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o’ heartless woman
chpt. 1: in which yoongi seeks his fortune
based on howl’s moving castle, the film by studio ghibli and the novel by diana wynne jones
Tumblr media
→ 🌟 pairing: ot7 x fem.mc
→ 🌿 genre: howl’s moving castle AU, slowburn (?), fluff, bit o’ angst, eventual smut
→ 🔥 word count: 5.3k
→ 🗝️ summary: yoongi did not ask to be hexed. he did not ask for you, a reclusive sorceress, to wander into his shop and take an interest in his work. he did not ask for a vengeful, jealous wizard to to cast a spell on him, turning him into an old man, and he most definitely did not ask to stumble upon your magical moving castle and be coaxed into making a deal with a mischievous fire demon to save your soul. and above all, he most certainly, most definitely, did not ask to become attached to you along the way.
→ 🔮 content warnings: sorceress!mc, apprentice!jungkook, fire demon!hoseok, cursed!yoongi, wizard of the waste!jimin, profanity
→ 🕸️ a/n: first chapter! you don’t have to be familiar with howl’s moving castle to understand the story (but it’s an incredible film and novel so you should look into it anyways lol). some lines are direct/indirect quotes from the movie and novel, all credit goes to the original creators. please reblog and comment your thoughts 👉👈 keep the tumblr fanfic community alive and engage with writers pretty please!
Tumblr media
The castle is restless today. Rolling hills and swaying grasses rush by through the bathroom window’s smudged panes, all blanketed by a thick layer of fog. You can even see a faint cluster of gable-roofed houses in the distance.
“Hoseok!” you call out, bounding down the stairs.
The face in the fireplace looks up at you with an expression of feigned shock.
“Yes?” he replies, playfully innocent, but the mischief in his voice sparks just like his flaming orange hair.
“Why are we so close to town? I told you to move the castle North.”
Hoseok just smiles that near-blinding smile, his teeth white hot flames in his mouth.
“Don’t you know? You have to go to Folding Valley today.”
“Like hell I do,” you grumble, boots clicking as you step onto the main room’s uneven floorboards.
Jungkook is seated dutifully at the workbench concocting some sort of steaming green tincture. He keeps looking between you and Hoseok from under his wavy mass of hair.
“A customer’s expecting a delivery,” he blurts out, nodding towards the small, brown-paper-packaged box on the table.
“Oh?” You pick it up and give it a shake.
“It...It’s just a simple charm,” Jungkook says. “Must be delivered today. Left at the door, they said. It’s important that they get it today or—”
“Alright, alright, I’ll go,” you interject before he rambles on until the morning dew has dissolved.
It’s always chilly out on the moors, with the frequent bouts of rain and the curtains of misty clouds. The dreadful, ghostly weather is confined to the Wastes, though, so the quaint little town in Folding Valley should be bright and sunny. Your blue velvet coat will be sufficient for the short journey.
“Be careful! I hear the Wizard of the Waste is on the prowl again,” Jungkook advises.
“And that means no reckless spellcasting and no stopping to gawk at strangers! You know he’s itching to get his hands on you.” Hoseok chides, tossing a few sparks for good measure.
“Yes, yes, absolutely no fun for me at all, what a surprise. Honestly, the apprentice always nagging their master, huh! And don’t even get me started on–”
It appears that you’re talking more to yourself than to them, because the next moment you’re whipping the door open with a gust of sharp, blustery wind. Your grumbles are cut off by the sound of it slamming behind you.
Jungkook breathes out a sigh of relief the same time Hoseok says,
“You’re a terrible liar.”
“It’s hardly my fault! All you said was that we needed to convince her to go into town today. Never mind how you won’t even tell me why.” Jungkook eyes the bright face in the flames.
“I’m sure you both will thank me later,” is all he says in reply.
Jungkook huffs, far too used to the fire demon’s crypticism.
“Whatever. I only agreed because you said you’d help cook,” he says, leaving the cluttered table and heading to the disaster that is the kitchen. After weaving through several towers of dirty dishes, Jungkook grabs a cast iron skillet from its peg on the wall.
“Alright, bend your head down. I haven’t had a hot breakfast in ages.”
Tumblr media
Yoongi watches as a column of chipped brick, one of the castle’s many chimneys, peeks out from the low-hanging clouds.
The castle is oddly close to town, he observes, fixing the final petals on a silk rose.
The workroom is stuffy and dark, even in the height of the afternoon. The air is thick with dust, the shelves crowded with folds of fabric and stacks of textiles. He finishes sewing together some wax berries and felt leaves, leaning back in his chair as the chimney top disappears back into the mist.
There would no doubt be whispers about her, the Sorceress Howl. The witch had quite the reputation for someone who, strictly speaking, had never been seen before. Her castle would appear and disappear all throughout Ingary, sometimes being spotted by the Northern border and then among the Eastern coastal towns all in the same afternoon.
Reported sightings of the shadowy mass of stone and metal were always followed by warnings from protective guardians. Don’t stay out too late, Howl just might snatch you up. Always travel in pairs, you know Howl likes to eat the hearts of pretty things like you. These good-natured lectures were doled out to young men and women alike, for no one was safe from such a greedy witch.
The same could be said for the Wizard of the Wastes, a disgraced sorcerer that was banished to the Wastes years ago. His castle, fortunately, was stationary. Known to be a stunningly beautiful man, it was said that no one was safe from his midnight prowls.
Honestly, Yoongi couldn’t help but think. Two powerful, carnivorous magicians with an appetite for youth and beauty. They ought to get together.
The service bell rings quite desperately above Yoongi’s head. His master is calling him down to the showroom. And not a moment too soon. The workroom becomes stifling after a while, just another reminder of Yoongi’s ordinary, monotonous life.
Abandoning his needle and thimble, Yoongi hops down from the bench and hurries down the cramped stairway.
There, carefully inspecting the sleeve of the jacket in the window display, is probably one of the most extravagantly dressed people he’s ever seen. 
You’re wearing tailored black slacks and a loose silk blouse under a rich, blue velvet coat. The vivid indigo and shimmering gold floral pattern seems to dance in the window light. A pair of heeled black boots adds to your height, golden jewelry glinting all about your neck, your ears, your hands.
Dark yet glittering makeup is smudged around your eyes, which themselves are oddly vacant, like marbles. Your mouth, twisted in a state of confusion, is painted the color of blackberry jam.
“Ah, here he is,” Yoongi’s master says, gesturing towards him.
It diverts your attention away from the piece of clothing, those curious eyes meeting his.
Tumblr media
Slightly earlier...
All these people make you itch. The streets are choked with them, all lively and dressed in bright May Day colors and frills.
Holidays are never good days to venture into town. The increased crowds meant it was that much more likely that someone would recognize you. Or worse, an unexpected attack from him.
If you had your way, you’d never set foot in any town ever again. But of course, you never got your way all the time. Hoseok made sure of that.
It was odd that Jungkook had insisted on this delivery in the first place. He normally takes care of such business matters himself, always eager to be of help.
On the way, you glance into several store-front windows. It’s a modest town, so nothing new catches your eye. Except maybe one thing.
It’s from a humble seamster’s shop. There’s an emerald green jacket with tortoiseshell buttons in the front display. It’s the embroidery that catches your eye, though. Simple and functional, but...not entirely commonplace.
You’ve been practicing wizardry for many years. You know sorcery when you see it.
Entering the shop a moment later, you demand to see the one who designed the piece.
The shop owner fumbles and promptly informs you that his apprentice is the one responsible. He tugs on the bell rope and, a moment later, a man hurries down the steps.
He has a thin, slight frame, with black hair and dark eyes, now wide and alert. Delicate features, pink mouth, quite beautiful. He looks nervous, wringing his hands as he surveys you up and down, but his shoulders remain lifted and firm.
His gaze makes you prickle a bit. Your confidence always wavers when an attractive person looks at you.
“This is my apprentice, Yoongi,” the shop owner says, ushering him forward.
You muster up a pleasant smile and try not to stare too hard.
“Good morning,” you greet him, and he meekly returns your smile.
“I’d like to commission a piece from you.”
He looks to his master, then back at you. Truth be told, he’s never been commissioned by a client. He’s never even been noticed in the shop until now.
The shopkeeper nods his head toward you, and Yoongi clears his throat and meets your eyes.
“What did you have in mind, madam?” he asks.
As if you were waiting for such a question, a smile tugs at the corner of your mouth. 
“First, a steel-boned, bustier corset, mesh fabric, finely sequined,” you begin, walking in circles with your hands clasped behind your back.
Yoongi scrambles to grab a pad and pen.
You list the requirements for the gown Yoongi is to make. Thin waist, sheath silhouette, dark blue silk, pearlescent accents, plunging neckline. This, in addition to the corset, stockings, and gloves he will be completing as well.
He crudely sketches a design while you pace around the store.
It’s quite an order, Yoongi thinks to himself. The corset alone will cost a fortune to—
“Here’s the initial deposit,” you say, dropping a bag of coins into his hand with a satisfying clink.
Yoongi can barely open his mouth again before you’re making your way towards the door.
“I’ll be back in a few days to check your progress. Farewell!”
And with that, you disappear back into the crowd. When he peeks into the hefty coin purse, he finds that it’s all gold.
Yoongi and his master look at each other once, twice. Never in his six years of apprenticing here has he experienced anything quite like this.
Tumblr media
Yoongi can’t focus for the rest of the day. His normally deft and nimble fingers wield the needle sloppily, his progress slowing to a crawl.
He’s always considered himself an unremarkable person, from looks to personality to talent. A plain man with a plain life. Everyday he sits up in this workroom, sewing, pleating, trimming until the sun goes down and doing it all again the next day. He always thought that no one would ever purchase his pieces if not for his master’s sales abilities.
To be noticed, even admired, by such an eccentric character...he’s not sure how he feels about that.
Yoongi hears the bell above the front door ring from downstairs.
He looks up in confusion. The shop closed hours ago.
Yoongi had decided to stay late to make up for his low productivity, working by candlelight after every drop of daylight had leaked from the sky.
He hadn’t seen anyone on the streets through the small window just above his worktable. Could he have misheard? Just as he was about to dismiss the thought, the service bell rang.
Heart thudding, Yoongi dropped his needle and nearly fell off his stool trying to reach the staircase.
There was, indeed, someone in the shop, even though Yoongi swore that he locked the front door after his master left.
It’s a black-haired man wearing a luxurious purple satin suit. His features are soft, plush lips and full cheeks, yet sharp like the slope of his nose and the tight lines of his jaw. Dangling from his ears are gleaming silver earrings, silver rings adorning his fingers.
Yoongi’s eyes linger on the man’s stunning face. Smooth skin, smoke-shadowed eyes, mouth glossy.
Behind him are two other men, tall and thin. When Yoongi looks at their faces, he can’t seem to discern what they look like. His gaze slides around their features like water, unable to stay in one place for too long.
“At last,” the finely-dressed man says, scanning Yoongi up and down.
There’s the same vacant look in his eyes, just like the woman from earlier. And not just that, there’s something sharp and judgemental in his stare. Whatever he sees in Yoongi, he clearly doesn’t like it.
“You, hm?” he says disapprovingly.
Yoongi can’t find a reply, confusion clear on his face.
The man strides over to him until their noses are almost touching. His dark, sultry eyes dart over Yoongi’s features, up and down his body.
Yoongi suppresses a shiver. There’s nothing pleasant about having such an ethereal-looking man judge him so closely.
The man’s gaze returns to his face and softens slightly, then sours as if he’s found something very frustrating. If Yoongi weren’t so close to him, he probably wouldn’t have noticed it at all.
“Hmm. I don’t really see it,” the man says, turning to inspect the rest of the establishment. Something in his voice tells Yoongi that he doesn’t really mean it.
“Unfortunately, the shop is closed, sir,” Yoongi says in his best so-sorry-my-apologies-yes-it’s-all-my-fault-you’re-absolutely-right voice.
“Is it?” the man replies. “I figured business must always be this slow. Considering the tastelessness of this place.”
Yoongi’s brows raise, then drop with a barely suppressed eye roll. Ooh, my favorite. A difficult customer.
“I’m afraid you’ll have to leave now, sir. The door is just behind you.”
The man ignores him. He surveys several suits and gowns, huffing at each one.
Yoongi breathes through his nose.
“Let me get this straight, sir,” he begins calmly. “You, sir, spent your time and energy, sir, to come inside the shop, which is in fact closed, sir, just to insult it, sir?”
The man quirks one sculpted brow.
“Standing up to the Wizard of the Waste, how brave,” he says in a patronizing tone.
“The Wizard of the—” Yoongi manages to get out before the cold fear crawls up his spine.
The two figures behind the mysterious man, their faces have changed. Their false human masks are gone, and behind them are two bulbous masses of white slime. Features twisted beyond recognition, oozing down their necks.
They move to block the door.
The man, the wizard, saunters over to the mannequin in the display. He pinches the sleeve between two fingers, scrutinizing something within the embroidery. The he scoffs and flicks the fabric out of his grasp.
“So you have a bit of talent, doesn’t mean it will come to anything. The only reason she took any interest in you is because she’s bored. That’s it,” he says tensely.
Yoongi is now thoroughly confused.
“Don’t be foolish enough to think that she won’t throw you away the first chance she gets,” the wizard continues, setting him with a glare.
Yoongi doesn’t know what to say to that, still utterly befuddled.
“And one more thing,” the wizard says. “Only my equals call me sir. My servants call me master.”
With that, he turns towards the front door.
Don’t do it.
His minions part to let him pass.
Don’t you fucking do it.
He reaches for the handle.
Don’t you open that mouth—
“Have a nice evening, sir.”
He stops in his tracks. A few seconds pass. Yoongi regrets his decision.
The wizard mumbles a string of incomprehensible words, then a Yoongi feels something pass through him, something that makes his stomach churn. His nerves tingle, his skin ripples, his heartbeat stutters.
When he opens his eyes, everything appears significantly fuzzier. 
The wizard laughs mockingly.
“Just a little hex to remember me by, and to teach you not to meddle with things that belong to me. I doubt she’ll still be interested in you after this. And the best part of the spell, you won’t be able to tell anyone anything about it.”
There’s an ache in Yoongi’s bones that wasn’t there before, his legs feel weak and feeble.
“Send my regards to Howl,” the wizard says as he slips through the door.
Yoongi barely registers it, he’s too caught up in what the hell has come over him.
It’s like every ounce of energy has been sucked from his limbs, even his fingernails seem to ache. When he looks down at his hands, he sees skin like withered parchment, knuckles and veins protruding.
Yoongi hobbles over to the fitting room mirror. 
He’s an old man. With hair turned pure white, wrinkled leathery skin stretched over knobbly bones, shoulders and back hunched with age. He moves his head back and forth, his reflection moves with him.
“Shit that’s really me.” His voice comes out dry and croaky. Despite the situation, he feels calm and unbothered. He surveys the face in the mirror with kind optimism.
“Don’t fret, you old thing,” he says. “You’re still in good shape. A full head of hair, a full set of teeth. Besides, this suits you much better.”
Yoongi supposes that now his personality matches his appearance. Despite being monumentally pompous and rude, not to mention his ability to make no sense whatsoever, the Wizard of the Waste didn’t make his fate too bad.
After all, he could still walk with little difficulty. He didn’t look completely like a corpse. In fact, he looked like quite a charming old man. And his mind seemed unaffected by memory loss or confusion.
It was nice to feel unbothered and serene. But still, his lifespan has been significantly reduced. And he couldn't just simply explain to everyone he knows that an evil wizard has cast a spell on him.
No, he’ll have to go out and seek his own fortune.
Tumblr media
After a good night’s sleep, Yoongi is ready to set out on his journey. The Wastes is his best bet. There, he’ll either find a magician that can help him, or even cross paths with the Wizard of the Waste and demand that he reverse the spell himself.
He dresses himself in practical clothes. Button-up shirt, slacks, wool coat, scarf, a brown leather cap, and his sturdiest pair of boots. Waddling into his modest kitchen, he packs himself a loaf of hearty bread, a hunk of cheese, some dried sausages, a few ripe nectarines, and a flask of water all wrapped in a cloth to form a hand-held bag.
In his satchel he has extra clothes, an oil lamp, his sketchbook containing all his designs, and all the money he’s got, including the purse full of gold coins that you gave him.
He figures that will be enough to get him where he needs to go.
With one last farewell-for-now, Yoongi leaves his home and starts down the cobble-stoned street. As he’s leaving, he hears the chatter from those passing by.
Did you hear? The Prince has gone missing. They say he disappeared from Kingsbury three days ago. I hear they’re blaming the neighboring countries. I bet we’ll go to war for this. Let’s hope he turns up soon.
Yoongi crosses the bridge over the train platform, and ventures through the small village all the way to the dotted farms on the outskirts of town.
Striking up a conversation with a merchant driving a horse-drawn cart of stacked hay bales, he manages to secure himself transport. Yoongi hoists himself onto the back of the cart and watches the landscape as they ride on, enjoying the sights and smells of spring.
He gets dropped off right where civilization meets the Wastes. He passes by a lone farmhouse on his way to the worn path.
“Are you sure you’ll be alright? There’s nothing but witches and wizards out there,” the owner of the house calls out.
“Thank you, let’s hope so!” Yoongi shouts back, beginning to hobble up the hill.
The ground changes from paved roads to swaying grasses and wildflowers. Just as he crosses the border, a thought pops into his old head.
Everyone knows what they say about venturing into the Wastes. If you aren’t some kind of witch, wizard, ghost, goblin, sprite, or demon, you will be soon.
At least it can’t get any worse, Yoongi thinks.
The town slowly gets smaller and smaller the further he travels. Not that he’s traveling fast by any means. He’s only just made it halfway over the hill before he needs to stop for lunch.
Perched on smooth rock, Yoongi nibbles his bread and cheese as he admires the mountains and tree tops and small gabled roofs of his faraway village.
“Who knows how long it will take to get there with these legs,” he mumbles to himself.
Just as he’s finishing his lunch, Yoongi spots a long branch sticking out of a nearby bush. Not too splintery, with smoothed down wood perfect for handling.
“That would make a nice cane,” he says to no one in particular, rising to a stand with a few cracks and groans. He grasps the wooden rod with both hands and pulls.
Very little happens. In fact, it barely budges. Tightening his grip, he tugs again. Again, nothing.
“You’re a stubborn one,” he says. “Luckily, I’m willing to bet that I’m more stubborn than you.”
With one final unyielding, hard-headed yank, the branch jostles loose. As if moving on it’s own, it stands upright without any added pressure, shedding leaves and weeds.
It’s not a cane, but a scarecrow. Two wooden poles secured in a cross, clothed with a shirt, jacket, and bow tie. Two white gloves hang at the end of the scarecrow’s “hands.” It’s head is made of a peeled turnip, a simple yet friendly face carved into the vegetable’s skin. Atop its head is a top hat, with a pipe hanging out of it’s smiling mouth. 
Yoongi lets out a sign of relief.
“Just a scarecrow. I was afraid you were some kind of magical being.”
The scarecrow just sways in the wind. Come to think of it, it isn’t staked into the ground. It’s standing upright without any assistance.
Now Yoongi’s beginning to rethink that last statement.
“Well, at least you’re not stuck in a shrub anymore. Farewell,” he says, gathering up his things and continuing down the path.
The hill grew steeper and more treacherous. The wind picked up and whistled against his thin, fluttering clothing. Apparently a coat and scarf wasn’t enough to keep the cold at bay, and after a few moments he found himself shivering.
Yoongi clutches his coat tighter around his shoulders and presses on through the thickening weeds and grass.
He hears a light tapping noise, like a plow being pushed into the ground over and over. Turning over his shoulder, he sees the scarecrow from earlier hopping up the hill.
Yoongi blinks, once, then twice. The sight before him doesn’t change. A scarecrow moving on it’s own directly towards him.
“Quit following me!” he shouts towards it. “I’m sure you have some kind of spell on you and don‘t need to see any more witches and wizards. Maybe you can go find a farm and protect their crops!”
Yoongi turns and hurries up the slope, hoping that the scarecrow would get the message and stop pursuing him.
Three-quarters of the way up, he stops to grab his knees to catch his breath. Unfortunately, this allows the scarecrow to catch up. It rounds the corner and stops right in front of him, dropping something by his feet.
It’s an actual cane, made from polished black wood with a silver handle shaped like a crow’s head. Yoongi clasps it with delight.
“Thank you, this is perfect!”
The scarecrow just stands there, staring down at him, and clearly not intent on leaving.
He’ll need to come up with something else. Come to think of it, it’s nearing nightfall. The clouds have turned black and the sky is a deep pink-purple. If he doesn’t find shelter soon, he'll be stuck out here in the cold all night.
“If you’d care to do one more thing for me,” he begins. “You might run off and find me someplace to stay?”
The scarecrow immediately turns and starts hopping back down the lane with determination. Yoongi waves with his newfound cane, hoping that something good will come out of the encounter.
“All this trouble in the valley of thieves and monsters and not one bit of magical gratitude! I’m beginning to think that all this talk of witches and wizards was a myth. I hope my third encounter will involve sanctuary for the night. In fact, I insist on it!”
He continues to trudge up the hill, staking his cane into the ground with every step. The wind seems to have grown colder and more brisk, blowing through every nook and cranny of his meager clothes.
He came up here to seek his fortune, but the only fortune he can think of now is a roof over his head, a warm fire, and a comfortable chair.
Almost instantly, he detects the scent of burning wood.
“Someone’s got a fire going. Maybe there’s a cottage nearby.”
This makes him pick up the pace. Just as he’s about to cross the peak of the hill, a great mass of metal and brick looms over him, accompanied by the sounds of creaking gears and hissing steam.
He’s never seen it this close before.
Domes, chimneys and turrets stretch towards the darkened sky. The sheets of curved metal and towers of brick are broken up by the presence of clumps of plastered walls and four-paned windows. It looks like several small houses have been attached to the outside, all topped with slanted red-tiled roofs.
And there, hopping alongside it, is the scarecrow.
“You turnip-head!” Yoongi exclaims. “That’s Howl’s castle! When I asked for a place to stay that is not what I meant!”
The huge, sputtering thing screeches to a stop, releasing a burst of smoke. The metal, claw-footed legs that make it move lower to the ground.
“For fuck’s sake, they call this a castle?” Yoongi thinks, then realizes that he said it out loud.
As if offended by his remark, the castle groans and rises to its full height, stretching it’s great legs to continue on.
As it passes, Yoongi spots a wooden door under a single, swaying lantern.
A way in! He figures it’s worth the risk of facing the fierce witch Howl if he has somewhere warm to spend the night. Besides, Howl only steals the hearts of young, beautiful people. I’d be safe even if I wasn’t hexed.
He starts to run after it. Well, he starts to move more quickly towards it. The scarecrow hops alongside him in silent encouragement.
“Slow down, you hear me!” Yoongi shouts. As if reluctantly, the castle obeys him.
He’s almost there, just a few more feet and he can rest his weary legs. Just as he’s about to grab the railing lining the few stone steps leading to the door, he seems to hit an invisible wall. It keeps his hand from reaching for the handle, or even from stepping onto the small platform.
“Listen here, you hunk of junk! I’m cold, I’m tired, I’m old, and you’re gonna let me in here so I can rest my feet, is that clear?!”
There was a pause, then the invisible barrier yielded. Yoongi scrambled up the steps and threw the door open.
Inside was a sizable room, dark but cozy.
The first thing Yoongi notices is the hearth. It’s almost as tall as him, the inside is crowded with pots and kettles hanging from black metal hooks, with various pokers, shovels and brushes used for tending the fire hanging from their pegs. A tall pile of chopped logs is stacked next to the fireplace’s gaping mouth. The flame itself is weak and rosy, resting on a bed of hot coals and an impressive pile of ash.
There’s no doubt in Yoongi’s mind that this is a witch’s lair. Bunches of dried herbs hang from the wooden rafters overhead. Small pots dangle from braided chains leaking fragrant smoke, filling the room with a rich, earthy scent. Somewhere he hears the sound of bubbling liquid. He even notices a yellowed human skull resting on a velvet, tasseled pillow.
No matter. If someone wanted to remove Yoongi from his newfound shelter before daybreak, they’d have to do it with very violent measures.
Then he spots it. There, by the hearth, is a cushioned armchair and embroidered pillow.
“Ah! My fortune!” Yoongi exclaims, scuttling over and sinking into it with a deep sigh. The soft glow from the fire warms his withered skin, the ache in his bones dulling.
After shedding his coat and settling in, he perks his tired eyes to have a look around.
All of the shelves lining the walls are stuffed to the point of bursting with leather-bound books, scrolls, wads of parchment. Every surface, every tabletop is crowded with open tomes, dirty teacups, pens and tools, bottles and jars. Spiderwebs cling to every corner, draped across the candle holders, and there is a thick layer of dust and grime on everything.
“Doesn’t look like a castle to me,” Yoongi mumbles to himself.
He doesn’t see any pickled hearts or trapped souls, though. They must be hidden somewhere else, considering how wicked Sorceress Howl is. He can’t find it in himself to be afraid, maybe it has something to do with being old. All he feels is a still tranquility.
His eyelids start to droop, his shoulders sag as his back melts into the chair cushion.
“Yikes. That is some hex you’ve got there.”
Yoongi’s eyes pop open.
“The fuck was that?” he blurts out before he can help it.
“Let me guess, the spell won’t allow you to talk about it, hm?”
Yoongi turns his head several times, trying to identify the source.
“Let’s see how long this takes,” remarks the voice.
Yoongi scans the room, but finds nothing. When his eyes return to the fireplace, he sees a face in the flames. Two blazing amber eyes, high and round cheeks, a wide, white hot grin.
“Good evening,” the face says as Yoongi’s eyes widen.
“The fire spoke,” he mutters incredulously.
“I do much more than just speak, grandpa,” the voice says, along with the sound of crackling wood and popping sparks.
“What are you?” Yoongi asks.
“I’m an extremely powerful fire demon! In this form, you may call me Hoseok.” The face grins proudly.
“A fire demon? Then you should be able to break my spell!”
“Hmm,” the fire demon hums, looking him over. “It’s a strong spell. But there’s more than that. It’s as if there are two layers to it. I’d have to study it more.”
“And how long would that take?” Yoongi protests.
“It depends, but maybe a long while. Tell you what, if you can figure out how to break my contract with Howl, then I promise to break your spell.”
Yoongi raises an eyebrow.
“You’re under a contract with the Sorceress Howl?”
“Yes, unfortunately,” the fire demon replies with obvious dismay. “It keeps me tethered to the hearths within this castle. Forces me to do most of the magic here too, moving the castle, protecting it from intruders, keeping it running. It’s exhausting, I tell you!
“Hm, sounds rough,” Yoongi mumbles, drifting towards sleep again.
“Yes, Howl is quite heartless, you know.”
Yoongi barely reacts, far too sleepy.
“Do you agree, then? To break my contract?” the fire demon presses. 
Yoongi forces his eyes open to examine the face in the fire. There’s something in his expression that is undeniably shifty. Although, what did he expect from a demon?
“Are you sure you’re being entirely truthful?” Yoongi asks.
“Not completely. The curse prevents both me and Howl from revealing the main clause.”
Perhaps the fire demon could sense that Yoongi was feeling doubtful, because next he shouted, “Don’t be discouraged! You can break the spell if you watch and listen carefully. It isn’t doing either of us much good, anyway.”
At this point, Yoongi was so drowsy that he’s agree to anything. 
“Alright, it’s a deal,” he slurred, letting his head dip down. The next moment, he was asleep, snoring softly.
Hoseok smiled to himself. A real, genuine smile.
Despite your protests, he promised himself that he’d save you. And this old man just might be the key to doing so. 
a/n: thank you for reading all the way to the end! if you don’t mind, please reblog with a few words describing your experience reading this :) I would very much appreciate it!
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juwrites18 · 2 days ago
I like you | Jeon Jungkook x Reader
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook x Reader
This is a third person pov and the reader has she/her pronouns. The names of the idol and the others aren't mentioned but the characteristics make it pretty obvious about who the fanfic is. This can be read as a simple one shot without the label of fanfic too.
Reader's mother tongue is specified.
Genre: fluff (almost non existent angst)
Warnings: no major warnings, just fluff, strict security for dorm, kinda overuse of word cringe ig lol
Summary: you've had a huge crush on your best friend for a very long time and one fine day you confess but in another language?
Words: 2.2k approximately
"Dude. This isn't fair." He said as his lips pursed slightly in a pout and his doe brown eyes resembling those of a little puppy looked into hers.
She let out a sigh as if to calm her racing heart but failed eventually as she maintained the eye contact with him.
He doesn't really care.
Her inner voice reminded her.
She cleared her throat to tell something but shrugged it off and went back to reading her book. She heard his groan but didn't move her eyes away from the book even when her heart was pounding in her chest to remind her of his presence and she could feel an immense amount of warmth pool in her cheeks.
"Pretty please?" He begged as he lowered the book to meet her eyes once again, but this time her cold demeanour faltered as she found herself getting lost in his chocolate coloured irises and small specks of black radiating from the pupil.
"You know that I can't do that." She said after managing to find her voice and pulling herself out of the trance she was trapped in.
"This one time. I promise. I won't bother you again." He pleaded as she clenched her jaw slightly and annoyance was clearly visible on her face. She hated being the only one who knew the language and could help him to convince the security guard to let him walk past the block they stayed in.
She really despised the coaxing conversation she had put up with the guard so that her friend was excused to leave the campus for the time being.
"Why do I have to always do this?" She questioned a little too loudly and he let out a small chuckle and nudged her shoulder. She attempted to glare at him and he gave her his best bunny smile and she felt her heart melt at the gesture.
Stay strong, heart. Don't betray me, today.
She told herself.
She silently walked towards the gate and he walked beside her.
"What is that you want to do now?" She asked as he opened his mouth to say something but closed it as he shook his head.
"Are you going to another party again?" She asked and stopped as he shook his head quickly to reassure her.
"Then what is it?" She asked.
"I can't tell, but you can come along and find out." He said and she choked on air.
Oh, hell naw, she had early morning classes tomorrow and it was a week day.
"Hell naw, I am not coming. You know we have classes tomorrow." She reasoned.
"I know, miss girl, I study here too. But you never loosen up. Your nose is always stuck up in those books, you need to let go sometimes and let yourself breathe." He explained as she snorted.
"And what are you? A cliche male lead telling the boring one to loosen up because she is too boring?" She asked.
"Hey, I never called you boring." He clarified.
She just scoffed and he smiled.
"You don't study the fat ass books I do." She added.
"To be fair, it wasn't me who asked you to take science, so don't blame me." He said and shrugged and she threw a glare in his direction and if some passerby walked by and watched them, he would've called an exorcist looking at her expression.
But her expression eventually softened, she could never stay mad at him for more than ten seconds, ever. Maybe those were the perks of being his friend since the junior year in high school. They were both inseparable since then and luck was on their side when they got accepted in the same university. It was crazy how they knew almost everything about each other from knowing their schedules to passcodes of their rooms back at their homes.
He smirked as they almost reached the gate.
"Where are you even planning to go?" She asked.
"You will know if you come along." He suggested and she felt tempted.
She thought for a while, it didn't seem like the worst idea, it was bad, yeah she got that but it wasn't something which wasn't terrible either. She debated on the idea of going along with him for a solid two minutes.
"Okay." She said as he blinked at her. He stopped in his tracks and looked at her.
"Really?" He asked as she shrugged and walked towards the security guard. The same bunny smile appeared on his face and she swore under her breath and stood near the campus gate.
"I don't know how you always manage to convince that guard." He exclaimed as he looked towards the street and chuckled.
"I just said that you were hungry and you missed your mom's handmade food with a dramatic touch and well you know he melted because he remembered his mom's handmade food and let us go." She said and shrugged it off with a small smile on her lips feeling the cringe of the conversation she just had with the guard.
"Asians do love their mothers a lot." He said and she nodded.
"That's true." She said as he looked at her.
"I'll have to warn you, we have to back to the campus in an hour." She reminded.
"Yeah, yeah, now, come with me!" He said with excitement ringing in his voice and she followed him hesitantly.
Her mind raced and filled with unnecessary thoughts and scenarios of him involved in  underworld with mafias and some dangerous gangs but she was surprised when he stopped in front of an old building.
"What is this?" She asked with fear dreading her mind.
"It's a building." He replied.
"I can see that you dumbass, you know what I meant." She said and a smile appeared on his lips with dimples engraving deep in his cheeks and she swooned at the sight.
He walked towards the building and struggled with the gate and it finally opened. He walked inside and she followed him slowly, he kept walking till he reached the backyard which faced a cliff and the night sky. The city was visible from this view. It looked dangerous yet peaceful at the same time. She never knew about the existence of this place near her campus and she couldn't help gasp at the scenery in front of her.
"Is this real?" She asked as he nodded.
"Yup." He said popping the p in the said word.
"The construction was stopped abruptly in this area because of some legal reasons." He explained.
"Aren't we trespassing then?" She inquired and it was his turn to shrug.
"I mean, it would be if someone else comes here without our permission." He said casually as her eyes widened acknowledging the words that left his mouth.
"This belongs to you?" She asked and he nodded.
"You never told me."
"You never asked me."
"Dumb bunny."
"Smart donkey."
She stuck her tongue out at him falling short of words and internally frowned releasing why she was still stuck in the friend zone and cringed yet again.
They both sat down on the grass and he sighed as he looked at the night sky, it was pretty. His eyes lit up as he traced the outlines of the constellations adorning the sky.
She couldn't help but let her eyes trail down his face and captivate every possible feature present. She felt a gush of warmth spread all  over her body as he turned to face her and locked his eyes with hers.
"See, letting go sometimes isn't that bad." He said with that adorable bunny smile of his.
She couldn't find appropriate words to match that statement so she decided to shut up and turned around to look at the sky in silence.
They walked back to their dorm in complete silence. The faint chirps of the crickets were heard in the background as they continued to walk towards the gate. She greeted the guard with a small smile and he did the same. The boy beside her let out a small chuckle and walked along with her not before giving the guard a huge smile.
She stopped right in front of her dorm and he looked at her with his hands deep inside the pockets of grey sweatpants. It weirdly felt like a date but who was she kidding? She knew she was deep in the friend zone, probably deeper than the Mariana trench.
She wished if she could tell him how she feels about him without actually telling him understanding her words and suddenly it didn't seem like a bad idea. There was no way on this planet he would ever understand her confession if she confessed in her mother tongue.
She blinked as she debated going back into her room but sighed as she looked at him. He gave her a small smile to speak up.
"मै तुम्हे पसंद करती हूँ।" She said after a while as her eyes looked into his.
(read as Mai tumhey pasand karti hoon, means I like you in English)
Her heart pumped faster in her chest as she held the eye contact, she knew that there was no way he could understand what she just said but she felt her stomach fill with butterflies.
Then, she felt it, the cringe. She clenched her jaw as she looked at the boy in front of her who blinked looking at her in confusion.
"I'll see you later." She blurted and ran her way back to her room before he could open her mouth to say something.
A week.
She avoided him for a week and it was now the weekend. Her cheeks still burned from the embarrassment and she cringed for the nth time remembering her confession.
It was night and everyone was heading to the party in some small penthouse nearby and she had absolute zero percent interest in attending that party. She was dressed in a baggy shirt and trousers and walked down the empty corridors as she looked at everyone leave.
A sudden squeak of someone's shoes against the floor made her turn around and she froze when her eyes met another pair of familiar chocolate coloured doe ones which widened as they met hers. She wanted to turn around and walk away but she couldn't. He approached her slowly and stood in front of her with a small frown on his face.
She felt bad. It wasn't his fault yet he was the one who suffered because of a stupid thought and the action that followed it. It was rare for him to frown, he was that guy who would make your worst days the best and brighten them up with his enthusiasm but the sight in front of her made her want to throw herself off a cliff.
"You are avoiding me." He stated as her eyes widened.
"No, I am not." She said as she gave a fake toothy smile and he pressed his lips in a straight line not buying her fake enthusiasm.
"I really am not, I have a huge exam coming up. Didn't I tell you? Now, I gotta go study, bye." She said in a breath and smiled at him but his reaction didn't change.
She sighed as she smiled one last time to herself and turned around to walk away but stopped when she felt a hand around her wrist. Her eyes widened as she turned to face him. Her heart was racing to the point where she was scared that it might not beat after another moment.
He pulled her a little closer to himself as her wide eyes still processed his fingers around her wrist. He let go off her hand and looked right into her eyes.
"나도 좋아" He whispered. (I like you too)
(nado joh-a)
She wasn't a fluent Korean speaker but after watching an unhealthy amount of Korean dramas she knew what exactly it meant and her heart skipped a beat as she looked at him step closer to her with a small smile on his face.
