking about himself again. “You have a pack, they’re like your family, and then someday, if you’re lucky... you find someone you mark.”
“Mark?” you repeated the word, mulling over the unfamiliar term in your head.
“Wolves are loyal,” he explained, “most of us mate for life, so when we find the person we want to be with... we mark them.” He seemed like he was a bit reluctant to share this intimate part of his life with you, but he was at least making an attempt, and you appreciated that. “It’s a physical mark, but it’s deeper than that. It binds both of your souls together, so one can never be without the other for the rest of your lives,” he said, a far-away look in his dark eyes.
“Wow… intense,” you let out a stunned scoff, trying to process all of this new information.
“Yeah,” he chuckled as well, seeming to realize how strange this all must have sounded to you. “That’s why we have to be really sure about our choice. We can only mark someone once in our lifetime, and trying to break that bond after it’s been made… it can tear you apart. I’ve seen it happen.” His face turned more somber.
“Have you ever done it before?” you couldn’t help but ask, your burning desire to know more about Namjoon getting the better of your best judgement. “Marked someone, I mean.”
“No,” he stonily replied. “I had a few flings when I was younger, but… I’ve never loved anyone like that,” he solemnly admitted, his eyes meeting yours and lingering there for just a little too long. But before you could ask him anything else, he reached forward and picked up the old guitar, pressing it gently into your hands. “Here, why don’t you try to play something?” he asked.
“I don’t know… it’s been a while,” you sighed, staring down at the instrument in uncertainty.
“Humor me,” he insisted with a charming grin.
“Okay…” you finally gave in, wrapping your fingers around the neck and body of the guitar, and positioning it to rest against your lap.
You rested your fingers over the strings, quickly adjusting the tuning until it sounded just right, before you took a deep breath, and started to play. You didn’t know where the knowledge came from, but the moment you touched the old guitar, muscle memory took over, and a beautiful melody began to flow from your fingers and into the room. The name of the song was long lost to you, but somehow you knew the sound of it by heart, and Namjoon watched on in awe as you plucked along.
“Pretty,” he murmured, drawing your focused eyes up from your hands to meet his, which were gazing at you more fondly than you had ever seen before. For a moment you had to ask yourself if he was complimenting your playing or you, and you honestly weren’t sure which you were hoping was the truth at the moment.
Your fingers slowly ceased moving, your gaze transfixed on the man just inches away from you, and you could hear the quiet sound of his breathing, which echoed your own. It felt nearly impossible to look away—not that you wanted too—and almost as if on instinct, you both began to lean in, your lips meeting for the first time by the quiet crackle of the bright fireplace.
Namjoon’s lips felt warm and soft against yours, and you mindlessly sought out the feeling of them again and again, kissing him back without a thought of anything else in the world. He moaned into your mouth, his hands finding the guitar in your lap and pushing it to the side so that he could pull you in closer and deepen the kiss. His hands gripped at your waist, pressing you forward until you were laying flat on your back against the couch cushions with Namjoon’s body flush against your own as he climbed on top of you.
You whimpered, reaching up to grip at his hair while he pinned you down, his eyes growing dark and almost predator-like when he stared down at you. He roughly reconnected your lips, his kisses greedy and demanding but in the most intoxicating way that you couldn’t seem to get enough of. His palms explored your body, brushing over your knees and up your legs, and climbing beneath your dress, landing on the bare skin of your hips just above your panties.
He brought his lips to your throat and harshly sucked, his teeth grazing your skin, and you hissed at the sensation, not from the pain but from the pleasure, although Namjoon seemed to interpret it as the former. He instantly stilled in his advances, backing off of you and sitting up straight, the hungry look in his eyes draining away to a look of concern as he stared at you.
“I’m sorry,” he suddenly apologized, shifting to put some distance between the two of you on the couch. “I should… um… I should go get some more firewood.” He acted as though the idea had just dawned on him, but you knew better; Namjoon was deflecting. He must have felt like whatever had just transpired between you was a mistake, and if that was the case, although he had left you dizzy and breathless, you were willing to let him to bury it for now.
“Right,” you meekly nodded in agreement, trying to pull yourself back together. “I’ll go start dinner.” You offered him a pleasant smile despite the fact your head was still spinning from the feel of his lips and warmth of his skin.
Something had just changed between you and Namjoon—something you weren’t sure you’d ever be able to change back—but you couldn’t find the right words to voice that right now, so instead, you said nothing. Watching his back as he rose from the sofa and slipped out of the room without another word, only one thought stuck in your mind; you had fallen for Namjoon.
· ───────── ·𖥸· ───────── ·
That evening, you were standing at the sink finishing up the dishes from tonight’s dinner when you heard a mysterious knock at the front door. Namjoon immediately looked up from the kitchen table he’d been busy wiping down, his eyes locking onto yours in an intense stare.
“I’ll get it,” he insisted right away, the tenseness of his body making it clear that this topic wasn’t up for debate. “Stay here.” His words were firm, and knowing that Namjoon only spoke this way when there was something serious going on, you willingly obeyed his warning, remaining frozen in your place in the kitchen while you watched him make his way toward the door.
He undid the locks, pulling it open just enough to see who was on the other side before he seemed to realize who it was, and opened it more fully. Through the kitchen archway you could just barely make out the figure of a man standing in the entryway; he was young, right about your age, and lean but well-built, with toned arms and sandy brown hair. Curious, you tiptoed a bit closer to the kitchen entrance so you could hear what the two men were saying.
“Hoseok?” You heard Namjoon address the man in a slightly hushed voice. “What are you doing here?” he tersely interrogated the visitor.
“I came here as a warning…” the man Namjoon called ‘Hoseok’ ominously told him, and you could see the muscles in Namjoon’s back grow tight. “Jungkook knows about the girl,” Hoseok revealed, his eyes landing squarely on your form peeking out from around the doorframe.
Namjoon followed Hoseok’s line of sight all the way back to you, studying you with a conflicted expression for a moment before he turned back toward Hoseok with a heavy sigh. “Come in.”
Namjoon led the slighter man into the house, shutting and locking the door behind the two of them, and ushering him over to sit down at the kitchen table. You watched the two of them sit down, too startled to move from your spot, until Namjoon beckoned you over with a gentle wave of his hand, patting the empty chair beside him.
You quickly sat down next to Namjoon, and he casually placed his arm over the back of your chair, a territorial gesture that didn’t seem to go unnoticed by Hoseok, or by you either.
“Tell me everything you know,” Joon implored the mysterious man, cutting right to the chase.
“He saw her through the window when he and the pack stopped by your cabin and he’s been tracking the two of you ever since, watching you together,” Hoseok explained in a low voice, his expression grim. “He’s still pissed at you for leaving—says you’re a traitor. I don’t know what he’s planning to do… but it can’t be good.”
“Why are you telling me this?” Namjoon asked the lithe man across the table, scrutinizing him with narrowed eyes.
“Because Jungkook’s gotten worse since you left. Him and his boys hunt and kill any person who sets foot in these woods just for fun… and the locals are starting to notice,” Hoseok gruffly said, the realization of the grisly truth behind all the missing persons in the Bleakwoods you had seen on the news making your blood run cold in your veins. “You’re the only one strong enough to put him in his place,” he told Namjoon with a serious look in his charcoal eyes. “He’ll come looking for you and your girl before the next full moon… that’s when you can take him down.”
Joon let out a tense sigh at the news, looking deeply troubled by it. You had no idea who this Jungkook guy was, but from the sounds of it, he was bad enough to make even someone as strong as Namjoon worry, and that worried you.
“Who is Jungkook?” you quietly asked, unable to contain your antsiness to learn more about the new threat that was facing you both.
“He’s the new Alpha who took over the pack when I left… he’s bad news.” Joon told you with a bitter expression. Your stomach sank at his words, and Namjoon must have realized how frightened you were becoming, because almost immediately he placed one of his warm hands comfortingly over yours. “Don’t worry, okay?” he quickly reassured you, gazing deeply into your eyes. “I won’t let anything happen to you,” he promised, sincerity behind his words. “We’ll just have to take some extra precautions.”
“Like what?” you questioned, lifting your head to seek out Namjoon’s calming gaze.
“We should sleep together,” he said, making your eyes go wide and your cheeks fill with heat while Hoseok let out an awkward cough.
“Huh?” you stuttered out, gawking up at him in disbelief and embarrassment. How could he say something like that to you so casually?
“Not like that,” he hurriedly amended, realizing the unintended connotation of his words. “I meant that I should sleep next to you in case Jungkook shows up here. That way I’ll be close enough to protect you if anything happens.” You let out a breath of relief at his explanation, your heart rate slowing back down to normal.
“Oh, right…” You swallowed hard, trying to calm your racing mind and fluttering stomach. “Yeah, that makes sense.” You quietly nodded your head, studying the pattern of the tablecloth.
“Thank you for telling me, Hoseok,” Namjoon nodded to the man. “It’s nice to know there’s still someone in the pack I can trust.” His lips held a bittersweet smile. It was clear Namjoon must have missed his pack dearly—he had even likened them to his family—but you knew there must have been a good reason why he left, and after hearing about Jungkook, you had an idea.
“I know where my loyalties lie,” Hoseok replied, rising from the table, but pausing just briefly to stare right at you. “When push comes to shove, Namjoon is a guy you’ll want on your side. Be good to him,” Hoseok cautioned you, the barest hint of a smile coming to rest upon his lips.
Before you could protest to correct the fact that you and Namjoon weren’t exactly together, Hoseok headed towards the door, pulling it shut behind him, and vanishing into the night.
Not many words were exchanged between you and Namjoon for the rest of the evening. There wasn’t really much either of you could say given the weight of the news you’d just received and the gravity of your situation. It wasn’t until you were in bed that night, Namjoon laying beside you under the covers at a respectable distance, that you finally heard the sound of his voice.
“I’m sorry about kissing you earlier,” he quietly murmured to you in the darkness of his room. You were surprised to hear his apology, having thought he wanted to forget about the incident all together, but part of you was secretly glad he was bringing it up. “My instincts kicked in and I guess I just got… carried away.” His tone was regretful—you could sense from it that he felt guilty, and you hated to hear him so pained.
“It’s okay,” you softly replied, rolling over so that you could gaze upon his profile, although you could only barely make out his features from where you lay, less than a foot away from him.
“It’s not okay,” he firmly replied, staring up at the ceiling with anguish. “I never want to lose control with you like that, Y/N—not even for a minute.” He exhaled unsteadily in frustration.
“Maybe I wanted you to,” you quietly admitted, shocking yourself with your own candor. It was true; you hadn’t wanted Namjoon to stop in the slightest earlier. You wanted him just as badly as he had wanted you—as you hoped he did.
“What?” he called, finally turning his gaze your direction to study you with a look of surprise.
“Earlier… I wanted you to keep going,” you told him, thankful for the darkness which hid the way you were flushing from nervousness. “Why did you stop?” you asked, resting your head atop your pillow as you curiously watched him.
“I didn’t wanna hurt you.” His tone was serious, but there was a fragility beneath his words. He was scared of himself; of what he might do to you if he ever let his wolf instincts take over.
“You couldn’t,” you assured him, freeing an arm from underneath the covers to tenderly lay your hand against his cheek. He sighed at the feeling of your inviting warmth, allowing himself to savor it for just a moment before he closed his hand around your wrist and pried you off him.
“I could,” he harshly insisted, a bitterness in his voice. “I’m stronger than you.” He reached out towards you, wrapping one large hand around your throat and squeezing—not hard enough to choke you, but enough that you could feel the pressure of his grip. “I could snap your neck like a toothpick,” he growled “I’m a born killer, Y/N.”
“Just because you can doesn’t mean that you would,” you whispered to him, your air supply limited by his grip on your windpipe, but your faith unbowed. “You’re a good person, Joon.”
He stared at you for a moment, a strange new emotion flickering in his clouded irises before he snuffed it out, and released your neck with a sigh. “Who I am and what I am are two entirely different things,” he grumbled, refusing to meet your eyes. “I can’t control myself while in wolf form. I’ve done bad things... I’ve hurt people.”
“Are all werewolves like that?” you questioned, wanting to learn more about his kind. “They can’t… control themselves in their wolf form?”
“No, just me,” he sourly admitted. “I’ve never been able to…. not really sure why. It’s like I’m cursed or something.” There was vulnerable sadness in his voice, like glass on the verge of shattering, but he refused to let it. “It was why they chose me as Alpha. Because I was more in touch with my wolf side than my human one,” he explained. “Wolves like Jungkook, they can control themselves but they choose not to. It’s all about the rush of the hunt for them and they don’t care who they hurt in the process.”
“But you’re not like that,” you reminded him, finding his calloused hand in the dimness and intertwining it with your own. “You saved me.”
“I was,” he admitted, his stare boring down into your sweetly interlocking fingers. “I used to be just like Jungkook once: Arrogant; Reckless; Destructive.” The regret he felt was written clearly across his usually handsome features.
“What made you change?” you quietly asked him, your gaze fixed steadfastly on his face.
“You.” The single syllable he uttered made your heart skip a beat, and your pulse picked up. 
“Me?” you echoed him, wide-eyed and in awe.
“That night you had the accident... it was a full moon,” he began, recounting the fateful tale. “I was in wolf form, running through the woods, and then suddenly there was this bright light—your headlights. I saw you crash and when I got closer I smelled all the blood.” He swallowed hard, the thought troubling him. “Normally that would have made me go crazy… but then I saw your face... and the strangest thing happened,” he said, lifting his head to peer deeply into your eyes. “For the first time in my life, I didn’t want to destroy something. I wanted to protect you.”
“I was the reason you left…” You pieced the rest of the clues together, coming to the realization.
“That night was a turning point for me,” he told you, determination coloring his tone. “I wanted to be a better person, but to do it, I had to learn to control the wolf. That next morning I stepped down as Alpha, left the pack, and I never looked back,” he earnestly vowed. “I started going into the woods every day to train myself to handle my wolf side better. I devoted myself to looking after you, and before I knew it… you became my whole life.” His lips twitched up into the barest hint of a smile at the admission. “I care about you more than I’ve ever cared about anyone.”
You beamed back at him, his sweet confession making you dizzy with happiness and desperate for him in a way you had never felt before. “Kiss me, Joon,” you beckoned him, “Kiss me again.”
You didn’t have to ask him once more. He crossed the small gap between you, his body finding yours at last, and his rough hands came up to cup your cheeks as his lips met your own in a passionate kiss. It was as if you both picked back up right where you’d left off earlier today, your mouths already knowing their way around one another’s and your tongues tangling in their familiar, lustful dance. Namjoon pushed himself on top of you, his stocky frame easily pinning your body down and holding you in place.
You smiled softly at the man above you, loving the way his body felt pressed against yours like this, and he smiled back, leaning down to kiss you more deeply. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you held Namjoon close to you as your lips hungrily brushed, his own hands settling on your bare thighs. You were wearing just a t-shirt and your panties—your usual sleepwear—and Namjoon was more than pleased with the access that provided him to your body. He slid his touch beneath the fabric of your shirt, his fingers climbing up your stomach but pausing just below your all-too-tempting breasts.
He seemed like he was trying really hard not to rush things, which you appreciated, but you, on the other hand, took a different approach. You reached for the hem of your shirt, wriggling out of it and tossing it onto the floor, leaving you chest bare before Namjoon’s prying gaze. He gutturally growled at the sight, the latent wolf deep inside of him awakened by your teasing.
“You’re a little brat, aren’t you?” he wickedly smirked down at you. He let his palms finally meet the sensitive flesh of your breasts, pawing at them, and making you shiver in delight as he brushed his thumbs over your delicate, peaking nipples. “You better behave or I’ll have to punish you.” A threat had never sounded so tempting.
“Maybe I wanna be punished,” you rebelliously replied. Your needy hands found their way to the fabric of his own shirt, lightly fisting it in an attempt to pull him closer to you. There was a twisted joy in his gaze as he glowered down at you, like he enjoyed your disobedience, and he reached out towards you with avaricious desire.
“My Little Red.” He wrapped his hands around your waist, lifting you up and rolling the two of you over so he could set you down on his lap, your legs straddling one of his thick, muscular thighs. “You’re being a very bad girl,” he tutted, pressing his chest forward into yours so that he could whisper to you, his hot breath in your ear. “I’m gonna have to do something about that.”
Namjoon gently bucked his thigh upwards into your thinly covered heat, your flimsy panties the only thing separating your skin from his, and you let out an involuntary whine at the sudden stimulation. You instantly ground down onto him in response, chasing the delicious friction that made heat flood over your lower body and wetness drip into your panties, and he gripped tighter onto your hips, guiding your movements to help you get yourself off against his thigh.
“You like that, don’t you?” he goaded you with sick satisfaction. He pushed the rhythm of your movements, forcing you to hump his leg harder and faster, and making you whine for him. You placed your hands on his broad shoulders for support, your hands desperately clutching at him as he enjoyed watching you fuck yourself on his lap, your breasts bouncing. “Tell me what you want me to do to you,” he barked, studying you with the gaze of a predator stalking its prey.
“Want you… to fuck me” you panted out, your skin glowing with sweat. “Want you... so bad.” You pathetically whined, not even caring how embarrassing you sounded right now. Namjoon leaned forward and attached his hot lips to your breasts, sucking and nipping at them to get you mewling and clenching your thighs around him.
“Will you do whatever I say?” he questioned, looking up at you and pushing your disheveled hair back from your face so he could pierce into your foggy irises with his dark, lustful stare.
“Anything.” You eagerly nodded, your body a mess on his lap as your thighs trembled around his leg, your climax threatening to arrive. “I’ll be good, I p-promise,” you stuttered, nuzzling your face into his neck. You started peppering sweet kisses across his warm skin, making him heave a heavy sigh of pleasure, and he gave your hips an affectionate squeeze of encouragement while you continued to wantonly ride his thigh. 
“I want you to come,” he gruffly ordered you. He slipped one of his broad palms down to wrap around your inner leg, so close to where you were aching for him, and you could feel yourself soaking through your panties with anticipation. “Can you do that for me, Little Red?” he murmured in a low voice, his hand slowly inching closer to your heat as he spoke.
“Mm-hm,” you breathlessly agreed. You would have agreed to just about anything he asked at this moment—you’d given him your soul if he’d wanted it—if only to get a little bit more of him.
“Good.” He seemed pleased with your answer, patting your leg in approval, and pressing a kiss to your temple. Without warning, he flexed his thigh, the tight muscles dragging against your wet lips, and you let out a shrill moan at the new feeling. He shoved his hand into your damp panties, navigating to your slick folds with ease and roughly digging two fingers into your needy core, his thumb stroking at your clit while you shook and clutched at his shirt for dear life.
He used his free hand to push you down hard against his long digits, the slight stretch giving you just the pressure you needed, and he set a dizzying pace, hastening towards your climax. You were already struggling to hold on, and the addition of his fingers plunging in and out of you was too much for you to bear, your body finally giving into the pressure and collapsing into a fit of tremors as you came undone in his lap. You mindlessly swiveled your hips against him, searching for his touch like you were lost in the darkness, while the overwhelming pleasure coursing through your veins temporarily blinded you from all thoughts except those of him. 
“Just like that, baby,” he proudly praised you, holding your unstable form steady in his arms while you tumbled through the aftershocks of your orgasm. He slowed the movements of his fingers to match, winding down as you did until finally, he gently pulled them out of you. “Just like that.” He was gentle as he held you, giving you a few moments to calm yourself down, and he brought the two digits he’d been fucking you with to his mouth, shamelessly sucking them clean, and groaning at the divine taste of you.
You leaned your head against his muscular chest, letting him support your body weight as you attempted to recover your uneven breath. You had never been so wound up before and it was almost too much for you, but you couldn’t help but want more. Although you had been momentarily winded, you were far from ready to stop tonight, and you cheekily dipped your hand beneath Namjoon’s shirt, the tips of your fingers brushing teasingly over his stomach.
You dared to explore even lower, finding the thin material of his boxers, and slipping your dainty hand beneath them. You palmed at his mouth-wateringly large, stiff member, brushing lightly over his sensitive tip with the pad of your thumb, and drawing a pained breath from him.
“We might have to stop... I don’t know if I can calm myself back down,” he admitted, his tone growing strained and his breathing slightly labored. You could feel that he was rock hard against you, your now dampened panties just centimeters from his fullness, and it would be far too easy for him to rip them off of you and sink into you if he wanted to, but he was using every last ounce of willpower he had to hold himself back. “My wolf instincts… it’s hard to keep them from completely taking over.”
“Then give into them,” you murmured so softly Namjoon almost questioned if you’d truly said it, your hand lightly tracing through his hair.
“I don’t think you know what you’re asking for,” he warned you, his eyes growing darker as he stared down at you. “If you provoke me at all, even a little, I’ll take everything.” His words were serious, threatening even, but you were beyond the point of no return by now. You wanted Namjoon so badly you couldn’t even think straight, and so you chose not to think at all.
“You can have it.” You blindly gave yourself over to him, disregarding all of the potential risks. Nothing could keep you from Namjoon, and after your sweet words of approval, nothing could keep Namjoon from you either.
“On your knees, Little Red.” He heavily exhaled in your ear, his entire demeanor shifting at the drop of a hat. He was done fighting himself; the big bad wolf was here, and he was hungry.
He impatiently threw his shirt over his head, revealing his bare, ripped chest to you and you eagerly did as he said, scrambling to turn over and put your ass on display for him, resting your elbows against one of the pillows you two had thrown aside in your hasty passion. It was only seconds before he was grabbing onto your legs from behind, lifting your backside, and rutting himself up against you, making you squeal.
He violently ripped your lacy panties from your body, tossing them to the floor with ease and exposing your dripping folds to the chilled air. The second he saw your delicate, glossy lips spread for him he let out a low, animalistic growl, and you felt the heat of his breath hit the backs of your thighs. In one voracious lunge he was plunging his tongue into your core from behind, taking a greedy taste of your tart juices. He lapped at you insatiably, licking all the way up your slit from behind and pushing his tongue in deep to taste every last drop of you.
“Namjoon,” you cried out, fisting at the sheets in search of some sort of short respite from the endless shocks of pleasure he kept throwing at you, but none came. “More.” You begged him without shame. Your sweet call made him let out a low grumble against your folds, and he dug his nails into your legs, pulling you closer.
He withdrew his face from you, and you peeked at him from over your shoulder, watching him lick his lips with a carnal hunger before his desirous gaze met your hazy one. He stared you dead in the eyes, not daring to break contact for even a second as he freed his hard cock from his boxers, pressing it up against your entrance, and entering you with a rough thrust.
You yelped at the stretch, Namjoon’s hefty length driving into you without warning and filling your walls to the absolute brim. He had a vice grip on your hips, keeping your ass up, and pulling your body back to meet his length until he had bottomed out. He held you there for a minute, savoring the tantalizing feeling of being inside you, but impatience soon got the better of you, and you wiggled your hips, pushing back against him and taking his cock in deeper.
“Fuck, you’re so good.” he groaned in response, gripping onto you tighter. “I am going to ruin you, Little Red.” He darkly murmured, brushing his thumbs almost reverently over your soft skin before he pulled out and thrusted back in hard.
“Oh, god,” Your body bounced forward as the shock of his rough stroke shook the bed, and pushed you down into the mattress. He set a punishing pace, each rut of his hips driving his dick deep inside of you and making you scream for him. You had never had a man as big as him within your walls before and you felt like he was pushing every limit you had in the best way.
You wantonly rolled your hips back to meet his unforgiving thrusts, trying to take control over things if only to give yourself a moment’s rest from the overwhelming pleasure, but Namjoon responded to your brattiness by pounding into you even harder, hitting your cervix in just the right way to make your toes curl in delight.
“Such a naughty girl,” he grunted, pushing himself in balls-deep only to slip back out and do it all over again. “But look how good you are for me.” He reached a hand down to find your clit, giving your little nub a harsh flick, and you reflexively bucked your hips up towards him, taking his cock in to the hilt, and driving him absolutely wild for you. “That’s my good girl.”
He pulled all the way out of you without any warning, leaving you dizzy and desperate for more as his hands fumbled around your waist with impatient haste, flipping you over onto your back and heaving himself on top of you. He stared down at you, the look in his eyes primal and full of raw need as they locked on yours. “I wanna see your face when I fuck you,” he gruffly told you, reaching for his cock and lining himself up with your core once again.
He pushed his way back into you, picking up right where he left off, only this time it felt even more intimate, his sharp eyes intently trained on yours. He watched as your nose scrunched up when he entered you, your face contorting in pleasure as he slammed into your g-spot, and you let out a pathetic whimper as he smirked at the sound. He leaned down to heedlessly kiss you, swallowing up your lips with an insatiable appetite. You were already overly sensitive from having just come minutes ago, and the way he was playing every one of your strings right now had you tightly wound and ready to snap. 
“Look at you,” he affectionately cooed at you between heavy breaths, looking down at you with possessive fondness. “All fucked out and all mine.” He reached down to sweetly cup your cheek in his hand, despite the way his cock was ramming you into the bed. “Tell me who you belong to.” He greedily commanded you.
“You,” you desperately whined, clinging onto his shoulders while he plowed into you again and again He buried his head in your neck, kissing and nipping at your skin so ferociously you thought he might devour you whole.
“Say it again,” he demanded, the way he was panting hard and going at you without restraint making it clear he was as close to falling apart as you were. He groped at you, claiming every inch of skin he could and leaving his mark on it.
“I’m yours, Namjoon,” you sobbed out, so close to your orgasm that you were nearly crying. He could sense your frustration, sweat gathering on his own brow as he thumbed at your abused clit in tandem with each of his reckless strokes. You could feel every aching inch of him inside of you, pushing you closer and closer to the edge with every perfect rock of his body into yours.
“That’s right. I’m gonna make you all mine,” he growled out, his possessive, animalistic nature breaking through. “Gonna fill you up again and again until you’re pregnant with my babies.” His primal need to breed took over, and Namjoon knew exactly what was coming next; he could feel the swell of his knot starting at the base of his cock, but he had no time to explain it to you.
“Ahh—” Your eyes rolled back in your head, your second orgasm ripping through your body unexpectedly and making you shake in ecstasy as Namjoon buried himself deep inside you. You clenched down hard around his cock, your walls fluttering and your vision blurring as you found your paradise at last. He let out a strangled grunt, spilling his load into you while his knot filled up your entrance, preventing either of you from moving an inch. You’d never experienced anything like this before, and you didn’t quite understand it, but you knew that it felt good.
It all felt too good—you felt too good—and Namjoon simply couldn’t help himself anymore. He brought his lips up to the skin of your collar, sinking his teeth down into your flesh right as you both came, your bodies writhing and shaking with pure adrenaline. You instantly felt a burning sensation wash over you, a pleasure so intense it felt like your very veins were on fire, and you trembled in Namjoon’s arms.
You were panting hard, your head spinning and your pulse skyrocketing as you lay beneath Namjoon, and he continued to attack you with adoring, unrelenting kisses. You had never felt so incredible, so alive, and so hot at the same time. Your neck felt like it had been scorched by fire, and the heat spread to every cell of your being, making you feel feverish, and dizzy, and disoriented in the most euphoric way. All at once, you began to feel lightheaded, the last thing that you registered being the sound of Namjoon’s deep and soothing voice calling your name as the world around you faded to black.
· ───────── ·𖥸· ───────── ·
You awoke the following day tangled not only in the sheets, but in a pair of warm arms. You slowly blinked your heavy eyelids, bright strips of daylight slipping in between the curtains and beckoning you into consciousness. Arching your spine in a small stretch, your back collided with something firm: Namjoon’s bare chest.
He let out a small grumble, your touch stirring him, and only moments later his soft lips were on your skin, making you giggle with delight. “Good morning, Little Red,” he murmured into your hair, his voice still groggy from sleep.
“Good morning,” you whispered back, turning over so you could see his handsome face. He was smiling when your eyes met his, and you beamed at him, his hair messy and disarrayed after all of your pulling the night before. 
Last night. The memories all came flooding back to you like a hazy but beautiful dream; Namjoon’s lips, his hands all over your body, a blinding feeling of euphoria so white-hot that you almost couldn’t stand it anymore and then… darkness. What had happened?
“Last night, I…” you trailed off, your brow scrunched in thought as you tried to piece together what exactly had gone down.
“You passed out after we… you know,” he cut in to offer you clarification for your frazzled mind. “It seemed like you had a pretty high fever, so I just cleaned you up and put you to bed,” Joon gently explained to you. “How are you feeling?”
“I feel fine... sorry,” you sheepishly murmured, the flush of embarrassment spreading over you.
“Why are you apologizing for passing out?” he questioned, shooting you a quizzical look.
“I don’t know,” you let out a laugh, realizing how ridiculous it sounded. “Thank you for taking care of me.” You softly smiled, reaching down to take his hand in yours. and hoping that he could feel your gratitude through your tender touch.
“It’s what I’m here for.” He grinned back at you. He dipped his head down, pressing a sweet kiss to your forehead, and you happily leaned into him. However, when you moved your head, you were stopped in your tracks by a throbbing pain coming from just above your collarbone, and you let out an involuntary hiss at the sensation.
“What’s wrong?” Namjoon immediately asked you, his face suddenly filling with concern as he closely studied your pained expression.
“My neck… it hurts,” you told him, your hand coming up to prod at the tender area. 
“Let me see.” Namjoon’s eyes followed along to the area you were touching, gently prying your fingers to the side so that he could get a better look. When he did, his eyes widened for just a moment, before he quickly caught himself and schooled his features back to nonchalance. 
“What is it?” You cautiously prodded after witnessing his strange reaction.
“It’s just a hickey,” he casually assured you, “Don’t worry about it.” He offered you a small smile that didn’t seem to reach his eyes. His behavior was a bit concerning to you, but you figured he must have just felt bad for marking you up so much, and you decided not to let yourself overthink it. “Why don’t you go hop in the shower and I’ll make us some breakfast?” Namjoon suggested, bringing you out of your thoughts and back to the present. “I’m not as good a cook as you, but I’ll try not to burn it.”
You couldn’t help but chuckle at his offer, drawing a deep laugh from him too that made his chest rumble against yours. “Sounds good,” you agreed with a cheesy grin, bringing your hand up to stroke his cheek. He smiled back at you, leaning in to steal just one small peck from your lips before you both reluctantly climbed out of bed and went about your business.
You quickly washed up, more eager than ever to get back to Namjoon, and lazily towel-dried your hair, throwing on some of the clothes Namjoon’s elderly neighbor had kindly lent to you. However, as you were glancing over your reflection in the mirror, your eyes caught sight of the spot on your neck that had been hurting you earlier. Curiously, you leaned in to get a closer view and noticed there was a dark red mark resembling a crescent moon peeking out above your collar. It seemed awfully strange of a shape to be a hickey, but with no other guess as to what it could be coming to mind, you simply shrugged it off and finished dressing.
When you were done, you padded with bare feet to the kitchen, and were delighted as the scent of the sizzling food on the stove flooded your senses, Namjoon standing shirtless at the stove with his shoulders cutely hunched. You tiptoed into the room, sneaking up on him, and wrapped your arms tightly round his waist from behind. His body shook with laughter at your adorable attack, and he turned around in your hold, spatula in hand, to smirk down at you.
“Are you trying to sabotage our breakfast, Little Red?” he teasingly accused you, setting down his utensil in favor of pinching your cheek. He secured his arms around your back, holding you comfortably against him, and you looked up at him with an impish expression on your face.
“You’re cranky,” you playfully scrunched your nose up at him. “You must be really hungry.”
“I’m starving,” he concurred with a crooked grin. His hands trailed down from your waist to your backside, rounding the curve of your ass and lightly cupping it with his rough hands.
“The food is behind you,” you pointed out, his attention unswayed in the slightest as he stared down at you with a growing gaze of desire.
“That’s not what I’m hungry for,” he replied, a daring glint in his eye. In only seconds he was leaning down to kiss you recklessly, pushing your body backwards until the backs of your knees hit the wooden cabinet behind you. 
He grabbed you around the waist, lifting you onto the countertop with ease, and pressing his hips into the space between your thighs while his heated kisses only grew in their avarice and ferocity. Namjoon’s hands roamed your body, sliding up your bare legs and wrapping around your back, and you softly moaned into his mouth when he rocked his body against yours.
You fervently kissed him back, more eager than ever before for any drop of his affection that he could give you. Something had undeniably been ignited between the two of you after last night; he seemed more desperate for you—almost clingy, in a way—and you were feeling it too. It was nearly as if there was some kind of invisible magnetic pull drawing you towards one another with earth-shattering force, binding you as one.
Needless to say, your breakfast went very cold that morning, but with giddy smiles and kiss-scorched skin, neither of you seemed to care.
· ───────── ·𖥸· ───────── ·
The two of you spent the day together happily; cuddling on the couch while Namjoon read aloud to you, and dozing off together in the afternoon. It felt comfortable—right—and although you could scarcely recall your home, you were certain you felt more at home with Namjoon than you ever had anywhere else.
However, there was a dark cloud looming over your perfect day; tonight was a full moon. Since Joon couldn’t control his wolf form and didn’t want to risk hurting you, he had no choice but to go off into the woods while you stayed alone at the house. But with the warning from Hoseok that Jungkook was likely to stop by, he knew that leaving you wasn’t going to be an option.
When the first shreds of orange evening light came whispering through the windows of the cabin, Namjoon told you to pack a few things and meet him in the living room. You had no idea where you were going, but you trusted that Namjoon had a plan, and so you did as he said, tucking some clothes and such into a small bag before stepping out to find him pacing in the living room with a stern expression.
He looked up when he saw you, the creak of the aged floorboards giving away your arrival, and offered an attempt at a smile. “Ready to go?”
“Yep.” You nodded, fiddling with the straps of the backpack, which rested on your shoulders. “Where are we going?” you softly asked him. 
“It’s too dangerous for you to be here alone so I’m taking you to stay with the old woman over the hill tonight,” he explained, stepping forward to meet you where you stood. He readjusted your backpack, making sure it was strapped on you correctly, and you couldn’t help but soften at the way he fretted over you with such care. “Her house is just outside of the pack’s territory so Jungkook isn’t likely to find you there.” He placed his hands on your shoulders, looking deep into your eyes. “You’ll be safe there.” 
You simply nodded in reply, believing him with every fiber of your being. You knew Namjoon would do whatever it took to protect you, and you trusted him with your life—literally.
The sky began to darken as the two of you hiked through the snow-dusted woods side by side. However frightening they were during the day, the Bleakwoods seemed to be even more ominous at night, and you kept near to Joon. A loud crack startled you both—the sound of a bough overloaded with snowfall snapping—and you reached for Namjoon in the murky twilight, his hand finding yours and gripping it tightly.
He held you close to his side, never once letting go, and leading you deeper into the tangle of gnarled, overgrown trees. It was bitingly cold, but Namjoon’s warmth and your beloved red scarf—the only clue as to your life before your accident—was wrapped tightly around your neck to keep off the chill. You could see the full moon rising between the twisted branches, not quite at its peak yet, but growing closer by the minute. Soon, Namjoon would have no choice but to give into its siren call and take wolf form.
Something about the path you were taking gave you the strangest sense of déjà vu—as if you had walked it sometime before—but you couldn’t quite remember when or why. As the shady outline of a small cottage became visible at the top of the hill, you were filled with relief; you had nearly made it to the old woman’s cottage. However, your internal celebration was cut short by the crunch of frozen terrain just behind you and Namjoon, and the chilling sound of a low, menacing greeting.
“Well I’ll be damned. Look who it is, boys.”
The two of you slowly whirled around to meet the voice, Joon’s grip on your hand becoming bruisingly tight when he recognized it’s owner.
“Jungkook.” Namjoon bitterly identified the new arrival. He was younger than you expected—maybe even younger than you were—but his youthful face was a stark contrast to his burly, muscular build. Behind him, stood a posse of 5 or 6 men, members of Namjoon’s former pack from the looks of it, all glaring right at you two.
“It’s been a while, Namjoon.” The man he called Jungkook flashed a venomously charming grin.
“Not long enough,” Namjoon pointedly sneered at the rival male. You clung to Joon’s side, too frozen by fear to say anything, and Namjoon instinctively pushed you to stand behind him.
“And who might this be?” Jungkook faux sweetly addressed you, taking a step closer to where you stood peeking out from over Joon’s stocky shoulder. “I heard a rumor that you were playing house with a new little human toy but I wasn’t sure if it was true.” The younger male cruelly joked, his laugh empty. “What’s your name, sweetheart?” he purred, reaching his arm out towards you as if to take your hand.
“Don’t touch her,” Namjoon practically growled, taking a protective stance in front of you and shielding your body from Jungkook’s advance.
“Always so sensitive, this guy,” Jungkook tutted, playfully rolling his eyes. “That’s why I took his place as Alpha.” He smirked, but there was a deeper sinister behind his taunting. He was clearly trying to provoke Namjoon with his callous words—and it was definitely working.
“You took it because I didn’t want it anymore,” Namjoon bit back, and you could practically feel anger beginning to swell through his rigid body as he glowered at the younger man.
“Right… the high and mighty Kim Namjoon,” Jungkook mockingly praised him, raising his hands in false revere. “You think you’re better than the rest of us because you suddenly developed a conscience, huh?” he sharply prodded him, stepping forward and getting right in Namjoon’s face. “Well I think you’re nothing more than a traitor and a coward.”
“Joon, don’t,” you cautioned, tugging on the edge of his sleeve. You knew that Namjoon’s emotions were running on overdrive due to the enclosing proximity of the full moon, and you didn’t want him to fall into Jungkook’s trap.
“Yeah, don’t Joon,” Jungkook viciously imitated you, chuckling darkly. “Look at how he listens to his little human bitch,” he jested to the group of men behind him who laughed in agreement. “She clings to you like you’re her guard dog… how do you think she’d feel if she knew the big bad wolf you truly are inside?” the young wolf boldly taunted the older, shoving at his chest.
“Don’t listen to him. Let’s just—” you tried to pull Namjoon away but he didn’t budge an inch, shrugging off your touch like it was nothing.
“Let me handle this, Y/N,” he cooly dismissed you, stepping towards Jungkook and brutally shoving the young alpha back. “You don’t talk about her like that,” he seethed, rage boiling up inside him and threatening to explode.
“Or what? You’ll roll over for me?” Jungkook sneered right in his former leader’s face out of spite. “Seems like your human whore has you trained pretty well.” His eyes trailed over to you, abandoned by Namjoon in your spot just feet away, and before Namjoon could even move to stop him, the younger man was grabbing you roughly by the wrist, pulling you into his chest and restraining you. Namjoon bristled, but he knew better than to lunge forward without thinking; Jungkook might try to hurt you if he did, so for now he reluctantly stayed in place.
“Let go of me, asshole!” you shouted at him, struggling against his hold, but you were no match for Jungkook’s far superior strength, and your resistance to him seemed to be futile. It was clear on his face that Namjoon viscerally hated seeing you writhing in Jungkook’s arms, but he was holding himself back for your safety.
“She may not bite, but she sure does bark,” Jungkook impishly ridiculed you, pressing his nose into your hair and inhaling your sweet scent with sadistic enjoyment while Namjoon could only watch in growing fury. The younger man brutishly pulled at your beloved red scarf, yanking it away from your body, and tossing it to the ground haphazardly. His cold fingers trailed over your neck, as if searching for something, until finally he found it, smirking in triumph. “Just as I thought,” the rogue wolf simpered, “you marked the little bitch.”
Your eyes went wide at Jungkook’s accusation, revelation dawning on you as the pieces of the puzzle finally clicked into place; the reason you had passed out, the mark on your neck that had made Namjoon seem so panicked this morning. It wasn’t because he felt guilty for giving you hickeys—it was because he had left his mark on you. He had declared his love for you in the most quintessential way a werewolf could, and the realization knocked the wind out of you.
Namjoon’s eyes immediately locked on yours, a sheen of regret clouding his tortured gaze, and you could see on his face that it was true. He had marked you, and he couldn’t take it back.
“Namjoon, I—” you tried to call out to him, but Jungkook immediately silenced you with a jab of his elbow to your ribs, stealing your breath.
“Quiet,” he scolded you, visibly irritated by your lack of cooperation as a hostage. “You know,” Jungkook mused, turning back to Joon. “I bet she wouldn’t be so mouthy if a real Alpha put her in her place.” There was a sick derisiveness behind his comment; he was baiting the older with his arrogance and Namjoon was boiling with rage. “Maybe I should give it a try.” The alpha wolf bit down on your ear, filling you with disgust, and that was the final straw for Joon.
In seconds he had crossed the gap to where you and Jungkook stood, violently wrenching you from the younger man’s arms and pressing you safely against his own chest. “Get away from her. Now.” Namjoon snarled at the cocky alpha male, his breathing heavy and erratic as his primal wolf instincts threatened to kick in and seize full control over his human ones.
“Now there’s the big bad wolf I remember,” Jungkook grinned with twisted delight. “Is that the best you got?” he haughtily questioned, holding his arms out as if waiting for a blow to come strike him. “Come on, challenge me,” he shamelessly goaded his senior, “I want to win my place as Alpha from you fair and square.”
Namjoon turned to look down at you, his pupils blown and jaw set in a hard line. “Go get inside the cabin,” he commanded you, lightly shoving you in the direction of the old woman’s cottage, but you caught his arm, planting your feet.
“No, I won’t leave you,” you refused, clutching onto him with unbridled determination. Who knew what might happen if you left Namjoon and Jungkook to duke it out—he could be killed—and you weren’t about to just abandon him and let that happen. Not without a fight.
“Y/N, go,” Joon insisted, a desperation behind his harsh order. “I don’t want you to see me like this.” You glanced up at the misty full moon, now cresting in the sky above the two men, and you knew exactly what he was talking about. He was afraid of you seeing him at his worst—the violent, bloodthirsty wolf inside of him. But you were far beyond fear now. You loved him, and you weren’t ever going the leave him.
You reached out, cupping his face in your hands. “I’m not going anywhere, Joon.”
He could see the depth of emotion in your eyes; he could feel the more profound implications of how you felt behind your words, and he knew there was nothing he could do to change your mind. Because he felt the same way about you.
“Then stand back,” he sharply warned you, nudging you to the side and striding toward the young challenger with a predator’s gait.
His body began to twist and convulse the way it had that night that felt so long ago now, when you saw him change for the first time. You had to force yourself to look away as he howled in agony, unable to bear seeing him in so much pain as his bones crudely crunched and body transformed bit by bit until every last inch of his skin was replaced with a silver wolf’s mane. 
When you opened your eyes again, there were two enormous, teeth-gnashing wolves in front of you; a silver one where Namjoon had been, and a pitch black one feet away in Jungkook’s stead. They circled one another, two rivals on the brink of combat, while the rest of the newly transformed pack barked and snarled from the sidelines and you did your best to stay back.
The two wolves sized each other up, waiting for their opponent to make the first move, and it was Namjoon who finally snapped, lunging toward the stouter wolf with his teeth bared and hackles raised in a show of intimidation. His sharp teeth made contact with the scruff of Jungkook’s neck, using the leverage to tackle him to the ground and get the upper hand.
However, Jungkook was quick to strike back; he sank his canine’s into Namjoon’s leg and the grey wolf whimpered in pain, tumbling harshly to the ground. The younger male immediately pounced on him, the two wolves wrestling each other into the dirt and snow in a tempest of fur and fangs. You could only watch on in horror, your feet immovably glued to where you stood while the violent scene erupted before you.
Namjoon was strong, but Jungkook had youth on his side, and he used it to his advantage, brutely overtaking his larger former alpha, and pinning him to the forest floor. He had Namjoon prone now due to his injured leg, down and vulnerable to every vicious snap of Jungkook’s jaws against his fur, painting flashes of crimson across his smoky coat. You could tell Namjoon was weakened, and he struggled to get up, but his damaged leg prevented him from rising. Jungkook seized this opportunity to close in on his prey for the finishing blow, and you cried out in fear as he approached your bloodied lover.
But before the onyx wolf could make his kill, the unimaginable happened; Namjoon somehow summoned the strength to spring to his feet, charging to meet the stride of his rival, and grabbing him by the throat. Using his own brute strength, he threw the young wolf to the side, a pained cry leaving Jungkook as he slammed into the trunk of a thick, solid pine tree and went limp, sliding to the ground in defeat. He was still alive, but down for the count, and you gawked dumbstruck at the scene before you.
All at once, the pack of wily wolves who had accompanied Jungkook began to howl, turning and running in circles while Namjoon’s wolffish form stood the victor, and the loser, Jungkook, rose on trembling feet, dashing off into the night with his tail between his legs. As if to add to the chaos, just then another wolf emerged from the trees just behind you, and you nearly jumped in shock until you noticed the color of it’s fur; a familiar sandy brown. Hoseok. The sable wolf approached Namjoon, lowering his head, and the other wolves followed suit, as if showing a sign of respectful solidarity. Even without being able to understand the secret language of the wolves, it was clear what had just occurred; the pack had found a new Alpha.
The wolves all rose together, barking and pacing agitatedly across the frosty terrain before they began to depart en masse; a flash of brown, grey, and white as they charged ahead and disappeared into the forest with only the sound of their discordant howls echoing behind them. But as the dust settled, there was one lone wolf remaining behind; Namjoon. He stood a few paces from you, deathly still with dried blood matted into his fur, and staring you down with a chilling intensity.
You took a few tentative steps towards him, but he bared his teeth at you, his spine-chilling growl halting you in place for a moment. The familiar dread of fear began to trickle into your body, but just as quickly as it arose, you shoved it back down. This was Namjoon you were dealing with; you had nothing to be scared of. 
Slowly, you advanced towards him again, ignoring his snarls of warning and stepping closer until you were right in front of him, leaning down so that you were practically nose-to-snout. Namjoon’s body was stiff, locked in a defensive stance before you, but he looked intrigued enough by your approach to stop growling, instead eyeing you cautiously.
“Namjoon, it’s me,” you gently said to him. You reached out towards him with shaking hands, daring to place one on either side of his head to force his large amber eyes to focus on you, and to your surprise, he didn’t snap at your touch. “It’s me, Little Red,” you whispered again, and you felt his tense muscles finally begin to relax. 
He let out a quiet whimper laying his head against your shoulder, and you reached out to wrap your arms around his thick muscular neck, enveloping him in a tight embrace. Slowly, you felt him shrinking in your arms until his shaggy fur had at last faded away into warm skin, and his bare chest heaved against yours once more.
“Little Red.” His voice finally returned, hoarse and raw with emotion. He burrowed into your embrace, wrapping his arms around you and holding you more tightly than ever. “I’m sorry, Y/N—I’m so sorry,” he hurriedly murmured to you, repeating the words again and again.
“What are you sorry for?” you questioned with a chuckle despite the way tears were pricking at the corners of your eyes from the weight of the overwhelming emotion you were feeling right now. “Everything’s all right now,” you soothed him, rubbing your hand over his bare back.
He pulled away from you, just enough to look at your face, and took your cheeks in his battered hands. “As long as I am breathing, I will never let anyone hurt you,” he vowed, a serious look on his beautiful, bloodied face. He was in rough shape after the fight, but the emotion in his eyes was pure and unmarred. “I love you, Y/N.”
“I love you too,” you replied without even having to think about it. It felt like a reflex to you—like breathing. He leaned in and connected your lips in a tragically beautiful kiss; it was brutally cold outside, you could taste the blood of his split lip on your tongue, and you were shaking in his arms from the adrenaline of everything, but somehow, that kiss was perfect in its own way. 
When you parted for air, Namjoon glanced up at the night sky over your shoulder, the moon beaming brightly, and his brows furrowed in confusion. “The moon is still full,” he remarked.
“Huh?” you replied, not following his train of thought as you studied the sky alongside him.
“I’ve never been able to make myself change back to human at will before,” he explained, the look on his face a mix of shock and confusion. “But tonight I was able to control my wolf form and change back… because of you.” His swollen lips broke out into a wide grin and he beamed down at you. “I don’t think it was me who saved you, Y/N… I think it was you who saved me.”
You couldn’t help but grin back at him, more full of love than you ever thought possible as you said; “Then I guess that makes us even.”
It was a moment of pure happiness for the two of you, but unfortunately, it was abruptly cut short by the sound of someone approaching.
“Are you kids gonna sit out here and freeze to death, or are you gonna come in for tea?”
That voice. There was something familiar about that voice. Both of your heads snapped up in the direction of the speaker, your eyes scanning up from a pair of polka dot snow boots, to an eclectic knitted sweater, and finally to an elegantly aged face smirking down at you.
“Granny?” The name came tumbling from your lips by its own accord, but the second it left your mouth, you knew it was right. Memories came flooding back to you like a freight train; family parties, birthdays, holidays—all of it—flashing through your mind and making your head spin as you stared up at the old woman.
“I’d know this red scarf anywhere,” she grinned warmly down at you, holding up your beloved garment in her frail hands. “Come inside, both of you. I think we have a lot to talk about.”
· ───────── ·𖥸· ───────── ·
“I can’t believe it,” Namjoon shook his head to himself, still flabbergasted by the unlikely situation. “All this time the lady I was helping out... was your Grandma?” he questioned you, looking between the two of you incredulously.
You sat around the quaint birch table in your grandmother’s kitschy kitchen, a gaggle of ceramic chickens and overgrown house plants watching over you as the three of you chatted and sipped on peppermint tea. Thankfully, your grandmother still had some of your grandpa’s old clothes lying around, and she had given Namjoon a warm set of clothes to change into.
“I’m just as shocked as you.” You shrugged in response to him. “Because of the memory loss I suffered when I crashed my car, I didn’t even remember I had a grandma. But the second I saw her… it all came back to me.” You softly smiled over at your long-lost grandmother, her fond expression mirroring your own.
She turned to Namjoon, reaching out and taking his large hands gently in hers. “Thank you for taking care of my grandbaby.” She thanked him with heartfelt sincerity, her eyes glossy with emotion. “If somebody had to find her, I’m glad it was you.” There was gentleness to her tone, and you could tell that after all this time he’d spent helping her, she cared for Joon almost in the same way she cared for you.
“Thank you, Granny,” he affectionately replied to her, his eyes wandering back over to you. “You raised one incredible granddaughter.” He gazed at you with wonder in his eyes, like you were the greatest gift he had ever been lucky enough to receive, and it made your heart swell.
“I phoned the police while you were brewing the tea and let them know you’ve been found safe,” your grandma explained, taking a sip from her painted porcelain teacup. “I told them it turned out you were just staying with your boyfriend.” She flashed the two of you a knowing smirk.
“Boyfriend? Oh Granny, no, we—” you began to protest, your cheeks flushing with heat, but she quickly cut you off with a raise of her hand.
“I may be old but I am not senile, Y/N.” She bluntly snorted. “You two are together, aren’t you?” she prodded, glancing between you both.
Namjoon reached out and took your hand in his, sweetly entwining them on the table. “We are.” He nodded, the first time either of you had admitted it out loud. “I love her,” he candidly declared, smiling at you in a lovestruck daze.
“And I love him,” you dreamily replied, equally as entranced by him as he was by you.
“Well there you have it.” She smugly grinned. “But you better treat her right, because I know where you live,” she jokingly threatened him, raising her cane in mock threat and making you both deeply chuckle. “And keep those no-good werewolves out of trouble while you’re at it.”
Both of you practically choked on your tea.
“You… know about werewolves?” Joon asked, completely caught off guard by her admission.
“I’ve seen a thing or two in my days.” She simply shrugged, a nonchalance to her words. “I know what you are…. but I also know that you have a good heart.” She regarded him with a soft expression and it was clear Joon’s kindness had moved her just the way it had you. “All I want from you is a promise that my grandbaby will be taken care of.” She graciously told him.
“I promise,” he agreed without hesitation, his eyes never once leaving your face as he said the words. You stared at each other, the rest of the world not even existing in your minds when you looked into one another’s eyes, and you heard your grandmother let out a quiet chuckle.
“I’ll leave you kids alone now,” she said, slowly rising up from the table. “I’m sure you’ve got lots to talk about.” She playfully winked at you, and you couldn’t help but laugh. “Welcome home, baby.” She reached out and pulled you in for one last smothering hug before finally releasing you, and hobbling out of the kitchen, leaving you and Namjoon by yourselves.
“I should apologize… I did something selfish.” He nervously admitted once you were alone. 
“What?” you questioned, studying his anxious expression.
“I marked you,” he said, reminding you of the information Jungkook had brought to light. Your hand instantly went to your collarbone, the dark mark still tender and warm to the touch. “I’m sorry, I know it’s a big deal and I shouldn’t have done it without telling you, but I—”
Unfortunately, Namjoon didn’t get a chance to finish his apology before your lips were on his. You kissed him fervently, without regret, and you hoped that he could feel everything you didn’t have the words to explain to him.
“You’re not mad?” he quizzed, lifting his bushy eyebrows in surprise.
“No.” You easily shook your head. “I’m happy actually,” you told him, your smile bright. It was true, you were over the moon; because marking you meant that Joon wanted to be with you—Forever. And that was more than okay with you.
“Well, I am too, but Y/N, I don’t think you fully understand what this means,” he seriously explained, biting down on his lip. “Now that I’ve marked you… we can never be apart again.” His expression was troubled, clearly waiting for your angry reaction. But it would never come.
“Then I guess I’d better stay here with you,” you simply responded, a playful look in your eye.
“You really mean that?” Joon questioned, his face lighting up. “But your grandma mentioned that you had a job back home… a life. What about all of that?” he concernedly asked you.
“I have a life here with you,” you said, giving his hand a loving squeeze. “And besides, I hated that job anyway.” You rolled your eyes with a snort. “Someone I know inspired me to give my dream another chance… a cabin in the woods is a good place to write songs, don’t you think?” You playfully tapped your chin in thought.
“I think it’s a great idea.” Namjoon nodded in agreement, squeezing your hand right back. “What do you say, Little Red: should we head home?” You looked deep into his eyes; the eyes of the man you loved, and you knew without a doubt you were ready to follow him anywhere.
“Let’s go,” you replied, letting him lead you by the hand into your beautiful future together.
And so the Big Bad Wolf (who wasn’t so bad after all) whisked Little Red away from her Grandmother’s house—only this time, the fairytale had a much happier ending.
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kookiestarlight · 6 months ago
Wishing for you; 01 | jjk
Tumblr media
➝ Pairing: jungkook x f.reader
➝ Genre: smut, fluff, angst, established relationship, slice of life, domestic
➝ Word count: 12k
➝ Warnings: strong language, sexual content, mentions of infertility, pregnancy talk, penetrative sex, fingering, mild dirty talk
➝ Summary: you and your husband decide to finally start trying for a baby. It should be easy enough, you thought. But it turns out getting pregnant is a lot harder than you expected.
A/N: I just wanted to write something fluffy and it turned into this...which will consist of two parts. also this is my first time writing smut so please be kind asfhkk. I didn’t have time to edit this so pls ignore any little mistakes, I’ll edit it as soon as I can. anyway, let me know what you think :)
| 01 | 02 |
Tumblr media
“Think it worked?” he asks, still a little breathless.
“I don’t know,” you smile, meeting his gaze, “maybe.”
He pulls you closer into his side, embracing you in a warm hug. “I think so. How hard can it be?”
How hard can it be?
You simply close your eyes as you rest your head comfortably on his bare chest, drifting off into sleep. Silently praying for what your heart longs for the most.
You’ve lost count of how many pregnancy tests you've taken over the past few months — far too many, that’s for sure. Yet the little anxious feeling that bubbles in the pit of your stomach as you wait for the results to show doesn't seem to get any better over time.
The test lays on the bathroom counter. You keep your eyes fixed on it from where you sit on the edge of the tub, trying your best to hold back from biting your nails — a habit you seem to have developed during these moments.
“You alright?” Jungkook calls from inside your bedroom where he's waiting, pulling you from your thoughts. “Are you sure you don't want me to come in?”
You rarely tell him when you do this anymore. After the first few months of negative results, the happy excitement slowly vanished. There was no point for him to be waiting with you, getting his hopes up. Not when they always came back negative. 
But this time, he’s waiting.
This past week had been a tough one. You’ve been feeling extremely tired and moody — which was only a result of having the busiest and most chaotic week at work. 
You’re simply exhausted. However, Jungkook immediately thought there could be a chance it finally worked. That maybe, you’re finally pregnant. That it was possibly the cause of your new unsteady behavior and emotions. 
So now you're here, setting yourself up for disappointment again. Because unlike your husband, you're almost certain there isn't going to be any luck this time either.
“I’m fine,” you answer back, checking the time on your phone. “Just wait there.”
When two long minutes pass by, you finally go over to the sink and pick up the test. But once again, your heart deflates immediately at the result shown on it and you can’t help but sigh to yourself in disappointment.
Nothing. No second line. 
You squint, pulling it closer just in case. But there's definitely nothing there — you can't say you weren't expecting it though. Yet when taking a test, there’s always that tiny bit of hope somewhere within you, even if you try your hardest to push it away. Because you know it’s always ripped right out, leaving you with that cold empty feeling you’ve become too familiar with.
You place the lid back on it as you make your way out into the bedroom. Jungkook’s head perks up immediately at the sound of the door and he rises to his feet. Raising his brows slightly before saying, “So…?” 
But the look on your face alone gives him the answer. He doesn’t even need to ask. He knows that empty and disheartened look in your eyes well enough by now. 
You give him a shake of the head, tossing the test on the bed beside him as you walk right past him. He picks it up and studies it closely anyway. 
He exhales silently to himself after seeing the single line with his own eyes, placing it back down on the bed gently. His hands coming up to rub at his face wearily.
Why isn’t it working? He really had a feeling it was it this time. He doesn’t understand what you’re doing wrong.
Jungkook is usually fairly good at hiding his disappointment. You still catch a glimpse of it flash in his eyes every time. Still, he always tries to let hope overpower the disappointment that comes with every failed attempt. Reassuring you with encouraging words and affection. Though it’s obvious the hope is slowly running thinner on his side too with every negative result that keeps coming your way.
He makes his way over to you, cautiously reaching out for your arm, “I'm sorry.” He whispers with a sense of guilt, pulling you towards him for a hug. But you’re hurt, tired, disappointed— again. Even feeling slightly bitter at him for making you take the damn test. So you pull away from his hold, missing the small flash of hurt in his eyes as you turn away from him, picking up the test before heading back over to throw it in the bathroom trash, then making your way back to bed.
He sits close to you, letting out a little sigh before speaking. “Baby, we can keep trying.”
“What’s the point Jungkook? I’m not getting pregnant. It’s not working.” You snap, turning your face to him.
“It just hasn't worked yet, but it will. You’ll get pregnant.” He reasons, trying to remain positive. However, it only manages to irritate you further. It won’t. You've been trying for months now. You even keep track of your ovulation on that calendar app that’s supposed to be so great and have sex whenever it notifies you to, you try eating healthier, you try everything, but you’re still not pregnant.
You know it's not his fault. That you shouldn’t get yourself worked up and snap at him. Yet, lately, with how much pressure you’ve been putting on yourselves with this, it’s more often than not you find yourself feeling tense and touchy. And during moments like these, you can’t help but let out your frustrations on him. You don't mean to, but it’s just getting harder over time and your emotions are slowly starting to get the best of you.
Why is it so hard for you when it seems so easy for everyone else? Everyone seems to get pregnant like it’s nothing. What were you doing wrong?
“I’m going to sleep,” you tell him quietly, pulling the covers over yourself as you turn on your side, facing away from him.
Jungkook is left sitting there, feeling helpless. He wants this. He wants this just as much as you do, and it hurts him too that it’s not happening. But mostly, it pains him to see you upset and disappointed time after time. He hates how it always lingers for days and he can’t seem to help you.
He slips into his side of bed, turning off the light on the nightstand. Just a few seconds after you feel him scoot closer until he’s pressed up against your back, hooking his arm around your waist and resting his head on your shoulder as he plants a chaste kiss on your skin. Somehow, it manages to instantly relax you, sending a small wave of calmness over you. The way only he can.
The thing is, you love Jungkook— no, you absolutely adore him. You wouldn’t have spent the past seven years of your life stuck to his side otherwise. Neither would you have taken him up on that offer to marry you just a year ago. Or spent the last ten months trying to start a family with him.
It was ten months ago when you decided you were ready to start trying for a baby. You both wanted kids at some point. It's something you both knew you wanted together long before getting married. You always knew you wanted to be a mother someday, even from a young age. And that desire only became stronger and was completely solidified after you met Jungkook. You wanted to start a family, with him. There’s nobody else you would want that with. So after getting married, and after many long conversations, you both decided you were very much ready. It's what you both want. So you started trying.
You both thought it would be easy. That you'd finally ditch your birth control, track your ovulation and you'd get pregnant pretty quickly. Simple, right? That’s what you always thought. Although that doesn’t seem to be the case. Not for you. After long months of trying with no luck, you’re starting to doubt if it’s ever going to happen at all.
“I’m sorry, y/n.” His quiet words suddenly break the silence in the room and go straight to your aching heart, crushing it further. He shouldn't be apologizing. It isn’t even his fault, and it pains you to think he feels that way.
You feel regret quickly seeping into you, and after a minute of silence, you take hold of his hand and pull it over to your chest tightly, right over your heart. Holding it there as you intertwine his fingers with your own. They fit so perfectly.
“It's not your fault, Jungkook,” you whisper, feeling guilty for lashing out at him just moments ago. “I'm sorry.” You bring his hand up to your lips, placing a kiss on his knuckles. 
“Maybe it is though?” He speaks quietly after a moment's reflection, and you turn around to face him, looking into his dark eyes that are lacking their usual spark. 
“Why would it be your fault? Don’t be silly,” you shake your head, adjusting your pillow as you meet his eyes.
“I don’t know, maybe my sperm fucking suck or something,” he shrugs a little, his tone a little more lighthearted, but still quiet. His gaze dropping to your intertwined hands between your chests until they dart back to your face, looking a tad more serious than just before. “Maybe there’s something wrong with me. Maybe...I should get some kind of test done? you know, just in case. See a doctor or something.”
“Kook...there’s nothing wrong with you,” you say softly, taken aback by his sudden suggestion. Since when has he been thinking that?
“I-I mean, how can we be sure?” he presses, giving you that serious look as he stares into your eyes, but the only response he gets is silence as you contemplate his words. 
It's not like the thought hadn't crossed your mind at one point. Though, you’d quickly brushed it away— too scared to even think into it. You didn't even want to think there could be anything wrong with either of you. You're both young and healthy… Why would anything be wrong? But now that he's saying it out makes you think— what if there is? Maybe there is a reason why you're not getting pregnant. And the thought terrifies you.
You don’t give him a response, simply cause you don’t know what to say. But he can already see the way you’re racking your brain, lips tugged into a taut line as you avoid his eyes. “Baby, I’m not saying something is wrong, it’s just...maybe-”
“No, you’re right,” you begin. “We can’t be sure. but in that case, we both should see a doctor. Just in case,” you cup his cheek, turning his expression softer. “It could be me.” As much as the thought makes your stomach stir uncomfortably, it’s definitely a possibility.
Sensing your nervousness, he gives your hand a gentle squeeze. “I think that’s a good idea. Even though nothing is going to be wrong, maybe we can just get some advice.” He knows getting an answer to his sudden doubts will put you both at ease.
You nod weakly. He’s right.  
“I’ll get an appointment for us then.” You settle, still a little weary of the idea but now that the doubt has been planted in your head, you need to know. He pulls you into a tight hug, flush against his hard chest. 
“Okay,” he whispers, running a soothing hand down your back as you nuzzle your face into his neck. Wrapping your arms around him. “I love you.”
He presses a kiss to your temple and you hug him tighter, suddenly feeling most of your worries wash away under his warm embrace and his familiar scent that feel like the safest place on earth.
“I love you too.” You promise as you shut your eyes.
Tumblr media
The white walls and bright clinic lights are a little too strong on your tired eyes. The waiting room is quiet, just a few people scattered about. You wonder if any of them are feeling as nervous as you are right now.
Jungkook is sitting on the seat just beside you, tapping away at his phone screen. Playing some silly game you’ve never seen him play before.
You managed to get an appointment for you both at the same time with the same doctor, which was good. Just in case there was any kind of bad news today, you wanted him by your side, just how he wanted to have you there too.
You’re nervous. Barely even slept last night. You’d spent the night filling up your mind with thoughts that did nothing to benefit you.
What if for some reason you and Jungkook couldn’t have kids? Or what if your husband was the one who couldn’t? What if you were the problem? What if something was wrong with you? All those daunting questions that keep popping into your head non stop have your stomach in knots. They’re scary thoughts you never really thought you’d be dealing with.
“I’m nervous,” you say quietly, foot mindlessly tapping repeatedly against the hard floor. Jungkook's head immediately perks up at your words. He puts his phone away in the pocket of his hoodie before his hand reaches for your thigh, placing it there gently to stop the incessant tapping.
“I know. Me too.” He says, meeting your gaze.
“You don’t seem it.” You retort, eyes trailing to where he had just put his phone.
He frowns a little, taking your hand into his, “c’mon, I just think it’s better to not get so in your head about it, so I was just distracting myself a little.”
You know he’s probably smarter than you for that. You’ve always been a victim to the habit of overthinking. But right now, how could you not? The uncertainty of it all has been looming over you like a dark cloud since that night you agreed to this. And it all only seemed scarier the second you set foot in this place.
“Yeah, I know. I’m sorry. You’re right,” you shake your head. But as you lift your gaze from your intertwined hands, you spot a woman walking past with a tiny baby in her arms. Your eyes unconsciously follow her, your heart sinking a little
Why was it that you couldn’t stop seeing babies and children everywhere you went now? Or at least, you never really took notice before. It’s like the universe is just rubbing it in your face, honestly. Or maybe you’re just getting a little obsessed and paranoid.
Jungkook quickly takes notice of what your eyes are fixated on, shuffling closer to you. 
“Hey,” he grabs your attention, taking your hand in his and bringing it up to his lips, placing a gentle kiss there. “Whatever happens, I’m here. And I love you, mhm? No matter what. We’re in this together. Everything’s going to be fine, don’t worry.”
Finally looking at him, you take in his warm smile and beautiful features. He looks adorable today. His fluffy hair he didn’t bother styling after his shower, his glasses, his big hoodie that makes you want to cuddle him to no end.
You know he means the words he says and it only makes you love him even more. He always manages to ease up your bouts of anxiety.
You smile back before you lean in to give his rosy lips a quick peck. “I love you too.”
He flashes you that soft smile once more, and pulls out his phone from his pocket again, holding it out to you. “So...want to play?” he asks quietly, making you chuckle. And of course, you do play.
Shortly after your names are being called. The appointment goes well. The doctor had started by asking you a bunch of personal questions. You had some of the simple necessary tests done and then booked in for another two appointments. After the final one, you should have an answer. It’s what you had expected, but you thought the process would maybe be a little quicker. This only meant you have to wait at least another two weeks of uncertainty and tension.
Tumblr media
“Come on, relax,” Jungkook says, his hand reaching over to give your thigh a pat followed by a gentle squeeze as he moves to unbuckle his seatbelt.
Whining, you bring your hands to your face before shooting him a nervous glance, “what if your father asks me to try some of his fancy wine again?” you gawk. “Am I supposed to say no?” 
Jungkook chuckles, turning in his seat to face you with a little mocking smile, “yes.” He knows you’ve never been able to say no to that lovely man. Not when he shares the same precious smile as the man currently beside you and he’s too sweet for his own good. 
“I already said no last time. Jungkook, your mom is going to think I’m pregnant if I don't drink at dinner,” you explain as you cross your arms over your chest, letting out a sigh as you sink down further in your seat. Remembering that time a few years ago when you declined a drink and she freaked, convinced you were pregnant.
You’ve visited Jungkook’s parents countless times. That's not exactly what you're nervous about. It’s the fear of the topic that might be brought up. It’s the last thing you want to talk about these days. You need to keep it off your mind.
“I’m not drinking either,” he shrugs. It isn’t a lie. Surprisingly, he’s been taking this ‘no alcohol’ thing just as seriously as you.
“So? She's obviously not going to think you're pregnant cause you don’t drink. But she will think I am if I don't,” you deadpan, rolling your eyes and making him chuckle.
“Look, we’ll just tell them we’re not drinking anymore. You know, trying to be healthier,” he reasons.
You consider his words for a second, turning your head to stare at the driveway ahead, the familiar house. You just really want to keep the topic away at all costs tonight. 
You finally unbuckle your seatbelt with a heavy sigh, but before you get out of the car, you're stopped by Jungkook's hand taking a gentle hold of your arm. He knows how sensitive you are to the whole baby topic — especially right now.
“Don’t worry, okay? I’m here with you. Let’s just have a nice time.”
“Hi sweetheart!” Jungkook's mother beams, embracing you in a tight hug as you step into the house, “you look beautiful!” she compliments with that heartwarming eye smile that resembles her sons, holding your hands. You return the big smile as you thank her. You're just wearing a pair of nice fitting jeans and a silk blouse, but she's always ready to gush about your beauty. Bless her.
“Oh and so do you!” she giggles, moving on to Jungkook who follows behind you, greeting her with a hug.
Jungkook keeps his arm around your waist as you make your way into the cozy living room. The smell of delicious food fills your nostrils, making your stomach growl in anticipation. God — his mother really had a gift when it came to cooking. 
You greet Jungkook's father at the sofa, and he’s just as lovely and welcoming as always. 
“Oh, we have a little surprise guest,” his father announces with a smile as he sits back down on the sofa beside you both.
“Uncle kookie!” the familiar little voice rings in your ears as you turn your head to spot your nephew running out of the kitchen, up to Jungkook, crashing right into his arms and he stands, twirling him around in a big hug.
“Hey buddy,” he beams, eyes wide with surprise, ”what are you doing here?”
“Your brother dropped him off before, Yebin and him both had to rush off for something about work.'' His mother jumps in to explain with a little disappointed shake of the head, but her expression morphs into a smile when the small boy giggles at the tickles his uncle attacks him with. She's always delighted to babysit him. 
Jungkook just nods in understanding, putting the boy down, but doesn’t let him go that easily.
You watch them both and your heart melts at the sight. He's always so incredibly sweet with him. You can’t help but think he would be a great dad— you know it. That’s why your heart aches in your chest when you think about the fact you can’t seem to make it happen. You just hope you'll be able to witness this soft, precious side of him with a child of your own some day. Hopefully soon.
“Auntie y/n!” he wriggles out of Jungkook's arms and runs up to you next, hugging you with so much force it almost makes you stumble.
“Hi cutie, I’ve missed you!” you giggle, bopping his nose. 
“Dinner won’t be ready for a little while so get comfortable, but for you Eunwoo— it’s bedtime soon,” she warns. The little boy pouts, hugging you tighter, unwilling to let go and Jungkook laughs at his expression. His heart warms at the way you hug him and talk to him so lovingly. He knows you’d be a great mom.
A while later, you're all settled at the table, save for your nephew who has already been put to sleep, much to his dismay.
Dinner is wonderful, the food is beyond what you expected— which was already a lot. Catching up with Jungkook's parents is lovely as it is every time, and in those moments it's almost like none of your worries exist.
“He's adorable,” you giggle around a mouthful of food. Eunwoo being the latest topic of your conversation.
“Oh he is, an absolute angel,” Mrs. Jeon smiles. “He’s already getting so big,” she shakes her head in disbelief, and you nod in agreement. He really was just a baby yesterday.
“So when are you two giving me a grandchild,” she asks suddenly with a proud smile, leaning forward on her forearms, glancing between you and Jungkook expectantly. .
You instantly tense, swallowing hard. Quickly forcing a smile on your lips before taking a drawn out sip from your drink. Her husband scoffs a laugh with a shake of his head as he keeps digging into his food.
There it is. The topic you had so strongly been hoping to avoid tonight. Thrown right in your face. The question still taking you by surprise despite it not being the first time you’ve heard it. Maybe because this time, you don’t have an answer to it. You don’t even know if it’s a possibility for you at all anymore. 
Jungkook shoots you a quick glance, his eyes a little wide as he is also taken aback by the sudden question. Thankfully though, he is better at remaining composed than you and speaks first.
“Mom…” he mumbles before swallowing down his food, fidgeting with the chopsticks between his fingers. His tone warning but not in a serious way.
“What? It's about time isn't it,” she simpers with a chuckle, looking over at her husband who remains focused on his food.
Jungkook curses internally, hoping to drop the topic as quickly as possible. He loves his mom, but he wishes she didn’t feel the need to bring up such topics all the time.
“There's no rush,” he says, peering over at you. You’re just nodding with a forced smile, avoiding her gaze and staring at your plate instead.
“You’re going to keep me waiting for years aren't you,” she sighs with a small disappointed shake of her head, relaxing in her seat once again. 
“You already have one sleeping upstairs,” Jungkook answers, taking a sip of his glass, reaching out to place a comforting hand on your knee under the table with a comforting smile. “And he’s a handful when he wants to be.”
“I know. But another grandchild would be lovely. You would have the most beautiful baby.” She smiles longingly at you both and the room falls silent.
 Thankfully, she leaves it at that. The conversation quickly resumes when her husband changes the subject.
Though now, your stomach feels upset. You feel off. Almost like you need to throw up your food. You hate that a simple conversation has the power to change your mood like this, to make you feel physically down. But you can’t help but get in your head. 
After a few minutes to not be too obvious, you excuse yourself to the bathroom. In need of a minute to yourself. But just moments later, Jungkook knocks on the door softly and you let him in.
“Y/n…” He begins, slowly closing the door behind him. “You okay?”
“It's fine,” you dismiss, leaning back against the sink. But he knows it’s not, your face at the dinner table was enough to let him know. He’s aware it is a sensitive topic for you — How much you overthink and make yourself upset over it.
“You know what my mom is like...I'm sorry.” He reaches for your arms, holding them gently.
“Jungkook, it's fine. It's not the first time she brings it up.” It definitely isn't. She's been asking that question even before you got married. Back then, you would just laugh it off. But it's different now. Maybe you're being too sensitive— and it probably doesn’t help that you’re also on your period. But the simple question of something you've been longing for so dearly for so long but you don't even know you'll be able to have hurts. 
Jungkook knows this too. He wraps you up in his warm embrace, patting down your hair in a soothing gesture. “I know. I wish she didn’t always feel the need bring it up though.”
“She doesn’t know baby. It's okay,” you promise. Feeling glad he came after you. You really needed a minute to yourself and a reassuring hug, specifically from him. “I’m okay, really.” After all, you can’t expect people to not bring up that kind of thing.
You love Jungkook's mother. She’s lovely and she’s always been amazing to you. When you first met her you had been so blown away at how welcoming and loving she was to you. You finally understood how Jungkook is as wonderful as he is— with a mother like that, it made sense. You know she means absolutely no harm by it. But if only she knew…
“No wine but, my mom made’ll have some, won’t you?” 
Feeling lighter, you chuckle against his chest. You've really been trying to eat healthier. Cutting back on all the bad stuff to keep yourself as healthy as possible. But you suppose a slice of cake won't do you any harm. 
“Mhm. You know I can’t say no to your mom’s desserts. Of course I will.”
He kisses your head with a gentle smile and takes your hand in his. “C’mon, let’s go then.”
Tumblr media
Thankfully, all the test results come back clear. Absolutely nothing that points to any infertility issues at all, which causes you to almost cry in relief at the doctors office. Everything from hormones to sperm count and pretty much everything, is apparently in great condition. There was no reason as to why you couldn't conceive naturally.
The doctor simply advised you to be patient and to keep trying. Emphasized that you should not stress about the process and to come back in for further testing in another six months if there was still no luck.
“So if everything's fine...why is it not working?” you ponder, sitting back in your seat. You’re so relieved there's nothing wrong. It definitely put you both at ease. But it only makes you more confused as to why it isn’t working.
“We’ll keep trying, baby, it’s okay. It will happen,” he squeezes your thigh reassuringly. “You heard the doctor, we just have to keep trying. And not stress about it,” he warns. “Sometimes it just takes time.”
“I guess so,” you look out the window to the clinic, letting out a deep breath. At least now, some hope has been restored.
“Trying is fun anyway, right?” he smirks suddenly. You turn and you shove his arm playfully as you bite back the smile, because well, he’s definitely not wrong.
“Do you know how much work sex is?” you raise a brow, crossing your arms over your chest.
He rolls his eyes playfully as he puts the key in the ignition. “Ah come on, I do most of the work” 
You blink, displaying dramatized offense in your features. “I've had a weird cramp in my leg for days ever since I rode you, shut up.”
“That still hasn't gone away?” he chuckles, raising his brows. Leaning in closer and massaging the place on your thigh you'd told him where it hurt.
You shake your head, side eyeing him, “I literally think I pulled a muscle.”
“But you can’t tell me it wasn’t worth it,” he teases, making you cheeks heat up at the memory. It definitely was worth it.
“Well I'll take care of you tonight, won't have to do any work at all,” he promises, so close you can feel his breath on your neck. “Hmm, how does that sound?”
You can’t hold back the little smile that forms on your lips, suddenly feeling flustered. “You’ll change and wash the sheets after too?”
He pulls away slightly, searching your eyes. “You say that like I’ve never changed and washed the sheets before.”
“If I didn’t push you out of bed we’d be sleeping on gross sheets most nights so…” Jungkook chuckles, now it's his turn to roll his eyes.
“Well you know, sex is a lot of work.” He says, starting the car engine with a smug little shrug. 
