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College ask: Why did Professor Glynda really ask Jaune into her office? (Breeding)
“To learn how bulls breed his bitch.” Jaune chuckles as he finished unlocking his cum inside the sexy cougar of a teacher with a grin.
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bastart13 · 3 months ago
If you could design Glynda a new outfit for her next appearance what would it be?
Tumblr media
It would be really cool if she leaned into the Witch headteacher look
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hadesisqueer · 8 months ago
Okay but you guys don't get it.
These are the other times that Such Arrogance plays in the show.
Explaining to Pyrrha about the Fairy Tales and Legends, why they keep everything in secret, about people trying to steal the power of the Maidens.
Tumblr media
Right after this, Pyrrha accepts it. She says she'll become the Fall Maiden... And without knowing it, she signs her death sentence.
Then it plays again when Adam stabs Blake, and Yang attacks to protect her. And we all know what happens then.
Tumblr media
And it also plays here.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cinder kills Amber, becomes the full Fall Maiden and fights Ozpin. She ends up killing him as well.
And then, three volumes later.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It plays again when Adam reminded Yang of the Fall of Beacon. This is also right before he was stabbed to death by both Yang and Blake. He was arrogant, indeed, and look how it ended.
Such Arrogance is a theme that only plays when shit's gonna hit the fan, and when we hear it, it's warning us. It's basically a promise that blood will be shed.
Now, it played again.
Among other people, Cinder just killed Penny and Weiss (we know Weiss is not dead and Penny might not be really dead either because of the whole “I'm a part of you” thing, but still). Her little sisters, honorary or biological. The two people she probably cared about the most in the world.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“You are going to pay for everything you've done.”
This is not just the music warning the audience. This is Winter herself doing it. She's promising it. She's promising that next time she and Cinder see each other, blood is going to be shed. And the music is assuring us that it'll happen.
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a-titty-ninja · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
「RWBY Glynda」 by Kimmy77 | Patreon
๑ Permission to reprint was given by the artist ✔.
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dam1994s · 28 days ago
Who Says Games Are Bad For You
Glynda: today we will be trying out your capacity for teaming up outside of your team and partners. Mister Arc, miss Rose, you will be teamed up against your partners.
Poor things, why they both are adequate students compared to miss Schnee and Nikos…
Weiss: Hmph, this will be too easy 😌
Pyrrha: I’m sure they’ll give it their best try… 😅
Ruby: Jaune! Strategy Meeting! 😆
Jaune: Roger Craterface 😁
-Several Minutes Later-
Glynda: And Begin!
Weiss: Pyrrha, let’s flank Rub-
Ruby: Jaune! Buff Me! 😆
Pyrrha: Wait What did She Just Tell Jaune To Do!? O///O
Jaune: Right! 😠
No sooner did he reach out, his palms glowing as he infused auric light into his bestie who with a smile burst into a rosenado twice its usual size!
Weiss moved to counter her while Pyrrha rose her shield to block as Crescent Rose appeared clshign against it, unloading shell after shell into it forcing her to focus on the Reapette.
Ruby: I Pulled their Aggro!
Weiss: You Dolt, What are You Talking Abou-
Jaune: ARGH!!!
No sooner did a shield slam into Weiss’s face, her aura flickering as she stumbled from the concussive blow.
Weiss: Ugh, you actually landed a hit on me? Not again!
Eyes narrowed she shot forward stabbing into the blonde but he rose his shield.
Jaune: ‘Heh’ Craterface was right, I can tank your hit.
Ruby jumped back as she fought Pyrrha in brutal melee.
Ruby: Told Ya 😝
Weiss: Tch, so what, I still have my Glyp-
Jaune: Argh!
His shield slammed into her again! Her Glyphs breaking from the break-in focus.
Weiss: Ugh! You Dolt! What are you doing!?
Jaune: Duh, Silencing their mage…
Weiss: What on earth are you talking ab-
Jaune: Argh!
