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#weiss schnee
adamdidnothingwrong · 2 minutes ago
Weiss: Do you know what NTR is?
Blake: you mean that Japanese porn subgenre?
Weiss: what? No, you stupid fuck! We are doing chemistry homework right now. Can you stop talking about hentai for once?
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unumchuchi · an hour ago
Tumblr media
White rose week!! Day 5: Hero and villain
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silentmagi · an hour ago
Weiss Schnee x Ilia Amitola in "Fake It 'Til You Make It"
Weiss has to go back home and deal with her family, what's more, she is to bring a guest as there is an important event, and she will need a partner to avoid a social Faux Pas.
As all of her teammates are busy, she is growing desperate, until she finds a woman looking to road trip to Atlas on the side of the road. She is cute, and looks like she would clean up well. And it's not like it's a secret of her preferences with her family.
Besides, it's an original concept isn't it? Bringing a fake date to a social event she doesn't want to attend. Perhaps she should read more romance novels...
#If you expect canon... you're in the wrong place.
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willownoir1112 · an hour ago
Hiya everyone! Wyn here with today's White Rose Week submission! Today is all about Ghost Spider Weiss and Scarlet Spider Ruby, or perhaps I should say....
Carnage Ruby!
For reference, this occurs during Marvel's recent Knull the Dark Symbiote God event. I hope everyone enjoys, and I'll see you again tomorrow!
Hero and Villain
The only thing that can be heard is an occasional thwip. The only thing that can be seen is a white ghost darting through the shadows as it approaches the bell tower at the NYU campus. No one can see the look of concern behind the mask, or the look of terror in the woman's blue eyes.
Weiss Schnee, the Ghost Spider, is terrified that she is too late to save Ruby. Again.
This isn't the Tower of London, nor is she fighting a mind controlled Captain Britain. Ruby, her original Ruby, wasn't being used as a pawn against her by Doctor Doom. She isn't beaten, broken, or facing her own death at the hands of Oscar Von Doom. Instead, she watched as her Ruby falls to her death, while she screamed and struggled against Captain Britain's unyielding grip.
It's been five years since she stayed with Ruby thanks to their best friend, Penny. It's been ten years since the death of her Ruby, and she still has nightmares that keep her awake at night, clinging to her Scarlet Spider.
She hasn't needed the bracelet in six months now, not since...
That terrible loss, that overwhelming failure made her hang up her costume for a full year. She couldn't bear to even look at it, it's mangled remains a constant reminder that she failed the woman she loved more than her own life. Her own life stopped that day, when she lost her Leiben, and only started again when she met her new reality's Ruby Matthews.
She has to hurry, Knull's hold on Carnage is weakening thanks to a new ally of her own. One she never would have expected in a million years.
"I can feel her."
Weiss comes to a stop, hiding herself in a darker corner of the bell tower. "Are you certain?" She whispers back as she looks around cautiously.
"She is my mother, no matter what the bastard God says. But she will sense me too, Weiss."
"I know, Anti Venom." She mutters as she slowly crawls out of the shadows and up the wall, pausing every few feet to check their surroundings. The newly born symbiote had sought her out after the defeat of the Avengers at Carnage's taloned hands, promising she can help bring Ruby back out of the murderous symbiote and deny the God of Darkness another loyal soldier. All she asked for is a proper host to bond to in return.
It worries her that the symbiote has already told her she's satisfied with her new host.
"Wow. Mom made a mess."
She blinks as she makes her way inside through a hole in the side of the tower, and stares at all the blood red webbing strewn everywhere. Looking around, she almost gasps in alarm as she sees both Firestar as well as Iron Maiden webbed to the massive bell, the two of them in obvious pain as they lay stretched across the iron surface.
"Mein gott…" She whispers as her eyes widen in shock and more than a small bit of horror. A horror that grows worse as Firestar begins to scream in pain, a jagged piece of webbing tightening across her midsection.
"Going to try to burn me again, bitch?!" The voice is like nails on a chalkboard to her ears, making her wince as she makes her way higher and into more nearby shadows. God but does she despise Carnage, the bitch stole her Ruby from her during a moment of weakness and anger.
