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The Chinese leadership will eliminate the freedoms in Hong Kong that is already carved in marble.

Neither the West or the UN, neither the brave demonstrators in Hong Kong can do anything about it.

Now that the Security Law has been passed by the Chinese People’s Congress Theatre, the cancer of communist disintegration is coming to the Hong Kong Special Zone and eliminating the people who stood up for self-determination and freedom.

And the sad fanal is the whole world watching.


Wow, who please got the biggest and hardest nuts or ovaries to vote against the safety law.

Well done, my favourite democrat.

Oh, God, this is so cool, the Father of the Land will be upset!

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I really wish I could say that the United States is not like that but then I remember the time that a then-friend of ours dragged my unsuspecting mom and I to an anti-abortion fundraiser and the speaker, (Gianna Jessen), made every man in the audience stand up and yell “Freedom!” to prove that she supported their masculinity. 

Needless to say, we didn’t go to any events with her again.

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The Overthinker

I’ve noticed a change; one that I cannot seem to ignore. I yearn for the touch of nature and the feeling of freedom that I work hard to possess. There is this sense of emptiness that I greatly want to ignore. But the urge to hear a soft voice or a gentle touch that lingers to my bones allures me so. Yet, I look beyond those trees that seem so close to me, my mind can’t ignore the feeling of wanting more. To fly away as far as I can and live a dream that I once thought I can’t. I bite my lip as I think of this bliss; this moment. For if I get even a little glimpse that for sure I would not miss. I stand up tall and I breathe in strong cause for a moment I know that I am not alone.


Originally posted by deseos-de-la-via-lactea

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He gave the warning and he was fired for it. He said take away Americans rights do things that you know are responsible and if you don’t have the courage to ask yourself is this fundamentally the right thing to do and you do that anyway you are going to wake up a beast you are woefully prepared to deal with. And here we are #thechickenshavecomehometoroost
Reposted from @granderson33 Many officers out there are trampling on people’s liberties. Ask yourself are you doing the right thing?
#police #lawenforcement #quarantine #civilliberties #constitution #freedom #america
@certifiedhealthnut - #regrann

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Baila Mais (part. Orgânico, Sóciro, Olívia e San Joe)
Desde pequeninita nos diziam o que fazer
Como sentar, vestir, o que parecer e falar
Me conheci, cresci, perdi enfim o medo de ser
Canto a liberdade, passarinho quer voar
Sei que ‘cê soma sete vidas simplesmente linda
Defeitos e qualidade, vida longa à nossa luta
Essa é pras mina de verdade
Suas curvas intrigam, mas seus sorriso invade
Se ama sem medo, mana
Que o medo nunca é felicidade
Nunca é felicidade, não, não
Me olhei no espelho hoje, bitch, I’m flawless and I’m fly
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Cnn记者在报道明州示威时被当场拘捕, 重要的是美帝一天内就做到了出动军队抓记者,然而香港一直都没有发生过 ,说好的新闻自由呢? ??

Reporter Cnn was arrested on the spot while reporting Mingzhou demonstrations. The important thing is that the United States dispatched troops to arrest reporters within a day. However, Hong Kong has never happened. What about press freedom? ? ?

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The video of police enforcement in a free and democratic country is very violent and perfect. I don’t escort the ducklings to cross the road and shoot the small animals directly.

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#Repost @mariememusic
😔 #rip
I’ve had this song in my head this past few weeks and had to get it out, I wanted to share #achangeisgonnacome #believethat #samcooke #bethechange #music #love #change #freedom #georgefloyd #justice #blacklivesmatter

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Almost done. I have moved out pretty much everything I own, and it barely looked like I lived here.

This has been a loooonnnngggg frickin’ week, for so many reasons. I’m so tired.

Thankful for the few who have walked with me, through the shit storm I was dragged through, and tomorrow…I’m free 💯🌻 .

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All these letters and words and sentences

Imprisoned in my throat

They add up,

The pressure builds up

Slowly and at light speed

I’m suffocating,

I have the loudest scream in me

But it never passes my lips

It’s so loud

It hurts

I can’t release it

It’s not even words anymore

Only feelings and regrets and hopes

And so much things at once

I don’t even remember how it was in the beginning

I think I know how it started

All the things I never said

They accumulated in my neck

They melted together, and words disappeared

It’s an explosion

Nothing is clear

All these pieces of things I tried to forget

They never leave me

Pinching me

Stealing my sleep

Stupid regrets

Perfect comebacks

Soft encouragements

They come back each night and haunt me

I tried to swallow them

But they’re too big and too much

My lips are sealed

My tongue still

My mouth closed

And they have been like this for so long

I don’t know how to open them again and breathe

My words are still here

They move constantly

Nagging, melting and crashing into each other

Until they have no sense and rationality,

Only raw emotion and feeling

They have to escape somehow

They’re too many in this little space

So they flow through my fingers

Escape my throat and stain the paper

Ink on my hands and words on my sheets

I’ve never felt so free before.

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