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Snape’s plaque in the Hogwarts Memorial Garden be like
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yendts · a day ago
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wolfstar and jily w/ baby harry sketches from my patreon❤️
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Repeat after me:
There 👏 is 👏 no 👏 evidence 👏 that 👏 Snape 👏 ever 👏 had 👏 romantic 👏 feelings 👏 for 👏 Lily 👏 and 👏 even 👏 if 👏 he 👏 did 👏 that 👏 does 👏 not 👏 necessarily 👏 mean 👏 it 👏 was 👏 sexual 👏 so 👏 stop 👏 making 👏 shit 👏 up 👏
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Estoy anonadado
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honey and lavender — t.n.
pairing: academic rival!theo nott x reader
warning(s): cursing
summary: your academic rival Theo smells you in his Amortentia. [modern au]
word count: 2.2k
requested: yes/no
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Theo always tried his hardest to outperform you when it came to grades. That is why you gave it your all in this particular class, potions class, which was your only weakness. You had to get a better grade than him. You couldn’t stand his bragging anymore. Someone needed to put him in his place and it had to be you, as you were the only one capable of getting better grades than him.
This rivalry has existed for years. Theo had always been top of the class, but that all changed when you transferred to Hogwarts a few years ago, to his great annoyance. You excelled him in practically every subject, gaining popularity among your classmates who were sick of Theo's constant bragging and show-offs. They were more than pleased that there was another student, someone far more likeable than Theo, who was able to put him in his place.
You entered the classroom, feeling motivated for potions class, as today’s topic was to learn how to brew Amortentia. The classroom gradually filled with students, the sounds of chatter filling the room. You placed your belongings on the table as Theo sat down in front of you, making you groan in irritation, feeling far too tired for him at this hour.
"Good luck y/n, I'm sure you need it" Theo snickered as you rolled your eyes at him. He had always been condescending to you, making insulting comments whenever he had the opportunity.
"Fuck off, Theo" you hissed back, your blood boiling
“No need to be angry at me, darling. Someone has to be top of the class, which, of course, is me” Theo gave you the most arrogant glance you’ve ever seen. Oh, how you wish you could have just punched him in the face right there and then.
Gathering the essentials for the love potion, you started with the Amortentia, but not without difficulty. You couldn’t seem to figure it out, causing you to feel extremely frustrated. You weren’t the only one struggling with the Amortentia today; Theo didn’t seem to understand it either, which made you feel better. After several failed attempts, Theo had finally made his love potion with the assistance of Draco who sat beside him.
Theo leaned into his cauldron and sniffed it, curious as to would smell like. "Why do I only smell honey and flowers in mine?" Theo questioned confusedly as your eyes widened, making you almost choke on your water. No fucking way. This was not happening. It couldn’t be. Theo turned around in confusion before his face shifted into utter shock when he noticed your honey and lavender-scented body mist placed on your table in front of you. Not long after, Draco noticed it as well, causing him to burst out laughing.
“No way this is happening” Draco exclaimed as Theo sat silently next to him with an annoyed expression on his face, causing Draco to laugh even harder. Your cheeks became significantly redder as you tried to hide your face in your school book, trying to avoid making the situation even more awkward.
After the, according to Theo, ‘ridiculous class’, Theo, Draco and Blaise sat in the common room where Draco amusingly explained what had happened, causing Blaise to look at Theo in disbelief. Everyone knew the two of you were rivals. It was obvious you despised each other and couldn’t endure being in the same room for more than five minutes.
“Just admit you like her, Nott” Draco nagged while Blaise struggled to hide his laughter.
“Fucking hell, how many more times do I have to tell you, I don’t like her! If it wasn’t obvious already, I fucking hate her” Theo snarled as he gathered his belongings and made his way out of the common room towards the library.
