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#tag game
loonyloopylupin5 · a day ago
Harry Potter this or that
going to start my own tag game that probably won't get any attention
Rules: Pretty straightforward but answer the following this or that's by changing one of the options to colourful text, then tag some others to do the same :)
Harry or Ron // Hedwig or Pigwidgeon // Gryffindor or Slytherin // Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw // Fred or George // Death Eaters or Order of the the Pheonix // James Potter or Severus Snape // Dumbledore or McGonagall // Chaser or Seeker // Keeper or Beater // Bill or Charlie // Hermione or Ginny // Tonks or Fleur // Cho or Lavender // Remadora or Wolfstar // Hinny or Romione // the books or the movies // Bellatrix or Narcissa // Sirius or Remus // Draco or Dudley // Hippogriff or Unicorn // Crookshanks or Scabbers // Nimbus or Firebolt // Dobby or Kreacher // the Black family or the Malfoy family // Potions or DADA // Fluffy or Norbert // Fang or Padfoot // Werewolf or Half giant // Moody or Kingsley // Lockhart or Quirrell // Dean or Seamus // Neville or Luna // Owl or Cat // Percy or McLaggen // Umbridge or Voldemort
Tagging: @acciorxses @nymphadorathebubba @jamespotterinskirts @siriusblackinskirts @remuslupininskirts @regulusblackinskirts @i-is-a-fangurl-weeb @couldibeanymorechaotic @kember-writes @cwossiants @marauders-lupin @depressed-barnes @ghost-spidey-deactivated-1013666 @toomanynotifications
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jazminetoad · 2 days ago
Alright so I was thinking to myself, we got the mood boards of our dream wedding and honeymoon with our f/o but what about our dream home? So I decided to make a dream home life mood board
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It's a comfy and luxurious home, we can sleep in our bedroom or a nap in one of the many lounging areas. We got a gaming room, a computer room (mostly used by me & Nagayuki), a reptile room for Takeyasu, and a few secrets passages & staircases (I swear I don't have an obsession with stairs & secret passageways)
@simpforroses @tsunderedoctor @thatbadbruja why don't you guys give it a try?
Feel free to join in on the fun
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was-such-a-bad-idea · 13 hours ago
🎶Music Shuffle Tag🎶
You can usually tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Put your favorite playlist on shuffle and list the first ten songs and tag ten people whoever you want! No skipping!
Ooh, seems fun nonnie!thanks!
1. Archilles Come Down - Gang Of Youths
2. Be Nice To Me - The Front Bottoms
3. Bad Idea! - GIR
4. Watamote Ending
5. ゆめみてたのあたし- Daoko
6. Jealous - Eyedress
7. This Too Shall Pass - Danny Schmidt
8. Take Me To Church - Hozier
9. Hold On - Chord Street
10. Baby Don't Cut
Tagging: @legendarytreasurerhighway @mourningmad @pekowithabat @paigeyintheclouds @shsl-shuichi-simp @takas-house-of-ivy @twisted-lies @the-local-manga-library @ultimatemoralcompasss @zhuology
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im-someone-i-guess · 23 hours ago
new tag game, write florida and add your birthday, what comes up?
Tumblr media
@iambecomeyourvillain @neil-perry-the-platypus @blackasmysoul @ghafa-dale @safinss @rrruthless @cressjacquine @ganseys-jane @books-and-wonders @same-crazy-art-girl34 @alonlyfangirl @saltyfortunes @writeforjordelia   @weirdoismymiddlename @kazoo-the-demjin @investmentofmyheart @herondalesunsetcurve @matthias-is-alive @moobrvoobl-moobmoob-oobmpoobroom
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tagged to do this by @chaoticdean <3
relationship status: was going to immeadiately type “well i just got out of a three-year relationship” which is false it’s been. seven months of being single now. i both like and don’t like it and we do not have time to delve into that now
favorite color: pink!!!
