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#jaune arc
pilot-boi · 20 hours ago
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Saw people messing around with THIS program, so I decided to try my hand at it
So here’s RWBYJNPR
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wu-sisyphus-gang · a day ago
A warm touch in the cold by Allex-Kellar on DeviantArt
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rwbybutincorrect · a day ago
Jaune: I'm so clumsy today. I keep bumping into things. I have so many bruises, it's not even funny.
Nora and Ren, who broke into his room in the middle of the night, to move all his furniture exactly two inches to the left: Damn. That's wild.
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hamliet · 20 hours ago
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When you really, really don’t want to focus on life, you and @aspoonofsugar​ use the wombo app to create RWBY character fantasy art. 
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jaune-arc-the-stud-king · 23 hours ago
Jaune in the middle of reading comics when he got a text.
Take out scroll and look at the message and saw it was from Weiss. “Huh. I wondered what she wants from me?” Jaune wondered to himself as he opened up message and saw the text….and the gif image.
Weiss: I need your big fat cock in my tight rich girl twat~
Tumblr media
Jaune stared blankly at the gif for a moment before he smiled and texted back his response.
Jaune: Better get ready then. I am going to hard and rough for my naughty rich girl~
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gorillageek27 · a day ago
Cinder: emerald. Youe assignment is to take out the arc
Emerald: yes ma'am
Cinder: well did you do it?
Emerlad: yep i took him out.
Cinder: hehehe excellent
Emerald: he said we should do it again.
Cinder: what?
Emerald: yep. We have another date in a couple days
Cinder:... WHAT!?
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vecnawrites · 2 days ago
Patreon Reward: Making A Kitty Purr
It had been several years since her beloved husband Ghira had died, and Kali Belladonna was in a state of melancholy. But a visit by her daughter, her team, and her sister team might change well as make her feel beautiful again.
“Wow, Blake! Your home is massive!” Ruby said, her tone awed as she looked around anywhere and everywhere, with Weiss herding her partner away from anything that even looked remotely fragile or valuable.
“Yes, thank you very much for inviting us!” Pyrrha said, hefting her bag over her shoulder more. This vacation was already looking to be wonderful! No one had been fawning over her or falling over themselves to take pictures or attempt to get autographs. It was liberating~
Blake smiled. “’s been our home for several generations; its just been my mother for the past few years, though she has been getting better…”
The mood was subdued for a few long moments, before Nora picked up the conversation. “So, is your mom cool with all of us showing up like this?” she gestured to the eight of them, all with their luggage.
Blake coughed, her cheeks pink. “Yes, she is. She was more than happy to have us all over for the week of break.” left unsaid was the interrogation that she had endured (over two hours!) over how many she was bringing, were there any boys, was she dating anyone...the questions she had were endless.
Reaching the door, Blake hit the doorbell. It was barely thirty seconds before the door opened, revealing a figure that, at first glance, looked like a slightly older version of Blake.
It was Jaune who broke the silence. “So, this is your older sister, Blake?” Blake’s face went rosy, her eyes wide from shock as the shapely woman at the door chuckled, her hefty bosom jiggling as she laughed, golden eyes bright and cat ears flicking back and forth, the golden jewelry glinting in the light. She grinned widely, looking at him with a smirk.
“Oh, I like this one, Blakey!” she purred, getting a facepalm and a miserable sound form her daughter, only making her laugh more. “Come in, come in! It’s late, but there’s something made for you all to eat before bed.”
“Thanks, Blake’s mom~” Yang said, feeling her stomach rumbling as they hadn’t gotten a full meal since before they had gotten on the transport over to Menagerie. There had been snacks, for sure, but nothing truly substantial for them.
Herding the teens into the kitchen, Kali looked them over. There was her daughter’s adorable team team leader, and the blonde girl who was making eyes at her daughter (there was a story there, to be sure), and the youngest Schnee daughter.
On the other hand, she saw the ‘sister’ team of her daughter. The tall, statuesque beauty that was the Champion of Mistral, Pyrrha Nikos. A smaller, thicker bodied beauty with bright turquoise eyes and orange hair, named Nora Valkyrie. A black haired boy that was as stoically faced as her Blakey was. Lie Ren, then.
That meant that the cute blonde that complemented her was Jaune Arc. She felt a warmth in her chest and her cheeks at the memory of what he said bounced in her head. It’d been so long since Ghira died… she hadn’t felt beautiful in a long time. Not wanted, not desired...but she could feel his blue eyes roaming her form in interested, and she subtly put a swing into her hips as they walked into their expansive home.
Jaune knew that he was in trouble. Oh, not literally in trouble, but he was more grateful for his baggy blue jeans than ever before, seeing the more buxom and shapely, not to mention lively version of Blake.  Her golden eyes were more expressive and lively, the slight laugh marks showing a constantly smiling, happy life.
The outfit she wore complimented her beauty well, the swells of her breasts straining against the front of her outfit, the flare of her hips pronounced and practically straining against the thin fabric. And when she turned...well.
