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maripr · 19 minutes ago



As long as RWBY has been a thing, we’ve been getting hints that Atlas is not a good place. That it was going to be filled with injustices. To the extent that I’m not sure how any of y’all missed it.

Let’s set Ironwood aside for now. Jimmy Copperdong is kinda the capstone to this whole thing, but let’s set him aside and come back to him later.

Fact of the matter is that most of the main characters we see come out of Atlas are either damaged by their time there, ran the fuck away from it, or are straight-up evil.

The first character we see out of Atlas is Weiss, of course. And we all remember what Weiss was like in V1. And that set that trend for every subsequent sympathetic Atlesian.

Weiss’ own family- Winter, Whitley, and Willow all have issues stemming from the environment they exist in. Penny is isolated from forming connections with any other people, has her humanity repeatedly denied by her ‘superiors’, even in the face of her becoming the Winter Maiden, and is now having her bodily autonomy violated by someone who has never seen her as anything more than a weapon.

Ilia’s backstory is given to us prior to V5, and not only reveals just how awful the Dust Mines we heard about back in V1, but also that V1 Weiss was entry-level compared to the people Ilia had to deal with at the academy itself.

The number of Atlesians who are definitely more Atlesian than of Mantle who don’t have massive issues stemming from Atlas itself is like… Klein and Team FNKI, the latter of whom didn’t seem to have emotional problems before, but almost certainly do after Brassdick threw them onto the frontlines of a seemingly unwinnable battle.

The most well-adjusted ex-Atlesians are Pietro and the Happy Huntresses, who all defected to Mantle. And as May’s story shows, that doesn’t necessarily mean they escaped unscathed, it just means they’ve been able to heal.

Pretty much every good person to come out of Atlas either left it or has every reason to, with a defection so telegraphed it’s tapping out morse code (Winter, Marrow). The ones that didn’t are the ones that are caged, or stayed to help those that are caged (Whitley and Willow, Klein).

But the rest just suck. We get introduced to Atlesian high society in V4 and while Jacques is the prime example, others like Henry and literally everyone else at the Schnee Party are just… arseholes. They’re not even evil, they’re just utter pricks. Entitled, self-absorbed, selfish bastards.

Even before we knew that Atlas literally looked down on the world, we had good evidence that they were doing it metaphorically.

And of course… how many of our villains came from Atlas? 

Cinder, Watts, Tyrian (I think), Adam.

Cinder is of course the most pertinent. As our longest-standing and most prominent antagonist, with a backstory reveal in just this volume, she was a child used for slave-labour and tortured for her inability to live up to the unreasonable demands placed on her, until she snapped and murdered her tormentors, condemned by an Atlesian Huntsman who did nothing to improve her situation.

Even setting aside every other crimson-stained flag waving in regards to Ironwood’s status… did anyone really expect the man who ruled over the system that created Cinder Fall and Adam Taurus to be a good person?

“But although the cliche says that power always corrupts, what is seldom said … is that power always reveals. When a man is climbing, trying to persuade others to give him power, concealment is necessary. … But as a man obtains more power, camouflage becomes less necessary.

This is essentially Ironwood and Other Atlasians that we have seen.

Each of them have this Nietzsche’s philosophy to accumulate power, wealth, and status. Each of them pursuing their own interests rather than the problem that is before them. The same way ancient Mantle did before the great war were those in power went to extremes to control their people instead of providing better safety by repressing their peoples basic humanity and exploiting them for their goals of expansion and imperialism.

You can replace Ironwood with characters like Jaques or Cordovin or even other members of the Atlas council or Ace opts the end result is still the same/ It just the one guy at the top of the pyramid that would benefit the most at the expanse of others so long as they get what they want.

Unfortunately for Ironwood the character of his V8 self has always been present since V1 long before he was ever given a name and model.

This is one question that I notice no one was asking when a show starts; Why are these guys the bad guys in the sense that they are against the system that they live in

The simple answer being that the societies that are present and in effect are unfair and unjust and has created much conflict and strife that should never have come to be 

There’s the argument that Salem’s more or less responsible for all the conflicts at present but realistically she’s an opportunist taking advantage of the divide that was all ready there Just like the Sith did in Starwars  when they instigated the clone wars. Just like the Sith Salem exploited the problems that Atlas had caused to suit her own needs as they were trying to do the same

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maripr · 4 hours ago



Ironwood Summary

Here we are at last the final conclusion of this long character analysis series, for now. This is mostly going to be my own opinion of the character based on the research I did for the analysis. As well as some ideas of what may happen to the character in future volumes and overall standing of what the character was always meant to be and represent in the rwby narrative. Also keep in mind that this is only an analysis of Ironwood’s character pre Volume 8 so there won’t be any spoilers used in this analysis or summary

(Before we begin i want to thank @spacecapart for his art to be used in this summary as i feel this piece summarizes how i feel about Ironwood)

When I started researching and writing on July 31st 2020  for Ironwood and the months that followed I feel like I have gained a better understanding of what exactly Ironwood’s character was meant to be while making sure my overall opinion of him wasn’t biased but honest and neutral. 

For the most part Ironwood’s life was just sad because, well it was never really his to begin with, since he pretty much had no say in it. Based on what I saw and learned about him with the help of additional lore as well as the current story Ironwood was just a tool and a plot device in the narrative.

  • He started as a tool for Mantle(pre Atlas) which planted the seeds that made him this cold inhuman person that we see at present due to its old toxic ideologies of imperialism and militarism combined with a Nietzsche’s philosophy that survives and thrives through Ironwood once he become a de facto king when Atlas became an official kingdom.
  • Then he became a tool for Oz to protect and safeguard the current status quo without benefiting from it. Though it was with good intentions Ironwood couldn’t help but feel insulted that he was being restricted and kept in check by someone who does not share his belief or ideals of what he considers right even though they weren’t his beliefs or the best to begin with.
  • Finally after all was said and done he became a tool for the very enemy that he swore to fight and defend against. Due to his toxic upbringing in Atlas and his bitter resentment for Oz he tried to take matters in his own hands only for it to backfire immensely into the events that we see in the show. As I Stated in “The Hero that was never meant to be” Ironwood was more or less the most prominent catalyst for all of the events and conflicts in the show that Salem took advantage of and prospered from simply due to Ironwood’s elitist and violent mindset.