"FUCK YOU, YOU EMO BITCH!" She hears Cinder yells back at the symbiote in her own pain filled rage. "LET ME LOOSE SO I CAN BURN YOUR ASS OFF MY BEST FRIEND!"
"We need to stop Carnage before this gets worse, AV." Weiss finds a spot on the wall where it's clear of red webbing and sets up a beacon in her pouch. Pushing the power button, she nods in satisfaction as a green light blinks for several moments before turning a solid green color, signaling it's readiness.
"I have a plan, but it's not going to be easy." The symbiote admits to her as she begins to climb down the wall carefully, working her way past more of the webbing. "Honestly, it's extremely dangerous, and may get us both killed."
"Story of my life." The Ghost Spider grumbles as she finds a good spot from which to launch herself at the bell. "Where the hell is she?" She mutters as she looks around curiously.
"Boo!" Weiss screams in a panic as Carnage's upside down face appears in front of her's, a malevolent grin on her red and black face. Her instincts take over, and she immediately throws a left hook at the symbiote, which she blocks easily by simply grabbing her hand with one of her own.
She can't help but stare in horror at the sight of so much blood, both dried as well as fresh, on the talons the cursed symbiote uses for fingers.
"You know how predictable you are, right?" Carnage mocks her as she begins to squeeze painfully. But to her surprise, the ultra violent symbiote begins to growl in a growing rage as the vice like grip slowly lessens. "Go back to sleep, you little whiny bitch!"
"Ruby! Please, Leiben! Fight her!" The Ghost Spider aims with a kick next, catching the distracted psychopathic entity solidly in the chest and knocking her away and into some of her own webbing. "Leiben, stop letting this Hündin control you!"
"I'M IN CONTROL!" Carnage shrieks in a rage as she throws spears of solidified webbing back at the white haired spider woman, who dodges them as quickly as she can manage. "NOT THAT WEAK WILLED, MOUTHY PUERTO RICAN BITCH!"
"Weiss, she's losing control."
"So I see." She blinks as she realizes that she feels herself calming down. She feels her pulse slowly back to her norm for combat, as well as her senses focus themselves once more. "AV?"
"I'm sorry, but this is all I can do." The fledgling symbiote admits quietly. "I can help you fight the fear effect Carnage generates around her, keep you calm. But anything more…"
She sees the movement a split second before her own curiousity overrides her well honed battle instincts. Leaping high as she thwips out, she slingshots herself clear of the violent symbiote to avoid a pair of axe hands aiming for her. "What's wrong? Can't handle my foul mouthed Leiben, whore?" She calls out mockingly as she releases her lines and thwips out again, this time towards the bell and it's captives.
"After I kill you, I'll destroy her mind with the memory of me skinning you alive while I laugh!" Carnage snarls in her rage as she launches herself rapidly after the white themed heroine. "I'm gonna laugh while she screams, while I kill you, that fire bitch, and the mechanical slut too!"
"LET ME LOOSE, PUTA!" Cinder screams back, her rage growing along with her heat. "YOU AREN'T KEEPING RUBY FROM US ANYMORE!"
"I completely agree!" Penny's look makes Weiss shudder. It is a look of pure malevolence that is aimed at the approaching symbiote. "I WILL MAKE YOU PAY FOR EVERY SECOND YOU HAVE TORTURED MY FRIEND!"
Weiss ignores the two women she and Ruby consider their best friends as she swings wide to avoid another slash from the enraged alien. She has to reach Penny with the pair of bracelets hidden in a secret slot of her suit, so that she can summon an army she and her assistant Jaune prepared for her. But her rage is making the symbiote more and more reckless, which is making it more and more difficult to do anything more than dodge.
At least, until the ball of fire slams into Carnage, knocking her through a wall as she shrieks in agony.
"COMO ME GUSTA AHORA?!" Firestar yells mockingly as she keeps burning herself and Penny out of the webbing, the ginger grimacing as the last bits and pieces of her Mark 22 armor begins to superheat.
"I myself would like you far more if you didn't turn me into a roast while breaking us free!"
