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punctual punishment | remus lupin x reader
summary : remus likes to keep you in check, no matter how much of a good girl you are for him.
warnings : smut, 18+, spankings, “punishment”, reader calls remus daddy a bit, dom!remus, sub!reader, consensual rough treatment/manhandling, praise kink, safeword in place, crying, etc. 
.8k word count
“But I didn't even do anything wrong.”
Remus sighed, leading you into the bedroom by the small of your back.
“That's the point, love. These are supposed to make you remember to keep being good for me.”
“But-”, you began to whine before Remus sternly cut you off.
“No buts. If you really don't want to, you know what to say.” He paused, waiting to see if you were really wanting him to stop. If you muttered your safeword, he would immediately stop everything.
He took your silence and resigned pout as a sign to continue.
“Alright then, you know what to do.”
With your pout permanently etched onto your face, you reluctantly stepped out of your skirt, and turned to Remus.
“Those too.”
With a whimper, you slowly slipped out of your panties as well, leaving your bottom half bare to the man in front of you. 
“There we go, c’mere angel. On my lap.”
You draped yourself over the man's strong thighs, preparing yourself for the inevitable. Remmy's “maintenance spankings” were the bane of your existence. Every week on the dot, when the clock struck 9 PM on Sunday night ( how holy of you ), you were where you were right now, bracing yourself for the blows. 
You weren't gonna lie to yourself. It turned you on knowing that he was always ready to be a little rough with you. As your work week would drag on, you'd find yourself looking forward to the spankings. 
But Remus did not need to know that. 
As much as you loved making Remus proud, and being his “good girl” (a name that turned you into putty in his hands), you also loved pushing his buttons and being a bit of a brat with him. So, naturally, you complained about your weekly punishments frequently. It was fun for you both. You both got off on knowing that the other was enjoying the experience behind the complaints and stern warnings. One word from either of you and the most thrilling part of your night would be a Doctor Who episode and a pint of ice cream.
Tonight was no such night. 
From your place on Remus' thighs, you squirmed in perceived nervousness, which was really your anticipation to begin.
Remus soothingly rubbed your back, telling you, 
“I promise it'll be over soon love”. 
You hoped not.
“Are you ready? You were good this week, so I'm only gonna go to ten.”
You nodded eagerly, ready to take it.
“Words, Angel.”
“Yes Rem, I'm ready”, you spat out, practically bouncing with anticipation.
"Good girl, count 'em for me."
His big hand hit your ass with a resounding smack. You instinctually lurched forward, but he grabbed you to stabilize you. The manhandling only made you wetter. 
“O-One daddy.”
“Good job, pretty girl. Just a couple more.” 
From the second spank to the seventh, the cycle repeated. Remus would smack your ass, using a fraction of his strength (though he still sent you reeling), and praise you when you counted for him. His coos and loving tone contrasting with the rough way he was physically treating you had your mind spinning in circles. When it came time for your last three, Remus warned you,
“These three are gonna hurt, dove. I promise you'll be done after.” 
You nodded softly, your fuzzy headspace and the pleasure and pain bringing tears to your eyes.
As cute as Remus found you when you cried, your little tears did tug at his heartstrings. 
Remus leaned down, leaving a faint kiss on your forehead. He paused and whispered lowly, as though the words might shatter if he said them too loud, 
“I love you”.
His care, even in moments like this never failed to make you emotional.
You whispered back, delicately, 
“I love you, Remus”.
He wiped your tears gently and quickly, and proceeded with the task at hand.
“Alright, last three”. 
You steeled yourself, knowing they were going to hurt. 
Remus' hand hit you with a force that brought heavy tears to your eyes. You hesitated in your counting.
“I need you to count, dove”, he demanded with no room for protest. 
“Eight”, you cried out.
Immediately after, you felt the same breathtaking impact of Remus' spanks twice, in quick succession. Without even catching your breath, you blurted out, 
“Nine, ten!”
You began to recuperate while Remus lifted you up to straddle him.
“You were such a good girl, my best girl”, he praised while littering your face and neck in kisses. 
You whimpered at the feeling of sitting after your hard session, but Remus' praise made your face heat up while you sat atop him. The smile that grew on your face was instinctual from his praise. 
“You're perfect. So well behaved, this whole week. I think you deserve a reward for being so good for me.”
His words made you light up, and Remus quickly flipped you on your back and trailed kisses from your lips to the apex of your thighs. As his hot breath ghosted over your cunt, he chuckled softly before muttering,
“Aww honey, I’m gonna have to smack you around even more if it’ll get you this wet.”
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girls like me | remus lupin x reader
song; girls like me [will joseph cook] pairing; remus lupin x fem!werewolf!ravenclaw!reader genre; f2l, soulmates, fluff, mild angst word count; 6,7k timeline; marauders 6th year warnings; swearing, implied self harm, assault, injuries (involving blood), insecurities, implied anxiety summary; after becoming a werewolf over the summer holidays, y/n returns to find that remus lupin, a famous marauder, has an air of attraction around him that she never noticed before
"girls like me don't come around that much."
Y/N Lykos hadn't been born werewolf. That much was obvious. But she wasn't bitten at an awfully young age, either; she was bitten when she was sixteen years old, in the Summer holidays between her fifth and sixth years. It was a shame really, because the event had occurred during what was supposed to be a pleasant holiday to the very North of Canada, to visit family. Her distant cousins who attended Ilvermorny had warned her about there being a couple wild werewolves in the nearby forest. If only she had listened.
A midnight walk wasn't such a bad idea, right? Just a little time to escape the stress of family gatherings, and ease the mind. Y/N really should have thought more logically than to take the forest path, especially considering her high grades and therefore intelligent brain. But, alas, she did not, and wandered down the snow-laden track with the ice crunching beneath her feet. It was eery, as aside from her cold shallow breaths, her footsteps were all she could hear. Everything was quiet. Too quiet.
Eventually, instinct got the better of her, so she turned tail to begin power-walking back to her Canadian family's hidden castle. They were wealthy family members; of course, Y/N didn't have nearly the same luxury, but she wasn't fighting for money back home, either.
In the turn of a second the silence turned to the sound of twigs and rustling of leaves from the trees just beyond the path. 'It's just the wind,' Y/N thought to herself. The memory of her cousins telling her about the werewolves suddenly hurried back, making her anxiously glance up to the night sky to check and try and feel some comfort. But, there it was in all its glory: the shiny full moon. Y/N felt her breath become shaky, shivers not just from the cold shooting up her spine.
A growl.
That was unmistakably a growl.
Maybe things would have turned out differently if she hadn't frozen in fear.
White fur flashed in the corner of her eye. And then the other corner after the feeling of a swoosh behind her. It was then Y/N's eyes locked on to shimmery blue ones, except they weren't pleasant shimmery. They were glaring into her very soul as if she was just a piece of meat. Which, in all fairness, was probably exactly what she was to it. All she could do was watch as it raised its claw, most likely to take a fatal blow to her, but was cut short by another white furry monster pummelling into Y/N's side and sinking its teeth into her thigh. She yelped in pain, and momentarily accepted fate, when she saw the first werewolf attack the second.
The pair began taking part in a deadly brawl, so Y/N took the opportunity to pull out her wand and send up a massive red flare spark, now the pain had brought her back to her senses. She knew doing any more magic than that could get her in trouble, so instead began limping away with her hands providing some sort of pressure to the wound. It was pure agony, and tears streamed from her eyes while she gained little to no ground.
She must have passed out and been found before the werewolves could cause any more damage, because she had woken up back in the room she had been staying in. The bite on her thigh had been healed over, but a scar that would remain forever was still settled there.
For a solid month after that, everyone had kept an eye on Y/N but wouldn't tell her why. She wasn't dumb, and had figured it out after researching werewolves. There was a good chance that she was a werewolf. In fact, there was a very slim chance she wasn't. Every single recorded werewolf bite case had resulted in the victim becoming a werewolf.
And, sure enough, she transformed on the full moon a couple days before sixth year, during which she accidentally injured her parents. They had contacted Dumbledore on the matter, and he told her he would discuss it in person with her when she was back at school.
Needless to say, Y/N was petrified of the damage she could cause, and the rest of her life as a fucking monster.
Y/N was punctual as always with getting on to the Hogwarts Express, meeting her best friend, Lily Evans, in one of the cabins.
"Hey, how were your holidays?" the red-head asked.
"Good," Y/N lied, "How were yours?"
"Great!" Lily's emerald eyes sparkled, "Sev and I spent a lot of time together down by the lake."
The train got going in short time, which was, of course, when the infamous Marauders decided to show up, led by James Potter who came to confess his undying love for Lily yet again. Except, when they all entered one by one with Peter coming in last, Y/N couldn't help but notice something different. Remus smelled good. Like, really fucking good.
His almond-coloured eyes pinned on to her as she stared up at him expectantly. She noticed as his nostrils shifted, as if he were sniffing something. Plus, the atmosphere between them had changed completely: before, it was normal, a sense of mild friendship during their brief encounters. Now, there was an unprecedented tension that couldn't be described.
"So, my Lily-flower, how is life treating you?"
"Bugger off, Potter," the red-head snapped.
"Hey, Y/N," Remus greeted, taking a seat beside her without thinking about it, "What did you do over Summer?"
"I- I went to visit my relatives in Canada," she said with a small smile, but all she could focus on was Remus' voice. Rowena, had it always been that deep and attractive?
"Right, come on, Moony. Evans has kicked us out," Sirius said, pulling Remus by the roughs of his collar. The lanky boy gave one more lingering glance to Y/N, before letting himself be pulled out by his friends.
Lily sighed at her, "Be careful, hun, everyone knows Lupin can be just as bad as the rest of them, despite his 'goody two-shoes' reputation."
"Yeah- I know. Did he always smell amazing?"
"Hm? What d'you mean?"
"Do you think he got a new cologne over the holidays?"
"I don't know."
"And his voice! Has he always sounded like that?"
"Godric, Y/N, are you feeling alright?" Lily pressed her hand to Y/N's forehead, "You actually find a Marauder attractive?"
She scoffed, "Don't act like you don't secretly return Potter's feelings," which made Lily's face match her hair colour.
"The password is... violet beans?" Y/N frowned, looking up at the statue curiously. Sure enough, it turned around, opening up a staircase that began moving upwards. She hopped on to it, allowing herself to be taken to the top without any required effort. An oakwood door was before her, so she tapped twice.
"Come in, Miss Lykos."
Y/N opened the door, to walk into the large and beautiful headmaster's office. She stared in awe around the room, as it was her first time having ever being allowed into that secluded part of the castle.
"I believe you are aware of what I have called you here to talk about."
"Yes, professor."
"Right, well, this isn't my first time taking care of a student such as yourself. By the way, I'm terribly sorry about the accident."
"It's- it's alright, professor."
"I have arranged for a secluded locked cellar just several metres into the Forbidden Forest that you can lock before transformation. The mind of a werewolf will not have the capacity to figure out the lock on it." Dumbledore gave her the directions. "Do you think that'll be alright?"
Y/N nodded, "Yes, thank you. I'm sorry for being an inconvenience."
"Oh no, never. You're only an inconvenience if you purposely try to bother me."
"Right, if that's all, goodbye, professor."
"Yes. Have fun settling back into Hogwarts."
Meeting with Lily back in the Great Hall for dinner, Y/N took a seat at the Gryffindor table since no one ever paid any mind to her being there. It's not like she was a Slytherin, after all. "Where've you been?" she asked.
"Oh, Dumbledore wanted to talk to me," she shrugged.
"How come?"
"I'm not too sure, I wasn't paying attention," she said. Lying was something she was quickly getting used to, and while Lily narrowed her eyes at her, she didn't comment further.
"I had my first potions lesson today," the redhead began, "Slughorn gave me constant praise for my amazing potion."
"And that's bad because?"
"It gets a little annoying, and I know it'll just make it hurt more if I fail."
Y/N nodded knowingly, "I had muggle studies and transfiguration today."
"I don't know why you even took muggle studies," Lily scoffed, "Your dad's literally a muggle."
"I like to see it from a wizard's perspective."
"I suppose... hey, have you seen Potter?"
"Why? Gonna confess your love for him?"
Lily slapped her arm gently, "No, he just hasn't pestered me all day... which means he's up to something."
"I'm here, my Lily-flower!" an all-too familiar voice called out, "Did you miss me?"
"In your sweet dreams, Potter."
"Ah, Lykos, darling, how are things going?" Sirius said, surprising her as she hadn't realised he had sat down right next to her.
"Fuck off, Black."
James laughed, "Come on, Padfoot, Lykos' even more stubborn than Evans. You don't stand a chance."
"Shut up, Prongs."
Unfortunately, Remus was nowhere in sight.
If only Y/N had elected to bring her wand to the library with her, she wouldn't be in the dilemma she was currently: attempting to obtain a book on magic history from a significantly higher shelf than her. She had jumped a couple times, but had now paused to glare at the spine of the book as if that would inspire it to cooperate. It's a shame the library magic only worked when putting books back. That was when a familiar intoxicating scent wafted up her nostrils, followed by the presence of someone tall behind her, and then a tanned and scarred hand reaching for the book she had almost declared war on.
"You need this?" Remus' voice said softly, making Y/N turn around and flush. She nodded, nervously holding out a hand to take the book. "You really are short, huh?" he commented.
"You're just freakishly tall," she mumbled, but he heard easily and chuckled.
"You know we're in a magic school, right? You coulda just- ya know."
"I left my wand in my dorm."
Remus raised an eyebrow at her, finally handing over the book but still following her over to the table she had set up camp on.
"What do you want, Lupin?" Y/N asked, but didn't really care for the answer. He was there and that was all that was required for her heart to flutter.
"Nothing," he shrugged, taking a seat.
Y/N began reading a book as did Remus, who had picked a random one off the table. Of course, with her mind being distracted by the words on the page, she was no longer actively suppressing her instinct to shift closer to Remus on the sofa they were sharing. He had leant back against the backrest, while she was hunched over the table trying to ignore his intoxicating scent. Thankfully, when she had already subconsciously shifted a few millimetres, the sound of someone biting down on something hard made her head snap in the direction of the noise. Remus.
And he had chocolate.
He arched an eyebrow at her, knowing that she was eyeing the delicious chocolatey treat in his hand. "I don't share chocolate," he said, "Everyone knows that."
"I know-"
"But-" he cut her off, smirking a little, "-maybe I can make an exception." He snapped off a couple squares and handed them to her.
Merlin, when would this boy mature? But, hey, at least he was sharing his delicious snacks.
"Thank you," Y/N said with an extra sweet smile, accepting the chocolate and biting into it, "Shit, this is good."
"You never had Panselinos Chocolate before?"
She shook her head, "My mum always buys me the mainstream stuff."
"Yeah, but normally only a certain type of people like this chocolate."
"Fuck, Y/N, you alright?" Lily asked, jumping back after her arm brushed against her best friend's.
"What d'you mean?" Y/N replied, trying not to let her teeth chatter.
The redhead sighed, "You're in a DADA classroom with a roaring fire right there and you're freezing your tits off- hell, you're freezing my tits off! Seriously, are you okay?"
"Yeah, 'm fine. Just a little cold."
"Not only are you freezing up, but Lupin over there is burning up, and he's the furthest away from the fire- look at how he's sweating! He gets a fever every month, I swear."
Y/N glanced across the room at the lanky boy, just as he turned to look at her with her arms wrapped around her body in an attempt to retain any amount of body heat.
"Oh, Godric, he's looking at you!" Lily whispered.
"For a genius witch you are a bit of a Captain Obvious."
Just as soon as Remus had looked, he had looked away, and resumed with the assigned task. Y/N did the same, but not before taking a minute to squat dangerously close to the fire in a desperate attempt to warm up. She knew what symptoms she was experiencing: it was the first full moon of the school year that night.
Dinner was quite a stressful time, and Y/N kept glancing up at the magic Great Hall ceiling to check it wasn't dark yet. She was tapping the table in anticipation and had hardly touched the scrambled eggs she had reluctantly scooped on to her plate. The sickening feeling in her stomach prevented her from consuming any delicacy, other than the expected craving of very raw meat. Anxiously, she watched as the sky gradually turned to a pinky-orange, and decided that that was her cue to leave. Y/N lied to Lily and told her that she didn't feel well and was going to the infirmary. A special thanks to James Potter for flirting with Lily and therefore preventing her from offering to come as well.
Entering the gloomy Forbidden Forest was less nerve-wracking than Y/N had anticipated. But maybe that was because part of her felt as if she belonged there; after all, she was a monster too. The trap door was in the exact spot Dumbledore had said it was, and had a weird magical lock that she managed to work out quickly: she wasn't a Ravenclaw for nothing.
There was a provided safe for when she had stripped herself of her clothing and wand to lock them away safely overnight, and according to Dumbledore, the room was soundproof, so no one would hear her outrageous howls.
Madam Nosokoma, the school nurse, tapped gently on the trapdoor the next day, under which Y/N was lying exhausted, wounded and nude on the floor. She forced herself upwards to pull on a jumper and some shorts, before grabbing her wand and opening the door. "Hey, honey, how're you feeling?" she smiled.
"Tired," Y/N sighed, climbing up the ladder with all the energy she had left. Nosokoma supported her weight as she limped back up to the castle; the pink touch of sunrise brushing against the hints of blue in the sky. Just as she was helped through the doors of the infirmary, she laid her eyes on three of the Marauders crowding round an injured Remus on a hospital bed. They all turned to look at her, their eyes widening in shock at the bleeding scars littered all over her revealed legs, and the blood seeping through the woollen jumper.
Y/N didn't have the energy to acknowledge them all that much, but she was somewhat confused. Remus had always disappeared once a month, granted, but she had never paid much mind to it since they weren't close. Never in her wildest dreams would she have imagined he was getting injured. Almost like he was a werewolf.
The suspicions settled in Y/N's mind.
"Lykos, what are you doing here?" James asked, but all Y/N could give him was faint smile as Nosokoma began magically patching up her wounds. In fact, she had passed out by the time the bandages were done.
"Is she alright?" Sirius turned to Madam Nosokoma, sparing a glance to his bed-ridden friend of whom was also nearly passed out.
"She'll be fine, she's just had a rough night."
Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs exchanged glances, before looking at Moony to see he was fully out cold.
Remus woke up a couple hours later, as he was able to recover relatively quickly since he was so experienced. He laid his eyes on the bandaged sleeping girl a couple beds down from him, and the worst case scenario popped into his head. Had he hurt her? What if he had bitten her? Nosokoma was nowhere in sight, so he cautiously and painfully forced himself out of his bed to stand by Y/N's. Out of nowhere, Nosokoma appeared behind him, gazing down at the sleeping girl as well.
"Did- did I do this?" Remus asked, worry filling his glistening chocolate irises.
"No, Remus, you didn't," the nurse sighed.
He looked slightly relieved, but still confused, "Then what did?"
"That's not my secret to share."
"Anyway, now you're up, you need to take the healing medicine, so we can get you back to class as soon as possible."
Remus was gone by the time Y/N was awake.
"Merlin, Y/N, where have you been?" Lily cried, practically throwing herself on to Y/N. It would have hurt if the wounds hadn't been magically healed over, the only remnants being the scars littered across her skin, that were covered by her chosen baggy school jumper.
"Oh... just the infirmary... I was feeling sick, remember?" she shrugged, taking a seat at the Gryffindor table.
"Yeah, if you define feeling sick as being covered in wounds and blood," Sirius, who was just a little way down the table, scoffed.
Y/N glared at him.
"You what?"
"I'll tell you later, okay? Not here," she replied. She knew she should tell Lily, her best friend, and also that she could trust her with such a hefty secret.
Lily narrowed her eyes, "Yeah... okay..."
"You're a- you're a werewolf?"
"Yes, an arctic werewolf- and you don't have to make it sound like an awful thing! I feel shit enough about it as it is."
"Right, sorry, it's just sudden information. Did you say you got bitten while you were in Canada?"
Y/N nodded, sitting down on the grass by the Black Lake and pulling her hands down her face. The Autumn breeze was nipping at her cheeks, but she was too stressed to think about the coldness in her bones.
"Hey, I'm- I'm so sorry you have to go through this..." Lily said, her green eyes laced with concern, "Is there- is there anything I can do to make it easier? Does- does it hurt?"
"I don't know, Lils... and, I mean, it's agony at first but then I black out and don't become conscious again til morning..."
"Animagus," Lily repeated, "What if I became an animagus? My patronus is a doe, which is fairly large, and werewolves only crave human blood. I could help you while you're transformed-"
"I don't wanna put you in danger."
"I don't care, Y/N, you're my best friend! I'd do anything for you."
"Becoming an animagus is difficult."
"I'm sure I'll manage," Lily grinned, "I'm actually quite excited thinking about it- obviously it'll be illegal... I'll just keep it a secret til I graduate when I'll register myself..."
"You're planning a lot from such a brashly made decision."
"Eh, I've been wanting to become an animagus for a while. Now I have a decent excuse."
"Rowena, what would I do without you?" Y/N chuckled.
"I think I've finally mastered talking with this mandrake leaf in my mouth," Lily said, sucking on her tongue, "Thankfully the awful taste has disappeared now."
"I can't believe you've had that thing in your mouth all week. How do you eat? How do you sleep without choking?"
Lily shrugged, "I made a potion that I take before bed. It stops anything from going down my throat, other than air, of course. And eating isn't too hard if I push the leaf to the side."
"Ah, my dear Lily-flower, Lykos!" the voice of James called, making the girls turn to see three boys behind him. The Marauders.
"Great. Here's trouble," Y/N muttered. But, she had to admit, seeing Remus did make her go warm and fuzzy inside. The boys joined them in their position in the secluded corner of the library, which really begged the question of how the fuck did they find them?
-two minutes prior-
"Where is Lily?" James whined, trailing behind Sirius as they entered the library to find Remus.
"Maybe you should stop bothering her," Peter mumbled, silently walking behind James.
"There's Moony," Sirius grinned, ignoring the previous topic.
James immediately asked the wolf boy, "Do you know where Lily-flower is?"
"Probably with Y/N."
"Do you know where Y/N is?" James' eyes lit up hopefully, "You've taken a huge interest in her lately!"
Remus looked up from his book, before rolling his eyes, and scrunching his nostrils in a sniff. "Come on," he said, standing up to lead them between the aisles of the library.
"How much of a stalker do you have to be to recognise Lykos' scent?" Sirius laughed.
"Her scent is very distinct." They rounded a corner. "Here they are."
"Hello, Y/N," Remus smiled, sitting beside her.
"Lupin," she greeted.
"Godric, can't you just call me Remus?" he said. Y/N could tell it had come out unexpectedly, as he normally was quite reserved and much less straightforward around girls.
"O- Okay, Remus..."
He grinned.
Y/N glanced at the book he had carried all the way over, "What's that you're reading?"
"Oh, nothing-" he said, rereading the title of Werewolves: The Concept of Mating. She read the title for the first time herself, and looked back up at him to lock eyes.
"Can I- can I have a look?"
"Oh- uh- yeah... but I'm- I'm not finished reading it..." Remus handed her the book.
She flicked through the pages, skimming over each page until she found one that read Signs of Mating. Y/N paused, and cautiously began to read the bullet points that followed while Remus watched her.
• A mate's scent will be intoxicating and addictive to a werewolf. • The feeling of kissing a mate for the first time will send the mind to euphoria. • Werewolf mates can calm each other down during a full moon. • Something as simple as a mate's touch will instantly be calming. • In rare cases where a regular werewolf mates with an arctic werewolf, the difference in temperatures during the full moon phase will reach an equilibrium when they touch.
"I didn't know arctic werewolves existed," Remus said nonchalantly, "I've always found werewolves interesting."
"Yeah... interesting..."
He looked her up and down, not in a sexual way, but as if he were judging her character. "Why were you in the infirmary last week?"
"I just- I just took a fall," Y/N said, "Why were you in the infirmary?"
"Same as you," he said slowly, leaning closer, "I just took a fall."
"Come on, Flirty Moony," James called, evidently finished flirting with Lily for the time being, "We're off."
"Goodbye, Y/N."
"B- Bye, Remus."
