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unless someone is your responsibility (say a child) there is no should, you get to choose who’s most important to you and i’d say choosing people who actually treat you and others well is a good thing. cultural norms and expectations aren’t good simply by existing, they’re mostly there to serve the status quo.

you can’t change anyone else and you’re allowed to have boundaries, depending on circumstances those can be easier or more difficult to enforce (i don’t think it’s a coincidence that bill weasley got a job that had him working in egypt for at least a few years after graduation).

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Sirius: [knocking on the door to a broom closet]

Ted: One minute! Be right out!

[five minutes later]

Ted: [walking out with Andromeda hiding behind him]

Ted: Sorry we didn’t realize there..was a line

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~Texts between Remus and Sirius~

Remus: Call me right now!

Sirius: I can’t find my phone!!!


Remus: Bloody hell I’m dating a idiot

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Sometimes I see fandom posts with 9k notes and I’m like woah, I get 20 likes in one of mine and I’m already poppin’ the champagne, y’know what I’m sayin’

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I really want Fleur to rail me :(

  1. Lingerie - idk if this is a kink and I don’t really care because you cannot convince me that Fleur doesn’t like buying you and her the prettiest matching lingerie and both of you just parading it around the house and then eventually pulling it off each other
  2. Blindfolds - she thinks they’re very sexy and loves the uncertainty of it and how it makes you even more sensitive and reactive to her touch. She definitely prefers if you wear them but I feel like she would like to try it once
  3. Bondage - I don’t feel like she would like intense bondage because she likes when your body writhes and your hips buck, but sometimes if you’re being especially whiny she will tie your hands together or tie them to the bed.
  4. Praise - she loves to praise you and she loves hyping you up and she knows exactly what to say to you to make you feel amazing and confident and she loves when you’re confident because it makes everything so much more enjoyable
  5. Temperature play - idk why but I keep thinking this, I feel like she would having ice on her tongue and would drag it down your body to see you shiver. Idk I just feel like it is something that she would definitely love to experiment with
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i like the idea of him being a professor, either in canon universe or like a modern au! or even like a cool mercany or hitman would be really cool

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Do you have any idea how inappropriate this is?
Yes. We would definitely break a lot of rules.
and will you go through with this?
Absolutely !!!
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Interesting! I unfortunately don’t have any relevant fandom stats or personal insights into this kind of AU (I skimmed the Harry/Voldemort Fanlore page, but didn’t immediately find this trope). I’ll throw it to my readers, though – can any of you shed light on how this sort of AU came to be, whether it’s gotten more popular over time, or any other relevant info?

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i have theory that after ww2 wizards went into a much more intense hiding from muggles. Instead of hiding amongst muggles they begin to live entirely separated. And with this separation there was a rebirth of “classical” wizard culture. Which would explain the fashion and the relative confusion about muggle culture during Harry’s time that didn’t occur in Fantastic Beast’s.  I also believe that due to magic messing with and supplementing things like light bulbs (which were very finicky at first introduction even for muggles), telegrams, automoblies etc technological innovation in wizarding communities had already began to stagnate and thus there was no need to exchange with the muggle community which would have more apt to innovate this way. In this essay I will

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You are the true master of death, because the true master does not seek to run away from Death. He accepts that he must die, and understands that there are far, far worse things in the living world than dying.

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Originally posted by vaishalipawar7

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Remus🥺Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/credit to the original owners.)

-Rushing to cover him up in a blanket to keep warm before ushering him into your room or any close quarters where you can both be together, making him relieved to see you

-Preparing him a warm bath and helping him clean up, taking care to wash his hair properly and finally letting him relax from what had just happened, only for him to be bold at times and ask you to join in with him

-Patching up any new scars and injuries, to make sure he’s fine, making him apologize for giving you so much work to do and needing you to reassure him that it’s fine and that it’s your pleasure to take care of him

-Getting him some warm clothes for him to wear and making some hot cocoa to comfort him, pleasantly surprising him and making him smile as he express how thankful he is to have you after it all

-Preparing him dinner and making it special by making his favorites, only for him to sometimes want you to spoon feed him as he insists he’d too tired to eat on his own and you doing so to make him happy

