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#my chem

I “smoked” my first, (and only, lol), cigarrette ever when I was 11 years old and I did it with my ear. I kinda feel ike that’s the killjoyest thing I’ve ever done.

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It’s awesome, I put some pillows in here and took a poster board and started pinning stuff up on it (So far we have the mcr logo, a picture of me that I took with my polaroid, and a business card to the comic book shop closest to my house, but at the top it says “The Closet” with letters cut out from magazines)

I also hung my Green Day sweatshirt off to the left side of the closet. I have a high bar in here and a low one, I hang all my clothes on the high one but I keep the Green Day hoodie on the low one within reach of me when I’m sitting at the bottom.

I’ll be able to sing and play guitar and cry and read and listen to music and draw in here!

My b-day is coming up so I’ll ask for some band posters to put in here or whatever.

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pov: you just opened tumblr to find mcdonalds acknowledging unholyverse ?????

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If the black parade doesn’t come for me then I’m not dying I refuse

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cubicles by my chemical romance is an incel song

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i wish i knew how to draw people because i had the idea of redrawing a 10 minute power hour screenshot as gerard & ray and now it won’t get out of my goddamn brain

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ok i’m drunk and stupid and can’t remember the exact association between mcr and the phrase “unleash the bats” someone PLEASE help me .

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When my queue jumps from I’m Not Okay (I Promise) to The Light Behind Your Eyes:

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i was talking with my 12-year old cousin about our names always being mispronounced by teachers, and she said that she had a classmate named helena, whose name always got mispronounced as well. helena, as in the same pronunciation as the song. a 12 year old, born in about 2008-ish. and of course my immediate thought was “her parents had to be my chem stans”

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