three favorite foods: pasta (with anything on it i'm not picky i just love pasta), apple pie, everything bagels
song stuck in my head: “love drunk” by boys like girls. yeah there’s a direct correlation to the relationship question i’m doing my best
last thing i googled: run app treadmill track? (me at 5am trying to find a good running app. i’m training for a 5k that’s happening next month because ????)
time: 4:55pm and i’m working on a paper that’s due at 9pm :)
anything i really want right now: oh i have no idea how to answer this. right this second? would love a bagel and enough time tonight to watch a movie. in a more vast sense? i wish it was december so that i could celebrate my birthday and the semester would be over. i love college but damn! junior year has hands! and that i had better self-esteem. one thing at a time so i’m going to get back to work so i can watch a movie! 
(tagging @myaimistrue @tootiredmotel @achillestiel @blueberrybelova and @blue-eyed-cutiepatootie <3)
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theveil-and-thepath · 2 days ago
Quick Tarot Game - Pick your Question
Tumblr media
Hi guys! I woke up wanting to ask some questions to my cards. But instead of making a new PAC, I decided to open for a quick game.
You'll send your option via ask:
Why am I here? Give me a reason or a purpose for me to keep going in this life.
Is there any special gift that was given to me that I must use in this life?
Can I have a glimpse on a past life? Help me figure out things that I keep very deep in my soul.
If you're going through any problem rn and would like to ask for guidance, pick option number 4 and ask your question.
What you have to do:
Reblog/ like if you can, maybe someone who doesn't follow me needs to hear something;
Send an ask with your question number (anons will be posted, non anon I can send private if you ask me to);
Send the ask just like you would private message me, say hi and maybe a bit of context of why you're curious (dreams, intuition, anything if applicable), why you think you need to hear that rn, or where you were when you saw this post, like the start of a conversation (be nice you know, like we were talking in person, it's okay to be shy) - because I need something to connect to, and
Agree to give me feedback after.
I'll leave this open for 24h, from the moment I post this (just check how long ago this was posted), but I think I'll only be able to do around 5 readings today. I don't have energy today for more than that. I'll pick the extra ones, the ones I feel more pulled to do. I'm sorry but I can't do all.
⭐ May this reach whoever it needs to reach ⭐
~ The Veil
Tumblr media
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bangtanhome · a day ago
music shuffle tag 🎶
You can usually tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Put your favorite playlist on shuffle and list the first ten songs then tag ten people! No skipping!
thanks a bunchies for the tag @sunshinerainbowsbts!! it made me open spotify in what feels like years lmao
Tumblr media
here's my lovely list after hitting shuffle! really glad that at least one glass animals + punk band made it up here.
tagging (but absolutely no pressure!): @missgeniality @hobipaint @secretum-scriptor @knjsnoona @jimilter @vogguk @vkook @kimtaehyunq @yeoldontknow @jikookiekosmos + whoever wants to join in!
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embersjanuary · 2 days ago
thanks for the tags @punkgeekcryptid and @dearscone !!
Tumblr media
i’ll tag @tvserie-s-world @hellitwasyoufirstsergeant @wecomrades + anyone else who’d like to do this :)
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gottaread2 · 2 days ago
Writer's Tag
Replying to this really late but I appreciate it! Thank you @arcanemoody ♡
How many works do you have on AO3?
What’s your total AO3 word count?
What are your top 5 fics by kudos?
1. When Only Bitter Memories Remain (690 kudos)
2. Broken (375 kudos)
3. Forget-me-not (286 kudos)
4. 1001 Riddles (252 kudos)
5. White snow, Red Blood, Black Bird (199 kudos)
Do you respond to comments, why or why not?
In general, I always respond to comments. I figure if someone is kind enough to take time to comment, I'd like to show my gratitude by answering it and thanking them. I appreciate all my readers, but especially those who comment because it often gives me a new perspective on my work and always makes me feel valued as a writer.
What’s the fic you’ve written with the angstiest ending?
