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#hp marauders
colourofmagic · a year ago
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“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”
I finally drew the gang!!! I love them so much
Please visit me on my insta to see my rules regarding reposts!
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James: not to be gay or anything but besides being deeply in love with Evans, I would definitely date Regulus, too. Like not in a gay way, just kissing and cuddling and fu-
Sirius: *absent-minded frowning at his transfiguration homework* I'm not an expert but that sounds pretty bisexual to me...
Remus: I am an expert, its bi af
Sirius: wait... did you just say Regulus?????
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kasvosie · a year ago
Tumblr media
the gays
this was supposed to be just a warm up sketch, but i couldn’t help myself :>
((reference by the amazing @sirussly and @asktheboywholived))
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thotbutpurple · 7 months ago
El’s Masterlist (old)
(check my navigation for my new and updated masterlist)
Marauders Era
Remus Lupin
Yes, I’m in Love (fluff)
in a mirror (smut)
threesome w another girl (smut)
soft sex headcannons (smut and fluff)
play fighting with him (nsfw but not exactly smut)
please mom, i’m tired (angst)
a taste (smut)
Sirius Black 
Karma (angst)
him with a breeding kink (smut)
him punishing you (smut)
him w a praise kink (smut)
talking about your future together (fluff to angst?)
using your safeword (fluff)
him instructing you as you masturbate (smut)
him throat fucking you (smut)
dating sirius hc’s (fluff, but light smut at the end)
slipping through my fingers (angst)
your very own star (angsty fluff)
i know you’ll leave, but just hold me for now (angst)
James Potter
him doing your hair (fluff)
him overstimulating you (smut)
him helping you with your disordered eating (fluff)
he doesn’t love you back (angst)
random headcannons (mostly fluff)
him with a mommy kink (smut)
him being needy as he eats you out (smut)
professor!james (smut)
being shy during a threesome w james and sirius (smut) 
remus and sirius fucking you in a bunny costume (smut)
them comforting you when you’re on your period (fluff)
remus and sirius w a breeding kink (smut)
remus and sirius fucking you in a maid costume (smut)
james overstimulating you while sirius watches (smut)
poly relationship with sirius and remus (smut and fluff)
nicknames they call you headcannons (slightly nsfw?)
them comforting you when you’re burnt out (fluff)
sirius helping you give remus a blowjob (smut)
Peter’s Betrayal (angst)
sirius walking in on you and remus (smut)
sirius and remus mocking you as you dry hump a pillow (smut)
the stars have lost their moon (angst)
Marlene Mckinnon
soft cuddly sex with her (smut)
Lily Evans
deserve nothing (smut)
Regulus Black
this is me trying (angst)
Harry Potter Era
Draco Malfoy
him waking up to you (fluff)
cheering him up (fluff)
late night adventures
him getting jealous of harry (fluff)
how he shows affection headcannons (fluff, slightly nsfw)
him teaching you how to masturbate (smut)
George Weasley
you sucking him off (smut)
him fucking you in front of a window (smut)
him overstimulating you (smut)
Fred Weasley
him eating you out until he gets lock jaw (smut)
angry sex w him against his rooms wall (smut)
him dominating you (smut)
Fred and George Weasley
threesome with them degrading you (smut)
Bill Weasley
sucking on his fingers while he mocks you (smut)
Harry Potter
post quidditch sex w him (smut)
dry humping him (smut)
riding his face (smut)
slipping through my fingers (angst)
Hermione Granger 
eating her out to relieve some stress (smut)
Cedric Diggory
sex in the prefects bathroom (smut)
Blaise Zabini
fucking him before a party (smut)
spending a quiet afternoon w him (fluff)
Oliver Wood
him calling you bunny (fluff)
him fucking you in his jersey (smut)
Dudley Dursley
daddy dursley (smut)
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joeyhazell-art · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
💟🍫🐾 Remus Lupin enjoying Pride for @20secondssince !!!! 🐾🍫💟
(I wanted to do a little extra with this one since it’s a solo pic, so happy with the colours!!!)
(Like this? Consider commissioning me, $5 Pride sale on all June)
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orarah · 3 months ago
art request?? lily running into james' arms and kissing him after gryffindor wins a quidditch match?
Tumblr media
Uhh i tried :)
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