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ricciardoluv2 days ago
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formulamuppeta day ago
Daniel, watching the news: Someone tried to fight a squid at the aquarium today! Max: *walks in covered with ink* Well, maybe the squid was being a dick.
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theawesomedashing2 days ago
Journalist : What do you like the most about Max?
Daniel : His love for the sport. His honesty. His attitude. His raw talent. His passion. His hard work.
Journalist : OK. Thank you Dan-
Daniel : His mole above his lip. His smile. His smell. His eyes. His hair. His laugh. His ass. His di-
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catalana332 days ago
Uh, hello? How is this video real? His legs, his smile? Is it therapy for yesterday? Thank you, youtube.
Max, don't destroy that chicken! Or is it a co...rooster? 馃槒馃
On a serious note: Holy shit, Max is such a quick thinker, no wonder he can go on rants during a race.
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maxielonceagaina day ago
Love Santa Ricciardo and Elf a Maximus 馃槀鉂わ笍
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huhwhatthefucka day ago
Kidnapper: we have your son
Daniel: i don't have a son
Kidnapper: but it says daddy on here
Daniel: oh my god they have max
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chubbydino15 hours ago
fool鈥檚 gold 12 days of christmas
so if you鈥檙e on the fools gold discord server you already know but...
i鈥檝e decided to do little ficlets (1,200 words or less) for the 12 days of christmas, set in the FG universe. i picked 10 ships, and you can join the discord server to vote on the final two if you so choose (see the thinking points channel for voting)
these won鈥檛 necessarily be canon because some ships are not in FG etc. but if you want to imagine they are, go for it.聽
here is the current lineup (in no particular order):
1. schulott (flashback)聽
2. carlando (flashback)聽
3. lestappen (flashback)聽
4. charlos聽
5. piarles (flashback)聽
6. sebchal (flashback)聽
7. maxiel (flashback)聽
8. alex/george (flashback)
9. george/lewis聽
10. lewis/valtteri
11. voted spot
12. voted spot
each one will be winter/christmas themed and...dare i say...fluffy.聽
i鈥檒l post these to tumblr first, then in a fic collection on ao3.聽
what the f&#k is fool鈥檚 gold??--> click
buy me a christmas coffee? 馃ズ
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mcbender102 days ago
max: why is your picture on top of the christmas tree?
daniel: because i'm the star
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chanandlersstuff2 days ago
A Maxiel podium would give me the serotonin I need to survive the months without f1, just saying
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ricciardoluva month ago
max watched daniel driving dale's car and sent him a screenshot i'm crying
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theawesomedashing2 days ago
Daniel from P11 to next to bae.
Simply simply lovely 鉂わ笍
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claudiciousa month ago
Q: is there anything you regretted about no longer being teammates?
Max: it鈥檚 a shame we鈥檙e not sharing the same room anymore. That鈥檚 a bit of disappointing thing
Daniel: yeah, I struggled out the first year sleeping
Max: yeah it was tough, I got nightmares and everything
Daniel: I thought I would wake up in the morning and..
Max: the back rub, you know, the back rub
Daniel: and also the pillow. I thought I would drool on the pillow, but actually it was tears I would cry in my sleep for missing Max. Only now I was getting over it until you brought it up.
Max: that鈥檚 tough
Daniel: so you hit a spot, you pulled out my heartstring, Dieter
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maxielstana month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
maxiel parallels:聽cuddling/spooning: 鈥淢aybe in the first鈥wo weeks of a relationship and then that鈥檚 over.鈥 - Max (Monaco, 2017)
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norstappen5 months ago
Max in the background walking towards Daniel while Daniel is stating Max is capable of winning the championship is poetic cinema. Then he notices Max looks different and asks if he got a haircut. Max points out is because he is wearing a curved cap, instead of the usual flat one, (he's getting older!). 鈥淭hat鈥檚 how well I know him! I could see something was different today.鈥
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maxielonceagain2 days ago
No Daniel, stressful and draining is what it is 馃槀
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sgkga month ago
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