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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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I think I made a post on this last year, but I want to make it clear again:

The idea that Nicholas Schnee is dead is a work of fanon.

The sum total of the canon information on the fate of Nicholas Schnee is that he retired due to illness, and left the SDC in Jacques’ hands.

That’s it. That’s everything we were given.

If he turns out to be alive over the course of the Atlas Arc, do not call it a retcon. Because it will not be a retcon.

Is it possible he’s dead? Of course it’s possible. But it is not a certainty, nor has it been clearly hinted at.

But the fandom seems to accept his death as a fact, when it is not, and I’m trying to nip the inevitable complaints in the bud.

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Using some spare time that I have to work on my RWBY oc, Cerise! Here’s some basic info on her.

Name: Cerise Han Brunswick
Age: 18 (this is her younger self)
Semblance: Strings - The ability to control objects that come from her fingertips. They can also be used to maneuver. These strings also have a secondary ability that’s personal to her.

Character background/Summary
Cerise lives in a small village, southwest of Anima, with her mother and father. She’s an easy going and honest girl. She loves eating with people she cares about and can be slightly a hopeless romantic when it comes to adventures and romance novels.

She has a childhood best friend and later becomes friends with another girl in her late teens. This girl happens to become ill and passes away. Suddenly, after her friend passing, Cerise’s life changes and she decides to travel own her own to figure out the mysteries of her new life adjustments. 

During her travels, Cerise crosses path with a lone man traveling on his own. As they’re eyes meet she instantly falls in love and pursues to learn more about this mysterious person. Later, this man becomes her husband, but after years of marriage he goes missing. In search for her husband, Cerise crosses paths with a group consistent of: Team RWBY, ALPN and Qrow. Perhaps they have the answers to helping her find her lost loved one.

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Listening to lots of RWBY music lately, been thinking aboutbthe theme songs, and I just love how in This Will Be the Day you get the lines

“Your world needs a great defender,

Your world’s in the wat of harm.

You want a romantic life,

A fairy tale that’s full of charm.

Beware that the light is fading,

Beware as the dark returns.

This world’s unforgiving,

Even brilliant lights will cease to burn.”

And then, in volume 6, Rising gives us a response to this volume one warning with

“The sky is turning black,

Light is fading fast,

But we don’t surrender!

Shattering the night,

Radiant and bright,

Armored in splendor!

Shining forever!

We are paragon of virtue and glory,

Death can’t bind our endless story,

Infinite, and unbound!”

Like what beautiful fucking progression after the first three volumes got progressively darker and more ominous, a vibe of simple survival in the fourth, some optimism in the fifth, and then finally a full triumphant explosion, a declaration of inevitable victory. God i love this show and its music.

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