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Im in love with **** and fuck everything they do is so perfect the way they smile the way they sound fuck everyhting is pefect

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to him,

i can’t believe i forgot how easy it was talking to you. it was like we never stopped once we started. i realized we don’t need to change anything about our relationship because what we have right now just works. you genuinely care about me and have the best intentions for me as i do you. i feel so thankful that someone like you came into my life and even though we might never have a romantic relationship, that’s ok because we have everything i need right now. maybe things will change in the future but that’s not now. maybe you were put into my life to show me that it’s okay to open up to people again and to trust. or maybe it was just pure luck that all the events that led to us first getting close happened. i don’t think i will ever be able to express how much you mean to me. i love you (in a platonic way of course).


you know who

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it’s funny how much you can love one person without even fully comprehending it. how that one person is given all of this power. they hold the light in your eyes, a place in your heart. when you make decisions you’re not thinking for yourself anymore but for the both of you. and you trust them so much you want to morph your lives together to make one. your skin glows when they touch you. Your smile is unwavering. And your future might seem uncertain but that’s okay as long as you are doing it together. then one day they go and turn out that light, that spark, like it was nothing. And you are left in the dark searching for your own light.

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Di notte quando parli con quella persona il tempo scorre talmente veloce che non ti accorgi che è arrivata mattina.


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Por debajo de la mesa, acaricio tu rodilla

Y bebo sorbo a sorbo tu mirada angelical

Y respiro de tu boca, esa flor de maravilla

Las alondras del deseo cantan, vuelan, vienen, van

Y me muero por llevarte al rincón de mi guarida

En donde escondo un beso con matiz de una ilusión

Se nos va acabando el trago, sin saber qué es lo que hago

Si contengo mis instintos o jamás te dejo ir

Y es que no sabes lo que tú me haces sentir

Si tú pudieras un minuto estar en mí

Tal vez, te fundirías a esta hoguera de mi sangre

Y vivirías aquí, y yo abrazado a ti

Y es que no sabes lo que tú me haces sentir

Que no hay momento que yo pueda estar sin ti

Me absorbes el espacio, despacio me haces tuyo

Muere el orgullo en mí

Y es que no puedo estar, sin ti

Me absorbes el espacio, despacio me haces tuyo

Muere el orgullo en mí

Y es que no puedo estar

Sin ti

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Want to know how I found out you had deleted me again? I went to send you a funny tiktok I knew you’d like and then it said pending….

So much for friends and that you didn’t want to have to not have me in your life again. Thanks for showing me just how little I mean to you once again.

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When am I gonna be able to see a picture of him and not get butterflies and hear his voice in my head telling me he loved me. I still remember the feeling of hearing him say it out of nowhere. Him waking me up and saying it. Him. Just the memory of him and his voice. Of him snoring, of him laughing, of him drinking his coffee or beer or anything, him giving me kisses, him telling me he misses me.

I don’t realise how much I miss him until I see something that reminds me of him and them everything comes back to me.

Oddly enough, I barely remember the way he was with me at the end. The ignoring, the ghosting, the distance, the silence. Him telling me I don’t understand him at all, that I never did.. Which hurt me the most..

I have to think about those things to remember them.

The only things I remember better than anything is the good moments. Him being so caring, so so caring. Holding me in his sleep, like I belong there. Him playing with my friends cat and sitting on the floor to look at her under the pure..and looking at her like a little, innocent child. Seeing him in the airport and looking at the most pure, genuine smile. Going to sleep every night with me on the phone..

Oh my God.. Or him asking me to sing for him on the phone one night after he had a nightmare.. My heart is aching when I remember all those good moments.. It wasn’t fake with us.. I don’t know what happened..

I even prayed for him in church yesterday.. Prayed for him to stay safe and happy..

I hope wherever he is, however he is, with whoever he is, he is happy and healthy and safe..


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