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bigsexyndn1 · 8 minutes ago
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So this is kinda what’s been going on since I decided to document my re-entry into society after spending 8 1/2 years in prison, I met a girl ,got familiar with my granddaughters, lost a girl , went back to an ex, found the love of my life ,got married, started a small demolition business ,moved to Binghamton, then got arrested back to back for crimes I didn’t commit. now I’m awaiting trial.
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thetreblewithloveis · 45 minutes ago
Freedom - Reba McEntire
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spiritualmangos · an hour ago
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[VIDEO] My friend Dave has released the second episode of his news show thanks to all the love he got last time! His focus is on positive news because regular news has too much negativity. Please like and subscribe to him so that he can make his dreams come true. :) via /r/GetMotivated
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spiritualmangos · an hour ago
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[Image] Write first, it can be anything. The ideas will come later. via /r/GetMotivated
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spiritualmangos · an hour ago
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[Image] Get motivated via /r/GetMotivated
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luxignus · an hour ago
The Mother Of All Lives In All
The Mother Of All Lives In All
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beingfly · an hour ago
Freedom is the only worthy goal in life. It is won by disregarding things that lie beyond our control.
Being 'Fly'  
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sll26 · an hour ago
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wayfaring-dawn · an hour ago
A few more days and I’m freeeeee! Of zinework for a while anyways—- I wanna take a few more commissions but I also wanna work on a bunch of self indulgent mermay art..,,, tough choices.
Daily screaming about how much I love my qpps—- have been stressed af with my workload and my qpp sat with me in a Vc with music while I worked all night and I appreciate that kind of quiet but supportive company so much hhhh.  I should be back on my bullshit in a few more days though! So eyes peeled for any random gifts or finished art pieces. 💕
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serious2020 · 2 hours ago
What the mothers of MLK Jr., Malcolm X and James Baldwin have to teach Black moms today - CNN
What the mothers of MLK Jr., Malcolm X and James Baldwin have to teach Black moms today – CNN
What the mothers of MLK Jr., Malcolm X and James Baldwin have to teach Black moms today – CNN — Read on
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tumtum-hawking · 2 hours ago
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Disco de Oro en México
Gracias a los éxitos cosechados por “Lejos de Mí” feat Matías Vargas, Atty ha conseguido más de 57.000 copias vendidas en México.
La promoción por parte del artista mexicano, la distribución y la publicidad han hecho de la cantante británica una nueva artista de éxito en el país latino y ya están deseando volver a escucharle cantar en español.
Según está la industria musical actualmente y en base a los datos leídos sobre las ventas, he decidido que más de 57.000 copias físicas vendidas en 10 años más, es un buen número de éxito puesto que hoy en día se hace un cómputo entre las copias físicas vendidas y la distribución digital. Al parecer, es bastante complicado obtener tal número de ventas.
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peppsta · 2 hours ago
Freedom? - Chapter 6
TW: none I think lmaooo!!
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6 <- You are here
Both Technoblade and Phil sat by the table, the stew sitting in front of them, untouched. No one really felt hungry after the events of today, so they just stared at nothing.
“Techno.” Phil began, putting his hands onto the table, leaning forwards. There was a shadow covering his eyes- he had a mystic aura surrounding him. Techno raised his head to look at his old friend, not knowing what to say.
“What… what was that? What happened today, mate?” Phil asked, putting his head in his hands. They were giving refuge to a wanted war criminal. It probably won’t be long until the entire server was standing in front of their house but still… They had decided to go and free Dream from prison.
At first Techno only did it because he wanted to get rid of that favor Dream had over him. It was annoying and something which mingled in the back of his mind every single day, reminding him, he still owed the owner of the server something. Only when Techno had actually seen the insides of the prison, he decided that he needed to do more than just get Dream out and then just leave him.
The second Dream had cowered in front of him, shaking in fear, silently begging to be left alone, something had snapped inside of him. Seeing his rival, his equal so… so very broken, broke something in Techno himself. Reminding him that it could have easily been him in this situation.
“I don’t know.” Techno then answered honestly, looking his friend in the eyes. “I don’t know what to do, Phil. He’s… I- he’s just so…” Techno stuttered, not being able to translate his thoughts into words.
“Broken?” Phil offered, eyes sad and tired.
Techno stilled but nodded nonetheless. “Yeah… broken. It’s not the Dream I remember.” He tiredly rubbed his eyes. “I don’t know what exactly happened in this prison but it was nothing good. He hasn’t said a word since we arrived.”
Phil nodded silently and stood up to retrive the tea he had prepared for the two of them. “I think we need to have a word with the people responsible for the prison.” He came back and gently placed the mugs on the table.