When the Marauders had disappeared, Lily turned to Y/N with a mischievous look in her eyes, clearly suspicious of her and Remus. "So... what's with you and Lupin then?"
"Yeah, that's what they all say."
"Okay, fine. Is it just me but is he really hot? Like really fucking hot?"
"I mean he's cute, yeah, but, Godric... has being a werewolf made your hormones rage or something?"
Remus hadn't taken the book back, and at Lily's statement Y/N couldn't help but glance down at the page she still had open in thought.
"What is it?"
Y/N handed the book over; she closely examined Lily's face while she read over the bullet points.
"You don't- you don't think...?"
"He's always disappeared once a month... he's covered in scars... he was reading that book... and he kept talking to me as if he knew..."
"Now that I think about it... it does make a lot of sense," Lily pondered, "In fact... it seems unlikely that he isn't a werewolf. But, wait... are you implying you think he's your mate?"
The tension between Remus Lupin and Y/N Lykos truly was something else: they would look at each other and feel their collective breaths hitch, and their hands would brush against each other and they would melt. Y/N didn't exactly know how to start a werewolf conversation, so left it, but, of course, the next full moon came around. It was the evening of the day of the full moon, and Y/N could feel her body freezing over. Lily had gotten too concerned and dragged her into the Gryffindor common room. McGonagall hadn't said anything as she was aware of Y/N's current condition.
Lily tried her best to wrap her best friend up in jumpers, blankets and with a hot chocolate by the fire, but Y/N was still shivering uncontrollably. She was showing no signs of warming up whatsoever. "It's- it's get-ting worse..." she chattered, curling into an even tighter ball, "I'm so- so c- cold."
The redhead looked around distressingly, until she remembered what she saw in the werewolf book about mates. If Remus was indeed a werewolf and also Y/N's mate, he would be able to equalise their temperatures. The Marauders were messing around at the other end of the common room, and Lily couldn't help but notice how Remus was practically passed out on the sofa, sweat droplets on his forehead. He was covered in ice packs, but they clearly weren't doing anything. "Y/N, I've got a better idea."
Lily took the hot chocolate out of Y/N's hand and pulled her out from underneath the layers, dragging her all the way over to the boys while trying to ignore the fact her hand was freezing up. "Oh! My Lily-flower came to me!" James gasped.
"Shut up, Potter," she snapped, turning to Remus, "What's up with Lupin?"
"He's got a fever," Sirius said.
"Bullshit," Lily muttered, making all the boys' eyes snap towards her, including Remus'. She placed the hot chocolate on the table, and forcefully pushed Y/N to fall on to Remus' lap. If she hadn't been so cold, she would probably have blushed.
"Oh my Godric, you are literally a block of ice," Remus' eyes widened. He had never felt relief from his hot spells before.
"And you are so fucking hot," Y/N muttered, but immediately cringed at her choice of words. All the words to use for 'warm', and she chose the one with sexual connotations?
Thankfully, he said nothing on the matter, as he was too focused on the temperature relief he was finally feeling. Y/N glanced up in shock when she felt Remus' warm calloused hands cup her cheeks, but he wasn't looking at her. His eyes were closed and his head was resting on the back of the settee. She let out a small breath, feeling her blood warm up, which allowed a blush to rise to her cheeks. In a split second rushed decision, Y/N buried her face into Remus' chest, causing him to react by tightly securing her in his arms.
"Well then," James said, "Does this mean you will be hanging around with us more, future Mrs Potter?"
Lily glared at him, "In your sweet dreams."
"Is Lykos alright?" Sirius asked, seemingly more curious than concerned, "She looked like she'd just trekked through the Arctic."
"She's just got the shivers."
"Bullshit. What is it really, Lykos?" Sirius turned to look at the girl curled up on Remus' lap. Unfortunately, she couldn't respond, because she was fast asleep on top of the only source of warmth she required. Remus appeared to have drifted off as well.
"The sun's setting," James suddenly said, shaking his sleeping friend with a sense of panic.
"So?" Lily said calmly, trying to hide the fact she was worried that Y/N needed to get outside.
"So, we've got... plans..." Potter continued, managing to wake up both of the werewolves, "Moony, come on, it's almost dark."
"Shit," the boy cursed, carefully pushing a yawning Y/N off of him, "Sorry, I have to go."
Y/N's eyes snapped open as she finally registered what the others were saying. She, too, muttered a, "Shit," and jumped off the sofa to run over to the portrait hole. Lily didn't follow, since she wasn't yet an animagus, but the boys ran after her for a reason she was too worried to think about.
Once out the castle, Y/N sprinted down the grassy slope, nearly tripping on the way, to enter the Forbidden Forest. The Marauders watched from the top of the hill as she ran, piecing together what was happening. "You don't- you don't think she's...?" James trailed off.
"Yeah... Yeah, I think she is," Remus replied, "Anyway, we'll worry about that tomorrow."
They all nodded, before sprinting over to the Walloping Willow.
Madam Nosokoma came to collect Y/N earlier than she did the previous full moon, and as they walked up the hill, the boys were also supporting a wounded Remus on the way to the castle. "R- Remus..." she murmured, before passing out entirely due to blood loss and exhaustion.
The infirmary time went pretty much like the previous one, but what came after was different. Both of them were pretty sure that the other was a werewolf, but how exactly does one start up such a conversation? They weren't close enough to justify telling the other they were a werewolf for the sole reason of trusting them, and it's a little too insensitive to just ask 'hey, are you a werewolf?'.
And, so, the following month consisted of intense avoidance between both the Marauders and Y/N, since there were things that had to be said that couldn't be said. But, in more positive news, Lily successfully became a doe animagus, and was clearly ecstatic at her new ability. "I can help you now!" she had beamed.
Until, it was, again, the evening of the full moon, and Remus cornered Y/N in the library while visibly sweating. "Remus..." she mumbled, trying to suppress a shiver, "What-" she gulped, "-what do you want?"
"Come with me," he said, holding out his hand. Y/N glanced at the darkening sky outside, but still apprehensively accepted his offer, which allowed Remus to drag her out of the library. He dragged her all the way out of the castle, until they were outside standing on the grass.
"Remus- I- I have somewhere I need to be-" she said, watching the last bit of sun fall under the horizon.
"So do I," he said, tightening his grip on her hand, "What are you? Scared of the dark?"
"N- No-" she whispered, witnessing in pure horror as the white sphere peeked over into the pool of white-speckled navy blue.
"Y/N!" Lily's voice called from behind, followed by her grabbing Y/N's wrist and pulling her away from the boy, to drag her down to the Forbidden Forest in a sprint. The Marauders appeared behind Remus, and he spared them a glance paired with a frown, before sprinting after them. His friends followed suit.
There wasn't time to climb down into the cellar. The moon had risen quickly, and was shining down in all it's glory on to Y/N, who yelled, "Lily! Get back!" before collapsing on the ground in pain as she felt her bones crack and move.
The redhead quickly morphed into a doe, just as the Marauders arrived, with Remus falling on to the ground as well. James morphed into a stag, Sirius morphed into a black dog, and Peter morphed into a rat. Lily looked at them in shock, but most prominently at James who was a stag. She was a doe; he was a stag. She was torn from her thoughts at the sound of a growl from an arctic werewolf figure beside her, who was quite small but still deadly. Lily turned to what Y/N was glaring at, to see a larger brown werewolf, Remus, growling back at her.
Out of caution, she silently crept over to the other animagi, positioning herself beside the stag that was James. The werewolves let their front paws touch the ground as they growled more deeply at the other, ever so slowly edging closer and closer. Until, Remus suddenly stopped, and tilted his head as he sniffed the air. Y/N continued to growl, but didn't attack as he proceeded to approach her and lick her nose. That made her stop growling, and she backed up with a small whimper.
Remus barked, and began panting like a happy dog, making Y/N tilt her head. He got into a playful panting position, but snapped out of it when Sirius dared to come any closer. He growled at the dog, guarding Y/N behind him protectively. Lily decided to step forward, since she wasn't a canine and also a girl, so the chances were that Remus wouldn't see her as a threat. He didn't react to her, which allowed for her to approach her werewolf friend and rub her head affectionately against her.
The night was both the weirdest and easiest full moon any of them had ever experienced.
Y/N woke up with a start at the foot of a tree by the Black Lake, curled up in Remus' arms - something she did not expect. She gave a brief scan of her body, and was surprised (but relieved) to see that there were no new scars littering her skin. Remus was in the same situation.
She felt him stir next to her as she scanned the surrounding area and saw Lily asleep with her head on a sleeping James' shoulder, and Sirius and Peter also in physical contact with each other as they slept. The sun was just beginning to peek over the horizon and the temperature was warm but breezy.
Y/N could truly say that she felt peaceful in that moment.
"Good morning," Remus spoke gently, rubbing his nose against Y/N's cheek.
"Morning," she replied, watching as he looked his body up and down for scars.
"Nothing?" he said in surprise.
Y/N nodded, "Nothing."
Remus's face stretched into the largest grin she had ever seen bestowed upon his face. His calloused hand soon touched her cheek and tilted her head towards him, allowing him a decent angle to conjoin their lips in a chaste kiss. Y/N's mind had never been filled with so much warmth and butterflies before that moment, and for the first time in his life Remus felt like he truly belonged.
They eventually pulled away when they heard movement from a couple of their friends around them. Sirius was waking up, and yawned as he sat up and groggily looked upon Y/N and Remus. He remained sleepy for a few seconds, before a sudden realisation appeared to shock him fully awake.
"Moony - you're not injured!"
Remus' face split into another grin.
"Merlin, did we actually get some sleep last night?"
His loud voice awoke the others sleeping underneath the trees.
"What time is it?" Lily asked, clearly not yet having registered she was asleep on James' shoulder.
"The sun's still rising, so around seven, I guess," Y/N replied.
"Lykos," Peter spoke for the first time that morning, "You're a- you're a... you're just like Remus."
"A big surprise... but not an unwelcome one if it keeps Moony calm on full moons," Sirius added, and it was only then James' eyes opened.
He gaged his surroundings, doing a double take when he noticed Lily still half-asleep on his shoulder: his gaze on her made her finally realise her position, and she shot up instantly, her face bright red.
Deciding against saying something to her, he looked towards Y/N, and said, "I mean, I guess Moony isn't the only Moony now."
A penny dropped in Y/N's head, and she couldn't believe that she hadn't made the connection before that moment. "Your nicknames are your animagi!"
"Took you long enough, Lykos," James said, making her glare at him.
"Believe it or not, Potter, I don't spend every waking moment analysing your lives."
"Except Moony's," Sirius added.
"We should head back up," Lily finally spoke, "Before too many people are awake."
Everyone agreed, and began tiredly standing up to trek up the grassy slopes to the castle.
"I can't believe it. This is the first time since I was turned that I haven't needed medical care after a full moon," Remus said to Y/N as they took the back of the group on the walk.
She beamed at him, "Well, it's only been a couple months for me, but I can still appreciate how nice this is."
"It happened over the summer?"
Y/N nodded, "While I was in Canada. I'm an arctic werewolf, if you hadn't figured that out."
"I had," he reached his hand out to grab hers, "I'm just so- so relieved. I've felt like a monster all these years because there's never been a way to calm me down while I'm turned, and I've been so so scared of hurting people."
She glanced up at him, to see him staring ahead at the grass.
"I haven't felt this peaceful and just- human- in so long."
"I don't think we're humans, Remus."
He chuckled, "Yeah, yeah, I know. But I feel like I have more control over myself now, which makes me feel more human."
"My life has changed so quickly in these last months."
"Mine too. I've been feeling more and more like a monster everyday-"
"Well, if you're a monster, then I'm a monster."
"You could never be a monster, Y/N," he said gently.
She scoffed, "Hypocrite."
"Let me finish what I was saying - I've been feeling more and more like a monster everyday... until now."
He gave her the warmest smile, paired with the kindest eyes she had ever seen.
"Well, I guess we can't ever be away from each other now - at least on full moons," she said.
"I think we're gonna be close to each other a lot more than once a month, love."
"What- what do you mean by that?" She watched with widened eyes as Remus began laughing.
"You know exactly what I mean," he winked, before breaking into a sprint up the hill.
"Moony, get back here!" she yelled after him, beginning to run as well.
Soon, all the others of James, Sirius, Lily and Peter began running as well, yelling questions of why they were running, but laughing all the same.
And just like that, the new exciting years of friendship, self-confidence, and love began for them all, but especially Remus and Y/N.
written; 18/11/2020 —> 21/06/2022 published; 24/06/2022 edited; —/—/——
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my-my-only-angel · 15 hours ago
Best song ever | R.L
Tumblr media
Pairing: Remus Lupin x Reader 
Word count: 1.6k 
Summary: based on this request, Remus takes the reader (his gf) to a concert for her favourite boy band. 
A/N: This is my very first time writing for Remus by himself and im quite nervous that it’s ooc, I hope people like it still though! <3 Also yes the title is from a 1D song because I had no idea what to call this one shot, lol.
“I'll be back in a minute” you told Remus, leaning up on your tiptoes to peck him softly on the cheek. He caught your wrist before you could walk off, raising a brow at you in question “where are you going?”
The concert hadn’t started yet and you’d just found a good spot to stand. You felt your face heat up slightly as you looked down avoiding his eyes “the merch stand” you mumbled but Remus heard you.
“Really?” he asked incredulously but there was a fondness in his tone “we just got back from there!”
“I know I know!” you said, finally looking up and giving him your best pleading eyes “but I really wish i'd have bought that hoodie.”
Remus threw a hand over his heart, feigning a look of hurt “are my hoodies not enough for you anymore? You need a hoodie with what's-his-name’s face on?”
You rolled your eyes, smacking his arm lightly and he chuckled and pulled you in for a quick hug, pressing a gentle kiss to your hairline “il save our spot” he said “oh and get yourself the shirt you wanted too, il get it for you.”
You beamed, squeezing his side gently before you walked away, he may have teased you but he really was the best boyfriend. He’d even surprised you with the tickets to this concert for your birthday and you couldn’t be happier.
The line to the merch stand had gotten impossibly long, it curved around the booth and you sighed at the prospect of standing in it. But with the risk of the hoodie selling out looming you reluctantly joined.
30 minutes later and with only a short amount of time before the opening act began you fought your way through the crowds back to Remus, arms laden with a bag stuffed full of merch.
You were about to call out his name when you spotted him, his tall figure making him stand out. He was talking to a group of girls who looked to be in their mid teens.
“That’s Harry,” he said knowingly, pointing at one of the girls' programs “look he has that tattoo of the guitar on his left arm.”
“Is he the one who sings the chorus in ‘kiss forever’?” the girl asked him and he nodded “he is, did you know he wrote that one too? He co-wrote it with Noah after the band played in…”
You watched him ramble on, a fond expression on your face, that was your sweet Remus. He pretended to hate the band and would feign disinterest when you rambled on about them but clearly he’d been listening. In fact some of the facts he was pedalling even you didn’t know.
“How do you know all of this?” the girl asked him and he reached into his back pocket pulling out his wallet so that he could show them all a picture. You knew the picture he kept in there, a print of you that he took on your very first date, the picture faded and wrinkled with age as he took it out often. “This is my girlfriend,” he told them, smiling widely at the photo version of you, the corners of his eyes crinkling. “She's crazy about them, talks about them every single day. I like to keep informed for her.”
“She’s pretty” the girl with the pink top told him and Remus nodded wisely “beautiful” he agreed “I'm very lucky.”
“What’s this about being lucky?” you asked, wrapping your arms around his torso from behind. Remus jumped but wrapped his arms around your own squeezing you  closer in the hug. “Hi love” he murmured.
The girls he’d been talking to awed at the display “hi” one of them said shyly “your boyfriend was just helping us” she pointed at one of her friends, a tiny brunette, the one who’d asked about Harry “Mallory couldn’t see the stage so he let her go in front.”
You smiled at them “he’s sweet like that” you told them and they nodded, Remus flushed at your praise and looked down sheepishly.
“It's our first concert” Mallory told you sweetly “my mum got us the tickets.”
“Well you have fun girls” you told them just as the music started up to signal the first act's arrival. “And stay together!” Remus shouted and the girls nodded, linking arms to make sure they wouldn’t get lost in the crowd.
Remus wrapped his arm around your shoulder, pulling you closer into his body as the crowd began to cheer. You leaned up to talk into his ear “I didn’t know you were such a fan” you teased and he rolled his eyes “i'm not.”
“Rem” you laughed, “I heard you telling those girls all about the band, want me to go back and get you a hoodie?”
“No! I only know it because you talk about them” he insisted stubbornly and you laughed, reaching up on your tiptoes to peck his cheek “whatever you say love, whatever you say but now I know you’re not too cool for them after all.”
Before long the opening act had finished and you were screaming with the crowd excitedly as the band flooded out onto the stage. The young girls in front of you squealed and jumped up and down and you smiled at them, their youthful excitement reminded you of yourself at your first concert.
Remus squeezed your hand tightly when they came on, taking the bag of merch from you so that your arms were free to clap and dance. They opened up with one of your favourite songs and you screamed the lyrics excitedly, giggling when Remus sang along too, you knew that he would know all the words, he was definitely a secret fan.
As the concert progressed you tried to get some pictures of the band performing but it was hard to get a clear view of the stage through the sea of people. Remus plucked the camera from your hand using his tallness to his advantage as he snapped you a couple of pictures. He even managed to zoom in on your favourite band members, getting shots of the stickers on the drum kit and other details you couldn’t quite see.
Once he’d taken the pictures he laced his fingers with yours, swaying you to the music. Suddenly the song ended and the band transitioned into playing one of their popular love songs. The lights in the stadium turned down, the band lit only by the soft glow of the orange fairy lights hanging from the edges of the stage. The crowd gushed over the fluffy lyrics, holding up their torches as a sea of white twinkling white lights as they sang along. From a distance it looked like the band was serenading a blanket of stars.
Remus wasn’t looking at that though and he wasn’t looking at the band either. His eyes were locked on you, a goofy lovestruck expression on his features as he watched you sing. You looked starstruck, glowing in the light of the torches with your eyes half closed singing along to the ballad. He took the camera out again and snapped a few pictures of you, wanting to commit your beauty to his memory forever.
For Remus, hearing you gush about the band constantly was worth it just to see the light shine in your eyes when you talked about them. Truthfully he didn’t really care much about the band but he liked to listen to you talk about them because you glowed with excitement and happiness and he loved to see you glow.
All too soon the concert was over and you burrowed your face into Remus’ shirt, his strong arms wrapping around you. “I can’t believe it’s over” you croaked, voice hoarse from singing.
“I know” Remus agreed, stroking a hand through your hair “it went so fast.”
“Did you have fun?” you questioned him, lifting your head up from his chest to look at his face. A slow smile spread across his lips, his eyes glittering in the stadium lights “I always have fun when i'm with you” he said softly, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.
You nuzzled into the warmth of his palm, flushing at his sweet words. He was only soft like this with you, it was a side of him that only you saw and it was special to you.
“I still can’t believe we were in the same room as them” you said a little dreamily as you pushed through the crowds exiting the stadium. Remus used his tall frame to part the crowds and get you out quicker.
“You love them more than me don’t you?” Remus accused teasingly and you laughed squeezing his hand gently.
“Well of course” you joked “if Noah was down here right now I'd ditch you in a heartbeat.”
Remus laughed, throwing a large hand over his heart in mock offence “wow, if you’re going to abandon me for a musician, at least pick Harry, I mean Noah? Come on, love.”
“What's wrong with Noah?” you gasped and Remus began to list all the ways that Noah was the least cool member of the band, letting slip loads of facts he knew about them along the way. The playful argument continued all the way home and you fell asleep that night in Remus’ arms clad in your new tour t-shirt, happier than ever.
The next morning you woke up to the smell of breakfast wafting into the room. You yawned and padded out of the bedroom softly to see Remus cooking and singing along to your favourite album as he did so.
“Morning” you enunciated and he jumped, quickly turning off the music and scratching the back of his neck sheepishly.
“Err morning love I was just -”
You cut him off “I know you’re a secret fan Remus Lupin” you accused, stalking over to him and turning the music back on. He grumbled but pressed a kiss to your forehead in greeting nevertheless “maybe some of their songs are catchy” he admitted and you smiled into his shirt “thank you for last night” you muttered and he nodded humbly, waving off your thanks as he held you tighter.  
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dead-pcets · 16 hours ago
Another one, because I like bothering people <3 A one with Remus where reader and him are academic rivals to lovers, with the prompt, "last time i checked, you guys were at each others' throats. how come you're sending heart eyes every time you see her now?" -Love, Autumn 🍁
Tumblr media
storyline/prompt : "last time i checked, you guys were at each others' throats. how come you're sending heart eyes every time you see her now?" (academic rivals to lovers) main pairing : fem!reader x remus lupin word count : 982 warning : swearing and kissing a/n : this was request by a lovely follower who is mentioned in the ask above ! i'm not too sure how this came out ?? but i might have fixed it in the end. —————————
remus lupin and (name) (surname) were the two names mentioned everywhere. not because they got into the trouble. quite the opposite actually. the two were always so close when it came to gaining marks. they were always deeply engrossed in what they had to do and it was nice having someone to compete with.
remus had always his friends to look after him, take care of him and he did the same when the time came but to have someone tease him, compete with him, challenge him in ways that made his brain go haywire was hard to find. but, he'd found her.
every time there was a new test or exam in the way, he'd study, not a care about his future but rather to get a higher grade than (name).
(name) had a lot of things that made her happy but nothing compared to the face of an angry remus lupin at the fact that he fact that he so close to having the same mark as her.
the feel of him beside her, glaring down in fury but not able to say anything because she earned the mark was the reason she was so hellbent on pushing herself to study harder.
the two couldn't care less about their future, with the upcoming war, they had no place in the world and decided to make the best of whatever they had.
the library was very quiet and usually always was but this time, the amount of people seemed to have disappeared since during the christmas holidays, not many students stayed over.
most of them were forced to come back home, in case anything would have happened to them in hogwarts. there were hardly enough students to fill two classes.
remus had decided that he'd check up on a few things in the library before he'd head away for the day. both peter and james were forced to go back home, leaving the group will low numbers.
his eyes trailed over the shelf to find the author he was looking for but his eyes fell on someone else. (name) was reading a huge book, head against the window, eyes threatening to shut, while her legs were brought close to her chest to keep herself warm.
he couldn't help with let out a low chuckle at the sight. grabbing whatever book he could find, the young werewolf made his way towards her and instantly she sat up straight, fixing her hair.
''spying on me, are you?'' she asked, raising her eyebrows ever so slightly. he took a seat right beside her and placed his book down. ''i've much more important things to do, (surname).'' and there was a moment of silence between them.
it wasn't awkward but rather just much more quiet than it was between the two of them. ''ready for binns' surprise test after the break?'' he asked, breaking the stillness between them.
''you know i'm not. however, i'm sure i'll manage to pass without a doubt.'' she replied, closing her book and keeping it aside.
''why? do you want some extra tips on how to get better marks?'' she asked, her eyes twinkling with mischief. ''i know history of magic gives you a tough time and acceptance is the first step.'' she could hear remus' breath get deeper and the way his jaw clenched.
one more word from her and he would — ''hello? lupin? cat got your tongue?'' the female rolled her eyes before turning around to him completely to get a better angle at his face.
''shut the fuck up.'' he spoke, leaning in towards their space with gritted teeth. (name) held her breath trying to find the right words to say but her mind shut down.
they were so close to each other, she could feel his breath fanning against her face and the way his eyes glared at her. she couldn't step down now and chicken out now, could she?
before her mind would let her process what was happening, her mouth decided to do something on it's own.