-Asking if he’d like to cuddle as to help him rest and relax, only for him to hesitate at times before growing more and more comfortable with it and actually wanting it as he’d gladly accept your offer

-Him loving that you’d stay with him for the rest of the evening/day to keep him company and keep his mind off of his transformation, gladly picking up on any activities you guys can both do together

-Him unable to stop himself from wanting a bit more of your affection when he feels down from it, asking you to cuddle him and gladly accepting your kisses

-Him insisting it’s too cold and covering you in the blanket with him and wanting you all to himself, at times being brave enough and growing needy of you as he’d want more and would want to take it soft and slow

-Him being relieved to have you all to himself after these transformations, feeling less lonely and knowing that no matter what you’re there for him

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Harry Potter where everything is the same except Aurther Weasley is John Cena

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Marlene: [about Sirius] he told me he would love me forever and he left me! [throwing water at Sirius]

Remus: he told me he would run away with me! [throwing water at Sirius]

Sirius: [blinking]

James: YOU LEFT THE TOILET SEAT UP YOU BASTARD [throwing a jug of water at him]

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yeah let’s do it! i lost the original post so i had to dig through my ask game tag, but i found it!! here we go, why not for both? because these 2 are tied for my second favorite hp ship right after tomarry


a) do i ship it: absolutely!!

b) why i do ship it: well first of all, it’s hella angsty, AND my favorite ship dynamic - allies to friends to lovers to enemies to enemies-while-lovers. aka, the whole crazy drama mish-mash. the i truly love the “i-can’t-fight-him” dynamic and eventual breaking point that goes on in the FB series, but my favorite aspect of this has always been the summer of 1899 shit. the buildup. the fallout. the tension of albus not being all in–or in some fics, being all in for their grand plans and then realizing that he’s being a shitty, racist person, and having to come to terms with that. it’s just :chefkiss: so heartbreaking. poor albus. and i love angst.

c) what makes it toxic: i suppose because it’s been endorsed in such an odd and uncomfortable way from [redacted], whose shipping opinions we can’t really trust (or trust in any regard because she’s a terf). also the fact that grindelwald is a muggle hater and a wizard supremacist, so you know. that’s pretty problematic. but it’s never been about saying he’s been a good person, or that their relationship is healthy. it’s so fucked up and i love it.

d) what makes it ship-worthy: all of what i said in part b basically! i know this *could* become canon, also, but i don’t think it will. i don’t consider what [redacted] says as canon, i rely only on source material, so it’s not canon to me as of now, but i guess if you’re someone who ships based on hoping for something to be canon, there’s that. this is never my reason for shipping things, but if you do, come get your queerbaiting juice! okay, that was mean. i was personally offended by that joke. but w h a t e v e r XD


a) do i ship it: yessss.

b) why i do: god. this dynamic. there are SO many directions you can go in. while i’ve written darker, angstier, and smuttier stuff for them before, i actually prefer the complete opposite of what i love about the grindeldore dynamic - aka, i love the fluff and cuteness that is their childhood friendship and then potential romance during the marauder’s era. i just want them to be happy. and yes, it is true that the chapter “the prince’s tale” breaks me every time i read it.

c) what makes it toxic: basically the same thing as grindeldore but on a less grand scale. although with snape, it’s different than grindelwald, because while grindelwald is a pureblood from a privileged background and is basically the wizarding version of hitler, snape is from a poor family, is a half-blood with internalized racism [against himself], and genuinely a caring person. while he can lie and spy, he does so for love, and is never manipulative like grindelwald. so i kinda don’t see this as really toxic. i mean, i guess it is when snape calls lily a mudblood, that’s obviously terrible, but i think that says more about the crowd he’s been forced to fall into as a Slytherin during the rise of Voldemort than his actual beliefs. after all, he’s a half blood.

d) what makes it ship-worthy: aside from the fluffy aspect of their childhood and time at Hogwarts, there’s also post-lily’s death opportunities to explore, as well as the time in-between when there’s a love-hate dynamic potential, as well as AUs. like i said, i’m not really into that sort of stuff, but it’s certainly there and very angsty and dramatic!!

so wow. thanks for the ask! i guess i really love the opposite aspects of these two ships, even though they’re my favorites!

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