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aroaceacacia · 17 hours ago
3rd life AU where red lives are vampires. I am saying this just because I am still thinking about vampire lovers Ren and Martyn.
anon this is so funny because. my friends have several different flavors of vampire au that literally started with "red lives in 3rd life are vampires" a couple months ago. are you reading their minds???
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damnfandomproblems · a day ago
Tumblr media
People will be like "don't consume yaoi! It fetishizes gay people!" and turn around and look at two dudes on a show who barely interact with each other and get angry that they're not boyfriends, under the guise of "wanting lgbt rep"...
Sending death threats to the staff who worked on Voltron for not making Klance canon or CRWBY for not confirming Fairgame is just fine apparently, but God forbid someone watch Yuri on Ice, even if they ARE gay.
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hrtiu · 2 days ago
I’m not really sure if I ship rexsoka yet - some people are saying it’s like really bad since he knew her when she was a kid but like he obviously wouldn’t have seen her in a romantic light until she was older so? Idk just people hating on problematic ships getting in my head and I’m not sure
Hey Anon! Thanks so much for asking, I'm glad you trusted me enough to feel like I could provide a helpful answer. I'll do my best!
First things first: you are never under any obligation to like a ship. If it seems like something you should like but for some reason you just don't, that's fine! Spend your energy on things in fandom that excite you without any reservations.
That being said, if you like Rexsoka and the only thing holding you back is the sense other people in the fandom have given you that you shouldn't, I'd encourage you not to worry too much about what other people think. If you'd like to understand the criticisms people make against Rexsoka and the reasons why I don't find them compelling, keep reading.
The most common argument people make that nobody should be allowed to ship Rexsoka is that it Ahsoka is underage, or that even if she's not underage in the fic/art you're consuming, she was underage when Rex first met her, and that means that any romantic relationship between them is still "icky." Below is my response to that criticism:
1. It's all about the execution. Every ship has the potential to be problematic. I've seen fic for very wholesome ships that the author managed to turn super dark and put in a lot of heavy elements. I've also seen ships that seem like you couldn't possibly make not-gross come out sweet as a cinnamon role in certain fics or fanart. Along that same vein, I've seen Rexsoka fics that made me feel very uncomfortable and seemed to not address age/rank/power imbalances between them at all, or to address them in ways that I wasn't comfortable with. I've also seen fics that approach the potentially problematic issues in their relationship thoughtfully and respectfully. That's why I tend to shy away from making blanket statements about any one ship. The way two creators approach the same ship can be vastly different, and one can make you uncomfortable while the other can wrap you up like a warm blanket.
Personally, none of my Rexsoka fics have any romance happening between Rex and Ahsoka until she's at least 17. In most of my fics they don't get together in any way until they are both well into their forties, but I have one where they get together right around the Siege of Mandalore, where she is either 17 or 18. I personally don't have a problem with them getting into a relationship when they are both adults, though I can understand that some people just have a negative gut reaction to that. And that's fine! Nobody has to like Rexsoka! But I also think it's reasonable to enjoy a romantic relationship dynamic between them as adults and I don't think it's fair for other people to say you're not allowed to.
2. Clone dynamics in Star Wars do not have perfect one-to-one equivalents in real life. You can see my thoughts on this subject in more detail here, but the basic idea is that any comparison of clone relationships to real-life relationships is bound to be imperfect. For example, some people don't like the idea of Rex and Ahsoka getting together later in life because Rex knew Ahsoka when she was only 14 and... I guess that makes them practically siblings? Or that means that he'll only ever see her as a child? Honestly, even in a real-life situation I don't really get this reasoning. If a boy met a girl when he was 18 and she was 12, I don't think that should stop them from falling in love and getting married if they reconnect when she's 32 and he's 38. But anyway, that comparison doesn't even fully work, because Ahsoka isn't just a little girl to Rex. She's his Commander! In real life, what 14 year old girls are going around leading battalions of adult soldiers? By that same token, what 20 year old men have only lived 10 years? And what 20 year old men are serving as soldiers while also being property of the government?
There are a lot of potentially problematic elements in a relationship between Rex and Ahsoka related to their power imbalance, their age difference, their difference in life experiences (they are both extremely sheltered and inexperienced throughout TCW--Rex even more than Ahsoka I'd argue), and more. And none of these elements has a direct, one-to-one equivalent in real life. All of these potentially problematic elements deserve careful examination from creators making fanworks, but I don't think any of them disqualify Rexsoka from ever being an "acceptable" ship.
So those are my thoughts! Ultimately it's up to you if you want to ship Rexsoka or not, but I say if you're into it you should go for it! The Rexsoka community has been really kind and welcoming to me and I think you'd enjoy it.
