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#hoseok x reader
honeymoonjin · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢ: ot7 x reader || ᴡᴏʀᴅ ᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ: 13.7k || ɢᴇɴʀᴇ: smut - rated 18+
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ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs: hickies, dom!jimin, dom! hoseok, dom!namjoon, dom!yoongi, voyeurism, exhibitionism, train, sex swing, bondage, sensory play, orgasm denial, orgasm delay, unprotected sex, creampie, onetime use of slut, oral (m receiving), fingering, handjob, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, very brief aftercare bc a bitch passes OUT afterwards
A/N: dawg i am so fucking sorry this was such a longtime coming pls enjoy it >.<
Tumblr media
You wake up in discomfort, muscles aching. Unsure entirely why, you lift yourself up off the pillows and attempt to stretch, arms arching over your head and legs stiffening out straight. The pull and release helps a little, but you still don’t feel right when getting up.
Your first thought is of the golden hands down the hall, but Taehyung sleeps like the dead, and you doubt his best work would happen when he was sleep-grouchy.
Instead, you come up with a new solution: yoga. A little birdie (okay, Taehyung, who seems to know everything about everyone in the house) once told you Jimin likes to do it every morning on the back patio before most of you wake up.
At first you dismissed it as a joke. Jimin is often the last person downstairs, and mostly everyone had assumed that meant he was a late sleeper. But you’re desperate, and it’s early, and you’re hoping perhaps there’s some truth to the rumour.
Getting dressed gingerly in some leggings and a thin shirt, you grab your phone and head outside to the second floor hallway, taking care to shut your door quietly. Yoongi, although he could fall asleep quickly, was also quick to wake from any noises, and you figure he probably needs the extra rest.
Tiptoeing on soft carpet, you make your way down the stairs and turn into the kitchen, almost banging headfirst into a solid chest. Slender hands reach out with lightning reflexes to steady you, and you glance up at the man in front of you.
“Look at you, earlybird,” Hoseok remarks cheerily. “What’s got you up before the sun?”
Aware of his ever-smoldering rivalry with Jimin, you shrug. “Thirsty.” To sell your point, you take a fresh water bottle from the fridge and crack it open, taking a swig.
Hoseok quirks a brow at your grimace - water in the mornings always tastes worse somehow - but shrugs it off, approaching you instead.
As he gets close, you instinctively step back to accommodate but he keeps moving forward until your butt is bumping against the counter and his body is barely inches away. “Hoseok,” you breathe, surprised at his behaviour so early in the day.
“You’re mine today,” he decides, eyes flashing dark with intent. A hand comes up, curling around your upper arm just firm enough to anchor his dominance. “It’s been too long since I really played with you, don’t you think?”
The throb between your legs agrees entirely. You swallow. “Yes, Master.”
“Mm, I’ve missed hearing that.” His eyes rake over you, not lustful but more so investigative, like he’s devising a hundred and one ways to make you fall apart for him. It does things to you, and you curse the wobble in your knees as he moves in closer, letting your bodies mold together. “I won’t tell you how I’ll ravish you today, princess, but I will give you one choice in the matter.”
“And what’s that?”
He grins, teeth glinting. “Who do you want to come watch?”
You suck in a breath without intending. Hoseok has always been the master of racketing your anticipation up to new heights, and a large part of you is thrilled to be back under his control again. He’s putting the decision in your hands for whose eyes you want on you as it happens, and you expect no matter what you choose now, he’ll tease you for later.
Considering each person, your answer comes embarrassingly fast. “Everyone.”
Like a vacuum opened, he pulls away from you suddenly, wide smile still adorning his face. “Then I’ll spread the word. Show starts at 7 tonight. Don’t be late, princess; you’re the opening act.”
Hoseok is gone before you can respond, but your tongue feels unresponsive anyway, brain whirring and sputtering. What have you gotten yourself into?
Him being the first to approach means you still don’t have the slightest inkling of what this week’s prompts are. Home, Sweet Home. Surely they weren’t allowed to actually take you home?
Dismissing the thoughts that lead you nowhere, you take your bottle and head outside, caught off-guard by the cool notes in the air. The sun is creeping over the horizon, or what you can see of it between distant Seoulite skyscrapers, and it’s yet to send its rays down to you.
The air fills your lungs and wakes you up even more than Hoseok’s proposition did. Stepping onto the veranda, you search what you can see of the backyard, looking for Jimin.
Your eyes almost skate right over him. He’s literally folded in half, standing with his head by his knees and his arms wrapped around the back of his legs. He’s closer to the pool than you expected, a purple yoga mat protecting his bare feet from the cold concrete.
You approach, cursing yourself that you didn’t think to bring one yourself. You have comfortable sneakers on, but you recall yoga involving more than just standing.
He rolls back up gracefully when you’re just stepping onto the pool veranda. His hair isn’t as perfectly set as it usually is; it seems Taehyung’s idea that he did yoga before getting ready for the day was true. Instead, his locks are slightly rumpled and fluffy from sleep. The blue dye is beginning to loosen its hold and grow out to dark roots, but it just makes him look more domestic and human to you. Cheeks pink, eyes soft brown without contacts in, in your mind he’s never looked better.
But of course, the second he sees you, that’s not what he thinks. His eyes fly wide, mouth a perfect o. “Y/n, what are you doing out here? I’m not even- Stop looking at me like that!”
You tip your head to the side in question even as a fond smile grows. “Like what?”
“Like I’m…” He huffs, unable to put words to it.
You’re more than happy to fill in the blanks. “Like you’re the most gorgeous person in the world? No, I don’t think I will stop.”
Jimin blushes, though he turns away to hide it, busying himself with taking a drink of water. “I haven’t even washed my face yet,” he complains in a small voice.
“That doesn’t change my opinion,” you deflect simply. “If it takes me complimenting you relentlessly for you to see it, I don’t mind.”
He stiffens slightly. “I’m allowed to hate things about myself. It doesn’t just go away, that way of thinking.”
Your heart breaks, wishing you could pull him into a hug, not wanting to overwhelm him. “Then I’ll love them for you.”
“You can’t get this deep with me before the sun’s even up.” Jimin pauses, and you can see the acceptance wash over him in the way his shoulders relax. He turns to you, eyebrows raised with a small, appreciative grin. “My question still stands, by the way. What are you doing out here?”
You allow him to change the subject, happy to see a smile brighten his face. “I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind a partner? I slept wrong last night, I’m in serious need of stretching and I thought you might be able to help.”
He hums, rolling his shoulders back as he looks you up and down. “You can share my mat,” he decides after a moment, “I don’t want you hurting your knees or getting your clothes dirty.”
“Aye aye, captain,” you chant in gratitude, slipping off your sneakers to step on the supportive material in your socks. Your leggings and top will do the job, but you do feel a little underdressed next to Jimin.
He clearly wasn’t expecting company, so you know his outfit is for function and personal expression. It’s something you don’t see as often as you’d like, as he still mostly falls into the habit of dressing as a statement of power. Here, he’s in leggings too; a cool, slate grey with a darker trim that runs up his outer legs. His white cotton shirt is loose but not oversized, though it’s sleeveless and the arm holes run lower and wider than is necessary. Beneath, you can see sneak peeks of his taut build as he rolls his shoulders back and forth to loosen up again, indicating you should follow.
With a bracing breath, you begin matching his movements, wincing when your spine immediately shifts and clicks noisily. With a raised brow and a smirk of bemusement, Jimin tuts at you. “Breaking your back is meant to be a euphemism, you know. I hope nobody else is responsible for that.”
“Don’t worry, just my terrible posture and sleeping habits,” you fire back lightly, mimicking his movement as he tips his head to the left, using his left hand to weigh it down, and reversing to the opposite side.
“We haven’t even started my usual routine, and you’re popping like a glowstick,” he drawls, “I have every right to worry.”
You huff at him, lifting your brows. “Nothing an expert can’t solve.”
“Mm, I’ll do my best. Alright, let’s just start with child’s pose. Knees on the mat, lean yourself forward, that’s it…” You follow the soothing lilt of his voice as he instructs you to stretch your arms out on the mat directly in front of you, forehead steady on the supportive material. It’s a little basic, and you pause, assuming he’s going to let you sit here for a moment or two before moving on.
But Jimin doesn’t seem to be entirely satisfied. You gasp when you feel a firm hand run up the middle of your back, pressing you down and away. “Walk your fingertips forward,” he instructs, his free hand dipping into your line of vision as he demonstrates on the mat, inching them further and further.
You obey, and instinctively suck in a breath of surprise at the alien feeling. Your whole back feels like it’s stretching out, giving the bones and ligaments room to breathe. Even your shoulders sing in relief at the lift. “Woah, okay.”
The pressure between your shoulder blades remains. “Now stay there. Feel it. You need this.”
He’s right, and as you relax into it, it feels like your body is stretching further, unwinding all the tension you’ve carried in your torso. It feels amazing, but his hands on you make you crave a different kind of release.
Swallowing, you press your forehead intently against the mat and will those thoughts away. “How long do I stay like this for?”
“Ready to move on already? In some of my classes, we’d hold each pose for four minutes, but perhaps that’s too advanced,” Jimin teases. The weight of his palms on you lifts as he straightens up, indicating you should do the same. “Slowly,” he warns, “you don’t want to get dizzy. Alright, where do you still feel sore or tense?”
Pausing to consider this, you roll your shoulders, twist your neck and generally wriggle around, seeking a tough spot. “My back, still, below my shoulders.” Pushing your hands against the small of your back and arching, you sigh as the vertebrae click. “Yeah, definitely.”
“Okay, well, don’t do that,” Jimin scolds gently with a furrowed brow. “I think we can do a supine twist.”
“A what now?”
“A supine twist,” he repeats, lip curling into a jovial smile. “Or, if it’s easier, you could call it a supta matsyendrasana.”
You blink. “Supine twist,” you parrot back in monotone.
“Thought so. Alright, on your back, then. Legs out flat.”
Ignoring his bemused look, you follow the instructions and hum happily when you get to lie down and stretch out. Despite the relative eventfulness of the morning, the position has your eyelids feeling heavy immediately. “This is great, but I think I’m just going to fall asleep. And my back still feels like shit.”
Jimin stands above your head and crouches down, mock-glaring at you with his face upside down to yours. His hair hangs low, almost tickling your nose with how long it’s gotten. “Do you think I’m going to give you all the instructions at once when you’re a novice? Be patient.”
You scowl up at him, trying to act like his proximity isn’t affecting you in a different way. “I’ll you show you novice,” you huff.
“That’s not a particularly hard-hitting threat,” Jimin replies airily, and taps your right shoulder.” Stretch your arm out, 90 degrees to your body. That’s it, now right leg up, bend at the knee, and turn your lower half to rest it on your left side. Keep your head facing the right.”
Mind glitching, you pause, right leg hovering uncertainly in the air. “Uhh-”
With a smug click of his tongue, Jimin reaches out to hook your right knee, and you feel your waist twist around as he pulls it to the left. Your foot touches the ground beside your left hip, and Jimin’s hand slides up to press at your thigh, pushing it down until your knee is flush against the mat. Keeping your gaze to the right as he asked, you feel a peculiar but satisfying stretch in your back, as it twists in the middle.
Your right hand feels a little tingly, and you wiggle your fingers as you marvel at the sensation. “How do people come up with this stuff?” you wonder aloud.
Jimin’s hand hasn’t left your thigh, gently squeezing it every few moments with the natural flex of his fingers. “They know a lot about the body,” he responds easily. “It’s complex but not a complete mystery.”
With your gaze turned to the side, most of your body is out of your line of sight. All you can see is the extension of your right arm, and the point where the poolside concrete turns to grassy backyard. The house rises up, but you’re too distracted to squint and try and spy any movement inside the windows.
Your blindness to the rest of your form only makes it more thrilling when you feel the warmth of Jimin’s hand slowly glide higher up your thigh, until his fingers rest directly over your clothed crotch. In this strange position, a narrow sliver is vulnerable between your legs where they cross, and you can feel the pressure of his fingertips as he rubs you almost too slowly to tell.
You suck in a breath, waiting a few moments to confirm it. Jimin’s silent, gauging your reaction. You feel lightheaded even laying down. “Jimin,” you utter, “I think you’re ruining the sanctity of this spiritual pursuit.”
“Am I?” he questions rhetorically. His index and middle finger press down over your covered clit, making you twitch. “You sound like Jin.”
Blinking, you fight the urge to drop the stretch and spread your legs shamelessly. “Does that make you want to fuck me more or less? Wait, don’t tell me, I might get insulted.”
He chuckles breathily, and your heartbeat jumps when you feel the hot breath on your neck, a lot closer than you thought he was. You can barely see his form shadowing your peripheral. “I don’t have what I need to complete my prompt out here,” he mentions casually, voice rumbly against your ear.
“Huh?” you blurt before your mind catches up. “What does that mean? You wanna move?”
When he moves closer, you feel his lips brushing against your earlobe. “It means I’m doing this just because I want to,” he explains, teeth briefly nipping at the skin, giving it a small tug, “and because I can.”
With that, his grip between your legs turns iron-tight, two fingers pressed over your throbbing core as the rest tighten on the meat of your ass, holding you down as he bends even lower, tongue flat and wide as it runs obscenely up your neck.
You gasp, arching as much as you can, but the twist gives you little movement. The air feels even cooler on your newly-damp throat, but Jimin doesn’t give it much chance to feel the breeze. He closes in on you, taking advantage of the sensitive skin, nipping at sucking at it hard enough to bruise.
While your body remains helpless, your hands flail, right palm slapping against the mat and left one flying up to bury itself in Jimin’s hair.
He’s messy with it, encouraging you to rock as best you can against his fingers while he lights up the left side of your neck with teeth and tongue. You feel a trickle of saliva run around the back of your neck, making your whole body shiver, and the sinful sound of him chuckling against you vibrates the skin.
“Ji- Jimin, please, I-” The dull pressure against your core isn’t enough, but it’s still so good that you can’t keep still, whining for more.
His kisses move higher, cresting your jaw and chin, free hand slipping under to lift your head up to face him. His eyes are blown with arousal, lips swollen and pink. You must not look much better yourself, because he curses and slips his thumb between your lips, encouraging you to suck.
“Other side,” he rasps out, eyelids fluttering when you tighten your lips around his thumb, scraping your teeth against the pad of it. For a moment, your brain doesn’t comprehend him, but when the pressure on your ass and thighs let up, you realise what he’s requesting of you.
Clumsily, not letting go of his thumb as you swirl your tongue on it suggestively, you close your eyes and stretch your right leg out straight, sighing at the way your muscle aches slightly. Swapping over, it’s your left arm that stretches out this time, and your left leg that twists over, reversing the pose.
You can’t lie and say that the position itself doesn’t feel great for your body, but you can barely appreciate the health benefits when, the second you turn your head to the left and expose the right side of your neck, Jimin pounces like a wildcat to cover it up just as enthusiastically.
His thumb falls out of your mouth when you moan openly, lifting your leg up slightly in the hope that it’ll give him more room to slip his hand between. Even with his face pressed up firmly against your throat, he still manages to read your body effortlessly. His fingers dive in, on an angle this time so that he can press his whole palm against your aching core.
You feel so empty, every pinch of teeth and harsh suck making you clench around nothing, but his fingers are deft even through layers of clothing, and as you’re held down by the insatiable man, you find yourself on the unmistakable path to orgasm.
Surprised you could be this aroused to possibly reach orgasm with such little direct stimulation, you gasp, mouth fumbling to get something coherent out. “Jimin, please, god, I’m gonna- don’t stop, give me more, plea- fuck.”
You’re out of breath, panting with toes curling against the mat and neck ablaze. He increases the pressure and speed of his hand between your legs, but his lips leave you.
Whining in confusion, you swallow back your frustration and go to turn your head back up to investigate, but within seconds, your nerves are alight again.
Rough enough to snap more than a few threads, Jimin uses his free hand to tug down your shirt and bra over your chest, exposing your breasts. Like a man starved, he descends upon your right nipple and you cry out at the sudden attack of sensation.
If possible, he’s even rougher here than he was with your neck. Closing his teeth around it and tugging enough to send sparks of pain deep into your chest, he laps over it openmouthed, sucking and rolling the bud until you feel yourself going insane with it.
Your orgasm hits you with a single, intense jerk that jostles his lips free. When he sees you start to convulse and rock mindlessly against his hand, he lets out a breathy, pleased sound, and descends his lips on yours for the first time.
You have no energy in you to kiss him back, but he’s content licking into your mouth and nipping at your lips as the pleasure makes your eyes curl back. You find yourself unable to control your own muscles, left foot thumping against the mat as you sob into his mouth.
While the release is powerful, the complete lack of direct stimulation or penetration leaves you feeling weakened and not entirely satisfied. It’s not the kind of orgasm that puts you on blissful bed rest for the day, it’s the kind of toe-curling one that relaxes you for a moment but leaves you craving more.
And, with the way Jimin’s left his mark all over your throat, you wonder if that wasn’t his intention.
You pant as his hand slows, slipping out from between your thighs, which had clamped around it the moment overstimulation began to take hold. You feel unbelievably sensitive, even your soaked underwear almost too much.
His fingers trail over your neck, whisper light but still tingling the aggravated nerves and his lips come down one more time to press a kiss to either side of your face as you come down and return to coherency.
Blinking away those final dregs of the orgasm, you stare up at him in a daze. His face looks so soft and round from this angle, hair mussed and tangled from your grip. It’s hard to believe that this chubby-cheeked boy is the one that just wrecked you, but you know better than to doubt his many facets.
The right side of your chest aches, and he massages it apologetically before gently tucking your bra and shirt back up again to cover you. Standing up, he offers a hand to help you sit up, making sure you go slow and steady.
Your vision swirls a little when you finally stand up properly, and your weakened legs don’t help either, but Jimin just wraps his arms around your waist until you stop stumbling. You can feel his hardness against you, but you’re too wobbly to be in any position to help alleviate it, and he doesn’t seem to be expecting anything.
“Better?” he questions, eyes running over you with a mischievous glint. You nod weakly, body entirely free from tension. Jimin smirks, and a hand slides down to pat you on the ass playfully. “Good. I think it’s time for you to go back in there and show them all who loved you first, hm?”
By the time you do get inside and beeline for the downstairs bathroom, your neck is a mess. Blooms of deep purple and red flood your skin, evidence of the enthusiastic way Jimin had laved over it. You run cold water over your hands and hold them to your neck to try and cool the heated skin down, swallowing as you imagine how the rest of your day is going to go.
You’d been pretty clear with the group that your feelings weren’t exclusive and that you weren’t going to choose only one of them to share those feelings with, but saying that was one thing and having a very bold physical reminder of it was another. You weren’t sure how the others would react.
But there’s no way to tell beyond simply going out and seeing, so you head back out when you hear movement in the kitchen.
In your absence, Jin and Yoongi have both come down and are making breakfast together with a practiced ease you haven’t quite seen before. Without needing words, a tap on the shoulder or cupping of the waist is enough to communicate their shifting around each other. As you enter, the two are quietly chuckling warmly together about some inside joke you must’ve just missed.
It seems your talk has had further effects than you initially thought.
Truth be told, it’s nice to see them so domestic, like a long-married couple, but it lasts only as long as it takes one of them to turn around and catch you sneaking in.
“And where did you get that, young lady?” Jin questions, brows furrowed and a wooden spatula aimed accusatively at your face.
“Do you need three guesses?” you retort, even as your face flushes. “You sound more like a dad every day, Jin.”
“Feels like I’m raising six children sometimes,” Jin sighs out, spatula lowering in defeat.
Beside him, Yoongi speaks with his back to you both as he sautees some onions. “I better be the one excluded from that number, hyung.”
“Don’t worry,” Jin assures with a hearty pat on Yoongi’s shoulder, “you’re my doting housewife.”
Yoongi pauses, huffs, and tilts his head to the side. “Okay, well… I guess I can’t be offended but I still don’t like that.”
“Nothing wrong with being a housewife, dear,” Jin sings, before he realises what he’s forgotten. “Wait; hey!” He whirls on you again, this time replacing the spatula with a spoon covered in gochujang. Some of it flies off with the momentum and spatters on the countertop. “Don’t distract me with my beautiful milf-boy-”
“I’m right here.”
Jin ignores Yoongi, eyes still on the mess your neck has become. “Seriously, who did that to you? It’s sending a very bold message and I’m undecided on how I feel.”
The onions finished, Yoongi patters around the kitchen bringing all the components together in the pan for a intoxicating stir-fry. He turns and leans against the countertop as the vegetables and noodles sizzle away. “Hyung, you’re not even in the competition anymore; does it matter?”
Jin’s eyes narrow further. “It absolutely does matter. How are the dear viewers going to enjoy watching this lovefest without some drama? If I can spy no issues, I must create them. Who do I have to extravagantly confront?”
“It was Jimin,” you answer shortly, keeping deadpan even as your heart races with the relief that he’s not actually mad. On the other hand, Yoongi hasn’t made much eye contact with you throughout his bantering, and his back is a little tenser.
Jin deflates when he hears you. “Never mind,” he breathes out weakly, almost whispering. “I’m still a little scared of him.”
“Really? I’d be happy to arrange a showdown,” you offer with a grin, but he just glares at you playfully, waving his hand after a moment to beckon you over. Approaching him immediately, you fall into his awaiting arms and hug him tightly, attempting to avoid getting caught by the red-covered spoon. “You’re not mad, Jin?”
“Never, baby,” his voice thrums close to your ear, and you sink into him deeper. “He better be treating you right, though.”
“You all are,” you respond honestly, eyes closed and missing the way Yoongi stiffens up guiltily, plating up the stir fry for eight people.
“Good.” Jin squeezes you tighter, gently rocking you from side to side. “Only the best for our girl. Isn’t that right, Yoongi?”
It takes him long enough to answer that you untangle yourself from Jin’s grip. Yoongi is rolling out his shoulders like the tension has seeped into his muscles. “I- they don’t hurt, do they? The hickies?”
You blink, hand jumping up to massage at your neck reflexively. “Not really. I don’t mind them, honestly.”
Jin goes still, the way he does when he’s deeply concentrating. “What’s wrong, Yoongi?”
It takes Yoongi a moment to work out how to phrase it, a noise of frustration leaving his mouth. “I’m more jealous than I thought,” he admits, eyes dim. “Seeing those just makes me want to mark you up even more, and that’s not a healthy desire if you’re going to be dating so many of us. I’ll- I’ll get over myself, I’m sorry, it’s not you, Y/n.”
You feel simultaneously weightless and sunken. “I can tell him no marks-”
“You shouldn’t have to,” Yoongi blurts in, sighing at himself for the interruption and harsh tone. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to-”
Like fate is against his apology, Yoongi is interrupted himself by Namjoon and Taehyung coming downstairs, the latter attached to Namjoon’s back like a determined koala.
“Morning,” Namjoon calls out cheerily, acting as if he doesn’t have a tall man clinging to him. “Meant to rain today.”
“Is it?” Jin asks automatically, before glancing up and double-taking at Taehyung. “It seems like I’m missing some key context here.”
“Honestly, I think I am too,” Namjoon admits, sighing slightly as his brows crumple in confusion. “I’m not entirely certain why Taehyung is doing this either.”
“Do I need a reason?” Taehyung murmurs dreamily from behind Namjoon’s back.
“Perhaps not, but I’d certainly enjoy one,” the therapist answers decisively.
Taehyung just hums and buries his face in deeper between Namjoon’s shoulder blades. The academic furrows his brows. “Tae, can I go sit down for breakfast, please?”
“Of course.”
Namjoon waits two beats. The younger man doesn’t move. “Okay,” Joon announces disjointedly, “the chairs aren’t built for two. You’ll need to let go.”
Taehyung lets out a broken whine, but his arms loosen enough for Namjoon to spring forward and take a seat at the dining table hurriedly, looking vaguely shell-shocked. Not missing a moment, Taehyung blinks around blearily and comes towards you, latching onto your upper torso with sweater paws.
You welcome the contact, though you can empathise with the sheer confusion that comes from Taehyung’s sudden clinginess. Leaning into his embrace, your head is propped up against his chest and shoulder. You wrap your arms over his to hug them against you. He hums, pleased, chin on your head causing the vibrations to resonate.
“Hey, Tae,” you murmur warmly, “feeling cuddly today?” He nods against you. You reach out with a potential idea. “Puppy-cuddly?”
“You’d think.” Taehyung sighs lightly, a small sound of discomfort in his chest. “I don’t really know, I just want to be close to someone. I don’t feel so good.”
“I’m sorry.” Keeping your voice as low and soothing as possible, you can’t help but worry that he might still be having a rough time from the other day. “What can we do?”
“Just this is okay.”
Normally you’d be happy to indulge him endlessly, but at that moment your stomach rumbles. Before your mind can scramble to work out how to let him down gently, Yoongi comes over.
“Breakfast is ready, Tae, you should eat. Plenty of time for cuddling after, okay?”
Jungkook and Hoseok are the next duo to come down, both looking bleary-eyed, but they go silent and curious as they take in the odd scene. Both of them sit down, Jungkook scooting his chair quietly to sit closer to his hyung.
Taehyung whines again, but lets go and moves to the table, slumping down in a chair with his arms folded on the table and head resting on them. “Morning, Kookie. Morning, Hobi-hyung.”
Hoseok is slightly stiff like he’s not sure how to proceed, but Jungkook just mimics Tae’s pose until they’re eye to eye against the tabletop. “Morning, Tae. Wanna watch Yuri on Ice today? We’ve been meaning to rewatch it, remember?”
Taehyung stays silent but nods gratefully. Serving the table quickly, Yoongi sits down on the other side of Taehyung, chopsticks in one hand, the one closest to Taehyung free. “Here, hold hyung’s hand while you eat. Some food will cheer you up.”
Jin has to go to the foyer to call up the stairs to Jimin one more time for breakfast. Having snuck up while you were in the bathroom, he appears perfectly coiffed with a smug smile on his face that drops the second he reads the room.
“Tae, are you okay?”
The masseuse gives an unconvincing grunt. He props his head enough to feed himself, gripping Yoongi’s hand like his life depends on it. For a moment, Jimin looks ready to ask Jungkook or Yoongi to move seats, but he gives up and sinks into the seat beside you, no hint of showmanship for your hickies remaining.
Taehyung does perk up a little as he eats, sitting up more to drink a strawberry juice that Jin retrieves from the fridge for him, lips wrapped around the straw even after he’s done sipping at it.
With the slight lifting of his mood, the rest of you decide it’s best to talk as normal and hope he can join in. Unfortunately for you, that means the hot topic Jimin had been expecting comes back around.
“So you had a run-in with a very desperate vampire, I’m assuming?” Hoseok quips with a grin. “Looking a little rough this morning since I saw you last, princess.”
“We had fun, didn’t we, Y/n?” Jimin asks, though with the way his eyes track Hoseok’s, you can tell it’s rhetoric.
Hoseok’s smile falters, but he brings it back quickly. “I never would’ve guessed you were the one that was so ungraceful and sloppy, but I suppose I gave you too much credit.”
Instead of bristling, Jimin lets out a bright, genuine laugh. “Do you even hear yourself? Give up the strong front, Hoseok. It’ll be less embarrassing for you when you get eliminated.”
“I can’t wait for the editors to play that back this Monday when you get eliminated. You’ve set up the irony perfectly, congratulations.”
Jimin finishes his mouthful calmly, even as his eyes flare. “It astounds me that you still think you actually have a chance. You’ve already overstayed your welcome in this competition.”
“Oh, do entertain me,” Hoseok drawls, the rest of the table going silent as you watch the interaction. Even Taehyung has finished almost all of his breakfast without realising as he’s sucked into the drama. “Why is it exactly that you think I’m so bad? I still can’t think of a single thing you can do that I can’t do better.”
“You’re a gimmick,” Jimin answers without hesitation. “Acting so high and mighty and professional like nobody could ever hope to touch you. One hour with you and I bet I’d have you sniffling and begging for mercy.”
Hoseok swallows hard enough for his Adam’s apple to bob. “I imagine I would, peaches. One hour is more than enough time for me to go crazy from sheer boredom. It’s a relief Y/n’s fallen for you because your scenes have been consistently subpar. It’s what I would expect from a scripted pornstar, though.”
“Curious that you watch my scenes, Hoseok,” Jimin replies in a forcefully calm voice, head tipped to the side. “You seem more knowledgable on how I fuck than most people in this room. Why is that?”
Hoseok tenses like a snake, chin lifting in defiance. “I like to do my research before I engage with anything, I doubt you’d know about tha-”
The professional dom realises his slip of the tongue a second later than the rest of you. Jimin already has a sly smirk on his face, teeth glinting as he leans back in his chair. “You want to fuck me so bad it makes you look stupid.”
Hoseok goes perfectly still, barely breathing. After a moment, he shakes his head, tongue coming out to wet his lips. “Let’s get one thing clear: I want to fuck you until you look stupid.”
Even from several seats away, you hear Jungkook whisper to Taehyung conspiratorially. “Oh my god, they’re gonna fuck.”
Taehyung’s eyes are bright. “Finally.”
Jimin sucks in a deep breath, chest rising, and exhales. “I thought it would take more than that for you to cave. I’m a little disappointed, honestly. Anyways;” he stands up suddenly, sending the two oldest a warm smile, “thanks for breakfast, hyungs. I’m going to go cuddle my boyfriend and revel in my victory. It’s been a pleasure.”
When Taehyung jumps up like he’s won the lottery and rushes off with Jimin upstairs, it leaves the group of you downstairs in chaos. Hoseok is seething, cheeks red hot with anger or humiliation or a fiery mix of both, and the rest of you are reeling with the developments.
“No way, hyung, I thought for sure you guys were gonna fuck right here!” Jungkook gushes, springing up to massage Hoseok’s shoulders like a coach to his star player. “I love Minnie-hyung, but my money’s on you! You’re the expert, after all!”
Hoseok fails to loosen up. “Thanks, Jungkook, but it’s not worth much now. I just look like an idiot. He just winds me up so- whatever. It doesn’t matter.”
“The best thing you can do is prove your worth through actions,” Namjoon advises gently. “At least, that’s what I believe.”
“Yeah!” Jungkook agrees. “Go up there and rail him like a train, hyung!”
“Okay, no, that wasn’t what I was suggesting,” the academic hurries out, “I meant you should just do your best in the competition and show how capable you are. Maybe he’ll come around, and if not, that’s okay, too.”
Hoseok nods slowly. “I like that,” he says flatly, “I’ll give that a go.”
Jungkook deflates, and sits back down. “Thanks, Jungkook. Great idea, Jungkook. You’re a valuable member of the house, Jungkook.”
The youngest immediately perks up, looking over to Hoseok. “Yeah?”
“You’re an extremely valuable member of the house. Now if you’ll excuse me.”
You wait in anticipation all day. You spend the morning in your room, calling friends and family, watching mindless reruns, trying to tune your brain out. Jimin keeps you updated on Taehyung; there isn’t anything wrong in particular, Tae states. He just sometimes feels low and needs a little more affection until the clouds pass.
The two of them stick together all day in Jimin’s room, with Jungkook joining after lunch for a anime marathon, and you let them enjoy their quality time together.
You don’t really hear from Hoseok, but you guiltily check the Bangasm livestreams you’d bought previously and see him scheming in his room, sifting through his boxes of sinful toys and equipment.
Namjoon and Yoongi play chess in the lounge for a few hours later in the day, and you and Jin watch, the latter playing the role of commentator much to the pair’s chagrin.
You witness the moment they all get the text.
Their phones go off in unison; yours stays silent. Namjoon finishes his turn before he checks, but the others pull out their devices and read the text, straightening up in surprise.
Yoongi’s eyes find yours as Jin nudges you teasingly, but neither of them mention it aloud. Once Namjoon calls his move and checks his own notification, you fight the urge to investigate the message yourself. It’s like an unspoken secret that Hoseok is going to scene with you tonight, but you have no way of knowing if the guys have received more information than you.
You find yourself unable to keep still during dinner. The vibe is strained; both Jimin and Hoseok’s confrontation and the expectation of the night ahead keep the conversation to a minimum.
Hoseok has sat himself at the head of the table, with you on the far end. This small mercy allows you to eat without the fear that he’ll begin his scene right then and there, but still you’re almost shaking with uncertain expectation.
Every time you check your watch, he grins to himself.
You start eating at 6:17 in the evening. You finish your own meal a mere eight minutes later, but the table isn’t cleared until 6:39.
You find your panties embarrassingly damp when you do a nervous bathroom break. Just the passing of time has you turned on, before he’s even begun the scene.
Hoseok disappears upstairs at 6:45. He’s back at 6:51 with a black bag, instructing everyone to take a seat in the living room.
Yoongi has to gently swat at your hand every time it finds itself in your mouth, unconsciously biting at your nails. Your heart is beating like it’s in a marathon, core already throbbing dully. More than anything, you hope he’ll be nice and fuck you properly. Jimin this morning had left you needing more, the little tease, and if Hoseok is in the cheeky mood too, you might not make it.
You’re told to strip down to your panties and bra two minutes before 7. Anxious and aroused, it takes you those two minutes to even manage the act of undressing. The second you straighten up with only those two items of clothing on your body, Hoseok is looping a short rope around your neck, folded over and tied into a loose knot, creating a makeshift collar that dangles between your breasts.
He uses it to tug you off the couch and over to the center of the room, hand running over your neck and down your back. Like he’s got something to prove, he’s dressed to the nines tonight in a purple and black ensemble. More colour than he usually has, he still sticks primarily to leather. His pants and boots are black as ever, but his black shirt has a purple leather harness constricting it, and his beautiful hands are covered by riding gloves of the same material and shade.
Feeling the well-worn leather slide over your bare skin, your breath hitches. Even as you step into unknown territory, being under his control feels like shaking a heavy burden off your shoulders. He’ll take care of you now.
When he feels you relax into his caressing, he smiles. Not the warm, sunshine-tinted smile you’d get during the day, but the predatorial one that comes for you in your dirtiest dreams. The one you’ve had the pleasure of seeing on this show multiple times, one you can never quite get used to.
“Alright, princess, you ready to give the boys a show?”
You suck in a breath when his gloved hand sinks lower, gripping shamelessly at your ass. “Yes, Master.”
“Mm, good. On your knees.”
You follow without thought, the slight curl of embarrassment at having so many viewers well and truly flooded by the arousal of… having so many viewers. You asked for this though, and with the way Hoseok grins watching you squirm, he’s having the exact same thought.
“We’re going to be tying you up tonight, princess. Look up; do you see that?” Confused, you follow Hoseok’s instruction, shivering slightly in your underwear. Above you, the ceiling boasts two heavy-duty rings set apart by about a meter. You swear you’ve never seen them before, yet you can’t recall a time Hoseok would’ve been able to install them. “Did none of you think to inspect this house a little more? I noticed this in Week 2; tested them a few days later to make sure they were solid enough to handle the weight of a body.”
Your chin drops slightly to watch him as he stalks over to his black bag, undoing the zipper with a smooth flourish. He’s in his element, presenting like this, and the others are just as enraptured as you are.
“I was wondering if anyone would ever catch onto them, but as the weeks went by, nobody did. It wasn’t until last Sunday that I was checking out the supply closet again and found this.” When he straightens up again, the dark-haired dom is holding a tangle of belts, slings and chains. Confused, it isn’t until he takes the two largest metal carabiners and fixes them onto the ceiling hoops that the piece of equipment falls into its natural position.
It’s a sex swing.
The first hook supports a wide strap that curves down at the lowest point, which still hangs above your head as you kneel. The second hook provides two smaller footholds, and the two sections are connected by a chain with two small loops further up by the first strap. It’s enough for you to picture yourself lying back, hands in the loops, feet in stirrup position, exposed and vulnerable. Swallowing, you subtly wriggle to press your heel against your heated core, already wet through the fabric of your panties.
“Since you so kindly offered your heart to everyone the other day, I thought perhaps you’d be interested in sharing your pretty body, too.” Hoseok dips into a crouch in front of you, fingers clutching at your chin to keep the intense eye contact. “After all, that was the entire spirit of this show, wasn’t it? To spread your legs for us?”
You pause, shivering under him, but his raised brow indicates it’s not a rhetorical question. “Y-yes, Master.”
“Good. A slut who knows her purpose. Stand up, clothes off.”
Suddenly, your cheeks feel flaming hot. Being spoken off so vulgarly in front of the others is humiliating, and you feel so dirty slipping off your panties and bra as you feel their eyes on you.
Jimin is swallowing heavily, vein in his neck throbbing as Taehyung hugs the older man’s leg tightly between his, the typical pout of arousal on his face. Yoongi and Jungkook sit together, the latter looking dazed and the former hyper-fixated. It takes you the briefest glance to see Yoongi’s hand cupping Jungkook’s erection possessively, and you clench your thighs together at the sight of it.
On the last couch, dead center to you, Jin and Namjoon seem no more composed. Namjoon, thoroughly avoiding looking at you, cheeks pink and lip swollen from nervous biting, and Jin, legs crossed and grimacing like it’s taking physical effort to stay seated.
Fully naked, you hiss when Hoseok suddenly presses his body to yours, leather on bare skin. He lifts you like you’re nothing, muscles flexing even as his face stays purely relaxed. Into the sex swing you go, first lowered onto the main strap.
“Hold onto the chains, princess, get comfy. You’ll be here for a while.” While most of his hair is gelled back, his preferred style when in a longer scene, a lock towards the front has already fallen over his brow, and he flicks it out of his eyes with a single finger, waiting expectantly.
You grip the chains themselves, careful not to pinch yourself as you shuffle. The strap itself isn’t as wide as your ass, and so it’s a careful balance to find a position where you feel most stable. Unfortunately, that position happens to be one where you’re leaning back on a slight angle, exposing yourself more.
Hoseok no doubt knows this, and his eyes dart down to where his crotch is mere centimetres from yours. You wonder if he can make out the glistening slick that’s gathered there, and the thought makes you twitch.
He definitely catches that, chuckling and lightly spanking your innner left thigh. “Good girl,” he praises, and your breath hitches. “Let’s do your hands first, hm? Keep you steady.”
One at a time, he takes you hands by the wrist and slips them through the loops, using a solid buckle to tighten them appropriately. As he manhandles you into position, it leaves your attention free to roam. Without intending to, your eyes look out towards the couches.
There’s more movement than last time you checked. Taehyung has his teeth in Jimin’s sweater, biting down near the shoulder as he humps his arm. The older man doesn’t scold him or stop him, instead his own teeth are out as he nips at Taehyung’s ear, whispering something into it that has the masseuse biting down hard on his own lip.
The others have managed to stay put more than him, though Namjoon is now watching you fleetingly, like he’s still fighting his own embarrassment.
By the time you’ve observed them, Hoseok is patting your knee to draw your gaze back, and instructs you shortly to lift a leg up into the right strap. As you do, you tug at your wrists curiously, but find no give. The chain jangles slightly, and Hoseok glances up to silence you with a single harsh look. You freeze, letting him strap your ankle into the stirrup in the same way.
Your second leg is barely touching the floor at this point, tiptoeing the carpet, but still the difference from being mostly suspended to fully suspended takes your breath away. You resist slightly, instinctively, when he goes to lift your left leg, but the second it leaves the floor and gets tied up, spreading your legs wide, you whine and shiver with the unexpected delight of it.
You can move but you won’t get anywhere, and the futility is more thrilling than anything you’ve tried yet. Somehow, even your brief tryst at the Red Room feels hazier and less momentous than this. That - before it soured, at least - was surrounded by so much novelty and excitement that it barely registered. You were just tied up in front of a crowd for a show.
But here, in front of the men you loved, in front of the men that were competing for your sexual preference, in the intimacy of the place you’ve been living at for over a month - it’s indescribable.
Now that you’re fully off the ground, you can lean back and let the wrist bindings keep you upright. It’s less strain on your abdomen and upper arms if you let yourself sink into the swing like that, strung up in an arc.
But Hoseok doesn’t seem satisfied. He runs his hand over you, head to shoulder to breast, and you yip when he tweaks a nipple, making your legs jerk. The only place they have to move is inwards, buckling at the knee but giving you enough leeway to kick out.
“Mm, I thought so,” he says in a low tone, and when he turns away, your heart sinks a little like you’ve disappointed him. He returns quickly, however, with his typical scarlet ropes, two sets. “Too much wiggle room for my taste, princess. Bend them.”
You follow his instructions and the press of his gloved hands as he encourages your knees to bend, calves meeting your thighs. Methodically, with the speed of an expert, he trusses you up like that. The friction of the rope leaves lines of fire across your skin, and as your legs are fastened one at a time, ankles tucked against your ass cheeks, you’re mortified to feel your own wetness drip down between them.
Hoseok ignores your cunt like it barely exists, purely focused on his task at hand. Once he finishes, he lays out a smack against your breast that is so sudden that you let out a yelp and attempt to convulse away. This time, your muscles tense to no avail. The chains barely rattle, and he grins in clear approval.
“There we go. Now, I have some rules for you, princess. Will you behave for me?”
You nod, voice croaky as you give a belated verbal response. “Yes, Master, I’ll behave.” At this point you feel so tightly wound up, and unable to relieve yourself, that it feels like you’d agree to anything.
“That’s my girl,” he coos warmly, gloved hands running up your sides, tickling your skin enough to make the muscles tense. “Here are my rules for tonight. Number one: all these men here tonight are your doms. You’re at the bottom of the food chain, so you’ll listen to them. But who’s at the top?”
Out of the corner of your eye, you see Jimin roll his eyes, taking out his frustration on Taehyung’s neck, which has started to bloom like yours on one side. You, however, are in no position to resist. “You, Master.”
“Correct,” he confirms intently, fiddling lazily with your nipple to watch you attempt to squirm, “so my word comes above theirs. You obey me first. Understood?”
“Understood, sir.”
“Good.” His hand leaves you, and you watch as he moves back to the bag one last time, retrieving a blindfold. You whine at the sight of it, but he just returns and instructs you to sit up, slipping behind you. “You only have one other rule. No cumming until everyone else here has. Got it?”
The fabric falls over your eyes, cutting off the world. You gasp, thud of arousal giving away to reality. “Wait, but three of them can’t even-”
“That’s not my fault, princess. You voted them off. You can think of a way. Now;” his voice quality changes, muted slightly by distance, “who’s first?”
With no vision and no mobility, there’s nothing you can do but float and feel.
In the end, there’s no time to strategise, because only a few seconds pass before hands fall on you. Uncovered, they’re not Hoseok’s.
Light and undirected as a curious fairy, this touch roams your legs, trailing over the places where rope gives way to skin, where you’re trapped and still. The touches raise higher, but skip over your overheated core. This man flicks at your nipples, more intentioned than Hoseok has but not enough to make you do anything more than whine.
The noise echoes embarrassingly in the hushed room. You swallow through a dry throat and lean back on your restraints. “Who are you?”
Instead of an answer from the mystery man, it’s a distant chuckle from Hoseok that responds. “You can’t recognise your lover from his hands alone? How disappointing. Will you recognise his cock?”
You mouth falls open with an ungraceful whine as suddenly you’re breached by the man’s tip. It happens so unexpectedly that by the time you clench down, he’s already driven inside you. Trembling at the unforgiving stretch, you bear down tighter, hoping to make him curse out, something that would help you place him.
But a huff of air is all you get, before the hand returns to clutch bruisingly at your thigh, keeping you in place as he begins to fuck you.
You hiccup with the shock of it, at being entirely unable to move away. It would be frightening did you not feel so safe and turned on, but even then you can barely breathe, listening to the chains cling with each thrust.
He starts off slow, but once you begin to relax and accept him in, his hips smack your ass with every thrust, sending you jerking back and forth in the air. It feels so good that it’s almost unbearable, and you sob when you recall your second rule.
“How am I meant tuh-” you pant, writhing unsuccessfully as your train of thought is fucked out of you. You hear a laugh, Jimin’s, but it’s too far for it to be him railing you like this. Gritting your teeth, you fight to keep track. “How am I meant to know if everyone’s came if I don’t even know who’s - fuck - who’s fucking me?”
When Hoseok laughs this time, it’s closer. You jump when you feel gloves on your face. The man inside you slows to a grind as Hoseok pulls the hair away from your temples and cheeks where it’s stuck on with sweat. You’re panting, trying to catch your breath, picturing what he must look like standing above you and tying your hair back for you. “That is quite a dilemma, isn’t it? Don’t worry, princess, I’ll only punish you if you get it wrong.”
You sob again as the thrusts come back full force. Hoseok’s presence leaves you, or at least you think it does, and the man fucking you grips onto your hips with two hands. Through your overwhelmed delirium, you can hear his frantic breaths, like he’s fighting to keep his mouth shut just as much as you’re fighting back the pleasure tightening inside of you.
“Ju-just tell me who you are, ple-ase,” you cry out around a moan. You try to work out who it is in your head, but it’s so hard to think when he’s curving inside you so nicely, when you can’t catch your breath or get his pace to stop.
You can cross out the three eliminated members. It takes you a few thrusts to even recall who they are. Not Taehyung, Jin, or Jungkook. Jimin was too far away, Hoseok was still wearing his gloves.
Namjoon or Yoongi, then. Your head tips back bonelessly when he picks up the pace. You have to tense up your lower body with the effort it takes not to cum, but that very action only makes him rub inside you more firmly.
You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, with the hard place hammering inside you so vigorously, and the thought makes you want to laugh or sob, delirious. “Just cum already, what the fuck,” you whine out, tears prickling in your eyes from beneath the blindfold.
A strangled snort sounds from above you, and the hips stutter before they resume. It’s too late, though, and you gasp at the familiar chuckle. “Yoongi! It’s Yoongi,” you babble until he does you the favour of confirming.
“Mm, you got me, you minx. Might have to put a gag on you,” he quips, and your heart swells hearing his rumbly tone. You think perhaps you’re smiling, but you can barely tell when he continues to fuck you, this time without holding back.
Now that you know it’s him, you can picture the way his forehead must be glistening with sweat. His right arm has hooked around your left leg, and he’s spreading you wider so that he can rut into you deeper.
It feels so good that your eyes are wet, and when he finally curses and fucks into you one last time, relief overwhelms you. The roiling storm of pleasure inside you settles to a weak thunder, and you sigh in satisfaction as you feel him spill inside you, breathing heavily.
“God, h-how many more to go?” you question weakly. The feeling of him pulling out, leaving you empty and dripping, is cruel and unsatisfying and you attempt to wriggle in your bonds, enticing the next one in without shame.
“Only one down and you already can’t do basic maths? Six, princess. Though you’ll only be taking three more cocks.”
You hear Yoongi’s breathy laugh and a plastic click. You picture him opening a packet of wet wipes and cleaning himself down, spent and satisfied. That makes one of us.
It isn’t long before there’s movement again, and it’s for the best, because you swear you’ve felt cum drip off you and onto the carpet already.
That thought soon leaves your head as you hear more rustling, a click of the tongue, and Hoseok muttering quietly enough that he probably hadn’t intended you to hear, “of course.”
A hand brushes your cheek lightly. Your heart leaps. “Jimin! It’s Jimin, you’re Jimin!”
The hand stills. A moment of silence filled with your heavy panting, followed by the sound of a zipper. Was Jimin wearing pants with a zipper? Was he wanting to fuck your mouth, all the way up here?
The truth punches into you in a single, smooth thrust that leaves you choking on air. “Nnnnnn-not Jimin, not Jim-ah!”
When Namjoon bottoms out inside you, it’s mind-curling. You can’t think, you can’t process anything, all there is is the wet stretch and the all-encompassing fullness. Namjoon’s was a cock you never really got used to, but having your sight and movement restricted so much makes it feel like the first time, and your muscles won’t stop shaking.
“Colour, princess?” Hoseok questions from across the room.
You keen lowly, not willing to give up the pleasure as much as it drowns you. “Green, I-I’m okay.”
“You’re doing well. Continue.” The last sentence isn’t directed at you, but Namjoon. He begins to shift inside you slowly, testing you. When the only sound is a guttural moan, he takes the hint and gradually builds a pace.
Despite you having pinned down four of the people in the room, the second Namjoon adjusts his hips and begins using the chains closest to him to fuck you onto his cock, you know it’s game over.
Your legs tense and relax on repeat as you fail to move away or gain ground. Even as they’re fastened by your wrists, your hands still clutch desperately at the higher chains, trying to anchor yourself. It’s all in vain.
Namjoon reaches every spot inside you, and his pelvis rubs against your clit every few thrusts as he grinds in a small circle. Your mouth goes slack, wondering aimlessly who had taught him to fuck like that, or if he was just evolving naturally into some kind of sex god.
You try to hold out, but when he starts fucking you faster to reach his own end, you know your time is numbered. The swirl tightens in your gut again, telling you you’re well on your way to an electric orgasm.
You squirm, pant, whine, anything to try and distract yourself and hold yourself back from the edge, but in the end there’s only one thing you can do. Beg.
“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna- stop, you have to stop, I can’t - no, fuck, god.” You’re babbling hopelessly, but he listens, pulling out of you in one swift motion. Cunt throbbing and distressingly empty, you can’t help the tears that spring to your eyes. Sobbing, you tremble and crane your neck in the direction you think Hoseok is sitting. “Master, please just let me cum, it’s not fair, I can’t do it-”
“You can, princess, use your head.”
His words are intended to assure you, encourage, you, but they just make you sob harder at the hopelessness of it. Namjoon’s broad palm rests on your hip, thumb rubbing to soothe you. You catch your breath as the haze of orgasm denial clears up again. Use your head.
“N-Namjoon, fuck my mouth, fuck my throat, please,” you beg in a rush, lips curling in triumph at the idea. He was big, sure, but the thought of winning your challenge, of having Hoseok’s pride and approval makes any jaw ache well worth it.
Already caught out, Namjoon doesn’t need to hide his identity, and he chooses not to, letting out a groan. “Y/n, god, you’re killing me. So beautiful. Are you sure?”
You nod your head frantically, even as your cheeks heat from the compliment. “I’m sure, please, you have to.” To sweeten the pot, you open your mouth and stick your tongue out, letting it hang with your chin pointing upwards.
You hear a muffled groan from further away, and your eyes squeeze tightly behind your blindfold as your mind provides you with images of who it could be. Was it Jimin, helping Taehyung get off as he watched you intently, robbed of his turn? Or was it the pup himself, or the other two eliminated members, knowing the offer couldn’t extend to them?
There’s no more time to think about it, as Namjoon’s hand gently cups the top of your head from below, holding you steady as he feeds his cock into your mouth. You widen your jaw to its limit to welcome him, teeth tucked behind your lips and cheeks hollowing.
He curses, stopping about halfway. You can feel him tickling the back of your throat, but you hold back your gag reflex, determined to suck him off quickly. Like this, your entire lower half feels almost nonexistent with nobody touching it, bar the searing heat between your legs, and it’s such a confusing sensation that you’re in a hurry to get your reward already.
Luckily for you, oral seems to be Namjoon’s weakness. He never even goes any deeper, fucking you shallowly and encouraging you to use your tongue with husky praises. The blood rushes to your head, encouraging you to work harder, and when you feel his hand clutching his own base, jerking himself off into your mouth, you brace yourself for his release.
The awkward angle makes it difficult to swallow it all, and despite your valiant effort, you feel some of it slip out the corners of your mouth, running down your cheeks.
When Namjoon comes down from his high, softening quickly, you feel his hands on your back, lifting you up. His mouth descends on yours with such intensity that it gives you a fright, and you moan into him as his tongue flicks out to clean you up.
“God, Joon,” Yoongi grumbles shakily from the sidelines, “who taught you to be so filthy?”
“They grow up so fast,” you hear Jungkook mumble in a dreamy tone, making Taehyung snicker weakly.
“Two down, princess,” Hoseok reminds. “Can you handle six more?”
You feel dizzy, a mix of your arousal and the upside-down position you held for a while. It takes you a moment to answer. “I- yeah, I can,” you decide eventually, leaning on Namjoon for a moment.
He stays beside you, holding you steady even when you’re entered again without warning. You stiffen in surprise, but after Namjoon, you’re so wet and well-stretched that the new person slides in with ease, starting a brutal pace from the get-go.
Jimin this time, you think, but waiting to feel a touch of skin or gloves on you to confirm. When the touch finally comes, you sigh out in relief, but it takes you only a few moments to realise that it’s Namjoon leaning over, grasping at your tits with his free hand, not the man between your legs.
Still, you get the feeling Hoseok is leaving himself for last as the alpha of the ‘food chain’, so you lean back into Namjoon’s solid chest and let yourself go lax for Jimin.
He never touches you, and you whine in frustration as his cock ruts into you on an angle, holding out on touching the spots that would make your toes curl.
