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nodgart21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Happy Birthday Harry 馃巶
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hogwartshousefriends6 hours ago
Hufflepuff: I鈥檓 the nicest person of the Houses. There was a vote.
Hufflepuff: I got a sash.
Ravenclaw: *wearing a sash* I鈥檓 the weirdest person of the Houses.
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mischiefhasbeenmanaged5 hours ago
Andromeda: *knocking on Ted鈥檚 door*
Ted: *opening the door and hugging her* I can鈥檛 believe you finally left them
Sirius: Phew. It was rough-
Ted: What the hell? Why he is here?!
Andromeda: Ted-
Sirius: There鈥檚 a BOGO sale right now in the Black family
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incorrectly-mischievous8 hours ago
Sirius: Is this how you imagined your life would go?
Remus: Yes. But then again, I was a very depressed child
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emmesse96reborn8 hours ago
It's okay, don't apologize. Actually i didn't ask for explicit art. I just really wanted a cute and family scene. No detailed picture of breastfeeding. It's okay, anyway, I'll be glad if you decide to draw this plot. But if you are uncomfortable, I by no means require it. The main thing is that you yourself like what you do. And I'm sorry to disturb you again. I don't have any more special requests, but I would be glad to pregnant Draco. Thank you for the answer! Best wishes馃槉馃挄
Tumblr media
Hello hello
Sorry aGAIN for the delay, I had such a huge art block BHBHHBBH, thank you for this other request and sorry again, hope you鈥檒l like it 馃ズ
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mischiefhasbeenmanaged12 hours ago
Marauders: *playing Monopoly*
Sirius: This game makes no sense
Remus: You鈥檙e just mad because you鈥檙e losing
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omg-imatotalmess7 hours ago
Speed Demon
Hey guys! So, our new anon, Peach anon, sent me an absolutely god-tier idea, and I got a little out of control thinking about it. Thank them for this messy little thing. Hope y'all enjoy!
Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader
Requested: No but based on an ask
The ask: hi i found ur blog recently and i LOVE your work and wanted to shower u with love and affection <3 <3 <3 and maybe also... a headcanon?? anyways roadtrip with boys are so fun to imagine like i have this hc that draco is such a nervous wreck in cars and it translates into passenger driver ("careful, careful!! that semi is switching lanes!" "draco i am sIX CARS BEhiND IT") nfdjhgjs anyways imagine getting so fed up you just reach over (1/2 peach anon claiming peach right now its MINE :D )
(2/2) and start palming at his cock switching btwn just resting ur hand on him and making him try to fuck up into you fist he'd be grabbing the little handle above the door and finally shut up literally the second after you let him come though it's like four seconds of happy peaceful silence and then its "love, steady, you're speeding a bit" anyways ty for doing all that you do ilysm :)
Warnings: Smut, hand jobs, don't jerk someone off while you drive, mild cum eating, sub!draco, dom!reader, swearing(?)
The muted drone of the weatherman on the radio filled the near silence of the car. Draco didn't ever talk much when you drove. For a man that enjoyed taking road trips as much as he claimed to, he certainly didn't like being in the car. You didn't mind much, though. You were just happy to spend the time alone with him. Even if the only time he broke the silence was to yell about your driving, which, to be fair, was often enough.
"Slow down! Why are you so insistent upon getting us killed?" Draco snapped, digging his fingernails into the seat.
"Draco, my love, my sweet, I'm already going under the speed limit. Try to relax a little," you said. The huff from your passenger seat reminded you why everyone had insisted that you and Draco take your own car. No one else could put up with him. Especially not with the kind of amusement you could.
"I'll relax when you stop trying to kill us," he said. But, then again, even you had your limits.
"Do you want some help, love?" you asked.
"Help? What do you mean help?" Without looking at him, you lifted your hand from the wheel, resting it lightly on his thigh. You gave it a firm squeeze. Though he didn't say anything, you found yourself enjoying watching him squirm in your peripheral vision.
"You know, help," you said cheerfully.
"You're driving," he hissed.
"You don't seem to mind much," you teased, laying your hand over his slowly hardening cock.
