mariautistic · a day ago
girl are you from tennessee because. theres a lot of pretty people in tennessee
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mattmaesonnatural · 2 days ago
For real they are sick for this.
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(X) (X) (X)
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etherealwanderer · 2 days ago
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The perfect picture doesn't exi-
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kjosi · 2 days ago
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reblog to give him all the cookie cronch he wants and DESERVES
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ambafaerie · a day ago
Obsessed with the single braincell the Forger family share and the fact it is the Bond, the family dog holding it most of the time.
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fightzclub · 2 days ago
To the tone-deaf and insensitive Jerin fans:
At the end of the day Erin and James are just characters but the troubles were a real actual event,
The Good Friday agreement actually happen. The clips we saw in the show of the blood, gore, fires, reporters, showing clips of the troubles. (correct me if I’m wrong but all the news footage shown was real footage taken from old new reports)
I don’t care if Erin and James are your kins or comfort characters complaining about how they didnt “become end game” (they are the writer confirmed it) in the final seconds of the show doesn’t matter and comes off as highly tone deaf and disrespectful to the real atrocities that happened in NI due to the troubles.
What matters is the story we were told, that so many British people, people from USA, canada, all over the world finally learned about the troubles. What happened, what they were.
I am a going to echo again; we saw clips of the troubles; blood, injuries, fires. The tragedy. The atrocities. The sadness and horror the troubles brought to NI. 
We watched the show talk of peace we watched the characters worry and fight over the Good Friday Agreement (like people realistically did when it happened!)
To be focusing on your ship is down right disrespectful to an actual historical event.
That effected real life people who are alive today to tell their stories, their experiences of what it was like to grow up in the troubles.
So have some emotionally maturity.
This show was never about ships, or romance, it was about NI during the the troubles.
It sent a loud and clear message. An important message.
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mcrsreturn · 17 hours ago
us clowns: finally we'll get hd videos!!
the videos:
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primalriddle · a day ago
I've been taking clips as batman unburied releases and saw someone else post something like this so I knew what I had to do
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lundgaard · 5 hours ago
when he says "we turned it around in the end" he does understand hes only here bc charles engine said sayonara and his teammate was told to let him thru twice right. like he does know that yeah
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boiling-files · 13 hours ago
I want to see this fanbase bigger than it’s ever been once the show officially ends, I’m talking cosplay meet ups, online discussions about theories and character development, people spreading fanart and fanfic!
I want this to be the biggest go out with a bang ever. I want Disney to know they fucked up but most of all I want The Owl Crew to know we all love and appreciate their work and how much they’ve fought for this show to happen.
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stanfordsweater · a day ago
looking at this art from the spn comics and i--
Tumblr media
young sam wearing a beat up USMC hoodie... united states marine corps... one of john’s old sweaters that survived the fire? something john surreptitiously dug out of an old lost and found bin at a community center they passed through? a sweater they found at a thrift store, john pausing for a second, and throwing in their cart?
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pankracy · 2 days ago
I’m not sure what the best scene in castlevania is, but sypha teleporting dracula’s castle and accidentally flooding it with holy water while there’s a coup against dracula going on which ends with carmilla and hector being left behind after they jump around to avoid the water, with carmilla saying “what the fuck just happened” in stunned disbelief is definitely somewhere in the top
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thespackster · 13 hours ago
gonna make it abundantly clear.
this blog isn't safe for pedophiles/proship, racists, acephobes, transphobes, homophobes, and zoophiles.
i browse tags a lot and do my best to background check the folks i rb from. but im not perfect and can miss things so if i reblog from any folks like this. feel free to send me an ask or message.
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bluuscreen · a day ago
i hope scott morrison explodes
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ambafaerie · 2 days ago
In the same day Geto went from telling a crowd of sorcerers “Let us curse each other freely.” to saying his final words “At least curse me a little bit in the end.” to only one person, Gojo, his one and only best friend.
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napsapnapsap · 2 days ago
spread legs spread happiness
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mcrsreturn · a day ago
they are touring the world together again...... do you think they stay up til 5am making new music in the back of the bus
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kiesapphic · 22 hours ago
actually the funniest possible endgame couple in riverdale would be if they just did jopaz again
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roseduelists · 17 hours ago
oohhgghhhh my god they have to stop doing this to her
Tumblr media
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boiling-files · a day ago
if Hunter dyes his hair red like I’ve seen people talking about. I want it to come out a few shades lighter than he wants it to, and Luz looks at him and then Eda and then starts coming up with random theories about the uncanny resemblance.
“I sense a found family dynamic!”
“We look nothing alike!”
“I’ve literally never seen anyone with that hairline besides you and the rest of Eda’s relatives.”
“Ok aND?”
or it happens right before Eda and Raine meet up officially again and Hunter is just in the background trying to be cool and Raine just points him out and says something like:
“I knew you had kids but I didn’t know you had ones that were of your blood.”
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