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cosmokyrin · 3 hours ago
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hello again let me dump drawings of my latest obsession
You may support the artist through the following links! (Tumblr post).
Artwork powered by Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS): Linux Mint MATE 19.1 and Krita 4.3.0
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cadhla182 · 15 hours ago
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May practice
Needed to test something.
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rwbybutincorrect · 21 hours ago
Cinder: I know we've always had this unspoken rivalry -
Ruby: It's not a rivalry, you're just always mean to me. And it's not unspoken, you talk about it all the time.
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bunnnzy · 17 hours ago
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Soft beess
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cyan-orange-studio · 18 hours ago
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Around a year ago I discovered RWBY! Here is a small sample of the fanart I have done of this wonderful show! - Sonya
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artsbysmarty · 8 hours ago
Here's a comedic request idea. How about Oscar telling Emerald to put back the thing she's about to steal without even having to turn around? I love the idea that Oscar would have to constantly tell Emerald not to steal something until she broke the habit 😂
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She’s tempted but Oscar is Scarily good at reigning her in  
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desib717 · 21 hours ago
Penny fans after watching the V8 finale and immediately turning around to make 100 different revival theories:
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rwbybutincorrect · 6 hours ago
[At Beacon because everyone is mentally ill at this point]
Yang: So, what do you want to do now?
Blake’s brain: Die
Blake @ her brain: No, we can't say that, these people don't understand casual existential despair.
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bloodraven55 · an hour ago
I hate how every time a character, especially but not only a female character, starts off defensive and closed-off due to trauma then later softens and opens up as they heal some people complain that they’re “boring” or “uninteresting” now. Why would you not want them to recover?
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yangsabs · 6 hours ago
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strqyr · 23 hours ago
You think pyrrha is a morning person? Because I’m writing a fic and I could see her as one of those people who gets up out of bed and then does some push ups to wake up.
i don't think i'd be able to think of pyrrha as anything but a morning person. maybe not naturally, but based on what we do know about her, i think she had a pretty strict training schedule that included waking up early, so she learned to be a morning person.
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rwby-rambles · an hour ago
Blake: i could really use some serotonin right now
Yang: *stands up*
Yang: *immediately sits back down*
Yang: i forgot what serotonin was for a second was gonna go get you some
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rwbybutincorrect · 20 hours ago
Sun: Hey guys, want a tarot reading?
Blake: these are pokémon cards
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lil-red-reaper · 3 hours ago
Trivia Vanille
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Tumblr media
Like the three flavours in Neapolitan ice cream.
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Tumblr media
It’s honestly pretty clever how her real name even ties into her alias.
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luimnigh · 20 hours ago
Which RWBY characters do you think would be able to lift Mjolnir?
We're never really given a definition for "worthiness" when it comes to Mjolnir, but we can surmise a few things. For one, worthiness is something that can be gained and lost. Thor has gone through periods of unworthiness in the past, always regaining his worthiness eventually. There does seem to be a self-belief component, most of Thor's unworthy periods have come from a loss of faith in himself.
There's also a widespread belief on the internet that Mjolnir requires a willingness to kill. This comes from the fact that, in crossovers, Wonder Woman has proven Worthy, but Superman has not. A major difference between each character's moral code is that Diana is usually willing to kill. However, I feel like this falls more under self-belief. Superman is character who, I'd argue, doesn't entirely trust himself. After all, he quite often gives Batman kryptonite as a gesture of his trust in Bruce, but it also means he believes he could go out of hand.
(Also, a Paramedic once handed Mjolnir to Thor, and, well. Do no harm, etc. Kinda puts a damper on the kill thing.)
So, basing this analysis on the idea that Worthiness comes from believing yourself Worthy:
The only person I can think of is Pyrrha.
Pyrrha never struggled with doubting herself, unlike... basically everyone in the cast. When offered the Maiden powers, she didn't question her worthiness like Winter and Penny, her struggle was between what she saw as her duty, and her happiness. And ultimately, she did choose her duty. Pyrrha knew what she was capable of, and knew even if she wasn't capable of doing something, she still had to try.
So yeah. Pyrrha would be Worthy, I'd think.
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pilot-boi · 21 hours ago
Ren: Why isn’t the spaghetti in the pot yet
Ruby: The water’s not boiling
Ren: Did… did you just top it off with cold water?
Ruby: Yeah?
Ren: Why’d you put cold water in there?!
Ruby: I thought cold water’s supposed to boil faster than hot water!
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scentedromancandles · 13 hours ago
the inner machinations of Neos mind are an enigma
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rwbybutincorrect · 23 hours ago
Oscar: Why are Ren and Nora sitting with their backs to each other?
Jaune: They had a fight.
Oscar: Then why are they holding hands?
Jaune: They get sad when they fight.
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