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Oh you know I love random asks! ;)

And lol very glad Amity approves. xD

Willow x Boscha

I like a good bully-turned-good, but… so far, Boscha is not that. If the next season actually gives her an arc of growth where she realizes how she’s been treating people was wrong, like Amity did this season already? Then perhaps, yeah. But as it stands right now, I really do not like Boscha so I think Willow would deserve better than that.

Emira x Viney

I… don’t see that. Guess this is a bit too out there for me. I enjoy the twins in their capacity of supporting cast around Lumity, but I haven’t thought about either of them in a shipping-capacity in anything.

Now, Viney though, I could see her with Willow. That could be cute.

Edric x Jerbo

Uuuh guess the same as with their wlw counter-part? Bit too out there for me so far, because I haven’t really grown that attached to the minor characters yet and haven’t actually thought about shipping on this show much at all beyotnd Lumity.

Eda x Camila

NOW THAT ONE. YES. You see, sometimes a ship is simply born by a precious and wonderful child having two parents/parental figures in their life and to make the child maximum happy and increase the parents, you just– *vaguely face-smashes Eda and Camila*

Kay but now, out of curiosity, what’s the go-to Gus ship? Gus-Willow-Luz are the Golden Trio of this show. What’s the weird out there ship the fandom has for him?? Tell me, I am curious!

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Uhm, I’m not sure I can answer that question because it depends on HOW that comparison is made and also the relationship. Being like someone’s mom or dad isn’t necessarily NON romantic. A lot of people are looking for someone just like their mom or dad. You know? It’s that “daddy is my hero” trope? 

So it depends upon the trope being used.

I mean if you’re trying to read into a show/book that’s out there, I’m not sure it’s an indication of endgame or not endgame. Like I said… what is the story that they’re using? How many different paths might there be to get there? Being able to relate to a LI because they remind you of your mother, someone you love and understand and have strong feelings for is not necessarily platonic… or even filial. I mean it COULD be. Are they using that comparison to switch their feelings to less romantic ones? Or are they using it because now they have a need to protect that person.

It might seem weird, but the thing is that your parents create a pattern for romantic/love relationships in life that you often play out with your own partners, so that comparison can’t take this LI out of the running for endgame, and in fact, it sets them CLOSER to endgame, because the feelings are like marriage/family feelings, not just dating or boning or whatever. This LI has gotten under their skin. 

But it really depends on how the writer is handling it. Because for them, it COULD be “ooh ick she’s like your mom.” 

But, are we talking about a show or book where we’re shipping two characters and are trying to predict what’s happening? Or are we talking about YOUR book that you’re writing and you’re not sure if you’ve written yourself into a pickle. 

If the first, you can’t tell unless you analyze the other elements of the story. Endgame is not made of ONE scene, but a pattern and series of scenes that lead you down the path to endgame. 

If the second, no, comparing someone to your mother does not remove them from LI endgame possibilities. Just pull on the emotional, commitment, connection, protection, subconscious, and depending on how you want to go, even a little of the oedipal aspect of the story. This does not HAVE to be oedipal, because psychology is more complex than that and freud had unresolved issues of his own that he never dealt with, never mind that he came from a frankly frighteningly repressed and misogynist culture that influenced some of his interpretations. A more wholesome interpretation is you grow up seeing love through the example of your parents. For good or ill, that’s how you understand love, and as you grow, you often replay those stories in your own love relationships, whether repeating it or fighting against it, your parents have an effect on whatever love story you end up having. 

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I sometimes worry when i see tons of people shipping Finn x Nico the catboy because i’m afraid of what would happen when the special “Together again” airs and the writers may end up giving Finn a girlfriend.. that people may get dissapointed or worse… some go out of the way and start harrasing the writers because of that.

I have nothing against the ship Finn and Nico pairing. My issue is how are these people going to react when it turns out the writers don’t plan making Finn bi or pan and chaos ensues in the fandom.

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Partners - Souyo ( Yosuke and Yu/Shouji )

The wind gently brushed against the houses of Inaba. The small country town had finally returned to its original state of peace. Sunlight beamed down on everything. A young man with fluffy, orange hair and headphones around his neck biked down a street. Other students were walking towards the same direction he was heading. It was an early school morning with everyone slowly trudging their way there. The end of the school year was fast approaching.

Technically, that was a good thing. No school was always a great thing. But for that student on the bike, it was something he dreaded. “Yosuke!” At the sound of his name, the boy on the bike stopped and turned. Another young man, one with gray eyes and silver hair, came up to him. “Want to walk together?” He tried to keep his face from heating.

Yosuke smiled a bit and nodded. “Yeah, let’s go together.” He got off his bike and walked beside it instead. That other boy was Yu Narukami, his partner. No not that kind of partner. They had become friends after he saved Yosuke from a garbage can. Along with some other friends, they had solved a mysterious string of murders in Inaba. They made a great pair. Though at first he really meant platonic partners, Yosuke had slowly changed his mind about what kind of partner he wanted to be.