All of this just contributes to Ironwood being a plot device since that he’s essentially just a philosophical mouthpiece for Atlas as the show has somewhat made it clear that he is basically the physical embodiment of Atlas if it were a person with both a voice and need to survive. Which wouldn’t be so bad if Atlas wasn’t the Remnant equivalent of a fasciest imperialist dystopia. Most of Ironwood’s character flaws mostly stem from the fact that his is simply the product of his origins and refusing to change or find a compromise for the better.

Another thing that I believe should be taken into consideration is his overall effect in the plot. Added by how the narrative has been structured with its main conflict I think it’s safe to assume that no matter what, Ironwood was always a character that was set to fail ever since his introduction. This is mostly due to the fact that most if not all of his power comes from control and authority over others. As well as his lack of actual experience when it comes to war and conflict. 

As I stated in I am power with my own estimate of Ironwood’s age(47-50) based on his rank’s promotion requirements he has at least 30 years of experience from both his huntsmen and military career: 34 if we were to count his academy days of training. Now you’re probably asking; “If he has that many years of experience in his career, then why are you saying he has none?” Well it is quite simple based on 2 factors; his professions and the time that he was born in.

  • At present he is both Headmaster of Atlas academy and the Atlas equivalent of the joint chiefs of staff of the Military. I think it’s logical to assume that Ironwood gained the status of Headmaster first and General later due the needs of Oz. Given the importance of the relics hidden in the academies it would be a pragmatic choice for Oz to ensure that there was always a guardian and supervisor over the vaults as well as training the worlds next gen huntsmen(the agreed upon nuclear deterrent). 
  • Since his profession shifted from field combat to school administration upon becoming headmaster most if not all of Ironwood’s career from this point on saw very little combat opportunities and would soon be filled with politics once he became General further diminishing his combat skills. Also since Generals are the face of the military they mostly handle diplomatic and public affairs as well as deal with civilian contractors to ensure the military has the resources and gear needed to sustain itself.
  • This means that Ironwood went from fare soldier, to desk jockey, to financial benefactor throughout the entirety of his 30 year long career. But the two thirds of his later career  basically had no relevant or beneficial experience that would be suited for the war that he had been preparing a long time for. Ironwood’s lack of practical experience is also more damaging when you realize that the very little he did have also wouldn’t be of much help in the first place as well.
  • This is mostly due to the fact that Ironwood was born at the beginning of the high golden age of peace and prosperity for Mantle/Atlas and all of the concerning conflicts happening at least 5 years before the show’s start very late in his career at an estimated age of 45, with the white fang terrorists groups targeting SDC assets that he wanted for war. 
  • Also his career at that point most likely focused on policing and enforcing Atlasian laws rather than doing actual combat and even then he was trained to fight grimm instead of human combatants and even if he had to fight people they most likely are that of combat inexperienced and petty criminals that wouldn’t actually put up that much of a challenge and even then most of the fighting was done by disposable robots that he can command  with the press of a button.

Overall Ironwood was really unprepared to even fight anyone in general, let alone wage a war against Salem. Even if he had powered up that army to the maximum it really wouldn’t solve anything. Ever since the first episode of the series the message was clear; You’re not going to win with just strength and power alone, but with acts of mercy and honesty. As well as just enjoying the simple things in life and just simply living life rather than just surviving. After all this time Ironwood forgot to live life and be satisfied with what he had. Because of this he’s just going to keep on pushing the limit until he loses everything that he has and drag everyone else with him. Simply because he wouldn’t admit to himself that he has no idea about what to do or accept that he wasn’t the most important piece on the board.

Which sadly brings me to the very likely truth that it is guaranteed that Ironwood’s part and time in the story is coming to an end and his death is drawing near. This has been foreshadowed in the beginning of volume 6 where the true plot and crisis of the story had basically made Atlas and by extension Ironwood irrelevant to the story when it’s been made clear they can’t just simply kill Salem and win with brute force as he had hoped. Because of that Ironwood was no longer important to the story as they show and fandom have hyped him up to be. Even if he still had an actual role in the plot I’m afraid to say that Ironwood’s story (even if it wasn’t that much) has already been told and judging by the direction he is going by it’s only going to get worse for his character (moraly wise) to the point that his death may be a blessing in disguise for remnant.

  • To start we need to look at the essential core concepts that make up Ironwood’s character. If we remove all of his actions and focus on his archetypes we get a character that is A) Half robot, B) the de facto leader of an inefficient military(let’s be honest it’s just a glorified security force for rich douchebags.) C) A school principal and D) someone who essentially hails from what can be considered the most evil and inhuman kingdom of his world that values power and is placed into a story and conflict where none of those things even matter given what we know about the true stakes and consequences of the plot and this is essentially all that we even know about him in relation to the story.
  • Which brings me to this point that in my opinion he wasn’t much of a character to begin with. This is mostly due to the fact that we really don’t know anything about him besides the summarized 4 points from the last section. We don’t know anything about him like how he became involved in the plot, how old he is, when and what caused him to be a cyber, does he have anyone outside of work or any family that he cares about and more importantly why does he fight in the first place and what motivates him to do so and what does he hope to gain? These details to me are important as to give depth to a character as to better understand why they are the way they are. Otherwise they are either a philosophical mouthpiece or a living ideological caricature. As I stated before in Ironwood’s case he is just that for Atlas, just a simple tool that it can use for whatever it needs.
  • Which also brings up another subject towards his contributions to the plot; What exactly can he do and was he really even that important to begin with? As I stated before Ironwood really doesn’t have much to offer besides the Military which has been proven to be useless and unneeded. But if it was to be needed that doesn’t automatically mean Ironwood should be the one leading it. For example should he be removed from power and replaced and the heroes really need the military wouldn’t it be simple just to involve the new commander and chief or appoint someone they can trust to ally with them. So yeah the military part as well as the academy are what give an individual like Ironwood any relevance but that doesn’t automatically mean they’re that important or crucial to begin with.

Simply put Ironwood has always been a character in the wrong genre. Had he been placed in any other circumstance he may have had a point and could have succeeded but in the case of his story he doesn’t have one. Ever since his debut he has always been this source of contradictions and antagonism and contrast when it comes to how the world and characters have been set. Due to this Ironwood has always been this source of escalation and conflict as he only follows his own beliefs and tries to force others to comply with them. As well as the truth that he really has no idea of what to do since he was never really prepared to handle anything like this and added by the fact that he won’t admit or consider the possibility that he is not that needed or important. If he continues on with this type of thinking it’s only going to warrant his end as simply put by Oscar he really is just as dangerous as Salem.

