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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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A piece of garbage. A waste of space.

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Hey guys,

Revolution have recently released some new products and honestly they are so genius I had to move all my blog posts around so I could get this out as soon as possible! Rev are of course known for making amazing products that are either amazing and affordable or amazing, affordable and something you didn’t know you needed until you got it. And of course they’ve done it again. They recently released a range of anti-bactiercal products that not only protect you but also work with makeup.

Out of this range I picked up two products the first is the Revolution Skincare Aloe Vera Hand Cleansing Spray 100ml, £6.00. This hand cleansing spray is multi use and can be used to clean all your electronic device screens as well as your hands. This spray contains high strength 70% alcohol which for a sanitising spray is really rare! It also contains Aloe Vera so your skin is left feeling soft after spraying which I can say honestly works like a charm. After using it my hands didn’t have that sticky dry feeling like other sprays can make your hands feel.

The second product which I was most excited about and thought was brilliant was the Revolution Skincare Anti-Bacterial Base Fix Setting Spray100ml , £6.00. This makeup setting spray is designed to not only protect your skin but also keep your makeup set for the day. Totally genius right!!! I have never seen a product like this before and honestly I’m so impressed. This spray constrains Containing an anti-bacterial agent this makeup setting spray helps to keep makeup in place all day long whilst aiding to kill bacteria. Besides the obvious uses it’s all great to refresh your skin throughout the day too.

If you are looking for ways to keep your safe clean these products are amazing and they are only £6.00 and regardless of the situation I think these are products everyone should try out for sure. They are available through

Lots of love

Bella x x

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Fruits basket, man. God I love this show.

The direct comparison of Akito and Tohru? The family goes to visit Akito at the beach because they have to, but they want to go back to tohru’s warmth as quickly as possible. Akito May be God, but isn’t Tohru as well?

Like I feel like it draws on two views of god. The kind and compassionate creator (here, the motherly figure) and the one who judges humankind for their sins (the ruler). And from what I remember, Akito draws on tohru’s endless compassion and kindness as inspiration to change right? So these two aspects can be reconciled.

I didn’t Really pick up on this stuff the first time I read it, and now watching it I feel like I’m catching more.

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yall be so bold on anon pls hop off n say it w yo chest

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I woke up feeling kinda optimistic but as it gets later I just feel worse. Like not super depressive just gross and tired and kinda down. I’m praying I can be easy on myself today.

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