''make me.'' her voice was hardly louder than a whisper but he heard it, loud and clear. her voice ringing through his head as she spoke those two words.
before anything else could happen, remus leaned forward, completely closing off the space between them and pressed his lips against hers.
it was rough but full of an emotion she couldn't place her mind on. however, with his lips on hers, she couldn't fully think anyway. (name) instantly kissed his back, hands travelling to his neck, pulling him in any closer.
the two ended up in a kissing frenzy before they had to pull away from air or one of them would faint from the lack of breath. they looked at each other for a moment before erupting in a soft laughter between them.
god, were they missing all this because they were too busy trying to study?
for the rest of the christmas break, the pair actually managed to go five minutes without banter before one of them would break but they were working on it.
it was the day before the classes would have started and james had been wanting to ask remus' opinion on something. finding the marauders map, he looked down to see a very unusual name beside his own.
he shrugged it off as nothing but seeing him with her, caused him to wonder, what truly happened between the winter break.
spotting remus say goodbye to (name) with a smile, james raised his eyebrows in confusion. "last time i checked, you guys were at each others' throats. how come you're sending heart eyes every time you see her now?" he asked, looking at the leaving student and then back at his mate.
''oh, you know. stuff.'' —————————
do not repost my work onto another website !
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ztoji · 2 months ago
# : hehe first time doing hp and remus kinda nervous uh…. also imagine younger/older remus - whichever you want
tags : MDNI, punishment smut, hard/mean dom!remus?, toys (vibrator), slight ruined orgasm, gagging (w panties), he ties your hands up w a tie, choking, oral (f receiving), f!reader, no magic mentioned
Tumblr media
The room is filled with your muffled cries and moans. Remus sitting back on his calves between your legs while keeping a vibrator against your swollen and sensitive clit. He's been at this for god knows how long, but he has still not given you permission to come yet.
It only makes it worse because before keeping the vibe against your clit he shoved your panties in your mouth to keep you as quiet as possible, tied your hands up with his tie to the headboard so you can’t push him away. And neither can you take out your panties from your mouth.
All this because you forgot about coming to eat lunch with him like he planned. And since it was planned only the day before he didn’t think of bringing any leftovers or food with him to work. It caused him to send an angry text to you and having to hurry with his work, because he waited for you to show up for almost thirty minutes. So when he decided he wouldn’t wait anymore he only had another thirty minutes left to pick up food or something quick to eat, naturally it stressed him out a little bit thinking about being late with his work.
Also because of the thought of humiliation since Remus stood outside the restaurant the two of you picked a long while before walking away.
You thought it was a bit silly of him to be mad and react the way he did because of something so small, considering the fact that you could always plan a lunch date another day. You also had things that kept you occupied, otherwise you wouldn’t have forgotten about it.
Well, that’s what you thought at the beginning of the night. Before he pushed you down on the bed only to tie you up and press a vibrator against your cunt. Letting you get so, so close to the edge, but letting go whenever your hips started to twitch a little too much for his liking.
A scornful laugh leaves him whenever you start to whine and try to scream profanities at him, but couldn’t because your mouth was full of your soaked panties. Remus was also quick to push down your legs against the bed when you tried to kick him or tried to nudge him. He would pause the punishment or whatever he thought this was. You surely thought this felt like a punishment considering the way he was treating you.
“Don’t be so loud darling. And if you even try to kick me again I'll leave you here with this thing on until you pass out.” Remus quite literally growls out, pinching your thigh lightly as a warning. “Do you understand me, little one?”
You are quick to nod as an answer.
He likes that look on you a little too much, where you don’t seem to know whether you like what’s going on or if you don’t. The cute way you scrunch your nose and furrow your eyebrows together whenever you get close to coming is one of his favorite things too.
It’s also how your face changes when you get close to the edge that makes him able to pull away from you so you don’t get to cum, sometimes they get ruined when he gets too lost in staring at the way your poor cunt tightens around nothing as he continues to press his fingers in and out of you lightly.
Your muffled moans bring him back to the present, a grin taking place on his face at how you’ve thrown back your head, showing off your pretty throat and your legs twitching beside him. “Are you close baby?” He can see the way you are trying to fight back the orgasm.
Nodding quickly at the question, head still thrown back onto the pillow, he presses the toy closer to you. Your legs full on shaking by now and your whole body tightens up at the upcoming orgasm, trying to clench your stomach together as if that’ll help you keep it in.
“Cum for me.”
With that you let go of the tense feeling in your stomach, orgasm wrecking through your body and hips bucking wildly back and forth on the toy still pressed onto you. Keeping your eyes pressed closed and throwing your head back once again when you feel two fingers pressing into you.
Remus exchanges the toy with two of his rough fingers and is quick to thrusting them against your sweet spot that keeps prolonging your orgasm. He doesn’t stop until your cum starts gushing out of your tightening cunt, having to stop thrusting them as your velvety walls got so tight it would probably cause you discomfort if he kept them moving.
Only when he feels you relax again and body going slack on the bed does he pull out his now soaked fingers.
He brings his fingers up and cleans them off in his mouth, you try to moan out at the sight of his tongue cleaning his fingers but the sound is still muffled.
Remus pushes himself up so he’s in eye level with you, smirking at the pleading look in your eyes before he pushes the two fingers he sucked on in your mouth. Pushing back the panties, causing you to gag and try to escape him but you don’t get far before he pulls them out along with the panties. You are quick to lick your dry lips as soon the panties are out of your mouth.
Yet again before you have time to say or do anything he manhandles you onto your front, ass in the air and face between the pillows. The sound of him opening his zipper fills the room and Remus pulls out his cock. When you try and wriggle yourself closer Remus is quick to put an end to it with his calloused hand coming down in a quick spank on your ass.
“Stop fucking moving or I’ll really leave you here like this.” He growls in your ear, putting one hand around your neck to pull you up towards him until your back is pressed against his chest.
The feeling of his cock slinking inside you and stretching you open distracts you from his tightening grip on your neck. And before he even has time to bottom out you’re already coming around him.
“Dirty little slut, coming without permission now?” you gasp out at his choice of words. “Keep moving your fucking hips before i fuck you unconsious little one.”
You do as he says, opening your mouth but nothing escapes because of his grip on your neck that is continuously loosening and tightening to keep you on edge.
He helps you on the way though and takes pity on your sensitive body, bucking his hips up to yours when you come down towards him, the sound of skin meeting skin fills the room along with your mixed moans. He groans at the feeling of your cum and wetness dripping down and causing a mess on his thighs and the bed.
Pushing you back down on the bed he starts pumping his cock into you, ignoring your whimpers of him giving you a quick break.
His goal tonight is to ruin you.
Tumblr media
a/n : AAAAAHHHH i’m nervous i hope y’all liked this one heuhuehueh (〃ω〃)
2022 © all content belongs to ztoji. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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leahsficemporium · 2 months ago
Motion Sickness
Remus Lupin x Reader
a/n: I’m going on a road trip to New Orleans for my birthday tomorrow and it got me thinking about Remus on a road trip and just going on a road trip with the Marauders. Then it got a little… heated lol
summary: On a road trip with the Marauders, you try and avoid getting motion sickness but you’re having a hard time not focusing on the moving bus and the passing scenery. Luckily enough, your boyfriend Remus has just the thing to distract you, as long as you keep quiet.
warning: MDNI 18+, fingering, degradation, praise, overstimulation, kinda public sex, slight exhibitionism, If I missed anything lmk!
word count: 2.1k
Tumblr media
You rested your head against Remus’ shoulder, closing your eyes and trying your hardest to keep your mind off the Volkswagen jostling your body so that motion sickness doesn’t overtake you. 
You both sat in the third row of seats as James drove, Lily holding the map and instructing him when to turn. Sirius and Peter both laid across the second row, sleeping soundly. Remus’ head turned away from the window, feeling you rest against him. His lips immediately meet your temple, kissing it tenderly.
He couldn’t see your pained yet determined expression from his height but you knew he could somehow sense your wariness. He kept his lips against your skin, letting its warmth spread through your body. 
“Alright, love?” He questioned, hot breath tickling your skin, causing you to shudder slightly. You groan, shaking your head as the bus hits a particularly nasty bump. 
“Trying not to focus on the bus movin’. Don’ wanna get sick,” you mumble, voice muffled as you nuzzle your face against his shoulder. 
“Gettin motion sickness again?” Remus asked, voice tinged with worry. He knew how long car rides got to you. You nod against him, slouching against the seat. 
“Think so,” you respond, trying to think of something besides the sensation of feeling every little rock the van rolls over. 
“Gotta keep your mind off it, dove,” Remus says, hand moving to pat your bare knee, fingers tickling the edge of your dress. You groan, closing your eyes and shuffling closer to him. 
“I’m trying but I can’t help it,” you whine, internally chastising yourself for acting like this. But you dreaded the oncoming pain and you demanded comfort. 
“Want some help?” Remus asked, voice suggestive as fingers began lightly grazing your leg. You subconsciously leaned into the touch. 
“How could you help with something like this?” You asked curiously, mind distant as you tried not to focus on anything too hard. 
“Could offer you a little distraction…” he trailed off, his voice continuing with that suggestive lilt. It didn’t click until his teasing fingers began making their way up closer to your core. Your eyes shot open as they made contact. 
“R-Rem,” you stuttered in disbelief, looking up at him with furrowed brows. Remus kept his gaze ahead as your breathing started to pick up, heat blossoming in your stomach as Remus rubbed his fingers along your clothed slit. 
“Just keep your eyes ahead, dove. Keep your thoughts on me, on what I’m doin’ to ya,,” he spoke lowly, a rasp washing over his voice as he pressed his fingers more firmly against you. You clench around nothing and your eyes widen at the effect his words have on you. Letting out a small whimper you glance ahead, looking around at your friends and the small space you currently occupied. 
“Remus, w-we’re in a van. With everyone,” you say nervously, looking back up at him as you try not to rock against his hand and hating how much the idea turns you on. Remus continues to keep his eyes forward. 
“James and Lily got the radio so loud they won’t hear anything, and Sirius and Peter are knocked out,” he explains simply. He then slowly moves his gaze down to meet yours before raising a single brow. “So… as long as you keep quiet little one, no one will suspect a thing. Think you can keep quiet for me?” A small moan escapes you, not being able to help from reacting to the pet name mixed with his fingers pressing the material of your panties down against your clit. You shake your head lightly, brows furrowed. 
“I don’t know, Rem,” you answer, voice shaky with uncertainty. A softness falls over Remus’ expression as he takes you in. 
“We don’t have to do this, you know. Say the word and I’ll hold your hand and rub your stomach when it starts to ache,” he says, his voice gentle and soothing. But then his fingers flex against your core and his eyes sharpen. “But judging by this,” he starts, a smirk overtaking his lips. His fingers are quicker than you can react but you can feel it as Remus pushes aside your panties and gathers up your slick. You stare at him wide-eyed as he removes his hand and holds it up in front of you both. His smirk is mischievous, the gleam in his eye fierce as he speaks. “You’re dripping,” he says smoothly, voice coated in self-satisfaction. 
“Remus!” You scold, tugging his hand down and getting it out of your friends’ sight. Remus laughs, moving his arm out of your grip and pops the fingers in his mouth. He moans around his digits and you melt against him, entranced by the sight as you feel yourself growing wetter. 
 His hand falls back on your leg, only now it grips the inside of your thigh, your dress having previously ridden up. Your eyes follow the movement and remain on the hold as you watch his spit smear against your thigh. 
“Let me take care of you,” he says softly, practically begging to help you. Your tongue darts out, licking your lip as your gaze remains on his fingers. 
“O-okay,” you force out, still not sure how well you can keep quiet but your growing desperation overcomes such doubt. 
“Yeah?” He asks, checking in with you, wanting you to be certain, needing your full consent. You merely nod, chest tightening and breath hitching at the anticipation. 
But suddenly Remus’ hand snaps away from your thigh and tugs at your chin, forcing your eyes on him. Your lips part as you feel his damp fingers against your skin. 
“Words, dove, I need words,” he grits out, jaw slightly clenched and eyes wild as he looks down at you, gaze flickering over your face, checking up on you. You watch him for a moment, savoring the expression before you speak. 
“Please take care of me,” you whimper out quietly.  Remus’ eyes roll back into his head as a low guttural groan escapes him. When his eyes flutter back open, his touch is leaving your chin and moving inside your panties. 
Two fingers spread out your folds and slip through your wetness. You feel yourself rock against it, breath increasing as pleasure sparks through your core. 
You hear Remus inhale deeply before slipping two fingers into your slick center. You choke on a whimper, hips jerking at the thick digits entering you. He starts at a steady pace, moving them in and out of your desperate hole. You whine quietly, cunt fluttering around his fingers and hips jerking to meet his thrusts. You hear Remus chuckle and a moment later you feel Remus’ hot breath on your ear, sending shivers down your spine and increasing your pleasure. 
“What got you so turned on, love? You're soaking my hand. Was it the idea of me getting you off in front of all our friends? Was it the possibility of getting caught? Or was it my words? Do you like hearing the dirty things I plan on doin’ to ya..? Or is it all three?” He taunts, voice holding a sinister twinge. Your eyes squeeze shut as you listen to him and you can’t stop yourself from clenching down on his fingers. You hear a huff of laughter. “All three, aye? I can work with that…” he trails off, sounding slightly more focused. He moves deeper within you, fingers curling against your walls and igniting your nerves. 
“Ah— Remus!” You cry out as quietly as possible, letting a surprised moan follow as he crooks his fingers, sliding over a sponged area inside you that sends a jolt through your body and black spots in your vision. A familiar coil begins to tighten in your stomach. 
“Shh, quiet sweetheart. Wouldn’t want our friends to interrupt now would we?” Remus teases, a wondrous smirk decorating his expression as he continues to watch you and the pretty faces you make when you try and hold back your pleasure. 
“F-faster— please,” you beg out breathlessly, needing more friction to move you closer to the edge, waves of pleasure pushing and pulling you. Remus makes a sound of disbelief though his fingers quicken, heading towards a brutal pace. 
“You want me to go faster now? Why just a few minutes ago you weren’t sure you could do this. Now look at you, you filthy thing. Makin’ a mess of my hand, moaning like a desperate slut. That’s what you are aren’t you? My desperate little slut,” he spits out, fingers pounding in and out of you, the force jerking your hips. 
Your brows furrow at the pleasure that wracks through your body, the coil tightening in your stomach, drawing you closer to release. Your jaw drops in shock as Remus moves his thumb to your clit, moving it in tight circles. 
“Yes!” You hiss out before a loud moan escapes you without permission. You throw your head back against the seat as your hips buck up. 
“Is she ok back there?” A sudden voice sounds out through the van. And it’s only then you notice anything past the fog clouding your mind and you suddenly realize the music had been turned down. Your stomach clenched wondering how long it had been. 
You freeze completely, keeping your head back and body still. Remus hesitates when Lily asks the question but quickly collects himself and continues the movement of his fingers, moving slower and more languidly but never relenting the beautiful torture on your clit. 
Your breath hitches and you curse yourself for enjoying the thrill of this so much, hating how the possibility of getting caught causes electricity to rush through your veins. 
“A bit of motion sickness is all,” Remus replies smoothly,
his gaze meeting Lily’s now. You can imagine Lily’s sympathetic frown behind your closed eyes. 
“Awe, the poor dear. Well don’t worry, love, there’s a rest stop not too far. We’ll stop for a break soon,” she assures with a firm nod. Remus sends her a charming smile and breathes out a sigh of relief. 
“Sounds brilliant, thanks Lil,” Remus responds and you tense up, forcing moans back down your throat and ignoring ripples of arousal coursing through you. 
“Don’t mention it,” Lily calls back, appearing none the wiser as she spins back forward and turns the music back up. Remus rounds his head to look down at you again. 
“You have got to be more quiet, dove,” he says through clenched teeth. His fingers begin picking up their pace and your lips part. “Don’t want all our friends to know that you can’t even go a car ride without needing something to fill you up,” he whispers harshly, fingers thrusting into you just as harsh and thumb stimulating your clit perfectly. 
“I-I’m close, Rem,” you say, voice shaking and stumbling over words. Tears prick at your eyes, causing you to open them in an attempt to blink them back. Remus lets a wide smirk transform his face. 
“Of course you are, and you’ve been doing so well, taking my fingers so nicely. Now, go on, be a good girl and make a mess out of James’ van for me,” he says, his voice somehow both soft and mean at the same time. Your head falls forward and your eyes widen just as Remus moves to pinch your clit.
Pain mixed with immense pleasure causes the coil to snap and euphoria to wash over you like a tidal wave as you’re finally pushed off the edge and into a blissful orgasm. 
“Oh god—“ you choke out, voice strained as you hold back screams of pleasure. Your body shakes and jerks as your orgasm moves through you. Remus exhales sharply, continuing to work you through it. 
“Clench my fingers, pretty girl, just like that. Take me for all I’m worth…” he hisses out, breath heavy as he watches you. His eyes fog over, pupils blown wide as he looks over every inch of you, memorizing every change of expression and jerk of your body. Your orgasm begins to calm but Remus doesn’t stop in his movements. Your features twist as overstimulation starts to take hold. “God you’re beautiful, all ruined and fucked out,” Remus says, voice light and dazed. You whimper and start to squirm away from his fingers as pain overwhelms the pleasure. 
“S’to much, Rem,” you mumble out, feeling a sense of tiredness replace the arousal that had previously consumed you. 
“Can’t give me another one?” Remus asks with a frown. You shake your head tiredly, head falling limply against his shoulder. Remus sighs and carefully moves his fingers out of you. You whine lightly before relaxing back against the seat. After wiping away the cum on his fingers and the mess between your thighs, his hand rests back on your leg and starts massaging away the small tremors that remain. “Well, I suppose one’s served its purpose. Rest little one, we’ll be there before you know it,” he says softly to your already half-asleep form, kissing your forehead and turning back to look outside the window as he had been doing before. 
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fantastiqueali · a month ago
‘Till the moon is out
Tumblr media
Pairing: Remus Lupin x Reader
Warning: 18+, Minors dni!, D.S. dynamic, Dom!Remus, Quirofilia, Somnophilia, Bareback, Spanking, Cream pie, Slight Choking, Discipline, Degradation, Dirty talk, and Overstimulation.
Word count: 0.4k
Tumblr media
Your head was pushed down on the mattress with the pillow almost suffocating you if it weren’t for him being slightly sympathetic with you. A fist of your hair was being pulled by your boyfriend. Whilst his other was plunging down your back that could crack any minute.
“Yeah? Tryin’ to tease and mock me with the full moon just by f’me to ruin you? Pathetic little dumb cockwhore,” he mocks. A combination of a gasp and sobs tempts you to choke on your own without any contact but the lack of air that he gives you through his jagged thrusts inside your aching core that had its orgasm for its fifth time already.
Your pleas went in his left and out his right ear, not caring nor giving you empathy as he wants you to get what you want after being a bitch about it. You want him to treat you like a slut and it's in his command. If you want him to fuck you like a vice until you’re in nothingness but dumbness then so be it. But don’t whatsoever ask for any mercy as he will not give you any.
One thing that he wants you to learn is that you shouldn’t take back your words. What you say and want is what he will only hear. Nothing will make him think otherwise. So now the bed is creaking and daring the both of you to break one of its legs. Just like he’s doing to you right now.
His right hand parts with your back and not a moment later a harsh and hissing pain overcomes your bum. A brutal massage follows after, causing your soft skin to redden more. His hand pulls you by the hair and the other supports your body as he latches your back with his front. Sweats from the two of you mixing. 
“Y’want to cum all night? Fine, you cum all night ‘til the moon is out.” You whined as he held your chin up to look at him with his slender fingers. Another thrust makes its way to pleasure and sates you into subspace. 
“Tired already? Should I continue fucking you whilst you sleep peacefully? Should I continue to rut in this dirty pussy so in the morning you can’t feel anything?”
As your sixth orgasm comes down that night, you are tired. You want to close your eyes so much but the man behind it all won’t let you. You wanted to lay down but he won’t allow it with his arms securing you near him.
“Should’a train you more. Train this pussy how to not be hungry for m’cock all the time. After all,” he leans down to your ear, knowing very well that your consciousness is fading away. “This is my pussy. Mine to fucking use whenever I want, not yours. ‘M the one to decide where, when, and how to ruin this sweet tight pussy.”
Tumblr media
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luveline · 2 months ago
Hi! Could I maybe please request reader taking care if drunk Remus and he keeps saying things that embarrass her or something? No pressure if you don’t want to!
hi tysm for ur request I hope this is okay! <3
"Remus!" you cheer, having finally spotted him in the mess of the party, sequestered in the kitchen with his school friends. 
He perks up at the sound of your voice, all big smiles and pink cheeks. "Dove! Where have you been?" 
"Where have you been? I went to find the bathroom and you disappeared." 
"I was winning a game of beer pong," he informs you, matter of fact. "Oh my god, what the fuck. Did you get prettier?" 
"What?" you ask, giggling. 
His hand comes up to your face, big palm warm on your cheek. "You look so cute." He turns to his friends, tugging you by the shoulders. "Guys, doesn't she look amazing?" 
You flush and smile at people you don't know and then, thankfully, James and Lily where they're sitting, James in a big chair and Lily in his lap. James smirks, Lily looks pleased for you. 
"Did Sirius put love potions in the drinks again?" you ask. 
"Nope!" Lily says, too cheerful. 
"He did put firewhiskey in the beer pong cups, though," James says. 
"And then I lost on purpose," Sirius announces, appearing from the patio doors smelling of cigarette smoke and expensive cologne. 
"You guys are evil," you say, just as Remus ducks in to kiss your cheek. 
"He didn't lose on purpose," he refutes in your ear. "I'm just amazing." 
"Yeah, you are," you say fondly, smiling up at him. You wrap your arms around him in a hug and glare at Sirius over his shoulder, hoping it says what you're thinking. Stop messing with my baby.  You know he doesn't know how beer pong works.
"You smell really, really nice," Remus says, nose in your neck. 
You close your eyes, embarrassed by his very earnest, very public display and declaration of affection. There's a wave of snorting and smug giggling from his group of friends that you ignore. Poor baby. They won't forget this anytime soon. 
"You smell good too, Remus," you tell him, rubbing his back. 
He seems in good spirits despite the sheer amount of alcohol you imagine to be in his system right now, only slightly wobbly in your hold. You kiss his neck quickly, one then twice, feeling a little sorry for him. He’s so smart, and yet lacks any common sense when it comes to Sirius, who is evil enough to change the rules of any drinking game for personal gain. They’re both too competitive.
He pulls away and his smile is blinding.
"How do I smell?" you hear Sirius ask. 
"Like an ashtray," Lily says, deadpan. 
"You wanna come dance with me?" you ask, trying to save him from their teasing. 
"I'll do anything with you," he says. Jesus Christ. 
You pull him from the kitchen and into the crowded living room. It's much darker here, louder, still Remus reckons you're pretty as a peony and twice as soft, hands on your waist. You curl your arms around his neck and dig your face into his chest. 
"You're fucked," you tell him, face aflame from his waxing poetic. 
"What?" he shouts over the music. 
You peer up from his chest and aren't surprised when he kisses your forehead tenderly, totally at odds with the jumpy pop song filling the room. 
"Your eyes are really pretty," he says, lovelorn.
You pretend not to hear him, chest burning as you realise this is an all night affair. 
"Did you hear me? I said your eyes are really pretty! You're so beautiful, love!" 
You make a panicked sound and tighten your arms around his neck, almost throwing him off balance as you hug him close. He strokes your hair, mumbling, "Was it something I said?" 
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sweetiecutie · 2 months ago
Pairing: Remus Lupin x fem! Reader
Warnings: NSFW, public sex, unprotected sex, tummy bulge, choking, kinda mean Remus(?)
