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feral-ballad · a day ago
Tumblr media
Anonymous, Compiled & Edited by Peter H. Lee, From Anthology of Korean Literature: from early times to the nineteenth century; “Spring overflows the pavilion”
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thunderous-aesthetics · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A robot stimboard.
🤖 🤖 🤖 / 🤖 🤖 🤖 / 🤖 🤖 🤖
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acknowledgetheabsurd · 2 days ago
This word only to welcome you this evening, to tell you that a day without you is a day that never ends, a city without gardens, a land without sky... to tell you also that nothing will ever separate us in this world, tied to each other. I kiss your heart.
Albert Camus to Maria Casarès, Correspondance, December 20, 1949 [#109]
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sirvenusass · a day ago
Tumblr media
new ink, sry I’ve been vvvv inactive! 😅
more active on IG: kira.merilees
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bigheart25 · a day ago
To put it simply, all I want to do is lay on a man’s chest and listen to his heart beating.
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divineexpression999 · 23 hours ago
For a long time I fought a war inside me, me vs. me. Today I choose peace. No matter what happens around me, if I can remain at peace within me, I win. Peace is the only way to see clearly & not be fooled into chaos.
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struruso · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
«A volte capitano incontri fortunati. Qualcuno che ci ricorda che abbiamo un cuore, quando noi invece avevamo deciso, che potevamo farne a meno»
(Susanna Casciani)
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ravenempress101 · 2 days ago
Ebony Coffee; M| JJK
Tumblr media
(Well this is my first imagine for bts and I’m kinda stoked for you all to read cause they are so awesome and I get to be part of such a wonderful army I love making them)
Pairing: JungkookX readerX jimin
Word count: 2.6k
Genre: hardcore smut, angst, co-worker!au, boss!au Yandere!Jungkook
Warnings: painful smut, public sex but private location, name calling,edging, yandere jungkook, ruthless jungkook, dark jungkook,long hair jungkook, messy kisses, hickeys, bruises, enormous dick jk for reasons,teasing, abuse, violence, menace to society,spit kink, fluids, fluid kink,dirty talk,squirting,cursing,master kink,creampie,screaming.
A/n: well listen to the bts academia dark classical soft music and this came upon my mind like oops and knowing jungkook is my bias and so is jimin it’s so much but this is my first one for them so if you love these for bts please like, repost, comment I love hearing feedback it’s greatly appreciate it😉😌
The smell of the robustness of Colombia filled your nostrils. y/n stepped inside the place that bittersweet, Ebony coffee shop. She captured her blue apron and tied it around her curvy waist. Toward the counter she clocks in.
“I can serve the next guest.”
Y/n secure a raven coffee cup from the vendor. A tall man with dark brown curly locks and plump pink lips stride to y/n’s register. This gentleman always appears to y/n but she blocks her hands in front of her face hiding her features but he knows her all too well.
“Yes you can sweetheart hello”
The familiar man name tag presents “Jimin” with his hand on you and uncovers your facial features. As y/n saw him a nervous smirk cracks on her face. He runs his fingers along your arms in slow circles admiring a beautiful creature that he loves.
‘Oh no not you” through clenched teeth while sliding her arm away from Jimin and roam over toward the back room. y/n heard footsteps come toward the front. A porcelain skinned dark chocolate short wavy locks laced with brown orbs and dents in his cheeks strutted towards yourself.
“ Y/n get off your ass and work please stop flirting with the customers” jungkook spats, The boss of ebony coffee captures a money drawer and the benjamins fall into his hand while his eye furrows and steam pours from his ears.
Rolling her eyes and scanning at Jimin's big blue ones. He waves and lips puckering for a smooch as a wink crept on his right eye. He loved messing with y/n, she had to be on her best behavior for the customer that always has her and her only in his mind.
y/n placed her shoulders high and her head following. A sense of venom found her straightening her body frame as her mouth performed a “But he…. What… how.. Oooo what can I get for you.’
Somehow a breath danced on your honey skin as jungkook walked dangerously close to y/n. y/n nostrils fill the dark polo that matched his bitter emotional indifference that has a way of killing a deer in headlights with no remorse.His anger wears an ugly mister hide persona for you to shrink down to an ant in his presence.
“That's more like it, I’ll be in my office counting my money” as he leaves with a rough tap on your shoulder and eyes rolling toward the back of his head. y/n felt in her fragile heart that jimin take the lead of her security as a working woman of Ebony’s Coffee shop as jungkook gives up his spot as head in charge.
y/n head lowers toward the floor as her orbs get glossy and a weep escapes from her lips. She captures the almond milk to prepare the latte. footsteps in her direction, jungkook sticks his tongue out like a little kid on the playground tormenting your state of mind. Her finger ran over her cheek to wipe the moisture from her despair that was HIM.
