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#hp marauders

Request: I’m a 16 year old girl, I’m very introverted, but I love being around people I know and feel comfortable with. I love the stars, astronomy, planets, poetry, fantasy, reading and I’m a Ravenclaw. I guess that might be good to know hahhahah. I’m not really sure what else to say but if I had to use fictional characters to sum me up it would be Lorelai Gilmore, Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood and Jake Peralta. Sorry if that doesn’t help 😂 I’m 5’4, light brown curly hair, blue eyes and quite pale. Im also a big music lover, I’m in a band with my friends. I’m the dreamer type of person and always looking for escapism (probably why I read all the time) . I’m a big Harry Potter fan. I like to think my fashion style is dark academia/blue/cottage core/Victorian. I also love studying and being busy at school, but I also enjoy being lazy and having with my friends.

A/N: thank you for the request! I had so much fun doing it! I hope you like it! X


I ship you with the hotness that is Sirius Black because let’s be honest, this boy would be obsessed with you the moment he saw you! 

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In order of the phoenix, Remus Lupin says to Harry that “fear makes people do terrible things, Harry. The last time voldemort gained power he almost destroyed everything we hold most dear” and then Remus glances to Sirius, and Sirius looks down at the table.

so, I feel like this is supposed to be referencing to Peter betraying the other marauders and Lily and James dying. And sirius looks down cause he’s sad about their deaths and still feels somewhat responsible

But, my instinct thought after watching this part was the breakup of wolfstar and how they both thought that the other was the traitor.

Because, if he was referring to James and Lily wouldn’t he say “everyone we hold most dear” instead of “everything”??

so, I think that when Remus said “fear makes people do terrible things” he’s actually thinking about him and Sirius suspecting each other to be a traitor. And because of this, they end up breaking up and they stop talking to each other which they regret so much later on. Because they were so scared and the war had made them fear everything, they lost their trust in each other.

And then when Remus says “he almost destroyed everything we hold most dear” isn’t referring to people but to their relationship. Not just their relationship, but their relationships with other people. With James and Lily, Frank and Alice, Marlene, Dorcas, Peter, Mary, Kingsley.

And yeah, voldemort did destroy all of their relationships with them, but Remus says “almost” because they still had the memories of it. He could still remember waking up in the dorms with the other marauders, studying with Lily and Dorcas, big group outings to Hogsmeade, christmas’ at the Potters. Maybe they couldn’t go back to how things use to be, but at least he had the memories of it all, good and bad. And at least he had some people left to reminisce, remember and mourn with.

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Remus: Would you two stop fighting?

Lily: We’re not fighting, we’re having a creative discussion

James: We are too fighting

Lily: Creative discussion

James: Fight

Lily: Discussion

James: Fight

Remus: I can’t believe you’re actually having a fight about if you’re having a fight

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*Marauders as things me and my friends have said*

Remus: i can’t believe friends with benefits is a thing.

Sirius: why? you’re my friend with benefits :)

James and Remus: *chokes*

Sirius: wh- you’re my friend and i gain benefits from our friendship, do i not?

Remus: do you even know what it is?

Sirius: …no.

Remus: *slams head on table*

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Lily telling James that they’ll never be together:

Remus: are you okay?

James: yeah, its an interesting feeling though

Remus: to know you’ll never be together?

James: to be the only guy in the world who knows we will

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sometimes I think that James is really oblivious and never notices anything

but other times I think that he’s the opposite and knows things before anyone else does

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sirius: there are no more snacks in the kitchen

remus: you know, im right here

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a/n- if you enjoyed reading it; feedback is highly appreciated💖 this is my first hp headcanon 👁️👄👁️ P.S this doesn’t have a specific timeline so that’s entirely up to you + no mentions of hogwarts/magic.

•these are just some hcs i came up with, please don’t take them siriusly xDDD (lol). if you disagree with any of these, that’s fine! this is completely based off of my imagination and my perspective of these characters + most of the points were like ‘in the heat of the moment’ ideas so they might not make sense

fandom: harry potter 

warnings: none except for the whole thing being a ‘i just winged it’ and it’s not proof read.



❝Living with the Marauders hc❞


  • Holy cow- idk what to say about this one.
  • It’s honestly a mess, everything is a mess- from your house- your sleeping schedules, your attire- the two of you…. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G is a mess™ 
  • Cooking is all on you, because when James joins you in the kitchen- ummm it’s a chaos. Not that he CAN’T cook or doesn’t know how to- James is quite the capable man it’s just…he can be a super messy cooker(is that a word? Maybe chef?). He’ll use up all the spoons in the drawer because ‘that one got dirty’ smh. 
  • Yep he’s that cook
  • During the weekends and days off , the two of you would be eating snacks, junk or takeout on the couch while binge watching some chick flick movies…cuz James lowkey likes- nvm- LOVES them. But he’ll never admit it shrug though it’s extremely obvious, you never point it out. He’d be that: wtf-that’s-so-stupid movie watcher. Gets annoying at times so you have to shush him 
  • James: gosh! Who writes letters to get rid of a crush?
  • You: ….It’s just a movie, James- chill.
  • Yea, you get what I mean? (also a bonus if you know which movie i’m referencing)
  • Grocery shopping goes like this:
  • You: we’re out of bread and veggies, come on let’s go shopping
  • James: It’s a sunday!
  • You: …
  • James: let’s go tomorrow?
  • Lo and behold, tomorrow never arrives so when you’re at the verge of an extremely empty fridge…you grab your wallet (with James) and drag him to the market
  • When either of you are busy with work, the other will constantly bring food, water and scold ‘take a damn break!’ and all those nice things :”) health is important so never overwork yourself guys!
  • Laundry, washing dishes, cleaning the house- it’s all split between the two of you regularly and the chores are circled around so it’s never unfair :D
  • God forbid you two EVER do chores together though- it always takes up forever to end. Mostly because of James’ mindless chatter and jokes.
  • Obviously you have your own room in the house BUT you and James both prefer to sleep together snuggled up! 