“Go on, drive,” you muse with another eye roll, taking your phone from your pocket to check the time. That’s when you spot the familiar notification displayed on your screen. You lift your phone, showing him today's date highlighted on your ovulation calendar app. Giving him a playful smile as you shake your phone with a little wag of your brows.
He chuckles, giving you that beautiful smile that after so many years still gives you crazy butterflies.
“Perfect then,” he presses a kiss to your lips before driving.
The moment Jungkook gets back from work at night, his hands are all over you in an instant, his fiery gaze swallowing you whole as he leads you to the bedroom in a haste— proving to you once again he is indeed a man of his word.
“Baby,” you whisper as he tugs your shirt over your head, tossing it somewhere to the side with the rest of your discarded clothes to be dealt with later.
“Mhm?” He hums against the skin of your chest, pressing wet kisses all the way up to your jaw. You tangle your fingers in the soft strands of hair on instinct— a small whine escaping you as you throw your head back, “I love you.”
He pulls away momentarily, a little smirk tugging at his lips as he marvels at your already blissed out expression. He’s barely touched you. Always so sensitive.
His large hands cup your face, bringing it closer until your foreheads rest against one another— attaching his lips to yours hungrily before answering, “I love you too baby,” he kisses you again. “so fucking much.”
You chuckle against his lips and he gently coaxes you to lay down, parting your legs to accommodate him in between. Your lips meet in a needy kiss once again, tongues darting over each other in a haste. God, you’ll never get tired of the way he kisses you. It’s enough to make you feel completely intoxicated.
Snaking an arm around your back, he unclasps your bra. You gasp when you feel his lips attach to your nipple instantly. Tongue swirling over it again and again until you’re writhing beneath him.
“So gorgeous baby,” he huffs as you arch your back with another contained moan. He says it like it’s the first time he’s seen you like this, he always does— like he’s still trying to wrap his head around the fact you’re all his. Even after all this time.
He trails feather light pecks down to your belly, then your hips, his hands ghosting down your sides until you feel his hands swiftly tug your panties down your legs.
“Jungkook,” you breathe when his fingers ghost over your bare cunt.
“My baby’s needy tonight huh,” he rasps, looking down at you with that devilish glint in his eyes you’re all too familiar with. Making you squirm. Fuck, you need to feel him so bad.
He traces two fingers down to your folds, slowly dipping them into you. “Oh-fuck,” you moan when he presses them deeper, right against that spot he’s an expert in finding. His lips never leave your body as he pumps his fingers in and out of you. He hovers over you as he watches you needily bucking into his hand— soon becoming desperate for more.
“More?” He asks, already knowing your answer.
“Yes,” you beg, bringing a hand down to tug at the waistband of his boxers— your stomach twisting in anticipation when you spot the prominent bulge there, “but these have to go.” You know he likes to take his time with you. Loves the slow build and teasing touches that absolutely wreck you— and you fucking love that about him. But right now, you desperately need him to get to it.
His swollen lips quirk into a smirk as he presses one last quick kiss to your lips, “as you wish.” He shuffles back to rid himself of his underwear, causing you to almost whine at the loss of his warm hands all over you, but you’re soon compensated with the sight of his hard cock, standing proudly against his toned body. Crawling back over you. Although, his eyes widen slightly when you turn around, getting on all fours as you shoot him a teasing glance over your shoulder.
“Fuck baby, this how you want it,” he breathes, kneading at the firm flesh of your ass, shuffling closer until he’s pressed right against your searing skin, his length nestled between your ass as his hands travel up your waist.
It’s not a position you indulge in that often lately —simply because you try to stick to the ones that supposedly increase your chances of pregnancy— but right now, you don’t care. And if the sound he lets out is anything to go by, he’s definitely pleased at your choice.
“I can turn around again,” you tease.
“I think I quite like this,” he rushes, gripping you tighter as he leans forward to kiss his way down your spine, “so hot baby.”
“Well, what are you waiting for?” You pull a pillow towards you, getting comfortable and he almost growls when you lay forward, sticking out your ass further for him. He lines himself up with your soaking entrance, your hands clutch the sheets tightly as you feel the tip breaching you. The stretch so delightful you can’t help but cry out in bliss. He inhales sharply. Fuck, you feel so tight around him. “Fuck, baby,” he moans as he slowly bottoms out, running his hands along your body as he gives you a second to adjust.
“Okay?” He asks gently.
God, you feel so full. You can only nod. Biting your lip as your eyes press shut, “yes. Now fuck me, please.” You beg, hiding your face in the pillow as he chuckles breathily at your eagerness.
Tightening his grip on your hips, he’s swiftly pulling out before thrusting back in slowly.
“Fuck,” he grunts, your body rocking forward as he starts to pick up the pace, the bedroom soon filling with the sinful sounds of skin on skin and your raging breaths.
“Oh—fuck, baby, harder-“ Jungkook doesn’t waste any time, splaying his hands over your back to push further into the mattress, pulling out in a swift move only to slam his hips back into you hard, causing you to almost choke on your words, “like that?”
He leans in, squeezing one of your breasts— eliciting a loud moan from you that has his cock twitching between your walls as you clench him tightly. “Feel so good baby—fuck, you’re so hot,” He breathes hotly against your ear. His tongue darting out to lick the side of your neck and you feel like you’re about to combust. Pleasure burning through your whole body.
All you can do is moan in response as he fucks into you hard and fast— the way you like it. The bedframe begging to creak under your movements, briefly reminding you it’s time to fucking change it. Though you secretly love the sound. You’re not sure your neighbors do though.
“Oh baby,” you moan, your hands gripping the sheets tighter as he pounds into you with so much force it makes you fall flat on your stomach, but he doesn’t stop his pace.
“Ah— Jungkook, so good baby, close,” you warn.
“Yeah? gonna cum for me baby?” He clenches his jaw, dragging your limp body back slightly to snake his hand beneath you, a moan getting caught in your throat as he goes straight to your clit, rubbing two fingers over it mercilessly.
“Come baby, come on my cock,” he pleads, pounding into you as he also chases his approaching high. Sweat making his hair stick to his face.
“O-oh my god, fuck,” you whimper weakly, your mouth falling open, the intensity of your orgasm washing over you like a tidal wave as you let out a near scream, muffled into the pillow.
It only takes him a few more thrusts to follow you. Reaching his peak as he releases the warm substance deep into you with a strangled moan. You can feel the last of his cum spurting against your walls, filling you up in that way you’ve come to love so much.
He places kiss after kiss along your sweaty skin. The sound of heavy breathing as you slowly regain your senses filling the quiet room. “I love you,” he says softly as he kisses your cheek. You use the little strength you have left to turn your head slightly to meet his lips in a tender kiss. “I love you too.” you chuckle softly at your awkward position.
After a few seconds he pulls out and you move to lay on your back. He quickly presses his body back against your own and you wrap your arms around him, keeping him close. “You okay?” he asks, taking in your complete fucked expression.
“Don’t think I can move— but I’m great.” he chuckles in return to your words, brushing your sweaty hair out of your face gently. Kissing you again. “Good thing you won’t have to move then,”
Sitting back, he almost whines at the sight of his cum dripping out of you. Taking you by surprise, he pushes two fingers into you, pushing it right back in as you let out a whimper. It’s all too sensitive.
“Stop, It’s all in there,” you tiredly swat his arm, unable to hide the small smile tugging at your lips. He chuckles, pulling them out and pressing a kiss on the back of your leg, “Not all of it,” he informs with a cheeky smile.
“Baby, put your legs up.” He asks, already pushing them up gently by the back of your thighs. Confused by his actions, but you’re too tired to even stop him.
“What?” you ask tiredly, lifting your head from the pillow to shoot him a puzzled look, “Baby, I’m not ready for a second round-” 
“It’s to keep it in,” he says seriously.
Oh. You watch him, focused on keeping your legs in the air with his hands and you have to hold back the laugh. Well this is new. Watching his concentrated pout, you find him oddly adorable considering what he's doing, and what he just did to you. The way he just fucked so hard you know you’ll be feeling it for next week.
“Baby,” you chuckle, lazily reaching for his arms, ”I don’t think it makes a difference.”
“Trust me, I read this helps,” he fetches some pillows. “The more that stays in the better the chance. So lift your butt,” he says tapping the side of it, making you let out a noise of complaint at having to move your body, watching as he props the pillows beneath you.
“There. Stay like this for a little, yeah?” he reaches down to kiss you and you can’t prevent the playful smile and roll of your eyes that follow, “okay…but come here,” you whine, reaching out for his hands to pull him back down beside you. “Cuddle me,” you boss— though he was already planning to.
“So demanding,” he chuckles, kissing the corner of your lips that tug into a satisfied smile at his warm body, finally holding you close again. You can’t get enough.
“So how long do I have to stay like this?” you question after a while, raising a brow at him as you push back his sweaty strands of hair, taking in his chiseled features. Fuck, he’s so goddamn handsome.
“An hour.” He says nonchalantly.
“An hour?” you parrot, head lifting off the pillow to glare at him, “Jungkook that’s ridiculous, I’m not doing this for an hour” you say incredulously. “I feel like I’m doing yoga— and yoga sucks”
He lets out a breathy laugh, sitting up, “I’m just messing with you.” He comes to settle between your legs, slowly putting them down and you sigh in relief as he parts them to glance between them. It seems to have worked cause not much more has slipped out.
“What are you doing?” you question, cheeks heating up at the way he’s shamelessly looking there, tongue running over his bottom lip. It’s stupid to feel embarrassed really, like he hasn’t seen it a thousand times before— after what he just did to you.
He smirks, giving you that goofy look of his as he grips your thighs, slowly coaxing you to put them back down, “If you weren’t so exhausted I’d fuck you again,”
God, he really can be insatiable sometimes.
“Stop,” you throw your pillow at him playfully as he climbs over you, kissing between giggles, “I don’t think I’ll survive right now if I cum like that again.”
“Mhm, I know you can take more than that,” He mumbles, rubbing his nose against yours.
You roll your eyes playfully. He’s not wrong. “I’m gonna go shower,” you kiss his cheek before sitting up. Cringing at the feeling of cum as it slides slightly down the inside of your thigh. Well, at least you tried.
“I’ll join you-”
“No you won’t.” you exclaim, pushing him back down onto the bed when he sits up a little too eagerly.
“Come on, why not?” he pouts, sounding too cute to be the same man that just rearranged your guts. But you ignore him, scooting off the bed. Feeling a little weak in your knees as you go over to your bathroom. You know him too well. As much as you’d love to, you’re not sure you can handle another round right now.
“I’ll wash your hair for you, give you a nice head massage,” he calls out, and even though your back is turned to him, you just know the little smug smile he’s sporting.
That does sound very tempting right now. Maybe a little too tempting. 
You simply give him a little coy smile, calling him over with your index finger and narrowed eyes. Turning on the shower as you hear him follow behind until his strong arms are wrapping around your waist. Kissing the side of your neck.
“Knew you couldn’t say no to that.”
Tumblr media
You try to regain hope, staying positive, but it’s still a challenge when weeks go by and nothing seems to change in your favor.
You walk out of the bathroom and into your bedroom where Jungkook is tiredly getting ready for work.
“Are you alright?” he asks with a slight yawn, doing up the buttons of his shirt, noticing the sudden shift in your mood.
“Just got my period.” You answer flatly as you plop down on the mattress, keeping your gaze downcast as you fiddle with your hands. 
Jungkook frowns slightly at your words, holding back the little sigh before going over to sit beside you, instantly enveloping you in a tight hug. It makes sense now.
“I love you.” He whispers, pressing a kiss to your temple as you nuzzle into him tiredly.
You had agreed that you would stop taking frequent pregnancy tests since constantly seeing the negative results left you feeling disheartened and demotivated. Only resulted in feelings of hurt and from time to time, tears and pointless fights. But you couldn’t stop your period from disappointing you every time it came along to remind you that you were very much still not pregnant.
“We’ll try again,” he reminds, his tone gentle — just like the hand he runs along arm. “Just have to be patient.”
You let out a tiny bitter laugh, unable to look up at him. It’s now been over a year since you started trying. A year. Being patient is only getting harder as the days go on. So you simply answer with a nod, not feeling up to continue with the conversation.
We’ll try again. You’re really starting to get tired of hearing that. Hell, he must be tired of saying it.
“Hey,” he says when he feels the way your body stiffens, tilting his head to look at you. “It’s alright, mhm?”
You bite your quivering lip, nodding silently once again. It should be alright, yet it doesn’t feel that way. You feel tears desperately fighting to fall, but there doesn’t seem to be any left. It’s like that dreaded feeling of emptiness is consuming you once again, taking over you completely and you can’t even bring yourself to cry anymore.
He pulls you further into his chest, breaking down the wall he knows you’re already building up between you. “It’s alright, baby. It’s okay.”
He knows you’re not okay. He also knows that with your own feelings of sadness and disappointment at yet another negative result, also comes the feeling that you’ve failed him, again — failed to give him something he too strongly longs for. Something you just can’t seem to give him no matter how much you try. And you should be able to. 
He wishes you’d understand that it hurts him way more to see you this way. That it isn’t your fault.
But It pains your heart, makes you feel so dejected. You can’t help but feel that way even when you know you shouldn’t. 
You remain silent. He doesn't push it though. Just holds you tightly— hoping it’s enough to keep you together so that you don’t crumble into a mess of tears again. 
“Want me to get you anything before I go?” He speaks after a minute, scanning your tired features that hold so much hurt it causes his heart to ache. 
He wishes he didn’t have to go right now — that he didn’t have to leave you by yourself when you're feeling this way. Despite your apparent bitterness and coldness you unconsciously use to cover up the hurt, he knows you need comfort. He wants to stay here with you.
“I’m okay. Just going to sleep some more.” You whisper against his chest.
“Okay. Call me if you need anything, yeah?”
Nodding, he finally untangles his arms from around you after another minute, giving you a goodbye kiss before you get under the covers once again and fall back to sleep, which happens surprisingly quickly. Maybe your brain is too exhausted to even dwell on it anymore.
When you wake up a while later. There’s a hot water bottle, your usual pain meds and your favorite chocolate bar left for you on the bedside table. 
Your heart instantly melt at the not so uncommon gesture.
You love him so much.
Tumblr media
With the coming months only come more negative tests and disappointment. Even more small arguments here and there with Jungkook — that you’re mostly to blame for since you’re so fucking touchy over everything, you can’t help it.
You try to not let it consume you. You try not to make it your main focus — like the specialist so kindly advised. But you can’t deny that something as simple as walking past the baby aisle at a store makes your heart ache in your chest. You want to walk down it, hand in hand with Jungkook as you pick out things for your baby. But maybe you never will.
It’s small things like that in your daily life that held no significance or you never payed attention to, that now have the power to shift your mood and trap you within the walls of your overthinking mind.  
It doesn’t help that Jungkook has been doing longer hours at work. So busy that when he finally gets home to you at night he’s so exhausted that he goes straight to sleep. Or on some occasions, he fights it for a little longer and tiredly listens to you go on about this and that until you realize you’re talking to yourself. You don’t blame him for it, but sometimes you just feel so...alone.
It feel lonely, like no one understands you. Like you have no one talk to — because, don’t.
You know you have Jungkook, but you don’t want to drive him crazy with your worries and heartache that he can’t fix. Especially not these days when his own job demands so much of his energy.
And so it occurs to to you over dinner, maybe a break is necessary.
“Maybe we should stop trying,” you announce quietly, aimlessly picking at your food. You don’t even have an appetite lately.
Jungkook’s brows shoot up as he narrows his eyes slightly before speaking. “What?”
“I don’t know...maybe we should stop,” you reiterate, finally lifting your gaze from the food to meet his puzzled expression.
“You mean the whole baby thing?”
“Yes.” You answer, not sounding as sure of yourself as you wish.
He seems unsure of what to say. “Have you...changed your mind? You don’t want this anymore?” He asks gently, studying your features as he puts down his spoon.
You quickly shake your head, “no, of course I still want it,” you assure him. “But I don’t think that matters because it’s not working for us I just think we should stop.” You put your own utensils down as well, sinking into your seat and wrapping your arms around yourself. “Maybe it’s not meant to be for us.”
Jungkook doesn’t say anything for a moment, just lets out a soft exhale. You think he’s probably too tired to be having this conversation right now.
“Don’t say that. Of course it is.”
“I’m just tired kook,” you begin, your voice small. He leans forward, looking at you with those soft doe eyes that never fail to warm your heart.
He sighs, reaching out to take your hands in his, “So…are you saying you want to stop having sex?” he quirks a brow jokingly.
“No,” you shake your head with the tiniest chuckle. “But maybe I should go back on the pill. At least then I’ll know for sure I’m not pregnant and I can finally have a glass of wine,” you say lightly, but you notice Jungkook's expression looks...slightly dejected, his tiny smile not reaching his eyes. 
You would also be able to stop clinging on to that tiny bit of hope that keeps getting crushed again and again. But you don’t mention that part.
“Oh,” he nods slowly, sitting back in his seat. “So you want to stop trying for good?”
“Not for good. Just like, a break maybe.” You explain.
“If that’s what you want.” He answers after a moment. And for some reason, the silence that lingers after isn’t the usual comfortable silence you always experience around one another. It’s different, the air feels just a little denser as it carries the weight of your unspoken thoughts. 
You resume eating in silence. Washing up the plates once you’re done and you both head to bed, not sharing more than a couple of words and a quick goodnight kiss before turning off the lights .
The topic isn’t brought up again until a few days later, where you end up deciding to keep trying anyway. Even though you’re emotionally drained, you won’t give up.
Tumblr media
Thursday mornings usually mean you get to have a little lie in, since you go in to work a little later than usual. But today you have breakfast plans with one of your closest friends.
Jungkook was the one who insisted you go out despite him having the day off work. Said you should get out of the house, spend some time with your friend to catch up and take your mind off all the current stress you were going through for a little while. It surely wouldn’t do you any harm. And with the way things have been between you both these past weeks, maybe talking to a friend will be nice.
It’s not often you get to see your friends anymore— not that you had that many anyway. Everyone is busy with their own lives now. That means finding time to meet and catch up is challenging. And with most of your friends now being parents and having families of their own, it only made it harder.
Everyone except for Nari, and well, you.
You make your way down the busy street towards the small café and wait inside, but you don’t have to wait long before you hear that familiar bubbly voice calling out for you, making you look up from your phone, instantly spotting her.
“Nari!” you beam as you stand to greet her with a bright smile and a big hug. You haven’t seen her since her wedding and that happened around three months ago now. It’s been too long.
“I think I’m going to cry. I missed you so much!” She hugs you back tightly, making you giggle. You honestly feel like you could cry too.
The next hour is spent catching up on everything over food and drinks. She tells you all about her honeymoon and you can’t help but smile and feel giddy at your friends' joy. It’s radiating out of her and so contagious. But soon after, you find yourself wondering if you should bring it up. Finally tell a friend about what you’ve been struggling with for all this time. Though, you’re having such a nice time you don't want to ruin it by bringing up your problems. But at this point, you’re aching to get it off your chest.
You take a sip of your smoothie, finally mustering up the courage but that’s when you notice the way Nari has gone quiet, nervously messing with her hands, her gaze wavering from the table to you.
Putting your drink down, you quirk a brow, “what?” You ask, glancing behind you. Oh god, is that annoying waiter here again? 
But she shakes her head, biting back a smile as she brings her hands to her face, letting out a nervous laugh behind them. So It’s not the waiter. Confused at her sudden strange behavior, you shoot her a slightly puzzled look, “what?” You reiterate with a gentle laugh.
She finally places her hands out on the table, fixing her eyes on yours. She takes a deep breath before speaking, a wide smile forming on her lips.
“I’m pregnant!” she blurts out.
It takes you a second to react. “Oh my god! What?” You stand, the chair screeching across the floor as you make your way to her immediately, “oh my god Nari, n-no way! Congratulations!” You beam.
Nari is pregnant?
You can’t deny the little blow you felt in your heart the second the words left her mouth. You honestly weren’t expecting it. But it quickly turns into excitement and happiness for your friends.
“12 weeks today.” She smiles fondly, her eyes a little watery, “I found out around two weeks ago but I wanted to tell you in person.”
You hug her again, making a sound of excitement that definitely has the other few people in the café staring at you both. You pull away before speaking, “wait, Joon knows already right?”
She nods, “I surprised him last week. He was over the moon,” she recalls with a smile, “he already texts me baby names every day since.” She chuckles. She looks so happy you can’t help but smile from ear to ear despite the dull ache in your chest. 
“Nari, I can't believe it! I’m so happy for you guys!” You smile, trying to push away the small voice in your head that is telling you how unfair this is. It isn’t. They deserve this. 
You are genuinely happy. But you can’t say it doesn’t also hurt a little. 
You wonder if you’ll ever get to experience the excitement of telling your friends and family news like that. You long for the day you get to tell Jungkook and watch his face light up when he learns he’s finally going to be a father. Because he wants it so badly. The same way you do. You want your own little family. Is it too much to ask?
“But don’t tell Jungkook yet! Joon wants to tell the guys himself!” she warns.
You smile with a nod. 
You wonder how Jungkook will feel about this. Will his heart deflate the same way yours did? Will it feel like a kick in the face to him too? Probably not. He’s not a horrible person like you are. Because, you are a horrible person for having this odd feeling lingering within you when all you should feel is happiness, right?
There goes another friend. Another friend you’ll lose to everything that is baby bottles and baby products you’ll have no idea about. Another friend who’ll be too busy with her new baby to hang out with you. But that’s not even what’s bothering you. You’re used to that from all your other friends.
It’s okay though. You’re happy for her.
You’ve just walked into your work building, already dreading the next hours you’ll have to sit in that damn chair when all you want to do is go home, get under the covers and cry. But instead, you sit at your work desk and try hard to focus all your attention on finishing your article due next week. As you should— though it’s definitely a challenge. 
You feel even worse when you notice just how much work you’ve been neglecting. You’ve been too wrapped up in your own head, dealing with your own struggles. You worked so hard to get to this place, to have this position, but lately you can’t even focus on work. At this point, you’re honestly surprised your boss hasn’t called you into her office.
Once you miraculously manage to get a good chunk of work done, you head into the break room. You were hoping it would be empty but you soon realize it’s not by the loud laughter and chattering filling the space as you enter it. Although, you relax slightly when you spot your two closest coworkers.
You greet them with a meek smile as you grab a drink of water, joining them at the table. Unconsciously letting out a sigh.
“Rough day huh?” Jiwon jokes as she takes a sip of her drink, eyeing your exhausted state.
“I can’t believe Mina left us,” Nayeon answers instead, scrolling through her phone with a pout, “Can you believe now I’m the one that has to take over her project,” she shakes her head.
“I know! —I swear everyone in this building is going on maternity leave,” Jiwon sighs.
Okay, at least you’re not imagining things or being paranoid. It is true. Everyone seems to be getting pregnant these days. You remain silent, not adding to the conversation save for a subtle nod. Deciding to focus on the view outside the large window instead.
“Are you and Jungkook next?” Jiwon asks, a playful glint in her eyes as she gives you a little shove, wagging her eyebrows also making the other shoot you a teasing smile. 
Something twists inside of you— something uncomfortable that instantly settles in the pit of your stomach. Jesus, you really wish they’d stop with that.
“I don’t know, maybe someday.” You reply, giving her a small forced smile, feeling your heart clench in a similar way it did just hours ago in that café. As much as you’d like to deny it— It hurts. Nobody knows how much you’ve struggled with this for the past year. No one knows you have in fact been trying to no avail. Nobody knows how many tears you’ve already shed due to this. Nobody will ever know.
“Oh come on, you should have one! You’ve been settled down for ages now, right?” she presses, a little too enthusiastically for your liking.
“So you’re thinking about it!” Nayeon somehow assumes from your vague answer, jumping in, her eyes wide with interest as leans forward on her forearms
You feel your hands tightening around the cup in your hand, twirling it nervously between your fingers in an attempt to calm yourself. 
You should just have one. Sure. Cause it’s that fucking simple, isn’t it.
You bite your lip. Already done with this conversation. “Maybe someday,” you repeat, looking away from the two girls. A mixture of anger and hurt now bubbling within you. Maybe any other day you would have been able to laugh it off, or at least it wouldn’t have crushed your heart. But not today. Today it fucking hurts.
“Does Jungkook not want one yet?” she quirks a brow as they both watch you for an answer.
Honestly, why the fuck they felt like they had the right to ask you such questions was beyond you. But you aren’t willing to just sit here and listen to it much longer. 
Sure, you’ve known these girls for years from working here, you could call them friends by now. You’re sure they don’t mean any harm by it. It’s not meant to be malicious in any way— it’s not like they know what you’re going through. But after your emotionally charged morning you’re not sure you can handle this conversation going on any longer.
There’s so much you want to say. But you bite your tongue instead, holding it in. You push out your chair, getting up.
“I don’t know. Anyway, gotta get back to work,” you say flatly, leaving them both to glance at each other with a puzzled look as you walk out, your eyes stinging with unshed tears.
It’s already dark when you get back home. You close the door to your apartment as you kick off your uncomfortable work heels, letting your bag fall off your shoulder carelessly. God, it's been a long day.
As you go over to the kitchen to grab a drink you hear the shower running and spot Jungkook's gym bag thrown on the floor near the sofa. Great. You haven’t checked his texts but you had secretly been hoping he was still out. Simply so you could skip dinner and leave to cry in the comfort of your own room until you fall asleep without him questioning it. But that’s no longer an option.
You busy yourself by washing some dishes that have been left in the sink. Just moments later, Jungkook enters the room and you briefly turn your head, his eyes lighting up instantly at the sight of you.
“I didn't hear you get back,” he says, making his way over to you with a soft smile. He wraps his arms around your waist, body pressing against your back as he places a kiss right on your cheek, “missed you.”
You don’t reply, just tilt your head back to meet his lips in a quick peck.
“How was your day?” he asks as he props his chin on your shoulder. His hair still wet from the shower tickling the side of your face. He smells so good.
But you’re not in the mood to tell him about your day today. You’re not in the mood for anything.
“It was okay,” you lie. Hoping he doesn’t notice the way your body tenses at the simple question. He hums with a nod in return, placing another chaste kiss on the side of your face. 
“Sorry,” he says sheepishly once he realizes what you’re doing. “I’ll finish doing these, go get changed.” His hands fall from around you as you turn to face him, drying your hands on the kitchen towel. 
“Okay. I'm gonna take a shower,” you say with a tiny forced smile that takes way more effort than it should before you head down the hallway to your room.
A little while later, you’re sitting comfortably on the sofa. Jungkook's arm around you as he browses through the movie section. He’s going on about some movie Yoongi recommended, complaining because he can’t seem to find it. But you’re not paying much attention. His words sound distant and you’re far too lost in your own thoughts to listen. 
You can’t stop thinking about it. About today, and everything that went on. Surely you’re being dramatic. But you feel the ugly bitterness you had managed to somewhat simmer down consuming you again the more you think about it. Why do you even feel like this? Why do you feel like no one in your life gets the way you feel? Why does it hurt so much? You need to get over yourself. 
You’ve now settled on a movie, but all you want to do is cry and scream out of frustration. It’s so unfair. It hurts. What’s playing on the tv does little to distract you from the way you’re feeling, though you try hard to focus on anything that isn’t your own thinking. You fail.
It’s not long into the movie you feel Jungkook’s soft lips leaving feathery kisses along your shoulder, slowly travelling up to your neck. His warm hand coming to your thigh, massaging it ever so slightly. It pulls you from your incessant thoughts, but for some reason, it only irritates you. You tense under his actions, causing him to pull away and look at your face.
“Not in the mood, Jungkook.” You bite, pulling the blanket over your shoulder brashly before even giving him a chance to speak.
He keeps his hand placed carefully over your thigh as he studies your expression in the dim lighting, taken aback by the sudden harshness of your tone. 
“Oh, okay...that’s fine baby,” he says slowly. “Is something wrong?” he asks, just now realizing how silent you've been since you sat down for the movie. Feeling stupid for not noticing sooner. He just assumed you were tired. Although now he has a feeling maybe there’s something more to it.
“Why does something have to be wrong? I’m just tired.” You answer bitterly, keeping your eyes trained on the movie playing before you. Your fists curling against the blanket.
He sighs quietly, sitting up a little straighter, ”No, I mean- you seem...upset.”
You pry his hand off your thigh, slipping out of his hold to get up, the blanket falling onto him.
“Where are you going?” He wonders, his expression faltering completely as his eyes follow your every move. 
“To bed, I’m tired.” You answer, not bothering to look at him as you walk out of the room.
He runs a hand through his hair with a sigh, dropping them to his lap. Confusion washing over him as he wonders what he did to upset you.
A few minutes later, Jungkook makes an appearance in the bedroom.
“You okay?” he asks from the doorway before hesitatingly taking a few steps into the room. Spotting you sat in the bed with your hands over your face.
“I’m fine.” You reply, avoiding his gaze as you get under the covers. But it’s obvious you’re not. He knows that. 
“Are you sure about that?” he presses, raising a brow in question, his expression showing concern. He doesn’t miss the way you almost roll your eyes at him, but not in that playful way you usually do. It’s the pissed off kind of way.
“Yes I am sure. I already told you, I’m tired,” you say a little too bitterly for it to be true. Knowing your tone definitely isn’t helping your case. But you can’t help it. You just want to be left alone.
“Okay...” he says, rubbing his forehead before sitting on his side of the bed, body turned to you. “Are you...mad at me?”
You feel yourself getting more agitated with each word and you just wish he would stop talking. You just want to be by yourself. You don’t want to talk. But when you don’t answer, he speaks up again.
“Baby, I’m just trying to talk to you.” He pushes a hand through his hair.
“No I’m not fucking mad at you!” you snap, loud and harsh as you sit up in bed. “Just leave me alone please.”
“Well it really fucking feels like it,” he says, his tone not as soft as it was just seconds ago. He doesn't get it. Where is all of this even coming from? Why can't you just tell him what's wrong? You’ve always been good at communicating with each other. When there’s an issue, you solve it. Why are you acting like this?
“What? Cause I’m not in the mood to have sex with you?” you scoff, watching the way his expression instantly hardens.
“Woah, what are you talking about?” he exasperates, brows knitting together as he twists his body entirely to glare at you. “I just want to know what's wrong, because clearly something is bothering you. What the hell y/n.”
“Well I think I’ve made it clear that I'm just tired so quit asking me.” 
He lets out a tiny sarcastic scoff. “Then why are you being like this with me?” He’s starting to get annoyed, still baffled by your previous comment. He knows the past few weeks have been a tough time for you both, but everything was okay. Or so he thought.
“Why do you keep pushing me away? Why won’t you talk to me?” he stands, letting his hands fall to his sides.
“Why can’t you just respect that I don’t want to talk?” You shriek back, eyes burning into his. The air is growing tense and you feel like it's getting harder to breathe. How did this end in a fucking argument? it was never your intention.
“I just wanted to know what’s wrong so I can help you! Sorry for fucking caring about my wife!” he spits, his words now laced with anger that you’ve managed to cause, but there’s an obvious layer of hurt to his expression and tone. 
You scoff, facing away from him to lay on your side. “Well you can’t fucking help me so save it.”
The room falls silent for what feels like an eternity. Nothing but the faint sound of a few cars speeding by from the streets below. You feel a sudden lump in your throat and your eyes are now burning with the urge to spill as you stare at the wall, your hands gripping the covers tightly to your chest. The silence lingers until you hear the faint ruffle of the bed sheets as Jungkook sits down on the bed, running his palms over his face. But just seconds after, he's on his feet again.
“You know what- fine. I’m going for a drive.” He sounds more defeated than angry, his voice low and firm. Your heart drops to your stomach when you hear him open the dresser to pull out a hoodie and grab the car keys. You turn around slowly to look at him. It takes a painful amount of effort to get your voice out. It’s almost inaudible when you do. 
“Jungkook…” you try to reason as you watch him collect his phone from the nightstand and shove it into his pocket. But if he hears you, he doesn’t respond.
Where is he even going to? It’s too late. You don’t want him to leave. This is so stupid. You know you should apologize, but with all your raging emotions still present, you can’t bring yourself to. Internally cursing yourself for being so fucking stubborn. 
Fuck, you’re such a mess.
Just a moment later you hear the front door shut. Your anger now boiled down to guilt that floods your chest. The tears you’ve been holding back all day finally fall violently onto your pillow and you want to shatter into pieces.
I hope you enjoyed it! thanks for reading 🤍
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Tumblr media
╰ in which you are a wedding florist plagued by ghosts, taehyung is a witch with a secretive past, yoongi is a grim reaper who hates his job, and jin is your guardian angel who’s just trying his best
pairing: witch!taehyung x cursed!reader
genre: smau/written, crack, fluff, smut, angst
series: spookiverse
playlist: listen here
status: completed
a/n: ah i’m so excited to finally be starting this!! taehyung in this au will be loosely based off his character from my series woke but this story is not part of hobiverse. hope you guys enjoy it!! x
💀 part zero - profiles
💀 part one - r/i see dead people
💀 part two - lil miss mess
💀 part three - not today, satan
💀 part four - bald baby
💀 part five - guacamole
💀 part six - bags of jello
💀 part seven - main character
💀 part eight - gosh darn canary
💀 part nine - demon capri sun
💀 part ten - a memory (drabble)
💀 part eleven - mario kart
💀 part twelve - big softie
💀 part thirteen - darling (drabble)
💀 part fourteen - pizza rolls
💀 part fifteen - as endless as the stars (m)
💀 part sixteen - thotties
💀 part seventeen - nuggets
💀 part eighteen - britney
💀 part nineteen - mcflurry
💀 part twenty - epilogue
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Insomnia (m)
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: fuckboy!Taehyung, Nerd!Reader, university au, friends(?) to lovers au, semi-crack???
Warnings: Smut, Sex toys, Cum play (tiny), basically taehyung doesn’t know what privacy is.
Words: 12.1k
Summary: You can’t sleep.
Tumblr media
You tossed in your bed for what felt like the millionth time. This wasn’t unusual. The sleeplessness that you have been enduring for the past 2 weeks was slowly becoming an unwelcoming routine. You weren’t quite sure how, or why, this had started taking place anyway. Sure, you worked well into the late hours, studying until your brain begged for mercy and some unconscious relief, hoping that you will tire yourself out enough to fall into the deep slumber you desperately craved. Alas, it never came as easily as you wanted it to. It wasn’t even that you were an insomniac, or at least you didn’t think so. Falling asleep had never been such a task before. Never even had to think about it this much to the point where you considered scheduling an appointment with your doctor to see what was suddenly wrong with you.
It was 4am in the morning when you checked your phone again to see what lay ahead of you and how early you had to be up. Pressing your face into your pillow you let out a frustrated scream when your timetable showed you had an 8am Anatomy Lab, which meant that you had to be ready and be out of your room by 7:30am. Which also meant if you did not successfully fall asleep in the next 10 minutes, you will have less than 4 hours of sleep.
This was so not ideal.
You dreaded going to class in a few hours knowing how hard it will be to concentrate on anything at all, let alone listen to your Anatomy instructor drone on and on about the muscles of the pectoral girdle. Not to think that you didn’t love this stuff, honestly, you did. You loved everything about human biology and anatomy and you were at the top of your class for both subjects. However, that was precisely why you dreaded it. Your Professors and Instructors expected so much from you and you weren’t sure if you would be able to talk to any of them let alone learn anything at all from the lab sessions.
“Please god, even just an hour.” You muttered into your pillow an hour later as you clutched onto your tummy and closed your eyes tight. After a few minutes, turning once again, facing towards the window in your room and laying on your front, as much as it crushed your breasts and caused a slight discomfort. However, the coolness of the new surface of your bed that your limbs now reached must have done the trick because the next time you opened your eyes, it was because the sound of your alarm. Slowly, you rubbed your eyes, looking up at the ceiling, wanting to absolutely die because of how tired you were and how dry your eyes felt. Waking up was never a problem for you as you were a light sleeper. In fact, it was kind of a curse at the moment since any little sounds were enough to wake you up when already, it was taking you so long to fall asleep. Somehow, you pulled yourself up and out of your bed to get ready for your class.
Entering the Lab, everyone had already been seated at their stations and were chatting loudly to the person next to them, which you assumed, were their friends. You went straight ahead, putting on your safety glasses and adjusting your lab coat and sat at your station. Typically, there were 4 students at each station, 2 at each sides of the table. However, your table only included 3 as the other two students were friends with each other and, well, you didn’t have anyone you wanted to pair up with. It wasn’t that you didn’t have friends, you just simply didn’t see anyone in the class you were interested in becoming a pair with.
Okay, you didn’t have any friends, at least not in this class but so what? It wasn’t as if you were dying to have a partner.
In fact, you enjoyed it; not having to converse with anyone while you studied the specimens in front of you with an eagerness and attentiveness that your fellow peers somewhat lacked (Or maybe that’s just what the narcissistic side of you pointed out). Given, it wasn’t the easiest subject to master but still, it was right up your alley. You could say that you were a bit quiet…and a little socially awkward…  and shy… a bit of a loner, as other people may incorrectly have described you. You weren’t a loner exactly, at least that’s not how you looked at it. That would imply you had a choice in being a loner when simply, you just lacked the gene that classified and allowed a person to be a social butterfly. You were just one of those people who everyone probably knew existed, but not your name. They knew because of your academic excellence and the numerous awards you got at each annual awards night. Maybe people remembered your name for a few days but then it was back to “the really smart but mute-ish chick” as you once heard a girl in your course, Sarang, describing you. You knew her name because she hung out with the crowd that was probably the best known around campus for their partying ways and the large amount of athletes that had a membership in the group. That same crowd that threw the most parties and flunked the most classes. And as cliché as it was, the crowd with the best looking faces and bodies the whole campus had to offer. It really was true, good looking people did travel in packs.
“Jesus! Pay attention will you!” The shrill voice of the girl across from you came as you realised that you had just sprayed the solution to keep the specimens wet, a little too further away from the actual specimen and all over the pair across the table from you. You hurriedly bowed and muttered an apology, speed walking to get some tissues to wipe off the table and offer to the girls across from you. As much as you didn’t like them, it wasn’t their fault that you had barely slept a wink last night and wanted to curl up on the ground right then and there. Walking towards where the paper towel dispenser was, rubbing your eyes once again, you bumped into what you guessed was the wall. Or a pole. No that doesn’t make sense, you thought. Wait, why was the wall moving. It was taking awfully long for you to decipher your surroundings with the devil’s potion trying to make you cry like a baby for accidently getting it in your eyes. Nonetheless, that felt more like a metal pole and less a human in front of you. Bowing and apologising once again you looked up to see none other than Kim Taehyung, staring at you like he just heard you ask him for some narcotics (Though you didn’t think he would be this surprised if you actually had, having heard rumours about the questionable activities of his group at their infamous parties).
“Uh, are you alright?”
“Y-yes? Yes, I’m okay, thank you.”
Leaning back and furrowing his eyebrows with a doubtful look on his face he questioned the truthfulness of your reply.
“Are you sure? Because… you’re kind of crying.” It was then that you noticed the stinging in your eyes once again and the single tear rolling down your cheek. You pushed past him, reaching for the paper towels as in your effort to wake up a bit more you had rubbed your eyes with your gloved fingers, covered in the spray and all.
“It’s… it’s nothing. I-I just got some of the spray in my eyes.” Hearing you say what happened widened Taehyungs eyes even more. Honestly you weren’t sure how much wider they could go.
“Oh shit, shouldn’t you, like, go see the nurse or something? What if your eyeballs are melting, like, right this second?” You would roll your eyes at his exaggeration and the excessive use of the word ‘like’. If you had the energy. Right now, you just wanted to end the conversation because you could barely look him in the eyes from across the cafeteria let alone when you were within an arm’s reach from him, wiping at your eyes after rinsing them.
“The solution doesn’t have any seriously harmful chemicals. It’s j-just irritation, that’s all.” You continued to look anywhere but him, knowing he would probably make another remark and how red your eyes probably looked right now and not just from the solution getting in your eyes.
“If you say so… anyway, watch where you’re going next time and avoid spraying chemicals in your eyes!” He sent you a smile that was way too bright for your already stinging eyes and walked back to wherever his station was. Watching him walk back and making sure you were clear to walk back to your station without having anymore incidents or any human interaction at all, you offered the paper towels to the girls across from you. Thankfully, for the next hour and a half you did not have to speak or make eye contact with anyone, given that your eyes would give away how much of a mess you were at the moment. However, the whole time you barely digested any word at all that came out of the demonstrator’s mouth. All you could think about was why haven’t you seen Kim Taehyung in your lab before? It wasn’t like he was a presence that was easily looked over. With his tall and broad frame, a face that looked no less than a high fashion model and the matching designer clothes that he wore (don’t ask how you know, you can just tell when some of his ties cost more than tuition for one of your subjects), and being in the University’s Basketball team, he was indeed, not easily disregarded. Though this just raised the question even more, why was he in an Anatomy Lab? You were suddenly brought back to reality when your demonstrator called your name to see you as everyone packed up and starting trotting out of the lab.
Already coming up with what you will say to explain your extreme lack of attention and just not being a normal human being for the second week in a row, you approached him.
“Hi Y/N, how are you feeling?”
“I-I’m alright sir, thank you.”
“I’m sure you know why I called you up? You’ve been extremely distracted lately” Already feeling the dreadful feeling rushing up, you kept your eyes low so your professor wouldn’t notice how red they still were and assume you were on some type of drugs or worse, crying.
“I’m sorry sir. I… I just haven’t been sleeping well lately. I will try harder.” You bowed again deeply, wishing this conversation will be over. Your professor sighed before speaking again.
“You don’t need to be sorry Y/N, I know you’re a good student. I’m just concerned that if this is becoming an issue then maybe you should see someone. Before it negatively impacts your studies.”
“I-I know sir; I will do something immediately. I apologise.” You bowed once more and rushed out of the lab, faintly hearing Taehyung’s name in the background before you exited and dashed to your next class.
This was becoming ridiculous. Even after the humiliating day you had today bumping into more than 5 people, almost missing where your seat was and dropping to the ground in front of at least 100 students, you thought you were ready to jump into bed in your sleeping shorts and the soft worn shirt you always wore to bed. Curling up, you had pulled the blanket up to your face and turned the lights, making sure it was pitch black. Honestly, this should’ve been enough to make you fall asleep in less than an hour. But that wasn’t the case at all. All signs of sleep escaped you as soon as your whole body was still and seemingly comfortable.
You tossed and turned for what seemed like hours and in reality it had just been half an hour when you checked your phone again. Why couldn’t you just sleep? Why was god punishing you like this? You never bothered anyone, you always minded your own business, always studied well and helped others when you could. You didn’t drink coffee or any other energy drinks that could be an explanation for this temporary insomnia that seemed to have its clutches tightly in you. Honestly, it felt like it was turning into acute insomnia.
When the clock hit 2 am, you finally gave up on trying to fall asleep and pushed the covers off in order to reach your laptop. You had had enough and were finally going to admit that this was probably more than just a case of not being sleepy enough to sleep. Because you were sleepy, but you just couldn’t sleep or stay asleep for that matter. Quickly typing in the address for the clinic on campus you booked an appointment online. After finding the option to see the availability of the doctors at the clinic, tears of frustration almost threatened to escape the confines of your eyes when you saw the earliest availability of a general practitioner, three and a half weeks.
Sighing deeply, you let a few stray tears slip out the corner of your eyes as you reached up to rub your face. You closed the laptop after booking the appointment, albeit feeling defeated. Three weeks was too long. You had exams approaching and you wanted to be well rested and actually be able to learn something before you were going to be examined on it. However, your options were limited due to living on campus and those were the only doctors you could go to. Clutching your pillow to your chest, you resigned yourself to a sleepless night, once again. Hoping for a miracle to occur at this point.
That miracle didn’t happen. Though you did manage to somehow sleep for about 4 hours on and off. Nonetheless, it was an improvement though an insignificant one. A lousy improvement seeing as you felt just as tired as yesterday. Something odd did happen however. A deep voice shouting your name from across the hall of the lecture theatre stopped you in your tracks as you looked around to find who it belonged to, and most of all, why was this person calling for you. Your eyes met with none other than Kim Taehyung as he stood in front of you, looking stylish as ever with his designer messenger bag slung over his shoulder wearing a dress shirt and some trousers which seemed to be his usual attire if he wasn’t in his gym clothes or basketball tank.
“Can you tutor me?”
You almost choked on thin air, not sure if you heard him right. He sure did cut to the chase. Not that you asked him to but appreciated nevertheless.
“E-excuse me?”
“You heard me, can you tutor me for Anatomy?” Taehyung questioned as he raised an eyebrow as if he was just asking for the time. You wished he did. You weren’t the best at saying no, despite your current circumstances. Though somehow the imminent rejection of his request had come to the tip of your tongue easier than you had anticipated.
“I’m afraid not, I’m sorry.” You tried to walk past him but he stepped on your way blocking you from leaving just yet.
“Please, I really need to pass Anatomy otherwise I’m screwed.” He pleaded as he lowered his head in an attempt to get closer to your height and if you guessed correctly, was trying to charm you into agreeing with him if the dazzling grin was anything to go by.
“I’m sorry Taehyung but I’m not in the best position to tutor anyone.” You bowed again as an apology before stepping to the opposite side but getting blocked once again, when he steps in front of you again. Sighing in frustration, you closed your eyes when he appeals with you again.
“Look, I wouldn’t even ask you if I wasn’t desperate” He looks away as he explains, “Just please, help me”
You don’t know why, but his words hurt and annoyed you at the same time. It’s not as if you thought you were the prettiest or outgoing girl but knowing that a guy like Taehyung , who seemed to be a ladies man, wouldn’t even pay you any mind at all unless he was desperate, didn’t exactly make you the cheeriest person when you were already on a verge of a meltdown. But it did make it easier and all the more satisfying to reject him once again.
“Trust me, I know you wouldn’t ever approach someone like me otherwise, but once again, I’m sorry, I can’t.” With that, you conjured all the strength you had in you and pushed past him, trying to find an isolated spot. Why you stopped again in your tracks, you don’t know. You should’ve just ignored him and kept going but for some reason what he says makes you rethink your decision for a split second. Not sure if it’s because what he says next is laughable or genius. You’re leaning towards the former.
“Look, I can help you too.” Hearing the frustration in his voice, you turn around, looking at his semi-annoyed face. It makes your anger spike up a little more, taking in his entitled attitude, melting all the extra layers of nice and polite you had slapped on this morning. You know, just for your panicked and cruel sleep deprived brain to fight through before it could convince you to take your frustration out on your peers.
“I don’t need your help.” You fire back while you look at him like he’s grown two heads.
He simply shrugs and stares back at you, “Of course you do, no shame in that.”
“Excuse me? Why on earth would I ever need your help? If I’m not mistaken, you are the one who is asking for my help.” You could feel yourself on the verge of screaming at his stupid handsome face. Why did he have to have everything? He probably got 8 hours of sleep too! No dark circles, no droopy eyes from sleep. Just his flawless golden skin. You were starting to feel petty now, to be frank.
“I heard you tell the professor that you haven’t been sleeping well lately. I mean, it’s kinda obvious.” he gave you a once over with a smirk on his face that screamed insults at your probably tousled hair, baggy clothes and puffy face. You were about to scream at him, starting the onslaught of your meltdown. How dare he! First he comes to ask for your help and then insults you right in your face? In your puffy, red eyed, face?
“Look, you can probably tell just how desperate I am from the offer I’m about to make.” He took a deep breath and continued, “So just think about it. I can help you sleep, trust me, I’ve had plenty of practice in Anatomy lectures,” He flashes you a million-watt smile before continuing, “You can help me learn enough to pass. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.” He exclaims with his hands outstretched, looking and sounding like he just solved the AIDS epidemic.
“Firstly, i-i-t’s rude to listen to other people’s conversations,” To which he rolled his eyes at, much to your dismay, but you still continued, “How on earth are you going to help me sleep?” You exclaim furrowing your eyebrows, genuinely confused at his proposal. Wait no, were you right about the narcotics? Was he about to offer you some snow and tell you how it takes the edge off? You shook your head, cursing your ridiculous thoughts once again.
“Easy, you look like a virgin, or you must be having really bad sex,” Not choking around thin air was never such a puzzling task for you before, however it was proving to be increasingly difficult. Though, Kim Taehyung has never spoke to you before either, you guessed. You would have preferred if he had offered you drugs.
“W-what?” You swallowed, looking anywhere but him though when you catch him look smug like he just proved his outrageous claims, you continue, “What does that have anything to do with s-sleeping anyway? I’ve had sex before!” Hearing the slight pause in the steps of students passing by, you slapped your hands over your mouth realising how loudly you had just yelled that, but it was too late. You had already pretty much shouted that out loud, causing a few incredulous looks at you, mostly from the female students.
Taehyung chuckled for the first time and if you weren’t on the verge of smacking the daylights out of him you may have even found it endearing, with his deep baritone.
“See? You probably are having the worst sex of your life if doesn’t tire you out enough to knock you out” He sighs again like he’s been the reasonable one here in this whole exchange. “Look, I’ll let you use my body” he pauses, leaning forward to put emphasis on his ridiculous words, “to tire yourself out, however long it takes for you. You don’t even have to make me cum.” He says with a smile like he’s letting you off the hook and he didn’t just utter the word ‘cum’ as easily as ‘coffee’. Off what hook?! You have just about had it, and his vulgar words just make all the blood rush to your face from embarrassment as well as raging anger. You weren’t a violent person, really, but turns out Kim Taehyung brought out those tendencies in you.
“I-I… You! How dare… Goodbye Taehyung!” You turn around in a fury and start walking towards the front of the lecture theatre and taking a seat right at front despite the fact that you might possibly fall asleep. But it was better than being at the back or anywhere near his group of friends.
It is 7pm when you get a message on Facebook. You were just checking your grade for the quiz you had done in Anatomy yesterday when you heard the chiming of your phone. Thinking it’s your friend from your hometown you reach for it immediately. Face falling into a frown and you swear you can feel your blood starting to boil again when you see a message request from a certain Kim Taehyung. His profile picture is black and white and he looks like a model as always, resting his face in his hand, looking at the camera with intent eyes. You can’t believe you still found him attractive after the way he spoke to you. It was no secret that he thought highly of himself and the women he could bed with all of his handsomeness. Though it was obvious he didn’t seem to think of you in that way, making it seem like he was doing you a favour by “letting you use” his body. You shook your head, pressing on decline and throwing your phone to the side, going back to your textbook. It wasn’t as if you were about to sleep anytime soon, might as well catch up on everything even though you went to every class.
However, Taehyung proved to be persistent as your phone chimed once again and once again you declined his request. Though, almost immediately he requests to message you again. You groan in frustration, the sound seeming to have become a favourite of your larynx, and go to the settings and find the block function. Right before you’re about to hit block, you stop. Slightly amused and honestly, a bit surprised at his diligence.  You don’t know what compels you to go back to his request and reluctantly press ‘accept’ but as soon as you do, you receive a message from him.
[7:16pm] Taehyung: Look, before you block me just hear me out. [7:16pm] Taehyung: I’m sorry I was an ass, I wasn’t trying to be. I was trying to be helpful please believe me. [7:16pm] Taehyung: I got 51% on the quiz and I copied everything from the internet! THAT’S how badly I need your help!! Pls don’t reject again [7:18pm] Taehyung: hello?? i know you’re there bc I can see youre reading my messages
You quickly exit out of his chat but your phone chimes again. It was a little funny how his grammar had worsened with each message, giving up on grammatical propriety after merely two sentences.
[7:19pm] Taehyung: please Y/N.
You bite your lip looking down at the message, contemplating if you should agree or not. He did sound desperate enough. Maybe this good deed will benefit you? You know, good karma and all?
[7:22pm] Y/N: I don’t need your help.
You press send. You wanted him to know that you didn’t need some sex maniac helping you do anything. You were fine! You thought defensively. Then why are you getting mad? Your inner voice was not what you needed right now.
[7:22pm] Taehyung: Ok fine… if you say so. [7:23pm] Y/N: Goodbye Taehyung. [7:23pm] Taehyung: wait!! Im sorry okay? I’ll pay you instead. As a tutor [7:23pm] Taehyung: what do you say? I cant just not do anything in return.
Hm, that actually did sound okay to you. Nothing was going particularly well in your life at the moment, earning some extra cash wouldn’t make things any worse. And it wasn’t like Taehyung couldn’t afford it.
[7:24pm] Y/N: Fine. ₩70,000 an hour.
You smirk to yourself, thinking this would surely make him second guess. How wrong you were.
[7:24pm] Taehyung: deal. Where and when should we meet?
Your eyes widen at his immediate agreement. If he’s willing to pay this much, why not just hire a professional tutor that the university offers?
[7:25pm] Y/N: What?! Why can’t you just hire a qualified tutor instead? [7:25pm] Taehyung: beacsue they cant explain for shit. I understand nothing I’ve already tried. Ive seen you explain some stuff to the girls at your table. Thats probably the only thing I remember and you weren’t even teaching me directly. [7:25pm] Taehyung: So please tell me when and where
A bittersweet pride clouded your brain at the knowledge that famous Kim Taehyung had been paying attention to you without you meaning to. Or, well, at least to what you had been saying at that time. Sighing in defeat, you weren’t sure if this was the right decision but you gave him the benefit of the doubt.
[7:27pm] Y/N: 7pm at my dorm. I’m not available another time. Pick your days. [7:27pm] Taehyung: perfect. I finish practice at 6:30 so it should work out. How about Wednesday, Thursday and Friday? An hour. [7:28pm] Y/N: Okay. But I might not be available on those days all the time. [7:29pm] Taehyung: idc as long as I get at least 2 hours in every week.
You rolled your eyes at his self-entitled behaviour again. It’s probably second nature to him.
[7:30pm] Taehyung: my original offer still stands tho… if you want [7:30pm] Y/N: Goodnight Taehyung.
It was not a good night. Not at all.
The next day is just like the last 2 weeks. Sleepless nights, trudging through the day with heavy limbs and an irritated attitude. After getting a message from Taehyung at 5pm you realize it’s Friday and one of the days that you agreed to tutor him. You give him your building and room number. When you got home you quickly made sure that your room was clean, changed into comfortable clothes, shorts and a sweatshirt. You certainly didn’t want to dress up for him. Though that didn’t stop the butterflies in your stomach at the prospect of having him in your small room. It wasn’t the smallest but it was probably a shoebox compared to the mansion he lived in. The nervousness only increased when you heard a knock at your door. Taking a deep breath, you looked through the peephole and saw Taehyung standing outside, bag slung over his shoulder while he lazily typed away on his phone.
Okay, you could do this. He may be good looking but he was an ass anyway. You reluctantly opened the door, standing on the side to let him in. Taehyung looked up from his phone and entered, giving you a grin. You bit your lip as you closed the door after he had entered and made himself home on your desk chair, looking around with pursed lips and nodding his head like he approved. “Smaller than my bathroom but it will do” You gaped at him, mouth slightly ajar. You couldn’t believe you were nervous for even a second. Rolling your eyes you ignored his comment and took your books from the desk, deciding to sit on the carpeted floor. Even with his thin shirt, which looked slightly damp probably because he took a shower after practice, and sweatpants, Taehyung’s broad frame had seemed to swallow up the room, making it feel smaller than it actually was.
“We should sit on the floor; I don’t have a second chair to sit at the desk with you.” You patted the ground as you opened the textbook.
“Or,” He turn to face you from the chair, “you could just teach me from there. I have 20/20 vision.” He smiled brightly, actually thinking his suggestion was legit.
You continued to stare at him with a sharp expression making him resign and finally move his things to the floor after 2 minutes.
“So,” he says loud enough to startle you, “where do we begin?” “W-Well, what part don’t you understand? Mark it with this pencil.” “Alright I can definitely do that.” He says smiling. You continue to just stare as he takes the pencil from you, feeling calm compared to before. You decide to take out your notes and get ready to find out the relevant topics for him after he finishes finding what he needs help with.
After about two minutes he sets the pencil down. “Okay, so! From here,” he points to a page in the textbook and up until another section.
With 5 chapters in between.
“Taehyung… that’s half of the stuff we’ve learned. And it isn’t even the end of semester yet.” “Uh hellooo, you’re talking to the guy who just barely passed an online quiz even after shamelessly cheating from the internet.” He points to himself, looking at you like you’re the one who just confessed that you don’t know almost half of the curriculum.
You can safely say Taehyung is the most ridiculous person you have ever met. Sighing, you start from the beginning of the chapter he doesn’t understand. 
“Alright, let’s start with the skull.”
“Are you indirectly insulting my brain?” You give him a confused expression.
“No? you came up with that on your own.” He gasps dramatically and that’s when you know you’re in for a long few weeks.
It’s your third lesson with Taehyung. All the previous ones ended up being more than an hour when you started to tutor him. To your surprise, he had paid utmost attention to whatever you had said, assiduously taking notes and listening to your every word. Even grasping the concepts pretty well after explaining two or three times. You were not too surprised though. He was at the top of his class for his Exercise subjects and you guessed that was because it was nothing like Anatomy and more about the sport he played. He always paid you right after his lesson, transferring the money to your account, paying you extra for the full hour even if you only went half an hour over the initial time.
“So the anterior muscles include the subclavius, pectoralis minor, and serratus anterior. The posterior muscles include the trapezius and… and, wait! I almost have it… rhomboid major, and rhomboid minor?”
“Fuck yes!” You looked down at the textbook and grinned as his face lit up, thrusting his hands in the air.
“I can’t believe we’ve already done 2 chapters. I knew I wasn’t dumb.” You give him a look when he leans back on his hands smugly.
“Um, you’re welcome?”
“Oh right, thanks,” he says with a wave of his hand. “You know, I thought you wouldn’t even be able to look me in the face. You’re so shy usually.”
You give him a sarcastic smile as you gather up your notes. “That’s all thanks to you and your falsely inflated ego.” Your stuttering had almost completely faded. Though, now that he was looking you squarely in the face with his head tilted, you could feel your nerves coming back. His gaze was always so intense.
He stared at you with his mouth open dramatically, “And here I thought you were nice.”
“I-I’m just stating the facts,” you say with a shrug. “Thanks to me at least you won’t fail the final.”
“Hey I’m smart! I wasn’t going to fail it anyway.”
“Taehyung… you called the pituitary gland, and I quote, “brain testicles”, your own words.” You said, using air quotes.
“Don’t try to pretend you didn’t also think so when you first saw it.”
“I didn’t.” Taehyung dramatically pointed at you screaming liar. You chuckled at his childish behaviour, strangely finding it endearing. Huh, never thought this day would come so quick.
Tutoring Taehying hadn’t been so bad after all. He’d been a good student, respectful and punctual. When he wasn’t using outrageous terms to describe body parts and organs, or praising himself, he was pleasant to talk to. He told you about his basketball and how he dreamed to play for Korea, having already caught the eye of the coach of the national team at one of his games at another University. Turns out his degree also requires human Anatomy as he was technically majoring in Sport and Exercise Science. You hadn’t told him much about yourself but you always listened to him talk about his degree, sounding so passionate and not at all like the playboy and careless image he portrayed with his friends which made him seem like he was only concerned with bedding women and partying till late. That didn’t stop him though. Even after your first lesson, he had gone to a party after. You knew because he had sent you drunken messages showing his gratitude for agreeing to help him. It seemed like that was the only time he had put some sincerity in those messages.
“Hey, you okay?”
You snapped out of your thoughts. Taehyung was now packing his stuff, the time being just over 8:30.
“Y-yeah I’m fine, why do you ask?” You lied, nothing had changed for you. Getting less than 12 hours of sleep in the last 7 days was not making you feel okay.
“Honestly? Because you look like shit. Full offence.” Your mouth fell open at his bluntness. How dare he?! And you thought he was actually concerned.
“Um, thanks, jerk. You can go away now.”
“Hey, I’m only being honest. You’re the one not taking advantage of a free of charge service I’m ready to provide.” He says this while stretching his arms above his head which in turn makes his sweatshirt ride up. Exposing the sharp v line of his pelvis. The smooth, tan skin almost hypnotizes you. If it wasn’t for what he had said it was quite possible that you would’ve continued to stare. Actually it was 100% confirmed you would have.
“Are you always this ready to pimp yourself out?”
“Not usually, no.” He pretends to be seriously thinking it over, “I don’t need to try this hard.” He smiles brightly. Yeah, you bet he didn’t.
“But you just look miserable and honestly I preferred when you were a stuttering mess when I first talked to you and not so easily irritated as you are now.”
You knew you were a bit… harsh on him. But not as much as he’s complaining.
“Am not!”
“Exactly my point. Just go rub one out if you don’t want my help and get out of this misery.” He shrugs at you with a bored expression on his face.
“Why do you think that everything is about sex?!”
“Uh because it is? You just don’t want to admit it. A good orgasm and you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time.”
“T-this is a medical issue. It’s not that simple.”
“Yes it is. Just fucking try it. What do you have to lose?” You opened your mouth to retort but really, found yourself asking the same question. What did you have to lose, really?
You continued to think about what Taehyung had said. Maybe he was right? You couldn’t believe you were admitting it. But really, you just had to slip your hand in your shorts, stroke a little and viola. That’s it, right?
You laid in the dark, on your back closing your eyes. Slowly trailing your hands down and into your shorts. Breathing deeply, you slipped them beneath your panties. Gently stroking up your mound from your slit, you discovered you were too dry. You tried to think of anything that would warm you up enough, get you in the mood. Anything, other than Taehyung and his sensual and seductive mouth. Stroking your outer labia, you slid your index and middle finger up to your clit, rubbing in circles, gently. A faint moan left your lips at the feeling of your fingers’ gentle rubbing. After 5 minutes of constant circles on your bundle of nerves, you failed to bring yourself over the edge as the tight knot in your lower stomach remained but the release refused to overtake you. You groaned out loud in frustration, increasing your pace, rubbing quick harsh circles. Kicking your legs and whimpering in defeat when the release just didn’t come. Pun intended.
Slowing down your breathing, your gaze fell upon your phone that lay beside you. You don’t know what compelled you to do what you did next, maybe it was the unsatisfied burn in your core, or you were simply going crazy from the lack of sleep but you reached over and opened messenger, clicking on Tae’s name. You didn’t know if he would reply to you tonight, knowing he was at a party on this Thursday night since he didn’t have classes on Friday, but you texted him anyway.
[11:15pm] Y/N: I did it.
You sent the message and put your phone beside you, heart almost beating out of your chest. The unmissable chime of your phone sounded in the room just 5 minutes later. With your heart beating in your ears, you picked up the phone with closed eyes, slowly opening to read the reply.
[11:21pm] Taehyung: Did you cum?
You threw your phone away as if it burned you, breathing hard. It took a full 2 minutes for you to calm down enough so your heart won’t come out of your mouth. How did he know what you were talking about? Does he really have sex on his mind all the damn time? When you finally gathered your wits, you picked up the phone again. Typing your reply even though you should’ve probably not said anything at all in the first place, knowing he would never let this go.
[11:23pm] Y/N: That’s none of your business!! Bottom line you were wrong. It’s not that simple!
Sending the long message, you hoped he wouldn’t reply to it.
Your phones chimed again. Apparently not Taehyung.
[11:24pm] Taehyung: so that’s a no. no wonder you’re still awake [11:24pm] Taehyung: did you rub your clit? [11:25pm] Y/N: Taehyung wth you can’t just ask me that! [11:25pm] Taehyung: so that’s a no. again
Your breath hitched at his vulgar words. They should’ve disgusted you. You should’ve stopped it. But you didn’t, not realizing your whole body was increasing in temperature, your hands subconsciously playing with the band of your underwear. You needed to get a hold of yourself. How dare he think just because he is his stupid handsome self, that he can ask you such private questions like he’s your boyfriend or something.
The idea of Taehyung being your significant other, in bed with you, his large slender hands that are always adorned in a ring or two, working the band of your underwear instead of you had you gasping for a breath. You quickly shook yourself out of your thoughts that were straying you from your original intent of stopping him from going any further with his filthy questions.
[11:26pm] Y/N: Why are you being like this still [11:26pm] Taehyung: did you at least touch your nipples? [11:26pm] Y/N: omg will you stop [11:27pm] Taehyung: not until you fess up about your horrible masturbating techniques. How hard is it to make yourself cum?
The nerve! You could masturbate AND reach climax if you wanted to, you thought with a glare at your phone.
You were starting to question your own sanity when you continued to argue with him about your not-horrible-at-all masturbation skills. Why on earth were you letting this fuckboy, which he was, get to you was starting to make you nervous. All this self-doubt and defensiveness only started after you agreed to be the tutor of this self-acclaimed masturbation expert. Kim Taehyung was bad for your health, you thought with a roll of your eyes, as cliché as it sounded. But still, you let him make you do things, like replying to his baseless accusations that you really didn’t NEED to respond to, that are literally the opposite of what you stand for.
[11:29pm] Y/N: I’m sorry I’m not a nymphomaniac like you who’s ready to bust one out at any given moment.
[11:30pm] Taehyung: the fact that youre still typing in proper grammar at almost midnight after having allegedly cum tells me youre a liar [11:30pm] Taehyung: and liars get their pants set on fire
You were almost 100% positive that Kim Taehyung was not a 22 year old male, but a middle schooler desperately trying to get out only when he is intoxicated.
[11:31pm] Y/N: “Allegedly”? Really? What? Are you going to sue me for texting properly? Screw you.
You have had it. You never really swore or saw the need to. So telling Taehyung to go screw himself was a pretty big deal in your book. You just hoped Taehyung will catch on to that.
[11:31pm] Taehyung: no way. You need to learn how to rub one out first and then we can negotiate screwing or other sex acts.
[11:32pm] Y/N: I don’t need to learn anything. You on the other hand need a lesson on boundaries!
[11:32pm] Taehyung: dw grandma. I’ll bring a friend tomorrow to help since you’re so tightly wound.
Your eyes almost bulged out of your sockets. Has he not been processing anything you’ve been saying? And you were sure you would actually kill him if he brought one of his obnoxious friends to get you off. They would both probably insult you together about how unskilled you are.
[11:32pm] Y/N: and I’ll call campus security. Goodnight Taehyung.
The next reply came after a long pause.
[11:36pm] Taehyung: hey! We arent finished! [11:36pm] Taehyung: I’m gunna prove you wrong
You rolled your eyes for what felt like the thousandth time. You were surprised that they weren’t permanently stuck to the back of your skull by now.
[11:36pm] Taehyung: dont ingnore me [11:37pm] Taehyung: so? Will you let me prove you wrong? [11:38pm] Taehyung: I wont even touch you [11:38pm] Taehyung: just give you ppointers [11:39pm] Taehyung: hellooooo??? r u there? [11:39pm] Taehyung: im drunk and impatient text me back
You groan in frustration. The constant vibration of his incoming messages annoying you more and more with each chime. Why is he so obsessed with this issue? Probably because he’s drunk, you thought as your phone continued to make annoying buzzing noises beside you. Finally, with another frustrated loud groan, you texted him back to shut him up.
[11:40pm] Y/N: omg will you stop texting me if I say okay? [11:40pm] Taehyung: maybe [11:41pm] Y/N: fine. Goodnight.
You didn’t get another message after that for which you thanked god above. Not that it would’ve mattered as it turned out.
The next day came in what felt like a century. Spending the whole night falling in and out of a sleepy haze, adding to your misery that has been your life for the past 3 weeks. Feeling more sluggish by the day. Plus, having 3 classes to attend to as well as tutor Taehyung was not ideal. These days, nothing was. All jokes aside, you were dejected. You didn’t realize how much this was affecting all aspects of your life. You didn’t want to talk to anyone, couldn’t pay attention in class, which resulted in you having to study extra to keep up with the curriculum. On top of that, your doctor’s appointment was still 2 weeks away and your first exam was in a week and a half. Given, it wasn’t too far behind your appointment but whatever the doctor would give you will take some experimentation to figure out what medication worked best for you, which meant it could take another week or two after your appointment. You just didn’t have that much time. Yet, you pushed the offending thoughts that were the inevitable future, to the back of your mind and went on with your day. Hoping it will end quickly.
After having finished showering and changing into your pyjamas, a knock on your dorm room door had sounded. Your heart started racing thinking about your question with Taehyung the night previous and how intent he was on giving you masturbation ‘tips’ as ridiculous as that sounds. He was drunk though, so maybe when he woke up this morning he realised he made a mistake. Yes, that’s right. He probably did regret it seeing as how disappointed he was at the start when he admitted defeat and asked you to tutor him.
Maybe if you ignore it all, he would do the same. On one hand you wanted to demand an apology for his crude words, but quickly deflated at the idea after realising that was probably just his normal self. In other words, he was an obnoxiously open and invasive by nature. You quietly opened the door as you usually do, letting him in and to get settled on the floor.
So far, nothing seemed… off. He didn’t mention anything, quietly going about his business in setting up. Well as quiet as he could, muttering about his basketball practice all the while. Was it just different today or did Taehyung look… warmer than usual? His hair was a wild mess presumably because of the shower he probably took after practice before coming here. His tank top showcasing his toned decently muscled arms, a slim chain on his neck, probably gold, an earring dangling from his left ear, also probably gold. The boy was swimming in money, after all.
You shook yourself out of your thoughts, and halted your further inspection of him when it started to travel south. Taehyung had his head bent down looking at his notes but flicked his eyes up to you suddenly, making you realize that you probably visibly tried to shake the thoughts away. However, when you raised your eyebrows, trying to play it cool, he rolled his eyes and went back to his notes and the two of you begun your lesson.
After an hour and a half, Taehyung started to pack up his things as he repeated the things he had to work on for the next lesson, to himself. So far things have been… normal. Taehyung never mentioned anything about last night’s train wreck of a conversation which was less than appropriate, to your relief. Cracking ridiculous jokes, making embarrassing Anatomy puns and telling you how boring you were when he heard that your plans after tutoring him was to try and get some sleep. Almost normal.
Until he opened his mouth again.
“So, are you ready for your lesson now?” He asked raising his eyebrows up and down suggestively.
“Excuse me?” You spluttered out.
“You heard me. You agreed to this remember?” He sat back against your bed, getting comfortable.
“I-I just said that to shut you up. And I don’t need a lesson!” You needed to stay calm and not let him irritate you. So far that idea was a bust. Taehyung rolled his eyes at you waving his hands in front of him like he was dismissing you.
“Oh please stop trying to get out of this. I’m just going to give you tips. Hell I even brought a friend for you!” He said excitedly as if he suddenly remembered, clapping his hands before reaching in his bag again. You watched in confusion as he pulled out a pull-string bag, opening it to pull out… well, a dildo.
An actual, sparkling pink, dildo.
You just about passed out seeing the offensive object in front of you.  Not sure if you should be thrilled he brought a ‘gift’ for you or be insulted at his endless breach of your personal boundaries. Definitely insulted.
“You… you actually… brought me a… dildo? I-… What…” You were still opening and closing your mouth. Not sure what to say to him.
Taehyung sighed dramatically, putting a hand out to stop you from saying anything further.
“Correction: a vibrating dildo and yes, I know, I should be appreciated more. This was the least I could do after insulting you when we first met.” He says with a bright grin.
“But… you are still insulting me.”
“Uh why are you so ungrateful? I bring an honest gift to help a friend out and this is what I get?”
You rolled your eyes at his exaggerated words and the hand gestures that accompanied them. They may even have looked plausible if he wasn’t still holding the ridiculous flamingo pink dildo and waving it about.
“Why do you even have a pink dildo? Wait, don’t tell me. I take it back!” You quickly shout in an attempt to stop him.
“Oh I lost a bet and had to go buy one as a punishment pretending I’m a furry.” He explained, waving the silly thing around again as he spoke.
“Orrrr you just like the … vibrating…super-girthy 7-inch…sensual lover?” You said as you tried to read the outrageous writing on the little bag he took the dildo out from. Taehyung opened his mouth in shock with the corners of his mouth turned up.
“Look at you! Making dildo jokes already. You’re ready for my elite training. Come, sit.” He said patting the space beside him. You rolled your eyes shaking your head.
“Taehyung, no, go get drunk at a party or something.” You crossed your arms looking across at him.
“I still have time. Now stop stalling and get over here. Don’t you want to sleep? This will just bring you one step closer.” He tried negotiating in a sing-song voice. Why was he so obsessed with this idea?
“I know you’re thinking why am I pushing this so much. I just can’t stand your bitchy attitude anymore. Hey! I’m just speaking up. I won’t take the abuse anymore! This is a democracy, not a dictatorship!” He shouts towards the end dramatically as you glare at him pretending you’re about to throw your 1-ton textbook at him.
“No you jerk, this is my room and you’re the one who keeps trying to dictate my life!”
“An orgasm-less, sleepless, boring, uneventful life.” And to think this was him apologising for insulting you.
“I swear to god-”
“Just move closer a bit drama queen.” Taehyung has the nerve to call you that while he reaches over and literally almost picks you up by wrapping his arm around your waist and moving you closer to him so now you sat next to him, while your back rested against your bed. Your breathing was a bit rough from the sudden touch and now the fact that you were sitting close enough that your shoulders were touching his, your bare thighs brushing his. You firmly kept your head pointed straight ahead, not sure if you’ll be able to look at him in the eyes and look away again. He smelled so aromatic and fresh. Too good for you to handle. Almost.
“Ugh, let’s get this over with. Tell me all your secrets master.” You sarcastically say as he turns his head towards you.
“That’s actually kinda hot, even coming from you.”
“Okay okay! So,” He turns back to the toy, holding it up, “I figured you probably need some help. This bad boy is a multi-tasker. It vibrates and there is nothing a vibrating dildo can’t solve. Nothing.” He looks at you so seriously you almost believe him.
“World poverty?” You reply back equally as serious to which he sends a glare sharp enough to intimidate anyone into obeying him if it wasn’t for the pink toy in his hand.
“Pay attention. Anyway, the key is to start slow. Run your hands over yourself, your thighs, stomach and not just shove it up there like you probably would.”
“I-I wasn’t going to.” You swallow thickly realizing that this is real. Too freaking real with his real muscular self, pressed up right into your business. Well, your side business. Texting was different. This is real where a real Taehyung is undoubtedly about to get more explicit, in his deep mellifluous voice. Telling you how to pleasure yourself. And you secretly listen on earnestly, trying to pretend this didn’t affect you so maybe he’ll lose interest and stop talking.
“Good idea, using the vibrations to warm yourself up would be better.” He continued, nodding to himself completely oblivious to the affect it was starting to have on you much to your dismay. You turned your head to look at his face, just a glance but right then, Taehyung had decided to turn to you as well. And he continued speaking.
“The key is to tease yourself.” Eyes falling to your lips while yours were already feasting on the plumpness of his.
“Not giving in so easily. Almost starving your body of the sensations. Start off with your breasts, caress them, pull them, pinch your nipples until they feel heavy and tingle.” At some point, Taehyung’s voice had taken a lower tenor and his breathing a little rough as he stared at you. Your breathing was no better. Watching Tae’s mouth say the deliciously erogenous words to you as he continued to tell you how exactly you should make yourself climax.
It was too late, you were already trapped in a trance, letting his words pull you in to what you were desperately trying to avoid. Each ticking second was lethal to the tight knit control you usually always had on your emotions and inhibitions. Grasping at the loose ends of strings that held the opening to your body sealed shut and devoid of any insatiable, self-indulgent intentions.
“Then move your hands down, slowly, slip them over your panties and stroke your pussy lips.” You gasped lightly at hearing the crude word. Taehyung stared at your face, trying to look for any sign of obvious discomfort. When he saw none, he continued. His breathing steady compared to your pathetically choppy exhales.
“Set it to the lowest setting, just to get your body acquainted.” A low buzzing sound had broken through the otherwise quiet room, save for your breathing. Taehyung brought the toy to your arm making you jump slightly, eyes still set directly to your face. Your face was undoubtedly giving tomatoes a run for their money. The air was so thick you could almost taste the different gasses making up the one you were breathing.
And then the toy was moving upwards, leaving tingling sensations in its wake on your skin through the thin material of your shirt. To your chest. Your eyes following the movement of his arms as if you took your eyes off for even one second you’d find them somewhere you know they were going to inescapably end up, but not being able to bring yourself to admit it, yet. Loving the warm embrace denial had you wrapped into.  
“Slowly, teasing your body into wanting to feel more. Like this.” Chest thrusting forward, a whimper escaped your parted lips when you felt the vibrations faintly pressing into your nipple, teasing it until you could feel the tingling sensations making it tight.
So much for not wanting to react.
Taehyung cursed under his breath at your reaction as his own got bolder. He pressed the vibrations slightly closer when he reached the other nipple, circling the toy around it through your night shirt until it was so obviously pressing against the fabric, two visible points trying to shove through.
“Yeah, just like that. Make yourself want it. Fuck.” He cursed under his breath again as you had started to thrust your chest forward ever so slightly, chasing the delicious vibrations as both your hands rested behind you. The heat brewing up in your core was starting to make physical changes in your body as you could feel the wetness between your thighs. Holy crap, you thought to yourself, if you can feel the stickiness between your thigh just from this then you don’t want to imagine what’ll happen if- if. No!
You stopped yourself. You needed to gain control of this situation. Too bad, control had already up and left you at the station as your wits stared at the bus going to your personal hell. Okay, maybe hell is an exaggeration but, still. All thoughts of control escaped you when Taehyung pressed the toy directly above your mound through your sleep pants, taking you by surprise when you were busy overthinking as usual. A moan slipping past your lips, eyes looking down at his veiny arm between your legs, pressing the toy and its vibrations on the top of your mound, gradually moving downwards. More whines were leaving your lips as he got closer and closer and was eventually running the toy down your slit and then back up to your clit, through the pants. A pitiful whimper sounded out from you as you looked at Taehying in panic, not knowing what to do as your body had started to chase the movements of his hand on your pussy. It was as if all your senses were starved until now, just like Taehyung had said.
