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jealouscartoonist · a day ago
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Stressing day means I treat myself with some RG fluff -v-/
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rwbybutincorrect · a day ago
How can everyone in fantasy movies be so shocked when they see a dragon? Look around... you're an elf. You live in a realm.
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hyperfixation-hideout · 23 hours ago
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thebunnyremix · 2 days ago
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RWBY Volume 7
Chapter 2: A New Approach
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greenteaandtattoos · 2 days ago
I think about this parallel on a daily basis, and how Ruby and Oscar may not be ready to hold hands, but they’re sure ready to them ‘em :)
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majoringinsarcasm · 2 days ago
So like are we ever gonna find out if Oscar left his aunt a note? Does anyone other than Ozpin know he had a family or do they think he’s an orphan? Cause while at least Ruby believed he’s his own person and I have my own theory for how the show might end IT WOULD BE NICE AND COOL AND FUNNY IF WE COULD SEE HER LIKE WE SAW JAUNES SISTER CAN A VOICE FROM THE CROWD CALL OUT TO OSCAR AND HE JUST RURNS AND IS LIKE “oh gods” like. It’s about family and unless she’s dead. If we see Sumer before his aunt I’m gonna feel some type of way DID HE LEAVE A NOTE???!!!
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richfarmersweek · a day ago
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Hello everyone!
We’re a couple months out from Snowpines/Richfarmers week 2022, and I’ve decided to post a link now to the first round of questions about the makeup of the event!
Head over to the form and let me know when you want the week to be and what kind of prompts you’re interested in!
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cawforbrandon · a day ago
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- For Alvina: RWBY Afterlife -
After the Fall of Beacon, Remnant was never the same. The Grimm Queen; Salem consumed the world and turned it into a sunless, baron wasteland. Team RWBY is gone and Ozpin is lost. Some survivors now live separately within the vaults of the destined relics with no way of communication and no way home. (At least, that’s how they think they lived)
However, among the survivors is a little girl who saw the Fall. @oneirataxia-girl​; Alvina Arcane-Zheng lost her heroes that day but she lived to remember them and how things used to be. Alvina vowed to set things right with the world and destroy the Grimm Queen. Alvina’s venture eventually leads her to Sadie mac Lir. A Ruby Rose wannabe who also shares the same goal with her cartoonish scythe.
THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN TO DO! I’m picturing this RWBY- esque world with a Matrix scenario. Having our main character, Alvina question what is real and what isn’t because...I’m messed up like that! hahaha. I listened to [Red like Roses (RED)] and [Red like Roses (Part 2)] while doing this. The song is Hella Hype Yo!
Ruby-Sadie uses Old Father Long-Legs
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Alvina-Oscar uses Mintberry
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The show is so bonkers at this point, mind as well make it even messier with this alternative version. This explains why both Sadie and Alvina dress up as these existing characters but just remember, [Feed your Head~]
Tumblr media
Thanks for reading
- Caw4B -
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green-like-pine-trees · a day ago
The moment after the whale’s been destroyed and Ren offers Oscar help getting up but Oscar rejects it – like nooooo it’s ok to accept help. You’ve just gone through literal torture...
