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umamawrites · 2 days ago
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groceries-with-me · 2 days ago
most days i look both ways before crossing the street. i remind myself to eat. i text back my friends. i get out of bed, even when it feels like the weight of every mistake i've made sits on my chest. i take a shower. i brush my teeth. and all of these things are so much harder than i can explain. but i am trying to be better. i look in the mirror and i tell myself the person reflected is someone worth loving. and i try to believe it. and i try to believe it.
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m-i-r-a-m · 9 hours ago
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İçimde bir şey yıkılıp yıkılıp kurulur gibi...
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heartofmuse · a day ago
The afternoon paints my eyes with melancholy and my hands with traveling clouds that hold your memory in the horizon where the sun hides and the night comes. The first star rises and I paint it with your name. The wind carries the music of my heart in its wake. Waiting for you and smiling in each breath, caressing you in every hue with which you paint yourself in my heart.
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crazycatsiren · a day ago
I think one of the most unhelpful things one can learn from conservative Christians is that one must always be formal and ceremonial with gods.
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ninasdrafts · 2 days ago
You asked me if I ever found myself thinking about you and it was the most idiotic question ever. Of course I'd thought about you. I thought about you all the time.
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jdomme · a day ago
There’s nothing quite like running your hand through a girls hair while you whisper things in her ear~
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everytimeyousaygoodbye · a day ago
You saw love, in soft filters
I saw love in darkness of
The void, in the tender mist
Of the morn and in the shadows
Of your soul...............
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royallylk · 22 hours ago
The rain is always calling me saying - "come join , no one's gonna know you too are crying."
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tubbobonsai · 2 days ago
c!quackity’s height fluctuates with his confidence/mental stability due to being a shifter. during jschlatt’s precidency he used to use q’s head as an armrest while standing, but nowadays, after charlie, every time glatt comes to bother q their eyes meet on the same level.
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haikkun · 2 days ago
i, i
Euler? Euler?
Another nerdy math poem…
Aye, aye captain
Full scream ahead
This letter represents
The notion of iota
Sometimes we can be so imaginary
That we become real instead
Thus i^i is approximately 0.20788
Raise a complex number
To another complex number and
We incorporate
In the flesh
I know you know you feel this too
Too real
You amplify me
But 2 real indeed
Could never become imaginary
Sans division
And all I want for you
Is your limitless capacity
Stay away from me, baby
Maureen Armstrong @haikkun
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death-born-aphrodite · 2 hours ago
I always take the safety off my lighters because that’s what my brother taught me. I always add an egg to my ramen because that’s how my mom always made it. I blast Taylor Swift every time I drive my little brother anywhere because he loves singing with me. I always get salmon roll sushi because that’s the one I ate on my front steps with my best friend in July. No matter how many years go by, there’s always going to be pieces of the people we love inside of us.
Via- (death-born-aphrodite)
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daily-esprit-descalier · 2 days ago
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Happy #feelgoodfriday Everyone
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empress-expression · 20 hours ago
Tears are cleansing. Sometimes crying is a good thing. Cry, cleanse, release then repeat until you feel like home again.
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rumor-imbris · a day ago
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Your pace softly wandering through my reveries covertly leaving unviewed dreams unheard sighs like footprints behind
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corpsemo · a day ago
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aarzi-rae · 2 days ago
I buried myself deep inside our memories,
Coz it's the only place I can be with you.🖤🖤🖤
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jdomme · 2 days ago
Topping can be relaxing too~
Like sitting in my chair on the pier over the river, weaving flower crowns for the subjects of my Will, from the flowers the collected for me
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everytimeyousaygoodbye · 2 days ago
She was the tune,
That played on my lips
I could turn into mist
Each time our soul kissed..........
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niesmiertelnapanidetektyw · 5 hours ago
Zaczynałam od żyletek z temperówek, ale teraz są dla mnie za tępe... Przeszłam na ostrza z narzędzi ojca...
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