“Fuck, you like this? I can’t give it all to you now baby, we have to get you wet.” He says as a matter of fact, biting his lips as his eyes drink in your pleasure-filled face. He mashes the toy hard against your clit and circles it around once as your mouth falls agape thrusting your pelvis against the toy and wanting to get away from it at the same time as the sensations overpower you, a high pitched moan tearing itself from your throat. Face contorting in pleasure.
“You’re so responsive, fuck. Right there?” He asks as he circles the toy again, though he frowns at the folds blocking a concentrated attack from the toy to your clit. His arm starts to move closer when yours instinctively clutches his in alarm again. No man has ever touched your skin directly. No man has ever even touched you indirectly. And the thought that the first one to do it is some like Taehyung who is tenfold more experienced than you, is honestly terrifying.
“T-Tae.” Taehyung reaches out with his opposite hand and softly caresses your inflamed cheek.
“It’s okay, it’ll feel good, I promise.” With his gentle promise, you reluctantly let go of his hand as it starts to move inside your pants. The buzzing now even more dull as it’s encased by a barrier of your sleep pants. The vibrations make contact with your leaking pussy, sliding down your slit and the sensations are almost agonizingly pleasurable. The toy wasn’t even set on a particularly high setting, just a gentle buzz that caused the twisting in your stomach to start a dull pressure. Taehyung almost growls when he feels that you are indeed, sufficiently wet, your thighs smeared with your slick.
“You’re so wet Y/N holy fuck, so fucking drenched baby.” You moan as his other hand also slips inside your pants going down to join the other that’s steadily sliding the vibrations up and down your slit, every so often bumping your clit. All pretence of showing you the ‘correct way of rubbing one out’ gone as carnal desire to make you fall apart takes over his senses. But he wanted to play a little more and see you fall apart further. 
“This is good right? It’ll feel even better when you spread your lips apart,” he pushes your nether lips apart with his other hand, “and press directly here,” and pushes the toy square against your clit, circling it while it’s crushed against it. You can feel the vibrations everywhere. You want to cry and scream at the same time as sensations you have never thought possible for your body to omit are being torn left and right from your limbs, tears are gathering in the corner of your eyes as your heaving breaths are being contained barely behind your lips that are trapped by your teeth. All the while Taehying is watching your face with a resolute face, committing all your expressions to his memory, moaning once a while with you.
Just when you think you might die of overdosing on this intoxicating pleasure, Taehyung turns the vibrations up a notch. Alternating between sliding down your slit, pressing lightly against your opening and pressing against your clit. But worse, he starts talking.
“You’re so hot,” he says again, “I’ve never met a girl who gets so fucking wet. I haven’t even fucked you with it yet Y/N, Christ, you love this. I bet your pussy is so tight. No one’s fucked you yet have they?” You shake your head, lost in the pleasure, moaning as he slides the toy down to your entrance.
“You want to sleep, right baby? You want a good night’s sleep?” You whimper, tears falling down your cheeks as you nod your head. Everything was too much. The sensations, his voice, his questions and you were losing yourself. Letting the tears of weeks’ worth of frustration go, mixing with the pleasure.
“Then stop being stubborn and take this cock. Let it fuck this virgin pussy, let me make you a mess.” Taehyung growls as he shoves the toy in, not needing any lubrication as your pussy continues leaking. God, he almost looks animalistic, his arm starting a steady rhythm. Pushing the artificial cock in and pulling it out after circling it and dragging it against your internal walls. You’re beyond yourself at this point, leant back on to your arms as Taehyung has turned completely towards you and pushed himself as close as possible, both his hands are shoved down your pants. Your legs are spread wide apart, or as much as the confines of your pants afford you. His other hand slides down even more, pushing your vaginal lips apart as the other picks up the pace of the dildo.
“You’re so fucking wet baby, you’re gushing. What are you thinking? Hm? Whose cock are you imagining is inside this pussy?” Taehyung growls out his question as if he has already accepted that it might not be him. Lucky for him and unlucky for you, he’s exactly who you’re losing yourself into.
“Y-You.” You cry out as he shoves the vibrating cock particularly unforgivingly, slick sounds of your sinful acts filling up the small room which was starting to smell of sex.
“Yeah? Fuck, me too baby. I couldn’t shake the image of you impaled on my cock away last night. You’re so fucking uptight that I’d have a grand time breaking you open. Bit by bit. Making you ride me until you’re so stretched and fucked out that you beg me to let you take a break. I’d tire you out so good baby. Wouldn’t you like that? Hm? Baby just wants to get some sleep, right?” You whine out your answer in a nod, tears streaming down your cheeks as he continuous to plough the toy mercilessly inside you, picking up a punishing pace. He moves his fingers that were holding the lips of your pussy open, up to your clit, gathering he slick dripping steadily from your pussy to lubricate your nub and drawing small circles on it.
“I’m so close to cumming by just watching you that I’d be embarrassed if I wasn’t so fucking turned on. But I don’t want to waste it, I’d prefer to cum on your pussy.” Your body jolts at that statement and moan loudly as you feel a new wave of juices gush out of you. The explicit image of Taehying jerking himself off and cumming on your pussy turns you on so much beyond belief. You didn’t know you would find the idea this alluring. Taehyung is equally staggered and delighted.
“You’re dripping baby, fuck, do you want that? You want my cum on your pussy?” He leans even closer to your face, voice dropping an octave lower, a pregnant pause in the atmosphere. And then he asks the million-dollar question.
“You want my cum in you baby? Want me to dirty up your virgin pussy?” You whine and thrust against his relentless thrusts, the knot in your lower belly ready to fly open at any second. You plead silently, looking in his eyes, begging for mercy. To just make you cum. Thankfully, Taehyung is just as gone as you, or just about. Because he turns the setting to the highest on the toy, shoves it deep inside your pussy and takes his hands out of your pants. You were confused as to what he was doing and you would even show it if you’re your face wasn’t already contorted in pleasure, letting the almost painfully good sensations rock you from the inside out. He reaches forward, wrapping his arms around your waist once again and makes you straddle him. Making you sit directly on top of his extremely hard cock as you can see the angry dent in his sweatpants now. Now, the vibrations from your stuffed pussy are directly on top of his cock. Though you almost feel like he’s trying to kill you when he starts moving your hips, humping your vibrating pussy on top of his cock as it drags against your sensitive clit with every push and pull of his hands on your hips.  
“That’s it Y/N, ride me. Ride me with your stuffed pussy if you want my cum.” Your mouth is agape as whimpers and cries fall out gracelessly. You steady your hands on his shoulder as you find the strength in your pelvis and start grinding your pussy on his cock. Taehyung is murmuring sweet praises as you twitch and cry, trying to rub his cock with your over sensitive pussy. Having the dildo, no less a vibrating dildo, shoved so deep in your pussy is making it impossible for you to focus on making him reach his end when yours is so within reach. Nevertheless, Taehyung is perched forward, watching you struggle with trying not to cum and keeping a nice rhythm on his hard cock. Lucky for you, he was already so close to cumming by just fucking you with the toy and watching you slowly lose control. You dig your nails into his shoulder as a particularly hard thrust combined with the vibrations of the toy tides you over. Whimpering and twitching as you sob out your climax.
“That’s right baby, cum for me, all over that cock and pretend it’s mine. Dirty it up Y/N.” You clutch his shoulder tightly as you slump onto him, riding the waves of your orgasm and shoving your face in the warm crevice of his neck. Watching the erotic episode unfolding right in front of his eyes, Taehyung curses under his breath, his impending orgasm about to take over full force. He wraps his arms around you, lifting you up and laying you down on your bed as he climbs on top of your body. He looks like a man possessed as he shoves his hands inside his sweat pants, taking out his cock and starts to wildly stroke the intimidatingly girthy length, aided by the excessive pre-cum. All the while you’re twitching with the oversensitivity of the still vibrating dildo inside of you, whimpering, as your limbs lay limply on the bed, in a trance watching the beautiful man above you who’d just fucked the living daylights out of you and it wasn’t even with his own cock. You can almost see the second he’s about to climax as he shoves your pants low enough to take the dildo out of you and almost instantly showering your naked pussy with his seed.
“Fuck fuck fuck, you ready baby? I’m going to give you all my cum.” He pumps his length of all it’s worth, milking himself with grunts to match, giving you every drop over your pussy. It’s slightly white and thick, landing squarely on your clit and the mound directly above.
By the time it’s all over, he’s breathing deeply, face resting on your shoulders as he catches his breath. You both lay there in silence until he picks his head up, looking down as picks up the dildo that’s thoroughly covered in your juices and turns it off. However, what surprises, and quite honestly makes you horny again, is when he brings the dildo back to your mound, collecting his cum from your clit and the mound above and shoves it right into your pussy. You whine lowly in your throat as the inflamed lips of your pussy are stretched once again. Taehyung is biting his lips as he gathers all of his cum with such utter precision that leaves you breathless and panting. When he’s done fucking his cum in to your pussy, he shoves the dildo back in deep, making you cover your mouth as the oversensitivity makes you want to cry out.
“There, all stuffed with my cum. You did so good baby, so so good. Get some sleep.” He kisses your lips gently as you hiccup and sniffle when he pulls away. Taehyung almost has a change in his heart that makes him want to climb back into your bed but he knows you will need time to adjust to what had just happened. He gathered that you weren’t the type to need reassurance or coddling, instead, a bit of alone time to digest the events that have just taken place and make your decision about how you feel. So he tucks himself back in his pants, pulls the covers over your drained body that looks blissfully fucked out. He can hear you hiccup as you turn to your side, wincing with the dildo still shoved in deep and all he wants to do is kiss you all over as he tells you how good you were for him. You were a sight to behold as he takes in your dishevelled state, lips a deep red, eyes droopy as you lay on your side, almost asleep.
He kisses your forehead once more and by the time he’s done gathering his things and at the door, you’re sound asleep, snoring lightly like a baby. Too fucking cute for your own good. He shakes his head smiling and locks your door from the inside as he leaves.
For the first time in a while, Taehyung can’t keep the smile off his face and the thought of a certain uptight girl, with a tempter to match his own in her small body and sleeping soundly because of him.
For the first time in weeks, you’re off to dreamland, surrounded by the scent of a certain infuriatingly obnoxious and self-obsessed boy that does nothing but make you fall for him even more.
When you wake up the next morning, it is 10 am.
A full 12 hours after you had fallen asleep.
a/n: As @wildernessuntothemselves brought it to my attention, sex won’t solve Insomnia issues, please see a doctor and don’t take advice from fuckboy!Taehyung. reposted from my old blog :)
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hollyhomburg · 3 years ago
The Sugar Wars (MYG)
Summary: Maybe tasting everything his soulmate eats wouldn't be so bad if Yoongi’s soulmate didn't have the largest sweet tooth Ever. Maybe you wouldn't need to sweeten everything if he didn't drink his coffee so bitter. 
Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
W/C: 5.3k
Tags: Blood, fluff, Intern! Reader, copious amounts of coffee, brief angst
🎵 Song rec: 🎵 BTS - Coffee 🎵
Tumblr media
- In a world where some people don’t get to see certain colors until they meet their soulmates, you know that you shouldn’t really complain about your soulmate system. 
- But somehow the taste of something else echoing on your tongue from deep within that long lost part of you- from someone else- is pretty annoying. 
- The taste of coffee at all hours of the day blossoming on your tongue from a mouth that isn’t yours makes you annoyed at the best of times
- At the worst of times, you find yourself piling sugar into your caramel macchiato making it as sweet as possible in retaliation. Your war against the bitterness on your tongue- against your soulmate.  
- Who even likes black coffee? no one with any taste and that’s for sure. Only Unhappy middle-aged men like Americanos and you are not ending up with a grandpa even if they are your soulmate. 
- That’s your soulmate system- you share taste buds with your soulmate and taste the reverberated echoes of their mouth at all hours of the day- though it’s mostly coffee- coffee at 2 am or 2 pm it doesn't matter. You find yourself wondering if your soulmate even sleeps when You wake up to bitterness. 
- Besides the ever-present taste of coffee in your mouth at all hours of the day, there isn’t much to go on to help you find your soulmate.
 - But you do go to coffee shops a lot figuring that it’s the least you can do. Sitting in the corner booth checking Instagram while you eat the sweetest pastry that you can find. 
- Recently you’ve had more free time on your hands since your best friend finally got her soulmate system- a compass on her arm that points in the direction of her soulmate, and she’s been traveling ever since trying to find them. 
- You scroll through her pictures of foreign places and temples. Wondering what it must be like- to search the world for your soulmate. 
- Your soulmate could easily be across the world- but somehow you’re hoping that they’re near you. 
- You wake up in the mornings with the taste of rainwater on your tongue or the cool brush of snowflakes in the wintertime. You pay special attention to the dates that you taste sweets- wondering if any of these could possibly be your soulmates birthday. 
- But mostly you just wait, confronted with the taste of coffee in the mornings, noontime, groaning when you go out for dinner and you can't taste what you’re eating because all you’re getting is coffee. You’re surprised you can still stand the drink. 
- You go on dates sometimes- always to coffee shops - but you usually end the date the second you see them put sugar in their coffee knowing that it couldn’t be them. 
- It hurts you a little when you taste another pair of lips on your soulmates mouth- but after all, you guess they're just getting tired of waiting for you. And you can’t help but sympathize because you are too, over half of the population has met their soulmate by your age. 
- And you know they must be getting at least a little lonely, with nothing but taste to comfort them. you're tired of waiting, you want to experience your soulmate with all 5 senses and not just one. 
- The other pair of lips tastes likes sweet lipstick and you wake up the moment that you do- your mouth tasting like the vanilla chalkiness of mac lipstick and Soju. 
- After that, you don’t stress as much over whether your coffee dates put too much sugar in their cup or not. If they’re trying to move on- or maybe get experience like a lot of people your age do- you can’t blame them. 
- What you don’t know is that At first, Yoongi doesn’t think he has a soulmate at all. 
- As he reaches his 20th birthday he’s more than a little disappointed that his system hasn’t shown its self yet. He wonders if maybe he just doesn’t have a soulmate, it’s not unheard of. But people who didn’t have soulmates weren’t supposed to want them? right? 
- All the boys have already figured out their soulmate system- even Jungkook whose never been able to see color. 
- At first, Yoongi uses it as motivation. Maybe if he didn’t have a soulmate he wouldn't be distracted.  Jin was often- by the other voice, his soulmates voice inside his head. Maybe his dream- their dream would more attainable without a soulmate. His busy life of an idol would always take precedence over any search he might undertake anyway.
- But then he wakes up one morning to the taste of caramel and coffee on his tongue, what could only be a caramel macchiato, which should be impossible because he hasn’t even had coffee yet today. And then he gets the taste of dough and strawberry jelly- what could only be a strawberry pastry echoing out of some deep part of him. 
- His soulmate must be eating breakfast- too sweet coffee and a pastry to boot, yuck- it’s the exact opposite of Yoongi’s taste. How could anyone like something that was that sweet?
- You finish up your degree and look for prestigious internships. Finally getting one at an entertainment company called Bighit. It’s not a lot- you’ll always be the lowest person on the totem pole but you hope that it will eventually become something more, that you’ll be able to prove to them through hard work and dedication that you can be an asset for the company. 
- You’ve wanted to be a manager for a group or maybe a theater for most of your life, loving the pell-mell of making the show run smoothly more than the show it’s self since you saw your first play when you where a child
- Performances are full of moving parts that appeals to your desire for control, maybe one day you’ll be a manager. 
- You’re not surprised when you’re put on coffee runs, for 30 or 40 people within the first week or so- every morning and every evening. Because of that- you don’t realize it. Because Yoongi isn’t the only one who orders his coffee, black without sugar or milk, iced more often than not. 
- One day you mess up the orders and somehow Yoongi ends up with a sweet coffee. Unbeknownst to him that the cute new intern is his soulmate. 
- That day when sugar blossoms on your tongue you decide to pity your soulmate and get an Americano- your soulmates favorite coffee from what you’ve figured. 
- And he’s just starting to complain about his soulmate again to the guys when the bitterness blossoms on his tongue like a balm to his too sweet mouth. 
- He doesn’t have anything to complain about- when it comes to Jungkook’s color blindness or the ever-changing tattoo’s that Namjoon has to deal with. (The times that they’d had to cancel performances because flowers had bloomed along his neck and they couldn’t conceal them). 
- Or the songs that where constantly getting stuck in Jimin’s head- though there was a little bit of joy there when it was their songs- Jimin was sure his soulmate was a fan of theirs Especially when lie got stuck in his head. 
- Or the fact that Hoseok gets bruises along his shins and little cuts on his hands from his soulmate. Pain appearing wherever the other injured themselves seriously. 
- Yoongi’s seen him wince as he gets echoes of pain across his soulmate bond- stopping practice sometimes because he’s got the wind knocked out of him.  Paper cuts and larger bruises blossom on his shoulder or hands. 
- And he knows that really it could be much worse- other than an unforgiving sweet taste that never seems to leave his mouth and can only be soothed by the bitterest of coffee. 
- The first time you meet your soulmate it’s more by accident than anything planned in the stars.  Your boss above you is out sick one day- which puts you in charge of delivery’s, even to the most popular boy group at the company besides the new trainees. 
- And it’s a little nerve-wracking, delivering the coffee to the 7 most popular artists in Korea, but you try not to stutter as 6 very sleepy men crowd around you trying to get their coffee from your overly full arms. 
- “Latte for J-hope!” He snatches it out of your holder trying not to jostle the other drinks. Smiling at you and thanking you with a short bow. He’s the only one with any energy this morning. 
- “Macchiato for RM!” the leader graciously nods at you and accepts the drink. You hand out coffees until they’re only one left. The others disbursing to sit on the chairs until practice starts- the choreographer’s a little late getting in today. 
- There’s only one unclaimed coffee in the tray “Suga?” you call out hesitantly, looking around for the rapper who you’ve only ever seen through pictures on the internet and through brief encounters in the hallway.
- “He’s over there- “one of the other staff says. He points to a couch, a figure covered with a puffy coat using it as a blanket.  “You should wake him up but be ugh… gentle about it?”
- With trepidation you walk over to the sleeping figure- to the black head barely poking out from the top of it, grabbing at his shoulder gently. “Mr. Min” you say softly, then shaking him a little harder when he just groans in response. 
- “The choreographer will be here to start practice soon Mr. min.” he groans a little louder. “I have coffee for you?” 
- “Black?” A Groggy Voice asks from underneath the jacket, muffled.the first response he’s gotten.  
- “No cream, no sugar.” You clarify, and that finally makes him sit up, revealing a cute ruffled head and puffy eyes that blink up at you lazily, squinting a little against the light. 
- You stifle down the part of you that wants to coo and squish his cheeks as he makes a noise in the back of his throat and rubs a hand over his eyes.
- Yoongi’s a little surprised too- not expecting to be face to face with the new cute intern (Hoseok and Jin had been talking about you excitedly a few days before- they had a reputation among the staff for screwing around with the interns- Yoongi’s not sure if Anyone’s warned you about that yet). 
- “Thank you,” he says, quietly, taking the coffee from you. His fingers wrapping around yours. Instant sparks spring across both of your fingers almost making you drop it.
- But luckily Yoongi’s aware enough to grab onto it. “Sorry” you say shyly, trying to banish the blush from your cheeks. “it’s fine” Yoongi’s eye’s fix on your figure as you hasten out of the practice room. 
- You don’t put two and two together even when the taste of bitterness blossoms on your tongue just as you leave the room. 
- It takes a few more weeks before the two of you talk again, this time Yoongi needs help carrying a new speaker into his studio and placing it- preferring to do it himself.  
- The two of you chat as you help him put it into place, you’re about to leave when you peak back into the room. “I’m going on a coffee run for management in a little while, can I get you anything?” Yoongi knows you’re just doing your job but when it comes from you it makes his heart beat a little faster. 
- “Yes please- I’m probably going to be here all night trying to get this hooked up.” “Iced Americano, no sugar, no milk right?” 
- “You remembered my order.” Yoongi jokes, playfully swooning, you’d been surprised at first- having known their dynamic from social media- to discover that Yoongi was so at ease and talkative when he was marketed at the cold member of the group. 
- But you suppose that his name has something to do with it.  You laugh and wink at him. “I remember every order- especially when they’re for people who are sweet like Suga.” You tease. the pun makes Yoongi chuckle and shake his head. He can see why Seokjin likes you. 
- Yoongi’s heart doesn’t stop beating fast until he’s already got the new speaker in place. And he finds himself wondering if he should ask you what you think when you get back. If he should ask for your help- maybe he could say that he needed to go get a new stand or something- and ask for your help bringing it back from the studio. 
- The thought of walking with you- just talking and exchanging banter makes him happy- even though he barely knows you- they’re so starved for human contact as idols.  
- He’s just coiling some of the spare wires in his room when the taste of blood blossoms on his tongue. 
- And it reminds him of the time that Hoseok fell over, clutching at his arm saying “shit shit shit” because it felt like his soulmate had just gotten shot- it had taken them nearly an hour to calm him down- only after he felt the pass-through of stitches and confirmed that his soulmate was in fact alive. 
- Hoseok’s soulmate would certainly have a lot to answer for when they finally met. 
- But soulmates die all the time, Yoongi often wonders what would happen to them if they did, would Jungkook loose his vision? Would the flowers that bloom on Namjoon’s body shrivel up?
- If his soulmate was going to die- it would probably start like this. 
- And he drops the wires onto the floor as the taste and the panic fills his mouth. The cold copper of it even filling his nose- His soulmate was bleeding, - his soulmate was hurt. How the hell does Hoseok handle this constantly?
- “Yoongi? Yoongi! Hey-“ a voice says, large hands grab him by the shoulders, its Namjoon- who’d probably walked into his studio to ask him a question and found Yoongi standing in the middle of it with wide eyes. Yoongi hadn’t even heard him come in. 
- Yoongi tells him about what’s happening more importantly about what might be happening. 
- “It’s probably nothing Yoongi- your soulmate probably just bit their cheek or something” “I know but-“ Yoongi stutters, unable to word his panic in the right way with worry working its way like molasses through his veins. Namjoon grabs his jacket and his hat. 
- “Come on we need to get your mind off of this-“ he says, “let's go out and get some food.” He says as Yoongi pulls on his jacket. This isn’t the first time that he’s eaten something to get the taste out of his mouth of his soulmate. 
- Namjoon knows this; back before they’d debuted, he’d often asked why Yoongi had stopped eating in the middle of dinner or brushed his mouth multiple times a day eventually getting the answer out of him- that his soulmate ate the weirdest combinations of food at the weirdest times. 
- Namjoon is no stranger to the difficulties of soulmate marks; his own flowers are blooming above his collarbones today so he wraps his neck in a scarf before he goes out, hiding the blooms of roses. 
- Yoongi decides that yes, he probably does need a meal to get his mind off of things. He hasn’t eaten any food today and he’ll probably need something to get the taste of blood out of his mouth. His thoughts of the intern who brings him coffee firmly out of his mind. 
- On their way out in the main entryway, a group of people is clustered around the bottom of the stairs. The first thing that alerts Yoongi is the Coffee dripping down the top steps, a half dozen cups spilled across the linoleum floors.
- Some of the staff crowding around a figure on the bottom stair where someone sits at the epicenter of the mess. You. Someone helps you sit up. “You lost consciousness for a moment there y/n” “I did?” you answer- but the words come out groggy and not all there, and muffled by something- like you’re talking through liquid in your mouth. 
- Y You hold the back of your head with one hand while the assistant manager- your boss holds, an ice pack too it. “y/n-ah” your boss says in a chastising tone. Your boss berates you gently for not being more careful taking the stairs- or for just taking the elevator like a normal person. 
- “I just swipped and I twide-“ “don’t speak y/n you’re getting blood everywhere.”  A makeup Noona says, holding a towel to your chin. A few people who must have seen you fall move aside as Namjoon and Yoongi slow. Passing you on the stairs. Namjoon winces when he sees the blood, 
- “is she okay?” Namjoon asks the manager, you look a little delirious. “She lost consciousness for a moment. We think she might have a concussion.” Namjoon nods and asks if there’s anything he can do. But Yoongi hears the words like they’re coming through water. 
- Yoongi almost flinches when he sees the blood that’s dripping out of your mouth- you bit your lip when you fell and the wound is unforgiving even dripping a little blood onto your blouse. But it’s already soiled with coffee stains anyway. 
- Yoongi is frozen to his spot on the stairs. 
- You try to speak, and a fresh dribble of blood drips out as the Noona shushes you not to speak. At the same time, a fresh pulse of the flavor in Yoongi’s mouth blooms on his tongue. 
- Someone comes running from outside, followed by an EMT.  Your manager and the noona help you stand and walk to the ambulance, you don’t put up much of a fight in fact- it barely looks like you’re conscious. 
- As Namjoon talks with the noona, he doesn’t notice that Yoongi is rooted to the spot. His wide eyes trailing after your form as they carefully lead you outside, an EMT catching you as you almost trip. 
- “Yoongi what’s- oh” Namjoon realizes when he finally remembers his friends.  
- “You don’t think- Namjoon what if-“ Yoongi stutters as the two of them watch the ambulance pull away. 
- “It’d be tough to know for sure unless-“ Namjoon says, a plan already working through his mind. 
- Yoongi walks into the hospital a few hours later feeling like a nervous schoolboy, carrying a cardboard holder full of two coffees and a separate bag with two pastry containers. 
- Tae has this favorite bakery that he always gets all their birthday cakes from, and from what he knows over the years you have a certain affinity for strawberries, so the strawberry tart is more than just for you- it’s a test. - Really he shouldn’t have spent so much money on them- but he couldn’t resist.
- Because if Yoongi could watch you, as you tasted the tart and know for sure when the taste of strawberries erupted on his tongue down the soulmate bond- then he could definably know he’s your soulmate, that you’re his for sure this time. 
- “I got you some coffee- with lots of cream and sugar,” he says shyly from the doorway walking in to find you propped up in bed. 
- You’re a little bashful when Yoongi hands you the tart and sits down- because you certainly didn’t expect your boss’s boss’s boss to take such an interest in your recovery. You’re just an intern and There’s no reason why Yoongi should be so sweet to you. 
- You take a sip of your coffee and find it overly sweet. “How did you know this was how I liked it?” Yoongi sucks on his cheek for a moment thoughtfully tasting coffee- but it’s not enough to know for sure for sure. “Just a lucky guess?”
- You talk softly about your recovery, about your concussion and overnight observation and complain about how long it will take you to get out of the hospital and go back to work. “Take as long as you need to recover.” Yoongi passes on the message of management. 
- You take a bite of the strawberry tart and almost startle when Yoongi stands up abruptly knocking over his chair. “I knew it!” he yells, and you look at him like he’s got three heads. Your what the fuck expression makes him sit back down, stumbling and accidentally dropping his fork onto the ground as he tries to get out his tart- a chocolate one.  
- “Hold on a second,” he says, reaching into the box for a second tart. He nearly shoves half of the chocolate tart in his mouth in eagerness, not bothering to find another fork.  His eyes lock with yours until he see’s recognition in your face as you put two and two together.  You let out a little “Oh”
- Yoongi reaches out for your hand, his gummy smile on his face sweeter than your coffee. Sparks light up along the edge where your skin meets his again, “Hey there soulmate.” He says through a mouthful of chocolate tart. 
- He can’t spend too much time at the hospital but he brings you food every day until you’re released and start back at work. 
- Yoongi calls you to his office by telling your manager that he needs someone to help him move something- which is a total lie, but regardless he’s happy to see you. 
- He asks you how you’re doing and you shyly reply that you’re just a little tired. He shows you what he’s wanted to show you since forever- since he first realized what soulmate system he had. The song that he wrote for you- Coffee.
- The song it’s self almost brings you to tears but Yoongi just pulls you down onto his lap, and at first, the affection feels somewhat awkward, but when you tuck your head into his shoulders it starts to feel more natural. 
- “I was waiting for you, you know,” he says softly.  And you reply that you were too. And it’s true; the both of you have been achingly lonely.
- “Can you please Please stop over-sweetening your coffee?” 
- “I was only over sweetening it because someone like’s their coffee bitter af” “like my soul,” Yoongi says with a small smile. But you relent- Now your coffee tastes like the normal amount of sugar. 
- Sometimes he’ll walk into his office and find a piping hot cup of coffee with a little heart on the side, placed on his workbench.  Every time it happens he finds his heart beating rapidly, and he’ll walk into meetings smiling like an idiot. the others oblivious accept for Namjoon, who sends him a knowing smile.
- As a counter attack, Yoongi gets you roses and chocolates and has a delivery person surprise you in the middle of work. He doesn’t know exactly which kind of chocolate is your favorite despite having tasted it on his own tongue many times before so he gets you a bit of a selection. 
- He knows the second you get it when the taste of chocolate blossoms on his tongue- milk chocolate with… almonds? Walnuts maybe. You text Yoongi later. With a little bit of a jibe. “Who knew Suga could be so sweet?” He knows you’ll make that joke till the end of time.  
- “Don’t pretend you didn’t love it.” Yoongi flirts back. Waiting anxiously in the car for the ding of his phone to let him know that you’ve messaged him back. “You know how much I like sweet things ;)” you send back and Yoongi almost explodes.
- In order to get a little more time together Yoongi starts walking you back to your apartment from work- and then he’ll walk back to get a car to the boy’s dorm. The two of you will spend ages drawing out the walk, going as slow as possible so that you can spend as much time as is possible together.
- His hand in yours feels so nice, even if it’s just his thumb running senseless patterns and rhythms down the side of your hand and thrumming along the line of your wrist. The sparks that you feel when he touches you never really go away. 
- You couldn’t fit Yoongi better; you dissolve his worry’s without him ever admitting that they are worries, dissolving his stress with gently jibing funny comments that make him snort iced coffee out of his nose more than once. 
- On your breaks, you Duck in with him to his studio sometimes just to say hello and those times quickly become his favorite part of the day.  
- You have to admit it’s a little confusing at first- seeing as he is your boss. But you keep a completely professional relationship at work, your career means too much to you and Yoongi respects you enough not to put it at risk. But you can feel Yoongi’s eyes on you whenever you enter the practice room with a run of coffee, and you’ll often hide little hearts or a note or two underneath the sleeve of his coffee.
- You continue on your internship track. Eventually getting hired as an assistant manager- with no one at the company any the wiser that your soulmate is the young rapper. 
- Yoongi and you start to date casually it works out surprisingly well- seeing as you’re both busy at the same times (most of the time) and you know his schedule pretty well.  
- Management doesn’t find out until they’re discussing soulmates one day, seeing as Joon recently found his own soulmate (at a community garden of all places). Talking about letting them have their own apartment. 
- They’re having a meeting when you walk in with a coffee run and Yoongi casually says “seeing as we’re finally getting around to talking about it- it would be nice if y/n and I could finally move in together too.” And Mr. Bang almost chokes on his coffee as you nearly trip over J-hopes chair narrowly avoiding spilling the coffee. 
- You flush, everyone’s eyes suddenly on you. “um- hey?” you say awkwardly, Yoongi chuckles and you send him a look at that says “what was I supposed to say? Hey sorry, I didn't tell you that, I’m your best friends soulmate?” 
- “Do you mean to say that Y/n- ah is your soulmate?” you place Yoongi’s coffee in front of him roughly- a little angry that he ousted you, across the table Joon facepalms.
- The two of you have a private meeting with your boss and the head of the company and they decide that since the two of you were obviously so good at keeping your relationship on the down low- that they won’t penalize you. 
- All it takes is another coffee date to make you forgive him however though it does take a few more pastries than usual. 
- A few weeks later Yoongi gets you a mug with a key in it to officially ask you to move in with him, seeing as you haven’t broached the topic since the discussion with management. It’s a little soon- you guys have barely been seeing each other for half a year- but you’re soulmates, so it’s not like anyone will judge you for taking things quickly. 
- You take time decorating your first shared space, it has a mixture of modern and old touches; from the warm hardwood floors to the modern windows and couches, to the plants that you insist on, to brighten the space with pops of color.  
- Since space is limited- Yoongi and you find an old stand up wooden piano at a flea market, leaning it up against the wall and spotting pictures of the two of you and your families around it. 
- It’s surprisingly easy to hide from the fans- seeing as you work for their company very few people suspect you, even when you walk next to Yoongi they don’t seem to notice too much. And it keeps your relationship blissfully out of the tabloids. 
- Now the bitter echoes that you get down your tongue don’t make you angry no matter what you’re eating. He loves the sudden burst of sweetness when he’s working on something early in the morning, of your favorite caramel macchiato. 
- Kissing him tastes like sparks, like the perfect compliments, bitterness and sweetness, saltiness and savory next to each other. A breath of warmth. Mixed with a cold huff, the perfect balance. 
- Your apartment is always filled with the smell of coffee. You get him a cappuccino maker for your first anniversary jokingly telling him that he needs to widen his horizons from just Americanos. 
- The two of you spend Sunday mornings wrapped up in each other’s arms, and when Yoongi wakes in the morning, his cheek pressed to your hair he finds himself so so lucky- that he got a soulmate that fits him so well. 
- You wake one morning to find him banging away at the piano in the corner of his apartment. Quietly playing a few lines of “I need you” and it’s such a soft moment he doesn’t notice you watching from the doorway, listening to him play as you watch him close his eyes against the music. 
- You wordlessly lean over him to put a cup of coffee on the top of the piano he stops playing. Looking up at you startled, saying that he didn’t know you where awake as he thanks you for the coffee. 
- “Won’t you keep playing for me,” you ask him, taking a sip out of your own coffee. The taste of your soulmate bond has dulled a little over the years- Yoongi doesn’t automatically taste it anymore. He has to reach a little further into himself before he can feel it- before he can taste you again. 
- You wrap your arms around his shoulders. Yoongi wraps another around your waist in a sleepy good morning hello burying his face in your sternum.  
- You put a hand against the cords to steady yourself unintentionally making a noise but Yoongi just smiles back up at you. “You’re in a cuddly mood this morning.” 
- “Always in the mood for you” he mumbles against your shirt- or more specifically his shirt that you’re wearing. 
- The coffee cools on the top of the piano as Yoongi reaches up for your face, his favorite morning drink forgotten. 
- Because right now- all he wants to taste is you.
Read Namjoon’s story- Wings and Thorns- HERE 
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bloomsuga · 2 months ago
as endless as the stars || kth (m)
Tumblr media
he waited 160 years to meet you again, and now that he has, he’s not letting go. or: “i love you as deep as the ocean and as endless as the stars”
☆ pairing: witch!taehyung x female reader
☆ genre: fluff, smut, slight angst
☆ word count: 9.2k
☆ warnings: dirty talk, fingering, oral (f), marking, virgin!reader, unprotected sex (be safe y’all), past lives/reincarnation, some dark magic, taehyung is a total romantic and maybe just a little obsessed, minor mentions of death (past), and lots of fluff :’)
☆ a/n: first of all: pls ignore the banner bc i don’t love how it came out ajsjdk and second: ahh we’re finally at the written chapter for my sm au series, cursed!! y’all know what it is 👀 hope you enjoy!!
“As deep as the ocean and as endless as the stars.” You mulled over the words once again.
It had all started with those words. Laying there in the darkness, the only sound in the room the quiet rustle of both you and Taehyung’s anxious breathing, those same words circled round and round in your head like a mantra you couldn’t seem to forget no matter how hard you tried.
They were a testament to an old love—a strong love—a love that you had once known, though you couldn’t quite remember it now. Being a hopeless romantic who worked as a wedding florist, you had seen love firsthand in the eyes of others, and you believed in it. You believed it was waiting out there for everyone, even someone like you. You had longed for that kind of love—the kind strong enough to transcend even lifetimes—but little did you know that it was closer and more complicated than you ever could have imagined.
When you stepped into that mystic shop that fateful day, searching for answers about why you seemed to be haunted by spirits of the past, you had never expected the equal-parts handsome and mysterious shopkeeper to stare back at you wide-eyed like he was the one who had seen a ghost. He’d seemed so flustered then, calling you by the wrong name and searching for a spark of recognition in your eyes he wouldn’t find, and you didn’t understand until later the reason why.
Although it was the first time you had met him, that day you walked into his shop of curiosities was not the first time that Kim Taehyung had met you. No, he had waited almost 160 years to see you again—the love of his life—after your ill-fated love story in another century had left him cursed to a never-ending existence in lonely solitude.
The year was 1858, the spring air just beginning to warm, and light breezes carried the scent of freshly blooming wildflowers into the city streets. It was in this picturesque countryside town where Taehyung’s very first shop sat—a little apothecary he ran by himself as a budding young herbalist.
Taehyung was what many would call a witch, but not with the broomstick and cauldron motif that word conjures in the minds of modern-day folk. No, he had a connection to the earth—he drew power from it and practiced simple nature spells—and he brewed various elixirs and remedies to help the local townspeople whenever they fell ill. He was a man of high repute in the community, revered by all, and it was a wonder amongst the women of the town how someone as handsome and charming as himself was still unmarried.
But there was one woman who had caught the eye of the young bachelor: You. Well, not exactly you, but you in another time. Before the life you lived now in the present, you had lived another life almost two centuries ago in the Victorian era, one where you were the apple of Kim Taehyung’s eye.
Your father ran a small florist business, and when you came of age, he had put you to work making deliveries for him about town. And, as fate would have it, one of those regular stops of yours just happened to be Kim Taehyung’s apothecary. From the moment you first stepped through the front doors of his shop, Taehyung had become completely entranced by you. He had recounted himself on several occasions that it was love at first sight when he saw you—at least on his part.
It had started out small, shy smiles and nervous laughs when your hands would accidentally brush as you handed him his deliveries, but before long, it had grown to become something much more than that; little conversations and jokes shared between you each day, flowers exchanged that held secret meanings in the Victorian language of floriography. Taehyung would place orders for specific flowers as a way to communicate his innermost feelings to you: A yellow pansy—I’m thinking of you; A sunflower—I adore you; Heliotrope—You have my devotion. Until one day, you received the order: A red rose—I love you.
It was then that Taehyung asked your family for permission to court you. Being a well-respected gentleman, your parents had, of course, been pleased with the match for you, and it didn’t hurt that you were hopelessly infatuated with him too. The two of you would go on long walks in your family’s garden, watching the frogs leap across the lily pads, and skipping stones on the pond.
Taehyung was romantic almost to a fault; he had a way with words, and would write you beautiful sonnets, showering you with compliments that made your cheeks flush and your heart flutter. He had you spellbound like no other, entranced not by his magic, but simply by his earnest feelings for you. The two of you were madly in love with one another, which was why it came to you as no surprise when he asked for your hand in marriage.
You turned him down the first few times he asked. Not because you didn’t want to marry him—quite the opposite, actually—but simply because you loved to see the cute way he would pout and beg you to reconsider because he knew you were only doing it to torture him. You’d given him a hundred excuses: You didn’t want to settle down so young; “Tomorrow we’ll be a day older,” he’d say. You wanted to travel and see the world; “Then I’ll take you anywhere you want to go,” he’d promised. You told him you wouldn’t make a good wife; “I don’t want a wife, I want you,” he’d insisted. And, in the end, his persistence paid off. You said yes.
After all, how could you say no to the man who would pull down the stars for you if you asked?
It was a whirlwind engagement; the two of you were married hardly a few months later, eager to start your lives together as newlyweds. In your first year of marriage, as happy as you were just to be with each other, there was also the pressure from your families to have a child as quickly as possible, but Taehyung was endlessly patient with you. He never pushed you, and always insisted that the two of you could take your time.
While you never had any luck in conceiving, it seemed you had lucked out in finding a husband who loved and adored you tirelessly. Whenever you’d tell him that you loved him, Taehyung would always reply that he loved you “as deep as the ocean and as endless as the stars,” a declaration which you wholeheartedly believed, and held in your heart always. It seemed there was nothing the two of you couldn’t face as long as you were together—until the unthinkable happened.
You weren’t sure of many details about the next part, as it was painful for Taehyung to talk about so you didn’t ask him about it much, but from what you gathered, you had fallen ill with fever. Taehyung had tried everything to get you better again—medicines, herbal remedies, elixirs of his own concoction—but nothing seemed to work, and in the end, your illness had proved fatal.
Distraught and unable to cope with your loss, Taehyung did something he wasn’t proud of. He knew there was a dark side to magic—a side he had never dared to trifle with—and he knew that it was powerful enough to grant him something beyond the powers of nature: Resurrection. 
Left alone in the world without the love of his life, and feeling as though he had no other choices left, Taehyung tapped into the darkest form of sorcery, performing a spell that was meant to tether your soul to his in the hopes of bringing you back to him. However, he was not prepared for how chaotic and unpredictable this kind of magic was—he didn’t know how to control it—and the spell ended up backfiring, placing a wicked curse upon you both; Taehyung would become immortal, only able to die once your soul was at last reborn, and doomed to never exist in the same lifetime as you ever again.
This meant that even if he were to find you again someday, it would only be a matter of time before fate separated you both by death, removing one of you from the equation to correct the imbalance in nature Taehyung’s malediction had created. In other words, from the moment you had set foot in Taehyung’s curio shop in the present day, you had started the countdown on a supernatural ticking time bomb; either you would die, or he would.
It was a sad story—one that you, understandably, found hard to believe when it was first told to you by a near stranger—but the more time you spent with Taehyung, the old-fashioned and undeniably charming man who called himself a witch, the more you came to believe his outlandish tale. You felt some kind of other-worldly connection to him that you just couldn’t explain—you were drawn to him like no other—and it was as the two of you grew closer that the flashbacks first began.
They started out in pieces; tiny snippets of your past life returning to you in your dreams or in moments of revelation, but the deeper your bond grew with Taehyung, the more complete your recollections became. You began to see little glimpses of your past that Taehyung had never before described to you, you experienced the emotions you had felt back then, and you felt them all over again as if they were new. You saw yourself, albeit in another time and in another place, but more importantly, you saw him; Taehyung was irrevocably intertwined with all of your memories—as much a part of your past as your own soul—and you couldn’t keep yourself from gravitating towards him in this life too.
The two of you became reacquainted again in no time, joining forces to search for answers as to how to break your curse in a way that you would hopefully both survive, and in that time, you couldn’t help the fact that feelings—both from the past and the present—began to emerge. You were falling for Taehyung, just as you had 160 years ago, and he was falling for you again too.
He began staying with you to make sure he was close in case something were to happen to you because of the curse, and you had to admit, you felt much safer having him around. Tonight had started out just like any other night for you two; Taehyung was crashing with you again, as usual, and the two of you were laying quietly side by side on your respective halves of your bed until an unexpected conversation—full of expressed feelings and nervous, late-night confessions—ended in a question that would potentially change everything for the two of you: “Can I kiss you?”
You weren’t sure if he had really meant it at first; you wanted him too, but you didn’t know if you were ready for what that meant for you both, and so you hoped maybe you had imagined it and he hadn’t really said it at all. But the tense pause which followed told you otherwise—he had said it and he meant it. You wanted him, and he wanted you, and so, you found yourself telling him yes.
The silence in the room was deafening. You rolled your head to the side on your pillow, tentatively turning your face towards Taehyung, and you were confronted right away by that intense gaze of his, burning into you. Your eyes instantly locked, and you stared at one another for a long moment, your breathing shallow and your noses only centimeters apart. It was Taehyung who began to lean in first, shifting closer to you beneath the heavy blankets, and his hands came up to gently cup your cheeks. His mouth easily found yours, like he had done so a thousand times before—and in another life, he had—and he kissed you with the gentleness only a lover could, slowly testing the waters at first until he began to grow greedier for you, deepening the kiss.
However, the moment your lips serendipitously met, you felt a profound shift deep inside of you. Every brush of Taehyung’s mouth against yours conjured a flash of images, a spinning carousel of memories coming back to you all at once—a whole life, you realized. A life you had lived 160 years ago until it was tragically cut short far too soon. You saw all of your happy moments, your sad ones, your triumphs and your failures, your laughter and tears, and they began to flow down your cheeks anew as Taehyung urgently pressed you into the pillows, his kisses growing more fervent while you steadfastly clung onto him.
You couldn’t find your words to communicate what was happening to you, all you could do was madly seek out Taehyung’s lips again and again as you crashed through every memory you ever had of him. Your head continued to spin with revelations; you could no longer separate what was then and what was now—there was only him and you, as vast as the sea and as eternal as the stars in the night sky. The person you had been in the past and the person you were today had become irrevocably merged into one by the kiss of the man who had loved you enough for two lifetimes. When the two of you briefly parted for a breath, only one thought was clear in your mind.
“As deep as the ocean and as endless as the stars,” you whispered, staring up at Taehyung with unblinking eyes as the words came back to you like the lyrics of a song you used to know. “My sweet, foolish husband,” you murmured with a sad smile, reaching up to caress his cheek.
“What?” he questioned, in almost disbelief of your words. He cradled your head in his hands, your faces less than a breath apart, but he could scarcely find his own voice, dumbstruck by your affectionate call he never thought he’d hear again.
“Taehyung… I remember.” You barely managed to string together a sentence—you couldn’t believe what you were saying, but it was true. Every kiss from Taehyung, every touch, seemed to bring back a flood of memories of your past together, like fog finally lifting, and behind it you found clarity. “When you kissed me… I remembered.”
“How much?” he asked you with shaking hands, seeming as breathless and dazed as you were.
“Everything,” you replied, your glossy stare focused squarely on the man above you. “I remember you, Taehyung… I remember us.” You were so completely overwhelmed right now, unsure if what you were feeling was old or new, but you knew that you felt it—you felt it all. Fresh tears pricked at the corners of your eyes, and you could see the same threatening to spill from Taehyung’s too as he shakily exhaled, leaning down to press his forehead against yours.
“I’ve waited over a century to hear those words,” he murmured, his voice thick with emotion. He tenderly stroked your cheek with the pad of his thumb, wiping away a stray teardrop that had managed to escape from beneath your lashes.
“I’m sorry it took me so long,” you whispered to him. You flattened your palms against the sides of his face, getting a good look at him for what felt like the first time in far too long, and you brushed his cutely disheveled hair away from his forehead.
“You were worth the wait,” he whispered back, his expression full of nothing but adoration for you.
“Taehyung…” you struggled to put your emotions into words, only to be cut off by his calming voice.
“As deep as the ocean and as endless as the stars,” he sweetly interrupted, already knowing exactly what it was you were trying to express.
“It sounds much better when you say it.” You giggled, a giddy grin spreading across your face.
These words were the only invitation Taehyung needed to collide your lips once again, only much more desperately this time. His tongue recklessly entangled with yours, and his hands clutched at you needily like he was afraid of losing you again if he let go, all the while hazy, sentimental visions of your past together danced behind your eyes.
“I love you.”
“Marry me?”
“I’m sorry.”
“Don’t go.”
Words you had spoken, moments you had shared, echoed through your head like beautiful shadows, and in the middle of it, was him. In your past, in your present, Taehyung was always there. He was on your skin, in your head—he was all around you—and still, you couldn’t get enough of him. He pushed himself on top of you, his body melding perfectly against yours as your lips set to work making up for lost time, and he held you tightly.
His mouth strayed from yours to kiss down your jawline, traveling lower and lower until he reached the neckline of your top. Eager to feel his warmth on more of your skin, you helped him pull the garment over your head, leaving your chest bare before him. Continuing his descent down the divide of your chest, his mouth wandered over your breasts, placing loving kisses across both of them, and making you mewl for him. He took one of your peaked nipples between his teeth and you yelped as he sucked hard at your sensitive skin, groping at your other breast with his free hand, and alternating his attention between them.
Suddenly missing you, he lifted his head back up to level with yours, and kissed up your collar, his balmy breath on your ear as he whispered to you; “Let me make love to you.” The request fell from his lips like a desperate plea. “Please,” he begged.
“All right,” you agreed, unable to begrudge him anything when he spoke to you so sweetly like this. “But, I… I’ve never…” you trailed off, unsure how to admit to him what you knew you needed to tell him before things could go any further.
“You’re a virgin?” he put together the rest, a look of realization crossing his handsome features. There wasn’t an ounce of judgement in his gaze as Taehyung stared down at you; he simply took in the information with patience and acceptance, and you were infinitely appreciative of that.
“Yeah.” You nervously nodded your head, flushing with heat from sudden embarrassment. It was true; although you now had a lifetime’s worth of intimate memories from before with Taehyung—which you were trying not to think about for the sake of not getting too flustered—in your current lifetime, you were short of experience in that regard. “I mean, I can remember now what it feels like from my past memories, but in this life… I was waiting for the right person. For you, I guess.”
“For me?” he repeated with a glimmer of hope in his dark eyes, softly cupping your cheek.
“Yeah.” A subtle smile found its way across your lips. “I want to be with you… again.” You looked up at Taehyung with a slightly anxious expression, but the smile on his face instantly wiped it away.
He was ecstatic with your response, pressing kiss after kiss into the side of your face and neck, while his hands snaked their way lower until they found the material of your pajama shorts. He slowly pushed them down, along with your panties, stripping you naked and completely exposed beneath him, but strangely, you didn’t feel an ounce of nervousness anymore—you felt comfortable. The realization suddenly dawned on you that you must have felt this way because Taehyung had seen you naked before in the past, and the thought put you more at ease with him.
You tugged at the fabric of his shirt, and he smirked in amusement at your impatience, removing the article of clothing at your request to match your vulnerability. Running your hands admiringly over his smooth chest, your fingers climbed up his shoulders to secure your arms around his neck, and pull him in for another kiss. He grinned against your lips, rolling his hips into yours, and you could feel the thick pressure of his length as he began to slowly grind himself against your exposed core. You whimpered into his mouth at the sensation, your body rising to meet him as if by its own accord, and he let out a groan of satisfaction, growing harder against your leg.
Taehyung kissed you passionately and without a thought of anything else in the world, his hands navigating your skin like a map he had written himself. He rhythmically dragged his clothed member along your glistening folds, each shock of friction making wetness drip out against his briefs, and leaving you whining for more. Only a thin barrier of cloth separated his skin from yours, a fact which you were both painfully aware of, and you were more than eager to rectify that problem.
You tentatively slipped your hand down between the two of you to find the elastic of his waistband, your fingers just beginning to dip beneath it when Taehyung caught your wrist with his rough hand.
“No,” he told you, carefully pinning your arm down to the bed. “I want to make you feel good first.” The look in his eyes was so tender—so loving—and it completely melted you as he reverently brushed his palm up your bare thigh. “Can I do that?” he asked you, waiting for your explicit permission before he continued.
You silently nodded, struck speechless by the way he was looking at you right now, as if you were the only person on earth who mattered to him. His lips lifted into a soft smile at your sign of agreement, and he made knee-weakening eye contact with you as he gently pushed at your shoulders, easing you back to lay against the pillows. His lips cascaded down your jawline and neck like waves on the shoreline leaving behind a myriad of beautiful shells, just as he littered your skin with intricate markings. You felt his warm fingers flutter along your waist, threading lower and lower until finally they were coasting over your thighs, tentatively trying to pry them open.
You instantly froze at the action, your insecurity causing you to go stiff beneath him and prevent him from seeing you at your most vulnerable.
“You’re being just as shy now as you were on our wedding night,” he commented with a chuckle of familiarity, rubbing his hand comfortingly up and down your calf. “Don’t you remember?” he asked.
You did remember it now. Your first night together you were so shaken up with nerves, but Taehyung had been so patient with you, and took things as slow as you needed to. As hot and heavy you two had been in your haste to finally get to touch each other after only supervised walks together and lingering stares at stuffy social events throughout your courtship, Taehyung hadn’t rushed you at all, and you were endlessly grateful for the thoughtful way he’d treated you that night (and every night after, for that matter). He was an attentive lover, and you loved that about him—you loved him.
“It’s just me, my love,” Taehyung softly reminded you, drawing you out of reminiscing by giving your knee a light, reassuring squeeze. “Relax.”
You loosened up at his words, letting out a shaky breath, and relaxing your tense muscles to finally allow Taehyung to part your legs. He nudged your thighs apart, using his knees to keep you spread for him as he brought two of his fingers up to your mouth and shoved them past your unexpecting lips. You sucked on them without hesitation, holding Taehyung’s lustful stare, and drawing a low growl from his throat at the lewd visual of you coating his two long digits with your saliva. While you were distracted, his other hand focused on your lonely lower lips, crawling up your inner thigh until he was prodding at your damp folds.
“So wet and I haven’t even touched you yet.” He smirked at the sight of you with your small mouth still wrapped obediently around his middle and ring finger. For a moment, he briefly recalled all the times he had seen you in this very same position, only with those sweet lips of yours wrapped around his cock instead, and he felt himself getting painfully hard against you. “Do you truly want me that badly?” he teased you to distract from his own growing lust, removing his digits from your mouth with a string of saliva.
“More than anything,” you panted out, your chest heaving from the way he was winding you up. You were absolutely under Taehyung’s spell right now; you were ready to give him anything he asked for, to take whatever he would give to you, and his lips twisted into a pleased grin at your willingness.
“I’ve wanted you more,” he sinfully whispered to you, his breath intoxicatingly warm as it fanned over your cheeks, and he replaced the hand he had at your entrance with the fingers you’d been sucking on, thrusting them into your wet heat.
“Shit, Taehyung,” you cursed, gripping onto his sturdy shoulders for support as he began to pump his digits shallowly inside you, stretching your walls in a way you had never experienced in this life. The sensation was strange—like an intrusion, but not an unwelcome one—and you wriggled as you tried to adjust to his presence inside you. He set a slow rhythm to start, easily hitting the spots you liked since he knew them like the back of his hand, and making you moan wantonly, instinctively bucking into his touch and driving his digits deeper. “Oh, fuck.” You groaned.
“You didn’t use to be so vulgar,” he tutted, slightly amused by your colorful modern-day vocabulary as he continued to fuck you with his two fingers. “If you keep swearing like that, I’ll have no choice but to fill up that filthy mouth of yours until you can’t anymore.” His words were a playful threat, but the idea made your cheeks heat and arousal cascade from your folds, a fact that didn’t go unnoticed by Taehyung. He smirked to himself, his fingers slick with your honey, and he pushed the pace of his pleasurable attack, striking deep. “You like that, don’t you? You like it when I tell you all the things I want to do to you?” he goaded.
“Mm… yes.” You nearly lost your train of thought completely as Taehyung’s thumb found its way to your clit, rubbing the pad against your sensitive bud in concert with every shove of his fingers into your needy core. You whined at the electrifying feeling, your body writhing beneath him, and you gripped tighter onto Taehyung’s forearms for some semblance of stability while he tore down every wall you had until you let him in completely.
“You’re doing so well, my love,” he praised you, his lips meeting your forehead in a doting kiss. How he could treat you so sweetly while his very touch was wreaking havoc between your legs was beyond you, but you found Taehyung’s devotion to you utterly endearing. He held you in his arms as if he wanted you all to himself; he wished he could keep you here like this, safe from the rest of the world where only he could see the lovely way you’d smile at him—where only he could hear the sweet sounds you’d make when he touched you.
“Kiss me,” you quietly implored him, stretching your hand out to fumble for his face, and bring his gaze down to meet yours. The words had barely left your lips before his own were replacing them. The kiss was messy, Taehyung’s open mouth insatiably lapping at yours while his tongue plunged heedlessly towards the back of your throat, and you struggled for breath between his smothering kisses and the propulsion of his lengthy digits into your pulsing chasm. But as imperfect as the moment might have been, it felt perfect to you, and you gave yourself over to it.
Your stomach felt tight as he forced himself into you over and over, the gratification it brought you each time increasing exponentially, and you recalled the familiar feeling from your memories. You knew what it meant; you were getting close to falling apart—to coming—and Taehyung knew that too. You were far too sensitive from never having been touched in such a way, so it didn’t take much from him to have you shaking and quivering like a leaf in his arms, and he wore a proud grin at the sight of your cute reactions.
He quieted your whining with affectionate kisses, nuzzling his nose against yours. “Won’t you come undone for me, Darling?” he coquettishly asked you, his voice low and seductive while his thumb remained pressed to your clit, sending spikes of ecstasy through your veins to soften each brutal rut of his fingers. “Come on… surrender to me.” He beckoned to you like a lighthouse calling a wayward ship back to safe harbor, and at last, you stopped resisting, letting him guide you there.
You came with a sharp gasp, your chest rising and falling rapidly as your body struggled to cope with the pleasure spreading through every cell of your being. Your legs trembled around Taehyung, and he slowed his pace to match your feverish shivers, stamping kisses into your skin like his own personal passport. You were thankful for the comforting weight of his body, as if he were the only thing keeping you anchored down to earth, and let him hold you as you came crashing down.
“That’s it, Darling,” he reassured you, giving you one more small tease from his fingers before he finally pulled them out from your dripping walls. You watched in stunned silence as he raised the two digits that had been inside you up to his perfect lips, popping them into his mouth and sucking them clean with satisfied sigh. “I can’t wait to taste you properly,” he drawled. Your whole body heated up at his forward statement. His onyx eyes were filled with desire, a hunger that threatened to swallow you up and give nothing back, and although you wanted to give into him more than anything, you hesitated.
“Taehyung, wait—” you tentatively reached out to pull at his arm in an attempt to stall things, but Taehyung wasn’t phased. You wanted him to do what he was implying—you really wanted that—but you weren’t sure if you were ready for all of that attention so soon after coming once already, and you began to question yourself all over again.
“There’s no point trying to hide from me now,” he simply pacified you, seeing right through your nerves to the part of you that wanted him just as desperately as he wanted you. “Just stay still and let me treat you like the goddess you are to me,” he charmingly insisted, leaning down to press kisses of admiration all over your face until you finally giggled, folding to his sweet persuasion.
Taehyung had a way of making you feel safe, and wanted, and so endlessly adored, that you found yourself willing to trust him with anything. You trusted him with your heart just as you had over a century ago, and you surrendered to him willingly.
“Okay.” You nodded, settling back against the pillows once again. “I trust you,” you told him, gazing up at him through eyes filled with faith.
Taehyung smiled at this, taking your hand in his, and bringing it up to his lips so he could place a delicate kiss to your knuckles, lingering there for just a moment before he was descending towards your body once again. He shuffled back from you a bit on the bed, lowering his head between your unsteady legs, and taking both of your ankles into his hands to lift them over his broad shoulders.
You nearly jumped at the feeling of his nose gently nuzzling into your inner thigh, but soon let out a deep exhale of delight when his lips latched onto your sensitive flesh, and he harshly sucked to leave his own mark on you there. He took his sweet time with you, mouthing torturous kisses and tiny lovebites along your soft skin all the way up to where you were wanting him the most, and you fidgeted in anticipation under his touch as his sweet mouth finally reached your dewy folds, his hot breath making you shiver involuntarily.
“You’ve always been so sensitive,” he cooed at you, rubbing soothing circles into your hips before he took a more firm grip on them. “I love getting you all wound up like this,” he mused, his grin endearingly mischievous as he leaned in, and his lips finally made contact with your lower ones.
You let out a quiet gasp as Taehyung poked out his tongue, coasting along your slick divide to get his first real taste of you. He sighed in content like a traveler quenching his thirst after a long journey your familiar, tantalizing taste only reigniting his desire for you, and it wasn’t long before he was diving in for more. This time he grew more bold, flattening his tongue against your slit and taking a long, lewd lick, and you convulsed in rapture.
“Oh, Taehyung,” you breathlessly murmured his name, your hands fumbling through his hair for purchase, and taking a tight grip on his dark locks. He dipped his hot muscle into you again and again, each time a bit deeper—a bit more rapacious. His lips effortlessly located your clit, sucking at it through his teeth, and making you thrash from the intense pleasure of it. “Taehyung, please, it’s t-too much,” you nearly sobbed out, so completely overwhelmed by this euphoric feeling that was both so familiar and so unfamiliar at the same time. You pulled at the hair on the back of Taehyung’s neck, trying to momentarily pull him away from your modesty, but he didn’t budge.
He briefly came up for air, his jet eyes flicking up to meet your clouded irises. “I can’t stop until you come again, my love,” he sympathetically quieted your protests, tightening his possessive hold on you. “Just let me take care of you, all right?” He pressed his lips to your thigh in a comforting kiss, instantly calming you. His persistence with you was born out of love; Taehyung was pushing you to your limit because he knew you well enough to gauge just how much you could handle, and he also knew that you would need at least another orgasm to help numb the pain that taking your virginity would inevitably bring. He was thinking only of you—he wanted to make you feel good.
He waited until you finally gave him a small, feverish nod to continue before he buried his face between your thighs once again, his mouth and tongue working double time to bring you closer to your next high, and drinking you in like you were water to him—like he needed you to live. His dull nails dug into your hips, holding you down while you squirmed and struggled against him, and he relished in the sweet calls of his name that flowed from your lips, spurring him on in his conquest. You choked on a moan, Taehyung’s nose grazing your clit in his voracious plundering of your folds, and you swore you nearly passed out from bliss.
He could tell from the way you were heaving and trembling that you were close again, and he sped up his passionate onslaught against you, pushing you recklessly right over the edge where he was waiting to catch you. Your second orgasm was even more intense than the first, your vision shook and blurred, and you fisted Taehyung’s hair as you rode out the wave, his head still nestled between your legs to swallow every last drop of your sweet nectar. As you began to gain back your senses, he softly kitten-licked at your folds, cleaning you up until he was finally satisfied.
He climbed back up to grab at your face, kissing you sloppily with the remnants of your juices still glistening on his lips and chin like a sugary glaze, and you readily kissed him back. You were feeling so completely dazed—so dizzy, and giddy, and happy—that you could barely keep your thoughts straight. All you knew for sure was that you were entranced by Taehyung, and he by you. You could feel his length stiff and heavy through the fabric of his briefs while the two of you shared sensuous kisses, brushing against your skin, longing to be touched, and you knew he was getting desperate.
“I need you,” he pleaded with you between the frantic movement of his lips against yours. “I need you so badly I can’t even think.” He rested his forehead against yours, both of you laboring for breath and glistening with sweat, and you could sense his yearning. “Can I?” he begged.
“Do it,” you said, looking into his eyes with more clarity than you’d ever felt. “I’m ready, Taehyung.”
He nodded at your answer, stroking your hair back, and pressing a kiss of encouragement to your temple. Reaching down to wrap his arms around you, he lifted you out from under him, placing you down on his lap so that you were straddling his covered erection. He had one arm secured behind your back to hold you upright, the other traveling downward to push at his thin waistband and free his rigid member at last.
He pumped his hand up and down himself a few times, and your eyes widened at the size of him. You supposed you should’ve remembered since he was once your husband, but you didn’t realize how large he was until you saw him with your own eyes, and you silently hoped he’d go easy on you. Gingerly pressing his tip to your slick entrance, he used his hold on your body to raise you up, and slowly eased you down onto his hard length. It felt like he was splitting apart your walls as he sank you down onto him—he was too big, too thick, too much—and you winced as he pushed all the way in until you were flush against his lap.
“Taehyung—” you hissed, clawing at his firm biceps and leaving nail marks as every muscle within you clenched to cope with the sting in your lower body. You were wet enough that he slid in easily, but it wasn’t enough to completely numb the pain of the stretch, and moisture pricked at the corners of your eyes from the intensity of the sensation. “It hurts,” you pathetically whined.
“Shh, it’s okay,” Taehyung tenderly hushed you, kissing away the small tears which trickled down your cheeks. “It’s okay.” He peppered your face, neck, and chest with soft kisses, letting you get used to the feeling of his cock inside you. “You can take it, I know you can,” he encouraged you, smoothing your hair. “I’ve got you.” He embraced you tightly, remaining buried within you, and not daring to move until you’d had a second to adjust.
Only after a few moments, when you seemed to be feeling more comfortable with him, did he cautiously reach for your waist again. Lifting you up by the hips, he tentatively brought you back down onto his length to test out how well you’d handle it. His girth slid perfectly between your silky walls—it felt extremely tight, but enticing at the same time—and though it still stung a bit, it wasn’t nearly as bad as the first time. You let him repeat the motion, and that time you felt the first pricks of real pleasure sparking deep within you, letting out an unexpectedly loud moan.
“Feels good?” Taehyung eagerly asked, pleased to see that you were starting to warm up to him. “Stop me if I’m hurting you too much,” he told you with a serious look in his eyes. He knew from experience that you had a tendency to be passive and just let things happen, and he didn’t want to run the risk of you letting him hurt you somehow.
“No, it’s good.” You shook your head, not wanting to stop in the slightest. It had felt uncomfortable at first, but now, as he hesitantly slid you up and down on his thick member, you couldn’t deny that it was starting to feel good—really good. Gathering up your courage, you decided to try taking over control from Taehyung for just a moment, pulling yourself up and lowering back onto him while he uttered a deep, carnal groan.
“God, yes. That’s it, Darling.” He muttered words of praise against your neck, moving your hair to expose your collar to his greedy lips. “Do that again,” he implored you, nibbling on your skin to add to the collection of marks already there as you heeded his request. With Taehyung’s hands helping to support your weight, you rose up on his lap again, spearing yourself onto him a bit faster this time, and Taehyung grunted in approval.
He took your advance as a greenlight to be a little less cautious with you, and gradually picked up the pace, beginning to push and pull you against his body faster, and increasing the pleasure you were receiving thanks to the way he was expertly hitting your most secret spots. You whimpered in response to the sensations, your short nails dragging over Taehyung’s shoulder and down his back while you bobbed up and down on his lap
“Taehyung.” You moaned right in his ear, driving him wild with lust. “Harder,” you begged, your fingers digging into his smooth skin. “Please.”
“Anything for you,” he affectionately panted back, tightening his grip around your waist, and shoving you onto his cock with more force. The tip of his length grazed your cervix as he did this, and you moaned shamelessly loud, throwing your head back in rapture, and swiveling your hips forward to meet each accelerating thrust he gave you.
“There,” you cried, trying your best to match the pace Taehyung had set to hold him in place. He happily obliged your request, going at you from the same angle to make sure he kept hitting the spot that made you whine so adorably. You timed each roll of your body to meet his, taking him in as deep as you could bear him, and wringing out desperate sounds from him that turned you on so much you felt yourself gushing onto his lap.
“You know just how to please me, don’t you?” he relished in your growing confidence, enjoying the endearing innocence of your fumbling moments in your effort to make this feel good for him. It didn’t matter that you lacked experience in this life, you were you, and that alone was enough to make this night unforgettable for Taehyung. “You always did.” He affectionately smiled up at you.
His words made you beam with pride, and you took his face between your shaking hands, kissing him ravenously. He raked his touch across your scorched skin, grasping at you with more fervor than ever before, and you didn’t even register that you were so close to another climax until it suddenly closed in on you, cresting over you like a tidal wave. You momentarily lost control of your body, the dam inside you giving way to a tsunami of ecstasy, and Taehyung rushed in to support you, shouldering the brunt of the work it took to keep you moving against him while you gave yourself over to your consuming bliss.
He slid his wide palms up your back, locking his strong arms around you to keep you flush against his chest, and rutting his hips upwards to collide with yours right through your orgasm. You had never felt so many emotions at once; happiness, longing, lust, desperation, and… something else. Love, you realized. This thought filled you with a sense of serenity as you stumbled from your high. You were starting to feel fatigued due to how late it was and how much effort it was taking to be on top and you let your head rest against Taehyung’s shoulder, your body bouncing with each thrust.
“Are you tired, Darling?” he asked, immediately noticing your slow movements. While Taehyung had more than enough stamina to keep fucking you, he knew that it was well after midnight, and he also knew that you were probably sore and spent after everything he’d put you through, so he figured it was probably time to wrap things up.
You lazily nodded against him, and he gradually decreased the rhythm you both had set, pulling out of you and letting you rest on his lap for a moment. Your walls clenched around nothing, mourning the sudden loss of friction, but before you could even open your mouth to protest, Taehyung was pushing you down into the plush comforter to lay flat on your stomach.
“Just hold on a little longer, my love,” he insisted, hovering over your back, and pinning your body comfortably down against the mattress. He took your thighs in his grasp to spread you open from behind, and in only moments he was entering you again from a new angle, pulling your backside in to meet him, and burying himself to the hilt.
“That feels… good.” You let out a strangled sound of delight, relaxing into him as he collided straight into your g-spot. As tired as you were, you weren’t about to say no to more of Taehyung, especially when it felt so amazing. “I… I like that,” you shyly admitted, wanting him to keep doing whatever it was he was doing right now that had your inner walls—and your heart—fluttering around him.
“I know you do.” Taehyung grinned in satisfaction. “I know exactly what you like,” he boasted to you, his mouth right on your ear as he spoke. “I know every curve of your body…” He ran his wide palms down your back, tracing your soft silhouette with his hands as he rammed into you. “I know every inch of your skin,” he rasped, his chest pressed right up against your back. “I know you, Y/N.”
The pressure lock in the pit of your stomach was back sooner than you expected, your self-control completely obliterated by the sheer number of times Taehyung had made you come tonight, and it threatened to take you into the depths of your passion once again. The way Taehyung was now recklessly plowing into you was only hastening your descent, but he didn’t slow down; he wanted to feel you come undone for him again, and he wouldn’t stop until he got you there, pushing himself between your walls with ferocity.
“You always liked it when I fucked you hard and fast because I’d make you come so hard your toes would curl,” he muttered filthy words to you as he made a mess of your dripping core, his breathing as unstable as his pace was turning. “But I liked to go slow just to hear the way you’d whine for me.” He stalled things a bit, leisurely dragging his length out of you and pushing it back in painfully slowly to make you whimper. “Just like that.” He smirked in smugness at your desperate sounds.
The torment of Taehyung rutting between your overstimulated walls was becoming almost too much to take anymore, the bursts of delicious pleasure that came with each rough impulsion of his length completely inundating your senses, and you were practically begging for a release from everything. You didn’t even have time to warn him as you collapsed into your own personal heaven at last, your trembling walls clenching around Taehyung’s warm cock still buried deep inside you, and he let out a strangled moan.
“I’m almost there too, Darling,” he assured you, continuing to fuck you as you shook through the aftershocks of yet another orgasm. “I love you.” He blurted out in the heat of the moment, burying his face in the junction of your neck and shoulder, and clinging onto you almost bruisingly tightly. “God, I love you so much.” He scorched the words into your skin with his lips, making sure you could never erase them, even if you tried. “Tell me you love me too—please,” he demanded, his thrusting more unpredictable than ever as his own climax threatened to bring him down with you.
“I… I love you, Taehyung,” you honestly replied, not sure if the feelings had bubbled up from your past or from your present, but knowing that in this moment, you truly meant them. “I love you.”
“Fuck, I’m going to come,” he flusteredly cursed, your sweet declaration being the last straw for his control. He quickly pulled out, rolling you over onto your back so he could look at your face, and hastily thrusting back in to give you a few last hurried strokes before he faltered against you, spilling his load inside you with a guttural grunt.
His body collapsed on top of yours, your chests pressed snugly together, and hearts racing in disorganized synchronization. Your head was spinning, your body feeling so light and yet so heavy at the same time, and you stared almost disoriented up at the ceiling over Taehyung’s shoulder as his brawny body rested against you, lost in your own trance-like, euphoric daze.
“Are you all right, my love?” Taehyung was the first to speak, taking your chin in his grasp and scanning your face for any sign of discomfort.
“Yeah, I think so.” You blinked yourself back into reality, taking stock of your emotions and your own physical state. “Just exhausted… and sore,” you admitted with a wry laugh, your muscles stiff.
“I’m sorry,” he apologized, his lovely eyes marred by guilt and regret. “I should’ve been much more careful with you, but I… just couldn’t help myself.”
“Don’t apologize, I wanted it.” You shook your head, quickly dispatching his worries. “You were perfect, Taehyung,” you reassured him, pressing your hand to his cheek to force him to meet your eyes so he could see your love for him in them. “I couldn’t have asked for a better second first time with you.” You couldn’t help but laugh at your own strange circumstances, lightening the mood.
“Well, I’m glad.” He laughed along with you, his beautiful smile taking away all of your tiredness for just a moment. “But… I’m afraid I’ve really done a number on you this time,” he tutted, surveying your disarrayed state until his face suddenly lit up with an idea. He peeled himself off of you, pushing his body up from bed, and giving your cheek an affectionate pinch. “Wait here,” he said, leaving you to watch him disappear behind your bathroom door, and trying not to stare too obviously at his very cute butt as he walked away.
You weren’t sure how long he was gone—it could have been just minutes, but to your tired mind, it felt like hours—and your heavy eyelids began to weigh down on you, pulling you into that hazy stage between sleep and wakefulness. It wasn’t until you felt warm hands lightly tugging at your body that you stumbled back into awareness.
“Get up, Darling,” Taehyung’s deep, soothing voice greeted you from the borders of sleep. He was slipping his hands underneath your back, trying to pull you up, but you went limp, your overworked limbs refusing to move an inch.
“Nooo, I’m too tired,” you whined like a petulant child, trying to wriggle out of Taehyung’s grasp.
“I’ll carry you,” he promised, trying to persuade you to cooperate with him. “Just hold onto me,” he insisted, spreading his arms open for you.
You sleepily blinked up at him where he stood, leaning over your bedside with a patient smile. “Okay,” you conceded, reaching out towards him, and letting him scoop you up into his chest.
He carried you towards the bathroom, nudging the door open with his foot, and bringing you into the room. You squinted in the dimness, your eyes landing on the bathtub, which sat steaming and filled with fluffy bubbles, a sweet-smelling candle lit by its side bathing the room in warm light.
Taehyung crossed towards it, stepping into the tub and sinking down into the water with you. He kept you close, spreading his legs around you and caging you between them, your head laying lazily against his chest while his arms surrounded you.
“So nice,” you mumbled, settling into the pleasant warmth of the bath water and Taehyung’s body. “Thank you,” you quietly said, nestling into him.
“I’ve missed this.” He smiled softly down at you, his fingers stroking through your hair. “I missed you,” he admitted, his expression sentimental.
“You missed me?” you questioned, gazing up at him through bleary eyes. “What do you mean?”
“160 years we were apart, and in all of that time, there was not a single moment that I didn’t love you. I never stopped—not even for a second,” he thought aloud, scooping up some tepid water with his hand and letting it roll over you. “Every day I longed for you, and every night I dreamed of you. And I waited. I waited for you to come back to me.” There was a bittersweetness in his voice; he spoke of you fondly, but there was heartbreak behind his words that split your own heart in two.
“160 years is a long time to wait for someone.” You frowned, your fingers tracing absentminded shapes into his chest as he reached for the soap, lathering it over your skin and gently washing you.
“I would have waited 160 more,” he declared without the slightest hint of doubt, trailing his soapy hands down your body and leaving no inch of you untouched. “For you, I could have waited a thousand years.” He paused in cleaning you up to stare romantically down into your eyes, and the intensity sent butterflies through your stomach.
“How could you be so patient?” you asked him, in complete awe of his unshakable devotion to you.
“Because I love you as deep as the ocean and as endless as the stars, remember?” he reminded you with a mesmerizing smile. “That means that I love you more than anyone has ever loved another person… It means that I will love you forever. So never leave me again, you hear me?” he playfully commanded, but you knew he was partly serious. “I want you by my side—always. Promise me?”
“I promise,” you sleepily nodded in agreement, on the verge of losing your consciousness again.
“You’re half-asleep, dearest,” he chuckled with an amused shake of his head. “You probably won’t even remember this conversation tomorrow.”
“No, I will,” you groggily insisted, forcing yourself to gingerly raise your hand. “Pinky swear,” you said, holding out your little finger towards him.
He eyed you with a dubious look, staring down at your adorable offering for a moment. “All right.” He finally caved in at last, cracking a subtle grin, and locking his pinky with yours. “Pinky swear,” he repeated your words back to you, bringing your interlocked fingers up to his lips, and sealing your secret late-night promise with a kiss.
When he looked back down at you, he found you slumped against his chest, your eyes screwed shut in peaceful dreaming. He let out a quiet snort, pushing your damp hair away from your face, and smiling down at your sleeping form.
“Goodnight, Darling,” he whispered to you, his lips softly grazing your forehead. “Sweet dreams.”
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drquinzelharleen · 3 years ago
Try my Luck
Try my Luck (m)
Words: 11.6k
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Genre/Warning: Teacher!au: fluff, angst and smut (in the end)
Summary: When your sister passed away a few years ago you took in her two kids, Yoongi and Jimin. You were happy to do it. Now Jimin was going into kindergarten and you were so worried. But when Jimin comes home talking about his new kindergarten teacher, Taetae everyday. You start to wonder who this man is. Turns out he was just what your little family needed. 
AN: I’m just really soft for Taehyung lately and I needed something fluffy and kind hearted. Hope you enjoy~
Tumblr media
“Alright, so remember what I said-“ you started to go off on your fourth tangent of the morning. “Y/N,” Yoongi sighed as you moved forward in the carpool lane. “We’ve been over this. I’ll take care of Jimin. I have to walk by his classroom anyway.” “I’m a big kid. I can do things myself.” Jimin said with his chest puffed in his car seat. You and Yoongi both looked at him and he deflated a bit. “But I don’t want to get lost so…” “I can handle it. I am in fourth grade, you know.” Yoongi said sassily.