Despite you needing not to cum yet, it still feels like being deprived, and as you start to complain incoherently, Namjoon crooks his neck again to kiss you, keeping you quiet.
As you strain to kiss him back, you’re jerked in your restraints by the force of the man fucking you. Jimin knows your body perhaps almost as well as your own, many of them do at this point, and so it’s no surprise that he’s doing this on purpose. Whether it’s out of mercy, or sadism, it’s impossible to tell.
You do your part by bearing down on him, trying to guide him to cum quicker. You’re exhausted after just two, but relaxing and letting it happen is allowing your mind to focus on other things.
You need to get Taehyung, Jungkook, and Jin to come too. Without touching them.
“H-Hoseok, Master,” you call out shakily, almost expecting him to stay quiet to keep his identity a secret.
“Yes, princess.” Too easy. His voice is far enough away that you’re certain who it is between your legs again. There would be nobody else to fuck you next except him, and so you can turn your intent to the three unmanned players.
“Can I get the others to touch each other?”
The grin in Hoseok’s voice when he replies is clear as day. “Of course, princess. But remember, they’re your doms, so they don’t have to obey. How prettily can you beg?”
With a whine, you almost sob in relief. It’s clear now, what he wants this challenge to show. While this entire reality show may be based around you, it’s them that have the power to indulge you or not. You have to make an effort just as much as they do.
But as Jimin fucks you deeper, now giving in and hooking two fingers around a rope on either leg to keep you close, you’re too desperate to feel ashamed about begging.
You pick your first two, the ones more likely to listen to your pleas. “Tae-tae, Jungkookie,” you gasp out, “you wanna cum, right? W-will you touch each other for me?”
The man between your legs lets out a deep sigh, almost a laugh, and picks up his pace. You think Jimin’s close, and so you attempt to tighten yourself as much as you can, letting him fuck you onto his cock with the ropes.
Further away, by the couches, you hear Taehyung whimper. It’s Jungkook that speaks up. “How do you want us to touch? Should I give Tae-hyung a handjob, or should I suck him off?” The masseuse cries out, and you almost moan yourself at the wet noise, brain scrambling to picture them.
“Y-yes, suck him off, Kookie, t-touch yourself too, please,” you pant out, breath hitching when you feel Jimin come inside you unannounced. He’s silent through it, rolling his hips against yours and using a finger to push his cum back inside you once he pulls out.
Despite hating the loss, you’re pleased to hear the enthusiastic sound of a blowjob, muffled moans, and a whining Taehyung. Namjoon brushes back some stray hairs that have escaped their tie and lets you hang down gently before he leaves.
Back to being entirely untethered and untouched, your ears pick up the slack. You hear Namjoon moving away, and the low rumble of his voice.
Jungkook hiccups, coughing lightly. “Hy-hyung,” he whimpers, before his following moan comes out garbled again.
The sound is sinful, you imagine the imagery even more so, but all it serves to do is make you feel more deprived and starved for touch. “Master, please, come fuck me,” you whine, secretly hopeful that you can get Jin to cum while Hoseok is still fucking you so that you can finally cum on his cock.
It doesn’t take long for the emptiness to be resolved, but even as you moan openly in satisfaction, your mind hazes in confusion. You feel bare skin - a thumb brushing over your clit every few moments. Hoseok must’ve taken his gloves off.
Struggling to maintain some semblance of order, you strain your hearing to try and follow the action of the three men. Taehyung sounds close, Jungkook gagging obscenely, and if Namjoon has his giant hands around him, you know it’s only time before he’s reaching his peak too.
For now, you have no choice but to let that train of thought go. Hoseok fucks you with the clear intention of getting you to break. His thumb rubs at you without mercy, and his cock arches up deftly to get your g-spot too.
It’s a stretch, and your find yourself drooling, wondering if Hoseok’s cock was fatter or if it was just your mindlessness that has you confused.
Either way, you’re exhausted and horny, and despite the challenge, you decide you deserve a little pleasure before you continue.
You know your limits, and this feels too good to try and thwart it.
“Fu-fucking me so good, ‘t feels so good, Master,” you babble, and he rewards you with his teeth on your nipple, leaning over you to bite and suck at it. The touch is so familiar, and in your haze you let out a dopey, breathless chuckle at the thought of both Hoseok and Jimin leaving matching marks on your tits.
You miss the gloves, though, and the mental image of Hoseok railing you and fingering you with them on gets you a little too hot and bothered.
Out of nowhere, you feel your orgasm start to rise, and you gasp, trying to wriggle away. His grip only tightens, and you know you need to get Jin to cum quick, before you do. You’re not sure if you can even last Hoseok cumming first inside you if he’s fucking you this dirty, but a close failure in your eyes is better than giving up entirely.
“Jimin,” you call out, your voice uneven and shaky from please, “Min-Minnie, please suck Jin off, please, I’m gonna cum if you don’t- Minnie, please, I’ll do anything, I was good for you this morning, I-” You have to pause, running out of oxygen, and Hoseok slows down his thrusts like he’s waiting for the response too.
Nothing happens. In the lull, you hear Taehyung growl, followed by the satisfied panting of his release. You find enough breath to plead again quietly, but still there’s nothing. Jungkook comes too, or at least it sounds like he does, with Namjoon praising him for doing so well.
It’s just Jin and Hoseok.
Your desperation mounts to new heights as Hoseok stills inside you. You’re so close you could scream, and you almost do, letting out a raw cry. “Fuck, Jimin, I’m begging you, suck him off, make him cu- wha-?”
Your legs tremble when Hoseok pulls out suddenly. You feel plush lips bending down to press a light kiss right on your clit, and as you clench reflexively, you know you’ve fucked. “Wait, no, come back, Jimin, fuck me first, one of the others can do it!”
“Sorry, little mouse,” Jimin’s velvet timbre whispers, “I’m just doing what you asked.”
Your eyes prickle at the sudden abandonment, and you can’t even be pleased when you hear him chuckling lowly, sharing a messy kiss with who you assume is Jin before he begins his ministrations.
Your mind whirls. If Jimin was just inside you, then who was inside you before? “Master,” you call out uncertainly, and you feel your sanity break when a fond, assuring touch reaches out to cup your face. The cool material of the leather glove makes you sob. “I don’t understand.”
“What do you mean, princess? Can’t even keep track of the men you spread your legs for? That’s too bad.” Hoseok’s voice lulls you into a false sense of security, even as his words damn you. You have no clue. Either Hoseok took his gloves off just to confuse you, or he hasn’t finished yet either.
You clench down on nothing, dissatisfied and dripping cum. You don’t know if you can last, so desperate to find your own climax that you just want to sob. You feel so overwhelmed that when Hoseok’s glove trails lower, followed by his dull footsteps on the carpet, you find yourself sniffing back real tears. “Master, what’s the punishment?”
The smooth, well-worn leather finds its way between your legs. You gasp as he plays with your clit slowly, almost absentmindedly. “Already planning on failing?”
“I’m sorry, Master, I can’t do it,” you admit, “I’m lost.”
“Oh, you poor thing,” he coos. Behind him, you hear Jin swearing and laughing breathlessly, voice low with arousal. You mourn missing out on the sight, but it’s hard for you to care for much beyond your own pleasure as Hoseok’s touch speeds up. “Should I just let you cum, hm? If you take your punishment like a good girl, I’ll forgive you.”
“Okay, yes, let me cum, please, Master,” you beg relentlessly, relieved at the thought of cumming. Any punishment seems tolerable for the permission to orgasm that you’ve been denied for so long.
Hoseok’s fingers speed up further, flat hand strumming back and forth over your clit with one purpose in mind. “Alright then, princess, cum for Master.”
Without hesitation, your body falls into a state of pure bliss. You don’t have enough awareness to realise how quiet the rest of the room has gotten. Instead, you cry out and let the tears soak your blindfold, release hitting you like a freight train, inescapable and more intense than anything you’ve felt in weeks.
Hoseok doesn’t even wait for you to come down before he issues his punishment. His voice is gruff, the buckles of his bag clinking and someone coming close to hand him something. “You only managed to get four of us to cum before you failed, princess, so that means you owe us three more orgasms. That sounds fair, doesn’t it?”
“Only four?” you mumble, beginning to prickle with oversensitivity.
“I never even started, and you left Jimin and Jin half-finished, the poor buggers. They seem very disappointed, princess. Do us a favour and cum nicely, and then we’ll forgive you.”
With that, he turns on the vibrator.
It’s tiny, smaller than you’d expect, but so rough. You whimper, tugging helplessly at your restraints as he pins your thighs open with one hand, pushing you well beyond the sharpness of oversensitivity.
It takes you a minute of eternity for the pain to roll back into pleasure. The vibrator slides around thanks to the obscene amount of cum dripping from you, and every time the rough texture touches your clit directly it’s like an electric shock.
Your second orgasm comes and goes quickly, leaving you crying out and wailing in no time.
You feel hands on you, tweaking at your nipples, gripping at your ass, teeth nipping your sore neck. It’s an assault on your senses, and you don’t even attempt to place a single one of them.
You’re in a pit of ecstasy and torture, never having been pushed this far before. But you can’t move, you can’t escape it, and so a third orgasm rolls over you like a small convulsion, your moans turning garbled and incomprehensible.
You’re sobbing. You can barely hear it as if underwater, but you know it’s you. “Too much,” your echo pleads, “it’s too much, I can’t take it.”
“You are taking it, princess, just one more. If you need red, say it.”
But one more, you can do one more, your body is far too weak to fight the pleasure anyway, and so you shake your head and shiver through the sensations and, with the help of fingers plunging inside you and curling upwards, the bristly vibrator brings you to your final orgasm.
The second you go stiff and shriek, Hoseok takes it away from you and the hands leave you. Only his remain, hurriedly tugging off his gloves so he can run his hands over you slowly, praising you with a warm whisper in your ear.
You’re shivering without end, even as a dazed smile has spread on your face for overcoming it, for lasting his punishment and taking it well. Panting like you’ve run a marathon, you feel him slide the blindfold off and whimper at the bright light.
“Just close your eyes, it’s all done now. All done. Good girl,” you hear Hoseok assuring. He enlists help to untie you, because in no time you’re loose and being hoisted into someone’s arms.
You let your eyes stay closed, happy to let the others maneuver you into whatever position. They lead you up the stairs carefully and when you’re put down again, you recognise the comfort of a bed, and you snuggle into it.
“Y/n, do you need any water? A snack? What’s your colour, princess?”
Sighing at the concern in his voice, you fight to put your vocal cords to use. “I’m green, I’m just so tired. Aftercare tomorrow, I just wanna sleep.”
“Okay, you can sleep.” A hand is in your hair, undoing the hairtye and brushing it back off your face. “You did so well today.”
You think you can hear the others wishing you a good night and departing, but you’re already drifting into an exhausted and satisfied sleep.
“You pushed her too far.”
Hoseok glances up, huffing as Jimin lingers in the doorway. “She’s fine. I’m an expert, as you constantly seem to forget.”
Jimin still looks on edge. He runs a hand through his hair, shaking his head at the pro dom. Secretly, Hoseok is amused that Jimin had to stop before he could cum. The perfect undercutting, and he didn’t even have to set it up himself. Now, the pornstar watches a sleeping Y/n with a dark look in his eye. “Mistakes happen. I heard about what happened when you took her to your work.”
Hoseok bristles at the clear insult. “I’ll never let that happen to her again.”
“No, you won’t,” Jimin insists, gaze only softening when he sees you wriggle around in your sleep, arm stretching out beyond the covers. “I don’t care what you think of me, but if you hurt her like that again - if you hurt any of them - you’ll have hell to pay.”
“Do you think I’m a fucking sex monster set out to hurt people?” Hoseok asks incredulously, fighting to keep his voice low. “I take my craft seriously, and I’d never intentionally harm someone. Besides, it’s rich coming from you. Lighting her neck up like a Pollock painting.”
Jimin’s grim demeanour lifts as his eyes dart to the vast expanse of hickies on your skin. “She liked getting them just as much as I liked giving them. Why; are you jealous? I’m not gonna go soft on you just because you admitted to your little crush on me.”
“It’s not a crush,” Hoseok spits immediately, before collecting himself. Glancing down, he ensures that you’re still sleeping deeply before he stands up, approaching Jimin. “One thing was made clear today,” he starts, using his height to make Jimin’s head crane up, “this house isn’t big enough for the both of us. Something’s gotta give.”
“I agree,” Jimin states, stepping back to cross his arms and stare up at Hoseok in distaste. “How about you give up?”
“Not without a fair fight.” Hoseok puts his dom face on, stiffening his jaw and narrowing his brows. Despite Jimin’s bold exterior, he doesn’t miss the way the pornstar swallows and shrinks slightly. “You and me, Sunday night. The one who submits or cums first accepts defeat and resigns from the competition.”
Jimin glares, eyes hardening in suspicion. “Why not just now, or tomorrow? Scared you’ll lose?”
Hoseok grins. Jimin’s considering it, and that means he’s already won. “You haven’t even done your prompt yet this week. Be grateful I’m giving you one last chance before you’re cut off. Unless you wanna leave the competition with the blue balls Y/n gave you tonight?”
“You’re on,” Jimin confirms. “And when you resign on Sunday, I’ll enjoy the look of pure humiliation on your face at creating your own defeat.”
“That’s a nice dream,” Hoseok fires back. “Fuck off and go dream it.”
Jimin just smirks, eyes lowering. “Goodnight.” He leaves after that, not bothering to shut Y/n bedroom door behind him.
Belatedly, Hoseok glances down, cursing at the obvious sight of his strained erection. Great. Real strong front there, Hoseok.
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pixicunt · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
There will be 8 chapters all up, read this chapter and then read the chapter of the member you choose or you can read all chapters for alternative endings!
These are the aftermath characters if you want some back story
wordcount: 11K
college au ?
Warnings: dubcon/noncon touching, violence, alchol and drugs used and mentioned, degrading names (slut), blood, mention of paid sex, drug dealing, implied mxm (vmin and slight yoonmin), internal monolog of wanting to fuck reader while shes asleep (somnophillia), heartbreak and hurt, comming out, reader cant catch a break (members chapters will have individual tags)
Summery:Its strange isn't it, how every decision you make leads you here in the very end. pressed up against him as he is pushing inside of you. has every touch and graze of deep brown eyes led you to this very moment, you cant help but wonder about the what ifs, what if you had never met, had never gone to the stupid party, had never taken that final leap off the deep end, would anything have changed or was it destined to happen at one point in your life. you don't know, all you know is that you have to deal with the aftermath of it all 
you go to a party, you have no way home and you must make a choice on who is going to take you home, if they end up taking you home... what happens after is up to them.
( I got the idea for this when i saw the butter cream version concept pictures)
You study your outfit in the floor length mirror, the soft glow in your room doing nothing to ease your nerves. Fingers patting down your jeans to fix any noticeable flaws. Jimin’s burning gaze making you shiver internally when you catch his eyes through the mirror. A  patronizing scoff that makes doubt and red hot anger swell inside. He really got on your nerves, that look of distaste as he eyed your body from behind, his eyes were strangely compelling and you feel like you could fall into a state of madness just looking at them, until he spoke.
"please don't tell me you are wearing that"
You let out a short cold chuckle, why was he even in your room in the first place. You try to act like you don't care about his opinion but you cant help but do another once over of your own outfit, nothing special or eye catching, a pair of pants and a sweater... still cute nonetheless. your eyes sway to the teasing quip of his lip though the mirror. Black heeled boots, way too tight jeans and lidded eyes that sparkle from the gems he stuck under his water line.
You turn to face him now, smokey eyes staring right back. annoyance already building on your tongue "well what am I supposed to wear? your not exactly helping me out".  You hated the smug smirk that filled his cheeks. you hated him even more when his eyes linger on the outfit he had laid out for you on your bed
Seemingly used to the way you yell at him he doesn't mention it instead fiddles with the outfit. "if you were listening and not being so bratty then you would wear this, the cold air wont matter once you get a little tipsy so why don't you be a good girl and put it on" to drive his point to you his lifted up the half empty bottle of liquor, the clear bubbly liquid sloshing around as he takes a sip, his body relaxing further onto the bed as he falls onto his back with pleasured grunt,  you eye the pieces of clothing, a matching set of shear underwear and bra, matching his own black attire along with a mini skirt and shirt
it was very reminiscent of your step brothers own fashion, when you moved into his house he did end up buying half the clothes you now currently own. you try not to think to much of it, his father insisted he take you shopping anyway.
You reluctantly grab the outfit from your bed. "im not wearing that" you fling the revealing bra and underwear that hides nothing , so sheer you might as well not be wearing anything. Jimin just rolls his eyes as he gets up collects the bra from the floor. tongue poking out to wet the corners of his lips from were he smudged the clear gloss he had applied not long ago, giving you no time to gather yourself.
"no one is going to want to fuck you if you look like that" the crude words have you shriveling up inside, hating how he always got under your skin so easily.  it really wasn't any of his business, you just wanted to spend time with your friends.
 "fuck off Jimin, bet your tiny cock cant satisfy anyone, all you have is your looks and shitty music" you know its a lie but you keep eye contact with him, boldly staring into his own eyes that darken by the second, small smile curling at the ends of his lips, you look away. it was definitely a lie. If the whorish moans or broken whimpers that come from his bedroom door was anything to go by , you know from the pool party he hosted last summer at your house, swimming trunks clinging to him revealing just how much he had to offer, that and how he loved those grey sweatpants and tight jeans.
"oh you should watch that mouth of yours before it causes some problems that you wont know how to deal with" you watch him rise swiftly in the mirror, thighs bulging at  the tight strain of fabric as he inches closer behind you. A warm hand skirts up the length of your upper back before he makes way to tuck your hair to the side, finger tips ghosting down your neck.
You swallow thickly, holding your breath, honeyed voice braced against your ear . "you wouldn't want to say something you cant take back hmm" the drawn out sticky sweet voice begging you to say it again, one more time and hell prove you wrong. you could basically feel his heat, his breath leaves goosbumps along your neck.
“Do I make you nervous?”
He brings something to your neck, a pretty sheer choker to fit the outfit. he lets it slip around your neck, eyes never once breaking as he tightens it in his hands, your throat constricts with the pressure and you suck in a sharp breath as he pulls it tight . practiced hands working to clasp it into place.
Then that's it, he walks away from you like nothing had happened and nothing did happen but you cant explain that to your increased heartrate that felt so loud in his silence. He moves to the bed to collect his things that he hastily had thrown there beforehand, your eyes stay on him the entire time through the mirror.
"well my ride is here" his phone rings breaking the fragile bubble of tension he created in your quiet room, you hear the car pull up outside from your bedroom window, Jimin gives you one last smirk before exiting your room.
 You let out a breath you had been holding the entire time as your fingers grip the outfit. You look out the window to in curiosity, watching as Jimin walks towards the car, Taehyung meeting him halfway
Even the mention of the name had your throat dry. Having had the displeasure to have met him a couple times, him being your brothers best friend and all. He didn't sit well with you, call it a gut feeling but maybe the permanent vexing smirk that pulled at his lips when he was around, the intimidating aura, whatever it was you made sure to keep yourself far away from him as possible. whenever he was over you took extra precaution to keep yourself locked away in your room but you could almost always feel his eyes through the wall.
  Accept for that one time he had caught you off guard.
The cold water hitting your skin as Jimin pushed you into the pool, brazen laugh so loud you could hear it under the water, he jumps in right after. with so many people around you couldn't fathom why we was being so touchy, hands on your waist as he pushed you against the pool wall. "what the fuck do you think your doing" 
You punch his shoulder as you try to swim away from him but Jimin always had the last laugh, pulling at the string of your bikini top. that fucker. you were quick to get out of the pool. clutching the now loose material to your chest as you rush to the bathroom to fix it, not noticing Taehyungs eyes on you as you enter the empty house, a quick glips at his friend to see he was now preocupied with someone else, a quick exchange of the tiny package, counting the money with satisfaction as he gets out of the water
Taehyung looks away when Jimin catches his eyes with a wink, wet hair pushed back and dripping with water as he works on another client.
Stepping into the house, following the wet footprints to the bathroom door and with a final look around him to make sure no one else was around he opened the door, your shocked face met his in the mirror. coming up with some bullshit excuse that he needed to use the bathroom, your body freezing as you tried to apologies with an anxious strain of your voice, trying to  leave the bathroom but he didn't budge from the doorway, blocking your exit.
instead pushing himself in, your feet taking steps back subconsciously, his eyes darting down your body.
"let me help with that" his fingers cold on your bare back as he gripped the strings, moving you further into the bathroom and turning you to face the mirror. the thought of bending you over the sink and having his way with you. wanting nothing more then to rip the bikini from your body instead of securing back in place
His fingers causing goosebumps across your skin as he pushes his body into yours from behind causing you to gasp. "your such a tease you know that right" his words dripped off into a chuckle, speaking low into your ear. his lips brushing the skin just under your ear as you shake under his fingertips. Slowly inching his fingers  under the side straps of your bikini bottoms, one pull and they would pool at your feet
"s-stop" you try to move but he had you trapped against the counter. the porcelain biting at your skin, his hands moving up your sides and over your covered breasts. fear mounting with the shake in your voice with every press of fingers, watching your body gives you away when you lean into his touch.
"you want me to stop your not very convincing moaning like that" his lips back on your neck, the smell of chlorine and something sweet as he kisses under your ear, his fingers going to slip under the material of your bikini but the tension was broken with Jimin calling your name from downstairs and you scrambling out of his hold. your frantic footsteps down the carpeted steps.
Seeing him again had you heart racing, an unsatisfied ache you don't like to acknowledge, an ache only his fingers would mend but also a strange fear that sat right on your chest. stay away.
The memory shatters and you jump when the driver impatiently beeps the horn to get a move on. Taehyungs driver not impressed with having to wait. 
The two break their hug and you watch as Jimin pushes Taehyung up against the door of the sleek black car, a flirty gaze in his eyes as he captures Taehyung in a heated kiss, Jimin's tongue slipping inside his mouth playfully, Taehyung fully resipicating with hands on Jimins waist. Taehyungs eyes open to lock with yours through the window.
 You quickly dip your head away, not really believing what you saw and not getting back up until you heard the screech of tires driving down the road. the room now being so silent you jolt, hand over your heart to calm yourself as your phone rings, your friends would be there in 5 minutes.
  You waste no time getting dressed. Eyeing the sheer underwear Jimin had placed back on your bed before hesitantly slipping them on. No one would know and you didn't have time to find anything else. You slip on a pair of fishnets as if that was going to do anything to keep your legs a little warm before slipping on the leather skirt.
  The  bra was nowhere to be found, you had looked everywhere. your head scrambles in irritation as you couldn't find any of your bras, items of your draw keep going missing and you conclude you must have just put them out to be washed but you could have sworn you had put it right next your bed.
You didn't have time for this right now, you slip on the shirt and make sure it wasn't noticeable that you were going braless. after a few touch ups you make your way outside, checking twice to make sure the door was locked, looking up at the huge house already regretting not being in your bed. making your way to sit on the curb of your street as you wait for your ride
The air was far to cold for your outfit as you wrap your arms around yourself, nipples hardening under the thin material of your shirt, you knew this was a bad idea. you stand to your feet, already making up your mind that you needed to change. fuck Jimin and his influen- “y/n”
your thoughts are cut off by the sound of a familiar deep voice.
you wip your head around to meet eyes with the kind one of your neighbors. "oh Namjoon- ah msorry- i mean sir, you scared me" his cheeks heat under your smile.
“i told you that you can call me Namjoon y/n”  his smile had you temporary forgetting the biting spring wind. Namjoon couldn't help but eye your figure up close, you looked so different like this and he didn't hide the way his eyes traveled down your body, stopping on your breasts, your perky nipples standing against the biting air just begging to be gropped. He would fuck you right here on the pavement if it wasn't so cold. No he wouldn't do that, you deserve to fucked in the comfort of his home and he was a very patient man. 
His eyes lock back on yours, noticing you had been talking to him, arms wrapped around your body unconsciously pushing up your breast even more and swaying from left to right, a habit he noticed you do often when you were nervous, did he make you nervous?. fuck, he couldn't help the strain against his pants.
Were you doing this on purpose? did you want him to fuck you right here. your words were nothing but white noise, annoying, he didn't hear a word you said but managed to catch a few key words here and there. something along the line of a party and waiting for a ride. Namjoon was so considerate and kind of course he should offer you a ride and you will except because he wont give you much of an option to decline.
He shrugs his jack from his shoulders, moving it over your body with warm hands, having been in his pocket to keep from the harsh air. your words jumble with surprise at the romantic gesture.
  "its cold outside you should know better, please wear this" our cheeks heat feeling like you are being scolded, his hands stay on your waist a little longer then whats acceptable but its Namjoon, your kind neighbor who takes care of plants and reads the newspaper. Namjoon who commutes to work every morning on his bike, shiny car sitting untouched with collected dust in the expensive look driveway.
"i can give you a ride if you would like ? " watching your face with a bit of hope but he saw your brows dip in hesitation. he cursed in his head as headlights cast their lights over your body, the car beeping annoying in the otherwise quiet night. he could see the cold air from your open mouth, hesitating and looking at him with an apology.
your friends scream, a rowdy mess of intoxicated singing as they call out to you, whistling as you blush next to Namjoon. his hands move up to the back on his head, scratching the hair there and watching as you move towards your friends car. "just call me if you need ok ?, and let me know your safe and so i wont have to report a missing person" he joked with a dimpled smile and your friends basically melt. Namjoon was only half joking about you being a missing person but you didn't know that slapping his arm in a flirty manner.
 "thanks Joon" you hop in the backseat of the car and Namjoon shuts it safely behind you. 
“don't drink to much, you to girls please be responsible”, you wave goodbye with a shy nod not before your friends could drunkenly slur how hot he is, Namjoon blushing at all the attention which only seemed to make them melt further.
“Not a girl” 
Yoongi knew he was prettier then most, doll like features and soft lips but come on, Namjoons eyes narrow “oh my bad” Yoongi tucked himself away against the window with closed eyes.
 Namjoon hated the idea of you leaving to a party where other guys could stare at you and he hopes for his sake you keep the jacket on so he can take it off you later. You even left the curtains of your bedroom open and you really should be more careful, anyone could be watching you but he was grateful for the show you gave him, body stripped bare with a hand on his cock watching you change although slightly mad another male had been in your presence. your step brother was a little to handy for his liking and he would have to do something about that. hed known Jimin for a long time, hes grown up a lot over the years enough to know exactly what trouble he was.
Did you want to fuck Jimin?, your own step brother?. his cock strained at the thought of something so filthy, were you that desperate, he could give you everything you could even want and more, much more then some pretty boy. but if it was what you really wanted then Namjoon didn't mind some foreplay, wouldn't be hard to swipe the boy right under his feet and make you all one big happy family, he’s always wanted two kids.
He was ready to be a dad, the sting still hollow from his ex wife with the miscarriage, leaving him shortly after to be alone to wallow in his own self pity and wealth. It was truly lonely but he didn't feel alone when he was with you.
The car drives away , waving goodbye until you couldn't see him anymore, just a dot in the background as you settle in the back seat. Arin shooting you a flirtatious smile as she giggles into your side. "so, have you banged your hot neighbor yet, he’s so cute!" you cant help but roll your eyes at her, typical Arin.
Yoongi sat leaning his head back with his eyes closed lets out a scoff but you don't pay him much mind "no, hes life double my age and.. you know Im not ready for something like that" and just like that the sour taste of past memories burn your throat threating to rise up. Suzy turning around in the passenger seat with a long grone
"when are you going to move on from Hoseok, seriously y/n you need to be dicked down if not from your hot neighbor then someone tonight, its the perfect night for it"
 you fight internally not to let your tongue slip. Yes of course, pills, being blackout drunk with vomit soaked clothes and sucking any dick (mostly her boyfriends, Taehyungs) is the perfect setting. It had been a while since you broke up with Hoseok but you new you were still damaged.
 Yoongi knew this too as he spoke for the first time since you got in the car. "I think you just need to focus on yourself and not other peoples dicks" the passive aggressive monotonous buzz in Yoongis voice was felt as the tension thickened. Memories of suzy and Hoseok together in your own house invading your memories.
You had forgiven Suzy, it wasn't her fault after all, she wasn't the one in a relationship after all, all the commitment fell on Hoseok at the end of the day and he was weak enough to lust over her body, giving him things you could never.
 Yoongi broke the silence that had swallowed your mind. 
"don't think about him anymore ok, he’s an piece of shit and i really should kill him" 
You knew he hated Hoseok for breaking your heart. Yoongi was your best friend after all, always has been and always will be which is why is was easy for him to quit the basketball team, not being able to play with Hoseok without punching him in the face. its sad really you feel immense guilt at the fact that they used to be good friends and his fond love for the sport.
But Yoongi had loved you far longer then he had been friends with Hoseok and it was an easy sacrifice on his part, you needed him and he was there for you. Making dirty money in underground rap, feet swaying under the red L.E.D lights high out of his mind really didn't leave much time for basketball anyway. too busy trying to scrape money together for a cup of ramen noodels before his gig.
"its not that easy you know, what we had was special" you could hear the smug chuckle in Suzys voice, knowing she wanted to say more but deciding against it, Yoongi squirming, the discomfort in his heart a bit too much for him as he stared at the wizzing street lights.
 Arin digged  her hand into her bra, having no pockets to hide the stash of pills, her silky pink skirt rubbing up against your own thigh. "here, just try some, it will get Hoseok of your mind, he’s really not worth it" 
She moves her finger around the pouch, pulling  a pink pill from its content with her pink bottom lip pulled between her teeth. rubbing her side into you, puppy eyes as she holds the pill between perfects manicured fingers 
 Although tempting, forgetting about hoseok and jumping a random guys dick, but you turn away from her sparkly eyes, "I don't do those things Rin, you know that" she pulls back like shes been slapped. Yoongi too as all he could think about was his next fix, clawing at his insides on his brain like a parasite but Arin didn't have what he needed, he needed to talk to Taehyung about something a little stronger.
You failed to notice the look of adoration in her eyes that drain with hurt. "fine be boring" she slips the pill between her lips and swallows with the bottle of some cherry flavored vodka. nails clinking against the glass and flowing down her throat. 
Suzy snickers from the front seat. "prude" you ignore her words and look to Jane who hasn't said a word the whole drive, driving with her eyes on the road. "how long until we get there?" she meets your eyes in the rear view mirror. "I think we are here actually"
 The house was huge, even bigger then Jimins and you had been awe struck when you moved into the fancy house but this was huge...and crowded, a girl you recognize from your class already throwing up in the grass in the front yard as her friends hold her hair up for her, smudged makeup as she crys over 'that asshole fuckbag’. Arin pulls you out of the car, locking your arm with her own as she pulls you up to the door.
Yoongi at your other side, his hand on your lower back as he guides you into the house and you thank him mentally, the creep and his cracked out friends being blocked by Yoongis frame
The stench of alcohol was rich, burning your nose as you enter. If you thought the front yard was packed then the inside was 100 times worse. Loud music and and red cups or various bottles in everyone hand, mouths attached to necks and wondering hands. 
Arin is quick to hand you a cup and you look at her hesitantly. you don't indulge in alcohol normally, havnt in a long time ever since you had seen the destructive path it could bring  but you take the cup in your hand anyway, letting the cool plastic rest in your palm as you allow her to pull you through the house.
 You feel uneasy, feel the burning of prying eyes on your body, gripping your jacket to bring it close. Drink untouched as your eyes gaze around the room, not sure what your looking for but it isn't long before eyes meet the familiar ones of your brother, his eyes on you as soon as you entered the room.
 A pretty girl attached to his side as she slides her hand across his chest. he cocks an eyebrow at you at your obvious staring, his eyes dropping down your body with a pleasant smile, you had wore the outfit he picked for you. he doesn't break the contact, taking a sip from the red cup, mouth moving to replay to the taller tattooed male to his left. he looked familiar.
Your vison on Jimin is cut however when a body blocks your view , eyes peering up at none other then Taehyungs. his eyes cold as he looks down at you, not used to being so close to the male you cower away from his gaze, shrinking into Arins body next to you.
  He always made you feel a suffocating feeling in your stomach, an uneasy aura. He grabs onto Suzys waist, pushing her into his side as he whispers something into her ear that has her squeeling, slapping him playfully across the chest.
Arin gags at the sight of the two of them. "ok love birds we get it, some of us are single here" she pulls you to her side, even closer if that was possible and Jane just looks around the room in search for something or someone.
 "whos house even is this" you question
Arin gasps as if you just told her you hate puppies. her touchy hands closing around your upper arm in a tight grip. "don't you know Kim Seokjin, like theeee best looking guy in our school, hot body, our schools prestigious basketball player, really hot" your skin pales at the name.
Panic surges inside of you. that was Hoseok’s bestfriend, of course you knew him, you knew his dick too but if Seokjin was here that had to mean.... you turn  Arin to you, half in conversation about how dreamy the star was. "i- i have to go, i cant-" its like fate had other plans as just in that moment you spot the warm smile of your ex and he was heading right for you.
 You freeze, not ready for all these feeling that come to the surface, his face filled with nostalgic memories of how happy and painful your relationship was. you down the drink in your hand as he reaches you, gripping into your elbow to pull the drink away from your lips.
 "woah slow down there pretty"
The nickname stings more then the contents of the cup as it burns your throat. you yank your arm out of his hold "I need another drink" you walk off leaving your group of friends and heading towards the kitchen in hopes that he wouldn't follow behind. he did
You yank a random bottle from the bench, pouring its contents into the plastic cup, trying to keep your breathing stable as you feel his presence behind you. you don't wait for him to talk as you down another cup .
 "jesus fuck y/n what's got into you, you don't even like to drink" he tries to pull your attention to him, spinning your body around to face him, caging your body against the cool edge of the counter as he snatches the cup from your hand.
  "since when do you care Hoseok, since when did you ever give a shit about me" your voice wavered in a desperate attempt to keep from letting the tears spill from your eyes, keeping your head high.
 His eyes were solemn as he he gripped onto your arms through the jacket. "i do care y/n, you broke up with ME and then stopped talking to ME when all I wanted was to fix things with you". yea its your fault, always your fault when it came to him
"suzy came onto me, she’s the one you should get rid of, not me, I never did anything to hurt you"
the sharp laugh you let out had him flinching. A classic, blaming other people for his wrongs. never did anything wrong ? you were blind to see the way he always manipulated you, molded you in to what he wanted you to be and you ate it right up for some simple love and affection.
"you know I care about you" he reached his hand out to cup your cheek. you grab the half empty cup from his hand before throwing it in his face. "fuck you Hoseok, fuck you" you leave him in the kitchen, soaked in the sticky beverage and a look of rage in his eyes. cursing at you as he rubs the substance from his eyes, he was quick on your tail although it was hard to see, his vision blurry as the sting in his eyes worsen.
 "you fucking bitch" your name leaving his lips as you maneuvered through the sea of bodies, eyes scanning the room for any of your friends who had now disappeared
Arin grabs your arm, seeing how lost you were in the room full of people, leading you out to the back doors for a breathe of much needed air. "hey are you ok? you look a little red babe" her smalls hands enclose over your cheeks that were red from anger.
"y-yea Rin, im ok just need a drink" her smile reaches her eyes as she wiggles the same cherry vodka in front of your face. "uh you got to love me for always having your back" 
she takes a sip of the bottle, a faint lipstick stain coating the head of the bottle.  her voice turns soft, rolled out syllables of words already starting to slur. 
"i know you didn't expect Hoseok to be here but maybe this will do you some good, closure and all" her hand moves to cover yours, her sweet smile you know any man could fall for, her smile as dazzling as her earrings that flow like water down her neck.
 You don't expect what happens next, her moving in closer, eyes scanning your lips as she learns in, mouth closing on yours as a perfectly manicured hand caresses' your cheek. feeling her silky red stained lips pull in desperation at your own, You pull away slowly, pulling her wrist away from your face, refusing to look her in the eye. 
"im sorry Arin, im just not-... your drunk and i don't li-"you didn't even know what to say, lips still tingling not have seen this coming. the taste of sour cherry on your lips as you keep your yes glued to the floor. she was awfully quiet but you were to scarred to turn and see her broken eyes, her eyes watering as she pulls her lip between her teeth. 
"no, im sorry, im such an idiot" she hits her head with her palms as panic and rejection swell in her face, she dusts the invisible particles from her silky skirt as she stands, her body warmth leaving your side.
 "Arin wait" you grip her skirt in your hands to keep her from walking away "i really need a friend right now, there are plenty guys that will love you, its just not me" you heard the scoff in her voice, the gentle break from unshed tears ripping you apart. 
"i don't like boys" 
You were shocked at her confession. "and you know what, you don't ever let anything good happen to you, you are your own downfall, it wouldn't be so hard to let people love you if you weren't so in love with your own suffering"
Feeling attacked you cant help but attack back. "I never asked you to fall in love with me". you watch her eyes widen, tears falling from her face. "fuck you y/n, all you do is hurt everyone you get close to”
You watch her walk back into the crowd of people slaming the glass door on her way leaving you there to sit in your own missery, just like she had suggested.
You couldn't help but let the tears fall, overwhelming emotions filling you to the brim. you didn't mean to lash out, she was right. you didn't know how to take a good thing if it was handed to you right on a silver platter.
fuck you really just needed a drink. wiping your tears from your eyes, not even realizing how cold it was outside. moving back inside, the party in full swing, people basically fucking with clothes on , grinding on willing bodies or whatever surface they could, their blood laced with a mix of some form of LSD and whatever intoxicating beverages were in the kitchen.
Taehyungs eyes were on you as you move through the crowd. moving suzy off his lap with a whine of protest from her, he had spent the last 20 minutes hearing her bitch behind your back, he knew you two were on bad terms, knew you could spill his little secret that you saw earlier and could ruin everything he had which is why he was quick on his feet.
Your thighs peeking out from your short skirt laced with the stockings that just begged to be ripped from you with no remorse. For the longest time he wanted nothing more then to bend you over, weekend nights at Jimins writing music amongst other things and all he could think about was sneaking into your room and sinking into your sleeping body, maybe even having Jimin join him on his fantasies, keeping your mouth full if you do happen to wake up. but all thoughts like that dissipate when Jimins mouth was sinking down his length.
He was so close, hand reaching out to grab you and push you into the nearest bathroom, he needed to make sure your mouth stayed shut but he was quickly pulled away from you. He grit his teeth ready to punch the lights out of whoever had put their hands on him and away from his goal tonight.
The frown melted from Taehyungs face as he came to face Yoongi, a desperate look in his eyes and Taehyung knew what he needed, pulling him into the bathroom that he had planned to push you into.
  Sitting his friend down on the closed toilet seat. watching as his fingers twitch and shake, leg bouncing as the anxiety rose and filled his lungs. "I need it Tae, I need it" Yoongi was unhinged and Taehyung had promised that last time was the last time, he needed real help not a temporary fix, a temporary high to fix whatever was taking over his mind.
You didn't know about Yoongi’s little habit and he wanted to keep it that way, you still thought he was busy with his degree, had no idea he dropped out. he wanted to be the person you need when you call on him not some weak pathetic human who cant keep his anger inside, nothing but a broken mess without the drugs in his system.
Needs the drugs so he doesn't feel, feel the wandering hands of people he gets paid to fuck. like his mother use to say if your good at something then never do it for free and Yoongi happened to be skilled with his mouth. 
He hated the judmental eyes of hs friend, its not like this is the life he aspired for
The only thing that takes his pain away is the thought of you, holding you in his arms even it was platonically. Taehyung cant give him what he wants this time, a hand oh his friends shoulder to let him down easy.
 "you know I cant Yoongi" and he flinches like he was touched by fire. a dry laugh falling from his lips. Yoongi could only think about how selfish people were. "fine, fuck you" he pushed up from the toilet seat, his hands still twitching as he pushes past him. Taehyung tried to catch up with his friend but yoongi was faster.
His eyes catch Jimin's as he makes his way over, the boys flirty smile as he dances against a random body. "yoongi hyung dance with me" he pulled him by the collar but Yoongi was in no mood. he already knew Jimin wouldn't give him what he needed but asked anyway
"maybe if you get down on your knees and use that pretty mouth I might give it to you” of course he wouldn't give him what he wanted and he had to grit his teeth, typical park Jimin.
 "where is y/n" He needed to get out, the people around him starting  to overwhelm him. the drink in Jimins hand looking inviting, calling his name to numb his feelings out but he had promised you long ago he wouldn't.
 "went up stairs with Seokjin i think" 
Jimins eyes sparkle and his tongue flicks to the side of his cheek, shrugging his shoulders and  trying to twirl him in a dance. the sting isn't unfelt for Yoongi, grabbing the cup that Jimin was already lifting to his mouth and gulping the foul yet familiar liquid for warms him like a hug from an old friend. fuck it.
Jimind holds up clear package. “so what do you say”
----- Seokjin notices you straight away, your breathing rapid as you push through the crowd, Jungkook talking his ear off about how easy it was to join the force, his younger brother really was something else taking over their fathers career in the law.  Seokjin was going into the law career too but as a lawyer. late nights and little sleep on his part but he allowed himself this night to sped time with his friends and his brother, and you of course.
Jungkook followed the line of sight, watching you take a drink from some poor soul and tip it back down your throat, bumping into a girl as her drink spilt all over herself, sitting up with a squeal.
Your eyes wide, mouth ready in apology as she screams about the soiled dress. Seokjin and Jungkook move at the same time, dread as the girl picks up a stray cup of red liquid, throwing it at your unsuspecting frame.
  "you stupid bitch" the girl storms away, purse clutched to her side as the click of her lepordprint highheels click across the marble floor towards the fireplace that was lit and warming the room. you laugh at the irony, it all comes full circle. you could already see Hoseoks satisfied smile.
Jin reaches you first, warm hand on your shoulder to bring your attention to him. your teary eyes breaking his heart as you stare down at your jacket, fingers trying to dry the fabric in a haste. "s-seokjin" you were freezing, your skin cold , your watery eyes looking into his deep brown ones. you couldn't count the amount of times you had been in this situation with him. your teary eyes soaking his shirt many times.
 You would have been his if not for Hoseok, reminiscing the way he would take you out on cute dates after taking an interest in you at his basketball games. your beautiful smile spreading so much light wherever you go and cant help the deep hate he had for his bestfriend for killing your light. Hoseok had broken you when all he ever wanted to do was lift you up.
The days he would hopelessly pin after you and have you reciprocate for your own selfish desires, leading him on with cute dinner dates and secret smiles only for him. loved the cute way you would dress in your oversized sweaters, taking his sweaters whenever you would come over to his house.
You were never together so he doesn't know why it hurt so bad when you referred to him as a good friend, rejected him, telling him you had someone else that you liked and that you never meant to lead him on.
 Its was all bullshit though when you came crying to him in the middle of the night, not being able to go to Yoongi as you didn't want to be lectured. you were so cruel, stealing kissing from him in the middle of the night, taking your pleasure and leaving him empty and alone in the morning, already rekindling with Hoseok and leaving him with wounds you rip open and let him bleed. he could never be mad at you though because it was you and he would do anything to make you happy.
  He eyes Jungkook to follow him upstairs, gripping your shaky hand and leading you upstairs that he had blocked off from the common party goers. unlocking his bedroom door and ushering you inside, your faint sniffles and stray tears leaking onto his jacket as he moves you into his private bathroom, Jungkook close behind you.
 While Seokjin looks in the draws for things to clean the jacket Jungkook turns you to him with a comforting hand. "hey you, its been a while" ....a while since you broke his hyungs heart is what he really wants to say. you had stopped talking to Jungkook when you stopped talking to Jin, the two came as a pair and so couldn't catch up with Jungkook without running into his brother.
"yea, I'm sorry you have to see me like this" you wipe at your eyes and laugh at the situation. having not seen Jungkook in so long he was almost unrecognizable, the tattooed sleeve and piercings taking you by surprise. "oh congrats for completing law school offi-" your cut of by Seokjin cursing and shutting the cupboards
 "can you go get the wipes from the kitchen kook? " 
Jungkook left without a word, exiting the bathroom with a tilt of his head and flick of his wrist in goodbye to you before the click of the bathroom door. A suffocating silence in the echoing tile walls. nothing was said as he moves your body closer to his, hands on your waist and gasping when he hoists you onto the cool counter top, the cold surface almost painful on your thighs and you cant help the shiver that spreads through your body.
With the boost in height you are now level with Seokjins eyes and you wanted to look anywhere else, not wanting to face the person of the heart you had taken advantage of. In hindsight you would have accepted his love confession but you cant go back in time, that's not how the words works.
Despite that, you felt safe in his arms. his fingers peeling the jacket from your body, leaving you to shudder, nipples hardening. if he did notice he doesn't say anything as he takes the jacket and runs the hem under the warm water. nothing said between you as he works quietly in trying to get the stain out.
  "im sorry Jinnie" your voice strains barely auddaible over the running faucet, he leaves the sleeve to soak under the warm water as he turns his attention back to you noticing the goosebumps on your arms he turns on the heat light. 
You don't know what really warms the blood in your cheeks, the alcohol, the florescent lights or Seokjins hands on your knees, fingers mindlessly moving under the string of your fishnets. drawing patterns on your skin as he speaks to you.
He simply watches you with melencholic eyes. "are you y/n?, you don't sound very sorry" you don't really know how to answer his question, words laying heavy on your tongue and sprinkling over you like a heavy wet blanket. 
His eyes fall as he gathers what he wants to say. "all i ever wanted was for you to be happy you know?" you know. he was always so caring and sometimes you wish he wasn't then you wouldn't feel so guity, avoided his eyes, he always knew what to say and never complained but it was hard to face him now.
  "so are you happy?"
His hands were still on your leg, warm fingers pressing into you skin. his hands traveled higher up your thigh over the flexable material on your legs. He couldn't escape you , couldn't resist you and the way you whimper just from the feel of his fingers.
He couldn't help himself as he leaned in closer to you, eyes on your lips as he let his fingers dance along your thigh, lips connecting to your own. loving to way you gasp as he deepens the kiss, your back hitting the cold mirror, his hand coming up to the side of your face to lick into your mouth.
You felt safe trapped between him, the familiar tongue slipping into your mouth as his hands move, fingers moving over your underwear , thumb pressing down on your clit and Jin biting your lip hard.
 You let out a pained yelp from deep inside you chest, trying to push at his chest to break the kiss. your hand coming up to your lip as it starts to bleed.metalic filling your mouth "what the fuck!" , you push him hard making him scowl, thumb pressing harder into your clit. you hiss in the pain and pleasure that follows, allowing your head to hit the mirror as the continuous stimulation of pleasure reaches all your nerves, arm grabing for his wrist to pull him away.
 "why do you always do this to me" your eyes shake, not used to seeing anything but a kind smile on his face.
The door of the bathroom opens, Jungkook stopping in his tracks, eyes honeing in on the hand underneath your skirt before trailing up to your bloody lip and his Hyung's look of anger. he clears his throat as Seokjin removes his hand from underneath you, grabbing for the wipes in his hand and shooting him a look to leave. Taking the hint and leaving the room, hopes that seokjin would teach you a lesson for your whoring around but also knew Seokjin loved yo to much, you didn't deserve him. moving downstairs to find something to busy himself with, this was his party afterall. -----------------------------------------------
Jin turns back to you. rubbing at his eyes like even being in your presence exhausted him. taking the wipes and rubbing out the stains left in your jacket. "what did you mean why do i do this to you, you kissed me Seokjin"
  He discards the jacket on the counter leaving it to dry. moving back between your legs, hands on your knees pulling them wide to make room between them. "you always do this to me, jumping from one man to another. what from Hoseok to Taehyung and back to me just so you can use me and leave again?" you blink speechless not knowing how he knew about Taehyung. remembering the way he had you pined against the bathroom sink.
  "how did you know about that" 
All he could do was scoff, of course that's all you worried about, not the fact that you continue to break his heart. his thumb reaching to dig into the slit of your lip, bursting pain leaving you to whimper "whatever y/n" with that he took off, leaving you alone in the quiet bathroom. -------------------- You make your way down the stairs with wobbly legs, securing your still damp jacket over your frame. you heard it before you could see it. the sound of Suzys voice in a fit of rage over the loud music. A small group of people surrounding the couple as she slaps Taehyung across the face, shoving her phone into his face....a picture taken at the pool party , Taehyung having you trapped as he kisses at your neck.
You get he a notification to your phone sent by Arin. The picture burning your eyes in a panic. the small text underneath the photo,
I told you that you'd be sorry. 
Was this supposed to some sort of payback. thinking back to the day Taehyung had forced you up against the hard surface while Jimin had been out in the pool with all your friends, well all except Arin it seems.
 You squeal as you feel a pair of hands on your from behind but a hand is quicker to capture your scream into his palm.
"shhh follow me"
It was Jimin and he was pulling you away from the scene just as you see Hoseok push through the crowd and up to Taehyung with nothing but rage. Jimin leads you to a secluded room, cursing as he stumbles a little before creaking the door open, surprised to find no one fucking on the bed and he ushers you inside and shuts the door and locks it from any intruders.
You sit yourself on the end of the bed in deep though as Jimin groans about the pain in his calfs from standing so much tonight, flopping himself on the bed with giggle that didn't really fit how you felt right now but that was his specialty, not being able to read the room.  
Thoughts about how this picture would be spun out of context, he had put his hands on you without your ok and he would have dont alot more if not for Jimin’s drunken voice booming for your very need aperience. The memory sill haunting you, hands caging you to the wall and the never ending smirk on his face. Thoughts about Arin, the betrayal and deep level of hurt at your friend for doing this to you, suzy calling you a slut as she shouts at taehung so loud even you wanted to believe it the way her voice cracked.
 "thought you might not want to be apart of whatever that was, what a shit show" you could only hum in response, not really knowing what to say , you had caused all this.
 "there is enough room for two you know?, why don't you join me my lady" It was hard not to laugh at Jimin's humor even if it was annoying at times and usually made you want to push him of a cliff.
 He pats the space next to him and and you eye the spot carefully, his eyes were not so careful, so inviting, a sparkle that only he had.  sensing your hesitation he reached into his side pocket, not being able to find what he wanted he planted his feet on the bed and lifted himself to reach into his very back pockets. thinking he was taking his pants off your eyes go wide as you look away.
"Jimin what the fuck", the snicker in his voice made your cheeks red. "my pants are on, I'm not that easy y/n" his cheeky tone always dripped with something more. looking back just in time to see him pull out an array of things from his pocket and you have to wonder ho he fits it all in there.
 "iv got a bag of skittles and some makeup to fix up all this" he vaguely refers to your smudged makeup and tear stained cheeks.
  "if you will let me" his voice a whisper as he pats the spot next to him again, propped up on his elbow. this would be ok if not for the way he said it, eyes already dark like an unspoken promise that once you lay down beside him then you are done for.
 You do as he say with a reluctant sigh. Taking the spot next to him and you lay on a bed you diddnt know belonged to. The satisfaction on Jimins face as he passed you the bag of skittles. "good girl"
 You try to control the way your stomach leaps, opting to hit him against his chest instead. Jimin gasping in mock hurt at the non existent pain you caused.
 "just keep your hands to yourself" your tone serious as you give him a pointed stare.
You should have known, when you say walk Jimin says runs, it was always the dynamic you had and that's why you Shouldnt be surprised when hecompletelyy ignores your request, grabing your jaw with his hand to bring yourattentionn to him.
 "well as a makeup artist I will have to touch your face so no promises" there was no hiding the blush now, distracting yourself but opening the half eaten packet of skittles and shoving a red one in your mouth.
 "what else do you have in your pocket, why not just buy a bag" you eye the other things that he had discarded on the bed a little pouch of power, car keys, wallet, condoms, lipgloss and ? what was that. you go to pick up the small object but Jimin pushes you back down. "ah ah ah don't be so nosy" he had gotten incredibly close to your face , swalowing thickly.
 "now stay still"
You wish the sweetness of the candy would distract you, staring up at the ceiling instead of Jimins face as he prepares the makeup essentials. bringing his thumb to his mouth before reaching under your eye to rub the stray mascara off making you flinch. He shoots you an annoyed glance
 "be still for ill have to start over". It was a torturous time, feeling his body heat so close warming your body , his hands working over you face, resting against your temple as he worked on the eyeliner.
“how did you get into makup?” 
His eyes flick to your your own before continuing the wing of thick black liner.”you know im a preformer, the hired makeup artist never could quite get it so I taught myself, you should come one night”
you had never seen him so focused and you humm in completion.  