Hmmm, that's a bit of a tough one. Just in terms of angstiest outcome, I'd have to say Edward's Last Word just because it has character death. But in terms of which fic ending personally gave me the angstiest feels, it's Like It Could Last. Likely because I wrote it as a fix-it to season 4's Ed/Lee plot but still didn't give it a happier ending. It's more of an open ending with a bittersweet note to make it canon compliant.
What’s the fic you’ve written with the happiest ending?
Although most of my stories have happy endings, no contest. It's gotta be 1001 Riddles. No character deaths (not even the villains), Ed gets a family, and there's a marriage proposal.
Do you write crossovers? If so, What is the craziest one you’ve ever written?
Not yet. Maybe someday though :)
Have you ever received hate on a fic?
Nope. A few unsolicited critiques but never anything I'd call hate.
Do you write smut? If so what kind?
I'd have to say no. So far I only have one NSFW chapter of a fic and it only exists as a separate work so any readers who don't want it can skip it. Smut holds little interest for me outside of emotional implications and how sex relates to the overall relationship. If I do write any smut in the future, it will likely be similar to what I did before in Heart's Memory the chapter of the aforementioned fic.
Have you ever had a fic stolen?
Not to my knowledge
Have you ever had a fic translated?
Possibly? I got a comment requesting permission to translate Another Chance once, but I'm unsure if it ever happened.
Have you ever co-written a fic before?
Nope. It's sounds more difficult to me, so kudos to those who do!
What’s your all-time favourite ship?
Nygmobblepot!!! They're the first pairing I've ever been this obsessed over. I've gotten obsessed with shows before and even specific characters, but never before a pairing. I finally get what all the hype about shipping is about lol XD
What’s a WIP that you want to finish but don’t think you ever will?
Oof, where do I start? I'm pretty bad about actually finishing my longer fics. I want to finish all of them but not sure when I'll actually do it ^_^' The one I want to finish most is The Devil Went Down to Gotham.
What are your writing strengths?
Coming up with ideas for stories is definitely one of my strengths (and my curse because I can't possibly write them all lol). Also dialogue. I've been told that a few times and it's usually the easiest part for me to write.
What are your writing weaknesses?
Completing long WIPs is definitely a struggle. I also have a hard time with describing background. I always have to go back and make sure my characters actually exist in a space and give enough details to make that convincing. I never feel like I'm very effective at it.
What are your thoughts on writing dialogue in other languages in a fic?
For myself, I use it sparingly if at all. I only speak english and don't feel confident about my ability to write dialogue in another language. If I were to inlcude it more frequently, I'd want to find someone who knows the language to help me with it. That said, I think it's really cool when I read other fics with it.
What was the first fandom you wrote for?
Gotham with my first fic being Riddler's Game. I think my writing has improved a lot since then XD
What’s your favourite fic you’ve written?
That's tough. They're all my babies. Um... okay so I can't choose just one because it depends on if I'm in the mood for something short or something long (yes I re-read my own work lol). For short, Lie in Wait. I'm a sucker for angst with a happy ending and I really put Oswald through it in this one XD For long, When Only Bitter Memories Remain. I really put so much into this one and am really proud I finished it ^_^ It also contains some of my favorite dialogue and kisses I've written.
Tagging: @fanfarekid, @artemis099, @mordredllewelynjones, @esperata, @thedreamweaver, @cobblepout, (if y'all want to) and anyone else who wants to play! Yes, that means you!
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queen--of--maggots · a day ago
Thank you for the tag @hebescus​!
Tumblr media
It’s normal for humans to have six eyes, right?
Tagging: @owl-mug​ @wammyhoe​ @my-one-true-l​ @herembers​ if you want to.
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mhtyr · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tagged by absolutely no one to do this or this. They were fun to make and I wanted to see my mutual's versions so if you're up for it pls consider yourself tagged
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theerealcowboy · 2 days ago
This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life 💙 tagged by @lovew1tch to pick my favorite jellycats :•)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Off the top of my head I wanna see @astrolanguini and @lucky-strabismus do this but I love these sm I encourage literally anyone to do this n @ me
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ricflairdrip20 · 2 days ago
Are you Submissive and Breedable?