Those few days before the full moon had always been the toughest for Remus. Not only his behavior changed: boy felt way more vulnerable than usual which led to him isolating himself from reality in his thoughts, barely talking to anyone; his appetite completely disappeared, to the point where you and marauders were almost force-feeding Remus; his sleep was light and restless, causing his mood to be lower than James’ grades in divination, making brunette boy all snappy and grouchy. But there was one more thing only you know about - his sex drive flew immensely high, and you are always the one to deal with it
That’s how you ended up like that - being unapologetically pressed into one of the book stands in the secluded corner of the library, skirt hiked up over the waist and panties pushed to the side as Remus wrecked your whole being with his huge cock from behind. Your legs tremble wildly, barely managing to support your weight. Your fingers cling onto the bookshelf in front of you, the force of your boyfriend’s thrusts makes your smaller body rock with every snap of his hips against your ass
- Rem, they’re gonna hear us, - you stutter out with a small whimper, hoping that’ll make lycanthrope boy slow down a little. But your weak protests seem to only encourage him further, brunette’s hold on your hips tightens, fingers dig into your flesh angrily, certainly leavening dark bruises
- Then you gotta be fucking quiet, - Remus snarls into your ear, increasing the pace of his hips rutting into yours, his dick prodding your cervix with every ferocious thrust, making your eyes roll back in pleasure
You drop your head forward, resting your forehead against one of the shelves, having a perfect view of Remus’ thick cock sliding in and out of your drenched pussy, his balls glisten with your slick in a dim light of the library. You watch, as if in trance, huge bulge forming on your tummy with werewolf’s every feral thrust, tiny mewl escaping your lips at the sight
You feel your knees buckle, and if Remus wasn’t holding you so tightly you would’ve fallen right in the spot. He yanks you back roughly, pressing your back against his heated chest. One of his hands comes from your hip to clamp around your throat, putting just perfect amount of pressure to choke you, but still leaving you little access to the oxygen
You mind starts feeling giddy, dark circles flood your vision as you feel orgasm quickly approaching. Your inner walls clamp around your boyfriend’s pulsing cock, making Lupin growl in your ear. His pace becomes sloppy and erratic, pounding you with force that is almost inhuman
- You little whore, love it when I fuck you like that? ‘Course you do. And you’ll take my cum like a good slut, got it? - Remus growls in your ear, his voice is low and husky from pleasure, causing shivers running down your spine
You nod a few times in reply, eyes shut tight as you feel that familiar coil in your stomach getting tighter and tighter until it finally bursts. Pleasure shots up your spine as tingling warmth suffuses your trembling body, bringing your fuzzy mind to the state of pure bliss. Remus slaps his scarred hand over your mouth, muffling all the lewd moans and whimpers slipping past your bitten lips
You feel Remus’ mighty body shudder behind you, thrusting especially deep into you a few more times; low grunts escape from the depth of his chest as he spurts his thick semen into your wrecked pussy. Boy stills his movements, burying himself inside you to the hilt, his hips lurch occasionally in post-orgasm spasms, fingers still dig into your hips painfully
Brunette slowly slides out of you after catching his breath, friction against your overstimulated walls makes you whine in protest. Remus slides your panties back in place so that none of his cum dribbles out of you; he still has a tight hold on your waist, well-aware of your trembling legs. You hear metal clinking of his belt as boy fixes his pants back on; his heated chest is pressed against your back again as Lupin rasps into your ear:
- I’ll be waiting for you tonight, - with a light smack on your ass he departs, leaving you a fucked-out blushing mess
You both know that you’ll come. And you both know perfectly well that tomorrow you won’t be able to walk
Likes, reblogs and comments are highly appreciated. Share your smutty thoughts with me, that’d really help me to create more content💖
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ameliora-j · 7 months ago
𝕔𝕠𝕣𝕣𝕦𝕡𝕥𝕖𝕕 // 𝕣𝕝 𝕩 𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕖𝕣
𝕤𝕦𝕞𝕞𝕒𝕣𝕪 → there’s absolutely nothing wrong with shy!innocent!naive!reader, except for the fact that she trusts her therapist entirely too much. he tells her that his special treatment is the only way to turn off her mind
𝕔𝕠𝕟𝕥𝕖𝕟𝕥 → therapist!remus, dark fic, can be seen as dubcon, power imbalance, doctor kink, naive!reader, corruption kink, overstimulation, oral (m! and f!receiving), toy insertion (f!receiving), vibrator, degradation, praise, subspace, mean dom!remus, sub!reader, masturbation (m!receiving), jerking off in panties(?), hair pulling, dacryphilia, slapping, virgin!reader, butt plug, anal, double penetration, triple penetration (is that a thing?), cum play (kinda), squirting, hair pulling, breeding kink, bulge kink, size kink, spitting, this is pure filth; if you don’t like it don’t read it. you are responsible for what you consume on the internet
𝕨𝕠𝕣𝕕 𝕔𝕠𝕦𝕟𝕥 → 5.7k (i may have gotten carried away)
𝕒/𝕟 → i’m trying a new fic layout lmk your thoughts…
Tumblr media
you stared down at your scuffed up chuck taylors as you walked into your therapist’s office building. you heard your name called and you went into the room. “welcome back,” dr. lupin smiled at you.
“hi dr. lupin,” you murmured shyly as you sat down in front of him.
“tell me how your week was,” he smiled warmly.
“was alright. the medicine you made me take didn’t make the thoughts go away,” you pouted softly.
“no?“ he furrowed his brows in mock confusion. in truth, he gave you sugar pills, not meant to do anything. if dr. lupin was being completely honest, there was nothing wrong with you at all. you were as healthy as a horse, physically and mentally. but was that of importance? no not at all. it also wasn't something you needed to know at this moment. “well tell me about your thoughts sweet girl,” he offered.
“they’re dirty,” you replied shyly. “make my tummy feel all tingly,” you bit your lip as you twiddled your thumb. “some… sometimes they’re about you,” you breathed barely above a whisper.
a smirk ghosted over his lips as he wrote this information down on his clipboard. “and the medicine didn’t stop them?” he asked, faux concern lacing his tone.
“not even a little bit,” you shook your head with a small sigh. he let out a thoughtful hum, contemplating whether or not you were truly ready for this. for him to corrupt him in the way he so badly wished to.
“i think you need a stricter kind of therapy. the only way i can think of to turn off your mind,” he began and you nodded. “lay back for me honey, spread your legs,” you furrowed your brows, but alas did what he ordered and his smirk darkened at your immediate obedience. “this is a very rare practice. i had only heard about it in school, i’ve never needed to actually use it,” he hummed as he approached you. “may i?” he asked as he gestured to your little cotton panties as he kneeled on the floor between your legs.
“yes doctor,” you nodded as you stared down at him with wide eyes.
his smirk only darkened at your naivety and complete trust of him. “i’m gonna touch you okay? make all those thoughts and tingles go right away, yeah? my only rule is that you have to let me know if you enjoy this or not, okay? this way i can come to an accurate conclusion of whether this treatment works or not. do you understand?” he asked.
“i understand doctor,” you nodded.
he gently pushed your skirt up to rest on your tummy before gently peeling your panties down your thighs. he hummed as he ran his hand through your slick folds, eliciting a quiet gasp from you. your hips instinctively jerked away from the pleasure and he looked up at you. “are you okay?” he asked.
“yes doctor. it’s just that um n-no one’s ever… touched me there before,” you murmured bashfully.
remus closed his eyes and held in a grunt at the newfound knowledge that he would be the first to spread open your pretty little cunt. to make you feel good. to claim you. to breed you. to corrupt you. make you believe that the only cure for you was his big cock splitting you open. his smirk was sinister as he made eye contact with you.
“that’s alright angel, promise i’ll be gentle,” he winked before licking a bold stripe from your entrance to your clit, circling your button with his tongue in order to spread your arousal.
you let out a quiet moan as your nails dug into the leather couch. “i-i liked that doctor…” you stuttered breathily.
he hummed in appreciation of you following his rules before he fully dove in. licking at your dripping cunt like a starved man as his tongue left no area untouched. remus circled his tongue around your clit before sucking the swollen and pulsing button between his lips. you shrieked at the stimulation and tried to close your legs around his head, bucking your hips away from the extreme pleasure he was giving you.
remus tutted as he pulled away from you. “if you do not keep your legs open this will not work,” he shook his head in disappointment.
“i’m sorry doctor,” you whimpered, pouting at the knowledge that you had disappointed dr. lupin.
“will you be able to keep them spread all on your own or shall i tie them apart?” he tested, causing you to shake your head.
“can do it myself doctor, i promise,” he nodded and pushed your thighs apart, once again exposing your red and swollen cunt to him.
“keep them there,” he demanded and you nodded. taking a deep breath to prepare yourself as his tongue swiped through your folds once more. the muscle landed on the underside of your clit before he began flicking it gently.
his middle finger circled your entrance before slowly pushing into you and curling to meet the spot that made you see stars. “th-that feels… good d-doctor,” you stuttered, words broken by your relentless moans.
he sucked your clit between his lips once more, adding his ring finger alongside the middle. his teeth grazed over your clit gently as his fingers scissored your entrance open. “doctor…” you squealed quietly and he hummed in response. “m-my tummy feels weird. i-it’s tingly,” you gasped as he added a third finger and continued pounding them into your gspot.
“let it go angel. your thoughts will stop once you do,” he assured you before leaning back in and roughly sucking on your clit. your back arched as you let out a loud moan, juices gushing over his hand and tongue. dr. lupin made sure to continue fucking you through your orgasm untill it completely subsided and your body fell limp against his couch, legs twitching with aftershocks.
remus gently pulled his fingers from your cunt, sucking them clean before he pulled your panties back up and situated your skirt back around your thighs. “that better angel?” he asked, tone slightly mocking. he stroked your hair away from your sweaty forehead as he looked into your eyes. “there’s not a single thought in that pretty little head of your’s, is there puppy?” he chuckled darkly.
“no doctor,” you murmured, staring up at him with wide, lust blown eyes and a foggy mind.
“good girl,” he smirked. “feel better?” he asked and you nodded. remus sat with you and stroked your hair untill you came back down to earth.
once the fog in your brain had dissipated, remus stood and wrote down a new prescription and meeting time for you. “i’ll see you next week then, sweet girl. i want you to start taking your medicine in the morning and at night, okay?” he asked.
“okay dr. lupin. thank you,” you smiled as you took the prescription and went out to your car.
as he watched you walk out of the building, remus locked his office door and pulled out his rapidly hardening cock. with your pretty orgasm face and the sweet taste of your cunt in his mind, he stroked his cock untill he came on his stomach. your name on his tongue, and your cute little ass on his mind. “untill next time,” he thought as he tucked himself back into his pants and cleaned up to prepare for his next patient of the day.
Tumblr media
one week later, you were sat in doctor lupin’s office once again. your right leg was crossed over the left as you squeezed your thighs together. it was a desperate attempt to relieve the tension there from the thoughts that were festering in your mind one again. every time you saw dr. lupin’s tongue poke out over his lips, you felt a swarm of butterflies erupt in your stomach; for you were reminded of the events that occurred just one week ago in the exact spot you were currently sat. 
“i’m… i’m having a problem,” you stuttered out before doctor lupin even had a chance to ask about your week. 
“well tell me about it sweetheart,” he spoke gently, causing you to flush in embarrassment at what you were about to reveal. 
“i get… i’ve been getting more butterflies. only when i think about coming back to your office. after um. after last week. it spreads from my tummy downwards and it makes me feel all tingly,” you murmured. 
he hummed thoughtfully as a dark smirk crossed his features. he had you exactly where he wanted you. corrupted. and in need of him to take care of your sweet little virgin hole. “spread your legs,” he commanded quietly. 
his eyes darkened in lust at the way you followed his orders without question. the honey of his irises became completely black as he saw the large wet patch on your pretty cotton panties—a telltale sign of just how aroused you were. “oh dear,” he hummed thoughtfully. “seems it has only gotten worse, dove.”
“doctor please help me,” you whined. “hurts so bad,” remus chuckled darkly at your whiny tone. 
“alright alright. take a breath. ‘m gonna take care of y’needy little cunt sweetheart, no need to fret now.” he hummed as he stood, first walking to his desk before approaching you with a device that looked strangely similar to a microphone and a purple silicone phallic shaped object. 
“dr. lupin what is that?” you posed shyly.
“just something to help you turn off your mind, sweet girl. nothing you need worry your pretty little baby brain with,” he shot you a charming smile through his degrading words which immediately worked to relax you. “take off your panties so that i may get to work then.”
once again, you obeyed him without question; striving to be his good little patient, you lifted your hips to pull down your panties before bending your legs at the knee to pull them the rest of the way off. without being told to, you spread your legs as wide as they could go, looking up at dr. lupin with the most innocent “fuck me” eyes he had ever seen.
he groaned outright at the look on your face, cock tightening and throbbing against the zipper of his slacks as he kneeled before you on the floor. he leaned in and licked a bold stripe through your folds, causing you to release a high pitched moan. after hearing your initial reaction, dr. lupin only went harder. harshly sucking your clit between his lips as you let out shrieks of stimulation. whines of “please” and “doctor” left your lips as you bucked your hips up, rocking them against his face.
“doctor... doctor the-the tingles are---oh fuck,” you cut your own sentence off with a loud moan as your arousal gushed out of you and onto his chin. remus gave you no time to recover from your initial orgasm before he was shoving the thick purple dildo into your opening and harshly thrusting it back and forth.
you let out loud shrieks of overstimulation as he continued to pound the toy into a spot that had you seeing galaxies. you heard the buzzing before you felt it. harsh and intense against your already swollen and abused clit. your body was overworked and you could do nothing but lay there and take it as remus continued to abuse your poor little cunt. “doctor,” you shrieked as he continued to work the toy in and out of you.
“do you like this, puppy? being a little whore for your therapist?” he chuckled darkly as he turned the vibrator up to it’s highest setting. “cum, you filthy thing,” he commanded. “soak the toy like the worthless, cock hungry slut that you are.” he demanded. a loud scream released itself from your throat as you squirted, all over the toy and remus’s forearm. he turned off the vibrator, giving your clit some relief as he continued to push the dildo in and out of your cunt untill you fully came down from your intense orgasm.
when he fully pulled away from you, your legs were twitching violently as unintelligible babbles left your lips. “that’s how i like you,” he smirked as he left a gentle kiss on your clit. “nothing but a dumb little slut writhing with pleasure,” he chuckled darkly. you whimpered quietly as he shoved the plastic cock past your lips untill he heard you gag around it’s length. “do you taste that? that’s what a filthy little slut tastes like,” he mocked with a menacing chuckle.
once he was satisfied, he moved to put the toys away. remus quickly returned to your side with a bottle of water as he pulled you into his chest. you laid limply against him as he dragged his hand up and down your arm gently, whispering praises. 
“thank you dr. lupin,” you murmured groggily as you returned to a more present state of mind.
“of course, sweet girl,” he hummed. “no more dirty thoughts?” he checked.
“no more dirty thoughts,” you confirmed.
he helped you to stand and fix your clothes before picking your panties up from the floor. “i will be needing to keep these to further my research, you understand?” he checked.
“yes doctor,” you nodded numbly, missing the smirk he held as he pocketed the thin fabric. 
once you had exited the building of his office, remus made haste in pulling off his pants and underwear down to his thighs. he sat back on the couch and shoved his nose into your pretty pink panties as he stroked his achingly hard cock. he moved to wrap the hand that held your panties around his cock as his strokes became quicker. “fuck,” he grunted loudly as he came into the thin fabric. 
he allowed himself a few minutes to come down before cleaning himself off, hiding the evidence of his heinous act as he readied himself and his office for his next patient of the day.
Tumblr media
it was exactly one week later that you found yourself on your knees on the carpeted floor of your therapist’s office. “spread your legs,” he murmured as he tapped your thigh with two fingers. you did as he said and he shoved the same thick, purple dildo from last week into your channel. 
you gasped at the intrusion with no warning, digging your nails into his shoulder for stability. “good girl,” he hummed before standing to full height. “now, i’ve done some research, and i’ve found that this practice is much better suited for filthy little whores like you angel,” he winked down at you as he began to tie the vibrator to your thigh so it hit your clit at just the right angle. “now, you’re going to bounce your filthy cunt on that toy cock while i fuck your face, do you understand?” he asked. 
“dr. lupin… how will this help?” you asked him. 
“well sweetheart, in my research i discovered that someone as slutty as yourself needs to have multiple holes filled at one time. now stop asking questions and get to what you’re made to do yeah? open y’mouth and move y’hips,” he demanded and you didn’t dare question him further. 
you began to rock back and forth on the toy—looking for the angle that would hit your gspot—as you opened your mouth and allowed him to slide his cock down to the back of your throat. you gagged and sputtered around the head of his cock, causing him to sigh—almost as if bored—before pulling back. “you’re fine,” he stated monotonously, “open up again,” he demanded after giving you a minute to breathe. 
you took a few deep breaths before opening your mouth again, allowing him to slide his cock back into the warm, wet cavern. this time, instead of immediately gagging, you lasted approximately five seconds. he groaned as he pulled back and roughly tugged your roots, forcing you to look up at him through water logged lashes. “you look so pathetic,” he cooed mockingly before adding, “so pretty when you cry,” he chuckled darkly, roughly patting at your rouging cheek with his palm. “relax your throat and breathe through your nose, you useless thing,” he demanded. 
you took a few more large gulps of air to compose yourself and your racing heart before you tried again. you followed his instructions and breathed through your nose. “fuck, good girl,” he grunted as he began to set a punishing pace in your throat. and for someone who has never had a cock in them before, you looked thoroughly fucked. tears and mascara smearing down your cheeks as drool dripped down your chin and chest while you fucked yourself on a plastic cock.
“such a dirty little cockwhore,” remus grunted as he gripped your hair for better leverage as he continued to fuck your face ruthlessly. your gags and moans resonated off the walls of his office as dr. lupin absolutely destroyed you. corrupted you. molded you into the perfect little slut for him. he smiled mockingly down at your figure as he watched your eyes roll into the back of your skull.
“don’t you fucking stop, whore,” he commanded, knowing by now the signs of your impending orgasm. “keep fucking yourself untill i tell you to stop. i want your cunt to be red and swollen. destroyed for any man besides myself,” your hips bucked sporadically on the dildo and vibrator as you reached your high, body trembling with pleasure and desire. in the midst of your orgasm, you swallowed around your doctor’s cock head. instead of jerking back like you had expected, remus released a loud grunt and shoved his cock down your throat, burying your nose in the tuft of curls at the base of his cock as he released spurt after spurt of hot, white cum down your throat.
you looked up at him helplessly as you sputtered and continued to swallow around him, all while continuing to fuck yourself down on the toy. “that’s it. swallow it all like a good little fucking slut,” he grunted through a moan as he pulled his now flacid cock from your mouth. “you look so fucking cute when you’re all ruined like this,” he shot you a sinister smirk, causing you to whimper as your overworked cunt spasmed once again, cumming around the toy once more. 
you shrieked as you flinched away from the toys but, striving to be a good girl, continued working yourself atop them. “please doctor… please i can’t take more,” you begged through choked moans and sobs.
“alright sweets, hang on f’me,” he hummed, gentle persona coming back into play as he had finished. he kneeled in front of you, removing the toys from your red, puffy pussy. he couldn’t help himself as he bent down further and cleaned you up, licking deep into your pussy and moaning at the taste. you shrieked as you flinched away from him, but alas buried your fingers in his hair and pulled him closer.
a loud moan shocked through your body as you came one last time on his face. he licked you through it before cleaning you up with his tongue and standing to grab you makeup wipes and water. he trekked back over to you and pulled you into his chest, wiping your makeup off and helping you to drink the water as he rubbed your back. 
“thank you doctor,” you murmured, now much less delirious than you were fifteen minutes ago.
“of course sweet girl,” he kissed your temple. “i want to try something for next week, hmm?” you nodded and looked up at him, awaiting further instructions. he smiled reassuringly as he shifted your body into a new position; ass up, face down. you heard the cap of something opening before you felt a cold and wet sensation at your back entrance, causing you to squeal.
remus gently shushed you, keeping a comforting hand on your lower back as he slowly worked his pointer finger into your ass. you whimpered softly as he pushed it knuckle deep, giving you a minute to adjust before thrusting it slowly. you gasped as he poured more lube onto your hole, adding a second finger into you and scissoring you open.
after a few minutes, he pulled his fingers out and you felt the blunt head of something at your entrance. you babbled incoherently as he pushed the plug in, seating it snugly between your walls before tapping at the jewel that poked out of your hole. “just gotta stretch you out for our next session, sweetheart,” he explained as he helped you stand to your feet and fixed your clothes for you. 
“thank you dr. lupin,” you smiled widely at him as he walked you towards the door. 
“keep that in all week sweetheart,” he informed you as he opened the door for you.
“okay! see you next week!” he watched the way your ass swayed as you left the office building before he closed his door and began to clean up and prepare to see his next patient again.
Tumblr media
over the course of the week, you had gotten used to the feeling of the plug, snug between the walls of your ass. however, what you hadn’t become accustomed to was the absolute throbbing of your pussy every time you walked, or sat down, or accidentally clenched around it in some way.
you were now sat on the couch in dr. lupin’s office, a whimpering mess as he pushed the plug back and forth into you while simultaneously using his fingers to work your gspot and licking at your clit. you gasped quietly, eyes rolling to the back of your head as he sucked the swollen bud between his lips and you threaded his fingers into his hair. “doctor lupin… gonna cum,” you choked out through moans.
“go on then, angel,” he hummed before returning his mouth to your clit. you squealed as your arousal gushed out of you and your back arched off of the brown leather. repeated “thank you”s left your lips as you came down from your high and remus slowly pulled away from you. he gave you a minute of recovery before maneuvering you into a position such that the top half of your body was placed over the arm of the couch, the back of your head buried into the leather cushion. 
you heard the cap of lubricant opening once again, and then watched as he began to stroke it into his cock. “gotta breathe, okay sweet girl?” he spoke gently as he lined his cock up with your puckering hole. you nodded in agreement and he slowly pushed himself forward. the two of you let out a simultaneous gasp, you at the feeling of being so full, and him at the feeling of you absolutely squeezing his cock like a fucking vice.
once he bottomed out, he stayed still, giving you a minute to adjust. “let me know when you’re ready, angel,” he whispered. you let out a quiet whimper as you reached for something to hold onto, tears filling your eyes at the burning stretch. remus cooed at how adorable you were before taking your hand in his and waiting for your signal. 
“oh.. okay i’m ready…” you stuttered breathlessly. remus pulled back slowly before roughly slamming back into you. “oh god,” you moaned, digging your nails into his shoulders.
“god?” he asked, “yeah baby, i’ll be your god for the night,” he chuckled darkly as he winked at you before slamming back into you.
“feels… so good,” you choked around a moan as his thumb found home on your clit. “doctor,” you whined out.
“i thought i was god sweetheart,” he remarked teasingly, biting his lip as his eyes rolled into the back of his head.
“please don’t stop,” you whimpered.
“oh don’t worry angel, i won’t. not untill this tight little ass is overflowing with my cum and you’re begging for mercy,” he planted his hands on the cushion beside your head for leverage as his pace picked up. your moans increased in volume as he pounded into your tight hole, giving you no respite as he chased his own orgasm. drool dripped from your mouth and onto the couch cushion as he pounded into you, giving no mercy just as he promised.
repeated whines of “so good” fell off your lips as remus pounded into your tight little hole.
“you sound so pathetic,” remus growled, “oughta put that slutty little mouth to better use,” he suggested before shoving his fingers into your mouth. you choked at the intrusion in your throat, but continued to moan as you sucked on them.
“cum,” you gurgled around his fingers.
“yeah? you gonna cum just from me fucking your little ass? you really are a dirty cockslut,” he pointed with a chuckle. “well go on then, slut. cum like the filthy thing you are.” your back arched into a perfect semi circle as you squirted on his lower abdomen, cunt clenching around nothing. remus moaned, entranced by the way your cum squirted out of you, like a seemingly never ending fountain. 
he gave you not even a second of respite before he was taking the dildo and shoving it into your empty hole. “go on slut, fuck yourself with it,” he demanded. you moaned as you took it from his hands, thrusting it into your gspot in time with remus’s thrusts into your ass.
“so full,” you babbled around the fingers that were still in your mouth. “so good. fuck me,” you moaned.
“‘s what ‘m doing, isn’t it angel?” he mocked before gripping your hips and manually fucking you onto his cock. “oh fuck that’s it angel. squeezing me so fucking tight,” he moaned as he sped up.
“wanna cum again,” you whined.