You knew he could see how humiliated you felt under his constant evaluation, how vulnerable you felt when he came at your face with the wand of the mascara. His hand on your chin as he lifts your head to get a better angle of his work.
The silence was a nice change of mood but it was also suffocating you, Jimin so focused in his craft that he didn't even notice you haven't spoken, his own smokey eyes staring so intently at your own.
He dabbed his brush into the glittery eyeshadow, blowing at the ends of it before bringing it to you eye, apparently the hard part was done as he started to talk again "so you really fucking Tae now?, you seem to causing so many problems tonight baby" 
Baby ?there he goes again. the arogent smirk that made you so mad, this is not what you needed right now, a shoulder to cry on maybe but not a asshole that is your brother.
 "No I'm not fucking your friend, are you?" you know the jab may have been uncalled for but you don't find any satisfaction when he gives you nothing but a firm pinch. "don't scrunch your face, you'll ruin my work" The silence runs thick, the bass of music through the door as he now works on your lips. "and what problem have i caused you ? all i did was show up in the outfit you picked... I haven't even spoken to you tonight" eyes moving from the work he was doing on your lips to lock eyes with you, a look you didn't really know how to digest.
 "oh you have caused me many problems, and your making it very hard for me to not solve them". Eyeing your outfit that he was so proud of putting together. The skirt running a little shorter then he expected "you wore the outfit, but" he sucks in a breath through his teeth as he if he was contemplating something
 "what is this"
He moved closer to your body, hovering over you as he pulls the jacket from your chest, letting it lay open. you hated your body for reacting. You hated him for his constant teasing. He pushes the jacket that was thrown over your shoulders, leaving you only in your thin shirt. you felt a rush of insecurity to your exposure 
"no bra ?"
 His eyebrows lift in your direction as if asking for an explanation but nothing could come out from your mouth other then covering up with crossed arms he moved closer to you, a hand on your thigh as he leaned into your ear. his breath was warm on your neck. "what a little slut" .
Your hands were pushing at his chest, sitting up on the end of the bed, wiping around to face him. Your stomach dipping and whirling as the words settle, leaving him there on the bed "i said keep your hands to yourself" 
You stand to your feet and straighten your skirt, his eyes still on your body. you heard the sheets of the bed move as he got to his feet, cleaning his voice. "well you know were not related y/n,"
 You could hear the sound of his heels making its way closer to you, his eyes inviting you in "yet you hold yourself so much higher then everyone else with  a stupid set of morals and rules but your no better then me, princess"
 His hands were at your waist, pushing you up against the door, the exit of the room you had been heading to. You could smell the alcohol on his breath as he leaned in, your breath hitching as you prepar yourself to feel his lips, closing your eyes.
 You felt the breath of his chuckle in your ear, eyes snapping open when he moves your jaw to the side. your eyes coming into contact with your own reflection. A mirror hanging on the wall of the bedroom showing showing just how close he was. burning up with embarrassment at the thought of you anticipating a kiss and anger for how he had played you.
 Fingers running from the base of your ear down your neck to the hem of your shirt "not so nice to be teased hmm" airy chuckel as he pushed off your body, shooting you one last look before pushing you to the side to leave the suffocating room.
 You felt heat surge throughout your body, anger that Jimin always having the last words, the last laugh. You collect yourself, admiring yourself and Jimin work in the mirror, still feeling the tingel of his fingers on your neck, your jaw clenching at the memory.
 A buzz in your jacket pocket from your phone had your attention, you exit the room checking the message on your phone, surprised at how much time had passed, the party still going strong as sweaty bodies grind up against eachother as you read the message. 
It was Namjoon asking if you were ok. you cant help the smile, pushing Jimin from your mind as you scramble to unlock your phone. texting out a reply, pausing to think about the cute dimpled man that was so quick to give you his jacket and checking on you. you wish everyone could be a bit more like Namjoon. Thoughts turning not so innocent when you think about his body, the times you had seen him working out in his living room through your window. Maybe it was an age thing but Namjoon sounded so much better then whatever this party was.
Thoughts shattering when your phone is knocked out of your hand, falling to the ground with a crack. "oh shit my bad" a voice slurs in your direction. You crouch down to pick up your now cracked phone, looking up still in shock and anger at the culprit. Ready to cuss out whoever had been so careless, anger fading when you end up looking into the blood shot eyes of Min Yoongi.
 "yoongi?" your eyes travel to the glass of alchol in his hand and with wide eyes now full of anger you try to snatch it from him but he pulls it away from your reach at the last second. He smiles as you with hazed out eyes, "Y/n baby i-fuck" He pulls you into his embrace as he stumbles on his feet, keeping the drink out of your reach, you ignore the warmth in your cheeks from the pet name, choosing to chalk it up to drunk talk as he settles his face into your neck 
"Min Yoongi what do you think your doing" you try to reach for his red cup again he flinches as if he had been burnt.
 "Jesus y/n, get of your fucking high horse, its one drink" you frown, not used to this side of your friend, always had nothing but love and patience for you. "you know your not supposed to drink, you promised "
"yea an an-d I thought you were done with Hoseok but apparently you still fuck him, you really are just a slut" your mouth gapes open as Yoongi downs the rest of his cup, the pain of tears behind his eyes wanting to gush down like a faucet but instead he gives you a lazy smile as he wipes his mouth with his sleeve , shoving the empty cup into your hands. 
"i know you didn't mean that, your drunk" 
He tips his head back as he laughs, his cheeks red with the amount of poison coursing through his veins, he really needed a cigarette, or another drink if he had to deal with you or rather his feelings for you. He might just take what he wants if hes not carefull.
"you just don't get it, you never get it" he stepped closer to you, his face coming closer to your own, you could feel the edge of his breath on your face.   "your selfish y/n, so fucking selfish" he backs you up against the wall, the backs of your shoes hitting the edge as you shrink into yourself, much to shocked to say anything. His mouth acends against your ear, body caging you in. 
"and im the fucking idiot because you don't even know it" He leaned back to look you in the eye, his eyes unreadable as he stared down at you, his eyes fliciking down to your lips before he stood back to his full height. you breathe, not knowing you had held your breath all this time but it doesn't last long as your breath hitches when Hoseok comes out of nowhere, his hands balled into fists as he grabs Yoongis shirt with two hands and pins his against the wall you had been leaning on
Yoongi lands against the wall with a hard thump, his eyes lazily staring back into the rage that colours Hoseoks eyes. "oh Hoseok, we were just talking about you" Yoongi gives him a small smirk, his tougue licking at the corner of his mouth teasingly as he slurred the words, Hoseok pushes him further up the wall making yoongi bang his head with a hiss, the intensity in his eyes maximizes as he slams him again.
  "HOSEOK, what the fuck are you doing" you rush over in a state of panic to grip his arm from where he had your bestfriend by the throat, Yoongi smiling at the fuming man. "yea Hobi lighten up" Yoongi licked his lips to wet them before laughing.
You pull at Hoseoks arm and try to squeeze yourself between them only to get pushed back by Hoseok, no one else paying you three much mind. Hoseok seethed, his vein pulsing in neck as he dug is arm harshly into Yoongis throat "shut the fuck up" Yoongi laughs again but this time it comes out choked and manic. Yoongi grabs his shirt and brings him close to whisper something into his ear, Yoongis eyes flicking over to you as he speaks into his ear. almost like he had been electrocuted Hoseok shoves him hard against the wall, his fist coming up before colliding with Yoongis cheek.
 You scream, running up to pull Hoseok away to winch you were met with the back of his hand as you fall to the dirty stained carpeted floor, the wind being knocked out of your lung as you clutch your face in the throbbing pain.
Hoseok was wide eyed as he stared at you. "y/n it was an accident" Yoongi chuckles, wiping the blood from his mouth as he gets up from where he had stumbled. wiping down his pants from the spilt drink. "you seem to be good at hitting people, no wonder y/n left you" Hoseok snapped his head back to Yoongi, jaw clenched as he lunges again. his fist comming against the dry wall as Yoongi dodges the fist, stumbling into some random girl as they both fall. The girl screamed as Yoongi tumbles down, ripping the girls skirt in the action to try and hold onto something , Hoseok not sparing him any time as he gets on top of him, his fist coming up to lunge at Yoongis face.
"HOSEOK FUCKING STOP IT" you get up off the floor to rip at his jacket but Jungkook was faster. rushing to pull the angered male off your bestfriend ."fucking chill " Jungkook pulled Hoseok to his feet and pushed him away from the crowd.
 Taehyung comes to help Yoongi from the floor as you rush over to him. Blood gushing from his lip and over his shirt. you couldn't help but let tears well in your eyes " what the fuck just happened" He didn't answer, Seokjin came down to see all the commotion and pulled you away outside, you protest the whole way insisting that you need to make sure Yoongi was ok.
 You pulled at his arm and dug your feet in the dirt, eventully he had enough of your tantrum and lifts you over his shoulder like you were nothing. "stop being such a brat"
You give up begging him and let him carry you walking over to the campfire that he had by the back of the house, plopping you gently on the tree log before letting out a sigh.
 "Are you ok? did you get hurt"
He sits down beside you as you stare at the orange flames crackling under the night sky. "you seem to keep saving me tonight huh?" 
He smiles at you as you two share the comfortable silence, tension still lingering in the air but Seokjin was a weak man. you let the warmth from the fire settle the exhaustion in your body
"I'm going to go check on Yoongi, go home y/n" and with that he left you there, any warmth from the fire vanishing as something ugly settles in your gut. you let the tears overwhelm you, you hated to admit it but you were terrified, you didn't want to be alone but you watch as his sillouete walks back into the house The night air reeking of alcohol and smoke. This whole night was a mistake, feeling every emotion you could feel all in the spam of a couple hours knowing it couldn't be healthy for you body, your muscles already aching with the ups and downs.
 You had no way home, the fear daunting on you the more you sit in the silence, only having the cackle and the warmth of the fire to keep you company. Arin had already left and even if she was still here you knew she was much to hurt to talk to you and after what she did you don't even think you are friends anymore. Suzy hated your guts and you haven't seen Jane since you first arrived. who are you going to ask to take you home ?
i really hope this is decent and that you like it.
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bunnyrhe · 2 days ago
Wanting too much
Summary: How much is too much? Little! Reader falls in love with a swingset, but things don't work out. Warnings: angst, mean daddy, mild yandere behaviour ,CGLG relationship, crying.
My eyes doubled in size, stars shimmering brightly in them. I gasped excitedly, bouncing in glee.
"Appa Appa, " I called out to Jin Appa watching him pivot, I was tugging on the sleeve of his coat,pointing to the swingset in the kids toystore across from the YSL we were in. "Please? Can I have one please?" I whined. 
"Uh how about a kiss from your handsome Appa instead hmm?", 
"But I get those all the time," 
Appa sighed, patting my head softly,squishing my pigtails," why don't you ask Bubba,hmm?" He smiled.
I bobbled up to Bubba, holding onto the edge of my baggy sweater, navy blue plaid skirt swishing. "Bubba," I tugged Namjoon's shirt,watching him as he stopped his debate between two pairs of corduroys. I dropped my top, screwing my two index fingers together cutely, "Bubba, swing? Can I have a swingset?"
"Uh about you help me pick out clothes instead, yeah? Like dress up? You like playing dress up don't you?" 
I deflated holding his hand and pointing to the black ones. 
"Thank you, my littlest helper," he kissed me behind my ear. "Who's my good baby? Who's my bestest helper ever?"
I pouted, pawing his shirt, my head feeling fuzzy," Me?" 
"Yes you, yes you are," he kissed my forehead again. I was overflowing with giggles, they surrounded me like bubbles and sunshine. 
"Aww are we sharing kisses? I want one," Hobi gleaned, pecking my cheek. Hobi would help me!
"Aww I think my baby is too little for big girl words, come on." He pulled me to his chest, letting me hold onto the tail of his t-shirt. 
"What's my name baby? Hmm my babygirl? Ho-bi"
"Ho-bee," I pointed to the swingset,"Hobi!"
He pulled my head further into his t-shirt,glancing around worriedly at the other people. 
"Baby you know your rule, don't draw attention to a daddy in public. You need to be quiet." His eyes were cautioning, lips set into a tight smile. "You must just be tired huh?"
"No no!"
I sighed, frowning. I pointed to the swingset desperately. My head was swimming in cotton candy , giving me a floaty feeling. I pointed harder, giving little grunts to emphasize. I just couldn't talk!My face turned pink while they tuned me out talking about clothes. I stomped my foot. 
"Why is the baby throwing a tantrum?" Daddy's deep voice curled around me sinuously. Deep and full. Hobi and Bubba froze,stumbling over answers.
"Da-da,"I whispered, holding tightly to his hand,"da!" I pointed to the swingset for a final time, my eyes big and glassy ,lip quivering and my cheeks pink.
"No yn. You cannot have a swing set. Where would we put it? You have enough toys at home, you don't need another. You can't have a toy like that look at it? It's way too much." He pinched his nose bridge,"And honestly, a tantrum? Don't be a brat." Daddy concluded.
Every word hammered deeper and deeper into my little heart, my chest cracking up. Tears flowed down my cheeks while I sniffled, looking down at my shoes instead.I played with the edge of my skirt, tears blocking my vision. Iwanted too much obviously it was too expensive and I had no use for it. Just because the boys were my boyfriend and caregivers didn't mean they were my wallet too. If I wanted something like this I'd save up myself, or keep going to the park. Either way was fine really. I shouldn't even had been crying I was being silly. 
At the sound of my crying, the younger boys popped their heads out of the woodwork like gazelles in the bushes.
"Oh our poor baby," Appa and Koo Oppa hugged me.
"Hyung, you didn't need to be so mean." Tata huffed, from his spot in front of me where he crouched to my height.
"We can't keep spoiling her, she'll be a brat." Yoongi tried.
"Oh nonsense, we barely do. If anything we neglect her too much with tours and promos yucky work stuff. What my baby wants, my baby gets. When was the last time we took you to a toy store?" Hobi patted your cheeks,staring at you intently."Besides, if she's a brat, we'll have fun taming her." 
"Exactly! Time for some new toys, maybe some more clothes too since we're out. We should talk about giving you an allowance if you're big later hmm?" Oppa hummed.
Tata holds out the straw to his boba, "Baba take a sip for Tata please...little sippy? Just a little sippy, I know it's not your baby bottle but just a widdle bit?"
I was still sniffling,my hands holding the hem of the sweater sleeves to make paws. 
"Aww, my little one please take a sip and calm down, we can't stand to see you so sad, Bubba doesn't like to see his babygirl sad." 
Tata pulled me to his chest with my back to him, the boys shielding me from prying eyes, letting me sip his tea. "When we get in the car, I'll give you a baby bottle,"
"And then a bath and nap time, she looks particularly small today, maybe a diapey too? Me and you have a nap date huh?" Appa blew me a kiss.
I sucked deeply, holding my hands over his. Oppa made silly faces at me, making me giggle. I reached out to hold his hand, while the other made finger bunnies.
I sniffled, sadness filling me again,"m'sorry for making too much noise… and m'sorry about the swing I was being selfish."  Hobi snatched my hand, oppa had the other in his paws. 
"Nevermind that my baby...daddy's just being a meanie," 
"Nuh uh...I don't wan' be a brat. Yoongi's right, I don't want to ask for too much." I stood up trying to fix my hair out of pig tails. I felt so silly.
"You're not a brat...if you want a swingset for home so you can feel less shy about being little then you can get one my love." Tata cooed,"Right daddy Yoongi?" 
"Right," he broke away from the shield they made, Oppa taking his place. "I'm sorry I made you cry baby, I shouldn't have been so're not a brat." Yoongi rubbed the back of his neck.
"I already bought it," Jimin papa cheered stylishly,"come on baby, we need to figure out how to fit it in the car!" 
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missgeniality · 14 hours ago
Virtue, Vice, and Everything Nice
Tumblr media
. ⋅ ˚̣- : ✧ : – ⭒ ⊹ ⭒ – : ✧ : -˚̣⋅ .
He too was a tempter. He too was a link to the second. The evil world with which I no longer want to have anything to do.
Expressions of kindness, depiction of hatred, statements of love and assertions of hate, lyrics have the power to deliver to shoot the emotion straight into your gut. On its fifth anniversary, we seven revisit Wings, an album filled with verses of intrigue, tones of mystery and lustre of the art, taking the poetry they presented us from their view, and melding it with themes to make stories of their own strength. Whatever be the prompt, you can stay assured every single piece here will be teeming with virtue, vice and everything oh-so-nice.
. ⋅ ˚̣- : ✧ : – ⭒ ⊹ ⭒ – : ✧ : -˚̣⋅ .
Thank you to @jaeism for making these beautiful banners. ღ
Tumblr media
⟿ Written by @taegularities
⟿ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader ⟿ Trope: Strangers to Friends to Lovers, Fantasy ⟿ Genre: Fluff, Angst, Smut ⟿ Summary: "Being a human isn’t that bad when he gets to be one with you by his side.”
Before everything shatters like a mirage of an impossible dream, you teach Jungkook how to live a fulfilling life far from Heaven. His numb heart starts to gradually light up again; you make him begin believing in love and hope when not even starting afresh could. But then... everything shatters.
⟿ Teaser: 24th September ⟿ Date of Posting: 9th October
Tumblr media
⟿ Written by @kithtaehyung
⟿ Pairing: Jimin x Reader ⟿ Trope: Strangers with Benefits ⟿ Genre: Angst, Smut ⟿ Summary: It‘s only an arrangement. A business deal. The words you say during these sessions mean nothing, and the emotions unearthed are merely fleeting. But lately… It’s starting to feel a bit too real for you. As real as you’ve selfishly been wanting it to feel for months.
You need to leave before you’re caught in a lie.
⟿ Teaser: 25th September ⟿ Date of Posting: 13th October
Tumblr media
⟿ Written by @bangtanhome
⟿ Pairing: Yoongi x Reader ⟿ Trope: Friends with Benefits to Lovers ⟿ Genre: Fluff, Angst, Smut ⟿ Summary: When you and Yoongi, are tasked with the most important launch in your careers, he offers his 'services' to relieve your stress as a joke after one too many drinks. Since the two of you are single, you take up his offer, even going so far as to seek out his touch during work hours - in the privacy of your offices or conference rooms. The only catch to your arrangement? You vowed not to fall in love. After a particularly fun evening in his apartment, you happen to encounter a notebook filled with what you assume are song lyrics.
You giggle to yourself as you read the entries, but your blood runs cold when you find your name written as a title to house a single line: "Without you, I'm nothing."
⟿ Teaser: 26th September ⟿ Date of Posting: 16th October
Tumblr media
⟿ Written by @missgeniality
⟿ Pairing: Taehyung x Reader ⟿ Trope: Mystery, Strangers/Enemies to Lovers ⟿ Genre: Angst, Smut ⟿ Summary: A criminal who helps you solve his crime, subtly, quietly - the complications of this case worsen and your moral code is turned upside down when your heartbeat changes after a feverish night. What do you do? You want to call him a sinner... but why do your lips want to call him your lover?
⟿ Teaser: 27th September ⟿ Date of Posting: 20th October
Tumblr media
⟿ Written by @joheunsaram
⟿ Pairing: Hoseok x Reader ⟿ Trope: Horror ⟿ Genre: Angst, Smut ⟿ Summary: Hoseok was finally happy - successful, married to the love of his life, his first child on the way. His dreams were coming true, but every now and then, the voice he had feared his whole life whispered in his ear. "I'll always be by your side," it reminded him, sending him reeling back into the past. Will he ever be able to escape?
⟿ Teaser: 28th September ⟿ Date of Posting: 23rd October
Tumblr media
⟿ Written by @hobiandsprite
⟿ Pairing: Seokjin x Reader ⟿ Trope: Supernatural Fantasy ⟿ Genre: Angst, Light Fluff, Smut ⟿ Summary: You met Kim Seokjin the day you died. You gave him everything you had to offer and he gave you his truth in return: "I'm a fallen angel. I can't touch the sky, no matter how desperately I want to go back. It wasn't my fault. I was framed." With his admission, you make your last mission on earth to help him clear his name. But there was one thing neither of you anticipated -- how deeply you would fall for each other, knowing that the day he returned to Heaven would be the day your love story ended.
⟿ Teaser: 29th September ⟿ Date of Posting: 27th October
Tumblr media
⟿ Written by @ddaechwita
⟿ Pairing: Namjoon x Reader ⟿ Trope: Strangers to Lovers, Tattoo Artist ⟿ Genre: Fluff, Smut ⟿ Summary: "Every life's a movie" — a phrase commonly used by your late grandpa turned into your personal mantra to keep you going, through your breakup with your long-term boyfriend due to him cheating on you with one of your friends as well as failing not one but two university classes. Asking your best friend to make you an appointment at his go-to tattoo studio should've been an easy thing, but when the artist is not only insanely handsome and flirty, but also happens to ask about the story behind the design you chose, then what?
⟿ Teaser: 30th September ⟿ Date of Posting: 30th October
Tumblr media
Please don't forget to reblog and follow the authors to support their amazing stories! ღ
Tumblr media
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taeescript · 2 days ago
I Promise (XIV)
Tumblr media
𝔰𝔶𝔫𝔬𝔭𝔰𝔦𝔰 >> Some people have the gifted ability of music; others of mathematics; some perhaps as persuasive argumentators. You have a “gift”, if one would like to call it that. It is the ability to know when somebody is telling a lie.
𝔭𝔞𝔦𝔯𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔰 >> hoseok x f!reader; namjoon x f!reader
𝔤𝔢𝔫𝔯𝔢 >> mafia!au; a love triangle (officially announced); mainly fluff and angst
𝔴/𝔠 >> 4.8k
𝔴𝔞𝔯𝔫𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔰 >> none for this chapter
𝔞/𝔫 >> tags are being a little faulty for me right now. i apologize to everyone who has received any multiple messages! anyways, i hope you all enjoy this chapter (: happy reading! 
previous part || series masterlist || next part (coming soon)
“Who was that? I don’t like him,” were the first words you heard leave Hoseok’s mouth
You rolled your eyes at him. “You don’t even know the guy and you’re already judging him.”
He rolled his eyes back at you. There was a snarky remark on the tip of his tongue but something about the way you were staring at him caught him off guard.
In the beginning, he had brushed it off as nothing, but as you stood before him with your arms crossed and the slight tilt of your lips, he had to admit it: he found you attractive. It was a strange phenomenon as you were unlike any of the women he had been with in the past. You had neither curves nor physical beauty. Not to mention, you had a nasty personality that was not cute in any sense. Yet, despite it all, you were alluring to him. He enjoyed talking to you, something he seldomly did with any female individual, and he sought your company after a long day. And the night when you would not return late, he saw himself hoping that you would return soon safely.
You noticed Hoseok staring at you. It was different from his usual glances which you would read as a cross between checking you out and judging your stance; this one had a slight musing on his part.
“Hey, are we going to stand here all day?” you hit his arm.
He blinked to focus out of the train of thought that had led him to the conversation between Seokjin and himself last night. “Well, I did have something planned, but I spent the whole day waiting for you outside so I guess that’s thrown out the window,” he drawled.
This time it was you that blinked in surprise. That had not been an answer you anticipated. Since when did Jung Hoseok plan anything?
Handing you the extra helmet, he patted the motorcycle and got into the driver’s seat at the front. “You know, you still haven’t answered my question.”
You sighed and slightly shook your head. While putting on the helmet, you answered, “His name is Robert Viktor. He’s the client Hong Jung Yee spoke of; he’s also a lawyer.”
That got Hoseok off the seat. “A lawyer?” he asked, slightly concerned. He turned to face you and saw that you were struggling with the helmet as it was slightly too large for your head. With a sigh, he took the helmet off your head, earning a yelp when it pulled out some of your hair that had been caught.
With a glare, you rubbed the back of your head and said, “Yeah a lawyer. He was here today to represent his father who’s really the head of the business. But I’m guessing we will mainly be exchanging business with him.”
“Well, that further consolidates why he looks like a snake,” Hoseok says as he tightens the backing of the helmet.
He put it onto your head and checked with satisfaction that it sat snugly to protect you. You pulled back when you saw his hands were still holding the helmet on your head. Laughing, he rapped with his knuckles on the front mask of the helmet and said, “Get on, idiot.”
The two of you had been walking for about twenty minutes up a hiking trail. The motorcycle was parked at the bottom and he had led you to follow a sign that “promised you’ll be rewarded with a splendid view”. You had changed out of your Qi Pao into jeans and a t-shirt, but had forgotten to bring your usual running shoes. Instead, you were fighting for footing on slippery rocks and dancing through small brooks in flats. Your feet ached and you tapped Hoseok’s back.
“I need a break,” you panted and sat down on a fallen log.
The sun had nearly set, casting its yellow-orange glow through the leaves and bringing warmth to the woods you were in. In the flourishing canopy above you, the birds and other small creatures initiated the evening’s music while you rested. Everything was so peaceful compared to the noise of the roads you had been driving through before with him. You inhaled the earthiness of the environment and exhaled blissfully.
So, my turn to ask a question,” you said when Hoseok took a seat beside you, “What’s so special about today that you’re being so nice to me?”
He took a swig of water before handing the bottle to you in which you accepted gratefully. Leaning back, his eyes took in the picturesque scene before him. The city lay far below the mountain the two of you were climbing and everything – their worries, pain and stress – seemed trivial at their height.
“Not today. Yesterday. It was your birthday. I wanted to do something with you then, but you weren’t home until late,” he said to you.
You coughed, covering up the sudden increase speeding of your heart. Anytime someone mentioned last night, your mind would flash back to the thought between you and Namjoon. In a way, you felt slightly guilty that you were spending time with another man instead of him. Who were you kidding though? This was Hoseok you were with.
An extremely nice, well-behaved and unusual Hoseok.
There had been no response from you when he finished speaking so he stood up. While they had been sitting, the sun had continued setting and now darkness was starting to wash over. He hoped they would make it to the top in time for everything he had planned. “C’mon, we’re nearly there,” he said, encouragingly.
Groaning, you tried to stand up but your feet complained in pain. Instantly, you collapsed back on the log. With a hand, you took off a shoe and found a growing blister on you heel.
He saw the swelling red of your feet and glanced out again at the disappearing light. With a sigh, he told you, “Take off your shoes and stand on the log.”
“Why?” you asked, looking up at him quizzically.
“Just do it,” he rolled his eyes at you.
You did as you were told and left your shoes on the pine-covered floor. You grimaced as you stood on the log, but the pain was not unbearable and so you waited to see what Hoseok was up to. With light hands, he scooped you onto his back and then picked up your shoes from the dirt. You heard a slight grunt from him as he started climbing up the trail while piggybacking you as well.
At first, you weren’t sure how to react. You contemplated on asking him to put you down, but it was comfortable being on his back. Plus, your feet were graciously thanking you for relieving it of tension. Your arms slowly wrapped around his shoulders and locked in front of his chest.
He had anticipated that you would not be hard to carry. What he did not anticipate was how steep the incline of the second half of the climb was. Within minutes, he was panting and sweating. Although it was deep into the evening, the wind that blew was still warm.
“Maybe I should walk the rest of the way up with you,” you said, your voice close to his ears.
“No,” he mumbled and then readjusted you with his arms. He willed his legs to continue forward.
“Fine,” you said, not wanting to start any unnecessary argument, and allowed him to carry you up to the top. At last, they broke through the clearing and a single stone staircase curved up a slope that would lead them to the cliffs. Hoseok looked up and contained his excitement. They were nearly there.
On the other hand, you bit the inside of your lip when you saw that they still had a way to go. “Are you sure you’ll be okay?” you asked him again.
“Don’t worry about it,” he brushed your question aside, “You may have never seen it, but I can guarantee you I’ve got a rock solid body.”
You held in a smile seeing his determination for you. “Okay but before you go up, I’ve gotta get something.”
He stood in place and felt you carefully shift you body. Gripping you thighs such that you wouldn’t fall, he waited until you got whatever you needed. Suddenly, he felt his cap being taken away and a soft towel patting his forehead.
“I can feel you sweating through your back and it’s gross,” you teased him, wearing the hat that had been on his head on you own. After you finished wiping away his sweat, you swept his bangs back over the top of his head and used the bill of his cap as a fan. It sent a lukewarm wind down his shirt and back of the neck, cooling his working body.
As you continued to fan him, he steadily made his way up the stone. At the top, they were met with a clear overview of the city. He gently set you down and you ran barefoot across the grass until you stood at the ledge. The city was currently in shadows as the last of the sunlight disappeared but within seconds, all the lights of the city burst into life. A gasp escaped your lips as dots slowly blossomed in front of your eyes like mini fireworks from below.
He stood behind you, exhausted from the climb but smiling at your happiness. Your hair whipped in the wind at the top of the cliff and he gazed at your silhouette standing tall in the cloudless night. Making sure that you were still enchanted by the skyline, he slowly ducked behind the trees.
A small act of kindness was what Seokjin had called it. Hoseok had never been one to do anything “small”. He preferred to work on a much grander scale.
Your eyes would not stop darting around. Below them, the forest spread until it hit the foot of the city in which that kept stretching on and on until it faded in the horizon. Hungrily grasping for more, you took one step closer towards the breathtaking view.
“Y/N,” you heard it being called from behind you. You turned and were mildly confused when you saw Hoseok nowhere in sight. The only thing you could see was the woods they had walked out of and the small stone staircase that would lead you back down. Your ears could not pick up anything either besides the gentle rustling of the leaves.
“Hoseok?” you called into the emptiness. You heart started racing with the thought that perhaps he had abandoned you here. He had played a trick like this on you before and you had not appreciated it last time.
You steps froze when you heard soft music filtering through nature’s ambience. “Stay there,” his voice came from somewhere in the vicinity. You waited in anticipation.
Slowly, like waking fireflies, small lights were turned on between the leaves and branches of the trees. There were multitudes of them that he had strung. They kept appearing until the surroundings arc of trees in front of you twinkled with stars amongst a dark green sky. The music you heard earlier became louder as Hoseok walked out from the trees with a small speaker in one hand.
“That was sort of anticlimactic, wasn’t it?” he sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. He had planned it out such that when the city lights beneath them lit up, he would turn on the lights he had strung earlier than afternoon as well. However, he had been caught up watching you from behind that he had missed it by mere seconds.
You waited until he got closer until you turned to look at him, the look of astonishment on you face replaced with genuine excitement and delight. “No, it’s… it’s perfect,” you whispered.
He laughed at your childish happiness. “Well then, happy birthday, Y/N,” he stood beside and looked with you at the scene he had created.
Your hand found his and squeezed it in thankfulness.
Never would you have guessed that Hoseok was capable of doing anything like this. Not only had he set up the lights and a small banner that said “Happy Birthday”, but he had also brought a picnic basket for a late dinner they could share. Although it was only bento from the Japanese restaurant a few blocks their house, you were content in seeing all the effort he put in just for you.
Their glasses of red wine clinked together as they sat with their feet, dangling over the edge of the cliff. Behind them, a blanket had been spread out and their finished dinner, as well as the remaining half a bottle of wine, was placed on top. The night had deepened but your spirits were soaring over the city.
“Would you rather… have sex with a goat or have everyone think you had sex with a goat even though you didn’t?” he asked you with a mischievous glint. Their game had been going on for a while, starting off with innocent questions but you found it no surprise that he would ask you something like this.
You sipped at the wine, sighing at its tart but silky flavour. “Have everyone think I did it. ‘Cuz actually doing it is too gross,” you shivered at the thought. He chuckled beside you when you said, “Let me guess, you’ll just have sex with a goat.”
“Yeah sure. I mean, it’s better than people thinking you did something you never did. Plus it can’t be too bad. A quick in and then a quick out, you know what I mean?” he smirked.
“You are disgusting.”
He laughed again. The nerves that had been running through him when the night first started had long since disappeared. You had that effect on him – the ability to help his relax despite all his stress and worries. It was not a specific action that you did but simply your presence being beside him.
“Alright. My turn. Um… Would you rather make mistakes your whole life or make a single mistake, but regret it for the rest of your life?” you asked, fully preparing for his answer to be the latter, based on everything he had said that night.
He proved you wrong when he muttered, “Make mistakes my whole life.”
You raised an eyebrow. “Really? I actually didn’t think you’d say that, with the YOLO type of answers you’ve been giving me all night,” you grinned.
“I’d rather deal with the mistakes as they come than have to live through the pain of constant regret,” he said, not quite meeting you eye.
The grin on your lips faltered. You turned and tried to read his face after the unexpected response. There was nothing there as it was being covered by the tipped wine glass as he finished the last of his drink. Feeling your gaze on him, he turned and shot you a smile, “I’m going to grab a cigarette if you don’t mind. Want a refill?” He gestured to your emptying glass.
“I’m good for the night,” you answered, shaking you head.
He hoisted himself up from their spot overlooking the city and left you momentarily.
You continued to absentmindedly swirl the remaining wine in your glass. It was not so much the answer he gave that caused you to look up in concern but rather the change of tone that accompanied when he spoke. His words had a ring of truth to it. Your thoughts were interrupted when the smell of smoke hit you nose.
He took a seat a little behind you this time, further from the edge of the cliff. Sitting in such a way that one leg was tucked behind the other which acted as an arm rest, he took a long inhale of the cigarette and watched as the smoke exited his mouth in a long line.
“I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to be drinking and smoking,” you said, turning your body so that you could sit cross-legged beside him.
“Well, YOLO,” he smiled cheekily at you then placed his arm on his knee. Some of the lights behind them flickered off as the battery exhausted itself.
They sat in silence together; you finishing the last of the wine and him as he lazily drew up his arm and set it back down after each drag of smoke.
“Before all this, what did you do?” he suddenly asked you, “And don’t say waitressing.”
It had been a while since you last thought of the life you once could have. “I was working in an office at a company. Quite comfortably in all honesty,” you answered.
He nodded. “Why did you give it up?”
The question made you squirm in your position, digging up emotions and thoughts you had left behind for a long time. “I didn’t like it,” you said, coming up with half the truth.
“Really?” he said.
His stare on you was much longer than you would have liked and so you broke off eye contact first. “Yeah,” you muttered. In truth, you had loved it. It was a job you had worked for your whole life. If it wasn’t for your stupid “gift”, you entire life could have been changed. There was a reason you hated to speak about it so you quickly changed the focus away from you. “How about you? Before all this, what did you do?”
He pursed his lips and looked out over the city. With a slight moan, he stretched his legs in front of him and leaned back on his forearms in a reclined position. “I was a high school student,” he said. The term seemed so foreign to him even as he remembered his past now.
“A…student?” you repeated quietly. In your mind you quickly did the math in how many years ago that was.  
“I was a dance major,” he continued talking, “I made it onto the school’s dance team and then later became its captain. We competed and won first in our region.”
“Wow,” you breathed again.
He was silent for a while but then he leaned his head back and closed his eyes. “Do you remember when you asked me about the organization and the Boss?”
“So you remember what I said about my initiation task then?”
You hesitated. You did remember. His words had haunted you for a couple of nights but when he never brought it up again, you slowly put his words away. “I do,” you answered.
“That’s my one mistake that I’ve been regretting my whole life,” he said, his voice barely above a whisper. In a way, he hoped you hadn’t heard what he said.
You watched him as he silently lay there with only his chest moving up and down. He still had his eyes closed and you mind scrambled for words to say after hearing him say that.
A single tear rolled down the side of his cheek that was faced away from you.
The wind was the only sound they hear in the brief silence. You swallowed and the sound was deafening in your ears.
“Hoseok, you don’t have to – ”
“I was 17 when I did it,” he finally spoke again. His voice wavered while cutting into hers, but quickly reclaimed composure when he continued, “I had been given my initiation task three weeks ago with a deadline that was approaching the night I did it.” A voice told him to stop speaking but the burden that he had been carrying his whole life needed to be put down before it could crack him.
You reached out and put a hand over his. It was all the comfort he needed at that moment.
“Hoseok,” you quietly said his name. You knew how much anguish his memories were causing him at the moment. You could see the pain even beneath his closed eyelids and you could feel the slight shivering of his hand beneath you own.
He took a deep breath then said, “The only person I knew in the organization was Seokjin-hyung. He had been accepted a couple days before I was given the tasks and he was the only person I had been able to connect to. When I found out what I was requested to do, he was the first person I ran to because I was scared and I had no idea what to do. He was the only one who asked if that was what I wanted. To do that singular task so I could gain a spot in the organization. He told me to carefully think it through because taking another person’s life was not something I could undo once it was done.
I listened to him. I thought about my life, my family, my mother and my father. I thought about all the hurt that I would bring to them if I followed through with what the organization asked of me.”
Drawing himself up back to a sitting position, he opened his eyes and shakily put the cigarette he had been holding between his lips. However, seeing that it was a stub made him angry for some strange reason and he threw it over the cliff. He could hear his breathing rate rise up and his heart pounded in his chest. There were emotions of anger, confusion, pain and fear circulating around him. He didn’t know what to do with it all so he latched onto the only one that seemed to be constant in his life.
He stood up and stomped over to the jacket he had placed beside the picnic basket earlier on. Rummaging through all the pockets, he came up empty handed when he could not find the cigarette box he swore he had put back earlier. He growled and angrily threw the jacket back onto the ground.
He should have stopped talking. Even now it was not worth going back to that haunted night.
“Hoseok,” you said his name again.
He whirled and faced you. The anger was dangerous inside him, he knew that much. When he heard you say his name, that only seemed to fan the fire. He clenched his jaw and tried to say something but the words stopped when you reached towards him.
You had stood up and were now scanning his face. You had never seen him like this. It was all unfamiliar to you and you didn’t know what to do. Your hand trembled when you touched his cheek and with gentle fingers, you wiped the tears he had unknowingly let fall.
The emotions he had tried to hide through all the years had resurfaced from that night long ago during their initial conversation. With determination, he had thought to have crammed them back through the years but with your question in the form of a game, they pricked the delicate surface that had been enclosing them. All at once, they burst out of him as he stood looking at you. It made him dizzy and nauseous but at the same time, relieved. Each memory of that night flashed before his eyes and consumed him with pain.
“I didn’t want to do it,” he choked, pressing his head down into your hand. The feelings of anger were being washed away by everything else he had buried beneath it.
You gently guided his head until his forehead rested against your shoulder all the while stroking his back. This was the only way you knew how to offer him the presence of you support.
“I was angry. I returned home, with full intentions of betraying the whole organization and throwing my own life away for the sake of our family only to find that he had already betrayed us with another woman. He took advantage of my mother’s sickness and the fact that she couldn’t see so that he could screw someone else. I betrayed him because he first betrayed us and I hated him for it,” he said, “Before I knew it, my hands had grabbed the knife and I…. I… It was the only way I could think of then to hurt him in the way he had hurt me.”
Beneath your hands, his body shook as the tears came out of him. They dropped to the ground no matter how hard he tried to contain them. He arms hung by his side, devoid of energy as he sobbed.
“I want to tell him: I’m so sorry, Dad,” the words choking as he said them, “I’m so sorry that I let my anger get the better of me. This is not the life you and Mom wanted me to have. I broke your heart and I broke hers that night and I’m so so sorry. But it’s too late…”
You drew him close to you and wrapped him in a hug. You had never been taught to console another human being but at this moment, you felt this was the right thing to do. His arms came up to meet your body and enveloped you against his own.
He tasted the salt on his lips as each breath raked his chest. He had been young and foolish. He let his emotions get the better of him and someone else had to suffer as a consequence. When reality hit him afterwards of what he had done, it scared him. What should he do now? Where was he supposed to go? More importantly, who was he now?
Making a vow to himself never to let something like that ever occur again, Hoseok buried all emotions inside. Instead, he acted like how he thought people wanted him to act. He took all he wanted when he wanted. There was no such thing as real love in the world; he used the people around him when he felt suit. As long as he was never alone, that was okay for him.
But no matter how many layers he put on top, there was the ever-present emptiness. The emptiness that could not be filled by money, women, power or any material worth. The emptiness caused when he took away the people he loved with his own hands.
The emptiness filled only with loneliness.
The instant you wrapped him into you hug, he could feel the fear and anguish being washed away. The beating of another person’s heart near his own calmed him. Your collected breathing was rhythmic in his ears and reduced his own quickened pace. It took time, but slowly he felt himself in a sense of peace in your arms and when he felt ready, he pulled himself away.
Tears had left a trace on his skin like rain on a dusty windowpane, but tranquility had settled into his eyes. “I hated him for many years after that,” his voice was calm, “But that night after I first spoke to you about my father, I realized that it was not him I hated. It was the monster that I had become that night.”
“We all do things we’re not proud of. But that doesn’t make any of us a monster,” you say quietly, “Not you, not him, not me.” The last part whispered almost to yourself.
The wind howled in the background as they both stood, facing each other in their own thoughts. With a last sigh, he brings you in towards him and hugs you again, “Thank you.”
You squeezed him in return and then felt yourself being released. “Don’t get cheesy on me now. It’s making me want to actually like you.”
“I can be an asshole sometimes, can’t I?” he chuckled.
“Sometimes?” you rolled your eyes. You were relieved to see that he was returning to his usual self.
In the moonlight, the necklace you had been wearing sparkled. He reached towards it and cupped the pendant with his fingers.
“Is that necklace new? I’ve never seen you wear it before,” he asked.
Quickly, you pushed away from him and walked back to the picnic blanket. You started putting away the utensils that had been taken out into the basket. “I got it last night,” you responded, a different feeling now taking your heart, “It’s a gift from a friend.”
You did not see it, but a flash of emotion flew across his eyes. Hoseok nodded in understanding. Sadness lingered in him but not for the previous reason. You felt so far away in that instance. He watched as you put the wine glasses away, your actions flustered by the question he had asked.
“Let me help you,” he offered, and handed you the other wine glass. Your eyes meet again and you smiled before breaking away.
“Thank you,” you both whisper.
𝔱𝔞𝔤𝔩𝔦𝔰𝔱 (open):  @scuzmunkie , @blimpintime, @thisisn0tal0vest0ry​, @cuteipat​
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joheunsaram · 2 months ago
hot boy summer - masterlist
Tumblr media
In an attempt to keep their philanthropy standing the boys of Beta Tau Sigma open a car wash. Who knew washing cars for charity could be this steamy?
This series is a collab between myself and six other brilliant authors here on tumblr because like you we too were struck by the car wash photoshoot.
Genre: fratboy!bts, college!au, pwp, smut, fluff.
Status: Ongoing
Rating: R
Release Schedule: End of August
Please note that the fics are all set in the same universe and so may contain minor spoilers for each other within them.
Tumblr media
hit the back by @ironicarmy​​
Namjoon x Reader  | friends2lovers
Namjoon sees you. He sees the way everyone gawks at you the moment you walk by, how you got every man on campus wrapped around your pinky like it's nothing. But he also sees past your charade, and he likes what he sees, he likes it a lot.
Tumblr media
slow. dirty. wet.  by @clouditae​​​
Seokjin x Reader  | friends2lovers
When Seokjin stops by your convenience store to buy his typical snacks, he's such a friendly and funny person. When you stop by the beta tau sigma's car wash, he's a completely different person, and inside the office of that car wash, he shows you how different he really is.
Tumblr media
all a wash by @joheunsaram​​​​
Yoongi x Reader  | strangers2lovers/enemies2lovers
You know what everyone thinks about you - how they whisper when you walk by and only talk to you when they need weed. No one had ever even attempted to be nice to you. No one, except Min Yoongi. The same man you are now being paid to take on a date by his friends.
Tumblr media
water you waiting for? by @hobiandsprite​
Hoseok x Reader  | enemies2lovers
You’ve always been the good girl that could get away with murder. Blessed with innocent looks and the ability to charm the pants off people, you soon get bored of having every whim and passing fancy catered to. Enter Jung Hoseok, resident sunshine, who teaches you that you’re not the only one whose looks can be deceiving.
Tumblr media
crash test by @oftenderweapons​
Jimin x Reader | one-night-stand2lovers
A young woman should be entitled to bad decisions, but maybe the tequila sent you a little overboard when you decided to get down and dirty with the infamous Park Jimin in a club. What happens when sober you realises he's decent enough to give it a try?
Tumblr media
washed on by @ressjeon​
Taehyung x Reader | strangers2lovers
Taehyung's heated stares were what drew you in at first and you think he seemed shy since you're shameless though he's confusing you the more you see him. Is he just planning all of this or are you also too fixed to see past what he's been showing you? So who's really playing here, you or him?
Tumblr media
carwashing for beginners by @petiteyoon​
Jungkook x Reader | strangers2lovers
Jungkook and his frat mates just opened a carwash to raise money for charity. As he tried to wash your car with his unexperienced hands, he accidentally broke it but promised to take you out for dinner as repayment. You have something else in mind, though.
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smasmashin · 2 months ago
[18+] Masterlist
🔞 Entrapment: one-shot
Summary: College AU where Jeon Jungkook doesn’t seem like the sharpest tool in the shed, but that doesn’t preclude him from having plenty to teach you.
Pairing: Jungkook x reader
Word Count: 3.5k
Genre/tags: College AU, porn without plot, multiple orgasms, oral sex, size kink, strength kink, mild corruption kink, mild praise kink, mean!jjk, softdom!jjk
Warning: dubious consent
🔞 Combative: one-shot
Summary: Fuck Jungkook or die. That’s it. That’s the story.  
Pairing: Jungkook x reader
Word count: 6.2k
Genre/tags: Assassin AU, porn without plot, friends to enemies to enemies, fuck or die, aliens (seokjin) made us do it, edging, oral sex, multiple x10 orgasms, mild size kink, mild corruption kink, superhuman sex toys, overstimulation, mean!jjk, softdom!jjk
Outtakes: 1
🔞 Captive: 1  2  
Summary: You’ve got your shit together. Smart, sharp, god complex. And then Managing Director Kim Namjoon decides to take you down a couple pegs.
Pairing: Namjoon x reader
Word count: 14k
Genre/tags: Corporate AU, porn with (no) plot, oral sex, spanking, choking, face sitting, anal sex, double penetration, sex toys, size kink, age gap, ~implied corruption kink, ~implied sugar daddy, sub/dom undertones, light bondage, power imbalance, bigdick!namjoon, dom!namjoon, AU where Namjoon has a driver’s license
🔞 Perverse: 1  2  3  4
Summary: You can hear BTS member Kim Namjoon's thoughts. This is something of a problem. Especially as most of them are about your ass  
Pairing: Namjoon x reader
Word count: 3.9k+
Genre: Soulmate AU, porn with (negligible) plot
Tags: voyeurism, oral sex, sensory deprivation, spanking, body worship, bigdick!namjoon, confused!namjoon, stressed/horny!namjoon
Status: ongoing
🔞 Bait: one-shot
Summary: College AU where you are a little needy and Kim Taehyung fucking loves needy.
Pairing: Taehyung x reader
Word count: 2k
Genre/tags: College AU, porn without (any) plot (whatsoever), multiple orgasms, size kink, scheming!kth, softdom!kth, kindmean!kth
🔞 House of Serpents: 1  2  3  4  5-1  5-2  6  7  8  9  10  11  12
Summary: Straight-A student by day, Kim Namjoon’s personal toy by night, you didn’t live a terrible life. At least not until you met his six equally depraved “friends.”
Pairing: OT7 x reader (poly)
Word Count: 34k++
Genre, tags, & warnings (varies by chapter): Mafia AU, porn with (hardly any) plot extremely dubious consent, non-con elements, non-graphic violence, dead dove: do not eat, moral bankruptcy, power imbalance, power exchange, oral sex, multiple orgasms, double penetration, sugar daddy, rape role-play, yandere!jungkook, yandere!jimin, toxic behaviour, size kink, praise kink, possessive behaviour, touch starved, edging, dom/sub undertones, kidnapping, sex tape, somnophilia, shameless smut, gratuitous smut, namjoon has a big dick
Status: ongoing
Outtakes: 1 2
☁️ smut-free masterlist here
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youmyjhope · 2 months ago
Everything I posted so far.
morning sex
eating your pussy
rough sex in the studio
car sex
overstimulating you
eating your pussy
shower sex
sex after the muster?
sex with jimin 2
eating your pussy
"show me you are sorry" – w real voice :/
handjob (in the studio)
eating your pussy
rough sex / spanking
slow sex
jerking off/trying to be quiet
studio fuck
eating your pussy
rough sex in the practice room ft. jin
jerking off
eating your pussy
riding him in the studio
rough sex
getting a blowjob
rough sex in the practice room ft. hobi
eating your pussy
Vmin x you
Rap line x you
Taekook 2
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taesinferno · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
summary: seven of the highest executives at BigHit Industries take a company business trip. Who knows what they'll get up to, or who they'll meet there.
rate: 18+
pairing: ot7 × reader
warnings: age gap (aged up bangtan), s2l, dom/sub dynamics, infidelity, pwp, explicit smut (different per chapter; warnings stated at the top of each)
status: completed
a/n: making this into a series bc i cant stop thinking abt them 😒 the hold they have on me is... sjsksl anyways lmk what you think! <3 + main m.list
[ Take the quiz to see which dilf you get here! ]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-> want more dilf content? click here!
Copyright © 2021, taesinferno | tumblr | no reposts, translations, copies, etc.
Tumblr media
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bangtanhome · 10 days ago
floored | jhs, jjk, pjm
Tumblr media
synopsis: in the midst of your reunion with your boyfriend after not seeing each other for some time, you're interrupted by two sets of eyes. not wanting to waste the opportunity, hoseok proposes a foursome and hey, "the more, the merrier", right?
Tumblr media
pairing: hoseok x f!reader | jungkook x f!reader | jimin x f!reader
wc: 5.2k
genre/rating/au: 18+ | est. rel. & idol au | smut
warnings: pwp • foursome • oral (m. & f. receiving) • unprotected sex • multiple orgasms • semi-public sex • fingering • light spanking • creampie • dirty talk • name calling (pet) • slight edging • a brief appearance of moon's mirror kink
author's note: part of the bccsg event where i re-did an old work.
m.list | ao3
Tumblr media
The clock chimes five times when you look up from your assignment. Bleary-eyed, you have no idea how late it has gotten, the office deserted save for the few janitors starting their jobs. You yawn and stretch, finally feeling the soreness of your back after spending hours hunched over your computer.
Pulling a duffel bag from underneath your desk, you rummage through its contents, going through the mental checklist to make sure that you have all your things for your sleepover with your boyfriend.
The two of you often have opposite schedules and as Hoseok's fame grows, the time you spend with him shrinks. After planning for months, you've finally found a time where your schedules matched up. A weekend full of lounging around in your pajamas while watching movies and eating your weight in junk food is just what the doctor ordered. You exit your office building with a bounce in your step, humming happily while thinking of Hoseok.
The walk to the train station from your workplace is short but the throng of people waiting to get inside the cars causes a significant delay. You really should've left earlier. Sighing, you busy yourself with your phone, trying to keep your space in line and occasionally glaring at an unfortunate soul that dares to tread over your foot.
A small beep from your phone breaks you from your thoughts. You turn it on, seeing the happy faces of you and Hoseok together. He's sent a message.
my sunshine: @ the dance studio! :) can't wait for you!
You smile at the text. Although your weekend is free reign, Hoseok must still be busy trying to perfect his dance moves for a future performance. His dedication to his craft is one of the reasons why you fell in love with him in the first place. There's something comforting in his eyes as you watch it twinkle when he talks about an upcoming concert or when he manages to perfect a particularly hard move.
After the last straggler leaves the train car, you are ushered inside by the people behind you, a wave of bodies pushing to get inside. You lean against a pole as you watch the scenery of stops pass you by. The city is bathed in oranges and yellows, the sun waving its last goodbyes as the train lurches on. When the robot assistant informs you of your stop, the platform is thankfully empty and you're able to make your way outside without bumping into any more bodies before sending a quick text to inform Hoseok of your whereabouts.
You almost trip on the uneven sidewalk when your phone chimes and you open up the text to find a picture of a half-naked Hoseok smiling devilishly attached to his message.
my sunshine: cum quickly ;)
The speed in which you walk into the dance studio could rival a particularly cartoonish blue hedgehog. You spare the receptionist a quick wave and he only nods in response, a barely there smile gracing his lips before his eyes return to the computer in front of him.
Your sneakers squeak on the hardwood flooring when you turn sharply into the corridor lined with darkened practice rooms. It doesn't take a genius to find where Hoseok is located, especially with the heavy bass thrumming out of the only occupied room.
Peeping inside, you are struck with the image of your very sweaty boyfriend hip-thrusting the air before standing up and turning his body in a series of twists. When the song ends, he goes down on one knee, arms outstretched before pulling them close to his chest. With his eyes falling close, he paints a heart-wrenching picture of agony. He posed for an additional second, trying not to breathe too hurriedly before standing up and moving towards the Bluetooth speakers.
