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#jaune arc

Jaune: *chopping wood shirtless*

Fiona: *sip ice tea with INTENTION!*

Jaune: liftibg wood*

May: helps him*

Jaune: carrying wood*

Robyn: watches with enthuisasm*

Jaune: *relaxing*

Winter: *smiles as she watches*

Jaune: *lifts wood to house*

Harriet: *helps him carry a load*

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Jaune starts to confess his feelings for Neo

Neo: *No. Shut up! Stop talking!*

Jaune: “But, I…“

Neo: *Please just shut up!*

Jaune, getting quiet: “Oh, I see.”

Neo, panicking: *It’s not that! It’s just… I’m a runner.*

Jaune, getting even more confused

Neo: *When things get hard, or scary, or confusing, I run. And if you’re about to say what I think, then I’m going to try to run away. So I need you to stop me, because I have something I need to tell you after.*

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Carmine: *hitting cube against hole*

Jaune:Should we be considered?

Ruby:She’ll figure it out.

*circle hole breaks*

Carmine:*drops cube inside*

Ruby:Oh hmmm uuuhhh oof. That’s uh, oh boy! I’m sure it means nothing. She’s not even one yet.

[15 years later, at a bank robbery]

Ruby:*speeds through door* Nobody move!

Rober:Shit! It’s The Storyteller! *points gun* You may be fast, but there’s no way you can stop me before firing-

Carmine*busts through window and kicks him* You’re under arrest. Guess you forgot about the window on the second floor?

Ruby:And apparently you forgot the door up there was unlocked! We have to pay for that window!

Carmine:….Was my form good at least?

Ruby:Gosh Carmine, you’re so…. *hugs her frustration* your form was perfect.

Carmine*silently humming* Nice…

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Nora: We either die free, or die trying!

Jaune: Are those the only choices?

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Jaune: it’s so weird how an 18 year old can adopt people 17 year old and younger

Ren: Jaune I need you to do something for me


Ren: do not tell Nora, do not give her the power

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Cardin: *Shoves Jaune into a locker*

Pyrrha/Yang/Cinder: *Shoves a locker into Cardin*

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Sorta in between, there are gonna be a few time jumps, maybe just one time jump because I do want to focus on Jaune and his time as the Primarch of his Legion. Not only that, but also explore a more human primarch, as my editor has said that this opens up alot more opportunities to explore that

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 Jaune: Hey, aren’t you Yang?

Yang: You a cop?

Jaune: No

Yang: Then yes, I am

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14.  “I can’t do this on my own.”

(ooohhh good old lancaster)

She’s scared. It has been some time since she felt this way. /This/ scared. Her hands struggle to stay steady. Ruby grips her weapon tight, her knuckles turning as white as snow. She takes a breath, trying to put on a brave face. But it does little to help. A hand is placed on her shoulder with a reassuring squeeze. Ruby flicks her silver eyes up and finds dark blue ones staring back at her. 

“Hey. You okay?” Jaune asks. 

Ruby thinks of the mission at hand. A large, dangerous Grimm has been spotted and is closing in on a village. It is far from the run-of-the-mill Beowolf. This thing is a threat, top of the class of dangerous things. There are not many hunters at the moment and much of this has fallen just onto Ruby’s lap. 

“I can’t do this on my own,” Ruby whispers. 

“That’s why I am here,” Jaune tells her. “I always got your back. We have faced worse, haven’t we?”

Ruby chuckles a little. “Yeah. We have. Thanks, Jaune.”

“Of course. Now let’s go kick some Grimm butt.”

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Six minutes of pure and pasionate lancaster love

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Jaune: and by hell i mean a comic convention

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[ID: Grayscale pencil drawing of Jaune Arc from RWBY and a Faunus lad holding hands and leaning on each other happily. The Faunus has long flowing light hair, pointy ears, a sharp tooth, and small dragon wings. He wears dark clothes with combat boots and fingerless gloves. End ID]

request from @deepvoidchaos​ feat. their RWBY OC! i got so carried away tbh

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Oscar: *makes a bad pun for the first time*

Jaune (tearfully): so proud, my son

Nora: ayyy

Ren: *rolls his eyes a bit but in a caring way*

Weiss: how dare you

Blake: *nods in silent approval*

Yang (tearfully): so proud *mentally plans a better pun*

Ruby: *actually laughing at the bad pun*

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*panics in not knowing who that is or how they died*

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