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f1errari a day ago
okay wait new, write in the tags what ur usual coffee order is and your favorite F1 driver, I'm trying to see something
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lekoppadraws a day ago
Tumblr media
What fun new game do you think the Collector wants to play? Drop it in the tags! Wrong answers only.
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backgroundagent3 a day ago
Thanks for tagging me to do this picrew @maybeimart and @bigbendyhorns!! I know I've taken ages to do this, I've been away for a while, but I promise I'll get to doing your tag games as fast as I can. 馃グ
Tumblr media
Tagging @melina-melinda, @brekker-by-brekkerr, @fangirl-couch-potato, @quakeismyhero, @samanthaswishes and @ryder616 if you want!
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sincerest-aa 17 hours ago
i found this absolutely splendid picrew.. and wanted to share it with you all 馃槑馃槑馃槑
Tumblr media
i love the painterly style of it and auren looks SO PRETTY IN IT hhrrhegereywg this is one of my fav picrews 馃槶馃槶馃槶
@retelling-of-ragnarok @lured-into-wonderland @fruit-of-infidelity if y鈥檃ll wanna try 馃馃馃馃
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thatbuddie 12 hours ago
seven sentence sunday
i was tagged by聽@probieravi (ily MWAH!) and all i鈥檝e been working on this week has been the fake ex husbands fic so have some of that!
鈥淏ut I feel like it鈥檚 my duty to warn you. As his ex, you know? You don鈥檛 really want to go out with him. He鈥檚 not really going out material. Believe me,鈥 Buck says, and he sounds so serious, so convinced, that Eddie feels something heavy settling over him, weighting his shoulders down, twisting his stomach.聽 鈥淚 mean, where would I even start?鈥
The woman in front of them stays silent, and so does Eddie, but Buck carries on.聽
鈥淔irst of all, he refuses to ever pair his socks together after doing laundry, so he spends hours looking for the ones that match when he鈥檚 getting ready and he makes us late for everything all the time.鈥
The comment is so unexpected Eddie has to run it twice in his head to make sure he鈥檚 heard it correctly. It鈥檚 a familiar complaint, one that Buck has thrown at him wrapped up in a sock while Eddie refused to grab any two if they didn鈥檛 match.聽
Something akin to relief overwhelms Eddie as he presses his lips together while he keeps his eyes on Buck.聽
鈥淗e鈥檚 a weepy drunk,鈥 Buck continues, and Eddie feels a protest settling on the tip of his tongue but he keeps it inside his mouth as he bites the inside of his cheek. 鈥淎nd he鈥檚 also a lightweight, which means he gets weepy after like, two beers.鈥
The playful protest grows heavier on his tongue as Eddie watches the corner of Buck鈥檚 lips quirk up, the deliberate avoidance of his eyes now a clear sign of him trying to contain his laughter.聽
鈥淗e鈥檚 the grumpiest person you have ever seen when he鈥檚 tired. He sweats a lot. And I mean, a lot. Hugging him in the summer is like hugging a slug,鈥 Buck lists, and his last comment is what finally makes Eddie break.聽
鈥淚 am not that bad,鈥 he says, and Buck turns his upper body so he鈥檚 facing Eddie now, his tittering demeanor contagious and jovial. 鈥淎nd you鈥檙e one to talk. The palms of your hands are constantly clammy.鈥
i don鈥檛 know聽who鈥檚 been tagged, but i鈥檇 love to see @henswilsons @trippedandfell聽@kitkatpancakestack聽@thislovebuckley @buckactuallys聽&聽@elvensorceress post a snippet of something <3
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funkylittlebidiot a day ago
Got tagged by my dear friend @just-inside-her and it鈥檚 been a while since i got to talk about myself so here we go
3 ships: I鈥檓 going to spice things up by not counting ships i鈥檝e previously mentioned on this blog; Destiel (馃様), Germangie (German and Angie from Violetta which i鈥檝e been rewatching in Spanish. it鈥檚 good okay and she鈥檚 LITERALLY his nanny how i could i not.), and I鈥檓 currently rewatching Stranger Things in preparation for s4 so i鈥檝e got to say Beyler (Will/Mike)
First ship: if we go back REAL far to before i even knew what shipping was it鈥檚 got to be Bloom and Sky from Winx Club. Or hell, for the Dutchies in our midst; Nienke and Fabian from Het Huis Anubis 馃憗鉁嬸煆
Last Song: Happier Than Ever - Edit by Billy Eilish (And i don鈥檛 talk SHIT about you on the internet never told anyone anything bad because that shit鈥檚 LITERALLY embarrasing)
Last film: ... ... ... it鈥檚 been a while so i genuinely can鈥檛 be sure but as far as i remember it was Paranormal Activity 3 (I enjoy the plot)
Currently eating: nothing, but we鈥檙e about to eat Spaghetti Bolognaise (made by my dad so Extra good)
Currently craving: food is the farthest thing from my mind right now
Tagging: @salty-ironstrange-shipper because 鈾ワ笍馃枻, and聽(diving into my notes for this one but don鈥檛 feel pressured etc) @strange-in-motion @ursamajor17, @theragingpan @genius-stark,
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fierypen37 2 days ago
Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers. Let鈥檚 spread the self-love 鉂わ笍 (you may have gotten this already from someone, our Jonerys circle is small 馃槀) But if so I didn't see it and would love to know your own top fave five of your fics! 馃槉
Oooh fun! Tagging @libradoodle1 if she hasn't already done it.
