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Would it be greedy of me to ask for the snippets that never made it in? 馃憖
Not greedy, but I don't have too much else sitting around outside of my head. But! I've got one scene that (sadly) definitely won't be making the cut (but I love it, so I'm sharing) and then a small snippet of something that'll be in the new chapter once it's done. :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The scene above was something I had planned, but that entire section of the story has already been cut, so we're left with what I managed to write beforehand-- and I quite like it as it is, tbh.
This little bit below is something I literally wrote today in a notebook, lol.
Voldemort frowns. "Are you uncomfortable?"
"Well, no," Harry shrugs, looking down at himself. "But I can't exactly run in this. Not comfortably, anyway."
"Do you need to run somewhere?" Voldemort asks.
"Y'never know, do you?" Harry's smile, when he offers it, is lovely and wicked and delightfully amused. "I've had to run quite often, you see."
It should be a chastisement. Voldemort thinks, were he anyone else, it might be. Perhaps he'd even feel ashamed at it.
Instead, with Harry grinning up at him, it seems like Harry is teasing him.
"You need not run," Voldemort says-- finds himself serious, more so than what the situation calls for, really-- voice low and words laced with something like promise. "Not when you are with me."
There ya go!
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angelkiss3esa day ago
饾惎饾悽饾惈饾悹饾悽饾惂 饾惌饾惃饾惁饾惁饾惒, 饾惌饾悺饾悽饾惈饾悵 饾惄饾悶饾惈饾惉饾惃饾惂.
Tom knew that he was young but he also knew that his mind was well beyond his years and so being shoved around by drunk teenagers wasn鈥檛 his happy place. His face contorted into disgust as one of his followers shoved their tongue down some girl鈥檚 throat. Even though he walked with pride and a superiority complex that was so severe that he truly believed he was a god, Tom believed that he feared nothing which meant that he was better than everyone. He wasn鈥檛 wrong of course but now that he was inside of a closet with a girl he had never even shared eye contact with, fear ran through his veins faster than the blood which pumped from his rotten heart. Their lips grazed against each other and Tom could feel the unbearable pain coming from his cock. A grin spread across her lips and her hand began to palm his clothed dick, she leaned in just enough for their lips to meet and Tom felt the fear pumping from his heart shift into lust. He pressed his lips against hers harder and she returned it. Her hands ran over his body as his tongue slid its way into her mouth, pure ecstasy was swimming in their eyes. Seven minutes felt far too short now, they needed more time. They needed more time to let their desires out of their cage and fuck each other until they couldn鈥檛 think. Images of Tom ramming his cock inside of her flashed through his head like lighting and sinful thoughts of him running an ice cube down between her breasts while he used his fingers to fuck her ran through hers. Their kisses grew more aggressive and it only pushed them more over the edge. They felt as though they were in pure serenity, that they were truly floating in heaven. Until the sound of loud chuckles from teenagers who seemed to be on cloud nine banged on the door, waking them up from their corrupted heaven.
Seven minutes in heaven.
Maybe it wasn鈥檛 such a bad game.
i聽will 100% be making a part 2 this and it will be just pure FILTH.
like its just gonna be full on porn
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Voldemort is a terrible villain. Terribly written. Tom is a hottie but Voldemort is just straight up ridiculous.
You know who's a good villain? The terrifying type? Albus fucking Dumbledore. He scared me shitless.
You thought Snape was bad? Here's fucking professor Dumbledore to prove you wrong.
I'm so sorry to my dear sweet angel Albus Severus Potter. You didn't deserve this.
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incorrectbellamort2 days ago
Bellatrix: How petty can you get?
Voldemort: I once edited a Wikipedia article to win an argument I was wrong about.
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sneverussape4 hours ago
Tumblr media
this prompt really got me thinking 鈥渋f death eaters were vampires and tom riddle was basically the leader of a horde of vampires then rip wizarding world they would have been unstoppable鈥
anyway this is sev鈥檚 initiation into the fold
snapetober 2021 - vampire
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urupotter2 days ago
Just realized that Harry becoming a parselmouth by getting Voldemort's soul means it isn't genetic, and is literally tied to one's soul. Which means it runs in families because... magic.
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kaithewallflowera day ago
regulus late at a death eater meeting
voldemort: you're late again
regulus: oh yea sorry about that, my alarm didn't ring
voldemort: this is the third time this week maybe it's time to buy a buy alarm clock
regulus: oh no it works perfectly fine i just didn't set it
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Toastie, my Goddess <3聽 I can鈥檛 read it well but in those latest screenshots (it鈥檚 kinda hidden in the first one) I think it says聽鈥渢his takes place after the near assault scene鈥??? Which I found super interesting bc in my mind I always imagined (you can say it's kinda of a headcanon I created for DMAY x'D) that Greyback returns, being super obssessed with Harry since he caught him that time in the forest, tries to take Harry for his own and kidnaps him and tries to assault him but then our darling V saves him and kills Greyback and I always saw Harry as being kinda traumatised by the event and V takes care of him, in a roudabout way bringing them closer. I saw this shaking V a lot because in my mind he's a lot of things but he's not a rapist and he'd NEVER subject Harry to that sort of thing, no matter how attracted he is to him, he'd never force himself on Harry.
So not really an ask just kinda wanted to share one of my many headcanons I have for DMAY. It is such a great work and it really allows my imagination to fly.
Please feel free to not show/answer this if you think it may contain something spoiler-y :D
That's actually really accurate to what I had planned. It was going to either be Greyback (bc in my head he looks like Geralt??? And I also despise loose strings) Or some random person that, yeah, attempts to assault Harry. Harry is avoiding Voldemort at the time, and this was one of their reunions (a not so great one) bc Harry rips open their connection to call for help. Alas, that whole Eastern Bloc (where it would've taken place during act 3 of Harry travels the world, sometimes with Voldemort) was deleted from the story line.
But yeah. You're very much right. That's exactly how I planned it, and how I perceive Voldemort. Though, it's more that rape is "beneath him" than anything. Which... not the best take, Vee, but you're crazy so we'll give it to you.
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How does Voldemort feels about Squibs?
I mean, we don't really know, he never seems to bring that up.
However, that seems very in line with what he's trying to do. Voldemort is a persona, one with a message that pureblood hardliners love, and the last thing they want to be reminded of is the existence of squibs.
Squibs are the dirty secret that no family wants to admit to having. Obliviated and scrubbed from existence so as not to sully the family name.
Voldemort's not about to remind these people of their squib children.
How he really feels about them is anyone's guess. I guess, what I will say, is that they do not seem to be a priority in how little he addresses them in both his rhetoric as well as his policies (where he does take unpopular measures for his followers such as abolishing the sacred Hogwarts houses).
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asktheheirofslytherin19 hours ago
Who was the hottest guy in your graduating class?
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anastasiakrizek3 months ago
The only reason Harry never truly grasped the depth of Ron鈥檚 insecurity about being least loved until witnessing the destruction of the locket is because Ron had been Harry鈥檚 most loved person since the day they met.
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incorrectbellamorta day ago
Rodolphus: If the Dark Lord and I were drowning, who would you save?
Bellatrix: You two can鈥檛 swim?
Voldemort: It鈥檚 a hypothetical question, Bella! who would you save?
Bellatrix: my time and effort
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ceresartsy11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A Pig For Slaughter~
Towards the light I've been led
Towards the dark you've been dragged
A hand to guide you to your fate
To leash you to but a certain death
Arch nemesis from birth
Sharing a common curse.
A different take on our arch enemies. Not so different in the end...
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