“Ah, excuse me, Mr. Big Shot.” You chuckled, turning back to the front to pull up. “Are you nervous, Chimchim?” You asked, looking through your rear view mirror to see his puffy cheeks as he smiled at you.
“I told you mom, I’m excited.” He jiggled his legs in his car seat and your heart warmed. Jimin was just a baby when his mother, your sister, and their father past away in a car wreck. So he just called you mom most of the time. You didn’t want to stop him. You wanted him to have as normal as a life he could. Yoongi was in first grade when it happened. But you just told him to call him whatever he wanted so he dropped the aunt, just calling you by your name.
“Okay, I’m just making sure because I can take you in.” You said pulling up to where they needed to get out.
“You want to be cool?” Yoongi said and Jimin nodded, his cheeks full. Jimin thought the world of Yoongi so whatever Yoongi said, goes, in his mind. “You don’t go in with an adult then.”
“Yoongi he’s five.” You sighed, “I’m cool.” You said but you definitely felt uncool.
“You are cool, mom~” Jimin said and you smiled as Yoongi unbuckled himself and Jimin.
“Bye, Y/N.” Yoongi said as he got out and Jimin followed.
“Bye! Good luck today! Call me if you need me.” You said as Jimin smiled, “Bye mom!” He and Yoongi slammed the door shut and ran inside and you reluctantly went home. You cried all the way there. You couldn’t believe that they were growing as fast as they were. It was only a half day so you just stopped by work. You’re family owned a horse ranch and summer camp. And when your parents passed they left it to you, your sister and your younger brother Jungkook. Jungkook was in college now so you only saw him during the holidays and during the summer for work if he wasn’t with his girlfriends family. He was the favorite camp counselor amongst the girls. But you lived on the property not far from all the action. You loved your job and you were happy to have made family with the people that worked for you.
This was all that you really had and that wasn’t sad to you. It was just hard sometimes. You loved the kids though and you wanted Yoongi and Jimin to grow up with amazing memories of this place like you did. They even had their own horses. Yoongi was quite good and you never expected him to love it as much as he did. His horse was named Montana and Jimin’s was Chimmy. Chimmy was actually your horses son which made Jimin love him even more since you were basically his mom in his eyes. When Chimmy was born he was premature and had to have an emergency birth. So you had actually raised him a lot in the house. It sounded chaotic but Chimmy barley did much as a newborn until Yoongi decided it was time for him to walk and he and Jimin spent all their time marking Chimmy run around the house and backyard.
It was weird to have a horse live in the house for a few months but the boys had such fond memories of it. They both saw Chimmy as theirs. Plus they would grow up interesting and that’s what you hoped for. You lived in a pretty small town. Most everyone knew of you and your family’s tragedy. People called you a hero for taking in your nephews but you just knew it was your duty. You loved them before they were yours and you’ll love them even when your cold in the ground.
You tried sitting at your desk but all you could think about was Jimin. You knew Yoongi was fine. He had his two best friends Jin and Namjoon to keep him company. Jimin was young and shy so of course you worried. “Y/N, if you tap that pencil any harder it’s going to break.”
“Sorry, Leo.” You sighed.
“It’s fine, I know you’re worried. But Jimin’s a great kid. He’ll be fine. Plus it’s almost time to go get them.” Leo’s smile was small as he looked up at you. He was your right hand man. He had been your best friend when you were younger and you had even dated. Until your sister passed and you pushed him away to take care of the kids. You figured he might wait around for you, but he fell in love with an intern that started working there and you couldn’t be mad at him. In your mind you knew it was never meant to be. But a part of you would always adore him. “Why don’t you head out early, be the first in line to get them? You don’t have any appointments today anyway.”
“Don’t need to tell me twice.” You said as you grabbed your bag and headed out. You got to the door and Leo let out a small chuckle. “Thanks, Leo. I owe you one.”
“You already are my best friend. That’s enough for me.” He said and you smiled before running out to your Jeep. You knew you’d be early but you were ready to hear about their days.
The boys both hopped into your car, excitedly talking to one another. “Hello, kiddos. How was everything?” You stared to drive as they got buckled up.
“It was amazing!” Jimin said making big hand gestures. “Mom, I had so much fun! My teacher, Mr. TaeTae-“
“Taetae?” You and Yoongi asked in unison.
“It’s hard to say his full name. Tae-hyung.” A sight lisp came out as Jimin slowly said his new teachers name.
“Ah, so cute.” You said quietly.
“He was so cool! He told us about dinosaurs. They have razor sharp teeth and roar-“ Jimin demonstrated making you jump but laugh. “Did you know that dinosaurs lay eggs?”
“Duh,” Yoongi said and Jimin made a sad face.
“Well, I didn’t… Mom, is that how babies are born?”
Yoongi didn’t say anything, curious himself. “Um- well they come from eggs but inside of you.” You didn’t know what to say without horribly scaring or confusing them.
“Eggs hatch inside your body?” Jimin asked astonished.
“Uh- Yoongi how was your day?” You asked suddenly.
Both boys told you about their time at school enthusiastically. And during the week you had heard most everything about Jimin’s day from when he first walked in to when he got in your car. You felt like you knew everything about this teacher of his, Taehyung. Taehyung seemed very silly and sweet. They had learned about certain wild animals and Taehyung would apparently act them out. Howling like a wolf or roaring like a dinosaur. You heard it all. So you were more than interested when the next two weeks it was finally time for the open house at their school. You knew Yoongi’s teacher. You had even had her yourself when you were his age. That’s how small the town was.
You were late to Jimin’s classroom welcoming. Your old teacher wanting to tell you how nice it was to see you and how Yoongi was the perfect student but ‘too quiet,’ wondering if he should go to counseling. “He’s always been quiet. You don’t know him. Anyway, I’m late. Thanks again,” You said flatly as you left. You knew you shouldn’t take it personally but you didn’t like others telling you how to raise the kids. They went through enough as it is. You weren’t about to hurt them more by sticking them in therapy because some old bat said they were ‘too quiet’ after two weeks of knowing them.
You sighed with relief when you saw that the welcoming hadn’t started yet. You chucked to yourself, seeing the parents and adults sitting in the small chairs and tables that was labeled with the child’s name. You were startled as the door closed behind you and a tall, thin, boxy smiled man walked to the teachers desk. “Hello everyone, please have a seat.” Some were sat and others just stared at him. “Oh come on,” He said playfully. “You’re supposed to be getting the feeling of what they do day to day, right?” His smile over powered everyone as they did what he said.
You found Jimin’s name and sat at his desk. Your heart melted as there was even a picture drawn in crayon for you. All parents got one and you smiled to yourself as it was Jimin riding a triceratops, which was now is new favorite animal, with you and Yoongi waving in the back. It needed a frame, you already decided this was hanging at your office with the one Yoongi made of all of you riding your horses. Even Leo had a framed picture that you’d given him for Christmas one year that Yoongi drew of him looking very somber but he loved it.
“I’m Taehyung, your children probably call me Taetae.” Some parents nodded. “So right now we’re learning cursive and multiplication.” Taehyung laughed at the parents reaction. “I’m just joking. Although, they’re all so smart. I’m sure they could handle it. Right now, we’re working on their math skills. On the east wall we have math ice cream.” Everyone looked to the wall to see papers with cones and fuzzy balls glued to them with numbers on top.
Taehyung went on to talk, showing art projects and so on. He was so young, you mean, you were too but he must have been right out of school. He seemed sweet and the other parents seemed to adore him. He started to talk to each parent as others walked around looking at things. You were going through Jimin’s things, seeing his letters improve. You got up seeing there were only a few people left in the room as Taehyung smiled, walking up to you.
“Oh, hi I’m-“
“Let me guess! Jimin’s mom?” Taehyung said excitedly.
“Wow, you’re good.” You said and he just laughed.
“Well, you look alike… but you’re also the only one I haven’t talked to yet.” Taehyung said truthfully and you smiled.
“Oh, well- I mean, I’m not his mom but I do take care of him. He’s my nephew.”
Taehyung looked like he wanted to ask more about it but just nodded. “Well, I feel like I know you almost. Jimin never stops speaking of you. You tame wild horses?”
Your eyes widened before you laughed. “I mean, I have but I own the ranch and camp in the mountains. It’s not too far from here.”
“Yeah! I went to camp with my friend Minho there. It was a blast. I thought you looked familiar. I think we went to high school together.”
“Did we? Because you look like a baby.”
“Thank you?” He chuckled.
“Sorry, you just seem so young.”
“I mean, I take it as a compliment. I was a loser so...”
“Oh, don’t say that.” You grinned. “Jimin thinks the world of you. I feel like I know you very well myself. Jimin thinks you’re the cat’s pajamas.”
Taehyung blushed, “Don’t tell the other parents but Jimin’s my favorite.” He whispered. You just smiled brightly as you made a motion to keep his secret. “I mean, those chubby cheeks are so hard to resist.” Taehyung said truthfully.
“I know! Like when he pouts I just can’t-“
“Excuse me, Mr. Kim-“ another parent intervened and you forgot that he was Jimin’s teacher for a second. “Can I steal you for a second?”
“Oh,” he looked at you and you nodded. “Sure, I’ll be right there.” They smiled as they walked away.
“Sorry-“ you both said before laughing together.
“It was nice to finally met the wild horse tamer.” Taehyung reached his hand out.
“It was nice to finally met, Taetae.” You shook his hand and his laugh filled you with happiness.
“Hope to see you soon. We’re having parent job- day- type thing in a few months or so. I’m sure the kids would love to know about horses.”
“Sounds good,” you nodded as he smiled one last time and walked away.
When you got home, both boys ran to the door. “Mom!” Jimin yelled as he jumped into your arms. “Hey, Chim. Yoongi,” You ruffled the elders hair as he hugged your side, taking your hand to lead you inside.
“Y/N, I’m hungry.” You chuckled at Yoongi’s words.
“And here I thought you were happy to see me.”
“I am!” Jimin said and you grinned as you gave both cheeks a sloppy kiss and he laughed, whipping it off.
“Did you just wipe off my kisses?” You asked and Jimin smiled, “No…” You made a face as you kissed him some more, saying in between kisses, “I saw you did! You liar!”
“Hi, Y/N” the kids babysitter, and your late mothers best friend, got up off the couch.
“Hi, Mrs. Barbara. How were they?” You asked as you sat Jimin down.
“Wonderful as always.”
“That’s good to hear.” You smiled. She gathered her things as the doorbell rang.
“Who’s that?” Jimin asked.
“Well, I knew we’d all be hungry so I got... pizza!”
“Yes!” Yoongi ran to open the door and you chased after him. “Boy, are you paying?” He flung the door back and smiled as the pizza was given to him as you paid and Mrs. Barbara left. “Thanks again, for watching them.”
“Of course, you know I love getting to see them. You’re mother would be so proud. Especially of you. You’ve really done a terrific job, Y/N.” You felt shy as she just smiled and said goodbye.
You went back in and the boys were already eating at the dining room table. You liked making them eat there with you instead of in front of the tv. That was for the weekends. You got them drinks as the both asked you about your night.
“Did my teacher say I was good?” Yoongi asked.
“Very good.” You answered.
“Good. She annoying.” Yoongi said.
“Yoongi,” You said trying to hide a laugh. Happy he had your judgment.
“Mom, did you meet Taehyung?” Jimin asked, mouth full of pizza.
“Chew first, ew.” You said and both boys laughed as you sat, handing them their drinks as they thanked you in unison. “I did, I also met Hoseok’s parents. They said your his best friend?”
“Yeah! He’s really awesome. He can dance crazy! He can even do the robot.”
“Woah, the robot?”
“Yeah, he even taught me.” Jimin said cooly.
“He did?” You asked in disbelief. “That’s a cool friend.”
“Did you like Taetae?” Jimin asked, side eying you.
“I did, he seems like a lot of fun. He’s very funny like you said.” You answered and Jimin’s smile was like the sun, so bright. He seemed so happy and proud you liked Taehyung. You did like Taehyung, you hoped to see him again soon.
“Alright, just a few more houses and then we’re going home. You still have school tomorrow.” You said as you and the boys were walking around trick or treating. Yoongi was dressed as Batman, Jimin was Superman and of course you had to be Wonder Woman or the ‘whole concept wouldn’t work’ according to Yoongi.
“I’m gonna eat all this candy tonight,” Jimin whispered to Yoongi.
“No, you most certainly are not.” You said and both boys sighed as you walked up to the next house. “You can have a few pieces but no way am I letting the two of you get rowdy and high on sugar.”
Yoongi ran the doorbell since Jimin’s couldn’t reach it and it quickly opened. “Y/N, hi! Happy Halloween boys!”
“Happy Halloween!” The boys chanted with a big smile.
“Mrs. Kim, how are you?” You asked, feeling silly in this costume. Mrs. Kim was the judge that gave you custody of the children. You admired her a lot and you were ever thankful. Your life had meaning because of her.
“I’m doing just fine, dear. My son was just opening the last bag of candy.” She turned to yell, “Taehyung, we have guest!”
“Taehyung-“ your heart dropped realizing you were in this costume. “Taehyung?” Jimin said excitedly and Taehyung appeared in a Thor costume.
“Is that my favorite kindergartener I hear?” Taehyung asked as Jimin jumped with adoration, hugging Taehyung’s leg. He was so tall compared to Jimin who was the shortest in his class.
“Ah, it’s so good to see you, Superman! And you brought the Justice League!” Taehyung said as Jimin jumped up and down, still so happy to see him.
“You’re a part of the Avengers?” Yoongi asked.
“Well, you should have given me a heads up. I could have been the flash. I am pretty fast.” Taehyung said as Yoongi nodded slowly, “I’d have to see for myself.”
“Oh, of course. You’re very smart. Like a true Bruce Wayne.” Taehyung said as he opened the candy. “I’ll give you both extra, since I think you have the best costumes.” Taehyung whispered the last part. He stood back up looking at you, “You look the best though.”
“Oh… this old thing?” You joked and his smile brightened your day. “You look pretty great if I do say so myself. The hair is just to die for.” You expressed and Taehyung giggled. Yoongi eyed you as you spoke again. “I didn’t know this was your son, Mrs. Kim. He’s Jimin’s-“
“Kindergarten teacher, I know. I love hearing about him every Saturday morning when Taehyung takes me out for brunch. Jimin’s got quite the imagination.” She said smiling down at him and he relished in the praise.
Some more people started to walk up and you quickly said goodbye. “Hope to see you soon,” Mrs. Kim said as Taehyung pat Jimin’s head, “I’ll see you tomorrow, kiddo.” He smiled up at you ask you took the boys hands. “Hope to see you soon!”
“Hope so too,” You and the boys walked off as they started to fight over sharing candy.
You were at work the next day when you got a call. Leo was out for lunch as you were filing paperwork. You picked up your phone not knowing who it was but saw it was from your town. “Hello?”
“Y/N!” A ecstatic voice answered. “Sorry to bother you. It’s Taehyung, hello.”
Your grin to yourself was overpowering. “Hey,” suddenly you were nervous. “Wait- is everything okay? Where’s Jimin?”
“Oh- oh my god no, he’s fine! I’m sorry, they’re at lunch. I was just calling to talk about career day. I got your number from his file. I’m sorry,” he chuckled. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”
You calmed down slightly, “I’m just glad he’s alright.”
“No, of course… I was gonna email you but I thought this would be better…”
“Sure, um- please continue.” You gulped as you still felt slightly nervous, not sure what to to with your hands. You put your phone on speaker, grabbing a pen and paper to take notes but also to put in front of your desk fan because you were sweating.
“Great! Well, it’s November 10th from 10 to 11:30 before their lunch time. I was hoping we could get you to come and talk about what you do at the ranch. What it’s like to tame wild horses. Apparently you do an outstanding imitation of a horse that I must see.” Taehyung’s voice was sweet and interested.
“Oh god, no. Jimin shouldn’t have told you that!” You giggled, “It’s not as glamorous as a 5 year olds way of putting it.”
“Ah, I’m sure it is. I mean, I can just see you in that Wonder Woman costume showing those horses who’s boss.”
You both giggled at his words. “Well, maybe if I did the horses would take me more seriously.”
Taehyung’s laugh made your body react like you’d never felt. You wanted to make him do it again. You wanted more. “I mean, you were hard to miss in that outfit.”
“Don’t remind me,” you shook your head.
“No, you could give the real Wonder Woman a run for her money.” Taehyung said softly as if not to let you hear. But you did as you blinked a few times as it got quiet. The door to your office opened and Leo walked in. You grabbed your phone taking it off speaker. Taehyung coughed, “Anyway, I hope you’re able to make it.”
“Of course- y-yeah. Um, I-I’ll be there.” You answered as Leo watched you flustered.
“Great! I’m excited to see you- the kids will love it. Just have a short little speech prepared.”
“Okay, thank you.”
“No, thank you… I gotta go get the kids. I’ll tell Jimin you say, hello.”
“Please do. Bye, Tae.” You held the phone close.
“Bye, Y/N…” you could hear his smile and you wish you could see it. You both hung up. Your grin wide as Leo stared at you. “Who’s Tae?” He asked and you diverted by asking him about his girlfriend and lunch.
You got ready, putting on your summer camp outfit when you got a call from Leo. “Hey, I’m about to leave for Jimin’s school thing. What’s up?”
“Y/N,” Leo’s voice was still. He was never one to show much emotion but even in the way he said your name-
“Leo, what’s wrong?” You tried to breathe normally. You had not even heard the news yet and you were wracked with nerves.
“It’s Chimmy. He um- well he got out and ran off into the wooded mountains.”
“Well, I mean we own the land-“
“The coyotes, Y/N. Plus I have no read on his tracker. He must have gotten it off somehow.”
“Shit-“ you started to walk around, not knowing where to go. “I’ll- I’ll be right there.”
“What about Jimin’s-“
“I said, I’ll be right there.” You hung up and you raced out of the house. You hopped in your car, going up the road a few miles to the ranch. You couldn’t lose Chimmy. Not now. This would kill the boys. This would kill you. You had all lost too much to soon.
You fled the car running to Leo and some other workers. You took Leo’s walkie talkie as you went to get your horse. Everyone followed as you spoke, “How long has he been gone?”
“Maybe an hour-“ one girl stated.
“What? How was I not informed?” You were furious.
“Well, apparently the new girl opened the gate to the woods and Chimmy was out running around. She was afraid she’d get in trouble.”
“It’s not supposed to open!” You yelled and Leo took you into his arms. “Y/N, please. The more you yell the more time you waist.” You sighed as you pushed away from him, mounting your horse. You told one girl to follow you. “Leo, get the other talkie and I’ll keep you posted.”
“Yes, ma’am.” He nodded as he ran into the barn getting what he needed. You headed out as the gate was quickly opened for you. You and the other girl went in opposite directions. You were yelling out for Chimmy. You were terrified you weren’t going to like what you saw if you found him. There were wolves and coyotes out here and they loved to try to get into the ranch. You had taken many precautions to keep them out. But never had a horse gotten out before.
You were still yelling before you called Leo on the talkie. “Any word?”
It crackled before he answered, “I’ve heard nothing so far.”
You cursed to yourself and you fled deeper into the woods and started to cry slightly. You had raised this horse, it meant the world to you and you were going to have to tell your boys that he ran away. You called out for him one last time, having spent almost an hour out there. But after you yelled for him you heard a noise in response. You commanded your horse to go in the way in which you heard the noise.
You kept hearing as you got closer and closer. Then when you saw Chimmy he was laying down in pain. You got off your horse running to Chimmy, seeing he was bleeding. “Oh god, please don’t be broken.” You looked at it and you saw Chimmy eye you as you looked at his wound. “Oh, thank god.” You started to cry again as you pulled out the walkie from your belt. “Leo, I- I found him. He seemed to have gotten bitten in a few spots but I think my yelling scared them away.”
“Alright, we’ll get a team out there.” Leo answered immediately and you sighed in relief as you pet Chimmy with happy tears flowing.
Once everything was taken care of you looked at the clock remembering you were supposed to be at Jimin’s school. You ran to your car and sped. What normally took you 15 minutes took you a record of 8 minutes. You found a close parking spot as you parked and booked it inside. You found Taehyung’s room, flinging the door back and scaring everyone as you entered.
There was no telling what you looked like right now. Taehyung came up to you, pushing the hair that came out of your ponytail, out of your face. “Are you okay?” He seemed so curious and tender as Jimin ran up to you. “Mom, what’s wrong?” Taehyung got a tissue and handed it to you as the other parents eyed both of you. You dabbed it on your face, cleaning the sweat as you fixed your hair.
“Is it my turn?” You asked and Taehyung nodded, “You don’t have to-“
“No, it’s okay. I’m glad I made it.” You took Jimin’s hand, kissing his head as you walked up to the front of the class after walking him to his seat. “Hello, I’m Jimin’s mom, Y/N.” The kids all looked terrified but you continued. “I work at a ranch, where I train horses and we even have a campsite. You’re all too young but we also have a summer camp.”
“Is it the one that has the small town?” A young boy asked. You saw he was right next to Jimin and with what Jimin’s told you, his best friend, Hoseok sits next to him.
“That is right. We do have a playground that looks like a little town. It’s after our town.” You said excitedly and the kids gasped. “I’m sorry, I look scary. I was having to take care of something that happened to one of our horses.”
“Was it Chimmy?” Jimin asked horrified and Taehyung ran over to comfort him because you couldn’t.
“What happened to the horsy?” A small girl tugged on your shirt.
“It was actually Jimin’s horse, Chimmy.” You said and Jimin grabbed onto Taehyung with a scared look in his eye. “He’s okay right now. He got out into the woods and was attacked by a coyote but I scared it away.”
The children started clapping and you laughed, shaking your head as you started to feel normal again. “So you train horses?” Taehyung asked and the kids listened intently.
“I do, I teach people how to ride them too. Horses are a lot of fun and they are incredibly fast. Has anyone here ridden a horse before?” A few kids, other than Jimin, raised their hand. “Well, Jimin’s horse is actually one of the fastest but he doesn’t go too fast because Jimin’s very small. Yoongi’s brothers horse is actually our slowest and smallest horse. But I do have a few stud horses that are huge!” You explained and the kids were on the edge of their seat. “Any questions?”
“What’s your horses name?” Another girl asked.
“My horses name is Beasley.”
“Mom, show them your horse impression!” Jimin said excitedly.
“Oh- I couldn’t-“ You stammered.
Jimin pouted. “Please, I’m sure the kids would love to see it,” Taehyung said and you made a face, wanting to hit him. You were about to be so embarrassed.
“I suppose… this one time…”
“Yay!” The kids cheered as the watched your head shake and your lips move. You impression was an immediate hit because the kids cracked up before trying it themselves. After a minute Taehyung quieted the kids down while laughing. “Okay, kiddos. Thank all the parents and grab your lunch boxes. It’s time to eat.”
The kids thanked the parents not even close to union. Saying many different things and you laughed as Jimin ran up to you. “Mom, is Chimmy really okay? Can I see him?” You bent down to his level, brushing his hair back. “He’s doing better, I promise. He was hurt but the vet is taking care of him. Maybe we can see him tomorrow, okay? He doesn’t need too much excitement right now.” Jimin pouted but nodded and you gave him a peck. “I love you.”
“I love you too.” He said in pout.
You just giggled, “You sound so pitiful.”
“Jimin,” Taehyung said softly, rubbing his back. “We’re going to lunch, buddy.”
Jimin looked at you and you nodded before he ran off with his lunch box. Hoseok was waiting for him in line and Jimin suddenly seemed better.
One of the parents took the kids to the lunch room down the hall so Taehyung took your hand, dragging you over to his desk. He sat you down as he squatted down. “You doing, okay?”
“Better,” You sighed with a nod.
“I can’t imagine how scary that was.”
“I was just thinking about the boys. They love that horse so much. We all raised it. I didn’t want- I didn’t want them to lose something so dear again so soon.”
It was quiet for a moment as Taehyung strokes your arm. “My mom told me what happened. I’m so sorry.”
“It’s not your fault. I mean, I got them. Thanks to your mom. Something good came out of the tragedy.”
“Can I just say how amazing I think you are?” Taehyung said more as a statement. You just laughed. “Really though. I mean I don’t know Yoongi well enough but if he’s half as wonderful as Jimin is then I think you need an award. And I don’t want to say this to sound patronizing or anything. But you really fought for them. You love them and a lot of kids never know what that’s like from their real parents.”
You felt teary eyed as you tried to hide yourself but Taehyung didn’t let you. “Tae-“
“You really are Wonder Woman to them. To me too.”
Your eyes softened at him. You had this weird feeling in your gut. You had never felt it before but you liked it. Taehyung helped clean you up. The both of you talking and laughing and sitting next to each other. He made you feel safe and you appreciated that. It was different. You were so use to making others feel that way.
“I think the kids loved you.” Taehyung said as he sat on his desk.
“I think, I scared the hell out of them.” You said and he laughed, choking on his water.
He calmed down before speaking again. “I would love to have a field trip or something?”
“I think I can manage that. Have them feed the horses. Maybe ride one? Play on the playground. It could be fun. I’ll talk to my right hand man and let you know about setting it up. Maybe after Christmas? Once it gets warmer.”
“Sounds great,” Taehyung said, his boxy smile lighting up your day as usual. He suddenly put his hand on your thigh. It was comforting but it caught you both off guard and before Taehyung could apologize the bell rang. “Shit, I have to get the kids.”
You stood up, “I need to go anyway. I want to check on the horse before the kids see him tomorrow.”
“Oh, sure-“
“I’ll see you soon, hopefully.”
Taehyung tired to suppress a smile, he hoped he would see you soon too.
Yoongi and Jimin jumped on you, walking you up. “We have to go see Chimmy!” Yoongi said as he slapped your butt. You jumped slightly. You had a blanket to protect you but the fact that he was that persistent. “The vet won’t be there for another two hours.” You said after looking to see what the time currently was.
Yoongi frowned. Yesterday as soon as you had picked them up he demanded to go see Chimmy. You had of course denied his request. Telling them that, you could all go see Chimmy tomorrow which was now today, Saturday. “We can get breakfast. I’m hungry,” Jimin said as he rubbed his tummy and you grabbed him, pulling him down as you pretended to eat his cute tummy. Yoongi joined in before seconding the breakfast idea.
Before you knew it, you’d gotten ready and were piling up in the Jeep to a cafe on the square. The boys picked a booth but before they got in it. “Taetae!” Jimin said excitedly as he and Yoongi ran over the booth next to it.
“Oh my goodness, I know you.” Taehyung said happily as he rubbed Jimin’s head. “Yoongi, hello.”
“Hi,” Yoongi waved to Taehyung and his mother. She waved and smiled back and saw you. “Y/N, it’s lovely to see you again.”
“Same to you, Mrs. Kim. Taehyung,” You nodded at him, seeing he was already smiling at you and you felt that feeling again. Yoongi looked you silently before he suddenly asked, “Can we sit with you?”
You were astonished, Yoongi didn’t like many people but Jimin jumped for joy at the idea. “Please! That would be so fun.”
“No, guys come on. We don’t want to bother them.” You said but Taehyung interrupted, “It’s no bother, honestly.”
“We would love to have you.” Mrs. Kim said, “Call me, Jennifer, please.”
“Oh, sure um- Jennifer.” You smiled as you went to sit next to her but Yoongi quickly took the seat as he flashed you a gummy grin. You were confused as you turned seeing Jimin climb over Taehyung to sit between him and the wall. So Taehyung chuckled as he patted the seat next to him and you sat.
Breakfast was going well. Jimin did knock over some syrup but luckily didn’t get it on anyone. Jennifer shared her bacon with Yoongi since he kept eyeing it. You were honestly having a blast and the boys seemed to like the new found attention. Yoongi also seemed to very much like Taehyung. “You’ve seen a transformer? No way,” Yoongi said as he and Taehyung were talking in depth about which was the better transformer.
“I have!” Taehyung laughed. “I went to universal studios with my parents and there was one. Right mom?”
“Yes, it was yellow or something-“
Yoongi gasped as some syrup was falling off his chin. Jimin on the other hand had chocolate chips and whipped cream all over his mouth from his pancake as he jumped around in his seat. “Did you have fun, Mrs. Jennifer?”
“I most certainly did, Jimin.” She said sweetly and Taehyung died laughing seeing Jimin’s face. He helped wipe it off as Jimin asked a series of questions. Taehyung answered happily and seemed interested and calm as the list went on. “Have you ever seen a ninja turtle?” Jimin asked excitedly as he karate chopped Taehyung’s nose.
“Jimin, be careful.” You said as Taehyung gave him a soft one back. “I have not… unless you’re secretly one in disguise?” He giggled as they tickled one another.
“So have you ever put bad guys away?” Yoongi asked Jennifer and she nodded. “I have. I’ve put some scary guys away.”
“Scary?” Jimin suddenly heard as he zeroed in on her words.
“Yeah, but there’s nothing to be scared of now because they are in jail.” She assured him and Jimin nodded, his cheeks puffing as he stuck some more pancake in and chewed. Yoongi decided to ask more questions and Jimin got under the table so he could go over to where they were. He even got in Jennifer’s lap and she loved it.
“She’s been waiting for me to have kids so she can me a grandmother.” Taehyung said to you as you watched your kids.
“They seem to love her. She’s good with them. I hate they’re missing out on grandparents. I adored mine.”
“Well, my mom only had me. She wanted more but she just couldn’t have anymore.” You felt for her, you could see how much she adored the boys. You loved them too, they were growing up so fast it was hard sometimes to watch. It was like Taehyung knew because his hand was suddenly on your thigh, rubbing it. It was so soothing and you couldn’t help but put your hand over his.
“I love them so much. It’s so nice for other people to see what I see.” You said and Taehyung stayed quiet.
When the bill was dropped off you went to pick it up but Mrs. Kim had already taken it. “Oh no- please-“
“Y/N, let me treat you. When’s the last time you’ve been treated, huh?” She asked as she ruffled Yoongi’s hair and he smiled.
Once you all left the restaurant, Mrs. Kim said her goodbyes as she walked home. Both boys giving her a big hug. She even gave you one as she softly pinched your cheek, walking away. Yoongi and Jimin were holding onto Taehyung’s hands. “Taetae, do you want to come see Chimmy, my horse?” Taehyung looked to you.
“Are you busy? I don’t want you to think you have to.” You said and Taehyung shook his head. “No, not at all. I’d love to meet the coolest horse ever.”
“That would be my horse.” Yoongi said sassily and Jimin shook his head, “No way, Chimmy is the best.”
“I know he his Chim. He’s yours.” Yoongi gave a subtle compliment as he got in the car. Taehyung helped Jimin get in the car himself and you smiled as you watched.
“I’ll follow you there?” He asked and you nodded, “See you soon.”
“Can’t wait,” Taehyung gave you a wink as he got in his truck and you turned away trying not to squeal.
Once you got to the ranch Taehyung felt nostalgic. “Wow, this brings back memories. I used to always get your sisters boyfriend as a counselor.” He said smiling, remembering.
“Bobby?” You laughed, “Everyone always wanted him.”
“He was hip!” Taehyung quipped.
That made you happy. Bobby was the boy’s father so it was nice to know they they had a part of what what Taehyung was remembering. They were hip. You laughed at yourself for being cheesy but they were. They were everything and more in your eyes.
The boys guided you and Taehyung to see Chimmy. Taehyung was astonished by the way the boys were so comfortable around the animal. You had a great time watching Taehyung with your boys. The more you all saw them together the more you wanted it to stay that way.
Taehyung came to stand by you as the boys petted Chimmy and Taehyung played with your hand and you tried to hide your smile.
As time past you all went over to your house. Taehyung was very excited to see where you lived. The boys dragged him to their rooms, wanting to show him their toys as you made lunch. It was nice having a fuller house. You seemed to enjoy it, yourself the most.
After lunch the boys sat down in the living room and asked Taehyung to read for them. “Please, Taetae?” Jimin pouted as he handed Taehyung, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and got in his lap as Taehyung made himself at home.
“Please do, Jimin says you do funny voices.” Yoongi said and you added, “It’s true. Jimin said, I don’t do it like you. So I need some pointers.” You lied down on the other couch and Yoongi laid on top of you.
“Alright, alright… I would be honored to show you how it’s done.” Taehyung teased and you rolled your eyes with a chuckle.
Once he started the boys were so captivated. They were giggling and in awe of Taehyung. But soon enough they were sleepy. Falling asleep on the both of you. Even Taehyung fell asleep and your heart burst at the sight of Jimin’s cheeks pressed against Taehyung’s chest as he held Jimin. You had to take a quick picture as you laid there rubbing Yoongi’s back. You even made it your background on your phone before passing out yourself.
Before you knew it, Taehyung was coming over every week. He used the extra study you had for his craft room since he didn’t have a lot of room in his studio apartment. Taehyung liked being at your house. He loved being around you and the kids. He felt at home with the three of you.
He helped cook and clean and put the kids to bed. He would text you often when he was on break, making you giggle as Leo gave you looks. The two of you would have deep conversations over wine and coffee at night before he’d leave to go to his apartment. Yoongi even telling him that he should just move in. You and Taehyung blushed but Jimin cheered at the idea.
But that was another thing. You had strong feelings for him but what was important to you was that the kids loved him. You knew they were safe with him. And you figured that’s what also made you feel so deeply for Taehyung. But he was your friend and you didn’t want to lose that. No matter your feelings.
Taehyung was over one night, sitting at the kitchen table helping Yoongi with his homework as Jimin sat on the counter while you made dinner, telling you about Hoseok.
“He’s going to Texas for thanksgiving break!” Jimin said making wild hand gestures. You chuckled to yourself, wondering if his cute little mind knew where Texas even was.
“Wow, Texas. That’s where cowboys are right?” You asked being silly and Jimin laughed almost falling but you caught him, poking his nose.
“Howdy partner!” Jimin said and you pointed finger guns at him. “His town ain’t big enough for the two of us.” You said and he put up his finger guns and spoke proudly, “Put ‘em up!”
You surrendered as you went to stir the Alfredo sauce. “Y/N, are we gonna go just have chicken again for thanksgiving?” Yoongi asked and Taehyung seemed confused, “Chicken?”
“Well, turkey is a lot for the three of us to share. Chicken is smaller and the boys don’t get as sick of it.” You answered.
“Oh… you celebrate just the three of you?” Taehyung seemed saddened by that.
“We use to go over to Y/N’s coworker, Mr. Leo’s family’s house but not since he got his girlfriend.” Yoongi retorted.
“I don’t remember because I was a baby,” Jimin pointed to himself.
“I just don’t want to burden Leo’s family anymore. Plus he’s in a relationship. I’d feel bad if we kept tagging along, so I had it here.” You said as you finished the pasta and the chicken.
“Come to my parents house.” Taehyung said suddenly and the three of you looked at him. “Could we?” Yoongi asked excitedly. “Of course, I’ll tell my mom. We always have a big gathering with tons of leftovers. There are a ton of kids. You all would have a blast.”
“No, I couldn’t-“ you shook your head.
“Mom,” Jimin whined. “I want to go to a normal thanksgiving. I want to remember it.”
You wanted to argue with him but you knew if Jimin got to go he’d be talking about it for months. Yoongi looked at you hopeful as well. You wanted the normalcy for them. “It’s in a week though. Isn’t that short notice?”
Taehyung chuckled, “Y/N, don’t worry about it. My mother would love to have you. Do you know how much she still talks about how much fun she had at breakfast the one day you all ate with us? You’re coming over. It will be great.”
“What about bringing something?” you asked.
“Bring some sweet tea. We always seem to run out of that. Other then that, just your lovely selves.” Taehyung said as he gave Yoongi a noogie.
Yoongi and Jimin cheered, asking Taehyung a series of questions as you smiled, telling them to come make their plates.
As you were walking up to the door you felt so nervous. You had all day but the boys were ecstatic. That was even an understatement. They had been talking about this nonstop. You hoped it all went well. You hoped that maybe this wouldn’t be the only time you got to celebrate with Taehyung.
You were scared you put too much thought into it but you felt Taehyung flirted with you sometimes. Maybe it was just that you wanted him too. The lingering touches and glances. He was always over he was such a great role model for the kids. Plus they loved him so you couldn’t doubt that. It was just sometimes you didn’t want him to leave. You wanted to fall asleep or wake up next to him. It had just been so long and you had needs. The last person you did anything with was Leo and that was forever ago. But Taehyung made you feel more than Leo had even done and the most you had even done was hold hands while watching a scary movie after the kids fell asleep because Taehyung was scared.
Yoongi held the tea, telling you how strong he was. He was now regretting it as you helped Jimin ring the doorbell. “Goodness, can they hurry? I’m dying over here.” He said and you laughed.
“Yoongles, it’s been a solid minute- max.” But suddenly the door was open and Jennifer appeared with a huge grin. “Hello! I’m so glad you all could make it!”
“Hi, Mrs. Jennifer.” The kids smiled and she took the tea from Yoongi after tussling his hair. “Thank you, Yoongi. I appreciate this.”
“Y/N, made it. She makes the best tea.” Yoongi smiled and you rubbed his back.
“That’s absolutely great! Come on in, please. The kids are playing upstairs on the landing if you want to go up there. There’s also a bouncy house outside. Some kids are on it if you’d rather...” She didn’t even finish her sentence as the boys looked at each other, taking each other’s hand and running off to the back yard.
“Play nice!” You yelled after them as Jennifer brought you in. “Thank you again, I hope this isn’t too much trouble.”
“Y/N, of course not. We’re more than glad to have you. You know that. I adore the boys and let me tell you, Tae does too.” She expressed and you smiled to yourself. “He just thinks the world of you. He’s really been so happy lately and I have to thank you for that.”
“Oh, I-“
“No, really. You and the boys… you mean more than you know. I can’t imagine it’s been easy for you but- god, I just admire the hell out of you.” She choked up and your eyes watered fast. “Ah, I’m sorry. I just get emotional around the holidays. I’m gonna put this down. Why don’t you mingle?”
You nodded as you, squeezed her arm in thanks. You swallowed hard as looked around. For the boys it was easy to make friends. You on the other hand, forgot what people skills even were. Luckily, you spotted Taehyung from across the room. He grinned as he ditched his current conversation to get to you.
“Hi, I didn’t mean to-“ you pointed to where he had just left.
“Oh please, I’m happy to have left that conversation. I was waiting for you anyway.” He said truthfully and you could hear your heartbeat in your ears. “Where are my favorite fellas?”
“Out playing on the bouncy house. I didn’t realize you had so much family.” You concluded.
“Ah, yes. Well, it’s also family friends. My mom likes having the house full. Probably because she had a large family. She has seven siblings total.”
“Holy shit?”
“I know, right?” He laughed.
“I mean, taking care of two can be taxing.” You said and Taehyung nodded. “Her mother, my grandmother was the meanest woman in the world. She apparently stopped having sex with my grandfather just because she didn’t want anymore kids.” The both of you laughed and continued to walk around. Taehyung told you stories and gossip about everyone. He really eased your nerves and his hand stayed on the small of your back which made you keep smiling as he introduced you to people and you checked on the boys.
The food was delicious. You felt like you had never had such tasty food in your life. “Does your mom have a cookbook because I need tips.” You whispered and Taehyung chuckled, “I think your cooking is great.”
“How? When you’re used to having this?” You said and he giggled, rubbing your thigh. “I have to see your face when you try her chocolate meringue pie. It’s what she’s known for. It wins every year at the fair.”
“Oh god, I’m so ready.”
“You just said you were full?”
“Tae, dessert is a whole other stomach.” You said seriously and Taehyung just kept giggling.
“Is that so?”
“According to Jimin, it is.” You said with a smile as the both of you looked to see the boys being well behaved at the kids table, talking to different people. “I’m so proud of them.”
Taehyung looked at you and smiled. “They’re amazing kids.”
“You don’t have to tell me.” Taehyung rolled his eyes with a laugh and you continued. “I had some parents ask me, how I got them to be so nice to each other.”
“They do play well with each other. They love each other so much. You don’t see that sometimes with kids these days.”
“I know and it’s sad. I want them to know that no matter what, they will have each other. When they fight I always say, ‘that’s your best friend. The person you’ll know the longest.’ They need to always have each other’s back.”
“You’re outstanding, you know that?” Taehyung said and you laughed.
“Trying to flatter me?”
“Would you hold it against me if I said, I was?” He bit his lip and you focused your attention onto him. “Do you want to see my childhood bedroom?”
“Do you even have to ask?” You retorted, already out of your chair as he laughed, taking your hand and leading you upstairs. Once you got to the room he opened the door and your mouth dropped. He had a ton of scholastic awards and pictures with friends but what made you laugh were his outdated posters. “You were such a nerd.”
“Oh shut up,” he chuckled. “Sorry, I wasn’t cool like you.”
“I was not cool.” You said as you walked around his old room, admiring his nicknacks. Your fingertips grazed different items. “I just imagine little Taehyung, teachers pet, doing his homework and studying diligently.” You smiled at him and he made a face at you.
“Well, you’re not wrong. Although, I used to lay in bed and think about cool senior, Y/N Y/L/N and how I could get her to notice me.”
“Oh, please ,” you shook your head, making a hand gesture.
“I was a sophomore when you were a senior.”
“Really?” You were shocked. “I never-“
“Noticed me, I know.” He faked hurt as you pushed him, sitting next to him on his bed. “No, I never knew that.”
“Yeah, well you were busy dating that Leo guy and being beautiful.”
“Stop,” you laughed.
“It’s true. I really was so enamored of you. Since like- middle school and I’d go to your summer camp. You were never my counselor but you just seemed so extraordinary. You walked on air. You were such a free spirit.”
“Taehyung.” You didn’t even know what else to say.
“It’s okay, I would have been too nervous if you knew me back then. But I know you now…” He gave you his famous boxy smile and before you could ask if he still felt for you, Jimin burst through the door crying that he’d fallen. “Mommm! Can you kiss it? Please make it better.” He held up his hand that had a scratch and you gave it many kisses, even Taehyung gave it a few. You both took care of Jimin and it just felt... right.
A little later the boys were getting grumpy and you decided to take them home so you could put them to bed. Everyone was distracted by the football game anyway. But Taehyung was sulking, “Do you really have to go?” He asked as he helped you all out to the car. “Are you my third kid?” You laughed as he pouted some more and Jimin laughed. “You’re so silly, dad.” You all got quiet, including Yoongi and Jimin corrected himself. “I mean, Taehyung. I’m sleepy, I’m sorry.”
You feared he had just scared Taehyung, you couldn’t even look at him but Taehyung just gave Jimin a kiss as he buckled him in. “Don’t worry about it, kiddo. I have kids in your class call me that sometimes. Once Hoseok called me mom.” Taehyung made a face and Jimin giggled, “Oh my gosh!”
“I know!” Taehyung got him buckled up and said his goodbyes, even giving you a quick peck on the cheek before smiling and running off but not before you smacked his ass for doing it in the first place.
You and the boys were on edge, waiting for Taehyung to finally get back from out of town, because the first place he was supposed to come was your house. It was actually pretty late but none of you wanted to wait another day, especially Taehyung, he felt like he was going through withdrawals from not seeing any of you. He was lucky to have gotten a few pictures from you. Mostly the boys on Christmas morning. But also a selfie of the three of you that he had made his home screen on his phone. As soon as the doorbell rang you all jumped up as you ran to the door, sliding in your socks. Jimin got their first, flinging the door back surprising a very tan Taehyung. He looked so sun kissed but so tired. Jimin wanted to jump into his arms so you took the gifts Taehyung had. You had even missed the smell of him. “You didn’t have to get us anything.”
“Of course I did. I had fun shopping for you. Plus you feed me and basically let me live here.” He closed the door as Yoongi took his hand, taking him into the den. Jimin was clinging to his chest as if he was going to leave again. “I missed you so much, Taetae. Please do be gone for so long again.” Taehyung just pouted as Jimin’s pathetic, sad voice spoke the truth. “We missed you a lot.” Yoongi added as he lead Taehyung to the couch and both boys stayed right next to him.
“Should we let Taehyung open his presents?” You asked and they cheered yes. You got the last two under the tree, handing it to him.
“Awe, you didn’t have to get me anything.” Taehyung teased and you rolled your eyes with a grin, “Just open them.” Taehyung faked surprise, “So demanding.”
“This ones from me!” Jimin pointed. “And me,” Yoongi added. Taehyung’s eyebrows wiggled, making Jimin clap as Taehyung exciting opened the gift. “Oh my gosh, it’s a stuffed puppy!”
“It’s name is Yeontan.” Yoongi said as Jimin nodded, “Since you wanted a dog.”
“I was too afraid to get you a real one but it’s all you’ve been talking about. Plus the eyebrows on the dog were striking.”
“Of course!” He just smiled. “Thank you! I guess I’ll have it see how well I can take care of him and then maybe, I’ll get a real one?” Taehyung picked up the other gift from you, eying you as he opened it. “A tie! I love ties, Gucci? Y/N, i’m speechless.”
“I hope you like it. I thought it was lame but Jimin says you wear them a lot.” Yoongi said and Taehyung answered. “I do love ties. So thank you so much but also for being concerned, Yoongles.”
You gave the boys their gifts from Taehyung, both of them ripping them open before you could saw anything. “A keyboard!” Yoongi said excitedly.
“You said you wanted to learn how to play. Maybe you can teach me?” Taehyung smiled and you could see that Yoongi was just as in love with Taehyung as all of you. And it was hard for Yoongi to show emotion sometimes. “Dinosaur legos! Oh my gosh, mom look!” Jimin screamed.
“I see, Chim. Wow, what do you both say?”
“Thank you, Taehyung!” Both boys were extremely excited as the fawned over their gifts. You looked at Taehyung who was egging you on to open yours. You opened it slowly and peeled the paper back and you stopped, seeing what it was. You looked up at him shocked and he just grinned as you tore into it. “Taehyung, where did you find this?”
“In California actually. I tracked it down in one of the last remaining bookstores.” He stated proudly.
“What is it, mom?” Jimin yawned, laying on Taehyung’s chest as Taehyung pulled him closer.
“It’s a book of kids stories my mom use to read me. It got lost in a fire and I could never find another copy. This is like my childhood right here. I always wanted to read these to you two.”
“Can we read one now before bed?” Yoongi asked.
“You really do need to go to bed.” You sighed.
“Just one, mom”
“Please, Y/N.” Yoongi pouted.
“I’ll read it, I missed reading to you all.” Taehyung said and you instantly gave in. You had missed his reading as well. He smiled as you handed it to him after you told him which was you favorite. He read and both boys fell asleep by the end. You and Taehyung picking them up and taking them upstairs, putting them in their beds.
“I guess I should go,” Taehyung said as you both walked back down the stairs.
“You don’t want any coffee or anything?” You asked.
“Y/N, you don’t even drink coffee.” Taehyung chuckled.
“Yeah, but I bought some for you.” You said, not wanting him to leave. His smile was soft as he shook his head. “I’m exhausted, but is it okay if I come back over tomorrow?” You nodded, “You know you don’t have to ask. We love having you here.”
“I don’t want you to get sick of me.” He said in a way that made you heart hurt.
“I could never.” You said with so much meaning. Taehyung took your hand in his and you thought he was going to kiss it or pull you in for a hug but he turned around to leave. “That’s it?” You asked before you could even think, what was coming out of your mouth.
“What?” Taehyung asked.
“I keep thinking, ‘it’s finally the moment. Something is going to happen.’ And then nothing happens… I thought for so many times that you were flirting but I guess I’m wrong? I mean, give me sign goddamnit.” You whisper yelled and before you knew it Taehyung’s hand was on the back of you head as he pressed you up against the wall, his hot mouth on yours. It took you a second to even realize what was happening and then you started to kiss back. “You’re a dick,” you said in between kisses and Taehyung just kissed you more. You melted into him as he pulled you as close as he could.
This all felt right and you couldn’t believe it was real. Taehyung was a safe space for you. You kicked yourself that he had always been there, you just hadn’t kept your eyes open. Bu you guess now was the time that you were meant to notice him. You bit his lip and he moaned, “Fuck, i’ve waited half my life to kiss you.”
“I didn’t know.” you kissed him some more.
“I tried to be obvious. I mean, I told you about my love for you as a middle schooler.”
“I didn’t know if that still counted for now.”
Taehyung whined as he kissed your neck, lapping at it making you giggle. “I mean, at least now you know. I’m pretty much in love with you.”
“Tae, if you keep talking to me that way i’m gonna have to take you upstairs and fuck you.”
You laughed, “The problem is, it’s been awhile and I have two sleeping children in this house and I don’t want to be quiet.” Taehyung flailed as he whined. “Oh yeah, that’s sexy.”
“Alright, i’ll go.” He kissed you a few more times before you pushed him out. The both of you just giggling and happy.
Taehyung came over a few nights later. He couldn’t stop staring at you in the dress you were wearing. “Both boys are gone?” He asked, eyeing you up and down.
“Yoongi is at Namjoon’s and Jimin is at Hoseok’s. I’m still super nervous about it. Yoongi’s been to a few sleep overs but Jimin-“ You were cut off to Taehyung kissing you, making his way down to your exposed collarbone. “He’ll be fine,” Taehyung said between kisses. “They’re both going to have so much fun.”
“I want to have some fun.” You said breathlessly.
“Right now?” Taehyung asked shocked, “What about dinner?”
“What about it… we can eat afterwards… Tae.”
“S-should we take it slow?” Taehyung asked as his hands moved up your body as you fell back on your bed.
“Is that what you want?” You asked as the two of you kept kissing.
“I think we’ve gone slow enough.”
“Good answer,” you straddle him as you pulled his head back by his hair. You bit his lip as you circled your hips, feeling his hard member under you. “I need you inside of me,” you whined.
“Y/N,” Taehyung couldn’t believe his ears. “Shit, it’s like my wildest fantasy come to life.”
You giggled, “Your wildest fantasy?”
“Yeah, it’s you.” his hands went to your ass as he squeezed it. You couldn’t even been caught up in the sweet moment as you moaned, wanting more.
“You’re gonna feel so good inside of me.” You said as you took of your dress and unbuttoned Taehyung’s shirt. You both removed your clothes quickly and Taehyung sighed, at your lingerie before you took it off. “Can you hurry?”
Taehyung chuckled, “Someone is eager. This nice to hear.”
“You have no idea how badly i’ve wanted you. Touching myself just doesn’t give me what I know you can.” you purred and Taehyung shuttered as he rubbed his cock’s precum around the tip. Before he could touch you, you already sank yourself down on his member. The both of you groaning as the warmth embraced you. You started to move as slowly as you could. “Y/N, don’t tease. For christ’s sake.”
You grinned at his begging as you moved quicker. You both let out strings of curse words as you fucked each other. You changed the pace a few times so you could move around, circling your hips and then slamming down on Taehyung’s cock. Making him shout as he grabbed your hips and just started to screw you. Your eyes went rolled up as you smiled, taking all of what he could give you. “Just- like- that,” you said in between thrusts. You grabbed the headboard, helping yourself bounce on him.
You rode Taehyung as he laid there moving his hips to match your pace as he massaged your breasts. “Fuck, you’re so beautiful. How are you with me?”
“Taehyung, you feel so good. You’re so big,” you moaned. “I love the way you fill me up.”
His hips were sharp. His body was like a greek god had sculpted it and having it pressed against you was a wicked sin.
“Tae- Tae, oh shit!”
“Yes, come for me, baby. Please, give it to me. Show me how good, I made you feel.”
“It feels so fucking good. I’ve never come this soon.”
“Me either, but now we have all the time in the world to get to make each other come.” Taehyung whispered and your fell forward as you came, kissing Taehyung as he pulled your hair. He pushed into you with a few more rapid thrusts as he came too. Both of your hot breaths on your hot skin. You both laid naked in each others arms. Both of you not able to believe what just happened and you suddenly both started laughing. “Fuck, that was amazing. I’ve never had sex like that.”
“Me either, jesus.” You answered truthfully. “… Should we just get take out?”
“Only if you let me eat you out while we wait for it to get here.” Taehyung said smoothly.
“How about while i’m on the phone?” you smiled.
Taehyung looked at you, “Wow, I got me a freak.”
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bloomsuga · 7 months ago
the snow king || kim taehyung (m)
Tumblr media
cursed to freeze anything he touches, prince taehyung built a castle of ice to keep everyone else out. what he didn’t plan on? you getting in
:: a oneshot inspired by disney’s “frozen” and hans christian andersen’s “the snow queen” ::
· ───────── ·𖥸· ───────── ·
❄️ pairing: princess!reader x ice prince!tae
❄️ genre: fantasy, fluff, smut, angst
❄️ word count: 25k
❄️ warnings: fingering, oral (f), virginity loss, unprotected sex, creampie, taehyung seems mean at first but he’s really a softie, deals with some themes of loss and abandonment, but i promise y’all this one has a happy ending :’)
❄️ a/n: it’s finally here!! i hope you guys enjoy the very long-awaited new installment in my twisted tales series!! this was so fun to write so i hope y’all enjoy reading it!! x (p.s. thank you to @syinisuga for the lovely banner!!! <3)
· ───────── ·𖥸· ───────── ·
Duty. Honor. Loyalty.
These were the virtues that had been instilled in you from a young age as the sole princess of a noble kingdom. From birth, you were expected to steadfastly uphold these values, to always put your people first, and to do whatever it takes to protect your country—no matter the cost. Even if that cost was your own freedom.
Your fate had been sealed long ago; when you were born, your father’s kingdom had been war-torn and desperate. In their greatest hour of need, a neighboring king had sent his troops to your aid, and helped to restore balance and stability across the nation. In exchange for this salvation, the neighboring king asked only one favor in return; the future hand in marriage of you, the newborn princess, for his young son, the Crown Prince Taehyung.
Eager to repay his debts, and pleased with such a strategic match for you, your father graciously complied with the neighboring king’s request. And so it was that before you had even learned to walk, you were engaged to a far-away prince you had never met—a sterile, political alliance.
Since you were only children at the time of your betrothal, it was decided you would marry once you both were of age—after your 18th birthday and the Prince’s 20th—and until that time, your royal families were to remain in good relations and allow you to meet often. When you were young, you remembered traveling to the palace of the Prince’s family frequently, a mountainous country called Aspenia, or likewise, the young king-to-be and his entourage of guards and servants would be sent to visit you at your own estate in your quaint seaside nation, Aurelia.
He was a happy child from what you could remember; always smiling that wide, boxy smile of his, with his peculiar snow-white hair and mesmerizing eyes of sapphire, and a laugh that was warm and infectious. None of his servants ever commented on his unusual looks, but as you lived in a land where magic was common, you’d heard many whispers theorizing that the boy had been blessed by the Fae—an ancient race of wise and powerful spellweavers.
It wasn’t such an outlandish theory—after all, you had been touched by the Fae yourself. It had been a bedtime story told to you as a child; When you were a baby, you had been born weak and sickly. Even the best doctors in the kingdom could find no cure for your illness, nothing that could heal you. At a loss, and fearing they might lose their only daughter, your mother and father, the king and queen, had resorted to desperate measures. They brought your infant self before several of the most renowned Fae healers, begging that they use their magic to save you, whatever the cost.
Moved by your parent’s sincerity, the Fae had agreed to help, and took your swaddled body from mother’s arms, laying you down before an enormous crackling fire and beginning to chant over you. As the incantations took root, your skin began to glow a faint yellow-orange, as if the very essence of the fire itself was seeping into your being, and at last, you opened your eyes and let out a strong cry for the first time.
As time went on, your mystic healing from the Fae didn’t seem to leave any deeply profound effects on you, other than the fact your skin always seemed warmer than average to the touch no matter the weather, but regardless, you’d grown up a relatively normal and happy child. Well, as normal as a budding princess engaged to a strange prince could be, that is.
That wasn’t to say that Prince Taehyung was inherently strange—actually, the two of you had grown to be quite close as children. You’d spent many winter days playing happily in the snow together, many summers laughing and running about, and you’d even considered him as one of your closest friends back then. But things soon began to change as the two of you grew older.
For seemingly no reason at all, your visits with the Prince became fewer and far between, and on the rare occasions that you did see him he was quieter—moodier—and much colder than the lively little boy you’d known in the days of your youth. By the time your long-awaited 18th birthday came around, you hadn’t seen Prince Taehyung in nearly two years, despite the fact that you were slated to be married soon.
One day, while you were reading in the royal study as you often did, a messenger burst in with a surprising announcement for you. The King of Aspenia was in declining health and he was personally requesting for your immediate relocation to his son Prince Taehyung’s private estate—a fortress infamously nicknamed by the commoners as Icestone Castle—to make hasty preparations for your upcoming wedding.
It seemed that in these years spent out of one another’s lives, Prince Taehyung had built for himself a menacing palace on the edge of his kingdom’s territory to live in solitary, deep in the snowy mountains, and isolated from the bustling capitol. And now, practically on his deathbed, the ailing King was asking you to make the long journey and join your estranged betrothed there, so you two could finally wed.
The thought undeniably unnerved you. You’d be hundreds of miles from your home—not only that, but from any civilization at all—and stuck living with a man who had become a stranger to you, but would soon become your husband. It was a lot for any person to process, but having been raised your entire life to fulfill your duty as princess and to uphold both your family’s and your kingdom’s beat interests, you knew that it was a fate you simply could not deny.
Duty. Honor. Loyalty.
These hallowed words were etched into your being like carvings on stone. And so, after packing your dearest belongings and saying your tearful goodbyes to your parents and your brother, the Crown Prince Hoseok—who was in line to inherit your own kingdom, Aurelia—you set off for the infamous Icestone Castle.
The journey took several days; the terrain was rough and treacherous, and the skies above churned with snow storms as your stomach did with nerves. You hadn’t seen the Prince in years and quite honestly had no idea what to expect. Your last few meetings hadn’t been particularly genial, and you couldn’t help but let your mind race with fears and worries. What if the Prince had grown cruel in your time apart? What kind of husband would he be? What if he neglected you? Or worse... what if he would mistreat you?
You shivered at the mere thought.
When at last the towering, frozen walls of Icestone Castle came into view, your body was practically shaking with trepidation. The manor was vast and intimidating; imposing towers and turrets were sculpted by intricate architecture of what appeared to be crystal clear ice, and the entire structure sat carved into the side of a snowy mountaintop, surrounded by thick rows of tall, frost-dusted pine trees. It was beautiful in a tragic way; its features delicate and ornate, but something about it felt undeniably lonely.
You now understood why so many gossiped about the reserved young Prince who lived here in isolation—why many even feared him—and you couldn’t help but to grow the smallest bit fearful yourself as you began to wonder what kind of person could stay in such a place.
Snowflakes glittered down from the sky and dusted your hair and lashes when you finally stepped out of your carriage to be met by a stiff lineup of Prince Taehyung’s stony-faced maids and servants. They didn’t look particularly harsh or unkind, it was just as though their faces didn’t portray anything—or rather, as if they had been commanded not to do so.
Regardless, they received you politely, and escorted you into the grand entrance hall of the estate, where a well-dressed gentleman with dark hair and a refined face was waiting for you. He smiled warmly when you came into his view, greeting you with a deep bow and introducing himself as Jimin, the head of affairs at Icestone Castle. He seemed much friendlier and more responsive than the stoic servants you’d met outside, and his liveliness put you more at ease as he showed you around your new dwelling.
“We are so pleased to have you join us here at last, Princess Y/N,” he excitedly assured you with a bright smile. “We’ve all been waiting anxiously for your arrival. I hope the welcoming reception was sufficient?” he asked you as the two of you walked through the vast and echoing halls together. You felt slightly on edge being in an unfamiliar kingdom, and even more, in the palace of an unfamiliar monarch, but Jimin’s bright disposition helped soothe your anxieties.
“Yes, thank you,” you courteously replied to the dark-haired man, dropping your head in a soft nod of thanks. “I appreciate you showing me around the castle, Sir Jimin.” You offered him a small smile of gratitude. It was a relief that at least one person here seemed to regard you kindly, and you hoped that others would too.
“Of course, Your Highness,” he respectfully nodded to you. “This is to be your palace too, so you should become well-acquainted with it,” he reminded you, reinforcing the fact you had tried to forget—that this change in residence would be permanent. This wasn’t just some short, formal diplomatic visit; you were to be married to Prince Taehyung soon, and this castle would become your forever home.
It was hard to wrap your head around the fact that you, a Princess from a humble kingdom, would soon be the lady of a castle, and wife to a powerful ruler, but you tried your best to remain open to the other potential brighter sides of the situation. After all, there was nothing you could do or say to change the way things were, and Icestone was admittedly a beautiful estate.
The walls were tall and glossy like marble, the furnishings all in shades of blue and white, and frosted fixtures lined the walls, while delicate, crystalline chandeliers hung gracefully from the high ceilings. The whole palace was quite cold, as if cut from ice itself, and the snowy decor only seemed to support that theory. You quietly wondered to yourself if it would always be this frigid around here, and you suppressed a shiver as Jimin showed you to yet another room.
“These will be your private chambers, dearest Princess,” he informed you as he pushed open the heavy doors, leading you forward into a large, spacious room which was lined with tall windows overlooking the arctic landscape.
The space was as exquisitely decorated as the rest of the castle, with soft-looking bedclothes and billowy drapes of crisp white, and elegant furnishings to match. It was adorned with the same strange crystals that seemed to fill the whole castle, and you studied their intricate designs curiously. Could they actually be made of ice? The idea seemed silly, but the more you looked at them, the harder it was to deny.
“Of course, once you marry the Prince, you will formally move into your shared quarters with him, but you are welcome to keep this room as well if you like,” Jimin explained with an air of formality, watching as you wandered about the space and tried to familiarize yourself with it. “If anything is uncomfortable or you wish to make any changes, Your Highness, please let me know and the servants and I will be happy to adjust it to your liking,” he told you, his eyes sympathetic as he noticed your obvious uncertainty, “I am sure Prince Taehyung will consider any request made by his betrothed.”
“When will I see him?” you asked before you could stop yourself, your impatience getting the better of your manners. “Prince Taehyung… my betrothed,” you clarified, looking back to Jimin.
“Soon, rest assured.” He smiled at you in understanding. “His Majesty is quite busy today taking care of some official matters, but I am certain that he will call for you when he has a moment.” His tone was reassuring, but you were admittedly disappointed that you wouldn’t be seeing the Prince today. You were nervous about meeting him again, and you would much rather get it over with as soon as possible.
Noting your uneasy expression, Jimin quickly spoke up again. “You must be famished from your days’ journey,” he offered, his voice even and comforting. “Why don’t I have the cooks prepare dinner for you, Your Highness?” he suggested, your stomach grumbling at the mere mention of food after your long voyage.
“That would be lovely, thank you.” You nodded in thanks, graciously accepting Jimin’s offer. Even if everything else was a bit frightening here, at least Jimin seemed to be someone you could trust, and you deeply appreciated that.
“Anything for our new princess,” he chipperly replied. “The servants and I shall make sure you want for nothing, so please feel at ease here,” he encouraged you, his hand gently brushing your arm. “After all, this is your home now too.”
Home. The word felt strange and foreign when referring to the bone-chilling walls of your new dwelling, but you attempted to quiet your many reservations for the moment. This was your life now, and you had to try to make the most of it. Faintly smiling back at Jimin, you followed him further into the depths of the wintery castle.
· ───────── ·𖥸· ───────── ·
The next morning, you were awakened by a gaggle of maids quietly shuffling into the room. 
Gently nudging your arm, they tentatively urged you into consciousness, your eyes fluttering open to meet the curious eyes of your new attendants. The group was composed of three women; two of them lively and young, seeming not much older than yourself, and the third with a kind but mature face that reminded you of your beloved grandmother. The former two young ladies chipperly introduced themselves as Bae and Kai, and the latter was called Gerda.
“It’s a pleasure to serve you, Princess Y/N,” Bae poisedly curtsied to you, Kai following suit.
“We’ve come to prepare you for the day, Your Highness,” Gerda told you in her sonorous aged voice. “We have orders to bring you before his majesty, the Prince, posthaste,” she explained, the words sending a chill down your spine.
You were to meet your husband-to-be today for the first time in years. You had no idea what to expect of him, or what he would be expecting from you in turn, and the uncertainty of it all filled you with a deep sense of dread. However, you quickly swallowed these feelings back down and grinned politely to your maids.
“Yes, of course,” you nodded, schooling your features into a cordial smile as you had been trained to do by years at palace court. You had spent the majority of your young life being told to sit still, to only speak when spoken to, and to look pleasant in the presence of company, and by now you were something of an expert at it.
The three women helped you up from bed, bathing you from a bowl of warm water before they began to comb through your hair, pulling it back from your face into an innocent style that showed your ears and framed you well. To your surprise, they then brought out a number of fine dresses for you to choose from; a variety of luxurious fabrics and styles, each in a different captivating shade of blue, just like the castle.
You chose a soft powder blue one, lined with delicate white lace, and Bae and Kai eagerly helped you into it, hastening to lace up your corset for you. Slightly stunned, you realized as the gown was slipped over your shoulders that it seemed to fit you perfectly, and you studied your reflection in the mirror, deeply puzzled.
“Prince Taehyung sent ahead to inquire about your measurements and had these made for you prior to your arrival,” Kai explained with a bright grin when she noticed your wide eyes. “Do they suit your taste, Your Highness?” she asked, reaching down to smooth out your skirts for you. “His majesty has an affinity for blue.”
“They're lovely.” You couldn’t help but smile as you took in the sight of yourself wearing the beautiful garment in the reflection of the mirror. “I’ll have to thank the Prince myself when I see him,” you reminded yourself aloud, somewhat surprised by this unexpected generous gesture.
You hadn’t anticipated that Prince Taehyung would prepare something so thoughtful for your arrival like this, and it began to give you just the slightest glimmer of hope inside that maybe the kind-hearted young Prince you knew long ago was still the man you were intended to marry. Although, this still didn’t completely quiet your mind of the rumors you’d heard of his coldness.
“Try not to be too off-put when you meet the Prince, dear Princess,” Gerda chimed in with a good-natured warning, as if reading your mind. “His Majesty may seem harsh at times... but he is good at heart,” she tried her best to reassure you, her years of wisdom coloring her tone in a motherly way that felt so comforting to you.
“Thank you… I’ll keep that in mind.” You quietly took note of Gerda’s warning, trying to mentally prepare yourself for whatever reception would be awaiting you in the Prince’s private study.
She and Kai departed with friendly salutations upon completing their duties to help ready you, while Bae elected to stay and accompany you to the room where you’d been summoned to meet the Prince. She led you through the brisk, winding halls of the palace, the only sound the measured click of both your shoes, until finally you arrived at a large wooden door, and Bae stepped forward to push it open before you.
Following the young maid into the room, you were instantly captivated by the sheer number of books filling the space. Tall wooden shelves lined the walls from the floor to the ceiling, and in the middle of it, stood a large desk, at which a man sat reading with his back to you both.
Hesitantly stepping forward, Bae cleared her throat. “Your Majesty, Princess Y/N is here to see you,” she announced, drawing the attention of the focused man. He immediately stilled, his shoulders stiffening, and you watched as he slowly set down his book, rose from his chair, and turned around to face the two of you.
You nearly gasped when you at last saw his face. He looked the same as you remembered; still handsome in that unearthly way, but older now, more refined, and his features seemed harder. Those familiar, brilliant azure eyes from years ago—now much colder than they’d ever looked to you— immediately locked onto yours, and you couldn’t bring yourself to look away.
Strangely, you noticed that he wore long, white gloves like he was attending some kind of regal affair, despite the fact that he was just here reading, which puzzled you, and you couldn’t help but stare at the bizarre hand coverings.
The Prince studied you for a moment, almost calculatingly, before he finally addressed Bae. “Thank you,” he evenly replied to her without an ounce of interest. “You may leave us,” he said, lazily dismissing her with a wave of his hand.
Bae wordlessly bowed her head and slipped out of the room, leaving you alone with the Prince. Your heart rate picked up now that it was just the two of you, your palms growing clammy, and you gripped at your skirts to steel your nerves, forcing yourself to look at the Prince with as warm a smile as you could muster.
“It’s… nice to see you again, Your Majesty,” you politely curtsied to him, bowing your head. As crown prince, Taehyung was higher ranking than you, and with his father the King’s poor health as of late, he was likely to ascend the throne sooner than expected, so you made sure you addressed him with the utmost respect.
“I disdain such trivial formalities” the indifferent prince disinterestedly replied to you, not even bothering to acknowledge your greeting. “If you must call me something, simply refer to me by name,” he loathsomely sighed, staring back at you through glassy eyes. “Taehyung suffices.”
“Yes, Your Maje—I mean… yes, Taehyung,” you nearly slipped up again, but caught yourself, swallowing hard as you tried to remain calm before the prying eyes of the stoic prince.
It was unexpected for someone of such high status as Taehyung to refuse his titles, but not wanting to cause any conflict on your first day, you complied with his request nonetheless. The Prince struck you as rather unusual though. He studied you far too closely, his gaze harsh and scrutinizing, almost as if he were appraising you, until finally he spoke up once again.
“You’ve grown into a woman since I last saw you,” he coolly observed, simply stating the fact aloud. “Blue suits you,” he commented with a nod of approval, but he almost seemed to be complimenting the dress he had gifted you rather than your appearance in the garment.
“Thank you,” you cordially responded to him nonetheless, trying your best to seem gracious of his lack-luster reception. He was your fiancé, after all, and you wanted to at least try to keep things pleasant between you. “And thank you for the dresses, by the way... they’re beautiful,” you sincerely thanked him, remembering your pleasant surprise when you awoke to find the unexpected wardrobe he’d had sewn for you.
“You needn’t thank me for such things,” he frigidly dismissed you. “You’re to be my wife, you should get accustomed to the trappings which accompany that.” He spoke about your marriage as if it were nothing more than an economic transaction—and maybe it truly wasn’t—but part of you deep down hoped it could become something more than that, for the sake of both your future happiness.
“I will try,” you quietly nodded, uncomfortably shifting your weight under the Prince’s intense gaze. Something about him unnerved you; he looked like the familiar boy you once knew, but something about him had changed—something deep inside of him—and you couldn’t help but to wonder what had happened to the happy, carefree boy you knew in your days of youth.
Noticing you’d gotten lost in your thoughts, Taehyung continued to speak, drawing your attention out of your sentimental memories. “We’ll be married in one month’s time at the request of my father,” he bluntly stated, like ripping off a bandage. “The plans have been set but you may look them over and let me know if you wish to make any changes,” he said, his deep, even voice completely void of emotion.
“We’ll be married in a month?” you questioned, slightly stunned by the hasty wedding date. You had known with the King being in dire straits as he was that your wedding was to be pushed up, but you never expected it would be so soon, and the thought made your blood run cold.
“I know, it’s sudden… but I think with his recent illness and these border skirmishes continuing, my father is eager for us to solidify the alliance between our two kingdoms,” he explained with a troubled expression—the most animation you had seen from him since arriving. “Anyway, unfortunately I am quite busy today so I don’t have the time to speak with you further, but I shall join you for dinner tonight,” he informed you, collecting a stack of papers from his desk and shuffling them together in a bored manner.
There was a polite aloofness to the Prince; he wasn’t overtly rude or unkind to you, he was simply formal to an uptight point—he didn’t show any kind of emotion—and honestly, he seemed to lack empathy. If he felt any sort of way about your arrival or your impending union, it didn’t show on his face or in his words, and it left you feeling defeated and unwelcome here. But still, you refused to give up on your quest of refamiliarizing with your estranged betrothed.
“Oh… I was really hoping we might get to spend some time together today to catch up with one another?” you suggested, somewhat hopefully, offering a friendly smile in an attempt to get the icy prince to warm up to you just the tiniest bit.
“I don’t think that will be necessary,” he quickly shut down your proposal, crushing any hope you held for getting reacquainted with him. “I will see you at dinner, Princess Y/N,” he curtly nodded to you, breezing past you, and leaving you alone in his study with only your thoughts.
· ───────── ·𖥸· ───────── ·
It was quite late by the time the Prince joined you at dinner that night, seated opposite you at the end of the long table, and eating his food without so much as a glance in your direction.
He wore the same white gloves he had earlier, even as he ate, and you began to wonder if maybe he was wearing them to cover up some kind of secret. Had he burned his hands in a fire? Scarred them in battle? Or did he simply just have an affinity for formal wear? None of these explanations seemed to quite fit, but you pushed the thought to the back of your mind for now, reminding yourself to revisit it later.
You ate dejectedly, pushing your food around your plate with your fork, and losing yourself in your thoughts. You had hoped meeting with the prince would have gone much differently than it had—you had hoped the Prince would have been much different than he had been—and the disappointing reality left you feeling somewhat hopeless about your impending marriage.
How could you marry a man who had barely even acknowledged you since you’d arrived? The thought that he could treat you like this even after he became your husband made your heart sink, but still, you couldn’t help but think of the kind boy he had once been—the one who snuck his way into your heart all those years ago—and you secretly hoped that maybe, just maybe, that boy was still in there somewhere.
Perhaps he would warm up to you eventually? You optimistically thought to yourself as you watched your silent betrothed stiffly eating his supper at the far end of the dining table.
It didn’t seem likely that he would after how abysmally your first meeting had gone, but you were determined not to give up hope. Even if he was cold to you, you resolved to be kind and inviting to him until he opened up to you. You knew that would be a difficult task, but the alternative was living with a husband who was ambivalent about you, and you couldn’t let that happen. No—you would just have to keep trying with Taehyung... however long it would take.
After dinner, you both retired to your separate chambers. Your three lady’s maids returned and dressed you in a simple nightgown, tucking you into your plush bed, and bidding you goodnight. However, despite the many lavish comforts that your new home offered, you couldn’t seem to fall asleep. Maybe the environment was just too unfamiliar, or maybe you were just too curious about what lay beyond the walls of your room, but you were having trouble emptying your mind enough to drift off into unconsciousness.
When you couldn’t stand the unrest anymore, you threw back the thick covers and tiptoed out of bed, deciding you would sate your curiosity by doing a bit of wandering around the castle. Jimin had given you an extensive tour the day before, so you had a relative idea about the estate’s layout, and you took a small candle along for some light as you set off exploring.
You passed by many grand halls, a ballroom, a library, even an observatory, and you curiously peeked into each one, careful not to disturb anything, lest someone hear you. You padded quietly with your bare feet across the cold floor and intricate rugs which lined them, venturing deep into the castle. However, you had let your thirst for knowledge get the better of you, and before you knew it, you had gotten yourself lost amid the winding halls, which admittedly, all seemed to look the same to you.
Trying to retrace your steps, you backtracked, but ended up in a completely new part of the castle. The passages were dark, unfamiliar to you, and you soon found yourself at the mouth of a long hall. Tentatively advancing down the dim, looming corridor, something glittered and caught your gaze near the end of it, and you couldn’t help but be drawn to the sight. Moving closer to the object without even thinking, you approached it until you were close enough to make out what it was; a tall, opulent mirror.
Hesitantly, you drew nearer to it, your fingers coming up to lightly trace over the delicate molding which lined its frame, and finding that it was cold to the touch. Was it pure ice? The texture certainly seemed so, but the plausibility of that seemed dubious… unless it was some sort of enchanted object. Curiously, you also noticed that the grand mirror seemed out of place in the otherwise ordinary hallway, and it led you to wonder why it was placed here at all unless it was truly of some import to the Prince.
Unfortunately, you had no time to ponder this possibility further, as while you were studying the mirror, a shadow behind your reflection caught your eye in your peripheral vision. Fixing your eyes to it, you realized the figure was the Prince himself, standing just feet behind you, and you whipped around to face him in shock.
“Your Majesty—err, Taehyung, you startled me,” you breathlessly laughed, your knees almost shaking from how nervous you felt under his watch. But he didn’t laugh with you; he simply stared you down in the darkness, looming just meters from where you stood.
“What are you doing roaming about the castle so late at night?” The Prince pointedly asked you without even bothering to respond to your statement. His body was cloaked in shadows, so much so that you could barely even see him, but his piercing blue eyes were as clear as day.
“I was just taking a look around… but I ended up a bit lost,” you quietly admitted, awkwardly shuffling your naked feet. “My apologies if I disturbed you,” you lowered your head in regret, hoping that he wouldn’t be upset with you for poking around his home without permission.
“You didn’t,” he simply replied, his tone even and emotionless. “But you shouldn’t wander the halls alone. If there is somewhere you wish to go, ask Sir Jimin or one of your servants to escort you,” he firmly chastised you, seeming only mildly vexed rather than truly angry at you.
“Could you escort me sometime?” you dared to ask him, your curious eyes peering into his steely irises through the shrouding darkness.
“I am very busy, Princess,” he chided, his words biting. “I do not have time for such frivolous things.” He squinted at you for a long moment, as if trying to make sense of you, before finally, he said; “I will show you back to your room.”
He motioned you forward, and you noticed in the dim glow of your small candle that for the first time since you’d arrived, Taehyung was not wearing gloves. No, his hands were bare, and even more fascinating, they were perfect which ruled out your best theories as to why he wore them. If he wasn’t hiding anything, then why was he so habitual about wearing the gloves?
You didn’t realize how long you’d been staring at him, lost deep in thought, until he cleared his throat and spoke again in his deep, baritone voice, bringing your mind back to the present. “Come along, Princess,” he urged, beckoning you forward to him with a sigh of annoyance.
You blinked, your gaze refocusing on the brusque but undeniably handsome prince before you, and you offered him a sheepish half-smile. “Thank you.” You murmured. He didn’t seem to be ecstatic about escorting you to your room, but it was kind of him to offer to do so, so you tried to remain cordial to him.