Tumblr media
got it exactly right lol 🤣
Tagging: @kissmekakashi @saudade-mayari @aestheticallylumi @whatshernameis @crybaby-writings @cuddlyscribe @sunflowersenshi @actuallysaiyan @deidarascumdumpster @kingkonoha
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shellibisshe · 21 hours ago
— oc profile
tagged by @belorage @indorilnerevarine @strafethesesinners @honeysides @faithchel @jamesbvchanans and @chuckhansen thank you all!!!
tagging @jackiesarch @foofygoldfish @dep-yo-tee @necro-hamster @heroofpenamstan @aceghosts @gorotakemura @sjlverhand @scungilliwoman @chyrstis @jacknought @ma-sulevin and anyone else!
Tumblr media
name: vanessa jin
alias(es): V
gender: female (she/her)
age: 24
birthdate: october 12, 2053
place of birth: city center, night city
hometown: night city
spoken language(s): english, korean
sexual preference: bisexual
occupation: mercenary, fixer
eye color: brown
hair color: dark brown/black, dyed red
height: 5'9"
scars: none that are super distinct
color: red, blue
hair color: no preference
song: goodbye by marina
food: she doesn't have a specific dish, but she likes to get food from the street vendor right outside her apartment building
drink: coffee
have they-
passed university: yes
had sex: yes
had sex in public: no
gotten pregnant: no
kissed a boy: yes
kissed a girl: yes
gotten tattoos: no
gotten piercings: yes
been in love: ...yes 😒
stayed up for more than 24 hours: yes
are they-
a virgin: no
a cuddler: 100% ABSOLUTELY
a kisser: yes
scared easily: no
jealous easily: no
dominant: depends
submissive: depends
in love: probably😒
single: sadly
random questions (tw for self harm/suicide mention)-
have they harmed themselves: not on purpose
thought of suicide: no
attempted suicide: no
wanted to kill someone: yes
have / had a job: yes
have any fears: being/dying alone, losing everything
sibling(s): none
parent(s): unnamed parents
children: none
significant other: none
pet(s): her cat, Nibbles
Tumblr media
name: marian ramos-de león alias(es): ms. ramos/marian gender: female (she/her) age: 34 birthdate: october 31, 1864 place of birth: saint denis, lemoyne hometown: saint denis, lemoyne spoken language(s): english, spanish and bits and pieces of french (not enough to really carry a conversation) sexual preference: bisexual occupation: outlaw, stable hand
eye color: brown hair color: dark brown height: 5'7" scars: one on her left cheekbone, close to her eye. several others
color: purple hair color: no preference song: my tears ricochet by taylor swift (the vibes) food: she likes pastries a lot! and sweets, she always buys candies when she can
drink: coffee
have they-
passed university: no had sex: yes had sex in public: ...maybe gotten pregnant: yes kissed a boy: yes kissed a girl: no (not yet) gotten tattoos: no gotten piercings: no been in love: yes stayed up for more than 24 hours: yes
are they-
a virgin: no a cuddler: yes a kisser: yes scared easily: yes and no jealous easily: no dominant: depends submissive: depends in love: yes single: no
random questions (tw for self harm/suicide mention)-
have they harmed themselves: not on purpose thought of suicide: no attempted suicide: no wanted to kill someone: yes have / had a job: for like a bit have any fears: maybe (they are unknown to both of us)
sibling(s): none parent(s): raul and isabel ramos-de león children: beatrice "bea" morgan significant other: arthur morgan pet(s): silver the border collie, if her horses count then Biscuit(s), and oatmeal the cat
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doffyholic · a day ago
Thanks a lot, my sweet @portgaslari, for tagging me in this lovely tag game. That's a great idea indeed! But I will make it later as I have no idea about my dream house yet, and probably it's weird, lol. Also, I'm afraid that my hypothetical dream house would be too average.