“Whatever I don't care to hear or even look at such a rude person that is a scumbag’ whispers from her mind colliding with her mocha lips.y/n’s insides gave her a deep breath of freedom and a relief from the pressure he always forced upon her but jungkook towers over y/n and steals the one good feeling that she gave herself.
“What did you say, woman?” The room of people fell silent and froze from his jab towards the fiery woman that was before him. Her board frame shivered from his burning flesh, from the enclosed space of him and her. Inches away from his lips and your nose, she lay of hold her pointer finger in her hands and her head down. Her words squeaked out of her.
“You heard me Mr.kook” as the light came in, His mouth found its way to the floor and brain paused for a moment. He blinked his raven eyes from y/n’s words that stabbed him in the heart. Finding his composure, he gravitates toward her ear. Clenching his teeth “in my office now” as he backs up from his spot he stares. The stare cut her salvation and the bitterness was all she knew to have with him.
As they made it into his office. y/n’s view blurred from the ocean she accumulated. A soul crushed for jungkook.he always finds pleasure in making the ones with a positive sprite feel so weak under is not for him for jungkook is possession.
“What the heck was that y/n’ she glanced at jungkook. The room quickly got icey, where her comfort stolen from his hand met the desk, a wave of heat came upon him and the winds that he produced as the tornado within him caused the dilemma to spark.
y/n scanned toward him and shook her head from side to side as a sniff came toward her nose, placing her hands up from avoidness
“Im sorry sir i promise i wont say anything again’
A fear of his psychotic anger. y/n knew jungkook had everything going for himself. As he went behind her. y/n stood up but found herself back down on the chair by his vigorous touch. y/n’s heart skipped from his powerful steps coming in front of you. Jungkook sighed as his slender finger twirls your curl.His orbs open windows to your soul.
“Well you been a bad girl and i know what you'll need for being bad”
y/n caught her breath escaping from her as she sensed jungkook’s ringed finger around her neck enclosing on her He lowered his head toward it and his strawberry chapped lips grazed her. A smirk that appears from her flesh between his teeth. Her mouth fell open with saliva from the side. Jungkook decorated the lower neck with blueish flesh wombs. His tongue swirled and suckled at the markings he created.He applauded himself for what he had accomplished and so much more.
He placed a hardened kiss on the side of her mouth tasting nectur that liberated. y/n groaned from the attack.
“Why are you so rough with me?”
“Roughness is a game that I love the play sweetheart”
His eyes found their way to your admirable face. Trailing from your curvy love handles. Jungkook's hands danced on your full thighs.the body that you had was a wonderland for him to play and toy with. As y/n’s cleavage peaked through, he planted chaste kisses in between and his tongue swiped the middle of your bra set. Her moans painted his ears, your chest heaved while you saw the unbearing lust fulfilled his insides. The smile on his carved face from the gods knew that your body was weathering away to your boss.
“Mhmmm those pretty moans coming from this innocent soul’
Jungkook stole a piece of a masterpiece from your pandora’s box. The punishment that he was going to make out of you. The positivity of your life was being sucked out dry like a vampire that craves crimson just to live and be alive to see the sun and moon from days on. He had your body's attention but y/n’s mind ripped to pieces.
He captures her hair with his fist pulls her up from the chair. Pushing her back on his desk. A curse spewed from her mouth. Jungkook leaned down taking in his prey. His body heat stoles your shivers and goosebumps grow all over your frame. Mr.kook inbetween her leg, the length he carried grew by the pushes and rubbings he did. Lifting her thighs up to meet his waist. Both hands entrape her from her own movements.
“My princess lessons always need to be taught’
Running his finger from the hem of her skirt. His finger pastures the middle of her covered dripping clit. y/n’s body moist from his warm saliva he places on sensitive spots. y/n’s punishment was well deserved in his eyes.
Climbs on top of y/n, his rosy red lips met her big ones, the small pecks he placed were like air on a snowy winter night with his tongue forced its way through your parted lips like peppermint mocha, his tongue and your tongue battle for what seem like hours. His immense hands seized the shaft of her neck while he applied pressure trapping her airway. y/n breathing rising and falling as he ripped her shirt buttons flying on the floor as her bra set was manifest.
y/n using the only oxygen she had left in her body “It hurts jungkook” as her gasps got shakier and petite. Jungkook's ringed digit dipped down the middle of your bud. Then running his cold finger along your lips. A spat was formed on you. The wetness of his saliva glistening on your cheek. Your eyes shut from the action he did, her wiggling from the strength he had on her, his chest flourishing with a deep laugh at how pathetic he made you look.
“A bad girl gets to live in pain not pleasure”
Jungkook intimated the drenched finger inside her, then her body retalited. She was so snug around him while his hands pierce her mount. Pulling his finger in and out of her blurriness from him y/n choke on his powerful withdraws. Sneaking another finger in her stretching, she scans up at a biting lip jungkook. Zeus would have his head from the aggressiveness and attractiveness he had on you.
