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Can't wait to see her again AA
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Tideline is also really great and you should read it
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read @pugoata's story here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/27733642/chapters/67880713
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Bumbleby - Bellabo oty and the Sauna Surprise
Grab full version in high res on pat reon.com/CherryInTheSun
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newspaper commission!!!!!! 🤍❤️🖤
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birthday girl
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Happy birthday ice queen
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Yang: It's pretty cold outside... Wanna hold hands? We should stay close
Blake: Okay!
Weiss: It's summer
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Noras Arc Crack, Jaune & Nora are matched up for combat class, in the midst of battle Nora unleashes gernades upon jaune who comes out unscathed...the same cannot be said about his clothes. Is he aware that hes naked? no, is he aware that nora and everyones attention is either on his exposed arc or backside? nope he doesnt realize until after he wins and the adredaline runs out....that and the catcalls of those that like what they see
"Hey, Jaune!" Nora Valkyrie called out as she jumped away. The battle was growing intense as she and her team leader, Jaune Arc, brawled against each other in their mock battle.
Breaking away from their usual monotony in Professor Goodwitch's combat class, Nora was paired with Jaune, the latter of the two breathing a sigh of relief. For him, this was a victory against his streak of losses against his rival, Cardin Winchester.
Unfortunately, he traded Cardin, who mostly mocked him before, during, and after their bouts instead of hitting him during, for Nora, whose usual go to tactic was 'break them like a cheap dish'.
"Yeah?" He panted, catching his breath from the onslaught he survived. For some reason, the pink bomber fought him with pokes of her index finger while her right hand held Magnhild, her grenade launcher. It was strange. "What's... What's up, Nora?"
Nora shifted Magnhild to it's hammer mode, grinning ear to ear, and leaned against the handle shaft. "What's your favorite ainme?"
"What?" Jaune blinked, baffled by the odd question. "Uh, probably Sword Art Online, why?"
"Well, mine's Jojo!" Nora called back. "I especially that scene where he says," Nora made a gruff impression, "But you're already dead!"
"That's..." Jaune sighed, feeling his aura restore. "That's not Jojo, Nora. That's Fist of the North Star."
"Really?!" Nora balked. "When does Kenshiro say that?"
"Oh, well, he says it after he punches a bad guy a lot."
"What happens to the bad guy?" Nora asked, this time with a playful tone. Something Jaune dreaded.
He gulped. "Well, he, uh..." It was at this point Jaune noticed the blinking pink lights around him. In every direction, not five yards from each other, was a circle of pink, heart-shaped mines waiting for him. "Explodes."
"Hey, Jaune?" Nora flipped Magnhild so her finger was on the detonator trigger. He looked to her, fear widening his eyes. "Omae wa mo shindeiru."
"Nani?!" Yang Xiao Long shouted from the bleachers.
As Nora clicked the detonator, the floor exploded with a loud screeching noise. Students covered their eyes, and Professor Goodwitch raised her crop, Disciplinarian, readying herself to catch any harmful debris flying towards her students. Thankfuly, there was only cloth and tiny bits of rubble.
As the smoke cleared, the noise continued, revealing Jaune squealing in a high-pitch through the cloud of smoke. The pitch diminished as Jaune realized he was alive. Grateful for his aura, he readied Crocea Mors for his second... well, third wind.
Nora whistled. "Impressive!"
"Yeah, well, aura." Jaune answered.
"They say size doesn't matter, but boy, does it help!" She giggled.
"Just wait until I come at you with all I've got!"
"Oh, is that a challenge, Jauney?"
Jaune decided to be cheeky with his answer. "It's a date!"
Jaune ran forward, shield held high for his defense. Nora swung wide with her hammer, but Jaune slid on his back underneath. She leaped away, then forward with a downward swing. Jaune rolled away and pushed himself to his feet. Before Nora could swing again, Jaune dashed into her personal space and knocked Magnhild aside with Crocea Mos' shield, and struck Nora in the clavicle with his pommel. The sudden strike surprised her, forcing her to fall down to her knees in front of him.
"Do you give in?" Jaune asked.
"With a sword like that in my face, how cpuld I refuse?" Nora answered with half-lidded eyes.
"Mister Arc!" Jaune spun around to face his professor, who couldn't look at him straight with her entire face red. "While your tenacity won you this day, it is advised you refrain from leaving yourself so exposed."
"I'll keep that in mind, Professor Goodwitch." Jaune nodded.
"Now please return to your uniform!" Professor Goodwitch shrieked.
"Uh, okay?" It was at this point, as he was making his way to the locker room, that he noticed two things. The first was the cold wind he felt blowing through, kissing his skin with it's icy touch. The second was the cheering from the bleachers.
