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🗡 what do you think of 1.9+ combat mechanics?
I think they had a good idea with it, but how that ended up being implemented was really bad. In theory, slowing down combat and adding more mechanics (ex: shields) seems like a good idea, but it ended up making combat far too slow and clunky. If you’ve ever had a real fight with both combat versions you’ll know what I’m talking about. 1.9+ fights go on Forever. I play enough SMP with friends, as well as Hypixel games to have a decent grasp of both versions, but I definitely prefer 1.8.

🏹 what did you do when you were starting out pvp?
I honestly don’t remember how I got Into pvp, but I think it mostly started with playing Bedwars with friends and wanting to get better. (I spent a solid week or so teaching myself to speedbridge lol) For a while I was so confused as to how some people were So Good, cus all they do is run around and click, right? I ended up watching a ton of youtube videos about how to get better at pvp XD. I dunno how much it helped, but it definitely made me aware of everything that Actually helps with pvp. (strafing, W tapping, block hitting, etc)

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1.9+ pvp scares me u_U after seeing hypixel players doing poorly in 1.9+ events (eg mc ultimate) i just know that id b shit if i had to fight someone on like 1.15. months of breaking my arm just to normal click 8 cps WASTED /j

i also miss blockhitting when i play on later versions :[ 1.7 blockhit animation go woosh woosh

on the other hand sweats making youtube dissertations on why 1.9+ combat sucks is so fucking funny. some get rlly Mad abt it

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Ive been wanting to make a ref sheet for my sona and I’ve been seeing this format floating around recently. 
So yeah, das me. The cryptid on the server that builds farms and sleeps outside.  

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mineblr pvp/tryhard ask game

👑 which servers do you usually play on?

🍎which gamemodes/minigames do you usually play?

🏹 what did you do when you were starting out pvp?

🖱do you play on a client? which one, and why?

📷 which texture packs do you use and why?

🗡 what do you think of 1.9+ combat mechanics?

😡 what do you do when you encounter a hacker in-game?

☢️ what do you think of toxic people? are you toxic yourself?

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also. im realizing this blog despite being inactive has my largest amount of followers so let me use this platform to remind you, albeit a little late to the conversation:

-if you are safely able to do so, donate. local bailout organizations for unlawful arrest of activists is a great start but so are the personal paypals and cashapps of black people in need. blacklivesmatter.carrd has an excellent set of links to donate ranging from memorial services to bailout funds to northstar health collective to reclaim the block and more. consider focusing your funds locally and prioritize black owned and organized organizations.

-if you decide to attend a protest, bring water to drink and to flush out your eyes, wear plain and shapeless clothing, change before you leave ditch your shoes after the fact. shoes being reworn makes them good identifiers. go in a group w/ predetermined meetup times / places in case u get separated, tell someone who isnt going and who u trust where u are and when to expect u back, leave your phone at home (handwrite numbers you may need). if you are white it is not your place to incite violence or vandalize but to use your white privilege by physically placing your body between police and Black people. the color of your skin protects them from brutalization. i am not telling anyone whether or not they should go, i am just repeating advice on how to stay safe.

-if you cannot physically attend, you can still spread information by sharing it on social media. twitter is a much better platform than this for tumblr due to twitter being the source of many direct posts from protest experiences i believe but you are still more than welcome to make threads of your information here and to spread it to offline family and friends in particular.

-make a point of being visible with your support for the Black community and condemning police violence and callout friends and family you see submitting to ignorance, anti-blackness, and racism, especially if you are white/nonblack. do not expect Black people to perform the constant labor of education on their own oppression.

-if you cannot donate personal, look for youtube videos to stream for ad revenue! zoe amira put together an hour long video of work by black artists and the best way to stream it is on desktop, volume at half or above, watch it in full, search and watch 3-5 other videos, then search and watch it again (NOT from watch history). if you cant sit there and watch it leave it running on your laptop with headphones plugged in. this ad revenue goes directly to black creators. let youtube donate on your behalf!

-educate yourself. “Who do you protect, who do you serve?” is free until june 4 and collects essays about the experience of being Black in America, the nature of oppression, and how community organizing can replace the need for a broken police state. there are countless resources for self education online thats just one that comes to mind, but if you are stuck home that is a great one to start with.

-if you are angry, i’m sorry. if you are exhausted, i’m sorry. do not let this make you condemn and turn apathetic and hopeless. let this moment harden you and turn those feelings into a force for change. and if you are not black, do not feel the need to post about how exhausted you are. to be able to turn a blind eye is indicative of massive privilege and i urge you, as simple as my voice is, to keep reading, keep fighting, and to keep each other safe.

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I decided that my shitty wooden starter house was ugly and I wanted to redo the whole thing

So can’t wait to keep pushing with that project

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