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Sunan Ibn Majah, Fasting, Hadith 1700

It was narrated from Hafsah that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said:

“There is no fast for the one who did not make it incumbent upon himself from the night before.”

Sunan Ibn Majah, Fasting, Hadith 1700/3214

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And in the end, it does not matter what people thought about us and if we failed that test or won that game. It will only be about where our hearts are at and if we knew that we were loved, if we acknowledged that our life was not a coincidence but something that was planned from the other end of eternity, that we were not merely products of our parents but indeed artworks of our maker. ~

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Daily Hadith

Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam ‘ala Rasulillah

Narrated Ibn Abbas (Radi-Allahu 'anhu):

The Prophet (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam) was asked about a person who had his head shaved before slaughtering (his Hadi) (or other similar ceremonies of Hajj). He replied, “There is no harm, there is no harm.”

Bukhari Vol. 2 : No. 779

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  The ability to phase through walls as though they don’t exist, while usually saddening, comes in very handy for this one purpose.
  Jaejoon can no longer simply walk into places and shop like other people. He has to make do somehow, and make do he did. During his first few attempts at grappling with his new life, Jaejoon’s favorite pastime had been sorting Danbi’s clothes, and by now, he has a grasp on the things she likes almost as secure as it were for himself.
  So, when Danbi comes home – late, as he suspected she might – Jaejoon is waiting for her on the living room floor, Eunbi curled up next to him atop a small pile of clothes. “Oh, there you are,” he exhales softly, the smile he gives her nothing but warm. Something tells him her birthday might not be an occasion she is too terribly fond of; the few, small details he knows of her family are depressing, to say the least. In this respect, once again, Jaejoon relates.
  He closes the distance between them after a moment, hands reaching for hers. That look in her eyes isn’t to his liking at all, but perhaps his gifts will manage to cheer her up at least a little. Gently, Jaejoon tugs her over to where Eunbi is wide awake by now, her little tail wagging with a force that makes her tiny body shake. “I know it isn’t much, and before you start scolding me for – for stealing, or something, I promise I payed. Sort of.”
  Jaejoon sits back down and pats the spot right next to him. Eunbi waddles over to Danbi in an instant to plop down in her lap, whining for cuddles. Jaejoon smiles. The little pup has been a great companion so far, not only for him. Danbi loves animals so much, the fact that she didn’t already have a pet always puzzled him.
  Carefully, he unfolds the pile of clothes one by one, showing his finds off. There is a small selection of shirts, one of them something Jaejoon knew he had to get her the moment he saw it. It’s a fairly basic one, but on the front and the back, paw prints run diagonally across the fabric. Along with the shirts, he’d chosen a blue and white striped romper, as well as a hoodie that might just be familiar to her.
  “I had Gyu sneak into my place and get this one out,” he explains, voice still endlessly soft as he pats at the piece of clothing. “I can’t really wear any of it anymore, so I figured my stuff might as well be put to good use elsewhere. This one’s been my favorite for years.” His smile widens just so. “Happy birthday. I hope you know how loved you are.”
  Leaning over, Jaejoon tugs Danbi into a gentle hug. With their powers combined, touch is so much more easy now, and it never fails to make his eyes water to know that this, at least, he won’t ever have to miss.

After a certain point, going home can’t be avoided. Last year, it hadn’t mattered. She’d been alone, as she always was on her birthdays before she’d met Jaejoon and Eungyu. Jaejoon had been the one to force the date out of her, after over an hour of pestering and begging and bugging, though she’d regretted it since. 

The last birthday she’d celebrated is somewhere in her childhood, barely remembered and overshadowed by many other things. 

Danbi had managed to prolong the inevitable with a double shift at work, followed by the visit to her mother’s that had left her feeling miserable and unwanted, as always. It’s the only birthday tradition she has. She’d stretched it just a bit more by stopping at the store to get Eunbi a fresh batch of food and some treats. 

The door closes quietly behind her as she finally steps into her apartment. Danbi takes her shoes off and listens to Jaejoon speak, humming in response. “Double shift, remember?” she says. It had been warm all day, but she’d brought her jacket, anyway, and slides out of it now to drape it on the rack beside the door. 

Danbi meets Jaejoon half way and takes his hands. She follows him down to the floor and scoops her puppy up, giving her little face kisses. Her clothes reek of other dogs, so she lets Eunbi settle in her lap to sniff to her heart’s content. It takes her a moment to realize just what exactly Jaejoon means. “You-” Danbi stares at him in shock. “Jaejoon! You shouldn’t have!” She sputters for a moment, trying to find a way to scold him, but it’s all pointless. He can’t get in trouble anymore. Danbi huffs out a laugh and pulls the clothing closer. 

Everything is wonderful. She especially loves the paw print covered shirt, already planning to wash it as soon as possible so that she can wear it to work. All of her co-workers are going to gush over it. 

But it’s the sweatshirt that finally ruins her. 

All day, she had been doing so good at holding back tears. Even after seeing her mother, who hadn’t even remembered the day and had brushed her off to go out with her friends for drinks. The hoodie is cool to the touch, and it still smells like Jaejoon when Danbi presses it to her face. She’s already staining it with tears; it makes her glad she’d chosen her water-proof mascara this morning. 

Danbi sets the hoodie in her lap to hug Jaejoon back. She clings to him for a long moment, and she knows he’s aware of her emotions, of the tears now slipping down her cheeks, but she doesn’t mind. Jaejoon has been the only person so far that has been able to get past her defenses and see her as she is - broken and hurting. 

“Thank you,” she whispers, “I love you so much.” Danbi sits back when she hears the door opening and lets Jaejoon dab at her cheeks until they’re no longer damp. He knows exactly what she needs, when she needs it, and she’s forever grateful for him.

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Two years ago, I spent a part of my summer studying Ecclesiastes. I’ve decided to read it again. Upon first glance you’ll find it is not the most uplifting of reads. “Meaningless! Everything is meaningless!” says the Teacher. Right away you can see that the words of this ancient Debbie Downer are somewhat upsetting. 

Maybe you have a 5 year plan. There is a promotion you want, a career move you’re looking to make, or a city you’re hoping to call home. Perhaps you have the perfect Instagram account. Your followers are in the tens of thousands. You have the baby, the dog, the significant other, and coffee addiction with just the right caption to earn those likes. Ecclesiastes 1 would say, “Who cares?”

What if we cast a wider net with this question of whether everything is meaningless? Is the search for a vaccine for COVID-19 meaningless? Is the presidential election meaningless? Is there any point toward fighting for social justice, equal rights, or religious liberty? Does any of it matter if everything is meaningless?

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Faith and Works

And once again the people asked “How long, O God?” And God resounded “Only as long as it takes for you to collectively cut the shit, and begin loving one another as you love yourselves.”

God is none other than reality itself. Truly, faith without works is dead (James 2:26). Believe your heart out, but until your belief hits the ground running, the only thing that will change is your heart, and frankly even that’s questionable.


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