The two of you walked side by side through the empty, melancholy halls, Taehyung making sure to keep a respectful distance between you, and never once letting his eyes wander over your scarcely clad figure. You had nearly forgotten that you had been wandering about in just your thin nightclothes, but if the Prince had any improper thoughts at all, his face didn’t show it.
When you finally arrived at the somewhat familiar doors of your quarters, Taehyung came to a stop just before them, turning to face you.
“Try to get some rest, Princess,” he said, almost authoritatively, as if he were giving you orders rather than expressing concern. “I know that this is likely not the kind of lifestyle you were hoping for, but I hope that in time you will come to think of my home as yours,” he told you, the formality of his words giving way to just the slightest hint of sympathy beneath them. Even if he only said it to be polite, he seemed to truly mean it, and you appreciated that. “And I shall try my best to be a fair husband to you,” he quietly added, his crystal eyes meeting yours.
You simply nodded in response, unsure of what to say. You appreciated the sentiment of his words, but part of you feared he was only saying them as a courtesy to you, and the thought made your spirit deflate. You hoped that one day things wouldn’t be so sterile between you and your future husband, but you supposed that was just going to take time. 
He gave you one last long look, as if he wanted to say something more, but decided against it, and finally turned to leave you. However, as he began to walk away, you noticed something fall from his pocket. Curious, you reached down to pick it up and realized it was one of the strange white gloves you had seen him wearing earlier.
Making haste to stop him before he left, you followed after him and called out, reaching your hand out to grip at his arm in an attempt to get his attention so that you could return the item to him. However, the second that your hand made contact with the skin of his forearm he wrenched it from your touch, whirling around to glare at you with a startlingly severe expression.
“What are you doing?!” he interrogated you, his sudden anger frightening you. You stared back up at him in wide-eyed silence, too stunned to even speak, and he huffed in irritation. “You are never to touch me. Ever. Have I made myself clear, Princess?” he barked at you, the intensity of his tone striking fear into your heart, but there was something else hidden beneath it too… was it panic you saw behind his glare?
“I… you dropped this,” you managed to get out, your voice shaky from your nervousness. “I was only trying to return it to you,” you sheepishly explained to him, holding the small garment out for him to take, and casting your eyes down.
Had you been looking up, you might have caught the conflicted look that crossed the Prince’s face as he took in your crestfallen expression, but he quickly masked his features again with the same vacant look he’d worn before, and reached out to take the glove from you. Too embarrassed to look back up at him after being scolded, you only saw the glinting of his finely polished shoes in your candlelight as he said something that surprised you—a quietly mumbled “Thank you.”—before he disappeared into the night, and left you alone in the hallway.
· ───────── ·𖥸· ───────── ·
The next week or so at Icestone Castle passed relatively uneventfully for you.
Your maids got you up and ready each morning, you’d have breakfast alone in the great dining room—the Prince always took breakfast in his study, separately from you—and you’d spend the rest of the day trying to find ways to fill your time. You had a few hobbies from back home that you still enjoyed; reading, sewing, painting, and so forth, but such activities only kept you occupied for a few days before you quickly grew tired of them, and you began to seek out more meaningful ways to occupy your days.
Jimin was always eager to tell you about the palace’s many amenities, offering to escort you to visit the hall of portraits, to the royal stables, or whatever other activity piqued your interest, but it was not the castle itself that you longed to know more about—it was its ruler. You rarely saw Prince Taehyung at all during the day; most of the time he would just show up to join you at dinner, finish his meal, and retire back to his chambers without so much as a word to you.
It was admittedly disheartening to be ignored by your own betrothed this way. You had seen many noble women trapped in formal, loveless marriages and you hated the thought that your own circumstances could turn into something of that nature. No, you refused to let your own circumstances turn into something like that.
Even if you and the Prince would never have any love between you, you simply couldn’t let things remain as they were. You were more determined than ever to at least get the chance to know the Prince, and as you watched him silently eating across the table from you, you silently vowed to yourself to do whatever it would take to make that happen. He was going to be your husband—that much you couldn’t change—but maybe you could at least make things more pleasant between the two of you.
You decided to start by questioning the maids and servants about the Prince. What kind of music did he enjoy? What was his favorite sweet? What pastimes did he partake in? But all of their answers seemed to disappoint you; despite having served him for most of his life, the Prince’s staff seemed to know relatively nothing about him. It deeply frustrated you.
“What does the Prince take pleasure in doing?” You finally asked Jimin one day while he was showing you around the palace observatory.
He seemed caught off guard by your question, his eyebrows lifting in surprise and confusion. “Take pleasure in?” Jimin repeated your words. “I’m afraid His Majesty doesn’t seem to take pleasure in anything, Your Highness,” the dark-haired man bitterly chuckled, shaking his head in amusement at your innocent inquiry.
”How can that be?” you quipped back, your face sinking in solemnity from his disappointing answer. “Certainly there has to be something he enjoys,” you reasoned, begging Jimin for the barest scrap of information that could help you better understand your rather unsociable husband-to-be. “A hobby? Or an activity?” The look on your face seemed to grow almost desperate as you implored him for any kind of hope about the Prince—any sign of humanity.
Jimin frowned at your expression, regarding you with pity, before finally, he let out a sigh. “Well… he does walk in the garden often,” he let slip, glancing absentmindedly out the window.
“What garden?” you questioned, tilting your head in confusion. Since you had arrived, you had yet to see an inch of the castle that wasn’t covered in snow and ice, so the prospect of a ‘garden’ here seemed quite outlandish to you.
Your question seemed to make him realize something, and he paled for a moment, before quickly replying; “I’ve already said too much… I do not want to get us both into trouble.” His demeanor seemed suddenly nervous, so you decided not to push the matter any further for the time being, and temporarily dropped it.
“Right, forget I asked anything of you,” you bowed your head in apology. “I suppose I am simply… searching for a way to find some common ground with my betrothed.” You sighed, joining Sir Jimin by the window and gazing out across the miles of endless white.
“You seem so melancholy, dearest Princess,” Jimin’s tone was empathetic and full of genuine concern for you. “Are you unhappy here?” he softly asked, studying you with worried eyes.
“No, no, it isn’t that...” You shook your head to yourself, feeling childish for reacting so strongly to Taehyung’s lack of attentiveness toward you. “I just wish the Prince could spare a little more time for us to get to know one another, that’s all,” you glumly admitted, frowning to yourself.
“Well, why not just ask him?” Jimin suggested, taking you by surprise with his directness.
That thought had never actually occurred to you. You had been far too afraid of bothering the Prince to try approaching him on your own, but maybe that was just the kind of step you needed to take to get him to take notice of you. Taking Jimin’s words to heart, you decided to try speaking directly to the Prince the next day.
Insisting to your maids that you could escort yourself, you departed from your room after being dressed by them, and made your way through the castle halls to Prince Taehyung’s private study, where he usually was at this time of day. Approaching the large, imposing doors, you tentatively rapped on them twice with your knuckles, and waited until you heard his clear, deep voice respond—“Come in.”—before you opened them at last, and entered the room.
You stepped into the cluttered study, and your eyes immediately found Taehyung in his usual reading spot, his eyes glued steadfastly to the worn leather book in his hands. Hesitantly, you dared to take a few steps closer, clearing your throat and drawing his attention up to you.
He finally looked up from the heavy tome in his hands, his eyes lazily flicking up towards you, but they froze on your face when he realized precisely who you were. It was clear from his taken aback expression that he was expecting a maid or a servant to be approaching him with some droll piece of news, but he was surprised to instead find you standing there, watching him with those insatiably curious eyes of yours.
“Princess,” he greeted you, seeming seeming puzzled by your unannounced appearance. “To what do I owe this unexpected visit from my betrothed?” he asked, raising a curious brow at you. “Is there something you need?” He was quick to question you, as if attempting to finish with this exchange as quickly as possible.
“No, no!” you rushed out, not wanting him to think you ungrateful after all his staff had done to make you comfortable here. “Well… actually yes, I suppose,” you admitted with a nervous laugh, suddenly feeling self-conscious beneath the scrutiny of his gaze. What were you doing?
“You seem flustered,” he analytically noted. “My deepest apologies if I frightened you that first night. I have a… unique condition that is worsened by physical contact,” he explained, a conflicted expression crossing his face for a brief moment before he quickly suppressed it.
“Is that why you wear the gloves?” you boldly questioned, unable to suppress your burning thirst for answers as your stare shifted down.
“Hm?” he hummed, his eyes following your gaze to the white gloves which adorned his hands. “Oh… yes, that’s right,” he nodded, but he seemed a bit out of it as he stared down at his covered hands in silence for a moment.
“I apologize, I was not informed,” you bowed your head in shame, feeling guilty for possibly having caused the Prince any discomfort. You now understood why he’d reacted so strongly to your mere touch; you were unaware that he even had such an illness, but now that you knew better, you would be certain not to make that mistake again. “I won’t try to touch you again without permission,” you solemnly swore to him, intently studying the rug pattern.
“Do I make you uncomfortable, Princess?” the Prince suddenly asked you, drawing your eyes back up to his attractive face in surprise. When you did, you were intrigued to find him quirking his head to the side as he studied you with a look of what almost seemed like… curiousity?
“What makes you think so?” you hesitantly asked him, shifting your weight uncertainly beneath the scrutiny of his unyielding gaze.
“You cast your eyes down as if you are beneath me,” he observed, studying you as if you were a piece of art he were interpreting. “You are to be my wife… would that not make you my equal?” he quizzed, shocking you with his directness.
“I suppose so,” you slowly nodded, perplexed by the Prince’s sudden interest in you.
“Then look at me in the eyes and hold your head high when you speak,” he commanded you, but there was a gentleness to his tone that wasn’t usually there. You did as he said without question and lifted your head. Something about the way he was speaking to you made you want to heed him, and he gazed at you with piqued interest when your eyes met his at last. “Why did you come to me today, Princess?” he asked.
“I… I’d like to spend more time with you,” you finally managed to admit. “That was what I wanted to say to you.” You swallowed hard, your knees practically knocking together in anxiety, but you willed yourself to do as the Prince said, and kept your head up high, holding his stare.
The Prince’s perfect lips unexpectedly twitched up into a subtle almost-smile at your request, seeming impressed by your forwardness. In all the time since you had arrived, you had never seen him so expressive, and you were shocked to find that he looked intrigued by your words.
“Very well,” he abruptly nodded, closing his book and setting it down on his desk. “I’ll clear my schedule tomorrow so we can spend the day together,” he nonchalantly informed you, your eyes growing wide at his unexpected turn.
“R-really?” You cursed yourself for stuttering, but you couldn’t help being dumbfounded by the Prince’s sudden agreement to your petition.
“I’ll call on you tomorrow morning,” he said, seeming completely unphased. “Be ready.”
· ───────── ·𖥸· ───────── ·
You could hardly sleep at all that night, tossing and turning in anticipation of whatever the Prince had in mind for tomorrow. You honestly hadn’t expected him to hear you out the way he had when you barged into his study demanding to spend time with him, but he had seemed almost refreshed by your shameless candor, and you didn’t know what to make of that.
Nothing since you had arrived had been like you thought it would; not the castle, the kingdom, or even the Prince. But just when you thought you were beginning to understand even him and his closed-off nature, he’d surprised you, and now you weren’t quite sure what to expect.
You didn’t notice when exactly you drifted off to sleep, but eventually you felt the first peeks of morning light streaming through the window and landing upon your closed eyelids, rousing you from your dreams. Hushed voices filled the room as your always talkative maids fluttered in and flocked to you, seeming to be in a tizzy.
“Is it true the Prince really cleared his schedule today just for Princess Y/N?” Kai whispered excitedly to her fellow maids, not realizing that you were already awake. You thought about opening your eyes, but you wanted to hear what they had to say first, so you feigned sleep.
“Don’t you know it’s a sin to gossip, child?” Gerda firmly but fairly scolded the young girl in a way that only a loving martiarch could. “You shouldn’t meddle in others’ private affairs.”
“I heard he plans to spend the whole day with her,” Bae giddily chirped, the two young girls giggling madly while Gerda only sighed.
“Be that as it may, it’s none of our business,” she rebuffed, refusing to engage in their revelry. “But, if Her Highness plans to meet His Majesty on time, she had best not pretend to be asleep any longer,” Gerda said loud enough for you to hear, her voice sounding from just above you.
Knowing you had been caught, you gingerly opened your eyes, peering up at the gaggle of maids from beneath your covers. “I’m sorry,” you sheepishly apologized for eavesdropping, your ears burning with embarrassment.
“No matter,” Gerda shook her head, quickly putting to rest both you and the young maid’s childish behavior. “Let’s get you dressed.” She offered you a kind smile, holding out her arm toward you to help you up and out of bed.
The three maids made quick work fussing with your hair and fitting you into your underclothes, outfitting you in another of the beautiful gowns Taehyung had commissioned for you. This one was a crisp blue, like a mountain lake on a clear day, and the puffed sleeves it had were girlish yet elegant. When the maids had finished with you, you caught a glimpse of your reflection and were surprised by your own beauty. You had never been one for vanity, but you couldn’t deny that in this dress, you looked wonderful.
“The Prince won’t be able to take his eyes off of you, Princess” Kai cheerfully murmured over your shoulder, and you met her sweet, doll-like eyes in the mirror, breaking into a shy smile.
“We had better make haste,” Bae spoke up, breaking you from your thoughts. “His majesty wanted us to bring you to him by ten o’clock and that’s hardly a few minutes from now.”
Your eyes widened at this information, and you glanced at the wall clock, seeing that Bae was indeed correct about your impending tardiness. You quickly nodded and let the three ladies escort you through the palace to the great hall, where Prince Taehyung was said to be waiting.
You began to descend the grand staircase lined with an extravagant blue and silver carpet, your attendants following just behind you until you heard a small gasp from the two young maids, and you looked ahead to find the source of their surprise. There, at the bottom of the stairway, stood the Prince himself, looking handsome as ever in a fine blue suit adorned with his royal insignia, and he was staring right at you.
Your steps faltered for a moment when you noticed him, but you quickly got yourself under control, continuing to make your way down to the Prince as he watched you with a look on his face you couldn’t recognize. He looked… almost enchanted by you as you approached him.
When you finally reached him, he had masked his expression back into his regular one of polite contempt, but offered you a small smirk as he greeted you. “Good morning, Princess.”
You smiled back and lightly dipped down into a curtsy. “Good morning,” you replied, hoping that he couldn’t tell just how nervous you were.
“You may leave us,” Taehyung called over your shoulder to your lingering maids, the younger of whom were staring at you both like you were the leads of a romance novel. They quickly nodded and departed at the Prince’s dismissal, hastening back up the stairs and leaving the two of you alone in the great hall. “Did you sleep well, Princess?” he asked once the click of your maids’ shoes finally faded away to silence.
“Y/N.” You blurted out the word before you could stop yourself, causing the Prince’s dark, refined brows to knit together in confusion.
“I beg your pardon?” he replied, taken aback.
“You asked me to call you by your name,” you explained, trying your best to sound confident. “I’d like for you to do the same. Call me Y/N.”
“I see,” he remarked, eyeing you with a look of intrigue. “Very well then. How would you like to accompany me for the day, Y/N?” he asked you, making a show of using your name as you said.
The Prince seemed to be in much better spirits than usual today. You weren’t sure why or what had caused this change in him, but you weren’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth, and you decided you were just going to make the most of his seemingly good mood while it lasted.
“I’d be delighted,” you grinned warmly at him. You noticed, as usual, that the Prince’s hands were cloaked by his snow-white gloves, and you couldn’t help but stare at them. Even though he had somewhat explained the reason behind why he wore them, they still perplexed you.
“I cannot offer you my hand, because of my… condition,” the Prince awkwardly mumbled, shifting a bit as he spoke. “But here,” he said, extending his arm out for you to hold onto.
You tried not to let on how shocked you were as you reached out and laced your arm in his, the feeling foreign but strangely comfortable, and you allowed him to lead you onward, out of the great hall, and into deeper parts of the castle.
“This is the hall of portraits,” Taehyung said at last when you reached the mouth of a long, grand corridor. It was wide, with high ceilings and velvety blue carpet that ran underfoot, while tall antique-looking frames filled with images of distinguished-looking people lined the walls in meticulously organized rows. “Portraits of all the prominent members of the royal family dating back generations can be found here,” he casually explained to you.
“They’re lovely,” you admired as you studied them, your eyes landing on one particularly captivating oil-on-canvas painting of a lady. She was beautiful, with hair as white as snow and eyes as blue as the sea. Beside her, stood a man clad in full regalia proudly hovering above.
“She was quite beautiful, wasn't she?” the Prince suddenly said, startling you with his sentimental tone. Your head snapped to the side in surprise and found Taehyung looking up at the same portrait as you with a much softer look than you were used to seeing from him.
“Yes,” you smiled in agreement as you gazed up at the ethereal woman in wonder before looking back to the Prince with curiosity. “Who is she?”
“My mother,” he bittersweetly replied, his lips creasing into a firm line. “This portrait is all I’ve ever known of her. She died giving birth to me.” He somberly recounted, staring up at the well-aged piece of artwork as if lost deep in thought.
“Oh... I’m so sorry…” you quietly murmured, bowing your head in condolence. You hadn’t meant to pry into such private, painful matters and you instantly felt regret for having asked.
“It’s all right,” he assured you with a gentle wave of his gloved hand. “It happened long ago.” You were relieved that he didn’t seem too upset by the matter, but something about that made you strangely even sadder for him. It felt almost as if he weren’t allowing himself to be sad about it, but you chose to let it go for now.
You gazed between the lady in the portrait and the Prince, studying them both closely, and the thought that formed in your head fell from your lips almost instantly. “You resemble her,” you commented, smiling up at the woman’s strong but elegant features that felt so familiar to you. Those same striking features were present in the face of the boy you had known those years ago—of the man who stood before you now.
“You think so?” he questioned, lightly raising his thick brows. “I do in many ways, I suppose,” he thoughtfully concluded, his mind seeming miles away as he wistfully regarded the portrait.
“Hm?” you called back in confusion at his strange statement.
“It’s nothing.” He half-smiled, dropping the subject completely. “This room is quite boring, isn’t it?” he bluntly asked, his expression having grown disinterested as he flicked his eyes down the expansive hallway. “Would you like to see somewhere… more exciting?” he asked with an uncharacteristically daring twinkle in his eye.
“More exciting?” you repeated back to him, your forehead lightly creasing in thought.
“Come with me.” He wryly smirked, reaching out and gently winding your arm in his again.
You had seen many of the different rooms and halls when Sir Jimin showed you around, as well as that time you’d gone exploring on your own, but Taehyung seemed to be taking you into a section of the castle that you had never seen before, and you couldn’t help but question this.
“Where are you taking me?” you asked him, your arm tucked steadfastly into the crook of Taehyung’s elbow as he continued to press on.
“Somewhere different,” he cryptically replied to you, revealing no further information to your disappointment. You frowned to yourself, but decided to trust him, allowing him to lead you to the unknown location. Besides, you had to admit that you didn’t quite mind the proximity to the dashing Prince as the two of you walked.
Finally, after what felt like far too many turns and towering stairs, you came to a sturdy, well-worn door. The Prince wasted no time pushing it open, holding it ajar for you to pass through, and following through it right behind you.
The windchill hit you before anything else, and it took only seconds for you to realize you were now outside. It seemed the Prince had led you out onto some kind of balcony, extending from the tallest spire of the castle, and overlooking the breathtaking landscape below. Immediately entranced by the sights, you ran ahead to look over the railing at the daunting height, taking in the beautiful view of the snowy mountainside.
You heard a quiet chuckle over your shoulder as the Prince caught up to you, coming to stand beside you at the edge of the stone railing. “It is quite a sight, isn’t it?” Taehyung questioned, taking a deep breath of the crisp alpine air.
“It’s beautiful,” you mused, looking between the valley and the Prince in awe. Since the day you had arrived, Icestone had always seemed so stiff and tragical to you, but seeing it from the angle, it was impossible to deny its charm.
“I thought you might like it,” Taehyung proudly remarked, seeming pleased by your reaction. “The castle can get a bit stuffy, so I come out here to catch my breath sometimes.” He turned to look at you closely, his expression growing more somber. “You seemed to need the same… You don’t enjoy living here, do you?” he asked.
“No, that’s not it,” you hurriedly assured him, not wanting to seem ungrateful after how well you had been treated here. You knew better; far worse might have happened to you if you had been promised to a Prince not even half as benevolent as Taehyung. “Everyone has been so lovely to me since I arrived,” you insisted.
“Then why don’t you seem happy?” he pried, his tone uncharacteristically emotional. “Ever since my father sent you here, I have tried to make sure that you had everything you could ever want, but still, Jimin tells me every day how you seem so sad. Why?” he demanded of you, but it wasn’t anger behind his words; it was frustration, confusion, and… concern.
You hadn't even realized that all this time while Prince Taehyung claimed to be too busy to see you, he had been keeping an eye on you. You thought back to the many gifts you’d received since you came here, the beautiful room, the dresses, and everything else. You’d believed back then that they were just a formality on the Prince’s part to honor your kingdom, but only now did you realize it was Taehyung’s way of trying to make you happy. All this time you’d been so melancholy over the way he seemed to ignore you, that you’d completely missed the fact that he hadn’t been ignoring you at all.
“I do appreciate everything you have done for me, Taehyung…” you trailed off, quietly staring down at the falling snow below, “but none of that was what I truly wanted.” You didn’t know how to say exactly what you were thinking, but this was the longest conversation you’d had with your fiancé in years, and you wanted to try to be open about your feelings with him.
“And what’s that?” he intensely questioned, raising his sculpted eyebrows at you.
“To see you,” you told him with a soft smile, gazing up at him earnestly. “I missed you,” you admitted, knowing you were making yourself vulnerable by saying so, but you simply had to.
“How could you have missed me?” he quizzed, not seeming to believe your tender admission. “We’re practically strangers.” he brushed you off, his cold demeanor returning at last.
“We weren’t always,” you gently reminded him, a sad, sentimental look crossing your face as childhood memories replayed like an old music box in your mind. “We used to be friends.”
Taehyung stared at you for a long time as you spoke, your gaze fixed on the mountain peaks. He looked like he was trying to understand you, as if he looked at you for long enough he could figure out what was going on inside your head. A strange emotion shined in his eyes, like there was something he wanted to say, but just as quickly as it appeared, he extinguished it.
“That was a long time ago,” he muttered to himself, shaking his head as if to clear his own thoughts. “Things are more complicated now.”
“They don’t have to be,” you insisted, a hopeful twinkle in your eye despite the Prince’s rebuffs. Part of you still believed that the Taehyung from your youth was still a part of the man he had grown into, just as the girl you once were was a part of you too. But maybe such fantasies were too good to be true. You sighed. “Never mind.”
“I suppose I missed you too,” Taehyung abruptly admitted, taking you completely by surprise. His expression remained unchanged, his gaze unfocused as he stared out over the hills, but his words held great meaning to you.
“You did?” you nearly stuttered, taken aback by his unexpected confession.
“I used to look forward to your visits when I was young,” he said, a far-away look in his cerulean eyes. “As the crown prince, I was never allowed to play with any other children. I was always in lessons, or sitting in on royal proceedings, or being scolded.” His fine features contorted into a deep frown. “The only time I was ever allowed to be a child was when you would come to visit. I guess you could say you were my only friend… until I was forced to stop seeing even you.”
“Why weren’t you allowed to see me anymore?” you inquired, finally voicing aloud the question that had been weighing on your mind for years.
“I became… sick. My father locked me away in the palace to keep me apart from other people. For my sake and theirs.” He grimaced, gripping at the stone railing with his gloved hands, and you were sure that if you could see them, his knuckles would have been pale white. He was clearly uncomfortable talking about this, but he finally seemed to be opening up to you, so you felt that it was the right time to ask him more.
“Because of your... condition, you mean? With your hands?” you asked, nodding toward them.
“Yes, my hands,” he ruefully sighed, glaring down at the offending appendages in disgust, “cursed things.” He slowly reached for the tip of one glove, pulling it off, and revealing his bare hand to you for the first time since that night you ran into him while roaming the halls. He stared down at it, delicate snow flurries landing against the skin of his palm, and you wondered what exactly was wrong with them that made him glower at himself with such hatred.
“They look perfect to me,” you said, drawing his intense focus back up to your soft gaze. His lips twitched up at the corner in the barest hint of a smile at your words, but it didn’t reach his eyes.
“Sometimes broken things don’t appear broken from the outside. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t still broken,” he cryptically remarked, a profound somberness behind his words.
“Like you,” you absentmindedly murmured.
“What do you mean?” Taehyung asked you, making you realize only then that you had actually spoken your thought aloud.
It was too late to take it back now that it’d been said, you supposed. You decided to fully speak your mind for the first time since you’d arrived.
“You act as if you’re fine living way out here by yourself, but...” you explained, gathering up the might to look up into his sharp cobalt irises. “I think that deep down inside, you’re lonely here.” You knew you were making a bold assumption, but there was something in the ever-present sadness that always lingered behind his gaze that made you believe that you were right.
“Says the woman who smiles even though she is miserable,” he scoffed. “Aren’t we a pair?”
You chuckled, shuffling closer to lean against the railing. But as you did so, you misplaced your foot, the heel of your shoe getting wedged between two of the paving stones, and causing you to stumble backwards. You squeezed your eyes shut, bracing yourself for contact with the cold, hard ground, but it never came.
Your eyelids snapped back open, immediately locking gazes with the man who had stopped you from falling—the Prince—staring down at you with his hand wrapped firmly around your wrist. He pulled you forward, returning you to an upright position, but before you could even open your mouth to thank him, his stare locked on the place where his bare hand clutched your skin, his eyes growing wide as he suddenly let go and recoiled back against the rail in shock.
“I am so sorry,” you hurriedly apologized to him, “I’ve never been a very graceful Princess.” You awkwardly laughed, but the Prince said nothing and remained stiffly frozen in place. “Are you all right?” you asked, concern filling your voice as you took a step towards the startled prince.
“Don’t come any closer!” he barked at you, his voice suddenly more severe and commanding, stopping you dead in your tracks. But as strong and intimidating as his words were, his face portrayed a different emotion entirely: Fear.
You hadn’t meant to cause the Prince such distress, and you hurriedly spoke up once more in an attempt to set things right. “My apologies, Taehyung, I didn’t mean to startle you so—”
“Get away from me,” he seethed, cutting you off before you could even utter another word. His back was pressed hard against the carved railing, his hands gripping it like a vice, and the look in his eyes was more serious than you had ever seen from him. “Now,” he growled at you.
You shivered where you stood, swallowing hard as your gaze trailed down from the Prince’s dark expression to where his hands gripped the balcony. There, as if out of thin air, a veil of pure ice began to spread from the place Taehyung had touched, tendrils of glassy frost wrapping around the entire bannister like creeping vines. You couldn’t believe your eyes, you didn’t know how to make sense of what you were seeing.
“I said go!” Taehyung shouted at you, more desperately than ever before. There was something in his voice—a silent plea that moved your heart and told you this was not the time to ask questions—and you decided it was best to heed the Prince’s warning for now.
You dared to take one last look at his stormy, tortured eyes before you did the only thing you could think to do in that moment; you ran away. Holding up your skirt and trying not to trip over your own feet, you pounded down the staircase and through the palace corridors as fast as your legs could carry you, not stopping until you had reached your room. You flung open the heavy doors, shutting them tightly behind you, and collapsing back against them, your back sliding down until you hit the floor and brought your knees up to your chest, your breathing ragged.
You had no idea what had just happened. There were no words to explain what you had seen. The stone had frozen right under Taehyung’s hands… but that couldn’t be possible, could it? These troubling thoughts ran amuck in your head and plagued you until you slipped into unconsciousness that night, the last thing on your mind before you drifted away being that unforgettable look of fear in the Prince’s eyes.
· ───────── ·𖥸· ───────── ·
For the next few days, Taehyung avoided you like the plague. He didn’t join you for dinner anymore, he didn’t call for you or visit you, and whenever you entered a room you thought he might be in, he always seemed to have just left.
You wanted to believe that it was all in your head, but after what you had seen that day on the balcony, you knew it was something much deeper than that. Taehyung seemed to have an ability you had only read about in books. Of course, you knew about the Fae and their mysterious magic—that very magic had saved your life when you were born—but never had you witnessed anything of the sort with your own two eyes. Until now, that is.
You couldn’t erase the scene from your head; Taehyung’s hands clutching at the railing, the ice spreading like ivy from his touch, and the look of utter helplessness in his eyes. The latter was the hardest for you to forget. You wished that he would give you the chance to talk to him, for him to explain himself, or for him to say anything to you at all, but days continued to pass with only silence filling the halls, and it was becoming too much for you to bear.
You had to see him today. The thought had galvanized in your mind like the icy stone of the castle walls, and there was no way anyone was going to stop you now. You were determined to get an explanation, an excuse—anything—from your fiancé about what you had seen, if only for the sake of getting over this game of cat and mouse that was impeding your pre-wedding preparations. How were you expected to marry this man in mere weeks if he wouldn’t even face you? You wouldn’t stand for it.
Your resolve burned like a fire inside you that could have melted the glacial palace to the ground as you dismissed your servants and trudged towards Taehyung’s private chambers unaccompanied. You knew it wasn’t customary or polite to barge in on someone unannounced, but you knew that if the Prince heard you were coming he would simply try to avoid you again, and you’d had enough of that already.
Flinging open the heavy oak doors, you strode into the Prince’s quarters with confidence, your eyes scanning the room until you found him. He was sat in a comfortable chair by the window, reading as usual, but he looked up at the sound of the doors being breached, and his face paled when he saw it was you there staring at him.
“Princess,” he addressed you, surprise clearly written across his stunned, handsome face.
“Y/N,” you promptly corrected him, deciding it was your turn to be short with him.
“Hm?” he confusedly questioned, his smooth forehead creasing.
“You asked me to call you by your name, and I respected your request,” you explained, trying your best to stand your ground. “Does the same courtesy not extend to my wishes?” you asked him, folding your arms firmly across your chest. You could tell that he was trying to revert back to formalities with you, but his clear attempt to distance your relationship wasn’t going to work—you simply wouldn’t let it.
“My apologies… Y/N,” he quickly amended, seeming caught off guard by your directness. “I wasn’t expecting you to drop by like this,” he remarked, uncomfortably clearing his throat.
“I’d think not since you’ve been avoiding me,” you replied, your words sharp as icicles. You had no idea where this confidence was coming from within yourself, but you willed it to remain as you pointedly stared down the Prince.
“Why would I be avoiding you?” he asked with an air of aloofness, playing coy with you. But you saw right through his act; you weren’t going to allow yourself to be dismissed.
“Because of what I saw on the balcony,” you boldly confronted him. “What you did.”
The prince immediately stiffened at your statement, sitting up straight in his chair, and his features contorted into a frigid, vacant stare. “I do not know what you are referring to.”
“Taehyung.” You sighed in frustration, tired of this childish game of hide and seek. “Despite the circumstances, I have tried my best to be patient and understanding of you from the first moment I arrived here,” you told him, your tone softening as you looked deep into his guarded eyes, pleading with him in earnest. “Couldn’t you please at least be honest with me?”
He stared back at you, studying your face as if deciding if he could truly trust you before finally his expression softened, and he let out a heavy breath. “Fine,” he coalesced. “But not here—let’s go and talk somewhere more private.”
You wordlessly nodded, grateful he was finally speaking to you at all, and you followed after him as he led you from his chambers and down the crisp castle hallway. You weren’t sure where he was taking you at first, but soon you reached the familiar steep staircase, and you climbed up with him to the secret balcony where the very incident had occurred just days earlier.
You stepped out into the brisk afternoon, the clouds downcast and full of precipitation as ever, and your eyes followed Taehyung’s back as he stepped towards the railing before finally turning around to look back at you at last.
“You understand what you saw, don’t you?” he directly asked you, gathering from the way you had barged into his room that you weren’t one to play ignorant about such matters.
“I understand.” You stoically nodded. “I am familiar with Fae magic… but what puzzles me is how Aspenia’s Crown Prince came to wield it?” You quirked a questioning brow his way.
“My mother was like me,” Taehyung explained, your eyes widening at the shocking admission. “She was born of the Fae, but she fell in love with a human—my father—and gave up her magic so that she could marry him.” You were perplexed. The Fae often tried to keep their distance from human affairs; you had never heard of any falling for one, but nonetheless, Taehyung’s parents’ story touched your heart.
“That’s rather romantic.” You softly replied. Giving up so much of yourself for the person you loved more than anything sounded like a worthwhile sacrifice to you, and the thought of it appealed to the hopeless romantic in you.
“I suppose it was.” he shrugged, not seeming quite as moved by the tale. “Until I was born…” Taehyung muttered, his expression going cold.
“What happened?” you tentatively asked him, hoping you weren’t overstepping too much.
“It’s not common for humans and the Fae to have children. They had no way of knowing… what I would become.” He grimaced, wringing his gloved hands out of discomfort over the sensitive topic. “The pregnancy was so hard on my mother that it nearly killed her… giving birth to me took all she had left. At first, I seemed like any other child, but as I grew older, I began to develop… abilities,” he somberly explained.
“Your magic…” you murmured, understanding registering across your face.
“I... was a child with unimaginable power. If I became too upset, or threw a tantrum like other children, things began to freeze around me, icicle shards shot out at anyone nearby, objects turned to ice in my hands, and I couldn’t control any of it.” He looked vulnerable as he told you this—more so than you had ever seen him—and your heart ached at the way his voice seemed to be filled with so much hurt. “My own father… he thought I was a monster. He blamed me for my mother’s death and locked me up to keep me from other people so I couldn’t hurt anyone. I wasn’t allowed any visitors—not even you.”
“How could he do that to you?” you demanded, incredulously, anger swelling up inside you. The thought of that sweet little boy you had once known sitting all alone in his room split your heart in two. “You were only a child… it wasn’t your fault.” You looked to him with empathy, gently placing your hand against his forearm.
“It’s nice to hear someone say that for once,” he softly smiled, gazing down at the place your hand touched him, but all too quickly it slipped away again. “But you’re about ten years too late.” He clenched and unclenched his jaw. “I grew up quickly. I learned to suppress my own emotions in order to control my powers, and I had these enchanted gloves made to help me.”
“That’s why you’re always wearing them,” you concluded to yourself aloud, the pieces finally coming together in your mind at last.
He wordlessly nodded, looking away from you to watch the snowdrifts on the mountainside. “If you wish to call off our engagement in light of this, I’ll take responsibility for everything,” he abruptly said, making your heart drop. “I’ll tell my father it was me who declined the match, and make certain that your reputation remains unsullied so that you can find a more suitable husband.” His words were empty and formal—practiced—and you realized now that the Prince must have been preparing these last few days to make such an offer to you. He had been preparing for you to reject him—to leave him.
“I won’t call off our engagement,” you firmly replied, not even having to think over your response. You had already made up your mind. You wouldn’t lose Taehyung—not again.
“You won’t?” he questioned, his expression a picture of disbelief as he turned back to study your face. He looked caught off guard by your unexpected answer, but you could have sworn that he also looked just the tiniest bit relieved.
“No.” You decisively shook your head. “My kingdom owes yours a great debt, remember? This is my duty to fulfill,” you reminded him, straightening your spine with dignity. “And also… I trust that you will be a fair husband and king when the time comes. So no, I won’t run from this… or from you.” Your promise rang out clear against the gentle swirl of the wind over the frosted hilltops, and you meant every word.
“You’ll marry me even after knowing I’m… that I’m cursed?” he quietly asked you, his glacial eyes focused intently on yours.
“Marriage vows typically stipulate ‘in sickness and in health’, do they not?” You playfully smirked up at him. “I think this applies.”
“I suppose we’ll find out at the altar,” he jested back, surprising you with his good humor. It was the first real laugh he’d shared with you in years, and you smiled warmly at the thought.
A gust of wind swept over the lonely mountain, blowing your way and sending a chill through you that made you shiver. Noticing it, Taehyung watched you closely, asking; “Are you cold?”
“Yes…” you reluctantly admitted, folding your arms over your chest in an attempt to retain warmth. “Speaking candidly, I don’t think I’ve been warm since I arrived here at Icestone,” you mirthlessly chuckled, feeling defeated by the wintery climate you still had yet to adjust to.
“I think I may know how to fix that,” Taehyung concluded, his mysterious offer intriguing you.
“How?” You raised an eyebrow in question.
“Do you trust me?” he asked you rather than answering, his intense irises piercing into you.
“Yes...” you hesitantly replied, mesmerized by the way he was gazing at you right now. You had no idea what he was thinking, but when he looked at you in such a way, you had no mind to begrudge him anything he could ask of you.
“Then come along.” His lips curved into a sweet smile that made your heart flutter. “There’s something I want to show you.” He held out his arm towards you like he had the day he’d shown you around the castle, and you gingerly reached out and accepted it, not even having time to think about if you were ready for whatever he had in mind before he was whisking you away.
He led you much deeper into the castle than you had ever gone before—or rather, as you had been only that night when you dared to explore on your own and ended up lost. Holding you securely by the arm, he brought you to a hall that felt vaguely familiar to you, and when you neared the end of it, you realized why. There, at the end of the hall, stood the beautiful, glassy mirror you had discovered that first night.
You approached the elegant object where it rested against the wall, and Taehyung turned to look at you as you stood before it. “Now hold onto me,” he directed you, as if preparing you for something. “And don’t let go, all right?”
You had no inkling what was about to happen next, but you knew that you trusted Taehyung, and so, willingly, you told him; “I won’t.”
You gripped tightly onto him, your manicured nails slightly digging into his jacket as he let out a deep breath and strided forward, stepping directly into the mirror. But, to your shock, the two of you never made contact with the glass. No—rather, you stepped through the mirror, and out into a beautiful garden, flower petals and butterflies fluttering by on the breeze, and trees in full blossom hanging overhead.
You jumped forward in awe, breaking away from Taehyung, and whirling in a circle to get a full view of the breathtaking arboretum around you. It was more beautiful than anything you could ever have imagined, as if it had been plucked right out of the pages of a storybook.
“What is this place?” you called out in wonder, beaming with excitement as a little bumblebee lazily buzzed right past your head and landed amongst a patch of vibrant yellow daisies.
“This is the garden of eternal summer…” Taehyung finally introduced his secret oasis, proudly surveying the landscape from a few paces behind you. “Some Fae friends of my mother’s created this place for me out of pity when she passed. It’s warm here year-round, and… it’s the one place in the world where I can’t freeze anything.” He explained, slowly removing his gloves and tucking them into his pocket, before reaching down to pluck a small pink wildflower from the grass by his feet.
Taehyung stepped towards you, getting close enough that you could smell his sweet scent of mint and vanilla, and he reached up towards your face, gently tucking the brightly colored blossom behind your ear, but being careful not to graze your skin. “The spell only applies to things from the garden, so it’s best to still be cautious,” he softly murmured, your proximity allowing you to feel the heat of his breath.
You gazed at one another for a moment, your eyes locked in a dreamy haze with neither of you having the courage to move away first, before finally Taehyung awkwardly cleared his throat and took a step back from you, ending your brief moment of intense connection.
“Anyway, since we are to be married, what is mine is also yours,” Taehyung said, gesturing broadly to the paradise around you. “You are welcome to come here whenever you like, Y/N.”
“This is incredible,” you giggled in absolute delight, your eyes eagerly drinking in all of the vibrant sights. “I could stay here for hours.” You turned back to the Prince, offering him a gentle smile of gratitude. “Thank you, Taehyung.”
“It’s nothing.” He nonchalantly shrugged, growing bashful. The more you spoke to Taehyung, the more you began to notice little glimpses of the kind-hearted boy you once knew, and it made you feel warm inside.
You wandered a few paces further, coming to stand beneath the shade of a beautiful cherry blossom tree, and you sat down on the soft grass. You glanced back at the Prince, patting the spot beside you with an inviting grin.
“Will you sit with me for a while?”
He studied you for a few moments, weighing the idea, before he finally caved and smiled back. “I suppose I could stay for a short time.”
He came to meet you where you sat, crouching down beside you on the lush green, and leaning his back against the sturdy tree trunk. You smiled to yourself, glancing up above you to see the small fluttering blossoms float by while bright, fluffy clouds moved across the sky.
“Do you remember when we used to lay in the grass and watch the clouds?” you abruptly asked the Prince, fond memories of your long past summer days dancing through your head.
“I remember,” he subtly grinned to himself, as if thinking the same. “We would lay out together all afternoon until the sun went down.”
“Come here,” you suddenly beckoned him, lying down on your back and reaching out to tug at the Prince’s sleeve and pull him down beside you. He made a sound of surprise, but didn’t protest, and the two of you laid side-by-side in the field, staring up at the brilliant blue sky.
“That one looks like a rabbit!” You excitedly exclaimed, pointing up at a particularly fluffy cloud. “Oh and that one is a shoe!” You giggled like a child at another peculiarly shaped one.
“This one’s a kite,” you unexpectedly heard the Prince’s deep voice from beside you, glancing over to see him gesturing with his large hand to a squarish cloud with a thin tail behind it. It made you happy that he was willing to play this game with you again, as silly as it was, and it gave you hope for your future together.
“They’re pretty, aren’t they?” you grinned, marveling up at the tufts of puffy white chiffon.
“Yes,” the Prince agreed, smiling shyly to himself. “Beautiful.” If only you had been paying close enough attention to realize he wasn’t looking at the clouds anymore, but at you.
· ───────── ·𖥸· ───────── ·
Little did you know, but that first day in the garden together would permanently change things between you and the Prince. It started up naturally; an unspoken agreement that the two of you would meet in your secret paradise every afternoon after Taehyung had finished with his work and stay long into the evening.
Each day you would wait for him, lounging beneath the outspread boughs of a tree while the breeze gently rustled through your hair, and the balmy temperature warmed your skin. And then suddenly, he would be there; his hair the color of sweet cream and his eyes like sapphires glittering in the reflection of a clear pool. He’d always look so formal and uptight in his regalia, but you couldn’t help but notice how he’d relax the moment his eyes found yours, and make his way over to you with the subtlest of smiles.
The two of you would easily while away the hours together talking, laughing, and lying on your backs in the plush green grass while the magical sunlight kissed your cheeks. While your relationship had become so strained and formal over all these years you had spent apart, it now seemed to retreat back to the simpler days of your past childhood, when the two of you were content to just share one another’s company.
The change didn’t happen all at once, but slowly. As days turned into weeks, more and more you witnessed brief moments of the happy, smiling boy you had grown to love in your youth returning to the face of the lonely Prince, like ice slowly melting away, and a new love entirely had begun to take root. What had started out as simply an attempt to rekindle your childhood friendship had blossomed into so much more, and you couldn’t help but feel that you were beginning to fall for the Prince.
While at first you had struggled to understand his reserved ways, you had now learned to see through the stony facade he put up for others, clear through to the man he was inside; a man who was thoughtful, kind, and seemed to care for you deeply. He rarely came right out and said what he was thinking or feeling, but in time you had become an expert at reading that through the things he did. Little gestures every day told you how he felt for you, and it was just as you were beginning to feel for him in turn.
On one peaceful day while the two of you were lounging about in the flowery garden as usual, you noticed a strangely conflicted expression come to cross Taehyung’s attractive features.
“What’s troubling you so?” you questioned the focused Prince, sitting up on your elbows in the grass to gaze at him while he lay on his back.
“The wedding is only a few days away now,” he said, his gaze fixed on the clouds above. “Soon we will be husband and wife.” Something about that statement seemed to be bothering him. Was he getting cold feet about the wedding? You couldn’t help but think back to how worried you had been when all of this began, and you tried to imagine how Taehyung must be feeling.
“You once gave me the chance to call off our engagement… but I’ve only now realized that I never gave you the same choice.” Your brow furrowed in deep thought. “How do you feel about all of this… the wedding?” you asked him.
“I don’t have any doubts,” he replied without hesitation, rolling his head to the side on the lush grass so that he could look into your eyes. There was a seriousness to his words, but they were filled with a soft fondness too that made your heart swell. “I won’t abandon you, Y/N. Not ever again,” he swore to you, “I promise.”
“Neither will I,” you vowed in return, a shy smile finding its way to your lips. “Snow or shine.” It was a big promise you were making, and you knew that, but you had fallen in love with the man who lay beside you, and you wanted to be by his side always—no matter what it entailed.
“That’s a sweet sentiment,” he murmured, smiling gently at you. “But our marriage isn’t going to be easy,” he solemnly reminded you. “Are you sure you want a husband who may never be able to hold you?” He cast his eyes down to his bare hands which rested by his sides, and looked deeply troubled, as if he felt that he was disappointing you with what he perceived as his own inadequacies.
“Maybe you could?” You tried to remain optimistic about your situation, sitting up to face Taehyung directly. “When was the last time you tried to touch a person?” you asked.
“Too long ago to even remember,” he shrugged, rising to mirror your seated position. “Well, until that day when I accidentally grabbed your wrist, but I must have pulled away fast enough to not have harmed you.” He nodded in conclusion.
“Or maybe your magic had no effect on me?” you suggested, the theory beginning to take shape in your head. It was the only reason you could think of to explain why his touch hadn’t frozen you on contact that day, and the more you thought about it, the more it made sense.
“How could that be?” Taehyung questioned, not seeming to follow your stretch of logic.
“When I was sick as a child, Fae healers used magic to save my life,” you explained, realizing that your connection to Fae magic may have resulted in your unusual resistance. “Maybe because of that… I’m immune to your curse?”
“That seems unlikely…” He seemed dubious. “But I suppose it’s not impossible,” Taehyung allowed, beginning to seriously consider your far-reaching idea. “Although I don’t know how we’d ever find that out.” He sighed in defeat.
“We could test it?” you proposed, your face suddenly lighting up with the idea. “Here, touch me,” you excitedly encouraged him, holding your arm out towards the skeptical prince.
“No,” he firmly rejected your attempt, swatting your arm away without making skin contact. “I will not risk hurting you.” His words were filled with a solemnity as solid as the ice of his castle walls, and you appreciated his will to protect you, but still, a part of you wished he would be a little more reckless with you—just this once.
“Won’t you please just try it?” you begged him, imploring him to give your theory a chance.
“It is too dangerous, Y/N,” the prince chastised you, softly shaking his head. “Besides, there are plenty of things in life we can do without ever touching hands,” he pointed out, trying to steer you away from the admittedly risky experiment.
“Like what?” you prodded, gazing up at him through your childish doe-like eyes.
“Well…” he began, his sentence slowly dropping off as he lost himself staring into your deep, trusting irises. No one else had ever looked at Taehyung like this—no one but you—and you smiled at him now just as you did years ago, making his heart flutter the way it had then too.
Without even thinking, he began to lean in towards you, your breath hitching in your throat as his face came within just centimeters of your own. You could feel his warm breath against your flushing cheeks, your eyes not daring to break away from his for even a second until the very moment that his lips met yours at last, and your eyelids finally fell shut in silent bliss.
It was a simple kiss, his mouth softly caressing yours while your noses intimately brushed against one another’s, but in that moment it felt more magical than any Fae enchantment.
You were under Prince Taehyung’s spell, your heart had become irrevocably and irreversibly his, and you didn’t mind. You wanted to be his and his alone—the boy you had once adored was now the man you loved more deeply than any other, and likewise, the girl you had once been had grown into the woman who longed to be with him. You wished that you could have stayed that way forever, but eventually the two of you were forced to part for air, and when you did, you breathlessly stared at one another with heated cheeks and longing eyes.
However, before either of you could say a word about what had just transpired between you, the sound of another entering your secret garden startled you both, and your heads snapped up in tandem to see Jimin standing just feet away with a troubling expression. He looked slightly out of breath, as if he had rushed here, and his uncharacteristically somber demeanor made your stomach plummet. Something was seriously wrong.
“I am sorry to interrupt, your highnesses, but I come bearing very grave news,” Jimin solemnly announced, lightly bowing his head in regret. “His majesty, the King, has… passed away.” The words made your blood feel like lead in your veins. The bad news you had been dreading all this time had finally come to pass, and you instantly looked to Taehyung with worry.
His expression was withdrawn, as calm and collected as he was the day you had first come to Icestone, and that you worried you more than anything. It was the times that Taehyung showed the least emotion that you knew he was in the most pain, and you desperately wracked your brain for any words that might comfort him, but found yourself at an utter loss.
“Taehyung…” you quietly murmured, reaching out for him, but the Prince simply held up a stiff hand to halt your movements.
“Thank you, Sir Jimin,” he vacantly replied, his tone more befitting of a political meeting and not of such heartbreaking news. “Now if you would both excuse me, I have some important matters to attend to.” Taehyung rose up from the ground without so much as a glance in your direction, hastening towards the mirror portal, and crossing back through while all you could do was helplessly watch his retreating back.
“Princess,” Jimin addressed you, a sympathetic look in his eyes. “Why don’t you allow me to—”
Unfortunately, Jimin didn’t get the chance to finish his sentence as you abruptly jumped up from the grass and took off towards the garden gateway, chasing after Taehyung in a rather unbecoming fashion. You didn’t care if it was embarrassing or improper; Taehyung needed you right now—you could sense it—and you simply couldn’t waste another second.
You traversed back through the mirror and into the cold halls of Icestone, your heels clicking furiously against the hard floor as you chased after Taehyung. You just barely caught sight of his coattails as he turned the corner ahead of you, and you blindly followed him, the only thought in your mind being concern for him.
“Taehyung!” you called out to him, but either he didn’t hear you in his grief, or he was choosing not to. You elected not to let either deter you, continuing to pursue him until you both ended up somewhere familiar—the tower balcony.
Taehyung was already standing in the center of the platform when you finally made your way to the top of the stairs. With his back to you, you could see that his hands were trembling and ungloved, as he had neglected to put them back on before storming out of the garden.
“Taehyung…” you tried to reach out to him, your voice much softer and more tentative this time.
“What?” He abruptly whirled around at the sound, his hand flying up, and you barely had time to duck before a shard of ice flew over your head and smashed against the doorway right where you’d been standing moments earlier. Remaining calm, you simply stood back upright again, raising your head high and looking Taehyung right in the face.
His eyes were red and puffy, glossy with unshed tears, and his expression was a mix of anger and horror when he realized it was you that he had almost struck with his frosty outburst.
“I told you not to follow me,” he snapped at you, seeming more worried for your safety than truly angry at you. “You need to go, I’m not in control right now and I might hurt you.” He choked out, his voice as unstable as his shaking legs were.
You said nothing in response to his warning, simply ignoring his words, and taking a step forward, moving closer toward the Prince. 
“What are you doing?” he exclaimed, trying to back away from you in fear. “I told you, I’m too dangerous.” He shouted at you, the very ground beneath your feet beginning to ice over like a frozen pond. The clouds overhead turned a dark grey, and sharp pieces of hail began to rain down from the sky—all Taehyung’s involuntary doing—but you ignored the sting battering your skin and continued to advance toward him. The entire balcony around you was slowly becoming encased in ice, snow, and sleet, the onslaught tumultuous and unyielding, and at the center of it stood the young Prince with pain in his eyes. “Why won’t you run from me?” he begged you, your body now less than a foot from his own.
“I can’t, Taehyung,” you told him, a bittersweet smile reaching your lips as tears pricked at the corners of your own eyes. “I told you, I won’t ever run from you.” You closed the small gap that remained between you two and threw your arms around his waist, his body tensing at first under your hold, but after a moment he relaxed.
As if finally allowing himself to break down, Taehyung leaned into you, his body practically collapsing into yours from the weight of it all, and you felt him bury his face in the crook of your neck, warm tears falling against your skin.
“Is it pathetic of me to weep for the father who hated me?” he humorlessly chuckled amid his crying, his voice husky with emotion.
“He was still your father,” you comforted him, your tone gentle and understanding. “You loved him.” You knew what Prince Taehyung had been through and you couldn’t even begin to imagine what it must have been like growing up entirely alone, but as you held him now you promised to yourself you’d never let him feel alone again.
“Please don’t go,” he whispered against your skin like a desperate prayer. “Everyone I’ve ever loved has left me, I don’t think I could bear it if I lost you too.” His voice was anguished, pleading with you, and all you could think to do in that moment was to clutch onto him even tighter.
“I’m here, Taehyung,” you assured him, rubbing your hand soothingly over his back. “I’ll stay right here.” Your promise was a sincere one.
The two of you remained in that position for a long time; you weren’t sure exactly how long, but when you both had grown too cold to stand being outside any longer, you turned to find that the tundra around you had now melted. Taehyung’s frozen world—the ice which had surrounded his heart for so long—had been thawed by your warmth and cleared away, and side-by-side you retreated back inside together.
· ───────── ·𖥸· ───────── ·
Days later, Taehyung had returned from his father’s funeral at the capitol. You had offered to accompany him, but he’d insisted that he would rather face this somber occasion on his own, so you respected his decision, and waited anxiously for his return as he set off for the main palace with his attendants. After what felt like days of your pacing and worrying, he had finally made it back home to Icestone yesterday evening—just days to spare before the next big affair that was to come: your wedding day.
Since Taehyung’s father had now passed, the nobles had come together and decided that your wedding day would also serve as both of your coronations; the two of you would become husband and wife, Taehyung would become king, and you, his queen. And at last, the long-awaited morning had finally arrived—the day you and Taehyung were to be married.
You could hardly sleep at all the night before the wedding, both from nerves and excitement, as your mind ran through hundreds of scenarios of what the day might be like. You had seen the prince after his return from the capitol, and he was thankfully in better spirits, so you didn’t have to worry about that, but that left room for your countless other more frivolous worries.
How would Taehyung look when he saw you tomorrow? Would he be happy at the sight of you coming down the aisle? Or would he get cold feet and run away? And of course, the one thought you tried, unsuccessfully, to push from your mind stuck out above all else. What would your wedding night with the Prince be like?
You knew the basics of what went on from reading romance novels and eavesdropping on the gossip of palace maids, but you had never experienced anything of that nature, and you weren’t quite sure what to expect. The idea of it in general unnerved you a bit, but you couldn’t help but think that if it was Taehyung you’d be going through it with, it wouldn’t be so bad.
As you laid in bed that morning, awakened by your own body long before your maids had come to get you up, you thought back to the kiss you’d shared in the garden just days ago. You reached up, lightly brushing your fingers against your lips, and you could almost feel the heat of Taehyung’s mouth against your own as you closed your eyes and relived the moment.
Taehyung was your first friend, your first kiss, your first love, and you were ready for him to be so much more. You were ready to marry him, and you hoped he felt the same way about you.
Before long your maids had come in to rouse you, finding you already laying awake in bed, and they greeted you with smiles of excitement that mirrored your own as they began special preparations to ready you for your big day.
You didn’t often wear makeup, not being one for drawing attention to yourself, but today you allowed the maids to dust your cheeks with a light rouge, lining your eyes with thin black feathered lines that accentuated your lashes, and painting your lips a soft rosy shade. They styled your hair in an elegant updo, with snow-white blossoms tucked between each carefully arranged lock, and secured your silver tiara and heavenly white veil at the crown of your head. Your dress, which you had seen only at fittings, was now fully complete, with intricate beading along the bodice, a billowing skirt, and a long, regal train that flowed behind you when you walked, and the delicate lace neckline flattered your shape and exposed your collarbones.
When the maids had finished the last of the ties up your back, they all stood back to gaze at you in wonder, seeming practically in awe of you. Curious, you brought your eyes up to the mirror, catching sight of yourself for the first time that morning, and you suddenly realized why all of your attendants were so speechless. You looked absolutely breathtaking—ethereal—and you felt more effortlessly beautiful than you ever had in your life. You couldn’t help but grin to yourself, wondering if the Prince would think the same.
“You look like an angel, your highness,” Bae dreamily complimented you, fawning at you in wonder as Kai vigorously nodded in agreement.
“Like a queen,” Gerda warmly smiled at you, pride swelling in her gracefully aged eyes.
You smiled back at them all, heat rising to your cheeks from their kind words until a light knock at the door interrupted your brief enchantment, and you called out a “Come in.” to whoever was on the other side. The door cracked open and you watched as Jimin came into view, beaming at you the moment you were within his sight.
“You are a vision, your highness,” he praised you, coming to stand just beside you at the mirror. “His majesty is the luckiest man on earth,” he leaned in to jovially whisper to you, dropping his right eyelid into a sly wink.
You giggled at his flattery, hoping he couldn’t tell how flushed you became from just the mere mention of your fiancé’s name, and you smiled pleasantly at him. “Thank you, Sir Jimin.”
“If you are ready, your highness, I have come to escort you to the throne room to commence with the ceremonies,” Jimin explained, politely offering his arm to you. “Shall we?” He smirked.
You nodded and grinned brightly at him as you reached out to take his arm, your maids sharing words of good luck to you as Jimin led you from the room and down to the grand throne room.
From just the mouth of the entrance hall, you could see that the high-ceiling, cathedral-like room was packed to the brim with duchesses, dukes, lords, ladies, and other high-ranking nobles. A long, white carpet stretched all the way from the massive entryway to the end of the aisle, which was obscured from your view at this angle. You could hear chatter, but as you approached, the royal guards took note of you and signaled to a small brass band who began to play a regal fanfare, announcing your arrival.
All at once, a hush fell over the room, and every set of eyes landed squarely on you. Suddenly nervous, you gripped tighter onto Sir Jimin’s arm, but he smiled at you in reassurance, and you instantly felt better. The parade of flower-petal toting young girls and beautiful maidens dressed in soft blue gowns commenced their procession ahead of you, and the band started up a romantic melody as you began your ascent up the aisle. It was hard to see with your wispy veil over your eyes, but even so, when the altar at last came into view, you could easily see him.
There, waiting for you just meters ahead, was the Prince; he was dressed in a stunning white suit with formal gloves to match, distinguished medals, ribbons, and regalia adorning his chest and shoulders, and his eyes seemed to light up the moment that they met yours at last, a grin breaking out across his perfect lips. It was a reaction you had only dreamed about, and to see him gazing at you this way in real life, on your wedding day, filled you with so much joy that you thought your heart might burst.
You hoped he could see how widely you were grinning back at him beneath your veil when you finally reached the Prince at last, and Sir Jimin ceremoniously released your arm, bowing to you, and going to stand with the other palace officials. You faced Taehyung, and he reached out towards you to gingerly lift your veil away from your face, laying it behind your head, and offering you a small, secret smile that seemed only for you. The clergyman who was waiting there at the altar bowed in respect to the two of you, addressing the crowd gathered before you, and beginning the wedding proceedings.
However, you could barely pay attention to a word the man was saying; your eyes saw only Taehyung, and his, only you, and for practically the entire ceremony you remained locked in a wordless gaze of enchantment, only speaking when directed to—as if you two alone existed.
Taehyung’s coronation came first; he knelt before the congregation and was handed the royal scepter, vowing before god and his people to uphold his duty as king from this day forth until his death. He looked so poised as they placed the intricate crown of blue and silver upon his head—like a born leader—and you couldn’t help but revere him with pride as you moved onto the wedding portion of the affair. 
Your heart was pounding in your chest as the clergyman presided over the two of you, going over the traditional rites you’d heard countless times at other weddings, but they sounded entirely new and exciting now that they were being said for you and Taehyung. At long last, you reached the highly-anticipated vows.
“Do you, Taehyung, King of Aspenia, take Y/N, Princess of Aurelia, to be your wife, to have and to hold from this day forward; for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, as long as you both shall live?” the man asked Taehyung, and you swallowed hard as you awaited his answer.
He looked deeply into your eyes, his warm gaze telling you without any words at all that he intended to keep every last one of the above promises and more, and his expression calm and even as he spoke out the words; “I do.”
You at last released the breath you hadn’t meant to be holding in for so long, relief and delight flooding through you at Taehyung’s positive affirmation, but now it was your turn.
“And do you, Y/N, Princess of Aurelia, take Taehyung, King of Aspenia, to be your husband, to have and to hold from this day forward; for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, as long as you both shall live?” the elderly officiant now looked to you, asking you the same powerful words in measured meter.
You looked at the man before you, the man you loved—the man you had always loved deep down inside—and you knew there was only one answer you could possibly give him. “I do.”
A group of formally dressed men approached you, bowing before you, and reaching up to remove your small Princess tiara from your head, replacing it with a much grander crown of glittering sapphires that was more befitting of the queen you now were. They had you recite the same vows as Taehyung, and you gladly did, prepared to do your best to serve Taehyung’s country as you had your own. When you finally completed the process, the clergyman looked between you and Taehyung, speaking again.
“By the divine power vested in me, I now pronounce you both husband and wife, King and Queen of Aspenia,” the mature minister proudly proclaimed, raising his hands up. “You may now kiss your bride,” he declared, smiling warmly at Taehyung and gesturing towards you.
Your pulse was racing, your hands practically shaking as your new husband leaned into you and captured your lips in a sweet, chaste kiss. It wasn’t as intense or passionate as the kiss you had shared in the garden, but it was perfect in its own way—special—and you beamed at one another as the two of you parted once again, joining arms, and practically floating down the aisle en route to the ensuing after festivities.
Your wedding reception was a joyous affair; the wine was flowing, a string band played a lively and spritely tune while scads of finely dressed people waltzed across the dancefloor, garlands of brightly colored flowers were hanging from the ceilings, and tables filled with delicious-smelling dishes and sweets lined the walls. Taehyung had clearly spared no expense for the occasion, and you appreciated every intricate detail as you took in the sights before you.
“Is it how you pictured?” A deep voice suddenly sounded from beside you, causing you to whip your head to the side in surprise. When you did, you found Taehyung standing at your side, looking down at you with a curious smirk.
“It’s even more lovely than I ever could have imagined.” You sighed in content, your lips and cheeks almost sore from smiling so much this evening. “Thank you,” you earnestly told him.
“Instead of your thanks... could the King of Aspenia trouble his bride for a dance?” He held out his gloved hand to you, a lighthearted look shining upon his normally more serious face.
“The Queen of Aspenia accepts.” You giggled, dipping down into curtsy before accepting his hand, and allowing Taehyung to lead you out on the crowded, bustling ballroom dancefloor.
You swore, the two of you must have danced the entire night; your hand in his, his covered palm resting against the small of your back, and your bodies pressed tightly together as you spun around again and again until the rest of the world seemed to disappear, save for you two. You could have stayed like that for eternity, content to remain forever in your bliss together, but eventually the party had begun to draw to a close, and you and Taehyung were separated as your maids whisked you away to ready you for what was to come next—your wedding night.
Hushed whispers and fussing hands met you in the candlelight of your private chambers as your attendants made haste to undress you from your intricate wedding gown. Your maids had drawn you a warm bath, and they gently scrubbed at your skin, dousing you in sweet smelling perfumes and oils before dressing you in a simple white nightgown, the material so scant that you could practically see through it.
You could barely focus as some of the older maids tried to warn you what to expect, your mind thinking only of Taehyung and nothing else, and before you knew it you were being shuffled down the hallway. You were practically shoved through the doors of his chambers, the maids quickly departing so as to give the two of you privacy, and you awkwardly crossed your arms over your starkly covered chest, taking a glance around the dimly lit bedroom.
It was then that you spotted him, the Prince—no, the King—standing by the window and looking out into the night. When he heard the shuffling of your arrival, he turned over his shoulder, and your eyes instantly met. You weren’t sure what to do or say, nervousness suddenly getting the better of you, and you quietly fluttered over to the bed, sitting down on it and staring intently down at the carpeting. How were you meant to initiate this?
You had no idea where to begin, but hesitantly, you reached for the ties on your nightgown, thinking this would be the best place to start, your hands shaking as you fumbled with the delicate fabric. Trembling with trepidation, you could feel Taehyung’s eyes on you, burning into your very skin, but before you could undress any further, his deep voice called out to you.
“You don’t have to do that,” he said, breaking the tense silence between you two. You froze, your eyes daring to wander up and meet his once again. “You seem so scared.” He frowned, his tone gentle but with an underlying sadness to it. “I won’t touch you, so please don’t worry.”
You blinked at him, your eyebrows knitting together in surprise as you processed his words. “You won’t?” you timidly questioned, staring at him from the bed with wide eyes. “But I thought that…” your voice trailed off, unable to speak aloud the fears that had taken root in your mind about your wedding night.
“That I would do whatever I pleased with you regardless of your feelings?” he questioned, his expression unreadable. “Do you truly think so little of your husband?” His tone was laced with unmistakable hurt as he stared at you with that intense gaze of his, and you realized how your words must have seemed to him. You knew that Taehyung wouldn’t hurt you; you trusted him.
“No… it isn’t that, I…” you fumbled for words, trying to find the words to express your inner thoughts. “Don’t we need to... consummate the marriage?” you meekly asked him, nervously fiddling with your skirt. If there was one thing you knew about, it was regal matters, and to your knowledge, all royal marriages must be consummated the wedding night lest they be rendered invalid, and land you both in trouble.
“You’re shaking like a leaf,” Taehyung quietly observed, his gaze dropping to your unsteady hands. “I would never force you to do anything you are not ready for, Y/N,” he firmly stated, keeping his distance as he remained across the room from you. “I will not lay a hand on you, I swear it. You don’t have to be afraid—not of me,” he promised you, his eyes much softer and kinder than you had ever witnessed. He made a move towards the door as if to leave you, but right as he tried to step past you, you reached out and caught his wrist with your small hand.
Taken aback by your touch, he snapped around to face you, his eyes trained intently on yours as he searched for an explanation in your stare.
“I’m not afraid,” you calmly said to him, still maintaining your light grip on his wrist to keep him close. Your words held the same sincerity that your eyes did as you gazed up at him, and Taehyung was nearly rendered speechless by it.
“What?” He finally managed to say, his face a mixture of both confusion and incredulity.
“I said I’m not afraid of you, Taehyung,” you repeated once more, willing your voice to sound strong and confident in spite of the way your heart was pounding wildly within your chest.
Taehyung’s collected expression, which had briefly faltered with the shock of your words, quickly became hard once more, as if he were closing up again to protect you from himself, and he carefully pried his arm from your hold.
“You have every reason to be,” he humorlessly scoffed, glancing down at his now exposed hands. “Everything I touch... turns to ice,” he said, his pained eyes as he studied his palms betraying his calm exterior. “I could hurt you... or worse,” he told you with deadly seriousness, as if to make it sound like a warning, but you could see that beneath it was pure worry.
“But your curse had no effect on me when you touched me before—we both saw it,” you argued, reminding him of the events you had both witnessed that day on the balcony. He had made full contact with your skin and nothing had happened to you then. “And besides that... I know that you would never hurt me,” you said with the utmost certainty, looking up at him with eyes full of love. “I trust you, Taehyung.”
He looked shocked by your confession, his face lighting up for just the briefest moment before it gave way to a look of frustration. “Why?” he asked, his thick brows furrowing in disbelief. “How could you be willing to risk everything for a monster like me?” he practically demanded of you, his ocean-like eyes stormy with anguish.
“Because I love you,” you said to him, your eyes soft and so full of all those fond memories of the sweet boy from your youth. You knew he was still in there—you had caught glimpses of him over the course of your time here—and you believed in him. “You’re not a monster. And you can’t keep pushing everyone away... aren’t you lonely, Taehyung?” you asked him, sorrow filling your own voice as you thought about how hard these years of isolation must have been on him.
“These hands haven’t touched another living soul in a long time,” he said, swallowing hard as if he were nervous. “I’m... not certain that I even remember how it feels,” he admitted to you, the loneliness behind his sad words unmistakable.
“Touch me,” you told him without hesitation, going against all of your better judgements.
“Do you know what you are asking for?” he hesitantly questioned you, his cobalt eyes piercing into yours. “We can’t be certain that you are immune to my curse… you could turn to ice in my arms,” he cautioned, reminding you of the deadly consequences of his cursed touch.
“I know,” you quietly replied, but you had never been more certain of anything in your entire life. “Touch me, Taehyung,” you repeated the words, gazing up at the new King with blazing determination, “I wish to be with my husband.”
Taehyung instinctively stepped forward at your words, unable to keep himself from you any longer, his much larger body looming over you, and you held your breath as he reached out a shaking hand toward you. Tentatively, the cold skin of his palm made contact with your warm cheek, and you both braced yourselves for a chill which never came. No—just as you had suspected, Taehyung’s curse seemed to have no effect on you, and you saw his lips curve up into the widest smile of relief as he looked down at you, caressing your face with his large hand.
You smiled back at him, and it was as if the spark between you two was suddenly ignited. Taehyung wasted no time reaching down to pull you up from the bed by your shoulders and into his waiting arms, his mouth finding your own almost immediately. His lips were soft against yours, but frantic too, his desperation for you clear in the way he held you so tightly to him as he kissed you. He had been waiting longer than you could imagine to hold you like this, and it was quite literally a dream come true for him.
His hands cupped either side of your flushed face, the roughness of his palms serving as a foil to your soft cheeks, and he was almost in awe of the sensation of your skin against his own. He was touching you, truly touching you, and you weren’t freezing in the slightest. Better yet, you were warm—tantalizingly so—and he was eager to touch even more of your body.
He slipped his hands beneath the thin fabric of your nightgown as his tongue dove deeper into your mouth, his hungry touch trailing up your bare legs, and behind your shaking thighs until he reached the curve of your backside. His large hands lightly squeezed at your untouched flesh, gently kneading it and drawing a deep, wanton sound from you that you’d never uttered before.
“Taehyung,” you whimpered, clutching tightly onto his shoulders as his hands explored your body beneath the thin material of your slip.
He grinned, adoring the sound of his name falling from your lips in such a way, and he was determined to hear it even more. He leaned in and captured your mouth in a sweet kiss, your noses softly brushing together as he pushed his tongue past your lips again and again, relishing in the taste of you. You were warm and sweet, like hot cocoa on a cold winter’s day, and you let him drink in your warmth with every brush of his lips against yours. You could practically feel the ice encasing him dissolving away, until only the beautiful man held behind it remained.
His wide palms took hold of your thighs from behind, and you gasped in surprise against his mouth at the sensation, his hands slowly prying your legs wider apart so that he could press himself between them as he kissed you deeply.
“I love you too,” he cooed against your lips in response to your earlier declaration, tenderly stroking your face with the pad of his thumb. “My sweet wife… the only creature on this earth that does not freeze under my touch,” the King affectionately addressed you, looking deeply into your eyes. “Surely, you alone were made to be mine,” he declared, taking your dainty hand in his own and lifting it to his lips to be kissed. “You belong to me now, and I to you.”
The look in his eyes was quite intense, but there was a tenderness to it too; Taehyung was now your husband—your king—and you, his queen, and although it was on the surface simply an arranged marriage of political convenience, you couldn’t deny that you had grown to carry true feelings for him, just as he had in turn for you.
“Yes, my king.” You nodded, willing your voice to remain calm despite the way you were in tremors in his tight hold. You knew Taehyung loathed formalities, but the words seemed to roll off your tongue, and he seemed to like it.
“Your king?” His lips twisted into a subtle smirk at your endearing use of his formal title, his grip tightening protectively around you. “Would my queen forgive her king if he breaks his promise not to touch her on this night?” he asked you, his lust-clouded gaze raking hungrily over your thin nightgown. Every word Taehyung said was driving you mad for him, and you were certain he could sense the way you yearned for him.
“Such a betrayal is not beyond forgiveness,” you shyly replied, your heartbeat thundering loudly in your ears. Flustered hearing Taehyung speak such desirous things to you, you forced yourself to look down, your cheeks heating furiously, but his fingers gently gripped your chin and lifted your face back up again.
“You need never hide your face from me, my angel. Look into my eyes and see only your adoring husband,” he beckoned you, your timid eyes traveling up to find his piercing slate ones. They burned with such passion, such need for you, and you were practically mesmerized by the emotion in them. Never in all the time you’d known Taehyung had his eyes looked so warm to you—well, not since the two of you were both children—and the mere sight made your heart swell. “If you wish it, I shall make you mine.”
“Will you be gentle?” you asked him, your wide, innocent eyes peering timidly up at him.
“Of course. I would never harm my most precious gift.” His lips lifted into a small smile, his fingers gingerly brushing your hair back from your face in an affectionate gesture.
Taehyung leaned forward and nuzzled his nose against your own, kissing you passionately, and entangling his tongue with yours once more. He pressed more firmly into you, easing your body down until your back fell against the pure, white sheets, and you collapsed against the plush bed. Hovering just above you, your soft thighs peeking out where your nightgown had ridden up, you looked absolutely ravishing beneath him, and Taehyung eagerly descended on you.
He pressed his lips to the delicate skin of your collarbone, sucking at it through his teeth and marking you over and over as his own, while his hands slid up your thighs until they reached the delicate hemline of your nightdress. Tugging at the thin ties of fabric, he pulled until it finally fell away, and he cast it off from your body, leaving you fully naked beneath his clothed frame.
You suddenly felt vulnerable, the only thing shielding you from Taehyung’s unyielding gaze now stripped away, and you squirmed beneath him, your hands fluttering to cover yourself. But Taehyung easily caught your wrists in his much larger hands, halting you, and pressing delicate kisses to each of your palms in an attempt to calm you. He looked down at you, taking in the full sight of your body for the very first time, and a fond smile came to grace his pink lips.
“You are beautiful, my queen,” he murmured in complete and utter adoration, his declaration and the mesmerized way he was gazing at you immediately helping you to feel more relaxed.
You managed to smile back at him, hesitantly pulling your hands from his light grip so that you could run your fingers along the fabric of his nightshirt. You wanted to see him the way he was seeing you right now, and following your gaze, he understood, reaching down to grip at the fabric of his shirt and pull it over his head.
Immediately your eyes were transfixed by the sight of his smooth, bare chest before you, and you couldn’t help but reach out to touch him, your tentative fingers curiously brushing along the warm skin of his abdomen. Taehyung’s eyes fell shut as you did this, a deep-reaching sigh of content leaving his lips at the raw sensation of being touched after years of living in isolation.
When he opened his eyes again, there was something new in them, a desire—a hunger— that threatened to consume you, and for some reason, you wanted it to. His hands found their way to your naked waist, wrapping his fingers around you possessively, and holding you in place as he leaned down to kiss you more and more, while you laid on your back beneath him.
His tongue painted a portrait of your mouth, his heavy body pressing yours down into the bed, but in a way that felt so safe and secure. You trailed your touch up his arms and down his back as he kissed you, earning a shudder of pleasure from him, and he suddenly rolled his hips against yours. You felt something hard and dense there—a foreign sensation, but you knew what it meant—and the moment that it made contact with your naked center, it sent a spike of white-hot heat through your lower body.
“Ahh—“ you unexpectedly moaned into Taehyung’s mouth, caught off guard by the wonderful feeling. He grinned against your lips at this, relishing in your sweet sounds, and his determination to wring them from you grew with every soft sigh that left your lips.
He ground his concealed erection against you at a tentatively slow pace, getting you used to the unfamiliar but enticing feeling, before he decided to push things further, trailing a hand up your bare thighs until his touch was ghosting your center. You were breathing heavy, wound up by his proximity to your most secret place, and you shivered in anticipation as he ran his fingers along the chasm of your damp folds.
Ever so gently, he plunged one of his long digits inside you, your whole body going rigid at the foreign intrusion, but it felt strangely good too. He watched your face with excitement as he began to move within you, pumping his finger in and out and flexing it between your walls.
“Please, Taehyung,” you whimpered, gripping tightly to his upper arms for some kind of stability. You had never experienced anything like this before, and even though it scared you, you trusted Taehyung to take care of you. 
“It’s all right, dearest one,” he cooed soothingly to you, stroking your cheek with his free hand. “I promise you’ll like this,” he explained, trying to reassure you with his soft words and gentle touches. “I just want to make you feel good.”
You nodded in understanding, giving him the approval he desired to continue, which he gladly did. He kissed you once more, his lips meeting the skin of your cheeks, your neck, and your chest until finally his head came down to join his hand at your burning heat. He pressed a gentle kiss to your lower belly, flicking his eyes up to yours and holding contact with you as he brought his lips to your glistening lower ones.
His mouth enveloped your folds, his tongue gently poking out and dipping into you, and you whined at the feeling, reaching down to grip onto Taehyung’s hair for security. You had never experienced anything of this nature before, and you couldn’t believe how incredible it felt. He focused his attention on your tiny bud down there, experimentally rolling over the spot with his hot muscle as if testing out the motion, and you instantly felt tendrils of delicious heat spreading throughout your entire body, making you moan out shamelessly loudly for him.
He seemed to be trying to time each suckling movement of his lips and tongue with each push of his fingers into you, balancing the immense pleasure with the uncomfortable stretch so that it wouldn’t hurt. “Does it feel all right?” he paused his efforts to ask, looking up at you with tender eyes and lightly glazed lips.
You could only nod, so overwhelmed by the symphony of new sensations that were hitting you all at once, and he smiled in satisfaction. 
“I’ve never actually done this before, so this is all new for me too… but tell me if anything feels wrong,” he candidly admitted, the fact that he was just as inexperienced as you were setting you more at ease. “I only want to please you.” He shyly smiled at you, his expression earnest.
“Kiss me,” you murmured to him, your voice like a siren to a lonely sailor on the harbor. When you summoned him so sweetly he had no will to deny you, and he quickly bobbed his head back up to meet your soft lips, the taste of his mouth strange from your juices but not unpleasant.