Weiss: Ngh! Stop that! Stop Hitting Me!
It shouldn’t matter, Pyrrha should have Ruby near red then we’ll double team this Dol-
Ruby: Jaune! Running Low On HP!
Pyrrha: H-What?
Jaune: Got it!
Weiss watched as he stretched out his hand healing Ruby, restoring her auric pool.
Weiss: What!? How! Wh-
Jaune: Argh!
Weiss: Ow! Stop That! Stop Hitting Me With Your Shield!
Jaune: Nobody Fucks With The White Mage!
Weiss: The What!?
Blake: What am I watching…
Yang: My sis and Loverboy proving that games are helpful, that’s what! 😆
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arc-misadventures · 18 days ago
A Fantasy
Glynda: You only want to be with me to play the, ‘Teacher and Student,’ fantasy.
Jaune: I’d admit, I’d be lying if I didn’t want that.
Glynda: Typical…
Jaune: However! I’d rather live out the Milf fantasy with you.
Glynda: I’m not a Milf!
Jaune: Yet.
Glynda: Oh…? Oh~!
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pilot-boi · 11 months ago
Setting aside Shopkeep glaring at Glynda to be like “Hey wait you KNEW all this time and never said anything?!”
Until this moment, Glynda probably didn’t know that Ruby was still alive
Kid zonked herself out with her magic eyes, and then once she got home, she just fucked off.
Imagine being a teacher and one of your old students comes on the TV and just confirms to everyone WITH HARD EVIDENCE that the Illuminati is real and YOURE ONE OF THE KEY MEMBERS
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After the heartache of the Volume 8 finale, I would like to return to a happier point in the show and suggest some memes/jokes that I like to think the students at Beacon would have had. More closely inline with the RWBY Chibi-verse, than the actual show - where Nothing Bad Ever Happened.
"Who's child is this?" being used to refer to Ruby - the youngest student at Beacon - when she's left unsupervised and/or doing something odd.
"I'd let Glynda punish/whip me for one corn chip."
Every now and again "Missing - Have you seen this person?" posters for Professor Peach will pop up around campus. No one knows who it is that keeps making them.
Vomit Boy candids being taken and shared any time Jaune is Suffering™️ on some form of transport.
The Great One plush of Pyrrha exists in-universe... and becomes the go-to prize for any stupid competition between the students. There's at least a dozen of these dolls on campus now, owned by various people and won as "spoils of war."
There's a dedicated chalkboard in the combat room for tallying how many times Nora has launched someone into the stratosphere. Notable mentions are listed on the board alongside her of other people who have achieved this feat - including Yang, Yatsuhashi, and Glynda.
(She launched both Port and Oobleck one day when they kept annoying her. Sometimes, their screams can still be heard if you listen closely enough.)
"There's that old guy again..." "Oh, shopkeep? Yea, he's everywhere. Don't think too much about it."
This leads to "Don't think too much about it." becoming something of a slogan for every time anything unusual happens.
"Candy canes, kids! One for Sun Wukong, one for Yang Xiao-Long, ooh four for Coco Adel, you go Coco!"
Team STRQ having something akin to legend status at Beacon, whispered in hushed voices for fear and reverence of their names. There's a war between the students regarding team JNPR as their successors vs. the students who insist JNPR are not anywhere near worthy of such a title.
"How many team CRDLs does it take to beat Pyrrha?"
Blurry fancam-style videos of the Qrow vs. Winter fight out in the courtyard being traded around like baseball cards with other students. Some try and manufacture a "rematch" of this with the materials they've got - trying to get Ruby and Weiss to fight each other. 
That weird sing-song "HellOooOo~" that Yang sometimes does being mimicked by everyone. And I mean everyone.
Any time there's a significant lull in conversations or classes, someone often asks "Why are we here?" which never fails to make everyone in the vicinity groan.
"Ozpin is compensating for something" jokes about his office chair - including at least one popular response being "it's the war crimes", without them knowing just how accurate they actually are.