It was a very good thing that Jaune was at the back of the group, since his gaze was locked on that fat bouncing bubble the mother of his friend called an ass. It was better than any that he had ever seen, and considering the ratio of females to males that he knew...that was a lot.
Granted, he wasn’t a pervert (at least in the classical sense) but it was extremely hard not to compare tits and asses, as none of the women around him seemed to possess any real sense of shame or modesty around him, each considering him and Ren brothers (although he was sure it was more in Nora’s case with Ren if you asked him) so they both saw the girls underdressed quite a bit.
But Jaune had always had a thing for older women. Professor Goodwitch and Winter Schnee, in particular, had starred in more than a few fantasies during his time at Beacon, though he would deny it...especially to Weiss in the case of Winter.
But the fantasies that were already forming in his head with Kali...well, those would also be his little secret.
He barely noticed what they ate, but it was warm and filling, before they were all ushered off to bedrooms (their own personal ones!) for the night.
...which was probably just as good, since he was sure Ren wouldn’t have appreciated hearing him jerking off several times to get the lust he was feeling out.
The next morning, as they sat around the table and ate breakfast, Kali decided to broach with the group might be doing that day.
“So, Blakey,..any plans you have while you’re here?” she knew that there was plenty to do in Menagerie, but the question was, what would all of them do first?
“Oh, I told them about the beach and they’re all eager to go...would you like to come with us, mom?” Balke asked, looking hopeful. “It would be really nice to spend some time on the beach together like we used to when I was younger.”
Kali felt herself flush, just as much from the idea of being in a swimsuit after all of these years (she hadn’t worn one since before Ghira’s death!), as the hungry blue eyes she could feel devouring her body. A shiver filled her form, but it wasn’t one of disgust. If anything, she was...pleased? Desired, even. It was what pushed her to nod.
“Sure, sweetie~ I’ll dig out my bikini after breakfast.”
Kali stood before the full length mirror in her bedroom, wishing she could turn back time and say ‘no’ to her daughters question about going to the beach with them. Maybe she still could?
The years, in her own mind, had not been good to her. Her breasts and bottom had swelled ungainly, almost exploding out of what had been before a very modest bikini.
“Hey Ren, the girls are already on their way out to grab a place for us-OH CRAP! SORRY!” Kali turned around, heart pounding in her chest, to see the boy...the young man who had been eyeing her starting into the room with wide eyes, dressed only in his swimming trunks.
Despite herself, she found her eyes roaming over his body. He was in extraordinarily good shape (as was any Hunter-In-Training should be), not massively muscled and broad like her dear Ghira had been, but he certainly was well formed.
Her eyes roamed further down until...oh my. Kali found herself swallowing thickly, her eyes riveted to the massive bulge that had formed in his blue swimming trunks.
‘He...he’s as big as Ghira was…’ she thought in awe, seeing the thick shaft of flesh twitching within its binding confines, stretching the material out a great deal.
She wet her lips, feeling a tingle of long forgotten arousal filling her belly. He really was attracted to her.
Eyes moving back up to his face, she saw how aroused that her guest was. She swallowed hard again, her feet beginning to move on their own.
Jaune felt embarrassed. How had he gotten so mixed up that he ended up losing track of where he was going and walking into Kali’s room? That wasn’t a good way to endear himself to his host...but when he saw her, his mouth went dry and blood rushed quickly south.
Kali was in a tiny bikini, the deep purple and gold trim contrasting beautifully with her slightly tanned skin and...oh boy...he swallowed hard. The dress she wore yesterday did her curvaceous form no actual justice. This woman had curves for absolute days.
Her breasts were threatening to snap the strings of the tiny bikini top she wore, the material already straining lewdly, her nipples bulging outwards against the fabric, their shape and size highlighted by the incredibly thin material.
Eyes moving down, he swallowed again, as he saw those wide hip making the strings holding the small bottoms to her body seemingly shrieking in agony. And her ass...Jaune felt a throb down below as he saw those fat, bubbly cheeks. He had been forced to hear Sun (and a multitude of others) waxing poetic lyrical about the wonders of Blake’s ‘Bellabooty’, but now? He truly understood where they were coming from.
Noticing her looking down, he followed her gaze, only for embarrassment and shame to grow like a living thing within him. He was the hardest he had ever remembered being, his swim trunks pushed away from his body, his cock straining hard, outright aching from desire.
Hearing soft footsteps, Jaune looked up to see Kali in front of him, her eyes locked on his crotch.
Kali couldn’t believe that she was doing this, but she also couldn’t stop herself from soaking her bikini bottoms and sinking down to her knees before the blonde. Slowly, she raised her hands up (they were shaking) and curling her fingers into the one garment he was wearing, slowly pulling them down…
Kali flinched as a sharp sting erupted on her cheek, her nose filled with a thick, rich, meaty muskiness that made her clench in her bikini bottoms as the fat cock slapped her on the face, resting there like a burning rod.
Moving back, Kali stared down at the shaft, her mouth opening and slowly moving forward…
Jaune groaned as he felt wet heat covering his cock, he knew that this was real, and that he wasn’t in bed still and having a dream where there was going to be a mess of laundry to hide and do without anyone noticing.