His tongue delved into your mouth, tasting every last inch of you, while his hands briefly abandoned your core to slide up your thighs, slowly rising until they stopped just beneath your breasts. It was clear that he wanted to touch them but was waiting for your approval, and so, gathering your courage and reaching down, you rested your small hands over his much larger ones and placed them over the swell of your chest. He instantly reacted, gently squeezing down on your tender flesh, and ghosting over your pert nipples with the pads of his fingers. He pressed kisses to each one, like offerings to a goddess, and you writhed in bliss.
No one had ever touched you like this, and after Taehyung had, you vowed to yourself that he would be the only one who ever would. He was your one and only true love—the other half of your soul—and you wanted the two of you to become one. You involuntarily rubbed your thighs together as he teased your breasts, the sensation making warm wetness pool between your legs, and this didn’t go unnoticed by your husband. He could sense that you wanted more from him, your hands pulling at his chest as if pleading with him, and he received your signals.
He briefly removed his hands from your body, reaching for the waist of his thin trousers before pushing them down, and stripping them off, exposing his fullness to you for the first time. You had never seen a man in such a way, and your eyes slightly widened when you realized how large he was, wondering how such a thing was expected to fit inside your small opening.
As if reading your thoughts, Taehyung quickly spoke up. “We’ll go slowly,” he assured you, reaching down to comfortingly cup your cheek.
You nodded in relief, and he pressed his body down against yours once more, reconnecting your lips. With his hardness now exposed, you could feel how stiff it was against you, and it wedged between your legs as you kissed, lightly rubbing along your folds. The friction it created was entirely addicting, and feeling emboldened, you tried rolling your hips down against him.
Taehyung hissed in pleasure, breaking your kiss to bury his face instead in the side of your neck, his teeth lightly raking over your flesh. Taking your advance as an invitation, he began to grind more forcefully into you, his hard length slotting perfectly along your dripping folds and making you both pant in pleasure. This was what it felt like to desire someone, to want someone to be a part of you more than anything in the world—you understood now—and you were ready for it.
“Take me now,” you suddenly told him, making the decision before your rational brain could catch up to your body’s desires. You wanted him to possess every part of you before you lost your confidence again; you wanted to become entirely his. “I’m ready,” you insisted, staring fearlessly into his mesmerizing oceanic eyes.
“It may hurt a bit, my darling wife,” Taehyung whispered somewhat worriedly to you, his voice gentle as his hand softly coddled your face. He wanted to make sure that you were fully aware of what you were getting into before you agreed to this. “Are you certain that you want this?” he asked you, peering deeply into your wild eyes for any sign of hesitation. “That you want me?”
“Yes.” You nodded certainly, your voice breathy and full of need. “Make me yours, Taehyung.”
He needed no further confirmation than your inviting words, reaching a hand down to wrap around his member and line the tip of it up with your center. He let out a satisfied groan as he pushed into you at last, his large hand gripping onto the headboard above you for stability and you felt a sudden rush of cool air across your forehead as he did this, glancing up to find that a small area of the wooden bedframe had now began to ice over right where he’d touched it.
You remembered Taehyung’s words about how unpredictable his powers could be when he was experiencing intense emotion, and it made you happy to see that he was feeling every bit as passionate for you right now as you were for him. However the reality of your bodies colliding interrupted your thoughts, your hands gripping at the sheets to brace yourself as Taehyung’s hard member fully entered you. Your walls were unaccustomed to such a stretch, and you felt a tightness in your lower body so intense that you thought you might snap in two as you cried out.
“I’m so sorry, my love,” Taehyung regretfully tutted, pressing soothing kisses to the side of your face. “If you want me to stop, say so at any time,” he reminded you, concern in his tone.
“No,” you quickly replied to him. Despite your discomfort, you decisively shook your head no, not wanting to give up a moment of your time together. You wanted to be with the man you loved more than anything, and there was just about nothing you weren’t willing to endure.
He gave you a few moments to recover from the initial shock, and sooner than you expected, the slight sting began to dull, and you became antsy for him to move again. You wiggled your legs and Taehyung chuckled at your adorable impatience, sweetly kissing the tip of your nose. Responding to your needs, he began to slowly rut in and out of you, each time pulling himself a little further out so that when he pushed back in he had the momentum to reach spots deeper inside you—the stretch intense, but gradual.
You mewled at the excitingly foreign feeling of him sliding between your walls, encouraging him to pick up his pace and thrust into your with more force. You had no experience with any of this, but you knew that you liked it, and you wanted Taehyung to keep going. This time he pulled out nearly to the tip, his hips colliding with yours as he rammed back into you, and his member filled you up to the brim, completely sheathing him within your tantalizing warmth.
“God, Y/N,” he groaned out, his mouth sucking down on your collarbone and contributing to the abstract portrait of blooming red, pink, and purple marks already there. “My darling Y/N,” he murmured against your skin, wanting to own every last part of you. He ground into your body harder in his insatiable lust for you, teetering on the edge of losing control from how beyond this world it felt to be moving within you at last.
He reached out and gripped onto the bedside table for support as he pounded into you, the wood becoming encased in frost, as ice spread from Taehyung’s touch all the way down the table legs and onto the floor, spreading through the room, but neither of you seemed to care. You were entirely too focused on one another, on the love you were feeling, and the beautiful moment your entwined bodies were sharing.
You could sense there was something building inside you; a pressure in your lower body that only seemed to be growing more intense by the minute, and you had no idea what the feeling meant, but you could tell you were close to its apex. Taehyung seemed to be right with you as well, if his ragged breathing and glistening forehead were any indicators. His thrusts were growing more reckless, less measured, and that strange feeling in your belly was becoming harder and harder to suppress by the minute.
“Taehyung, I…” your weak voice trailed off as you tried to speak but failed, interrupted by each hastening snap of his hips into yours. You didn’t have the words to express what was happening to you, but Taehyung seemed to understand you nonetheless, and he brought his mouth up to kiss you sloppily, no longer able to hide his primal, burning need for you.
“Let go with me,” he murmured to you between kisses, uttering the most beautiful sinful words, and cupping your face in his hands. “We’ll come undone together,” he rasped to you, using every ounce of his willpower to hold on longer for you.
You nodded in understanding, his words being the final absolution you needed to uncork the pressure mounting within you. Your body went limp under him, your toes curling as everything seemed to hit you all at once. Your vision came in flashes; Taehyung’s flushed face above you, the ceiling over your head, your bodies colliding in perfect harmony. You could sense Taehyung struggling, gripping onto you like he never wanted to let go, and his thrusts devolved into disorganized strokes, decreasing in rhythm until he shuddered against you, and you felt hot ribbons of liquid releasing inside of you.
The two of you shared heavy breaths like you were of only one body—not two—everything about you both so perfectly in tune with one another in this moment, and you laid together as a comfortably tangled mess amid the sheets.
“I love you,” Taehyung whispered against the shell of your ear, pressing a delicate kiss there. “I love you so much,” he told you again as if he simply couldn’t get enough of saying the words to you, repeating them again and again, and leaving a trail of reverent kisses behind him.
“Taehyung!” You giggled in delight, playfully pushing at his shoulders. You felt something flutter down from above you both and land against your nose, and curiously, you looked up to find its source, smiling broadly to yourself. “Taehyung, look!” you exclaimed, and he lifted his head to follow your line of sight all the way up to the air above you, where a seemingly impossible fluffy cloud had formed, delicate snowflakes floating down from it and lightly dusting the two of you in your blissful afterglow. “You made it snow!” You beamed up at him.
“It’s because of you,” he fondly smirked, gazing at you in adoration. “You make me happier than I’ve ever been—this is just my magic’s way of expressing that.” He grinned proudly down at you, smoothing your hair back from your face.
“Let’s see if we can make some more,” you giddily proposed, pressing your body up against Taehyung’s and pulling him down for a greedy kiss. He chuckled against your lips, your cute and admittedly forward actions amusing him.
“As you wish, my queen,” he playfully smirked at you, taking ahold of your hips and rolling the two of you over so that you were straddling his waist from above. “Let’s try again.” He grinned.
· ───────── ·𖥸· ───────── ·
It was no secret around Icestone palace that the newlywed king and queen were hopelessly infatuated with one another; from your wedding night on, hushed giggles and quiet gasps were heard drifting down the halls from your shared chambers long into the night and early into the morning hours, filling the castle with whispers.
You and Taehyung had become practically inseparable now, eating every meal together, spending hours lying in the secret garden, and playing out in the snow like any ordinary couple on Taehyung’s days off from official business. There was scarcely a moment that you weren’t by one another’s side. Which is why it struck you as odd on one particular day—only a few months after you’d been married—when you could not seem to find your husband anywhere.
It wasn’t like him to disappear without notice with even his servants having no idea where he had disappeared to, and you searched high and low for him in every corner of the palace. You checked his study, your chambers, even your special secret garden, but all turned up no sign of your beloved or any clue to his whereabouts. Feeling disheartened, you were just about to give up the search and start becoming seriously worried for him when you remembered there was one last place you hadn’t checked yet.
Hastening up the stairs as fast as you could manage, you practically burst out onto the tower balcony, finding just the man you were searching for standing nonchalantly against the railing, the sight of his broad shoulders from behind instantly filling you with relief.
“You nearly gave me a heart attack,” you called out to your oblivious lover, but he didn’t seem startled at all by the sound of your voice, as if he’d been expecting you. “Do you have any idea how long I’ve been looking for you?” you asked him, striding towards him in playful annoyance.
He turned to look at you from over his shoulder, smirking in self-satisfaction like this had been part of his plan all along. “I knew you would find me up here,” he chuckled, a twinkle of mischief in his brilliant blue eyes. “You always have.”
You rolled your eyes but came to stand beside him nonetheless, leaning casually against his firm shoulder, and he quickly made room for you, guiding you to stand in front of him along the railing so that he could wrap both arms around you from behind as you gazed out at the crisp new snow atop the mountain peaks. 
“What are you doing way up here, hm?” you lightly interrogated, inclining your head to the side so you could catch a glimpse of his profile. “Is there something on your mind?” you gently questioned him. He’d told you once that this was where he came to think when things got too overwhelming, and you began to worry that something must have been troubling him.
“My mind hasn’t been at peace since the day I met you, dearest,” he lovingly teased, pressing his lips affectionately to your temple while you scoffed and gently shoved at him in jest. “But actually… I came up here because I wanted to show you something.” He carefully chose his words, intriguing you with their vagueness.
Turning in his hold so that you could face him directly, you looked into his eyes with curiosity ablaze in your own. “Show me what?” you said, your creased brows making that small indent in your forehead he found absolutely adorable.
Without a word, he suddenly backed away from you, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a small leather-bound book, holding the object up as if showing it off to you. You cocked your head to the side as you studied the old tome, but nothing seemed particularly extraordinary about it to you. It was—by all accounts—just an ordinary book, and you lightly frowned at your husband in confusion. “A book?” you quizzed.
“The book isn’t the surprise,” he hinted with a knowing smirk, waiting for you to catch onto his little surprise. Sensing you were lost, he wiggled his bare fingers against the book cover, and your face suddenly lit up in realization.
“It’s not freezing!” You yelled to him in surprise. “You’re holding it without your gloves and it isn’t freezing!” You repeated as if saying it out loud would make it make sense to you. “But how…?” you stuttered in question, wondering how this object seemed to defy his curse.
“Well... I realized that I only seemed to freeze things whenever I was emotional. Fear was the catalyst, and the more scared I was, the more out of control I became.” He explained to you, studying the mundane book and running his hands over it. “But since we’ve been together, I’ve finally figured out the antidote. The way to control my powers is the opposite of fear,” he said, looking up and raising a sly brow at you.
“The opposite?” you pried, mulling over his words. “What is it?” You had no earthly idea what could possibly be powerful enough to undo his curse, but you were eager to find out.
“Love.” He grinned at you, his smile as bright and as beautiful as it had been the first time you’d met him all those years ago as a child. “The answer was love—it was always you, Y/N.” There was undeniable love in his voice when he spoke, a love more powerful than you had ever thought you’d experience, and Taehyung’s eyes regarded you like you were the most precious treasure on this earth—and to him, you were.
As you stared back at him, tears of joy forming at the corners of your eyes and threatening to spill, you couldn’t hold yourself back any longer. You ran forward and leapt into Taehyung’s arms, and he was more than ready to catch you, spinning you around and lifting you up with his sturdy forearms. He looked up at you with all of the stars in his eyes, and you were certain you must have been looking at him just the same as he brought you down to meet his lips in an intimate kiss. It was a moment of pure bliss.
“In all my life, I have never loved another as I love you,” he sweetly murmured to you, holding you securely in his warm embrace. “Will you stay by my side forever?” he asked, surprising you with the fact he even had to ask you this after how deeply and strongly you felt for him.
“Of course I will,” you laughed, squeezing him tightly and nuzzling your nose against his. “I love you, Taehyung. I’ll always love you,” you promised him, meaning it with every fiber of your being. You glanced down at your slightly swollen stomach, placing your hand over it and gently caressing it as you looked deeply into Taehyung’s eyes. “We both will,” you told him, hoping that he would pick up on the news you’d been waiting to for the right time to tell him.
“No…” he gasped in surprise looking down at your very newly pregnant stomach. “You are?” he excitedly asked, holding both your hands and gawking at you with an adorable smile.
“I am.” You proudly grinned back. “We’re going to be a family,” you happily announced, and he pulled you tenderly into his arms once again.
“I do not know how you did it, but you have officially melted the Snow King,” he quietly chuckled, stroking his hand through your hair. “I swear, I will spend every day for the rest of our lives repaying you for the warmth you’ve brought to my heart,” he swore to you, the two of you embracing one another as a gentle snow began to sprinkle down from the skies above—a sweet testament to your everlasting happiness.
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Tumblr media
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Summary: College student Jungkook passes cute notes with a customer who always orders take-out tangsuyuk at his part-time job. Meanwhile he’s trying not to miserably fail his Math class, while hiding his ever-growing crush on you.
Genre: college au, f2l, fluff, smut, one shot, did I mention FLUFF?
Warnings: mild swearing, sexual content, hold your heart palpitations!
Word Count: 11.5k
A/N: I wanted to write something light and sweet before I continued with Good Riddance. It will be easy, she said. It will be fun, she said. It will be quick, she said. Ha. haha. ha. ha. Ignore my pain. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
[09/04 18:34 PM] User: LatteIsHorse ---------------- ORDER [DELIVERY] 1 Tangsuyuk (large) 1 Jjamppong 2 Kimchi Mandu ---------------- Note: Without pineapple! Please make the jjamppong extra spicy, my boyfriend just broke up with me T-T
Tumblr media
Golden Bang 7 Wausan-ro 29-gil, Seogyo-dong
Server: JK ------------------- TO GO
1 Tangsuyuk (large) -- 20,000 1 Jjamppong -- 5,000 2 Kimchi Mandu -- 6,000 1 Soju -- 0
Total: 31,000 -------------------- Thanks for ordering at Golden Bang! Have a golden day!
Note: Service! Nothing’s better than the fresh taste of soju to lighten a heavy heart :) Cheer up LatteIsHorse-Nim!
Tumblr media
Paper Note: JK-nim, thanks for the soju. It sweetened my bitter night. This is Tokki, please give him a loving new home! TT-TT
Tumblr media
Jungkook was fucking terrified of you. If it weren’t for the fact that he was close to failing Statistical Analysis, he would’ve considered faking a stomach flu and making a beeline straight out of the library.
“If you have a box containing 3 white, 4 red and 5 black balls what is the probability that you will draw a white ball on your first draw and a black ball on your second draw?” you asked again through gritted teeth.
You looked up at Jungkook and were met by an empty stare. Usually you enjoyed tutoring your fellow classmate. He was a smart and funny guy, maybe a bit awkward at times, but always trying his best. Today every little thing grated on your nerves. It took you every ounce of energy to get out of bed and look like a presentable human being this morning. You really didn’t want to sit here for another hour if the boy was just going to stare at you like a petrified statue. “It’s really not that difficult. You just have to apply conditional probability.”
Jungkook let out a frustrated huff and pulled at his hair, “I really don’t know, this doesn’t make any sense! Why do I even need this stuff for my major? Who cares if I pull out a white ball or a black ball first? It’s not like I’m planning on becoming Houdini!”
Sometimes you pitied him, but who on Earth had an irrational fear of Gauss distributions and probability?! They were beautiful, harmless, abstract concepts of life. Your sympathy was muffled by a thrumming headache. All the late-night crying already had you chugging water and slapping ice cubes on your face at breakfast. Right now you just wanted to go home, change into your pjs, order some tangsuyuk and binge watch Boys Over Flowers. The cringy acting and Go Jun Pyo’s luscious locks were the only things that made your miserable life feel a bit less pathetic at the moment. “Jungkook, we went over this last time. Just apply the damn formula,” you snapped.
“Why are you being so scary today?” he asked wide-eyed and apprehensive.
You took a deep breath, rubbed your temples and tried to calm your inner turmoil. It wasn’t his fault; you were just in a really shitty mood. “I’m sorry. It’s not my day today. Is it okay if we rain check? I promise I’ll make it up to you next week.”
Jungkook wasn’t used to seeing you this distraught. He wracked his brain on how to lift your spirit. “Hey, do you want to hear this math joke my friend Jin told me the other day? What do you call an angle that is adorable?”
The boy scrunched his nose adorably and waited for your response. He was really handsome, you noticed that back when you two first met. Back then you just didn’t have a reason to care. Back then you still had a boyfriend.
“I don’t know, tell me,” you answered.
“Acute angle!” he said with a timid smile.
Despite your foul mood you had to snort at his joke.
Jungkook’s smile grew wider. It wasn’t a full laugh, but at least your frown disappeared. He discovered early on that you had a soft spot for bad math puns.
Although he absolutely detested Statistical Analysis, he has come to enjoy your study sessions over the past couple of weeks. The TA of his class, Namjoon, was a close friend of Jungkook’s and a sunbae of yours. Once he discovered that his favorite dongsaeng was abysmal at reading a z-score table, he immediately referred him to you.
At first Jungkook was very reluctant to accept any help. He was a mechanical engineer for fuck’s sake! He calculated distributed load across uneven surfaces and directional derivatives all the time!
His inner protests died down during your first session when you unwittingly asked him if he was constipated while he tried to calculate the standard deviation. During your second session he noticed you liked to doodle small geometric and fractal comics on his work sheets whenever he was solving a problem.
‘What did the triangle say to the circle?’ ‘You’re pointless!’
By the time your third session rolled around he still hated statistics, but it was too late and he’d developed a hopeless crush on you. Your monologues about dead mathematicians and the beauty of an infinite series were oddly captivating. He didn’t think he’d ever met anyone who was so passionate and animated about anything in all his life.
“Is everything okay?” Jungkook asked carefully. You seemed tired and a bit wary. “I-I mean, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t feel like it. Sorry, it’s none of my business,” he immediately added.
You smiled at his flustered state. Jungkook’s heart stumbled when your smile turned sad and you said, “No not really, but I’m sure I’ll be fine sooner or later.”
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[13/04 19:12 PM] User: LatteIsHorse ---------------- ORDER [DELIVERY]
1 Tangsuyuk (large) 1 Jjajangmyeon 1 Jjajangbap ---------------- Note: JK-nim! Omg your tangsuyuk is the best! I could drown in that sauce! How is Tokki doing?
Tumblr media
Golden Bang 7 Wausan-ro 29-gil, Seogyo-dong
Server: JK ------------------- TO GO
1 Tangsuyuk (large) -- 20,000 1 Jjajangmyeon -- 4,500 1 Jjajangbap -- 5,500
Total: 30,000 -------------------- Thanks for ordering at Golden Bang! Have a golden day!
Note: LatteIsHorse-nim! Little Tokki is doing well and bravely guarding our store! Don’t drown, but here’s some extra sauce for you to enjoy. I asked for it to be without pineapple. Hwaiting!
Tumblr media
“Yah! Why does it smell like rotten take-out in your bedroom?” Jisoo asked.
Scowling has become your new go-to expression. “Too soon. Just let me wallow in my self-pity and sorrow.”
If you didn’t know any better you would’ve thought your friend was playing ‘The Floor Is Lava’ considering how gingerly she walked across your room. Safely on the other side, she ripped open a window to let some much needed fresh air in. 
“I think you’re going to be wallowing in mold and fungus instead,” Jisoo commented with disgust. “Wallow all you want, I’m here to support you, girl. But I can’t allow you to turn your place into a biohazard zone. Isn’t your sister bothered by this?”
“My sister doesn’t care; our rooms are off limits to each other. As long as we both keep the common area clean, she won’t complain,” you said.
Jisoo sat down on your bed and patted the empty spot next to her. She immediately retracted her hand. “Eww, is that tangsuyuk sauce on your sheets?” she asked, completely appalled.
You shrugged and thumped onto your bed.
“So what are your plans for tonight?” she asked, trying to suppress a shudder.
“It’s Monday night. What plans could I possibly have?”
“We’re in college! Weekdays, weekends, they’re all the same!” your friend exclaimed. She looked at your sprawled-out figure. “I told you from the very beginning he wasn’t good for you. I know it doesn’t feel like this right now, but you’re lucky he’s out of your life. I really can’t watch you torture yourself over a jerk like him. Let’s go out to Hongdae!”
“I can’t go out. I already have plans.”
“Didn’t you just say you didn’t have any plans?”
“I lied. I have a date.”
Jisoo paused for a second, unsure how to respond. “Really? With whom?”
“Gong Yoo. We promised to kiss each other on first snowfall,” you responded listlessly.
“Yah!” Jisoo yelled and smacked your butt.
“Oww! What was that for?” you cried in surprise, rubbing the tender spot.
“Re-watching Goblin is not a date! You scared me for a second,” Jisoo said.
“How is it not a date? I meet a hot oppa, multiple hot oppas, we have dinner together, I giggle and blush and at the end of the night I get kissed to sleep.” You sat up and gave your friend a weary look. “I really don’t want to go out right now, but also don’t want to be on my own. Can’t we just stay in and watch a drama?” you asked with the saddest face you could muster.
Jisoo wanted to argue, but she couldn’t resist your pout. “Fine. But first you change your bedsheets, I’m not gonna sit in moldy tangsuyuk sauce all night. And I get to choose the drama.”
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[16/04 17:58 PM] User: LatteIsHorse ---------------- ORDER [DELIVERY]
1 Tangsuyuk (small) 1 Kimchi Kimbap 1 Beef Kimbap  ---------------- Note: JK-nim thanks for the extra sauce! It was delicious. Are you a dipper or a pourer?
Tumblr media
Golden Bang 7 Wausan-ro 29-gil, Seogyo-dong
Server: JK ------------------- TO GO
1 Tangsuyuk (small) -- 13,000 1 Kimchi Kimbap -- 2,500 1 Beef Kimbap -- 2,500 1 Soup -- 0
Total: 18,000 -------------------- Thanks for ordering at Golden Bang! Have a golden day!
Note: LatteIsHorse-nim! Personally, I’m a dipper, but I don’t discriminate! I added some broth as service for you. It’s chilly tonight. Don’t catch a cold!
Tumblr media
Paper Note: JK-nim, let’s be friends? I’m also a dipper! Did you know that butterflies can’t fly when they’re cold? Here is one that I folded, sending back my warmest thoughts to you on this frosty spring night.
Tumblr media
The first thing that caught your eye was Jungkook who was patiently waiting at the library entrance. Despite the steaming goods in his hands, his entire body was shivering. The temperature suddenly dropped last night, but he couldn’t be bothered to dig up his padded jacket when he left the house this morning.
Before you could even greet him, he shoved a hot milk tea towards you and mumbled, “Here, it’s cold today so I thought you could use something warm.”
You were surprised by this sweet gesture. “Thanks,” you reached for it and examined the drink in your hand, ”How did you know I like black milk tea?”
He ducked his head and mumbled something into himself.
“Sorry, what did you say?”
Jungkook lifted his head. His cheeks and nose were a lovely wash of pink from the cold. “You mentioned once that you’re an OG milk tea drinker, so I just guessed” he repeated again, louder. “I saw this bungeoppang cart on the way here. We can share them while studying?” he said, holding up a small paper bag.
Your heart warmed and for the first time in weeks your face split into big smile, “Sure, I love bungeoppang! We’re not allowed to eat inside the library. So how about we eat everything first before they get cold and then go in?”
The both of you took a seat on a bench. By now Jungkook definitely regretted being too lazy to find his jacket this morning, but he was determined not to let it show. He passed the bag full of bungeoppangs to you.
You happily reached for one of the fish-shaped pastries and started munching on it. Your face crinkled, steam came out of your mouth. Jungkook’s heart skipped as he watched you in fascination. Your cheeks were flushed. A sudden instinct to stroke your rosy skin overcame him. Instead he reached for a bungeoppang and took a careful bite. “Are you feeling better today?”
“A little bit,” you said between bites, “I’m really sorry about last time. I feel bad now. I ditched you and now you’re treating me to snacks.” You went on and stabbed your straw through your milk tea. “I should be the one treating you instead.”
“I like to treat you,” Jungkook said, mesmerized by the way your lips moved against the straw. He suddenly realized what he was doing and cleared his throat, “A happy teacher is a good teacher! You’re already spending your time tutoring me.”
A laugh slipped out of you, “Jungkook, you’re paying me for your lessons. But it’s okay, this bungeoppang and tea definitely hits the spot, so I’ll accept it with a grateful heart. What are you drinking?”
Jungkook looked down on his drink and gave it a shake, the black pearls swirled around buoyantly. “Banana milk tea, I prefer sweet drinks.”
You leaned back against the bench and looked up at the clear blue sky. “Sweet things are the best combat against the bitter taste of life,” you sighed. You closed your eyes and soaked in the crisp air. Jungkook felt your melancholy, he could warm your body, but he didn’t know how to warm your heart.  
“Sorry that I’m bothering you with my personal stuff. It’s just that I had a really bad breakup recently. I shouldn’t let it affect our lessons,” you said with a wistful smile as you lifted your head again.
The boy next to you remained silent. You turned and saw a contemplative look on his face. “It’s alright, everyone can have a bad day,” he finally said, “You don’t have to pretend to be okay when you’re not. If you’re never angry or sad, you won’t know when you’re happy.”
His words stunned you. Has Jungkook always been this thoughtful? You turned away from his gaze and looked down at the pastry in your hand. “They’re rhombus shaped,” you muttered in an attempt of distraction and showed your bungeoppang to Jungkook. “The fish scales,” you added when he looked confused.
“Ah yeah, the scales. It’s actually erroneous since most of the bungeoppangs depict a ganoid scale structure when in fact carps have cycloid scales to allow for a greater flexibility,” Jungkook explained.
A blank look appeared on your face. Probably the same blank look he had whenever you tried to explain the Bayes’ theorem to him. He let out an awkward laugh, “We studied the mechanics of fish scale structures in Material Science. You can correlate the flexibility of a scaled surface depending on its underlying geometric structure and material. It’s pretty cool stuff.”
“I can’t believe you can geek out about the geometry of fish scales, but don’t know how to define your probability population,” you snorted in disbelief. 
“Hey, when will I ever need to calculate the probability of two people with the same birthday in a room? I just have a hard time learning stuff I never have to apply,” he said defensively.
Then you suddenly had an idea. “Tell you what, how about this? If you pass your statistics final, I’ll treat you to the best Chinese take-out in town! You can order whatever you want!”
Jungkook didn’t want to dampen your excitement by telling you that his part-time job already allowed him to eat as much Chinese take-out as he wanted. “Okay, but don’t complain when you go broke. My record was five jjajangmyeon and two tangsuyuk in one sitting.”
You batted away his challenge. “First you have to pass your finals,” you teased.
“I’ll pass,” Jungkook said.
You smiled at his cute determination. “Then it’s a date.”
Jungkook beamed back at you. “It’s a date.”
Tumblr media
[05/05 18:21 PM] User: LatteIsHorse ---------------- ORDER [DELIVERY]
1 Tangsuyuk (large) 2 Pork Mandu 1 Tteokkguk 1 Jjajangmyeon 1 Tteokkbokki ---------------- Note: No pineapple plz. JK-nim! Happy Children’s Day! For this special occasion I’ve decided to order all of my childhood favorites. Life is too short to eat bad food. I hope today you treat yourself to something delicious as well!
Tumblr media
“Yah! JK! Your girlfriend placed an order again!” Yugyeom yelled across the store.
A mop of black hair peaked out from the back of the shop. “She’s not my girlfriend, she’s just a regular,” Jungkook yelled back.
“A regular you flirt with,” Yugyeom snickered, “I saw all the notes you left her in the system. ‘Don’t catch a cold!’, ‘Hwaiting!’ Don’t tell me that’s not your lame attempt at flirting.”
Suddenly an angry Yoongi stomped out of the kitchen. “Keep it down boys, we have guests here.”
Jungkook went up to the register and printed out the online order. “Hyung, can you make a large tangsuyuk without pineapple?”
“It’s a national holiday, there’s like two people here tonight,” Yugyeom muttered under his breath.
“What did you say, Yugyeom?”
“Nothing, hyung!”
Yoongi snatched the order out of Jungkook’s hand and gave both boys another irritated glance before he headed back into the kitchen.
“Hey JK,” Yugyeom said in a lower voice as he moved next to his friend, “aren’t you ever curious how LatteIsHorse is like? I mean, she must have some sense of humor judging by her username.”
“Sometimes. Don’t you ever wonder how our regulars are like? But it’s not like I’m ever gonna meet them or know it’s them when they come into the store,” Jungkook said with a shrug.
“You could though. Mingyu’s out on delivery, Eunwoo’s off so we have a free bike. The store is dead tonight. You could go deliver the order and have a look,” Yugyeom spurred him on.
Jungkook considered his friend’s suggestion. Every time he opened his locker a little origami bunny and butterfly stared back at him and brightened his day. It was true, he was curious how LatteIsHorse was like. “Okay I’ll go, but don’t pretend you’re doing me a favor. You just don’t want to do delivery tonight.”
<Ding Dong>
A pretty girl in a Yonsei hoodie and shorts opened the door. She somehow looked familiar, but Jungkook couldn’t place from where. Maybe he met her on campus before.
“Delivery from Golden Bang,” Jungkook said, holding up his metal box.
“Ah great! I’m starving!” the girl said.
Jungkook started unloading the box and handed the dishes to the girl. Once he was done, he lingered awkwardly in the doorway. The girl gave him a curious look, clearly wondering why he wasn’t leaving. Jungkook gathered his courage and said, “I’m JK by the way.”
What followed was a beat of silence. Jungkook could feel his ears burn.
“Err, it’s nice to meet you, I guess? Is there anything else you need?” the girl asked after the painful pause. “Ah got it! Just a sec!” She ran into the apartment and came back with her wallet. “Here’s a tip, we’ll put the dishes back outside for pick up,” she said as she scrunched a bill into Jungkook’s hand, “Thanks for your hard work. Happy holiday!” And then she shut the door right into his face.
What just happened? Jungkook was stupefied. After an eternity he finally moved and mechanically pulled out his phone. He checked the delivery order on his app. LatteIsHorse – this was the address. She didn’t recognize him. Why was he so naive to believe that she would remember him? All he wanted in that moment was for the ground to open and swallow him up.
“Dinner’s here,” your sister said as you came out of the shower. “Did you order banana milk?”
“No? Why?” you joined her at the dinner table and started rummaging through the dishes. “Where’s the receipt?”
“I threw it in the trash,” she said. When she saw you opening up the trash can and fishing for it, she added, “Gross! What are you doing? Why do you need it?”
Tumblr media
Golden Bang 7 Wausan-ro 29-gil, Seogyo-dong
Server: JK ------------------- TO GO
1 Tangsuyuk (large) -- 20,000 2 Pork Mandu -- 6,000 1 Tteokkguk -- 4,500 1 Jjajangmyeon -- 4,500 1 Tteokkbokki -- 3,000
Total: 38,000 -------------------- Thanks for ordering at Golden Bang! Have a golden day!
Note: LatteIsHorse-nim! Happy Children’s Day to you too! I added my favorite childhood drink, banana milk! I hope it brings back as many happy childhood memories for you as it does for me.
Tumblr media
There, sitting on the table, was a small bottle of banana milk. A smile spread across your face. “I need to file it away for tax purposes.”
Your sister looked at you like you were crazy. “Let’s eat already, I’m starving. Wash your hands.”
Tumblr media
[14/05 16:55 PM] User: LatteIsHorse ---------------- ORDER [TAKE AWAY]
1 Tangsuyuk (small) 1 Jjajangbap ---------------- Note: JK-nim, hope you’re doing well. I’m in the area today, so I thought I’d stop by and say hello in person! Is it weird that I feel a bit nervous?
Tumblr media
The restaurant door wasn’t going to open itself. The past 15 minutes of you standing in front of it has proven that. You had some errands to run in Hongdae after school and decided on a whim to place a pickup order at your favorite take-out place. 
Why was it so difficult to enter a restaurant? If you steeled your nerves any more, they’d probably break from how brittle they’ve become. You just had to open that damn door.
Sometimes you wondered if you liked that place more because of its great tangsuyuk or because of JK’s little notes which always managed to put a smile on your face.
One thing was for sure, you weren’t stalling because of the tangsuyuk.
“Welcome to Golden Bang!” a bright male voice rang across the restaurant as you passed through the door.
You walked up to the register and sneaked a peek at the boy’s name tag, ‘Yugyeom’. You felt a slight twinge of disappointment.
“I’m here to pick up my order? LatteIsHorse?” you asked tentatively.
A sign of recognition flashed across Yugyeom’s face. “Of course, your order’s ready! I’ll just bag it up for you,” he said cheerfully. He walked away and quickly came back with a white plastic bag full of food. Then he printed out your receipt and handed both to you.
Tumblr media
Golden Bang 7 Wausan-ro 29-gil, Seogyo-dong
Server: YG ------------------- TO GO
1 Tangsuyuk (small) -- 13,000 1 Jjajangbap -- 5,500
Total: 18,500 -------------------- Thanks for ordering at Golden Bang! Have a golden day!
Tumblr media
You looked around the restaurant, it was empty since dinnertime was still a while away. You wondered if Yugyeom was managing the store alone right now. At least the cook must be in. “Your tangsuyuk is really delicious. It’s probably my favorite.”
Yugyeom gave you a big smile, “Happy to hear that you enjoy our food so much. The tangsuyuk is our chef’s family recipe. It’s one of our most popular menu items!”
You wringed your hands and finally decided to bite the bullet and straight out ask, “Is JK here? He usually takes my orders when I order delivery, so I just wanted to say hi.”
“JK’s shift doesn’t start until 6, so he should be here in about half an hour. If you want, I can relay a message,” he said with a knowing smile, “Or you can also take a seat and wait for him. I’m sure he’d be thrilled to meet you.”
No way you were going to sit here for half an hour and wait up for a stranger. “Ah no, that’s alright. If you could just say hi from me, that’d be great,” you quickly replied with a flush. JK would probably think you’re a creepy stalker.
“Sure, can do! Enjoy your day!” Yugyeom said merrily as you walked out the store.
A feeling of both relief and sadness passed through you. You slowly walked down the busy streets of Hongdae as you reprimanded yourself for being so stupid. What were you going to say to JK anyway if you met him? Thanks for being nice to me? You’re the reason I don’t burst into tears every single night? You’re the reason why I don’t feel completely alone when I’m sobbing into my food over Song Joong Ki’s acting? Thanks for making me gain 3 kilos in the last month?
Whatever you said, it would’ve only made you sound pathetic.
A crippling wave of desperation suddenly washed over you and rooted you in your tracks. A single tear rolled down your face. Then another. You dropped down into a crouch and started to bawl. You couldn’t fathom how you’ve reached this all-time low in your life. Why did you feel so incredibly sad about being stood up by a stranger? Especially when that stranger didn’t even know you were coming?
“Y/N?” an alarmed voice asked. You looked up when you felt a soft shake against your shoulder.
Through your tear-blurred eyes you recognized Jungkook’s face. He crouched down next to you and asked, “Is everything okay? Are you hurt?”
You shook your head and tried to wipe away your tears. It was a useless attempt as they kept on streaming down your face.
Jungkook hesitantly pushed your hair out of your face and asked, “Do you want to go somewhere else so you can tell me what happened?”
You gave him an imperceptible nod.
His hand gently moved down to your arm, afraid that you were going to push him away. With a steady grip he slowly helped you back onto your feet. Then he slid his hand through yours and led you down the hustle and bustle of Hongdae until you ended up in front of a convenience store located in one of the quieter residential side streets. He sat you down in a plastic chair and told you to wait. After a while he came back with a packet of tissues, a bottle of water and two red bean popsicles.
You gratefully took the tissues and loudly blew your nose. A small part of your brain told you to act more ladylike, especially in front of Jungkook, but the bigger part didn’t really care and just wanted to drag you back down into the pits of loneliness. A strangled sound came out of your mouth as you started to hiccup, making you sound like a drowning cat.
You expected Jungkook to laugh at your weird orchestra of emotions. Even you found it absurd and would’ve laughed if you weren’t already crying and hiccupping at the same time. But all he did was quietly open the water bottle and hand it to you.  
As soon as you lifted the bottle to your mouth another hiccup made you almost spill the water on yourself. You held your breath for a few seconds and then took a careful sip. It seemed to work. You took a bigger sip, when another hiccup racked your body and you squeezed water all over your face.
There was a bewildering moment of shock, then you started to laugh deliriously. Forget before, this was your lowest point in life. This was so pathetic that it was hilarious again. Your laughter garbled whenever you hiccupped, only causing you to laugh even harder. You would’ve continued laughing for another long minute if you weren’t choking for air.
A small smile played around Jungkook’s mouth. He took another tissue and started wiping down your face. You hiccupped under his touch. He must think you’re a nutcase.
“I have a question. We have to do some statistical testing in my Quality Management class. What would a hypothesis look like if I wanted to analyze any deviation in a spare parts production line due to temperature conditions?” Jungkook asked.
Did he really forget hypothesis testing already? He finally managed to get it after four sessions! You frowned slightly. “You could set up a null hypothesis stating that a variation in temperature does not significantly impact the parameter of measurement in your production line. Jungkook did you seriously forget this?!” you said indignantly.
Jungkook gave you a playful laugh, “No, I think you drilled it so hard into my brain, I could probably recite all variables of the standard deviation formula if you woke me up in the middle of the night. Your hiccups stopped though.”
They did.
Embarrassment set in as you realized your predicament. Maybe your hormones were going crazy, maybe you were going crazy. You were getting whiplash from the emotional roller coaster you were on. In an attempt to hide your disgrace, you picked up another tissue and wiped away the remaining water, snot and tears.
There was tangible awkwardness in the air.
“I hope you like red bean,” Jungkook said shyly as he unwrapped a popsicle, “Red bean is my favorite. My friends keep on calling me old fashioned, but it just reminds me of the time when my mom used to buy me these after taekwondo class. I think I liked the popsicles more than I liked going to class.” He sighed in reverie and held up the popsicle for you.
You stared at his hand. You remembered how it felt against yours just a few moments ago. Firm, warm and steady. Then you looked up at Jungkook. He hid it well, but you could tell that there was concern behind his encouraging smile.
“This is so embarrassing,” you said as you accepted the popsicle and turned your head away from him, “I don’t know what is wrong with me right now. I’m usually not like this.”
“Did something happen earlier?” Jungkook asked cautiously as he unwrapped his own popsicle and took a bite out of it.
Did something happen earlier? Why did you cry? Where you really crying just because you didn’t meet JK?
“No,” you said and slowly shook your head, “I don’t know. I just suddenly felt overwhelmed.”
Jungkook hesitated before he asked, “Are you sad because of your breakup?”
Were you sad because of your ex-boyfriend?
“I don’t think so. In the beginning when we broke up I was devastated, but I don’t think that’s the case anymore,” you said more to yourself than to Jungkook. “Everyone told me I was lucky to be rid of him. I really didn’t understand why. But I think it’s becoming clearer now. Maybe it’s not sadness. Maybe it’s fear. I think I just feel lost. I don’t know who I am anymore. Maybe it scares me to know that I was able to lose myself and I don’t know if I can find a way back.”
Before you knew it, you spilled your heart, your deepest and darkest fears to Jungkook. You barely knew this boy, yet it still felt oddly comforting. He remained quiet and listened.
“I wanted to meet someone today, but they weren’t there,” you continued, “I think in that moment I just realized how utterly lost I was on my own.”
Jungkook searched for the appropriate words. How do you respond to someone’s most vulnerable thoughts? “I mean you know what they say. It’s not about how much you’ve lost, it’s about how much you have left.”
He peeked at you to check if it worked.
“Jungkook, did you just quote Iron Man at me?” you asked incredulously before a giggle slipped from your lips.
You noticed how his cheeks dimpled when he gave you an embarrassed laugh, “Sorry, I was trying to say something that would cheer you up. I’m probably not doing a very good job.”
In that second you realized how kind-hearted Jungkook actually was. Your heart squeezed. “Don’t say that. Thanks for listening to my problems. And thanks for the red bean popsicle. I also ate this a lot in my childhood. Mainly because my sister hated them. She always used to steal my ice cream out of the freezer so at some point I asked my parents to only buy me red bean popsicles. She never touched those,” you reminisced.
Jungkook laughed at your story, “Your sister sounds like a piece of work.”
“We used to fight a lot, we used to never get along,” you became thoughtful, “At some point that stopped. I think we just grew up and grew to understand and accept our differences. She doesn’t steal my food anymore. I don’t steal her clothes anymore. We may not always agree, but we respect each other’s decisions.”
“You know, for someone who just said she feels lost, you sound pretty self-reflected right now,” Jungkook mused, “Maybe you need to do the same as you did with your sister. Understand yourself and accept the differences of your past and present.”
You paused at this. He was right. You were so desperately trying to fend off these negative emotions that you never took the time to actually think. You were chasing an image that never existed. Not in the past nor in the present.
“You’re surprisingly good at giving advice. Thanks, Jungkook,” you said.
“Surprisingly? What’s that supposed to mean?” he asked, offended. The glint in his eyes gave his teasing away.
Laughter pealed from you. Jungkook was captivated by the sound. He drank in the way your eyes creased with mirth and followed your fingers as they brushed back your hair.
Jungkook’s phone vibrated. “Oh shit!”
“Is everything alright?”
“Yeah, don’t worry. I was actually on my way to work and my boss is asking me where I am,” he said as he stuffed his phone back in his pocket.
Jungkook startled when you suddenly jumped up. “Then you should get to work! You should’ve said something sooner. I’m so sorry for keeping you here!”
“No, it’s really fine. I’ve done enough overtime. He won’t complain if I’m a few minutes late,” he said, “Are you feeling better?”
You ignored his question and pushed against his shoulders to get him out of the chair. “Go to work, Jungkook. I’ll be fine, your red bean popsicle did wonders,” you responded placatively.
When he still didn’t move, you grabbed his arm and pulled him back onto the main street. Jungkook’s skin scorched under your touch. “Go to work, Jungkook,” you said again with more emphasis.
“Are you sure…?” he asked, unwilling to let you out of his sight before he knew you weren’t just going cry again at the next street corner.
“I won’t burst into tears,” you said as if reading his mind. “You were right, I need to reconcile with myself. So I’ll go home, enjoy my dinner and think about who I am and who I want to be. And you,” you said giving him another gentle shove, “need to go to work.”
Jungkook saw the stubborn look on your face. He wondered if you realized you were using your teaching voice right now. You weren’t going to take no for an answer. “Okay fine, text me when you get home?”
You waved away his concerns. “Sure. Go already,” you said with a big reassuring smile. “See you tomorrow at school!” you added before you turned around and walked away.
“You’re late,” Yugyeom said as soon as Jungkook entered the store.
Jungkook gave Yugyeom a sheepish look and only muttered, “Yeah sorry, something came up on my way here.” Then he rushed past him to the back of the restaurant and changed into his uniform.
Once he came back out he noticed Yugyeom throwing him strange looks.
“Your girlfriend says hi,” Yugyeom said with a hint of amusement.
Yugyeom gave Jungkook a meaningful look, “LatteIsHorse. She ordered pick up. I think she was hoping to meet you. She’s cute. She looks like she’s probably a college student around here.”
“I know,” was all Jungkook replied.
Yugyeom’s eyes bulged in curiosity, “You know? You know she’s cute or you know she’s a student? You never told me what actually happened that night!”
Jungkook gave him a tired look and said, “She didn’t recognize me. She wore a Yonsei hoodie, so I guess she goes there. Nothing else happened.”
“Hmm, that’s weird. She was asking for you today, so she definitely knows your name,” Yugyeom said.
“Who knows, maybe she was having a lot on her plate that day,” Jungkook said with a shrug. He wondered where you lived and if you already got home safely. “Why are you obsessing over this so much?”
“Man, do you know how painful it is to watch your sorry attempts at flirting? I’m just trying to help you out, mate,” Yugyeom quipped.
“I wasn’t flirting! I was just trying cheer someone up who was obviously feeling down! It’s called being a decent human being,” Jungkook exclaimed.
Yugyeom gave him the side eye, “Yeah, that’s still not gonna get you laid.”
Tumblr media
[19/05 18:47 PM] User: LatteIsHorse ---------------- ORDER [DELIVERY]
1 Tangsuyuk (small) 1 Bibimbap ---------------- Note: JK-nim, I visited you at the store last week, but you weren’t there. TT-TT I hope you don’t think I’m weird, I just really like talking to you. You always manage to put a smile on my face when I’m having a hard day. We’re still friends, right?
Tumblr media
Golden Bang 7 Wausan-ro 29-gil, Seogyo-dong
Server: JK ------------------- TO GO
1 Tangsuyuk (small) -- 13,000 1 Bibimbap -- 5,000
Total: 18,000 -------------------- Thanks for ordering at Golden Bang! Have a golden day!
Note: LatteIsHorse-nim! I’m sad that I missed your visit to our store. I’ll try harder the next time! I added some extra bulgogi to make up for it. :) Of course we’re still friends. I don’t wish any hard days upon you, but I’m glad to hear that my words have a healing effect. In case you ever need a friend to talk to, feel free to talk to me. 010-1234-5678.
Tumblr media
The study sessions with Jungkook continued per usual. He still struggled and had frustrated outbursts from time to time, especially when you forced him to revise probability distributions. When you finally reached regression analysis, things became easier.
Although your sessions remained the same, something in your dynamic changed. The both of you became looser and more playful around each other. He wouldn’t clamp up anymore and you felt more at ease around him. You became friends. He never once mentioned that disasterous afternoon.
At home, on the evening of the incident, you shot Jungkook a text and slumped down on the couch. Your sister was out that night, so it was just you in the apartment. Normally, the eerie quiet would’ve unsettled you and you would’ve distracted yourself from your deafening thoughts. But that night you just let them scream, yell and tear at you.
It was an excruciating process, but in the end your head was clearer, your heart calmer. You still weren’t quite there yet, but at least you made a first step out of the endless pit of desperation.
There were other things you noticed about yourself. Gradually you realized you didn’t mind being on your own anymore. You rediscovered your love for drawing and created you own mandala art. You also learned to code your own website and now had a clickable version of your cv on the go. Although you made time for yourself, you weren’t a hermit. You went out for drinks with Jisoo and soon asked Namjoon to take you along to your university’s Math Club. There you met a lot of familiar faces that you’ve encountered in class but never talked to. With them you spent animated evenings discussing stimulating math problems and exchanging incredibly bad math puns.
You also started noticing things about Jungkook. He wasn’t as timid and shy as you initially thought. Once he got over his awkwardness, he turned out to be quite a cheeky and goofy guy. He teased you or told you silly jokes whenever you were on a break. Despite his obvious aversion for statistics, he still took your lessons very seriously. Diligently listening to your explanations and trying to solve the problems to the best of his abilities. His study-mode showed you other sides of him. The cute pout he had whenever he tried to hide his confusion. Or the two little ridges which formed between his eyes whenever he was concentrated and deep in thought. More often than not you fought the urge to smooth them out with your touch or even better, with a kiss.
“Is something wrong?” Jungkook asked when he caught you staring.
“No,” you quickly said, “I was just thinking that you don’t seem to have much trouble with regression analysis.”
“I don’t know, the relationship between the variables just makes much more sense,” Jungkook said.
You looked at him and considered, “Hmm, maybe you don’t need my tutoring anymore?”
Brief dismay crossed Jungkook’s face. “My finals are in three weeks. I think I’d still prefer if you helped me revise the earlier chapters,” he said, “Unless you need more time to study for your own finals.”
Being in college meant that you were always in dire need of more time. That constant nagging voice in the back of your head telling you to study was an occupational disease. But you didn’t have to kid yourself, those four hours a week spent on Jungkook weren’t going to make or break your grade. Besides, you enjoyed spending time with him. You wondered if he felt the same.
“It’s alright, I’ll help you revise. Just don’t embarrass me on your finals. I don’t want Namjoon to tell me afterwards that you didn’t manage to calculate the mean of the population or worse, read the scoring table upside down,” you teased him light-heartedly.
Jungkook’s ears turned bright red. “That happened once!” he said, “How long are you going to hold that over my head?”
You laughed at his indignation. “Don’t forget, you’ll get endless tangsuyuk if you pass.”
Tumblr media
[26/05 20:09 PM] User: LatteIsHorse ---------------- ORDER [DELIVERY]
1 Tangsuyuk (small) 1 Jjamppong ---------------- Note: JK-nim, I’d like to get the advice of a friend. There’s this kind, sweet boy that I really like. I would like to tell him how I feel, but he’s seen me in my lowest and ugliest moments. Maybe he’ll think I’m just baggage? I guess I’m afraid of his rejection.
Tumblr media
Golden Bang 7 Wausan-ro 29-gil, Seogyo-dong
Server: JK ------------------- TO GO
1 Tangsuyuk (small) -- 13,000 1 Jjamppong -- 5,000 1 Soju -- 0
Total: 18,000 -------------------- Thanks for ordering at Golden Bang! Have a golden day!
Note: LatteIsHorse-nim! It’s only human to fear rejection. I can completely understand. I also have someone I really like. She’s really pretty, smart and funny. Spending time with her makes me really happy, but I never managed to tell her. Maybe we should both gather our courage and cheer each other on? I’m not saying that drunken confessions are the way to go but consider this soju a symbolism for (liquid) courage.
Tumblr media
Paper Note: This is a flexagon. Whenever you need a word of encouragement give it a flip!
Tumblr media
Jungkook examined the hexagonal origami in his hands. On the outside it read ‘Flip Me!’
He gave the flexagon a flip. ‘JK you’re the best!’ And another. ‘The world needs more people like you!’ And another. ‘Don’t forget that LatteIsHorse is always rooting for you!’ And another. ‘Aja, aja, hwaiting!’ And another. ‘Thank you for being my friend!’
Jisoo barged into you room and flopped onto your bed. ‘Ahhh! I’m so glad you finally cleaned in here. Seriously, if I find another rancid noodle stuck to my clothes, I’ll call in a hazmat team.”
“I don’t know why you’re complaining so much. It’s not even your room,” you said.
“Hey, where are you ever going to find a friend like me?”
Your friend sacrificed many a night away from college parties to binge watch handsome oppas sweep equally beautiful unnies off their feet with you. And she wasn’t shy telling you that.
“Let’s go out tonight,” Jisoo suggested. She rolled back onto her feet and started walking around, inspecting your cleaning job.
“Our finals start in two weeks; I really don’t want to spend my weekend nursing a hangover.”
“I’m not saying you have to get wasted. Tonight is the Pre-Game Night. We have to go!” Jisoo demanded.
The Final’s Pre-Game Night was a campus-wide tradition. Every semester on the Friday a week before finals huge parties were thrown to signal the beginning of the end. It was like a dare – were you confident enough to get completely drunk and still hope to pass your finals? Naturally everybody on campus joined in and drank.
“Not getting wasted at a Pre-Game party? That’s like saying you’ve decided you don’t need to breathe. I really don’t think…”
“What’s this?” Jisoo suddenly interrupted. “LatteIsHorse-nim! Personally, I’m a dipper, but I don’t discriminate! I added some broth as service for you. It’s chilly tonight. Don’t catch a cold!” she read aloud, “LatteIsHorse-nim! Happy Children’s Day to you too! I added my favorite childhood drink, banana milk! I hope it brings back as many happy childhood memories for you as it does for me.”
You flung yourself across the room and almost tripped over your own feet trying to rip the receipts out of Jisoo’s hands.
“Oh. My. God. Is your take-out guy flirting with you?!” she asked.
“No! He’s just a friend. We send encouraging notes to each other,” you tried to explain.
Jisoo threw her hands in the air. “Okay that’s it! We’re going to the Pre-Game party, whether you want or not. You can’t tell me that the only flirting interaction you have is with a stranger who delivers you tangsuyuk!”
The place Jisoo picked out was ram packed and buzzing with energy. It was an open dorm party; all the common rooms were transformed into dancefloors. Different types of music played from each corner of the building. Crates of alcohol were stacked against the walls.
The both of you grabbed a beer and made your way through the crowd.
“You’re going to have fun tonight, alright?”
“I don’t think this works that way,” you laughed.
“Then put some effort into it. We look way too cute for it to go to waste,” she said as you roamed around the floors and explored the different areas. You looked down on your dress. It was a pretty warm night; you had opted for a flowy summer dress with a blush pink floral pattern. Jisoo was right, it was cute.
You discovered a familiar face at the edge of the crowd. “Sunbae!” you said.
Namjoon turned around gave you a surprised smile. “Y/N! Out of all the places on campus, we meet each other here tonight. What are the chances?”
He was surrounded by a group of friends, you spotted Jungkook right behind him. The boy gave you an excited wave. A slow smile spread across your face. “I don’t know, but why don’t we ask Jungkook to calculate it for you?”
Namjoon let out a hearty laugh while Jungkook groaned in exasperation.
“Do you see what I have to put up with every week, hyung?”
“Didn’t you just say it’s the best thing that happened to you?” Namjoon taunted, “You have some nerve showing up in front of me tonight. You better ace your SA finals. Do you know how many favors I had to pull to get Y/N to tutor you?”
“What do you expect me to do?” Jungkook sputtered, “Go home and lock myself up on Pre-Game Night?”
If it weren’t for Jisoo you would’ve done just that. Speaking of Jisoo, your friend cleared her throat and gave you a painful nudge in the side.
“Ah yes, uhm, Jisoo you already know Namjoon. This is Jungkook. You know, the guy I’m tutoring.”
Jungkook gave her a small wave.
Jisoo didn’t even try to hide her amazement. “This is Jungkook? But you’re like wayyy cute!” She turned to you and added still loud enough for everyone to hear, “Why didn’t you tell me he was cute?!”
The embarrassment was obvious on Jungkook’s face. You could tell that Namjoon was getting a rush out of his dongsaeng’s reaction and before he could provoke him any further you decided to jump in.
“Who wants to go dance?” you asked loudly. You turned around and headed to the dancefloor without waiting for any of them to respond.
“Why didn’t you tell me you were tutoring a hunk?” Jisoo muttered under her breath.
“He’s not a hunk. Don’t call him that.”
“Yeah but he’s hot. You made him sound like he was a nerd.”
“He is a nerd.”
Your friend gave you a glare, “Why are we arguing about this? I know you’re not that oblivious.”
Of course you weren’t oblivious to Jungkook, but you weren’t going to tell Jisoo that.
“Let’s dance.” You grabbed Jisoo’s hand and twirled her around.
Namjoon and his friends joined you on the dancefloor. The mood of the crowd was electric. Music pulsed through your veins. Drinks flowed, shots were downed, people pulled out their best, lamest, craziest dance moves. Everyone celebrated like the world was going to end.
After a while you became hot and needed a new drink. You looked around for Jisoo and saw her grinding up against one of Namjoon’s friends. She’d be busy for a while. You inconspicuously moved away from the group and decided to go get some fresh air.  
“Wait up,” Jungkook said as he appeared next to you, “are you getting something to drink? I’ll join you.”
His dark curls were slightly matted with sweat. His baggy t-shirt clung to his body. You weren’t sure if it was the alcohol or Jisoo’s damn voice whispering into your ear. He was hot.
You circled your arm through his and pulled him through the crowd. His muscles shifted under your touch. You grabbed two drinks from a crate and handed one to Jungkook, your nerves tingled when his hand brushed against yours. The both of you remained in comfortable silence, leisurely walking through the dorm, neither of you in a hurry to get back to your friends. You explored the facility areas, weaving through pounding and quiet parts of the building.
“You look really nice tonight,” he said after a while.
The heels of your shoes echoed against marble floor of the dark hallway. “Thanks, Jisoo raided my closet.”
“She’s really something isn’t she?”
“She’s the best. I’m grateful to have her as my friend.”
Somewhere further down the hallway you made out two figures pressed against the wall, probably trying to find a quiet place of their own.
“You also look nice,” you said to Jungkook.
“I’m wearing the same things I always do,” Jungkook said, his voice turning shy.
You were getting closer to the couple. You could see how the guy was sticking his tongue down the girl’s throat. She seemed to enjoy it from the sounds she was making. Lucky them.
Your next words were definitely fuelled by your tipsy state, “I guess that means you always look nice.” Jungkook missed a step. You had to laugh at his blunder.
The couple in front of you broke apart and looked in your direction. More annoyed about being interrupted rather than embarrassed being caught. You were about to make a funny comment to Jungkook when your heart stopped and you froze.
A string of saliva still clung to the guy’s lips. His eyes widened when he recognized your face in the darkness. “Y/N?”
Your breath hitched and your grip tightened around Jungkook’s arm. He glanced between you and the guy, the situation slowly dawning on him.
“Why did you stop? Who’s that?”, the girl whined.
“No one,” the guy responded as he returned his attention to her and they started making out again.
Jungkook didn’t know if he wanted to puke or punch that guy. A sharp pain in his arm brought him back to his senses. Your nails dug into his skin. He put his hand around yours and loosened your iron grip.
“Let’s go,” he said and quickly pulled you past the couple. You followed him in a daze. He stopped once you were outside of the building, hidden away in a quiet corner.
His hands reached for your face and he lifted your eyes to his. “Breathe.”
You closed your eyes, let out a long breath and let your head fall against the wall behind you. The horrible encounter replayed in your mind. You had to open your eyes again.
There he was right in front of you. Worried Jungkook, kind Jungkook, beautiful Jungkook.
Your hands reached behind his neck and you pulled him a bit closer. You tried to decipher his gaze, it was dark and yearning. Everything was a haze, the alcohol in your blood made you daring.
“Kiss me,” you whispered.
His mouth crashed against yours. Your hands slipped up into his hair and your bodies entwined. You opened your lips and sucked in his hot breath. Your tongues found each other; he groaned at your taste.
He moved one of his hands down your side until he found purchase on your leg and hitched it up against his waist, pressing his body further into you. You let out a moan when his hips ground into yours.
All your senses drowned in Jungkook. You drowned in his scent, you drowned in his touch, you drowned in his heat. You tried to use Jungkook to drown out the grotesque image from before. Suddenly the heat of the moment disappeared, and a cold shower ran down your spine.
You broke away from your breathless kiss and put your hands against Jungkook’s chest to put some distance between you. He gave you a disoriented look.
“I’m sorry. We shouldn’t have kissed.”
Jungkook’s eyes grew wide and alarmed. “Did I do something wrong?”
His lips were swollen, his hair was mussed. You wanted nothing more than to pull him back in, but you couldn’t. Not here. Not like this. He deserved better.
You pushed yourself off the wall and gave him a small shove. He immediately let go of you and stepped back. “I shouldn’t have kissed you like this,” was all you said before you ran back into the building.
The next day you woke up to a splitting headache and a heart full of regret. You really needed to talk to Jungkook and explain to him why you ran away the previous night, but you were too much of a coward to pick up your phone and contact him. You decided it was better to talk to him in person at school.
The following week at school you waited for him in the library. Your heart was in your throat. Your prepared speech played in an endless loop in your head.
‘I’m sorry I ran away. I shouldn’t have kissed you in that state. It wasn’t fair to you. You deserve better than that.’
You looked down on your phone to check the time. A message blinked. You opened and read through it. Your heart sank. He wasn’t coming. He wanted to study the last week before finals on his own. He thanked you for your time.
Slowly you got up and packed your bag. You blew it. You wanted to do him right, but you only caused him pain. Thinking back, you realized he gave and gave and gave and all you did was take. He was right to stay away from you. There was no way he’d be happy with someone like you.
The week passed and finals week commenced. You immersed yourself in your exams and tried to get over your heavy heart. You were pretty sure you aced Geometry II, but the Numerical Analysis exam was nothing but a blur.
Although your heart ached, you didn’t fall back into the same dark pit of the past. You didn’t feel lost, you got on with your life. Nobody noticed the Jungkook-sized hole in your heart except for you. You wanted to talk about your feelings, but you didn’t think Jisoo or your sister would understand. They’d probably just tell you to get out there and find a new guy.
Another week passed. You were walking out of your professor’s office, finalizing the details of your summer internship, when you bumped into Namjoon.
“Y/N! What are you doing here? Aren’t you off for summer break yet?” he asked.
“I was just discussing my internship with Prof. Kim,” you said.
“Ah you’re participating in his research program?” Namjoon said, “I heard it’s really interesting, he’s intense though.”
“I think intense is fine for me, I need something to do with my brain. Otherwise I’ll just go crazy,” you said with a smile.
“Speaking of intense, what did you do to that kid?” Namjoon suddenly asked.
You tensed. Did something happen to Jungkook? “What do you mean?”
“Did you brainwash him or something? He got a 98 on his SA final! When I handed him over to you, he was still asking me why the positive and negative z-scores tables had different values,” Namjoon said in awe.
Relief washed through you and your chest filled with pride. “Watch out sunbae, I might be coming for your TA position,” you said with a wink.
At home you sprawled out on the couch. Your sister’s classes ended earlier than yours so now she was away with her friends travelling the countryside. Your mind wandered as you stared up at the ceiling of your quiet apartment. You really wanted to call Jungkook and congratulate him, but you didn’t think you should. He clearly didn’t want to be in contact with you, you hadn’t heard anything from him since his text canceling your study sessions.
A pang of sadness washed through you. It should have been a happy moment for the both of you, you should be eating tangsuyuk together right now. You really wanted to tell someone about your joy and your grief.
Then you suddenly remembered your friend. Your friend who never judged and always had something wise to say. Maybe he would understand the conflicts of your heart. You got up and dug through the receipts on your desk until you found the one with his phone number on it.
You hoped he wouldn’t think you were crazy, but then again, he was the one who offered himself to talk to you any time. You typed in the number and hit call. Your phone dialed when suddenly the number displayed switched to a name. Jungkook.
You quickly hit the cancel button and stared at your phone. Did you accidentally hit Jungkook’s contact? Was your phone broken? This time you typed in the number more carefully and hit call. Again, the display switched to Jungkook’s name. You hit cancel.
Your heart began to race. You opened up Jungkook’s contact and compared it with the number on the receipt.
Holy shit.
JK was Jungkook. Jungkook was JK.
The stranger who cheered you on and made you smile whenever you felt down was Jungkook. You combed through all your receipts and reread them one by one. What was the probability for this to happen? This was so bizarre, but it made so much sense. Jungkook was the kindest person you knew. Why wouldn’t he be kind to a stranger who needed some uplifting words and comforting tangsuyuk?
Tumblr media
[13/06 18:20 PM] User: LatteIsHorse ---------------- ORDER [DELIVERY]
3 Tangsuyuk (large) 6 Jjajangmyeon ---------------- Note: JK-nim, I hope you’re doing well! Can I ask you for a strange favor? Would you mind delivering today’s order to me? I would really like to meet you and thank you in person for always being by my side! <3
Tumblr media
<Ding Dong>
The doorbell rang. Your heart pounded painfully in your chest. You slowly walked up to the door and opened it.
“Delivery from Golden…,” Jungkook’s voice faltered.
“Hi JK-nim,” you said quietly. You opened the door wider. “Thanks for coming today.”
“Y/N? What are you doing here?” he asked.
You had to smile at his look of utter confusion. “I live here. Come in, you can put the food on the dining table.” You turned around and walked back into the apartment.
Jungkook hesitated before he followed you inside. He moved up to the table and unloaded his box. He tried to steady himself. “You’re LatteIsHorse-nim?” he asked skeptically, “I’ve been here before. Last time someone else opened the door.”
He has visited you before? “Oh, that was probably my sister. I live here with her. She’s out travelling right now.”
“So you’re on your own right now? Why did you order so much food?” he asked. A giant mountain of neatly stacked dishes graced the table.
You came up and pried the metal box out of his hand. Then you moved in front of him and unclasped his bike helmet. He flinched at your sudden closeness.
“To celebrate. Congratulations on passing your Statistical Analysis exam. Namjoon told me you passed in flying colors,” you said in a gentle voice. “I promised you the best Chinese take-out in town, didn’t I?”
Jungkook still looked shell-shocked and simply stared at you.
“I’m sorry about that night at the Pre-Game party. I’m sorry I ran away. I owe you an explanation.”
Jungkook regained his wits and swallowed. “It’s okay, you don’t have to explain yourself. I get it, we were drunk. It was a mistake.” He looked down and tried to turn back around.
You grabbed onto his hands before he could move away. “Jungkook, look at me.”
He stopped turning, but his eyes remained on the floor.
You took a deep breath and squeezed his hands. “I really like you. I’ve really liked you for a while now.”
His eyes shot up to your face.
“The reason why I ran away that night was because I felt guilty. I probably would’ve ended up kissing you anyway, but in that moment, I kissed you because I wanted to forget. I didn’t want our first kiss to be like that. I wanted it to be the me who liked you and not the me who tried to drown out her shitty ex-boyfriend. I’m sorry if I hurt you.”
There was an unreadable look in his eyes. Your heart fluttered in nervousness. “How long have you known I was JK? How long did you know I had a crush on you?” he asked.
You could feel your blood rushing through your ears, the butterflies in your stomach beat like crazy. “Since today. I was sad because I thought I couldn’t share the promised meal with you. I wanted a friend to talk to, so I thought to call you. You who was always kind to me, even when I wasn’t kind to myself. Isn’t fate strange? We cheered each other on to find each other.” You had to laugh at the irony of it all.
Your hand hesitantly moved up to his face and stroked across his cheek, “I’m sorry I hurt you. I’m sorry I made you sad.”
Jungkook melted against your touch. “If I’m never sad, I won’t know when I’m happy.” Then he closed the gap and pressed his lips against yours.
It was a sweet but sad kiss. Filled with happiness and sorrow. Every touch was filled with an ‘I missed you’ or an ‘I’m sorry’.
Jungkook pressed you against the edge of your dining table, he lifted you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist. You both deepened your kiss. Your hands snaked through his hair and pulled him closer into you. Jungkook braced his hands against the table and instinctively ground his hips against your core. You moaned his name at the sensation. The both of you broke apart to catch your breaths, you pulled at his jacket and removed his layers of clothing.
You stilled at the sight of his bare chest. He was truly beautiful. Your fingers traced along his skin and marvelled at its silkiness. Jungkook shuddered under your touch. His hands moved under your shirt and you both lifted it off your head. Then you gripped his hands and slowly led them around your back, urging him to take off your bra. You wriggled out of your jeans and laid yourself completely bare in front of him. Jungkook stopped and stared at you, equally amazed.
“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered.
Your heart swelled and you pulled him back into a kiss. Both his kisses and his hands left a burning trail down your body. His mouth sucked on the soft skin of your neck while his hands moved across your breast, across your stomach, lower and lower. Wetness gathered between your legs.
“Jungkook,” you sighed. The muscles of his back shifted under your touch.
He released your neck with a loud smack and looked at the artwork he created. He still couldn’t get over how overwhelmingly beautiful you were. Your cheeks flushed, eyes bright and his name at the tip of your tongue. He felt himself strain against his confines.
“Please,” you whimpered. You looked down at his hand and tried to silently command him to touch you.
He kept his eyes trained on your face when his fingers moved lower and slid through your folds. Another moan left your lovely lips. He teased you with his touches, gathering your wetness until he finally pushed down where you wanted him most. Your hands dug into his back, your hips bucked, and you threw your head back in pleasure. He steadied your hips with his other hand and slowly pushed a finger inside of you. Another loud moan echoed through the room.
Jungkook was transfixed by you. He added a second finger and started pushing in and out. Your eyes squeezed shut in pleasure and small breathless pants left your mouth. Jungkook increased the speed of his movement and marvelled at the way you reacted under his touch. Then he moved his mouth to your breast and closed his lips around your nipple. You raked your hands through his hair and arched into him. Your core tightened around his fingers. All your nerves were on fire.
You pulled him away from your breast and guided his mouth back to yours. Your tongue traced his lips and you swallowed his moan. You wanted more, you wanted him closer. His fingers curled and his thumb pressed down on you. Jungkook held you tight as you shuddered and fell apart around him.
He rested his forehead against yours, your breath mingled as you both panted into each other. He slowly removed his hand from you and traced his mouth with his slicked fingers, then he moved them to your lips. Your tongue licked the tips of his fingers. His grip tightened around your waist.
“I want to feel you,” you said.
Jungkook shuddered at your words. “Where is your room?”
“The door behind you.”
Jungkook lifted you off the table, you tightened your legs around him and gave him another kiss. He walked you both to your room and gently laid you down on your bed. He took off his pants, then slowly moved onto the bed and hovered above you.
“Tell me what you want,” he said.
Your fingers caressed his face. “I want you to be happy.”
Another shudder ran through him. “I am happy. What else?”
You traced his eyes, his nose, his lips. “I want to be the one making you happy.”
Jungkook couldn’t contain himself anymore. His heart felt like it was about to explode. He covered your body with his and pressed himself into you. Your eyes rolled back as he entered you slowly. You felt so full you wanted to burst out of your skin. You could feel how the Jungkook-sized whole in your heart filled up again.
He rocked into you and took your breath away. Your nails raked across his back and left red lines against his smooth skin. Jungkook ducked his head into the crook of your neck and moaned against your skin. Every pull dragged pleasure out of you, every push brought you closer together.
You wanted more. Jungkook gave you more.
You wanted him closer. Jungkook pushed deeper into you.
With every moan, Jungkook pushed harder, pushed deeper. He wanted to melt into you. He wanted the lines between you and him to disappear. Your desire was his desire. His pleasure was your pleasure.  
Jungkook could feel you tightening around him. He moved his mouth over yours and gave you an ardent kiss. The light of your desire turned brighter and brighter until it burst apart into a thousand little flames. You cried against his lips and let the heat consume you. Your body pulsed around his and the overwhelming sensation brought him right over the edge with you.
The both of you laid on your bed and clung to each other. Neither of you willing to let the other go. Your pounding chests beat in tandem. Jungkook stroked his hand across your hair and kissed your head.
“I want you to be happy too,” he said.
“I know,” you said as you smiled against his chest, “You make me happy.”
Jungkook pulled you tighter into him and you remained silent for a while. His hand traced lazy patterns against your skin. Your breathing evened out.
“Are you allergic to pineapple?” he suddenly asked.
You looked up at him in surprise. “No. Why?”
“Because you always order tangsuyuk without pineapple.”
“Oh. That’s because my sister hates pineapple.”
Jungkook frowned, you pulled yourself up and kissed the little ridges between his eyes.
“What?” you asked.
“I think the jjajangmyeon is all soggy by now,” he said.
You had to laugh. “Probably, but the tangsuyuk should still taste great.”
Jungkook kissed you with a smile. “You’re right, tangsuyuk always tastes great.”
Copyright © 2020 full-of-jams. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy, repost or translate without permission.
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hobiwonder · 2 years ago
Baby, Baby | 01
Pairing: Jimin x Reader x Taehyung
Genre: Surrogacy AU
Warnings: Smut (future), Fluff. A bit of Angst. 
Words: 12k
Summary: When you’ve run out of savings to continue on to the last semester of your Bachelors - you take an unorthodox route. Helping a desperate couple have a child and getting paid for it? Heck yeah. But what do you know - it wasn’t as easy as it sounds.
A/N: thanks to @jurassicjimin for being a sweetie and helping me edit ily :(( this fic was getting long so i decided to split it in a couple of parts but it will most likely be 3 chapters max. i hope everyone likes this as i kind of had to rewrite the whole thing and it may not be as eloquent as the one i spent longer time on hjerfvuekhbfkejbf anyway feedback is always appreciated :)
Tumblr media
Part 2 |
“Miss Y/N?”
“Huh? Yes?” The receptionist smiled gently at your vacant expression as you were sure you probably looked like you were lost instead of the planning you had been doing for weeks to prepare yourself for this very day.
“We’re ready for you now.” You stood up, smoothing your skirt as much as you could with the thin fabric stubbornly creased just below your hips from sitting down. You had told yourself that you would pay more attention to your posture and the nervous squirming you usually did when… well; when you were nervous as hell. But of course, your own advice was the one you mostly adhered to the least.
“Right this way,” The nice middle aged lady led you towards large wooden double doors. The place was modern, sleek, rustic and most of all – screamed money, all at once. You weren’t sure how many architectural structures could be squashed in to one at the same time and look good as well. But you guessed that money always looked good.
No wonder youdidn’t.
She smiled her gentle smile at you as she opened one of the doors and letting you enter first. You mumble a thanks before glancing towards the back of two heads you could see from where you stood. One blonde, the other black. They sat on a large three-seater sofa while a love couch – which made you snort internally given the circumstances – was placed across from them. Just then, Solhyun – the consultant looking after your case – glanced up from her seat.
“Ah! Y/N come on in, yeah,” She nodded encouragingly as you took small, quiet steps – thanks to your flats – towards the couch that you assumed was going to be where you sat, facing the other two men. Speaking of; they had also stood up with Solhyun as she waited for you to come forward.
“Hello,” You went for a handshake but Solhyun pulled you into a gentle hug.
“How are you?” She asks as her greeting with a bright smile on her face, not waiting for you to respond before she is introducing the most important people – and the ones you’d been nervous as hell to meet.
You wished you had been given a bit more time to get used to the two men before you. Sure, you’d been given their profiles – albeit with limited information as you’d been told that they preferred to meet in person for every meeting, wanting to be heavily involved with the process. But man, you didn’t expect the two men you had decided to be a surrogate for to be this… striking.
“This is Mr. Park Jimin.” The blonde man, shorter than his partner stretched out his hand, placing his left on his elbow as a polite gesture. His hands were incredibly soft, just like the rest of him. Well, you didn’t feel him or anything but he just looked soft. Everything about him was soft – in a more metaphorical sense more than anything – as his eyes turned into slight crescent moons when he smiled gently at you. His lips were fuller than yours, fingers adorned in shiny rings, neck framed by a YSL necklace that you know costed more than your rent for a week. Your breath hitched as his cologne hit your nasal cavity causing you to breathe deeply like a creep. The blush creeping up your cheeks turned your body temp slightly up a notch when you saw the stunning man before you also took in your attire that contrasted his own expensive one. Where the fabric he wore was all silk and rich woven wool – yours were linen and cheap cotton.
“N-Nice to meet you, sir.” You notice the other man’s – taller and broader of the two – eyes flash slightly before his expression is turning into a more stoic one again. Not unkind, just more formal and probably fitting for the arrangement you were all about to make. Or you hoped would make. You really needed this to work out.
“Please, call me Jimin, Y/N.” Your frame stalls for a millisecond at the way your name falls from his lips. You never liked your name more than you did at this moment and tried to convince yourself it wasn’t because Jimin had said it.
“Mr. Kim Taehyung, Jimin’s partner.” Solhyun introduces the more intimidating looking man as he also stretches out his hand as well – also adorned in rings like his partner – while nodding at you.
“Nice to meet you, sir.” Unlike Jimin – he doesn’t ask you to call him Taehyung and you sense he may be have been the partner who was apprehensive about getting a surrogate as you had been informed that the couple that had been matched with you were having some second thoughts. You remember that day had been kind of hell for you.
You weren’t getting matched with anyone after giving an interview and having your portfolio made and it was going to be a major setback for you if you weren’t able to find a couple who needed a surrogate with your criteria. But when Solhyun had contacted you that she had found a couple – more so, they had found you – and specifically wanted to meet you to discuss a potential surrogacy, you’d been ecstatic and wanting to throw up at the same time.
As much as you made a rational, calculated decision, the reality of actually going through with it was something else altogether. Maybe part of you had thought that you would never even find anyone since not many people were keen on conceiving a child with someone who had a family history of breast cancer. You probably wouldn’t even be in this situation if it weren’t for your mother passing away from breast cancer at a young age and leaving you to your own devices. It wasn’t as if you had any other family to ask for any type of help. So when the house you had inherited had been put up for sale to pay for your college fees, you truly had nothing.
As much as it had been hard parting with the house you had grew up in and had countless memories with your mum; it was something you had decided when your mother had passed away. You were seventeen and in your State, legally able to inherit the house and make decisions regarding it just like your mother had also given you power of attorney when her health had deteriorated. Selling the house had been the best and worst decision at the same time. You had never seen that much money in your whole life when you’d received the check but on the other hand, you had a bitter reality check when you had ended up going through most of it with college fees, rent and daily expenses in general. It was as if the more you worked, the more money you needed.
The apartment you lived in may be a shoebox – but it was enough for you. And now, reaching the homestretch of your undergraduate, you were 20 grand short with only the last semester of your degree left.
When you had been accepted in to one of the more prestigious universities, it hadn’t seemed so impossible to actually go through with it since you had a fat check - not the fattest, just fat enough – in your bank, ready to go. After grieving the death of the only family you ever had, it had seemed that better days would never come. But at that time, holding the acceptance letter in your hand – you had felt that things might work out after all. Though, good things never really lasted long for you. And here you were. Willing to go to extreme lengths when you were just so, so close to the finish line.