The image of Hoseok on his knees burns into your mind, and you whimper softly, feeling a familiar stickiness between your legs. Before your thoughts travel further, you knock on the door and let yourself in. “Wow, Hoseok, that was amazing!” you cheer, dropping your bag on the floor as you run towards him.
Hoseok’s eyes widen as you get closer, and you barely spare him a fraction of a second to catch you as you leap into the air. He’s thankfully able to wrap his arms around your waist with an ‘oof’, laughing loudly when you collide to his chest. Hoseok spins you around before kissing your hair and putting you down. "Hi, I've missed you too," he whispers softly before claiming your mouth with his.
The sudden kiss does you no favors and you inhale his familiar cologne as you pull him closer, hands fisting the front of his shirt. You nibble on his bottom lip, eliciting a low groan from his throat. The sound makes your head swim, making you focus on the cloud of lust that fogs your mind. Just as your tongue traces his bottom lip, he pulls away and you gasp sharply at the sudden lack of warmth.
"I'm sweaty," he answers to your unspoken question.
"Hoseok, I don't care…" you whine. "I want you. Here. Right now."
"Have you eaten?" he asks instead, holding you at arm’s length. "Let's order food and go home."
You tilt your chin to the side, eyes turning into slits. You answer his question with a pointed one of your own, "What's gotten into you?"
Hoseok shuffles from foot to foot, the corners of his mouth forming a small triangle. "I guess I'm just a little nervous. We haven't seen each other in a while."
"I'm a little nervous too," you admit. "Tell you what – let’s just go home and enjoy some movies, yeah? I'm ready to stuff myself full of popcorn." You give him your best smile, threading your fingers in his to ease the tension.
Thankfully, Hoseok nods and returns your smile with a blinding one of his own, dipping his head down to kiss you gently, murmuring 'thanks' into your parted lips. You press your bodies together again, circling your arms around his neck to tug at the ends of his hair. The kiss is slow, your lips gliding together in a silent conversation as Hoseok's hands massages your hips. A sigh escapes your lips when you part and you press your foreheads together, your bodies swaying to a silent rhythm only the two of you can hear.
"Ready?" you whisper, pulling away to grab your bag.
Hoseok stands in place. There’s an odd tone in his voice when he calls your name, and you turn around to catch a quick glimpse of his set jaw before he pulls you by the waist and crashes his lips back on yours.
"I lied," he rasps between kisses, breathing heavily as his hand travels down to squeeze your ass. "I don't think I can wait any longer."
You whimper when Hoseok slips his tongue into your parted mouth, drinking you in as he lowers you to the floor. He grunts when you scrape your teeth along his tongue, and he rolls his hips into your centre to retaliate.
You're a mess. Back pressed against the hardwood flooring. Still fully clothed.
"Are you dripping for me already, baby?" he whispers, removing himself from your sweet lips to latch onto your neck instead.
"Fuck yes," you moan, tilting your head to expose more of your throat while your hands busy themselves in his platinum blonde hair. "Hoseok, you fee—"
Your moans are interrupted when the door opens suddenly, a familiar voice calls out from the doorway.
"Hey, Hobi, are you still practi—Oh, shit! Sorry!”
You push Hoseok away with a yelp, wide eyes staring straight to the doorway to meet two pairs of equally stunned, brown eyes belonging to Jimin and Jungkook.
"Umm… hey guys," you chuckle awkwardly, face heating up in embarrassment.
Thank God you're still clothed.
The two statues remain impassive and the silence that covers the studio feels like a heavy blanket, threatening to push the air from your lungs. You turn to Hoseok, eyes begging him to say something, but to your surprise, he offers them a lopsided grin at the boys as though you weren't just caught dry humping on the practice room floor.
"So, what are you guys up to tonight?" Hoseok asks with a slight tilt to his voice.
What the fuck was he playing at?
Jimin gulps, blinking furiously before grabbing Jungkook by the arm to tug him away, but the youngest member wouldn't budge, eyes glued to your sitting figure on the floor.
"Kook, let's go,"Jimin hisses, shaking the youngest’s arm in an attempt to haul him away from the doorframe. "Holy shit, really sorry to bother you!" he calls out, but just before the door slams shut behind him, Hoseok calls out to the retreating figures.
Your wide eyes haven't left your boyfriend's face. His jaw is set and there's a familiar tilt of his chin that's evident when he thinks. Though he's staring at the two men in the doorway, when he talks, he's addressing you. "You're more than welcome to say no, but we've talked about our fantasies before and this seems like the best situation as any.”
To say you’re confused is an understatement, and you scrunch your brows to the centre of your forehead. “What are you talking about, babe?”
“I mean, how about a foursome?"
The way Hoseok utters the question is as though he’s wondering what you want to eat for dinner. You gape openly at your boyfriend, unable to believe your ears. "What the fuck?"
Hoseok finally turns to you and offers a cheeky smile. "Okay, when we first started dating, you said you had a dream where Jungkook and Jimin—"
"Shut the fuck up!" you shriek, lunging at your boyfriend to clamp his mouth shut with your palm. "You swore you'd keep it a secret!"
"I didn't even get to finish," he mumbles into your hand followed by a laugh. “But, hey, here’s your chance to turn it into reality. Only if you want to though.”
You gulp, searching his face to see if he’s joking. Hoseok shrugs and you could only muster a small nod because you’re sure your voice would break should you try to speak at this rate.
Hoseok seizes your hands and turns your body so you sit between his legs. You whimper out loud when you feel his hard cock pressed up against your back. He hums approvingly, his hand coming to cup your chin, tilting your head gently to the side so he could nibble the shell of your ear.
"The two of you need to consent too," he smiles to the two younger men. "And, hey, we can act like this never happened if you choose to walk out the door."
Jungkook steps in almost immediately, wrestling out of Jimin’s hold to walk towards where you’re currently sitting. He kneels on the floor in front of you, his wide, brown eyes staring up at you. "I'd love to join in, if you'll have me," he whispers, giving you a small smile that shows off his dimples. You can only nod, offering your own smile to Jungkook.
“Jimin?” Hoseok asks and you turn your gaze to the last dark-haired man standing on the doorway, his hand still stuck on the handle. “Come on, make your decision. We can’t keep a lady waiting, yeah?”
The younger man says nothing, but you watch him swallow. It takes a little bit for Jimin to decide, but when he closes the door and locks it behind him, your heart speeds up; a nervous anticipation flowing in your bloodstream. His footsteps are slow as he makes his way to the three of you before he sinks to his knees, eyes searching your face for any discomfort. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?” Jimin questions, a comforting lilt in his voice.
You nod furiously, only for Jimin’s eyes to darken and he clicks his tongue in disapproval. You wince at the harsh sound, wondering what you did in the last few seconds that caused his frown. When he speaks, his voice is much deeper, “Use that pretty mouth of yours to talk, hm?”
“Y-Yes,” you mutter quietly, barely a whisper.
Jimin reaches out and thumbs at your lower lip, eyes flickering between you and Hoseok. You feel Hoseok’s hand on your back as you lean forward, eyes closing when Jimin gets closer to meet your lips.
“Mmh—” you moan into the kiss, crawling over to sit on his lap.
Your hips take a mind of its own as you grind down on his hardening length. Jimin gasps into the kiss before pushing his tongue into your mouth. You feel an extra set of hands under your shirt and you break apart from Jimin to turn around to find Jungkook, eyes half-lidded as he leans down to take a turn with your lips. Jimin attaches his mouth to your neck, sucking gently on the base of your throat before moving higher to trail kisses over your jaw.
“Pretty,” Jimin husks, his hands tugging the hem of your blouse.
You break apart momentarily to discard your shirt and bra, squishing your tits together and smirking at the three set of eyes that stare at your naked chest. “Like what you see?” you mumble, your hands coming up to pinch your own nipples.
Rolling your eyes when they don’t react, you turn to grab Hoseok’s hand to place it over your tit. “Don’t just sit there,” you whine. “Touch me.”
It’s all the push the stunned figures need before they jump into action. Hoseok groans as he massages your tits, his expert and familiar hands warm on your body. Jungkook grabs your face in his tattooed hand to steal more kisses after discarding his own shirt, providing you with ample view of his muscled chest and abs. You rake your hands across his chest, thumbing his own nipples and you feel proud when you hear Jungkook groan.
“Fuck—you’re so hot,” Jungkook grunts into the kiss, nibbling on your bottom lip.
Jimin slowly lowers you down to the floor, kneeling down between your legs to take off your pants. He kisses your thighs and you gasp into Jungkook’s mouth, arching your chest forward to Hoseok’s awaiting hands. A hand winds itself in Jimin’s black hair, your hips jumping slightly every time his mouth grazes your clothed centre.
Hoseok leans closer to swirl his tongue around your nipple, pinching and tugging the other with his hand. “God, I love your tits,” he mumbles, grazing your sensitive nub with his teeth.
You gasp loudly at the feeling of so many hands all over your body and your mind slips closer to incoherence as you screw your eyes shut to savor the overwhelming sense of pleasure.
“Jimin!” you yelp, tugging the black strands harshly when he pushes your panties to the side to lick a broad stroke from your entrance to your clit. Jimin smiles against your cunt, his finger teasing your pulsing hole as he prods at the entrance while his mouth sucks your folds.
The breath knocks out of you as he shifts his attention to your clit, alternating between sucking and swirling the sensitive nub with his tongue. Without warning, he pushes a finger into your pussy and the groan that escapes your lips was so loud that Jungkook covers your mouth with his hand.
“Be quiet, pet,” the youngest member coos, stroking your hair gently. The nickname makes your shiver and Jungkook grins at your reaction. “Oh, you like that, huh?”
“Nah, be as loud as you want, baby, let’s make the employees that are still here jealous, yeah?” Hoseok snickers before biting down on your tit.
You hear a series of chuckles when you cry out his name, though your senses are muddled because Jimin takes the opportunity to insert another finger into your quivering hole.
“Now, now, you can’t be the only one having fun,” Jungkook chides teasingly, removing your hand from his chest to place it on his hard cock instead. “Fuck, you feel that?” he grunts when your fingers wrap around his length. “You got me so hard.”
With shaky fingers, you pull down his white sweatpants and boxers to release the trapped member and you take a second to admire his cock, standing proudly upright as the purple-ish head begins to release precum. There’s a curve to his cock that you don’t see in Hoseok and you swallow loudly as you imagine taking his length into your throat.
“Come here,” you whisper.
Jungkook helps you sit up, kneeling next to your head as Hoseok extracts himself to just watch, a proud smirk on his face. “You can take Jungkook’s cock in one go, right, baby?” he taunts, stroking your hair as you nod furiously.
Hoseok pushes your head as you wrap your lips around Jungkook’s cock, looking up at the dark-haired man as he hisses. He’s slightly longer than Hoseok and you have a hard time adjusting to his length when he pushes past your lips. When he hits the back of your throat, there’s still a few inches left and you relax your muscles before sinking deeper until your nose brushes the soft curls on his skin. Tears spring into your eyes and Hoseok’s large hand makes it impossible for you to move away, so you breathe in as evenly as you could while your fingers dig into Jungkook’s muscular tights.
“Fuck—your mouth feels so good,” Jungkook shudders as he moans.
“Good girl. I’ve trained you well, hm?” Hoseok whispers, kissing your shoulder as his grip on your hair tightens. “Show him what you can do.”
Despite his words, it’s Hoseok that moves your head in a rhythm and you have no choice but to keep your mouth open as he helps bob your head up and down Jungkook’s length. You keep your eyes on the youngest member, trying desperately not to choke. Hoseok removes his hand from the back of your head, letting Jungkook take control.
Jimin takes the chance to speed up his fingers and you moan around Jungkook’s length. “Fuck, fuck, fuck—” Jungkook curses, his own hips snapping to meet the thrusts.
Hoseok removes his pants and extracts your hand away from Jimin’s hair, so you could jerk him off simultaneously. You alternate between blowing your boyfriend and Jungkook, your jaw and hands beginning to cramp as the two men crave your attention. Through it all, Jimin’s fingers continue to rub your sweet spot and you add to the harmony of moans with your own as you feel the orgasm approaching quickly.
“Your cunt is clenching so tightly around my fingers, pet.” You hear Jimin rasp from between your legs. “Are you gonna cum soon?”
Your response to Jimin’s question is a muffled whimper as Jungkook plunges his cock into your mouth. The wet squelches and ragged breathing sounds are sharp in your ears, making your toes curl as shockwaves rush down your spine. Your orgasm is approaching rapidly, the waves slamming repeatedly into your battered figure.
“What do you think, Hobi? Should we let her cum?”
You barely hear Jimin’s question, too focused on his fingers slamming repeatedly into your aching cunt. You think you stopped breathing when Jimin slows his thrust, the scream dying in your lips when it’s Hoseok’s turn to stuff your face full of his cock.
“Shit—you’ve been so good to us, huh, baby? What do you think? Do you deserve to cum?” Hoseok grunts, pushing your head down to the hilt.
You attempt to nod, blinking tearily at your boyfriend. Relief floods your chest when Hoseok responds, “Give her a taste. It’s only right that we treat our toy nicely,” and you show your appreciation by licking the tip of his dick and hollowing your cheeks as you suck.
Jimin hums, sounding disappointed, but he picks up his speed, curling and uncurling his fingers inside you as he returns his mouth to suck at your clit. You moan louder, eyes screwing shut as the orgasm continues to build and it takes all your strength to avoid gritting your teeth when electric currents shoot down your spine.
Hoseok’s splays his hand on your tummy, pushing lightly to hold your body in place as you thrash wildly against his hold. You remove yourself from his dick as the coil snaps, waves upon waves of pleasure rendering your mind useless as you cry out Jimin’s name in a hoarse voice, flooding the hardwood floor below with your arousal.
He slows his thrusts before exiting out of your cunt. Jimin drinks your arousal before biting the inside of your thighs, making you yelp. “Good girl,” he praises before bringing his fingers to spread slick over your lips. “Open wide, baby.”
In a drunken haze, you part your lips to let Jimin put his soaked fingers into your mouth. You swirl your tongue around Jimin’s digits, groaning when you taste yourself. The way he’s fucking your mouth with his fingers in combination with the sight of his drenched face and swollen lips has your cunt clenching around nothing, the desire still alive in your veins.
Jimin finally exits your mouth and the three men stare at you while you come down from your high, eyes barely opening. Jungkook moves to situate himself behind you, pressing his chest to your back as he peppers kisses on your shoulders.
“Are you doing okay?” Hoseok asks gently after a while, standing up to grab a cup of water before handing it to you.
You’re grateful as you gulp the water down, the coolness easing your raspy throat before handing the paper cup back to Hoseok’s awaiting hand. After a few deep breaths, you smile brilliantly. “I’m okay, I can’t be the only one that gets to cum, right?”
Hoseok only laughs, kissing the top of your head. “That’s my girl,” he praises. “I’m just gonna watch for a bit. Tell these boys what you want, hm?”
A smirk appears on your lips as gaze flicker between the two dark-haired men. “Fuck me.”
Jimin growls, massaging your thighs harshly before removing his sweatpants. “On your hands and knees, baby,” he commands, patting your thighs as you shakily abide his request. He strokes his cock a few times before positioning the head on your entrance. He doesn’t take the slow approach, parting your ass cheeks before ramming his dick all the way inside of your wet walls in one fluid motion.
“Fuck!” you grunt, your eyes falling shut and you grit your teeth as your walls spasm to accommodate his girth.
When he begins to thrust in slowly, it takes everything in you not to collapse back on the floor, your limbs turning into jelly as Jimin’s cock brushes against your sensitive walls.
“Look in front of you, pet,” Jungkook chuckles, tapping your cheek lightly with his fingers. You open your eyes to a reflection of you in the mirror and you’re barely able to keep looking at the messy hair and ruined makeup. “You’re so fucked out and we’ve barely just started.”
Jungkook kneels in front of your face, blocking your view of the mirror. A proud smile graces his handsome features as he strokes your cheek delicately with his thumb. “Open wide for me, just like last time, yeah?”
You whimper, cunt clenching around Jimin’s length as you remembered the brutal pace Jungkook sets when he fucks your face.
“Shit, you just got tighter,” Jimin hisses from behind. His hands grip your ass cheeks in a steady hold as he increases his pace, the loud slapping of skin against skin ringing in your ears as Jungkook taps your lips with the head of his cock several times.
Opening your mouth wide, Jungkook pushes his cock to the back of your throat, his rhythm matching Jimin. You moan loudly, your limbs shaking with exhaustion as the men use your holes for their own pleasure.
“God, I’m getting jealous here,” Hoseok chuckles, returning to kneel next to your body. “You’re doing so good, baby. You look so pretty taking both of their cocks.”
Hoseok caresses your back, sending shivers down your spine. As you’re rocked back and forth between the two men, Hoseok brings his fingers on your clit, rubbing circular motions on your nub. Your eyes widen instantly, a scream muffled by the cock in your mouth. The sensations are too much and you feel the familiar burn in your abdomen that’s threatening to consume you whole.
“Oh, fuck— you’re so tight for me, baby, I’m going to fucking cum at this rate,” Jimin grunts, body shivering.
“Cum inside me, please,” you beg as you take lungful of air before sucking Jungkook’s cock again.
Jimin groans in response, his thrusts starting to falter. “Fuck! I’m cumming—shit,” he curses, pushing himself deeper as he reaches his high. Your eyes roll to the back of your head when you feel the warmth as Jimin paints your insides white with his cum. He thrusts a few times before exiting.
“Holy fucking shit,” Jimin curses, lying down on the hardwood floor as he catches his breath.
Though your face is still stuffed with Jungkook’s cock, you can’t help the satisfied grin on your face after hearing Jimin’s ragged breathing, but it’s soon wiped clean when you feel the blunt head of your boyfriend’s cock against your entrance. “My girlfriend is such a filthy whore. I’m gonna make sure that you don’t waste any of our cum,” he taunts, pushing himself inch by inch.
Your only response is a pathetic whimper, mouth too full of Jungkook’s cock. The younger man hasn’t said much and when you look up past the curtain of tears, it is a sight to behold. Looking like a Greek statue coming to life, Jungkook has his head tipped back, mouth hanging open as he moans quietly. His dark hair is plastered on his face and his brows are tightly drawn to the centre of his forehead as he focuses on his pleasure. Praying that you have enough strength to hold your weight with one hand, your cup his balls and massage them, eliciting a sharp gasp of your name as he picks up his pace.
“Fuck!” Jungkook mutters.
Hoseok exits your cunt, leaving only the tip inside before slamming back in. The hand that was on Jungkook’s balls return to his shapely thighs, your knuckles turning white as you sink your nails on his flesh to hold you steady.
“Baby, how are you still so fucking tight?” Hoseok grunts, slamming into you repeatedly.
Your head is a mess of sensations, the small ember in your abdomen now a blazing fire. Your high arrives much quicker this time, the familiar shape of your boyfriend’s cock sending you into overdrive as he fucks you hard and fast.
“I can’t—” Jungkook grunts. He holds your head with two of his hands and he increases his pace, his balls slapping against your chin. “I’m gonna—fuck!”
With a heaving breath and a long, drawn-out moan of your name, Jungkook thrusts his cock deep into your mouth, spilling his seed down your throat. You do your best to drink it all, not letting a drop spill out as you suck, trying to focus on his pleasure before your own. His body shudders as he exits your mouth, painting your lips with the last of his cum as he smirks down at you.
“Shit—that was good,” he comments, breathing shakily as he leans back on the floor with his elbows while taking in lungful of air.
“And then there was one,” Jimin snickers from somewhere behind you. His feet pad softly on the floor until he kneels down by your head. “Such a pretty lipstick you have on, baby.”
Jimin kisses you as Hoseok continues to drive his cock into your battered walls, dragging out your orgasm repeatedly until you’re barely able to kiss Jimin back, your senses clouded with only the thought of your boyfriend’s cock inside of you.
As Jimin pushes his tongue inside your mouth, you feel a rough pair of hands on your tits. You crack your eyelids open to find Jungkook in your periphery, leaning down to kiss your shoulders as he pinches your nipples. Hoseok snakes a hand to rub circles on your clit, breathing staggered as he chants your name.
For the second time that day, the waves of pleasure make your toes curl and you release yourself from Jimin’s mouth to moan. “Hoseok—I’m gonna—” you manage to cry.
Jungkook’s rough hands continue to fondle your tits as he leaves bite marks all over your shoulders. “Let go, pet, we’re right here,” he murmurs into your ear.
“Fuck, I’m close too, baby, I’m gonna fuck my cum deep inside you,” Hoseok groans as he speeds up.
Hoseok shoves his cock deep inside your pussy when your walls spasm around his length, the orgasm washing over both of you in great waves. You feel the hot spurts of cum spilling inside your walls and your nails dig deep into the hardwood floors of the practice room while your body shudders against his grip. There’s a loud ringing in your ears as you come down from your high, and with shaky limbs, you lower yourself onto the cold floor.
You hear three sets of voices coo and praise you, but you’re too far gone to listen. Jimin places your head on his lap, raking your hair with his gentle fingers. You hiss when you feel a warm, damp towel between your legs, though you’re grateful that someone’s helping to clean you up.
“Mmh—need kisses,” you mumble, voice barely audible from the exhaustion. You manage to crack an eye open to find Jungkook leaning over to claim your lips. He parts for a bit to help you sit up and drink water before returning with kisses.
“You’re so good to us, baby,” Hoseok whispers, massaging your thighs with his deft hands.
Gradually, the ringing stops and your vision is no longer spotty. Your legs still feel like jelly as you try to stand and Hoseok chuckles quietly before he helps you into your clothes.
“Did it feel good?” Jungkook asks, stroking your head while you lean on Hoseok’s shoulder.
You nod, the corners of your lips turning up into a smile.
“Well, I’m glad,” Jimin responds with an equally dazzling grin.
The two younger men kiss both your cheeks as you gather your things, leaving you and Hoseok alone in the practice room.
“So, was it a dream come true after all?” he jokes. It earns him a punch on the shoulder, and he pouts playfully.
“Shut up,” you mumble. “Let’s get out of here.”
When the two of you leave the practice room, the receptionist at the desk refuses to meet your eyes as you wave goodbye.
Tumblr media
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Eunoia // Ch. 18
Tumblr media
eunoia (noun): beautiful thinking, the possession of a well-balanced mind, which exhibits goodwill and kindness
Pairings: Hybrid! BTS x reader
Summary: You are a world famous director and you have dedicated your life to your job.You have everything you could ever dream of; wealth, recognision, talent, your friends and family. But loneliness ins’t cured by success. So what happens when you somehow rescue seven hybrids? Can they fill the void?
Genre: Angst, fluff, hurt/comfort, eventual smut
Word Count: 16.3k+
Warnings: past abuse, past sexual abuse, cursing
Chapter 1, Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17
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Tumblr media
“There must have been a misunderstanding,” you said, pacing around your hotel room. If there had been a carpet on the floor, it would have been forever marked with the imprints of your panic. “I’m jumping to conclusions again, aren’t I? I need to remind myself that I’m not living in a movie. He must have meant something else. Maybe it’s some sort of show.”
“What kind of show?” John asked, a harsh line etched between his brows. He was sitting on an armchair in the sitting area of your room studying the card, but there was nothing to be deciphered from it. Only a location was printed on it in bold black letters and underneath that the hour and date.
“I don’t know. It could be anything! It doesn’t have to be an auction. An illegal auction.” Your legs ached from weeks of running around but both times you had attempted to sit down you had been up on your feet again in seconds. “Tell me that the weeks of promotions are affecting me and I’m imagining dramatic plots about hybrid auctions from simple conversations.”
John turned the card in his hands. “It wasn’t an innocent conversation. He said you might add another hybrid to your collection.”
You took a deep breath, stopping next to the floor-to-ceiling window that you favored and almost all modern luxury hotels seemed to have. Your heart wouldn’t stop racing, beating wildly in a race against something you couldn’t grasp. You were scared and you were tired. But you were angry too that someone dared to call them a collection. Being interviewed and attending events for more than half of your life, you had learned to not pick fights and keep your insults and sharp words to yourself. For once, you regretted it.
You massaged your temples, a headache was tugging at your skull. “Don’t remind me. I was dangerously close to tearing his mustache out. Why does my mind always come up with the worst scenarios?”
“I wouldn’t say that it’s your mind that’s the problem. It’s a logical conclusion after that conversation. What else could it be?”
“An adoption center could be having an event. It doesn’t have to be something illegal.”
You had been waiting for John’s deadpan look, you didn’t believe yourself either. “If it were an adoption center having an event, why wouldn’t he just say that outright? Why the vague invitation and the card that mentions no names and nothing about the event? If this was an event organized by an adoption center and it was one hundred percent legal, there would be no need for that.”
You couldn’t come up with any other explanation. Nothing else made sense. You replayed the conversation again and again, desperate to remember a detail you had overlooked that would prove you were overreacting and your imagination was getting too wild due to lack of sleep. There was nothing there, no details you could hold on to. He had been very clear about what he thought of hybrids and that whatever awaited for you tomorrow at the location printed on the card would be an opportunity for you to add one to your “collection”.
You bristled at that. A fucking collection. Is that what everyone thought you were doing? First your mother and now that bad rendition of a black and white movie villain. Hybrids weren’t cars or postcards or stamps, they were people. They weren’t something to be collected. It made white-hot rage course through your body, thinking of them as something to be displayed like they didn’t have feelings, like they didn’t have dreams and hopes. They were so close to humans and yet…
You mustn’t have made your stance on hybrid rights clear if there were people who believed you would treat hybrids like collectibles. It was a startling realization that you hadn’t done enough. It had seemed like a problem far removed from you, one you hadn’t known the extent of and hadn’t bothered to do enough research to learn more.
One thing you knew was that hybrid auctions were highly illegal, they had been outlawed a few years after the first hybrids had been adopted. The government had held the first few auctions before hybrid adoption centers took their place and they were deemed unnecessary and dangerous.
You collapsed on the couch, your knee bouncing. “What do we do now? Should we report that? I can’t act like nothing happened when there could be hybrids out there sold to the highest bidder, living in awful conditions. If those people aren’t above getting a hybrid illegally then I don’t reckon they will care very much about treating them like people.”
John set the card face-down on the round table, next to the blue and white vase in which a bouquet of fresh white roses was arranged. “The ones who get them the legal way don’t care much either. You want to report them to the police?”
“They will do something, won’t they?” you asked.
John’s lips were set in a tight line. “If the report comes from you, it’s likely. But it could put you in danger if they learn it was you who ratted them out.”
“How will they learn? I can do it anonymously, can’t I?”
“They could have someone in the police,” he said. “And we know no one here who can guarantee your safety.”
“You are here,” you offered. “You can keep me safe.”
The line of his mouth softened. “I always will. But I don’t have my whole team with me, there are only four of us here and that isn’t enough if something big happens.”
You looked outside the window, the bright lights of Seoul greeting you. They didn’t offer you any comfort tonight. “We’re thinking of the worst-case scenario again. It was the same with the fighting ring in Los Angeles. Nothing happened and everyone in the station knew that I was involved.”
“I warned you then too,” John said. “And the circumstances were different. Matters were more pressing and we had Diana.”
More pressing because of Yoongi. It had been a hard time but you were over that. Yoongi was safe back in Los Angeles with the pack. He was safe.
“Wait. Diana. We can call Diana!”
John frowned. “She has no jurisdiction here.”
“No, but she can advise us what to do.” You sighed. “John, please. I don’t think I will be able to live with myself if I don’t do anything about it. Those hybrids… We have no idea what they are going through, what they will go through when they are adopted.”
You imagined Jungkook in a cage, waiting to be auctioned off. Jimin on a stage, strangers holding up numbers and shouting how much they believed he was worth. Namjoon and Yoongi would try to fight back but after too long in the dark, maybe they would be able to break their spirits. You stopped yourself before you could create any more images to haunt you.
They were all safe. Jin was probably cooking right now or watching shows on the TV. Jungkook might be painting, he had moved a large canvas to the front yard because he wanted to paint the fountain. Namjoon would be outside, the only time he spent inside was for breakfast in the kitchen, for ‘pack time’ in the living room or the cinema room and to sleep. Hoseok and Jimin could be anywhere with any of them, in the garden or the living room or the game room, it was rare to find the two of them alone. Yoongi would be with them or playing the piano or sleeping in the shade somewhere in the gardens.
You blinked, thinking of them calmed you. “We have to do something.”
“Diana is going to tell you to report it,” John said. “She works in the police, what else would she tell you?”
“She could tell me how to approach the matter, who I should look for. Maybe I should ask for someone specifically. There could be someone in the station who specializes in these things.”
“Suspected illegal hybrid auctions reported by a foreigner?”
You ran a hand through your hair, it was stiff from the products the stylists had used to freeze it into loose curls. “Do you have any other ideas? Because I’m not letting any hybrids be auctioned off like that.”
You knew what he was doing, he was in defense mode. His job was to protect you and you were insisting on putting yourself in danger.
“You are going to report it anyway,” he said, looking you in the eye. “You have already decided. I know that face. And I knew from the moment you told me that you wouldn’t let it go. You always have to get involved, don’t you?”
There was a small smile on his face. It was all the more true this year. He picked up the card and held it out to you.
“Call Diana. Tell her I said hi.”
For once, the time difference was helpful. In Seoul, it was too late for anyone who wasn’t partying to be awake. In Los Angeles, people were arriving at work. Time zones were difficult to navigate but you were getting better at it the more you traveled. Your phone helped but you had also memorized the differences between different cities. Hours behind and hours ahead trickling down in a fragile hourglass.
Diana answered after the third ring, greeted you jovially, and congratulated you for the premiere of the new season of Paper Hearts. News related to you reached everyone with undeniable accuracy.
You didn’t dedicate much time to pleasantries, she was well aware there was a reason you were calling her.
“Excuse me for saying this.” Her voice was clear through the phone, confident and commanding. “But you either have very bad luck or very good luck depending on the perspective. First the hybrid fighting ring and now a hybrid auction. It seems like they’re following you.”
“Don’t ask me why. I have no idea either.” You had resumed your pacing. John watched you, arms crossed. “I might be overreacting but I haven’t come up with any other explanation. What else could he have meant?”
“No, I think you’re right,” Diana said. “This is most certainly a hybrid auction of some sort. These are exclusive, invitation-only events. High-class. You are the type of person who would fit right in. We didn’t share a lot of information about the hybrid fighting ring with the press, your name wasn’t mentioned at all.” She chuckled. “Look at their luck, inviting someone who worked with the police to dismantle a hybrid fighting ring.”
You had asked them specifically to remain anonymous, both for your protection in case someone involved with the fighting would want to retaliate and because the media would have a field day with this. Your name on every news outlet and gossip magazine was the last thing you needed.
Without the background information, not knowing the whole story, you could kind of see why people would think you were adopting hybrids just for the sake of it. Six hybrids in half a year was a lot, two hybrids were already considered a lot. It put into perspective the way people viewed you, what they thought your goals and wants were. The media had shaped a personality for you that was often so far from the truth that it was comical. Other times it was an idealization of your work ethic, passion, and confidence, what you aimed to become but weren’t there yet.
But people reached their own conclusions as well and that seemed to be the case for this.
“There is someone I know in the Korean police,” Diana said. “We worked together a couple of years ago on an international level case. As far as I know, she was promoted but still works in the hybrid department in Seoul. I will contact her and you can report it straight to her. She is incredible at her job and she can guarantee your anonymity.”
They said money makes the world go round, but connections do too. A myriad of problems could be solved if you knew the right person. You had a network of connections spanning around you, most of which you owed to Amelia. Your manager was the most well-connected person you had ever met and her friends were apparently the same.
When the call ended John got up from his chair. “We will have to work around your schedule tomorrow morning.”
You had a few hours of interviews and appearances with little to no breaks in-between. They had fit everything they could in your two-day stay in Seoul, leaving only the nights for you to enjoy. But you had to go to the police early, the sooner the better. The auction would take place tomorrow night (today if you considered how late it was) and you needed to give the police as much time as you could.
“I’ll come up with something,” you said. “Who knows? Maybe I lost my purse and I need to report it.”
Mirth danced around John’s eyes. “You rarely carry a purse with you.”
“I was carrying one last night.”
John looked somewhere behind you. “The one that’s right there?”
You followed his gaze to the armchair, the red Marc Jacobs purse was sitting upright on it like you hadn’t thrown it there without looking. “But no one knows but us. I’ll say I only noticed in the morning and I must rush to the police station. I’ll hide it in my suitcase.”
Your bodyguard looked mildly entertained. “You have everything figured out,” he joked before sobering up. “It’s late, you should go to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day, you’ll need your strength.”
Sleep would be a difficult companion tonight, the night was too loud. But John didn’t need your insomnia added to his problems. “I'll do my best. I can run on coffee and a few hours of sleep for days."
John scooped up his jacket from the couch. "It's already been days, we don't need to add any more. And you get irritable when you go too long without proper sleep. And you space out sometimes. Not good for interviews."
"I don't space out," you spluttered. "I get distracted that's all."
"Right, that's all." John threw his jacket over his arm and made his way to the door. "We don't want you getting distracted tomorrow. Remember that it's the last day, after that both of us can finally go home and get some real rest. You can make it through one more day."
"Sure can," you said, following him. You stood behind him as he opened the door. "Goodnight, John. And thank you."
He rubbed your shoulder. "You don't have to thank me. Have a good night and sweet dreams."
The door closed behind him and you breathed in deeply. Released the breath. The card was sitting on the table where you had left it. It was taunting you. A piece of paper was taunting you. It sounded ridiculous, like you were losing your mind but that's what it felt. And maybe you were losing your mind, you had drunk way too many cups of coffee the past few days and John was right, you were running on very few hours of sleep. Lack of sleep was a constant in your life but in Virginia, despite the many night shoots, you had been consistently sleeping better.
You were light-years from Virginia now, at least that's what it felt like. Reality was sinking in slowly. You had been invited to a hybrid auction. Some people genuinely believed you didn't care about hybrids other than using them to boost your ego. You should be offended but you were mostly hurt. If that's how the world view you then you must have done something wrong.
You changed into your pajamas and took off your makeup following a years-old night routine, one you didn't have to think about. Your thoughts were occupied with the auction and your upcoming visit to the police station. One day. You were one day away from going back to Los Angeles and forgetting your worries for a few weeks. Something as unbelievable as being invited to a hybrid auction by a man who looked like he had escaped a black and white spy movie of course had to happen. It was just your luck.
Deep breaths, you reminded yourself climbing on the bed. The temperature in the room was maintained at a level that allowed you to snuggle under a thin blanket. That was the case for most of the hotels you stayed at. You were grateful, your insomnia was already bad enough, the added heat made it unbearable. To sleep, you needed to be covered with something.
Closing your eyes, you gave it a try. And one more try. And one more.
No. No, it wasn't working. You were worn to the bone but the images behind your eyelids of hybrids in literal cages and being displayed like artifacts to a crowd of potential buyers wouldn't let you drift off.
You picked up your phone from the nightstand and hid under the blanket. The brightness of the screen made you flinch, your eyes stinging. It was way too late to be awake but if you continued like this you wouldn't be falling asleep any time soon.
It was nearing eleven in the morning in Los Angeles. You pressed the call button.
It rang three times.
"Hey," Namjoon sounded breathless like he had run a long way and very fast to pick it up.
“I thought you wouldn’t call. What time is it over there?”
You glanced at the numbers on the top right corner of the screen. “Late enough that I shouldn’t be awake.”
“Can’t sleep?” he asked and you could practically hear him worrying.
Lowering the blanket, you laid on your back staring at the light gray ceiling. “Something happened today and it won’t let me rest. It’s all I’m thinking about and I’m afraid that even if I do fall asleep it will morph into a nightmare.”
“What happened? Are you okay? Where is John?” The questions came one after the other in quick succession.
“John is in his room. And I’m fine. Nothing happened to me,” you reassured him. The last thing you wanted was burdening someone else with your problems but you needed someone to talk to and Namjoon was the best option. Your fingers had been itching to call him for a while, to hear his voice. “Do you remember the party I told you we would be going after the promotions were over? It was nice, the place was beautiful, the host was friendly and funny… The actors were having a really good time but I was tired so I was looking for John and this man came up to me. It was the usual talk, telling me about how much he likes my movies and shows, asking about Paper Hearts, stuff like that. Almost like any other conversation I had tonight. Then-”
You stopped yourself, dragging your hand over your face. Namjoon knew what some people said about hybrids, he had witnessed it all first-hand but you still hesitated. Because he was used to it, it didn’t mean that it didn’t hurt him.
“He started talking about you.” You let it hang in the air for a few seconds. “About how many hybrids I have. He said I have a nice collection.”
“You know you shouldn’t listen to them.”
“That’s not it. If it was just that, I would be angry but… He gave me a card, he invited me to a show, said I might get a seventh one. The card only has a location and time on it.”
A sharp intake of breath. “What did you say?”
“Nothing. John saw that I was uncomfortable and came to rescue me.” If John hadn’t been there, maybe you would have asked more questions. But knowing yourself, you would most likely have found a way to excuse yourself from the conversation. “I called Diana, I didn’t know what else to do. She agreed that it’s almost certainly a hybrid auction.”
You heard a muffled curse, you couldn’t understand which one it was. “What are you going to do?”
“Report it obviously,” you said. “What else would I do? Attend? Diana knows someone in the Seoul police department and I’ll meet up with her tomorrow. The police can do their job from there.”
“Just- Be careful. Dangerous people are involved in these things. The rich and powerful are behind these auctions and you know what that means.”
You did. It was the reason you and John were talking for so long, debating every option you had which admittedly weren’t many.
“I am rich and powerful,” you attempted to lighten up the mood.
“I didn’t say you aren’t. But we don’t know who is involved in the auction or how many connections they have. They might have someone working in the police.”
You threw an arm over your eyes. “That’s what John’s worried about. And that’s why I’ll go straight to Diana’s friend and make sure I’ll stay anonymous. After that, I can go back to the last few interviews. And the day after tomorrow I’ll be back in Los Angeles. I trust Diana, she kept all her promises when we were looking for Yoongi and I trust her judgment. In half an hour I will be done at the police station and go back to promotions.”
You could imagine him, his eyes half-closed, processing what you had told him. After stumbling upon one too many hybrids, it was a look you were familiar with. Namjoon had never stopped you from following your instincts but you knew it wasn’t easy for him.
“I should have expected it,” you heard him mutter.
“I should have expected it,” he repeated. “These last couple of months have been too calm. With our luck, it shouldn’t take long until something happened.”
“It isn’t your luck that’s the problem. It’s mine, you can say it. I don’t know what’s going on this year, what went wrong or right or neither. I’m starting to wonder if I fell into one of my movies but my movies would never be that boring.”
He chuckled quietly and you closed your eyes, imagining you were there with him. Able to hug him and hold him, be enveloped by his calming presence. Your mind went to Jin and the thing growing between the three of you. You had promised yourself not to overthink it and you had mostly kept your promise. It would creep up to you in the in-betweens and you would chase it away until it would appear again. If you didn’t act quickly, it would stay and grow and fester and you wouldn’t be able to escape it.
You only needed one tiny crack and the rest would follow.
Virginia was almost like the fairytale your house had emerged from. In many ways, you had created a bubble for yourself. Your problems hadn’t disappeared but you had ignored most of them. You focused on the present, the lunch boxes, the flower crowns, the forest. Soft touches and kisses, pink cheeks.
Laying in a king bed alone in a hotel room that was too large for one person in a city on the other side of the world, it all seemed minuscule compared to the rest of your life. All the larger-than-life moments, the unrivaled achievements, Oscars, and Guinness World Records. You could list them all in your head, how you felt at each one, the excitement and happiness, the tears, and the waterproof mascara. They should feel more important, take up all the top spots of your best memories. They should. But nothing compared to the first kisses you shared with Namjoon and Jin or the laughter that filled the house at night, the movie nights and dinners and picnics and the piano notes drifting in the air.
♬♩♪♩ ♩♪♩♬♬♩♪♩ ♩♪♩♬♬♩♪♩ ♩♪♩♬♬♩♪♩ ♩♪♩♬♬♩♪♩
 The chair was so comfortable you could fall asleep if you closed your eyes. To stop that from happening you played a game on your phone that didn’t need much thought and stared outside the window. Hak Yujin, head of Hybrid Rights and Protection department, had left to talk to some people after filing your report. Her office wasn’t what someone would call spacious, fitting a desk, three chairs, a bookcase that took up one of the walls, and not much else. Despite the lack of space, it didn’t feel crammed. The large window, the light gray walls, and the strategic furniture arrangement made the room look larger than it was.
John was waiting for you outside. The two of you had slipped away, using the purse excuse. You had missed a couple of interviews but that was the least of your worries. On this promotional tour, you had answered all the questions anyone could have about Season 5 of Paper Hearts and your involvement in it which was limited to writing scripts, many phone calls, and online conference calls.
Yujin walked in carrying two more folders she must have picked up on her crusade outside. She was wearing a simple white blouse over blue jeans and had her hair up on a tight bun at the base of her scalp. She looked only a few years older than you but to be in her position you guessed she was older than that.
“I talked with the captain,” she explained, sitting down behind the desk, placing the folders on it. Her English was impeccable. “We don’t have much time to study the case and plan our course of action. The resources we can use at such short notice and with so little time are limited.”
You crossed your arms in front of you, suddenly feeling defensive. “Does that mean you won’t do anything?”
Yujin shook her head firmly. “It means we can only do so much. We will do our best but it may not be enough.” She opened one of the files and glanced over it quickly. It was all written in Korean so you didn’t have any chance of understanding. “As I told you, we have been aware that someone is organizing hybrid auctions. They have been breeding hybrids illegally and selling them at astronomical prices. There have also been a few cases of kidnapping hybrid from hybrid centers, none of which we have been able to find.”
She pushed the folder closer to you. A blond hybrid with dimples smiled from the page.
“His name is Myeong, he was taken two months ago while he was in the garden playing. The caretaker who was watching over them said he was helping a cat hybrid climb down a tree when he heard him screaming. By the time he turned around, three men wearing black masks had taken him. He is an arctic fox hybrid, very rare. He is five.”
Your fingers hovered over the photo. “Five?” Hybrids that young were vulnerable. At the hands of those people their innocence would be stripped away and torn apart.
Yujin turned the page, this photo was of a girl with brown fluffy ears.
“This is Jiho, four months ago someone broke into the hybrid center and took her from her room. Wombat hybrid, the only one created. Seven years old.” She showed you two more photos. One more child taken and one teenager. “They are going after the rare breeds, it makes sense for an auction. The rarest the breed, the highest the bids. We suspect they have someone working in a hybrid center that sends them information about the hybrids or they send people in pretending they want to adopt. Hybrids under the age of ten can’t be adopted but people can meet them or they can ask about them.”
You felt sick to your stomach. “And you haven’t found any of them.”
Yujin gazed at the folder sadly before closing it. “We have tried everything in our power. But it isn’t enough. We haven’t been able to locate any of their hideouts and other than a few suspicions we don’t know who is organizing the auctions and who is involved. The only thing we could do is add some extra protection to the hybrid centers but we don’t want to alarm the hybrids or the workers there.”
“If four hybrids have been kidnapped in the last four months, I would believe they are already alarmed.”
She sighed, picking up a file from the stack. This one she kept to herself, not that you would have been able to read it. “Let me rephrase that, the adoption centers don’t want the people going in to adopt getting alarmed. And making the hybrids nervous and jittery around strangers will lower their chances of being adopted. We can’t go against their wishes.”
“That’s-” you stopped yourself before cursing. It wasn’t good form. “That’s ridiculous.”
“I agree,” she said. “But the fact remains that we haven’t made much progress until this.” Between two fingers, she held up the pink card. “This is our chance to rescue those hybrids before we lose sight of them again. But time is pressing in on us. The hotel the auction is taking place at is one of the largest and most prestigious establishments in the city. In the country. We don’t know which room the auction is taking place, which floor. We have nothing concrete, only the suspicion of a hybrid auction happening there. Even if we can get into the hotel without a warrant, which I’m not sure will be granted, we would have to search forty floors without any clue as to where we need to look. They could easily disappear without leaving any trace behind.”
A lump was forming in your throat, this wasn’t going the way you had expected it to. You had thought you would file the report and the police would ambush them at night and arrest everyone freeing the hybrids. You should have known better. Nothing was ever that simple.
“So what? You won’t even try?” you asked trying to keep your voice steady and professional.
Yujin pressed her lips together. “We will. But it’s very likely that we won’t accomplish anything. Not unless we have help.”
She looked at you pointedly and you understood. It was the way executives looked at you when they were about to hand you more work. Work you weren’t supposed to be the one doing.
“What kind of help?”
“I know it’s a lot to ask from you,” Yujin started and you could tell that she was hesitant. “You can walk right out the door and I won’t judge you. But I am being honest when I tell you that without your help, our chances of uncovering the hybrid auction are close to zero.” You motioned for her to continue. “We would send in someone from our team to gather intel but this is most likely an invite-only event, meaning they will be suspicious of someone they haven’t heard of before.”
“So you want me to go in and tell you where to look,” you concluded.
Yujin pushed the files aside, leaving the space between you empty. “I’ll say it again; it’s a lot to ask but we don’t have any other options. We need someone to go in, locate which room and floor the auction is taking place at, any exits we should know and if they have armed forces and how many. If you go, you will leave as soon as you can, contact me and go back to your hotel. You won’t be there when we break in and you won’t be involved in the altercations in any way.”
You sat up straighter, uncrossing your arms. You debated listening to her earlier statement, wishing her a good day, and walking out of the room. You could go back to your team, do a few more interviews, enjoy the rest of the day in Seoul.
No, you wouldn't enjoy it, you would be plagued by the thought of the hybrids you had sentenced to a life of imprisonment.
"I need to think about it."
John noticed that something was wrong the moment you walked out. As expected he wasn't a fan of the idea of sending you into the wolf's den. Yujin had agreed to let you think about it but you would have to decide soon. The auction was tonight and they would need to make preparations and adjust accordingly.
During the interviews you were barely paying attention, you had to ask the interviewers to repeat questions twice. The show’s producer was side-eyeing you for the duration of the last interview. Your co-workers thought you were so distracted over a lost purse when in reality losing your purse wouldn't affect you in any way other than making you feel stupid. To cover up your absent-minded behavior, you said that it was your favorite purse and it had sentimental value. The actors, sweet as they were, promised to buy you a prettier one for your birthday, which resulted in you feeling worse about lying to them. But you couldn’t exactly tell them you had to go to the police because you had been invited to an illegal hybrid auction. And that you were crazy enough to consider going undercover for them.
Lunchtime rolled around and you were invited for Korean BBQ, where one of the last few interviews of the day took place. You tried to focus on answering the questions and making small talk while stressing over the fact that you hadn’t decided what to do with the police. Difficult combination. Regardless, you were getting better at appearing like you weren’t lost in your head.
Attending the auction could be dangerous, you were completely aware of that. You could accidentally give yourself away or seem suspicious. You weren’t an actor, you didn’t have complete faith in yourself that you could give a flawless performance. Your facade could slip and the questions would follow. You had experience with putting on a mask for events, acting pleasant, and like you were enjoying yourself when in reality you were counting down the minutes until you could leave. But you never had to pretend you were perfectly happy when you were watching hybrids being sold like nothing more than an expensive vase.
Hybrid auctions and hybrid adoption centers had a few key differences. At their core, both of them were selling hybrids but their methods were different. Adoption centers had to follow the law. Hybrids younger than ten couldn’t be adopted, the people who adopted hybrids had to have a clean police record and if they didn’t their file would have to go through lengthy consideration progress. There were many rules like that, not that they were always followed but at least they were there. 
On the other hand, the people organizing the auctions or buying hybrids from them didn’t have to follow any rules. They could treat hybrids however they wanted and no one would bat an eye. You had heard many horror stories about what they did to hybrids behind the scenes to prepare them for the “show”.
When the last interview ended, you told the show’s team you wanted to rest and went back to the hotel with John. In the car, you pulled out your phone and tapped on a contact. You didn’t wait long before Namjoon picked up.
“Can you gather everyone? There is something I want to discuss with you.”
Namjoon didn’t question you. You heard shuffling as he called the other hybrids and climbed up the stairs to the top floor. They greeted you cheerily, Namjoon hadn’t shared with them what you had told him last night. Maybe it would have been easier if he had.
Silence spread when you told them there was something important you had to share with them. You explained the story from the start, from your arrival at the party to the man with the mustache walking up to you, your suspicions and your talk with John in your hotel room, your call with Diana, and finally your visit to the police station. Halfway through, the car arrived at the hotel. You didn’t wait for John to open the door for you, getting out and heading for the entrance. John followed you inside and picked up both keys from the reception desk.
“She asked me to go and gather information for them or else they will be going in blind,” you finished, staring at your reflection in the mirror along the hallway’s wall. You wished you could see their faces, watch their reactions but there was only silence.
“What are you going to do?” Namjoon asked, his voice calm.
“What do you mean what is she going to do?” Jin asked, incredulous. “She can’t go, she will be putting herself in danger. Auctions- They are…”
You had expected that they wouldn’t want you to go just like John didn’t want you to go. You weren’t sure whether you wanted to go either.
“Can’t they send someone else? S-someone from the police?” Jungkook asked, stuttering. He stuttered when he was nervous or afraid and your heart clenched knowing it was because of you.
“They thought of that but it’s a private event and it would be suspicious if they showed up. They probably have my name and they will be waiting for me, not some stranger.”
“You can’t be seriously considering it,” Yoongi said forcefully. “If they get a whiff of you working with the police, you will never get out of that building. They will sniff you out the moment you walk inside. They can tell apart the ones as sick as them.”
“Can they? Because I was invited.”
You stopped in front of your room and opened the door. John entered behind you and closed it.
"Clearly, he wasn’t one of the brightest there. He isn’t the one holding the power.”
You threw your backpack on the coffee table and kicked off your shoes. John went to his chair texting someone on his phone. You wanted to scream.
“He must be someone they trust if they let him invite people based on his judgment,” you shot back. “I don’t think anyone can go around inviting whoever they like if it is such a private event with very specific guests.”
“You have no idea what you’re dealing with.” Yoongi’s voice was bordering on a growl. “I have dealt with people like that all my life and they-”
“Yoongi,” Hoseok cut him off firmly.
Blood was rushing to your ears, your heart beating quicker than it should. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes, welcoming the darkness for a moment. Yoongi hadn’t raised his voice since the last time you fought, the last time he accused you of taking advantage of them. You hadn’t missed it.
John looked up from his phone. You shook your head.
“If I don’t go, those hybrids will go to the hands of men and women who will treat them like fancy jewelry at best. You know better than me what the worst is.” You steadied yourself with a hand on the glass wall. “They have children. Four children they took from adoption centers in the past few months. One of them is only five.”
“They can’t…” Jimin’s voice faded. “They can’t sell them. They are- They are too young.”
“They don’t care,” you said. “I don’t know if they will sell them now or if they will wait but whatever they are doing to them now might be worse than what they will go through when they are adopted. Yujin showed me their photos. I can’t forget their faces.”
The photos had made everything more real, more tangible. The lives that were at stake were no longer shadows. They had faces and ages, some were missing teeth and some were wearing ribbons in their hair.
“I’m going to call Yujin and tell her that I’ll go. That’s why I called you, I wanted you to know.”
♬♩♪♩ ♩♪♩♬♬♩♪♩ ♩♪♩♬♬♩♪♩ ♩♪♩♬♬♩♪♩ ♩♪♩♬♬♩♪♩
 After the phone call ended, Jin got up and went to his bedroom. It was late in Los Angeles, they had eaten dinner a few hours ago and they were preparing to go to sleep when you called. Namjoon had found Jin in his room scrolling through his phone and the sugar glider had followed him upstairs with bleary eyes. Namjoon could understand his sudden departure, the need to get away.
He made his way to the kitchen, opening the cupboard and taking a clear glass. He had been fortunate to never be involved with a hybrid auction in any capacity but the horror stories had followed him since he was young. Brutal documentaries and chilling testimonies. They were the boogeyman tales they told young hybrids to behave, sleep early and eat their food.  
"Are you just going to let her go? Just like that?" Yoongi interrupted him while he was pouring himself a glass of water. He wasn't shouting but Namjoon could tell he wanted to.
"I'm not letting her go," he said, setting his glass on the counter. “If she decided to go, I can’t change her mind. It’s her choice regardless of whether I like it or not.”
Yoongi glared. “They will eat her alive. She doesn’t look like them, she doesn’t act like them. If they realize she is working with the police, there will be no way out for her. You will never see her again. She will take her last breath in that hotel.”