It was a dream. Right?
How was it possible for him to have figured out what she spoke that night and hold up. What did he say again?
A silly smile sat on his lips as he tried to gauge her reaction but she was too stunned to even move. Her brain was a mess still processing the fact that he understood what she said and liked her back.
His hands slowly intertwined with hers as her wide eyes looked at him. He let out a nervous chuckle and so did she did not knowing what to do.
"Did you really think I won't research and find out what you blurted out that night before running away?" He asked as she opened her mouth to ask him something but closed it again like a fish.
He moved in a little closer and pressed his lips against her right cheek and her entire body heated up at his gesture, she felt herself get dizzy with butterflies storming her stomach. She was surprised looking at the sudden amount of confidence he developed and the glint of happiness in his eyes.
"And, find a better excuse than a non existent exam next time." He said as she burst into a breathy laugh realising how he knew her schedule by heart and she knew his. She smiled at him and his lips lifted upwards to reveal his adorable bunny smile.
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likeastarstar · 2 days ago
Invisible Strings Part Four- Epilogue.
(A/N: Read Part 1!)
"Don't be predictable."
Got it.
Your sparring partner was smart- too smart for your usual tricks. You shifted your weight, throwing your right hand while your left swung, setting up for a cross hook. He blocked you efficiently, letting out a barkish laugh that annoyed you. You made a ticking sound and took a step back, squaring your shoulders to reset your guarded stance.
He lurched forwards, sending a jab your way. You blocked him efficiently before realizing he was only trying to distract you, crossing left. You shrieked, falling into a puddle on the floor of the rink to avoid getting a black eye.
"Did you seriously think I was going to hit you?"
"Yes, motherfucker- I did!" You snapped, glaring up at Jungkook. He gave you a sheepish smile and offered you his arm, letting you hook your gloved forearm around his before he yanked you upright. You squeaked at the brash motion, clutching onto your boyfriend to steady yourself. Jungkook stabilized you with an arm around your waist, a cautious look on his face. You scowled at him, ignoring how hot he looked all sweaty like he was now. "When you told me you were gonna train me, I thought you meant like, in a flirty way. Like, I dunno, maybe we'd play wrestle a little and then bang it out."
Jungkook frowned down at you, tilting his head to the side, "When have I ever joked about working out?"
You froze, pouting slightly, "I guess you're right. Freak."
Jungkook feigned insult and you ignored him, trying to catch your breath for a moment by squishing your cheek against his bicep, leaning your body weight against him. Jungkook only let you rest for a moment, patting your ass lightly, "Okay, let's go lazy. Round two- this time, maybe pay more attention to what's in front of you?"
You shot him a look, picking up on the cocky sarcasm only to be met with the cheekiest smile, Jungkook's tongue caught between his teeth with a gleeful look in his eye and his shoulders shaking in silent laughter. You pushed off of him and rolled your shoulders, getting back into the stance he had taught you. You slapped your bright pink boxing gloves together, signaling your preparedness. Jungkook had been giving you boxing lessons for a couple of months now and you were a quick study- nowhere near as good as him but give it time, you'd get there if not through natural talent then sheer stubbornness. Among the millions of things Jungkook and you had in common, your competitive streak was the strongest.
You bounced on your feet, bringing your hands up in front of you. He rolled his shoulders and cracked his neck, assuming the same stance as you. If you didn't know any better, you'd be scared shitless. The broad shoulders, intense look of focus, the way his height made him tower over you menacingly.
You blocked a jab from Jungkook with a slip and retaliated by sending a left hook his way, rotating your hips to power yourself through the motion. Your gloved fist landed into Jungkook's shoulder, barely making him flinch but still, it was an improvement.
"There we go, Nabi." Jungkook smirked, cheering you on at his own detriment. You couldn't help but smile like you always did when he used his favorite pet name for you. Jungkook said it was because you always gave him butterflies, which only made the butterfly keychain he had given you before the pair of you had even started going out more special to you.
Now it was a sort of theme in your life, the necklace currently around your neck- also given to you by Jungkook- had a tiny butterfly. If Jungkook would stop moving so fast just for a moment, you could see a matching butterfly tattooed on his inner arm. Signs of his love for you were everywhere- the studs in his ears were of your birthstone, the shoes he was wearing were from you- even the haircut he had was done by you one night when he got tired of it getting in his eyes when he was trying to write music. You were everywhere on him. Jungkook was yours, so obviously and completely.
You got distracted again, losing yourself in how sweet and caring your boyfriend was, too preoccupied to notice the exact same guy trying to knock you out, sending his fist straight towards your face. You didn't flinch this time and smirked when he stopped his hand right before it made contact with your face.
"You weren't scared that time?" He asked, slightly out of breath. He paused just long enough to put his guard down, enough time for you to swing your leg around while keeping your core clenched, slamming the side of your shin into his rib cage. It was a move he would've usually been able to block, had he been paying attention to what was in front of him. He yelped, hunching over reflexively.
You flinched, feeling bad that he pulled all his hits and you just went for it. "Sorry, sorry- did I hurt you? Are you okay? Should I get ice?"
"N-No," He wheezed, "That was good- good job. Let's go, we're done for today."
You showered together to save time and water, it was good for the planet, it was just easier! Plus, you liked washing Jungkook's back. There was something really fucking sexy about the muscles and the way they wrapped around his figure, tightening into a tiny waistline and two dimples on his lower back, just above his ass. He washed your hair carefully, mindful of the new earring piercing you had just gotten last week, before wrapping you in a fluffy towel and sending you on your way.
You stepped onto the bath mat, a pair of larger wet footprints swallowing your whole. You smiled at the sight, a whole feeling blooming in your chest. It was strange to you that Jungkook wasn't always this constant of a presence in your life. Sometimes it felt like you had been waiting for him this entire time.
If Jungkook was obviously and completely yours, then you were his in the same way. Anyone could tell from the way you looked at him, from how you doted on him to all of your friends, how little you had to complain about because how bad could life be when you had your soulmate waiting for you at home?
You wiped the condensation off of the mirror, beginning to get ready for the big evening ahead. A pit of anxiety was growing in your stomach, weighing down on you as you brushed through your wet hair with a wide tooth comb. Droplets of water splayed everywhere, barely avoiding hitting Jungkook in the chest when he walked up behind you, already completely dressed.
"Are you ready yet?" He mumbled.
You rubbed your lips together in an attempt to blend in the lip stain you had on, packing away the rest of your makeup quickly. "Almost, sorry."
"No rush, we don't have to go right now if you don't want to," Jungkook said, appearing behind you in the mirror looking...not like himself.
Black hair combed neatly to the side, flowers dangling from one hand, a conveniently modest long sleeved black button down covering all of his tattoos. You squinted, noticing he had swapped his lip ring for a clear stud meant to discreetly keep the hole open. He had left the eyebrow piercing, ironically enough.
"You look like a nerd," You laughed, stepping closer to him and watching his features twist into a wry smile instead of the nervous look he sported before.
"You look like a nerd too, why's your hair parted to the side like that?" He grumbled, pulling you into a loose hug. "You look nice, don't get me wrong, but I've never seen your hair like that."
"My mom says it makes me look more mature," You shrugged. "When did you get those? Are they mine?"
"Had them delivered- They're for your mom," He notified, holding them out of your reach. You pouted dramatically before dropping your hands, settling to kiss him on the cheek.
"I'm lucky you're sweet," You mumbled against his lips, pressing a quick kiss there too for good measure. "Makes this a lot easier."
"Do you think she'll like me?" He asked, suddenly sounding apprehensive.
You lowered yourself back onto your heels, studying his expression closer now. It was strange to you that someone as perfect as him would feel nervous. If it didn't break your heart so much, you might enjoy the advantage. Jungkook felt like your family now, though, and any sense of apprehension made you defensive of him.
"Yes, I do." You said confidently, although your mother was a harsh critic. Your dad, on the other hand, would probably play nice. The back of your mind told you to downplay how nervous you were, knowing it would only make Jungkook feel more timid.
He smiled slightly, releasing a quick breath, "Just don't let her get under your skin too much. I'm grown, I can handle whatever she throws at me."
"Famous last words." You grumbled before leaving the bathroom to change.
They did like him. Barely. They liked him as much as they liked you, which said something.
In retrospect, it was probably their worst nightmare, you bringing home someone who was exactly like you. It made you laugh when you caught your reflection in a mirror, the two of you on your best behavior but so clearly sticking out in a place like your childhood home.
Your mom eyed his piercings all night and your dad's gaze was scrutinizing, not that he said much. Most of the night was you trying to fill the air in case something uncomfortable was said by one of your parents. You just wanted to control the entire situation, bend it to your will as if to say that none of it mattered.
But it did, to you. It meant so much that Jungkook laughed at your dad's jokes that would've made anyone else uncomfortable. He complimented your mom's cooking and said the nicest things the entire time. He got along with your childhood dog and he said he would visit again soon.
You doubt you'd let that happen, but maybe.
It wasn't until you were back in the safety of your own apartment that Jungkook pounced on you, pushing you up against the wall almost as soon as you had crossed the threshold. There was power behind the hands that held you, his heart beating against your skin.
"I missed you all night," He mumbled, squeezing you tightly.
"I was right beside you," You pointed out quietly, but you felt the same. Something felt lonely until Jungkook grabbed you just now. He kissed you again and you pulled him closer.
"It's not the same," Jungkook didn't say anything else, pushing his lips up to yours instead.
You reacted quickly, shivering in his grasp and letting out soft, needy gasps between each press of his lips to yours. His tongue met yours and you felt your knees give out beneath you, held up only by his grasp. He pushes you harder against the wall for support, cornering you in.
"I should've fucked you at your parents house- I should've fucked you in the car, this should be our third time fucking tonight." He whined, his voice pinging around your head like silvery bells. "Why didn't I just do it?"
"Because you're not a sex crazed maniac," You mused, kissing him soundly. He lifted you by the hips and you jumped, wrapping your legs around his thin waist. It was like all of your stress evaporated, replaced by that clean scent that tended to follow Jungkook around. If you lost your sense of smell tomorrow you'd be okay with it, knowing that the last thing that filled your senses was him. It's attractive, the care that he put into himself, he was like a siren drawing you in and forcing you to be obsessed with every part of him.
"I am, when it comes to you. how long have we been together?" He asked, dragging his tongue against yours before you could finish. It was wet and messy and unashamed. Jungkook used to be so shy with you when you first started going out, so polite it broke your heart sometimes, but right now he abandoned any and all reservations he had. He had used all of his social graces on impressing your parents, now he was just himself.
"A year, three months, and ten days," You listed when he pulled away to take your shirt off. He smiled, shooting you a very specific look that made you blush like a little girl. So you kept track, who could blame you?
"Exactly- over a year and I still can't...keep my hands off of you. Want you always, I'm always thinking about you like this." He mumbled, mouthing down your neck and resting his face in the crook of your neck for a moment.
"Even when I'm pissed off at you?"
"Especially then, Nabi." He sighed, looking up at you with a dark note.
Good to know.
"Maybe you were just trying to be respectful of my parents," You smirked, running your hands through his hair as he carried you towards the bed.
"Well I'm about to do some very disrespectful things to their daughter," He joked, dumping you down on the bed before climbing over to straddle you, hips hovering off the ground so he didn't completely squish you.
"I won't tell," You promised, watching as he pinned your arms above your head in one hand, delicate wrists enveloped by his large palm. His thighs squeezed your sides, steady, even pressure to remind you of how powerful he was.
"What did you say about wanting to play fight earlier?" He mumbled, voice low and sultry. "Is this what you meant?"
You gulped harshly, nodding instead of trying to formulate a sentence in this moment. Jungkook laughed, eyes trained on your heaving chest, "If you wanted me to manhandle you, you should've just asked, nabi. Aren't you going to try and fight back?"
He leaned down, kissing your cheek chastly before attaching his lips to your neck. You wiggled your hips underneath him, pleased when he angled his so that you could feel his half hard cock against your stomach. He rutted against you, letting out a shallow breath when you managed to free a hand and scratch down his spine. You turned your face so that you could meet his gaze, an unfocused look in his eye. His hips switched when you looked at him, caught off guard by the sudden eye contact.
"No," You answered quietly. A confused look flashed his face for a moment as if he forgot what the two of you had been talking about only a second ago. You smiled and kissed him quickly in an open-mouthed, messy way that had your tongue prying his lips apart.
You pushed your hand up against him, nails digging into his side. He winced, flinching away from where you had accidentally touched the bruise you left on him. Jungkook curved his back like a cat, leaning into the touch after a moment with his face digging into your skin, "Harder."
His voice was broken and raspy, borderline desperate. You froze, initially thinking that you had misheard your boyfriend.
"Harder- push down harder," He repeated again, voice even more gravely before, "Please- Nabi."
Your hand shakes as you push against the bruise harder, surprised by the pleased noise that greets your air. There's something different about him right now, the desperate way he was grinding against you, pinning you down but begging you so subserviently in the same breath. He moves suddenly, making you freeze for a moment and watch as he flips the two of you over, whipping your body upright so that your positions were completely switched.
He pulled his shirt off and yanks your dress off quickly after, pulling it over your head and tossing it behind you. You like this position just as much, perched on top of his erection with Jungkook splayed out beneath you, body on display. Muscles cutting shapes in the dim lighting, old and new bruises blushing the space on his ribs and sides. You squeezed down on them with the palm of your hand, fingers digging into the purplish hues, "Does it hurt?" You asked quietly, liking the way his mouth falls open.
You slipped two of your fingers into his mouth and watched him suck on them filthily, rocking your hips against him. He jolts, grunting around your fingers and bucks his hips up, "Yeah, but I like it. Turns me on."
"I can tell," You smiled quietly, "You're so hard- you feel so good underneath me. Want you inside me, now."
"Put me in then," He mumbled, words slightly slurred around the fingers in his mouth. You pushed harder, flattening his tongue down with the pads of your fingers until his jaw locks, drool running down the corner of his sweet, pink lips. You laughed and pulled your fingers out, dragging them down his body and towards your pussy, feeling dizzy as your wet index fingers draws figure eights around your clit. Jungkook's eyes were locked on your movements, staring at your wet center dripping onto the sleek material of his slacks. Slacks- he wore slacks just to meet your parents.
The thought broke your heart and you rushed to unzip his pants, lifting your hips as he tugged his cock out, pushing the waistband halfway down his thighs. Jungkook gripped your hip with one hand and slapped your hand off your clit with the other, replacing it with his.
"Are you gonna let me fuck you now? You want me to stretch you out without fingering you first? Can you handle that?" He hummed, sending electric spark up your spine as he pushed and pulled your clit.
"I like when it hurts too," You mumbled, reaching behind you to grip his cock and line it up with your center, sitting down on him in one smooth motion. Jungkook groans loudly and claps a hand down on your ass, gripping the flesh there and using it to move you against his cock. His fingertips touch where his cock is buried in you, rubbing at the flesh there as his other hand continues to manipulate your slit.
You moaned loudly and bounced on his cock, hands digging into his torso, anchoring you as you rocked yourself up and down. He pinches your clit and your hips lose rhythm for a moment, back arching into his touch before giving out completely, your face falling onto Jungkook's chest, ear against his racing heartbeat. You came quickly, vision whiting out. Your entire body trembled, forgetting where you were for a moment. You blink blankly, focusing entirely on the pleasure coursing through your veins and your eyes land on the tiny little butterfly etched into his arm, tracking it as Jungkook picked the slack up for you. Hips canting against yours, skin slapping against yours.
"P-Push down, right there," Jungkook gritted out, pushing his chest up slightly. You only noticed your hand over the bruise you had given him while boxing earlier and shoved the bottom of your palm into it, feeling Jungkook's hips stutter, "Can I-"
"Yeah," You said quickly, cutting him off, already knowing what his question was. You pushed yourself back up and gyrated your hips against him, his fingers still circling your sensitive clit. You almost slapped his hand away but was too busy for it, letting him push you into overstimulation instead as you chased his orgasm.
"I'm gonna- Fuck, Nabi-" He groaned, cutting himself off this time as he pulls you down so that he was buried in you to the hilt. He came, arching his back up in a strangely delicate way as his cock twitched and throbbed inside of you. You moaned at the hot feeling of being filled, hips circling. You can feel it leak out around his cock and down his balls, dripping back onto himself as he pulls out slowly.
Jungkook groaned, dropping flat on the bed with his eyes closed, chest humming. You rolled off of him, catching your breath for a moment. The bedroom you share is still cold, a welcome refreshment after working up a sweat. It was always this frigid everywhere in your apartment- Jungkook and you were both hot blooded creatures. Jungkook rolled onto his side, hand on your belly, "Don't fall asleep- you have to help me put my lip ring back in."
You laughed, nodding silently, "Next time- don't take it out. I like you better the way you are."
You could see Jungkook smile out of the corner of your eye and he nodded, "Don't part your hair like that next time."
"Deal." You grinned. Things were quiet for awhile and you scooted closer to him, letting Jungkook wrap you up in his arms. You kissed the inside of his arm, resting your lips against his skin, "Seeing my parents reminded me how much I feel like myself when I'm with you. Just me- I don't feel like that around anyone else."
Jungkook didn't say anything at first, smoothing your hair back instead, "That's how it should be, when you love someone."
You hid your face in his arms, not bothering to say anything else about the topic. You didn't have the words so you'd just bask in it instead.
"Don't leave me," You mumbled quietly, when you thought he had fallen asleep. But you felt his arms tighten around you, his lips pressing to the top of your head quickly.
"Deal," He said simply.
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7deadlysinsfics · 12 days ago
• crave you | j.jk
Tumblr media
pairing: idol!jungkook x choreographer!reader
rating: 18 +
genre: smut & fluff | idol!au, coworkers to lovers!au pwp,
warnings: jealous jk, an attempt at humor? text messages, tae & jimin being the greatest wingmen lol, explicit sexual content, masturbation, jungkook is HORNY but man is he a softie for yn, fingering, oral sex against the door and on his desk (he’s messy and you love it), strength kink (you love that he can probably throw you around like a doll if he wanted to) unprotected sex (reader is on the pill), sex on a chair, riding, cock warming, jk loves your scent, he likes when you speak spanish to him, he wants you to teach him😉
word count: 4.5k
summary: jungkook can’t get you out of his mind, and his friends think he’s moving too slowly, so they intervene just a little bit to help things move along
— author’s note: here’s a fic that’s been sitting in my drafts for a while in order to celebrate a milestone i had accomplished. it was supposed to be posted a few weeks ago but tags were broken, ugh. thank you to my readers for the support, i appreciate you all so much & i hope you like this one <3
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook didn’t like sharing, and he didn’t want people touching his things. He hated when people invaded his space. And he especially hated when other men touched you. He disliked how his brothers greeted you with hugs and how your hands slightly grazed Namjoon’s chest whenever he said anything funny. If Jungkook weren’t so consumed with jealousy, he’d admit that he’d understand if Namjoon was attracted to you.
You were intelligent, dedicated, highly talented in your craft, and you were so gorgeous. You were confident and sure of yourself in ways he still felt like he wasn’t, and he was powerfully attracted to that.
Probably that’s why you gravitated towards Namjoon the most because he was the same way.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You weren’t even his for him to feel this way towards you. He didn’t own you, but he wanted to so badly—from the first moment your eyes met in the practice room. Oh, the nasty things he wanted to do to you. He could barely concentrate at practice as he watched you choreograph a new dance for his group. Images of how he would take you and fuck you against the dance studio’s mirror you were looking into right now invaded his mind. Watching you in your tight, tiny sports bra didn’t help either.
He often wondered about the little sounds you’d make as he fucked you from behind while he made you stare at him through the reflection. Fuck, his cock throbbed just at the thought of you saying his name over and over again through breathy moans.
He smirked as he recalled all the times you tried avoiding him. He knew it wasn’t because you weren’t interested or shy—you wanted to keep things professional. You didn’t want to complicate things, but he noticed every single time—when you thought he wasn’t looking—you, glancing his way.
He noticed how your pretty dark eyes would trail along his body when he danced. The way you bit your lip when his hands glided up his thigh. The way your chest heaved as you watched him thrust when his eyes finally got to meet yours. He knew he had you right where he wanted you, and you weren’t going to be able to resist him any longer. Jungkook was tired of the sexual tension whenever you two were in the same room. He was tired of holding back. It’d been months, and he was tired of waiting. He was tired of not knowing how your body felt under his touch.
He wanted to know how soft your skin was, how your lips felt against his own, and if that pretty little mouth of yours could take all of him.
“Fuck,” he moans as he jerks off at the thought of you riding him. It was getting worse every day when just the sound of your voice would get him hard. A couple of minutes ago, he had to run out of the practice room because if not, he would’ve embarrassed himself in front of his members and you.
So now, he’s in his studio, still jerking off. His thumb spreads his precum, feeling close to his release when he hears a knock at the door. The unexpected sound startles him, and he stays quiet. He figures that maybe they’ll go away, but whoever it is, keeps knocking very persistently. He groans as he tucks his erection back into his sweats. Unlocking the door and then swinging it open, he’s about to curse at whoever it is, but then gasps, and his eyes widen at the sight of you in front of him.
“W—what...” Your sweet scent immediately engulfs him—vanilla with a hint of jasmine.
“Can I come in?” You ask with a smile. “I hope I didn’t interrupt anything,” you say as you remove your shoes by the door.
Jungkook manages to pull himself together enough to answer you, “Not at all, come in,” he moves aside, and you quickly step inside his studio, not wanting anyone to see you if they were to walk past. You take in his space, the lights are dimmed, and the small room looks pretty organized, save for his jacket strewn over the couch. The AC is on, so your eyes narrow when you notice his hairline a tad sweaty and a bead of moisture running down his temple. When you hear the door lock, you turn around to face him. He seems surprised, but you already knew he was going to be.
You’ve never been in his studio before. Once you were done choreographing for his group, you went home unless you were asked to help another group in the building. There were a couple of times where the guys invited you to eat with them, and you’d accepted each time, wanting to get to know them better. And you did; forming a unique friendship with each of them was the best thing that happened since moving to Seoul from Ponce to follow your dreams. Jimin was the first to strike up a conversation with you on the first day. He later found out you lived alone in the city, no friends or family, and he suggested you be friends.
And then, after some time, he confided in you that Jungkook was interested in something more with you but didn’t know how to approach you, worried you’d reject him—which was insane because you felt the same about Jungkook.
You stepped closer to him, listening to his breathing slowing down, “You’re just going to keep staring at me?”
“I—I... Um,” he stammers.
You only wanted to tease him a little for all the times he’s teased you. He thought he had you in the palm of his hand, but, right now, it’s you who has him in yours.
“Something’s got your tongue?” You smirk at him. He narrows his eyes and bites his lower lip. “Were you working out?” You ask as you slide your hand up to his chest, now noticing some sweat dripping down his neck.
“Something like that,” Jungkook smirks at you, mirth swimming in his dark eyes.
“What were you doing?” The smirk doesn’t leave his face as he slowly looks down between the both of you. You follow his gaze and notice what he was trying to hide when he first opened the door.
You quirk your brow, “Need some help with that?” His beautiful doe eyes narrow, and his gaze darkens at your question.
That does it for you. You push Jungkook against the door, and he grunts as his eyes widen in surprise, not expecting your strength. You look up at him before pressing your lips to his soft ones; not wanting to waste any more time, you part his lips with your tongue, and he follows with his, mouthing at you and grunting as he tastes your sweet flavor for the first time.
“Mmm, big.” You moan against his lips, reaching down to feel his erection strapped between the band of his sweats and his belly and softly squeeze, making him groan into your mouth.
Tumblr media
Jungkook hears his cellphone vibrating on his desk, but he’s much too immersed in you right now. You’re about to kneel in front of him, but he stops you and grabs your arms to hold you up. He chuckles at your cute pout, feeling smug about how much you want to taste him. Everything else can wait—you’re all he wants to focus on, and he’d be damned if he lets anything ruin this moment.
“You first,” he then pushes you against the door and kneels before you, placing his fingers on the band of your sweats, pulling them down. Your breath quickens, knowing what’s about to happen. Jungkook stares at the small, sheer garment covering your wet slit and presses his nose against it, taking a whiff and humming in satisfaction. His cock throbs in its confines every time he hears your little whimpers.
After helping you step out of your sweat pants, his hands go back to your body, gliding them up along your thick thighs and then behind you to grab and squeeze your plump ass. He looks up at you before one of his hands places your leg over his shoulder as he leans in to mouth at your clothed sex. You moan at the feeling of finally having the lips you’ve been dreaming of for months on you. He’s then moving your thong to the side slowly, marveling at the way it sticks to your wetness. Your heady scent surrounds him, his body reacting to every mewl and moan falling from your lips. Jungkook is so hard it almost hurts. Wanting some relief, his hand squeezes at his cock, making him grunt against your cunt.
Your head falls back against the door with a gasp; the coolness of Jungkook’s lip ring surprises you, leaving goosebumps on the inside of your thighs along with the feeling of his tongue teasing your clit. At the same time, his middle finger breaches your wet hole—these sensations all at once are dizzying. His pace is slow at first, his eyes staring at the way your mouth falls open to let out choked gasps; he adds another finger each time your moans get louder. He sucks and licks at your clit simultaneously as two fingers drag in and out, but deeper each time he feels your g-spot.
“Need you nice and stretched out for me, pretty girl,” he chuckles against your cunt, watching you entirely fall apart for him, and it feels like a fucking dream! You’re here in his studio, letting him touch you, kiss you, fuck you with his tongue and fingers.
“Shit, ah— I can take it,” you bite your bottom lip in an attempt to hold in a loud moan, but you quickly give in when Jungkook slides a third finger in, the stretch and fullness making your eyes roll back with a cry.
“Fuck, baby! Yes, like that, keep squeezing my fingers,” he pants. Jungkook grunts loudly at the pain of you pulling his hair as your hips move to run your clit along with his tongue. You’re delirious from the pleasure he’s gifting you, feeling your abdomen tighten and legs shaking from your impending climax. You cry out when he suddenly fingers you at a breakneck pace, reaching so deep you begin to see white spots in your vision. You’re lucky his studio is soundproofed; otherwise, people would come knocking to ask if everything’s okay.
You whine from the loss of orgasm and the emptiness from his fingers no longer inside of you, but Jungkook easily hoists you up and carries you over to his desk. Fuck, he’s so hot. He’s so fucking strong you think he can throw you around like a doll, and you’d thank him for it. Jungkook sees the excitement in your eyes, and he knows it’s because you think he’s finally going to fuck you. “Not yet, baby. Want you to cum on my tongue.” After he removes your thong, you lean back on your elbows as he spreads your legs and kneels before you, eyes glancing up to yours as a glob of his spit drips from his lips and onto your clenching cunt.
“Oh god! Jungkook!” Your head falls back with a lewd moan, his mouth messily making out with your folds. He’s so fucking messy; the squelching sounds of your wetness as his tongue slithers across your cunt have you feeling delirious. You shudder when Jungkook’s lips envelop your clit, suckling and licking rapidly as two fingers breach your clenching hole once more.
Without warning, you cum on his tongue, moaning obscenities that have Jungkook close to coming untouched in his pants. He squeezes his dick, trying to control himself. He’s wanted you for so long, and he wants this to last. “Shit, you taste amazing.” Jungkook stands and hovers over you, slotting his lips against yours, tongue parting your lips to give you a taste. You moan, tasting your essence on him. You can feel his hardness against your crotch, and you whine as your hands reach for his clothed cock. “Goddamn,” he hisses. “What do you want, baby. Tell me.”
“Want your cock. Please, Jungkook, fuck me.” You drive him crazy hearing you beg him like that. He wants to hear more. “Beg me again,” he teases.
You fucking pout, and he’s a goner. It’s like you know he’s obsessed with your pretty lips, lips he’s been craving to taste for so long. Lips he’s dying to see wrapped around his cock one day. But not today; he wants to feel your walls wrapped around him instead.
“Please, I want you to fuck me, baby. Want you to fill me up so good.” He lets out a shuddering breath at your words and pleading eyes before he takes off his shirt and pulls down his sweat pants, not bothering to pull them down all the way. His cock springs free and smacks against his insanely defined abs. You almost drool at the sight of him—so fucking sexy you could cum just by looking at him. Jungkook reaches for your hands, helping you off his desk as he takes a seat in the chair and pulls you onto his lap to straddle him, his cock nestling between your dripping folds. He leans back as he watches you take off your shirt, and then your bra follows. You’re a fucking vision; you almost don’t seem real to him.
“Everything about you is beautiful,” he says in wonder, calloused fingers tracing the roundness of your breasts, down the valley of them and over your soft tummy until he reaches your mound and a little lower still until he feels your swollen nub. Jungkook bites his bottom lip unconsciously when you let out a choked gasp, still sensitive from your orgasm. “So wet.”
You do the same, not holding back from touching his body which is a work of art, and not just because of his defined muscles. His right arm and hand are full of beautiful and intricate tattoos that have caught your attention since the first time you saw them. “You too. So beautiful,” you whisper, hands tracing the ink from his shoulder to his hand. You smile when you hear him intake a breath, goosebumps appearing on his skin as your fingers also trace the line of piercings on his right ear.
You lay your forehead on his shoulder as his fingers circle your clit. When you glance back up at him, you can’t help but stare at his hooded eyes, looking so fucked out by just pleasuring you. Watching him look that way ignites something inside you, and you want to make him feel just as good.
“What is it, baby?” But you don’t answer him. Instead, you crash your lips over his, desperately kissing him, and he matches your need. Both of his hands slide down your back, grabbing and kneading your ass, helping you glide over his cock, back and forth as your wetness coats his length. He could cum like this, he’s so close, but then you stop moving. Your teeth pull at his bottom lip as you pull away, and he hisses, the slight sting making his cock twitch between your folds.
Your eyes stay glued to his as you lift a little to reach down, grabbing his cock and aligning it at your entrance. Jungkook is hard, thick, and heavy in your hand, and you wonder for just a millisecond if he’s stretched you out enough. But like you warned him earlier, you can take him. You slowly sink on his length, the stretch impossibly overwhelming but so damn good it has you gasping for air, your hands holding on to his shoulders like an anchor.
“Carajo,” a Spanish expletive escapes your lips near his ear in a shuddered whisper when his cock reaches deep. You feel him twitch inside of you, and you smirk. “You like that?” You move your hips slowly, back and forth. Jungkook can only nod, his words stuck and mind hazy. His hand squeezes your ass hard, and you cry out more Spanish words against his ear. He’d do anything to hear more.
Jungkook’s guttural moan surprises you when you start bouncing on his cock. You can’t help but feel a bit smug knowing that you’re the one making him feel like this. That his usual dark brown eyes turn midnight when they’re blown out by lust and pleasure because of you.
“Fuck, just like that. Keep moving just like that, baby.” His hands slide up your curvaceous thighs, his thumbs caressing a few stretch marks on the sides of your hips before they reach your breasts to play with your nipples. Jungkook is stuck on the visual of your cunt sucking him in with each bounce on his cock. You’re so wet it drips down his balls and onto the chair. You cry out a moan when he pinches your nipple, making his eyes snap up to look at you, “Your sounds are so pretty. You’re being so good for me,” he praises, and it makes your walls clench, bringing him closer to an orgasm. “Jungkook, oh fuck. I’m so close,” you mewl, arms falling over his shoulders.
“Cum for me,” he pulls you in closer, your chest flush against his as he brings an arm around you to help you fuck him harder as the other hand rests in between your bodies to stimulate your clit. “Look at me when you cum, beautiful. I don’t want to miss those eyes when you let go for me,” he whispers against your lips.
You look at him, eyes so fucked out and teeth biting on his bottom lip. He’s so gorgeous like this. Pleasure keeps building as his deft fingers continue flicking your swollen nub much faster this time, your walls fluttering violently around his twitching cock. The sensation is so deliciously overwhelming for Jungkook that he can’t keep his moans to himself any longer; his noises coupled with the sounds of skin slapping skin make you cum so hard your ears begin to ring. Your mind is so fuzzy you barely hear Jungkook moan out your name when he feels the gush of your arousal coating his cock.
“Fuck, baby. I’m gonna cum,” Jungkook groans, both of his arms now holding onto you tightly as he helps fuck you through your orgasm. “Where?”
“Ah, inside me.” Your thighs are on fire, and he knows you’re exhausted, so he plants his feet firmly on the floor and fucks up into you until he’s spilling his seed inside of you. “Oh, fuck.” You pant out, head falling against his right shoulder. Your hand rests on his chest, right over his heart which beats erratically, making you smile. Your smile widens more when he rests his face against the side of yours. You giggle when the coolness from the metal of his eyebrow piercing startles you since you’re both hot and sweaty.
To be honest, when Tae and Jimin suggested you should tell Jungkook how you feel about him, you had no idea you two would end up like this so fast. You had a whole speech prepared while riding the elevator to his floor. That all went out the window when he opened the door, and you noticed you might’ve caught him mid-masturbation, flushed cheeks, and sweaty. Your eyes had no business raking his body lower until they settled on his very obvious dick print—which the gray sweat pants didn’t help much in concealing. After both of your heartbeats settle and you’re still holding on to each other, Jungkook looks up at you and sighs before giving you a soft kiss. He’s got this look in his eyes that has your heart racing—you decide you like it. He then rests his forehead against yours, “How do you say ‘I like you a lot in your language’?”
The ghost of a smile plays on your lips, and you lean back a little to look at his face. The way he stares at you, you feel your heart do something it hasn’t done in quite a while.
“Me gustas mucho,” you answer.
He hums, looks into your eyes, and repeats the words, his tone sounding much deeper as he pronounces each syllable. Fuck, this was it, wasn’t it? Your new obsession. “I want you to teach me more,” he grins at you, his nose doing that cute scrunch thing you like so much.
“Fine, but It’s not fair,” you chuckle.
“What isn’t?” Jungkook circles his arms around your waist and brings you in closer, nuzzling your neck as he takes in your scent. You smell so good to him.
“You pronounced the words so well. Meanwhile, my Korean is still iffy.”
He shakes his head, “Sounds good to me. Be good to yourself; you’ve been learning pretty fast.”
“Joonie made fun of me the other day because I mispronounced a word and said cum instead,” Jungkook chuckled at your cute pout and kissed it.
“I wish I were there to hear that one,” he laughs. “You’re adorable.”
“Shut up,” you whine, letting out a huffed laugh. Jungkook takes your hands and intertwines his fingers with yours, admiring how beautifully they fit together. He kisses your hands and then glances up at you, taking in the freckles that brush lightly over the bridge of your nose and the tops of your cheeks. He thinks you’re so damn pretty.
“What?” You brush a curl out of your face, suddenly feeling shy under his intense gaze.
“Nothing. I like looking at you. Is that okay?” You look away, and Jungkook smiles, finding your bashfulness endearing.
“Hm, I’ll allow it,” you tease, and his eyes crinkle at the corners when he grins, his tattooed hand sliding down your back until it reaches its destination. He gives your ass a soft squeeze, and you’re reminded that you’re both still naked, his semi-hard length still buried inside of you. “We kind of did this all backward, huh?”
Jungkook tilts his head to the side, “What do you mean?” His hands are now positioned on your hips, his thumbs caressing your skin there, and you’re slowly feeling hot again.
“Well, I showed you all my goodies before you took me out on a proper date.”
Jungkook pulls you even closer; his cock twitches when he feels your walls clench around him and your bare chest pressed against his. “Believe me, pretty girl, sex or not, I would’ve taken you out on a date. I want to date you—wanted to for a long time.”
“Yeah?” You smile, and he nods. “Where would you take me?”
“For our first date, I was thinking of something chill, like a picnic at Seoul Forest. We could talk and get to know each other more.”
“I’d love that. I haven’t been there yet.”
“I think you’d like it.” Jungkook tucks a stray curl behind your right ear. “Jimin hyung said you liked animals. We can feed the deer after the picnic.”
“You asked Jimin what I liked?” Jungkook nods. “I can’t wait for our date.”
“Me too. Maybe we can do this again after our date,” he kisses you, and you respond with a moan.
“Why wait until then when I’m craving you now?”
“Shit,” he whispers, closing his eyes tightly. Jungkook felt the same. He craved you before, during, and he knew he’d crave you all the time after today. His cock slips out of you, your mess everywhere, but he doesn’t care. He holds your thighs around his waist, walks you over to his couch, and gently lays you.
He was going to fuck you exactly how you deserved.