"On a scale of Ren-Nora, how excited do you want me to be?"
"Ladies Love Lavender" referring to Lisa Lavender having her own in-universe fandom mostly comprised of women. (Lavender being associated with lesbians irl, and I just think this would be funny.)
The sight of Ren just picking up and carrying Nora away from something is so commonplace that other people start doing it to their friends when they Need To Stop.
"Why is Blake's bow so big?" "Because it's full of secrets."
Blake being a closet faunus being such a poorly hidden secret that by the time she finally takes off the bow no one actually even notices. 
The betting pool surrounding exactly what it is in Ozpin's cup - coffee being one of the least popular options, and souls being the top choice.
Using Yatsuhasi as a unit of measurement. 
Photoshopping adorable images of Velvet onto various "cute" animal memes.
Everyone wanting to be spanked by Coco Adel. 
"I'd let Fox blow me up too."
"Why is Weiss' hair so long?" "To reflect the length of her father's crimes."
Everyone mimicking Pyrrha's memetic "I'm sorry!" anytime they apologise for anything. Even going as far to do it while apologising to things that don't require apologies - like inanimate objects.
"Are Port and Oobleck, you know... 💅?"
In fact, just that 💅 being used to refer to a large number of people at Beacon. Actual LGBT students picking this up and using it towards grimm when they're attacked to question the sexuality/homophobia of the grimm targeting them over their peers.
Threatening Neptune with water anytime he flirts with a girl who is clearly Not Interested in him.
No one knowing who, exactly, the other two members of team SSSN are - with wild theories abounding about who they may be. Popular choices include Shopkeep, Zwei, and Professor Peach.
This persists even after their tournament fights where they're shown. Scarlet and Sage are perfectly content with this, and participate.
"Arslan's/Pyrrha's back must be aching from constantly carrying her entire team."
And the respective responses of, "Reese/Nora are alright."
Similar jokes about Glynda also carrying the entire faculty/academy on her back.
The war between the "Irondaddy" fanbase, and his haters - who refer to him with various derogatory versions of his name. "Metalpenis", "Coppercock", "Chromeshaft", etc.
Anytime someone is doing something ~questionable~ donning a pair of glasses and/or imitating Oz or Oobleck pushing them back up their nose with accompanying menacing body language. (Kubrick Stare optional.)
Mercury having a foot fetish, courtesy of the people who caught him sniffing shoes at the festival.
"Did <character> just die?" "You know, it was really unclear." any time someone takes some insane damage in a fight and isn't seen for some time afterwards.
Everyone trying to locate and get a pic of the ~mysterious~ fourth member of team CMSN, who has only ever been spotted once - her tournament fight in the first round. Beacon's version of "Where's Wally?"
The Sympathy Fund for Emerald and her one-sided crush on Cinder. "She could honestly do so much better."
People offering themselves up as tribute to spar with Pyrrha/Yang/Coco/Sun just so they can be beaten up by the hottest people on campus.
"I drink milk!" being used as a defensive argument in wildly inappropriate contexts.
Naming grimm really boring names and attempting to keep them as pets. 
The innumerous times Port has allowed a "zoo-break" to happen under his watch and everyone having to assist in recovering his prized subjects.
"Where the fuck are all the fourth years?" "Ozpin's soul collection."
Candid shots of Glynda Suffering™️ being shared similarly to the ones of Vomit Boy.
Ranking people based on their Patience Levels - Pyrrha, Ren, Glynda, Emerald, and Fox being frequent top markers based on the bullshit they put up with from their respective teams.
"Saint Pyrrha" being a common nickname for her, and her neverending niceness towards people who absolutely do not not deserve it.
Weiss' "Hey!" being replicated amongst the student body and slowly growing more and more high-pitched in its replication until it eventually just becomes a shrill noise. Even so, everyone still knows what it means - and Weiss is absolutely unamused by all of this.
In fact, a lot of early!Weiss' comments being mercilessly mocked by everyone - "I'm a victim!" being one of them.