Before I explain his overall purpose and status in the Narrative I want to go over several ideas for what may be next for Ironwood throughout the rest of the series which will be explained further by the reasoning I will use in the narrative part. 

Fate and status for Volume 8 and the rest of the series

  • Death

I think it’s safe to say that Death flags have been hovering over Ironwood for a while or at least since Volume 7. But is it certain? Most likey. I say it’s near mostly due to my belief that his story has essentially been told and he really doesn’t have anything left to contribute to the plot at this point. The impact of his death whether it will leave a positive or negative impact remains uncertain. But the way of his death to me is certain; he’s going to die by the hands of another character(specifically a hero). I know most people would have hoped for a heroic sacrifice or a redemption by death but I don’t exactly see Ironwood doing such things. (Which I’ll explain in the next 2 bullet points)

If it hasn’t been made clear Ironwood has made more enemies than allies simply due to his inability to compromise or let go of his Atlasian ideals and ego. As well as his refusal to accept the fact that he really isn’t that important or necessary in this conflict or at least in the way he wanted to be. If he further descends into his own little world Ironwood is going to cause more problems and do more damage that can never be undone and the only way to stop it would be if he was out of the picture. Because of this Ironwood is likely to die in V8 or by the end of the Atlas arc but it is also possible that he may die at another point later in the series.

  • Redemption Arc

The chances for Ironwood’s redemption are slim but they’re there, but probably not in the usual way that everyone expects to happen. To help clarify the possibility of redemption we will be using the trifecta structure of redemption arcs. This includes; How the character sees himself, how they see the world, and the stakes and how they change over time. As well as the Scale and Values of his motivation. To help better understand let us take a look at Ironwood’s motivations and goals from V2 and how they contrast and differ from V7 Ironwood.

  1. Volume 2 Ironwood’s motivations upon first glance are simple; stop the threat and ensure stability and security. However if you watch closely there is an ulterior motive. From this we can determine the true Values of his goals and the Scale of what he is willing to do to achieve them and they go as such;
  • His values as of V2 are security via large Military foundations and amassing complete control and influence over forign nations while promoting the agendas of Atlas imperialism.(similar to the Galactic empire in its early years from Star Wars) With the scale showing that he is willing to go to such lengths as propaganda and political manipulation and betraying allies to get what he wants(the greatest example of this being subverting control from Ozpin)

From this we know that Ironwood sees himself as this perfect savior that can do no wrong and should be the one in charge. While his views of the world being that everything is below him unless they match those of Atlas. With the stakes at the time being the possibility of losing imperial expansion and the threat of domination from a superior force that could shatter the foundations of his ideology and culture. 

  1. While Volume 7 Ironwood’s motivations being; whatever it takes to preserve his perfect and ideal society even if it means sacrificing everything else before his valued culture is destroyed.
  • The values of this Ironwood definitely differ from previous versions of the character. As V7 Ironwood’s motivations have shifted from saving lives and defending them from Salem to preserving the very little bastion of control and authority that he has over Atlas. With the scale showing that he is willing to turn on allies and go as far as to abandon a whole heavily populated city and potentially the rest of the world in order to preserve the one thing that he has complete and unconditional control over.

Because of this a lot of Ironwood’s views have changed by the end of V7. 

Due to his streak of recent failures his views of himself changed from being the perfect leader that he thought he was, to accepting reality that he isn’t said leader and is prone to failure. However because of that thinking he no longer feels that he should hold himself to that set standard anymore and do what he thinks is needed to get his desired results. Which leads to the fact that he still views himself as the one that should be in charge but this time he does not feel compelled to be fair or considerate of either allies or people.

His views of the world really haven’t changed as much. He is just more honest, open and direct about his views by V7’s end where it’s pretty clear that he values his military industrial complex that is Atlas over people’s lives regardless of their affiliation.(It should be noted that Mantle is still apart of the Kingdom of Atlas as a whole so consider the fact that he is abandoning the part of it he deems is an acceptable loss without even trying to save it)

But the greatest and significant of changes for Ironwood in the plot are the stakes. Prior to being told the truth about Salem’s immortality he honestly thought that he could win and kill her and be free to pursue whatever task he could set his mind to now that she was gone. After being told and with the clear indication that his power(Atlas) was at risk he essentially is doing what raven did; cut his losses and settle with what he has and run. As such the stakes for Ironwood at this point are to preserve the very little power and control that he has currently at his disposal and sacrifice and do whatever he can’t to maintain it even if it means letting the rest of the world die or be under Salem’s control.

This is just speculation but Ironwood’s chances for redemption are pretty slim but not impossible. But the key start and major factors to make that redemption possible is for him to yield power and let go of Atlas. As I stated before, Ironwood relies heavily on his control over Atlas as he believes it to be the only means to maintain and sustain a war as well as the only way of  enforcing his authority. To reiterate Ironwood true power and relevance to the story is his complete and unchallenged command over the Kingdom of Atlas and at the risk of sounding cliche; “All who obtain power are afraid to lose it even a hero” If there is to be any hope of defeating Salem and or maintaining peace in Remnant it can not happen with Ironwood being in power. Which may be more difficult than it seems which leads us to the possibility that he may not be redeemed and should he live past the Salem conflict with this type of thinking.

  • A New Enemy

For a character to be redeemed the character needs to want change for better but given his personality and recent events Ironwood at this point doesn’t feel or believe that he should change as he now has an ends justify the means mentality with the belief that he is this grand savior believing his way is the only way. Because of this it is very likely that he may stay an antagonist throughout the remainder of the series and possibly long after the main conflict.

  1. The Third Faction; Okay I think it’s a safe bet to say that no matter what Atlas was always going to be an antagonistic force that was being set up as early as V1. And unfortunately for Ironwood he ended up being the face and voice of said force that was there before he was ever given a name or a design.

Because of this setup it is possible that Atlas under Ironwood will become its own faction that may try to counter salem but at the same time will possibly sabotage the allies aka the main heroes and the rest of remnant since Ironwood’s paranoia has increased to the point that he doesn’t trust anyone anymore and most likely will reject any offer of aid or promise of an alliance  since Ironwood believes his in own hype that much that he will eventually become a problem that has to be stopped which will possibly lead to the end of Atlas. Which brings us to what might happen to the character post Salem and Atlas.