After he cleans you up, Jungkook pulls one of his t-shirts over your body, and you both lay on the couch in comfortable silence. He thinks back to the first time he saw you walking into the office to meet them. You seemed a little nervous, and he thought that was cute. He was instantly attracted to you, and somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew he could fall in love with you one day. That day comes sooner than he expected when you fall asleep on his chest, your body unconsciously searching for his warmth. Jungkook can’t keep his eyes off your face as the cute pout he likes so much appears even in your sleep.
There are only two other places he ever feels safe in—the dance studio and with his members.
Jungkook now feels the same in your arms.
Tumblr media
copyright © 7deadlysinsfics | no copying, reposting, translating, or modifying my works
Tumblr media
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evafrechette · a month ago
First light (drabble)
Tumblr media
↠ Taehyung (BTS) x Reader | Smut | dilfTaehyung!AU | 18+ | 1.3k
↠ Summary: The golden rays of the early morning sun flow through your window, a gentle piano tinkles in the background and your partner Taehyung brings you to your release with just his talented tongue and fingers.
↠ Warnings: oral sex, finger fucking, taehyung is a dilf, nipple sucking/licking, sex tape, post-pregnancy bodies are hot, tae really likes his facial hair.
AN: This fic is 120% inspired by Tae’s instagram story showing off that facial hair. Oooff, my biggest weakness on a man!
Tumblr media
"Hey, heyyy, stop it babyyyy." You giggled as Taehyung's prickly stubble rubbed against the soft jiggly flesh of your inner thigh.
You could feel him smile against your skin as he continued to drag his chin along the faint pinky white lines of stretch marks that decorated your legs, reminders of the changes your body went through with pregnancy.
Soft jazz music drifted from the phone placed face down on the side table. Tree branches swayed outside the window, dancing in time with the complex chords and syncopated jazz rhythms.
"You made a promise to be faithful by all the stars above. And now you call it madness, but I call it love." Taehyung's husky, warm, soulful voice sung hypnotizingly deep, small goosebumps rising when his hot breathe blew against your cool flesh.
"Do you think I would look good with a beard?" Taehyung asked, rubbing his chin between his index finger and thumb like a villain from an action film.
"Mmmm." Taehyung hummed as he reached your clothed core, nuzzling his nose into the white see-through fabric that was embroided with pretty little orange, white and red flowers. A long finger curled underneath the fabric and pulled the panties to side exposing your freshly waxed pussy to the early morning sun that shone dreamily through the open curtains that framed your bedroom window. Dust particles floated lazily around the room, past Taehyung's messy mop of dark chocolate brown hair.
You raised yourself up onto your elbows and glanced down, Taehyung was laying between your spread legs, his handsomely soft face up close to your most private of places. A content smirk never left his face as he placed small wet kisses along your smooth skin, when he sat up to remove your panties at an antagonising slow pace or when he finally removed his oversized white shirt and boxer shorts.
Taehyung moved to grab the phone off the side table and popped it down near the end of the bed. He returned to between your legs and gripped onto your thighs, pushing them further apart. His flat tongue licked along your inner thigh, a wet trail of salvia following his movements. Without warning he scratched his tickly chin against your flesh again, chuckling when you squirmed against him. "Cute." He smiled, repeating the action on the opposite leg.
You laughed out loud, quickly clasping your hand over your mouth as you both looked towards the open bedroom door, secretly hoping your laughter hadn't woken your sleeping daughter.
"You could wake up one morning covered head to toe in fuzzy fur and I'd still think you are gorgeous. Aaahhh." You replied, sighing when Taehyung brushed his tongue through your folds. He took his time to explore your pussy, worshipping it the way it deserved.
He wrapped his lips around your clit and sucked on your sensitive nub gently, tongue flicking out to lap around your clit in a circular motion. His tongue moved slowly downwards and entered your pussy, groaning as he lapped up your sweetness. Holding your pussy lips open with two fingers he pushed his tongue in and out of you, eyes rolling to the back of his head when your hand shot out to grab a chunk of his hair. Your grip on his locks tightened when he slid two fingers into your pussy and moved his plump lips back to your clit. Taehyung pumped his long fingers deep inside you, rubbing against the sensitive spot of your inner pussy, getting you closer and closer to your release.
"Tae-Taehyung, baby, baby, ohh fuck." Your thighs clamped around his head as his skilled tongue lapped back and forth over your swollen clit - side to side, up and down, fast and then slow.
Taehyung pulled away from your pussy and removed himself from your thick thighs still clamped around his head. He sat up and reached behind himself for the forgotten about cellphone. After a few moments of clicking through apps he found the one he was looking for and shot you a devilish smirk.
"You are truly beautiful, I need to capture this moment, your effortless beauty. Mind if I film you?" Taehyung asked, eyes gazing over your heaving chest.
You shyly nod your head and flushed as Taehyung moved the phone over your breasts. With his free hand he, with somewhat of a struggle, undid the ribbon tie holding each bra strap together over your shoulders. Taehyung pushed the fabric down, muttering under his breath as your nipples hardened the second the cool air touched them. He angled the camera to show both his pink, kiss swollen lips and your breast as he sucked and nipped at your nipple. His tongue licked around your large areola then flicked against your pink sensitive nub.
As he ran his face across your chest, one breast to the other his stubble scratched against your skin, "Look at how red your skin gets." He kissed the light stubble burn, a goofy but proud smile on his face, "So, so beautiful."
You swallowed down a laugh, Taehyung was acting as though he had a beard to rival Santa's, at most he had a bit of scruff on his chin and a dusting along his upper and bottom lip, but even you could admit the facial hair was a good look. Turning him from just a handsome guy that turned heads everywhere he went into a bona fide dilf. The kind overpaid writers wrote about for their shitty, yet somehow always incredibly popular Hallmark films.
Your hips rocked against his face as Taehyung licked stripes from your perineum to your clit, stopping to suck on your pussy lips on his way back up. The sharp pricks of his chin hairs tickled your sensitive flesh. The contrast between his soft, plush lips and the rough stubble on his face was intoxicating. You were so wrapped up in how unbelievable he was making you feel you forgot all about the camera app that was still recording.
A concentrated heat began to pool inside your core, your legs trembled and your heart was racing faster than usual. "Ahhh baby, ohh I'm so close, keep doing that. Yeaahh fuckk, Tae, ohh, Tae." Your moans of pleasure drove Taehyung wild, the dark mass of hair on his head shaking side to side as his mouth ravaged your pussy and clit.
"Tae." A soft, drawn out whine interwined with the jazz music still floating around the room as you came on his eager tongue. He raised his hand to aim the camera towards your face. Your fucked out expression taking up half of the screen from the wonky angle he held the phone. He begrudgingly removed his mouth from your pussy and quickly shoved the phone there instead, spreading your pussy lips apart and lightly running his fingers through your absolutely wet folds - a mix of your own arousal and his salvia.
"The prettiest pussy I've ever seen." Taehyung hummed, turning the phone so the camera was now facing him. He pushed his fingers into his mouth, sucking hard on your creamy essence, licking the digits clean.
He clicked the stop button and let the phone drop to the mattress. Just as Taehyung hovered above you, the tip of his hard cock straining against your enterance, ready to shower you with kisses full of love and tenderness while he fucked you deep and hard a distant wail broke his trance.
"Ughhh getting cock blocked by my own daughter, great." Taehyung puffed and rolled off the bed, quickly shoving his boxer shorts back on.
"I can get her." You remarked, tying the ribbon of your bra together over your right shoulder. Taehyung leaned over and kissed your forehead, "Nope, you relax babe I've got this."
Laying back against the sticky warm sheets you could hear Taehyung singing sweetly from the other room and you smiled hard, your plump cheeks hurting slightly.
Yeah, Taehyung was the best dilf on the planet, there was no doubt about it.
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frutaetae · 29 days ago
No Time to Die | 01 yandere! Jungkook au
Tumblr media
Synopsis : his thick brows were knitted together in anger but his lips wide open into a wide grin showing his deceiving innocent bunny smile, at that exact moment you felt dread creep into your vein. The gun barrel which was poking at your cheek was looking less scary as compared to the deranged expression on his face.
Pairing: Pyschopath jungkook x captive reader
Genre: yandere, kidnapping, smut, dub non-con, murder, gore, mind break, physical and mental abuse, isolation, delusional behaviour.
Warning: Dark, VERY DARK CONTENT, mature themes and topics, mentions of kidnapping, murder, blood lots of blood, psychological themes, mind break of reader, abusive lots and lots of abuse, manipulation, isolation, delusional behaviour, torture, sadistic behaviour. I hate jungkook in this one.
A/N: I do not condone the acts displayed in the story, it’s just a work of fiction written only for entertainment purposes neither any of the BTS members are anything like the story shows.
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It is a blissful day in itself, you are finally getting your graduation degree in English from University college of Edinburg one of the most prestigious colleges in Europe. Coming from a family full of scholars and businessmen you were left with little to no choice of following your dream of becoming a singer. Life has never been easy on you, with always staying under the pressure of performing as per everyone’s expectations, to the constant fear of what will the society think, you didn’t wanted to be a shame on your family made you to go harder and harder on yourself. Today was the fruitful day to receive the reward of 3 long ass years and as usual none of your parents were able to make it to your graduation ceremony but you had Noah your angel of a boyfriend who was always present by your side to support you including today. You both were getting your degree today.
From your childhood you had many dreams one of them being travelling the world on your own. Finally now that you’ve graduated you decided to take an year off before pursuing your masters degree in literature. You wanted to be a professor in a prestigious college or maybe someday even write a book. You thought that this vacation could be a great opportunity for you to gain more exposure and get experience. Weird how you first have to work your ass off to get a graduation degree then work for a masters degree and on top of that a job experience, how am I supposed to get a job experience when I’m applying for the job to get that experience.
Does that even makes sense you scoff at this thought.
“So babe which place have you chosen to be your first destination” Noah asked while sipping his hot chocolate. You both have just finished decorating your shared apartment’s Christmas tree, this is your second Christmas together but somehow it still feels lonely. Your family is never in town during Christmas everyone busy with their own personal jobs, quite ambitious anyone would say but sometimes it really makes you wonder how it feels to be with everyone and happy. Noah and you started dating in the second year of your college and soon decided to move in as his parents live in another city and you were too lonely and wanted someone to be around. Right now for you deciding the vacation destination has became more tough than your college entrance exam. Pretty ironic.
“I’m confused between Australia and Hawaii or should I choose some asian country? Heard they’ve a lot of scenery to admire” you’ve by now went on every website and read about the common liking of tourists towards the Asian countries. And a few of them even caught your attention, you were fascinated by japan’s culture, Indian landmarks, Thai food and the newly immersing tourist hotspot South Korea. “How about you visit each one of them, you can start with the nearest one” you nodded at this still confused with your choses of places.
With a lot of thoughts and discussions you came to the conclusion of marking south korea as your first destination. It had all you were thinking of the amazing places to visit, a great exposure for you to get your first teaching experience with the increasing demand of English speakers day-by-day, the food and not forget to mention the amazing K-pop music. It was like a package and so you booked your flight tickets to South Korea, all set to experience your first solo trip. Noah left for his city a couple of days after new year, currently you were packing your stuffs to leave to Korea the coming weekend.
4 months later
Your decision to come to south korea proved to be the best decision you’ve ever taken. You couldn’t have asked for more you got a job to give English lessons at a decent amount of salary in a renowned college of seoul, there you met Lia who’s got selected a stipend biochemistry teacher. On your first week of work both of your vibes just clicked and soon became best friends to flatmates. Now you would spend your day teaching, come home rest and spend your evenings and nights enjoying and exploring seoul with Lia.
It was one of the regular days you were buying daily household items at emart when you felt someone’s stare on you, it wasn’t the first time you felt this. From the past one month you could feel someone following you whenever you go out at night with Lia. It was a strange feeling but whenever you would turn to catch that person you were met with no one, were you just being delusional. At first you thought it could be some after effects of moving into a new place but nowadays that eerie feeling started to become more frequent so you turned around but again met with nothing but an empty aisle of cereals. Shaking this thought you quickly finished your shopping and went to the cash counter for billing procedure. “Sorry ma’am we don’t have change at the moment could you give a 10000 won note instead of 50000 won” guess luck was completely out for you today searching through your purse you realised you were out of change notes.
“Here I’ll pay for the both of us” a man wearing a black mask and a black baseball cap approached you. He seemed to be around 5’10 with muscular arms and chest, he almost seemed like some celebrity in disguise with such unique striking features but there was something utterly strange about him, the way his eyes were shining but not in a good way made you really uncomfortable. “No it’s ok I can pay from my card” you politely declined his offer and proceeded to pay and leave from here as soon as possible. You were unlocking your bicycle from stand when someone tapped your shoulder from behind, turning on your heels you met with the same black cap guy. “What do you want?” you could somehow feel this eerie aura around him something which want to make you run as far as possible away from him. Removing his mask you were met with a gentle childlike smile, his smile makes his resemblance look like a giant bunny. Seeing his face and his hand gesture telling you not to panic somehow made you a little calm.
“Hey you’re my English teacher” he says bowing a little but you were pretty confident that this was your first time seeing him and there was no way you’ll not recognise such a peculiar face if he was one of your students. “I think you mistook me for someone else. I’m not your English teacher” you said now ready to ride off this place but he wasn’t ready to budge. Steady on his feet right behind you calling again and again that you were his English teacher the situation really made you scared so you started peddling faster but he was ardent on his path started to run after you. You started move in the direction of your house but he was still coming behind you. Now in this type of situations it is advised to people not to go to their houses if someone is following them or else they’ll get your exact address but you were out of options now. There were no coffee shops in this area and emart was the only convenience store so you can’t go back. You were hyperventilating by now seeing him on his heels just a few meters behind you. Peddling with all the strength you had you finally reached your apartment’s parking lot. Standing your bicycle on the stand you were about to sprint inside when that guy appeared in front of you. Startled by him you took your position in a defensive karate pose, chuckling at your reaction he said “hey hey relax ok I’m gonna tell you the truth, I’m not your student but I need your help.” His sudden approach made you boil with anger “so you’re saying you first lied about being my student then literally followed me to my house and now you have the audacity to ask for help” all this while he just kept staring at you with a smirk on his face.
“A feisty one I see” he mumbled to himself.
You weren’t able to hear what he said but you assumed it was nothing good so you decided to ignore his presence and started walking inside the building. “Hey please wait atleast listen to me once and then decide” he stops you by holding your wrists with pleading eyes. Sighing you gave in and motions him to speak what he wants to say, giving you one of his bunny smiles again he starts “Let me introduce myself my name is jeon jungkook and I really need you to help me with English lessons. I’ve applied for a job in a multinational company and as per the terms they only hire people with decent English and my perhaps is not even anything close to decent. Will you help me please.” This was beyond strange for you like why amongst so many people he’s so adamant for you to teach him “I understand but why specifically me and how do you even know I’m an English teacher” you question him with a tint of hesitation in your words. “Oh my little brother goes to the same university you teach, I saw you there and about the thing why I need you to teach is, you see my interview is in two weeks so I don’t have much time and because you’re a foreigner that too an English professor isn’t it obvious you’re the best one to ask help from.”
“Yes jungkook I understand but I’m sorry I can’t help you. I’m here to enjoy my year off, I’m already spending my day hours in college and I need evenings for myself to relax and enjoy. I’m sorry” you declined his offer but didn’t let your guards down his aura was still as creepy as before. Upon hearing you decline his offer he stayed on his place for a minute as if he was in some deep thought “What if I pay you 50000 won per hour.” You both stayed at your place completely frozen for a moment, did you heard it right? “50000 won for an hour?? Are you sure you’re really doing this. I mean don’t you think it’s too much for an hour” you were really curious now. “Is that job really that important?”Nodding his head he continued “now you see how desperate I’m to get this job.” Practically the offer seemed pretty harmless to you, giving 1 hour after the college timing only for 2 weeks will not affect your night out schedule at all also it was a great amount of money to say no too. Thinking on this for a solid 2-3 minutes you decided to speak “ok I accept your offer. We will meet everyday after my college at a cafe, there I’ll give you the lessons” hearing this jungkook extended his hands for a handshake with a big smile on his face, not his usual toothy smile but rather a more mysterious type the one you couldn’t make exactly what it meant. “Deal” with that you accepted his handshake, the firmness of his cold rough hands made you gasp. His hands were totally opposite to his face, they were rough and cold like he did some kind of manual job with them on a daily basis.
You were about to leave when jungkook again stopped you “amm….. mind if I ask for a glass of water? I’m really thirsty from all the running from supermarket till here” he asked while rubbing his hands at the back of his neck in an awkward and embarrassed position. Although his request was pretty harmless but this whole situation and his sudden approach for help is still very weird for you to fully trust this stranger and let him inside your apartment didn’t seemed the right idea to you. You were about to decline him but then the idea struck your mind, this was the best opportunity to introduce him to Lia and let him know that you’re not alone, if he’s under the delusion that you’re just another vulnerable foreigner he could trick. “Yeah sure” you let him inside your apartment which was on the second floor. It was a decent place for two bachelorette not very expensive equipped with moderate furnishings. Lia was on the sofa watching some tv show upon noticing the front door open she turned to greet you but instead was met with a handsome muscular guy entering behind you. “Ooh looks like someone is having fun tonight” she passed you a wink to which you rolled your eyes. Ignoring her comment you tell jungkook to wait by the door while heading towards the kitchen to bring him a glass of water. “Not so soon Lia he’s just my new student” you say from the kitchen.
“A student?? Aren’t you a bit too old to be her student” at her comment jungkook’s cheeks turned a shade of pink. “Yeah actually I’m taking private lessons from her not exactly a student but yeah hypothetically a student” you further added to finish jungkook’s sentence “and that too Mr is giving 50000 won for an hour” Lia lets out a dramatic gasp of “what” after hearing this. “So are the son of some rich CEO or what. If that’s so I’m single here” laughing at her own jokes Lia offers him to take a seat on the couch. “By the way I’m Lia” she extends her hand towards jungkook “I’m jungkook” he says taking her hands for the handshake. You came by with a glass of lukewarm water and took your seat near Lia. “So y/n tell your student if someday he needs biochemistry lessons then I’m always available” you smack her shoulder laughing in embarrassment. “Dude he’s just here for a glass of water” till then jungkook finished his glass and stood up to leave. “You’re leaving already? Y/n why don’t you invite him to our tonight’s karaoke party” Lia insists to which you glare at her lipsing a NO.
“No no it’s fine I’ll take my leave now. I’ve work to do” jungkook wears his shoes and was about to twist the doorknob but suddenly halted in his way and turned back to you. “Do you have a pen” he asks. “Yeah” confused you opened your backpack and gave him a pen. He took out a crumbled piece of paper from his pocket and began writing something on it. After scribbling for a while he hands you the paper and directly heads out without saying anything.
“What the hell was that” Lia calls out from behind. “I don’t have any idea” you came back on the couch after locking the door. “What did he wrote in the paper? He’s kinda weird” Lia takes the folded paper from your hands but gasped after seeing what was inside. Taking the paper back from her you too were left stunned after what you saw. It was a sketch of yours with his name and contact number written in bold letters at the end. This was not normal it can’t be, who even does that the sketch was so identical, the details it wasn’t possible to make such a detailed sketch of someone at the first meet. The uneasy vibe you were getting from him was now growing more and more, sure you accepted the offer but that doesn’t change the fact that he is still a stranger whom you have allowed directly inside your apartment.
You and Lia were having this discussion about jungkook from an hour or so, finding every single reason to say yes or no to him. “See y/n i understand there’s something off about him but look at it this way you guys are meeting at a cafe full of people and he’s paying you such a hefty amount. It’s only for 2 weeks, just imagine the ways this extra add to the income can change things for us” which was true this whole situation was like a game changer and after thinking about it rationally declining it would be like throwing a golden bowl. So at the end you decided to meet him at the cafe for his lessons.
The next day after returning from college you were going to meet jungkook in Coffee Express at 4 pm. “Don’t tell me you’re wearing that” Lia enters your room grumpily looking at your reflection in the mirror. “Why what’s wrong with this” you question while taking a full view at yourself in a pair of loose denim, a yellow floral sweater with a scarf. “You’re going out with a little creepy but a good looking young man. You can’t just go out looking like an old lady miss” she folds her hands above her chest and shakes her head in disapproval. You chuckle at her cuteness she really does resemble like a kuala. “I’m going to give him English lessons Lia this is not a date” dismissing you she went to your wardrobe and starts searching for whatever she was wanting. “You never know when it becomes one so you should always be ready. He just seems a few years older than us, is rich, is handsome and definitely looks interested in you, is a romantic guy otherwise I don’t remember any of my stupid exes drawing my sketch” she says dramatically. “God Lia you’re really such a drama queen and if you’ve forgotten lemme remind you I’ve a boyfriend Noah I hope you remember” you smile at her to which she gives you one of her cheeky smile “Bet and I’m just saying you should always look around” she returns with a set of outfits and starts to match their combination.
Now thanks to Lia you’re looking like one of those social media influencers who are ready to click anytime anywhere. You reached the cafe and saw jungkook sitting at one the corner seats at the end, you waved walking up to him. “Hey looking good. Almost thought you were someone else” he offers you a seat. “Ouch that’s offensive” you joked along. He wasn’t giving the same weird vibe today, to your surprise it was rather a jolly and shy type. Teaching him wasn’t as hard as you thought he was a pretty fast learner, picking up the basics quite efficiently. An hour and a half passed without you even realising it, maybe it was just your paranoia yesterday cause jungkook seemed like a total different person today. You were now glad that you listened to Lia and accepted this offer. “Thank you for today’s lesson y/n, it’s already past our decided time sorry for that I’ll pay you extra for that” he says bowing a bit. “Hey no need for that and besides I really enjoyed teaching you. Believe me you’re really a smart person, never met someone who learned so effortlessly” you smiled at him. He reaches to take out his wallet to give you your payment but a look of disrest took place on his face and he starts searching his other pockets. “What happened” you asked concerned at his sudden reaction.
“I think I accidentally left my wallet at home” he looks at you a bit panicked. “It is fine you can pay me tomorrow, no need to panic jungkook” but he dismisses by shaking his head. “No no that’ll be unfair from my side, you even spend extra time. I can’t just do this with my first payment.” You gave him a gentle smile telling him how it was ok and you don’t mind giving extra time but he was ardent to pay. “Hey why don’t you come to my apartment I live just two blocks away. I’ll pay for the taxi to take you back home too. It’s not safe to walk back at this time” looking at his sincere look and big doe eyes you weren’t able to deny his offer and accepted the lift from him. You both took a taxi to his house which was near by, it was an apartment complex building not too extravagant. To be honest you were actually expecting him to be in some rich looking high class building from the amount of money he was offering you but it completely contradicted your expectations. Maybe he didn’t believed in living lavishly or maybe he was down to earth whatever it was none of your concern you thought. He asked the taxi driver to pull over, turning towards you he asks if you’ll come by his apartment as it’ll be impolite for him to make you wait here. You gave it a thought but nevertheless what harm it’ll to be anyways so you comply and asked the taxi driver if he could wait for her here to which said yes. All this while you failed to notice the newly formed dark look on jungkook’s face and the little smirk he gave after sneakily paying the taxi driver his fair after you left the taxi walking right inside the lion’s den.
You let your guards down
Now you pay
That was the only rule life follows and today you let your guards down in front of the devil himself.
Entering his apartment which was on the 4th floor you noticed that it a lot quieter than the other places maybe he had some good neighbours. He told you to wait on the couch and went to get his wallet from his bedroom. You were busy admiring the little cozy place which had this cute fire place that you completely failed to even think how off this place looked. After a while when jungkook didn’t returned you started to grew impatient “jungkook the taxi is waiting I’ve to go” you shouted. “Just a second” and just like that he returns back with a small pouch in his hand which you assumed was his wallet but instead he sat on a rocking chair completely ignoring you. “What are you doing seating there jungkook I’ve to go, my payment?” you stood in front of him with an irritated look on your face. He just kept staring at you with an amusing look on his face like this was some kind of comedy show.
“Is this some kind of sick joke you’re playing cause it’s not funny jungkook I’ve to go home”
Not getting any response from him you cursed to yourself and decided to leave without the money. He was just a jerk you should have known better than to think you were just paranoid yesterday. Reaching the doorknob you twisted to open it but it didn’t now you’re beyond furious. “Jungkook what the fuck why is it locked I’ve to go open this damn door now” instead he started laughing, laughing like he was watching some comedy show. Abruptly he stopped laughing and got up from his walking towards you “oh poor baby bold of you to think that you can leave me now, you sealed your fate with me the moment you walked inside” the face suddenly changed it’s aura. The way he was speaking the way he was looking at you like you were some kind of a prey while he took slow predator like steps made you realised what hellhole you’ve got gotten yourself in. “No no please someone help I want to go, I want to go home” you started banging the door shouting at the top of your lungs hoping the neighbours will listen and come for your rescue not realising that maybe it was quite cause there were no neighbours on this floor. “Home…..but this is your home” he caught your wrists and pinned them behind your back banging your head with an awfully painful force on the door. With the other hand he gripped your hair locks and gave your head a bang three more times making you loose your balance and fall on the floor.
Pain was all you could feel, all other senses became numb with a ringing sensation in your ears.
“And you cannot leave me cause you are mine now” you could see the menacing look in his eyes which were clearly telling you that he was indeed not lying.
Tears started pricking down your eyes you didn’t wanted this, you had a dream, you had a life, you had a family. How did you even ended up in this situation “please let me go” you begged him through the dizziness taking over. “Can’t let you go” was all he said before taking out a syringe from the pouch you saw bringing from his bedroom earlier and injected it into your neck vain. A foggy cloud surrounding your eyes, body unable you move anymore you were begging him from your eyes to show some mercy, to not do this to you. But he kept staring at you with a blank look on his face like this was something he was used to seeing. You didn’t know when darkness consumed you, you don’t know what will happen now.
Where you going to die?
You didn’t wanted to die?
Please someone save me.
It felt like your whole body was buzzing due to needle pricking pain on your side of neck, you groaned and tried to move but couldn’t your eyes were closed forcefully, you couldn’t open them. A painful whine left your mouth when someone injected something into your arm and slowly you lost your consciousness again.
After what felt like a never ending dream of darkness you felt your head heavy as if boulder of weights were placed on it, you let out a groan and lifted your hand towards your head to massage it, massaging it would ease the pain but as soon as you tried to move your hands you felt them in restrains, your eyes shot open wide as you stared at the golden crafted ceiling.
First instinct was it is not your room and then suddenly all the memories and events which lead you in this situation rushed back at full force. You wanted to cry and scream at yourself for ignoring the red flags from the beginning. You were afraid, afraid that you wouldn’t be able to see your family or Noah or Lia ever again or the worst you were going to die.
No you can’t die certainly not like this gathering yourself up you started looking around the room to find something, anything. The room was so lavish and posh, screaming money. The walls and door were dark and grey imitating a dark aura. There was a large glass window to your left and the sunset clearly says that you didn’t just slept the night but also the whole damn day. You were busy in your miserable thoughts that you hitched when you felt cold air hitting your skin. That is when your eyes when wide with realisation stopping your breath momentarily with quivering lips you looked down your body and found yourself in your black undergarments. But this didn’t made you shake in fear but rather the large bandage starting from your abdomen to your left hip till your thighs did.
You tried to sit abruptly but the restrains of cuffs around your wrists didn’t allowed you. You started twisting and moving your body in the hopes of getting them free somehow but were left with painful whimper because of the pain pricking in the bandaged area and a rather bloodied wrists from all the cuffs twisting.
Why were you in restrains?
What that man wants from you?
Your head and half of your body was aching badly, you were crying nonstop and were barely able to think of anything at all. You felt so scared, alone and vulnerable the three things you hated the most.
The door cracked open your eyes snapped towards the person only to be widened in fear. Your chin quivered as large tears formed in your eyes “N-no!” you stuttered in disbelief. The sheer fear you felt at that moment was indescribable.
There stood a man in a vendetta mask, a mask all too familiar to you. You saw it many times on billboards as the wanted poster of the serial killer who predated on young girls. He tilted his head while walking towards you. You closed you eyes and shook your head in negative “no he can’t do this…no it’s not real” did he sell you to him. Is this mask man really going to kill you, you weren’t having the courage to scream let alone even look at him. “This is not re-real” you repeated it like a mantra with closed eyes.
When you didn’t hear any voice or any movement you slowly opened your eyes to find him gone but a fearful scream left your lips as you jolted away seeing him sitting on the chair just beside you. A loud sob left your mouth as you were unable to stop your fearful tears anymore, you started pulling your restraints harshly hurting yourself in the process.
“Finally you’re up baby girl”
Your throat went dry when you recalled this all too familiar voice. You whipped your head in his direction, staring at him with a horrified expression as he removed his mask. “T-this can’t b-be” as you laid there not moving, petrified with this bone chilling reality. A smirk appeared on his handsome face as your stomach knotted with pure anxiety and dread. “Don’t be so surprised y/n weren’t you suspicious of me from the beginning” you kept staring at him unable to react. “I would have to say you were quite a difficult catch” he mused voice resonating in the silent room making your breathing even harder.
“Knowing you’re a professor I thought you’ll be intelligent enough to work on your instincts and that day in the aisle you almost caught me”
“You were the one fo-following me all this while” you said in a whisper more to yourself as panic hit you with full force. All this time you were right, you weren’t being paranoid, you were being followed by him from past one month. “I’m disappointed baby I expected a little more intelligence than this” he said with a disapproval in his tone as if he didn’t like the fact that you couldn’t catch him by yourself.
Was this all a game to him!
You cried out closing your eyes in fear were you being delusional again! You forced yourself to wake up from this nightmare but everytime you opened your eyes he’s just there staring at you with his piercing brown eyes. “This is reality y/n. Open your eyes” he cooed in a deep voice making you tremble at your place. “What did you do to me?” you question him with trembling lips. The sheer fear of his presence was to such an extent that you completely forgot that you were barely clothed in front of a psycho serial killer. Your question made a smirk form on his lips which was dangerously terrifying. His sudden change in expressions says a lot about his twisted mind.
“I just claimed my territory” he simply said with a weird shine in his eyes. “Wh-what?” you said while taking loud puffs of breath. He didn’t answered your question but just stared at you with piercing gaze. “Why” you asked not sure if you really wanted to know the answer.
“Because I want you” his words were plain and clear, there was not an ounce of emotion in his voice, these mare words sent chills down your spine.
“Let me go Jungkook p-please. I-i won’t tell anyone” you pleaded desperately sobbing lowly, as your heart constricting painfully in your chest.
“It’s too late y/n my demons don’t want to let you go” he rasped.
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jimilter · a month ago
resolution revolution | a bts event | masterlist
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The end of a year brings the beginning of another! ✨
May it be a student going home for the holidays, a nightclub owner hosting a celebration, an overworked person looking forward to some time off, a big-shot CEO thinking of ways to change things in the coming year, a military Chief planning better strategies, a struggling artist trying to make a few extra bucks, a single parent envying everyone else because they never get days-off, or a radio-host helping makes others’ days better – the end of the year has different implications for everyone.
And as one chapter in their lives closes and another opens up this New Year’s eve, they sort through new beginnings, final goodbyes, uncomplicating misunderstandings and changing the way they have viewed life thus far.
Welcome to Resolution Revolution, a Slice of Life collaborative event hosted by the loveliest Amelia, @knjsnoona​, and yours truly, @jimilter​, where we came together with some wonderful writers to create stories about heartbreak, reconciliation, facing the past and moving forward, all centered around the New Year’s eve! You’ll find a character trope attached to each of the fic’s pairing and one out of four particular AUs with every story, to make things interesting. 
So snuggle up under a blanket with a mug of warm cocoa with a box of tissues at the ready to delve into these brilliant stories about a lot of heartbreak and tears mixed in with a lot of laughter and kisses – all the aspects that makes us human. 
We all hope you will have the greatest of time stepping into 2022 with us! 💕
Tumblr media
✨ bad habits by @sugasbabiie​​
⇀ yoongi x reader ◆ college student travelling home
⇀ exes to lovers!au | smut, angst, fluff
You and Yoongi ended your relationship three years ago. However, neither of you can ever seem to resist the urge of sneaking off and screwing each other until the sun comes up. Your friends beg you to stop seeing him, knowing he isn’t good for you. But how can you stay away when you see him at a New Year's Eve party, looking hotter than ever? There’s nothing to worry about; you know exactly how to play his game. Or so you thought.
Tumblr media
✨ chasing fire by @jimilter​​
⇀ taehyung x reader ◆ club owner
⇀ estranged lovers!au | humor, smut, angst
Taehyung didn't anticipate seeing you tonight, least of all with a date by your side, but he guesses it'll be okay because it has been over five years since he last saw you and he has completely – totally, fully, wholeheartedly – moved on. The rest of the night should go smoothly with no problems. There are, though. Two problems: one, you are wearing red and two, his guess is wrong.
Tumblr media
✨ fair winds by @ilikemesometaetaes​​
⇀ hoseok x reader ◆ lives at the office ceo/chief
⇀ estranged lovers!au | angst, smut
Some people don’t actually like seeing their exes upset - do you? He’s your ex-fiancé, after all.
Tumblr media
✨ hurts like heaven by @knjsnoona​​
⇀ taehyung x reader ◆ lives at the office ceo/chief
⇀ lovers to exes!au | angst, fluff, smut
Your love story with Taehyung began with the beginning of a new year - and now, years down the line, it stands to end with the end of one. It sounds kind of poetic when put that way. But the actual in-between has been anything but.
Tumblr media
✨ just a little bit of your heart by @chemicalpink​
⇀ jungkook x reader ◆ struggling artist
⇀ exes to lovers!au | fluff, angst, smut
Jungkook’s eyes used to always be wide with wonder, although your paths had separated a long time ago, you still find yourself wondering if after all that he’s been through, they still keep their magic inside them, if he’s still got that special place for you in his heart.
Tumblr media
✨ let the confetti fall by @lavienjin​​​
⇀ jungkook x reader ◆ lives at the office ceo/chief
⇀ estranged lovers!au | angst
just when you think you're able to move on, the past returns. will you succumb to its comfort or cleave it once and for all to forge a path for the future? the clock is ticking. who will hold your hand once the new year's strikes?
Tumblr media
✨ love.fm by @ugh-yoongi​​
⇀ namjoon x reader ◆ radio host
⇀ estranged lovers!au | angst, humor, fluff
you know three things for certain: jeon jeongguk will do anything to inconvenience you, kim seokjin is an absolute bastard for putting you in charge of the station’s holiday show, and you’ve got a lot of regrets about the way your relationship ended. however, you also know spending the last year on your own has done you some good. you’ve got a new haircut, an apartment with a bay window, and a rescue dog.
there’s also the stranger who keeps writing into the station about regrets of their own. the stranger whose prose feels so familiar. the stranger who leaves you wondering if things with your ex are quite as resolved as you think.
Tumblr media
✨ new year resolution by @joheunsaram​​
⇀ yoongi x reader ◆ a single parent
⇀ strangers to lovers!au | fluff, angst, smut
Ever since Yoongi ran into you at the grocery store six months ago, you have been running through his mind. It doesn’t help that he has to see you everyday at his daughter’s school with your pretty smile and kind eyes. And it really doesn’t help when Seokjin tries to help him out by inviting you to his New Year Eves party.
Tumblr media
✨ once upon a heartbreak by @mrsparknamjoon​​
⇀ namjoon x reader ◆ lives at the office ceo/chief
⇀ lovers to exes!au | angst
at the release party for your very first book you didn't expect to see the guy who inspired you to write it at 20 feet away, much less with another woman by his side, nor that she would be wearing an engagement ring. all of the things he seemingly couldn't do it for you back then were now a reality with her. the truth is, you don't know if you are sad or relieved.
Tumblr media
✨ one last time by @myooniverse​​
⇀ yoongi x reader ◆ struggling artist
⇀ estranged lovers!au | angst, fluff, smut
When you married Min Yoongi, you thought it was forever. Flash forward two years and all you’re left with is a crappy apartment, a broken heart and a messy divorce, all because he chose his music over you.
Just when you think your year couldn’t get any worse, the death of your grandfather has you both running back to the small town you tried so desperately to leave behind. Forced to see the man you hate and the family you haven’t spoken to in years, you dread this holiday season more than usual. However, your luck takes a turn for the better when you find out that you have inherited your grandfather’s house. There's just one condition  — you still need to be married.
Unwilling to just give up the house, you and your estranged ex-husband come up with a plan. It was simple. All you had to do was pretend to be happily married, one last time.
Tumblr media
✨ resolutions by @jessikahathaway​​
⇀ jimin x reader ◆ overworked person living paycheck to paycheck
⇀ strangers to lovers!au | smut, fluff, angst
Jimin never knew what to do with his money. He could spend it on anything. Or anyone. Why of all people, did he decide to spend it on you?