Held Captive: 聽Complete, in which Robb lives as King in the North and Jon is given to Daenerys as a hostage of war. This was my canon rewrite with Dany as a conqueror and Jon as her lover and fellow dragonrider. To date, it's had the highest traffic of any fic I've written, so I'm proud of that.
Victory is in Your Veins: WIP, Jon is taken as a slave for the fighting pits, Dany travels across Essos to free him. This has a darker and more violent tone than my usual work, and I've had to rely a lot on Jon's interiority to carry the fic. I'm proud of the inner monologue and sensory detail in this one.
The Oasis: Complete, Masseur!Jon becomes Dany's accidental bodyguard when bad guys try to kill her. Smut ensues. I wrote four chapters of this fic in one sitting. I love when a fic captures my imagination like that. And the smut is *chef's kiss*
Not For All the World: WIP series of one-shots. Relationship between Vampire!Dany and bartender!Jon. Dany as a vampire, too sexy for words, right? I expected to write a ton of smut for them, but I've found there's a lot of heart with this premise. I'm excited for the direction it's going.
A Work of Art: Complete, Jon is a nude model for artist!Dany. This is a more lighthearted, comedic take. I had such fun writing it.
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reignoerme 2 days ago
Okay, everyone name some songs you associate with a book, show, and/or movie that's not actually apart of the soundtrack or mentioned in the story
For me, I'll do
Book: All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doer
Book: 1984 by George Orwell
Show: Shameless
Movie: My Own Private Idaho
Movie: The Godfather Trilogy
I'll tag: @love-and-truust @highponeystoney @grunge-flavored-flowers @simoneinside @jeffament @makesmuchmoresense @shameless-notashamed @miserychain @jjmichie @imdistressed @ramblinguitar @aliceinthepearlgarden @whyamistillfangirling @karigray27
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fairytales-and-folklore 20 hours ago
Last Line Tag
Rules: Post the last line you wrote for any one of your WIPs.
Thank you for the tag @tails89 and @fanfics-fix 鈾ワ笍 tagging @nutellarghh @princecharmingwinks @greyhavenisback @radio-chatter @ash-mcj @asarcasticwitch and anyone else who wants to join 鈽猴笍
Mine is literally from the very end of a fic I just finished less than an hour ago (first time writing for the fandom and ship!)
After a few moments, Willow is the first to break the spell, smirking as she seizes her chance and snags the book out of Hunter's lax grip, before glancing back up at him with a look of fiery determination in her eyes.
"So, Golden Boy鈥ou gonna kiss me or what?"
And as soon as Hunter remembers how to breathe again, he does.
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goldrush-if 2 days ago
Rules: tag 9 people you would like to know/catch up with.
Thank you for the tag Tamber 馃挍 @lifesupreme-if
Tagging: @therandommoth, @that-wierd-guy, @solariaflumine, @lacewing707, @thegrandheist-if, @milaswriting, @the-keeper-of-midnight, @enspey, @birdtown-game, @kaiwrites-if, @kalorphic (I鈥檓 sorry if you鈥檝e already been tagged and did this 馃槄 also feel free to ignore if you don鈥檛 want to do it)
I almost tagged Tamber again 馃槀 anyways
(Also, yes, I know I tagged more than 9 people 馃槍)
Last song: Till Forever Falls Apart
Last movie: I don鈥檛 remember鈥 but I downloaded Uncharted and am gonna watch that, does that count? :D
Last book: You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle
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kaiwrites-if 2 days ago
Thank you so much for tagging me @goldrush-if @lapinlunairegames @zico-if and @villains-promise 馃挏
Rule: tag 9 people you would like to know/catch up with.
@jaunefleurwrites @lifesupreme-if @unwilling-souls-if @mondaysandwich @enspey @phaedraismyusername @daugtherofolympus @acourtofserpents @litzilla
Apologies if you鈥檝e already done this!
Last Song:
Last Movie: Kung Fu Panda 2.
Last Book: The Burning God by R. F. Kuang.
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backgroundagent3 a day ago
NO CHEATING: You鈥檙e starring in a movie with the last person saved in your camera roll and the last song you listened to is the title. Who/what is it?