"Watch the road!" he snapped as a truck switched lanes several cars ahead of you. Despite his command, he bucked his hips up, grinding into your palm with no shame. You smiled. Draco could be so stubborn when he wanted to be. No matter how badly he wanted this, he'd probably just keep complaining about your driving until he couldn't anymore.
"I am," you said.
"What if you-ah-get distracted?" he asked.
"I'm just letting you use my hand. Keep it down and you won't bother me," you laughed.
"But what if--oh," he cut himself off with a groan as you popped the button of his pants and snaked your hand underneath.
"Shhh, just enjoy yourself, baby boy," you soothed, grinding the heel of your hand gently against the head of his cock. The whiny moan that reverberated throughout the car made you strain to keep your eyes on the road. You would have loved to see the face he was making just then, but you told him you wouldn't get distracted. Instead, you settled for rubbing him teasingly just to make him squirm.
"(Y/N)," he groaned.
"Hmm?" you hummed.
"Please, what? Tell me what you want," you said, glancing over your shoulder as you switched lanes.
"I want more," he muttered.
"I thought you wanted me to concentrate on the road," you teased. With a groan of frustration, he rolled his hips into your barely moving hand.
"(Y/N), take pity on me. I'm already in this screaming death trap," he whined. You laughed, giving him a rough squeeze through his underwear. A choked groan told you all you needed to know. All he wanted was attention. That was likely why he'd been complaining so much in the first place.
"Alright, alright. Take your cock out for me then, baby," you said.
After a second of shuffling, you felt him push himself into your waiting hand. It never took much to work him up, and you were grateful for it. You loved seeing him hot and leaking for you pretty much as soon as you started playing with him. Swiping your thumb over the slit, you smiled as the wetness there smeared with your touch. He bucked impatiently at the soft attention. It wasn't what he wanted. Pulling your hand away for a second, you spat into it before beginning to jack him at a torturous pace. It wasn't a substitute for lube, but Draco didn't seem to mind any.
A quick glance at your passenger told you that he was just enjoying the sensation. He could have been anywhere for all he seemed to care. It was almost like he'd forgotten about the car entirely. One pale hand gripped the seat under him while the other grabbed the handle over his head to steady him as he thrust into your hand. Like a man unhinged, he drove up into the tight circle of your fist practically unassisted. You doubt he really minded the lack of real lube.
"That's a good boy," you praised, switching back into the other lane. "I bet you feel so much better now that you have something to keep you busy."
"Yes! So much better!" he moaned.
"I know being my good boy always helps you relax," you said. The car in front of you swerved and cut off the guy in the other lane, who blared his horn. You slowed slightly, glaring at them.
"Always! Love being your good boy." Draco's voice was so earnest and sweet, all pitched up like that.
"And you are such a good boy, Draco," you said.
Little punched-out noises rippled through the car, overpowering the drone of the radio station you'd been listening to earlier. Honestly, you preferred them. Any sweet, pathetic little sound Draco made was infinitely more interesting than any news guy on the radio. Hips pounding into your hand, Draco tipped his head back against the headrest with the most desperate wine you'd heard in a while. You shivered, cutting your eyes away from the road to steal a glance at him in all his strung-out, desperate beauty.
And you weren't disappointed. His usually pale skin was flushed a bright pink, eyes lidded and more focused on you than anything else, and his bottom lip caught between his teeth in an unsuccessful attempt to quiet himself. A real thing of beauty. Your sweet, pretty boy Draco. Twisting your hand over the head of his cock, you relished in that fact for a moment.
"If you keep looking at me like that, I'd be half tempted to pull over and fuck you properly in the back seat," you said.
"Please," Draco begged breathily, slamming his hips up erratically.
"Don't tempt me, baby boy. We're on a schedule," you said. Though, it really was a charming idea.
"(Y/N), please. I don't care about being late. Want you to fuck me," he whined.
"You say that now," you laughed.
"Please, I'll be so good," he whined.
"If you can cum from my hand now, Draco, I'll keep you so well fucked on a this trip you won't remember anything but me," you said, an alluring promise coloring your voice.
