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Same anon-chan. Given the fact that the group will be separated again, I’m not sure how many episodes the show will spend before the group reunite. We could potentially go through half of the season with Ruby and Oscar being apart; made even more daunting if Ruby believes Oscar to be dead for most of it granted that Ironwood let’s that slip.

Either way, yeah I’m not expecting much RG moments. For the most part I’m expecting the usual which is about 2 or 3 and I’m going to assume that whatever they do with them, it will be good and of course, wholesome as always. Not to mention that it will also be important to the PLOT. Oscar is a target for next volume. So I’m definitely expecting a moment between him and Ruby surrounding that. Who knows? Maybe it’ll even lead into them sharing a hug or two. Who knows.

But yeah, regardless of how many RG moments we do get, it will be awesome either way. At least I hope so. We’ll see.

~LittleMissSquiggles (2020)

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Ozpin: “I lived bitch.”

anyways,,,AU where Ozpin didn’t die in the Fall, but everyone thought he did so now he’s trying to play “catch-up” and get the relics to safety (and also adopts a small farm boi along the way). honestly, this is just an excuse to draw him in fancy battle gear, LOL

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oh boy, explanation time babey

so i keep thinking about Penny and Oscar (green teens! :D) and so here’s a doodle from a possible AU (?) They’re adoptive siblings and both have been thru some things :( but they try and take care of each other. So basically in this doodle, Oscar compulsively washes his hands to the point of them cracking/peeling (which is why he wears gloves/bandages, the bandages on his neck are from a different issue tho-) and Penny is like, super worried about her baby brother :((((((( 

the AU has heavy themes (mainly bc ya boi is using it as a coping thing) but it has a whole lotta comfort and fluff and family moments b/c i’m weak for those tropes

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Yang: what if we…throw Salem into a woodchipper?

Oscar: you’d need to freeze the body first, or the chipper would just get jammed








oscar: I’ve lived a lot of lives and died a lot of deaths back off

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I’d agree with you if: 

1. Oscar wasn’t a main character since V4 and has been all over promo material since that point

2. MULTIPLE scores of the FNDM cite Oscar as “the precious uwu baby that must must be protected it at all cost”

3. If the only piece of CFVY merch was a four pin set that has ALL of CFVY’s symbols. Coco has nothing on her own. So I honestly don’t even think Coco is as popular as you think she is. 

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