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Wish me luck fellow malec shippers and Shadowhunter chronical lovers I’m going to be spending my quarantine time re-reading in a semi chronological order all the books…Only 19, we got this!! Starting out with the bane chronicles because Magnus is my favorite fictional character :) Reblog if ur inspired

(note that in these pics some of the books I have are on my nook)

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When they’re both grown, Dahlia and Jacob move into the family home; Maria, their mother, made the decision to move in with her sister a few months before.

 Dahlia and Merula have their kids to raise, while Jacob is happy to play uncle, not trusting his capacity to raise a child - which is why years later, Dahlia is rather surprised when she come back from a month-long hunt to see Jacob with a newly-turned vampire who couldn’t have been more than 14.

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There are times

where my words fall


And my eyes bat

a little


There are times where I’m lacking

of a smile,

There are times where my cheeks


their blush.

And I know this is

Where my dreams

Fade away.

Silent words are said

and I’m left not knowing,

My true worth,

It’s left unsaid.

And my tears

Keep being pressed

To pages

Of black




Is dwindling,

Not for life,

But for years-

Dates and days

Turn to weeks.

Weak is my

heart -

My tender

Little feather.

May it float


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Seria maravilhoso o que não aconteceu, o que possivelmente acontecerá. O que não foi possível, ficará guardado cuidadosamente com carinho e amor em meus pensamentos, sem riscos de se perderem com o tempo, sem o risco de se perderem as lembranças doces, e as dolorosas, que venham nos ensinar a preservar, valorizar o que temos, sem perder a esperança do que virá. Assim são nossos caminhos, nada é determinante, nem tudo é tão previsível, sempre haverá um breve momento em que seus sonhos se realizarão ou desaparecerão para sempre.

Sil-olhaelass ✍

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