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etherealxgenie · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yes, I know! It’s been a minute. Did I mention I was slow? ^^ But here’s something cute for now to nibble on! Chat is still the never ending flirt.
Do Not Repost!
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aroaceconfessions · 2 days ago
being an aspec writer sucks so much, truly. i torture myself with reminders that if i get published people would ship my characters, which as a romance and sex repulsed writer i can't STAND the thought of. there's a reason i don't write romance or sex. i don't like it. this is why i'm so hesitant about the idea of Death Of The Author, and i don't understand other writers supporting it so passionately. i get it in certain cases, like if the work has bigoted biases shining through (*cough* *cough* harry potter), but in general, doesn't it feel a little gross? to look at the work a writer put their heart and soul into and completely disregard that in favour of your own self indulgence? is that not disrespectful? as an aspec writer with a disdain for shipping culture i just can't fully get behind that. and god forbid people write smut of my characters, which makes me nauseous just to type let alone think about... i just wish it was acceptable for writers to say "hey i'm not comfortable with this and this, and i'd appreciate if you didn't do it with my books" and for people to respond like "okay, i respect your boundaries as a creator and person, i'll take my shipping and smut to someone who's actually okay with it". i feel like if i were to say any of this off anon/on my own blog people would jump down my throat for it
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tofandomhellandback · a day ago
People reading my fanfic probably think it was written by a 13-year-old.... but
Tumblr media
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gelbraddy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I saw like 1 post for this ship like 3 days ago and it didn’t leave my mind since. Cookietober day 22 ig but this time with Feeling
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I feel this fandom needs to have a serious discussion on how not okay it is to publicly bully people, and how fucked in the head it is to hate on and mindlessly block people by MERE ASSOCIATION. going through blogs to see who people are mutual with to shame them because they might ship the wRoNg ShIp is stalker level behavior. YUCK. what is wrong with y'all who do this? not you but you're one of the few who gets that this toxic. sorry but I'm heated!
So. This is kind of a minefield (don’t) of a topic at the moment. I know because of context that this ask is about mass blocklists. There are different types of blocklists that have been going around in SPN fandom lately, but I want to be very clear here and say at the very beginning that when I talk about blocklists in this post, I am speaking, generally, about wincest/wincest-adjacent blocklists being passed around in this fandom to block wincest shippers and anyone who doesn’t participate in excluding them from fandom spaces. There are some other blocklists out there for other things, and some of the things I am going to say here remain pertinent cautions about blocklists in general, regardless of what they are about, but those are not directly analogous to this situation with blocklists over fanon ships and fictional characters. This post is specifically about making blocklists about fantasy within fiction—the way some are subjecting people to mass shaming and hate messages due to their investment in a particular transformative work in fanon. Not everything I am going to say here is analogous to situations with other types of blocklists, nor would I want you to view it as such.
Let me make something else clear: I am not telling you who you should interact with. You should block whoever you choose, for whatever reasons you want.
Let me make yet another thing clear, which I have already made clear about 4 times due to several anon messages by, I am pretty sure, the exact same person (creating an anecdote that is quite relevant to this situation actually and which I will discuss further down): I do not ship wincest. I do not have any interest in shipping wincest. It does not appeal to me as a pairing, frankly, even in an unrelated AU setting like Dean Smith/Sam Wesson. However, I also don’t give a shit if you do ship wincest. You’ll notice there is no “Wincesties DNI” statement on this blog. That’s because I don’t give a shit what fictional characters you ship together. I’m not a fan of policing what other people think or write in their transformative works, about characters who do not exist. You can play the “problematic” dance all day with any ship you want or just say “it’s fanfiction” and move on and not engage with what you don’t personally care to see, which is what I do. As long as you can play nice with others, you’re welcome here. I don’t care what opinions you have about the show, even if they’re ones I happen to vehemently disagree with either for interpretive or personal reasons. There are, actually, rather pervasive narratives within the series that some of you ascribe to without a thought, that I actually think are deeply harmful. I will talk about those things at times and why I don’t like them, but I don’t send people who post those things or agree with them hate mail, and I don’t make blocklists about them.
The only DNI statement that exists on this blog is “don’t be a dick.” For some people in this fandom, anyone who ships wincest falls into the “dick” category automatically. For some people in this fandom, what you ship or don’t determines whether you are a good person, and nothing else actually matters. Let me make my stance very clear: What fictional characters you ship does not determine whether you’re a good person or not. Your actions determine whether you’re a good person or not. Good people do not send hate mail or cyberbully people. Good people are also cautious and thoughtful about making statements or reblogging posts that have the potential to incite targeted cyberbullying.
