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sexuality headcannon: bisexual king

favorite ship(s): buddie

brotp: eddie and chimney

notp: don’t really have one for him tbh

a random headcannon: he keeps a stuffed grizzly bear from his childhood on his dresser. also he may suck at cooking but he can make really good cinnamon oatmeal muffins. chris brings them to school sometimes for his class

general opinion: he is a lovely person who deserves to be happy

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I love you I love you I love you ♥️

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becca ur a sadist im YELLING

1. teddy wells 
2. jughead jones
3. lucas scott

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sexuality headcannon: she’s a lesbian

favorite ship(s): henren ✨they✨

brotp: hen and chimney or hen and buck

notp: anyone that’s not her wife tbh but particularly hen and eva

a random headcannon: hen is really good at pottery and she uses it to destress after work

general opinion: i love her so much i would give her a smooch

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i don’t know anyone on tumblr, wanna be my friend ? 👉👈

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and my isnt red such a gorgeous color on your gorgeous face ;00

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I really appreciate my followers and mutuals. Thank you for supporting this blog and seeing amazing content. I read your replies and messages. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You can keep supporting me through donations since I’m going through some tough times. I really appreciate the help!
Cashapp $oneshotolive

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it doesnt have to be the end all be all of literature or nothin, you just have to worry about it being enjoyable, which it most certainly is ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

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awwww asfkhsjsksh thank you!!! 💕 to be fair i sometimes do get bitter but don’t we all?

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me, hearing things about toxic stans in fandom: oh god i hope that’s not me

*suddenly remembers that i’m also so afraid of annoying people that i put most my reblog into drafts so i don’t flood my mutuals’ dashes”

me, reconsidering: oh… nevermind….

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LITERALLYYYY god this is SO embarrassing for dean. Forget nip slip he sees collarbone and is like haha guys I’m feeling lightheaded wonder what that could be from. Repressed little man

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Dean’s brain was operating FULLY on horny mode then like I’m fully convinced that if casifer had just like. Taken off his shirt. Maybe even just unbuttoned it a bit. We would’ve gotten dean.exe has stopped working and casifer could’ve done anything he wanted

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its fine if ur tipsy right now bcs guess what??? so is ya gal jords so lets buckle ourselves in n take a ride downtown towards serenade u avenue.

annie!! where to even begin, huh?? ur truly a blessing to have here n u make my experience on this site a dream. our interaction are full of love bcs u really do have the biggest heart. i look forward to speaking to u, my serotonin levels sky rocket n u make my heart go boom boom boom. to what did i ever do to have someone as beautiful as u interact w lil old me, huh?? the starts certainly aligned in all the right ways. u have a kind soul, incredibly adorable n warm hearted. ur an honour to be with here n yoongs would be utterly stunned by u in every way. also ur post about totally blocking out the existence of men bcs of bts can i just get a hell yeah for that 👀 i love u immensely n endlessly. u my love, im asking for ur hand in marriage <333333

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thank you!! sorry i’m so bad at checking my notifications.

7. What fic of yours makes you the most emotional?

oooh, this is a tough one. it’s either my donna troy fic about the titans breakup (of my new stuff) or definitely a few certain chapters in my humongous delena fic i wrote ages ago, because some of those chapters were OOF.

20. What story that you have written makes you the happiest to re-read?

the ones i’ve finished, haha?? that’s rough. it depends on my mood, but also in general i like re-reading any of them that were well received because then not only do i like it, i get validation that others do too. that being said… i have no idea. Some of my Roswell and Shadowhunter one-shots are fun. the huge human!Delena one isn’t my favorite now that my ships have changed so drastically post the show. the titans and magicians ones are okay… my very first dair fic was great? Oof. 

………………………………..To be honest, even though I will never ever publish any of it, the one that makes me happiest and most nostalgic is probably my Harry Potter marauders self insert fic.

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Aragon: Denée Benton

Boleyn: Brittain Ashford

Seymour: Lauren Marcus

Cleves: Molly Gordon

Howard: Eva Noblezada

Parr: Elizabeth Judd

Aragon/Howard alt: Felicia Boswell

Boleyn/Cleves alt: Kim Blanck

Seymour/Parr alt: Ciara Renée

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omg, thank you! just saw this

3.  What is something you LOVE to do?

–write and/or waste my life between tumblr and tiktok

14. Do you have or want any tattoos or piercings?

–I have two tattoos and want more, i’m not big on piercings

48. What is one thing no one knows about you?

–well if I told you then people would know? lol

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Stalk kita agad HAHAHAGAG

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good question, i watched it with my sister LMAO so idk. i wanna rewatch but these days i’m busier with something else and i haven’t even played any second of any movie yet. though i should, because i might get inspired to write, since i didn’t do it at all and i have like idk, 9 fics to finish till summer 💀 also omg ginny and georgia, what is it about + what genre is it?

also i hope your day’s been well uwu

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