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#rwby ruby

It’s funny how many of the “Yang is a bad sister to Ruby and only cares about Blake now” crowd also seem to desperately want Yang’s entire character to return to revolving solely around Ruby. And by funny I mean transparent and infuriatingly hypocritical.

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players and pieces is truly the best episode - you got quality content for the holy quadrinity of ships (whiterose, bumbleby, arkos, renora), sick ass weapons and fights, the relationships aren’t crumbling and falling to pieces yet, the gang has 72% less trauma, pyrrha is still alive-

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So, im seeing alot of people mad that Yang isn’t talking about ruby but Blake. And not that anyone asked. But here is my opinion

Yang and Ruby are sisters. And like i get they prob need to have a conversation but Sisters disagree. Sisters fight, sisters say things they either don’t mean or they regret. But that happens all the time. And at the end of the day you are sisters. And you will be there for each other no matter what. And thats important, but it doesn’t need to be said. Yang is not worried about Ruby’s opinion about her. Bc like she knows no matter what they will be ok. I can see that some people don’t understand this. They even show this, with blake being worried. But Weiss isn’t and neither is jaune. Why? They get it. They have siblings and they know.

Now for Blake. I get why she’s worried. Yang has abandonment issues. Everyone she has loved has left her. And as harsh as it is to say, no one came back for her. She went to find Ruby. Not the other way around. Weiss was looking for Winter and ran into yang. And blake was at haven for the white fang and ran into RWY. No one chose to come back to her, even after losing an arm no one went to Yang. So now they are separated again bc they disagreed on what was the right path. And shes worried. Shes worried that when they meet up again that blake will think less of her. And I get that. They are in like this relationship limbo bc they haven’t really talked about what they are to each other. And yeah they established that they are protecting each other and staying together. But that doesn’t guarantee blakes feelings for her. So she’s feeling self conscious about that. And I get that.

And as for people who think that she should prioritize ruby over blake or that ruby would be mad bc she does I also disagree. Like for 1 how selfish do you think ruby is? Ruby loves Yang. And from the ending of season 6 I think its obvious that ruby knows how they feel for each other and is happy for them. And 2. Since blake and yang are moving in the direction of having a romantic relationship that puts Blake above ruby. Like anyone with siblings knows that. Like I love my sister and brothers, but my gf comes first. You are stuck with your siblings but your partner is who you are choosing to be with for the rest of your life, and it is understood that they will have similar choices to make. Ruby may get together with Oscar, or Weiss, or Penny, or maybe shes Asexual. But Ruby’s partner will be above yang. Its may sound harsh. But its reality and it doesn’t take anything aways from your relationships with your siblings it just means you love someone in a way that it becomes your priority and there is nothing shameful about that.

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My thoughts and theories for this episode!


I really like this Qrow and Robyn dynamic! I really like how she and Qrow had a moment where she told him how difficult it has been for her to form a connection with someone. I think they’re gonna be a powerful team when taking down Ironwood.


I also really liked how Robyn immediately told Qrow it wasn’t his fault. Although Qrow did play a part, Clover didn’t have to fight. Not to mention, I’ve rewatched the fight with Tyrian, Qrow, and Clover after they crashed in the airship multiple times. Im still confused as to why Clover was so adamant about fighting. Either way, they both had an opportunity to stop, Qrow was just reacting IMO. Maybe Clover chose to focus on Qrow instead of Tyrian during the fight because he thought of him as the more dangerous opponent? I’d love to hear some theories cause I really can’t understand.


So this here is starting to make me think that the Ace Ops are going to play a role with helping Robyn and Qrow take out Ironwood. Harriet is starting to question Ironwoods authority, what he says, and wether it’s all true. Marrow has been doing the same since Volume 7. I think that the Ace Ops at the very least are going to be the ones to provide Robyn and Qrow an escape from their cells. I think the confrontation part is where they will differ in how to handle Ironwood, depending on how the rest of the season and his choices play out.


I’m really enjoying how the sister dynamic is working with Ruby and Yang. They’re sisters. They love each other. This isn’t their first fight. Keep in mind too, I think this has barely been a day story wise. It’s not like it’s been a week. And already, Ruby had called Yang. She’s rightfully worried because she knows that Yang wouldn’t answer for no reason. I think Ruby knows it has nothing to do with their fight IMO. Also, it’s very cute that Blake is so worried and trying so hard to resolve the fight Yang and Ruby had. I definitely think that her worry is misplaced. Although I’m sure she is worried about Ruby and Yangs relationship, it’s not in jeopardy. I believe she is worried as all hell about Yang and wants to call her, but doesn’t know how to go about that, or if she should, with what went down with Ruby and Yang.


I’m glad that Yang was the one to kinda check and push Ren. I think someone needed to call him out on his bullshit. Ren is going through some shit. It’s never healthy to keep it bottled up. Yang knows this, has gone through this, and has grown from it. Ren is obviously going to need to deal with his trauma. But whether or not it’s gonna be time is another question.


I’m pretty sure this beating will somehow speed up the process of making Oscar and Ozpin into one mind. Either that or maybe Ozpin will take hold of Oscar when he’s getting beaten to keep Oscar sane.


