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Can we talk about the sdc for a sec… I find it interesting bc there are 2 general ways this could go.

1. The sdc fails (perhaps due to atlas falling, the ceo being arresting and the heir being a 14-16 year old boy) and smaller dust businesses are allowed to flourish, free from the monopoly.

This one kinda makes me sad?? Yes, the sdc in the present times is an unethical monopolistic company that relies on borderline slave labor but it was created by nicholas schnee I think with good intentions. This option doesn’t really allow the satisfaction of watching the sdc to return to what it was, it’s more of a burn it all down and start of scratch sort of option. However, as I said, smaller businesses will flourish and that’s also a great thing so it’s not necessarily a bad direction to take it.

2. The sdc survives and is reformed to line up with the original honor of the schnee name.

Now this one I find to be much more interesting. Obviously jacques is not going to get redeemed- his abuse of his family already crosses the line and that doesn’t even count everything else about him. Jacques will not be the one who “sees the light” changes the direction of the sdc. Winter has already shown that she is not only uninterested in the sdc but she actively avoids taking any part of it. Weiss has expressed many times that she wants to make right what her father has done with the company- and no doubt she’ll be the main player on this scenario of reforming the sdc since it’s such a huge part of her character motivation. Whitley, I think, will also be a major part of this since he’s the heir and probably the most business-inclined. However, that would involve a lot of character development and depth that his character just doesn’t have at the moment- and I don’t know how I feel about a kid with the issues he has being put in such a high stress position of the literal ceo of a huge company and also a reformer of said company. The same also would go for Willow, too. Neither of them are in a emotional/mental state for that job at the moment imo. They would need a lot of support and healing before they could undertake something so huge. Or nicholas schnee crawls out of his grave and runs the company himself.

Also in this scenario jacques is dead or in jail so that’s an upside :D

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I was listening to red like roses part 2 when I saw the lyrics and realized that it basically retold the story of Salem

Which means that even back then they knew what her deal was

In fact there are older rwby songs that secretly display information about things, even the song time to say goodbye has some elements of future events

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Ruby saw them every morning. The scarlet eyes for which she was named. Her only inheritance from the woman who gave birth to her. The woman who abandoned her. The woman who was anything to her but her mother.

Ruby Xiao-Long was determined to chart her own path beyond the shadow of Raven Branwen. But with a time of peace coming to an end, and fate shifting with every flap of a butterfly’s wings, the path of mother and daughter may yet intertwine. Only time will say if it shall be as allies or foes.


Chapter 6:

Team JSPR lags behind Team BYRN, under the capable leadership of Bella Ebony. But is the enigmatic girl’s authority truly as unquestioned as it seems?

Weiss approaches Professor Peach with concerns about her team leader’s competence. Ruby can’t help but wonder if Team JSPR is already doomed to repeat the mistakes of STRQ.

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Yang:Weiss, what’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?

Weiss:I don’t know. Fight the Paladins? Why?

Yang:Just curious. I guess beating Adam was my hardest.

Blake:Try doing other multiple times.

Ruby:Sup, What are talking about?

Weiss:What’s the hardest thing you’re ever done?




Ruby:*red* Oh you meant like conflict! Beacon was crazy-

Yang:You slept with Jaune!?

Ruby:I was talking about his armor! We’ve spared before!


Ruby:*crimson* STOP JUDGING!!!

Blake:You crack like an egg.

Weiss:We didn’t even say anything.

Yang:I was proud of your pun. That being said, where’s the boy?



Jaune:I sense death.

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White Rose Weekend ( Day 4 )- Free Day

[Ruby sits on the edge of the kitchen , looking over various sacks of beans, coffee, garbanzo, pinto…]

Weiss - Ruby Rose , what in the WORLD are you doing

Ruby - Oh….well I was talking about you to Yang, and then she told me less bean , so I think she wants me to get rid of our beans

Weiss - …..

Ruby - [sad] But she didn’t tell me what KIND of bean

[Weiss sweats]

Ruby - Weiss, which bean should we have less of ?

Weiss - You are so gods damn stupid [pulls Ruby into a kiss]


Writing Requests are open


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