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#incorrect harry potter quotes

Harry Potter HC: Childhood Edition 🥺

  • Harry used to dream of riding on the back of a stag. As he grew older, the dream grew fuzzy and faded.
  • Harry once saw a black dog on his way home from school. He instinctively wanted to call out to it, but did not know why.
  • Harry would sit in his cupboard and hum to himself quietly a lullaby though he isn’t sure where he heard it from.
  • Harry dreamt frequently of a man with scars littering his body but had the most gentle smile.
  • Harry found comfort in the library where he hid from his cousin. Something about the smell of old books and parchment offered a feeling of safety.
  • Harry’s favorite animal were deer growing up. Although they weren’t the coolest, he was incredibly fond of them.
  • Harry’s dream of a flying motorcycle was one he had often and it was usually accompanied by a man with intense eyes who had a laugh that sounded like a bark.
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Lara: Welcome to dating advice with Al and Lara! What would be your question?

Draco: How can you tell if a girl likes you?

Altair: She doesn’t!

Lara belongs to @cursebreakerfarrier

I just had to, these two live in my mind rent free

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