Weiss rolls her eyes as she lands on the bell above the two women, lending a careful hand. "We need to hurry, my friends." The German born woman declares as she rips enough webbing off of Penny's arms to attach one of the bracelets. Stopping for a moment, while the ginger haired heroine looks oddly at her, she moves a hand to the side of her mask and presses an unseen button. "Jaune, please say that armor is prepared?"
"Ummmm, hit a small bit of a snag!" The long time, long suffering, absolutely loyal assistant to Penny calls back nervously. "Having some issues with the weapons you packed into this thing!"
Her facepalm gets a chuckle out of her two best friends, who have finished freeing each other, Cinder slowly lowering Penny to the stone floor. "Forget the spinning rims and bass speakers! We need that thing ASAP!"
"Weiss, do you have spare comms for me and Cinny?" The Iron Maiden asks as she finishes stripping off the broken pieces of her armor quickly.
The heroine nods as she tosses them both earwigs, along with the second bracelet for the ginger. "Cinny, you ready to keep that thing busy until Jaune learns to follow simple instructions?"
"Lead the way, Ghosty!" The dark haired beauty declares as her eyes begin to glow brightly in her rage, her feet leaving the ground as she comes to a hover.
"Jaune, calm down and we'll go through them together, ok?" The ginger calls out soothingly while shooting a nasty look at Weiss, who flips her off in return. Together, the Ghost Spider and Firestar begin to move towards the giant hole in the wall when they hear cackling.
"Warriors! Come out and plaaaaaaay!"
"Oh fuck that bitch!" Cinder growls angrily as flames begin to flicker around her clenched fists. "The Warriors is mine and Ruby's thing!"
"Keep your wits about you, Cinder." Weiss grabs her by one shoulder, turning her to face her while removing her mask. "Cerise and Joanna need their Tia Ruby back, and Summer needs her Mami. We cannot fail them, or Ruby."
Taking a deep breath, the volatile mutant nods in agreement as she relaxes her hands, shaking them out to loosen them up. "Ruby's more important than needing to get even." She declares firmly before she smiles wickedly. "Still gonna be fun burning that whore off of her though!"
"Buy me five more minutes! He was closer to being done than he thought!" The Iron Maiden calls out as she taps the bracelets nervously.
"Come on you pussies! I don't have all night!"
"Weiss, please stop Mom. This world does not need an evil like her's. Her master is bad enough." Anti Venom adds quietly. "All we wished for was peace. To find a place we belonged and could live in harmony with partners who would not abuse or misuse us. But Knull wishes to end everything, and he is misusing my mother and the other symbiotes to do it. He is misusing the mother of my new host to bring his darkness to the entire universe. They must both be stopped."
Weiss blinks, even as her hand instinctively covers her still flat stomach. Cinder of course does not miss the act and frowns. "You're sitting the rest of this out, Ghosty." She declares firmly before looking at Penny and pointing at the white haired woman. "Pregnant again!"
"You're pregnant?!" The ginger looks at her in a growing rage. "And you risked yourself to rescue us?! I'm calling Sun and Yang to come help!"
"No time!" The Ghost Spider declares as she suddenly raises an arm and thwips out a webline. "I cannot live with myself if I do not rescue the mother of my children. I cannot fail my Leiben twice in one lifetime!" The glare she levels at them both causes the two seasoned heroines to step back instinctively.
"I will rescue my Leiben, no matter the cost." She declares evenly before pulling her mask back down. "I will not return to my home without her, because I promised Summer I would return with her Mami." She adds coldly before pulling on the webline and launching herself forward and towards the psychopathic symbiote.
"I'll watch her back!" Cinder Fall, the Firestar, declares as she launches behind her. "Tell Jaune to hurry the fuck up!" She yells over her shoulder before vanishing.
"Jaune, please hurry!"
"It's ready! Summon it now!"
Penny nods as she hits the buttons on both bracelets, while whispering a prayer that the new suit as well as she herself aren't too late to help save her best friend or her pregnant wife…
"VAYA PARA EL INFIERNO!" Firestar screams as she launches jets of superheated flames from both her palms at the symbiote, who dodges neatly.
"Your aim is as lousy as your love life, Cinny Winny!" Carnage mocks her as she slings more spears of solid webbing back at her, the heroine simply blasting them out of the air. But the symbiote once again screams in pain as Weiss kicks her into one of the jets with both feet, while swinging with a webline.