Tumblr media
✨ saglit by @eatjeanjin​​
⇀ namjoon x reader ◆ overworked person living paycheck to paycheck
⇀ lovers to exes!au | angst
“saglit” (Tagalog) – translation: a brief moment. | An entire decade. This amount of time sounds so small compared to a lifetime. But it also seems like such a long time– long enough for so many things that can affect the rest of one’s life to happen. You and Namjoon have been together in this decade of your life, and you’ve known him even longer than that. Your time together were the best years of your life, and a huge part of you belongs to him and of him to you. Which was why when you sat there next to him, in one of the pews by the center aisle of the church where he first told you he loved you, you were shaking from holding back your tears as you returned the ring he had given you ten years ago.
Tumblr media
✨ somewhere between the lines by @sublimebangtan​​
⇀ namjoon x reader ◆ lives at the office ceo/chief 
⇀ exes to lovers!au | smut, angst
You can hardly wait for your date New Year’s Eve. It’s the first time you’ve felt confident enough to dress up with the intention of letting someone who isn’t your ex husband, undress you at the end of the night.
Mother Nature has other plans for you though, bringing a very unwelcome snow storm and your ex husband to your door. But perhaps this snow storm is what the two of you really needed.
Tumblr media
✨ stolen dances by @lavienvante​
⇀ taehyung x reader ◆ lives at the office ceo
⇀ exes to lovers!au | angst, smut, fluff
new year's eve are meant for new beginnings, but you are brought back to the past as kim taehyung steals you for just one last dance.
Tumblr media
✨ strings by @sugasbabiie​
⇀ seokjin x reader ◆ a single parent + lives at the office ceo/chief + struggling waitress
⇀ strangers to lovers!au | smut, fluff, angst
After being ditched by your friends at a New Year’s Eve party, you and Seokjin decide it’s best to stick together since neither of you are in the partying mood. You two may be from different worlds, but you have at least one thing in common. It’s been ages since you’ve had a decent hook up, so why not bring in the new year by ending your dry spell with someone you’ll probably never meet again?
However, there is one rule. When the morning comes, you both have to go separate ways and carry on as if it never happened.
Tumblr media
✨ stroke of midnight by @ressjeon​
⇀ jungkook x reader ◆ grocery store night shift worker
⇀ lovers to exes!au | angst, smut, fluff
an opportunity that you couldn’t pass so you left everything behind, including the guy that you first fell in love with because of the sparkles in his eyes. you never thought that you would see him again, in the arms of another woman on the night of your return at a gathering on New Year’s Eve.
Tumblr media
aaand, that is all! happy new year 2022, everyone!!! ❤🎊❤
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jeonnhera · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Title: Sex Genie- Short Series. (Masterlist)
Member: Jeon Jungkook × Reader, Kim Taehyung is reader's step brother, Park Jimin is reader's bff.
Genre: Smut, fluff and a little angst. Fantasy AU
Word count: 25k
Synopsis: yn lives with his step father and step brother after her mother got married to the pastor of the town, who is really concerned about the his own image of discipline he upholds in the society. There is a forbidden area in the house where no one is allowed, but yn ventures amidst the quest to find answers to get pleasure and be stress free. Some familial secrets which lay locked up in the attic, how will yn's life unfold after the supernatural discovery she has made?
Warnings: manipulative mother, controlling father, cocky step brother, somewhat loner yn. contains heavy smut which will be stated chapter wise.
PART 1 (03/01/2022)
PART 2 (04/01/2022)
PART 3 (05/01/2022)
PART 4 (06/01/2022)
PART 5 (07/01/2022)
PART 6 (08/01/2022)
PART 7 (09/01/2022)
PART 8 (10/01/2022)
click on the parts as they're updated to follow and tune in with the story! Will be cross-posted on wattpad all parts together on 10/01/2022
Cover credits to @minshook-gi ! thanks a lot for your hard work 😙😙😙
dates mentioned in DDMMYYYY format!
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taeshobipop · 2 months ago
“Will you let me take care of you?”
Tumblr media
Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: drabble, roommates!au, fluff, (a pinch of) angst
Prompt: “Will you let me take care of you?”
Rating: R 
Warnings: intoxicated yoongles, making out turned slightly heated but nothing too explicit!
Word Count: 2.0k
a/n ✑ wow, so this turned out way longer than i had initially planned...but i luv yoongi so it’s ok 🥟♡ and if u see any typos/grammar mistakes…no u didn’t.
Tumblr media
Yoongi thought that you were weird. Weirdly cute.
He often came home after basketball practice to find you seated on the floor — sheeted notes scattered around you like a halo, yellow highlighter twirling between your fingers, and brows furrowed in deep concentration.
“Why are you on the floor?” he had asked once, slipping out of his tattered sneakers.
When you had answered him, your eyes were still glued to the disorganized stack of papers, “I’m organizing my class notes.”
“On the floor?”
So Yoongi thought that you were weird. Weirdly adorable.
Though recently, you had been taking residence on the floor for much longer than usual; stretching into the early hours of the morning with crust-ridden eyes and chapped lips. Yoongi chalked this up to the upcoming exam season. 
To say that he was worried would’ve been an understatement. He knew self-care came as an afterthought (if even at all) during this time of the year.
So tonight, after his basketball practice, Yoongi had made it his mission to get you to let loose, slip in some extra hours of sleep if he was lucky.
He knew he could only succeed with the help of his trustworthy friend: Mister Alcohol.
“Yo,” he announced upon entering your shared dorm. 
You glanced up from your mountain of documents, many of which were excessively highlighted in shades of neon yellow and neon pink. “Sup.”
“You free to hang tonight?” Yoongi asked, laying his shoes against the wall.
When he looked back at you, the expression painted on your face told him ‘seriously? does it look like I’m free?’ But Yoongi was determined, and he would not be deterred.
“I bought wine,” he lifted up his sports bag, indicating that the said intoxication was safely stored inside.
His smile widened upon catching your intrigued face, eyes lighting up by the slightest.
“What brand?” You cocked a brow, already beginning to shove your papers to the side. 
Ding, ding, ding! And we’ve got a winner, folks!
Yoongi just laughed, his low baritone echoing through the walls of the room. “You’re favorite brand,” he smirked. 
Tumblr media
“I think you’ve had too much to drink.” You snatched the bottle from his grasp, annoyed because you were supposed to be the drunk one tonight. Not him.
You couldn’t find it in yourself to be truly mad though, because drunk Yoongi was adorable, and having the privilege of being his roommate made it all the better.
He turned to face you, head resting comfortably on the couch. “I din’ drink anything yet,” his words were slurred, a lazy grin dancing along his lips.
You scoffed at that. “Yeah, totally,” you said, taking another swig of the wine.
The evening had transcended into casual conversation and catching up about personal matters. It wasn’t an uncommon occurrence for you and your roommate. Yoongi had always grounded you — he was your buoy in an open ocean, a life preserver to hold onto when needed most. You knew you were sinking too deep when he had offered to spend the night drinking your worries away. Yoongi was never too difficult to read, he didn’t try to be either.
“You know what I think,” Yoongi declared rather loudly, a single hand running through his thick locks. He paused mid-sentence to get you to look at him. When you complied, he continued. “I think that you need to take care of yourself more.”
Titling your head to the side, you send him a puzzled expression.
“Or at least let me take care of you,” he added softly, intoxicated gaze locking deep with yours. 
To hide the way your cheeks flushed bright pink, you lifted the green-tinted bottle up to your mouth. Yoongi clamped his hand over yours on the glass, pulling it down.
He stared at you, eyes gentle and expectant.
There was a slight crease in your brows, days of pent up stress marring your delicate features that he had grown to be so fond of. He stretched out his hands to smoothen the wrinkle, flattening your bone with his thumbs — “Will you let me take care of you?” — he felt rather than heard the way your breath hitched.
Taking the bottle from your hold, he settled it onto the coffee table. You gulped. Yoongi was drunk, for sure he had no clue what was coming out of his mouth.
His fingers slid to the hem of your t-shirt, tugging you towards his chest. “Can I take care of you?” he whispered, boozed breath fanning across your chin.
Your hands found purchase on his shoulders, subconsciously leaning closer. Flickering your gaze down to his alcohol-glossed lips, in Yoongi’s hazy state of mind, he took this as a clear indicator — in an instant, he closed the small remaining distance; mouths moving in tandem, hands carrying you up to rest on his lap, stomach swooning with nothing but content. 
He sighed as your fingers slid to the back of his head, toying with the soft hairs at his nape. “Yoongi,” you murmured, lost in a trance, “y-you’re drunk.”
“Mmm,” he hummed. His tongue poked out to prod the entrance of your lips, coaxing you to give him access. You did without complaint. 
“We should—,” you moaned as his hands squeezed the flesh of your ass, “we shouldn’t do t-this. You’re drunk.”
“M’ not,” Yoongi deepened the kiss, hands exploring to pull you closer. He didn’t want any space between you. 
“You are,” nodding into the kiss, you broke apart for breath. You grinned when you felt him chasing your lips, but your head swiveled to the side, causing his forehead to land on your shoulder. Instead, he started to feel you up, large hands gliding along the sides of your body. He placed a tender kiss onto your neck.
“Yoongi, don’t do this to me.” You breathed, eyes fluttering shut.
He traveled down the column of your neck, eagerly sucking the area of your clavicle. Gingerly, his hands sneaked up the underside of your shirt, caressing your velvety skin.
It was the hint of desperation that had finally gotten him to halt his ministrations. He hovered, forehead connected with yours, breathing, waiting.
A palpitating silence settling between the two of you.
Suddenly, you lifted off his lap, the comfort of your body pressed against him now gone. 
“You should go to bed,” you cut him off, “I’ll—”
“Come sleep with me,” he interjected, pleading. He saw the panic in your eyes, he needed you to know that he wanted this. He wanted you. Drunk or not, his answer would remain.
“No, Yoongi. You’re drunk — you’re going to regret this tomorrow.” The latter part came out as a whisper, as if you didn’t want to say it yourself. He wouldn’t remember any of this tomorrow. Either that or he’d regret it, and you didn’t think you could deal with the heartbreak. 
“I won’t, Y/n. Come sleep—”
“Goodnight,” you spoke softly, willing the tears not to spill; you were getting too emotional, you needed to leave before it could escalate.
With your final parting, you slipped back to your room, leaving your roommate to his own. Sleep didn’t come easy that night.
Tumblr media
You were nervous: hands clammy, brows pinched, lips pursed. 
After last night, your mind was in a frenzy. What if Yoongi doesn’t remember? Your mind supplied. What if you have to live with the guilty conscience of making out with your roommate? It conjured up. Or worse, what if he does remember? And what if he’s so appalled by the thought, he decides to move out?
Your pacing footsteps in front of his bedroom quickened. With a glass of water clutched in one hand and an aspirin in the other, the panic you felt creeping through your bloodstream started to feel overwhelming.
“I can hear you outside, you know.” Your roommate’s sleep ladened voice sounded through the door — you froze, rooted in place. “Can you just…come inside?” He sighed, as if sounding defeated.
Slowly, you made your way, turning the doorknob at the speed of a sloth. Inside, you spotted Yoongi on his bed; back facing the door and the blanket pulled up high. 
“Hi,” Yoongi said without turning. You couldn’t see his face from where you stood. When you didn’t respond, he finally shifted to face you. “That for me?” He pointed at the glass and pill, propping himself up against his elbows.
You nodded, setting it down on top of his dresser before your gaze fell back onto the man on the bed. He looked beautiful — face slightly puffy and hair mussed in a blizzard, but that was only warranted considering the time of day.
Yoongi met your eyes with a smile, he flipped open his blanket and gestured for you to come lay next to him. Crawling onto his bed, you kept a safe distance between you two, only for him to disregard it by falling onto your lap; his head nestled comfortably against your pillowy thighs.
Maybe Yoongi really did forget, you thought. Your hands found their way into his hair, combing through the protruding strands as you attempted to placate your roaring heart. Maybe you could live like this. Anything was better than him leaving, you couldn’t even begin to fathom the thought — so you remained quiet, you could keep this as your own little slip-up.
“I meant what I said, you know.” His voice cut through your thoughts, tethering you back to reality. He twisted his body. “I want to take care of you,” Yoongi whispered, lifting himself from your legs. 
Yoongi remembers. He remembers and he—
“I don’t regret what I did,” he continued softly, feline eyes holding your gaze. “I just…” Yoongi paused, biting down on his bottom lip. Unknowingly, you held in a breath. “I just hope you don’t regret it either.”
Your heart had stopped beating, pink and purple fireworks bursting in the sky. The eutony of words bellowing from your roommate’s lips could only suggest one thing, right? 
Yoongi doesn’t regret it. Yoongi hopes that you don’t regret it too. But that could only mean…
“I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable,” he quickly added, mistaking your silence as a form of hesitancy, irresolution. He scrambled on the bed, pulling the covers down and swinging his legs over the edge. He stood up, anxious. “I’m sorry, I don’t- you don’t have to say anyth—!”
You lurched across the bed and pulled him by his arms. Yoongi yelped as he tumbled down unceremoniously, his back pressed against the firm mattress. You wasted no time in caging him still, your arms propped up on either side of his head.
He went tongue-tied, eyes boggling in perplexity as he witnessed the beaming smile that plastered your face. 
“Wh-what are you doing?” he asked in a whisper, breath falling shallow and erratic. You were messing with him, toying with his heart. You were so close to him.
“You were going to leave,” you whispered back, hands searching for his which were sprawled along his sides. You took your chances, tangling your finger only for him to reflexively do the same; he squeezed your hands. “I couldn’t let you leave.”
“Why not?” Yoongi breathed, eyes flitting down to your lips.
You jiggled your hand out of his grasp, reaching up to cradle his face. Yoongi leaned into your touch.
“Because, dummy…I like you. I like you a lot and I don’t regret what happened last night,” you sighed, the heated moment resurfacing in your mind, “at all.”
After a moment of thought, an adorable gummy smile broke across his face. He simply laughed, taking his free hand to wrap around your wrist and pulling it towards his chest, he pressed your palm into the area of his heart.
“Do you feel that?” Yoongi asked, pure elation coursing through his body, “my heart’s racing — for you.”
You let out a breathless giggle, dipping down to place a soft kiss on his forehead. “You’re such a dork.”
“I’m your dork.”
“You are,” you smiled, “you’re mine.”
Tumblr media
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nonameyoon · 2 months ago
can you do a drabble or something about Jungkook’s child and JK? so basically Jk asks mc if she had to pick one person to save between the two of them, start off with her asking JK and him obvs saying her not his child and then he asks her and she says their child bcuz technically he is both of them and parental love 💕
That little Brat || Yandere!Jungkook~
Tumblr media
➤ A/N: ahhh!! I absolutely loved this idea so much! I just had to write something for it (I was kinda having some writers block)!! Thank you so much for the request darling!! Hope you like it!
➤ Warning: although this is about Yandere!Jungkook, there really isn’t anything that needs a warning in this one!
➤ Mentions: intense fluff.
➤ Synopsis: After putting your son to bed, your husband asks you something that catches you off guard, yet he doesn’t like your answer at all.
➤ Pairing: Yandere!Jungkook x reader (fluff)
➤ Word count: 0.7K
Tumblr media
You were currently sitting on the couch with your son and husband each on both of your sides. You were watching a movie on the big screen TV in front of you, though it was getting pretty late, even for you. So when your son laid all his weight on your side and slowly drifted off to sleep, you weren’t surprised at all.
You smile, pushing his hair back with your fingers and gently caressing the side of his head.
“So the brat finally fell asleep, huh?,” Jungkook asked, peering over your side to catch a glimpse of the sleeping child next to you.
“Yeah, it’s pretty late so I knew he’d fall asleep soon,” you chuckle, gently scooping up your little boy in your arms.
“I’ll put him to bed, it won’t be comfortable for him here,” you said before walking to your son’s room, a quick Jungkook following you, completely forgetting about the movie he was watching.
You were in the process of tucking your son in, trying not to wake him up and to your luck he didn’t. This made you smile wider and lean in to kiss him on the forehead.
“I love you (S/N),”
A not so quiet scoff was heard from behind you, and of course, Jungkook was the reason for it. You sigh and look at him with an eyebrow raised, but he simply rolled his eyes.
“You know I love you too Jungkook, so don’t get worked up on me again,” you say, playing with your son’s hair.
There was silence for a few seconds, but do Jungkook, it felt like eternity. So he spoke up.
“If you could save one of us, who would it be,” Jungkook said out of the blue, making you turn your head to his direction with a confused expression.
“That was random?,” you say, but he only pushes forward.
“Come on, answer. Who would you save, me or the little brat?,” he asks once again, nodding towards your son. You sigh again and turn around to face him.
“Who would you choose? (S/N) or me?,” you rest your hands on your hips expecting him to at least have some trouble deciding, but to your surprise his quick answer caught you off guard.
“You obviously,” he simply replied, leaning against the wall with arms crossed. “Now it’s your turn to answer,” he didn’t even have to think twice about it, but I guess that was normal for him at this point.
You nod and think for a second, making Jungkook anxious. Why did you have to think? Wasn’t the answer obvious? You’d pick him right?
His eyes widen at the sound of his son’s name, but before he could even think to do or say anything, you continued.
“I’d save (S/N), not because I love him more, but because he reminds me so much of you. I think I’d be a little less sad because I’d feel like you would live on inside him,” you look up at him but continued speaking. “He’s the product of our love and a little bit of both of us is inside him. So I don’t think I could ever let my child get hurt,”
Jungkook was silent, but he was listening to you carefully. Of course, he was still butthurt over the fact that you chose your son, but he felt a little better with your explanation.
“It’s not like I’ll ever let any of my boys get hurt anyways,” you giggle, warping your arms around Jungkook’s waist. He smiles softly and cups your face in a loving way.
“Although I hate the fact that you said (S/N), I’m flattered by the way you explained it,” you giggle at his words and lean in to give him a gentle kiss on the lips.
“Mommy..?,” the soft voice snaps both of you into reality, making you turn to him.
“Can I sleep with you tonight?,” (S/N) asked, sitting up from the bed and rubbing the sleep from his eyes. You let go of Jungkook and take your boy in your arms.
“Of course you can baby,” you smile looking at Jungkook “right kookie?” You asked for reassurance, earning an annoyed nod from him. But as you walked away to take (S/N) to your room, he looked back at Jungkook with a big mischievous grin. Jungkook’s eyes widen at the sight of his son winning at his own game.
“You little brat, you planned this all along, didn’t you?,” he mumbled under his breath, annoyance sparking up inside him. This was war.
Tag list: @mwitsmejk @minshookie29 @articpup
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flwrprncss24 · 11 days ago
hiii ! can you do an enemies to lovers where bully!jungkook catches the reader playing with herself and it just turns into smut ? with a daddy kink pls ? i love your writings and i hope you have an amazing wonderful day !
Tumblr media
pairing: Female Reader x Jeon Jungkook
word count: 1401
warnings: angst (i think?), smut, daddy kink, degradation, chocking, bathroom sex, vaginal fingering, unprotected sex, creampie, he slaps her once, one spank
Hope you like it and that you have a wonderful day wherever you are💜
Tumblr media
Maybe you had a bit of a masochistic side, it would explain a lot.
Jeon Jungkook had been bullying you for as long as you can remember - pulling your hair, pushing you against the lockers, tripping you over, ripping all of your hard-working papers, name-calling you, the whole shebang. It was the way you'd react to everything that left you puzzled.
Like yeah, you'd cry because there's so much a person can take before they burst, but even with your tears still fresh, you felt a sudden need between your legs, of which you'd quickly escape to the bathroom, lock yourself in a stall, and get some sweet release.
Today was no different.
After making you trip and fall in the middle of the hall and ripping your homework into pieces you made your usual run to the bathroom, ignoring anyone that called your name.
Entering the bathroom you were quick to lock yourself in a stall, pulling up your skirt and pushing your panties to the side, not really caring if you weren't alone.
You ghosted your fingers over your slit, trying to tease yourself, before sliding your finger between your dripping folds as your thumb started to make circles around your clit, all the while as you bit your free hand in order to muffle your moans.
Inserting another finger you fasten your pace, head thrown back against the stall and so lost in your own pleasure that you had failed to notice when someone stepped into the bathroom, however, when the knocks on the door happened you were quick to stop.
More knocks came and you remained petrified, not knowing what your next move would be. Hell, you didn't even know if you were still breathing.
The knocks became rougher until, suddenly, one bang against the door was enough to open it. Your eyes widen when you saw that the person was none other than the reason for you to be playing with yourself in the first place - Jeon Jungkook.
"Well, well, well," he smirked looking at you from head to toe as you lowered your head in shame and started to bite your bottom lip. "So this is what you do when you run from me."
He stepped closer and closed the door behind him. You were screwed. Not only had your bully found out what you did but you were alone with him, meaning he could do whatever he wanted to you and nobody would be none the wiser. You just hoped that he would go easier on you.
The silence was suffocating you, you wanted to run away from him as fast as you could but you knew that he would easily catch you, and the punishment would only be worse. "J-Jungkook I-I-"
As the words fell from your lips he was quick in tightly gripping your hair and forcefully pushing you against the stall, pinning you between the wall and his chest. "Did I say that you could talk?"
You whimpered, feeling tears start to form as the familiar need between your legs made itself known once more, making you start to rub your thighs. Despite your best wishes, the action didn't go unnoticed, Jungkook's eyes focusing on your legs with a cheshire smile on his face.
"Oh you absolute slut," his grip on your hair tighten, making you let out a whine. "So desperate, I could do anything to you and you'd still thank me, wouldn't you?" at your lack of a response Jungkook's free hand moved to wrap around your throat, squeezing it forcefully. "I demand an answer bitch."
"Y-Yes," you said as your nails dug into your palm.
Letting out a hum your bully seemed pleased with you, as he released you from his grasp, however you could barely regain your breath as you felt his fingers rubbing the wetness around your covered slit.
"Hmmm, so wet for me already," you let out a gasp as he pulled your panties to the side and inserted two fingers into you, pumping them at a rapid pace. You tried to push him away but that only resulted in him taking both of your wrists and holding them above you.
Leaning closer Jungkook whispered in your ear, his voice lower than before. "You're gonna be a good slut for daddy, aren't you?"
He removed his fingers from you, waiting for your answer as you debated on whether you should or shouldn't tell him, especially considering that the situation you found yourself in was basically a dream come true.
After much back and forth you decided what the hell, it wasn't like that his words and actions hadn't an effect on you, even before today. "I'll be good."
Hand on your chin, Jungkook forced you to look at him. "Louder!"
"I'll be daddy's good slut."
With a smirk Jungkook pulled your panties down, putting them in his back pocket, and then his length out of his pants, giving it a few strokes, before wrapping one of your legs his waist and positioning himself at your entrance.
"You're gonna be quiet," his hand on to you tightly. "Not gonna get caught because of a slut that doesn't know how to keep her mouth shut."
Jungkook slammed into you at full force, making you let out a loud moan, causing him to slap you across the face with his free hand before gripping your hair with it.
"What the fuck did I just say?" With a tsk he took your panties out and stuffed them in your mouth. "Stupid bitch, doesn't even know how to follow simple directions," slamming into you once again, you arched your back and let out a muffled scream, your nails digging into his shoulders.
"Oh fuck," his thrusts were rough and fast, snapping his hips against you with such force, the sounds of lewd squelching and of your body constantly hitting against the wall bringing you closer to your high.
"You're so tight for daddy - ah f-fuck - I should've done this sooner." Jungkook gripped your other thigh, pulling you closer to him and pinning you between the two, in such a way that you knew would leave bruises.
And you couldn't be happier, as you threw your head back at his unrelenting pace.
"You like taking daddy's big fat cock?" At your muffled moan Jungkook pulled your panties out with his teeth and then spit them to the ground, proceeding to give your ass a hard smack. "Answer me whore!"
"Y-Yes! I-I love daddy's big cock," you felt yourself getting closer to your end, your walls clenching around his length as he kept ramming into you. "D-daddy, I-I'm c-close."
"Then come," his fingers began to rapidly rub your clit. "Come all over daddy's cock."
With the combination of his words and actions, it wasn't long before your knot broke and you released, drenching him in your juices.
As your walls gripped him like a grapevine Jungkook's thrusts became sloppier, jackhammering into your cunt as he chased his high. With a few more thrusts and a whiny cry of his name, he tipped over the edge, shooting deep inside you and painting your walls with his warm release.
As you both caught your breath Jungkook slowly slid out of you, carefully letting you stand on your own feet and gathering the cum that started to spill and fingering it inside.
"You're gonna be good and keep it in, if I see a single drop I'll guarantee that you won't be able to sit tomorrow," the gaze he gave you almost made you want to hide from it. "Understood?"
"Y-Yes daddy,"
"Good girl," after pulling his pants back up Jungkook bent down, picked up your panties, and shoved them in his back pocket. "I'm keeping these."
Your eyes widen at his words, was he just trying to make your life harder? " B-but then, how am I supposed to-"
"Try," he shrugged. "I'll meet you when school's over and then I'll take you to my house."
"Why?" you asked confused, he never made any effort of trying to interact with you before.
"Because now that I had a taste of you, I'm not letting go," he pinned you between the wall and his chest once again. "And besides," he got closer to ear. "I have some interesting things that I know will make you so wet for me, and I can't wait to try them."
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satnin-darling · a month ago
Then There Was You. (m) | ONE-SHOT | PARK JIMIN, 11.8k
Pairing: Reader x Jimin
Summary: Jimin had many friends, all of whom were important and trustworthy. He had friends to hang out with in between schedules, friends from his school days, friends who are simply more like family. He had the members too. Then there was you.
Warnings/Tags: RATED M (18+) for language, smut (fem-reader; unprotected sex; penetrative sex; multiple orgasms; it’s not as explicit as you think it is but I’ve rated it as ‘mature’ anyway lmao POVs switch a lot); It’s turned out to be less Christmas-y, ah well, I’m happy with it! Cannon-compliant; Jimin during the course of his ten day quarantine then a trip to Jeju-do; Jimin is also lowkey in love here; you're clueless but also not against it ha; I think I’m in my Park Jimin era lol; Fluff; idol!AU - childhood friends to lovers.
If anyone’s interested, I made a playlist to go with this fic! You can listen to it here if you like :D
Hope you’re having a festive time and are staying safe!
The hiss of the van doors subside and Jimin steps out, most of his face covered by a black mask. His clothes drape over him, the loose ties fluttering with each step. There's an emptiness in his stomach that gnaws, like the audible rumble is excavating his insides, bit by bit.
"I can take your luggage up for you if you like," his manager said.
Jimin nods, offering a small smile in thanks. He's busy scrolling through his phone and sifting through the notifications. The agency announced their break soon after he landed.
A break should be good - needed.
Although the more honest part of him was screaming that what he really needed was a warm shower and his own bed.
It takes fifteen steps from the elevator to get to his front door. If he used longer strides, he could whittle it down to ten. Today, he prefers to drag his feet. The door is heavy so he puts more effort, shouldering his way in. The darkness makes him take off his beanie and snap the loops of his mask away from his ears. Off his shoes go as he nudges them into a spare alcove.
Silence always greets him like a familiar embrace.
It amplifies everything. Like the fact that his body is tired but his mind is racing, still in a different time zone. But he understands and is used to it; you have to be in this line of work. It's all he knew in the nucleus that he keeps himself encased in. A frenetic pace with camera lenses flashing like strobe lights, microphones clipped to his collar picking up every word. That beyond the stage, it becomes a task of sorting the chaff from the wheat. There's the travel, the interviews, the photoshoots, the press conferences, the mandatory appearances in front of hosts that ask the same, inane questions.
Work. Work. Then more work.
It's alright.
He wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.
As a reprieve, his slippers echo along the marbled floor as he shuffled through his apartment, discarding his bag, peeling his jacket off. He traces the nearby surfaces with his fingers while his phone buzzes and buzzes. Everything is as he left them; everything is cold. He perches on the arm of the couch and checks to see who was calling.
For a moment, he forgets about everything.
At the sound of your voice, he forgets about the fourteen hours he spent cramped on his seat on the plane.
"Hey," he replied, a smile tugging at his lips.
He forgets about the awkward signals for food because they don't know whether he's actually asleep or not, which meant that the rest he got was disjointed.
He forgets about the heaviness in his bones.
"You're back safely then," you said.
He forgets about all of those trivial matters because the silence was filled, even if temporarily.
Jimin falls onto the couch, his back hitting the leather in a dull thump. Somewhere, his manager has rolled his luggage by the cupboard where his shoes are stored. The door shuts with a soft click and he's alone again.
"We should meet up after my quarantine period is over," he suggests, finding it all so easy to speak his mind.
He hears a some shuffling on your end and remembers the time.
"Ah, it's quite late right? Sorry, get back to sleep."
"I'm okay. I'm the one who called you, Min."
You were the only one who called him that.
He couldn't help it: he grinned from ear to ear. That often happens when you're on the other side of the call. Turning, he placed the phone so that it's balanced on the side of his face.
"Yeah, we should meet up, I've missed you."
He's heard that before but in the dim space of his home, he feels his heart swell and triple in size.
"I'm not allowed to leave my place for anything, I'll be so bored. Are you gonna keep me company?"
He doesn't know why something like staying at his own house seemed to him like a chore. It was for safety reasons, after all.
"I do warn you, though, I'm working from home so you'll see me at my worst.”
He shifts so that he's more comfortable. You could never look worst to him.
“You’re kidding. I’m a constant mess,” he replied.
“Glad you’re self-aware,” you said, your laugh gracing his ears.
Ahead, he sees the TV console, the various items he's decided to decorate with, mostly photographs. There was one of you and him by the beach in Busan. It was dusk and the colour of the sky was like how it was in Santa Monica: orange and blue streaks that stack over each other in parallel planes. Your smiles were so big, his arm was around your shoulder and yours around his waist. Then, there was the crash of the waves, the ebb and flow as the water broke on the shore, resembling static noise.
"I saw the livestream," you said.
Jimin hums, recalling the final moments of that concert. The near deafening cheers, and the multi-coloured confetti that sprinkled over his hair. He remembers feeling like a colt on shaky legs, timid and awkward as he stared at the ocean of lights that pulsed to the beat. The others were the same. It's been so long that his feelings had edged past nervousness into the realm of genuine fear.
Fear that he had lost connection after performing in front of hallowed stages and empty seats.
It's all irrational, of course.
"It was super late over here," he observes, tucking his legs towards his chest. His phone bows on the side of his face so he held it still, "wow. I'm flattered."
"Don't get too carried away, I needed the rest anyway,"
Jimin laughed, stretching his body, lifting his legs in the air. The loose trousers he wore slipped down, revealing his calves. He flexed them, wiggling his toes.
"And yet you still chose to spend it with me."
"Correction: I chose to spend it with BTS."
Jimin scoffed.
"I'm BTS."
"Correction: you're part of BTS."
It's always nice to pick up where you left off. It only takes a couple of teasing remarks to reignite your previous conversation, like no time transpired in between. He likes it like this.
"You should invite our other friends, not just me. I'm sure they'd want to see you too."
Not just me.
Jimin had many friends, all of whom were important and trustworthy. He had friends to hang out with in between schedules, friends from his school days, friends who are simply more like family. He had the members too.
Then there was you.
He didn't know where to place you and in which category you could possibly fit in. You're a friend from home who he decided to take across the whole timeline of his life. A friend to call when he felt like it or when he had more or less to say about something.
A friend who was simply there.
These days, he doesn't know why a blush would easily colour his cheeks whenever you stare at him a little too long. Or that he wants to spend more time together alone rather than together with your other, mutual friends. Most of all, he doesn't know why he didn't like that you had no idea. He supposes that it's been too long and in the end, you remained stuck in this giant 'what if'.
"Yeah, that would be good too," he said, trapping his bottom lip with his teeth.
"Make sure to get some good rest, Min. Speak soon, okay?" You yawned.
He joins in, letting his jaw lower and his lips dramatically forms an 'O'. The exhale he emits is long and low.
"You too."
More rustling on your end, then stillness.
"Remember to take care of yourself, okay?"
He sits up, the exhaustion returns. It seeps into the hollow of his bones forcing a slump to his shoulders. All the exercising he was doing had done an adequate job at melting away the fatigue, but the habit of his back bending forward remains.
The shower awaits. Then, his bed.
"Yeah, yeah. I will."
"Yeah, yeah," you mock.
Jimin chuckles, "okay, bye."
The screen is blank, his profile picture is pending. These are the tasks that Jimin has to tend to, now that there's nothing but time. He marvels at the empty space, wondering about the neat squares that he is responsible for curating. He doesn't quite know what to do with himself so he shifts applications and heads to his contact list. There are plenty of names of people to contact; he checks the time and makes a call. The ringing goes on and on while he he fusses over his hair and scratches the bridge of his nose out of habit.
"I need to choose a profile picture," he said, soon after the image of you manifests on his phone screen.
"One sec. Just going to prop my phone up -" you said, doing that, "you need to what?"
Jimin makes himself more comfortable on his bed, slouching over the mass of pillows that he's stacked.
"Profile picture," he repeats, clicking the 'images' tab on Naver after searching his name.
You settled on your desk, fingers rapidly traversing your keyboard, a rhythmic clack clack clack.
"Did you find one?" You asked, scraping your chair to an ideal position. He rubbed the knuckle of his finger along his bottom lip, saving some images for the shortlist. The contenders were similar, the colour palettes were dark with flashes of purple.
"What do you think of this?"
The image loaded on your chat and he scrutinised his face: the wave of his hair and the reddened tint of his lips. He liked the way his eyelids were dusted with with a deep purple eyeshadow that matched his suit. You grab your phone and do the same, raising your eyebrows surreptitiously.
"Wow, you look sexy."
He laughed, hiding his smile behind his hand.
"Stop fucking with me."
"I'm not! And what does that say on your neck?"
Jimin pinches the image, taking a few seconds to decipher the words in purple neon below his jaw.
"I think it says, 'your filter.'"
You took a sip of your drink and nodded, "looks good, Min."
He watches as you place your phone back on the stand, slouching like he was. Oddly, he feels that he should be working too, jealous of your productivity. Quarantining wasn't conducive to his usual habits. He had ample space to practice routines and exercise but it wasn't the same. There was no goal apart from resting. Running was his new hobby but even that he didn’t feel like doing. And so the thoughts circle his mind in the same manner as he cycles the apps on his phone.
"You sure I'm not disturbing you?" He asked, turning to his side.
"No, I'm not doing anything that needs a lot of concentration," you replied, giving him a small smile.
It's laughable, really. How his heart just about dropped to his stomach at the simple gesture of your lips curving upwards. It's the same expression you would give him, an act of reassurance that he could trust.
"What are you doing, then?"
You drag your mouse across and fidget before you answer.
"Answering some work emails."
Jimin hummed his reply. He imagined you working in an office where you would be wearing more formal clothes and moving from meeting to meeting. He envisioned your working day, far from his own, where it was regimented a little differently. You come in, work for a bit, have a break, then come back home. Years from now, he liked to think that you'd settle and perhaps move back to Busan. He's not sure where his life was heading towards, but he counts himself in that trajectory. All roads lead to home, and once he bows from stage, he wanted to return to where he was the happiest.
And that was by the sea, under the stars.
"You're on Instagram now?" You asked, cutting through his musings. He shrugs, reluctant to step into another platform when he was just getting used to WeVerse.
"Might not be on it as much, though," he replied, already stuck with what he should post first. You rested your chin on your hand, pausing your work.
"You don't have to, you know."
He sighs, parting his hair again, smoothing out the knots at the end. He removed his extensions and was now at a point where he could run his fingers through without the fear of them snapping at a mere tug. He thinks of the sea, the magnitude of his life, his effort to keep being better and doing more.
"I know."
By the time you got off work, Jimin was still on the call with you. He watches you settle into bed after your various rituals that he would tease you over, Ah, I'm the idol but even I don't have a six-step routine.
You had matching sheets with him, a dark grey marl that paired nicely with your bed frame. Swaddled in a comforter, his black hair pokes through the incidental hood in haphazard strands. The light from his tablet screen falls nicely on the planes of his face.
"Are you still thinking of what to post?"
He clicks off and it takes a moment for his phone to adjust to the change in lighting.
"I was looking at old memories that I had saved," he said, his tone is even and smooth.
"I saw a folder with pictures from our last trip together, with our friends," he said.
"When you came to Busan, right?"
You all had spread in different directions but Busan was your epicentre. Jimin liked meeting up together and liked being around others.
"I keep going back to the sea and beach," he said, sinking deeper into his bed.
