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why does wilbur soot look like that. who fucking. ALLOWED him to look like that. who allowed him to be alive?? & look? so perfect??? he has the perfect package of the fucking!!! EVERYTHING?? motherfucker has the fluffy hair, he has the height, he has the sense of style—whO ALLOWED THIS BITCH TO DRESS WELL?? TO KNOW HOW TO DRESS HIMSELF?? WHO ALLOWED HIM TO HAVE THAT LAUGH???? WHO. allOWED HIM TO BE THAT TALL???? & that HUGGABLE LOOKING? no. i’m done. fuck you. i hate him. i hate wilbur soot. this is a wilbur soot hate page

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you ever get a really good build battle prompt and everyone in the lobby has a silent agreement to just unleash the most batshit insane monstrosity they can think of

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thoughts; the way wilbur was trying so hard to make up for what he’d done in the past even though he couldn’t remember it. the way he was trying so hard to be a good dad only to find out he missed his chance / fundy was getting adopted by eret

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