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celiajking · a minute ago
Ok just finished shadow and bone and my biggest takeaway is that when the darkling was going on and on about how Alina would end up with him eventually bc they’re both immortal, he forgot his mom is also immortal and doesn’t seem evil?? Like I’m sure she would fuck his mom instead if it came to that. Anyway
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oifelixcmerebrou · 2 minutes ago
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pechitolopez · 3 minutes ago
ive been wanting to make pechito lopez gifs for literally no notes bc i feel a lil guilty having a canon url with his name and doing literally nothing with it
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anyi-arts · 3 minutes ago
Honestly hanahaki with either vlad or danny (or other ghosts too) would be horrible. Like you already have to deal with the pain if ur insides getting filled with flowers, but added in with the effects of the blood blossoms? Ur just in for an absolutely horrible agonizing time.
Like it's bad enough being *near* them let alone have them be inside you and growing fine
With Vlad it can work as extra/better reasoning as to why he's so insistent about Maddy loving him back, desperate if you will.
Doing everything he can go try and make her love him just so the pain will stop
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theinsanecrayonbox · 4 minutes ago
i feel really silly for just connecting these dots but...
Vic used to partner with Constrictor back in the day; Constrictor used metal tentacles, tried to reform late on, and just so happened to be blonde and the Iron Fist Legacy arc had Frank’s son pop up, and Vic gave a speech about being better to him... and then a *short time* later, he meets up with Arkady, another blonde metal tentacle wielder, and immediately gets attached and gives yet another speech about being better
we all make jokes about Logan’s type being redheads or Japanese women, and i know i’ve made jokes about Vic’s being blondes...but who knew that tentacles were a thing too lol
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swampdriinker · 4 minutes ago
I think that idea of p-dos getting their ass beat in prison is a myth. Like ok our puritanical culture means that anyone who isn't a literal child in some way deserves to be r/ped and murdered, so children are the only victims a big crowd of people would go murder. But pedophilia is also rampant in our culture so like... Are they so rare it's easy to beat them up all the time, or are there tons of them everywhere?
Also that thing where the victim's family stops the kid from testifying because they "don't want to traumatize them", even tho to get to that point the kid had to talk about it to them and the cops enough to be believed, and the molester gets a lighter sentence as a direct result... Idk I think it's propaganda to stop us from vigilante justice on the type of person our culture semi supports killing.
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cybercnu · 5 minutes ago
who the fuck gave cnu albert as his english name oh my god 
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farewellofshezhnaya · 5 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I will go jogging routinely Calmly and rhythmically run And when I find that a knife's sticking out of my side I'll pull it out without questioning why
I need childe to get therapy so i will draw him w mitski lyrics. fireworks is ‘ an ode to stoic forgetting‘
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remmushound · 7 minutes ago
Are you my Dad part 5, Please don’t go
“Donnie…” Leonardo said quietly, holding his arm out to push his brother and nephew behind him. “Go get Raph and dad and Mikey…”
Donatello didn't respond verbally, simply obeying Leonardo’s commands and hurrying off toward the bedrooms. Leonardo drew his katana at the ready as the specter slowly raised itself out of the water, and it just kept growing until it’s size rivaled Raphael and then passed him. Fully out of the water, her features became clearer. Three fingers, marked with claws, and two toes with talons like an eagle. Their eyes, while at first mistakable as a bright red, were actually pinker upon closer inspection.
“Holy shell…”
She stood at least seven feet, though she couldn’t be much taller than that, with muscles the size of Leonardo’s head and a plastron as big as his entire body. A plastron… a mutant? From deep within them came a heavy churr of question, cocking their head to get her point across even further as they eyed Leonardo. Out from the water they stepped, their pale skin glistening with the moisture clinging to the thick skin, making them glossy like a pearl.
Leonardo and the other mutant stepped closer to each other, Leonardo letting his katana fall to the ground to show he wasn’t a threat.
There came a sudden brightness as the rest of Leonardo’s family returned, his brothers brandishing weapons and his father an impossibly bright light shined directly in the creature's face. The turtle mutant roared at the blinding light, their hands going up to clutch at their sensitive eyes as they stumbled backward into the water. Their pain turned to anger as they narrowed their eyes and showed pointed fangs and hissed between their teeth before charging the Hamato Clan.
“Guys, wait—“
No one listened to Leonardo’s beckoning, not even his father. All four charged into a fight against the massive mutant, Raphael trying to knock them from their feet but quickly finding himself overpowered by the equally spiky albino. She heaved Raphael into her arms with a great strain and tossed him like a massive beachball, slamming the sharp of Raphael’s shell against Michelangelo and knocking both brothers to the ground in a tangle of each other's limbs.