He looked up to his friends, all of whom were cheering, albeit in their own ways. Ruby Rose, his fellow team leader, had her eyes covered by her half-sister, Yang, courtesy of a single arm. Yang used her other arm to cover her mouth. Blake Belladonna, Team RWBY's resident ninja, typed wildly into her scroll. Weiss Schnee, his crush, couldn't bare to look at her not-so-secret admirer, averting her eyes and shrieking. By contrat, Jaune's partner, world-famous athlete athlete Pyrrha Nikos, panted like a starving dog as she hung over the railing to get a closer look at him. Lie Ren, Nora's best friend, held Pyrrha back as best as he could.
"Hey, Jaune!" It wasn't until Nora said something that Jaune realized his current position. Two words thst opened a world of humiliation for the young huntsman-in-training. She flexed her arms with her forearms overlapping, as if she were making an X across her chest. "Ny-soo cock-o!"
Looking down, Jaune couldn't help but agree.
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listen,,,werewolf yang has had me in a chokehold i don’t know what to tell you! idk! i do not control the hyperfixation lol
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Knightshade: Jaune has acquired a whip and is surprisingly good with it and found by Blake as he tries to copy Trevor from Castelvani.
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Weiss: I have amazing gaydar.
Blake: Says the woman who won't realize she's bi for three more years.
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Team RWBY - Strangers in a Familiar Land
Ever since Volume 8 wrapped, I’ve seen a bit of theorizing back and forth about whether or not Team RWBY and co.’s time ‘beyond the void’ in Volume 9 will end up resulting in some kind of Narnia-esque or other fey-like time-distortion effect/reveal when they return to Remnant. Either the kind where our heroines spend what seems to be only a few days or weeks on the Void Island, only to find that years have passed back on Remnant, or the reverse where Team RWBY and co. spend months or even years beyond the void, only to find that only a few days have passed back on Remnant.
Now while I fully admit that the most likely scenario is that CRWBY will simply have a few days or weeks or possibly even months pass for both our heroines and their friends and family back on Remnant with no timey-whimey chicanery, I do nonetheless find the latter option, Team RWBY spending months or even years past the void in only a few days or weeks, to be a particularly compelling idea.
Mainly because it ties nicely into a broader theory I’ve been thinking about when it comes to what Team RWBY’s story might look like Post-Volume 9.
Remember this exchange from Oscar and Ozpin about ‘the girl who fell through the world’?
“I thought the idea of falling through Remnant into a new world was exciting. I never understood why she was so sad when she finally made it back home. But now it makes more sense…”
“She wasn’t the same girl anymore.”
Now of course, we’ve all recognized that this conversation foreshadows Team RWBY’s fall into another world at the end of Volume 8. However, I think this conversation also has major implications for what will happen when Team RWBY returns to Remnant.
Specifically, just like Alyx, Team RWBY won’t be the same as when the left. Whatever happens in Volume 9, it is very likely to leave our heroines changed. A change that they will be left grappling with even after they return to Remnant.
This is one of the main reasons I’ve been a huge proponent of the idea that a lot of weird shit is going to happen to Team RWBY in Volume 9 that forever marks them. Things like bodily alterations, weird transformations, strange new abilities and forbidden knowledge about the true nature of Remnant that rewrites everything they once believed. Like Ruby sacrificing an eye in exchange for otherworldly secrets of the gods, Weiss delving into dark sorceries that leave her marked with eldritch runes, Blake realizing the true magic and power that created the faunus, and Yang turning into an actual dragon.
And a time-distortion effect that leaves the girls returning to Remnant older than when they left fits perfectly within this great change for Team RWBY.
In addition, one of the more subtle narrative threads running through the Atlas arc has been our heroines, and Ruby in particular, grappling with the challenges of filling Ozpin’s shoes. In Volume 6, Ozpin was revealed to be pretty much entirely unfit to lead and basically checked out, with Ruby having to take charge as the leader of the group. And over the last two Volumes, we’ve seen Ruby and her team having to deal with the hard choices that come with leading the fight against Salem. Particularly in Volume 8 with how Ruby and her team and friends spend most of the volume struggling to find a plan to stop Salem and protect the people of Mantle and Atlas.
So with that in mind, I think it only makes sense that we’ll continue to see more parallels between Team RWBY and Oz, and see these girls struggle with the same things that ultimately broke Oz. Particularly, I can imagine seeing Team RWBY struggle to not become disconnected from their friends and allies just as Oz was.
Hence the idea of Team RWBY returning from the void irrevocably changed by their time beyond Remnant. Maybe possessing knowledge that no one, not even Oz, is aware of. Maybe physically altered in strange ways. And maybe simply being older than they should be from when they left.
It all ties together to create a narrative thread that Team RWBY could be following for the next several volumes, and probably all the way to the end of the show.