“Well now that the introductions are out of the way, shall we discuss the arrangement?”
Clearing your throat, you nod, smoothing your skirt before sitting down. Seeing the way all of them were dressed was making you slightly more self-conscious of your own attire. Just a little. You try to keep your eyes on Solhyun as she begins to pull out papers from a manila folder but can’t help and glance towards the blonde – Jimin. He doesn’t hide that he is staring at you but a small, friendly smile is still painted on his face so it doesn’t bother you too much. Apart from the blush that has just took a liking to your cheeks, you are sure you aren’t making a fool of yourself and looking like a lovestruck teenager.
Taehyung however – his expression is stoic. He doesn’t say anything else to you or even look at you like Jimin is. Which was probably for the best. You weren’t sure you could handle two impossibly handsome men looking at you at once. Not that it would matter, you sigh internally. They obviously have no interest in the opposite sex otherwise you wouldn’t be here.
“So, y/n,” you turn your attention completely towards Solhyun as she speaks directly to you.
“Mr Park and Mr Kim would very much like to conceive a child with you.” You almost flinch at her straight forward statement but you guessed that in these types of situations, it was probably for the best.
You can’t help the slightly diameter of your eyes when you look back at the two men. “But a-are you sure? I have a family h-” Internally your brain is screaming and throwing popcorn at you. You’re supposed to be selling yourself to them you idiot! Not make them doubt their decision.
“History of breast cancer?” Jimin has already cut you off with a raised eyebrow and a gentle smile. But this time, the smile holds a touch of sadness to it and doesn’t quite reach his beautiful eyes that had such a spark to them. “We are well aware. That doesn’t matter to us. Well, what I mean is, we don’t have too many other options at the moment.”
You search his face for any regret at choosing you because to be honest – that stupidly hurts you. That you were probably a last resort or whatever rubbish your mind is making up right now. But it doesn’t seem that way at least.
“My partner here,” he turns his face to the side to look at Taehyung before continuing, “doesn’t exactly have the most accepting family when it comes to our relationship. They want him to have children so the business can be passed along the generations. And I know, we thought about adopting.” Jimin must have seen your puzzled face as he starts to answer the exact question you had been thinking about. He was very good at reading people, you note.
“But… inconveniently, Taehyung’s father’s will states that the child needs to be biologically his own.” You lock eyes with Taehyung, feeling like a thousand butterflies are flying around inside your stomach at the intensity in his eyes.
“And I… I have always wanted children. Having one that is related to the love of my life would be a dream come true.”
The smile that he sends your way is so bright, so full of love that you feel the tears of longing welling up but you push them back, not about to make a fool of yourself. The way Taehyung is looking at Jimin speak – anyone in the room who was watching them would be able to tell how much in love they were.
“We have been looking for so long but there wasn’t anyone that we could find at this time. But by some miracle, Solhyun told us about you as soon as you had applied. We are aware of your family history but we have contacted our GP and consulted with him. He says that our child can be tested and screened for any potential signs and I assure you,” he leans forward, sincerity written all over his kind eyes, “we will take the best care of our child. And if – god forbid – he or she is diagnosed, we can afford the best treatment. I promise you that.”
You blink. Once. Twice. Three times. Taking in everything that Jimin had just told you. A funny feeling in your stomach each time he addressed to the child that you were going to give birth to as if he had a heartbeat already. But now you understood why someone was willing to take the risk. N matter how small it may be.
“I… I see. I believe that you probably will be able to, I have no doubt.” You give him a reassuring smile, hoping to put him at ease and he mirrors it right back.
“So, do you wish to proceed with the contract after hearing the specifics?” Solhyun interjects when she sense that both you and the couple have understood each other. You nod as Jimin shoots Taehyung a smile and interlocks their fingers together, placing them in his lap. You can’t help but watch the two from the corner of your eyes. The love they had was so conspicuous that even when they weren’t displaying their affections – it was hard to not come to that conclusion yourself.
“Right. The contract will be for 12 months starting from the day of conception – not literally, that just means the day you are confirmed to be pregnant. All of your medical costs will of course be covered by Mr Kim and Mr Park themselves as well as both or at least one of them being present at each of your OB/GYN appointments. All expenses during your pregnancy will be paid by them as well, including but not limited to: Nutrition and health, housing, clothing and in any case there is an injury. You will receive half of the sum upon signing the contract and the rest of the payment of your surrogacy when the baby is safely delivered. In any case you are to miscarry, and it is concluded that the complications were not brought upon by avoidable circumstances, you will be paid in full. You will not have any contact with the child when it is born or have any parental rights after signing this contract unless agreed upon otherwise by the client. You will not have any rights to apply for custody on the basis of being a biological parent. You will not apply for further compensation from Mr Kim or Mr Park after the child’s birth. Do you have any questions?”
You kind of dumbly stare at her for a few seconds, taking everything in. Which was a lot. Both Jimin and Taehyung are looking expectantly at you. Jimin seeming to be more on edge than his partner as he squeezes his fingers in his lap. Solhyun hands you the papers of the terms and conditions she had just read out, letting you see for yourself and have a read through before you signed the contract officially. Your eyes just about bulge out of your head when you see the amount that you were to be paid was well above what you needed for college.
“F-Fifty thousand?!” the disbelief in your voice is perceived completely opposite by Jimin as he worriedly glances towards Taehyung before looking at you.
“Is that not enough? We are willing to pay you more.”
“No!” You clear your throat after embarrassingly almost shouting at them, “No, this is… this is very generous. Thank you.” The frown creasing your forehead is for once not out of sadness, but gratitude.
“No thanking yet, Y/N. We still have to sign the contract.” Solhyun sends you a smile again and she is right. You still have to sign and actually be able to conceive before you are paid in full. “I know this is a lot to take in and come to terms with. Having a child is not easy and giving it away is even harder so remember – you will have a week to think it over after signing the contract to back out if you wish to. Okay?”
You nod, appreciating that you had the option. But the prospect of being fifty grand richer, being able to finally complete your degree and have a career to sustain yourself in the long run has you feeling the minimum amount of resistance as you nod once again.
“Excellent! Sign here.” She is pointing to various pages as you continue to sign the ten page long contract and you notice that there are already two other signatures on each page. Jimin and Taehyung must have already signed the contract.
“Well, that is all now set. Y/N you will now have a week from now to send in a final response by either calling the office or replying to the email we send you. As soon as you do that, your details will be sent to Mr. Kim and Mr. Park and vice versa and your communication will be directly with them. All subsequent meetings with us will be discussed after the finalisation of the contract. Any questions?”
You’re shaking your head at her as you stand up with her. You guessed it was time for you to go. The two men also stand up, shaking your hand once more.
“Thank you, Y/N. I hope to hear from you again.” Jimin shakes your hand with both of his own, his warm hands holding on to yours for a little longer than before.
“As do I.” Taehyung’s deep, mellifluous voice is almost entrancing and you find yourself looking anywhere but at his eyes, afraid that somehow he’ll be able to tell how nervous you were. His long fingers grip your hand in a solid handshake like they had previously. Stuttering a goodbye, you race out of the room, closing the wooden door behind you and heading straight towards the reception to get a copy of the contract for yourself like Solhyun had asked you to before you left. The whole time you’re waiting for the documents to be scanned and printed, your feet are annoyingly tapping against the tiled floor with the amount of adrenaline running through your system. Even the woman scanning and getting the documentation together gives you a look when a particularly loud tap of your flats against the floor sounds through the large reception area. She seems to be taking her sweet time as well. Just as she is finally starting to compile the papers, the wooden doors open and Jimin and Taehyung are walking out, chatting amongst themselves. Taehyung, however, is wearing a frown on his face as he sighs at whatever Jimin has said to him.
When they are in hearing distance to you – you turn your whole body towards the woman stapling the papers together, almost snapping at her to be quicker. You don’t know why you feel like you need to avoid them right now when you will probably mother their child – most likely. So it was going to be a problem if you were going to always be this nervous around them. Just when you think you’ve successfully avoided them, Jimin spots you standing by the counter and puts his hand up to stop Taehyung from saying whatever he had been and walks over to you. Taehyung doesn’t look the happiest as he watches Jimin walk over to you.
“H-hi,” You can’t help the stutter when he comes to stand close to you – close enough that you can smell his heavenly cologne again. But he doesn’t seem to be in the mood for light hearted chatter when he gets straight to the point.
“I really, really hope you don’t reconsider your decision. As much as Tae didn’t seem like he wants this-” He closes his eyes for a second before opening them again and rephrasing himself, “- needs this to happen – he does. It would mean a lot to us if you can help us.”
“Jimin, babe let’s go. We’re going to be late.” Taehyung’s loud voice has Jimin pulling away and after giving you a small, hopeful smile, he waves goodbye and you do the same. It surely didn’t seem like that was the case as Taehyung almost seems annoyed at Jimin’s little pit stop at the counter with you. You watch them walk out together, hand in hand as a sleek escalade pulls up to the office and in they go.
“They’re good men. Been waiting for a while.” You glance back at the receptionist who hands you the documents – finally- and smiles at you. Everyone in this building smiled a lot.
“Oh.” You don’t exactly know what to say since you didn’t exactly know them for long but you could judge for yourself that they weren’t trying to manipulate or guilt you in to being a surrogate for them. They really did just want a child.
You decide to walk to the grocery store from the office before taking a cab home. That should cut down the fare and plus, you weren’t keen on carrying all the bags by yourself.
Today was the last day you had to think it over before giving your final decision. The whole previous week you had to stop yourself from calling the office and saying yes, forcing yourself to take the time you had and really think it over. This would be one of the biggest decisions you made in your life. While you never really thought about having kids of your own or being particularly fond of them, this was still not going to be easy if you didn’t completely make up your mind.
You weren’t stupid and knew that the bond a mother and her child form before and after birth is natural and can be hard to part with unless you make up your mind that this child is not yours and that you were merely a vessel for someone else’s baby. But you were too close to having your life together to not consider this. You would be helping a couple in need and they would be able to provide for their child. It wasn’t as if they can’t afford anything they will ever need to give it the best life.
Your inner monologue is interrupted when your phone rings. The caller ID makes your heart jump in your mouth when you see it’s Solhyun. Gathering yourself, you will your breathing to steady before you pick up the phone.
“Hi Y/N this is Solhyun speaking, how-”
“I’ll do it.” You blurt out before you can stop yourself. You want to bump your head against the wall for sounding like an idiot and cutting her off when she lets out a sound of surprise.
“Oh! That’s great. I will let Mr. Park know. We will wire half of the sum in your account today and you should receive it in the next 3-5 business days. I will also send you the details of the clinic and the date you have to be there for your artificial insemination appointment. Is that all okay?”
“Y-Yeah, of course. Thank you.”
“Alrighty then, I will forward you the couple’s details as well okay? I’ll speak to you soon, dear.”
You say goodbye, hanging up before clutching your chest finally coming to terms with the fact that you were going to be a mother to someone else’s baby. Still trying to wrap your head around the phone call you’d just had when your phone rings again. But this time, it’s an unknown caller. Your eyebrows furrow, wondering who was calling you at 9pm at night.
“Y/N?” The soft voice that calls your name is unmistakably Jimin’s – and you can hear the smile in his voice as he says your name.
“Mr. P- Jimin?” Even though he can’t see you, you still try to keep a straight face. Maybe more for yourself than anything.
“Hi there. I just,” He lets out a bubbly laugh that has you smiling with him – keeping a straight face a distant thought, “I’m- We’re really, really happy that you want to continue. I just wanted to call you as soon as I could. I hope I didn’t wake you up?”
“No no, I-I was just eating pizza and watching a… I don’t really know what I was watching to be honest.” To that he laughs again.
“That’s good to hear. I just wanted to ask if you want to meet before the appointment at the clinic?”
“Oh, you know when it is?”
“We were emailed the details just now. Sorry, as you can tell, I’m a bit excited.” His nervous chuckle tells you he’s worried that he might make you uncomfortable but you assure him that it’s alright.
“I understand and yes that would be good I think. When would you like to meet?”
“Is Wednesday okay? The appointment is on Friday and that’s the only day I can steal Taehyung away before the appointment.” The mention of Taehyung has you feeling hot all over again. You’re not sure what but when it comes to him, you always want to just shrink in place. Something about the way he looks at you makes you want to stand out as less as possible. Not that he was unkind or mean or anything. He just… didn’t seem as enthusiastic about this as his partner, despite being the one who would actually father the child.
“Yes that’s okay. Where will I be meeting you?”
“There is a bistro near Taehyung’s office that we often go to so I’ll have someone pick you up at 12 for brunch, alright?”
“A-Alright. You don’t have to.” His chuckle is playful and you could listen to it over and over.
“I know, darling. I want to.” The pet name doesn’t go unnoticed by the damn butterflies in your stomach but you will them to settle down because it’s not like it meant anything. Thankfully, they’re distracted easily that night. You both say your goodbyes and hang up. Once again, you’re clutching your heart like you’ve just run a mile. If just talking on the phone was going to have you react like this… you were in trouble.
The days pass like a blur and before you know it, it’s Wednesday. Your IUI appointment was set for Friday as it was the day you started ovulating. When you’d received a call back from Solhyun to confirm that you had indeed received the appointment details, you’d made a passing comment about it being so soon – just in passing. She’d reminded you that they had your ovulation schedule on your profile – as was standard for everyone else – and conveniently, you would start ovulating this Friday so they wanted to start ASAP. Which was fine with you honestly. You were just happy that you had received the payment in your account today as well which meant you can finally pay your fees for this last semester – and on time. With every penny going towards the tuition and admission fees, you were left to bank balance of a marvellous $50 for the next two weeks until you got paid again for your administrative job at the local post office. Scanning papers, helping people fill out passport applications, sending parcels and letters for people was your usual work day. It paid you enough to buy groceries and pay your rent so you didn’t complain. Especially landing this sweet 50k gig too.
You make a face at yourself for thinking of birthing an actual baby as just a ‘sweet gig’. That made it sound a tad bit too casual. Contrary to how you felt at this moment, getting out of the fancy sleek number that had been sent to pick you up and bring you to the chic downtown bistro that was a few blocks away from Kim Enterprises. You’d done some of your research and was shocked to find out that Kim Taehyung was the youngest Kim brother – and the one that preferred the limelight the least. You’d noticed how handsome each brother was but even so, Taehyung stuck out the most to you. Even in a boring, probably the least flattering photo that had been uploaded to their Wikipedia page, Kim Seokjin was the eldest and the one that was currently seen in the business a lot, that even you – who watched nothing but horror movies or SpongeBob (there was no in between) – had seen him once or twice on the news that was usually on at the post office. Kim Namjoon had been labelled the brains behind the company’s recent developments according to the article you had been reading and Taehyung – your future baby daddy – was said to be the developing a new branch for the company that was still in the works but was expected to be a huge success due to the brand loyalty and the recognition the family already had. They were old money from the looks of it. And all of them so darn handsome! How? This wasn’t fair.
They would make pretty babies.
“Want to head in? It’s even better inside.” You almost jump out of your skin when Jimin’s melodiously airy voice speaks somewhere near your ears. And now his ears are going red from chuckling at you. Yours are probably already red. “Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you.”
Was it possible for someone to look even better just in a span of few days? Did he get a facial or some sort of beauty treatment? Because you swear that he looks even better than the last time you saw him at the office and you didn’t think that was possible for a human being. You must have been staring dumbly since Jimin gives you a concerned look when you don’t move. “I really do apologise. I didn’t mean to upset you.”
“No, no, no, I-I’m not scared. I’m really fine. I love horror movies.” The word vomit just comes out like… well, vomit. You sucks your lips between your teeth as you start walking beside him. Very evidently embarrassed at your sudden outbursts. You really needed to take a deep breath and calm the heck down. Jimin doesn’t seem to think you’re an idiot though. At least not outwardly because he only wears a kind smile as he leads you to your table.
“That’s good to hear. Tae loves horror movies too.” He’s pulling out a chair for you before he sits across. Just when you’re about to ask where the man in question is, he’s strutting in like the bistro is his runway. You wish you were exaggerating.
“Sorry I’m late babe. Meeting went overtime.” You watch him lean in, pecking Jimin on cheek sweetly before taking a seat next to him. He’s wearing a dark navy blue blazer with a gold Chanel pin on the breast pocket, hair parted like before and a Rolex on his wrist. Looking like a million bucks. You knew that was a Rolex because you literally read an article that was entirely dedicated to the clothes he owned. Weird. But a very interesting piece, you’re not going to lie. Your conclusion in the end was: he’d make really pretty babies who would probably wear mini kid Rolex’s too. Was that a thing? Could you get a child a Rolex? That probably wouldn’t be very wise because-
“You look deep in thought. Unless you’re just silently judging.”
“You would make really pretty babies.” Gosh darn it. Why couldn’t you put a ziplock on your mouth! However you settle for just slapping your hand over your mouth in embarrassment. Is this how you’re going to be like in front of them? They might as well pull out of the contract for not wanting a crazy woman with no filter to mother their child. Jimin seems to be finding you amusing though, with the smirk that’s on his face. Even Taehyung’s face isn’t as stoic as you had last seen at the office.
“Well,” A playful smile on his face as he looks at Taehyung before facing you again, “at the moment, we’re hoping to make pretty babies with you, y/n.”
You can feel the blood rush upwards from every corner of your body and pool in your cheeks. The way he says your name makes it worse because you long to hear it again. But you know you’re being stupid and probably getting too attached already. You needed to reign it in. You’re getting paid for this. Your gaze still lingers in your lap where you’re fiddling with your fingers restlessly; kind of at a loss for words.
“I’m sorry for him. He’s a bit too excited.” At Taehyung’s deep voice, you look up, a little surprised that he’s actually addressing you directly. You’d thought maybe he’d be the more quiet one just like before. But maybe he was just as nervous as you or apprehensive before. You give him benefit of the doubt.
“Oh please! You’re just as excited babe. Don’t pretend to be all macho.” Taehyung’s disgusted face at Jimin has you unsuccessfully attempting to stifle a giggle but when they both look over at your more relaxed posture, they’re joining in too.
“I’m fine really. I can imagine that you would be. A baby is pretty exciting.” Your soft reply and the smile you give them hopefully conveys your sincerity. You don’t want to sound like you’re forcing yourself to say anything just because you’re getting paid to do this.
“It is. We’re… really happy that you’ve agreed to do this, y/n.” You shrug.
“I am getting paid to do this. I should be thanking you.” It was true. It wasn’t as if you’re going to birth their child out of the goodness of your heart. There may not be any other malicious intent there either – you barely knew them – but you don’t want to act like a saint.
Taehyung and Jimin exchange a look before Taehyung is leaning in further on the table, interlocking his fingers in front of him before he speaks, “No, you shouldn’t. I know it doesn’t seem like you’re doing much because you’re being compensated but – it’s a very big commitment to make for someone. Whether money is involved or not. So really, we appreciate this.”
He wasn’t wrong at all. You just didn’t expect them to understand at such a deep level so quickly. “I suppose you’re right. But I do want to thank you though. Thanks to you guys I can actually graduate.” Jimin claps his hands together at the mention of you graduating.
“We saw on your profile! This is your last semester?” you nod, failing to stop the bright smile stretching across your face. You were just so happy whenever you remembered you were almost there.
“That’s amazing! And I saw you’re studying International relations. That’s very interesting. I did a few sociology subjects at University – I know, not the same but similar – and they were fantastic.” Just then a waiter arrives with your entrees that somehow Jimin had ordered while you’d been speaking to Taehyung.
“This calls for a celebration I believe.” Taehyung, for the first time, smiles. He may have smiled at Jimin first but you think it counts. Especially when the stupid butterflies have started to do the salsa in your stomach again. The mozzarella sticks are so stretchy that you’ve pulled your head back as far as it would go without you falling over.
“I’ve never seen someone actually enjoy these like they’re supposed to. See Tae? You’re a party pooper.” Jimin is adorably scoffing at Taehyung before he picks up another for himself and faces you again. You’re trying to not eat like a slob and remember your table manners but man – these mozzarella sticks are good. No wonder they cost 30 dollars per serving. Money not only looked good, but tasted good too.
“C’mon y/n, let’s see whose string snaps first.” Your eyes widen at Jimin’s casual challenge; eating 30 dollar mozzarella sticks in a posh bistro – him in a suit and you in jeans and a flannel – one of you possibly about to fall over.
“Wait, what? Really?” Taehyung is rolling his eyes like he’s witnessed Jimin do this a thousand times before when he looks to the side with a playfully exasperated smile on his face.
“Yes, really! Okay on 3.” You rush in chewing the one currently in your mouth, swallowing the half chewed mozzarella before grabbing another one. He’s counting to 3 and then you’re both leaning back in your seats, trying hard not to break the cheesy string but continuing to stretch it further. Just when Jimin’s head hits the back of the leather seat, the string snaps and you can’t stop yourself before you’re cheering in place for winning the silly challenge. Half of the cheese stick in your mouth and all.
“Serves you right.” Taehyung is trying to hold back his laughter at Jimin’s defeated face before he turn to you again. “He always does this. No matter the time or place. Babe, wipe that frown off your face. It’s not like you don’t win every single time.”
Jimin is sending a glare at his partner as he wipes his face for any extra cheese or crumbs that might be stuck to the peach fuzz on his face. When he misses a bit of grease on the corner of his mouth, Taehyung is already leaning in with a napkin and wiping the oil off his face with such loving eyes you feel like you shouldn’t be watching such an intimate moment between them. Even though there is nothing seemingly intimate or private about wiping food off of your boyfriend’s mouth. Nonetheless, you divert your gaze, not being able to keep your eyes on them when they seemed to be dozing off in their own world with the secretive glances and whispered words that they were saying to each other.
Noticing the shift in your mood, Taehyung clears his throat, getting your attention before Jimin is once again smiling his sweet bright smile at you. “Apologies, Y/N. Jimin here loves to hoard all my attention.” To which the man in question scoffs playfully and you can’t help but giggle to yourself at the cutest nose scrunch you’ve seen on a grown man. For a moment, you’re tempted to ask the couple if the biological father of the child can be Jimin instead.
But then you remember that it wouldn’t matter because you won’t be the one keeping the child anyway and that realisation has you crashing back down to the present and what a serious matter this is. Perhaps they have been trying to make you comfortable too much – although with good intentions – but the fact remained. This matter was nothing but serious and you had to tread carefully otherwise this seemingly formal matter could get very personal and emotional. Taehyung and Jimin had each other but you only had you.
“No need to apologise. I’m glad to know such a loving couple is going to raise a child together. Luckiest kid, I reckon.” The smile you give is genuine but they both can tell the sentiment in your voice. Perhaps it’s time to get serious.
“Thank you, Y/N. We are happy that someone as smart and bright as you is going to mother our child.” Jimin is sincere, there is no doubt about that. He takes Taehyung’s hands in his own and they both send you comforting looks. “We will take responsibility of you throughout this whole process. You don’t need to worry about anything. You are important to us just as much as the baby you will carry for us. Truly.”
Taehyung leans forward once again to get your attention that had been solely on Jimin while he spoke. Your gaze moves on to his sharper features and for a moment you’re getting lost in his large, twinkling eyes. Not as much as Jimin’s but darn it, he was beautiful.
“I wholeheartedly agree with Jimin. You are young and will need a lot of support because as you’ve said – in your profile – you have no living relative?”
The reminder that you are absolutely alone is not one that you needed at this moment. But you know that they meant no harm in mentioning it. “Y-Yes. My mother passed away 4 years ago.”
“I’m very sorry to hear that. Can’t have been easy.”
“It wasn’t but… I’m doing okay. Thanks to you guys as well.” Your grin is mirrored back to you by them both as you reassure them that you are alright. Just then, the food has arrived getting all your attention. The waiter is wheeling a trolley filled with club sandwiches with the thickest, fluffiest bread you have ever seen and your mouth is already watering. You’d had two spoons of peanut butter this morning for your breakfast in an effort to save money for groceries you will buy before you head home.
“Looks good?” Jimin has a teasing smile on his face as he watches you practically drool over the various sandwiches and the thick cut chips drizzled with some sort of sauce with black bits in it. Pepper maybe?
“This looks like the best meal I’m about to have.” He’s chuckling when you talk without taking your eyes off the food. You admit, you may be being a tiny bit rude here but the food really did look thatgood.
“Bon Appetite.” For a second you thought that someone who spoke fluent French, said that to you but it was only Taehyung. Unless…
“Do you speak French?”
“En effet, madame. Tu as de très beaux yeux.”
For once, Jimin and you wear the same expression – his a bit more… carnal than yours admittedly. There was barely a hint of an accent when Taehyung spoke in perfect french. Though he could have called you a donkey for all you knew but, gosh darn – it was sexy.
Okay, you were officially jealous of Jimin.
“You have very beautiful eyes. That’s what he said by the way.” The comment made you blush but you tried to hide it by taking a sandwich triangle. You admit, for a moment you thought about not eating it because it just all looked so prettybut alas, the loud growl in your stomach decided otherwise for you and Jimin sent you an endearing smile while piling up your plate with a whole sandwich, motioning you to continue.
You sent a sheepish smile their way before picking up a thick cut fry with all its golden crunchy goodness. You still had no idea what the sauce was. But your eyes go wide when you take the first bite and the most delicious tangy, earthy flavours explode in your mouth.
“Like it?” Jimin is all but bursting with joy when you vigorously nod after being frozen on the spot for a few seconds. “It’s a mixture of black and white truffles in a butter sauce.”
Your eyes widen in understanding. No wonder you couldn’t quite place your finger on what ingredient you were tasting exactly. Short answer: rich people food.
“It’s amazing. Never thought I’d be eating anything with truffles let alone fries.” The chuckle breaks free, in amazement before you can stop it until you also remember that truffles are expensive. “Oh gosh. Please tell me this sandwich costs less than $50?” You’d worry about humiliating yourself by asking such a question when you’ve already eaten a quarter of the sandwich – later.
Jimin looks slightly startled but wave you off, “Do not worry about that. This is on us. We did invite you here, after all.” You ponder over it for a moment but let it go when Taehyung also reassures you that their invite meant their shout.
“Well, I feel bad that you’re buying me really expensive sandwiches. Pizza hut would’ve suffice as well.”
As far as you’re concerned, you were totally serious. But the two men opposite you who’re muffling chuckles at your pout has you looking at them with a slight glare to your gaze – already feeling comfortable enough with them to treat them to one of your looks.
“Nothing, darling. Pizza hut it is – next time.” Jimin’s charming smile that shoes off the one dimple has you melting on the spot. It takes you a moment to continue to chew before swallowing and thankfully avoiding the risk of choking yourself. Oh and hopefully your face isn’t as red as the tomatoes you’re picking out from your sandwich.
“I really should’ve asked you what you liked before ordering. Sorry.” Never did you think Taehyung would be apologizing for not asking your order before putting it in. But you guess he really didn’t dislike you after all.
“No! It’s all good. I really like everything.” And you did.
The rest of the lunch goes smoothly and you three spend the next hour getting to know each other better. You surprisingly have a very relaxed time and quickly forget the nerves that had been clawing their way up your spine and making you jittery before when you’d been cluelessly standing in front of the bistro. You learn that Jimin had went to a renowned dance academy and had met Taehyung after he’d caught the eye of the bachelor at one of his shows in Paris. Apparently Taehyung had chased the elder until he’d given in and went out on a date with him and that had been 7 years ago. Taehyung had been an Art student and particularly into modern, impressionist, post-impressionist and romanticist art. Particularly, Jean Baptiste had been the one to prompt the teenager to study in France.
First of all, you had no idea what any of the forms – “periods” Taehyung had corrected you – of art actually even existed let alone that Kim Taehyung was into ‘romanticist’ art.  Nonetheless, you learnt that there was, unsurprisingly, much more to them both than meets the eye.
After you three had finished, both men had insisted on dropping you off themselves and thus how you found yourself sitting in a Rolls Royce, trying to sit as still as possible which makes Jimin ruffle your hair from his seat beside you.
“It’s okay. You can breathe if you like.” You just smile shyly at being caught acting weird like you tend to around them and their… wealth to put it bluntly. Jimin always responded lightly and it never failed to put you at ease.
They pull up outside your apartment building and you can’t hide the blush when Taehyung leans his head down slightly to look out the window, inspecting the front of it thoroughly. You don’t want to act embarrassed but you can’t help it after having a glimpse in to the life they lead which was far more... Full than yours. But the reality was that this is where you lived and were most likely going to live for a while so there was no point in being embarrassed. It may not be much but it was all you had.
“So, we will see you on Friday at the clinic? Solhyun told me you have an ultrasound on Thursday though.” You nod, confirming that you have to go in tomorrow before the big appointment.
“The doctor wants to make sure I am ovulating – just in case – before the IUI. If anything changes then you’ll know.” Jimin reaches over, grasping your hand in his warm one and instantly, your heart skips a beat at the way he looks at you. Concern written all over his features.
“Would you like us to be there?” The question takes you by surprise and for a moment you want to say ‘yes, yes I want you both there.’
Because you were scared. But you know that they would just want to know everything themselves and make sure everything went okay for the amount of money they are spending, after all. You would too.
“I-It’s okay. It’s just an ultrasound. I’ll see you both on Friday.” You smile your assurance and squeeze Jimin’s hand, only waving politely at Taehyung before exiting the car. After you’re safely inside the main door is when the car leaves and you have to lean against it to even your breathing.
“God, please let this all go okay. Please.” You hope your prayer isn’t wasted when you will all your sincerity in to it. For your sake and theirs.
“Hi there y/n. I’m Dr. Klarna and I’ll be doing the IUI for you tomorrow. How’re you feeling?”
You let out a deep sigh that feels like it had been trapped in your throat for quite some time. “Nervous. Really nervous but I think I’ll be okay.” You try to smile at her but it seems like she sees right through it when she gives an empathetic look before smiling at you.
“That is perfectly normal, y/n. This is a bit daunting to be doing in your early 20s and it’s okay to feel like that. Just let me know if you feel too anxious and I’ll see what we can do to ease that, alright?” When you nod firmly, she asks you to lay down on the ultrasound bed and begins.
It doesn’t take too long and an hour later, she is back with the results in her office where you’d been waiting anxiously. When she gives you a reassuring smile, your anxiety lessens just enough to let you breathe.
“You are perfectly healthy and ovulating so no need to worry, okay? You’re good to go and I’ll go ahead and forward these to Solhyun, your case manager. Do you have any questions or concerns?”
You just wanted to go home and relax before the anxiety made you puke. You wonder if it’s the ramen you had earlier that’s making you this way or just the nerves making you feel somewhere between sick and hyperactive.
“No, that’s all good doctor.”
“Perfect. I will see you tomorrow at 1PM. Take care of yourself okay?” Her smile is warm and she genuinely seems to be caring. Her greying hair doesn’t dull the beauty she holds with her warm brown eyes and light brown shoulder length hair. Her words hold the warm tone you’d only ever heard whenever your mother had spoken with you and now you want to ask her if she has children of her own. But you opt for only saying a goodbye and taking your leave.
As soon as you are outside, you feel like you can finally breathe. Yesterday, you’d been so enveloped in your conversations with Jimin and Taehyung that this day had seemed so distant in the future than the reality of it being tomorrow. Walking towards the local grocery store had somewhat calmed you down and going over the list of the essentials you needed for the next two weeks had distracted you enough to get through the day. Conveniently you had forgotten yesterday about going to the grocery store and had only remembered when your stomach had growled at 9pm that night and the empty fridge had poured cold water on you reminding you that you forgot to shop. So the peanut butter had to suffice once more.
Maybe the peanut butter was making you nauseous earlier. Hm.
Oh well. You had one last night before the big event tomorrow.
“Y/n!” Jimin’s airy, familiar voice attracts you immediately when he calls your name as soon as you enter the waiting room the next day.
You had been told that that Taehyung and Jimin had been called to the clinic earlier to give a sample of his… well, semen. You can’t even say ‘semen’ in your own thoughts and you were about to have it injected in to you to make a baby. How ridiculous is that? ‘Grow up, y/n! You’re about to grow another human in you for god’s sake.’
However, your internal yelling doesn’t nearly calm you down as much as Jimin’s warm smile and his unexpected hug does. Tentatively, you put your arms around him as well, returning the warm gesture, letting the butterflies in your stomach doing their dance distract you enough to ease your nerves.
“How are you feeling?” He pulls back enough to ask you.
“I-I am okay. A little nervous.” When he raises his eyebrow in concern, a worried smile on his face you sigh, adding, “Okay. A lot nervous. Kinda feeling like I will puke but that’s just my anxiety.” His eyes soften even further and he drops his arms to take a hold of your hand, leading you to the seats in the waiting room.
“You can still say no. Back out of this if you don’t want to do this anymore. Don’t worry about the contract.”
“No! Of course not. I-I still want to.” When the frown on his face doesn’t go away, you assure him again. “For you and Taehyung. Please. I am okay. I promise.”
It takes him a few seconds but he nods, patting your hand and giving you a reassuring smile. “Okay. We will be waiting for you right here.”
Just then, Taehyung appears in front of you two. You and Jimin may have been sitting in silence but you had still missed when Taehyung had walked out of the doctor’s office.
Upon seeing the sombre looks on the both of your faces, his own is turning stony as well. “Everything okay?”
“Yeah. She’s just a bit nervous.” Jimin reassures Taehyung, your hand still in his own as you also stare at Taehyung too.
“What? Getting cold feet already?”
You don’t have too much time to process his harsh, accusing tone because just then, the nurse is calling your name. And as much as you were nervous before, you’re thankful that you’ve been given an out because you’re not exactly sure what to say to him. You’re nervous enough that you may cry instead of the anger that usually bubbles up in you when someone talks to you that way.
Instead, you squeeze Jimin’s hand, giving him a forced smile and look at Taehyung just once before walking away with the nurse. You can hear Jimin furiously whispering to Taehyung as you’re walking and that only makes you want to walk faster. Not wanting to hear anything they are talking about and feel worse than the way Taehyung’s sudden change of attitude has you feeling.
Thankfully, you’re busy getting changed into the patient gown you’ve been given and settling in the bed, setting your feet up just the way you’d done before at your usual check-up at your gyno appointment. When Dr. Klarna comes back, with her gloves on this time, you can feel the nerves coming back once again. Closing your eyes and taking deep breathes, you will your heart to stop buzzing in your chest and calm down so you don’t pass out.
This really was happening.
“Okay y/n. Keep taking deep breathes for me and try to keep calm. If you feel like you’re going to be sick just let me know okay?” You nod, keeping your breathing relatively stable as you continue to breathe deeply.
“Alright, perfect. So I’m going to insert the catheter in to your vagina, passing your cervix and up to the uterus. It will feel just like a pap smear but it will allow the sperm to swim up straight to the egg and hopefully fertilize it.” You nod once again, watching the thin, long tube that she’s holding.
“W-Will it hurt?” You know it may sound like a juvenile question but you needed to know. You hated needles and even though this was just a tube – it was still going inyou.
“It shouldn’t hurt at all. You may feel like your stomach is slightly cramping but it won’t be unbearably painful. Anything else you want to know before we begin?” She doesn’t sound impatient at all. You know she wants you to be relaxed before she proceeds and you want this to be over with before the nerves come back. So you shake your head at her and she smiles before asking you take another deep breathe.
“Okay, here we go.” Your eyes close on their own and before you can really think too much about it, you can feel the tube being inserted inside you. At one point, the sensation is dull enough that you can’t really feel the tube going any deeper inside. Just when you’re about to ask her how long it will take, she is pulling back – the tube in her hand as she disposes it off.
“All done!” Already?
“Oh. That was quick.” She chuckles at your dumbfounded expression. You really should have done more research. You had opted against it in case you found something that made you too nervous to continue but perhaps this won’t be too bad…
“Yup. It’s pretty simple. Inserting the sperm near its destination and that’s it. You just need to keep laying down for the next hour so we can maximise the chances of the sperm reaching the egg. Do you need some water? Can I get you anything?”
You settle back down on the bed and shake your head at her. “I’m okay. Thank you.”
“Feel free to take a nap if you like.” She’s washing her hands as she gives you a small smile. “I’ll send the nurse to wake you when it’s time.” You thank her again as she leaves and try to relax.
So this was really happening huh? As much as you were starting to feel okay about this – Taehyung snapping at you with such disdain wasn’t exactly bringing your spirits up. Why had he been so angry? All the possibilities of the ‘why’ keep you pondering for the next how many minutes – you’re not sure. Just when you’re dozing off – the nurse comes in and lets you know you can change back in your clothes and are free to go. Lazily, you tug on your jeans and shirt and grab your bag before the nurse comes back again with a clipboard.
“Y/N, dear. Give us a call as soon as you start feeling any of those symptoms okay?” She’s handing you a sheet full of signs of you potentially being pregnant, “Usually it takes about 2 weeks before you start feeling the fatigue, nausea and such – that’s if the implantation has been successful. If we don’t hear from you then Dr. Klarna will schedule an appointment just for a check-up and send you the details. All the details of today will also be forwarded to your case worker.”
You nod, reading over the sheet as she speaks. “Any questions my dear?”
“No, thank you. I will give Dr. Klarna a call as soon as I feel a bit off.”
“Alright then. Take care.” She lets you go with a kind smile that you try to mimic just because she was too nice for you to not smile back. However, your smile is slipping away as soon as you see Jimin on the waiting chairs, head resting back against the wall while he seems deep in thought. Though, as soon as you come in his line of vision, he jerks up, standing just a few steps away from you.
“Y/N… are you alright?”
“Yeah. What are you still doing here?” You really didn’t expect him to stick around after the way Taehyung had reacted. Thinking he would probably take him elsewhere to cool off because surely, his boyfriend was more important than sitting around and waiting for you to be done.
“What do you mean? I wanted to be here for you. Listen…” He’s shifting on his feet, a sigh escaping his lips before he continues, “Taehyung was out of line. Please don’t think too much of it. He just… We’ve been left at the last minute before and he just panicked and thought maybe you… you were leaving us too.”
The way Jimin says ‘us’, the pain in his voice tells you that he’s telling the truth. Out of the two of them, you could safely say that you trusted Jimin more than anyone you had trusted in such a short amount of time. So you give him the benefit of the doubt, just for Jimin.
“Okay. I guess I understand.” You nod at him, forcing on a small smile to ease his worries.
“Thank you. I sent him home to cool off but I didn’t want you to be alone.”
“I…” You try to find the words to respond but you can’t. You had just assumed that you would go home by yourself after the procedure. No second thoughts that one of them might be waiting for you. Maybe you were too used to be alone. And even though this companionship may be temporary – it was still real for the time being. And if Jimin continued to look at you the way he did every time, you might as well kiss your heart goodbye.
“Okay. I’m fine though.” Jimin takes your hand in his, walking out of the clinic without breaking the link between your hands.
“I’m glad. Let me drop you home.”
“It’s okay-” Jimin hushes you while opening the door of his escalade – you assume the car is his own since no driver is in sight.
“No arguments. I’m taking you home.” Biting the smile that’s threatening to break lose, you just look out of the window, murmuring a thanks and let him drive you home.
“Are you sure you don’t want me to stay with you?” For the tenth time probably, Jimin is asking you this question. His sweet eyes filled with trepidation.
“I will be fine, Jimin.” You stretch your arm across to his seat, using every ounce of courage in you to grab his hand softly to reassure him. Up until now, Jimin has been the one to initiate any physical contact and you had just gone along with it. But this was the first time you were reaching out to hold his hand to convey your sincerity. You were just fine.
“The doctor said I’m okay to do what I usually do in the day.”
“And what is that exactly?” You don’t miss the teasing smirk that’s stretching across his pretty face.
“Well,” you drag out the syllables, racking your brain for what you’re usually doing at this time, “Probably making dinner and watching SpongeBob.” The only way to describe Jimin’s laugh is magical. Magical and contagious because you’re smiling too as he throws his head back, eyes turning in to crescent moons as he mumbles an ‘okay.’
“Don’t laugh! It’s fun.” You can’t help the pout that your lips have turned in to. SpongeBob was a sensitive topic for you. When Jimin Calms down from his fit of giggles, he looks over at you once more, bringing a hand towards your cheek.
His warm finger tips slide against your jaw before his thumb is rubbing just the very slightest on your chin as his index finger holds it. Time seems to have stopped while you try hard not to stare at his plush lips. His own eyes seem to be flicking back and forth from your lips to your eyes. Finally, as if he’s shaken himself out of a trance himself.
“Okay. Take care and call me if you need anything. Okay?” You nod – or you think you do because you seem to be on autopilot at the moment. Damn him for malfunctioning your whole entire brain with just a caress to your chin. Your chin! You really needed to get laid if you were lusting after gay men.
Wait- no. You can’t. Trust you to forget that you’re literally trying to make a baby for them.
“O-Okay I will. I promise.” After a few more seconds of sizing you up, he lets you go, unlocking the door for you to climb out.
You wave bye at him but he refuses to drive away until you are safely inside. Just when you are heading upstairs to your apartment, he drives off.
The familiar but unwelcomed butterflies are back again but you just tell yourself those are ‘cramps’ like the doctor told you.
It’s been 4 days since the IUI and today you’re finally feeling the cramps that Dr. Klarna had told you about. They hadn’t been too intense in the morning but as the day has gone by, the discomfort level had steadily climbed up. You’re in the middle of texting Jimin back – he’s texted every day to make sure you are alright; much to your protest that he didn’t have to – that a particularly nasty cramp makes you double over.
“Ow! Frick…” You’re trying hard to not swear – you didn’t particularly like to – but the pain was so intense that you have to grab the counter of your kitchen with one hand while the other clutches your stomach. You take a deep breath, walking over to your sofa – that’s just a few steps away in your small apartment, thankfully – and sit down.
And just like that – you spend rest of the day either on your sofa watching TV or curling up in your bed -taking random naps. At first – the thought that you might be pregnant goes through your head immediately but then you remember reading on the sheet that the chance of you being pregnant this early on is very rare. So instead, you just suck it up and also remember that you should be getting your period in just over a week if you’re not pregnant so the cramps could be explained by that. Even if you’ve only ever gotten cramps a day or two before your period. Nonetheless, you didn’t want to raise a false alarm.
It’s 10PM at night when you receive another message from Jimin, asking if you’re okay. You realise that you had forgotten to press send to your text earlier in the morning and probably worried him more than he already does. Quickly texting him back, you grab your pajamas, heading to the toilet to change. A few minutes later, you’re ready for bed and before you know it – already dreaming about a certain someone kissing the hell out of you.
The next morning – you blame the hormones for that particular dream.
It’s the 9thday after the procedure that you see the blood smeared on your underwear and your heart drops.
“What…” Your breathing has picked up and it feels like your throat is closing up at the thought of you not being pregnant if you’re getting your period already. It’s irrational, you know. The Doctor had warned you that you may not get pregnant on the first try but you had never really entertained the thought too much. Dismissing it as being not the case for you when she’d told you that it likely won’t be since you’re so young. However, the cramping… the mood change and now blood. You had to be getting your period right? Maybe the IUI messed up your period symptoms a bit but it was close enough to your period that this could be it. You were spotting already.
Quickly rushing out of the bathroom, you hastily punch in the number of the clinic, knees bouncing with anxiety as you hear the ringing. “Hi! May I speak to Dr. Klarna please? I-It’s y/n. Please tell her it’s y/n.”
“Alright, just a second please.” Whoever is on the line is thankfully not making a fuss – probably because of your panicked voice. So you calm yourself down; taking deep breathes.
“I’m bleeding.” The words come out before you can even greet her properly.
“Okay, Y/N, that’s alright. Don’t panic. How much are you bleeding?”
“J-Just spotting. I think I may have my period.” There is silence over the other line for just a few seconds too long to make you start self-fulfilling your theory.
“I’ve booked you in for today at 4:30. Are you okay to come down to the clinic y/n?”
“Yes. Yes I’m okay with that.”
“Perfect. Just wear a pad for now if the bleeding is too much. No tampon. I’ll see you soon okay?”
“Okay.” You’re nodding to yourself, thanking her before hanging up.
What if you weren’t pregnant? You didn’t want to disappoint Jimin and Taehyung. Would Taehyung even speak to you if you weren’t pregnant? What if you had to pay all the money back? You’ve already deposited it to your college and had no idea how you’ll get 20k back if there is something wrong with you and this all doesn’t work out.
“Oh god...” Taking deep breaths, trying to stay calm, you force yourself to have a drink of water and not think about all the what-ifs that will drive you mad. Instead, you put on SpongeBob and let the silly cartoons take your mind off of what could be happening to you.
“Your results should be done any minute. I’ll go and have a look, okay?” You nod, sitting on the examination bed of Dr. Klarna’s office once again. “Mr Park and Mr. Kim are outside.”
At the mention of the two men, your heart rate is rising once again. But it was only logical for them to be here, you suppose. “They are asking to see you. Would you like me to send them in?”
“I- Okay.” As much as your nerves are telling you otherwise – if you couldn’t face them then you would have an even bigger problem when it came to the time of breaking the bad news to them. She gives you a nod before she’s leaving the office. Taking in a deep breath, you prepare yourself for their arrival.
Just a few short minutes later, Jimin is entering the office – a beige trench coat adorning his lithe frame, making him look bigger than he was. And a few seconds later – Taehyung’s taller frame and sharper features are in your view as well. His face is passive and you’re not sure how to greet him. Jimin however, is rushing to your side – taking your hands in his own as he stands close enough that you can smell his cologne.
“Are you alright? We heard you felt unwell and came as soon as we could.” The smile that finds its way on to your face is something natural – something uninhibited that Jimin seems to pull from you and no matter how much you trained yourself to not melt in to a puddle, you still turned putty whenever he had his hands on you. Which was more often than not.
“I-I’m okay. I was just,” taking a deep breath as you look down at both of your hands, trying to earn the courage to say the words, “I was bleeding this morning.”
You know that Jimin is smart enough to realise what that could mean and you don’t need to look at his face to see the disappointment that might lurk there. However, while trying to not look at Jimin, you can see Taehyung instead in your view and you can see the negative emotion in his face more clearly than what you think you’ll find on Jimin’s
“I’m so-”
“Mr, Kim, Mr Park.” Dr Klarna had just entered the room then, nodding at both of the men with a bright smile on her face as she glanced to her clipboard and then back to you and Jimin.
“Doctor, is she okay?” Jimin lets go of your hands, walking more towards where Taehyung stood to hear what she had to say.
“She won’t be feeling so hot for the next few weeks though.” Her smile is getting bigger and so is your confusion.
“Congratulations. Y/n is pregnant. You and Mr. Kim are expecting.”
A/N: Thanks 4 reading !!! Next chapter will be posted this time next week :) hope everyone had a lovely christmas!
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jiminimoon · 3 years ago
Do NOT repost, translate or modify my work in ANY way on ANY platform. (Let me know if a link doesn’t work!)
* 99% angst/smut 
✓ - Complete 
✐ - Ongoing
Tumblr media
Kim Namjoon
➳ Capitulate
➳ One Day
➳ Nothing Like Us ✓ 
Chapters: 1 | 2
Tumblr media
Kim Seokjin
➳ Stress Relief 
➳ Remember Me ✐
Chapters: Prologue | 1
Tumblr media
Min Yoongi
➳ Your Voice 
➳ Don’t Let Go 
➳ City of Chaos ✐
Chapters: Prologue | 1
Tumblr media
Jung Hoseok
➳ Helping Hand 
Tumblr media
Park Jimin
➳ Partiality
➳ Scars To Your Beautiful 
➳ Sinful Romance
➳ If This is Love
➳ Slight Changes (ft. Taehyung) ✐
Chapter: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | Finale
Extras: Jimin’s POV | Taehyung’s POV
Tumblr media
Kim Taehyung
➳ Slight Changes (ft. Jimin) ✐
Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | Finale
Extras: Jimin’s POV | Taehyung’s POV
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook
➳ Don’t You See Me 
➳ Appetence 
➳ Oblivious 
➳ Employee Perks ✐
Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3
Tumblr media
➳ Monsta X: Changkyun - Something New
Tumblr media
Requested Drabbles Masterlist
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mellifluousleaf · 3 years ago
Tell Me Your Lies
Pairing: Poly!BTS x reader
Word count: unknown
Warning(s): angst in possible future?
Note: this is inspired by immortals by bang-tan-bitch, they are extremely amazing and I love them and please shower them with love;
Posted 7/30/18 (idk how to do the text break thing on the mobile app and it sucks)
Parts:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10   11  12   13  14    15   16/17 (Final)
Quick synopsis: Even the sweetest of angels will sin
Seven black feathers were set ablaze as they descended from heaven and towards earth. These were the remnants of the cursed angel. Each feather turned into golden ashes as the fire consumed it, but as they fell upon the barren ground, seven kneeling bodies began to appear where the ashes gathered. The golden dust coated each of them from head to toe. Once the ashes stilled upon the empty ground, the seven bodies slowly rose up to stand. It was complete. The rebirth of the cursed angel was complete, but this time, the angel was born upon a broken earth, and the soul of the angel had been split into seven.
The curse that the seven were forced to carry forces them through a cycle of eternal pain. Every century, their soulmate would be reborn on earth, and through fate, the seven would always find their mate. However, the relationship that blooms when they meet their mate will always end in disaster. It was inevitable. The seven have searched for a way to end the tortuous curse, but nothing has arisen after millions of years of searching. Their previous soulmate was the most brutal heartbreak yet. She had cheated on them after being with them for ten years. It was a tortuous moment for the seven. Everything was fine until that one day, it was as if a switch was turned on and their soulmate became a different, more cold, person. The seven knew it was all the curses doing, but that still didn’t stop the pain that gripped their hearts.
It was now 2018 and another century had passed. The seven hid their supernatural identity behind the mask of BTS. They were living their lives to the fullest, and they were all so occupied with world tours, dancing, and singing that they had forgotten about their curse for a while. But reality came crashing down the moment you appeared before them.
You stood anxiously in line for the fan meet. Their songs were being blasted through the speakers, the bass rumbling through the entire room. Chatters from all the fans in line seemed to muffle everything around you. You were so preoccupied with your thoughts that you didn’t notice it was your turn to meet the first member, Namjoon.
Tumblr media
The moment his eyes met you, his heart stopped. You were beautiful, everything he could have asked for. You carefully sat down in front of him in the chair. Placing the album on the table. Namjoon wasted no time and quickly signed it, pushing the album aside in order to grasp your hands in his. Fire seemed to ignite under your skin from where he touched you. Your breathing seemed to become shallow and your surroundings faded away. Nothing was said as he held your hands, but the moment you raised your eyes to glance at him, it was clear no verbal words were needed. His eyes were full of mixed emotions, they were full of passion, love, pain, and fear. It was as if an entire story was stored behind his eyes. You had no clue what was going on, but you didn’t have enough time to process it before the sound of a lady’s voice broke through your trance. The woman, who was helping keep the flow of the fanmeet, was informing you that it was time to move onto the next member. You stared at her for a couple of seconds, still recovering from the trance you were just stuck in. You quickly nodded your head, attempting to stand up from your spot. You were met with resistance. You quickly looked down at your hands and saw Namjoon still holding them, his head held down. His grip tightened when you tried to pull away again. You were stuck. You didn’t know what to do. Before you could open your mouth to ask him if something was wrong, he simply lifted his head to look at you one more time, his eyes still swirling with emotions. He then lightened his grip on your hands, allowing you to slip away from him. The fire that was set ablaze under your skin from his touch simmered down the moment he let go. You sent a soft smile towards him that made his heart ache. He knew that pain lays in the future if he continues to fall more in love with you, but that didn’t stop him from waving one of the bodyguards over to him, ready to endure the curse’s cycle again. You quickly turned your head and saw who the next member was. Seokjin.
Tumblr media
You steadily made your way to the seat placed in front of him. He was busy laughing at something the other members were doing at the end of the table, so he didn’t notice you at first. However, the moment his ears heard you greet him, all of his attention was trained on you. Your voice caused his heart to flutter. He became a stuttering mess as he asked for your name. You simply chuckled at his actions and told him your name. He signed your album with quick smooth motions before sliding the album down the table to the next member. He reached forward to tuck a loose strand of hair behind your ear. Your heart rate increased instantly as he came close to your face. Seokjin lingered a bit once he finished tucking your hair behind your ear, staring into your eyes with dangerous, but addicting passion. He leaned back to sit in his chair, taking your hands in his at the same time. When seokjin’s hand made contact with yours, it felt as if electricity ignited and ran through your veins. You felt a shiver go down your spine. None of this was normal, but it was all so addicting and felt so right at the same time. Seokjin began to shower you with praises, his words tumbling out like a waterfall. You blushed and tilted your head down to hide the heat that rose up on your cheeks. You suddenly heard Seokjin’s voice stop and felt fingers grasp your chin in a gentle grip. Seokjin lifted your head and murmured something under his breath. “I’m s-sorry, what did you say” you stuttered. “I said don’t ever hide your face from me, you’re too beautiful to be hidden,” he said. Before Seokjin could continue to make you blush more, you were informed that it was time to move on. You quickly stood up and walked to the next seat with your head tilted down, your cheeks still extremely warm from blushing. You could feel seokjin’s gaze following you as you walked to the next member, but you didn’t turn to look at him. You reached the next chair and sat down, finally looking up to meet the eyes of Hoseok.
Tumblr media
Hoesok’s eyes were a blazing fire. He was stuck in a trance, staring at you with fierce passion. “Umm, h-hi, I’m (y/n), it’s nice to meet you,” you said to him, bowing your head a little. The moment your words began to ring through his ears, he snapped out of his trance, accidentally pushing the album off the table. A slight blush rose upon his cheeks. He hastily picked the album up and signed it, placing it to the side with clumsy hands. His hands engulfed yours in a second. He brought your hands up to his mouth where he placed a kiss on the back of each hand. The brush of his lips on your skin felt like a soft feather had landed upon your hands. “You’re more beautiful than I remember” he whispered into your hands. What did he mean by that, you wondered. You dwelled on the thought for a while but were quickly brought out of your mind by Hoseok. The brush of his lips against your skin felt like a drug, it was all too addicting. You were blushing at the close contact, quickly looking down to try to stop the heat on your cheeks, but your head jerked back up when you felt a burning drop of water upon your hands. Hoseok’s head was tilted down, right above your hand, a single tear lingering on his chin . Before you could ask him why he was crying or if you did something wrong, the lady appeared before you, her voice running through your ears telling you that times up. Hoseok quickly wiped his tears and looked back up to you, giving you the best smile he could. He sent a small wave to you as you began to walk to the next member. You returned his wave and looked at him with soft worrying eyes, hoping that he was alright. As you turned back around, you saw who the next member was, Yoongi.
His gaze was like a soft icy breeze that slightly bit your skin but caressed you with the softest touch. His hands were already moving and signing the album before you reached the chair. Once you sat down, he laid his hands on the table, palms up, nervously waiting for you to place your hands in his. When your hands met his, he gently curled his fingers to wrap around yours, unconsciously drawing circles on the back of your hand as he looked up to stare at you. When you met his gaze, your breathing nearly stopped. His eyes seemed to shift in color, but you just assumed it was the lighting in the room. “I’ve finally found you again my muse” he quietly says to you. You were confused. Again? What does he mean by that? You didn’t have much time to question the situation for Yoongi had intertwined your fingers with his. It was a perfect fit, almost as if it was meant to be from the beginning of time. He gently tugged your hands closer to him, causing you to lean over the table a little. His eyes seemed to flicker down to your lips, his gaze becoming more addicting. Before Yoongi could lean in closer to you, it was announced that you had to move to the next member now. In a split second, you found your hands cold again, the warmth that had just encased it was gone. When you looked at Yoongi, you saw his hands gripped in a fist, his eyes avoiding you. You slightly frowned, worried that you might’ve done something wrong. Not wanting to keep the line held up, you made your way to the next member, Jimin.
Tumblr media
Jimin’s eyes were full of curiosity, playfulness, but caution. The memeories of the past century flooded his mind, setting his heart ablaze. But the moment you sat down in front of him and greeted him, you became the sole thing he thought of. Beautiful. That was the only thing that Jimin could think of as you sat before him. He quickly leaned forward, one of his hands grasping yours while his other hand came up to caress your face. A smirk danced upon his face when he saw you blushing from the close proximity. “My beautiful goddess,” he murmurs under his breath, his thumb brushing across your cheek. You quickly dart your eyes to the side, not being able to handle the passion that swirled behind Jimin’s eyes. Your thoughts were still swirling with questions and confusion, but you were quickly torn from them when you felt a forehead pressed against yours. You quickly glance back at Jimin and look up from beneath your eyelashes. There before you was Jimin, his eyes closed in deep thought as he leaned his head against yours. Even though the sound of the speakers were still blaring through the room, you felt that there was nothing around you, you felt that it was just you and Jimin. All the sound came rushing back in when Jimin leaned back. It was clear that he was irritated that his moment with you was cut short by the women who tapped him on the shoulder in order to tell him that he had to sign your album now so that the next fan can sit down. He swiftly grabbed the marker and placed the tip against the surface of the album. He hesitated for a few seconds. He didn’t want to sign it because then you would leave him, and he didn’t want you to go, but he knew that if he waited too long, people would get suspicious. He smoothly guided the marker across the album, capped his marker, and sent the album down the line, leaning back to watch you go, his eyes still burning with passion. You stood up and gave him a small sweet smile, lightly waving your hand at him as you made your way towards Taehyung.
It took every cell in Taehyung’s body to not push the table aside and have you in his arms. Taehyung learned from Jimin and went ahead and signed the album before you sat down. His eye’s stared you down with an emotion that you couldn’t figure out. Taehyung still remembered that one night a century ago when the previous soulmate left his life. It was painful and he never wanted to live that feeling again, but when he saw you, he was willing to bear the pain again, just so that he could re-experience falling in love with you. His large hands wrapped yours in a comforting warmth. Taehyung was speechless. You were beautiful to him, it was as if the heavens spent millions of years creating you. He grabbed one of your hands and guided it towards his face, placing his cheek into the palm of your hand. He closed his eyes as he leaned into your touch. He turned his head slightly into your palm, pressing a soft kiss on your hand. Your skin began to burn where his lips touched your skin. It was a painful warmth, but it was so addicting at the same time. Taehyung’s intense gaze seemed to set your skin even more on fire. “My beautiful flower has bloomed again,” he mutters to himself. You tilted your head in confusion at his comment. He chuckled at your confusion, his deep laughter sending shivers down your spine. “ Tell me, my beautiful flower, how are you-.” His question was cut short when the lady appeared again to tell you that it was time to move to the last member. As you tried to get up, Taehyung followed suit, standing up and placing his hands flat against the table. He stared down in deep thought. You hesitantly reached your hand out to check if he was okay, but quickly retracted it when Taehyung looked up at you. His eyes seemed to change in color, shifting between a deep chocolate brown and a galaxy purple. He soon realized that he might be scaring you, shaking his head a little and sending a signature boxy smile to you before sitting back down. You returned his smile with one of your own. You turned and headed down to the end of the table, stopping right in front of Jungkook.
Jungkook avoided your gaze, his heart clenching at the reminder that if he fell in love with you, he would just end up in pain. He tried to avoid you more by focusing on signing your album. You nervously fidgeted in your seat, chewing on your bottom lip a little. Jungkook paused while he was signing your album, looking up from beneath his lashes in hopes of catching a glimpse of you without you noticing. As he did so, his gaze accidentally connected with yours. He couldn’t stop starring. He was trapped by your hypnotizing eyes. “Umm, uh, hi,” you softly said, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. Jungkook was so enamored by you that he didn’t hear anything you said. He dropped his marker to the side, ignoring the album. He quickly leaned over the table, reaching for your hands in a hastily manner, applying a slight pull, causing you to lean forward a little too. His face was close to yours, almost too close. You gasped a little, his eyes were shifting in colors like the others had too, except you knew this wasn’t just the lighting in the room playing tricks on you. The border of his iris was lined with gold, the color slowly creeping towards his pupil. You were so entranced by the shift in his eye color that you failed to notice how Jungkook was slowly moving his face closer towards you, tilting his head slightly so that he can meet his lips with yours. A small thud of a foot colliding with a leg could be heard underneath the table, followed by a hiss of pain from Jungkook. Jungkook quickly whipped his head to the side, glaring right at Taehyung. Taehyung returned the glare with an equally intense stare, a silent warning hidden in the stare too. Jungkook leaned back into his seat, his hands still gripping yours. “I-I uh….” Jungkook said quietly. He couldn’t find the words to explain your beauty. You were beautiful and he knew that he was falling deeper in love with you each second that you were near him. His eyes darted to the side, too shy to meet yours. Even though you haven’t said anything, his cheeks were slightly tinted red. Jungkook finally gained the courage to meet your kind gaze again, his mouth slightly parted, ready to finish the sentence he started. Just as he was about to speak, the lady from before came up behind you, placing her hands on your upper arms, informing you that your time with Jungkook had to be cut a little early because the fan line was starting to back up and things were starting to run behind schedule. You simply nodded your head in understanding as she quickly guided you out of your seat, causing your hands to slip from Jungkook’s grip. Jungkook was too in shock to realize your hands had disappeared from his. He tried to lean forward to recapture your hands, but you were already too far from his grasp by then. Annoyance radiated from Jungkook as he watched the lady escort you towards the exit. He was determined to not let you go the next time he saw you again.
The lady guided you towards the exit, handing you your signed album as you both reached the door. She slightly bowed her head at you, apologizing for the sudden rush. You softly smiled at her and told her that you understood the situation and that it was okay. She gave you one last smile before quickly hurrying back to the fan meet table. You pushed the door open, entering the front lobby, the light from the sun streaming through the tall windows. You looked down at your album, admiring the unique signatures of each member. As you stared down at the album, you didn’t notice the pair of black shoes that stopped right in front of you until the person who belonged to the shoes cleared their throat. You quickly looked up to be met with a large bulky man in a black suit. It was the same man that Namjoon had waved over when you left him to go to Seokjin. “Are you (y/n) (l/n)?” he asked. “Umm u-uh yes?” you replied softly. “Your ticket for the fan meet had been put in a raffle and was selected, meaning that you have won an opportunity to spend the rest of the day with all of BTS if you’re available. If not, we can reschedule the day,” the man informed you. You were perplexed, you don’t remember anything about a raffle, but you weren’t going to question it. you simply nodded informing the man that you were free for the rest of the day. The large man nodded, telling you to follow him to a waiting room. He guided you to an elevator, bringing you to the twelfth floor. The elevator door opened, showing a luxurious hallway donned in gold decorations and a royal red carpet. His footsteps were muffled by the carpet, the entire hallway was silent. He stopped in front of room 1207B. He swiped a card in the card reader, causing the door’s lock to click, indicating that it was unlocked now. The giant man twisted the golden handle, opening the door to reveal a large spacious room. The room looked as if it was built for royals. The curtains were intertwined with golden thread, the windows reached the ceiling, bathing the entire room in a golden blanket. It was a beautiful room. “Please wait here until the others are done with the fan meet. Feel free to make yourself at home in here,” the man said, giving you a kind smile that caused his eyes to crinkle a little. Before you could ask the man more questions, he was already out the door, the sound of the lock sliding into place filling your ears. You were confused, not knowing what to do. You quickly glanced around the room. You saw a couch placed in the center of the living room, right in front of an expensive coffee table. You quietly shuffled over to the couch, plopping down onto it as you continued to take in your surroundings. Everything looked expensive and you were afraid to touch anything. You glanced back down at your hands, the album still gripped in them. The sunlight from the windows reflected off the surface of the album, bringing your attention to one of the signatures. It was Jungkook’s. You traced the lines of his signature, drawing out the letters of his name, but your fingertips stopped four letters short of his name. His signature was incomplete by four letters. Maybe he can finish the rest of the signature when you see him after the fan meet, you thought. Your eyes continued to roam around the room, your attention landing on the coffee table in front of you. A golden angel sculpture sat in the center, its back hunched over as it’s wings surrounded it’s kneeling body. It seemed like a normal sculpture, but a slight splash of black caught your attention. Seven feathers on the wings had it’s golden paint scraped off, revealing cold black stone underneath.
Author’s note: tbh idk what I was planning on doing with this entire thing. I’ll probably write the part where the disaster happens and everything falls apart, but idk. If people want me to, I might be willing to turn this into a little series? If not then I’ll only have one more story to add to this one, almost like an extended one-shot
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drquinzelharleen · 3 years ago
Ineffable: too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words. (m)
Words: 6.9k ;)
Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre/Warnings: Brother’s best friend au: smut, mutual masterbation, language, angst
Summary: As cliché as it was, you had a crush on your older brother, Taehyung’s, best friend Jimin. He was shy and quiet but yet had a certain reputation and charm. What happens when you both can’t hide your attraction? 
First writing of the New Year. Hope you enjoy. I got a little carried away because I just become a hoe for Jimin apparently. Anyway, hope you have a great new year! Maybe another part could come out of this?? Just depends on if people want that. 
Tumblr media
“So, Taehyung is actually having a party here tomorrow night?” Jungkook asked as the two of you were sitting next to each other on your bed watching YouTube videos.
“Apparently... our parents are out of town for the night so god knows what will happen.” You said as you scrolled throughyour feed trying to find something worth watching. “And you get to go?” Jungkook asked almost excitedly.
You chuckled, “Well, I do live here. Taehyung doesn’t care. He’s only a year older, I’m sure he just won’t want me to get black out and sleep with his friends.” “Wouldn’t be the first time~” Jungkook said as he smiled, moving his shoulders to emphasize his words. “Jin wasn’t Taehyung’s friend, he was mine- and Namjoon’s... he was going off to college. I wanted to lose my v plates and I was sober.” “You could have to me.” Jungkook pouted. “I knowwww, you tell me every damn day.” You rolled your eyes and he laughed. “You wish... besides I know who you wish you lost it to... Jimin~” “No, I fucking don’t. I wish I had more experience if I was with him- just shut your mouth, he’s probably here.” Jungkook chuckled, “Yeah and all the way down the hall where your brother lives. Namjoon‘s room is next door and he’s gone for uni.” “Yeah but Jimin always stays here and sleeps in Joon’s old room. The bed is behind the wall from mine. I hear him- all the time.” “You mean-“ “Well, once last year when my feelings for him surfaced and my parents were out of town I heard him with a girl but his phone went off and he literally just answered it and stayed on it in the middle of them hooking up. The girl waited for an hour and then finally walked out and then Jimin hung up. He was like, “Thanks dude, she’s finally gone.” “No!” Jungkook said shocked. “Yes! I felt so bad but I was trying not to laugh. I mean why even try to sleep with her in the first place? Him and his damn reputation” “Men, we have needs.” Jungkook said with an eyebrow shift and you stared him down. “Ew, no you don’t.” “What else?” “Well, I heard him with another girl and I was so mad that it wasn’t me that I played music really loud and sang with it... I was a little drunk.” “Y/N,” Jungkook laughed, surprised with you. “More recently I hear him by himself- you know- t-touching himself. Moaning and groaning. Jungkook, it’s so hard not to just walk in there and help him out myself.” “Y/N, you should try it! You know how happy I would be if a girl just walked in while I was masturbating and helped out?” “Jungkook,” you giggled, you closed your laptop, facing him. “I can’t just do that. He’s my brothers best friend. Tae would freak out and just- Jimin-he’d never be interested in me. I mean look at him. The girls he’s seen with. I could never-“ “Y/N, stop. Give yourself some credit. I mean you slept with Kim Seokjin okay. That guy straight up calls himself handsome.” “That was different. He was my friend.” “Jimin is your friend. He speaks to you. Just be his friend… um- more.” You rolled your eyes. “Oh, why didn’t I think of that?” You said sarcastically. Jungkook grinned, “Maybe you want to do it behind Taehyung’s back?” “What? That’s absurd.” You got off the bed, walking around the room. “Oh come on, Y/N. You can’t tell me that one part of you didn’t enjoy the fact that sleeping with Jin was kind of wrong. I mean, Namjoon finding out...” Jungkook’s phone suddenly started to ring and you sighed in relief as he answered it, “Hi, mom.” Was Jungkook right? You mean, in a way you did know that it was wrong but your relationship with Jin was different from Jimin. For instance, the relationship with Jimin was nonexistent. You closed your eyes and shook your head at yourself. Jungkook hung up and you spoke. “Okay, can I spend the night at your house tomorrow?” “No, I’m staying here. I just told my mom. I want to party!” “Jungkook, you know the two of us will be so freaked out we’ll just stay in here. That’s every party we go to, which has been a whapping two.” You laughed at yourself. “I want to have fun! Besides you can make a move on Jimin.” “What? In front of everyone and at a party? How cliché is that? Why are we even talking about that I’m not having sex with-“ Your door suddenly swung open and you and Jungkook jumped. “Sex with who?” Hoseok asked as Taehyung nudged him. Jimin rolled his eyes at hem, “Hey guys... um your mom wanted us to let you know dinner is ready.” Jimin smiled and you wondered how he could be so shy when he obviously loved any and all the attention he got. When he was at school he would brush back his hair and power walk down the long hallway. Grinning, knowing all eyes were on him. Jungkook always made fun of him. Pushing his hair back and saying how short he was but you could tell Jungkook admired him. “Jungkookie, you staying for dinner?” Jimin asked as Hoseok and your brother wrestled. You could see Jungkook blush slightly, “My mom just called actually. Said I needed to come home.” “Sometimes I forget you don’t live here.” Taehyung jokes as he pushed Hoseok off of him. “Well, I’m going home. I’ll give you a ride kid.” Hoseok said and Jungkook quickly gathered his things, giving you a look as if to show how cool he was. You were around these guys all the time so you didn’t care if they were popular or not. You hated that your brother was popular because it scared anyone off from being attracted to you because your brother would shut that down or ‘friends’ were really just snakes, trying to get to Taehyung and his group of friends. You were glad you had Jungkook, ever since fifth grade. Everyone else had changed, you did too. You weren’t as naive for sure. “Okay, well it’s not a family dinner so you can eat in your room.” Taehyung said as he walked downstairs behind the other two boys. “Do you want me to make you a plate?” Jimin asked giving you a small smile. He looked very tired and his hair wasn’t done, just floppy as it covered his face. Your heart ached for him, lucky you go to see this side of him. “No, it’s quite alright. Thank you though.” “Will you be staying tomorrow night for the party?” “Yeah probably since it’s my house,” you said trying to joke and Jimin chuckled. “That’s very true. I just didn’t know if you’d go over to a friend’s house or something.” “Nope,” you smiled. “I really only have Kookie.” “That’s not true. You have your brother. You have me, I’m your friend. We’ve had some good times together.” You nodded, trying not to giggle. “We have. I think of that night when everyone fell asleep while we were watching horror movies very often.” “Not my best moment.” You couldn’t help but laugh. “No, I loved it. It showed you were human. Someone who screams loudly at jump scares and almost cries because of clowns. Not just some cool popular high school guy.” “I hope you don’t see me as just that...” “I see you as my brother’s best friend.” “Your friend.” He corrected. “My friend too,” you nodded as he grinned. “Good,” Jimin licked his lips and you watched closely as Taehyung yelled for him. “Coming,” He yelled back as he gave you one last smile before hitting your shoulder with his fist lightly and running off with a big grin.
When you got in bed you heard someone in Namjoon’s room. You figured it was Jimin. His parents were gone constantly so he always spent the night at your house. Namjoon had told Jimin if he wanted to use his old room he could, in fear your parents would turn it into a gym or something. A part of you felt calm knowing he was just on the other side of that wall. You loved knowing Namjoon was just a few feet away and when he moved so did a part of you. You liked Jimin a lot, that was obvious. He was handsome and funny but he was also nice to you. Some of Taehyung’s friends treated you like you didn’t exist. You didn’t know if it was because you were off limits or if they just didn’t care, but Jimin was always one to mess around with you. He was different. Jimin was an only child so you could see how happy he looked when you, Taehyung, Jungkook and Namjoon would all watch movies together. Adding commentary to make someone laugh. It was like family. So, a part of you did feel weird having a crush on him. Every once in a while, you two would talk and he would have this confidence- you didn’t know how to explain it but it definitely made you want him. He would lean up against the wall as he looked over your face and smiled, giggling as he said something and moved closer to you. Telling you how nice you looked as he licked his lips and stared at yours. You remember the night after Namjoon and Jin had left for university. They left and you had just spent that night with Jin and now you were crying in your room. Jimin has come over to find Taehyung but Taehyung was out for some reason. You were the only one home and Jimin stayed with you all night. Letting you cry, not pressing on what was wrong but told you stories and jokes to make you laugh as he petted your head and wiped away tears. He had even kissed you on the head once or twice and you knew you shouldn’t have but you fell completely head over heels for him. Then a few days later you saw him leaned up against a locker with a girl in your class. He was pushing her hair back and listening as she excitedly spouted off and your body grew with this insane jealousy you had never felt. You of course knew those moments hadn’t made him your boyfriend but you just felt like every other girl. Jimin was nice enough to where he would help anyone through a rough time. You weren’t special. You needed to realize that. You needed to get over this stupid crush, he was taboo. But it was so hard when he was always around. He and Taehyung coming in your room randomly to check on you and staying in there for hours just to bother you. You couldn’t help yourself. You sighed as you heard Jimin sigh as he moved around. You closed your eyes trying to focus your hearing on him, wanting it to feel like you were right there with him. After a few minutes, you heard a soft moan. Then you heard a muffled thread of them. “Damn this wall,” You whispered to yourself. But then you started to hear Jimin speak as he touched himself just a few feet from you. “Please,” he gasped and your panties quickly became wet. You could feel your body starting to become hot, having to throw back the covers as he said it again louder. “Please,” you froze, eyes closed as it genuinely felt like he was in the room with you, begging you. Before you knew what you were doing, your hand found its way outside your underwear and started to rub softly. You were beyond wet, you had not even realized. Too far gone listening to Jimin as he grunted and you smacked your hand over your lips as you let a whimper slip out. But then you heard Jimin speak up, “Yes... let me hear you.” You shot up in bed. Was he actually doing this for you or were you so delusional when your head that you actually thought he was speaking to you? It couldn’t be... right? You laid back down slowly, hearing the bed creak as Jimin moves closer to the wall. “Please,” He said again and you let your hand creep under the waistband of underwear as you groaned at your cold fingers grazing your wet heat. “Fuck,” you heard muffled. You smiled to yourself, happy that a Taehyung’s room was farther down on the opposite side of the hall and your parents room was downstairs. You slipped your hand under the waistband as you rubbed your clit. You already felt like you were close just being with Jimin like this. So, you moaned out and you could practically here Jimin smile. “That’s it baby, that’s it.” “J-jimin,” You said, breathlessly as you closed your eyes, head sinking back into the headboard. “Yes, say my name.” Jimin said as he stroked himself. He couldn’t believe you were on the other side of the wall, touching yourself and calling out for him. “Y/N-“ “Please,” You whined as you added a finger and Jimin could only imagine what you wanted from him, what you needed him to do. All he wanted was to fulfill all of your wishes. “Baby- fuck,” he slowed down because before you knew it both of you were reaching your highs. Trying to cover up your cries as you came. You were so exhausted you didn’t want to move but you heard Jimin whisper, “Thank you,” before your eyes drifted closed with a smirk plastered on your face.
The next day you went to school like nothing happened but you were in the best mood. Taehyung drove you and Jimin to school, neither of them saying much to you but you just smiled brightly as he drove there. You were slightly bummed that Jimin hadn’t said anything but good morning to you. Trying not to read into it you just thought about the fact that you weren’t actually going to say anything either. You quickly found Jungkook and as much as you wanted to tell him what happened, you didn’t. You didn’t want to speak of it at school, afraid someone would overhear. But you didn’t let it ruin your mood. Jungkook kept asking you what was wrong, saying you were acting weird because you were never happy and you just hit him. That’s when he smiled, “Ah, the real you.”
It was your second to last class when you heard two girls talking about Taehyung’s party tonight. “We have to get there fashionably late.” “No, I want to be there early. I’m supposed to be Jimin’s date. I’m not going to screw that up.” You bit your lip as your stomach dropped. This felt disgustingly cliché. Of course, you knew that what happened last night didn’t mean that Jimin was yours. It was a spring of the moment... you didn’t even know what to call it. Apparently, it was a mistake. You tried not to seem so let down. You were up in cloud 9 not thinking about any of the repercussions. But of course, even though you were trying to be okay the tears started to well. “Don’t do this you bitch. Not at school,” you whispered to yourself as Jungkook found his seat next to you. “You think Jimin’s going to like that perfume I bought?” “Who gives a shit? I mean he’s going to be all over you. Just make sure you spray it where you want to be kissed.” “You’re so bad,” the two girls giggled loudly and you turned to Jungkook disgusted. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Jungkook asked as he wiped the one tear that had fallen. “No-nothing, I’m fine.” “Y/N, you’re cry-“ “Jungkook, just leave it.” You begged as you opened your book and the teacher started to teach.