I’d like to provide a story to illustrate my point, related to the topic of bullying and hate messages and mass shaming within our fandom. Over the summer (some of you are very aware of this, some may have no clue this ever happened) there was a subgroup of destiel shippers here online who decided it would be a good idea to create anonymous hate blogs, where people could send in messages anonymously and name and even tag other destiel shippers (and in some cases people outside of the destiel circle as well), telling them that they hated them and why. There were people who were named dozens of times on those blogs, including minors. Within about 48 hours, the rest of destiel fandom and other spn fans had made it clear enough that these blogs were not okay and would not be tolerated, and they shut down for good… but the damage remains—hundreds of anon messages posted. Hundreds of hateful things for which there is no excuse thrown around by cowardly people hiding behind anonymity and the inability to be blocked, who couldn’t just live and let live but took it upon themselves to make others feel ostracized and despised over fiction. It was mass cyberbullying, plain and simple, and there were people who defended it. There were people who callously told anyone who was hurt or said this overt cyberbullying was toxic, that they just didn’t know how to have fun. People were deeply hurt, and the pain of what was said about them still remains months later, and possibly will remain years later, because other people wanted to be ugly and cruel over fiction. During the period where this was ongoing, I learned about it and struggled to figure out how to address it without driving traffic to those hate blogs. I didn’t want to talk directly about what was going on, because I knew curious people would then seek it out and might see hateful things said about themselves or people they cared about, or worse—decide to contribute. I was at a loss for how to fight this without fanning flames as a byproduct, until I saw that a multi-shipper in our fandom, with a heavy preference for wincest, had already chosen a response: that person decided that, in response to people spreading hateful messages about others, they would temporarily turn their blog into an anonymous love blog where people could send in positive messages about other bloggers they care about and admire. That person chose to fight mass hate with love. And you know what’s really sad? I won’t name that person’s name here, because I’m afraid that if I did, there might be people who would see this post and decide to send that person hate mail for shipping wincest.
Don’t let the takeaway from that story be that destiel shippers are toxic and wincest shippers aren’t. That’s just as ignorant of a conclusion, yet I know of certain elements in fandom who would try to spin that narrative. Others in destiel fandom helped shut the hate blogs down, and were the most influential voices in doing so. You cannot judge the whole by the part. I have become increasingly aware as of late, of a subgroup of (mainly) wincest shippers (some non-shippers) who are horrible toxic bullies, who use their blogs to spread some of the most shockingly ugly things I have stumbled across, who are on every blocklist I have. They too, have had people within the wincest fandom speak out against them and say “this is not okay.” You cannot judge the whole by the part.
A friend said to me the other day, “One of my dearest friends and people I've known longest I would never have been blessed enough to know at all if I had that mentality [that a fictional ship makes someone good or bad], it hit me that being called [wincest adjacent] and told to fuck off and blocked yesterday wasn't even hurting me for *me*, it was hurting me because she was passing moral judgement on people I love and know are wonderful, without knowing them at all”.
That said, let me also make this clear: You can block whoever you want. You can blacklist whatever tags you want. If there is content of any kind, for any reason, that you find upsetting, there are a host of tags and a block feature designed to help you. Use those tools. You don’t have to talk to anyone you don’t want to. But please don’t send people hateful messages. Don’t participate in that. And let me caution you as to why you should think before reblogging a mass blocklist, or post an anon message telling you “Hey you reblogged from [username] and they’re [bad thing]”:
#1: Blocklists are generally completely sourceless and unverifiable without intense hours of vetting. I have seen small blocklists with less than a dozen names and tried to verify a single name on them myself, and just one single name took 30 minutes for me to verify whether it even really belonged there. I have known people who were placed on blocklists they did not belong on in any way, shape, or form. Like the sheer idea of them being on it was absolutely insane, and it turned out they were put there because someone tagged them in a game and they had no clue the person who tagged them had recently been taken in by harmful rhetoric and begun posting about it. They were horrified when they found out what that person had been posting and had had no clue. I saw another person placed on a blocklist because someone had liked some of their posts, and this was seen as proof of association. So please keep in mind, “adjacency” can mean a lot of things, and not all of them are standards that people should agree with for condemning someone… and some of them are rather reminiscent of McCarthyism and other unscrupulous witch hunts. In a general sense, any list that condemns people for alleged “adjacency”, especially without providing an ounce of evidence, is a very VERY slippery slope.