Namjoon gritted his teeth. Yoongi was pointing out each of his fears and throwing them in his face.
“I trust her,” he said. “If she says she can do it, I believe her. I trust her judgment.”
Yoongi’s eyes flashed, his tail standing still. “Aren’t you the alpha of the pack? You are supposed to be protecting them!”
It was a stab to his chest, the pain bordering on physical. “Protect her how? I can’t forbid her from going. She is on the other side of the world, sixteen time zones away! I knew she was going to agree the moment she told us what they asked of her. She can’t resist helping. She couldn’t resist when she saw two hybrids being beaten up in the street,” his voice wavered but he went on, “or when he saw a red cross on a door or when Jimin ran after you. What am I supposed to do? I can’t stop her. Weren’t you the one who said that she was controlling us? How am I supposed to stop her if she is the one controlling me?”
Namjoon regretted bringing it up the moment the words slipped past his lips. But he was losing his grip and the pain in his chest was flaring up. Being angry was easier than being hurt.
Yoongi flinched. “I was wrong! Alright?” He took a shaky breath. “But you can’t-”
“That’s enough!” Hoseok was standing at the doorway behind Yoongi, his face set. “I can’t believe that you’re fighting right now. What are you trying to accomplish? Make things worse for everyone?”
To Namjoon’s surprise, Yoongi bowed his head. “I’m sorry,” he said quietly.
“I-it’s okay. I’m sorry for snapping at you.”
Yoongi dismissed his apology with a shake of his head. His tail had curled around his waist and he looked small in a way Namjoon had never seen him before. “You don’t know these people. They are all the same. They are the same as the ones behind the fence, paying to watch hybrids fight each other, kill each other. They are brutal and merciless and all they care about is themselves. It doesn’t matter who gets hurt, only their entertainment matters.”
His eyes were haunted and Namjoon was taking a step closer to him before he realized what he was doing. His scent was growing bitter, coffee going stale. Hoseok went to him, cupping his cheek and looking into his eyes.
“She can’t go there,” Yoongi said weakly.
“I don’t think any of us wants her going there,” Hoseok said. “But we can’t doubt her now. I don’t like it either but we have to trust her. I know. I know what you mean, I was right there with you. I see them almost every night, I can hear them laughing and shouting. But she won’t have to stay and they won’t send her in blind. The ring is gone and the auction will be gone too. That’s why she’s doing it.”
Hoseok nosed along Yoongi’s neck and the smaller hybrid trembled at the first touch before going still. Namjoon should have looked away but it was so very rare seeing Yoongi like this. Hoseok looked up at him and he nodded in silent understanding.
♬♩♪♩ ♩♪♩♬♬♩♪♩ ♩♪♩♬♬♩♪♩ ♩♪♩♬♬♩♪♩ ♩♪♩♬♬♩♪♩
 His room was colder than it had been before he’d left. It might have been Jin’s imagination, a reflection of how he was feeling inside. It didn’t matter as he pulled the covers tighter around himself. His nest failing to provide what he needed. He had half a mind to get up and gather blankets and pillows and clothes, the ones that smelled like pack, and arrange them on his bed.
He had missed you, missed seeing you in the mornings and at night. Missed your touch and your kisses. You were forever busy but he selfishly wished that one day you wouldn’t have a million things to do, running after big projects and full-of-potential opportunities. There was a reason you were one of the most accomplished directors at such a young age and he could recognize that. But he didn’t have to like it.
He had been happy before Namjoon had called him. In two days you would be back in Los Angeles, this time without early mornings and late nights. This time you would stay, spend time with them without being chased by scripts and camera angles. That no longer mattered when tomorrow morning when he woke up you would be at the auction surrounded by devils in suits. How was he supposed to sleep with that knowledge?
Something inside him screamed to leave the room, curl himself around someone, and breath in their scent, leave his own behind. There was a part of him fighting the loneliness he was wrapping himself with and there was another part that was fighting tooth and nail to cling to it. He replayed Yoongi’s words over and over. If they found you out, you would never get out of the hotel. They would never see you again.
The air was stifling, filling his lungs and expanding, static and heavy.
A knock on the door cut through the suffocating silence, followed by another and another.
"Come in,” he called, lowering the blankets from over his head.
The door opened and Jimin and Jungkook walked in holding hands. They were dressed in their pajamas, Jimin’s white shorts and shirt with a large pink heart on it, and Jungkook’s purple set that was growing too small around his chest. Jimin was biting his lip, both of them looking troubled.
“Can we sleep here tonight?” Jimin asked quietly.
Jin sat up on the bed, surprised. Tonight, it would make more sense to sleep downstairs together close to Namjoon. The alpha’s presence had a calming effect on everyone on the pack, Jin didn’t know if it was because he was their alpha or because of Namjoon himself. That’s why he couldn’t understand why Jimin and Jungkook would seek him out when they were sharing a room with Namjoon.
“Of course,” Jin replied, regardless. If he could have their company then he was going to hold on to it tightly.
Jimin jumped on the bed, dragging Jungkook with him. The bunny hybrid was quick to get under the covers and glue himself to Jin’s side. Jungkook had grown comfortable in Jin’s room, he had been coming to him since the days he had been avoiding Jimin. Jin had done his best to give silent comfort to him. It had been a huge relief for everyone when they had made up, like the Castle became lighter and brighter again.
Jungkook hadn’t stopped coming to his room, often bringing Jimin along with him. Jin kept the moments close to his heart, sometimes complaining for the sake of masking how he gave in at their every demand.
Jimin laid on his other side, hooking his chin over Jin’s shoulder. “She should do something to surprise her when she comes back home. Buy a cake. And balloons.”
“We can invite Alice,” Jungkook added. “And her friends.”
“I think she’ll like that very much,” Jin said, ruffling Jungkook’s hair. It was falling freely over his eyes, following the shape of his neck and curling at the tips. “How are you going to pull that off in a day?”
Jimin’s fingers were feather-light as they climbed up Jin’s bare arms. “We have her credit card and Taylor’s phone number.”
“Is Taylor even here?”
“She is,” Jungkook said. “She said that she had to visit her when she came back. Or she could invite Taylor here.”
Jimin grinned. “See? I’ll call her tomorrow and ask her. We can put on music and bake something. Will you help us? She loves everything you make.”
“Because everything I make is delicious and made with love,” Jin said and Jimin snickered. He reached to his side swatting at him, the hit landing on his waist. “Are you doubting me?”
“I’m not, I’m not. You make everything with love. You must love us very much,” Jimin purred.
“It’s my fault I bother,” Jin said rather loudly over their chuckles. “Be quiet now, I need my beauty sleep.”
Strangely enough, they listened to him. The silence was less harsh, broken up by their breathing. Their scents were filling the room, so close to him, his lungs could overflow. It was the first time both of them would sleep in his room. Jimin preferred to go to your room the nights he wasn’t staying downstairs. He was the only one who had slept in your bedroom in the Castle and he did so consistently.
It must be nice sleeping next to you, having you close. Waking up and seeing you first, hair mussed from sleep and heavy eyes. Jin was too much of a coward to invite himself to your room. The possibility of asking him to leave, or worse letting him stay despite not wanting him there, was too much of a risk. One day maybe he would be braver.
The first knock could have been one of the weird sounds houses made for no reason. The second knock, Jin thought his mind was playing tricks on him.
Jimin made a sound from the back of his throat, brought back from the brink of sleep. “Hello?”
Namjoon peeked inside and Jin’s heart was suddenly preparing for the Olympics and aiming for the gold medal. “I’m sorry, did I wake you up?”
Jungkook, who was more awake than Jimin, shook his head. “A few minutes later you would have.”
The wolf hybrid smiled, shadows appearing under his dimples cast by the light of the corridor behind him and the fires on the balcony. “Not the worst timing then.” Jimin whined making grabby hands at him. “Someone is needy.”
He rounded the bed, kneeling next to Jimin, who tugged at his arm.
“He’s extremely sleepy,” Jin said.
“I can hear you,” Jimin mumbled, pulling Namjoon closer to him and nosing at his neck.
“I didn’t say anything bad,” Jin defended himself.
Namjoon massaged the back of Jimin’s neck, coaxing a stream of purrs out of him. “It’s okay. We are all tired. And a little needy. Bunny?”
Jungkook’s large doe eyes blinked at him. He reached for him intertwining their fingers, his body half laying on Jin. “Will you stay with us tonight?”
In the darkness, Namjoon’s eyes locked with Jin’s. It was his decision. Like Jin would ever turn him away.
“Come here,” he said, wrapping his hand around Namjoon’s bicep. Instead of laying on the bed, he leaned down pressing a kiss to Jin’s forehead. Right over his scent gland. Jin’s heart might win a gold medal after all. Next, Namjoon kissed Jungkook’s head, which had Jimin whining and asking for a kiss too. They fell asleep like that, entangled in each other like they were pieces of a whole pretending some of the pieces weren’t missing.
♬♩♪♩ ♩♪♩♬♬♩♪♩ ♩♪♩♬♬♩♪♩ ♩♪♩♬♬♩♪♩ ♩♪♩♬♬♩♪♩
 You smoothed the nonexistent wrinkles of your emerald green dress, your hands gliding smoothly on the satin. You had only packed two evening dresses for the trip, one for each of the two events that weren’t considered part of the official schedule, one in Paris and the one in Seoul. The stylists couldn’t help you either because you couldn’t tell them what you needed the dress for. So you called for a car, linked your arm with John’s, and headed to the boutique the hotel manager had recommended. Going shopping for expensive dresses and jewelry wasn’t suspicious. On the contrary, it was expected of you.
Walking in, the boutique had come alive around you. A dozen assistants had rushed to help you and someone had notified the manager who appeared minuted after you arrived. You had gone along with it, looking at the dresses, tops, and pants they showed you. Deciding wasn’t hard, you didn’t care much what you would be wearing as long as it was appropriate. You chose a gold necklace to wear with the dress and another more casual outfit, paranoid of raising suspicions. John was laughing at you.
The plan was simple. Walk into the hotel and show the card at the reception or to whoever looked the most likely to be part of the auction. That was the part that concerned you the most, you wouldn’t put it past you to mistake who you should give the card to. John would join you as your bodyguard and you would demand that he stay with you even if they didn’t let him. They would give in, Yujin assured you. John was almost as recognizable as you. Yujin had offered to ask an officer to accompany you but it was very likely that they knew John’s face and they would suspect something if he wasn’t the one with you.
You weren’t putting only yourself in danger but John too. He had made it very clear that he wouldn’t let you go to the auction. Years ago, before your career had reached the heights it had now, John had promised your parents he would protect you like you were his daughter. He had and he continued to do so.
“Leave that dress alone, it’s fine,” John said, his reflection appearing behind you in the floor mirror. He was wearing a simple black tuxedo without a tie, which emphasized his bulging muscles.
You pulled your hands away from it, already missing having something to occupy yourself with. “I’m afraid I’ll be overdressed. Or under-dressed. I don’t know the dress code for these things. I guess it’s similar to the events my mother organizes. If it isn’t, well… How high are the chances that it’s just a casual thing?”
“Very low, given that it’s taking place in one of the most luxurious and over the top hotels in South Korea. And I doubt you will be under-dressed in this dress.”
You stopped yourself from going back to smoothing down the fabric. You had chosen this dress specifically for the reason that it wouldn’t look out of place in a variety of events. It didn’t have a ton of embellishments but it was eye-catching in its own way, hugging your frame and spilling on the floor.
You turned around facing John. “Did you call back home?” you asked.
“I did, a few hours ago. My monkey is sending you her love,” he said.
“I will cherish it very much. You should have told her I’m sending her my love too.”
John smiled. “She doesn’t need me to tell her. She’s already planning her next visit to your house. This time we’re going to play Taboo and she wants to be on Jungkook’s team. She’s very confident they’ll win.”
You went to the dresser, picking up your purse. “Jungkook is her favorite. I think she likes him more than me now and I’m offended. All it took was one morning. I’ve been spoiling her since she was born.”
“Unfortunately,” John said.
He had been asking you not to buy too many expensive things for his daughter and listening to her every whim. But it was hard when you were dealing with someone as cute as Alice. To her credit, she hadn’t let anything get to her head. The only notable incident was a couple of years ago. she had bragged to her classmates that she was friends with you and her teacher had called John’s wife telling her that her daughter shouldn’t be lying. She had to explain to the teacher that no, her daughter wasn’t lying. Her father was your bodyguard and Alice had known you all her life.
You had laughed so hard you couldn’t breathe when John told you.
“It’s almost time. Did you call everyone?” John asked, checking his watch.
You closed your purse after making sure everything you would need was there. “Yeah. I’m ready.”
Earlier, you had called Taylor and your aunt. You hadn’t told them the truth of where you were going. It was dangerous information and they would be worried out of their mind if they knew. They would try to change your mind and it was too late for that. It was way too late in Los Angeles so you didn’t call Zayn. The only reason you had called Taylor was that she had texted you and you knew she was awake.
You had been itching to call back home too but by the time you had finished talking with Yujin and being rushed around the police station, it was too late. It was for the best. You would call them when you were successfully out of there.
“Then we should be going,” John said. He placed his hand on the doorknob but didn’t move to open the door. “Everything will be alright.”
“I know,” you said, trying to appear confident. There was no point really, John could see right through you.
John let go of the doorknob, placing a hand on your shoulder. “I will be right there with you every step of the way. We’ll be out before the police arrive and before you know it we will be back with our families. I’ll be by your side all the time. If it gets too much, tell me. We’ll figure something out.”
You wrapped your arms around him, holding him tightly. He didn’t hesitate to wrap you up in a hug making you feel like a kid again. “There is no one else I would rather have with me tonight. You were always there, we have faced everything together. I don’t know where I would be if you didn’t have my back.”
Your parents had been out of the picture since you were a kid and your aunt was kilometers away. John was the one driving you to University every day, delivering coffee and food during your exams when you were too absorbed in your textbooks, buying donuts and cake to celebrate the end of your exams. He had been there for your graduation, sitting next to his wife taking pictures. They were the only ones there for you, your aunt had broken her leg and she had been unable to fly to Los Angeles.
And you had been there at his important moments too. At the hospital, sitting in the waiting room for two hours while his wife was giving birth. They had called you inside and you would never forget Alice, wrapped up in a yellow blanket, her red chubby cheeks, and starry eyes. You had been afraid of holding her, fearing that you would drop her, but John had simply smiled tear tracks still visible on his face and gently placed her in your arms.
John was everything your parents had failed to be. He was the reason you were brave enough to follow through with this plan and not book an early flight to Los Angeles.
You stayed like that for a few moments, holding each other, before John pulled back, glancing at his watch. “We have to get going. Ready to play hero one more time?”
“It’s the last time. It isn’t good for my health.”
In the car, you climbed into the passenger seat. John was driving guided by a GPS. You had privately rented a car instead of hiring a driver, the fewer people knowing about where you were going the better. You looked outside the window at the buildings, some stores were closing for the night while most restaurants were bustling with life. Neon signs, dark parks, and people returning home. Fragments of life.
You imagined what life each person could lead. Where they came from, what their job was, their relationship with their loved ones. You built a story for them in your head, came up with their flaws and virtues. It was something a professor at your university had taught you. Create a life for people you see in the streets, in coffee shops. Create a story. You had been surprised to find out that it actually worked and the characters in your stories breathed and came to life, better and better.
It was a well-known fact that time moved faster when you were dreading what was about to come and distractions couldn’t do much.
John parked the car, and distracted as you were he opened your door before you could. The hotel was designed like a western castle, towers reaching eagerly towards the sky. It screamed extravagance and luxury, heaven for the ones who wished to brandish their wealth and social status. You walked through the front garden, passing trees and bushes shaped like animals and modern-art sculptures. It reminded you of Levens Hall in England, a garden spanning 10 acres featuring trees and bushes turned into art.
Your black heels clanked against the marble floor of the lobby as you let the mask fall over your face for the night. Blood red couches and armchairs decorated the large room and chandeliers were hanging from the ceiling with dozens of glass teardrops frozen in the air. A few people sporting the latest fashion trends were sitting on the couches, flipping through magazines. A family of five and a couple were in front of the reception desk talking to the receptionists.
Most eyes turned to you when you walked inside, most likely because of your dress. Initially. Some of them might recognize you if they looked long enough. The woman not occupied behind the desk bowed to you. Her black hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail, not a hair out of place, and she was wearing a black vest over a white dress shirt and black pants.
“Welcome,” she greeted you warmly. “What can I help you with?”
“I have been invited by some friends for a special occasion,” you said, handing her the pink card. You didn’t know what else to do. No one in the room seemed to be there specifically for the auction. Going to the reception desk was the most logical way to proceed.
The woman inspected the card then reached for her phone, expression unchanging. “Can I have a name?” You gave her your name and her eyes lit up in recognition. “Please wait for a moment, miss. Someone will be here shortly to escort you to the event.”
You thanked her and stepped to the side. You didn’t have to wait for long, a man with a well-kept beard appeared and led you through a few rooms and down a grand marble staircase. Hiding your calculations behind awe, you memorized every room and every turn, compiling the list of directions you would give to Yujin.
The way to the auction wasn’t dark and eerie, hungrily eating away the light like movies would have you believe. It made sense that it wasn’t. This auction wasn’t some sleazy event organized by someone who only cared about money and had a fondness for tunnels. This was a high class, not too different from the galas and balls your parents organized and were invited to.
Behind you, you spotted a few more people following you guided by another man wearing the hotel uniform. Two women, one of them carrying a giant fan painted in blues and purples, and a man. They were talking and laughing, a stark contrast to how you were feeling. This wasn’t anything more to them than a special opportunity to watch a few rare-breed hybrids and maybe buy one. They had no idea that if you did your job correctly, the police would be swarming the place before the auction was finished. You would have liked to watch their laughter disappear.
A large corridor was at the end of the staircase. Expensive paintings of green landscapes in golden frames decorated the cream-colored walls. Art of many different styles from many different painters. Your destination was in front of you. The double doors, white with veins of gold running through them in a way that looked both random and intentional, were thrown open. Inside, you could see women in long dresses and men in tuxedos mingling under the chandeliers. Soft music was playing from the speakers, the kind that could be mistaken for classical but wasn’t.
A tall man, that reminded you of a British actor you had worked with in the past, was standing next to the door. He bowed, his graying hair styled in a quiff wasn’t affected by gravity.
“May I have your names?” he asked in a smooth voice that could belong in a documentary. You told him your name and he searched through the list in his hand. “You can go right in, miss. But I can’t find the gentleman’s name. I will have to-”
“He’s her bodyguard,” a familiar voice intervened. You were sure you didn’t manage to conceal your surprise because there, walking towards you, was the actor who had invited you and the cast and crew of Paper Hearts to his apartment. Hyungjoon, you reminded yourself. He was dressed much in the same way as he had been last night, eyecatching in a red suit tailored snugly to his body. “Forgive me for neglecting to add his name to the list, it slipped my mind amidst the preparations. I am so glad you could make it, your presence is an honor to me. You look as beautiful as a forest nymph.”
“Thank you. I am pleased to be here,” you said plastering a smile to your face and placing your hand on the arm he was offering. “I admit I am surprised to see you. I didn’t know you were interested in hybrids. Are you the brilliant mind behind this?”
He sent you a dazzling smile. “I wouldn’t say that exactly, I try to stay humble after all, but I did organize everything. I had some help along the way but everything you see is mostly me. I had this vision for years and it’s finally come true.”
“You must feel very proud.”
Something was crawling in the back of your neck but you ignored it. This was the time to act. This conversation could determine everything. You weren’t an actor but you had been working with actors for a decade, advising them and instructing them. Pretending had become second nature to you when you were with your parents.
“I am,” he said. “You must be very familiar with the feeling after achieving something grand. Of course, there are my movies and dramas too but this… I have been intrigued by hybrids since I first heard of them. I couldn’t believe that we as people have managed to create something new, something alive, and determine its characteristics. Decide their gender, their breed. It’s incredible, inspiring.”
“I agree, it’s fascinating how far science has come.” And terrifying. “Do you have any hybrids yourself?” you asked.
He nodded. “I have two. I wanted more, but hybrids can be very demanding. Time-consuming. You must know that better than me. I got one as soon as I started making money from my films. It was such a joy. That was when I knew I made it.”
You had reached the buffet, long tables covered with red cloths. Floral centerpieces of various white flowers were sitting a few feet apart from each other, diamonds -real or fake you weren’t sure- dangled from some of them. The hors d'oeuvres were served in porcelain plates, you could recognize most of them but there were a few you had never seen before.
“I would recommend the caviar and crème fraîche tartlets, they are my favorites. Or the brussel sprouts with bacon jam if you are in the mood for something a little unconventional,” he said. A few people around you were looking at you, their attempts at being subtle were failing.
You picked up one of the tarts he had recommended. He was right, it was delicious.
“The taste is exquisite. My compliments to the chef,” you said.
“He is one of the top in Korea, a personal friend. He will be ecstatic to know you liked them. You must have dined in the most exquisite restaurants all around the world.”
“Not as much as someone would expect. I am usually very busy when I travel, we eat on set or wherever it’s the most convenient. But I have been fortunate enough to eat at a few incredible places.”
You surveyed the room from a new angle. A stage was set up against one of the walls and chairs were arranged in neat lines in front of it. There was a closed door close to it and you guessed that they would bring out the hybrids from there. You searched for John, finding him a few meters behind you. Your eyes met and a shot of courage ran through you.
“But this is magnificent,” you said, pretending to look around in awe. “How long did this take to plan? The food and the decorations… everything is beautiful.”
“And we haven’t reached the best part yet,” Hyungjoon bragged, pleased. You wanted to wipe the self-satisfied smile off his pretty face. “Excuse me,” he stopped a server taking two glasses of champagne from the tray he was carrying. “A drink for the lady. To a wonderful night.”
You clinked your glasses together and you took a sip. As tempting as it was to drink to relax, you were too afraid of your tongue loosening, therefore, increasing the chances of mistakes. It was expensive champagne, exported from Paris according to your host, but it was hard to appreciate it when your heart was in your throat. Champagne was losing its appeal the more galas and balls you attended.
Hyungjoon gulped down half of his glass. “I have been planning for this for a year. I didn’t do it all by myself though. I have some connections and they helped me move forward with this. There was a man, a great man who had been collecting rare hybrids, putting together a few casual auctions in the past. I persuaded him to sell them to me, he was growing old and he was looking for a quiet life. Such beautiful creatures deserve to find a home. They deserve to be displayed.”
Displayed like they are pieces of decor or paintings. Without feelings or thoughts. Nothing more than pretty things for people gawk at.
“I really can’t wait for the main event, I can be a little impatient sometimes. I have a flight to Los Angeles tomorrow morning and I might have to leave early.” Yujin had told you to slip your early flight casually into conversations so it wouldn’t look suspicious when you left. No one could question you because it was the truth.
“It’s a pity you won’t spend more time here. I could show you some of the most beautiful places in Seoul,” he said. Like you would ever spend any more time with him than what was necessary. “But worry not, we will begin shortly. I believe you will fall in love with our collection. All of them are the rarest of breeds and absolutely stunning. They have been trained by some of the best. You didn’t tell me, are you looking for a new one or are you here for the show?”
Rage and disgust simmered underneath your skin in white-hot heat. The smile didn’t slip from your face. “I don’t rule anything out. I can’t say I am actively looking for a new one, the ones at home are enough for me, but if I see one that I can’t resist… Well, we’ll see then.”
Hyungjoon opened his mouth to speak but a Korean woman with long straight black hair walked up to you. “I’m sorry to interrupt but I am a very big fan of your work and I couldn’t miss the chance to speak to you.”
The host didn’t seem to mind that you had been interrupted instead jumping in on the conversation. More introductions followed. Everyone wanted to speak to you and compliment your work. It was so much like your mother’s gala it was uncomfortable. In a twisted way, they were one and the same with one stark difference, one was illegal. But hidden underneath, they were both about the same thing. Standing. Power.
You had failed to understand that when you had been younger, blinded by the glamor and the partial happiness at seeing your parents. It was always partial. Hissing underneath, there were the less pleasant feelings, ones you weren’t proud of and not very keen on exploring. The galas coaxed them out until they were a jumbled mess of glowing embers and sharp stones.
The man with the mustache greeted you as well. He was a close friend of Hyungjoon. This time you cataloged his name. Victor. You wouldn’t be forgetting it any time soon.
A man in a white suit climbed on stage and stood behind the podium. Speaking into the microphone, he asked for everyone to take a seat. The main attraction was about to begin.
Hyungjoon beamed. “It’s finally time. I haven’t felt like this since I first saw myself on the TV.” He chuckled, offering his arm to you again.  "You must think I am overreacting but I have been dreaming of this for too long. It would be an honor if you would sit next to me to watch the show."
"Of course, it would be my pleasure,” you said. It would also be your pleasure to kick his teeth in.
He led you to the middle of the front row and you took the seat to his right. He called for John to sit next to you, you figured he really wanted to impress you. There must be a lot of important people here but not many bodyguards. It was true that they could blend in with the crowd but there was a certain air of arrogance most of the people here possessed that was hard to fake. Yours was well-practiced and it wouldn’t have been as effective as it was if a small part of it wasn’t genuine.
“You aren’t going to do the presentation?” you asked Hyungjoon.
“I have a welcoming speech prepared. Not anything too long don’t worry, I won’t leave you for long. Joshua will do the rest, he has been in the hybrid business much longer than me and he has trained many hybrids. He has overseen the training process and the last preparations for the hybrids you will see tonight. He can do the job better than I could. And as much as I enjoy theatrics, I would rather sit and watch the fruits of my labor.”
Sitting there in his red designer suit, you could see that he was too full of himself. He didn’t seem like the person who would put any more work in other than talking to a few people and choosing the colors of the decorations and the food. You might have been wrong but you doubted it. In your life, you had met a lot of people like him and they were true nightmares to work with. They put up a show and fooled everyone into thinking they were giving their all when in reality they barely raised their little fingers.
“I have something special prepared for you,” he whispered in your ear. You had to stop yourself from pushing him away. His breath trickled down your neck like sticky goo. “A pretty boy, just the way you like them. I arranged for him to be one of the first ones in the show so you won’t miss him because of your flight.”
“That’s very thoughtful,” you said, fighting the bile rising in the back of your throat.
Regardless of whether the police succeeded in capturing them, you should leave a good impression so no suspicions would fall on you in the future. You remained on your best behavior, you couldn’t afford to slip now.
The lights dimmed and you were handed a plaque with a number. One. Hyungjoon must have arranged that as well. He got up and headed to the stage to the sound of modest applause. His speech wasn’t anything extraordinary, he had been honest when he’d told you it wouldn’t be long. It was mainly about the effort he had to put into the auction and his love of hybrids. He went on about his joy at getting his first hybrid and how everyone in the audience deserved a well-trained and beautiful rare hybrid that would listen to them and keep them company.
You clapped as he climbed down the stairs, it was a weak sound. He winked at you before taking his seat and turning his attention to the stage.
The first hybrid was brought out, wrapped in fine black silk hugging her curves and spilling to the floor. Large slits on both sides exposed her legs. A red panda, Joshua announced proudly. She couldn’t be any older than fifteen. Her red hair was coiled into a crown around her head sprinkled with gold glitter. The makeup and the smoky eye made her look older but you weren’t deceived. And that wasn’t their intention because her age was one of the first things Joshua shared.
Fourteen. You had been right.
He listed her qualities like he was talking about a too expensive pet that could do a lot of tricks. The demonstration part followed. He ordered her to kneel, sit, stay while he boasted about how well-trained she was. In the end, he ordered her to dance. And she did, floating around the stage twirling and jumping. She was captivating. The applause this time was much louder and more enthusiastic.
The whole time her eyes were cast to the floor. She only raised her head once when Joshua ordered her to so the clients could look at her face and judge how much her beauty was worth.
You watched the bidding process with bated breath. They were enraptured by her, the price rising and rising. A quarter of the guests were bidding for her. The number grew smaller as the price grew higher until two men were going back and forth half a million at a time. Final price; nine million dollars, going to the man with the mustache.
She was one of the hybrids you couldn’t save. Your exit shouldn’t be too early, bidding on the second or third hybrid would be more appropriate. Yet the guilt was wrapping around your throat and seeping into your bones. A man gripped the arm of the girl and pulled her backstage, Victor followed them disappearing through the door. He wouldn’t escape you now that you had learned his name. He wouldn’t get away.
The second hybrid followed. A boy dressed in a see-through white shirt and form-fitting white pants. His lips were tinted red. Polar bear hybrid. Twelve.
You kept your composure. Anyone looking at you would see the perfect picture of control, calm with a tiny tilt of your lips, suggesting you were enjoying yourself. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. You glanced at John. He was the perfect image of a bodyguard, expressionless and uninterested. An image crafted over a lifetime of guarding ‘important’ people.
Hyungjoon leaned closer to you during the bidding. “He’s up next,” he said. “I would have put him up first but I wanted you to enjoy at least a little bit of the show. And see our two diamonds. I thought they might appeal to you.”
“They were surely lovely but not my type,” you said.
“I figured,” he said, smirking. “But worry not, the next one will be perfect for you. And if he isn’t, I promise I won’t take it personally. We have a lot more waiting for you. But if he is, I couldn’t help but feel a little smug.”
Smiling sharply, you said, “You will be welcome to.”
The hybrid went to a middle-aged woman wearing what looked like every jewelry piece a shop had to offer. Like the first one, they went through the door next to the stage.
Taking advantage of the time Hyungjoon had been bragging and businessmen, actors, and singers were introducing themselves to you, you had surveyed the space. The double doors and the door next to the stage were the only exits you had spotted unless there was a secret opening on the wall, which wasn’t as likely in real life as it was in movies. This meant that if you bought a hybrid, you would know where both doors led and how they were accessed.
You cataloged anything that might be of interest to the police, like the faces of the hotel staff that knew about the auction and the names of the guests you had met. Normally, you weren’t good with names but a purpose and a little motivation could go a long way.
One of the most important things that you had looked for was shotguns. There were no burly men carrying shotguns at the entrance or along the walls like in some of the wildest images your anxious mind had conjured up. There might be some people carrying concealed guns but they weren’t the large death machines Yujin had been worried about.
Lost in your head like you often were, you would have missed the next hybrid being brought to the stage if Hyungjoon hadn’t tapped your arm. Looking at the stage, your breath caught in your throat. Hyungjoon’s smile widened at your reaction. You scolded yourself for not having better control and for feeling anything at all other than disgust.
The hybrid walking on stage belonged in paintings hanging in museums, the artist mixing colors on his palette for hours until he could perfect the gold for his skin and ebony of his hair with its red undertones. He moved fluidly, the red and orange sheer silks swaying like flames around him, failing to conceal anything other than his most private parts. Thin golden chains decorated his chest and arms and heavy bracelets were secured around his wrists and ankles. A different kind of handcuffs.
“Next up we have a South China Tiger hybrid, a critically endangered subspecies, extinct in the wild. In front of you, you are seeing the only success story of combining its genetic information with human DNA. The only South China Tiger hybrid, one of a kind. You won’t find one anywhere else,” he said, extending his arm theatrically towards the hybrid standing still in the middle of the stage. “His name is Taehyung and he is nineteen years old.”
“He is a little older than what most people prefer but he is in the age range you’re looking for, isn’t he?” Hyungjoon asked quietly while Joshua went on with his description.
You nodded.
Younger hybrids were more sought after, easier to mold and manipulate. It was no wonder that people who looked for hybrids at auctions preferred them. They wouldn’t realize they weren’t treated right if that’s all they knew. They wouldn’t know what was right and what was wrong.
“His training is excellent, obeying every order without question. He knows all the rules of hybrid etiquette, even the most obscure ones,” Joshua continued. “Taehyung, raise your head.”
The hybrid instantly obeyed. There were a couple of gasps. A woman in the row behind you opened her fan and fanned herself. Quite dramatic but you couldn’t blame her. His beauty was hard to describe, if there was one word you would use it would be ethereal. His eyelids were painted gold and his hair framed his face perfectly, curling at the tips and brushing his shoulder. His tiger ears and tail were as still as he was.
“Sit,” Joshua ordered. Taehyung fell to his knees, hands limp at his sides bowing his head. “Lay down. On your back.”
Taehyung did. He listened to every command. Roll over. Show your neck. You couldn’t look at him, it was too painful. But at the same time, you couldn’t look away. You were trapped in a battle with yourself and had no way to win.
You couldn’t wait until Hyungjoon’s smugness was wiped from his face in blue and red.
“We’re starting at five hundred thousand dollars,” Joshua said. “Can I have seven hundred and fifty?” A man in a black suit that blended in with everyone else raised his plaque. “Seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars now. Seven hundred and fifty. Give me one million.” Another plaque raised by a man in his late fifties with a large bald spot that he was trying to conceal with hair from both sides of his head. He was staring at the hybrid hungrily, the way a wolf looks at sheep. “One million dollars now.”
You raised your plaque. “One point five million.”
You didn’t turn to look at Hyungjoon, his obvious satisfaction was rolling in waves.
“One point five million dollars, one point five million now. Do I hear two million?”
“Two million,” the first man called.
“Two million dollars now, two million dollars. Give me two million point five.”
Raising your plaque, you called, “Three million.”
Joshua leaned forward as if in anticipation, his forearms resting on the podium. “At three million dollars now.”
Another plaque raised. “Four million.”
“Four million dollars-”
“Five million dollars,” you called.
The bald man was looking at you. You could recognize a challenge when you saw it. You ignored him and turned your gaze to the stage. The hybrid was on his knees unmoving, not giving any indication of what he was feeling about being bidden on.
“Five million dollars now, five million dollars. Give me six million.”
“Six million,” the bald man said. His number was thirteen. You noticed he was alone, the man and woman standing next to him didn’t seem to know him. The ones alone could be the most dangerous.
You wouldn’t give him the pleasure. You could do this all day.
“Six million dollars, six million now.”
The echoes of the microphone whistled in your ears. You had bought a Castle to live in, a few million dollars were nothing when someone’s life was in your hands.
“Eight million.”
“Nine million.”
“Ten million.”
The numbers rose. The worth of someone’s life counted in millions. A sick game. And you weren’t going to lose.
You raised your plaque. “Fifteen million.”
The crowd was suddenly quiet, no whispers of who was going to get him, no gossip. The bald man’s face fell, a frown taking over. Joshua’s eyes widened before a wide smile stretched to his ears. “Fifteen million dollars. At fifteen million dollars. Going once, going twice.” No one countered your offer. “Sold to the beautiful lady at number one. Congratulations!”
Before you could get up, Hyungjoon whistled. “Now I feel very smug. I was sure you would love him but I didn’t imagine you would love him that much,” he said.
“I didn’t imagine that either.” John stood up and you knew it was time to leave. “Excuse me for rushing this but I have to get going. And take my purchase home.”
He came closer and you extended your hand. You weren’t confident that you wouldn’t strangle him if he went for a hug.
However, he didn’t shake your hand but brought it to his mouth and kissed it. “Until next time, my dear. The evening was lovely in your company.”
“Until next time,” you repeated.
You turned around and didn’t look back. They were talking about you, men and women glancing at you and whispering behind their hands. You could guess what they were saying, paraphrasing what the magazines published. For the first time, you were glad. No one was going to doubt you that way.
The door led to a small corridor that was lacking the luxuries of the one you had walked through to get to the ballroom. It was neat and clean with hidden ceiling lights and beige walls. You came across a couple more doors along the way. One of them was opened and a man dragged a hybrid out, another following behind. They were talking but they paused when they saw you, nodding their heads in acknowledgment.
Every sound was too loud. Your heels on the tiles. John’s steps. The soft buzz of electricity. Your heartbeat.
The exchange happened quickly in a large room similar to an office. Oak desk and shelves. You transferred the amount to the account they instructed you to. The woman behind the desk assured you that the money couldn’t be traced and if anything happened, they had cover stories ready. Her ponytail swished behind her as she talked, long nails tapping on the keyboard.
“He’s all yours,” she said motioning to Taehyung standing at a corner of the room. “Your car will be waiting for you outside. Have fun.” Her white teeth caught the light. Sharks, you thought.
Another corridor, this one smaller than the other two, and you were outside. The door closed behind you, leaving no trace of its existence. Correction, no obvious trace. The lines at the door’s edges on the brick wall were almost invisible in the dark but they were there.
“We are no longer at the hotel,” John said. “Look.”
The hotel was standing proudly across the garden, its lights shining through the night. Every day was a celebration for the ones staying there.
It was the perfect place for the auction with the perfect way out. The long corridors extended underneath the garden to the two-story building you were currently standing next to. A coffee shop during the day and conveniently closed during the night, a good distance away from any other establishment. No one would see you leaving.
“Let’s go,” you said. You were trembling, a mess of adrenaline, fear, and rage.
The wind had picked up. Behind you, the strips of silk Taehyung was still wearing were billowing around him. John took off his jacket and threw it over the hybrid’s shoulders. Taehyung didn’t react keeping his head lowered.
Your car was parked a few meters away. Someone from the auction must have driven it here to make your departure easier. John went to the driver’s seat and you climbed in the back, unwilling to leave Taehyung alone although he might not want you there. John turned the keys and the car came to life. He didn’t waste any time before driving off.
Air could finally reach your lungs. In the dim lights of the car, the pine scent from the tree-shaped air freshener tickling your nose, relief sweeter than ever before washed over you. You were out. You got out. Hopefully without raising any alarms. This night could have gone wrong in so many ways. You could have said the wrong thing, reacted the wrong way to Hyungjoon’s much-anticipated show. You could have doomed yourself and the hybrids trapped in there.
Calm down. Calm down and focus. You could lose it when you arrived at the hotel. When your part was over.
Taehyung had crossed his arms in his lap, taking up very little space in the car by making himself smaller. John’s jacket was enormous on him, blanketing his upper body. His black hair was falling in front of his face, concealing his features from your view.
You bent your head to catch his gaze but he wouldn’t look straight at you. “Are you okay?”
He didn’t reply. Of course, he wasn’t okay. What a stupid question to ask. But you didn’t have any other questions. This was a situation you weren’t prepared for. You had thought of everything that could happen at the auction, how you would react, what you would say. You had replayed thousands of scenarios in your head, coming up with answers to potential questions and practicing your smiles.
You hadn’t prepared yourself for the aftermath.
“Do you want anything? We’re going to the hotel I’m staying at now, is that alright?”
No reaction. You couldn’t get a read of him, his face carefully blank.
“He might not speak English,” John said, not taking his eyes off the road.
You face-palmed. You should have thought of that. “Of course, of course. What do we do now? Do we get a translator?”
You watched John raise an eyebrow through the rearview mirror. “Right now?”
“Right, right. Not right now.” You considered it for a moment. “Wait, Hoseok speaks Korean. He grew up here.”
Korean was Hoseok’s first language. He had taught you how to say a couple of words like hello and thank you before you had come to Korea. The language had rolled off his tongue in a foreign melody and you had been eager to listen more of it.
But Taehyung could understand Joshua’s orders and all of them had been in English. Maybe that was all the English he knew.
“Don’t you have someone to call?” he asked.
You fumbled with your purse. Opening it and closing it again. “I have but…”
Perhaps you were paranoid. Perhaps you were already losing it. But you couldn’t be too careful. Someone else had driven the car while you had been at the auction. Which meant that someone had plenty of time to install a spy cam or a mic and could be listening in on your conversation. The police procedural shows you had watched had taught you that you had to always be on your guard. You couldn’t risk it now that you had got this far.
“Can we please stop somewhere? I would like to order some late-night takeout and get some air.”
John glanced at you through the mirror. “I saw a fast food place on our way. It isn’t far, we can stop there.”
You relaxed resting your back on the seat. John never doubted you, he could tell when he should ask questions and when to listen to you and wait.
He parked the car at the side of a quiet street close to a dark park. There were no people around, it was a part of the city that was dead at night. No open shops, restaurants, or clubs. No reasons to walk this street at this hour. John didn’t let you go out alone. More dangers lurked in empty streets than crowded squares. He got out of the car and locked it. The lights winked out of existence, Taehyung blurring into a shadow at the window. Locking the car was a caution both to prevent anyone from entering and Taehyung from running away. He was safer with you than running in the city with no destination.
You called Yujin, speaking to her at a low volume. In the silence, anything else would attract attention. From whom, that was up for debate. Long shadows and dark alleys hid cunning men and women.
The police had surrounded the hotel and Yujin send policemen to the coffee shop at your word. Soon they would charge in. A warrant had been granted and no one could stop them or question them. They would arrest everyone in the room and free the hybrids. You hoped your description of the way in wouldn’t let them down.
“Thank you,” Yujin said before ending the call. “Your help was invaluable. Without you, this operation wouldn’t have got off the ground. We will speak more after this is over. ”
You clutched your phone in your hand. John uncrossed his arms, ready to catch you when you slammed on him.
“We did it,” you whispered in disbelief.
“We did.” He squeezed you once with just enough force to ground you.
It was almost over. Later, you would go to the precinct to identify Hyungjoon and confirm his role in the auction. But that was hours away.
Now, your priority was Taehyung.
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hollyhomburg · 22 days ago
Before I Leave You (Pt.14)
(Omegaverse au, Mafia au, Bts x Reader)
Summary: The first night they sleep in the house comes with sleepy steps and communal showers…And other firsts…
Pairing: Beta! Yoongi, Omega! Reader, Omega! Jungkook, Omega! Seokjin, Alpha! Namjoon, Alpha! Hoseok, Alpha! Taehyung, Alpha! Jimin,
Tags: Fluff, hurt/comfort, Nesting, References to anorexia and anorexic eating habits, PTSD, discussion of physical scars, low-self esteem, omega space, lots of seokjin x reader content,
W/c: 9.1k
A/n: here you go! i think i might need to take a short break from this series soon, to work on one of my other series- and to take a break in general cuz i’ve been chugging along pretty regularly with it and i feel like somethings gonna give if i don’t take a step back for a few days!
Previous Part — Masterlist
Tumblr media
Before they know it they're staring at their empty apartment, the floors dusty and nothing left to cart away but a few light boxes. They wince as they look at the holes in the wall and the scuffs here and there that all but condemn their security deposit to their landlord’s greedy pockets. They linger, touching the doorways and fussing over the spaces that they’ve loved and been loved in for the last time. A home that has been theirs for as long as the pack has been a pack.
It’s only Kookie and Hobi that get a little weepy, a little sentimental. Though Seokjin spies Jimin taking several deep breaths and looking up at the light in the hall that always seemed to break once a month, blinking back something. 
“Are you okay?” 
“Yeah i’ve just got something in my eye,”
Jin snorts “What? an emotion?” 
But its all teasing as Jin quietly fold his tiniest alpha under his arms before he can get too sad. and if the front of jin’s shirt dampens, thats a secret he’ll keep for his pups. 
At home Yoongi says a quiet goodbye to the place he will never live in again (will never even see again as the contents of that home are scattered mess around this house.) But he waits, doing the dishes and preparing dinner with you. Waiting for the lights of their cars to emerge from the darkness, the tell tail crunch of tires on the stone driveway that will tell him that they’re home.
Jin wonders why he doesn't feel sadder to see the place go especially when he’d been so angry about it this morning. Standing in the doorway holding his keys, a held breath finally let out, it’s nearly midnight and they’re finished, finally and thankfully all packed up.
It doesn’t feel as bad as it could, Jin thumbs his keys idly, the jingle echoes in the empty halls. 
It’s a simple truth that apartments only belong to the people temporarily, little boxes of safety neatly packaged within a certain amount of square footage. If Jin or any of them had really wanted to stay for any greater length of time they would have tried to buy it years ago, would have been able to what with Namjoon's salary, Even if it meant taking on a quite frankly hideous mortgage.
But maybe it’s a good thing they didn’t; then they would have had more of a reason to stay.
Now he just wants to be done with it, just wants to get back to the house and sit for the first time all day, to fall sleep in their barely set up beds, in the room that doesn't smell like them yet. He's so tired; he might not even have enough energy to nest (but as with all omegas, the itch under his skin is ever present).
Somehow it doesn’t feel like they’re ending something when they close the door to the den for the last time; the place they’ve called home for the last 4 years, 5 if you count how long that Namjoon, Jin, and Yoongi had lived here. 
Jin exhales a sigh, letting out something that aches with it, lets his chest feel raw with it- all that loving and all that missing had never been for this place, but for yoongi- what they’d had before. 
There’s nothing standing in the way of that anymore. He leaves their keys on the countertops and goes home.
And at your house, there is this to come back too- you and Yoongi making dinner in the kitchen shoulders pressed so close you might as well be touching. Their yellow couch pressed up against the back of yours and Yoongi’s- tomorrow or the next day they’ll find a better place for it. There are a few nooks and crannies in your house. But For tonight- it’s the perfect place for Hobi and Jungkook to flop down onto. Tired and ready for sleep but kept awake by the pack to get some food into there rumbling bellies.
Yoongi rushes over with spoonful’s of kimchi fried rice while the meat cooks, asking them for their input (not that he needs it- he just can't fight the urge to dote on the pups especially when they’re so tired, and the bites of food keep them awake for more and Yoongi absolutely will not let them go to bed hungry after the day they’ve just had.)
You watch, anxious about burning the meat, whining over the tongs before Yoongi comes back to supervise. “Let them get a little crispy, you’re flipping them over too often” Jin tries to intervene, but you snap your tongs at him, staring and gesturing between him and the nearest seat, he puts his hands up, rightfully chastised and takes a seat at the breakfast bar. Where he can watch your cute little lips pout in concentration. 
Namjoon flops down at the stools on the side of the kitchen island, finally letting himself feel the aching in his bones and muscles, he’s going to melt- and be sore for several days but he doesn’t mind, would never think of complaining.
Jimin folds in on the other side of namjoon, in-between him and jin to keep the peace, and he feels like he wants to fold himself on top of his crossed arms and go to sleep right here. He actually does that, but a few seconds later he opens his eyes to Yoongi offering him a careful spoon of rice and he takes it, pliant.
Tae joins the rest on the couch, pretending to be deaf to their false squeals of protest. They don’t push him away, just pull him closer so that he doesn’t fall off the edge of the couch that’s only really meant for two.
There is also the soup in the fridge, and it’s only a day old- is fantastic to reheat or put over the rice and meat, you make a face when jungkook makes a show of dunking the meat in it- taking a larger bowl because he can’t have the rice.
It’s only after they’ve eaten that jin brings out the bag of 48-hour things, tooth brushes and skincare routines, a spare change of pajamas, and a change of work clothes for those who absolutely have to go to work tomorrow.
unpacking is something that might not be able to wait for long, Not that they haven’t already started making the house feel more full and less empty with their furniture. They’ve already added side tables to the couch, and Namjoon shoved a nice-looking dresser under the window by the door to hold everyone’s keys and things in a large wooden bowl, the same way it was in the apartment.
You eat an informal dinner, piled around living room in various seats; you’re headed towards a food coma. Yoongi watches you eat. And though you get a little shaky part of the way through your bowl, He counts it as a victory.
You wouldn’t risk straight up not eating in front of the others but there are some secrets that you’re determined to keep for as long as possible (a simple yet terrible voice inside of your head reminds you of the state of conditional love, might be better to just- make sure- make absolutely sure that’s not the only reason why they’re sticking around.
If you’re pretty and tiny to look at that might make them care. And you wouldn’t want to threaten that- ever. Especially when it’s not only your care, but Yoongi’s that you’d be putting in jeopardy now too. 
Though you’re well aware that that train of thought is wrong, it still doesn’t stop you from thinking it.
Tonight they’re so tired you think they might not notice, but better to be sure. Yoongi certainly does. Through dinner he stands closer to you, not touching you accept for a little reassuring brush here and there, the kind that you could think where unintentional if they came from anyone else.
The pack already has their suspicions though they’d always assumed that you’d been eating enough when they weren’t here, maybe just a little shy around mealtimes. That would be understandable.
You won’t be able to hide the truth for long. And you seem aware of that as Jin hovers, asking you if you want a second bowl, eyebrows rising when you shake your head. you’re the only one that refuses. 
He reaches out to do something- stroke down your back or otherwise but seems to think better of it. He turns away and lets the moment pass, regardless of the way that itch fits it’s self under his skin again.
Before everyone finishes their dinner, Yoongi hands out the new keys; of which there are nine. Not eight, not seven, but nine. One for each of you plus a spare to be hidden somewhere outside in case of an emergency, He hands them out to each of the pack mates, and dangles the last one in front of you.
You take it with an eye roll. Why would you ever need one? Besides your impromptu trip last night you've only left the house a handful of times, let alone go unaccompanied. Why would you ever even want to leave the house? Especially one as lovely and as love-filled as this one.
Their combined scents slowly fill your house makes you feel almost scent high. the rosy haze of omega space is already starting to color the peripherals of your vision. It makes you feel fuzzy, and strongly consider stealing a bag from the pile of nesting things that sit outside of their bedroom door and make a cozy little nest of all of those scents, maybe in a closet somewhere just so that you wouldn’t be discovered or interrupted. Something safe and warm to nurture your soul in.
But not yet- not yet. You look at their things and want, in more ways than one. You wonder how you’re going to hide your wanting now that they live with you. it’s going to be hard- you’re going to have to be careful
Apparently, keys are a soft spot- something about Jimin taking everyone’s and losing his on more than one occasion. Taehyung makes a playful comment, and though Jimin replies indignantly, you can see the love warming his cheeks as his body curls around Taehyung. 
There are these soft little key chains attached to each of them- one for each member of the pack. The keys jingle, knocking against each other with a clang as he hands them out.
Your mate rolls his eyes at the one at the very bottom of the bag. “I can’t believe you kept that old thing,” Yoongi had quite purposefully left his keys when he’d left almost a year prior. And it seems they kept them- as well as the tiny little cookie keychain that has been his identifier for the length of time they’d had the apartment.
Kookie just smiles, “it’s mischievous like you Hyung,” the little grinning figure certainly taunts him. Yoongi adds it to the bowl eventually. your key is the only one that dosen’t have a fluffy key companion yet. 
There is honestly barely as much room in the house as you need for the 8 of you. By the time the house is finished it will have seven bedrooms in total, but as of right now, there are only two finished.
Now that the rest of the pack has moved in its likely Yoongi will want to accelerate the plans of redoing some areas of the house. The bathroom off of your bedroom is decently new (the last thing the last owners ever fixed before the house fell into its disrepair). But the only other one on the ground floor definitely isn’t up to the pack's usual standards.
They’re all more than a little nervous about going back to sharing a space so small. it's just hard not to snap at each other in the morning when you take an elbow to the stomach on accident or literally step on another person’s toes. Jungkook has accidentally spat his toothpaste out onto someone's hand more than once, and that was when they had two sinks instead of just one.
The second bedroom isn’t quite large enough for all of their things or all of their beds but they make it work. Two kings get squished together, connected with a special set of screws from Ikea- meant for combining beds on extra large packs. It’s almost enough to make the space feel like home.
The ceilings are tall- not quite as cozy as they could be; there is too much space between the bed and the ceiling. Everyone gets ready for bed, trading pants for pajamas and settling for boxers when their pile of preferred pajama pants can’t be located in the mess that is the room at the end of the hall or Jin’s bag of 48 hour things. kookie makes a pouty puppy dog eye look at namjoon and the elder surrenders his pair of cotton pyjama pants, his favorite 
The closet on the other hand is the definition of disappointing, in their apartment they’d turned the entire second bedroom into a closet, and they’ll need to find a similar space here. Jin is already eyeing the laundry room. It wouldn't really be that hard to knock down the wall into the bedroom room and add a door? Would it? He’ll need to ask Yoongi one of these days.
Instead of actually trying to put any clothes in the room's actual closet they’ll take off the doors and shove their old vanity into the space, dumping their combined cosmetic products and morning routines there as well as the sex toy boxes.
 At the very least- it will offer some privacy and quiet to those still sleeping in the morning, Since their skincare stuff definitely won’t fit in the tiny bathroom across the hall. Your bedroom is the only one with an en suite, and the only other full bath on the ground floor.
Seokjin's seen partial plans for the upstairs (glimpsed them before Yoongi had the chance to hide them away. Chiding gently "it's supposed to be a surprise hyung") but he's heard enough of the workmen who come in chat about the pluming, even saw the massive pieces of glass that they oh so carefully maneuvered up the narrow staircase; that had to be for a walk in shower.
There’s a trap door at the very top of the stairs, and its either a closed, or open for the workmen. Seokjin hasn't seen the top floor yet- none of them have. That night, after they've all stuffed themselves full he lingers at the bottom of the stairs and wonders if he should go up and see. Jin is curious, even if he is tired.