I apologize in advance for the poor quality of the images. My phone doesn't let me make high-resolution collages.
All of you know that I self-ship myself with Doflamingo. So I'm going to make just my self-ship mood boards.
Tumblr media
If I were an anime and manga character, I would live with him together in the flowery, powerful, and wealthy Kingdom of Dressrosa as a king and his petite queen. That's a canonical option. I would have loved him no matter what, and I love him no matter what. All of you know perfectly well, if you're on the villain's side, then you're an accomplice to their wickedness. So perhaps it wouldn't be the best decision in my life. Nevertheless, I can't overcome my feelings for him.
Tumblr media
If we were characters in a romantic anime, our environment would look something like that. Azure sea waves, Greek sculptures, classic art, lush flowers, tiny and cozy cafes, the sweetness and tremble of youth — isn't it lovely? We would walk together with him along the seashore, stepping barefoot on the wet sand. I would collect elegant pearl shells, and he would laugh watching me because I'm funny and cute.
Tumblr media
That's my Universe Gods AU — we are both several thousand years old gods, but we fall in love with each other like on the first day we met. He can sew stars into constellations, passing a golden thread between them, and I sift stardust through a sieve to clear it of the germs of black holes so that children can have the best dreams. Sometimes he falls into melancholy or rage and destroys what he has been creating for epochs, but I calm him down, and he's ready to create new worlds again.
Tumblr media
And in the modern AU, our relationship would be similar to this mood board. Libraries, bookshops, some foggy megapolis, rainy days, and he's much older than me. Oh. Perhaps he's a professor at my university, and I'm his young student, whom he noticed in the first days of a new semester. Our rapprochement is slow but inevitable, and ahead of us are secret dates, joint walks under the same umbrella, his hand in a leather glove, holding mine, bare and slightly pink from cold weather.
And he gives me his gloves.
I'm tagging @rochiomaru @pure-kirarin @tsunderedoctor @portgaslari @chloe-nanami @thatbadbruja.
Also, whoever wants to join can join! I invite you all, babes. Welcome!
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Last Line Tag
Ohhhh, I am not ready for yours even with it being fixed @cheesybadgers! Thanks for the tag-aroonie!
Here’s a line from a MayansMC/Bishop 🐺 thing I’m trying to finish for October:
“What were you thinking crossing Mayan territory? On a full fucking moon?”
No pressure tags: @acrossthesestars @nocturnal-milk-dud @youvebeenlivingfictional
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pheedraws · 5 hours ago
OC Profile
Tagged by @chuckhansen​ - thank you so much! 💕
Tagging @gloryride @valkblue @loriane-elmuerto​ @screechingtrashbarbarian​ @onlymeandlife​ and anyone else who wants to/hasn’t done it yet! 
Tumblr media
Name: Victoria C. Deckard
Alias(es): V, Vic
Gender: Female
Age: 31 (as of the events of CP 2077)
Birthdate: 12th October, 2045
Place of birth: Charter Hill, Night City
Hometown: Heywood, Night City
Spoken languages: English (fluent), Spanish (fluent), Japanese (conversational) 
Sexual preference: Bisexual 
Occupation: Merc (2076 - present); previously Arasaka Counterintelligence (2074 - 2076), Arasaka Special Operations (2071 - 2074) 
Eye colour: Golden brown
Hair colour: Dark brown, lighter ombre effect from previous dye jobs
Height: 5′9″ / 176cm 
Scars: Too many to list lmao (sorry Vic), the vast majority being bullet wounds. 
Colour: Black
Hair colour: Deep red
Song: Major Crimes - HEALTH
Food: Ramen
Drink: Alcoholic? Bourbon. Otherwise, coffee. 
Have They...
