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I’m already sensing a pattern in these lol. I don’t like it when people disregard a clearly powerful characters strengths >_> With that being said.

 Adam wasn’t nerfed in his fight against Yang and Blake and saying he was is frankly a disservice to all 3 of them .-. The WHOLE point of Yang and Blake vs Adam is to SHOW that Yang and Blake are DONE letting Adam hold them back, emotionally and physically. To show that Yang and Blake have gotten stronger separately and together, to show that they’re not letting Adam get to them anymore. That Adam has no power over them. And their song Nevermore drives that home.

Adam was never, not once, going easy on them in any way shape or form. Why would he? These are girls that he despises. Girls that he wants dead. And he WANTED to kill them. Yang and Blake gave him chances to retreat. To come back another day, but he refused. He wanted his deathmatch then and there. And he pulled out all the stops. I think what people are calling his “nerfs” are really Adam’s mental state. Lemme try to explain what I mean

Now obviously Adam is a lunatic. That’s… I think everyone can agree there. Adam has been devolving ever since Volume 3. Hell, honestly? Even since the Black Trailer when Blake first left. Seeing the girl he “loves” work so flawlessly with the girl he maimed, the girl that should be dead? That takes a further toll on him. It makes him angry. It makes him sloppy. And Yang simply took advantage of that

Adam was expecting an all out brawl from Yang. If the fight had taken place earlier? It would’ve been. But this is volume 6. Yang has trained with Taiyang. She listened to his pointers, mainly about relying on her semblance, and worked on that. In fact, ever since she hasn’t RELIED on her semblance once. Yang was prepared. She knew that Adam was an offensive fighter like she was. And, again, if this was an earlier volume, she would’ve met him for a clash. But because she trained, reflected on her style, she learned how to be defensive. WHEN to be defensive. And that defensiveness got on Adam’s nerves, as evidenced when he yelled “HIT ME ALREADY!”.

Adam wasn’t nerfed. He was deranged and, ultimately, outclassed by the trained, patient, and ready couple. A calmer, more stable Adam could’ve won that fight. But he wasn’t. He was fueled by nothing but hate, spite, and anger.

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Jaune: No no no Pyrrha was with me the whole time.

Nora: I saw it with my eyeballs tho!

Pyrrha: I’m shocked by these accusations. I would never do a thing such as that.

Yang: Nora sus.

Nora: Am not!

Ruby: Nora found the body tho.

Weiss: And Nora is always hanging around Ren…waiting to strike.

Nora: I was doing my tasks diligently!

Jaune: Vote Nora.

Nora: Diligently!

Penny: I too believe Nora to be highly sus.

Ilia: Are we just gonna ignore how bad at lying Pyrrha is?

Jaune: Nora and Ilia are the imposters.

Ilia: WHAT NO.

Jaune: But let’s vote out Nora first.

Nora: I speak the truth!

Jaune: Then present your case!

Nora: Okay okay. Number one: I’ve been doing my tasks and even fixed the lights twice, Number two: I love Ren and would never kill him, Number three: my massive cock, and Number four: I FUCKING WITNESSED PYRRHA MURDER REN!

Jaune: Baseless!

*voting ends in 5s*

Ilia: No no no I trust her.

Jaune: Brain-eating aliens, the both of you!

Yang: Sorry Nora.

*everyone but Ilia and Nora votes for Nora*

Nora: Fuck all of you except Ilia. *ejected*

Nora was not The Imposter

Yang: Oh F

Penny: F

Ruby: F

Ilia: I’m dying next, aren’t I Jaune?

Jaune: Oh geez I hope not, we need you doing your tasks.

Ren, from the beyond: *sobs* Y’all are so stupid…

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Blake [drinking tea]: mmh~ you know what? This is great.. So calm and funny… Definitely the best single party ever

Ilia: oww thanks Blake

Ren: I’m sure this is better than Yang’s party hehe

Ruby: ha! Knowing Weiss they’re probably cheking a list of “funny activities for parties”

Meanwhile in a bar on Menagerie..

Weiss [drunk]: WHERE’S YANG???!!

random guy: I don’t know! 😭😭


Jaune [crying in the corner]: Blake is gonna kill us! How did we lost her future wife???

Yang [sleeping in the bathroom]: zzzz….best single party zzz…. Ever…zzzzz

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Hello Rwby fans!!

I’m here with this weeks Monochrome Monday! the theme being: Soulmates! This piece was slightly inspired by an older Monochrome art I did from monochrome week. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did making it, and with that being said, please be safe, WEAR A MASK! And I’ll see you soon! 


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Blake: Yang, it’s almost time.

Yang: *walking out of the bedroom in a black suit* This feels… wrong…

Blake: *sighing* I know… but we have to do this.

Yang: Think Weiss will come?

Blake: *sighing* Jaune… said she went back home. It might be for the best anyway.

Yang: I… I know… Ruby wouldnt want her drinking there…

Blake: *taking Yang’s hand* We should use this as a celebration of Ruby’s life.

Yang: *nodding and wiping away her tears* I know… I just… didnt think I’d be burying my last family member so soon.

Blake: *hugging Yang* I’ll miss her too.


Weiss: *drinking from another bottle of wine*

Winter: *walking in* Weiss?

Weiss: *sighing* Winter…

Winter: I… I heard about your girlfriend-

Weiss: Ex. She uh… she broke up with me…

Winter: You should be at her funeral. With your friends-

Weiss: She wouldn’t want me there.

Winter: *looking around, seeing bottles of wine all over the floor* You know, we could get you some help.

Weiss: Just… go away…

Winter: *sighing and turning* Mother and I still love you.

Weiss: *taking another drink, ignoring Winter*

Winter: *silently walking out*

Weiss: *dropping the empty bottle* Like anyone really cares.

[Weiss’s scroll buzzes with a notification]

Weiss: *looking at her scroll, confused* Now what?

Weiss: *looking at a number she didn’t recognize* “Hello sister”? Must be a wrong number…

Weiss: *dropping her scroll and slowly getting up* I just need more wine…

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