  1. Post Salem Insurgency; This is speculation but it’s possible that after Salem is defeated and Atlas is destroyed he would continue to be a threat for the rest of Remnant as he will be forced to answer for war crimes and step down from power with the possibility that he may never obtain it again. 

Given what we know of his personality Ironwood isn’t the type of guy to yield power or think he did anything wrong due to his ends justify the means montra. As such in the years following Salem’s defeat and the possibility that Atlas may no longer exist or at the very least no longer subservient to Ironwood’s authority its most likely that he might end up in charge of a paramilitary consisting of the very few soldiers that are still loyal to him and start raiding and terrorizing settlements, cities and kingdoms all over remnant just to rebuild his military complex and infrastructure as a means to reclaim the status and power that he was stripped up.

How and why any of this would happen if it ever does is debatable but should it come to be Ironwood is going to need to compensate in order to survive if he becomes a legitimate threat which brings us to a very likely scenario based on his original inspiration 

  • Full Cyber

Given what happened near the end of V7 and recent V8 concept renders combined with the Tin-man inspiration I do believe that there is a very likely scenario that Ironwood will be more machine than man at some point in the series assuming he doesn’t die yet. This is pretty much a given scenario due to his favoritism for machines than people and his new found ideology that humanity is weakness now it is very likely when given the chance that Ironwood will willingly become full cybernetic(Possibly to the point of just simply being a brain in a new metal body)

 While this isn’t exactly an ideal outcome for the character but at the same time this would actually make Ironwood a credible threat as he would now be able to enforce his authority on his own now without relying on others to do it for him. Based on the research from the I am power post Ironwood is relatively a very weak character in comparison to a majority of other characters that we have seen so far and this is especially true when compared to the villains and main heroes. One key aspect to remember is that Remnant didn’t need the military only Ironwood did because on his own he’s screwed no matter what the situation.

Ironwood relies to heavily on his Army as it is the only thing that gives him some ambiance of a fighting chance but ultimately he is very ill suited to lead and manage said army that when you think of it are possibly full of people that are probably more capable than him as well as able to back up and defend their position of power on their own. Whereas Ironwood can not if he were to be overthrown by the military. In other words a fully cyberized Ironwood would actually be beneficial for him as it would make him a formidable threat beyond just simply being the guy who has the world’s only military. Depending on what kind of enhancements he can get he would at least be on par with characters like Ruby Qrow and Yang and at the very best on the level of pre maiden Penny. Because as he is right now Ironwood would surely die if he were to face any character that is not within his capabilities. But this is my theory and observations but until we see more Ironwood’s best bet is going full cyber.

Role in the narrative & what we can learn from Ironwood

To start I think it’s pretty clear that Ironwood in narrative is just a foil for most of the characters in the show. Especially with greater comparisons and emphasis on these 3 characters; Ozpin Ruby & Salem. While at the same time he is also the character representation that embodies Atlas the most and as such much about what we know and learned about Atlas is mostly due to Ironwood’s actions as he is the culmination and development of Atlasian culture. Unfortunately though this as far as his character was ever going to go. Which makes it all the more tragic and sad when you think about the role that he was supposed to serve.

We will first be breaking down each Foil comparison between Ironwood and the 3 prominent characters to plot as to better under his place in the narrative.

  1. Ozpin

Of all the characters that exist in the RWBY story I do believe that Ironwood tried to emulate and be his own version of Ozpin(or any past incarnation). However unlike Ozpin Ironwood is biased, lacks actual experience and above all takes shortcuts to get faster results at the expense of others. I know that this mostly stems from good intentions but what exactly qualifies Ironwood to even think that he should be the one in charge to handle this Salem conflict. This is one of the greatest problems that is addressed in the show about Ironwood. He really believes that it’s his destiny to lead by replacing Ozpin and win.

 But I ask again; What exactly can Ironwood do that would qualify him to even be worthy to take up Ozpin’s task?

That’s just it really, there is nothing about him to warrant such a thing. When it comes to the foils between the 2 it’s about being this Big Good character that should lead and the themes of Grey morality that R.T. has tried to implement into the show. But when it comes down to it Ozpin is the true Big Good while Ironwood was simply a pretender. Ironwood has always been a narrowed focused character that cares about the conflict itself instead of the people that are caught in the crossfire. And unlike Ozpin who has based all of his decisions and plans from experience and human nature, Ironwood had based his for a need to simply be right and in control.

In short Ironwood had wanted to be the next Oz as he believed he was more suited to do what Ozpin couldn’t even though he lacked the skills, experience, and power to do so which brings us to the next foil. 

  1. Ruby Rose

This might be stretching a bit but when it comes to the plot there is no greater foil between characters than who is the real hero of the story. In this case is the hero of the series Ironwood or Ruby? To help answer this inquiry we need to know what exactly a hero is. Webster’s dictionary defines a hero as a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent, endowed with great strength or ability.

  • While other sources would say what qualifies  A hero can be as simple as a person that saves lives and stuff, but a hero can be anyone that does something they have fear of but are brave enough to still do something. Bravery is usually the biggest trait of any hero. This person has usually overcomes huge obstacles to survive or to rescue others.
  • A hero is selfless, a genuinely good person, and someone gets the undivided attention of all of us and causes change.
  • A hero takes action to help others at considerable risk to themselves, however, if that action also helps themselves, then they are not a hero because they are acting out of self-interest. Courage is admirable, but unless it involves risk or sacrifice in order to help others, then it isn’t heroism.

So in short the true hero of the series is actually Ruby not Ironwood or any other character in the series. Not because she is one of the main characters or because this is a story from her perspective but because she has the ideal and pragmatic skills and abilities needed to handle the current situation of the plot as well as doing what Ironwood has failed to do himself confront fear and be brave. As I stated in paranoia over reason most if not all of his choices have been based on fear rather than actual logic, reason, or bravery. Which is further highlighted by facts discussed in I am power that Ironwood is really nothing without the military and doesn’t stand a chance on his own.  

This is indefinitely a stark contrast to ruby as she has proven since her introduction to be capable of handling the threat of Salem as she has the talents skills abilities power and above all the spark that inspires others that compels them to do great things for the right reasons which Ironwood failed to do as all of his action have had a certain goal that would only benefit a certain few with him being the one who would benefit the most. This is mostly due to how the 2 have responded and chose to handle the situation. 

