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I used to be afraid of the little things

What would happen tomorrow 

What if I make a fool of myself 

But somewhere along the way 

I became null and void to the world

Completely shutting myself out 

I thought I deserved it

I always believed that I was 

Meant to be a victim 

Of the mess I caused 

I always thought I caused it

That I was created only to be destroyed 

To build myself only to be broken down

That I was unworthy of anything but chaos 

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Always remember, it takes more than soldiers to protect our freedom.

It requires activists, protestors, lawyers, and brave people who do little things all over, every day, to take their freedom and act on it, and others who take a moment to stand up for another person’s freedom (especially when they dont need to).

We remember people like Claudette Colvin and Rosa Parks because they kept their seat to take a stand. We’ve forgotten all the other people who were on those buses who didn’t back them up.

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This…. #alllivesmatter #draintheswamp

Posted @withregram • @conservativemaryanne 💯🇺🇸Very true!!What a great example!!💯⁣
#wwg1wga #2a #greatawakening #walkaway #republican #politics #freedom #draintheswamp #democrat #buildthewall #redpill #trump #trumptrain #wethepeople #conservative #fakenews #americafirst #usa #truth #redwave #maga #donaldtrump #potus #makeamericagreatagain #qanon #america #trump2020 #thestorm #liberal

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Hey, you know, this world is so big and there are so many expectations of us. Like getting a great job and starting a family and being pretty. Can’t we just take a little time each day to relax? To take our shoes off, run bare foot in the rain?

It’s as though we’re being swept away by the currents and the people that are meant to be supporting us are really just keeping our heads under water.

I’m studying for the next 5 years because I want to be free, isn’t that funny? I’m chaining myself down in order to be free. Because despite what other people will tell you. Money IS freedom. Here’s to having dreams and being able to break away from our own chains.

If anyone has bothered to read this; can you tell me what you want/like in life that isn’t socially accepted or “normal”

I’ll start

-I don’t want to be in a relationship

-I want to live alone in a cabin in the woods with huskies

-I love wearing clothes that have slight old fashioned styles

-I feel safer in the woods than I do in the city and can fall asleep in them

Your turn!!

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I know im practically followed by no one but I think this is important, so if you can spread the word in any way I would really personally apriciate it. Thank you

I think people have forgotten what it means to be American, what it means to take the pledge in the morning. I think people need to be reminded and more knowledgeable to what E Pluribus Unum means, what it means to live in this country, and what it means to be American.

E Pluribus Unum

“One, out of many”.

No one person in America is the same. Yet every different person here is American. You may be European, Asian, African, or Hispanic, You can be a republican, a democrat, any third party, an individualist, but above all of that if you live in this country you are American. Its a fact. We are all one of people, but of all us many people we are under one flag.

The Pledge

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America: you swear, you swear a vow of loyalty to the….the flag? No, your swearing loyalty to what the flag represents, it represents America, the people, the many people who are united under it. Not the government, not Trump, not Obama or any president, not the state. But the people.

and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god: the ability to vote for who you want to be in power, and for that person, regardless if you wanted them or not, and that only have a maximum limit of how long they can lead is something we have all taken for granted. And it doesn’t matter if you believe in god, gods, or neither, we live a country where the state CANNOT force a religion on you. Nobody can because you have the right to believe whatever the hell you want!

indivisable, with liberty, and justice, for all. : indivisible undivideable, a word that, unfortunately was something we couldn’t use in 1861. A word that, when we couldn’t use caused the losses of many, many brothers, sisters, fathers. But i think, as bad as America claims to be right now, we can still be considered indivisible. We are a strong American people. And there is justice and liberty for all. People may get hurt, cheated, killed, but there are people who hear those people and listen to those people and shout out there names. There is liberty and justice, in the fact that anyone can do that, for anyone, regardless of class race or religion.

This is what i think people need to be aware of and reminded of. And if you disagree with me, GOOD! Disagree with me! Its okay! Thats your right as an American! The ability to disagree with someone and say “No, i think your wrong” and still be civil and talk and be friends and family with the person whom your disagreeing with is something we Americans take so much for granted! Not assaulting people or breaking buildings or being violent. Whether your hard right wing or hard left wing, or whatever you claim to be. Just remember, you are one of many. And of those many are under one flag, of which represents those same people. Everyone in this country.

Thank you for reading, have a good day 🇺🇸.

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