"Shut your mouth!" The Ghost Spider roars as she flips in midair to avoid the same jet of flames. "And stay out of my wife's memories! They are not yours to ruin!"
"I'll ruin whatever I want, bitch!" The symbiote roars in her rage as she tumbles out and away from the flames. But she begins to scream once more as Penny emerges from the nearby tower and assaults the symbiote in high and low frequency sound waves.
"I beg to differ." The mechanical genius counters as Cinder joins her, the two of them now hammering on Carnage with a combined assault that soon leaves her laying prone on the ground.
"Ella está muerta?" Firestar calls out cautiously as they stay airborne, while Weiss approaches slowly.
"I am unsure." She admits before squealing in surprise as the symbiote suddenly grabs her by the throat and lifts her up while rising.
"If I'm going to die today, I'm taking you with me…"
"Mother! Please, stop this!" Anti Venom begs as Weiss struggles against the powerful grip that is cutting off her airway. "She is with child! She is carrying my new host!"
"And why should I care?! No! Go back to sleep!" Dropping the Ghost Spider, Carnage begins to scream as she ripples violently. "Stop! What are you doing?!"
"Not… my… wife!" Ruby screams as she suddenly rips the symbiote from her face, her silver eyes glowing. "Not my child, you bitch!" All three women and fledgling symbiote watch as the Scarlet Spider unleashes venom shock after venom shock to the crimson red creature until it finally pulls itself free of her with a scream of agony.
"Cinny! Penny! Ahora!"
Both women waste no time, and restart their deadly bombardment on the shrieking alien, while Weiss helps Ruby walk away as quickly as possible.
"Ruby! Thank God!" Weiss pulls the taller woman into a hug while sobbing. One returned in kind by a crying Ruby.
"I think… I think I need some help for my anger issues, Snowflake…" The Scarlet Spider admits quietly while holding the sobbing woman in her arms. "Carnage… took me over too easily. I… didn't fight her off as hard as I should have."
"Shhhh." The Ghost Spider smiles up at her while wiping her tears away. "Then we'll contact Dr. Goodwitch. If the leader of the X-Men cannot help, then we will find someone who can."
Before another word can be said, both women get tackled down by Penny and Cinder and into a group hug that leaves them all a bit battered, bruised, and more than a little crispy…
-Afterword: Eight Months, Six Days, and twenty hours later-
"She's so beautiful." Weiss gushes as she holds little Willow Luna Rose in her arms.
"Yeah. Yeah she is." Ruby agrees as she holds a staring Summer. "But I thought she was a host for a symbiote?"
"We are one." Anti Venom replies quietly as she ripples across the newborn's skin.
"Does that answer your question, my Dolt?"
"Sure does, Snowflake. And I guess welcome to the family too, AV!"
"Thanks, Mom…"
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nexyra · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
As promised... Here is my RWBY Enneagram chat !
Here are close-ups for the text (can be hard to read on tumblr)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If you're not an avid typologist you might ask... What IS Enneagram ? And it is my duty to at least quickly introduce you to the concept & not just dump this chart on you :D
For an extensive reading of each type, you can check out this link
And for a quick overview : Enneagram is a typology system (like MBTI or Socionics). It can be a pretty helpful tool, because its focus lies on WHY you act the way you do : discussing the coping mechanism that built themselves out of your childhood struggles/traumas (big & small).
Enneagram is about your core fears, motivations, and how you relate to 3 main emotions (fear, anger & shame). There are 9 types, divided in 3 groups for each emotion & distinguishing 3 main ways to react to them.
Head types deal with Fear
Heart types deal with Shame
Gut types deal with Anger
And the three main ways Enneagram describes to deal with these emotions are : Embrace, Dissociate and Deny.
If I use the Gut types as an example :
Type 1 DISSOCIATE and detach themselves from their anger. They're aware that they're frustrated & angry, but resist this emotion because they want to rationalize it, and only share anger when they feel it is deserved. Their frustration eventually leaks out, and 1s become overly critical. By keeping their emotions and expressions on such a tight leash, 1s grow frustrated and appear as controlled & rigid individuals.