When it comes down to it the main plot is defeating monsters that dominate the world who happen to have a leader controlling them. Remember the whole reason why Salem is even a credible threat is because she can control said monsters and the first premise before she came on screen for the first time was learning how to fight grimm. This is something that Ruby was training and preparing for since she was a kid with the added bonus of having the powers needed to handle the situation with ease while Ironwood has only been preparing for a war with other people rather than monsters and crush rebellions rather than being a guardian peacekeeper that Oz meant for him to be.

 Because of this Ironwood has contributed more to the problem more so than Ruby did as his actions were done in favor of Atlas and his own self interests were as Ruby makes honest mistakes out of ignorance and optimism. Which brings me to the next foil that Ironwood shares more qualities with than anyone else

  1. Salem

I know I’m going to get a lot of heat for this but if you think about it Ironwood is basically a syfy dictator version of Salem’s fantasy dark lord. Face value it doesn’t seem likely but given what we know about their current lore, history, personally, and world building these two can be twins to some extent. The examples are as followed;

  • They’re both headstrong and blunt individuals who go too far in their endeavors when simple and easier solutions were present
  • They’re both isolated however Salem is isolated by circumstance and force while Ironwood is isolated by choice and paranoia which is ironically the results of their cold upbringing and history
  • They both lead organizations with questionable intentions that border on dark and immoral with goals that are based on self entitlement rather than rightfully justified or earned
  • And to top it off they essentially command armies of soulless killing machines

From these examples we have plenty of foils between the two with them being pride, isolation, tragedy, authority and probably the most important foil in regards to the plot War & Conflict. However when it comes down to it Ironwood is on the short end of these foils when compared to Salem. 

  • In terms of tragedy these two have let their past misfortunes dictate and influence their decisions resulting in a sense of entitlement that they have been wronged now the world has to compensate them for things to be right. For Salem she had a cruel upbringing for unknown reasons and life being unfairly cruel while Ironwood was lifely forced into servitude and was never really himself as he wanted to be. Salem’s tragedies are the result of grief and dealing with forces that she couldn’t comprehend. While Ironwood’s is the result of unchecked ambition and ignorance.
  • Similar to Oz, Salem has more experience being a leader that can exert their authority and will over others while Ironwood lacks the experience and therefore can’t do the same. The Grimm under Salem’s command are more of an oppressed hivemind that she leads with little to no resistance unlike her human subordinates. Thus Salem has more direct control and authority over those she commands and has the abilities necessary to keep them in line with her goals. While the people under Ironwood’s authority have a voice and mind of their own that don’t align with his ideas. Due to this he isn’t much of a respected leader as he thought he was. Because of this Ironwood is mostly kept in power by rules and regulations with everyone blindly following suit. 
  •  As for war Ironwood was without a doubt unprepared for it. This is mostly due to 4 reasons;
  1. He had no idea of what he was doing
  2. His opponents are of better a quality than anything he can make or round up
  3. He was preparing for the wrong war that should never have come to pass.
  4. He was to prideful and sure of himself that nothing can go wrong

When it comes to the 1st reason Ironwood was more or less a pseudo soldier in a time where militaries are pretty much obsolete. This is because militaries are used as power projection of a nation and convey the message to another nation to not cross them. Due to the timing there was no real reason or excuse to justify having a military during a point in time where people are more interested in developing a culture and living life rather than fighting in needless conflicts. As such there was no practical reason, competition, or threat to justify Ironwood’s demands for a large military when he came to power or ensure that it was of a better quality than whatever hypothetical enemy that he would face.

Salem on the other hand has had experience commanding armies before and probably has instigated several wars and conflicts prior to the founding of the current 4 kingdoms thus Salem would have at least accumulated centuries to millenniums of war experience that surpass Ironwood’s brief 30 years of service in the Atlas military. Given that Salem was already a crafty and manipulative person during a time when gods were still around, she most likely would have seen the mistakes and flaws that Ironwood has made and exploited them.

Leading into the 2nd reason Ironwood was pretty much in command of a terrible military. As stated in the 1st reason there was no real threat or competition that encouraged those in power besides Ironwood to remilterze. As well as the current military most likely being filled with people who don’t want to fight a war and most likely enlisted for economic reasons. Because of this and his paranoia Ironwood had to find a surrogate army to prepare for his war that in his mind could happen at any time. However this resulted in cheaply made Androids that can be assembled fast for quick deployment. Due to this Ironwood traded quality for quantity as not only was no one going to fight in his war but believed war was on its way soon. Out of misplaced desperation Ironwood hastily assembled a low quality army that never stood a chance.

In comparison to Salem’s main military force there aren’t that many differences. However the Grimm are slightly a better quality than what the Atlas military has to offer. This is mostly due to the fact that the Grimm are a semi sapient species that are capable of learning and adapting as well as possessing some level of self preservation with individual grimm being around longer than most of their kind becoming even more deadlier than them. While the androids that Atlas uses aren’t as they were made to be cheap and disposable and are mostly effective in large numbers. 

The 3rd reason for why Salem is doing well during this conflict with Ironwood is mostly due to the General preparing for the wrong type of war than the war that he is actually fighting in. After all is said and done Ironwood has solely been preparing for a war with other people rather than for monsters. This is because the Atlas military before Ironwood took charge wasn’t meant to fight a war. Not all militaries are formed or created to defend the people. Atlas is the type of military that serves only in favor of the best interest of the state of government rather than the people. 

Because of this Ironwood had spread misery and divided the people turning them into enemies. Salem would later take advantage of this division that Ironwood created as he was more focused preparing for war than managing the welfare of his citizens. This is speculation but most if not all of the weapons like penny and the Atlesian knights were solely made to fight human opponents as opposed to the grimm that Salem commanded. This is because Ironwood feared and distrusted people more than the monsters he fought.

The 4th and final reason why Ironwood never stood a chance is due to the fact that he believed in his own hype more than he should have. From key dialogues to certain character interactions and in universe lore Ironwood has always presented himself as this towering figure with unlimited power; A god among men so to speak. This shows us that ultimately Ironwood’s ego and pride have been inflated to the point that his overall common sense is non-existent. This is further explored and shown in the control tactics that he uses specifically these ones; Strength and Intimidation in Numbers; 

Some aggressors like to dominate a situation by having a number of associates or friends present to support their position. The superior numbers alone may constitute an intimidating presence. They can also back each other up and challenge an individual in turn during a proceeding. In addition, they may also put pressure on a person to make a decision before they’re ready. At worst, the strength in numbers tactic may be used for direct or indirect bullying or harassment.