  • Oop- everything is wayyy too clean, wayyy too scheduled with Rem. From morning till night.
  • He’s like a mom. Keeping things neat and tidy, every item in the house having its own designated place (determined by him) and if it is placed elsewhere…welp- IT NEEDS TO GO BACK IN ITS PLACE IMMEDIATELY!!!!!! If not- umm there’ll be consequences. What kind of consequences, you ask? No hugs and/headpats for a day!! Ikr? scary.
  • If you wish to sleep in, oh no no no- Remus will drag you out of bed. Through any measures! Maybe by: tickling, planting playful small kisses on your face, etc.
  • The two of you share a room because why not? Remus prefers to sleep with you in his arms because he simply LOVES cuddling with you and feel your warmth.  
  • Btw, believe it or not Remus owns the same and exact pair of shirts and coats; your wardrobe is filled with it. And it’s all the same colour palette: browns, many and different shades of it. God bless if you ever see a flash of other colours.
  • You: OHH Remus! When did you buy this red shirt?
  • Remus: Hmm- I didn’t, you bought that
  • You: …nvm
  • Living with Remus is basically having a mom 2.0 but slightly carefree. And i mean sLIGHTLY
  • Remus does all the grocery shopping, it just happened to be that way; a silent rule.
  • Let me tell you a secret though, it’s because of his impulsive chocolate tendencies. He wouldn’t want you to see exactly HOW many chocolate bars he buys- if you do see- it’s a LOT
  • Cooking is fun, it’s never a chore with Rem. The two of you split the little things to do so making food becomes efficient.
  • Other chores are split between you and Remus
  • During days off and the weekends, you two just like to unwind from all the stress and exhaustion aka sleep in (yes, these are the only days you’ll be able to oversleep xD) and laze around the living room. Most of the time Remus likes to stay at home and relax by the couch and do nothing but have you in his arms while the two of you do your own thing.
  • Sometimes though, you get bored and force him out of his cocoon and venture outside.
  • Remus: minding his own business
  • You: Let’s go out!
  • Remus: nope runs
  • You: yes link arms with him and drag him out the house


  • Living with Sirius is unpredictable! And I mean it!
  • You might expect him to do something, but he’ll do the complete opposite! e.g ‘oh, he’s going to sleep in today- just like yesterday’ but nO
  • He’ll surprise you by waking up early THAT day
  • To be fair though, most of the time Sirius DOES like to sleep in with you- it’s a heavenly sort of feeling. Waking up next to you with the sun filtering through the curtains- making both of your skin shine!
  • (off topic BUt- I hc Sirius to be someone who is carefree and does everything depending on his mood but that doesn’t mean he will force you to go along with his plans or anything of sorts. It’s  just what he does.)
  • Chores? What chores? Sirius doesn’t know-
  • He’d rather spend time with you than scrubbing dishes…jkjk- well not entirely jk sweats. He’s rather lazy when it comes to cleaning/chores but will help you out! although begrudgingly
  • Sirius: Tsk- we could’ve been out right now
  • You: Yes we could have, but we aren’t… come on! That window isn’t going to clean itself 
  • Sirius: You’re lucky that I love you-
  • Days off and weekends consist of forgetting about those unwashed laundry while taking a walk downtown, grabbing coffee, visiting parks or a long drive (on a motorbike or a car, yall have both because why not?). You must be thinking; what about those parties!??? Well… those are rather rare since both of you and your friends have become more busy as responsibilities started piling up , but that doesn’t mean yall don’t occasionally hold casual parties, although they aren’t as crazy as they used to be.
  • On days when you aren’t outside for a change, you and Sirius like to just lay in bed and talk about whatever and unwind from all the stress. He will also let you play with his hair!
  • Sirius: ewww don’t make those weird hairstyles on me babe!
  • Also Sirius: mmmh! Gotta say, i’m rocking the tiny pigtails 
  • You: snorting you sure are!
  • Sirius while smiling: puts in colourful butterfly clips around his braids I look like a princess! 
  • Lots of music playing in the background, throughout the day
  • Includes silly dancing
  • Either of you always join the other in the end xDDD lowkey turns into a mix of salsa and waltz (how about saltz/waltza?)
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If I had to chose I guess my favorite ships would be literally any red/blue gay ship.






literally idc just give me some non toxic content and I’m a ok. 

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The Best Laid Plans (Wolfstar)

Okay so! This is the second fic in a series, but they can be read individually too! I’ll link the first below, but you can go ahead and read this as a stand alone if you feel like it!

This one is just pure fluff. So much fluff, cuddles and fluff wow

In the dark of the night

The door to the common room flung open, Remus didn’t look up from where he was reading a book on one of the couches in front of the fire but he knew who had just entered the room. No one made an entrance like Sirius Black. Remus also knew James followed close behind Sirius; they had been out calculating the exact weight of the tables in the Great Hall. The next prank they were planning was going to be epic. Remus wasn’t one to spoil the fun but let’s just say levitating tables would provide for an interesting breakfast the next morning.

Sirius wordlessly flopped down on the couch next to Remus, kicking off his shoes and laying his head on Remus’ chest. Remus just lifted his book a little higher, adjusting his grip so he could hold the leather-bound pages with one hand. His other hand now slipped into Sirius’ dark hair, the silky locks coiling around Remus’ long fingers.

Remus looked over at James with an amused smile. “Long night?”

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