Thanks for the tag @maybeimart, and sorry for the delay! 馃挏
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Blackout, starring Iain de Caestecker and me.
Tagging @quakeismyhero, @captain-of-the-historicfuture, @bigbendyhorns, @lovelymysticmoon and @fangirl-couch-potato if you want!
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chuuyas--boo 7 hours ago
Picrew chain!! Never done one before
Tumblr media Tumblr media
no pressure tags!!: @sleepygamerotaku @onesheart101 @eelussy-enthusiast @lisa-minci-is-pretty @sips-tea-cutely @eternal-armin @soymin @crowisinthetrash @alizachan @ anyone else!!
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renecdote 10 hours ago
Seven Sentence Sunday
Thank you @mellaithwen @tripleaxeldiaz and @evanbucxley for the tags ily all 馃挍
鈥淎re you okay?鈥 Buck asks, slow and uncertain. 鈥淵ou didn鈥檛 swallow water on that last call, did you?鈥
The call where half the team ended up in the water rescuing tourists from a slowly sinking bus, he means. The call where Bobby made them sit on towels in the truck and they鈥檇 dripped all over the floor headed for the showers when they got back. The call that led to Eddie wrestling with the buttons of his clinging wet shirt, which led to Buck rolling his eyes and stepping forward with an amused, 鈥淗ere, let me鈥斺
And then he stripped Eddie鈥檚 shirt off in their glass walled locker room for everyone to see.
Ravi had compared notes with Lucy afterwards to confirm that it did, in fact, not look like the first time he鈥檇 done that.
鈥淚鈥檓 fine,鈥 he manages now. 鈥淚鈥檓 good, a-okay, no water swallowed here.鈥
Buck squints suspiciously.
Hen ducks her head over her list to hide her amusement.
Tagging: @hopeintheashes @princessfbi @second-hand-heaven and @herodiaz
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heroofpenamstan 10 hours ago
tagged by @florbelles, @belorage, @adelaidedrubman, @blissfulalchemist, @shallow-gravy, @cameronburke! thank you so much, lovelies! appreciate it. x going to tag @shellibisshe, @loriane-elmuerto, @leviiackrman, @indorilnerevarine, @aceghosts, @strafethesesinners, @sharkyboshaw鈥! x optional as per!
Tumblr media
SEASONING: cajun, paprika, oregano ( both of the kinds found in hope county )
WEATHER: damp, humid air before rain
COLOR: amber, yellow, mossy green
SKY: deep oranges and hazy golden light of sunset
MAGICAL POWER: power augmentation, sharpened teeth, shapeshifting ( the wild, angry wolverine variety )
HOUSE PLANT: spider plant, aloe
WEAPON: shovels, fists, colt 1991, m60
SUBJECT: p.e. ( before smoking addiction and bad takes ) geography ( after said addiction and acquirring the worst take yet鈥攆ishing is fun )
SOCIAL MEDIA: singular old facebook account, the password and email of which have been lost since 2010; there is no way to escape the uwu profile picture when looking her up. it haunts
MAKEUP PRODUCT: mascara, sunscreen, lipgloss on a try-hard day; eyeshadow when accesible
CANDY: dried fruit, bubblegum, gummybears
FEAR: of being consumed; losing autonomy of herself, of dying
ICE CUBE SHAPE: any shape as long as it鈥檚 sub-zero
METHOD OF LONG-DISTANCE TRAVEL: rhib-z20, atv; cougar car on a non-lethal day
ART STYLE: colorful tags and throw-ups, industrial deco
PIECE OF STATIONERY: black sharpie, sticky notes, wood push pins
CELESTIAL BODY: mars, mercury
Tumblr media
SEASONING: bay leaves, garlic cloves, chilli flakes
WEATHER: sunny, cloudless, scorching
COLOR: olive green, brown, red
SKY: purple hues and lightening blue of sundown and sunrise
MAGICAL POWER: natural weaponry, quick adaptation, persuasion/enchanting charm
HOUSE PLANT: umbrella plant, sanseverias
WEAPON: wide arsenal; from pistols to snipers, from assault rifles to dynamite鈥攈e knows how to sell and handle most guns and explosives without preferance
SUBJECT: languages, international politics, economics
SOCIAL MEDIA: has the main ones and they are all as cringey as you would assume
MAKEUP PRODUCT: concealer for occasional dark circles, moisturizer, chapstick in the evenings
CANDY: mashmellows, hershey鈥檚; hard candy
FEAR: of being alone, of rejection, abandonement, of being unneeded and powerless, of facing consequences and reprecussions, the angel pit
ICE CUBE SHAPE: proper big blocks
ART STYLE: rustic; contemporary photography
MYTHOLOGICAL CREATURE: damocles, hephaestus
PIECE OF STATIONERY: ink pen, 2018 diary, pencil
CELESTIAL BODY: uranus, venus, saturn
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aalinaaaaaa a day ago
Random ask game idea
Thanks as always for the tag @druidx !