Ironwood’s overall strategy is simply sowing fear and doubt into an enemy that he doesn’t understand with large and unnecessary shows of power wasting resources to cover a wide variety of unknown enemies that pose a threat to him regardless if they are with Salem or not. This is best seen with the thousands to millions of cheaply made androids that are only effective in large numbers and the one ship of the line that was too big to be suited for warfare as they function as more of a forward operating base with their great size giving them the intimidation factor without other supporting fleet vessels like frigates or corvettes.(FYI by my count from V6 ep13 there were at least 41 of those ships hovering above Atlas doing nothing)

This is even confirmed by Ironwood in V3 ep3 where he claims this to be the case with this line of dialogue; 

“The people of Vale needed someone to protect them, someone who would act. When they look to the sky and see my fleet, they feel safe, and our enemies will feel our strength.”

This sort of tactic would probably have been useful if it was applied in a conventional warfare plot with people being his opponent as this is a real life tactic used in militaries and the navy especially in the modern era. The problem however is that the plot isn’t about conventional warfare nor is it a battle between people but with monsters where these tactics are meaningless  to them. These tactics are ineffective when compared to Salem’s psychological hit & run terror tactic being used in a setting like RWBY’s are quite effective and more useful than anything Ironwood can come up with. Even though they rely on opportunity and time to become a practical threat the end result is a huge payoff to the one who applied them with that being Salem. 

To sum it up when it comes to the foils of war between these 2 characters all you really need is the right tactic, strategy or plan and everything falls into place regardless of whether you have an army or a handful of misfits all it takes is careful thought and patience something of which Ironwood has shown to be lacking.

In conclusion what we learn from these foils are Leadership, Heroism, and War and how no matter what Ironwood was always on the short end of these traits and was never going to reach his ideal scenario for each of these ideas as he had set high expectations that were well above his capabilities and now he’s paying the price.

The Atlas Meta Narrative’s influence on Ironwood

Based on my research and what I have stated before; the greatest source of Ironwood’s flaws and antagonism is largely due to the influences of his home kingdom; Atlas. 

Just like Ironwood Atlas is also a foil setting and culture to the other kingdoms and the rest of Remnant. The reasoning for this is best explored in the established lore and other expanded material. To help better understand, here is a brief summarized history and development of the Kingdom of Atlas;

Before Atlas came to be it first started as Mantle who began as a group of desperate people trying to survive. Taking advantage of the cold climate of Solitas they were safe from the Grimm and had an unknown amount of time to develop both their technology and culture without restraint or interference. Eventually this progress was stalled due to a Grimm incident in Mantle that forced the current leaders of the kingdom to make radical and unnecessary regulations that suppress basic human emotions and rights instead of putting the effort to protect the people. 

When the Great war started Mantle joined only to ensure that its like minded imperialist ally Mistral would supply them the resources needed to survive. Because of this and the extreme measures they enforced on their citizens to control them prior to the war Mantle was most likely considered the most evilest faction during the war. When the war came to an end with Mantle suffering an embarrassing defeat it led to an age of cultural segregation and discrimination upon Mantle in the post war era.

Following the war Mantle entered an age of isolation and economic depression due to distrust and suspicion from the other kingdoms as they would only view them as this inherently evil and tyrannical force that can’t be trusted. Because of this the lingering scar of the toxic ideology of pre-war Mantle survived and is echoed in its spiritual successor; Atlas where it continued what Mantle couldn’t survive and thrive under the same core ideology that they had 80 years ago when they were still Mantle with only minor changes made to prevent the other kingdoms to intervene and possibly destroy their so called perfect culture. 

After they lost a scar had remained and an echo was created that still lingers to the present. Due to cause and effect Atlas at its core was developed to be this amoral conservative xenophobic dystopia that was being led by corrupt individuals that were in pursuit of their own self-interests rather than serving their citizens and were kept in power by blind followers that couldn’t see their real intentions. As a result Atlas became a culture of exploitation, expansion, repression, and subjugation for the well being of the political entity that is the state at the expense of its people and others. 

In relation to Ironwood as I stated before is a byproduct of this system and is simply one of a long line of blind followers that eventually supplanted the leadership and chose to continue the machine that is Atlas and replaced cogs needed to keep it running as he was once forced to do throughout his life because he doesn’t know of anything else. 

Because of this upbringing and the history of his origins Ironwood was more or less viewed as indifferent in the eyes of his own people and evil in the eyes of others. Leading to a clash of beliefs within Ironwood that resulted in conflicts with others and the main meta narrative theme that we were meant to learn from him; The essence of Being.

The Essence of Being

Essence is defined as the core nature or most important qualities of a person or thing. Essentially the narrative lesson that we can learn from Ironwood is the age old lesson that has been echoed from R.T. longest running series but with a more individual focus. That’s right, Ironwood’s journey and arc in the story is an inverse and modification of the classic RVB question; “Do you ever wonder why we’re Here.”

But in the case of Ironwood it’s more focused on an individual person asking and the age old question of Why am I here and what is my purpose and how do they justify and understand it.

As I stated before Ironwood was simply the wrong character in a different genre from a writing and story perspective. But in universe from the perspective of Ironwood it’s simply a matter of him asking; “Why am I alive and here, and why am I this instead of that in a world like this?” At some point everyone questions the reality and circumstances of their situation and it’s probably common questioning on a world, setting, and reality like Remnant. For Ironwood it’s possible that he’s asked these questions more than anyone. As for the reasons why he would question his existence go as follow;

  • Why was I born in Atlas?
  • How do I prove I’m good when others think I’m evil by proxy? 
  • Why I’m I so weak when compared to more skilled & powerful people?
  • Why was I made to be reliant on others that can’t rely on themselves?
  • I’m I respected only for the rank or the man?
  • Does anyone really care about me or I’m I being used by sycophants?
  • Will anyone care when I’m gone?
  • Why won’t anyone give me a chance?
  • How do I justify and understand the reasons why I’m here?
  • Does any of this matter in the end?

The core of Ironwood’s journey, actions, motives, and story wasn’t about saving the world, the balance of grey morality of people, or even the preservation of a certain culture, but instead is about cementing a legacy to escape the harsh reality that everything we do will eventually be undone. It’s such a freighting thing to fall but is even more freighting is to admit it

In a way Ironwood’s story is somewhat relevant to this line from Monty Oum in regards to immortality; “The goal isn’t to live on forever; it’s to make something that does.” CRWBY has even stated that Ironwood is a forward thinking individual/ A dreamer if you would. Because of this Ironwood was more focused on where he was heading rather than focus on where he was and what he was doing Causing a lot of problems to happen and escalating events to the point that we see them in the shows present. This oversight and negligence is because he continued to believe that, like everything else in his life, it would be righted by the sheer force of his will.

