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kaiyeti · 5 minutes ago
Yang: I wasn’t sure if I was straight or gay. Then, I met Blake.
Blake: She started sing, “Bi. Bi. Bi.”
Yang: I will never know How I got her to date me after that. Chase your dreams kids.
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thepalestrose · 7 minutes ago
Emerald: Good morning Cinder!
Cinder, storming off: How dare you speak to me in such a manner! I will return when I have come up with a punishment fitting your intolerance!
Mercury: ...Did I miss something?
Emerald: Cinder and I have a unique friendship. I think.
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kaiyeti · 9 minutes ago
Blake: I thought I was the straight on of the team.
Yang: Hellooooo.~
Blake: Than I met my future wife, Yang.
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kaiyeti · 13 minutes ago
Weiss: I am the straight one of the team.
Ruby: And I’M the one that makes her question this.
Weiss: Sigh. Everyday.
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why-i-hate-rwby-now · 19 minutes ago
gosh your thoughts on jaune were really good!! i think it was a mistake to make him leader from the jump, rather than just tactician at first and then have him grow into that role after pyrrha's death... also i'm still baffled as to why he stabbed penny when there was a "death" vortex right there?? a great callback would have been him apologizing to penny before shoving her off the platform (at her request tho) and turning to face down cinder!
omg that would have made so much more sense! Like seriously, if I *had* to die (though they didn’t do a good enough job of establishing that Penny *had* to die but that’s beside the point) and if I had to choose between being stabbed to death by a sword or being rolled off a ledge and falling about fifty feet before disappearing in golden light, I’d choose the second. 
It also would have been interesting if Pyrrha had been the leader in V1-3, and Jaune steps up afterward, like you said. I’m personally not too upset about him being the leader at first, but it would be a fun and interesting AU to see her being in charge instead. 
But yeah, I’m a Jaune fan for sure, and I’m really mad about the way they wrote him in the V8 finale. :/ Like, they literally wrote a script where the main characters all get written out so he can have the angst of murdering one of the most popular characters in the franchise and then in the end he gets dropped into the next season alongside the mains because MKEK is allergic to writing RWBY and pret-ty obviously can’t imagine writing anything other than JRWBY. And now that people are like “Why did Jaune suddenly turn into the only important character in the finale and then murder Penny before becoming the only important character to join RWBY at the beach?” the Simps are like “ALL YOU JAUNE HATERS ARE JUST THROWING A TANTRUM BECAUSE YOU DON’T LIKE HOW POPULAR HE IS” like no you loser lol I like Jaune and btw mentioning a criticism isn’t the same thing as throwing a tantrum lol and actually Jaune is not a ‘super popular character,’ because of the way the writers wrote him, which is actually what I’m frustrated about because I think the character deserves better than what MKEK gives him lol. It’s not my fault your tongue got stuck to Ruby’s iron-toed boots so badly that you haven’t been able to see what the general audience has been saying about Jaune since V1, but yiiiiikes buddy your projection is showing XD
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wu-sisyphus-gang · 25 minutes ago
Jaune: It's not a phase mom you raised a dumb ass. Happy Mother's day.
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wu-sisyphus-gang · 25 minutes ago
Jaune: Happy mother's day Ruby.
Ruby: But I'm not a mom.
Jaune: I can fix that.
Ruby: *incoherent Ruby noises*
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cinwin-central · 26 minutes ago
Winter and Cinder: [having a fistfight]
Weiss: This isn’t what I meant by “express your feelings”!
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aravas-writing · 27 minutes ago
councilman arc: jaune spends his mother's day with his mama and grandmamas but salem also has another stop to make. as her and ozpin remember the daughters that didn't make it. still the sad times pass quickly as the arcs do what they always do and shower sad people in love
It was a brief but solemn moment as two immortals held the silence in memory of what they had lost.
The Arcs were bound to cheer them up with an opulent feast. It was their nature.
But, just for now, solemn silence reigned supreme.
In memoriam.
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aravas-writing · 29 minutes ago
mama's boy au) seeing as nora ruby ren and yang all don't have mothers to celibrate mothers day with mama arc has taken all the children under her wing as well. sun's also there and he at least is really enjoying this whole family thing. jaune's youngest sister even put a bow on his tail! this is great!
A gigantic buffet was prepared by the woman supposed to be celebrated. The reason? Kids!
Those without mothers, specifically. Ruby enjoyed her cookies while wiggling cutely in her seat, Yang almost wolfed her cake slice down once she found out it was strawberry cheesecake, Nora greatly enjoyed headpats from Tori and Ren drank his tea, looking truly content.
Sun was certainly a surprise. Now a bow rested on his tail while he played around with two of the Arc sisters. There was a joke to be made about monkeying around.
Regardless, mama Arc looked truly happy. Jaune could not ask for any more.
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ayoalex · 30 minutes ago
I need you guys to understand that Raven and Willow are redeemable characters but that doesn't make them good moms 💕
Willow still neglected her 3 kids, was an alcoholic mom and let Jacques abuse them.
Raven... Well, lol do I really need to say it?
They have good reasons and maybe even good intentions to do the things they did but that still caused pain to their kids to the point both Yang and Winter think they are worthless, Weiss feels loneliness/lonely no matter what and Whitley was only able to do good things after Weiss helped him through.
Them being great characters that have a reason for being the way they are and being absolutely awful moms can and should co exist.
A characters actions as an adult and their actions as a parent are really different even if it doesn't look like it.
The first one may hurt x person and they can still help or apologize but the other one literary can/will ruin a child life.
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hadesisqueer · 35 minutes ago
Qrow: C'mon, Summer, just think about this. I'm your hottest friend!
Qrow: Wait, no, that's Raven. I'm your nicest friend!
Qrow: No, Tai.
Qrow: I'm your friend!
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dailynnd · 35 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
C011_playing with the fireflies (bis) (1) C012_playing with the fireflies (bis) (2)
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aliza---e · 36 minutes ago
Cinder: Other kids could be cruel. They'd call me names.
Cinder: Dweeb. Chimp. Honkey. Dweeby chimp. Honkey dweeb. And worst of all, Chomsky honk.
Cinder: did you know there is over 87 combinations of these soul-scalding words?
Cinder: I found out the hard way.
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pilot-boi · 36 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Not sure what this is, but it sure is a look
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aravas-writing · 37 minutes ago
Crossover au but also a alternative to the previous post: Cardin did sent Jaune somewhere in that locker, but instead of somewhere dangerous, Jaune was sent to a island with a bunch of girls on vacation. (Dead or alive: extreme games)
What would their reactions be?
Well, they found him during a search as Jaune was huddling in some corner.
Turns out that when you relentlessly flirt with a guy who has been raised to respect women but also suffers from a bit of an inferiority complex, he shuts down nine times out of ten.
The last one tends to run.
Anyway, Jaune now had to deal with a suddenly very affectionate partner, several new scroll numbers texting him and the unending jealousy of a certain mace wielder.
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rosegardensanctuary · 41 minutes ago
Sleeping at different time periods.
One sleeps in the morning for a night shift the other sleeps on regular time. The only time they'll see each other awake is only one hour in the afternoon before the other does their own thing.
Inspired by something that happened to a friend of mine and I felt like I might need to add something to this community. Enjoy.😃
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rei-does-stuff · 45 minutes ago
Hey! You requested asks, so I looked at your page and notice you like RWBY too. I have a fan team I created, Team LTAS (Lotus.) Who are your favorite characters in the show? I like Ruby, Sun, and I love to hate Adam.
Oo I’d love to hear about your fan team!!
My favorite character would definitely have to be Jaune! Blake is another fave of mine tho!!
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