Type 9 DENY and avoid their anger. They numb it until they can barely recognize that they're angry at all. They dumb down or run away from pain & confrontation, in search for simple and painless solutions. Anger has never done anything for them, so they don't feel as though it is worth losing so much energy over. Since they tend to avoid conflict, 9s appear complacent and agreeable.
Type 8 EMBRACE and control their anger. They accept it as part of who they are, and don't care to tone it down for the sake of others. Infused with their anger, they become tough & assertive, chasing away vulnerability and those who would try to control them. Anger protects them, and they use it as a tool. Because they refuse to show weakness and see no reason to bend for others, 8s appear agressive and confrontational.
The same gymnastic happens for the Head or Heart types, but with their respective emotions. Technically, as the 3 groups each deal with different emotions; anyone trying to use enneagram to analyze their own behaviour should also be able to find 3 types (one in each group) they're able to relate to ! Together they make up your tritype :)
There is of course a lot more to enneagram that I woud love to delve into (such as the triads, which are another way to look at the types repartition and what aspects they have in common) but this is the gist of it ! If you're interested or have any questions, you can check out more links at the end (and the Amino community I'm in) oooor just ask me questions !! I'll always be happy to help or answer
Tests do exist like for any personnality theory BUT I happen to know & think they suck; because no one knows & understands you as well as yourself. You can check out answer in an online test, but you can't tell him WHY you chose that answer, and the why is what matters most in Enneagram. So... If that's your kind of thing, just slowly gets to know the theory and yourself. There is NEVER any rush.
Good evening to you all ! *bows*
Enneagram - Rule of Three Enneagram - Healthy or not ? Integration & Disintegration Enneagram - The Triads
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hadesisqueer · 3 hours ago
I love the Schnees but they have the same vibes as these Brit/German/Nordic tourists who come to Spain in summer, wear flowery shirts and sandals with socks and get so sunburnt that they look like tomatoes.
Better than the ones who do balconing while they're drunk of course, but the sandal with socks—
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rwbybutincorrect · 4 hours ago
Weiss, standing outside the Xiao Long-Rose household with a sign that says “Marry Me?”: 
Yang, walking outside:
Yang: oh my god
Weiss: No not you! Go tell Ruby!
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gabecebro · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Weiss’s “summer”
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rwby-rambles · 5 hours ago
Yang: My gauntlets reminds me of my girlfriend.
Weiss: Why?
Yang: Strong and very sexy.
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call-me-aesthetic · 5 hours ago
Here’s Team RWBY but with TWST boys instead
Reference to this post
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Had to delete the original post since I didn’t like how some of the edits looked, sorry.
Anyways, y’all know I had to make this crossover, I’m just in love with this show! ❤️🤍🖤💛
Should I make more edits of this AU with different characters instead as I patiently wait for Volume 9 to come out?
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fillmargarin · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
@white-rose-week Day 6: Royalty/bodyguard AU
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tupayapsina · 6 hours ago
Weiss: You are an absolute fucking dork
Ruby, singing: Yeah, but I'm your dork!
Weiss: [sighs] Yeah, you're my dork
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anthurak · 6 hours ago
Consider the following: If Weiss were to dye her hair black, start brooding more and generally just go full Goth, and maybe loose Ruby somewhere along the way...
We’d pretty much just be left with Raven.
TLDR; Raven is what happens if Weiss went full goth and never looked back.
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gorillageek27 · 6 hours ago
Ruby "Ruby Reaper" Rose
Weiss "Ice Queen" Schnee
Blake "Bookworm" Belladonna
Yang "Firecracker" Xiao Long
Ruby" cool
Weiss: hhmp!
Blake: ...
Yang: yeah!
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booksbea · 7 hours ago
Qrow: Every time I see Ice Queen, my heart clenches and I get all nervous. Taiyang: That's because you love her.
Winter: Every time I see Qrow, my heart clenches and I get all nervous. Weiss: Don't get close to him again, you seem to have an allergic reaction.
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tupayapsina · 7 hours ago
Weiss: I'm gonna take a shower. Do you care to join me?
Ruby: You know, Weiss, there's a gun in the footlocker in the garage. If I ever say "no" to that question, I want you to use it on me
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