But sadly he is just only one man put on the world for a brief moment of time that is rather minuscule and insignificant on a cosmic and meta level. Everything changes and legacies are either forgotten or are repeated. In the end time and death are the ultimate victors as they undo everything and the cycle repeats itself for better or worse and individuals like Ironwood are just caught in the middle repeating and doing the same thing that has probably already happened and will probably happen again. All it takes is just a matter of time.

My Thoughts and conclusion

For the most part I was pretty much cautious when it came to the character and felt that he was more or less a side character trying to be a main one. The problem with that however in my thoughts is that well he doesn’t really have much to go on to warrant such a status. As well as how the plot has been structured Ironwood was never going to get what he wants. He may have had good intentions but at the end of the day he is only human with his own wants and needs.  

Overall I do feel that his part in the story is over. Mostly because he tried to take the lead of it. Meta understanding aside Ironwood’s time is coming to an end and I hate to say it but it probably would be for the best. Not just everyone else in the show but for himself as well. As I stated Ironwood’s life is Sad because well it never was really his to begin with. It’s illogical because he was ill equipped to be a part of the setting that he was in. His death is more than guaranteed because he has nothing left to contribute to the story that can’t be done by anyone else. At this point with the overall message of death in the show it would be mercy and relief for Ironwood as Death is not the worst thing that can happen to you.

I still hold hope though as I’ve come to understand and see why people are fascinated by his character. But for that hope to be possible Ironwood has to let go of Atlas as it has been the main source of conflict between him and everyone else.

Well that’s it I’m done for now as this is an analysis of Pre V8 Ironwood and maybe after V8 I may add more research of V8 Ironwood and see how much i got right in the initial analysis. After doing this I hope to do an analysis on Qrow Branwen and other RWBY characters hopefully in a much shorter amount of time as opposed to the months it took me to do Ironwood.(then again this was my first character analysis) Until then be on the lookout for additional bonus content for Ironwood such as;

  • Character comparisons from fiction
  • Character comparisons IRL
  • How you can fight & Kill Ironwood
  • A more indepth look of his new cybernetics
  • What Ironwood should have done
  • His relationship with other characters
  • The possibility of an Ironwood spin-off

That’s all for now. Let me know what you think and thank you all who helped made this analysis possible.


Op, this is brilliant! 

I especially love the part when you state he wanted to be the next Ozpin. I knew the two of them were foils, but I didn’t think of this aspect!

This makes his conflict with Oscar, who’s the actual “next Ozpin” even more interesting!

56 notes
maripr · 5 hours ago

Before I start the heart tearing. What's your view on Ironwood in V8? I honestly, LOATHE him, not in a "he's a villain to hate" like Adam, it seems like CRWBY is trying to go with a "do you side with him" thing? But it's just.. done so badly imo, he's gone from likeable side to really bad hateable "anti-hero"

That’s exactly the entire point of his character. You’re not supposed to like him anymore. His actions are supposed to leave a bitter taste in your mouth. You’re supposed to mourn who he used to be. Ironwood was lining up to be an amazing good guy when we first met him, but the saying “how the mighty have fallen” is not a tried and true phrase for nothing.

I still think he’s a great character, just definitely not a “good” one. I wouldn’t even go as far as to call him an antihero. He’s the epitome of someone doing evil things for what they think are genuinely good reasons. He’s the kind of character who had a character arch in the opposite direction we usually expect. He’s the kind of villain that makes you ache for what could have been if he hadn’t made some of the decisions he did, even as you’re admitting that his death is the only path forward.

Unlike Ad*m, who was firmly in the “yeah he’s evil we knew that from day 1” category, Ironwood was a character that we were meant to like at first. Maybe not trust, maybe not love, but he was presented to us as one of the good guys. It’s supposed to make you uncomfortable and question things, because just having black-and-white characters is boring.

So tl;dr I actually like Ironwood as a villain and I honestly think that RT did a really good job with him.

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maripr · 5 hours ago

and how the protags are finally recognizing what makes Ozpin different from James.

Both men are defined by thinking They Know Best, but how they react when everything crumbles right in front of them, they differ.

Ozpin doesn’t react in a healthy way to being told he’s in the wrong, yes. He goes MIA for two volumes and leaves his young successor to take the  fall of his actions.

But he admits he was wrong. Yes, he hates himself and that’s not healthy, but he admits he’s in the wrong and examines himself. He takes action to trust and be trusted again, he accepts to change his plans.

James, instead, stubbornly refuses to admit he was wrong. Everytime the universe tells him he’s wrong, he digs himself deeper. Because he wants to be the perfect leader, the “not like Leonardo” guy, but if he admits his current actions are wrong, he has to admit that his plan may have been flawed from the beginning. And he’s afraid of that.

And then, both characters have their own relationship with authority. They both have held positions of power, but with different ideals.

Ozpin has had authority because he felt he had to, not because he wanted to. So he has this subtly complicated relationship with authority. Despite being in a position of power, he teaches team rwby to challenge power, authority and rules. And when team rwby challenges him, that’s his biggest downfall and yet his first step to salvation.

James is authoritarian in a stricter sense. He likes it when Ozpin’s students break rules because “*chuckles* yeah, it’s so like them” but they’re not allowed to do this under his watch. If they disobey him even slightly, it’s jail time.

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maripr · 5 hours ago


I find it funny that Oscar defends Oz by saying that Oz took the tortures so Oscar didn’t have to, but Oz only took, like, less than half of it.

Oscar took this:

Next time we see him like this, so he obviously takes all of the visible injuries here:

And then Oz takes over here:

And Oz takes this:


And then Oscar’s back:

For everything after that and the fight against Salem.

Bro, Oscar literally took the most painful parts of this whole endeavor. 😅 Don’t you be giving Ozpin too much credit.

It’s pretty clear that Ozpin was pleading Oscar the entire time to let him take control. They were discussing just that before Oscar finally accepted.

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maripr · 5 hours ago



@artmunstudios​ suggested Scottish KoV….. I was so blind before…. but you have opened my eyes….

Ozpin hiding the accent with his kinda-almost British accent because he finds KoV’s accent sort of embarrassing even tho most people think it’s pretty cool when they find out about it

Also, the last part is based on this!


scottish!KoV has been my headcanon since ever!