I love Neo, she’s like “NOPE. Hot demon queen told you no, so it’s a no for me cause I wanna live.” Emerald coming in to save the day for Cinder. Can’t wait to see their dynamic again. I really hope Cinder treats her just as well as before now that they will put some distance between them and Salem. I hope Emerald can maybe change the tide for Cinder because I love a good redemption arc, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen.


Buzz buzz bitch and oblivious Jaune. Everything I didn’t know I wanted lol


On a more serious note though, I love how complicated all these characters are. Even though Yang has grown and evolved as a person, she is still very worried that Blake isn’t going to like her anymore. She still has these insecurities and abandonment issues. It will be interesting to see how the growth of her character handles her and Blake’s relationship within the next few episodes. Secretly hoping for an angsty phone call between them lol. I think her growth will show with a talk between Yang and Ren. Ren is loosing it, and I’m afraid that it’s going to cost him his life.


It’s most definitely probably some Grimm coming from underneath this. But I’m also an optimist and I really hope it’s somehow someone coming to rescue them. Like maybe the Happy Huntresses they left behind while helping Mantle and someone’s Mole Uncle? Haha probably too hopeful, but I’m excited either way!

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Jumping in before anyone pulls the “Yang doesn’t care about Ruby because of B/umbleby” nonsense again because as someone who actually has a sibling I absolutely worry ten times more about my girlfriend’s opinion than I do about my brother’s.

Like, I’ve known my brother my entire life. I know that we’re gonna be fine even when he pisses me off or vice versa. We’ve got a lifetime of that comfortable familial dynamic behind us so I have no reason to worry. But it’s different with your romantic partner. You don’t have that same stability yet at the start, so you’ll often second guess yourself and worry that you’re gonna fuck something up. It’s totally natural, and doesn’t make Yang love Ruby any less.

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Ruby can basically turn herself and anyone she takes with her into a consistency similar to air in order to travel at super fast speeds and even temporarily divide herself to an extent but still remain solid enough to get hit or hit someone else. Ergo, the mass of herself and whoever she’s carrying doesn’t matter because they literally become a gust of wind making all of them light as a feather and really fast…. and this could potentially be very powerful with enough momentum which would explain how she was able to smash through a door.

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People have been complaining of inconsistencies with her semblance because she has used it on other people but I’ll remind you that before, Ruby originally thought her semblance affected her speed, not her state of matter. Until this episode, she never realized she could use it on a group. Also, Penny casually knowing things before everyone else and not thinking it’s important enough to tell them until later is a running gag with her. While impractical and annoying to anyone who wishes for more practicality instead, that’s actually a character consistency with her. There’s only one criticism I have about her semblance description: if Ruby’s mass truly didn’t matter and was negated, theoretically no one would be able to hit her when she’s using her semblance nor would she have been able to bend a metal door with it. So if that part was true, she’d basically be able to phase through things. Unless someone with more of a science background can explain what Penny meant better… or it’s just that not even Penny is perfect but I mean… unless that inaccuracy is acknowledged in the show at some point, it’s a mistake in the writing. The proper description would have been that she can ALTER her mass… From what I gather, it’s that Ruby can use her semblance to break herself and her passengers down to a molecular level, basically turning them into a cloud of molecules and be able to alter them to where she can make them accelerate to really fast speeds to get from point A to point B. Unless there is a chance that Penny was so accurate in her description that neither Ruby nor audience fully understood that Ruby can actually truly negate her mass if she wanted to and she can actually control how much she physically affects things while using it (she obviously only knows how to alter her mass at the moment instead of negate it though)… which seems to be a slim chance because, I mean, while I do love this show, it’s by no means perfect. I still love it though :P
Update: Aha! I figured it out: It’s everything to do with speed! The reason why ‘mass doesn’t matter’ isn’t because of her physically being able to interact with things so much as the speed of which she is going. So basically, with her current mass, there are speeds that should be physically impossible for her to reach but because of her semblance, since mass doesn’t matter, then that means she can use her semblance as a way of altering her velocity so that way, it doesn’t matter how big she or anyone she’s carrying are, they can reach really high velocities! It has to do with a lot of physics and equations that are too much of a hassle to explain. I’m not sure if I’m so obsessed with this show that I’d be willing to put hours of research into a topic I was never fond of… okay, yes I am obsessed with this show that much. I’ll make a separate post to make what Penny said make sense.
Update 2: So in simpler terms, I think this means she basically turns herself and whoever is with her into something similar to air so she basically becomes literal wind in a sense in order to move super fast but she’s still solid enough to get hit and hit others.

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Ruby: Okay I'll go first. I love cookies, I have lilac eyes, and I once willingly jumped into a cannon of a robot that was trying to kill us before it went off to shoot it and save all my friends from death or being arrested by the Atlas military.
Tai: Ruby I don't think you understand how to play the game
Qrow: Her eyes are silver
Tai: you wHAT
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Happy Yangsgiving from a GNG fam


Oooh boy…Yang’s gonna have her hand full.

(I didn’t bother with coloring due to this being a holiday. Will get better stuff on later. Enjoy your Thanksgiving with those who you’re grateful for! ^v^)

Sorry for the tags:

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