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oh gosh im s o b b i n g AKSJSKS katie pretend i sent like twenty of these back to you bcs i dont want to end up literally spamming your inbox ily

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Hey there soulmate!! <3 Actually, none of these have been asked! (I think it’s the soulmateism how do you do it)

2. what fandoms were you apart of that you aren’t any longer?

Hmm, maybe Miraculous Ladybug? I watched it around 2015 and got into it  for a while then never came back for the next seasons lol. I heard there are now competitors against the love square (Kagami and Luka?) but I don’t know much about that anymore lol

15. does it bother you if a character shares the same name of someone you know well?

I mean if it’s common to begin with (like Rebecca from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Nico from ML, Connie from SU), then no? If the person is more likely to be named after the character (Katara, Yue, Hermione, Katniss), then well, yeah I’d be a bit bothered haha since I associate those names more with the character than with … an actual human

20. name a song that reminds you heavily of a specific fandom or character

Warrior by Demi Lovato for Katara in The Southern Raiders. I thought it was so fitting, I even wrote a songfic (never posted) for it a long time ago lol. Ok but please hear me out:

There’s a part of me I can’t get back
A little girl grew up too fast
All it took was once, I’ll never be the same

I’m a warrior
And you can never hurt me again

And that’s just a snippet! The entire song is fitting tbh

20 fandom ask memes 

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Hey Sarah!! <33

9. do you like prequels

Answered here

12. if you could change one ending to a book/show/game/etc., what would you change about it?

For ATLA, I would modify the end a bit to add some Gaang post-war reunion scenes (and yes, a Kataang reunion so we have a smoother lead up to the kiss at the end)

17. are there any tropes you wished were used less often?

Answered here

20 fandom ask memes

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I’d say it’s less of a bottomless abyss and more a barren wasteland where it rains like once or twice a year and we just thank god for the occasional shower that is Lino’s killer smirk yknow?

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Oh my god this has no rights to be so funny 😂 that poor dog, he looks like the grinch getting ready to steal Christmas 😂

I’m good, desperately trying to get uni work finished because I did nothing yesterday 😂 luckily all my lectures are prerecorded so I can do them at any time during the week! If I had online classes I would definitely have to turn my camera off for that meme 😂

This week is already going to be hectic because I’ve got to pack my room up to move home (my contract doesn’t cover me for the winter break so everything has got to come home with me for the month!) we also come out of lockdown in England tomorrow so I’m hoping to go into town to do some shopping before I go home!

Réka’s secret santa celebration started today as well so that’s been fun!! I wonder if you’re taking part?

And finally….how are you? Hope you’re having a fab day my love! <3

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