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maripr · 6 hours ago



So just so we understand where things are, James Ironwood is still obsessed with taking Atlas into the upper atmosphere and abandoning the fight.

Except now:

  • Salem’s army has been completely vaporized.
  • Ozpin is clearly back in some capacity and FUCKED HER SHIT UP.
  • The crisis has passed, other than AT LEAST 3 enemies that are still ON FUCKING ATLAS. (Cinder, Watts, and Salem herself.)
  • The Hard Light shields are down, so Atlas cannot safely be moved higher. 
  • The farm lands are wrecked.
  • Mantle is being handled by a 3rd party.

Literally, there is no longer a present need to run away. 

The only reason Ironwood continues on this course is because he cannot let go of his plan. He’s decided that Atlas and its technology and its military and its elite society must be protected. 

So he’s going to nuke Mantle. 

To force people to do what he wants.

Because it’s all about control. 

Way back in Volume 2, many people myself included saw the signs of Ironwood as a villain. But it was delayed until this volume, when all his worst traits were compounded and escalated and finally exploded into full-blown madness. 

Not to mention the person keeping Penny a secret looked pretty villainous all the way back on Volume 1.

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maripr · 6 hours ago



what makes ironwood such an interesting character is like. you can see that he truly believes that hes doing the right thing for atlas he’s just also a fascist

I think they’ve just managed to strike a balance with him where we can see he’s genuinely trying to do what he thinks is right, but at the same time the show doesn’t in any way excuse what he does. Not even in a ‘right motives, wrong action’ way, just in a 'it does not matter at all what he thinks he’s doing because no hypothetically good intentions should justify anything he’s doing’. 

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maripr · 6 hours ago

ironwood has legit one of the best fall from grace villain arcs ive seen in a lot of media, seeds that were there from volume 2 and 3 are growing into a wonderful, terrifyingly large oak

Right? It’s honestly been incredible to watch because it wasn’t a sudden change of character at all. It was a gradual, believable descent into villainy that in hindsight was expected, but when in progress just takes you by surprise. And that makes him all the more compelling and scary as a bad guy.

I applaud you RT but also how dare-

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maripr · 6 hours ago


So for those who don’t entirely understand why Ironwood has reacted the way he did in the latest episode, I’d like to compare him to a character a lot of you may or may not have heard of who’s always been presented as an antagonist and got his depth later–Redcloak, the goblin cleric from the webcomic the Order of the Stick. 

Speaking as basically as possible, Redcloak is, in his own view, well-intentioned. He wants to use a potentially world ending abomination to threaten the gods themselves in order to re-order the universe so goblins aren’t just cannon fodder for PC races (it’s a DnD thing). HOWEVER whenever he is presented with an alternative way of seemingly getting what he wants…he can’t do it. This is because his biggest flaw is the Sunk Cost Fallacy–he’s given too much to The Plan to stop now, and even being presented in the final arc with “hey, your plan’s working, the gods want you to stop now and negotiate in good faith” and getting pretty much ALL of his wants agreed to peacefully isn’t enough. He NEEDS to go through with the plan to prove all of it, especially the death of his brother (who stopped believing in the plan long before dying), was “worth it.” And it’s where the “well-intentioned” part of him starts slipping away. And it is All Entirely In Character.

Ironwood is having the same problem right now. He needs to be right. He needs his idea to abandon Mantle to its fate to raise and save Atlas to be the right decision. Because he doesn’t want to face that it was wrong, or that any of his other decisions, no matter how well-intentioned they were, might also have been wrong–bringing an army to Beacon, bringing Penny to Beacon, cutting off Mantle and Atlas from the rest of the world, effectively leaving Mantle to rot to work on his “plan” in Atlas, the extreme militarization of the kingdom in general, and so on.

So for those wondering “why is he acting like this when the immediate threat isn’t on them right now?” it’s because that’s not how he sees it. He knows Salem is immortal, after all. So he can still tell himself that the safety of Atlas is ultimately a priority anyway. And the myriad flaws in his plan to raise the city (say, supplies? breathing and living that high up for some people?) Do Not Matter. Because that is The Plan, and he has given a massive amount of time, energy, and sacrifices to ensure The Plan. Therefore the plan is what matters and any further moves he makes will be in service to The Plan–which means as at the start of the volume, he needs Penny to get him the staff from the Vault No Matter What. That is all that matters. It needs to be “worth it.”

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Every Cinder fan is doing one… and we know why. This scene… man… T.T

Nice to see Cinder give into her actual vulnerable feelings for once…

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maripr · 21 hours ago

Finished this Retro!Mametchi amigurumi!

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maripr · a day ago

Pspspspsps.... You want some Rosegarden crumbs?

Parallels of both of them willing to go feral when they think the other is in immediate danger:


The fact that the first is Oscar's reaction to seeing Ruby knocked out by Emerald, and the other Ruby's reaction to seeing Emerald behind Oscar is just especially spicy too.



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maripr · a day ago


Ah yes, Ozma, Ozma 2.0, Ozpin and Oscar, my beloveds

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maripr · a day ago

I’ve been fed and validated so much this volume X)

Thank you, crwby!

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maripr · a day ago

What’s OSHUPIN???

The platonic shipname for Ozpin/Oscar, at least what Japanese fans are calling it X’D 

I have usually tagged it as “oz family” because going back to change the tags is too annoying, but Oshupin is such a cute word. It’s supposed to sound like baby speak!

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maripr · a day ago


I am SICK of this tiny model slander and I WILL NOT STAND FOR IT….

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maripr · a day ago


@maripr may have just broke me. 

Is… Is Watts the father figure for Cinder, not Hazel? Could it BE?!



They both being MVPS and all XD

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Spoilers and a lot of capslock under the cut
















Jason Rose is frigging GOAT. he needs to win all the awards for his voice work as James Ironwood and all his facets. He feels so goddamn raw and REAL.

Also yet more things that I somehow predicted with my fic tho they are playing out differently but no spoilers for Selfish X’D I’m not at that point yet

And if i somehow also predicted James’s fate, it could be painful but there could still be a way out for him. I fear he may not survive because - again - he’s making his own grave. But I hope so

Oh I totally think he needs a comeuppance, but I would prefer him sent to jail than him to die. But I also would understand the narrative decision to kill him.

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give me a character and I’ll tell you 5 things that I associate with them

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