That of Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang having been changed by this fight against Salem to the point that they must grapple with a growing sense of disconnection from their friends and loved ones. Just as Oz became disconnected from the very people he was trying to help and save, to the point where he could not even trust his closest friends and allies.
But whereas Oz was forced to grapple with this sense of disconnection all alone, Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang all have each other.
Ever since Volume 4, one RWBY’s biggest recurring themes is that of that of our heroines and their peers succeeding where previous generations failed. To recognize the mistakes of their parents, mentors and leaders and not repeat those mistakes. A theme that has applied particularly to Team RWBY’s relation to Ozpin ever since Volume 6.
Heck, Ruby and Qrow outright discuss this idea directly in Volume 7’s ‘Pomp and Circumstance’;
“I’m trying to do what I think is best, but I really can’t tell if what’s best is what’s right… Or if I’m no different from Oz…”
“Ruby, Oz only trusted himself with the whole truth. You’re trusting others, but you’re making sure they prove themselves first. I think that’s a pretty big difference.”
What separates Ruby, her team and her friends from Oz is the connection and trust they have in one another. They’re not just one man trying to shoulder the whole world all alone. So I’d say it only makes sense that we would see Team RWBY face the many of the same challenges that Oz did, and succeed where he failed because they are facing those challenges TOGETHER.
I should also mention that while yes, many of these potential changes could wind up effecting Jaune in addition to Team RWBY, I actually have a hunch that Jaune won’t actually end up being changed that much by his time beyond Remnant. Jaune’s character has always been strongly defined by his, as well as the rest of JNPR, being an ‘everyman’, someone ordinary in contrast to the far more special and extraordinary talents, backgrounds and qualities that Team RWBY possesses. So I feel it makes sense that he would retain this quality post-Volume 9 as well, returning to Remnant not nearly as ‘changed’ by the experience as Team RWBY as. Or at least to the point that Jaune doesn’t have the same struggles reconnecting with his friends and loved ones as Team RWBY might.
In fact, this could set Jaune up to be a kind of anchor or barometer or just an ‘only sane man’ in Volume 9. The one who stays relatively ‘normal’ to emphasize just how much Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang could be changing by their experiences on the island.
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A stroll through the park. 🐝🐝🐝
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Blake: Are you... okay?
Ruby, planted face down in the sand: I'm having some me time.
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n6918 · a day ago
*Jaune bursts into team Rwby’s room looking frustrated and spots Yang doing her hair in the mirror and Blake reading a book review magazine*
Jaune: you two busy?!
Blake:…me neither? Why?
*Jaune turning full (SSDDM AKA: Super Sexy Dominant Daddy Mode)*
Blake: what. The fuck?
*Jaune then rips his shirt showing his mild model muscular body*
Jaune: Did. I. Stutter? CLOTHES OFF! BED NOW!
*Blake and Yang blush and just Dropped both their things*
Blake: soooo~ what do you think?
Yang: … babe I love you
Blake: oh here it comes!
Yang: it’s just. If you want Jaune to do the Roleplay, I think it needs more story than that.
Blake: I WANT US TO FUCK WOMEN! Not talk all night!
Jaune: … she’s right, more story.
Yang & Blake: AHHHHH! Where did you come from!
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Whimsical Symphony
Most days the sound of birds chirping greet people in the morning. Today however, the sound of rhythmic drum sticks and a playful acoustic made Weiss hop out of bed, pjs and messy hair galore. The music swayed her hips and brought a smile on her face as she danced out of her room. Has the world always been this bright?
Her are arms swung side to side and she warmed up her voice with humming as the music got louder. The young lady went down the stairs, still dancing, and seeing balloons. Ruby was the one with drumsticks while Jaune played guitar. Whitley had set a keyboard with Penny and played the moment he spotted her. Blake, Yang, and Nora began clapping in rhythm to the music. Ren and Oscar danced in the kitchen as they made breakfast. To make things better, Winter met her at the bottom of the stairs. She took her hand and the two began dancing together. Weiss couldn’t help but laugh joyful at the glorious chaos made in her name. Winter spun her around, sending her twirling to the middle of the room until she stopped dramatically.
Weiss:🎶 Happy Birthday!🎶
Everyone: 🎶To You 🎶
Weiss: 🎶 Happy Birthday!🎶
Everyone: 🎶To You!🎶
Weiss: 🎶 Happy Birthday to…🎶
🎶Weiss Schnee~🎶
Weiss:🎶Ooooo yeah~🎶
Everyone: 🎶 Happy Birthday…🎶
Weiss: 🎶To me!🎶
Everyone on a instrument broke out into a ridiculously silly finale as Weiss danced to it with just as much silliness. All her friends and family laughed along and cheered, rushing over to hug the girl.
Everyone:Happy Birthday Weiss!
Weiss:I love you guys.
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