Once class ended you ran off leaving Jungkook confused as you went to your last class. You were happy your last class was just a study hall. You went into the library, getting some homework out to finish so you didn’t have any this weekend. When you overheard a girl talking on her cellphone behind you. She was in an aisle, perfect for hiding because no one ever went on that one, just a bunch of old magazines. The magazines worth reading were near the front so this girl must know what she’s doing. You felt bad for listening but you didn’t really want to get to work yet. Plus, she sounded so sincere, “Of course it will work. I mean it’s in so many rom coms. Like just make him jealous, get a makeover. Anything, he’ll be eating out of the palm of your hand if you don’t give him attention.” You rolled your eyes, were you actually taking her words into consideration for your situation? You didn’t even know who she was talking to but it felt like she was talking to you. “Look, whether or not you want to be with him, you want something to happen. Right? Even just one night so you can move on and he’ll hold onto it. Knowing all good and well that you were someone he shouldn’t have taken for granted. It’s not about who has all the control, after a while it shouldn’t be a game. You don’t want some that only wants to play you or when it’s convenient for them. You’re worth more than that.” The girl listened to the other end. “Oh course, yeah- okay. See ya. Bye, bitch.” She hung up and walked away to a table and you couldn’t help but chuckle. You thought about that for about her words for a while. You made a deal with yourself. You would ignore Jimin tonight, maybe then he would pay attention to you. It made no sense in your mind but what the hell. You didn’t have many other options.
The party was in full swing and you hadn’t left your room. Jungkook had gone out an hour ago and you told him you would be right behind him right after saying, ‘don’t get too drunk.’ Your guess was he already was because normally he would have come back for you after 15 minuets. You sat there in your relatively new dress thinking that you should go out there and find someone to flirt with. Just ignore Jimin, maybe be quite rude to him. You sighed, basically become someone different. You didn’t think you could do this, you didn’t even want to go to this party. Next time maybe you would beg your parents to let you go with them out of town. You mustered up all your courage and opened your door. You hoped no one would try to go in it and have sex or anything. You figured you wouldn’t be out in the party for very long before hiding in your room some more. You spotted Taehyung in the living room doing a drinking game with Min Yoongi and their other friend Joonheon. You realized how different you were from your brother. You were always more like Namjoon. That’s probably why you were closer to him. You loved Taehyung but as he got older you could tell you just weren’t as important to him as you once were. You saw Jimin watching with a smile on his face and a girl wrapped around him. You both made eye contact for a moment before you looked away quickly, disappointed, remembering you should show less interest. Besides right now you were trying to find Jungkook. You walked around, going into the kitchen, hallway and dining room. You had even gone to the pantry because you know Jungkook liked to snack. You were in the laundry room when you bumped into Hoseok who was obviously a little tipsy. “Y/N, come to join the party?” He said excitedly. “Hi, Hoseok. Not really, just trying to find Jungkook.” “Ohh, um I saw him earlier with a girl from school.” “Oh god,” you said slightly nervous. “Are you two dating?” “No,” You laughed. “Just my good friend.” “Well, you’re pretty enough Y/N. You probably got them lined up around the block.” You just chuckled to yourself. “I think you’re mixing me up with yourself Hobi. You’re the handsome one. Practically every girl here is giving you a glance.” Hoseok just giggled, “Really?” You figured he would not at all remember this conversation tomorrow. You just nodded as you saw Jimin coming towards you, the girl from earlier trailing behind. “I’d never lie. I’m going to go look for Jungkook. I’ll see you later.” You said quickly as you went into the back yard. You shook your head, moving off to the side, hopefully you were off Jimin’s trail. You walked off the deck and over to the fire pit where you saw Jungkook getting a drink shoved into his hand by the female wrestling team. “Drink up, big boy.” “Ladies, I don’t think I can’t take anymore.” Jungkook said sloppily and you charged over to them as they insisted. “Kook, there you are. I’ve been looking for you everywhere.” You went to pick him up but the girls stopped you. “Get your own.” “Fuck you, he’s my friend.” “Sure~ we don’t know that. Piss off.” One girl said, matter of factly. “Y/N!” Jungkook said happily. “You finally came out of your room! Have you seen Jimin? He was asking me about you.” “He was? What- no I don’t care. Come here Jungkook, you need water.” “No, don’t go baby boy.” One pulled him back. “Stop-“ you were about to go off before Taehyung was next to you. “You better fucking let him go before I kick you out. Do as my sister says.” “Oh, sorry- shit I didn’t know that was your sister,” The leader stood. “Don’t let it happen again or your out of here.” Jimin said as he turned to you, “You okay?” “I’m fine,” you squirmed out of his grip to get to Jungkook and bring him into the house. Jimin was right behind you as Taehyung was yelling at someone else for using the bushes as a bathroom. Jimin’s hand was on the small of your back and you decided to walk faster so he couldn’t touch you. You brought Jungkook in, Jimin still behind you as you took Jungkook up to your room. “Jimin-“ the so called date seemed worried the focus was not on her. “Just stay down here.” He said as if slightly annoyed as the two of you made it to your room. “Well, he hasn’t thrown up so that’s good.” Jimin said as he closed the door. “Well, he seems basically black out.” You went into your bathroom and filled a cup up with cold water. “Who the fuck knows what those girls were giving him.” “Sorry, Y/N. I-“ “You can go back downstairs.” “What?” Jimin asked confused. “I can handle it.” You put Jungkook in your bed, making him drink as he shook his head and used you as a pillow. “Your date is waiting.” “She’s not my date.” “Does she know that?” “Y/N-“ “She’s probably excited to be here with you and you’re wasting your time up here.” “That’s not-“ “Jimin, it’s fine. Really,” you tried to laugh it off as you pet Jungkook’s head. “Y/N, stop... come on. We need to talk about last night.” “That’s the last thing we need to do.” “Why is that?” Jimin looked offended. “I’m a little busy at the moment and you have company downstairs so why don’t you go deal with that.” You said harshly and Jimin huffed as he walked out throwing the door open. It made you jump and several people stared, one giving you a sad look as they closed to door and Jungkook drunkenly said, “Shhh.”
‘I’m cold,” Jungkook drunkenly whined. You sighed as you played with his hair. You were glad people had finally left. You were so exhausted and you didn’t want to see anyone or have to appear a certain way. You just wanted to go to bed and wake up like none of this had ever happened. “Rub your legs together to keep warm.” “What am I, a damn cricket?” “Maybe if you rub them hard enough you’ll catch on fire.” You said as you put a cold towel on his head before getting up and getting another blanket for him. “Are you mad at me?” Jungkook asked with a pouty bottom lip as he cuddled up to a pillow. You couldn’t help but let a small smile creep upon your lips. “I mean, I did specifically ask you not to get drunk.” “I can’t help it, a hot girl kept getting me drinks and we were doing shots together.” “Kook, that’s how bad things happen. She could have taken advantage of you.” “I was just excited to be partying. Don’t worry, babe~ I was taking care of myself.” You shook your head with a small smile. “Don’t call me babe.” “Can’t help that you are one.” Jungkook smiled with a wink and you giggled. “How are you still such a flirt?” You sighed, shaking your head. “Are you feeling okay?” “I am, just a little hungry.” “Alright then, well I can go get you something to eat? Maybe some crackers? I don’t want your stomach upset.” “Sounds good but can you play with my hair some more first?” Jungkook asked and you chuckled, “Sure thing.” You sat there in your dress with your best friend, petting his head. Jungkook even wearing some of your pajamas because he hated wearing ‘normal clothes’ to bed. It was funny to see him in your pajama pants with pink and red flowers on them. On him they looked like capri pants because he was so tall compared to you. You put on a video as you played with Jungkook’s hair and before you knew it, he was passed out. You smiled to yourself as you got up, leaving your computer playing as you took your dress off. You sighed, happy to get it off. You looked at yourself in the mirror as the dress fell, revealing the lingerie you had on. You thought it would make you feel sexy all night, confident. It did for the most part but you knew you were still to chicken to do anything. You sighed at yourself, wishing you could be more daring. You looked at yourself once more as you found a big t-shirt that Namjoon left behind and put it over the blueish lingerie. You could see it under the shirt slightly but you would change once you came back from getting a snack for you and Jungkook. You made your way downstairs, happy that it wasn’t too dirty. You tried to tidy up a bit, as you threw some things away. You heard a door slam but also a girl giggling. You quickly turned the lights off heading into the laundry room, putting in Jungkook’s clothes so had clean ones in the morning. You hopped whoever that was left so you could run back upstairs, shaming yourself that you hadn’t put on pants when people from the party could still be roaming around. You heard someone coming as you switched off the light. Only being able to see from the light of the moon in the kitchen. You opened the fridge to find food and you jumped as you heard your name, “Y/N?” “Jesus, Jimin. You scared me.” You hid behind the refrigerator door. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. Nice to see you scared instead of me.” Jimin chuckled. He was wearing some sweats and a loose t-shirt that exposed his collar bones. You bit your lips as you made yourself focus, grabbing what you needed as you shuffled behind the kitchen island. You hoped Jimin didn’t notice your legs but he very much did. He was glad that you couldn’t see him that well because he couldn’t stop smiling. He went and turned the laundry room light on so you could have some light to see what you were doing before he went and sat at the stool across the island form you. “What are you doing?” “Just getting a snack for Jungkook and I.” “Oh... is he waiting upstairs for you?” “He’s asleep but I figured if he wakes up he might be hungry.” “You’re a good friend.” “I try,” you smiled as you got out some meat and cheese for the crackers. “Well, it definitely shows.” Jimin spoke softly and quietly. You cut up the sausage and cheese, laying them on a plate before sliding it over to Jimin who looked at you surprised. “You need to eat.” “Thank you,” He said as he began to dig in. “What is Taehyung doing?” “Hooking up with some girl. He wanted me to keep her friend company but her friend kept...” His eyes shifted, uncomfortable with what to say, “trying stuff and I was over it so I left.” “Ah, hence the door slam?” You spoke as you cut more to take upstairs. “Yeah, sometimes I just get exhausted of your brother.” You chuckled, “Understandably so. He can be very selfish. He’s probably just banging both of them now.” You joked and Jimin choked on his cracker and you chuckled as you ran to get him water out of the fridge. Opening it, you quickly gave it to him. “Drink,” You said as you rubbed his back while he drank. “You okay?” Jimin looked at you before looking away and coughing. “Um... thank you.” You gave him a weird look. “Is there something else?” You forgot you were supposed to be mean to him. Not caring and acting uninterested. “Are- are you wearing lingerie?” Jimin asked as he still wasn’t looking at you. Your eyes went wide and you tried to run back to the other side of the island to hide yourself but Jimin grabbed your hand. “Don’t hide yourself.” “Jimin, please. I’m embarrassed,” you retored. “Hearing you say please. Just like last night...” “Jimin,” you bit your lip. You didn’t know where this was going. “Is it for Jungkook?” He asked. “The food, yeah.” “No,” he sighed and shook his head. “The- the lingerie.” Your eyes widened as Jimin let go of your wrist. “No, of course not. He’s my best friend. This was for- for myself. Maybe someone else but I’m realizing maybe they’re just my friend and that- that it can never happen.” Jimin looked up at you sadly, shifting in his chair, “What if... what if they don’t want to be your friend? What if they want to touch you and kiss you?” At his words you felt goosebumps move across your body. “It’s wrong.” “Isn’t that half the fun?” Jimin’s smile was small and you rolled your eyes as you smiled too. “It’s not just a game.” “Who said it was a game? You’re no game to me. You have no idea how much I’ve wanted this. And now to see you half naked in lingerie meant for me-“ “I never said it was for you.” You said and Jimin’s face fell as the color drained from it as you started to laugh. “It is, I’m sorry. It is for you. I wanted you to see me in it. To touch me in it.” “Such a tease, I swear.” Jimin said quietly as he leaned back to size you up. “I thought maybe if I could have you at least once I would be okay. I could remember how you looked, the way it was.” Jimin stood up, his hands hovering at the bottom of your shirt before you gave him a nod to pull it off. As he did you spoke again, “I figured you could remember me in this, the next time you touch yourself just a room away.” You watched Jimin’s eyes moved down your body in the dimly lit room as he pulled you closer. His hands caressing the curve of your body as he brought his lips to yours. Even when you had imagined this moment in your head a hundred times it was nothing close to how wonderful the real thing was. Jimin stood up as he pushed your back towards the island. The kiss started soft but soon enough turned into need and want. It was like you were both hungry for one another. You giggled into it, pulling back to breathe. “Such soft lips,” escaped your mouth as Jimin, just a few inches away chuckled and the sound made you wet in an instant. “You taste so good. Fuck, I should have known you would.” “Jimin,” you whined. “Yes, baby. Tell me how much you want me.” “Jimin please, I’ve wanted this for so long. I’ve wanted your attention all night.” You spoke in between kisses, both of your hands roaming as if to make sure this wasn’t a sick dream. “Jimin, ahh~ yes! Oh god, I need you.” You moaned loudly as his hand went to rub you through your panties while you were already stroking him though his sweatpants. “Shit, I hate to tell you we have to keep quiet when all I want you do to is scream my name.” He whispered and you groaned, making him put his other hand over your mouth as he touched you which only made you wetter. “Y/N, you have to be a good girl for me. We can’t get caught, not when I haven’t been inside you.” Your eyes rolled back as Jimin’s fingers pushed the fabric aside and his thumb rubbed circles in your clit while his middle finger slipped inside of you. “Oh fuck,” was muffled as you held onto the kitchen island for strength. “Damn, look at you.” Jimin whispered and it shot up your body like electricity. Your eyes tried to speak to him since your mouth wasn’t able. You wanted every inch of him. You wanted him to tease you and taunt you. “It’s too bad we have to make this quick with everyone being upstairs because trust me, I want to take my time with you.” You were shocked when Jimin pulled you foreword and kisses you, licking a stripe up you neck before biting at your jaw softly. “Could just eat you up.” “Please, be my guest.” You said and he smiled, not even seeming shocked by you anymore. But you were once he turned you around and bent you over, your body like a rag doll. You were bend all the way down to your toes, your body in between Jimin and your back up against the kitchen island. It was like you were being folded and put away. Jimin just chuckled darkly as he pushed down his sweats. “You know you and Jungkook are loud when you’re in your room at night talking about what you like. Especially you, you want to be taken over. You want your body in another man’s hands, at will to his every desire.” Jimin spoke roughly as he rubbed his hard cock against your folds. You couldn’t help all the noises that escaped you as you were trying to steady yourself on the ground. “You also want to be taken care of. All your needs filled while someone... talks dirty to you.” Jimin said as he pushed his way inside of you and you used your hand to cover your mouth as loud longing sounds escaped. “Holy shit, you’re so tight.” Jimin whispered. “Fuck, your little cunt feels so good around me, Y/N. I’m never gonna want to get out of you.” You couldn’t stop moaning and groaning at his words. Your body was going to ache when you woke up but right now this was all more than worth it. Jimin moves slowly but deep inside of you. It had been a long time since you had felt someone like this. Besides your vibrator that you had named after your bias in your favorite group, but even that hadn’t made you feel this good. “I never want to forget the feeling of you around me.” Jimin grabbed onto your hips and he started to move faster, at an angle that was sure to make you want to scream with pleasure. “I’ve thought about this moment a lot, fucking you. Sometimes it’s so hard not to just come into your room and wake you up. Or touch you when we’re all watching a movie together.” Jimin rammed into you making you groan as you bit your lip hard, hitting the island slightly. “You better keep quiet, baby girl. If Taehyung come down here I don’t know if I could stop fucking you.” Jimin’s pace quickened as being in this spot, bent over made spread open. “Don’t stop,” You whined and he chuckled. “You don’t want me to stop? Maybe you want him to see you like this with me. Show you’re not a little girl anymore. You can handle a man.” “Yes!” One hand grabbed onto Jimin’s leg as his hips snapped and suddenly he was so deep inside of you at a pace faster than light. You couldn’t breathe at first. Jimin’s movements like a jackhammer inside of you. You couldn’t get any words out but it felt so unreal and marvelous. “My, you really do as you’re told. So, good,” his fingertips traced down your back, making you shiver and he still plows into you. “When we were touching ourselves... I don’t think I had ever come that fast.” “Me either,” you said as you gasped not able to hold on much longer in this position. Jimin seeing that as slowed down and brought your body up pressing you against the cold granite is the island. “I realized I should have called you on the phone so I could have heard you better, as you came for me.” You pushed back on him, fucking yourself on his cock. “No, you should have come to my room so we could have watched each other.” “Y/N,” Jimin lifted his shirt as his eyes shifted between your face looking back at him and his dick disappearing inside of you. “Well, maybe another time...” “Isn’t this a one-time thing?” You said so the both of you would remember this couldn’t happen again. It just couldn’t... right? “Damn it,” Jimin said to himself as he picked up the speed just a bit and he hurried not wanting it to be over by any means but not wanting anyone to ruin it by finding the two of you like this. “Jimin,” you held onto the island as you started to feel yourself coming close to the edge. “Fuck, Jimin please. I can’t wait, oh my god. Yes~” Jimin’s sharp thrusts made it too hard to hold on. “I’m coming, I’m-“ “Yes, come baby. Come,” he begged as his hand went to your clit, rubbing hard and fast. Jimin’s body laying against yours as he bit your shoulder, making you cover your mouth from screaming as you came. He must have heard when you told Jungkook you were into biting. Your pussy tightening around Jimin’s cock, making him loose it as he shot his load inside of you. It was quiet for a minute as the both of you were panting, holding onto the island and each other for support. You couldn’t exactly believe that you had just let Park Jimin fuck you in your kitchen while your brother and best friend were just upstairs. Jimin kissed your back and you sighed in awe before quickly gasping as you heard a door close from upstairs. “Oh shit,” Jimin quickly pulled his pants up and you grabbed your shirt trying to quickly flip it right side out as you heard footsteps padding against the wooden stairs. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” You whispered as you, with the help of Jimin, put your shirt on. The light flicked on as Jungkook padded in, wiping the sleep out of his eyes. “I’m hungry.” You let out a deep breath, “Sure yeah, okay. I was just washing your clothes and fixing you some-“ “Can I have some food?” Jungkook said, slightly out of it and you were thankful. “Sure thing, Kookie. Come sit and I’ll get you something.” Jungkook followed instructions as he sat before pressing his head to the countertop. Jimin pulled you close giving you one last quiet kiss before walking out of the room, keeping eye contact until he was out of sight. You grinned to yourself stupidly. You didn’t know if this was the best way you could get over him, with having him once... but it was worth it.
Completely worth it.
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fightmechimchim · 2 years ago
BTS SCENARIOS- They carry around something that belongs to you.
Kim Namjoon:
You slowly opened your eyes to peek at the source of noise coming from around you. You spotted your boyfriend frantically digging through his laundry bag searching for something as he sent shirts and pants flying all over the floor.
‘’Joon what are you doing?’’ You asked him as you sat up in the bed pulling the cover closer to your body. Namjoon looked up at you sadly. You extended your arms towards him inviting him to join you in his bed. He slowly made his way to you laying his head on your lap.
‘’I can’t find it.’’ He mumbled with a defeated tone. You stroked his head gently.
‘’Find what?’’ You questioned letting your eyes run over the mess on the floor. Namjoon took your hands in his.
‘’Your shirt, you know the really big one that I always bring with me when I go on tour. I’m leaving in the evening and I can’t find it.’’ You looked at your boyfriend who was sulking while playing with your fingers. You smiled at him.
‘’You mean the men’s shirt that’s too big for the both of us that you insisted on taking away from me because you thought it belonged to an ex-boyfriend?’’ You couldn’t help but laugh recalling the memory.
Namjoon was shocked to see you walking around in an oversized men’s shirt thinking how can you wear another man’s shirt when you have a boyfriend? After you told him that you bought it for yourself because you found men’s clothing more comfortable he suggested a trade; you give him the shirt and he will give you one of his. You were more than happy with the deal, you just didn’t think Namjoon would get so attached to your shirt.
‘’Yes that shirt, I need it when I’m away.’’ He looked away sadly at the mess on the ground. You linked your finger through his.
‘’When you’re away from me, missing me.’’ You finished his thought. You knew too well after all. He nodded letting out a deep breath.
‘’Namjoon you’re an idiot.’’ You deadpanned. He lifted his head to look up at you.
‘’For missing my girlfriend?’’ He asked offended. You rolled your eyes and pulled at his shirt.
‘’No, you’re an idiot because you woke me up by looking for a shirt that you’re already wearing.’’ You poked his head making him look down. His eyes grew wide in realisation before he laughed awkwardly at his mistake. He looked at you innocently and your heart gave out because silly mistakes like these is what led you to meet him after all.
Tumblr media
Kim Seokjin:
You were currently craving for ice-cream however you had none which forced you to move out from the comfort of your boyfriend’s arms and plan making your way to the convenience store. You walked into your room to find that you had no cash in your wallet.
‘’Seokjin-aaaah’’ You called teasingly to your boyfriend.
‘’Whaaaat?’’ Your boyfriend called back to you.
‘’I have no cash but a deep and threatening craving in the pits of my heart.’’ You yelled out dramatically. You could hear your boyfriend's laughter as he made his way to your room.
‘’That’s a bit dramatic.’’ He commented as he handed you his wallet. You smiled at him.
‘’I learned from the best.’’ You said opening up his wallet.
‘’I will give it back when I retrieve some cash fro-‘’ Your eyes stopped at a familiar picture tucked in the small pocket of your boyfriend’s wallet. You pulled it out and stared at it. Stared at the horrendous face that belonged to none other than yourself. You looked back at Seokjin.
‘’Why do you have this?’’ You asked him. He snatched the picture from you, a smile spreading over his features as he looked at it. You tried to grab it from him but he held it up in the air laughing at your lousy antics to get it back. You jumped on his back trying to weigh him down to the floor, and failing miserably.
‘’Why would you have that horrendous beast in your wallet? I thought I got rid of it.’’ You crossed your arms over your chest as you glared at your boyfriend after detaching yourself from his back. Seokjin wiped the tears from his eyes as he looked at your stern gaze.
‘’But you look so beautiful, what are you talking about?’’ He laughed reaching his hands towards your face. You pushed his hands away.
‘’Seokjin that picture was taken the same moment I thought my heart was going to fly out of my ass when that horrendous screeching beast dived towards the ground. I thought I was going to die.’’ You huffed as Seokjin started laughing once again recalling how you clung to his arm while yelling that you will sue the place.
‘’It was a ride for children Y/N.’’ He continued laughing at you.
‘’It was a torture device and that picture is hurting my dignity.’’ You pointed at the picture and tried to grab it again but Seokjin pulled his arm back.
‘’No, I’m keeping it.’’ He said tucking the picture in his pocket.
‘’Why?’’ You whined stomping your feet in frustration. Seokjin grinned at you.
‘’Because when I find it hard to smile all I need to do is look at this masterpiece of a picture and I find myself not only smiling but thanking the lord that I’ve ended up with someone who can make a child’s ride seem like a trip to hell.’’ He explained while dragging you into his arms.
‘’I hate it.’’ You grumbled into his chest even if your heart swelled with happiness at his words.
‘’But you love me.’’ He kissed your forehead. You looked up at him.
‘’I’ve decided that if you’re hurting my dignity then I won’t need to pay you back for the ice cream.’’ He laughed as you pulled out some cash from his wallet and walked out the room with your head held high. Shaking his head he pulled out the picture from his pocket and placed it back in his wallet. He could always count on you to make him happy. Always.
Tumblr media
Min Yoongi:
‘’Hey what’s this box?’’ Yoongi asked you as he sat on the bed with a blue box in his hands. You were currently trying to clean your room, emphasis on trying because honestly you felt exhausted only five minutes in. You looked at the box in your boyfriend’s hands.
‘’That’s my memory box, I keep all the sentimental junk in there.’’ You explained as you sat next to him and lifted the lid. Yoongi’s hands picked out a bunch of papers and little nothings observing each and every single one of them carefully while you were having a hard time recalling some of their backstories.
‘’This is nice.’’ He commented as he ran his fingers over a silver ring that had your initials on the inside. You took the ring and tried it on your finger before sliding it off again.
‘’I used to wear it all the time, I still do sometimes but ever since I moved here I just didn’t feel like it.’’ You smiled sadly. Yoongi looked at you and the ring curiously.
‘’Does it mean anything?’’ He asked.
‘’Yeah, it was a gift from a friend from back home asking me to not forget my roots and where I’m really from. It was made in my home country so it means something I just don’t wear it as much anymore.’’ You put your head on his shoulder remembering the day you left to live in Korea permanently.
‘’You miss your home?’’ He asked while slipping the ring onto his pinkie finger.
‘’I miss a lot of things, but my home is here in Korea now, with you.’’ You smiled. He looked at you sweetly. He brushed your cheek kissing you softly on the lips.
‘’Can I wear it?’’ He asked looking at the ring adorning his finger. You smiled and nodded.
‘’I’m glad you know, that you think of me when you think of home.’’ He added and you smiled taking his hand in yours.
‘’Of course I do.’’ You confirmed laughing to yourself at how silly you sounded to yourself.
‘’I think the same of you.’’ Yoongi whispered smiling at your hands. Your heart might have stopped for a few seconds, you felt happy, no matter how much you missed your country it can’t compare to how much you missed Yoongi when he was away. You’ll always be happier with him.
Tumblr media
Jung Hoseok:
‘’Can I have them back?’’ You asked Hoseok standing beside him in front of the mirror as he checked out his outfit before going out.
‘’No honey.’’ He smiled at you in the mirror as he adjusted the sunglasses on his head. Sunglasses that rightfully belonged to you. Sunglasses that your stubborn boyfriend refused to give back to you.
‘’But they’re mine.’’ You looked at him incredulously. You couldn’t understand why he refused to give them back to you. He pretty much wore them every single day now that the sun was out, but even when the sun wasn’t out he still kept your sunglasses.
‘’And they match all of my clothes, I’m sorry but you’re not getting them back.’’ He smiled at you showing off his dimples. You groaned as you threw yourself on the bed.
‘’But you have so many other pairs and it’s not like you can’t afford the exact same ones. I literally bought them at a convenience store and they’re the only pair I have.’’ You complained trying to make him see sense. It’s not like you minded him wearing them, it’s just that his weird attachment to them annoyed you especially when he refused to let you wear them.
‘’None other are like these.’’ Hoseok said simply as he once again adjusted them on his head.
‘’And why not?’’ You sighed staring at the ceiling.
‘’Because you were wearing them the first time I saw you, it’s because of them falling from your face when you sneezed too hard that I had to pick them up and hand them back to you. If not for them falling at my feet I would have ignored your abnormal sneezing and walked right past not realising that I just walked past the woman I love so much now.’’
‘’Y/N?’’ Hoseok pulled at your sleeve. You slowly sat up on the bed staring at your boyfriend unable to keep your eyes from watering. Hoseok laughed at you once he spotted the tears in your eyes.
‘’I never even liked those sunglasses.’’ You said sniffing.
‘’But what you said made me love them.’’ You added. Hoseok pulled into his arms shaking his head at your dramatics.
‘’Because of them I started to fall for you.’’ He said kissing your temple. You smacked his chest gently.
‘’Stop it, I’m emotional now.’’ He chuckled as he pulled you back, wiping your face dry.
‘’So can I keep them?’’ He grinned at you and you felt like crying again.
‘’Yeah, you can.’’ You whispered looking down. Those damned stupid sunglasses you thought. Thank the lord they were on sale.
‘’What are you thinking?’’ Hoseok asked you. You looked up to meet his loving eyes. You could see yourself in their dark reflection. How lucky must you be to be looked at and to be loved by someone like him.
‘’I was thinking that I’m glad they were on sale and that they don’t actually match any of your outfits.’’ You grinned at him. He scrunched his nose glancing at the mirror.
‘’I know they don’t, but we match each other don’t we?’’ He said taking your hand in his and standing up.
‘’Hell yeah we do.’’ You squeezed his hand standing up. He placed his hand on your cheek and leaned in to place a sweet kiss upon your forehead. Yepp, you had the sunglasses to thank.
Tumblr media
Park Jimin:
‘’Hey love are you ready to go?’’ Jimin spoke as he entered your room.
‘’Yeah just a second.’’ You replied as your eyes travelled through the minimal amount of jewellery in your drawer. Jimin came up behind you sneaking his hands around your waist and placing his chin on your shoulder. He looked at the jewellery displayed before you.
‘’I never knew you had these, you always take my jewellery.’’ He chuckled softly brushing his nose against your cheek. You pouted looking at the lack of choices.
‘’Your jewellery is better, also I like wearing what’s yours.’’ You replied simply.
‘’I noticed.’’ He said tugging at your sweatshirt that was actually your boyfriend’s. You shrugged and closed your draw. You turned to face Jimin who was gazing at you with such warmth you sort of forgot where you were.
‘’Let me choose something for you huh?’’ He suggested as he reached behind you to reopen the drawer. You let him peek inside as he poked the pieces with his fingers looking them over.
You took the time to admire the beauty that was your boyfriend. What did it matter what jewellery you wore or how fancy your clothing was, you could be wearing a crown made of diamonds and it’d still all dull in the presence of Jimin. There was something about him that was safe and comforting yet euphoric and completely insane. You could say you were deeply and madly in love.
‘’I’ve come to a conclusion that I need to buy my girlfriend more jewellery.’’ He pressed his lips into a thin line as he closed the draw. You slowly focused back into reality.
‘’No need, I don’t feel like wearing any today anyway.’’ You smiled. Jimin pulled you back into his arms only to have you pull right back out.
‘’Oh wait, I think I brought my necklace back from my mom’s house.’’ You spoke quickly and then very ungracefully jumped over your bed to your bedside table. You fished out a small chain with a small pendant that shone with your favourite colour. You walked over to Jimin dangling it in front of his face.
‘’It’s really pretty.’’ He commented stroking the pendant. You smiled as his fingers brushed against your necklace.
‘’My grandparents gifted it to me when I was born, I started wearing it when I was five though. I left it with my mom ever since I moved here.’’ Jimin smiled at you as you told him the backstory of you necklace. You looked at the chain and frowned, it was broken.
‘’It’s okay, we can take it to fix it somewhere.’’ You suggested when Jimin tried to unsuccessfully connect the two ends together.
‘’I can wear the pendant on my chain, or you can take my chain and wear it.’’ He offered edging his fingers around his neck but you stopped him. An idea crossing over your head.
‘’Or how about you wear it and you know keep it.’’ You said shyly looking up at him. Jimin flushed a little as his lips parted into a small oh.
‘’You want me to have it?’’ He asked making sure. You nodded and he grinned at you immediately taking the pendant and fixing it on the thin chain around his neck. He looked down at it with a loving smile.
‘’I love it, thank you. Now I can carry a part of you with me.’’ He smiled cheekily as he once again pulled into his embrace. You laughed against his chest. You were happy that he accepted it, even if it’s just a small and seemingly insignificant object that once travelled with you every day of your life you were glad it gets to be with Jimin and that you get to be with him.
‘’Don’t lose it.’’ You teased pulling away, your heart was a little too warm for you to handle at the moment. Jimin brushed his hand through your hair biting his lip softly.
‘’I will never lose it, I will treasure it as much as I treasure you.’’ He said as he slowly closed the distance between the two of you placing his lips on yours, a kiss so sweet and full of love that you felt silly for missing it the moment he pulled away.
‘’I love you.’’ You whispered with your beating heart. Jimin laughed as his smile hid his eyes.
‘’I love you too baby.’’
Tumblr media
Kim Taehyung:
‘’Hey what’s this?’’ Taehyung asked as he picked something in his hand and dropped down to lay beside you on your bed. You looked over to what he was toying with; a simple bracelet made out of wooden beads, a few of them who each bore a single letter spelling out your name.
‘’It’s a bracelet my mom got me a long time ago, I’ve never wore it.’’ You explained taking the bracelet and swinging it around your finger.
‘’Why not?’’ Your boyfriend asked curiously placing his head on your stomach as his eyes danced in circles following the movement of the bracelet. You laughed.
‘’Why would I wear my own name? Also I don’t really like it.’’ You scrunched your nose. The bracelet flew off your finger and landed behind your pillow. Taehyung pouted as he retrieved it back.
‘’But it was a gift from your mom?’’ He said turning over the wooden beads on the simple string.
‘’That’s why I didn’t throw it away.’’ You smiled at your boyfriend who seemed genuinely upset that you didn’t put the bracelet to use.
‘’I guess.’’ He mumbled laying back on your stomach. He toyed with the bracelet in one of his hands while his other hand played with the strands of your hair twirling them around his fingers while staring at you with such an intense gaze that you knew only Taehyung can know the meaning off.
‘’Why are you looking at me like that?’’ You asked squinting at your boyfriend whose eyes never once left your face, running over every single feature of yours as if trying to forever imprint them into his brain, so he could never forget. You poked at his bottom lip that was stuck between his teeth.
‘’Tell me.’’ You whispered taking his hand in yours. He looked down finally smiling to himself.
‘’Nothing.’’ He said innocently.
‘’Kim Taehyung, I know you well enough to know that whatever you got going on in your head is not nothing. I want to know.’’ You whined pouting. He only laughed as he quickly brought himself up to peck you on the lips and then just like that he was back to laying on your stomach. He brought the bracelet to his eye level and swiftly slipped it on his wrist letting it settle there.
‘’You’re not going to actually wear it are you?’’ You chuckled looking at your name surrounding your boyfriend’s wrist.
‘’I am, and I’m never taking it off.’’ He smiled putting his wrist in front of your face turning it in different directions showing it off. You pushed his hand away laughing.
‘’You’re impossible.’’ You sighed rubbing at your tired eyes.
‘’No you are.’’ He stated lifting his head to look at you.
‘’So impossible that sometimes I find myself wondering if you’re actually real. You’re kind of like a fantasy of mine I always had just never got to put a name or a face to until I actually met you.’’ He said with such seriousness in his voice yet so much wonder in his eyes that it’s as if he was still at a loss as to how he ended up getting to be with you. You yourself were at a loss for words. You simply could not speak as your heart struggled against your ribcage. If this were a cartoon you knew your heart will leap right out and latch onto Taehyung’s face, its animated hands gripping onto his cheeks.
‘’I’m keeping this bracelet whether you like it or not.’’ Taehyung stated finally as he slapped his wrist and brought himself up to your side tucking your body into his. Your arms moved on their own accord to circle around him.
‘’You sure do know how to make a girl stop breathing.’’ You mumbled against his neck where your face was gently resting. Taehyung ran his hands down your arms.
‘’It’s because I love you.’’ He smiled into your hair.
‘’Or because you want to kill me.’’ You rolled your eyes but brought yourself closer.
‘’Or that.’’ Taehyung replied which earned him a poke in the ribs. Just as the bracelet with your name wrapped around Taehyung’s wrist you hoped his heart will forever remain wrapped around your own beating one.
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook:
One of the things that you loved about Jungkook is how attentive he was to your needs, no matter how little they were. It could range from him going out of his way to get you a specific sort of medicine or fully educating himself on something you like to something small like constantly bringing you a glass of water or always having a hairband on himself in case you need one.
What you didn’t know is that a simple thing like a hairband would become an object of comfort to him, because as long as he had one he knew he had someone to give it to, someone who is you. He always wanted to have you. So of course when you walked into your living room to find Jungkook digging his hands into the gaps of your sofa you were confused as to why he was going to such an extent to retrieve a hair band.
‘’It’s your favourite one.’’ He argued when you sat on the coffee table asking him why.
‘’I didn’t even realise I had a favourite one.’’ You thought out loud. Jungkook rolled his eyes at you.
‘’Help me find it?’’ He turned to look at you and you sighed getting on your knees and peeking under the sofa.
‘’Okay I will lift it up and you quickly see if it’s under there.’’ Jungkook instructed you as he quickly lifted up the sofa. Your eyes roamed the dusty space until you spotted a black hairband laying on the side. You snatched it from the ground and stood up as Jungkook put the sofa down.
‘’Ah good, will you use it?’’ He asked you nodding towards the hairband, you shook your head in response and Jungkook took the hairband from your fingers and rolled it onto his wrist. You couldn’t help but burst into laughter, you were laughing so hard that you ended up heaving for air on the floor and clutching you stomach as tears rolled down your cheeks.
‘’Why are you laughing?’’ Jungkook asked sitting down on the sofa staring at you while you rolled on the floor.
‘’Because you’re so damn extra that it’s actually hilarious.’’ You tried to steady your breathing as you slowly got up and sat on Jungkook’s lap. He looped his arms around you and leaned back into the sofa.
‘’It’s just a hairband Kook.’’ You said each word slowly while holding his face in your hands. He moved them away and took your face in his own copying you.
‘’I know that, I just feel better when I have it with me.’’ He explained as a faint red tint decorated his cheeks.
‘’How better?’’ You asked wanting to know more. Jungkook shrugged his shoulders while looking off to the side.
‘’I don’t know, it’s just that I feel anxious when I don’t have it with me. Like if I don’t have it then somehow I don’t have you either.’’ He spoke quietly not meeting your eyes. You looked at him, wondering to yourself if it’s possible to fall in love all over again.
‘’I want to carry a part of you around with me at all times, even if it’s just a hairband. When I’m away touring your hairband gives me comfort, because I know that when I come back I’ll have you to reclaim it.’’ He said finally looking at you. You smiled sadly at him because you never knew that, and now that you know your heart cried out for reasons quite unknown.
‘’Jeon Jungkook what have I done to deserve you?’’ You asked as you wrapped your hands around his neck and brought your foreheads together. He smiled at you softly, staring into your eyes with his big dark ones.
‘’I could ask you the same.’’ He grinned.
‘’I guess I’ll never get to cut my hair since you’ll be needing that.’’ You said as your fingers gently gripped the hairband around your boyfriend’s wrist. He laughed as he skilfully turned you so now he was laying on top of you.
‘’I don’t care what you do as long as you don’t leave me.’’ He said it so simply that it broke your heart thinking that such thoughts actually roamed his head. You brought your hand to his cheek stroking it gently as you gazed into his love filled yet somewhat anxious eyes.
‘’I would never.’’ You promised. Jungkook nodded with a satisfied smile and leaned down to kiss you softly. He laid down in your arms, letting himself get lost in your comfort. You held the man you loved so much and promised yourself that Jungkook would never have to spend a day without your hairband.
Tumblr media
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sugarjaee · 2 years ago
bad habits
paring ⇹ bts - jeon jungkook x reader
genre ⇹ angst | smut | fuckboy!au
warnings ⇹ explicit sex (fingering, dirty talk, semi-public sex, etc..)
inspiration ⇹ bad habits - delaney jane  
word count ⇹ 5.5k
summary ⇹ “Tell me something,” he spoke. “Do you want this - us? You said you didn’t know what to call us but I want to give you a name.”
Tumblr media
You knew about Jungkook. All too well. He had quite the reputation for sleeping around. Never letting himself become tied down. Everyone knew, yet girls still tripped over themselves to have the chance to fuck him. You never understood why, until you got a taste of him.
For months, you could never shake the feeling of curiosity around him. You wanted to know what about him made everyone so attracted to him. He was attractive, for sure. He seemed nice too. Though you never made much conversation with him.
You stood in the sand, dancing with Addison to the music playing, her hands were on your hips, moving you along to the beat. Her face was close to yours, softly singing the song, the scent of alcohol on her breath.
The entire time, you felt Jungkook’s heavy gaze on you. Nearly burning through you. You quickly glanced at him, seeing the girl he brought along, you didn’t know her name nor did you care to find out, kissing his neck. Though he didn’t seem to be fazed by her, his eyes were locked on you. A small smile crept onto his lips when your eyes met his. His tongue stuck out between his lips, hit bit down on it slightly.
You hated seeing him with other girls. You knew he wasn’t yours but you couldn’t help but hope he was. Though, he often let you down, in moments like these. A girl with her hand on his thigh, trying to send him signals of wanting more. Her lips trailing on his ear, whispering sweet nothings.
You quickly turned away, unable to take more. You tried to forget it, grabbing onto Addison and swaying your hips to the beat. You hummed along to the tune, closing your eyes. The smell of the sea intoxicating you. The night was colder than you would have expected. Waves crashed into the shore, the violent hum of the water echoing in your ears.
The moon shined onto the water, painting its reflection into the darkness. It seems almost magical. You were the only ones at the beach, you had the entire place to yourselves.
Taehyung had lit a fire; it being the only thing keeping you warm. You had regretted wearing jeans and a tank top. Being mid-fall it was long past the time of having no sleeves. You wished you’d brought a sweater, but it was too late now. You just had to accept freezing.
The midnight beach parties had become a routine among your group of friends. It was time to get hang out and get shitfaced as you danced in the moonlight. It started out as just Addison, Taehyung, Jimin and you. But after a few months, Jungkook came into the picture, cementing himself as a member of the group.
You had never been a fan. You knew of him – of his reputation long before you ever even met him. Only half the campus wanted to get into his pants. And Jungkook obliged, probably fucking most of them. As long as they had a pussy, he’d be down, for the most part.
He was friends with Taehyung before anyone else, slowly easing his way into the group. Him, Taehyung and Jimin soon becoming inseparable. As much as you didn’t want him around, you grew to accept it the more you were acquainted with him.
He usually wasn’t too bad, only going as far to make an off-handed joke about hooking up with you or Addison. You’d always laugh it off, never taking his advances too seriously. Besides, you’d never sleep with Jungkook.
Until that one night, two months ago when everything changed. Jungkook had been on you the entire night, his jokes fading away into propositions. His hands were all over you, trying to pull you away from the crowd and into his world. You tried to resist, trying to laugh it off as if it meant nothing. But you could feel your core burning whenever he touched you, your heart racing as he whispered in your ear. Telling you what he could give you.
As the night came to a close, he offered to drive you home. You said yes and it all went down from there. After ten minutes, his hands were all over your bare skin, his lips trailing all over you. You knew it was a horrible idea but you couldn’t stop. You loved the way he made you feel.
After that night, you couldn’t stop thinking about him. He clouded your mind. You wanted to forget it ever happened. You didn’t want to be just one of his hookups. You told yourself you would never do it again, that it was a one time thing and you would pretend it never happened.
If only it was so easy.
You kept going back to him. Your feeling growing stronger each time as you tried to bury them away. It was so hard. Especially when he kept calling you back. Jungkook was the type of one and done, if he found you suitable enough he’d maybe call you back for another round. But, with you, he didn’t stop. And neither could you.
For the weeks, after, you watched as he paraded his girls around you. Bringing them along to the beach to dry fuck in front of you. You couldn’t understand why he did it. All you knew is that it made you furious. You hated seeing him with anyone… anyone that wasn’t you.
It wasn’t like they last very long anyway.
You swore you felt nothing for Jungkook – you wanted to at least. It wasn’t like he’d ever feel anything for you. Yet, you still went back to him. You would follow him to his car, letting yourself fall for him all over again. You let yourself pine after a boy, who would never think of you as anything other than sex. He was your bad habit.
You scowled at the thought of him fucking the girl, he had with him. She had long black hair and big eyes. It wasn’t the first time you’d seen her around. Jungkook had brought her along a few times. Not once, did you ever try to make conversation with her. You knew the moment Jungkook got bored he’d toss her aside and move on. There was no need to get attached, you know he didn’t.
You wished you could say the same thing to yourself.
Addison noticed you lost in your thoughts, her hand brushing your cheek. “Whatcha thinkin’ bout, Babe?”
You looked into her ocean blue eyes, flashing her a quick smile. “Oh, nothing.”
She slapped your arm. “Don’t pull that with me. I know when there’s something on your mind.”
“Shit, okay. No need to hit me so hard.” You rubbed where she slapped you. You, unconsciously, glanced at Jungkook, who was now making out with the girl he brought along. Your heart sunk.
Your mind flashed to his hands on her, the same way he touched you. His lips against her skin as he whispered to her. The way his voice would drop an octave, the seriousness held within it.
Addison being observant as ever, caught you staring, her mouth dropping open. “No! You haven’t been – you didn’t-“
You cut her off before she could say any more. “Fuck no.”
He released the breath she was holding. “Oh, good. I would have to kill you if you did. You deserve so much better than that prick.”
“Yeah, there will no murder today,” You quickly stated, hoping she would sense your lie.
Addison looked off to Jungkook, making a disgusted face at him and his prospect. “Get a room,” she huffed under her breath, looking back to you. “Why must he bring his hookups around with us?”
You sighed, wondering that yourself. “I have no clue.”
She stuck her tongue out at Jungkook, not caring if he saw or not. “I don’t know why anyone would ever stoop so low as to fuck Jeon Jungkook.”
You felt your stomach knot up. “Yeah… me neither.”
“Like, God,” she went on, “everyone knows he sleeps around. It’s so stupid to ever bother with him. Eh, I guess they’re all idiots anyway.”
You bit down on your lip, finding yourself hurt by her words. You were one of those idiots. One of the girls who thought Jungkook could ever see them as more than a quick fuck. You opened your mouth to respond when you were cut off by Addison.
“Speak of the devil,” she said, her eyes narrowing as she looked at something behind you. “What do you want, Jeon?”
You quickly turned around to see none other than Jungkook standing over you. Blood rushed to your head, your heart speeding up as you stared at him. His dark eyes were on yours, his hands sliding onto your waist. “Sorry, Ad, but I need to borrow her.”
Addison scowled at him, mumbling something to herself. “It wasn’t like we were in the middle of something.”
“You’ll live,” Jungkook said, his voice deeper than usual.
“Yeah, sure,” she began to walk over to Taehyung and Jimin, “but don’t get any ideas. Or I’ll beat your ass.” She sat down beside the other boys, her eyes on you.
“Yep, got it,” he responded. His hands were now holding onto you. He smiled when he saw your wide eyes staring at him. He let out a small laugh before leaning into you. “If only she knew,” he whispered, with a laugh.
You could feel yourself becoming hot as he hands trailed over you. You were so lost; you didn’t know what to do. You knew Addison and the other boys were watching you. You tried to not think about it. “What do you want? Isn’t one whore enough?”
He laughed, pulling you closer to him. Covering it up by pretending to dance with you. “Is that what you are? My whore?”
“I’m not your anything.”
“I see. Too bad.”
You narrowed your eyes. “Not like you care,” you scoffed.
He stuck his bottom lip out into a pout, in an attempt to act cute, bending down to your height. “Awe, but I do.”
“Yeah, not when you have another waiting. Look her legs are already spread for you, now’s your chance.” You laughed at the thought, looking over to the girl. Her eyes were on you, not seeming too please about seeing Jungkook with you. You felt a little better knowing that Jungkook was now with you and she was the jealous one.
She had her finger in her mouth, running it along her lip. Her legs were crossed, her tiny skirt riding up her thigh, to show off her thong. What a pathetic attempt to get his attention, you thought.
Jungkook’s finger touched your chin, bring your gaze back to him. His eyes were dark, burning into yours as his hands dug into you. You felt a rush over fear move through your body, not knowing what he was about to do. “Fuck her. I want you.”
“What-“ You stood there shocked, your hands shaking as you looked at him.
“Let’s go, right now. Just you and me.” His voice was a low whisper, just loud enough for only you to hear.
“Jungkook, no. I’d rather not have anyone know about… about whatever is going on between us. Hell, I don’t even know what to call it.”
“Neither do I. What’s your point?”
Your heart was beating so fast, you felt like you faint at any moment. You looked down, seeing footprints in the sand. “I don’t want to do this anymore…”
“What? Why not?”
“Hmmm, I wonder.” You pointed your head to the girl. You could feel yourself becoming angry. “I’m nothing to you past a hookup and you know it.”
“That’s not true…” he stuttered. You’d never seen him do that before. His grip on you tightened, his eyes becoming heavy.
“It is.”
“No, it’s not.” You sensed the anger in his tone as he snapped at you. “Now, fucking let me speak.”
“I’m leaving.” You turned around, walking off. You wouldn’t take that from him – you wouldn’t let him toy with your heart like that just in the hopes of getting in your pants. You stomped through the sand, getting as far away from his as possible.
You were under the pier, protected from the moonlight, hidden in the darkness. You felt like crying. You weren’t even sure why you just did.
You regretted the moment you met Jungkook. You wished that you never knew him, never let him touch you. You regretted ever saying yes to him, letting him into your mind, clouding your thoughts. He was no good for you, yet you couldn’t stop yourself when it came to him.
You wanted to do that now.
No more Jungkook.
Your mind was a haze, locked onto the damp sand as you walked to your car. You tuned out all the sounds, anything that could distract you. There was only silence.
You fumbled for your keys, unlocked your car. You grabbed onto the door handle when you felt a pair of hands on your hips, spinning you around. You cursed under your breath, you back being slammed against the car. “What the fuck…” You silenced yourself at the sight of Jungkook standing over you.
He rested his right hand on the car door, holding it shut, his other hand on your waist. “Where are you going?”
You stared at him with wide eyes. Becoming frustrated by his constant attempts to get with you. “Away from you.”
“You can’t be serious.”
“I am,” you pushed him away from you, “just stop, okay. It’s over. I want nothing to do with you anymore. Don’t you get it?”
Jungkook stood back, completely silent as you yelled at him. You felt tears swell in your eyes. You hadn’t realized how much you felt for Jungkook. You spent so long burring it all away that you never got to see the hold he had on you.
“You don’t. This has gone on way too long and it’s tearing me apart. I like you, Jungkook. I really do but I know I mean nothing to you. When you’re done with me, you’d just throw me away like all the others. So, there’s no fucking point, is there?”
You felt so defeated, pouring your heart out to him as he just stood and stared. You wanted him to see how much he hurt you. How much you hated it, watching him with other girls, knowing he had your heart in his hands. As he slowly crushed it into dust the further he let this long. His eyes were clear; his hair blew in the slight wind. He pushed his lips into a line, taking a few steps toward you.
He brushed his fingertips on your waist, making sure you were okay with it. Feeling so lost in your emotions, you let him. Wanting to feel his touch again, even if it meant nothing. Like you said, there was no point. He rested his hands on you, pulling you into him.
Then his lips touched yours. His soft lips leaning in to kiss you. You wanted to push him away – to stop it but you couldn’t, wanting to be with him so badly. He pushed into you, his lips crashing into yours. You closed your eyes, becoming lost in the kiss.
He slid his hands further up your back and up to your shoulder. Your head was pounding, it was all too much, yet you wanted more. Your hands were on him, wrapped around his back. He kissed you so hard that you could feel your lips swelling up. It didn’t matter.
He slowly pulled away as if he didn’t want it to end either. He looked into your eyes, they seemed so gentle, so different than before. “There is a point.”
You were breathless, letting him hold you him his arms, his eyes exploring you like they never had before. They were soft, they were looking for something, not sex, something else. You felt venerable in his arms, weak to him. You would let him do anything he so pleased.
Jungkook tangled his fingers in your hair, never letting his gaze stray away from you. “I don’t want any of those other girls, I want you. I have since the first time we- well you know. For two months, I haven’t been able to get you out of my head. I tried but I could never bring myself to fuck anyone else. I only wanted you.” He pointed his head back to the beach. “She was only a distraction, a bad one, at that. I don’t want her. She means nothing to me, you do.”
Your head was spinning. You couldn’t breathe, trying to take in his words. Were you dreaming? Jungkook would never let himself fall for someone, that wasn’t who he was. Yet, here he was, confessing to you. Maybe, you were dreaming.
“Tell me something,” he spoke. “Do you want this - us? You said you didn’t know what to call us but I want to give you a name.”
You couldn’t speak, your mouth was parted, trying to find any sort of lie or joke in his voice. His eyes waiting for your answer, looking at you softly. “Please, Jungkook. Stop lying.”
You turned your body, to get out of his hold but he wouldn’t let you, holding you tightly. “I’m not lying. I mean it. I mean every word.”
You wanted to believe him, give into him. “I-I can’t, Jungkook…”
“I’ll give you a name, right here. I’ll give you something to call us.”
Your vision was a blur. All you could see was his face. The quiet hum of the distant ocean ringing through your ears. “Please...” You begged, feeling like you were going to faint. It all seemed so unreal.
“I want to be with you. No one else, just you. I want you to tie me down.”
Everything moved so quickly, his lips were back on yours, his hands sliding under your shirt. Burning your skin as they ran along your stomach. You kissed him back – kissed him hard, wanting every piece of him. You trailed your hands along his back and up to his shoulders.
He got your message, his hands on your thighs as he lifted you from the ground. You wrapped your legs around his waist, your hands in his hair. You wanted him and he wanted you. His hands squeezed down on your thighs as he pushed you against the car.
His lips were all over you, collecting every piece they could. From your lips to your collarbone, he left you begging for more. Everything had faded away, there was only you and him left. In your own world, together, lost in each other’s touch.
Jungkook snuck his hand back under your shirt, this time, with the intention of getting it off. You let him pull it over your head, feeling empty for the second his lips weren’t on you. Becoming whole again as his lips crashed in yours. It felt so right, having him like that.
The cold air hit your skin and you shivered under the wind. You didn’t think of it, totally consumed by Jungkook.
You dig at his shoulder blades, aching to get his shirt off. He smiled against your lips, knowing what you were trying to do. “Not yet,” his whispered, “I want to take my time with you.” Before you could say anything, his tongue snuck into your mouth, playing with your own.
You moaned against him, feeling his growing erection on you. Your breath hitched at the feeling, as you squeezed down on his shoulders even more. Jungkook pulled away, knowing it was getting heavy. “We should move this somewhere else. You never know who could see us.”
“You’re right,” your voice was shaky. Your core was burning and you had soaked through your jeans. Jungkook set you down, letting your feet fall back into the ground. He looked around, biting down on his bottom lip. You could tell he was looking for somewhere close and not wanting to do anything in public, you slapped his arm. “I’m not fucking you in a bush, if that’s what you were thinking.”
“Hey now, I have more class than that.”
You raised your brow, not believing that for a second. “The infamous Jeon Jungkook has class? Who would have thunk.”
“Alright, alright you got me.” He flashed you a smile, looking behind you. “How ‘bout the car?”
“You really wanna fuck, don’t you?” You giggled at his eagerness.
He glanced down at his erection before looking back to you. “Well, this isn’t going to go away by itself.”
“Ha! Sucks for y-“ you were cut off by Jungkook pushing you into the back seat of the car. You gasped as you hit the seat with a thud. Jungkook didn’t waste a second climbing on top of you. He smiled knowing he had you in his grasp, you were all his now.
His lips were on your chest, trailing down to your breasts. His hand fiddled with the clasp of your bra, trying to get it undone. You pulled at his hair, your heavy breaths echoing through the car. He got your bra undone, pulling it away from you to expose your bare breasts. His hands grabbed onto them, squeezing them gently, listening to you moan at the feeling.
His hands were hot against you, making you forget how cold you were. His kissed your skin, smiling against you at the sound of your soft whines. You wanted him so badly, your core was burning. You reached down, playing with the button of his jeans. He loved knowing how desperate you were to get to him.
He pushed your hands away, letting out a small laugh. “Not quite yet, Baby. I’m not done with you.”
“Oh,” you sighed, not knowing what he would do next.
He leaned into your neck, biting at the skin before sucking on it gently. You closed your eyes, breathing deeply as your nails dug into his shoulders, trying to keep yourself together. It wasn’t much use as you became a hot mess from his touch. You knew his kisses would leave marks, come morning but it didn’t matter.
As he continued to suck on your neck, his hand toyed with your jeans, undoing the button before unzipping them. His fingers snuck under the band of your underwear, sliding down to your wetness. You bit down on your bottom lip, preparing yourself for what was to come.
He circled his thumb around your clit, building you up before plunging two fingers inside you. “Jungkook…” you breathed, becoming helpless to his touch, falling apart in his arms. He started slow, sliding his fingers in and out before speeding up his pace. He fingered you hard and relentlessly, loving every second of you becoming a mess. He watched you carefully, taking in every movement you made as you laid before him.
“Fuck,” he cursed, his voice deep, his fingers moving quickly. “You’re so wet for me, already. Damn, Baby.” You could feel yourself reaching your climax. You were sweating, your hair sticking to your forehead. It was so hot in the car; the windows had fogged up from the heat between you.
You shut your eyes tight, knowing you were about to come. The tension in your gut was too much to bare and you couldn’t breathe. You felt tears swell in your eyes because how much you needed a release. Jungkook’s fingers had stretched you out, preparing you for what came next.
You let out a bunch of incomprehensible sounds as you let go all over Jungkook’s fingers. You hot juices coating his fingers. He rode out your high before pulling his fingers from you. You whined as the cold air hit your pussy, feeling the emptiness felt by the absence of his fingers.
“Jungkook, please…” you whined as you pulled at the fabric of his shirt. “Please fuck me. I want your cock.”
Jungkook smiled as he lifted his shirt over his head. Showing off his toned figure. You grinned, biting down on your lip as he began to take off his pants. The pale moonlight framed his body, allowing you to see all the edges. “Anything for you, Princess.”
His erection was obvious through his jeans and he winced as he pulled them off. It pulled at the fabric of his underwear, creating a tent of sorts. You couldn’t resist, reaching out and pulling at the band, watching his dick spring up, hitting his stomach. You said nothing, unable to find anything to even say.
You wrapped your hand around his length, slowing moving it up and down. Jungkook released a low moan, his hands attaching to your breasts as you got him off. He was breathing quickly as you sped up your motions, squeezing down harder on your breasts to ease his need.
“Your hands feel so good on my cock, fuck.” He let go of you, placing his hand over yours, helping you go along. “Faster, Baby.” You obliged, letting him take the lead as he sped up your pace.
Soon enough, he was coming all over your hands, the warm cum on your fingers. You let go of his cock and making sure he was watching, you brought your fingers to your lips, licking the cum from them.
Jungkook couldn’t take his eyes from you, exhaling at the sight of your fingers in your mouth, trailing along your lips. “Holy shit, you’re so hot when you do that.”
You pulled your fingers from your mouth with a pop, smiling a little, knowing he liked it. You pushed your lips together, knowing what was about to happen. The tension between you was unbearable, you both stared at each other for a moment, preparing for it.
As his tip brushed against you slit, you still weren’t sure you were ready for it. Sure, you had done it many times before, but everything was so different now. It wasn’t just sex anymore. Jungkook felt something for you, and you, him. He wanted to make you feel good, it wasn’t just about getting off. It was something more.
With a moan, his cock entered you, stretching you out even more. You were still so sensitive from your first orgasm, whining at the aching feeling between your legs. You buried your face into Jungkook’s neck, shutting your eyes tightly to forget the pain.
Jungkook made sure to start off slow, not wanting to hurt you. “Is that okay?” He asked, his voice soft, despite what he was doing.
You nodded against him, tears in your eyes. “It’s alright, I can handle it.”
“Are you sure, Baby? I can stop if it hurts too much.”
“No-no, don’t stop.”
“Okay.” He kept at the slow pace, easing into you. You held onto his broad shoulders for support, your hands shaking. “Should I speed up? Will you be okay?”
You nodded your head, ‘yes’, feeling the tension in your core start to build up again. You could feel yourself coming close to another climax. You clawed at his back as he picked up speed. There was so much friction between you, the sound of his hips slapping against yours echoing through the car.
You wrapped your legs around his waist, pulling him into you, to get him to go faster. “Harder, Jungkook.”
“Harder? Shit, okay.” Soon, he was pounding into you, fucking you so hard, you knew you’d feel it tomorrow. But for right now, nothing mattered, besides him and how he made you feel. “God, Baby, your pussy is so tight around my cock,” he breathed, his hands sliding down to your ass.
He lifted you from the seat, grabbing onto your ass. You helped him out by arching your back, raising yourself up. He pocked his tongue out from between his lips as he fucked you harder, not slowing down until both of you had it your peaks.
You could feel your impending climax coming near, your pussy aching for a release. Jungkook was close to, going even faster in order to get himself off, his face buried in the crook of your neck. His hands held onto your ass so tightly, you knew that there would be red marks there in the morning. Your breathing was erratic and uneven as you came close to your high.
You came over his cock, releasing a moan of his name as you let yourself go. Unable to wait any longer, Jungkook pulled his cock from you just before coming all over your stomach. His cum was hot against your skin, sticking to you. Jungkook’s eyes widened, releasing what he’d done. “Oh god, I’m so sorry.” He ran his hand through his damp hair, pulling it away from his forehead.
You laughed, sitting up, letting out a small cry from out weak your legs were, the aching in your pussy overtaking you. “It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.”
He searched around for something, his eyes looking over the car. His lips were pushed into a line. “No, I can’t leave you like that,” he said, his voice so gentle. You never thought you’d see the day that the infamous Jeon Jungkook would be soft. The man, known for his reputation of being the biggest fuckboy around actually caring about someone other than himself. It was sweet, if you were being completely honest.
You liked this side you Jungkook. You smiled watching him frantically search for something to clean you. “Jungkook, it’s fine. I’ll figure something out.”
He reached down to the floor, picking up his t-shirt. “Here.” He reached out, about to wipe you clean.
You slapped his hand away. “Don’t use your shirt, you need to wear that.”
He didn’t listen, beginning to wipe his cum off your stomach. “Too late. I never liked this shirt anyway.”
You laughed letting him continue. “If you say so.”
When he finished, cleaning you up, he tossed the shirt back to the floor. He sat on the other side of the car, his back resting against the door, a grin on his lips as he stared at you. You felt helpless to his gaze, feeling self-conscious.
“Stop looking at me like that,” you snapped, covering yourself up with your arms.
He leaned forward, pulling your arms away, to expose your breasts again. “Don’t hide, I want to look at you.”
“Haven’t you already seen enough?”
“Maybe… but I just like looking.”
“Is that so?”
“Yes, it is.” He patted down on the space in front of him. “Here, come sit with me.”
“What if I don’t want to?” You crossed your arms, your lips stuck out in a pout.
He let out a quick laugh. “You’re a brat, you know that, right?”
“I do.”
“You’re my brat, though.” He moved closer to you, his face only an inch away from yours.
You stared into his brown eyes. “I’m not your anything,” you repeated the line, you said to him before. Gaining a laugh from him.
“You are, now.”
“Oh, and what is that, exactly?”
“My girlfriend.” Your mouth dropped open, shock evident in your expression. “Don’t act so surprised. I told you, I’d give you a name for what we were. And there you have it.”
You grinned, wrapping your arms around his neck, pulling him even closer to you. “I like the sound of that.”
“Do you, now?”
“Yes, I do.” You nodded before pulling him into a kiss. The innocent kiss, quickly turned into something much more as Jungkook tried to sneak his tongue into your mouth, his hands back on your ass, lifting you onto his lap. Your hands played with his sweaty hair, your lips pushing into his.
It escalated quickly but was all halted at the sound of a loud banging that rung through the car. Jungkook lifted his head, his eyes widening at something behind you. You followed his line of sight, looking behind you.
Standing on the other side of the window was Addison, Jimin and Taehyung. All their jaws dropped open, so in shock to even process what they were seeing. Jungkook quickly flipped you over, hiding you from their vision. You hid behind him, watching as Addison began to speak. “I swear to fucking god, I better not be seeing what I think I’m seeing, right now. Jungkook? Seriously? Oh my god.” She placed his fingers on her temples, trying to process the situation.
Jimin turned away, he looked as though all innocence had been stripped from him after seeing the sins you and Jungkook had committed. Taehyung, on the other hand, laughed, shooting Jungkook a thumbs up before walking off to Addison.
You must have looked like a tomato; your cheeks beat red with embarrassment from the whole thing. Jungkook looked at you, a wide grin on his face. How could he find this funny? You were just found out to your friends in the worst way possible. “I guess we have a lot of explaining to do.”
“You don’t fucking say.”
a/n: forgive me father for i have sinned
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taetaesbaebaepsae · 2 years ago
Maknae Line
Warnings: smut, angst, fluff, alcohol tw
Word Count: 2,585
Taehyung (V)
Tumblr media
Look, in his mind you're his gf he doesn't understand fwb
He likes you so much and when you suggest an arrangement he's stoked but really he just thinks you're dating
You are definitely the one who's afraid of commitment this boy would marry you in a month if you were down
So many pet names: baby, honey, Jagiya, beautiful, darling you wonder if he knows your actual name
Confused puppy "I can't text you so much? But we have a thing."
"Not a serious thing."
Pouty boi
Sweet in bed, generous lover, will eat you out for HOURS if you'd let him (you find out real quick about his oral fixation)
You absolutely know he will freak if he knows you're seeing someone else
He takes it a lot better than you thought
He's just kinda quiet, nodding
"You can see other people too, you know."
"Sure, sure." He waves you off.
He's not usually the jealous type but since things are certain between you he is salty
Oh boy the first time you have sex after he finds out
Rough, pulling your hair, dirty talk in his deep ass voice, marks all over your neck, chest, thighs
You: shook. Your panties: flooded
A little cocky afterward when your legs are still shaking he leaves, which is way unusual he usually stays to cuddle
He's only obviously mad about it if he finds out you're going on actual dates with some guy
Gets STUPID drunk with his friends
They definitely text you to warn you he's feeling some type of way
Crying on your voicemail at 2am
Ubers to your house
"Is he here?" Looking around your place suspiciously
So sloppy drunk omg
Like falling down drunk you gotta all but carry his heavy ass to the bed
You can't help but stroke his hair after he pukes in your wastebasket he's so pitiful
Babbles incoherently about how amazing you are
"You know I'm in love with you, right?"
Will literally break your heart by being the sweetest boy alive
When you wake up the next morning though he's goneBarely responds to your texts
Starts calling you y/n instead of pet names so you know he's pissed
Says petty shit like "Aren't you busy with your bf?" When you ask to hang out
Turns on a dime bc he feels pathetic for liking you so much when you obviously don't care. His pride is hurt
Definitely tries to make you jealous when you end up at a mutual party
All over this girl, making out with her in the kitchen
You act unaffected (you are not)
You end up drunk af and dirty dancing with Hobi when Tae snatches your arm and hauls you to an empty bedroom
Passionate kissing, he's trying to show you what you're missing
He's still mad but he's drunk enough to be honest
"Why him? Why won't you date me? You know how I feel about you."
You tell him you're scared, girls are all over him just look at that bitch from earlier
"I only did that because you broke my heart, Jagi."
When you finally tell him you love him too he is the happiest boy
Boxy smile for days
Will propose to you after three months max
Tumblr media
He doesn't know you that well when you suggest an arrangement but you're hot and nice and he's a busy man so he's all for it
He falls in love with you about 30 seconds after you start hanging out regularly
He's ALL talk, when you finally get him alone in your bed he's shy, blushing when you touch him
Takes him a while to get comfortable with you but oh man when he does
Also a switch look he's the switchiest switch to ever switch next to Hobi
You get whiplash bc one minute he's begging you in whiny moans to let him inside you and the next minute you're begging him to let you come
Such a tease, oh my God
Foreplay for HOURS
Will just ever so lightly run his fingers up and down your legs while you're doing Netflix and chill
Stops just when you get worked up giving you a sheepish grin
Mostly teases you until you jump his bones
But gets so whiny when you do it to him (he loves it)
You walk around in booty shorts and no bra but won't let him touch you and he's SALIVATING
He is always touching you, in private or public he lives for skinship
It makes him shiver when you reciprocate though, just a hand in the hair at the nape of his neck and he's hard
You love doing that to him when you're out to lunch or watching Game of Thrones with the boys and he gives you such an evil eye
Y'all fucking everywhere, all the time
Once he gets comfortable with you this boy will not stop
You have very little time for anything else when he's not physically there he's sending you sexts and pics of his abs
Brags about you to literally everyone, his friends, his mom, strangers on the street
He will literally put "it's complicated" on his FB relationship status
BTW you're all over his social media everybody knows what's up
tons of pictures together
His phone background is a selfie of him kissing you
Begs for nudes on the daily until you send him a bunch while he's at dance practice and he opens it when Tae is standing behind him, getting a free show
Jimin is big mad when Tae lets out a low wolf whistle
Will definitely not so playfully wrestle him to the ground if he keeps it up
Never asks you for nudes again but saves the ones you send to use when youre unavailable
Is the happiest boy ever when you call him a pet name like "Jiminie" or "baby"
Huge flirt when he's drunk but always makes his way back to you
God help you if you show even the slightest bit of attention to another guy (guy, girl, pet, houseplant) when he's around
The poutiest jealous baby in the world
He's had feelings since day one and everyone knows but he's too insecure to actually say it
When you blow him off to hang out with another guy he's a MESS, similar to Tae
He is literally crying in the club when the guys take him out to cheer him up
One drop of alcohol and he drunk dials and texts you but this time it's bad
His friends have to physically take his phone bc you're not answering and he's getting more and more drunk
When you finally call back after you get home a very exasperated Namjoon all but carries Jimin to your apartment. "You did this. He's your problem now."
Namjoon doesn't like you much already bc he knows how Jimin feels about you and he's d o n e
Jimin almost knocks you to the ground throwing his arms around you, smelling like a bottle of tequila, sloppy kisses
"Jimin what the fuck-"
"I missed you, baby. Where you been?"
"Jimin I told you I was hanging out with Chanyeol-"
Suddenly his drunk ass remembers why he's such a mess
He's not even mad at first this insecure baby just asks you ten million questions
He'll start casual but he's fucked up so it isn't long before the questions turn
"Did you have fun?"
"Sure, we-"
"Is he better looking than me? Did he fuck you better? Is he bigger than me? Why won't you answer me?"
You have to force him to the bedroom and then he refuses to get on the bed
"I'm not sleeping where you fucked someone else."
"Oh my GOD, Jimin, I didn't-"
"You didn't fuck him?"
"Not here, I didn't!" You're exasperated by this point he is being so difficult
But then you see his pouty bottom lip trembling
"Jimin, are you crying?"
Well if he wasn't before he is now (we all know this soft baby boy)
You end up holding him all night thinking that when he wakes up he'll calm down and be embarrassed you are no stranger to crying while you were fucked up
Jokes on you he's still crying when you wake up the next morning, clinging to you like a koala bear
"I know I'm not enough for you baby but I can't take it when you're out with other guys!"
You spend an hour praising him and telling him he's definitely enough and he preens like a goddamn cockatoo (this boy's praise kink is a mile wide we all know)
You tell him how good he is and he fucks you into next week before he's clinging to you all over again
"Tell me you won't do that again, baby. Tell me you're only mine."
You give in bc he's so fucking adorable and tell him you'll think about it
He's persistent af
Every morning you crack open one eye and read "how about now?" from his needy ass
You finally text back "FINE" after three days
He shows up at your door with flowers and a big grin
He's cute or whatever
Maybe you're in love
Tumblr media
You really have to talk him into this arrangement
You had hooked up with him at a party after you'd been friends for a couple of weeks and you may or may not have been thirsty
But he's hesitant
"This shit never works out well. Someone always gets hurt."
You're all whiny like "I'm a big girl I won't catch feelings get over yourself."
He just tucks his tongue into his cheek bc he's not worried about YOU catching feelings
Low-key a soft boi
You basically just sext him and send him nudes to appeal to his hormones and it works
About a week after you talked about it he comes to your place after the club
At first you only fuck when he's been drinking it's a guarantee that you're getting the D when he's had a drop of alcohol
I've said this once and I'll say it again put it on my gravestone
Jeon Jungkook is NOT A DOM
He's not a sub either but he is not having a daddy kink you'll have to find that shit in porn ok
At first even when he's shitfaced he's hesitant with you, asking permission before he touches you
Good Lord this boy loves getting head
Seeing you on your knees is his ultimate weakness
And he will ALWAYS reciprocate
And fuck you right after bc he's up again in ten minutes
Look I know I said he's not a Dom but he loves the way you look with come on your face
You've never had a guy be so fucking sweet to you right after saying the dirtiest shit
He'll bring you a towel and wash your hair if he's missed the aim
He hasn't been with many girls and nobody long term
So after a few weeks he learns your body and he will fuck you everywhere
On the kitchen table
Bent over the couch
Once in the elevator of your apartment
He gets so hard when you tease him and won't let him touch you it's ridiculous
He ain't too proud to beg, that's for sure
Low-key loves to cuddle but won't initiate it
Is not shy about asking for sex will be like "Wanna fuck?" after you get done eating burritos or something
He doesn't stay the night until after one night when you both were really drunk after the club and he was too hungover to leave
You took care of him and bought him greasy food and watched him play Overwatch
He kept meaning to leave but you were so sweet and cute
Next thing he knows you're riding him on your bed and it's really during sex that he realizes he's fucked, in more ways than one
You flip your hair back and brace your hands on his chest and you just look so beautiful and he's like oh no
He leaves right after but you shrug it off since he's been so hungover
But then he's shady and rarely texts you for a couple weeks
You're starting to think he's found a girl he likes bc he's been out a lot according to his friends
He's partying his troubles away
He does NOT want to tell you he's caught feelings especially since you had to literally talk him into this
And the more he's around you the more he wants to cuff you so he avoids you and fucks around, trying not to compare every girl to you
You're the first girl he's been with more than a handful of times and he is Jungshook at the possibility that he's fallen in love
He's a dick to his friends, snapping at them about nothing bc he misses you
"God, just call her already." Jimin fumes after he bites his head off for leaving dishes in the sink.
Jungkook shakes his head.
"I saw her out with her friends the other night, you know."
Jungkook sets his jaw but otherwise doesn't react
"Ok, but she's too hot to wait forever."
Jungkook shrugs but he starts going to bars you might frequent, telling himself he wasn't looking for you
You do start going out with other guys, since the arrangement seems over and you were never exclusive anyway
You're making out with a guy after a wild night with your girlfriends and while he's kissing your neck you see Jungkook over his shoulder, staring at you, beer in hand
He. Looks. Livid.
You shrug it off as male ego and end up taking the guy home
When you look at your phone after an hour or so Jungkook is blowing you the fuck up
First it's casual "hey it's been a while wyd"
"who's the nerd?"
"u up?"
"let me come over"
You know he's still drinking when at 5am he texts you "wake up I miss you"
He shows up looking a whole mess just as the guy is leaving
He smells like a brewery and he's got lipstick stains on his collar
You smirk at him
"Missed me, huh?"
He sees the guy leaving and suddenly he has absolute murder in his eyes, literally cracking his knuckles
The poor guy fucking books it without even getting your number
"So," he says, leaning against your doorjamb as if trying to look sexy (he does) but you figure he just really can't stand up straight (also true)
"Did you fuck that loser?" He's got his tongue working his cheek again.
"Oh, so now you're talking to me again and that's the first thing you ask? You jealous, Kookie?"
He grabs you suddenly and pulls you into his arms and now he's not trying to be tough anymore
He kisses your shoulder
"Yeah, I'm jealous."
He pulls away and kisses you real sweet
"Maybe I like you."
"Yeah?" You need more than that.
"A little."
"Uh huh. Well he said he liked me a lot so maybe I'll call him-"
He grabs you around the waist and kisses you harder this time
"Don't you dare," he growls.
He puts his forehead to yours.
"Maybe I love you."
"Why didn't you just say that? Maybe I love you too, dork."
Sweetest bunny smile
Jungkook is the world's best boyfriend, don't @me
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inclebtsmix · 3 years ago
Masterlist Texts
♡ = my favs
Jeon Jungkook
Tumblr media
You and Jungkook secretly dating for 6 months
too good to say goodbye
y/n talking about Jikook with Jungkook (boyfriend)
Jungkook played truth or DARE with BTS
Jungkook needs help with english and girls ♡
after a breakup
Jungkook tries to cheer you up bc you’re insecure
Jungkook likes his ex’s instagram photo ♡
who is g-dragon biggest fan? ♡
you’re older than Jungkook
Jungkook: Love me or Leave me
you faint on stage
silent treatment to Jungkook
poly relationship with yoongi and jungkook
meme battle with Jungkook ♡
fluffy Jungkook
fuckboy!jungkook ♡
jungkook got jealous bc ure with a guy friend
daily texts - roommate!jungkook
daily texts - roommate/bf!jungkook
prank on Jungkook
when he’s not your bias ♡
clingy Jungkook after an argument ♡
best of me was written for you
protective boyfriend
encouraging words from bff!yoongi and bf!jungkook
Jungkook wants your attention ♡
Jungkook’s shy confession
Jungkook thinks you want to break up
fangirling over Jungkook’s new photo
you’re busy
daily texts 1 | 2 | 3 ♡ ♡ ♡
babysitting and dating Jungkook (chat with jin) ♡
too cool for a pet name
“cheat on me, idgaf” ♡
meme battle with Jungkook ♡
jungkook being cute and worried
Jungkook is jealous of you fangirling over Mino
you’re older than him but he wants you to call him ‘oppa’
pouty Jungkook
poly relationship with Taehyung and Jungkook
he can’t roast you
You’re Jungkook’s childhood friend and dating Taehyung
They found out about you and Jungkook ♡
you’re the 8th member and Jungkook likes you
Jungkook talks about marriege ♡
you’re “scared” of Jungkook
y/n is a singer and  jungkook confess
vkook coming out (no reader)
Jungkook Idol AU pt.1 - pt.2 ♡
Jungkook’s older sister’s secretly with Yoongi
Taehyung sees you and Jungkook doing things ♡
You’re older than him and have a noona kink
prank on bts
the ‘oppa’ bet
ignoring him
a kiss for your hero ♡
he thinks you’re cheating pt.1 - pt.2
bts try to put you and Jungkook together
you leave them pt.1 - pt.2 ♡
you ask about their new comeback
you tell bts about your poly relationship with Taehyung and Jungkook 
you and Jungkook got secretly married 
hyung line convince you to confess to Jungkook
they try to get you with jungkook, but...
they find out Jungkook’s sister and Taehyung are a couple
accidentally confess
jealous Jungkook
“love’s drawbacks”  [completed // 10 parts]
“next door”  [completed // 32 parts] ♡
“future” [completed // 8 parts] ♡
“I’ll see your true colours” [completed // 51 parts] ♡♡
“coffee of love” [completed // 28 parts]
Secret Crush ♡
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