That was a given. You couldn't think about Jimin without also thinking about the rush of the ocean on the shore and the cottony clouds that streak the sky. He's as solar as the sun at its highest point, especially on the stage.
"Not like it’s a bad thing to show some loyalty, you are the Prince of Busan," you said.
He plops to his side, his face half getting lost in the sheets.
"You sound like my father."
You smiled at that.
"Just helping you finally grow into your title."
He groans. Jimin had gained the alternative moniker and it eventually gained traction. Sometimes you joked that he should have considered it as a stage name instead of heeding 'Baby J'. Even when he had settled in Seoul, you knew that he couldn't shake off Busan that easily. Home is different from where you live.
"We should take a trip somewhere," he suggested.
Reflecting on the past year, you realised that you hadn't really had the chance to take a vacation. Off days were, most often than not, spent in your home. At this rate, somewhere would certainly be better than the four walls of your apartment.
"Sure, want me to call the others and arrange something?"
He squints at the screen, licking his lips. They come back glossy, accentuated by the screen light.
"Ah - you want to call the others?"
You knitted your brow. It was usual for your trips to involve your other friends.
"Yeah. I'm sure they'd want to see you too."
But then Jimin smiles, his eyes reverting back to a brighter version.
"I'll call them, don't worry about that. Can you arrange some time off?"
Now comfortable, you swipe your hand over your pillow so that the creases were smoothed out. It was as if you were lying, side by side on the same bed.
"I have nothing but time off."
It's late again and you're on Jimin's phone screen. He's halfway through quarantine and he's beginning to feel like he's been living the same day over and over again. You were talking about accents all of the sudden, which makes him aware of how his own slips through the cracks.
"I lose my Seoul accent whenever I come back," he mutters, scrolling on a separate window.
"I like hearing your satoori," you said, your smile reaching your eyes. He shook his head, thinking that whenever he spoke, it was a concoction of the two places he's ever lived in long enough to call home.
"Try defend me to the rest," he offered, thinking back to how Namjoon would attempt to emulate him every chance he got. He sees you scoot towards your headboard, smoothing over your pillow.
“Remember the play? The one before Christmas vacation?”
Your smile was grew wide and pre-empts his bashfulness.
“The Park Jimin in the most hideous bear costume, prancing all over the stage."
He scrunches his nose, laughing with you. The memory is plucked from his youth: Busan Arts High School in the middle of winter, the vast auditorium with its slanted floor and velvet seats. First comes the gigantic costume that swallowed him whole, the equally giant helmet in the shape of a bear face, and the sweaty head of hair that he sported afterwards. Then came your smile, the eager claps you gave him as he bowed before the curtain dropped. He was mortified that he had to spend the better part of the two hour production roasting in mascot garb.
"You came to each show - I don't know why you did that," he said, fussing over his hair. The grey extensions were magnificent but not missed.
"Cause I wanted to and it was worth it. I think you looked fantastic in every angle," you replied.
Jimin grins.
“You know I’m only handsome in exactly two angles," he began, shifting again so that he was on his back.
You raise your eyebrows, “and which angles are they?”
He elevates his phone so that he appeared more slender in frame, “this, and...” he swoops his phone down so that it was as if you were looking up at him.
After you stopped laughing he rolls to his side, parting his hair.
“I need to shower,” he complained, grimacing at the grease that sprang from the roots. You yawned.
“It’s 3AM. Shower tomorrow,” you instructed.
He finds himself warming to the idea. Besides, he feels so lazy.
“I wish there was a superpower that can allow you to magically shower without moving.”
Through the screen, he sees you smile.
“Is that why you shed clothes like a snake on the way to the bathroom? Then hang around at the door as a last plea?”
Embarrassment creeps up due to his habits. But he’s gracious and honest. He can’t be anything else in front of you since you knew him so well.
It's in the dead of night were time stretches into nothingness, the call has been running for more hours than your bodies are aware of. You and Jimin just seem to talk endlessly. You didn't mind - this was the most time you had spent just talking. It was as if you were getting all the best parts of him again, even if it's through a screen.
"Let's say we never met in middle school," he said, laughing into his hand because you were both recovering from an inside joke.
It was one of those jokes that you could never unearth in public. A joke that had such longevity that it would result in the both of you getting kicked out whatever room or event you were in.
"Because we never met in middle school?" You added, spurring another bout of giggles from the both of you. It wasn't even funny, it was because it was the time of night where everything is possible. Jimin wipes the side of his eye with his knuckle.
"Didn't we?"
"Are you fucking with me? We were neighbours Min,” you contested.
He laughs again, it’s loud and bounces the small sprout of hair he’s tied up himself. You weren’t even lying down now, sat up like him, keeping up this ruse of being offended.
“I know, I know,” he replied, patting the barely there ponytail.
Though it was more of the fact that you never really met. Jimin was always just there. Like his existence was a fact and you can't recall ever thinking about the circumstances of you being introduced to each other nor could you recall him never being around in the first place. Jimin, a staple in your life, an inextricable link. Forever slouching on grey sheets and more often than not in a black shirt.
“Okay, back to middle school: if you didn’t know me like that, would you still ask me to be your date?”
You shrugged, “jury’s still out on that one.”
His jaw drops, genuinely surprised, his eyebrows raising so high that lines crease his forehead.
“And to think that you asked me to be your date,” he said with a scoff.
Middle school dances were a social farce and yet it meant the world at that age. You remember that evening with abject clarity. The shitty gymnasium, the half assed decorations, the accompanying cheesy pop music. Jimin's sharp suit, tailored to him, his wide grin as he spun you around to dance. The touch of his fingers as they twined over yours for a brief second. Everything tinged in pink, blue, and yellow.
“But I have to hand it to you, I couldn’t take my eyes off of you for one second.”
His voice grows softer and you weren’t sure if it’s because he’s tired.
“Because I was such a klutz?”
You did step on his foot a couple times. It’s not as embarrassing because you’re not a dancer, just an awkward middle schooler trying to survive the night. Jimin grabs his phone and pulls it close till his face occupies your phone screen. He lies back down, dark hair falling over his eyes which he doesn’t brush away.
“No. Do you really want me to say it out loud?”
There he goes. You shake your head, stepping back under your comforter and hiking it up over your shoulders.
“Please, no. You’re a class A flirt, you know that right?”
He laughs because it’s true.
“Which is why I'm your favourite BTS member.”
And you laugh because that’s true.
“Again, the jury’s out on that one.”
By the ninth day, Jimin was on the precipice of losing his mind.
Quarantining doubled a rest period and he did just about everything that he would normally do. The routine is the same: wake up, have a light breakfast, game for a bit, practice some routines so his body doesn't forget, then exercise. The hours were too long and he hates feeling sluggish. Although he used to be adamant with living with someone, it’s less manageable when he can’t even leave for things other than the essentials. He lives in this rhythm until he’s practically bouncing off the walls.
His Instagram feed stays empty, though.
Around him was the debris of his activities. His yoga mat is unfurled near the TV and his gaming consoles are in a messy tangle in the opposite corner.
"I don't know what to do. I'm not creative enough to think up of things to do every single day," he complains.
A miniature version of you traverses his phone screen, busy in the kitchen.
"Min, just lie on the couch for six hours, you deserve it," you chastise.
Jimin rolls his eyes.
"I already have and don’t you feel drained after resting for too long?"
You pick up your phone and give him the most disbelieving look you could manage. It's in the arch of your left brow and the deliberate curve of your mouth upwards.
"Only you could say things like that," you accused.
Jimin runs his hand through his hair once more, balancing his phone between two coffee books. In the meantime, you were cutting a few spring onions into smaller sections.
"Not true," he interjected, right as you swiped the cut ingredients into a bubbling pot.
His stomach emits a low rattle. "Okay, whatever you say. Have you eaten?" You asked, stirring the contents of your dinner. Jimin shakes his head. Eating had completely slipped his mind.
"Min, go and eat something."
Jimin sighed. What's the use of having a meal when I'm going to eat alone.
"You can make something or order so we can eat together, like this," you suggested, slowing the way your hand moves the ladle in the gloopy, rice soup. 'Like this' meant eating in front each other through your phone screens. He smiles. It was something you would often do together because he couldn't avoid being away. Pitching forward, he grabs his phone.
"Are you still free to come to Jeju-do next week?" He asked, while he thumbed down the take away menu. The objective was to sound as nonchalant as possible. He had practiced saying it more than five times prior to this call. He sees you siphon some of the soup in a bowl.
"I should be fine," you replied.
"Uh... it'll only be the two of us," he said, scratching a non-existent itch on the bridge of his nose.
There was a noticeable pause.
Panic bubbles in his chest. He abandons the task of ordering for take out.
"Oh. The others can't make it?"
He feels his heart sink a little and hurries to conceal the disappointment that made his features contract.
"They messaged me that things came up at work and they don't have anyone to cover for next week," he informed, pressing 'order' at the same time. He didn't even check what he got. You stepped out of frame for a bit, he hears something rest on the surface of the table.
"Ah okay. That's fine then, I'll be there so you won't be too lonely," you teased.
It's gentle - always gentle.
So you're really coming.
In seconds, you're in his view again. As you adjusted the angle of your phone, he watches you slide the steaming bowl within reach. You had this habit of lining up your utensils with equal distance between, you were particular with the orientation too. They must face the ceiling at all times.
"What?" You asked, a grin playing on your lips
Jimin shakes his head, finding himself smiling too.
"Is that your famous hangover soup?" He asked, squinting at the pale surface dotted with squares of green.
"I've got you to blame," you replied, stirring the surface with your spoon.
"Hey, it's not my fault that you have a low tolerance," he argued.
"But it is your fault that you sent me barrels of alcohol two days ago."
He throws you a sheepish glance, contorting his lips in meek acceptance. You only give him a small smile, already past it.
"Anyway, what did you order?"
He checks the status of his take out food.
Jimin [3:55PM]
I'm in a black beanie, you can't miss me
The outline of Jeju-do comes into view. Even from the airport, there were hints of green and blue breaking up the drab concrete. It’s cold and windy, but the welcome is warm. Now, you were both in the same place.
Jimin [4:01PM]
Kekekeke I know but just making sure in case
you forgot what I look like kekeke
You [4:06PM]
Says the person who's face I've seen on THREE ads since landing here T__T
Jimin's face was indeed plastered all over the airport, his big round eyes sparkled like cut glass persuading you to buy gum or something else at the Duty Free. Either way, you'll leave the airport with your bag heavier and wallet lighter.
Jimin [4:08PM]
Hey! I've got to make a living too! kekeke
Have you exited?
Can I call?
It's not too long of a wait before your ringtone makes a shrill cry. You answer to some shuffling, a breathy laugh as you huffed.
"How was the flight?"
Past the automatic doors, the cold air blows your hair away from your face.
Jimin pulls his mask down since it obscured his eyes. His bags were neatly stacked by the doorway as he sees you run up the small path towards him.
"Trust you to pack light!" He called out.
You laughed, adjusting the strap of your backpack and gripping your holdall tighter. Finally, he sees you up close.
You're really here.
You came spend some time with him in a small villa he's rented out in a secluded corner of Jeju-do.
He doesn't know why his heart is beating way too fast all of the sudden.
At the last step, he lunges forward, pulling you into his embrace. He couldn't stop the smile that pulled at the corner of his mouth. Your coat deflates from how he cages you in his arms.
He lets you go but lingers so that the last thing that leaves his touch becomes the tips of your fingers, "sorry."
"What have you got in there?" You asked, eyeing luggage. Out of embarrassment, his hand comes up to tug at the lengthy hair by the nape of his neck.
"Ah, I may have overpacked," he confessed.
You laughed because you knew.
"I don't know why I'm surprised."
Behind you was a green mountain side slope that lead downwards, all the way to the beachfront. It's colder and the nights are longer during this time of the year. Yet he loves the winter. It was his favourite season.
"I missed you," he sighed, affectionately tugging at the loops holes of your mask. You remove it and he sees you fully, now. You wrinkle your nose and the desperation to hug you returns so he indulges.
"I missed you too," you replied, squeezing back.
He knows what it looks like.
If the rest of your friends were around, they'd take note of how long you are embracing each other like this. Their eyes would dart to one another and those knowing looks would scream Did you see that? Yet, these are the moments when he feels those 'what-if's' take hold, like limpets to a rock.
It's always like this with you.
It feels like...
Well, he can’t even fathom the words. He just knows that from the moment you became friends, he never really stopped hoping.
Then again, it helps that you had been there through everything. A quiet force in the background, the person from his hometown, his next door neighbour, his childhood friend. What that really meant is that you were attached at the hip. If he had become someone else apart from 'Jimin of BTS', you would have gone to college together, studied, embarked on your individual careers, and probably end the day with a bottle of soju by the Han River.
But things changed and he did become the person he wanted to be, after all. He loves what he does and he loves the stage. Recently, he feels that he’s finally allowed to be happy as things were falling into place. One of those things was acknowledging that he liked that he liked you more than a friend. He thinks he's been breathing better ever since.
"You sure you're okay with staying with me?" He asked, brushing his knuckle against your cheek. It's a quick movement, a gesture that he did like clockwork.
"You fishing for compliments?"
Jimin grins so hard that it progresses into a laugh. He didn't really care about what he was asking. What matters to him is that you're actually here. As far as he’s concerned, he shouldn’t even be going on trips so close to the holidays but the ball was rolling again and life was about to get incredibly hectic. The stage awaits and so did the rest of the world.
But he can’t find it in himself to feel guilty at the sight of you.
It’s been too long and he’s missed you so much.
He swings his arm so that it can drape over your shoulders, "let's go in."
Evening sets into the sky and the wind howls, shaking the window panes. Jimin hands you the wifi password while thumbing down his phone for places to order food from.
"Thanks - and did you check the weather for the next week?" You asked, gulping down some beer.
Jimin's brows knitted together, "I didn't get to. Why?"
Turning your phone, he sees the weather app on the screen. It's all rainclouds and freezing temperatures.
"Ah shit."
"I know," you replied, taking another big gulp.
"We can get some of the black pork that they have around here. I had some when I visited with Taehyung and Jungkook."
You nod, setting your drink down on the table. Jimin places an order for two portions. The sign buffers as you look around.
"You booked a nice place," you said, twisting your head and leaning forward.
Jimin takes in the open space of the villa. To be frank, he had one of his managers book it for him after seeing a couple of rave reviews. It's a miracle that he was able to get this so last minute.
It had a cabin-style interior with textures of wood and stone. The furnishings were modern and boasted excellent views of the landscape outside. There was also a welcome hamper placed in the hallway, filled to the brim with mulled wine and enough food to make a decent charcuterie board. He takes a seat across you, laying his legs over yours.
"Thanks," he beams, proud.
You rest your head on your hand, watching him with a playful glint in your eye.
"What are we going to do?"
He purses his lips, darting his eyes between you and the rest of the beer on the kitchen island. You meet him with a sly grin.
It's like old times.
The next day comes and your face is glued to your pillow. Jimin's room is across the hall, his door flung wide open. He's sleeping in the same position as you, his face puffy and mushed against the pillow. Past the linen curtains were rolling clouds that were multiple grey cotton balls that dot the sky. The whole island seemed to be swallowed up by the gloom.
The time is too late to start anything productive but too early to abandon spontaneous plans. You get up anyway, padding to the open space only to squint at the expansive windows that let all the light in. Tidying up was what you enjoyed and had in common with Jimin but apparently, so was crashing in bed after a few drinks. Evidence of last night litter the kitchen island, further off were open cans of beer then half a bottle wine responsible for the throb in your skull.
“Up already?”
You jump about ten feet, no exaggeration. Jimin saunters out, eyes barely adjusted to the bright light. His hair is noticeably plastered to one side, cheeks flush pink from being buried under the sheets. You see that he’s retired the silver hoops on his earlobes.
“You scared me! What are you doing up?”
“Sorry. And I’m not used to this bed,” he said, his voice a mere graze from his throat.
Like you, he begins to clear the table, swiftly deploying the empty cans into the designated trash.
“What’s the plan?” You asked, self-consciously running your fingers through your hair. Everything is so visible in the morning.
“There’s a café I wanted to check out, and then we’ll see what else we want to do,” he suggests, blinking slowly at the particular snack you both had last night.
“Okay, sure and it’s that one,” you pointed out, and he drops it into the the recycling.
“Thanks,” he smiled.
Jimin walks next to you at a leisurely pace, snapping pictures of quaint houses built wide rather than narrow. Towards the sea were the shops with corrugated roofs; inside plays soft rock ballads and is dutifully guarded by the owner’s dog. Jimin pets them fondly, cooing at their relaxed state while they lounge in their well-worn beds.
The winter months didn’t halt tangerine picking on the island and some cafés were set up to make it a complete experience. Once there, you are given a pair of scissors sharp enough to cleave the stems and plastic gloves to protect your hands. Before, you decided to get a drink. You try not to be too obvious but it couldn’t be helped that the tables all came with two seats. Huddled together, you volunteer to grab the tray as Jimin sits with his back to the interior. The drink ends in a pure white foam with a segment of orange embedded on top. It was way too pretty to be consumed.
Now, with your masks down, you see the pink that kisses his nose and the shiny surface of his lips as he sips the orange liquid down. He hums in approval, throwing a quick glance behind him right after you take a small gulp. You follow his gaze and saw that no one else was on the floor you were staying.
His eyes settle on your face, specifically your mouth.
“What -”
His finger swipes your bottom lip and promptly brings his hand down as the barista bounds down the spiral stairs. The space where he touched prickled and you swore your heart stopped beating for a good few seconds.
“There,” he examines, smiling as if he didn’t just touch your lip and swiped off the excess tangerine foam.
“You could have told me,” you mumbled, feeling warm all of the sudden. You reach for the napkin to wipe off what wasn’t there anymore.
Jimin just shrugs, a playful smile moulding his lips, tugging it up at the corners. He slumps on his seat, the green shearling bomber he wore folds like an accordion. Quickly, he slips the mask on, the glint in his eye remaining.
Outside were the lines of orange trees heaving with produce. They went as far as the eye could see, regressing into miniature versions of themselves towards the end.
"Min, have this one, it's sweet!"
Together, you flank the same tree that bows under the weight of oranges that differ in size. Jimin goes for the ones near the top, cutting them with precise strokes from the clipper.
"You know, these were considered royal fruits in the Joseon Dynasty," he elaborates, waving one to you before dropping it in the bag.
"And do you know that there are more than forty types of tangerines that grow in Jeju-do?" He adds.
You roll two more into your bag, "why do I feel like you're using me to review for a quiz?"
One thing about Jimin is that he laughs with his whole body. His hand comes up to cover that smile, which does little to cover that wonderful sound that filters through the web of his fingers. He bows forward, clutching at you as if laughing would cause him to float off. He probably would.
Happiness looked the best on him these days.
Oh, and his laugh is infectious.
“I can never tell if you’re laughing at me or with me,” you said, after calming.
"What? You’re funny,” he reassured.
You narrowed your eyes at him, opening the bag stretched out with the oranges you harvested. He drops another one in.
“Where should we go next?” You asked.
He shrugs, a slight lift of his shoulder beneath the layers of his clothes.
“The beach.”
You stayed by the sea even if the wind battered your clothes and rendered your hair a mess. The rush of the breeze and the dash of the ocean on the shore, it's familiar to you both. The waters are emerald and undulate on the surface, rippling and breaking in quick succession. The rocks were solid under your feet, rough cracks that in the dark geology that absorb the crash of waves as they roll through.
Jeju-do was beautiful all the time but especially during this time of the year.
Jimin slides his pinky higher next to yours, and you reassert it to be fair. He huffs but lets it go. Instead, he massages it, pulling down when he got to the tip.
"I did this everyday through middle school and high school and this is what I get after six years of trying,” he said, actually sounding sad.
“I was there when you declared war on your own fingers,” you replied, remembering how it turned into a habit. He would do that while waiting for the bus or while studying.
Ahead, dusk was approaching. The dark colours are a perfect backdrop to the galaxy above. Something about the cover of darkness, the immensity of the water, the way it disappears into the horizon, it's like a welcome. And as the constellations blanket the sky, your worries dissolve in the rush of waves and wash of foam along the shore.
When things were simpler, Jimin would wait for you by the school gates and say, Let’s go see the stars.
It’s nice that it’s still the same after all these years.
“What are you thinking about?” You asked, digging your hands deeper into your pockets. He waits for while, you knew he was thinking deeply and not because he didn’t have anything to say.
“I love the way the moon is reflected on the water.”
He points to where the light bounces and fractures into countless shards.
“And the fact that there’s a routine that’s been bothering me for the next concert.”
You frown.
He was better now because he was able to say these things out loud, at least to you. Before, he would bottle it up and let it fester. It wasn’t quite suffering in silence but something akin to that. There was a simmering yearning to keep pushing.
“You’re always so hard on yourself,” you said, bumping your shoulder against his as you ground the heel of your shoe into the sand.
At this point, you knew better than to shower him with words. You were close enough to know each other well. In exchange for the glory of the stage, Jimin’s personal price was this consuming need to be perfect. A ravenous determination to keep going and forgo peace in the face of self-judgment. It waits in the shadows for a moment when he's alone, and after slurping its fingers clean from devouring his energy, he comes back a little defeated.
But you listen. You allow him to leave such worries on the shore or wherever else he can put it down.
“I don’t know why I find the routines so much harder and more complicated. I feel I’m the only one not able to cope,” he muttered, burrowing the toe of his shoe in the sand.
He sounds so uncertain.
“Everyone has their strengths, Min. That’s why you work well as a team, no one else can bring what you bring to the group. No one else can do what you do.”
He pauses and leans his shoulder against yours.
“I’m not special. There are were others before me and others who will come after.”
“You work hard. I don’t want you to discredit yourself because you work harder than anyone I know.”
It’s a rare sight to witness him in this way, but when it happens it’s still the most unnerving. But you knew it was tough for him over these past two years, performing in front of an empty stage, where connection was hard to gleam. Strange to think that his whole world shrank to the four walls of his room overnight.
Jimin sighs in response. It’s long and heavy.
“I think I’m just tired and I’m getting nervous again.”
“Which is why I’ll be front row come March when you guys are back in Seoul. You can’t miss me, I got a new Chimmy headband and I upgraded my light stick. And wearing a face mask won’t stop me from being the loudest in the stadium,” you said, in your attempt to get a smile that reached his eyes.
He turns to you, and there it was. Eyes, like the moon curving into happy crescents when a smile edges his lips, as solar as his disposition.
“You’re cute, you know?”
“I know,” you said.
“Can’t sleep?”
It’s sometime in the evening and Jimin was slouched on the large, leather sofa, scrolling down his phone. You shake your head, sitting where he made some space.
“Me neither.”
You stay like that for a while, preoccupied with your phones in the silence. The rain hasn’t let up and it drums on the slanted roof of the villa.
“Ever wonder what it’s like to just be... invisible?”
You lower your phone, “what do you mean?”
Jimin shifts so that he’s sitting up, he runs his hand through his hair and observes you.
“Let’s say that you’re just anonymous, like no one knows who you are or what you do. You know,” he said, gesturing vaguely into the air, “anonymous.”
“You mean like me?” You grinned, pointing a finger to yourself.
He gives you a disapproving look. Then, he says your name softly, an indicator that you weren’t being serious with him when he wanted to.
“What do you think you’d be doing instead?” He asked, leaning forward. You consider it, though it feels like you should be the one asking him that.
“Not much would change, I think, I like where I am. But I’ll move back home earlier cause I love Busan.”
Jimin tilts his head, a small smile playing on his lips.
“I’d probably be the same. I’d be a dancer who sings. Or a singer who dances.”
You smiled because you already knew that. He had had always had his heart set on one thing. Not even a change of fate could affect that.
You see him bite his lip, his eyes lowering, “And I’d probably date more.”
And you laugh obnoxiously loud, swatting his ankle for good measure.
“Yeah, because it’s so hard to get a date as the Prince of Busan who’s also a megastar idol on the side.”
He raised his eyebrows at you, aghast.
“You’d be surprised.”
“What? You’re telling me that you’re not spoilt for choice?”
The seconds go on and on and he stays looking at you.
“I’m just saying that even if that’s the case, I don’t like any of them.”
He keeps looking at you. Soft brown eyes hold you captive as the distance shrinks. You’re stock still and he’s inching forward, brazen as he is.
“I don’t like any of them because...”
He’s dragging his sentences, biting his lips as if he doesn’t want the words to come out. The temperature in your body rose, seeping into every crevice, going all way up into your head. It has you feeing feverish.
I’m drunk.
No, I’ve died.
No, I’m definitely drunk or on the way to dying.
Jimin’s face goes beet red, but he doesn’t turn away. Distantly, you wonder if you heard that right.
He sighs, somewhat frustrated. The rain falls and falls, like percussion on the window pane. Open spaces echo and you wonder if he could hear the thud of your heart. Your hands wring together so hard that the pain allows to you realise that something was happening, like there are magnets under your skin that are suddenly activated. The nearness makes you dizzy. Up close, you see that Jimin had moles on his forehead and his eyes are the darkest shade of brown in the dim light. Everything about Jimin was pretty.
“You’re really going to make me say it?”
Then, he tilts his face to the ceiling as if to plea to some irreverent deity and...
It’s like a goddamn movie.
He grabs your face with both of his hands and kisses you.
The wind shakes the windows and the clouds rumble past but it wasn’t as loud as the roar of your heartbeat in your ears. Your surroundings fizzle out, the cabin-like villa melts into static fuzz and thoughts are plundered from your brain. By instinct, you freeze, but the one thing thawing you was the fact that you don’t mind this.
Not at all.
Past the alarm bells of What the fuck is going on? And equally, past echoes of Fuckfuckfuck, you make it to one resounding thought.
Jimin’s lips are really soft.
Then your brain goes back to short-circuiting.
Jimin’s hands were everywhere and he was touching you. It’s a scramble to think about the lingering touches, and the fact that he would hold your gaze a second longer, and the way you’ve always been close but not in this way. Your body is practically a live-wire; you lean in and you’re rewarded with his tongue sliding against yours.
Yup. I’ve definitely died.
It’s unnerving how it all feels so natural yet at the same time, it’s nothing like kissing anyone you’re ever kissed in your life. There’s a tremor in the ground and you’re sure that it’s not because it’s pelting it with rain or because the wind is shrieking itself into a stupor outside. It’s because Jimin is kissing you with one of his hands pushing your hair away from your face, tugging it close at the root. You could moan from how sensitive you are. In fact, you did.
He says your name, a careful hand sliding to the nape of your neck and your body curves towards him. Each touch is tender and heat seeps everywhere. He moves to kiss your elsewhere, on your jaw, beneath the lobe of your ear. Warm breath brushing your skin. It’s an eternity that you want to pursue. You don’t want to come up for air, you want to savour it, to keep going so you push while he pulls, an insistent tug of war that escalates, bodies pressing close enough to feel the thud of your heart in your chests.
When you pull back, his lips are a darker shade and his eyes are full of fondness. They shine like sea glass.
“Shit,” he mutters, dazed.
A smile tugs at your lips because he was leaning in again.
It was just a kiss.
Then another.
And another.
You bump against walls on the way to a room. Any room. The closest was his and his bed was still unmade.
It's clumsy and your movements are awkward, punctuated by nervous laughter. It's not a jeer but an assortment of soft sounds under your breath that screamed I can't believe we waited this long. It's shaky movements that match your erratic heartbeat. Jimin kisses you, his breath fanning your skin, while his wandering hands and curious fingers continue to undress you. Like him, you do the same, and slowly but surely, the clothes fall.
"Shut up," you muttered, your face a thousand degrees warm, heart beating too fast.
The lights are muted but you can see each other so clearly.
Jimin shrinks the gap, his bare skin is warm, the muscles beneath are firm and sinewy. You suck in a breath when he touches you again. He pulls away and looks at you. Now, his tongue rests on the side of his lip and his breathing is a little laboured, if not, ragged.
“Hey,” he said.
“Hi,” you replied, smiling so hard that there was a raw ache in your facial muscles. He brushes your hair away again.
“Does this feel weird to you?”
You’re not used to him touching you like this. But it’s not weird, no.
It feels... good.
Far too good to comprehend.
You shake your head, “no.” You rise up and kiss him once more, “what about you? Does this feel weird?”
“Nope, it feels...” he said, kissing you back, “good.”
Relief mixes with your arousal.
The light graze of his teeth on your bottom lip had you grabbing at his hair, the long dark strands are silky smooth. You rock against each other, your legs widening, feeling him there, pressing against each other so hard even though there wasn’t any space left between. And you gasp as he grinds his hips, your nails digging onto his arms as he groaned. He pulls back again, his knuckle tracing your jaw, his eyes shining like reflective pools.
“Can I?”
You nod, at a loss for words.
He lifts your legs and your hips tip up. You focus on where you connect, breath caged in your throat as he pushes in slowly, and you’re shaking. To distract, he kisses you till you’re breathing into each other, laughing again just because.
He touches you everywhere, up your sides, your face, and you do the same. It’s like you’re getting to know each other all over again but this time, it’s a cascade of emotions that you couldn’t even unpack in the moment. All that mattered was that Jimin liked you and you liked him back.
“Min,” you breathed, clinging onto him as he plunges his hips down.
His gasp dies on the side of your neck, right by your pulse, which is fervent. He comes up, kisses you, the crush of his lips, soft yet hard, the slide of his tongue is smooth, swallowing your moans as you meet him halfway. The way his hands move, they skate up and over, it’s teasing and languid made you keen with desire. He says your name, it’s a desperate tone in the way it forms on his lips. Your foreheads a pressed together, warm breaths fanning over gooseflesh, and your mind goes hazy.
You’ve never experienced anything like this. Never paid attention to someone like that way you are reading his face, the way his jaw twitches as he drives his hips down, the muscles on his body are taut, pleasure manifesting in his furrowed brow and the curl of his lip.
It’s transparent. The most honest you’ve ever been with each other.
And it feels right.
“Ah fuck, you’re not going to making it easy for me to last,” he confessed, a garbled warning that had you laughing in between sighs. Mischievously, you lift your legs and hook them over his hips, making him balk.
“It’s okay. I’m the same.”
It’s everything to Jimin.
He’s waited so long, imagined this a thousand different times and it still couldn’t compare.
“Fuck,” you gasped, writhing beneath him while he peppers kisses along your neck, suckling on your skin, tasting you and breathing you in. It’s different like this. The way your laugh melts into soft sighs because of him, the way your rhythm mirrors each other’s. It’s all so perfect and wonderful that his mind spins.
“Ah, shit, you’re so wet” he shudders, unable to keep a steady tempo, edging closer and closer. Lewd sounds echo and he sees you hide your face with your hands, and he slows.
“Hey, no, wait, I want to see you,” he gently whispers, kissing your nose, your forehead, then your lips. You whimper as he presses down, legs flinching as he goes to the hilt, your gasps are soft and pitchy, lips parting against his as he goes faster.
It feels so good that it takes everything in him to pace himself.
After a few thrusts, he goes harder to temper that ache, and you cry out suddenly, velvet walls pulsing over his length in a rapid manner. He groans, clenching his jaw.
“You okay?” He searches your face, where he finds your eyes go hazy, panting shallowly as your hips jerk under him.
“Yeah. I’m okay. That felt good.”
He withdraws in an effort to preserve this, to last. You go lax, and he kisses and kisses, trailing his fingers down as your eyes go wide.
“Ah - Min, no, wait.”
He couldn’t help himself. You were so wet, barely down from your high and all he wanted was to make you feel good. So he kisses you again, relishing in your soft whimper. And he looks at you, straight in your eyes and gently enters you with his fingers.
He liked everything about you but he didn’t think he could discover more things to like. It’s in the way your face changes, the way your voice sounds, and the way you respond to him.
But most of all, it’s the way you trust him in this moment.
Slowly he goes, curling his fingers just so, knowing what that did to you and knowing what that did for him. And you moan so softly, eyes fluttering shut. It’s so beautiful that he captures your lips, your bodies flush and warm.
“Fuck, I can’t - I,” you gasped, hips bucking into his touch.
And he knows, so he smiles into the kiss.
Jimin holds you gently and is so receptive that it’s puzzling. He says things like ‘you’re beautiful’ and ‘you’re so pretty.’ It should be awkward but it’s decidedly not. Funny to think that hearing someone else say you're pretty is like a catalyst for these endorphins that so stubbornly evade you when you need them.
Funny to think that you're already old enough to know better.
Jimin, the one person you couldn’t quiet place as a friend at times is now perhaps someone more. The one with sparkling eyes that curve into happy crescents each time he flashes that solar smile. It's the same in front of thousands or you. Full lips, radiant skin, asymmetrical eyes that he felt insecure about but now loved. You memorise him, trace his angular jaw and round cheeks, his edges are worn smooth and soft.
All that was blaring through your mind was How could I not know?
“Want to see something?” He asked in between breaths, lips searching yours once more. You’re drunk and delirious, hands tugging him close.
He tugs your lower lip with his teeth, a firm bite that drew a moan out of you.
“Something cool,” he whispers, lifting your legs higher. Your breath hitches.
He rolls his hips, and rolls them and rolls them again.
“Fuck!” You gasped, clutching at the sheets.
“Too much?” He asked, smug to the core.
You could almost hear him say it.
Dancer’s hips.
“N-no. It’s good. Too good.”
You're babbling and then you chide yourself. It was more of a compliment to him than anything. He grins, leaning down to twist a finger your hair and he goes and goes till stars dance in your vision.
Jimin wants more.
It’s incomprehensible, this need to get closer.
But the moments where you both rest are as good as the moments where you’re crashing together, breaths mingling into moans and sighs. So there’s a break of sorts where you stare at each other, hair askew, mouths twitching into a smile as if you couldn’t contain the sparks of happiness that radiates from this moment.
Then, he doesn’t know how it starts again, perhaps it was you who would look at him suggestively, as if you could hear his thoughts and the warmth returns.
He’s always known how much he liked you but it was disarming that it’s out in the open now, and the fact that it’s reciprocated was just...
Well, he doesn’t even have any words for that.
“Ah...Min,” you moaned, grinding back on him with equal fervour, it’s so good.
It’s a private pleasure for him, you’re always tender in the way you say his name. He wraps his hands over your wrists pinning them above your head and you arch up, the soft planes of your body on his. He knows you more than anyone else but the way you were touching him seemed to usurp that. It’s maddening, the way he’s bottled up these feelings and now they’re tumbling out. He comes away from you again, wanting you in every way possible. Firmly, he pushes the backs of your thighs down, opening you up more.
“I want to taste you,” he murmurs, kissing that part on your rib, snaking his tongue out, warm flesh turns scalding.
“N-no, Min, wait...” you protest.
He eases off, “why?”
Instead of an answer, you hide your face, clearly uncomfortable. He reaches for you.
“No, come here, look at me, what’s wrong?”
“I’m... I’m not really used being on this side of things...”
There’s some hair that’s stuck to your temple so he brushes that away, his thumb grazes the exposed space, the salt on your skin making it tacky.
“You’re so beautiful, I want you all the time,” he praised, and for every word he deploys a kiss and goes lower. The rush of the sheets is audible like the waves crashing at the shore. You relent to the strength of his hands which keep you down till his name is merely a soft sigh on your lips.
You don’t tire for the simple fact that you couldn’t get enough of Jimin.
“Ah, fuck,” he rasped, a hand bruising your hip while you bury your face into the sheets, teeth biting at the corner of the pillow the stifle your moans. The arch in your back is impossibly curved, the rhythm of his strokes sending you into a pleasurable cycle.
You’re lost in it, hands grasping at the sheets with a grip that made them numb. Pressed onto the mattress, you hold on as his leans down, changing the angle. Your body flinches, legs threatening to give but he anchors you, lips on your back, everywhere really.
“You’re so tight,” he groaned, and you clench to emphasise.
When your eyes close, the sensations heighten. Everything is sticky, wet, and warm. Just as you feel it, that familiar spike, he pulls away, flipping you over. Those eyes, they marvel at you to the point where you’re shy, but his hands smooth you down, tender kisses to your face, then your lips. You love Jimin’s weight on you, it’s not something you can hide because you’re reaching for him, then gasping as he enters you again.
You push against each other until you’re both helpless, panting with need. You kiss him everywhere too, starting from the mole on the side of his neck, on his collarbone, lower and lower until he gathers you up, in his arms.
“Ah,” you moaned, grinding so hard that the bed creaks and groans in protest but you couldn’t care less.
It’s like a fever dream, being together like this.
“Min,” you sighed, so happy that you could burst.
He kisses you over and over while your name slips through his lips.
“I know, I know,” he whispers.
“I’m -”
He pins you down with control, rolling his hips, sweat coats your skin in a fine film. It feels so good that you could cry.
“I thought I was reading it wrong,” he murmurs.