#2: You may not share the same values as the person making a blocklist, or interpret statements in the exact same way. In fact, this website is literally KNOWN both internally and externally for some of the bizarre standards of some of its users. Throw a stone and you will hit a Tumblr post from someone making one of the stupidest moral judgements you have ever seen in your entire life. There is an infamous post about a cow with blue eyes… maybe you’ve seen it? There are people on this website who think criticizing Sam Winchester is misogyny. There are people here who think if someone has a certain, arbitrarily decided degree of perceived privilege, that they should be shot in the street (I mean this literally not figuratively btw). Someone here once accused me of shipping incest because I use the word “anti”. Someone here accused me of cultural insensitivity for spelling the state “Hawaii” and not “Haw’aii” (and yes—the “corrected” spelling I was given by that person, as you can see, is not only using the wrong accent but is in the wrong spot—see the irony?). There ARE people on blocklists who belong there, at least in the sense that they ARE directly engaged in whatever thing the blocklist is about. But there are also—100% GUARANTEED—people who DO NOT BELONG THERE being put on it. That is a FACT. People are on that list who are being condemned for things they do not believe and may even find horrifying and revolting. And they are typically sentenced with absolutely zero attached proof and zero recourse to respond.
#3: You do not know the motives of a person making a blocklist or sending you an anon message telling you “Hey [username] is [bad thing]”. I was once sent hate anons accusing me of shipping incest (you can find the three part saga here, here, and here, and then another surprise potentially related bonus installment. It was very obvious to me that the person sending those messages was someone who was very angry about something else I had then recently joked about, and sent me those messages to try and make me clutch my pearls in horror or slander me. In fact I’m about 90% sure I know exactly who sent it to me and what they were actually angry about. It would have been very easy for that person to then take their anon message elsewhere, to other blogs, and try to get people to believe I’m a “filthy wincest shipper”. And some people don’t check. They just believe whatever they’re told and post it and then their followers do too. It is very easy to just add people you don’t like to a list they don’t belong on, if you’re a miserable enough person. Some people just have nothing better to do. The odds that they don't have much better to do go up when they also have the time to write down hundreds of names and scroll through hundreds of blogs to make a blocklist, which is not to say everyone who makes a blocklist has ill intentions. But it is something you should think about.
Some of you will think, “Yeah sure—you’ve brought up all of this… but who actually cares? As long as most of the names are right, it’s fine, and it doesn’t matter if all I’m doing is maybe blocking a few people who don’t deserve it and helping other people do the same by reblogging it.” My concern isn’t over people being blocked. People are blocked all of the time for incredibly good reasons that ANYONE would block someone, and also at times for completely arbitrary reasons. In either case, blocking is really not a big deal. My concern is over the byproduct of these lists and anons:
#4: Putting someone on a blocklist is putting a scarlet letter on their chest. Blocklists are not just, in reality, a helpful tool for finding accounts that you want to block from your space. They are breeding grounds for cyberbullying and public shaming. They are hit lists for hate anons, and they terrify some of the people who are on them to the point of literal tears because of this. They are breeding grounds for defamation, which IS directly harmful to the people falsely accused, and the harm from that can be significant. For some people, Tumblr actually represents a defining chunk of their legacy as a human being because of circumstances out of their control that leave them with few social outlets. People who don’t deserve to be on those lists at all should not suffer defamation as if it is harmless and victimless and the effect it has on them doesn’t matter. People harmlessly and quietly shipping a fanon ship should not be subjected to hate mail over fanfiction.
I know some of you hate wincest. I know some of you think it’s harmful to “normalize” that even in fanon. I see the discussion of “normalization” of various things quite often on Tumblr, and that’s something it’s perfectly reasonable to dialogue about and argue back and forth about. But please don’t respond to things you don’t want normalized by then choosing to normalize reckless hate and witch hunts and “guilt by association” and sending people ugly DMs and mails. I know wincest is revolting to some of you for personal reasons or otherwise. You don’t have to see it on your dash if you don’t want and you don’t have to explain that. Block whoever you choose. But don’t send hate mail to people over their fanfiction, please, and be cautious about fanning the flames and facilitating the hate of people who do think cyberbullying is totally fine.
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ravenwitch45 · 21 hours ago
Owltober 2021 Day 24: Favorite barely known ship?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Huntlow. Extremely determined but kind person who could kill god and overworked and sleepless person who needs therapy is a top tier ship dynamic in my opinion. I typically don't ship characters who have not met in cannon but @jess-the-vampire's AU where Hunter is the human stumbling into the isles has given me enough reason to think they could work. Please check them out they do amazing art and The Reverse of Feathers and Mud AU is one of the best AUs i have ever seen. I want to say more but I don't want to spoil it so please go look it's so cool!
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phoenixyfriend · 2 days ago
Artoo/Threepio is childhood friends to rivals to lovers
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sukipershipper · a day ago
Tumblr media
Carmen Mi Amor! 🌹🌹🌹
My take on Don's beloved Rose. Carmen Rose (That's what I'm calling her) is a florist back in Madrid and is in a long distance relationship (sometimes) with Don, who has to go back and forth between the states and his hometown.