Donatello landed only a single blow against the mutant's plastron, though it seemed to shake him more than it did the mutant. She scooped him up by his battle shell.
“Mommy.” Donatello gulped before he was tossed halfway across the lair with all the elegance of a wingless pigeon.
“You stay away from my sons!” Splinter threw himself swiftly at the mutant, and though she tried to grab him, he climbed around to her carapace at an angle she could reach. He wrapped his tail around her neck, then fling himself from her and dragged her by the throat to slam down into the water.
“DAD!” Leonardo ran to the shore but couldn’t see anything through the torrential crashing of the water. Through the chaos he’s see a tail or a shell occasionally resurfacing, only to be quickly dragged back under by the force of the other. Leonardo swore repeatedly under his breath, flapping his wrists as he looked around. “Gotta think gotta think gotta think— IDEA!”
Leonardo ran off just as Raphael and Michelangelo detangled themselves from each other.
“Where’s he going?” Michelangelo squeaked, looking back at Leonardo as he disappeared.
“Don’t know, don’t care!”
Raphael jumped into the water to aid his father, and together both father and son managed to wrestle the massive mutant out of the water and toss them to shore. They landed on all fours with a vicious hiss, but before they could charge back into the fight, a noise caught their attention. They turned their head around to see Leonardo with turtle-tot in hand, holding Picassio out for her to see. Picassio seemed excited at the simple sight of her. Tiny, excited chirps escaped the hatchlings mouth— squeaks that the massive mutant returned as they— as she— lumbered forward to meet Leonardo.
“He’s your baby, right…?” Leonardo said slowly, looking down at the mutant's plastron. Round and flat without the slightest hint of a curve. A female. “It’s okay. We didn't mean to take him.”
“Leo what are you doing?!” Raphael’s eyes went wide, and he tried to rush out of the water, but Splinter raised an arm to stop him. The rat’s nose twitched with interest.
“We’re sorry.” Leonardo said, “We thought he was abandoned. But he’s not, is he?”
The brute of a mutant shook her head and held out a massive hand.
“Leonardo, don’t—!”
Leonardo handed the hatchling over, and the minute he touched her hand Picassio couldn’t be happier. He started to chirp and spin, trying to stand up only to stumble. The female raised her other hand to catch him. Her beak spread into a smile as she gentle nuzzle the hatchling, giving the smallest affectionate nibble to the newborn's cheeks.
She brought the hatchling up to her shoulders and Picassio happily climbed on, giving chirps and squeaks as he went that his mother was quick to return.
“Raph.” Leonardo said, “She’s his mother.”
Raphael’s eyes felt hot, tears already starting to spill out of them as the mutant lumbered past him and back to the water.
“But…” Raphael reached a numb hand toward his Picassio. “But my…”
Leonardo was at his side then, hugging the snapper gently. Raphael’s lip quivered as the mother got shoulder-deep into the submerged tunnel and went to dive down. Before she got a chance to, however, Picassio gave a loud squeak and leapt from her shoulder. He landed in the water with the tiniest splash and started to paddle over to Raphael, churring all the while. Raphael gasped and hurried to meet him, wading into the water and taking Picassio in both his hands and holding the hatchling close to his chest while the mother stopped and turned around to watch.
“Hey buddy…” Raphael went to wipe his eyes, but he found Picassio’s small hands already there, wiping away the alligator tears as big as his hands were. “Oh no, don’t worry. Big Raphie’s fine…”
Picassio gave a sad whine, looking from Raphael to his mother, and then back again. His eyes were wide, eyeridges lifted and lips quivering in a manner similar to Raphael’s.
“It’s okay…” Raphael tried to keep the shaking out of his voice, but it wasn’t very effective, “You go on with your mama, okay Picassio?”
Raphael gave him a kiss on the head, and Picassio returned the affection with a nose bump. Then the hatchling jumped back into the water and swam back to the white giant. Before she could disappear beneath the surface, Raphael called to her.
She turned around and fixed her white eyes on Raphael.
“What’s your name?”
She seemed to hesitate at first before saying, “Lita. My name is Lita.”
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curejunereblogs · 7 minutes ago
30 Days LoH Day 23
A character you want to see in ancient clothing
Helga, Mei Ling and Dhurahan
Tumblr media
i just want to see what the designers would come up with
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niceferatu · 8 minutes ago
no offence but if you go out of your way to draw Sam Winchester as masculine as possible I hate you. he is Literally a girl like cmon
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stanmammon · 8 minutes ago
I landed myself on Obey Me tik tok which is a fun place bc most of the fans are cool and funny but also.... I’ve seen so much Lucifer slander
Leave my mans alone he did nothing wrong
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