“go on then, cum with me sweet thing ‘m not stopping you,” he encouraged. he pushed his cock all the way into you and came deep in your ass. simultaneously, you squirted on both the toy and your forearm as you let out a scream of his name.
you hummed deliriously as remus slowly pulled out of you. you felt him collecting his cum with the plug before pushing it back into you, causing you to whine. “gotta keep you nice and full of me, hmm angel? that way when you go home and play with your filthy little cunt, you’ll be reminded of how well my big cock stretched you out,” he pat the plug before he began to redress so that he could begin his aftercare. 
he cleaned you up gently and helped you redress before pulling you into his chest. your limbs were immobile, so he helped you to drink your water bottle as he praised you for being so good to him. this time, he walked you all the way to the doors of the office building before gently patting your bum, right where the plug was at. 
“untill next time, sweet thing,” he teased with a wink as he watched you walk with a slight limp back to your car, already thinking of all the ways he could corrupt you next time you come in.
Tumblr media
your body was practically vibrating in excitement as you bounced into remus’s office building. you could feel your slickness on your thighs, wearing a short skirt and no panties just as your doctor had instructed. you heard his gruff voice call out your name and you had to take a breath to quell your nerves before standing and walking towards him. “hi dr. lupin,” you smiled as you stepped in.
remus skipped past the pleasantries, closing and locking his office door before turning to you. “get undressed,” his voice had dropped an octave and the tone of dominance sent a shiver up your spine. you didn’t question him further, hastily pulling the thin tanktop from your body before moving to unzip the skirt and haphazardly pulling it down, letting it pool at your ankles before stepping out of it. “no bra, hmm?” he hummed as he circled your naked body.
he gripped your hair at the base of your skull before roughly bending you over his desk. “you really are a desperate little slut aren’t you?” he tutted as he bent over your form, pressing his clothed cock against your bare cunt. “you want me to stretch this tight little virgin hole untill you’re so fucking cockdrunk that ‘s all you think about for weeks? hmm sweetheart?”
“please,” you whimpered, grinding back against him. “please need it so bad.” he chuckled wickedly and within the next few seconds, he was undressing. with no prep or warning, he was slamming into you, causing a scream to rip through your body at the stretch.
“shut the fuck up before you get us caught,” he demanded. his pace was punishing as he roughly fucked into your weeping hole, not caring that it was your first time. your moans reverberated off the walls as he slammed his cock into your cervix. “fuck. tightest fucking pussy i’ve ever felt,” he grunted as he gripped your hair, pulling you so your back was to his chest.
“please… s-slow down. it hurts,” you whimpered, tears spilling over your water line.
“aw it hurts baby?” he mocked a pout. “that why your slutty little pussy’s creaming around my cock like a common whore?” he chuckled as his wrapped his arm around your waist, using his fingers to rub tight circles into your swollen clit.
you were drunk with pleasure, mind rapidly becoming fuzzy at his harsh treatment as his cock pistoned into you, kissing your cervix each time upon re-entry. “gonna, i’m gonna. please. p-please… p-“ you stuttered over your moans.
“please please please,” he mocked. “fucking cum, slut. do it. soak my fucking cock like the dumb little whore you are.”
you let out a loud shriek as your body spasmed, absolutely soaking his cock with your release. if it weren’t for remus’s strong arm around your waist, you would’ve fallen face first into his oakwood desk. he hissed as he pulled out of you, lifting you up and walking over to the couch before seating you on his cock, facing him.
your legs wrapped around his waist as the two of you sat in lotus position and he began fucking up into you. he reached around you to twirl the plug in your backside around and your moans became even louder. “such a messy little slut for me,” he grunted as he fucked both of your holes. “that’s it. take my fucking cock like a good little slut,” he commanded.
your head fell into his shoulder as you became dumb with pleasure. there were no thoughts in your brain besides remus’s cock as he fucked you like he hated you. in this position, you could feel everything so much more. each ridge and vein of his thick cock was enhanced as he fucked you like a common whore. “look at that,” he marveled “see my big cock in your little guts, darling?” he asked, although it was rhetorical because he knew you were incapable of answering him at the time. “just too tiny to take my big cock,” he teased.
“can take it,” you protested. “can take it i promise please don’t stop,” you whimpered.
“yeah? then fucking take it and stop crying like a dumb little baby,” he demanded, firmly slapping your cheek as he continued to fuck into you. your next orgasm came without warning. squirting out of your cunt and absolutely soaking both you and remus. you twitched in pleasure as remus kept fucking up into you, riding out your high.
he stilled and began to maneuver your body into a new position. you would be lying if you said that the way he manhandled you into whatever position he wanted didn’t turn you on even more. he shifted you into the squat thruster position—your head and shoulders laying on the ground with your arms splayed out flat underneath you and he lifted his legs onto his shoulders.
in this position, you could practically feel him in your cervix, and your moans became pornographic. “didn’t i tell you to shut the fuck up?” he grunted, reaching out to the coffee table and grabbing your favorite purple dildo. you whimpered in anticipation as you knew what was to come. he pulled out of you, shoving the large, plastic dick into your sopping hole and thrusting it a few times, before replacing it with his own cock and shoving the toy into your mouth. “taste yourself, you fucking slut.”
you gargled nonsensically around it as he continued to fuck into your cervix while choking you on the dildo. your eyes were vacant, the only thing behind them being remus’s cock and your insatiability. “dumb little baby can’t handle all her holes being filled hmm?” he mocked. “you like this don’t you? being treated like the filth you are,” he pulled the dildo from your lips and spit into the open cavern of your mouth, then shoved the dildo back into it. “of course you do angel. i’ve corrupted you to. you’ll always come back to be fucked dumb by your therapist’s cock,” he chuckled maniacally.
“cum,” you gargled around the dildo before squirting around his cock again.
“oh fuck,” he moaned as he pulled out, watching you soak him and yourself in your cum. he grunted as he shoved himself back into you, going even harder this time as he continued to fuck your mouth with the dildo.
“no no no,” you mewled as you tried to flinch away from the immense pleasure he was delivering.
“come on sweetheart one more for me hmm? one more and then we can be done. milk my cock and i’ll fill you up to the brim with my babies. you’ll look so pretty all stuffed full of my cum,” he encouraged as he used his free hand to rub your clit.
one more became two as he delivered on his promise of fucking his cum into your cunt, before manhandling your body into doggy position to do the same to your mouth and subsequently your ass. as he pulled out of your puckering hole, you fell limply onto the carpeted floor of his office. your legs were still twitching in overstimulation, drool pooling out of your mouth, and holes dripping with his cum.
remus stood back to admire his masterpiece. he looked down at you with dark hooded eyes and a proud sinister smirk. satisfied with his creation. with his corruption.
Tumblr media
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beaucherie · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
based on this bc morgan can’t not kill me <3
dt : @morwap !
warnings // nsfw, fwb relationship, pre-full moon!remus, d/s dynamics, dom!remus, sub!reader, degradation (surprisingly, i hate that shit but it fit and remus can do whatever he wants <3), i always have a bimbo!crybaby!reader in mind in my fics, < ravenclaw!reader as well, but ofc you can imagine her in any house, reader is imagined as girly + coquette coded! + kinda sucked and he didn’t turn out as rough as i planned.
summary // y/n and remus are best friends. their relationship comes with benefits that drive a dangerous remus and a needy y/n to do something very risky.
Tumblr media
you sat in your dorm with a book in your hand. you had planned on reading, but your thoughts got the better of you. it was very close to the full moon, six days away. you were worried about what remus was going through.
you knew the lead up was more hormonal than painful, but what was a best friend if they didn’t worry?
even though remus hated being around you in fear of hurting you, you still found it hard to ignore the ache between your legs when your mind went a little feral itself. it wasn’t like you and remus hadn’t seen each other naked before, merlin the two of you had fucked countless times before now.
you jump when thundering steps approach your room. you knew it was remus. you knew you should run to the door and block it, or do a spell. you knew you had to do so many things to protect yourself from him but your body didn’t want to move. your brain seemed to be on the same page.
you jump when thundering steps approach your room. you knew it was remus. you knew you should run to the door and block it, or do a spell. you knew you had to do so many things to protect yourself from him but your body didn’t want to move. your brain seemed to be on the same page.
remus bursts through the door causing a yelp to leave your lips. he slams it shut, performing the colloportus and muffliato spells. you watch him pace the room for a few seconds like he was fighting off some urge that he would die giving in to.
within seconds your hands were trapped above your head and remus’ lips were attacking yours. he was grunting, his hips rutting into yours with need. you whimper into his mouth and rub your thighs together. remus hands fall to your thighs, moving them apart in one quick, harsh move.
“shut up,” he growls just as you feel a sharp slap to your cheek. you look up at him with disbelieving, teary eyes. the pain stung and if you weren’t so needy you’d probably sob and run from him, but right now you didn’t find yourself caring what he did. as long as he fucked you, you were fine.
you knew this wasn’t remus, the way he ripped off your shirt was so animalistic. but at the same time it was, and it drove you crazy how you didn’t know which side you liked better.
remus situates himself between your legs, tugging you more towards him in such a swift move it made you gasp. “m’gonna fuck you, and you’re gonna take it. if i hear one word i’ll slap you, got it, doll?”
you nod quickly, head foggy and your body impatiently awaiting his cock. he slaps your right breast, “answer me, no whines, no need to act like a bitch in heat.”
you almost whimper at his words, tears threatening to spill from your eyes. you’d never faced this side of remus before, you liked it, but if your body wanted you to cry you couldn’t stop it.
he looked like he was going to have sympathy for you, before that other remus — moony? — broke through. you doubted that it was moony, more like they had shared feelings. like remus could feel what moony needed and knew you’d be more than willing to let him do whatever he wanted.
he flips you over before landing a harsh slap on your ass. you shriek into the sheets below you. remus rubs the red mark, pressing a kiss there before his dominance shown through again. “i don’t want to see a stupid teary face, but knowing you it’s all i’ll get. so i won’t look at you at all.”
you scramble to try and sit up, but remmy’s firm hand placed on your back kept you still. “remmy please! i promise i’ll be good, i’ll try to keep them away f’you! wanna see you.” your voice broke at the end, and while remus felt he had barely any control of what he was doing, he flipped you back over anyways.
you sigh with relief with deep intakes of air to calm you. you pour your lips for a kiss, just getting a finger forced in your mouth instead. “i don’t even want to look at you, what makes you think i’d kiss you, doll?”
due to you holding back sobs you hiccup around his finger. he chuckles with a shake of his head. he grabs on of your thighs, moving it towards your stomach. he grabs your arm, wrapping it around your leg to keep you at his desired angle.
a pleased groan leaves his lips at the sight of your pussy. “y’so wet for me.” he drags a finger between your folds before sticking it in his mouth with a hum. he feels you babble around his finger before seeing your eyes roll back. “relax. i haven’t even touched you doll.”
he yanks his finger from your mouth, ripping away the only thing keeping you anchored. you watch as he raises his hand up, your body involuntarily flinching as your eyes shut, awaiting the impact on your clit. you didn’t know whether to be excited or scared, but when you opened your eyes remus was studying you closely.
he backs up, sliding his belt off his jeans. the way he was unbuttoning them was tantalizingly slow, it had you fighting impatient whimpers and begs to just have him fuck you already.
he taps your clit with the head of his cock, smirking when your body jolts forward. “please, please, please!” you were pouting and whining just as he told you not to, but the both of you were too far gone to care anymore.
remus’ hand wraps around your throat as he slowly pushed in, a cocky smirk finding its way to his lips when he felt you suppress another whine.
he groans when he bottoms out, looking down at your squirming figure with predatory eyes. “remmy!”
“calm down, doll. haven’t even moved and y’already clenching ‘round m’cock.”
you breathe heavily when he pulls out, a scream ripping from your throat when he thrusts back in. your eyes shut and your arm fell, your leg following quickly after.
remus grunts and pounds into you, “stupid thing, gotta do everything m’self?” your nod was accompanied by a whimper, the feeling of his cock dragging in and out of you leaving your head empty.
the words “close,” and, “remmy,” repeatedly left your lips. your head was thrown back now, eyes screwed shut while remus continued drilling out of you. his pace wasn’t the same as before, growing sloppy with his approaching orgasm.
“gonna cum, gonna cum in your pretty pussy. get’ya full with m’pups.” remus growls in your ear, sucking a very dark mark into your neck.
his right hand was groping your right tit, his left digging into your hip. he leans down to kiss, suck, and bite at your neck, his territorial instincts beginning to take over.
you felt yourself let go, your cunt spasming around remus’ cock. he groans into your ear as he releases, just in time for sirius and james to be banging on your door with worry.
you’re gasping for air, clawing at remus’ back when he pulls out. he presses a kiss to your lips before unlocking the door. sirius and james fell forward, tumbling into your room just as remus ran past them.
you felt embarrassed and small under their gaze. you knew it was one of worry, but their eyes on you still made you want to cover up. “oh puppy, what did he do to you?”
Tumblr media
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dr4cking · 8 months ago
poly!marauders x reader | kinktober #5
dom!james, dom!remus, dom!sirius with dumbification and edging kink
masterlist | taglist
Tumblr media
“Now where is your so-brave-act from earlier, hm? why so quiet now?” Sirius asked rubbing your shivering thighs with his cold hands.
“Acting like a big girl, teasing us like that in public, thinking we wouldn’t notice your behavior huh?” Remus added, hands squeezing and slapping your sore tits.
“Now now, all you need is a little discipline for your bratty behavior, pretty doll” James gripped your face forcing you to face him, tears already soaking your pretty face.
“‘m sorry Daddy, promise not to do it again.. please” You look up at Sirius, pleading at him begging for his mercy as he usually the softest when it came to you.
“Such a dumb pup for us, don’t you? Siri won’t help you, not this time pretty girl” James chuckles spreading your legs wider to get positioned Sirius’ face in between them.
“N-no Daddy not dumb,” You stifled a sob, arching your back to him as Sirius’s hot tongue came in contact with your sopping cunt, making you seeing stars.
“Then show us, how smart you can be as our pet, doll.” You cried out as Sirius worked his tongue more on your clit, his fingers now pushing in and out of you.
The squelching sounds you made with Sirius making the two guys groaning loudly, cocks hardening at the sight of their favorite girl.
“So close, please..” You squirmed at the intense pleasure of his tongue skilfully eating you out, his fingers stretching you out so wide hitting every spot, but the boys were quick to gripped your body to stay still.
As your high about to snap, you felt Sirius pulled away from you making your cunt clenching around nothing.
“N-no! Please I was so close..” You sob harder making all the boys chuckling at your desperation, pouting at you in order to humiliate you more.
“That’s what you deserve pup. How does our princess tasted Siri?” Remus asked as Sirius sit up lips glistening with your juices.
“Delicious as always Remmy,” Sirius chuckle switching positions with James, you unknowingly spread your legs wider for him but of course the three guys noticed and laughed at you.
“You wanna cum, don’t you? Such a poor little thing.” James said as he gets in between your legs.
You nod eagerly at him, face strained with your own tears. Your cunt was aching so bad to be filled and all you wanted to do is to pleasure your boyfriends.
“Desperate little poppet we got here, tell us what do you want, hm?” You whimpered as James’ hand slap your sensitive cunt getting it puffy and red.
“W-want my Daddies’ cocks please.. please it hurts Daddy,” You buck your hips into James but he stopped you from moving with his big hand.
“Aw.. Is your princess part hurt baby?” Remus chuckles, now the one who’s slapping your sore cunt.
“Ouch! Y-yes it hurts, p-please i’ve been a good girl Daddy” You whine, more of desperate tears fell down your face. You try to grab his cock with your hand but he slap your hand away.
“Don’t be a desperate brat pretty girl, good girls get what they want if they behave.” Remus placed a soft peck on your lips before positioning his cock in front of your mouth making you drool instantly.
Down there, James already lining his cock against your aching cunt as your hand started to make its way to Sirius’ teasing his tip with your thumb.
And all of a sudden, the three of them thrusting into you together catching you off guard as you choke around Remus’ cock, Sirius fucking your hand in front of your tits, James didn’t let you adjust and pounding into you right away making your body bouncing uncontrollably beneath them.
“Fuck- our little toy doing such a good job for us, gotta give her the award she deserves, yeah?” You let out a muffled moan to answer James, Remus gripped your hair as he started to fuck your face on his own pace, Sirius grab your hand to guide you moving faster on his cock as he bucked his hips into your fist meeting your move.
James pounding harder into you, his cock repeatedly hitting your spot making you clenched tighter around him. You gagged as you feel Remus’ touching the back of your throat, more tears streaming down your face. Your hand felt so tired as Sirius fucked himself on it hardly making you lost a balance. And all the guys were enjoying the sight of turning you into a mess.
“Your mouth feels heavenly, pup. Gonna choke you out with my cum down your little throat” You watched how beautiful Remus look when he threw his head back, mouth agape as your name left his mouth over and over again.
“Yes bunny, squeeze my cock tighter with your fingers. I’m gonna paint your pretty tits with my seed, y’gonna look so pretty with it.” You tried to do what you’re told, stroking him faster with all energy you have left, his precum already sticking in your hand. He moaned louder as his cock twitched in your hand.
“Oh- fucking hell. Can feel you clenching around me, pup. Milk my cock dry baby. Daddy needs to feel you so he can fill you up with his babies.” Your legs spasmed as James circled your clit making your vision goes blurry, finally coming undone around his cock, walls clenching tightly forcing him to spill his load into you.
Moans and groans filled the heated room as the three of them coming together and turn you into nothing but a cumslut with all their liquids. Remus forced his cock deeper until it’s making a bulge in your throat, that’s when you feel his warm cum, tasting so delicious in your mouth and Sirius came really hard covering your sensitive tits, marking you with his cum.
“Holy shit, look at you princess, all fucked out and cockdrunk for us.” The three of them laughed deeply as they look at your condition.
“Now we believe you deserve the award, sweetheart. How does the warm tub sound? I’m gonna wash your hair, Siri gonna massage your back and Remmy gonna massage your legs” James said stroking your cheeks gently wiping away your tears.
“Sounds perfect, Daddy”
Tumblr media
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winterwisteria · 3 months ago
casual dominance with remus
Tumblr media
warnings: very light d/s relationship (sfw), mentions of food, implication of social anxiety, reader wears makeup & is implied to be shorter than remus.
author’s note: is 700 words too long for a blurb?? idk the technicalities Help. n e ways enjoy <33
Tumblr media
remus sighed, running one hand through his hair and tugging you back toward the dining hall with the other.
“baby, y’gotta eat breakfast,” he states, steering you toward the table.
“rem, we’re gonna be late meeting everyone,” you argue, attempting to stand back up when he gently pushes you into the seat. his hands are strong on your shoulders, easily keeping you in your spot. “‘m’not that hungry, anyway.”
“i don’t care,” he answers, and his voice is stern. remus shovels some pancakes and fruit onto your plate. when he meets your gaze, his brows are raised, challenging you to argue.
you know better—of course you do. you huff, picking up a strawberry and taking a dramatic bite out of it.
remus smirks as he begins to cut up the pancake for you. “good girl.”
Tumblr media
you’d planned to meet your friends at a thrift store that day, and in the end you’re only a few minutes late.
you’d immediately dragged remus to the jewelry section and picked out matching rings; his only fit his pinkie, but he swore he loved it.
as you’d made your way through the store, more and more people began pouring in. every so often, your gaze would flick up toward the small crowds of people.
as you sifted through a rack of wooly sweaters, remus squeezed your hand three times—something he’d come up with, a silent way of asking are you okay?
you look up, and, meeting his gaze, you smile. “‘m okay, rem. look, this would be cute on sirius, don’t ya think?”
Tumblr media
the sun had held up through the afternoon, and, after you’d finished your shopping, the five of you decided to go out for ice cream.
“bunny—wait,” remus said as you approached the vendor. you stopped, and before you could question him, remus was crouching—placing your bags on the stone ground beside him—and retying your shoelaces.
beside you, james and sirius were laughing. “she’s got you wrapped around her little finger, mate,” teased james.
rolling your eyes, you threw james an unkind gesture, before glancing back down at remus. he was staring up at you, eyes bright with something like love. your lips curved up on their own accord, and your fingers were running through his hair, gently tousling it.
he reached up to grab your hand, bringing it to his lips before intertwining it with his own as he stood. “‘course she does.”
Tumblr media
shopping never failed to tire you out, and by the time you’d finished the movie sirius had suggested you watch, you were mostly asleep. head resting atop remus’ lap, his hand carded through your hair and traced small shapes on your neck.
“you awake, m’love?” his voice, warm and rumbly, was distant to your ears. you heard yourself make a garbled noise in response, and pressed your face further into his jeans.
you heard him laugh, before your body was being repositioned and the couch fell from beneath you. blearily, your eyes blinked open, and you found yourself in remus’ arms.
as you passed them, sirius patted your head, and james opened the door for you.
“where are we going?” you mumbled into remus’ chest.
“just t’the bathroom,” he replied. “you need to take your makeup off.”
you groaned, head falling back as he carried you bridal style. “it’s fine, rem. m’too tired. can just take it off in the morning.”
“no, that’s bad for your skin.” he’s standing still now, and, upon opening your eyes again, you realize you’re in the bathroom. when you glare up at him, he only smiles. “c’mon, bun, y’gotta take it off.”
“fine,” you huff, but when you begin to climb out of his arms, he brings you toward the toilet instead. closing the lid, he sets you gently atop it.
when you send him a questioning glance, he elaborates. “i can take it off for you.” he spends only a few seconds searching for the small pile of things you keep in the boys’ dorm before finding your makeup remover.
remus crouches before you, lifting your chin with his forefinger and thumb before beginning to gently wipe at your skin. as he glides across the tops of your cheeks, your eyes begin to fall shut once more.
“i love you, rem,” you murmur, voice breathy with drowsiness. “so much.”
you don’t need to open your eyes to know he’s smiling. “love you too, angel,” he says, before pressing a kiss to the tip of your nose.
Tumblr media
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sxriusblxck · 3 months ago
remus during the full moon
he wouldn’t let anyone near you
not even padfoot or prongs
if anyone so much as dared to look at you, he would growl and pull you closer
he’s constantly giving you hickeys
and i mean constantly
your neck, chest, stomach, and thighs are littered with bruises for weeks
he fucks you every night
every single night
rutting into you deep and slow, growling in your ear with every thrust
he’d go on about how he wants to breed you and make you full of his pups
it gets you hotter than you’d ever admit
and after it passes, he’s back to his old self
and you can’t say you don’t miss it just a little
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pinkandblueblurbs · 3 months ago
soft (or not)
a silly little title for a silly little remus blurb <33
remus lupin x fem!crybaby!reader. non-sexual nudity, smutty fluff, blowjobs, d/s dynamics, daddy kink, pet names, light hair pulling. Safewords are in place, this is not dub or noncon! huge thanks to my loves @gxtitobxby and @piecesofem for letting me write this fantastic idea we all discussed <3 also this isn’t proof read oops
word count: 1.2k
“What’re you doin’ there, bunny?” Remus asks when he feels your fingertips trail along the skin under his shirt, just above the waistband of his boxers. You glance up at him, studying his steady expression and the way his eyes continue to move across the line of text in his book. You hum, feeling over the coarse hair below his navel.
“Wanna see it.” You murmur softly, slipping your fingers below his waistband as you stroke down his subtle happy trail. Remus lets out a huffed laugh, finally looking up at you, his brow raised.
“Y’wanna see my cock? What, y’just gonna stare at it?”
“Well no...” your voice is already edging on a whine. “Wanna touch it too.” You don’t bring your fingers any lower, obediently drawing small circles on his skin right where they are until he tells you that you can go farther.
“You’re telling me you wanna play with my dick?”
“Mhm.” You blink up at him with what you hope to be a sweet, adorable, ‘can’t say no to that’ face, but Remus only lets out another huff and looks back at his book.
“You’re ridiculous.”
“Please.” You’re definitely whining now, lower lip protruding in a wobbly pout. Remus only spares you a glance.
“Put that lip away ‘n stop whining. I’m fuckin’ busy.”
“But I won’t bother you, I swear,” you clutch at his shirt needily, bunching the thin fabric in a tight fist. “I’ll be good, ‘n quiet, and you can keep reading.” He looks up at you again, and you can tell by the look on his eye that his resolve is crumbling at the sound of your plaintive tone. You will fat tears to form in your eyes, knowing that will win him over; he likes to think that he’s tough, but you have him wrapped around your finger. “Please.”
