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Day 4 - Free day (Halloween/birthday) for @white-rose-weekend

Ruby giggled to herself as she looked at herself in the mirror and adjusted her cloak. Today is a special day! It’s her birthday and it’s Halloween! There were so many sweets that she could have!

Not only that, she had the sweetest girlfriend of all! And she could celebrate Weiss’ first Halloween with her as a couple!

“Today is going to be so great!” Ruby twirled in a circle then looked towards the bathroom. “Weiss? Are you ok in there? Do you need help putting on your costume?”

Ruby didn’t know what Weiss was going to wear. The only thing that she knew was that Weiss walked in there about an hour ago with a large black bag.

“I’m fine! Blake should be over any minute to help me finish it up!” Weiss called back from the door.

Read more at FF.Net and Ao3

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I intended to play around with writing a bit more than this for @white-rose-weekend, but the past few days ended up being more stressful than anticipated, so this all I got.

a very on the nose scene where Ruby and Weiss literally plant a white rose.  In my defense, I tried to make it as sweet as possible.

(since I didn’t end up using a prompt I guess it’s for free day?)

(also admittedly posting a little early on that count - I’m updating my blog’s index tonight and really don’t want this one to get lost)


A Single, Unbloomed Rose

Dirt cakes under Weiss’s nails as she digs a small hole in the rich soil.  She stops, frowns, and gingerly plucks an earthworm up from where it was in her way.  Weiss places the small creature where it can go about its burrowing without disturbing her.

Oh, yes, she’ll certainly wash her hands thoroughly when they go inside, and there definitely won’t be a speck of dirt anywhere to be found.  Right now, though?  It feels nice, in an odd way Weiss is still getting used to feeling.  Back home, in Atlas, for one of the Schnee children to be planting flowers in the garden was unheard of.  The trouble they’d be in for sullying themselves with ‘common work’ would be immense.

Not that Weiss or Whitley ever really tried after Mother started favoring the gardens as her place to go to drink.  Weiss can’t recall if Winter did either, before she left, but she doubts it.

“Here’s the next one.  Careful it’s thorns are super sharp.”  Ruby’s pleasant voice draws Weiss out of her less than pleasant thoughts.  Weiss takes a moment to look at her partner, sitting beside her wearing a comically too-large for her, wide-brimmed hat (they’re going to be gardening, Ruby told her, you have to have a gardening hat while you garden, Weiss).  Weiss can’t say she completely understands the principle of that, but Ruby looks cute and…that’s what matters most, isn’t it?

Weiss gently pinches the rose’s stem between two of its thorns with one hand and cups its tightly-curled up, ivory bud with the other.  She doesn’t want it to tremble and shake as she lowers it into the hole she made for it.

Ruby reaches over and sprinkles the newly planted rose with her watering can.  “There.  Drink up, little flower, you’ve got to grow big and strong.”

Weiss rolls her eyes.  “You know it can’t actually understand a word you’re saying,” she teases Ruby.  “It’s a plant.”

“Weiss!”  Ruby gasps over dramatically and places a hand over her chest.  “How can you say that?  You’ll discourage it, and it’s practically our child!”

“Really, Ruby?”

Ruby grins in her ‘I-can-do-this-all-day-whether-or-not-you-stop-me’ smile.  “Yes.  It needs to know we’re here for it.  So it can bloom when its ready.”

Weiss looks at the rose bud, whose white petals haven’t budged towards blooming in the second or two since its planting.  She looks back at Ruby, at Ruby’s lips, which are the pink-ish red of some of the other roses they’ll plant today.  She wonders what it would be like to lean forward and press her own lips against Ruby’s.  Will they feel like rose petals? Weiss wonders.

She won’t learn now.  Soon, but not in this moment.

“I suppose you’re right,” Weiss concedes, turning her attention back to the flower.  “We need to be here for it when it blooms.”

And it will.  When she’s ready.

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Whiterose weekend day 3: (angst, character death) loss and recovery

Weiss sighed as she walked over to a gravestone, placing a few pink roses down. “I… I’m sorry…” She sighed and sat down, looking over the nameplate. “It’s been a few years, hasnt it? I… I didnt mean for things to go this way. I just…” She wiped away a few tears with her mechanical hand. “You saved me and… I just… couldnt do the same for you. When I think about it now, that fight we had just seemed silly but I… I never really forgave you and I’m sorry.” Weiss stood up and brushed the snow off the nameplate, looking at Ruby’s name. “If you can hear me, I… I wanted to say I forgive you and that… I hope you can do the same for me. And… I still… I still love you…”

She stood there for a few minutes, not really sure what she was waiting for. She sighed and started walking, rose petals starting to kick up in the breeze. She smiled warmly, realizing everything would be okay.

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no promises I’ll get one done for each day, but heyyyyyy gays
PROMPT: Firsts


It was so quick at first that Weiss barely recognised it’d even happened. Although, the slight tingling on her cheek was enough to draw her attention.