The two love each other and are very good partners, but Carmen is also friends with majority of the WVBA Crew, especially the Major Circuit. To Don she is a goddess, an Angel, and he loves and cherishes her greatly.
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damnfandomproblems · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I remember being genuinely disappointed with the game shining resonance refrain. When I saw there was a standalone male lead in a dating sim that wasn't just an avatar and it had male options. I got excited thinking bi characters that are attracted to a male protag that isn't a self insert hell yeah! I was wrong...the female options are romantic but the male options are platonic. I was thinking that maybe the game was aiming at a heterosexual male audience where they had the option to have a healthy platonic bond they had to work for if they wanted. Platonic relationships with men are important and its good for the rep to be there but I was a little bummed. I'm not calling it queerbaiting because it isn't but some game news articles mislead you so be careful. The male options are strictly platonic.
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humane0 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Something a discord user found for the text and I drew it
*pun go brrrr*
Enjoy a ship I dont exactly ship because I dont ship anyone in hermitcraft? Strange but ok
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dizzyhmuffin · a day ago
ship name for Din Djarin and the admin of Cloud City = MandoLando
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angelshizuka · a day ago
Hi! If I may ask, why is Eleteo your NOTP? I don’t ship Eleteo, I’m just intrigued, since so many people seem to ship it, so you’re the only person I’ve seen who has it as a NOTP.
Sorry for the late reply, had some other things on my mind and honestly find this topic hard to talk about, because my feelings on Eleteo are really complicated.
Before I start; these are MY opinions and MY reasons for not shipping it, NOT reasons why Eleteo as a ship is bad.
To put it simply, I used to ship it. It was my first EOA ship ever, but this was during the time I kinda side-lined watching EOA and my knowledge on this show was mainly the first 10 episodes and the pilot. It wasn't until I actually caught up (which was about 2 seasons in), that I realized I don't see Elena and Mateo's relationship as romantic.
They're close, there's no denying that, but I don't see the "spark" other people do. Being close isn't always the same thing as being romantically involved with each other, and in this case, they're not the same thing to me. And when I finally got to s2, I realized the way Elena interacted with girls (especially Naomi, Marisa and Valentina) DID give me that "spark". Watching Elena throughout this show, felt like experiencing a gay awakening with her.
I do understand the appeal of Eleteo and as long as people don't claim it’s canon, I don't care. (Honestly, people claiming it's canon when it's NOT definitely turned me off from this ship, too.)
It eventually reached NOTP status for me, because with it being the fan fave ship, it’s literally everywhere in this fandom. I got so sick of constantly having to see it, even with my best efforts to avoid it, to the point where I find it hard to even enjoy Elena and Mateo’s friendship anymore, since every single pixel of their interactions has been romanticized...
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dellinquents · a day ago
Tumblr media
Corrected colors and a lot of text below
Okay, so my thoughts are; in school their both faking themselves.
Kashiko fakes being a Ganguro so she can be popular and not be bullied for her darker skin tone anymore, which she doesn't even know why she has since her mother refuses to say anything about her father, and her insecurities and identity crisis causes her to bully other people instead.
Hokuto chooses the opposite, to be unapproachable, by picking the the delinquent look and demeanor. Why he was bullied is unknown, but is likely for looking like an easy target as he looked weak and slightly feminine with his long hair. Also opposite, in being bullied he refuses to be a bully himself.
Once out of school, they both feel like they can be themselves again. But 'themselves' has change.
Kashiko is now comfortable with her skin, and has since learn what her other half is. She starts to embrace both, while also being as fashionable as her ganguro self was. She neither bleaches nor straightens her hair anymore and lets it be natural. She also still talks similarly to the way she did while in school.
Hokuto decides to stop bleaching his hair and let it grow out, but found he liked a lot of the delinquent aesthetic he had in school and as such still shaves his sides. He also gets a tattoo on his neck that he design in school. (I've been imagining it on the opposite side, but you couldn't see it if I put it there, so :p) He also gets a few more ear piercings.
(The clothes, I just slapped on since it was rushed, so no thoughts there other than something along those lines at least.)
In regards to a relationship.
While Hokuto doesn't like bullies, he does like drama. 'oh what would the neighborhood say if they found out the 'nice' popular girl was dating a delinquent. how scandalous!' The idea of it thrilled him. But he wasn't the type of guy to force or trick her into a relationship. At this point, he doesn't even know who 'her' is. It's just an idea. A what if. But one day he finds himself alone with one of them. So he hangs around. Just to see what happens. Maybe she'd just ignore him. Maybe she'll break character and tell him to fuck himself.
