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Marrow with his hair down

Ren with his hair cut

Elm with her hair down

Yang back in v4 ponytail, WHERE’S THE PONYTAIL ROOSTERTEETH???

Pre-big chop Blake with a ponytail

Big chop Blake with pigtails

Weiss with her hair down again (haven’t seen it since volume 1)

Neon with her hair down

Flynt with his cornrows out (if he has them I actually can’t really tell)

Glynda with her hair down 👀

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Hey, everyone! This is the ninth chapter of Beacon’s Fragile Light. Here, we finally begin the chapters of Vol 3….and learn more of Summer’s past. Also, Qrow and Winter make an appearance!

Disclaimer: Still own nothing!


(This first part has a bit of horror themed elements and themes that some viewers might find disturbing. So, if you see hhhhhhhhhhhh, then that means you can skip the horror section.)

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Just James Being Nice

These are just 3 moments I liked about James in him being friendly before the writers told us that James is the villain and the heroes are always right :D

I know I said there’s too many characters in the cast but just add Glynda in the story for James. He needs a friend.

So depressing James hugged a man that lied to him and wants to kill him for no reason ;-;

I also forgot these moments.

  • James trying to say hello to Glynda back in Volume 2
  • James sending Yang a new robotic arm in Volume 4
  • James defending Weiss to say she’s the only one making sense in the room in Volume 4
  • James gifting Ruby’s Group weapon upgrades, scrolls, new outfits, a place to stay and cake in Volume 7
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Oh shit, my first anon ask! So exciting 👀😂

Anyway 😅 honestly, super similar answer to the Snowpines one! It’s cute, tons of potential, I totally understand why people enjoy it so much. I’ve stumbled upon some awesome art for it but I don’t personally invest time in it (meaning I won’t actively search for content for it. But if it shows up on my dash that’s cool).


Thank you for the ask! 🤗


Do I Ship It?

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Since he’s 14-15 and surrounded by teenagers and adults, he definitely gets bullied by them.

With Summer and Tai, Ozpin is basically their little brother. They’re the most fun in the group.

Kali and Ghira see him as a son. Kali says stuff like, “honey” and “sweetheart.” Ghira once called Oz “son,” and Ozpin gave him the strangest look.

Now for Oz and Qrow. In all my AUs and fics, just assume Cloqwork is in there somewhere.

Raven and Glynda bully Ozpin, we all know this.

Willow ignores Ozpin. She leaves him alone, and only ever interacts with him if she has a question or needs him to clarify something.

An treats him like a baby. She squishes his cheeks and stuff. In this timeline, Oz would have already been old enough to look like an adult when they met, so he’s confused as to why she sees him as a child. She once called him “Lie.”

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wanted to draw ozpins inner circle. also wanted to draw team rwby, so my brain just had the fantastic idea of “what if ozpins inner circle was a team at beacon academy, ozma was only recently reincarnated into ozpin, and the fall of beacon happened one generation before team rwby?”

im dubbing this au ojqg for now (i cant come up with a team name for the life of me)!! ill probably make some more posts regarding other teams and further story ideas so stay tuned 4 that


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Cinder: *walking into the courtyard* Professor Goodwitch I’m-

Goodwitch: *using her semblance to grab Cinder and push her against the remains of the statue*

Cinder: *not struggling* Right… This…

Goodwitch: You helped destroy this school. Why are you back here?

Cinder: I had a change of heart.

Goodwitch: *frowning*

Cinder: Weiss and Blake can vouch for me. Well… sorta.

Goodwitch: Can they?

Cinder: *nodding* They can. They’re the ones trying to help me turn a new leaf after Ruby saved me.

Goodwitch: *letting Cinder go from her semblance*

Cinder: *dropping to the ground, hesitating* Y-you’re just going to let me go?

Goodwitch: *sighing and walking off* If Weiss and Blake trust you, then I dont see any reason why I cant. They may have been a pain to deal with in school, but they havent given me a reason to doubt them yet.


Ruby: *kicking a rock as she walked through the forest* Why did this have to happen?

Grimm: You could change it.

Ruby: *looking at her arm, sighing* Easier said than done. I want to get rid of you, but it hurt the last time I tried.

Grimm: There is still the other option.

Ruby: No. I’m not giving in.

Grimm: But why fight it? You’re starting to get sloppy in your fighting, spending too much energy fighting me instead of working with me.

Ruby: You know exactly why-

Grimm: I do. And you’re suffering from it. Just look at yourself. A fight that should’ve been easy for you nearly got you hurt.

Ruby: *going quiet, hating that the grimm in her head was right*

Grimm: Work with me, and I’ll make sure you can have the power to protect everyone you hold dear. You’ve already lost your lover and your uncle. Are you sure you can save everyone else you care about?

Ruby: I.. I can…

Grimm: We’ll see about that.

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Cinder: *grunting as she helped move a few boulders* When you said… start a new life… I didnt think you meant like this…

Weiss: *using a glyph to help move some rocks* You’re the one who decided to come to Vale. 

Blake: *slicing through another grimm* And it’s only fair you help rebuild what you destroyed. 

Cinder: Yeah but… all of it?

Weiss: No one said this was going to be easy.

Goodwitch: *walking over to the group* Once you’re finished here, there’s more grimm to get rid of on the western side of the school. A few seem to have made nests here. 

Cinder: Yeah, we’ll take care of it.

Goodwitch: *frowning* Miss Schnee and Miss Belladonna will be more than capable. You though, we will need to have words, Miss Fall.

Cinder: *sighing* Right…

Goodwitch: *walking off* Meet me over by the courtyard when you’re done. 

Cinder: *watching Goodwitch walk off and sitting down* She’s going to kill me…

Blake: Or give you detention for the rest of your life.

Cinder: I dont even go here!

Weiss: Lighten up. It wont be that bad. I’m sure she just needs to make sure of a few things. 

Cinder: Cant be any worse than Ruby…

Blake: Just… give her time. She took things the hardest.


Ruby: *slicing through a few grimm, her strokes starting to get a bit sloppy from anger*

Grimm: *inside Ruby’s head* There you go. Let the hate flow through you. Just imagine what you want to do to Cinder.

Ruby: *slamming the blade of her scythe into a tree* Just shut up already!

Yang: *taking a step back* I think you should take a break.

Ruby: *glaring at Yang* I dont need a break!

Yang: *putting her hands up* Take it easy sis. I’m not sure what’s going on, but… you’ve been getting angry lately. And honestly, it’s starting to affect your fighting.

Ruby: *hesitating for a moment and seeing all the slash marks on rocks and in the ground* R-right…

Yang: Is there anything you want to talk about? This isnt like you.

Ruby: There’s nothing to talk about.

Yang: Are you sure?

Ruby: *grabbing her scythe and walking off* I’m sure. I’m… going to take a walk. Try to clear my head. 

Yang: Alright then, I’ll set up camp and start dinner. Dont take too long.

Ruby: *messing with the bandages on her arm* I wont be.

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idk how hot it is but thinking about it helps me recover after that scene


SO one more time the series emphasizes that the Crown is hidden in a different way that the other relics. 
At the same time, in the original Wizard of Oz princess Ozma as Tip didn’t know who he was, and only Glynda recognized her and could transform her back into the princess.

What if that part of the story (that was not used in the story of the knight Ozma in RWBY) will be used in the Glynda-is-Relic theory? But now Glynda doesn’t know what she is, but Ozma does and will tranform her to the Crown or to the spirit of the Crown?

…I want to see her face then.

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