He felt the beautiful woman bobbing her head slowly up and down on his cock, her tongue trailing along his shaft, bringing him no end of pleasure, her hands coming up to rub his heavy balls. Slowly his hands moved down, fingers stroking through silky hair as she began to pick up speed, her golden eyes looking up at his.
She took more and more of his shaft with every bob of her head, feeling feeling his tip hitting the back of her throat as she moved more and more down, until it popped into her throat, her lips stretched wide around the base of his cock.
He shuddered as she began to bob her head back and forth, faster and faster, practically fucking her face onto his shaft, her eyes going wild as she gagged and choked on his cock, her chin nestled against his balls and her nose rubbing his sparse patch of pubic hair. Her hands were pressed on his own hips for purchase, staring up at him hungrily, even as her eyes watered.
Jaune squeezed his eyes shut as his balls churned and roiled, gritting his teeth as he fought to hold back from cumming. He was incredibly sensitive, having had nothing more than his hand pleasing him, and he wanted this to last.
He gasped, eyes snapping open as Kali pulled back, cool air attaching his wet shaft from every angle, seeing the milf of a woman sitting on her heels and staring up at him desperately, her hands going to her swimsuit and beginning to tug it off. “Please...please fuck me~” she panted, eyes wild and unfocused.
Well. What kind of man would he be to ignore a woman asking so earnestly?
“Ah! Yes! Fuck! More! More! Yeah!” Kali mewled as Jaune held her up before the mirror by her thighs, raising and lowering her down onto his cock in a full nelson, her weighty breasts bouncing and jiggling wildly, sometimes together, other times one would bounce up and the other would move down.
She blushed as she did her best to watch herself as she was fucked hard and powerfully, unable to look away as she was claimed and made his. Her pussy clamped down tightly on the thick shaft of meat spearing her and spreading her open, her juices clinging to and sliding down his shaft, dripping off his balls and falling to the floor.
She whined as she came hard, clenching around his shaft, shuddering as she attempted to milk him for his creamy offerings. She shuddered as she felt his teeth gently nibble on one of her ears as he bucked upwards into her. She could practically see his balls tensing and churning in desire of release, but he somehow managed to refrain from doing so.
She wondered why, before he stumbled back and twisted her, still on his cock (an act that made her eyes cross and her fingers and toes curl), and place her on the bed, climbing onto her while still attached and continuing his thrusts.
She gasped, eyes rolling up in her head as she mewled as he struck new places within her, her legs swinging around his waist and her hands clutching at his shoulders as he bucked and thrust into her soaking core.
She had missed this! She had needed this! Her eyes clenched shut as she knew that she wasn’t far off from cumming. Again.
Jaune groaned as he thrust into the beautiful woman beneath him, her mewls and needy sounds music to his ears, spurring him on and enticing him to drive this kitten wild. His balls slapped into her plush ass cheeks, the slight sting driving him wild as he stared down into desperate golden eyes, his hands holding her own. Feeling himself about to cum, he slammed his lips against Kali’s in a fierce kiss, as he thrust to the base, his balls throbbing and pulsing as he came, unloading the thick contents of his sack into her warm, welcoming depths.
~ Kali squealed into her lover’s mouth as thick wet heat shot past her cervix, breaching the defenses of her womb and filling the small chamber to the brim with boiling hot seed, feeling the heat radiating outwards as she shivered under her lover’s body. She slumped, relaxing as she cuddled against him, grateful that he wasn’t rolling off and away, instead keeping her close.
Jaune huffed as his orgasm finally petered off, small dregs of cum oozing out of his cock and into Kali’s cum stuffed belly. He knew that they would have things to do. They would have to clean up, they would have to get down to the beach and make up some excuse to his friends, they would have to possibly get some birth control, they would-
Jaune yelped as the world spun, and was suddenly staring up at a wild eyed Kali, who began to bounce and rock on his shaft hard. “More! More! More!” she chanted, thrusting her tits out as she mewled needily on top of him.
Jaune groaned as reached up and gripped the woman’s hips. It looked like worries about what they would say and do would come later...not that he was complaining!
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spahhzy · 2 days ago
Jaune: Hey yang does bumblebee need a nap?
Yang: Uh bikes can't get-
Jaune: Cause it looks Two Tired! 😀😃
Yang: ...
Jaune: 😃😃
Yang: You. Me. Bed. Now!
Jaune: 😃😊
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pilot-boi · a day ago
Jaune’s middle name is Samantha
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wu-sisyphus-gang · 2 days ago
Ruby: My old outfit turned you on?
Jaune: You mean the short skirt with the tight corset which shoved your chest out? No. I don't remember it at all.
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rwbybutincorrect · 2 days ago
Ren: Open the damn door, Jaune, I'm gonna give you until 3!
Jaune: AM or PM?
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jaune-arc-the-stud-king · 15 hours ago
Jaune to Ruby:
Tumblr media
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gorillageek27 · 2 days ago
Jaune: hey let me have some of that ice cream
Yang: no way. Get your own
Jaune: no one told me life was gonna be this way.
*clap clap clap clap*
Yang: covered in icecream* you monster
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