Yu was the leader of their friend group and he was a good one too. He was strong and dependable. Yosuke admired him a lot. They were best friends at first. He swears they were just best friends. Except one day he thought about how much Yu meant to him. He remembered having flushed cheeks like a lovesick school girl. Such a light, fluttering feeling in his chest.

It was unlike anything he had ever felt. It was too much for him though. This year had been a whirlwind of emotions. With the murders, Saki-senpai’s death, and the rollercoaster he went through with his feelings towards Yu. He wasn’t even sure if he really liked his friend that way. He’d never gone that way before. But he did know that Yu leaving upset him.

At the end of the school year, he would be moving back to the city. Yu was leaving Inaba to go back to the life he was living. That was the only reason Yosuke was dreading the end of the year. He already missed him. He tried thinking about what he’d do without his “best friend.” The thought of living days without Yu by his side was foreign to him now. It was funny, they had only become friends this year yet it felt like Yosuke had known him his whole life.

But he couldn’t help it. You can’t really tell your heart what to do. “Yosuke? Are you okay?” Yu’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts. He had gotten distracted by his emotions and paid little attention to his conversation with his partner. “Lately you’ve been kind of distracted, what’s on your mind?” He wanted to laugh at his question. If only he could tell him what was on his mind.

“Nothing much. Don’t worry about it dude. So, it’s almost time for you to go back,” he replied. Yosuke wasn’t sure why he brought that up. Maybe a small part of him wanted to see how Yu was feeling. His friend laughed a bit awkwardly in response.

He stretched his arms behind his head and pondered for a few moments. Yosuke looked over at him in anticipation. “Yeah. I can’t believe it’s already been a year. Time sure flies when you’re having fun and catching serial killers,” Yu quipped. Yosuke snorted at his wit and gently punched his arm. “I’m really going to miss it here. I’ll miss everyone, you too.”

Those last few words broke him a bit. He’ll be missing him in a different way. Maybe he could tell him his feelings before he left. No, what was he thinking? Did he really have the courage to confess his feelings? Probably not. The thought of having that much confidence was nice though. Yosuke smiled at Yu. All Yu did in response was smile back. He wish he could just freeze this moment in time. A pleasant moment of peace where Yosuke felt like he was okay keeping everything to himself.

; kind of anticlimactic. disappointed but i’m too tired to continue, part 2 with ✨confession✨ tomorrow. actually later today cause it’s 4:40 am lmao

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Elain x Jurian

- Elain and Lucien both reject the mating bond but stay friends

-Lucien x Vassa happens (i ship that so hard as well)

-Elain visits the Band of Exiles and just ends up hanging out with Jurian

- Elain said that she doesn’t want a male (indicating that she wants a human man, because she was in love with Greysen etc) and Jurian is human

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okay so like, im Conflicted about the whole dream cheating thing.

on one hand, cheating is something i find morally wrong and if i found out someone was cheating on someone i knew i Would tell them.

on another hand, this is just acting/pretend so it doesn’t really matter That much that dream is cheating. maybe they’re part of the polycule.

on a third hand, what if its just a suprise for fundy later??? maybe??? and we are all reading it wrong.

on a fourth hand, thats just more angst for fundy to go batshit and join team anarchy. i really want to see fundy just go ape shit PLEASE.

and yeah, bad “cheated” on skeppy by going on a date with quackity but the quick + easy justification is that bad and skeppy were on (another) relationship break.

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Boschwol… Burn?

Boscha:“Hey Trash!”

Luz: “How can Boscha just pick on you like that. You’re not Trash!

Willow: "Well Luz, its just like they say. You Are what you Eat.”

Willow give Boscha a sly grin and a wink



Boscha gets home from a rough day at school. She just cant stand how Willow and Amity are being friends agian.

Boscha flops down on her bed, only to stair at all her achievements and awards. Only for her to pull out a small box that only had a friendship necklace and a small preserved four leaf clover.

Little Willow: “Don’t worry Boscha, I can be your first friend and before you know it you will have a whole bunch of friends. Here you can have my necklace of friendship and this clover bookmark so that you can have all the luck in the world.”

Boscha: “Whole bunch of friends, huh Willow?”

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Art for my boyfriend of us in star vs style..

I figured id draw something to further help him snap out of his depression..

He hasn’t been feeling great mentally about stuff and has been overwhelmed with stuff.. even had a concerning dream that freaked even himself out and it worried me sick.. his dream was him screaming “I HATE MYSELF, YOURE A FUCKING FAILURE” or something along the lines, and in the dream he blew his brains out and it freaked him out cause hes not the type to be depressed..

so i.. figured drawing wholesome art of our personas would give him a smol smile..

Babe, I love you to death and am so greatful out of all the people that have done nothing but hurt me and had come and gone out of my life, you’ve stuck around and never would hurt me intentionally… I love you so much.. thanks for sticking around through the recent hard times and I cant wait to do the same for you <3

Art © mine

Persona of me and my bf Character designs © me

Svtfoe © disney

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