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bwoahtastic · 3 hours ago
Michael is absolutely shaped like a teddy bear and it’s phenomenal. You’re phenomenal for pointing that out.
I have been absolutely drawn in by potential pack/mate dynamics with Alpha Michael, Alpha Dan and Omega Max (maybe Omega Lando). The possibilities are endless and I love it. If you were so inclined to bless us with more tidbits.
Michael really is just a teddy bear xjdjd❤❤
Honestly the little Maxiel Pack gives me life🥺 Maxiel itself is already great but just Michael being the softest best friend who cares so much about the both of them just adds so much! The both of them would trust him with their lives (and eventually also with Lando) and he is just the calm presence that can shake them out of their stubbornness!
I'll definitely write more about them at some point 🥺🥺
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bwoahtastic · 3 hours ago
Alpha!Michael and Omega!Lando is just so cute and fluffy snsnnsnwnenwhebwbs
Truly! Michael is just so calm and patient and it just compliments Lando's personality so well🥺 Lando really deserves a calm Alpha that doesn't mind taking things slow, and someone who understands if Lando gets stressed or anxious about something 🥺
Bonus points cos it makes the little Maxiel Pack even cuter✊😔
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bwoahtastic · 3 hours ago
Imagine Max and Micheal looking around for Daniel praying he's not doing anything stupid
But he just took Lando out for ice cream
Jsjsjs Michael and Max panicking cos they can't find Daniel, and Dan and Lando are just sitting on a bench somewhere eating the biggest ice creams they could find because the Paddock had been crowded and had made Lando uncomfortable, so Dan took him out🥺
Max and Michael want to be upset but the ice creams are so big they all get to share them hshs
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bwoahtastic · 4 hours ago
Could you talk a little more about how mating bonds in pack verse work? In one of your fics (when Dan snapped at Lando), Max mentioned he could feel Dan’s guilt through their bond so that got me wondering — why couldn’t Dan sense it when Max was hurting after losing his pup (or was he just being stupid)? And is it just emotions mates can sense through their bond or also physical pain?
The way I see it, the bonds are quite a complicated thing. Yes they can feel each other's emotions but its not always noticeable or easy to distinguish from their own emotions.
For example in the fic where Dan snapped at Lando, Max is still upset with Dan when he explains he can feel his pain to Lando, but he has also already cooled down more from his initial rage at his Mate for hurting their pup.
In Ava, Dan lashes out quite badly at Max and stays angry for a relatively long time, up until the point where Charles, Lewis and Seb take Max to the hospital (and Max is visibly distraught). So in that case, Dan was so in his own feelings that he didn't notice Max's, or only noticed them when it was too late.
I hope that make sense! It basically just depends on the situation and how much they want to feel the other if they sense the emotions in the bond or not!
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maxricciardo · 6 hours ago
Someone mentioned Max being distant with other drivers/a bit uptight, and honestly that’s one the reasons why I like Maxiel so much. You can actually see how Daniel made him relax and loosen up. We rarely see Max behaving around other drivers the same way he did with Daniel. He definitely had a certain influence on Max.
Shipping matter aside, it’s almost like a having a big brother who understands you and whom you look up to a lot.
Totally agree. Max joined Red Bull at such a young age and with so much pressure on his shoulders. Everyone acknowledges he was a lot more short-tempered and rash in those first couple of years, but I think the weight placed on him also made it harder for him to relate and befriend others. I can only imagine how competitive he was in those days.
Dan, on the other hand, is so much more easy going. He’s still just as competitive as Max, but much better at compartmentalizing things thanks to his age, experience and upbringing. For me there’s no denying Daniel played a big role in Max’s life at a very formative point and I think Max at least is aware of this. Daniel, I think he knows it too, but in interviews he sounds a little more insecure, like he’s not quite sure what his role in Max’s life is now that they’re no longer teammates.
On that note, I also believe Max has had an impact in Daniel’s life. I think MAx’s talent and dedication definitely shifted things in perspective for Daniel in regards to what he wants and how much he’s willing to fight for it.
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vershstappen · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
I can’t believe I’ve actually written something !!! Come check it out if you want 🤍
I Hide Myself Within My Flower
Since the beginning, every child is born with a nest of blossoms just over their heart and one on their left wrist that mirrors it; people call them heart flowers, and they symbolise one person’s true essence.
Or, heart flower!au settled during Red Bull era.
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maxricciardo · 10 hours ago
i came up with a fic idea yesterday for max/daniel haunted housestory and not to gass myself up, but i think it might be my best one yet. daniel and max running from monsters together? refusing to let go of one another even though one is injured and slowing down the other? max beating the living shit out of an evil spirit with a frying pan? iconic and special.
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abedsmessedupmeta · 11 hours ago
please write that maxiel bodyguard au!!! 🥺
Look anon,
I’ve watched this movie three times the last few days. The AU has been haunting me!
I know who’s the bad guy!
I know how it will all play out!
Cyril is going to be Daniel’s lovable manager!
I’m off work next week so maybe this wants to come out.
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limp-wrist-max · 22 hours ago
The tag says it all. Quit and low quality but we'll take any scrap of maxiel
KANDNDNSSMSKS I’ll take any maxiel😭😭
Ughhh the head nod🥺🥺 I miss them
They both walked away and looked like they were thinking about that small interaction kahdbdsnsjdj
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maxvermax · a day ago
Chapter 10 has been posted! Come give it a read and tell me what you think!
Dan and Max go camping!
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dilruhl · a day ago
Charles: *smile*
Max: Stop it. You look like an idiot
Daniel: *smile*
Max: You're so adorable
Daniel: Thank-
Max: *realise what did he say* No, I mean, ugly yeah you look ugly.
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v3rstapp3n · a day ago
(the captions are a bit slow on some parts, but I can’t do anything about that unfortunately🥺)
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abedsmessedupmeta · a day ago
Bitches be missing Daniel in RBR gear forgetting what they did to him. I’m bitches, I miss Daniel in RBR gear winning. 🖤
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loving-ricciardo · a day ago
ROU BBY get ur ass up from wherever you may be, there is new (actual) maxiel content!!
(very small, just a brush of touch and eye contact but I'm so maxiel starved I'M SCREAMING)
WHERE IS IT!?!?!!,!, I have 10 minutes of my break left pls give me serotonin 😭😭
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thehotspurs · a day ago
Tumblr media
eat up besties 💞
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thehotspurs · 2 days ago
me adding semicolons to my writing whenever i feel like it even though i have no idea how to correctly use them
Tumblr media
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honeybadgerstan · 2 days ago
bitches say they miss maxiel while they weren’t even around in the fandom when max and dan were teammates
it’s me im bitches
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loving-ricciardo · 2 days ago
pspspsps hi rou, it is i your pal, your buddy, your companion as Daniel Ricciardo Official Hoes(tm) @/maxielstan and i was thinking for the maxiel playlist..... hear me out: Maniac by Conan Gray
"You just went too far Wrecked your car, called me cryin' in the dark Now you're breakin' my heart So I show up at your place right away Wipe the tears off of your face While you beg me to stay, well
Hi bby 🥰 and omg omg I’m listening 👀👀👀
Like I can definitely see both of them being that jealous unsteady ex that just can’t get over the break-up so omg fuck yeah this is a fun one 👀 like you know they are dramatic and their breakups are messy af so the song definitely works!!! Thank you for the rec I’m adding it right this second 🥺
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