The curtains were drawn tight over the windows, you talk in hushed voices.
“What?” You blinked, taking every opportunity to touch him, brushing his hair past his face while he does the same to you.
“We’ve known each other for years and I didn’t want to give up but I was just happy to be around you,” he said, turning shy, averting his gaze.
“But it hasn’t been years since you liked me, has it?”
He buries his laugh in the crook of your neck, embracing you while his face grew hot. Honestly, he doesn’t know how he’s managed to fly out of your radar all these years.
He comes up, licking his lips, nervousness colouring his thoughts.
“Always have, I think.”
He caught that smile on your lips, he doesn’t mind being open like this. All roads lead to home and he found that with you.
“You sure there wasn’t a specific time? I wasn’t exactly the hottest person around then.”
Before he considers it, he says, “then?”
Your jaw drops, and you shove him but he finds his way back to your arms, holding you tighter as you squirmed.
“I’ve always liked you. Besides, you’ve always been hot to me,” he added, voice muffled as his lips were pressed against your skin.
You hide your face in your hands, visibly embarrassed. He loves you like this, you haven’t changed at all. He kisses you because he can, hands exploring once more. It’s so familiar but new, soft planes set against his own.
It feels like...
Yup. That’s what it was.
The sun touches the horizon while the rain exits and in its wake, the thick sheets of grey clouds give way to bursts of orange that streak the sky. The bed is ruined and there’s nothing much to say so you don’t say anything at all. For a while, it’s enough to just stare at each other.
To marvel.
In the quiet bliss you’ve cocooned yourself in, you watch him sleep.
Jeju-do is made up of low stone walls, uneven concrete paths, and electricity poles with wires that act like a network of webs strung over the island.
But Jeju-do to you is made up of Jimin’s smile, his dozing figure on the sheets, his mussed up hair, his arm draped over you, ‘Nevermind’ on his rib and the number ‘13’ on the inside of his wrist.
Jimin normally hates early mornings but he’s awake. Light filters through the linen and you’re sleeping soundly next to him. He stares at your features, the way your eyes would sometimes move beneath your eyelids. You’ve always been restless, even in your sleep.
Part of his mind thinks that it’s still a dream.
Yet there is the phantom touch of your hand on the nape of his neck. When he sees you, he can feel your skin against his and he’s still deciding whether it makes him ache or soar.
Was it love?
You stir and curl up, he holds you close and falls asleep to the slow rhythm of your breathing.
You wanted to make sure that it wasn’t a fluke but Jimin doesn’t even give you a chance. The moment you wake up, he’s all over you, kissing you everywhere that you’re not sure whether to laugh or moan.
So it’s not a fluke.
“I’m meant to pick up the car,” he whispered, catching your earlobe between his teeth. You shivered in response, at a loss for words. It’s too early to leave the bed despite the clock reading 3PM.
“Then go,” you instructed but you place your arms around around his neck while his hips keep you caged down on the bed.
“Maybe they’ll allow me to be a little late,” he bargains, kissing that spot under your jaw that made your toes curl.
“Ah, I don’t think they can do that,” you warned, tucking yourself into him as you feel him grind his hips in a slow circle.
“Fuck... just five more minutes,” he groaned, a hand slotting at the back of your knee.
“Just five?” You teased, earning a low growl as you clenched around him.
“No,” he added weakly, his thrusts growing erratic.
You laughed and kissed him again.
"It was the last one they had," Jimin said proudly.
Parked by the gates of the villa was a handsome car, low, black, and sleek. He adjusts his scarf around your neck, tugging your beanie down (also his).
“Isn’t that the same car you have back in Seoul?”
He pouts, opening your side of the doors. You had to hold onto the roof for a bit while you slid in. Content that you were snug inside, he walks over to the driver’s side. The engine purrs to life and the interior lights up, washing out the leather. Jimin cruises it out and over the winding roads where the sea is yours to appreciate.
He drives until he comes to a stop by the foot of Camellia Hill. This was the only place left open during this time of the day. But it’s really because it was vast enough to get lost in.
Your shoes crunch the gravel beneath them and there aren’t many people around, most were huddled together, further away. With your masks up and monochromatic clothes, you could be anyone. It’s so hard to keep apart that you resort to brushing the sides of your arms together every so often, the rush of your jackets disturbing the peace. Dense shrubs line the acres, all with brilliant pink foliage. You walk through them, swallowed up by their imposing heights.
Further down, you feel a few stares so you make a point to keep your distance but he reaches for you, it's tentative but you feel the curve of his fingers over your own. Then, he gathers your hand, slipping it into his pocket. You grinned behind your mask, unabashedly elated. He gives you squeeze, so you huddle like that, head bowed near each other.
Past another tree, he tugs you under its shadowy canopies and while surrounded by pink petals set against green foliage, Jimin kisses you.
“Glad you came?” He murmurs, hand against your back to keep you close.
Words couldn’t describe how glad so all you could come up with was, “yeah.”
But he knows.
It’s in the way he cups your cheek and smiles into the kiss.
“You know, I don’t like you as much as you think I do,” Jimin said, your back against his chest as you watch the flurries of snow drape the surrounding apartment buildings. He tucks his chin over your shoulder, kissing under your ear. The floor heating was on and you were both in shorts.
“So you were really just trying to get laid - but with me in particular?”
He kisses your cheek this time, tipping your head up see he could go lower. You sharpen your defence.
“You know, I think I remember you saying that, ‘I don’t like any of them beca-’”
“Okay, that still stands,” he said balking as he manages to twist you to face him. He nudges his nose against yours, his face a blur due to how close he was. Outside, the snow falls in mini hurricanes, layering over the environment. Christmas was soon and it’s indicated by the tinsel that borders some of the furniture.
“I waited to tell you for so long that I had no idea how it was going to turn out. But I’m glad it turned out well.”
Something blooms in your chest at his admission.
“You really weren’t kidding when you said you’ve always found me hot.”
He hides his laugh in the crook of your neck, another kiss so tender that you press yourself more onto him.
“I guess what I’m trying to get at is that I’m happy that you like me back.”
You roll your eyes. He’s always been the sentimental one between the both of you. But in the back of your mind, you think of Jeju-do and the night that never seemed to end.
“I do,” you grinned, “I really do.”
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ggukberries · 9 days ago
a l l m i n e
Tumblr media
p a i r i n g : hoseok x reader
g e n r e : friends w/ benefits au.
t a g s : idol!reader, producer!hoseok, casual sex, y’all act like a couple without exactly saying you are, careless sex, fingering + cunnilingus, studio sex, 69-ning, spanking (f receiving), hoseok’s a little mean, mc from ‘3:00 am’ makes a cameo ft. JK, attempted quiet sex, unprotected sex at the end, mentioned degradation
s u m m a r y : you never expected in a million years to work with the one and only jung hoseok. you also didn’t expect to indulge in a series of hook-ups with the rapper, but like a good girl you obey your senior.
w o r d c o u n t : 6.9 k
Tumblr media
“I’m what?” You frowned with your head tilting to the side, trying to comprehend what the heck your manager was telling you.
She sighed deeply, hand coming up to massage her temples, "You know, Jung Hoseok? From BTS? We're having him come in to help produce your mini album. They think this collaboration will do good, rise your popularity even more."
You were a bit baffled by this, you didn't need the popularity. In fact you were well off without anyone's help given the company you came from and your talent/skill. They referred to you as the monster rookie who scored an all-kill on the charts with your debut song alone. You were an ace destined for greatness as Bang PD-nim had once said, and you believed him.
"I see..." you trailed off, frown settling on your features ever so slightly, "I was just surprised is all."
"I know, I know, I didn't think it was necessary either but what can I say? It was direct orders from the higher-ups."
It wasn't like you interacted with Hoseok though.. you hardly ever saw the man given that he was busy with his work and packed schedule. You yourself didn't ever encounter your supposed older brother group(s)—TXT & BTS—it would be a rare sighting if you ever did pass by them. Usually you bowed and greeted the said member before continuing on with your day.
They knew of you, often times supporting your comeback and commenting on it. Wasn't like you were complete strangers. You supposed now would be the time to finally meet him.
"When do we start?" You softly piped up.
"In about a week or so when he isn't busy with his photoshoots and performances. We sent your contact information to him, he'll personally message you and from there you know what to do. But if you want some more information you can speak with him in a few days since the BigHit photoshoot will happen."
You weren't so sure if you wanted to talk with him.. you had seen videos of him hard at work and couldn't help but notice how strict and serious he seemed. His happy go lucky nature seemed to disappear once it was time to work. That and the fact that he was your senior intimidated you. You just hoped he didn't go all serious on you..
"Okay, thank you I'll keep that in mind." You murmured, collecting your thoughts.
The days went by quite slowly, true to your manager's word Hoseok texted you. You hadn't been anticipating the message, heart nearly stopping when you saw the notification light up. You could have brushed it off and just went back to practicing your dance, but it was like there was a tiny devil whispering in your ear about him.
It was a simple text, one so simple you found your paranoia spiking. You were sure you were just acting a fool and Hoseok was just being professional. But still, your darker inner thoughts lingered around in your head. Something about him was just so.. irresistible, the man himself looked like he came straight out of a wet dream.
From the way he could mesmerize a whole crowd with his sensual dancing, to how low his voice could get when he spit his verses into the mic. You wouldn't mind having a small round in the sheets with him. Besides, it'd most likely just be one of those one time things. You just hoped he didn't see you as just his co-worker.
You met up with Hoseok on a Friday night, it was sundown when he asked you to meet him in his studio. The entire car ride was spent with you fussing over your nerves and trying to calm down. This was really happening.. you were going to work one on one with your senior. Alone.
No managers. Just the two of you.
The mere thought sent shivers down your spine as you clutched your concept book closer. "I just hope he's as nice as he is on TV." You mumbled to yourself, car coming to a stop as you exited the company van and sent a quick text to Hoseok.
hoseok [5:25]
come up
i'll open the door for you.
You didn't reply, greeting the receptionists and other staff members as you made your way to the elevator and punched in the floor number. When the elevator door dinged and you stepped out, you looked down the hall to see Hoseok already standing outside his studio leaning against the wall. He had his hands in his pocket with a laid back smile on his face.
"Surprised you didn't get lost y/n," he said almost in a mocking way, teasing you even.
"I've been here for like a year already. I know my way." You rolled your eyes and stood in front of him, "You do this to all your poor co-workers?"
Hoseok chuckled, "No, only the ones who look like they're here for other things." He eyed you up and down slowly before side-stepping, "After you."
Other things? You frowned in confusion and walked into the studio wondering what the hell Hoseok meant by that. You looked at your clothes in wonder, maybe he was talking about that. But why would he be talking about your cotton shorts and sweater? You sat down still blinking in confusion before realization kicked in.
And god did you feel stupid.
"Pervert." You muttered, giving Hoseok the side-eye as he shut the door and took his seat in his chair.
"What? Something wrong y/n?" There he went saying your name all weird. If he was just messing around and trying to annoy you then he completely succeeded.
You shook your head slowly, if this was how it was going to be then you might as well just give up. You leaned back in your chair, softly humming as you looked into his eyes, "No. Just wondering what we're gonna be working on today. I brought some of the concept photoshoot pictures so you can get an idea of the mini-album in general."
Hoseok's hand brushed against yours as he took ahold of the concept photos. He went through each of the photos slowly, taking his time to take in every detail. You were a bit embarrassed as the photos consisted of you in provocative outfits in lewd positions. The album's genre had been set, you had decided on a more sexier comeback. Not too sexy and just the right amount of sensual.
Blame Chungha and her damn bicycle song.
You watched for his reaction very closely. Hoseok's tongue had darted out to lick his upper lip slowly. He was reclined in his chair with legs spread as he tapped his foot on the ground. You could tell he was just checking you out in your photos, eyes slowly moving downwards.
"I see," Hoseok murmured, "and you came up with this yourself right? The whole idea I mean." He cleared his throat, looking at you as he sat up straight.
You nodded, "Is it bad?"
Hoseok shook his head, "Not at all, it suits someone as sexy like you." He chuckled breathily, "Alright, let's get started yeah? This is gonna be a trip." He said with a wink whilst starting up his computer.
Lord it was.
The two of you worked diligently, you half expected for there to be more teasing but surprisingly not. Hoseok looked attractive when he was entirely concentrated on work. It was the way he'd address you with intense eye-contact, never keeping his eyes off of you even if you weren't exactly talking anymore. You even caught him checking you out mid-conversation.
"I just think maybe you could delay the bass guitar riff just a little before the chorus and then the beat drop." You looked at Hoseok, "It just sounds better that way if you like really get into it."
Hoseok leaned against his desk with his head resting on his hand and tilted to the side just a bit, "Yeah?" He mumbled, hooded eyes staring into your own, "I mean I see what you mean it sounds pretty hot." His eyes trailed down to your thighs, lingering, "Let's try it." He slid his hand to your upper thigh, giving it a soft pat.
You were shocked to say the least. Up until now he hadn't really initiated any contact with you. But when he touched your thigh it was like the tingles went down your spine. Needless to say you were left wanting for more, a second heartbeat down there between your legs.
You took notice that during your little breaks or conversations he'd be a lot more touchy with you. His hand was always either on your thigh, your knee, or the back of your chair. He spoke in a lower tone too, eyes practically glued to your lips as he got bolder and bolder. At first it was a silly little comment about your song potentially being for the bedroom.. but then it was directing towards you now.
"Say," Hoseok began, his hand on your thigh which had become a permanent resting spot for his hand, "do I make you nervous?" He tilted his head, lips curled in a faint smirk.
You didn't know how to reply, heart beating a bit faster because now things were getting hotter. You hadn't come here with the intention of hooking up but if it was going to happen who were you to deny? Not when Hoseok was a whole wet dream himself. "Yes," you softly replied, thighs pressing together which didn't go unnoticed by the older, "you kind of scare me.." You quietly admitted.
Hoseok hummed, his interest was definitely piqued at this point. "Really now," he leaned in his chair, facing you as he continued stroking your thigh, "but you want me don't you?"
A faint hum passed, you turned to look at him with a lick of your lip, "Yes.."
"Oh? How adorable, actin' like you're about that life sweetheart." Hoseok laughed softly, "Look at you? You're so little, and I don't do little. What's a cutie like you gonna do for me hm? I'm not like the little boys in your dm's, in fact I don't think you could please me at all."
Fuck.. there was something so hot about being humiliated like this. You found yourself blushing red at his words, leaning in to his hand, which was now teasing your inner thigh. "What if I don't want those boys? What if I want a man." You softly replied, shame thrown out the window.
Hoseok leaned in close, lips ghosting over yours, "Yeah? But the real question here is sweetheart," he grabbed your chin gently shaking you, "can you take me like a good girl? Or you gonna cry about the dick being too much?" He smirked, clearly getting off to your embarrassment.
A soft whine bubbled up in your throat, you messily slotted your lips against Hoseok's. Your hands came up to gently hold his face, lips moving slowly and a bit clumsy on your part. Hoseok didn't move at all, you could tell he was smiling by the way his lips were curling faintly. It was so degrading but you were loving every single second of it.
"Cute." Hoseok mumbled against you, "Now let me show you how I like it." He grabbed your face roughly, one hand holding you in place and another tangling in your hair. He kissed you hard, knocking the air out of you.
You mewled quietly, scalp stinging pleasantly from his grab. He bit into your bottom lip, gently tugging on it with his tongue darting out to lick over it. You parted your lips, letting his tongue slip into your mouth. Hoseok let out a muffled groan, hand sliding down to hold you by your hip and then to your ass.
He pat you gently, signaling that he wanted you on his lap. Without breaking the kiss you plopped yourself in his lap, chair creaking slightly as his hands immediately dropped down to your ass. You broke from the kiss, a string of saliva connecting you two as soft pants left you, "Please,"
"Please what? What do you need sweetheart?" He murmured, thumb rubbing over your swollen lip.
"I need you here," you gently motioned between your legs, "need you to fuck me please. 's all wet for you.."
Hoseok bit his lip, eyes raking down your figure as he spanked both asscheeks, "Pull your fucking shorts and panties to the side. Now." He spanked you again, "You wanted my cock well now you're gonna fucking get it sweetheart. Just don't cry about it when no one else fucks your pussy as good as me." He growled lowly, hand rummaging through a small random box he had on his desk.
You whimpered at each spank and reached down to grab at your shorts and panties pulling them to the side, exposing your wet pussy. Something about his authority and the way he carried himself was hot. You liked how big he talked about his dick game. Now all that was left was to see if his cock would ruin you for anyone else.
"What? You didn't expect me to do all the work now did you? If you want my cock you're gonna have to get it yourself." Hoseok narrowed his eyes, a condom sitting between his fingers.
Your hands shakily came down to push his gray shorts down, sitting under his balls as his cock slapped against his stomach. Your mouth watered at the sight of it, it looked so fucking good you just wanted it down your throat. His cock was thick.. and had a little curve to it which no doubt would be hitting all those sweet spots within you.
"Go on, put the condom on me sweetheart." Hoseok stroked your ass, eyes hooded and glazed over with lust.
Without wasting time you tore open the foil packet, one hand held his throbbing cock while the other rolled the condom down slowly. You heard him quietly hiss at the contact. When you finished with the condom you positioned yourself over his cock and pulled your shorts to the side once more, "Can I?" You mumbled, your mind in a submissive headspace.
Hoseok smirked softly, he had his hands on your hips just holding them. "Ride me like you mean it." Was all he said.
You pressed the tip over your hole, slowly pushing down until he popped in. Your mouth fell open, slowly pushing yourself down on to the rest of his cock. The delicious slide against your walls unconsciously had your pussy tightening around him. You both moaned at this.
"Oh fuckk," you whispered, head leaning back as you rolled your hips forward just a little, "so good.."
Hoseok looked like he was in heaven with how his head was leaned back, adams apple bobbing as he swallowed harshly. He reached forward to spank you hard once again, grabbing your cheeks through the shorts and rolling your hips on his cock. "C'mon, show me how good you can ride my cock. It's all yours." He purred.
You braced your hands on his shoulders, back arching properly as you began to move on his cock. You slowly bounced, trying to get used to the intrusion with your toes curling. Soft little moans left you, his cock was hitting all the right places so far and it left you weak in the knees. Hoseok had stayed true to his word and didn't do any work.
His lips were parted as soft grunts and moans left him. His eyes were focused on your face, he stared up at you through hooded eyes. He had moved his hands above your ass, pulling you closer and holding your body tightly as he sat up. Hoseok watched the way your hips bounced on him, pussy swallowing his cock whole.
"There you go sweetheart, fuck yourself on my cock–oh god–c'mon you can do better baby." His moans needy and hoarse.
Your hips came to a slow halt, rising steadily until the tip of his cock was left inside before sliding back down. You did this a few more times, letting his cock explore every inch of you. Soft whines and little cries escaped you, ".. H-Hoseok," your lips fell open, hands gripping him tighter as your thighs quivered.
A soft squelch could be heard, your pussy was practically gushing by now. Every time you slid your hips down more trickle of slick dribbled down his cock to his balls. Even his shorts had small wet spots on them. His hands gently cupped under your ass, he took control of your movements and began to bounce you on his cock once more.
"W-Wait," you whimpered out, head thrown back as the pleasure suddenly hit you in the gut.
"What did I say baby? You that fucked out dick got you stupid? C'mon, think for me, use that little brain of yours." Hoseok grunted whilst gently slapping your cheek with one hand.
You tried to think of a response, eyes closing as more moans and mewls escaped your lips. It was so hard with the way he had you bouncing up and down on his cock. The tip of his cock brushed ever so slightly against your g-spot, cock curving just right to give you that delicious friction. "U-Um.. ngh you said..." a moan abruptly cut off your words as you dug your nails into his chair.
"Said what?" He breathed out softly, bouncing you harder and faster on his cock, "Go on I'm waiting,"
"H-Hobi!" You cried out, eyes wet with tears as your cunt squeezed his cock. You reaching down to rest your hands on his lower abdomen, steadying yourself as you fucked back on his cock. Your hips were now grinding back and forth at a quick pace, something that caught Hoseok off guard.
He let out a filthy moan, head leaning back as he squeezed your ass tightly. "Oh fuck yes," he grit his teeth, cock throbbing inside of you, "keep going baby right there–" he choked up.
"Gonna cum!"
The squelching noises your cunt made was much louder than the chair creaking and the shuffling of your clothes combined. You were desperately riding him now, eager for release as you rubbed at your clit in fast circles. Hoseok's drawn-out moans grew a bit louder, he was clinging on to you with his hands tightening on your ass by the second.
"I'm so close," he groaned shakily, "shit baby, riding me like you were made for cock." His eyes squeezed shut, mouth falling open as the pleasure took over.
Your hips stuttered in their movements, a long cry spilling from your lips as you rubbed furiously at your clit. You throbbed in pleasure, clit becoming far too sensitive to touch anymore as your legs trembled. "C-Can't, no more please," you began to sob, hips trying to escape from the stimulation.
Hoseok hissed softly when your pussy tightened around him, trying to milk his cock for all it's worth. "On the couch," he moaned, "fuck, fuck spread your legs."
You shakily fell on to the couch, pushing your shorts and panties down as you spread your legs widely. Hoseok tore the condom off, tossing it on your thigh as he stroked his cock furiously. "Show me." He growled, eyes trained on your fucked out pussy.
Your hands came down to gently spread your pussy apart, showing off how ruined you were. Slick was smeared all over your folds, hole gaping slightly from how stretched you were. You held yourself open to him, lip between your teeth, "On me, please." You begged softly.
"Yeah?" Hoseok cursed under his breath as he leaned over you, hand resting on the backrest of the couch. He closed his eyes, moans breathy and quiet, "Fuck, fuck," he spilled onto your mound, thick globs of cum running down and coating your folds.
A delirious giggle left your lips, finger coming down to dip in the mess Hoseok made of you. His darkened eyes watched as you slowly brought your finger up to your mouth. Your tongue lapped up his cum, a soft moan escaping you.
"Tastes good." You smirked.
Hoseok fisted your hair, leaning down with his lips ghosting over yours. "You're a fucking dream." He grinned back, lips pressing to yours moments later.
It became a casual fling, you both almost always ended your studio sessions with fucking each other either then and there or your place. You didn't know what it meant for the two of you, you didn't care either. If it happened it happened, but for now you'd just stick to your arrangement.
Texting each other became more frequent too, it was always a 'you up?' text. You noticed he was a lot more comfortable with the whole situation than most guys would be. He'd leave you his hoodies, offer dinner, and even on several occasions asked to chill with you. You didn't mind one bit though, glad he didn't make this into a awkward strictly sex type of thing.
So here you were, confiding in your close friend like you always did. By close friend you meant Nayeon, the only other idol you ever interacted with.
"Oh wow," Nayeon mused, eyes focused on her wine as she mixed the drink around, "I totally didn't expect the guy to be a sadist in bed. He's the happy go lucky one out of all of them right?"
You rolled your eyes at her obvious disinterest in Hoseok, "He isn't a sadist sadist, just a little mean you know? I like it though, it's hot."
Nayeon quietly snickered, smirk on her face as she raised her glass at you, "Whatever floats your boat you pervert.... So like what do you guys do? Some vanilla sex with a little spanking here and there or what?"
"Wow, so much for me being the pervert." You rolled your eyes and took a sip of your wine, "No, we do a lot thank you very much. I mean if we want it then it doesn't matter where we are we get down and dirty. He's literally ate me out on the side of the road or in the practice room whenever I'm in there." You giggled softly.
"Oh my god y/n," she squealed, "what else? Does he like slap you on your face and stuff?"
You cupped your hot cheeks, an embarrassed laugh leaving you, "Nayeon! You're so–ughhh okay yes he does. He'll like spit in my mouth sometimes and say really degrading shit. Happy now?"
Nayeon stuck her tongue out at you, "I'm just milking it out because c'mon now would I really be your best friend if I didn't ask for every little detail? I also have a serious question though, tell me the truth I won't be mad I swear." She then cleared her throat, going all serious on you, "Did you and him fuck the day you were sleeping over at my place?"
"Yes." You bluntly said, the wine kicking in and making you a bit more shameless, "Not all the way though. He didn't have a condom with him at the time so we just sixty-nined."
"I knew it you little–" she grit her teeth smacking your arm, "I was so traumatized I thought I was hearing things I was so damn scared to leave my room!"
You giggled madly, hiding your face as you leaned back in your seat. You felt bad, you really did after lying to Nayeon the day it had happened. You remember telling Nayeon all he did was make out with you, denying that you guys fucked every time she asked.
Hushed whispers and soft grunts left Hoseok, the two of you lip-locked under the covers. Your hand slowly slid down between the two of you, slipping into his sweats and grabbing ahold of his cock. He quietly hissed, hands gripping your ass tightly.
You kept in mind you were supposed to keep it down because Nayeon was a door down and it was her apartment after all. You felt a bit bad for doing this to her but Hoseok was just irresistible. You had fallen victim to his wicked desires rather quickly.
"Seok," you whispered softly, "we don't have condoms."
Hoseok sighed wistfully, head flopping on the pillow as his thumb gently circled your hip, "Shit I forgot to bring them. We don't have to, 's not safe if we do it without one." He mumbled out, eyes closed as he tried to stave off his arousal, cock throbbing in your hand miserably.
You bit your lip and softly whispered in his ear, "I got an idea." This had definitely gotten his attention as he opened his eyes to give you a curious look. What could possibly be an alternative to sex?
Slowly you peeled the blankets off, shimmying out of your shorts and panties. You tapped his thigh, as if you were asking him to take his sweatpants off. Hoseok quickly got the memo and slipped his sweats down, kicking them off, "C'mon baby, bring that ass over here."
You giggled quietly moving to straddle him, backing your hips back until your pussy hovered over his mouth. You reached for his cock, slowly pumping it and smearing pre-cum all over it. As you did this Hoseok yanked your hips down, tongue rolling out to lap at your pussy. He zeroed in on your clit, swirling his tongue over it in slow circles.
"God–Seok." You moaned out.
Seconds later you leaned down to wrap your lips around the tip of his cock, tongue poking and teasing his slit. Hoseok released a low groan, hands coming up to grip your ass cheeks whilst smothered his face with your cunt. Your hand stroked the rest of his cock, twisting around the shaft and squeezing firmly.
His lips wrapped around your clit, sucking harshly and teasing the soft bud between his teeth. A surprised mewl left you, thighs quivering and hips slowly grinding against his face. You realized how loud you were getting and decided to stuff his cock down your throat to shut yourself up. It was Hoseok's turn to moan loudly as you swallowed his cock whole, leaving no part of him uncovered.
"Shit baby, you're making it so hard not to fuck you into next week." He panted out, stroking your ass and squeezing the jiggly flesh in his hands, "Yeah, just like that." He swallowed thickly, head rolling back on to the pillow as he bit his lip.
You choked around his cock, eyes tearing up as your gag reflex kicked in. Slowly you pulled away with a string of saliva connecting your lips to his cock. You used your saliva to stroke his cock quickly, tongue coming out to lap at the tip slowly. Soft squelching noises filled the air alongside Hoseok's low moans and grunts.
He went back to lapping at your clit, finger coming up to prod at your slicked up hole. Slowly he slipped it inside, curling it just right to aim for your g-spot. You bit your lip to suppress the lewd moan that would escape. Your mouth fell open at a particular stroke of his finger and lick at your clit. It felt heavenly, making your thighs quiver again.
"Right there," you moaned, hips grinding against his face.
You leaned back down to quickly take him into your mouth, bobbing your head at a steady pace. Soft slurping noises came from you, your hand slowly inching down to gently fondle his balls. Hoseok slipped another finger inside of you, groan muffled and hips slowly bucking upwards.
The two of you forgot about the whole 'staying quiet' deal as your moans filled the room up. You were basically riding his face by now, Hoseok's hips canting upwards in return. The filthy wet noises that came from you two louder as well. You pulled back, a broken whimper leaving your lips as your pussy tightened around his fingers.
"Seok," you arched your back, "I'm gonna cum."
Hoseok breathed harshly through his nose, free hand spanking your ass as he doubled his efforts. His fingers pistoned in and out of you quickly, each thrust hitting your g-spot dead on. Your mouth fell open in a silent cry, movements halting as the pleasure crashed through you.
"Oh god!" You squealed, hips lifting off of Hoseok's face.
Your body shuddered, forehead resting on his thigh as you came hard. Hoseok slurped at your slick as he eased his wet fingers out, moaning at the taste. His hard cock twitched again, bringing you out of your orgasmic state and going back down. Your eyes closed, head bobbing slowly as you stroked his cock at the same time.
Hoseok's head fell against the pillow with a grunt, "Fuck, keep going baby I'm gonna cum." He panted, "Fuckkkkkkkk," he grit his teeth as his hips bucked.
You doubled your efforts, mouth sucking harshly at his cock and tongue flat against the tip. Hoseok let out a loud curse when you had moaned against his cock. He throbbed in your mouth, stomach contracting when you delivered a few more harsh sucks.
"y/n," he grit his teeth, hips bucking faster as you sucked the life out of him, "Oh god yes baby," his back arched a little, cum spurting out as he came in your mouth. You happily slurped his cum up, getting a little messy as you bobbed your head.
Hoseok groaned, hips jumping as he attempted to stop you, "No more," he breathed out, body relaxed.
You would have thought that hooking up in your friend's home would teach you something but apparently you learned nothing. Now it was Hoseok's dorm. He had promised the guys were all out doing their own thing but you couldn't help the uneasy feeling you felt. What if you got walked in on? Then what?
"Seok pass me the remote I wanna put something on." You softly mumbled as you sat up, hair a bit messy from how he had grabbed it during your make-out session. "C'mon please," you whined.
Hoseok chuckled quietly, "Yeah, yeah. Here," he held the remote out to you, hair combed back. He was lounging next to you wearing nothing but his boxers and chain around his neck. "So what are we watching?" He piped up, hand coming down to gently stroke your hip with his thumb.
You didn't answer at first, mindlessly humming as your scrolled through many shows. "There's this anime.. it's called—uhh it's called Attack on Titan, pretty good stuff." You mumbled, eyes trained on the tv screen as you felt Hoseok wrap his arms around you, "Hold on lemme just–" you cut off with a tiny whine when Hoseok pulled you down.
He had you laid against him, arms around you as he pressed kisses down your neck to your shoulder. "Don't mind me, just put it on.." he murmured softly.
"But you're not even watching it." You huffed angrily, remote tossed on the bed as the first episode began to play, "Just gonna have your way with me aren't you?"
Hoseok pulled back with a breathy chuckle, "How'd you know?" He teased softly, "Here, lay on your stomach and watch your show, I'm gonna have my own fun." He kissed your ear, hands slowly running down to your ass.
There was no use in stopping Hoseok now, you just sighed and brought a pillow with you. He guided you down to the foot of the bed where you laid on your stomach, pillow under your chest and ass raised. "Seok," you mumbled while watching the intro to the show, "want them off–yeah take it off."
Hoseok was already slipping your shorts off, dragging your panties down with them. "Fucking sexy," he grunted slapping one of your cheeks, watching the way it bounced afterwards. He played with your plush ass cheek, jiggling it in his hands, "Spread them for me baby, gonna fuck you real nice." He crooned softly.
Obediently you spread your legs apart, knees hoisting your lower half up was your back arched just right. You put your chin down on the pillow, puppy eyes staring at the tv screen. Hoseok licked his lips slowly, the sight in front of him making his cock throb. "Look at you," he cooed softly, palm on your ass as he stroked it, "every part of you is just so pretty, from your perky tits to your fat ass."
Hoseok slowly peeled his boxers down, flinging them out to the side of the bed as he positioned himself behind you. "C'mere sweetheart, bring that ass back." He muttered, hand stroking his cock slowly as he hissed from the relief he got. "Good girl, raise your hips–yeah, that's it."
You quietly sighed when the tip of his cock pressed against your folds. You buried your face in your arms, breathe coming out in huffs as your hips twitched. You could feel the tip of his cock spreading your wetness and pre-cum around, creating this soft squelching noise. Clearly he liked the sound of that.
"Needy girl," he quietly grunted, cock pressing more firmly as he rubbed himself up and down, "you hear that? Pussy's all wet for me, you want my cock inside sweetheart? Hm?" He bit his lip, hand moving faster.
Your mouth fell open, eyes falling shut as you shuddered, "Yes–god yes Seok, need you in me." You wiggled your ass against him, slowly pushing back against his pelvis. His cock slowly slid between the two of you, pussy lips fully encasing the shaft as the tip peeked out of your mound.
Hoseok smacked your ass harshly, "You think you deserve it? Only good girls get rewarded, not greedy little sluts like you... lucky your pussy so good to me." He muttered while rocking his hips back and forth, just enjoying the wet slide between your legs.
"Fuck me," you whined, head rising up to look back at him, "inside, need your cock inside of me." You softly whispered, hips slowly swirling around and trying to catch his cock, wanting him to slide in you. "Don't even want a condom.." You mumbled.
He was taken by your bold statement, the two of you had only done it raw once and that was because you both had gotten drunk. Needless to say you both vowed not to do it because you couldn't count on going out to buy after-pills. It was as if the topic of raw fucking was taboo between you two.
Hoseok put his hand on your head, slowly pushing you down into the pillow as he rolled his hips, "Fuck you sure? I'm down," he breathed out, "don't want this to be something you end up regretting."
"I'm sure Seok," you cutely mumbled, "just put it in, please." You then turned to hide your face in the pillow, hands reaching behind you to spread your ass for him, pussy on display.
"Okay baby," he breathed out, hand taking a hold of his cock and guiding it to your slicked up hole, "fuck you're so fucking sexy, let me in baby, spread your pretty out for me." He sucked in a breath, slowly pushing forward.
A lewd moan escaped you, eyes rolling back as his cock slowly stretched you open. "Oh god yes," you whimpered, "so fucking big."
Hoseok's moan was ragged and filthy, hand coming down to hold your hip whilst his other held you down. He leaned over your body, chain dangling as he slowly bottomed out in you. "Yeah? Love my cock don't you? Fills you up so good doesn't it sweetheart?" He purred.
"Yes," you mewled, "love it Seok." You closed your eyes and relaxed on the bed. Your clit throbbed from lack of stimulation but there wasn't much you could do. Your body was pinned down to the bed, hips raised as Hoseok used you.
"Greedy slut." Hoseok began to roll his hips into you, low moans and hisses leaving him.
He watched the way your ass rippled against his pelvis each time he thrusted into you. He was so mesmerized by it, keeping his eyes down on your ass as his cock disappeared in you. Soft ragged pants and groans left him as he sped up, hips slamming into you viciously.
You cried out, clearly caught off guard as your body went loose. Your toes curled, ass slapping harshly against his hips with each thrust. The show was nothing but background noise, the sound of your coupling much louder than the tv. His balls were slapping against your clit, causing a pleasurable sting for you.
"Oh–fuck yes–so good," you moaned out, eyes closed and mouth open.
"God you're so fucking tight," Hoseok slammed into you harder and faster. His chain was now swinging back and forth wildly over your head, something that had you clenching tightly. "Oh you like that don't you?"
You whimpered loudly, nodding to his question as you leaned your head back. "H-Hoseok."
He grunted quietly and reached down to hold your ass as he shoved himself in and out of you. Loud slapping noises filled the room, your cries getting louder and the bed rocking alongside his movements. Hoseok was moaning uncontrollably at this point, lips parted and eyebrows pinched in concentration as he watched the way your ass rippled.
Neither of you registered the sound of the front door opening on time. Your eyes widened and you frantically pushed at Hoseok's hip. "Seok!" You whisper-shouted, "Someone's here."
Hoseok didn't look alarmed, in fact he didn't care if someone ever found out about you. He just didn't want anyone ruining the moment. "Hold on," he breathed out harshly, head lolling back as he tried to calm down from the hot and heavy moment. "C'mere." He whispered whilst pulling out of your spent pussy.
You bit your lip, cunt throbbing from the emptiness you felt. Slowly he guided you down to the bed where he rolled the sheets over you both, turning his tv off and letting the room go dark. "Shh baby, just be quiet okay?" He gently slid his arm around your waist, hoisting it up as he slipped his cock back inside.
"Seok.." you moaned quietly, face coming up to hide in his neck.
"Be a good girl and stay quiet.. or else I'll have to gag you." Hoseok warned softly, hips beginning to roll slowly.
The voices grew louder, it sounded like Jungkook... and a girl? You didn't pay too much mind to it, in fact you were more worried about being walked in on. You shakily whimpered, pussy pulsing around Hoseok's cock, "Fuck, right there I'm so close." You whispered in his ear.