"Yes, yes! Want that! Wanna cum for you so much," he babbled. Arching his back against the seat, he drove his cock into your hand with renewed desperation.
"Are you close? You wanna a good boy and cum for me?" you purred. The car in front of you stopped short, but Draco didn't even seem to notice that you'd jerked to a stop. He just gripped the handle above him and whined for you.
"Wanna be a good boy. Please, I wanna cum," he cried. Looking over, you noticed the tears gathering at the corners of his eyes. You smiled gently at him.
"Oh, Dray, you've been so good," you said. His mouth dropped open into a soft cry as his hips completely lost rhythm. "Go ahead, baby boy. Cum for me."
Draco's hips stuttered, once, twice, and by the third time, he was cumming all over your hand. His eyes screwed shut, and a pitchy cry of your name left his lips as he shook in your grasp. And you just worked him through it. Pumping him gently while he whimpered through the aftershocks. You didn't stop until his thighs shook so hard you could feel the car move. Then, finally, you pulled your hand away and lifted it to his mouth.
"Clean up your mess, baby boy," you said.
"Yes, (Y/N)," he said tiredly, sticking his tongue out. Pressing your fingers against it, you let him lick your hand clean of his own cum until you were satisfied. You two had started moving again by the time he finally came around enough to really talk to you.
"How do you feel, Dray?" you asked. He gave you a sleepy smile.
"Like you need to slow down. You're speeding," he said.
"I'm not speeding," you said. You were, in fact, speeding a little.
"Don't think that just because I just had the best orgasm of my life that I don't remember you drive like a demon," he said. Shaking your head, you laughed in disbelief.
"Only you could complain after having the best orgasm of your life," you sighed.
"I thought you loved that about me," he said. "You're still speeding."
"Maybe I should have pulled over," you said, rolling your eyes. Well, it had been nice while it lasted. And Draco was right. Kinda. You did love him, even if you wouldn't exactly say you loved his complaining.
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allarica12 hours ago
Tumblr media
鈥淥ne person can't feel all that at once, they'd explode."聽
- Even More Out Of Context Harry Potter Quotes聽
Thank you so much to @evaundertale for commissioning me! This was inspired by a hogsmeade date scene from The Best by say_no_more on AO3. (also alternate version under the cut!)
Commissions are open! || Support me on Patreon
Prints on RedBubble || Follow me on Instagram (where I鈥檓 more active!)
Tumblr media
Slytherin!Cedric Surprise
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emmesse96reborn7 hours ago
hi, love your art! if you're still taking requests maybe one where harry steals dracos shirt or sweater or sum and dracos trying to be like 馃槕 but is more like 馃槼 if that makes sense
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Helloooo, thank you sm 馃ズ
Hope you鈥檒l find this piece n0izeee too 馃槀鈾ワ笍馃槀鈾ワ笍馃槀
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hogwartshousefriends12 hours ago
Hufflepuff: What the hell is wrong with you?! You don鈥檛 just go around shooting people like that?
Gryffindor: Relax, it鈥檚 just a shoulder hit! I can aim!
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mischiefhasbeenmanaged14 hours ago
Narcissa: *knocking on Sirius鈥 door*
Sirius: Who is it?
Narcissa: It鈥檚 your favorite cousin
Sirius: *confused* Andromeda?
Narcissa: No, silly. It鈥檚 Narcissa!
Sirius: *locking his door and walking away*
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tamaha7 hours ago
Percy always has cold hands and Oliver always has warm hands.
In winter Oliver would warm poor freezing Percy whenever they had to go outside for class.
That's how they started holding hands long before they started dating. And it felt very naturally when they started holding hands casually and not only for warmth.
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incorrectharmionequotes12 hours ago
Ron: Ginny just found out about Hermione and Harry
Ginny: I think it鈥檚 great! For Harry. Hermione could do better
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mischiefhasbeenmanaged7 hours ago
Sirius: *cuddling with James in the common room while taking a nap*
James: *waking up from nap* Wow, that was the best nap-
Marlene: *clearing her throat*
James: *looking up to see Marlene, Lily, Remus and Peter staring at them*
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