“That won’t be too easy, Phil. I’m sure they already know Dream is gone and we’ll be the first people they suspect. They will come here and cause problems but we both know we won’t be able to let Dream hide here forever. They will find out one way or another.” Techno took a sip from his mug and hummed at the warmth which spread through him.
“We will worry about that once they are in front of our door. Taking care of Dream is our priority right now.” Phil raised his finger but lowered it again quickly. “He looks horrible, Techno.”
Techno slowly nodded and kept his head low. “Yeah, he wouldn’t even let me dress his wounds, he was too scared of me.” He let out a soft chuckle. “Can you imagine that Phil? Dream being afraid of me?”
Phil quietly shook his head.
“He has changed so much and I don’t know what to think of that.” Techno stood up and walked to the window, watching the snow fall outside.
“That’s not something you can decide, mate. People change, especially if they are in an apparently traumatic situation like Dream. I don’t think we will ever have the “old Dream” back. No matter how much you want it or not.”
“Why are you so wise, Phil. I think it’s the age.” Techno chuckled and turned around to look at his old friend, who gave him an annoyed look.
“I’m still… upset. The voices demand blood and honestly? I’m not too appalled by that idea.” The piglin hybrid suggested. “Whatever happened in there… that was no punishment for Dream’s actions. That was living out someone’s revenge fantasy towards someone who had no way of defending themselves.” Techno gripped the tea cup tightly in his hands, relaxing again trying not to shatter it.
“Yeah…” Phil just agreed, sipping his tea.
Dream woke up screaming.
It wasn’t anything unusual for him anyways but something was off. Something was different from his usual “mornings”. It was warm… not hot. It was a comfortable temperature wherever he was, which meant… he wasn’t in the prison. His first reaction was not moving an inch. He tried to keep his breathing even, so whoever brought him here won’t notice that he was awake.
The room he was in was quiet, no bubbling of lava, no ticking of a clock, no dropping of water. Just silence.
Carefully he moved his fingers, feeling a soft fabric on a cool yet solid surface. The surface was very different from the obsidian, less ragged and more smooth, not hurting his skin upon touch. The same material was wrapped around him in some sort of cocoon he must have rolled himself up into.
Dream slowly moved his leg but found something laying on it. His leg wasn’t pinned down by a shackle or a chain or anything similar, something warm was just resting on it. Hesitantly, Dream pulled his leg away from the weight, and it disappeared. Nothing happened. No one came in and yelled at him or hurt him.
Nothing happened.
Upon listening again, and deciding that his environment was safe, he opened his one good eye. He raised his head when suddenly pain ripped through him and he was quickly reminded of the wounds on his body. Seeing the clumsily wrapped bandages, the events from yesterday quickly returned.
The prison break, Philza and Technoblade, the bath, and the dogs in the room he was staying in right now.
Speaking of dogs, the weight which had rested and pinned his leg down was now staring at him with big black eyes. The dog came closer and settled against his chest, curling up. Dream gently laid his head back down onto the cool fabric of the blanket and stared into the closed eyes of the dog. He carefully raised his hand and gently stroked the snout of the dog with one finger. The dog opened his tired eyes, blinked a few times and then closed them again.
The dog wasn’t afraid of him. The dog was sleeping next to a monster without fear.
Dream knew he should get up, he probably woke up the entire house with his screaming but something of that sleeping dog just kept him bound to the ground, resting next to it.
The sound of a door being pushed open loudly ripped Dream and the dog out of their haze. Even the two other dogs, who had been sleeping on the bed, woke up. The three dogs immediately started barking and ran towards the door, wagging their tails.
Dream’s head had snapped up and the pain returned, but he didn’t lay down, due to the giant silhouette which stood in the doorway.
Oh god...
Dream didn’t know what time it was but it seemed like he had woken his hosts up way too early that was why Technoblade was now standing in the doorway, hand wrapped tightly around a sword, panting heavily. His punishment for speaking without permission and waking them up were going to get added up. Something in the back of Dream’s head calmed him down because he had withstood punishment with a sword before, he could do it again.
He crawled back until his back hit the nightstand. His wrists ached from the pressure on them and his back burned because the hit probably disturbed some of his healing injuries.
Technoblade looked around in the room, scanning everything until his eyes landed on Dream, backed up against the nightstand. He quickly saw the absolute terror in his eyes and the fact that he wasn’t looking Technoblade in the eyes. His eyes were focussed on the weapon in his hand.
Technoblade quickly sheathed his sword, and looked around in the room one last time, searching for danger and the reason Dream had screamed in the early morning hours. It wasn’t at all embarrassing that Techno stood there in his nightgown.
“Are you alright? Did something happen?” The piglin hybrid asked, slowly creeping closer to Dream. The man in front of him desperately tried to disappear into the nightstand and Technoblade raised his hands in surrender. “I won’t hurt you. I just heard screams and thought you were in trouble.”