Kashiko's having a day. She found Hoshiko's post about her and Gema. Hoshiko's the worst! She didn't even like the guy! She thinks. Love was always complicated. She snuck to the back of the school for a smoke. Great, one of those delinquents where there. Whatever. Long as he wasn't bothering her, she'd just pretend he wasn't there. A delinquent wouldn't tattle on her for smoking. Beside she hates being alone.
Hokuto watches her from the corner of his eyes. He's only half surprised to find out she smokes. She seemed to be struggling to find her lighter though. He waits a moment before offering her his.
Kashiko is startled by the lighter offering but takes it silently. For a while they just spend multiple days, on and off, in silence, occasionally needing a light for her cigarette. One day Kashiko starts to open up. She doesn't expect him to understand or even listen, but she needed to talk. At first he doesn't respond, he just listens.
After a few weeks, as Kashiko's venting, she reaches for Hokuto's hand without realizing, looking for a more intimate form of comfort. She's startled when she feels the touch and pulls away. She apologizes, a little afraid of what his reaction might be.
Hokuto looks at her for a moment, surprised that she actually started to initiate something, even if it wasn't intentional. He had been content in just listening. She was interesting to him, and maybe if she could let her feelings out, maybe she's stop being that kind of person. He doesn't show much emotion on his face, but tells her it's okay.
Kashiko relaxes and puts her hand back down. This time, Hokuto reached her hand. She tenses a little and looks up at him. He's looking at her with a small smile. Kashiko starts to cry and thanks him.
About a week later, Kashiko starts venting about how her 'friends' are 'too busy' to celebrate her birthday, even Kokoro who she thought was genuinely nice unlike the rest. Hokuto suggests they celebrate together. Kashiko thinks he's joking, but when she realizes he's not she asks why. He explains he was free that day, and no one should be alone on their birthdays anyways.
Hokuto shows up at her place, and even got her a gift. A sliver ring with an expensive purple gem in it. Kashiko's in awe because it was expensive even for rich families. Kashiko's asks 'aren't your parents going to kill you'. Hokuto who hates his family just shrugs. 'Purple suits you.'
They spend all day together, getting to know each other. They find out they actually have a lot of the same interests. Her mother was at work all day, but had gotten her a cake, which they shared. It was late when Hokuto decided he should probably go. Kashiko fiddles with the ring he gave her, now on her finger, and thanks him and gives him a kiss on the check.
Hokuto stood there taken aback as a smiling kashiko said goodbye and closed the door. He felt his face. It was hot. Did he actually like her. Like like her? He heads home feeling confused.
When together at school the two of them start talking more evenly. No more of just Kashiko venting, but now they both started talking about their interests and dreams for the future. Teasing Kashiko a little he asks her what type of boy she likes. She huffed and deflected.
Though they were getting along great in private, they were still pretending to hate each other in public. They'd call each other names in front of their friends, then tease each other in private about said names 'That's what you came up with?'
They're friend groups weren't always together 24/7 even before the two started hanging out, so neither's group really suspected much when they weren't hanging out with them. Both sides however did think it was strange that it seemed more more like they were starting to sound like they were flirting with each other rather than being genuinely mean. Both sides questioned them about it, and both denied being anywhere close to friendly with the other. Most completely dropped it. Except Hoshiko who was always looking for some juicy gossip too spread on her blog.
Hoshiko started spreading rumors about the two of them. Kashiko was furious. She bitched Hoshiko out and ran off to where she and Hokuto usually meet up. Hokuto find her there sobbing. She explains what happen. When she finishes, he looks at her tear stained face for a moment, then gently touches his fingers to her chin and tilts her head up. 'they don't have to just be rumors' and he kisses her softly.
After they part, he continues 'what do you think?' Kashiko stares at him trying to process, but instead of answering, she kisses him back, and holding onto him.
They part again and Kashiko apologizes, face red. Hokuto asks. 'was that a yes then?' Kashiko hesitates, then says 'it's a maybe'. Hokuto's amused. 'If that's a maybe, what's a yes?' Kashiko hesitates again. 'If you come over later, we can talk about it.' Hokuto agrees to met her later.
He shows up, not sure what to expect. Did she legitimately just want to discuss the possibility in private and a guarantee no one with find out? Or did 'yes' mean going all the way immediately for her? Maybe both?
He knocks. No answer. Again. No answer. Did she forget she asked him to come? He tried to the door. It was unlocked. He called out to her. Nothing. He walks in and looks around, still calling for her. Finally he finds her in the kitchen, curled up, back against a wall, crying.
He finally got her attention. 'oh' she wipes her eyes and stands 'you're here.'
'yeah, you invited me over then didn't answer. I was actually starting to get worried something happened to you.'
'and you're crying. did something else happen?'
