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Something really bad is finna happen to whitley i just feel it, like REALLY REALLY BAD…..

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So recently I’ve been messing around on this site making Emblems for a few for my friends for their Ocs on the Oscar Protection Squad and I decided to make some random ones and post them here.

Anyone who wants to use them for their own OCs, just save it tell me which one you want and I will edit the post, cross it off so no one uses that emblem but whom ever claims it.

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A Dark Past

*ten thousand years ago in Vacuo*

Salem: I know what I want my final wish to be young genie of the lamp

Nora: What is it?

Salem: I wish for my husband to come back to life

Nora: you know I can’t do that it’s against the rules of the lamp

Salem: Hmmm I know that is why I have performed a ceremony that will make it so I can allow you to grant any wish

Nora: y-you did what?! That’s dark magic!

Salem: I know,  and I’m sorry but I will not take no for an answer *hand is covered in a reddish black glow, touches lamp*

Nora: *starts to wither in pain* w-what are y-you doing to me!!!?!?

Salem: what needs to be done *removes hand as the magic settles over the bottle*

Nora: *crying and curling into a ball* it hurts so much

Salem: I’m sorry but I had to do it, I can’t live without him, so as Stated before I wish for you to bring him back

Nora: *shakily folds arms and nods* your wish i-is my command. *wakes up almost screaming*

Nora: *shaking* i-it was just a dream, she’s not here s-she can’t get to you *looks around her lap before hugging the blanket closer around herself* y-your safe its fine


*else where*

??????:  *cloaked figure looking over a book of dark magic hand glowing a slight reddish colour* the lamp will be mine soon………you can’t hide her from me forever Weiss

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Yang: RUBY WHERE ARE YOU?! Gah! How can I lose my only sister?!

Weiss: Huh, I think I was suppose to tell her something, but what.

Blake: I’m sure it’s nothing too important.


Ruby: *throws a skee ball* Yes! I can already smell those tickets!

Jaune: Told you hanging at the Funland was the best idea ever instead of Yang’s board game night. *walks to the ticket booth*

Ruby: Hehehe yeah, wait Yang! I forgot to tell her where I was! I better call her!

Jaune: Hey Rubes check it out! *holding two hover boards* Look what I got thanks to the tickets!

Ruby:….I’m sure she doesn’t miss me.

Jaune: What?

Ruby: I said hand me a board noodle boy! I’ll race you to the pizza joint!

Jaune: You’re on Rose!

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Pretty much the same as regular Iceberg, except for the lewd headcanons. Eg. While I have Neptune being a strict bottom who always gets pegged by Weiss, genderbent I’d have Neptunia (fem!Neptune) being a strict top who always pegs Winston (male!Weiss).

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Thinking about the possible first date from this fic by @hopeofmorning910 but also I’m just really soft for them 100% of the time

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Weiss: what?

Nora: ah yes good truly the game of gods

Weiss: i am so confused

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Weiss: *sighs* I honestly wish, that she didn’t push herself as far as she did, its not so much the scars that bother me more that she thought that was her only option

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Rubert: soft Squishy.


William: oh my god. Oh my gods!

Blake: i never wanna get up again.

Yin: choke me mommy


*i forgot genderbent pyrrha name: *excited spartan noises*

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Zwei and Torchwick wearing Valentine’s Day outfits. Cinder and Jaune wearing thier Beacon Ball outfits. Weiss Schnee wearing a beach day inspired outfit and an ice skating outfit. All from RWBY: Amity Arena. (Posted January 22, 2021)

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Sun: What do you wanna do tonight?

Weiss: World domination.

Sun: That’s pretty ambitious.

Weiss: You are my world.

Sun, blushing: Weiss…

Sun: Wait

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Incorrect - FreezerBurn

Yang: A law is a law when you know it exists. Ignorance will keep me out of prison.

Weiss: First of all, no, that’s not how it works. And second what on remnant are you doing that could land you in prison!?

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Sorry in advance for being gone lmao life is bullshit sometimes, anyways have this cute lil weissy

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Weiss: Sure, I meant some of the most insufferable people at Beacon.

Weiss: But, they also met me.

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