“Fine.” He grumbles after a quiet moment, before any of your bratty tears manage to spill over your waterline. You grin with a chipper “thank you, daddy!” and immediately push down the waistband of his pants.
You gaze at his exposed crotch with wide eyes, his cock laying soft against his sack. You reach out, lightly trailing your fingers along the velvety skin of his shaft. Then you gently grasp it and pull it slowly outwards, giggling at the way it stretches out an inch or so.
You hold the shaft in one hand, squishing at it gently, and with your other hand you rub the tip of your pointer finger along his head, feeling the subtle texture there. You feel his cock give a slight twitch in your hand at the touch.
You continue like this- squeezing, poking, pulling , bending, and running your fingers along flaccid soft length. Occasionally you lift it up just to let it drop, amused by the way it slaps against his thigh or stomach when it lands.
As time goes on, however, the little twitches his cock gives become more frequent and noticeable. Your playful touches stimulate him, and you pout as you realize his cock is growing larger and more firm.
“Remus,” you whimper, and he doesn’t even have to look at you to know your lower lip is wobbling. “Don’t do that.”
“Don’t do what?” He asks, somewhat absentmindedly. You scowl. You reach out to poke at his length, causing it to bob against his stomach.
“Get hard. It isn’t as fun that way.” You take his cock in hand, squeezing it lightly in your fist, and whine when it doesn’t have that same squishy give as before. Feeling contentious, you grumble, “make it go away.” Remus lets out a breathy laugh.
“I can’t just make it go away, y’stupid thing.” He lowers his book and sighs when he’s met with your pouting face, tears stinging your eyes. “Come on, none of those bratty tears.” He reaches out with one hand, grasping your chin and thumbing over your warm cheek.
Before you can retort that your tears are not bratty, Remus speaks again.
“Y’wanna make it go away? Hm?” He questions, raising a brow at you. “Want it soft again?” You nod eagerly, smiling at the prospect, then let out a surprised gasp when his hand moves from your face to the back of your head, firmly guiding it towards his cock. “You know what to do.”
You do know what to do, but you still impudently look at him with glassy eyes as you give a mere kitten lick to his cock.
“Go on.” He urges, his fingers forming a grip in your hair that tugs at your scalp just enough to get his point across. “If you want it soft you’d better get to sucking.”
You give up your disobedience and open your mouth, taking the head of Remus’s cock into your mouth. He lets out a pleased sigh and a murmured “attagirl” when you do so. His fingers loosen their hold in your hair to rub praisingly at your scalp as you suck.
As soon as his tip is wet enough to take deeper you do just that, pushing down until your lips are wrapped around the middle of his shaft and his head just teases the entrance of your throat. You bob your head shallowly, and eager to make him cum you reach up to wrap your hand around his base.
“Ah ah.” He’s immediately reprimanding, gently swatting your hand away. “Y’know I don’t like you using your hands. Just use that pretty mouth on me.” You can’t help but notice the way his voice has lowered with his arousal, and you struggle to keep your own lust at bay and focus on your task.
“Keep at it, sweetheart. You’re gettin’ there.” He breathes out after a moment, encouraging you to keep up your movements. You start taking him deeper with each bob of your head, stifling your gags as much as you can and gazing up at him with watery eyes as his cock invades your throat. He groans whenever you choke and spasm around him.
Finally you feel his thigh muscles tightening beneath your hands, and his cock throbs against your tongue. You keep your eyes on him as you give a firm suck, and with a long, low groan the first shot of cum spills down your throat. You start to pull back, but his hand his quickly firming up behind your head, holding you in place.
“Stay down, sweetheart. Y’gotta swallow it all, don’t wanna make a mess.” He grits out lowly, more warm shots of cum making you choke. “You’re okay, you’re doin’ such a good job, doll.” His praise spurs you on and you work hard to breathe through your nose and take his load without struggle.
Only once he finishes does he let go of your head, murmuring “that’s a good girl” as you pull back to suckle at just the head. You clean him gently with your tongue, not wanting to overstimulate him, but hoping to get his cock clean so you can play with it once again. You hum and give him a happy smile when it starts to soften with each lick.
“This is much better.” You say as you reach up to feel along his flaccid length, kneading it gently in your fingers and relishing in the soft feeling. Remus hums.
“Yeah, I reckon you’ve got about 30 minutes with it, doll.” He says with a grin. “If you keep goin’ after that you’ll be sucking me off again.”
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claireunoia · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⊱✿⊰ synopsis : remus and you shares a few intense kisses and eventually it starts to effect you ♡.
⊱✿⊰ pairings : remus x fem!reader
⊱✿⊰ word count : 538
⊱✿⊰ warnings : heavy making out/descriptive making out, language, teasing, grinding, not full smut it’s like a slow burn, some petting, dom/sub dynamics, lot’s of pet names
❥ ─ author’s letter to you : am i coping with my struggles by writing smut? just a tad. but anyways i hope y’all enjoy this small little blurb, i love u bby’s <33
☁︎ masterlist | navigation ☁︎
๑ ⋆˚₊⋆────ʚ˚ɞ────⋆˚₊⋆ ๑
➙ REMUS’S pillow-soft like lips were connected passionately to your impending swollen ones. both of your lips collided and clashed together in a kiss that was full of both immense need and desire all at once. the lycanthrope’s warm, smooth tongue gilded and danced rhythmically inside of your desperate mouth. the wet muscle tracing every tooth and all of it’s crevices almost as if he’s trying to memorize it as he brings a large hand to hold the back of your head, a handful of your hairs hidden between his fingertips.
a wanting, breathy mewl slipped past your lips when you felt remus lightly tug at your roots hard enough to where you disconnect from him. a singular strand of yours and your lover's spit kept your agape mouth’s together, the string breaking when you went back to chase after his lips once more. so needy and desperate from him to be close to you at all times.
remus slightly backs away from your incoming lips, a soft chuckle leaving him while he does so. the rough hand that was currently placed at your scalp began gently massaging and rubbing at your hair, a smirk taking over his face at your slacken expression and sounds of the little purring noises emitting from you.
“s’ that feel good, pretty one?” a few more chuckles came out of your boyfriend at the franticness of your nodding to his question. loving how his hands gently soothed you but at the same time loved how they were gripping and tightening at your strands at such unexpected moments.
“yes, remmy” the words were whispered as you started to buck your hips against his. your panties-covered core was met repeatedly with remus’s hard covered bulge, as you kept grinding along him with so much want.
“uh uh, baby. did i say you could start grinding against me?” at the exasperated shakes of your head, he hummed to himself, scarred hands going down to grip firmly at your hips to stop your movements.
“no, rem. y-you didn’t”
“s’why’d you do it then, pup? hmm? where’s my good little girl?” the faux sympathetic tone remus used on you that was quite condescending flew way over your head, your hazy mind taking it as consoling. you then puckered your red, lips that were swollen from yours and remus’s previous intense making out, into a huge pout unconsciously.
the sight making remus brown orbs light up in amusement, his finger lifting up to trace your jutted out bottom lip before teasingly tapping the smooth flesh. “pouting like a dumb baby won’t get you the things you want, darling. you know that”
and like that, your lips impossibly sprouted into a more protruded pout at his words. remus gives you a warning glare with a tsk exiting him, his brown mop of locks slightly moving as he tilts his head.
“use your words, pup. or i won’t touch that needy cunt of yours at all, and i don’t think you want that, s’isn’t that right?”
“remmy, please. i want you so badly, please!” remus smirks widely at your whiny toned pleading, satisfaction written all along his beautifully scarred features.
“see? that’s all y’had to do, pretty darling. my good girl”
*follow my library account @rileybinaalibrary & turn on notifications to know whenever i post a fic <3
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silverdelirium · 5 months ago
bucket list | r. lupin
Tumblr media
part one: risky place
summary — your professor finds your (sex) bucket list. he’s intent on helping you check every item off the list.
warnings — reader is of age, park sex (late at night lol), pretty much tipsy sex, thigh riding, light daddy kink, pet names, mentions of anal and lots of dirty stuff.
word count — 2.0k
author’s note — am i mourning my dog and coping with it by being a whore? who would’ve thought
Of fucking course shit like this would happen to you. 
It was harmless— at first— you didn’t mean for it to get lost in the bottom of your book-bag, nor for it to get lost at any point.
You had done it with your friends a few months ago, a drunken night full of giggles and dumb actions as you scribbled a bucket list for the year, more specifically, a sex bucket list.
And it was only your luck that let it get lost, in your college out of all places! Your name was embedded on the bottom with a wonky heart on it for fuck’s sake. Anyone could find it and ridicule you in front of your peers.
“God, fuck! Why does this happen to me?” You grunt, keeping your beady eyes on the floor in search for the red-ink scribbled parchment.
Your friend sighs on your right, “relax, babe, what’s the worst that could happen?” She shrugs; you straighten up, feigning a wondering gaze, “Hm, I don’t know, someone might find out that I like it in the ass with my hands behind my back! This could fuck up my scholarship.”
She gives you a tight-lipped smile, “yeah I hadn’t thought about that— but come on, y/n, we can’t be stressing about this the whole day, I’m pretty sure it got lost in the garbage when the cleaning staff cleared up the hallways. Relax, okay?” She puts her hands on your shoulders, stopping your sauntering.
You take a deep breath, letting your lids flutter shut, following your friend’s instructed breathing.
It’s fine, not even that big of a deal y/n, as long as it’s not in any of the professor’s— or gossiper’s— hands, you’re good, you repeat to yourself, peeling your eyes back open, burying the anxiousness of your lost list in the back of your head.
Remus runs a hand over his unruly hair, blinking the exhaustion off his eyes, which roam over the empty classroom, he cringes at the state of it— weird angled desks, clumped papers and an ungodly amount of bubble gum wrapper.
He checks his watch, puffing an air of relief when he realizes he’s done for the day.
The old, snappy chair beneath him squeaks when he stands up, collecting most of the papers on his desk and tucking them neatly on his bag, which hurts his shoulder as he swings it on, even with his 190 pound of muscle strength. Greeting the doors of elderly, he thinks; as his friend, Sirius, would say.
As he makes a path to the door, a crunch is heard under the sole of his shoe, and Remus steps back slightly to inspect the paper, bending down to pick it up and get a closer look of the sloppy writing.
“Huh,” his brows plunge, reading, bucket list for senior year!, in bloody ink, it’s then when his eyes round to the size of caps as he makes out the listicles.
1. fuck in a risky place!!!
2. have oral sex in handcuffs
3. three’s a crowd ;)
4. take it in the ass for once and for all
5. get overstimulated with toys
6. try temperature play
And so on, he squints at the neatness of “y/n” written at the bottom, and his cock strains in his jeans almost immediately. 
“You have got to be fucking kidding me,” he grunts, throwing his head back in exasperation. “These kids- fuck,” his hands are over his face, and he shoves the paper in his bag in a hassle, stomping his way out.
“I fucking hate these streets couldn’t have we ordered a cab or something?” You seethe, hugging your jacket closer to your body, goosebumps puckering in your legs.
Your friend tuts, skipping through the empty road. “Shush, y/n we’ll be fine— and look there’s the park! Allister must be there, let’s go!”
You groan, trotting behind her grumpily, already dreading the feeling of third wheeling.
A good twenty minutes pass by, and you grow bored of lightly kicking the pebbles on the ground, your friend’s joyous laugh booming in your ears besides you; she has tried to make you join the conversation multiple times, though you realize she might tell you’re not exactly delighted to be apart of it.
“I’m going for a walk,” you announce, dismissing their goodbyes as your hands bury in your coat’s pockets.
The air that leaves your nose is visible in the dim lighting of the street.
You’ve only walked about five minutes when a bench hits the corner of your eyes, and you turn your head in it’s direction, immediately recognizing the profile of the figure looming over said seat.
“Professor!” You beam, throwing him an overly excited wave.
His lips quirk, and you flush at the intimacy of it. “Evening, miss y/l/n.”
You plop down next to him with a phew, swinging your feet over the grass. “I never thought I’d see you out of class,” you confess.
He hums, “how come?”
Your shoulders lift in a shrug, “You seem sort of closed off— not that that’s bad!” You quickly amend, flushing at Remus’ chuckle of it’s fine.
A calm quietude settles over you both, that’s until you start speaking again, unable to stop the rapid beating of your heart whenever your professor was around you; especially this close.
Everyone seemed to know about your little crush on professor Lupin. His dashing looks making you one of many other students who crushed just as hard on the tall man.
Though you suspected Remus himself knew about your secret infatuation, hence why his cocky ass took every chance he got in teasing you; yet he kept it professional, most of the time.
You talked for what seemed to be hours, getting lost in each other’s newly found knowledge of the other’s life. And maybe, just maybe, you pulled out the flask of alcohol hidden in your coat, taking it as a cheer for making a new friend— though he assured you you were always friends. You didn’t believe him.
The conversations escalated, each sentence bolder than the other, the brush of his fingers on your bare legs were now not so innocent. You blamed it on the tipsiness.
“Y’know, somehow-“ he cocks his head, pulling a wrinkled paper from his pocket, “- this little thing has gotten in my possession,” you gasp, eyes rounding in embarrassment, “and I can promise you I’ll make you see starts every time we check an item off it.”
You sputter, “prof— Remus… this is not— it isn’t really appropriate!”
He chuckles, throwing you a bored look, “are we really gonna start talking about what’s appropriate or not, sweet pea?”
Heat builds in your core, and your brain short-circuits when he slides closer, hefty thigh rubbing your quivering one. “Give me the fucking word and I’ll fuck you right here where everyone can see, baby, just say it,” he growls, dark eyes piercing into yours.
Your sex pounds, and your mind tells you you’ll regret this, but your body is one hell of a traitor anyway.
“Y-yes,” you whimper.
His eyes pool with desire, “atta girl.”
Your professor wastes no time to clash his mouth with yours, swallowing every whine you release as you climb onto his lap, skirt riding up in the midst of the intense lip-lock.
His jean-clad thigh is in line with your sopping pussy, and you unconsciously grind onto the rippling muscle when he folds your bottom lip between his teeth, coaxing a low moan from you. “P-please,” you pant, “I want it.”
“Yeah? Want me to bury my cock in that sweet cunt, babydoll?” He teases, palming at your hips and grinding you down on his flexed thigh, making a shudder run through you.
Your mind swims in ecstasy, and you’re afraid your eyes might get stuck from how hard they roll back every time your clit buzzes against him.
Low chants of his name leaves your lips like a mantra, and your hips strain from how hard you try to fuck yourself on him.
You can see the bulge in his pants, stiff cock begging to be released and absolutely fucking ruin you.
His hands fly to his zipper, and your mouth waters when the thick head drools with pre-cum. “So big,” you sigh dreamily.
He smirks, “poor thing, you’re already all baby brained, huh?”
You nod mindlessly, reaching for the hard girth. “Daddy,” you mewl, looking back at him just in time to see the glint of hunger in his hues at the nickname. “Please fuck me,” you practically wail, rocking harder against his thigh.
“Fuck this, we don’t have much time,” he grunts, bunching up your skirt as you hurriedly position yourself in line with his weeping cock, your slick gushing past your folds and drenching him.
With the mix of numbing senses into one and your desperation for Remus, you slid down in blind submission, immediately hissing at the unfamiliar burn of the stretch.
You choked on your moans, gaze growing wet as the brunette death-gripped your hips, preventing you from lowering down further.
“God, baby,” his head is thrown back, “had to let me stretch you out first— poor cunt’s too small for my cock, princess.”
Your brows knit, and you sniffle before speaking, “needed you so bad, daddy.”
His hands gentle on you, “I know, baby- go ahead then, bounce on daddy’s cock like the little slut you are,” his voice lowered, gaze dropping to the gushing mess between you both. Your aching pussy taking him whole as juices rimmed his cockbase.
“That’s a good girl,” he purrs, bringing your head to rest on his shoulders— an attempt at muffling your cries.
Remus’ thrust weren’t holding back, his tip kissing your sweet spot every fucking time, you were sure there was some drool on his shirt by now.
His cock hammers your insides, your knuckles turn white from how hard they fist on his shirt.
“Yes, daddy, yes!” you whine, voice cloaked.
Skin slapping against skin fills your ears, and your clit drums at the neglection it receives.
Remus seems to read your mind, twirling his thick digits over your swollen button, your cunt tightens around him as a thanks.
Every roll of his hips send you to heaven, stars dotting your vision from how hard the knot in your stomach tightens.
Just like you, his balls swell and draw up, begging your pussy to milk him dry already.
“God you’re squeezing me like a fucking vice, doll,” he grunts, a throaty moan escaping him as your walls flutter at the compliment. “Gonna make me cum deep inside you, have you fucking leaking down those thighs,” he says, grabbing your face and going in for a rough kiss, swallowing each other’s wails of pleasure at the sensation of your ears ringing, breasts tightening and muscles flexing.
“I’m cumming, fuck!” you hiss, feeling the pressure build between your legs like too much steam in a glass jar.
Remus’ breath were labored, cock thickening even more than possible inside you and ropes of cum landing on your inner walls as he groaned, grabbing at the fat of your ass that rested on his thighs.
Silence settles over you both like a warm blanket once again, and it’s when you’re dozing off from bliss that Remus speaks once again, “baby- aren’t those your friends?”
You immediately jolt awake, quickly scooting off him with a grimace at the emptiness, looking over your shoulder to in fact— see two blurred figures making their way to your bench, and you pray that they can’t see anyone’s faces.
“Shit! I gotta go!” you whisper-yell, smoothing two sweaty hands over your skirt. “Uhm,” you gulp, “that was great and uh- can I have m-my list back… please?”
Your professor gives you a cat-like smile, simply responding a, “no.”
Your brows furrow, “what?”
“You can’t have it back, but don’t worry,” he stands up, tucking his softening cock back in his pants. “I’ll make sure we check every item off by the end of the year— and I guess fucking in a risky place is blacked out, huh?”
You blink, watching as he walks away with your list of shame still in his hands. Fully bent on getting everything checked out from it.
part two
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luveline · 2 months ago
mean streak | remus lupin x fem!reader
summary you like remus. nothing is ever easy (except you) [w.c: 4.5k]
warnings brothers best friend!remus x potter!reader, smut, slightly mean remus, fluff, car sex, degradation kink, praise kink, p in v, fem!reader, explicit, nsfw 18+ please, smoking, alcohol (mentioned), she/her pronouns used for reader, ‘girl’, p! with feelings
"We can't,” he says.
You smile with teeth. Remus, sitting on the arm of the chair you're in, looks exhausted by your attention. But - he's sitting next to you. He could've sat anywhere in the room and he chose right here at your side. You've got him, hook, line, sinker.
He just doesn't know it yet.
"I know why you think we can't," you murmur, lips curled in a winning grin. Arm held up, you place your fingertips against your own neck and draw a smooth, slow line. Your chin tilts, lips sticky with lipgloss and angled towards him.
"It's not what I think. It's what I know." Still, his eyes dart to your lips. When he looks up again he realises he's been caught.
"What do you know?" you ask him, perching your face on your knuckles lazily.
"We're not good for each other."
You tilt your head to the left, feel your hair shift, neck bare. You stop smiling and lower your lashes, looking through them at his dazed expression. You pout, just a little. "Remus," you say quietly, lips barely parted.
He blinks very quickly and forces himself up, off of the arm of the chair.
"Where're you going?" you ask, and there’s real dejection there. It softens his brow.
"I'm getting you something to drink, doll. Just… stop frowning.”
You don’t mind waiting for him to get back. You feel like you’ve been waiting for him a long time now, this dance one you’ve played for years.
He’s wrong, either way — you know you’re good for Remus. He’s soft and shy and you want to wrap him up and hide him a way, but he’s also angry, mean and stronger than he thinks, and you know you can bring it out of him. Have brought it out of him. He was still feeling sorry for the last time you’d seen him. You’d said something fleeting, too nice, about his hands. He’d scowled at you, the most disdain he’d ever shown you in the years you’d known him. His voice had been bitter and burning as he spoke.
“Just fuck off, would you?”
It had hurt your feelings in a surprising way, like all the air had been sucked out of the room. He’d stormed out, smoked a cigarette, came back and asked if he could sit by you with the expression of an apologetic puppy.
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t speak to you like that, and I won’t again. I’m angry at myself, not you.” He’d spoken each word with a self-torturing hate and you’d known it was the truth. Misplaced anger.
“Why’re you mad at yourself?” you’d asked, having already forgiven him. You’d pressed your knee to his knee. He’d looked at the place where your skin touched and shut his eyes.
“I want something I shouldn’t.”
You deduce that the something is, in fact, you. Or delude yourself. Either way.
James wanders in looking lost. He ignores the other partygoers in favour of you, and you soon find your brother towering over you with a suspicious wrinkle between his eyebrows.
“Where’s Moony?”
“What, like he’s my friend?” you ask.
“Drop the attitude, babe, just wondering. Boy flocks to you like a moth to a flame.”
“Don’t know what you’re talking about,” you mutter.
He gives you a once over. “What’s wrong?”
You press your shoulder to your cheek and give him your most demure expression. “Nothings wrong, Jamesie. What gives you that impression?”
“You’re impossible tonight, you know that?”
You drop your shoulder. “So I’ve been told.”
“Where’re your friends?” he asks.
Considering he’s your brother, he’s clueless.
“Don’t know.”
“Come hang around the patio with the cool kids,” he offers. ‘The cool kids’ constitutes half his year group, most trying to get noticed by the honorary Potter, Sirius Black. Where James goes light on the sibling teasing, Sirius won’t.
“Remus will be back soon, I’ll stay,” you say, smiling cheekily.
He smiles his shark tooth smile and you both bask in the bravery of your admission. “Be nice to my friend.”
“Always am!” you call to him as he walks away.
Remus reappears with a bottle of water for you. “This isn’t a drink,��� you complain.
“Technically, it is.”
"It's technically boring."
"Yeah, sorry, princess," he says, not sounding very sorry at all. He perches on the arm of the chair once again. This is ideal for you, a good angle.
You fancy him bad and you want him to want you enough to get over whatever it is that's holding him back. This means you've begun enacting your ultimate desirability scheme, in which you look your prettiest, act your loveliest, and overall try to seduce him. It's mildly working, you think smugly, adjusting your bra strap in a completely put upon nonchalance. He looks down at his hands.
"Stop," he says.
"Stop what?"
"You know what." A firmer tone.
You crack the water bottle open and giggle to yourself. Fine, he's more perceptive than you'd given him credit for.
"How much have you had to drink?" you ask him.
"Nothing. Why?"
You shrug. "No reason." He stares you down. You pretend your next question is unrelated to the first, cracking under his unfettered eye. "Are you hungry?"
He smiles knowingly. "Are you?"
"I'm sure."
He rubs the space between his eyebrows. You pretend not to notice as he stands up. "Come on then," he says wearily.
With his back to you he can't see your triumphant smile as you follow him down the hallway and out of the house. He stops once to make sure you're still behind him and then doesn't look back again until he's standing in front of his neat but old car. He slides into the front seat and pops the lock on the passenger door, pushing it open. You get in the seat with an awful feeling of victory curling up in your chest like ivy, knowing the smugness of it all is likely written on your face.
You bite back your smile as he starts up the car.
"Where do you want to go?" he asks.
He's parallel parked, putting his arm on your seat as he twists his body back to watch behind through the boot window. You stare at the shifting muscles in his arm and forget to answer the question.
"What?" You blink.
"Food?" He gets to be the smug one. Hook, line, sinker. I'm really in it now, you think.
"Oh," you say, as you try your best not to look like the blushing, bumbling idiot that you are. "Anything. I don't care where."
He doesn't look at you as he drives. You look at him, track the headlights as they flash over his skin, illuminate the lines of his face, the fine hair on his neck. Your eyes catch his Adam's apple as it wobbles. Good to know you're the one in control again.
You reach out your hand and mess with his sound system until it's locked to the cassette and turn the volume up just enough to cover the sounds of your intermittent breathing, a slow, steady rock song pouring over you both.
"We should've told James we were going," you murmur, just to hear what he has to say.
"I'm in the habit of begging forgiveness, not permission."