His head felt like it was spinning. How could he smell you in his Amortentia, out of all the people? It simply wasn’t possi-
“Ouch!” you shouted as you collided with Theo, knocking all your books to the ground. You hurriedly dropped to the floor to gather all your things while looking up at him with your dreamy eyes, causing time to stand still for a brief moment as he became lost in them.
“So, you’re gonna help me or what?” you snapped at him impatiently as he returned to reality.
“Yeah, sorry. I got it” he quickly apologised as he helped you with your stuff, surprising you with his unexpected kindness, which was not something you were used to. Little did you know that was the first time Theo realized just how beautiful and not-so-awful you really were.
It was finally time to let go of all your worries, school stress and other problems you had on your mind since there was a party being held, with all houses invited. You were chatting with your friends when you decided to refill your glass, making your way to the drinks. You were about to grab a bottle when you were startled by someone standing behind you, letting out a small squeal. You assumed it was one of your friends, but when you turned around it was Theo standing behind you, his face blank, always making it hard to read him.
“Kiss me” he whispered abruptly, almost making you gag on the drink you'd just sipped. Did you just hear that clearly? Theo fucking Nott asked you to kiss him?
“What!?” you yelled dumbfounded with a bewildered look on your face, stunned by the sudden inquiry. You stood frozen in front of him, attempting to comprehend what he just asked you to do.
“This girl won’t leave me alone and it’s really annoying. So, kiss me” you peeked over his shoulder and noticed a girl staring at the both of you intensely. He was fucking insane was all you could think at that moment, but honestly, you were too intoxicated to even care so you wrapped your arms around his neck, drew your head closer to his, looked into his blue eyes, and kissed him deeply as he did the same. You closed your eyes as you could feel Theo’s hands on your waist, his touch sending shivers down your spine. He didn’t taste particularly nice; you could mostly taste a mix of whiskey and cigarettes, but his lips were soft and he wasn’t as rough as you expected him to be.
After a few moments, the both of you were so engrossed in the kiss that you completely forgot the entire purpose of it, so you took a step back and noticed that the girl was no longer present, but people were staring at you with shocked expressions on their faces. You couldn’t blame them; it must be quite weird seeing the two biggest enemies of their school kissing in front of them out of nowhere.
The days after, you noticed a shift in Theo’s attitude. There were no more nasty remarks or deliberately knocking your drink over, but there was a lot of staring. Not the kind of staring with an arrogant look all over his face, which you were all too familiar with, but a rather inquisitive expression, following every movement you made, whatever that was.
Your scent in Theo’s Amortentia and the kiss were all you could think about for the past few days, although you weren’t sure what it meant. You were certain he absolutely hated your guts, as you obviously did as well. Although you had to admit, he was indeed very handsome and it was no mystery why almost every girl at Hogwarts had a crush on him. Hell, you would too if he wasn’t such an asshole to you.
You were about to get ready for school, doing your usual morning routine when you heard a loud knock on your door. You placed your hairbrush on the dressing table before heading to the door, not knowing who was standing in front of it this early. You cautiously opened the door, feeling both hesitant and curious. However, when you looked around in the doorway, you didn’t see anyone so you figured it must be some kind of joke. Just as you were about to close the door, your eyes fell on a box that was lying on the ground. You went down on your knees and examined it, curious as to what was inside.
Your face lit up with a wide smile when you saw the box up close, almost not believing it. ‘Honey and lavender cupcakes’ was written on it. When you opened it, there were 4 delicious-looking cupcakes with purple frosting on them inside the box, as well as a note, written in sloppy and rushed handwriting.
‘Will you go out with me? If the answer is no, don’t tell anyone I did this. - t.n.’ you let out a small chuckle, almost pitying Theo for caring that much about his reputation. You pondered it for a moment, unsure of what to do. You used to despise him and would never even consider going on a date with him. But since his behaviour had shifted completely, he wasn't that obnoxious anymore, so you decided to give it a shot.
You picked up the box and placed it on your desk before you grabbed your phone and texted him.