Dream quickly shook his head, the long strands of hair flying around until they rested disturbed on the skinny man’s face.
“Did you have a nightmare?” Techno asked quietly, not knowing if Phil had woken up due to the screams. But the man in front of him didn’t answer, he just kept staring up at him. He sighed and decided to sit down too, cross legged. He still had a few meter distance between the two of them, giving Dream enough space.
“You know you can talk to me, right?” Techno whispered and tried to look as comforting and non threatening as possible. Dream’s head snapped up at his words and his mouth was open a little bit. His eyebrows furrowed and it seemed like Dream was confused with what he just said.
“A… are confused?” Techno asked, tilting his head. Dream nodded slightly, not looking into his eyes.
“Dream.” He said, and which made the man look up again. “Did you think you weren’t allowed to talk?”
Dream’s eyes were fidgeting around, not really landing on anything, just looking anywhere but at Techno. His eyes rested on one of the dogs who came back to the two of them and put his head on Dream’s knee.
It was still rather dark in the room so Techno barely even saw the nod which Dream gave him.
Technoblade rubbed his face and scrunched his face up. “Oh god, Dream.” He put his head in his neck for a short time until he looked back. “Of course you are allowed to talk, who said you weren’t?”
Dream still didn’t look him in the eye until an extreme scratchy voice answered him. “I-...” He swallowed harshly. “I know I’m only allowed to sp-speak if I have permission.” The man in front of him answered. “It’s o-okay you don’t have to p-pretend.”
Techno could feel the voices in his head scream at him for bloody murder while some others wanted to comfort Dream. Techno was stuck between those two options so he just clenched his fists.
“What?” He whispered. Dream flinched and just kept staring at the dog, whose head was now completely resting on Dream’s lap. “You can speak whenever you want here, Dream. You can do whatever you want here too. If you are unsure you can just ask me or Phil.” Techno wanted to reach out but hesitated when Dream eyes his hand suspiciously.
“Who told you that you weren’t allowed to speak?” Techno asked when Dream showed no reaction.
At first Dream didn’t answer but Techno saw how Dream’s hand kept twitching towards the dog. “You can pet the dog if you want to.” He sighed, looking at the dog who started wagging his tail, once Dream started petting him.
Both men just sat in silence for a few minutes.
“I-It was Sam.” Dream suddenly muttered, eyes still focussed on the dog and the scratching behind the ear. “He t-told me I could o-only speak when they ask me to and if I d-didn’t listen I-I’d… He w-would…” Dream stuttered and kept petting the dog, now with shaking hands. “But don’t tell him!” Dream suddenly got louder. “He will be angry if I told anyone about it… said no one would b-believe me anyway.”
Technoblade could feel the hot burning of rage inside of him and the voices still calling for revenge flared up again. Trying not to scare the obviously still timid man in front of him, Techno forced himself to calm down. Sam really took everything from Dream which made him human. Not allowing him to speak, like some dog he could train. Making him believe that no one cared. Techno shivered, not trying to think what else had happened in the prison.
“Don’t worry.” Techno forced a smile on his face. “You can speak as much as you want here. You can disagree with us, you can fight with us, you can say nothing at all, or ramble your heart off.”
Dream lifted his head and looked him in the eyes. Techno was still shocked to see the scars which littered his rivals' entire body, especially his face. “You are human here, Dream.”
Something twitched and Dream’s lips and for a second Techno thought he was smiling, which led to Techno chuckling.
“Now.” Techno clapped his hands onto his knees.. “I need to look at that eye of yours, Dream. It looks horrible, you can’t walk around like this.” Techno joked, falling back into familiar behavior. He didn’t want to overdo it with the bickering and fighting the two of them formerly had done all the time, worried it would push Dream away. “I know you didn’t want me to patch you up but honestly? I know you are half blind now but even a blind person could do a better job.”
“Come with me, nerd.” He stood up and held one of his hands out, waiting for Dream to take it.
Dream still sat on the ground, staring at the outstretched hand. A hand offered to him in friendship and solidarity, not to punish him, humiliate him, or hurt him.
He gently took the head of the dog and placed it on the ground, petting it a few times, until he reached out with his hand, letting it rest in Techno’s.
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samjainsj · 2 hours ago
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HAPPY MOTHERS DAY..!@sam_jain_sj ___________________________________ Email- Insta- @sam_jain_sj FB- Sam Jain SJ ___________________________________ #dreamer #loveyourself #mindfulness #energy #success #happy #instagram #goals #mindset #freedom #instadaily #motivatinal #inspiration #motivational #pure #buisness #international #care #inspirationalquotes #positivevibes #instalife #leadership #illustration #famous #life #gratitude #positivity #goodvibes #loveyourself #thankyou #sam_jain_sj
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globalcanfes · 3 hours ago
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👇for browse👇
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