You bite your cheek, startled at his wording. What's so unforgivable about McDonald's? A heat buries itself at the pit of your stomach.
In the end, you're eating fries in his front seat. He's cracked the window and reclines his chair a little, enough to make you nervously excited. You take a sip of his drink and he rolls his eyes.
"Thought you weren't thirsty?"
There's lipstick on the straw. You brush your fingertips over the mark and smile. "I'm not."
He blows cigarette smoke out the side of his mouth towards the window and shakes his head in mild ire at your behaviour. "You'll kill me. And then James will kill me."
"James won't kill you," you mutter distractedly, already weaselling for another crunchy chip. "He doesn't care."
"He doesn't care now because we haven't done anything," he says, flicking ash out the window.
You shove the last of your rejected chips into the greasy paper bag they'd come in and push it down between your shoes.
"But we are going to do something?" you ask, wiping your fingertips in a branded napkin, then your greasy lips.
He puts his cigarette, still lit, in the small ashtray and catches your face in his hand. You're not expecting his touch, firm as it is, and you still in his hold. He barely has to lean over the console he's so tall, but he does. Ribbons of smoke float between you as his thumb works across your bottom lip, the skin just beneath. He's fixing your smudged lipstick, you realise, hiding your disappointment, determined to be cool about it all despite your racing heart.
He leans back in his chair and takes the cigarette back between his fingers, thumb stained pinky red. "Guess," he answers finally, sarcasm lining his voice.
You blink away your dizziness from his touch and lean back yourself to take another sip of his drink.
"Can I…"
He looks at you out of the corner of his eye and groans. "Fuck it, might as well. What else can I do to piss him off?"
He holds the cigarette in front of your mouth rather than pass it into your waiting fingers. Oh. He's playing games too. You press your lips around it and inhale, not as expertly as you might like but not enough to embarrass yourself. You hold it, breathe it, exhale.
You notice he's holding his breath as you do. He takes a drag, holds it back out to you. An inadvertent kiss.
Your chest eases, your eyes start to burn from the smoke. He stubs the butt out when it's finished and drops it into the plastic ashtray, looking like he might start the car again. You're not ready to go back to the party but aren't quick enough to think of something coy, something to postpone him. His hands fall away from the keys before you can say anything. His eyes close.
You're nervous and excited and waiting, watching his body, watching his chest heave.
"You know why we can't," he says like you'd been asking again. Maybe you had been, in your silence. "Not just James, doll. You know, about me."
"I don't care about all that stuff."
"I care. I'm not good for you."
You put your hand on his thigh, hand small over lean muscle. Your touch is featherlight as it climbs up, up. "I don't want you to be good for me."
"Doll-" he cuts off as you squeeze your fingers gently around his leg.
"Why do we always have to be good? I've seen your mean streak, Remus."
"Trust me, you haven't."
You make an amorous sound in the back of your throat, so low you're not sure he's heard until a vein jumps in his neck.
"So show me," you say softly, and then, in his undoing, "please."
"You want me to be mean?" he asks, eyes bright and annoyed and hungry.
You nod. He moves.
His hand finds your neck, his other your back, pulling you in as mouth presses tight over yours. You exhale raggedly and clutch his arms in surprise as he kisses you, no preamble, his mouth on your mouth. He parts his lips and yours open in answer. He tastes like smoke.
His grip is bruising. His fingers spread wide over your back and you can feel the heat of each one clandestinely through your top. He sighs into your open mouth, his breath becomes your breath. You slide your hand up his arm, over the hill of his shoulder and up the column of his neck, fingers carding into the hair at the back of his head. You clutch a little too hard as he takes your lip between his. Your reaction summons a breathy, condescending chuckle from him.
You kiss the corner of his mouth as he pulls away.
"What?" you ask innocently.
"Get in the back, doll."
You smile wide enough to split your face and climb over his seats. He's quick behind you and quicker to press your body against the fake leather bench, hand burning the silver of bare skin where it caresses your waist, shirt ridden up.
You thank whatever stupid whim you'd had to wear your prettiest underwear tonight as his fingers slip under your shirt. His lips are on your mouth, on your jawline, on your neck, nips and pecks and then, just below your ear, a love bite. Your fingers tighten in his shirt. He has one hand between your spread thighs, not touching but holding himself up. You feel every inch of space. The other holds you still as he nibbles a bruising line of lust down to the neckline of your shirt, the last hickey only centimetres from the top of your breast.
Your breaths are quick and delighted as his teeth bully your skin. He's mean, like he'd promised, and you know you'll have his marks for days to come.
The streetlight is your only illumination. It stretches over him in a gauzy white as he leans into you, casts him shining, softening his stern eyes. You push the hair from his face as he straightens out and takes your lips with his in another forceful kiss, tucking the longer strands behind his ears. You forget your task quickly as his hand stretches over your abdomen and the curve of your waist, great handfuls of your flesh, your own hands limp where they rest.
He kisses and kisses and only pauses his exploration when his fingertips ghost the bottom of your breast. He hesitates for permission. You don't hesitate, won't, reaching down between you to lift the edge of your top up. He bats your hand away and the gap between you increases as he falls back to help you out of your shirt.
Your chest heaves, breasts rising and falling as you catch your breath. He can hardly see you in the dim lighting, you know, but he's reverential anyhow. Big hands came up to cup your tits, hot and heavy, pushing into the flesh curiously. One hand pauses where the other is spiteful and you find yourself almost used to his startling behaviours when he takes your pebbled nipple between his fingers and pinches.
"You're so pretty, doll," he says, eyes on your chest.
He rolls, tugs, won't stop until they're both erect and aching. You tremble at a particularly rough pinch and his hand stops, soothes.
"You're shaking," he mumbles, leaning down.
He lays a kiss over each peak, tongue wet and swirling before planting his mouth in the space between them, a scraping kiss. Slowly, he encourages you flat, chases the kisses down past your navel to the stripe of skin above your waistband.
You lift your hips encouragingly as his fingers find your belt loops, letting him pull them down to your knees, over them, off. They lay crumpled in a discarded heap in the footwell and you lay almost naked in front of him.
He goes back to where he'd left off and kisses where your waistband had been, kisses the lacey edge of your underwear. He kisses the flat of your cunt through fabric. Soon, his mouth is ghosting your clothed clit, down again, your entrance.
"Remus," you say without thinking, a whine.
His hands come up to the back of your thighs urgently at your plea. He pushes them up into your tummy and lays another kiss over your underwear, mouthing your slit. He takes a mouthful like he's trying to give you a hickey and you moan, the friction sending little pinprick sparks into your core.
"Remus, what are you doing?" you question hoarsely.
His grip tightens. "You wanted me to show you how mean I am. That's what I'm going to do. Now be a good girl and be quiet for me, okay?"
"Remus-" you gasp as he takes your clit between his teeth, shivering at the warning nibble you receive.
He grows bored of this teasing after a while and reaches under you to pull your underwear up, leaving them stretched between your thighs.
He spreads you open with his thumbs. You're glad he can't  see the embarrassment or the longing on your face, though he can surely hear the sounds you're making and piece it together. He readjusts his thumbs, spreading you open wider.
"You're pathetic," he says teasingly, laughing. His thumb brushes over your entrance and he raises his thumb in the light to show you it's wet sheen. "I've barely touched you."
You try to defend yourself and find yourself unable as his fingers brush up your slit, spreading wetness up and over your clit and down again. He gently, carefully pushes his fingers past the resistance of your entrance, not deep but enough.
He groans. "So fucking tight," he says, then holds his wet fingers up to your mouth. "Here, baby."
You stare at them hesitantly.
He rolls his eyes and presses them to your lips. His smile grows as you open your mouth, his fingers pressing into your tongue. You taste almost sweet.
Your lips close around his fingers as he pushes in, rubbing a circle into your tongue before pulling them out. A line of spit follows. He pushes his fingers back into your weeping hole and starts to open you up, fingers quick and firm, rubbing up against your walls in sweeping, scissoring motions until his fingers are fully inside you.
You moan.
"Yeah, this is what you wanted, huh?" he mutters, thrusts long and deep. "Looking at me with your eyes all wide like you don't know what you're doing." He pushes all the way in. Your fingers find the seats leather and clamp down uselessly as he starts to fuck his digits into you.
"You hear how wet you are?" he asks. His grin says everything as he works into you, your hips shaking at his motion. You're panting, desperate and frustrated at the stretch. It's nice, it's perfect, except it's not enough.
You have the suspicion that he can tell as he pulls his fingers out. He spreads his fingers. Your slick ribbons between them. He sucks them clean.
"You're hot when you're spiteful," you say, panting still, cunt tingling.
"Yeah?" he asks, unbuckling his belt.
You nod dazedly.
He smirks crookedly. It's not an expression you've seen on him before. He reaches into his unbuttoned trousers and pulls out his cock, already hard and intimidating in size. You stare in wonder. He pumps the shaft, pausing to reach between you and stroke your cunt, collecting the wet dribbling down your crease into his hand. He pumps his cock with your slick and it's so tantalising you actually feel dizzy, letting yourself fall onto your back where you'd been holding yourself up by the elbows.
"How are you feeling?" he asks, a little of the gentleness you know peeking through. "Is this alright?"
"We're in so much trouble," you say, grinning like a fool.
He grabs you by the hips and pulls you toward him. His cock hovers over your cunt. He thrusts, once, flat over your tummy and your eyes widen when you realise his tip can easily reach your belly button from where he kneels.
"Would've killed me for the cigarette. May as well enjoy myself before I die," he mumbles, thumb pushing into the hood of your clit, spreading you open. "Are you ready?"
"Do your worst, Lupin," you challenge, words accompanied with an enthusiastic nod.
He holds on leg up for you and rubs his head emphatically into your entrance. He pushes in, little slow thrusts that still feel stretching from his size, slowly making his way in. He's teasing, going slow when he doesn't need to, and you roll your hips restlessly until he's frowning.
"Behave," he says, grabbing your face in his hand. "You'll hurt yourself."
You frown back. He pulls your cheek up, forcing your face into a fucked up smile. "You want me to go faster?" he asks.
You nod. He leans down to kiss you and slides in deeper as he does, cock bottoming out as he pushes his tongue against yours. He catches your keening in his mouth. Shooting aches line your hips as he pulls out just enough to thrust in, head of his cock probing your sensitive wall once, twice, over and over and over. Your hands feel weak. The pleasure is aching and so beyond what you'd pictured.
"Fuck," you whisper.
"Feel good?" he asks, realigning, pushing in. His lips touch your forehead as he speaks.
"Yes," you say, and then repeat with his thrusts. "Yes, yes, yes, ah…"
You mewl as he picks up the pace, arms sliding under your back to hold you close, chest pressed to your breasts and face tucked into the side of your head. He ruts into your soft spot until you see stars and your panting takes on a wet, desperate quality, more sounds than words.
He likes it. "Listen to you, brainless girl. You hear yourself?" He snaps his hips forward. You cry out. "Letting me fuck you dumb in my backseat 'cos you're that desperate for me."
His hips snap again.
"You're my dumb little doll." You moan in pleasure. "You like that one? You wanna be my stupid little dolly?"
"Yes!" you whine, arms tightening around his ribs, holding onto him for dear life as he fucks into you, thrusts long and fast. You've barely recovered from one burst before there's another wave of mind-numbing pleasure. "Yes, I'm your dolly. Your stupid dolly," you say mindlessly.
He rolls his hips, a searching stroke inside you, and places a chaste kiss into your skin. "Good girl."
From there it's a losing battle. He has you wrapped around his finger and begging. He slows, you whine, he quickens and you lose your breath. He chases every moan with another and doesn't stop until you're a babbling mess on his cock.
"So deep," you mumble tearfully.
"I know, dolly, I know."
He pulls up and away. You miss his chest and start to complain at the change in position when his fingers find your clit.
"Even pathetic girls like you deserve to cum, don't you think?" he asks, pushing his fingers into your clit.
The coil in your stomach tightens as he goes. "Yes," you agree breathlessly.
"Say it."
You feel sweat dribble down the back of your thigh, feel the head of his cock hit your cervix for the thousandth time and know you'll do anything at this point. You feel little shame as you repeat his words.
"Pathetic girls like-" you gasp, closing your eyes at the first sign of your orgasm. Remus pulls his hand away and won't start until you try again. "Even pathetic girls like me deserve to cum," you struggle through.
"Yes, you do," he agrees. "You do. I'm gonna make you cum, baby, you just lie there stupid. I'll take care of you."
He does. He finds the right angle and doesn't leave it alone until you're tightening around him, thrusts sweet and dragging and long, extending the bliss of your climax. You hold your breath until it's over, fingers wrapped around his wrist tight enough to bruise. Remus stays seated inside you but doesn't move, watching over you with a small, beatific look in his eyes as you come down from your high. He puts his hand on the space over your shoulder and dips down, catching your lips in a gentle, adoring kiss. His thrusts start up again slowly, sending chills down your spine as he moves. He turns his head in the opposite direction, a dance, his nose touching yours delicately as he goes.
He breaks the kiss and hovers above you.
"You're beautiful," he says, stealing another quick kiss. "Your face when you came, fuck," he drives in deep. His nose digs into your cheek with each slow, firm thrust.
You run your hands up and down his back as he chases his own climax, arms wrapped around him in an embrace. He moans as he does, weak and panting and so hot you want to replay it over and over; Remus Lupin desperate, moaning for you.
He pulls out to cums over your cunt. You feel his cum drip down your slit and onto the bench and can't help but wince at the mess you've made, even as he kisses the side of your knee and gulps air down like he'd been suffocating. You take a moment to breath in the night air, the smell of sex clouding over any cigarette smoke that lingers.
There's not a lot to be done for the mess. Remus pulls you into a sitting position and helps you pull your underwear back up, buttoning up your trousers for you when you shrug them on.
You sit in his backseat with your naked chest covered in lovebites and his cum sticky between your legs and feel immeasurably pleased, if a bit shaky.
He weaves his hand into your hair and encourages you to bare your neck to him, planting comforting little pecks over every hickey, hands gentle in your hair. You melt under his sweetness, feel the aching in your core and your legs fade to the back of your mind as his soft lips adorn you.
"Wasn't too mean, was I?" he asks, words muffled against your jaw.
You brush your hand over his cheek. "I told you, I don't want you to be good. Just want you."
He nods like this has released him and kisses the very tip of your nose. You press your lips together to hide a beaming smile.
"I'd like to be good to you. In the event that I live."
"In the event that you live," you repeat, giggling, the haze of intimacy dulling even the threat of his imminent death, "I'd like to be good to you, too."
"Best let me take you home then. And best put your shirt back on. And maybe my jacket."
You rush up the stairs in Remus' hoodie to hide away.
"What's with her?" you hear James ask Remus. "Haven't been breaking her heart, have you?"
"Wouldn't dream of it, Prongs."
"I think she fancies you," your brother says conspiringly.
"Astute," you mutter to yourself under your breath, closing your bedroom door behind you with a firm click. "Don't know why we were worried. I've the most oblivious brother on planet earth."
thanks for reading ❤️
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Accusations 3 | R.B
Paring: Young!Remus Lupin X Fem!Reader, James Potter X Fem!Twin!Reader, Eventual Regulus Black X Fem!Reader
Summary: Sirius and Remus come to the wrong conclusion that changes someone’s life forever.
Word Count: 4.1K
Inspiration: Click
Harry cringed at Professor Potter’s stern voice. She was a very laid-back teacher, and her tone of voice always stayed the same level. He had never heard this from her before. Harry could remember when he was a boy under the stairs. Petunia used to raise her voice sometimes at the man on the phone. He used to cower into the deepest depths of the cupboard, hoping that she would stop.
Harry then heard Lupin’s calm voice, “Dumbledore had specifically said that you were working with You-Know-Who. How were we supposed to take that?”
“I don’t know!” Professor Potter exclaimed, “Maybe ask me about it before pointing your wand at my throat?”
“It was a genuine mistake-“ Harry grimaced at Professor Lupin’s poor choice of words.
“A mistake that ruined my life, Lupin!” Harry could feel the malice in her tongue, “Seven years! Seven fucking years of misery. Seven years I will not get back.”
Harry turned the corner to see Lupin’s expression with obvious guilt, but Professor Potter didn’t seem deterred, “Not only was it seven years. I’m not even allowed to have my nephew in my custody because of my record.” Her voice got so low that Harry had to strain to hear it, “You don’t understand what he’s been through, Lupin. He’s getting abused by Lily’s sister, and there’s nothing I can do about it! They see I’ve been to Azkaban, and that’s all they care about.”
Harry almost gasped. Hermione would scold him for being an idiot, but it could’ve been possible that they were related just because they shared the same last name. Now that was confirmed. Professor Potter was his aunt. Harry was in for a good slapping my Hermione, and he owed Ron two sickles.
“But you know what, fuck it all right?” Harry pleaded to Godric he’d never make Professor Potter mad; her voice was shrill and scary, “Because everything that comes out of Dumbledore’s mouth is the truth, right?”
Lupin sighed, “I really am sorry. I know you won’t forgive me, and that’s reasonable, but with Regulus being alive now, you’re going to have to be around Padfoot.”
“I’ve known all about Regulus being alive.” Professor Potter said matter-of-factly, “After all, he’s the reason I’m out of Azkaban.”
Harry turned the corner again, Lupin looked flabbergasted, and from the view of Potter’s back, she seemed smug, “He- He defended you?”
“He did.” Her chin tipped up.
Professor Lupin ran a hand through his hair, looking shocked. He seemed to stand there frozen in time yet so moving simultaneously. His hands moved at a constant pace as if he didn’t know what to do with them. His glasses laid low on his nose, dangerously close to slipping off his face. Harry could see his knee-trembling slightly, possibly in pain. Professor Lupin did carry a cane occasionally.
“He’s also my fiancé.”
That was the bomb that made Lupin’s glasses fall. Professor Potter walked straight and past Lupin, further from Harry. Her shoes made a soft clicking noise against the old floors of Hogwarts. Professor Lupin bent down to grab his glasses and placed them in her cloak before sliding down the wall. His knees were to his chin, and he looked like a pretzel, Harry thought.
Lupin was all long limbs and skinny body. It made him look funny. Nonetheless, Harry was stuck in a sticky situation. His previous question to Professor Lupin now forgotten and more intrigued with the history of his two professors. Hastily, Harry looked at the Marauders Map to find no one insight, and he walked back to the Gryffindor Tower.
Breakfast in the Great Hall was always a magnificent experience. Especially for Ronald Weasley, who never really stopped eating until the food disappeared. It was indeed an appalling talent considering his many other siblings. But Ron didn’t go straight for the French toast. Instead, he stared at Harry.
“You were missing last night?”
Hermione turned, “Missing?”
Ron turned to Hermione, “I woke up after a nightmare to find Harry’s bed empty.” Both teens turned to Harry eating a sausage, “So where were you?”
“I had a question for Professor Lupin that turned into a very intriguing history lesson,” Harry replied nonchalantly.
The trio was quiet for a moment before Ron scoffed, “Go on then,” He beckoned, “Share with the class.”
“Apparently,” Harry drawled, “Professor Lupin messed up Professor Potter’s life.”
Hermione was looking for more, “And she’s also my aunt.”
“I knew it!” Ron exclaimed and held out his hand, “Go on.”
Harry dug through his pockets and slapped two sickles in Ron’s hand; Hermione looked less impressed, “I mean, of course, it seems obvious, innit?”
Both boys turned to her, “Do you guys not feel the tension whenever Professor Lupin and Potter get within five feet of each other?” Based on the boy’s expression, it was a no, “You two are absolutely hopeless.” She grumbled while stuffing her face with porridge.
“So what happened?”
“She told him off, and he kinda just sat there, I suppose.” Harry shrugged, drowning his pancakes in syrup, “I left before anyone could see me.”
“So, what’s the plan?” Ron asked, mouth full of egg.
“Yeah,” Ron replied, “We need a plan to figure out what went wrong.”
Hermione scoffed, “I think it has something to do with her going to Azkaban.”
She shuffled through her bag before pulling out an old Daily Prophet. She pointed at a paragraph, “If you read here, it says that Y/n Potter and Remus Lupin had been romantically involved before the incident causing her to go to Azkaban.”
“Why the hell do you have this?” Harry’s spoon clattered against his dish.
“Research! That’s not the point.” Hermione swatted at him, “The point is that obviously, something happened between the two. Not to mention them being absolutely connected. Did she mention anyone else?”
“Professor Lupin did mention something about a Padfoot?”
Hermione hummed, “Okay, let’s say Padfoot is a nickname for a friend, okay?“
“Bloody weird nickname,” Ron murmured.
“No one asked you, Ronald.” Hermione snapped.
Harry grinned, “She said the full name.”
“Harold Potter.”
“My name isn’t even Harold!”
“Irrelevant!” She exclaimed, “Padfoot is their friend, or was their friend. Maybe we should talk to them or find them.”
Ron swallowed his bacon faster than you could say wackspurt, “And how exactly are we going to find this Padfoot?”
“I don’t think we should find him.” Hermione said exasperated, “I think we should ask Professor Potter about him.”
“Why would we do that?”
“Yeah,” Harry agreed, “Isn’t that an invasion of privacy?”
Hermione narrowed her eyes, “That’s never been a problem with you before.”
Harry flipped his hands up defensively, “It was one bloody time.”
Ron snickered, “We ended up saving your life, didn’t we?”
“Not the point!”
It took days of planning, but the trio eventually came up with a plan. However, their plan was quickly thrown to the dogs when Professor Lupin entered the History of Magic classroom during the third-year Gryffindors and Hufflepuff class time. Professor Potter paid him absolutely no mind, but Professor Lupin was undetermined and stood in the entryway of the door. Everyone enjoyed Professor Potter’s lessons. According to the upper-level students, she was much more intriguing than old Professor Binns.
A cough sounded from the doorway, “Professor Potter?”
“Yes?” Her voice sounded strained behind her gritted teeth.
“May I bother you for just a moment?”
“More than you already have?” Some Hufflepuffs sniggered, and Seamus ‘Ooooed’ from the front left corner of the room.
Professor Potter turned, “Pay him no mind, Mr.Finnigan. I’ll be back in just a second.”
Without another word, she left the classroom with the door cracked open. Professor Lupin placed his shoe in the crevice of the door so it wouldn’t close completely. Harry sat in the back of the classroom with Hermione beside him; despite the closed door and low voices, the duo could still hear their every word.
“What is your problem!” Y/n whisper shouted, “I can’t even teach my class in peace now?”
Remus sighed, clearly done with the bickering, “Sirius will be staying with me for the weekend.”
“And I care; why?”
“You don’t.” Remus stated plainly, “But he would like to speak with you.”
She scoffed, “‘He would like.’ You know, I’d like many things in this world, but we don’t always get what we want, do we?”
“I am well aware we do not always get what we want, thank you.” Remus retorted drily, “However, we are both making an effort to correct what we have done to you.”
“You’re wasting your time,” Y/n stated as she tried to enter her classroom.
Remus stopped her, “When was the last time you used Vixen?”
“I don’t think that’s any of your business.”
“It’s not.” Remus replied, “But if you can make it, I’d appreciate it greatly.”
Professor Potter didn’t answer. Instead, she walked around him and entered her classroom. Harry didn’t know what Professor Lupin meant by if she could ‘make it.’ Maybe it was a specific teacher meeting or something that the teachers did. Regardless, it was evident that the Professors still weren’t on good terms.
The following Monday, Professor Lupin was not teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts, but Professor Potter instead. She leaned on the wooden desk with her dark purple robes on. Underneath her robes were muggle clothes. Professor Potter always seemed indifferent to blood status. Everyone sat in their respected seats when Harry raised his hand.
“Yes, Mr. Potter?”
“Where is Professor Lupin?”
Y/n sighed, “He’s fallen ill. So until he feels better, I’ll be teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts in his place.”
Harry smiled, seemingly okay with that answer. It didn’t seem that Professor Potter was angry at Professor Lupin for teaching in his absence but that she seemed tired. Harry noticed some new bruises on her arms when she took her robes off and how she seemed to move sluggishly across the classroom. Professor Potter was laid-back, but she wasn’t lazy.