"Cum for me baby." Hoseok shakily murmured, hips moving faster. He didn't fully bottom out since he wanted to avoid making the sounds of your skin slapping.
Your legs spread wider slowly, mouth falling open in breathless moans as your body shuddered. You reached down to rub at your clit in tight circles, the pleasure was mounting higher and higher. You could feel your thighs shake and toes curl, orgasm dangerously close. Hoseok buried his face in the pillow next to you, moans and grunts leaving him as he held you closer to his body.
"Shit, go on baby cum for me let me feel you." Hoseok gasped softly, mouth sucking on your neck and leaving marks.
Your back arched a little as you whined loudly, completely forgetting about Jungkook and his guest. The orgasm caught you off guard as you gripped Hoseok tightly against you. Soft whispers of ‘yes’ and ‘more’ fell from your lips, it felt heavenly to feel his cock bare against your walls.
Hoseok hissed quietly when he felt your cunt clench down on his cock, “Fuck yes,” he brought you in for a passionate kiss as he jabbed into your body hard.
A surprised cry left you, body moving as his hips slapped into yours roughly. He pinned you down on the bed, quiet creaking noises filling the room as he chased his own orgasm. Quite frankly your orgasm has taken the life out of you, leaving your body boneless. You weren’t expecting Jungkook and said girl to walk in.
“Shh..” Jungkook whispered, “Hoseok’s probably asleep right now.” Clearly he was unaware of the dull bed thumping and sheets ruffling.
“Just hurry and get the lighter,” the girl muttered back, not interested in the obvious lump on the bed.
You were frozen in place, Hoseok’s hips slowing down to subtle grinds as his cock began to throb. You watched him hide his face in your neck, shuddering as he came hard inside of you. “Oh shit… oh fuck..” he whispered to you, body slumping and hips just lightly moving.
The two of you stayed still, not making a peep as Jungkook rummaged through the room for his lighter. Your heart was beating rapidly, breaths coming out in short soft huffs. Your hands came up to gently stroke his hair, enjoying the waves of soothing pleasure.
Hoseok sighed quietly, eyes closed as he relaxed, “That fucking idiot needs to hurry up. It’s hot as hell in here.” He grumbled, making you laugh quietly, “Never again,”
“Can’t believe you came from him walking in,” you teased quietly, the two of you bickering back and forth with one another.
Tumblr media
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yoonoclock · 25 days ago
forgetful confessions | jjk
Tumblr media
❝in a less than sober minded state, jeongguk stumbles into your apartment confessing feelings you didn’t know were there. well….you weren’t confident was there. the sad part is, jeongguk remembers nothing of what he said the night before.❞
• pairing: jeongguk x female reader
• genre: fluff, angst, f2l, college au
• warnings: profanity, jeongguk is intoxicated, mention of alcohol consumption
• word count: 1.9k
• note: originally wrote this with a cliff hanger so i decided after a year to finish it up! lmk what you think!
Tumblr media
By midnight you were buried in three papers worth of documents and tabs. Attempting to multitask proved to end in disaster because you could only focus on one for an allotted time, usually about five minutes. Due dates were approaching far too quickly to point you put off what seemed not entirely too important, except they are the opposite. Alongside a full working schedule you concluded that being a student absolutely drained you of enjoyment, such as a social life. Soon you accepted your fate and returned back to the mess that became your imploding homework list. 
One thing that you often forgot was looking at your phone for any messages. It’s not that you never spent a solid hour distracted by social media, but when it came to texts you easily forgot they existed. Which brought you to the incoming phone call with your best friend's name lighting up the screen — Jeongguk. 
You smiled at his name. It wasn’t surprising that you haven’t seen one another in weeks, from being always exhausted with little windows of time dedicated to napping, you rarely could go out to see him. But this didn’t take away from the numerous conversations he would initiate in order to get something out of you. From annoyingly long snapchat videos to instagram shares, you never failed to wake up to some quality content brought to you by his chaotic antics. 
“I drank,” Jeongguk slurred through the phone the moment you answered. “A lot.” 
“Did you now?” You laughed softly while managing to still type onto your laptop. 
Before anything else could be said there was a knock at your door. Easily confused by the fact that someone would come this late, it clicked in your head as you heard the echo of Jeongguk’s banging through the speaker. Coming toward the door, you made sure to pull it open slowly for the sake of not having him stumble inside and onto the floor. 
“Y/N,” Jeongguk beamed in excitement at the sight of you, moving forward just a step until he buried his nose into the crook of your neck. 
Out of habit, he found comfort in your embrace. And this wasn’t the first occasion he found himself at your doorstep, actually, this was the third time this month. 
“Come on, let’s get you some water and a bed.” You ruffled his already tousled hair as you shut the door, making sure to keep him stable the entire time. 
“S-so pretty,” he murmured into your hair with little to no awareness of how much weight you were putting on him. 
He never failed to compliment you, sober or drunk. Each time you knew for sure that he meant every word.
You were lucky to have him in your life. 
“I don’t think we can make it to my be...so,” you huffed in defeat before plopping him down on the cushions. “Sofa it is.” 
He hummed in acceptance of this because no matter what surface he rested on he would fall asleep. All it takes is a slight horizontal decline and he was a goner. However, something else was lingering on his mind. 
The second you returned to him with water he managed to pull himself upward into a seated position. He met your gaze for several seconds that didn’t phase you, until he said the few words you never quite expected. 
“I’m in love with you,” he spoke clearly without an appearance of intoxication as if he never truly was under the influence.
Every fiber in your being stopped functioning. Did he really just say he was in love? Did he really direct those words to you? You were in a whirlwind of confusion that he didn’t quite notice because he returned to his relaxed position into the pillows. 
Humming to himself, he eventually smiled, faintly whispering the same words all over again. It didn’t take long for him to ease into a deep sleep after that, leaving you in a mess of questions. He’s just saying it, right? There must be a mix up that didn’t quite make sense. You couldn’t help but sit still in front of your laptop with no capability to piece reality together. How long has he felt like this? 
You looked over to his figure and felt the same warmth you have always felt when studying his soft features. What did you feel exactly? Maybe there was something there that you managed to bury deep for the sake of not wanting to reveal anything. Maybe you could find out the truth from him in the morning.
Needless to say, you barely slept. You tossed and turned in thought of whether or not you could reciprocate his feelings. In all honesty, you knew you did. From the beginning of your friendship there was something special about how you both interacted. It wasn’t just a friendship but perhaps you were blind to that. 
As morning approached and Jeongguk finally began to wake up, with a whole new wave of regret, you felt the nerves tighten in the pit of your stomach. 
“I have tasted death,” he groaned while attempting to adjust to the pounding headache and poor taste in his mouth. “I’m so sorry I came here again.” 
“It’s okay,” you spoke softly. “Just drink this.” 
You brought him water from the night before with some aspirin to help him feel slightly human again. He didn’t hesitate to accept, easily chugging it down in the span of fifteen seconds. In those moments you waited in agony as to how to bring last night up to him. You looked over at him for longer than expected, prompting him to meet your gaze. 
“Do you remember...last night?” You crossed your arms over your chest, a habit of yours whenever you were nervous. Jeongguk noticed. 
“No, not at all.” He laughed at his dismay. “It was all a blur.” 
He didn’t remember. 
Your heart fell into the pit of your stomach which you didn’t try to reveal, “Oh.” 
Immediately you rose to your feet to keep yourself busy. If you pretended to be occupied then perhaps he wouldn’t pursue an explanation. However, he read you like an open book. He attempted to stand up despite the sparks of a tension headache. 
“Did I do something stupid?” He trailed after you. “Did I say something stupid?” 
“You uhm-” you turned to face him while frantically searching for a lie. “-broke my succulent.” 
In reality you broke the succulent when trying to drag Jeongguk through your living room. So, it is equally his fault and your own. But it resulted in a perfect cover up. Jeongguk knew how much you adored succulents. 
“Oh shit,” Jeongguk slapped a palm to his forehead. “It wasn’t Samuel, right?” 
You smiled, “It was Nancy. But that means I have an excuse to go buy a new one.” 
Jeongguk was obviously still disoriented. He couldn’t quite put a finger on why there was tension in the room or why you didn’t completely meet his eyes. 
“You should go home,” you stepped further into the kitchen to hand him an apple. “And eat this while you go back, it will help.” 
“Thank you,” he accepted the fruit slowly. “I shall try to sleep the rest of this off…and miss my first few classes.” 
“You are on your own with getting notes for the lectures.” 
“Aren’t I always?” Jeongguk murmured through a bite of the apple. 
You rocked back and forth on your feet, “Alright, hungover boy. Go sleep. Talk to you later.” 
Jeongguk knew that this wasn’t the time for him to investigate because he was slightly seeing double. He ultimately took a mental note to check in with you when he was in a better state. 
“I will see you later,” he murmured through his struggle of putting on his shoes. “Rest in peace, Nancy.” 
Tumblr media
They say that drunk confessions are usually true because it’s what the person wishes they could say. That little fact spun around your mind that whole morning. He said that he was in love with you. What does that mean for you? You aren’t entirely sure how to process your emotions. Is it because he said that or because you actually reciprocate? The truth isn’t there unless you truly sit down to talk about it. 
The responsible thing to do is to bring it up. However, your anxious and overthinking self believes bottling it up is best. Healthy. 
You decided to distract yourself by going to a plant nursery. In reality you can save Nancy the succulent by propagating. All you needed was the smallest reason to go after class. 
As you finished your 8AM lecture, you took the bus downtown to the best shops and nursery. Slowly but surely you eased into your happy self. At the moment Jeongguk’s words did not repeat in your head (for at least the next hour). 
Despite you being content, Jeongguk was not. He managed to sleep for two hours before being awoken by a blaring alarm. Forgetting to shut it off beforehand, he cursed into the pillow. As he laid there he began to think things over. Flashes of the other night burned into his mind. It is in that exact moment he leaped upright (with regret) remembering those words he muttered to you. 
I’m in love with you. 
“Oh no,” he buried his face into his hands. “That’s why she a-”
That explains why you were acting differently when he said he didn’t remember. It all pieced together. You had some hope to see if he would say it again as some form of confirmation. What he said was absolutely true. Not once did he lie. Although he did desire to confess under better circumstances. 
He had to talk to you. He already knew your schedule, as you did his, and it meant your next class started in two hours. The only place you could be right now is exactly where he went first. After much struggle with changing his outfit from the remains of the previous day, he rushed to the downtown shops. 
Once entering through the doors he scanned the space until finding you crouching on the floor examining a series of new potted cactuses. You heard the bell go off as a new customer entered so you didn’t bother to look over. That is, until footsteps approached you. 
“Hey,” Jeongguk whispered out of breath.
“Jeongguk?” You looked at him in confusion. “I thought you were going to sleep longer.”
Jeongguk sighed, “I remember…I remember what I said.” 
You felt the pace of your heart increase. Reality began to settle in. 
“This is the shittiest place to say this,” Jeongguk held your gaze. “But I meant it. I mean it. I do…love…love you.” 
There was a wave of emotions that stirred in your chest. Your best friend, the man you shared a great deal of your life with, confessed wholeheartedly. But you weren’t sure what was real in regards to your own feelings. 
“I’m not sure how I…” you trailed off because you weren’t sure how to process anything. 
Jeongguk didn’t intend to pressure you or expect you to reciprocate. He just wanted you to know in the right way, not because he drank too much. 
“I do expect you to say it back,” Jeongguk answered. “But maybe…maybe we can talk about it?” 
You eased into a smile, “I would like that…a lot.” 
There was something there that you wanted to discover naturally. You wanted it to be real. Whenever you were with Jeongguk you felt comfortable. Everything will unfold as it should.  
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7deadlysinsfics · 2 months ago
mate | jjk — four
Tumblr media Tumblr media
—𝒖𝒔𝒆 𝒎𝒆
☽ credit: @eerieedits​ for the beautiful banner
☽ pairing: alpha!jungkook x omega!reader
☽ rating: 18+
☽ genre: fantasy au, smut, angst, fluff, a/b/o dynamics
☽ warnings for this chapter: lots of dialogue 😪, sun-hee is an angel, some angst? mature sexual content in the forms of, masturbation & fingering, scenting, jk is obsessed with yn but so is she with him, fluff?
☽ words count: 3.4k who said this was supposed to be a drabble series? 🙄😭
☽ summary: yn’s heat cycle is triggered early in a house full of other wolves
—author’s note: smut continued in the next chapter 🤪
Tumblr media
drabble three | series masterlist | drabble five
Tumblr media
“So, when are you going to tell her she’s your mate?” Seokjin asked Jungkook as he took a seat next to him in the study.
“I don’t know. I’m not sure how she’ll take it.”
“Afraid she’ll reject you?”
Jungkook let out a sigh at his friend’s question, “To be honest? Yeah, I’m terrified of her rejection.
“Maybe she won’t. I mean, look at Sun-hee and me. We’re so happy and in love.”
“It’s not the same, Jin. YN has been through things no one should ever have to go through. When I tell you, you’ll understand.”
Jungkook relayed everything you told him to Seokjin, and the man was at a loss for words. He felt terrible for you—having to go through so much loss since such a young age broke his heart. You were the first omega wolf he’d ever met, and the fact that you’re his friend’s mate blew his mind.
“Have you found out anything about the place that had her? Are they searching for her?”
“I have Jimin, Taehyung, and Hoseok on it. They’ve already traced back YN’s steps as far as they could without getting too close to the facility and covered her tracks—I had them do that the moment I brought her here. Right now, they’re just keeping watch, and Yoongi’s searching up every person that works in there.” Jungkook began feeling restless and got out of his seat to pace back and forth.
“You mean Yoongi’s trying to hack their system.” Seokjin chuckled.
“Same difference,” Jungkook said, making his friend shake his head in amusement. “It’s the same place Namjoon’s in, by the way.”
“Really?” Seokjin narrowed his eyes, and Jungkook could guess what his friend was thinking. “YN has been in that place, what’s been essentially her whole life, and Namjoon has never mentioned to you in the six months he’s been undercover that a young and healthy omega existed in that place?”
“I know, Jin. I want to believe there’s a good reason why he kept that information to himself,” he ran a hand over his face, sighing with irritation at the whole thing.
“Well, there are two reasons I can think of. One, he’s taken a liking to her and wanted her for himself—what? It could be true!” Jungkook’s nostrils flared at the thought of another man wanting to keep his mate away from him—especially that man being one of his friends.
“Jungkook, calm down. Even if it’s true, Namjoon wouldn’t have had any idea she was your mate.”
“Fuck! Fuck, you’re right. I don’t know what’s wrong with me—I need to be patient and wait until Namjoon can get in contact with us. So, what’s the second reason you were thinking about?” Jungkook warily asked.
“That maybe he never saw her. Think about it—she was probably the only omega in that whole place; they weren’t just going to allow her near everyone. Plus, he’s only been in there for six months; it’s entirely plausible.”
Jungkook only nodded, deep in thought, when Sun-hee suddenly barged in.
“Okay, don’t be angry with me,” she panted. “I almost told YN that she’s your true mate.”
“Sun-hee,” Seokjin whined. “You’re worse than Namjoon sometimes; you know that, baby?”
“Ugh! I’m so sorry, Jungkook. I mean, I didn’t tell her. It’s just that I saw her all alone and worried about everything around her, and I only wanted her to feel safe with us,” she rambled on and on as Jungkook sighed deeply.
“It’s okay, Sun-hee. I have to tell her sometime.”
“And have you guys noticed how pretty she is? Like wow, I thought Seokjin was pretty, but YN—”
“Hey!” Seokjin cried, standing from his seat and glaring playfully at his mate. “I’m right here!” Sun-hee grinned at him while Jungkook chuckled.
“Also, are her eyes that same silvery gray color when she’s in her wolf form?” Sun-hee asked curiously, which Jungkook quickly answered with a nod. “Wow. And what about the color of her coat?”
Jungkook couldn’t help but smile at Sun-hee’s excitement over his mate­—it was endearing how quickly they were accepting her.
“It’s this rich reddish-brown color—stunning,” Jungkook looked proud.
Sun-hee took a seat near Seokjin, “She’ll look gorgeous next to your wolf, Jungkook.”
“Hm,” he was blushing, and that made his friends laugh. They’d never seen him this smitten with someone before, and they felt happy for him. “Anyway, how is she doing?”
“She’s doing good! Honestly, I don’t think she even needs the sling at all. The days she spent asleep helped her heal incredibly fast. Her shoulder will probably feel a bit sore, but that should feel better by tomorrow too. There’s something else you should know,” Sun-hee lowered her voice. “I think she might be starting her heat cycle soon; at least that’s what it smelled like to me, and it’d be too late for suppressants.”
Fuck, Jungkook couldn’t help his body reacting to that. He couldn’t stop picturing how pretty you’d look coming on his—
“Hey, lover boy. Snap out of it. I can hear your dirty thoughts from here,” Seokjin teased.
“Shut up,” Jungkook playfully scoffed. “Anyway. Sun-hee, what should I do? Should I go see her or stay away?”
“It wouldn’t matter at this point if I’m being honest,” the nurse shrugged her shoulders.
“She’s right,” Seokjin agreed. “Your scent is embedded everywhere in the house, and you gave her your bedroom to rest, so your scent is much stronger in there. She’ll be uncomfortable either way.”
“Shit,” Jungkook sighed. “I should go talk to her. I hate that she’ll have to go through her heat stuck inside a bedroom alone and suffering.”
Seokjin smirks at his friend, “Well, she doesn’t have to go through it all alone. You’re her mate, and you can help her. And another thing, Jungkook. We don’t know much about omegas or their heat cycles.”
“I—I can’t think about that right now,” Jungkook’s ears perked at a sound coming from downstairs. “The guys are back. If they come upstairs, please tell them to stay away from my bedroom and let them know to meet me back here.”
The doctor nodded, confirming he’d do what Jungkook asked.
Tumblr media
You’d been sitting for a while on a chair positioned near the large window that overlooked the garden. It was beautiful, with pretty blooms everywhere and the forest lining the property. You wondered if you’d be allowed to shift and run free for a couple of hours after you fully healed. You felt so much better, and your shoulder hardly felt sore anymore. Something else was making you a little jumpy, though.
Also, you’d taken a shower not too long ago, but you were feeling a little hot, and a bit of sweat kept dripping down your temple. You couldn’t deny his scent was affecting you. Jungkook smelled so good. God, if you could just run your nose along his thick beautiful neck just once—
A knock at your bedroom door startled you from your thoughts. You quickly rose from your seat to grab a small towel to dry your sweat before asking whoever was on the other side to come in.
Jungkook could smell your arousal as soon as the first waft of air from opening the door hit him. Fuck, he’d never smelled anything like it. When his eyes landed on you standing near the window, his breath caught in his throat. You were something gorgeous, truly, just breathtaking to him, just standing there as the sun shone from behind you. But you seemed somewhat uncomfortable, so he didn’t try to move closer to you.
“I came to check in on you. How are you feeling?”
“I—I’m okay.”
Jungkook shifted from one foot to the other. He wasn’t sure how to approach the situation, given how delicate it was for you. Although you’d told him very horrible things about what went on at the facility, he was sure you hadn’t told him everything. The alpha didn’t want to trigger you in any way accidentally.
You again felt embarrassed. The symptoms from your heat cycle were coming on faster than usual. You were scared about going through it here, in a house full of strangers, and for just one second, you almost wished you were back at the facility with the only alpha who was ever good to you while on your heats. Just for that one second, you hoped for Namjoon, but something inside of you felt wrong at the thought of him too.
“Look, I know you still don’t trust us and that you must feel scared and alone, but I need you to know that nothing bad will ever happen to you in here. Please, please know that. Sun-hee noticed you might be starting your heat, and we want to make everything comfortable for you. Whatever you need, please don’t ever hesitate to tell us,” his big doe eyes, full of worry, made your heart skip a beat.
“Thank you,” your voice was low, your eyes barely able to meet his once more because if you did, you’d want to jump him. Your hands were shaking, and you felt the trickle of sweat again. You felt a new gush of arousal, making your underwear stick to your skin uncomfortably and the fact that you heard him take a sniff in the air made your cunt clench. “I n-need you to go, p-please. Your scent—it’s too much,” you almost sobbed.
“Okay, okay,” Jungkook nodded rapidly, opening the door and closing it behind him.
Tumblr media
Everyone waiting back in Jungkook’s study took in his alarmed expression with worry, but they waited for him to talk first. Even Taehyung and Jimin, who were usually playful, stayed quiet.
“She told me to leave—I think my scent overwhelmed her.”
Seokjin put his hand on the alpha’s shoulder to comfort him, “Hey, it’s expected. Because of her unique situation, it will take her some time to trust us enough to ask for help.”
“I’ll go to her. Maybe she’ll open up to me a little. I’ll try to help her stay as comfortable as possible. Can any of you please tell the cook to prepare something for her and have someone bring up water? She needs to keep hydrated.”
Sun-hee found you asleep in bed and with the curtains drawn. She noticed your arm sling placed over the back of a chair and then walked over to lower the thermostat since the bedroom felt a little too hot. She checked on you and noticed how sweaty and shaky you were, and she felt terrible seeing you that way. The nurse couldn’t bear watching you go through your heat like that, so she softly shook you awake.
“Unnie?” Sun-hee smiled—it actually made her heart swell hearing you call her that.
“I’m here, pretty girl. I’m so sorry you feel so uncomfortable,” Sun-hee lovingly brushed your hair away from your eyes which were shiny with unshed tears.
“I—I don’t know why it came so fast this time. I d–don’t understand,” you sobbed.
“I do, but I have to ask you some questions to understand better how your heats work. You’re the first omega wolf we’ve ever met, and we don’t know much if anything at all.”
You slowly sat up, sniffling and wiping your tears that had finally spilled, and nodded. “Are you and Seokjin going to do tests on me?”
The look of uncertainness in your eyes made Sun-hee sad. She knew you were scared, maybe even traumatized about something. The nurse remembered how frightened you looked when Seokjin first walked into the room and Jungkook had asked him to take off his white coat. She wished she knew more but respected your choice of not telling her yet.
“Not without your permission, sweet girl. We won’t ever force you to do anything you don’t want. We can try to figure out what we need to help you, but if it’s okay with you, I’ll have to ask some questions.”
The nurse asked the age you presented as an omega, when your first heat started, if you were ever bred, and how long your heats usually lasted—among other questions that you tried answering as accurately as you could since, for most, you weren’t sure.
You suddenly lifted your head to take a whiff and groaned, shutting your eyes tight and snapping your legs together, “I can still smell him. There are others too.”
Sun-hee decided at that moment that she needed you to know why your heat was triggered so early. If Jungkook got mad at her, she’d just deal with it. To be honest, you suspected that Jungkook could be your mate after Sun-hee explained what meeting her mate felt like, but never in a million years did you ever think it could be true for you. Somehow, having it confirmed made your body react even more. Knowing that he was so close—that he could make you feel so much better and take the aching between your legs away, God, you wanted him so much.
“YN? How do you feel about what I just told you? Jungkook doesn’t expect anything from you just because you’re his mate. He only wants you to feel safe, that’s all.”
“He doesn’t want me?” The question surprised even you! But if he didn’t expect anything from you, did that mean he also didn’t want you. It hurt to think that for some reason, and you just met him, but it still hurt.
“Oh, I didn’t say that pretty girl,” Sun-hee smiled at you, endeared by your big eyes. You wanted, needed to be loved, and she could sense that even if you didn’t say it out loud. “He’s going to kill me for saying this but, he wants you more than he’s ever wanted anyone or anything in his life. I wish you’d seen how worried he was the first night he brought you here. He was distraught, thinking you were hurt much worse than he thought. Just because you two don’t know each other well doesn’t mean he doesn’t care for you. Do you want him?”
You nibbled at your bottom lip, shyly looking away from the woman’s light brown eyes, making her chuckle. “I want him, yes.”
“And that’s normal, YN. It’s entirely normal for you to want your mate, especially when going through your heat cycle. Do you want me to tell him to come in, be with you?”
“No! I mean no. I—I don’t know yet, and I kind of want to be alone for a while and maybe try to take another nap.” But Sun-hee noticed your hands were still shaking.
“Fine,” A knock at the door interrupted the nurse. It was just one of the housekeepers bringing you some water and food. “Thank you, Celine. I will let you know if YN needs anything else.” The housekeeper bowed and shut the door behind her. “As I said, it’s fine, but if it gets worse, there’s nothing else I can do to make you feel comfortable. Not even trying to take care of it yourself will be much help.” You felt your cheeks warm at that, but you nodded anyway.
“Thank you, Unnie.”
“Of course,” she smiled and left to give you privacy.
Tumblr media
You couldn’t remember how you fell asleep, but when you woke up, you were drenched in sweat and the aching between your legs was unbearable. You cupped your sex, trying to calm the ache, but all that did was make you moan. You reached for your shorts and pulled them off along with your underwear. It was dark outside, and the house was quiet. You wondered if everyone was already sleeping—you hoped they were.
Your hand slid down your abdomen until your fingers reached your wet slit, letting out a soft moan. Coating your fingers in your essence, you slipped two inside of you, slowly pumping in and back out to rub your clit. You imagined it was Jungkook’s fingers pleasuring you, staring at the way his fingers played with your nub, then inserting them inside of you to stretch you out.
But it wasn’t enough because you needed to feel full, and only his cock could do that. You brought your other hand down to your clit, fingers rubbing fast circles as your other hands’ fingers pumped quickly, in and out, your slick leaking all over the sheets. You couldn’t contain the loud moans escaping your lips as you felt your release so close.
“Fuck!” You cried, the loss of your orgasm making tears prickle your eyes. It wasn’t enough. You sobbed, hands beside you clutching onto the bedsheets.
You barely heard the knock on the door, but as soon as it opened, his scent surrounded you. “YN, what can I do? Please, I can’t bear to see you like this.” Jungkook had been listening to your moans and sobs this whole time; your scent was making him go crazy too, and trying to control himself for you was the hardest thing he had to do so far. “I don’t have to touch you if you don’t want me to, but please, use me however you want. I’m right here, little wolf. Use me.”
“Alpha,” you cried out. “I need you.”
Jungkook shut the door, never taking his eyes off of you and the way your legs were spread open, pussy wet and wanting. Even though you’d said you needed him, Jungkook could sense you were still unsure. He could feel how nervous you were, and before he did anything, he wanted you to feel safe with him. If you ever thought about him after this, he wanted you to remember him as someone you could feel comfortable and safe to be around.
You watched as your mate reached behind him to pull off his shirt, chiseled chest, and defined abs and biceps, making your walls clench with need. He was gorgeous—everything about him was. Some of his hair fell over his eyes when he removed his shirt—you wanted so badly to run your fingers through his dark locks so that you could get a look at his pretty eyes again and see the universe you saw in them that night he found you lost and injured in the forest.
The alpha placed a knee on the bed, crawling over to you slowly as not to scare you, but you were beyond that now. You needed his hands on you—everywhere.
“What are—” but your words died on your tongue once you figured out what he was doing. He was comforting you by scenting you, something you’d never experienced before. He rubbed his face against your cheek and then your neck. You glanced up at him, surprised to find affection in his eyes.
“Tell me, what do you need? I’ll do anything you want, princess.” You couldn’t hide the way it made you feel when he called you that, and he noticed it, smiling at the way your eyes widened.
“Please, touch me, Jungkook. It hurts.”
“My cunt, please touch me,” you whined; the sound of your desperate plea went straight to his dick. And fuck, he’d never felt this immense desire for anyone before. This was different, and Jungkook felt like he’d burn if he didn’t get to touch you where you wanted. Slowly, his hand traveled to your aching core, and you gasped as his fingers parted your lips to coat them with your slick.
When he plunged two fingers inside of you, your loud moan made him glance up at you, mouth hanging open and body convulsing. You were coming, and Jungkook was shocked at how hard your walls clenched, making it almost impossible for him to keep pumping in and out. But Jungkook kept working you through your orgasm, your mewls driving him mad with the need to fill you up, the thought of even pupping you getting the best of him. God, he wanted to breed you so badly, but he knew you were both too far from any of that yet.
When your breathing calmed, and your eyes fluttered open, they fell on his, watching you with an intense need that made your entire body shiver.
You knew and felt it so deep inside that even in your heat-crazed mind; you were sure you wanted him forever. That after this was all over and you were yourself again, you’d still want to get lost in the most beautiful eyes you’d ever seen. And that terrified you—it terrified you because even after what Sun-hee told you, you weren’t sure if he’d want you just as much as you wanted him.
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cryformelucilfer · 2 months ago
My Everything
Yoongi x Reader
Warning: smut
Word count: 2.4k
Tumblr media
It was late at night and Yoongi was laying in bed, the covers hiding the tears rolling down his face. He felt his throat closing up while he held tightly onto his blanket, his nose buried into it. Yoongi sat in the centre of the cold quiet room, with nothing but the sound of his tears to comfort him. He was alone. The loneliness was eating him away. Why was this happening? Why wasn’t anything in his life going as planned? As much as Yoongi tried, he couldn’t seem to get it right.  
Yoongi desperately tried to rock himself to sleep but it didn't work. So he picked up his phone from the nightstand and dialed the first name that showed up in his recently called. The phone wasn't answered the first time he called so he called again, and again, and again until finally there was another voice at the other end of the line.
“Hello?” you whispered.
Suddenly a wash of guilt and regret came over Yoongi. 
“Y/n…” Yoongi breathed.
“Yoongi are you alright? It's 2 in the morning,” you said, rubbing the sleep from your eyes.
“I know, I'm so sorry for waking you up so late. It's just that-” Yoongi took a deep breath.
“Wait, have you been crying? Yoongi?” 
There was a small pause over the phone. “It's just that Namjoon and I had a f-fight,” he hiccuped through the phone.
“Oh my- Yoongi are you alright?” 
“No,” he whimpered while wiping his nose with a tissue.
“Yoongi, why didn't you call me sooner?”
“I didn't want to bother you,” he said gently.
Before Yoongi could say anything else you quickly spoke, “No, oh my god, no Yoongi I would never think that!” 
“Can you come over?” 
You paused for a second thinking of what to say. “Yoongi it's really late...I don't know if I should..”
“Never mind, it was dumb to ask, I’m sorry. I’ll let you go back to sleep, goodni-”
“Wait!” You said quickly, not wanting him to end the call.
“Yoongi don't hang up, I'll come over but just for a bit, okay?”
“A-are you sure I don't want to disturb you.”
“No it's totally fine! What kind of friend would I be if I left you alone like this, I'll be there in 5,” you said before hanging up.
After 7 minutes Yoongi heard a small knock on his door so he made his way over to let you inside. You stood there in your pyjamas, hair sticking in all different directions. After staring in your eyes for a minute he felt himself ready to erupt into tears, you noticed and it caused you to frown. You stepped inside his apartment and threw your arms around his neck and Yoongi automatically wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to his body. Yoongi sank to the floor but you were still standing, holding him close to your body. You felt the fabric of your shirt become damp from all the tears. You quickly brought your fingers to the back of his neck, gently tugging the ends of his dark hair. A soft groan left his lips and felt your cheeks heat up at the sound. 
“Yoongi, let’s go into your room. You’re going to catch a cold out here.” you said while gently patting his head. 
He stood up and took your hand into his and dragged you to his room where you closed the door behind yourself. You took off your coat and placed it onto his desk chair while Yoongi got back onto his bed, pulling the blanket over his head. 
While you sat on the bed you slowly began to speak, “Yoongi... do you want to talk about what happened between you and Namjoon?”
You could hear Yoongi’s breath quicken so you decided to pull the blanket from his face. He moved closer to your body and put his face into your lap, his hands squeezing your waist. 
He took a deep breath, “We were in the dance studio...and we were learning a new dance a-and I couldn’t get it right,”
“I t-tried so hard to get it- fuck.” Yoongi said before stopping.
“Yoongi, it’s okay. Everyone knows you work so hard, it’s okay if you don’t get it right the first couple time-”
“No! Y-You don’t understand, he said that I wasn’t trying hard enough,”
“I-I tried to explain that I just needed a minute, that I was tired but h-he wouldn’t listen...he said that everyone was tired. Fuck- I just needed a minute.” he explained his voice cracking in the process.
You knew that Yoongi was a hard worker but he had a bad habit of pushing himself too hard and you were afraid that one of these days he would just snap and break apart. They were all hard workers and not just anyone could do what they did and you admired them all for that. You tried your best to comfort him so you laced your fingers in his hair praying it would relax him and calm him down. 
“Yoongi I understand why you’re upset, Joon was probably just exhausted, you boys overwork yourself all the time. I know he didn’t mean to hurt your feelings on purpose.” you tried to reassure him. 
“Y-Yeah I guess...” Yoongi said before getting up to face you. 
You stared into his red eyes, frowning. You slowly wiped your thumb across his cheek, watching the tears disappear. Yoongi chewed on his lower lip at the gesture. 
You had a soft spot for Yoongi so it was completely shattering seeing him cry his eyes out. Yoongi also had a soft spot for you and he liked you a lot but he found himself not wanting to be friends anymore. He wanted your heart, mind and soul. He wanted, no, he needed you. Your relationship with Yoongi was a weird one. Your touches would linger on each other for a little too long, Yoongi would place his hand on your thigh and rub the area, you preferred to sit on his lap rather than the couch. There was no denying the tension between the two of you, and Yoongi was about to break. 
Yoongi moved his body closer to yours and you felt yourself being drawn in like a magnet. Yoongi brought his hands to the side of your body and slowly pulled you onto his lap. You weren’t sure why you were so nervous, you’ve sat on his lap more than a dozen times before... so why did this feel different? 
“Y/n...” Yoongi sniffled, placing his forehead against yours. 
“Yoongi, I-I..”
“I have to tell you something,” Yoongi said gently.
You swallowed the small lump in your throat, eagerly waiting for him to speak.
“I’m in love with you Y/n.” he finally let out. 
You move your head from his and stared at his face with wide eyes. Sure you had strong feelings for Yoongi but you were completely shocked. Yoongi had just confessed his feelings for you, yet you didn’t say anything back..Yoongi started to feel insecure. Maybe he shouldn’t have declared his love for you, was he moving too fast? Did you not love him? 
This was a big mistake. She doesn’t love me, I’m so stupid! 
You noticed a change in Yoongi’s behaviour, he seemed distant all of a sudden. When you quickly realized that you hadn’t said anything back to him you moved closer to him, trying to let him know that he didn’t say anything wrong, in fact he always said the right things. 
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that...please forgive m-”
“I love you too, Yoongi.” you finally let out.
Yoongi’s hands dropped from his neck. 
You smiled, “I said I love you Yoongi.”
He shook his head, “You’re just saying that because I was crying before- shit are you saying this because you feel bad for me..” Yoongi quickly let out. 
Yoongi started to doubt your feelings for him. How could someone so beautiful, love someone like him? You were funny, charming, smart, gorgeous...while Yoongi was just, Yoongi. You were confused as to why Yoongi would suddenly say that, after all he did say it first. 
“Yoongi I’m not sure why you would ever say that. I love you for you, I love you because you’re beautiful, I love you because you make me feel happy, you’re my comfort person Yoongi, you’re my favourite person...my best friend. You’re my everything Yoongi.” You choked out, tears filling your eyes. 
Yoongi focused on your sad eyes, he felt his cheeks become wet again. He frowned at your words and his heart started to ache. The way the moonlight peered through his curtains and kissed your skin made you look like an angel that had fallen onto his white sheets. You looked fragile and Yoongi wanted to keep you safe and out of harms way but he also wanted to ruin you. He wanted to taste your skin, kiss every inch of your body. He wanted to worship you. 
Yoongi couldn’t take it anymore and pressed his soft lips against yours, you were stunned by the sudden action but quickly kissed him back. You sat back onto his lap and placed your hands on the back of his head trying to deepen the kiss. Yoongi hooked his hands on the back of your thighs and gently placed you against the bed. He pressed himself onto you and you felt just how much he wanted you. You started pulling on the bottom of his t-shirt, silently telling him you wanted it off, so he broke this kiss and pulled his shirt over his head. You sat up and did the same, throwing your shirt and bra onto his bedroom floor. Yoongi looked at your body lost for words, you looked breathtaking. Yoongi lowered himself so that his stomach was flat on the bed. He slowly pulled down your sweats and panties in one swift motion throwing them away. He looked up at you with hooded eyes and you slowly placed yourself back down, your head hitting his soft pillow. Yoongi placed your legs on his shoulders and slowly went down and licked your pussy. You gasped at the feeling, quickly covering your face, embarrassed. You felt Yoongi smirk against your skin, while he started to lick you again. You arched your back when you felt Yoongi push in a finger.
“Y-Yoongi, I wan’ more” you slurred. 