They’re taking turns using the shower across the hall, and Hobi snags him on his way through, convincing him to join him and wash off the sweat of the day together with a sweet kiss. and seokjin lets the top floor of the house disapear into the rescese of his mind for the sake of some quiet time with hobi. 
The shower is a very non-sexy affair, Washing each other deftly, any moves of loving redundant. Kisses peppered over shoulders. Seokjin only has enough energy to smile. Hiding it away in between the steam and the sweet smelling body wash. He hopes it smells like that enough that Hobi can’t smell his lingering distress.
But it all seems for naught, because after a few moments of holding each other  underneath the warm spray  Hobi pulls back, reaching for the loofa."You still smell so upset hyung." Hoseok says, scrubbing under his armpits, looking a little like he's got fluffy balls of suds stuffed under his arms with how well the soap lathers. 
Your water must be harder than the water at the apartment. Because Seokjin's skin already feels a little tight and dry, like the rest of him. 
Seokjin hums, dragging conditioner through to his ends. Letting it sit before he steps underneath the nearly too short faucet to dry his hair- yup, he's definitely going to have to go get a replacement one- at least to make the spray a little wider. What use is a bathroom if two people can't shower at the same time? "I'm just a little tired," it’s not entirely a lie.
Hoseok answers with a small noise, switching places with him to wipe off the suds, he uses it as an opportunity to sling his arms over the omegas' shoulders. Pulling him closer, the muscles in his arms flexing alluringly.
And Seokjin is just- too tired to instigate anything more; even when Hobi kisses him, slow and sensual pushes of the lips, kisses Seokjin the way that he loves. He’s just too tired, his nerves and his nose like a frayed end. 
He doesn't have enough energy to have emotions about this, the pack moving, the stress of it all has piled and piled up and seokjin hasn’t been able to find a release.  at least not yet. Hobi understands. Dries Jin's hair and doesn't ask why Seokjin’s lingering when he doesn't immediately go back to the bedroom.
Maybe he understands that tonight, the pack isn’t what Seokjin needs. 
Namjoon and Jimin shower together after. And in the bedroom- he watches fondly from the door as a freshly pressed and ready for bed Jungkook takes three bags of nesting things and dumps them over the bed, a happy blissed out look already on his face as he dives into nest making with a flurry. 
Taehyung watches along from the head of the bed curled up- keeping himself small and compact so that Jungkook can work around him. Smiling into his book (nighttime reading is one of Tae’s habits) as the other omega sets out to make the messiest nest in existence.
Seokjin is exhausted just looking at him, his nerves elevated when Jungkook doesn’t do their usual routine of setting out the big yellow blanket on the bottom to act as a barrier between them in the bed and the world outside. You walk by Seokjin, watching him watch Jungkook, standing in the doorway smelling so sad. 
You almost just almost- go to stand by him and watch, have a little momentary daydream about linking your arms around his slender waist and burrowing into his back. Asking maybe, for Jungkook to let the three of you make the nest together. But then you think better of it, disappear back into your bedroom with glasses of water for you and yoongi, pushing the idea of that out of your head. 
Once Jimin and Namjoon finish their shower, They end up elbowing each other vying for the only sink, Hobi brushes his teeth in the kitchen and Seokjin commandeers your bathroom for a similar purpose, unwilling to go without doing his skincare routine even after a day like this.
Seokjin doesn’t know what he was expecting from your room or your nest but it’s awfully pretty.
This- this is the den-like atmosphere he wants and didn’t find in the other bedroom. The dark flower-patterned wallpaper and the teal accent walls make the room feel cozy and small. Safe even. The sole lamp drenches the room in cozy golden shadows. 
Your blackout curtains might be drawn but the windows are open and the sweet air of summer fills the room. Clean evening wars equal with the smell of chocolate cake- the smell of you and Yoongi that permeates the room.
How many nights have you curled up together here to have it smelling so happy? Neither you nor Yoongi has a particularly strong scent but it’s everywhere. It’s so unlike Jin’s alphas, or even Jungkook who you can almost taste, a honey film coating your tongue when you breathe deep near him.
Jin doesn’t realize he’s just standing there, breathing, enjoying the way that your smell eases the ache in his nose until you’re blinking up at him from the confines of your nest, head popped up from underneath the pastel blue blanket. You where so cuddled under the thick layer of pillows and blankets seokjin didn’t even know you where there. 
One of them falls on the floor at your sudden movement and you whine. Staring at it forlornly. Before Seokjin can answer and dart forward to give you anything your heart desires like his instincts demand- Yoongi stoops to pick it up. You make grabby hands at it and  hug it back to your chest when yoongi hands it over; your unhappy chirp becomes a velvet-like purr.
Yoongi’s eyebrows’ are raised expectantly, and Jin realizes he’s been staring. Just watching the two of you get ready for bed, domestic and intimate. Something that maybe he’s not allowed to see.
But maybe he is, after all, he lives here now.
“I just- I was going to-“ Jin’s breath catches in his throat. “Can I use your bathroom?”
Your nest is not a mess of pastel pillows and blankets but the perfect balance of disarray and colorful order. Somehow it seems to settle the instincts in him that ran haywire in the other room, the tangle of new things. He can still smell it while he brushes his teeth. watches you kneed the parimiter and get everything in it’s right place while he brushes his teeth. 
Jin’s nostrils flare and there’s something wrong- but also right. He doesn’t smell this nest on his own skin and that’s distressing for some reason, This- here is what the other room is missing, the blanket at the head of the bed needs to be curled up more, needs more fluffing, and he can see that but you can’t cuz you’re looking at him.
He feels himself slipping into omega space, just a little. The haze gripping him as he realizes that your nest doesn’t smell like him and just- he lets out a frustrated huff, muffled around the toothpaste in his mouth.
Seokjin isn’t surprised to find the pillow and blanket that he and Jungkook gave you at the center of your nest. Not all omegas like to pile their nests with items that smell like their pack mates outside of a heat (where desire for things that smell safe boils down to a vicious need) but you seem to have an affinity for pillows of all shapes and sizes, knit blankets with texture.
Each omega has their preferences; Seokjin has a fondness for sweaters just like Jungkook has an absolute hatred for anything with zippers or buttons. You seem to prefer simple and natural fabrics with an emphasis on color. They crisscross the nest but around the rim- it’s piled up to a little wall.
To omegas, nesting is nothing more than creating a safe space for themselves and their pups- their pack too if they don’t have any of the former. A place where scents are controlled to give the nose and the autonomic nervous system a place to rest. 
As Omegan bodies are constantly cycling through olfactory information it can get a little stressful and tiring if you’re not able to shut those parts of the brain off from time to time. A reset; that’s what nesting is. And tonight- the other room might be a little too crowded for Seokjin both in terms of people and scents.
And Namjoon. They haven’t exchanged many words since this morning. He casts a glance across the hall, through the open door where he can already see the pups sprawling, the space quickly diminishing.
Seokjin had let him kiss his cheek a few minutes ago, wordless love. He just needs a little more time to cool off before things can go back to normal, though Seokjin has already forgiven him, a little bit of distance in the meantime might be good for them.
Seokjin spits in your sink, hands on the edge of the porcelain, doesn’t look at himself in the mirror.
when he looks over at you again, you’re hovering on the edge of your nest. Knees tucked under your body, free from the confines of your nest, you’re already in a pair of light purple pajamas, the opposite of yoongi’s dark blue,  hugging a pillow that looks like it just might have come from the apartment (Seokjin’s 90% certain that he recognizes it from Taehyung’s reading set up) 
he can tell you’re watching him, but he can only tell when he looks away and sees you move in his peripherals. Every time he turns in your direction he catches you straightening up, turning your attention back to Yoongi, nodding here and there as he talks through everything he wants to do tomorrow. 
It seems like this is your routine, Yoongi talking in his night roughened words, you nod here and there, while he puts everything back in it’s spot, the dirty laundry gets put in the large wicker basket, the dirty towels from a shower you both took hung up to be dried and used again. Betas don’t nest, but Yoongi might as well be nesting. 
Your hair dries shiny and tangled, if not a little healthy looking. Seokjin’s hands itches; there is a brush in the bathroom. He wonders if Yoongi ever brushes your hair for you- that seems like the kind of thing you’d like done to you. He can already see your pupils dilated, omega space incoming if you’re not already completely settled into it.
In the other room. Seokjin can hear Jimin and Jungkook bickering over something and it chaffs against his ears. just a little. if he was next to them he’d kiss them quiet.
Yoongi tolerates your glancing back and forth between seokjin and the open door for a few more seconds before he leans in low, balancing with one hand over the nest to kiss your forehead. Seokjin watches fidling with his cosmetics bag, He hears Yoongi’s hushed words, “go on. Ask him sweetheart.”
“Ask me what?” You let out a whine and bury your face in your pillow, effectively hiding from Jin and Yoongi's words, squirming a little under their gazes. 
The beta sighs but it’s all-fond, Seokjin knows what it feels like to drop into that warm puddle before bed when your instincts are at your strongest, to let your brain melt away to something tender and cloud soft. He can’t imagine that it makes you particularly verbal given your usual proclivities. 
Yoongi juts his chin in the direction of the nest once, cocking his head at Jin with a playful smile. Yoongi only gets this way when he’s tired, playful and a little flirty. you don’t seem to mind, in fact, it seems like yoongi is breaking you down to the place you need to be at before you sleep. 
It hits him then, what you’re asking- “Oh- oh.”
Something stirs in Seokjin's stomach, something that feels too possessive to be safe- especially to have those feelings for you. Warm and gooey but undeniably hungry. “You want me to sit in your pretty nest don’t you sweetheart?”
Your answering shiver and bright eyes as you nod are enough consent for him, you parrot back his words, “pretty?” and seokjin- seokjin is about to pounce on you for that, how tentative you are. 
“Yes, you did such a good job with it, looks so nice.” Seokjin called your nest pretty- the omega that you've progressively started to look up to more and more over the last few weeks- called it pretty. Your chest heaves with a shakey breath. 
“In?” you ask, so quietly, scooting over to make space for him. 
Yoongi watches the way Seokjin’s tenseness instantly eases when he gets inside the carefully constructed border, careful not to disrupt it. The purr shocks him so much that he clamps a hand over his mouth in surprise. A completely involuntary reaction. 
Seokjin is not the kind of person who purrs in another omegas nest (not that he finds himself in a nest that’s not his and Jungkook’s often). But because purrs are as much a vocalization of comfort as they are a claim. This is my safe space, a purr says. Mine.
he’s just about to apologize for being rude, but before he can you grab the hand over his mouth, not hard, just bringing yours up to thumb at the scent gland at his wrist. Sending a zing up his arm to his chest, making his scent fluff out happy cream with no hint of the wet puppy, the first time it’s been undisturbed all day.
It surprises Jin so much even more when you lift it away to drag it across the border, and- oh- now the nest smells like both of you. 
Seokjin’s never done this with another omega but Jungkook. Seokjin can’t stop himself- the rest of the nest might be completely perfect not a blanket to fluff or a pillow to adjust, but the distance between the two of you isn’t. You flop over, his hands curling on your back to hold you. The urge to move your body against his almost frantic. get you closer. jin dosen’t realize what he’s doing when he moves your legs, slings them over his own, until he’s looking down at you, hair sprawled across the pillows, fingers curling. 
“Sorry- sorry I don’t know what came over me it’s just-”
Yoongi touches his shoulders- for a moment Jin almost forgot he was there. and its then that Jin realizes you’re nuzzling into him too- nose pressed against his scent gland, taking deep lungful’s of air, gasping. “Jinnie- do not apologize.” 
Yoongi is so rarely forceful with their oldest, and now, it keeps Jinnie purring, the noise building, unrepentant in his throat. Your’s joins in after a moment, an octave higher.
At that moment, Tae calls from the other room. Hushed like the others are at least partially asleep. “Jin? You coming?” Seokjin looks from you to Yoongi, every pup has already been forehead kissed for the evening, and your nest- it calls to him. 
Leaving it now would set itch under his skin and Jin- as much as his pack are in the other room- Jin doesn't want to leave. 
Your hands tighten around him, like you’re worried of him leaving, your purr cuts off into a whine and you pull yourself impossibly closer to him. looking up at him with wide pleading eyes. Your lips in a cute pout.
Seokjin swallows a bated breath. “Actually I’m cozy in here.” 
The pack calls out there I love you’s and goodnights, to Yoongi, Jin, and you, though you’re exempt from the I love you’s- mostly- the way Jimin hovers at the end of his sentence gives you pause. But you all let the moment pass, let yoongi get up and shut off the light, seeing as you and Jin couldn't remove yourselves from the nest or each other if you tried. 
He’s surprised, or maybe he should be less shocked, when his eyes start stinging. It’s not an unhappy cry that he blinks away, but at thankful one. you and jin remain blissfully unaware. but yoongi, yoongi looks down at the two of you and just- a part of him thats been hurting- for a while- heals, just a little bit. 
Here, they love you too. I told you they would. Even if they can’t say it yet. This is all yoongi’s ever wanted for you, a life so thick with love that there was room for little else. He couldn’t give you that, not on his own. 
Yoongi smiles down at the two of you as you pull Seokjin impossibly closer, underneath the two or three duvets that you use as covers. seokjin helps pull them over the two of you.
Yoongi puts the air con on and it instantly makes the room colder- perfect for cuddling. Your body and your feet are warm as you press them to Jin’s ankles. Struggling under his arms. The nesting instinct doesn't only apply to things, your own body isn't exempt from it and you struggle to find the perfect position to alleviate the itch.
And then yoongi gets in the bed, and you and seokjin both man handle him into the right position. He laughs, deep and gravely, thick with a little emotion, but you don’t mind- he smells so happy. You all do. Seokjin thinks he’s found the right position until you whine, strong arming your way in-between the two of them. He settles.
Seokjin has always smelled so good- so safe and warm. He’s hotter under your fingers. His body is firm and soft in all the right places. 
Oh- there’s so much hair- he forgot how girls were. He noses through it- smelling your shampoo. Seokjin hadn’t dated many people before Yoongi- but there had been a female alpha pair that tried to court him early in college. He forgot how it kind of gets everywhere, in his mouth even.
“Thank you,” he murmurs when the sounds in the house have gone quiet. It will take a while to get used to all the creeks and squeaks, but Seokjin already lets it fade to the back round in favor of listening to your deep breathes, Yoongi’s too. 
It’s been months since he and Yoongi slept in the same bed too, since Jin saw his cheek pillow and his hands tuck themselves under his sheets. Jin is used to the way that Yoongi sleeps by now, is used to setting his body up to fit around the beta. 
He’s too much of a coward to ask you to switch places so he can cuddle the both of you equally. All of you vie for the middle spot, but you win out (it’s no mystery why, when Seokjin and Yoongi share a soft look over your head).
You leave the doors open between your room and theirs so you can still smell each other, Jin’s nostrils flare, soothed to the point where he can smell each of his pack mates, but not so sensitive that all he can smell is sadness. Though all the lights are off, if Jin squints he can see your face. Jin’s heart rate slows as you nuzzle closer. Scenting him quietly, movements slowing, as you get more and more sleepy.
“It’s okay.” In the safeness of the darkness, you don’t mind getting closer or talking, just a tiny bit. Especially because you know he can’t see your face. The closeness you have now settles something within you, fulfilling the near frantic urge you have to get closer to the pack omega. You don’t know what's come over you only that you just- want him closer. Can’t seem to get your bodies aligned right. 
Yoongi huffs a laugh behind you and oh fuck- if you only had two pairs of arms you’d be able to hold them both properly. You’ve never cuddled with two people at the same time before and being in the middle between the two of them makes you feel so safe and boxed in.
Yoongi’s fingers find the nape of your neck and you go absolutely boneless. “It’s been a long day.” Yoongi comments from behind you. On your other side doing something with his hands that turns you into a boneless lump against Seokjin’s chest.
Seokjin strokes down your back, lingering around your waist. His hands feel so big on you; he kind of loves the feeling. “You’re so- cute. My cutest pup in the cutest nest imaginable.“
You shift against him, giggling softly, seokjin can feel the way your diaphragm twitches, “really?” Seokjin nuzzles against your hairline. 
“Don’t tell the others.” But yes, every part of you is cute, you tentatively wrap your arms around him, hands hovering on his shoulders, so broad, your hands barely cover any sizable bit of his skin. If you where a cat, you’d have tiny tiny paws.
“If I’m babying you too much- if I’m touching you too much, please let me know.” Seokjin would never want you to feel like you where belittled, doted on and treasured, yes- but not dismissed.
You hum thoughtfully,  Seokjin’s fingers stroke over your lower back, soothing. It feels strange to have his fingers thumbing across you. You realize why it feels weird after a second, the way Seokjin touches you is the same way that Yoongi likes to be touched. You wonder if either of them realizes it. That love has shaped the way they touch. You don’t think they know.
 “Don’t mind it- like it- it makes me feel taken care of-“ you tuck yourself down, more eye level with Seokjin’s chest, head-butting his sternum. Your next words are muffled. “like feeling small.”
Seokjin continues to touch, and you keep purring. Seokjin makes pointed eye contact with Yoongi, and the beta leans forward, balancing on one arm, to dot a kiss on his cheek. You hear the smack of lips against skin. 
But then Seokjin’s hands pause, just above your waistband. Your shirt is still tucked down, so he hasn’t touched your bare skin, not yet. But he feels something- under your shirt. Something ridged that are not seams or the knobs of your spine.
You stiffen when he stills- you know what he's felt, know because Yoongi’s told you he can feel them under your clothes before- the scars. 
You pull back a little, to look at Seokjin's face, he's tired, but suddenly more awake because- he’s found something that shouldn’t be there- a loop hole or a glitch, a wrinkle in time and something on your skin that doesn’t belong.
"Are those..." he doesn't dare finish his sentence. Curse his own observance, because the soft light in your eyes suddenly disappears, leaving only darkness. And you pull yourself back- though not for long.
You still feel safe, safe enough between the two of them even with Seokjin’s face breaking into an expression of horror that you know so well- you’ve seen it on Yoongi’s face countless times. You could lie to Jin or you could say it’s nothing but somehow; you think practicing honesty might be what you both need right now.
"They’re scars." 
Yoongi makes a displeased noise as you pull away. Backing up into him. Your bed is only a king, it's still a little cramped with three people. Yoongi does not get pushed back off the bed like he fears.
You swallow, words quiet but still- it’s just Jin. He’s in your nest it’s safe, safe like buttercream frosting and patterned Band-Aids. Like the soft moment between when you wake and wake slowly. There is enough room for the truth here.
"I'll show you if you want."
Seokjin Swallows thickly and nods. Yoongi turns back on the light and you pull yourself onto your knees, turning, and untucking your shirt from its waistband. Wrenching it up so that Jin can see. Holding it underneath your chest
The first thing he notices is how your ribs catch the light, shadowing enough that he can see them without having to feel them, and then Yoongi moves out of the way and the light falls across your lower back.
He can’t tell how deep they might have gone, at least not at first, not until he touches them so softly with his fingertips, not as rough as Yoongi’s but still there. Touches them like he’s worried the memories of pain- of getting those scars will come back if he touches you too hard. 
Seokjin is ashamed to admit it, but his first reaction to seeing them- the word written across your back in scars, is revulsion- but not thankfully directed at you.
Until then, part of Seokjin believed that your abuse was just run of the mill emotional abuse. But not- not this, not this kind of thing, that leaves deep physical marks and even deeper emotional scars.
Seokjin meditates his smell back into the milk scent, because he will not make your nest smell like his displeasure on a night like this.
Your burn from nearly three weeks ago is completely scabbed over, healing and pink on your forearms. Soon it will join the patchwork of scars that litter your body. The ones on your lower back are the exact opposite of healed, pink, deep.
“Holy shit-“ Seokjin traces the word, lightly with the tip of his finger. The scar is so- noticeable, ropy and thick. He almost would think it's a brand if it wasn't for their tapered ends. Even in the half-light, he can perfectly make it out. ‘Worthless’ scrawled across your back. The s’s are the messiest, Seokjin’s fingers hover over them, and now they seem torn into your skin rather than cut.
Now that he’s seen this, He’s worried about what might be on the rest of your body. You notice what he fixates on. The last bit of your scar- maybe one of the worst wounds on your body. His fingers still. 
“The end was the worst, by then, he was so angry and drunk that he had to try a few times to get it right. the knife was dull too- and that didn’t help.”
Seokjin can’t fucking breathe. Especially not when you retuck your shirt back into your pants. Turn back over, not to Jin, but to bury yourself in Yoongi’s chest. Yoongi and Jin share a devastated look. You say it so blankly- like it hardly matters to you anymore.
Seokjin’s hands continue Their petting up and down your back. especially once Yoongi maneuvers you back into your last position sprawled out on the covers. You relax but not into the happy bonelessness you had before but into a touch starved listlessness that seokjin’s seen in hobi more times than he can count. 
He keeps touching you trying to push it back, But there’s something wrong. You shiver, a little violently, and Jin pauses. Yoongi’s hands stop their gripping, and he grabs Jin’s in his, gently.
“You’re doing it too lightly, that’s the issue, a little firmer and a little slower- there you go” Yoongi guides Jin's hands, shows him the kind of pressure that you like. Not a scratch but certainly a firmer touch. Yoongi knows makes you feel better. Yoongi has learned that too light of touches only make you feel more nervous and jumpy, unsure where his hands are going.
He’s slowly beginning to be able to read your body language, you fiddling with the front of his shirt means that you’re okay with the distance between the two of you, and the listless restless way you hold your body means he’s too far away.
“It’s a good thing you’ve got Yoongi to translate,” Jin swallows. “ I swear it’s like you’re in each other's heads sometimes.” 
Seokjin might just be sleepy; he might just be overestimating things. But he swears for a second before Yoongi replies with a deep chuckle that both of you freeze.
Yoongi is the first one to regain his easy air. “You just have to pay attention hyung, I’ll show you.” Because one-way of loving doesn’t fit one person perfectly. You’re all a little different.
I’ll show you, and show them Yoongi will- he’ll show them how to love you, every right touch, and every perfect way of kissing. Even if you don’t know it yet- you might need Yoongi to show them- you’re so- so delicate. So easy to break or make afraid. And though they'd never willingly or purposefully make you uncomfortable, they just might accidentally.
You need the slow steady pull of Jin’s hands over your back- doing what can only be called petting. He trips your hair, carefully lying it up above your head so that he can work his fingers along your neck is smooth easy patterns. 
 Seokjin presses his face to the back of your hair, flyways be dammed, you shiver at the kiss, but this one isn’t a bad shiver, but a good one. He hides his tears in your hair. God this- how did Yoongi handle all of this alone. 
For the first time- Seokjin truly understands why Yoongi couldn’t walk away, couldn’t come back to them after having seen you like this. seokjin can’t imagine having to have watched you suffer through this just like he can’t imagine you having to handle this on your own without a packmate in sight. From what he knows, you’d have had to had those scars before yoongi came to you. 
“You don’t believe that? Do you?” 
You shrug and don't answer right away. Seokjin doesn't like that, doesn’t like that at all, his distress mounting by the second when he realizes… your answer must not be one you think he wants to hear- and no- that just won’t do. "Hey, would you look at me for a second?" you pause, and turn around,
"I know it probably doesn’t make much of a difference but you're not worthless to us- you’re not worthless to me. I- I’m so sorry that that happened to you, you didn’t deserve it, you're not anything and everything that he ever told you where."
You fiddle with the front of his shirt, not responding. Seokjin could argue, could repeat the words again, but he's beginning to realize they might not be helpful. he’s looking for a response that you can’t give- yet. The only way to rewire the way your brain thinks is with slow and careful loving, days and days of it, months. 
And though Jin knows Yoongi’s already been putting in the work, You have more people who love you now. And one of them is right in front of you. “I know-“ you finally get out, “it’s just hard.” 
“It’s okay pup, I understand. I’ll always listen if that makes you feel better.”
You squirm, frustrated but with yourself not them. Your words fail you, but Seokjin and Yoongi don’t. Seokjin pulls himself closer. Running his hands down your back, tracing slowly but firmly over every curve and crevice of your spine.
He does not touch your scar, worried about how sensitive you might be. But Yoongi does, gripping your hips and pulling you back against him, shoving one of his thighs between your legs, not in a sexual way. Yoongi knows you like to be manhandled. Pulled snug and doll like against his chest, a willing puppet to be loved and touched, truly at ease. 
Seokjin practically feels you sink into the mattress. You whine, turning and pressing yourself back into his arms. yoongi’s arms encircle your stomach as jin presses his smile into your shoulder. Some bright things do not deserve to be touched by shadows- and Seokjin’s smile feels like it could practically conjure daylight. 
He presses his smile into your shoulder, and then into your cheek, and when he opens his eyes he’s staring down at your lips, parted and eyes upturned. 
 In the darkness Seokjin swears he sees your eyes flicker down to his lips. He’s never felt surer of something in his life when he realizes oh- she could want to kiss you. Do you want to Jinnie? Do you want to get your lips all aligned? would your skin taste sweet? Would it feel as plush as your body does pressed so close to his?
He gently, and delicately slides his hands under your shirt, on your hips just hovering, pulling you a little closer. Close enough that your lips are just barely almost touching. “Is this okay?” he asks, thumbs working on your hip bones.  and you nod imperceptibly eyelids and long lashes fluttering. And Jin is close enough that he can feel when you swallow. Feel the supple swell of your chest when you breath and it presses against his.
“Tell me no, if you don’t want me too please tell me no.” 
You look up at him, eyes that flicker down to his lips and then back up to his eyes. You can’t think that he’ll be anything other than gentle. You nod, slowly.
“Then how about this?” you’re not sure who moves first- if its jin or you. but Seokjin’s lips are so soft- so soft as they press so gently against yours. You nearly gasp but Jin lets you breathe, your body is humming, vibrating with energy, Jin’s nostrils flare as your scent fills the room, sweet sweet and getting sweeter.
You break apart, lips parted and pink. Jin could make them chapped if you let him. 
Your body is so warm under his hands, hot even. Like he’s thrown you into a pseudo heat. Your eyelashes flutter again and Jin glimpses Yoongi’s fingers, threaded through your hair and scratching over your scalp. You nod, and you press your forehead against his throat.
You let out a whine and Yoongi and Jin explain a wordless look. Yoongi grins, and Jin takes it as permission to egg you on. “Use your words pup,” in the darkness, Seokjin sees your mouth move around the word, pup.
“Just- gives me a second. Need- needa-calm down.” Looking over your head, Jin makes eye contact with Yoongi. He’d never tell you. But at the moment, Yoongi looks proud enough to cry.
You stay close like that, however unintentionally falling asleep after your first goodnight kiss of many- so so many. There will be many nights that you end them this way, cuddled close. Finding a safe refuge in the presence of each other; a worthy home for your souls
When you wake in the morning you have to squirm your way out from Jin’s arms. You just need to pee, and then you’ll be back in bed, you promise.
But then your foot hits something soft and squishy and you fall to the ground with a shriek.
 Yoongi rolls out of bed, ready to go at the first sound of your squeal, almost stepping on Namjoon’s face. The air goes out of Namjoon stomach and he wakes coughing. Spluttering and thumping against the floor. The noise wakes everyone and before you know it Jimin is running through your door, trailing a blanket, nearly hitting the doorframe. “What wrong what’s-“
Jimin takes one look at you and Namjoon on the floor, Yoongi standing; looking down at Namjoon’s head between his heals. Jin sitting and up in bed, hair sticking up everywhere, Namjoon even has drool on his cheek from where his face was pressed against the hardwood floor.
“What the fuck are you doing on my bedroom floor!” shock is apparently enough to get you to speak in the morning, and even curse. And that’s more than Yoongi can hope for on the average morning even if this one did literally start on the wrong foot (literally).
Namjoon is red, bright red at being caught, he scratches the back of his neck, looking embarrassed “I just- it smelled so nice and I missed-“ you hold up a finger, and Jin has in in himself to be impressed at how effortlessly you command the pack alpha- a good thing too. If you’re going to be in their pack you’d have to learn sooner rather than later.
And Namjoon is equal parts chagrinned and ready to be reprimanded. nearly tucks his tail between his legs when you hiss your reply; “If you’re going to camp out at the foot of the bed like a dog you might as well get in the fucking nest.” You spit, frustrated and grumpy at being woken up like this, rubbing your bottom.
One moment you're rubbing your bottom and the next you stare wide-eyed. Realizing what you’ve said and who you’ve said it too. 
Namjoon blinks, Yoongi blinks, and after a second Seokjin booms out a laugh, the others join in. “Well- you heard her- get in Joonie-”
And that’s how the rest of your love story starts.
but what you don’t know is that there is something that threatens your peace.  however slight, In that little coffee shop that once housed Yoongi and Jin so many years ago when they where on the precipice of everything- who now sit safely in the confines of the nest that you’ve so carefully constructed. 
Safe- but maybe not for long.
The inside of the coffee shop across town is as dusty as it is grimy, a layer of dirt and grease from years of pastries and grubby hands. More than a few coffee rings too. It’s just after the morning business rush and just before the college kids and high schoolers pull themselves out of bed. 
The middle of a shift change. The same youth from the other night, blond hair, chubby cheeks- too young to work in a place like this, too young to be apart of a gang either- but he was born into the family, similarly to Yoongi. sometimes, life just happens and you’re moving drugs for the largest organized crime family in the northeast- before you’ve even applied for college.
The youth isn’t a big player, a third cousin and so far removed from the family that he only loosely can call himself a member. They switch out for shifts- finally trading places with the man he works for, a brother or a cousin of someone in the mob, not a main player not by far. They both occupy similar spots in the hierarchy.  
it feels foolish but the youth had been so proud of himself for doing something grown up, helping the gang operate. it’s foolish and youthful, Because mafia families aren’t the way they are in fiction. the reality is far more dangerous. 
Something has been weighing on him, as he shifts, gathering his books and things before he leaves. He’s spent every hour between when he saw you and Hoseok thinking, wondering if he should- if it's any of his business- if he’s right to make this call.
He stops his boss on his way out. Grabbing his shoulder in a too familiar way that is rightfully shoved off. “What is it boy? did someone throw up in the bathroom again?” unfortunately thats more than a usual predicament, Being so close to the bars they get more than a few drunks through the night.
His boss is the kind of person who you don’t bother unless absolutely necessary, the one you’re supposed to call only when all hell is breaking loose. These kinds of people aren’t the ones you interrupt on a business day unless you have something to show for it.
“You know the pack you told me to keep an eye on?” thats a pitiful comparison to the truth. The small booklets of faces and names complete with a few bullets of information that he was privy too, the people the gang keeps tabs on, the important and dangerous ones. 
“Two of them came in night before last, and I think-” His boss looks suddenly more interested in the boy, looking annoyed and worried as he fumbles over his words. 
“Spit it out”
“I think they said something I wasn’t supposed to hear.”
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ggukkiereads · 4 months ago
Hello!! Just a few days ago I stumble upon your blog and I'm wondering if you have some recommendations for Hybrid AUs, much appreciated if it is an OT7 and completed, but if so I will still be so thankful. (I just need some cure from the stress that modules brings) Thank You in Advance (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
🌷 Hello! welcome to my mini fic-reading land. I’ve actually received asks for Hybrid AUs (I pinned the requests in the navi) but I just have a very messy draft.
But to help you with your stress, I think I can share a few of my ongoing reads (sorry they won’t be complete but they’re OT7). But, I added completed ones I could remember too (●'◡'●)
*note: will edit this later and organize this per member - maybe add other fics I’ll remember*
Tumblr media
Fic Recs | BTS Hybrid AUs
→ A Place Called Home @agustdakasuga -  OT7 x Reader
series [27/27] | 88k | Hybrid AU, Poly AU, Soulmate AU, Romance Humor | Fluff
Having saved your own injured hybrid, you were determined to try and help any other hybrid that crossed your path who needed saving. But being a vet in a small hospital wasn’t enough for you. You wanted to do more, you wanted to make a difference. You wanted to give them a home.
→  If I Can Never Give You Peace @candlewaxandp0lar0ids - Jungkook x Reader
series [3/?] | 17.6k+ | Mafia AU, Enemies to Lovers | A (so far)
It starts like quite a few stories do, in your world. Girl meets boy, who happens to be a hybrid, girl buys him at an auction where hybrids are sold, boy falls in love with her, girl gets bored of him. Then it’s not so typical anymore, when the boy ends up forced into illegal fighting rings, until he makes a wrong move and her father decides he needs to be killed.
Where does that leave you? Well, you’re the one who handled Jungkook’s fight and generally organized his life, and, when the girl’s father, your boss and mafia leader, tells you he wants him ‘put down’, you’re the one who has to get it done. Except, instead, you let him escape, and everything turns out fine.
🌷ggukkienote: I am so hooked on this (because I am a sucker for Mafia AUs too). This is such a great story and the OC is really different from the usual OCs. Very interesting.
→  Eunoia @wishesunderthestars -  OT7 x Reader
series [15/?] | 100k+ (I just assumed this, masterpost doesn’t have wc but it’s 6k per chapter or more?) | Director!Reader, hurt/comfort | fluff, eventual smut
You are a world famous director and you have dedicated your life to your job. You have everything you could ever dream of; wealth, recognision, talent, your friends and family. But loneliness ins’t cured by success. So what happens when you somehow rescue seven hybrids? Can they fill the void?
→  Restitution @cloudteawrites - OT7 x Reader
series [7/?] | 48k+ | slow burn, poly, mystery, romance
when an estranged uncle leaves you his massive fortune you wonder if the universe is playing a joke on you. when that fortune comes with seven hybrids, you know for sure that it is.
→ Lacuna @barbika1508 - Jungkook x Reader
series [42/42] | 324.3k | Hybrid AU, check for TW | Fluff, Angst, Smut
Lacuna - (n.) a blank space, a missing part
Y/N just wanted to go back home, to enjoy her peace and quiet away from problems and people. But typically, her luck strikes as she stumbles upon a horrific scene of two guys mistreating an already beaten down hybrid. Will she take matters into her own hands and help him? Or let someone else help along the way???
🌷 This is on AO3 and I got a recent ask about author’s tumblr.  So if you prefer AO3 you can check their profile
→ A Hundred Percent Human by wrienne- OT7 x Reader
series [12/?] | 88k+ | Hybrid AU, fluff, angst, smut |
In which you (reader) are forced to take care of seven hybrids in a twist of fate. Drunk and down on life, you finally decide to deal with the house and the unsavory business your mother left behind. However, to your shock, you find that seven very different hybrids are included with both the house - and the business. Seven hybrids you never even met before - even less agreed to take care of.
🌷 This is on AO3. I don’t normally reco AO3 since my blog is focused on tumblr fics but someone sent an ask about this so I’m including it
→ Inferiority Complex @starlightauroras-writes - Jimin x Reader
series [10/?] | 88k+ | political themes, themes of abuse (hybrids) | A, S
You had never liked hybrids. You disagreed with their very existence, and you never wanted to have anything to do with them. And then one day, you discovered a hybrid who was more scared of you than you were of him, and everything changed as you realised you were the only hope he had…
→ Sanctuary @chimchimsauce - Jimin x Reader
series [16/16] | 20k |  Wolf Hybrid!Jimin, Barista!OC, feat sanctuary staff Taehyung, hurt/comfort | F, A
YN is a young girl, bright and ambitious, but due to her busy schedule, she's been unable to make any real friends. When an ad for Saint Mary's Sanctuary catches her attention, she never expected her life to be changed by a certain hybrid named Jimin.
→  Summer Nights @marginalmadness - Jungkook x Reader
series [4/4] | 23k | Hybrid!Fantasy, Romance | F, S
A freak weather anomaly leads to a chance encounter with a rabbit-hybrid, and your kind nature results in you gaining a small, fluffy lodger, who questions your taste in television shows. It’s won’t be for long...will it?
→  Risk it All @/httpjeon - Jungkook x Reader
series [5/5] | 8.3k  | hybrid au, alpha wolf!jungkook | A, F, S
ripped from your family, you find yourself in a warehouse filled with predators. just your luck, you’re right across from a caged alpha wolf.
🌷 (I linked Chapter 5 because for some reason others couldn’t find this chapter so they thought it’s still incomplete)
→  Outro Love is Not Over @kiirokero - Hoseok x Reader
series [12/?] |  Daycare Teacher!Hoseok x Single Mom!Reader
You are the single mother of a beautiful 6-year-old golden retriever hybrid who you named Yunho.  But you’re a human.  You can’t show him the ropes of being a hybrid, and you can’t teach him things the other moms can.  So, when a handsome German Shepard hybrid comes into your life, helping you and guiding Yunho in a way you can’t, you can’t help the cozy home he sets up in your heart.
→  It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Right @imaginethisbts - TaeKook x Reader
two shot [2/2] | 11k | dom/sub themes, heat cycles | S
What’s better than one dogboy lover? Two dogboy lovers. But when Tae and Jungkook seem unusually clingy, it can only mean one thing. That time of the month has snuck up on you and your dogboy lovers do not want to share.
🌷 Also try their other Jungkook hybrid series Out of the Blue
→  Peculiar Park @daydreamindollie -  OT7 x Reader
series [9/?] | 38k+ | imagines, slice of life | Writer!Reader, Psychologist!Reader, imagines | fluff
you’re a successful hybrid writer and psychologist who takes in seven hybrids on one stormy night after finding one of their pack stealing from your garden
→ Yeouiju @nomseok - Namjoon x Reader
one shot | 33.7k | Mythical AU, Hybrid AU (if you squint), suspense | A, F, S
you find an ancient stone in the middle of the mountains and bring it home with you, oblivious to the consequences of taking a dragon’s yeouiju.
→ Beautiful Stranger @/nomseok - Taehyung x Reader
one shot | 19k | circus AU | A, S, F
your dream is to take care of animals for the rest of your life in the big city, making sure that they’re cared for. but you stumble upon a malnourished, rare tiger in your local circus, and you can’t help but want to take care of him.
→ Evolution of You and I @readyplayerhobi - Jimin x Reader
one shot | 10.2k | kind of epistolary (letters), chat, childhood friends | F
For 15 years, Park Jimin has been in your life in some form. From childhood penpal’s to the closest of friends now, you can’t imagine your life without him even if you’ve never actually met him in person. It doesn’t help that you’ve fallen for him, even across the distance that separates you. But what happens when you finally meet up and you discover he’s been keeping something secret?
→  Fish are Friends @httpjeon - Taehyung x Reader
one shot | 10.2k | seahorse hybrid!taehyung | A, S, F
after moving to the seaside, there is a dreadful storm. when all is clear, a man washes up on shore…only he isn’t quite human.
🌷 you know seahorses mate for life and it’s the male that gets pregnant? Interesting huh
→  Pink Panther @gimmesumsuga - Seokjin x Reader
one shot | 13k | boss-employee | F, S
The one where your boss, Kim Seokjin, tries to show you how beautiful you are.
→  Ragdoll @ausblack - Jimin x Reader
series [17/17] | Hybrid AU, College AU | F, A
As you were studying to obtain your medical & veterinary degree, your professor came up with the idea of organizing an internship - where you found yourself side by side with a sick hybrid that needed nothing other that complete care.
→  Jagged + Catnap  @opaljm - Jimin x Reader
one shot + sequel | 18k |  jaguar/black panther!jimin, sand dune cat!reader, mutual pining, friends to lovers, established relationship (sequel)| S, F, slight A
The pretty little sand cat hybrid Jimin has been in love with for the past year experiences her first heat and Jimin would love nothing more than to be the one to guide her through it and breed her with his kittens.
🌷 there’s also a possible spin-off for Taehyung (Eye of the Tiger)
→  Owner @jessikahathaway - Jungkook x Reader
series [6/?] | 17.4k | Fake Dating AU, Hybrid AU, based on Kimi Wa Petto (Japanese anime) | F, S, A
With your mother hounding on you (no pun intended), you decided to get a little help from a hybrid, who was also in need of assistance.
→ Loving Him Was Red + Somewhere Only We Know @userseok - Jungkook x Reader
series [3/?] | 12.8k+ | enemies to lovers, childhood friends (sorta), college au, jock!jungkook, unrequited love (for OC) | S, F, A
you’ve been chasing after jungkook for years. after a harsh verbal altercation between both of you, you decide to leave him alone and pursue a relationship with someone who seems genuinely interested in you, thinking he would never return your feelings.
Tumblr media
I would like to recommend the catalog of these writers:
@ditttiii - so I realize I’m following them on AO3 when I realized the fics looked familiar 🤭. They have an ongoing series called Enchanted to Meet You which you might want to check out if you like Soulmate AUs too! I recently reblogged a Jungkook two-shot comfort fic (hybrid au too) so I recommend going through their masterlist!
@aroseforyoongi - who I discovered because of Gossamer (KTH). It was completed but I think it’s up for re-write/re-post? You can try the others:
Navy Blue - Jungkook [completed]
Forever Yours - Yoongi [one shot, prequel to Navy Blue]
Let Me Love You- Jungkook [one shot]
@magicalsalamander - another favorite author of mine I just feel like I’m reading a great tale every time I start on a series or one shot. They have great fics with supernatural themes too
Rabbit on the Moon - Jungkook | if you’re in the mood for police officer Jungkook [6/6]
The Act of Persuasion - Seokjin | if you are in the mood for Single Dad AU x Arranged Marriage too [one shot]
Firefly that Guards the Fox - Taehyung | if you are in the mood for mystery [11/12 - just epilogue left]
Kitten’s Little Flame - Yoongi | if you like BF to Lovers between dragon and a cat [6/6]
There’s more so please check their Masterlist
@hollyhomburg - I just love Of Fire and Love (hello dragon!yoongi and baby!jungkook? 🥺) But you can check:
their masterlist of all their hybrid fics
Dance to This series which I’ve added to fic recs based on an ask about stories that include members/readers with disability.
Don’t care if it Hurts - Jimin | this is probably my favorite (again I’m a sucker for Mafia AUs) , guard dog hybrid!jimin [12/13, just epilogue]
@angelicyoongie - I got hooked after reading their stories on AO3 but they have tumblr too! Check their masterlist for ongoing hybrid fic (Abundance - OT7)  but these are completed ones:
Desolate - Yoongi, grumypy cat hybrid [14/14]
Out of the Woods - Namjoon, wolf hybrid, strangers to lovers [3/3]
@worldwidebt7 - if you like webtoons! I read parts of Jungkook’s webtoon and I think currently we’re on Yoongi’s story. Access it here
@jincherie - One of the first hybrid fics I remember encountering is Inheritance (MYG). Other fics:
Perihelion - Hoseok, college, roommate, enemies [2/?]
Butterfingers - Namjoon, teacher au, this is cuuuute READ IT if you’re looking for something fluffy [one shot]
4 o’ clock - Taehyung, single dad au (I included this in the singel dad fic recs too) [3/?]
Under the Bridge - Jungkook, found jungkook under the bridge [one shot]
@whitesparrows97 - a writer I discovered because of a Yoongi soulmate fic but I found that they also have other hybrid fics:
Cat’s Cradle - Yoongi, bestfriend [5/5]
Underdog - Taehyung, shifter, brought home what she thought a stray dog [5/5]
@foxymoxynoona - and what would my reco be without foxymoxy? So they have tumblr but their works are on AO3. I’ve listed their current works here but I didn’t include their completed works which are must-reads:
Sugar Fairy - Jungkook, mating, adopted hybrids [48/48]
A Sea of Indigo - Jungkook, ex-fighter [48/48] ⭐⭐⭐
@therealmintedmango - They have a whole masterlist of their hybrid!au fics. I recently finished Kingdom Come and I always remember Jimin from King (for some reason)
@joonbird - check their Zodiac Hybrid Masterlist of one shot per member
Tumblr media
There are more (usually one shot per member) but I’ll probably put them in another Fic Rec List for Hybrid AUs. Sorry this list is kind of all over the place (not even organized per member 🤭). But good luck with your modules and I hope these help!
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dreamescapeswriting · a month ago
BTS Reaction ¦¦ Baby Tries To Breastfeed From Them [Request]
Tumblr media
Jin rocked your baby back and forth while you rushed to have a shower. The two of you were still new to the parenting game and taking it in turns to look after your sleeping daughter. The first child and neither of you really knew what you were doing. It was all a learning experience and right now it was learning when you could grab time for a shower or alone time.
"You're so cute," He whispered as he watched her, her tiny hands stretching out and hitting his chest. Her eyes shut as she was still learning to open them and move her hands around.
"Whoooaaa," He laughed pulling her head away gently as soon as your daughter attempted to breastfeed from him. Whimpering when he moved her away from something she clearly was hungry for. 
"Unfortunately baby those aren't what my nipples are for, I know completely useless." He laughed as he rocked your daughter around on his arms, chuckling as she attempted it once again so he laid her in her crib. Going to grab a shirt so she couldn't continue on trying to feed from him.
Tumblr media
Yoongi stared at you unimpressed as you began telling the story to the boys. It was something he didn't want everyone knowing but you found it extremely funny. 
"Come on Hyung, what is it? Did you almost drop him?" Jungkook chuckled when he saw how unhappy Yoongi was about everything, 
"No, he's great with holding him," "Him" being your 2-month-old son who was extremely attached to the both of you.
"Our little baby tried to breastfeed from Yoongi," You giggled laying your head on your husband's shoulder as he sighed. The laughter sounding from the boys as they all turned to look at Yoongi. 
"Really?!" Hoseok chuckled as he shook his head, he never would have believed it.
"Yes, it's not that funny," Yoongi grumbled as he shook his head. 
"It's not, he was hungry and Y/n wasn't there so he went for the first thing he could find." He mumbled again, ignoring the laughter that was coming out of everyone in the room. Laying your head on his chest you pouted. 
"I'm sorry baby, one day you will find it funny I promise." You whined at him, leaning up to kiss his lips softly.
Tumblr media
"Hyung what's she trying to do?" Jungkook asked as he watched your daughter waving her hands about, hitting her palms against Hoseok's chest. 
"I don't know," Hoseok whispered as he looked down at your daughter, frowning as she continued to hit his chest over and over again. Her lips parting as she moved her body closer to his.
When it happened Hoseok's mouth dropped open and so did Jungkook as they stared at your daughter. The two of them laughing wildly as they shook their heads.
"Y/n! I think she's hungry," Hoseok laughed as he bounced his way over to you in the kitchen. You were cooking dinner for everyone when you saw what your daughter was attempting to do. 
"Oh gosh." You laughed giving Jungkook the spoon to keep stirring the food while you slipped your daughter away. 
"You can't feed from your daddy baby," You cooed as you took her into your arms and went back to the living room to feed her. Jungkoko and Hoseok laughing with one another uncontrollably. 
Tumblr media
You were feeding one of your twins while Namjoon held the other against his chest. Trying to get him to fall asleep but your son was having none of it. He wailed and hit against Namjoon's chest as if he was looking for something, 
"You're sleepy baby, if you get some sleep everything will be okay." Namjoon cooed as he continued to sway back and forth with your son. Your eyes struggling to stay open as you fed your other son.
"Hey, hey, heyyy," Namjoon's sudden laughter and louder tone woke you up and you stared over at him. Wondering what was wrong when he began shaking his head. 
"I think the little man is hungry," He laughed as he walked over to you, taking his other son and replacing him. 
"But I fed him...O-Or did I feed-" You stared at the identical babies and let out a small whimper. It was hard to tell who was who and sometimes you both got jumbled up.
"It's okay baby, just feed him and we can get you to sleep," Namjoon promised, kissing the top of your head.
Tumblr media
You weren't home when it happened, it was Jimin's first time alone with your 2-month-old. He told you to go out and enjoy yourself so you'd made sure there was enough milk before heading out,
"Are you sleepy? Bored?" Jimin questioned as if your daughter was somehow going to reply to him. 
"Do you miss mummy?" He pulled her closer to his chest, looking at her as she slapped the palm of her hand against his chest and inched herself closer.
"You want cuddles from daddy?" He smiled before gasping and shaking his head at her. She'd tried to latch onto his nipple through his shirt and he whimpered, 
"No wonder mummy pumps, that hurts." He rubbed his chest a little as he began heading to the kitchen. Grabbing one of the bottles of breast milk you had made that morning for your daughter.
Tumblr media
Taehyung didn't have the heart to wake you up, you had fallen asleep on the sofa and when he came home your son woke up too. Picking him up from his crib he greeted him and kissed the top of his head. 
"I'm home little man, I bet you were good." He chuckles taking him over to one of the seats and carefully sitting down. Watching you as you rolled over on the sofa and faced away from them both.
"You tired mama out," He chuckled running his thumb over your suns cheeks as he snuggled against him. Taehyung thoguht he was closing his eyes to fall back to sleep when he suddenly felt a pain on his chest. 
"Hey, sorry little guy...They're not the same as your mums." Getting back up carefully he went to see if there were any bottles to save waking you up from your sleep.
Tumblr media
Jungkook was half asleep, holding your daughter in his hands while you rushed to get her some milk warmed up. It was almost 4 in the morning when you woke up to her crying, you placed her with Jungkook before rushing off. 
"Mum will be back soon," He whimpered as he tried to keep his eyes open, leaning your daughters head on his bare chest so he could stay awake. Your daughter stopped crying as she laid her head on his chest, for a moment he figured she'd fallen asleep but as soon as Jungkook felt a nibble on his chest. His eyes shot open as he stared down at your daughter. 
"I'm awake! Baby! She's hungry!" He called out desperately as he turned your daughter away from his chest and prayed you would come faster.
Tumblr media
Tagline: @lyoongx @mitzwinchester @rjsmochii @taestannie @sw33tnight @sweeneyblue1 @agustdjoon @jin-from-the-block​ @acciocriativity​ @mwitsmejk​ @taeechwitaa​ @justbangtanthingz​ @stillwithlix​
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junghelioseok · 5 months ago
↳ your one-night stand definitely isn’t relationship material, but maybe—just maybe—your manager’s son is.
Tumblr media
◇ hoseok x reader ◇ smut | strangers to lovers!au ◇ 10.1k [1/1]
❛❛ my boss is always telling me how perfect her son would be for me and she promises he’s coming to the next holiday party and don’t worry he’s heard all about me too and ALSO there’s this dude i slept with once a couple of months ago and sometimes he still sends me dick pics when i ask him to at 3 in the morning cause seriously dude’s got a good dick ❜❜
notes: welcome to the first installment of the serendipity series! we’re starting with hoseok, because, well, have you met me? 🤣 be warned, however, that this isn’t anywhere near as edited as i’d like so i’ll probably give it another read/edit tomorrow but for now!!! here it is!!!
⇢ series masterlist. | inspired by this post.
warnings: dirty talk bc hoseok’s got a bit of a mouth on him, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it, kids!), sexting. dick pics, obvi. brief mention of a dead pet goldfish :(
Tumblr media
You’re refilling your mug when you hear it. Voices filter out from the kitchen, floating past the coffee station where you’re pouring yourself another drink and hanging in the open air of the hallway that leads back to the rest of the office. They’re familiar voices, too—voices that belong to the resident gossips of your workplace. Lottie’s pitchy, nasal tone melds with Hyejin’s higher one, their conversation interrupted every so often by an exaggerated exclamation or gasp from Sandra, the third and final member of their trio.
“Haven’t you heard? Carolyn’s divorce was finalized over the weekend, the poor thing.”
“I can’t even begin to imagine how she’s feeling. I mean, getting back into dating at her age? Goodness!”
“And now she’ll be all alone at the holiday party, too. How sad is that?”
“It’s tragic. Poor thing.”
Rolling your eyes, you grab a packet of sugar and tear it open, upending it over your mug and watching the crystalline granules fall into the dark liquid within. You know for a fact that Sandra and her husband can’t even stand to be in the same room for an extended period of time, considering how they’d spent most of last year’s holiday party talking to entirely different groups of people. You’d sat two tables away from them during dinner, and they hadn’t even made eye contact once. And as for Lottie and Hyejin, well, you’re certain that their relationships aren’t much better. All three of them are miserable people as far as you’re concerned, and you make a mental note to check in on Carolyn—a sweet woman in her thirties who always keeps chocolate bars in her purse—on your way back to your desk.
“Sheesh. Vultures, the lot of them. Don’t you think?”
You whirl at the sound of your manager’s voice. Kyunghee Jung is a dark-haired woman in her late fifties, and she laughs when she sees your startled expression, her eyes crinkling at the corners. “Easy! You’ll spill your coffee if you’re not careful.”
“I’ll probably have a heart attack first,” you reply, pressing a hand to your chest. “What was your job before this? Some kind of intelligence operative? Are you a super spy?”