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ghostpegasus · 2 days ago
RWBY Volume 9 Because I’m Bad at Patience
Episode 1:
-Ruby reunites with Yang who gives Ruby her scythe to fight off a plant monster someone by some person hidden in the trees
-Ruby and Yang hug
-Cinder and Salem call Tyrian and Mercury to exposition what happened in V8
-Neo follows them
-Suddenly they across a camp, and are surprised by a woman carrying a tea set that gets broken by Yang by accident
(Basis: Yang and Ruby got some time in the finale so a bit more in the beginning makes sense)
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Episode 2:
-Ruby and Yang meet up with a random stranger on the island with Ruby and Yang asking if they can help find Blake
-The stranger agrees and shows them her camp, their Neo weapon can be seen
-Neo appears disguised as Ruby to take her weapon but Ruby appears foling her plan
-Yang goes after Neo with Ruby following but Ruby bumps into Jaune
-Ruby an Jaune gets lost only to find corpses near the beach, including Penny's
-Yang fights Neo but Neo gets the upper hand, suddenly Blake appears and Neo escapes
-The two kiss under the tree
-Ruby and Jaune find corpses including Penny's with Ruby being mixed up in emotions being in denial that Penny is dead, thinking Jaune can heal her, but slowly realizes that is not the case
(Basis: Trying to predict that scene involving the Tidus Laugh Reference in one of the V9 interviews)
Episode 3:
-Ruby and Jaune lay the bodies to trees so that they are not caught in the tide
-Ruby states they should go rather than burying them now when Jaune tells her that Weiss is also missing along with Blake
-Weiss sees Ruby and Jaune and tells Ruby Winter is the new maiden
-Yang, Blake, and the stranger meet near the tree and the stranger shows a portal they can use to get to Vacuo, saying it was a favor to her family by the king of Vale after the Great War for their service as retainers of the Vacuo King, the stranger goes looking for Ruby
-Ruby puts two and two together on how WInter couldn't have been there maiden if Cinder killed Penny thus Jaune ends up confessing the truth
-Ruby runs away
-Neo sees this
(Basis: Imagine the Jaune killing Penny will happen soon but not too soon)
Episode 4:
-Weiss and Jaune fly to search for Ruby not sure how logn Weiss can keep this up, meeting up with Yang and Blake, worried they all go look for her together
-The stranger talks to a panicking Ruby who unintentionally found herself in an aread with sword and other weapons plunged to the ground, the stranger then asks Ruby if she would like to end her journey and die a hero's death, Ruby says she still has things to do, however, the stranger states this is foolish as her quest has led her here because she in unworthy of protecting Vacuo
-Neo appears and fights Ruby, the stranger comes in and kills Neo with his semblance and sword, saying Ruby lacks resolve and tells her she will make this easy for her, pointing her weapon at her
-The gang appears and they all fight the giant carnivorous plant summoned by the seeds of the stranger
-The stranger badly injures Jaune by blasting her into a tree so Ruby decides to take them all to escape
-The portal is sealed with Weiss’s dust
-The gang sends a distress call and get a pickup to the next town
(Basis: Ruby being afraid of losing another friend and an enemy that scares the hell out of her as a challenge while also having connections to a character that teams meets in V10 so the island isn’t a 1 time thing)
Episode 5:
-The gang reunites with Oscar, Nora Ren and Emerald in a small town near a plateu, holding the children and elderly of Atlas while Qrow, Winter and everybody else go nomadic, in hopes of finding a permanent residence
-Mercury and Tyrian arrive at their destination, a prison, Tyrian stating there someone of interest to Salem in there
-The stranger appears outside the town RWBY is staying in
(Basis: Dealing with exposition but overshadowed by emotional reunion)
Episode 6:
-Its been a week since the events of the island and Ruby and Jaune have yet to truly talk to one another
-Oscar worries about this but Ren and Emerald states it better to let them settle it in time, Nora has a different idea and takes up on a mission that they can truly enjoy here in town
-Meanwhile, Ren, Emerald, Yang and Blake take a mission to take on two specific Grimm terrorizing towns nearby and travelers nearby working alongside a Vacuo huntsman who is a family man
-Meanwhile Yang has been acting weird ever since her kiss with Blake, annoying Emerald and Ren notices Yang's behavior
-The mission Nora sets up for Oscar, Jaune, Weiss and herself involves meeting with their client, a musician, and helping her with a concert, Jaune is perplexed but the musician states its important as a way to lessen the negativity for the everyone in the town unable to have anything to look forward to
-Yang's group finds the two grimm but fail to kill them as they escape and Yang's avoidance become more apparent
(Basis: Main arcs of the seconds half)
Episode 7:
-Ruby, Jaune, Oscar, Weiss and Nora work together to keep the town safe while setting up for the small concert
-Weiss trying to improve her summoning size and speed
(Basis: Mostly since probably an episode to give a break to the characters specifically Ruby and Jaune, also Nora gets to bond with Jaune which Ren got to do mainly in V8 while also adding some jokes before things get serious)
Episode 8:
-Emerald sick and tired of Blake being worried about Yang's behavior talks to her but slowly realizes she and Blake have something in common regarding Adam and Cinder