Yoongi groaned at the way you sounded drunk off of his tongue and fingers, “I know baby, just hold on.” 
Yoongi pressed another finger into you and started moving them faster. Your legs started to shake and you felt yourself about to let go, Yoongi noticed the way you grabbed onto his hair while pushing his face harder onto your pussy so he pulled away. You threw your head back annoyed. You were so close. 
You watched Yoongi get on his knees while wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, he smirked as he watched you get annoyed. 
“As much as I want you to cum on my tongue, I want you to cum on my cock more.” he said with hooded eyes, and you noticed the way his sweat made his hair stick to his forehead.
You looked away from him, covering your face once again. Yoongi laughed and pulled your hands away from your face and brought them to his lips, placing small kisses on the back of your hands. You got up so that both of you were at eye level and kissed him. Yoongi sucked on your lower lip as your hand made its way to his pants, desperately trying to get them off.
“Yoongi, take them off,” you whined into his mouth. 
Yoongi quickly took off his pants and climbed on top of you, aligning himself with your entrance but before he pushed himself in he asked if you wanted him to put a condom on. 
You whined and hooked your legs around his waist, trying to get him to push into you, “No Yoongi I don’t wan’ it, put it in p-please.”
Yoongi pushed himself in half way before stopping, throwing his head back at the feeling of your tight walls clenching down on him. “Y/n if you keep doing that I won’t be able to push in all the way- shit.”
Yoongi slowly slid in all the way and the both of you moaned. Yoongi started to move in and out and he licked his bottom lip as he took in how disheveled you looked. Your hair was everywhere, lips red and swollen from the make-out session you both had earlier, eyes glossy. Yoongi grabbed you by the neck and lifted you up a bit so that he could capture your lips. You opened your mouth and he took this as an opportunity to suck on your tongue and your eyes rolled to the back of your head. 
“You’re mine now, right?” Yoongi asked while tightening the hold on your neck. 
You opened your mouth to answer him but nothing came out of your pretty lips. 
Yoongi raised his eyebrow while staring down at you, “What? Are you too dumb to answer me?”    
Your eyes widened and you quickly shook your head. 
“Are you my good girl or are you a bad girl?” Yoongi asked with a smirk on his lips. 
When he finally let go of your neck you gasped for air. You looked up at Yoongi through your lashes and cried out, “I’m good girl.”
Yoongi fucked you faster when he heard those words leave your lips, he groaned, “Yeah?”
“Yeah. Yeah I-I’m good, I promise.”
“Good. Girl.” he muttered in between thrusts. 
Yoongi thrusted his hips a couple more times and you completely let go, soon after you felt Yoongi spill himself inside of you. Yoongi collapsed right beside you automatically pulling your body close to his own. You wrapped your arms around his torso and he pulled the blanket up so that the both of you were covered. 
“I love you so much Y/n, you mean everything to me,” Yoongi whispered while placing a kiss on the top of your head.
“I love you too Yoongi,” you said smiling up at him.
“I’m guessing you’re not sad anymore..?” you smirked.
Yoongi rolled his eyes and flipped you on top of him. You giggled as he started attacking your face with kisses. 
Yoongi groaned and pulled the covers all the way over your bodies, “Y/n, shut up.” Yoongi laughed.
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raggaraddy · 4 months ago
Clear your mind
Summary: Trying to quiet your anxiety and calm yourself, you seek out Yoongi for comfort and intimacy. However, it doesn't go like you expected.
Trigger warning: Smut, imprisonment, yandere themes.
A/N: I was going to make this a 'You tease/instigate sex with Yandere BTS' OT7 reaction. But I got carried away and they all got hella smutty and too long. So I'll release them individually. 😂💜💜💜
Other parts
Assassin! Yoongi
Ever since you had been taken by Yoongi, you had developed a hatred of the date. You hated knowing what month it was. You hated knowing what day it was. All the date did was remind you how long you have been stuck in here and of all the things that you were missing out on in the real world. So at all times, you actively avoided knowing and you could go for weeks without learning where you were in the year.
This morning though you had accidentally turned on the television to the standard channels and were greeted by the host of a morning show gladly welcoming you to January 6th.
So now, not only were you aware that it had been nearly 18 months since Yoongi had dragged you back, but also that today of all days was your parents anniversary. It wasn't exactly something you had celebrated when you were with them, but knowing that this was another year they had without you, without knowing what happened to you, set off a spiral of emotions.
You spent the entire day in a fog consumed by intrusive thoughts. Agonizing over every stray concept, every remembrance of each person you had left on the outside. Leaving you in pain. Leaving you lonely and sad. And when you feel like this all you ever want is to be comforted by the only other person in your world. To be close and connected to him. To remind you what humanity should feel like.
But things are rarely on your terms. While, on the rare instances when you engage him Yoongi seldom refuses your advances, he also makes a point of refusing the things you outrightly ask for. Whether it's out of spite, pettiness, or to refuse you any kind of control, you're not sure. But you do know that approaching him could easily result in you being locked away with your raging anxiety, all because you unintentionally provoked him.
Laying in bed staring at the dark empty nothing of your ceiling, you decide the panic and turmoil that is flowing through you is more frightening than the risk of angering him. You need to be distracted, to be linked with another person and to feel better.
If you are careful, if you're lucky, you should be fine.
Undressed and nervously fiddling with your fingers, you tip-toe down the hall to his bedroom. Thinking through the best way to engage him as you cautiously open his door. Approaching the shadowed outline of his bed in the same manner.
Gingerly you lift the corner of the blanket, sliding into the bed alongside him. Pulling the covers over yourself.
"What the fuck are you doing?" He grumbles, half asleep.
You don't want to speak and chance him denying you. But if you're actions are too indirect or unclear, or if you confuse him in any way, he's going to get frustrated. Your actions need to be gentle, but decisive.
Taking advantage of him being on his back, you sit up and swing your leg over his waist. Feeling uneasy that your position results in suddenly tearing the blanket off of him, you hesitate but still lower down sitting on his covered upper thighs. Trying not to settle your full weight.
In the pitch darkness, without being able to read his expression, you are doing your best to move slowly. Now that it is obvious what you are after, you're allowing him every instance to tell you to stop. However, with no physical indication that he is unhappy, you begin to move instinctually. Rocking your hips on his lap.
Your heart is beating heavily. You don't know if he will like it this way. After all this time, Yoongi only ever has sex with you in one way. You don't think he likes the intimacy of you seeing each other, so he always faces you down and takes you from behind. And you have certainly never been the one on top.
Gradually your movement is starting to make you feel good and with his stable reaction, your worries begin to fade. You know how selfish he is with sex. You know that if he wasn't enjoying this he would have either kicked you off or he would have taken control. But so far, he's calm and you can feel him getting stiff between your legs. Until he says otherwise you're going to savour the freedom of going at your own pace.
Balancing your weight by pushing down on your thighs, you continue rotating your hips. The longer you go on the firmer you can feel Yoongi growing, and the harder he gets the wetter you become. Even to the point that you've soaked his briefs. Grinding a wet patch into the outline of his cock. Your body starting to shake. Your breath trembling. The need to feel more of him becoming overbearing.
Sliding down him momentarily you remain delicate and measured in your actions, slowly pulling his underwear down his thighs. Filling with a deep sense of desire at feeling his erection spring free. Returning to the same position, resuming the same rolling massaging motions, you press his dick between your palm and your pussy. Rubbing your opening along the length of his shaft, stroking him through your folds, covering him in your juices as you whine and pant.
Knowing that he is letting you take your time and be in control is affecting both your body and your mind. You're gaining confidence and encouragement. Becoming desperate for him, not just as a distraction anymore but as a deep sexual desire.
Lifting your hips, you rest one hand on his stomach for stability, the other guiding him into place. A shiver running up your spine as you sink down. Surprisingly, it's not just you that reacts vocally. While you whine at every inch of his hard thick cock that fills and stretches you, a series of low breathy moans pour from Yoongi. His fingers kneading your thighs, digging into your skin until you've swallowed up his entire length.
"Fuck," he growls. Sending a pang of pride through your stomach.
In circular motions you raise your hips, riding him at a steady pace. Taking him inside you to the base with every rotation. The curve of his dick making your eyes water with how deep he is, how good you feel.
And while you are the one dictating the overall tone, you can feel Yoongi becoming unravelled beneath you. His deep breath, his hands clinging to your thighs, the small way his waist juts up to meet you. You can feel his urgency and need.
But still, he's restraining himself and you don't feel at risk of being overpowered. He seems to genuinely be enjoying what you're doing.
Never did you think he would behave this way. Never did you think that you could make him act this way. And the contentment that comes with his behaviour is driving you mad with lust.
Though neither you nor Yoongi seems ready to rush this.
What started as you wanting to use him to placify your mind has turned into something much more intimate. A form of connection and tenderness that you have craved for so long.
Even in a moment where your hand slid down your thigh and rested on top of his, Yoongi didn't recoil like you expected he might. Instead, he astonished you further, holding your hand, interlacing your fingers. Making your heart ache for an instant.
It's a lengthy, passionate session of you moving intuitively. Steadily building up your pleasure. Your core squeezing him so tightly as you finally erupt. Whimpering out cries of euphoria as something so intense takes over you. And with your desperate faltering strokes, he also gives in to ecstasy.
"Fuck, Y/n," Yoongi groans, with a harsh snap of his hips as he explodes. His fervid reaction sending a wave of goosebumps along your skin. Your body enduring the physical strain of your movements a moment longer, eager to extend his pleasure and milk every last drop of his cum into you.
In the darkness, as your bliss fades and with only the heavy breathes of you both, you again feel aware of your actions. You think you should leave quickly. He never lingers after sex and you don't want to ruin such a sincere experience by being over-familiar and annoying him.
Promptly climbing off his lap, you swing your leg back over. But Yoongi doesn't let you go far. With his hand still on yours, he pulls you towards him. You're fatigued limbs easily conceded and you topple, dropping alongside him.
Curling into you he wraps his arms around your back, pulling you tightly to his chest, tucking your head under his chin. Your still deep breaths taking in his warm scent. Feeling the heat radiating from his chest and the way it moves with every inhale and exhale.
"You can stay if you want," he whispers. Your heart flutter as you melt into his embrace.
You can't believe how affectionate he is being. How kind.
"I want you to stay." He admits. His grip tightening around you a little firmer as your disarmed body gives the answer for you.
Tumblr media
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koorosie · 5 months ago
Favourite Jungkook Fic 🐰
Tumblr media
I have included One Shots and Drabbles here. Series and Two Shots are in another list.
None of the fics in the list is mine. These belong to some amazing, creative and wonderful writers. Go check them out and read their other fics. Also like, reblog and /or comment there 😊
One Shots || Drabbles
✩ Granite Glow @namjoonchronicles | Angst, Fluff ( Husband Jungkook au)
✩ Twenty Four @deerguk Fluff and Fluff (Husband au. It's really so cute 😍)
✩ The Second @untaemedqueen Angst, Fluff (Jungkook parents au)
✩ Stay @sahmfanficbts | Angst, Fluff (Hurt/comfort fic. This one is really good and healing. OC has depression but she is hopeful)
✩ Somnolent @forgottenpasta Fluff (Roommate au. Cute and funny characters)
✩ Busted In Busan @hansolmates | Fluff, Angst (Christmas au. Painter Jungkook)
✩ Year 22 @guklvr | Angst, Fluff, Smut (Childhood friend au)
✩ @jeonstudios
Deal | Angst, Fluff, Smut (Devil Jungkook au. There is a little twist)
Wherever There is You | Angst, Fluff (Hurt/Comfort fic. Broken marriage/divorce au)
✩ The Millionaire and his Lover @gukyi Angst, Fluff, slight smut (Best friend au)
✩ Let Me Drive @wtf-yoongi | Fluffy fluff ( A very cute and fluffy fic. Shy Jungkook. Jungkook and OC went on a little vacation)
✩ Amortentia @jungkxook | Fluff, Slight Angst (Harry Potter au)
✩ In Your Time @introkookie | Angst, Fluff (Shy Jungkook but very cute)
✩ Boy Meets Evil @koorara | Fluff and Fluff ( So fluffy. OC, Jungkook and a cat 🐱)
✩ @jimlingss
Date in A Box | Fluff and fluff (Just full of fluff like a cotton candy)
Dynasty | Angst, Smut, Fluff ( Historical, royalty au. This one sooo good. You will basically watch a movie while reading this. I love it so much ❤️)
✩ Sweets @worldwidemochiguy | Fluff (Soft Yandare Jungkook)
✩ So Close to Perfect @seok-jinnies | Angst ( At first hurt but you will get the comfort eventually)
✩ Late Supper @secretmischief | Angst, Fluff, Smut ( Idol Jungkook au. OC is hurting at first but fluffy ending)
✩ Crush @jungxk | Angst, Fluff, Smut ( Idol Jungkook au. Jungkook lost his memory)
☆ @venusjeon
His Service | Angst, Smut ( Historical, royal au. This one is really angsty. I cried 😭)
l'aquelarre | Angst, Fluff, Slight Smut (Fantasy, Magic au. Witch Jungkook)
From The Depths | Angst, Fluff (Historical, fantasy au. Siren Jungkook)
✩ War-time Child @ktheist | Angst, Fluff (Fantasy, magic au. Slight Harry Potter au. Jungkook is the one with magic)
✩ Webslinger @lemon-boy-stan | Angst, Fluff (Jungkook Spiderman au)
✩ Tangled Thoughts @mimikookie | Angst, Fluff, Slight violence (Jungkook Spiderman au)
✩ Feed Me Fight Me @yeojaa | Angst, slight smut ( Jungkook fighter au. OC is very understanding. Hurt/Comfort fic)
✩ Are you going to stay @hollyhomburg | Angst, Fluff, slight Smut (Jungkook Idol au)
✩ Second Chances @parkhabits | Angst, Fluff, Smut (Jungkook husband au. Almost divorce au)
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aquagustd · 4 months ago
need to know ѵᎥ - MYG | M
Tumblr media
↣ “You’re mine, Y/N,” he whispers, fingers combing through your hair, “only mine.”
Tumblr media
pairing: sugar daddy!yoongi x reader
genre: smut, fluff, angst
word count: 4.2K
warnings/tags: strong language, CEO!Yoongi, dom!Yoongi, possessive!Yoongi, age gap, jealousy, special guest👀, domestic!Yoongi, explicit smut- dirty talk, daddy kink, oral (m), throat fucking, sex toy usage, choking, spanking, fingering, rough sex, unprotected sex, sex in his study, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, doggy style
a/n: yeah..yoongi just...idk at this point
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You roll over on your side, met with the warmth of Yoongi’s chest, a drowsy smile making its way onto your face when you see him fast asleep. Mouth hanging open, arm draped around your waist. How is it that even when he’s sleeping, unconscious, he still has your heart stirring in your chest.
Kissing up his neck, you breathe in his scent, fingers skimming down his tummy. He groans, pulling you even closer, nuzzling into the crown of your head.
His morning voice is something that has you melting into his arms. You always try to get him to speak more at this time. You missed it.
“Morning,” you bury your face in his neck, “working today?”
He hums, the sound rumbling through your chest, sending a shiver down your spine.
“Have work, then we can chill together,” you feel his nose poke into your hair, “your hair always smells so good.”
You giggle, palms running up and down his back, relishing in the quiet before you proceed with your daily activities and become absorbed in the rush that is life.
“Missed this. Waking up next to you.”
It seems like you don’t have to force him to speak today.
“Me too,” you agree, pecking his cheek before you slide off the bed to freshen up.
You see him stretch his arms and legs with his weird leg shake before he sits up, broad chest exposed to your hungry eyes.
He smirks, pink hair all messed up, hickeys dotting his pale skin.
“Nothing,” you answer, unable to keep the smile off your face when his eyes rake down your figure, still wearing his T-shirt from last night.
He narrows his eyes at you, then tosses the blanket over his body to make his way to the bathroom.
As you brush your teeth, you’re thinking about Yoongi and your relationship. How content you’d be if this were to be your life. Waking up every morning after a tiresome night to head to work, then come back home and fall asleep in his embrace. If someone told you a few months ago that Min Yoongi, one of the richest businessmen in your city, your sugar daddy, would mean this much to you, you would’ve laughed.
Luckily, you had a set of clothes from the last time you stayed over and rush into the shower. You have a lecture in half an hour and then you’re supposed to head to the firm once again for the follow-up. You were surprised when you received an email stating that the results have been processed. However, you’re still nervous.
When you enter the kitchen, still buttoning up your shirt, Yoongi is standing at the stove with a kitchen towel thrown over his shoulder, dressed in navy blue dress pants and a black shirt. His back stretches the material as he moves from this end to the other, busy cracking an egg with one hand, preparing it just the way you like.
Your hands slide up his chest, pressing your own to his back.
His fingers slot into yours, a small smile lifting the corners of his lips.
“I’m making eggs for you but you’re welcome to check the fridge or pantry if you want to eat something else.”
You peck his nape, “eggs are fine.”
He spins around, with you still latched onto his back, to plate the eggs, laughing when you refuse to let go.
“Come on, angel. You know you have a lecture in a bit and I have to get to work.”
Begrudgingly, you pull away from him and take the seat across his, pouring yourself a cup of coffee.
“Thanks babe.”
As expected, the eggs are delicious, and you only realize how hungry you are when you decide to eat a few cocktail sausages.
“What was the interview for?”
You glance up at Yoongi, who’s watching you over the rim of his mug.
“For students who are interested in entering their program. You know, after we graduate.”
He hums, and you can tell by the way his eyes remain focused on his plate that he has something else to ask.
“Why don’t you just work for my company? After you graduate?”
You laugh, wiping your fingers on a tissue, “this is an accounting firm. Maybe after I write the board exams.”
He shrugs, “okay, but you know,” the spoon lingers on his lips, “the offer is still on the table.”
Your eyes are glued to the way he licks the milk off the spoon, tongue reminding you of all their capabilities.
“Huh. I’m sorry,” you clear your throat, adjusting your posture a bit, “what was that?”
He smirks, dismissing you with a shake of his head, “nothing.”
Tumblr media
“Can I have another kiss before you go?”
You chuckle, “Yoongi! We’re literally gonna see each other in a few hours.”
He pouts, fingers gripping the steering wheel a little tighter, averting his gaze to the road ahead of him, “fine.”
Grinning, you reach forward and cup his cheeks, tilting his head so that you can place a sweet kiss on his lips, as expected, his tongue swipes across yours, large palm gripping the back of your head. You pull away when reality starts to slip away, remembering your lecture.
“Yoongi,” you breathe, lips slick with his saliva, “I have to go.”
He nods, leaning forward to peck your lips one last time, “bye.”
You grab your tote bag from the backseat and step out of the car only for him to call your name before you close the car door. Leaning down to look at him, you’re met with the softest look in his cat-like eyes.
“I love you.”
Heart skipping a beat, a genuine smile breaks across your lips, blowing him a kiss before repeating the words back to him. He gives you the gummiest smile he can manage before he’s driving off.
And you watch his car turn down the corner, already missing him.
Tumblr media
Pushing through the crowd, you’re half an hour late to the firm but from the looks of it, so are the other students who are lining up outside the office.
The same stern woman from your interview greets you with a terse smile, ushering you into the large room with the rest of the students. Smiling politely, you take a seat next to a student with blond hair, fingers drumming on your knees with nerves.
It seems like what they’re about to announce is to be done ceremoniously in the presence of very sophisticated looking men and women. They start with calling out names and your breath hitches, knowing where this is going. A thousand possibilities run through your mind, what if they don’t call out your name, what if you’re left to turn around with your head hanging in sorrow because you weren’t accepted into the program. What if you’re-
Your name is called and soon after the boy sitting next to you also stands, probably because his name was called too. You join the row of students on the platform, and soon you realize that all the students who were previously seated are now standing next to you.
Of course, why would they ask the students who weren’t successful with their application and embarrass them. Wait. Does that mean you’re accepted? You resist the urge to chew on your nail in front of the audience.
“Congratulations! You’ve been accepted into our 2022 program!”
Everyone applauds, thanking each other, a few whistles fill the jubilant air as they hand out thick handbooks to each of you.
You’re incredibly happy, this is the beginning of something new, a kickstart into the real working world.
You can’t wait to tell your family and Taehyung and Yoongi. And you can’t wait to make new friends here.
Stepping out of the building, you fumble for your phone in your coat pocket, unlocking it with trembling fingers, only to notice that your battery is drained. You’d have to walk to your apartment and charge your phone there before you ask Yoongi to fetch you.
As you’re turning around the corner to your apartment building, you notice an unfamiliar car parked behind your Mercedes. A charcoal grey Audi. You’ve never seen a car like this in your area before. Must be one of the tenant’s visitors.
When you’re walking up the stairs, you can hear masculine laughter, more clearly when you step outside your front door and push in the key, eyebrows furrowing when you see Taehyung chatting to a man whose back is facing you.
He doesn’t ever have visitors.
Taehyung skips to your side, holding your arm and dragging you further into the lounge.
Your mouth hangs open when you recognize the man in front of you, shoulders much wider in real life.
He clears his throat before he says your name, tugging on the lapels of his long, dark brown coat.
“I believe we have some unfinished business.”
You glance at Taehyung who is gawking at the man, boxy smile still in place. Squirming out of Taehyung’s hold, you walk to the corner of the lounge and plug in your phone charger, a million and one questions on the tip of your tongue.
Your arms hang loosely at your sides, mind searching for something to say.
“Kim Seokjin.”
He nods, pink lips pursing as he stuffs his hands in his pockets, “can we talk somewhere a bit more suitable?”
“I’m actually really busy. I have som-“
Holding up his palms, he assures you that it won’t take long.
And that’s how you find yourself sitting in the same café you met Yoongi a few days ago, a few spots down, near the window.
He asks you to order something to drink but you decline his offer, knee bobbing impatiently under the table.
“What ‘unfinished business’ were you talking about?”
“Straight to it,” his fingers lock, folding one leg over the other and leaning back in his chair.
His intense gaze on your face is a little unnerving.
“Well,” he sighs, twisting the straw in his milkshake, “if I have my timeline correct. We’ve been in contact for quite some time. And then suddenly, you stop responding to my texts, not even a thanks when I send you a gift.”
Your eyes widen, “that was you?”
He nods, fingers coming up to rub his chin, “and then, I’m on social media and I see a picture of you, a very pretty one I must say, sitting with someone I know. Not as well as you, however.”
So that’s where the unknown deposits into your account were coming from. You tried reporting it to the bank, but they had looked into it and informed you that it wasn’t an erroneous deposit.
“What are you talking about?”
Your tone remains impassive. Maybe it was wrong of you to stop communicating without giving him a proper goodbye or explanation. He was one of the first men you had spoken to on that site, but at the time, you weren’t that interested. Until you met Yoongi.
“You met Min Yoongi in a similar fashion. Am I correct?”
“Yes,” you reply, wondering where he’s going with this.
“I’m not sure if you’re aware of the negotiations we make on the site.”
You cock an eyebrow, “I think I’m aware.”
“Oh? Then you should know that you shouldn’t restrict yourself to one. And I happen to be seeking the company of an intelligent, beautiful women such as yourself.”
A chuckle leaves your lips when you catch on to his words, levelling him with the same firm stare.
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have left you where I did. I’m actually not interested in entering another arrangement. Yoongi and I are a couple now.”
His eyebrows shoot up to his hairline, leaning forward to place his elbows on the table without commenting on your statement.
“And he is enough for me,” you add, Yoongi’s gummy smile and raspy chuckle entering your mind.
“So, you’re together now?”
You nod proudly, happy that the conversation is reaching its end so you can spend time with Yoongi.
“Well. If you weren’t together, would you have accepted my offer?”
Considering his words for a moment, you think about life with two sugar daddies. You barely had time for Yoongi, you would leave your last lecture for the day exhausted and only see him once a week. Now that you’re together, you see him more. What are you even thinking? From the first night you spent chatting and dining with Yoongi, he had you. Maybe you didn’t realize it then.
“It depends. But I doubt it,” you smile, seeing the corners of his mouth sag into a frown.
He’s handsome, very handsome. He doesn’t look a day over thirty and you know he’s just as successful as Yoongi. But Yoongi has your heart now and you can’t imagine being with anyone else.
“Well,” he pats his thighs, “it was worth a try.”
“Thank you. And I’m sorry for dropping things between us without informing you.”
“Hey. I’m sure I’d find someone else on that shady site.”
You laugh, following him as he stands up from his chair. He opens his arms, and you think that a hug is the least you could give him after leaving him hanging.
Of course, you don’t notice the man across the street capturing each moment.
Tumblr media
Yoongi doesn’t stress over keeping up with the gossip that follows him around, but the image of you and him at the café is something he finds himself staring at ever since he saw it. Even though recalling the conversation between the two of you from that day hurts his heart, the image of your eyes set on him, pretty lips pursed, posture as graceful as a swan, makes his heart soar.
But he’s forced to know what’s going on with his business associates, he doesn’t want to enter an agreement blindly.
He’s scrolling down the page when an image pops up, posted five minutes ago. It only grabs his attention because he sees you, wearing your coat from earlier today and a man sitting across from you. Kim Seokjin.
Blood rushes to his head as he clicks the link and a folder of photos with you and Kim Seokjin, smiling and hugging, blows up his screen. He almost cracks the phone with how hard he sets it on his desk.
He’s been trying to call you for four hours, he sent you over a dozen messages, and you’re out with some other guy. A leech.
Yoongi knows Kim Seokjin, what men like him are known for in the business world and that’s why he steers clear of him and his cousins and his entire company. How stupid Namjoon was to trust him once.
Yoongi paces in his office, unable to focus on his work anymore when your smiling face, arms wrapped around another man’s body, face pressed into his shoulder is flashing behind his lids.
He thinks he might pull his hair out if he doesn’t see you. Right now.
Tumblr media
You had decided to drive yourself to Yoongi’s house, seeing his butler stand on the steps as you make your way toward the entrance.
“Good evening, Miss Y/N. He’s in his study.”
Thanking him, you make your way to the large double doors in the corner, sliding it open with a huge smile on your face. Yoongi’s back is turned to you.
You lock the doors behind you, sauntering toward his desk.
Eyebrows pinching together, you’re a few feet away from his desk, his voice a little unrecognizable. His pink hair is ruffled, like he ran his fingers through it repeatedly. Work must’ve been tiring for him today. Luckily, you know just how to help him relax.
You take a step forward when he repeats himself, much louder this time.
You glare at the back of his head as he speaks.
“Take off your coat.”
You shrug off your coat and toss it to the chair place near the doors, leaving your bag there too.
Why is he being so weird? You want to hold him and squish his cheeks and kiss him until your lips are blue.
Finally, he springs up from his chair, wearing a black T-shirt that hangs loosely on his frame and jeans. You salivate at the sight.
You watch him pull open a drawer near the window, but you can’t see what he takes out because he’s stuffing it in his pocket.
From the look on his face, you can tell he’s mad about something. Especially when he doesn’t return your smile.
“Take off your shirt.”
If he wants you to strip for him, you will. So you give him a little show, undoing the buttons slowly, making sure to keep your eyes on his.
His eyes flicker to your pants and you pull them off to join your shirt on the floor, white, lacy underwear exposed to him. Head cocking to the side, he sighs deeply, admiring every inch of your skin.
When you reach out for him, he shakes his head, pointing to your bra.
Heat pooling between your legs, you reach behind you to unclasp your bra, letting it patter to the floor. He watches the way they bounce against your chest, licking his lips as his gaze flits from one to the other. The way he’s watching you right now is getting you incredibly hot, even though you’re basically naked in front of him.
His left hand stays in his pocket as he takes a step closer, eyes tracking his words.
“On your knees.”
Now you’re insanely aroused, you’ve never given him a blowjob before mostly because he loves your pussy so much, but now you’re rubbing your thighs together at the thought of having his cock in your mouth.
He has an unreadable expression on his face, but it doesn’t worry you. Maybe he needs to be taken care off.
You pull the zipper of his jeans between your nails and drag it down, yelping when his fingers catch on your hair and he forces you look up at him, neck straining with the angle.
“Did I say you could touch me?”
Gulping, you shake your head meekly, seeing fury or arousal in his eyes. You have no idea. From the way his cock strains against the denim, it’s the latter.
“Since you’re there,” his hold on your hair slackens, “take my cock out.”
Hastily, you pull down his jeans and underwear to his thighs, hard cock slapping against his black T-shirt, precum smearing across the material.
You grab the base, but he swats your hands away, reaching for it himself and positioning the tip on your lips, wetting it with the bitter liquid, gazes locking.
The tips swirls around your lips before you’re opening your mouth and letting him push his length into your wet cavern, hands laying flat on your thighs.
His jaw clenches when you hollow out your cheeks, bobbing over his length languidly, resting on the underside of his thick cock. Your movements are halted when he grabs a handful of your hair with both his hands and starts to fuck into your mouth, biting back a moan when the tip brushes the back of your throat.
Breathing through your nose, you let him use your mouth, keeping it relaxed so he can slip down further, tears prickling your eyes when he keeps his cock buried in your tight throat, humming around his cock.
“Fuck,” his cock slips out of your mouth, slapping your cheek as you take in a deep breath of air before he’s pushing back inside while you flick your tongue along the shaft, pussy clenching when you see him throw his head back and lose control, balls slapping your chin with each thrust into your mouth.
Your jaw begins to ache but the sounds he’s making spur you on, grabbing his thighs and bobbing your head over his length, taking him as deep as you can.
“Fuck,” he grits out, tears streaming down your face, a mix of saliva and precum dribbling from the corners of your mouth, “would you let him fuck your throat like this? Hmm? Would you let him use your mouth like this? Huh?”
Your eyes scrunch shut when he starts to work into your mouth vigorously, tongue curling around the veins that throb with the suction your mouth provides. You slurp noisily, gagging and choking sounds filling the air as your nails dig into his thighs, gasping when he pulls out and shoots all over your boobs and neck with a grunt, some landing on your chin and cheeks.
He doesn’t give you enough time to catch your breath before he’s pulling you by your hair to the desk, ass pressing into the wood as he kicks your legs apart.
You lean forward to kiss him, but he pulls away, fingers wrapping around your throat. His eyes are wild when he dips his fingers into your panties, spreading your slick all over your folds while you grip onto the edge of the desk, eyes fluttering shut when he starts to rub your clit.
He growls, ripping the material and sinking his middle and ring finger into your sopping pussy.
“Yoongi,” you grip his wrist, hips rocking against his hand.
“What? Gonna cum?”
He reaches into his pocket and produces a long piece of shiny metal, you blink, mind going hazy as he curls his fingers into you.
A soft, buzzing sound reaches your ears as he guides it to your clit, jolting when he presses it into your throbbing bud, orgasm hitting you faster than you expected, cries echoing in the thick air.
But he doesn’t move it away, fingers still thrusting into your leaking pussy, vibrations coursing through your body until you’re groaning in a mix of pleasure and pain.
“Daddy,” you whine, trying to crack your eyes open and squirm away from his hold, but his grip on your throat tightens, thumb and fingers digging into the sides of your neck, rock hard cock resting on your thigh.
The vibrator slides through your folds, fingers rubbing against that sweet spot until you’re tumbling into your second orgasm, nails piercing into his wrist.
His hot breath fans over your face, “look at me when you cum.”
Your eyes fly open, set on his eyes which crinkle with his devilish grin. The hold he has on your throat has you trembling, dissolved in your high.
He sets the vibrator on the desk and spins you around, grabbing your wrists in one of his hands and pinning it behind your back.
You feel the blunt tip of his cock prod at your entrance, still clenching from your previous orgasm.
“Your body belongs to me. No one is allowed to touch you,” his cock drags into your walls, stretching you open, you shiver under him.
He yanks your hands so your back is pressed to his clothed chest, lips brushing the shell of your ear.
“Did you hear me? No one is allowed to touch you,” he grinds into you, panting as he takes your earlobe between his teeth.
“Yes, daddy,” you cry, mouth hanging open in a silent cry when your cheek is flush to the desk again, moving up on the wood with each ruthless thrust, tears glazing over with how good it feels to be filled up with his cock.
“Good,” he moans, still keeping a death grip on your wrists while the other lands a resounding smack to your ass, “now let daddy fuck your tight little pussy.”
Your heart beats thunderously in your chest, walls clenching around his cock as he continues to abuse your cunt in practised strokes, eyes rolling to the back of your head with each tug to your sweet spot, voice going gruff with how loud you’re screaming.
He lets go off your hands to grab your hips, the slaps of skin to skin along with the squelch of your pussy joining his moans. You grip the end of the table, knuckles going white, using the last bit of your energy to push your ass into him.
“Harder, daddy. Harder.”
He doubles his efforts, nails digging into your supple skin as he pounds into you with more speed and force.
“Fuck fuck,” he holds your ass against him as he spills into you, fingers reaching down to rub your clit in tight circles, triggering another wave of heat to wash over your body, toes curling with the impact.
You lay limp on the desk, cum dripping down your thighs as his cheek rests between your shoulder blades.
“Fuck angel.”
He carries you up the stairs to his bathroom, cleaning you up before dressing you in his T-shirt and boxers.
You’re too tired to even kiss him back, but you try your best, lazily licking into his mouth as he cuddles into you, strong arms pulling you onto his chest. The sound of his heart beating has you sighing blissfully, so in love with every bit of him.
“You’re mine, Y/N,” he whispers, fingers combing through your hair, “only mine.”
Tumblr media
a/n: please don’t feel shy to send in feedback, hearing your thoughts serve as motivation :)
Tumblr media
taglist: @ggukkieland @moonchild1 @mwitsmejk @fancycollectormoon @nglmrk @bex-92br @taeslarityy @helenazbmrskai @kaepjjangiya @yzkyzkuniverse @fanoffandomss @shadowstark @bloomtilweache @johnnys-keratin-bonds @yiyi4657 @selfproducingfanfictionauthor
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minyoongisthirdhusband · 4 months ago
BTS: Cuddling Positions
summary: cuddling w the tannies 
a/n: sorry i havent posted in a moment life is hard ://// anyways enjoy!
link to the positions im talking abt: <3
his shoulders are so broad he has to sleep on his back 
so the half spoon 
or the sweetheart cradle 
loves to hold you close and loves the weight of you on his chest 
100% helps him sleep better 
if its hot he will settle for the leg hug 
but is definitely the type to just want to be as close as possible 
all of the above?
you know how kittens sleep super hard and you can just kinda flop them around? yeah thats yoongi 
however you want him just move him 
while he absolutely love anything, loves little spoon the most 
the way he naps on his side with his hand tucked between his knees screams “hold me!” 
baby him please
honeymoon hug omg 
being held by hobi i would pass away 
loves burying his face in your hair and tangling your legs together 
is sappy and enjoys the idea of lulling you to sleep with his heartbeat
imagine him humming or talking and just feeling the vibrations 
and him playing with your hair 
classic spoon 
obvi hes the big spoon 
loves holding you close against his chest and feeling you breathe
perfect angle to watching you sleep (not in a creepy way but in an ‘oh i adore you’ way)
you are completely surrounded by him 
you dont even need blankets because hes so warm wrapped around you 
best winter comforter 
oof another all of the above 
just loves affection 
big switch in the way that he wants to be babied and wants to baby you 
like loves to sleep on your chest but also loves snuggling up behind you and tucking his face into your shoulder 
just an affectionate boy what more can i say 
oo actually i can say more 
hes so the big spoon type to still throw his leg over your waist 
sweet baby
lap pillow 
or any variation of laying in that area e.g laying on your thighs, stomach, lower back, butt 
i have a very specific vision that im going to try and communicate so work with me here 
him laying between your legs, head resting on your stomach, arms wrapped around you, and your legs wrapped over his back
playing with his hair with one hand and watching a movie or something or whatever just not really paying attention and he’s basically falling asleep because you’re warm and your hand is soothing him
please tell me you can see this because i need yall to yearn with me  
another go with the flow type of guy but also little spoon line
if you wanna be spooned he’ll spoon you
loves it when you fall asleep on his chest by accident it reminds him that you feel safe around him
but let me offer you this
you come home to a sleeping jungkook and his bare back is facing you
and you just slid in right behind him and wrap your arm around his waist and tuck your leg between his
you bury your face between his shoulders 
and he stirs for a moment then grabs your hand and pulls you closer, curling to make himself smaller against you 
whew wowz ahaha jk brain rot 
woah dude loved writing this sorry ive been absent september has been busy so far. i got carried away w tae and jk but thats okay i never write enough for them
 anyways, should i start writing for got7? ive been on a mark tuan thing and i need to release it from my brain bc i love him and just wanna hold his hand ugh
like, reblog, comment, any interaction is appreciated <3
hope you have a good day/night !
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