Passed university: Never attended 
Had sex: Yes
Had sex in public: ...Yes 
Gotten pregnant: No
Kissed a boy: Yes
Kissed a girl: Yes
Gotten tattoos: Yes: large design across her lower sternum, snake wrapped around her left foot... and Johnny’s unwanted addition 💀
Gotten piercings: Multiple piercings in each ear, though she doesn’t wear them often.
Been in love: Yes
Stayed up for more than 24 hours: Yes (far too often for her own good)
Are They...
A virgin: No
A cuddler: Depends on the partner
A kisser: Yes
Scared easily: No, but she does have certain fears and phobias that are able to rattle her should she find herself unable to avoid them. 
Jealous easily: No
Dominant: She has a somewhat dominant personality after her time in the corporate world, but that side of her doesn’t really extend into relationships. 
Submissive: More submissive than dominant when it comes to sex, but doesn’t mind switching things up from time to time.
In love: Yes
Single: No
Random Questions (TW: Self harm/suicide mention) 
Have they harmed themselves: No
Thought of suicide: Yes
Attempted suicide: No
Wanted to kill someone: Yes, and has followed through with it on more than one occasion.
Have/had a job: Yes
Have any fears: Yes: dying, small spaces, being restrained (post-Mexico), heights (post-heist) 
Family (TW: Death)
Sibling(s): None. Has always considered Jackie her brother, though. 
Parent(s): Jack and Ana Deckard, both deceased. The pair divorced when Vic was nine, Ana returning to her family in Heywood and taking Vic with her. She had minimal contact with Jack until Ana was killed in a hit-and-run incident in Heywood in 2069. Jack was later zeroed by Arasaka in 2070 after the corporation discovered he had been leaking intel to Night Corp. 
Children: None
Significant other: Goro Takemura
Pet(s): Nibbles (and about three other stray cats the pair unintentionally adopt during their ‘retirement’) 
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praycherry · 10 hours ago
yandere picrew chain! make yourself & your darling using this picrew & tag a few people if you want ♡
Tumblr media
tagging: @fuwa-fuwa-yandere @sakurababy @sakuradere @littleprincekitten @bloodmoonmars @yanderecave @nyanderevibes @deadcatboys @prvttycrvvpy @stalkerdom and anyone else who’d like to join in!
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gojosattoru · 20 hours ago
I was tagges by Clio @chuu-osamus Amina @rubydragon16 and Lisette @itadorii-yuuji Thank you so much for mention me on these lovely tags I absolutely missed doing these and I had a lot of fun xD So here we go!!
Build your own Ghibli movie based on your height, birthday, favorite color, and zodiac!! PICTURES ON HERE!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
How I would like to be!! Bellow!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I tag @okkotsu-yuutas​ @hanae-ichihara​ @karura​ @mazusu​ @kiroz​ @manjiroarchiviste​ @mafuyuh​ @zenzenzence​ @kyaa-a​ @seishue​ @upperrankthree​ @gizaoyas​ @krshima​ @ta-keigo​ @kyosehaiji​ @zuura​ @kyojuuros​ @okkottsus​ @honeymeh​ @stormbreaker​ @tokugou​ @jaegerists​
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hannahbee12719 · a day ago
🎶Music Shuffle Tag🎶
You can usually tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Put your favorite playlist on shuffle and list the first ten songs and tag ten people whoever you want! No skipping!
I was tagged by @reliablemitten. Thank you for the tag you wonderful, talented human! Also, I will join your fight for anyone who puts Serendipity down 🤺 Serendipity is superior 😌
I, too, am using screenshots not only because it’s easier, but it also proves I didn’t cheat lol. I used my playlist ‘Hannah’s Faves’ and I think this shuffle did a pretty good job at covering everything, though it’s missing the show tunes 😂
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tagging (absolutely no pressure though): @seokjinger-ale, @jikooknoona, @cutechim, @yeontan-my-love, and anyone else who wants to! (If we’re mutuals and you like tag games like this, let me know!)
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