It was late, and Harry was just about to go to the Gryffindor corridor when he saw Professor Potter sitting at Professor Lupin’s desk with a stack of parchment. He approached the door quietly and knocked gently. Y/n perked up and smiled happily at the intrusion.
“It’s quite late, Harry.” Y/n observed, “Might it be time for you to go to the Gryffindor tower?”
Harry flushed, “I was wondering if I could talk to you? If I’m not intruding.”
“Not a problem, my love.” Y/n waved her hand, and the papers hit the floor beside the desk.
A chair from one of the desks floated in front of the Professor’s desk, and Y/n motioned for him to sit in it. Harry tried to move less eager than he was but still moved faster than he would’ve liked. His satchel hit the ground beside him, and Y/n twirled a quill.
“Sorry, I can’t offer you any tea.” Professor Potter said, slightly embarrassed, “As you can see, this isn’t my classroom, and I have no idea where anything is.”
Harry grinned, not unlike James; Y/n noticed, “I think I’ll explode if I drink any more tea,” Harry chuckled, “I just came from dinner at the Great Hall.”
“Wonderful,” Y/n commented with an amused smile, “Now, what was it you wanted to speak about?”
He faltered slightly, “We share the same surname.”
“We do,” Y/n stated, “But that happens all the time.”
“Well, is it possible that you’re related to my father, James Potter?”
She smirked, “It is.”
“Are you?”
“I am.”
Harry didn’t think he would get this far.
“I’m his twin sister.” Y/n said, “Which makes you my nephew, in case you weren’t aware.”
“I-I know.” Harry stuttered, “Can you- um- tell me what he was like?”
Y/n beamed, “Of course. Is there anything, in particular, you’d like to know?”
“Was he kind?” He queried hesitantly, “I’ve heard he was arrogant.”
She laughed at that, “He was definitely arrogant, but he was exceedingly kind to make up for it. It didn’t matter how many times you upset or disappointed James Potter, he’d always give you a second, or third, or fourth chance.”
“I’m sure you’ve heard that he was a star Chaser for the Gryffindor House team. Sirius Black - his best mate - was a Beater on the team, and believe it or not, Professor Lupin was the Commentator.”
“Indeed.” Y/n smirked, “Professor Lupin was extremely witty in his youth.”
Harry kicked a crumpled note under the desk before asking again, “Why are you and Professor Lupin so cross?”
“Professor Lupin and I are perfectly cordial.” Y/n saw Harry’s disbelieving look, “However, we aren’t the greatest of friends.”
She coughed subtly, “It’s a very long-winded story we don’t have time for, I’m afraid.”
“Does it have something to do about your imprisonment?”
“How do you know about that?”
“Hermione showed Ron and me the other morning at breakfast.”
Y/n smiled fondly, “She’s quite brilliant, but yes, it does.”
“So you and Professor Lupin were in a relationship?”
“We were.” Y/n answered, “We started going out in our fifth year and presumably broke up when I got sentenced.”
Harry didn’t know what to say. He felt like the words were falling from his mouth before he could stop them, “Can I live with you?”
“Excuse me?”
“It’s just that- I’m sorry- I didn’t-“ Harry’s face was the color of rose, and he was spluttering to try and form a sentence.
Y/n had an expression on her face that could only be called affectionate, “It’s okay, Harry. I’ve heard rumors of what the Dursleys do to you over the summer holidays.”
“You have?” Harry seemed relaxed by this.
“I have, and I’d love nothing more for you to stay with me.” Y/n sighed, “However, I’d need clearance from the Ministry, and I don’t know if they’ll permit me. Especially with one of your guardians having a clean record.”
Harry looked confused, “I have another guardian?”
“You do.”
“Who are they?”
“Sirius Black is your godfather.” Y/n replied, “To be quite honest, I’m not sure why he hasn’t tried to take you in yet. However, I believe it’s Dumbledore’s orders. I’ve never been one for following his orders, though.”
She had a mischievous grin on her face, “This may be a lot to ask, but-“
“I’ll try.” Harry looked shocked at her interjection, “Hopefully, by the summer, you’ll be able to come home to mine instead of the Dursleys. Sound fair?”
“Yes. Thank you!”
“You’re welcome, love.”
Harry was in much brighter spirits after his talk with Professor Potter. It was exciting to learn that he could get rid of the Dursleys and live with a loving Aunt. Not to mention he also had a godfather that he never knew of.
Three owls were sent that night by three different owls. One snow-white owl named Hedwig sent a letter to a mysterious Sirius Black. A second all-black owl named Achilles was sending a letter to the Ministry for parental permission of Harry James Potter. Finally, a third barn owl was sending a letter to Regulus Black about the potential of Harry living under their roof.
Sirius wasn’t expecting mail at the kitchen table when eating breakfast. Usually, the mail came in through the muggle mailbox since he and Remus shared a flat in muggle London, but occasionally they’d get mail by owl-post. Sirius took the envelope from the owl, but she didn’t fly away immediately. She watched Sirius open it and sat patiently.
“Dear, Sirius Black,
I don’t really know how to start this. I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Harry James Potter, and apparently, you were my dad’s best mate. That’s all I really know about you and that you were a Beater for the Gryffindor Quidditch team. I’m a Seeker for the team right now.
According to Professor Potter, you’re my godfather. I wish you would’ve contacted me or told me you exist. I’ve only just now learned of who you are. Apparently, you, mum, dad, Professor Lupin, and Professor Potter were all friends. Maybe you didn’t know I was born, and that’s why you didn’t contact me, or that’s what I’m hoping. Otherwise, it’s real shit of you not to.
I guess owl me back, so I know you exist still.
Harry Potter”
Sirius chuckled, running a hand through his hair, “Nothing like getting told off by your godchild.”
Harry did get a letter back from the mysterious Sirius Black only two days later. The handwriting was elegant and curvy; maybe his godfather was posh or a muggle. The Potter’s didn’t seem to care about blood status. When he asked Hermione and Ron about the Black’s, he got an insightful explanation about the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black. Nonetheless, the words inside were encouraging and informative. Despite Sirius not reaching out, he seemed kind.
Harry and Sirius continued to owl each other. As it continued, the letters got more personal and more helpful. Sirius was actually really good at offering advice for Harry when needed. Professor Potter had gotten an owl back about her parental permissions being granted after months of review. After the History of Magic examination, Harry was to stay after class.
After class, Harry received news that he would be coming to the Black/Potter residence for the summer holidays, and he was ecstatic. The train home couldn’t have been any slower, and he couldn’t wait to be safe in a house with his Aunt.
They apparated to the driveway, which was stone brick pavers, it seemed neverending, and the cherry blossom trees surrounding the house were in full bloom. It was a two-story house, painted grey with dark brown - almost black - accents. When the duo walked inside the house smelt like a man’s cologne, Harry thought the house couldn’t be more different than the Dursleys.
A soft fluffy thing walked in between Harry’s legs immediately after his shoes were off, and Y/n chuckled, “This is lynx. She’s our cat.”
He bent down, and she smelt his hand before rubbing against it, “She’s beautiful.”
“Thank you.” Y/n replied, “Though Regulus will take great pride in that.”
Harry followed Y/n into the kitchen, where she began preparing tea, “Regulus?”
“Oh!” She exclaimed as she placed the kettle on the stove, “Regulus is my fiancé. He knows you’re here, and he is super sweet.”
“Where is he?”
Y/n put the boiling water in two cups, “Working.”
She passed him a cup of the jasmine tea, “Do I- um- call him Uncle?”
“You don’t have to if you aren’t comfortable.” Y/n was always so soft and trying to make him comfortable, “He’ll appreciate anything that isn’t Mr. Black.”
“Okay.” Harry smiled.
Regulus didn’t come home until later that evening. Y/n had shown Harry to his bedroom, which was the same bedroom she occupied while staying in the house. Harry was getting settled in when the door opened loudly, and someone was taking their shoes off at the door along with their cloak.
The man had jaw-length curvy hair with blue-grey eyes. His skin was pale and flushed from the heat. He also had freckles under his eyes. His jawline was sharp, his cheeks sunken just a pinch. The man was skinny but had muscle and was extremely tall. He stood at around six feet. Harry was just about five feet and five inches.
He didn’t see Harry at the top of the steps and went straight into the kitchen, where he placed down the take-out containers. Y/n appeared at the other end of the kitchen, it seemed, because the man stopped and smiled at her. Harry stood at the central kitchen entrance watching them interact. He kissed her on the cheek as she unloaded the bag of takeout. Finally, Harry was noticed.
“Ah, you must be Harry.” Regulus said with a smile, and Harry flushed, embarrassed for ruining their peace, “I’m Regulus.”
Harry didn’t say anything and stared at them wearily, “It’s okay, Harry. You can come in. Regulus got us some take-out. Hopefully, it’s something you like.” Y/n smiled, putting two boxes in front of a barstool at the island.
He sat down hesitantly and began to eat, “Sorry,” Harry apologized, “I’m not used to this setting yet.”
“We’ve been in the same position before.” Regulus stated solemnly, “Except I didn’t have an amazing Aunt to escape to.”
Y/n laughed, “Shut it.”
“I’m just telling him the truth!” Regulus defended mouthful of food.
“Chew your food.” Y/n scoffed.
Harry smiled at their good-natured bickering. It was much different from Petunia and Vernon constant arguing. Harry could get used to this. He was never really allowed to sit in the kitchen and eat with the others. He also would’ve been punished for eavesdropping as he had previously. Y/n and Regulus didn’t seem to mind, however.
The summer holiday was truly fun compared to his usual one. Regulus was kind and sweet, like Y/n’s description. Lynx also seemed to take a liking to him. Lynx slept with him every night but traveled throughout the house in the mornings. Harry also learned that breakfast would always get made in the mornings. Sometimes it was french toast, pancakes, or waffles as a main course, but it always tasted heavenly.
He learned that Y/n went to Hogwarts a week early to prepare for classes, leaving him home alone with Regulus. Harry and Regulus got along nicely. They didn’t know much about each other, however. Harry was in the library when he found a black leather-bound book. It read ‘The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black History’ in gold foil on the spine. Harry pulled it from the shelf and began to read through it.
It seemed like a biography on the Black family with many facts inside. Whoever wrote the book was obviously well informed on the pureblood family. The book talked about everyone too, even the disowned members of the family like Alphard Black, Andromeda Black, Phinneas Black, and finally Sirius Black.
Harry drank up all the knowledge about Sirius like a bee with nectar. Sirius seemed to have a troubling childhood with extremely abusive parents. He’d go weeks without food, water, and sometimes shelter. Sirius was the only Black to get sorted into Gryffindor, but he wasn’t the first to be sorted into a different house.
He didn’t know how long he sat there reading until Regulus entered the room, “Whatcha got there?”
Harry snapped the book shut, looking like a deer in headlights, “I- um- I don’t- uh-“
“Y/n said you stuttered when you got caught, but I thought she was lying.” Regulus chuckled, “Apparently not.”
The young boy’s face was entirely red, “You aren’t in trouble, Harry.” Regulus sat down criss-cross in front of him.
Harry handed Regulus the book, and Regulus smiled, “It makes sense why you’d pick it up. It’s intriguing, isn’t it?”
“It is.” He admitted, “Sirius Black is my godfather, and I wanted to know more about him.”
“Well, you know, I actually wrote this book.” Regulus grinned, “You could always ask me.”
“You- You wrote it?”
Regulus let his fingers trail the front of the leather, “Yup. I just never published it.”
“Why not?” Harry questioned, “It’s brilliant!”
“Thank you.” Regulus blushed, “But nobody needs to know how horrid my family was.”
There was a short silence, “But since you seem so intrigued and I am Sirius Black’s younger brother. I’d love to tell you anything you’d like to know.”
Harry grinned cheerfully. The two boys sat in the library for the entire afternoon talking about the Black family. Harry found that he now understood what Regulus meant when he said they came from the same background. Regulus seemed to have it much worse than he did.
Toward the end of the holiday, Harry took to calling Regulus Uncle. It seemed fitting after Regulus had taken the role with such affection and care. Harry couldn’t imagine not coming to their house every summer and maybe even Christmas one year. He had never felt so safe in soft, warm bedsheets and a purring Lynx laying on the pillow he wasn’t using.
Y/n was already at Hogwarts, so Regulus had taken the role to bring him to Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. Harry wasn’t disappointed. Regulus had made a fantastic breakfast that morning and some sweets to take with him or eat on the train. He hugged Regulus before jumping onto the train. Harry found Hermione and Ron quickly, where they all exchanged stories from the summer.
Harry had never felt so loved in his life.
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cryonme · 5 months ago
𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝘽𝙚𝙨𝙩 𝙊𝙣𝙚
➵ Remus Lupin x fem!reader
➵ summary: Remus accidentally hurts you during a full moon, and you try your best to hide your pain. Requested:
from jijimoons: “hello! from your hurt/comfort prompts, can I have ‘stop apologizing, you didn’t do anything wrong’ with either remus lupin or regulus black? your choice! <3″
from anon: “’you’re going to be fine, okay? you’re going to be fine.’ with remus lupin where the reader gets hurt?💌”
➵ word count: 2.2k
➵ tw: mentions of blood, fighting, full moon activity, swearing
➵ a/n: my first posted request! yay! also, I'm still kind of learning about the marauders and the animagus and all the werewolf stuff so if there’s anything incorrect in here I'm sorry :( I still don’t know too much but I adore the marauders and I'm trying!! please be nice! I love you all, thank you for all the kind words and positivity the past couple days! xo Miz
You had never gone out on the full moon with the guys before, and you were beginning to understand why as you sauntered into the forbidden forest, a feeling of uneasiness came over you when you heard a low growling in the distance.
Fuck, (Y/n). You should not have done this.
But you continued through the trees. Praying to whatever entity was out there listening that you would just stay hidden from your werewolf boyfriend who had no idea who you were at this time.
The full moon gleamed through the trees, illuminating the forest floor with it’s soft glow. You used to love the full moon, you’d stare out your bedroom window with your chin in your hands, eyes full of wonder as you just gazed at it.
But not since you learned the pain it brought to your Remus.
You dreaded it. The thought of the pain and hopelessness he had to go through every month broke your heart, and you wished so badly to be able to console him, clean his wounds and kiss it better, but he’d never let you see that side of him.
So, obviously, you took matters into your own hands.
You heard the snap of a stick and immediately whipped your head to where the sound had come from.
“Pads?” You questioned when your eyes focused on the black dog in front of you. “Where’s Remus? Is he okay?”
Padfoot didn’t move. Your eyes furrowed as you took a step further, trying to get a read on what he was thinking.
Your body froze when you read the emotion in his eyes.
You were interrupted by the same low growl you had heard when you first entered the forest.
But this time, it was right behind you.
You turned around slowly, careful not to make any sudden moves as you faced the werewolf form your boyfriend had taken, preparing yourself for what you were about to see.
You spotted James out of the corner of your eye, his stag form moving slowly and cautiously around a tree, coming closer to aid you if need be, you heard Sirius’s footsteps behind you doing the same.
You finally faced him, eyes looking directly into his. You were so close you could feel his hot breath hitting your face, and you tried your best to keep a calm composure.
You knew this wasn’t your Rem, it’d be stupid to believe he wouldn’t hurt you in this state. So, you stood still, holding your lips in your mouth much like a child would after pretending to zip them to keep a secret.
Remus was going to lunge, and Sirius and James could sense it, so they charged to get you and him in opposite directions but were a tad too late as the lycanthrope beat them to you, jumping and pinning you to the ground, his claws digging into your arms as you cried out, but only for a moment when Sirius dragged him off of you, causing you to cry out once more as his claws tore off your skin trying to cling on to you. Him and Padfoot tumbled a ways away and Pads egged him on, engaging in a fight to keep him distracted from you.
James transformed back into himself, crouching next to you to tend to your wounds.
“It’s almost over, he’ll be Remmy again soon, alright?” He tried to comfort you while gently taking your sweater off, and then his own so he could press them against your cuts to stop the bleeding.
“Fuck!” You hissed, wanting to hit the boy that was just trying to help you.
“Oh, Merlin.” James breathed out when he lifted up your shirt to reveal a large gash on your torso.
“Pads!” He yelled at his friend, who had also just transformed back, and was comforting a very tired Remus. Sirius rushed over immediately, exhaling a string of curse words. You’d be alright, but would Remus be when he learns what he’d done to you?
“S’goin’ on? Why so loud, Prongs?” Remus mumbled, rubbing at his eyes with the heels of his palms, but his head snapped up when he heard your whimper.
“Is that (Y/n)?’”
James and Sirius both turned towards Remus, but didn’t respond, their chests heaving in panic.
Remus scurried into a standing position, his hands shaky as he moved closer to get a better look.
“No.” He whined, his lower lip trembling as his face fell, looking at your bloodied body.
“Moony…” James started, turning around, giving Sirius control of applying pressure to your wounds.
“Did I? I did- I did that?” He stuttered, bringing his index finger up to point at you, not even sparing a glance at his friend in front of him.
“She’s alright, Moons. Just a little cut up. She’s alright.” But Remus wasn’t listening, not even a little. He gently pushed James out of the way and made his way over to you, falling to his knees next to your frame, really taking in the damage.
Sirius was muttering a few spells, hovering his wand over you, healing the smaller ones, and slightly closing the large ones, but not completely, you would scar for sure.
“Hi, Rem.” You crooned, reaching out to lace your fingers through his. You tried your best to smile at him through your pain and tears, but you were starting to get scared, the pain was overwhelming, and you were far from the castle.
But Remus knew better. He heard the subtle shake in your tone, he saw the panic buried deep in your eyes, so he pushed away his self pity for a moment. You were scared and you needed him.
“Hi, darling.” He said, placing a trembling hand on your cheek, gently stroking his thumb along your cheekbone.
It was funny, you thought, the same hands that had done this to you were now holding you softly.
But they weren’t really the same hands, you reminded yourself.
That wasn’t him.
“I’m okay.” You tried to soothe, but cried out when James and Sirius repositioned you to get ready to carry you back to the castle.
“Oh, sweetheart. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” He brought your hand that was intertwined with his up to his lips, placing a delicate kiss on your cold skin. He was trying so hard to push his feelings aside, that this was his doing, that he did this to you. But he couldn’t break down now, not in front of you, not when your wellbeing and safety was so much more important. He couldn’t even bring himself to notice his own gashes that littered his own body, how could he when you were just the same?
“I can carry her.” Sirius said as he hooked one arm under your knees and the other around your torso. You sucked in a harsh breath, squeezing Remus’ hand, tugging on it trying to get him closer to you.
“Hey,” Remus cooed, stroking your hair, “You’re going to be fine, okay? Sirius is gonna carry you back, I’m too tired darling. You’re going to be fine.” He pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead and you nodded, finally letting a few tears slip out of your eyes.
“My brave girl, yeah?” Remus hummed and you nodded, giving him the best smile you could muster.
Remus nodded at Sirius who hurried to the castle with you in his arms, leaving James to aid Remus in walking back slowly, the taller boy’s arm draped over his shoulder as he leaned on him.
“S’not your fault, Moons. You know that.”
“I didn’t want her to see this.” Remus grunted.
“But she did, and she loves you anyway. Don’t get into your head.”
Remus didn’t respond, and the two friends were silent as they slowly made their way back, though all Remus wanted to do was run, not being with you was killing him.
After what felt like hours, the two gryffindors had finally approached the common room, ignoring the prodding eyes from the fat lady while James muttered the password before helping Remus inside.
Sirius had been upstairs, keeping you company after your quick visit with Madam Pomfrey, using the story that you were attacked by a wild dog, and no, neither of you got a good look at it. She wrapped you up, gave you a few potions, and sent you on your way, too tired to argue with you and Sirius as you both insisted a million times over that you would be fine to sleep in your own bed tonight, and promising you’d come back for a check up first thing in the morning. He was alerted by his friend’s presence from their failed attempt to be silent and whispered bickering as they entered the common room. He left a reassuring pat on your knee, promising to be back with Remus, and made his way out of his dorm. They decided against you being in your own dorm for obvious reasons.
“Will you two shut up?!” Sirius snapped, his voice barely above a whisper.
“He’s trying to walk up the stairs himself!” James defended, gesturing at Remus, trying to wiggle out of James’ hold.
“Is she okay?”
“She’s fine, she’s in your bed, now come on, I’ll help you up the stairs.” Sirius outstretched his arm but Remus shrugged him off and walked up on his own, ignoring and swatting away his worried friends.
He stumbled in his dorm and breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of you, sitting upright, awaiting his arrival.
“Hi.” You whispered.
You were safe, no longer scared, or hurting, and Remus finally allowed himself to break down.
His shoulders slumped and began to shake from his cries and he dragged his feet over to his bed, practically falling into your embrace.
“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I promised to never hurt you and I failed. I’m so sorry.” He blubbered in your arms, his voice thick with tears.
“Oh, love.” You cooed, holding onto him as tight as you could, careful not to hurt either of you, one arm around his torso and the other cradling the side of his face, your cheek squished on the top of his head. “S’not your fault, baby.”
Remus sniffled and readjusted, causing you to let out an involuntary whimper.
“I’m hurting you, fuck.”
“No, no. Pomfrey gave me some potions for the pain. S’a lot better now. Just don’t move, darling.”
Remus didn’t reply, just laid still in his spot, letting you hold him.
You both stayed that way for a few minutes, Remus half on top of you and half sprawled on his bed, his arms loosely around your waist.
“M’so sorry.” He mumbled, his voice laced heavily with exhaustion.
“Stop apologizing, you didn’t do anything wrong.” You reassured, kissing the top of his head.
Remus exhaled and sat up from your hold, both of you wincing at the small pains.
“You’re hurting.” He said, his eyes glued to the tightly wrapped bandages that decorated your arms and torso.
“So are you.”
Remus shook his head, “I’ve had so much worse.”
Your eyes filled with tears, his statement being nowhere near comforting to you. The thought of him having worse than this and you not being there, when most likely all he wanted was to be in your embrace, tore your heart out.
“Please don't cry, dove.” Remus pleaded, sponging gentle kisses on your cheeks where your tears were beginning to fall. “Please.”
“I’m trying.” You whimpered and Remus frowned, this time bringing you into his arms, pulling you both down so you were lying comfortably on his pillows.
“I don’t like that you don’t let me see you. I worry myself sick every full moon.” You cried. “I don’t like that you’ve had worse.
“Y’can see me, angel. S’alright.” Remus hummed. “I’m tough, alright? You got a tough boyfriend.” He teased, trying to get you to laugh but it didn’t work, you just nodded, hardly believing him.
“I never wanted you to see me like that.” Remus confessed after a quick few moments of silence.
“It doesn’t change the way I love you, Rem. Nothing ever could.”
“I just don’t want you to be scared of me, and the monster I become.”
“Not even in the slightest, my love. Y’not a monster, Remmy. You are the most gentle, caring, thoughtful, most beautiful ray of sunshine anyone’s ever seen. Who could be scared of that?”
Remus blinked back tears at your words. How could he have stumbled upon the most perfect girl? He knows for certain most would go running for the hills when they saw him the way you had just seen him that night, large teeth on display, claws out, ready to attack.
And he did attack.
But you were still here, unafraid, in his arms, like he hadn’t just done something terrible.
What had he done to deserve you?
“No more full moons with us, okay? You can be here after, just not during, please. I can’t hurt you again.”
You nodded, you weren’t too keen on getting hurt again, and you didn’t like the hurt he had to go through from hurting you, so you agreed. As long as you were able to hold him after, you were okay with that. You started leaving comforting kisses on his collarbone, and he mirrored your actions, leaving them on your hairline, both of you whispering loving words to each other. You slowly began to nod off, and could only faintly hear Sirius and James enter the room.
“We should really get you cleaned up, Moony.” James said.
“In a bit, want her to fall asleep first.” Remus replied, his voice barely even a whisper while still cradling you. He could sense that you were close to sleep, and he didn’t want to disrupt you.
“She’s a good one, Rem. Really.” Sirius said as he watched you in your sleeping state, having fallen asleep merely seconds after Remus spoke.
Remus nodded, eyes focused on you, his big brown irises flooded with adoration. “The best one, Pads.”
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