9:04am. You: Just got the cupcakes. Would love to go out with you :)
9:05am Theo😒: 3 pm today. Front of the main hall.
After your classes, you made your way to the place Theo mentioned. It was kind of inconvenient because you were still carrying your school bag with all your books in it, so you hoped he didn’t plan on going somewhere far. When you arrived at the main hall, you discovered a note on the ground that appeared to have been attached to the wall but had fallen off.
‘Follow the petals’ you looked around confusedly, looking for the petals. You then spotted pink rose petals on the floor behind you, which formed a path for you to follow. As you followed the path of petals, your mind raced with ideas about what Theo had planned. Although a part of you was still afraid that this was some sort of sick joke, you chose to remain positive.
You picked up the petals along the way to ensure that no one else would follow the path after you. It led you outside, where you were greeted by a pleasant summer breeze and the cheerful singing of birds.
In the distance, you noticed Theo standing with his back to you. Next to him, you spotted a red and white cloth on the ground with various snacks and drinks. You made your way to him as your nerves grew more with each step, nearly tempting you to turn around and make up some lame excuse. But you couldn't just walk away now that you've seen how much effort he's put in. So you’ve gathered the courage and continued walking towards him while quickly stuffing the rose petals into your bag.
Theo turned around when he heard you approaching him, a nervous smile appearing on his face. This side of him was unfamiliar to you, but you didn't mind it, at all. It was actually quite endearing.
“Y/n. Hi” he awkwardly said, as you greeted him back.
“I brought some snacks, come sit down” you sat down next to him on the cloth and ate some of the snacks and sweets that he brought. He also made sandwiches, which were absolutely delicious. While eating, you both talked about common interests and enjoyed each other's company. It was surprisingly fun and you had no idea how similar you two were.
“I’m sorry that our first kiss went like that” he suddenly spoke out. Thinking back at it, you didn’t even care about it that much, so it surprised you that he did.
“No, it’s fine! It’s no big deal” you quickly assured as you grabbed a chocolate frog.
“It is, though. I think we should try it again” before you could even react, he moved closer to you and placed one hand on your cheek. You felt yourself getting hot and your heart started to beat as fast as it could, with the chocolate frog still in your hand. He leaned in and kissed you passionately as you slowly relaxed into the kiss, feeling your surroundings dissipating for a brief moment.
He pulled back and smiled at you adoringly as the sunlight perfectly illuminated his handsome face. You couldn’t ignore the butterflies that you were feeling in your stomach as your face got noticeably redder. Theo then turned to look at your hand, causing him to laugh out loud. You confusedly looked down and saw that the chocolate frog had completely melted in your palm, making a mess all over your hand.
“You’re such an idiot. A cute one, though”
───✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ───
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You're avoiding the subject
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sneverussape · 2 days ago
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nail therapy // evans sibling bonding
one of the things lily and petunia found out was that it was easy to calm severus down and get him to trust them if they were painting his nails. it was easy to help him control his breathing during the process and they helped him count down as they painted polish on. soon he learned to sit still enough for the polish not to smear, and eventually started ransacking petunia’s small stash for colors he liked. it was something they kept up even as they grew older.
dont mind me, im just loving this the growing-up-evans au right now coz it’s so wholesome. 😌
other drawings and stuff for this au are kept under the evans!severus tag.
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Severus loves to experiment, and S!r!us is a dog <3
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Grindelwald at the restaurant:
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Happy Saturday!!
What about drarry who are super overwhelmed parents?
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Hello anon!!!
Thank you for the lovely request and sorry for the long wait, I wasn’t really satisfied about them till now 🥲
Anyway imma gonna leave here an old fanart I did with a very similar theme, maybe you’ll like it !
(I usually don’t spam my art but this is kinda fitting soooo🤷🏼‍♀️)
Thank you again and happy Saturday!
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regulus: did you eat the last of the chocolate off the christmas tree?
harry, with chocolate around his mouth: ...no?