The heiress stepped back in surprise, holding the side of her face as if she’d been stung by something. Ruby was left behind, a rampant crimson tint shading her features while anxious silver pools watched every move her partner made. Weiss’ mouth dried up, the cogs in her brain spinning frantically.

“Ruby.. did you just-” The final words caught on barbs on her tongue, clogging her throat up with her own heart. The taller woman across from Weiss reeled back on her heels, her gaze moving to her dirt-caked boots beneath her with a nervous laugh. Weiss could hardly hear her over the drumming of her heart in her own ears.

“You’ve so red, Weiss,” Ruby laughed. Weiss swallowed thickly, a wave of frustration washing over her.

“So are you, dolt!”

Weiss frowned as Ruby laughed again, resting her forearm over her eyes as the blush got hotter. The heiress pressed her cool hands to her face, desperately willing the warmth on her face to dissipate.

Had Ruby just kissed her?

“Why- did you..” Weiss couldn’t even say the word, her heart beating it’s way up her throat to sit in her mouth. She looked away from Ruby as the girl flashed her an amused smirk. “Why am I blushing so much?!”

“Can I do it again?” Ruby asked, closer than before. Weiss whipped her head up, her ocean-tinted eyes meeting Ruby’s endless silver ones. Ruby was so close, a hand gripping Weiss’ forearm gently, sending electricity ripping throughout her muscles. The ivory skinned woman took a tense breath, her senses overwhelmed by the smell of sweet roses, the smell of Ruby.

“If that’s okay with you,” Ruby reiterated, her warm breath brushing off Weiss’ cheekbones. The heiress stared back, wide eyed. Her chest was getting warm, smothering her between heat and the pure presence of her partner. Weiss tenderly bit the soft back of her lip, before lifting her own hand to rest against Ruby’s hard stomach.

“Okay,” she whispered back, breathless. A warm pair of fingers reached up to tilt Weiss’ head, cradling her chin like it was made of the finest powder, and would blow away at the gentlest wind. Ruby’s head dipped, Weiss closed her eyes, and waited.


Weiss let out a loud yelp as she catapulted out of her bed, landing on the soft carpeted floor with a hard thump. Her navy bed sheets were tangled around her legs, her breath coming in heaves as she lay sprawled on the dorm floor. Ruby’s head appeared over the side of her own, unhinged curiosity and concern staring down at Weiss.

“Weiss? Did you fall out of bed?” She asked, a bemused frown on her face, “Wow, you’re so red. Are you sick?”

Weiss gulped dryly, staring back at Ruby for a moment. A dream, it had all just been a sick, haunting dream. A shuddering sigh left her as her breath finally caught up with her, rolling onto her side with a groan as she got to her feet. She could hear Yang chuckling nearby as she straightened her night shirt, scowling at the stubborn blush that still stained her face.

“Looks like our ice queen had a case of morning wood.” Yang prodded, refueling the fires burning across Weiss’ body. She glared at Yang with the most hatred, embarrassed driven stare she could conjure, before stomping into the bathroom and slamming the door behind her. She slid to the floor in humiliation as Yang’s bellowing laughs resonated off the walls.

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Day 2: Reunion / College AU for @white-rose-weekend

“Nervous?” Tai patted her shoulder as they got into the truck. “Yang will be there, but I don’t think that you’d be in the same room, would you?”

“We might be. Not sure yet.” Ruby shrugged and sighed. “Beacon Academy usually rooms you with four people, right? I really hope Yang and Blake are in the same room as me.” She sighed again.

Tai chuckled. “You could ask them for a private room or a room with one person if you’re not comfortable.” He hummed as he drove, then frowned. “Are you upset that you couldn’t get into Atlas Academy?”

Read more at FF.Net and Ao3

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Whiterose weekend day 2: (angst) reunion

Ruby sighed as she stepped off the airship in Atlas. It had been months since she’d last been here. Ever since the fight… She hesitated once she saw the familiar form of Weiss on the platform. Weiss hadnt looked like she changed a day.

Weiss watched Ruby step off the airship and sighed. “Great… of course it’d be you I’m paired up with.”

“We havent seen eachother in months. I thought our reunion would be a bit more-”

“Happy?” Weiss scoffed. “You threw that out the window.”

Yup…. no change… Ruby sighed. “I was going to say more friendly. Or atleast, less hostile.” She put her bag over her shoulder and walked down to Weiss. “It’s just one mission. We can act like we like eachother for at least that long, right?”

Weiss sighed and started walking off. “Fine. But once this mission is over-”

“I know, I know… you dont want to see me again.” Ruby caught up to Weiss and walked next to her. “Dont you think it’s about time we talked? What happened was months ago and I regretted it since it happened. I… I want to start over again with you.”

Weiss stopped for a moment. “There is no starting over again. We’ll finish this mission and then we’ll see how things go from there.”

Ruby nodded, smiling a little bit. “I’ll be looking forward to it.”

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