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#incorrect harry potter quotes

Draco: Making my way downtown.

Draco: Walking fast.



Draco: Walking a bit slower so my steps match with Harry’s because he’s short.

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Harry: You have very pretty eyes.

Draco: Thanks.

Harry: You know I’m flirting with you right?

Draco: That was flirting? I thought you were stating facts.

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Albus Severus: Siri,

Albus Severus: why does God allow suffering.

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seamus: i think it’s attractive when dean



lavender: when dean…?

seamus: yeah

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ginny: *runs in, out of breath and panicked*

neville: what happended?!

ginny: no one died!



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Albus Severus: If anybody asks for me

Albus Severus: I’ve gone outside to scream into the night.

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mcgonagall: why is james in the bathroom on the floor crying?

sirius: he’s drunk

mcgonagall: and?

remus: and he heard that lily’s married


mcgonagall: we’re literally at their wedding

remus: yeah, we know that

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Ron: Is stabbing someone immortal?

Ginny: Not if they consent to it

Fred: Depends on who you’re stabbing

Percy: Yes?!?

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Sirius: Why would you buy an umbrella? You can get them for free in the coffee shop, in the metal cans.

Remus: Those belong to people!

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peter: the floor’s lava

*sirius helping remus on to the couch*

*lily pushing james off the table*

peter: as you can see here, we have two different types of lovers

tiktok: alexandralestrange__

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tom : maybe it’s time I stop being so angry.

[y/n] : yeah, but what will you do with all your free time?

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