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#rwby rosegarden
gunchucks-wukong4 hours ago
@nexyra asked for Fairgame, Cloqwork and Rosegarden! Also Sunny Bees here. Something tells me my love for green/red duos didn't go unnoticed! 馃槤鉂わ笍馃挌
Tumblr media
I am still devastated this never got to be a thing! I just really love them so much and i thought it was very cute and possible 馃槶
Anyways i don't wanna talk about the negative colorings around this ship's history, i just wanna say that i really like their dynamic in V7 and i am truly obsessed with the colour schemes, semblances, the set up in general. I just- *sigh* miss them so much. This ship will always remain one of my favorites 馃挅
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Cloqwork is a ship i've always struggled to picture/analyze. In theory i might like it! But there's something about their dynamic that doesn't quite say romance or friendship to me....more like....a functional work duo 馃
Anyways i don't hate it for sure! I will continue to think about it and maybe one day i'll have a better answer! Hope this will do for now 馃檹
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Enter one of my top three ships! I just *clenches fist* love ace biromantic rosegarden! They just scream soulmates to me (romantically or platonically). Definitely one of my favorite ships and i really want to see where canon brings them! I think their place in the narrative makes the pairing very appealing to me personally! 馃挅
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12345lunascarlet123457 hours ago
*NOT MY STORY* but art is XD
Tumblr media
I believe the concept of the story or the story is either pix,PC or chais?
Need to check.
Edit: it's @chaikachi s :3
But here it is?
After Rubys sudden disappearance oscar had nothing... nothing that belonged to Ruby that he could hold. That he could grasp. However, he did find a copy of the video from her speech to the world.
A speech that inspired and crushed everyone at the same time. Oscar would constantly go back to the video everyday for hours. Dreaming of her. Wanting her beside him. Wanting her fighting along side him.
But couldn't...The only thing he had left... was the video.
A screen...
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mcmystery19 hours ago
Livestreaming in 20 min! Who knows what鈥檚 going to be happening, maybe some RG sketch! or working on the Fan by Fans entry, well see uvu
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greenteaandtattoos20 hours ago
I have a very important PSA:
Thank you for your attention.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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incorrectrosegarden21 hours ago
Oscar: Ruby why are you vibrating? What did you eat?
Ruby: All i drank was Redbull!
Oscar: How many?
Ruby: Eighteen.
Oscar: RUBY!
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stonehillart21 hours ago
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maripra day ago
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鈥淥h nooo, rosegarden shippers are so bad bc they have an agegap of two years, plus they include ozpin isn鈥檛 that creeypy鈥
fam here鈥檚 how i聽鈥渋nclude鈥 ozpin. He鈥檚 not a problem, trust me.
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incorrectrosegardena day ago
Ruby: I'm the smartest, most skilled huntress in the field.
Oscar: Is your hand stuck in the vending machine?
Ruby: I paid for my gummy bears. I'm getting my gummy bears.
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greenteaandtattoosa day ago
Guys... Should I tell them that a huge portion of the fandom are adults who shipped - and still do - Ruby with everyone under the sun while she was still 15?
Tumblr media
Like, what's your point here? To show off your hypocrisy? A+ job, bud. What are you gonna do when you're an adult and are still shipping the same ships?
This new tactic of rg antis, trying to turn themselves into victims when people call them out on their baseless, unnecessary accusations and attacks on the ship and shippers is honesty really pathetic.
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p1exieglassesa day ago
Two updates cuz I was on vacation and couldn鈥檛 upload them 馃槄馃槄馃槄
An angsttttttty short and a textbook fluff
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So Rosegarden shippers get a lot of hate from Whiterose shippers in particular. Here on Tumblr ships have their own week for fans to celebrate & enjoy their Fav ship for fun.
This year day one prompt for RG week was cuddles.
This year day one prompt for WR week is love bites.
Now WR shippers I don't have a problem with your hickeys, but stop trying to make anyone think y'all are more wholesome than RG shippers.
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toriwesta day ago
If their鈥檚 one thing I absolutely hope happens in Volume 9 is that Oscar finally gets a gun of sorts and admits that he wishes Ruby were around to teach him how to use it
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greenteaandtattoosa day ago
Rosegarden Antis: "Why are you always shoving rg in our faces??? You're disgusting and it's inappropriate and you're all toxic!"
Also Rosegarden Antis:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
One: *confused 20-year-old noises*
Two: You're telling people to mind their business as you harass and attack rosegarden shippers who are *looks at scribbles on hand* minding their business?
Three: When people call you out on your bullshit, you claim that they "proved your point" and that they're the bad guys for... defending themselves?
Four: This person ALSO did a post asking what people's unpopular RWBY opinions were and added, "No HTDM!" as if they weren't part of it.
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incorrectrosegardena day ago
Ruby: What do you call a fish with no eye?
Oscar: Umm... Myxine circifrons?
Ruby: Fsh.
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roses-like-reda day ago
For the ship asks, I鈥檒l go with the big three:
1. Rosegarden
2. Bumblebee
3. Renora
Rosegarden I鈥檓 honestly very indifferent romantic wise, platonic wise they are besties
Tumblr media
Bumbleby is鈥 Yeah I love them
Tumblr media
Renora my love 鉂わ笍
Tumblr media
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incorrectrosegardena day ago
Ruby: Cool! a lien!
Oscar: We can't let this wealth change us. We're better than that.
Ruby: We're better than everyone! We're rich as hell!
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bees-in-superhella day ago
White knight (Jaune x Weiss), Rosegarden (Ruby x Oscar) and Renora (Ren x Nora)
White knight
Tumblr media
Rose garden
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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toriwest2 days ago
Future Oscar to RRAYNBW whenever they meet a new character and wants them to join
Oscar: Guy鈥檚 we can鈥檛 ADOPT people our age or a couple years younger
Nora: Ha! Check your records! You鈥檙e now legally Oscar Valkeryie, Lie, Arc, Rose- Xiaolong, Schnee, Belladonna, Branwen!
Oscar:鈥 Okay when and how-
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