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Ok i just binged all the RWBY fight scene compilations with little to no context with my friends who said they weren’t interested in rwby,,,,, one of them is now a Neo stan and thinks Velvet is hot and the other like me, really only cares about Oscar and Maria (also the sapphics). They say they’d watch the show just to understand whatever the fuck they just saw, so u count that as a win for me

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Headcanon that Oscar already has a driver’s license but in the same way my dad got his driver’s license: went to the DMV and the guy behind the counter was like “oh I know you, you’re [parent’s name]’s kid! I’ve seen you driving around that old tractor, here ya go” and gave him a license without having to take a driving test.

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Random werid idea?

Basically Ozpin is the hermit man, was once a great hero now reduced to nothing. He’s given up in humanity, hes simply waiting for its inevitable demise. He’s been betrayed broken and doesn’t see any point in saving humanity.

And there’s a knock at his door, the first in a long time… And there’s a boy… A young wizard (a rarity in these parts) Oscar who asks (read:demands) that the enemy is growing and he needs to be tought magic.

Ozpin allows it, seeing it as something to pass the time but the longer abd mire they stay together they grow to care for each other and he starts to let Oscar in… To the point where he is reluctant to let him go, and journeys with Oscar.

Just Ozpin being this depressed, broken man who wants nothing to fo with the world, meeting Oscar and wanting him to be safe from the world so much so he leaves his only comfort to follow him… And regains his purpose, his love for life.

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Oscar, bumps into a pole: Oh! Sorry—

Oscar: Oh, I thought you were a person.


Oscar, realizes he just said that to a pole: Why am I a fucking idiot?

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You can thank @torontofarmboi for this creation.

On the rosegarden discord server, we were celebrating @deboo08 birthday over VC. During this chat, Toronto presented us with his masterful edit of Oscar Lime. Me and a few other artists jumped at the idea of drawing fanart of Oscar Lime and posting it on the same day.
I’m not sure if I was the first one to post the fanart, but I know after I did it was a downpour of Oscar Limes.

Most of us agreed to just not say anything about where Oscar Lime came from and play it off as though he’s always existed. Since Toronto mentioned that it would be funny if in the show everyone saw Oscar Lime as normal, but only Ozpin questioned why he dressed as a lime/lemon.

I know Toronto has put up an explanation of this already, so this is why I’m explaining it now too. Ahhhh good times lol

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Nora: How do you want your coffee?

Oscar: I want my coffee as dark and bitter as my soul.

Nora: So, a glass of milk then.

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So here’s a random idea I’ve been brainstorming for a little while now. What if, instead of RWBY being sent to Ironwood and JNR to Oscar, it was RWB+JNR to Ironwood and Yang to Oscar?

For prior events being different, I wouldn’t change much; the only possible difference would be Yang didn’t accompany Blake to tell Robyn about the Amity plan, with it being Nora instead. With that said, enjoy these ideas.

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Oscar: *makes a bad pun for the first time*

Jaune (tearfully): so proud, my son

Nora: ayyy

Ren: *rolls his eyes a bit but in a caring way*

Weiss: how dare you

Blake: *nods in silent approval*

Yang (tearfully): so proud *mentally plans a better pun*

Ruby: *actually laughing at the bad pun*

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They’re like four progressively smaller ducklings following after mama duck Jaune

Hey so I want this to be canon

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Hey if I were to make an interactive RWBY story, would y’all rather I-

Write it out as a fanfic (on AO3)


Draw it out as a comic? (I’d post on tumblr and insta)

The story is gonna be about “if you were in Oscar’s position” so it’s kinda a self insert thing? It’s where you’re the host for Ozpin, and you get to make choices along the way of the show.

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My constant mood is when Oscar first met JNR and looked like he would genuinly rather headbutt a cheese grater than have to socially interact with strangers

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Ozpin: what’s your biggest weakness?

Oscar: I can be uncooperative

Ozpin: can I get an example?

Oscar: no

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Oscar: I refuse to tell you anything about my personal life that you don’t already know

Jaune: Oscar, all I asked you was who shot you

Oscar, bleeding out: you know too much about me already

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Jade Curses Part 7

Ruby: *Driving Jade to school*

Oscar: I can’t believe we never found out who taught Jade that word

Ruby: I don’t know, Oscar. Maybe it’s not important where she learned it. What’s important is that we teach Jade that cursing is wrong

Oscar: And I think we’ve done that



Jade: *Giggling*

Oscar: Case closed

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Weiss: What’s this?

Oscar: Jaune’s seeing how much robitussin and red bull he can drink.

Weiss: Why?

Oscar: Why does Jaune do anything?

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