If your wip was a video game, what type of game would it be?
Flamebearer: an RPG, with a single protagonist and a focus on stealth missions and magic mechanics in between the story parts.
Obsidian Sapphires: an Open World RPG with opportunities to play as different cast members and the option to explore the key cities and do side quests in between the main storyline.
For this, I'm going to cast out an Open Tag, plus my tag game list (feel free to message me to be added/subtracted from the list):
@emelkae @afoolandathief @oh-no-another-idea @talesfromaurea @ettawritesnstudies @estelaiswriting @drippingmoon @pluttskutt @avrablake @asomeoneperson @bloodlessheirbyjacques @writerfae @ghost-town-story @druidx @wildswrites @enchanted-lightning-aes @jezifsterswriting @ashen-crest @writing-is-a-martial-art @thesorcerersapprentice @echoing-sailor @anjaspace @splashinkling @copper-dragon-in-disguise @athenswrites @talesofsorrowandofruin @athenswrites @notthatpanda
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artofdoubt 2 days ago
rules:聽tag 9 people you want to get to know better.
tagged by:聽@dandelionandkrindle聽and @metabolizemotions聽thank you for tagging me 馃槉馃挄
favorite time of year: I live in a tropical climate so we only get rainy and dry season, definitely rainy season
comfort food:聽brownies
do you collect something:聽a lot of things but mostly batman and dc comics stuff
favorite drink: mocha iced coffee
favorite song:聽Just Like Heaven by The Cure
current favorite song:聽I haven鈥檛 shut up about this in days, I鈥檝e been listening to Florence + the Machine鈥檚聽new album non-stop so any song from that it changes every day, right now Girls Against God
favorite fic:聽the young blood series, a masterpiece that will always live in my heart
tagging:聽@lovelybrittletrouble @baasthasthezoomies鈥 @ofwings鈥 @zacsfron聽@vlilanelle鈥 @trihkru聽@holland-march聽@ilovevillanelle鈥 @profoundlyexceeded
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thenumbersgameif 2 days ago
Rules: Tag 9 people you would like to know/catch up with
Thank you for tagging me, @birdtown-game @lifesupreme-if and @obesericewrites @hauntthebodies <3
Last song: Oh My Dear Lord by The Unlikely Candidates
Last movie: Morbius
Last book: Mental Disorders in Popular Film: How Hollywood Uses, Shames and Obscures Mental Diversity by Erin Heath
Tagging: @corsair-if @cheerstotheelites-if @ingenio-academy-if @thegrandheist-if and whoever wants to do it! <3
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aliceinthepearlgarden 2 days ago
Thanks for the tag my loves @reignoerme @langdonsluxiouslocks @imdistressed 鉂わ笍 Some of mine are gonna be so random lol
Okay, everyone name some songs you associate with a book, show, and/or movie that's not actually apart of the soundtrack or mentioned in the story
Movie/Book: Harry Potter (especially the last 2 ones, idk why but every time I listen to this song some scenes come to my mind)
Movie: A Clockwork Orange (because of the video)
Book: Memories of a Geisha (they have ZERO correlation but I was listening to this song a lot while reading it)
Movie: The Martian (this is not the Bowie song they put in the movie and I was pissed lol)
Movie: The Devil Wears Prada (I always thought this song was actually in the movie)
Movie: The Age of Adaline (the plot of this movie, omg)
Movie: Pulp Fiction (again, zero idea)
I tag @templeofalice @hobbitinneverland @pjamongstthewaves @love-and-truust @stonesponytail @l0st-d0gs @stonesponytail @nirvanainthepearlgardeninchains if you guys want to. Have a nice weekend! 鉂わ笍
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shellibisshe 12 hours ago
鈥 oc rage language
tagged by @starsandskies @adelaidedrubman @jackiesarch @cameronburke and @heroofpenamstan thank you all!!
took this uquiz for the head brainworms
tagging @shallow-gravy @vasiktomis @devil-kindred @florbelles @blissfulalchemist @marivenah @galeboettichergf @henbased @indorilnerevarine @feywildchild and anyone else!
Tumblr media
open the floodgates
your frustration turns into tears quickly. the strength of your fury is so potent that it sets off the waterworks out of pure rage. you hate it, because whoever's pissed you off thinks it's funny, like you're not tough and you can't defend yourself. you can, you just need to get through the haze of emotions first
Tumblr media
the full read
whoever pisses you off is in for a rant that exposes every single one of their deepest insecurities and issues. your rage gives you the clarity to hunt for weak spots in a person's mind. your brain works fast, firing off insults at a rapid-fire pace that terrifies everyone within a ten mile radius. this is usually followed by buckets of guilt.
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