Kyunghee laughs again and joins you at the counter. “Nothing even remotely as exciting as that,” she answers, plopping her mug down beside yours. It’s decorated with what looks like every color of the rainbow, a massive smiling sunflower taking up the majority of the surface, and the only remnant of the ceramic’s original color is on the very edge of the handle where there’s a lopsided little patch of white. The piece is clearly handmade, and a stark contrast to the simple mint green cup that houses your coffee. Looking at it, it’s impossible not to smile.
“I love that,” you remark, inclining your head at her mug. “Was it a present from one of your kids?”
“Hoseok,” she confirms, running a fingertip along the imperfect handle fondly. “I’ve told you about him before—he’s right around your age.”
You chuckle. “Right, I remember. That’s why he’s the perfect match for me, right?”
“Come now, there’s more to it than that,” Kyunghee defends, waving a hand. “But yes, to answer your question. He gave it to me as a birthday present when he was eight.”
“Well, you never told me he was an artist,” you tease. “Does he have an Etsy? Can I buy one of these off him? Does he do custom orders, maybe?”
Normally, your manager is more than happy to play along with your jokes, but today Kyunghee fixes you with an uncharacteristically serious look. “Why don’t you ask him yourself?” she asks. “He’s coming to the holiday party, after all. I figured you could finally meet.”
You blink. Kyunghee has been making offhand remarks about how well you would get on with her son, Hoseok, for over a year now, but you’ve never even come close to broaching the topic of meeting him. You don’t even know anything about the man beyond the fact that his name is Hoseok and that he works somewhere downtown. He also favors tall socks and yellow suspenders if the framed photograph on Kyunghee’s desk is any indication—or at least, he certainly did when he was still in diapers. Whether he still does, is anyone’s guess.
“Wow, I had no idea he was even interested in coming,” you manage when you’ve recovered from your surprise. “Did you bribe him?”
If Kyunghee notices that your voice is a few pitches higher than usual, she doesn’t remark on it. “Oh, you know. I just told him that this would be his last chance to score free booze on the company’s dime.” She laughs. “Three more months and it’s going to be all beaches and sunshine for me. I might even become a cruise person in my retirement.”
You gasp and slap a hand to your heart. “Kyunghee! Think of the environmental impact!”
“I said I might!” she retorts immediately. “Sheesh. Even in my old age, it’s hard to conveniently forget how shitty and unsustainable those damn boats are.”
You pick up your mug and raise it in a salute. “Well, the oceans thank you.”
“My husband doesn’t,” she answers with a sigh. “He’s been dying to book one of those trips that stop all along the Mediterrannean coastline, and I can’t exactly blame him.”
“That is tempting,” you admit. “You’ll have to send photos, if you do end up going.”
“You’ll be sick of me and my photos before the first day is even up,” she promises. Then she pauses, her eyes darting toward the kitchen where silence has fallen in the last few minutes. “Speaking of being sick—you think the vultures are still hovering around in there? I haven’t had lunch yet, and I need the microwave.”
Obligingly, you edge a little closer to the kitchen doorway and poke your head around the frame, scanning for Lottie and her sidekicks. “Coast is clear. Enjoy your lunch, Kyunghee.”
She nods and raises her mug at you, returning your salute. “I always do.”
As soon as the work day ends, you fall into your usual routine. Your commute home is easily walkable on nicer days, and though the winter weather is brisker than you’d like, you decide to walk for the sake of stopping at the convenience store on the corner of the block.
Once you arrive back at your apartment, you change into your comfiest sweats and a loose tee. You turn on some music while you throw together some dinner, and settle onto the couch half an hour later with a full plate and Netflix. Television is a welcome distraction from the events of the workday, and you manage to get through three full episodes of your current show before your pesky brain decides to revisit the events of today, replaying the conversations that you’d both had and overheard.
There’s no denying that you’ve been single for quite some time now, and for the most part, it’s been by choice. Ever since graduating from university, you’ve chosen to focus more on your career, and it’s paid off both in terms of the important position you hold in your company and your above average salary. And yet, you can’t help but think back to the gossip you’d overheard earlier—about the supposed tragedy of being single and attending the upcoming holiday party alone. Your mind wanders to Kyunghee’s son, Hoseok, and how he’ll be in attendance this year. You wonder what he’s like, and whether he really is perfect for you, as Kyunghee seems to be so fond of mentioning.
And then your mind goes to Jay.
You met Jay two months ago, on a well-deserved night out after a hellish workweek. The bar was crowded, and the music coming from the neon dancefloor in the back was just loud enough to drown out your inhibitions. That, combined with the alcohol swimming through your system, made you bold. You sashayed your way across the dancefloor, dodging inebriated bodies and swaying limbs as you fixed your attention on the head of pale lavender hair and deliciously broad shoulders that awaits you just behind the bar counter. The bartender is nothing short of gorgeous, and you’ve thrown all caution to the wind. Sure, several other women are eyeing him like he’s their next meal—several men are, too—but you need another drink. And while he prepares it, you plan to flirt.
A lot.
The bar counter is sticky with spilled liquor, but you don’t pay that any mind as you lean across it, the wood digging into the narrow strip of exposed skin left by your cropped top. “Hi!” you call, and the bartender looks up from where he’s just finished pouring a round of shots for a group of raucous young men.
“Hi yourself,” he says, his pillowy lips stretching into an easy smile. “What can I get you?”
You pretend not to notice the way his eyes flicker down to the dip of your cleavage and instead put on the sultriest smile you are capable of mustering. “Vodka soda,” you tell him, injecting a bit of purr into your voice. “A bit of lemon too, if you have it.”
“Trust me, I have it,” he assures, his smile growing as he reaches for a clean glass and a clear bottle. “Name’s Jin, by the way. I’m here all night, if you need anything e—”
A loud clatter and the sound of breaking glass interrupts the rest of his sentence, and all eyes at the bar go to the source of the disturbance. Conversations stutter to a halt, and even the thumping bass of the music seems to dull. Jin darts to the other end of the bar, where you can see that one of several barstools has fallen to the ground. There’s a man on the ground as well, surrounded by shattered glass and spilled dark liquor, and your eyes widen when you realize that you know him.
And arguably, a little too well.
“Fuck,” you mutter under your breath. People are starting to lose interest in the spectacle, turning back to their own conversations and continuing on as if nothing had happened at all. The man is beginning to clamber to his feet, and a few people lend a helping hand as Jin begins barking out orders for everyone to step back so he can sweep up the broken glass. You seize upon the opportunity, latching on to the nearest arm and pulling them close so you can hide behind them. Vaguely, you’re aware of them sputtering in surprise, but you only have eyes for the man who had fallen off his stool, watching him carefully as he brushes himself off and tries to play it cool despite the sizable patch of whiskey soaking his white shirt.
“Hey, uh…” Your human shield is speaking. “Are you okay? You’re squeezing me pretty tight.”
That draws you out of your daze. Abashed, you loosen your grip on his arm and look up into his face, your throat going dry when you realize how handsome he is. His black hair is parted over his forehead, a stray strand falling into warm brown eyes set above a straight nose and an inviting mouth. There’s a freckle above his top lip, just shy of the center, and your inebriated brain wonders just what it would be like to kiss it.
“I, um—” You clear your throat and try again. “Sorry about that. I just didn’t want him to see me.”
Your newfound companion raises an eyebrow and glances over his shoulder at the drunk man, who is now being ushered out of the bar by his buddies. “You know that guy?”
You nod, cringing. “Yeah, his name’s Trent. I… may or may not have dated him for a few months last year.”
The man laughs out loud. “You dated a Trent?”
“What, like you’ve never made a questionable life choice?” you challenge. “Besides, you shouldn’t judge someone based on the sins of their parents. It’s not his fault they gave him a terrible name.”
“Sure, but it is on him for going along with it,” he replies with a shrug. “I would’ve changed my name as soon as I could if my parents had named me Trent. But hey, that’s just one man’s opinion.”
You laugh. “Okay then, Not-Trent.” Relinquishing your grip on his arm, you let your fingers graze his hand before pulling away entirely. “What do you say we continue this conversation over a drink?”
The man, whose name is decidedly not Trent, catches your fingers in his and gives them a gentle squeeze. “Happily.”
One drink turns into two, and then three. By the end of the hour, you are feeling pleasantly warm, the alcohol spreading through your veins like molasses and turning your surroundings into a hazy blur. The music has grown even louder, pounding against your eardrums, and you grab onto Not-Trent’s wrist as he sets his now-empty glass back down onto the counter.
“Do you wanna get out of here?” you ask, raising your voice to be heard over the thumping bassline. “I can’t even hear myself think.”
“The parking lot’s out back,” he suggests. “Why don’t we get some air?”
You nod and stand up on wobbly legs, cursing your decision to wear heels when you stumble into your companion. He steadies you with a gentle but firm hand, and you don’t miss the way his touch lingers on your lower back, his palm warm through the material of your blouse.
Together, the two of you pick your way through the throng of swaying bodies on the dancefloor. The bassline thuds in your ears, dark and hypnotic, and you can feel the reverberations thrumming across the slats of your ribs and echoing in the cavern of your chest like a second heartbeat.
It’s almost a relief, then, when you step out into the cool night air. Your ears continue to ring for a few seconds, but it soon fades and leaves behind only the muted hum of traffic from the street and the faint sound of music from inside. At your side, Not-Trent releases a long breath and leans against the brick wall of the building, and you turn to take in the steep slopes of his side profile as he tilts his head up toward the velvety night sky.
He’s handsome. Dressed in ripped jeans and black leather, he’s a sight to behold, and you’d be lying if you said you hadn’t been craving a bit of intimacy for quite some time now. The alcohol swimming through your system makes you bolder than you normally would be, and you reach out to lay a hand on his arm. He turns toward you with a silent question glimmering in his irises, but you simply step closer, until you’re pinning him against the wall with your body and you’re breathing the same air.
“Hey,” you say, your voice an airy whisper. His eyes are near obsidian in the dimness of the parking lot, illuminated only by the orange glow of the streetlamps on either end, and your gaze flickers down to his mouth before roving to the freckle that sits upon his top lip. “Kiss me?”
Your companion’s eyes widen. His lips part, but no words come out, and you’re about to repeat your question when he finally finds his voice again.
“That’s really… that’s not a good idea.” Awkwardly, he clears his throat, but the hoarseness of his voice and the harsh bob of his Adam’s apple give away his true desires. “Look, you’ve been drinking. We both have, and—”
You cut him off, pushing up to your tiptoes and planting a messy kiss to the soft dip just beneath his bottom lip. “Don’t care,” you mumble against his skin. “I want you.”
Your companion laughs weakly. His hands find their way to your waist and pause there, as if he can’t decide whether to push you away or pull you closer. “You don’t even know me,” he murmurs.
“I don’t have to know you,” you reply. Your fingers drag down his chest, trailing along the delicate silver necklace that rests against the black of his shirt. From the chain hangs a round pendant, the surface engraved with the letter J. Slowly, you trace it with a fingertip, the metal shining even in the dim light, and satisfaction blooms in your heart when your companion’s throat bobs again. “I want you,” you breathe, soft but insistent. “Isn’t that enough?”
“I—” He clears his throat and tries again, and you wonder if he realizes that his hands have slid down to your hips, or that there’s a growing hardness against your lower stomach that’s becoming increasingly harder to ignore. “Look, I’m flattered—really, I am. And you’re… I mean, fuck, you’re gorgeous. But I don’t think we should do anything when you’re clearly not in the right frame of mind to be making this kind of decision, and—”
“And, nothing.” You wind your arms around his neck, pressing close and grinding subtly against the bulge in his pants. You smirk when he releases a low hiss from between his teeth, and hide it by laying a trail of kisses along the stretch of bare skin exposed by the dip of his collar. “Stop being such a gentleman,” you whisper. Your fingers trail down his chest, past the silver of his pendant and down to the faded denim of his jeans, teasing at the cool metal of his belt buckle. “I want this. But if you’re not interested, I can always go back in there and—”
The rest of your sentence dies in your throat. Your companion has tugged you flush against him in one smooth motion, and your gasp is cut off by the firm press of his mouth against yours. Immediately, you melt into the kiss, and a moan tears from your lips when he spins you around and pins you against the brick wall of the building.
“You’re a spoiled little thing, huh?” His breath fans hot against your cheeks, and you shiver when you meet his eyes and see the dark promise reflected there. “Used to getting what you want, huh, princess?”
Your breath hitches at the endearment—something your companion doesn’t miss. “Oh, you like that?” He chuckles hoarsely, and when he speaks again it’s in a rasp that sends heat straight to your core. “What else do you like, hmm? You want me to be rough with you, princess? Or should I be gentle and treat you like a queen?”
You reach up, raking your fingers through his hair and skimming across the soft strands of his undercut before finding purchase at his nape. “You talk too much,” you whisper.
And then you’re crushing your mouth back against his, whining when he immediately takes back control of the kiss. His grip slides downward, his fingertips digging into the skin just above the curve of your ass, and you squeak when he grabs the back of your thigh and hooks your leg around his waist.
“You feel that?” he rasps into your ear, nipping at the delicate shell and chortling when you keen. Your skirt has ridden up dangerously high on your spread thighs, and you let out a soft whimper when he grinds harshly against your center. The lace of your panties and the denim of his jeans are the last barricades between you, and you wonder, vaguely, whether your companion has a bit of an exhibitionist streak when he slides one of your sleeves down your shoulder and begins kissing a trail down to the swell of your cleavage. “You feel how hard you’ve gotten me?”
You lean down, kissing the soft spot where his jaw meets his ear before letting your teeth graze against his skin. “Why don’t you do something about it then?”
He hisses out a sharp breath, his hands tightening their hold on your hips. “You’ve got quite the mouth on you, huh? I can’t wait to make you eat your words.”
Any retort you may have had is interrupted by a sudden swell of music and the sound of a slamming door. Whirling to face the source of the noise, you immediately spot a familiar head of lavender hair atop broad shoulders encapsulated in the black uniform of the bar. Jin hasn’t noticed the two of you yet, his attention fixated on his cell phone screen, but he looks up when you let out a little squeak of surprise and shove your companion’s chest in an attempt to create some distance between you.
“Hey.” Jin raises a hand in greeting, a knowing smirk curling his lips. “This phone call shouldn’t be too long, so please. Don’t stop the party on my behalf.”
Heat floods to your cheeks. There isn’t much use protesting against his insinuation, considering the rather compromising position you’re in. Much to your relief, though, your companion simply huffs out a chuckle and waves Jin off. “Thanks, man, but we’ll get out of your hair.” Lowering his voice, he turns back to you. “Coming, princess?”
You nod. He offers you his hand, and you take it gratefully, adjusting your skirt so that it drapes properly over your hips and thighs again.
“Have a good night!” Jin calls after you, amusement lacing every word. You can’t work up the nerve to respond, and luckily, you don’t have to. Your companion leads you around the corner of the building, where several rows of cars are parked beneath an orange streetlamp. On this side, the exterior brick wall is painted with a mural, and you admire the colorful galaxies and nebulae swirling amidst silvery white stars and the word serendipity spray-painted in pale blue.
The last car in the row is parked just beneath the letter Y, and it’s here that your companion stops. The sleek black vehicle has an almost vintage feel to it, and you glance up when you hear the jingle of metal.
“I’m guessing this is yours?”
He nods, pulling a set of keys from the pocket of his leather jacket and inserting one into the lock. “Yeah. You like it?”
“It’s beautiful,” you tell him, tracing the edge of the passenger window “Makes my car look like a total piece of shit by comparison.”
Your companion chuckles, pulling open the driver’s side door, and you catch a glimpse of your reflection in the window as he presses a button to unlock the rest of the doors. Your hair’s a bit of a mess and your mascara has smudged beneath your right eye, and you hurriedly swipe at it as your companion turns his attention back to you.
“So,” he says. “Now what? I can give you a ride home, if you want.”
Deliberately, you let your gaze drop down to his crotch, where his bulge—albeit waning—is still visible. “Seriously? I thought you were going to… what was it again? Make me eat my words?”
And just like that, it’s as if a switch has flipped. His eyes darken to obsidian, his lips settling into a stern line, and you barely have time to draw in a breath before he’s caging you against the side of his car and molding his mouth to yours. Your lips part beneath the onslaught, and he wastes no time in dipping inside to explore, licking into you until you’re both breathless.
“Inside,” he breathes once you’ve broken apart, and you instantly obey. You wrench the door open and all but tumble into the backseat, and he isn’t far behind as he slots himself between your spread thighs. Your hands fly to his shoulders where you help him shuck off his leather jacket, tossing it carelessly to the front where it lands in a heap on the dashboard before focusing your attention on the hem of his black t-shirt. Your companion obliges you as you push it upward to expose his toned abdomen, grabbing it by the collar and pulling it off the rest of the way when your reach falls a little short in the cramped interior of the backseat.
“Your turn,” he whispers when you try to reach for his belt, his hands settling around your wrists. “It’s only fair, princess.”
Pouting, you let your hands fall limp in his grasp, and he chuckles as he leans down to pacify you with a kiss. Deft fingers find the hem of your blouse, pushing it up until you can twist out of the material. You throw it aside with no regard for where it lands on the ground, and lay back as your companion drinks you in, his dark gaze raking across the lacy black lingerie that decorates your curves and skims you like a second skin. “Fuck,” he breathes, his voice hoarse with a combination of amazement and disbelief. “You’re stunning.”
You smile, trailing a fingertip from the dip of his collarbone down to the silver necklace that sits prettily against his bare chest. “You’re not so bad yourself,” you tell him, tracing the letter engraved into his pendant. “Jay.”
Your companion—newly dubbed Jay—smiles back. “You’re something else, princess,” he murmurs, before leaning down to kiss you again. He explores your mouth thoroughly—languidly—before moving down to nip at your neck, and already, you can feel the beginnings of marks beginning to form, blossoming across your skin as irrefutable proof of your tryst.
It isn’t long before Jay frees you from your bra, watching with carnal fascination as your breasts spill out of the lacy material. You whine when he reaches out to cup one, his palm hot against your bare skin, and he smirks crookedly when a pinch to your nipple makes your back arch off the leather of the seat. “So pretty,” he rasps. “I can’t wait to see how you look stretched around my cock.”
“Stop waiting, then,” you tell him, trying again for his belt buckle. This time, he lets you fumble it open, leaning back to watch you work with hooded eyes and a lazy little smile. Emboldened, you push aside the denim of his jeans and free his cock from the confines of his underwear. He’s hard and hot and heavy in your palm, and your tongue darts out instinctively at the sight of the pearlescent precum beading the tip.
“Jay,” you murmur, thumbing across the head of his erection and smirking when he hisses in pleasure. “Fuck me.”
Jay seems to consider your demand, mischief flitting across his features before he manages to school his expression into something more neutral. “Where are your manners, princess?” he asks, pushing your hand away and giving himself a few long, slow strokes. “Say please, if you want it so bad.”
For a moment, you consider refusing. Jay seems to be the type of man who enjoys a good game, but between the state of his cock and the earlier interruption, you’re pretty sure he’s nearing his limit. And even if he isn’t, you are. And so, you shelve your pride for the time being, and trail a hand down the length of your bared body as you bat your lashes up at him. “Fuck me, Jay,” you repeat. “Please. Want your cock so bad.”
His answering smile is equal parts amusement and satisfaction, and altogether sinful. “That’s my girl,” he rasps, before shoving your panties aside. Lining the head of his cock up, he enters you in one smooth thrust, and you moan as your walls stretch to accommodate his girth. You’re more than wet enough to take him in his entirety, your eyes fluttering shut when he bottoms out, and he groans hoarsely as he takes a second to relish the feeling of your walls gripping him so tightly.
“Fuck. You’re so wet, princess.” Jay dips a thumb into your slick, spreading it across your clit and rubbing a few experimental circles around the sensitive nub. He groans when you clench around him, his hips stuttering, and you squeeze around him again just to hear him grit out another curse. “Shit. I’m not going to last long at this rate.”
“Don’t care,” you murmur, rocking against him and sighing when the motion sends him a little deeper into your core. “Just fuck me, Jay. Please.”
Jay leans in, a dark lock of hair falling across his forehead as he plants an indulgent kiss on your waiting mouth. “Anything for you, princess,” he breathes. Slowly, he pulls back until only the tip of his cock remains inside you. Then he’s slamming forward, and you can’t even find it in yourself to care about the obscene sound of skin slapping against skin or the way the car rocks. Jay’s thumbing across your clit in tight circles that he times perfectly with the rock of his hips, and you wonder whether the rapidly building pleasure in your belly is due to your dry spell or if he’s just that good. You can feel every inch of him as he fills you up repeatedly, his brows furrowed in concentration and his dark hair flopping as he drives deeper in search of the spot that will have you seeing stars.
You know he’s found it when the pleasure in your belly spikes, your back arching off the backseat. Your skin is sticky against the dark leather and you’re certain the sweat gathering at your temples has destroyed the last of your makeup, but Jay alleviates your concerns with a particularly well-timed thrust and a harsh nip to the soft spot at your clavicle. You keen out something unintelligible, and his lips stretch into a smirk against your skin.
“That’s it,” he encourages. “Cum for me, princess.”
That’s all it takes for the mounting pressure to snap. Your body collapses into a searing orgasm, the pleasure flaring out like a supernova and spreading through your veins like wildfire. “F-fuck, Jay—” you gasp, your fingers scrabbling at his back for purchase and no doubt leaving scratches in their wake. “Fuck, you feel so—”
The remainder of your words trail off into garbled nonsense, and Jay huffs out a strained chuckle as he begins chasing after his own orgasm, rutting against you in a way that both prolongs your pleasure and sustains his own. “Shit,” he groans, his eyes fluttering shut. “Fuck, that’s it. Look at you—taking my cock so well. So pretty and perfect and—”
Whatever he was going to say dissolves into a groan as he gives a few more erratic thrusts before his release overwhelms him. Creamy warmth floods through you, and you rub his back tiredly as his head drops onto your shoulder, his breath flaring hot against your skin as he rides out his orgasm.
It takes several long seconds for the pleasure to recede. Your legs are still shaky when Jay pulls away, straightening up and tucking himself back into his jeans. There’s an empty ache in your core now that you are no longer stuffed full of his cock, and already, you are missing the feeling. Still, you push that aside as you sit up, adjusting your panties and wincing at the wetness that soaks the material and sticks to your skin.
“So,” Jay says after a moment’s silence, and you glance over at him when he huffs out a short chuckle. “That was fun.”
“Not bad at all,” you agree weakly, an irrepressible smile tugging at your lips.
Jay grins. It’s a bright, infectious grin—and it’s one that you’ve already grown rather fond of in the short period of time you’ve known him. It’s a grin that showcases his perfect teeth and crinkles his eyes into crescents, and one that all but forces you to grin back.
“Here, give me your phone,” he says, and you watch as he punches in his number once you hand it over. “Just in case you ever wanna do this again,” he tells you, handing it back. “Don’t be a stranger, princess.”
You glance down at his contact information, saved under the moniker you’d given him and affixed with a short string of emojis. “I won’t,” you tell him, chuckling. “In fact, I just might take you up on the offer.”
The screen of your laptop has long since gone dark, and you stretch your arms overhead before waking it again. Rolling your shoulders, you navigate back to the main Netflix menu, hovering over the resume button and watching the trailer loop in the background.
You’d be lying if you said you didn’t think about Jay often. You’ve texted each other quite often since that night in his car—usually when you’re bored and alone and have had a few too many glasses of wine in the evenings. You’ve found yourself tapping on his name instinctively during those odd, ambiguous hours—when late night and early morning meld together and you’re aching for a bit of relief.
And as if he knows you’re thinking about him, your phone buzzes against the coffee table, the screen lighting up with a familiar name.
[11:22pm] Jay 😘🍆💦: thinkin about u, pretty girl 😘
It’s followed by an image, and your heart rate picks up, thudding loudly against your ribs as you open it.
Tumblr media
Your memories of Jay’s face—made all the more hazy by the alcohol and the amount of time elapsed since your first and only meeting—truly don’t do him justice. Though the photograph cuts off just above his nose, you can still admire the sharp angle of his jaw and the fullness of his puckered lips. His skin is golden against the white of his t-shirt, and you lick your lips before thumbing across your screen to respond.
[11:23pm] You: yeah? what else are you thinking about, hmm?
His response is instantaneous.
[11:23pm] Jay 😘🍆💦: thinking about that pretty little pussy of yours
[11:23pm] Jay 😘🍆💦: how good it looked in that pic u sent me tuesday 👅
You barely even notice the way your hand begins trailing down your body, pushing aside the elastic waistband of your sweats. It’s as if you’re on autopilot, as your fingers find their way to the damp spot growing on your panties.
Yeah? you write back with your free hand, already teasing at your clothed folds with the other. Tell me more.
It’s an uncharacteristically warm Friday morning when you find yourself in the elevator with Jimin, a good friend of yours who works on one of the lower levels of your office building. “Morning,” he says as he steps in, a large iced coffee in hand despite the fact that it’s still very much the middle of winter. Then he squints, leaning a little closer. “Oh my god. You got laid!”
“Oh my god, not so loud!” you hiss, whacking him on the shoulder and jabbing the button to close the elevator doors. “And no, not exactly. I’ve just been texting Jay.”
“Texting, sure.” Jimin mimes air quotes around the word and rolls his eyes. “You’re sexting him, and we all know it. How many pictures of his dick do you have saved on your phone now?”
“Oh my—” You sigh, trailing off. “Can we not talk about this right now?”
“Right, of course.” Jimin takes a sip of his coffee and pretends to check his watch. “When would you like to talk about it then? Do you need to check your calendar? Can I book an appointment for later this afternoon?”
You stick your tongue out at him. “Shut up.”
Jimin just grins, his lips puckered around his straw. “So, how’s Jay? Have you asked for his real name yet?”
You shrug. “What’s the point? It’s not like we’re friends or anything. We’ve literally only met the one time.”
“Yeah, but that’s just because you’re a coward,” Jimin points out. “What’s stopping you from meeting up with him again? You have his number. You have at least one photo of his dick. Ask him out already!”
“It’s not that easy, though,” you sigh. The elevator doors open to let a few more people in, and you move to the side and lower your voice so that only Jimin can hear. “Jay—he’s not exactly boyfriend material. I mean, we fucked in his car the first night we met.”
“So?” Jimin frowns and takes another sip of his iced coffee. “You talk about things besides sex, don’t you? You definitely told him about your goldfish dying, at least. I mean, you told him before you even told me!”
“Yes I did, and he was appropriately sympathetic about Mustache’s passing, unlike some people,” you sniff. “Get over it already, won’t you?”
“Never,” Jimin replies, ignoring your pointed jab. “I’m sure you only told him because you knew you could get a sympathy sext out of it. How many dick pics did you get out of that night, anyway?”
“You’re gross,” you tell him, punching him in the arm. “Not to mention that’s exactly why Jay’s not boyfriend material. He’s perfectly happy with—whatever it is we’re doing. I can’t just ruin that by asking him to get dinner.” You frown, gnawing on your bottom lip. “I don’t want to make this into something that it’s not.”
Jimin hesitates. “Fine, okay. I guess I can understand that.”
There’s a pause, as the elevator makes a few more stops. You watch the numbers crawl higher, and know that you’ll soon have to part ways with your friend..
“Hey.” You nudge Jimin with your shoulder, just as the elevator doors close and you begin the ascent to his floor. “Wanna know something interesting?”
Jimin looks up from his phone, where he’s scrolling through Twitter. “Always.”
“My boss’ son is coming to the party tomorrow.”
Jimin’s eyebrows disappear into his ashy blond hair at your revelation. “Kyunghee’s son? Hoseok, or whatever?”
You chuckle. “The one and only. She’s found about a million ways to bring him up in conversation this past week. She thinks we’re a match made in heaven.”
“Wow.” Jimin releases a long breath. “I wonder what he’s like, then.”
You shrug, adjusting the strap of your work tote over your shoulder. “I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?”
The morning of the party, you wake up to an empty refrigerator. Half stale cereal and the last dregs of milk from the carton become your breakfast, and you munch on that as you mull over the contents of your closet. You’re still in your pajamas, but you pull out your comfiest jeans and a sweater to change into after you finish eating. Then you turn to your collection of dresses, rifling through them and mentally debating the merits of each material and color.
You could go in one of two directions tonight. On the one hand, this is still a work party, and as such your attire should probably maintain a certain level of decorum. But on the other, you’re meeting Hoseok Jung for the first time tonight. You aren’t necessarily looking to start anything with the man, of course, but you do want to look good. With that in mind, you eventually settle on a deep red number that you pull out of the very back of your closet, made of a silky material that skims your curves and accentuates your best assets. Laying it on the bed, you begin your hunt for a pair of matching shoes. Twenty minutes of searching and another five of agonizing later, you step into the bathroom, intent on showering and getting on with the rest of your day.
Upon exiting the bathroom, you decide that tackling the state of your refrigerator takes top priority over your other weekend errands. Sitting down at the dining table, you take stock of what you have in your pantry, planning out your meals for the upcoming week and making a list of what you need to purchase in order to make them a reality. It’s just after one in the afternoon when you exit your apartment with a completed grocery list and your purse stuffed full of reusable canvas bags. The store is a short walk from where you live, and you decide to put in your earbuds as your feet navigate the familiar route. The temperature is surprisingly mild for winter, and the sun shines bright from its perch in the cloudless blue sky. It’s perfect weather for a walk, and the fresh air clears your mind and eases your heart.
At the grocery store, you forego the stack of baskets and instead grab a shopping cart. Weaving your way up and down the aisles, you check items off the list on your phone one by one. Eventually, you find yourself in the cereal section, grabbing a box of granola before turning to where your favorite cereal normally sits. It isn’t there, and you turn in a full circle, confused, until your gaze finally lands on the familiar box on the top shelf.
Sighing, you push up to your tiptoes, stretching your arm as far as it can reach. Your fingertips graze the shelf, but you can’t quite get a grip on the box itself. Glancing down, you scan the bottommost shelf and wonder if you can step on it to give yourself a boost.
“Need a hand?”
The voice comes from behind you, and a vague sense of familiarity sparks in your brain. Slowly, you turn around, and your entire body freezes when your gaze slides up to the speaker’s face.
“Jay.” The syllable escapes you in a near whisper. “H-hi.”
Jay stands before you, looking like sin incarnate in a faded denim jacket, black sweatpants slung low on his hips, and not much else. At his throat, his silver necklace sparkles, the silver J pendant glinting beneath the fluorescent lights of the store, and you’re suddenly beyond grateful that you decided to put on a decent sweater before leaving.
“Here,” he says, stepping forward until he’s close enough that you can smell his cologne—sandalwood tinged with sweet citrus. “Let me help you with that.”
The sudden proximity has your breath hitching in your throat. Your heart thuds erratically against your ribs as he reaches around you, the denim flaps of his jacket gaping in a way that exposes even more of his bare chest. By the time he pulls back with your cereal box in hand, you feel almost faint, belatedly realizing that you’d been holding your breath.
“You wanted this, right?” Jay asks, and you aren’t sure if you’re imagining the innuendo underlying his words or the teasing inflection of the syllables.
“Y-yeah, that’s the one,” you manage, fighting to quell the uneven tempo of your heartbeat as you accept the box. “Thanks.”
“Happy to help,” he replies. Then he leans in, close enough that you can feel his warm breath fanning your cheek as he murmurs his next sentence into your ear. “Anything for you, princess. You know that.”
Heat floods across your cheeks. Your heart skips two full beats before taking off into a sprint, and it’s impossible to ignore the way your core begins to thrum, as if anticipating a repeat of that night you first met all those weeks ago. Almost instinctively, your eyes dart up to the ceiling where the security cameras are, and Jay follows the trajectory of your gaze with a low chuckle and a soft brush of your cheek with the pad of his thumb.
“Sorry, princess. As much as I’d love to get my hands on you, I’m kind of on a time crunch today.”
You can’t stop the wave of disappointment that washes over you, even if you’re in the exact same boat. “Rain check, then?”
“Rain check,” he agrees. Slowly, you reach up to touch the engraved silver pendant resting against his chest, rubbing it between your fingertips before tracing the curve of the J, and he catches your wandering fingers between his and presses a gentle kiss to your knuckles.
“You know how to reach me,” he murmurs with a mischievous wink. His gaze lingers even after he’s released your hand, and you clear your throat awkwardly before turning to deposit your cereal box into your shopping cart.
The two of you go your separate ways then, exchanging goodbyes. You finish the rest of your grocery shopping in a daze, idly going through the motions at checkout and letting muscle memory guide you back home. Your arms are aching by the time you step past the threshold of your apartment, and you heave your shopping bags up onto the kitchen counter with a relieved sigh before returning to the entryway to toe off your shoes. You throw together a sandwich as you unpack your groceries, taking a big bite as you walk back to your bedroom to look at the dress you’ve picked out. Pacing over to the closet, you double-check your shoe choice. Briefly, you debate whether or not to wear flats instead of heels.
There are still a few hours left before you have to start getting ready, so you take the last of your sandwich back to the kitchen and whip up a smoothie to go with it. You scroll through your phone as you eat, browsing through the latest news headlines and scrolling through your social media accounts. Just before six o’clock, as the sun starts setting beyond the horizon and casting long shadows across your living room, you start getting changed. You snap a photo in the mirror once you’re dressed, pulling up Jimin’s name in your phone and sending it to him.
[6:13pm] You: last chance to come tonight
Your phone buzzes with a response almost immediately.
[6:14pm] Jimin: nah. i’d hate to step on hoseok’s toes.
You laugh. Not so fast, you text back. We don’t even know anything about the guy yet. What if he’s boring? Or sexist?
[6:15pm] Jimin: if u think kyunghee raised a sexist you’re seriously deranged
[6:16pm] Jimin: now stop taking selfies and get your ass out the door! you’re gonna be late!!!!
Each year, the holiday party tends to be a little over the top, and this year is no exception. The company has bought out the entirety of a restaurant for the evening, and you glance around in amazement at the twinkling lights and lush evergreen boughs decorating the walls and strung up along the ceiling. An assortment of sparkling ornaments hangs from the massive tree in the far corner, interspersed between silver tinsel and more lights. Grabbing a champagne flute off a passing server’s tray, you head farther into the restaurant, skirting around tables draped in creamy linen and greeting your colleagues and friends.
“Is she alone?”
The voices come from the direction of the open bar, and somehow, you just know that they’re talking about you. Lottie, Hyejin, and Sandra are clustered in the corner with glasses of wine in hand, casting glances around the restaurant and gossiping about anything and everything with a pulse. You’re sorely tempted to grab the nearest pitcher of water off a table and pour it over their heads, but you suppress the urge and instead head over with a saccharine smile. “So lovely to see you, {Name},” Lottie says as you approach.
“I love your dress,” Sandra adds. “Very slimming.”
“Thanks,” you reply, putting on your brightest, fakest smile. “Yours is great too. How are you and your husband enjoying the party so far?”
Sandra’s face sours, and you hide your smirk in your champagne flute. Maybe it’s petty to bring up her rocky relationship, but you’ve been subject to snide comments from Sandra and her friends for years now and it’s become increasingly hard for you to bite your tongue. A few tables away, you spot Sandra’s husband, Rodney, take an enormous gulp of his whiskey and wince as it burns down his throat.
“We’re all having a wonderful time, aren’t we, ladies?” Lottie cuts in when Sandra takes too long to answer. “Hyejin’s date is over there with Rodney, and my boyfriend is fetching himself a drink. You remember Dev, don’t you?”
You nod, even though it’s a lie. “Sure. Say hi to him for me.”
Lottie’s lips curve up into a smile, her head tilting to the side, and you’re suddenly reminded of a snake rearing its head back for the kill. “So, what about you? Have you brought someone tonight, or—?”
“Hi ladies!” Kyunghee materializes at your side, her lips painted a festive red shade to match her dress. She’s wearing the disingenuous smile that she reserves for the resident gossips of your office, and you try not to let your relief show on your face when Lottie’s attention refocuses on your manager.
“So good to see you, Kyunghee,” she simpers. “Have you been here long?”
“Not as long as you,” your manager replies, nodding at the near-empty wineglass in her hand. “I see we’re already making a dent in the wine supply, and you’re falling behind, {Name}. Why don’t we go remedy that, hmm?”
She doesn’t give you a chance to respond, grabbing your arm and leading you away. Kyunghee is surprisingly spry for a woman her age, and you follow after her with some difficulty as she marches through the throngs of conversing people, all the way to the line at the open bar.
“I’d like you to meet someone,” she says, gesturing at the man standing at the end of the line with his back to you. “{Name}, this is my son, Hoseok.”
The man turns around at the sound of his name, a warm, affable smile stretched across his face. “Hi, I’m H—” he begins, but he’s cut off by your sharp intake of breath. His eyes go wide, his smile fading as his mouth falls open, and you’re certain you’re wearing an even more dumbfounded expression. “It’s you,” he says, his voice hoarse.
“Wh-what… how…” You trail off, speechless. The words flounder and die in your throat as your brain struggles to process this development, and you practically feel the way the gears in your head churn to a stuttering halt.
Because this man standing before you, the one that Kyunghee has just introduced as her son, is none other than Jay. He looks completely and utterly devastating in a navy waistcoat and matching slacks, a green tie shaped like a Christmas tree knotted loosely around the white collar of his shirt. His dark hair is parted, his undercut exposed, and you can’t tear your gaze away from the loose strand that has fallen across his forehead.
Jay—Hoseok—swallows. “Hi.”
Kyunghee glances between the two of you, her brows furrowing. “I take it you two already know each other?”
Hoseok’s ears begin taking on a scarlet tinge, the color spreading to his cheeks as he struggles to find his vocabulary again. “I—yeah. Yeah, we’ve met.”
“Right. Do I even want to know how?” she asks dubiously, before shaking her head and huffing out a sigh. “No, forget I asked. I don’t want to know. I’ll just leave you two to… catch up.”
Waving goodbye, Kyunghee disappears back into the crowd of partygoers milling around. Hoseok turns back to you, sucking in a deep breath, and you fight the urge to stare down at your toes as his gaze roves across your face.
“I can’t believe this,” he says, breaking the silence that’s fallen between you at last. “My mom’s been talking about you for months, but I never imagined that it’d be you.”
“You’re telling me,” you reply, finally having recovered your voice. “Kyunghee brings you up all the time, but I never thought… I mean, we didn’t even know each other’s names, and now…” You shrug. “Here we both are.”
“It’s a pretty crazy coincidence, huh?”
A beat passes, and then two. You’re fully aware that you’re staring, but you don’t dare blink, afraid that he’ll disappear if you close your eyes. Of all the things that you thought might happen tonight, this particular meeting wasn’t even close to making the list. Never would you have thought that the man you only knew as Jay would turn out to be Kyunghee’s son. Never would you have connected Jay to the photographed little boy in yellow suspenders on Kyunghee’s desk, or realized that they were one and the same.
From behind you, someone loudly clears their throat. Another voice calls for you to get a move on, already, and both you and Hoseok belatedly realize that you are still standing in line for the open bar. Hoseok’s eyes go wide again, and you nearly tread on his toes when you both try to move forward. “After you,” he says with a chuckle, gesturing for you to go in front of him, and that’s enough to break the tension. You step ahead of him with a laugh, catching up to the line, and Hoseok doesn’t stray far as he follows your lead.
“So, what are you drinking?” he asks, a smile playing at the corner of his lips. “Vodka soda with a twist?”
“Actually, I think I’m going to stick with wine tonight,” you reply, peering at the bottles lined up on the counter. “What about you?”
“Hmm. Jack and coke, I think. Nothing else is really calling my name right now.”
Grabbing your drinks, the two of you begin searching for a place to sit. You spot Kyunghee at a table near the front, and she smiles knowingly and offers you a thumbs-up when she catches your eye. Eventually, you settle on a table near the Christmas tree, the lights glimmering off the glasses and reflecting off your knife as you pick it up to butter a slice of crusty bread from the basket in the center. Hoseok follows your lead, grabbing a piece for himself, and the two of you munch in silence for a few seconds before Hoseok breaks it.
“You know, my mom says you’re the perfect girl for me” he says with a dry little chuckle. “Think she’s right?”
“I don’t know,” you answer. “It’s funny, though—Kyunghee’s been telling me the same thing. She sings your praises all the time.”
Hoseok laughs and scratches the back of his neck. “Oh, jeez, that’s kind of embarrassing. I’m glad she’s saying good things, at least.”
“You don’t have to worry about that,” you tell him, grinning. “She’s only shown us one photo album from your childhood.”
His face crumples. “Was it the Disneyland one?”
You nod, fighting back laughter, and watch as Hoseok groans and lets his forehead meet the linen-covered tabletop with a dull thunk.
“I don’t like rollercoasters,” he mumbles into the tablecloth, his voice muffled by the material. “They make me queasy.”
“Even now?” you ask, and he nods.
The clinking of a fork against a wineglass—amplified and broadcast through an array of invisible speakers built into the restaurant’s walls—interrupts any further conversation. You twist in your seat to watch your company’s leadership give their opening remarks, listening as they congratulate everyone for a great year and wish you a happy holiday season. The servers begin going out with plates of food, and you thank them as they set yours down. Hoseok does the same before raising his glass in your direction, clearing his throat and offering you a crooked little smile.
“Here’s to second meetings.”
“Third, if you count the store earlier,” you correct, and he chuckles and nods in agreement before clinking his drink against yours.
You spend the entirety of dinner chatting with Hoseok, getting to know him beyond the few facts Kyunghee has mentioned and what little you’ve gleaned from texting him the last two months. He tells you all about his dance studio, Hope World, where he teaches both contemporary dance and the occasional Pilates class. You find out that in addition to rollercoasters, he also dislikes sour foods and raisins, but he loves mint chocolate and sweet and sour pork. He also has a very low tolerance for alcohol—something he tells you as he tilts the rest of his drink into his mouth. “Should I be worried?” you ask as he sets his glass back down, and he chuckles and shakes his head, sending the loose tendril of hair flopping across his forehead.
Dessert is served, and subsequently eaten. The music is turned up, and people slowly begin finding their way to the open space that serves as an impromptu dancefloor. Hoseok rises to his feet and extends a hand toward you, and you only hesitate for the briefest of seconds before accepting it. He leads you out amongst the other swaying couples, his hand finding its way to the curve of your waist, and you rest your hand on his shoulder as he begins guiding you in a slow, simple waltz.
“So?” Hoseok’s voice is a low murmur, soft and gentle against the shell of your ear. “What’s the verdict?”
You blink. “The verdict?”
Even without looking, you can tell that he’s smiling. You can hear it in the lilt of his voice, and imagine it in the curve of his lips. “About me,” he clarifies, carefully pulling back so you can spin in a circle beneath his outstretched arm. “About us. My mom will never let me hear the end of it if she turns out to be right, but I still wanna know. So what are you thinking?”
“Are you asking if I think we’re perfect for each other?” you ask, giggling. “I don’t know if I believe in all that, to be quite honest. Destiny and soulmates—I mean, doesn’t it seem a little too good to be true?”
Hoseok hums. “Maybe. But considering all that’s happened to us in the last couple of months, don’t you think there’s a chance that it's all more than simple coincidence?”
“Maybe,” you concede. “Still, I don’t know if I can give you a verdict just yet. We haven’t even gone on a date.”
“We did do things a little backwards,” Hoseok admits, tugging you close and winding his arm around your waist. “Let me make it up to you, then. Are you free tomorrow?”
“What if I am?” you challenge.
“Then, I’d like to take you out for breakfast,” he replies without missing a beat.
The prospect of a proper meal with Hoseok Jung does something funny to your insides. Still, something makes you hesitate, and you avert your gaze as you search for your next words. “I wasn’t expecting to end tonight with a date,” you admit slowly. “I honestly didn’t even think you were interested in… well, anything beyond sex, to be honest.”
Hoseok’s face creases into a frown, and you look up again when he murmurs your name. “I understand why you would think that,” he says. “Really, I do. But honestly? I had every intention of texting you and asking you out properly. I was going to play it cool and wait a few days, which was stupid in retrospect. And then you texted me first.”
“I texted y—” You trail off. “Oh, god.”
“It seemed like you’d been drinking,” Hoseok says with a shrug, and you press a finger to his lips before he can say anything more. You remember the night in question, and you remember the bottle of wine you’d consumed. And you definitely remember the photographs you’d sent of yourself, and the ones Hoseok had been kind enough to send in return.
“Wait, so you were going to ask me out? And then I… I sexted you?”
Hoseok nods, and you groan and bury your face into his chest.
“I can’t believe this,” you mutter, and you feel laughter rumble through his chest before a hand comes up to stroke along your back.
“Believe me, I’m not complaining,” he assures you. “But I’d still really like to take you out, so what do you say?”
His gaze doesn’t leave yours for a second as he awaits your answer, and your heart skips a beat when you look up to see the earnestness in his eyes and the hesitant smile playing at the corners of his mouth. “Breakfast sounds wonderful,” you whisper, and the smile that blossoms on your companion’s face is nothing short of radiant.
“Good,” he says. “Great. Breakfast tomorrow, then. Now, can I kiss you?”
You’re already pushing up to your tiptoes, your fingers fisting in the soft hair at his nape. “God, yes.”
“Hey, you made it!”
You beam. “Hi.”
You and Hoseok are about to commence your first date, having just sat down at a cozy little café for breakfast. Hoseok has pulled your chair out in true gentlemanly fashion, and you can’t help but smile over your menu at the few lingering snowflakes that have yet to melt into his dark hair.
“So, here we are,” you remark. “Our fourth meeting.”
Hoseok’s lips stretch into his signature grin, breathtakingly bright and infectious. “And hopefully many more.”
You grin at him. “Yeah? Too bad this is breakfast, because I’d drink to that.”
He leans forward, his grin widening. “Next time,” he says as his hand finds its way around yours, his fingers slotting comfortably into the spaces between your own. “We can do dinner, maybe. Or I can cook for you. But for now, I’m just happy that we’re finally doing this.”
You give his hand a soft squeeze. “Me too.”
“Just promise me one thing?”
The sudden seriousness of his tone has your brow furrowing in concern. “Sure, of course,” you reassure. “What is it?”
He winces. “Please don’t tell my mom about all the dick pics.”
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allmonstersxarehuman · a month ago
Kay’s 18+ Recommendation List
While I continue to work on requests and other things I have coming up, please take a look at these fics. I highly recommend them and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Will continue to post new recommendations. So many incredible and hard working writers on this list.
Warning: These are 18+ smut or have some mature situations. So please read the warnings.
(s) = Smut
(M) = Mature
Good-bye dignity (s)(m) by @n3onguts (Kim Taehyung & Min Yoongi)
Friendly Fantasies (s)(m) by @missgeniality (Taehyung & Yoongi)
Min Yoongi
My sweet girl (s)(m) by @kookiessugababy
Not around (s)(m) by @minyfic
Maybe this time by @minbbyy
First love, Last love (s)(M) by @kithtaehyung
Upgrade (s)(m) by @rmverse
Jeon Jungkook
The cheetah lounge (s)(m) by @kookiecrumb
To no expense (s)(m) by @kookiessugababy
You (s)(m) by @breakiebunny
Naughty pictures (s)(m) by @sparklingchim
Lemon Sherbet (s)(m) by @extravaguk
Come Home Babe (s)(m) by @eatjeanjin
Blueberries (s)(m) by @softyoongiionly
Jung Hoseok
Homecoming (s)(m) by @min-chery
Helping Hands (s)(m) by @m-yg93
Me and You (s)(m) by @jamaisjoons
Snapshot (s)(m) by @xjoonchildx
Kim Taehyung
First Impressions (s)(m) by @secretmischief
Krank it up (s)(m) by @ilikemesometaetaes
Park Jimin
Welcome Home (s)(m) by @sunshinerainbowsbts
Touch of you (s)(m) by @mimikookie
We are even (s)(m) by @suzumenokakimono
One Last Time (s)(m) by @chocominnie
Sebastian Stan/ Bucky Barnes
Cock warming- Bucky Barnes (s)(m) by @lokiskitten
I thought you hated me- (s)(m) Bucky Barnes by @blanketbarnes
Eyes on me- Bucky Barnes (s)(m) by @smutatonics
Secrets and Spies (s)(m) by @badassbuchanan
Chris Evans/ Steve Rogers
Andy catches you... (Andy Barber) (s)(m) by @sweeterthanthis
Starting over (s)(m) by @lahyene
Tom Holland / Peter Parker
Try new things (s)(m) by @lovelytholland
Truth or truth? (ft. Harrison) (s)(m) by @hazofmyheart
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smasmashin · 2 months ago
Buyers Beware [1]
Summary: AU where whatever you write on your skin shows up on your soulmate’s too. Except when all seven members of BTS happen to be your soulmate… Well, that presents a small challenge. Legally speaking.
Pairing: OT7 x reader 
Genre: Soulmate AU, chaotic BTS, chaotically whipped BTS
Word count: 1.3k
[Part One] [Part Two]
Tumblr media
They kept showing up, the notes and squiggles, all over your arms and hands. Sometimes you woke up with “call noona” on your thigh. Other times more alarming things, like “Pay KSJ 5M or die,” appeared over your palm without warning. 
 For days, you’ve been watching the doodles come and go, increasingly convinced that they were manifestations of some sort of hex. Donghyuk hypothesized that you were a sleep-walking witch. Naeun argued that since you didn't sleep-walk, you were probably just a witch. Neither options were very appealing.
 It took the universe a couple of days to unveil the answer.
 “Next: a SNU research facility has proven that the supposedly random phenomenon of 'involuntary skin staining' is, in fact, limited between pairs of abnormally strong affinity. Those who have met their so-called ‘pen mates’ have been observed to enter romantic relationships almost instantly…”
 “Oh,” You mumble, glancing from the dingy TV monitor hanging in the senior’s lounge and back to your hand, where a shy little “Hello :)” has introduced itself. 
You blink. This is weird. At least it's not a hex.
 You run your fingers over the word, debating the merits of engagement. Sure, there’s a non-negligible chance that your soulmate might turn out to be a sixty-two year old grandpa. But there's also a non-negligible chance that you'll finally meet the love of your life, probably an accomplished, organized, mature, functioning professional doctor or lawyer or architect, someone steady and normal like yourself.
 You grab a pen and, inhaling sharply, write back, “Hey.”
 The next word appears instantly, as if it had been waiting, neat and tidy and confident to hell and back. “Single?”
 You squint, a bit suspicious. If this entire thing turns out to be some sort of elaborate hoax — not that your friends are above this level of stupidity — 
 “Yes,” you answer, with some determination. Then, because you really just need to know, “You?”
 No response. Nothing appears for the next hour. Or the hour after that. Finally, when it’s 2AM and you’re beginning to pack up your mountain of textbooks, you catch your reflection on the glass window. 
 There is something under your collarbone. It’s a different sort of ink this time. Thick and bold, like someone took a whiteboard marker and went for it. 
 “Nice. Wanna meet?” has been crossed out and replaced with a sternly printed line of text, “Hi again. Our company needs to speak with you, ASAP.” 
 The fuck.
Tumblr media
     You’re brushing your teeth the next morning when, as if on cue, “don’t answer but have a fun day, my soulmate!!” pops up on your left hand. 
 Moments later, another one appears inches below the first, “Hey. Remember to eat breakfast. Also please ignore this.”
 “Hi again. No matter what, do not write on yourself today,” comes eventually, while you’re checking your emails. 
 You snort at the last one, rolling your eyes until you see stars. This bullshit coming from the guy who demanded that you meet “our company” was pretty funny. One moment he's worried about your breakfast, the next he's acting like you owe him your life. What sort of psychopath even owns this many types of pens anyways?
 To be completely honest, you’re more than crushed that your only chance at love bombed like this. That said, at least you’d never have to meet him. With any luck, this “pen mate” phenomenon will die as mysteriously as it came, and you can each go on your merry ways, you and your crazy fucker of a soulmate. 
 “OK wait, listen. What if he’s the President of South Korea,” Naeun suggests, eyes glinting mischievously. Slouched behind the kitchen counter, she’s got her glasses perched low on the bridge of her nose, glowing blue with the backlight of her laptop. She’s been probably dying to share that thought, after you told her about the cryptic message last night. "Something's weird about that company reference," she had proposed, circling you like a vulture, "What if it's an entertainment company? What if, god forbid, it's Kang Dongwon?"
 The TV’s on behind her, playing a live concert of that one boy group, whatever its name was— 
 “BTS” flashes across the screen in bold white letters.  
 “He could be a member of BTS and I wouldn’t give a flying shit,” you decide, gesticulating at the TV. 
