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i hate ao3. why are you crossposting like 5 different tags bc one or two characters who appear in a thing are in One chapter of ur fucking self insert romance with the genocidal cult leaders. like. is it really the fucking wave. to do this. over One minor character from My game. you bastard. you rat fuck. im gonna Kill you.

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IF I ever release a short story collection it’s going to be called Torch Songs and Murder Ballads like tell me that title doesn’t rip

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conversations w/ my dad about my hair always go like “i wonder if i should cut my hair even shorter or maybe even shave it” and him replying with “it’s your choice but i think you should grow it out like you can do what you want but i think you looked best when your hair was at chin length of course you don’t have to do it but i think growing it out would be for the best consider it haha”

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Sagiri is probably the most me in jigokuraku

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read the wikipedia summary of dolor y gloria which is nigh on incomprehensible, as all almodóvar summaries are, but it appears that there might not be any rape in that one. it took this man like 45 years of making movies to get past that one!

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anyway there’s nothing more incredible than hearing a song that you used to share with someone who meant a lot and who is no longer in your life, and thinking the song is about to nerf you, but instead you feel a sudden sense of calm and the incredible clarity of realising that you lost somebody you once thought you would die without, but you’re still here, and you were ok, and you are ok, and it’s all ok.

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