Renowned fear permitting amongst the student body regarding Yang's red eyes meaning Serious Business. Morphs into references of "going full Yang" to mean having rage-fuelled temper tantrums.
"Never miss a beat, never miss a beat" becoming a mantra for focusing on a task. This inspires several remixes of Neon saying it, and again with no one knowing who it is making them.
By all means, feel free to add any more that you all think of! I could use a laugh!
Also, check the notes for additions!
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catalyswitch · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Christmas gift for @perpetuallyfive! More pictures from her fic “we never sleep, we never try.” Aka the stuff that I wanted to draw during BBB but couldn’t because it wasn’t Bee related. 
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parisiangiraffe · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
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onyxgabriel · 2 months ago
Arcwitch: Number
(I AM BACK BABY! Then I’m going to go back to college again, yay! (End me))
Beacon was burning. The once prestigious academy turned into ruin. Pyrrha and Jaune were at the courtyard, they managed to get out collapsing building, now they were trying to get back to their friends.
Jaune: Okay, I think I have Glynda’s number. pulls out scroll
Pyrrha: Wait, why do you have Ms. Goodwitch’s number? ‘And he just call her by her first name?’
Jaune: ...Uhhh... (⚆ _ ⚆)
Jaune knocked on the door of Glynda Goodwitch’s office. From inside a distant “Come in” was heard and Jaune went inside.
Jaune: You wanted to see me, Ms. Goodwitch?
Glynda Goodwitch was sitting on her chair and gestured the boy to take a seat.
Glynda: Yes, Mr. Arc. This is about your transcripts.
Jaune: eyes widen Ms. Goodwitch I can explain!
Glynda: waves him off That’s not necessary, Mr. Arc. I’m afraid you will be expelled.
Jaune: immediately went to his hands knees Please! I’ll do anything.
Jaune completely missed the look on the evil look deputy’s face.
Glynda: evil grin “Anything?”
1 minute later...
Jaune was tied to Glynda’s bed, naked. The boy moaned in the ball gag in his mouth. Glynda was riding his large member, naked with a look of bliss present on her beautiful features and her hands on his developing pecs. Her massive tits bounced up and down, hypnotizing Jaune. On his neck was a collar with the words “Good Boy” written boldly.
Glynda: AHHH~ from now-YES RIGHT THERE~! Mr. Arc-OHHH YES~! You will be my new tOY OH YOUR SO DEEP~! And you are forbidden to masturbate~! Whenever you feel the need to- AHHHH~! Relieve yourself, you “come” to me now~ Is that clear~?
Jaune: Mmhmm! nods frantically.
Glynda: Good boy~ removes his ball gag
Glynda: And good boys get treats~ she pulls him closer and feeds him her nipple.
Jaune: starts eagerly sucking.
Glynda: caresses the back of his head Such a good boy~ leans to his ear and growls now CUM! slams her hips down finally
Jaune, like a good boy he is, did what he was told and erupted inside his teacher’s unprotected womb! Both of them cried out in bliss. Glynda kept on calling him a good boy.
Loud lewd noises could be heard from their connection. Glynda removed Jaune from her breast and started to hungrily make out with each other. Jaune finally stopped cumming after a three minutes, but they didn’t separate. Glynda undid his binds with her semblance and rested his head in her bust, to which the boy started worshiping. Then they drifted off into sleep.
(MY FIRST SMUT! Featuring one of my favorite crack ships, Arcwitch! Let me know how it is!) 
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arc-misadventures · 16 days ago
Ten Years Ago
Yang: I lost my husband ten years ago…
RWB: …?
NPR: …?
Glynda: …?
Ozpin: …?
Yang: Jaune…? Jaune! That’s your que?!
Jaune: I have a death wish! Do you honestly think I’m going to refute that statement?!
Yang, red eyed and chasing after Jaune.
Yang: Come back here you little shit, so I can show you how much I love you!
Jaune: NEVER!!!
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