', it's just.' Sigh. 'did you really mean it? You really want to be with me? As a couple?'
'well, yeah.'
'why though?'
'why? why not? you're cute. funny. we share a lot of the same interests. You're actually kinda nice when you aren't hanging around your 'friends'. and we've been spending all that time together anyways.'
Kashiko blushed. 'cute? ....Well, I do feel the same way, but...'
'if we do this, I have to confess something first...'
'you know how I've been faking a lot of things in front of other people. my personality, my hair etc....'
'one thing isn't actually fake'
'you've lost me.'
Kashiko took a deep breath. 'I don't actually tan my skin. That's natural.' She braced herself for his response. but all he said was.
'that's it? Okay.'
'what do you mean 'okay'?'
'I mean, 'okay'. Why'd you think I'd care if your skins actually dark?'
'Because everyone else does!'
The sudden volume and emotion in her voice threw him.
'Everyday since I was born I'm been abused and berated just because I'm just a little darker than everyone else. I don't even look like my own mother! I obviously got this from my father, but she refuses to say a word about him. Pretends he doesn't exists. Sometimes I think she tries to pretend I don't exist either.' She wiped way new falling tears. 'You know...despite a lot of people thinking I'm just a slutty bimbo, I'm still treated with more respect now than I was when people knew I was actually dark skinned.'
'Kashiko...Damn...I...I'm sorry. I've never cared about that kind of stuff. People were just people to me. What mattered was people's actions, not stuff they had no control over....I've had my share of problems, but that's not something I've ever had to deal with, so I forgot there where people who did care about that stuff.'
Kashiko doesn't say anything, tears still falling.
Hokuto continued. 'So, I don't know much about dealing with that, but what I do know is; those people are assholes, and you're still cute.'
Kashiko still took a moment to respond, fiddling with her ring again. 'You...really mean that?'
'Yup. I also know that, if you say yes, then I'm your boyfriend. And if I'm you're boyfriend, then it's my job to hurt anyone that said anything bad about you from now one. And I've been working out, so it'll really hurt.'
Kashiko let out a giggle and Hokuto smiled. 'You'd really do all that for me? And just because I'm me.'
Hokuto smirks, teasing her a little. 'i don't know, you have to say yes first.'
Kashiko rolls her eyes and smirks back. 'you already know my answer.' She walks up to him and puts her arms around. 'it's a yes.' and kisses him.
They get on the kitchen counter and start making out, but due to I being late and Kashiko exhausting herself from her tears, they both pass out before either could even think about going any further.
They're woken up in the morning by her mother, accusing them of having sex on the counter. They deny the claim but she doesn't believe them and forces Hokuto to leave.
An exasperated Kashiko argues with her mother then follows Hokuto outside to find him outside, still putting his shoes back on. Kashiko apologizes and they say good bye.
They date in secret, and figure the best way to deal with Hoshiko was to just act like was crazy instead of getting angry. She eventually drops it, no longer getting enjoyment out of it.
Things are going fine until a little bit after Kashiko graduates. She had already stated to shed for ganguro stuff minus the stuff she actually liked. Meanwhile, Hokuto starts to feel weird about everything. Seeing her act like her real self in front of others made her feel faker than ever, and that frustrated him. Would he never be able to not associate her with her click and the bad things they've done? He was afraid he wouldn't, especially after what happened to him his first year. Even though she and her friends weren't one of the culprits, he nearly took his life because of people like her.
He decided that, he couldn't shake this feeling before he graduated himself next year, they'd break it off.
And break up they did.
It was hard on him. He genuinely loved her. He didn't want to make her sad. But even after all this time, he couldn't shake it. He thought this be fun. A little drama, that's all. No one would get hurt. He figured she's get tired of him soon or not even consider it in the first place. Just a fling or less. He didn't think he'd actually fall in love with someone who was more or less his enemy.
She didn't take it well. She'd finally started to accept herself. They had shared their first everything together. And now they were nothing.
And what's worse, he didn't even say it to her face. A week after Hokuto's graduation, he sent her a letter telling her goodbye.
Distraught, she calls up Kokoro, who she was still in contact with, and asks her to come over.
Kokoro's shocked. 'You were actually dating him? I thought Hoshiko was just being mean!'
Kashiko sighs. "both.'
'Why though?'
'Well, he's cute isn't he?'
'well, yeah, I guess, but that's it? He's a delinquent.'
'that's one of the reasons. you know how bad boys are. and...he listened to me...and made me feel, really pretty, for the first time....he was also the only one he paid attention to me on my birthday,' Kashiko added with a side glare.
'I said I was sorry! I really really couldn't go! I had a family thing, they would had killed me if I skipped out!'