-Tyrian and Mercury got into the prison and Tyrian are Mercury as the two finally see who they are busting out
-Yang gets advice from the hunstman shes with and freaks out when she realizes she left Blake alone with Emerald of all people but the suddenly get a distress signal
-Ruby's group is waiting to hear the muscian practice but suddenly plant monsters appear like the ones from the island someone by the stranger
-As Ruby and Jaune to go save someone, the stranger uses his semblance to induce more fear as they remember Penny's corpse from the island, luckily they are noticed/saved by Weiss, Nora and Oscar
(Basis: Similar to A Night Off from Volume 8 where things go really bad )
Episode 9:
-Yang's group run into into villains being attacked by the two boss grimm and some others, luckily Qrow and the ace ops come
-Heart to heart with Ruby and some other character
-Mercury and Tyrian team up with the prisoner as they help him escape, beating various guards
-Qrow hugs Yang
(Basis: Qrow and Yang get to interact since Qrow was worried about her as well in V8, Ruby dealing with her issues with Penny of course, set up for the new villain similar to how Adam got setup before Volume 3 except we get to see this character fight)
Episode 10:
-Qrow reunites with Ruby's group, Ruby hugs Qrow,  Emerald watches Yang dragging Blake away to something fun with Blake smiling and Ren comments how it looks like something pretty good
-Ace ops state how they will take over things despite the people being wary of them after what they did under Ironwood
-Jaune and Weiss heart to heart with Nora eavesdropping
-Ruby and Jaune finally talk about Penny, and Ruby is reminded of her heart to heart talk with someone else in episode 9, 
-Epiphany possibly indirectly making Ruby realize her feelings for someone if they are going down the romance route, though not explicitly stated 
-Weiss and Nora are nowhere to be found and the concert is about to start with the musician playing the first key to her opening performance
(Basis: settling the last reunion, probably wont have much time with ACe Ops but most likely have something to settle them with, Ruby and Jaune getting the talk they need)
Episode 11:
-The prisoner escapes with Mercury and Tyrian
-To keep their client and the townsfolk safe, Weiss goes to fight the stranger 1 on 1 , however Nora appears in front of them both secretly!
-The two fight the stranger while defeating one of her plant monster, with Weiss defeating the monster and Nora being getting a powerboost to delay the stranger when the stranger disrespects the concert
-Ruby, Oscar and Jaune appear, just as Nora and Weiss are tired the stranger compliments the two before unsheathing her blade as grimm surround all of them
Episode 12:
-The stranger goes after Jaune first, knowing of his semblance
-Ruby, Jaune and Oscar fight the stranger and win, earning his respect with Ruby acknowledging her weaknesses in the end
-After that, the two get a view of Vacuo in the middle of the night
-When getting back to the concert during the final performance Qrow, Yang, Blake, Emerald and Ren with character having a final dances and Emerald thinking about Mercury and Cinder as the episode ends with them setting their next move
-Random character appears in the post credits stating they found Qrow Branwen, alerting their boss, the headmaster of Vacuo
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thecraftyninjacat · 2 months ago
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RWBY bodyswap...but it’s not the pairings that usually get swapped
AU Tag
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blueinkjpeg · 2 months ago
The feminine urge to rant about the RWBY color symbolism iceberg
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hyperfixation-hideout · 15 hours ago
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he's inherited the limpwrist
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thebunnyremix · 2 days ago
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RWBY Volume 4
Chapter 7: Punished
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greenteaandtattoos · 2 days ago
rosegarden is such a narratively satisfying ship because it’s based entirely on the mutual respect, trust, and admiration that Ruby and Oscar have for each other, and we actively see their growth and development being consistently influenced by one another, through their choices, actions, outfits, mentality, as the show progresses.
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birbyarts · 9 months ago
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Rwby vacuo designs, old and new (sorry jaune)
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cream-and-five-sugars · 6 months ago
So everyone vs. Ironwood kinda looked like a Smash Bros. fight or am I going crazy
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celestetcetera · 3 months ago
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Oz may be living in Oscar’s head but they’re both living in mine rent free
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acebuckybarnes · 10 months ago
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Team JNPR + Oscar, Emerald, and Winter vs. Ironwood
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kineticallyanywhere · 27 days ago
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“Each breath is closer to my death... I need therapy”
sometimes I hear the lyric “knowing things will never be the same” as “no one think’s I’ll ever be the same” and it throws me for a loop
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