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with-3 · 3 minutes ago
Estoy luchando conmigo misma para no ir a la cocina por un cuchillo y cortarme las venas, no soy la misma, pero tengo las mismas ganas de morir de hace unos años y el mismo miedo también, es como estar en una especie de limbo en el que pretendo acariciar la muerte pero la vida siempre me hace retroceder.
Tengo miedo de ver cómo es allá.
Hay algo que me engancha a esta vida, no se lo que sea, pero por cada paso que doy caigo un poco más. Esta noche estoy perdida, solo quiero correr a ninguna parte.
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winterserpent · 3 minutes ago
Me speaking to myself while dissociating: How am I supposed to stay sane?
I still don't know.
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somuchfuckingsalt · 4 minutes ago
So, @vidavalor talked about in this post how Bucky has more mechanical/electrical handyman skills than Sam does based on what we see in the show and I would like to both expand and slightly alter this based on my own headcanons.
Firstly, Sam is 100% capable of having extensive handyman skills...should he so choose. What I mean by this is, he had a lot of motivation to ensure that he could fix his own gear as the Falcon so he made sure he knew about the wing suit and Redwing that he could fix 90% of the problems that arose with either of them. However, I think a lot of his skills in fixing things on the boat or even around the house came from just observing his parents or some times he was made to help them but he was never actually taught nor did he have the motivation to self-teach to give him a more in-depth knowledge of those things.
Bucky, on the other hand, is a canon NerdTM and would have an interest in learning about mechanics or electric systems, even without necessity pushing him to. Plus, I am also on the train that Hydra would have taught him at least how to fix basic problems that would arise in his various transport vehicles, just in case.
Now, the thing is, I also think that based on Sam's behaviour when it comes to fixing the boat is that yes... Sam has handyman skills but with limits... and no, Sam does not know what those limits are.
Which is how we get scenes like where Sam's trying to fix the water pump that doesn't need to be fixed and Bucky definitely just seems like he's humouring him.
Anyway, I think Bucky and Sarah Good Cop/Bad Cop Sam by Bucky being the one that offers to help Sam fix The Thing and just gently and discreetly does all the fixing while simultaneously fixing what Sam messes up while Sarah's the one that tells Sam to his face that he's not allowed to touch the toolbox.
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12x23 · 5 minutes ago
Tumblr media
jackles deciding that dean would scream out cas’s name over and over again while being dragged away by sam
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gourdboygoob · 7 minutes ago
Pairing: Spencer X gn!reader
Category: fluff/comforting
Warning: talk about being stressed, feelings of inadequacy, etc.
Summary: Reader is having a stressful few days and Spencer just wants them to feel better
Word Count: 546
Authors Note: I’ve been feeling super stressed lately and wanted to write a little comforting story. This one might be a little too specific, but if at least one person can relate and it makes them feel better than it’s worth sharing. Nothing too long but I hope you enjoy!
Spencer had walked down to get the mail while you cleaned up the kitchen after dinner. You just finished loading the dishes into the dishwasher and were wiping down the counters. There’s a stubborn stain by the stovetop that won’t budge. You turn on the hot water and grab the sponge, still soapy from the doing the dishes, and soak it again. Ringing out some of the water, you walk back to the stain and start to scrub mindlessly.
You’ve been feeling super stressed lately. There’s a lot of things going on in your life and it’s all starting to feel overwhelming. It feels like everything and nothing is happening at once, like it’s all good and all bad.
“Y/N,” Spencer calls your name.
You stop scrubbing, look up and see him standing next to you, you didn’t even notice he had placed his hand on your back. You sniffle and reach your free hand up to your face and feel tears.
You throw the sponge into the sink and push past Spencer to grab a paper towel, “Sorry, I zoned out, I guess.”
“Are you okay,” Spencer asks while you wipe away the tears, but his question only causes more to fall involuntarily. He pulls you into a tight hug as you start to sob, burying his head into your neck. You cry into his chest and he lets you.
A few minutes pass and you pull away from him, revealing a huge wet spot on his shirt where you had been crying, you look up to him, “I’m sorry.”
“Don’t apologize,” he insists as he hands you a fresh paper towel so you can wipe your face.
After you clean up, Spencer grabs your hand and leads you to the couch, he sits near the edge and you sit with your legs criss-cross next to him with your head resting on his shoulder.
You sit in silence for a moment before he asks, “Do you want to talk about it?”
You do, but not yet. Instead, you just grab ahold of his hand. He squeezes it in response and starts to rub the back of your palm with his thumb.
After you take a minute to gather your thoughts, you let out a sigh. Your breath catches before you speak, “I’m just stressed. Tired and stressed.”
Spencer just keeps rubbing your hand and listening while you speak, “It always feels like I never get a break but also like I’m never doing enough.”
Tears are flowing again and you take another deep breath, “I feel like I need to be doing so much more but I don’t know what I need to be doing. It’s all so difficult but it’s also all meaningless. I don’t know if what I’m doing is my calling and it’s-“
“Y/N,” Spencer stops you. He doesn’t move, still holding your hand, “I understand.”
He kisses the top of your head before resting his there. He didn’t say anything else, and he didn’t need to. You both had a good understanding of each other. Knowing that he knows what it’s like to feel that way was enough.