 “Or would you?” Naeun counters, leaning closer with a twinkle in her eye. “There are tons of girls writing their names all over their bodies out there, hoping a Jungkook or Taehyung will get it. It’s trending on Twitter, you know.”
 You groan, dumping lukewarm coffee into your mug. Half of it splashes out onto the counter, so you dab at it roughly with your hoodie sleeve. Naeun scrunches her nose at the sight, and you can only shrug in response. “And why would anyone wish for a celebrity fuckboy to be their soulmate?”
 “Well let’s see,” She says, pulling you closer. She grabs the pen off of her scratchpad and, with superhuman strength, presses you in place as she—
 You scream, pawing at her, “WHAT ARE YOU—“
 “A smiley,” Naeun announces, pleased with herself.
 You’re just about to wrestle her off when she freezes. The pen rolls out of her hand. She drops you, too. Just lets you tumble right over her laptop like a sack of rocks.
 “Holy fuck,” You swear, scrambling to hold yourself up, “What is your prob—“
 “Wait,” She says, eyes wide open, jabbing at the TV with a shaky finger.
 The blonde guy on the screen has suddenly sprouted an oddly shaped mole on his face. 
 Except it’s not a mole.
 You dash to the bathroom, jaw hanging open in abject horror when you see the mirror.
 No, it’s not a mole.
 It’s the half-complete smiley that Naeun drew.
An exact replica of yours.  
 You’re so beyond yourself you don’t even remember how to breathe. 
 “Oh my god,” she mutters, when you finally stumble back out in a dazed panic, “Oh my god, dude.”
 “Dude?” You echo stupidly, the utter symbol of human intelligence.
 “They all have it,” She whispers loudly, twisting you around and nearly shoving your face into the monitor. “(Y/N), do you understand me? They all have it.” 
 You blink, watching the camera pan over each face on stage like a life-and-death game of bingo. 
Tumblr media
     “Why are you drawing on your face? Who's bullying you? Write X if you need help.”
 “I was thinking about having six kids. Five boys and a girl. You?”
 “Hey, what's your Starbucks order? Where do you live? Can I get your number?”
 “Hi again. Sorry, did you not get the message about not writing anywhere today?” 
 There are long lines of comments and demands scribbled over your arm, which you quickly hide under the sleeve of your hoodie. 
 It hasn't been an hour after the live, but a single google search for “BTS soulmate” already yields a good half million results. Thousands of image caps of Naeun’s intercepted work of art are smeared festively over the internet. Your exam is in ten minutes. And you have a new thing on your hand that says, rather threateningly, “Our lawyer wants to talk about options.” 
 You swallow thickly and stuff your hand in your pocket as the professor hands you the exam paper, one eyebrow arched in concern. “You OK, (Y/N)? Looking a little pale today.”
 You wipe at the sweat on your forehead and make your best attempt at a friendly nod. Which is apparently enough to send him on his way. 
 When you pull your hand out of your pocket, the text has changed to, “Will you tell us your name?”
 So you take your pen and write, carefully, as if you'd be sued for anything subpar, "(Y/N)".
 “I’m Jimin,” quickly appears.
 Which is almost instantaneously overwritten by “Taehyung,” and then replaced with “Did you have a good day? From JungkSEOKJIN.”
 After a pause, that neat “our company” handwriting resurfaces: “Hi again. I’m RM. I'm sure you're busy, and I'm not sure if you've seen the news. Will you take some time to meet with us, please? No lawyers.”
 “Don't be scared,” says another line under that, with an emphatic, “;)”
Tumblr media
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ggukkieland · 15 days ago
📚BTS Fic Reads - 2021 Aug Pt. 2
I enjoyed last month’s reading list 🥰. Variety of themes from genies to superheroes to hybrids to doctors to slice of life. I also think I said and commented a lot on each fic because I couldn’t help express how I feel 💖
Kudos to these authors for making my exhausting Aug a bearable one 🥰
Tumblr media
🌷 Aug 2021 Fic Reads Part 1:  Ongoing Series
all members
Tumblr media
🥕 [Completed Fics/Series]
Tip: If link doesn’t work, click on author and go to their masterlist S - smut | F - fluff | A - angst
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
After Rain @rmverse - one shot | 12.8k | kind of supernatural, patient!namjoon x patient!reader, hurt/comfort, strangers to lovers, lucid dreams at one point | f, s, slight a
Are You Allowed to Tell God to Suck It + Blossom  @min-youngis​ - two shot | 3.7k | Angel AU, Angel!Reader, Human!Namjoon, CEO Namjoon, sort of established relationship, some philosophical talks | f
Competitive @jjksblackgf​ - drabble | 1k | enemies to lovers, college au (grad school?), rivalry turned sexy thanks to one hot namjoon | f
Hit the Back @ironicarmy (deactivated) - one shot | 6.6k | fratboy au, stem major!reader, college au, car wash au, summer au, friends to lovers | s, slight f (no updates yet if author will re-post but will put this here in case it gets posted again)
Hourglass @joonbird​ - drabble | 750 wc | strangers to lovers, strangers on a train | s
Inner Universe @donewithjeon​ - one shot | 6.9k | College AU, disability themes | a, f
Rental Series @moononthejoon (deactivated but on AO3) - one shot + drabble series | 30.9k | Fake Dating? (more of Rent a Boyfriend), Psychologist!Namjoon, Rental Drabble: Established Relationship, Boyfriend AU, Husband AU, Parenting AU | s, f, a (linked the AO3 in my reblog)
Tumblr media
29 + 1 @taeescript​ - series [3/3] | 21.9k | CEO!Seokjin, Seokin is the devil from The Devil Wears Prada (he was really mean T_T), slice of life, enemies to lovers, intern!oc, date/companion oc to gala (not really fake dating but seokjin needs her to help his image) | a, s, f
Code Blue @saladejin​ - one shot | 4.5k | doctor!seokjin x nurse!reader, hospital au, humor, lots of teasing | f
Exes and Superher-O’s @kpopfanfictrash - two shot | 59k | Superhero AU, Enemies to Lovers AU, Action, Exes AU, eventually Boyfriend AU (Part 2) | a, f, s
Gold Embers Touch the Blue Veil @magicalsalamander​ - one shot | 19.5k | Avatar AU, Fire Bender!Seokjin, Water Bender!OC, Enemies to Lovers, Military AU, Warrior!OC | a, s
Tumblr media
.Docx @yngpraisebot​ - one shot | 4.4k | CEO!Yoongi, dom themes, harassment themes (proceed with caution) | s
“Are You Flirting With Me” @rmverse - drabble | 1k? | barista!reader, prompt: “Are you flirting with me?” / “You finally noticed?” | f
2am @sunshinejoon​ - series [4/4] | 5.7k | established relationship, semi-break up au, she thinks he’s fooling around (?) | a
A Scam Marriage @xotoosweet​ - one shot | 4k | arranged marriage (marriage of convenience), grad school au, architecture major!yoongi, psychology!oc, college au, friends to lovers, some unrequited pining | f  
Breakfast in Bed @joonbird - one shot | 12k | IKEA Employee!Yoongi, bed display crasher OC, strangers to lovers, crack/humor, retail AU | s, f (really hot and yet tooth rotting fluff)
Helping Out @itsallabouthedetails​ - one shot | 2.5k | OC is Jin’s roommate, but Yoongi helping her with cramps | s
Mortalised @minyfic​ - one shot | 5.5k | dilf!yoongi, single dad au, bestfriend au, they live apart but Yoongi visited OC, a proposition… | s, f
Not Around @minyfic - one shot | 19.8k | best friend’s boyfriend, basketball player!yoongi x cheerleader!oc, college au | a, f, s
Off the Deep End @boymeetsweevil​ - one shot | 17.5k | kind of sci-fi?, mermaid!yoongi, fwb au, slice of life-ish | s, a, slight f
Petrichor @donewithjeon - one shot | 10k | barista!reader, coffee shop au, yoongi is not the type who stays | a, s
Post-it Note @couture-kookie​ - one shot | 6k | Neighbor AU, Enemies to Lovers, that turned sort of BDSM | s
Snake Kisses @peekaboongi​ - one shot | 8.5k | Hybrid AU, Snake Hybrid Yoongi, fluffy ending | s, f  
Tumblr media
Absolution @junghelioseok​ - one shot | 21.9k | action, secret agent au, secret identity themes, part of the crosshairs/budapest universe | s 🌷
Angsty Divorced Parents drabble @ughcore - drabble | 700 wc | exes au, infidelity themes, parents au | a 🌷
Golden Hour @snackhobi - drabble  | 2.6k | sfw, magic au | f
I Don’t Know What to Call This @httphopewrld​ - one shot | 16.4k | idol!hoseok, friends to lovers, sort of fwb au | s, a, f
Remember Me Not @taeescript - one shot | 14.5k | genie!hoseok, fantasy au, sort of star crossed lovers, bestfriend au, memory-alter themes, sort of reincarnation too? | a, f 🌷
Tumblr media
Blazing Arrows @kingminie​ - series [7/7] | 35.3k | Unrequited Love (for Jungkook). Love Triangle themes, Cupid!Jimin, kind of Roommate!Jimin too | f, a (wasn’t expecting this to be angsty T_T)
Spring Leaves @alilbihh​ - one shot | 11.5k | witch!jimin, witch!reader, arranged marriage au, kind of slice of life but world is more on fantasy, slow burn | f (tooth-rotting fluff 🥰)  
The Call to You @1lyhobi​ - one shot | 2k | werewolf au, alpha!reader, mating themes | s
You Have (1) New Voicemail @coepiteamare​ - one shot | 4.9k | epistolary (all through voicemail), mystery (because we don’t know where Jimin is), sort of falling out? | a (perfect angst) 🌷
Tumblr media
A Crow Without Wings @kissmetae​ - one shot | 5.8k | demon!taehyung (the sweetest demon), but dark scenario (must be in soul form for them to be together) | s, a
Apartment 512 + About the Boy @moononthejoon (deactivated, but on AO3) - one shot + drabble series | 41.3k | neighbor au, fwb au, sort of enemies to lovers, college au (originally), tattooed!taehyung, eventually boyfriend AU, husband AU, post-grad AU | f, s, a
Can’t Flaunt What’s Not Yours @turtletaemin​ - one shot | 6k | FWB AU, OC nonchalant about their fuckbuddy situation but got jealous (and bitchy) | s, a, f  
Corruption @95boysbe - one shot | 2.5k | established relationship, boyfriend!taehyung loves corrupting OC | s, slight f
Fantasies @anoddkpopfan​ - one shot | 2.7k | dom!taehyung, college au, gaming buddy!Taehyung | s
Friends @hobistagram​ - drabble | 1.7k | best friend au, idol au, oc suddenly revealed she had a crush on him before | f
Good Luck Charm @gukyi​ - one shot | 11k | Bestfriend AU, Unrequited AU (for OC), Roommate AU, Actor!Taehyung | f, a
Letters @bangtanocean​ - series [3/3] | 10.3k | historical au, soulmate au, feat Prince!Yoongi, chef!oc, soldier!taehyung (commander), war themes?, heavy angst | s, f, a
North Star @kainks - drabble | 1.8k | god AU, Fantasy AU, Christmas AU, Soulmate AU, Reincarnation AU | f
Once Upon a Boy @eternally-writing​ - drabble | 2.8k | rich!taehyung, strangers to lovers, Cinderella AU | f, a
One Last Time @softjaehyvn​ - one shot | 3.6k | actor!taehyung x actress!reader, break up au, co-worker au | a, f
Pluto Protector @kitsutaes - drabble | 2.6k | childhood friends, bestfriend AU, artist!taehyung, astrophysicist!reader | f
Poetry of the Stars @jjiimin​ - one shot | 25.4k | hurt/comfort, enemies to lovers, best friend’s brother, heavy themes (please check tags) | f, a
SPH @venusjeon​ - drabble | 2.2k | FWB AU, humor, SPH stands for ‘small penis humiliation’ 😂, bad parent themes but taehyung is such a sweetheart to make your world better | s, a, f  
When a Ladybug Meets a Spider @gxtsmxt-blog​ - one shot | 14.1k | College AU, Tarantula Owner!Taehyung, Dorm mate!OC, humor (really cute and quirky) | a, f, s  🌷
Tumblr media
↬ One-shots | Drabbles
12:49 PM @likeastarstar​ - drabble | 424 wc | bad boy!jungkook (or so it seems because people are judgers), a little plot twist on characters (who goes soft for wildflowers? who rides the bike?) | f 🌷
Apodyopsis @jeonsjiddies​ - one shot | 12k | Nude Model!Jungkook, Artist!OC, strangers to lovers, Kookie has a sad backstory but he’ll give you whiplash with his triplicity (boy with a story that makes me sad, cocky/flirty, feral!jk - take your pick) | s 🌷
Autumn: My Old Story @thedefinitionofbts​ - one shot | 9.5k | Werewolf AU, supernatural au, sort of childhood friends  | a (beautifully written angst) 🌷
Bunny @btssmutgalore​ - one shot | 17.5k | friends to lovers, shy!jungkook, camboy au, secret identity | s 🌷
Cheer @btssaysstudy​ - one shot | 9.9k | cheerleader!oc, athlete!jungkook, rugby, college au | f
Combative @smasmashin​ - one shot (with ongoing drabbles) | 6.2k | Fuck or Die AU, Assassin AU, kinda alien too? (feat Alien!Seokjin), Enemies to Lovers, Crack/Humor | S (pwp) 🌷
Fighter @eureka-its-zico​ - one shot | 4.8k | strangers to lovers, tsundere!jungkook, bartender!oc, bar AU, ex-fighter!jungkook, protective!jungkook *yes yes* | s, a 🌷
Green Room @honeymoonjin​ - drabble | 1.8k | idol au, jealous!jungkook, exhibitionist (because he’s so jealous of Hoseok 😁) | s 🌷
Hot Ones @yoon-kooks​ - one shot | 5.1k | FWB AU, Co-worker AU, idol!jungkook, sort of Bet AU (over array of deadly hot sauce samples) | f 🌷
Illusions of Choice @hobibliophile​ - one shot | 7.3k | heir au, arranged marriage au, supposedly arranged with the older brother but got arranged with jungkook instead after brother’s death | a, f, s
I Think I’m in Love With You and I’m Terrified @cupofteaguk - drabble | 1.9k | fake dating au, unrequited love for Kookie because he couldn’t say how he feels | f 🌷
I Want You @moonlightchildz​ - one shot | 13k | slow burn, strangers to lovers, eventual friends, virgin!reader (and only wants Jungkook) | s, f  🌷
Just For Tonight @jungkxook​ - one shot | 17.7k | strangers to lovers, dare au (inspired by the film Nerve), party au | s, f 🌷
Kinky Hours Drabble: Single Dad!JK and Babysitter!OC @lavishedinjimin - drabble | 1k | Nanny!OC, DILF!Jungkook, single dad au who is also sexually frustrated, age gap (consenting adults) | s 🔥 🌷
Koopid @gwoongi​ - one shot | 4.7k | feat. Namjoon (viewer), porn stars Jungkook and OC, established relationship, all the acts are seen through Namjoon’s viewing experience | s, kind of f 🌷
Losing Game @kookaine​ - drabble | 988 wc | villain!jungkook, dystopian, apocalypse | a (heavy)
Morning After @jmnjmnjmn​ - drabble | 1k | one night stand AU, friends to lovers, really cute | f 🌷
Mr. & Mrs. Jeon @taetaesbaebaepsae​ - one shot | 7.1k | assassin au, husband au, secret identities, Mr. and Mrs. Smith adaptation | a, f, s
Nothing Compares 2U + Since U Been Gone @burberryplaid - drabble | 790 wc | idol au, breakup au, themes of cheating (someone is rumored with jk) | a
One on One @thatmultifandomhoe​ - one shot | 3.1k | College AU, Sports AU, Boxer AU | f (really cute) 🌷
Pearls and Pastries @masterninjacow​ - one shot | 3.6k | baker!reader, pirate!jungkook, fantasy, pining, medieval au | f, a
Philtatos @sweetbunnykook​ - drabble | 2.1k | god AU, hades’ son!Jungkook, soulmate AU, established relationship 🌷
Quarter Life Crisis @heungtanbts - one shot | 25k | slow burn, bestfriend AU, idiots to lovers, OC experiencing quarter life crisis and they think the solution is for her to get a boyfriend, some angst from one silent bunny | a, f, implied s 🌷
Revenge is Brutally Sweet @yumeyooa​ - one shot | 14.6k | guitarist!jungkook, vocalist!reader, band au, high school au, post break up au, exes au | a, slight f
Sacrifices @jiminiethot - one shot | 4.4k | Gamer!Jungkook, Parenting AU, Husband AU, Unplanned pregnancy, really sweet and was part of my established rel fic rec list for jungkook | f, s 🌷
Sleeposal @joyfulhopelox​ - drabble | 2.8k | boyfriend AU, sleep talker!jungkook proposing in his sleep, really cute!, proposal AU | f 🌷
Snaps @cryxtal-moon​ - one shot | 10.3k | photographer!jungkook, assistant!oc, neighbor au, producer!oc | f (really cute)
Somebody That I Used to Know @imyourhobiii​ - one shot | 9.7k | childhood best friends, roommate au, fwb au, waterpark au, falling out type of fic, really angsty | a, s
Still With You @kooktrash​ - one shot | 4k? | Strangers to Lovers, summer romance type, sort of Exes (but not really because they weren’t officially together) | a, s, f 🌷
The Art of Cheating @justcallmenikki7 - one shot | 1.3k | soulmate au, soulmate marks (they see what is written on their skin except name, phone number, address) | f
The Big Cats @breakiebunny​ - one shot | 10.5k | Mafia AU, Hybrid AU, Amur Leopard!Jungkook,  enemies to lovers, last amur leopard hybrids alive (they need to mate) | a, s
The Cheetah Lounge @kookiecrumb​ - one shot | 2.3k | Kookie just got fired, OC is the girl he sees on the subway on his way to work every day, party/club setting | s, slight f
The Lighthouse @rubycoast​ - one shot | 12k | strangers to lovers, pining, tsundere!jungkook in the beginning, friends to lovers, kind of supernatural, plot twist | a, f  🌷
The Lines Between Us @chateautae​ - one shot | 10k | detective!jungkook, enemies to lovers, slight fantasy, FWB AU, coworker au,  | s, a 🌷
The Pool Boy @idolimagines - one shot | 8.1k | pool boy!jungkook, executive!OC, recently divorced OC, hired employee!jungkook, noona cougar vibes | s, f 🌷
This Time Around @alternateafterthought​ - one shot | 22k | strangers to lovers, hybrid au, both of them are rare snow leopard hybrids, forced to breed (rare hybrid type), kind of action (? when they were trying to escape), OT7 | a, s, f 🌷
Trick @blkjmn​ - one shot | 4.4k | Piercer!Jungkook, tattoo artist AU, OC getting a clit piercing | s 🌷
True Damage @krreader - drabble | 1.3k | idol!reader, rivals on the outside but friends but JK messed up | a
War of Hormones @babiekaykes​ - one shot | 5.6k | Werewolf!Jungkook, supernatural, Established Relationship, Boyfriend AU, Alpha!Jungkook who is scared of touching OC (afraid of hurting her and this is the point of the story because OC is ready to take their relationship to the next level) | s, f 🌷
You @breakiebunny - one shot | 10.7k | childhood bestfriend, former fling, idol!jungkook, OC in a relationship (but abusive one), protective!koo | a, f, s
Your Every Wish is my Command @jeonggukingdom​ - one shot | 13.6k | genie!jungkook, fantasy (a bit), sort of star-crossed? (not sure how a genie and human can end up together and that made me sad a bit) | s, f, a 🌷
Tumblr media
↬ Two-shots | Series
50% Cotton + 50% Polyester @perpetually-jungshook - two shot | 11.8k | Shy!Jungkook, virgin!jungkook, College AU, friends to lovers | f, s 🌷
All The Times You Knocked @taehyung-the-baehyung​ - drabble series [5/?] | 5k+ | neighbor au, slice of life, strangers to lovers | f, a (I don’t think it’ll be completed but it’s a good read ^_^) 🌷
Glitter and Disquiet @joheunsaram​ - two shot | 36k | heir au, ceo au, youtuber!oc, virgin!jungkook, gaming company, post grad au, enemies to lovers | a, f, s
Hiraeth @darlingwoes - series [15/15] | 54k | Royalty AU, Time Travel AU, Fantasy, Slow Burn, sort of starcrossed | f, s, a 🌷
Hot Summer @httphopewrld - two shot | 15.4k | Jungkook is the boy across the street, tattoo artist!jungkook, voyeurism (? OC could see JK and his ex-gf across), eventual established relationship, angst due to OC not admitting about seeing him through his window | s, a, f
Irrevocably Yours, Part 2 @eureka-its-zico - series [2/3] | 29.2k+ | Enemies to Lovers, slow burn, Rich!Jungkook but now adjusting to his situation, disability themes (jk had an accident which now affected his leg), hurt/comfort,, First Love type of fic, really cute | f, a 🌷
(also I realized this is not completed yet but it’s doesn’t have that cliffhanger-ish type of plot so you can still read and feel satisfied with how things ended so far)
Payback @thatsabae​ - series [12/12] | 21.8k | strangers to lovers, their partners are cheating on them, revenge au, comedy, friends to lovers | a, f
Somewhere Only We Know (Final) @qersona​ - series [4/4] | 21k | Hybrid AU, FWB AU, childhood friends au, enemies to lovers, college AU, unrequited (for OC), sports (JK) | s, a, f (this was part of my Aug 2020 reading list so we’ve come a full circle here 🥰) 🌷
Sweet Like Sugar @defsoulstation​ - series [3/3] | 4.5k | Werewolf AU, Noona!OC, a/b/o dynamics but OC is human, Jungkook is like one big puppy who likes Noona who gives him food 🥺(but went feral during his heat) | a, f 🌷
They Were Liars @kooktrash - series [8/8] | 23k | College AU, Neighbor AU, Fake Dating AU, sort of FWB AU, OC recently broke up with hoseok (caught him cheating) and concocted a “fake dating” plan with the neighbor | s, a, f
Tumblr media
The Switch @kookingtae​ - one shot | 9k | Established Relationship (Hoseok), Christmas AU, Poly AU, fantasy I guess? (members can switch during sex so she gets to try them all in different stages of smut *wink wink*) | s, f 🌷
Tumblr media
posted: 2021 Sep 04
link to other reading lists
other fic rec lists (by theme)
I love to read so feel free to message me about fics! 🌷
Tumblr media
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m-yg93 · a month ago
Helping Hands
Tumblr media
Pairing: Hoseok x reader
Genre: PWP, smut, f2l
Word count: 6k
Rating: 18+ (Minors DNI)
Warnings: Fingering, spitting, overstimulation, guided masturbation, cheating, shy!reader, fuckboy!Hoseok, close friends getting closer
Notes: Could not have made it this far without @scribblemetae​ for getting me back into the writing groove by allowing me to be her beta and pushing me to open up my own word docs. Banner credits to Nox as well. It’s so pretty and sparkly.  Thanks to @craztextae​ for going through my mess and fixing the syntax while I was having a breakdown and just didn’t want to look at it any longer. 
Summary: Between your boyfriend getting into bed with another girl and finals taking all your time a cold rift has emerged between the usually warm movie nights with your best friend. Thankfully exams are over and Hoseok is back on your couch where he belongs. When some shit talking gets a little too close to home and Hoseok finds out you’ve never even had an orgasm he decides to take things into his own hands, and yours. 
There are droplets of water falling from your still wet hair onto your shoulders and into the towel you’re keeping hold of around you. You huff as you continue digging around your underwear drawer. You really need to organize this damn thing because you’re constantly pulling out stray socks and ill-fitting bras when all you want is a pair of panties. 
 Your eyes pan to your overflowing hamper. Finals had taken over all your time and laundry wasn’t high on the list of priorities when deadlines for papers and cramming sessions were the focus. You sigh in defeat with the realization that you only had two options;go commando or pull out Jisoo’s latest birthday gift. Despite living alone, you were never comfortable lounging naked so there was no real choice in the matter.
 Your friend loved to try and get you out of your comfort zone, which you often let her but her latest attempt was too daring for your nerves. You figured you could sit on it for a while and perhaps pull it out later when you were more comfortable with the idea. That was before you caught your boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, in bed with another woman the week before finals started because of course fate thought that wasn’t stressful enough. 
 You walk over to a drawer you barely use that’s full of things you don’t need but don’t bother getting rid of. A candle whose scent you hated. An old notebook from your teenage years with your cringey attempts at poetry. Birthday cards from your mom for every year you’ve been away from home. You begrudgingly reach for the white box with a logo from some obnoxiously overpriced lingerie store. 
 You’d opened it once, when it was gifted, and quickly shoved the top back on with a blush as you hid it from the prying eyes of your friends at your latest birthday bash. The nerve of Jisoo to make you open that up in the middle of the bar she had insisted on dragging you to was astounding, not that you expected any less of her. Your reaction is much the same now when you tug the lid off and you’re met with entirely too much lace. You pull at the fabric to examine the pretty cream colored bottoms that are held together by way too flimsy string. Noted, laundry day tomorrow but these will have to do for now. 
 You’re faced with a similar situation when trying to find more clothes. No clean shorts and the heat of the impending summer made you refuse to even consider a pair of long pants. You’re bound to have an oversized t-shirt hanging in the back of your closet somewhere to offer you some decency. 
 You push hangers around to reach into the back where your more comfortable clothes are, another one of Jisoo’s tactics. She knew very well that you valued your sleep way too much to wake up early enough to go through different outfits in the morning before rushing to class so she’d often spend her time reorganizing your closet so your more “acceptable” clothes, as she calls them, were easiest to grab. A flash of yellow catches your eye and you pull it off the hanger. This was way too big, even for your baggy tastes. It takes a second to register that this isn’t yours at all. It’s Hoseok’s. 
 Hoseok, your best friend since diapers. Your mothers were best friends and they were convinced their kids would be too. They were right of course. You’d spent your entire life glued to Hoseok’s side and when time came to decide on colleges, you’d both only applied to ones with programs that fit both of you. The first few acceptance letters that came in were for different schools and you were getting nervous thinking that you might not have a choice to separate after all. Until the last one came in. You’d both gotten your letters the same day and taken them up into the treehouse your dad had built when you were kids. It was a much tighter fit for both of you to sit in on the old rug you had dragged up there surrounded by molding wood. You’d made each other read the letters. Both at once, out loud. Your parents had smiled at the loud cry that echoed from the backyard. Everything worked out in the end. 
 You valued your time alone and away from the chaos of class so you had scored a small apartment not far off campus whereas Hoseok thrived in the bustle of crowds so he’d stayed in the dorms with a roommate from his program. Namjoon was quiet but always welcoming whenever you’d spend time in their room and Hoseok visited your apartment more nights than not. 
 You pull the shirt over your head and let out a quick giggle as your form just drowns in it. You remember now, how Hoseok had come over after dance practice one night covered in sweat and you refused to let him cuddle up to you for your usual movie nights without taking a shower. He had an extra change of clothes in his gym bag and you had lumped his sweaty shirt into that night’s laundry load. He’d left it behind the next morning and you’d just automatically hung it up and it was forgotten in the depths of your closet, post the Jisoo hurricane. 
 Despite having been washed with your own laundry it still held onto Hoseok’s cologne. The smell felt comforting and familiar. With finals raging through the school, you hadn’t seen Hoseok in two weeks. The daily good morning texts wishing you a good day weren’t the same as seeing his face every few days like you were used to. You grab your phone and click on the home button. A picture of you and Hoseok illuminates. One your mother took the last time you went to visit. You’d all taken a walk down to the beach and you had managed to twist your ankle, but threw a fit at the thought of heading back home, not want to miss putting your feet in the sand so Hoseok had piggy backed you the rest of the way there and the entire way back. The picture made you smile but the empty notification bar wiped it away just as quickly.
 His last final had been earlier that day and you knew his dance crew were bound to have dragged him out to the local club to let off the steam of exam week. You didn’t blame him for it but your apartment felt empty and quiet at the thought. 
 You drag yourself to your couch and slump down onto it. Movie nights don’t feel the same without Hoseok but there was nothing else to grab your attention. You could use the opportunity to watch something you like in silence this time. Hoseok believes the only animated movies that are worth seeing are Disney and will just incessantly speak over anything else. 
 You pull up your shared Netflix account. Neither of you would have bothered to pay for a full subscription with the shitty student. You flick past Hobi’s profile with the silly three-eyed monster to yours which boasts the jubilant pink haired character with long lashes and a cute blush. 
 You find the ‘watch it again’ line and pull up How To Train Your Dragon 2. You had put it in the background for noise while you studied last week but didn’t get to pay attention to it properly. You curl up in the corner of your couch as Berk comes into the view on the screen. 
 You do try to pay attention to the movie but your eyes continue to pan down to your phone hoping to catch it light up with an incoming text or a video call. Instead it stays just as dark as it has been the past two weeks. You open up your text conversation with Hoseok. The last text message coming from you wishing him luck on his exam. Nothing in the six hours since then.
 Your fingers hover over the keys. Would it be too clingy of you to send him a text now? Would he even pay attention to his phone if he was out with his friends? You’re still internally debating the pros and cons when your doorbell rings making you jump in surprise. You weren’t expecting anyone over. Jisoo would have sent you a text before coming over.
 You make your way over to your door and peek through the peephole. You can see Hoseok standing in the hallway holding a delivery bag with the logo of your favorite fried chicken restaurant.
 “Open the door, bug. I know you’re in there and I forgot my key.” He pulls out his phone as he calls out. Probably to give you a call in case you hadn’t heard the ring of the bell. Classic of him to lose track of his keys. It’s why you both have copies of each other’s and also why you didn’t expect him to be actually ringing the bell instead of letting himself in.
 You swing the door open and fling yourself into his chest, your arms wrapping around his neck with a giggle. He scoffs but instinctively wraps his own arms around your waist tightly and brings his face into the crook of your neck. 
 “Your hair is suffocating me and you’re going to make me drop your dinner,” he teases but his grip doesn’t let up until yours does. His smile is wide, the heart shape showcasing his perfect white teeth as he looks at you. His eyes drop and an inquisitive frown takes place. “Is that my shirt?” His eyes dip lower still. “And where are your pants?” 
 A blush rushes to your cheeks and your hands rush to pull at the fabric to stretch it over your thighs. “Laundry night,” you excuse. You back up into your apartment to let him pass by you. 
 He makes a beeline for the couch and drops the food on the coffee table. “What were you watching?” He takes a look at the television and groans. “Aw, Dreamworks? Come on, bug, can we switch it to Mulan at least?” he complains.
 You stomp up to him in mock anger. “Absolutely not. You can’t abandon me for two weeks and then walk in here and ruin my movie night. I’m already halfway through it so you’re going to sit there and let me enjoy it!”
 He raises his hands in surrender and chuckles. “Okay, okay, feisty.” He takes your previous place in the corner of the couch, throws one of his legs up and opens his arms to beckon you. You grin at the easy way he let you win and take your place between his legs. You resume the movie and settle your back against his chest. 
 Hoseok’s hands fall onto the bare skin of your legs and he instantly snaps them back. “Sorry, not used to the no pants thing.” He raises his eyebrows in sudden realization. “Oh, shit. Is Seojoon on his way? Am I interrupting date night?” It wouldn’t be the first time Hoseok accidentally crashed a romantic rendezvous. 
 The redness creeps back up to your face. Not entirely in embarrassment but also with a mix of low rage. “Um… we broke up. I broke up with him, I think. Well, it was hard to be clear but seeing as he hasn’t tried to talk to me since I found him under Hyejin and the box of his things disappeared from outside my door the next day I figured he understood,” you shrug.
 “What? He cheated on you? That fucker. When did this happen? Why didn’t you call me?” His voice is loud. It always is when he’s mad. You know it’s not directed at you but the volume still makes you uneasy. Your hands hold onto one of his and squeeze. It’s the easiest way to get him to calm down. 
 “Finals were starting. I didn’t want you to be distracted and more stressed than you have to be. I’m okay. He was a shitty boyfriend anyway and I’d rather not talk about it.” 
 Memories surge forward. Seojoon shooting daggers at Hoseok behind his back when he thought you wouldn’t see. His not so subtle jabs at your best friend for pursuing an entertainment major while his was in business. Insinuating that Hoseok wasn’t as accomplished as he was despite Hoseok attending with a scholarship whereas Seojoon’s father had to make a large donation prior to his acceptance. You restrain the shudder as the recollection of Seojoon straight-up accusing you of cheating on him. Hypocrite.
 Hoseok wraps his arms around you and squeezes you into him with a deathly grip. “I don’t care about stupid finals, if you’re going through something like that... You give me a call anytime you need me, got it?” You nod, crashing the back of your head against his sternum. Logically you know you should have reached out but you were so ashamed of letting yourself be put in that situation. You should have seen it coming and broken up with that jerk earlier. 
 Your eyes fall to the expanse of skin of your thighs. Hoseok’s tight hug had caused the fabric of the shirt to ride up and his earlier words echoed in your mind. “I can grab a blanket or something if you’re uncomfortable.” 
 His grasp loosens as his own stare falls to your legs. “It’s way too hot for a blanket, bug. I’ve seen you in bathing suits. It’s just legs. I’m just not used to you being half naked on the couch. Watch your movie. I’m picking the next one.”
 He manages to stay relatively quiet for most of it, only letting out sarcastic comments about dragon taming which you rebuke with a sharp jab of your elbow into his rib cage. The main distraction comes when his phone buzzes in his pocket and he jostles you to fish it out. He spends the next ten minutes making disgruntled noises behind you. 
 “What’s going on back there?” you ask, your curiosity winning out. 
 “Nothing. Just Jimin whining that I didn’t go out with the rest of the crew. Apparently he’s not managing to get anyone’s attention and he’s blaming it on me skipping out so he doesn’t have a wingman. The other guys are there. He’s not pulling anyone because the girls can smell his fuckboy energy from across the room,” he snickers.
 “You can always go meet up with them. We can do movie nights anytime.” You feel guilty taking his first night of freedom when he could be out with his friends. Hoseok shines in clubs in a way you could never. 
 “You haven’t seen me in two weeks and you want to get rid of me that bad?” he teases. “The group’s dry spell isn’t more important than you, bug. I’m exactly where I want to be. I can go get laid any other night. You should come with us next time. Bring Jisoo too if you want. Best way to get over someone is to get under someone new, you know?” He’s referring to Seojoon of course but you didn’t see yourself as the type to go for rebound sex.
 “I guess getting good sex for once would be nice,” you amuse him. 
 You feel him stiffen up behind you. “For once? He looked like the type who couldn’t eat out a girl right but you’re telling me it sucked every time?” His tone is shocked and laced with disbelief.
 “I mean it wasn’t terrible? Sex feels better for guys anyway, right?” You fiddle with your fingers, suddenly feeling antsy. “I wouldn’t know about the eating out thing. He didn’t do it.” You don’t know why you’re trying to defend him. 
 “Of fucking course,” Hoseok scoffs. “He still managed to make you cum though. Right?” His last word is pointed, accusatory. 
 “I don’t think so?” You can feel his glare on you without having to look at his face. You’re being scrutinized and every answer feels wrong. 
 “You think so? Bug, that’s a no. Trust me, you’d know. Wait… You don’t know what an orgasm feels like at all? Not even from yourself?” His voice is weaved with confusion and borders on concern.
 “I, uh, I don’t do that. Jisoo keeps trying to get me to buy a vibrator and the thought of even stepping into a sex shop just-” you shudder at the thought. 
 Your own voice has dropped to a whisper and you know you’ve overshared as you tend to do when you get nervous. It’s just Hoseok, your Hobi. You’ve shared your entire life with him. You know he wouldn’t judge you for your lack of sexual experiences. 
 You feel Hoseok’s chest rumble behind you as he hums. “Take off your panties.” His voice was low in your ear. You weren’t sure you completely heard him right. You couldn’t have heard that right. 
 “Take off your panties, Y/N,” he repeated. 
 No, you definitely heard him right the first time. You scoffed at his attempt to joke around, your eyes fixed on the screen. Your full name though? Not ‘Bug’? He only pulled that out when he was serious but you weren’t going to give him the benefit of thinking he got you and see that trickster gleam in his eyes. You weren’t going to fall in his trap and feel embarrassed when he eventually bursts out laughing at having pranked you.
 He grabbed the remote and paused just as Toothless challenges the alpha to become king of the dragons. “Hey! You know that’s my favorite part!” you exclaim, turning to face him for his betrayal. When you meet his eyes you find them narrow and dark. 
 “If you don’t take your panties off, I’ll rip them off of you, myself.” 
 You’d only ever heard his voice this stern when he was watching a choreography continue to go wrong after his dance crew had been going at it for hours. He had never directed that tone towards you. You didn’t move, couldn’t, as you tried to process his words. 
 One of his eyebrows ticked up, having taken the decision for you. You feel his hands roam up your thighs and the tip of his fingers slip beneath the fabric as they take hold. You let out a shocked gasp as you hear the riiiiiiippp your treacherous lingerie let out between the force of his hands pulling the fabric away from your hips.  
 He pushes your shoulders against his chest, whirling you back into the position you had been so comfortable in just a minute ago. His hands glide to the inside of your thighs to push them apart, your, his, shirt still covering the tops of them. He tugs harshly at the fabric, snapping it fully to hold it up in front of you so you could both see the damage. 
 “Hmmm, pity, these probably looked great on you.” His voice holds a smirk. You didn’t need to look at him to know the face he’s making. You’d seen it a hundred times as he would sweet talk dozens of women into bed with him.
 Your face burned. You knew your best friend was a charmer, had this gravitational pull around him that would have girls flocking to him. You just never expected to fall victim to it. Despite the unrestrained energy that got you into this situation Hoseok softens. He pushes your hair to the side and places a seemingly innocent peck to your neck. 
 “You tell me to stop if you want. You know I’d never force you to do anything.” 
 You nod slowly. You know he’d never hurt you and you could go back to watching the movie if you asked but you’d be lying if you said you were unaffected. You could feel the unmistakable slick dripping as you wiggled into the couch, nervous. 
 You can see the remnants of your underwear fly off behind him. His hands return to your thighs to rub gently at them. “Can I pull your shirt up?” he asks softly. You nod again mechanically. He tsks. “Use your words, baby.” 
 A shiver runs through you. Your lips fall open but nothing comes out. Your mouth is dry. “Y-yes,” you finally stutter out. 
 His fingers grope the hem of the shirt and brings the cotton up to your stomach, exposing you to him. His pace is agonizingly slow ashe takes the time to stare you down. Your legs widen instinctively under his gaze. 
 “Please?” you beg. You’ve never begged before.
 “Please what?” he asks. He knows but this isn’t about him giving, it’s about him guiding.
 Your hand reaches for his. It’s small as it tries to remove his own from the fabric of your shirt to guide him where you need him. “Touch me,” you whine, your tone needy.
 He lets out a short laugh that has you bouncing from the force. “Nuh-uh.” You can feel his head shaking behind yours. “Greedy girl, you need to learn to take care of yourself.” His hand does leave its perch on your stomach but instead of gliding down to your center, he takes your own hand in his. The back of your hand is warm against his palm as he brings it down to your opening. 
 Your breath hitches as you come into contact with the silky heat. Your fingers slip as he flits past the bundle of nerves not pausing to finally stop at your leaking hole. He breaks contact with you then and you let out a whimper at the loss. He brings his arms to cross around your abdomen, hugging as he hooks his head over your shoulder. 
 “What do I do?” you ask, your voice timid. It’s not the first time you’ve been touched but you’d never had to think about it before. Didn’t know what would make you feel good since your ex was less than talented in that department, only a few quick flicks before getting to the deed.
 Hoseok’s voice is hot against your ear, his lips brush the shell as he speaks. “Take your middle finger and dip it in, just a little, just enough to collect some of that sweet juice and rub it around. Make it nice and slippery.” 
 Your hands follow his words tentatively. You plunge your finger inside until it reaches the first knuckle before pulling it out again. There’s a sticky string connecting the pad of your finger to your slit. 
 The sight shocks you. All you can do is stare until the strand breaks leaving your finger shiny at the contact. You continue to follow the rest of his direction as you bring your finger back to your inner lips, drawing a large circle around. He groans behind you. 
 “Look at you. Prettiest little pussy I’ve ever seen. So shiny and wet.” His voice has turned gravelly and rough at the view. His second order doesn’t take long to come. “Play with your clit. Same finger.” 
 You bring the tip of your finger up to the little bundle at the top of your slit and flick it this way and that. “Stop.” The command is harsher this time. 
 You try to turn your head to face him, to ask what you did wrong but his hold on you is too tight to allow your body to twist around. “Is that how he did it?” he asks, voice steely. “Just hit it carelessly?” You shrugged at the accusation. He wasn’t wrong but it still felt like your fault. “Be gentle. Like…” he searches for the right analogy that could make you understand, “like when you’re playing Zelda, yeah? When you get obsessed with the graphics and just hyperfixate on the landscape and you turn the camera around really slow?” His thumb rubs tenderly at your side to guide in the comparison he makes. 
 You try again. Finger coming down onto your clit as you grind in the same circular motion he replicates. “Ease up,” he says. Your finger raises slightly, the pressure lessens. 
 “Good girl,” he praises. You’re not sure if the issuing moan caused by the jolt of pleasure that runs through you comes from your touch or his words. 
 You continue the movement while waiting for his next direction but it doesn’t come. He just watches your finger work. The little noises you’re letting out are definitely evoked by your own actions at this point. They’re high and airy. You can feel Hoseok’s breath getting heavier against your cheek and your hips are starting to stammer against your hand. 
 “Stop.” His voice is smooth this time as he orders you to cease. You’re quick to obey but whine when the pleasure starts to ebb away. “Put your finger in again. Deeper this time. I want to watch you fuck yourself.” You rush to follow his guidance, your hand no longer feeling under your own control. You squeal as the pressure sends a sting through you. “Hey, hey, don’t need to go so fast,” he reassures. “Wait, come here.”
 He unwraps his arms from your waist and grips at your hips to slide you down his body into more of a lying position. He reaches his hands behind your knees to hike them up to your chest, legs bent and cunt freely in the open. 
 “There you go, such a good pliant baby.” The whine that comes out of you this time makes him grin. “Looks like someone’s got a little bit of a praise kink it seems.” Your cheeks flare once more. It wasn’t something you knew about yourself but this entire situation seemed to be a journey of self discovery in more ways than expected.
 “Go on, try again, slowly,” he pushes. You bring your finger back to your slit and gingerly dip it back inside you. The new angle makes the glide much more comfortable. 
 You let out a low moan. It feels nice. The tissue is hot against your skin and smooth, all of it wet. Hoseok can tell by the squelching sound filling the room. “There you go, good girl. In and out,” he rambles. It’s hard to keep focus now when he can see your face tilted back into the crook of his elbow. Your eyes are closed and your mouth hangs wide open. There’s a little furrow in your brow as you focus on your pace. 
 “That feel good, love?” You’re not sure if that’s supposed to be rhetorical. A simple uh huh all you can muster as a reply. “Think you can add another one in there for me? Your ring finger.” His order doesn’t wait for your reply. He knows you can, you will, for him, whatever he asks. Your finger stops as you lubricate your index with the wetness that had leaked out as you incessantly thrusted into yourself. Satisfied it was slick enough you entered both fingers in at once, whimpering at the sensation.
 “Fuck, you’re so tight.” He could see how your hole strained around your fingers. They were so thin and delicate yet only two was enough for your pussy to greedily suck them in tightly. “Spread them out, like scissors.” His directions were getting harder to follow, your head was light, intoxicated by his voice. His words seemed far away. You pushed your fingers apart producing a short wail. Hoseok’s eyes were fixed on your center and he was sure that if you weren’t so lost in your pleasure you’d tell him off for how his erection must be pressing into your back. 
 “Use both hands. The other one on your clit, like before.” His words came faster, less detailed than his earlier commands. You brought your left hand up from where it had been gripping the couch to slide its way next to your right which hadn’t stopped its motion. 
 You were so focused on obeying that you didn’t notice your shirt had been lifted up past your chest until you felt large hands grip your breasts. Your eyes fly open when you feel fingers pinch at your nipples, twirling them. Your eyes roll to the back of your head as you let out a scream bound to go through your apartment’s thin walls. 
 “Fuck, Hobi,” you cry. 
 Hoseok lets out a groan of his own when hearing his name fall from your lips. You like that you manage to get that noise out of him, you like it a lot. Your stomach feels tight. There’s this odd knot that’s forming. It feels good, it’s just...unfamiliar. Your hands stop moving all at once. He’s quick to pick up on it, his own halting at your tits. 
 “What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?” His voice is full of concern, the previous lust completely faded. He hikes your body to sit you on his lap facing him. He cradles your face in his hands, his thumbs brushing over your skin. You shake your head as tears threaten to spill. 
 “Baby, don’t cry, it’s okay. Tell me what’s going on. Was it not good?” He’s always been the type to comfort you and always knew when he had to, before you even knew something was wrong.
 “No, it felt good. It felt really good but it started feeling weird? Like this pressure in my stomach and it freaked me out a bit,” you admit. It sounds silly now. It didn’t actually hurt and he was having a good time. You shouldn’t have made it stop.
 You can see him trying to suppress a smirk. He knows it’s not the time to laugh at you but he’s struggling to keep it together. “Aww, baby. It’s a good thing. It’s a sign that it’s about to get really good. Lie back down, I’ll show you.” You follow his lead. You trusted him implicitly and weren’t about to stop now. 
 You bring your eyes up to look at his once you settle onto your back again, one knee hitting the back of the couch, the other hanging off the edge. Your head fixes itself in the crook of his left arm. You feel much more vulnerable in the position now that there’s been a lull in the atmosphere. The silence feels loud. 
 Your teeth nibble at your lips waiting for his next instructions but they don’t come. Instead of telling you what to do he moves forward himself. He brings his right hand to trail down from your knee to your opening. His fingers extend over you, pulling your lips apart to spread you open to his view. Your pussy clenches in anticipation, missing how it was filled. His tongue peeks out to wet his lips, his eyes focused low on your body. 
 You let out a loud gasp as you feel a glob of spit hit you. You didn’t expect him to do something so filthy. You can feel it start to ooze down towards your ass. His fingers are quick to scoop it back up to your hole and use it to lubricate his middle and ring finger. 
 He’s slow as he eases them both into you. His stare comes back to your face, fascinated by how your mouth falls open. His fingers are thicker than yours and the stretch feels heavenly.
“Fuck, baby. You’re just sucking me in. Tightest little cunt I’ve ever been in.” 
 He’d never sent so many compliments your way at once. Then again, you’d never been in this position with him before. Your mind wanders if he praises all the other girls he’s had in his arms the same way. 
 Your bravery climbs and you purposefully expose your chest to his gaze again. You push your breasts together and let out a sigh at the relief that floods through you. “Hobi,” you exhale, “fuck me.”
 His head falls forward and his eyes close at your words. Your request pulls a groan from his lips and his fingers start a pace that is tentative and careful. It’s agonizing as he brings his fingers in and out of you. He takes a breath to steady himself and opens his eyes back to bore into yours. Neither of you speak as he speeds up his movements. 
 Your breath hitches as he hits deeper than your own fingers had managed to reach. His left hand reaches up to your tits to detach yours from its perch. He hastily brings it down to your clit. His orders had turned non verbal but just as insistent as before. You understand what he wants. Your head nods jerkily as your fingers get back to their earlier motion. 
 You can feel the pleasure rising again. Your core clenches around his fingers. The knot in your stomach returns. A whimper escapes you as you call out, “Hobi! I-”
 You can see him smirking. That same damn smirk that’s been directed at every other woman but you. 
 “Go on, baby. Keep going, you’re almost there. Fuck, you’re getting so tight.” His encouragement is what finally makes the knot snap apart. 
 You’re not even aware that the high pitched squeal that fills the room comes from you as a wave washes over you. 
 You can hear Hoseok talking but none of his words make it through the haze around your mind. You expected the bliss to fade but it keeps its hold on you. You’re panting hard as you try to get your bearings. Your hand has stopped but there’s an electric shock still coming from your core. 
 Your eyes widen when you notice that he hasn’t stopped his fingers from thrusting into you. You search his face for an answer. Your hips are buckling in his hold. Following the push and pull guided by the rhythm of his fingers still thrusting into you. His palm has flattened over you so the heel of his hand was now digging into your clit. 
 “That’s it, sweet girl. Ride my fingers. You’re going to give me another one. You can do that for me, right?” His voice is teasing, not the same lightness you’re used to with his witty banter. It’s darker, meaner. It evokes something in you. The knot tightens once more. It’s sharper this time an underlying sting echoes.
 Your hand wraps around his wrist to pry it away from you but you’re shaking and he’s much stronger than you are. “Hobi, stop, fuck-”
 You’re not strong enough to pull him away so your hands give up and search for purchase on the couch. Your fingers are digging into the cushion beneath you. His other hand sneaks around to push down just above your pubic bone and the feeling intensifies. You can feel his fingers curl inside you and it hits something within you that sends you reeling. Your eyes seal shut and you can feel your knuckles ache as they tighten in the fabric. There’s a buzzing in your eyes and a scream of his name in the air. Your walls clap down hard and your world goes white.  
 It takes a minute for your vision to come back. Your entire body is numb. It’s quiet, your loud breathing is the only noise permeating your apartment. Your eyes flutter open and the light feels too bright. Hoseok’s form sharpens in your view. 
 He looks smug. Sends a self satisfied wink down to you as he licks at his fingers. “You taste delicious, princess. I’ll have to eat you out next time.” 
 Next time? You suppose your friendship with Hoseok could benefit from some...well, benefits. Your eyes fall down to his crotch ready to offer assistance. You knew he couldn’t come out of this completely unaffected. The expected tent in his pants isn’t there however a large wet spot takes its place. His smug face falls and his cheeks tint up in a shy blush. “Uh, I… It took care of itself.”
 You hide your victorious grin behind a playful glare. “You owe me new lingerie, jerk.” 
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taesinferno · 24 days ago
— how bts kisses
Tumblr media
[super random but i was just thinking about it so roll w me]
slobbery, wet, everything in between
boy just thrusts his tongue into anything he can find
tries to taste your whole mouth at once
holds your face with one hand and pulls you impossible closer with the other
all teeth and passion
pushes his body against yours, making you feel his muscles, something pokes at your stomach
breathless and needy
takes his time
savors every minute
starts slow, teasing pecks, giving you just a taste of those beautiful lips
but then, once he's warmed you up, the kiss will start heating up
his hand in your hair, head tilted to perfectly slot his lips against yours
its like he's drinking you up, you're his life source
he leaves you in a haze, cloudy thoughts of him and wanting more
likes it when you initiate kisses
you try to kiss him awake, and he'll grumble, but then he'll wrap his arm around you to prevent you from moving away
he acts very nonchalant about it, but the way he leans in and pulls you close ever so slightly, the blush dusting his cheeks afterwards, give him away
when he initiates kisses though
it's very intentional and heuristic
he likes the small gasp that comes from you when his tongue enters your mouth
likes the way you cling to him as he takes his time, making you fall apart with just a kiss
in all honesty, could kiss for hours
touchy, hands cupping your face, at your hips, in your hair. everywhere.
he'd act like he was deprived, like he'd die without your kiss
completely dominant, would take you over
doesn't like slow kisses, its either a small peck or full blown making out
big fan of pda, will kiss you as soon as he sees you wherever you are
likes leaning real close sometimes, teasing you while you feel the breath from his laugh on your face
just gets closer and closer until he touches your lips, and your laughs turn into moans
smiling through the kiss
stroking your hair, his hands eventually making their way down
his lips embrace yours, pillowy and soft
like a warm blanket on a cold winter night
giggly kisses, light-hearted, fun
pure happiness and romantic
his tongue encompasses you like a warm embrace, and you let in welcomingly
it's so comfortable, and it gives you butterflies
hard kisses
passionate, swallowing you whole
bites your lip, opens your mouth with his tongue
could take it slowly, just to tease you
leans back just a hint, just to watch you chase his lips
when you hear him chuckling, you look up to see him smiling
he likes it when kisses expand past your lips, your nose, your cheek, your neck
soft, hesitant pecks at first
he puckers his lips like its his first kiss everytime
just because he has a natural pout
he sometimes gets too excited and pushes forward, his tongue in your mouth like it was a race
needy baby, opts for quick pecks until it turns into harder kisses
won't let you breathe
pushes you back until your resting against something or on the bed
tries to be as spatially close as possible
when you give his lip a gentle nip, he lets out the prettiest groan
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