Bouncing at an angel. y/n body glitching from her wetness on his fingers. “Jungkook i can't handle it much longer’, he picks up his pace as your frame gets hotter, a twist in your abdomen awakens your senses. He laughed abruptly in your ears as a whimper was heard from your end. The high called on yourself to squirt on his fingers. Jungkook immediately removed them with a sigh from inside. You wish that he kept going.
Jungkook's dripping fingers unbutton his belt and pants colliding with the floor. His member was exposed to your doe eyes.He grabbed panties as they slid down your legs to the floor.As his tongue sneakily swiped your right nipple tasting a vanilla bean topping. His mouth feels like a blaze, while grasp your shoulders and y/n laid upon the desk. He towered over your form as his fingers skimmed his penis. Jungkook with a pop from his mouth, positioned himself at your moisten flower.
His tip wiggles the sensitive bud y/n arms meet his torso for remorse. A vein pops out from him as he already stretches y/n. Thrusts a few more inches and the stretching pain shot up to her thighs as y/n’s hands found his stomach and backs up from him lessen the pressure inside her,capturing her fragile hands in his while he starts transversing
Once he pumps small strokes , he pulls you forward and forcefully crashes into you, y/n’s view was of him. Her doe eyes glisten in the light and his thriving black pupils like a demon met your righteousness.
“ You're making me sore, please stop this jungkook’ as her brain couldn't concentrate on what was real. y/n wanted to curl up in a ball at the pain and sadness he's guiding her through but all he saw was ecstasy.
“Shhhh shut… hold your breath, bite your tongue, close your eyes, do whatever you need to do to get through it” Jungkook hand landing on the corner of his desk and curving himself inside her. The leverage turned animalistic as his finger in her mouth curved and her lucid sounds went silent. The thrusts were powerful and full of stamina that made the pain unbearable.
“You know what i love most about you, darling is leaving the purple marks while i grab you and have my way” your face moistens with tears. Breathless screams and a hot blush of tender fire on her figure of torture he puts his co worker through. Rapid thrusts and head shakes side to side and grabbing on the desk to run away from the Psychotic jungkook, his groans painted the walls of the echo sanctuary and her rough air burning her lungs. Her betrayal of euphoria calling her like a siren. Her stomach turned as she swallowed deep not to let the contents in her spill out her mouth and a wave of her high laced her body.
“I’m about to cum jungkook” her stomach rumbling as she swallowed her digestive system.y/n spilled on him as he harassed the orgasm out of her. Her heart beating rapidly out of her chest from the euphoric pleasure she endured. As he did not meet his high yet he pulled out of her as his member was moist with a stream of her juices on the wood floor. Jungkook seizes your frame and pushes you away from him stumbling over your feet y/n captures the ledge of a side table, her frame wobbling has jungkook replaces himself on the desk.
He wiggles his finger signaling you to come closer to him.
“Up up get on top of me”
Y/n stomach jolted and shakes as she felt her organs Turning inside horrified by her boss but butterflies filled her in the mix.y/n stumbled over toward him and fell onto his lap but he grabbed her torso. Her energy was slim and her posture was giving away. y/n positioned herself toward his length. Squats down on his member but shutters at the sensitivity of herself. Jungkook automatically stretched her and he knew he did.
Jungkook its so big ahhh”
y/n sat on it and her body was trembling, her moan alarmed in his ear and his chocolate doe eyes went hybrid raven filled with lust.
As y/n grey clouds met her sunshine sky. Her face was blemished and sore from him and him alone. y/n began to slide up and down on him as her legs shook with every movement. His moaning boomed in your chest.y/n bounced up and down him feeling his vibrations over her weathered thick frame. Jungkook's length twitches inside of you. Feeling his twitch y/n fingernails met his back as scratches were formed.
“Aweeee is it hurting my poor little cupcake, I love when you shake it means you’ll obey next time”
His hands met your thick waist keeping you at a position. He cursed under his breath as his high was crashing in on him. Your stomach starts again. Both of your highs were lacing your body. It was going to be a struggling letting it all go but once you felt jungkook spill white over all your raw walls. His warmth became your signal and your juices flowed on him.
“Yes sir I’ll obey”
Your orbs rolled to the back of your head and collapsed on him as he kissed your forehead. Jungkook laughing at the damage he caused as your snores filled his office. y/n could feel the ruthless of his being but trapped in a darkness of never ending teasing.
“ you will obey your master”
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julesofnature · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
“The deeds you do may be the only sermon some persons will hear today.”   ~ St. Francis of Assisi
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kamala-laxman · a day ago
Love has come to rule and transform; stay awake, my heart, stay awake.
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