You sat in silence and quietly sobbed into his shoulder while he comforted you until it was time for bed.
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notwxrriors · 8 minutes ago
did u ever finish that jawff skype sex fic 👀
GOD no but i rly should,,,
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lnniter · 8 minutes ago
Hey hope your day gets better
Tumblr media
AWWWH thank you so much, i am sending a virtual hug your way too and hope you are doing well !! :] ♡
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sevendeadlyvices · 8 minutes ago
Maybe 11, 13 and 18 for the ask game?
Favorite Side Character?
Either Sybil or Flint Paper due to how awesome they are, how Sam and Max like them, and how they are underappreciated/need more content of them.
One of My Favorite Lines?
“Can’t think of a reason not to!”
Well, this is for my favorite part of 205: What’s New Beelzebub, the Sam’s Personal Hell scene. Putting my love of giants and perspective and what I have planned for it in writing aside... (for now). Also under a read more because this got long:
It’s been talked about in the fandom how Sam gets angry when Max is hurt/gone while Max gets depressed. One example that people make is where Max’s ears droop when he realizes that Sam sacrifices his soul to save everyone and he looks sad. 
What isn’t talked about is what happens after that and during Sam’s Hell.
When the cutscene ends, you see Sam in a world where Peepers replaces Max and the dog is miserable. He looks around thoroughly with no escape until he spots a hole in the wall to see a giant Max outside his Hell. Before I go into detail, note how there’s no reference of how long Sam was in his own Hell. 
What was Max doing while Sam was exploring? In the game, you can catch glimpses of Max grinning, an eye peeking into the hole, and a giant finger rubbing against the opening. That by itself seems to me that Max immediately went straight to Sam’s diorama and wanted to peek into it to check on him, either trying to get inside himself or get Sam out of there.
Next, let’s look at some of the dialogue options Sam asks Max. I might be paraphrasing at these:
Sam: “What’s going on out there?”
Max: “"After everybody saw what Satan did to you, it got pretty awkward. I don't like Hell when it gets all tense like this.”
This implies that before Max went to Sam, he either encountered or saw the once trapped souls and their reaction to being freed. Or maybe he made it up. Unlikely, but still. Max is uncomfortable when things get serious.
Sam: “Can you believe that Satan guy tricking me like that?”
Max: "Let's stack onion rings on his horns and throw him in the pit where they keep the gluttonous!"
Sam: "It's that kind of thinking outside the box that makes me wish you were my partner."
This seems more what they usually say when things are normal for their standards. It’s just so cute to point it out and how Sam likes it. Once Max sees that Sam is unharmed, everything seems normal.
But most importantly, we get this exchange:
Sam: “Peepers keeps telling me he’s my partner.”
Max: “What?! No one tries to steal my sidekick!”
Note how Max doesn’t miss a beat when Sam says his line. He sounds surprised/shocked/angry at the news. He immediately moves his head so that his eye is covering the hole and it narrows into a glare, wanting to see for himself. It’s subtle and it’s followed by Sam being like “I thought you’re my sidekick”, but this in particular needs to be talked about.
Max’s immediate response to [blank] claims they’re my partner is to be jealous/protective/possessive of Sam and be aggressive to anyone else. People usually think of the Tad Familiar scene with Honey Bunny and the cartoon when it comes to Jealous Max, but no one talks about this specific exchange. I just love it so much. 
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hxldtheworld · 16 minutes ago
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davyperez · 21 minutes ago
ok im logging off im logging off. i will leave you with my queue but oh my gOD i cannot do this. im back home on monday evening and you better believe i will have WORDS to say. OPINIONS to divulge. enjoy all along the watchtower script posting tonight besties <33
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akaashiscupofwater · 22 minutes ago
okay i found out a few days ago that joe and cherry have been friends since kindergarten and i havent stopped thinking about it since
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rena-draws · 23 minutes ago
Oh, if you’re Tommy then I wanna be Technoblade!
With Madelyn as Ranboo lmao
but yea you can be techno i guess????????? why am i tommy tho i dunno if im tommy did i make myself tommy how did this start i forgot what
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p1nkmonday · 25 minutes ago
this retrograde is kicking my ass
Tumblr media
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worksby-d · 26 minutes ago
Masterlist: A Great Mentor (Family Drabbles)
Pairing: Andy Barber x lawyer!Reader, Andy Barber x Daughter
Summary: All the fluffy family fics in one place 🥰
Main Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Drabbles + requests
First Birthday
Smarty Pants
Good As New
First Day
First Game
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honey-sweetest-bee · 28 minutes ago
Im sorry for subjecting you to so much sanders sides fandom drama at once that cant be healthy for anyone but I just remembered that Janus/Remus stans would argue that they were like opressed or something because those two are considered "dark sides" which. isn't an official thing and is just some bs that roman made up on the spot but the fandom is very black and white in their thinking despite the series itself being ABOUT not thinking in black and white but whatever. Anyway dark side stans would say that the other stans were demonizing the characters for portraying them the Way They Are In Canon. Which is how you got the sympathetic/unsympathetic tags and things escalated to the point were people were making content for the same character with two widely different characterizations because they either had to be Good or Bad and there was no in between. i guess thats what you get when your fandom is very young tho
funnily enough i think this is healing me. thank you for subjecting me to these horrors <3
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