Kashiko signed. 'I know...' she fiddles with her ring. Kokoro notices.
'He gave you that, didn't he?'
'yeah. surprised his parents didn't kill him'
'...Is it real?'
'Kokoro! I'm already having a bad day! I don't need to question the authenticity of my jewelry!'
'Sorry, sorry, you're right! my bad'
Nearly a year has past and Kashiko still thinks about him, but is trying to move on. She's unrolled to a college and is about to start soon. She moves into the dorm and decides to look around town after she finished unpacking.
She finds herself in a large area with a few people around, but far from crowded. As she looked around, she noticed a few guys not to far away, and one looked oddly familiar. It couldn't be him right? She didn't accidentally apply to the exact same college as her ex did she?
If she called his name, that man wouldn't look her way, right? "Hok-' The name caught in her throat as she got a shock. The man she thought must had been Hokuto kissed the guy he was with before parting.
'o-oh.' Well, that's embarrassing. He couldn't be Hokuto if the man she was looking at was gay, right? Unless....
The man came closer in her direction, smiling until her noticed her. He looked surprised to see her.
Kashiko started to panic. Those were his scars on his cheek. Her assumption had to be right.
'Kashiko?' he question, not sure if he was seeing her.
Shit. She turned and ran.
'Wait! Kashiko!' He caught up to her quickly and grabbed her by the wrist. 'Please. I don't know why you're here but, since you are...I'm sorry. I shouldn't had ended things like that. It wasn't right. I was scared, and I couldn't see you cry. I don't expect you to forgive me, but I am sorry.'
She stared as he apologized. ', I understand now...You realized you were gay and didn't know how to tell me. It's fine, I'm fine.' She felt like she was going to faint.
'You don't have to hide it. I saw you kissing your boyfriend before you came this way'
'My boy...boyfriend? Oh! No no, I understand the confusion, but that's not my boyfriend.'
'Hokuto, I just saw you kiss a dude. You're gay, it's okay'
'Kashiko, I'm serious. I'm not dating that guy. I'm a little close with my friends here, yes, but there's nothing serious going on. And no, I'm not straight, but I'm not gay either. I'm bisexual.'
She looked at him confused. 'You're....attracted to bikes?'
'omg' Hokuto buried his face in his hands. He then took a deep breath and continued. 'Bisexual. It's when someone is attached to multiple genders. So, yes, I do like guys. But I still like girls. And I still like you.'
That only confused her more. 'then why did you break up with me? Didn't I mean anything to you?' she started to cry.
'You do mean something to me. And that was the problem. It wasn't suppose to go like this.'
'What do you mean?'
He sighed. 'Look. I thought that we doomed to fail. Either you'd lose interest and break up with me yourself after a month or so, or you just wouldn't be interested in the first place. I was a delinquent and you were one of the popular girls. Relationships like that only work out in fiction. and those friends of yours...who bully people relentlessly. The same kind of people who drove me to almost kill myself...No matter how much I got to know you, or know why you did those things, that thought wouldn't leave the back of my mind. And once you graduated, there wasn't the 'oh will people find out about us for real' to distract me from it anymore.'
'But I never told anyone to kill themselves! Hoshiko was the only one who'd go that far! You don't know how many times we've told her to chill.'
Hokuto shook his head. 'You never know what the final straw is Kashiko. It can be the smallest thing. Besides, you know what it feels like, don't you?' He brushed his fingers against her cheek softly.
'I....' She hung her head in shame and cried. He was right. She had no excuses.
Hokuto pulled her into a hug and rubbed her back. 'I don't believe you ever intended to be a bad person. And I know you've been hurt so much. But you have to realize how much you've hurt people as well.'
'I'm, I'm sorry!' she sobbed into him. 'I-I can change!'
'You have a lot already.' He kisses the top of her head. 'I'd like it if we could still be friends'.
Kashiko sniffed and pulled away. 'Friends?' He nods. '...Can I still get kisses?'
He laughs. 'We'll see about that.'
'You sure you're not dating that guy?'
'hey, if you 'smooch your friends' but I don't get smooches, you're definitely dating'
'so are'
'if you say so'
and now they're friends and may or may not end up back together
If they wind up having a kid
They'd have a daughter.
When Kashiko finds out she's pregnant she's hesitant to tell Hokuto. What if he ditched her like her father did her mother? When she finally tells him, he's relieved because they way she was acting made it seems like something legitimately bad happened. Hokuto tells her, he doesn't know about marriage, but he can promise to be there for her and their kid, and gives her one of his rings to seal the promise.
Kashiko, though she's accepted herself, she's afraid of her daughter going through what she did. Hokuto tells their daughter if anyone picks on her for any reason, not just her skin color, tell them they have to deal with him.
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