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skaelds · 2 days ago
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Bcs new fic means new memes lmaooo
What’s L’Araignée ? That.
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You’d think someone as lovely as Nymphadora Tonks would have little to no haters (similar to characters like Luna and Neville). But unfortunately due to toxic and misogynistic Wolfstar shippers, that’s not the case.
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ghost-li-yn · a day ago
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noa’s horror movie night!!
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first of all, thank you so so much for 400 followers. I made this blog just a few months ago in January and it is growing so fast, I’m very grateful!! to celebrate 400 followers, I invite all my mutuals, followers and everyone else who wants to participate to a horror movie night!
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- you can send in as many asks as you want! feel free to spam my inbox
- you can send more than one, but do make sure that you send them separately
- sfw and nsfw are both accepted
- anyone can participate
- please be patient, uni is killing me </3
- anonymous asks are welcomed
open until i announce it closed
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👻 — scream : give me a description of yourself and i will ship you with a character! (please do specify gender and fandom; hp golden trio era or tmr)
🔪 — saw : ask me any sort of questions! (no boundaries)
🎈— IT : send me a character (hp golden trio era or tmr) + an aesthetic and I’ll make a you a moodboard!
☠️ — insidious : send me 3 characters for a game of fmk!
🎃 — halloween : send me a prompt (list or your own) and a character (hp golden trio era or tmr) and i will write a blurb for it! (please do specify which category; smut, angst, fluff)
⛓ — the conjuring : make an assumption about me and I'll tell you if you're right or wrong!
⚰️ — carrie : send me an outfit you would wear to a movie night + your fav horror movie and I’ll ship you with a character! (please do specify gender and fandom; hp golden trio era or tmr)
🕷 — child’s play : tell me your first impression of me and i’ll tell you my first impression of you! moots only!!
🪓 — friday the 13th : i will describe you in one word! moots only!!
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tagging all my lovely mutuals: @jexnrey @nottluvr @my-my-only-angel @drayslove @slytherin-princess247 @seaunti19 @siriusblackstwin @dracoslittleangel @dr4cosimp @dracosluvbot @isabella-111 @awoogasae @sugasthreedollarkookie @fraeira @therewillbedancing @suckerforstiles @dracosaurora @reggiesvalentine @garfieldsladybird @katherinadeluca @lady-of-love-beauty-and-death @dmalfoyswhore @aextetic @thehalfbloodedwitch @natti-ice @prettyboypucey
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Grindeldore's fight scene
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All fans:
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We deserve a gay kiss
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Tumblr media
“severus, we’ve talked about this!”
“i know, i know, but lils, listen—”
“you nearly died!”
“yeah but i was so close. lils, i was so close to figuring it out!”
“ok, yeah, and? was it worth it, to have given yourself a full-blown seizure…merlin’s balls, sev, your heart stopped! do you have any idea how scared i was? how would i ever tell mum and dad! and tuney! she’d kill us both!”
“…ok, i wasn’t counting on such a…dramatic…side effect…”
“look, im sorry i frightened you but…lily. lily, i nearly had it. i was so close to getting rid of this…condition…once and for all.”
“…and? sev, i dont care if i have to keep any eye on you until i’m as old as dumbledore, please stop experimenting on yourself.”
“…i cant promise it, lily, you know that.”
“why not??”
“i‘m nearly there, lils. you’ll see. it’ll be worth it.”
“just…oh for godric’s sake. please. please be more careful.”
“i nearly had it.”
“i nearly got it.”
“sev, lie down a bit. it’s probably not good to get yourself all wound up…oh. oh…don’t cry.”
“come here.”
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chasegrangerkingdom · a day ago
Sirius: I've done a lot of clever stuff.
James: Since when?!
Sirius: Since Moony.
James, screeching: I did NOT need to know that.
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animaltension · 2 days ago
Dumbledore: "We can free each other"
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